DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN)

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DuPont High School - Leaves of Hickory Yearbook (Old Hickory, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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4 .F ,vl . , 'g Y 1 2 , in I 4 I ,K 1 -s 1 0 A 5 ff V I 31 fn 1 Ei if ,I f M I I -n. , 51 955 Q, 50" 'v 541--u LEAVES OF HICKORY DU PONT HIGH SCHOOL OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE I948 Jig 9415002 J Qupanf Lgcicfaf gba-uv - 97" X ff 11' - .ww , Si ,W A 11 Q S '-"5s?fwf M V 7 5.45 , M 1 is, - Ji. -ws' I ,SQ A 3' if tv Q fin ggnvf rw? X .3 2 . XE K i xhx .ni' Q . fix 'U' ' gf J. S 5 - + Q 7, Q ksw Spf 's .i , My In 'Y me ,Q if I y Lv: A L wig? p'Q+1'5A?y Q 3' L raw? ff' i fffzf. 3 , Aw ,HSS Q L 3,556 ails? S 594 w if km K? S. is,- S 5 ivrpir. V ggi . wiztifk M 1 W 'S ZW To help you recall your high-school days ut Du Pont, in school, mostly . . out ol' school, some . . , this ISHS LEAVI-Ls UI" l'llCKORY is published. The classes . . . some tough . . . am oecztsionztl "Crip" . . . our parties . . countless admits . . . trips to the ollice . . . bull games . . . plays . . pep meetings . . . assemblies, some. now and then, worthwhile . Dupontonizt . . . Froggy . . . thumbing to school in the morning . . . and buck in the evening '... the HY' . . . the clrugstores . . . teentown . . lying around on tl1e lawn ztlter lunch . . . phys ed . . . those plate lunches . . every now and then, 21 paper . . . stutleut council elections . . . a sneztketl smoke . . . t.hree tluys . . . exams . . . :mtl notes . . . and on and on :md ou. The show, clzttes, lessons. To help you remember them. And to cherish their memory, This book is your work. It tells Z1 story. ll, in years to rome, it brings buck at wistlul thought, at memory, its pur- pose will have been lulhllecl. It will be 21 success. ..CLUBS...ATHLETICS... Miss CARoL1x12 Pt-iiuu' ' Sofia! Sl'fI'lIl'I' f ,hwy J 5 ll +5 aj, 1? '. Her untiring efforts have been the source ol' nreinories we will cherish l'orex'er. Her classes are always a pleasant hreak in the day's routine, and her aid and guidance hare been invaluable to ns. Xllords cannot express our appreciation lor her continued ellorts to help ns in every way, he it work, play or school. She works enthusiastically on each of the many things she undertakes. Because ol this, and much more, we are proud to dedicate this, the ISHS volume ol' l.liAVliS OF I-IICKURY. to our beloved teacher, Miss Caroline Perry. Q affcfzf iiil... jonxxx' HUPKINS .,. ,,.E1Iiror G. C. YYARRKN , . , . .B11.sim'ss Marzngrr CHARI.1cs lJ0'I'Y . . , . . .fmistarzt Editor NIIMMY Nll'llI.H5 ,... Assismrzl lirzsizzms Manager Tl-IE STAFF JOHNNY HOPKINS CHARLES lBo'l'x' , CL. ti. UVARRI-ZX . klmxlx' XIUPILIG . NANCY NICWIQLI, lllxlxlx' I7!SilIfIliR .. K,x'll11-'klxlli U'lI.I.I L. K. 'I'11rm1'soN . CZARMJN Nl.-xxxlxfz .101-Q CLRM' .., I..-xxmk SHIPXIAN KFNNETII 131411. ., AMS ..l. wiflnul , . lirlilm .. AS.Yf.YfIlIIl liflilm l?usin1'ss AIIIIIIIQWI II:1.x'i111'ss .Xlflllrlgrw . . ,l7l'llfIl7'l' Erlilnr , . .Clubs liclifor , . ,Sjmrls Editor . ..Nt'7IfU7' lfffjmwezzIatiwe . .jllllillf leI',II'I'5I'7l1IlIi7Jlf . . .hlllilfflf lfI'f1l'l'SIfIIfIlfi'l'I' . , .SOIIIIOIIIOPW Rwjuwzwfrzlelfizm FHf'.YlI1IIIll1 I?r'jn'f'xw1l1:liz'e ' 4 1 VJ i , fi! ,gag P Z zfle... if c u L T Y QV If 53 +V g re? RONALD E. BRINKLEY Principal THE FACULTY MISS CAROLINE S. PERRY 13.5. IN 1211. Social Studies NIR. RAX'BIOND XV. I'lUFI"NIAN 13.5. Science MR. DOYLE K. SMITH 13.5. Imluslrial Arts, Coach MRS. L. P. MAJOR B.S. Home Economics Mlss NANCY SIMMONS ILA. English Nllss IELIZAIII-1'1'1fI OSILORXE NIISS LENNA CONYGILL NIISS XIX.-x Ii. NYILLIANIF 15.5. Language NIIss CZIiI:II. IQLLIOAI' BN. IX IHS. I.ibm1'i1l1I NIR. .NLVIS A. joIIxsox Im.,-x. S1'i1'11f1', Iiinloglv 1s.s.. NIA. English NIR. AUSTIN TUCRER NIR. J. T. DENNI5 ,x.Is. 14.5. Xofinl and Nlllllml Sfiffllfl? INI11ll11'nIr1ii1's NIR. Al. 0. SARVITR. SR. A 11.5. Plzysinll Iiflumlimz NIRS. NV. I-1. l'R12x'I'ICIi NIRS. II. P. GWINNIQR 11.5. ILA. Pl1y.viml lizlucalion Sriwnczf NIIss IQNINIA JEAN IfI.oII'I5Rs NIRS. N ILS. Imzzglzngf NIISS CLI.AIJYs DENRINS NIR. BILLY Sums NB' linnrl Mnilrenmlirs 15.5. T!'Ill'lIl'l' C1m1'f.Ii1InIm' NIISS LUIS OARIIIQI' ILS. Alrllllwlzrllifs '.-xx N H.-xRRlIiT'1' CRAIIII B..-N. lfnglisll. C1ll'HlfSfl'N' fmzz zz! C111 ll11' r'1ly's f?flSlH7'H l?O'l'I'lP'7', 126lI'VFIl flgIllI'Z.S'l ll1 e slfy, P11f1111Ily .s'l11111rl5 0111' Alma Nlaler fls ll!!! 'x'1'111'.s' roll l1y. "F11f1'zu111'fl PWH1' be 0111' 1un1fcl1u101'fl , " C11111q'11lef1' 1111 fl j11'e12111il,' Hail I0 thee, 0111' Almzl Nlater, D11 Pont Hlglz, all l1rz1fl.'l" n , Vx J-A-, Ljx K r If -" Mlmlfil A N-"' ' -4- X " 'N' Pepa" Presevzzfing the CLASSES 1 THE SENIOR CLASS L. K. 'IEIIONIPSON .. JOE BARNIQS .,.. DORO'r1'tY SXVINEA ., DORIS 'l'ONlI.lN ON ,. EVIELYN FIQRGUSON . . . JOHNNY HOPKINS KATHERINE VVILLIANIS CHARLES CARVI-txt . . . JEAN R1Tc:1usON ,. RAY STEPHENS .. OFFICERS .....PresirIent . . , Vice-President , , .Secretary 4 . .T!'L'HS1l1'CI' . . . .Rejmrler .. ... ...Reporter . . .Sergeant at Arms .,...,.,,..,.Se2'geant at Arms Student Council Representative Student Council Rejlresentative LEON KAY THOMPSON Football '-13, '44, '45, '47, Alt. Captain '45g Manager Basketball '45g Busulmull '45, '46, President Of Senior Class '48, Rep. Student Cuunfil jr. Class '47: Class Sgt. :lt Arms '-163 Hi-Y Club '45, 415, '47, "IS: Sgt. :tt Arms 'Hllig President '47, Vice-President '-185 Glcc Club '47, '483 journalism Club President '47, '48g Letter Club '47, '42-lg Vic'c-Prcsitlcnt D. li. Club '-I7: Vive-President of Future Busi- ness Lrztdcrs of America '46, Annual Staff '48, Paper Stall '48. CLASS HISTORY lt was a clear. pleasant day in September, lfllfff when one hundred and hfty-three poor, timid freshmen entered Du Pont High School. How long and spacious the hall seemed! XVe were frightened by the large group of people and especially those big Seniors who seemed to own the place. But in a few weeks things seemed to brighten up with Mr. Ferguson to guide us on the first part of our journey. XVe started the year Ollt right by electing Paul Kuykendall as president, with Miss Mary Porter Vivrette to supervise our group as class sponsor. XVe were well represented in all sports this year even if we were green freshmen. Albert XVilliams made all-city in baseball. XVith eager eyes and faces we looked forward to our sophomore year, and our aims and aspira- tions were even higher. As sophomores we were a part of the place. Again this year we chose Paul Kuykendall for president, but had a new sponsor, Miss Elizabeth Osborne. Harry Gupton made all-city. The second vacation over we again journeyed on to achieve the goal for which we set out. By this time our members had dwindled to seventy- nine. At our first meeting we elected, for presi- dent, Earl Swensson and were sponsored by Miss l.enna Cowgill. lVc also had a new principal, Mr. Ronald Brinkley. This year the subjects were slightly hard: in fact, we even had to take our books home occasionally. Albert