East Grand Rapids High School - Interlochen Yearbook (East Grand Rapids, MI)

 - Class of 1945

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East Grand Rapids High School - Interlochen Yearbook (East Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 26 of 74
Page 26 of 74

East Grand Rapids High School - Interlochen Yearbook (East Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 25
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East Grand Rapids High School - Interlochen Yearbook (East Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 27
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Page 26 text:

N WS OF DU BARTO ELMS C0 FERENCE I I X1 I P 1 X 1 I 1-r l 1 1 I P N IIU I Ill 1 1111 111 1- K 111111 N 1' 11 F lx 4 XQIX NI N0 , . 1,5 x1 11 1 IIUII I IH0 I 111x 1I1111 1 Q1 1 g 1 1 1 If 1 11 ,I I f X1f III 1. I x 1 X1 11 ,. 1Ill 1111 1 L-P , I 1 I1 I1 11 1 111 14 xv 111111 xx 1 11 I 1 111 xx I-' 1 I I-' 111 ,. 1 I I I IU H11 l N Il 1 1 111111 YI I xx 111 1 . 'X ll H U I XX ll U I IH 1 N 111111111 14 1111 I 1 X Q' 4 I I I 1 I N IN 0 I N I 1 1 . N 1 11 N 1 11 - IXXII I I I 111111111111 1 I 1 1 1 x xx1Il 1 1II llll IIN III 1 ll II H- 4111111 Q4 11. fl II xx 11' 11 -11 I x ' llll KX 1XI 11111 '14 P10 1 1I 55 I. 1 1-1 14 I 111 11 1I 1 I311I1 HIIII 1 1 N 1 1 111Ix x1x ,I I 11 s 1 I N II 1 II1 X I II I 1 I 1I N 111 x 1 X I 111 1 11 I III II1 III.'I I'X III I,I FII II1111I1111'11111 IQII11-. IXIIIIIIILIXI I XI'I Big 1-x1-1111 1111- I11 IIII' 1-Ix1I -1-1'x1111 1-x11111111111i1111. XI13 XI1'X1Ix' x1111'1I111I II11' xx1 'I1I II1 IIlliIx-II1 Ilf'l'1'. .11 1I11- XX'1I1'I1I I'1111.111-11111' I'1I11I1-1111111-. 11I11x1'11111I I1i1'i11g1 LIN I11- 111'1x11I1- X111 1'111111'x XIINX lxir ' ki . I1I11111J1'Ix' IKIIII III 11--111111 1I1'1I1'1' 111 Ll xx1I1'I1I Ill 1'I11111-. I111- 1'1I1111- I11 ll -111-11-1-I11I Ii1III11INI11'. I111' 1-1'Ix I'111 Ix1IIk1I-ki. II1 x II-I1 II -I111 gi1I 11111-'I11-11111. I111' 111111-I1i11: 111 N1-1I1I1- 1111I 11111111-111 I111 'I I1'I' II III1' lIlllI 11111511 111I1I1'I. XXI 'Il 11-I141-1I I1 1' .1 11111 '1 'III IIII tI11 1I 1'1- I-i1I11- I't'Il4I1AI'1'lI 1llIlI 1I11-111'1i1111sI11Iw11 II5' 1I11-xx1I'I1I I1-.11I1-1'-. IIlAlII1'I'. XI11 XI1'X1Ix 1111-1'11Ix N111iI1-1I 111 I11-111111 111x'N11'1'i11111 115 xxI111 11g11'11111I 111 111'i111'i1II1-1111 1111-1'x1I1111g1. III Ll -11111-11111111 