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x -V 'V Ji JJ J JJ JJ , 1, , ,A . - .. . -Ag CJ JJIJJJJICJJJJI wwf XX QM cf NJ One Hzmd1 ec! and Ezghtlo Kem l A VERITAS 1958 la ni by b .Y d UPPER SCHOOL DOMINICAN CONVENT SAN RAFAEL CALIFORNIA if 'div mu, ' gm EX my QB ,y I I I 0 I X NU, "W If, 60 In I ggi? 'ws W Publix e 1 I e fu mix of the I 3 4 The Song of Dominican he Song of Dominican is more than a theme for a single year- book. Song, an integral part of our lives here, promotes an indefinable spirit. Someone is always singing. We sing spontaneously and irrepressibly on informal occasions- the honor campaign, the Mai'ch of Dimes drive, volleyball games, evenings at Bolinas, faculty feastdays, classmate birth- days, Sunday morning study halls, class recreation. We can be found utilizing the three minutes between classes for the snatches of a song. Often no established lyrics fit our purposes and some- one says, "Write a new song." All the day-to-day singing cul- minates in our favorite party, the Song Festival, when, after weeks of preparation, our light singing becomes quite im- portant, artistic, and at best professional. We sing on more solemn occasions. QWe have discovered that a song even eases the tension at the beginning of Cards.D Christmas especially is a time for music, and, scarfed and candle-bearing, we sing for Christ, for His sick, for each other, and for the sheer joy of just singing. Ritually and reverently as we enact the Christmas drama in Tableaux, Schola sings the St. Luke story. We like to think of ourselves as music-makers. But we are music- listeners, too: throughout the year we attend performances at Angelico. In the fall we go to the opera and in the spring to the San Francisco Symphony series. A We are proud of a sense of Crescendo in our singing. We know that all the Sundays when, white-veiled and uniformed, we chant the Missa Cantata, we have somehow reached the climax of our singing, of our lives. This book belongs to those who carry our song in their hearts- it is the Song of Dominican. of? 1 , jgrffq' ,ifzzigj 1312! 4 7 KP 1 " A -N., Qiiffvkig!-if Iv ,s:-wsS .- - zgw g. f Q V Qvigqa "- 7 .TU Tl A f 9935." 'Q3z ++ii'?' 1 0 4 ,444rI4Q94"44'4 Ab 'z4I4'l4'4,1, ' fi W 2 Q QQQ ,, - . 44,,4,ggiry1h, ,X 1 if ' 7 w x I 4 Irv,-1 - - Ag I VM 'J lf Y' 'X - , Wil, NX It S 'niicwfi if 'K' , W l I ' Af I w MQ , N-ww wwf-A lg FN .f ew W YET!! Q20-551451. hs: x , , --a 1' ' I f ,E Q Sffgv, JZ! ZIVQQY A -' -' lj' 'I fm' 5 JL X L XXX A I lwfql ,,,A61,.f: 5: jfl - K 11 ff fig , fi 'I V5,y'yfLfQ55z.a V XXX.-4 UAF if . X I F-q M X fi If .'kf,x'f, " 111 4 f Q , 'Q-, 3' X 'N' f' '3' A kg,!li'l? 5 -Qf N F ui il X5 K 'QF' K X wx fG'5.f.-1' ,K fff 'X 1 x ' k 1 bf rv Q , nm X 4 1 'Q A iii Q L " ff u KX .nl an , X .gx F x i . X v . Y L, " !-- L' F Jw- NY ITP? I 0 ' ' ia 1515' s H 5 ' k' a:1 1 'wx OA 4 fl Q 'H . W W I ii' , K fl Av Q . ff f J qw-X 1 ll ' ' 1 N '53 V 7 ' .763 If - ii " ', ,f' mx, 15, 'f V-Q Q' Nr I fff 1 ' X si wg N, . A fn 1 ig 1 wif -f 51 ,gf , JA , , - .C 7 fi , - ' P if f 3 '- Ziff' 'f ,Q '42 5:5 I 'f fc. f ai ,M A 4 Q if 20? W f Q X 7 4' 9 Fwy A -1 I f 4 . ' P' rl' ff 'xW f" img G A -H Q 1 If H ff iv,-W 4-15 , f Q ' Q - vo , M f J - lla . ws f-.!' f f 4 pcgi2"51 f A, M . ' J! w Yi. ' A ,C I'-:fit Q i ' XI' L V I 'I f 'ii 'wg 1 - W I I Z x gl V X gf " " 4 X: E If X 1 X tp: Ng-.,N..?. an s ,lwgf 'J' N X wills! YV, ,n z If ks . I 15 I1 KW U' f 1 f -f 02 A Q , ' my Q x 'QL i Sq: 1 l l. .':'Z. 5132. i ' It dx svi'-'vk- ik '! ,YP'-- ummm-un nn! " ' 1 " ,',," 'H-'1 '- -' ' gmt' 1 ' fx -- -" -I-: . .I aff? u::::. '31-Eli-'N G45 """' -:5'fJ:f1'ZIii:E?":"if ' JL, 3,6 -.ll--1.2 115.- - Hn " ,S-L S s 5.111552 isis' 1 N H. 5 5 '-all '+1 Er-. N,1,s,l.s. 5. Ln--u l ?-.3 -42 -iwgg .- 'H 'L 'f , "' QgE:IE7l,,, 43' I, dp' ,f,', X nn- - - - w e ' ' ' . E- 1525:-E : -P -'Ea' R: -sv -- FL ,fz5i'-f31"f2i"- . 1 .Aa-. s . fl - - F'---.-S111 111 lin. .-ing '3"-.. ' 'Quinn -- 'lv' '.. ff' Z91""- . - '- f- ,. ' ..,,' W-K1 -in-132 111- but--fb.:---. ff' .- 'ea , '00 1 .4 , -. Q. A ' MQ ""', L' 1- 'J ,A ' -H- 1,-Q. .'.'f. ,'gl?4:-'5:::?-2 Y- "Ib: ff':2' '-KUAQW1. - I Whz. " :4',f3fY ,4 " ' . -.. -ik uungg- -lun.--22-1 -1 I 1 in-nrgl-,?,,-.-f. .. ll- 0,112 '-M ' , sq f f--. -sf , , ' ' Y 2 - "fl--n ---..l - u .ll mf'4,g-.?0:'rK V1 226- - '31 1 - nj , QI .. q'!n 5. 4,14 ' ,' ' " 13? - . Az, 0 -s -',L- ... 7 1 A , - -ur, X V . . "U lg 4 2, A-7 ,f' , N- - "-, - ,, . f a I ---5-12" - . .- : . ff? 2, "-ag, f.A ur an , 1" , 6 - r -:rx -:M X- v yf :i , ' - - '. Ji , 1 lu".,'s "'fm'4'q, ' ' -5. Q Q sy, 1 - gn.. Q Q- s.Q-,sg Q's, sqm ' , , 5 Q S f. Q 1 QQ we P-bz-. 5 so Q M Q og., W "i' 5 49.5. Q . :,q .4 NQ,H--,l. S "lit-Si 6 Calendar of School Events SEPTEMBER F EB RU ARY 9-Resident Students Return. 10-Classes Begin at 9:30. 13-Alice Curtayne Rynne Talks on Irelezmi Today. 14-Opening Mass. First Rally. 15-29-"Flu " Epidemic. 18-Breakfast Hike. 19-Judy Tobin Loses Contact Lens. 21-Ann Curtis Cuneo Swim Exhibition. 22-Feast of Saint Maurice. Concert-Boys' Town Choir-Forest Meadows. 28-Alumnae Luncheon. OCTOBER 6-Rosary Sunday Procession. 10-Launchin g of Atomic Submarine Sarge 12-Play Day. 15-16-Confraternity to Bolinas. 17-"La Traviata" in San Francisco. 19-Annette Brophy Song Fest. 26-Sophomore Halloween Party. NOVEMBER 2-Michael Mary Returns From Snipe Hunt 4-Feast Of Saint Charles. 6-Dominican College Day. Veritas Picture Day. 12-Ann Padel Faints at Living Pictnrer' Practice. 17-Living Pictures. 19-Griller String Quartet. 24-Federation Meeting at Dominican. DECEMBER JAN l 6-Lily Procession. 7-Charity Bazaar-"Snow Queen. " 8-Feast of the Immaculate Conception- Forty Hours' Devotion. 9-Senior "Good Time " at Meadowlands. 14-Schola Dinner. 17-Junior Christmas Party. 1 8-Honor Card Assembly. Christmas Tableaux. 20-Connie Martin, Fourth Generation, Has Picture in Chronicle. UARY 8-Classes Resume. 11-Senior College Board Test. 14-Stage Crew Dinner. 18-Captain Fahy Talks on Atomic Energy. 22-G.A.A. "Picnic " at Paganini's. Inter-Class Volleyball Finals. . Sophomore Class Cup Picnic. 24-Maryjane Baird Puts Term Paper in Flower Pot at 11:55 P.M. 25-Roundhead-Cavalier Volleyball Games. 29-Final Examinations. ' 4-Owl Visits Nancy and Smitty. 4-5-Optima Weekend at Bolinas. 9-Mother Paula Shows Pictures of African Missions. 11-Centennial of Apparition at Lourdes. 12-Lourdes Procession. 15-Senior Class Party. 16-19-Retreat Conducted by Reverend Paul Duffner, O.P. 22-Song Festival. The Spirit Movesjayde Finni. 23-Lydia Abt Gets Poison Oak. 26-Carol Kraemer Has Cast Removed. Susan Buresh Gets Glasses. We See Ourselves En Route to Europe A Cheval. 24-Jeannie Murphy Has Wisdom Tooth Pulled. 27-Shan, Joan, Judy Leave For Oregon. Marilyn Goff Falls Asleep in Study Hall. MARCH 7-Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas. 11-Gaelic Choristers. 15-Day Student Party. 23-Lady Precious Stream. 29-Roundhead-Cavalier Basketball Finals. APRIL 1-April Fools Nancy and Meg. 12-Music Club Party. 15-Sheila Mclnerny Day. 19-Cavalier Party. 23-Roundhead Party. Ann Desmondjoins Columbia Record Club 26-Dominican Day. 30-Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena. MAY 3-Finding of the Holy Cross by Saint Helen. 6-Sophomore-Senior Dinner. 7-Alumnae Luncheon for the Seniors. 10-Freshman Party. ll-Music Conservatory Program. 14-G.A.A. Picnic. 15-Ascension Thursday. Ring Tea. l7fIunior-Senior Dinner. 21-Freshman-Senior Luncheon. 24-Last Rally. 27-Prize Day. Class Night. 28-Baccalaureate Mass. Senior Breakfast. Commencement Exercises, Hawthorn Court. 29-Faculty "Tweaks Off" to Del Mar. 31-Senior Ball at Hotel Mark Hopkins. Foreword Calendar Contents Table of Contents The Song of Dominican The Harmony of Working Together . . Student Council ...... Student Body President . . . The Graduates ...... SeniorClass . . junior Class . . . SophomoreC1ass . . Freshman Class . . The Melody of joy .... Music Club . . Roundheads ....... Cavaliers Girls' Athletic Association . Play Day Parties . Here and There . . . The Rhythm of Converted Effort . . Living Pictures . . . Lady Precious Stream . . . Music Department . . Clubs . . Time Out Veritas' . Optima . The Form of One Spirit I . . Schola . Confraternity . . Sodality Retreat . Bazaar . ChristrnasATableauX .... The Holy Verirar Staff . . Sacrifice of the Mass . The Lower School ........ Veritar Patrons . Veritas Sponsors Autographs . . PAGE 4 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 23 . 26 . 28 . 30 . 32 . 33 . 34 . 35 . 36 . 38 . 40 . 42 . 44 . 46 . 47 . 48 . 50 . 51 . 52 . 53 . 54 . 55 - 56 . 57 - 58 . 59 . 60 . 61 62 63 68 69 70 7 The Harmony of Working Together In unity there is strengthg in harmony there is love. This oneness of mind and spirit shall prevail in our memories of Dominican. We have learned so much from living to- gether, Working together, just being together. There is a spirit of cooperation in our daily lives, for we have learned the happiness of giving wholeheartedly of ourselves to Almighty God and to our neighbor. We have found that in our consistent academic striving we have a unity of purpose in our search for truth. By this concordance of our hearts and minds we add our harmony of working together to the Song of Dominican. if M llfqflimw My fNgnQWWN 'L 'Ili lla- ll if if li W1 an if l" I A 5 mv- x Xl! XXX ia lv li N .ta . 1 lm v X Uliy fi' ig!! im, xx . X 4, sv'-,X IX in '15 KWXJXXN X AN Student C 4 rwMXMQjl Nyuwiiiw V X ' l Xl A. ir if W W M Yin X 'fl' 'Q W - h my X" ll WN? l QXxW9'gAi U WlhN AW NU,1lh Wmx ,lkxljw A xjwwxvwlw a hw, Wm MQW www, N- Wx WN Nw .wig l im MN ta. it if . ay in it ri 'T ay. M. X My H FW'1.,l!lif T 'lmlfa W lla V th KA x I 1 . W ' ,. Xllpri fllliy QM,-W' ,AWK U M Ilya My fx' ' V W W' K fr I x 'lla 'x Xllfx -A N nw wx F M, M mllllx Nl xglilvllllllllli NU 1 Nikhil M'l"U ll K: X 'rmhlf .,,,i" 'TL NX Xu.. W W ' T apllllwfl NUM VI KA 1 V v , l ' WA W le lllllllww W JN 3 Nl A all in ll X 1 'l N N M Y U Y r I K I v 4 wvffbi 1 v -wif. Q, 5 VF 7 . U wg' ,Q 'f'f 13117-3245 E f j , N-B .. nf, A , 'u lb 4 I- ' I as jf-v I , ba L. ff' N PF "BUSH ,HV gm M. ,?s:. , Q13 'A gum. ., X , W.. ,.Vx,3., . .x :Ik 1"- x 1 v r-17 'X--'X 'X x xg. 