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-. an -YP DE T CENTRAL 1 ,ui l I MXN' 1 i Q , I f X! J NXXQ f f if K gb 'n Lf X , X I 4 f x V V SCHOOL fr llc -nf f,f , Aff v X fU',l 4 We are grateful to Mrs Ondrejovich in many ways Not only has she been a swell teacher but her advice and assistance on the yearbook staff and in other phases of school life have been invaluable Her unfailing friendship and sense of humor has endeared her to all To Mrs Ondrejovich we W1Sh to say, Thanks a Milli We-' 4 4 OD gs! 5- . -9...- I A d 1 x by 5 77212, Xd3',f,Zw.1 As young braves and raidens in the year l9N7, we began our high school life with Mr Bilow as our advisor Through four active years he has been our friend and counselor although there were many moments when he may have wanted to give us back to the Indians Because of his untiring effort during our high school years, we feel this is one way in which we can show our appreci ation It is with great sincerity that we dedicate the 1951 Acorns in his honor 5 M MEX! QM Wai 3 9 if ZH! 6 wgndmejwag ,AJC N39 C2 YT 'L f E? L M W ff mfw X V , my .X U ua A 0 - 06 . K 5-fx N ' . , 94,-Qtr QQ 1 1 55: K Q 7 W SX SQ I E' My 5 x X JJ-ff A-y X ZA' 'N X.,-. 65 fi fv SMU., SJW ,, , lx Q i .S if -2 Lo ff? x. Y-Gi 'fjff f ff If W, ff! xx j S 2 ,Z if , my 11 if Aff If Afg' fffmff Qu ,FP 606 lem e1 P X50 yd-'G eX 12 0 Q6 fi'-A 'i5f 5:.-- ' 'Haze i Ock 1 P N -0' '-z Y QQTJBY um, OWL 'S-'G 'Bona 60 ,f!' o'C QQQOKVL fi' Deo Xner YW 'wow' Km X X N i K Fargo G jf X?- 77 'JK 'SYN Q 129' 1 4- Wie? e 'vo'o dak Betty Lynch Z - 06 S0 .X 'F Dat xkc 611' o-3 .zz A fIl0WN FQ!! 4 Wwf' if V Richgl, in f' ff M1118 131,70 Q J Oi-0 li 4- 04 S SS 01' ffm 4- I If 'Da Y 'ag ? ,f KL 5 xoe 'P 6'f'i"1 F 6 X599 5 XA 'US 101 L Q Hut -in ! I,-ff" 80,207 ' ,,,pf X11 Lx fd O O wi, Kd 'Y' 81'-'01 Secreet 15 A 3 aff ',e'S- Rx P X ew? ffs PNG l nf 7 QY- QW 911 Q Jane X X f 9 2 ievf Y J of M 'W K. ' S.. QI' Z? fv' 26 Glfb We were sent to Washington to represent the Koo Koose CDepos1tD Indian Reservation in a private pow wow with Chief Truman On our return to the reservation we were greeted by Chieftan Nancy Andresen with her buck Otto We were then introduced to three fair maid namely Shirley Block Hedy Zandt and Alice Perry Ugh are those tons we hear in the distance? Ah yes Orel Orvis is sending a message around to all members of the tribe of 1951 to come to the annual reunion t the round house from which we graduated Of course John Conklin will ve some trouble getting there because he is stationed at Lookout Moun as a Forest Ranger looking for smoke signals from his lost buddies Skillman Dick Hawthorne and Ronnie Conklin who have been sent on special mission to capture photographer Harold Secrest, who took plc- tures of our secret secret which is too secret to mention Fred Edwards overcome by graduation has to be taken over to medicine man Doris Comer' tent where her assistant Alice Axtell will soon have Fred on the road to with her receptionist Jane wit h Agnes Martin te scurry past magic charms We were received in the tent by chief Smith who told us the medicine man was in conference who has charge of all the papooses We saw a flash of the door as Pat Rutledgeland Barbara Shanly rushed to ffer pills to Dale McElroy the Hiawatha of 1951 Upon leaving the med clne man's tent we are greeted with a heap big 'How' from squaws Betty DeRose and