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"'-ilcufw ' Hagvwf-lwfirrv-1ff' .4.L +- . ,. ' -:su 1. fx.- K, ., 'm7f+z,m::sLQ-,s fffv- ,...,f. - .Q . , .. A- . - , . A- - . . M , Y Q ,. , h - - Q. q.....,M-li. ,,.,: A , ,N-,,. ., . .. . , .,. . -1,1 . 0... -f-vw jfgifvgfg'-,E-1,-,,1. fu fg v 'T' " . 1-,V I , . , - , ., f. , - V , . ,-.m.:, .-'Q--r - -- .- .. -Y :.- , .,--gg-sg'-'fqrzizlmjfl , ,I qu, if 22 E AMN.- ,,..--1-.., fi? ii? s 1' Q' fi . W ,ff ya? .aff , . 2 6112 212' ,,,., 2: if 45? .74-. An. ..,9 71, MHC 4 :I '14 1 .W,-gmt A K ' . 'ami .,, -41: . Q 59'-. A .L-5,3 L . , VL-' .fitrgw Senior High Foreword Oh East 1S East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Seat, But there 15 neither East nor West Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the Kipling The merging of East and West arrived at Denton Senior High with the arrival of our Foreign Exchange Student. However, this young man was not the only student at Denton High from a foreign nation: we have students from Europe, and Central and South America. Also a few of our privileged classmates have lived or traveled abroad. With these students and our Foreign Ex- change Student, Denton High School is epitomized as a progres- sive school-one which strives to remain as modern as the time of which it is a part. Weather vanes and Compasses were the devices chosen to empha- size and typify the increasing mi- nuteness of the world. The repeti- tion of this theme constantly re- minds us, the student body, that this was the year East and West merged at Denton High School. Table of Contents School Life. . . . .8 Organizations. . . .54 Sports ...... . .94 Personalities. . . . 118 Administration. . . . 150 Classes ........... . . 166 Community Sponsors. . .216 y Bronco Staff S Editor-Nancy Buntyn Q Qartha Associate Editor-Glenda Enoch Julia Lester Photographer-Raymond Crouch Larry Smith Business Manager-Susan Nix Samilou Robison Sales Manager--Joan Ramey Laura Zerwer Sports Editor-Johnny Tompkins Nancy Merritt Art Editor-Linda Sample Ginger Amos Sponsor--Mrs. Sherrill Linda Lavery Denfon Senior Hugh School As East meets West and the world becomes smaller, we, as students, still evolve primarily in our small world of Denton Senior High School. But were it not for the facilities here, we would never be able to live in the world thatis becoming smaller with each passing day. From baseball diamond to shop building, lessons are to be learned. Bright lights shining down on a busy football field or baseball diamond reflect fighting boys, de- termined coaches, talented band members and enthusi- astic students that are learning to live together by be- lieving in and working for the school they love. Long lines of hungry students turn into boys in their best suits and girls in their soft, new formals as the cafeteria takes on a dual role. Similarly, the gym changes from a bevy of cheering basketball fans to a workshop for this year's Junior-Senior Prom committee. The main building and shop offer opportunities that can come only during high school years. Lan- guages, science, art, math-only a few of the offered courses-pave the way for tomorrow's America. Yes, Denton High is only a small part of a grow- ing world. But from classrooms to sports fields, East is meeting West as students learn to live, to appre- hend and to understand. The Pride of All Broncos Before taking his final step off the plane, Peter pauses to take a look at the land that will be his home and the people who will be his friends, Denfonifes Meet and Months of work preceded the arrival of Denton Senior High's first foreign exchange student. After the initial plans had been laid, students and citizens began the campaign for this student. But Denton High was lucky, for many were eager to have the opportunity to help make such a student a living part of the student body. School organizations, independent clubs, and individuals shared the work and expense. The David Thomases were chosen as the family sponsor for the student, his identity still unknown. Then the name of the student was announced: the boy who had been chosen was Peter Linardos from Greece, Months of anxiety passed, and August, the month for Peter's arrival, came. People from Denton greeted Peter upon his arrival at Love Field. Denton High students and Denton citizens have been richly rewarded as each of us has had the opportunity of meeting and knowing Peter Linardos, the first foreign exchange student at Denton Senior High School. Many Dentonites met our foreign exchange stu- dent at Love Field to wel- come him to an unforget- table year in Texas. 