'X' 11. '. 1 X "xl ,af V fx T. E' My X Zvi? Em' n E. l v X X .L fi LYDIA ABT Novato, California Choral 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Time Out 2, 4 Sodaliry 2, 3, 4 ANA CRISTINA ALVAREZ .fanta Ana, El Salvador Spanish Club 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Choral 1, 2, 3, 4 N , X Q lx ,J KATHERINE ALLEN .Yau Rafael, California Student Body Recording Secretary 4 Tablcaux 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Production 1, 4 Glec Club 4 The Graduates MARY JANE BAIRD San Rafael, California Optima 2, 3, 4 Spring Production 1, 2, 3, 4 Tim: Out 2, 3, 4 Choral 3, 4 v i 1 I I 1 llll 'Q- -5 i-L, y, 121. N xx , E .J W . ,,, M 1 m - iw . X sr ,f H -L if '5?u'un.. L 7: -4 L ,z L. . 1 J 1 l Q 1. 4' X ' - 1 SANDRA BARG Sauralitn, California Optima. 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club Vice-President 3, 4 Vcritax Staff 2, 3 Secretary, Junior Statcsmcn 4 MAUREEN BROWN Sun Rafael, California Confratcrnity 2, 4 Tablcaux 1, 4 Glcc Club 4 Living Picturn 1 f"' ,qs X, U21 X , 3 JOAN BEHLOW Walnut Crzek, California Schola 2, 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Soclaliry 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ROXANNA BROWN Salem, Oregon Class President 4 Schola. 2, 3, 4 Optima 1, 2, 3 V. M- ' X Sodaliry Committee Chairman 4 s gf, f-nn.. rv! 1 Xa- fx' L 0 C , X l C JANET DALTON DENNY DECKER San Rafael, California Mill Vailry, California Optima 3, 4 Veritas' Art Staff 4 Tablcaux 1, 4 Stage Manager, Spring Production 4 Riding Club 1, 4 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Glec Club 4 G.A.A. 1, Z, 3 DEANNA DEMARTIN ANN DESMOND Rau, Califarnia Xacramrntn, California French Club 2 Class Vice-President 4 Tennis Club 3 Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 4 Glcc Club 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 Junior Statesman 4 Tableaux 1, 2 ffpix wi l13l is 1 i . ii -1 l A" KATHERINE DIEPENBROCK Sacmmcnta, Califnrnia Student Body Vice-President 4 Class Vice-President 3 Class Cheer Leader 3, 4 Factotem, French Club 3 JANICE DONOVAN .Yan Frmzcirco, Cfllifnrlzia Class Treasurer 1, 3, 4 Art Club President 3, 4 Schola 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 SUSAN DINKELSPIEL Kcrztfelfl, California Spring Production 1 Tennis Club 1, 4 junior Statcsmen 4 Tableaux 2, 4 ANTOINETTE FAHY Mzzrc lxlaml, Califrmziu Vcrim: Editor 4 Sodality President 4 Optima 3, 4 Schola 3, 4 , .rf-V 1"5Qff w ' "H wi , , , ,ss , wi. 1 .i H w , L zz-S." . I - 4 '- W.. C . w Us 4 V 'fi E141 m l lag: NANCY FAULKNER Red Bluff, California Rounclhead Captain 4 Soclality 3, 4 Confratcmity 3, 4 Veritaf Staff 4 MERRILEE GWERDER l'Vd!7llIf Grave, Crllifarzlia Optima President 4 G.A.A. Secretary 4 Sodality 3, 4 Production Staff 3, 4 tx ' f ,I x .f 1 ! DIANA FONG .Yao Paulo, Brazil Schola 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Music Club 3, 4 Art Club 3, 4 MICHAEL MARY HANRAHAN Clarkrbnrg, California Schola President 3, 4 Spring Production 2, 3, 4 Optima 1, 2 Choral 1, 2, 3, 4 I I X 91'-5:1525 'gl , ,Z n,.- L-rg f. rd 1 X f l15l PRISCILLA JARDINE Hanalulu, T. H. Xi xl French Club President 4 Schola 3, 4 G.A.A. 4 Choral 2, 3, 4 LINDA LOBENBERG .fucrarllcrlto , Cal i famizz Schola 3, 4 Art Club 3, 4 Spring Production 3 Verita: Art Staff 3 l16l if H' I 1' XX- .. SUZANNE KERR .S'1uuafita, California Editor, Time Out 4 President, junior Statesman 4 Optima 1, 2, 3, 4 Verinm Literary Staff 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA LYNCH S1111 Frrrrzcifca, Culifarrziu Confratcrnity 4 Spring Production Z Soclality 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 3 is 7 ii X., l A+ . BRENDA MARSH Mill Valley, California G.A.A. 2 Tim: Out 2 Spring Production 1, 2 Class Treasurer 1 CAROL McCULLOCl'l Fairfax, Calzforzzia Cavalier Song Leader l Spring Production l Spanish Club 4 Glce Club 4 ,. Ai - 1 P ff l fl -'iff ,r f L 4 PAULA MCARDLE Fairfax, California Living Pictures 4 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Statesman 4 Tablcaux 1, 2, 3, 4 SHEILA MCINERNY Ocaafzfidr, California Confratcrnity 2, 3, 4 Class President 3 Class Vice-President 2 Optima 2, 3 .F 'x f ' T . K All X' or 1 . E17 PATRICIA MEYER Walfzut Grave, California G.A.A. President 4 Sodaliry 3, 4 Tableaux 3, 4 Choral 3, 4 IRENE MURILLO Gmzymax, Sazzom, Mexico Factotcm, Art Club 4 Facrorcm, Spanish Club 4 Confratcrnity 1, Z, 3, 4 Living Pirmrvx 1, Z, 3, 4 be KAREN MILLARD "' F La fella, Califarnia I, Production Staff 2 1' Time Out 1, 2, 3 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3 MARY ELIZABETH MURRAY Kentjfrld, California Living Picturex 1, 4 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Production 4 French Club 2 ff- " ' ff I ng U31 M, - ., uw ,Em , . xx , J fl' .1 X E X v JUDITH O'CONN ELL Kerztfelzl, California Cavalier Cheerleader 1, 4 Verita: Business Staff 2 Productions 1, Z, 3, 4 Time Ont 2, 3 JOAN RAOUL-DUVAL Burlinlgame, California G.A.A. 3, 4 Table-:aux 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Time Ont 3, 4 13. , x lx l "1 , f ,,.,. F , 1 1 , , - W ll .N , 1 . if., . PHYLLIS O'CONNELL Vallejo, California Class Cheerleader 3, 4 Veritas' Business Staff 4 Spring Production 3, 4 Choral 3, 4 KATHERINE RAYBURN .Yan Anrclrna, California Optima 1, 2, 3 Spring Production 1, Z Tableaux 1, 4 Living Pictm-c.r 4 3-- 4 J' 19 , I, .' 1 , ,lf I f f V S"l'21rs 1 3 V, N SX f X 1 ' ii . 1 KATHLEEN REILLY Rau, California Production Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Veritax Business Manager 4 Class Secretary 4 Sodaliry Committee Chairman 4 LORNA SAMSON Quezon Cizjy, Plailippirzu Soclality 2, 3, 4 Choral 3, 4 Living Picture: 4 Art Club 2, 3, 4 1201 ELIZABETH RINGROSE .Yan Rafael, California Tableaux 1, 2, 3, 4 Verimr Literary Staff 1, 2, Time Ont Staff 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 3 DIANE SMITH Kzntjfeld, Cnliforfzirz Confrarernity President 4 G.A.A. 2, 3 Schola 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 1 3 4? 1451111 'T -iam , es 53 f ,L fy. V ' Q-.- - ...L,.,s:,.,. ,.. . L KATHARINE SOLARI St. Helena, California Student Body Treasurer 4 Optima 2, 3, 4 Schola 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 CORA BELLE SWANSTON Sacramento, California Sodality 3, 4 Tableaux 3 Choral 3 French Club 3 4g , 1 'x - x N'-txt, K X . K SUSAN STUBBS Twmqnine Pafmr, California Spring Production 4 G.A.A. 4 Music Club 4 Confraternity 3, 4 JUDITH TOBIN Halma, Montana Student Body Corresponding Secretary 4 Optima 1, Z, 3, 4 Sodality Committee Chairman 4 Schola 3, 4 -13 f? -Rt 1 21 , I 4'1" sg R' . xi w X ,NX I f - 5 - MARIA VELAZQUEZ Riwu, Niwmgmz Spanish Club President 4 Confratcrnity 2, 3, 4 Music Club 3, 4 Living PiCfllf!J 1, 2 ALICE WOODWARD St. Croix, Vifgin Iflfmdf Time Out 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Veritar Literary Staff 3 l22l ANNE WILLCUTTS Belvedere, California Day Student President 4 Glce Club 4 Class Secretary 1, 2, 3 Tableaux 4 MARGARET WRIGHT facrafnenlo, California Cavalier Captain 4 Sodality 2, 3, 4 Schola 2, 3, 4' G.A.A. 3, 4 H -3 5, l A fregaent .ferziar paxtiiize-Jifzging, this time on the East Lawn. 4-Star Collegiate Word Power Senior Edition Amarafztlaine-adj. neverfadingg undyingg purplish, favorite adjec- tive for anything. Calor:-n. red and blue, chosen for obvious reasons, annual vote to change themg worn by our cheer-leaders at games. College Boards-n. furrowed brows, January 115 large red, white and blue "How to Prepare" books, leads to matriculation or rejection. Cup-n. a sparkling silver object which we strove to obtain, char- acterized by light permissions and no demerits in neatness Cwell, almost nonelj. Demeritr-n. given by seniorsg gained by seniors. Grendel-n. hero in Beowulf, Ccolloquial, name for English IV teacherl. P47131-H. "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay "5 Cornelia and Emilyg roaring twenties, Charlestong fun hours of planning and rehearsing, "Man overboard ! " Proctor-n. an ubiquitous senior who personifies silence, charac- terized by keeping order in dorms and study hall, also the girl who has a continually elevated hand in the refectoty. Project-n. our gift to the school, the result of selling cakes and sponsoring movies. Prize Day-n. anxious waiting to see who will graduate "with honor "5 guerdon for accumulated months of study, coopera- tion, courtesy, generosity. .Senior Spirit-n. our "special" songg also the intangible element which unites all orty-eight of us ethereally. .Yonge-n. 'jimmy Brown "g "Hi Lili "g "Somewhere Over the Rain- bow"g "Summertime"g "Copenhagen"-a musical class, we Won the Song Festival three years in succession. Subject A-n. English grammar exam, no comma splices! Clam Night-n. our last night at D.C.g many misty eyes as we will our ollicesg Ve:-itat distributedg s ynonym- "1 acrimose. 