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7 ,Q . Q60 gffloffam. M007 x wig PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Dear Boys and Girls, As you complete another important part of your education and go on to more advanced work, the thought I should like to leave with you is that the value of the education you are getting is increasing steadily, As our knowledge in- creases chances to apply it increase correspondingly. That is why you will be in a much better position than we of an earlier generation were to raise, greatly, the living standards of the poor in our country and of the general populations of backward countries, to explore space, to make the desert bloom, or to clear our air and waters of pollution. Moreover with increased ability to produce goods and to render service will come increased leisure to devote to art, music, and literature. Ihave in mind here not only the enjoyment of these finer things, but also the creation of new works for others to enjoy. If obtaining an education is becoming ever more profitable, then it seems wise to devote some thought to howthis education can be obtained more effect- ively. Hence I urge that you devote much effort to developing study skills. Give close attention to what you are taught about how to read more rapidly, and with greater understanding, how to find important information quickly, how to study so that you remember longer, how to organize and outline material, how to judge the importance and reliability of statements, and the like. In addition to your textbooks, books on this subject are available in libraries and book- stores. It is not too early to start making use ofthem. You will find the search for knowledge challenging as well as rewarding in the years ahead. We wish you every success in your efforts to obtain it and to apply it profitably, and we hope you will enjoy not only the fruits of this quest but also the actual seeking as well. Sincerely yours, Seymour Glassman Principal 2 Bernard E. Donovan Superintendent of Schools Cornelius J. McQui11 en Irving Anker Assistant Superintendent Staff Su e ' t p rin endent District 20 Junior High School Seymour Glassman Principal J. Hoffman Assistant Principals L90 Gennaro Albert Sylvia Smith Acting Chair man ART STAFF MISS BETTY BURACK: FACULTY ADVISOR SUSI ROSENZWEIG: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dalton Brown Ben Harney Tommy Harney Andy Novick Robert Reiter Bonnie Bellamy Lisa Dinofer Roberta Edelson Idelle Hammond May .Ng Gary Koran Cover by SUSI ROSENZWEIG PHOTOGRA PHY STAF F Mike Horowitz A LITERARY STAFF MRS. HARRIET SPITZER FACULTY ADVISOR BONNIE LOEWENSTEIN EDITOR IN CHIEF MARION BONNEY: ASSISTANT EDITOR Steven Aminoff Stephen Epstein Barry Gerlich Barry Tuber Erie Tulrnan Jayson R. Wechter Bertha Bauer Stephanie Brown Linda Hochman Paula Hochman Amy Spanier Barbara Seifer Hana Seligman Judy Keats TYPEWRITING STAFF James Bates Gary Dwornick Jeffrey Padnick Bonnie Bellamy Vivian Dulberg Owedyia Johnson Margie Rosenthal Barry Zuckerman Robert May A BUSINESS STAFF MRS. CAROL DI STEFANO. FACULTY AD Francine Dembitzer Judith Popik Denise Regenbogen Jane Katz Taubman tents Principa1'sMessage, , , , , M0ntage.....,...., How Well Do You Know Ditmas MOV9m911'C.....n..,. Momentum Is , ,, , Haiku ....... The Secret Agent ,,,. Brambly Twigs ,n,,,, A Time For Remembrance . . Color Is Not Darkly Seen , Noble ......,... Woman of Stone ,,,,,, , Sleep .,o.,.... Q. . Poem .,.....o.. The Withe red Flowers , , Activities Sections, , , Senior Sections , , , Senior Celebrities ,, , Graduates ,,o, AdS...... 10, 12, 14, 24, 26 38, 40, 2 6,7 8 9 11 13 15 16 17 19 19 21 22 23 25 37 39 60 61 0 ka X Tic-TOC Dui V706 C1 222 3 - , g FJ Co Q5 S Q mm -TNC Ditmas Jurior High School 700 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn 18, New York Cornelius Mcluillen Seymour Glassman Assistant Superintendent Principal HOU QELQ QQ IDU KNOW DITMAQQ Grade 9 Form A June 1966 Namewlmxsdil gg Class 'av Gfficial Teacher ' Part 1. Circle one answer which you think is correct 1. The large wallsafe in the basement Ajis used to put the bad kids in Blis where the G.O. keeps its supply of gold bullion Cjis the secret headquarters of U.N.C.L.E. Dlages that famous Ditmas pizza pie 2. Room 1u6 Alis Dr, Hoffman's hat Closet Blcontains five-hundred bottles of the world's finest wines Cjis used for illegal off-track betting Dlis not the wallsafc in the basement 3. The small lockers in the locker room are due to the fact that AlDitmas was once inhabited by pigmies Blkids used to be skinnier Clone kid once tried to live in his locker Djgirls wear shorter dresses L. The baby in the bottle in one of the science rooms Alis the result of a live lab lesson that failed Bjis an example of what they do to you when you're sent down to the safe in the basement Clis dead Dlmakes up the science midterms 5. Dr. Hoffman is able to know what classes are making noise because Alhe's got good eyes Blhe has a fleet of stoolies planted in the classrooms CBhe's a good guesser Djthere are hidden microphones in the desks 6. The water in Ditmas water fountains tastes like AlAlka-seltzer Blpetroleum CJSchnapps Dia double bourbon, shaken not stirred Part ll. Say whether each statement is true or false. lf it is true mark it as such, unless it is false in which case do not mark it. lf it is neither true nor false, mark it true unless it is really true in which case mark it false. lf it is neither of these three mark it true but if it does not apply to that, use your own judgement. l.Ditmas is built on a swamp, 2.0ur report cards are made out by patients in the Mayo clinic. Bolllya Kuryakin was graduated from Ditmas, Part lll. Map Questions Assume you are standing on the first floor outside the main offices Draw a detailed map showing the shortest possible route to threei3H of the following locations: l.Room BL6 2.The swimming-pool 3QThe wallsafo in the basement L-Baton Rouge, Louisiannw X ,V ge f O if f x M W!! MOVEMENT 'ft '1 a piercing artificial sound is suddenly emitted from unseen sources i and throughout the building of there is an opening of doors j, f suddenly, thundering, pounding, shuffling feet 5 , flood the hallway X, impatient to reach destinations stampeding ' ' stepping on other feet ,f A some stroll amiably h while others tensely stride It 'hif , to the doom of exams ' a surge of bodies noisily meets an oncoming stairway fp someones books topple over and the crowd squeezes past leaving the victim to struggle . . . 'A it if with mutilated books. ' ,V I ffl f ' X fx. 'f ,V Wx if! ff X djs' XV X , if X fl A !! ,'!!,f, 1 , f W ' X Bonnie Loewenstein, 9-13 . yffyf Y 9 ,fu I f, gt X On-re hfu '77 ls omentum is all your books rolling down the stairs. Momentum is playing tackle football on ice. Momentum is a silent passing when everyone talks. Momentum is a Civil Rights march in Selma, Alabama. Momentum is a postponed Country Fair Momentum is pulling the chair out from someone, when he's about sit down. Momentum is hearing the second bell in gym and not being able to your shoes. Momentum is an IBM machine. Momentum is having a report due tomorrow on a 400-page book which you haven't started yet. Momentum is taking a bite of a scalding hot piece of Ditmas pizza pie. Momentum is an eternal flame at Arlington National Cemetry Momentum is a 33-lf3 speed record playing at 78. Momentum is trying to go up a down-staircase in time to go to homeroom. 