DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN)

 - Class of 1948

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DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 29 of 60
Page 29 of 60

DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 28
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Page 29 text:

Name Pauline Lambert Iohn I-inics Ann Morrow Kenneth Merritt ,Ioe Morrow Sibyl Page james Muhtig III Rose Murphy Billy Moody N a n cy Newell Oscar McClintock Virginia Ann Reed Cali in Pendley Lucy McDonald Patil Kuykendall Erma Martin jean Ritthison Bobby Pope Faye Shepherd Marie Pipkin Robert Muhlig Ruth Ray Raphael Rites, Ir. Peggy Story Vernon Spurlock Do rot h y Sw in ea Ray Stephens Doris Toml t nson Earl Swensson L. K. 'Thompson Mildred Thom pson Groyer Warren Katherine Williams Albert Williams Margaret Williznns Dorothy Wright THUMBNAIL SKETCHES ,Yirkmlnte Polly ,lat k 'l'am Ken Aloe T. joe Precious Toot Bill Egghead june Ollie Ginny Ifireball Black Lou I'eanut My Friend Iirtna Sweetpea Doc Shep Tiny Muhlig Loyergirl junior or Rifle Frosty Trigger Itltfioy Dot Baby Ray joe The Iiarl I-lot Lips Milly Snake Doctor Kat Dogkennels Champ Pete .Uertntlcrs Il'iIlt Lillian Hoskins Caltin Pendley Mildred Henderson Faye Shepherd john Bowman Ioe Cray Gloria Napier Iii elyn and N ancy -litnmy Fischer Fx elyn and Sue Abbie and Sheep jimmy Denton K Ann Fleming jack Knies jean Ritthison Hawkins Sennie Brisby Lucy Mcllonald Stephens and Carter Virginia llullines Peggy Story Swensson and Moody ,lean Ritchison K Lucy McDonald Gene Dayis and Pfllgl' Marie Pipkin and Forrest Kenneth Merritt G, C. X Doris Caryer and Pope Joe Barnes Ililly Moody johnny Hopkins and .Io Dorothy jackson Pope K Swinea Agnes Bass and juniors Ross McClintock Billy jo Bradley Wanda Dukes illoilo A good piece ol' atlyire: don't give it Xeter do today what you can put off until tomorrow Success is the stability of ottr faiths Don't let study interfere with your education Hard to loyeg easy to leaye Lots of people spend time making money and then spend money killing little A boiling temper cooks your own goose The best way to have friends is to be one Money isu't everything: the guy with ltl million isn't a bit happier than the guy with EI million dollars Ciotl bless the boys: I lore them all Bot-s, beware of leap year I can resist anything but temptation Like the deep bltte sea, always caltn Don't take life too seriouslyg because you don't get out of it alite anyway To love and be loved Eyeryhody is ignorant: only on dif- ferent subjects .-'. little more sleepy a little more slumber If we can make it to Squirrel Lodge we'll be okay If ignorance is bliss: then I liye in paradise Keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a foolg open it and proye it Money isn't eyerything, but it sure helps ottt the hnancial situation If silence is'golden, make room for me at the poor house lf shc's dumb enough to belieye it. l'll dish it out Prepare for the worst: httt hope for the best Respect yourself enough to make others like you 'lime and tide wait for no man: but I'Il be different llon't let studying interfere with your education flood nature and good sense are good companions The best way to kill time is to work it to death Reputation. like glass. is easily broken and neyer quite mended Striye hardest for the things wanted most I'tn not just a doctorg I'nt a snake doctor Loye tnanyg but trust few Do it while you can or somebody will beat you to it Neyer get discouraged-things could be worse Nab 'emg nag 'em, neck 'em, and neglect 'em .-I nt Inilion To he a good skater 'l'o get an easy job 'I'o obtain success 'l'o make Faye Shepherd Mrs. Merritt 'lio raise white faced rattle in Alabama To learn to play the piano Be golf professional at St. Andrews in England To he a bachelor girl To he an electrical engineer To keep Corky away from Iiast Nashyille To be a coach To meet the ideal tnan To he ati I-'III agent l'Iay the Hippodronie Organ lie a pharmacist and own Perry Drug Store To be an air stewardess l'o grow tall enough to look her boy friend in the eye To get a back seat in Miss Cowgill's room 'lo find the goose that lays the golden egg 'I'o loye and be loyed 'l'o he a waiter at Toots Shors' 'Iso see Miss Iflowers cut her hair Become principal of Du Pont You guess itg we can't To be manager of Sulliyans To marry the man she loyes To be the best educated hobo just to get married lio be a photographer for lisquire l'o be coach of the girls' swimming team at Michi- gan L'niyersity To meet that ideal man Io own a drug SlO1'C 'lio "raise" young Roses l'o be principal of lin Pont Higlt 'I'o be a professional tennis player To marry Pete tZlmrurlerisIit7 Talkatiye nature Knowledge of sports ller weak ankle His pool shooting His 5 feet I3 inches, length Always has a regular companion in thttrth Golf ability Friend to eyeryo Long. lean and ue lanky Her nose trouble I't'ettiness flood looks Beingsa regular ball of lure Those "out of this world" jokes flood looks Sweetness Ability to do so many things at once I.oye of a good titne Angelic yoicc Her intelligence The nutnber of dates he can crowd it1 a week Her ability to be a loyer girl Lore for one girl Good looks tlootl attitude Good looks Big blue eyes and blond hair Ability to work and make excellent grades Ability to know where Student Council members are To always know some dirt on Hopkins Iler beautiful last name .xinlity to stay on the job Ability to get along with people Sports Tennis ability Always having a man