Marcella Page They tell us that Marian Menzel and Louise Fargo are teaching their children the A B C's of Indian language while Dick Lee offers religious instruction to the children and.Georg1anna East wood is dleticlan of the Long House Upon inquiring about Jeanne Boyer we are told she is teaching at St Mary's in Binghamton Betty Lynch is editor in chief of the new magazine 'How to Get Your Brave ' Warren Scofield and Viola Sherman are the willing and well paid accountants of the firm Anna Mae Rlfe is the right hand man because of her secretarial abilities Anna Mae and Betty were doing a big scoop of the entertaining w w v ted them The main stars were Carole Schmidt and Phil field here e isi Potterg both famous for their fire dance and Indian love calls. Ed Thomas and Sam,Swart accompanied by Joan Griffin are rapidly rising to fame. If you haven't heard them sing with Joan at the piano, you better do it be- fore tickets are as hard to get as the 'South Pacific' tickets. Bill Weiss ls their press agent and due to him the boys are going to get a lot of pub- llcity soon. Richard Buck takes care of all wam um that just seems to flow in the box office. Speaking of wampum we understand that people are very careful when they deal with Noel Hauser. They examine any wampum they re celve with great care. It seems Noel has been trying to discover a new way of making wampum. But he won't succeed because Jim Eagan is on his trail. Undercover, of course. John Cunningham inspects the milk from the dairy farms of Foster Bullis, Clayt Gifford and Vern Lobdell. Richard Mills rides a 'mean' horse on the pony express route, while Ramon Oralls fixum up 'mean' horse when horse is sick. Bill Sim ons makum big wnoopee with ufairn maidens. Graydon Schriver and Fred Seymour are heap big hunt- s of tribe. What-um-hunt? Who knows? The long house is silent now, the pow-vows of our tribe are gone. Mr. Bllow our advisor, is now spending happy days smoking the peace pipe with our other teachers. 27 Ie, the heap big tribe of '51, do make this our last whoop and yahoo of our old stamping ground, the D C S reservation, and leave um the following to the remaining Indians of the reservation 'Red Eagle' Axtell do leave um the heap big privilege of being the only scalp maiden in the Senior Tribe to Norma Schultz 'Eagle Head' Weiss leave um big ability to make flying birds to Hlbbard 'Butterfly Girl' Shanly do leave um the heap big Job of note taker the Indian Council to Ann Smith 'Buffalo Eye' Orvis leave um his ability to drive a horseless carrlag Bob Thomas 'Evening star' Lynch leave um her chair and place in the Indian Or chestra to Norma Bryce to remember her by 'Red near' CRonnyD Conklin leave um his naught to tiny brave, Bob 'Running Wolf' Edwards leave um his horseless carriage 'Leaping to Richard Knoeller 'White Swan' Andresen leave um her heap big position as the first to become Indian squaw to Loretta Brvce 'Singing Bird' Smith leave wmher heap good alto voice to Elaine Lov Joy so she can have big time harmonizing with herself 'Tall Elk' Swart leave um his place in Indian Chorus to Bob Strong 'Working Girl' Rutledge leave um her b1gjOb f take um tickets at house to Sandy Clift who will now have um fu l time Job 'Young Hawk' Schriver leave um his shy ways to Dean Wood ittle Rosebush' Griffin leave um her place as note pounder for the Ev s ian Chorus to Marilyn an 'Yellow Head' Eagan leave um heap nice smile to Paul VanValkenburg f winning approval of maiden 'Rainblrd' Rite leave um commercial ability to Audrey Cummings to ad her own 'Whirlwind' Lee leave um his heap big Job as Chief of Indian Council Ed Hanrahan. 