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BRoNco f' Denton Senior High School I Denton, Texas l N J 65 FOREWORD Keys have come To be imporTanT devices ThaT man uses each day in his liTe. DenTon High School sTudenTs. Too, Tind keys To be oT value: however, many oT The keys ThaT we as sTudenTs Tind mosT valuable are noT The ones ThaT enable us To sTarT our cars and open our houses. These more imporTanT keys, ins+ead, are The ones ThaT open The doors To The areas ThaT help To consTiTuTe a well-rounded school: PARTICIPATION . . . The key To school liTe. UNDERSTAND- ING . . . The key To The adminisTraTion, FRIENDSHIP . . . The key To classes, EXCELLENCE . . . The key To personaliTies, TEAMWORK . . . The key To sporTs, INTEREST . . . The key To organizaTions, and CO-OPERATION . . . The key To communiTy sponsors. AlThough noT physically visible, These keys are recognized and Taken Tor granTed by mosT DenTon High sTudenTs. The purpose oT The I965 Bronco, ThereTore. is To make The sTudenT more aware oT The areas ThaT have become such a TradiTion and parT of our school by Tocusing aTTenTion on The special qualiTies ThaT have become The keys To our Typical school, DenTon Senior High School. TABLE OF CCNTENTS School Life. . . Administration. . . Classes... ... Personalities. . Sports Organizations .... Community Sponsors BRONCO STAFF Glenda Enoch-Eclilor Joan Ramey-Associate Eclilor Pal' Palrlclc-Plwolograplier Nancy Merrill-Business Manager Janice Weibel-Sales Manager Spencer Crouch-Sporls Edilor Ann Porler Julia Lesler Margaret Magee Annel"l'a Lesler Lynda Brown Sponsor-Mrs. Sherrill Q,-,-P -Q- Nif, 9 r, , , HM ..,,,,. ,3- 1 --qc ., -L A Q. H .ki 1 4 it-1: ' ' - , -A-.---'- . ' -..V ,, "' x.- , ...E 'Y ' " " .-as -. - x '-h. ,Ja---a. . :x . U ' :,..1,' 1 ' . "' 5 1 ,, 1 Jin, 1 . -1. -1. 1 ,H - . , - Y- me-.1-1 .1 . , . .' - . 1 1 '- .' "1 A' V, ' ' , 'f -' Y " , . ' ' '1' A 1, .Li V. :,'gg,73, 4 sw. N SXQ K :rj .,',e+:....-1 'Z .1321 mn . 'jiri l. V-L -l- S. ' " Alix:-:A V WL? W 1+ - Q Qi A AA, isiwf . , -I, , - '--is -wggegj - W-Q vr' 1, V - A - , , ' v ' V- ' '1-7 I V, - ' :, V, - 1' 11- ' 1.1 V -V, A , .Ah A-5:1 .At-Vin. ,-'X fmt: A - . J- V . r, j . ' ,,,, :. ei'v:,.rg - - .- 'I .. :'.-- -- f ,MV L-1 -rn' ' ' "-Fi: -'1 - M' - "Pr:fE2v-" f' " , Y' fi: , ' V 5, ' fel ' ,. -,wff4N-"Qr,Z!", ' 1..Jj'Qf' - ,.. . H ' 1 , U ,Z ,fl V 6. V , . :'-1',f- f M 'P 1u:.,v.ww,-vggwf"A,- w-1-'im 'gq,,4, ' ':. F-, ,,,,-. " "'."" , 21,1 1 I V 5.-.,f . .. M 1. M4 I. ve. 4 ,A .., . ,f 1--.11 H , . .-.-5: - - ,. ,ll-flggifii-4541--,, ' -.ff ,. 171 -- 1 ., '- ,..E"aavg.., A , , , , ' -- ,:.-QL.J3,gf 1 H QQL.-+14-"'3"'E': TQ-.v 1 ' '. ' ' ,-' Ms Q' L' .f 'Jn H 4, H ' ' 1?f:,3QiQs.4,.3ff - 1 A ' 1"--"Ping, ' ' 1 nfs, 'pf-.-.,A . g 11 ,,-5 1 -.:,.g,,:,::. ' , -' v,1.,.,g 1 1 ,TW V ,kv . A ,iw-., - 3 1 H ,r,- , , fa, Q.. x , 1 1 -1 - 1 - - 11 W M, A W. . 1- :ff-fm qw zz,,1f.1, 11 is - , 'nh . ' ' ' 1 if -661211 .Q ,w ' Z Q 1 1 , , V A., All 5.4:-.. .. . ,C 11P',j gn ,. 1 - ' ' dr :A . X, ng ., IZA" 41, -' 1 . , R.. A fi 1 L pw, 'm -1- 1 -A 51 A . TV..q ., Q .Jp- "J , NP! ' JS' ' ...ff ,..,4- .-, in.- .-M,- . . V, 111- Js' ,,. 1 sl' .117 , . 1 1 Q 1 . W ,, f -1 1 Q 'f 1-f-' 'r - ' 3 ." - ,-.W5,,,g.,,E,,,, . :nga- H ' ff I A A - Y - - , .4-W-. - . .-w1E'3"'Z""TJ'1-Tm' , .,,,,,V! P Q P 15- A 5' , 'iw Q, K V , A N .-... D.H.S. . . Door to the Future The doors of DenTon ,High are noT easily opened by anyone. To be Tully unlocked, They musT be meT wiTh The keys of knowledge and deTerminaTion. Our lives aT DenTon High become a chain oT keys, each key opening a new door, exposing a greaTer opporTuniTy. WiTh The sophomores TirsT glimpse oT The impressive building, comes a surge oT pride in his school. His eyes wander To The sTraighT, green divisions ol: The TooTball Tield, The deserTed baseball diamond, and The greaT sTeel raTTers oT The gym. He is reaching Tor a key which will inTroduce him To The TuTure. The iunior's ouTlook is diTTerenT. He is Tamiliar wiTh The busy halls oT DenTon High. He has experienced The nervous sTillness OT The library and The Trenzied rush oT The caTeTeria. Through classes, he has absorbed knowl- edge alongside his Tellow sTudenTs. He has begun To grasp The key, buT he has noT Tully come To undersTand il'. The senior, Too, has a diTTerenT view. He has developed sTrong Ties wiTh These buildings. He looks aT his younger Tellow sTudenTs wiTh a deep undersTanding, Tor he realizes ThaT DenTon High is noT a key as he TirsT conceived. This school and These buildings, insTead, have molded his life inTo The key. He is The key To The TuTure, and DenTon High is buT one door ThaT he musT open in his search oT knowledge. .. .,. Q. A , N. W W . .. 'i:L.TTlififf3:4.i"F:"""1T"'""iJ-EiLi5fT"':-TT' 'ifizii' ' V TT ' i ' ' ET 'El ' ' iL'.-.:: fi- - '1 T ,.R...-'-5:14 ,c - -- mal 9 ':"1I It-'fi 1. '- 1' ffl? J-5 Tlifii- '. 'T1 3" 'T' lf' if - fl-.i" ' 'e " ,.-. T5 - , , Q ,l T 1, , ,. T -' c- '. H". 7-M "- 1593-T"i 21-Y' l iifhfz ,'. i32.-liao ,wr ' 3 ' - 5-.-' s -5.3 f l?- g ' ' : 'A "F T -e1?2"T?hQA-.' "Q-3.3 LQ: " : . 'Y' ,ff ,ffl Y ig AdminisTraTion Building 5 Busy Teache rs and Students Q r Mr. Hyman and oiher office personnel were in The office during The summer in order ro 'rake care of any problems ihaf mighi arise. Carol Manning requesis ceriain changes in her schedule before all classes are filled. Like many orher feachers, Mrs. Shuford was in her room early wiih hopes of helping siudenrs. Sam Liille finds Mrs. Shuford's help invaluable in 'lhe 6 preparaiion of his schedule. The Pep Club had summer meefinqs for ihe purpose of making plans for a more acfive year. Mrs. Farmer and Mrs. Schulze, sponsors of The group, meei' wiih The club fo defermine sealing posifions. Prepare for the Opening of School ,.g,'.' :A 4..,T' V 1 ' l -,,,r,,-fmwq-,o a .xx Blijg LW fr 1, EJ f "TT , , fl j,.,'. 's , 1951 . l 'E ,, .A .' 'A 1 ' 5 f-,-'1.- I. . . V .,, V . X ,,. I , -,M I, I A N N , -.-,. Q Y I A 4, e- -,.- l 'i :ful v'!I..1fa I I "Mei,-V ' .. M "' 'Hs- - u s -' Q Q..-V, . .4 ., Ar.-u V .f-v L' LW ' Ei- .vkiawxvb . ,- C' -' 1'-4"'.f .,-W' ..'1. -if ifEf'n--1--ff'-gw 4 ' -,-.rf ,',"f1f'- ' Q-.,'-' - "M ' ha, wa. 1 4 .Q-M lu, wvzgiisagx-.crlixe .V I- :pi 1 I ' V- ,K in I F '4N,f,'Z.v'-m-fl., J ' ' 1 fy 4 M ' ll Pvt " 1124 ,t-,,l.'7l.w-N!y'i.i5 gluf-L- C- -N K K Jgrf, ' ,FJLLEL-l'u,'-.',',g:I', L'r:,.,g,:,f I" 'im , 20016 .. - ,Q ,lIL,,I-, '-1' ,' '- ' I -A 4- y H -any -.f,,X-,qs 15, ,,..,, .wi Q I Hr. lfjl-yf'tlf'v'f.fs,4. .' ' -" lggw.,.J,' ',"-i"gv1l,' A-'Q l fb, l " ' A A'I".:1'f..-5 B f MN... 'gnvuylyst-s atv:-,',f-,Q ' 'M ,.,'L,..:,:5-,L ,,-:r,...,l.,.N.l,,Q,,. MQ , .JH 11,11-.'.' fi.. kamw, l' -'--nag ., rt 5.5km v-,fi1qv.xs11M',.. . 139 'N '- ' risk ,s TTT? Zff's4w,t:-1'4'?ifr- 1 r 4-."lyl'.lgew-f- -f!'16s"'l1 r.1,z::d"F? 1' ut lid' -fwffgsiiraam.-smwnxfalf? Splrlled 'loolball players and coaches neglecl lhe warm wealher and pracflce lhelr sfralegy in hopes of delealing Graham. lhelr flrsl opponenls of lhe season. ln addressing lhe facully, Mr. Guyer presenfs his goals for lhe upcoming year and gives inslruclions for lhe llrsl days of school. ,, .flu 'J I 1. l SWT? fl N -, f selsll pu PM l.- l l .l XXX aff., , " 'V-: ! ' . F' v- - 1 J E fx " X ' wf V N, 'fm -- .. x ,f xg, .. , '-.J C' ' 1,1 J, . ! I 1 . V f w WA , 'L-'T " S--- f ,ewfi 2 1 .1 E 5 1 , 1 -..y,....--.:wQ . '. - .,.. 1 1 1 1 Q I-.J?iga.L1-eta:-iv-.I-gg,-F .iA!UA1lgw:iUy !-:V-I : - ,, w J I I I I Y ' - . " '- .. 1f41'...'.4:if'.:f,Jg.,',.':w- 7 . J11 . ,Brig rm 2.19, ,.,.,d,',,Q,4 -H .- ' 2"'m-: : r ,,' " ' X -3 i f':f'5Q2 1' . .awp . ,-- -- ,, ., , ,-v,....1L..n .....,.J:'.f"- 1" - ., ' ' " ' ' 'L14-iif ' H , - . - Q n t . , N s I SCHOOL LIFE R iii HA .si 3 ri. Sophomore Sieve Glosser scans 'rhe advisory lisis for his name so fha? he will be able io check wirh his ieacher for informalion concerning ihe year ahead. D.H.S. Comes to Life 1 il iii ,1 ' Z' 5 .nr llllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllillllllllllllll Mr. Guyer begins fha year wilh a welcome io new and old sfudenis alike and expresses his hopes for a year filled wiih co-operaiion and advancement In an aliempi lo furlher lhe alliance beiween Denion High School and lhe communiiy, Universify Siaie Bank President Byron Smiih, and oiher Denlon businessmen, spoke af 'the opening assembly. These men received a heariy welcome from Sfudenf Council officers, The faculty, and ihe siudenis. 1 1 1 I . 1 il lil, on Registration Day The lradilional quesfions of name and classifica- fion are answered by many on Regislraiion Day as fhey receive Howdy Tags. Belly Sherman and oiher Siudenl Council members diligenlly work lo see 'rhal each person receives his lag. -. za.-A While caiching up on lhe lafesf gossip and discovering who will be in her classes, Peggy Ware relales her enfhusiasm io Debra Keas and Judy Carlwrighl NI' F 1 1 'l ll' is 9. 37, lan 'kk V-l . silk Fill Primm? frly Free illiliiri V nf., .. if Afler The mass of sludenls leave, ihere are always lhose lhai' are leff wiih lhe clean-up iobs. Mr. Frosl lends a helping hand by seeing Thai all Howdy Tags are puf away. Early arrivals Gary Taylorsllougk Boyd, and Ann Haskins 'rake ad- vaniage of Bronco sales. While olhers scramble lhrough lhe mad rushes. Margarel Magee, Joan Ramey, and Janice Weibel busily sell annuals. L7 c, Students Find First Week of School 'i :FF- Q ,-2 9-5 ? if U Tony Fasano, Steve Selby, Gary Taylor, Scott Ford. and lvlarl: Kluclc discuss tl-ie disadvantages of returning to the drudgery ot school lite. Still, they are con- soled by the thought that they are the "upper classmen" ot Den- ton High. I2 ,Sc f we isaggf IV' Ann l-loltelet tries for the fifth time to open her locker, doing exactly as the directions explain, but she tinds that the difficult task must be accompanied by the proper facial expression. , V Sophomores Donnie Grimes and Wayne Grittin tell x, Mrs. Sherrill ot their plans to locker together and hope - that all arrangements can be made. 'L a ,?, i'7 'x' .mg-a wir fe l ef' , Confusing but Exciting -s pg... Taking fime from fhe busy rush of lhe opening weelc of school, sfudenfs and faculty members fhe quiefesf momenf of fhe week was lhis assembly wifh ifs welcome fo Denfon High. The fhrongs fhaf flocked lhe hells proved fo any fhaf had doubls fhaf fhe fall session had really begun. Ronnie Erwin and Elizabefh Smifh find one of lhe quieler hallways a place fo discuss schedules. Confused schedules and fhe issuing of loclner numbers are inevilable paris of fhe beginning of school. Mr. Berry recheclcs Beffy Bird's locker number lo be cerfain fhaf all is in order. 4? , 1 f '.i. if 'if 7 1" f., r, . -...-0, L gafhered for lhe opening assembly. Probably I3 .1-.. ur ' p g Anxious Seniors Paying The las? paymenf on her ring, Helen House gives Mr. Guyer The correcl change. Mickey Miller is dazed by ihe excifemeni' of 'ihis long-awailed day. Arriving al' school by 7:30, Larry DeLisle, Rusiy Gvriffifh, Sammy Pool, Wanda Gres- sefl. and Freddie Henderson are The firsl in line fo receive lheir rings. Kay Edwards and Virginia Caddell look over lhe many ring boxes in ho es of iindin The ones wilh Their names. 7 Wondering whether or noi The ring is really ihere, Barbara Harpool and Dick Selby slceplicaliy gaze ai Bar- bara's ring box. Tom Laney and Susan Hershberger confidenrly - ' check 'their rings for correc'r ini- M l iials. Receive Rings Nor being able io believe ihaf lhey finally have 'their rings, Paulcife Carroll, Carolyn Gregory. and Joyce lvlclinighi rake a few minufes iusi 'lo sil' and admire +heir new possessions. lu 'v-fi, J' 1? N za iA. Kay Bullingfon gaily slips her ring on and discovers Thai if is rhe righf size. Worried fhal his ring has been misplaced. Richard Smirh ponders over each ring box in order fo find his own. xl. "" A The noon hour revealed happy seniors wifh new rings. Ruby Pender. Susan Hennen, and Berry Huggins exchange com- dimenis on each o+her's rings. I5 Howd Dance mfs,-P' i 0 ,rec ,us Revives Old Acquaintances ek Mr. and Miss Howdy. ihe boy and girl who are The mos? ouislanding al' The dance, are chosen by lacully sponsors. Beliy Sherman and Kenny Clardy won lhis year's honor ihrough lheir parlicipalion in ihe dancing and 'rhrough Their friendliness. Floyd Hensley and his pariner, Fran- cine Jameson and Spencer Crouch, and Barreli Robinson and Tricia Sem- bera iake a break from 'the lasi pace of The evening. Since mosi dances were iasi and because The wealher was warm, many regarded a slow dance as a welcome resi. . X I sr I K Beverly Blake, Kenny Clardy, Belly Sherman, and Frank Camp display one of ihe varialions of Jrhe +wis'r. This year's Howdy Dance, lhe basl held al Denion High, was iypiiied by ihis 'lype of dancing and physical exhausiion. I6 .Hi Finding Themselves ihe cenler of afleniion, Susan Marquis and Skippy Allen enioy dancing To The music provided by ihe combo. The combo, com- posed oi Bobby Black, Randy Radons, Dennis Evans, and Lonnie Rigley. was so well received by 'the siudenis ihal ir played The eniire evening. Originally, 'rhis group had been asked io play only a few songs as a special allraciion. cc l Pep Rallies Promote Enthusiasm Among Elated Students Pep rallles provlde u fume for assoclalion as well as an oullel for school sprrll Sludenls don"f seem lo mind the scramble for seals before the pep rally begins. Al lhe pep rallies, lhe cheerleaders lnlroduce new yclls lo fha sludenl body. Sally Harpool exorls special cheerleading skills. J . The band helps lo promole excite- mcnl and school splril cs lho slu- dcnls enlcr llwo gym. Tho pop rally is ondod willw the alma mnlor' and lho fight song. Mr. McMnlh dirocls bolh lho purplo and 'lho gold bands, which cllor' nulo playing ol ll'1o pop rallios. I7 Students Plan for Busy Week E.- Q i Q l Carl Miller, one of 'the Denlon High School cusfodians, observes 'lhe Homecoming clecoralions. anlicipaling 'l'l1e rush of sludenls soon 'ro arrive. Ernie McCray. Sieve Selby and John Riddle carry 'lhe Viclory Bronco info lhe school as par? of 'rhe Homecoming clecoralions. Jerry Riddle, Beverly Griffin. Johnny Eberly. and Lalo Ponce cul paper slreamers and label signs for 'rhe Sopho- more Class Officers car in fha parade. l8 at D.H. . Homecoming ai Denfon Senior High School is a 'time when spiriis are high, and vicfory is on every- one's mind. All sfudenrs have a chance io parricipaie in The Home- coming aciivifies. Siudeni Council members decorare ihe halls and siairways as Their coniribuiion. Var- ious groups and organizaiions dec- oraie floais and cars io enier in The compeiiiion of +he parade. A bonfire and assembly promoie iri- umpham' spirii for +he anricipaied viciory. Throughoui The Homecoming assembly this band kepi spirifs high, and helped urge the Broncos on fo viciory. Perf of lhe homecoming eniorlainmani was provided by iheso iwo singing groups. The Coeds and The Chordsrnen display iheir ex- l perl laleni in combined cilorrs The bonfire is one of 'rhe highlighfs of ihe homecoming ac- +ivi'ries. Dick Boors. Jimmy Mewhinney. Dickie Sawyer, and Doug Boyd coniribuie fheir pari in preparing the enormous pile of wood needed for fhe fire. Assembl and Parade The foolball boys sir in a group al' lhe Homecoming assembly. Their presence adds lo The excilemenl of The sludenls and pro- moles The soiril of 'rhe assembly. F JI E A 2.4' , Q ..1gL..4l.3? .A FED f' E' V . ,- I ,s i f - ,JV 1! El, Z .f us -em m C , ig- F I- J' -I 1 ax Wx 24.-YES'-icgpl Q !-4' F -'TL " ::,V- Jud, r ,g 3111-1 V 5 f:lJ'i..g f E. 1 '. ,-1,.C4""f' Ll. Danny'Allen and Elizabelh Edwards accompany The Spanish Club llama in fhe parade. The aulhenfic coslumes and fhe Typical Spanish llama porlray True Spanish spirit Placing firsl in The Homecoming parade is 'rhe French Club Tloal. Carolyn Connell, Judy Smilh, Fred Twomey, Dollie Belcher, and Pal Moore depicl The various phases of life in France, 20 -4. ,Y . ,rsh fi.. ,..- F .1 A-1-fl r E sl if - 1 This year 'rhe French Club won firsr place in lhe Homecom- ing parade. Their lloal was an accounl' of lhe dillerenl 'types of life in France. All of lhe floals and cars were well cleco- raled and conveyed lrue Bronco spirir 'ro 'rhe observers. The Broncos clashed wilh Denison and achieved a viciory of 20 over Denison's I4. Exciled sludenls and exes wenl lo The gym for 'rhe dance. Victor Dance Provides Outlet 1 ',,...,..--.-S--an-1:--f------wi" ' 4' - V------vw--K---A - ,,,,-..,,,,-1-! '7l3.E' "TAS l a The I965 Homecoming Queen nominees are Linda Wilkinson, Francine Jameson, Judy Davis, and Beverly Blake. Frank Camp, student body president. presents Francine Jameson with her crown as the Homecoming Queen of l965. Her escort is Mike King. 22 ilu. 'N for Triumphant Enthusiasm g g g The purpose oT Homecoming is To give exes an opporTu- niTy To visiT Their high school. Jim WolTers, Sharon Guyer. MargareT BunTyn, and Mickey Miller, sTudenTs and gradu- I I I l aTes of DenTon High, aTTended ine dance, buf Tind iT The hiqhlighT OT The Homecoming TesT1v- molre' enTerTaining.To waTch The TriumphanT sTudenTs Than mes is H16 crowning of .HMS yeafs homecom- To loin in The acTnviTy. , I ing queen, Francine Jameson. ATTer The Broncos compleTed The game in vicTory, The sTudenTs and guesTs were inviTecl To The dance as The climax Tor a week oT honor aT DenTon Senior High School. Sophomores Clurren Wallace and Sandra Richardson Tind The dance a good Time To discuss The acTiviTies of The pasT week, and They enioy The ThoughT ThaT Their Team was vicTorious. Proudly displaying The VicTory wreafh, The Bronco is The cenTer oi aTTracTion aT The Homecoming dance. T, , Wax Museum Presents Favorites of I964-6 1 Dickie Sawyer, The Museum keeper, inTroduces each of The wax figures and Tells why each is on display in his museum. Members of The Wax Musoum's Hall of Fame enThusiasTically applaud David Bill BlanTon.and Sharron .ATlcins acT as masTer and mislress of Harrison as he gives his inTorpreTaTion of The GeTTysburg Address. ceremonies in The TalenT-filled show puT on by The nominees. IT is The year I970 inside DenTon T-ligh's Wax Museum. As The museum keeper loclcs The doors, The wax figures slowly come To life and reminisce Their lives aT DenTon High. The figures recall The Tension and exciTemenT of The TavoriTes' eleciion. Each figure Then aTTempTs To show The ways in which he received The honor oi being nominaTed. JusT as The parTy geTs underway, The museum keeper re-enTers, and The figures once again reTurn To Their lives as members of DenTon High's Wax Museum. Mickey Miller. nominee for friend- liesT, proves ThaT he was noT only friendly, buT ThaT he could also en- Terrain D.H.S. sTu- denis Wm, his VO. Mike Mays, Milne King, and Paul Crep enlerfain The audience Col Gbilifgesl wiTh The iolres ThaT They enioyed during Their high school days. 4.51.52 'fs ee 2 rr 2, 721 wr .sf K. , 1 X V i X Xl- i It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Campaign 1 T 1 y u One group of favoriie nominees did a ialce-off on a well-known comedy l Q l and named iheir skii "I+'s a Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad Campaign." In fhe l y , . ' slcii, Mrs. Sherrill mei an uniimely deaih as a resuli of i'he 'rhundering mob l ' K I I' W of siudenis rushing 'ro The cafeieria. Her dying words gave a clue 'ro rhe l whereabouis of ihe favoriies' voies. All nominees fhen began a mad search for 'rhe "big V" under which The voies were +o be found, each wanfing +o be ihe firsi io know fhe oulcome of 'rhe eleciions. However, when ihe voies were finally locaied. ihe nominees discovered ihai ihey were blank, and ihey iurned ihe responsibiliry of deciding ihe ouicome of The eleciions over io The siudenf body. Don Hill inquires whether or not Linda Sembers is The "Siudenl' Body". Concerned siudenis false immediaie aciion afler Mrs. Sherrill's deaih. Rusiy Guyer, Carol Holi, Phyllis George, Roland Payne, Cindy Shaw. and Nancy Rasco wafch as Bolo Black and Jerry Riddle drag Mrs. Sherrill lCindy Colemanl away. 4 Q . 