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Wg W W QM M M V Mft X my x jvrlj W iW Ojjgijul, 1" - I ,JJ 59 L 5f'L6'iZ' On! Jkffavf 353 M45 f W f :J . , y55g,2J , L -QM Mm M - , xg, .1 . x U Hdbg tr?" B X f M2 ' 'f f' . , L A , ' " QS? 25 -V' Q ' Ki sf 1 ff5"A55:',.eQL' Mpeg? " lm-cm 5 I ,' . 1-.7ius,uv" fvi' fp Q J 'P f D414 CL:fLELf" 5' A, . ' ,I 'Q !4'i'2L"j5E'jE!ljNJjl Qfwjgigglqfb QE CESMJL, -M-5883154 Qpfiif Q6 QS W :E 2' .5 '10 ,RQ ' -fb 7147 1 Ni," N LC ' gi-S Ei, fix 1" '-Yr':.7 x A 1 Q "'?f-45,5 QA LL? T K 5 ' -L7 'A --li A9 Mm bfcfqiwx' Q2 C3 L., L ' ' If , , , k 1 -x, 55 23 .E'l'fz'3f5L Q megan :WWW ' 9 :Qx L N .2 ?'UUf O?cQ5fl'52:f3.iK9x If Q , 421 ? 'P1 X350 R Q3 wg fuxgkmfw W :Nia L RQ X4 f ZfW'1m 5jf?Q4R,sUkQfJ30u L M 9 Xf-fm' L40 1 1 i Qlfmi Cgijfwp Y W 0 lily x A!A! I X 5 S Ex WTEXWMM -jx W 5 S Bgxgsfw YS! SF 3 iwW MW4y , Q ' ,2ffQ'6fX'M 3 Ss ngff - Wf5l4fM,J?5fQf3 Modern students . . . modern buildings . . . modern mathe- matics . . . Latin . . . essay . . . literary classics . . . We hope that as you look through this yearbook you will see reflected in its pages the mixture of that which is modern and that which is traditional at Derby Junior High School. If I Cycle '63 -na, 23 S we 4 ..4. . . ' 1 Fig pie+:.'-4-. Q, 14. . t 1 , . . J . 1 , . . I ' I' A ' ' ' , ' . In ' - - r . , V -' L 1 L . 4 I' . . r I ,,. " ff, . ,N 5A TSE! . ,,.,.:,.','g,.:4 9-p. V 5, P QI I I Q 1 , N..- .X A-x 51135324 G A 1 I is .ini-Q. F N K 'S -'f"'-'-'f'f--'- -ishni , K E - fl V 1 -W .. . -.. .,..4. , .n 1 ..'.1v J ,1.,. , 4 2 Tl' bt A. 1, a l"'L 'H 1 fa ', - , Y f , J. .rf -,: .1. -- Qwff. ' ,C'x.-hui. , I -ff "- - 3 f.. 1 S i -, ., ,:,,. , 'I' u :cj-' -1- r I ,..1 Ain, . 5' ff W TQ- S '. H ,- '4' Y Wag . '- ri- j 515. 1 1.- .4-, L. ,..1., -Qs 4' Mr. Robert Ford's unfailing efforts as Derby's principal have helped the students maintain high social and scholastic achievement. Mr. Harry Keller, Student Director, surveys the cafeteria during fourth hour. 5 Take us X fr ,-5,1 Mr. Stan Elya, assistant principal, works diligently on school affairs. Pictured on this page are our leaders-administrat- ors of Derby. Mr. Ford, principal, Mr. Elya, his as- sistant, Mr. Keller, Director of Attendance and Stu- dent Activities, Mrs. Salton, school nurse, and the three counselors work together to keep our school running efficiently. The Board of Education, repre- senting Birmingham 's citizens who make our superior school system possible, is also shown. Throughout the Cycle, are pictures of the faculty at work and in conxwion with the students. to the Leaders .U S ,ff The Birmingham Board of Education for the year 1962-63 con- sists of the following people: Front row QL- RJ, Mr. George Coombe, Mrs. Mary Beier, Mrs. Kathryn Loomis. Back row fL-Ry, Mr. Bennett Root, Mr. Pell Holling- shead, Mr. Ross Hansen. Not shown is Mr. Rich- ard Barnard. "A1ways there when you need them," Derby's three counselors play an important part in guiding the students. At left is Miss Janet Martin, Sth grade counselor, and above is Mr. Hans Jens, 9th grade counselor. Mr. Dequis, 7th grade counselor, is pictured on page 29. ,if 5 fn M y K , V ff Mrs. Thorpe assists one of the many 7th grade girls who are required to take sewing. horne-living, and cooking in their home-economics course. New friends . . . new teachers . . . new rules . . . more homework! The seventh graders have adapted very well to their new school. They have many good things to look back on, but much more - to look forward to as they continue their years at Derby. ' 7 ABOVE: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B, Botsford, A. Martiney, S, McKown, C. Bonk, P. Bettendorf, A. Barnard, I. Boyce, C. Apsey, I. Aronsson, B. Clayton. SECOND ROW: M. Richardson, R. Jones, B. Hermann, H. McGill, P, Smith, I. Bullock, L. Bibby, B. MCGOWCII, T. Runyan, T. Arm- strong. THIRD ROW: W. Osborne, C. Austin, D. DenUyl, C. Barton, R. Baird, C. Klein, T. Brailowsky, C. Lyman, B. Eddy. Cafe BELOW: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B, Redfield, J, Rake, B. VanHorne, P, Webster, P, Pilling, G. McPart1in, D. Winnie, D. Perron, C. Robinson. SECOND ROW: N. Marzella, T. Gregersen, S. Pricer, B. Sharrard, G. Rash, T. Sterling, N. Mcliinnie, M. Simpson, T.Fisher. THIRD ROW: D. Kitts, L. Taylor, P. Swanson, N. Russ, C, Pennell, L. Watterson, B. Roberts, D. Smith, D. Noffke. ----ffq+-- - --- ff - - - V -.-.57,.v,,-Q, U - -.--?-.5-,., Room 100 ' ' . f . ,,,. gy. Room 10 ABOVE: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T, Thygerson, G. Pass- avant, M. Arminski, S. Smith, C. Pardee, R. Reid, N. Mackie, I. Watts, D. Brower, C. Elliott. SECOND ROW: N. Barnes, B. Price, J. Riedl, R. Weeks, R. Holtz, J, John- son, D. Galloger, M. Anderson, L. White. THIRD ROW: D. Hinkle, D. Trickey, B. Kromer, S. Legenc, K. Thorn- hill, A. SENT: -T., - -.. . Z . H t f V -- T 15- wiv ' ' .ai-I, ik. I Q. ' 'S 1' ,f:,:1- f- 1u'f1.'fMi'ew, --M f Y: W 1 1 1 Y I Y BELOW: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Hutchins, C, Ball, I. Vinton, C. Apeseche, P. Dawson, P. Bennett, L, Bush, K. Factor, K. Warstler, G. Gillman. SECOND ROW: J. Monteith, I. Abbott, B. Tanury, J. Melcher, B. Boyles K, Sena, C. Risdon, S. Leinwand, M. Kencik, B. Martin, J. Calver. THIRD ROW: A. Blakeslee, R. Lancaster, M. Monteith, M. Connelly, C. Vocht, B. Benedict, B. Weiss, T. Ralston, C. Hawley, B. Bailey. " ' "' 7 'vi-,E-i7E7E11u'f t r ,I W. .T 1, 15.45 -'t:5..i'1j12 ,. . , ,V V I,-7r1,':'e4 .Q r,.,,.,. , ,v- 104 Room ABOVE: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Montgomery, V. Davis, M, Trost, A. Hamilton, J. Tam, D. Weber, W. Sh0Ok. J, Zimmer, K. King, B. Vallen. SECOND ROW: B. Blaze dell, I. DiMarco, S. Foreman, G. Cole, S. Miller, K. Graham, S. Hodgson, A. Latz. THIRD ROW: C. Hag- strom, M. Wilcox, M. Livermore, K. Richardson, D. Pock- randt, N. Underwood, R, Baron, I. Jennings, P. Thun, K. Retz. BELOW: Room l lO FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. DeVaney, L. Hadden, D. Riching, I. Guckelberg, B. Srrang, C. Cartwright, B. Lyles, N. Hoagland, B. Wason. SECOND ROW: J, Fick M. Steele, S. Weth, I. Horvath, R. Rice, K. Zajic, M. Mac Lellan, A. Dameron, P. Schnackel. THIRD ROW: M. Vin cent, I. Burns, R. Clair, L. Kresge, N. Hargraves, J. Lennox I. Stilson, R. Higgins, C. Cope, S. Dickenshied. ABSENT B. Brauburger, T. French, K. Nelson, J. Richey. Room ZOO T- W- - .W - -- -- 4 . - . -f.f...1,-,L--a, -,-W--,,.,,, ' I 'fi. , - .