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1 51 ix x. Q s fi ti wg 1 ' ' ff f F fl -514 -M Y l.Q4E:'7 L. Y,-1'?.-... if L- -,F-ii' Uerlicatiriii We, the seniors, Wish to dedicate this yearbook to the youth of East Greenville, and the sur- rounding districts, who are offering their services in each branch of the United States' fighting forces, in the Korean struggle for a free world. The ideals, for which they may yet be called upon to sacrifice their lives, are upheld, and precious to all of us who love democracy. lt is our hope that the confusion in which our world finds itself today, may, with the help of God, be resolved, and that once more We may build our futures Without fear, and in a new atmosphere of the brotherhood of man. CONlfER f'ii , TABLE UF CONTENTS Administration . . pages 7-li Scmorb . . pages lb-96 Sports . . pages 57-44 Actixities . . pages-ii-wi Y N . OLD MAIN CONIFER ALMA MATER Dear comrades true and loyal, .loin in a song of Cheer To thee, dear Alma Mater, As now we gather here, Our hearts are filled with praises Of one we fondly love And whose memory lingers ever No matter where we rove. We love our dear old High Srhool And schoolmates everyone. To Gold and Black We're faithful Till lifes work here is done, And through our every effort We'll strive with all our might To uphold our dear old High School In its stand for truth and right. Though far away we wander Still true we'll ever be To thee dear Alma Mater And lessons learned from thee. And through thy sons and daughters Thy fame afar shall spread Till honored be thy noble name Through lives that they have led. IIIIIIIIIIIHIII Fou r NEW BUILDING AGRICULTURAL BUILDING HOME ECONOMICS BUILDING I 9 5 I CLASS SONG fTo the tune of This Is Worth Fighting For B As seniors, now we are leaving All the joys we knew for a while, And within us lies a hollow feeling Making it hard to smile. But smile we do and with purpose, For it's only the end of a day And tomorrow morning we'll be leaving Each in our own way, We won'r forget our high school. We won't forget our friends. We won't forget our teachers. Thats what we say as our school career ends. Bur Lord grant us mercy and keep ns Remember as others forget. Then we'll live our lives enriched forever, No! we will not be dead.'l By CARI. B. 'l'Roi.i.1NuER CLASS COLORS: Royal Blue and White CLASS MOTTO: On the Youth of Today Rests the Democracy of Tomorrow CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Carnation C 0 N I F E R ll innings!!! u 1T QQWSMQQTKEQTU W C. Reitnauer, l.. Fox, C Schell, H. M. liartliolomew. M, Krauss. oaifel of School irectors TO 'lllli CLASS Oli 1931: You are members of the largest graduating class in the history of our school. This in- creasing number reflects the growth of our entire student body. Of course where growth exists there is development. The growth ol: our school makes possible an expanding curritulum with facilities and a wroliessional stall to liullill the aims ol' education lor l vu ils ol' var'in f interests and abilities in L1 democratic societ . Man vrominent edu- l P 1 in Y Yl eators believe that about 500 pupils or more are essential for a good high school. We believe you are fortunate to have been a part ol' this organization. We are proud ot' your accomplishments and look toward your liuture success with pleasure. BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS, H. M. Bartholomew, Stfiwlfzry liebruary I, 1931 C Q N I F E R IIIIIIIIIIII lllll lllllll I llllllllllllll IIIlIllllllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ill! IIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIII Illll Illlll Ill I IllllIllllllllllllllllllll Il I ll I IIIIIIIIIIIIII Eight 1C llPCfVlSll1 IIIICIPZI STANI- IYY M . KURT7 T0 THE CLASS Ol? 1951: You are the golden anniversary class, the 50th class of East Greenville High School. You will note on the school seal that this school was recognized as a high school in 1901. After the illth commencement exercises on May 51, Wil, East Greenville lligh School cliplomas will have been awarclecl to 1326 young men ancl women. I hope that being members ot' this select group will be ol' special signihcance to you throughout your entire lives. No doubt you realize the responsibilities this implies. Primarily you must endeavor to live your lives among your fellow men so that you will be worthy of being the golclen anniversary class. May each one ol' you accept this chal- lenge with pride antl tleterminationl 99-7.7 ,Y11l1mr1'i.i'i11g Primiilfilf February 1, 195 l ' ' l 9 5 1 Nine . IS 1 SCl100.l 1'lI1CiPE1 l MARK H. LAYSER The school ot' today is vitally concerned with the type of social being a youth becomes, for it must be kept in mind that public education is supported primarily to enable boys and girls to grow into socially competent, adult citizens. Social competence means much more than learning certain bodies of knowledge and mastering certain skills. lt means the ability to live happy, healthy livesg to do well some part of the world's work. It means desirable attitudes, ideals, intelligent self-control, fair play, good sportsmanship, respect for law and order and consideration for the rights ol' others. Wlierl evaluating our educational product, we must consider thatg what a student is and does is as important as what he knows. S11l!1w'1'i,ii11g P1'if1cip.1l MISS ELVA SCHULTZ SecreIm'y C Q N I F F R l llll llll IIIII I lllllllllll Il ll llllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll Illll II lllllllllll I Illllllll I llllllllllIllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Illllllllllll lllllllllllll -' - 'l'en aculty VICTOR S. ENSMINGER Vocational Agriculture Pennsylvania State College. B S NORMAN C, HOFFMAN History, English. Mathematics Muhlenberg College. A . li. jANE'I' H. DAY Art Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S. Columbia Vniversity is Ez 3 , an Lv? ' .7 15r1,.?2E 7 .1 , L 'LFP Sm , , hi? lift! -at 11 4. ,W-:N Cf '. .-:Erik ': M ., YAA iiioll V 2' 1 C V , a ny k it g.,2:, 'L .-l. M 4 - f ij K K lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll Ilnlllllllllll I llllnlln ll lll lllnu I In ll llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllIlnllllllll:llnllllllll1lulll llu llllnulull llll lllllIlllllllllllllnlllllllll Eleven XWARREN H. GL'LDIN Social Studies Gettysburg College, A.B. CLARENCE F. HORN Director of Student Person- nel New York l'niversity, B.S Pure l'nivc1'sity RICHARD A. IMMLER Mubic Supervisor Lebanon Valley College, B S University of Pennsylvania 1 9 5 l WILI.lAM F. KEIM XWARREN H. KRFIDFR lntlustrial Arts Sflfflffs Millersville Stats 'l4C1lt'llCI'S I-fblmon VUHCY College- Collegcf, l5.S. A-5- MARIA A. SMITH SARAH G. MOSER Librarian A I Shnrtliantl. Typewriting Kutztown State Teachers College, BS. Taylur Business School JOAN KPENNEBACKER AIHBERI' M- NEIMAN General Home Economics Muthcnmtics General Vocational Science Mulilenht-rg Cullcgu, A.l3, Cctlar Crest College, BS. C Q N I F E R Illlllllllllllllllllll I Ill ll Illllll lllllllllll I llllllll IIllIlllIllIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIII lllllllllllllllllllll III ll ll I I lllll I I ll I lllllllllllll IIIIIlIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Il lllllllllllllll 'l'wt'lvf' Columbia University, MA, ,IOANNE K. FAIRLAMB English Lebanon Valley College A.B. Columbia llnivcrsity CLIFFORD R. KINDRED English Muhlenberg College. A.B. ELIZABETH C. ROEDER Mathematics Pennsylvania State College DAVID R. PRITCHARD Boys' Health and Physical Education Franklin and Marshall College, B.S. East Strourlshurg State Teachers College MYRTLE F. XWILKINS School Nurse Frankford Hospital. R.N. CLARENCE A. ROTH German, Commercial Arith metic. Civics Albright College. BS. University of Munich Temple University. M.Ei.l. VIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllll Illlll lilllll lullllllllllnln ilIIn.llllllllllllllllllllllll lllll llllllul all lllll llll nllll I ll I 1 9 5 1 ! ' nzii M XWARREN C. SCHLEGET. CHARLES R. STEITZ MARGARET S. YODER Latin, English Social Stutlies Vocational Home 4 Economics Muhlenberg College. A.l5. Kutztown State 'l cat hers Lehigh University College Drexel Institute. BS. Muhlenberg College ROBERT F. ENSMINGER M. AIANE PLATT ROBERT H. CONRAD General Scienre, Girls' Health and Physical Commercial Studies G' 1 l El 2 ' my lp ly 1 ucmon Bloomsbury State Teachers XX'est Chester State 12astStrouclshurg State College, HS. Teachers College. US. Teachers College. 155. C Q N I P E R lllllllll lllll llllllll I lllll llllll llllll I Illll lllllllllllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllilll llllll IIII Illlll lllllllll Illll Ill llll lllll I Illlll Illlllll I lllll Illlllllllll Illll Fourls-en gi X mx Q35 Z xx N-tx Mm REA? B zxiooh , al. . I. ERNEST L. ALBITZ East Greenville Windy Academic Talkativc . . . can always lw found working: at 'l'rl-xlcr's Hardware Store . . . scorc- lim-por at thc liaskctliall gzuncs . , . likcs math and any kiml of sports . . . favoritl- song. 'i'!'lllll,lSSf't' Waltz . . . Vuturr unmlocirlcd. Activitics: llaiul l, 2, Sl. -'li Hr- chostra l. 2: film- Vluli Z, ii: tlpz-rw-lla 2. Il: Vlass play Il. i. Atlclross: At. work. PAUL IBARDMAN Green Lane Turtle General Intcrcsts art- huntingg, footliall. and girls , , . spl-mls most of his timv in lied llill . . . l'ax'or- itc song. Roving: Kind . . . intorcstcil in lu-im: a para- troop:-r. Activitis-sz Sturli-nt Vouui-il Vice Pri-sirlcnt Il: l'i'i.-sill'-nl I: Football l, 2, Zi, fly Baskl-tliall 2: Class l'rcsicll-nt. 2: t'onil'i-r Staff 4. Addrt-ss: llcfl Ilill RICHARD BASELEY East Greenville lit-als Academic The rt-mlhcafl ot' the class . . . fricmily and I'ull of i'un . . . easy to get along with . . . likcs jokcs, skating. music and girls . . . dislikes liomcworli . . . faroriti- song. Nc-vc9rtlii-- lcss . . . futurc inclr-tinitc. Activities: liaskotball lll2illHy,'t'l' 2. 3: Junior and Scnior play: Stuflcnt Pouncil ircasurcr it t'onit'cr stall' ei. Aclllrcss: Anyplacc hut homo. PAUL BENNER Sumneytown Ben ' Academic Nice wav'-y hair . . . amliitious and easy to get along' with . . . likes ics- skating, swiinminsr. and Pat . . . favorito song. A Tree in thc Meadow . . . plans to atte-nd collcgc. Activitics: Flass I'rC-sifll-nt ZZ. fig Studi-nt Council 2: Uporf-lla 2. 3: Basketball 2: Basi-luall 1. 2: Glcc l'luh i. 2, 3. lt: .lunior Play 3: Uonifcr Stait -i. Address 2 East tlrccnvilli- KENNETH BUCK East G-reenville Ken General Tall . . . quiot . . . light. coni- plcxioncd . , , rfasy to got along' with . . . intl-rcstccl in roll:-r skatinpr and swimming: . . . fa- vorito song, 'Ui'i1llll0SSt't5 XYaltz . . . favorito dish. icc cream LEE ANG-STAZDT Sumneytown Lee Academic Sturlious. amliilious. and oasy to gr-t along' with , . . likes to play calnasta . . . favoritc dish, spairhvtti and mcat halls . . . futuri- llY14iOC'lfif'fi. Activitios: Studs-nt 4'oulu'il 22. 3, it tllco Ulnli 2, 3. All Hp:-rt-lla 2, Iii S1-nior Play el: t'onit't-r Stall' -I. Aclllri-ss: Anyplacc. RUTH BARNDT Sumneytown Ruthie Commercial A quict, 1-agrcr, and ambitious irirl . . . woll likctl and is usu- ally sccn with thc Red llill girls . , . likes dancing. swim- ming. aml Alex . . . favorite- soiifli. 'l'o 'l'hink You'x'c Whos:-n Mc , . . Vavoritl- food, lohstcr tail . . . futurc- houscwifv. Activities: Ncwspapcr 45 Coni- Vcr Stall' -t: Opc-rvlta. 2. .Xdfil'l'FSf XYith Alcx. RONALD BEAN East Greenville Digger General tlftcn lalc . . . tricndly Lilly' . . . likvs to play tricks on olhcrs . . . school lcast of his worries . . . likcs popular music. ici.