'l Graduation-n. May 28th, Hawthorn Courtg a sunny day, tears shed, final good-byes and promises to writeg Farewell, Dominican! Fun began at Meaeiozvlavzelr for high :cboal Jeniom at Dominican College Day. Hofterres fuili Mzirpby, Pat Rennie, and Margi Malley QCla:.r of '57j greet Amie Willczittr and Diane Smith. Kate Dieperzbrock and Lydia Abt are in foregrozmd. STUDY-Katy findx study un efxentiul part of Dafzzinirun life. HISTORY-Current world prohlemx hold Kiwis concentrated attention. MATHEMATICS-Mary fum' dimcgrees with 5'hun'.r original ivzterxection of line and pumhalu. ART-Ana Crixtimz addy u fmzl touch ta red, white, and blue still lzfe. ur Search RELIGION-Anne camultx The Summa for lucid proof: of the cxixtence of God. awww ENGLISH-Katie elinroverx hy hard thinking ana' SCIENCE-Kathy and fan ponder the wife farting the jay of writing a term paper. panihilitiex of plotting a Jmoeth .rola- hiligf curve from the callertive remit: of the claw. or Truth GRADUATION-"With hi ghext h707Z0f,,1M67fllC6'J diploma is .rymholir of real achievement. LANGUAGES-Mary Elizabeth ana' Judy hope that their elanical Latin background will prajit them for yearx to came. - "Y, Y ..3u. -A 5... ' Y -:Y 234ff'1,"'Y ing, '. . - i f, 1 .t ' wil -a'f?'ff'f - 1 , -' 1 E. f" - - Y., ' .4. , ' .a ' ' t Juniors Gray and Gold Aozdb devouring letterf on Hawtlaorn Court are Kathie Corder, Dloralv Herrvb, Sophie Hutton, Babr Bain and Cyntbiafolanfton. Melissa slid down the silver bannister and swung on the Golden Gates of Heaven as she Went through. She hopped gaily from one pink cloud to another and then, with a great flutter of wings, she swooped down into Hawthorn Court. Skipping merrily through St. Thomas Hall, she skidded to a stop in front of Room 5. With a sudden realization of the silence in the corridors, she tip-toed in and, finding the room vacant, began to thumb through a scrapbook on the desk. Melissa was shocked to find that it was summer vacation of 1958 and that leer class were juniors-practically seniors. For she was the guardian angel of the class of ' 59 but-sad to relate-in the time- lessness of eternity, what had seemed to be a delay of only a moment had resulted in a loss of three whole years, flirting past as fast as you could spin your halo. Melissa read each page of the scrapbook carefully and learned of the wonders of being upperclassmen, the anticipation surrounding a Nutcracker Suite Christmas Party, the Korcoe and jean Stephenson. English Ill . . . Ring Tea Cbeerleadenr Pane Kimball and Andra Rieden lead a gathering of the gray and gold. Back row: Dina Jardine, Pat Malaoizey, .S'nJan Page, Florian Turner Ann Padel. Middle row: Claudia Rees Parry Dwyer, Satan N i g genzan, Nancy Holt. Front row: joelle Oyster, Sharon fi In Orioher juniorr nzeariire finger! forthe ringr they zoill Clan ojicerr alircieuing Ring Tea planr: Day Stnelem' rereiive in May. Cloekzoise: Linda lflfalsh, Mazireezz Treafarer foan Srniley, Vice-Presialenf Mary Donohue, Harirnamz, Pat Kahler, Maryann Bowen, Sue Smith, Prefialezzt fnlie Davif, Secretary Molly Keil, Resident Kathy Kindt. Trearurer Barbara Biireher. mysteries of chemistry and English Ill, the interest and eagerness during Song Festival practices, and the height of excitement: receiving class rings. "The juniors have had a iooneierfal year," thought Melissa, "But one thing is missing-they haven't Won the Cup." In contemplating this further, however, Melissa realized that the chances of argl class for winning the Cup are very slim when they haven't an active guardian angel. Melissa curled up in a front desk, yawned and exclaimed, "Wait until next year. We'll show them." The Day itielfjieriiors always fake Jkillionr of pictarer. Sitting on Benineafa lawn are Sheila Grady, Pang' Connery, Sharon foner, jeannie Mzirphy, Rath Del gaelillo, Helena Brigaral, Pixie Byaral, Moriica Soto, Vivienne Reinhard, Carole Hart, Peg Kg y Wooelr, Elvira Brigarel, Sharon Ghilotti. Clan o ferr recreate h the hi- Jet. Karla Nixon rerident rreaezererj only J' s . Kyne, oice-preeidentj Vickie Mathezos, Jeeretary,'Marily1z Pelima, prerialent. Mireingfroin picture: Parry Gig, eiay .rtnelerzr treamrer. Here's the Thing of It - Sophomores Here's the thing of it Sophomores They started the year of with a Rawther spooky party The first thing the guests had to do was Skibble their Way through an enormously Monste1'ful obstacle course If they made it they Could see this Absolutely darling play And have these fluzzery refreshments Everyone always loves refreshments Then in October they got report cards When .fo many have .rocke to nzenel fthe whole clam, in faetD the Wednerelay morning proven iJn't had at all. Aoizlly ilarning are jackie Carroll, Agnew Delgaelillo, Melanie DiLuck, Charlotte Elmore, fayale Finni, Flarencia Garcia, Lynn Garihotti, Addy Gray, Sanelra Hannarn, Magda Lacayo, Gneal McGihhon, Carolina Morzterrey, Kitify Nelron, joan Novak, Clare Roriek, Sue Ann Rzztherford, Cecilia .S'alaoerria, Drena Tyron and Ma1'ia Valdee. km if And got the Cup Cup Cup which was Absolutely pleasant I-Iere's why A cup dinner O my heavens in January there were some Volleyball games Sophomores love Volleyball ditto Basketball ditto Swimming Anyway In Volleyball they sklathe all over the court And the girls who don't play Cheer a lot for the team So you can imagine After a while in February the Sophomores Always give this Song Festival Where all the classes take turns singing and Have absolutely lots and lots of fun The Sophomores sang these darling Songs from the South and Everyone loved them And finally at the beginning of May the Sophomores gave a Special Dinner O my heavens for the Seniors Which was enormously pleasant And so you can see the Sophomores Had an Absolutely agreeable year! The jamzt to Yacbt Harbor bmzgx 11111101 11zo11ze11tf of fan or Jopbamorex aboard C07771f6,J' boat. Peggy Paefcbl, Ellen Camilla, Connie Olaf, Fra1zci1ze Camtro, Candy La11dtbo11z, Katby Rilgf, Debbie Cba112berlai1z and Barbara Dwelbf. l Tradition towers ooer hrand newfreshrnen Lilliana Gomez, Virginia Murillo, Rosarnalia Lopez-Negrete, Linda Risi and Sandra Ping. Off to a rousing start at the First Rally are new freshmen. Top row: .Martha Hamilton, Maeanne jackson, Nan Donohue, Heidi Hickinghorharn. Third row: Kristin Delaplane, Lynn jenkins, fenefer Merrill, Cecilia Cortina. Second row: Carol Lyons, Pain Price, Gerry Richards, Christina Cano, Sondra Hodgson. Front row: Kathleen Borla, Penny Fries, Pat Bishop. E301 Mission Accomplished by Freshmen The time: September, 1957-May, 1958 The place: First floor, St. Thomas Hall The inissions Learn how to be a model freshman Mission acconiplished: Somewhere between September and Mayf This was the schedule of every new freshman at Dominican. And each day new problems popped up to confront us, the new lower classmen. Other mis- sions: find out the teachers' names, locate Forest Meadows, discover what Cavaliersl' are, and learn how to do algebra. The "will of heaven" was fulfilled at the First Rally when we were chosen as Cavaliers or Roundheads. All knew that they would be valuable assets to the teams. Four long weeks passed until our first "Cards," where a few shocks were administered by the faculty. Pat Chapman earned and received the first gold cord for the Class of '6l. lt was here also that one K. Wood learned that unless the alphabet were changed, she would always fall into the "last but not least" category. A thorough knowledge was also acquired about the Cup and what "B" cards do to the chances of getting ir. 3' Everyone already knew ahont the Ronndheads. fEd A jlii epidemic hit St. Thomas Hall early in the school year. Victim- iged were Pat Bishop, fndy Loirqeaux, Carol Kraerner and Del Nan Winhlad. - . ' if 4 lt fe., If -ln 1 in i I CQ X gr A special paragraph should be devoted to the ath- letic achievements of the aspiring frosh. Three of our class-Carol, Madelon, and Carol-were on the victorious Play Day volleyball first team. Tvvo of these were able to play in the Cavalier'-Roundheadw' games and the third rode the bench with a cast plastered to her ankle. After Living Pictures, Tableaux, and Christmas va- cation, an earth-shaking announcement was made: "Finals will be on the 29th, 30th, and 31st ofjanu- aryf, The edict sent freshmen scurrying to their books. Amid the confusion, warnings filtered through. "Get a good grade," said the parents. "Grades aren't the most important things," cau- tioned the teachers. During all this vve crammed. The second semester brought many parties: Cavalier, Roundhead, Day Student and, most important of all, the FRESHMAN PARTY. Relieved a bit from activity and study strain by Easter vacation, we novv anticipated the ultimate end, summer vacation. Next year when we return as old lower classmen, it will be our pleasure to inform the new girls of the occupational hazards. We will inform them by drop- ping sly hints about "Cards," teachers, and algebra. We will let them knovv, "lt vvon't be too bad. In fact, our freshman year vvas a lot of fun." M' The Cavalieri won. . Connie elielrft nzina' clam ojjicerf invading her alcove. Kathy Carey, reriafent trea.rarer,' Brooke Skinner, Jecreta1ja,'Kathy Fahy, pre.rlolent,' .Yue Applehamn, oice preridenfj and Anne Caoridy, day Jradent treararer. ini .J ., It Y. . Y ,Emil Connie Martirz, Frannie lflfalker, Diane Randall and Kathy Smith love to floance around in excelsior dirvooering bazaar treamres. The jirrr rnonth end-and, hrinznzing with nezor of their fmt elayf at hoarding rchool, Linda Bonney and Rare Machado .ret oat for home. Q7 l31l The Melody of Joy A certain part of our school life is just fun: impromptu songfests, planned parties, and the spontaneous enthusi- asm arising from both. Signing lists for thousands of committees-changing themes twenty times-arguing about refreshments-spilling paints on decorations- producing the skit-hurrying and scurrying before the Big Day-applauding and singing when the party's over-cleaning the gym when everyone else has left. Rallies, meets, Play Day, tournaments, G.A.A. picnic- all these added together equal fun, a part of our lives, a section of our memories, a melody of joy. 1 4 I 5 -- . .L I :rg g ! S' f 2 1 I A - ll? .II in .nm its .! 37.1.5 51 gig, f 21-9123 L' 'A , F. Q-M I ' i?'Ri? f in F :gr-zu, 5 E-' 'F--,1 amz- n 1 :Lg mi! 1 Q 1743 5-Ju' til . 