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, . f x X, -, " 1 2 If 1 I r p V, I i lic 'I 'bf G5,L,fLQ'-I 1 LLQ -xii , ' S , , 1. ' l6Lfl,4-L Jcl Cf' fp ' J' Q- z,.,, I f 1, ' M1 N 1 A Y 2' 'Q L0-gud gf-zu KL, A Ny 41" Y PM ilu, ,, M. A ff' phjf QX 1 .WN ,ff 6L1vn.Jf .gycjd X f K K' . 1 ' 7 , f' , , : I NL N f' lv rv' C f If f At :-P3 at xr ig Pj' V415 C-L f F ,TLD 5 I jf, V' Ox A I - X, p ,V , A fx? ,ply 7' I ,M L' 'G' 'M 'f Lf ,L azffflc- if nn: - lint 'nu' ,. f' ' V! T 1' JA, 'U U YUZ X V C f1CJ,?, f? - ' 9. ' f fn ' 1 JL pfw X ' Q" Aw Ll 5. M J cr' Q 0 ,Jugs X ,Mi K ,S ' XL ,Jr J' ,R A I, in 'V L tj fd' Jw i I 3 qw 2 1 My AJ! fl X-' M. IGIV ' gif! - XFN ' I V L x, Z' ,lt HUA Civklfj :I QL-QC-4Lc,f4 ,l 4! v " 1, I L kz A V A A X Y .X QM ,LA I fl' 1' wifi 'Zffw .41-"1" X 'X L Q-A L A 4. iff 1 , K V" n L jf L N-nu 4 , -K, gf, C gl qi fg, , L ,Q .f,-My y L. ff Ala L ,"Si5'2 af! 1 gf Q c 11-'ff ""' 'L 1, ft. f K D.. Q 17 V -C L15 X, LZ lf'--r- L A-.g""3 L, ffl! 'Y K ,' f ? ,.fg,-1-1364" iw A4 ,J . " . -f f' , 14- f 2 It , ,, , yfl5f7l5 f X v L" lv i L 1, If ' l "HJ" ff., 9 L .. , .,,J....H I I if L C. I ' ' IL- f,-L LAL . 'V - xg , 4!l ge 'L N 1 L , 3 1 A 3 ga TS? A 'QA' XX ,N im Q ? A ci 5 QT F 1 Q5 K ki M 3 '-8 , ..-Q......----A. -...- ..-,..... ..----...--Q..- .qfn-...-x-. .'..-..- ...- -..---..' ...- ..-in -pv- .-..gui -..-..-F--..- .-...l---.1---..g--.....-., f-..'11-Q-.lv-. -..- .- -1 ...- i ... ......- -... .-.- ... -.. tw.. --1 .4 .11 -1 .1-. .v-. -.. -. -. 4.--.- -.. ...- .uv--.-1 Q. -. -1 -Q if x--.-1 Q.,--. --.- ..- v-.----. ...unu- - .- ...rv -.- ... V- - ..- .1- .-. -- 1. '- 4- 1 -.. v ...-.-... ...- ...- - u .qi 1. TRGJ A ....-.----v-.--.- -.--...un-...--H-. ..-...-.---1,-v - .-A...-. ..-----.-.-.-. ...-. '... .--. --..- ...-.-,.Q.--.-v-f.-.-.--Q. OUR DEDICATIGN 'WW MQW As a token of our apprecianon of and love for our annual sponsor we the staff of the 58 Trojan dedrcate lh1S volume ro Hardee Buchanan As our fnend, he has understood us as our teacher, he has worked ro help us understand our mother tongue and as our yearbook sponsor he has wisely gurded us rn the production of thrs record of our school year We wrll always keep turn 111 our memory wrrh love and respect 4 'V' bop 0uL1m1 UH qt ygtifffl 2' iff ami? :nur ORDII IIGW! ANNUAL STAFF Seated JANE GUTHRIE GAY LEWIS NEELIA REEVES DELLA LEWIS WANDA CRIAG Standing SUE LEWIS DANA ORR - - - MR. BUCHANAN LYNDA HANKS ---------- - - - Typist Editor Editor Assistant Business Manager Assistant Snapshot Editor Class Editor - - - - Snapshot Editor MRS. REEVES ---- ----- ------- DONAL BIRD - - BEALL ORR - - - ARVEL ROTAN - BOB PETTY - - - RAY OWEN - - - ------ArtEditor -------Sponsor -------Sponsor - - Business Manager ---------Sports - Assistant Sports -------------Assistant - - - - - Assistant Art Editor Editor Editor Editor in administration sis S9999 PSG To the Trojan staff of 1958 Greetrngs As I have watched you work durmg the year I have wondered how your work would come out The result 15 rndeed good and I should not have wondered As a group you should be congratulated that the combrnatlon of your efforts and those of your sponsors has produced such an Lnsplrrng record of our school year However your real congratulattons your real satlsfactron w11l come tn future years as you use thJ.s book to recall these Il'13g1C rno ments that are even now a part of our school ltfe Wrth my congratulatrons I want to thank you for havmg done such a good Job w1th thls annual At the same trme, I realtze that I have so many thmgs to thank you for, I wrll let th1s expressron be Just a token of our gratrtude for all your other good works Yours smcerery 07? 6 09125, TQ Q ' e s Mu S., TRUSTEES 1 COOKS AND CUSTODIAN ,Vino-5 if:--n BOBBIE HYDE DORIS LEDBETTER DOUG JONES 1- A l X- A - ' S 1 ' 4 9 . I lf I Y ' Hi " 5 L s , , v 1 : 1 .S W. , W A D ., 7' ?, ' 1 A " f f 'av . , 1 4 " "Lf"m'W' ,. 1 ,M ., 7 4 I ' I' . 2 :f':':"" w I 5 15 if dw' A il . ' 'A A I U I . O . . 