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MON CQ ,Aft uw 1952 60 J51' Sas! Grfmcfzlle Hlgh Svhzwl H1 there The Sen1or Class of 1952 has 1nv1ted us to represent them 1n shovsrmg you through the pages of then' Conxter We have just arrlved on the Inter Planetary Space Shlp The E G H S from our home on I'191'1dShlp Island Thls 15 Per and Im Con1 and we hope you w1ll emoy your V1S1f wlth us 1, '7 "ff Ly ' - f is ,, 'L Ma' 52" f ., , 6 X I I W ' ,f ' LAL f ' If . X3 -Q,"'f4 ' , , I N, f K ,V Q ffvvfm, gy 7 , 5 , 3 lf, 11 . I 2 ' if I ,M , Q Al, W ifms . PM ,.f' ef V we 1, , Q -f M t ff jp, at W ,X I ' , .1 ' I 1- ' 3 A , .- XM ,M 5 r 3 , ' X. A N 1 Q- ,HI A V in l X 'lt 1 1' , 'N fl fl , . , v- K - f. . Q9 1 1IF7'lf' V1 ., A 4" I, s 2 f l . fx I ,C Y , Q . - I - I ' ll ' ll u 1 . I ,' .. HF - . ., - - .. .. Dedication Surah G. Moser W4 Qw. 'hs uf Us 'sd 'Wk Pnl im 5 V' ,Q N: M an W y, sqm-Q4 mr 'Sf 15 NX hy QM VK QL Q wr. Pius 5 .wx ni ang gift: Q8 fx an ww . X f Simrif 0.1! Nw., "" Min: J -S Q 4 PFXPRNU M: Pafxnru Iwfqrq. tar: fo Y sm! J ...V X Charles R. Steitz Luo Conifer ' 1 45 ' . 'L A Q , q Vi nlu- he 'Ov "' . N. - Q . U, A u 5 Q ?"' '- 9 A 5 . s, ir .Q Q f ' Q i . J ,, ly 1 Q IQ 6 , 32 A ' 2 K 5 1 3 5? if N Q .. W' 1 ' V1 -,,, f 151 M, 1 -, . ,, 7 ', " f ' 21 4, ..- ... X k N - -. mi I, ,xii f' my Ts, Q ., V I". ,Q W f ' -1' 53323533533325323333E3?3?EE3E3i3i3i3i3iEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE3E35553332535555335E5E533E5E3E3EiE3E3E535E5E5E?32E2ElE132E1E15?l3l313132?5l5l312l31iiilliillfiiilfliii .. Y 1952 Table of Contents Administration pages 7-13 Semots pages 14 31 Sports pages 37 46 A ttf ttes pages 47 55 OLD MAIN BUILDING Alma Mater Dear comrades true and loyal lom 1n a song of cheer To thee dear Alma Mater As now We gather here Our hearts are hlled wlth pra1ses Ot one we londly love And Whose memory lmgers ever No matter Where we rove We love our dear old I-llgh School And schoolmates everyone To Gold and Black We re lalthtul T1ll l1te s Work here IS done And through our every eltort We ll strlve wlth all our mlght To uphold our dear old l-hgh School ln 1ts stand tor truth and rlght Though far away we Wander St1ll true we ll ever be To thee dear Alma Mater And lessons learned from thee And through thy sons and daughters Thy tame afar shall spread T1ll honored be thy noble name Through l1ves that they have led Conifer I 1 1 1 1 . . . , . 1 , . . . . 1 ?f'Zn"A,,,. Q . , . . , "": -9.75 312, j Mi l I M 3 ?- P..,,' -F!! :F tg M: ,-5 V," wink? 1125, W I' -ul '- - , f .1 Il ll mul un: ' E ' mf. ' 1 :B NEW BUILDING ACRICULTURE BUILDING HOME ECONOMICS BUILDING 1952 ,M 'X' . ' . if Un. 'v 4. V Y I , I I I ,, A I W -A Wiz, L35 .7.J:x1'A.,f,,, W Y Y 'r Class Song To lurie ol i'Cold, Cold lledrf' Another stage hos passed for us, Ariollier ddy is dorie. Arid os the curioiri Closes, Were proud ol the liglii weve wort, We sdlufe our parents ond ts.-ocliers, too Whove been our guiding light And hope that we will prove os irue ln our fight lor peoice ond riglil. Qur lurri hos Come to bid lorewell To you Ed l G e riv lle Hidli We U P to ldce We luiure iov i Qore e I e Wliot er lfie lu ure dolos We ll Strive our oesl l do si ll il rei eiriber lien l T e e Krie Arlere Hodenbuc CLASS COLG -iS drid orc 5 SS l QT O lr G Qelxee Cur li ture lf CLASS FLOWER T llisirdm Howe ,X Conifer ' ' , S r e i ' . ' r i lr ' 1 Wi Ei Ll ., iii ev r" ye l 'f 1 ' for us ' . , ' 4 ' Q o . Sui i we wil H . l All li ioye ' W willi you - . , A K , 3 S -orooi . 4 f CLA S .1 T , 1 ur- f f 'Q " L95 Y W V 'Q ::3:EIZ2E253E2E2E3E3E5E52325323552355 533232325533353353533535555523232325E5E53523235333333323232555E?EiE3E3EiE3E3E?E3E5E3ES3E3EiE3E3SiEEE3EiEiE?.f55E35 Q e 'I "" fQ2. - ' ,I A fyll E X " , is f, 3 i , 5 jf! my 5 5 XJ we .re -V , "'W"'1"Wle-'w--www-mem... mb, , K ,,.f,,.,,,..h,w,-W W, xl, I ,ff I-ire ' 1. l Flrst we w1ll V1S1f the Admlmstratlon Department and meet the Dlrectors Prlnclpals cmd Faculty i952 Quan , El R J .N5 1 ' N , w v X e L E Weiss Dr E E Cleaver C I Schell L P Fox M E Krauss Board of School Drrectors To the Sentors ot 1952 ln mental tlbre you the l952 Semors may outshme all former classes You have excelled ID all school actrvttles from those upon the athlettc held that have demanded tough and r1g1d muscles to those rn the class room that have reau1red prolonged and rntense mental exertron After graduatron you Wlll have to hnd a place tor yourselves 1n the labor ranks of the world Many ot you w1ll be holdrng posrtrons of rmportance Some of you w1ll be promoted rapldly and shall chmb untll you have reached the very top of the ladder of su cess We hope that as you attaxn a r1pe old age you shall look back alfecnonately upon your accomphshments as a part ot thrs organrzahon BOARD OP SCHOOL DIRECTORS Llnlord lj Welss Secretary Tight -ZAZCZAICZAZAIAZAHC:-:Az-Z-:CRISIS:AC:AISI--RAZR:-:Cl-Z-CC-A-Av-C-C-C-C-CC-A---CA-C'C-:Cv--A-TCC:-C O YI I f 9 I' The Supervising Principal STANLEY M KURTZ To the Class ot l95Z You are now cornplenng your formal educahon as has been prov1ded by your School D1Slf1Cl Some people wtll trnagtne that by th1s process you have become a fount of inforrnahon or that the unportant part ot your educa t1on has been to develop certam slalls W1th the many tsms threatenlng our way ot hte 1t becomes necessary to put first thlngs hr t You must n'1a1nta1n our govern ment local state and federal 1n 115 tradltlonal state Th1s IS hrst To do th1s we hope that through your hlgh school educatton you have formed the hab1t ol wetghmg ev1dence ot explortng theories of seeking to see all s1des of quesnons and of exarn1n1ng wttnesses as to the1r com petency and accuracy lt you have done th1s the coun try rests safely tn your hands 7177 Miss PQULI E fscnsacn SU199fV1S1f1Q Pf1f1C1DC1l 1952 High School Principal MARK H LAYSER A democracy 1n order to prosper and surv1ve must 1nev1tably place its laith ln the hands ol the great electorate of whlch it IS composed The people IH turn must be tralned to elect from among themselves the type ol representa tlves who wlll truly express the feeling of the group and to lead the people ln the right d1rect1on Consequently 1t must be the duty ol the schools of the nation not only to tram our students to be alert and upstanding citizens now and in the future but to provide spec1al tra1n1ng in leadershlp for those students who exhibit the quahtles and character1st1cs wh1ch leaders must have it they are to be successful l-llgh School Pnnclpal Mis ILVQ SCHULI7 Faculty WHRHEN M. STERLING Commercial Studies Bloomsburg State Teachers College, BS. St. Bonaventure University Temple University SRRHH G. MOSEH Shorthand, Typewriting Taylor Business School WBRREN C. SCHLEGEL Lattn Engllsh Muhlenberg College H B Lehlgh Un1vers1ty MQ HNITH M IENKINS Engltsh Pennsylvania State Colleae QB Kutztown State Teachers College CLIFFORD R KINDRED Engltsh Muhlenberg College Fl B Lehtgh Un1vers1ty IRNET H DRY r Kutztown Sate Teachers College Columb1a Umv rsxty CLHRENCE F HORN Dtrector of Student Personnel New York Umverstty B S Pace UY11V9I'SllY Temple UHIVGISITY MHRIH H SMITH Ltbrarran Kutztown Stat Teachers Coll g BS 1952 HM BS, ' Qt B.S. I X D A ' Faculty NORMRN C. HOFFMAN History, English, Mathematics Muhlenberg College, HB. WHRREN H. GULDIN Social Studies Gettysburg College, HB. CHHRLES R. STEITZ Social Studies Kutztown State Teachers College