Draper High School - Draperian Yearbook (Schenectady, NY)

 - Class of 1937

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Draper High School - Draperian Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 9
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4 llll- u Ill A - I-of .i -3 PROGRESS OF THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE The hxgh school graduaTe of I937 faces a more complex world Than any of has predecessors Whefher he nnTends To conTInue hls formal educahon or wheTher he unTencls To go info xndusfry he has a more varied and possnbly a more momenfous choace To malce Than hugh school graduaTes before hum Many occupafuons formerly open To The hugh school graduaTe now are open only To The college graduaTe and many formerly open To The college graduafe now require one or more years of graduafe sTudy The boy or gurl choosmg college Techmcal school or business school musT choose has career four or more years In advance In order To reap The fullesT benefIT of hns educaTnon The graduaTe wxshung To commence has gainful occupahon ImmedlaTely has a duffnculT chouce To make Too ofTen he Talces a lob wIThouT consnderung The fuTure Too ofTen he IS forced To Take The f1rsT one open because of economuc necessuTy ln order To luve abundanfly a person musT develop as age and capacnTy for developmenT Increase Therefore IT ns well To loolc for a poslT1on wnTh opporTunITy for advancemenT so ThaT your hfe may be full as well as your pockeTboolc Th re IS a Tendency among humans To reduce l1feTohab1T IfThIs1s done :T means ThaT a person has arb:Trarxly lnmnTed The envlronmenf To whuch he IS To reacT and Therefore has shuT ouT The posslbulufy of furfher developmenT Thus does noT mean ThaT The rndavudual should noT acquure many habITs b T IT does mean ThaT There musT be a sphere of acTlv1Ty beyond The hablTual where There IS a place for The furTher develop menT of habrfs Colvrn sa s The difference beTween The erson who confnnues To malce progress all Through hrs lnfe and The one whose real ln e as ended an early man hood ss ThaT The former always possesses an open mmd and The aTT1Tude of hndnng In hus envlronmenT furfher possubnllfues of adlusTmenT Therefore leT us remember when we choose a vocaTIon or an avocahon or any form of recreaTlon To choose Those acT4vITues whvch lead To furfher acTIvITues and noT Those ThaT keep us In a ruT LeT us lceep In mind That real social progress depends on The progress of The mdlvudual as well as on new nnvenTnons and new scnenTIfuc duscoverues HOWARD E BAKER If-,x .1 3 x 1- 1 fi Q Lg I - I I I 3 . I I , I I I I ' . . I, . . I fp ' . . . . I. I I I I - I

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