5 - K 9 Q J I x U..' . . Q VK V 4 FACULTY F B PORTER M H BUCHANAN I G FREEMAN B I YORK Supermtendent Enghsh HISIOIY and Coach Agncullure MRS CRAIG MRS PORTER MRS REEVES P M SPARKS Home ECODOTHICS Typlng Mathemancs Seventh and Elghth MRS. ORR MRS. WARE MRS. SPARKS MRS. CORFMAN F1fth and Sxxth Thlrd and Fourth F1rst and Second Nurse gli? A ' 1 IOYS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSOR MR FREEMAN DONAL BIRD CLA UDETTE LEDBETTER NEELIA REEVES Sponsors Wmfw I ,912 MR F B PORTER Sponsor Presldent Vlce Presxdent Secretary MR J G FREEMAN . ................... f 4 ,,7Vn,,, ,.K,,,, ,,,,,...,w,,f,.-- ,W n I Ly ,,-, , V ff A ,,,, Zfif'-sei? " 'L f, ' h' ' ' ,, , ' Lf ' 4 go ' L i ' 5- ,f, M ,fy-E , if fi, i Q Q . . . . . GEORGIE CAVE Football Sweetheart Most Beautlful Queen Candrdate FHA FHA Offlcer Class Offrcer Class Favorlte Student Councll Rep Pep Squad Snare Drummer Choral Club Dramancs Club Basketball Volleyball Iumor Play Senror Play DONAL BIRD Football Captam Basketball Captam Baseball Mr DHS Fuendllest Most Popular Most Lrkely to Succeed Most Dependable FFA Presrdent FHA Beau Boys State C1t1zen Class Presldent Student Councll Class Favonte Choral Club One Act Plays Iunror Play Semor Play JANE GUTHRIE Basketball Pep Squad Volleyball Annual Staff FHA Dramatrcs Club Speech Club Choral Club One-Act Play FHA offrcer Junror Play Semor Play Most Lrkely to Succeed Betty Crocker Homemaker Award DAR Cltrzen FRANKLIN CLAYTON Football Captain Basketball Baseball Mr DHS FFA Offxcer Pep Squad Beau Camrval Escort Glee Club One Act Plays Jumor Play Semor Play Fender Bender I . Annual Staff - l i ku GAYLA LEWIS Football Sweetheart Basketball Volleyball Class Offtcer FHA FHA Offlcer Class Favor1te Gtrls State Cmzen Pep Squad Cheerleader Choral Club Dramatlcs Club MISS DHS Fnendllest Most Dependable Annual Staff Junior Play Semor Play , J LYNDA HANKS Basketball Most Athletic Most Studious Cheerleader Pep Squad One -Act Plays Volleyball Junior Play Senior Play FHA Dramatlcs Club Choral Club Speech Club Annual Staff DON MOORE Football Captam Basketball Captam Baseball Jumor Play Semor Play Class Favorue Most Handsome Class Offlcer FFA Offlcer One Act Play Glee Club Lone Star Farmer Best Athletxc Most Popular Dramaucs Club CLAUDETTE LEDBETTER Basketball Volleyball Dramatlcs Club Carmval Candldate One Act Plays Pep Squad Snare Drummer Junlor Play Semor Play Class Offrcer FHA Offlcers FHA State Rep FHA Choral Club Best Actress Most Talented Fnendllest Wttuest F, MARY TEE MOORE Pep Squad Drummer Band Music Class Officer Basketball Volleyball Prettiest Annual staff FHA FHA Officer Choral Club Transferred from Coolidge Texas NEELIA REEVES Basketball Volleyball Annual Staff Carnival Queen Cam1val Candidate HA FHA Officer Pep Squad Cheerleader FFA Sweetheart Class Officer Most Popular Choral Club Junior Play Senior Play Basketball Manager BEALL ORR Dramatics Club Choral Club Football Captain Basketball Baseball Most Talented FFA Officer Wittiest Class Favorite Best Athlete FHA Beau Camival King Student Council One -Act Play Junior Play Senior Play Annual Staff . A, 17. ,e----Y- -- ,,,,1, ' QP' I Gay Lewrs w111 my abtlrty to date younger boys to Dana Beth Orr I Claudette Ledbetter will my nickname Runt and Short Stuff' to Wanda Craig I, Georgre Cave, will to Barbara Lister my favorite expresston in English class I don t know I, Lynda Hanks w111 my wonderful fan club Q all boys j to Della Lewts I Neelxa Reeves w111 my long blonde hatr to Betty Jean and hope she may prof1t from II as I have ball games to Sue Lewis I, Mary Tee Moore wlll my abtlity to marry a 57 graduate of Divide to Llnda Rotan I Don Moore w111 my ability to keep calm tn any sport to Ray Owen l Beall Orr will my ab111ty to make wrsecracks m ball practice to Bob Petty I Donal B1rd w111 my ablhty to loaf 1n ball practtce to any boy who can catch coach not looking I Franklm Clayton will my ab111ty to chase nets in basketball practice to anybody that has wind enough to try it We the SENIOR CLASS, w111 our ab1l1ty to think basketball all the ume to the next class wrth enough nerve to try tt. I, Jane Guthrie, will my ability to find rats in girls' dressing