XVilliams made all-city in baseball again this year along with teammates Harry Cupton and Buck Jones. Oscar McClintock was all-city in basketball and another member of our class, -Iimmy Muhlig, was T.S.S.A.A. golf champ. XVe had our class party but, of course the junior-Senior Banquet was the main event. lt was a decided success. Earl Swensson and G. C. XVarren attended Boys' State during the summer. So ended the eleventh year of our great struggle for higher education. Our last year in high school now begins. This year was to be a very good one. Miss Caroline Perry was our sponsor, and for our president we elected L. K. Thompson. Katherine XVilliams was voted to reign as football queen at the home- coming game. Our class was well represented on the team with Paul Kuykendall as captain and Albert XVilliams as alternate captain. Abby was also on the all-star team. Quite a few boys and girls were outstanding on the hardwood. The Senior basketball boys, namely Harry Gupton, Captain, Albert XVilliams, Alternate Captain, Oscar McClintock. Buck Jones. and -Ioe Barnes, gave the spectators plenty of thrilling moments with, their performance and their sup- port helped the team chalk up the interscholastic league and seventh district championships. Harry Gupton and Joe Tom James made the seventh district all-tournament team, I-larry Gup- ton making the all-district, and Oscar McClin- tock made the all-city team. The editing of Hickory Nuts, our school paper. was hard work, but lots of fun. Paul Kuykendall was its editor. Then came the time to publish the LEAVES or HICKORY. This proved to be quite a responsibility, but Johnny Hopkins was a very capable editor-in-chief. As the time grew near, everyone was anxiously awaiting the ylunior-Senior Banquet. Of course, we think our class to be the best ever to graduate from Du Pont High School. But l think that all of us-good, bad, and indif- ferent-are sorry to say good-bye to dear old Du Pont High School. As we encounter the conquest of a new world we realize there is new work to be done: here a pause and a great sincere thanks for guid- ing teachers, for friendships. for knowledge, for a 17I'I.T'fff'g'6' of going to school, for memories that are never to be forgotten, for tl1ousa11ds of things to keep forever. NANCY NEYVELL Class l41is!0rz'zm 'l'um1As BURTON :XDAXIS Pembroke High '45, '46, Vice-President of Sophomore Clziss '46, Class Play '45, '46, Basketball '45, '46, Du Vout High '47, 48, Axiutiou Club '47, l'lly,sics Club, 48. LAURA EAN A51 INVORTH Home lirononiics Club '45, '46, Reading Club '47, '48, D. li. Club '48, Rcporlcr, '48, journalism Club '48, AGNES BASS Home Economics Club '45, President '45, Class Ser- geant zu Arms '46, Class Secretary and Treasurer '47, Girl Rcscrrcs '48, Vice-President '48, Clcc Club '47, Letter Club '48, Reporter '48, Basketball '47, '48, ,XNDREW JACKSON BAKER. jk. Citizenship Club '45, Avizuion Club '47, President '47, Chemistry :incl Physics Club '48, Beta Club '48, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, JAMES HIELVIN BAKER ll. E. Club '48, Jl!lIl'l1lil'lSlll Club '48. DOT BINKLICY Hmm' I-lzononiirs Club '45, '46, llramatic Club '46, Clcv Club '47, Rczuling Club '47, '48, Art Club '47, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Culcst Couple '48, Co-ll. il. R. llislury Mcdulisl. BILLIE jo BRADLEY Class Play '45, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Home Iironoinirs Club '45, '46, '47, Reading Club '47, Drzunatic Club '46, D. E. Club '48. JOE YVAYNE BARNES Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48, Football '46, '47, Baseball '47, jr. Red Cross '45, '46, Leiter Club '47, Vire- Prcsidcnt of Senior Class '48, Journalism Club '48, ll. ll. Club '48, Vice-President '48. SENIORS if SENIORS if SENIORS hlorix HOWARD BOWMAN Football '44, '45, 2161- Sfienfe Club '46, Physics and Chemistry Club '47. .-XSIiNA'l'll PAULA BRISBY Cliilcleriblllg. Alzrbziulai, 'i5: Clem' Club '4li. '472 lllrotog- rarpliy Club '46, '47, '48, Reading Club '47, '48g Clieerlezulvr '47, '48, Alternate Captain V185 Student Council V183 Reporter '48. llokornr All-AN BRowN Home limorroinirs Club -lug Clcc Club -lf, 483 D, L. Club 918. PAUL CARNAHAN Honor Roll '45. '46, '47. '-iS: Red Boiling Springs High '45, '4li: Vice-l'rcsidenl of Class 545: Modern Crime Club '-17: Pliysirs Club '-13: Vicelllrcsiclent 518: Bem Club '-17, '-18. CHARLES NEILAN CARYIZR llibY Club '46, '47, '48g Modern Crime Club '-175 Chemistry Club '-18: Basketball, '44, '45g Football '44g junior Varreilrg Boy Sergeant at Arms '48, Foul Slrol Cliznnpion '47, '483 Baseball '47, '-18. CLILIA CAROL COLLINS Reading Club '-17. "IR: Honor Roll '47, '-483 11l'lllIl2llll Club '-46: l'l1olograpl1r Club '48: Paper Stull' 48: lixrlraunge liclitor "IS: journzilisnr Club '-483 Red Cross Represenlulixe '45, '-18. 'TERRY DAVIS Bznul '45g Drzunzuic Club '45. '46, V171 Secretary V465 Paper Staff '45, "IS: News lirlilor '-18: journalism Club '47, '-18: Secrc-l:u'y '48g Rczrcling Club '47, '48: Physics Club '48, Serretziry-Treasurer '483 Cheerleader '46, '47, '-IX: Czrplain 548: Vive-President Sportsmanship League '-485 Glce Club '473 Class Play '46: Letter Club '47, '48. I-'RIQEAIAN EDWARD COXVHERD Art Club '-173 Modern Crime Club '-473 Band '47: Honor Roll '47: Plrolograplry Club '-48: journalism Club '4Sg Manager junior Varsity lfoolbnll and Basketball '-18. SENIORS if SENIORS 'A' SENIORS EUGENE EDWARD DAVIS Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, '48, Red Cross Representative '45, '46, '47, D. E. Club '48, Spirit of '46, '47, President '47, Class Play '47. XLXRCELLE "l'l'IOlX'IAS DENTON Home Ilconomirs Club '45, '46, '48, Glee Club '47, Reading Club '48, Honor Roll '45, '46, English Club 11 '46, l+'.H.A. '48, President '48. LILLIAN PAULINE FANN Home Iironomics Club '45, '47, Glee Club '47, '48, Reading Club '48, D. E. Club '48. JAMES 'fnomms DENTON Class Play '46, '47, Beta Club '47, '48, Honor Roll ' 45, '46, '47, '48. CHARLES DOUGLAS DOTY Dramatic Club '46, '47, '48, Science Club '46, '47, Class Play '45, '46, Tennis '45, '46, '47, '483 Football '45, '47, Football Manager '46, '48, Basketball Manager '48, Band '45, Honor Roll '46, '47, '48, Chemistry and Physics Club '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Annual Stall' '48, Basketball '46, Letter Club '47, '48, Modern Crime Club '47. ' EVELYN JUANITA FERGUSON Dramatic' Club '45, Art Club '46, '47, Reading Club '45, '46, '47, '48, Treasurer '46, '47, journalism Club '47, '48, Class Reporter '47, '48. ANNE BEYNON FLEMING Rell Cross Representative '45, '-lli, '48, Dramatic Club img, '45, '46, Clue Club '47, Class Play '46, '-173 .luurnalisnl gr , sgi.,,i'f-ii Club '47, '48, Secretary '48, Paper Stall' '48, Art Editor 8 'Q , x '48, Publirity Department '48. wb M Mg ,si f JABIIES BlARK F1sc1HER if zz 152 522: Hi-Y Club, '45, '46, '47, '48, Secretary-Treasurer '47, t '48, Honor Roll, '45, '46, '47, '48, Science Club '47, 12" '-', Dramatic Club '46, Class Play '45, '46, '47, Tie, Best All- 5, , A Round Sophomore, '46: Paper Stall '48, Beta Club '47, Q '5?,ff,2Ei'iy -f,1 Clin-xnistry and Physics