6 Welcome Foreign Exchange Student Attempting to find out more about his future year, Peter questions Bobby Giersch, Student Body President, about Denton High's teachers, classes, and outside activities. One of the many welcomers, joe Irick, shares a friendly hand- shake to show our foreign exchange student that he already has American friends. A welcomed stop was made on the way home when Dentonites and Peter stopped at the Ramada Inn for breakfast. Here Peter has a chance to share Ameri- , can conversation and pancakes with his sponsor, Dr. David Thomas. M , g I 51 .wwe-fe' , ff . 'fy f . fn --,VY ,-:Q W 'WW wwf wa ,M - 1?-F -bgl . M" W3 :mg W ,vi-i ',,f:mmA'Mm WARM XV hx, .wgjfgw 'M M .. i A 1 V 'al .,,. LW' Y DM-,N N, Milam" fb' ff - H ' Q W M., ' QA mah .wa wr. W" , - , ,w --v , ,. if .M Q W, ' ,, ,,,ff.ssww ' M1254 2 md -r19R"' ,f -Q6 First Week of by Awe Paula Morris, Chuck Magers, Susie Nix, The perplexing problem of Working the combination locks con- fronts Richard Moore, Pat Moore, Doris Madewell, and Carolyn Schertz. Margaret Stuckey, Steve Stone, Billy Kaiser, David Sims, and Steve Nicholson hopefully compare schedules to see whether they have any classes together. no 1- jeanne Morris and Suzette Morrison prepare to embark on their final year at DHS. Mrs. Mewhinney issues their "passports" Mr. Burnes busily assigns a locker to Kenneth Burgamy. School Typified and Excitement Sophomores Gerry Ellis, Debbie Hy- man, Carolyn Connell, Carol Holt, and Dotty Belcher compare their schedules with roars of laughter while Glenda Enoch, a Junior, shows less enthusiasm. Don Fikes, Eddie Clark, and jo Ann Crider discuss the year to come. Mrs. Dibble patiently takes care of the tradi- tional problem of changing schedules. Connie Baker, Beverly Blake, Judith Cannon, Betty Sherman and Connie Hampton present diffi- culties pertaining to their classes. Mrs. Swenson carefully explains library pro- cedures to one of her assistants, Pat Pryor, while Billy Pitt observes. johnny Coppage, Elesa Beale, Shirley Teague, jamie Temple and Margaret Davis crowd around the table where Suzanne Der- den, Judith Maxwell, and Mary Holland are distributing "Howdy" cards. Coach Holt and Mr. Hyman have a hur- ried conference over schedules before Coach Holt meets his advisory class. Registration Day Unforgettable Registration Day is an important one for selling annuals. Robert Dane and Sharron Atkins wait patiently as johnny Tompkins and other staff members collect money and write receipts. Dan O'Rear whis- pers the latest Usalesmanship se- crets" to Mary Ruth Halfpenny who is selling Bronco foot- ball dolls. Opens an Year Bobby Gierisch, president of the student body, introduces Mr. Guyer, principal, who will give his annual welcoming speech to the students. Martha Hagan and Gail Clif- ton prepare refreshments for the meeting of the new stu- dents after the assembly. Registration day is always a puzzling one for new and old students alike. janet Higgins and Phyllis Worrell check the bulletin boards for their advi- sory rooms. Finding advisories is made easier for sophomores David Sprayberry, Darrel Riffe, Dale Green, and Kenny Fritz by student council member, Thomas Mewhinney. I3 e 3 3 3 2 A e iExcifemenf and Chills Each spring, the Future Farmers of America pre- sent a rodeo. The building and planning necessary for the production of the rodeo is done entirely by the boys. Only FFA boys are allowed to participate in the events and the proceeds from the project aid the club in any materials or supplies needed for the oncoming year. Open to the public, the rodeo offers entertainment for every community member. hirley Price, FFA Sweetheart, presents Forrest Barton as Outstand- ng Cowboy of the rodeo. Forrest participated in various