'i a 1 --:gig rig! 2 I 2' E- '.- -"' 3. i, i fi ii alisiii 9 Q5 ,QQ Q ,Fi 5 77974 4 'f M2 wt W r - X ,f I xl ., 1,1 '. , N, , M 1 fr 1 ni Cl It ll -.',,.,- - ,,---"' '- ,,--Y"""'- ',',,,. fffjiz- X' ,,,- 'Q L ji! X l i 6 3 Mizsic Club in Aqzmzrzr Hall. Z U Z X2 iii? . .Qk. 1515-g-v-. --'-Q f-.,..1 V -, 1 'i gp,a 3'J - -ml 'll-if , '. 'L J lg , A Q.QAh , Y -sxilxx i I ' I U "R 11 5 ly-'wx ' 4 .. wt , if ff l -Q if -, ' l 3 , ,, fi 15. F V 'QIAT 1 .X xgg?-5 T114 f , Y NL :il lad 1 i V 9 '5 5 ' 3 gp ' '- V311-'E H 4? 'L .'.' 5 ' .7 " f L xx 115' kd 1 L ' Q , "' 4 I Q.iA R V. ',', N, 1 ' '-A. . - - , ' , -' 5 :fha Q.. f I- Q- . P I, - QVE. - f ' 35 N" N gy V A gl , ' -,asv x JFQQQSQA lf 3 QA gg ,Y--A A ' M -Nr, fx 1 'Q Q' KJ-5-0-f .. "iw X '1 ' Gif F -.MN Q 7 AX ,. WF' ' ' 1 3. ,::' , ' 'I ' f- 4 H X .g fqgQ Wi E-"Q V pf-3 'A XX gy '59 'A sn. ' Q - '- + , Q? E-A 'T' . ..'., 1 -I f". f -D, ' "5 S-A ,, W3 gg 5 19' gnu V 2,4 E "'-1'.,1'3i" A U ' ' TNT V, L I ' l ., w i, .gm ul A I .- -H.,, Captain Ndnbjl Faulkner spent the year trying to get the Cup. F rom a Cavalier Room 6 Dominican Convent May 26, 1958 Dear Pepper: It's hard to believe that the school year of 1958 has passed so quickly and now is almost gone. Going through my scrapbook I am constantly reminded of the fun that the Roundheads and Cavaliers have had. It seems we were always hurrying to meetings, you and I, but then, so was the rest of the school, without fail-each and every Thursday. But when the meet- ings were unbelievably hectic was during volleyball and basketball seasons- you know, with innumerable tryouts in the gym. Speaking of volleyball season, I really had to laugh when some of the Sisters were SO IMPRESSED by the showing the girls made at Mass on the morning of St. Paul's feast, the day of the big game. I don't think that St. Paul ever got so many fervent, if hurried, aspirations as he did that night-especially during the second team game. Games were reall the best ever. The were tense and we were alwa s u a ainst Y Y , Y S a real challenge when we met you Roundheads. Win or lose, you always had good sportsmanship-something that impressed me most. 7 5 Gifzgbamx, pompom, tape and ribbons-rejiectlon of Roami- head blue. Marg' K. and Maw T. Malley, Carol and Stepbafzie Bzzrnr. Caught in mid-air rooting for Rozmallaeadr are claeerleaderr joan Smiley, Karan .Sbzitla and Molly Keel. Kathy Rayburn trier to block Barbarafr drive down the yield. fri idly leaels finer Dina ana' to a Roundhead We did so much singing this year. The headaches of changing the Words to fit the tune! One of your best songs was the one that started, "If you Want to be a Roundhead, stamp your feet. " Honestly, I was a bit irritated when you sang it at one rally and all those Cavalier feet started stamping away fast and furiously. And, too, I can't even mention "Diana" without automatically beginning to sing it. The Cavaliers put their all into it and most of the Roundheads enjoyed listening to it Cthose, anyway, who vveren't joining inj. Tragedy! We met that intruder more than once during '58, but most esdpecially during January. Remember when your star athlete left before the secon semes- ter and ours had her leg in a cast during volleyball season? And one of our first team players was flooded in the night of the Big Game and Meg was at her Wit's end? But in spite of these mishaps, things turned out well-better than some expected. Your Captain Nancy was always laughing-even when she saw Meg, a formid- able opponent, in her red gym suit and twin pony tails. Well, Pepper, we have many memories from ol' D.C. and especially from Round- heads and Cavaliers. It was wonderful meeting you again and if I dare say it, you're a great mascot. Your Rooster Rival, Oscar Captain Meg Wright spent the year trying to keep the Cup. "All right, smile and 1 and 2 and l and 2. " Priftilla Jardine tg , Marjy jane and Nora Baird. ,Y H f K Virginia ana' Irene Mzirillo keep a good Vdlbf going during Cava- lier practice. New oatftr and colorful porn- pony help Pat Hickman, fady 0'Connell and Pat Malaaiigf boon' ,Cavalier Jpirit. Barbara Banner and julie Davie prefent the colorx. Other Dominican riders at Play Day Gyfnkhana fan Dalton, Swan Lang, fean Stepberzfon, Leylie Noble and Ann Cafxidy. Seated in the oregronnd. .S'ze.rie Stnbbx, Nangf Faulkner Merrzlee Gwerder CG A A. Secretaryj, Meg Wri Le t to right. Przxczlla ardzne, oan Raoul-Dzioal, nlie Davie, Pat Gig, an Donovan, Ixathy Lindt, Meyer CG.A.A. Prexidentl, feanne Poett, Sheila Molnerny, Mary T. Malloy, Clare Rorick, Katie .Yo Carol Kraenzer, Mary K. Malloy, Kathy Riley. At Paganinfe, G.A.A. memoerx enjoyed the view of the bay and the glorioiu weather in the middle of Jann, f ' ' ' ' J ' I f ' ' J' ' " P Z Girls' Athletic Association Pushing the hockey cart, putting up volleyball nets, blowing basketballs back to their original shapes-these are a few of the duties of G.A.A. But members will tell you that the G.A.A. is more important than such trivial tasks would indicate. For it is they who organize a successful Play Day. And it is the constituents of this athletic association who arrange the class and team sports events. Most significantly, however, for all Roundheads and Cavaliers, are the two rallies arranged by G.A.A.-the First Rally for the inaugura- tion of new students to either team, and the Last Rally for announcing the winner of the Cup. Little Blackcloud Regrets, Sir... "What is this?" thundered Chief Whitecloud. "Another letter from Little Blackcloud! Every time I send him on a mission he writes and says he has failed. I really don't know why I keep him on the staff. He only causes trouble. Well," and the main drencher sighed with some resignation, "read what he has to say, Anthony. " Dear Chief Whitecloud, sir, I know that every time you send me on a mission to rain on a certain spot I never fulfill my orders. But this time, sir, I have a legitimate excuse and I hope you will forgive me once more. My orders were to drench Marin County, October 13. While passing over San Rafael, ready to begin pouring, I heard shouts and laughter below me. I looked at my official rain-making map and found this place to be Dominican Convent. I remembered that at this time of year they have an annual affair called "Play Day." Looking over their big field, which was lined with gay Scottish banners and stand- ards, I noticed a rough game of hockey being played. I certainly could not rain until it was over. As I looked around, I witnessed more exciting games and I just couldn't rain until they were over. By this time it was almost lunchtime. Then, sir, at this lunch period, I saw a most beautiful sight. Almost a thousand girls from nine different schools, each dressed in her own school uniform, sat in a semi- circle before a decorated stage. They sang songs in such loud, resonant and gay tones that I could hear them clearly way up here! Such lovely voices they had and so spirited were they all that I just had to stop to hear them to the end. The Dominican student body had three girls in Scottish dress lead their songs. Then a most exciting sight appeared! Scottish pipers and drummers in native cos- tumes marched and played while one man danced. Such intricate steps. I was thor- oughly delighted and astounded. Sir, by then it was about one o'clock and I had already wasted about half a day. I was about to start pouring when, looking down, I saw horses and riders in a ring. Now, boss, you know nothing can keep me from a horse show ! I will tell you, though, Iwas a threatening sight to those girls. But I could hardly shed a drop. After the horse show Qwon by Dominicanj the girls began to leave and I knew that now I must get on with my job. So, Little Blackcloud regrets, sir, that he has not completely fulfilled his orders and will try his best next time. But what can you expect when so wonderful and exciting a thing as Play Day is going on below? a Sincerely, ' Little Blackcloud 'AWell, Little Blackcloud does have a point there, Anthony," said the Chief. "Please write down in my data book, 'Don't give assignments on Dominican Play Dayl' " E371 .. , U -,U We-'rf' gt x Wmll, - ' "W a-fi -4: -3 . 1Q H ww vr-sz-za 3 Hal,-. f -.: :-1 .ml V 'L IQEE gm is "-A as y 1+ 'G .1 A Bi, il W ' 9 wg S ,af ,.,,.,,. N A A A-fe - g 1-1' ' fm -, . fd f. 4 . 'T W' Nw' EiV,.,,, ff? iw at 9 . uw M . . m 41, ww. , u 1: , 1 fx wig Q 5,-germ, 1 ww ,M .M N 3 Tw E . ,. ,,., .., , .. 1 . -., Q., 5 . f' 2' - Y -- -nk ' x' "1 , 1 ":'4"J' -1 f -!. E if A ' V' 1 : z. .'...fi2, ll-,f,::,,f'.,' fm Q JH' ,gfjlwf'fE.,1i1' , -Q 5. ' ' ' " 1 " X! if b-771. V. - - .-Q-,u..,j,I:,'S 2-ig QR?-" L N-N :wg W- rj P f . 23" LSTQLQQFJLV-f'5,,,,1' 531.527,-Rm? ii' , df-if ff fgsisff - 2 -fix: I, Q.,-5u?'a1e i'AA.' E.'p" u r,-1 .- -na 5g'Q - f Vail Ll: If x ' 'L ' ,7'4'f' 4" 'lfslv , K.. ig 'psf Ei ' ' AL 9 A. 11 7 1 5 I u . .g :- - r Q..- A air ' 4 9' .gf, n,1. . I , IL LH- :I -2 4, 'i ,gi g 1572! M., . 4. , A, 'A+ 1 .. 'W 51,95 ' v, rid ':f .1 ,452 W A 1,4-'aw -.1 .15 QE 53 r ,W If . L.- . Ulgf :ff , pf W'-1!'Q, 25- f V .NL :-1.4" ' I . :4'.:,,3:a1 rf. fr.-XT? 45- , ,- ""? 1,1 -. 4 .a, ,..., - , f ,fp-1" 1 ,,. W r t 'lim ' 1 L r 1 'K ,sl 'b i. , f-Q5 fr 5 N , X "g , f' fhvfimi .J J Q , fs . E., iw ' ,fy--A' I 3 fr fig ' 5, if . , , 5 Vrgki 'I' 1-M '-Xl, 'FF am, J 1 iii, ' 'L-SFT-' 1+ gm. L- A .' . +.5-""L1.- 15221 1 ,-lf' '-5 :JJ I fif' . v ,ff maui-1 'Q A f 4-'-W U F11 'Wifi 1 pas u Ln 95' 1 A I i J:."2' x QF:-nt f 'Qi :B nw .Q 1.41 :TI ig." 'l ui so if Agnew. -' ii Q li I "I vm- gx I ij 151 , L Q 1 1 diff" el I 1 , -1 ,e.., lu HF! - .if 1 Fi' 11x Y, , , 11 1 if. A A ,z , , fly. An -ff- j? Q: H I .' V ,4 'I , I: .5 M '15 If H7 'Yff?9cw ' ' F x' If , , 1 353 - ' - F73--. J 'ri' ' :"?3:t.' aww! wg. wwf ff! W ' 1 , ,I , .f ' 1, will. 4 I y . I JP f 'NN in . rf 1. f '- 4' B' -21 N--r 1 . -,L , -. 