1 g ou Momentum Momentum Momentum Momentum Momentum Momentum Momentum Momentum Momentum is growing up. is climbing to the top ofthe rope in gym and then not knowing how to get down. is sunrise. is letting all the air out of the basketballs before the big game. is a Yearbook from a certain Junior High School. is dropping apenny from the top of the Empire State Building. is standing underneathapenny that has been dropped from the top of the Empire State Building. is an overdue library book. is the property of a moving body which determines the length of time required to bring it to rest when under the action of a constant force. CWebster's New Collegiate Dictionaryb by Jayson R. Wechter and Staff Z' J ...Z ,.'fv'5"" 5- 7 Beyond every hill HN we is dnoil-ver Ao nowlbe' afraid affer-a while -Hue eyfs jef used -lo 'Hoe ddr-knesi gf 1 and beyond 'Hqqff one more 'Y ' 'Uri i'U An-qffefs 'jPtZ?zj7L6,Q::jl:7ZlLer.?'-frangv wo,-IJ Qffife K '-.b i1 ff f Gnonymovs n . I'lf . ,1 I , ff ff' f I f f , f Zu I f af J mf f 1 X , .-. Q ,. , MW ff' My 4155 ,K ff Q, E 1 , 1. " J' X f 2 2 DQS 4 f .2 xx V 0 ,wi g S 1 2 2'- .w w 6" 'E' S1 2 2 2 EQN Q i h Ugg. SX f Z ZW 5 1013314 ' X 5 5 45 -1503? 5 1 W1 D EF- I qs' Bfdmbbl Twigs , ' X- 5'g Then K Q "l, Y mf-'tl theafe used to be lx 3 E Q Q nr' 1.351 . 5 : adense gafeen plgce i ' w M :eff - Q-.i.':,2fi": M'1'u,,??2U22i,?m 1? I-in .i l5':l':s css. Z It LA il? 2 Itlidd km kzzk K'Efu I Vx' Q." ' fd align big ylfhd Yu " f bgx ' bf Q Qg,4,1k,N f - f, 5hseff:,gsZ5S2izQ:f, th , ,f -qs. Q , L U 1x 0 suwfen ev. , 'f 0 s "M' f - Tfzisizzzzy 6 ' K b R in V and col? d , , V mage 2221? 'gfiniit Qiay , , ' or M Q Bonn? Loewenstein, 9-13 Imalfu VT E , N ,K y' qvpp Ee.-ff T ' l , 0 mane C ' :F f N - QQ fo A , , ,f ,..- X mlx 1 I 'tlffk X g . - fu W ' 1 M RQ 'Q ' N In Q'griea v' Il t 45 5Z'f'I?CWf 5 W5 N R V. 1 Sv n 'r . X K! 5 , Q . J J.gkM7+:M'NiQ'l1x . xllfs.. mx f M 'H ,x gg9,5g PS ' it tts bt: y i f it Wx I it NM mlm Xxx ll I X I ,- r - r V 1 1 5 1 I Q .' ' '...sl 6 ' ry ' s ' 'N ' '. TN-NN IP L ' , ' is' r 'LION in Q ffffyg Q.Q ,qqp . N f' .f A Tzme For Remembrance 45,5 21 L frlopf There stood a tree in my backyard, with its 51 -'N' W arms reaching up to the Pearly Gates and its HJ., X,-vp roots stretching down to the Devil's Hell. I .Mg faq'-f-Q always thought it would be there--it always has 'S ff F been. At night when the winds moan their lone- some song, and the swords clash in the sky, and the drums roll, I think of my tree. How it stood out there, weathering the storm and giving me courage to do the same. It taught me not to run away from what Pm afraid of, but to stand up and face it. I used to wonder what unearthly secrets one leaf whispered to the next, but now I'11 never know. I'1l never know what made her stand so straight and tall, why her face showed the wrinkles of age, why she no longer bore fruit. No, I never shall learn any of these things, for they've cut her down. Arm by arm and root by root they've cut her out, with a little of me, too. But no matter how deep nor how long they may cut, they'll never cut her from my heart. She even taught me something as they dragged her down: never yell out because you've been hurt, never let your enemies hear you scream in anguish--for they shall rejoice and find com- fort in the thought of your suffering. Yes, there she stood, tall and proud, in the evening light as the sun went down. God, how I wish she'd taught me not to cry. She did not whimper, not even as she died. Linda Hochman, 9-21 gf-SCJ 40SS'q.f5f.3-O m sw fgfffi? ' AS X DAQ Slew their swf' I sif- in fcfssjs' 9353? 3519-Qtr? wx.61fQ,. WWW! fkffflzi' I lf vmmhwue if ' Nl 1 ' . Ir. xl!! ww vx, Xa : I N' if nw X-'V 1 'Q ' , X N . v I Wx .9 llwllgwg ,,, Q d I A "Sf "lr 9' mal ' l"f'xl' f Xk , M-Rep 'im ff 'W WU W I .5 'fiibllif 1 I N' H KTSR F-m J: ,c.. J . , 1- ,- W. I dvxv. tx QI ,.M,j.lflngIh1XfQx-lllfl! WQUUW V' is ' d 5 wwzikd. W, RM IW' , W 11 ,Ax 5 .Jil 1' . Q5 noble H to be able to see the 'Noble sun when others are deep in fog to store some light and save it for a dim passageway to welcome the cool night as a prelude to the shining morning to think and see beyond a hill to have found a lantern within your oun self for a light of your own is notfronz another time or another soul it guides one and only one through the throbbing darkness of the present and truly lt ls up to another to kindle his own Bonnie Loewenstetn 9-1 3 NN vm O' 0 FIZU-IIII 'IU Zb if "Von, du, tree, faw," the voice rings out daily through the studio. "Von, du, tree, faw." A sharp, husky voice with a thick Russian accent belongs to Antonia Tvardovsky, ballet mistress. Her appearance is formidable, too. No longer y ou ng , he r wrinkles outline apicture of fierce- ness. Her blonde and slightly grey hair is wrapped tightly into a French knot. And then, take a good, deep look into her eyes. They are the kind that would make grown men lower theirs tothe floor. Those blue eyes with incredibly small pupils see and pierce through all. When she surveys you with deep disapproval, they chop you up into tiny pieces and make your heart turn cold. And her thin, hard mouth puts the finishing touch to her face of stone. Except for her eyes, the amount of feeling that appears on her face at any time is so small that it might not be there. S f"'X FV And oh! How she you sweat when you take a ballet you endlessly until you are then she does not stop her the clock advertises over, And as you eyes follow that she have Goot woman of O i " , . 9 . . r - o 1 - 0 u ' I . I9 A ' '. ' 919 '. .. . 6 b . 4 X 0272! - .,, , , - N . any 'f ' . ' 9. QJ 1 Wagkgg 3 fel? , 'cfm 6,4 U. MH.. W , . , 1 5. f + an f .f 5 . z .W QJQM Q, , ff few 1- 1- e was I ' 'v . .2, SM.. AQQQ 91- U L H16 Sffcnf .sa.rwL QMUU 5 sleep 1 03 f, , 'lf 0 f Sfrewn across Hzcfolajn. GF Moujhf 509 ' NX 2" ' . sof'fcn.1"1f five. shore. of Mme. fafi S'1'f6f2C'2fLg 6'0r'r'0wfS' sigh F169 , b - 1- ' does' 66. whisper Ofavwilfdi fusfve Ln your mind? X: ',69i9.5,orif2k!e Sand 411 if Lui!! dfg ' 569 Q 6a.rba,m Sefifgr 9-19,1 Q.-12? ' ' 1 Q . , Q . ' .. , ,gs N9 Q ' " N -069630 9-2' Q56 63 59a A ' fa ' .op G' . . .?:E-:- ,' K3 5.111 I . - - ' ::-"-+I? 9-. x miss .. 1, 1 L ., . 1 I M 2 ' -R, . -, . . f'?,g9 I I J I.. , ' - U gag .. I 4, ' 'Cf x A , 6, 1 . 14:9 if r I , if' Q , . 6 .suh? f ., n ., tw .6644 rg 633 , v , - t - , o 'Q' - ' A . I F336 0 f f ' ffifx xg 7 ' L? " 'Q SQ?-'bag' ' ' . ' 634 .x RU' L a ,'- 0 . , If . . . I . ' . tg: Q 2 p . I., I . , , fa. 5. - , Qi M9 7 ' QGQGQSQ 5' . . . ... ,fa L U 1 Q t.Q.x ACJJS r 5 , . . ...i X: ,.JtkQg7 , ,I ' 5 Q ' . I ' "-"' X Q , "'X5 . fl nf 5 9 I ,1, I N . . . , - ' , 4 .sv 'l -, -- U ,3 . . ' '-.Qcow . , U . G , 1. 5 P Q1 . -,y - .' Q 1 , i . . ff z , 1 lil' QF . 0 3536-J I ' FN v A ' 4' '5 r'- 5 rf" ' f , ' ,' - - ' ' - ' fS2f7"E11f2g3 1' Cf? 1' ,-'. ' . ' , fn! . - " l ' lj ' 559' , ' 52 'jj c2.n,cl cz, may is bong + I " , "K 1.1. 00+ of Me, joufsiny bfack ' ifsprinyg wif-iz Ffa! at sfrefzyvhjif rides Mc wffcf Lrifflcgf 3 bac 2 lu , ki? 'fll ouf of fha afzyry moufh ofnyhvj Free Hom Hsxjafyeci +ooM 2 if pierces 4-he shy, Hs deffanf cry 25-A ,451 : '."'D -d3 "'f cm hero, Iam yfwfff 'J 43285 'G'-77 ,, . "'b"f-"' . d ' . ,' , - 0 ,I I :' . , - 1 Ba,rba,f0.Se11pef 9-19 fi: 069 . fa , .I . 