events as , ell as doubling as a clown. Barry Venable tries to bulldog the calf clown by its head while Sammy Schertz tries the other end. D. L. Bowles decides it's ime to get off a bull that oesn't have a friendly glint in 1is eyes. Howdy Dance Shutters Student Shyness Mr. Frost and Thomas Mewhinney are interested in the frantic effort to recover the money which Tim Elder dropped into the coke box. Linda Lavery and Robert Dane search while Peter Linardos and Richard Hughes lean back unconcernedly. Getting acquainted with new students, as well as some of our exes, was the main attraction at the Howdy Dance. Student Body President, Bobby Gierisch, pins the official Howdy ribbons on the lucky pair. Mr, and Miss Howdy, Larry Smith and Julie Avery, flash the sparkling smiles which won them their honor. I6 Rings Commence Senior Activities Mike Grandey yields final payment to Mr. joe Ramsey and waits for his receipt and ring. Judith Maxwell and Karen Latham are amused at the antics of Mildred Cockrell who is carefully inspecting her senior ring. Expressions of admiration and excitement fill the faces of Susan De Mou- A geot, Beth Rogers, and Bruce Obermeyer while they examine their treas- 'if 'ri'- ured senior rings. After receiving their senior rings, jimmy Littrell and Ronnie Hilliard inspect them for their initials. . That long awaited day finally arrived, and 7:30 a.m. disclosed sleepy- eyed Seniors dragging up to school to claim their treasured rings. Heavy- eyed, Suzanne Derden, Mildred Cockrell, Pat McCann and Sammy Schertz wait with remarkable patience for their hard-earned rings. S VI7 Steve White glearns happily as George Christian hands Don Sampson the strip of crepe paper that will finish decorating the poles. Parade and Decorations ',. if. 1 +' ,, ua i V' - , n . ,. A me , r i, as 'l', 'Y N Intent on their work, Mary Ruth Halfpenny and Sara Hyder wrap the stair railings as one of the preparations for the big day that's coming. Sheri Faylor and Judy Davis take a few minutes from their Work to discuss the upcoming dance. Sheri is surprised to find that she and Judy have bought identical dresses to wear to the dance, Surpass Previous Years if W' Mr. Burns, the coordinator of the parade, gives final instructions to Nancy Rasco, Terry George, and Francine Jameson as to what order the cars are to be driven. "But Wouldn't it look better over here?" ponders Sara Hyder just as Ben Haskins securely fastens the streamers. Gaines West introduces the Debate Club mascot to the public as an added attraction to the parade. French Club members Robbie Buntyn, Fred Twomey, Susan Bartlemay, Val Twomey, Frank Adair, and Carolyn Clark are ready for the parade to begin. Mrs. Kelso's son added the final touch to the authentic at- mosphere that brought the second place prize to this entry. Malynn Brooks, Denton High's member of the Brooks' Trio, joins her sisters, Elaine and Annette, in one of the programs that have the trio known throughout Texas and the United States. Sore toes result from dancing with no shoes. Francine jameson learns her lesson as Larry Smith laughingly apolo- gizes. 20 Vicfory Climaxes Homecoming Senior girls rally as the standing ovation for the Brooks' Trio begins, The trio. was so well accepted that the entire auditorium rose to express their appreciation for and their approval of the performance. A traditional part of many talent assemblies is the music provided by the Coeds. Girls composing the group this year are Margaret Taylor, Carol Thompson, l l l Waynette Lowrance, and Shirley Buskirk. Acfivifies Days before Homecoming actually arrived, DHS students and faculty were aware of the upcoming event. Committees headed by Student Council members began the search for a dance theme, decorating materials, and all the ingredi- ents necessary for a good Homecoming. Home- coming nominees, julie Avery, Judy Davis, Kay Bullington, and Gale Reeves, were announced. With decorations completed and bonfire wood piled high, the big day arrived. The bonfire, as- sembly, and parade preceded the Friday night game and dance. The boys played hard, and Den- ton High left the game with her first Home- coming game victory since 1957. As students entered the gym, they were met by a bounty of streamers and the music of the combo. Two hours and many songs later, couples slowly drifted from the gym, knowing that they had just ex- perienced the best Homecoming seen by Denton High. The Homecoming Queen nominees, Kay Bullington, Julie Avery, Judy Davis, and Gale Reeves, lived through the hectic week, wondering whose name would be announced as the winner. Bobby Gierisch crowns Gale Reeves as the Homecoming Queen for the '65-'64 season. Gale's es- cort is tri-captain Jimmy Williams. 