Muhlenberg College CLHRENCE H. ROTH German, Commercial Qrithmetic, Civics Hlbright College, B.S. University of Munich Temple University, M.Ed. MYRTLE F WILKINS School Nurse Frankfort Hospital R N DHVID R PRITCHHRD Boys Health and Physical Education Franklin and Marshall College BS East Stroudsburg State Teachers College GRHCE E NESBITT Health Physical Education Ursinus College BS WILLIHM E KEIM Industrial Hrts Millersville State Teachers Colleg Lehigh University MHRION S GRHVER General Economics Cedar Crest College B S MHRGHRET S YODER Vocational Home Economics Drexel Institute B S VICTOR ENSMINGER Vocational Flgricultur Pennsylvania State College B S Iii dsc Conifer , .. , ,. I , .. . . Q 'I ,.. . . Q t "' 1 Faculty ELIZHBETH C. ROEDER Mathematics Pennsylvania State College RLBERT M. NEIMHN Mathematics Muhlenberg College, Pl B. Lehigh University, MH. HORHCE C HERBERT Science English Music West Chester State Teachers College BS B HDELE KNEPLEY Music West Chester State Teachers College B S University ot Pennsylvania M S ROBERT F ENSMINGER General Sci nce Geography West Che ter State Teachers College B S WBRREN B KREIDER Sciences Lebanon Valley College Q B Columbia University MQ I 9 S 2 thirteen RONHLD BHRDMQN PI'6SId9l1f,S Message We the Class of 52 real1ze that we are cornlng to the end ot our school days All too rapldly these happy years have passed away We appreclate the great palns the faculty and admrnrstratron have gone through to transform us 1nto young rnen and women There are tlmes when we can say that we are not eagerly awartrng the tune of our graduatron SIHCG the world IS now ladened Wllh turmorl and con fusron We have corne to the reallzatlon of the tremendous responsrbrlmes we rnust bear IH our future years We as crtrzens ot the Unrted States shall strlve wrth all our mlght to lmprove the cond1t1ons IH our own country as well as those rn the Far East lourteen 9 w E. S . H, 5, We Gro now happy to mtroduce the Class of 1957 .yell ' - X' . ., . if I 6 K.. 'U .. I- e . f- , ' ffl -W w- Q , ,qi ,y . It . ""' -.4 V "1 ,X K V A 1' 5 ,ga , 2.54 . 6 - . 1 'fc' V, ,' -, 1 ' 4 n -Q x 2 i.. Q x - f X ' ' ' I I 1 CLYDE HCKERMHN Palm "Hckie" Voc. Hgriculture Short, dark haired . . . drives a Chevy , . . main interest is Phyllis . , , enjoys swimming and eating . . . good natured fellow , . . future, indefinite. Ptctivitres' Cwlee Club 4, Operetta 4, Football 1,2,3,4, FFR. l,2,3,4 Hddress With Phyllis. RONHLD BHRDMHN Reid Hill "Ronnie" General Tall . . , enjoys women and food , . , good dancer . . . likes to drive his Chevy . . , dislikes homework . . . future undecid- ed . . favorite song "StardustL" "::Y"'l filctivities' Student Council 1,2, Class President 3,4, Conifer lEdA rtorl 4, Flddress: Q11 over. GLORIH BENNER Red Hill Ben General Talkative comedian always in a hurry likes boys and sports Paul willing worker favorite food is chili con carn plans to go to college Hctivities Student Council 7 tSecretary1 4 Glee Club 4 Play 3 Conti r Rddres With gang MILTON BERGEY Barto R D Milt Voc Hgnculture Easy to get along with good sense of humor is likes school rnain intere t a girl from Boyertown drives a black Plymouth future undecided tin e Football F 2 3 Ftddres Boyertown EDITH BRENDLINGER Green Lane Edie General Ftthletic always laughing in English class energetic can be serious especially about Dick one of the Green Lane girls favorite song 1 Trust in Me plans to loin th Wacs Qctivitie Softball 1 Z 3 4 Hockey FHQ 123 Baskctbal 4 Comfe 4 Qddress Hnyvv her HRNOLD BHRDMRN Green Lane "Ernie" General Tall . . . talkative . . . easy come, easy go . . . short tern- pered . . . crooner of the class . . , likes sports and women . , . mechanic by trade, Flctivitif-s' Football 1,2345 Baseball 1,2 3,4 Qddress' With the gang, IEHNETTE BHRTMHN East Greenville "Nettie" Commercial Plttractive . . .strawberry blonde . . , easy to get along with . , , plays the piano for pastime , . . pretty clothes . . , likes people, especially Mike . . . favorite song "Be Mine" , . A plans to be a secretary. Ftctrvitres' Student Council 3 lPT8Sl' dentl 43 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Hockey 12,35 Basketball 1,25 Conifer 4, Play 3,4. Flddre-ss Qt Post Office. PHULINE BENNER Green Lane Polly General Cu e dark hair and match ing eyes s ems shy quiet except with friends cute laugh main interest Clarenc well liked favorite song ein plan to be a telephone operator Qctvities Softball 34 Comer 4 Fldd ess With Fd WILLHRD BIELER East Greenville Willy General Easy QOITIQ invites trouble school least of his worrie main intere t is Bonnie likes sports favorite song Moonlight Serenade ture plans undecided c ivitic Football 1234 St de t Council 2 Hdaress Spring City ROBERT BREY Red H111 Lub Hcademrc Qui t seldom in school likes to loaf works J in his fathers gas station favorite song is Sin would like to become an et gineer Qaaress Pool room Sixteen C O n i f e r ct.. . I I.'. Mg I l,.,3 ' 1 1 1 Q t ,- r f 4, Q 4. ' L fl A , Y.' .A'3. 5 ..., i I 's ' ' ' S' S , . affetsg 1,2,3,4, .rar 91 ' ff - n 1,,,4, . '. r . . 'e ..,.. 4 - M 1 Q., ' , ft? 1,z,s,4, ., 1 3 SHIRLEY CRSHHTT Sumneytown "Cashatt" Commercial Men are her main interest . . . a machine gun laugh , . . moody . , school least of her worries . , . likes to dance . . . favorite song 'Solitairef' Hcfivrties Secretary 2q f-lockev Man- ager 2,3 Newspaper 3,47 Play 4, Conifer Staff 4 Fldclress Qnywhere 11181915 excite- FKPDY ROBERT DHUGHERTY Red Hill "Clamdigger" General Happy-go-lucky , . . good line with the women . . , favorite song is UBlue Moon' '4., likes jazz , , . favorite food, lobster . . . future plans, come what may, Flctivitifs' Basketball 4 flddre s Chestnut l-'ill OTTO DERR Green Lane Dynalube Hccxdemic lvfischievous one of th curl less crew studious likes to trap plays ac cordion favorite song is in a regular fiend for spinach Plddress Flny .wher RICHHRD ENSMINGER East Greenville Dick Hcademic Nice personality good dancer easy to get along with likes sports and danc ing active in school fun tions plans to travel in th futur Fl tivittes 2 Basket l l 1 P a ass Presid nt ass 'l ea :uni e 4 Qddress Flr ,.a EDWHRD GHRIS East Greenville Gabby Commercial C mfdiar' f co ec 1 d or cornt 1 like bowling fa orite on 1 Stardust tutu plan ae ride-1'i1t C rw-" FLOYD CRESSMHN Hoppenville "Floyd" General Quiet , . . studious . . . friendly . , , likes music and shop . . . slightly bashful . . , main in- terest is hunting . . . plans to be a carpenter in the future Qcldress Flt tzcmf-, HUDREY DeLONG East Greenville "Shorty" Commercial Kid of the class . . . pretty dark eyes: . , . gets along with anyone , . chic clothes styles . .. likes to dance , , . no vital future plans. Qc.1v1f1,'s Cheer Lead, 34, Hocke' f' n'e ta' H111 e s Hn where CHRL DETWEILER Zionsville De Hgnculture Keeps track of a certain ma Jorette in llth grade school the least of hi Worries d ep voice clungarees that walk' ambling down tie ha future who can te taworite food chocolate ice cream ll fe L Plda e With Doreen DONHLD FRHNK Pennsburg R D Don Hgnculture T at rnile' slow and easy not too udious sup po ed ,I quiet friendly to everyone lots of friends vtfi f w enemies knofv li s farming Q e 1 :in on HRLENE GEHMHN Zionsville Gehman Home Economics ff' 9 K 1 practi al and pati 'tt may quar .lancing on Q1 t1'1 by 'ie F1 I 9 5 2 Seventeen SHDIE GEIGER Sumneytown "Sadie" Commercial Pretty . . . nice hair . . . likes boys, especially Walt , . , de- pendable . , . enjoys dancing . . . favorite song is 'iPlny- time" . . . interested in office work, Flctlvitiest Newspaper 4 Conifer 4 Qddress: With Walt, ROBERT GERY East Greenville "Bob" Hcademic Tall , . , dark hair . . . likes to ilborrowu his rnother's car . . . interested in Pennsburg girls . . . likes to rake leaves . . . plans to be a doctor or rnortician. Hctivities Play 4, Cwlee Club 3,4 Qddress Pennsburg, EILEEN GETZ East Greenville Leme General Small but mighty 1 es boys especially those with red hair here there and every where neat has an ever ready giggl chic clothes styles favorite song 12 Because of You Hctivities Nevvspape 4 Flddress You can never te SRRHH GODSHHLL Green Lane Sarah Home Economics Dirnple long wavy tres e changing moods neat complexion ready for any thing quick to laugh loves to pitch that softball favorite song Cry Qctivities Baseball l23 4 Band 4 Q l2 Plddress Gm en Lane HRLENE HHGENBUCH East Greenvrlle Hrlene Rcademxc Short quiet till you get to know her play the ac cordion favorite song i Because interested in a certain fellow from Palrn would like to attend West Chester State Teach rs Col lege lllctivities Glee C lb 34 Hockey Plddress With kla oll RUSSEL GEISSINGER Zionsville "Russel" Rgriculture Outwardly quiet . . , piano player . , . always willing to help another out . . . enjoys typing classes . . , enthusiastic . . . hurry here and there . . . will worry over nothing . . . future undecided. QCllVlfl6S' Glee Club l,2,3,4g Ore chestra l 2 3 4' F F Ft 1,2 3,4 Band l Qiidress: With his piano GRBCE GENSZLER Red Hill "Grace" General Redhead . , . a bit studious likes a certain sailor . . . in- terested in baseball . . . favor- ite song is "Plnytirne" , . . plans to attend Kutztown State Teachers College. Plctivities' Basketball l,2, Play 3,45 Glee Club 3,4, Conifer 4. Hddress' Vfith lanice. CLETH GILBERT Green Lane G1 Home Econom1cs Flthletically inclined good sport likes a good Joke independent dunga re s naughty but nice usually with Green Lane gang favorite song Star dust H wi ies Basketball l 2 3 ICO Cap n an a ckey 1 F H Q Flcld ess With lohnny DHNIEL GREULICH East Greenville Bulldog General Good dancer happy go lucky usually can be found in Pennsburg interested in sports and girls favorite song is Blue Moon ture plans are rndefinite Flctivities Stage Manager 4 Prop er y Manager 3 Conifer 4 Qddress With Bas lay s gang CHHRLES HHLLMRN Sumneytown Herbie General Carefree well liked favorite class is Mr Keims shop lik s baseball favorite songis Tell Me Why Fl ities Football l23 4 Bas et se a f Pl s L nche net e l 1g.l1tea ll Conifer .. . ., .. .Hu . Q - I . W ,. mi t P42 B d 4, sbfih ll P1,2,4? Ho , l,2, K ll 7 3 I A ' V , , cscs - V V V - , rn. ,f,3,4. 4 :Vi V f ' I ' V ' 1 .e - ' , . . . s - - M ' ' ' - '- ' 4 ctiv ' , k A . ' Q , f ball l 2 3 4, Bai b ll l 2,34 P P fl ' ' V ' l. I ' , Qy ' ddresf .r ,o '- t 2,45 Conifer 4. .1' ,. . IHMES HHSSON Fred nck Poke General Pleasant and somewhat ba li u a good ff ow s gir and o undecid d Flctivities Play 4 P54 ess Horne DONHLD HEIDLER East Gr enville Dog Hcademic Quiet nice smile eos: to get along with 1 es ports and girls of course avorit on is The L1 e White Cloud That Crled future plans are mdefinite Plc 1Vlll9S Basketball 12 3 4 Base 1 12 3 4 Conife Plan ess Pool roo'n HNTHONY HILLEGHSS Red H111 Tony General Carefree like to alk sleeps in P Fl D cass thumbs down to noinewok favorite song is Sin Rctivities Basebal 2 3 4 Hliress Pool 1'oo"1 CLHRENCE HUNSBERGER Obelisk Huns Commercial Pleasirg p rsonality make friends easily dislikes c ceited people favorite song P1ttsburgh P likes steak drive ne Blue Streak Q tvities Stqdent Council 34 P ay 4 Basebal 3 Cori Fl aess Nith P y MHHION KRHUSS East Greenville "Pete Commercial 1.ot,s of laughte. . rn.1kg.a .jen .' e . , .fn 1. for Frankie Lane . . 1.e., C play Canasta , .f ..r IC a.t.er er e uc uicn. fire:-1 1n',".-.,1-'fr wi' IOHN HHYES East Greenville Ioanie Commercial Ta blonde athletic quiet and pleasant hobby boys favorite sorg is Tell Me Why Flctivities Hockey 12 3 4 Basket ball 12 3 4 lCo Captain 4l Cheer +a e 2 34 lyewspape 4 Play Pronrpter 3 4 Had ess V ith The Gang GORDON HEIMBHCH East Greenville Gordie Hcademic Black wavy hair talkative plays the piano likes trig class favorite song 1 Blue Moon plans to at tend Millersvill State Teach ers College Sfnio play Hi ire s 'lhe Nook PHYLLIS HILLEGHSS East Greenville P111 Commercial Energetic conscientious worker always has an es cort not so quiet among clo e friends favorite song Make Believe next stop business college Flctilities 1 easurer 7 Secre ary l 341-lockey1234 GeeClub23 4 Conifer Staff 4 Flddress With Clyde PHYLLIS HUNSBERGER Green Lane Murph Commerclal Can b seen hot rodding along the road 1n her Dad s car any time of the day or night Franconia fan future decided tnnves on t e ong Flriytime lflctiv ties Softball Manage 23 4 ew p p Edito Flda es On he go RELLOR KOLB Green Lane "Speedy" General .ninall but powerful . . , oot- ba.l man . . . can b, seen driving a yellow orfi . . . 11 -., to grow a bear . . . :penclr rnoft of his time Nith .1 J lo ' 5 . favorite :on , -ll lvf, . y' '.,. 1. : go n ,. , 'avy -.1'1t .5 zo, , .. .o Easebaa iljff-2: 1-.'.. 'HL' 'ZR' 1952 Ni ,,.. ,.1 WILLIBM LEINHOS Perkiomenville "Billy" Hgriculture Wavy blonde hair , . . the quiet, shy type . . . witty . . . good speller . . . hobby is edt- ing . . . future, undecided. Flctivittes: P P H 3 4 Qddress' Flf home CLIFFORD MRRKS Palm "Cliff" General Good natured and has a sense of humor , . . school least of his worries . . . easy-going likable fellow . . . favorite song is "Plnytime" , . . likes "big- gameu hunting . . , hobby: broken noses. Hctivities: Football l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4, Basketball 2,3g Newspaper l,2,3,4g Conifer 4. Flddress: With the boys WILLIHM MOYER Green Lane R. D. Possum Hgncullure Quiet but friendly can usu ally be seen roller skating at the Rocks drive a harp Ford likes spo t favorite song Slowpoke H ivities l-'FQ1234 Qddress Pottstown LHRRY NEETZ Perkiomenville R D Larry Commercial '-las a quiet side queer laugh interested in hunting drives 88 Chevy carefree dislikes studying especially P Fl D Flddress Qt home FHITI-I NUNHN Green Lane R D Faith Commer ral Quiet always has a smil blonde hair and brown eyes likes cowboy mu ic erious one of the gang plans to furtner her educa ion a o ite song Down Yonder ctivitte Newspaper 4 P 'ly Comte Staff Qddress With the and ? ..s. IHNICE LERCHENMILLER Red Hill "Ian" General Hrtist deluxe . . . loves to tend horses , . . Washington, D. C? . . . reads a lot . . . plans to study art at Kutztown State Teachers College. Flcttvtttes Conifer 4 Hddress: With Grace HBROLD MOYER Green Lane "Knute" Hgriculfure Short . . . one of the agri guys . . . willing worker . . , usually quiet, but not with close friends . . . frequently found at Hoagie Shop , . . likes to drive that car of his . . . gives all the girls a break . . . fu- ture undecided. Flctivities: F.F.Q. 12,3 fPresidentJ 4, Newspaper 4. Hddress' Flrena Garden. EUGENE NEEDS Perkiomenville R. D. Needs General Good football player wavy hair has many friends interested in hunting and a drives black 39 Chevy happy go lucky plans to work after graduation Flctivtttes Student Council 3 4 Football 