rooms at DONAL BIRD GEORGIE CAVE FRANKLIN CLAYTON JANE GUTHRIE LYNDA HANKS CLAUDETTE LEDBETTER GA YLA LEWIS WESLEY MOORE BEALL RR NEELIA REEVES Dallas Beauties Monkeys? Pl.'ElCI1C1l'lg for next year Three of a k1nd R11m Runners Brr It s Cold IOYS K M 2 JUNIOR OFFICERS AND SPONSOR DELLA LEWIS DANNA ORR JANE EVANS ARVEL ROTAN MR YORK N -------------------P 'd ------------,,,---V' P 'd -------------------T I Slgon by in 28' fax I'-'N 11:9 YZ' -av ,X .J lb' xx!! SUE LEWIS KENT HUCKELBRIDGE JANE EVANS BOB PET TY DANA ORR JUNIORS DELLA LEWIS ARVEL ROT AN WANDA CRAIG BARBARA LISTER DEWEY DILLA SHAW ---fy MOVIE G? X 5-Q xr' 1 fflllfi , f 15 U 'FX fl 1 STABS 'AZTZ2 0 x..A ff: 1 is X M ' f wg f nAsAz1 ---E-i ,as-I , .Jim . QS, 1 S0 I' es SOPHOMORE OFFICERS AND SPONSOR RAY OWEN Presldent JERRY HYDE V1ce Pres1dent LINDA ROTAN Secretary MRS REEVES Sponsor lv . 4 x if lm I soy xg. , 9' X , I f 'Z f U 'z 1 f ' .. " Larry Magee Davld Slupp B111y Ph1111ps SGPHOMORES Marvm Whmker Dean Fr1zze11 1 f " Ray Owen Linda Rotan Jerry Hyde nz- , Qu -1--1 69' 1 . p Ik L K 3.5.x ' . ' 'W 1 m ? 4 I k Y' I fx I' . Y L 3, f 1-gg Clayton Saunders Lv g g . . Mn' N I fkjs-: ,145 A 11 dreased up Using the old Toe Hold n Well! Well! Da11y studymg hab1ts Champxons' There comes Mr, Porter f ffeshmen FRESHMAN OFFICERS AND SPONSOR MRS CRAIG Sponsor HARRY EVANS Secretary KATHY HUCKELBRIDGE V1ce Presldent FRANKLIN HYDE Presldent MRS FLOYD CRAIG f' Sponsor "QD" ,find Kathy Huckelbndge V1.rg11 Morgan Betty Pendergrass Lavonne Llster Marvm Ampnester Ruth Drllashaw FRESHMEN Franklxn H de Y ' 'Q'fv' . Joe Gomez Z 7' I Sherry Clayton ' ' Don Hicks y A I Joel Shipp , " a. fx Rhiney Hyde j f.,, '. b Harry Evans 'VX 'V X X 57 .....""'i 2 , rv-r y ' 5 fi ' ff' ' 1 Ziyfvih R 2 . ll-. I Q in I zum gg ,Sm 'U NVQ? ml" Www! A My what b1g feet! Bulldmg Muscles F1sh Gosslpmg Pals Boy , 1t's good 1 hu? Wh1Ch one's whlch 1ff'?l f lies W .Q .fx,-ggi? ' 1 4015. QP' 40' jf MISS DHS GAYLA LEWIS 904 W' MR D H S FRANKLIN CLAYTON wav' -JY CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN NEELIA Reeves BeALL om v M ' A we ' -mf' K ' L I , 4 ' .,. A V J me i ,' A A lv K - SENIOR FAVORITES GEORGIE CAVE B AL O JUNIOR FAVORITES DE L KENT UCKLEBRI GE FRESHMAN FAVORITES SOPHOMORE FAVORITES LI l.....-. DELLA LEWIS WESLEY MOORE GAY LEWIS ARVEL ROTAN Beauty and Beast Fnendllesr ymawufr' CLAUDETTE LEDBETTER BEALL ORR NEELIA REEVES WESLEY MOORE Wxtuesl Most Popular ygicu- I l J' LYNDA HANKS BOB PETTY CLA UDETTE LEDBETTER BEALL ORR Most Stud1ous Most Talented C? GAY LEWIS DONAL BIRD JANE GUTHRIE DONAL BIRD Most Dependable Most Llkely ro Succeed 4' .-! .ffm :r . , . Q .xl w ru " cafh tics 'H ,qv .xv 'WV z N1- , 5 , ' I 2 I Q' I DISTRICT 9 - B CHAMPS Swim 6 I ,xiqqilim RAY OWEN DON A L BIRD ARVEL ROTAN DON MOORE Oi FRANKLIN CLAYTON BEALL ORR Dlvlde Clobbers Dw-de Bumps llovlce, 62 24 DIVIDE Sept 6 1RlNSl Th Dwtde Trojans walloped Novlces Hornets 62 24 tn a wtdecpen stx man football opener here Fnday mght Don Moore led the Dmde attack wzth four touchdowns and an ex tra pomt Tranlmg htm were Ray Owens wlth 19 pmnts Donald Btrd exght Arvel Rotan 12 and Kent ll-lucklebrxdge four Gay Vleaxer paced Nouce wlth 'three touchdowns whlle Terry lwellborn scored once Score by pertods Dtvlde 2 21 7 1 2 Nouce 0 12.-Z4 Dlvldo Deloals Acltorly 39 Z0 DIVIDE Sept 13 tRlNSl vlde won lts second game year Frlday rught when :P the guest Ackerly Eagles m stx man play Don Moore scored three Trojan touchdowns one of them a 70yard run Beall Orr passed to Don Btrd for two touchdowns Ray Owens scored the other Trojan touchdown Kon Huchieberry lick- ed one extra pomt and Orr scored of the topped aooo of the Mertzon Despite DIVIDE Sept 20 TheD1v1de Tr0Jans downed the Mertzon Hor nets 2718 desplte a one man show by Mertzon s Bllly Sawyer who scored all the Hornet pomts Don Btrd scored 12 for the wm ners Don Moore seven and Ray l0wens elght 1 By quarters Dxvxde 1 1 7 6-27 l Mertzon 6 6 0 6-ls Dmde Crushes Mozelle 45 26 MOZEILL Sept 27 'RN9 Dnlde plowed Mozclle under to the tune of 45 26 tn a free scor mg stx man