-31-3 t- ! X ,Q if 1'Q Above: This is the way we look when we are working in Block class. Above right: But this is the way we look after we've been playing in Block class. ,,...--"ff Q .15 s Serif' ' kg r cv-3 ,231 's 'Wits 1:5 ' Below: Front Row, Left to Right-D. Christy, R. Shoup, G. Salberg, A. Stephens, P. Evans, L. McFarlane, S. Bothe, J. Folk. Second Row: S. Gruschow, P. Mack, P. Davie, F. Orr, M. Stevenson, S. Miller, G. Monroe, I. Revitte. Third Row: A. Trerice, J. Smith, B. Cairns. M. Dirnbauer, M. Bricker, C. Szymke, D. Emmett, L. Sheldon, P. Fournier. Absent: T. McGovern, D. Cady G. Stein, K. Smith, N. Turner, K. Sullivan, IL Slater. Room 202 - rf ' -' 2 1 sz" it . ny- vw- fr. if-f-' - W :- 45" Room 203 ABOVE: I FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Morley, B. Cralg. M, Saefke, P, Farnworth, W. Beal, J. Morgan, D. Zwally, G, Olsen, B. King, M. McPherson. SECOND ROW: B. Lef- fler, I. Mentzer, K. Nimmo, I. Kent, E. Vines, D. Wacker, C, Cogsdill, H. Bratton, R. Miller, T. Burton. THIRD ROW: C, Powers, B. Baginosky, E. Morgan, D. McNei1age, S, Dunn, N. Ielinek, P, Nickoloff, P. Thomas, S. Restrick, C. Re- strick. BELOW: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Craighead, K. Black wood, C. Ellrnan, N. Hutcheson, V. Ernst, K. Clark, V. Babbin, K. Young, D. Eick, G. Solberg, C. Hughes. SECOND ROW: S. Gaskill, B. Davidson, B. Ebersole, I.Faw cett, B. Moody, A. Craig, I. Dykstra, M. Dalton, R. Elrnes, T, Berd. THIRD ROW: T. Gualt, D, Jennings, T. Van- Degrift, G. Goodwin, B. Garvett, S, Fuzesari, R. Sheldon, W. Gordon, M. Estes, C. Foster. 7 H ii "1 Room 26 5 F. 5 ,.,,.,,,.,.r,. ,.,f . -, Y f-f11'.,,- -- 5 7,7 -' EEL - ' A El I , . L 1 Room 206 ABOVE: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S, Kiltie, S. Iaroszewicz, ' J. Thompson, S. String, S. Mackie, J. Schreffler, M. Went, Y, Fisher, P. Blodgett, M. Adams. SECOND ROW: R, Bains, B. Trewhella, T. Lee, D. Tiedeman, J. Leinenkugel. P. Moritz, R. Gorga, M. Dellinger, D, VanderRoest, G. Quart. THIRD ROW: B. Miller, B. Holmes, P. Upmeyer, L. Fill, D. Dieter, L. Scott, D. Follis, R. Candler, M. La- Fave, T. McCasey. V :-v-1-r:-v'5f--5-- W' " ' " ' " BELOW: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Noonan, B. Nelson, D. Dildilian, C. Koch, S. Weber, W. Share, M. Lake, C. Va11DeVenter, D. Schuster. SECOND ROW: V. Le- cocq, N. Stetson, M. Morrow, B. Walker, K. Cowlin, I . Paulus. J. Creason, J. Honkanen, B. Kilpatrick, S. Montgomery. THIRD ROW: C, Peters, S. Sieland, D. Frederick, A. Wagley, S. McCullough, T. Knapp, S. Mitchell, D. Douglass, K. Ferris, P. Goulden. . I R.-, f-1, N,-.4--H,.,,.'W.Z1 1, V I V' . 1 My :fi 5 ,V M-11,5 F , I Room 208 ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Fred Schubel and students of his mechanical drawing class take time out for a laugh. ABOVE RIGHT: Seventh and eighth grade girls learn the arts of cooking and foods un- der the direction of Mrs. Roma Stark. First Row: Left to right: D. Golding, T. Roberts, R. Wil- liarns, D. Kowalski, J, Powers, S. Wright, J. Twyman, D. Mercier, R. Spiegel, K. Wilson. Second Row: F. Kjol- hede, S. Simmons, S. Wolf, L. Frisch, P. Brosnan, N. Nit- schke, P. Robison, R. Sundquist, L. Westcott, R. Wharton. Third Row: C. Proctor, G. Whitehead, K. Wilber, G. Sprunk, C. Koeller, E. Mehmetaj, N. Graham, W. Mit- chell, D. York, R. Kloor, K. Edwards. Absent: B. Moroski. Room 210 Room h 222 Front Rowg Left to right: P. Hill, S. Reeck, P. Steb- bins, D. Linton, L. Marriner, T. Johnson, M. Muir- head, A. Barnes, A. Hein. Second Row: D. Higbee, B. Golze, B. Cross, M. Diggins, D. Westerby, P. Pic- mann, R. Hale, D. Rush, R. Jacobs, D. Mazur. Third Row: C. Hawley, A. Gailey, V. Hitchcock, S. Mest, C. Lahti, R. Smith, J. Moore, C. Mallery, R. LaDue, A. Packman. Absent: N. Hehn, D. Krause, D. Hamil- ton. , BELOW LEFT: Making an attractive centerpiece is one of the many talents Mrs. Ruth Wakeland teaches her eighth grade home economics students. BELOW RIGHT: Miss Euen Smith, block teacher, demonstrates the use of the dictionary. - -f .X 4 4 K l Q HW -nj . r. . .3 T I HLET - a , 'Sw :v'f'Y" isff'4B1ff-Q' E, Last minute touchdowns . . . cheering crowds . . . exciting finishes . . . snow covered slopes . . . Through the efforts of their spirited student body, Derby has again been well represented in all sporting activities. Some of us might remember going down the advanced slope at Mount Holly for the first time, or seeing al Derby rival intercept a pass in the closing minutes of a game and gain victory. Others might recall the swimming team 's fine season or the excite- ment as the basketball team took the court. 17 fu- ' IRE Coach ainii 4-1. .1 Coach Hoeh kept the team working-practice and during the games. I-Ioeh Leads Dragons to Victory This year-'s football team, brilliantly coached by Mr. Hoeh, won four of its six games. Derby's wins over Barnum, Cranbrook, Groves and Dondero were by handsome margins while its two heartbreaking losses to Norup and Anderson were by one touchdown each. Derby will always remember the 1962 football team for its spectacular plays, thrilling games and its terrific school spirit. The team usually started with Chuck Brooks and Tom Lourie at the ends. John Hilty and Phil Schmitt at the tackles, Doug Bacon and Craig Newton at the guards, John Nelson at center, Lee Griffin at quarter- back, Jack Nelson and Bill Kennedy at halfbacks and Tom Starr at fullback. Jack Nelson out-maneuvers a de fensive back. Starr plows through Barnum 's defense. lb Basketball Torn Starr fights for the ball with an opponent from Birney. Row 1 - Left to right: J. Shryock, B. Bates, T. Allwardt, I. Nelson, R. Dunkel, D. Bacon, L. Tay- lor Cmgnj. Row 2: Coach Gibson, P, Murphy, R. Vosler, P. Lyman, S. Hopper, T. Starr, I. Kirk- wood, T. Lourie, I. Hilty. The 1962-63 basketball