IN'llt'lI I1'1I111 1I111 XX'I1i1 II111N11 XX'1J1I1 N1I11x 'II11' 1'I1i1-I 1l4lX4'I'llIII2 II1I1Ix 1II IIIY' I'1111111'1-111i1' I.l'1lglllI' xxiII I'1'1'N11I1-111 I'1111'11-1.1 II1 1111111111 1'1-11111111111-111I1-1I III IIII' I'111111'1'11Ii1 II1- 1I111 I'11111111'.1111- 11111111-il. 1-1111-i-111111 1II Illl -111111i111111I 1'1-II11-- I'1I11x1'111i Ill IIIQII IlI'I' N' IQ'I1lI'X 1II I..1II1I1' I 11i1I11N. IILIIIIIII1 Il1I -1-11111Iix1-N. 'I'I11- 11111 Ix 4'Il1INI'II 1I111i1'1111111 1II 1I111 I,1111111'iI ix II111'1'x, I11- 11111 Ill 1'I1111'p11 1II' II11- 111-xx li11.i1,,-.. I.,111,11il, II1. IilIIl'- IQ. XI1 I1IIIII. xxI1 I11- 111111Ii1i1-N 1II I1'.11I1-1'-I111I. s1I11111I 1'1-I111-N1 xx.1N 11111-1'1Ix1'1I 11111I 111111111-1I II1 ll x1I111 1II 1I11- 1'1I11x1-11 llI1IgIll1'llI. :1111I sLiII1-1I 1Ii11I11111111-x 1111- I'1'I'01llIIl1'II 1I11'1111:1I11I11I 1' 11. 1 I -Ill 1'1- II11'11 XIV. IIf'I'l'X I111N II1-1111 Ill,X 111I1I1I'11i11g, 1I11- XIIIIIII. VIIIII' 11111I11i1111111-111 1II' XII-N ,l1x1111111'I1111- X1-1'I11'11 -'1'1- 1-11111111I111'1- I11-111I-. .ILIll'N I', XI1'Il1-rrx. 1111-Ni1I1'111 1II 1I11- I ,. 111 N1'I'Xt' II11 1I11- II1I11111'iI IIQIN 111111111-1I il g1I1II 1I1-111 1II' 1-1I1111111'111. 511 N1i111- Uil 1.1I1111I1111x. 1111 I11 1111- LIN II11' IIIFI 11111111.1111 111 l'NIlI'l'IilIIX 111111111,1 1I11- lll1'll I11 11111'111I11111-1-. HII1-11 1111-111I11'1'N 1II 51-II 1'Xl'I II'l'NIl 1I1111-1I 1IiI xx11f 11111 in I'Ilill'gIt' 11I11II I'111'I-. 'l'Ii1 II111 01111111-II 1111' I,illII IIll'Ix. 1I111- 1II 1I11- I1'111Ii11g ilgll'Il'llIIlll'LlI 11111I1I1'I11111 11111I11i1111111-111 xx11. 11111111-1I1'1I IIx' XIV. ,I1111I11 H1111-I1 1'XIl!'l'IN Ill II11' 1-1 llIlll'X. XIl'l'ill'lI Ii111II. I,I'1II,1'N 111' 1II S11-' Inu! XX1'II'IxlllIX Il XXVIIII 511'-1 Ix1- 1111, xxI1 ix I'f'IV1lI'Ik'1I 111 IIQIXI 11 II11- I'11ix111'-11x 1II ll1'11111I II111i1IN. llIllI 121-1'111'1I I.1- I1 111 '. 511111, XIx g11111I111--F. I111 1'i1Ii1- I IIS!-l 1111I ' 1II' 1I11- 1-111'1'1-111 II1-NI 5I'II1'l' N11. Xllll S1iII l:1llI.I 'I'11I111 It W1 I Ymlh- Xlr. II1 1'x 1111111111111-1I XII. ,Illlll F11-11 11s I11111111'i11I 111IxIN111' 11I 1I11- II11.i1111-Q I. 't1111-. si111-1- III I 'I FI'It'II1IIX' I,01111 IDIII- TI1 i 1'iI Illl. 111I1I1Ii11I1-1I ll I1',ifI111ix1- 11 lHlllIIl1'0'. 