2l miss 3 It's three miles to the DHS polls and these four ''what-cha-ma-call-its" are leading the way. This clever poster won first place in the poster contest for Judy Davis and David Buck. Favorifes' Campaign With Posters Not only did the "mirror" accurately foretell the winnersg it also captured second place among the posters for Cathy Lambert and Terry George. The two-legged "Ginch" did not have many friends, but he won them for Thomas Mewhinney and Ginger Amos. He also succeeded in winning him- self third place in the poster contest. it ismi ffwffls , ef- S i in Tmimisl' is very llisimf ivaaaaa and iii ii GiNsU2llMOS PlCClSC SMS mi Oli lllllllll 22 Each Christmas season the halls of DHS are trans- figured with the arrival of the favorite elections. The students use their creative ability to present posters and standing displays as a part of their campaigns. The nomi- nees are allowed to erect five separate posters to aid in obtaining the students' vote. Faculty members judge the nominees' campaign efforts, and the winners are an- nounced at the Favorites' Ball. The greatest treasure for friendliest nominees Fran- cine jameson and Larry Smith was this chest that won first place in the standing displays. Floods Halls and Displays Nominees Kay Bullington and Bruce Obermeyer ride the B840 train for their favorite poster. Their standing displays won second place. Students were definitely off-limits to this third place winner of the stand- ing posters. Reanee Higgins and Mack Scoggins spent many hours creating this beautiful and colorful display, which paid off with votes as they won Senior Favorite and Most Handsome. 23 Bronco Staff Decorafes for Christmas Formal One more shove and Mrs. Sherrill and johnny Thomp- kins will have the steel frame in the exact position suitable for workers to hang streamers. Nancy Buntyn isn't really hungryg she's just helping Ben Haskins fold the pa- per. Martha Griffin, Lynda Sample, and Samilou Robison stretch to finish the large Christmas tree. 24 i l Mancy Merritt, Larry Smith, and Joe Irick find that they have artistic ability ' as well as a sure-footing. 1 l l Q 1 Q l Nancy Merritt points out a blank space as Glendal Enoch and Laura Zerwer sprinkle glitter over the tree. i 1 l Christmas Spirit Enhanced by Decorative Doors The students of Denton High enjoy a tradition of beginning the Christmas season by decorating the doors of the first period classes. Each door is judged, and the best ones are selected. The categories of judging are: most original, most beautiful, best Christmas spirit, and most comical. To assist him with the judging, Mr. Frost calls in several professional artists. The doors remain covered until the day before the holidays when the winners are announced. The decorating of doors adds a bit of the competitive spirit to the Christmas SCHSOH. Mrs. Vaughn's lovely white Christmas tree covered with tiny twinkling stars was voted Most Beautiful. The winner of the Most Comical door was the broken, but jolly old Santa. Old Santa was the decoration on Miss Wells' Health Edu- cation room door. judged Most Original was Mrs. Sample-y's door. It was decorated with numerous "Charlie Brown" cartoons. The wreath was construct- , ed of gold peanuts. Conveying the most Christmas Spirit to Den- ton High students was Mrs. Helms door. It was a window filled with visions of the Holy Night surrounded by a swirling ring of angel hair. 25 Nw Judy Davis expresses her surprise and delight as she is announced Versatile Girl of DHS for 1964. Gail Clifton and Bill Estesf also Versatile candidates, look on with smiles of congratulations. Announcement DHS Ends A