- skating. hunting. and lluth . . . favorite song. Thinking ot' You . . . future uncle-vided. Activities: Band 1. Aclclrf-ss: With Ruth. RAYMOND BRINCKMAN Hoppenville IBrincky Voc. Agriculture 'l'all fcllow . . . casy to pri-t along with . . . good-looking' . . . llii6S huntinpr, fishing, skat- ing. school, and girls . . . in- te-rcsts arc mechanics and tlairying' . . . favorite song. My Hcart lirics for You . . . tavoritt- foods arc mincc pic and strawberry short cakc . . . future undeucidcd. .Activiticsz Agriculture haskct- ball 1, 2, :lg Trcasurcr ol' IP. F. A. 2, 43 Vice Prcsident oi' F. F. A. 3. Address: Pottstown. I-ORRAINE BUCKINGHAM Green Lane Lumpy Commercial One of the Grcen Lam- gang' . . . always jolly . . . prefers thosc lfrancoinia cowboys . . . alias. XYo0dworm . , . just lovcs spagzhctti . . . plans to attcncl and' applc pic . . . future nu- husimcss Couogc nm, of dpcldod' thc Lucky Seven. Activities: tilcc Club 22. 3. Mqiviueq. Q01-than 1 ., 3 4. Amlrlrr-ss: At Hornf-. Wifi 4' Allflrt-ss: t'lil't s Plymoutli. C Q N I F E R IIIIIlIIlllllilIIIIIIlIIIlIllIlllIIIlIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIllIlllIIIIIllllIIIIllllIIIlIllIIllIIIlIllllIlIIllIlllllIIIIlllIIIIIllIIIlIlllIIIIIIllIIIIlIIIIIllIlllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Sixiron ALAN CARL Powder Valley Al General llandsonie Powder Valley hill- billy . . . prefers Macunizie fo- lnales . . . hunting: as a pas- time . . . always good for a joke . . . pet peeve. teachers. Artivities: Mpc-re-tta. 2. Il: tilt-0 t'lub 21, 3. -1: Urcht-stra l: lland I, 2. fl. 4. Address: Macunrrie. MICHAEL DUKA Green Lane Duke General Mr. 'l'ouehdown. the girls' drf-ant man . . . easy emne. easy pro . . . cafeteria. his favorite Spot . . . a whiz on ice skates or any other sport . . . eve-rybody's friend . . . quiet at times . . . plans to pro to college on either of numerous football scholar- ships . . . favorite song, Be Mine. Activities: Football 2. 3. 4. t'o- tlaptain 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Year Book Staff: Stage Manager 3. 4. Address: .Ieannetto's. CATHERINE FRIES Perkiomenville Pr1ezy Commercial Quiet l'erk-town lassie . . . interested in all sports . . . im- skating is preferred . . . usu- ally found with l,uinpy . . . fa vo ri t e so n pt. 'I'ennt-ssen- XValtz . , , has her eye set on a business career . . . one of the l.uekv Seven. Aeiiviti:-sz Softball l. 2. Il. l: Newspaper Sports Editor -l: t'onit'z-r Stall' et. A dd rt-ss: I 'e rk-t o w n. RICHARD GODSHALL Reel Hill R-icky General One of the gang' . . . favorite sport. hockey . . . second home. Pop's Ford . . , preferred pas- time, sleeping . . . disposition. indifferent . . . likes P. A. D. and disagreeing: with Mr. Steitz . . .hit tune. Spike Jones' Ten- nessee XValtz. Activities: Basketball 1. 2: Band 1: Stage Manager fl. 1. Add rt-ss 1 M iller's Ga rage. HAROLD HEIL Palm I-lox General Short and blond . . . likes all sports . . . favorite food. spa- xrhetti and meat halls . . . can be seen with Hay . . . would like to attend eollegre. Activities: liaseball I. 2 Address: With Ariz-ne. DONALD CLEAVER Palm Cleaver Academic l'rr-fr-rs jazz rot-ortls . . . sec- ond home, Atlantic t'ity . . . tlrl-ads physics exp'-riins-nts . . . next stop. business coll'-ge. .Xt'llNllll'SI filet: Pluli l, 2, Il, tg Uiveiwltta 22. 3. Address : l'a l in Stu rr-. ROBERT FRANK Pennsburg' R. D. R0bby Agriculture Quiet. until has in the gang . . . a streak ot' ligrhtninf: on the grridiron . . . dislikes hay- rides . . . prefers llllllllllil' . . . has no enemies . . . a dairv- man in the inakin,2'. l Activities: Football 2, 3. lg See- l'6'IH1'5' F. F. A. 3: Vice Presi- denit F. F. A. 2. -tg Basketball 0. -. Addrt-ss: Home on tho farm. DELORES FRITZ East Greenville F!'i1111Y General Ont- ot' our eute c'lwel'leaders . . . eouldn't do without danc- ing, 1-atingx talking . . . lion- nit- . . . always has an t-seort . . . loatlies home-work . . . 1111-t'i-i'r'1-tl tune, To 'l'hink You've tlliosi-n All- . . . plans are still in tht- inakingr. Af-tivitin-s: llockt-5' l. Il. lg filet- l'lub 32. lk: f'ilt'l'l' lieatlvr l. 2. .,, l. tonift-r Stall. Adclri-ss: With the g.:'ang'. WALTER HAMM Green Lane R. D. Hammy Agriculture Uhr' of those quiet Agri boys . . . Green Lane farnic-r . . . pastimes: roller skating. sports. eatinfr. farming' . . . usually seen driving his Pontiac' . . . likes. My Ht-art Crit-S for You. Aetivities: Football Il. fl: Bas- litltlwtll 2, 3, -lg F, F, A, Vigg President 2: President fl, -t. Address: l-lomu on the farni. JEANNETTE I-IEIIVEBACI-I East Greenville Porky General Talkativv- . . . 1-an be found with Shf-wr-ll . . . favorite songt Blue Moon . . . always jok- ing' . . . likt-s dancing and men . . . one of the l.uf'ky St-von. Avtivities: llaskt-tliall l. 2, 3: Ilovlil-5' l. ZZ, Cl. li Softliali l. 2. Atlrlrt-ss: lfrvnn lllast tlreenvillt- to YT? IIllltlllilllllllllluIllnuullultulllullnllllllllillllIllullluilllllllllllilllllllllllllIlllltllltlllIlullllllltIllllllltIllIInIIllIliIIllIIllIntllllIllllIIllIluIllIIllIIIlllltlIntlilIlilIInIulInlIIlllllllllllllllilltlllll 1 9 5 1 l Seventeen RICHARD HILLEGASS Rea I-Iill I-Iillegassn Vocational Hails from lied Hill . . . likes hoxvlinyr . . . enjoys eating: any kind of food . . . hlond . . . interested in haskz-thall . . . ran he seen with Kulp. Activities: lfootliall l. Address: Pool 1lUtJIll. NORMA KIMBLE Palm Norm Commercial Friendly . . . hasehall and foot- ball fan . . . favorite sonfr. lit- My Love . . . good sport . . . dislikes conceited people and wearing glasses . . . favorite dish. spaghetti . . . future in- dennite. Activities: Operetta 2: Nav Queen Fourt Il: Newspaper -tt Conifer Staff 4. Address: NYith the ,2'El11Sl'. JOAN KLINE Green Lane Horse General 'l'all . . . enjoys all sports . . . favorite song. I'ill the Rnd of Tinto . . . fluiig'art-es . . . can he si-en with the tlret-ii Lane gang: . . . plans to enter aurses' trainini: . . . one of thi- l.ucky Seven. Aetivities: Hockey l. 2. fi. ii Softball l, 2. ZS. -12 filet' V111-ll 3, it: Opert-tta Il: I'lav l: f'tllll- for Statl' Ll: Newspaper II, -I: ltlditor -l. Address: All over. ROBERT KRAUSE Palm Krause General Curly blond hair . . . Sri-at talker . . . fine school spirit . . . makes friends easily . . . likes music and English . . . favorite song. Nevertheless . . . after graduation will work in Palm. Activities: Glue Cluli 2. -tg tlperetta. 2, Address : At home. RICHARD KRESSLY East Greenville Crow Academic Tall . . , short. straiirht hair . . . interesting' personality , . . makes friends easily . . . likes spaghetti and meat halls . . . van he seen driving his 'I-ll t'hevv . . . despises red hair . . . plans to study tfll.lL'lllI'C'l'lll5L'. Aetivities: Conifer stall' I: Hand l. 2: Orchestra l. 25 filet- Ululi 2. 25 Basketball l. 2. Il. t: Foot- hall Manager 1, 2. Address: At lloy's. BEULAH KERSHNER East G'1'EB!1Vi11e Beulah General Natural-wavy hair . . . favor- ite song, Thinking ot' You . . . likes dancing, roller skat- ingr. and Clem . . . enjoys eat- ing: chicken . . . member of teen-age . . . future undecided. Aetivities: t'onil'4-r Stall' 43 tllee t'lulr -1. Address: NVith tilr-in. CHARLES KING Hoppenvllle Charlie General Happy-go-lucky . . . interested in sports and Betty . . . favor- ite song, Nevertheless . . . favorite food. cherry pie . . . a good dancer . . . dislikes shaving. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball l. 3, 43 Football Co- Captain 4: Stage Manager' 3, fl. Address: At Bett y's. SHIRLEY KLINE East Greenville Shirley General Short . . . likes daneingz, roller skating and hoys . . . favorite sonfr. Ullreain Awhile . . . dislikes honmwork . . . srifzgles a lot . . . enjoys eating: Clierry pie . . . future plans inrlt-finite. Aetivities: tllet- t'lulm3 l+'. H. A. 0 Address: With tht- gzziiipz WAYNE KREIDER East Greenville Guzzie General Blaek hair . . . serious worker . . . makes friends easily . . . likes sports. Miss SlT1lUl'S study halls and Nancy . . . dislikes English . . . meat loaf favorite food . . . plans to learn trade after graduation. A-ctivities: Student Council 1: Basketball l. Address 1 Pennslwurgr. GLORIA KOLB Pennsburg' R. D. Irma General Enjoys roller skating . . . fa- vorite sonii, 'l'hinkin,fr of You . . . likes spaghetti and meat halls . . . sweater girl . . . Oh, those shorthand classes! . . . plans to pro to husinoss school. Ac-tivities: Orclivstra 2, Il, -lg . .. N .. tonlter Stall 4. , Address: Rin,2'ingr Rocks. C 0 N I F E R ullIIllIIllIIlllIlllllllIllIll!lllllllllIllIllllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIIllIIllmlllllllxlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llIIIIIIllIIlIIIllillliillllllllllllllllilllllllIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllvlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllll 4 liighteen EARL KULP Green Lane Ku1p Voc. Agriculture Short . . , dark brown hair . . . likes huntim: and Ilshinz . . . impartial to school subjects . . . quir-t until you :IPI lf' know him . . , plans for futurt- Ill'0 indt-iinitt-. Af-tivitif-s: lf. l , A. l. 2. Il. 1: l4'. lf. A. llziskvthall 1: llasv- hall l. 2, Sly Baskt-tball 2, Il. Add ra-ss: Vtltll llootil. RONALD LEISTER East Greenville Smiley General Ibark brown hair . . . pruorl sensi- ut' humor . . . iIllt'l'tlSllllll' ptlr- sonality . . . sports enthusiast , . . impartial to svlioul sub- jccts . . . alnhitious work:-r . . future undt,-cidcd. Activitit-sz Ilaskotball 1. 2, Il. l: Band l. 2, Sl: Bas:-hall il. l: Class 'l'rt-asttrvr fi. Addrvss: lfptown. PAUL MEDVETZ Pennsburg' R. D. Tex Voc. Agriculture Likes hunting and skating: . . . tall . . . easy to get along: with oftf-n soc-n ridin-f zi motor- ryiclo . plans to t-'nlist after graduation. Activities: l . F. A. l. 2 il, lg A. Basketball Il, -t. Addrt-ss: Ilingrimz Rocks. KENNETH MILLER East Greenville Hopper General A tall, amiable- follow . . . al- ways joking. . . l'ax'oritt- dish is spaghetti and mv-at halls. . . future unclvcitltgd . . . main in- tcrt-sts arf- sports and N1'ttiv-. Activities: Football l. 2, Sl. bl: Basketball l, 2, 3, -l: Basolmll 2, Sl. -lg Stagc- Manage-r Il. t. Address: With Nottiv. CHARLES MYERS Red H111 Clem General 1 un-lox'in,t: guy . . , likti-S ict- skating. swimmingr, rc-siding. jokes, and girls . . . dislikes studying: . . . favuritt- food. French fries . . . favorito soiifr. 'l'lirirc Shall ltr- Showers ol' lrlcssinprf' Afldrt-ss: Anyplavt-. llllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIllllIllIIllIllllllllIlllllllllllIInIIllmllllllllllllullllltllllllllllllllllllllllllilll IIllIlmluiluIIllIlminIIllIlilIllllxllullllllilllllllllllllllllIllIlulllllllulllllllllllllllillllllll Ninetevn n PATRICIA LAYSER East Greenville Pat General Likes sports, dancing. and Hum- . . . unc of the Big: Five- . . . has many friends . . . Ilona- partt-'s lietr--at ratr-s tirst . . , kt-on clothes. Activitir-s: llaskctball l. 2. Il. 1, t'o-Captain lg Huclu-y l, 2. Il, t. Cu-Captain -1: tiles- Ululi I. 2. Il: tlperotta 2. Il: Vivr- Prosidcnt nt' t'lass li Flllllf-f'l' Stall' -I: Play Prumptvr l: l.2llt'f'll'S Cuttrt Il. Add ross: lX'ith tit-in-. NELSON MARKS East Greenville, R. D. Nellie General Light blond hair . . . tall . . . sports t-nthusiast . . . likt-s vat- inf.: and huntiiipr. . , liappy-g'u- lucky . . . t'ull uf fun . . drives a 'rlfl t'l1t-ry . . . mi dvi'- inito plans fur futurv. Activities: Ftmtlmll Il, -I1 llns- I l ks-tball L, Sl. it Iiast-ball l. 2. l Address: AYil1'l't'l'l'I' ther:-'s rul- lt-r skating: CLAIRE MILLER Zionsville, R. D. Claire Home Economics Short . . . likes tall people . . . natural blond hair . . . hails from Powder Valley . . . sup- posedly quit-t . . . would like to work in t'll D?ll'l.lllf'Ill store-. .Xctivitif-sz tile-if t'lub Sl. t: I . ll. A. 3. -t. Adclrf,-ss: With Dick. JEANETTE MOLL Perkiomen Heights Dolly Commercial Pit-asant and talkative . . . likes danvingr. joking. and tlirting . . . can usually bt- ht-ard talk- ing: about boys . . . favoritt- songr, Wlilllliilllg nt' You , . . wants to he a svcrt-tary . . . mio of that Big Five. Activities: Basketball Alanagt-r .l, li Softball BIZIIIEIEPI' 2. 3, lg Band -t: Play I'l'0Illlll0l' 3. 