3-. i. '. .G ' ilf Glenda Enoch and Bob Black exhibif their versafilify. Carol Holi and Clark Nichols are 'rwo of fhe "normal" siudenis aifending DHS who have found a fasi way of gefiing 'ro 'rhe cafeferia. Roland Payne, Glenda Enoch, Jerry Riddle, Nancy Rasco, Sammy Forresier, Rusiy Guyer, Linda Sembera, Cindy Shaw and Phyllis George are horrified af Mrs. SherriIl's "crumpled" body lying limp in fhe hall. "Calling All 'Angels' " 5 i v 5 l ff lflf l'. ii a H. l 9 I E e sei i Ronnie Griffin queslions Sleve Slone's suspicious na- lure, bul lhe lasl-lallcing banclil proves lhal he has no bad ilnlenlions. There are evidences lhal in lhe "golden cily" someone has slipped by lhe pearly gales and lhal an imposlor is in lhe midsl ol lhe angels. lmmedialely a search is begun. Three lruslecl angels use lhe lime machine lo slep baclc in lime and lo examine lhe earlhly lives ol each angel. l-lowever, lhe aclions ol all lhe invesligaled angels seem lo warranl lheir enlrance. and no imposlor is lound. Aller a lhorough quesl. lwo angels give up lhe search. The one remaining angel lurns lo walk oll. and as he does so. a red lail becomes visible belween lhe lolds ol his while gown. The Eves family, neighbors ol lhe Adams lamily, convince the audience lhal lheir 'friendliness in lheir earlhly lives meriled an enlrance lo heaven. Wilh murder on his rriincl, David Buclc llsllacbelhl meelcly challenges Tim While llvlacdull llo lighl lor lhe crown. 26 .Q Q 9 l , 'xg Charlie Davis and Francine Jameson push lhe lime ma- chine bullon so lhal lhe audi- ence will see lhe earlhly ac- ' --. lions ol lhe angels. -sa ch dv' l 4 - Angelic Ronnie Griffin gives gff,.J, Tim While poinlers on how lo i 4. QR keep his halo in place. Favorites' Posters Exhibit lngenuity and Skill S+..- lx, During the week ot favorite elections, the halls are otten blocked by obtruding jtafgnf "' 'fi'-:T-' , j !.' posters and stand-up displays which publicize the qualifications ot various can- :V A . 4 sf" didates. These clever and artistic displays serve to add excitement and interest Q ' - P I to the week. QQ ' vi .V Each candidate is allowed to have his name appear on three displays, and the M. -f , ' students exhibit ingenuity and slcill in creating displays that will be eye-catching A-,I "I fn. .'l,.,. and easily remembered. At the end ot the week they are classitied and judged N-- 4 1' A in the categories ot tree-standing displays and posters. First. second, and third .. . N. '-- ' places are awarded in these two categories. Q ifria, t P ' I in l ' l .2311 l, 'i fy ilC0MEJ0UF6I?NU SHXE rin mms, F- 1-PI F' A g-A ' Fige-Stiiniiing Display P" .Eli-TB I L- ' Bobby Blaclr and Glenda Enoch Second Place Free-Standing Displays I Bill Blanton and Sharron Atlrins First Place Posters Miclrey Miller and Nancy Browder 'D l I., Ani Third Place Milli Posters Mike King and Linda Sembera ... M I ,B K coo-coo I .. , E l 92.3 'DALTON Second Place V 5 r Thar.-1 Place Posfefs d H, f P r AN Olil Free-Standing Display Dalton Allen an IP :I .I.,. 7 ,,:, ... -W A . , ,27.v Ross Obermeyer and Randy Slacl: Unger Y- ' ' -' Bronco Staff Faces Problems for Formal i Larry Smilh explains ihe complex precedure of folding each paper naplcin info a cone ro Nancy Merrili, buf Mandy Allen, Ann Porier, Cindy Shaw, Janice Weibel, , Billy Berry, and l-larry Hall seem lo have lhe arf already masiered. 's 'f':"'f"' ii W. 2 vi B rm' l 4 1. 'Bi .A .fr 1 ar'-J-3 , M .gqhi ff- ,,,,,.g3g,,'2A-,,Z, . Llfii.EBIVx-QQAEYQ : !l,4g'::v. - A l Billy Berry, Spencer Crouch, and Larry Smilh calculare lhe exacl posiiion from which ihey will hang lhe cenier of 'rhe canopy. fig 'S " ,WMP . t-- 28 of Decorating Cindy Shaw is amazed al The size of lhe heap of paper naplcins slill wairing ro be sluiied inio ihe piclure background. Julia Lesler, Cindy Coleman, Joan Ramey, Margarel Magee, Spencer Crouch, Lynda Brown, Lynn Noles, and Charlie Davis slraighlen 'rhe rays oi The canopy before lhey are arlached in ihe cenier and raised lo ihe lop of The gym. Christmas ls Highlighted b Annual Favorites' Formal I Setvirlzflevz The Serenaders return from a short intermission in order to continue the music for anxious dancers. Pat Cochran, who annually takes pictures of students at the formal, positions Nancy Sharer and Jimmy Jorgensen so that their picture will be a success. r ' f . 'if 4 A-'fe f 3 ' .9 nf-ws Each class is always anxious to see whom their class has chosen as tavorites. Juniors Jimmy Ray and Tim White congratulate Rusty Guyer on his win. Versatile boy, Bobby Black, gets warm congratulations from his running mate.' Glenda Enoch, ancl from David Buclc. an- other candidate tor Versatile Boy. A 29 Spanish Club Celebrates Christmas With Traditional Festivities U1 'I ff ,tg HJ F buf The masked student takes a final aim at the piiiata, hoping that this will be the swing that will break the pirlata and cause the sudden outburst ot candy. l Elizabeth Edwards, Sherry Hobson, Susan Hartline, and Marion Mohat enioy their refreshments and anxiously await the highlight ot the party, the breaking ot the piiiata. 30 F017 David Nichols and Mrs. Gardner lower the pfnata atter it has been brolcen in hopes that they can receive their candy' without having to go through the mad scramble on the floor. QQ, 4' Marion Mohal, by Bobby Black. I965 Valentine Queen ls Marion Mohat Kay Sims and Wesley Wilkerson, Jeanne Ann Ross and Bill Richler, Marilyn Massey and Sieve Nicholson, and Debby Hyman and Jimmy Mewhinney are among lhe couples who enloyed lhe music provided by lhe T.W.U. Serenaders al lhe dance. lhe l965 Valenline Sweelhearl. is escorlecl The nominees for lhe l965 Valenline Sweelhearl are Beverly Blake escorled by David Harrison, Marion Mahal escorled by Bobby Black, Judy Davis escorled by David Buck, and Linda Wilkinson escorled by Jimmy Ray. Presenling lhe flowers 'lo The sweeihearl are Belly Sherman and Frank Camp. X, -1 hi x 1- '77 yu Y Q F1153 ff' Yr as ' 'l' u. s,,, S K! 1' hw. EX. Linda BuTTrill, Nancy Browder, and Linda Jenkins survey The group of prospecTive slaves To see which is The mosT obedieni and The mosT amusing. Carol Holm' has decided ThaT none of The slaves being shown is quiTe whal' she has in mind and is hoping To find one in anoTher group. S.. Jimmy Mewhinney explains The difficult Task he has compiled Tor his slave To Judy Brooks. hoping Thal she will have some even beTTer ideas as a Trial for The lowly slaves, Under The supervision ol Their cruel maslors, Beverly Gril Tin and Jim Bays display Their skills at duck walking a skill Thai every obcdienT slave musT masler. 32 Slave Sale Provides Atmosphere for Amusement and Originality if X'- X I 1 1 l I i l The slave auctioneer, has over other slave for this one. fi' Mickey Ginnings, points out the advantages this slave s and seems assured that he will receive a good price Fichard Hughes and George Krail show no mercy lo 'lheir poor slave Julia farbrough as she disrogarcls her pride and shines their shoes. Hoping lo ingraliale herself with her superiors, Melody Spechl seems ' pleased io beg ihe lenience of her mesfers, buf she is not 'loo sure they will do anything more lhan lislen to her pleas. X "Curious Savage" and 'Nine Girls" Afford Q, rel. , 5 ' 1 Hannibal, Harry Hall: Florence, Joann Harris. and Jeffery, Nick Ruger: occupy 'themselves wilh iheir game in an allempl 'lo avoid lisiening lo Mrs. Savage's complainis aboul her children. Mrs. Savage is porirayed by Virginia Cadclell. The momenis before a siage eniry are always 'rense ones for sfudenl aciors. Virginia Caddell gaihers all her props for 'lhe nexi scene so 'rhal she will make a grace- ful enirance. 5 JW,,g,.'1 A l .I 4 ef" , I My l, Mrs. Savage and Fairy Mae. Brenda Frosl. walk around I es We , lhe edge of lhe carpel lo save wearing ii our in 'rhe 1 i middle. Hannibal and Mrs. Paddy, Ann Cole, view iheir 1 aciions wilh some dismay. Afler Dr. Savage's reprimand, Hannibal explains 'rhal he is in his room in spirii and ihal spiril is wha? counis. Mrs. Savage ponders over 'the answer lo The queslion asked by Dr. Savage, who is porlrayed by Don Hull. 34 Audience With Frightening Suspense .. . V is i is ii -1 ,- ,".. 1, 1.111 -hr, I fit ? .. L l . . , - ,- . , i lg Sr.'gprf1.', V c . . ,V J Jr bl h 1v'.,.'i'. ihlhi i IL- . ff., nr -1 4 W V 1 Q gn 4 ,. ' "L,-is: . ,5 .ky XJ -'gr ., D ig, s ' ef' ,, Nancy Browder, Jane. prepares ihe audience for ihe suspense of lhe play as she explains 'lhe ploi in fhe prologue preceding fhe acfual performance. :Mx , 1 . W . lsit as if l Rilca Wiley, Glamourpuss, receives condemnaiion from Brenda Landers, Shirley, and Sharon Eden. Freida. for her degrading aciions. will 1 L 5 To fha horrificafion of Alice. porirayed by Linda Jenkins. Mm reads ihe disaslerous suicide noie. Bonnie ore frayed Mary. one of fhe mosi ouisianding characiers in 'ihe play. Sholpui dainiily relaxes while 'felling Alice Thai iheir friend Paula is missing and Thai ihe police suspecf a kidnapping. Shoi- pui, ihe school alhleie. is played by Sharla Taylor. 35 Thanksgiving and Christmas Assemblies Enrich Spiritual Values The Thanksgiving assembly is lypified by a quiel' reverence. Sludenls acknowledged 'lhe presence of lhe holiday by wearing conservalive cloihing and by parlicipaling in 'lhe aclivilies sponsored by fhe school. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllml l. 5 if Reverend Roy Marlin from 'lhe Firsl Chrislian Church adds a serious nole fo lhe Thanksgiving assembly as he addresses lhe sludenl body on 'rhe values lhal lhey should develop. . Q . Ii -'T 9A A Q . l il l K. Q ' 1 Wil-h The combined efforls of 'lhe A'Cappella choir and lhe orcheslra, lhe lrue Chrislmas spirif is crealecl. DHS slu- .- denls Kay Wills, Ann Cole. and Ernie Nall parlicipaled in 'ihe program as lhey spoke aboul' lhe meaning and imporl- ance ol Chrislmas. u Illus- 5' ,-ar 'KX 1 fl:-4. 1 Q 36 mi ll M - line, .3 Music Forms Basis for D.H.S. Talent Assembl ' T . T 7: . l l i Ml 11 'lil l l, l i Janice Cox, an excelleni' violinisi who has represenied Denion for 'fha lo lhe as- "Never On Arvil Dolson adds a lighi 'rouch sembly wiih his arrangemeni of a Sunday." ,I Y, 1. I 5 , Q 1' ' I ' ' . Q. lg " ' E Q if , K 3 - wi, , , . if , S Frank Camp and Bobby Black, President and Vice-Presiclenl of 'lhe Siu- clenl' Body. are 'rhe masfers of ceremonies af The l965 Taleni Assembly. .,: - 5 4' Q, S. . JI ' -J - '1 ' 4 pasi 'rwo years in 'fha All-Sfaie High School Orcheslra, plays The com- plicaied "Medi'ra+ion from Thais." Kay Wills is her accompanist 1 Tammy Brooks comes on sfrong wilh a lively performance of "Hello Dolly." Guifar players Marvin Scheriz and Freddie Ryan enier- l'ain wifh a well-known folk song. "Tiawana Jail." 37 Intramural Championship Game Prove ii g' - -- 'f--' The whislle blows, and lhe gama begins. Tommy Bonk and Jeff Hunl exert iheir slcill in an aiiempl io lip lhe ball fo a leammale. Even ai The lirsl of 'fha game, poinfs are imporianf, and Ki? Sharer. John Roach. and Dick Boots are ready fo receive lhe lip. 38 Eager inlramural players prepare 'for acfion as referee Paul Crep puis lh ball info play. as Hacker Jimmy Webs? r and Bill Hall cover boih sicles. hoping lo recove lhe ball angxnralce-afnedd goal. Fugilive David,Ma-nasso makes a linal aliempl io keep lhe ball in play Victorious for Fugitives Over Hackers lm! llfxiisif Q2 ixxkk Hoping 'ro prevent Fuqilive Joliri klloachjmmxmaking a baskel, Hackers Bill Hall and my Websi r seem fo have llme ball in liand. Despif ei-rf ard work. Jrlwe Hackers losl lo The Fugitives 29-25. Team work is imporlanl in every play, and Hacker Jerry Wilkerson is ready io help Bill Hall keep Fugifive Tommy Bonk from qefiing loo secure a bold on lhe ball. FTW r ' 'i N is " i' xv." 'E"' 'V'i 'xl' Hackers Bill Remley, Dan Hagan, and Jeff Hun? warch inienfly as 'their 'ieammales baffle for anollwer score. - ,' I' mf-- .. v,.. W as 9 Milne Woodson and Barbara l-larpool face lhe never-encl- ing lask of collecling emply syrup borfles and refilling lhem wilh l'he syrup furnished by Sl'aley's Food Company. 4 .-.,.-Mme.. . MMM v ,, ..: HQ V 4, l f Students and Parents to Produce Successful ,.. M111 l '-i':g,4,- f....f' Preparing for 'rhe large crowds of hungry people are Mr. Clardy, Mr. McAfree. Mr. Sharer, and Mr. Selby. Busy seniors, hardeworldng parenls. and salisfied cuslomers lypify The nighl as many are served in lhe Denlon l-llgh and Newlon Rayzor calelerias. 'f W ' l Q ll ll! 71 Combine Efforts Pancake Supper Mrs. Knox and Mrs. Selby indusiriously Take orders for pancakes, sausage, and bacon. A momeni's resl is a welcome even? for Susan Hariley. Mrs. Hasiings. ancl Carol Thompson before ilwey begin ihe lask ol' cleaning ihe cafeieria. One of llwe lwarclesi iobs ol il1e evening is keeping siuclenis provided with pancakes lo refill empiy plaies. Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Jones. fhouglw, enioy ilweir iob and promplly keep ilwe refill line moving. 2 545' boiiles. ,.. Kay Klein inspects all fables - for empiy plaies and milk 46?- The Pancake Supper annually receives 'line suppori of sludenis, exes, and iowns- people. While Mickey Miller, Julie Anders, and Beiiy Frosl enioy ilweir pancakes. oilwers near ilwe end of iheir long wail in line. UAVQW. 'f I --J fi 3 I , ' Pancake Supper Enables Seniors to Gain Elesa Beale, Richard Hughes, and Charlie Davis encourage David Ruffu Sarah Whilson, and Jeanne Smiih io 'finish Their meal so ihaf l'he lhree may loin olher seniors as lhey clean fables. sei places. and refill plaies, -an ,y ii -.. :lf Don Hill and Frank Camp courieously qreel iheir cuslomers wilh a iradilional. "May we help you?" Juniors Howard Young, Boyd Morrison, Gary Lanlrip. and Johnny Jones enjoy a heariy meal. realizing 'lhal nexl year fhey will be responsible for seeing lhal lhe supper runs smoolhly. 42 Support of Community for End-of-Season Activities 'T is T" roi Bewildered Douglas Reeves tinds a problem that he cannot solve, but Barbara Harpool assists Douglas by telling lwim where he can tind Mrs. Snider. chairman Q-3 ot the su er. Betty Mcfklister ctieclcs with Kenny Clardy to see that he is serving hot cottee. iii ities , qfizf' F K nigh' Lyn Brewton willingly turns tier empty plates over to Ann Porter. Paul Crep stands by, ready to assist in any way that he can. Tommy Carrigan counts the exact number ot place mats and torlcs that he will need in order to till the vacancies lett by the crowd. 43 Competition in Science Fair Promotes .ic 111146 ZH i Lzllfr pri F' n . nl 5 1 ' ' "" 'Ai ul " 4 ., -. 1 .7 f. 1 f A Eddie Clark and Carol n examine the display ot the elects of stimulating drugs on ll 4 y hamsters. as Joan Ramey explains the pro- cedure she used in deriving her tinal conclus- ions. Brenda Thompson reviews the high points ot her experiment with the ettects oi various amounts ot ozone on hamsters, displaying the animals and the way their respiratory systems were hindered by the drugs. Production of Interesting Experiments Julia Yarbrough shows the many types ot leaves in her collection. according to their ' structures and classification. Each type ot leat was displayed with others having the same characteristics on cardboard sheets with attractive plastic coverings. Z V L ,-"1"- gAfA I 'K Exhibiting an array of state tlowers and birds , 11 F Q .Q is sophomore Nancy Ayers, who labeled each 5 Y' ' example as to classification and type. T s 4 x sv ' Liliana- a, 'W Promoting a better understanding ot orthodonic treatment is Ginger Falkenberg, who included a collection ot equip- ment used by orthodontists in correcting malformed iaws and teeth. She displayed X-rays. headgear, and teeth molds with her experiment. lt'ili'1l1llIliilt5r7s lt g i w.s1if.,tl-sd' li'-5"'S3 ll M... , 1 :maillist 1 Auto Mechanics Class s Newest L. T. Fells examines lhe proiecl ahead and resolves fhaf 'rhe liming marker is The cause of ihe 'rrouble in 'rhe engine. Boys who parlicipale in lhe aufo mechanics class gain praclical experience by analyzing various iobs and lhen by repairing any difficullies. Donald Yeck, L, T. Fells, and Dennis Weaver poinl' oul 'rhe various paris of lhe molor as a secfion of one of 'rheir applicalion lesls. This molor was donaled for lhe boys' use by lhe Ford Moior Company. I a X , Donald Yeck's happy smile reflecls his salisfaclion al' having is successfully repaired 'the lransmission in his car. USPRAG' mr 'S' Addition to Denton High s Vocational Boys who are interested in mechanics as a protession receive the opportunity to gain technical training as they par- ticipate in the auto mechanics class. Classes are directed toward both study and application ot knowledge, tor one hour ot each day is spent in study cor- rect techniques. The remaining two hours ot the class are devoted to the actual repairing ot cars. Through this program. boys receive credit tor their high school work and also protit trom the practical experience that they gain. Mr. Hart and Bob Foster work together in taking out a broken bolt in the engine Bob is restoring to working order. Mr. Hart encourages boys to use their own abili- ties, but he is always available when a ditticult situation arises. Basketball Team Selects Sweetheart for '65 Season Frank Camp crowns Pat Jefferson basketball queen as Betty Sherman prepares to present the newly named queen with her flowers. Pat's escort. Mickey Ginnings, and Sally Harpool and her escort Paul Crep, witness the ceremony with happiness. After the excitement of the announcement of the win- ner, Pat Jefferson and Mickey Ginnings pose for the queen's formal picture. 