Club '48, Annual Staff '48, Z ' '-" ' gi, xv igffg, vi Publicity Department '48, journalism Club '48, t ,---..,-,4sC,,1.l. ,. ,nf ,.i..., ,.,, . - SENIGRS f SENIORS t SENIORS CHARLES XYILLIANI FLOYD Football '45, '46, '47, '48. DOROTHY ANN JACKSON Home Economics Club '475 Glee Club '47, Beta Club '47, '48, Pltotograpliy Club '48, Cirl Reserxes '48, llonor Roll '45, '47, '48, Pizccx' JEAN joNIzs Dramatic Club '45, '48, Serretary '45, Clee Club '45, g journalism '47, Chemistry Club '48, Pllotography Club 9 3, +1 '48, Secretary and 'I'fC2lSlll'Cl'. ' 0 XY! LLIANI XVIQSLEY GREEN B Basketball '46, Ifoutball '45, '46, '47, '48, Scientc Club '48, President '48, Letter Club '47, '48, XX'itticsI Boy '47, '-48. n 9 W HARRY GUPTON. ja. lfootball '45, Baseball '45, '46, '47, '48, All-City '46, '47, Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48, Captain '48, Citizenship Club '45, '46, Modern Crime Club '47, President '47, Letter Club '47, '48, President '48. - NIILDRED CARLINE HLINDERSON llonot' Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Class Play '45, '46, '47: Dramatic Club '46, Foreusit' Club '45, '46, Girls' State '47, Girls' Nation '47, Reading' Club '47, '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Corresponding Secretary '48, Red Cross Representative '45, '48. LILLIAX LOUISE HOSKINS Home Limnomics Club '47, Clee Club '47, '48, Reading Club '48, D. li. Club '48, Girl Sergeant at Arms '48, JOHNNY EDISON HOPKINS Annual Stall '47, '48, l-Iclitor '48, junior Class Reporter '47, Glce Club '47, Dramatic Club '45, '47, Football '45, '46, Public Speaking '45, Class Play '45, Class Reporter '48, Photography Club '48, President '48, Publicity Department '48, journalism Club '47, '48, I Reporter '48. l I SENIORS -k SENIORS t SENIORS JOE T. JAMES, JR. Modern Crime Club '473 Football '46, Basketball '48, BIARY VIRGINIA ROGERS HUEEINES Clcc Club '47, '48, Home Economics Clllb '45, '48, Reading Club '48. IUARGARET SUE LADD Reading Club '47, '48, Dramatic Club '46, journalism Club ,'48g Art Club '47. ROBERT JONES Baseball '47, '48g Basketball '47, '48. CHARLES LEE JUDD Football '47, '48g Hi-Y Club '48, Modern Crime Club '48Z Baseball '48: Letter Club '48. PAU LINE ELIZABETH LAMBERT Gaillutiu High '45, Home Economics Club '45, '47: Read- ing Club '47, '48, Glce Club '47, Beta Club '47, D. E. Club '48, TI'easuI'cr '48: Honor Roll '46, '47, '48, LUCY BLACK NICDONALD Band '45, '47, '48, Vice-President '47, President '48, Glee Club '46, '47, '48g Journalism Club '47, Reading Club '47, '48, President '48. JOHN BURRELL KNIES Baseball '47, '483 Safety Club '48. SENIORS if SENICRS ir SENICRS PAUL CLARK KUYKENDALL Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Captain '48, Class President ' '45, '46, Student Council '45, '46, '48, Annual Staff '45, ' '46, Sergeant at Arms of Student Body '48, H1-Y '45, '46, '47, '48, President '45, '46, '47, '48: Best-Dressed Boy '46, '47, '48, Most Attractive Boy '46: Quill and Scroll '47, '48. ERMA SUE i5lAR'l'lN Glee Club '44, '47, Reading Club '47, '48, Photography Club '48. TAMAR ANN MORROW Forensic Club '46, '47, '48, Class Play '45, '46, '47, Reading Club '46, '47, '48, Band '47, '48, Tennis Team '46, '47, '48, Dramatic Club '45, '462 Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Letter Club '47, '48, Beta Club '47, '48. DONALD YVAYMAN LAMB, JR. Glec Club '47, D. E. Club '48. KENNETH LEE NIERRITT D. E. Club '48, journalism Club '48. ROSE blARIE blURPHY V Dramatic Club '45, Home Economies Club '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '47, Reading Club '47, '48, Photography Club '48, Vice-President '48. NANCY EDA NEXVELL Home Economics Club '45, Band '45, Dramatic Club '45, Reading Club '46, '47, '48, Sergeant at Arms '48, English Club '46, Art Club '47, D. E. Club '48, Annual Stall '48, Witticst Girl '48. BILLY OSBORNE blOODY nor Roll 4 46 4' 48 Band 4.x 4 48 Cas Ho '5.','1,'S' ".'7,':l.'s Play '45, '46, '47, Dramatic Club '46, Science Club '47, journalism Club '48, Vice-President '48, Beta Club '47, '28, Chemistry and Physics Club '48, Letter Club '47, ' 8. SENIORS ir SENIORS if SENIORS Joe DRAPER BIORROW Basketball '46, '47, Baseball '46, Tennis '45, Citizenship Club '45, Glce Club '47, Letter Club '47. SIBYL JEAN PAGE Dramatic Club '45, '48, Secretary-Treasurer '48, Fo- rensic Club '48, Home lilronomics Club '45, '46, '47, Reading Club '46, '47, Glee Club '47, Class Play '45. FRICDDIE lXlARIE PIPKIN Dramatic Club '45, '46, Class Play '45, Reading Club '47, '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Secretary '47, President '48, Chemistry and Physics Club '48, journalism Club '47, Honor Roll '47, '48. JAMES FRED XIUHLIG III Colf '45, '46, '47, '48, Captain '47, State High Golf Champion '47, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Class Play '47, Beta Club '47, '48, Football Manager '47, '48, Basketball Manager '48, Beta Club, Treasurer '48, Annual Stall '48, Letter Club '47, '48, Best All-Round lfreshman '45, Best All-Round Sophomore, Tie '46, JouN ROBERT' Mui-imc, JR. Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Class Play '45, '46, '47, Football Manager '45, Baud '45, '47, '48, Vice-President '48, Dramatic Club '46, '47, '48, Forensic Club '46, '417, '48, Vice-President '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Track ' 5. ANNIE RUTH RAY Baud '45, '47, '48, Dramatic Club '46, Reading Club '47, '48, Glee Club '47, '48, Red Cross Representative '46. VIRGINIA ANN REED Dramatit: Club '45, Clee Club '47, Basketball '46, '47, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Class Play '46, '47, Representative to Student Council '45, Secretary of Student Body '48, Beta Club '47, '48, journalism Club '47. OSCAR NICCLINTOCK, JR. Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48, Baseball '45, '46, '47, '48, Hi-Y Club '45, '46, '47, '48, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, '48, Basketball All-City '47, Sergeant at Arms of Class '46, '47, Student Council Representative '45, '46, D. E. Club '47, '48, Letter Club '46, '47. SENIORS if SENIORS -A' SENIORS i I l YVILLIAM CALVIN PENDLEY NORMA JEAN Rl1'CI'llSON Dramatic Club '45, Public Speaking Club '46, Red Cross Representative '46, Glee Club '47, '48, journalism '47, Reading Club '48, Representative to Student Council '48, Band '47, '48, Secretary-Treasurer '48. blORA FAYIE SHEPHERD Home Econoniifs Club '45, '46, C-lee Club Reading Club '47, '48, BOBBY POPE RAPHAEL Rlvlis '47, '48! Football '45, '46, '47, Basketball '45, Letter Club '47, '48, D. Ii. Club '48. PEGGY jo STORY Dramatic Club '46, '47, Glcc Club '47, Reading Club '47, '48, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Pretlicwt Girl '47, '48, National Life Award. DOROTHY LOUISE SWINLA Dramatic Club '45, Home Economics Club '45 Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Reading Club, Secretary '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Secretary '48, ism Club '47, Glee Club '47, Class Secretary HENRX' VERNON SPURLOCK Class Play '47, Art Club '47, D. E. Club '48, ism Club '4S. '46, '471 '47, '48, Journal- 48. journal- 4 , ,, 1 ,"' 'L , a ,r D SENIORS