contest here Frlday nlght Big gun for Dmde was 'tloore who tallled slx touchdown Owens scored one touchdown and kxcked! fue polnts for a 16 point total ,Orr passed to Blrd for another Dwtde tally lhlham Jones of Nlozelle scor X ed two gn pomters and Bull Wxl son counted once and lucked n pomt after A pass from Joe Langehenmg to Martm llest ac counted for another touchdown WWM nn Hnhannn rnmertnrl nncn Divlde Bombards Hggfdxallggflo -f- norton 38lo16 DNIDE N.,,l'.,.,.S, vtde racked McClulley 7340 her NOLANl uct 4 lRNsl Thel-'nday aftemoon for nts ellhlh Dmde Trojans tallted all lhenr strajght vrln of the season and nomts ln the first three quarters thrrd straight Dlstrlct 9 sxx man to tum back the Norton 1-agles win 3816 In a stx man game Fudaj Dan Moore scored 26 points to mght Ind Dlvtde to the lopnded vlc ln the flrst quarter Rav Owens 9-WY 'mf Dmald Bud gem!! 16 scored twlce on lun es of e1ghtRly Owens 12 C13Y'l0fl Saunders and two wards respec n ely Beale RVN. Ofwueigmn and Ffmkle Orr htt paydtrt once on a 30 ard Cllyhll 55 9 run 5 Dan Mnbem' wed MCCHUUCY Don 'lloore contrlbuted enght 'lm n PM Wm' Mb cm' pomts for the Trojans tn the sec mbhtmg the aber ond stanza as he raced 35 yards ,for a score and ktcked the cxtral pomt Moore broke loose agatn m the thtrd quarter for a 68 yard scor mg jaunt Frankle Clayton added another counter for the Trojans on IRA Not 8 lRNcl The I Aa mound qumkw p W xtde Trojans wrapped up thc Dls N mms fd lee dm ll U trlct 9 sm man football crown damage tr: gheihlasl QLHFIQF hm here Ftldat Ill ht easlly by hand 4 Hlnlngs 9 9 aswuh Wm' mg the Ir1 Bulldogs a smashlng -10 ward spxtnt alter gathermg ln 4813 defwt a Trojan punt Manme Turner Com, J C Freemans 1-,mane added Bnmhef' TD 011 3 51x Yard broke loose for 20 points ln the plunge Norton also lcked u I P P 9 flrst quarter and added 14 each 53f9tY ln 7-he final QUHUCY Im the second and thtrd perlods D lde Trojans Rip Hobbs 52 18 DIVIDE Oct 11tRNSl Fleet footed halfback Ray Owens of the lDlV1de Trojans dashed for fxve touchdowns and passed for two here Fnday mght to lead his team to an easy 5218 vlctoxy over the Hobbs Panthers ln opemng the 9 slx n1an dmstnct race Ray Owens burst up the nuddle nn the flrst quarter for 8 yards to notch hrs ftrst TD Don Moore converted to make t.he score 8f0 as the quarter ended The second quarter saw Ray re tum a punt for 72 yards com bmed wtth sconng runs of 10 and o0 yards respectwely to move the Trojans out front 32-0 Don Moore converted after each TD Moore hxt Don Blrd with a 12 yard aerlal to make the halfttme score 400 Hobbs notched touchdowns on mle 'hxlhg and Joseph Marttnez ln the thlrd quarter Owens swept end for 26 yards and passed to 'Don Bxrd for 35 yards to complete the Trojans scormg for the mght Martmez passed to end Clinton Sellers for 2 yards for the Pan thers final score Dmde Flallens Blackwell, 59 29 BLACKWELL Oct 18 tRNSl Dtvxdo outraced a flu weakened .Blackwell team here Frldny night t.otakea5029vlctm'ylnDlatnct 9 Sxx Man Blackwell had three starters out wlth the flu lt wu Dmdn uc md conference wm ,Dmdes sconng pow: was dll Ivxded among su players Arvll Rotao Don Moore and Ray Owens' scored two touchdowns each while lDon Boa, Bm On' and Frankie 'Clayton added one marker each jlllloore accounted for two extra palms and Rotan one Blackwell s scorers Included JohnTubb twoTDsandtwoex trapoum Mlchaelkuurd Wayne Estes and Larry Estes one touch- down each and Estes one extra umm 1 l l to cotst to thc xlctoxx Don Moore was a thorn ln the sue of lr: all ntght as he oc countcd tor ZX polnts Tcammates Raw Owtns Beall Utr and Anal Rotan added six points each whlle Don Bird got two pomts on klck n l The first touchdown play of the night by Dmde was a l0yard pass play from Owens to 'vloore lras Tom Lchols scored 12 pomts on two runs of 10 yards each Donnell Eubank scored one ,TD on a four yard run up the mlddle The wan was Dwldes fourth stratght tn conference play andl tts mnth uctorv agalnst no losses for the season Dmde Ballles Mules an Playoll 1 l NOLAN hot 11 4RNSl Th Dmde Trojans