234 Conifer Staff 4 Flddress Fast Greer ville HELENE NESTLER Green Lane Helen Hcademrc Songbird of the class con servattve dresser usually with Margaret ambitious loves phystcs class dependable Pctivittes Glee Club 74 Conifer Qddress Philadelphia SBLLY NUNHN Green Lane R D Sally Commercial Likes a good Joke Irish temper neat dre ser likes all sports twinkling blue eye and attractive smile entoys driving plan to do office work favorite song Brok n Hearted Flcttvt tes Newspaper 3 4 Cla s Pay 3 Hockey 294 Basketball tlvfonager 345 Conifer Staff 4 Pfddress With the yang ,,,,.,,,, Conifer s . , . ' r.s "' . t. ,t I U . - - A, I ct' ' : . , , , , 'I 4 Al .,. I I . u xl u - . ' ' ...shy... E -, H t . .,g , 4 .. F . . . I 5- V ' ' i . . ' Q 1 t , Y ' , . . . ' . . . s t' f rfe F . UP " ' ' ' ,. , i t I ,Q '3 Q 's . '-f f tt t 3, 4 l , ,",, C r 4. . . g I , 5 ' . .. F, -K 5 if , Q 4 . .. M5 P. HARRY HBUCH Obelxsk Hurry General Qu1et enjoys sports hkes to go huntmg woman hater favor1te song n Top of Old Smoky can be found skatmg at th Rock avonte food 1 ch1l1 c r carne Flct1v1t1es Baseball l 3 Fldd ess Qt home NRNCY SBCKS East Greenvxlle Nan Hcudemxc Usually talk1ng or laughln plays p1ano and accor dton hkes skatmg and boy good actre s lavor1te ong Qnyt1rf1e futur und c1ded 1v1 Gee lo 4 P Con1fer 4 Qddress Lad 6 Lass1e Shop GRHCE SCHWENK East Greenvllle Grace General Fnendly 1nterested 1'1 sports and Rlchard l1kes roller skattng favor1 e ong Because of You travels w1th Nancy favor1te d1sh IS roast beef and buttered carrots future undec1ded Fl1v1t1es H ck y 3 F"lH 3 Qddress 11th R1chard MIRIHM SIMMONS East Greenvule R D Sxm Commercml Happy go lucky favonte past1me dr1v1ng a Chevy enjoys danctng and all sport always among g1rls future undec1ded favorlte food IS lobster ta1l Flct1v1t1es Glee Club 3 Pass Play 1 Con1fer Staff 4 Newspa er 4 Plddress W1th the gang CHRL SLONHKER East Greenville ' Carl" Hgriculture Quiet until in a gang . . . 1 ,ff eating, erpecially pot pie . , . enyoys sport? . , can uruatl' be found around town . , , - vorite song !'1'jfl...,' , . . fhnlcirg rfu ,:..'n tr 1 llavy. . . ' 3 .4 . F. '.',-., crzter "Gif Qdarfs' F2115 f.?:1:1:':7.' LEIDH HOSSMHN BHRTO R D Led1a Commercxal Fnendlf but qu1et pleas mg p rsonahty en1oys all ports favor1t song Turn Back th Hands of T1me 1 es 1 lcat1 g favorlt dlsh spagheth and "1eat pal Hddress Qny place MHRGRET SCHERTEL Barto Margret Hcademlc One of the qu1et members of the ass stud1ous hy m1le dark wavy ha1r faxor1te ong IS Hnyttme plans to be a nurse 1n th near future Qctdre s H home RICHHRD SELL Sumneyiown lm General Curly brown ha1r d1Sl1lCS tud1e act1ve 1 spotts drlver of a sharp 38 Che Jy pleasmg personahty mce smxle popular w1tr1 the g1rls Qc1v1tes Football l! Basket l 1 Qda ess 3:5 Chev, FRHNKLIN SKEPTON Pennsburg R D Frank General Orator of the clas alway pealung 'll rnlnd sperd t of t1m Norkmg on 111 car l1ke to sw1m and brllhant mtnd VOTll6 ong Cry plan to 1o1n the Navy arslna HENRY SNYDER Perkiomenville R. D. "Hank" General I.1lc-s to hunt and play footlza. , . , ta . nd athletic . . . 11ce,: a certaln sophomore , . . can ' , gp-: dr1'1ng F1:sOldrmob1l, , . ,r,w cut . . . avorite ron , .y' . . . utu.: uhclecide ..: 1" .1 fcu all 2- .',u'sr.,',e: I 9 5 2 1'wenty-011L PHULINE SOUDER Red Hill "Pauline" General Fllways giggling . . . likes dancing . . . favorite song, "Be- cause of You" . . . can be seen with Iohnny in a black '49 Ford . . . likes food, especially spaghetti and meat balls. Hctivities: Secretary of F.H,Pl. 4. Hddress: With Iohnny. MRRGHRET STRUFFER Palm "Margie" Home Economics Short and sweet . . . never a dull moment . . . easy to get along with . . . quiet at times . . . favorite song is "Because of You" . . . likes roller skat- ing and ice skating . . . fa- vorite food is spaghetti. Qctivities: F.H.Fl. l,2,3,4. Rddress: With Ierry. BHRRY THOMRS Sumneytown "Barry" General Tall and lanky happy go lucky well known has many friends spends some time working for his dad favorite song IS Tell Me Why Hctivities Football l2 3 4 Basket b 3 4 F F H l Z Hddress Hoagxe shop RICHRRD WBLT Red Hill George Hcademic Very tall answers to Stut short hair a competi tor to Iohn L Lewis ways busy Mr Nelmans friend future plans indefi nite Flct1v1t1es Vice President 3 4 Pla 34 Conifer Staff 4 Ulssistant Ed ltor I-lddress Ford Garage ROLAND SPBRR East Greenville "Spaar" General H sharp dresser . . . can be seen driving a hot Pontiac . . . collects records as a hobby . . , favorite pastime, driving his car . , . enjoys all sports . . . favorite foods are ham and string beans. Qctivities: Play 3,45 Conifer Staff 4. Hddress: Pennsburg Square. NHNCY SWENK East Greenville "Nancy" General Pl cute cheerleader . . . special interest in Flir Force . . . good dancer . , . enjoys popular songs . . . pleasant disposi- tion . . . favorite song IS "I Won't Cry Qnymoref' Ftctivities: Cheerleader 3,45 F.H,Fl. 3, Basketball 4. Hddress: Rt home. GERHLD WHDSWORTH Obelisk "Wadsy" General Pleasant tall and slightly bashful llkes fishing and hunting favorite song in no vital future plans Plctivities Baseball l 2 Qddress Moyer s Service Station all',',:...,.f": - : ' ' '. '.....:'Q1i I. .. I: . 1 . V I : Y . I ',. - EigififififgEgfgfififiiifgfgfifgfff2222ifEEE22222222EfffEf2f?E?fEfgfififgfgififfgfESEEEEQEQEEEEEEEQEEE223fifgfgfgiifffgfififf2222222EEEEif EE2EEEEfEf?fEfEE 'lwenty-two O n I f e r Senior Class Officers RhdW IH Presldent Ronald Bctrdmcm VICG Presldent R1ChCITd Walt Secretary Phylhs HIIISQGSS Treasurer Rlchcrrd Ensmmge I 9 5 2 Tu enty three xc cn' ul! Ronald Bcrdmcm Phylis lllegoss Rlchord Ensminger . . T Conifer Staff CONIFER STI-IFF No 1 SEQTED R Walt G Gensz R Bcxrdmcm I Burtmcxn R Ensmmger STHNIDING H Nesler I Lrc1"enm1le F Nuncm Marks D Hexdle G Benner P Banner S Gexger N Sacks H Hcgenb h CONIFER STRFF No 2 TIPG D G c een C Gxlber R S our Q DIP G M T F F' nsbe gc N 5 n N B en:1"1ger S Ccsha ' 1 xx entw four Conifer : . . let, , . , , , . ' . 1 : , 1 , . e . 1 r, . , C. . Y, . , . 1 , . , . , . ,xc SVI Q . IJCLL h, P Hxdffgfxss fl fi 'S, . ' Z, . y. G ST. fl 1 1 .S1I'RfT1CHS,I. Hiyns ff. Afrzpxss G, Hu r ft, . ri IL- kmgg, I1'i'.'1:,Lr, Vf, Bxclcr S. . Qncr., H r it, Q De..9xg I9 52 yillsl 'qor'fef fin Junior Play sr Row E B dl Q G G G sEcoND Row F N H W 1 R "The Inner Willy" Betty Knappe The 1un1or class presented The lnner W1lly on March 29 and 30 l95l Thts farce comedy 1n three acts dep1cted the hardshlps a teen age boy had to lace at the hands of h1s three malden aunts From a shy backward person he developed 1nto a soclally accepted 1nd1v1dual and became qulte popular wlth the g1rls The cast was as follows Wllloughby Adams Clarence Hunsberger Aunt Hester Nancy Sacks Aunt Loulse Glorta Benner Aunt Alga Grace Genszler lnner W1lly Rlchard Ensmrnger Stanley Clark R1chard Walt Maybelle Turner Edxth Brendhnger Trudy Marshall l:'G1'll'1 NUDGH lanet Marshall Sally NUFICIH Carol Marhn leanette Bartman lwentyslx f' v 54 A FIR 1 , ren m er, H. Ensmmger, N. Socks, Benner, . enszler. : . unan, S Nuncn, I. Bartmcm, C. unsberger, R. al , . Spaar. I , . Mike .,......................,.,.............,,,,..,.,.,...44,........,..............,,...,.............,.,,....4......,......,,.,,...,,...,.....,,.......,.,.......... Roland Spaar 333355535E53525EEE?5E5i5E3E3E5E3?5E3E5E3igE3E3E3E3E3E5E3E5E3EQEEQEQQEEEQEEEEEE3EE23?35E3E5E3E5E5E5E?EEEEESEEEEEEEEE23352523253535555555E5E3E5E?35E5E?E3i5E5E5E Senior Play I 1 'S FIRST ROW SITTING G Benne M S mm s SECOND ROW SITTING R Walt C I-I nsbe g G Gens NDING I H S Ca h G H mb ch G "Just Ducky" By Donald Payton The senror class play lust Ducky was presented on December 7 and 8 l95l Thts h1lar1ous comedy ln three acts presented a day 1n the hte of the Maxwell tarmly Betty Lou Maxwell and Bernard1ne Srntth two rrnschtevous glrls created a chaot1c s1tuat1on by wr1t1ng a t1ct1t1ous letter to the ed1tor of the love lorn column After a ser1es of rrotous escapades the farnlly was once more restored to a normal state Cast of Characters Mr Maxwell Clarence I-Iunsberger Mrs Maxwell Nancy Sacks Betty Lou Maxwell M1r1am Stmrnons Bernadlne Srruth Glorla Benner W1lbur Maxwell Gordon Helmbach Hercules Nelson Roland Spaar Conn1e Maxwell Shlrley Cashatt Mr Moore Btchard Walt Del Marshall Robert Gery Aunt Mary Grace Genszler Mtss Vester Blayne Ieanette Bartman I 9 5 2 Twenty sewen , : , r, . 