ir SENIORS if SENIORS DONALD RAY STEPHENS Citizenship Club '45, Class Play '47, Glee Club '47, Honor Roll '47, Chemistry and Physics Club '48, Representative to Student Council '4S. DORIS BELL 'TOMLINSON Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Dramatic Club '45, '46, Beta Club '47, '48, Reading Club '47, '48, journalism Club '47, '48, Secretary '47, '48, School Paper '48, Assistant Editor '48, D. E. Club '48, Glee Club '47, Class Treasurer '48, NIILDRED LOUISE THOMPSON Home Economics Club '45, '46, Photography Club '48, Girl Reserxes '48, Beta Club '48, Honor Roll '45, '47, '4S. EARL SIMCOX SYVENSSON Tennis '45, '46, '47, Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, '48, Football Manager '46, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, '48, Secretary- Treasurer of Class '46, Art Club '47, Vice-President '47, Class President '47, Annual Staff '47, Student Council Representative '47, '48, Chemistry and Physics Club '48, Beta Club '47, '48, Reporter '47, Boys' State '47, Student Body President '48, Letter Club '47, Art Staff '48, Civitan Key, COHD. A. R. History Medalist. GROVER CLEVELAND XVARREN lfootball '45, '46, Vice-President of Class '45, '46, '47, D. I-1. Club '47, President '47C Journalism Club '47, Sports Editor '47, Physics Club '48, Vice-President of Student Body '48, Student Council '48, Annual Stali '48, Citizenship Club '45, Hi-Y Club '46. KATHERINE A. XVILLIANIS Girl Reserves '47, '48, President '47, '48, Representative Student Council '45, Girl Sergeant at Arms '47, Letter Club '48, Sergeant at Arms '48, Basketball '47, '48, Sergeant at Arms of Class '48: Miss Du Pont High '48, Friendliest Girl '48, Most Popular Girl '48, Sports Editor, Annual Staff '48, Best All-Round Girl '48, Football Queen '48, ,l. L. Primm Cup Award. IQDNA NIARGARET YVILLIANIS Tennis Team '45, '46, '47, '48, Captain '45, '46, '47, '48, Home Economics Club '45, '46, '47, Reading Club '47, Dramatic Club '46, Honor Roll '45, '48, D. E. Club '48. ALBERT EUGENE WILLIAMS Football '45, '46, '47, '48, Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48, Baseball '45, '46, '47, '48, Reporter of Class '45, All- Nashville Football '45, '47, All-Nashville Baseball, '45, '47, Hi-Y Club '45, '46, '47, Letter Club '47,- Glee Club '46. DOROTHY BIAI .XVRIGHT Basketball '46, '47, '48, Manager '48, Dramatic Club '46, '47, Home Economics Club '47, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47. '48, Class Play '46, '47, Reading Club. '47. SENIORS 'A' SENIORS ir SENIORS CLASS PROPHECY Here it is. ISHS. and it seems that it was only yesterday that I walked from the portals of ye ole' Alma Slater, a real gradrrate. How thrilled I was when Laura Ashworth called me several weeks ago to propose this scrtunptuous party, here at her estate on Lebanon Road. Latlra has done well for herself. lraving recently rrrarried the multi-millionaire, Scrapper Varrscoope. Today I am without my straightjacket, but accorrrparried by Dot Wright, a hard boiled nurse at the state rrrerrtal hospital. Tripping towards us is Anne Fleming, still in her air- stewardess uniform. Anne tells us that she has jtrst re- turned from Panama on the newest A-I6 passenger plane. Walking otrt on the lawn towards the swirrrrrring pool. I spy Bill "Lay 'em in the isle" Green, a Warner Bros. rrrovie corrredian, comparing stories with Paul Carnahan. popular playboy. Bill's body guard is none other than tottglr. ferocious, Vernon Spurlock. Standing with them. but not getting a wortl in edgewise, are Serrnie Brisby and Erma Sue Martin, both starring with Barnum and Bailey. Serrrrie is a remarkable weight lifter and Erma is a daring bare-back rider. Peacefully sipping cokes under a lawn umbrella is johnny Hopkins, photographer for Esquire, talking in sweet phrases to Evelyn Ferguson, Royal Crown's 1958 calendar girl. In the pool are Lillian Fann and Dorothy jackson, prrt- ting orr an exhibition of strokes and diving. A laugh jrrst carrie from behind a clurrrp of bushes and after investigation. I find Pauline Lambert, owner of a costtrrne shop. relating a funny experience to Lillian Hoskins, just back from Switzerland and the Olympic Ice Skating, where she won a gold loving cup. Mildred Moore. looking chipper as ever. just inforrrred us that she is the founder of the Hopeless. Homeless Old Ladies' Home. With her are Peggy Story. now a magazine model for l'ond's Lipstick, and Marie Pipkin. Marie is proud of the fact that she is co-manager of H. G. Hills Store in Old Hickory. The class artists are together. discussing rrroderrr art. A lotrd talking member of the group is Melvin Baker, Harvey's window decorator. Earl Swensson, listening at- terrtively. is a comic book artist, and famous for his horror strip, "Lonely Louie." Conrrnending Earl is Nancy Newell. who always wanted to write comics but has gotten no further than "Beware of Dog" signs. Breaking into a brisk lI'0t around the lawn is Nlargaret Williams. who is getting in shape for the national women's tennis match. Others here who are in the sports spotlight are jimrrry "Hole in One" Nluhlig. a big one in pro golf. who recently orrtclassed Byron Nelson for the golf championship. lNelson is so-o-o old now. you knowlj Abbie YViIliams also has his title of an All-American Football player for the fourth consecutive year. and is in a hot argument with Buck jones, who has just pitched his third no hitter of the season for the New York Yankees. With them is a well-known coach, L. K. Thorrrpsorr. I.. K. is the husky backfield coach at Alabama. Sue Ladd, Davidson County truant ollicer. just carrie in with Rose Nlurplry. a poet known only in the class with Longfellow and Emerson. Another writer with them is Mildred Henderson, author of the best seller, Millie. How Could You? Peggy jones is having the time of her life, making eyes at Raphael Rives while Ire is trying to explain the merits of his toothbrush to her. Bobby Pope. able editor of the Old Hickory Daily Nrfanr, is busy as always kidding Charles Carver. Professor of Science at T. P. I. Dr. Andrew Baker is quietly standing by. Dr. Baker is a world famous scientist, who has just completed a detailed experiment dealing with Atomic egg heaters and hair crrrlers. Gene Davis has just rushed over to armotrrrce that a talented group is ready to perform. Gene, national yo-yo clrarrrpion, has his ever handy yo-yo along, making it do all kinds of remarkable stunts. First on the program is Sibyl Page. a concert pianist, who is just back from a tour of the middle west. Next is jean Ritchison. Annie Ruth Ray. and Lucy NIcDonald, a radio. conrrnercial singing trio. which serenade us with the popular 'ANo. Not That." jimmy Fischer excitedly clarrrrrrers out in front of ns with a set of delightful tricks. jirrrnry is a touring nragi- cian and goes by the name, Professor Goodgosky. Everyone is urging Ray Stephens, radio tobacco auc- tiorreer for the "Strike it Lucky" cigaret program, to show his talents. Applauding loudly are Virginia Ann Reed. science teacher. who is at the present giving Mr. Hullnrarr a refresher course in physics. and jimmy Denton. a suc- cessful