'f"'a all Ta' rm l Surprised expressions and feelings of relief are dominant feelings as the tension mounts before the revelation of the winner. Sally Harpool. Paul Crep. Pat Jefferson, Mickey Ginnings. Kathleen 1 Obermeyer, and Tim White anxiously await the results. 48 Faculty Honored Through Teacher Appreciation Week Ann Porler and Glenda Enoch begin 'the weelc's aclivilies as 'lhey place poems in each 'reacher's box. The brealclasl, which is ihe highliqhl of Teacher Apprecialion Week, is annually helcl in fha caleleria. The school coolcs and Sludenl Council members prepare lhe food and decorale lhe fables. Special enler- lainmenl for lhis year was provided by lhe Coeds and lhe Chordsmen. 45 F 'J-v' aw' X Y' ff Frank Camp checks wilh LeAnn Tallalerro lo see lhal' she has given apples 'lo all lhe leachers on lhe second floor. Dusly Monlgomery and Reber? Harrison calch Mrs. Leyendeclcer as she allempls lo sneak a bile ol her apple. ,K Before leaving school for 'lhe clay, Mrs. Moore admires lhe pen ancl 'Flower given her by apprecialive sludenls. rj .wb ,,..1"' , J" in fi, ,f 1 . ' ,t J Pat Moore displays a great deal of determination as she in- tlates a volleyball. Girls are responsible for duties in P.E classes such as maintaining equipment, putting away loclcers, and setting up nets. Student Interest is Stimulated ,lf ,,,, iv-'--1 ', On lab days inquistive biology students Billy Housden and Gary Hammett learn the mechanics ot using the microscope. T Mr. Patterson knows the value ot visual aids in teaching his students Dale Snelling, David Finley, Janey Mozingo, and Eddie Phillips. Beverly Grittin and Sally l-larpool find the student council room an excellent place to do some last-minute work on their assignments. by C ass Participation Sfudenis Willard Hall and Jim Crossland seem +o have ii! someihing on fheir minds oiher +han algebra. " -' M niyk 3 X I an ieacher. Mrs. Koeppen. enioys 'rhe convenience of machines in her geomeiry classes. flu ill X ,Vi 4 r I i Fjvlvj ,, ,Ax Tommy Corrigan and Paul Heibel widen 'rheir field of knowledge as ihey explore ihe world of physics. l Julia Yarbrough and Ann Hoileii find 'rime during 'lhe b usy school day io fake a few quick guifar lessons. :Inf ,, Qffice Assistants Regulate Essentials of Office Routine i iii" Linda Hale, Linda Hanks, Joyce Hilton. and Golda Pockrus, Assisting students in filling out absentee blanks and recording excuses 'First period ottice personnel. are busy with many extra iobs is a part ot the daily routine tor Kathy White. Linda Owens Lynda as they get all records in order for the rest ot the day. Alford. and Linda Roberson. Keeping the switchboard and regulating the tlow ot incoming and outgoing calls are, Nancy Hilton, Linda Hillman. and Kay Yarbrough. Any announcements, bulletins, or mail must be 'Filed Q 'Q--J' Checking the tiles to locate students needed in the are Marion lvlohat. Brenda Murdock, and Susan J, i Office girls l. Kindred and U Lathem are in the 'leacher's se arate boxes b Nanc: Manire, P , Y Y Kay Sims, Dan O'Rear, and Marilyn Johnson. Ready to assist Mr. Guyer or Mr. Spears are Jane Whitson. Kathy Johnson, Donna O'Dell. and Glenda Coffey. ble tor picking absentee blanks at beginning of i period. Clean Rooms and Good Food Are Appreciated Mr. Mililcin, Mr. Boron, Mr. Miller, Mr. Mercer, and Mr. Lowe labor from morning lo nighl in Order lo keep lhe school clean and in working order. Aside from every- day dulies, lhey are on hand lo assisl in -preparing lhe building for any exlra- curricular aclivilies. Z Jacobs, lhe head cools, appears lo be of lhe nourishing food which she and olher cooks prepare each day. Mrs lriclc, Mrs. Scherlz. Mrs. Miller. Mrs. and Mrs. Moore enioy The laslc of well-balanced meals for The sludenls 1 . . rv. . ,'., - do at D.H. . Mr. Mercer. head cuslodian, is a well-lcnown figure al D.l'l.S. His lireless eiforls in being helpful lo 'leachers and sludenls are always apprecialed. f N ,,, A4 s lk. Understanding . . . the key to they is 'Q Q ADMINISTRATIGN +. H+ ' '3,ev'2f4' i Tl Z ' ' ,fgz-.ffiv-,.1Z..5 1 f 13-ea. Q 5 u .? . Q:-ifiJ4l3fEi,igEg25i315?' I E A Q' . U bf- D fgl Q 1 ff? H K vw ' h - s ?EiwT'L"1?'53Q1:v I 1 -Y ii: gf: . YL-R:,,:v,H, A fi"Q,.- --F .K Z! .ggfrr-L-g:'Kt--H V xl' -r ' , 'M 3 X, Wk X f .gi , In A L W W A ulkg- . I L I if, ll ' ' Q 5 fi1M"' F' X f . l:ig -g:,- ' 8 4 M 's su: N, A Wg? 3 -V: r '-S 1 5' mt will, dm s 1. ,r NA .ma K of a Successful Educational Program Superintendent Denton Public Schools Chester O. Strickland IJ' f- Mr. Strickland is directly responsible for the success ot the Denton lndapendent School District. He and the school board make maior decisions in determining the best ways in which to execute a successful educational program. Personal attention is given each school as Mr. Strickland and the principals ot'all schools meet to discuss specific problems. 57 if i -T1 ' :.- .:. '1' Administrative Staff Strives to Promote Y .. is .14 Y: , Y 4, , ,, f f ' fimx MRS. GEN ZERWER is not only Mr. 6uyer's personal secretary, but she is also in charge ot all tinancial transactions tor the school. These transactions involve an up-to-date bud- get and a special account tor each club and class. Another ot her duties is sending out all transcripts and keeping a permanent record ot each student's grades. John H. Guyer Principal Etticiency, combined with a personal in- terest in each student, is the trait tor which Mr. Guyer is most generally known. One ot the tirst persons to arrive at school each morning and one ot the last to leave each atternoon, he organizes Denton l-ligh's activi- ties so that the student grows both mentally and socially. By working closely with the tac- ulty and students. he has maintained a rapidly- advancing educational program tor the school. Although most ot his duties are administrative, Mr. Guyer handles some ot the student's most serious problems. These include the revision ot scedules and the provision ot encourage- ment to do better school work. Educational Advancement i"'?' 0 -V I Q Aw Nm "i""'i ' --'ir-'slr-H-if rss,-lvl, , . - I l ' "if-'IFQ -- . . - r- "i"5 '7i ' l' mmf? 1 l l l li El J- W 1 Oran Spears Assistant Principal Mr. Spears officially holds The 'rifles of assislanl principal and alhlelic direclor. ln fulfilling 'rhese posilions. he co- orclinafes all ihe school's sporiing evenls. This iob includes seiiing up game dares, encouraging sluclenl' supporl for lhe ieams, and selling liclceis lo all games. Mr. Spears is also lhe person io whom siuolenls musi go for lardy and absence ex- cuses. ln aclclilion lo 'rhese primary dulies, Mr. Spears ailempfs 'ro correcl any disciplinary problems 'rhai arise during 'rhe school clay. MRS. MARGARET CHRISMAN is responsible for record- ing sludeni absenleeism and alfendance. When a slu- denl is noi in school, she records his absence in fhe lr- school records and in iurn keeps lhe official regisirar " for 'the school's affiliafion wilh fha slafe. Besides 'this ' main dufy, Mrs. Chrisman is always in lhe office. ready 'lo ' aid school personnel and sludenfs. .-1 i V XS. 372 Business Staff Approves Expenditures for Denton School Area All financial problems for ihe Denion lnde- pendenl' School Dislricl are solved by Mr. Payne and his business slail. Expendilures for school aclivilies and supplies are approved. Planning a budgel and seeing lhal lhis loudgel is fol- lowed is anoiher of Mr. Payne's jobs. Several capable secrelaries aid in lhis iob by accuralely recording all 'financial lransaclions and by effi- cienlly balancing all boolcs, I Enthusiastic Teachers lmpart Knowledge to Willing Students y -2 i -J ,v-offl JIM ADKISSON North Texas State University. B.S. Key Club. English l i l The first days ot each semester are busy ones tor teachers as they check and sign schedules. Jane Whitson and Carolyn McCormick consult with Mrs. McKelvey to be certain that their schedules are correct. ELTON BERRY Texas ASM, B.S., M.E. Vocational Cooperative Train- ing. Vocational Industrial Club MRS. FRANCES BISHOP North Texas State University. B.S.. M.S. F.l'l.A.. Homemalcing WILLIAM BELLOMY Baylor University, A.B, I-listory MRS. WILLIE MAE BURLAGE WILLIAM R- CARRICO North Texas State University. North Texas State University, BA., MA. B.S. Future Teachers. English Mechanical Drawing, Coach T' " 'TIT' 'PKI' Faculty Co-operates With Student Body X . WILLIAM DONNELL North Texas State University. BA. French Club. Key Club, French, Math I NNELL MRS MAXIE DIBBLE MRS GERALDINE CO . University otTexas, B.A. North Texas State University Junior Classical League, Latin University ot Texas Texas Woman's University B S M.Ed. Counseior MRS. SHIRLEY FARM ER North Texas State University. B.S., M.A. F.t-LA., Pep Club, Homemak- ing. JOHN FAVORS MRS. LESLIE VANN FOUTS North Texas State University, B.S., MA. Government, History an's University, A.B., MA. Trigonometry, Geometry PFW 5 T ' Bayior University. Texas Wom- LAURIN FROST Bethany College. University o Michigan, B.M., M.M. Student Council. Orchestra N X ,wen t fl V- s in Planning D. tivities I K' MRS. CATHERINE HASTINGS Texas Tech. Norlh Texas Slale Universlly, B.A.. MA. English MRS. MATILDE GARDNER CHARLES GREENHAW James Millilcin Unlversily, B, Norlh Texas Slale Universily. Music. P.A.S.F, B.A. Spanish Honor Sociely. Span! Horseshoe, English rs MRS. JUANITA F. HELM Texas Woman's Unlversily-, BA.. M.A. English ROBERT J. HALL Texas A8cI, B.A.. M.A. D.E.C.A,, Dlslriloullve Educa- Hon MRS. OPAL HALL Texas Woman's Universily Norlh Texas Sfale Univer sily, B.S., M.S. Debale, Thesplans. N.F.L. Re liglous Council, Dramalics Speech MARVIN HART Wesl Texas Slale. B.S. V.l.C., Aulo Mechanics Teachers Provide Practical Classroom Experience ng QQ' JP. 'CSV' MRS. RUTH l'llCKMAN JACK HOLT MRS. JUDY HUDSON Norfh Texas Siaie Universily. Universify ol Oklahoma, B.S. Norih Texas Siafe Universily. BA. Bookkeeping, Business B.A. Pony Pep Club. Hislory Business MRS. TOMMlE l'lUTCl'llSON R. R. HYMAN Easl Texas Siale College. Norlh NOf'fl'1 TSXGS Sl'dl'6 Uf1lV6I'Sli'Y. Texas Slale Universily, BA., B.S., M5- M A. Algebra, Geomeiry VERN LANE Norlh Texas Siaie Universily B.S., M.S. Driver Training, Heallh Educa lion, Physical Eclucalion. Coach Visiling Teacher MRS. EVELYN LEYENDECKER Our Lady of Lake College, BA. Spanish Club. Spanish .l "Wm, HAZEL LORTS Olclahoma AEM, B.A. English for Tomorrow's Leaders JAMES MAGILL Norfh Texas S'ra're Universify, B.S.. M.S. Physical Educafion, Coach JESSE MASON Texas Chrisfian Universify, BA. Science Club. Biology MRS. MARGARET WILLIAM J. MICHALKA MEWHINNEY Universify of Texas, B.A.. MA. Florida Sfafe Universiiy, A.B. Sam Housfon Sfafe Teach- J.C.L., Lafin ers College Mafh. Coach MRS. VIRGINIA MOORE Texas Woman's Universiiy. Norih Texas Sfafe Univer- sify. B.S.. M.S. Typing ui 65 Teachers Possess an Understanding of Their Students MRS. MARGARET McCAULEY North Texas State University, B.S. Biology fd 'Q' MISS EULAH McELROY North Texas State University. George Peabody College tor Teachers, B.A., MJ-X. Future Teachers, English MRS. CECILE BELL MCKELVEY North Texas State University. Texas Woman's University. B.S.. MJX. Bookkeeping. Shorthand, Typ- ing an . As seniors Marilyn Sorgdrager and Jenny Sparkman have already had health education under Miss Wells: however, the two girls still come to her tor advice and understanding. we if V' i'LTL.1ijLT X ' 9 'T MA CARROLL McMATH F. D. NIX Texas Tech, North Texas State North Texas State University, University, B.S., M.S. B.B.A., M.Ed. Band History. Government, Coach lin- -4 s 1 l' - and a Knowledge of Their Subjects DON R. PATTERSON MRS. LUCILLE RAY Norlh Texas Slale Universily, Texas Woman's Universily. B.A. B.S. English Typing il.-.3 HAL G. RYLANDER MRS. MARGARET SCHULZE Texas A8fM, Norlh Texas Slale Easl Texas Sfaie College. BA-. Universily, B.S., M.S. M.A. FFA. Vocalional Agricullure Pep Club. Cheerleaders, Girls Physical Educalion MRS. EMA RUTH RUSSELL Texas Woman's Universily, B.M.. B.S., M.A. Choral Music, A Cappella Choir, Coeds. G-lee Club, Chordsmen, Follcsingers - -We my Jgs, BILLY RYAN Norlh Texas Slale Universily B.S.. Mllid, Heallh Educalion ' ' fax? :ga Se New Methods and Better Textbooks MRS. MARY LA JEAN SHERRILL Texas Woman's University, B.S., M.A. Bronco, Art H . ' I I MRS. CATHERINE SHUFORD University ot Arkansas, North Texas State University, BA.. MA. English TOMMY SMITH North Texas State University. B.S..M.Ed. Biology, Coach. Health Edu- cation X ! l 1-Q Daily rehearsals are an essential part ot each band member's day. Mr. McMath aptly directs the members in preparation tor the competition that contronts them each year. M RS. PAM SNYDER Texas Woman's University, B.S. Chemistry, Biology MRS. NANCY SPIVEY University ot Texas, BA. English vi- 4 R9 KU ,Wh .ay H ,Ui ,D I li, l Q 1 1 nl kifi X ji!! 7 l W ,fyh CU D ctll Enhance Ability of D.H.S. Faculty MRS. MARY ELAINE MRS. HELEN SWENSON SULLIVAN Texas Woman's Unlversily. B.S., Mounl Mary College. Norlh L,S, Texas Slale Universily. BA.. Librarian M.A. English MRS. VIRGINIA VAUGHN MISS JOANNA WELLS, JR. Transylvania, A.B. Norlh Texas Slale Universily, Algebra, Analysis B.S.. M.S. Healllw Educalion LEWIS WHITSON Norfh Texas Slale Universily. B.S. Hecllh Educalion, Foolball. Golf MRS. EUPHA WOOD Olclalwoma Slale Unlversily, B.S. G-eornelry MRS. EMMA J E YARBROUGH Norfh Texas Slale B.S., M.Ed. Economics, Hislory, Sociology, Nallonal Honor Soclely Y., lf! Senior Class Officers: Firsi' row: Glenda Enoch, secrefary-freasuqer: Francine Jameson, vice-presideni' Second row: Don Bush, reporferg Paul Crap. president Friend hip . . . the key to fs hr Sophomore Class Officers: Jerr Riddle resident Y - P 7 Lalo Ponce, reporler: Beverly Griffin, secrefarylrreas- urer: Johnny Eberly, vice-president Junior Class Officers: Sealed: Nancy Browder, secrefary: Carol Holl, Treasurer: Don Pikes, reporler. Second row: Clark Nichols, president Jim- my Ray, vice-president Rosca Adkins Lynda Alford Dallon Allen Mandy Allen Ann Anderson Greg Anderson Joe Anderson Kirk Anderson Paula Anderson Billy Arneff Mike Arringion Susan Aiclwley Sharron Afkins Marllia Auslin Janis Bailey Connie Baker Joan Barnelri Candie Barrow Elesa Beale 'UN 'f. H 5? .3 Class of l965 Talenled Bobby Black livens up lhe Howdy Dance by his im- promplu performance on lhe drums. Bobby and olher sen- iors wulh musical abilily provided special enlarlainmenl for dances and assemblies lhrouqhoul lhe year. Richard Bishop Bobby Blaclc Beverly Blake Diana Bland Bill Blanlon Suzanne Bonlc Dick Bools Shirlene Bowles Verlene Bealy Ba rba ra Bellar Billy Berry Jim Belles QOUQ Bevd N Marilyn Bradley Linda Bradshaw Lyn Brewlon Gary Broclceile Jeri Broday Malynn Brooks Paula Brown Leslie Browning Grerchen Bryanr Marie Bryanl David Buck Kay Bullinqron Kenny Burgamy Don Bush Frank Camp Tommy Carriqan Pauleile Carroll 74 Fun-U' snr' Students, Teachers Senior Play '32 M 4-ws' Co-operate in Planning and Pancake Supper .Ng ' x rs. Snider. senior sponsor, laughingly reminds Deana Lewis nd Dorofhy Lynn of some of lha incidenls lhal occurred hile decoralions for the lasl year's prom were being com- Ieled. Mrs. Snider, like many olher leachers. works closely ilh lhe seniors in planning many of Their aclivilies. i Ann Cole L Elaine Collins l Judy Collins David Corbin .l , in I Nelda Carler Becky Caslleberry Paul Chandler Violel Chumbley Marlha Clarnpill Kenny Clardy 4,. , A . ws-V . v Ls , ff rl W: ,Nlgf -Q' , is A srr J . X TK xg is 1 f 5 - . fee: , 'l r L: lwf C in Ax Janice Cox Phillip Coyle Julie Crenshaw ' Paul Crep I :fi Seniors Proudly Carry Title of Llpperclassmen Spencer Crouch Billy Crowell Roberl Dane Barbara Davis Charlie Davis 'fs QQ!! ylxfl 10.1 wif! ly 1 TQ:-:,.'!.i,,K,r'., H riffs iy IIP1'-'fi H" ATT N 1. nf W ' il "Q'X,, X.. Dickie Sawyer, Gary Taylor, Dennis Riney, Barbara Rainey. Cindy Hayes, and Doug Boyd represenl fhe senior class in lhe homecoming parade. By painling various signs, lhe sen- iors proudly displayed iheir class spiril fhroughoul lhe year. Judy Davis Larry DeLisle DeLynn Declcer Darrell Doss Arvil Dolson Jana Drennan Peggy DuBose Slephen Dyer Elizabeilm Edwards Kay Edwards Jolwn Ellis Glenda Enoch Donny Erwin Hank Erwin Mike Erwin Pam Fadale Penny Faris L. T. Fells Roberr Ferguson Warren Ferrill SCOH Ford Bob Fosler Diana Fraim Tlwomas Franlc Elizabelh Frederick Alfred Fulion Carolyn Furclue 77 l -a Phillip Gercling Nancy Giifen Mickey Ginninqs Roy Gocli Lynda Graham Jack Gray Seniors Utilize to Advance Leslie Browning wisely uses her lime before lhe lasl bell rings so 'rhal' she can calch up on her oulside reading for English ' i" "" "T"' ?"Ul Tim Gray Carolyn Gregory Wanda Gresseil Ronnie Griffin Rusly Griliiih Phillip Guinn Phyllis l-laas Linda Hale Last Year Studies .1 .r .al l B . 'x , I: N Y ge. ' I . lg Mary Ruilre Halipenny Ann Hall Bill Hall Harry Hall Jeff Hamilion John Hamlell Linda Hanlcs Mark Hannah Barbara Harpool David Harrell Susan Harrell Bob Harris Joann Harris David Harrison Susan Harlley Jerry Hassell Mary Halridge Cindy Hayes 79 Amelia Hays Eddie Henderson Freddie Henderson Sharon Hendrick Susan Hennen Susan Hershberger Paul Hieble ,Jeaneile Higgins Don Hill Jaclc Hill Jimmy Hill Joyce Hillon Sherry Hobson Debbie Holcomb 80 .2 Seniors Are VICTOFIOI iuv I5 flfnff kgirh-' 779 f-2 Ufwf 0Qj2j1,jyff'0 'f Wholly, W "SRM gb Mfr E' CL fix -5-Ei X ii v SP' A 'B s -.,r,. hoo Jn! S Xe- , 'Q N 'QQ .13 , jf'-, 7 M3 Like many of The signs and exfra props made by lhe seniors 'thus deface building" displays many of lhe common phrases used by upperclassmen 1.1- r -sa 'REP' In Spirit Contest Helen House Betty Huggins Richard Hughes Sara Hyder Francine Jameson Pat Jefferson Mickey Jenson 'Jeanie Johnson Marilyn Johnson Mike Johnson Patsy Johnson Ruth Johnson Candy Johnston Mark Jones Jane Kahlich Nick Kiger iff' Virginia Houghton Jerry Housden -1: i -1 Linda Kindred Duaine Kincade Earlene King "T Q65 Klein Mark Kluclc Steve Knox Linda Lamascus Cathy Lambert Kenneth Lancaster Tom Laney Charlie Lantrip Marion Lallnem VlQZ"Il?.QeLdak2 Joann Lawson Robert Lawson Richard Laxson Robert Leitln Julia Lester 82 Seniors Anticipate With Feelings of F Y ,z -Q id! l . l A.. wil 'ff All A , X I F5 Graduation Remorse and Relief Karen Loclwridge Margarel Lowdermnlk Jim Lowry Karyl Lynch Molly McAfee Karen lvlccarl Harry McClendon Janel lvlcCrary ncine Jameson and Davd Harrell br ng 'llne I965 lo life. The bonl rc ser es as lhc luck off or omecoming ocllvilies and as lhe pep rally for llwe 3 M 4. ' V' i' X , Q ,. 