Dtstrtct 9 cham plons and the Mlles Bulldogs winners of the Dlstrxct 10 crown 1 wlll play thelr bt dlstrlct SIX man football game at Ballinger Frm, day night at 8 Both teams own 941 season rec ords Coach J G Freeman s Trojans chalked up thetr hrst dlstrlct champnonshlp smce 1930 The closest game played bv lhf' l Trojans thts season was a 22317 non dlstrlct uctory oxer Mertzon 'Mules not owne ln Bl Dlslrlcl llll BALLINGER Nov 15 tRNS' The Mules Bulldogs blasted thel Dlvnde Trojans 645 to take thts six man bt-dlstrtrt playoff here Frtday mght Mtles represented District 10 and Divide Dtstnct 9 j Both teams were undefeated tlll Fnday nights playoff game Fm- Mules Don Cordon scored 12 puma Paul Gordon 12 Ronme Smltb 6 Dwatn Jackson 12 H11 lls Husch 12 and Wtlson Fletcher Tallymg for Dwnde were Ray Owens mth 6 Rhlney Hyde 12 Beall On' 12 and Don Bud 6 Half-timescorewas34-at nrnllllos . . . . , -Hg . F. A ' -I' I . l ' ' U l . . . Y D I E . 'I .uf V' - DE Nu ', T21 ' a noir - , ,, il V , ll. aL Y .- -Q k, -,I l I -V .ivy ' I l A V lv ll'l 1' ' 'A' ' ' 5 .U -. , - - wig- A - l - 14 n ll 'V l i 'ltr Y ' J A l - j - . . 1 ' l ' ' . . . . - All V V , l l I ' ' .l '- A 1 'A - E51 I ' 1 . Y ' 1 C I 'runsoisland 16 yards from .lim-Q . 'I - - Il ', ' Y -. ,e! W' ' I - "A I, I' ,X , , . - W W ' I I l X ' . : N l ' -X Q " l 3-6 1 A ' 1 g l I " o 12 ,N I . W h - 1 1 -, 1. , , . . 4 1 . .,.l- 1 .f tl . 'I -I' - I A. V I - ' ,' , . 1 v l p 1. . A ' . V 2 ,f - v V -Dirt ' ' ' ' V! , I , ' " ' tj gl A ' 1 h 4 1 ' FOOTBALL SWEETHEART AND CAPTAINS GAYLA LEWIS BEA LL ORR DONAL BIRD RAN KLIN CLAYTON DON Moons 2 Y 5 15 's Broth BEST ATH LETES LYNDA HANKS WESLEY MOORE DISTRICT CHAMPIONS 195 8 ps 'ww BEA LL RR gc , 5? fha 'Nr' ARVEL ROTAN 'I sk BOYS BASKETBALL DON MOORE RAY OWEN 'Q'-'P' DONAL FRANKIE BIRD CLAYTON BOB COACH PETTY FREEMAN DISTRICT CHAMPIONS 1958 GIRLS BASKETBALL ffm .pw 'V ,grivvv 'QV' -of 'Q' Q' 'Will' COACH SUE GAY DANA FREEMAN LEWIS LEWIS RR -ima. ,ff-wk 'Q 1' Ibn lid W LYNDA JANE GEORGIE JANE HANKS EVANS CAVE GUTHRIE 11"- v--M-, ww WANDA CRAIG 'ZF'- DELLA LEWIS 9 .f-If 81 I M h I NE S J , S I ,W M 'Y A 'U' 'M' Sf' My I A 'Y,, R W Ai yu , V L A I ' ff,?f ' A LLIESAA I S a X f Afmwpzz 'jf A. Af 'ff ' O I 1 T V P 1 4- M fi " , 'ff A . y 1 I --' , 1-- I Lf 'X W QC' I , v. In fi ?i..f, t 8 as A f 4 x l Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide 1 Norton 7 Blackwell Highland 9 Merkel 28 6 Trent 3 Sweetwater 7 Blackwell 7 Ira 16 13 11 12 2 South Taylor 8 South Taylor Highland Blackwell Ira Trent 6 South Taylor 'District Games BI DISTRICT Don Bird BATTING AVERAGES Don Moore Beall Orr Arvel Rotan Don Barton Ray Owens 'S 244 Frankie Clayton Larry Magee Bob Petty Clayton Saunders PIT CHI NG RECORDS 204 .53 Kent Huckelbrrdge Won 5 Lo t 1 Beall Orr Won 5 Lost 2 ' .550 .511 U16 .307 ' .250 ' .230 .111 .1' ' S Don Barton Won 1 Lost 1 f Vi if i Qfw ga n I ff-55 asf K.. ini? LEADERS Ani I A y PEPSQUALHHROUP F F A GROUP F F A OFFICERS AND SWEETHEART 49" F H A GROUP F.H.A. OFFICERS AND BEAU CI O39 SHW EINOHLL EINILVAA EHYID 'IVHOI-ID Q-q's' qv-'A v. L! Gomg my Way? Aftermath Bums Be aut 1es Workers Left over from Dallas GRAMMAR SCHOOL EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES WAN A O EARLI KING AND QUEEN 'NN-f KN Georgle Mae Reed 8 Sl Nw' Earl I ones , ,- SEVENTH Jack Hucklebndge George Rotan Mary Neele Oliver Walter Morgan Johnny Magee Dxane Huff Sandra Clayton Dennrs Dunlap Donna Arnpnester Thomas Hyde Aundera Hyde Raymond Owen 1' I E' fuj Q S. EQ., J.: ll I 'fylxq RMA 'HA 14 f I Lx 1 Paul Gomez Sammle Dennrs Juanxta Hyde John Kalka Lola Brown Leveta Morgan Loretta Bud B111y Ohver Allene Ledbetter Lmda Mornson FIFTH Marilyn Arnpnester Clarence Crabb eg"Y R "-4 ri Q ff Xx SIXTH Joanna Jones F. E. Busby Rebecca Shipp Stanley Jones Nancy Barton Robert Bledsoe Lmda Saunders Luvma Fnzzell Donrece Alexander as-1' in 1543 y 5- N. of ' s 2 tf 1 A 6- , I 4 i ,A fi 4, wesmr ' i , A 1 A., v g ,f ,A an A ,W "-' cgi.. . ' H if of or y 'Q n Joy Phillips a 9- Q5 R 9 ' ' "W ' -in : Y . n o?'7?'fo ' of V51 'K r '. N - A'f'Y-- i"."V r ' m, ,B " K1 . -, -q I, I , 'V xi i ? ' ' " '57 " '1--w ga: 1' rd .35- 1,- Z THIRD Brad Tyrone Cathey Morgan Larry Frazzell Patncia Evans 'C' FOURTH Gary Rotan Jerry Jones Ruth Owen Ann Saunders Greg Buchanan Ga11 Butman Jerry Shlpp Gayle Clayton Stanley Slmmons Patncra Crabb Paul Ampnester Jerry Roman Dorerta Frazzell .QU -fr? 1 Kenny Magee if Rachel Arnpriester Char11e Haggerton SECOND Johnny Cave Cheryl Linn Bit Shipp Sandra Kinsey Tommy Dyess Sue Srmmons Don Owen Jackle Butman FIRST Mona Buchanan Dale Freeman Gay Slmmons Mrldred Hyde Jose Vasquez Clara Crabb I 'E Grade School Posmg King and Queen The sun 15 slunmg Let s have a party R1de em, Cowboy Brothers ' U 5 f . 9 t V yg A aff", AL on I I clvertisers ' ---is - , fag!- EUTAN E GAS SEIQVICE REEVE S Best Wishes From THE HAVVLEY E3 FOOD STORES 112 West Broadway and 1410 Lamar Street Remember "We Sell for Less" Sweetwate r , Texa S iZ'5 QQ, X 'QI Q T JAMESV ROSS CaSh16T J C CRAIN D1rector HOINAE STATE BANK Tr Member F D I C .I G WILKS Pre sldent H WILLIAMSON VICE Pre s1dent BETTY FREEMAN Bookkeepe r DOW WILLIAMSON Dxrector JAIZVI S OFFICE SUPPLY 2 I 5 Oak Street Sweetwater, Texas "Everythmg for the Off1ce COTTON STORE Gas -O1 WO OD STATION 1 Accessorles Grocerxes Candy Cold Drlnks Tobaccos 6 M11es South Sweetwater San Angelo Hy P M QPATQ HUTCHI NS Prop f funn, ,H ,re c:A12Mnc:u-IAEL. Authorlzed Ford MOTORS 218 West Thlrd Street Sweetwate r , Texas Sales Se 1'V1CC BE44545 LUMBER C Everythmg to Bu11d Your Home Og 900 E . Broadway Sweetwater, Texas :sz YI-6 S:':f,,-C -IEE 1 S- fi: ent, Texas EL?" -H sf . V, flvjf , , , ! N ' ' ' 9 . , ' 3 0 0 , ' Q . ' ' u . a o 3 0 , 'r I 1 -- ' X -2.2. 4 NOLAIXI HARDWARE C OMPANY General Hardware and Electrlc App11ances 123 West 3rd Street Sweetwater, Texas fmcenefza HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY CECIL STRACENER Owner 105 East Th1rd Phone BE 4 2421 Sweetwater, Texas PAUL B BROWN BINGO BROWN Ph BE 4 2259 Ph BE4 3613 BROWN LUMBER COMPANY INC " It s Bu11d1ng Mater1a1, We Have " 400 East Avenue A Sweetwater, Texas Phone BE 4 4855 ARTHUR TAYLOR AUTOMOBILES New Cars Used Cars Phone BE 4 2583 Phone BE 4 2323 BE 4 2544 P O Box 476 410 East Broadway Sweetwater Texas Cong ratulatlons Students and Teache rs Delas Reeves ISL1.. VLJ SINCLAIR STATION UE' 1: Til?-9' ELY D1 strlbutor Phone BE4 4468 GULF OIL PRODUCTS Sweetwater, Texas 5 ' If ' ' ' ' It I of Divide School . . J 4 CT' A I A I C112 AIX! 'VON Serves You Better and Saves You More Sweetwater BE-4-2356 C omplime nt s of , Texas Edin Walaee at NOLAINI FURNITURE 119 W. 3 BE 4-2170 Sweet water, Texas WWZEJQZJZ COUNTY CLERK Zmldtq Qwcmwo Comphrne nts of CLYDE BOOSE INICDLA MERCANTILE GIOCCIICS and Humble Gas Your Bus1ness Appremated E L POOL Nolan Texas if SQ ci? 2' 3-f yi ?!awew ly 704-ze Be-4 5458 zueefzmzkfz 121.012 SW AL. 301 East Ave B eetwater Texas I , M- I WF' '- 1 1 ' x - .Q L'fj35'.7?f,f X! 1 -- .. - . Z 1 I- . Compllments Shoes for the Whole Farruly C:T:CQT'iC:l:: 219 oak street CDLJTLAVV Sweetwater Texas 604 East Broadway Sweetwater Texas L15 I at NSXWNXGY- .i IELIIFWEEI XE ETQADPQRLD 500 Lamar Phone BE 4 4181 Real Estate Loans Crop Hall Insurance I . of 4 ww Ze: Zta Weep ZW lm: cwz me Knew Dingo Q Lumber and Bu11d1ng Mate r1a1 D1a,1 BE1mont 4 4651 O fxfv f' 3 1 Ll 114 I W ,, , I I :::::::: WllllW PZ Gooo Poop LANAAR E: I 1:1-41-:I 1:-,-P' DRUG PAUL WATSON Owner ZZ keanu FUNERAL HOME ' The Perfect Trlbute Ambulance Swe etwate r Texas Phone BE 4 3311 610 East Th1rd I I . - Cs ,N 1 1, N ,rf ' 70 Qu L, -nl' . 2, , 1 --..u...,,,,,.,,,,,,f,.,,we, , 7 Z .,, W , 'eq J ' 3 C al " bww -l r "E : I ' ll , VVE TSE L. BEAUT Y SHOPPE 509 East Third Street Sweetwater, Texas Phone BE 4-2714 "Preferred by Those Who Want the Best" xgmlcdte fecaelzq COX'S JEWELRY Since 1895 Cornplunents of Your EEN 13121-AIX! KL! N 5 8: 1012 STORE Sweetwater Texas xazg fam Hamburgers and Sandwlches A11K1nds of Drxnks 201 Lamar Street BE 4 9058 Sweetwate r Texas SWEETWATER PRODUC TION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Servlng S1x West Texas Countles O Ea t Th1rd Street Sweetwater, Texas .rf - s 0 ETQCDT-I-4 E35 T STYLE SHOP 206 Locust Phone BE 4 4900 5 3 WT "I-Iome of Fmer Clothes for Teens and M1sses" I s a 1 1 'S ' .'