'Great Thunder' Sherman leave-um her heap big job of trying to compe th Dick Knoeller to Rocky Conklin. 'Eagle Hunter' Thomas leave-um his heap big ways with Indian maidens to Bob . Tociggoguture squaws of America, 'Snowbird' DeRosa leave-um the walk to the squaws' tepee of learning on cold winter mornings. 'Morning Star' Comer leave-um her dark hair to June Schmitz, which leaves the tribe of '51 with one scalped Indian Maiden. 'Walking Bear' McElroy leave-um his ability to play-um on the reservatio football team to John Burns. 'Laughing Water' Block leave-um her laugh to Phyllis Davie to add to her own. 'White Flower' Fargo leave-um her rank on the reservation tribe year- book to Natalie Smith. ' A . ' L' "X WI' ., ff. I Jegi QL-sff' ff f -iff, , ' J ' v , .-, ifii if , f V .1 g f" 2-f J 'Q -ff' , . , 41 lff':'4,l1' . Q , 28 Zena ee? 'Little Beaver' Hawthorne leave um his heap big ability to get um good marks to Eric Mendel to add um to his owm 'Twlnkllng Star' Perry leave um her nice smile to Dorothy Page to put um with her own 'Speedy en Feet' Henzel leave um ner basketball ability te Sherry De e To um Robert Deian we leave um 'Tall Bear' Seymour's heap big 'Panther' Decker leave um his heap big wrestling ability to-um Fr 'Bright Eyes' Schmidt leave um her ability to draw um pretty pictures to Betty Stanton 'Ink in Blood' Potter leave um her Job as heap big Indian head of the paper to June Baker ring Plenty' Cunningham leave um his ability to take um a less carriage apart lat least he can get it apartlb to Alan Suter 'Sunlight' Zandt leave um her charge um of little papooses to Beatrice Reynolds and Betty 1n!ourette It will um take both of them to take her place 'Hiawatha' Uohnl Conklin leave um his heap big ability to stay um out D G S reservation to Hank Raymond 'Red Feather' Skillman leave um his plenty good varsity basketball uni orm to un Smitty Sllter To Sally Sllter we leave um 'No Say Much' Hart1n's quiet ways 'Samoset' Scofield leave um his silly laugh to um Lauren Allnio CAl enough ne aoesnw need 11:7 'Swift Canoe' Hauser leave ul his curly scalp-um to Bob Tlngley Ed 'Sunbird' Eastwood leave um her love for square dancing to um Madalyn wards 'Raclng Feather' Hills leave um his way to drive a motorcycle to Art nn 'Twinkllng Keys' Boyer leave um her deep appreciation for good music to Jean White 'Smiling Brave' Gifford leave um the heap big nickname of 'Clayt' to Clayton Martin 'Bluebird' Page leave um her pleasing Indian personality to Louise Reynolds to make her own all the nicer To Donald Duhond we leave um 'Buffalo Calf' Bullis heap famous saying says you 'Walk at Night' Lobdell leave um his big job of caring for chdckens the feathered k1ndl fUgh!J to Warren Whitehead. 'Smiling Feather' Secrest leave-um his nice smile to Adolf Shaeffer. 'Two Foot' Buck leave-um his heap big ability to get along with teachers in D. C. S. reservation to Friend Decker. 