cam- paign ended with Derby winning five out of ten games. This year the team was ably coached by Mr. Gibson. ln the first game Leaderle was defeated by our cagers 27 - 10. After the first game the Dragons, ' 1 went into a slump losing to Ander- son 35 - 28 and to Barnum 23 - 14. Then in a very close game with Birney, we snapped our losing streak by beating the Rebels 26 - 23. On Ianuary 23, our team traveled to Norup and when the game was over Norup had 45 points to our 25. On February 1, our cagers played their second night game at Groves. Paul Murphy was obviously on tar- get as he set a school record by scoring 23 points to help defeat the Falcons to the tune of 42 - 20. The Dragons made it two in a row by defeating Oak Park 33 - 18. In our second game against Groves, the Falcons lucked out with an 18 - 16 victory. Derby entertained Barnum in the rematch and this time, on Tom Starr's free throw in the fourth quar- ter, we nosed them out 21 - 20. The season ended on an unhappy note as a mighty Kimball team beat the Dragons 45 - 31. Paul Murphy, Derby's high- 'point man, is shown here dribbling past an opponent. Who says basketball isn 't rough? .1 av 1 Swimmers up-- lst row - Craig Selover, Torn Everett, Jim Lyneis, Bill Green, Tom Draper, Craig Newton, Buzz Downey, Paul McGuire. 2nd - Wood Lotz, Jack Elliott, Jack Rucinski, Steve Mason, Chuck Brooks, John Nelson, Ken Janke, Grant Burnham. Standing - Managers Gary Burton, Morrey Weinner. In the water- Co-captains Dave Seed, Bill Kennedy. Water shy - Mike Falk, Bruce Falk, Barry Weiss, Dave Beier, Jerry Mason. "Look out below! ' Splash! Derby's swim team swan to an- other undefeated season. Through the efforts of Coach Carbonero the team repeated last year 's excellent performance. With this record, Derby has all the right to be proud of its spirit-filled team. 22 Take Your Mark - Go "Oh well, another race, "Get that breath, Tom! another first." Meet Results Derby Barnum forfeit Derby 48 Thruston 30 Derby 54 Groves 32 Derby 58 Kimball 31 Derby 55 Dondero 24 Derby 64 Hazel Park 23 Derby 63 Barnum 24 Derby 50 Groves 37 Derby 55 Kimball 26 Derby 51 Dondero 36 Derby 53 Hazel Park 24 All City Meet Derby Barnum Groves Coach Carbonero gives the eagle-eye i Iii:- lst, row, left to right-Judy Leach, Marilyn Henry, Sue Harrington, Sue Melcher, Mary Ann Heym, Leslie Baird, Liz Holmes, Chris Christen, Sara Scott, Carol Randolph, Sandy Clemens. 2nd, row-Roberta Gibson, Kris Bohan, Sue Bauer, Lynne Allman, Sue Lyman, Lucy Jones, Josie Campbell, Cindy Calderwood, Colleen Kelly, Janice Savage, Sue Banes, Margaret Fraser, Mary Spinning, Donna Christman. 3rd, row-Betsy Bren- ton, Martha Hamilton, Diane Sedgewick, Mary Marks, Carol Dickenshied, Sandy Christman, Pat Scott, Nancy Davis, Betsy McMullen, Candy Dykstra, Debby Bergstrom, Katie Trumbull, Barb Barnum. Water Ballet Hard work . . . early morning practices . . bunnies . . . Sadie Hawkins Day . . . Holidays, theme of the "63" Water Ballet Show, really kept members and Miss Jeanne busy thinking up new things to do in the acts The Uy-outs for the new 8th and 9th grade members were held in November, and from then on all extra time was spent working out new routines. After the show was over, every- one agreed that the performance was worth the hours of rehearsal. "Sandy . . . a pause that refreshes!" 24 4, M, 1 -. - F- -... . ws sw H G wg f, M -, 1-.sf , p V ,ny -s f , ,L ' ' VAL. 1 ' 'P' "F Af:,' flm. , 1-if ' jaw' j V .-gl . M9532 'ia " M LT.,-'L L.. ' -M " if A :Lien gif . ' ," '4 it ,Ei Qn . . 4. Y , JL. . tn . 1: wif' '-1 "W N44-f .sm-I A ' F " ,V . gk - n v fAboveQ A four star performance fLeftQ Roberta Gibson practices strenu- ously at water Ballet. fBe1owl A fury of foam and fun. 25 Ah' Speedy Sprinter-s Spurt Into Spring Right: Tom Lourie, Ken Janke and Mike Falk get set for the gun. Below: Mr. Hoeh shows the correct way to receive the baton. "Gee, this things heavier than I thought it would be." Due to the fine coaching of Mr. James Hoeh, the 1962 track team enjoyed a highly successful season, losing only to power- ful Groves by a few points in dual competition. Not particularly fast, the boys compensated for this by sheer determination, hard work, and team spirit. The outstanding performers on the squad were: John Kingscott who, through his tremendous versatility, gained points in nearly every eventg Rick Snyder who broke the shot put record and doubled as a dash many Howard Dubin, a fine sprinterg and Ken Evangelista who shattered the pole vault mark . Others who contributed heavily towards making this squad possibly the best balanced in Derby 's history were: Carl Evangelista and Jeff Woodward ir1 the hurdlesg Dave Nelson, Dick Swaney, Bill McQuiston, Larry McKay and Bruce Howard in the dashesg and Bob Spinning and Dick Rozek in the field events. 26 "F1ght, Team, Fight!" " D J H " These were but a few of the spirited cheers led by Derby cheer- leaders. Working ardently to pro- mote team and school spirit, their enthusiasm and support contributed greatly to Derby athletic successes. i 4... Wx H , ,jllwfvmfm as a as he--aijf i Tbclachers Find Time Mr. Ned Spencer, history, Mr. William DeQuis, counselor, and Mr. Thomas Murray, history, found less strenuous ways to relax. Above are the 9th- Faculty Baseball Champs: Mr. Gary Kulkis, sci- ence, Mr. Roger Kramer, music, Mr. Walter Rogowski, block, Mr. Charles Maynard, shop, Mr. James Hoeh, mathematics, Mr. Keneth Kasrnarek, science, Mr. William Schmidt, mathematics, Mr. Thomas Faylor, block, and Mr. Bud Keller, attendance. to ,Relax 2 lift f""'A Mr. Roland Douma, English, Mr. Earl Knowles, French, Mr. Ned Spencer, history, and Mr Walter Rogowski, block, cau't believe it as Mr. Don Cameron, block, attempts to sink a jump shot. 29 I Q Q Mr Gibson and the Oakland County Sheriff's Department put on a display of artificial respiratlon in the physical education classes. American History . . . notes . . . deten- tion . . . quizzes . . . The eighth grade often proves to be the most difficult, as one has neither the privi- lege of being the youngest nor the oldest in the school. But the pleasant anticipation of