4: Nt-wspapt-r Staff Il, -lg F. H. A. 2: t'onift-r Staff 45 May Day Court 3. Add rt-ss: An yplactn GORDON OPLINGER East Greenville Buddy Academic Avtivw- i'4-llow . . . like-s basket- ball and girls. ospocially one from Norco . . . dislikes study- iuff . . . future, a minister . . . tawlritr- song. Tonnt-ssm- XYaltZ. Activitit-sz llaskcthall 2. il. -ti Football tl: Band l. 2, 3: Ur- :-hostra l, 2: Glee Uluh 2, il. 4: tlpt-rvtta 2, I-lg Class Play Il. Add rf-ss: Nort h t,'nx'Miti'5'. 1 9 5 1 HARRY OTTO Green Lane Harry Academic Quit-t, shy type . . . interests are ears and airplanes . . . likes dancin: . . . dislikes stuflyingr . . . favorite food is hatnhur- gers . . . future wvill prohahly he eollegre. .X dd ress: Sellers ville. J O 1-IN RAU CI-I Palm Johnny Agriciiltiire Pleasant. tall and slightly hashtul . . , likes roller skat- ing, a certain girl. school, eat- ing' . . . favorite song is My Heart Fries for You . . . plans to lieeoinw- a fariner. Aetivities: ,Xll'l'iClli1lll't,' llasket- liall teain. Address: Sl1lllllt3Yi0XYll. ELMER REITER Green Lane Elk Commercial A grond-looking: fellow . . . fa- vorite dish. spaghetti and meat halls . . . favorite song', l.aura . . . likes girls, niusie, study- ing. and a good joke. Activities: Band 2. il, -lg tir- ehestra 2, tl, -lg G-lee Ulub Il. -tg Danee li:-tml 3. li: Play ll, t. Address: Hr-re 'll there. VIRGINIA. RICHARD Red Hill Ginny Commercial Plays the piano . . . enjoys lllLlSlC, sports, dancing . . . friendly . . . main interest is Basil . . . favorite song: is. lie My lion- . . . likes to tell jokes . . . hobby is writing let- ters. .Xt-tivities: Glee t'luh Z, El. -ii Conifer lg Orchestra Il. l. Address: Any place. RAY ROTHENBERG-ER East Greenville Roth Academic Enjoys niusie and hast-hall . . . favorite sung is. Sm-.ntiniental Journey . . . likes Guy l.oni- harcl0's music' . . . Ethel Mae is his main interest . . . always laug'hinir . . . plans to join the ,Xir Force. Activitites: tlrcliestra. l, 2, Cl, -lg Band 2, 3, fig Glm- Uluh il. -lg tllass Play il. lg Cmliiifei' 13 llance Rand 3. -t. Address: With lflthel Mae. JEAN PHILLIPS I-Ioppenville Jean Commercial Stuflious . . . quiet until you know her . . . beautiful dark hair . . . has a weakness for potato chips . . . future as a secretary . . . enjoys readinsr. listening' to records . . . favor- ite song, There's N0 Teinor- row . . . one of the Lucky Seven. Activities: Newspaper Stall' -ii Unnifei' Staff: I . H. A. 2. Address: In her Mercury. BETTY REIMAN Pennsburg, R. D. Betty Commercial Cute kid . . . active . . . pleas- ant . . . likes dancing. sports . . . enjoys eating . , . favorite song. Neve-i-tlit-less . . . one Ot' the Rig Five. Aetivities: Student Uuuncil 22 Ulass Secretary 55. -1: Basket- ball Il. -l: Softball 1. 35 Uonifer -lg Newspaper 3. ll: Play -I: May Queen. .Xdrlrr-ss: .Xnyplat-e. CHARLES RHOAZDS Obelisk Chas Agriculture Curly hair . . . enjoys baseball. skating' and movies . . . a. liig tease . . . favorite song, No- bocly's Thinking nt' Me . . . :L t'urt Siininons fan . . . likes most anything to eat. Activities: F. l . A. l. 2. Sl. ft. Address: Ringing lioeks. BETTY ROTHENBERGER East Greenville Berger Commercial Dark hair . . . favorite sung. 'iIf . . . interest is King . . . friendly . . . likes swim- ming and dancing: . . preferred singrer is Mel 'Fernie . . . one ot' the Big Five . . . future plans indefinite. ,Xetiyitiesi Clieerleafler 2, fi. 4: t'o-Captain 5: Hockey, Assist- ant Manager 25 Manager Sl, 43 Basketball 3. 4: Conifer 4: F. H. A. 2: May Queens Four! 3: Play llroiiipttil' 4. Address: NYitli Uharlie. PAUL RUHIE' Emmaus R. D. Ralph Academic Short. . . enjoys basketball and baseball . . . favorite food is spaghetti and meat halls . . . pulls pranks on everybody . . . dot-sn't like physics class . . . t'ax'tn'ite sung, Because You're You . . . plans to join the Air Foree. .tctivitit-s: Glen Club fl, -tg Op- eretta 3. Address: Einniaus. Q G X I F E R lllllllIllllllIlilIIllIIllIIllIIllIIllIllilIIllIIllIlllllllililIIllIIllIlmIllulliluiInIInIlilIIiilitllllI:illIluiIIIIIIllIillIIllIIlIllllIllIIIIIIlllllilIIllllllIIllllllIllullIIlilllllllllllllllllllllllllillllillllllllllllllilltllil iii enlip um DONALD SCIIANTZ East Greenville Speedy General Meinhcr of 8:-40 gang . . . en- joys hunting and tishing . . . can be found hooti.ng ' around with the gang' . . . favorite dish. spaghetti and meat balls . . . Temptation is his favoriti- song: Activities: Band 1. Adtlress: .Xnvplaru but homo. CARL C. W. SCHELL 'Vera Cruz HC Agriculture A quiet fellow . . . tall and hlund . . . favorite song is. Dear Ht-arts and Gentle Poo- plc . . . likes rollor skating. sports, model trains and pho- tography . . . favorite food is chocolate cake and ice crm-ani. Activities: Band l. 2. 3, 4: lf. F. A. 1, 2, 3, -l. Address: With the g'aiig'. MYRTLE SCHOENLY Pennsburg, R. D. Myrt Vocational Indulgf-s in sewing and cro- chcting . . . favorite song: It s No Sem-ret . . . will work at Schoenly's liuggag-ge after grad- uation . . . has an eye on a certain senior. Activities: F. H. A. Il. 43 'l'rOas- urcr, l . H. A. 4. Add rf-ss: At home. MARILYN SCHWOYER Perkiomenville Marilyn Home Economics Cahn, cool. and collected . . . enjoys writing letters . .. would like to be in Falifornia . . . can he found reading niag- azincs. Activities: lf'. H. A. l. 2. l, 4. .Xddrt-ss: .Xt honn-. ELAINE SHENBERG-ER Red Hill Alma General Always talking' . . , holihy is driving Fi-oddit-'s car . . . Stl!- dious . . . favorite song' is, Nevertheless . . . dislikes conceitcd people . . . always ready to laugh at a good Joke. Activities: Glee Club 3. I: Uporetta 2, 3: Conifer -l. A ddrm-ss: Xlfith l ruddic. Ks 'W' 'X il . PAY SCHANTZ East Greenville Fay General Short . . . likos dancing' and all boys . . . always talking . . . a 4-uto blond chccrleade-r . . . likes to eat niost anything. Activities: Baslct-thall 2. 3, 4: t'o-Captain 4: Hoi-key 1, 2. Il: clit-erh-adf-r 3. 4. Address: With tht: gang. PATRICIA SCHIERY East Greenville Pat Commercial Une of the Big Five . . . a Pt-rry Como fan . . . likes danc- ing. skating. and all sports . . . favorite song. Stardust . . . enjoys eating lianiburgers . . . hobby is boys .... neat clothes styles . . . future plans indt-Iinite. Activities:Clit-t-rleatler 2, 3, 4: t'o-Captain 4: Basketball 2, 3, -lg Hockey 2. 3, 4: Yearbook 4: l+'. H. .X. 2: Play Proinptm-r Il. sl: May Qut-cn's Court 3. Address: lvith the gaiig. STANFORD SCHOTT Barto Shot Voc. Agriculture Short . . . brown hair . . . full of fun . . . rainbunmious . . . easy to gs-t along' with . . . likes xnath., hunting. and fish- ing: . . . favorite food is hanana splits . . . plans to enlist after school. .fXx'livittfSZ F. I . A. l. Z, Sl, I. Atltlwss: Ringing' Roc-ks. WALTER SHELLY East Greenville, R. D. Shelly Academic liashful . . . ambitious 'l'i-ig. student . . . easy to get along' with . . . quiet until you know him . . . plans to go to college. Activities: Base-ball Manager 23. Il, 4: Football Il: k'onit'or Stall' Al. Address: .Xl llonie-. MARGARET SHEWELL Green Lane Peggy Commercial Talkative . . . long. natural Curly hail' . . . Marinf-s are hor favoritc . . . fond of horses and hunting: . . . always with the gang and l-leiinhavh . . . favor- itr- song: All My Love . . . ont- ol' tha- Lucky Se-von. Activities: Band Il. 41 tilt-u Club 4 2, Il, 41 Hoc-kc-y l. 21, b. -lg Op- cjrvtta 2, Sl: Softball l. 2. 22. -1: Play Il. .Xddrt-ss: Sclioclkopius Pontiac. nlllIllInnIllnnnilllllllllllllIllllllllIllIIlllullillluiullnilullItIllIIllnnIllIInIIliIlnIinIInlIinIIllIluIIllIIilIillInilnlIIllIIlinllnlinlinlinllllllnnliiluIIIullllnlinlllnlulnulililnllnlllmlll Twenty-one 1 9 5 l SHERMAN SHUHLER Bally I-Ierm Academic Outwardly quiet . . . easy to know . . . at liit studious . . . easy going' . . . likes all his studies . . . plans for futuri- undecided. Address: At homo, PATRICIA SNYDER East Greenville Pat General t'arei'i'ee . . . p.:'l't'at gum cliowei' . . . drives maroon Ford von- vl-rtible . , . likes to dance. draw, and Pat 4-hili con CZll'YlE'. Activities: Hockey 2: Gloe Club l. 2, Cl. Al: Student Uouucil 2: Opore,-tta 2, fl: Newspaper Il. 4: Plass Play -i: t'onii't-r ii. A dd rt-ss: NVith Paul. JOANNA SOWICZ Pennsburg, R. D. Tootsie Commercial Reset-vc-rl and particular . . . has a little devil in hor pretty blue eyes . . . sports enthusi- ast . . . likeable , . . likes to dance and sing.: . . . favorite song. Stardust . . Ono ol' the Lucky Seven. Activities: tllou Ulub 2, ZZ, ii: Play Zi, -i: Uport-tta 2, Il. .Xddrt-ss: lV3l'f'2lllll1llltl. RAYMOND STONEBACK Red Hill Stoney Academic ldnjoys sports . . . good student . . . makes friends easily. espe- cially with girls . . . faivoritt- song, Harbor Lights . . . likes spaghetti . . . plans to be a doctor. Activities: Class President ig Basketball l, 2, -lg Football l, Z, .l, -ig Base-hall 2: t'onii'nfr l. Atlmlrc-ss: l'1X'fll'XXVllt'l't . RICHARD STUBANUS Nig'g'ie Voca.ti0'na.1 ldariner , . . likes to roller skate . . . enjoys eating spaghetti . . . l':ivoi-ite song: Harbor l.ig'hts. WILLIAM SLONAKER East Greenville IBnllett General Crazy about his trumpet . . . dark vurly hair . . . has u flare for art . . . likes girls . . . comical . . . plans to he a inusi- cian . . . favorite song, Bo My Love. .Xctivitit-s: Band 2, Il! Orvlios- tra. Il: Dance Band 3, ft. .Xlltll'f'SSI 'l'f-on-t'an-Twin. WILLIAM SNYDER Real Hill Saeed General lJl'l1IlllIli'l' hwy . . . drives gray Ford . . . witty . . . at class comedian . . , enjoys eating svallops and ice skatingi Activities: Band l. 2, li Won- ift-r ig tircln:str:t 1, 2, Il, Al. ,Xdtlrt-ss: 'l't-4-ii-.Xgf-. RAY STEINMAN East Greenville Schtay General 'Pops on the drums . . . quiet . . . likes to argue . . . takes ploasuri- in doing' shop work and eating cherry pie. Activities: Band l, 2. 3. 4: Rasc- liall Assistant Manager 2, 3: Basketball Manager 2, 3, -l: Or- chestra 1. 2, 3: Dance Band Il, -l. Address: Most anywliert-. JANE STRAUIBE Green Lane Jamie Vocational 'Fall with blond liziir . . . en- joys dancing' and ive skating . . . likes spaglivtti . . . travels with Myrt . . . favorite song. Miss You. Activities: Class sc-cretzlry lg Band 4: Dance Band 3, 4. .ltldrvssi LT. S. Navy. ROBERT SWENK East Greenville I'lopper General l.ady's niau . , . excels in sports . . . moody . . . Favorite dish, girls . . , likes hay rides and SCPlVilhi?,: Hand ll' I5 S m radios . . . spends spare tinu- lilly 1. 1. A. i. reading' comics. .lddiw-ss: Iloagil- shop. Aletit-Mics: Fombau 1 2 3 Al. llasketliall 2, Il, -1: Buskm-tball t'o-t'aptain -t: lfElSf'b2lll il. ,Xsldiw-ss: Rt-tl llill. C Q N I F E R llIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIlllIIllIlllIlllIIIlIIlllIlllIlllIIIIIIllIllIIIllIIliIIIIIIIIllIIIIllIIIllIIllIllIIIlIlllIIllIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllIIIIIIllIllilllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll lwenty -two IIlllllllllllllllllllllllll JUNE TREXLER East Greenville, R. D. June General Plans tn attend Kutziuwn Slate- Teachers' Uollcgc . . . likes swimming. piano playing: and dancing . . . quiet girl of the 1-lass . . . i'nvtn'itte song. Nu Other Love. Activities: tllec Uluh lg Oper- ctlzt 2: Plziy El. -lg 4'nnii't-r Stull' 4. Address: Xvil h A ndy. JEAN TUCKER Green Lane Jeannie General Quiet, hut easy tn gk-L along with . . . has pretty hair . . . likvs liztskellwall. ice skntiiiyr. and linvioli . . . Plans tn lu- ri tt-:telic-l'. Activities: Oporetta 2: News! pups.-r Staff 4: Conifer Stull' -I. .Xdd rt-ss: New York. LINFORD WOLPE Hoppenville Wolie Vocational Interests are girls. ice and rol- ler skating and hunting' . . . favorite dish, turkcy . . . fa- vorite song, lslnt-Rod Race . . . plans to enlist in para- troopers. .Xt-livities: l . lf. A. 1, 2, 2-3. 4. .Xdtlrn-ss: Hnzigin Shnp. GLENN YODER Zionsville Ode Academic A ctunivzil guy . . . plains lu lic at vt-terinztrian . . . likes play- ing tht- trombone :ind eating: . . . pluns to attend Pt-nn Stzitt-. .Xctivitit-si Six Man Ftmtlnrtll li Band 3. 4: Urcliestru Il. -I: Glu- Ululi Sl. l: Play 4. .Xddrt-ss: .Xt limne. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllIllllllIIillIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIIPIIIIlllIIllIIlillllIIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Twenty-three CARL TROLLINGER Chap el Trolley General Likcs playing with guitar . . . populu r among classmates . . . a comical guy . . . is seen driv- ing his tntlici-'s Cadillac . . . intt-rested in being' at musit-inn. Activities: lllet- Club 1, 2, Zi: Opert-ttzt 2, Il: Orchestra 2: Dance Hand il, 4: Newspapt-I' Stall 4: t nnii'er Lxssistant Ed- itorj 4. Address: XVi th liuth. GLAD YS W AL T Reel Hill Gladys General Interests are dzlnt'ing'. eating and .lorry . . . can lie seen driving a Ford or lit-Soto . . . l':u'urite song, My lflcztrt Cries for You . . . has sparkling' blue eyes . . . future plans are indclinite. Activities: Operctta 15: Student t'ount-il 3. 4. Secretary -l: Play Zi, -l: Conifer Stall' 4: tilt-ti t'lul1 -l .Xdclre-ss: NYith Jcrry. SHIRLEY WRONOWSKI East Greenville, R. D. Shirley Commercial Quiet und like-able . . . lik:-s cooking' and all sports . . . dis- likes washing' dishes . . . fet- vorite song, i'l-Iurhor Lights. .Xctivitit-s: Opt-retta 23 F. H. A. 2: Newspaper Slaift' 4: Uonifet' Stall 4. Address: .Xnyplznfc. RAYMOND YODER Green Lane Yoder Vocational Likes girls. rtnllcr skating: and ice skating' . . . usually seen driving a 192224 Ulu-vy . . . dis- likcs swimming' . . . t'ux'uritf- song, My Heart Urit-s fur You. Activities: F. F. .X. l. 2. Il. 4. Scntincl 2: F. I . .X. llztskvt- hztll Il. .Xdd rt-ss: NVith Jn n ice. 1 9 1 PAUL BENNER PRESIDENTS MESSAGE We, the Class of wil, have come to the realization that these years at E. G. H. S., short as they have been, were the happiest years we have spent. Our teachers and prin- cipals have tried to make us sound men and women, mentally, morally and physically. We respectfully express our appreciation, and hope that their influence may be reflected in the lives of each one of us, whatever our destiny may be. There are times when we can truthfully say we are not eagerly awaiting our graduation. The world we face is in a confused state, and the present events foretell an even more ominous turn in the world situation. However, we will shoulder our responsibilities and make any sacritices asked of us. Witli the help of God we shall carry our share of the burden so that the heroic sacrifices of the past will not have been in vain, and so that we can lift our country to an even greater height. PAUL BENNER lll lllllllll I llllllllllll ll I I IIIIIllllllIllIIIIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I II llllllllllllll IIIIIII llllllllll ll I llll I I Illlllll llllll IIIIIIIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllll C O N I F E R 'I'we11ly-foul' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS , - 1 .- . , .- , y 4 , ,- Xu-V In-slmh-111. lulm-A1' I..-zu,-r. In-suh-111. Izlul hmmxn-V: N44-11-1:al'y. I..-115' I.vlm:m. 'l'x'4-:xs11r'vr', llllllillkl l.m-ish-IA. DANCE BAND Hass, IL. lLwtlln,-lllu-1'p:'v1': drums. ll. Slvilllllilllf y'LlilZ'll'. V, 'lxI'4I1lilIH't'I'I lI'LXlllV l- NV- Slllllfllv ,.. ,. , ,,. ., lrunulmm-s, l'. ,I'1'l1wl1vy, L., Mn!--r: s:zm,plw114-S. Ia. 1.1-111-r, li. I-mrlm, pmmf. J. hlrnlxln--. IllIIlllllllIllllllllllllllIllIIllIlllllIIlIIllIIllIIIllIIIIIIIIINIllIIllIIlIIIIllIIllIIlllIHIIllIIllIIIlIIIlIIllIIIIIIXlIIIIIIIIIIHIIlIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIVIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIXIIHllIIIIIIKIIllIllIIIII!Hlllllllllllllllhllllll 'Pwenty-five CONIFER STAFF Sl'l l'lNlifIi. lizxsvlm-51 IC. Sl1L'IllN'l'gi'l'I', l., .X11gsl:uIl, V. 'l'1'wllim:4-V, G. Walt. M. lluku. S'l'.XNDINLl-IG. In-ill-V, .l. Mull. I-Z, lil-imurl. .I, Kline-, Mvs. l :1irl:1n1lr. .Xmlvisolt NV, SlUll1lli4'I', I 'P I., 1.411114-11lw1'g'+-1'. SI'I l'INr37I'. I-Z1-nm-1', .I. Phillips. U. Ifrivs. I.. k:llt'lilll,2'll!lI!l, 1', BIlI'illlldl1, XY. Shelly, S'l'.XNIPlN1l-S. XY1'mmwslii, l', Snyrll-V, I'. SClll4'I'X, H. Knllr, J. 'I'rn-xlvr, l-3. Iimrllll-luln,-115:-1', N. Kimlxlu, Il. Fritz. I-I. Km-slam-11 Y. liim-l1z11'd,.l. 'lxlli'lil'I', li, lizlrmll, l'. l,:1ysl-V. C 0 N I F E R. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIllIIIllIlllllllliIIIlllllIllllIIIIllillllIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIillllllllllllllIllllllllllllllIIIIIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll lweutyf-:xx CONIFER STAFF lfDI'l'OR-IN-Cll-IIEl Lee AIlgSl1lLll ASSISTANT EDITOR C41 rl Troll inger LITERARY COMMITTEE Cfhlffllltlll. Elaine Shenherger Ruth Biirndt Pitt Schiery Delores Fritz Norma Kimble Betty Rothenherger Paul Bardman june Trexler Gloria Kolb Wfulter Shelly jenn Tucker Ria'lmi1l Kressley Beulah Kershner PIIOTOGRAPHY COININIITTEE Cbiiiz'ff1f111. Richurtl Baseley Ieanette Moll SPORTS EDITORS Clm21'nft.'11. Mike DLIli11 Ruymontl Stonehnck BUSINESS MANAGERS Clzifjmfizff. Cllgulys Wtilt Virginia Rieligirtl ART EDITORS Clfiiirmzzz. Williiiiii Slonnker Rtiy Rothenherger Betty Reinmn joan Kline Paul Benner Put l.L1y5L'l' Put Snyder 'IYPING COMMITTEE Clmjrzmiff. Elmer Reiter Shirley Vifronowski Ruth Bttrnilt Catherine Ifries - Wfilligun Snytler Lorraine Buukinglignn jenn Tucker 'lean Phillips llIIllIIIllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Twenty-Seven I CLASS HISTORY f : fi M' D We, the senior class of '51, began our high school career way back in 1947. Our four years at East Greenville High School proved to be the most interesting and most enjoyable of our entire school career. IVRESHMAN YEAR As shy, young freshmen, our class consisted of 1011 students, the majority of which were boys. Due to the fact that our class was the largest in the school, and the rooms would not accommodate all of us, we were divided into two sections. We chose as our class officers: President, Raymond Stonebackg Vice President, Patricia Layserg Secretary, jane Straube, and Treasurer, Carl Trollinger . . . selected blue and white as our class colors . . . sent for our class emblems . . . witnessed many new romances . . . were proud of our fellow classmates who made the varsity teams. By the time we became acquainted with our fellow classmates and the school, summer vacation time had rolled around. SOPHOMORE YEAR Returning to school as sophomores we . . . elected Paul Bardman, President, Elmer Reiter, Vice Presidentg Gordon Oplinger, Secretary, and Ronald Leister, Treasurer . . . selected and sent for our class hats, after much confusion . . . congratulated Paul Bardman on being elected Vice President of the Student Coun- cil . . . were proud of our classmates who contributed to the winning of the three championships . . . found that Elaine, Gladys, Dotty, Pat and many others were interested in Pennsburg fellows . . . all agreed that Mike and jeanette made a cute couple. This ended our sophomore year. -IUNIOR YEAR Agreeing that this was one of our most important years, we selected Paul Benner, President, Elmer Reiter, Vice President, Betty Reiman, Secretary-Treasurer . . . sent for our class rings and were overjoyed by their early arrival . . . held a successful junior prom entitled Wiiiter Wonderlztncl, with Woody Leigh and his orchestra supplying the music . . . presented the play Spooks, the first mystery to be presented by any class of E. G. H. S. in quite some time . . . new romances: Pat and Gene, Pat and Paul . . . enjoyed mimicking the seniors in the junior assembly. SENIOR YEAR As seniors we were ready and willing to undertake the tasks set before us . . . again chose Paul Benner, President, Elmer Reiter, Vice Presidentg Betty Reiman, Secretary, and Ronald Leister, Treasurer. . . pre- sented as our class play, lt Might Happen to You, which proved to be a howling success . . . suf- fered through Mr. Schlegel's English classes . . . enjoyed discussions in P. A. D .... sent for our pennants . . . had our pictures taken . . . selected our class motto and flower . . . more championships . . . proudly discovered that Mike Duka had earned honorable mention on the National High School All American Football Team . . . planned for our senior prom, which was held in May . . . selected Bobby Freed and his orchestra for the occasion . . . worked on our yearbook . . . listened to Virginia and Ruth talk about Basil and Alex . . . looked forward to the senior assembly . , , and finally gradua- tion. I F E R IIIII IlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I llll ll I IIIIIIIIIII IIIIllllIIlIIIIIIIIIllIIIIlIIlIIIIlllllllllllllllllllll IIII IIIIIIIIII Il III I Illlll I IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII Illl llllllll Ill IllIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII C 0 N V- 'l'we-nty-eiglll IUNIOR PLAY I I 1IlS'l' HHXY-II. lizisi-la-y, H. Wall. .l. 'l'ri-X11-V. .I. Snwiez, M. Slwwi-Il, P. I-11,-lim-i'. SIGNHNIH IIHXX'-IC. llviti-V, Ii. Alhilz. ri, rlplilipn-1'. Il. Iiullii-mln-i'gv-i'. u ll Spooks Robert I. Sherman In the early part of March y'ou may have seen around town some advertising ot' a play called SPOOKS, to be given by the junior class on March 2-I and 25. The plot concerned tour heirs who were about to inherit it liortune from their deceased uncle, provid- ing they remained in the mansion for three nights. If the four oi' them didnt remain in the mansion for the required time, the entire fortune would he given to his secretary and his colored servant. In the course of the three nights a chandelier fell, two people were murdered, and many other mysterious hap- penings took place. Finally the villains were apprehended and the heirs were awarded their inheritance. If you didnt see it, you missed a grand mystery and an enjoyable evening oi' entertainment. The members of the cast were: ELLIOT BUT'I4ERI7IELU ,, , ,. Gordon Oplinger MARION BLACKWELL Peggy Shewell DOUGLAS BLACKXWELL LAURETTE PAYNE -IUDY I ......, ,,,, , ,, imsmaeroiz RYAN . sAM eiiir ,.., ,,.. . , ,. Miss BROWN .I I. ,I sims XVILLOBY Poueia orrieiziz . I I Illll I Il IllIIIIlIllIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIII Twenty-nina Ray Rothenherger ,, 'Ioanna Sowicz , .sjune Trexler , Ernest Albitz , ,....Paul Benner , , ,,,Gladys Wzllt ,, Elmer Reiter . , Richard Baseley II llllll SENIOR PLAY S'I'.XNDING-IZ. I'tulI14-i1Iw1-1324-i', IG. Albilz. IZ. Iteil11:m,.T. Sowiez, .I. Kline. J. 'I'i xl 1 f X M SI'I I'INfZ-IC. ltr-ill-V. I'. Snyrlr-iz G. Walt. I.. ,XIIFJFIZITII It Iizlsvlvv. It Might Happen to You By Robert Ray The senior class play, It Might Happen to You, was presented on December 7 and ti I950 lhc farce comedy in three acts depicted a day in the life of Vic Johnson, a henpeclxed husbind who hid trouble making ends meet. Overnight he became at hero and received a 555,000 rcwixd for bringjini, 1 gang of kidnappers to justice. The audience enjoyed the hilarious play and rewarded the cast by it grand npplzuisc The cast of our play: VICTOR IOHNSON . CORA .,,... . ,.... . ,.,. ., ..... Y LOIS ..... ,,.,,. ,,.. . MRS. HUGHES .. ..., .. MERLE KENDALL .. NICK ..........., ,...., . ...,, ,,,. . . . PEARL ..,,,,..... ,... . ,,,..,. . PATRICK SULLIVAN . . MRS. MEREDITH MONK NICOLETTI. W. H. GALBRAITH. MRS. GALBRAITH ..., DOC MILLER ..... C O N I F E R ' 3 ffQfQ'QfQT -Elmer Reiter ...Patricia Snyder .Betty Reiman joan Kline Ray Rothenberger .Ernest Albitz .. ...Joanna Sowicz .. ...... Glenn Yoder . ....... June Trexler .Richard Busclcy .Lee Angstadt .... Gladys Walt . ...Elmer Reiter Most 'l'allmtive . Best Dressed Most Stndious Most Popular Best Singers Best Comedians Most Attractive Nicest Smile Biggest Enter Most Dependable , Most Likely to Succeed Most Attrztctive Personality Chews Most Gnni Best Athlete ,,.. Happy-Go-Lucky Most Iltficient lfnyotite Song Dance Band litvorile QI'OOllCl' Favorite Subject POPULARITY POLL lx ww P Y L lily Stl lgxl itz, Ernest Albitz .. Betty ROlllCI'll7Cl'gCl', Lee Angstndt , .Iune Trexler, Lee Angstadt jeanette Moll, Michael Dulta 'loztnna Sowicz, Carl Trollinger ,leanette Moll, Willizlliw Slonaker Betty Rothenberger, Michael Dul-an Gladys Wfalt, Miclmel Dnkzt jennette Moll, Xlifilliain Snyder Gladys Wztlt, Lee Angstudt ., june Trexler, Lee Angstudt hleatnette Moll, Michilel Ijllliil ljaxtritizt Snyder, Harold lfleil Patricia Lzxyser, Miclmlel Dulca lily Sthuntz, Kenneth Miller Gladys Wzllt, Lee Angstatdt H1u'hor Lights .Guy Lombardo , Perry Como , .. .,Pl1ysic.tl Education fi'-'ii'i'iiif'f'flDL l 9 5 1 SNAPSHOTS I CONIFER 1 I CLASS OF 1952 ELEV ENTH GRADE GIRLS I IlQS'I' IZUXX'4I'I. Hwlz. .X. IMAlw11g'. A, I'l:l,:'v11Imch. I'. Ilillf-pass. .X. Ilvlxlxwul. IC, Aluyvr. M. Sl?lllI'I'f'l', Ifl. Rrvmlli11g'4-1'. XI, SimmnuS, V SICUONIJ IUWXVfI,. Hnssmun. .I. I-Sarimzm. S, 4h-ipzu-1: AI. Sdn-l'Ivl, N. Sucks. H. Nostl--V. .I. AI2lI'CI'S. 