'Long Feather' Simmons leave um long ride on horseless carriage morning and night to-um Jack Greenman. To all the other little braves, maidens, and papooses we leave 'Heap Big Smoke But No F1re.' To-um all in class of 1952, eave um soft chairs in hall of study, right to catch-um up on anyt may not such long school hours, elevators in new school, and our good report card. Wish-um best of luck on new Reservation. ' 29 Tribe of '51 Tour of Washington D C Third Moon 27th-30th Suns 1951 Tuesday, Third Moon 27th Sun Sunrise Leave-um-Deposit home reservation by way of Erie Railroad, special Ironhorse We catch-um-look of grounds and tepees of Rutgers University and also spires of Princeton University Cplaces where white men learn muchJ We travel on to chief reservations of New Jersey and Trenton where we cross waters of Delaware. Later, crossing waters of the Schuylkill we get good view of city of Ph1ladelph1a's Art Museum Qplace where many paintings hang on wallsj and the tepees of University of Pennsylvania We tour-um Balti- more in fine sightseeing cars Chorseless carriages of latest type! We also visit Annapolis and State Capital built in 1772 We arrive in Washington We stay in big hotel We eat big feast at hotel More horseless carriages carry us to Lincoln Memorial and then to Congressional Library to see fine constitution of United States, Declaration of Independence and Gutenberg Bible We then cross street to see beautiful Capitol flood lighted and our carriage takes us up Pennsylvania Avenue and around White House to hotel lbig, big tepee to my red brothersl Wednesday, Third Moon 28th Sun Small feast in morning at big tepee We take um sightseeing cars to Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Pan American Building, D A R Memorial Continental Hall, National Red Cross, Corcoran Art Buildings, and the White House W travel up-um Constitution Avenue, pass um Department of Justice and National Archives building to the Cap1t01 Red brothers and self visit to House of Representatives and Senate We travel back to big tepee After eating lunch in hotel we tour um residential Washington We see-um houses of late Pre idents, Wilson and Taft and house of Admiral Dewey and other noted braves houses We visit old city of Alexandria where the Washington family attendee services Mount Veron and Wash1ngton's tomb were also on our schedule That ni ht we had big feast at place called Casino Royal We see squaws do dances floor show! Free night to do what brothers want to Thursday, Third Moon 29th Sun sonian Institute where we see each Presidents' squaw's dress that she wore the day of her ch1ef's inauguration We also see boats from early times kinds of wagons and horseless carriages L1ndbergh's 'Spirit of St Louisu and other metal birds We also visit Washington Monument and then return to hotel After noon meal we are taken to the Department of Justice Then we travel through northeast section of Washington to Shrine of Immaculate Con- ception and Franciscan Monastery, where reproductions of Holy Land can be seen This ends the tour for the day and we Indigng return to hotel for meal The night is free to do what we want Friday, Third Moon 30th Sun We Indians off for our last day in Washington We go to the Ford Theater where Lincoln was ehot,to the National Gallery of Art to view famous paint ings and sculpture collections and finally to the Freer Art Gallery After lunch we take trip to Maryland to see fine homes and villages We say fair well to Baltimore and make fast tracks by Special Ironhorse We Indians tuokerod out when we arrive in Deposit Home Reservation Ughl fig, l' '-f 3 , I I 9 7 0 ' 1 D L 1 I .