1 on, , , 1 . , u r er, N Sacks, . zler. STH : . asson, V s att, em a , H Spaar, G. ery, I. Bartman. . .. H Craig Moore .................,........ ..... , ,. ...,......,,,...r.4..........,......r,,,.,.,,...,,.......,.,.I..,r....,.,....,,...,,,...................,. Iarnes Hasson Claw Hmong Freshman Year Sophomore Your Iumor Year Servor Year C1111 er 1 1 '1 111, 1' 11 1. .1,,1,,1:. 4, I ,N VN, ,,,1, 1: 1':' 1'.C.,lf'l ff, '14 1 Et' Ifzff' Inf 1: 1i E .1 1- 1: V , 1 ' E 11fV,9f1-11.1.1211 55+ 111'11i1-11, 11-1111111 11: 11 I1 11 11 f 11 1 W1 ' i.':11f11'1 71' 11,1-111 ITU' 11:1 "Ili '11'1f'f'1 161- 1111 1' 1 1 110.1 F1c:11i'1 '1 I,,I.1'1 I rr ,Qierit If ffif- ZI'2 1 1:. 511'-1 :it Flrylfw "1 1 11' 1 ' 111' ' 1Q.:"111':1 11 11111 1' I' 1 11 11 1 1, 1 it if 1. :1 ',':r'11 'iff 11.1 :I . v 'lv vw X ' vH . '1 111 l1'1,1 11 ' 1111 1',':.1 ':11f1"x P1'.'i.1 11121 1, fl1':.I11111 01,1119 "11. f Yrrl- I. '- ' 1 '. 21'.. . ,Ji 1 1" :T 1- .I1.i: 1- 1 " 1 1 1: -11 f 1 1, 1h 1 1 1' Q '1 fi "' . 'IQ 1 1 .1 -3 1:11 .' 11 1: 1' 1 1'.'11 1 1 1 1 ' '1 .'11: .'.Q,.1' W If I:111.1',:11', 1 ' 11 ' 111i' 1i1' 'f 11 1-1' P- 1' . 1' if 1 E 23 12:53 1:11 21512 :E E .fr 2 fQ11:::.'::5:2:o:xf:,1if5:x:'::,:x:.K,-if1,?,:111 Mwuauunuqrg ,vm 1 3 3 EMM -- Ai" Hcsi I'I,.,:4.M , V . gh! 4,1.x is y In, . X, X J 1,1-A lffi it Quinn M it TRW Rfrvr T X X fa JP VIH . gym bd ., . f .1 Class of I953 FIHSI' ROW S Herman C Bonn nberger H B1 ge I Dunning F Kolb G Germ mg Trexre Ilobarts M GodshoII SECOND HOW P1 M Mnler P WondoII E Sternmon B Gery B TroIIxnger S Bouer K Krupp D Somgs B Boxter SIIHIE ROW D Wentrng I Woodward G Mrller V PcIenco D Wrgg M Sreber D Schontz M Q rub URIH ROI' I Gel q S u ln 1 e ass I er Boue R L S e FIFTH BOW F Lx Irs F SOVVIC C Bossert N Hunter N Hess I Roihenbfrqe G Yrengnnq SIXTH ROW D Kohle D Bmder P W1Ik1ns S Hover G Long M Weber rIrxSI nO :xrr S J e Drse W I .1 OIND HOU' R G L x 1 PI ri pperi W Srrnon 'I L12 mmer G Slonoke HD HOW C B1eIe I n1.rf'r'r'eI ri ey VV PLCIQ I. 'innsbe r FOURIH HO e one o over crmoo x Srv4e Conifer I . , ff , . I Y, . , ., , . 'S -.-r, S. t, G 3 I . . I . ' . 1 , r . ' FO ' F J sszn er, Schaffer, M. G Id , F, H II g ' , S M II , I. r ' C Irr, 'I ' " ' - fr, . . Q . "' " 'F 'ff EI B1 r'. Ii flycr- Q nelly I. V JIIQ r G Cr isrton, L ., Q Arg!-3' 'IQC I 'J -mo T "dx: fda, ' .1 9 , , I ' A . . ' 1 'I'HI . r I" ., ',Br ,L Berg, ' JL 5, .I ' :xg -1 . 'I 'N' I Hzlfeb fel 'I' W1IIcey, ff H h D I-I th K M I' , H S I , C' F New-:hart S FIFFHABOW IF Fiorrtc D Bodmin Q Tomlinson, I O,5on, Qgrgley D MQ'-r 3 'Ir--Lchler. ,ff2222232222EE2222222222555523232EEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEE2222222223EEEE353232EEEEEEEfgfgggfggifgfifigiigiifg2323522325EEEEE3fgfggifgfigiggggfififg Class of 1954 FIRST ROW L Hotenne rqer IN B ey F Snyder H Pea 1 I-I B ey M Walte M Benn? E Slemman IgAECfSggUI:IOW E Brvy I Wasem I Baba I Hexstand R Stoudt P M1IIer D Graber B Q Khne T HD HOW S Via ker M Mo y N Grubb Q F an L B hTeI S Skipton P Bet H QICIH er NI IdRiEIkIZIn5OJI F 'Nia e C Hacne L Bauman P Stoxxilt I Back I Schoe ko,I Zleqle Fl Ho EESISH HOW P Bleler B M1IIer H Hmldebrant D Cwrxnsberg N Hayes I Costello G M1lIer M H FI-IST RON H Wo nyd H Gemge L e cn r z en er e C ssrnan IS Pye SCOND OJVFC GI CC S yM mrge 'J D L V91 FOUWTH '1ON C Ir' S b K c -1 Hxnke SIXTH O JV I 9 5 2 lhnrtx three I HI I I . I , . r , , 1IQm , e.-c , 2 I 3, . . I FO ' 'VL ,. I :, . ' r, . , . ' , . ' , J. I ' , I. r, . th, T ' . Ii, T. S " er, P. Bass, ", r, . K Iler, R S ':.t , R Had b g r, R Koch. P iii., TQHUI 'A .M 'zsffy I. H::z11k I Henry ,Shri J qery Shell , . Heir r D 'ff rizci-5 I:IRF HOL' S Bcrcsgg, Henry, Frftc.. '. W. '.'l1r.ters R Schgxz G Lagler R. Srnith D Frgtz 7 . 1 I' I 1 , r1es I. Scnrzczk, ,'.'. Catz, Z Schwcyer, D, trunk, F. Klm le, . M E Sgrnmcns, IFIFTH R Shiga- I, Mila D, Lcng L. Long T. Fettexzzn G Gaggler, C Rehn, C1 Hcrnrn P. ' , 'lf:r:pc.e, E Marks, I, Peart I Feed IV. Pell L Yak., L Hzgenlcgch. Class of 1955 SI HOW Q K1eke. h nJv 113+ D Prown Schrno C hcen ri Rf-1mc1n I Sny er L Swann L Ggrhot OND HOW G Porlf son K Ku Ee L Bnye fnswrnocru oe :K 'lhomo I S1011 er Ong I Mute I Sci +5 IHIRD ROW I PLGILOH F Snydhr F MlkOWYChOk C Yuger I Bmenbrnde D H011 S 'ITSIC er S Hmhcrd H Schultz O K11-1nsm11h H Bo111d1n UHIH H?WhW M1I r K Lage 1. H1 1mboch H Siye-1' ri Schcmiz V Schm1dt G Saltzmqer 1er or eb TH ROV! Q S hir G 'nrne 'run vey cr e r r Sree, on Flat: Graber SIXTH HOW H Schrll K VJIHSCII Fl D1eh C Lschboch H Conrad W Kr pr P Hllleqobq D Moy F SI HOW Q H124 ll Ch1IGH r ank e re e L Fo S CO D HO B I 11 Y S L Grm: Ch lm 'nun I S 1HI11D HOW M Lyn P M Be 3 nomrncn L S r 5 G Prnzmon L Ma 1-' 1-I 'ienr 1-Z R nmnger S Schar PFHROWMBnr G che ved Hclbr' Ha O b1T G c IIHHO K G MIcKecne Nos r.Tr rrp lhlrtx tour FIR " I r Pl I E "A I Cr' lfqr J , I O k, H SC -ly, f. , . d sic I " I , ,J P4 -Lf. Yr 14 B IL 1111. ' 5, 1 11 H L , , 11' r " : . A " , A , 1 4, l 1 f r, , . ' hl , FO " I .dl .1+J, . liz, ' .,- I , . ,' ' , V' '. , ' , 'JJ Me , C 1 ' FIF . , C 1 .tx Zz.. .. r.. If Hur , H Kr IZ 7, I. B Q.ner, P ' 'nt , R. ' k, H : . 1 , .' l, ' , . 1 1 , 1, A -,, 1,-r IH ' ': . .O , H 1 Hemy, M H , D SUM, I Hour' Lf. chi I Fegl y, V, Fostlr, D Srrnrnong, C, . I 'jhr1s1m3r. 'EI H VI: fl 1:.101 M 31Qi..:'.'L I VJ,"1,-rg 'chant ff Or'h:,.:: rf Hman, -bf-13-. 13? ,nr 't. . J. Sxrncn S -Ch:1fZ,r Q- ' ' C.. V 2: H: f-nkqcrz, H ' , 1CI1.4.T.l, L De r, I. Lc'1f-y, MMR-1 AEQURT1-1 Hcjwf Ii 555115, E. Slonakvr, s swuuffefr 1 Hoqenbuch, 15 c10,SefI 1.1 Pmson, P. W111Qm11, TI 'fy 'N I Q N:-'-'.'Ii'lfT fi E1 rnh rd M Gr .J ' M 11 HKIXXQ' I 11 e rc.t I. 1.ck M pp" Ch nfs S.X" '. Vi ' Erb B Crcbez F Gary, I Bruker uf h 1 I. Mohr D .f -fr, P, ll 1 -l:l:2E1Eli1E2E131E53?E323333533533E3E353E3E3E3E3E5i535333355EgE5E3E3E3i53g25E353232333252533Zggigigigigigigigigi535353532525353333355333Zgi5E5E3E3E335?gE3EE Class of 1956 T HOW R Snmmons B Sei D Kenna G Wa Acer M nsbe e I Sny er r- Wmter Schwoyer D Cressmcm C Kulp P Haher SFCOND ROW I Rosder I Gerhcr F Hczcxq H Rohrbcck L HO nfr E Con od L M S Stoqd' F Hardman P Herbem 'N Hoegto ey RD ROV! E Rube 1 Smlth I M Llberccx G U11 cxsky B Dc-Lcwg M G1 be M Lcmdls Grxe Q Sch D Ho e FOURTH ROW M Mumba er F Qs mx I Slfld F Detvvr n1 N Hee M Saylor FIFTH HOW P Cresirron R Walker N Lmby B 'Ie-rsh P Baxter I Wr1qh D Zepp H Moffet rI'iST HOW Fel '-I D C1 :J e D .5 O 'F C F 'WD 'CW r H 11 'H .11 I 9 5 2 1lllI'tN me FIRS ' . . , , I, V , I I , HQ : rg r .vi d , 'Y ,N. . I : . f I I lt, . ., . , . r 1, 1 , . ewr, ' .. TH1 '. f . I, ' nie., 1. J rd. V. . . . . . 