'FHIHXD IIHWAI2 I':UI1lll'!', M. Iirzxuss, H, IM-nmer. .l. Hap-s. H. 42-fllszler. S. Numan. S. GmIsImlI. l 4Jl'R'l'H I-UJXX'fN. Sum-llk. fi. SCIIXYVIIIR. .I. I,f-l'vIw11111illa-1', I'. SULMI1-V, I'. Hx111SIm1'gm-rx I . Numan. U. flillwrl. ELEVENTH GRADE BOYS I IIlS'I' IlHNY7Il. KUIIH. H. llflys-l'. ll. Ifrunli. fl. III-imlwu-lx. I.. New-lx. II. ISN-y. ll. Iflm-i1ll1-11 E. llzlwkrirlnfr. H, I'IlISHIIlI3Iv'I'. SI'It'HXIl IUDXY-V, Hllllsln-1'g:v1'. IP. firwulivh, H. Slliliill IG. Sl?llll'l'4'l'. XY. lfiivlvr. U. I'Wvrr, V. Hallmzm. H. Iiauch. 'FIIIIIIJ IUHY-A. I-Iilln-grass, XY. Blow-r'. Il, Svll. Al. IM-x'g'vy. M. Ilsms, U, Aw-kQ1'1xmn, .l Hl'Il'I'H IIUXX'-I . SIU-plum. II. Slmyrlf-V. .X. I':2lI'KIIII!ll1. IC. N--MIS, V. I'Ime.-lv. If'II4 I'H IUIXY-J. Ilussvm. 43. IY2llISXYUI'III, ll. Gs-ry, U. Mu1'kS. IZ. th-is:4im:r1r. 1'. llvlxxw-il'-1'. R. XY:1lt. SIXTH IIHXY-W. l.viuIwS. I , l1I'l'SSlIliIIl. Im. rsmmlz. IL IIHITIIIIZIII. li, 'l'Imm:us, IIIllIlllIIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIllIIllIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIllIllIIIIIIllIIllIIllIlllIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllllllllllillllllllllll llIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll 'I'l1irIy-thrm-1' 1 9 5 1 CLASS OF 1953 I TENTH GRADE GIRLS 1+'1IlS'I' IflUXY4L. XY:1IIw1'. N. Ilrublv, Ib, Samvs, U. Iim111f:11In-I-gpV, 15. I'l0In-rms. S. 1'I4'I'IIIISll'l. IG. Kolb, .I, LIIIIIIIIIIQ, Ii, Ililgm,-l'. S. B?llI1'I'. SITIVUNI5 IUDXV-.-X. RI. Millrfr, J. Hrzxlver, I-1, 'I'I'OIIIIIL1'4'I'. N. Sivlnmz IG. Stvinmzm, I'. XVZIHKIEIII. J, W110dwz11'cI. Ile-Imam, 11. fF0isSinp:I+1'. S. 1'1'nfSS1n:1u. 'FI-IIIIIJ HHXY7.I. Koch, ID. Wigg, U. HOSSI-rl. D. SUIIHIIIZ. 42. MiII1'1', V. I'z1I1Il1Cz1l'. Il . LiIIiS, S. Milli-x'. .I. I-l0tI1+-xuln-rgm-V. M. Godshslll, 1. 1iuiSsim.:'zf1'. 14'Ul'I:TH IQHXYfBI. XVQ-In-11 .I. Hillvgass. Ii, Imshx-r. J. IXPIIIUV. K. IQVIIIYD, S. Schafff-V. B. Bux- tm-V, N. Rurlldt. D. Iiindcr. FII4 I'IfI HHXY-Ll. YLwug'Iinp:, F. Suwirz, 11, H4-Dry. BI. I rw-ml. Huvcr, N. Hr-Ss. G. Immr, I'. Wilkinfl, AI. 1'luIdin. 1 TENTH GRADE BOYS I IIlS'l' IUINY-XY. QL1ig'I4-y. I . t':lmpIwII, Ii. Gunm. XY. Simon, I-T. Blank, S. Sr'I14-III1amm4-V. A, SI1eIIy, 'I'. NX'iIk4-y, L. Wzllkvr. SICUONIJ IUHY-Il. Nyc-4-. K. 'I'ucIu-r, Il. UVHSSIIIIIII, E. I.uriSh. 'I'. Edmonds. U, Chilton, S. SIIYdL'I'. 1'. HRUCII. r r 'VHIHIJ ILUXY-19. Nlmmlu-V, U, Iflrlrtzvll. Ib. -HZIIIIIIZIII. IJ. I im'ilu, Ii. CIC'IIIIlIf'I'. A. .IilIDDCI'I. I+'Hl'Ii'I'IfI ILUXV-IG. SIIUCIII. C. Ilie-lvl: Il. 'I'rw-iCI1lm-V. Ii. Hwy, U. IloImk, II. HlIllSIIL'I'P,'t'I'. L. I21-VX. l4'IIf l'H IIUW-.I. Olson, I-I. Schnmfwlq. U. Blnyer, W. Bucks. SIXTH INJNY-IV, MIIII-V, A. Tomlinson. Il, Quigluy. D. ILUII1. M, StyIC'. Q N I F E R IIIllIIIlIIIIIIIllIIllllllIIllIIllIlllllIllIlllIIllIIIllllllIIIIIliIIIIIllllIIllIIIllIIIIIllIIllIIIIIIllIllIIIlIIIlllIIlIIIllIlIllIIIllIiIIIIllIIIIIIlIIIIllIIllIIllllllIl!IlIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIllIIIlIIllIllIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll C 'I'I1irIy-fmlr CLASS OF 1954 NINTH GRADE GIRLS l IlHX'I' IlHXX'fI'I. ICUIIM-11In-1'g1-l'. II. 4II'ZlIlt'I'. H. .X. .XI4I1-l'I'v4x'. li. Xlarlin, S. II:-mlricks. BI. Bvn nor, X. Iirvy. A, IN-2111. .I. Wusssxm. Il. xY?lI'IIf'I'. SEUIINII HUXY-KI. l.. .I :1ul. S. XX'ullin'1'. I . Snycln-V. Il, Slzxhl. S. l,m1g'. A. IVIIIIIIJIII. 141, IIUISIHIIII K. I'I:1c'ko-r, KI. .X. Hass, .I, Buck, THIRD I iHXY7I'. Iiicflm-, I., I5v'CI1l I- J- I'5flI'+'I. S. Sk:-Ivlml. Il, Slevudl, .X. Itulh. IE. N111-I II, A. Klim-. I UI'H'I'H IIUXY-I,. Iiillivixl N. llrulwlw. .X. IIiIrIw-I11':ml1l. .I. Zi'-gl:-l'. l', Iiv-lz, IC. lin-y. I II TH HUXYWAI. XVallvr'. I-L Rlillwxz I,. Ifizmumnn. N. Sr-Im.-llqfmil SIXTH IIUXYfII. 114-ry, IP. 1lVi:x11--Iwi-11. 43. Nlillvv. .I, Unslvllrw. N. Ilnyf-S, X. Wilkins. V Q Y NINTH GRADE Boys I I LIIISI IINXX-'IL I-1'--y, I.. Iv-llc-V. I', Iiuss. Il. Ilmlv-xmlvu-1'gw-1'. fl, li--ry. XI, IIl'lllIIM 'I', Il I V4-ss mum. S. Shvlly. I', Iirwll. Ii. S4-lumix. SISUUNIJ IIOXY-IYI. 111-igu-V. J. Sclnmmck, Ii. Schultz. H, Hmmm, T. Snyflolx S. Iiorrwski. I Hl'III'X. II. flI'1'pL1vl'5'. H. XYHIII 43..I1rI1l1. TIIIIQIJ IQHW-Ib. Nas.-x' mi, I,:1:l:-1' Il. XY:uupuI.-, If, Kimlml-A, lr, XX':lm1mIf-, Ii. Shim-, I., Hag'--11 lunch, .I. III-nry. I,. BI:,uI's'II1-1-gw-rf Q FUI HTH IiHXYfI2. SHIIIII. II. VVIIZ. If Ilnhll. Ii. IIPmI1'i1'kS. IZ. ICIII--r, If. Simmons. .I.AIillv-1 .I. KIlIlIIII!'I'0'I', XY. XYinI1-1'. Ii. Blnhr. I ll TII IUWW-XY. Hlntz. Il. Alzxrlis. XY. IH-II. U. Ifrivs. IH. Strunk. II. Iirznus.-. IG, Smglrxvuym IW. Hinklc, I . I 1'L1lcI1m-y. II. Ilfulgrlv-1'. Il. Smilvy. SIXTH IIHW-J. Ilm-rI. I.. Wulln-r. .I. I v-zxrl. 'I'. I-'v-in-r'm:m. S. Rlurks, IF, 1,1-11411 IIIllllllIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllIllllIlllllllIllllIllIIHIIllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllllIlllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllillll IllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII YIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIHIIHIIlllllllllllllIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllll 1 9 5 1 'I'l1i1'Iy'-five CHEERLEADERS FliUX'I' HHN' KNICELINII-N. Sivhf-nz A, IM-I,4mu', IW. Fritz, I . Svhanlz. 4'ICN'l'IGH--P. Scluh-ry, TS. Ilotlwlwlu-1',Q'4-1'. S'I'.XNIJIN1l-N, Sw:-nk. J. Huyus. J. liartnlzm, .I. Ilmlmvxlln-1':'lAv1'. AUTGGRAPHS C Q N I F E R- llIllIIIllIllIIIllIllllIllIllIIIllIHllIilIllllIllIIllllllIlllllllIIllllllIllHIllllllIIllIIllllllIIllIllllllIIlllllllllIlllllillllHIIllllllIIllllllIIllHIlllllllIllIllIIIllIllllllllllIllllIlllllIlIlIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Thi rfyfsix R A 2' 'L' E' 1 R Q ', . - ' 3 4: Nw nun: vusnnn Q ww -H Ai S+ --.... --1... FOOTBALL SQUAD ,'.' in f TE' .1,. ..,...,,. . A 1,AA r -V H I' . fi -- 2 11:1-ri. MW V are 'TW wif ' 1-H '-www -'1 ' ., -- ' Z :::- .z2 :,:'E:as' -ff' - -are fa- .-,' 1 .pi ,. .. QQ ,,..,1- QQ We Q, 5 .... -J-Z: . --5: ,-5 -5, -.-: Q .. t Q- ., f-Y . V JK I i In , 'V 'f'. , in 1 A V -AA' ', ' ', ' ,-.g x 9-3,2 1-- pf A E - Q . :LM jf. .. -, , z H, ff 3 K A W J .. zzl T HQZ, .M qi nan. . yi Zi, . A . 3? 1 Z9 .1 7 R? , ig fig- -1, v M g - 1 ,- : ,zi,:.. 'P 5, 4 aasf j W .A,. 5 . - '-1'-- 1,: . ' . as .- 1' Q-'- J ' 2', - .. ...,, 5 ,: 1 ' 1+ - ' ':' it rf' -,. ,--1,-- wa- ::, :.. . ,. -, .-., ' fEfrE5g::Zg::s T. , .3 u .,, tg. .. - 1 H - V' .. ..,,. QQ - . x 1 .AL .af I- U , X ' ' , i . fll' ii51553:- .- y 15' .. M n.. S . , , ,.,. a ...- ' .,..: .,,, 5 .. .--1:.,--,.--,-:, Azi' ..,,. . ,.... .,...... . IVLHST ltOW-lt. l'lIlSlI1l1l!1'I', Il. Kolb. J. Huvninel. ,X. Shi-lly, l , .XekvVm:1n, TT. Snyder. TJ. Ir' 'L k. S1lCl:l'7NIl RHWfTi. Sw--nk, K. Miller. I'. -l'i2lI'KTIlI2i!l. F. King. ll. vlflllikl. R. Frank. lt. Stomebzlvk. N. Marks, 'l'I-HKD IlOXV+lJaviml l'i'itt-lmnl. lleaml Uuzieh: lb. Roth. R. Sell. 41. iVlI1lllH.1'CI', G. Needs, V. Marks. .X. T52lI'fll!l?l11, XY. Huinin. XY:iri'-in fluldin. .X:sSistanl Uozreli, l+'U'I'Il'I H 'ILONV-1-S, 'lTll1llYHlS. .X, 'I'onilinson. J. Olson. lt. .l52lY'l'll112LIl, Il. Qiiiprhyy, lf. T31-11:1-5'. ll,Mille1'. l Il4 l'H ItUXYfIl. lilw-y, XI:ii1:ie4-V: l., XX':xlli4-V. XV. l-Zh-li-V, 'l'. l'll'lll'I'lIlIlll. U. llfllllllilll. L.11m'g', Mniiapr-1i'. FOOTBALL SEASON The Greenie football team of 1950 achieved an outstanding record at East Greenville High School. This team trudged through an eight-game season without a clefeatg also annexing the Perkiomen-Schuylkill Valley League Championship for the second ronsecutive year. This team scored 299 points against its opponents' 50, which illustrates its defensive punch as well as its offensive power. The team showed wonderful teamwork and Cooperation among themselves and with their coaches. There will be ten members of the 1950 squad graduating in the spring of 1951. A large gap will have to be hllecl with the coming of a new season, A new record was set at East Greenville when Mike Duka scoretl l5l points during the l95O season. The old record was 156 points scored by Sam Roetler in 195-I. The stores of the schedule were as follows: East Greenville 13 Quakertown 7 East Greenville 25 Spring City 12 East Greenville 51 Collegeville O East Greenville 75 Schwenksville I2 East Greenville 43 North Coventry O East Greenville 24 Royersfortl 7 East Greenville 32 Emmaus 12 East Greenville 58 Boyertown O Total points 299 50 N I F E R IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIlIlllIllIlIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIlllllllIllllHIIllllIllIllIHllIllIlllllllllIllIllIIIIIIIIIllIIIlIIlIIllllIllllIllIllllIllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll C G 'l'l1i1'ty-eight BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM t'EN'l'l-Illfli. Miller. ll. Sv vt-iilt. I.ElfI lil lull-Hl-Ali: XX:ii'iw-ii hiilcliii, l'ozieli: Alix llzivicl I'i'itcliii'il Xs Heicllc-ix Il. Stoiieliziela, M. Dulizi. ll. Kiwssly. Ii. llIIlll1g.1t'l', ll. 1.1-isteig lt. I-Iiisiniiigm-i', W. lsiv .Xssisizint BlZlll2lf:','l'l': li. Sh-iiimriii. Blziiizigeix 'SlSltLlll t'im:i Witli the December practices, our varsity haslcethall team started on their exciting way to xic ie Champions were chosen from a group ol' -ill who showed up for the tirst practice. The team not only won the Perlaiomen-Schuylkill Valley League championship, hut headed tor the dis trict honorsg however, Darby copped the game which ended the district try. The team deserves double credit for its spentlid showing. The scores were: East Greenville 75 Sell-Perle 68 East Greenville -lil Quakertown 36 East Greenville Si Sell-Perk D6 East Greenville -li Royerstord 37 East Greenville 62 lioyertown 29 East Greenville 61 Pennshurg 3,1 East Greenville Sl Eminaus 55 East Greenville 75 XY'est Pottsgrove 57 East Greenville 48 North Coventry 29 East Greenville 61 Spring City 36 East Greenville So Schxvenksville 56 East Greenville 67 Collegeville -l6 East Greenville 50 Roversforcl A15 East Greenville 68 Boyertown fill East Greenville 58 Pennsburg -17 East Greenville 59 Quakertown 'lei East Greenville 81 NX'est Pottsgrove 35 East Greenville 66 North Coventry 75 East Greenville 71 Spring: City 67 East Greenville 70 Scliwenksville 29 East Greenville 64 Bensalem 47 East Greenville 59 Prospect Park 57 East Greenville lsl Darhy lbs llllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIlllllllIIlllllIIlllllllIllllllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllIllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllIlllllllIIIlllllIIllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 'l'l1il'lv-nini il- 9 5 il- VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM l+'IILS'I' IZUXV-IB. lleitllt-1' I-I, lfllllt. ll. Sxvt-nk, M. Iluku. R. Stoni J N UH li. Miller, IP. Roth. SECOND 1l0NY7A. Shelly, ,Xs:4iSlnnt Al3ll2l,S:'4'I'I U. llztueh, U. Mzrllui X B1 c man, IJ. Hallman, Ii. Kolli, W. Shelly, iwfllillkli-l't'l'f Mr. Pl:n't-nee lioth cox Our Most Recent Champions On March 19, immediirtely after school, approximately fifty-four fellows rushed up to the baseball held for the hrst call to practice. It certainly wus good to hear again the crrclx ot the hits .ind the snrppy out-field talk. The cream of this crop was chosen to he the team, which batted up the nntzing Perlciomcn Schuylkill Valley League championship recorcl of twelve wins and no defeats, The scores were as follows: East East llzist lillbif hast lizxst lf-ist :lst Inst EalSt Exist East Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenville Royersfortl Boyertown Pen nsh u rg XX'est Pottsgrove North Coventry Spring City Schwenksville Collegeville Royerstortl Boyertown North Coventry Spring City Total llll Toll 71 C Q N I F E R IllllllllllllllllllllIlIllIllllIllIllllIllIllIIHIllIllIllllIIIIllIIIIIIllIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll IIllIUHIIllIlIlilllIllllIllIIllIllllIllIHIIlllllllIIllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll ' l 0rtV GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM KNl'lI'I1.INl2-I-1. Bw-iifllimrw-1'. .l. Kline-. I . I,:1vswi', IJ. Fritz. l'. Svliif-ry. S'I'.XNDINll-IS. lintlieiiliw.