ninth grade makes school enjoyable and re- suits in a successful year. 3 1 ' Left to right, Front row: C. Hill, N. Heavenrich, B. Wienner, B. Adams, G. Sharp, B. Clark, J. Henkel, S. Allen, H. Alfs, K. Kemp, S. Orlando. Second row: M. Steere, M. Frey, B. Burda, R. Moore, A. Orlando, S. Snapp, E. Loizon, C. McPherson, B. Bethel, D. Stickel, D. Sedgwick. Third row: B. Sink, B. Johnson, D. Wassell, A. Holcomb, D. Comb, B. Smith, T. Fritz, R. Slater, J. Timmins, E. Drake, J. Griffin. Room Left to right, Front row: B. Zlorek, B. Chute, B. Follis, G. Rarnbie, D. Volkman, P. Flynn, R. Heal, K. Kasco, J. Brock, C. Ostby. Second row: P. Flem- ming, N. Vallee, M. Brown, L. Knowles, W. Gifford, C. Rondeau, T. Zaffina, E. Maciorowski, R. Mane- gold, I. Phister. Third row: I. Hall, M. Howe, D. Pardonnet, R. Copeland, N. Searles, C. Jolly, C. Wynkoop, C. Twinning, I. Smith, S. Keller, J. Pet- ers. a W 3 A .1 1 I I I v Y Room l l 3 Room 1 14 .a, wif, 1 1' 2 s W Left to right, Front row: G. Francis, I. Montgomery, J. MacDouga11, C. Peringian, B. Stuart, K. Weiss, J. Shannon, K. Riching, M. Bracco, P. Robinson, M. Summers. Second row: D. Wolfe, C. McKendry, I. Iickling, T. Gerrnanson, S. Gurley, R. Maher, M. Wojciechowski, V. Smith, I. Dankovich, J. Lu- cas, B. Haglestein. Third row: D. Brooks, H. Orr, J. Linkemann, G. Rich, L. Deck, J. Jacques, C. Rozek, D. Slater, F. McLaren, V. Brunke, C. Fabyan, V. Ross Left to right, Front row: S. Nesbitt, B. Dewar, B. Roberts, T. Blodgett, G. Haffey, M. Shyrock, K. Ford, M. Wheeler, T. Arminski, B. Smith, J. La- Bell. Second row: M. Honnold, D. Chandler, M. McLiVeen, F. Dye, A. Sampson, S. McLean, D. Williams, T. Williams, J. Weinder, D. Ford, J. Morgan. Third row: J. Bender, C. DuBois, C, Rug- gles, S. Brown, J. Tipton, M. Doenges, D. Ward, N. Marzella, S. Easlick, M. Gingras, C. Dalberg. - A f in 20 Room Left to right, Front row: C. Sparks, S. Fritzsching, T. Oppenheirn, T. Turner, S. Klinger, B. Ormerod, N. Burge, S. Page, B. Cratch, S. Loring, B. Metzler. Second row: D. Bryan, T. Bauldry, L. Birchard, L. DuComb, L. Glime, L. McKay, J. LaLonde, T. La- Macchio, M. Miller, M. Henderson, L. Reinhardt. Third row: J. Filkins, J. Filkins, L. Maedel, S. Free, J. Wallace, S. Byrnes, S. Rumsey, J. Savage, C. Kelley, N. Davis. . "-5' iff s W Sie 1 ...fin 1? . . Q. Room 207 Left to right, Front row: J. Chin, L. Farlow, I. Krigger, B. I-Iollyer, G. Benemelis, J. Keil, D. O'Connor, C. Esslinger. Second row: M. Kruchko, M. Greene, D. Wisby, P. Witkosky, J. Fitzgerald, G. Mealy, C. Osborn, J. Kleene, row: B. McGowen, M. Oates, D. J. Putz, D. Murdock, P. Scott, B. Fourth row: R. Lanyi, D. Bishop, der, C. Beneker, J. Simmons, C. kie, D. Leach. R. Mudge. Third Frank, C. Miller, Alpert, J. Farr. M. Danto, R. Sny- Gehringer, S. Mac- Room 209 N J Room l 1 5' I V ,, . T , ss f T 212 Left to right, Front row: M. Dillon, P. Draper, J. Lennox, N. Foote, M. Steinburg, S. Kilbury, B. Kingscott, B. Hebblewhite, L. Atwell. Second row: J. Schreffler, C. Telek, R. May D. Isherwood, L. Hascall, P. Filkens, D. Gafill, T. Dahuman. Third row: B. Bogue, P. Wallace, I. Taylor, P. Roe- hring, J. Archer, A. Thun, B. Blazo, D. Severs. 1-rx . .is Left to right, Front row: N. Allbright, F. Sims, B. Redo, L. Cartwright, M. Brooks, T. Pardee, L. Lan dig, R. Merryman, B. Holdsworth, L. Jones. Second row: T. Gardner, L. Ielinek, I. Kreissl, D. Dow, J. Biske, J. Taylor, K. Vannette, J. Deo, B. Kushler, P. Boyles, R. Styles, D. Jacobson. Third row: S. Robertson, S. Slone, S. Bauer, S. Burton, M. Stil- son, M. Greenhalgh, B. DeVaney, T. Eckman, C. Anderson, C. Carlson, G. Oxford. 'Q "L"f'TT7? ' ' 'riff ,g 'flffi "Z '4 ia '1-I Room Room I QQ P L' gfiirgiga--F.-525 Evil - Lag wfgi M m 2 1 mI7ff7"'?Y if , iff: ,i . T .3 Left to right, Front row: K. Zehnder, J. Dodds, C. Loud, I. Pletcher, D. Spalding, D. Pickett, L. Pur- dy, T. Redd, L. Perry, B. Griffith, B. Beresh. Second row: B. Jackson, M. Spinning, B. Ferchland, A. Ley- land, J. Jahncke, L. Brisebois, J. Martin, M. Switzer, B. Adarns, D. Currie, M. Woods. Third row: C. Poor, J. Stark, B. Staples, K. Griffith, J. Spencer, R. Mich- ael, D. Fisher, M. Loeniskar, C. Theobold, D. James, S. Sherwood. J. Patterson. J. a .E 214 Left to right, Front row: M. Henderson, P. N. Drew, S. Sterling, R. Dobson, C. Carter, P. S. Drew, J. Gosling, D. Turf, C. Sutton, J. Thomas, D. Martz. Second row: W. Daniels, C. Watt, H. Perkins, T. Barkulis, T. Freed, J. Holb, J. Taylor, J. Richard- son, L. Webber, A. Kale, B. Vinning, A. Isham. Third row: R. Bain, R. Smith, S. Witbeck, B. Hill, S. Lyman, C. Moore, D. Stein, R. Seltz, B. Robert- son, B. Darling. Not pictured-T. Miskell, C. Phelps. .. A 5 ,gr 1' ge ' , 'f .--'L' N Y V f 215 Room Room 223 Left to right, Front row: V. Scilla, S. Randall, M. Miller, S. Burrows, C. Booth, B. Fox, S. Riley, R. Reynolds, R. Bailey, C. Metcalfe, G. Polk. Second row: D. Christman, C. Mattson, C. Bach, L. Cunningham, J. Johnson, K. Kieppe, M. Bradley, T. Robbins, B. Gibbs, B. Robertson, A. Redo. Third row: B. Askew, D. Crosby, R. Hall, J. McKinnie, S. Wedge, K. Patterson, V. Sullivan, C. Bull, N. Royal, N. Dunsford, P. Loock. I. Johnson. G. Alexander, K. Anderson, B. Blaisdell, R. Boger, M. Branaka, K. Broderick, B. Evans, S. Evseef, W. Gilray, S. Hansen, C. Hill, M. Holzarth, S. Honkanen, S. Husband, D. Kennedy, B. McMullen, T. Noonan, R. Nuffer, R. O'Neil, J. Riley, G. Riordan, H. Robison, P. Scott, R. Sibley, N. Simpson, P. Smith, J. Spaulding. J. Staff, R. Topous, S. Traver, I. Trew, K. VanThielen, M. Walker, K. Wilson. Room 201 'T 1 " .. ' ..... u CTIVITIES Skiing, a favorite activity at Derby. Splash parties . . . bake sales . . . dances.. . . skiing . . . The many activities included in Derby's busy schedule help add variety and fun to school life. There are clubs available to suit any of the students' varied interests. 