hand-clasp symbolizes good sportsmanship among Friendliest nominees. Larry Smith and Clark Nichols warm- ly congratulate Terry George. The charade is over, the mystery is solved, and Junior Favorite Boy is David Buck. David smiles good-naturedly at his fellow candidates, Paul Chandler and Mark Jones. of Favorites Suspense Denton High School fav- orites for 1964 are: Bob Hammond, Sophomore Boy favoriteg Carol Holt Sopho- more Girl favoriteg Chuck Magers, Athletic favoriteg Cathy Lambert, Most Beau- tifulg Terry George, Friendliest Boyg Gale Reeves, Miss DHSQ jimmy Williams, Mr. DHSQ Rea- nee Higgins, Senior Girl favoriteg Mack Scoggins, Most Handsomeg Francine Jameson, Friendliest Girlg Bobby Gierisch, 'Versatile Boyg Judy-Davis! Versatile GirlgfMike Grandey, Sen- ior Boy favoriteg David Buck, junior Boy favoriteg Sara Hyder, junior Girl favorite. When the identity of Most Handsome is revealed Mack Scoggins leaves his fellow nominees Sharon Eden Bill Blanton A1 McNatt, and Becky Clearman to take his place among the 1964 favorites Stardust Teaches of the Bobby Black, cast in the role of leading man, and Tim Elder, selected to portray business executive Arthur Scott jr., placidly review the action of the play as they wait for their on-stage cues. Students stationed backstage nerv- . .:,:- ously checked scripts to assure themselves that the play -Q -A was going as scheduled. Susan DeMougeot, Ed Frady, and Jeanne Morris hurriedly check over their lines to make sure that none are forgotten in the excitement of curtain time. f ,VJ Mrs. Hall gives Bobby Black and Ed Frady extra pointers on how to successfully interpret and express the personalities of the charac- ters they are portraying. Complete expression of character promotes understanding and creates communication with the audience. Students Traditions Theatre In order to prepare Bill Bellar for his role, Ed Frady and Donna Ruffu lend their assistance. Costume change is an inevitable part of an effective production. Counting the.. house is one of the oldest traditions in the theatreg note the size of the Susan DeMougeot, and Betty Frost glances out the curtain to audience. Meanwhile, Jeanne Morris, Kathy Snider discuss the oncoming scene. Ruby Pender and Susan Marquis relate the bustling activities that occurred before the opening scene of the play. Like true pro- fessionals, the students presented the play in a truly memorable manner. 29 Spanish Tradition Upheld af Spanish Club The final whack and Oscar Hernandez breaks the pinata. Hank Erwin, Glenda Enoch, Jill Parker, and Gary Taylor are amazed at the sudden downpour of candy. so n Pinfrfa Party The pinata is broken! Spanish students scramble for their share of the candy that flew wildly when the pinata was finally hit. 7 I Jill Parker, Ben Haskins, and Glenda Enoch serve refreshments -to those who were not quite fast enough in the scramble that followed the breaking ' of the pinata. Pat Srhscoz, Gayle Snow, Barbara Hag- gard, and Nancy Hilton await their turn. Mrs. Gardner, Sue Richey, and Janice Hickenbottom dis- cuss the success of the pinata party while Leslie Browning and David Harrell test the punch for a second time. 3l ll 77 Round Aboufs so Circulafe Don Sampson, David Wilson, Claudio Bardas, and Joe Irick take out their morning tensions with a little uhorsing around." Bobby Kiser and David Cox try to explain the defensive mechanics of protection to Chris Byers so that he'll avoid the next broken arm. Then there are boys like Rex Vaughn, Rodney Holloway, joe Hanlin, Dennis Weaver, and Sandy Sheppard who like to stand around and wait for the excitement to come to them. 32 l , , 5, u I l Clark Lyde is the center of attention in this circle as he relatesl his funny experiences to his friends. Y l Through Halls of DHS Abjectly, Gary Moon relates his final grade in English to sympathetic Bill Hall and Deanna Wieble. Students use the halls to "blow off steam" at poor grades and other problems which plague them. in his throat. Ernie .Nall, jimmy Webster, Freddie Ryan, Bill Austin, and Don Fikes discuss the possibilities of the vocational auto mechanic class which might be offered next year. Ken Proffer resembles the cat that swallowed the canary, but evidently the canary is still fluttering "Bull Sessions" are a vital part of a boy's day. Every morning before the first bell, they gather in clusters to discuss the oncoming days' activities. 