4 O . , 4 1,xf4,9Q.2fGgm 6239. P 1 4 ' ' H ' '. 'QQJI' 'SWG' - 4" f . 'fa -' -. ...filwii . . ' -C5949 . if s ' ' -I ' ' - c, r A UQSCDL9 D C... I 1 sig? U 1: t g v .9 j ' JQ1 Q91 ca , . ,' Qgzs - . "-' l N J !, I 21 :---.""'?L-. " HM " N THE WITHERED FLCWERS 5 The shimmering heat waves rose slowly from the cement, somewhat blurring the picture of drooping buildings before her. The narrow street was abnormally still, being usually filled with pale, ragged children forcing themselves to have fun in the blistering August sun. She walked on, feeling the warmth of the pavement on her stinging bare feet. Inside the tenements, she could hear the miss- ing children, complaining and whining incessant- ly, begging their exhausted mothers to let them stay indoors as a refuge from the roasting streets. Their annoying squalls almost floated in the heavy air. Leaning against the walls of the buildings were some pallidl women, gossiping loudly, looking untidy and fanning themselves in protest against the torrid weather. As she passed by, everyone hushed and gave long looks of dis- gust and distaste. At least my hair is combed, she thought, and my dress is presentable. As she walked on, bright red flowers ina win- dow box attracted her attention. But when she looked again, she saw that they were really crumbled and disintegrated from the sun. Could nothing live in this stifling atmosphere? She wandered along, and soon found herself near a decrepit deteriorating restaurant, withthe smell of unwashed people and greasy hamburgers inside. Almost unconsciously, she opened the door of the shop and entered silently. With the few pennies she owned, she thought she might treat herself to something special. But as she came in, the faces stared at her in contempt. Some became rigid with anger, others began leaving and some just turned their heads away. The owner came runningto her, saying angrily, "Now you go away and don't be a nuisance to any of my customers." And as he said so, he led i1ii12,LfKEf?,,Sayin gver y Gig-ariy, "NO NEGlROhIS F ill if W W W it WW W r I i 1 1 4 i A i it I N I1 'A7 N il R ,i tx X , i i x v tl R. if if lg X vnu, . - 'wmv' Al '-lllill 'Plum -- 9 Ig Il X . w I I 1 w in Uni ' 1- rl vaml'-It-Fil, Ln I in llh i n X X , l Q ,,-J l V1 lm h l 1 1' , All if V 1 1 . r"' U Almost blind with rage and tears, she ran out, feeling the burning anger inside her swell into a deep hatred, something she had never really felt before. How could these people be so utterly pre- judiced, and what fault was it of hers that she was born a Negro. Just as the sun had withered the flowers in the box, hate had withered the persons in the shop. But then came a pity, a pity for the wretched souls in the store who had slowly deteriorated. I must not hate them, she thought, not hate, but have compassion for them. And with her shoulders back and her head held proudly high, the Negro girl walked with dignity down the teeming streets of Birmingham. Ilana Seligman, 9-6 i X I l In l I :kk X H Qi 1 N W X C . L A . Ji S QQ , 5 ., N. saw.. fm K k 1 Thanks to the Cafeterla staff we enjoy temptmg hot if Ui iii? lunche s eve ryday f , , .,-N-egg! Jsffswmufgwgnu-dmv. L L - We give much thanks to Dr. George Hoffman and fM1'. Vito Gennaro for well :fone ypewriting with Mrs. Anne Weinberger is enj any Ditmasites. if E Chorus, a4dv'iQfX1" Mrs- EVGIVT1 Weckslerf mfmne Rasketbal Team advisor: Mr Leonard S1 Ditmas Dance Band, adv1sor Mr Albert Lev I r J L1t rv Staff, advls D as Twlrlers, Q r Debating Tea 5,0 X331 . mas rt Staff dvisor: Miss Betty Burack advidor- Mrs. Ethel Wengraf , . k.. 1 niflzm IK Ki spun Mae Engell conducts an mterestlng lesson Dominick Puleo has made the Graphic Arts Shop one of our favorites at Ditmas 5. -I W? 11ne Bova helps a budding artist. Our girls enjoy an dents a vely game volle yball studies . Science is advisors: Dr George Hoffman with Mrs. Grace Van W Leaders, advisor' Mrs Antoin woods aife lovely, claifk cmd deep I have promises to keep, miles to go befoife I sleep, miles to go befoife I sleep. " -- Robert Fifost enmrs 3 v W I l I 1 4 1 I l 1 1 w i Fred Tanner BOY Athlete 13' May Ng Prettiest Gi Kenny 1-man Handsomest Paul Sm1th Smartest Bonme Loewenstem Smartest Glrl fiaxm Mike Mallouk Boy Who D1d Most For The semen, Joe D1tmas Richie Lieberman st Boy . , .. ewiffie Nedwm Bes't Dressed Girl N s Robert Arons Alexander Babick Donald Bastedenbeck Ross Gload Thomas Harney Joseph King Howard Milchen Martin Papper Robert Radcliffe Shelton Ray Richard Rosario Robert Scalera Paul Tartasky Herbert Thompson Robert Tomasello Gail Velt Theresa Vulpetti ' Amy Whitman Faye Zusman 40 Regina Elcock Serena Ferguson Barbara Grenz Randy Kanofsky Debra Melkonian Robin Nedwin Patricia O'Donohue Arlene Pincus Meryl Sack Karen Shaw Linda Sutnick Robert Begely Lawrence Clark Bruce Di Sarle Jerome Lavan Ronald Lee Martin Lifschutz Kenneth Peays Craig Rosenberg Gary Ryniker Richard Schneeberg Irving Sealy Alan Silverberg Terry Waters John Wolff Lenore Boyarin Arlene Budesa Lorraine Coriaty Betty Garsh Margaret Marano Harriet Nemhouser Judith Popik 41 Rose Anne Raffa Denise Regenbogen Barbara Rockefeller Donna Ross Mara Seer Eleanor Shulman Helene Slomka Paula Taubman Nivia Vila Fern Weissman Q Coral Wiggins 1 Mark Alesse Michael Barrett Bruce Bolt Kenneth Brock Alan Cohen Robert Falotico Gerald Lerman Ruben Rodriguez Frank Saccente Ronald Sexton Sal Stabile Eli Wachtel Jack Weissberger David Wolfson Ellen Singer Frances Templeman Barbara Tessler Patsy Ann Vitale Delcina Wilson Lyssa Candiotti Lisa Dinhofer Joan Feigenbaum Roberta Goldman Debra Kahaner Patricia Lander Judy Miu May Ng Phyllis Restaino Barbara Salby Michele Shartsis . ,4 'Sw '25 ig id, 2 1 Ska? at eww . af MQ We kia 2 Q as we A if at W, .. . , lm, . ., .. he Ga, .,, ' - -aw Q : e l ..... - sq 55 'N' fi 5 4 152 3 W 'QS xg. 5 v X Y K X , it 5 5555 : My is Ta fi? E1 .R ,M- .,3W. . an-fee 'Ke ff. - 4 2 .. vii -1, ., 'Y ff? 4- va ,,,.,,4?tffdewQiQ1 W QM 7 Q1 Jlatgi w Qifi-2 esievzf WW N 5 I , , K X, , ,L lf' 4 ,2 s 2 gi t fx AJ 5 53 in 3: ' E' i Andrew Aquatero Robert Balletto Warren Benbow Gary Bosco David Feng Allen Fitzer Alan Sanderson Arthur Shankin Ga.ry Solomon Harold Suarez William Temes Her man Wilson Alan Yanotta Bonnie Sahn Janice Savarese Matty Singer Ravelle Stepleman Judy Tong Renee Wilson 43 Debora Catlin Jean Ceci Marilyn Cyrus Michelle Drayer Andrea Feldman Ellyn Greenspan Rosalyn Kupfer man Mira Lee Pat Organo Chris Peterson Robert Bradshaw Arthur Cargulia Wayne Cherry kenneth Elias Matthew Koch Ronald McDonald Paul Smith Howard Templehoff Peter Tortora Andrew Turner Jonathan Zier Gloria Rodriguez Susan Rosenzweig Judy Sturges Lois Syrok Norma Thompson Arlen Vigoda Leslye Weisberg Rena Zablowitz 44 Q Linda Borstein Sandra Chapman Dolores Cuesta Frances D'Auria Gwendolyn Davis Roberta Edelson Michelle Friedman Rachel Halfant Karen Lee Linda Levine Rosa Randazzo Martin Applbaum L. Bruce Blau Lewis Cohen Ira Freedman Lawrence Goldbaum Neal Harton Stuart Kaufman Dan Kiss William Lebowitz Matthew Miller John Orfice Steven Richman Steven Schubak Michael Schwartz Harold Silver man Steven Zuckerman Gail Bass Randee Brenner Terri L. Bregman Janet Goldstein Meryl