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if QV Qwlrgg mmm ix: max wx, we. A Q53 rf f f UNQ'x xwaPog'X'mA md CQNCA Doi Clvomwwi QXNQX TYXIJQYA Of' UGO 90353 L-A00 VXMLQXOJ QvwvwmQmwX Wffw ,A 'Kimi' XQAKBQMFQ XO,wmNi5 GSL CQLOQCL4' imdb Yxofd SPM' QQXQQDO fxmxxj H X WLOCX Q3 30? V X ummm Qckumzois CLS Xiu! v v if by f QQ! gt S -J' v' v . ,NX 3 X 2 1 I r' 'NQG AVE ? VN 'A R3 xA . A . 1. M2635 Q51 fl JZU .Kx,L r.ACiTJ LF, VXILXL - ' M --fqfifbf 1 1 A u.fx,Gx Lff .MOL P fix f x L ML . ammu LMLQ4, W, wmdm mi I . m-num. - QQLQKQ 00. x Q .. '. , , , ,H fwf WMS Qiffiwl, Lina, M' Cfiljlfid ,D JE w , 'LTFCN Ui gyhxivx Q'L9'Ux QIELQ zDl2.1QxflAfli-fI,4,Jl,,fF N. XJJP up 1-1.-Mmlfuc-Cla , K Q Q ' EQ REU- w. XdgJsz3l,J1k .JJ A A Y JJ: ' 7 D rw f A fffrw XXYOLDXX fp ks Sw, A rl T pm JA WLLDLWK UF M5011 1 Qkfn LKUQU 53' ',V' I 1 QLXX X 'x QQ4 Px if 'si 'SALL L I , if 3 011 f'?fl'41"wf ii7Wv' f"vf' L' fa , Qi? 2' 5 fm 9 ' Cr Q """ is uv J 1' 7 . f w if Cf' Q5 -9-Q 3 ,J f N, X. ' i ' :- me 45 Z C J tg Q56 ' S! W if 5. 5 s 3 -1-1 v 5 W 5 X , nf Q J S ,E 1 N 1 5 ,Z 3' ky, P' , I i f q Cl Q, . Q g, ll 1. J ,. ' 4' I +I-.,. , V "VC-ik 0. J r- .. Q' ' M , . I , Q 0 .. I . In -Q, , i I L h . 1 I , L 4. . .,,- 'N 4 I DUZLQJ , Qgvfllf-414V 4j1"1Qj'1A1,3jffx Qjxgqfx fflliqfv ffylg .ffix,0fl2L glxnbdd -7311 Q L frvu -:wa LQ, Felff Ufffyz-Cl-A I 'D 'fm Caiilgfi, L7 fY7f1.,LVf Wm l,,kQn,ilf1,7"f1 ,Q1?yQr,AjAx,, 7YxJ, 'Uwfli ,Qf1fWfji,uLmlJ.Q10 '11,a,Uf.i !L5P'xQ,!K..f VH CT ML11 Ji '72W-Ji L MJ SHLILIVX . igjocp , 1,i4A-CLJICJ ilkj kjqlpdxiyg Lf, fffllv , Zig, Q-AJ, ,',4,,'1wQ,fJ,, X fx , A 4, H haf UM' Rx! x' f7,!lyf1x f x,," 4 'K Y --. W fd J'2,Lx fikvn If I' ,F DIAMOND HILL JARVIS HIGH SCHOOL FORT WORTH, TEXAS x flak Y Just as the Beatles affected the World of Music. and MTV af- fected the World of Entertain- ment, so shall the I984 Eagle affect the World of Diamond Hill Jarvis. The elements of its composi- tion are not new. Yearbooks are always composed of photo- graphs and words, iust as songs are always composed of melodies and harmonies. But if rhythm and arrangement are the variables that make music distinctive, we hope focus and style will be the variables that make the eagle distinctive - and as memorable as your mu- sic. Nora Santana Editor Eagle Staff Dedicates Itself To 0 MRS. D RLESS GILLE PIE Q7 -Q.--1--1-1 k 1 He who governs well, leads the blind. ggi He who teaches well, P A gives them eyes. Robert South to lf :ees 1, lu f l in z 'U A. lf' 'hn',,'l 'un- 39- , 6' I .5 .ai ,. Alf. n w,f . ,' 'log 1 Lol b',,a-, u Q X-".qo' , , '. gP4 u'a fp C O 1 ' fn' I ia' l, DEDICATIQN 3 4 I TABLE OF CONTENTS ,, i Qc LJ .44 33 lg? Off:-"f 6 'Y 2-Sim 5 Q ! 1 'i .sf J Mama 4 4- ,W"'-1-'-1-9-.. MP2 K ' T1'VTh' ' 'S ' T ' L-', Y . , X U WJ L5Q3f:5,.J:f:Q5f ygigjgg5fgnm9,j.:'2 -5. f E - 5: , 5 ,. ,,T., g. Q .3 T T 2' T TT T g z . . iiylfiziggmil' . A ,. V ' 'ff I Q x ' i i -Q , V44 A 5:1 K, Dedicatio .. 2 Genesis . . 6 Journey ...... I4 The Who ...... 30 I ' Men at W ...... 50 Triumph ...... 78 I The Polic ..... IO4 I The Huma I I4 Madness I48 I Advertisin Index . . . I Final Not I - 6 INTRODUCTION , -5 ,.,..,-.. ,.., . I 2 ,YZWHB Fo: 5 Y 0 Last thing I remember, I was running for the door. I had to find the passage back To the place I was before. "Relax," said the night man. "We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave." "Hotel California" THE EAGLES l an U INTRODUCTION 7 l " I 1 s INTRODUCTION ' Well come on, all you people. The time has come to get it together. You gotta have a little Rock 'n' Roll music To get you through the stormy weather. And do whatever you feel. When you let go, nothing's gonna help you more than Rock 'n' Roll "Feelin' Satisfied" ' BOSTON INTRODUCTION 9 IO INTRODUCTION Sometimes I wonder where Ive been, Who I am, Do I fit in? I may not wln, but I can't be thrown, Out here on my own. "Out Here On My CWD" FAME W W , , .1 1, v- v Q f INTRODUCTICN ll -i-1-1-u r I a I s l I2 n Hg lNTR,ODLICT ION WPT' fl ,Nxt -'Q ,ftz"i5 x 3 www A E51 Q- if rg fqi X Lis Kxixxixwii Sf If K A f Y 'df 7,15 X . Y I , 1 5,5 Q 1, X QV . . H .- , , 2 .fiw I f I N X fx. I gig 'L 1,44 wk x T 4 M f' J' f A ., -ffwi, 'r gj -- A - ' N Aff ' " ' 12 .QV 13f.',., I ' ' f A '5 X' Zi 9 . 'WFS . - x jgiifip,-ly? All the 'world's indeed a stage. And we are merely players. Performers and portrayers. Each another's audience Outside the gilded cage. "Limelight" RUSH V9 L INTRODUCTION DIVISIQN O F STUDENT LIFE 5 x if Jgglh X, , 311 i, '- -' ff- fi, ag f ' War rv i . G, , lg? ,AI Jt3g755fi,Qg7,h ,K A 3 " wg af f A . , y A QW 1 1 7. Q ., , . I .. Viiwfgiiw ggiikixf,-Sygx -' "' -V A ' A ' ffwlefff - ,--- 7 5 4: f , ,R 1 W glypg, .I ' 1 '- 'rg gif! Q A, .3 f 7 1 1 .Ext -4' ', 5' K , ' '3 4" ll 0' fi Q 1 I ,, I 8. : ff !' W L " W M , ,L Y - V I DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE WHNEMI spilit D.H.J. Cheerleaders set the pace at D.H.J. Bottom row, left to and Sherry Love. Top: Balvina Escamilla and Cindy right: Julie Turpin, Debbie Bowers, and Lisa Cooper. Garcia. Middle row, left to right: Sheila Meyer, Sandy Flores, PEP RALLIES Alu... At D.H.J., the games began at 2:l5 pm when the band jammed, the drill team grooved, the cheerleaders sparkled, and the student body crouded into the audito- rium to cheer their team to victory. While the team lost IO straight games, pep rallies symbolized the life left at D.H.J. TOP: Juniors Cindy Lopez, Diana Acala, Bethany Elkins, Michelle En- gles, Tonya Ewings, and Tammy Mayo await the beginning of a pep rally. BOTTOM LEFT: Goblin Val Frost shows her spirit. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cheerleaders promote spirit by donning costumes for the pep rallies. PEP RALLIES I7 V 18 V - W f,,,. . , K5 ' Ma., -1. V., sf . f '41 jf. , 1 if 24 mf ., +3.22 ,fgil 4 , O f , 6 251 M5 I If a single event united the Diamond Hill community in I983, it was Homecoming at D.H.J. Former students were fed and entertained by hosts and hostesses in the Hospital- ity Room, treated to a tour of their alma mater, and recog- nized at the pep rally. Although mums and lavish decorations, were not unique to D.H..l. in October, spirit chains were unique. This year, the Junior class strung the longest chain. The I983 Eagles were defeat- ed by a score of 40-O, but the party never died. f:i',Q:if?H"7'N' ' , " ,:wL 2" -' 'i AW?l57'fW figs ' TOP: Student Council members as- semble spirit chains. BOTTOM LEFT: Corina Garcia enjoys Home- coming excitement: BOTTOM CEN- TER: Brenda Baeza puts up Home- coming decorations for homeroon IOS. BOTTOM RIGHT- Mrs. Bran- gan's door decoration illustrates a Northside Steer being flushed. HOMECOMING I9 Homecomin l TOP LEFT: Maria Duran devotes time to help decorate BOTTOM: Mrs. Burley and Teresa Howell admire their her homeroom door. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Brangan brags on door decoration proudly. the phone about the mum her students bought her.. HOMECOMING 1 1 Wx. at Qfp i On Halloween Day, the stu- dents of D.H.J. competed in a costume contest sponsored by F.H.A. Marcus Phillips. dressed as a stumble bum, won the prize for Best Dressed Male. The award for Best Dressed Female went to Rosa Ramirez. Count Braudaway won Best Dressed Male Teacher, and Mrs. Crayola Coulson was named Best Dressed Female Teacher. TOP LEFT: Marcus Phillips. TOP MIDDLE: Rosa Ramirez. TOP RIGHT: Lorraine Coronado. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Gary Braudaway. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Carol Coulson. 22 HALLOWEEN Halloween '- , f iiiifi TOP LEFT: Valerie Frost. TOP RIGHT: Jack O'Lantern. ABOVE LEFT: Nora Santana. ABOVE MID- DLE: Carrie Renfro. ABOVE RIGHT: Misty Garcia. BOTTOM LEFT: Ms. Nancy Montague. HALLOWEENA 23 Christmas The last class day of I983 was marked by snow. Though the Snow Ball brought us good fun, and Santa's presence helped us to be charitable, it was the snow that allowed us to feel the spirit of Christmas around us. And if the foot- prints we left in the snow didn't last forever, the marks we left on the hearts of our friends did. TOP LEFT: Student Council Rein- deers Misty Garcia, Val Frost, and Carrie Renfro tour the halls. TOP RIGHT: "Together" brings Misty Garcia and Freddy Gutierrez to the dance floor. ABOVE: David Ramirez and Nora Santana sit one out. MID- DLE RIGHT: The snow makes Alex Salazar, Sylvia Vela, Mary Lou Sala- zar, Roel Garcia and Rose Garcia a lot happier to come to school. BOT- TOM: The dance floor doesn't at- tract everyone. CHRISTMAS "Tribute" An old theatrical cliche, "The Show Must Go On," became a rule of thumb during the re- hearsal process that preceed- ed the presentation of Tribute to DHJ. We could say, like in- ept filmmakers do, that Tri- bute was "months in the mak- ing." But the fact is that is just took Ms. Montague and her cast a while to "get their act together." But what an act! On January I7, "neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dead of night" kept the cast from making its appointed message clear. Tribute was a funny play about a man who was dying. but also a play of passion. In the end, the leading man said, "If I could wish one thing for you, it's passion- for anything or anybody that will go the distance." The cast and crew of Tribute did. ABOVE: Tribute's leading couple, Juan Ocura and Carrie Renfro pre- pare for a scene. TOP: Valerie Frost laughs as Juan Ocura pours her a drink. MIDDLE LEFT: Juan Ocura and Bell Cortez remember the good ol' days. MIDDLE RIGHT: Han Dinh and Pat Donnell share a pickle. BOT- TOM: While Pat Donnell looks on. Shauna Renfro smiles for the cam- era. 26 TRIBUTE l TOP LEFT: Maggie CCarrie Renfrob walks away in disgust as Scottie Uuan Ocuraj again tries to joke his way out of a situation. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Gladys Petrelli CShauna Renfroj gives her Tribute speech. MIDDLE LEFT: Scottie CJuan Ocuraj and Sally CHan Dinhj have a drink. ABOVE: Hilary CBeII Cortezj gives her Tri- bute speech. BOTTOM: Scottie Uuan Ocurab and Jud CPat Donnellj have a "man to man" talk. TRIBUTE 27 Awards Night ln addition to the three R's. two A's mattered at D.H.J. in l984 - achievement and atten- dance. We heard about them on the announcements, in homeroom, and from every teacher we had. So in Janu- ary, it came as no surprise when Awards Night was an- nounced to honor those who had excelled in achievement and attendance. Certificates were given to many, radios and telephones to a select few, and a portable TV to grand prize winner Tina Shaw. TOP LEFT. Ms Reyes reads the long list of winners. TOP RIGHT: Coach Tuggle explains the prise drawing procedure. MIDDLE. Mr. Ludiker congratulates "A" Honor Roll stu- AWARDS NIGHT l dent Bethany Elkins. BOTTOM LEFT: "A" Honor Roll student Nhung Bui receives her certificate. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Tina Shaw takes the prise. Ll.l.L. March l6th saw the UIL one- act play, "A Thousand Clowns", travel to District contest at Grapevine High School. March 3lst saw UIL Academic Competitions begin at Keller High School. DH-J was repre- sented well in the fields of Science by Mrs. Palmer's biol- ogy students, in Language Arts by Ms. Burns' Spellers and Ready Writers, and in Speech by Ms. Montague's in- terpreters. TOP One Act Play Clowns Include top row Carrie DLE RIGHT Spellers Nora Santana, Tammy Darr, and R6r1fr0 Kathy Edwards Rick Jesser Val Frost Lorna Debbie May BOTTOM: Future scientists Buster White, Nelslar Shauna Renfro bottom row Melissa Brown Toni Taylor Jose Garza, Nhung Bui, John Saldivar, Beth Monica Gonzales and DeeAnn Atherton MIDDLE LEFT Bond .lose Rodriguez, Han Dinh, Dale Applegate, and UIL DIVISION OF PERSONALITIES DIVISION OF PERSONALITIES 3I 32 MR. DHJ 1 ,a , Mr. D.H.-J. PAUL RAMIREZ , , i r 4 NORA SANTA A A 4 's n - A9 2, - fc V XV V V , L '3f1A,f4f, ,A V ga , ..,,, vurmwf A 14, A 4f!?f.i2 7gy , x m x ,U 439 .xgyif ii .N , Q' Y - 'M J - X V . , i 4,5 , HA ' , 4 x ' ?I - -"fa, ,g 'i " ' figzt Ng, . 5 f: M Y A kwif ' - ' 42? 'Qi' V 'A fl-4 if .ji E", ' I I " ' H f'?fS?' f Z" W C1 -.. , f '5'1f3f LFLX' , i:,,f- 'fl 1, - V Y v If . 1 A if 2 Q, , P V , w , , 1 1 Q ' I , L ' t . Z 'V"N"Q , ' ' iL'f5f5fi5'1'fiif?Z2 z ' . X W' 'L . mix ' ar' fi- ' Q, fi? ' V .Q , if f 2 .. i . "1 2 i . ' M ' -,f' ,, f nil . ,'-' t 3? 6 W f 6 , H 5 g La, Q h ' A fl ,,,L V: 5 gk , Q9 F .,,, - ,. Yi L' 11155 5 X 'f 'Ez ':E'1'm.x '35 1 ' if'- " MW , , n ,I in ., ,,., -Y I H , K M 'A 5 - L- n v- , Q "', - " Q '-" ' w J u -' 4' f I- 1 , f ,if Miss DgH.-J, rvuss DHJ 33 .J1" L ALEX 'ef ,gygxx K SALAZAR S CARRIE RENFRO' SYLVIA YBARRA S DAVID LUJAN 34 MR AND MISS .J L I L. .V an Q, MTSU' - Q I n , , . 2 E11 1 ' 195 .2 ,gf ff. , 2 6 I 8, 44 DAVID LUJAN 8 MISTY GARCIA J I ' DAVID DENTON S VALERIE i,II FROST AII ALL AROUND 35 I I l ? i 1 5 4 V Sophomore Favorites f f I Eff, ak X J X JOSE RODRIGUEZ AND ANGIE AYALA 38 SOPHOMORE FAVORITES 5 I Freshmen Favorites y, MIGUEL SALDANA AND DEE DEE JAYME FRESHMEN FAVORITES 39 I 5 i i 4 1 5 2 4 i 2 2 E i I 1 3 A v i X i X S f 4 1 R 2 ? J I 1 5 Q S 1 l i 3 f 1 s J ? 