7 7'Qf.,tL,3,.,ff- . X V. fy' . -W- fwx. ' " K3 1 sg p XXV , 1 ' 1 Lu X Q 1 X1 , K, ? E ,gk I E.-:J 3 -- Q1 5 . 'E r ., Wx 1' 1 f, .0 . Xi' .1 fr W 1 'V 11 K 1 in eesf,2S'i1r, 'XQ :..l -'f 3 'T' rf ' F., 1 Y ,i ,f if . 1 .17 -' " ' 1 .- N " -4 " . xffw-X " 4. f TN A 1:41-x-. .f , 4 r -214 1 I 1 1 I I Here and There After a lecture on her native Ireland, Mr.r. Alice Cnrtayne Rynne if surrounded hy Dominican girlx of more remote hut Jimilar origin: Annie Murphy, Mary K. Mallgf, Mary T. Malley, Kathy Reilbf, and feannie Murphy. W 435' "I chrixten thee, Sarcgo. " The senior clan way there at Mare lxland to zoitneu Captain Fahy auixting Mrx. Frank Watkiny. "The March of Dimex, the March of Dime.: is juet ahont to end. " Kathy Reilb, Patti Meyer and Ann Desmond .ring with guna to collect lart minute checkx and coins from resident ftzzdentf. For the .reeond year in fncceuion we won the Marin County Schoolx Competition for polio contrihntionx. f 4 ,W Xlzv: .24-f fA B-V . f A. xx gm If ' 5, V 32 -5 1f',g'f J A 4- fl fr -. wx vu ,'.! .ggL,:i,L1g :J X, x - Q+++f Q 1 'md - . u 1 .Tj -V .1 .QI ,.y.i.v 4 . . 'L IM- '11 v- 1: Q., V .5 4 -, , M W v + 1 ..g , , L W J i H Af, 'rfwiql J ff ', .2'?.I 'J lc' 'N I ,mg ,.A.- I 'Eli ,, iiiaiia ia' --4r"'A :,,s . lv, Q W. .,. Q4 , . . 'ms ' 1 ' M L!f , I, - 1 . , V , W . R jg.gj ,Fig 1 , I I 3 ' S ' J . g 'Mx lifcls ' ' N If -. Y V., V' r VU, W. -V 'L N , i:fw" mr Qli 7' .' N , f: F f..I'f-'-'.4-"-gI ' J Q --iw' -, ' l' If U A . , 1. ,, nw! ., -- , 1 x .L 521 5 vi, - LL' -f f.l'1-'A-I V '. H, ' .'f':,:-fl .q .V '.",'- ' f 5+ . V -'H ' jx 15: ' '15,-M ' W , . 1 , X - 1' 1, 4, ' f bw, , V' wr' aff. . , ,, 'Alf' , A S. The Rhythm of Concerted Effort When I think of our school life here, I think not only of studies but of a round of activities that take our minds and efforts to new domains. Those of us who are musical dash over to Angelico for practice, and those of us who are not so talented Walk seda evenings concert. Music Club, t tely across the street for an oo, is a source of music appreciation Under its shelter ianists flouiish a . p ' nd singers abound. And for those who lean toward the the- atrical arts, Living Pictzeref and Spring Production pro- vide an open stage and a willing audience. There's yet another field-open only to the fledgling Writers. Veritas and Time Out furnish us with a chance to spread our win gs in the literary realm. And for those without a specialized interest, Optima opens wide her exclusive portals, asking all the deserving to enter. All these diverse elements meet at a point, and a rh thru Y of concerted effort swings under the surface of our aca- demic pace. A studio recital in Angelica. - - ' T-T? - Y V UHYYHMK rx ,,-..-......,.- Y ..,-3:5-- 1-4 -ig-.--nv 5-sf-...N . ,.. ,.. ...fs .JH ..--f',.:i.2L:..., f---1 f. f or fx! 'i' ' ' QL ,lf r X xxx X K l X XI: '- if . i l .lie . c v as" ei- el, 1 e L I , To ni . . c- H if? 'Lal 9 P Wi ,J -7? ffl 1.55-Perl' Htl fl' . Lx-' ,ilk In KJ 1 'U it lf T1 .iiygy Nil T iiirfiit il f 9 7 f 'i ,-my .m-ing 2 Q... V ' --- f -A e' ffl., 'Z'-311' F559 .f ' 4?f f-"' -'A 1. Af.. ,Q f +'L. gif '12 - 4 i ' ?f?if --A-,--' 4 .I 4, I 5 ?e'2fTZ,g. r , f .6 ,ya --:fr ' 9 f-' . A.. ,gf ,gl .... ...,,., .-.J ..f J.-'f ' E441 ' v 1 " -.jjjl-n ' 1 : .1 -Q f Q. .. J. Jn., . map ' "Us sa ,,mysw.mamm.,m.a a..mMq.mW .. 2 .1 .NEW I .f. m,,x-"4 ,.'. . .wymf LQ 4. YM N., ,..-.,g,..w,-N-f- 2 .w V - ilk 1: 1 'VG ' , 5 -. ' ,A 'z ' .x W vr,,..f X X ,,,,' 1 xgigivaw ff ,,.-F .H ,.--rw -. ,. ,, x . 41 m 9 ax .I X I l 'fa .2 ., . . .1 A I ' lf ' 'A 51 . ' 5 1 yn V yr swim. Y.. f ..., am, ,.,-- 'ss ,,.,-f-Y' ,fm-1 'F - , .4- --Y-4 -NV -in .M ,. ..,. 111- W Nw. Rm... , K 'hal ' .MM E . -I -:M M M K J-ZXKHKAWXXX X Em?-mm , , x yi mMmw,.,.WgN - X -agp M .game www, .Quik Zh 'SEEVQWE E, nailz' 1 www xx E -- 34 s M M M5 X . Me, .. In M , I ...J le' - W' f, - .M -,Q-v 3 ' 1-.WT -'Alf' l 4, .. .M -. '- 3 ... Q fu A' 'NQwm X " ' .-"W . WNY' ' ..,.,.,. X ' "' w,2.s'bQ4 'Q' ' Q15 .g. ' - .. W? v ., .- 555 4- . X f, l ff M 1 lf- ilzxiffwr .. - :Q 1 " ' -N '-N, Q, - - .. . 5 kwA-.bmi . 1.: gr- Q - 'N ' '- 'U - K . - 0 fi . ' if ' ms? 4-P W x s , M S, ' 4 Wwjg " . ' n w s ,I H' ,sept X Y L1 A' I ' fp','1ff,4:,, ' -f 1.. ,,-, 'n .D ', EU 1 v "J.'EL:1'f:2 . f .',,.,5'wg.i,:,-- .L 1. .nw N "f W ':.,.'QQx'f!' WYM'ffgg'3l525'-f'3L1,w'..,:m.. -5 ,M ,.'M5E,f'-v'1wlL9Q' QEQEQWK. , . I :1.Sf3w.W9:A .. -ways -X . - mania 41.-xm'nat"'m E?!iQ-nm. ' H "Wg-V My-w.W1 'B f W- .,wKfWUF?',,mEa," 'M2 N5'-'wc . M ' , mam x E,-mmm. ?5.'K e. sagg5yVE?QMU xghvgawpssm B- . vf' W'.YUf'. ,..-.- .NY5'f7Md.2'5l,L5 ...V 1 N H. H Af W4'?f1'QmAwaWp5k- :Q-fm5f'Q'F39w:g-2,.:'fi5?k g.2'ff'1i1wZiff?5?ff 1 ii fa5:,F.EixwMr1fNA.?Wi " In A X H H f '.K,'.. ,ggw .f.j.ij'-15 -A 'W - ' w 'f' 'aMfPs. X 1 ,rf ,inf M A .- . N xx .Af L wg y ef . m v.M,,,.-f .40 Xhx Stage vrew Jet: zrpj Merrilee clutches the zrbiquirom clipboard. Order of the Star Grandes Chroniques de France. Paul Serzuierlr Les Bretonnes. 1: ,.,, l46l Art + Narration + Music + Rehearsals -,Perfection in Living Pictures "Someone forgot to put the gumdrops on stage!" "Shhh. " "Stopl Hold that curtain. The gumdrops aren't on!" 11 Here they are! Where's Viv?" Once again the never fail- ing stage crew has helped to make the Living Pictzzrer a success, and this time with a row of gumdrop "flowers" sprouting within the frame. We must admit we had our doubts after that first re- hearsal in Angelico. Everything had gone so smoothly! That new drama teacher-did she really know what she was doing? As time progressed, however, we found that Mrs. Brebner did know what she was doing. The compli- cated lighting process was accomplished with a mini- mum of fuss and bother. And her Calmness Campaign kept ruffled spirits and hasty tempers in check. Of course we did have our troubles. Hezel-:iah's couch ad- vanced from arm chairs to a trunk, to a chaise lounge balanced precariously on two mattresses, piled and stuffed with pillows and sheets. Those beautiful back- drops waald wrinkle and after all the art work they just had to look their best-perfect! The day of the production is over. The hall is now emptyg the curtains are closed. But Living Pictures are not forgotten. Virrzlaini Basohli School. ' " if? livl'1 Vaazsvoos STIKEATA 2 The Spring Production-this year, a traditional Chinese play. Combining a gentle fairy-tale quality with some delightful humor, Laa'y Preeion: Stream captured our fancy. We saw the heroine CMichael Maryj age eighteen years in a single afternoon, we watched Pixie Byard, the designing Princess of the Wes tern Regions, work her charms on Lady Precious Stream's husband CMary Jane Baircly. We became acquainted with Oriental philosophy through the peppery-tempered Prime Minister Wang CSusan Matsingery. He thought himself childless in spite of his three daughters, "as daughters grow up and become other peoples' property." We remember Liz Ringrose and Kathy Reilly, aided by large padded cos- tumes and deep voices, transforming themselves into the Tiger and Dragon Generals, handsome husbands of Lady Silver Stream and Lady Golden Stream Phyllis O'Connel1 and Suzanne KerrD.Anr1. Padel, gentle mother of the three girls, knew the value of a strong woman behind any governing official. A small part, memorably played by Linda Pierce, was that of the Execu- tioner, who loved his job and hated being deprived of any opportunity for work. Sue Stubbs moved from back-stage costume caretaking out to the footlights to become So-and-So, the character who solved the triangle by charming the Princess of the Western Regions away from interfering be- tween Lady Precious Stream and her husband. There was no scenery on stage for Laaly Precious Stream but so successfully did the characters live their parts that we hardly realized there was neither magnificent court nor poor cave, let alone pathways between them. But there were propery men appearing from time to time-offering refreshing cups of tea to an actor after along speech, placing him gently on the ground when he fainted, in short, tending to his every need. As in all fairy tales, good came to the good, the wicked repented and were forgiven after due punishment. We of the audience repent only that the Streams flowed but once. The Prineerr of the Wertern Region.: CPixie Byardy and Attendants CKaty Allen and Kathy Kinelty arrive at the Eartern Regianr. "Once upon a time in China " there lived the War1gfa7nib'.' Wang, the Prime Minirter CSu.ran MatJingerD,' Maelaen Wang CAnn Paeleljj Golden Stream CPhylli.r 0'CennellD,' Silver Stream CSnzanne Kerrlj Preciezer Stream CMichael Mary Hanrahany. l47l .S .haf .sag-Lq:..s.a.,.. . - .4 A l.. .- ... - 1.1. Annette Brophy leadx newb'-organized day .rtndent Glee Clnh. Back row: Paula McArdle, Mary Elizabeth Murray, Francine Caftro, Carol McCulloch, Sheila Grady, Swan Smith, Mary jane Toopx, Linda Pederxen, Maureen Brown, Lydia Aht, fndy O'Connell. Second row: Kathy Kindt, Mary T. Malley, Kathy Riley, Pat Hickman, Kagf Allen, Deanna De Martin, Mary jane Baird, Catherine Eogargf. Eiret row: Claudia Reef, Kathy Rayhnrn, Mary K. Mallegf, Ellen Coxtello, Elizabeth Ringrose, Denny Decker, Brenda Marsh, Anne Willcirttt, Sandi Barg, Barbara Rayhnrn. Seriozu practice hoary make a good concerto. Lynn Garihotti and Connie Velazgnez rehearee for the Conservatory Orcheftra. A Merry Cycle- Music in Angelico Little did I know what I was getting into when I signed up for piano lessons at the be- ginning of the year. After the first flurry of excitement settled down, I found myself bewilderingly trying out for Choral. I dis- covered Cseveral weeks after being acceptedy that Choral Was mainly for those who liked to sing-luckily I did-and that We sang at various assemblies and at Lining Pictzirec. Then, with many qualms, I tried out for Schola with friends who were torn between express- ing their own fears and Wheedling others to try out with them. Finally the awaited an- nouncement came and-I had made it. But what had I made?Everything stops for Schola, I soon found. Practices, practices, practices, Tableaux, caroling at hospitals, singing the Proper of the Mass. I was all ready to try out for Glee Club when someone informed me that the membership was all day-student. With a downhearted expression I accepted my fate-by now I really hated to miss out on anything that could prove so much fun-and strolled off humming an old Choral favorite, "Shule Agra." 