Page 28 text:

Whv he difficult when with little Ability to remain un. Nrmze lli0IIIlIIY Adams Laura j. Ashwortlt Andrew Baker Agnes Bass Melvin Baker Dorothy Hinkley joe Barnes Billie jo Bradley john Bowman A senat h Brisby l'aul Carnahan Dorothy B ro w n Charles Carver Carol Collins Freeman Cowherd Terry Davis Eugene Davis Mareelle Denton james Denton Lillian Iiann Charles Doty livelyn Ferguson james If isch er Anne Fleming Charles I-iloyd Dorothy jackson W' i l l iam G reen Peggy jones I larry Cupton Mildred Henderson johnny Hopkins Lillian Hoskins joe james Virginia Huflines Robert jones Sue Ladd Charles Judd THUMBNAIL SKETCHES Nicknanie Pembroke jeanie Andy Handsome Mel Dot Barnsie Bill Bates Sen n ie Einstein Dot Red Sttge Doris Terror Whaeker Hon J- D. I.ill Kramer live Ifish Beautiful Corky Dot Speedy Poser Gup Midge Hoppy Ltll Beaky lluif Buck Susan Tennessee .lleunrlers With Andy Baker ltlargaret Reed Carver K 'l'ommy Adams Katherine Williams Billy Reynolds Mareelle and "Cup" Doris 'l'omlinson M a rgaret XVilliams Fischer and joe Morrow Erma Martin Andy Baker Ilot jackson Stephens and Pope Anne Fleming and Clayton Calvin Pendley and jack Knies habra and Burch Raphael Rives llot Binkley Virginia A. Reed Lillian lloskins jimmy Muhlig Sue Ladd and Nancy Newell Moody and Bowman Carol Collins Hensley and Sue M ild red Thompson jackie Graham Raphael Rives Gene Gore and Dot Ann Morrow and Carol Collins L. K. 'thompson Lillian lfann Burk jones Faye Shepherd joe james and C. L. judd Evelyn Ferguson and "ligghead" Robert jones Molto Be a live wire and yott won't get stepped on I ain't lilly: it just takes a lot of rest for me Tliere is no genius without a mixture of madness Love is intoxicating: and hie' am I drunk! An empty barrel makes a lot of noise Live while yott live and then die and be done with il True worth is being: not seeming Work is :t wonderful thing To plant a seed of success in the sands of titne and sit back and watch it grow When pleasure and duty clash: let duty go to smash liat, drink, and be merry: for t0- morrow is test tlay Better for tlte feet to slide than the tongue When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it Cltararter is made by what yoti stand tori reputation, by what you fall for Always be ready to shake, rattle or roll The ntind that is anxious about the future is miserable The IIILIII who doesn't love wine, women. and song is dead Make tlte most of yourself berattse that is all there is to YOII When one thing leads to anotherg be hesitant to follow ellort yott can be impossible First comes tlte labor. then the harvest Lote is a fearlul thing: bitt Im a brave girl ,-X woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke Whatever you do, do wisely: and think of the tonseqttences l-'intl 'em, love 'c-m, forget 'em Listen to everyone-'s adxitep tlten do as you please Iiet