1 I 4 3 f 4 w 1 X 5 1 ,m sl 'H ,,, J. 4 I 1 1 5 5 A L E X S A L A Z A R 42 MOSTS VU, 'ff' -S Q, r 37 Q 5? ,Y f' V, , '7',, y in E X we , E fl A Q 4 5,2 Q I Q??5QFf! ,AIA WWNK1 W ! ,Q 4 sf? . C A R R I E R E N F R O MOSTS 43 Most HandSome!Most Beautiful S Most Congenial Most Talented 1 Most Dependable ZACHARY ALLEN S CHRISTINA GONZALES J L 'WS RUSSELL HANSON S VALERIE FROST 46 MOSTS ,J 'x ,f W W ' ' J -X L Q' J , , W i 5' 'fa WJ Q ,1 ff' ff X!! ff! W ff if WA ff I! A A f ff! . R 1 . J L LSLSR A ni M Q Lg' XA 1 I 1, J E L f ,pam EDDIE CORTEZ 8 TONYA BEVIL J L JOE MONTALVO G ANGIE CRUZ . MOSTS 47 Applegate. Dale Industrial Arts Araujo. Randolph Band Bui, Dominic Math Calvillo, Elsie Vocational Education Garcia. Misty Choir Gonzales, Melissa Homemaking Govea. Angelina Business Frost, Valerie Speech Pena. Norma Art Renfro. Carrie Language Arts Santana. Nora Science White. Wonda Social Studies 48 WHO'S WHO Who's Who Most Spirited Pin 45-sv Ayala, Sylvia Bevil. Tonya Blanton, Penny Cruz, Angie Denton, David Garcia, Misty Morales, Cynthia Salazar, Alex Ybarra, Sylvia Alcala, Diana Carter, John Cox, Paula Edwards, Kim Hayes, Rhonda Perez. Stephanie Salgado, Debbie Bankhead, Christy Cavazos. Diana Dela Rosa, Nancy Garcia, Steven Martinez, Melissa Saenz, Richard Schiller, Lori Smith, Rhonda Trevino, Carol Ehrheart, Tracy Edwards, Kathy Escamilla, Faviola Forkner. Angela Hegwood, Tammi Howell, Teresa Pena, Mariaelena Pointer, Stephanie Sons, Stacie MOST SPIRITED PINS 49 :SH 'M '50 DIVISION OF ORGANIZATIONS W Www 6 DIVISION OF ORGANIZATION Student Council Only one organization at D.H.J. represented the entire student body: the Student Council. Under the leadership of Presi- dent Carrie Renfro, Vice President Val Frost, Secretary Bell Cortez, and Treasurer Misty Garcia, the Student Council sponsored all Home- coming activities as well as the Christmas Snow Ball. Student Council sponsors were Mrs. Willa Barminski and Mrs. Shirley Burley. 2 TOP LEFT: Mrs. Willa Barminski, sponsor. TOP RIGHT Valerie Frost Secretary Bell Cortez and Treasurer Mis Mrs. Shirley Burley, sponsor. BOTTOM. Student Council ty Garcia officers are President Carrie Renfro, Vice President STUDENT COUNCIL TOP: Senior Class representatives are standing, Juan Ocura, Nora Santana, David Denton, Mary DeLeon, Ma- ria Duran, Sylvia Ybarra, Christina Gonzales, Paul Ra- mirez and seated, Joe Montalvo, Vice President Kristal Hart, President Alexander Salazar, Secretary Elsie Cal- villo, Eddie Cortez. MIDDLE LEFT: Junior Class repre- sentatives are standing, Tonya Ewings, Kim Edwards, Robert Geeo, Sheila Meyer, Robert Saye, Cathy Salazar, lvan Delgado, DeeAnn Atherton, Brent Raborn, Debbie Salgado and seated Danny Sanchez, President Freddy Gutierrez. Vice President Diana Alcala, Treasurer Julia Turpin, Secretary Gilbert Cipriano, Jaime Vedia. MID- DLE RIGHT: Sophomore Class representatives are standing. Jackie Sanders, Mary Ramos, Pedro Hoyos, Teresa Lujan, David Ellis, Elizabeth Martinez, Bobby Sanchez, Martha Guarjardo, Barbara Allen and seated, Diana Cavazos, Vice President Nhung Bui, President Ken Salazar, Secretary Melissa Martinez, Treasurer Lisa Cooper, Cynthia Garcia. BOTTOMf Freshmen Class re- presentatives are standing. Tammi Hegwood, Debbie Martinez, Norma Ortiz, Faviola Escamilla, Darrell Sal- zido, Martha DeAnda, Shauna Renfro, Maria Pena, Christine Chazarretta and seated, Melissa Lopez, Dora Trevino, Treasurer Mary Rodriguez, President Nancy Lopez, Vice President Stephanie Pointer, Ginger Gray, c ' R . onme omem STUDENT couNciL National Honor Society Bevil, Tonya Blanton, Penny Bui, Dominic Renfro, Carrie Santana. Nora Cipriano, Gilbert Diaz, Leticia Elkins, Bethany Goldman, Judy Govea. Virginia Gutierrez, Freddy Meyer, Sheila Morales. Guadalupe O'Brien, Judy 54 NATICDNAL HONOR SCCIETY National Honor Society Frost, Valerie Govea, Angelina Martinez, Laura White, Wonda Alcala, Diana Engles, Michelle Escamilla, Balvina Flores, Sandy Love, Sherry Martinez, Marta Bui, Nhung Dinh, Han Dinh, Tuan NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 55 heerleaders Five girls volunteered to be Varsity Cheerleaders at the end of the I982-83 year. All five girls were Juniors: Co- Captain Balvina Escamilla, Co- Captain Sherry Love, Sandy Flores, Sheila Meyer, and Julia Turpin. Their sponsor was Mrs. Joyce Sidwell. The squad went to camp at NTSU during the summer. There they won three blue ribbons and one spirit stick. The girls practiced every day during the summer and fallon new cheers. CLOCKWISE1 Julia Turpim Co-Cap- tain Balvina Escamillaf Sheila Meyer: Co-Captain Sherry Love, and Sandra Flores CHEERLEADERS N P Q lg ,J ,qt Q' .iam TOP LEFT: One of the hardest things about being a cheerleader is building a pyramid. TOP RIGHT: Cynthia Garcia. BOTTOM LEFT: Captain Debbie Bowers. g The l983-84 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were Captain Debbie Bowers, Lisa Cooper, and Cynthia Garcia. They dedicated every day during the summer and almost every afternoon during the fall to practicing the cheers they performed at the games. Ever wonder how to become a cheerleader? "All you need is good grades," said Debbie Bowers, "and determination." BOTTOM MIDDLE: Lisa Cooper. BOTTOM RIGHT: The l983-84 J.V. Cheerleaders are Cynthia Garcia. Captain Debbie Bowers, and Lisa Cooper. CHEERLEADERS 57 D.H.J. Jewel Dedication, Desire, and De- termination characterized the Diamond Hill Jewel Drill Team. Although the Jewels were not great in number, they were great in effort. Their performances required many hours of practice to perfect. They performed at football halftime shows, home basketball games, and com- peted against other drill teams in area competitions. Look out Diamond Hilll Watch this group growl TOP LEFT. Jewel Ist Lt. Mary Ra- mos. TOP RIGHT: Teresa Lujan re- hearses before the halftime show. MIDDLE LEFT: The Jewels entertain at Homecoming Pep Rally. MIDDLE RIGHT: Manager Donna Garza. Sponsor Mrs. Cheryl Brangan, and Manager Christine Vedia. BOTTOM RIGHT: D.H.J. Jewels standing. Missy Byrns, Terri Pool, Chrisenthia De La Rosa, kneeling, Peggy Brown, Teresa Lujan. Christy Bankhead,, and ground, Mary Ramos. 58 DRILL TEAM ry 2, '53'. -5 ,, .mf f ,,. .YW t .E " f Tfzfgffwf ff ff' " " ' Ei' 5 255 1 4- f X f Ifa r vfwir, if jg? .fi -52 'il Qi fggffz W' ,f ,- A... 1, . A , L K I ?5'9. ,,g. 1 " ' e 1 , - - -f gw f f m? f . I ,ef . f g,g,f ,ff V g.f ' V ,. eg ' . My f, Y f gf I Hajffy f ,fgaf , - 'Q Q R' . L ,I Y' 11, A V? W . , MM M , gw 7- 1, fe , I .4 fv ,,.,S?mJ1 fd?if1f?W4 A ' f i 1,4?w,'i31if7'5" sghmf i , f. , w M .wr 32' if 'Mi' T if .V fwfef L,5.tg,i:VfV,V355Z,,,L.i K, :Vg .V Z I , - I O O 0 O QCQAQ l l TOP: Mr. Summitt lectures on the values of dedication. MIDDLE: l.C.T.-V.l.C.A. members include Rodney Chandler. Randy Mowery. Raudel Flores, Bert Byrns, Anselmo De La Fuente, Russell Hanson, Steve Webb, Darren Williams, Daniel Cantu, Hector Gaytan, Allen Norris, Melvin Breitenstein, and Edward Faulder. BOTTOM- V.l.C.A. officers are Sergeant at Arms Daniel Cantu, Parliamentarian Bert Byrns, Report- er Melvin Breitenstein, Vice Presi- dent Rodney Chandler, and Presi- dent Randy Mowery. Sponsored by Mr. Bill Sum- mitt, D.H.J.'s l.C.T. program assisted students- in acquiring jobs in such fields as auto mechanics, carpentry, and plumbing, Training like this was a concrete foundation to successful careers. In, class, students learned about lead- ership astwell as particular ca- reer' responsibilities. ICT - VICA 59 D.H..l. Marching Eagle Band NANO HILL - JA vig HIGH 588091, ABOVE LEFT: Clarinetsl Peggy Brown, Dana Gandolph, ABOVE RIGHT: Saxophones, Librado Cantu, Michael Ayala, Lisa Cassell, Sandra Yanes, Shelly Ford, Lorna Neislar, DeeAnn Atherton, Ralph Romero, Carrie Renfro, Bobby Terri Pool, Karen Peterka, Judy Goldman. Sanchez, Jessie Flores, Maria Ortiz. 60 BAND ie m issy N383 SSNDQFE: ff ww:-f was-Q--Fw:-mv-nn TOP LEFT: Trumpets: Missy Burns, Michael Martini, Michael Countryman, Mark Cassell, Rick Jesser, Andy Keener, Missy Gonzales. TOP RIGHT: Trombones: Mi- chael Martini, Michael Countryman, Delbert Mullet. MIDDLE LEFT: French Horns: Sheila Brookins, Victor Droguett. MIDDLE: Baritones: Valerie Frost, Richard I 5 v ',,f l f fl , W lil gt .H 5' 'rv M5525 Ugg! 3 ,,,, L ii' ,,,., My ,- ff x I . fs. Reyes. MIDDLE RIGHT: Basses: Randy Araujo, Glenn Stark. BOTTOM LEFT: Flutes: Monica Gonzales, Laura Dimas, Marlo Stephens. BOTTOM RIGHT: Percussion, Michael Blevins, Judy O'Brien, Rhonda Fuller, Doyle BlackHawk, Shauna Renfro, Angie Ayala, Edward Gon- zales. BAND 6I W TOP LEFT: Band Officers. BOTTOM LEFT: Drum Major Carrie Renfro. TOP RIGHT: Band Sweetheart Monica Gonzales. MIDDLE RIGHT: Band Director Mr. Fred Gar- e: I BAND cia. BOTTOM RIGHT: Angie Ayala joins in the singing of the school song. fast, :gf .F me Aw 'IW' Q ,fjj fa 'rf ,X A X, X fa, ...wir K,- 'Ev THE l9S3 GOLDEN EAGLE MARCHING BAND OFFICERS Drum Major - Carrie Renfro President - Rick Jesser Vice- President - Monica Gonzales Secretary - Marlo Stephens Treasurer - DeeAnn Atherton Librarians - Mark Cassell Valerie Frost Reporter - Bobby Sanchez Band Manager - Randy Araujo l983 FLAG CORP Captain - Bell Cortez lst Lt. - Rosa Ramirez 2nd Lt. - Barbara Allen l 'aa - YT Q' 217' 5 , ,gy , , 5' 4 ..,, f' I x, 'xl --s, ' :X-' 5 I www., TOP: Flag Corps: Tonya Applegate, Tonya Ewing, Jonetta Gonzales. Rosa Ramirez, Jackie Sanders, Bar- bara Allen. LEFT: Captain, Bell Cor- tez. MIDDLE RIGHT: Bell, just lazy- ing around. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mi- chael Martini.relaxes while the oth- er band performs. BAND 63 Show Choir D.H.J.'s Show Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Willa I Barminski, distinguished it- self in countless arenas. In , costumes styled from the hit movie FLASHDANCE, the Show Choir performed at TWC's Choral Festival, the Show Choir Contest at Cedar Valley College, and the All- City and UIL Contests in Fort Worth. As well, it attained considerable recognition by appearing in the DFW Amfac Hotel Christmas program and on Fort Worth's cable TV sta- tion. ln the spring, the Show Choir toured Disney World and Sea World in Florida. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Willa Barminski, sponsor. TOP RIGHT: Misty Garcia prepares for Broadway. MIDDLE LEFT: Show Choir Officers are Vice- President Kenneth Bankhead, Trea- surer Misty Garcia, Secretary Christy Bankhead, President Joe Montalvo. MIDDLE RIGHT: Show Choir performs their '83-'84 "Flash- dance" routine. BOTTOM: Show Choir includes John Carter, Judy O'Brien, Diana Alcala, David Den- ton, Dana Gandolph, Bobby San- chez, Patrick Donnell, Lisa Cooper. Kenneth Bankhead, Joe Montalvo. Salvador Lopez, Tonya Ewings, Bar- bara Allen, Cyndee Lopez, Gloria Tucker. 64 SHOW CHOIR A Cappella Choir TOP: President David Denton, Secretary Christy Vin- son, Vice-President Danny Sanchez, and Treasurer Syl- via Ybarra. BOTTDM: A Cappella Choir includes front row, Cyndee Lopez, Kristal Hart, David Bailey, Salva- dor Sanchez, Danny Sanchez, Joe Montalvo, Tonya Ew- ings, Sylvia Gonzales, Rhonda Perez, Martha Guaiardo, Angela DeBeVoise, Shauna Renfro, 2nd row, Beth Bond, The A Cappella Choir worked to achieve honor through competition. The Choir per- formed at TWC's Choral Fes- tival of Choirs, the All-City Choral Contest, and the UIL District Contest. ln addition. they provided program enter- tainment at the annual Christ- mas presentation and for Fort Worth's cable TV station. ln- dividual members competed for chairs in the All-District Choir and for honors at the UIL Solo and Ensemble Con- test. Tenor John Carter hon- ored D.H.J. by achieving a chair in the All-District Choir. fig, K .. ' 1 5' v V K gi., , t R ,. jswsa f f .. ' Q3 ' SZ S . . fl i is l rf 3 ' 'Z 353' it : - 1:45 ' ' ' ip' Aci.::fL . J , .t-. . t , ' ' iili' 3 N , . ' - ' A ' ei ii-l " 1 . t-.. fl 7 e . 1 it Q , 522 " :Ji-ft!g'j ' 5: W5 ,HJ1 ..-. 112- -ME: '95 "lf, gg 1 "Jay - . K-ii M I. i ,,.. ,ygtly . Gloria Richardson, Nesa Scott, Michael Seaton, Pedro Hoyos, Frank Mayo, Tuan Dinh, Dewayne Luman, Den- nis Salzido, Jose Garza, John Carter, Christy Vinson, Tammi Hegwood, Martina Hernandez, 3rd row, Sherry Bartosh, Debbie Salgado, Charles Nixon, Bubba King, Pat Donnell, Michael Hart, Kenneth Bankhead, David Denton, Valerie Frost, Sylvia Ybarra, Jimmie Francis. A CAPPELLA CHOIR 65 FH The four chapters of FHA were among the most active and energetic groups at D.H.J. Under the guidance of Mrs. Cheryl Brangan, Mrs. Normia Lyles, Mrs. Bonnie Robison, and Mrs. Karen Welch, the club sponsored the Great American Smoke Out. decorated Christmas trees at J.P.S. Hospital, sang carols for and presented to residents of the Jarvis Heights Nursing Home handmade surprises and refreshments, collected can goods for the needy, and participated in the state Youth Against Cancer work- shop. Gina Lowe was elected Secre- tary-Treasurer of the Fort Worth l.S.D. FHA City Coun- cil. Whether members chose to involve themselves in Ho- memaking, Home Economics, Child Development, or Food Services, they honored them- selves and D.H.J. through community and humanitarian service. FHA .N TOP: Ist row bottom to top, Brenda Baeza, Kristal Hart, Rhonda Perez. David Rodriguez, Luis Negrete, Rob- ert Geeo, Dennis Salzido, 2nd row. Melissa Gonzales, Erma Hernandez, Sophia Rodriguez, Deana Winnett, Gregory Reyes, David Denton, James Arizola, 3rd row, Diane Jayme, Dorothy Cabral, Maria Duran, Rhonda Hayes, Paula Cox. TaRhonda Carr. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Cheryl Brangan. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rene Willars, Jaime Vedia, David Denton and Robert Geeo make a Christmas tree skirt. 'w TOP LEFT: Mrs. Karen Welch. TOP MIDDLE: Ray Zapata and Corina Garcia work together making Christmas treats. TOP RIGHT: Elsie Calvillo. MIDDLE LEFT: Ist row, Te- resa Luian, Angie Cruz. Diana Ybarra, Elsie Calvillo, Maribel Tre- vino, 2nd row. Annette Diaz, Kim Edwards, Janine Earles, Sylvia Vela, Francis Yanes, Gina Gonzales, 3rd row, Starla Seaton, Alisa Arista, Ray Zapata, Tammy Mayo, Michael Na- toli: 4th row, Deann Bill. Aide Val- dez, Stephanie Perez, Elizabeth Gaytan. Marie Lopez. MIDDLE RIGHT: Melissa Gonzales and Bren- da Baeza sing Christmas carols at the Nursing Center. BOTTOM RIGHT: Janine Earles gives a Christ- mas treat to the people at the Nurs- ing Center. BOTTOM LEFT: Eliza- beth Gaytan, Elsie Calvillo, Diana Ybarra, Alisa Arista, Marie Lopez. PELE - FHA FHA 5 fi TOP LEFT: Brenda Davila cleans up after a faculty luncheon. TOP RIGHT. lst row top: Herman White, Lucia Villalon, Brenda Davila, Amy Gomez. Ofelia Martinez. 2nd row: Rosie Soto, Patricia De Anda, JoAnn Cruz, Kellie Clements, Carolyn De La Rosa, Rachel Jenkins. MIDDLE LEFT. Ms. Normia Lyles gives her students a lecture on storage. MID- DLE RIGHT: Debbie Owens, Vickie Lorona. Roger Smother, Elizabeth Alvarey, April Heron, Billy Finney. Gracie Garcia, Eddie Flores, Alonzo Patterson, Rene Sanches. BOTTOM: Kellie Clements, Patricia De Anda. Joan Cruz serve Mrs. Juanita Ze- peda, Mrs. Olivia Reyes and Mrs. Guillerma Morales. 68 FHA TOP LEFT: lst row. Veronica Soto, Claudia Pena, Deana Kendell, David Doyle, 2nd row, Mrs. Bonnie Robi- son, Gina Lowe, Patricia Few, Terri Tardy, Michael Tijirina, 3rd row, Gracie Gutierrez, Lisa Soto, Mary Bitner, Sherry McGinty, Jeannie Stegner, Sonja Kline. TOP RIGHT: Gina Lowe, Gracie Guterriez, Terri Tardy, Mark Ruiz. MIDDLE RIGHT. lst row. Veronica Soto, David Doyle, Deana Kendell, 2nd row, Lisa Soto, Jeannie Stegner, Gina Lowe, Mary Bitner. MIDDLE LEFT: Mrs. Bonnie Robison demonstrates use of the sewing machine. BOTTOM: Sherry McGinty and Sonja Kline team to make Christmas treats. HECE - FHA OE-OE VOE and OEA courses trained students for careers as office workers. In VOE, students learned basic skills such as typing, filing, and the use of office equipment. In OEA, stu- dents were given jobs in of- fices, in which they gained on the job training as well as earned salaries. it Iii ' ' ' 1 -11 I g.. , 55 . 7" QR I .si ' Q V 45--.MQ 5 'X . ,Q Lfffif il- " ' , sg gk E Q gg Qt Q, if' F N wi, X S351-f5if:'.:f ?, 1553111.15 sw 119:53 Q r . . sa "f:i1Yf5 " Hs. Y- is ' C !':fI:255ii?'ifS?5. , xl . K snags ' - . . xi? K' N-N , as K TOP RIGHT: OEA includes Tammy Darr, Sandra Peaton, Chrisenthia DeIaRosa, Rene Willars, Angelina Govea, Toni Aldermen, Mary De- Ieon, Maria Rea, Claire Prettywea- sel, Mary Lou Salazar, Laura Mar- tinez, Estella Alejandro and Sandra Yanes. MIDDLE LEFT: OEA officers are Coop Representative Chri- senthia DelaRosa, President Ange- lina Govea, Treasurer Mary DeLeon. MIDDLE RIGHT: VOE officers are Adviser Mrs. Carol Coulson, Lab Re- presentative Diana Alcala, Vice- President Virginia Govea. BOT- TOM: VOE includes Martha Tre- vino, Marta Martinez, Vickie Ne- grete, Diana Alcala, Leticia Diaz, Nina Fernandez, Virginia Govea, Antoinette Leonard, Lisa Monroe, Alicia Zenteno. Lupe Morales, Eliza- beth Yanes, Alma Reyes, Leticia Ro- sales, Wanda Wright, Mrs. Coulson. 70 VOE-OEA J.E.T. True! The Jarvis Energy Team exerted itself in an effort to launch a touring program dedicated to the elimination of alcohol abuse among teen- agers. But energy was not all that filled these young people. There was a driving concern and a wholehearted compas- sion within the hearts of each who gave of his time and en- ergy to this cause. Ms land Hardin and Mr. Char- lie Tuggle sponsored J.E.T. l Tgp LEFT, Ms jan Ha,-din. Tgp RIGHT: Mr. Charlie Escamilla, Balvina Escamilla, Sandy Flores, Antoinette Tuggle. BOTTOM: JET includes, top ww, Freddy Guner- Leonard- Judy Goldman' Judy 0'Bfief1, MS Hardin, bot- rez, Jaime Vedia, Jimmy Guerra, Gilbert Cipriano, Joe mm row- Dianna Guerra' and I-aura Dlmas- Montalvo, middle row, Bell Cortez, Mr. Tuggle, Faviola JET 7I Thespians Troupe 2079 of the Interna- tional Thespian Society con- gregated here at DHJ. Its clubhouse was room lOl, and its goal was to learn and prac- tice the ultimate act of gift- giving: entertaining others. As a result, these future .lack Nicholsons and Meryl Streeps did what they do best: had a great time together. ABOVE: Bell Cortez rehearses her lines in the dressing room. BOT- TOM' LEFT: Rick Jesser proves his "salesmanship" in drama class. BOTTOM RIGHT: On "Commercial Day", Han Dinh convinces the dra- ma class to buy her product. MID- DLE: Carrie Renfro relaxes as the "final touch" is applied. TOP: Thes- pian officers are: Vice-President Carrie Renfro, President Valerie Frost, Secretary-Treasurer Bell Cor- tez, and Librarian DeeAnn Ather- IOFI. 72 THESPlANS - :-- gf, gs. - ' f-sa-all Q O - . , ,,.. .,., v t X g gs saws FW if ML'i"w:z ,fyf nw. M Q W M ff wt 'sf 'K f''t'1f'1-.fH'fLx:'f'-2.M f V".fgg:':'2t4g, mfzGfz!.- Vu, ' --5 Q ..,.. 4, . . ,,..,W . at 2.1 .a.VL3W5fflWf'l 4 f 'P Lt-7.1.7 we a,,' Mr, . s i . I fs 1 P ff 1'W'MHsafff1 .. 2f1 " . if: K.. JM 'i.ge z ft. ffl, W " 1 QW. . . .m f , if fv. G r ' W 12 . 'Uv " 52221571 L' 36J..-'meg.f,,f.m..g.ff y gs, 1.1.1 " l 1, . ' " . Y V. In .fi It! I 'l"'l"lf , '-121-iT'f-'Ea ffl' ' ct c ccs er rs.tr .r gf TOP: Thespians "stage" the murder of future Thespian Eric O'NeaI. Members include Debbie Burdett, Han Dinh, Lorna Neislar, Nhung Bui, Shauna Renfro, Kathy Edwards, Rick Jesser. and Monica Gonzales. LEFT. Freshmen Kathy Edwards and Shauna Renfro take it easy during rehearsal. CENTER. President Valer- ie Frost demonstrates "star" qual- ity. RIGHT: DeeAnn Atherton and Melissa Brown display their talents. BOTTOM: Nhung Bui and Debbie Burdett do an encore. THESPIANS Buildin Trades Building Trades prepared stu- dents for jobs in carpentry. plumbing, masonry, and elec- trical fields. Building Trades was divided into two classes. Each class lasted three con- secutive periods. The primary obiective of building trades was job training. The students collectively built and sold a house each year. .wnwwvtsws-Q-Q ,. . 74 BUILDING TRADES TOP: Afternoon Class, George Salas, Martin Countryman, Leslie Tardy, James Thomas, Wesley Blevins. Troy Covington, Eric O'NeaI, David Ramirez. MIDDLE LEFT. Mr. Walt Hoesing, sponsor. MIDDLE RIGHT. Morning Class, clockwise, Darrell Keener, Kerry Vondrak, Randy Shaw, Don Campos, Robert Thomas, Leandro Maldonado. Allen Shaw, Johnny Haggard. BOTTOM LEFT: Afternoon Class risks life and limb on the job. A1557 ' W 'i r' I WT Industrial Arts Club D.H.J.'s first Industrial Arts Club set sail this year with Mr. Brian Skates at the helm. Students of drafting, wood and metal shop entered pro- jects in Fort Worth's Industri- al Arts Fair, and advanced students entered the Regional and State competitions in the spring. X S X 5 si TOP: Mr. Skates explains the archi- tect's rule to Ramon Segoviano and David Gauna. BOTTOM LEFT: Jim- as--so my Guerra makes a minor adiust- ment. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jaime Ve- dia makes use of angles. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB 75 Eagle Staff S Capturing the spirit of stu- dent life at D.H.J. and assem- bling the highlights for publi- cation was no easy task, but my sincere hope is that it was a rewarding one for each member of the I984 Eagle staff. No significant work is ever completed effortlessly. and no real joy is ever real- ized unless selfless contribu- tions are made. Among those who contribut- ed were Editor Nora Santana, Assistant Editor Rick Jesser. Business Manager Alex Sala- zar, Copy Editor .luan Ocura, and Photographer Cindy Mo- rales. My special thanks go to Moni- ca Gonzales for keeping me sane, Linda Alcocer for help- ing me to laugh, and Becky Hicks for keeping me orga- nized. Ms Montague TOP: Nora Santana. BOTTOM LEFT: Alex Salazar. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Monica Gonzales and Rick Jesser. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cindy Morales. 76 EAGLE STAFF Editor - Nora Santana Asst. Editor - Rick .lesser Business Mgr. - Alex Salazar Copy Editor - Juan Ocura Photographer - Cindy Morales STAFF Linda Alcocer Randy Araujo Sylvia Ayala Annette Cardenas Eddie Cortez Roger Downs Monica Gonzales Sarah Gonzales Robert Herrera Becky Hicks David Lujan Paul Ramirez Sophia Rodriguez Dora Salzido TOP: Paul Ramirez and Eddie Cor- tez. BOTTOM LEFT: Becky Hicks. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Juan Ocura. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sophia Rodriguez. EAGLE STAFF 77 S an wx Xa, 5 I . SQ r, 1 hmm! DIVISION OF SPORTS T llllUJJJfNMX VllW DIVIS The i983 Eagle Football Team faced many challenges during the year, but perhaps none as great as the number of injur- ies to key players. Injuries set the team back both physically and emotionally. From the lst scrimmage to the last game. the players tried to regroup and learn new positions but couldn't put it together. However, many underclass- men gained valuable game ex- perience which could help next year. With a large num- ber of varsity players return- ing next year, a proper atti- tude and total commitment will be established and may turn the team around. Varsit Football H .. ilk- H at , , A .- fha. swl-M"7 sq., 5, '- - --K . -- -s ..-si, sm- .Q . e-in 4 A . w v- , . wg, F ,-J:--- iss? g . .. R , , it 9, 1-sex.. ,Q 1:,.,,-,cf-,..s i, , ce -f ' ' fi"'fg ,F'es32f Sf'-- 1 s... 7 as .'-. www X F . 'l5srfff"t"-gjg gsaslests frg E '49 'F K ' N 2- 1,552 S, Q tis. . Q , 7 .- 'MN ,gli disk? K 1 V K .L . , su ,. X ,W Q, ..,.,. s-N' fe f ,. -sr 1 M-frets' s 1 1 ww -sm: ,Ms -W. t..,,..,i 5 , , , TOP: D.H.J. Eagle defense heads on with Brewer's of- fense. TEAM PICTLIRE: BOTTOM ROW, Eddie Cortez, Alonzo Paterson, Rolando Ramon, Coy Dinh, Abel Dela Rosa, Jimmy Guerra, David Delgado, Rene Montalvo, Paul Sanchez, Don Geeo. SECOND ROW, Patric Lira, Gary Hardin, Frank Mayo, Daniel Guerra, Rudy Garza. Dean, Robert Smith. THIRD ROW, James Arizola, Don Campus, Steve Chazaretta, Jaime Vedia, Tuan Dinh, David Bailey, Charles Nixon, Dean Roden. FOURTH ROW, Gilbert Cipriano, John Weeks, William Cox, Scott Blanton, Bubba King, Freddy Gutierrez, Robert Geeo. Paul Ramirez, J.L. White, Greg Reyes, Wesley Thompson, Andrew VARSITY FOOTBALL fs 'S K V - V, , gt - -'V 145 i g, 1, mf , Q 2 ef I 5 Q - 1 535+ gi 1 f' , wimffis f H ' Z 'S-15" Ha 4 'v 252 45?- . zu' K, ig, , Gllbqffxigglprlano VARSITY FOOTBALL 8I A if T 1 ' 1 Q A-31f.f5?5w, kwa .. , Z 5 I I ,, w g'5f'E9-?af.f' - L ag I ' f N I I I 1. , , A M . aww, - k - M0 ' ,-'W ., .. K ' W , ,,L-, , - A fig, in . V f 'ff f f , ,,,,. O ,,L,V , V :Q I, Q m WW,-0' Mffwf V I ' My-,x 'mn . is . MH .. A , X Y' M-ww , ,W ' S " ,,'LmI,wrf-zL+fm,,,, H.. V , , A, , . X V 'f .. 'M ,M - . g ' wg ., 5, - ,, ar 1, kg ...iw I V 'L' .-,1 A' ,. 'xxx' QL' ' 'L -I 7 Tw!! ' w A ., ' 7 'my ,-If , A ,- ,V C .i f 1 , . V , 1' I :f? g, 1gi5aP jf'T Lirih ,V,,?.A ,. gvww' I I ' rf, vcoy Diiihm 1 7 Y JAM x 5 I , ' .J J Q-,If ,W , -. , - W .,-. , . A Q ,, F " ' ,. W, I , , ' V533 f,', ,L N- ,.,,,M,, I g, . 4 '.,,f, -:Qpzfsfrr-,,,,,,f ww ,X 'G ' f ' I Y. V' . LJ K' .A .5 J7,,,7,,,, , A ' , W' .pf Mg. f7?f?:f'ff'fjWm, Z . ' 'V , f f., ' V - V nffrpvfgl' ' , . ,V Q ,. M , ,-,pg ,mp A ,-'i.':.' 4' My . wm- " " Q .4 wg 5, --,qfgwy yn., 1,2 lg fy- -5 ef,,i5.mrg ,N-f I , fn Wczltiw, .. WMV, mffw, M :M , J., - -4 -M.,e1- - A ,r g F, .1 '5sbgwfr3':, . M' 4: v' A 5 VLAV , A, Lf ,,,h5,5:,?5i3 f , , 'ifypif,,"5f?i'fsg2f? 12' W ,C V 'v!'f"1'WLa:m,4.gy, Q ff' W f 'A Nw' 5 uw., W . ,- ,JA M ,Q . 4, 3 ff. '10 Arif ' 1: Y Y H "rw-fi, ff J f v. ICQ' wffkfwlq ,fr .- +L, 5. -A f A V W L59-.'.,f.f-f . 1 fn, 'vw x 'Y Q Www if win. :rw mf ,ww ,A M Wifm-me wk wr HK' W "W V' ww.:-W em , ,,f"f fe' W W, Y? W 'R HM:-zz f ' QW ,I Q N 7 G , 7 J, ww: M ' ff-' K 1. M 2 7 X. 1 . 51 A WM 'wx y 'P' f M, ,1--' .1-52.7 f M. XJ M M . ' ' Q'f.3G'1ff"" Atv-'.f' :'.,.f. V' 4,15 X jj? ' gf'3.f,.,,,.,,Q ' . 82 VARSITY FOOTBALL um J F 43 fu. ff K -N w':if'??5:' 43 'ffify 1',,,',H. 5. i RW, ,,,,.54zf -, - ,, Wesley Thdrhpson f VARSITY FOOTBALL 83 Freshmen A i Football The freshmen football team was one which had lessons to learn but enough spirit to learn them well. They won six games and only lost twice, but the two losses probably taught them more than all of their wins put together. ' So here's to a group of young men who should dedicate themselves to developing their abilities, and to at- taining their highest educational and competitive goals. Coach Wilson wang g Q, S O i R TOP: Coach Jackson surveys the opposition. BOTTOM: and Sammy Soria and kneeling, Mark Lira, Joe Vedia, Freshmen team members are standing, Paul Espinosa, David Keller, Alonzo Patterson, Elias Ramirez, Andre Mark Stierwalt, Mike Hart, Bobby Powell, Coach Leon Dean, and Darrell Hill. Jackson, Charles Carr, Dwayne Wyche, Tony Sanchez. 