tlentist. and Carol Collins, English teacher. who is at the same tirrre giving Miss Cowgill a refresher course in English. We hear that jinnny has been trying for a long time to get Virginia to say yes, but she just won't listen! jack Knies has invented a new and improved ice cream cone, and is handing Olll samples to admiring bystanders. Charles Doty is munching lorldly on a cone and has a very pleased grin on his face. The grin is because he is rather hungry. after spending three rrrorrtlrs on a flag pole. trying to drop tennis balls into a milk bottle. Dot Brown. chairman of the cola taste test cormrrittee, seems to Ire enjoying hers too. but Billy Bloody. who approves only iris own products, has now wandered away to a group of criminal workers. Billy. who is a salesman and demon- strator for the lie detecting machine lwe hear that on the side he sells Fuller Brushesj is putting on a high pressure sales talk to Calvin Pendley, F.B.l. agent, who has just tracked down a notorious murderer. Very interested in the talk is joe "Sherloc Holmes" Nlorrow, a noted detec- tive. and 'I'onnny Adams. a recognized criminal lawyer. The local jail warden, Charles Floyd, shows little interest. Harry and Dot Birrkley Gupton have managed to make it here from their Utah cattle ranch. They are discussing big business with Faye Shepherd, who owns a famous rid- ing academy and horse stable. Faye's latest cup winner is the race horse "Loose joints." joe Barnes, President of the Boys' Shoeshine Union. is escorting Doris Tomlinson. who is the advisor for the shoe shine picketeers. joe just saw one of his old friends. Oscar McClintock, owner of the Boscobel Heights Apart- nrents. Dr. Ann Morrow just came in. and l'll bet that she is busier than ever' as head surgeon at john Hopkins Horse- pitol. With her is Mildred Tlrorrrpsorr. a leading psychia- trrst. joe james is the center of attraction around the punch bowl, telling of his lrair-raising adverrttrres in South Africa. as a lion Irurrter. Freerrran Cowherd, rrrarrager of NIargo's. shuddcrs as one leaps from zr near-by bush. Wait a minute! Who is that on the bench over there in the shade? Why. it's just Charles jttdd catching a bit of shut eye. Charles is a successfrrl mattress tester and can be seen working in Sterchi's display window between the hours of 9 AAI. and 5 P.NI. Agnes Bass. who now hands out towels at Father Ryan during the sports season. just came by looking for Katherine ll'illianrs. rrraid of cotton. who is now nrodelirrg for lYiIlette. Kenneth Nlerritt is telling Nlarcelle Denton and Virginia Hullines about his zoo in Old Hickory. Nlarcelle arnl Virginia are secretaries to the governor. Billie jo Bradley Laylrew. salesnranager for Lovenran's is laughing at a monkey story. Having a wonderful time seeing their old friends are Patil Kuykendall. G. C. and Dot Swinea Hlarren. Paul and G. ti. are co-owrrers of a chain drug corrrparry. Bobby Nluhlig. a trombone player. has his band, along with him. They now play a gentle hint. "Goodnight Ladies." Everyone looks happy and quite satished as they leave. knowing that everyone has been so successful in his or her brrsirress. I hate. very rrrtrclr to be taken away. but Dot need not speak: I'll go quietly. TERRY Dftvrs Assistant: SPARKLE PLENTY Whv he difficult when with little Ability to remain un. Nrmze lli0IIIlIIY Adams Laura j. Ashwortlt Andrew Baker Agnes Bass Melvin Baker Dorothy Hinkley joe Barnes Billie jo Bradley john Bowman A senat h Brisby l'aul Carnahan Dorothy B ro w n Charles Carver Carol Collins Freeman Cowherd Terry Davis Eugene Davis Mareelle Denton james Denton Lillian Iiann Charles Doty livelyn Ferguson james If isch er Anne Fleming Charles I-iloyd Dorothy jackson W' i l l iam G reen Peggy jones I larry Cupton Mildred Henderson johnny Hopkins Lillian Hoskins joe james Virginia Huflines Robert jones Sue Ladd Charles Judd THUMBNAIL SKETCHES Nicknanie Pembroke jeanie Andy Handsome Mel Dot Barnsie Bill Bates Sen n ie Einstein Dot Red Sttge Doris Terror Whaeker Hon J- D. I.ill Kramer live Ifish Beautiful Corky Dot Speedy Poser Gup Midge Hoppy Ltll Beaky lluif Buck Susan Tennessee .lleunrlers With Andy Baker ltlargaret Reed Carver K 'l'ommy Adams Katherine Williams Billy Reynolds Mareelle and "Cup" Doris 'l'omlinson M a rgaret XVilliams Fischer and joe Morrow Erma Martin Andy Baker Ilot jackson Stephens and Pope Anne Fleming and Clayton Calvin Pendley and jack Knies habra and Burch Raphael Rives llot Binkley Virginia A. Reed Lillian lloskins jimmy Muhlig Sue Ladd and Nancy Newell Moody and Bowman Carol Collins Hensley and Sue M ild red Thompson jackie Graham Raphael Rives Gene Gore and Dot Ann Morrow and Carol Collins L. K. 'thompson Lillian lfann Burk jones Faye Shepherd joe james and C. L. judd Evelyn Ferguson and "ligghead" Robert jones Molto Be a live wire and yott won't get stepped on I ain't lilly: it just takes a lot of rest for me Tliere is no genius without a mixture of madness Love is intoxicating: and hie' am I drunk! An empty barrel makes a lot of noise Live while yott live and then die and be done with il True worth is being: not seeming Work is :t wonderful thing To plant a seed of success in the sands of titne and sit back and watch it grow When pleasure and duty clash: let duty go to smash liat, drink, and be merry: for t0- morrow is test tlay Better for tlte feet to slide than the tongue When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it Cltararter is made by what yoti stand tori reputation, by what you fall for Always be ready to shake, rattle or roll The ntind that is anxious about the future is miserable The IIILIII who doesn't love wine, women. and song is dead Make tlte most of yourself berattse that is all there is to YOII When one thing leads to anotherg be hesitant to follow ellort yott can be impossible First comes tlte labor. then the harvest Lote is a fearlul thing: bitt Im a brave girl ,-X woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke Whatever you do, do wisely: and think of the tonseqttences l-'intl 'em, love 'c-m, forget 'em Listen to everyone-'s adxitep tlten do as you please Iiet yourself it red head It's hard for an empty bag to stand upright Why study when you can sleep? l'here's good in the worst of us, and bad in tlte best of us l'he-re is plenty of room at tlte top ol the ladder ol success without pushing someone else oil Sonieday l'm going to fall in loveg just now l'tu waiting for an tn- spiration Don't get married and tuake one happyg stay single and make them all happy If .study is the rause of death, I'll live forever I'm as good as the best and better than the rest She that hatlt patience can aceomplislt anything If you're tired of girls, Iill get rid of them for you .