Herman Diane Jordan Susan Kramer 45 Louise Lippin Jamie Marzullo Lynn Nachamie Lorraine Reich Elsa-Ann Schwartz Ilana Seligman Stephanie Silverman Marlene Stein Lesley Sweitzer Caryn Tanditash Jean Woif Lynn Zaglin Michael As en Scott Berliner Paul Bogaty Bruce Bruckmeir Jeffrey Gideon Joel Goldfarb Richard Goodman Morton Hertz Jurio Kivuls Neal Klein Gene Linefsky Steven Militzok Lawrence Pincus Byron Preiss Marc Sussman Angela Shaw Vickie Sievan Deborah Sissman Beth Steinberg Vivian Weinstein Helen Weis man Rona Weiss Susan Zambrofsky 46 Bertha Bauer Ann Bergen Stefanie Brown Irene Finkelstein Rebecca Goldstein Stephanie Kaley Anita Karkenny Sherry Kass Meryl Lippman Carol Matorin Toni Peragine Miriam Rosenthal Pam Schreiber Douglas Bibuld Ronald Cato Paul Davidson Robert Ellcin Adin Goldberg Steven Gutstein Craig Harcup Bruce Kahn Clifford Kor nfield Steven Kroop Jeffrey Metz Mitchell Mizel Andrew Richman Peter Schram David Shapiro Eric Tulman Susan Schwartz Nancy Singer Lisa Sperber Bonnie Strauss Elsa Villamarin Judy Weiner Victoria Wolfe 47 Adele Allen Bonnie Biezuner Jill Binder Pamela Blank Naomi Eckstein Felice Gittelman Corrine Hanley Ruth Kern Judy Knoll Ann Malpero Ruth Markiewicz Elaine Mintzer Gail Rothstein g Richard Bracken Wei fBillyJ Chin Gilbert Dudley Donald Eng Alan Forino Steven Greenberg Lawrence Hughes Leonard Ross David Tepedino Benjamin Tucker Joel Uslip George Vila Abel Zaleberg Anne Abram Rhonda Bosin Joyce Brown Rosemary Davis Gail DeBerry Cathleen Dieterick Shirley Edwards Ruthanne Hellmers 48 Eileen Jones Odette Lew Denise Rascoe Michelle Robbins Leisha Schuman Cynthia Towler Leslie Wallace Dalia Widawski Marion Wilson Marina Yong Linda Ziener John Allen Arthur Bleiweiss Ronald Bolling Dalton Brown Allen Burke Tak Chan Keith Corbin Jeffrey Finerman Stephen Heiling Dewey Hickman Clifford Katus Leroy Leake Edward Varty Susan Kaiser Gerry Korman Sandra Miller Ellen Shrage Denise Washington Beth Wattenberg 49 Janice Adler Natalie Aidler Stephanie Altman Susan Beiserman Dorothy Bryant Bonnie Cohan Gertrude Epstein Jacqueline Favors Gail Forman Robin Harris Celeaster Galbreith Albert Bodro Stephen Browne Barry Carr Ernest Coscia Patrick Daley Kingsley Findlay Edward Hutchins Robert Jackson Robert Kayne David Kugielska Rosalie Abbate Phyllis Alpert Harriet Billig Diane Cambria Elissa Cardamone Kenneth Lieberman Alan Marcus Jamie Trapanese Richard Von Fricken 50 Nancy De Martino Francine Dembitzer Laurie Friedman Barbara Garfinkel Jo-Anne King Gabrielle Kolb Maxine Kullback Marilyn Moore Carol Siciliano Susan Silberzweig Christine Zeniou Richard Abrams Alfredo Canovaca Ronald Cassel Jack Cheetham Robert Clarfeld Jeffrey Cooperman Ronald Cottone Alvin Desheers Norman Freed Vincent Kobylinski Harry Kochman Paul Kowal Robert Lieber Mark Martin Stanley Michaels Stanley Shannon Janet Balen Geraldine Carthens Roberta Falotico 51 Michele Fell Olivia Felton Jane Friedman Robin Geller Theresa Genovese Patricia Headen Rhoda Kaye Linda King Selene Kushner Lily Moy Dale Sokole Bruce Cohen Carl Cohen Robert Connor Andrew De Simone John Frangoulis Bruce Friedman Phillip Lee Kent Leffel John Liberti Michael Mallouk Robert May Colin Mc Catty Martin Migliore Dwight Northrup William Balchus Marilyn Marzocchi Arlene Needle Susan Somogyi Marie Marano 52 Theresa Bander Donna Botsch Barbara Coletti Gerry Fenichel Deborah Gold Vicki Golden Marilyn Goldstein Susan Greenblatt Denise Klayman Marjorie Lathrop Bonnie Loewenstein I Barry Bromberg Roy Cozzolino Stephen Davidman Robert Dilena Mark Eidenger Richard Gebrow Richard Lieberman Stephen Mendelsohn Steve Merzer Franklin Piuck Joseph Riatusso Steven Santoro Emily Ozturk Lenore Pollachek Terry Polansky Christine Tsevdos Concetta O'Dare 53 Ronny Cassese Theresa Edelstein Victoria Ferguson Sandra Fried Iris Goldman Laura Gurton Roberta Hovey Arlene Johnson Ruth Koster Ruth Marsh Patricia McCourt Rochelle Crespi Patricia Crispi Patricia Felder Linda P. Finks Barbara Friedman Helaine Gross Idelle Hammond Lorraine Heumann Irene Malin Elaine Meisel Lorraine Miller Crawford Lowery Stephen D. Reiss Barry Schubert Neil Schuster Donald Valentine Marlene Mintz Theresa Paciocco Shelly Pazer Claire Pollak 54 Roberto Alonso Richard Borden Michael Calderon Louis Desiano Ronnie Deshields Andrew Fis chell Sergio Gaita Alex Gersnowicz Charles Hirsch Albin Kiecorius Charles Bellavia Steven Caputo Henry Chin Daniel Coffaro Kenneth Futterman Frederick Gibson Thomas Green Michael Harris Mark Jacobowitz Burt Kolar Donald Kuhner Jeffrey Nadel Roy Nathanson Alan Rosenberg Thomas Schilling Barry Schwartz Richard Shoemaker Gregory Sutton Brenda Fields Sherry Goldstein Pamela Headen 55 Janis Herman Margaret Hlinka Denise Holland Joy Hom Ellen Katz Anne Pack Cheryl Pardo Evelyn Powell Sheila Quarles Suzanne Saint Eve Silver Rloseann Tuso Mitchell Blatt Robert Cohn Alfred DeFeo William Gelorrnino Michael Hodge Harold Irwin Stuart Jacobs Lon Jacoby Anthony LaMoglia Mark Lubliner Frank Pugliese Jeffrey Rosenthal Steven Schwartz John Traverso Rose Cristino Refika Elibay Jeanne Gugliaro Roberta Hinden 56 Bonnie Kaufman Cheryl Kreitzer Katherine Manos Edith Moses Gail Pomerantz Brigitte Richter Linda Scharfsteiw Rosalind Slivka Beth Solomon Ellen Wanger Mitchell DiEugenia Allen Goodman Lawrence Katt Larry Kiss Douglas Lynn Mark Margolis Ralph Morgenstern Kenny Parris Stuart Raslcin Steven Silver Billy Stevens Joseph Strumph Harold Szlapak Leonard Urcinoli Wanda DaCruz Sandra Daley Gail Elson Linda Eppolito Arlene Johnson 57 Linda Ishmael Barbara Kahn Vera Lamberson Sharyn Lewis Paulette Lieberman Mary Neil Jeryl Posin Nancy Rosen Margo Rothschild Celeste Roy Janet Stecher Michel Engelhart Jonathan Haber Gregory Jackson Norman Katz Jeffrey Kipperman Victor Kowalski Richard Mulqueen Marc Nusbaurn Mark Smith David Steele Dale Wolbrum Rex Wildrnan Denise Rosenberg Marian Rosenberg Barbara Seiier Katie Skolnick Patricia Spoto Michele Storch Vicki Uberall 58 Maria Bascone Zaida Del Valle Christine Donegan Lynne Feldman Colleen Johnson Gladys Jones Eve Kaplan Mary Lange Alicia Losavio Melagro Nieves David Fuchs Robert Gillio Michael Horowitz Robert Lesser Mitchell Levin Andre Long Stephen Picirelli Ira Roff Dennis Roth Barry Turetsky William Vis comi Robert Weissberg David Yablonsky Patricia Serby Linda Suarez Marilyn Upbin Florence Vered Anita Wittenberg Marlene Zeitlin 59 Sandra Daley Mindy Davis Diana Dorsey Celeste Geraci Shelly Hubelbank Jane Katz Diane Levine Delia Martinez Amia Nyss Zulma Pereira Stephanie Robiner 1 Richard Chalfin Peter Colletti Jack Eisenstein Jeffrey Fox Ira Friedman Raymond Greenberg Kenneth Hom Raymond Hynes Bruce Kadin Eric Klein Gary Koran Ted Malysz James Montefinise Fred Tanner Cynthia Penn Robin Rosen Jill Rubin Annette Sirani 'Harriet Smith 60 Louise Alfieri Doreen Avimeleh Janice Balaren Paula Birnbaum Marion Bonney Enid Fishman Linda Hochman Marsha Jefferson Joanne Kresse Deborah Murray Maryann Van Valkenburg Q 'N NK X, E 1 1 f 'f-'Il 'AQ' .ff Q!! f 6 ,fl 1. n ' 'N nts ' M 73 x A - ll 14, A V ' f"'1'Z3x W x 'T' fl , V, X ' '3' 4' X, ff: f ,ff 4 ,wif . , A' ir H SE X, , ff' v. 316 1 . X XX fqgpli, s py , f-.f' 'is W 0 vlrf? 4 'V Qffff Iwi! X wr k LX W4 M , , iw X. 1? , k S M Q, x4'0' N x m f! 