84 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL DHJ OPP 42 Sunset 8 38 Joshua O 22 Brewer 35 25 Keller O 7 Northside O 2I Grapevine 28 22 Poly 8 44 Carter O TOP: Eagle defenders await the punt block attempt. kick-off. BOTTOM LEFT: Mark Lira narrowly escapes MIDDLE LEFT: Aggressive freshmen cover the field. the grasp of an opposing tackle. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bob- MIDDLE RIGHT: Freshmen players prepare for opening by Powell evades defender with ease. ' FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Varsity Volleyball C-C-Cool! Once upon 6 time, in 3 galaXy But the slang of I983, like the tainly wasn't hot. lt was cool. far, far away, they Cwhoever DHJ Varsity Volleyball sea- And when the girls psyched they werej would have called son, called for reverse think- the opposition, they did it this team good. Some would ing. The team, hence, was not well Cor rather, badly . . .D even have termed it hot. good. lt was bad. And it cer- Varsity Volleyball Team includes Diana Cavazos, Cindy Beth Bond, Rhonda Smith, and Linda Alcocer. Morales. Sophia Ayala, Penny Blanton, Stephanie Perez. 86 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL - ,...- Rhonda Smith shows us an overhead bump. Sophia Ayala gets ready for the return. L r VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 87 Amidst the bumps, spikes, and set-ups, there were joys, sorrows, and frustrations. Many games were won, and only a few lost. No matter how the games turned out, however, the J.V., Volleyball Team knew that they had done their best. TOP RIGHT: Rhonda Smith sets up a spike. TOP LEFT: R.S. dives for the ball. MIDDLE LEFT: Becky Hicks perfects an underhand serve. CEN- TER: Glenda Gutierrez serves over- hand. MIDDLE RIGHT: Christina Chazarreta bumps the ball. BOT- TOM: The l983 J.V. Volleyball Team includes top row, TaRhonda Carr. Rebecca Hicks, Lori Schiller, middle row, Brenda Russell, Kristina Her- nandez, Nina Tijerina, bottom row, Christina Chazarreta, and Glenda Gutierrez. JV VOLLEYBALL L -is as V. Volleyball ,. W?" f il a fo ,1 Sh. Freshmen olleyball I983 was a good year for the Freshmen Volleyball team. lt sometimes seemed as if there was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but the girls were de- termined to win. Although some games didn't turn out perfectly, the girls were hap- py with their performance. TOP LEFT: Hermalinda Flores cheers teammates on for the point. TOP RIGHT: Dora Trevino bumps the ball over the net. BOTTOM LEFT: The I983-84 Freshmen Volley- ball Team includes, top row, Sa- mantha King, Tracie Seeley, Olivia Sambrano, Tammi Hegwood, middle row, Hilda Vasquez, Debra Mar- tinez, Norma Ortiz, Rosie Soto, bot- tom row, Hermalinda Flores, Connie Romero, Dora Trevino, Mary Rodri- quez. BOTTOM RIGHT: Hilda Vas- quez bunips the ball for a set while Tracie Seeley prepares to spike. FRESHMEN VOLLEYBALL 89 Va rsit 3' 1 b ll , as e a A f 1 all b .55,' 1 p dl 4 f ,i .,,..x ,, 5 ,M ..,s 2,1 "V" T"' This season was like a movie called "The Right Stuff." The dedication, hard work, and sacrifice each player made resulted in accomplishment. Surviving adversity and at- tacking new challenges was our motto, and success, our goal. We made a lot of noise in District 4AAAA, and are shooting for the stars next season. Coach Wilson TOP: Eagles patiently watch on. MIDDLE. Eagles calcu- Wilson, Manager David Ellis, standing, Tracy Myles, late strategy. BOTTOM, Varsity Basketball Team in- Eric Dennis,Robin Kelly.Robert Saye, Bubba King, Eddie cludes, kneeling, Scorekeeper Bell Cortez, Coach Jim Flowers, Marcus Phillips, Ed Cortez, Searcy Storey. VARSITY BASKETBALL ,Q W , 1 sv 5 g .L . e-lwzzmii A, T i -v m : ., , , eqym fqffw ' we l Q 1-f " Fw 2 ' we v21,Zvf'fm'f--?"- ' 'ff' ' ' , '-'15 ' 'ZECZLSYW K' 'V :T ,,L, ffhf ff-I :'-- " f"' ' g i , If ff , My ji - t..::5l'ffE"9'li,' 'lfllffifl 7 3, . I, llwlgw f9"QGfli7l5435: lQlffi :E I ' : N2 M as I I r m . .. .7 gags.-WMMQM 5 , . 25? IV-I 7.2 Z, -s I iss fx 2.4. V, , xv ': lfIf'Iz.'f f x : ',, ' A ' I 1 ffl 1 Q ""'? .:iWlf.! 7 QW .. A 5' ' J" J-52 ' ' :J : . 5 ,... ' . ' V L"-" i x ,, NF :aw fgbpfggff 3, '3 ,M ' ,: ' ji! , ,f ' 7? 1 Tyll. , f2?:??: "2 M.. "'f' VVVVVV ., , . .,.,,::N::msw - ' ' . 'NSN 7177 wfQll5i1I?TlN'? ZW' , . Q , H .Ii 'W MW 1:.::.s:zf,.-g,w,'.5fl.fs::u,w:.fk :wzw -. TOP LEFT: Tracy Myles pulls off a iump shot. TOP RIGHT: Tiger Myles ayoids opposing defence. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tracy Myles executes a bril- Iiant bounce pass. MIDDLE LEFT: Manager David Ellis. BOTTOM LEFT: Scorekeeper Bell Cortez. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Ed Cortez warms up for the game. BOTTOM RIGHT: Robin Kelly wins the jump ball. VARSITY BASKETBALL 9I asketball The J. V. Basketball team was an integral part of D. H. J. sports. lt was here that young players grew and learned the fine points of basketball that prepared them for varsity competition. This year's team was smaller than preceding J. V. teams. but showed great spirit. 92 JV BASKETBALL i 4 ft Q , T FJ? .. .M g J J if as we-3jr,5 .1 4 Q 4 H.-5 'ES lil 'ri 'f L L11 5. NMMA-,u,,X 4 s M In J. L, I fix 31 V 3 . 5' .L seg gg 5 SS ::::-,C lil.: -vw' A ,... . .... gm M .wwf ff! x , s......,.. . ,.,y,.- H LEFT: Clyde Johnson shoots for two. Basketball Team includes Coach MIDDLE: The offense is in action. Jackson, Patrick Lira, John Weeks, BOTTOM RIGHT: The reserves wait Hoan Dinh, Juan Carlin, David Solis, for a chance to play. TOP: The JV Clyde Johnson. i i l rf Q ass g -,,. S NS , ...SWS i , .,.. TOP LEFT: Charles Carr puts the Ea- gles on the board. TOP RIGHT: An easy two points for Charles Carr. BOTTOM LEFT: The Freshmen Team includes Reginald Wormley, Charles Carr, Bobby Joe Powell, Craig Worthington, James Myles, Howard Kelly, Mark Lira, Coach Jim Tinius. BOTTOM RIGHT: Coach Tin- ius throws the wrap! Freshmen Basketball The Freshmen Basketball team had much early season success, highlighted by a sec- ond place finish inthe Weath- erford Tournament. These hard-working, talented young men were victorious because of the determined dedication with which they pursued their goals. Coach Tinius. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 93 Girls' Varsit Basketball Under the leadership of Coach Craig Stacy, the Girls' Varsity Basketball Team pushed itself to new limits of endurance this season. The loss of numerous players forced the coaching staff to re-organize, and bring up 5 girls from the JV Team. In ad- dition to that, opposition teams never stopped press- ing. But for 4 months, good attitude and hustle remained an active part of the team's spirit, and kept the girls to- gether. TOP LEFT: Coach Reyes, Coach Stacy, and Coach Freed discuss the next play while Coach Spacher keeps the book. TOP RIGHT: Nora Santana jumps for the ball. MIDDLE LEFT:'Manager Angela Cruz. MID- DLE RIGHT: Manager Sylvia Ybarra. BOTTOM: Varsity Basketball Team includes Rhonda Smith, Tonya Bevil, Nora Santana, Penny Blanton. TaR- honda Carr, Sylvia Ayala, Linda AI- cocer, Sophia Ayala, Stephanie Perez. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TOP LEFT: Coach Stacy consoles So- phie Ayala. TOP RIGHT: Nancy De- IaRosa jumps for the ball. MIDDLE LEFT: Nancy DelaRosa fakes out 2 opponents. MIDDLE: Eagle defense covers the court. MIDDLE RIGHT: Stephanie Perez drives up court. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Stacy ex- plains a new tactic while Sophie Ayala practices passing. BOTTOM RIGHT: Coach Freed worries about dodging photographers while Nora Santana concerns herself with game plans. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL 95 Girls' . . asketball Spirit and teamwork were the by-words of the Girls' JV Bas- ketball Team. Under the lead- ership of Coach Loyce Freed, the team defeated Lake Worth and Trinity Valley. Al- though the team's leading players were recruited by the Varsity Team mid-season, the JV finished the season with dedicated determination. TOP LEFT: The Eagles go in for the rebound. TOP RIGHT: Takhonda Carr leads the JV Team in a win over Trinity Valley. MIDDLE: Deann "Tree" Bill towers over the oppos- ing jumper. BOTTOM: JV Team in- cludes Diana Cavazos, Lori Schiller. Deann Bill, Brenda Russell, Nancy DelaRosa, Glenda Gutierrez. GIRLS' JV BASKETBALL Girls Freshmen asketball Although the 6 girls who made up the Freshmen Basketball Team had never before played together, they learned from Coach Olivia Reyes that teamwork and self determina- tion were what basketball was all about. In January, the girls were recruited to play with the JV team. TOP LEFT: Rosie Soto shoots for two. TOP RIGHT: Hermelinda Flores pacifies herself with a lollipop while Coach Stacy's mind is elsewhere. MIDDLE LEFT: Dora Trevino slides around her opponent while Herme- linda Flores watches on. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tracy Seeley reaches for a pass. BOTTOM: The I983-84 Fresh- men Basketball team includes Olivia Sambrano, Hermelinda Flores, Tracy Seeley. Samantha King, Rosie Soto and Dora Trevino. GIRLS' FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Tennis The l984 Tennis team was coached by Val Spacher. This talented group of hard work- ers practiced long hours, day after day, working toward the accomplishment of their per- sonal goal-to be the best! al- though winning was a major priority in their minds, the sport of tennis was enjoyed by all who participated. The Tennis team includes, top row. Julia Turpin, Felicia Jimenez, and Beth Bond, middle row, Kristina Hernandez, Nina Tijerina, Christina Chazarreta, and Stacy Raborn, and bottom row, Cynthia Garcia, and Mary Rodriguez. 98 TENNIS Track The experience of coaching girls' track this year belonged to Ms. Loyce Freed. Coach Leon Jackson instructed boys' track. Individual goals were set for each member of the DHJ track team, and practice required long hours of hard work and dedication for each of the promising athletes. ln short, track at DHJ symbol- ized the true meaning of sportsmanship: giving it your best shot. TGP: The Girls' Track Team in- cludes, top row, Nora Santana, Tar- honda Carr, Tracy Seeley, Rosie Soto, middle row, Linda Alcocer, So- phia Ayala, DeeDee Cavazos, Becky Hicks, bottom row, Han Dinh, Nhung Bui, and Rhonda Smith. BOTTOM: The Boys' Track Team includes, top row, Tuan Dinh, William Cox, James Arizola, John Weeks, Robert Geeo, bottom row, Andre Dean, Alonzo Patterson, Pedro Cosio, and Coy Dinh. TRACK 99 a I I 1 B . 3 5 5 i 1 x E 2 3 2 9 3 F With mitt and bat in hand, the Diamond Hill-Jarvis Varsity Baseball Squad romped onto the field in an attempt to cap- ture a third consecutive North Zone title. Last season, the great major- ity of star Eagle players graduated, but this season's team consisted of young and aggressive speedsters. Under the leadership of Seniors Alex Salazar, Paul Ramirez, and All- District returnee Eddie Cor- tez, the Eagles entered the season with determination and victory on their minds. The DH-J team was coached by Mr. Jimmy Torres. The Varsity Baseball Team includes top row, Mark Coronado, Danny Sanchez, Gilbert Cipriano, Freddy Gutierrez, Eddie Cortez, Paul Ra- mirez, J.L. White, and bottom row, Jimmy Guerra, James Roden, Alex Salazar, Oscar Perez, Ken Salazar, and Rudy Garza. VARSITY BASEBALL lOl Baseball With many of the talented un- derclassmen being called up to fill holes on the Varsity, the JV team will start the season both young and inexperi- enced. Calling on the fresh- man to aid the sophomores that remain from a strong freshman group a year ago, the JV matured into a fine team as the season pro- gressed. The DH-J team was coached by Jim Tinius. JV Baseball Teams includes, top row: Franciso Tenoria, Manuel Val- dez, Bobby Sanchez, Pedro Sego- viano, Joe Stegner, Librado Cantu, and bottom row, Joe Vedia, Mark Stierwalt, Jimmy Ybarra, David Ellis, Patrick Obregon, and David Del- gado. lO2 JV BASEBALL 434 N9 if f. . K M 4' Q IQ K 11175 my 1 "-', ,- . - iff: U if N A in 1. x' -,VV 'M Q 5: 1 is ? 2 X5 , M ".,f . YYKPVF X a .xg YN' 1,1 564 QU' Zlglxk six ew 31 ',!'S""3 ' 'X Q Q LQV, i . gg 5 M i ffef , W1 lmfiif f is W ,- flkfg. Q,N1H, W i E ,531 , vv. . gy . A A ,Q,?L'. ,,,, WZ ' Y x , 5515591175:-i,.' 1, 12522 .X - -A f , ,Wk bn , A 'Y-WLEVQ5 if ' ' g"hh"-' f " F' f 4, ,, , - ,1 .3fi5g,fq fly A f ' k,1,gsg QV In ' fiffis' fb , -5.1555-k,211zg ff L ,.., ii .. , S A Qiw,-,, 1 ,. L -Xi, - , mf ? 4 kk,k A qv A - " I A .Q " , ig L11sf? '?f?' - if ftsiivfs.- F-'?fiff.' , ' I f' ,iw A if F ' FDIVISION OF ADMINISTRATION. FACULTY, AND STAFF y ,ki The Police n DIVISION OF ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY, AND STAFF F.W.l. . . clministration X Kfxj I. Carl Candoli Superintendent of Schools Richard Benjamin Assistant Superintendent Planning and Development SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION A A gg .-P 111 Es 55551 1 K 'f xf,.?Q52,,i 'L-QE sift tiff! if 'fi me 4533? 