'Tvvas soon time for Schola, so I headed for Angelico just very glad to be a part of the music department. Diana Fong plqw "Dex Abemix by Skbzmzann Living Pictures if eazliuefzed by "Bli1zrl1mm'.r Bn " Michael Mary leads Choral H!! .!. s lm ir...t-:J f ml-7 sa ga - -E: - i . 1r..,1i.:4.' .,Ij- I F' il l zu +1 I L-1' If ' ai H F- Q it was L Ili it , I ww I Maxi f il flzfzna v X Q 5 - ,, I fit ,,.. ur lil JI? ri 'W' sw f I 1' WP it 'f WL , I " 'HS rl P I Tj H 9 yv HT 4 sg I v I l :., ' ,zen at ' , Mia fi rtt W 'J' " ' ' 'I' 'V . Q I , " ' 1 File. :.f..ggd jf Q ,ts, 1 rrfss . E' I . - s . s , s si. ,VF x , ,, VZ, -. " ' - L. p A . ,f ' pr at I IRE' I - f if . I it , 1 I I , ns . lg rag' ' , I f Iliff' 1 1 ' ' Y' ' - 4 L 0 1 A 4 X I , E J I t ii. F I I . 4, ,, 1 g 5 I - , ' Y -. 'A J G J' o .QT ' h 4 'f y 3 ,, X P L I A '-, W 1 -in 1- 4 'I 'H .I " if Sq ' fi-.wr ,a 'I 4 A I 1 , -- ' I 'I p is ' VE' 4 ,il - XR ' . - :Lyn I ' A 4 l' 30 sv, f V, -I H I .I V it v , , A ' Xp V , H L- J, -N111 L., V fp-f as ,' 9 ' ., 3 1 'N '. Q ' V Y 14 N N 1 I' I r ' :sb 1 J J X 'i' M w 1' - .rf r at -1? , f a-5 f 4 x -v ,J , 'T' , " f 5 ff l l lvl 1 xx F I , .V I 'I Ls , -wcxsg-3 Lak F .-qua, N Scalptaring, eggrbell morairing and painting provide uariezjf for Art Club members Sire Smitb, Irene Murillo and Gerry Yracebzera fin faregraieizdl Clubs, Clubs, Clubs Yes, we've Art Club, French Club, Library Club, Riding Club, Spanish Club, Tennis Club-clubs everywhere on the campus. But in a musical yearbook, which club shall we feature? Why, of course, the Music Club! We have forty-odd Call musicians are oddl members- pianists, singers, dancers, and comedians. And we have meetings. The first two are always for tryouts-what fun! Qfor the listeners, anywayl. Shaky voices, much last minute preparation, then the final anticipated moment-the tryout. This year we didn't burst into giggles-quite-but our knees knocked and our thoughts, like wild pinwheels, spun madly around in our poor heads. The non-singers, non-players, non- dancers came forth with glowing reports on some fa- vorite composer, an opera synopsis, or report of cur- rent musical happenings. And then during the year, music appreciation on Sun- day nights, the party in the gym on April 12, and the Friday afternoon Symphony concerts in San Francisco. Weren't they wonderful? The time Isaac Stern's string broke and he whirled around, grabbed the concert- master's violin and carried on as though nothing had happened at-all-at-all! All in the blink of an eye-so fast some of us didn't even see it. The rest of us were busy pushing our hearts back down into our throats again for the next few bars-nay, pages. That was real drama. Flashing our club pins by the end of spring and ending the year with greater prestige than ever-ah yes, it's a great life for music lovers. ' Recipienrr of our ufwzderjfzil gift ef Fri- day Jympbony rickety include Barbara Ballantine, Lustre Robinmn and Suran Lang, bere an their way to bear Andre: Segovia, guitarirt. p. 51 Timed Qu+ fwd1,nefelq Ami? I "Exce1len'l6L-J xl "Beautifully legible. H ,Lv limi the Jf1mor."v ,lg-j.Ctll1'6S top.h 3, QE a reception greeted our newspaper, 'Liege Qgt, in Nay, 19571 .After gggears of,mi.meograph JL. history, 'ily' QgAt's tenth anniversary brought em professionalbf printed paper to Dominican. ling resounding approvaldfqhat met the newipaner erased all indecision as to the type of format that would accimpany fhture eq-Quits 'P-imouts 'Fishes- - Na+ 4 sm le jg was registered upon inthe increase in duesg the Time Out staff, more than the general student body o comply with the increase. The latqevenings spent beside the mimeograph machine were over. So were the last, last-minute articlesfjfand the inadvertint smearing of the painstakingly-typed sheet. No longer would there be cases of Hercules stencil eraser pilqetlikn in a corner of our new journalism roim. Even the 1833-Fzggfill task of laying out the paper was to be ,9i,lifted from the hands of the Time .Out staff. Q Illlnfortunately we had only seven iisues this year, + + , ,.,. s o mz T, with a printed paper will lead to who-knows-what future revolutions. salufafff 30 TIME OUT proafreadiug ie a Jimple pr0ee.rJ.' TIME OUT if printed . . . and read. Left te right: Maureefz Brozwz, Susan Dinkelfpiel, jean Beblow, sllfdll .Ytzebbe and Alice Woadzeard. Peggy Weodx, loelpleu, laughs ax Suzanne Kerr teeterf on ledge of beekeaxe. Presser ran wild zmder the inexperienced bands of Lydia Abt, Liz Rizzgroee afzdfoan Raoul-Duval. Diane Sfnith laandx ziypiet Mag' jane Baird .reveral over- due areiclee. It may not he easy to collect the money for Veritas, hut once the letter: are written, Kathy Reilly and Barbara Baieher enjoy mailing them. The remltf are always gratifying ana' helpful. Janice Donovan, Lorna Samson, and Denny Decker- zoilling artists working frantically to meet eleaellines. Writaf- No Trouble at All Don't stop. And don't read this unless, of course, you are part of the Veritas staff. Otherwise, you'll be wasting your time or, worse still, eavesdropping. Because this article is all about putting this book together, this book that a few of us love so much and had such a fun time planning. It all dates back to a first meeting during the summer. I was there when the song-theme was chosen Cusounds of Domini- can" led to the ideab and when the division sheets were in- spired by the first bulletin board downstairs. I was there helping a staff to draw up a dummy, I watched two "tree" pages grow and disintegrate, I pulled out a vocation poster. I fiddled with an Ivanhoe stick, had trouble with Tallulah, and cried over personality conflicts. I muttered about the good old days "when I was here before," and suffered through a dark January when nothing seemed to get done. I watched an editor and assistant editor at Bolinas and shouted with them when our cover became "really exciting." I tripped over Mr. Walsh's tripod, rolled down Denny Decker's socks, posed pictures so they wouldn't look posey. I cropped photographs, made people jump over tennis nets, and- checking off names on a student body list-I relished multi- innuendos. I cringed over captions and wished we could use "chopping out chopsticks." I understood that the caption over Toni and Kathy's picture on this page was not trite, but significant. I teased about the "Big Four," wandered over hills and road ruts for picture sites, gave up an occasional Tuesday night concert-and all for Veritar. I was there when this book was planned, formed and written, and I loved every minute. If this is not the finest Veritas our school has ever produced, I know the staff will be philo- sophic. After all, "What can you do in a little canoe?" hook dummy. Eilitorr Toni Fahy and Kathy Kinolt elixezuf the year 4' if . l 1. 1. Sandi Barg receiver the white cord rignifying all A'J and B'.r. Throughout her high .rchool yearf rhe earned mam' gold cord:-all A'J-df well . 2. Optima preyident Merrilee Gzoerder .rhiner the Cap as other members look on: fndy Tobin, fan Dalton, Katie Solari, Mary jane Baird, Mary Elizabeth Murray, Clare Rorick, Toni Fahy, Kathy Kindt, Suzanne Kerr, Peggy llfoodr, Sandra Hannunz. 3. Cardr are a plearant experience for honor fra- dentr. Merrilee holdx the barket for the nzonthbf "letfer.r" home from fndy and Kathy. 4. N ezo Optima zneinberr are all .rnziler became of their recent acceptanre. Top row: fndy Bore, Pat Chapman, Virginia Marillo, Ann Cafridy. Middle row: Barbara Rayburn, Stephanie Shane, Charlotte Elmore. Front row: Brooke Skinner, Gneal MrGibbon, Mary Barkley, Marilyn Pelirfa. . Lk V E 'Y F' p Q V l lil, .id ,I - 'js ' Gptima Takes Great Pleasure . . in Cards "Good afternoon, Motllerjustin. Good afternoon, Sister Maurice." Thus begins the ordeal. Optima members eye the cords. What color will it he this time? Those cords-symbolic of extra effort in Latin translation or English research paper. A nervous few minutes and then . . . the card . . . "Honor Roll"! X Qt r hill. ' I yr ,U k ll N gi l" - . ' . 43-ea ' "L'5f. t ea Kkfj. lb . 1 ,. TX e , E2 ggi l 'an , ,X I ,. .wq'. .I F l - XL l Tlx .-- t 54 The Form of Une Spirit The spirit sings the praise of God, it chants His glory through prayer. But man is a fusion of matter and spirit: ritual is as old as humanity. Recognizing our need to unite the material with the spiritual, Christ used every- day things to lift man upward. Similarly, at Dominican, We have external devotions which are manifestations of an inward attitude-Confraternity, Soclality, Retreat, Rosary Procession. Prayer is the unity that holds the whole song of life together. It is the Form of One Spirit. Sclnola at Sanm Sabina. l f'X f x f a il he 46 we i' S t lx 2 'Im 5911. Q bk , Q' 51' - ' 5 5 25- ,,- ,f- ,,-, 5 1 - 5-1-- ill' .I A ,2..,-irigfuz av , ff ii 5 vmgmixlllll ll My N ll llkcll Iain 1 if ln l l ll' qllllll lil' llllll l l l.1sl.U ."1il 'll llllll l ll ll IN N lil illll llliifhf 1 alll illllllllillm V fel t, - li ll lllVmlilllIliflu'l" ff flqfi S' I ' V l -all it l F7 , 1 ,ff , lu ffpggn J, , , P, gl.