1 ff, fp L. r, I, 011, . rpl , , . . , ,i,., . .1 1- . wah-r P K 51-ly, D Gull, D, Getz, . -d. nY I I I nf r '-xiii: I Cr.zr.g H 'Qhr1.1im'1r. . re...:h K Bring Fe-gley fl Kgg. If-I I-fty r ' Iohnscn, 'ILC fl., Fjff' T. Marti. I. 5. M31 E':TY.h'1I': I. HL,-titty IN. H-.r.ir.:k L Rfghriir. I 'ffxpenter H rye 'IHL I. 'I C He.: L Pe.1 H13-at fl Khg H S'C,3t D, hath,-r.b:fg':r Cvfiher F 'Ngkew' I Mochur. H Kr-ihazxth EsOIivi1'IH HOZYI. T. Bra-.r..:qer, D H':r'.'.,-y 'I' 2.2327 if 'lfeifznjz-gr I Z-gg, IN, I.'I!Cnz'f.'sk1 EI C1339-..: FIFTIJAHFAII L S:h-Qe: I Piaxler L 4.'.".:Qk-er 'D if: I Ezkf- I flff'.'fI:.f Ah' Shirt.. SILT' FD'-". " f.f.r.g.f: I 'f'rI1tTe E. M 31.2.3 'S fl- i'1'.'.i "' .i'::.:'-..-, I Class of l957 FIRST ROW' D Horner G Krauss I Schaffer E Sames E Kulp I Baseley B Hagenbuch F.Zxeq1er D Rothenberger D Reed B Fluck SECOND ROW F Moll E Scholl S Gmesemer G Bteler K Reeves V Rlbttz M Bossert F Hothen berger G Stevens G Stoulfer D Faust THIRD ROW M Hoesterey M Beuttler P Courtrtght D Brey G Ha tzelI Q Peterson M Schultz F Wlnch S Rextnauer I Slmmons FOURTH ROW R Schatz Q Rothrock D Bossert L Iones S Gllly Q Z , B Rau h F 'Walker Yvonne Wronosk1 FIFTH ROW S Shaner R M Woodward D Hess B Fl Hagenbuch S Leber S Iacobs P Gerhart E Gonzalez FIRST HOW C ROIPHIJETQPY G Flshrnan L Batman L Iohnson I Dob ovvosky R Waltfrs C Roeder Bozzellx 'l Iohr' H Mack l Garza SL OND HOW W Iakobw D G1'be B Mlller Vt WebL Fl B nha I nes D tfvv Marks C lmbody l HD HOW W Herr G Chilton H Wttt Wadsworth I: Gor cr rt Be gernan I Ba rrtan Fngle H Schwoyer FOURIH ROW C Needs K So ae 'l Seasholtz T Wtqg G Ioncs ll Crrnc 1 W Hover li Ne-se P Sxmmons FIFTH ROW W Edwards H DeWo' Nl Yode L Moyer l Reeves F Schw nk l Prutsman E Styer ?DglqH ROW G Hartzell C He hrnan M Woodward Pl Foust I Schm dsnberg I Gebert B Fetterman ogden llurtx sux Conifer I I 1 . A I , . I , . " , , . . , . eprt, . c , . , l E , ' f VE tm ' ' I ' A A' I ' A l 'C . , . rt, l. , ' -r, er . 7.1 Hat , N 4' 'hart H. rm' z I I .Nec ,f ,. 3.1 ff. I rr. ,Q A I' I 1 . , tg' r, ' 1 ' , , . f, v .. roll, . 1, t r 1997 2, rf, 0? iv W , .. a 1 4 2' X R Q ' ' .via Next we shall v1s1t the Aihletlc Department of the East GTSGDVIIIC Hlgh School B li aa' e a 's Q X K-'fy .1 x 'W-f-J' Ci ' . , A , ,iff .f - ' -.A.,. A x f K , A, ' ,2 'N A, -1 .r as ' L5 . -,,',,'v, - . , ' 4 ,I I, : , ' KX 4412 .. 7 1 " Q ln '1 K J ' ' "w1gQ,g.i,1 -'wwww x'm'x 3f' 5 4:4 'QI' Jw h 'Ili f 1:1 'U' .L-121: . 1 K: V . .V . ' - , J X1 A ff - E1 ' 'lit f A UQ, ' W by ,L fi " A fi 49 ' f 6 f we ' A lv Av- . f F ' 5- , - .. Varsity Football Team H au .v ,,...,....W,,. CO CRPTFIINQ E Needs and R Se EIIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT K Mohr D Fntz C Frzes R Smtth G Gery Pl Shelly R Ensrnmqer Bxeler SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT D Mtller R Brey I Hummel R Kolb C Flckermcm D Frank S Snyder D Long Dav1d R Prxtchad Head Coach IHIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Warren Guld1n Hsst Coach L Berg Mgr C Hallman D Roth H Snyder R Sell C Marks W Bxeler M Bergey W Glatz FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT E Needs R Quxgley I Pearl B Thomas I Olson T Fetterman H Bardman H Tomlmson The GFGGHISS started the1r season w1th Quakertown and had the IITSI loss s1nce the Royerstord game ID 1949 Followmg th1s game they lost to Sprmg C1ty The team then recovered and was v1ctor1ous over Muhlenberg They con t1nued w1th th1s success by beat1ng North Coventry the t1rst league game Lansdale our next opponent was unable to score the result was a scoreless t1e Travel1ng to Emrnaus on one ot the1r Ott days the team was beaten the tollowmg week by a close dec1s1on East Greenv1lle was agam overpowered when they were taken by the Royerstord team 1n the next game The Greemes ended the1r season by play1ng Boyertown on an ICY turf The result was a close marg1n lavormg E G I-I S Quakertown Sprmg C1ty Muhlenberg North Coventry 6 Lansdale Royerstord Emmaus Boyertown U East Greenv1lle East Greenv1lle East Greenvtlle East Greer1v1lle East Greenv1lle East Greenv1lIe East Greenv1lle East Greenv1lle llurtw exght C O n I f e r I8 ' 0 ' ' I9 ' I2 0 ' 6 ' 38 0 ' 0 27 ' 0 . I7 I 14 A 7 Varsity Hockey Team KNEELING E B endlmger E B ey P H llega Capt G B nne Fl De ong STHNDING Coach M ss Nesb tt 1 t n ch nt ong N e Y Q G R Q Our hockey team had a very successful season th1s year The co operatton and hard hghtmg of the team won for them Co Champlonshlp of the Perkto men League Phylhs Hlllegass captam w1th the gutdance of MISS Grace Nesb1tt our coach and the team scored 22 pomts for 1lS vlctory W1th only nme pomts agamst them Hlgh scorers were Ed1th Brendhnger and Phylhs l-hllegass Semors leavmg the team are Glor1a Benner Phyllls I-hllegass Arlene Hagen buch loan Hayes Sally Nunan Audrey Delong Marton Krauss and Edtth Brendhnger The schedule was as follows Royersford North Coventry Boyertown Schwenksvtlle Sprmg C1ty Pennsburg West Pottsgrove Collegev1lle Trappe East Greenvllle East Greenvllle East Greenvllle East Greenvllle East Greenv1lle East Greenvllle East Greenwlle East Greenv1lle 1952 ThlTtX nlne 1 . r ' , . r,,1 ss, am, . e r, . l . Hov r, I. Pla es, Dj Wentlmg, lfilllrf1Soi,cFtt. I-ll1gnc?r?tfuchlDMSnager?l EQBSIUQSHV G, L V I Humor' S 1 f f , , f 1 2 A l l ' 2 l ' 3 U ' 2 l ' 2 . - U . East Greenv1lle Boys' Basketball Team W t - - - .ww 4, 4 l ELING H M D NDING C h D P B Th D Ml t M h V G Wlth an entlrely new team thts year the varsxty started on therr vrctorrous season The varsrty team won the Perktomen Schuylktll Valley League champ1onsh1p Wlth a league record ol l3 wms and 4 losses Due to the1r success agatn th1s year the team went to D1SlIlCl l Class B play oft and beat Sharon l-l1ll 54 to 48 For the thtrcl consecuttve year the team lost to Darby th1s year wrth a score ot 35 to 56 The senxors leavtng the team are R Sell B Thomas D l-lerdler and R Daugh ert Y Boys Basketball Record Sellersvtlle Perkasre East Greenv1lle East Greenvllle East Greenvllle East Greenvllle East Greenvllle East Greenvrlle East Greenvtlle East Greenvllle East Greenvllle East Greenvrlle East Greenvtlle East Greenvrlle East Greenvtlle East Greenvtlle East Greenvtlle East Greenvrlle East Greenvrlle East Greenvrlle East Greenv1lle Quakertown Boyertown Schwenksvllle Collegevrlle Trappe Royerslord Sprrng C1ty West Pottsgrove Pennsburg North Coventry Schwenksvtlle Boyertown Collegevllle Trappe Spnng C1ty Royersford Pennsburg North Coventry West Pottsgrove Royersford Sharon l-l1ll Darby KNE 1 ssistcmt anager R. Nyce, R. augherty, R. Smith, D. Fritz, I. Hummel, D. Hetdler, Plssistant Manager H. Blank STR 1 oac . rxtchard, R. Sell, Q. Tomlmson, T. Fetterman, . omas, l, Olson rler, D Ro h, anager E HGWl4flj9f, Coac J. uldm. ' 42 ' - ' 72 ' 38 64 ' GO East Greenville Sl ' 4 ' 34 ' 52 ' 58 ' 5l ' 38 ' 68 ' A ' 47 ' 49 ' 5l ' 66 ' 48 1 tm C o n I fe r Girls' Basketball l W I K ELING I Zegle G Long M F e cl C Cwxlb t S lvl e N H nte SECOND ROW Ma ag r S N K upp R ger E N W ms Hoc e S st nt o Nesb tt Cca h M Mose HBSENT N Hes The Greeme Sextet completed 1ts season wrth trve wms and three losses They were coached by Mrs Moser and Mrss Grace Nesbrtt assrstant coach Grace Long was hlgh scorer agam th1s season wrth l2l pomts Marllyn Freed Nancy l-less and Sh1rley M1ller followed up wlth 80 52 and 32 pomts re spectlvely Seruors leavmg the Greerue Sextet are Cleta Gllbert Captam and Edrth Brendlmger Scores were as follows East Greenvllle East Greenvrlle East Greerrvrlle East Greenvrlle East Greenwlle East Greenvrlle East Greerrvrlle East Greenvllle Alumru Schwenksvrlle Boyertowrr North Coventry Collegevrlle Trappe Royerslord Permsburg West Pottsgrove NE Z . 