'is Lonnie Wagstaff Associate Superintendent for Instructional Services Eugene J. Gutierrez Associate Superintendent Non-Instructional Services F.W.l J W -'f , ,J gang f- fywfw, Z 0 School Board mf ' 'lo , 2 fix. School Board members include: front row, Secretary Bill Elliott, District 3 Maudrie M. Walton, District 4 T.A. and District I Carlos Puente, President H. Richard O'N- Sims, District 5 Suzanne Lasko, District 6 Jocelyn eal, Vice-President Mollie Lasater, back row, District 2 Wuester. District 7 David Bloxom, Jr. SCHOOL BOARD IO7 l l l l l Hackworth. C.D. Counselor Reyes, Olivia Counselor ' ,.. .T ..,.. Q ...WU ,. a,e..e,,w..,,k ffflffsiigffiiiff it T if 7 ' Q 9 Ludiker. Homer E. F ki'A ' Principal T 5 l l l Tate, Mary Vice Principal A Y , QZZMQ 41 VW? Narvaez, Tony Vice Principal Martin, Roger Vocational Counselor Kinser, Dorothy Librarian IOS ADMINISTRATION -feffzwg . X -N ' .S .. K ,. me ..... Mya if Z, T 3 . " ' A . Qlfiif--If f T- V 521' , zrifi? ff VX.. seems' ,,W....,.,.,,a.,0 M. www- 4 Franklin, Beverly Secretary Franklin, Mary Data Clerk Gleaton, Dorothy Attendance Clerk Hudgins, Betty Registrar I Ormston, Nancy Nurse Robinson, Perlie In House Suspension Thames, Nena Speech Therapist ADMINISTRATION ,lO9 Abram, W.B. Art Barminski, Willa Choir English Brangan, Cheryl Homemaking Home and Family Living Braudaway, Gary English American History Burns, Honey English Capote, Angela ESQL Spanish Clark, Melinda Math Coulson, Carol Vocational Office Education Duong, Marie Language Center Evans, Harry i Vocational Adjustment Co-op llO FACULTY ea , J JW? Wwwuf 5 , .-,, L wi, siiltigigg rf T , Q , fn"-ix' g f XX? A f , 33 A + Ya A 3, as 3' we S C X QQ is ,S 'K 3., W :gas . rg 1 X N 4, f f s QE, f 4 ' as A t 5 ,J Q .,?- X . ii' , L , A , Egg Q ss. SS2- isiisgsigg , , ., ...si ,.,. A .. ma if 4 ' 'fiwf-'L 1 t ' -sm f . I? 35. fs .Q if ggi-aff,1fiiFfisl11i5'ff:it"a WY' 1 fi-4 w , W' si 53554,g:f5'f2',5l3tf'g-5,5-i5'fyuit L Msgs? ' L 9 ' M hzif.?Q:'s?i?7-ilfailfiQ55Mil'flifil-Qi,.31-. , ' law 954 L l 3 - , ' , A . Q ,cfei 1 gsfmwgggmwi -Y " ' itstizis-tl- . 15,1 3 ta E aatriiwgg g lxF A Y ll 325.252-if 'K E iii iz,-'Asa 'ffs3f'.Qf1-:z!s1 1 L J' -fi ,- ,, 2 ,... Q , . 5, H Q . - I . . if ff- 3,5 " em, 115.1 1 f ' 1 gag ie fg -f -21 . A lf 1 'A ss 4- --viaaeiiffzif fim :fK,.f 1 it ' fb 15, ii ff I 'mt as S if .., . ... ss: as . - ' C. . , . i L ,-:aa . wk , . ks L, we A ' '- Y K.. x Est QE g , ,f " ' . , 55 Q f 'f w W .. is K it li'- Q Vftz'fsf'?,?ww ' 'i ' -, - vb-, sg . V .Zi i,1,ws -gg . M,L,1,,,,u .A . ,, 5... sy il "' 5 1 ,, + QQ I X tw E is X li: gi l ., .,,., REQ.. 1 F 4 'RX X it , C i .... , , ,sg M , xr 'M wwwmws 2 x f gg V ' f . lf . ig Freed, Loyce 3 fm! sltr Math 4 get f Garcia, Fred is Band A rrrr . . t rrrr A rr r A rr rr ,F Music History , .,,, ff 9 .C - H , 1 A 3 Wg! , -i Gillespie, Darless English Hardin, Jannette Reading Hoesing, Walter Building Trades Jackson, Leon Athletics nv W Johnson, Essie Government World History Krug, Mark G Athletics Lawson. Linda Z Science f I Lyles. Normia Food Services FACULTY lll Macon, Nora English Moffett, Mike Physical Education Athletics Montague, Nancy Drama Speech Yearbook Morales, Guillerma Language Center Palmer, Linda Biology Health Person, Constance Plan A Robison, Bonnie Home Economics Cooperative Education Sidwell, Joyce Chemistry Biology Skates, Brian Drafting Metal Shop Wood Shop Spacher, Val Physical Education Athletics Ill FACULTY Y Y' 9 nu if A pd QI as Aa. as A t I lif,.?ffNf1Y', '3'g,.' : , ,-.. g,fm ,, , f,. ,www WSW ,.., ,,t,,, ..,, 1 ,.4,.,, , ,,t??,,i,2,,,,u.,l ffm , 4, 4, f we X 2 as M 6 f QP N2 3 3? It ' fee Qi me r ,Q K HSV iw, gg W 'fr. - Hfwiffiiffy ,. . 3 Q if an Yis ,,. ,, ,S vs? ,Q fi? ,af if 223 5' 15:31 fi! 4?-in Stacy, Craig World History Health Athletics Physical Education Summitt, Bill Industrial Cooperative Training Swinson, Pearl Typing Accounting Tinius, .lim Math Athletics Tuggle, Charlie American History Economics Free Enterprise System VanHooser, Mary English Vernon, Ed Math Welch, Karen Child Development Wilson, Jim Science Athletics Zepeda, Juanita Language Center FACULTY II3 DIVISION OF CLASSES T11 IIIIXILX' DIVISION OF CLASSES Senior C ss ss Cf '84 Y K D QM' 3 A X X fi . ei Q ,, 55 X X , . ?" ,X K 1 I Nant Ni 'fs ig 5 Q . K, , , Z? 3 , If C 1 - CVQS 5 A A' - W LLLL f e- - A, 'f '- 'gi 'ff - K' V J , ,s.- f H Q 'K g -- ' sUf?iH5gffi.1iff,i't,,f:1-.5 f fr ,. , ,ss.-.. . '--' uf as . ., s,ss -s-- R 1 C l A Q 'l S6I1lOl' Class OfflC6I'S are: seated, Pl'8Sld8I1I Alex Sala- Calvillg, Treasurer Tammy Forkner Darr, and Viee zar and standing, Secretary Elsie President Kristal Hart, Alderman, Tom Denlse B Honor Roll 24 A Cappella Choir 21 Show Choir 24 VOE Co-Op 44 Drama 21 Thespian Troupe 3.4. Alejandro, Estella Art Achievement Award 3, VOE Lab 31 VOE Co-Op 4. Allen Zackerzf Football I.2a ICT . Arauyo, Randolph Band Manager 41 A -City Band 2: USNBA Award 21 AMA Award 3a Band l,2.3.4: Stage Band 2.3.4l Drama 3.4g Annual Staff 4. Avila. Delores HECE 3.4: CVAE u. lI6 SENIORS 5 , -as - 4' 4 Q, f x X . My s q , .i Ayala, Sylvia S. tudent Council l.2,31 B Honor Roll l.2.3.41 Volleyball l.21 Tennis li VOE 31 Drill Team 31 Basketball 2.41 Track 21 Annual Staff 4. Baeza, Brenda R. Band 21 FHA 41 Spanish Club 4. Bankhead, Kenneth Show Choir Vice President 41 A Cappella Choir l.2.3.41 Show Choir l.2.3.4. Bevll, Tonya Kay Silver Eagle Award 21 National Honor Society 3.41 A Honor Roll 3.41 B Honor Roll 2.31 JET Team 31 Basketball l,2.3.41 Track l.21 All Star Team l,31 Basketball Captain l.2. Bitner. Mary FHA-HERO 41F A i.z,3,4, BlackHawk, Delpha L. Drill Team Manager 1 FHA 3. Bui, Dominic Math Achievement Award 31 National Honor Society 4. Burdett. Debra S. Science Club Secretary 21 Thespian l.2.3.4. Byrns, Bert CT 3.41 ICT Parliamentarian 4. Calvillo, Elsie B Honor Roll 31 Sophomore Princess. Junior Princess FinaIist1 FHA-PELE President 41 Senior Class Secretary1 Drill Team Ist Lieutenant 31 Student Council l.21 Cheerleader I1 Drill Team 2.31 FHA- PELE 3.41 Show Choir 3.41 A Capella Choir 3.41 JET Team l. Cantu. Daniel Football I1 Multi-Campus 31 ICT 4. Cardenas, Annette Drama 3.41 Multi-Campus Bi Annual Staff 4. Cortez, Edward Student Council l.2,3.41 All-District Quarterback 21 All-District Shortstop 2.3.41 Football l,2.3.41 Basketball l.2,3,41 Baseball l,2.3.41 Track 2.3.41 Annual Staff 4 SENIORS II7 Cruz, Angie FHA-HERO resident 3.41 Student Council 21 Girls Athletic Manager 41 Vocational Achievement Award 31 FHA-HERO l.2.3.4. Darr. Tammy Marie Student Council l.2.3.41 Senior Class Treasurer1 B Honor Roll l.2.3.41 Drama li JET Team 2.41 VOE Lab 31 VOE-Co-Op 41 A Cappella Choir 31 Show Choir 31 Distinguished High School Student 2.4. DeLaGarza. Susana B Honor Roll 31 Spirit Team I1 Drill Team 41 Child Development 31 Volleyball 2. DelaRosa, Chrisenthia Student Council Secretary 31 Student Council 41 Sophomore Class President1 Band l.21 Drill Team 3,41 Show Choir 31 OEA 3.4. DeLeon, Mary VOE Lab 31 VOE-Co-Op Treasurer 41 Student Council 3.4. Denton. David A Cappella Choir Vice President 31 A Cappella Choir President 41 Student Council 2.3.41 Most Spirited 41 All City Choir 31 B Honor Roll 21 Show Choir 2.3.41 A Cappella Choir I.2.3.41 FHA 41 Science Club 21 JET Team 4. Donnell. Patrick Who's Who in American High School Students 31 Ist Division All City A Cappella Choir 21 B Honor Roll l,2.31 A Cappella Choir I.2.3.41 Show Choir l.2.3.41 "Brigadoon" Ii "Tribute" 4. Downs. Roger Student Council 2.31 Sophomore Class Favorite1 All City Band 21 Band 2.31 Annual Staff 41 Stage Band 2.31 Show Choir 31 Drama 31 A Cappella Choir 3. Doryle. David F A 4. Hsce 3.4. Duran. Maria Student Council 41 Most Spirited 31 B Honor Roll 31 FHA 41 JET Team 41 Multi- Campus 21 Spanish Club 4. Dyer. Donald Espinosa. Christina Espitia, Robin Il8 SENIORS .IM 'Vi Espitia, Vince Few, Patricia Student Council 2.31 Junior Class Treasurer1 Thespian Historian 31 B Honor Roll l.21 Flag Corp. 21 International Thespian Society 31 Drama 2.31 Band 21 FHA-HERO 3.41 HECE 3,41 JET Team 2. Flores, Virgie ' Choir l.2 Frost, Valerie Student Council Vice President 41 Band l.2.3.41 All City Band 21 Drama l.2.3.4. Gann, Cora FHA-HERO 2.3.41 FHA-PELE 41 CVAE 21 Athletics I1 Drill Team Manager 31 Spirit Team l. Garcia. Corina Band i1 orui Team 2.3, FHA 41 FHA-ms 4. Garcia, Misty Diane Student Council reasurer 41 Student Council l.21 Drill Team Captain 31 A Cappella Choir Secretary 31 Show Choir Treasurer 41 Freshman Homecoming Princess1 All City High School Honor Choir l,3.41 Most Outstanding Drill Team Member 21 lst Division City Solo Competition 2.31 Most Outstanding A Cappella Choir Member 31 Freshman Cheerleaden A Cappella Choir I.2.3.41 Drill Team 2,31 Show Choir 2.31 Junior Steering Committee. Gayton, Hector Gomez, Rito Baseball I. Gonzales, Christina Sophomore Class Secretary1 Student Council l.41 Junior Princess1 B Honor Roll l.21 Cheerleader 31 FHA 31 JET Team 3. Gonzales, Melissa Ann Drill Team 3.41 Drill Team Ist Lieutenant 41 FHA 3.41 Band l.2.3,41 Stage Band 3.4. Gonzales, Monica Kaye Student Council I.2.31 Sophomore Class Vice-President1 Junior Class Secretary1 Band Librarian 21 Band Secretary 31 Band Vice-President 41 Playday Queen 31 B Honor Roll 3.41 Band Sweetheart 41 All City Band 21 lst Division Flute Quartet 21 Band l.2,3.41 Stage Band 2.3.41 Annual Staff 41 Drama 41 Junior Steering Committee. Govea, Angelina OEA Vice-President 31 OEA President 41 Silver Eagle Award 21 Biology Achievement Award 21 Gold Eagle Award 31 A Honor Roll I,2,3,41 B Honor Roll l.21 National Honor Society 2.3.41 OEA Clulzl 3.41 Tennis l. SENIORS Il9 Gutierrez, Gracie Hece-FHA Hisioriaii 3.4. Hecs 4. FHA- PELE 3, FHA-Hero 3.4, spanish ciiiii i. Hammons, Sandra Hampton. Janet Hanson, William Hart, Kristal Senior Class Vice-Presidenti A Cappella Choir Treasurer 3, A Cappella l.2,3.4, FHA 4i Student Council 3.4. Hawkins, Renee C. Student Council l,2i B Honor Roll 3,4i Drama l,2i Thespian l.2,3,4i Band LJ. Multi-Campus 3,4i Science Club I. Hernandez, John Herrera, Robert Student Council I.3i Football l.2,3,4i Basketball li Annual Staff 4i Track I. Jesser Jr., Richard James Band Reporter Si Band President 4: Annual Staff Assistant Editor 4i Band Playday King 3i All City Band Ii Music Scholastic Achievement Award lt TWC Honor Band 3: A Honor Roll 2i B Honor Roll 2, Outstanding Stage Band Soloist Zi Band l.2.3.4i Stage Band I.2,3.4i Annual Staff 4i Drama 4i Trumpet Trio 2. Kendall. Deana FHA Vice-President 4i FHA-PELE 3i FHA- HERO 4i FHA 3. Lowe, Gina FHA-HERO President 4i FHA-HERO Vice President Si FWISD FHA City Council Secretary-Treasurer 4i B Honor Roll 3, HECE 3.4i FHA-HERO 3,4i JET Team 3.4. Lowman, Samantha Lujan, David Freshman Class Favorite: Junior Class Favoritei Football l,2,3,4i Basketball I.2i Track 2.3i Baseball l. l20 SENIORS Maldonado. Eddie Track 3.4. Martinez, Laura Science Club 2. VGE-Lab 3. VOE Co-Op 4. OEA Club 3.4. A. Honor Roll I.3,4. B Honor Roll l.3.4. Science Achievement Award 2. National Honor Society 3.4. Montalvo, Joe L. Show Choir President 4. Student Council 4. All-City Choir 3.4. lst Division City Solo Competition 3. B Honor Roll I. "Punk" King 3. Show Choir 2.3.4. A Cappella Choir 2.3.4. FHA I. Science Club 2. JET Team 4. Morales. Cynthia Volleyball Co- aptain I. B Honor Roll I. Typing Achievement Award l. Multi Campus-Photography 2.3. Volleyball l.4. Annual Staff Photographer 4. Mowery, Randxy Student Council I. ICA 3.4. VICA President 4. Choir I.2.3. Drama l. Nimmo. Ramona ICT Reporter 3. Multi-Campus 2. ICT- VICA 3.4. FHA 4. Ocura, Juan Student Council 4. Drama 3.4. Annual Staff 4. Peaton. Sandra Track l.2. Basketball 2. VOE Lab 3. VOE- Co-Op 4. Pena, Norma Prettyweasel. Claire Scholastic Achievement Award 3. B Honor Roll 3. FHA l. Flag Corp. 2. VOE Co-Op 4. Ramirez. Paul Student Council l.2.3.4. Varsity Football Captain 4. Football l.2.3.4. Basketball I. Track l. Baseball 4. Varsity Football Sophomore-of-the-Year. Varsity Junior All-District. Varsity Senior All-District. Rea. Maria N. Renfro. Carrie Student Council President 4. Freshman Class President. Thespian Vice-President 3.4. Thespian Treasurer 2. Band Vice- President 3. Band Treasurer 2. Drum Major 2.4. Silver Eagle Award l.2. Gold Eagle Award 3.4. All-Star Cast 2.3. Who's Who in Social Studies 3. Altrusa Achievement Award 3. A and B Honor Roll l.2.3.4. Society of Distinguished High School Student 3. National Achievement Award Drama and Math 3. All-City Band 2. Scholastic Achievement Award English 3. Thespians l.2.3.4. Student Council l.2.3.4. National Honor Society 2.3.4. SENIORS l2I Reyes, Richard Band 2.3.4. Rodela, John Baseball 3. Rodriguez, Sophia VOE Lab 3l FHA 4l Annual Staff 4, Spirit Team li Most Spirited 3. Salas, George Building Trades l. Salazar, Alexander Freshman Class Vice-President. Junior Class Vice-Presidentl Senior Class Presidentl Annual Staff Business Manager 4. Junior Steering Committee, Senior Steering Committee. B Honor Roll 3.4l Silver Eagle Award ll Student Council l.2.3.4l JET Team 2.3l Baseball 2.3.4l Industrial Arts Award 2. Salazar, Mary Lou Volleyball lt FHA lt vor 3,41 on 3.4. Saldivar, Robert Salzido. Dora Junior Steering Committee: Student Council I.2.3l Drill Team 3. Basketball 2.3. FHA l.2.3t Annual Staff 4. Santana, Nora E. Student Council 4i North Fort Worth Historical Society Award 34 National Honor Society 3.4, A Honor roll 3.4. B Honor Roll l.2.3.44 Volleyball l.2l Basketball L45 VOE 3. Annual Staff-Editor 4 Smith, Doug Multi-Campus l Football 3.45 A Cappella Choir 3l VICA 2. Soto, Llsa HECE Historian 4l CVAE I.2.3t HECE 4. Soto, Veronica FHAfHero Associated President 4l Volleyball - Co-Cattain ll B Honor Roll l.2.3.4, A Honor Roll 2.3. FHA l.2.4l Volleyball l.2l Basketball I. Stautzenberger, Dora. D2 SENIORS Stegner, Jeannie Irene Student Council 41 FHA Officer1 FHA- me 3. FHA-HERO 41 HECE 4. Thorup, Robert Tubbs, Tonya Elise Student Leadership Laboratory Ii Youth Employment Training Development Program I1 FHA 31 Choir l.2. Vedia, Rene B Honor Roll 41 VICA 31 JET Team 2.41 Baseball li Choir 4. Vela, Sylvia Marie B Honor Roll L31 Student Council 2,31 Band Ii All City Band I1 Drill Team 2,31 VOE 31 FHA-PELE 41 FHA-HERO 4. White, Lisa FHA l.2.3. White, Wonda National Honor Society 3.41 A Honor Roll 2.3.41 B Honor Roll I,2,3.41 FHA-PELE 3. Willars, Rene Reylna - Student Council I.21 B onor Roll I.21 Volleyball I1 FHA l.41 JET Team 41 VOE- OEA 3.41 Multi-Campus 2. Williams, Darren :cr-vm 3.4. Williams, Patricia Student Council I.21 Drama I.21 Choir I.21 JET Team I.21 FHA-HERO 41 Band l.2. Womack, Mark VAC 3.4. Yanez. Sandra Student Council 2.31 Speed Typing Award I1 B Honor Roll 2,31 Band l.2.3.41 All City Band 21 VOE-Lab 31 VOE Co-Op 41 OEA 3.4. Ybarra, Sylvia Student Council 41 A Cappella Choir 4i Gold Eagle Award 41 Homecoming Queen 41 FHA I.2.3.41 JET Team 2.3.4. SENIORS l23 5 Junior C ass C ass Of 'S Q Junior Class Officers are Vice President Diana Alcala, Secretary Gilbert Cipriano, Treasurer Julie Turpin. and President Freddy Gutierrez. JLINIORS tiger: ,E """1w' ' '1 'WYi2,l:f':i:!fMW ' ' ,f f ff S J - X M W,, , M VEA W fi , , 19' 7 ff ,4 ye , :ff , V J V U 6. 