11111I1-1' llilllf is1'I1151'Iy 1Ie1I 1111 x'iII1 Illl 1'11'11i I1111I 111111111-11. XI1: F11' IR II1 1Ii1'111-1i1I11 1II II11' 1'11-111-1'11-1I lI1i1-I .I11-1i1-If 1II II11- sllIII'l'Ill1' 1111 -1'1--1 in tI11- I1111111111- 111111111111-I1 I11 I111.i11 Ill' IIt'lllF. IILIN I'1I111'I. I I1111'I1III1- III1-I11111111. xxI11I I111111I1-1I 1I1Ixx'11 Nll4'Il il 1111I1111-11- 1'llllrl'lI III 11lI1I11111I1111-111 111 II1- lllI'I xx'i1I1 1:-111-1'11I 111I1I1'1III111i1111 1111. II-1-1111111 I11 II11- 4'll5l' III II11- IXlll'Illll'il I.111I1-r Sil SI11-1-11 Ilix IxI'1'Il I11'I111- - 111'111111-11 11115 -I111xx'11 Ill I11 I'1'l'f'llI s1-I1-1- 11111 9I111111p1I1I 1-1I1111I1111y xs. 1I11- XI111'1'i11 'X1111-N X1'1iI11-i11I I':X'l'IilNIl 1II' Xlifs ICI11i111- XIilI'IxllXA. x11-II-I1111Ixx11 111 f1I1'i11I 1'i1'11I1'Q. 11+ I1iN 1-1I1111I1111x. II1i1-I ,l11.1i-1- IIi1-I11111111 I111- -11111-1I 1I111I I1- xxill 1I1-1'- 11111-I 1Ii1'1-1-11111 II1-1' xx'i1I1- 1-x1I1'ri1'111'I' SIIUHCI thi. IIN I111' I'llllrllIl xxitI1 II11- I11'111 1II II, II1I111g1111-11 SXXLIIII 11111I Sllllf. 1II IIIIIIII' Ilf'l' i11x'11I1111I1I1-. I.11111 Ill' Il1I1'g11'. 'I'1'X1IF. lI111'1I1111 II11 'Ixilx-. 1'X-1I1III1I1'11I I111-X III H11-1 Il1'11111I II1lIIi1I-. XIi'IiL1111. 1111I I11- I11-111-I11111111. II1I1111I1I I I' 'I A I' LN 'MMI' D Vi' BV' ' ' I 4 'i'I '1I Il ll gl . 21.11. um.. il, uM,,,im,.,l U, th.. Ivgiglutiu, 1.0mm-m,', II1-Ii1I1'111I11-rs I111' II1-11III1 11111I II111 111111--s 1111111111151 1 '11 1,,.1.mN. il ml, g,.m.mlIy 14.11 than tlwil. um.. l,,,1ili..nI www.. IIlll II11- -I111'11g- 1II' I'1IX' 11111111ri11Is III ,ElI'l LlIIX' 1 wt 1I11 1'11-111-r- xx1I11I1I I11- ' 14 .I,l,.. 1111111111111 ' I 31 -. II1- II 91 .1 I 1 -il i11x' f1 1111I il f11111-1111-111 IIILII' I1x 111'1'I1111'11I11gis1 XI111'x' XI11y11. 'I 1' I11 ,II - Th. l,.gj,lutjx,- 1-111111111111-v I11- llll Illll '1i1I11i11g 11111111-1I11111-lx. lllf' 11i1I111-1I IIIIII xxI1iI1J XXilll1II'I'IIIgl Iflblll IIl'l' li-'I-IIIAQ 1 1 1 '1- II- IIVNI 111'1 II1AI11 111 111'1Ixi1I1- I111' II1- 1'I1-1'111I11 III 1111 I111-1v 14 N. -I11- I1111I 1'1I1111' 1ll'I'055 I11rg. 1I I Ni1s1II Il'lIll I11 I112 li ll 11 11111i1I111I Sheri . 111 5111 lI !N 1I11' 11111111 LIIIII 1 11f1 1I1111 1111- -11 IILINIII, II11- 111111-1I II1' 'illll I1x1111 1'. R1II11r111 XX'iIx1I11. 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Ilil 11111-1'1-1I 111111-1-1I111111111x II1- 1-x1I1-1I11i1I11 LIN I111N XI11'iIx11 Il11111III11. 