2 gg Yi ,.: I . ' al-I 2 LZ,- ,. ,JJ ,fn A - g -1 . ,..., ' i I' L Q X iil,l,5Q1,. ,... Y A ' .' 5 N . , so Linda 'Mclfuin Pal McFerrin Baron McGhee Joyce Mczlinighi' Jimmy McLeod Jill McRae Seniors Energetically in Extra-Curricular W' ,f Sharron Allcins, 'rhe lion, and Lyn Brewlon and Candie Bar- row, +he horse, demonsrrale how +he Broncos will frample lhe Carrollion Lions. Seniors spem' exira hours in preparing 'ihese cosiumes as an added ailraciion io lhe pep rally. Sheila Madore Nancy lvlanire Ruby Nell Manry ff' XX Kae Marlin 5,1 MT L l Susan Marquis Richard Malhis Barbara Mayfield Bill Mecay Participate Activities ,I -su ..-5. JF' Nancy Merrill' Bobby Miles Bobby Miller Mickey Miller Arvin Moeller Marion Molwal Don Moore Pairiclc Morey Burch Morris Ronnie Morrow Landy Mullcey Brenda Murdock Richard Naron Milce NebleH' Rodney Nelson Jane Newcomer Linda Newland David Nichols 85 Sieve Nicholson Seniors Take Active Part in Wayne Nuclrels Linda Oflenbaclxer Dan O'Rear Nancy Oullrirn DHS Organizations Dick Selby and John l-lamlef spend hours in band rehearsal so fhal lheir performances in pep rallies and al games will be oufsranding. l l l , Jill Parker Gloria Owens Marilyn Owens Pali Passons i l i l l l Pam Payne l Roland Payne A Ruloy Pender Diana Penlon Linda PeHy Golda Pockrus Sammy Pool Ann Porrer Sharon Price Jack Proffer Jim Provence Jane? Pulliam Randy Radons Barloara Rainey Mary Randolph Claude Raynor Douglas Reeves Vincenl Richardson John Riddle Lois Riley Dennis Riney Charles Rohre Diana Rose 87 ,.. fi' li ,f 1' V -fl' . -- he 1 l 5995 iii Senior Players and Spectators Jerry Rowe David Rullu . 1314: . ,.-' V, .H fl t w All "' A 'iii' ! Donna Ruflu Ann Rylancler Dickie Sawyer Kerra Scriplure Beverly Seilz Dick Selloy Sleve Selby Lincla Sembera Donna Slriarber Nancy Slwarer Cincly Sliaw Belly Sherman David Sims Kay Sims Duncan Sislc Kennellw Sissney Larry Sillon Brenda Slale Gary Smillw Jeanne Smillw Larry Smilh Tommy Smi+l1 Marilyn Sorgclrager Jenny Sparkman Conrad Speece Phillip Spraloary Peggy S+arr Bill Siausing Richard Slinnell Bess Sioclcard 89 Dennis Slory Margarelr Sluclcey Danny Taclceli Beverly Taylor Gary Taylor Richard Taylor Shirley Teague Brenda Thompson Carol Thompson Rickie Tonn Ernesrine Trielsch Rhonda Trofier Ellon Turner Flip Unger Carolyn Wallace Bill Wallis Dennis Weaver Pal Welch Linda Wells 90 '-vw J i M, E , , gi, x 1 ' 3 Q 1 TIT. I ' l" il T 3 L. YE" X f"'9 Seniors Take Advantage of Last Year at DHS to Cultivate Friendships Kaihywhlie Claudia Williams Joy Williamson Kaye Ellen Wills Marilyn Wood Mike Woodson Carolyn Woolen Barbara Yarbrough Kay Yarbrough Donald Yeclc William Young Laura Zerwer Bill Zimmerman Mary Whilloclc Sara Whilson Charles Wilkinson Arlene Wharley -fm N., ' 'x If L a Q was A ,rw-me rr so ' 13 ,,,mf-.8 ' -afszswef ' -1. 8-.. , 5 Q "J 1 - , 6 0 . - q 0 ,Q 0"Q I .T .. .4 M Q me as , 6- fiaxffirw ' 1 l YW! F' CZ-2 Janel'Arrasmi'rl1 Travis Barber Dale Beale Q1 f, , Ji David Allmins Chris Barla Dolly Belcher V ' ' YL . li val -'tr .J- ia av Ronnie Alkins Virginia Barlley Johnny Bell ral f , ns Bill Auslin Jimmy Bason Lynn Bender Class of Paul Abboll' Mikey Adamson Linda Alexander Danny Allen David Allred Gail Anderson Lanila Angel Lanella Angel Susie Angel Linda Armslrong James Baird Cynlhia Bass Janis Bodkins 966 Douglas Bollon Ted Booker Dick Bools Randy Boyd Cailwy Bradshaw Danny Bree-den Judy Brooks Marilyn Brooks Nancy Browder Lynda Brown Ann Burke Jan Burke Rozelfa Buskirk Linda ' is Byers David Byrom James Calverf Kennelh Cardwell Sue Carroll Deanna Clweaflmm 'Glu' A-4' Jim Brown Karlny Brown Lilly Bryan? Danny Buclwarcl i f i. ' of 4 'll f ' b- O xt ls X if " C, fl 4 : ' i 7 ' i 4 . . ' V . x, , -1 v- -s afl,.'!1"35.if Tiff A , I' 3? 11 . J ki life Buz Clanion Nancy Cagclell Mark Copp Juniors Take Part in Immunization Eddie Clark ,T " .W - 1 ' q , 1' 'i r:,-HJ ' 1 . - ,ai .. . . , -dr , E 'WL , xwf V ' -' Cindy Coleman LaDonn Clark Gail Conaway A Raedean Clinfon r 1 1, Glenda Coffey ,FXR Carolyn Connell Muni-9 Cooper if Johnny Coppage David Cox Bill Cradclock Jo Ann Crider 44" 94 ' ami' Gary Craik Raymond Crouch Elizabellw Culver Jerry Dairymple Marllwa Dallon Peggy Davidson Alion Davis Benny Davis Marina Daws Jolin Dawson Program at D.H.S. Alan Logue lakes a mornenl from his sludies io receive lhe T.B. vaccinalion. Joe lvlahaney gazes warily af lhe inieclion be- preparecl 'lor him, buf he will soon learn 'lhal' lhe new lype of shol a painless one. ff 'i,.. L Barbara Delvlougeor Jerry Dennis Mike Dewberry Donna Doughly Mary DuRard Sharon Eden James Ellior Gerry Ellis Ronny Erwin Glenda Evans Craig Evans Judy Farmer Leslie Farmer Diane Faughr Fleer Faulkner Jackie Favors W, C. Fells Don Fikes Palsy Fiorelli 95 Juniors Participate i La: rv' ,i Waldron Funderburk Phyllis Gaines Locker Gallo Bill Gandee in School Paul Fosler Donna Fowler Jeanne French Kenny Frilz Billy Fuller Hail, alma maler, hals off 'ro you . . . Norma Shlf. Pal l-lood, Fleel Faulkner, Sherri Loade Judy Smirh, and Judy Brooks pay lrbiule lo 'lheir school as lhey sing lhe Denlon l-ligh Schoc alma maler. 1,-5, 'T' 96 X x 'F , L- ,, ,lgfa r J A' Q 4 il f 4. Jimmy Gardner Bill Garreli Sara Gaslon Caroline Geer Chris George Ronny Glasscoclc Kalhy Glenn Clinl Good Tomrny Grace Chrisline Graham Frances Gray Janice Gregory Gerald Green Charles Grillin Spirit Contests at Pep Rallies .gh l 4' , G gi 'B Guy Grillillw Je-m1yLGAr,oe n i n g Rusly Guyer Plwyllis Gwin Dan Hagan Howard Haggard Mason Haggard Marilyn Haggard Louise Hallpenny Willard Hall Mike Hamm Jackie Hammett Rueline Hammeli David Harper Ralplw Harpool Bill Harris Cynllwia Harris Gary Harris Jimmy Garris Dan Harrison Brenda Harlline . -V '37 Juniors Begin Second Year The Howdy Dance provides Juniors wilh a lime for socializing and gelling back inlo 'rhe swing of Denfon High aclivilies. Lynn Noles, Charlie Davis, Don Filces, Paul Chandler, Peggy Rosch. Tim Whife, and Kalhleen Obermeyer discuss lhe disadvaniages of relurning To school. U ,, ,, Hwler, Mrcael Helm Nancy Hillon Carol Holi' pdl Hood Janice Hiclingboflom Ronald Higgins Jeff Hunl Roy Jack Hunler Gayle l'lUfl3fm Pal Higgs Linda Hillman Debby Hyman Jim Inman l-lI'1d0 JGF1l1ir1S cindy Kalwlich W Terry Jenkins Kallxy Jolnnson Doris Jones Jerry Jones Jolwnny Jones Jvlernyilones- -, A'+h'e'lnKays-- - ff Cindy Keilh Nancy Kelly Roeland Kelly Jimmy Kibler Nancy Kidd Bobby Kiser David Kiffrell Lynn Koolcer George 'Krall Brenda Landers Rullm Langley Gary Lanirip Ellen Lansky Karan LaRue Bill Lawson Cecil Lauderdale Lin a a 99 Richard Lawson Fred Leilla Becky Lewis Darlene Lillarcl Sheri Loader Judy Loclce John Alan Logue Sharon McAdams Qheryl McCormack Caro yn McCormTi:k James McKniql1l Judy McWl'1orler Doris Madewell Margarel Magee David Manasco Jimmye Marion Bonnie Mallwis Bill Mellon Doris Mercer Jimmy Mewlwinney Wanda Milam Jgmyl Miller Pal' M Roberl Moore Bridger Morey I00 I965 ls a Busy Year 's-QI ,f A , Z7 N , ' ' 1' L' 'G si -in if A L . Uv, 'Tai l. xy- V' ' I i 'W el .W A Lu :J fi 9 voflflf liwf for Juniors Xff' -.3 V:-.. inn Pikes compares his schedule wiih his fellow siudenis' in oi Finding some classes They have iogeiher. ,df l .Ls so, M Donna O'Dell Sara Owens 5? 5 Beryle Morlan Mike Morris Boyd Morrison Kafhy Moore Joe Mullcey if Salefa Myers Ernie Nall Carqlehlealfg Siiye Neale Billy Murdock Clark Nichols Clifford Nix Ron Noble Lynn Noles Beverly Nuclcels an 'H A ' Joyce Olson Linda Owens Donna Pair Byron Parrish IOI W Bonfire Promotes High J 1 Marlha Piclcrell Joan Ramey W rf l N. Spiriis high, Denfon High cheerleader Nancy Rasco leads a friumphanf Cheer for 'the Broncos ai 'ihe homecoming bonfire Barbara Rankin Nancy Rasco Jimmy Ray Bill Remley Jan Rekmlro Sue Richey Alberl Ridge Darrel Rifle John Roach Leah Roberis Linda Roberison Carolyn Robinson Scoif Robinson Peggy Rosch Fred Ryan Spirits Among Juniors yo l all 'F W A 7 f John Sclwaal Carolyn Sclwerlz Marvin Sclwerlz Jan Sclwmifz Tricia Sharber 3 ...a "5 was Dfm Shufo,-d Sherry Simpking Mary Ann Slimp Jolnnie Smi'rl1 Jucly Smiflw Q Will? 1 ,.: 1 - ,iwi ' , '75 If N M 'fra . i ' . lil A Z a 'J :.' 'V Gladys Smilh Ken? Srnilli Linda Smifh Ron Snider P5i5Y SHOW. Judy Sons Benny Sprabary Johnny Sprabary Carolyn Spurloclc ROHUY Si'3llm95 Pol Srolcosz Joyloelli Sianley Melinda Sfeadman Norma Sfiff Mary Anne Sullivan I03 i 5 Earl Vaughn Linda Voorhees Elise Waddell Charles Wahlerl' Frank Walker Jimmy Walling Jo Nell Ward Larry Wardlow Paul Ware Jim Websler I04 .. l M l , , .WI S1 1 l if 1? Juniors Indulge in Extra-Curricular Paul Tunnell Maxine Turner Fred Twomey Danny Vandergrilf Palricia Sullivan oc LeAnn Talialerro Terissa Tallanl Sharla Taylor Gary Thomas Shirley Thomas Mike Thompson Norma Thorp Andy Tomlinson T 'T 'r ffl ' T Activities l Larry Welch - Jane Whilson Rilca Wiley Barbara Williams Sieve Woods Mary Wheeler Marla Whilfen Jerry Wilkerson Kcnnelh Williams Rauel Yarbrough Tim While Max Wicsen Francine4Willcinson ' ' d'a'Ya es V., ,-f ', 1? f" ,Q -,"'z'i1fL - 'sxxv .. .2 ,'--l s Uk, -. , - 'v V, 4, , , 2'-,4 gig: 5 cl. 5. ??A4 . ' "GZ . ,gjfglvfu-6 4 .jr f V , n', 'ffffffilf' xx-. 5-L -1 ' -s.- :-we sz-7157? L, . ., ,- . .',,-f-71.4-:,' .5-r -r -'g-.' -'. L '.7?Q1L5'i-'li-7"6Q . .-.l '-. ,y ' 1 .-v NTP 52.51 ,'J'1w',"q,,!' if ,, lm 'fr .Y 'fr-15"-5.gQ'?,:1g,.' 31-', ilk- Iv 5.4 :ll..1--A ,vvh ?!.:.J .z.1.. 1:-ones-' - 1+ A -LT- Decorafing for lhe Homecoming floais is noi al- ways drudgery. Joan Ramey, Dick Selby, and Mar- garel Magee discuss 'rhe various humorous ways of conslrucring lhe Spanish club llama. Randy Wilkinson Alec Williams Larry Womble Donna Wood Howard Young Mary Young . l 1' I05 - 'Si r lf " ig . lr.-i l, ,sm ASH? ' 4 ,-. Jig:-K Sara Adlcins Tom Alford Mary Allen W ,. y ' v-T1 ' Q -, W. x 4 I ' lla fr' ff. is 'fx in ' l , 3 I , ra, , . i , fi 'A i inf, vi b l 1 Naam. Pam Allen Roy Allen Luclean Allsloll .pf in 'V Q 5 I l N1"! . G? Elella Berry Virginia Bland Tommy Bonlc Ann Bradshaw Class of JoAnn All' Mary Alvey Douglas Anderson Frank Anderson Kalhy Anderson Mary Asher Elzie Baker Sheila Barnell' Larry Barr Callwy Barllell Roberla Barlley Alls Barlon Sharon Baly Jim Bays Brian Belcher The firsf pep rally is one of flle mosl exciling experiences during ihe year. Sophomores soon learn fhaf fhe iuniors and seniors are hard 'ro beal' in 'flue com- pelilion yell. Jaclc Brrlhan Tammy Brooks Pafrzcla Brown Margaref Bunlyn Nelda Burch Herberl' Burchelr Barbara Burden Glenda Burlns Make Bulls Linda Cam Scofl' Calhoun Dian Calverl' Pele Campbell Slllrley Carroll Judy Carfwrrghl George Chastain Mrlce Clwasfam Susie Clwas+ain IO7 , -A y ' 1 K Homecoming is +l1e highlighr of Hue fooiball season. Cheerleader Linda Wilkinson leads 'flue alma maler al 'lhe conclusion of 'llwe bonfire eveni. I08 Sophomores Contribute Splrlt Donna Chumbley Maureen Cirner Hank Clanlon Lincla Clark Clwarlolle Cleylor Wally Cochran Tresa Coclcrell Cindy Cole Jimmy Combs Chris Cooper Linde Clmlsenlwall avg an x L y 8 fs i l s, 'ls -v X 'U' 1 N f . .lx 5-Z' .ff 'N Fl Ji F., '4"'f?Ji to Denton High School 1 qi 5 9: 1 X Cl 'qi :Sei A 'v 'r e' ,- A i 'ml' I ll' l Ezzyq I.. 1, x ,k v-5 Judy Coyle Joe Crenshaw Douglas Crowley Carolyn Davis Linda Dealon Kafhleen DeBerry Joyce Del.isle Mariorie Derden Lynda Dickson lvlarqarel' Dickson lvlarlha Doerr Jean Downey Danny Doyle Judy DuBose Eric DuChemin John Eberly Mike Ellis Benny Erwin Joye Erwin Scolly Erwin Ginger Evans Candy Fahndriclc Dwighl' Fain Ginger Fallcenberg Killy Farmer Brenda Fiorelli Cynlhia Filch Alex Ford Roberl Fowler Dorcas Fraim Sophomore Broncos BN B o , 'x ,J .54- fill Sk J. ' Janice Fraim Brenda Frosi Johnny Gale Gonald Glenn Billy Goodman Marilyn Griffin Billy Franklin Larry Fuller Phyllis George Sieve Glosser Diana Goodner Wayne Griffin Larry French Jo Green Norma Gregory Beverly Griffin Belly Fulwiler Don Grimes Terry Guesr Charles Hackell' Beih Gillen Joyce Godi Jane Graham Kennelh Grilfilh Sophomore Johnny Sfour is nor 'foo sure he IS going lo like fhis experi- ence ai D H S buf since Susan Scoi' is being so brave abour gefring Larry Hale Orval Hall Johnny Hargis Gary Harper Charles Harpool Sally Harpool Marlaine Harrill Roberf Harrison Jimmy Healh Susan Heimer David Hendricks Floyd Hensley Rona Henson Laynefre Herd Linda Hicks Berl' Hilliard Befsy Hindman Parri Holland Linda Holloway Future Years Become More z f in 'ax l .. U if i . I I 5 J L , I :,., ,5,,, M , ,, 11 o Z 'Q -air ,.: .r,1 is , we Jo Anna Lancasler ' r - Y A Lela Landers E , x "' l if " xTg241':-,.-' 11. ' QV- 'sw l E" ' ll eiliiiiaa :Wa "fiii'.??f'- 'ii Sophomores Dusly Monlgomery. Marlaine Harrell, and Ann Bradshaw compare 'rheir schedules hoping rhey mighf have some classes fogelher. II2 Jimmy Killian Melinda Kinard Nedra Knepper Jean Krueger Wi Terry Holloway Ronnie Hoolen Kay Hudson Kalherine Jackson Pal Jenson Kalhy Johanson Kay Johnson Becky Jones Carolyn Jones Holly Jones Janice Jones Roberl Jones Deborah Keas Roberl Kelly Barbara Kiger C f if J 5 1 'i-Sw? , Egfr' J Jivid to Sophomores 3 -an Bob Laney Dan Laney A+ lhe firsl' class meeiing, 'lhe sophomores nominale sl'u Some sludenls seem dubious abou? whom To nominale. Michele Lansky Terry Leedy L as f I is clenls 'fo run for class offices James Lewelling Susan Lewis Kelhy Lillarcl Bill LiHle Richard Long Bill Lboveioy Gerard Lowery Rulh Lowery Ernie McCray Pinky McEuin Harold McFarling Fern McGallierd Bonnie McGhee Elinor McLaughlin Mike McMahen ll3 Lab Days Add -as R .Q I 90 Elaine McNabb Joe Mahaney Sieve Mallow Carolyn Manire Jerry Marlin Marilyn Massey Mickey MaH'l'1ews Mike Mays '93 ,Qs Y 7 xv. f"A ,' ,lid xl ' Q55 Penny Mays Pa+'ri Meador Crispin Miller John Minnigh Sfeve Minnis Sharon Moeller Carol Money Laduslca Monigomery Leo Monlgomery X 1. , VW f' . Jim Morris Sheila Morris ' Donnie Morrow Q.- I, , ' -an Zest to Sophomore Biology Classes Alvey and Calhy Barllell are unaffecled by or of ilwe onion. bul' llwo smell is elmosl +o make Tom Alford leave lhe lab. Wx ,W , W x,h,.,,., 1 , , ll ' orvnqum' ., B::g-'33:- . " 7,1 Ramona Morlon Mike Noble Ross Obermeyer Michael O'Toole Rulh Ollman Carol Owens Cecile Palumbo Judy Palumbo Bill Pannell Joyce Parker Waunolce Parker James Passons Pal Palrick John Pallerson l s :L laik., M in P . ny, Janey Mozingo Ann Normlle f-gl Organizations Become Important 5 ui: L Dan Pearce Ann Pennington Ed Phillips fs li Ricky Pearce Meri Peterson Susan Pike f " .J -., 5 3 Dennis Pearson Mike Pettlicrew Elizabeth Platt X Each year the tirst Latin students are bought at the J.C.L. slave sale. Penny Mays. Orval Hall, Carol Riddlesberger, Crispin Miller and Glenda Teague wait reluctantly to discover whom their master will lee. avg? 1' 'U v-sv' Lalo POHCG Nan Poole Freddy Price Dale Rector Lynda Redden Cl1UCk Reml9Y Jacquelyn Reynolds Sandra Richardson Bill Richter Jerry Riddle II6 3 ,f X-' . l, 'i Mogul 'Q "za Pam Redden Carol Riddlesperger A 1 Gail Ruffu Tom Sawyer Ken Schaffer Pamela Schmid? Sharon Schoolcrafi' David Schoppaul Linda Scoggins Tricia Sembera Charlbife Sewali KH Shearer Cynthia Silvey Siephanie Simmons Randy Slack Nancy Slale Befh Smilh Duke Roberson John Rodgers Day Rogers 9 rf Ronnie Riley 3 Ava Roach f lbiiafiii Qi Don Rollins Jane Rollow Eileen Romloach Jean Anne Ross W X i 'i gi 4, X n. F' Q 6 l till iii' 'f' v X ' P . , '11 a i 4, i it A . q I-4 -- . 'Ex Na I ' NA I yi 4.4, 'J , 427 3 J fel 5 x X 43' 1 -W . 2 ?!u fi fi 35. 0 l .4 , , 'wa' II8 'C' l gf 1 Y, New Sophomore Faces Burch Smifh Elizabelh Smifh Kim Smiih Russell Smilh Virginia Smilh Dale Snelling Enid Snider Joe Snider Sue Soyars Melody Spechf David Sprabeary Allan Sfanley David Slanley Mira Sfeadman Paula Slevens Susan Sfoii' Johnny Sioui' Sharon Slovall Glenn Sfrange Sandra Sfrange Margie Swanson Norma Swealman Connie Tadloclc David Tallanl Lynn Tarver Chrislal Taylor Glenda Teague Charles Thompson John Thompson Thomas Vaughn Halls of D.H.S. F' ' " 'rj I . 'i I l 1 v l lissri l 1 A T , I Debby Vinson Cluren Wallace Barbara Ward Peggy Ware Diann Walkins Gene Wallcins Vickie Weaver Janice Weibel Regena Wells Jimmy While i 'v' l Phu' j Gayla Wilkinson Linda Wilkinson Belly Williams Linda Williams Leroy Williamson li 1552.1 David Willingham Janeda Wood Kalhy Woodby David Wooffon i ' yi . l " ' - i ' if D i ol' l l 4. V l 5 W Marilyn Wyss Julia Yarbrough Tommy Yarbrough Gary Younf l I9 ,N if 2 1 XL, ' i- A-Q," ix I964 Favoriies: Nancy Browder, Jerry Riddle, Mary Rulh l-lalfpenny. Charles Davis, Linda Wilkinson. Roland Payne, Belly Sherman Frank Camp, Francine Jameson. Nancy Rasco. Bobby Black, Sharon Eden, Rusly Guyer, Flip Unger, Mike King. Excellence . . . the key in Q ERSQNALITIES :Cv c-L1 fg , H Jw Roland Payne Senior Favorite Flip Unger Senior Favorite if' , f -J J cr 1 5 I23 xl NX , xg X ssh Fw fi C.: r 4 cm 'lui Rusty Guyer Junior Favorite di' 7 are ,-' au'-""1?' Nancy Ra sco Junior Favorite :Q l" .I I C 125 lv W 557-"' Jerry Riddle Sophomore Favorite FH. ,SL ! i. ini r i I. vi if 1' iig X. ,i ini A. Linda Wilkinson Sophomore Favorite Ronnie Griffin Most Handsome Sharon Eden Most Beautiful qi," A ,J K.: I .I 6 I.: 129 Charlie Davis Friendliest Boy Nancy Browder N' fx Mary Ruth Halfpenny I .Q - Y Friendliest Girl r .I QB' , l 1' Bobby Black Versatile Boy -av,1m1:.v--K:.: te te tt tt e ref e e E tgE:.'EtH'fI-e"1'7.iT 1' wir :H ' 1 X. .. Nw ..V,, 5 ,X H. W 1 N ' Q 1 l 4 3 nl 4' I .-we il! , Qu 1. X f ill 4 A J 6 Q! 1 AY' . r ' Wi W 2 .f . 4 Q 6 ,A Vff-'. A-. 3. - .ai I U I 14' V , , . . 1 I 5' ' V , r G 'M sf n - -4, v. E 5- It I. .Q .t..r+r L W -, ,- -,ml Betty Sherman Versatile Girl Q lr, 133 lf.: J I34 I 5: Frank Camp Mr. DHS -'Iwi Francine Jameson Miss DHS illQ ga Q U 136 lp W Mike King Athletic Favorite Marion Mohat Valentine Sweetheart nf.: I' .I K 5: 137 I W df In 1 gg ..,.3, - A . ,---- ---. - --- -ff -f-M 'A '4" 'if '1" ffT- DADA - L' ' ff., Q- f ' vkigw nvn-.e, me one-1 Jqw jwf I " ' 1,5 V .- I , Q-4 ,C ff" "- I " ' ' A ' . .ml 3513.31 W , tu 2222! ii! 