'ax ' E h ! X NM Q-Z W,'w Mf X .N ' W i jf 1 f N My f, A Mini fl J I 'Zara A Zffeffmis' :O?:Og Q I. Q. Mr, ig Mrs Marvin Goodnuan Jayson Wechter . Francis H. Bostock, Sr. Marlene Stein f Mr. Kc Mrs. A. Piccoro Ira, Lew, John and Larry, 9-6 Mr. gl Mrs H. Richter Mr. Kr Mrs. R. N. Harton . Mr. at Mrs Edward Harcup The Brenner Family ' Mr. 81 Mrs Wm. Van Valkenburg Mr, gl Mfg, S, Silverman Richard Kaplan L. Bruce Blau 8: Harold Z. E' Muriel Bruce--Karen Thorne Silverman .' -X Mrs. Sue W. Fischell Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Orefice X, Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Pollak Mr. gl Mrs. Victor Lebowitz V 1 Mr 8.1 Mrs J. E. Calderon Lynn Naeharnie Mr. 8: Mrs Finks Mrs. Anne Kaiser 1 g Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Rosenberg Mr. 8: Mrs. George Boyarin and Daughters Mr. 8: Mrs George Kiss Mr. 8: Mrs. Dembitzer and Family X Q Dr. 18: Mrs. Harry KnOll Dr. 8: Mrs. R. S. Greenspan , Mr. Sr Mrs Joe ECkS'Cel-11 Edythe 8: Joseph A. Lynn 8: Family ' Mr. Sz Mrs. Norman Schram 8: Family Mr, gl Mrs, E, Sanderson 'K The I-Iochnuan Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Angus Suarez ' The Grenz Family The Ceci Family x Mrs. Noel Whitman ' Mr. 8: Mrs. B. Raskin 0 Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Mintz Dr. Kc Mrs. R. M, Schwartz I Mr. 8: Mrs. Morris Weissberg Mr, gl Mrs, Arnold wolf X Mr. Ka Mrs. A. Piccirelli Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Matorin Stephen P. Bidermann Mr.. Sr Mrs. Arthur Shaw 1,3 D Dr. 8: Mrs. David M. Engelhardt Mr. Kr Mrs. William Rosenthal 8: Family g Mrs. Jeannette Siegel gl Son Mr. at Mrs. Bernard Pincus 1 The Lewis Family Mr. Kr Mrs. Jack Bregman K' , Sidney Percyz Shirley and Loen Goldstein 41 Gordon H. Dexter April, Michael 8: Steven Zuckerman 5: .K The Frieds .Bernard Lippin .I Q Mr. 8: Mrs. James R. Irving Henry 81 Irene Feng ' Q Mrs. Beulah Wilson Mr. at Mrs. Edward Colletti g f Mrs. F. Siegman Mr. 81 Mrs: Drayer fy' Mrs. Brackis Mr. 8: Mrs. Larry Adler Dobris Stillman Mr. Sr Mrs. N. Migliore . Claire-Apgel Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Rosenthal Mrs. H. Schweittman Mr. 8: Mrs. M, Goodman Mrs. Gurman Mr. 8: Mrs, Samuel Katz '. . Winifred Gowdy Dennis Roth 1,0 l Murry Stoller Mr, Kr Mrs. Ken Solomon Il A h Mr. Sz Mrs. Ben Popik Mr. Sz Mrs. Harvey Wanger 1: Mr. 8: Mrs. William Daniels Jackie Favors The Chapnik Family Mrs. Nettie C. Royal 81 Children . Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Weiss Mrs, Sally Bennet 4 5 Mr. Kc Mrs. Irving Lindower The Blnth Family , Mr' gf Mrs' Robert W5-tthaVer J. Dennis Coughlin Kr Patricia S. Coughlin ' X Mr' 81 Mrs' L' Goldberg Mr, 81 Mrs. Martin M. Stone l gg. A James Bond f lj Q he Q X z 7 . I . 159' ' f g , ' J' U . 4 ' . of I 1 .1 O is i i VVYY Y P P- ,Q'o 0 5 Q lil g P 3 I Mr, at Mrs. J. Lombardi ai Family M. show 0' 1 Mark Edinger Mr. 8: Mrs. M, D. Martin g . The Kogons Selene 8: Ivy Kushner , The Turner Farnily Mr. 81 Mrs. James M. Outlaw V Mr. 8iMrs. Daniel Trouillot Mr. 8: Mrs, Murray Pardo Laks Family Barry Schwartz QLemuell Mr. Sz Mrs. W. P. Kowal Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Seligman .' J. Pirnentel Dr. Sz Mrs. Frank Marzullo Andrea Fierstein Dr. gl Mrs. Henry Freedrnan - Mr. 8: Mrs. Emanuel Fichtenbaum Meryl Kr Robin Lipman Mr. 8: Mrs. Melvin Seifer Mr. 8: Mrs. Kivuls Q, X Mrs. Arlene Bolster Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Karkenny X Q Mr. Ki Mrs. Arnold Kradel Dr. at Mrs. J. Bauer Si Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Skolnick The Levine Twins Cihan Kurt Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Schuster Gloria, Arthur, Dale Ki Joe Anne Laefler Mr. 8: Mrs. Sidney Randall 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Murray D. Brown Mr. Sz Mrs. Normane Henkin Dr. 8: Mrs. Otto Goldstein Mr. iii Mrs.I. Lerner The Preiss Family Good Luck--the Objanz Family Dr. 8: Mrs. Alfonso Rock Mrs. E. Fried Mr. 8: Mrs. Sidney Rappaport Abbey Floor Waxing The Harris Family Sondra 8: Harvey I-Iilowitz 'K ' Q Mr. Mrs. Walter Pincus Mrs. J. Friedland H Mr. Mrs. Bernard Kadin 8iBruce Mr, 8: Mrs. Harold Kafko Ak Mr. Mrs. A. Coven Karen Nicholes pr Mr. Mi-S, Milton soootz Mr. gl Mrs. M. rifrin Ag 1 The Caputo's Mr. Si Mrs. Jack Wegweiser A Mr. Sz Mrs, Sidney Weissman Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Stevens if Minna Weiss Mr. 81 Mrs. Sol Levine 8: Susan Bi Ira Mr. 8: Mrs. Irving Heirnowitz Ella O. Keen Mrs. Suranyi Mr. 8: Mrs. Tunis - Mr. 8: Mrs. Osbourne A. Wallen Dr. Xi Mrs, M, Adler The Harris Family Mr. Kr Mrs. Walter Pincus Mr at Mrs. M. Zuckerman Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald T. Kuhner Mr. at Mrs. H. Weiner Mr. 81 Mrs. Herman Miller 8: Daughters MI., at Mrs. Irving Wachter Sidney, Paula, 8: Steven Greenspan ' Mr gl Mrs. A. Beckrnan Mr' if Mrs' Colin MCC9-ttY . , Mr. gl Mrs. Phillip Gelber gl Family Moses Zuckerfnan g Dude Society of America Mrs. Schneider .. Mr. Calvin Burt 8: Family Marian L, Tuffin rf Mr. Sz Mrs. Alfred Weiner Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Binder ef Mr. Sz Mrs. Askel,KoQisj4 Dr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Geraci Mr. Sr Mrs. Abraham Goldman Mr. T, Basime Grule -V Mrs. Martha Ferguson Elaine Meisel , A 3 I Mr. E.: Mrs. Robert Hovey Richard de Luca ' ' Dr- 31 MYS- Tillman Mr. ai Mrs. Milton L. cohort "ua ig' , y s 'lj 'L f Qu ,-,.- 1' -. I 5 L . 1 ' E-2 0 fs - -' ' A . 5'- l i it I X I v . .V l 4 6 f X Y f- J We LAST wud nun TESTAMENT OF 4 CLASS 7-1+ 5 3924 " wa' f f A ax N nil Oebomk Q0'H'm,.. I was woman QQOQE Ghd Vndlqn Xeon Cm., Help! Hqnlgn 0 fuS..,I was on! miomz, lcx.KQrS Mycyehe 1bmysar4.,B0+,Nr.50r0 xbowe wsromz QqXvQQ,'QXAmqn. .KOS 435340. 459.4 ovfhiwxxs PXQLQ , Ellyn Gy-an n,,,leo.0e Mex WD. 3m0bX2'xQtS Qt-,Suk h kgxvmrkn.. . Ilivx Nnmxgei 0xJr bp NOAH Wx Of o.no.., Veiol Wppif Chu-vsohfersem... L-Me Cad- T. Qavnme 51Xn...heewe Niro. Irma-Kev skid' e f Sauce. Sfxvowx... 3?Q':XEv Xode 'Nun WVU' W Smaqr... lun Yxer -km-vmnls 3-YQvm'l+S Rqjgle Skqimn... 0. fam-rmn dad-Kmavg SWL, To ...cam Nopisngev Qmgg Meghan ,, Nw. Xu-Xe NQQNK Qqqa Qadxa N1 e M - g!.Q fi? ' Q-X35 Awkxew Qcgw.-New Q M-AQ Quse QQEQ-X QMMQRD.. .fi NNOYSYHU WE Mmm Qxmkox0...0.e'3'o9mCgnXA GNMS 'Bong 'basc.e...Gg3m- dr fecezm ggup Dm Rn46,,.mXoo oxf LQRHSS Rmish Qxae Men Ther... G1 Ccmpkev New glxvdevbevm. .- GW QIVYNEVGLO - - - - 0m'xfQMf Qnlxn Ck UQQKCA Num Suviwdx Gun,zQ,olomn,.. QL CONN Ysxutvvbf HQYSXE. VQOVOXA SNIO.YQ'?.,-- QJXXXXS N-Evmn kmsmn... 1- knees Gkm Um 840.