1111--11I11111'x', VIIIIQ' 1-x11111I1111I11 1- 111 NIQIVI 11111 Ill LI 1111I111I1 111' -11 I1'1I111 X1- IIIIII' IIQILIIIIIILI I'1Ix11' LIIIII Il 1I1' Iv' ,I1 111117 111 f1111LiII111'. xxI1A1I1 IN v pl '- -' I . - ' ' ' A 11xx '1I 11111I 1II11'1'.111-1I I11 ,I111111'- IQ. XIIII1'1'. III. . ' II X X . I 'I N . 'I'1'1111N111I1111Ii1111 xx.1N 11111 111 1I11- IlllIllIN IDI, Xl111'x Il1'i11111-II. , ' I, A , 11II1- 1Ixx111-11 1II 1I11' I'1I111I I11 II11111111111- 1111I II11xx11ii F11-111114111 f 5 I ' , ' 8' I.IIll'N. :1111I XI111'iIx11 I1I1II11. 111511111-1'1'i11: xx1Z11'I. IIHNI111--N1111111 .Ii111 I1II'I'lIllI. 1Ixx11 -1' 11I 1I111 I'llIAI' l'1-I111 I'1'1I IIIVI' I1I1'111I1'111i1I11 D 1 g11'11.11Ix 1111111'1Ix1'1I II11- :11I111I11111111-111- 111 I111 1111-1-1-I1 111 II11II Q ' XXipxx.1111. N, III. .1 1 1II IIi11x,1II1:1. II1111-111-1I11--1111I111I1 Q I'lIIlIll'I 1-1-. Il'1I'lIIIX 1'I1'111'1I II1i1'I 1II II111 XXigxx11111, 1- 11111 '1I 1 ' 1 I111' I1i- -I 11'1 1.11 11I.11 II1-x1I1I1-1111-111 1II 5I1III111 1I1I1 1I.11111. L X 111111111111 111' I111 II11- 11111-1-1111111111 1II 111Il1I1'1- xv N1'I1'1I1'1I X 111 II11- 11111x1'11111I11 LIN ll 1I111'11 ll'-IIII III ll -I -1'1'1 I1 IIx I1I11x-I x 11111I1-x111II111I111111g111I11,I1'11'x I1Il1I11N. II11- xg 11-111 I1.1'11li1I1-1I 'I'I111 11III111.1I NII11 1II 1I11' I..1II1I1' IIIIIIIIH, x11ll II1- 1111IIIINI11'1I 111 11.11115-I1I111 I1I1111 I-x III1' IILIII I1III11u1-11 I'11IIIINI1i1111 I'1I11111g111x .1111I II1 II1 NI1 III. I-11.11-11I III II11IIxxx 111.11II11-11-111111111II1IIIx' 21

Page 25 text:

1 ,llar lla I 1 4 I 0 f X I . M s x n 4 A ,ff nu lg. 1 mm z I ll fraw n U 0 1 if I J Il Pb il Q Q Idl l lfl II I ll VPN llx r I 1 SK I l H ll Q 1 N P , I I I 01 ll 1 I Ilhlll QV l N W I IPPTII Tlfllf HN If all Y I I I uw 1 P fr N 150 N N 4 N I 1 C X I mlun n llwr ff If fmt . r If H Il I I IHI1 ll I Q Y mug 11 0 e m NI' 0 r f v II f ly N N X N 0 UF rax I BEAUTY FORMUMQ Q X I MIX 1 mt r Xndc-r on x ILI YI S 11' mall! lr r In l I X ldllgf IF Ulll U 4 all! r QU 1 N f I X lex 1 1 h l +- 1 IX X 1 N 1 1 ne n Ill HN H4 I e - lllfs I 1 4 X1.:iIy11 4 'wk lruxr- tu Vvgggy Ilil ml hs-r rv'-f-rw:-11. 