-l ntlniliou To be owner of a squirrel lodge 'l'o be a suecessful secretary To do some interplanetary traveling l'o be an air hostess 'l'o own his own shoeshop To be a buyer for Saks Sth Avenue l'o marry and settle down To keep my thoughts from wandering, when I shottld he contentrating To take over Mr. North's job Same as l2rma's To set tip a business with Baker To be a secretary See Gene Gore get his tobacco check To pass four more years of English To be a high school teacher To be Clark Gable's private DIITSC 'l'o make Lueille a member of the Davis clan 'l'o be as sleepy when I go to bed as when I get up 'l'o give the Memphis Dental School a hard time 'lio be a secretary tio to l physics unrh and get to on time 'l'o he happy 'l'o he a retired Sou California millionaire thern at 21 l'o be an air stewardess Sit back and watch the world go by To type 75 words a minute To own a lleet of eonvertibles To hnd an easy job To get out of Miss Perry's homeroom To be an authoress To keep Madison a free terri- tory To be a good skater To be a school teather Same as jennie's 'l'o he a lady killer To lite in Madison To be a pool shark Clun'nrIeri.stic His Kenturky drawl Silence Seriousness Her eute dimplc Quietness Her black, wavy hair His dapper appeuranre Long, blonde hair Ilis influence in Madison Her walk His brains Her height Flaming red hair Her ability to keep quiet in noisy Company Interest in girls basketball Her cute clothes His live hy fire build Her walk Ability to stirk to one seen and unheard Tennis ability lfine company she keeps Ilis walk and drawl Willingness to work His trips to East Nashville Quiet voice His porcupine hair Her dark complexion Basketball playing Her brains His ability to know something on CYCYYOIIC Love for one man His height Her neatness That strong right arm Her love for Madison boys Harmonica playing Name Pauline Lambert Iohn I-inics Ann Morrow Kenneth Merritt ,Ioe Morrow Sibyl Page james Muhtig III Rose Murphy Billy Moody N a n cy Newell Oscar McClintock Virginia Ann Reed Cali in Pendley Lucy McDonald Patil Kuykendall Erma Martin jean Ritthison Bobby Pope Faye Shepherd Marie Pipkin Robert Muhlig Ruth Ray Raphael Rites, Ir. Peggy Story Vernon Spurlock Do rot h y Sw in ea Ray Stephens Doris Toml t nson Earl Swensson L. K. 'Thompson Mildred Thom pson Groyer Warren Katherine Williams Albert Williams Margaret Williznns Dorothy Wright THUMBNAIL SKETCHES ,Yirkmlnte Polly ,lat k 'l'am Ken Aloe T. joe Precious Toot Bill Egghead june Ollie Ginny Ifireball Black Lou I'eanut My Friend Iirtna Sweetpea Doc Shep Tiny Muhlig Loyergirl junior or Rifle Frosty Trigger Itltfioy Dot Baby Ray joe The Iiarl I-lot Lips Milly Snake Doctor Kat Dogkennels Champ Pete .Uertntlcrs Il'iIlt Lillian Hoskins Caltin Pendley Mildred Henderson Faye Shepherd john Bowman Ioe Cray Gloria Napier Iii elyn and N ancy -litnmy Fischer Fx elyn and Sue Abbie and Sheep jimmy Denton K Ann Fleming jack Knies jean Ritthison Hawkins Sennie Brisby Lucy Mcllonald Stephens and Carter Virginia llullines Peggy Story Swensson and Moody ,lean Ritchison K Lucy McDonald Gene Dayis and Pfllgl' Marie Pipkin and Forrest Kenneth Merritt G, C. X Doris Caryer and Pope Joe Barnes Ililly Moody johnny Hopkins and .Io Dorothy jackson Pope K Swinea Agnes Bass and juniors Ross McClintock Billy jo Bradley Wanda Dukes illoilo A good piece ol' atlyire: don't give it Xeter do today what you can put off until tomorrow Success is the stability of ottr faiths Don't let study interfere with your education Hard to loyeg easy to leaye Lots of people spend time making money and then spend money killing little A boiling temper cooks your own goose The best way to have friends is to be one Money isu't everything: the guy with ltl million isn't a bit happier than the guy with EI million dollars Ciotl bless the boys: I lore them all Bot-s, beware of leap year I can resist anything but temptation Like the deep bltte sea, always caltn Don't take life too seriouslyg because you don't get out of it alite anyway To love and be loved Eyeryhody is ignorant: only on dif- ferent subjects .-'. little more sleepy a little more slumber If we can make it to Squirrel Lodge we'll be okay If ignorance is bliss: then I liye in paradise Keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a foolg open it and proye it Money isn't eyerything, but it sure helps ottt the hnancial situation If silence is'golden, make room for me at the poor house lf shc's dumb enough to belieye it. l'll dish it out Prepare for the worst: httt hope for the best Respect yourself enough to make others like you 'lime and tide wait for no man: but I'Il be different llon't let studying interfere with your education flood nature and good sense are good companions The best way to kill time is to work it to death Reputation. like glass. is easily broken and neyer quite mended Striye hardest for the things wanted most I'tn not just a doctorg I'nt a snake doctor Loye tnanyg but trust few Do it while you can or somebody will beat you to it Neyer get discouraged-things could be worse Nab 'emg nag 'em, neck 'em, and neglect 'em .-I nt Inilion To he a good skater 'l'o get an easy job 'I'o obtain success 'l'o make Faye Shepherd Mrs. Merritt 'lio raise white faced rattle in Alabama To learn to play the piano Be golf professional at St. Andrews in England To he a bachelor girl To he an electrical engineer To keep Corky away from Iiast Nashyille To be a coach To meet the ideal tnan To he ati I-'III agent l'Iay the Hippodronie Organ lie a pharmacist and own Perry Drug Store To be an air stewardess l'o grow tall enough to look her boy friend in the eye To get a back seat in Miss Cowgill's room 'lo find the goose that lays the golden egg 'I'o loye and be loyed 'l'o he a waiter at Toots Shors' 'Iso see Miss Iflowers cut her hair Become principal of Du Pont You guess itg we can't To be manager of Sulliyans To marry the man she loyes To be the best educated hobo just to get married lio be a photographer for lisquire l'o be coach of the girls' swimming team at Michi- gan L'niyersity To meet that ideal man Io own a drug SlO1'C 'lio "raise" young Roses l'o be principal of lin Pont Higlt 'I'o be a professional tennis player To marry Pete tZlmrurlerisIit7 Talkatiye nature Knowledge of sports ller weak ankle His pool shooting His 5 feet I3 inches, length Always has a regular companion in thttrth Golf ability Friend to eyeryo Long. lean and ue lanky Her nose trouble I't'ettiness flood looks Beingsa regular ball of lure Those "out of this world" jokes flood looks Sweetness Ability to do so many things at once I.oye of a good titne Angelic yoicc Her intelligence The nutnber of dates he can crowd it1 a week Her ability to be a loyer girl Lore for one girl Good looks tlootl attitude Good looks Big blue eyes and blond hair Ability to work and make excellent grades Ability to know where Student Council members are To always know some dirt on Hopkins Iler beautiful last name .xinlity to stay on the job Ability to get along with people Sports Tennis ability Always having a man THE JUNIOR CLASS CARSON NIANNING BILL SMITH JOE GRAY .. , RALPH DENNY . . JOHN SNIITH , . . -lovcli CLAY ., l'1CKOI.S SHEDDEN NIARH: SHARP .. OFFICERS . . .President . . ,Vice-President Secrelary-Treasurer . . . .Reporter . .Sergeant at Arms .Sergeant at Arms .S'lu1Iz'nt Counril Iff'fH'l'Si'Ilfflfi'l'C' Sludent Council Representative THE JUNIOR CLASS Carolyn Aclair Carrie M. Agee Dora Baker Mona Barnes Wilma Bellar lletty Binkley Leia