'x EJ we HSL? ' Q ww. f5. a W,-,uw vw H i. nf ZZ? I38 gf Z ,X Z fb Francine Jameson r Homecoming Queen Q a lr ,X Pat Jefferson Basketball Sweetheart 'i li il . , I iff" L , Sharron Afkins Cindy Shaw J unior Favorite Jimmy Ray Tim Whife ' rl" l Paul Chandler Paul Crep Favorit Senior Favorite Louise Halfpenny Kafhleen Obermeyer for lka f'-25 gr --an fi N. Nominees Mike Mays Ross Obermeyer Sophomore Favorite Phyllis George Randy Slack Athletic Favorite 'J NV'-5 -3 JF? Sammy Forester Mark Jones ,-1 lk 'C' 'fzzr -ii? Y Friendliest Mickey Miller Clark Nichols Favorite Nominees Most Handsome Dalfon Allen Bill Blanion Most Beautiful Cafhy Lamberi Lincla Sembera Carol Holi 1' QSM? Jig"- lv David Buck Ken Clardy Most Versatile Don Bl-'Sh David Harrison 555' iw.,-.4-ff 'L- f Q' 'V- ... ,. il Mr. DHS Miss DHS Beverly Blake Ann Por'l'er .e,aa-na Judy Davis Glenda Enoch Four Denton High Seniors Rank Higl David Corbin The NaTional MeriT Scholarship Program is presenired To DenTon High juniors so ThaT They may compare Their scholasTic abiliTies wiTh Those of sTudenTs all over The UniTed STaTes. Alihough The program is noi compulsory. Those juniors who desire To do so may Take The NaTional MeriT TesT. This TesT is designed To cover The sub- jecTs TaughT in high school and To judge ac- curaTely The abiliTies of each sTudenT. ATTer The TesTs have been graded. The sTudenTs who rank highesT in percenTile are awarded scholarships or are given leTTers of recommendaTion To The colleges of Their choice. As a resulT of This pro- gram, Tour seniors will receive leTTers of recom- mendaTion ThaT will be senT To Their chosen col- leges. Rosca Adkins in National Merit Scholarship Program Mickey Ginnings 'N ,' Paul Hieble Teamwork . . . the key t PORTS D.H.S. Posts First Winning Seaso Denion High School's I964 griclders marched info comperi- rion wiih 'lhe greaiesi loyalry and deierminaiion ever wiinessed ai Denfon Senior High. Team spirii' and unify were seen every- where. even in our barber shops. The fall of Highland Park's 'rhiriy-'rhree years reign of viciories over Denion in ifself made 1964 a successful year for The Broncos. Exhibiiing Their skills in 'rhe besi' game of 'ihe year, Jrhe Broncos defeaiecl ihe Scoiiies 26-20. The following 7 pages are dedicaiecl +o Thar 'ream which made ihis year one we shall always remember wiih pride ancl joy. We. ihe siuclenis of Denion High, exiencl our congraiulaiions for malcing This year siancl ou+ above all orhers. -o -r. '--F ,,,n-21 W., V--1-,U-,. ,1- ----'H 11. ,.., , .f . , ,.,...- ,4wL- ...L ,,c,.-,, 4 "'-:"'-'T b'7'-' -5 ?'1 ,' as is v- , in f' ,Mi .-- Turf. , , Y L-1 ,-Y--L,.,.-1 , ,,.-- Q. X ' -3 2 a. Y F02 Vx--: Ty Froni row: Smiih, Mays, King, Jones. Nichols, Walharr. Griffirh, Sfone, Lipsey. Second Row: Young. Nebleir, Forresier, Wa1son,Kluck Hill Favors, Davis, Payne. Harpool, Harrell. Third Row: Chandler, Harrison. Dyer, Lanirip, Camp, Sissney, Clardy. Erwin, Blanion Harris, Guyer. is y i af" 1 'S ' 'Ei . Q L6, A 1 I ff' s ,ss as in! i ij.. ' r Since I957 V . ,elf-,ef 4 , YU' . .. - lf' .Y 'gil' , ' 31' ' .:-.4,g -1- -'Wa 'Y f w- ' , e-, , , 1-1-. - 1 A-V , ..- ,gq-it-by - ' , ,312---YV ,Q A '74 "L.- ' "" iw- 5 ,un-A .. an -, 5.-., 'J' xgiv' K - , f I in M I lg if j J 3-f A X ' I ,, , -4 - 'I I A I f 9 IIIII . sa . fl-gi ,. 4' 'IH 4 , k"f .arm-,, ,li-' - ' ' ,fi fr' I ,If 1 ' , iff,-'RLIQ ,- H -' - ,. 'V ' 4 ' I ,W ,gig I N I ,-'J . Coaches: -U4 ,, 4-. James Magill, Jack Holi. Lewis Whiison, Tommy? Smilh, Denfon as for 34OV2 ...... .... I3I .,...,.......,. 8 ...................... ...... 38 for 36.5 . ..,... Denfon .,,.,.. .A.,...... Denfon ....... ....,..,.. Denfon .... ...,,..A, Denfon ......,, ...... Denfon ,....... .,....... Denfon ........ ......,.. Denlon ........ .,,,..,,,, Denfon ..,..... ......... . Den'Ion ........ ,..,..,.., Denfon .A...,.. ......... "Q iw, - .154 Bill Carrito, Billy Ryan. ,fi , 71 -: ,TQ .-f - :if " . .. All dwg rl STATISTICS .. Firsf Downs ..,... . Fumbles Losf ...., Punfs, Average Penalfies FINAL RESULTS 29 Paris ........,.,..,.,l, I3 Richardson ........... 26 Highland Park ...,..... 6 Sherman .........., 7 Garland ..... I3 Graham ......... 34 Gainesville I9 Carrollfon ..... 20 Denison ...... 2I Mesquife ....... Opponenis I6I 43 for 35.9 38 for 4-I6 20 34 20 2I SI 20 -7 I9 I4 I2 1',KXl W lv GAME AT A GLANCE Denfon Graham I5 Firsf Downs ll l70 Yds. Rushing 47 9 Yds. Passing T75 2 of 8 Passes Alf Com 9 of I2 Passes ln? by Fumbles Los? 5 for 37 6 Punfs Avg 5 for 35 6 3 for S Penalhes I or 5 2 ' 2 . ' 0 0 . I. , I . f . Halfback Sammy Forresler is halfecl by a Graham Sfeer afler a shorl gain. Forresfer laler made a 35-yard run whjcih marked Ihe Broncos lasl Touchdown of The game. Graham's 20-I3 vicI'ory over Denfon launched a shaky slarl for The Broncos. Broncos Battle Through Two Los GAME AT A GLANCE Denion Richardson I2 First Downs I7 90 Yds. Rushing 328 I30 Yds. Passing I08 I0 of I9 Passes Alf.-Com. 4 of 7 2 Passes lnl. by I I Fumbles Losl I 6 for 42 Punls, Avg. 2 for 41 3 for IIV2 Penalties 2 for 30 Afler a pass from King and a 20- yard gain, senior hallback Mark Jones is sfopped by Iwo Eagles. The Broncos found Richardson's I2 poinl lead in lhe firsl quarler hard lo erase and The final score showed Denfon defealed 34 I3. I 1 . Y ai I Q . . "' 6 r . wl. 'Z' .V .- ,.- X 1 J? H , . 'G' if SX' ' I X , 'jf , ' y. jaw uw, XX 'E uf! ' 'E , K,-an 'V 'N K i I' Ilya! . XPP k I 'O ' 'f -N GAME AT A GLANCE Denlon Paris I5 Firsl Downs Ib 243 Yds. Rushing 257 -14 Yds, Passing 33 3 of 5 Passes Alf.-Com. 3 pf ll 2 Passes Inf. by 0 2 Fumbles Losl' 2 3 for 37 Punts, Aifg. I for-12 6 lor 64 Pcnallics 5 for 45 Junior lwallbaclc Guy Grillillw is bc- inq drnqqocl down by a Paris Wild- cal. The Broncos spoiled Paris's homecoming by dclcalinq llmom 29 lo 20. GAME AT A GLANCE Donlon Carrollton II Firsf Downs I2 I42 Yds. Rushing 2l3 B3 Yds. Passing 33 5 of 9 Passes AH.-Corn. I of 7 ? PEL5'j1cgl!sn"LOt3' ? Milne King is downed eller a crucial gain of I3 4 for 3, punk. Avg. 2 for 34.5 yards. The nexl play King carried over, lying The 2 for 22 Penalties 5 for 55 score wilh Carrolllon I9 fo I9. Broncos End Season With 4-3-I Record GAME AT A GLANCE Denfon Mesquite I2 First Downs Il 228 Yds, Rushing l6I III Yds. Passing 54 6 for I2 Passes Aff.-Com. 3 of 9 I Passes Inf. by 0 0 Fumbles Losf I 7 for 31 Punis, Avg. 6 for 3I.5 2 for IO Penalfies Z for IO Mike King gels sel Io calch a pass buf is covered loo close for comforl by 'Iwo Slceelers. The Broncos de- fealed Mesquile 2l 'Io I2, ending 'rhe season. GAME AT A GLANCE Denfon Sherman 8 Firsl Downs I4 89 Yds. Rushing I87 0 Yds. Passing 24 0 of 6 Passes AH.-Com. 3 of I2 2 Passes Inf. by 3 0 Fumbles Los? 0 7 for 40 Punls, Avg. 7 for 37 4 fgr 30 Penalfies 5 for 45 This Bearcaf found Milce King hard Io handle and failed Io make a Iaclcle. However. King was laler knocked oul' of The game, and Denlon was olefealed by Sherman 2l Io 6. I54 GAME AT A GLANCE Denfon Garland 9 Firsf Downs 28 89 Yds. Rushing 45l 37 Yds. Passing 59 4 of I8 Passes AH.-Com. 4 of 7 I Passes ln'r. by 3 I Fumbles Los? 0 5 for 33 Punls, Avg. I for 43 I for 5 Penalfies 5 for 7l Slave Slone is surrounded and sfopped by Iwo Garland Owls, The Broncos found il' hard Io handle 'rhe slale champs and were defealed Sl Io 7. Ponies Prepare for Varsity Squad This page is dedicaled io lhe I964 Ponies, who represeni Denlon l-ligh's hopes +ha+ I965 will be an even loelier year for The Broncos. This year was a rough year for 'ihe Ponies, buf They ex- hiloiled many skills and showed 'rhe cle- 'rerminalion and willingness io work hard, which is necessary lo have a win- ning leam. We exiend our sincere hopes ihal in lhe fuiure They find suc- cess 'ro maich Their fine effort Floyd Hensley l20l hils This ball carrier as Harold McFarling l32i. Hank Clanlon l7Oi, and Duke Roberson lbli gel sei lo lend a helping hand. The Ponies played hard in all games buf had a fough season. Firsf row: McFarling. Young, Arellano, Thomas, Ponce, Allen, Riddle, While. Second row: Cooper, Eberly, Wilson, Rogers, King Goodman, Long, Nobles, Pearce, Sprabary, Hensley. Third row: Richfer, Roberson, Laney, Recior, Li+fle,'KeIIy, Thompson, Clanlon, Fain, Griffin, Bilyeau. , v s. 9-7 District Record l la gpm hbykji-xE5JBUHCU fig' I 'nj BUNCU5 QB U rr mn: 1-. SW, gmltu ., 7 B I EE BBE 405 ,J ' 32 3418? 4 3 if I. 1' ,I Af . .1 ' if , , f I ' if -.M if Y ff' . f " ix dnnncugl fdnuucugf 23HLliN3l1gf idnlllltgg 4ggNI5gs ln-ur i s 41:1 l 42 IU '--I ' ii-'M i""" Ml I964 65 Basic iball Team Farsi Row Paul Crep Burch Smulh Bull Auln M rk Whrifen Ducks Sawyer Se ond R w Sieve Selby manager Tim While Vic La derdal W C Fells Ronne Hqg ns Earl Va ghn Mickey Gunn ngs nof p clurecl Season s Resulis 'l ,rm Denlon. Soulh Oak Cliff .. Denlron P ano . . . , . l Denion Pampa ......... Denion P ano ........... 1 Denlon 70 Pampa ........, 84 Denlon lrving ........... 7l ' Denlon 64 Arlinglon Heigh+s.'-73 Denlon Highland Park 78" Denlon.56 Soulh Oak Cliff .70 Denion Garland ....... ..56"' V 46 Den+on.66 Richardson ..... 74" Denlon Mesquife 33" l i' Q Denlon 70 Thomas Jefferson lO2 Denlon Paris ..... 65' ' . Denlon 83 Denlon "B" ...... 47' Denfon. RiChardsOn . 77" Denlon 65 l-lousron Waljrrip .82 Denlon Carrolllon .. 75" Denion 64 Carrollion ....... 6I" Denlon Sherman 72" Denlon 7l Sherman ........ 657' Denlon Denison . . . 4 ..... 6l "g Denion 52 Denison ......... 53" Denlon Highland Park 70" Denlon 54 Bryan Adams .... 58 Den'rOV1 Garland ......... 55' Coach Denlon 85 Spruce .......... 68 Denion Mesquile ........ 52" Vern Lane Den'ron.85 Jesuil .... ..... 5 6 Denlon Paris .... ..... 7 3' , "'Dis'lricl Games --L.,' JBHUNCU 11:13 T41 r .,v,, Lf' "'r QEVPE Tim While Jr. Bill Ausiin Jr. W. C. Fel'l's Jr. DHS ls Proud - Surrounoeu ny 'mree Garland Owls, Tim While gels sei To bounce The ball To a fellow 'ream- mafe. Team work and preparedness enable Den'ron +o defea+ Garland 57-55. Bill Ausiin exhibiis his skill as a dribbler as an Arlingion boy looks on. Skill and deierminaiion couldn'+ pull lhe Broncos Through, and Arlinqion Heighfs came our lhe vicior. n Victory or in Defeat Earl Vaughn Jr. Dickie Sawyer Sr. All-Disiricf All-Siaie Dickie Sawyer leaps high info The air 'ro make a lay-up despife 'rhe efforis of an Arlingfon Col? 'ro sfop him. Ronnie Higgins W M553 1 l i Broncos Keep Hope of Winning Season Alive I . Vicior Lauderdale gels fha bull off iusl in lime as lhree Slceelers swarm around him. Denlon defealed Mesquile 80-33. .l- f .yo J -r ifl , x lx,-'lv V l Tim While races for lho ball as Lauder- dale and Auslin look on wilh lillle hope. The Broncos played hard. bul ihc score found Arlinglon l-leighls 93. Donlon 64. ll i w 1 'ef I llill E X Yicj9LLaude,rdglg Marlc Whillen Bulch Smiih Sr Jr n Soph. HUNEU5 aw UN -RWE . QB Cu wana ,.-.. fgHUNCg 4E Mickey Ginnings Sr. Slanding helplessly by, lwo Rich- ardson Eagles walch as Paul Cre P makes a beauffful iump shof. Riclwardsorfs 74-66 vicfory marked fhe 'Firsl' dislrlcl cleleal' for The Broncos. 1:2 S, 1HUHCU9 I A151 Paul Crep Sieve Selby Manager Sr All-Dislricl' Broncos Win Last Three District Games WEEKS 'iii Tim While finds irouble in a corner and searches for a Bronco 'lo help. Den'I'on's 79-72 viciory over Sherman raised hope among ihe Broncos affer Two previous defeais. Denion won five of 'rhe lasi six disiricl games. Sawyer exhibifs his skill in handling ihe ball as he leaps 'io make a jump shot Denionfs 95-73 viciory over Paris marked 'rhe lasl' game for rhe Broncos. Sawyer is carried off 'rhe couri aiier sefiing a new Disfrici 7-AAAA record wiih a Sl-poini' performance. 5 Stove Neale and Wally Cochran look on. The Ponies I3-3 District Record Gives Ponies a Tie for First Place fa 1: P "Qi" is l 4.4 'i if ". f. 'fQ 25' fd! Nl 2, L L .V lcfsbap tl ' b Jog I- i 'ffygvx 4 Li 0535 M 'll ' at ge I ,P 3 wr in ' H PL, V I Q ll 'rir ' ' AT I H 4 - J' :lg in E L lem Q NC 1 X Nm - I 1' ,1., b LQ, - ' N I jd Ll.: -QQQQ Q L M ,XZ dl, J' if yi- N. , v o' I9b5 Ponies: First Row: Ross Obermeyer. Cecil Lauderdale. Terry Leedy. Second Row: Larry Fuller, Wally Cochran. Dan Laney, Steve Neale, Rusty Guycr Inot picturecll. help him out. The Ponies lost this game to Garland. but they returned a victors late in the year with a score of 73-53. usty Guyor gots sot to shoot from 'Iho siclc of tho basket cat Arlington Heights 60-54. Wally Cochran runs into trouble, and teammate Dan Laney is unable to li Pwr. ii , 'BF I96 Tracksters Exhibit Skil 'g5f. Q' sv' , IT' . 91. roy -s l965 Track Team: Firsf Row: Jim Lowry, Danny Doyle. Vig Lauderdale Mike Arrington, Issac Perez. Doug Crowley. Terry Holloway, Baron McGhee. Second Row: Jimmy Ray, Gary Taylor. William Young. Dickie Sawyer. Jerry Rainey, Duanie Kincaid. David Manasco. Jimmy Inman. if i l TU . 1- sa .Q1.T -D-JJ ' T ' s 1 . QLN T041 Doug Crowley reaches back io receive rhe baion from Issac Perez in preparafion for dislrici compeiiiion in ihe mile relay. rand Determination Qu 1 'rs l . ' X xy ' , W: J ' X y f 00 0 N Jimmy Inman shows good polenfial after his firsl year in high school fraclc pariicipaiion. Jimmy compeies in shof pul and discus. Dickie Sawyer, a i'wo year lelferman. won many honors for Denlon High during his 'rrack career, 'including breaking fhe high school record for high iump and winning second in disiricf for 'rwo years. ,..c.- --, Pure'---4 ,-,- s A Us ' 232335 B Ea iii? Senior leiferman Mike Arringion leaps high and far as he prepares To meei' compeiilion in 'ihe broad iump. 1 g l L-ui-1" 'ill -. ,px -. . I .-es... JA -- -'-' --f-'Sf "vAf- ,1 QF.-srfvff' 'N ' 'f -41--ll..r.--. 1 , - r Baseball Team Stresses Tea vu p ......, 1 ALJ Coach Collon Nix lakes a few minules before The qame lo brief The players on lheir assiqnmonls. l965 Baseball Team: Firsl Row: Bill Remloy, Allen Sfanlcy, Jerry Wilkinson. Ross Obermeyer. Paul Fosler, Milne King, Ronnie Higgins. Second Row: John Lewellinq, Keilh Johnson. Johnny Bulon, Paul Chancller, Wally Cochran, Milne Bowling. Dick Bools, Earl Vaughn, W. C. Fells, Tim While. Keifh Johnson and Jimmy Ray discuss lhc silualion of lhe game as Milne King rnedilales over his qroundinq one in lhe lasl inning. ,F , . r ,sajiii i 5 .A -ff-V" .f ' T- G' A s 'L . Inn ,X 4 ' 'luzulm ' iD.iD'M"' V . gifs' 1 i DHIUW . M gfilillh :WI X - :Q--'N' - V ' - V 4 .Y 1 I , , , -Q f gfgf ' .' ,- P 5, ', v l s T. T. ix - w r s Jfx l Uk, T. nm- ' ' . ,yt E., .W -., .L i wwf, :.,,,.,.,5., ,, .,,,-, .'-14, J j me .f-J. ,fyig Q4 -'S,'.s.,',. r - N., ' 'A'-"' ' 3 .,a ir. , L :-X--s -A-1-5... -. N fs. .1 "1:'4"'1W 1' . l in ,k'3.'15i-,gg-a wif- 1 'Z - 111'-"' .1- - .rf is . m . V. " H fi ' -"- -saw, . 4- 5.4, 'j'- V. -I-' 13 Coach Nix explains io pifcher Mike Bowling lhe sfrafegy +0 be used during fhe nexf inning. Bowling. who is only a sophomore, shows signs of being a greal' assei' lo lhe Broncos. 5 J" ',Milce King, 1964 all-dislrici' player, opens ihe game wifh gn ' 'Coder Riverside wilh a swing and a miss. On- lhe nexl ' 5 -fo ' i EW' '+hrow. Though, King connecled for a double. Carler Riverside player runs info lroulsle as Wally Cochran receives The ball in an allempi lo gel ihe lhird oul f lhe inning. EQ14if:f:f'?f V A'.f.4':, iqi k. ' ,Z if 1.9 'g . ab KY off' ""7'f-le-ff:-H - f 4. .-, l QE. if Vi Jimmy Websler addresses Jrhe ball before leeinq off in a praclice round a+ +l1e T,W.U. Golf Course. 'Xl "' T'-fr' rw 1 s f 1 . Golf Team l965 Golf Team: Firsi Row: Pal Jenson. David Slanley. Ernie: McCray, Ken? Smi'rl1. Second Row: Alex Ford, Bill Blanion. Don Hill. Jimmy Mewlwinney. Jimmy Websier. . AZ: - Senior Bill Blanlon illusirales Hue slcill necessary in execuling is 'f'?Cff'AT' ' hyqr 15 a good wedge shol. l68 oncentrates on Individual Efforts Ernie McCroy. an all Found golfer, gels sei lo lee off. McCroy. who is only a sophomore, shows greal poienlial for lhe fulure of Denlon High golf. Jimmy Mawhinney sinks lhe pull' as Pal Jenson and Kenl' Smilh look on wilh approval. 'vi' 't :L Q in-irgiill X ,gs ., ini- N . ., Q, .,, , -.iw 51 ,- ff? '34 ' L.- .,A,g -- V 1'-mfv. , ' "-fi, i f' 1' 3342" -' " L .wi ' fYg"f1ff+i vp , 4 . 1' ' 'JL '- 'Q 1 - - ms: Lewis Whilson Coach 1- il . 4 1 i 25 is . Vg-uf! is lu-s . l',-lE.g.- 'V i'iTi:PTE-:Joi f, sf- ,,,. of Alex Fords iudges David Slanly's silualion of finding his ball in a difficulf posilion 'lo play, hoping lo offer suggeslions for solving his problem. xg! X , i , ,, 14 ----- ., -, I J -I-T .-1,5 - a I es- f-Vf A V .1 F N" Interest . . . the key t CRC-IAN ZATIQNS I' 1 'A I SH R Q-All Sfuclenf Body Officers: Frank Camp, presidenfg Bobby Black, vice presidenh BeHy Sherman, recording secreiaryg Ann Porrer, corre sponding secrefary: David Harrison, freasurerg Cindy Coleman parliameniarian: Linda Jenkins, reporfer. l7I Student Council Stresse- The Student Council is an organization created to help students develop a beliet in and an undetstainding ot our plan ot representative government. lt works to promote an atmbsphere in which students and taculty may work together co- operatively. Student Council collec-ted contributions tor the General MacArthur Memorial Representatives and alternates are elected by secret ballot in each homeroom. The qualitications tor membership include a grade average ot B or above. good conduct. and leadership ability. Also. members must be willing to work, for the Student Council sponsors many projects during the school year. Among these are Homecoming activities, Christmas decorations, Intramural sports, Valentine Formal, and Teacher Appreciation Week. ln addition to these. this year the Student Council collected contributions tor the General MacArthur Memorial Statue. lt is the purpose ot the Student Council to serve the student body and the taculty more ettectively and at the same time develop a working knowledge ot representative government and its responsibilities. '7 tudent-Faculty Co-operation Represenfaiives: Firsi row: Lyn Brewion. Jane Newcomer. Rurh Johnson. Kaihy Glenn, Gerri Ellis, Nancy Browder. Maxine Turner. Debbie Hyman. Phyllis George, Beverly Griffin, Jan Schmirz, Pai Moore. Second row: Candy Fahnclrick, Nancy Sharer. Flip Unger. Glenda Enoch. LeAnn Teliaferro. Carol I-lolf, Louise Halfpenny, Mary Hafridge. Janice Jones, Sally Harpool, Qarol giighgudg, Marilyn Massey, Mira Sfeadman. Third row: Mickey Miller, Joe Anderson, Don Bush, Charlie Davis. Jimmy Mewhinney, A-rigy Tomilson. Scoh' Robinson. Dick Boots. Fourih row: Mike Mays, Jerry Riddle, Donald Rollins, Dennis Pearson, Jerry Wilkerson. 