'fa U fm , J QT , , - J gag if ff - Q ffy- 4, V wiv J y ,L t af, mv 40 f as pf ,Q f W W 3 Jgfi l, C , ,Mindy 2, -5 ,wtf -1 . ff -mf? J , H . , A it ,,.y,' A , gmt., , ,. L,fjg,z5i , I! 'W- I f i V?r"" Alcala. Diana Alcocer, Linda Applegate, Dale Arizola, James Arvizu, Maria Atherton. DeeAnn Ayala, Johnny Bartosh, Sherry Benavides, David Bill, Deann l fyarwm W ',,' Q 1, F 'lkl,- J 1, ,Aw C. . V 1 ' , f ,K , V' 1 va 4.1 I fw jr ,may fifiw 97 , , , 3 J ,gf , Q , V: Vyl M gj ti, .:, l Wi' EG! ' 1 4 I N I , 3 ,, " l A e 44 5 is f f 3 ,- W 1 fy .. -4 . 522 . ,,-,f..f g , 1 1 Blanton. Scott Bruce, Diana Cabrera, Conrado Campos. Don Canales, Dorothy Canales. Gabriel Carlin, Juan Carter, John Cassell, Mark Castaneda, Richard Cervantez, Victor Cipriano, Gilbert Coronado. Mark Cortez, Bell Cosio, Gabriel JUNIORS l25 Cosio, Palemo Countryman, Michael Covington, Troy Davila, Virginia Davis, Wayne DeBeVoise, Angela DelaFuente. Anselmo Delgado, Daniel Delgado, lvan Dennis. Eric Diaz. Leticia Douangphrachan, Earles, Janine Edwards. Kim Elkins, Bethany Engles, Michelle Escamilla, Balvina Estrada. Rene Ewing. Tonya Farris, Devon Faulder, Edward Fernandez. Nina Flores, Jesus Flores. Norberto l26 .IUNIORS Phoukhong ,lm 5 9 fi. L In K y . si' I 5 W vi ,4- WE WV , fi' Z I ML- f .. ,J .. . f.,,f.mf.:,,, ,inf W fl 5 W1 il 'Wm 1 V m,.2,aw an V. 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Antoinett ,L ,, ,. . Llmon, Efren Lira. Patrick Little, Regina Little. Shawn Lopez, Adolfo Lopez, Cyndee WW 4 ffl ff5?S7WZ:iYQ+ I WX fu -3 f r: M,-aim ' I M-1, " ' 1 "1 D8 JUNIORS Lopez, Marie Lopez, Moses Love, Sherry Martinez, Dante Martinez, Joseph Martinez. Maricela Martinez, Marta Mayo, Tammy Medrano. Manuel Meyer, Sheila Morales, Lupe Mullet. Delbert Munoz, Hector Natoli. Michael O'Brien, Judy Ocura, Nicolas O'Neal, Eric Patman, Christy Pena, Claudia Perez, Christina gf, - " 'ff : A V t , f W' 3 ' ' ' 5, ,. Q , .. ,V . M I VN V, ,W 5 ..,, A :xv im M ,Qff:5,Wz'f N .,,, .,,, f , Hy, ,,,, if - xv 114 W" V1 tl PY U, is 15' ,QF 5' 1 W' A f ,t , 1 3 rf' in t 5 T, 9, . , , f A. wwf W . ' " WSW K b , S ,W J W 4 x t .1 'N ' 'f .Q ws naw 'Q V 'rf Q M f Z I A444 ' 5 7542 :Ls I 5 'Wu 'r.:f:32:,, 'W' 0? e - wif .- 7 . .32 I - , , , wa, . -" .. "sf, 1 f -swf f4 lf, , ,,,, , W 1, 45x 'ii ' W.:-1'm,, L,f:Q V. 1 z W 1 1 f 2 f N 'D if Qi, faq We , o,, ., ,, za iw. 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Roselia JUNIORS ISI Sophomore ass Sophomore Class Officers are Treasurer Lisa Cooper, President Ken Salazar, and Vice President Nhung Bui SOPHOMORES 4: g-fa .-fit'-yy, E xi.,-W 3, may H: an-i, Aw If 1 - '-vesirsfwn. f, f f,4w,1lgw.1 , ,W - ,,,.,f, ww, S M f sp , .. 41 nf f 57 ffm-I M,:'fv.m16::.:: ,,... f ., f if--dxf' gg' fx if XX F , . ,MJ J' ,L 5 I ,V 9 fp mv Q, 2 5 at 2 J W ff ' f 4 Mi 'K lQ5TfESf'Q!ii! 'il A v my my - - b':,f1.1fi-7337 my ,, .fm H I . , W ", V Elf ' f ,fwyggswsgflt suwfwl - " - ,algae , . ., M if Www, , vvipikv' AMW' . , -f -lf ' 7 'M Y! M, , ki , 45, yr 1 fy 5' ,Q F f 3 Z2 'v t ai 1 f A nrit A A f ' 'QTY H . X H- V, V f ' S af w 'E 'Vw ,- We fwnml, ,f,,Q,,1111, , f ff ,, , ,,,, nf-,fy,1,,al.:L7 .fi ., w , .,,, .,.D,.,.,, , A 1 ,y ., ,... . .iq Q l if si 051 W if f w X V f G 1 0 '. ff ix fzg f' ,Q ,,, ,f. , , ,E,. ,,,. J. ,,., Y fig f 116' ' Y? ' iv ,A .,. A , 9 W 1- W-we ..,.w, r af ,, X Q. All 1 L QM, - f 'M .M i S ff , 1 1 .- .. ffff' 4 , 4. Gm a W I Ackley, Teresa Acosta, Vickey Allen. Barbara Alvarez, Elizabeth Alvarez, Jose Alvarez. Norma Applegate, Tonja Arredondo, Laura Arvizu, Juan Ayala. Angie Ayals, Sophia Bankhead, Christy Bernal. Patricia Berrones. Olivia Blevins, Michael Bond. Beth Bowers, Debbie Breitenstein. Tommy Bramsford, Lisa Briggs, April Burr. Neal Buswell. Richard Cabral, Dorothy Canales, Nancy Canizales, Alfredo Cantu. Librado Carr, Tarhonda Castaneda. Flavio Cavazos, Diana Charles, Diana SOPHOMORES l33 x Chism, Patricia Cooper. Lisa Coronado, Lorraine Cruz, David Darnell, Paula De Ia Rosa, Abel Desa Rosa, Nancy Delgado. David Diaz. Annette Dinh. Han Douangphrachan. Maninouth Droguett. Victor JYZQVJUZQIV7 HV' tiVlf4?7:dI Www' 4'?9F7'f'1L L-" ag ' r - , Kim -' 'A V' 'G n7g,,M . 46 ' "W , :.- I 9 X ,ZW 1 ,, W4 K Q 4 .. ,...-2 ,. ,Vp Jgfffi f Z s f vw M 1 , 'i , f 4. ,V 5 1 Le, ,SL 1, ,,,, 2'- , M ,., I ,L , 4 , 2 7 he Q sf ,aa M . ' 5 , 7 , gy, 1 psf Z , A , ,V:! 2 K fa M6 1 YA A 4 4 , f x Ellis. David Enriquez, Cris Enriquez, Melissa Enuiquez. Venecia Fairl, Sheila Flores, Adam Flores, lrma Flores, Mary Flores, Ruben Foster, Ray Fugett, George Gandolph, Dana Garcia, Andrew Garcia, Angelica Garcia, Cindie Garcia, Grace Garcia, Helen Garcia, Reynaldo l34 SOPHOMORES W 4 WMA f ,ff ,aww ly!! f I kk 4,G cw ,f U0 f f H if M53 r ' I ,,,,:,.!-2553 ww,iw:i,, , vi :, -vw' -5, J, , , ,L ,, Q. If ,W j', ff ,af ' , , 5, 49 , ,, J lg, ff f f , f , , MM 41 ,. J. i i 1 ' W' . 5 ' l, 175' ' ' ' l " if , ' ,app I : 3" W' - ,G , . ,:-,ww 4"- Z5 1 .im-, ,www . I an sn QW, , my mm. ,753 Q, V., - , gy, V , f c is fm , ' 1 fi ff' 190 W ' w ,,Q.s,,,.i,, ll, fik, ff - '?Qfi,Qj-ffl - , YW A W M' ff K .AQ j fl ..,. .f git, gafwfff w fm ,L ,,,?',g,z Mjfjf W, fy zz ,If -, L,,'LQ f -, I 4 fm we my ' ,,,, I I I A- I ' '1" . , V - .f ' 4"' . . 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Vivian Marcias, Luis Martin, Anthony Martin, Melinda Martinez. Danny Martinez, Elizabeth Martinez, Manuel Martinez. Melissa Martinez, Melody Martinez, Norma Martinez. Veronica Martini. Michael Mauricio, Dora Mayo, Frank Medellin, Cynthia Mendoza. Ann Marie l36 SOPHOMORES ,Af ,, ,I - we an W 1 , Q any 3, WW ,Q Ei' f . 'pg K . ,ff w- mi 'WHL V A I , , 5 ,pvnw L HC- E - L- if Ji , 2: 7 f 5, , W:-,., , V I -,,,,.,h ,,, V I ww va. J -,W . .. f ,,,, W yy' 4, ,, Q M z .,,,' M 7 f ,"V f, "Lx , . I 1 f f J X700 if I ' ff! f f uw. s 1 ,mi " ' ff M. " .. C , Q: -2-fWef:' -""2:.,,: V' , 'Zz 1, , ' 12' if?4fW4 my f , 5,9 5 it 2 3' ff . af 1. 'XA' ,,w ASQ' z., ' ffff wg 5, Z, Q ,W fs fiat 1 .. 0 f Q 'W , ,,, 5 V , U gf 5 1' -,W A W as: in 2 4' 5 ' 'Wall S sfo . 5 , -z:. , ' I , J 1 fif W day f Q M-', 53. f 5 2 1 W? kt f 2, , 5 AQ g ,, at . 1 1 xg f ,. .ft Q, ,.',' 4 ,W t M ','hk? zffm az, " 5 " I if , ' '. 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Charles Ntuyem, Ngoan Obregon, Patrick Ortiz, Maria Pacheco, Rosaura Padilla, Pablo Parris, Perez, Becky Eloy Perez, Rhonda Pesqueda, Donna Peterka, Karen Phillips. Marcus Ramirez. Dana Ramirez. Rosa Ramos Ramos Rangel. Rangel Rangel Reyna, f 1 Mary Lilia Coleen Robert Victor Ricardo SGPHOMORES I37 Rodela. Elizabeth Rodriquez, Jose Rodriquez. Angelo Rodriquez, Michael Rodriquez, Teresa Romero, Ralph - Rosales, Virginia Ruiz, Joe Running, Ronald Saenz. Richard Salazar, Ken Sanchez, Bobby Sanchez. Rene Sanders. Jackie Schiller. Lori Scott, Nesa Seaton, Ellie Seaton, Starla Segoviano, Pedro Shaw, Tina Smith, Rhonda Solis, David Soto, Anna Stark. Glenn Talley. Kelly Tardy, Leslie Tiierina, Nina Trevino. Carol l38 SOPHOMORES " ,4 " an X Q .fa ff Zi' 7 1 27 , 7 1 V f ' aikgg k ,. . ,i,43l,L , .. sm f' X P Q 2 Q, Y 'f ggi 5 K f X 1 .,,., my f QV Y U, 3 .-ff f- W , .V if Kg.-,- -, , , ,Vfm f:.,V, V, if -, . V4 , ':V f 7 V 1' , . V A SMU 4' ' '1- VV W -f? 1 K V ' - ' 1- 1 f i r, W -- , 1. , ' 5 WL, 1, M5 ,lm , Y, 5 14 , ami y ff ,fa ,..-,ef i 2 Y 2,1 iff . v 4? e new 2 2L.M.Ji+f 7 www fw, ,J W f 'u nm - , wt fm " ft gf fi. f Af , ,, f Z f , , X. ': ,V V' C ' ' W V sw 'Q M 5 mf , W- A ,A 4,L ,.,,... ,,L, ,,.. A , M, L W f,., ,. -.,, , , Z ' f fi 0' A f , , ...gg fi M I Q M , L,x, ,, g 'Q -0'- wg A " '7?.I Zzrff5"fm: " il y! 'I Q 5 H 4. X 31 Q' ,. f ff Q ff M an V Q, f ' ' - awe ' " v w 'ww - af' V :wa A , 11,4 yy.- f f 27 f -' A 1 vm, 5 fmqg. -1. ,,, , ,,, , r A- , 5, . V kk,,L , V , jj .... ' ' ima . zzw ssw.l9,f M 5 A' V ' 'W f. at J f Q Ra J 6' :ty f , . V -c p .125 tj 45Qfff'i'f1 .2 , , ,N-55, I 4. f'-W -6 fuzz. Qxly ., 1, yy mm ,621 ,, ' , 'W t I ta Trevino. Cindy Trevino. Maribel Truiillo. Patricia Truiillo, Susana Tucker. Robert Vedia, Cynthia Vinson, Christine Weast, Trisha White, Buster Ybarra, Jimmy Zamaripa, Leticia Zuniga. Robert Zurita, Maria SOPHOMORES l39 l4O FRESHMEN ' - V ,A-e',,,.,.. ., Freshmen C ass S , - ye A M 2 X K, A :xx i, I wk x-L, i Q 'Qs,Zi,wsQ?3f I 4 Freshmen Class Officers are sitting, Vice- Mary Rodriguez and Secrtary Melissa President Stephanie Pointer and President Brown. Nancy Lopez, and standing, Treasurer V, ., f ,,,,,, ,ft ,, , P " -I ' VY f X V ,V I A ww: ' ' ' 85: , ,L 2 , .U , ,A yy, Vg 4 , iv f K, f 9 fi 5'Qw9Wi?l27ff'li , E N,,HW..f,-:1,41W,. - ', .41 'WM 43 ':"'- K-li lkfigyfvfil ., ly ' ff fziiwfmzfi 744 - , " 4 Ji' :,iQf1w f'f E' 'ai iii 1 J v eigffvfff Anguiano, Sergio Arredondo, Gregoria Arredondo. Juan Avila, Irene Ayala. John Ayala. Michael Bailey, Kristy BlackHawk, Doyle Briseno, Michael Brookins. Sheila Brown. Melissa Brown. Peggy Brown, Roy Bui, Diep Byrns, Melissa Cabral, Augustine Campos, Carlos Cano. Santiago Carr, Charles Cassell, Lisa Cervantes, Solomon Cervantez, Barbara Cervera, Sandra Chandler. Jimmy Chapa, Eddie Chazarreta, Arthur Chazarreta, Christina Clay, John Clements. Kellie Cooper. Anthony FRESHMEN l4I Cox, Lisa Cox, William Cranfill. James Cruz, Joann Davila, Brenda Davila, Lisa Davila, Thomas DeAnda, Martha DeAnda. Patricia De La Rosa, Carolina Dean, Andre DeLeon. Gavino Jr. Delgado, Maria Delgado. Sylvia Dimas. Laura Dorado, Cecila Downs. Rhonda Edwards, Kathy Ehrheart, Tracy Escam' a, Faviola Espinosa, Paul Espinosa, Felicia Espinosa, Jose Espinosa, Sandra Espitia, Raymond Finney, Billy Flores, Eddy Flores, Hermelinda l42 FRESHMEN Y , ww, . M iz Z-, .. ., iii, , LW v f l ff f f M f Q2 X W vga ,.,,. , f f fray Kyiv ff? 3 4 if Q W ,I 2 , '1 i i' 1- I ea ,f R 3 'Q ,,,- 4 pw we f -wi 1' ' I A W ., - -W ifi 4 ie Z Ei- Ay , ff x ' f AZ as , .W ,W '49 , 96 f , 4, 1 5 3 J , , , , V ' 7 4 , . I' , - z ,.,, ' f 2:731 5 3,5 ,,,.,,cff?2i W Q.. .f" L, .an di A l f , L, 1 -I Aga L' -9 . L- 1 v f f M MH mi -W ,,,, 'Y' XX' , ' E11 2 , my we-Lf, 1' 1 - 'Cf' 4 , Q . ,, ,sf , 3 , 1, 'W ' -JN I ' f' ' - rf 1 , ' ', 5:-lf, fimfh 1,- m I L55 - , f ., f n fvlff ff ' .: 5 415, UQ ,gf J , ff f f gy 5 fs 7J.g5QEi'Ah:f' ' ' , , , m,+:,,: K fi," ,1 . 1 f fy , ' -. W, - W f ' , ,K 5 ,, ,wi ,W f f , wmsask, V Wg' l s' j 1 flmjfffj ', ,A ,er y if f, Lf ',,, N L"' if ...,., , , Y V 1 Flores, Jesus Flores, Juanita Forkner, Angela Ford. Shelly Franco, Ector Gallegos, David Garcia, Joel Gauna, David Geeo, Donald Gomez. Amy Gonzales. Edward Gray, Ginger Hart, Michael Hawkins. Kenneth Hegwood. Tammi Hernandez, Bernardo Hernandez, Erma Hill, Darrell Hobbs, Krystal Howell, Teresa Jayme. Diane Jayme, Rita Jenkins. Rachel Keller, David Kelly, Howard King. Samantha Lagunas, Frances Lawson, William Limon. David Lira, Mark FRESHMEN I43 Lopez. Cristela Lopez. Melissa Lopez, Nancy Lorona, Vickie Luman, Dwayne Luna, Raymond Macias. Yolanda Maldonado, .lose Mardones, Andres Martinez. Debra Martinez, Elizabeth Martinez, Gracie Martinez. Jose Martinez. Joyce Martinez, Ruben McDonald, Michael McKinney, Edward McMorris. Terri Menchaca, Patricia Mendez, Flor Meza, Maria Miles, Kino Mitchell, Sonya Morales, Paulita Myles, James Nakane, George Nguyen, Chuong Nimmo, Rebecca Oberholzer, Todd Orozco. Silvia I44 FRESHMEN 3 : K Y sw xc. xx .. W xt c.,.,-at, . ,gg N Q ,,, Q ., if N ,gwgwifax ' ' XW S X' Q RK? X xr Q ., M t K W 1 'SQL R fi X N X 1 ex if X z , New R 1 X x x ...fe .Q+. --V 1 1 15k.L1,f+' 1 ' ri y, W , Inf , i . i fy-. Q' 'ff I 'rye-A arf? he 011051454 4: ,Af 'ff' i Q- -.. 