-. . , 9 , ' Q S' I , 1 Q We start off day with meal at the big tepee. We travel. We go to Smith- 3 ' 1 D D ' ! , . O '7Ql"iB0 'LUTDLQQZ Most Best Best Most Best Likely To Succled Looking Dressed Courteous Personality Biggest Wolfiessl Most Musical Most Bashful Nlcest Smile Most Most Most Best Most Influential Talented Forgetful Singer Mlschievious Wlttlest QU16t6Bt Warren Scofield Class Worker Best Dancer Most Studlous Best Athlete Most Most Most Most Most Most Best Most Popular Humerous Tardy Ambitious Intelligent Deoendable Sportsfan Cheerful Silliest Laugh l ijiijx Wilbur Decker Sam Swart Bill Weiss Clayt Gifford Dick Lee Ed Thomas Ed Thomas John Cunningham Wilbur Decker Sam Swart Dick Lee Ed Thomas Bill Weiss Sam Swart LeRoy Skillman Noel Hauser Fred Edwards Ed Thomas Warren Scofield Dick Lee Dick Lee Noel Hauser B111 Weiss Dick Lee Warren Scofield Dick Mills Dick Lee Dale McElroy Noel Hauser Clayt Gifford Fred Edwards Marian Menzel Nancy Andresen Phil Potter Jeanne Boyer Nancy Andresen Alice Axtell Joan Griffin Agnes Martin Nancy Andresen Louise Fargo Alice Axtell Carole Schmidt Hedwig Zandt Joan Griffin Betty Lynch Betty Lynch Nancy Andresen Carole Schmidt Jane Smith Viola Sherman Marian Menzel Agnes Martin Alice Axtell Betty Lynch Phil Potter Carole Schmidt Jane Smith Marian Menzel Viola Sherman Marian Menzel Betty Lynch at Rutledge 31 cg receptionist Pa. 1-40 ID in college medic rps e C edges a Seine a P 8 goes peopl 1t t h u stuffy letter 1 e CPG 0 1-4,C1r-I mC 5504-1 Q.U'o mm Q v-'I 03,24 P 0 0145019 .Shun m +ve w m M pvag-40 P ri Cf-Q oggeq-'E loo oyer e 1 B B +-'vm Kao on bd Water I: 3 b.OC4-I cr4o 1-lr-40 omxzxr-. H6550 52455 aa: : 111s 4Dr-lr-4 nghamton 'd 0 Q44-7 In 53 Q F' 65gEEE?iiiiiiiii,-4r'4r':j" 'd'd 0 Ov-I fl r-ID C t udiee St c1al o S ID O bfjm 358 .-C3'd 5-F'-rl COIL m m ID:-li'- 1-I4-701-I AOP on Qgg 1.414140 EMM' OCC! mooop 001100 S2 0,54 O 0 P Q 0 -f-lo r-4 '1l1iD4CI.DQ8 C13 v IQ mim CJD? hD bil 0914!-aF4,C2'd CP 0143 aiu-4ClSQ!12,C2,DO C13 ,544-f3r-M0 L4C5'd CIO:-I 600 DJ-4 teacher ohool 0 , , 'K '!.T::iQ, SI' lt ' 0 ID EHEBESQH g. ,Dr-'lar-I 1-4 e 5 ow bDbD og:: m 3-4r4C 0 Ar N ET f B C t C S f C 61' th Wea 0 -H MED p faa lux!-P053 .C PEP-P-H ID OOC! t!!0,QGbDO CDD-4 20.54 -4.-ao D. ,C1F1e"" -P-P O0 -Hr-I C,52P?aUP:P w c r t 88 h 1 so le P SP ev HP f SP o w Hawthorne auee 'dh H bike Qc: mm A GHVSI' os 335mm 1'-u-ICS-1 355 Sip A an-12 A MJ OB -H4-7,3 'dZ0'-T5 M L71-I4-7 0 Cb: 1-401-ir-Ir-14-71-ll-H at C4-"r'14-74-"5-154,545.3 C1-lv-44-I+'-V-dw-if-'IOD 5 of4m-4 e2meHeeree.9ee.,s52 32 Ev-41-lg Luz: VHP Wm Lum, t Swann Andr een 1ce am armf 1 1 marr ed agle Ax el e o e nur a g U k c 1 n wr in do or's H g W childr n argumen e co ege in Bu k e ing Eng 1 h ff lo a f u ur ous eop e f r U t1 1 r, u e N han n e ng ir h Air o U e rn n v o repor s f r U n r n y unnlngham ekat ng ni n ol age a U r o o n dn eR e marr e ea an un g n my un ir W s w d n s marr e u n lf dw ds m 1 par s Wh F er um 1n 1e a s ade ng ave' 1 or c s o rk er osebus r in e t g 1 e S e ll P up an eu H r un ee r Wh w n e o e or err e o e a a - h U ell w men co ai o g ar e 1mm ng n h n a ure wr ' o- -M U Mar echoo n n h d nur XX 091' racer 1 engin secretar secre ecre eeper M worker grapher secretar child nurse ' lk ng ar' o foo ing nt r e y- 1 1 sn run h school teacher Ra ng a racing nobb sh people ar e C 1 uns, omen