33 Snowfall Transfigures Denfon High Ready. aim, fire! E. C. Hilliard uses the old pitcher warm-up to bombard unsuspecting victims. fi! si Q ' Peter Linardos, our foreign exchange student, joins in the fun o an old fashioned American snow ball fight. However, his ,lac of experience proves a great disadvantage as his fellow student bomhard him with snow balls. Unsuspecting Bill Wallis realizes too late that he shouldnt have turned his back on Walter Beaird. Buz Clanton and Gary Moon enjoyed a laugh at Bill's expense, but not for long. Walter's teammates soon blasted them. Preparing for the ensuing snow fight, Danny Bays, Bill Arnett, and Sandy Shepard gather a mammoth mound of snow to supply their side with ammunition. Boys blossomed into snow-slinging monsters with the unusual seven inch snow that fell in this area. 34 Broncos Select Basketball Queen Basketball Queen, Nancy Rasco, and her escort, Bronco starter Richard Spears, re- flect happy smiles that typified a happy night, Bobby Gierisch and Richard Spears crown Nancy Rasco as Basketball Queen. This honor is bestowed by the members of the basketball team to the girl whom they feel most supports and encourages the team during the season. Girls nominated for this honor were Francine jameson, Cindy Shaw, and Cathy Lambert. These girls and the queen were presented before the Denton-Denison game. Master and Slave Unife in Each year the junior Classical League has a slave sale of the first year Latin students. For one week the slaves are required to carry out the wishes of their masters. .At the end of the week, the slaves become full members and next year can have a slave of their own. The slaves often must wear the costumes of old Rome and Greece and wear signs praising their masters. These two slave owners have poor Andy Tombison extremely disgusted at being a J. C. L. slave. Though his owners look confident, Andy is not too sure that he can fulfill their request. It looks as if slave Kent Smith is getting thumbs down from all sidesg Richard Spears and Thomas Mewhinney continue to shout commands, but Billy Estes is looking around for a more obedient slave. Carol Holt comes bouncing back from old Rome as she obeys her master's slightest command. Most of the slaves were required to wear Roman or Grecian costumes. Modern Times Carol Hulsey seems overly pleased that jimmy Mewhinney 'regards her with such violence. Nancy Browder certainly looks the part of the innocent Roman slave-girl, but poor Kent Smith cowers at the feet of his fellow slaves. All roads lead to Rome and all fingers point to john Roach. Masters Deana Lewis, Pat jefferson, and Mickey 'Jennings have this slave cornered so that all he can do is listen to their commands and hope for the best. Did slave Linda jenkins dare to rebuke Master Richard Spears? Whatever she said Richard is probably already plotting against her, and Linda Buttrill seems very confident that she won't be included in his plan. 37 Favorite Skifs Present The outstanding part of the campaign that the favorite nominees hold each year before the final election is the favorites assembly. In this assembly the nominees are presented through a variety of skits. This year's skits were 'lThe Mickey Mouse Club," first place, The fxlfghf Before Chriftmnr, second place, and "The Steve Allen Show," third place. Clark Nichols and Bruce Obermeyer settle down to listen to The Night Before Chrislmar, which was narrated by Bill Melton. I K fi V fm - T7 w nf' , Y 7 rplljff .yi U 1 M lm l f-,A J 'fltf I x H ,ll f . , , . yr . N1 QW, f .V ,. VJ, .iff f lx' ,Q y - ,,i if uf- '-,4 'I ' l " .. Q r . , Q l .f " . l ' si ij .l ,A X M k ,.. . 'E 'iylfl it N lijay' rf, X jx , H X fl V fl, if ,X if ' fi sm I xv i I ' 2,1 2 l X ff l tl - ' v, ! V at , kj J ll I ll: X i ,V , r , I .X L! HC Visions of votes dance before Thomas Mewhin- y's eyes as he jumps out of bed to discover that Santa has arrived. Cathy Lambert, Flip Unger, and-Yludy Davis line up for Mouseketeer roll call. "Tom--ff' S "One, two, three, kick"-Richard Spears, Terry George, and Bobby Hammond swirl and twirl in their version of the "Nutcracker Suite." 