yourself it red head It's hard for an empty bag to stand upright Why study when you can sleep? l'here's good in the worst of us, and bad in tlte best of us l'he-re is plenty of room at tlte top ol the ladder ol success without pushing someone else oil Sonieday l'm going to fall in loveg just now l'tu waiting for an tn- spiration Don't get married and tuake one happyg stay single and make them all happy If .study is the rause of death, I'll live forever I'm as good as the best and better than the rest She that hatlt patience can aceomplislt anything If you're tired of girls, Iill get rid of them for you .-l ntlniliou To be owner of a squirrel lodge 'l'o be a suecessful secretary To do some interplanetary traveling l'o be an air hostess 'l'o own his own shoeshop To be a buyer for Saks Sth Avenue l'o marry and settle down To keep my thoughts from wandering, when I shottld he contentrating To take over Mr. North's job Same as l2rma's To set tip a business with Baker To be a secretary See Gene Gore get his tobacco check To pass four more years of English To be a high school teacher To be Clark Gable's private DIITSC 'l'o make Lueille a member of the Davis clan 'l'o be as sleepy when I go to bed as when I get up 'l'o give the Memphis Dental School a hard time 'lio be a secretary tio to l physics unrh and get to on time 'l'o he happy 'l'o he a retired Sou California millionaire thern at 21 l'o be an air stewardess Sit back and watch the world go by To type 75 words a minute To own a lleet of eonvertibles To hnd an easy job To get out of Miss Perry's homeroom To be an authoress To keep Madison a free terri- tory To be a good skater To be a school teather Same as jennie's 'l'o he a lady killer To lite in Madison To be a pool shark Clun'nrIeri.stic His Kenturky drawl Silence Seriousness Her eute dimplc Quietness Her black, wavy hair His dapper appeuranre Long, blonde hair Ilis influence in Madison Her walk His brains Her height Flaming red hair Her ability to keep quiet in noisy Company Interest in girls basketball Her cute clothes His live hy fire build Her walk Ability to stirk to one seen and unheard Tennis ability lfine company she keeps Ilis walk and drawl Willingness to work His trips to East Nashville Quiet voice His porcupine hair Her dark complexion Basketball playing Her brains His ability to know something on CYCYYOIIC Love for one man His height Her neatness That strong right arm Her love for Madison boys Harmonica playing

Page 30 text:

THE JUNIOR CLASS CARSON NIANNING BILL SMITH JOE GRAY .. , RALPH DENNY . . JOHN SNIITH , . . -lovcli CLAY ., l'1CKOI.S SHEDDEN NIARH: SHARP .. OFFICERS . . .President . . ,Vice-President Secrelary-Treasurer . . . .Reporter . .Sergeant at Arms .Sergeant at Arms .S'lu1Iz'nt Counril Iff'fH'l'Si'Ilfflfi'l'C' Sludent Council Representative

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