'sf , Q 2 , W 4 f Milf ,xiii 2 vi I :QM , Q 4 ff fi! K 1 QM f Ortiz, Norma Owens, Debbie Pack, Van Padilla. Simon Palacio. Celinda Patterson. Alonzo Pena, Mariaelena Pena. Rene Perez, Miguel Phillips, Ronald Pointer. Stephanie Pool. Terri Powell, Bobby Quezada, Lorrie Raborn. Stacye Rademacher, Sandra Ramirez. Elias Ramos, Abelino Rangel, Cruz Renfro, Shauna Reyes, Anna Reyes, Demencio REYES, Laura Rich, Richie Rios, Norma Rodriguez, Mary Romero, Bricia Romero, Connie Ruiz, Billy Ruiz. Phillip FRESHMEN l45 Saldana, Miguel Saldiva, James Saldivar. Janet Salzido, Darrell Sanchez, Tony Seeley, Tracy Segoviano, Ramon Smith, Ray Smothers, Roger Sons, Stacie Spikes, Ronnie Stegner. Joe Stierwalt, Mark Tapia. Martha Taylor, Angela Tenerio. Francisco Tijerina, Lorrie Tran, Hang Tran, Thuong Trevino, Dora Valdez, Isabel Valdez. Manuel Valencia, Blanca Vasquez, Hilda Vedia, Joe Vega, Alma Vega. Jesus Vega, Viviana Villalon. Lucy l46 FRESHMEN I , f 71045112 ' , ' U H -fe ff: .f . , Q 1 '.',-" , ff A of - ,L5,,fl, fi f . Q Q ,uwfvf f ' H I' ai ,412 Q Y if " ' '. . WWA A 'Q Z3 , ifwygl .1 . ,um ,, 44' x f f fx 4 W f ff M111 'M f ,,,f M,W.1t , ,.. - f, ,Jn if f 5 5 f ' if if aa 9 Q? , 2 ff 5 52 A V55 Q ef ,526 X my - an ig W 9 if f W J f " ,G , 3 , J vi 'V tp ' - , Q? 'la 9294? ww - ' 'SW A Q' V ,,,4 y , I 1 K, Q' If W it at 3,5 H, 1, 1,,.,, f , f -D 135'-'fM4cMf'fi Wy 1- ', X X aff, ,, H.. 4 ,,,, ,w,,,,ff f 1 ,V a.-,, ,Wfa f, 1 ya' 1 A v ff ' J ifwljfb, ' , 7 K my nw 2 . 'fr V f. if ap' 5 2, 52. ff f 6 f W A .1 . 'fm f 4 , I , .. x f is 'hs W W f we ,, 0, f W gf H W .nf WN f ,j V Z 1, f ,S M293 1 W' Mya. f f , ,ff M et- wr ,,,f,f' . 4 X .: E -K'rk- , K f If T V fm :fam - f S lamawwf fy 1 , ff X' Y ' " ff 651 ,. , qw mv' ma-ff ' KIT ff? f, ,' , 5 'fifz ay ,Q , 'Q' 5, ' ls1! ,' i,,W "ww ant'- -Mn- V 5 x Q rf. my " , qs ' f .X aw., rf 5 'ZLZ 'L'1: 5 W -K 52 ,. f Walker, Terry Whatley, Charles White, Debra White, Herman Williams, Terrance Willis, Dionne Winnett, Deana Wormley, Sonya Wormley. Reginald Worthington, Greg Wright, Michael Wyche, Glen Villaneuva, Tammy Vu, Thay Ybarra, Pablo Zuniga, Julian FRESHMEN' I47 l48 CONCLUSION 4' Y CONCLUSION CONCLUSION E- 1 lux 171 .- Q CONCLUSION PATRO S AGUILERA'S CAFE 2005 N. GROVE 624-0I89 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '84 GOOD LUCK SENIORS Thanks for 4 years of hard work. Mr. Garcia, Band Director CONGRATULATIONS SUPER SENIORS Julia's former "Gorditas" Aerobic Class LOPEZ TEXACO 3553 Decatur 626-998l Aprende y habla Espaniol. Fabulosol Fantasticol Sensacionall Fenomenall Estupendol Maravillosol Yo hablo Espanol. Isabel Reid GO EAGLES! Miss Spacher CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '84 GO FOR ITI Ester S Rudy Tru'iIlo CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '84 I'm only 3 years old, and already supporting the Eagles. James Rudy Trujillo Johnson WESLEY COMMUNITY CENTER CStaff and Neighborhood Councilj WISH THE BEST TO ALL '84 GRADUATES! WORTH SUPER MARKET I200 E. Long 8100 a.m. - IOIOO p.m. FRIENDLY SERVICE ALL THE WAY TO YOUR CAR. LOW PRICES DAILY. ETEIQ foogimg af Sayid, 1 nfm Parting is such sweet sorrow. but when you got to go, you got to go. In parting, remember this simple philosophy of life: "NO PROBl" Coach Tinius JOE STARK MARINE A 'lu Z'-T' ' e. I . , wh-' -- ' -' " f71'. 7 l 1 1 - "-f-4417--------L 'TTT es s -,.., ...ng SALES 8 SERVICE MERCRUISER --,SUZUKI - MARINER NEW THUNDERBOLT 8 ARROW GLASS BOATS "COMPLETE LINE OF PARTS S ACCESSORIES" 838-209l 4206 NE 28 BIG VALUE SUPER MARKET 3724 Decatur Ave. 626-955l 8:00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m. 7 Days a Week WE BACK THE EAGLES! 1537 N. MAIN FOFIT WOFITI-l,TEXAS AYALA'S BARBER 8 STYLING SHOP 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Men and Women's Hair Styles LOW RlDER'S HAIR STYLES FLOYD 624-0184 7 Say Hours saosfoo I-I 9I::yg :LX-Q It Sat. Igsls I with EVA? PATIOS ' BATHROOMS 0 SHOWERS 0 KITCHENS 0 ETC. Santana's Tile Service FREE ESTIMATE Call after 4 P.M. 624-7576 I52 ADVERTISING Flowers Diamond Hill Flower Shop 35I9 Decatur Ave. Ft. Worth, Texas 76I06 ALICE Phone 626-I929 lf, N af X X A L g Enough T0 Fil! Your O d - Small Enough To Appreciate ii swoififonos us Nw. 25th FLOFHST 624-0409 624-3413 1416 NW 25th I FOVI Worth TGXBS 76106 John 81 Joy Bales - Owners "Home of Stacy's" GRANNY S TACOS SOLOMON'S SHOE STORE NOTARY T PRINTING ' INCOME TAX . 306 Houston Street Auto State Inspection 703 E Long Ave YOUR BAND MARCHES BETTER 625-2777 BECAUSE THEY RE IN OUR SHOES. NOW CCDIPEINI Glam Hlzlgallun ZKPETEILIYEIUT Fort Worth's Hlsrrorlc Stockyards 202 W. cemfoi 024-0404 Ni Sewing you the Best V Mmm g In Authentic Mexicon Cuisine BREAKFAST i SERVED S Doily Luncheon Specials SAT 5 SUN Tues Combination Plate 52.65 nouns Wed Cheese Enchilada Dinner 52.65 Thur Chicken Taco Dinner 52.65 2:2 3:3 51' , , suw S-1 Fri Tamale Dinner S2-65 40541 ON moms Sat Chili Relleno Dinner 53.99 Sun Fajitas s5.5o ADVERTISING I53 COWTOWN BOOT S SHOE SERVICE ,f L exssgggee I ! .'b,A H j y,.... H , 4 , 5 ffl :Ei is 1 Quality Boot S Shoe Repair Boot 8 Shoe Care Products We also take orders for custom fit handmade work and sport boots N. Main 8 Long St. Winn Dixie Shopping Center 625-6081 626-7860 , 15 Warren Fiobens Ph lOwner -' I Party Dresses Tuxedos sm Decatur 624-ml 2233 N. MAIN FORT WOFITH, TEXAS 76106 LENA AND ED PATINO Full Line Community Drug Store COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Medicaid and Third Party Insurance Cards Honored FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE Monday - Friday 8-6 Saturday 9-5 Closed Sunday . 1" -C G'd' -PFI' General Machining Griuqggrg rm mg ro 1 mg Live Entertainment - Cocktails Steaks - Seafood - Mexican Food - Lunches North Manufacturing Co. 382O N- Main 4217 Murray - Fi. Worth, Texas 76117 624-1262 5:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. 191m p.m. Fri 8 Satj 485-3611 Frank Maldonado 154 ADVERTISING sw aww UNISEX HAIR DESIGNS 309 Throckmorton Fort Worth, TX 76102 Mon.-Fri.: 8:00-5:00 Sat. 8:00-1:00 Phone: 870-1097 Owners IRENE MALDONADO LAZO ANGIE HERREFIA HH' md Suwurr bg, ' " , 4' .QL N ' dw Q7 Qfzaflzbgzzkzy 62. llc. ff, SALES A. R. Alb. rms DISTRIBUTOR SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS JESSE S CLYDE 335-D53 AYALA'S RESTAURANT "Across from DH-J" 625-7862 GREAT MEXICAN FOOD LIBBY'S MARKET 34I9 Main Libby's Food Market - Where you can put gas in your car, wash it, and get a sandwich to go. Open at 6:00 a.m. ADVERTISING I55 r Alderman, Toni D, l0, II6 Alejandro, Estella l J. 70, lI6 Allen, Zackery 46, II6 Araujo, Randolph C. 6l, 63, 77, II6, 48 L Avila, Delores M.ll6 Ayala, Sylvia I7, 49, 77, 94, ll7 Baeza, Brenda Reyes I9, 66, 67, II7 Bankhead, Kenneth E. 25, 44, 64, 65, II7 Bevil, Tonya K. l7, 47, 49, 54, 94, ll7 Bitner, Mary E. 69, lI7 Blackhawk, Delpha L. ll7 Blanton, Penny M. l7, 49, 54, 86, 94 l Bui, Dominic 48, 54, II7 Berdett. Debra S. II7, 73 Byrns, Herbert L. ll7, 59 Calvillo, Elsie 44,yy48, 53, ee, ev, lle, , H7 ,V yyyy Vyy: , cami., ,nanielgglgllz 59 A Cardenas, 77, II7 Cortez,ltEdwaffdilf47fQ 53, 77, 80, 8l, ummm 1 llrl rylr Cruz,gAngelicaQily7,, 36, 47, 49, 67, 94 H8 , , , Darr, Tammy Forkner 70, II6, II8, 294 1 Garza, Susana II8 Dela Delafkosa, Chrisenthia 58, 70, II8 agrees, Mary A. ss, vo, II8 Denton, David E. I7, 25, 35,,45, 49, L 64, 65, 66, ll8 Donnell, Patrick B. 26, 27, 64, 65, IHS Downs, Roger 77, II8 Doyle.iDavid K. 69, II8 Duran. Maria D. 20, 53, 66, II8 Dyer, Donaldll. II8 Espinosa, Christina II8 Espitia, Robin ll8 6 Espitia, Vince A. II9 Few, Patricia G. 69, II9 Flores, Raudel 59 Flores, Virginia II9 Frost, Valerie C. I7, 23, 24, 26, 29, 72, 73, 35, 46, 48, 52, 55, 6l, 63, 7 65, ll9 I56 INDEX SENIOR INDEX Fuller, Rhonda S. 6I Gann, Cora L. II9 Garcia, Corina I9, 67, II9 Garcia, Misty I7, 23, 24, 35, 45, 48, 49, 64, II9 Gaytan, Hector, II9, 59 Gomez, Rito Jr. II9 Gonzales, Christina 46, 53, ll9 Gonzales, Melissa 48, 6I, 66, 67, II9, l5l Gonzales, Monica 6I, 62, 63, 76, 77, II9, 29, 73 Govea, Angelina 45, 48, 55, ll9, 70 Gutierrez, Gracie 69, I20 Hammons, Sandra I20 , Hampton, Janet I20 Hanson, Russell 46, I20, 59 Harden, Gary 80 Hart, Kristal 53, 65, 66, ll6, I20 Hawkins, Renee 29, I20 y Hernandez, John I20 , Herrera, Robert 44, 77, I20 9 5 ve, 77. lzo - , . , , Kendall Deana 60 l20 4 iiie - Lowe, Gina 66, 67: 69, I20 A 7 if lili Lujan, David 34, 35, 36, 77, ll4, I20 Maldonado, Eddie l2l Maldonado, Leandro 74 Martinez, Laura 55, 70, l2l Montalvo, Joe 47, 53, 64, 65, 7I, l2l Morales, ,,,y C ynthia I7, 76, 77, 86, Mowery, Randy, l2l, 59 Myles, Traey 90, 9l Nimmo, Ramona l2l g Ocura, Juan 53, 76.177, l2l, 26, 27 Peaton, Sandra 70, l2l Pena, Norma 48, l2l, 6 Prettyweasel, Claire 70, l2l Ramirez, Paul 32, 53, 77, 80,,83, , l2l, l0l A rriri . Rea, Maria N. 70, l2l Renfro, Carrie 8, 29, 43, 48, Sl, l49 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 34, 52, 60, 62, 63, 72, 54, l2l Reyes, Richard 6l, I22 Rodela, John L. I22 Rodriguez, Sophia 66, 77, I22 -n 1 9 Rosales, Leticia 70 Ruiz, Mark E. 60 Salas, George 74, I22 Salazar, Alexander I7, 3l, 24, 25, 34, 42, 49, 53, 76, 77, I0l, II6, I22 Salazar, Mary Lou 24, 70, I22 Saldizar, Robert I22 Salzido, Dora 77, I22 Santana, Nora I, 23, 24, 29, 33, 48, 53, 54, 76, 77, 94, 95, 99, Smith, Douglas R. so, I22 Soto, Annalissa 69, I22 llli 7 Sllllllll Soto, Veronica L. 69, I22 Stautzenberger, Dora K. I22 'illlll Stegner, Jeannie l. 69, I23 Tubbs, Tonya E. I23 Vedia, Rene R. I23 Vela, Sylvia M. 24, 67, I23 White, Lisa M. I23 l White, Wonda 5, 48, 55, I23 Willars, Rene Reyna 66, 70, I23 Williams, Darren 4, I23, 59 Williams, Patricia I, I23 Jesser, Rick 29, 72, 73, 45, 6l,'63, l,,ly fi yl' ',,y, , , 7Womack, Mark W. I23 Yanes, Sandra 50, 60, 60. I23 Ybarra, Sylvia I7, IS. 34, 44, I49, 2l, 40, 49, 53, 65, 94, I23 Alfa'-il' Diana .I7, 49,r53,l55,ff.54,. In l24, l25, 70 - f l fy tyry gpg, .ty yy Alcocer, Norma 94, 98, I25 . Applegate, Dale Arista, Alisa 67 '1', ' Arizola, James ll 6 I25 Arvizu, Maria aaQa ly25y Atherton, Deef?A,f53, 60, 63, l25, 29, 72, 73, Ayala, Johnny R. I25 Bartosh, Sherry L. 65, I25 Benavides, David I25 Bill, Deann 67, 96, I25 Blanton, Scott 80, 83, I25 Blevins, Wesley F. 74 Bruce Perez, Diana I25 Cabrera, Conrado l25 Campos, Don S. 74, 80, 82, I25 Canaies, Dorothy l25 Canales, Gabriel l25 Carlin, Juan 92, l25 Carter, John A,,yl7, 49, 64, 65, I25 Cassell, iMarkfA.,6l, 63, I25 Castaneda, Richard I25 1 Cervantes, Victorinoil25 Cipriano, Gilbert D. 25, 53, 54, 7l, lOl, 80, Sl, I24, I25, 7 Coronado, Mark A. ll25 Cortez, Bell 3l, 26, .,yA 27, 52, 63, 7I, 72, 90, 9I, l25, i504 Cosio, Gabrieli l2,5 Cosio, Palemon I26 Countryman, Michael 8, 6I, I26 Covington, Troy D. 74, I26 Cox, Paula K. I7, 49, 66, I26 Davila, Virginia B. I26 Davis, Larry D. l26 DeBeVoise, Angela 65, I26 DelaFuente, Anselmo I26, 59 Delgado, Daniel I26 Delgado, lvan -J. 53, I26 Dennis, Eric A. 90, I26 Diaz, Leticia 54, 70, l26 Dinh, Khoat V. 82 Douangphrachan, Phoukhong I26 Earles, Janine 67, l26 Edwards, Kimberly D. I7, 49, 53, 67, I26 Elkins, Bethany fi7,,2s, 54, me Engles, Michelle l7,f 55, I26 Escamilla, Balvina l6, 25, 55, 56, 7I, 79, I26 A 7 Espinoza, Maria I7 Estrada, Rene I26 Ewizrggs, Tonya I7, 53, 63, 64, 65, I , Farris, Devon I26 Faulder, Edward I26, 59 JuNio.R INDEX Fernandez, Nina 70, I26 Flores, Jesus, Jr. I26 Flores, Norberto l26 Flores, Sandy I6, 37, 2I, 4l, 56, 55, 7I, I27, l5l 5 Flowers, Edward 68, 90, I27 Francis, Jimmie 65 Garcia, Roel 24 Garza, Jose 65, I27, 29 Gaytan, Elizabeth 67 Geeo, Robert 53, 66, 80, 82, I27 Goldman, Judy 54, 60, 7I, I27 Gonzales, Sarah 77 Gonzales, Sylvia 65, I27 Govea, Virginia 54, 70, I27 Greer, Henry I27 , Guerra, Daniel 50, l27 Gthggra, Jimmy 7l, 75, l0l, 80, 82. Gutierrez, Freddy 24, 53, 54, 7l, l0l, 80, I24, I27, 83 Hayes, Rhonda I7, 49, 66, I27 Heath, James l27 Hernandez, Gricelda I27 Hernandez, Martina 65, I27 Hernandez, Michael l27 Hicks, Rebecca 76, 77, 88, 99, I27 Hoang, Tuyen I27 Holmes, Henry I27 Johnson, Adrienne I27 Keener, Darrell 74, l27 Kelly, Christopher I7, 37, 90, 9l Kline, Sonja 69, l27 Kounlavouth, Oudone I27 Leonard, Antoinett 70, 7l, I27 Limon, Efren l27 Lira, Patrick 80, 82, 92, I28 Little, Regina I28 Little, Shawn l28 Lopez, Adolfo l28 Lopez, Cynthia A. I7, 64, 65, l28 Lopez, Marie 67, I28 Lopez, Moises l28 Love, Sherry I6, 55, 56, I28 Martinez, Dante I28 Martinez, Joseph I28 Martinez, Maricela I28 Martinez, Marta 55, 70, I28 Mayo. Tammy l7, 67, I28 McGinty, Sherry 69 Medrano, Manuel I28 Meyer, Sheila I6, 53, 54, 56, I28, l50 Morales, Guadalupe 54, 70, I28 Mullet, Delbert 6I, I28 Natoli, Michael 67, l28 Negrete, Vickie L. 70 O'Brien, Judy A. 54, 6I, 64, 7I, I28 Ocura, Nicolas C. I28 O'Neal, James E. 74, I28, 73 Patman, Christina L. I28 Pena, Claudialf. 