- . ul I I I , , Jr xt 255 I - I, I ANDY -gig 'L GENE I LJCJ4l:lQ PREWITT Custom Made X! ts and Saddles Chrysler Imperlal Blufolds Name Belts Made to Order 306 Pecan Street Expert Shoe Repa1r1ng Sweetwater Texas 105 Qak Street Phone BE 4 3218 Sweetwatel' X! MOTORS Boo Texas f 9 VJ LET USDO YOUR CLAY-rom """" W: 1.n.nArv1s X Complete Insurance Servlce MQ Q Blue Bonnet Bldg f'N BE 4 4911 4' W FRANK w1L,n2cHaNi-SON -0. Over 30 Years Your Dod Complete Serv1ce for Your Car ge and Plymouth Dealer Ph BE 4 3114 or BE 4 3578 318 East Broadway Swe etwate r Texas NT INSUQ D 'If S 105 W 3rd Q5 J BE4 2302 +V' GWATERT OCIE HUNT Let Me Handle Your Automob1le Loans and Insurance +4 e 70 A 3 Z? fw Q Nga c i f A ft ' 4X ' mf Mdmyj Sweetwater, Texas gf Lf' f "" .D 3 11 5' " HHH ff . 'U 1 ' - ww ' G A A' cv 4 A 'P - 97 113' 'X ,f STUDIO Sz CAMERA SHOP 103 East Th1rd Phone 4991 Sweetwater These Thmgs Q Scwmg BAN K WITH US NAT! OIXIFXL. BAN K 04: SVVEE TVVATET2 Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporauon Member of Federal Reserve System 19, ' v-5 . . I T2 V' . 52-7 22: -' 5 :n ,Z --1.1::- : -:Gee ,..,,, .:f:sSf:..L1 uf. 33 if ef ' -.H ome rom 2 31g:1:g:g: :EE 5 :' If ,-3...-,4 , x -,, Q, 1 . 25431 gm. Qs "' z ' H I O -.-Q l ---- Compliment s Cong ratulatlons BOY scoufrs OF Class Of 1958 AMERICA Wagga? H D NORRIS lVlc:C'?EE 61-VI' 3 Everythlng 1n Muslc Organs New and Used Planos Magnavox TCICVISIOHS H1 Fldehty R cord Players Zemth Televlslons 905 E Broadway Sweetwater Texas BE 4 4733 umm-N 76664 QQ DIV! DE 'f5LJT3T3l..Nf l--ICDLJ SE. ELTON BUSBY Phone 83635 Everythlng for the Farm and Rancn of i b 1 Y L7 I I j I 7 4 llw g - aj-'R O JY ' Compllme nts of SVVEETVVXXTETQ COTTON OIL COMPANY Q ge TEXAS COMPANY D Q Member of Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlom L' Over 40 Years Contlnuous SCTVICG Texas Bank Bldg Sweetwater Texas I2 I G1 BRYAN EIDVVAIQDS ELJC I4 Agent for BUILDERS SUPPLY MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM CO Wallpaper Sweetwater Area Matclung Drapery Mate mal f Pa1nts P1CtUTC Moldmgs YOUR FRIENDLY Ph BE 4 4636 112 Elm Sweetwater Texas BANK AND TRUST 42 O 1 . . Q NOLAN AB STRACT Land T1t1es Abstracted Correctly and Promptly 111 W Broadway WALTER CARTER Owner 6133444 WHEN IN THE MOOD FDR CAFE NNE FUDD JI' 1212 Halley Across From Hosp1ta1 WOOL 8: MOHAIR CO F111 O Pep Feeds Seeds Hay Coal Poultry Ranch Supplles Remedles Phone BE 4 4541 1406 Elm Street ALJ TC PAT-QTS COMPANY Headquarters for Or1g1na1 Equ1pment Replacement Parts Sweetwater Texas 107 Pecan St Phone BE 4 4874 VVADE AND I-1 E IXI QV Butane Gas and App11ances P O Box1336 Sweetwater Texas EL JD GJQFITZIXI WELDING SHOP E1ectr1c and Acetylene Portable Eqnupment O11 Fleld Weldlng BE 4 2517 BE 4 3036 Sweetwater, Texas QQ JEWELRY COMPANY D1arnonds, Watches Jewelry Sllverware GlftS 213 Oak Street Sweetwater, Texas A y '1 CENTRAL to , 7 Z IVIQCZAXLJI I OF-Y TYPEWRITER COMPANY Standard and Portable Typewnters Many Models Rambow Colors Phone BE 4 2491 206 East Thlrd Street Sweetwater Texas FDI O12 TRACTOR COMPANY 1325 West Broadway Phone BE 4 2636 Sweetwater , Texas ,B Phone BE 4 4368 Res BE 4 2100 CDEDIS WAFER NEW 8: USED CARS Whole s ale and Retall De11vered Anywhere by Transport ODIS WAFER 812 West Broadway Sweetwate r Texas of 5 LMEA1 I-F ROY TQASCCD www-N fwfy' CLEANERS 108 110 Oak Street Sweetwater, Texas PAT? KET? FOOD STORE 1103 Lamar Phone BE 4 4156 6 6' m if '1 1 f . ' 1 Q ' K 1 f f E-UL? , ,-, ,. . g X V4 kj X at MCBRIDE CLEANERS 907 Lamar Street Phone BE4 3652 ERI LEY AND ETQCDVVIXI FURNITURE COMPANY Furn1ture for the Ent1re Home 119 E. Thlrd St Telephone BE4 4346 J I IV! EUTLET2 Sweetwate r , Texas AMOS WATSON VIRGINIA WATSON AIROLITE WINDOW DECORATORS Custom Made Venetlan Bllnds Caterlng to Those Who Cafe CLEANERS and Drapeues Sweetwater, Texas BE1mont 4 3214 114 Pecan BE4 2342 Sweetwater Texas 314 Qak Street AUTHORIIFD I SALES AND SERVICE Comphments of IXICDTQTQED xfxizififsii Jgagfmwfg Sweetwater, Texas BE4 4826 and BE4 4827 fMh0m 0 Kxox MUSIC News, and Sports All Day on ' The Volce of Nolan County" RADIO 1 240 'EEN NET ., AGENCY X Protect What You Have CMP 0 mtv mag- WA A Xia 3100akSt ft ' gag 13242112 Pparffffou D ' ' a I Ex D . , -- - X --,A-:. J L 1. I 'fif' Q , - Q .V ww mir f - 4 IC -l 1' 1. 