'NR X Aliernaies: Firsi' row: Diana Fraim, Liz Frederick, Verlene Beary. Ann Anderson. Jill Parker, Debbie Vinson, Sara Owens, Glenda Evans, Ann Haskins, Anifa Pockrus. Second row: Sheila Morris. Charloife Clayior. Judy Davis. Nancy Merriff, Cafhy Lambert Cindy Likos, Kaye Ellen Wills, Kafhy Johanson, Ruby Pender, Elinor-McLaughlin, Cynfhia Fiich. Third row: Dan Hagan, Sieve Selby. Duaine Kincade, Jimmy Websler, Ron Snider, Roberr Harrison. Elion Turner, Mike Nobles, George Kraft I73 Honor Society Stimulates an Enthusiasm for Scholarship Officers: Sealed: Nancy Sharer. recording secrelaryg Jill Parker, lreasurer: Leslie Browning, corresponding secrefary. Sfanding: Rosca Adkins. vice presidenr: Elion Turn' er. presidenl: Mrs. Yarbrough, sponsor. Each spring, lhose sludenis who have main- rained an over-all average of 90 or above dur- ing lheir iirsl 'rhree semesiers of high school are inducred inlo lhe Naiional l-lonor Sociely. These siudenis, besides mainiaining high scholasiic av- erages. musi have ihe approval oi 'rhe facully, musr be of high moral characrer, and musl have 'rhe desire 'ro be of service 'ro iheir school. ln an ariempr ro carry our This obieclive oi service. members held a bake sale in order 'ro raise fund for lhe C. C. Jones Scholarship Fund. Monlhl meeiings of rhe socieiy promole 'rhe develop- meni oi characler and creaie an enlhusiasm for scholarship. Sealed: Glenda Enoch, Francine Jameson, Molly McAfee. Ann Porler. Nancy Merrill, Marilyn Wood, Suzanne Bonlr. Slanding: Jenny,Spurlcman Janis Bailey. Verlene Beary, Shirley Teague. Roberi Ferguson, Paul Hieble, Frank Camp, Mickey Ginnings. Paul Crap. Richard Hughes. Devi Corbin. Ann Rylander, Elizabelh Edwards, Sherry Hobson. Future Teachers Strengthens Tomorrow's Educational Program Future Teachers is the organization which makes young men and women more aware ot the demands ot teaching. This year's group, the largest membership on record, achieves the goal ot understanding the tield ot teaching by hav- ing monthly meetings. At these meetings, ex- perienced speakers tell ot their jobs and also tell ot the background needed tor a person to become a capable teacher. Twice a year, the members visit grade schools in the Denton dis- trict and see actual teaching in practice. Those gf 'yr students who have shown an avid interest in the club during the year are given the opportunity to attend the District V Convention and also the state convention. fr? First row: Mary Ruth Haltpenny, president: Karen McCart. secretary: Betty vice president: Miss McElroy, sponsor: Mrs. Burlage, sponsor. Second row: Magee, treasurer: Louise Haltpenny, reporter: Linda Jenkins, parliamen- irst row: Nancy Browder, Kathy Glenn, Judy Davis, Nancy Rasco. Lyn Noles. Karan LaRue, Gerry Ellis, Maxine Turner. Linda Buttrill, Beryle orlanf Second row: Carol Holt, Deanna Cheatham, Nancy Merritt, Francine Jameson, Brenda Landers, Joan Rainey, LeAnn Taliaferro, Fleet aulkner, Cindy Coleman. Third row: Sharon Eden, Helen House, Susan Hershberger, Kay Bullington, Judy Colling, Candy Johnston, Cindy ikos, Karyl Lynch. Joann Lawson. Fourth row: Betty Sherman. Flip Unger, Beverly Blake, Michele Lansky, Carolyn Jones. Virginia Smith, Susan ennen, Diana Penton. Sharon Price, Judy Brooks. ' "1 ' ' T3-' ' 'l ,-.-,e-L..:- .- - - ' 1 i LA, ,,.- , .. Y ., - ., ., . L .C .. A, . . .-,Y . ,W ..,,,,-,. f. Future Homemakers Emphasize Firsf row: Linda Alexander, Chris Barra, An ne'He Shields. Pam Fadale, Nancy Manire. Second row: Sharon McAdams, Sherry Simp lcins, Linda Armsirong. Erlene King, Carol Wal lace, Marjorie Sickles. Third row: Jennifer Bled soe, Becky Casileberry, Nelda Carler. Lefi' io righf: Linda Wells, Suzanne Bonk, Diane Maris, Judy Sons, Linda Hillman, Linda Deaion. Firsi row: Linda Polly, Carolyn Woods, Maifie Can frell. Second row: Ann Hall, Linda Smfih, Linda Scog girls, Joyce Olson, Geraldine Edwards, Rebecca Lewis Susy Angel. A , n .- A 3 l l' ' s , Group and Individual Initiative Fulure Homemalcers of America is a nalional organizalion which provides opporlunilies for developing group and individual inilialive in planning and carrying oul aclivilies which are re- lafed lo lhe home. Through lhe organi- zalion, individuals develop skills lhal improve personal, family, and com- munily living. Special emphasis is pul This year on discovering one's own capabililies, on slrenglhening educalion, and on slressing good cilizenship. Firsl row: Phillis Gaines, Nelda Burch, Sandra Richardson Elizabeih Plall Second row Jean Downey, Jo Green, Carol Sue Owens, Gloria Owens Third row Erneshne Trielsch Lanelie House, Ava Roach, Golda Pockrus. fflcers: Firsl row: Enid Snider, 5lh vice-presidenlg Connie Tadloclc, 3rd vice-presidenlq Susan l-lershberger hxslorlan l-lerma Jo Tadlock sec elary. Second row: Mrs. Bishop, sponsor: Kay Yarbrough, parliamenfariang Shirlene Bowles, Isl vice-presideni Wanda Milam 'rreasurer Lanefia ngel, 4-lh vice-presidenl: Malynn Broolcs, blh vice-presidenlq Linda Lamascus, presidenig Holly Jones, 2nd vice presiclenl u-mg'-4 .,,r, 4 L.. - , f..w - 4. " L .M . ,, g, . ,, H , -bl +4--f-Q Q . 4 ..-K.- JQ..g.,'4p,Y , 1i1L:,.',-, hu ,-,, J lull N 1 r' -1 v'f42 K Lip' I F, ' 'X- nevzguum S N lxh I I. w uni' ,, riff' 5? xx YQ f YQ, 1' 1 f ' x , ms. ,si Spanish Club Takes Special Interests in Peru The Spanish Club was assembled lo promole 'rhe sludenls' inleresl in and undersianding of all 'rhe Spanish speaking people of rhe world. This year ihe main obieciive of lhe organizaiion is a special sludy of Peru and ils people. ln conneclion wilh lhis. lhe Spanish Club members of Denlon. Garland. and Luflcin have joined in an efforl' 'ro supply lhe underprivileged children fficers: Sealed: Jimmy Hill. reporler: Elizabelh Edwards. presidenf: Margarei Magee, ice presideni: David Buck, lreasurer. Back row: Mrs. Leyendeclcer, sponsor: Ann An- erson. secrefaryg Jill Parker. P.A.S.F. represenfalive: Mrs. Gardner, sponsor. Firsl' row: Kay Bullinglon. Helen House. Nancy Merrill, Karen LaRue, Gerry Ellis, Nancy Rasco. Karen McCarl. Joann Harris. Marion Mohal, Sherry Hobson, Kae Marlin. Second row: Paula Slevens. Judy Coyle. Lynn Koolcer, Debby Hyman, Joan Ramey. Cindy Coleman. Karyl Lynch, Joane Lawson. Raedean Clinlon, Jane Rollow, Suzanne Bonk. Third rowgjxli Barron, Tricia Sembera. Kiily Farmer. Julie Crenshaw. Marlha Pick- rell, Jan Schmilz, Janice Hiclcingbollonm, Lynn Noles, Charlie Davis, Palsy SSBW, Elizabeih Culver. Fourih row: Brenda Landers. Sharon Eden, Chris George, Linda Williams, 'Cyrilhia Fifch. Enid Snider, Barbara gK'lg'erT'D,avid Nichols. Joe Crenshaw. Kil Shearer. Dick Selby. Fifih row: Paul Ware, Sieve Selby, Sieve Neale. David Allred, Tom Laney, Mark Whilfen, Linda McEuin. Brenda Harlline. I79 of Souihern Peru wiih needed school malerials. li, UENTU, ,HAPIER - .....u. ...-,-......,Y,, W Nilsg: X 4 1 'H 'N ':'m Lf my - ',-. 5' , V 1 Efz... - ' ,.4. 'Vai' ' ' 5 Y my . Q ' Nz H1f,.M dxgfl- x ,J . f Qin., ug.-j 2 w Q few Q L A N .. R H QIU' 1: E X vi I M I 1 J-is was in , a V A, V Ri' lx Q M, ' M- , 2,1 1? N mmf 42" WYE'-ik Jill? Q, 1 W 5 , 53"- :.', , ,A I as 5' f DENTUN CHAPTER - ,r ' A-:ff 1. ,, , ' ,Q , EA ' ' .MILA , 4 +fFL.' "" til " ' A YW i QWSV JW W fffxoff M C32 by ,fps JW?" ' . 14 1 t til' r 5 VV Carolyn Schertz FFA Sweetheart u, ii, Q-ga: -1 - . A ll 21-- X- ISTQE5 fbi? r 5131212 , 1 1 N, 21. N V Y W s V . -,s ' ' f' ,fp Q? 1? Y . ,.,,,-.,,..,,,. ,,,..T. ... .... 7. .-.- --, r ? M "1 4 ::. , J . 1 -. A 1 . 1 .1 .. , , 2 A '- j ?54- I 1 q Ar 1-I--r--i-i4 - Q' W: ,K 1 I 1 Nl 'H W N war, NFL Teaches Speech Skills of Officers: Mrs. Hall, sponsor: Bill Mellon. vice-president Ann Hall. secrelary-Treasurer. The obieclives of lhe Naiional Forensic League are lo encourage sludenls lo become more elleclive speakers and 'ro help lhem develop ease and poise while before an audience. The club is one of The co- sponsors ol 'rhe Denlon Sweepslalces Tourney in De- cember, and some members arlend The Nalional Forensic meeling lafer in lhe year. All aclivilies of lhe club give sludenls an opporlunily lo develop 'rhemselves lhrough parlicipalion. Firsl row: Ellen Lansky, Barbara DeMougeol, Cindy Bass, Susan Heirner. Ann Cole, Ernesline Trielsch, Peggy Ware, Margarel Bunfyn Secon row: Spencer Crouch. Kay Kline, Jackie Hammell, Caroline Geer, Jim Bays, DeLynn Decker, Randy Boyd. Virginia Cadclell. Judy Carlwrlgh Jane? Arrawsmilh, I84 L Q2 W1 L :gy 4' '-. K, ... K " ,"?!"'5?Z4K'1 , 4413.-.-.1 .-M13 1 , fl I-1 Q , . 'ull . 14 ."f'j4'-. Tis, -VJ-'Ls .594 nv , .,,, We 1 . 25 QQ DW I QMNYV Choir Entertains in Assemblies While. Second row: Jim lnman, Mrs. Russell, sponsor: Jer Officers: Firsl' row: Elaine Collins, Mickey Miller. Kafhy VY Housden. Lael Glee Club: Sealed: Rurh Lowrey, Barbara , Davis. Linda Kindred, Barbara Kiger. Rozella ' Buskirk, Jana Drennan. Debby Vinson, Linda " 1 Hanks. Slandingz Kay Yarbrough. Sheila Ma- 1 1 .1 -' J I dore, Nancy Ayers, Beverly Seilz, Judy Coyle. 1 ,. Kalhy While. Donna Beebe, Joann Lawson, 1 Q A ' Joyce Burns, Donna Fowler, Jane Kahlich. 3 l -V 3- - b . as My 5,215 if 3 A Cappella Choir: Firsl' row: Mira Sleadman, Elinor McLaughlin, Virginia Smiih, Carol Thompson, Jana Drennan, Cindy Hayes, Lanila Angel, Ruby Pender. Ann Porfer, Beryle Morlan, Carolyn Jones, Linda Clark, Tammy Brooks, Kay Sims. Second row: Jean Krueger. Pal' Jefferson, Karly Lynch, Amelia Hayes, Fleel Faulkner, Jerry Rowe, David Corbin. Kay Rodgers, Mandy Allen, Sharon Price, Mary Ann Slimp, Kay Yarbrough. Third row: Gloria' Hawkins, Pam Allen, Anifa Angel, Martha Ausfin, Bill Richler, Randy Radons, Richard Laxson. Bess Siockard, Sharla Taylor, Linda Hale. Mary l-lalridge, Vicki Weaver, Linda Offenbacker. Fourlh row: Marlha Pickrell, Jane Newcomer. Roland Payne, David Breeden, Donald Beebe, Duke Roberson. Ken Clardy, Bobby Blacklg' 'Lauderdale, Marvin Schurlz. Sieve Selby.. ff S ,o More ,o , JMS so To , , I C Chordsmen: Mickey Miller, Jim lnman, Jerry l-lousden, Bob Black, David Corbin, pianisT. T Student Body and Special Programs The choir classes, under The direcTion oT Mrs. Russell, provide enTerTainmenT Tor The sTudenT body as well as develop The musical abiliTy of The parTicipanTs. OTTen These sTudenTs are asked To Take parT in The assemblies and programs oT The school, and Thus add +ha+ special Touch of music To The gccasion. Also, The choir perTorms Tor local clubs and organizaTions ThroughouT The year. Aside from The regular choir classes, in which any sTudenT may enroll, There are several special groups Tor which open TryouTs ,are held. These include: A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Coeds, Chordsmen, and Follcsingers. Every person bene- TiTs from The knowledge and experience he gains Through acTive parTicipaTion in choir. Follcsingers, le'liT To righT: David Corbin, Bess SToclcard, Jane Newcomer, Mandy Allen, Bob Black. B.. Coeds: Beryle Morlan, Ruby Pender, Carol Thompson, Jana Drennen, KaThy WhiTe, pianisT. I87 f f l Orchestra Enters Competition at State Fair Music Day i - -yi, iii fist i l First row: Janice Cox, Kay Ellen Wills, Ruth Ottman. Linda Yates, Joyce Cochran, Patsy Holland. Tommy Vaughn. Second row: Marilyn Wood. Harry McClendon, Gloria Calvert, Paula Hooten, Johnny Ray Stout, Bess Stoclcard, Jane Newcomer, Peter Woods. Nancy Poole, Crispin Miller. Third row: Carolyn Greer, Mike Helm, Alec Williams. Wayne Nuckels, David Harper. Mr. Frost, sponsor. Composed ot twenty-three members, the orchestra is one ot the three musical divi- sions ot Denton High which provides musical entertainment tor programs and assemblies. As well as including students trom Denton High. the orchestra also includes some ot the advanced students trom the ninth grade. Each year the orchestra enters the compe- tition tor interscholastic awards and contributes to the program on State Fair Music Day. This year Janice Cox won an award tor her skills in playing the violin. Officers: Harry McClendon, presi- dent: Bess Stockard, librarian: Jane Newcomer, vice-president: Nancy Poole. treasurer. IRR -. Drum Major and Majorettes Are Keys to Musical Enthusiasm i X I , - ff' 5. r 1- ' N i K . . X 43 'R ' - - . l " -S if' . ' 7573.7 0 if ' , f 1' N ' I 0 V ' A 1 i Q ' F l in ' K 1 , V . 1 " J , ffl? DEE' piiiflla- L 'ff E24 .is , XT , 53' vi. l ' 'L - -- , .N " V .LQ t-4 ,h il: .ES , ,QE ii I .- V X VV, , tit F H P Q Z A' Q 1-ff.. ef' -. - , ..:. 'A - " 3 gi g.lJ:Q-,Egg in as V Lu 'I' 7 4 ..., Drum Maior andlc Maiorelles: Linda Bullrill, Karen lvlcCarl', Jimmy Hill, Ann Burlce, Belly Huggins. Officers: Firsl row: David Sims, sergeanlg Belly Huggins. sergeanlq Julie Crenshaw. sergeanlg Joan Barnell, librarian: Pal Moore, assislanf librarian: Paul Tunnell, sergeanl. Second row: Elton Turner, properly manager: Sieve Knox, sergeanl: Jimmy l-lill, drum maior: Diclc Selby. caplain: Randy Wilkinson. sergeanlq David Lewis, sergeanl: David Nichols as 'l lr ' ' ' , sis an properly managert Tommy Carrigan, lieulenanl: Denton High Band Receives Invitation . Selling candy, marching tor endless hours, and nightly practice are a part ot each band member's lite. As the band participates in school activities and public tunctions. it brings credit to Denton High. Under the direction ot Mr. Mctvlath, members present halt-time shows during tootball season. An extra spark ot lite is added to each pep rally as the band enthusiastically displays spirit tor Denton High sportsmen. Practice pays ott as members enter such competitive activities as the U.l.L. Contests and the Tri-State Music Festival and return home with another list ot awards. 'First row: Patrick Morey, Kim Smith, Betty Huggins, Julie Crenshaw, Karen McCart, Joy Beth Stanley, Suzanne Bonk, Julia Yarbrough, Melody Spect, Jimmy Hill. Second Row: Ann Rylander, Dan Pearce, Joe Petticrew, Leta Landers, Linda Buttrill, Bill Gandee, Howard Young, Ann Burke, Johnny Eberly, Sally Harpool. Lynn Kooker, Carla Miller, Charles Hackett, Joyce Parker, Judy Smith, Elton Turner. Rosca Adkins. Third row: Pat McFerrin, David Sims, Gary Harris, Susan Hennen, Robert Lawson, Susan Stott, Charlotte Sewalt, Richard Bishop, JfLricLHi-ckingbottom,4Jerry Sallee. Bob FOSTSF. David Lewis, Joe Crenshaw, Jimmy Lowrey, Ernie McCray, Jimmy McCombs, GeorgSehKFaTtf'Randy Kelly, Dennis Pearson, Randy Wilkinson. Francie Rimmell, Scott Robinson,-fam Allen, Jan Burke, Beverly Seitz, Ann Anderson, Jerry Miller, Ginger Evans, Larry Womble. 4-f"""' , . I ' f I Q. Q - . Es l i ' L ,, g , I 1 1 i l. , Il It 4 v r,4Q , ya L M S W, W 3 1 is t. sy 3 it wt I ' , fi r , Q . . l I as as o March in Cotton Bowl Parade Fourlh row: Michele Lansky, Pal Palrick, Mary Evans, Shirley Carroll, Sharon Baiy, Judy McWl1orler, Carol Beard, Dan Henderson, Roberl Dane, Tommy Bonk, Bill Zimmerman, Jimarr, Kii Sharer, Linda Dickson, Gary Craik, Bill Slausing, David Tallanl, Donna Beebe, David Hendrick, Tom Nuckles, Sieve Knox, Landy Mulkey, Terry Guesl, Mike Pellicrew, Pal Moore. John Hamlell, Carol Ridcllesperger. Jim Morse, Larry Fuller, Mike Ellis, Dick Selby, David Harrison, Tommy Smi'rl1, JoAnna Lancasler, Janeda Wood, Paul Tunnell. Fiflh row: Vincenl' Richardson, David Nichols, Clifford Nix, Freddie Henderson, Roberl Lane, Tommy Bonk, Bill Zimmerman, Jimmy Elliol, Barbara Williams. Sixlh row: Mr. McMa'fh, sponsor: Prissy Nunley, Joan Barneil, Danny Hudgins, Tommy Carrigan, Carolyn Schgdz, Jimmy McLeod, Dale Reclor, Eddie Hen- derson, Richard Long, Gail Rulfu. Charles Harpool. 1 r 5 i l X : f . 1 i V" ' 1 , , , ,,,, , A -i me Pep Club Delivers Qrganized The Pep Club accomplishes iTs obiecTive, ThaT oT promoTing school spiriT, by aTTend- ing all TooTball games and siTTing in TormaTion. The selling of The Tamiliar TooTball rib- bons and programs is The responsibiliTy ol The Pep Club, and This proiecT Tends To cre- aTe more sTudenT enThusiasm, as well as raise The club's Tunds. Also, The members of The Pep Club help wiTh The annual looTbalI banquet Firsf row: Ann Haskins, KaThy Glenn, Carol T-lolT, Gerry Ellis. Louise l-lalfpenny. Second ro ' ebby.Jelgy-me , Linda Brovy , -Deanna eaTham, Cindy Coleman, Lynn Noles. Third row: Lynn Bender, Chris George, aTricia Sulliva ilca Wiley,g,J er Fourih row: Sharon Eden, Kae MarTin, Brenda Landers, Doris Jones, LeAnn Talia e . I row: PaT Srolxosz, anc , l-lerma Jo Taclloclc, Joyce HilTon. Linda Hale. Sixih row: Melinda STeadman, Brigef Morey, Beffy Wilson, Nancy Manire, Jenny Sparlcman. Sevenlh row: BeTTy Sherman, Beverly Blalre, Judy Brooks, Elaine Collins, Jan STZTF-niTz. Eighlh row: De Lynn Decker, Mary Ann Slimp, Salifa Myers, Jo Nell Ward, venny ry, rn Ninih row: Jill Parker, JaneT Pullian, Lan- eTTe Angel, Donna Wood, Kaye Wills. TenTh row: Pam Payne, Ka ue, inda Jenkins, Donna Daughlery. llwswms' . "H, i. -sfllii' if . fwn. ,, U if Q Support Officers: Firsf row: Cindy Shaw, lroas- urerg Carol Holi, prosidonlg Louise Hall- penny, vicofpresiclcnl: Nancy Morrill, socrelary. Second row: Mrs. Farmer, spon- sor: Mrs. Schulze, sponsor, Flip Unger, hisloriang Linda Sc-mlscra, rcporler lnol -if V ' I' I piclurodl. h ' ' i ' if lx 1 XS it ,M H S, 3 N ...E-C C U Firsr row: Norma Thorp, Cindy Shaw, Nancy Merrill, Flip Unger, Nancy Sharer. Second row: Marion Mohal. Molly McAfee. Mary Ruth l-lallpcnny, Calhy Larnborl, Susan li-lcrshburqcr. Third row: Nancy Browder,.,Leslie-Brogninq, Sharron Allcins, Lyn Brcwlon, Sara Whilson. Fourfh row: MargaQLMaqee, Marilyn Bradley, Barbara l-larpofnl, Kay Kline,V'Karylo Lynch. Fifth row: Joan Rarney, Diana Fangl1f,'IQh'r5fyl-McCormiclij' Doris Mercer. Raedoan Clinlon. Sixfhtrowz Marilyn Broolcs, Rhonda Trolier, Palsy Fiorclli. Glenda Evans, Jo Ann Lawsafysevenih row: Linda Roberlson, Flool Faulkner, Lanila Angel, Linda Owens, Nancy l-lillon. Eighfh rovg:fJ'ca'nno French, Kalhy Bradshaw, Ellen Lanslcy, Sara Owens, Barbara Rainey. Ninlh row: Janice Cox, Elizabelh Culver,,Falsy Sngxlf, Kay Sims, Carolyn Connell. Tenfh row: Gail Anderson, Claudia Smilh, Pai Welch, Ann Porler. F ,, l N 'x 'M J lc' Growth of Denton High Results in Formation of Pony Pep Club Because ot the expansion ot Denton High School, it was necessary tor the Pep Club t expand also. For the tirst time. a new Pep Club was formed in I964. The Pep Club, tor sophomores only, is composed ot thirty members who attend the B-team tootball games. The B-team Pep Club is a worthwhile addi- J tion to the spirit ot Denton High. Pony Cheerleaders: Carol Riddlesperger, Cindy Cole, Phyllis George, Patti Meador. Debby Vinson, and Sara Adkins. First row: Betsy Hindman, president: Margaret Buntyn, reporter: Connie Tadloclc, treasurer: Gayle Wilkinson, historian: Barbara Kiger. vice president: Jane Rollow, secre- tary. Second row: Mrs. Hickman, Beverly Brown, Margaret Dickson. Rona Henson, Linda Deaton, Kathy Bartlett. Third row: Judy DuBose. Pinky McEuin. Charlotte Claytor, Ruth Lowery, Jean Ann Ross. Cheerleaders Spark High Spirits for Games and Pep Rallies Nr +he close of each school' year, siudenirs from The iwo iunior highs and lhe sophomore and iunior sfudenls ai' Denion High meel' in order io elecl' cheer- leaders for 'rhe following year. From 'lhe numerous girls ihal' Try Qgui, six are chosen. These six work 'rogelher during ihe summer monlhs and aiiend a special workshop al S.MJU. so 'lhal' 'l'hey will loer prepared 'lo lead dlhe siu enj loody in yells al' lrhe liirsi pep rallies and fooiball games. Besides Jrhe' reiiponiibilily of promoiing siudenr enrhusiasm, lhe cheerleaders also allempl' fo furiher good sporfsrnanship. Bronco Cheerleaders Linda Wilkinson, sophomore: Kathleen Obermeyer. junior: Judy Davis, senior: Francine Jameson senior Nancy Rasco lun :or Sally Harpool sophomore, French Club Supplements Classroom Activities The aim ot the French Club is to supplement classroom work and activity by providing experiences which will promote a better under- standing ot and interest in the French culture. The meetings and proiects throughout the year give the members an opportunity to participate and develop their tal- ents. Q5 v:- 26 'T' an- Q' ,cfm i 'frat Officers: First row: Mr. Donnell, sponsor: Bill Melton, president: Kathy Glenn, secretary: Jackie Hammett. reporter. Second row: Dan Hagan, vice-president: Fred Twomey, treasurer. First row: Flip Unger, Delynn Decker, Michele Lansky, Pam Redden, Susan Lewis, Marilyn Grittith, Kathy Bartlett, Barbara De Mougeot, Ellen Lansky, Sandra Strange. Second row: Norma Sweetman, Linda Clark, Glenda Burns, Patti Meador, Debbie Vinson, Janice Weibel, Judy Collins, Barbara Rankin, Cindy Likos, Janis Baily. Third row: Kathy Bradshaw, Louise Haltpenny, Fleet Faulkner, Nelda Knepper, Ann Rylander, Linda Rob- ertson Beryle Morlan, Joy Beth Stanley, Anne Cole, Gail Anderson, Judy Brooks, Melinda Steadman. Fourth row: Jackie Reynolds, Pat Nl'Ra'Fef'Mike Flhompson, Byron Parish, Gary Craik, Joe Petticrew, Tommy Bonk, Sara Gaston, Maxine Turner, Candy Fondrich, Bridget Morey, Carolyn Connell. I96 ,WA Nominee Judy Davis X, m 'i Nominee Francine J BITIBSOI1 , CJ-f Ni Vfdfd I : -X5 , SQzlQiLn I QEI 25 ii in eggy Rosy KEY C Ure- Y lu..