-, ,, , . L , X ' lg r ZJ fb, i ll, l pf f gf. 4 1 g ill xl-R1 i .glib I , Q, 4, -f Ja - ,xg " X if ' fiwi , , w , ggi? . ,lb-5' an " MESH. Zigi, U' r .V-..:'Rx1 , y :FX ., K ft-Q". 4. ' r ' '+M- 1-.f N . u Nh , 1 . I ,ru rpg. ...V 'E-1 , ,iw X Y '11 J' jeff' ' 4 f I, I. at' f X ,, , N V. 5 1-v , ng, ff . x .r , X H5 , it , Ml- , x JJ V u S172 IJ . N 41 1 4 l 4 w ! , , I ' v- F Q. ff x Z '!. V ' - . U.. X 1 . fv- B -IJ 1-gf 9m 0 1, f' 1 T, if 1,4 ---ue ilu X i 1, 1, ,wr s-:wg 1 '-J LH QC,-Ln Praying at the Loureler Grotto in honor of the Centennial of the Apparitionr are: First row Chark to fronty: Virginia Mztrillo, Rofie Negrete, Charlotte Elmore, Gerry Richarelr. Second row: Maureen Brown, joan Novak, Kate Diepenhroek, Florencia Garda, Melaizie Di Luck. Third row: Pat Lynch, Connie Martiiz, fuely Loizeaux, Kathy Fahy, Lynn Garihotti. Fourth row: Kathy Kinelt, Toni Fahy, Connie Velaqqueg, Sue Smith, Bar- hara Burcher. CMiJJing from picture! Agner f f Del gaelillo, Clare Roriekj Confraternity "Holy Mary, help me to be faithful to my promise." At the end of the prayer I received my cord and became a member of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. My cord would symbolize the privilege I had received-I would offer Mass with the priest daily and thus in time learn to offer my life. I became a part of that group Who, by their example and prayer, strengthen the spiritual life of the school. At 6:55 a.1n. Confraternigf members walk acrofy the .reeond floor porch to Marr. Diane Smith, Sheila Molnerny, Nanqf Faulkner, Irene Mztrillo, Susan Stuhhr, Maria Velazquez, Ruth Del gazlillo, fulie Davis, Peggy Woodr. i56l ,j.:-Q,,..- ,mf Q. -. U, V P ,-,.-,, , M- ,-K,v,f,,1.-,.,,. . ,I ,,, 1a.'N'b V "'y-k.',fN.i, A Nx,vd.f'vVw ,:n,,,,-,.,f, , . hf"At5':" V. "' 'C-"' "CJi7f""5S3 :-- . - 43-ff,f54t..1'LsK7'Lfg,y'157.'2'g,,x ffl 35 ysgf ,132 n' snf'J"'-"v'w'Y Wvgbl A3 ' """r,,7y'r' V913 ,F.":f-"L '57 ii, rv !!'Y'1 1, 9 75 :if-'S ffi5Eg::f-,C:1v2lY,v' 5,ftfW1! ff1w,f,T,VsT-,QT ' it-L4 Lf,g1n..gggi'Qu-'Q,i- v5.55x4F"!'3'!'1lPY-,N Y,-31 W1 ,A V ' ..- lr1"I 'Z ,f..,,E,,,, , :-- ,., S "T5T,. 'E h ,,, CML N ' ' L iv! 'iiiii . . 'll 1 , L In v mln 1 V' Un. B-Alh ' ku s L..i - W ' iw . J v v ' f .. 1.1 .. I 1 :iw Img , 1', L! iff . I :N ' ,',':, m !l:'i1.' , ,gm ini A ' "'. q. 5 . X :J I RSV' I. le? 5 X ',1 , ,Ed 'a- 1 w 'gt 5 . .1 ,tml miln 4 .. LJ' , L In AJ' yy Q yn. III 1.11 X 1 . '. Nfl, " Y CU., 'Lu x v v u-"bww-rum' Y -' , 1 NH'Tfgfutiilir-"3.v"w'T X +mfC'v'1f'1 J is 4 fllJlfpx,lLkhLHg.K-"gif ,1.'-,,3"!'!'3.,L.-"'E.., jg? ' M-5'jf::,.nunnLp.pP'F' ' H 'Q-115-l'2jI,2Xfg3f ' LH'lf'5:i32 1 . 'M""4+', ' K' 'iw' 'H' f -V -,,3,ffQy-.A H 'N 5' 1, J P -' ," '5-04, A 'ii v,..v, A. v,... Y X ' 'L' 2U44"44, W -' 1,1-42p4.q :',:-,sae Q , , ' wg'-4g wwlQ:4 . ' V , Jfkjrh , fy Fw 5 '33, ,. "4 - f - : ' , ff:,,f1'sfv3':w :fir A . - , au., '4,j'wu,..wxf-.-Lrg, , 3 A 24? JH 4 1, -av , nwuu-S .-.' ,L 2 , '-PU J ffi, ',f.f'F"""v. . K .- '41 ' 1 1' Q 'Q :U . : g?fEQYff,5 if .fffyf-4 .. by r A., Ztglijff .l,Q.,?2::,LL:!F3-nV'v-ftqtfl :AA-6-4., A ' V X 1 -,K - ',"f f,f'4,,'.f-If 'f "1.f4'N 4 f' u .,-. - 0 1 ,f1Ari,fI.,:fftC,, lr- 3- L -V.. T, ' Y 1 4 r X 'E , , ,I X ' . .-..r,.,,fLH.Lt., V- h 5 ' . - 1 Y - Mp, . - . 1,73-fQ"fx,f 1-LL' X - . --f ww., . , 1 1 1 ,fnmw I , Zi . ,' 5 I ' l ,IL 1 V,-1' V I 4 0 'V 1 I I 1 Zllj l wr 1' 1 11 W uw , vy-!1"'1'v-9 ',., 1 H1-H" - V1 1'1'Y ,..., ,H ., ,,,l-1-I H, 1 1 , '1 911, 'qv-ww "1 1 ,WQ11 1 1 w-,1-vu 1-I '...n4" - .qv-'X .,,, ,.!V.,, ,,.,, ..,,-.. 4. 012 tlse first day of Retreat it didn't rairz, and Playllir 0,C0727ZEll and Karen .Millard were able to .rperztl medita- tive moments in the garden. Retreat, Bazaar, Tableaux- A Review for Retrospective Readers Retreat, Bazaar, Tableaux. What have they in common? Perhaps it is the unity of effort. Perhaps it is the shared happiness that is the result of them. Retreat is the time when silence for once reigns over Dominican halls. The effort of trying to avoid talking binds us together and yet gives us a feeling of privacy. We have our ovvn thoughts and We have those We're sure everyone in the school has: of our family, our vocation, our future. We emerge from this period of silence wiser and more at peace. And the Bazaar? lt is not a time for silence. Frenzy presides over the school. Trying to find the missing egg-cups or another roll of scotch tape, we rush frantically from the gym to our classrooms. Through this chaos runs the theme of selflessness. We give all this time and create all this fuss for a very simple reason. We vvant to earn a substantial amount of money to donate to organizations which help the unfortunate. We're tired after the Bazaar, but vve're content. Tableaux. We can't really explain it to those who haven't seen it. It's beautiful, it's holy. It's a part of our tradition that we would not have changed. Put the three together and what have We? We have prayer, charity and peace. We have a feeling of accomplishment. And we have a standard on which to base our lives. 1:-5-f i l53l Retreat if over and frerbmarz .rtzzilentr talk to Father Dztjjfner about the Con- ererieer they liked best. Gayle Grady oory, MdIlf667Z Riley, Carole Garavanta, Marilyn Go jf, a1zdMade- lorz Heab. Snow ueen Theme Means Festive Bazaar Booths Seniorf :ell Chriftmay l i ghtt, fangf matchxtickx, and carved wood birds. Behind the counterf are Prim fardine, Patti Meyer and Diane Snzith. fenefer Me1'rill if the old zoonzan in the Snow ,QIKEHIIJ magical garden. Other frexhnzen .fell Cor play withj toyf. PBHIU' Brixcoe foregroundj, Anne Caxfidy, Brooke Skin- ner, Pat Chapman and Kathy Fahy. 1 N if oll y fnniorx, franied by caertled arehway, take a inoinentfr respite from mixing inilkxhakex and Jeroing pizza. Bark row: Ann Padel, .Yue Smith, Peg rg y Woods. Center: Patty Dwyer, Dina fardine. Front: Many Donohue, Jeanne Poett, Kathy Kindt. Sophoniores fell religioiu goody at fantaftitally low pricey-in one care, aceidentalbz at cost. Selling are Maribii Peliua, Charlotte Elmore, fayde Finni and Pat Hickman. V N . 1 .HI A., 'X ' 5 . ' I .h M X ' 1 -wijdif' it 11145 l ' X 1 dj' Et. I ' -ag Q. 3: K 3 X ,... X V .i V R X ., 'EWLN ,f .1 - ? E x ' N u X - A . 'x.p if, .! , V K A I A ' . A-I 1 Afien 1"1"'-" --,.. mil'- A ni, . 'n i591 AJ the angela' and miner adore, Jrbolo .ringr 'Tollite Harrier" to climax the Cbriitmaf Tezbleaux. Christmas Tableaux Pictures of Fra Angelico, O. P.-Mimes, Chants and Carols Angel of Prophecy: "You Moll seek me :mel .rbezll jimi me, wlaen you Jlmll Jeelz me with ezll your loeezrrf' feremiezlv XXIX, 13. Cast BLESSED VIRGIN . . ........... Sheila Mclnerny Saint Joseph ..... .... . . Mary Elizabeth Murray Angel Gabriel . . . . . . Merrilee Gvverder Saint Elizabeth . ' . . . . Anne Willcutts Angel of Prophecy . . ...,......., Joan Smiley Angel of Nativity . . . ........... Sondra Hodgson Angel of Fulfillment .............. Judith O'Connell Prophets CNarratorsD ..... Mary Jane Baird, Elizabeth Ringrose, Brooke Skinner, Lustre Robinson, Denny Decker Shepherds . . . . Patricia Meyer, Frances Walker, Sandra Ping First King , . . ............. Joan Raoul-Duval Second King . . ............... Claudia Rees Third King . . Susan Dinkelspiel l60l 1 1 Weezrivzg the tmelitiofml light blue cape over ez foie elrefr, Sheila MCI7ZEfIQ1' wen el I looeb and re-oerezzt Mofy. We are refrexlaefl by tbif mcrijice of mlvfztion, O Lord. Poftcmrzmznzion, Mfz,rJ of St. Augzutivze May 28 The Mars. . . the center of our life . . . the reservoir of virtue and grace from which We draw those qualities of loyalty and idealism which consti- tute the spirit of Dominican. pr-. ai' -:Z ' 5 , 62 Veritas Staff Antoinette Fahy '58 . . . Editor Kathleen Kindt '59 . . . Arrirzfrmt Editor LITERARY STAFF Ma1'y Jane Baird '58 Nancy Faulkner '58 Nlerrilee Gwerder ' 58 Suzanne Kerr '58 Katharine Solari '58 Judith Tobin '58 Margaret Wright ' 58 Barbara Bain '59 Ma1'y Jean Nlurphy '59 Clare Rorick '60 Carol Lyons '61 Brooke Skinner '61 ART STAFF Janice Donovan '58 . . . Editor Lorna Samson '58 Denny Decker '58 BUSINESS STAFF Kathleen Reilly '58 . . . Nfmmrger Barbara Buscher '59 . . . Arrirmfzf Mnrzfzcger Janet Dalton '58 Phyllis O'Connell '58 Barbara Bain '59 Patricia Connors '59 Clare Rorick '60 Peggy Poeschl '60 Patricia Chapman '61 Constance Nlartin '61 we , , Q L 7 rggeaiux- Y - - P' . . -P 'N'-Q., E xtr- " Af , xg fo., - J Y .A .pe ,: E ., ,yv . ' ' Y . 1 , Q - . x H -wry! 1 . H . -fy . -gl' - :Q .Q N -, , 'Q pl 4 Z -4' 4 -3 . . , 1 T-. V ,, lt V Jr .N ll. XX 4 ' v.. A . .4 - 'J v--' Up'-Q' ' an - 44 -gf' ,..z. - 1 ,x ' F35 5 .fffcvn 'ff , :rig . 1 ' M . V , - , 1. . . . 1 K up 1, F 4, - , f'-Mx 1 I ' - . ' J? " iff ' - Q -2 af- P .T N . 71"-f 4 V 51 ' F' ' f , " 'f - " -' .. :J aj . U X ' "L 'n'. ' 'f ' A , , 'g TSR , h . 5 , f ,Q V r '-'. '. ' ' V . " ' .A yi 1 ,- ' ' F14 all, ' " ' ' R,-'s'Lffi5'Q 5' ,ig-,fb 1 ' v i R Y 'V , A -' ' ' 'i-el! " ' ' . 'YQ 7 I X? I mg XL D X l' , ' f 'V - -2 , , X2 Y i' MV , f l ' EX 5 f . f ,ky I ' ' -1, "' 9" ' I ' L 4 I! r x X if E -E -l Y , 5 ,I I -' gr: IQ 1 X-. .,. f- f- i f--'- --"M -earns, ,.--4.,. mi ' 2 1 ' '! 4 J J " P. 45,1 i .tg-4:74. 1 H Vg., - .l A, .w Q V W Q, -1 .-L ' -.,f:.!-15117. -- ,.:?" 1,1 .Jff-- I . Rafi HT ff 1,99 . , , . fb"- 5 5, ' 5531.1 jf'--1iLQ1Qi.i5yJ. -'I . g:L'pnA f- I-M' , '- ' .. ,f : ' ' ...,Lf'3.f, ," , .f!,'A - L - 'f ' J E25-:ffffr f-1 . T. 1-' Ji , .:. ' 31 A . A ' ' I Ik 2? - ' ,- 4 'PN' 1 , , ,, 1,53 5'-if K A . ' P ' ?:"'L H 5i 1' -1 A F573-' Q ,QQ . - 1 7'-if -.. 'f 1 'J X 4 ti. ' ' JY"-i.'l -- , X - My , . .. , ,4 AJ ,4 1 V,- . . r .N ' ' 7 -' Y ' I ' 'Z' 4' 3' ' ' Eaxfii C W3 Af-f' .flfik -1 2 " .EH R? f i'.:'5'A3i. 