-N14-l'. Al2lIl2l2l'I'I I'. Hilli-guiss. J. Iiarlmziii. .l. Itivllii-iihriiuri-i'. M, P'i'r-i-rl. .l. Hayes. 17. Lum.: S. Vashsiti. .Xssistzlnt Mziii:ig:'w1': Miss Juni- I'lz1ll. Cmnt-li. HOCKEY SEASON Although the Greenies hockey team did not have as successful a season as the previous year, their light- ing spirit and determination led them to third place in the Perkiomen-Schuylkill Valley League. The team, under the capable direction of Miss M. -I. Platt, scored li points. jeannette Heimbach being high scorer, with four points to her credit. Probably the most exciting game was with Boyertown, ending in a I-O win for East Greenville. Seniors leaving the team are: Patricia Layser QCaptainj, Patricia Schiery, Peggy Shewell, Jeannette Heimbach. joan Kline. Delores Fritz, and the manager. Betty Rothenberger. Results of the season: Sept. 28iEast Greenville Collegeville Oct. 5-East Greenville Royersford Oct. 5-East Greenville North Coventry Oct, 17-East Greenville Boyertown Oct. 19-East Greenville Schwenlqsville Oct. 26-East Greenville Spring City Nov. 2-East Greenville Pennsburg Nov 16-East Greenville Wfest Pottsgrove Forty-one l 9 5 1 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM i t'I4lN'l'ICIt-J . Sf-haniz. l'. Iaiyssfix l.I'lF'l' 'FH llIf?ll'I'- Bliss I'l:1tI, MVS, 310:41-V. S. 'l'i'exlel'. .I. llziyvs. 42. lmmi. M. Hlll1l1'l', Nl. 1 i'4-ml. V. Selii-try, V, rlilln-rl. IZ. Iiullii-:ilu-1-g:vi'. IZ, ll4'll1lill1. S. NUIIIHW, .XSSlSI!l.l1t AI:1n:1g'1-V: I Nlfll Mini ii ..i Y. l51l '. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The Greenie Sextets season ended more successfully this season than the previous year. The Maids finished the season with three victories out of seven games, The season started with a lil-JIU loss to Pennshnrg, which probably was the most exciting game of the season. The girls showed great determination and spirit in this game. The team was again capahly coached hy Mrs. Moser, who had as her assistant Miss M. jane Platt. Grace Long was high scorer for the season, with 85 points to her Credit. Marilyn Freed and Pat Lay- ser followed her with 53 and 50 points respectively. Seniors leaving the team are Co-Captains Patricia Layser and Fay Schantzg also Betty Rothenherger, Betty Reiman, Pat Scheiry, and Manager Jeannette Moll. Scores were as follows: Pennsburg -fit East Greenville North Coventry 53 East Greenville Sehwenksville 16 East Greenville Collegeville 27 East Greenville Royersford 59 East Greenville Boyertown 46 East Greenville We'st Pottsgrove 29 East Greenville C Q N I F E R Illlllllllllllllllllllllll lll I llllllllllllllll Ill lllllll IIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIUIllllllllIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll llllil llll llllll ll Illlllllllllllllllllllllll l oi'lyAtxvn IllllllllllllIllllllIllllllllIllIIllIInIIllIllllllliIllIllllIllIllllIllIllIIIllIIllIIIIIIliIIIllIInIIllIllIIllIIllIIlilIIllIliIIllIIilIIliIIllIIiiIIllIII:IIllxillilllitlullrllllil llIIllIlllllllllillllilllllllll lllllllullillllll llllil GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM 14'IIiS'I' NUXY-I-I. 121'--y. M, rlurlshull, IC. Iiotv-iilwi-g'vi', M, Bi-nn:-r, IC, Biwy. Fi, .X.. Kline, l'. Miller. SI+It'HNI'l ItHWfI'. Iieniii-iz I . Milli-V, N. Wilkins. M. l,. I-':itil. U. Ifrit-S, .l. I-Siu-k, THIRD LLOXY-.lziriv Platt. Uozielii S. Iliwvv-V. Assistant Al?ll12lL1'1,'I'I A, Roth. J. Klint-. L, Huck- im:h:1m. M. Shi-well, J. Zin-gli,-i', N. SelmiAllw1iI'. I'. Iliiiishi-i'g'1-i'. Assistant Mzimigrcrp J. Moll. Ma na prt-r. The girls' softball team started practice this year with a stiuatl ol' 37 girls reporting girls have great hopes for having a hetter season this year than the last. The team is being coached hy Miss Platt, assisted by Mrs. S. Moser. Seniors leaving tain Lorraine Buclcinghamg Peggy Shewell. Catherine Fries, 'loan Kline, and Manager SCHEDULE Ol GAMES April Il-East Greenville at North Coventry April 18-Collegeville-Trappe at East Greenville April Zi-East Greenville at Spring City May 2MWest Pottsgrove at East Greenville May 8---East Greenville at Boyertown Forty-tli1'ee for practice. The the team are: Cap Jeannette Moll. 1 9 5 1 IUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL TEAM l Il'iS'I' liHXX'fIi, Ilinklv, .l. Mill:-V, li. Fritz. 4'. lfrius. J. Henry, S. Snyder, R. Shine, T. Wil- koy, G. fiery, Ii. Smith, H. Blank, Il. Ifryi-. SEFHXID 'HllXYfIJ. Givtiiieii, .Xssistaiit Iilunngil-i': I.. Berg. Il. Long. D. Strunk, Ii. Brey. H. Wadsworth, D. Milli-r, V. llLlllSlU0I'H'l2I'. H. Iiaueli, S. Shelly, hl?lT1!l2,'t'l'Q Albert Nt-inmn. Uozieh. A Perkionien-Schuylkill Valley League has not as yet been formed for junior varsity baseball teams, but if one were in existence, our peppy bunch of youngsters would certainly prove to be a dangerous league threat. Boyertown proved to be their toughest opponents, but they fell beliore our undefeated team as did the other teams. The following is their perfect record: East Greenville 14 Kulpsville -i East Greenville 9 Boyertown S East Greenville 12 Kulpsville S C Q N I P E R llllllllllllilllllllIlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIlIIlIIIllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIllIIIIIIlllIIllIIIIIllIIIllIllIIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllliIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll Forty-foiir QQAWYETQ 5 f .I ,F NX ,ZX , x ' ' X f X 9 .me w 'YPA X' DANCE sm N'f 'x Nl Jo E NP' Z JOLLY V' 'W 9 ' 7 ,X 1 fx' i Q GJ! 1 1 , 'if J Q Q0 4 so QA, M 9 S75 J .NE Jug ' u 'Y I O AV n 8-c ,f . uve ' - f 'P M B - ' ' K XX He 1 s' K, l f, X ., STUDENT COUNCIL I IIiS'l' RHXY-B. Burnt-r', 11. liong, li. Bust-lf-y, .l. lxHl'IlN2Hl, l'. Bziidnian, ii. Wkilt, Il. .Xu st f I'. fiery, U. Ne-eds, SEUUNI7 IUHVf1l1'. Mark l.aySt-V, Arlvisnri If. Harslmzui. .l. Ilaucli. .l. lil'il'lU:,'l'. C. lluns vi i 'I'. l Hllt'I'lll?lll, C. Bit-lei: C. Yi-1'gs-ig Ii. Mohr. 'l'. Suydi-i', J. Smith. The Student Council, 21 governing body of the school, is made up ol' representatives from thc clisscs of the school. It solves both class and student problems. The Student Council of '50 and '51 belongs to the National Association of Student Councils and is i member of the Tri'County Student Council Conference. This year conferences were held it Emmrus Lnd Coopersburg and were attended by members of this Student Council. A few of the notable achievements of this years Student Council are: 1. Buying song books for the assembly. 5. Holding dances 2. Drawing up assembly programs. 4. Buying records. Ol7l lCERS FOR l950-l95l Pl'L'.lflfC1lf . . . ..,,,.... Paul Burclmzui Vive Pxevidelll .. , ...... Jeanette Bartman Seu'elfz1'y ..,..,..... .........,........ G ladys Walt TI'L'l1J'll7'6l' ..,.. , ...... Richard Baseley Adzfixrn' ,.,, ...... M . H. Layser CONIFER lllununnllnuninunulnmillunnumimIuuuunIlullnunnnnnuluumuninv-uuu mlIimimmlinIullmlmnnIInulnumuumlmlmnnnunIlmIluiiluiinuninununnnnunlnm Forty-six PINE TREE CLIPPINGS IFTINH-i'. llnrks, 41. Miller, M, Sin-Iwi: I' Siiyde-i', RI. Kraiiss, U. Fri S XXI ii xx Ii Sriydm-V. ,XNIHlN1IfMiss Alurizi Smith, .MIx'iswi': IC. Ki-Ili. H. Ilulu-Vis. .I. lllllllllll. I I 1 I I Clif-i' I NIUII K' 'I'i'nIIin,,1i XY Nlmiului Y Iiimhli II Hunshrigii I Ihillli I 1 lull I '1 ro 'N lllll,-.A -i'. S. Uuslinll. PINE TREE CLIPPINGS STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHlEE+joan Kline ASSOCIATESiPz1t Snyder, Marion Krauss HUMOR EDITOR-Mary Sieber ASSISTANT HUMOR EDITORSiCarl Troll- inger, Gloria Miller SPORTS EDITORS - Catherine Fries, Clifford Marks, Henry Snyder EXCHANGE EDITORS-Jeanette Moll, ,lean Tucker, Betty Reinmn FEATURE WRITERS-Noriiia Kimble, Phyllis Hunsberger TYPISTS-jean Phillips, Ruth Bzirndt, Shirley Wroiioxxfski ADVISOR-Miss Smith REPORTERS-joy Dunning, Edith Kolb, Gloria Roberts, Williaiii Slonaker, Shirley Cashctt, Sally Nunaln IllIlllllllllllulnllmlll I Forty-sexrii BAND FIRST IZOXY-IF. I iul'ilu, S. 'I'rvxIv1'. A. IIIIIIL-IlI':1l1t, .I. Iflildx-In'al1t. I.. IlvI'I'. C. I'ISCIlba1'I1. SECOND RHW7N. H1-ss. IC. Iirlilz-V. IJ. I,f.mp:, 'l'. IM-XYuIf. Ii. I:OIIIl311IH.'l'f.1'l'I', Ii. Hralvcr. 'I'. Sllyrh-r. U. Schn-Il. Il. SIIIIISIIILIS. A. CIII'ISTIlI21II, Millvr. THIRD IiOXX'-H. Yndur, Ib. Frvy. T, Iire-unimrm: Mr. ImmIvr'. J. BIUII, P. SI1owc:II, L. Buvk- il1,a:'h:1m, .I. Straulw, P. Nycv. Ii. Ifindy. I.. Swann, I7, Strunk. VV. Sr1yrIm', R. Ste-inmzxn. M. I4'1'Qz:4I, G. Hz-Ury, F. Gvry. IG. SU-immlan. ORCHESTRA I II1S'I' l:UXX'4Il. Iiulln-11In-1'g:v1', E. S11-ilmmn, fl. 1lvis:4ir1g:v1', SIGUHNI1 IIHXX'---H. Kolb, I.. Swan, A. Ililmlvhmllt, .l. .IIIILI1-Im1':111L, IG. SIuuI'I'1er, I.. llurr. U. Exh- Im1:I1. V. Iliclmzlrml. 'FIIIIID IiOXYfI4'. I+'1'11tr'Iu.-y. Ii. Gr-isSIng:r'r'. ID. I l'1'y. fl. Yudm: 'I'. I5I'l'LlIIIIIH'4'l'. III. lIIlI'IHIlllilIl. II. SIIIIWFIIIIIS, IJ. Ifinrilo, E. Ilvilr-r. S'I'ANDINGfIXIl'. IIIIIIIIUIX IJ. Strunk. C Q N I P E R lllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllIIllIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIllIllIIlllllllIIIIIllIIllIIllIllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllll Ifurfy-eigzI1f GLEE CLUB III:S'l' I-IHW-.X. Svhn-Il. I.. li--rg. IS, Hzxris. II. 4h-ry, .I. I'vzu'l, IJ. Ilfuh. Ii. Huck. IC. Iluwl 11411-V. Il. IlnLIn-xmlvm-pf--1', U. 'I'1-olIi11,L:'vr', A. Vurl. xI'Il'UNIJ IUIXX'-Ii. 'EL-issi11gv1'. Ii. Krznusa-. Il. Ulf-:lx'v1'. IJ. lfrilz. Y. Iliclmrcl. I'. 131-11114-V, X vmlinson. E. Hn-ilvr, 12. Ymivr. IIIIIIIB I-lHXX'fIJ. I-'rilz, A. I-Ia11g'1f11IwL1vI1, E. Aloyvr, IR Hillogzxss. XIV. IIIIIIIIVV. U. AIIII4 Smx'ic'z. Il. Iiimlm-V. IG. SI1:-l1Iwf1'g.:f-11 H. Wall. IHI'Il'I'H I-UNK'-IS. Ifl:I'SI1l1t'I'. S. Illini-, Y. I,ilI1'l'll'2lI', 42, 114-issilxpqe,-r'. A. AI. Millvr. .I. llwlhv Iurgx-V, AI. SIIIIIIIUIIS, M. Sin-If-lr. IG. Sl1'IlIIlI1lll. .I. IiIinv. I'. SIM-uw-Il. M. KNIUSS. P. Snyalm-V. FIRST AID FINDING PRESSURE POINTS Km-clingflwfr. Schlegcl. Advisorg XX'. Biclcr. A. I-Iillr.