DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN)

 - Class of 1948

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DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 26 of 60
Page 26 of 60

DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 25
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DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 27
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Page 26 text:

DONALD RAY STEPHENS Citizenship Club '45, Class Play '47, Glee Club '47, Honor Roll '47, Chemistry and Physics Club '48, Representative to Student Council '4S. DORIS BELL 'TOMLINSON Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Dramatic Club '45, '46, Beta Club '47, '48, Reading Club '47, '48, journalism Club '47, '48, Secretary '47, '48, School Paper '48, Assistant Editor '48, D. E. Club '48, Glee Club '47, Class Treasurer '48, NIILDRED LOUISE THOMPSON Home Economics Club '45, '46, Photography Club '48, Girl Reserxes '48, Beta Club '48, Honor Roll '45, '47, '4S. EARL SIMCOX SYVENSSON Tennis '45, '46, '47, Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, '48, Football Manager '46, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Secretary- Treasurer of Class '46, Art Club '47, Vice-President '47, Class President '47, Annual Staff '47, Student Council Representative '47, '48, Chemistry and Physics Club '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Reporter '47, Boys' State '47, Student Body President '48, Letter Club '47, Art Staff '48, Civitan Key, COHD. A. R. History Medalist. GROVER CLEVELAND XVARREN lfootball '45, '46, Vice-President of Class '45, '46, '47, D. I-1. Club '47, President '47C Journalism Club '47, Sports Editor '47, Physics Club '48, Vice-President of Student Body '48, Student Council '48, Annual Stali '48, Citizenship Club '45, Hi-Y Club '46. KATHERINE A. XVILLIANIS Girl Reserves '47, '48, President '47, '48, Representative Student Council '45, Girl Sergeant at Arms '47, Letter Club '48, Sergeant at Arms '48, Basketball '47, '48, Sergeant at Arms of Class '48: Miss Du Pont High '48, Friendliest Girl '48, Most Popular Girl '48, Sports Editor, Annual Staff '48, Best All-Round Girl '48, Football Queen '48, ,l. L. Primm Cup Award. IQDNA NIARGARET YVILLIANIS Tennis Team '45, '46, '47, '48, Captain '45, '46, '47, '48, Home Economics Club '45, '46, '47, Reading Club '47, Dramatic Club '46, Honor Roll '45, '48, D. E. Club '48. ALBERT EUGENE WILLIAMS Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48, Baseball '45, '46, '47, '48, Reporter of Class '45, All- Nashville Football '45, '47, All-Nashville Baseball, '45, '47, Hi-Y Club '45, '46, '47, Letter Club '47,- Glee Club '46. DOROTHY BIAI .XVRIGHT Basketball '46, '47, '48, Manager '48, Dramatic Club '46, '47, Home Economics Club '47, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47. '48, Class Play '46, '47, Reading Club. '47. SENIORS 'A' SENIORS ir SENIORS

Page 25 text:

YVILLIAM CALVIN PENDLEY NORMA JEAN Rl1'CI'llSON Dramatic Club '45, Public Speaking Club '46, Red Cross Representative '46, Glee Club '47, '48, journalism '47, Reading Club '48, Representative to Student Council '48, Band '47, '48, Secretary-Treasurer '48. blORA FAYIE SHEPHERD Home Econoniifs Club '45, '46, C-lee Club Reading Club '47, '48, BOBBY POPE RAPHAEL Rlvlis '47, '48! Football '45, '46, '47, Basketball '45, Letter Club '47, '48, D. Ii. Club '48. PEGGY jo STORY Dramatic Club '46, '47, Glcc Club '47, Reading Club '47, '48, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Pretlicwt Girl '47, '48, National Life Award. DOROTHY LOUISE SWINLA Dramatic Club '45, Home Economics Club '45 Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Reading Club, Secretary '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Secretary '48, ism Club '47, Glee Club '47, Class Secretary HENRX' VERNON SPURLOCK Class Play '47, Art Club '47, D. E. Club '48, ism Club '4S. '46, '471 '47, '48, Journal- 48. journal- 4 , ,, 1 ,"' 'L , a ,r D SENIORS ir SENIORS if SENIORS