'QQ -f -S' .rv V - ' " Huw . 43-V . M'-, -gr. ,1 A '-V: x -, ,Y g.w4,g.p N ',,L,i1,.-E , - 5 V f N 5 Q-I 5 - in X . gig' Jwaagiiv +I: , - IQ, .K ,HW .,,, . V ,aj , ,,, , , ,N f 3 ,Mgr-2'zf1:-1 A swf , , -f In early Jpring fifth grezelerr-jezfziee Petem and Sheila Riley-practice for the amzzml jacks tozerzzezment. 'Round the Clock My day starts at seven with the clang ofthe rising bell, then . . . break- fast. Classes start at nine and are broken by gym at eleven. Next . . . lunch . . . recess . . . and sometimes a student body meeting at one . . . classes begin again . . . singing . . . poetry . . . art . . . sewing. Now free time 'til four-thirty . . . study hall . . . and dinner at six. Recreation before night study hall . . . free time until . . . "lights out." Peggy Mireete Chemling ooer keyxy mee! Sharon Gomez rizzkle ozet tuner for co-sixth gmelery, Mmjy Ann Willard, jean Connolly, mul Tildez Mflllez' Qforefgrozenelj. gg-335-5 'F Fourth grezderr Lerlie june Kitrelmeuz, Vozznie Lauren, and Antoinette Gomez and the elephant fpeml ez few free moments in Mafy Regizzezfr oleooe. E64 V LU :ii Upper right: Like Jix little hirdf are fr!! graderx Louisa Martifzelli, Renee Louftalot, Mazzreezz Ford, Patricia A7171 Quirgg, Molly Cope and Veronira Rayburn. Above: Safqy oifitf the third grade and Kalb Cope ami .Yzefie Kiln low having him. Lower ri ghr: .Yeoenth ggrarlerx, looking efpecially pretgf in their blue gi72gh76l7IZJ', come into the fo-yer. Left to right: Cathleefz Connolly, Leia Malofze, Bdfljf fo Bregante, Karen Nelfovz, Victoria TfVaterJ, Ma1'ia Faxal, and Catrifza Mahoney. 65 M Y, , M, -:W .Ed ,. .w u , Farewell, St. Louis Bertrand K ,X 7 Looking very official are .rtndent body ojfeerf " ' Kathryn Scott, Mary Regina fanislazoski, Sheila .Shannon Cpreeidenty and Traq' Andermrz . Lower school graduates. Fit-.rt row: Marden Plant, .fhirlgf Czecearo, Polly Riley, Carobn Olde, Mary Regina faniylazorki, Sheila .S'hannon, .Yziean Beers, Gaye Tobey, Mary Lareon, Carobfn Calezfti, foanne Keeterson. Second row: fill Kerrigan, Saejan Weir, fill Werrioh, fiedy Ghieelli, Traq' Andereon, Kathryn Scott, Sasan Carr,Carnille Von Hnngen, Darrell S hone, f an Bonny. Third row: Laurie Honnnan, Susan Brown, Sally Procter, Anralie Shanley, Linda Menke, Cecille Gerarnoni, Lavinia Conrtable, Dafri Morgan, Elizabeth Ozoenx, Beth Bocknak, Kathleen Huebner, Engine Gzingle, Catherine Harring- ton, fndith Miller, Pamela Taylor, T - 3 rf. S L eg T, 1: 38,31 L1 , . , Q TQ-4 4 f if ' - T i ' H' '- if V I - T 'T 5 Af T ui Lf! -1- ,MM . , -I Y M Vikkzii 1 4 , V w ei S25 H, W Wi- r My I :EE D : ,,q, :V I Y , : X , LW , ' . , y . , K - ' Qz'Tf7f-r .. ' gi '+. L , IW A '19 T. : ,1 1 ' EN ' ,," . 'F Q14 E ' -A Ji!! J, L " ' F- ,1 5: ' - " , -A V V ' fl " . I . f .. ,Q V4 w i fi i H, Fil! X' 3 Q V, K, - if v ff, 4 ' I. If , . , 1 r k , I i ,A . , Q I .' -N, f 1 , " ' ,w ' ' 7 ' Q Q f' 1x 'A A - f " Q 1 r z A .A X V -I s wg? F 7, f.: , , " . - , , + Ya -'li f J 405 b l 1, 1 V V ,I 4 ,Y-ll ' ' - f ': - T . ' r ' ' ' ' -N I" ' I' ' -' J ' l ' . ' A -iv Y , .15 , -. : , X. i 5 1- ' K if M Q L XLI4 - - I-,. Z 1 5 3 T, g, 1 N V V' 1' -5A ' l-A 1 ' , J J ir ' T- , t f"Ti, - o f .- f " T r " A -, it . L . . . r X fe if - - V ., lu "gg, if i k i T - it fr. f fi-f 1 . e " 4. . , X x' Y , ,N h - .Qi X A-4 - Z 1 V ' e is A , A f , V- 1 ' V- X I, I Y . I, X, 1 if " IG 1 11' W I' wrl. 4 H N, E ,K l T 'V EEE ' ' 'I 155' ,-' - - .QNX 1 ' , ' v Q , Y - K E We ' L LI ,- .iv 1 ,' M ' Q, 1 31' 5, N -.. , A : . , . 'S' K L 1' N 5- g N f WT' ' r " f-v-51' ' 1' I . I ne ix r K 1 f r N t .ff Ji. f' K A , ' f we - H A e T, 3. I ' lfifr. , V1 X M, -Y . Y K Q' f A I 1 wx I T IQ-if it ' , Ml 0 -u , 1 ' m 'inf gif? .--'bn Radiant Firxt Carnrnzerzicaiztt reflect the joy of the important day. Back row: .fiuazz Pence, Linda fanef Lemlie Cooley' Catherine Carbone Martha Newbrand Mar Ellen Merr man Second 5 5 V 3 5 .y ' row: Paula Pence, Lemlie Kiefer, Patricia Paganini, Catherine Olrerto, Keren Ann Seaizer, Barbara Auger. Firxt raw: Phyllix Malgl, Lorie David, jean Led get, Alice Gatterdanz, Denime Brant, Candida Dowdy. c'Ad De-um Qui Laetifmat juventutem Meamn N71 Patrons and PzItrOnCSSCS MISS ANA CRISTINA ALVAREZ MR. and MRS. FRED B. BAIN MR. and MRS. NORMAN A. BALLANTINE MR. CHARLES J. BEHLOW DR. and MRS. RUSSELL W. BERNHARD MRS. TED BISHOP MR. and MRS. THOMAS E. BONNEY MR. and MRS. T. H. BORLA MR. and MRS. ROBERT D. BOWEN MR. J. C. BOYLE MR. WILLARD S. BRISCOE MR. and MRS. CHANDLER P. BROWN MR. and MRS. HENRY W. BUSCHER MR. and MRS. BYRON BYARD MRS. GEORGE T. CAMERON MR. and MRS. JOSE CANO MISS KATHRYN MARIE CARPENTER MR. WILLIAM CASTRO, SR. MR. and MRS. R. A. CHAPMAN THE CLASS OF 1958 THE CLASS OF 1959 THE CLASS OF 1960 THE CLASS OF 1961 MR. and MRS. CLAIR C. DAVIS MR. and MRS. THOMAS R. DECKER MR. and MRS. FERNANDO DELGADILLO MR. and MRS. GERALD M. DESMOND COUNTESS MARC DE TRISTAM MR. and MRS. VICTOR L. DIEPENBROCK MR. and MRS. RICHARD DINKELSPIEL THE DOMINICAN CONVENT ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION MR. VERNON DWELLY MRS. BRUCE ELMORE CAPTAIN and MRS. EDWARD J. FAHY DR. and MRS. JAMES L. FAULKNER MR. and MRS. JOHN D. FINNI MR. and MRS. G. W. FRANKS MRS. J. E. FRENCH, SR. MR. and MRS. LOUIS GARAVENTA MR. and MRS. FERNANDO C. GARCIA MR. and MRS. B. E. GORDON MR. BERNARD G. GREEFF MR. and MRS. MAURICE A. GUY MR. and MRS. WILLIAM GWERDER MR. and MRS. RAY L. HAMILTON MR. and MRS. G. BRUCE HANNA MRS. HOWARD H. HART MR. and MRS. WILLIAM H. HART MR. and MRS. H. WALLACE HICKMAN MR. and MRS. RALSTON W. HODGSON DR. and MRS. MICHAEL HOGAN MR. JAMES G. I-IUEBNER MR. E. C. IRPMAP COLONEL and MRS. L. B. C. JONES MISS MARY ELIZABETH JONES MR. and MRS. EWART K. KERR MR. and MRS. HARVEY VANCE KINDT MR. and MRS. JAMES KINDT I68I MR. and MRS. DONALD C. KITSELMAN MR. and MRS. ARNALDO LACAYO MR. and MRS. RUDOLPH D. LANG MRS. ROGER D. LAPHAM, JR. MR. G. A. LOBENBERG MR. and MRS. JOHN R. LYNCH MR. and MRS. JAMES J. LYONS MR. and MRS. E. J. MAHONEY, JR. MR. ED MALLEY, SR. MR. and MRS. EDWARD J. MALLEY MR. and MRS. RAY MCALLISTER DR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MRS. ULA G. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. EARLE H. MCBAIN CYRIL J. MCDERMOTT MCGIEBON JOHN C. MCRENZIE CHARLES H. MERRILL FREDERICK MEYER JOSEPH H. MILLARD MRS. MARIE L. MORRISTON MR. and MRS. RUSSELL S. MUNRO MR. and MRS. J. PHILIP MURPHY MR. and MRS. PAT MURPHY MR. and MRS. L. W. NIGGEMAN MRS. EDNA MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. NIXON J. E. NOVAK JOHN D. OCONNELL MR. and MRS. JOHN F. O'CONNELL MR. and MRS. L. L. OLDS MRS. HARRIE HILL PAGE MR. and MRS. A. L. PELISSA MR. and MRS. LEWIS PIERCE, III MRS. CECILIA PING MR. and MRS MR. and MRS MR. and MRS . R. POESCHL . ELLIS R. RANDALL . RICHARD RAOUL-DUV AL MR. and MRS. LLOYD D. REES MR. and MRS. E.MIL J. RISI MR. and MRS MR. HECTOR MR. and MRS . RAYMOND H. SHONE SALAVERRIA . E N. SCATENA, JR. MR. and MRS. SPENCER SMILEY, JR. MR. and MRS. GEORGE R. SMITH MR. and MRS. WMJ. SMITH MR. LOUIS T. SNOW MR. and MRS. B. C. SOLARI MR. and MRS. E, J. STANLEY, JR. MR. C. B. STEPHENSON MRS. ROBERT SWANSTON, SR. MR. and MRS. I. A. THIRTY MR. and MRS. J. A. TOBIN MR. and MRS. THOMAS D. TOBIN MRS. NION TUCKER MR. and MRS. ZACARIAS VELAZQUEZ MR. and MRS. LESTER H. WILLARD VICE ADMIRAL and MRS. M. D. WILLCUTTS DR. and MRS. FRITS WINBLAD MR. JOE E. YRACEBURU Sponsors AFFOLTER BROS. WHOLESALE BUTCHERS J. andj. APPLEBAUM BEE INDUSTRIES, LTD. THE BOTTLE SHOP CALIFORNIA BAKERY CAMPION-WARD PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY CITY OF PARIS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY COREY'S RESTAURANT THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN SAN RAFAEL GILARDI CATERING AND GIFT SHOP GOLDSTEIN AND COMPANY, INC. INDEPENDENT JOURNAL, SAN RAFAEL ,IENKEL-DAVIDSON OPTICAL COMPANY JOHNSTON AND BUSCHER, LTD., HAWAII CHARLES O. JONES COMPANY, GENERAL CONTRACTORS ,IORGENSON AND COMPANY JUDSON PACIFIC MURPHY CORP. RILPATRICICS EARERIES, INC. LA FARGUE LAUNDRY LUCAS VALLEY DAIRY JOSEPH MAGNIN CO., INC. MARIN PRODUCTS COMPANY, INC. MARIN SUPPLY COMPANY, SAN ANSELMO MARIO'S FISH-POULTRY AND MEATS MCALLISTER BUICK, INC., SAN FRANCISCO MCPHAIL'S MODERN EVE SHOP PACIFIC ELEVATOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY PHYSICIANS OPTICAL COMPANY RORICK-BUICK, INC., OCEANSIDE THE ROSS VALLEY SHOP SAN RAFAEL SERVICE STATION SHERIDAN AND BELL, FLORISTS VANING BROS. TREE SERVICE VAN WORMER SCHOOL SERVICES WRIGHT AND KIMBROUGH Additional, Patrons MR. MR. MR. and MRS and MRS and MRS MR. and MRS MR. MR. and MRS and MRS. ROBERT BLUM .5. B. BONNY T. N. BROWN CARLO CALETTI LEE CAREONE I WILLIAM J. CASSIDY, JR. MRS. TOEIN CLARK MRS. MARGARET HARRINGTON ' MR. JOSEPH HORNSTEIN MR. and MRS. IRVING E. KESTERSON DR. and MRS. EARL R. MILLER MRS. GALA NORTON MR. and MRS. A. OEERTO MR. and MRS. E. .MICHAEL SHANLEY MR. and MRS. JOHN W. WARD I 69 X51 Aufocgmplzf I I K Aufogmpbf X QA-f'iLb KW in I , jf F gg, I 1 72 J ff 4 2f 2' mogmpizy Portrait! and pbotagmpby IU' LES WALSH Photograph uf .fvottixb Calzzlozziavzx on page 38 by ASI-IWORTH OF LONDON Pbotogmphf nf .Yprirzgg Pradlzctimz on page 47 by K ENNETP! I NNES Printed by JORGENSON sf co. San Francisco Engrrzvirlgr hy CALIFORNIA ART sg ENGRA Berkeley VING CO f . Gig-g-wg-,'t4r1.-rfig, 9- -,J .f' 'f L. -'i"'-'10 Lfanfrk H-gamer Q-. fqrinokb iq f.s.r'emws.3,,7-. :la ,I ,ln fb fa -Mm' Eggs:-W N-M..q... +-K'2j5Lx.-lnb'h"Ef- p . , , miakt gimp.. qmobl in-Ht Ll: L-.3-i1.L bg B ri 455. fx 2,-.iifv..19c-I 4 .0 acl wha? Q-'QM ww f ' f' fr- My A' 'QV axggxpmw S' S' A 9' ' ,P A . ! .-vw kid '4-Z . NAA qggsxf' 9-M Ygfpo 69' -pam MCP .W www CJ .V 'UI J J J JIJ JJ Q J! JMJJJJJJ

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