38 Nominees fo Sfudenf Body Q - - v tg V f .5 vzzf-V5 Q, E 1 gs-.f agawi L gb w gf'2':'w19a1 agen 3 154 K5 VF ii y 4 iffikiliii- if - E-if if F? 1 ,-11 1' 1,1 E, Q1 eas e' . I il le? I v I 2 EEK! 5 li sw f W 7 V. .Q s Y i J f ,. . 2, A '12 'E 2. I 1 Q K i ,f W , -wf,,.v,-fm-fwfr? f. ,- . ,' -- - z , fl ff 3 M W' i if y, rw 2 faf,-'rwlw E . : f livraiziskmzir-whiff rr 'L -:sz-s'- sm of , Q 3, ri-as n -, f L i.rm-s:w5i,'5s5z,,, , as fa, ,V 3 , V .1 .rm-,fsiiQ:frfs2Q was f, it K. gg as, V 1 J s V a 2Q,f2Yisr?Qf"f4ezas- ' s H f 1 3 ' Q- -, W E Q If fi! i:55l55Vlf5ilQ , '54 it Uliii, 2 4' ge sr 1 aaftg illggigf 3 ,is gb if ' ' K ' i 2 , Q-sag, 5 ' W- Y 5' . 1 57455 32 5 . - f -- -f r, .. '1'f is , ' ' - gi f! sxcfailiif in , f - v i 12 1 ,, ' 1 .A 7' ' ' 2 if " .zefmz th a -wa 4 f . " 'eP1W1f,i'.,. I ' if K 1 wif if swigw: - M . , 'S ' 'v ya , , vig if ' - ' V -' T fi 3 1 - f gffffr : ra , f,12zm A 5 X 51 , x . ,..,. Z, ,,,,. ,,,,, ,,, Q l jimmy Williams calls for the audiences' attention as he introduces his great circus act. Al McNatt, Paul Chandler and Julie Avery find the act on stage more exciting, though. iKathleen Obermyer, Sara Hyder, and Francine jameson have the "telephone habit" and are eager to tell others about it. l "Baby" Sammy Foresster has outgrown his baby carriage, but "Mother" Gale Reeves has found that a wheelbarrow has many uses. Hob Hartman hangs on his ladder in hopes that he will soon be able to see Juliet, Larry Smith, and deliver the rose he has picked for her. 39 Teacher Appreciation Week Honors Teaching Effqrfs One of the projects of the Student Council is Teacher Appreciation Week. Each year the students designate one week during which the teachers of Denton High are honored. The teachers are showered with such gifts as shiny red apples, ink pens, letters of appreciation and teacher report cards. They are given a special breakfast where the teachers meet the students who were respon- sible for their special attention during this week. This is certainly a worthwhile project and is really appreciated by all the teachers. Mrs, Connell probably wishes the photographer would take the picture and let her eat her apple. After all, it is she who is appreciated. Ginger Amos, Bobby Gerisch, and Gail Clifton are some of the students who helped to distribute the gifts. 'Q' ,JM I Mr. Strickland reminds some of the students that he too is con- sidered a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week, Gail Clif- ton, Betty Sherman, and Mary Holland are eager to agree, hoping Mr. Strickland will put in a good word with their teachers. l Coffee is a necessary part of almost every adult's morning meal, and Mr. Rylander seems to be wondering whether he is really appreciated the Denton High teachers are no exception. Ginger Amos and Linda or whether this is just a front put on for better grades, but Mr. Mason Jenkins keep the teachers well supplied. Mrs. Zerwer is among the and Mr. Frost look very contented with the good meal. Mrs. Vincent guests who welcome the cup of coffee. Hall and Mr. Robert Hall find breakfast a good time to discuss teachq ing problems, Tragedy of Nation Shocks Denfon High Although President Ken- nedy's death was not directly associated with the activities of Denton Senior High, this trag- edy was an event that touched each individual. The stillness, the empty feeling, the shock- all portrayed Denton High's emotions and reactions on that long-to-be-remembered d a y. The geographic closeness of the site deepened these feelings. Each faculty member and stu- dent stood sober and mourn- ful at the death of our Presi- dent on that fatal November 22, 1965. In 1960 when he was Senator, President johnson visited Denton to dedicate the Denton Federal,Center. During his trip, Mr. johnson spoke in an assembly at our school. Mr. Strickland, Mr. Guyer, Mark Hardesty, Mr. Bill Utter, and Walter Jenkins, aid to Mr. Johnson, escorted the Senator and his wife into the auditorium. Taylor Publishing Company photographers were on the scene during the presidential trip to Dallas. Twenty minutes before the assassination, President and Mrs. Kenendy and Governor and Mrs. Connally greeted Dallasites. 