1 r, . , r e , . ' er, , Hover, S. ill r, . u r. n e . unan, K r , . Bll , . Brendlmger, . rlk , K. k r, D, Went- lmg, . Trexler, Flssr a C ach Mrss i , c rs. r. 3 , s. ' 24 ' 38 ' 33 A - ' 38 ' 52 I 9 5 2 Forty one Varsity Baseball Team s QW at FIRST ROW D Mlle R Sell H Ra ch C Hall Pl B rdrnan F Newhart T F tter SECOND ROW H Shelly C Rauch R Kolb Roth S S yde L Be 'ral-l RD ROW C H Roth Coa h R S th D Frltz R Pluck Q Nerman QSS1 ta t Coach S Sh lly nager The baseball season started agarn thls year Wlth over forty fellows reportrng lor practlce but only three letterrnen returntng Wlth the trne coachmg abrhty of Mr Roth ln recent years they hope to have a successful year The best of luck to our boys Aprll Aprrl Aprll Aprrl Aprll Aprll Aprll May May May May May 3 19 East Greenvllle at Collegevllle East Greenv1lle at Schwenksvxlle Sprrng Crty at East Greenvllle East Greenvllle at North Coventry West Pottsgrove at East Greenv1lle Pennsburg at East Greenvllle Boyertown at East Greenvllle East Greenv1lle at Royerslord East Greenv1lle at Sprrng Crty North Coventry at East Greenvxlle East Greenv1lle at Boyertown Royersford at East Greenvrlle lurty tuo . 2. .1 r, I, .Au' , .IDA manl, I. na rl ,- .rg , , e l 3 . . , cg . mi , . ' , . , . ' , 's n 1 . l2 A l5 ' Girls' Softball Team FIRST ROW F Ge y N Schoelkopf I Buck M Godshall P Ge y M Benne SECOND ROW P H she ge G M ller I Z1 gle Fl Roth Q F llman THIRD ROW N H s n e K K FOURTH ROW P W lk ns N W lkms M G av Coach HBSENT FROM PICTURE FIRE S God hall E B endlmger P Ben e The Greerues started practlce th1s year wrth a squad ot 33 grrls reportmg They are bemg coached by Mrs Graver The team hopes to have a good season thrs year Senlors leavmg the team are Captam Sara Goclshall Edrth Brendhnger Paul 1116 Bermer and Manager Phylhs Hurtsberger Aprll I8 Aprll 22 May 2 May 9 May 16 SCHEDULE North Coventry at East Greenvrlle East Greenvllle at Collegevrlle Sprmg Crty at East Greenvrlle East Greerrvllle at West Pottsgrove Boyertown at East Greenvrlle l952 Fortw three : . r , . , . , . , . r , . . I . un r r, . i , . 'e r, , , . i , : . e s, N. Hu I r, S. Hover, . rupp. 1 . i i , , i ' , . r er, , Z , s , . r ' , . n r. - , I , . Junior High Football FIRST ROW I Bauman B Petterman C Frlson W Weber R Breler L Moyer B Herr T Gorlheathe SECOND ROW C Salsm er I De Woll E Trettrnger S Trerchler I G-tlbert R Conrad K Bozzellr I Gtlbert R Graber T harles THIRD ROW Coach W Kexm M Kurtz R Moyer C Eschbach R Guldm K Wrnch I Brunner W Schmrdt R Fluck Qssrstant Coach Q Nerman FOURTH ROW Manager D Brown Manaqerl Brttcnbencler Manager D Dobrowsky I ltlcthorp F Schwenk B Hover 'I Prutzman B Iacoby L Bozzellr The Junror hrgh football team thls season was coached by Mr Kerm and Mr Nerman The boys had a taxr season wrth a score ot 76 pomts to then' opponent s 93 polnts The captalns ol the team were Iohn Brunner and Rrcharcl Conrad September 27 October 4 October l October 2 October 2 November 6 November I2 SCHEDULE East Greenvrlle East Greenvrlle East Greenvrlle East Greenvrlle East Greenvllle East Greenvrlle East Greenvrlle Sell Perk Boyertown Quakertown Schwenksvrlle Sell Perk Quakertown Boyertown . O - ' U 2 ' 6 2 ' 38 . ' 9 ' 19 - ' 0 lortyfour Junior Varsity Baseball FIRST ROW G Gery S Tretchler R Hmkle D Long I Henry D Frye SECOND ROW Q Krlehel W Schmldt W Glatz R Graber R Conrad M Relfmger D Brown THIRD ROW M Kurtz Manager S Rlchard R Schultz K Wmsch K Lagler K Bozzelh L Gerhart M Netman Coach D Greullch QSSISIGHI Manager The end of March came around and the 1olo of forrnlng a Ir Varslty Baseball Team was left to the coach Mr Nexman Wlth Just a young group of boys COIHQTISIYIQ the team practtces were begun There IS hlgh hope for a successful season desplte a tougher schedule than usual Apr1l 9 Apr1l 30 May 5 No Date No Date No Date SCHEDULE East Greenvtlle at Towrnensln Boyertown at East GreenV1lle East Greenvllle at Boyertown Towrnensm at East Greenvllle Quakertown at East Greenvllle East Greenvllle at Quakertown I 9 5 2 Forty five Cheerleaders FROM LEFT 'IO RIGHT Ioan Hayes Mary Sxcbe Hudrey DeLong leon Babel Fludrey Flllmon Rosalyn Sioudt C NTER Iecme1te Ba 'nur Ncmcy Swenk Autographs lurty wx P' - Y f ' . K ixiiafz fy fd' 1 .J b-1 LW l? AQJM 'Lx W7 17" N. We shall now see ihe dlfferent crct1v1t1es 1n whlch the siuclents of E G purtlclpaie -i RFQ x 1 f I l952 Student Council FIRST ROW I Smlth C lmlooay K Boz l ELCEAOND ROW B Fette man F Bardman C Hunsberger I Ba man G Benner D Roth P Gery ong ISIAIIRD ROW L Bauman F Schvt nk K Mohr P Sk yton E N d C B1 l I Wasem Mak Layser vtser The Student Counctl represents the entlre student body Each class elects representattves to attend the meetmgs held on Tuesday afternoon The faculty advtser IS Mr Layser lf any student problem or class problem artses tt 1S brought to the Student Counctl by the represerttattves and then ftgured out at a meettng ln thrs way the counctl tends to promote the welfare of the students and the school The Student Counctl also sends representattves to the Tr1 County Student Counctl Conference Thts year the conferences were held at Upper Moreland and Quakertown Durmg 51 and 52 the Student Counctl has promoted many worthwhtle achteve ments Among them are buytng re ords holdtng dances draw1ng up the assembly program selltng school arttcles emblems etc and taktng charge of refreshment stands at football games Ofhcers for 1951 52 Prestdent Ieanette Bartman Secretary Glorta Benner Vtce Prestdent Denn1s Roth Treasurer Clarence Hunsberger Advtser Mark H Layser lnrtx mght : . ' , . ' , ze 11 V' I . r , , , , 1 , . ri , . , . , . , ' , . 'rf , . , . Q- w , . ee s, . ft er, , .. r . , , A . . , , . . . . A . . - V 1 1 f 1 1 -1 . , , - I I , , , - , Y - - .v.,,. - ,.,.,.,-,.,.,.v.,Y,., ,.,-...-.f--,-,-.- ,..... , - Y ..--.- - Y --.------.--..-..