39 ir - lei '57 T '1 I' The Student Council at work Voted By The People The Derby StudentrCouncil has accom- plished rnuch for the school and the people of the area this year, such as distributing Christmas baskets for the unfortunate fami- lies of Oakland County and collecting used but wearable clothing for needy children and adults. Under Mr. Harry Keller 's supervision, the officers, Dave Beier, president, Nancy Yaryan, vice president, Art Kale, secretary, and Fred Trickey, treasurer, have worked hard to stimulate school spirit and advance the reputation of Derby Dave Beier, president, ponders a problem of the Student Council. ' Ba- average . . . 2+ in citizenship . . active in school events . . . These and many more are the qualities members of the National Junior Honor Society must possess. Miss Carolyn Switzer of the art department and Mrs. Jean Pierce of the lan- guage department direct the students in activities designed to better the school. The members did not work all the time, however, they took time out to enjoy a hockey game and a dinner at Devon Gables. For The People Planning a project? Mrs. Pierce and presi- dent, Tom Redder conduct an after school meeting. Other officers are, Jane Diedrich, vice president, Didi Bowditch, secretary, and John Brown, historian. as-F XX 41 H T The Ninth Grade Mixed Choir " Do Re Mi " Derbyites "Prisoners of Love," Ann Nixon and Pete Wallace talking with Miss Jan Sherman of the Music Depart- 1T161'lt. -i 73 if ,- ff QW-f?"i,'F' 'A H ,QI 1 f' efiz-D " '50 f1s.a'f ' ,, ,, is X if Jw' N ff! T af' I -f rf, f 13 K- 'Jr .ff - r-ggi IN fi i ff, A A Af ru, P L: ,,:,,,,4f'i4rr Irv, , 5 f . 'Ay ., lx This year Derby School had eight performing vocal groups. Directed by Miss Sherman, Mrs. Fitz- gerald, and Mr. Courter, there were two seventh grade mixed glee clubs and one seventh grade girls' glee club. In the eighth grade there were two mix- ed choruses and one girls' chorus. And as always, in the ninth grade there was a mixed choir and a girls' choir. These groups were seen participating in the Christmas program, Spring Concert and the All City Festival. The two selective groups, the ninth grade mixed and girls' choirs were also in the Special Vocal Festival and the National Junior Honor Society program. The choirs worked hard at various projects to earn money for robes. How proud they were at the end of the year when both choirs were seen fully robed in blue and gold! Love to Sing The Ninth Grade Girls Choir Look again, it's not the students! 1-- ,site f. Variety Show Highlights the Gay Nineties April 5, 1963, a variety of talent was displayed at Derby's Variety Show. Keep- ing with the theme of the Gay 90's, acts such as "Can1Can", "Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard, " "l Won't Grow Up", "Quiet Village," entertained students and their parents. The show was made possible through efforts of Mrs. Sanderson, Miss Switzer, the Audio Visual Club, the Dramatics Club, and the interested students who performed. Variety Highlights Director Mrs. Norma Sanderson and M. C. Dave Seed impatiently await the click of the camera. Marti and Tudi listen carefully to the director 's advice. 44 4 Shovv Ciay 903 ,Ik 31. 'Q - in Maybe with a few changes . . . Big bad Bill flexes his muscles for three attentive bathing beauties. 7 " fr - 1 , . il" D . uf situ., 45 l Directed by Mr. Don Kramer, Bands I and Il learned many new techniques that helped add to their prowess. Their uniforms, bright red blazers and grey skirts and slacks, were financed by their numerous bake sales. The excellent playing of Band I was wit- nessed at the Christmas and Spring concerts. Band II worked hard improving their skills in Which one hit the wrong note? Strike Up The Band! The members of Band I are: L. Brian, I. Briegel, B. Emmett, B. Goodwin, B. Kreger, R. Kreger, T. Lourie, D. Mazur, C. Miller, C. Newton, R. Palmer, R. Ravon, D. Seed, D. Simpson, C. Swanson, D. Tanner, S. Wade, B. Whitney, B. Wortley, R. Whitall, J. Arnorosi, D. Bowditch, M. Close, M. Henry, M. Heyrn, P. Hollyer, L. Patrick, G. Passavant, I. Neely, C. Wakeland, T. Bauldry, G. Benemelis, S. Bens, R. Boger, B. Brooker, A. Carter, E. Drake, P. N. Drew, P. S. Drew, R. Erickson, D. Fisher, I. Fitzgerald, R. Fox, G. Frances, J. Griffin, B. Hagelstein, B. Hebblewhite, I. Kleene, D. Leach, P. Looch, R. Metzler, R. Nuffer, C. Peringian, C. Poor, S. Randall, G. Riordan, I. Saut, P. Spalding, R. Smith, J. Taylor, M. Walker, K. Wil- son, B. Blazo,T. Germanson, A. Isham, J. Pletcher, G. Rambie. 46 order to be ready to play in Band I next year. Derby's Orchestra practiced together every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year improving their skills. Mr. Max Ambs directed the orchestra in the Christmas and Spring concerts and at the District Festival on March 16. These performances and the many challenges which took place between the members made this year 's orchestra experience most enjoyable. .. ..v.n'rA "Now class do you think that's how Tchaikovsky meant it to sound?'1asks Mr. Ambs. And Grchestra ! The members of the Orchestra are: J. Amorosi, B. Bowditch, M. Close, S. Diggins, S. Harrington, P. Hollyer, M. Hurd, K. Jones, G. Passavant, A. Shinnick, J. Briegel, B. Emmett, B. Goodwin, T. Lourie, M. McGaw, D. Mazur C. Miller, R. Palmer, C. Swanson, B. Whitney, P. Boyles, M. Greene, V. Brunke, N. Dunsford, S. Gurley, F. Mc- Laren, C. Moore, A. Sampson, J. Thomas, G. Benemelis, J. Ellerby, I. Kleene, P. Charles, R. Smith. 47 Mr. Edward Koury of the history department hopes it will be a strike. Crash! Another strike for a member of the bowling club. Sponsored by Miss Jeanne, this club had two sessions, each ten weeks in length, with eighteen teams participating in a session. There were a- wards for the winning girls' team and boys' team. Also, there was a teacher-student tournament at the end of each session. Bowling Club Goal "KEEP Tl-IE KIDS OFF Tl-IE STREET: PUT 'EM IN THE ALLEYS lst place winners Mr B111 Schmidt and Penny "No, Mr. Ford, not first prize! " says Francis Jeanne Hamill are giving advice to 2nd place winner of the Phys. Ed. department. Mr. Joseph Edwards of the English department 48 They're Here When We Need Them These boys, instructed by Mr. Wm. Schmidt, performed a valuable service by running projectors, tape recorders and other equipment when needed. 