Page 27 text:

CLASS PROPHECY Here it is. ISHS. and it seems that it was only yesterday that I walked from the portals of ye ole' Alma Slater, a real gradrrate. How thrilled I was when Laura Ashworth called me several weeks ago to propose this scrtunptuous party, here at her estate on Lebanon Road. Latlra has done well for herself. lraving recently rrrarried the multi-millionaire, Scrapper Varrscoope. Today I am without my straightjacket, but accorrrparried by Dot Wright, a hard boiled nurse at the state rrrerrtal hospital. Tripping towards us is Anne Fleming, still in her air- stewardess uniform. Anne tells us that she has jtrst re- turned from Panama on the newest A-I6 passenger plane. Walking otrt on the lawn towards the swirrrrrring pool. I spy Bill "Lay 'em in the isle" Green, a Warner Bros. rrrovie corrredian, comparing stories with Paul Carnahan. popular playboy. Bill's body guard is none other than tottglr. ferocious, Vernon Spurlock. Standing with them. but not getting a wortl in edgewise, are Serrnie Brisby and Erma Sue Martin, both starring with Barnum and Bailey. Serrrrie is a remarkable weight lifter and Erma is a daring bare-back rider. Peacefully sipping cokes under a lawn umbrella is johnny Hopkins, photographer for Esquire, talking in sweet phrases to Evelyn Ferguson, Royal Crown's 1958 calendar girl. In the pool are Lillian Fann and Dorothy jackson, prrt- ting orr an exhibition of strokes and diving. A laugh jrrst carrie from behind a clurrrp of bushes and after investigation. I find Pauline Lambert, owner of a costtrrne shop. relating a funny experience to Lillian Hoskins, just back from Switzerland and the Olympic Ice Skating, where she won a gold loving cup. Mildred Moore. looking chipper as ever. just inforrrred us that she is the founder of the Hopeless. Homeless Old Ladies' Home. With her are Peggy Story. now a magazine model for l'ond's Lipstick, and Marie Pipkin. Marie is proud of the fact that she is co-manager of H. G. Hills Store in Old Hickory. The class artists are together. discussing rrroderrr art. A lotrd talking member of the group is Melvin Baker, Harvey's window decorator. Earl Swensson, listening at- terrtively. is a comic book artist, and famous for his horror strip, "Lonely Louie." Conrrnending Earl is Nancy Newell. who always wanted to write comics but has gotten no further than "Beware of Dog" signs. Breaking into a brisk lI'0t around the lawn is Nlargaret Williams. who is getting in shape for the national women's tennis match. Others here who are in the sports spotlight are jimrrry "Hole in One" Nluhlig. a big one in pro golf. who recently orrtclassed Byron Nelson for the golf championship. lNelson is so-o-o old now. you knowlj Abbie YViIliams also has his title of an All-American Football player for the fourth consecutive year. and is in a hot argument with Buck jones, who has just pitched his third no hitter of the season for the New York Yankees. With them is a well-known coach, L. K. Thorrrpsorr. I.. K. is the husky backfield coach at Alabama. Sue Ladd, Davidson County truant ollicer. just carrie in with Rose Nlurplry. a poet known only in the class with Longfellow and Emerson. Another writer with them is Mildred Henderson, author of the best seller, Millie. How Could You? Peggy jones is having the time of her life, making eyes at Raphael Rives while Ire is trying to explain the merits of his toothbrush to her. Bobby Pope. able editor of the Old Hickory Daily Nrfanr, is busy as always kidding Charles Carver. Professor of Science at T. P. I. Dr. Andrew Baker is quietly standing by. Dr. Baker is a world famous scientist, who has just completed a detailed experiment dealing with Atomic egg heaters and hair crrrlers. Gene Davis has just rushed over to armotrrrce that a talented group is ready to perform. Gene, national yo-yo clrarrrpion, has his ever handy yo-yo along, making it do all kinds of remarkable stunts. First on the program is Sibyl Page. a concert pianist, who