hotrods mac n s o y ' rv s o t s x ot mec an ca rd age , ood as marr Tw nk rry 1 c ' nk - o r a 1 m n, v g ar 'Rai e in ch s ar ' o n u dge thi t age ch urse ' t S hm dt c u ing cokk ' r ver m w armer " arr s . B. . ' ymo , rifles t acher's pets farmer n e ec st r c photo Bn B 8 up rm ur a un ant h ru ons a es s . . . d a Sk man surprise tests Forest Ranger ' ' in 1rd m h en y W lk r ion urn p aviati n mee anic r ho m w r mechanical engineer ss s snobs test pi n g . goo m .4 . mule , ' V11 ' U x.,? A L I - 1 3, ' .C v P ht-nh O 0 rl oaad PH o o M-4 3 up 0 Ew8fn 0 o CD4-n-I QOUJ div-I-P OSU Edin danc dishes stables eese asparagus homework 'd 'dx .rd 2220 S-e U3 33.04-2 o an Q-4-ea! at 0 fe .GSC nom 04-2 4-1 as Ulu-4 P s n w BP e BP co ri ho c e ri te t m t ho sleep aphy M usi w s P Y s US Y US 1 US 0 C os-4-u-1 f-I 3 .Ci gl lD.Cr-1 rl PM ma: mmm Or-IPa.D-PHPQH 'do aah Q-it-Q-ua.-4aa4-1,:4f-tm!-.Q.aSr-4w'd Dq000QqCD49C4-3,500 moo-4:4113 Qu-IPOMPGSUGI -Cv-4 momm-u2ov.r1ooD.Q.o.DmQ.uShoE 940351-IO QDPQC PHD!!! 5-arid ONH S-AC:-4 0 GJ 043 KIJZSW'-4 D44-' zum.-4 sn. mono he an was-4-4+ 4-It-4:50 33 ofa an-in omg It-:B IDS-41D.QK-of-4 n 1:1835 or: 4-vu-cf-lr omu-eo n 3 ra.:-H: vmmompma o ddwdmr-4 rnounl ol Q-4 o faoadrnz S: o 4-Hd Clldwf-412:12 Qu-IS Ula? S-1h4h:5P.QlIJl C'-GS' omni BME hid! at r-l.dd4-1 :Swv rl C10 III4-'woot-.E-I0 dl 11111111 I-4-rn-4:-4 omit-. tum ul dvd an -4.0.-Axtmm 1-can-1 rs. mm.-4 0.-af-uso lCI.t4ms':0f-4'-1+-vdw 23'-If-4.-4'-4 ogynd-I A-45Ef-4-44-vor: r-IQ? db. 25:-4 540156558-1309-465 5 :rn mmm H Bmruni-ummm aim:-ummm IBS!!! S883 B33 518.8 f-I-I gU'J.C2wE.-1+-1 4-1 -Hd m.dEf-4-4 r-I 2 Ulu-lvl r'llD1-Q 013 33 Y x, ' gl KN A N50 LW IF The tribe of '51 passes the peace pipe to the following big chiefs of the D C S reservation To Miss Pryle we leave a television set so she won't get lonesome waiting for her students between classes To Mrs Lynch we leave our gratitude for being so patient with us in her homeroom To Mrs Hood we leave the hope of earning enough wampum for big trip to Washington To Mr Zaengle we bequeath five toothpicks, three matches and two Just because To Miss Kelly we leave Dick Mills' careful driving habits To Mr Tracy we leave the unpaired braves of our tribe to be disposed of as he sees fit To Coach Bieber we leave s set of fingernails to be used next year To Miss Wheeler and Miss Valentine we leave a modern up-to date music room For what? To make music naturally To Mr Wight we leave the new Sherlock Holmes mystery NThe Case of the Missing Scorekeeper U To Miss McCormick we leave 'Now ls the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party u Typing students will appreciate this To Mr Gadbow we leave what acting ability we have to be used in next years Senior Play To Mr Bilow we leave our appreciation for being our advisor these four trying years To Mrs Ondrejovich we leave heap big thanks for being swell teacher and good sportum To Mrs Millward we leave our inability for everyone to get 1001 in to the next class I wonder why? To Mr Pluta a thank you for paving the paths for our future To Miss Estabrook we leave heap big Wampum from library fines To Mr Giles we leave a new set of library books To Mrs Mattison we leave Johnny Cunn1ngham's old car so she can make heap big smoke when traveling between schools To Mr McLen1then we leave a suit of armor to protect him from reckle vers To Miss Bywater we leave a uStage Coach' to be used as a means of to New Jersey Mr Fox and all the other good members of the faculty we lpavuml A F I ZA -ng ,ff ,7 Z g ff Rus xx K ,iii .fl 15'Lt,,.4 .ff i cf. L 35 pf! ffxf 5 J X-2 QQ I 41 W Yx 2 V2 JL K ' A Xa -WTC A fx W , ,. Nh I X-x f X L KA .t Y , x no' V, V -'15-5 Q ! I . 