'ff' ' ' F" wrfq"f'-,,f71- H51 ' ' 'wa' Derby's Wireless Workers Dash Again Many Radio Club enthusiasts earned their amateur licenses or worked closer to achieving them. In addition, with Mr. Hans Jens 's and Mr. Larry Rodgers 's help, they studied theory and learned the Morse Code. 5.-e.. ""h.sg1a. --f , ALJ. 49 -ff te Knee deep sleeping bags and paraphernalia made rafter travel seem easier for Derby trarnpers. Scheming or posing? There 's a lot of both done on Camp and Trip outings. Merrily We Trip Along "You say Miss Jeanne saw ya sneaking out the window?! " ,fa L5 - 5 . . v 50 "Only one more carmel apple, and we can go on our ski trip! " a familiar cry uttered by Carol Clark, president of the '63 Camp and Trip Club. Under Miss Jeanne's excellent supervision, this group of thirty- five also ventured on a canoe trip, a camping trip, and a theatre trip. Elephant or Donkey? +154-me l n fx, 51 shun The Political Science Club was started in Dec- ember with a "troika" leadership composed of Mr. Walt Rogowski, Mr. Don Cameron and Jeff Hadden. Larry Deck was the assistant troika member and Bob Dewar was secretary. The club, which meets three Thursdays a month, has held discussions on such things as capital punishment and the Common Mar- ket. They handle everything! Mrs. Procter, Miss Blow and Mrs. Schwarze really keep the school running smoothly. Aided by the assistants, who give up their study hall to help, they keep the office a picture of efficiency, The secretaries work hard, often working late to run off a test for a teacher or make sure that all of Mr. Ford 's letters are ready to mail. It would certainly be hard to run the school without this hard working trio and their helpers. Workmg, Ever Working The secretaries Girl Fridays Kathy Schwab Donna Hale, lo Neely, Kathy Eichinger Sandy Olin Maggie Burton Sue Morton and Carol Carlson. -Q,-1 , S!! The cafe workers always look this tired after serving pizza. for the Good of the School in 5 he t 53 Novels . . . Biog- raphies . . . Magazines . . . Encyclopedias . Literature of all kinds was to be found in Derby's library. Miss Oliver and her twenty-eight helpers, who work in their free periods, really kept the library run- ning efficiently. :SX an Rik liialf-.jrfllj wlpqjgl l VJHV. ll Projects - - - f'i'1?Uf' Pets - - - And Perplexities This project won an honorable mention in the Science Fair and a first in the Industrial Arts Fair. Q.:- Mr. Voydanoff tries to translate the hieroglyphics in a project report. 54 "Next Friday! I Oh, no! I thought they were due a week from next Friday! " "My experiment didn't work-I had to write it up as a failure." ' These were among the many comments heard from the first until the 14th of March, the date of the Science Fair. Many excellent projects were handed in on every topic under the sun. Prize winners from the Biology classes were: first place. Joyce Beare, second place, Didi Bowditch, and third place, Phyllis Hollyer. In the ninth grade the prize winners were: first place, Kathy O'Brien, second place, Tom Root, and third place, Cheryl Norton. The eighth grade winners were: first place, Tom Beck, second, Brad Bogue, third, Bob Kushler, and the seventh: first, Tanya Braikowski, second, Tim French, and third, Jim Barron. In addition, many honorable mentions were award- ed. Most of these winners also competed in the Regio al Science Fair held at Derby. X t p N Rockhounds All! QYWN Q The geology club members and their advisers, Mrs. Margaret Deck- er and Mr. Ken Kasmerak, took time out to pose for the yearbook. Rockhounds all! Derby 's newly formed Geology Club always had some project going to find out more about their field of interest. They visited Cranbrook Institute of Science to see the minerals and took a field trip to a quarry. In addition, Mr. Lake of Lake's Jewelers brought 310,000 worth of precious gems to a meeting. The Geology Club witnessed two dif- ferent exhibits on gem polishing and Mrs. McDonald brought in her extensive gem collection. Roe Heal and Barry Smith brought in their lapidary equip- ment and demonstrated gem polishing. Teachers Find Time Pictured on this page are some of Derby 's teachers working at after school activities. fBelowJ Mrs. Liz Becktold, Art, and Miss Phyllis Walters, Math Dept., keep busy correcting papers. fCounter-clockwisej Miss Jean Patmas, Science Dept., stays after school for outside reading. Mrs. Sally Youngs, Science Dept.. smiles approvingly on correcting an "A" test. Mr. Bill Schmidt, Math Dept., makes corrections on a math test. Mrs. Florence Foster, English Dept., reads papers for the Detroit News Scholastic Writing Contest. Mrs. Nancy Kauth, Math Dept., explains a difficult problem S to a perplexed student. 'f ' mr ,.-L fix 1 K.. Vp' .3 -...-W 1 Hill . Nr? ati- , 56 1 'H 'il . . f- - if ,fm - 1' 'f"' I 'A Q P S fhf".'l ' ,-.-L :5,- ,I -V "'rs. ,sl-' 1 X Queen Leslie Baird and King Jack Nelson. I Could Have Danced All Night 57 The "Kings and Queens of Hearts' dance, held by the 9th Grade Mixed Choir for the 8th and 9th grades, was one of the outstanding dances of the year. Couples carried out the dress- alike theme by wearing quite a var- iety of outfits. They ranged from matching sweaters and shirts worn by most, and a "Prisoner of Love" cos- tume to several suspender outfits. Dateline Editor and Editor-in-Chief, , , Sports Editor ,,,,, Fashion Editor ,,,, Club Editor ,,,,, Art Editor --.--- Business manager. . Donna Bell Grant Burnham Margaret Fraser Martha Hamilton Barb Johnson Karen Koernke Gayle Madison John Nelson ' Karen Pritchard Extra! Extra! The Publications Class assembles Derby Dateline. 