'iss ' . . ww .--::::.f- ,Z , ' S' - -1 :,, ? . N 1 SUNBEAM STORES XX f fy Sweetwater Texas it f FOR SMOOTH DRIVING Sl-H-:l-I-H:.l.1D MOTORS Q 813 West Broad C5 BE 4 466 "5 J Q55 Sweetwater Tex Compllme nts of 563 KW!! Best Food 1n Town DIVI 'DE CAFE GARLAND STORY A Propmetor .J CHARITY'S BEAUTY SALON Your Lovehness 12. Is Our Bus1ness ' I-Ia1r Styllng and Shaplng Spec1a11z1ng 1n Permanents Phone BE 4 4996 Sweetwater Texas Compllments CAIIIIEY VVELCH COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT A I f Q Z A 55 . A S be i f . .. . . f N - I CA L- N HUMBLE OIL 8: REFINING CO PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY E B ELLIS AND SON Agent Phone BE 4 3272 Phone BE45444 417 oak street 1301 Elm Street Sweetwater, Texas Sweetwater Texas PAT E TYPEWRITER COMPANY Sales Servlce Rentals Addlng Machlnes New and Used Typewrlters 218 Standard and Portables 1n Decorator Colors Smlth Corona Locust Street Dlal BE 4 43 63 POTZTERS FEED 8: SEED CO 5 hr "'4nld Pumnh ,SHOWS 907 West Broadway I... -I, N I l " Sweetwate r Texas THE FA ' ,E DAIRYLAND Malts, Sandwlches and Ice Cream STORE All Klnds of Drlnks Lad1es' and Gents' Furmshmgs Phone BE 4 4458 Phone BE 4 2645 210 Halley Street 217 Oak Street Sweetwater, Texas Sweetwater, Texas I l ' ' I 4 'ffl' 'st Phone BE4-3452 ' -ue. - .- I I 'ms' 1 17' I Pal LJF: RONNET HOTEL Soc1al and Bus1ness Center of Sweetwater Free Guest Parkmg East Broadway and Elm Streets Call BE 4 4631 CHEVROLETf ll More People Dr1ve Chevrolet Than Any Other Car More Value . . . That's Why! F- Ol4l:bTl:I4 CHEVROLET CO. 805 West Brdwy. BE 4 4044 Sweetwater , Texas N., '-,, -if 7 ... L' s 4' ' E l -1- . . Congratulatlons l. E VV I S Cl-IA'DVVEL.l. DRY CLEANERS PEST CONTROL Your Bus1ness Appreclated Sweetwater, Texas 407 Oak St Phone BE 44551 .1 MODERTL .- 1 ' Furruture Floor Cove rlng Your Maytag Dealer MASON PEE 8: SON Owner 1102 Lamar Phone BE 4 5454 MILK AND ICE CREAM "It s Sure Good" Sweetwater Texas S H I N BEVILL'S JEWELRY OIL CO Next to the Paramount Theater Phone OR Z 9321 S1nc1a1r Standard O11 Products Abllene Texas Sweetwater Expert Watch Repalr Phones BE 4 2611 and 4 4853 Stgne Settlng Q O 5 ' 9 A TORE ya-910' X Q? Comp11ments of HORACE HOLLY MOTORS Abllene Texas i Lgngrgtulutlgug DANIEL Rep rese to the graduating class TEXAS COCA CCSLA BOTTLING Abllene, :Texas SOUTH COAST LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Phone OR 44880 2441 Swenson St Abllene Texas .. V ,JW , w.,.f .M , .,,,,,..,, ....,. ,..4.a- , I A 0 , 'I 3: Tj - 1' .' .' .' 1 .wr 4' . -W -M. ' ' ' Z ff ggi. xx a S I s I . . ...n.. ., .,.. I . .. n Q. -f' Q Xxwjll PJ TAYLOR TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE Merkel, Texas Servlng Our Membershlp Wlth Modern Dlal 1n the FOllOW1Hg Count1es Nolan Jones, Shackelford, Callahan Taylor Coleman and Runnel S ffffff pq Q Da T z C K I I '-r- ll WO 43" 3 1 T If I jg Ul3lE ' i3::-in LBS-75.3 1 f .- x,.,.,v+e1lX ' T if . I rap 3 G2 .1 -+T- 747502 57454240 C OOPERATIVE INC Owned by Those We Serve Box 847 Phone 200 209 Merkel, Texas CONGRATULATIONS Cl LABS CDI: 1953 Sweetwate r , Texas MMM aamwblffmgwgaz A-a,A,f-WZ. ,W-cLbfc.1"'2ffL4u.fffy.MA.. '5f-LALJJL IMML JAMA 'VMW' . -' ,,,,,.,,M4,!wvJ- Z.f?j1.7LZJwLwwwfWW1Z Eu Wu' J7 2 :ZI p,M,L4:wwaf Q,k4v-w'f QA"""7'1' 514-v6"""c' Du.44..,u-'J-4,f '5"""""'7 KM' ccffff'--fu""Z4-'4""f-f-"9f'--' xfv-'f9a-u...J4,,vv-'-.fw-v0C- 1'-"""""' 315:24 H'-'gs pw U M O . O . I 1 U 0 , -iii ""-Q N Jan, Q .MJ-v - Q . . 3 I . f , . HOGRAPHED BZ' ea.. f I - - - , A , - J 4 , 1 TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. ,AAAJ ' , ' DALLAS o TEXAS ff The Best Yezrzzcnf ire T.-XYLCE MEIEQ

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