is just back from a tour of the middle west. Next is jean Ritchison. Annie Ruth Ray. and Lucy NIcDonald, a radio. conrrnercial singing trio. which serenade us with the popular 'ANo. Not That." jimmy Fischer excitedly clarrrrrrers out in front of ns with a set of delightful tricks. jirrrnry is a touring nragi- cian and goes by the name, Professor Goodgosky. Everyone is urging Ray Stephens, radio tobacco auc- tiorreer for the "Strike it Lucky" cigaret program, to show his talents. Applauding loudly are Virginia Ann Reed. science teacher. who is at the present giving Mr. Hullnrarr a refresher course in physics. and jimmy Denton. a suc- cessful tlentist. and Carol Collins, English teacher. who is at the same tirrre giving Miss Cowgill a refresher course in English. We hear that jinnny has been trying for a long time to get Virginia to say yes, but she just won't listen! jack Knies has invented a new and improved ice cream cone, and is handing Olll samples to admiring bystanders. Charles Doty is munching lorldly on a cone and has a very pleased grin on his face. The grin is because he is rather hungry. after spending three rrrorrtlrs on a flag pole. trying to drop tennis balls into a milk bottle. Dot Brown. chairman of the cola taste test cormrrittee, seems to Ire enjoying hers too. but Billy Bloody. who approves only iris own products, has now wandered away to a group of criminal workers. Billy. who is a salesman and demon- strator for the lie detecting machine lwe hear that on the side he sells Fuller Brushesj is putting on a high pressure sales talk to Calvin Pendley, F.B.l. agent, who has just tracked down a notorious murderer. Very interested in the talk is joe "Sherloc Holmes" Nlorrow, a noted detec- tive. and 'I'onnny Adams. a recognized criminal lawyer. The local jail warden, Charles Floyd, shows little interest. Harry and Dot Birrkley Gupton have managed to make it here from their Utah cattle ranch. They are discussing big business with Faye Shepherd, who owns a famous rid- ing academy and horse stable. Faye's latest cup winner is the race horse "Loose joints." joe Barnes, President of the Boys' Shoeshine Union. is escorting Doris Tomlinson. who is the advisor for the shoe shine picketeers. joe just saw one of his old friends. Oscar McClintock, owner of the Boscobel Heights Apart- nrents. Dr. Ann Morrow just came in. and l'll bet that she is busier than ever' as head surgeon at john Hopkins Horse- pitol. With her is Mildred Tlrorrrpsorr. a leading psychia- trrst. joe james is the center of attraction around the punch bowl, telling of his lrair-raising adverrttrres in South Africa. as a lion Irurrter. Freerrran Cowherd, rrrarrager of NIargo's. shuddcrs as one leaps from zr near-by bush. Wait a minute! Who is that on the bench over there in the shade? Why. it's just Charles jttdd catching a bit of shut eye. Charles is a successfrrl mattress tester and can be seen working in Sterchi's display window between the hours of 9 AAI. and 5 P.NI. Agnes Bass. who now hands out towels at Father Ryan during the sports season. just came by looking for Katherine ll'illianrs. rrraid of cotton. who is now nrodelirrg for lYiIlette. Kenneth Nlerritt is telling Nlarcelle Denton and Virginia Hullines about his zoo in Old Hickory. Nlarcelle arnl Virginia are secretaries to the governor. Billie jo Bradley Laylrew. salesnranager for Lovenran's is laughing at a monkey story. Having a wonderful time seeing their old friends are Patil Kuykendall. G. C. and Dot Swinea Hlarren. Paul and G. ti. are co-owrrers of a chain drug corrrparry. Bobby Nluhlig. a trombone player. has his band, along with him. They now play a gentle hint. "Goodnight Ladies." Everyone looks happy and quite satished as they leave. knowing that everyone has been so successful in his or her brrsirress. I hate. very rrrtrclr to be taken away. but Dot need not speak: I'll go quietly. TERRY Dftvrs Assistant: SPARKLE PLENTY

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