-. QKCFCBQQN X V mx f - Nv,9u.vo...o0EwQwQcAer 0 I if'55'm 'X ,AL K wg bd. ff A iff 'K H-ff? T ,J f CONPUMEN-I-5 ,f' 0 '5' MDMAL HLs'LuxUmN'17 Diff- fp? Fresh hamburgers Of I- 1 " G A Homemade Cooking fm-Q f. e. O we 5853210 W1 " ' '- BU '+- H msd GMRMAN -?A'D0OQ!!L '3 06? kcfalxzm HAPPY MONGO Compllments of Class 8- 1 8 and Mr. Lazar Arthur Mintz, Head MONGO Rita Dushnuan, Ass't Head MONGO .Ted Somit, Ass't Head MONGO BEST OF LUCK +0 HB GRADUATES -Pram QLFNSS "l'fq Ruben-'r Qfong P - : Qdene. mms 1, P01 PQ Yl LNQQQIL Hkx Pndbxch Mgr mm RDP S CffjxmW:Ur Ueson Nemdl Seek DUNCAN Bqsfed enbecla She, T00 X5 ef-mu C5 S CO R d Pxober-gr pxadqvxxffq, Eqfbqfq Qrehdcn hC1UJ A -,OWS L Osama l'-lxdnic, PXOSQHO Pxundeg Y4QnO?9k'3 Lmioh Covfmk Hqomqkj - K5 l9xOber-if SCQIQRQ ,Dfbbke Mdcomcm GQ" VQH X GWX Howard Mkfchen pow -VGA-qekeg Robgm NQAMJIVX ThQreSOx VU Pe viloilpiimetmg H Hifrberi' Th0mPSO"N PQT- OxD0rW0xhU'L QMS Whwmqn o er Qmqse o . Page Zv'vWVm Martin- Jerry C runcher Bruce- a name with 'L' Lewis- the presidency Ira- stuff from the closet Larry- a homework machine Neal- a box of thumbtax on his seat Stuart- a late pass Dan- a do-it-yourself electric chair Bill- a place in the girls' gym Matthew-a head in the skies John- a passifier Steven S. - a year's subscription to Playboy Michael-a Rhona-rooter Harold- a miracle of miracles Steven Z. - a year's supply of honor roll certificates Steven R. - speaken Zee doitch? ith LEAVES... Gail- half a World Terri- a boy Randi- a pinch to grow an inch Janet- the back-door exit of Carnegie Hall Merrill-a summer place Dianne- a bakurman Susan- office 233-A Louise- 37 emotional problems to file Jamie- an automatic hand-raiser Lynn N. -We leave .............. Lorraine-an extra pair of vocal chords Elsa- the other half Hana- another kid brother Stephanie-some math homevvorks Joan- an-ooooooo! Lynn Z. - shoobee-dooooooooooo Leslie- some greenbacks to go with her carrot-top Caryn- Schwartz, Miss Susan cam gsunnl ws: use :fu-an I 4 1 4 N I w I DANIEL HAHA CNERU. DEDBXI ' . - TEACHER .. W'-5. BAP!-SH UARYANN H. G- -' WHY Mwsm vxce K The Corner Records Cards Party Goods Discount with G. O. card Jgnl peief, Slevin MQKK F, Irw-O,-ltd, Robefig. , mam HJ U Sigmund, Slave H, R.El1OfKl, Alam, leffli, Rolbefl M., liflwufll ,glfewv Ddvfcly MISGO, lo ADO, Jane, flffel-Q, Sharon, Anna llama, bomthti, Nilayghefri v aaufd, And YCSDSUSZJU, t, . ardse, Nami , 1 ilarilmin, Rosanne, lnflila. Mfgo WDW N 611115 pert Begley. . . Knows a little about everything wrence Clark. . . Portable typewriter with chalk attachlnents ruce DiSarle. . . The quiet one e rome Lavan. . .1000 hats with sweaters to match Ronald Lee .... "What another collection?" Kenneth Peays. . . Sunglasses galoreCraig Rosenberg. . . Loves mone Gary Ryniker .... Always with a radio Richard Scheeberg. . . Big mouth? ? ? Irving Sealy ..., Boots, Boots, Boots, Boots, Bo Alan Silverberg. . . Always with the books Terry Waters ..... Good to the last drop JOl'1-U WOlff ....... Robin Hood and Little John Martin Lifschitz, , . Mad clothes anyone ? Lenore Boyarin .... Math in ten easy lessons Arlene Budesa .... A teasing comb anyone ? Loraine Coriaty .... A mountain of gum Betty Garsh ........ 14K gold gum Marga ret Marano. . . Permanent doctors note Harriet Nembouser. . . A world of apologies Rosdanne Raffa .... Quiet riot Denise Regenb ogen. . . Naturally nice Barbra Rockefeller. . . No relation Donna Ross ....... Teachers pet? Mara Seer ........ Eric Anderson, Phil Ochs Helene Slomka .... 92's first lady Paula Taubman .... Class organizer, or is it disorganizer? Nivia Vila ...... Everyone's friend Fern Weissman .... Our class worrier Coral Wiggins .... As quiet as T. N. T. Judithd Popik ,.,... 'fWho dirtied those boards ?" Eleanor Schulman. . . A mouse that roars 9-Z had . COMPl.tNENTs CLASS '1 Bly-n's Pharmacy Prescription Drugs 701 Church Avenue Brooklyn, Lake wood Egg Market N. Y. Albert Bodro Kenny Lieberman Nancy De Martino Stephen Browne Alan Marcus Laurie Friedman Barry Carr Jamie Trapanese Barbara Garfinkel Ernest Coscia Richard Van Fricken Joanne King Patrick Daley Rosalie Abbate Gabriele Kolb Maxine Kullback Marilyn Moore Carol Siciliano Susan Silberzweig . . I - Kingsley Findlay Phyllis Alpert Edward Hutchins Harriet Billig Robert Jackson Diane Cambria Robert Kayne Elissa Cardamone v' u iels Francine Dembitzer Chri t ne Z6 . KNOCKS AND BOOSTS Mitchell Blatt-"Please, this will be the last time I'll ask to 9-17 copy your homework. 'Y MISS ROSENTH-il-I Robert Cohn-Bob remember, 329 is your homeroom Alfred De Feo-Miss Rosenthal's BODYGUARD! William Gelormino-Nothing to knock--Too heavy to boost. Michael Hodge-9-17's Chatterbugg. Harold Irwin-Always playing--Nexier knowing when to stop. Stuart Jacobs-Ya know I met this girl and . . . Lon Jacoby-Three years in a coma--.wakes up with a diploma. Anthony La Moglia- The Quiet One. Mark Lubliner-Another one always playing--Never knowing when to stop. Frank Pugliese-Everybody's Friend. Jeff Rosenthal-Loves being bugged by girls. Steve Schwartz-"Who me ?" "Why I don't smoke, lose money, come late, etc" John Traverso-Class Magician-Always breaking Miss Rosenthal's pencils. Rose Cristino-See her friends by the door? Refika Elibay-Sweet as sugar-Just as refined. Jean Gugliaro-Essentials of life-Song to sing, Gum to chew. Roberta I-linden-Our Leader, Twirler, Informer, and Friend. Bonnie Kaufman-The Organizer and Persuader, Cheryl Kreitzer-Contribution to the world--HERSELF. Kathy Manos-Like a four leaf clove r-One in a million. Edith Moses-"Anybody got a comb? Brush? Mirror? Gail Pomerantz-Ten easy lessons in how to get a boy for 3 weeks. Brigitte Richter-G-d's gracious gift. Linda Scharfstein-Just shuffling her way thru school. Rosalind Slivka-Ability, Brains, and Charm. Beth Solomon-Sweet and Nice. Ellen Wange r-Our trustworthy Friend. Miss Jane Rosenthal-THE GREATEST TEACHER THERE EVER WAS. HE RE W 'TH ARE nNsQRasE.U Mtwomge OF A ms? Qmfiin regimens? . . . and to our educatedelders. . . MISS ABRAMS-une bonne classe! ! ! MR. SIEGAL-another Marc Antony MRS. LOPEY - a - pay to the order of. . . MR. NACSON - "Para Manana! ! !" LARRY P. - a "j:il1ed" pickle MIKE A. -'a curly "mintzer" cheese BYRON P. - a comb without bristles JOEL G. - white socks ? ? ? MARC SUSSMAN. - the game of poke-her BRUCE B, - a playboy. . . SCOTT B. - an undissected frog. . . RICHARD G. - Applebaum! I ! GENE L. - a beam-balance. . . NEAL K. - collecting dues speedily! ! ! STEVEN M. - an inch on Neal. . . MORTY .TURIS K. PAUL B. - a radio that really works! ! ! JEFF G, H. - autographed picture of Spiderman - a pair of speed skates. . . - strings on his stomach. . . CDAXGJQHTULHTGOAXJ .SEAfl0fQ.S' IJ. yeah! yeah X yea!! 893+ Wishes 'From C lass B81 B Cleane rs Tailo ring- Cleaning 'T-lo alda.5YlieJe, I .Don'+folgd "How man Y-ima: has x-+72 '7 . 05ne,b,xd'n 731 Church Avenue BETH S, - sugar for your sweetness. . . CAROL M. - Picasso's leftover talent. . . ANGELA S. - educated nut. . . TONI P. - a 365 day pass to be excuses. . . STEPHANIE B. - Roll call, that's all! STEFANIE K. - a hunka Zuck. ... . SHERRI K. - wither with the weightwatchers .... - an art museum in Greenwich Village. - Neal, her twin!!! - Notes for Bells are Ringing! B, - an educated "cocky", . . - two pets - Goldbaum 8: Metz - a pair of "Schwartz" .... DEBBY S. ANITA K. ANN B. BERTI-lA SUSAN Z. RONA W. MIRIAM R. - a trip to Hollywood .... HELEN W. - long brush to comb her long VIVIAN W. - a manicure! ! ! IRENE F. - her twigm, Judy Weiner! ! ! !! PAM S. - a long, hot summer! ! ! ! VICKI S. - hot sauce for her temper. . . MERYL L. - Tom, Dick or Harry? ? ? ? REBECCA G. - a reserved Nobel prize fortwriting hai r, . . QEMEMBEP 771555 ? ? ? MRS. NACSON - years in life as pages in our text. . . MRS. HARRIS - a proper line-up. . . MRS. SMITH - a participle ...... MR. COHEN - "I hear you when I shouldn't. " MR. FRADIN - "Turn it off" or "Picture this" Magid- Zoueilfjljpu "UW-JE fm g'49'1eh?1'af7'?Li,a71e1 4-30W7ffl95 ge? online. , ! 