-guss. Lying Duwn---INI, Iiergcy. R. Ensmingcr, IIIIIIIIIllIllIIllIIIIIllllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIllIIIIlllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIlilllllIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIlllIIllIIIIIllIIIllIIIIIllIIIIIllllIIIlIIIlIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII il 9 5 1 Forty-nine FACULTY FIRST AID INSTRUCTCRS FIRST IUUXV-Nr. lizivicl Pi'iti-lizwrl. Miss ,lane l la1l. Bliss .Ioan l eniiel1z1elcei'. Mrs. Jminni- l Fairlanili, Mr. Ulziireiwe lliith. SEVONIJ RHXY-lllr, XY2ll'I'l'Il Klulclin. MVS. SZIVHII Moser. MVS. Myrtle Wilkins. Mrs. IXl:irp::i1'el Yoclelk 'l'I-llllll ILUXY-lXli'. ltnlmerl l?liisliiim:ei', Alix xY2ll'l'1'll Selili-gi-l, Nr. Nm'm:in Iltllilillltlll, Mr. Allwrl l Ni-iimin. THE FIRST AID PRCGRAM At the beginning of the school year Mr. Roth was called to represent our school at a meeting in Norris- town, where civil defense and the need for a lirst aid course in the schools was discussed. The faculty then decided that a lirst aid course, under the supervision of Mr. Roth, should be established at E. G. l-l. S. The following faculty members actecl as leaders, having taken the course themselves: Mrs. Yoder, Miss Pennebacker, Mrs. Wilkiiis, Mrs. Moser, Miss Platt and Mrs. Fairlambg Mr. Roth, Mr. Guldin, Mr. Pritchard, Mr. Schlegel, Mr. Neiman, Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Robert Ensminger. Wziyiie Krei- der, Gerald Hummel and Richard Ensminger received their standard first aid certificates also and, along with the faculty, helped in demonstrating the various first aid techniques before the high school group. Each Tuesday during the activities period, all of grades ten, eleven and twelve met in the gym with bandages, splints and blankets. Each person became quite proficient by the end of the session, in ad- ministering lirst aid to his victim. Since first aid is such a vital aspect of civil defense, East Greenville l-ligh School is especially proud to be the first in the county in sponsoring such a project. C Q N I F E R llIIIIIIllllIllllIllIllllIIIIIllllllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllIIIIIllIIIlIIllIIIIIIllIIIllIIllIllllIllIIIIIllIIllIllllIIIIIIllIllllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ififry PRACTICAL APPLICATION ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION Kneeling-P. Schiery, B. Rotllcnbcrgcr, viutim OPEN BANDAGFS Kneeling-P. Luyscr, F. Sclumtz, victim. Foregrmxndglxliss Pennebgukcr with group. 'I'RANSPOR'I'ATION Left to Right: G. Yoder. E. Alhitz, NXT Krei- dcr. G. Hummel. Mr. Ensmingcr, R. Rothen- berger. R. Ensmingcr. victim. HEAD AND ARM BANDAGES Loft to Right: I.. Wfulf, N. Marks, R. Suma- halck, M. Duku. I I III III II IIIIIIIIIII I III II IIIIII III III II II III III II I II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIullIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I II III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II II IIIII IIIIIIIII Ill 1 9 5 1 Fifty-one F. H. A. 1 lHS'l' RUXYfGi'z1cc- titzissimqa-r. Dianne Grill. Nant-y Lvihy, June lioeclt-V. l-'lori-nee Snytler. i Uluirii Miller. Gail Mzllaslty, lilluiiie Voiimtl, Alarylyn Landis. SECOND ROXX'-Mae iloclshall. Shirley Uressnian, G. Stahl, Doris XYultt-rs, lmwtta XValker, l .I L-:1 I1 Marks. THIRD RUWACIQ-ta tlillu-rt. Myrtle Sehoenly. lllarpzui-et Faust. Shirley XValker. .Tumi Me- Donald. FUl'R'l'H ILOXX'-Ma1'g'zir'et Stzillffer. Edith Bri-ncllinger. Marion XX'vlJlJt-r, Doris XVii.5g', Caroline Sit-ber, Patsy Slouclt. FI1f l'H RilXVf.TO?lII Koch, Faith Hillc-gass. llraee Seliwenk, M. Sehwoyvr. Arlene Gellmnn. SIXTH ROXV7NanC5' Swenk. Mrs. Yoder. Advisor: Smut tloclfslmll. ll. ll1'inl1ery,g'S. Miss I'enni-- lm:-lqer, .Xtlvisorg G. Yvung'linf.:'. THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The purposes of this organization are as follows: Promoting a growing appreciation of the joys of homemaking, emphasizing the importance of worthy home membershipg encouraging democracy in home and community life. working for a good family life for all. The motto of The Future I-Iomemakers which is, Toward New Horizons, expresses the main purpose of the organization: Learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. This year the department is proud of the fact that the fudge made by the girls won first prize in a tele- vision fudge-making contest. The prize was a sixty-four piece set of lovely dishes. Arlene Gehman won it table light, furnished by the P. P. Sc L., for the kitchen plan. She presented the lamp to the cottage. Mrs. Yoder and Miss Pennebxlcker are the competent advisors of this group. C G N I F E R llIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllIIllIIIIllIIIllIIIIIIlIIIlIIllIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIllllilllllllllllllllllllllllilll Fifty-two F.F.A. 14'1IlST 1lHXYf4i. Sliiiiziliiw. S. Shi-lly, .1. Svlllliirixli, I.. Hi'ni'y. IZ. Schultz. II. Hi-igli-V. IJ. 1-'i-yi-. U. Sluiiulu-i'. l,. Wailker. S1-IUUXD I-:HXY-.I. Ilziuwh. XY. llnmui. IL. l'lI'2ll1li. ll. 15k'l'5L'L'j'. 12, Stulmniis, V. Rleilvi-tx. li. Iirinekmziii. 11. Hillvgass, lt. fir'iSSiI1S.'vI'. 'l'1-HRD IUJXY-lil, l'1n1ii-s. 11, l l2l1l1111, l-1. Si-liwiiyi-V. N. lrlinelii. S. Hziiizlik, ll. t'lc-niiiiiir. I'I. 3Iuyel'. li. lAll'lSl1. l,. XYull'. P, l-Buss. l Hl'H'l'H ILUXX'-.I. Hn-iiry. V. .Xk'lU'1'I11Ill1. W. IN-ll, .I. Ili-vii. XY. Ilueks, U. IIai'tzi'11, ll. l I'1ll1li. lil. Kulp. S. Schutt. I lI 'l'1-I 1:1lXX'fl', 1'lii1xvi-i1i-ig W. ln-inhos. C. Ilhuzitls. K. Bloyt-V. l., llL111s1wi'giAi'. XY. Kluyx-1', H. Sehiiiimli. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The primary aim of the Future Farmers ot' America is the development of agricultural leadership, co- operation and citizenship. Wfe proudly present some of their achievements during 1950-1951. 1. Raymond Brinckman represented Pennsylvania on the dairy judging team at Springfield, Mass 2. Vocational exhibit won tirst prize at Reading Fair. 5. Vocational exhibit was selected for the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Ji. Assisted farmers in the community by picking peaches and husking twenty acres of corn. 5. Four members were awarded the Keystone Farmer degree at the state convention in January. 6. Five members participated in the Future Farmer Week activities at State College. 7. The supervised farming program consists of 108 projects and 118 members. Mr. Victor Ensminger is the Future Farmers' advisor, and doing an admirable job. 1ilmmimimuminIInIInIinIInInlmn:limiIllinlnInIinIInIniunnunliniluIll1ilunumiunllnlluiInIInIInIniImlInIinIlinillullimmluniinnunInullluiIinIInInlInlnunllllllulllillllull 1. Q 5 1 Fifty-three MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL CHARLIE ABE DOROTHY GRACE CCNIFER ANNA EVELYN LEAH mnnnlllllll lftt PATRONS .X Friend .X Friend .X Friend .X Friend .X Frit-nd Lf-e Angstadt, Stiintn-ytoxvti livv. and Mrs. E. Il, Amxstadl. Sllllllll'j'ltiXYll .L l.. All:-it and Son, Rt-d llill Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adams. Ptlrlqioimin llriglits Mrs. Sarah C. ,Xny:stadt, 'Fopton ,Xrnold's Shot- St-rvitse, l-lifd llill Hoss Mt'g:. UQ.. Palm Mr. and Mrs. Nvvin Buck. East tliw-Q-tivillr Mr. anl Mrs. Frank Balivr. l,CllllSlilll'H' lSarndt's Sound Svrvict-, Sutnneytoivn Bauman K'lP?lllt1l'S, East tlrrifinvillt- .ltilin li. Mr. and llauman and Sons. East tlrw-nvillt- Mrs. .lolin Brunnvr, East tlrt-vnvillt- ,lolin lirtinm.-r's liakt-ry, East tii'm-iivillt- . Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bt-t-litt-l. lalm Mr. and Mrs, Edwin lioligg Suinnvytoxvn Mr. and Mrs. lwstfti' H11-tiiiiiigft-i', SllIllll4'XltiXK'll Mr. and Mrs. .l, liusst-ll Brotltl. Stinimlytoxxn Mr. and Mrs. Millard Bri-y. Rt-tl Hill William Irvin l . G. lit-wrtwy, tlrwii Lani' Barndt, lit-d llill John liruy, livd Hill Ht-tty. Patsy, Dolly, Patty. lit-tty Mr. an'l Mrs, Irvin Bri-v, livtl llill Mr. Harvc-5' liroy, livd Hill Morris E. llrvy, Reid Hill Mr. Charlt-s l . Bittilig. lied llill ltolit-rt Bt-aliin, East tlrutinvillt- S. lirinckinan, East tlrot-nvillt- Mr. and Mrs. 'Fravy t'. Hastali-y. I-Iast tlrt-i-nvillv 131-tty East-It-y, East tlrt-ernvillv d N1 R0 tt l md M r. an M r. and ll i vliartl t rs. S' er. East 4lri---tivillt- Mrs. Fredi-rick Rivlvr. East tlrt-i-nvillt- Bitilt-r. East tlrevnvillt- Miss Graco Buck. East tlrt-t-nville Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hoyt-r. lied llill Mr. and Mt's. M'illiam Bt-ard. lit-d Hill Mr. and Mrs. Honnfr liivlt-r, Iii-d Hill lit-ulali and Wlein A Mr. and Mrs. Stanlt-3' W, l-lrinclcman, East 1211-1-11- ville Mr. and Mrs. Leonard XY. llrint-lxman, l t-nnslittrg' Mr. and Mrs. Wayiw L. lirint-lqman. Ptliiiislitirg li. D. t Mr. and Mrs. t'liarlt-s Brint'ltinan. l'4'IlllSllLll'g' li. ll, Mr. and Mrs. Ernc-st Bowst-r. Red Hill Mr. HtDl'21Cl Boan, East flrt-1-nville Mrs. Evolyn Bt-alim, East tlreenvilltt Mr. and Mrs. Lt-stvr Eaurr. l f-nnsliurg' Mr. and Mrs. 'l'. Howard litinm-r, livd Hill llttttvrxvvrlc and Muiisvli Storo. Pt-nnsliurp: Mr. and Mrs. 'l'lionias llauvr. Bally Mr. and Mrs. Harold 1-Sovt-r, East tlrt-t-nvi!lt- , . , , . Ilaut Manutavturing' to., ltvd Hill tilga lit- Uoxvslty. Rt-tl Hill Mr. and Mrs. De Franco, Red llill .loyC-- and .loan Durcfo, Rcd llill Elainw and .Fred tlvorsru I-I. Erin and Sons. East tlrt-unvillo Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Erli. lit-tl llill Mr. and Mrs. Russoll Englv, East tlrt-ttnvillv Ifldna S. Ei-li. East tll'00IlYlll1' Mr. and Mrs. Harvvy Ecltliardt, East tirf-t-nxillt East tliw-t-tiville Firtt Co.. l-last tlrut-nvlllw Iillmt.-r's Plat-o, Uliapt-l l-'rt-t'd's .Xtlantic Station, East Grtw-nvillt' Mr. and Mrs. .lamvs Fox, ltt-tl Hill Mary ll. lfryt-r. Rm-d Hill liolit-rt lfulmc-r, Spring' Mount and Mrs. Earl Fryer, lfiud Hill Mr. Mr and Mrs. XYarrt-n Fluclt. East tlrtwnvillv linytl E. lfrt-vsc, la-inovnv filrl Mr. and Mrs. Ulaudtf I rt-vd, lit-tl Hill ltr, and Mrs. lfrank Fritz, East tlri-vnvillv l oX. l erliiolnt.-n Hviprlits and Mrs. Linwooti and Mrs. XX'altt-r It'i'oiilit'-istr lit-d Hill Mr. and Mrs. la-roy Fox, l't-rliionii-n Heights Mr. M r. Mr. and Mrs. Sidnt-y Flaglt-r, East l2l'L'1Q'IlX'llll' and Mrs. ' Mikti Fogvl, Porinsliurg' It. lt. I-'wt-tl, Jr., lit-d Hill lfillman, Sttmneytoxvn Mr. Mrs, tit-orgrs Miss .Xtulrtsy Mr. and Mrs. XYilliam lfillman. Stiiiint-vtoxvn l+'ranks, tilivlisk Mrs. llarold tllaalys and Gt-rald Vinny and Basil Mr. and Mrs. XYarrtAn th-ary, East tlr0t-nvill-- tlrai't'v Sliopin-, East tlrttr-nvillt- tiriin and l-Svrnliard. l'alni Mrs. Harold liodshall. tlrt-en Lant- , , . Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. laul tn-lit-rt, Ht-rl lflill Varritt tltsrliart. East tlrvrenvillt- Mr. and Mrs. XYilt'ord tlauglt-r, lit-d Hill Mr. and Mrs. Uliarltis tit-nszlvr. lit'-d Hill Mr. and Mrs. tlillwrt. East tirt-s-nvilltf David i.ll'L'llllt'll. East tlreenvillt- Mr. and Mrs. Harvf-y tie-ry, East Greenvillt: Mrs. Xorinan tlerliart. 'I't2lt'ortl lt. It. 2 Mr. and tlri-4-n Lain- l-'ire No., Green llano tlI'1'klll Lam- Hoagit- Shop, tlrt-t-n Lam' tlrt-vii Lani- Hosiery No., Inc., Green Lant- M. ll. tlodsliall, I-Lcd Hill Mr. and Mrs. Paul tlrill. East tlrc-e-nvillt- Mr. and Mrs. Ulautlt- tlralwr, East Grovnvillt- Mr. and Mrs. Plztiwiict- Gr-rliart. Red Hill Mr. .lolin th.-liris. East Grm-tivillo tlrt-t-ti l.ant- Hank. Green llam- Mr. and Mrs. tlxvt-n S. Hottnian. East tirt-t-nvilli Mr. and Mrs. .lavoli Hivstand. Palm Mr. and Mrs. Kvnnt-tli Hortzt-l. Suinmfytowti Mrs. Hilda B. Ht-il, Palm llclf-n Harker, East Grk-t'iivilltQ Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Hvidlt-r. East tlnlunvilli' ,Iacoli llartliolomt-xv, Zionsvillr- li. Il. Mr. and Mrs. .Xllit-rt Haut-r, East tlruenvilli- Mr. and Mrs. tl. li. Buzliy. East tlrt-t-nvillv Mr. and Mrs, Edwin 15. Btfniisr. Stiinnoytoxvn .lvan Buck, tlrvun Lani' Mary .lano Hardman. l,t'I'lilUlllt'llYlllt' Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Bartholonn-xr. East tlrt-1-nvill-' Mrs. Earl Brciy, East 4lrt-t-nvilli- Uounty Lime Mills. Palm Dr. E. Plc-avor, East flreeiivillt- Mr. and Mrs. Frank ll. tlltlav--r. Pliiladvlpliia t'a rl and Ruth Vlavton f'lai':tp.:'t1, Clayton Uarint-l's Btlauty Slioppt-, Pvnnsliurg' lt. llwslie Vlirismer, l3rug'gist, l't-misliiira' Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Vase, Pfirltiomvnvilli- Uassit-'s l'iv:tttty Sliopiw. Palm l-Ittgrviw t'ral't, Zionsvillo R. ll. Anna Carl. Zionsvillc- li. D. t'lt-aver Sons. Palm Lorrainf- t'arf-Y. East flretfitvillt- R. ll. l'liristman's Restaurant. East fil'C't llYlll4' l'aul Dimmigr, East tlrtrenvillt- Miss Mary Dattman, Stinint-ytoxvn Miss Katit- Dauman. Sunim-ytown ll. P. D--ist-liar, Rt-cl Hill Mr. and Mrs. Otto Dorr, tlrt-on llant- Mrs. lit-ssiv l'Jatig'li1-i'ty, livd Hill Fifty-five l oirt.