1 'rm- Eng bm uty. ' 'N f .lm-k HIINVII flliHl1l'N .muy frmn hi- --.lllrm lung Vlllrllllll tu J Q y 6 tvll ll- lull lwniug it In Hui XX-lIiIlf'I'y with tlnl lmpf- that limi , 4 , will lruw ax Illllfll lmk in hmlinu ir1t'1 Nti11g: -llIljf'4'IN ax hr' xx 5 6 1Ii1I. , ' 5 Nlaavlwlirn- Nluir sillx hw' lm 'ly rmilx tu Nlilliw- Kung 1f'. In 1- 411111111 f4II'llll'lIl.11fIll-I ln- vuuuht lumpy imp. Willis-. I1-rry lnuk- pal--rx nn Mix tvmxi- I'il kf'I tml 14k Sx 4111. Q-Im l J, -hrs lvl uv! Ll1jlPlPl71l'f Irnfil from tlli-. 4 Q i UJIII Min gun 11 lnwtmw ll4'I' N' rr llff'-NNI! ' 'I' 'atc xv ' . , . . ll ll Ile-rman lwilllllfll- hix I'UliNhf'Il IIIQUHIVI' ani ,xml xii lm lx- tn Xl Hivkx. Yu am- r:-ally well equiy I ml n w. U. Q ' Wil-un W:-igl:-. l'l?'ilI'illSl hi- tllrmlt. IWQIIHIIIIN llix lHlNIlfHI- uw- lo 1.14 K fHIIllilIl. IJ Vu! lhlulluglml ssillx In-r lv'i-In-Inlulv ,ya-N to Hill 'l'n-st 'l. jp. thu H,li.,,,,.ljL PM? Hvt-5 lhvll :I4-vlully tu--:Ax lim' 1llH4'4Ii0Il ni Ililllwlx In Hill'IYil'I'il Wfflrlf-3 pu-wx un 'IPI' ximlily 14, WIUQU, qjlm,HI,,,,.liH- lllv' llINl-illllllllllllll fl4'IVilIIIllI'lII 11111 III'l'4lIIIl'k ll Nillll ul l'1'li1t YY' Ilt'ill' iI.NiU'lli4'V'1I Ntrivtly will l1INiIillIIill pillx. ,lfvllll NH IQ lUN!liNIlIF l 'lNf'- Ili- f-lfll l'-- 1lSiH l'iH' R51 4711 .lx I V! X 5 mx t,.umI,,,t Ulm' H:U.,vy llmllvx. KIM, ability In Xlr. Xml:-uwn, XM- xsuml:-r ii Ilan! 11.111 dllflllillf Slllblllll Vrnht IO' Ihix lN lllf'Nt um! rm' nukf- il Il.IIIl' f r I 'IU 'I h hix xl- ' 5 - hi! vlf. flu! IIQ-N-4I11l'im1N!y uillxhu-l'frzurl1 Im le'tIe'lNIu!Y1w- lk' l3zx'lr.1ru Hl'lll'IlllI'I' paws- rm In-r Qflfl4l'llf'i Ill7lPI' pulivy If IHIH 'U '- H I ' PU HV! -lx Hlim? -lk NIH' 'ii'l- 5 5- .115 '4' HQIVIIIIRUI. I'l'a11'li1'4' lllillxfx pe'l'fw't. .Ivy -r. Xx,,,,,,,. yulu l,.M,.x IN., fum. Imir, nf H-lm, Nt RUS, M .lim Fuwl 1-ullxpnxa-wily I4-aww lui- I x- -PIII null Ivana- 'vm any :irl who think- -lw Ilan In-gb pr:-tly 4-nuwl In xx -gn' ilu-In gmlivy to Hula l.fAf'. IM IA! MH 'l'I'f 'llll ill 4lII4'l'. Illll!'i1'b'. X11 ilyn flzuululw- mul Xlrx. Mnk - - 'lmnggv irnfwtinll- H1-lv Hir1l,.f- If-uw-N hh ' I I nt kr ml.-flgw uf lighting In uiggfla'-. 1llflll'Q' liixin' 'l1lll'ilfI'l' Ill'4lllll ti4lllN. Harlv Huym-, I quvuth- he 1-1 f l f ' ll' N- v N - Mary I.: ll Wmle- .ngw-n-N In If-mr hw pivturv- wi Inn Nl. nvttr- F11-4-hr-r. 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Page 27 text:

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