58 1 Staff ,. Kathy O'Brian Brian Walker Maria Bruno Mary Ann Finneren Jim Shryock Mike McGaw The Dateline Staff Anne Buesser Carol Clark Bill Green Dianne Heidel Jane Kempf Chris Linker Martha McClew Cheryl Norton John Riedl Articles for the Dateline had to be written, checked and rewritten before they could go to presses. Once printed the paper J had to be assembled and stapled. The Publications Class put forth every effort to make the Derby Date- a success. i Derby Publications class learn techniques of Seaholm paper and year- book on a field trip. "Here comes Mr. Fay- lor with the pictures. Now, we can lay out our pages! Rushing, rushing we are always rushing to meet deadlines in the 'lth hour Publications Class." Thanks are certainly in order to Miss Margaret Carter and Miss Patricia Kenneally for their hard work and nudges they gave us when we were stuck. We are also grateful to Mr. Blackford for his advice on the art work. Cycle S Donna Bell Karen Koernke Martha McClew Maria Bruno Grant Burnham Carl Swanson Mary Finneren Chris Linker Carol Clark Martha Hamilton Gayle Madison Leigh Marriner Debbie Tiedman Read All About It! taff Kathy Clark Carol Ellman Jackie Jacques Sally Slone Q,-51"-s 59 94:1-Bo L 'fum I Q.. -fr l xx, ,"' TA . B 7 if Each Thursday this winter, half of the eighty mem- bers of Derby's Ski Club donned ski clothes and waited impatiently for the bus to take them to Mount Holly. There they skied all afternoon and evening under the supervision of Miss Carolyn Mirek and Mr. Tom Fay- lor. Although this was a new club in '63, Derby's Ski Club was thoroughly enjoyed by all of its many mem- bers. X Mrs, Sally Thorpe, of the Home Ec. Dept., really enjoys her skiing. f The Ski Club Out for an afternoon of skiing are Mrs. Carol David- son, and Mr. Faylor, of the English Dept., and Miss Mirek, of the Math Dept. -I' p. Liga Artists Are Active Projects . . . pins . . . friends . . . fun . . field trips . . . This past year the Art Club has been active! They did everything from working with clay to viewing the Van Gogh. Show. The members show their skill, ability, interest, and imagination by working on projects of their own choosing. Each project is a stepping stone to their goal, the Art Club Pin. Miss Caroline Switzer Mrs Elizabeth Becktold and Mr James Blackford look over samples of Dress -alikes gather at the Valentine Dance. Algebra . . . Dickens . . . boys . . . girls . . . Senority! , Ninth grade is a year of contradictions. There is the fun of being the oldest, How- ever, the responsibility of meeting the requirements for an advanced education is a new, baffling, and exciting situation which confronts the ninth grader. 63 Becky Adams Rosemary Akerly Scott Albers Wanda Aldrer Carol Allen Lynn Allman Tim Alwardt Bruce Alpert Ioan Amorosi Nancy Apeseche Diane Austin Doug Bacon Leslie Baird Ross Baldwin 64 Sue Banes Barb Barnum Barry Bates Joyce Beare Dave Beier Donna Bell Linda Bender Mike Bens Diane Berglind Debby Bergstrom Kris Bohan Eddie Boltz Bill Bothe Didi Bowditch I my 3, s 1. 4 115' - J i , vw 1 1 Mr azlgigfl "iw i in an ' A V T:'g'3f'J 4 .H 5 . 155 5 N D fig," v 5? it -were Larry Brain Betsy Brenton John Briegel Torn Brodie Chuck Brooks Jeff Brower John Brown Maria Bruno Anne Buesser Grant Burnham Gary Burton Maggie Burton Bill Busch Cindy Calderwood 65 Josie Campbell Rob Candler Carol Carlson Roger Case Chris Cheney Chris Christen Sandy Christman Kent Christopher Greg Chryst Carol Clark Sandy Clemens Marge Close Jack Collins Larry Cooper '15,-4 " A -4: I H? 1 W Aisi y Q- I .. ,ax 1 NTVA 1, , ram ' ,Q , H vi N ,X '-,P ,X T if? gf- 2- 4 ' "F 15 T 5 J i fl -V .iigfr ir J 'Q Y .nh A. J,-,. ' -, .. .C Q- 1 P ,, is fs J a- ., f. A 4 ' JJ J , ' m y .. 'J ,kf , EH Q K Q l, 5 . N ..Y YV ffi ' Q . 3, 6 " nv K R mn ilk H x G P I Candy Dykstra Kathy Eichinger Kim Duncan Doug Dunsron Randy Dunkel 'T f 1, 1, Jack Elhott 2 l C si Ann Douglass Buzz Downey Tom Draper Darryl Duke Bonnie Craig Craig Craig Rod Craighead Sandy Crawford Dave Curry Don Davie Kathy Davis Debby Dawson Lyn Dawson Mark Day Carol Dickenshied Richard Dickman Jane Diedrich Sally Diggins Sue Dixon 66 Mrs. Dorothy Larson. of the English Dept leads her students to Camelot. Bob A. Ellis Bob B. Ellis Barry Emmett Tom Everhart Tom Everett Steve Fairbanks Ron Fairchild Bruce Falk Mike Falk Marianne Figgins Doug Filter Sue Finley Mary Finneren Dick Fisher Chris Fitt Hr" V- ,- V-f., n,-. r Karen Flynn Sandra Follis Margaret Fraser Patti French . r eq-53,3 J A - ' at Q :aa 2' 1 F' , S Eu .HU ' 5 .ffl af. Nancy Galey Libby Gault Bill Gellman Miss Pat Kenneally, of the English Dept., looking - Coy at a basketball game. 67 W r - 1 . l I I Roberta Gibson Leslie Gilleo Joann Glaser Linda Gilley . 'P 11 "Lib 'S x ' 'iigrl " 1' l X Q x '. 'F Xi sv 'ff 5 ffw 1 ' 'off l ' . 1' I . -"U .'1 l..L.' '-.... 'RJ 'x ' ' Hugh Gollogly Barry Goodwin Bill Green Lee Griffin Lynn Guymon Jeff Hadden Mike Hadden Donna Hale Mike Haibeck Dave Halsey Dave Hamburger Penny Hamill Martha Hamilton Sue Harrington Sue Hartt Marianne Hartzell D Carla Mascia can't really believe that Donna got another strike! Paul Hawley Q Dianne I-leidel Q' Marilyn Henry Mary Ann Heym Bob Hill John Hilty Lois Hofmann Terry Hogan Gary Holcomb Phyllis Hollyer 68 Liz Holmes l is " f Greg Holzwortb 1 f f Steve Hopper f V i ' 'Wi H , A . Ellen Hornfisher N J' is gf Sharon Howson ' V A ' :Jim V 'U' -MMZSSE 5 ' Mary Ann Hurd Craig Hutton Judi Hyland Craig Jackman Bill Jackson Q . Charles Maynard, of the Shop Dept., cracks the whip over June Vines at detention. Kay Jones Bob Kelly Jane Kempf Bill Kennedy Marion Kiddie c Ic., ,I V 1 Jim Kirkwood , Y if Gary Kirwan - .M Karen Koernke ' RM K ' J Bart Kreger W s I - J 3 Bob Kreger V- S . ' Y y Nate Jackson Alan Jacobson Ken Janke Craig Jenson Barb Johnson Clem Jones ' 15 -L ..E-bi A - 3,55-at , ,Y ar. , ' fiif, . f 'X ' . g, L-5 ' '14, '43 W, - ' , . Rrffflif' ,- W -. 69 , l- 'B A Arn I-nine .f If R e x s i Av Q -3' ', 73:..u-.2 .4 , I Pat Kros Ja net Kurth Mary Lacey Carol Lahti Dave Laila Karen Lampe Judy Land Milly Landis Linda La nyi Nancy Latteier Dana LaVere Kerry Lawrence Jill Lennox Jim Liebich 1 'Fi lg x John Liebich Chris Linker iw r f Mary Lippard Margie Logue I A5 Joe Loiacano --Q F Rob Lotero " ' . . J 1 - f...1 I r M 1 L, I Y -my n ,A ' 1 Y ' A ', E 1 VE! Wood Lotz by 5 Tom Lourie N- ' N K--NA - KU X ANY-V Judy Leach - Paul Lehman will J' , fn ff? . -5 , L ff .. AMN Ki' 70 fl' I Mr. Ray Phillippi, of the English Dept., finds time for quiet reading of his own. of-. '-2' X 3 2 . 