-st .l. Henry. lied Hill U. XY. lAlllllSlJQl'H't'l' Estatc-, tlrnen Lane Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hariri-l. Rtld Hill Mr. and Mrs. Lukv Hurnvr, Red Hill M r. and Mrs. Vtarnon L. Hillvgass. lit-tl Hill Mr. and Mrs. Harry Htiiislim'g'0i', tlrieun l,:ini- Mr. and Mrs. Ht-rtvl, tlrrwn Lant- Williatn F. Hillt-grass II. lied Hill Hill Top Scrvictf Station. Old Zionsvillt- Mr. Mr. Mr William Ht-nning. Silvt-rdalv and Mrs. ltov Hendricks, lit-d Hill alid Mrs. Tliomas Hallman, East tlrt-vnvilli liusst-ll R. Kolli, Red Hill Mr. and Mrs. Morris Krauso, East K:l'0t'llYlllt' Cai 'oline Iql't'SSlf'j', East Gret'nvillt- lxrat't's Restaurant, l-It-rt-ford .lolin Kultns Jr., Grt'-mi llilllt' lilinlds Elt-vtric Storte. l3t'I1llSllLll'f1,' Mr Ulivwr liviiiiiioiw-i'. tlrec-n llantf Nli l ant Mrs. H. E. lfllllfl. Crt-t-it Lane l rt-cl Kimlilt-, Palm Mr and Mrs. Samui-l H. Kinilile- Sr., Palm Mr and Mrs. Henry llacliinaii Sr.. East tlrt.-4-nvi Mr and Mrs. l+'orrvst Long. Suinncytown Mr and Mrs. Harvvv I,c-slior, Uhaywl Mr and Mrs. XX'ilnit-r lleistt-r. East llrtwnvillt- M r IllllllIllllIIIIllllIllIIIIIIIIIIllIIllIllllllIIIIllIIIIIlllIlllllllIlllIlllllllIlllllllIIllIIllIIllIIIIIIllllllllillllIIIIIIIIIlIIllilllllllIIllllllllllllllllIIIIlllIIllIllIllllIlllllllllllllnllllll and Mrs. t'lit'tiord la'-lit-r, East tlrt-i-nvillv l 5 l PATRCDNS Mr. and Mrs. t harlt-s Lt-istt-r, East tlrt-4-nyilln Mr. and Mrs. Abner Las-hinan, lltzd Hill Mr. William H. Landis, East tlrt-Onvillte li. ll. 1 Mrs. Dorothy Leistttr, East tlrt-t-nx'illt- Mr. and Airs. litsitnaut-r. East tlrrvnvillv liaytlt-x Mfg. t't1.. Rt-d Hill Rnd Hill Hotel, Red Hill Red Hill Savings and Loan Assn., lied llill Eleanor Rotlit-iilmrg'ci'. ltted Hill lAlllig'2lCl'Q'S Mtrtlorn Dairy, Bally A Mr. and Mrs. Clarenco liichard, lit-d Hill Mr. and Mrs. Hunter I. Raymond, tlruen Lana Mr. and Mrs. lit-os, Grt-4-n Lani' l . M. lUiltl165IllKEI'l.l'CI', East tlroonvilltf Lestvr littinhart. Rod Hill Mr. and Mrs. Abner lmister. luast C1i'm-iiyillta Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Laystzr, East Gi'tfviiville Mr. and Mrs. Austin Marks, Palm Millvr Bros. tlull' Station, Red Hill Mr. and Mrs. Stanley NY. Moll. lltfd Hill Maclvlint- Moll. llvd Hill ltolwrt and Lorraine Mr. and Mrs. ll. Henry ltt-incert, lt:-cl Hill Mr. and Mrs. XYilhur Roiman, tlrt-4-n lianv lt:1y's llarlior Shop, East tlrf-envillv May-lltillu Bvauty Slioiiiit-. Red Hill Mr. and Mrs. la-on Moll. .lifsd Hill Miss ltuha Minnvr. Chant-l Mr. and Airs. IJ. liusst.-ll Moser, ltvtl Hill lltttl Hill l+'ir0 Po.. lied Hill Mrs. Elton Millter. Powtlrr Valli-y Itvtl llill lirooin NVurks. lit-tl Hill Mr. and Mrs. Ulintnn tl. Moyer, East tlrotrnvillt- Mr. and Mrs. Elini-r Hoitt--r. tli-vc-it Lant- Mr. and Mi's. XYaltter D. llannn, tlrvtjii Lantt lt. li. Naomi ltviter, .lfittd Hill Mr. and Mrs. Edward llot't', East tliw-Qiivilltt Mr. and Mrs. Louis .llOll'l0llliL'l'f.fG:I', East tli'04-iivilltf Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Hagrvnhuch, East i:l'k't'llX'lllt' Mr. and Mrs. Janius C. Ititrli0ltl0lt't'i'. East t2rt-ttii- Mr. and Mrs. l-larvvy Hills-gass. lit-d Hill villo Mr. and Mrs. XYilliain F. llillugass, lifid Hill Mr. and Mrs. Frank ti, Rotlit-nlwrgt-r. l-last tIrt-ttn- Mr. ltaymond Ht-iinhach, East Grw-nvillv ville XYaltttr llt-rbst, East Cll'00llVlllQ Mr. and Mrs. llanit-l l-iohrliach Jr., l vrkioin0n .l. t'. lloltzman, l's-nnsburg' llLAi2.tl1tS Mr. and Mrs. Milton XY. Hillt-p,ztass. lit.-tl Hill Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd liosonlwrgt-r, l'l'l'liltPlllt ll and Mrs. Howard Hassan, Fri-tlrirk Mr. Mr. and Mrs. XVallaCt.- Inilindy, East tli-vmivillti .lohnny's li2il'lTC1'Sllt'ill, East tli'teOnx'illt' .laCk's tlladiola Patch. Suninvytown .lvanvttt- and NVilmvr .lat-kite, Joyce, .lant- Mr. and Mrs. Earl liulp. tlrt-rn Lant- Paul H. Klinw, East tlreenvillte Kathryn A. Iiihhlt-litvuse, East tli'ett-iix'illt- llr. W. S. liistler, East Gi'r'vrivillQ Miss Minniv Krauss. Palm Kusvr Bros., lnc., East tQIi'0viix'illf.A ltvv. and Mrs. Howard Krauss. lied llill Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koons. Pttnnsburg: lt. li. Mr. and Mrs. .Rayinoncl A. Klinv. Rod Hill tit-rniaine Km-li. Rad Hill Edmund Kulins. East tlreonvilltf E. t'. Kuminvrt-r, Red Hill Fri-tl K. Klt-inlwach and Sons, tlrvt-n Lana Mr. and Mrs. Charles lit-rshnt-r. East tlrt-1-nyillv Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kulii. lit-tl Hill Karon Keck, lit-tl Hill Mr. and Mrs. Ashc-r Krit-lml. East tirtleiivillt- Mr. and Mrs. Mt-inhold. tlrt-E-n Lantt Moyt-r Bros. t'rt-aniery, Hntts t'hurt-h t'harltfs S. Mushttitn, Pt-nnsliurg' Mr. and Mrs. ldtiirmie Millar, Ziunsvillte lt. li. Elsitt Miller, Itttcl Hill Mr. anal Mrs. Ht-nry Malasky. lttitl Hill Martha and Strivi- Mrs. Mahvl A. Mack, East tli'0ciix'illtf Mr. and Mrs. l-luward Mack, Pterkioniten Httiglits Uharlt-s N. Moll tlrt,-ctirit-s, Rod' Hill and Mrs. Lucian Millar. Red llill Mr. Mr. and Mrs. XYnotli'nw Millar. East tlrt'-Gnvillt- and Mrs. Anthony Malasky. l't-rkiumt.-n Mr. He:i,2'h t s Mr. and Mrs. Elmt-r Moll. l't-rkionif-n Heights Mr. XYilliani Moyvr, Oholisk Mr. and Mrs. Josviih Nolft- Sr., Hutl llill Mr. and Mrs. Henry tl. Nt-usch. Toptun Mr and Mrs. Norman Xtfstt-r, East tlrrtonvillt- XYilly M.V0ttti, tlretln Lant- s No. lfitlz, East t.i'et1-iivillo lT'lorists. East tlrm-nx'illt- Mr. and Mrs. tirtlttr of tiwl l't-iiiisparlttei' 'iuiietor Sttirv, East tlreonvillv 'arco Products Ca.. East tlrt-t-nvillv H-rkioniun Sports tivnttar. llc-tl Hill H-rkionien Valley 'Vt-tt-rans llmno Assn.. lit-tl llill Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pt'lQig'0r, lit-rd llill Mr. and Mrs, Rayinonfl Prutznian. East tli'0t-iivilltt Miss Honfv l'i'roinni+-r. Sumneytown Mr. and Mrs. tieorgtt Phillips. l'ti1msliiiry.:' Dr. Propst and Family, Grown Lane tgtiiglt-y Ort-liard, Bm-litvlsvillv M r. and Mrs. Nr-lson ltichard, lit-d Hill l l l l lloiglits liaynier and SwOist'urrl From-n Food lmcktars. l't'IlYlSliLlI'i.f Mr. and Mrs. Plaudt- ltttiman, l't-nnsliurg' lt. D, 1 t'liai-les D. lilioads, Olmlisk Mr. and Mrs. John lt. Rhoacls. Obelisk Dr. and Mrs. XV. A. Snyder. East tirtft-nrillt- Srluwnly lallf.l'5.i'2lgC Co., Palm lfrlt-tla Schultz. East tlreenvilltz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stonebark, Red Hill Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Slioiiliei'g'tri'. .lied Hill Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Studflnrtith. East tlrt-t-nvillt Snytlor's Starts, East tlrucnvillr- Mr. and Mrs, t'harl9s Schull. East tliteoiiyillv Spaans Flowm- Shop. East Grtetwivillt- Shislt-r's Markvt, Pennsburg' Mr. and Mrs. Stoudt. Palm Miss Suzanna Schultz. Palm Miss Annetta Schultz. Palm Mr. and Mrs. l ra.nk Staul'l'0r, Palm Mrs. Lvna Stauiifrr, Palm S. lt. Stauitt-r tl:-nnral Stnrv. Palm Mr. and Mrs. l+'rank Str-vs-ns, East tli'e-Qiivillv Mr. and Mrs. liayinond Showell, Suinneytnwn Mr. and Mrs. Patil Steinman. East tliwciiyillti Miss Sara Snytlt-r. Sunnivytown Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Slviter, East flroonvillf-. ILD Mr. and Mrs. J. NVright Savks, East tIi't10iix'lllt- Spaar, Palm Mrs. liurncy Mr. and Mrs. Schrrzer, tlrvt-n Lant- Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stt-runs. Rod Hill XYilliain Slonakvr. East Grronvillt- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schtwnly. East Giwtviivillo Suinnivrs Markot, Zionsvilltt Mr. and Mrs. Fi'otlvi'iCli Staultt-r, tlltfy Raymond Srhultz. Red Hill Lloyd Saege-r. lied Hill Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harvvy Stoudt. lifed Hill lionald Siminon. tlrvnn Lane Mr. and Mrs. VVillis Steinman. East t2i't-f-iivillv Soll's Restaurant, ltml Hill Sir-her's Sm-vice Station, Red Hill May Snytlt-r, Red llill Mr. and Mrs. Fred St-hwonk, East Gl't't'llX'lllv Edward Sntet-lit. Ponnshurg' lt. D. Marilyn Stautifxr, East fli'et-iivillv Rita S. Smith. East tlroonvilli- Sarah Smith, East th't-vnvillv Mr. and Mrs. l. Victor Stahl. East Gi'cst-nville Mr. and Mrs. t'harl0s Swank. East Giw-1-livillo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schultz, East Grot-nvillc: Harold Schwenk, Rnd Hill Sturgis Pretzf-l Fo.. Rteading Mr. and Mrs. liuliert Shanttr, East tlrvenvillt- Mr. and Mrs. lit-rnard Schiory. East tlrcenvillv Mr. and Rlrs. litiland Shinton, Lansford Rut lit-4 i l Paul S. Spaar Inc., Uhapol i and Alvx l llill f 1I lg'P Rt-tl Hill ' 11 Sholluy's Restaii rant. Pt-nnsburg' R. E. Sterncr. l'0YlIlSl3l1l'S-1' lit-i1iiiiia'tAi's l+'mitl Markt-t. East tli'iet5siix'illt: l'tw's l-lrstaurant. East tlrocnvillte t Eva J. Smith. Pttimsburg' tlliillliillillllnlliillilltilniiltinlnilliimillillnunnlnuuninininunininuttinIimnumnninnItminimimiiinInllluiuimununilmluuliiiIininIlilllllllulllllnllmllllmlllilnllnllnllllulill C o N i P E R PATRONS Mr. :1111l Mrs. llanie-l V. Schell. Vvra lxl'lIZ Sw'-ist'01'f1 Storv. P9I1lISl,lllI'g' Mr. and Mrs Mr. andM1's. R. D. 1 M r. Ma Mr Mr and Mrs. I'I2ll'X'f'X Scliwuycr, I'1,'I'IiIUlIIl'II Ill-izilils Howard L.SI11-II1-53 I-last 111111-11x'ill11 Herbert Schantz. 111-cl Hill R0Ila11dStfn1g:.EaS1li1'1-1-11viII11 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. ry SIHI.1lAfK l', Easl f:I'L't'llYllIt4 . and . and Homer Slahl. R1-cl Hill Mrs. Elllll'I' Stahl, I'Ias1 1l1w-1-11x'iIl4- Mrs. fit-'l'll'I.l'I' Smith, I'l111111a11s I-I. IT. Mr, and Mrs. Paul SI1:11'1-r, I'l:usl lI1'1-v11vills' Ve-riia Svhultz. IVxt'lII1SlllIl'5L' ll. Il. cl Mrs. Harold Svliwuyq-1', l'1'1'Iii111111-11xill ,. Mrs. .lnhn Smvivz. I'l'l1llSIilIl'3.T . Isaaf' SIUIVHIIIIS. 4:I'l'l'lI l,anv Mr. an Mr, and Mr Mr. and John Ht l'I1i'l'L Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and I'l0I31'l'l Mrs. I'Ill'l Straulw, 121-1-1-11 l.a111,- SD2ll1LfIt'l'. Nast 1I1'1'-1'11viIl1- Sclmlfiily. East GI'l'l'lIYIlIt' MrS. l'lin1u11 Schm-11Iy, IH-1111sIv111'1: Il. ll. Mrs. liussa-Il l'. 'l'I't'XIl'l', East f:l'l'l'lIYI1Il' Mrs. liluln-rl 'l'I1f1n1aS. East lIl'l'0I1YIIII' Mrs. l'Ia1'--111111 'FI'l'ICIIIt'I', I':1l111 G. 'I'I1u111aS I'i0111-1-1' Stnrf'-. SlllIllIl'XlOXYll lim-V. and Mrs. Tallis. H11-1111 Ilan:- .luhniiy 'l'r1-icliln-r. I-last lil't'1'llYIIIl' M1 Incl M1 Nlmlm I' I 3 lid . I 1 X' ' JKVHS cas Iwd Hill warll l1'1-II111g.:'1l1'. 132151 f.1'1-v11x'1Il1- Flnvcl 'I'rvlIin grv r. East G1'1,-L-nx'ilIQ lif'Y. and Mrs. John NY. 'l'uClif-11. 13111011 11:1111- NI1 lnrl XI1 Jam flhlll Incl Hill .'s. 1 L-s'zfj',-'. '- ' Mr, aml Mrs. lI'111I. A. 'I'l11v111as. lCaS Mr. :1111I Mrs. lhllg, llrvc-11 l,:111v aml llrarff- XXX-iss. Palm lid Mr. and Mrs. flI'0I'f.l'4: NYalt, Kc-cl Hill IdI'll'l S Stow. Suniiicylown XY.- Williani H. XV0lfOI'd. SL11111iQB'1mx'11 Mr. and Mrs. H9I'lJE?I'K R. Wulf. ,l,l'II .I4-an M. XX'0lf. T'Pl1l'lSI,PllI'g' Ii. D. l1i1+1 11x1ll. IIS Mr. and Mrs luilifwt XYallc01'. Ili-rl Hill l'0T1I'ild Weiser. Beclitf-lsvillv Mr. and Mrs. Liiifnrd XY:-iss. East I 11f11x1lI4 XY1'igI11'S ReStauran1, Bally XYvyand Store, Pe-11nsIv111 '4 ur. and 111-S. M311-111111 113111-, 11.-L1 Illll llc-u1',2'e XXE101111'-1'l. In-cl Hill Mr. and Mrs. XV. XV. Will, Ezisnfliw-1-11x'1II1 Mr. and Mrs l'hi1I'Il'!4 XXX-iss. I'I11sl 1211-111x1II4 He'-St A, XYI1iIf-. l'1-vlis I'u114l IX1 I1S1f,11111x1II1 NI1' and Mrs. .Irvs-.-pli xyl'lllIl1XK'S . C: .- R. D. XYHXIIP and Naiufy 1 Mr. and Mrs. .Xflolf XX'11ll'. I!'l1IlSlllll'Ff Il lm ' ll4l I121f11111x1lI1 Mr. and Mrs. l'auI I.. Willy: G: S Mr. Irwin Y1'1'g'v1', I'1f1111sln11'g' Il. Il. Mrs. Harry lj, Yrvsl, Its-cl Hill Mr. and Mrs. ICIIIIPI' Yr-rk. lla-fl lIiIl IRIIIIHI' Ylwuiipr. Ill-ll Hill lllclith Yi,-alivl, Ziuiisvilll- Mr. and Mrs. Illlllliill Yulll-r. Ziuiisvillm- Mr. and Mrs. Uharlos Zvpyy 191W-11 Ilan. Mrs, 4'IlI'l1lIIIP Z1-pp, I'1-1111:4I1111',Q' lllulllulllllllllllllllllHnllllIllIllnlllllulullullllllullIllIIll11111lllllnlIlllullllllIllIIllIllllIlllllllllllllllIllhlIlllllllllllllllllllllllullllrlllIIll1111ullllllIIllullullI1111lu11111111lllllullllullllllllll Fifty-seven 1 9 5 1

Suggestions in the East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) collection:

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East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 9

1951, pg 9

East Greenville High School - Conifer Yearbook (East Greenville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 12

1951, pg 12

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