1.1 41" X Q 'fa' 1. . 1 MJ " .A X N U 5 sk O L X'-f' - " U Q Ta' Q j 1 ti Q f Vkxii 0 'H iz D , V 5- ' f ? ., lf- ve ALBLVX if 36 'Mn F54 N J! 'fx Qi 9 N K 'fl' c'5X I X. l T x 5 E I ff g? '7 X.rS-I 37 Y A B.. be. , fxx i , la! YN K2 W MQ DF k X-,cj X 0 -e.-.-., K xv? XR 232, if S f f J 55 if 5 fa Q05 ' F 5- I,-VT J f N ,J 'H fi' C 7 s J' ' Lky M i f if QW KS g, fx! L L gf 1 u I., .. Z' A .27 ,ff 4-2. 1 , ff ' aa?-e. 5-Qi? ' C 2' f ' .X . txt. . . -QQ Q , KKK!! -fa J ? , uv Oy f L, 1,0 S jf MW' K, Nkd ,gf xg. N. Q X01 I Z7 f ix W 'E X 5 R X J '45 'N gf-Q! Al 9 55191 jx MWA W M S . I ' Af' . ' , 5 .. I. X. ' . .Q fl X V "lg: A ', 19' s "o -. X ' q 1 X lv AJ , D i Y ' ' ' lu W , . W 0 I . N , ' ' , Z l ,. g V 1 N xii, X I-X D' I j I. r ..'. P I ' Al R if X V fyv ! Q .K t f WON QQ: ' ' I 37 ' . ' I tg el, ,-xv" Zg, u f X J 1 1 !,,1lf if L3 J , h. gf 3 :'. ., . E5 ? 1 Angie Marrow Jack Duluth Mrs Marrow Mr Marrow Margaret Marrow Lorainne Marrow Kitty Marrow Margie Jane Martin Art Tony Fritz 'riff' SENIOR PLAY CAST Young girl of 17 Boy trying to win Angie Her mother Her father Her oldest sister Her older sister Her impish sister Her jealous friend Lorainne's boyfriend Margaret's fiancee Jack's rival Margie's boyfriend T' Carole Schmidt Sam Swart Nancy Andresen D1ck Lee Phyllis Potter Barbara Shanly Joan Griffin Alice Axtell Jeanne Boyer Fred Edwards Clayt Gifford Wilbur Decker LaVerne Lobdell The Senior Play is an annual event for the Senior Class The play we decided to produce was Seventeenth Summer , adapted for the stage by Maur een Daly T e cast was chosen and rehearsals started under the excellent direc tx n of Mr Gadbow bor eight long weeks we labored Rehearsals were not smooth going and the cast was often tired Through the patience of Mr Gadbow, we weathered the storm Opening night arrived, and everybody's knees were shaking After the first few seconds of stage fright the cast settled down to dramatizing thei parts After the play there was a slight feeling of let down The play wasn't a hard job, was really fun bl 45: 'Liv - 44 I' N n O D S I n u ' S - bb - . . O 'C 1 O L, 1- o s 1 U O C A K O ' it , , fl. ' . 1 ff' ' ' 1 ' 1 ,I k,',' ' . A F ' , 3 N- . 1 ,qs Gyn. Xxx 'I .E N, -4' . .. X. Q, i ' x,. A 2 f - - f Qi" A 7 ,A v ff .YL PC' 'ia in . .,',. Lazy? U Q-5 40 . if . , a N 45 ff X Q X If X .J lvl x WCW x R9 'x .l 4 46 P?- 96 Q,-0""0 ,NJ 9x f x W 1 af- ' V .fx '4 N K5 140+ L7 4 UU .fgifsrgb N , . Mfg .QS lu . g'Q?RllRfE'::0?7QYu Wh '9ygg.gL3,q,,,:J: - QQYS X 6 69 Q Q0 Q X5 wvai 06' x QQ 6? frlo A130 -1330 AQS Q68 MIFQ, UGO: 'wi 86329 4? 3A1"1fD 1395646 Off A X 0 Gffgig-,ug mms OV 6-1 EF. 48 3? OSYY ofwir, QQPNTLD 'YB354 6? A xm, 031 0153 9 YU' QW C. Q1-T Lg' if F1111 INDSO V73 1 'jSITf JU5If K DOD 59 31 P D OSII, A91-3!TED Ld 19 T MUWQN 0 5 'J O bo SN swf? 44 Q, G, 22513, fs! Q 5 3 -96' s O ?J5x3 Y xq 5 O ,vb '29 Ao R .S SW 5 mev qN'nS'Y Db 159508 49 2 O '00 Q A ki 0 XD xv ct! vbfi A IT' . N lk - , Q- , ,g, TOY SLM is 3i3'P1TS 5 4 ' ' Q4-4I"C'3I-Z1 53-NE L1 T--7 ' . . 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