J. Butler Caroline Calkin Mary F. Christian Joyce Clay Lynn Davis Jean Detlman Betty Sue Donnell Billie D. Drake Flora L. Doty Wanda Dukes Dorothy Hackney Wilma Harrison Reba Helton Roy Allen Cary Allison Richard Bass liruest Blythe Aubrey Bradley John Burch Lehman Cook Donald Craig Jack Davis Ralph Denney lizra Duncan Hensley litter Emerson Flulianks Billy Ferguson lloh Florence Harold Gaines Thomas Gaston Joint Cicltlings Walter Golden GIRLS Dorothy Hicks Juanita Hollingsworth lilease Jarman Fay Jennings liloise Johnson Louise Jones Alberta Keye .lun Lannoin Virginia Linelmerry Ruby McMurtry Lillie Manis Mary S. Mayhugh Doris McCaleh Esther Medley Loretta Moore Rose M. Murphy Gloria Napier Joyce Norris Betty Owen B O Y S Gene Gore Joe Gray Alvin Hawkins Melvin I-linson Billy Hunt CL. I. Fink l.loycl Keith Jack Kinle James Lampley Carson Manning Jimmy McKinney Ross McClintock James McCue .Xlforcl Miethell Walter Moore Dave Nichols Wellington Peay Milton Pentlley Foster Pentlley Marie Parker Jean Peutlaryis Dorothy Pestell liya J. l'itt Betty J. Pugh 'lillCllll2l Ratler Margaret Reetl llouna M. Riyes Marie Sharpe Mary N. Shearon Bonnie J. Sircy Polly Skelley Mary S. Tithrell lla Warrick Margaret H. lVright Xaome XVright Sahra lYright Joan Clay Kenneth Pope Douglas Powers Alyin Purcell lioliln' Reynolds Johnny ll.. Richards 1 Eckols Shecltlen .'llX'ill Sherrill Bill Smith Kenneth Smith Raymontl Smith Gene Stone Glenn Terry liugene Tliotnas lieu 'l'homas 'l'ommy Thompson Billy Willis liugene lVilson Marion lYils0n lliomas Womack -m 5 E SOPHOMORE CLA LANIAR SHIPNIAN .. BILLY 'IQRAVIS .,.,. BETTY SUE XVORLICY BOBBY Tulslss . . . JOHNNY TURNER . .. B1iT'1'Y jo ANDERSON OFFICERS . . . .President . . , . .Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer , . , . .Reporter .Sergemzl at Arms .Sergeant at Arms HAROLD FITZPATRICK .... Student Council Representative THE SOP Annie Lois Anderson Betty jo Anderson Corinne Anderson Ruth ,-Xnglea Gloria Bandy Mary Lou Barton Mary .Xllene Beakley Annie Lois Bradshaw Maxine Brooks Mary .jo Burr Naomi Calloway Marlene Carter Doris Carter Billie M. Chambers Betty I.. Cox Billie Ruth Dalton Charlotte Ann Davis Charles Adams Martin Allen Buddy Baker Bobby Barnes Doyle Bethel Ralph Blount Bobby Bradley Billy Brake Sheldon Bullington Kenneth Carver Bobby Challin Bobby Chambers Bobby Clay Billy Cooke Louis Craig Wallace Craig john Cude ijack Davenport Shirley Davis Louise Dotrell Anita Fann Laura M. Ferrell Ajacqueline Graham 'joyce Gupton Katherine Hackney Berneaee Halfacre -joan Hall Dorothy Harville Patricia Henessey .joanne Hope Betty jo -jackson Carene jenkins Charlene .jones Betty kj. Keith jane Keller Carland DeRossette Carl Dick Charles Draper Charles Duncan llarold Fitzpatrick Sidney Ford james Franklin lj. C. Frazier -joe Gibbons Eugene Griilin .Xndrew Hesson Robert Hodges Ramon Hnllines .Xmos Ajarman .Xl Ajaynes -james Keller 'joe Kirkpatrick Don Knies Billy Lamb HOMORE CLASS GIRLS BOYS Ruth Lanrpley Martha Lealh Doris Lee jo .Xnn Leslie Thelma Lyell Margaret Martin Christine Martin Patsy McCaleh Doris McCall .Xtha Mt'Clung jeanice Midgett 'Dimple Monerief Nancy Nolan Barbara Redden Dorothy Russ Imogene Sharpe joe Lee R. C. Lullman Bobby McCauley Cecil McMurtry Ernest Manis Kenneth Marrow Bill Knies Ellis Osborne Kenneth Owen Charles l'eal Roy Rice Ditid Rollins Neely Rust Shipman Idqn Simmons Hubert Smith tene Stnbt ek Emma .jane Le Fevre Mary Frances Simmons Marilyn Starke Rebecca Stevenson Sally Swezey Hilda Thompson Mary L. Tidvrell Delma Tyree Dorothy .jean XVarren Edna XVatts .Xnn lYescott Flossie M'est Margie lYilloughbv Dorothy M'ilson Dorothy lvoodard Ruby Faye Woodard Betty Sue Xl'orley Warren Stewart Cilbert Svvinea Bobby 'l'aylor Wayne Taylor jerry 'lhompson Harold B. Ticlwell Harold Y. Tidtvell Billy Travis Bobby Tubbs Donald Turner .johnny 'IillI'llCIA Robert Turner Norman Vetter -james ll'allacte Billy lVauford Kenneth lllilll2llllS David M'omaek Billy lvright Royce Raney I V. . Leonard Sanford Lamar .' ' -I z ' Q' ' .' 2 ' 1 l E FRESHMAN CLASS KENNETH BELL . DICKIE P01115 ..,. FRANCES SIIAFI-'ICR OYCE GARNER . BILLY KICKINNEY junky BRISBY ,. DOUG STLLLLE. , . OFFICERS .....P1'esident . . . . .Vice-Presiderzt Serrclfzry- Treasurer , . . .Reporter .Smgearzt at Arms .Sergeant at Arms Student Cozmril Rcjzresentative THE FRESHMAN C frcdu 1. 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Q 5 X ORGANIZATIONS 4 , ' .',Q,,' rfb! . .4 -:A it 's READING CLUB LUCY BICDONALD President JEAN DEDMAN Vice-President DOROTHY SXVINEA Secretary XVILMA HARRISON Treasurer PAULINE LANIBERT Reporter NANCY NEWELL Sergeant at Arms MISS LENNA COVVGILL SIIUHSOI' DRAMATIC CLUB JOE GRAY President JIMMY BICKINNEY I'lil'8AP7'8Sid6'1Zf SIBYL PAGE S ecrelnry - Treasurer CHARLES DOTY Reporter MISS CAROLINE PERRY Sponsor JOURNALISM CLUB I,. K. THOMPSON President BILLY MOODY Vire-Presidfnt DORIS TOMLINSON Serretnry ANNE FLEMING Treasurrr JOHNNY HOPKINS Reporter JAMES MCCUE Sergeant at Arms MISS NINA WILLIAMS Sponsor F. H. A. CLUB XIARCELLE DENTON President PATSY XICCALEB Secretary NIARIE PARKER Treasurer VIRGINIA LINEBERRY Reporter MRS. L. P. NIAJOR Sponsor PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB JOHNNY HOPKINS Pre'si1Iz'1Il ROSE NIURPHY Vin'-Prrfsizlrzll PEGGY JONES S1'l'l'6fI1l'J'-T1'l'll.9ll7'!'7' FOSTER PENDLEY Reporler DEAN HOPKINS Sergeant at Arms ALVIN PURCELL Sergeant at Arms MISS EMMA FLOWERS Sponxor Sz'-Z., HI-Y CLUB PAUL KUYRI-ZNIIALL Pr1'sl1lr'nl L. K. BFIIORIPSON I'ire-Prznsirlwll JIMMY FISCHER Sffcrelary-Treasllrzfr GENE GORE Reporter RAYMOND SMITH .Sergeant at Arms NIR. J. T. DENNIS Sponsor Y-TEENS CLUB KATHERINE WILLIAMS P rvsi ll 4' I1 I ,MINES BASS Virf'-Pnfsizlrfnl BETTY Jo ANDERSON Sl'I'!'L'fIH'J' JOYCE CLAY Tl'l'llSllI'!f?' PATSY AICC,-XLEB Sergeallt al Arms MISS OAKLEX' Sponsor FORENSIC CLUB JOE GRAY Prrfsizlwzt BOBBY MIIIILIG I"ic1"Pre'sirImzt JEAN DI-IDMAN Scrrrln ry - 'l'r1fns1u'm' BETTY EAN P UG H Rf'j1m'l0r MRS. TH ELXIA PRENTICE Sponsor GLEE CLUB CAROLINE CALKIN Presiflrnl KENNETH NIORROXY Vive-Prrfsiflenl JACKIE GRAHAM .Secreta ry - T reasu ru r MR. WILLIAM SIMS Director D. E. CLUB PAUL KUYKICNDALL Presirlmzt JOE BARNES Vice-Prffsirlenl BILLIE JO BRADLEY Serrelary PAULINE LAM BERT '1'rPasurr'r LAURA JEAN ASHXYORTI1 Reporter LILLIAN HOSKINS Srrgefant af Arms ROSS NICCLINTOCK S6'I'g'FllI1f at Arms NIISS NINA YVILLIAMS Sponsor BETA CLUB NIARIE PIPRIN Presiden! JOE GRAY Iliff?-Pl'f'Si!1I?I1f DOROTHY SNYINIQA Secretary NIILDRED H ENDICRSON Correspomling Sf'Cfc'1lll7'J' JIMMY NIUHLIG Tl'HIlSllI'FI' J.