1 L Renee's Beauty CDMYLINENTS' Salon is new-- 4,-F We need you to try us. 8"l I V and phone: 438-9343 M g, -SPITIEK P Mrs. Gordon: Mrs. Cantor: Mr. Shapiro: Mrs. Gross: Miss Wenzel: Mr. Levy: Mr. Gaynor: Miss Bush: Com Fred B. Michael R. Michael W Wade J, Chester R. Andy G. Nusret K. David H. John W. Andy D. Joseph G. Carmine L. Alan G. William R. Richard Steven B, Steven Y. Arthur C, Danny D. X sfuggz CLASS 7-I'-I AND MRS. CANTOR M LASS 8-6: Clean up this room! A book about her family There's an old proverb. . . I speak much to much English A Spanish Dictionary How dare you!! A class full of adults A homework machine rmerfls o-P Dems H. piggy vnzqg wa.:-n Rl SFILPH ,fill FREE DELIVERY gymdlilbr 505 DITMAS AVE. BROOKLYN 18, N. Y. 9-14 T HAT DAY I SHE REAT LAST Knocks and Boosts of Class 8-16 - "Cool, Calm, and Collected" - Nice and Easy - "The Joker" - Sophisticated Me" - "Smo-o-oth - Nice Guy - Power to spare - "But-But-But- - Man of Distinction - The Drummer - G. I. Joe - Big Time Spender - "Batman" - "Dimp1es" - Call me "Mr, D." - A little goes a long Wa-Y. . . - Handyrnan - Always helpful. . . - "I'm not late, the bells are early! CONGRATULATIONS Ilene B. Noisy as a snowflake Margaret C. - "Do you have a comb" Phyllis D. - "Miss Efficiency" Nancy G. Everybody's Friend Susan S. Like candy "Sweet and Nutty" Celeste K. The Ace of Kings Jeryl P. "The Girl of Gla1'nor" Barbara R. Cutie Esther R. Gay Talker Janet S. "A Certain Blush" Jackie H. Talkative Susan H. Do you have the homework Cheryl T. Swift Frances T. - E. Z. Fran Miss Betty Burack - "All right class" A- as i i ei' F A I I Ove Q .Cast will aw? Teghmmf of Claw' 942 Q ' , , ' U, UuL15.,,Lm-b b ,euuLm1vu bmp 'f.'d',.:k,Q22,r,:r-q503q::-wjiqmwtre I Q.,.1,Nf',mff+f WM? Esau ccmub .-gui, Maison," -Lb5qub ' - 0' - I at fu Q phUdALLaJLQ,LQfi'a, fdibw- 5 d,vrJ'+ Kvtoui' Luca-bpUr.Jnn!L,-tbuoo o-n.,n,mq:lLY-Ui '9MdLdU utgdzb Cdllbm,-a,ntLk,-JAM 141, em 9,112,443 - qv- 1:0510 Lmnbesyteurw-o,rAJtf14,,si0'gZ U Vai! He41A,uu'o.,!ln:t4,qj2,aAff , rfommmm 'Judi-"qu:,Luwc nu pu.RL5, hpgp guy,-Q, UUL4'-'-'li-ifohlmsxal,-Q, bn? o-i,hmfhfuLlu uumf mg- an, Mmm, Fwd M'f,fl'f'z'JL"- www wb smut wfuur- .mea mguma-mmqm . Pw'4w'+0-C9112 , 41'-Ll -my wpauwg :muwvw Q0-bfliivkurbovfuokunfla Obuedfprbrudo fDaJ.1, stub.-soc 7a H 'Ylfzuk "mUlffQL'h.ID own, mmcrobnsk, 0'h.u.UL -"mu1ou5b1-a4fmbh'! . F 'L . I , 5 , Q - glauulxynanwnr- i ' 112 Mud ana, -lo F-'dw React- a, betilhrq Vlmwmdlpjlu 9- 1 I Janice Balaren- A seat next to Doreen. Richard Chalfin- Can I borrow a math book? Paula Birnbaum" Mr' Puleols bombsheu' M . - . Peter Colletti- Math homework anyone ? anon Bonney Girl Wonder' . E 'd F' h I - ' ' ' Jacob Eisenstein- See! I got a t1e. nl 15 man Annette S beautlclan' Ira Fried-man-I I Washed the boards' Linda Hochman- A walking encyclopedia. Jeffrey FOX- Magazines anybody Marsha Jefferson- A song to sing, Raymond Greenberg- Where's my comb? Kenneth Hom- our quiet One. Robin Rosen- Our redhead. Bruce Kadin- I'm here, I'm here! 'hu Rubin' A Piece of gum' Eric Klein- On post everybody. Bell rang. ette swam- A Comb and brus h' Gary Koran- Cur chess man. Ted Malysz- What can we say-7 Maryann Van Valkenberg' N0 absentees- M - James Montefinise- A talker? ? ? Deborah urray I came from the gyrn' Fred Tanner- can I go now? Cynthia Penn- Mrs. Bernstein's protege. Doreen Avimeleh- An absence note. Loulse Alfierri- A friend for all' Joanne Kresse- Money for Red Cross, anyone? Harriet Smith- I wasn't late. The bell rang earl Judy Chaves Ricki Gold Dorothy Greenberg Rose Hom Margi Kohn Karin Kollist Fran Leff Stella Lombardi Arlene McMaster Helene Reiss Susan Rosoff Janet Weiner Ellen Weis s Allen Beckrnann Richard Bowles Mark Ke rner Johnny Krampner Frank Krohn Mitchell Pirak Tommy Plotz Freddy Ravin Mark Siegel Gregory Suppranowitz Turns pretty colors. Sheldon Switzer Gordon Tuffin Freddy Tuso Jayson Wechter Neil Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Zus sman Ellis F radin Gros s Group Killian Van Wowk Weinbe rge r Wenzel Oh my gosh, oh my heaven. All I got was a 97. La, La, La, I raised my hand, you just didn't see. Like sugar, sweet and refined. I wasn't talking, just exercising my larynx. Her marks are normal 98. 6, Granny a go-go. Andy? She's wearing a brand-new hairdo. Good things come in small packages, ha. Sue laughs, Sue plays, when teacher looks Sue prays. Why should I care if I'm tall? Let the world look up to me. Generally speaking, she's generally speaking. Mr. Ros enstein's friend. He eats his Wheaties. He has the right answers, the teachers ask the wrong questions. Leader of the Pack. He thinks he's at home. Full of energy, and will use it to go far. No it's not 1000, it's 999, 9, Never looks for trouble, but always finds it. Like a vitamin, all mixed up. Has lots of brain cells, but needs recharging. The world wasn't big enough for both of them, so Einstein died. ' The boy behind the smile. - When Guidance needs some guidance, Jayson fills The brain behind the meneograph. "Take one and pass the rest back. " A cushioned desk. "Let's have a 45 minute period, not 20. " The man from G. R. O, U, P. "What effect does this have on Human Relations. " "And he died, " "Take your assigned seats. " The Village. mocks 13003 A D the bill m x -lv Ditmas means these things to this grateful parent: "D" means Dependability Dete rmination "I" means Integrity Initiative "T" means Teamwork Trustworthiness "M" means Manners Maturing "A" means Appreciation Alertness "S" means Service Success What do the letters mean to you? An appreciative parent LAST WILL 8: TESTAMENT OF 9-15 ROBERTO ALONSO-his marks are like a fever, always climbing RICHARD BORDEN-"I was absent" MIKE CALDERON-like a puzzle, all mixed UP LOUIS DESIANO-What did I do now? RONNIE DI SHIELDS-class chauffeur, always driving the class crazy ANDY FISCHELL-bright, small, witty SERGIO GAITA-ha! mark me here! ALEX GERSZNOWICZ-ah, come on CHARLES HIRSCH-nice and quiet, just the one to start a riot ALBIN KIECORTUS-like a fireman, always running at the bellCRAWFORD LOWREY-I wasn't late CRAWFORD LOWREY-I wasn't late STEPHEN REISS-Friends, Romans, Countryrnen, lend me your homework JAIK SCHUBERT-he's never lateg the bell's early NEIL SHUSTER-President of Nabisco, a wise cracker DONALD VALENTINE-I'm a marshal, and I've gotta go! ROCHELLE CRESPI-like TNT, tall, neat, terrific PAT CRISPI-smiling face, a helping hand--she's grand PAT FELDER-short and sweet, can't be beat! LINDA FINKS-boys! boys! boys! BARBARA FRIEDMAN-good things come in tiny packages HELAINE GROSS-sugar and spice, everything nice IDELLE HAMMOND-hey! you vant a cup of tea? LORRAINE HEUMANN-you were SO late! IRENE MALIN-the reason a teacher retires early ELAINE MEISEL-if silence were golden, she'd be worth a penny! LORRAINE MILLER-1, OOO words per minute-- no typewriter MARLENE MINT Z-a comb THERESA PACIOCCO-like milk, Grade A SHELLY PAZER-musically talented, always a new "him" CLAIRE POLLACK-talk a lot, work lessg her idea of happiness Y L-xvxmB.Sesmmv-. bowp, -FRNGQCS Q, is Yfhcketle Qxagviimgoxxfgx' Rose. Cgwrxa Su,-Q1 Subw l-gxs Uoamp' Nl'-vw Rem L..e.sLwe. 73 'Pwggw ARTHUR ww-me kevmq Mmrnew Rorlam Pam. uowam Pmex- Anbq 'Sowwvu-Wm Cor-aPLmem'5 of? 9 5 - an? Hmss we-.maX. Y KNOCKS AND BOOSTS 9- 10 JOHN ALLEN-Allen, Allen. . . HENRY BICHLER-I wasn't late, the bell rang early ARTHUR BLEIWEISS-there couldn't be two great men, so Napoleon died RONALD BOLLING-a year's supply of French textbooks DALTON BROWN-like an