-If Iub Sweetheart Nominee Flip Unger V N I97 Firsl row: Ernie lvlcCray, sophomore repre reporlerg Sleve Selby, secrelaryg Mike Noble sponsor: David Allred, Tim While, junior dler, senior represenlaliveg Don Moore, Gary Key Club Serves School and Community Theipurpose of The Key Club is lo promole beller slandards in The school and The communily. The club consisls ol sophomore, junior. and se-nior boys: anyone who Tiles an applicalion may be a member. The Key Club boys spon- sor a dorm al The Slale School and conlnibule valuable hours of service There. They also lceep The parking lol in good condilion and provide 'rransporlalion for sludenls allending The Denlon Speech Tournamenl. The Key Club is a viral parl of school life. Z ci siffff if David Buck, president: Frank Camp, serqeanl-al-armsg lvlarlc Jones, Treasurer: Kenny Clardy Willingham. Second row: Orval Hall, Lalo Ponce, Rusly Guyer, Ernie Nall, Mr. Aclleisson ag Kenl Smilh. ' : Bobby Laney, Tony Easano, Gary Thomas, Bill Blanlon. Pay Chan Richard Hughes, Ken? Profier. 3KJJ,M,ff arm 4 I-,ly l i Firsi' row: Chrispin Miller, Jim Bays, Roland Payne, Charles W,axhlerl, David Harrison, Ron Snider, Mike Arringfon. Second row: Jimmy Ray, Mike King, Cluren Wallace, David l-larrell,Qoug Boyd, 'Tommy Smirh, Danll-lagan. Third row: Dennis Bools, Dallon Allen, Hank Erwin, Kirk Anderson, Tom Laney, Don Bush, Mark Whii'leTD'i'Ck Boofs. E X ' X '- 11. 'lg X, 'ly-.Q-9'liiX f 'R in- 'fi N, .,, Firsf row: Kir Sharer, Fred Twomey, George Krall, Phil Guinn, Eric DuChemin, Bill Reml y,,.,J-i-mmy-XMebsler, Ronnie Higgins, Mickey Ginnings Second row: Pal Jenson, Ross Obermoyer, Chris Cooper, Donald Yeck. Jerry Wilkers n TomlinsgpD Charlie Davis. Dick Selby. Third row James Baird, Dan Laney, David Hendricks, Tommy Bonk, Mike Mays, Don-was hris Byers Jimmy Mewhinney, Sieve Neale, Mickey denson. X QC Nga.. ' , I ' iN l l A ,L J 'ciix "E Junior Classical League lnstills an Officers: Firsl row: Nancy Browder, vice-presiclenlg Mickey Ginnings, presi- denl. Second row: Mrs. Connell, sponsor: Jackie Hammell, roporlcrq Carol Holl, secrelary-ireasurerq Mrs. Mewhinney, sponsor. The Junior Classical League insiills an inleresl in and an apprecialion of lhe Roman and Greek civi- lizalion, language, ancl lileralure. By gaining lhis inleresl and apprecialion, members undersland lhe clebl our modern sociely owes ihese ancienl coun- lries. A specail aclivily of lhe year includes lhe slave sale in which new members are boughi by second- year sludenls and are expecled lo be ihe slaves oi lhese older members. Anolher proiecl is lhe slale convenlion which members allend. Firsl row: Melody Specl, Penny Mays, Ruth Ollman, Marilyn Wyss, Peggy Ware, Julia Yarbrough, Rosca Adkins, Janeda Wood, Michele Lan sky, Shirley Teague. Second row: Mary Halridge, Brenda Frosl, Susan l-lcimer, Sally Harpool, Marilyn Wood, Mary Asher, Charlolle Sewall, Pam Allen, Carol Ricldlcsperger, Andy Tomlinson, Johnny Eberly, Dan Pearce. Third row: Ginger Falkenberg, Vickie Weaver, Judy Carlwrighl, Deborah Keas, Jerry Dennis, Linda Bullrill, George Craft, Jimmy Morris. Randy Wilkinson. Charles l-lackell. Joe Mahaney. Appreciation of Ancient Cultures irsi row: Linda Teague, Gail Anderson, Leslie Browninq, Amelia Hayes, Bcrylc Morlan, Ellen Lanslcy, Joann Harris, Marion iviohai, Marilyn John- on. Second row: Orval Hall, Linda Cain, Crispin Miller, David Harrell, Nancy Pool, Deanna Chealam, Carolyn Connell, Caroline Geer, Brenda lariline, Elizabellm Edwards. Third row: Linda Oilonbackcr, Virginia Srnilh, Randy Boyd, Bill Mecay. John Roach, Bill Wallis, Jimmy Mewhinney, Slove Dyer, Linda Owens, Carol Neale. Iirsf row: Elaine Collins, iviarqarcl Bunlyn, Janis Bailey, Jenn Krueger, Pal- Jefferson, Deana Lewis, Paula Brown, Dottie Belcher. Second row: Ron nider, Ronnie I-liqqins, l-lank Clanlon, Linda Jenkins, Ross Oberrnever. Jim Bays, Larry Wardlaw. Frank Camp. Distributive Education Enables Students to Develop Responsibility Officers: First row: Jimmy Hill, vice president: Julie Crenshaw, historian: Pat Welch, treasurer: Rusty Grittith, parliamentarian. Second row: Mr. Hall, sponsor: Jack Hill, president: Liz Frederick, secretary: Donny Erwin, sergeant-at-arms lnot picturedl. Students, upon tinding that their schedules permit, are eligible to par- ticipate in the Distributive Education program. For one-halt ot each school day, these students work tor Denton merchants in either the marketing or the distribution ot merchandise. As a club, these students contribute to tund-raising organizations, such as this year's proiect, tuberculosis. Distribu- tive Education enables students to develop responsibility while gaining protitable working experience. First row: Nancy Sharer, Shirley Teague, Penny Faris, Barbara Bellar, Janis Bailey, Paula Brown, Beverly Taylor, Julie Crenshaw. Second row Candie Barrow, Kirk Anderson, Joe Beall, Sammy Pool, Pat Welch, Susan Harrell, Jimmy Hill. Third row: Jack Hill, Thomas Frank, Richard Mathis Larry Smith, Eddie Henderson, Liz Frederick, Crystal Edwards. Janis Bailey D. E. Sweetheart Students Gain Practical Training Through VIC V. l. C. is one ot the two programs ottered at Denton High in which stu- dents are able to spend one-halt their school day working tor various Denton merchants. This program is designed to train students tor careers in the tields ot nursing, mechanics, and ot- tice work. One hour is spent in class discussing various techniques and busi- ness approaches. Atter this hour ot instruction, the students worlc in ot- tices, hospitals and gain on-the-job training. Officers: First row: Kay Edwards, treasurer: Peggy Davidson, secretary: Sharon Hendricks reporter Second row: Jaclc Protter, vice president: Mike Woodson, sergeant-atsarmsg Mr Berry sponsor Arvil Dotson, president lnot pictured First row: Cindy Kahlich, Joyce McKnight. Sharon Hendricks, Beverly Cantrell. Second row: Kay Edwards. Peggy Davidson Diana Bland, Ruby Nell Manry, Laura Zerwer. Pat McFerrin. Third row: Jack Protter, Milne Woodson. Richard Taylor. qs' -1' 57 .1 X xref! av-X . Sf L J, . I in n ,,., e Jeanie Johnson I C T Sweetheart Future Homemakers Take Active :qs- ,,' . li, :ir Seafed: Helen House,QQH Marilyn Brooks. Second row seaied: Rona Henson, Sharon Price, Barra Bariley, Roberfa Barfley. Sara Owens. Sue Richey, Barbara 'Rankin, Anifa ockrus, Raedean Clinfon, Gala Wilkinson, Crysial Taylor, Lynn Forver. Interest in Denton State School X I -4 Qi, I . , aug bara Harpool, Marilyn Haggard. Future Homemalcers is an organization tor young women who wish to gain experience in domestic skills. Mrs. Farmer has provided a worthwhile and interesting program tor the club members. Each year the tuture homemalcers plan a special project tor the well-being ot other people. This year a particular interest in the State School has been created. Helping with the Easter egg hunt and giving tinancial support to a Sophomore board- ing there are projects which have been planned. Betty Williams, Beverly Taylor. Barbara Rainey, Marlene Harrill. Kathy Jackson Sharon Schoolcratt, Cindy Kahlich. Jan Rentro, Beverly Brown, Sharon Atkins Pinky McEuin. Janis Jones. Mary Young. Lincla McEuin. Mrs. Farmer. sponsor Diana Penton, Nancy Sharer, Kay Bullington Bar Students Participate in Assistance of School Library Student librarians assist Mrs. Swenson in keeping the library ready tor stu- L de-nt use at all times. These assistants perform the necessary tasks ot checking the magazines. keeping the bookshelves in order, and making certain that each student finds the book he needs and then uses the correct procedure to check the book trom the library. Q 1 ,fi t if First row: Flip Unger, Marilyn Johnson, FFGHCLVIBQMBSO-fj.,lPElUl6 Andef on, Janice Gregory, Patti King. Second row: Linda Vorhees Marilyn Brooks, Marilyn Wood, Beverly Blakefx Kae MayrtinfMrs. Swe on, sponsor: Lynda Graham, Joy Williamson, Verlene Beaty. Su- san l-lennen, Julia Lester. xox' 'V Religious Council Practices Religious Emphasis The Religious Council brings religious educaiion noi only lo i'rs members, bul also 'ro The enlire sludenl body. This aim is achieved lhrough devolional readings each morning and Through The Easler assembly. bolh oi which The organizalion sponsors. The council praciices ils ideals by parlicipaiing in lhe U.N.l.C.E.F. drive and in clislribuling cheer baslcels 'ro 'rhe needy. Officers: Sealed: Ann Cole, secrelaryg Diana Fraim, second vice-presidenlg Kay Ellen Wills, presidenl. Slanding: Jackie Hammer, reporlerg Nick Kiger, firsl vice-presidenf' lnol picluredl: Mrs. l-lall. sponsor. Firsl row: Gail Anderson, Janice Cox, Elaine Collins, Jan Renfro, Virginia Barlley, Roberia Barlley, Jane Mozingo. Second row: Linda Offenbaclcer Judy Locke, Glenda Evans, Marilyn Johnson, Don Bush, Ernesline Triesich, Gregg Anderson, Linda Hale, Marilyn Wood, Shirley Teague. Wanda Gressell. Horses v 1 u ffm 1 ,. The Horseshoe is lhe producl of The capable leadership of lhe s+al'f's 1 , J xx A Typing wrnhnq and proofreading require lhe lalenfed efforls of Ron Gough Susan l-larfley Sara Whuhson Pam Tarranl Glenda Evans Lwnda Jenldns and Davld Rulfu lo make The Horseshoe an inlereshno school paper or Future Journalists Members ol lhe Horseshoe Slalf skill- 'lully cover lhe news and aclivilies of our school. They are Mr. Pallerson, sponsor: Jackie Hammell, Ann Cole. Susan Harlley, Pam Payne, Diana Fraim. Dolfie Belcher. Glenda Evans. Pam Tarrani, DeLynn Decker. Barbara Williams, Judy Colo, David Ruffu. Raymond Crouch, Ron Gough, and Johnny Coppage. ll' is the responsibilify of The Horseshoes special columnusls Ann Cole Dolhe Belcher Jackne Hammuff and 4GaiI Anderson, lo produce clever mfereshng and 'lhoughf provokmg arhcles Jaclcle Hammnll an oulslandlng slalf member, was elecled as The Vlce Presudenl of 'the Texas Hugh School Press Assoclahon for 'lhns year 1- 'D Aifille' ,H li' 5. Bronco Staff Strives to Recreate 62' Organizing fhe yearbook, checking all layouts and copy, and helping 'lhe sfaff meei' each deadline is ihe responsibiliiy of ecliior-in-chief. Glenda Enoch. Wm ' A' - 47 f Q .vfuwrg 4 Q ' -A Preparing for nexl year's annual, Margarel Magee, assislanl' business manager, reviews 'rhe color charrs rhar will be con- L ,-441. 'de cl' ln' 1' r' bok. sl re In pa mng nex Yea S O Julia Burgarny fypes franlically in an effori +o mee? anofher . Bronco deadline. HEI ,V- . ul k llifl dll Spencer Crouch compiles The scores and records ol each eveni' in order +o presenr a sporr's seciion fhal will relive bolh glorious and sad memories of ihe Broncos. 2l2 he School Year of I964-65 . "Wm ff . . . . - .V N ' - I xl, ' ff-1 ' .li ' - Ig. ' it .cf " l, JV ' .A ,i v : . received lheir adverlisemenfs. .--4... .fffl SUI -:'?r:,. TEE' Merrill, business manager. checks lhrough 'io see 'rhal' all merchanls have paid for l , ,J 11.5 l - int V I- --U QM-. , Assislanf edilor Joan Ramey compleles lhe final drair of arf work lo be used in ihis year's book as Mrs. Sherrill, sponsor, willingly- offers her suggesiions. --.Q Janice Weibel. sales maanger, records lhe name of all 'ihose who have paid ihe balance due on 'rheir book so lhal all lisis will be in order when lhe end of school arrives. 'x 4 P-it L- 1 'S""'fi GJHX c Furnishing lhe siaff wilh piclures necessary for lay- ouls, Pal Pairiclc eagerly leaves ihe darkroom. hop- ing io find an appropriaie piciure. Combining iheir eiforls, Ann Porier and Lynda Brown sraff members, find ihal' fheir work never ceases. 2l3 . ,Y..n..4,.w.g I Co-operation . . . the key td CCMMLINITY LIFE ,V ,, . , MARVIN LOVELESS VARSITY STUDIO "Your Class Photographer" I306 W. Hickory 382 4062 PROGRESSIVE SOUND ,FRIENDLY l 1:1 STATE BANK OF - DENTON 5, A TE vm BANK OF Tc DENTON I07 Eas'I' Oak 382-9668 Denfon, Texas DIaI 382-9669 ible Mm SRAM' AuI'I1orizecI Dealer: Vicfor Adding and CaIcuIa'Hng Machines SALES RENTALS SERVICE GESTETNER MIMEOGRAPHS AND SUPPLIES ROYAL TYPEWRITERS-STANDARD-ELECTRIC FURNITURE CHURCH SCHOOL SUPPLIES Q Ive. A Li, E I2I6 Fori' WorI'I1 Highway :::f P O BOX 993 DENTON TEXAS :iL:'3':?5'5 I I JOE SHERRILL CERAMIC TILE Complimenfs of DENTON CENTER HARDWARE J Ii E lil. HLQHULS Eairsaazv EEEE - SIGN PAINTING E ' ' EXPERT E Did REPMRS mm 382-11330 QM SIGNS DOY ot 9 OR'G'NAL DESKENS I groruin n 60111 an in Worfi jexad H g 9 P y Dallas Drive, Denfon Member Texas Sign Contractors Association P. o. Box 345 "i: "'4' - free eF"'m'+eS . CHankJ - -'1:f: 2 YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE Henry W. Erwin, Jr. ON NEON lggomalone Sfreef E 382-40l4 Denfon, Texas 120 CENTER o DENTON, TEXAS Q aazzzi FLOWERS -l , H H N0 DENTON R - N0 lil MOTOR SUPPLY 'LETS T URNITU CO 2,227.1 Complete Automotive Machine Shop Servic -E -U - 512 NORTH LOCUST : TELEPHONE 382 6731 9 PLENTY FREE PARKING POST OFFICE BOX H86 DENTON, TEXAS "Selling Hwe Besi for Less!" . Dom GRIFFIN DENTON FURNITURE CO. 3I-I N. LOCUST 382-9939 DENTON ZI9 N 5 E T 1 DENTON CENTER BARBERS Meet Your Friends "North Texas Most Modern Shop" -if Phone: sez-9:64 GLENN TRAPPD. owner LANEIS DENTON CENTER '08 THE CHICKEN HOUSE RESTAURANT DENTON CENTER 387-3933 Orders to Go Dining Room Service lu , TEXAQ xgloelx it :v 6 7 Q. H8001 ma! J lf SERV to 220 3 Convenient Locations in Denton Downtown on Austin St. N. Locust at Hiway 24 Fort Worth Hiway WE GIVE S8zH GREEN STAMPS JP IIPIIIILIII LL AMERICAN Wlllll I ' CLEANERS 8. LAUNDRY T J 22l w. Oak s+. PII. 382-s9I3 'I Q P H Q I IMS? . 'J T SHAMROCK SHOE STORE JACK SCHMITZ 81 SON II6 Wesf Oak Sfreei 705 N. Locusi' S1'ree+ DENTON, TEXAS DENTON, TEXAS 5'M5 MCTOR COMPANY JoNEs-BLAIR PAINTS 4'7 Soulh Locus' WALLPAPER - PICTURE FRAMING Telephone ART SUPPLIES OFFICE 382-4I76 SHOP 382-4I74 BOYD PAINT CENTER DENTON- TEXAS DENTON CENTER Chrysler - Plymouih 382-3868 Imperial - Valiani' V"I' ITI ww! S5 ' X 2 ? z I vmzsxrv SHOP f ly l REP Ill Mill? L BARNE'I'I"S SHOP Iron Work 2l5 Ff. Worfh Dr. 382-6223 R. J. BARNETT Hack SELBY'S FLOWER SHOP RICHEY BUSINESS MACHINES "Home of The Gold Foo+baII Mum" AUTIQQIFQTQEJEBESALER 600 N- LOCUST PH- 332-4l9l Underwood-Oliveffi 'Business Machines-Office Supplies 3I0 N. Locusi' PHONE 382-8335 BEAIRD 81 BROWN ,.-.,,x , p I, , li M , . XXX - i E ij' ,T-,. Z U 4 ,, . , L . , . ,,,L,, ., .,4,M,.,L . L.. -,..a......f.1.L...5L. . .f. -. L Y .Y .- ---A 4 4 U- --- - - Y - -- 7l8 N. Elm 382-3696 24 HOUR WRECKER Specializing in: CONTROLLED PAINTING IN ouk FACTORY STYLE FIBER GLASS AND AuRgMEfg?g'iiAMIfiL1 LIGHTS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED COLOR MATCHING FRAME womc ALUMINUM soov wonx LEE SAMPLES I8OI Wesi' Universify Posi' Office Box 764 0043 Telephone 387-29I5 DENTON, TEXAS Disfincfive S+yling In Home Furnishing !,.,. . .. -- K-U ff..-.,. ..751 f:..Lu1',vy.". 'A I V , SEED INC. The Seed, Ferfilizer, and Garden Supply Cenier of Norih Texas HARP1L 382-2568 DENTON, TEXAS EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEN e Den+on, Texas Across 'From N.T.S.U. 223 DICK HARRIS GROCERY at MARKET DENTQN I-UMBER Your Purina Dealer 8' Izz EAST HICKORY DENTON, TEXAS LEE O- MOELLER PAINTS - FORMICA - WINDOWS DOORS AND TRIM - BUILDING SPECIALTIES MALT 81 BURG SHOP Demon- Texas nos N. EI I Denion, Texas m 382-8I24 P- O- BOX 537 PHONE 382-9646 'Forf Worih Highway 9 Visif Our G 3 H, Red Carpefecl "CAMPUS SHOP" "STUDENT SHOP" for we GMS , . I, ,.,. , ,I I for me Boys "CrediT Convenience aT Cash Prices" LATEST STUDENT FASHIONS Easi' Side of Square 382-8936 DUKE 8: AYRES, INC. I MOORE BUILDING PRODUCTS Sc 'Io SLOO S1-gre 420 Bell Avenue Phone 382-225I Denfon, Texas I2I W. Hickory Denfon, Texas 382-8824 PAUl.'S WESTERN SHOP MCCR-A-Y'S Wes-I-em Wear for "Den+On'S FineST Jewelers" 'l'l'1e Enfire Family ff Wesl' Side Square I I DENTON, TEXAS DENTON TYPEWRITER LINWOOD ROBERSON EXCHANGE FLORIST Office Supplies - Ren+als - Repairs Flgweg-5 - Gif-I-5 Souil' Side Square 50I West Hiclcory S'I'ree+ DENTON, TEXAS OLYMPIA-SMITH-CORONA TYPEWRITERS f -... 224 PH. 382-6225 DENTON, TEXAS e dON'f WSNT Bue you ! . . . buf aciually some of our mos? successful cifizens have learned 'rhe value of saving as leenagers or even before. Syslemaiic saving, regardless of 'rhe amouni, is a good habil +oo. one +ha'r could have an efieci on your life and fufure. Savings can open lhe door fo many opporfunifies +ha'r olherwise would have lo be passed up. We encourage and welcome youngslers 'ro learn 'rhe saving habil early. You can open a savings accouni for as liHle as 55.00 and all your savings earn a generous 4.67, anlicipaled dividend compounded semi-annually. J DDJ WNW MDN' J WJ 533 DDD EJ EQZLSLL SAVINGS fy LOAN AssoclA'l'loN 1 ELM AT MCKINNI-:Y 225 Z RESTAURANT 60 Rooms Year-Around Air Conditioning Olympic Size Pool 2 Dining Rooms Coffee Shop Meeting Rooms . N an d "-. ug W '1 p T5 - RAMA DA i IN N ' 311' ROADSIDE X H O T E L S PHONE 382-2583 OVERLOOKIN-G NTSU ON HWY. 35E NU-ART JAGOE PRINTING COMPANY School PPFHHHQ ABSTRACT COMPANY Le'Herheads - Envelopes Cards - Programs, E'I'c. Phone 382-87l0 DEN-I-ON' TEXAS 3I0 S. Elm Denron 26 SAVE MORE WHEN YOU SHOP AT SEARS "'Saiisfac1'ion Guaranfeed or Your Money Back" 203 W. Hickory DENTON. TEXAS Phone 382-2534 FoREMosT 4, 0 MOBILE Home 00 R gs' PO Box 430 MANUFACTURING ll 60 D' jr T coRPoRATioN 4' en ""' em For Mos?