7 .X V 94. f- - 51: A V , ef ,Q ' I Q r H- I 'rf - v I 54:5 ' ' Q' 1 -f-' ' Donna Hale listens as Mr. James Thomas, of the English Dept., ex- plains an assignment. Linda Manning Mary Marks Dan Lovaas Lee Lundquist I Carla Mascia Steve Mason Phil Lyman Jim Lyneis Tom Matthews Darryl Mazur Duncan MacKenzie Sandy MacKenzie Martha McC1ew Elroy McCrary Gayle Madison Craig Madvin Mike McGaw Paul McGuire Sue Malesky Mary Mallery Pat McKown Dick McQueen Connie McTeer Sue Melcher '71 . ,5 2, V. , ,al fu , , 'E' ij 'F' ,fsfzfa Joanne Neely Jack Nelson John R. Nelson Debbie Nesbitt Craig Newton Terry Newton Ann Nixon Cheryl Norton Kathy O'Brien Sandy Olin Sharon Ostrow Carol Paczas Dan Miller Sharyn Miner Bill Mirbach Bob Mooney Larry Moore Sue Morton Becky Mosley Doug Mueller Paul Murphy Tim Murphy Robin Neal ffl x V, mm, , Q-al. fed N55 if r 2, :Ku 'r J r., H, Z A ,il gs X if f W, 5 , i 'L ,J . - ' , 55, 1 . Y Q- Jerry Mason Dick Menard Greg Michael Joann Middleton Carl Miller I Lv, r ffm 3 'ff 'f ,Q SIP? 7 +f ,f:Ig1:4':-Qfk.-'.ip E Mr. Tom Nichols, of the Math Dept., remarks, "That's the logical ex- planation." 4 s ' ' Q 44 fm. gg Q ' Laura Page Dick Palmer Ginger Passavant Lynne Patrick Linda Peitz fc 4. Iii" I 1 If lf: E.. P! fl fx - Bill Pessel Adrianne Petrakis Steve Petti N wr M Mrs. Dalsa Salton, Nurse, keeps Derby students in good working order. , ,rv r' feMConnie Polidan v- I 'P ' .A , rf ... !' ' F fl, 125 11 : 'S' J Shawn Porter Karen Pritchard Ann Purrnan Gary Quackenbush Carol Randolph Ron Raven Jim Reading i 1 -X ,V .5 ri, L-2 f lm Km N" ".,..-. E A -5. 1-3' '-I V 11- 73 Sheri Redd Torn Redder Donna Richardson Jim Richey Marge Riching Chris Rick John Riedl Frank Roberts Sue Robertson Carol Rohr Marion Robinson Luis Roldan Torn Root Ron Rouleau Dick Royal Jack Rucinski Penny Rush Bill Ryan George Ryder Harvey Sarkisian Mary Ann Savino Bob Sawdey Ralph Scafuri Sue Schaub John Scherer Phil Schmitt Dick Schneider Mark Schoen Dennis Schoenrock Pete Schubeck Kathy Schwab Sarah Scott 1 ,r 1 - , X ,535 ' ' uf' . R' W s , .-4 -r . '22 ' 'N-gal.- V - Q75 .fi 5 jijf ITM" J I .5 Q ff f f ,yu V. I .4 F!-we HW.. f 2 -4 I na l 2 V r 1 1153! Dave Seed Craig Selover Ga il Shannon Dick Sharer Sally Shepherd Ann Shinnick Jim Shryock Dave Simpson Jeff Simpson Tom Draper-Future Mechanic? 74 i im ' v 4 VX . 1, x raw ,X y y f M? 1, -sf .S lui' Vx fx, 'r- 'A G ,fl- , , I Af V U I . ,LJ if 4" , QWJ' .Z '- -71 . 4, ,V ...fl, ,, f :U 141, xt gg! F in , rlfiu jxgv 'Q' gf, 'J or Barb Sitta Mike Skurtu Bonnie Smith Nancy Smith Robin Smith I ,Q 1 Steve Smith Sue Smith Sherrill Snapp Henry Sokol Marilyn Spalding W, Sally Splane Tom Spiegel Ken Starr Tom Starr Janice Stein Peggy Sterling Pete Stevens John Stewart Margaret Stickney Jim Stonehouse Nancy Strader Sue Straight Bob Strejan Bill Stutte Sharon Sullivan Carl Swanson Clare Swayze Connie Takis Gary Talbert 75 'W' ' ' " 'Sl :a::,'w.-n'ir I Ai N X I Q 1' " ' V :J ' v nr. Talented Brian Walker gives Chris Linker a new hairdo. a rt, I j A - 'X , f-5' to . 191237 ' ' D 53.5 a are lt I V f ' ' w i af rl, w - mf fa .- X. 'I X J: in 1 , ' 2 if 2: a L Nancy Ward Wayne Warner ,I 1 fa Jai! cflfi H 71. ,-, ...L A 'yr 5 ag' , Carla Watkins Glenn Watson If , 4 x tt' 1 4 Nd w IS vm , ,4 ju ru E A u ww 'Q S lr Z Pat Voss Steve Wade Joe Wagner Connie Wakelancl Brian Walker Diane Walker Dave Tanner Larry Taylor Drew Teasel Cathy Tiedernan Tom Tollefson Neal Touran Fred Trickey Katie Trumbull Debbie Twyman Stuart Urquhart Connie VanA1len Gloria Vanderhagen June Vines Terry Voehl Rick Vosler Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Seaholm we go. The Derby Publications class takes a trip to Seaholm High. '7 6 Laura Weaver Ken Weber Jan Weidner Sue Weil Earleen Weiley Morrey Weinner Barry Weiss Dave Westerby Bob Whitall Bruce Whitney Alan Wilcox John Williams Paul Wilson Tim Wilson D'Esta Winslow Camera Shy: Sue Dietderich Mark Elliot Bruce Short Marilyn Springer Gary Swenson Phil Trificano . -- wa : W ' ' ' - 1 if , 214551--I-Mi s 'K ' S was 1 Klr Hvml D 2- Dennis Wolfe Tina Wolfe Carol Wollenberg SI ' r 9 f N Jane Woodison Q' .1 Kim Woods ,W ' Q' Lindsay Woods l mia , ' - Keren Woodward Lee Woolsey Bill Wortley Nancy Yaryan 77 K ,. "' Z . 1 , l JIS L an s' 'A ' is d as M, rs, ti 3 -if 'Y x x is 'll X 'lax Q N, -,K 1 ' 4 r ,N 4: N ,... ti 'V - -11 hiiikm GC At last Mr. Edward Story is assisting Miss Margaret Carter in her Miss Barbara Amund- son, Mrs. Idella Webb, Mrs. Evelyn Samanen and Miss Julie Blank of the English depart- ment admire one of Mr. Cameron's interest ing bulletin boards. He Teaches addition lessons. ,..-. .,A9' ,df Y' L Mr. Rodger Kramer, director of the IW- ,571 QR" - bands. is shown here directing Band I. 78 l, . Mr. Glenn Karseboom Miss Nancy Santini, Mr. Earle Knowles, and Mrs. Carole Par- nell of the language department discuss the operation of the language lab. Who Gives Mr. Bob Williams, Mr. Mike Pierno, and Mr. Jim Kochevar carefully inspect a student's project in their shop department Thanks Where It's Due During 1962 and 1963 the following people have given freely of their time and effort: Ninth Grade and Faculty Eighth Grade Layout Seventh Grade Layout Activities Sports Art Copy Photography Advisors Anne Buesser Cindy Fabyan Leigh Marriner Diane Heidel John Nelson Debby Dawson Margaret Fraser Mr. Thomas Faylor Miss Margaret Carter Miss Patricia Kenneally I would like to thank each and everyone who has helped put the 1963 Cycle together. Barbara Johnson Cycle Editor-in-chief 80 is f EDWARDS BROTHERS, INC ,tn Ab .M 1-'gm Q50 CO U5 5623? I 2222? 7Wf,, wjW W Q WWW! ,W 522 G2 ,Eff 2 E 90n,w9?SKQ W0 ' QQ Jr fc9mf i4Pd,C5 we md fi? CLS- I Qs i? E 34 D 5 0 'Q '1 E 'I wx 1 1 4 ' 4 3 Q - - . - - fl'-i - fr-1--.-+k-.-.5---W -. -..-.-.......-..m...,u.,..-..,- ,...-- A.-. ,. .,., ,,,,,- fl .. . -1 . 4- , gif., 1 ,gn lf ? I , 'H fl xl ,J O JN N V -V an--hh .M E Z xv M x H Heb, , f:.42,,,,gih-1 ,hi .-Q.---.S-..4...-va-.mqmg 1-.a-1-H--a--uv--Q--,--.-. :ff--:e11f1u.A.----fnwnfamvmwu f 'mga-A,n.h ff-aw - -1- 5-1 ,F YYVY ,wkmim-N:-iwffx,-v-nf-Qi --vzrfqfii.. 11: vxf w - , 1 A , MWL W .,'T"5'f'1i',,,'f"ZTAE"If'?RfL"ffJ""" ,:"'T F .H , I ? x . ,, V w x - , , 1 n , , ' V 1. 1 1 ' 1 4 .RI I -lx K . -fn., x K . K 1 I - ,. ,nl ., a ' ,

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