artist. . . draws attention ALLEN BURKE-could I borrow the English homework? TAK CHAN-if he was king, God save the queen KEITH CORBIN-he's the reason for teachers' early retirement JEFFREY FINERMAN-qu'est-ce '? STEPHEN HEILING- wo rk fascinates him. . . he could sit and watch it DEWEY I-IICKMAN-if silence were golden, he'd be wo rth a million BONNIE COHEN-the key to successg all she needs now is a keyhole GERTRUDE EPSTEIN-she has a rich voice. . . well- off JACQUELINE FAVORS-T. N. T. Tall, nice and thin GAIL FQRMAN- A Female Perry Mason ROBIN HARRIS-a pretty picture, nicely framed CELEASTER GALBREITH-she sings a "him" SUSAN KAISER-a Chinese dictionary GERRY KORMAN-another three years of Earth Science SANDRA MILLER-a lifetime of happiness with Ronald CLIFFORD KATUS-a careful driverg always looking out for the curves and Dalton ELLEN SHRAGE-a firecracker of gossip for Les LEROY LEAKE-a year's supply of passes to Mr. Farber's office EDWARD VARTY-a pair of moccasins and dungarees NUM LEE KWONG-he has hidden talentsg all w have to do is discover them. Mr. Solomon-what's your rank number? .IANICE ADLER-". . . and I love him" NATALIE AIDLER-a comb, a mirror, and a can of hair spray STEPHANIE ALTMAN nice and quiet SUSAN BEISERMAN L S M F T Lord save me from teachers DOROTHY BRYANT very religious girl alway aying 'ah men' DENISE WASHINGTON-an innocent look but men, beware BETH WATTENBERG-a strict diet prescribed by a cute doctor 8-1 Wiz,- uw HMM Ci-lb Dililugenia, Mitchell Goodnnan, Allen Katt, Lawrence Kiss, Larry Lynn, Douglas Margolis, Mark Morgenstern, Ralph Parris, Kenny Raskin, Stuart Silver, Steven Stevens, Billy Strurnph, Joseph Szlapak, Harold Urcinoli, Leonard DaCruz, Wanda Daley, Sandra Elson, Gail Eppolito, Linda Johnson, Arlene Ishrnael, Linda Kahn, Barbara Lamberson, Vera Lewis, Sharyn Lieberman, Paulette Neville-Neil, Mary Posin, Jeryl Rosen, Nancy Rothschild, Margo Roy, Celeste Steche r, Janet Official Teacher: Mrs. Harris Q-Xeofa, K-xx .maj cm De.-Nev PM 9 0 nu '22 029 .C Nmsr. 1 '- 'Q Qi A5QP1OL'lS fqxglhlbva, pf. gn '-6 3, MU ds O57 gg 25 Pg GP ,L 9 Q, fl J 53 A, bf .Y D, bun, n Barbara Salby - A nicer girl you'll never find. . . we aren't looking Michele Shartsis - A little sugar, a little spice, that's what makes this girl so nice. Ellen Singer - She could be an angel, She COU-ld be 3 Saint: She yssa Candiotti Little Lyssa she Could be quiet: but that shall drink no more for what She ain't' she thought was H20 was HZSO4 Frances Templeman ' Law of the three Lisa Dinhofer Like chocolate pudding C's. . . Charming and Cute. My-,T Flne Barbara Tessler " Prettlff Witty and oan Feigenbaum is it true blondes smartg an ideal target for have more funo 5031.5 heart' oberta Goldman When she was young Patsyann Vitale - It may be her eye She Went for toys, HOW Sheng it may be her hair, but what Older and goes for boys ever it is BOYS BEWARE! Kahaner Life, Liberty and the Delcina Wilson - Delcina has an axe pursult of Dale She gave her teacher forty Lander - She looks quiet, but so does wacks only to find she had T. N. T left our One' - - Watch our Mr' udy Miu - If silence were golden Judy Group here she comes. would be rlch May Ng - If May was shipped across the sea, what good swimrne rs all the boys would be Phyllis Restaino Phyllis 1S a proper noun proper up and proper down feminme gender cutest case of the masculine race Mark Alesse - Mark's mouth is like a window on a hot summer day it's always open. Micheal Barrett - L. S. M. F. T. lLord Save Me From Teachersj Bruce Bolt - Like a London citizen, always in a fog, Kenny Brock - He knows all the answers, but the teachers ask the wrong question. Alan Cohen - Cleopatra rules the Nileg Alan's briefcase rules the aisle. Robert Falotico - Who needs Who needs Lincoln When we have Robert to do our thinking. Gerald Lerrnan - Work facinates him, he loves to watch it. Ruben Rodriguez - He stands in front of Bellevue and sings, "Let My People Go." Frank Saccente - Like a tea bag always in hot water, Ronald Sexton - Work never killed anybody, but Ronald isn't taking a chance. Sal Stabile - Who needs Einstein Who needs Lincoln. . . He does! Ely Wachtel - And so my fellow students, "Ask not what I can do for you, ask what you can do for me, " .Tack Weissberger - I didn't come late, the bell rang early. David Wolfson - Though it seems that David is quiet and shy, there is a lot more to this fellow than meets the eye, OVIPLIVIENTS N Knocks and Boosts COHPLIHENTS DF THE 9-19 Michel Engelhardt Monsieur President Jonny Haber our football he ro Fu Gregory Jackson a male secretary? ? ? Norman Katz I can't see! Jeff Kipperman a small stick of dynamite Victor Kowalsky sneaky iglllflflfl 1 V A VI Richard Mulqueen squeaky i e' 15155 Fw? 1' ' 'LL Marc Nusbaum Cassanova vig? Mark Smith Put up the chairs! David Steele the quiet one -- Dale Wolbrum he's great. . . ask him Maria Bascone Fri-6I1dlY Rex Wildman has a loyal friend Denise Rosenberg rings on her Zaida Del Valle better late than never Marian Rosenberg noisy as a snow flake , Christine Donegan the earlybird? ? '? C0115 l Patricia Spoto she's not there Lynne Feldman tell Katie I'm here Barbara Seifer a smart one Colleen Johnson a nice classmate , , Katie Skolmich Attendance anyone! ! ! E , F. Gladys Jones spa-rkling eyes Milly Nieves kooky! ! ! Eve Kaplan boy troubles Vicki Ube rall good things come in small packages Mary Lange a little lamb Mlchele Storch mirror mirror on the wall Alicia Losarvio our gum chewer Mrs. Lopey We were her biggest problem. Mar-na, Yuma, Class Q-Q and Mr. Slegq-I Richard BMKFO Roi-lm Hellmef-5 BMW Chlfl Abc' Zolfferg Eileen jones Qian FONWU Leonard Ross OdeHc Lew -D can G'-ee'-'herd Anne' ABHHWLS Denise Roscoe Biz' 4,UcKeF lzhohfife Basin Leisha. Slnumomn jog' ugh' JCLSJTCBEVDWVW bdlftc Widowslhf George Vila, 3,5 R, CEWY d Marlon Wnlson ur' L1 war 5 Rcgmarv bans HAPPY IGB' ANNIVERSARY XR LJ Damxs E musjr be oing SOWSTLAEV1 r shi' ...THE :NACE STAT Q.. Ha?f MQQ EUGENE P. BDLDEN QXQSTR3 Rjvgqgg AM. , mm ' ia 5 Compliments fini o mm 'DA QgQU'XbQf QV M ' ' Parents Association 532.2 .iw J. gmw XAASCWVELLQ' gbvmfg G 2o'gEJ-W l Hovfaf 3- FOR 6 K LQDK5 'DQTMS NQA Nil Q CH QD . glmh Kp I Lil and N1ck's QXCHPAQ 5 U Met Food Stores Luncheonette 5 1302 Cortelyou Rd. Sandwiches ' h C ffee Zap? Qzhcvant 7fcw4e AAA MFG. CO. Phone Orders Phone: 856-9895 We Deliver Parkville T. V. 1050 Coney Island Ave. T. V. -Radio repairs D. Vulpis GE 4-2807 Hot Dis es- o 'Home Cooking Evening Newspapers DAVID ARONS gamma of finauian. 5 I l Jquvlo Evapki

Suggestions in the Ditmas Junior High School - Image Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

Ditmas Junior High School - Image Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 57

1966, pg 57

Ditmas Junior High School - Image Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 42

1966, pg 42

Ditmas Junior High School - Image Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 35

1966, pg 35

Ditmas Junior High School - Image Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 72

1966, pg 72

Ditmas Junior High School - Image Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 23

1966, pg 23

Ditmas Junior High School - Image Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 38

1966, pg 38

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