---.. - Y - - -1- - - - 1 T v- ' Pine Tree Clippings gen 9' FIRST ROW H Hxldebrant F Nunan S Nunan M Krauss P Hunsberger G Roberts S Ccshatt B Trollmger M Balduzzx G Henry SECOND ROW B Mtller Fl Mlller G Mrler E Nunan F Lxllls S Getge I Dunnmq Mrss Smtth VISSI' THIRD ROW R Sell Fl Bardman lil Tomltnson C Marks H Moyer Pme Tree Chppmgs IS the prmted newspaper of the school pubhshed about every s1x weeks Through ll'1lS medlurn embryo Iournaltsts are developed and opmtons of students arred PINE TREE CLIPPINGS STHFF EDITOR IN CHILI' Phy ts P Hunslzerge HSSO IPITES TIICIYIOD E Krauss Gorta Roberts HUMOR EDITORS Sa 1' lx nan Fa th N nan GOSSIP EDITORS Shu y Cashatt El en Getz E anor N nan Ma y Ellen Balduzzt SPORTS EDITORS Ldn o Hawlcrrd r It char! S l Mlrlarn Stmrrvon EXP HHNGI: EDITORS Plnna ll' I1 e Go I FEFITURE WRITERS B4 Irol ng r Georgtanna If my RO lIlwG REPORTER rla d If REPORTERS Fl H1 ar' B oa a nn ng h 1 FYPISTS Sad e Gexge Ioan Hayes QDVIS R Miss Ma 1a S th i952 Torts mne y . , . . . , I . . , , , . I , , , . , . r, . ,, , : , , . , . , . , . . I - 1 ' - iv , . f' x - . , xv, v., . ' . : le , me , Ie . u , 7 . '. ' I I 1 T ' 'ar ' Q , 'z ' e l, ' . . s Q . - ' f. . ., F. ll r, Q rta Mrk-r. 3 :ttv " lt Q ' Ie , . - . , . ' 1 T91 .o':er. fl P : nn . liiebr A, ar' 7 lffllfer, Icy Du 1 , I'11l I.'lfi:3 'P - ' v' mv 1 ', ' The Future Farmers of America , X I 'LOP ROW W Lelnhos R Getsmger W Moye C Moyer H Moy r C Detwetler W Bucks L H ns e UHTHHOW L Walk Q D hl C Slonak r H K t r I Henry O K1 ms 1th B Pell Schultz T Charles IHIHD ROW H Schell C Qck rrnan F Sch oye Hamm D Strunk L Yokl R Bould n it COND ROW L Hcn y L P 1 Schmock R f emme I Soncke S Hanzhck H Schmoock H tq r ST ROW Frye S chelly antz Buss D s Krtebel Schmock The prunary alms ot the Future Farmers of Amenca are learntng to do do1ng to learn earnlng to hve 11v1ng to serve We proudly present some ot the1r ach1evements durmg 1951 1952 M11ton Bergey and Carl Detwerler were awarded the Keystone Farmer degree The Vocattonal exhtbrt won second p 1ze at the Readtng Farr The Vo at1ona1 Agrtculture exhtbtt won h1gh honors at the Pennsylvanra State Farm Show SglgJ5gVlS9d Farm1ng Program tor the years 1950 1951 show an tnvestment ot S50 There were 111 pro1ects completed dunng 1950 1951 1-larold Moyer won d1str1ct and regtonal pubhc speaktng contest Three boys gave a demonstratton on rat control at the Farm Show th1s year and placed stxth ln the State The group asststed farmers of the communtty by prckmg peaches and huskmg over 75 acres ot corn We parhctpated act1ve1y 1n the Commun1ty Fatr Flve students part1c1pated 1n Future Farmer Week GC11V111eS Throughout the year the boys helped plant over 0 000 seedlrngs Chapter members are practtctng conservat1on by seedtng 107 acres tn rye grass Mr Ensmrnger has done an excellent 1ob tn lnstructtng the Future Farmers and they w1sh smcerely to thank hrm Plftg Comfer 1 . , , , r, . , . e , , . , . u - urg r. FO ' 1 . er, . me , . , e , 1 ra ze , , , . e rn , . , H ' ' i I . . , f e ,. w r C I I I F- . . . A er , Jus'-, . , Q1 . r, . 1 r, , , . 6' 6 F113 . D , S . , H. Sch , H Styer, 1. Mate, D. ' ', . Ca cy, H. , , I. 1. ' ' . 2. , . . T. , . A 3' C . . . . . . 4' . . V - . '- 5. ' ' - . 74 . . I 8' . , , . . 10- . . . . . . . n 1 1. , ' . 12. ' ' ' . ' ' , :5E5E5E5E?E?E3E5i3E3EiEEEEEEEEEEEEQEEEEEEEE3323355533233535325233335333335332333253355igigigigigigigiigigigig3333E5E3E3E5?E?EiE?E3E3E3EEE?35E5EiE3355333352532 The Future Homemakers of America QQQ TROWSSchattrCSbeMStft PS dR b OND ROW K Bos et S S tt E l-la k Hld brant E ke G Ge srng Q Gehman F Snyd B M rtm I McDon ld THIRD ROW M Lynch Y Schatz Mrs Y d Pl o e M W G Yeunqlnq Mrs Grave Hd lse C Glbert L Schultz The tuncttons of th1s organlzatlon are as follows Promotlng a growlng apprec1at1on of the Joys of homemakrng emphaslzmg the lmportance of worthy home membershlp encouragmg democracy rn home and communlty hte worklng for a good hte tor all The motto of The Future Homemakers Toward New Horrzons expresses the mam purpose of the organlzatxon Learmng to hve better today rn order that our l1ves and those of our famrhes may be better tomorrow Thls year the department IS proud of the fact that the Apple Pan Dowdy Contest was a great success The honors Went to Patsy Stoudt The Judges for the contest were Mrss Sm1th Mrs Bauman and Mrss Schultz Thrs year the frrst prrze for the Pretty Practlcol Krtchens Contest was won by Arlene Gehman The annual Basement Contest was won by Patsy Stoudt and the second prlze went to Edlth Brendlmger Another actrvrty for the term was the F H A trrp to the Fredenck Home tor the Aged For th1s occaslon we made Cooktes and candy to be presented along wrth a Chrrstmas program for the men and women at the home The advlsers of thls group are Mrs Yoder and Mrs Graver GRACE GEISSINGER Pres1dent PAULINE SOUDER Secretary FIRS Z . e , . ie r, . au er, , tou t, . Hagen uch. SEC : . s r, . tau er, M. . n , Q. 1 e , . Slona r, . is ' er, . , . er, . a ' , . a . 1 , , . n , , o er, dVlSSl'j P. S ud r, . eber, , i , . r, v' rg . i , . . 1 1 , . 1 , . . , . , . 1 I I 9 5 2 Fifty one The Glee Club FIRST ROW: ll Stemmcn M. Sleber Pl Hcgenbuch P Hlllegcxss G Benner G Gens lex' Q M Mlller G Mlller G Roberls Q Roth P Bmeler F31 Hlldebrcnt H Grmsbeg QECOND ROW G Gexsslnger D Kohler D Blncler R Lesher L Bechtel R Stoudt C Hacker lN Grubb I Zl6Qli.l M Q Gcss MISS Knepley Dlrector THIRD ROW H Nestler M Krauss L Bef D Roth .Q Tomlmson R Gery E Guns Q Schell H Cexsqmge I Pwcrt D Bowndn E Hcwkrl D Frxtz Fl Sh lly M L Foul N Suckf. Jumor Hugh Chorus ST HOW M155 Knerley B Rehn nger F Wulf: ed D rr CI D H01 nbe :Jer Zlegler B Hcgenbuch D Horner M Y erlgllng SEC-'OND ROW P Kmsey D Fuusl E Schol C Hen y P He sen P B'1rc1'nc1'1 I Izlcooq S S10 dl F Rothenbergelr H Mollm THIRD ROW N Lexby M Scylo erho' Q L as M, L Gmsbf- Fgq N Schwoye L Horner FOURTH HON M E Hunsnerge L H315 I 5 bc axe e I Llcgewbuch S Hema e lnttx two Z , , I ci , I , . i , . ' , , Q , . r . I Y 1-'. r,v I. , .I , .I I sur, . ",I. .e ', I, . I, .I I 1 1 l 4 V VIH ' ' - , . 1 1 , V 'fr 1 Cn-ssrztcn, M. M4 .lc get Q- r F, : I ', A I. I I, G r. B. H uch Grier I L 'Q ' . r 5 rgg I. - ley I Al :I . . I ' K, M. G ' , . S:lf1c.Q l, Sfilfh, Y. hchcmz E, nf ri ' r, lvl P1 rscn FIPTH RoWZAM.'clA5feil,"a. Delffolf, G chlizgn, N. Ycdwr, c. new V-:1:1:1:1:1:l:2:2:2E1E1212121315353252353335Egigigigigigigigi3353533332333333335233EEEEEEEEEEEEEELE13251E25131513131E23253333333323352333E333E3Egi5E3?3EgE5E3i Band Jw Q., MQIORETTES KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT D Kohler E Brey F Ge Y Sterrrrcn F Sowx FLQG BEQRERS S Godshc' Gxlbet OND HO! LE TTO RIGHT D Fry :K Noye H CT' stnrczn T Snyd r S o Fegely F Fr tchey RD HOW LEFT TO RIGHT M Sisuf r G Sloncker I Snyder 1' H05 T B ref S Tr I Hxldebrcnt K Krupp FOURTH HOW LFFT TO HIGHT D SMH M Landis L Der B C P Sto dt D Strunk C S1900 T Prutsmcn D Rothenbe ge Magorettes T r- 1952 lnftx three , . , , , , , . ry I ... 'cz ' , L, C. r SEC ' '.', F ': . fl, ., . Y, . .rl .. , . 'fr , . MITIQY, H. Th IXTISS T THI I , t fc , , , . , -l ,.':5, rsunlrq , , exlf r. I , A I , ' , ' , r, , TOLQSQY, lk , , . ' : I LZF TO FIQHT. D. Kchff: F G-ery Z. S'Q.n:r.zr, Bray, F. S:v.'.:1. Orchestra FIHSI HOV! L Cox G GQISSIHQGV E Sadie I Snyder M Lands G Slonclker B Clouber Fl Hilde brunt L Pe r SFCOIND HOW R Gexssmger T Sn der T Breumngcr Q Chustmon W Moyer R 'lhomcxb R Foqcly Frye F FIUCHLY D S unk I rut mon May Queen s Court as ,Q- ll 'EQ' 45' W 1' we gi.: FIRST ROW H D Lori: P HU1 gcss I Bartrcn Qu e S Ccshar' N' Sta if SECOND WOW I Hayes G Benne N Swenk S Gerger lxfh tour 9 6 , Q G k 'sh' Q ,S ef 1 31 E L Y 0 S 1' ft N P :sn-1: Ui : . Q . .9 , . A. , 'e np .. ner QEEEEEEQESSQEEEEfgfifffffgfififififififfEEESESEEEEEQEE222222222222E2EEffEiigfgfEEEE2EEfEEifSf2EiEEEZ2EEEEEEEEEEE5355335352532223223ifiggfgfififigifg3523222323235 Maintenance Personnel G Roeder, Q. Fiachy. Cafeteria Help P O H S 1952 1 2 9 . f is 2, ' V c--1-aw? I K' O G. rutsman fl. Chr ,... r, i b-r. ltifr, Ii. '.'f1nscE:, N Thomas, M, ll I C gl? Conifer 1952 llc. IOH Lonlfer . . 5 :'A'M"Vv X' ' ' Y Y K' 'kjwf' X""' Z-'MVR f'vkJ" .1 H' .1 'U rv. yu v., TY: ,V l952 Patrons .. QQ, .44 ,V ., , 11, I L 1 1 H' M-

Suggestions in the East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) collection:

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East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 48

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