-XNIES IJIQNTON Rfporler NIISS CAROLINE PERRY Sponsor xx, PAPER STAFF PAUL KUYKPINIJALL Editor DORIS VIFOMLINSON Assislarzt Iiflilor jlxlxrx' FISCIIILR liuxiness AJIIIIIIQUI' IIQICRRY DAVIS 1NV1'Zl'.Y-Sllfflll Erlilm' ANNE FLEBIING Art Editor CAROL COLLINS lix1'l111I1g'f' Editor L. KAY VIFHORIPSON .S'j1m'l.v Editor MISS NINA XVILLLIAMS .S'j1mI.I0r SAFETY CLUB liIcT'I'Y SUE DONNIQLI. Presirlenl l'oI.Lx' SKIELLICY I'ife-Presirlwll PATSY MCCALIQII Sf'r'1'z'l1II'y- Trfzzszlwfr HRS. RIAJORS Sponsor BAND LUCY BICDONALD . Prcsiflwzt BOBBY IWUIILIG I'ice-Pmsirlmvl -IIQAN RI'I'c:HIsoN S1'CI'Ef!IV.V NORMAN Vn'I"I'I2R Mzlnagev' MR. XVILLIANI SIMAIS Sjwnsor Q -sw F pu x ,X ,iw 0, . , .fimg-'. Q - -. f ASS: 91 ,X New Q H A1 ,S .sw 3 E EW NW im 1 Queen and Allwzflmzls Presenting the . . . A T H L E T I ? fi? ASX -V W I c s -ve' Third mzv-COACH DOYLE SNHTLI, MANAGER DON FUQIJA, WILLIAM GREEN. RAPIIAEL RIVIQS, JAMES MCCUE, PAUL KUYKENIJALL, IXLVIN HAWKINS. CHARLI-is JUDII, CHARLES FLOYD, ECKOLS SHEIJDEN. :XBISIE YVILLIAMS, JOHNNY OLURNER, ASSISTANT CQAVH JEAN SARVICR. Sefrozzcl I-nw-JOE BARNES, EUGIQNLI XVII SON, EUGENE DAVIS. BILLY TRAVIS, CARLANII DEROSSETTE, KENNETH SMITII. GARY IXLLISION. MARION XVILSON. NLELVIN HINsoN. BILLY YVILLIS. EMIERSUN EUISANKS, NIANAGER CHARLES DOTY. lfirsl row-CARSON NIANNXNG, JOI-IN BURUII. I-IENsI.I-:Y ETTICR. JOIIN SMITII, RALPH DENNY, JIMMY NICKINNEY, ERNEST l'mI.YTH, lf'osTER PENIJLEI: BILL SMITH. FOOTBALL Ull Pom Du Pom Du Pom Du l'uIIl Du Pont Du I'uIIl Du Pom Dll Pont Du Pont FOOTBALL SCORES .,..fZii 0 .422 ..7 .,7 .IG U6 ..,.l2 UG Gomllettsville .. .. IJOIICISOII ,. Litton .. NI. B. A.. .. CeIIlr1Il ... Clmksville ., limi . 'I'. I, S., , . SJJl'iI'lgnClLl . 0 0 0 32 I8 O 0 6 26 CHARLES FLOYD Back YVILLIAM GREEN Back SEASON'S REVIEW The Du Pont football team ended the season with 5 wins, 3 defeats, and 1 tie. Early season loss of Bill Smith and L. K. Thompzon held the backfield down, but Du Pont had one of the most outstanding lines in the city. The Bulldogs played their best game against strong Clarksville, coming away with a 6 to 0 win. Paul Kuykendall was chosen captain, Albert XfVilliams as alternate captain. Albert "Abby" XVil- liams was selected end on the All-Nashville team. The Bulldogs chose John Raymond Smith as Du Pont's most valuable player. EUGENE DAv1s RALPH DENNX CHARLES junn XLBERT XVILLIAXIS Back Guard Em Czuucl RAPHAEL RIX'ES CARLAND DEROSSETTII HLBSLPX ETTER RAXNIOXD SXIITH Center Tackle Yarkle End JUNIOR VARSITY Ifimt nm'-I.coiia1'nl Saiiliorcl. Ronnie Wcsner, Harlis johnson. jimmy Clliliiilll, llolwby Clmllin, Amos Ilzninan. Doug Slcclc. .Sr'r'w1fl ron'-XVelIillgto1i PC2151 Doug Nlzmning, George Drake, Gilbert Swinczx. Bohlmy Tulslms, Chzlrlcs Draper. Qlmrlcs Aclznns, P111 Hanes. Third wmv-Don lfnqnzi fxI2lll2lgCl'5. Kenneth llcll, Dickie Pope, Kcnnclli XVilliains, Knox XVrigl1t, Billy Nlckinncy, Qiil2ll'1CS Blmili, james Xllhilc QCO2lCill, jean Sam cr. Il'lmcl:0r5 Thrusl 1,711 Punt Nfglii Life Block Kick RAY MOND Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du SMITH Pont . Pont . Pont. . Pont . Pont . l'ont . Pont . Pont. . Pont, . Pont. . .ks W B ...36 37 ...Eli ,..,29 ....-18 ,Wm .,..37 U03 Clnnherlancl Hillsboro . . Goodlcttsville Central ,.,. Donelson . , . Central ..,. Litton ..... Clumherlzmtl HillshorO . Antioch . . . , 4 :,. SJ mga . - J gt. A 55- HARRY GUPTON jon jfxxius .X1.isuR'1' XVILLIAMS Osama MQCUN SCORES H15 Du Pont .... .... - l2 . ,23 Du Pont .,.. .,.. 5 0 ..lli Du Pont .,.. .... l 3 . .21 DuPont ..., ...53 U21 Dn Pont .... ,... - I3 U25 Du Pont ,... .. ,59 38 Dn Pont .. l7 98 Du Pont .,,. . .713 ...25 Dul'ont.... ,...3r ....2l Du l'ont.... ...-I0 THE SQUAD Meet the boys who were City and District Seven Chznnpions. They were given their only Llefeut by West 1-ligh Nashville. who lntcr hecalne Slate Champions, -17 to 10, in the Unit Tournznnent. llonelson ... . . . ., vloelton . . . joelton ... ... .. Litton ,..., ,.,., Antioch ..... ..... Goocllettsville . .Ioclton ..,... Cciitral .... .lIlll0Cll ,. West ..., . TOCK 22 21 29 29 22 lf? 28 26 3.1 -17 of First row. right Io Iefl-Alhcrt Williams 1,-Xlternate Cztptainj, joe Barnes. Gsczn' Nlcllliiitock. Rnyinontl Sniith. l-larry Gup- ton fflaplainj. Gene Gore, jack Mitchell. Srroml row-Charles Doty Qhlilllligiffb, Marion Wilson. Lchmzin Cook. Robert jones, joe james. Eckols Shecltlen, Nlelvin Hinson. Coach Doyle K. Smith. -' Q 2 tt t ef wqwfgw ,Y W Sffwfasff ' will 52+ F A i t Eiga LM :.,., r ii ' ts H 5225, P M J 3 gg-Q: f , fi -. , Q 4 Q ,gg -F tt Yi 253' EXW 'i A. Q "l" ::'1w -. .:p, f-'- -,.-- 1- ..::.::.:::i' L4 1 H ET L K Q Q 1 wi A if f l 3 f K ea ww tag 2 3 AW V. M Het A394 X 9 3 I wi l ,i ' E T .rw E il, I v-A5 ':' if ii la.. ,G tt. 4- zf fygltx- ,:g5g5-" 5?.3b2:'l?F4'f?5'lifl' xx EI E. .... I ' W ,t ,,.. , 8 Q 5 .,,,.,.., .. ., .,.,,,,. If -x- t- .,... ' N. my + --- ' ..,.: f,.,5t.,g:y,:,..,.,,-gk. 22 ? eggy gtg: wt A 'fgvihib wwf: 515 fm -f ffl53L:"23 fff?1'5ii' we ,,,. W f joulti CUPTON DORIS LE15 PATSY BICCALICIS ig ' B A S K E T B A L L SCORES Dtt Pont . , 27 Clll1IlDCl'llll1ll Du Pont . , 20 Hillslmoro . Du Pont . 215 Goocllettsvillc 2 Iln Pont ,, IR Central ..... Un Pont . . I9 Donelson . . . 3' lin Pont . , 30 Central .... Du Pont . , 20 Litton ...,. it 5 30 Cllllll7Bl'lklllfl fi Du Pont .. Du Pont ., Un Pont. .. lull Pont. .. Dn Pont. .. Du Pont. ., Du Pont. .. Du Pont. .. Du Pont. .. 23 Hillsboro . , 39 Antioch , . . 32 Donelson . 28 Joelton . 2l joel ton . 25 Litton ,..., 'lfl Antioch ,... 39 Coodlcttsville THE SQUAD 5 L .t,.,H. ..... ,Y , . -..H .,.,, W, KATHERINIC VVILLIANIS DORIS NICCALIB I out mu Xgnes Bm Rttltettne llllll2llllS. lloyce Glllllllll, Dorothy Hicks. Coach Doyle K. Smith. Donna Mai Rives, Iwtsx Nlcfftlelm Dototlty Xltlson Doris Nlcflulelw. lmrl. ron Dotothy U71 :glut Mftnxget Sally Swczey, Dorothy XV:n'ren, Betty .Io Anderson. Mona Barnes, Juanita Hollings- ttll Bnlmni D ek Ioan Clay. t 'V'S9?3TT 2t , ,ct 'WG' MW JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Firsl mu-lboug Steele. .Xl KIZITIICS. Bolulxy Tulmlms. Billy Nlcliinney. Temp Spzxrlunalm. jimmy livans. .SIl'I'0lI!I I'0ZL",LlIl0S hlllflllilll. l.e0nzll'cl Szmforcl. ll'1n're11 Slewzlrcl. Tlzirrl mu'-Billy Kuies. Pup lfilzpulricrk. julm Cucle. AI. CZ. I:l'llZlCl'. 1'-UIIVIII ron'-Clozlcll Szlrver. GOLF lifkuls Shcnlmlcn. Rzlymuml Smith. .lllllllly Nlulllig. GIRLS' TENNIS .Smlulilzg-Nlrs, 'llxclmu l,l'CllIIl'E', Clozlclm. Szxbru lV1'igln, lS2ll'l72llSll Reclmlen. Xlvlllllll Hollemzm. Ruby Nlcklurtry, Geneva Nlcklurlry. Carol Collins. 'lonunie lVilli:1ms. joan Leslie. I,m'ettn Moore. Betty Ilmlerson. Eva june Pitt, Dean llruke, Nlilclrecl HCllllClSSi7Il. Betty CZIIIUWZIY. Dorothy Pestcll. Peggy Spencer. Polly Skelley, Scnnic Iirislxy, .Xnn xIOl'l'0ll'. l'll'2lIlCIS Cllrislizm. Krzcvliizg-lilezlse -I1ll'lIl2lIl. Domlliy Hicks. jezmife Nliclgell. xI1ll'gfl1'CI Willialms. BCIIY -I0 Anderson. CITY CZHAXIPIONS. ISHS BOYS' TENNIS .Ninos Jlllxlllilll, joe Gilmlnms. l'l1ll'l Swensson. Cllurles Holy, joe Gray. BASEBALL TEAM Du Pont's baseball team is a prominent member of the sports family here. Always boasting a good record, the starting team consisted ol: Abbie Mfilliams, Robert Jones, C. Frazier, Carson Manning, Don Knies, Harry Gupton, Bill Smith, Sidney Ford, Buddy Gaines, Ralph Denny, Lehman Cook, Charles Carver, Jackie Knies, Oscar McClintock, Aubrey Bradley, and Marion X'Vilton. An added mark of distinction has been earned by three ol the boys, Abbie XfVilliams, Robert jones, and Harry Gupton, who were named to the annual All-Nashville team. 1948 City Champions. f -v K Q U

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