69, I28 Perez,TMaria C. I28 Perez,3Qscar T. I29 PereZ,,,ffNlaria E. l29 , Perez,jStephanie I7, 49, 67, 86, 94, 95.1l29i Pesqueda, Joe l29 Raborn, Brent 53, I29 Ramirez, David, Jr. 24, 74, I29 Ramon, Rolando 80, 82, l29 Rea, Anabel I29 Reed, William T. l29 Reyes, Alma R. 70, I29 Reyes, Gregory 66, 80, I29 Richardson, Gloria D. 65, I29 A Rios, Ramona I29 Roden, James 80, I29 Rodriguez, David I29 Rodriguez, Victor I29 Salazar, Catherine 53, I29 Saldivar, John L. l29, 29 Salgado, Deborah I7, 49, 53, 65, I29 Salzido, Dennis 65, 66, I29 Sanchez, Danny 53, 65, I29 Sanchez, Jaime I29 Saye, Robert 53, 90, I29 Shaw, Allen W. 74, I29 Shaw, Randy 74, l30 Soria, Enrique l30 Stephens, Marlo 6l, 63, l30 Storey, Searcy Jr. 90, l30 Tardy, Theresa 69, l30 Tenorio, Martha l30 Thomas, James 74, l30 Thomas, Robert 74, l30 Thompson, Wesley 80, 83, l30. Tijirina, Michael 69, l30 5 Trevino, Abel Jr. l30 7 Trevino, David l30 Trevino, Jesse l30 y 7 Tucker. Gloria 64, l30 Turpin, Julie I6, 53, 56, 98, I24, l30 Valdez, Aide 67, I30 Vedia, Jaime 53, 66, 7l, 75, 80, 83, l30 Vizcaino, Pattie I30 Vondrak,-Kerry 74, l30 Webb, Steven l30, 59 Weeks, John 80, 83, 92, 99, l30 White, James 80, 8l, 'l30 Wright, Wanda l30, 70 Yanes, Elizabeth l30, 70 Yanes, Frances 67, l3l Ybarra, Diana 67, l3l Zapata, Reynaldo 67, l3l Zavala, Cecilia l3l Zenteno, Alicia l3l, 70 Zenteno, Roselia l3l , lNDEX- I57 Ackley, Teresa L, 133 Acosta, Vickey 133 Allen, Barbara F. 53, 63, 64, 133 Alvares, Elizabeth 68.1133 Alvarez, Jose 133 Alvarez, Norma L. 133 Applegate, Tonja A. 63, 133 v , Arredondo, Laura P. 133' Arvizu, Juan 133 ' ' Ayala, Angelica 38, 41, 61, 62, 133 Ayala. Sophia 86, 87, 94, 95, 99, 133 Bailey, David W. SO Bankhead, Christy A, 17, 49, 5S,'64, 133 Bernal, Patricia 133 Berrones, Olivia 133 Bievins, Michael T. ei. iss Bona, Beth 29. 65. se, iss Bowers, Debra 16, 57, 133 Brietenstein. Tommy J. 133 Bransford, Lisa 133 SQPHOMORE INDEX Garza, Donna L. 58, 135 Garza, Rudy 80. 82, 135 Gonzales, Guillermi 135 Gonzales, Jonetta 5. 63, 135 Gonzales, Petra N. 135 Gonzales, Ricky 135 Griffith, Roy 135 Guaiardo, Martha 53, 65, 135 Guardiola, Pauline 135 Guerra, Diana 135, 71 . Guerrero, Armando 135 Guitierrez, Glenda 88, 96, 135 Haggard, Johnny D. 74, 135 Hawkins, Christina D. 135 Hernandez Hernandez Estanista 135 Kristina 88, 135 Hernandez, Luis 135 Hernandez, Mark A. 135 Hernandez, Pedro 135 Hernandez, Rosalinda 135 Briggs, April L, 133 Bui, Nhung 51, 53, 55, 29. 73, 99, 132, 28. 137 Burr, Neal 133 Buswell, Richard 133 Cabral, Dorothy 66, 133 Canales, Nancy 133 Canizales, Alfredo 133 Cantu. Librado 60. 133 Carr, Tarhonda D. 66, 88, 94, 96, 133 Castaneda, Flavio 133 Cavazos, Diana L. 17, 49,,,5.3,,',86, 96. 133 Charles, Diana 133 -, . .1 Chazarretta, Steve 80 ,", V Chism, Patricia D. 134 "" ' Cooper, Lisa R. 16, 53, 57, 64, 132. 124 Coronado, Lorraine 22, 134 Countryman, Martin P. 74 Curz, David 134 Darnell, Paula K. 134 DeLaRosafLAbel 80, 83, 134 DeLaRcsa, Nancy K. 17, 49, 95. 96. 134 ' Delgado, David 80, 134 Diaz, Annette 67, 134 Dinh, Ngoctoan 65. 80, 83. 92 Dinh. Han 134. 26. 27, 55, 29, 72. 73, 99' Heron, April 68, 135 Hoang, Khoi 135 Hoyos, Pedro 53, 65, 135 Humphries, Teresa C. 135 Ntuyem, Ngoan.137 ,.Obregon, ,Patrick 137 Ortiz, Maria E. 60, 137 Pacheco, Rosaura 137 - ffraaiiia, Pablo 137 ' Parr-is. Becky 137 Perez, Eloy 137 Perez. Rhonda,65, 66. 137 Pesqueda, Donna L. 137 Peterka, Karen 60, 137, 129 Phillips, Marcus 22, 90, 137 Ramirez. Dora 137' Ramirez, Rosa L. 22. 63, 137 Ramos, Ramos. Rangel, Rangel, Rangel. Reyna. Rodela. Rodriguez, Rodriguez. Rodriguez. Rodriguez, Lina A. 137 , 1 Mary 53, 58, 1375 Q ,""' Coleen A. 137 "" Robert L. 137 Victor L. 137 Richardo 137 ' lzlizabeth A. 138 Jose 29, 38, 138 Angel 138 Michael 138 Teresa 138 Weast. Douangphrachan. Maninouth 134 Droguett, Victor M. 61. 134 Ellis. David K. 53, 90, 91, 134 Enriquez, Crispin 134 Enriquez, Melissa 134 Enriquez, Venecia 134 Fairl, Shelia D. 134 Flores, Adam 134 Flores, lrma 134 Flores, Mary G. 134 Flores. Ruben 134 Foster, Horatio E, 134 Fugett, George W. 134 Gandolph, Dana L. 60, 64, 134 Johnson, Clyde, S. 92, 135 Johnson, Jack R. 135 Johnson, Yolanda A. 135 Johnson, Yolanda D. 136 Keener, Anthony 61, 136 King, Phillip 79. 65. 80, 90, 136 Krutzfield. Kelley A. 136 Krutzfield. Kristie 136 Leal. Vincent A. 136 Lee, Adrain 136 Lisby. Shanna D. 136 Livar. Sarah 136 Lopez. Maricela 136 Lopez, Salvador 64. 136 Luian, Teresa M. 53, 58, 67, 136 Luna, Conrado 136 Macias, Luis 136 Maltos, Viviana 136 Martin, Anthony T. 136 Martin, Melinda 136 Martinez, Daniel 136 Martinez. Elizabeth 53, 136 Martinez, Manuel N, 136 Martinez, Melissa 17, 49, 53, 136 Martinez, Melody 136 Martinez, Norma 136 Martinez, Ofelia M. 68 Martinez. Veronica 136 Martini, Michael D. 61, 63, 136 Mauricio, Dora 136 Mayo. Frank V. 65. 82, 136 Medellin, Cynthia A. 136 Mendoza, Ann M. 136 Monroe, Lisa R. 137 Montalvo, Rene 80. 137 Rodriguez, David P. 66 Romero. Ralph 60. 138 Rosales, Virginia M. 138 Ruiz, Joe Jr. 138 Running, Ronald R. 138 Russell. Brenda L. 88, 96 Saenz,'Richard V. 17, 49, 138 isaiazaf, Ken ss. 132, iss. ioi Sanchez,'Bobby 53, 60, 63. 64, 138 Sanchez, Rene 68. 138 Sanders, Jacquitta 53, 63, 138 Schiller, Lori M. 17. 40. 88, 96, 138 Scott, Nesa 65, 138 Seaton. Ellie 138 Seaton. Michael 65 Seaton, Starla 67, 138 Segoviano, Pedro 138 Shaw, Tina R. 28, 138 Smith, Rhonda A. 17, 49, 86, 8 138 Solis, David 92, 138 Soto. Anna B. 138 Stark. Glenn Wyane 61, 138 Talley, Kelly 138 Tardy, Leslie T. 74, 138 Tiierian. Nina A. 88, 138 Trevino, Carol A. 17, 49, 138 Trevino, Cindy 139 Trevino, Maribel R. 67, 139 Trujillo, Marta P. 139 Tubbs, Donald 130 Tucker, Robert 139 Vedia, Cynthia E. 58, 139 Venson, Christine L. 65, 139 Patricia A. 139 Garcia, Andrew 134 .1 Garcia, Angelica 134 Garcia, Cindy 9, 16, 57, 98. 134, 150 Garcia, Grace G. 68, 134 Garcia Helen 134 Garcia, Reynaldo M. 134 Garcia, Rosita 25 Garcia Steven 17, 49, 135 158 INDEX Montemayor, Carlos 137 Mullet. Sandra 137 Munoz, Hector 148 Munoz, Robert 137 Negrete, Luis 66, 137 Neislar, Lorna 1, 60, 137, 73 Nguven, Ngoan 137 Nixon, Charles A. 65, 80, 137 White, Buster Jr. 139, 29 Ybarra, Jimmy 139 Zamarripa, Leticia D. 139 Zuniga, Robert C. 139 Zurita, Maria 1. 139 7, 88, 99, 94, Tran. Hang T. l46 Anguiano, Sergio 'l4l ' ' Arredondo, Gregoria l4l Arredondo. Juan F. l4i Avila, Irene I4l Ayala, John A. l4l Ayala, Michael 60, I4l ' Bailey, Kristy l4l BIackHawk, Doyle J, 6l, l4l Briseno, Michael I4l J Brookins, Sheila 6l, I4l Brown, Melissa A. I40, l4l, 29, 73 Brown, Peggy 58, 60, l4l Browne, Roy V. l4l Bui. Diep l4l Byrns, Melissa 58, 6l, l4l Cabral, Agustine l4l Campos, Carlos A. I4l Cano Jr., Santiago l4l Carr, Charles l4l, 84, 93 Cassell, Lisa 60, I4I Cervantes, Solomon l4l Cervantez, Barbara l4I Cervera, Sandra l4I Chandler, Jimmy R. l4I Chapa, Erasmo I4l Chazarreta. Arthur l4l Chazarreta, Christina 53. 88, l4l Clay, John D. l4l Clements, Kellie 68, l4l Cooper, James E. I4l Cox, Lisa I42 Cox, William C. 80. 83, l42 Cranfill, James'D."l43i4'4W' Cruz, Jo A. 68, 'i", L Davila, Brenda 68, l42 Davila, Lisa M. l42 Davila, Thomas F. M2 Deanda. Martha 53, l42 Deanda, Patricia 68, l42 Amy es. ms ieeealiiiii. Donald R. so, 143 Gonzales, Edward 6l, I43 Gray, Ginger 53. l43 Hart, Michael A. 65, 84, I43 Hawkins. Kenneth I43 Hegwood, Tammi M. l7, 49, 53, Hernandez. Bernardo l43 Hernandez. Erma 66, l43 Hill. Darrell 84, l43 Hobbs, Krystal l43 Howell. Teresa L. I7, 20, 49, I4 Jayme,'Diane 66, l43, 39 Jayme, Rita.l43 Jenkins, Rachel 68, I43 ' 843 Keller, David 84, Kelly, King, Lagunas, FranQggi3J43,i,jPijF5EfQf'E-1 ' Lawson. Willianiiiif.,,'l43'-W97 ' l-lmon' Rev ,125 Lara. Mark.345193,759:32mefff.f2? Lopez, Lopez, 'Melissain53, V Lopez, NaneyQi40. l44 Lorena, Victoria 68, I44 l.uman,'Dewayne A. 65. I44 Luna. ,Ramon l44 1436 V, Macias,'Yolanda l44 Maldonado, Jose M. l44 Mardones, Eugenio-A. 'l44 Martinez. Martinez, Debra A. 53. 89, l44 Elizabeth l44 Martinez Graciela l44 , Martinez Jose M. l44 Martinez, Joyce,I44 Martinez, Ruben I44 Mayo, Frank 80 McDonald, Michael D. l44 Delarosa, Carolina 68. l42 Dean, Andre 80, 84, I42 Deleon, Gavino Delgado. Maria Delgado, Sylvia Dimas, Laura S. Dorado, Cecilia Downs, Rhonda Jr. I42 l42 I42 6l, 7I, l42 l42 D. I42 Edwards, Katherine I7. 49. 29. 73, ll5, I42 Ehrheart, Tracy I7, 49, l42 Engles, Sheila I42 Escamilla, Faviola I7. 49. 7I, 53, l42 Espinosa, Paul A. 84. I42 Espinoza. Felicia I42 Espinoza, Jose E. l42 Espinoza, Sandra l42 Espitia, Ramon l42 Finney, Billy J. 68. l42 Flores, Eduardo L. I42 Flores, Hermelinda ll, 4l, 89, 97, l42 Flores, Jesus 60, I43 Flores, Juanita l43 Ford, Shelly P. 60, l43 Forkner, Angela M. I7. 49, l43 Franco, Ector I43 Gallegos. David l43 Garcia. Joel l43 Gauna, David l43. 75 McKinney, Edward L. l44 McMorris, Terri A. I44 Menchaca, Patricia I44 Mendez, Flor R. l44 V V Meza, Maria l44,' , ,,,, 'V Males. Kino 144444, Mitchell, Sonya Morales, Paulita l44 1 Myles, James E. 93, lI5, I44 Nakane, George l44 Nguyen, Chuong l44 Nimmo, Rebecca R. l44 Cberholzer, William T. l44 Orozco, Sylvia I44 Ortiz, Norma 53. 89, l45 Owens, Debbie C. 68. l45 Pack. Van l45 Padilla, Simon I45 Palacio, Celinda l45 Patterson. Alonzo L. 68, 80, 84, Pena, Marielena I7, 40, I45 Pena, Mauro R. I45 Perez, Miguel I45 Phillips, Ronald I45 65, 89, l43 l45 Pointer, Stephanie I7, 49. 53, I40, I45 Pool, Terri L. 58, 60, l45 Powell, Bobby J. 84, 93, I45 Quezada, Lorena l45 V V Raborn, Stacye J. 145, , Radema'cher,'Sandra l45 Ramirez, Elias 84,, l45 Ramos, .Abelino l45 RangeI.fCruz M5 Renfro., Shauna I3, 29, 53, SI. 65, M8 . Reyes. Anna D. l45 Reyes, Demencio l45 Reyes, Laura l45 Rich, Richie I45 Rios, Norma J. I45 72. 73, I45, Rodriguez. Mary A. 53. 89, l40, l45 Romero, Bricia l45 Romero. Consuelo 53, 89, l45 Ruiz, Bill l45 Ruiz, Phillip M. 145 Saldana, Miguel l46, 39 Saldivar. James l46 Saldivar, Janet L. l46 Salzido, Darrell L. 53, l46 Sambrano, Olivia 89, 97 Sanchez, Tony 80, 84, l46 Seeley, Tracy 89. 97. i46 Segoviano, Ramon l46, 75 Smith, Ray DL, i5mQfhefSf,RQse:.D- 69' '46 tSvnS.,,,S,:ac,ieilffzfeiiiiilk49- '46 50f.iH1iiie?Q?i14i51214S4pk i..is 97 1 6 146 A - I L f Tenorio, FrancisiiioffYl46 Tilerina,',Lorrie l46JWi' Tran, Thuong V. l46 Trevino, Dora 53, 89, 97, l46 Valdez, Maria l. l46 Valdez, Manuel I46 V Valencia, Blanca l46 Vasquez, Hilda M. 89, l46 Vedia, Jose F. 84, l46 Vega, Alma D. l46 Vega. Jesus l46 Vega. Viviana l46 Villalon. Lucia 68, l46 V Villaneuva, Tammy I47 Vu, Thay I47 Walker, Terry C. I47 Whatley, Charles I47 White, Debra A. I47 White, Herman C. 68, I47 Williams, Terrance l47 Willis, Dionne I47 Winnett, Deana 66, l47 Wormley, Regnald I47, 93 Wormley, Sonya I47 Worthington, Gregory M. I47, 93 Wright. Michael D. I47 Wyche, Glen D. 84, I47 Ybarra, Pablo l47 Zuniga. Julian R. ll5, l47 JINDEX "iss In Memor ff ' fa ' if .life- .ii ,- f , . 'il , Q gr Phi 'lj ,ig N , " , it l-'T " V 1-51 Q " E, -QE . V f ,fin 2-'-fav-' . V Y-, "", ,A ' - . 'Q iw LANCE CORPORAL MICHAEL FULTON, U.S.M.C. In a year that saw the downing of a Korean Air Lines jet by the Soviets and the death of 269 passengerst in a year that saw 200,000 West Germans join hands to form a 65-mile long human chain in protest of nuclear esca- lations in a year that saw a fictional nuclear war destroy Kansas City on TV's THE DAY l6O FINAL NOTE AFTER - in that year, l983, the travesty of international violence was felt in Diamond Hill, too, when its own Michael Fulton, Class of l98O, was among the 239 American ser- vicemen killed in Beirut, Lebanon on Octo- ber 23. QM AUTO RAPHS iw' f af ff . af ,ffm if 9' I MMM my , GJ ,f m .9 4615? 1 W 31? 06 97 Q . fi? J' Cf 65N-f537E,7:0'N ATR I, -05,6 V X y I-JL 0 65 C,,M,O22-,wax dp? ffwhq , Us dawg! KAW ,L ff -wQ2x, Ap- C V We 'YL yy mfs 5,6-,2f 5f 7X1x X: ' A of - J-N V X 5 031351539 5 Us gi '52 Q 1. 0 WV X NX Us ww V? .7 Wm ,fx 5 65 fpl X ax X0 SQ X, K 1, -V jo 'VS Jw 505 '-Q5 B W 9 5 A ff! XQL ,J UT. YV A10 ff 'X gk' ja. gy , 4V U' Q40 K If x. N XF j . G AUTOGRAPHS I6I AUTOGRAPHS AQCLQQQ, MM O JWQLMD C49 Cl GMfvQ.fyW,C3W.f70 img C 3wfQWX0MQQ wkW Hwaw 'JA EU f?7AlUmQ! 3305 gjiff W w i'Z5f2fyQQfij6?JK - 22,1542 A ydwjifwfw f ygggliigiwf 1- QW AUTGGRAPHS MM MMU 9bW ! ,JWQQWM QL UM Wm QM by WMM dwyiwf QL jf, vw? M 'f f Jaw 35? lf. 5561 9 My Q w g X . JM MH i'Lgxq'kC fdlxk, AUTOGRAPHS I63 Z AUTOGRAPHS M, , 1 I. .J i , . ,vw f" 14' 1" 31,6170 If My if iffy 'ff jf gff gl 6 W ff" iYZ!7'20iU j fvcfir Zgf fm Aff jf cf iff,L4f'f'L4 5 ,J I UCL' L51 gf V'ff'V"Z. J f' AJ J 1 X :ff HK 5" U f 1" ff f ,F f if VI tg W CJ , 1 5 .f X 6 'fm' '- fU ffff fu iv J vf' w Cx . J S! vovmggf J Qi 5 QNX Q' ijv W? Sg W 'lb' Q gf 5 R5 kj S3 E 5' Q f S gf A J gg .QAWW LA Y KJ, H' f QSM jp X QT w me XJQJ N I64 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTGGRAPHS W W i NPH5 N N W iw NX 56 x MJ G v. - M w we WW Wx WMQNW W'wsi W WWW BN Ski N I Q, f'Z fi ' fEfAgQf X ,' 1344.-Q fl.f?ewL Mind -Dune 'rH4j-.5-2,3 I L1 I4 41- Way lLll7"7'l1Qf G ohf - 'S5S7" af: LUCK ALVTIH' 5, fi-"'. I, 1 I j! .1 5 HZELE M172 I-71?-IEAIQ rf-" Q H V Q A448704 gvfjfwo CLf'j5' ' A A ark ' N- . icgcfmg V ' .37 I' 'A , I R- . - R geo? Mbmgw ,gwff iLLi:m, A2mWi.W M Ov 'fsakwf-S1 WMW OWOLZE 6 :FC wt 'JQQJH fin ffl T ww .ghigwzgfg nf? 5r Ji 1 ., my Ta U , 4,5 3 e I 3 ln f ff fi52f2f ' QETT' .V H . E 'H ' I Myw ' M Ms UAQZLVZ Al K' 6 , V , QWQZ KZWJWL H9fQa4W' 'MJ Xfbllff M Q! my Wy. Q fu H 1 X . ' A D fx f y A W 1, XV .V , 'XLU5' f W I ' ' K1 " ffl LXLXJ JN 'FMD 7 f ff ' r " 9, 'if' wal, ' Xb ff Q l li ' ' q L , ' f M0011 C' N ,fi Q 5 '15 U dd Eff 1.1 fig 6, 13 - U A S, - 5 f? C: F5 6 gig CJ CQ N fa Q fx ,Q 3 5-f -6 K f ee 3 5 , 46553 . 'I

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