-l'r's Foremosi 382-9663 MOORE BUSINESS FORMS, INC. "The Right Business Form for Every Form of Business" DENTON, TEXAS JIM HARDIN'S PAINT STORE ,I Paini' - Wallpapers PH. 382-6224 LPA PHONE 382-9362 T. W. KING, JR. ZI3 Firsi' S+aI'e Bank Building DENTON, TEXAS Representing SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. DALLAS. TEXAS Manag W, N, BARRETT Phones 382-4l87 er 382-4I88 Jiri. Y A..--. 1 pig, 75,afa?11.r I K MN: S- ' I FIREDAIRYPRODIJCTS I A . 1 . x E 'URIVEW S EE1I.a'E1IJ1f'f7rmmf:uiusnfzw ' A 4 Fff"i'Iffh"l5'f'v I ZIIII.IiIa?I 'J' IIEIIIEQ I I I ' GRQT .- ' .....-1,.,..-T.-,Iv - v. ASH. -1 - 228 PENTON BOATS AND MOTORS Mercury Ou+boards Sales and Service Lone SIar Boa+s Texas Maid Boafs Power Cai' Boafs I35 E. Hickory 382-663I VOERTMAN 'S Books-Music-Gifts "Your Cenier for Gifis of Dis+incI'ion-From fhe Four Corners of +I1e WorIcI." DENTON CABS, INC. Safefy Firsf - Courlesy Second SM S Locusib SERVICE CONTINUOUSLY ' DENTON, TEXAS 382'9I I6 PH. 382-2544 J. O. PANNELL, Mgr. THE STEAK HOUSE ,iw 'sir ,,.,' I ,N . I -E I -I we I I I 2 II l.I,I I H N I m l , I 1-- N w J W I w i I I f I I. I MORRISON MILLING COMPANY Makers of Peacemakers Flour Phone DENTON, 382-4I I I TEXAS BEN IVEY OIL CO. Sinclair Jobber JOE ALFORD, FLORIST -EW l7l'O N. Elm S+ree+ DENTON. TEXAS 382-5384 R C STQRRIE R. C. STORRIE TRAVELSTEAD AUTO SUPPLY C0. TELEPHONE 382-5474 2I5 E. Hic 382-5475 Denfon, Te Follow Ihe BRONCOS TI1rougI1ouI' Ihe Year in Ihe Pages of Ihe DENTON RECURD - CHRONICLE i' "A Growing Newspaper for a Growing Area" Family Weekly Magazine Secfion Every Sunday 'A' Local, S+a+e, Nafional SporI's Coverage i Associaied Press News Coverage TO SUBSCRIBE DIAL 382-255I. ASK FOR CIRCULATION Goolijgaiml GOQDYEAR 'mfs SERVICE STORE PHONE 382-4l36 II5 S. Elm - Denfon, Texas Tires CLIFF DLTRARD Appliances Ba'H'eries Mg" KIL KILLIAN WALT PARKER DENTON SPORTS AND TOY CENTER PH. 382-3090 FRED L. DENDY INSURANCE The Travelers 200 McCIurl:an Building Telephone 382-442I Denfon. Texu MILLER INSURANCE AGENCY IO4 McCrary Byildlng Dial 382-22l5 DENTON "All forms of good insurance" TALIAFERRO RADIO AND SEWING SHOP Norfh Side of Square 387-l9l5 ZENITH FREDERICK YIANS-YI XAS 387-2412 Movie Enferiainmenf Guaranlee . . . Be Our Guesl if You Don'f Agree! GENEVA WOOD. Manager MlLDRED'S BEAUTY SALON l423 Malone 382-9475 :?35inne's 33511112 Shire Home of Sfyles for Young Modems II4 W. Oelr Donlon 5 ' " EM .MQW .ul Nu? 9!' Ig iv '!f"f'7""'Y six u. '!'g,A11 'fr CHESTER MORRIS CHEVROLET COMPANY 4 I 9 Universi+y Dr. DENTON. TEXAS 382-545 I LN. eg ! :"' 81 CENTER - DENTON, TEXAS Rj'.V BARBER SHOP 8 233 W. Hickory Ph. 382-5335 Two Locaiions ALTON JONES weLDoN WATSON Downlown Den'l'on Cenfer 9 Q For Your Besi' Selecfion of Records an OVC1' MUSIC BAR Hlilllllll Ql3llUlI Record shop Denfon Cenfer Open Til 8 P.M. Telephone 382-4545 l5I2 Malone Sl'llRLEY'S GARAGE DOTWOU- TSXHS General Au'l'o Repair 90l Souih Locusi' 382-4425 ?P L AY KLA N D Q1 PLAYLAN D RECREATION CENTER 722 Sou+l1 Locus'l' Phone: 387-9683 PLAY POOL FOR HEALTH 235 KORIOTH PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. Mechanical Con+rac+ors "Your Life Is My Business LINCOLN LIBERTY LIFE INSURANCE co. W. W. TALIAFERRO 8: ASSOCIATES P. O. Box 209 7II SouI'I1 Elm Rayzor Building 387-2712 I Phone 382-3627 BAILY MULLINS I HEROES ReaI Es+a+e Broker FIRST STATE BANK 387-2323 - Box 576 DENTON, TEXAS PHONE 382-8624 SO. SIDE SQUARE SELBY .I GREENHOUSES AND NURSERY Q. I400 S. LocusI' SI. DenI'on DIAL 382-5232 Wana Wdedam PAINT 8: BODY SHOP "You Wreck 'Em-We Fix 'Em" 382-95I0 and 382-8946, 5I9-52I SouI'I'I EIm S+. Den'I'on, Texas 'rlidlgb IUNFINDIIIT GARAEEMEIIS ASSOCIXTIOI E q'r 1.9 PERSONALIZED SERVICE -Im-GGINS-SPARKMAN IMPLEMENT co. M. E. Moses co.. sToRE NO.. as Denfon, Texas 30 DEEDQ 730 Forl' WorII1 Dr. E I Phone 382-5780 f0UlPMI.NY Denion Cenier-Highway 24 Wesi Denion Texas Phone 382-5365 SERVES YOU BETTER-SAVES YOU MORE JP 7' 7- -,S-K. .,.,.,.-,,. OAK AND HICKORY AT PINER TELEPHONE 382-9676 AREA CODE 817 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION DENTON, TEXAS 76202 237 'f' M k rbi r 1 0 BEVERAGES X 'Q 1'-ff ,ae rs :Possum 3everag09 m I 5 6 I 0 n ' ,f ,saga H 'l mrif MISSION BEVERAGE CO. Denfon, Texas V CHILI TAMALES BEEF STEW VIENNA SAUSAGE PINTO BEANS RANCHO BEANS WHITSON FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY Campfire Brand DENTON. TEXAS EMMETI' B. BROWN, Special Represen+aI'ive and Disirici' Mgr. NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY I09 Easi' Oak-Ausiin Avenue Denion, Texas Phone 382-345I A 8. M PHoTo SHOP I I224 W. Hickory PH. 387-34I4 Den+on's Newesi and Mos+ Compleie Camera Siore and PorI'raiI' S'I'udio. ' .. , 'FREE ROLL OF FILM FOR EACH I27 - 620 - AND I20 BLACK AND WHITE FILM PROCESSED 5,52 MASTER5 IN THE ART OF LIVING COLOR PORTRAITS IN BREATH-TAKING BEAUTY en neqi ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY I I Iy'I 7 " Phone 382-9686 SIocIc Up When Ihe Savings Are GreaI'esI'! It Pays to Shop at Penney's! I -mal 50665, DENTON, TEXAS COMPANY I MI III IW WWII . IIMWZII?-fQ+?NIffII I I JW RIM IIII III me I Wfgjfmm IIIMIM ll Il FFS!! W I5 X WITH 33, , : I l l I, -N .,f:4:-- Y5QE515jff5555i:EE?j X .. 0" - J K I I 9::':r1v'f,v - ttf. IQ' 5 Bottled in Denton by SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. 3oI UNIVERSITY DRIVE be bnul .,...,. I MOTOR it is HOTEL ix? IX Halfway Befween NTSU AND TWU I I FOI-QLST PARK 'TI TWB'I'CI'I Our Marque Serving A Delicious Buffet Twice Daily I I:30 - 2:00 5:30 - 9:00 I , , ...age , I I I I Universiiy 382-9626 24-I BURCH'S 1 .IU-CY PIG 9 SAM ROBISON FLORIST I209 Oakland 9 D + , T ezgm 3 RESTAURANT 6 E.T.D. MEMBER 4'0 N- Low DENTON. TEXAS 5 "We Specialize in Corsages' JOE EVANS DENTON DODGE, INC. PLUMBING. Dodge Cars Dodge Trucks HEATING 8: AIR CONDITIONING SALES AND SERVICE Con1'rac+ing-Repairing PI1one 382-8922 Hwy. 24 Wes? 4l6 S. Elm S1'reeI' Denion, Texas I CROUCH REALTY COMPANY ERSET SALE z z C RANCHES v, OMM I I Rea Ito rs R5E1Z'EEj?5fND 45 A-gif TY ST SOI N. LOCUST 382-6707 DENTON, TEXAS SAMUELSON 8: DELISLE VENETIAN BLIND BARBER SHOP I5I2 Malone Piccadilly Square I 12:35 "TI1 Br ' B rb Sh " ' e Onco S 6 er Op C. W. AND SHUG KNIGHT Phone 382-2241 Phone 382-339I Den+on, Texas H. wmh Hwy. 377 242 auf The Smartest Sportswear in Town- 2 Fi Downtown Denton-On the Square EXAS NEON SIGNS I ENGINEERED TO FIT YOUR NEEDS ' PLASTICS ' NEON ' COMMERCIAL HIGHWAY ADVERTISING TRUCK LETTERING Dial 382-572I FREE ESTIMATES JOHNNY POWELL AND CECIL PARK Ft. Worth Highway Denton as G-Q29 Ramey 81 White Insurance Marvin G. Ramey Terrell W. King lll Firs'r S'l'a+e Bank Bldg. My fwmwfgm - Eslablislwecl I887 Members New York Sfoclc Exchange F' . M Firsf S+a+e Banlc Building JAMES A. PARKER Manager Denfon, Texas 'af ,fg- ' 4 v :Z 2' 'O ' -rflzf' Aw- -M Ji? ,. H "Eff: ' THRIFI' sf SIWIFT DRIVE-IN -s 5f"4t.9 ACROSS FROM DENTON CENTER f If W"13.,f,i'f,'1,"Lf'.C'l""' HARRIS REFRIGERATION KING RADIO AND ELECTRIC CO, Across Sireei From Posi' Office I I I , Denion, Texas Dealer for Frlgldarre Appliances and Magnavox Sfereo, T.V., and Radio H' H' HARRIS' owne' "A Home Away From Home" GOEN FUNERAL HOME EAGLE MOTEL 320 W. Oak 600 S. Locusi' Denfon, Texas Denfon, Texas 382-254l P.O. Box 366 THE BOSTON STORE "Your S'I'ore" 245 P,-L 'Tf"'+w--ff. -- it DAIRY QUEEN 520 Soufh Elm Denfon, Texas Phone: 382-5557 fr? 's?"'2 f 'E H III DENTON 382-3 I25 I DENTON CENTER MiLADY BEAUTY SALON 2I2 W. Universify Dr. PHONE: 382-52 I 3 Wddaah Saddle Siege JACK McFARLING INSURANCE Leaiher Repair and Riding Equipmeni' WESTERN WEAR PHONE 382-2934 345 EAST HICKORY 207V2 W. Hickory IOver Russelsl DENTON, TEXAS Aufo-Life-Fire 382-3 226 TOBIN DRUG STORE I 20 W. Oak 382-2575 WILSON'S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION .-f' Friendly Personalized Service Qualify 66 Producfs I2 I 3 E. UNIVERSITY DENTON. TEXAS 382-6290 -A 255-731.-IV--+1-L A'-in AA LEON McNA'I'I' MOTORS 505 N. Elm 382-6737 382-27I 3 MEXICAN RESTAURANT , Djs. --14h 1 1,--Isl . o ' 31 5-51 I J I n g' Q1 1 I sr MEXICAN DINNER .75c AND UP S 544,01 25 VARIETIES 'Yf941,p A N 0 Q ' 'I-.3 - I . ' I 4? -If " Ig , A Q - X521 SSG ,"' In , ' . 'S fo .. I- , 2 EO SX' f I I f I MCI 'NED 1 I R! 'I1' A II7 w s I o D I . camore 'I .4 A- f'-Q-E ,1Lj , .. pen ai 382-bgll S I .7 L' I' " -7i'- -'I ' Il I0 QM E -IIIILiIS. T--n"5"..1'lA'. ,wifi-'-Wi.. . F L 5 Gy ?"KoE!gj1'- 419 ' fc h"i,g1Z,,,"f?' -74, . , igg??iw"m:w1f?gg repredenfmg the Seal of Safely ' "1'wrf.f- J In ,J 5 vb. I :QIa Es: CAMPUS THEATER One of 'Ihe 28 Largesi' Finesi' and Mos'I Modern TI1ea+ers In Texas COMPANY J. P. HARRISON, Mgr. Abs'I'racI's - Ti+Ie Insurance 229 W. HICKORY 382-4I48 CRAVENS DRY GOODS I08 E. Hickory 382-50 I 6 TI PTON'S ROYAL CLEAN ERS Approved Sanitone Service II4 Congress PH. 382-2835 TOM'S OLD FASHIONED MEAT MARKETS U.S. Choice Meats Cut to Order At LOW LOW Prices 1 fef and In W w MOTOR HOTEL 05122711 Moms RESTAURANT 3' Complete 'Hotel Service - ,A 1 ' 5 ., H F Commercial Rates - ,jf ste' . Family Rates i 48 DELUXE ROOMS S SUITES INDIVIDUALLY CONTROLLED AIR CONDITIONING I-Ig' A-A 24 HR. PHONES ' R E TA E SWIMMING PooL ' .- , , I A3 CHILDRENS WADING PooL E - A TELEVISION 8. RADIOS PETS ACCEPTED R 38212-8I 53' HWY' 24 Z ' 'Ib III SOA-IP N '74, N. T. S. u. ORN 311 VILLA JJ 9 wgi- CAPRIiL9 WILLS AUTO SALES A 'irf DALLAS 525 S- Elm lFT. WORTH '59 382-23'2 INTERSTATE 35'AT FT. WORTH HWY. 377 EXIT 249 BILL U'l'l'ER E- FORD 4l9 Souih Elm S+ree'l' 382-5404 DENTON, TEXAS MlTCHELL'S CLEANERS BACHLOR LAUNDRY 2 Convenienf Locaiions 5l0 N. Elm 403 Universury Dependable Hardware Since I 885 EVERS HARDWARE COMPANY WOLFE-NEU DRUGS Eas+ Side NTSU Campus ARCHIE WOLF - BILL NEU WEBB'S ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN l002 Fi. Worih Dr. ROOT BEER MALTS AND SHAKES HAMBURGERS-CHEESE DOGS HOT DOGS Esquire Jiilarfs Svbnp AT ESQUIRE CENTER AVENUE E Denlon High Sludenls Will Find The g La+es+ in Tradilional Clofhing for High School and I , g 2 College Men A a+ Denlon's Newesl Young Man's Clolhing Slore. 1. niversiiy E Us T A T E Bunk DENTON, TEXAS NEW, CONVENIENT Universify Dr. a+ Hmkle Banking Service TELEPHONE 382-670I Nagy. ww.-Q 3 2 5 , fm - -'Yiwu ,,1n QESEEFI w K ,5.',.. . f , wx? -FJ asv, ,vii 'I 1 .mm ,- - 'W ,L 5fiii5?iQf?? ' ,Q WW, X Mis,-,ww WW Y' w I -.1 mms 211 ww, , ww N., my ' ig .. v,., , :sim wa- , 0 .J - g , -.V . 1 1 V-' v QUUASUQ4? F SD u-umm fi uo,ouo 3 Iniugne: E 13, .!:g..::. 5 "N, sl' ull M jZQ'Wi5WM I f wwf WM? Ajjfwiffif? Af DENTON ASSOCIATION W, Migjjff or MUTUAL INSURANCE wfifjai W' W AGENTS MIA IAM W CURTIS-FREEMAN INSURANCE Tel. 382-6 I 23 GAMBILL INSURANCE AGENCY TeI. 382-66I2 C. M. MIZELL INSURANCE Tel. 387-II2I Service With ci Savings FOR YOUR COMFORT, CONVENIENCE AND ENJOYMENT, OFFERS YOU . . . 0 YEAR-ROUND AIR 0 VALET AND LAUNDRY CONDITIONING SERVICE 0 SWIMMING POOL 0 WALL-TO-WALL CARPETING 0 FREE ADVANCE Iexcepf Iocafions where sand RESERVATIONS condiiion makes imbraciicall 0 TELEPHONE IN EVERY ROOM 0 ALL-TILE BATHS -24-Hr. S e 0 TELEVISION 0 MEETING FACILITIES FOR 0 FREE KENNELS 81 KEN-L- ALL OCCASIONS .cg RATION Iexcepi' where sfafe BABY simsizs of-I ADfff','f,o7-,Jef or local lm prohabifi 1 HOUSE PHYSICIANS Pl "COFFEE HOST" SERVICE 0 CHILDREN UNDER I2 Iin many Inns, ADMITTED FREE IWI1en .vi CAMERA CLUB IFiIm 1-HE NATION S 'IF using same facilifies wifh developing service, PaI'9I'I'I'S, . BABY BEDS 0 PRIVATE CLUB Vowv. I-Io41'Iywm Coad5IIiCoaAIT9 252 I Sgww Zaman REAL ESTATE Sefldzg fgafpckeu and 74-uucgd Emu .dafafq 'T T ig ibm, JSMLQ 'E' OXNQMQ, XJQJQANQ, "Emi MMM A ' . X-,QA UQLLL h Q SXQJUJLQ dw-wfy 39151, Taft Lal P IH Mug ,LJLc3.1L ,llukijl vm E, KL sT fL'.g,'L xg " X, L -S LTP V, T Qi V 'fag if SP1 UU-2 ggi !WQf7wJf Tx K wif mg lm uTar1c'Tmf-wk U-MW' Ll TTT LLC ls.LCl lufgckh, lv-CJK A 54L,f44QV UNK Ufcxctg ia LUL LM! ivtmulgh 441,44 AZLT' N fr L2 I I -V-V M Qbzfg fic I um L ,uhm L, wail UKLL Lfffmiff C13 ibn' ug Q law Qbwfwffbif cu -7 if X cop FZJ LZ Z, 3 TTLTLIL 'lm -UUA LSL MJPUQA ga JZ FEI' A TM7 - MLN. LL,LSlLL'L JLFC- CL XL LL XX L snug jk,Lg,LLJ Nugf IL , . gy, Kgfc L , A soon SIGN Fon A YOUNG PEOPLE ON THEIR WAY UP! THE FIRST NATIONAL B A N K O F D E N T O N UNIVERSITY DR. AT FULTON A. G. EDWARDS .A.....,. .,...,,.............. A 8: M PHOTO SHOP ........ .,..,..,. - AMERICAN CLEANERS .....,..........A.Y......A BAILEY-MULLINS CONTRACTORS .... BARNETT'S SHOP ....... ...,. .,.,,..,, ........... . BEALL'S BEARD 81 BROWN ...... BEN IVY OIL CO. ...... . BILL UTTER FORD .. B.M.A. INSURANCE ........ BOMAR-NOLES ,,,.A.,..,.. BORDEN'S .....,................ BOSTON STORE ,...,...,.,.... ....,.,,...... CAMPUS THEATER .......,.....,............... CHESTER MORRIS ...,,...... ....,,....,..,,. CHICKEN HOUSE RESTAURANT ..,.... COLLEGIATE SHOPPE ...,......,............ CRAVEN'S ......................,...,.............. cRoucH REALTY ,................,,,......,... CURTIS FREEMAN INSURANCE ......... IJAIRY QUEEN ., ..,..I............,.,I..... .. D. B. BOYD ,. ,.,.......,.,,,..,...., I. Advertsers' Index 239 LEON MCNATT 22I LINCOLN LIBERTY 236 LINWOOD ROBINSON FLORIST 222 MC CRAY'S 224 MALT 8: BURG SHOP 222 MARVIN LOVELESS M. E. MOSES .......... f ....,....A.A., 230 250 MI-LADY BEAUTY SHOP MILDRED'S BEAUTY SHOP ......... MILLER INSURANCE 233 MITCHELL'S CLEANERS MIZELL INSURANCE MOORE BUILDING PRODUCTS MOORE BUSINESS FORMS MORRISON MILLING CO. ...,.. . MUSIC BAR NICHOL'S INSURANCE NORTH TEXAS SAVINGS 2I8 228 245 248 234 220 220 248 242 252 NU-ART PRINTING 245 PAN DORA BEAUTY SHOP 225 PAUL'S WESTERN SHOP 3 220 247 236 224 224 224 2 I 6 236 247 232 232 250 252 224 227 229 235 2 I 9 237 226 235 224 DENDY INSURANCE ......... ,........... ....... F E NNY'S -Allb-,.-'4'...-..4'-.'--------A---..,-4..wv----."-..-. 23g 32212: :sz 66 AEAAEEA-AAAAAAAAAAAAEEEAAEAAEEEEAAAA--A'+AA-RRREEEAA E T E ER 235 DENTON CENTER HARDWARE ................. ....A. 2 I9 EIQQQQ? .--q-. 236 DENTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK ....,,. 232 PIOOLY WIOOLY -----un-Q-v--4..,-,-----------'---A- 220 DENTON DODGE HOUSE ........................,.,... ...... 2 42 RAMADA INN 2 RESTAURANT ---.-,- 226 DENTON FEDERAL SAVINGS s. LOAN ..,A.... ...,.,, 2 25 RAMEY I, WHITE nq,,A,S.,Wx,.,w,,W.'----A--A 224 DENTON FURNITURE CO. .................... ,...,.. 2 I9 RICHEY OFFICE MACHINES --AA..-. 222 DENTON LUMBER-HARDWARE .......,....,. ....,.. 2 24 F R R MOTOR PARTS '--.--A-------.- 2I9 DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE ....... ...... 2 3I RUSSEI-I-'S -V -TYT',.,-'------'.'-----'.-.-- 243 DENTON TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE ...,.. .....,. 2 24 SALMON R I-OOKHART "..-wY-,--- 235 DICK HARRIS GROCERY ..,......,,,,........ ....... 2 24 SAM ROBISON FLORISTS .".---'-- 242 DUGGAN ABSTRACT ----4--IA-E---4---'---- "---- 2 49 SAMUELSON s. DELISLE ..............,.................,...... 242 DUKE. 8: AYERS ,......,..... .,... ....... 2 2 4 SANDY,S 245 EQEIQEEEQIEIC '-""""-"'E' '--'E' Q jg .SCHMITZ ELoYo HAMLEIT FUNERAL HOME 219 EMMETT BROWN 'TTTT hknnrh A 239 SEARS ROEBUCK 3: CO. .......... ...............-.-----.--....-v-. - 226 ESOUIRE MEN'S SHOP ......... ....... 2 so ELI3IxI'fIgIQP -"----- ' 'R---'--------- ---A-- Q if EVERS HARDWARE ............ ...... 2 50 SERURQ """ 247 FINE ARTS THEATER .....,.., ....,.. 2 32 SEVEN UP """""""""""'""P' '240 FIRST NATIONAL BANK ...... , ,,..,.. 253 SHAMkOCik"gI2I6'g5 """"' 22' FIRST STATE BANK ,....,.......,.....,..... ...,... 2 I7 SHIRT-EY,S GARAGE """" 235 FLAIR FASHIONS ...,....,.,.................... ....... 2 35 SIMS """' 22' FOREMOST MOBILE HOMES ,........ ....... 2 27 SPORT """' '""""""""""""""' 2 3' FOREST PARK .,.. ............ ....,.,..,.,... ,...... 2 4 I S UIRE """"' ' 253 GAMBILL INSURANCE ....,..,... ,. ..,,.. 252 Q -----' -A GOEN FUNERAL HOME 245 STARLIGHT NEON SIGNS ,,............. 2I9 GOODYEAR SERVICE 23I STATE FARM INSURANCE ............ 247 HALFWAY HOUSE .,........., ,...., 2 4I 2Tg"IIKE,I"g9IfgES EA4-----A------"E--- HARPOOL'S ..........,...........,..................... ..... 2 za A , -4'---R- 220 HARRIS REERIGERATION .........,............. ...... 2 45 STUCKEYS . --E--------4-- HIGGINS-SPARKMAN IMPLEMENTS .. ....... 236 TAI-IAFERRO'5 A .---..--.- - 232 HOLIDAY INN ..........,,........,.............., ,....,. 2 52 TERRILL WHEELER ......... ------.. .-v-- 2 3 9 HOMESTEAD HOUSE ........ ,.., ...... 2 2 3 TEXAS NEON SIGNS ---4-A-.. --------------A 4---- 2 4 3 JACK BAKER FLOWERS ,....., ,..... 2 I9 TIPTON'S CLEANERS ..... ---------- ..- -------.-- ----- 2 4 9 JACK SCHMITZ 8, SON ..,.,,,, ,,.,,.. 2 2I TOBIN DRUG STORE .......... . ....................... .... . . 247 JAGOE ABSTRACT CO. .,...... ,..,., 2 26 TOM'S MEAT MARKET ..............2... ------- 2 49 JIM HARDIN PAINT ....,. ,.,. ...... 2 2 7 TRAVELSTEAD AUTO PARTS ..,...., 230 JIM STONE , ..,.....,,..,.., .,..... .,,,,,, 2 2 3 T. W. KING. JR. ....................,..... 229 JOE ALFORD FLORIST ....., ...... 2 30 UNIVERSITY STATE BANK ,....,,. 25I JOE EVANS ,..,.... ..,,.,,,..,,., 4A,,,,, 2 4 2 VARSITY SHOP ..I..,,..............2.. 22I JOE SHERRILL ..,,.,...,,.. ...... 2 I8 VILI-A CAPRI E...-A... -.-...-.. --..- 2 4 9 JUICY PIG .,,,, ,.,,, .,,,., 2 4 2 VOERTMAN'S ................. 229 KDNT ....,,....,,...... ...,......,......... ,,,.,,, 2 4 0 WEAVER WISDOM ...... ..,... 2 36 K'S THRIFT A ,. ,....,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,4,, 2 33 WEBB'S DRIVE-IN ................... . 250 KIBLER'S OFFICE SUPPLY ............ ...... 2 I8 WELDON'S SADDLE SHOP ...... 247 KING'S RADIO 81 ELECTRIC .,,,..,,, ,,,,,,, 2 45 WHITSON FOODS .. ............... 238 KNIGHT'S VENETIAN BLIND ,.,,.,, ,,,,.. 2 42 WILL'S AUTO SUPPLY ................ 249 KORIOTH PLUMBING .,,.,,.,A,,,4,, ,,,,,, 2 35 WOLFE-NEU DRUGS .,.....,...,...... ,,.. 2 50 LA CASITA ,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,-A,--, 2 48 YARBROUGH'S PHARMACY ....,... 240 255 r V ' 1 ' M v i:--' -V ,.5,-.,,- , d ig.: ,L , , - .V gki-Q1 Wi? , -'..,., vi .v'r'v'V' 4-4-4-4-f ' ill--Q -1,1-,-i-- i -ii?-1.1 -4.111- ,.. ill- , ,,...l- -4, ,Lii -. ,-.ii ,, ,-,-.L -,.,-.i-1-U ' ,L,.,.-ii-w -i..,lf-.- vi. ,-i.ii-. .1 - -.... ,-1-2 - 1- . .-li ...1 ...- -..- 21 --1 1-1 P ,, Q gm. 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