1- i Richard Allagood of the 'Argylers' strains over 'Junior Playboys' jack Gray, Gary Taylor, and Bill Blanton in an attempt to gain points for his team. lnframural Sports Has Largesf Intramural sports gives to boys who cannot play var- sity sports an opportunity to participate in athletics. Tbove, the 'junior Playboys' and the 'Hinchmen' vie for the ball in typical action. 'Fink' Bill Hall drives through 'Our Gang's' defense, which was played by Paul Wyss, Bob Hart- man, and Bruce Obermeyer. 'Our Gang' won this game and later de- feated the 'Lively Ones' 21 to 15 to claim the Intramural Championship. 35 Participation in History of D.H.S. 'OUR GANGQ INTRAMURAL CHAMPS BOTTOM ROW: Bill Estes, Gary Moon, Bob Hart- man. TOP ROW: jim Littrell, Bruce Obermeyer, Johnny Tompkins, Paul Wfyss. As Mack Scoggins drives for a layup for the 'Lively Ones,' a long arm belonging to 'Our Gangs' johnny Tompkins moves down to block the shot. 'Our Gangs' defense held the 'Lively Ones' to six points the first half and won the Intramural Championship 21 to 15. 'Lively One' Mike McCain shoots over the outstretched arms of Hob Hartman as Gary Moon, Ronnie Stark, and Bruce Obermeyer look on. The action came in Intra- mural Championship game won by 'Our Gang' 21 to 15. Martha Hagan proudly presents the gleaming 1964 Valentine Queen, Francine jameson, with a beautiful coronation bouquet of red roses. Coronation of Queen Highlights Valentine Formal i 1 l I Candlelight and roses enhance the atmosphere as Diana Penton, David Harrison, Karen McCart and Richard Alagood enjoy each other's company. Queen Francine jameson, accompanied by her escort, Larry Smith, takes her place upon the throne of royalty to reign for the year of 1964. 44 Dancing? Linda Lavery, Tim Elder, David Haun, and Tava Hardin enjoy a variety of music provided by the Aces of Collegeland. l F1 l Arf Stands in a Field of Hs Own like i 'l 5?i w 1 'V Kiki I A . 'lfhis project, which ins composed of. woodhand iff " tissue paper, takes basic planning, artistic ability, i if and a sense of balance. ' 'i it A sta r :K ,.,ffW tf-31613. " . A i,,1 . So., A ...R . bu 'Kit sake .i .' W . .. . One of the most important steps in the construction is gluing the paper strips to the wood frame. Lynda Brown learns that patience is an attribute in this job. The security of the basic frame is an important factor in the success of a construction, Tom- my Watson ap- plies extra glue so that he will be sure of a steady frame. Marion Gibson studies her composition in hopes that she will find that it meets the necessary requirements of sturdiness and design. With a steady hand, Danny Bays applies the final touches to his project. ...... I.- Feasfin' and Fun Offered fo W," r4'eetx? f 1 e,...Nw N Q, 1:92,- P' S W- ' For the first and only time in the school year, seniors wait on lower- Bronco photographer Raymond Crouch rarely has his picture in classmen. juniors David Buck, Charlie Davis. and 'Judy ,Davis relax the yearlJ0Ok because he is usually taking them. However, like and enjoy the novelty of the Senior Sefvife of Chuck B'IflgCfS, - everyone else, he couldnt resist taking a break to sample the delicious pancakes. 'ew y it . 1, ' 9 ,Met 'js get Hi Steve White expects service for his fifty cents, and Susan Conn obligingly com- plies. Meanwhile, Claudio Bardas eyes the clock to check if he has enough time to finish his milk before he goes on duty. Two of the attractions of the Pancake Supper were the refills on coffee and pancakes. Another big attraction was the seniors who patrolled the tables to G' offer the refills. Carol Hulsey and Mary Self conscientiously stand by to offer ., fri seconds to Mr. and Mrs. "Tip" Hall. Q j si, wt, , F, P' ,J- Everyone af the Pancake One of the annual senior projects for raising money is the Pancake Supper. Seniors, aided by parents and the cooks, prepare the food, decorate the cafeteria, and wash the dishes. Because of the tremendous crowds the supper has attracted the past few years, it has been necessary to use the facilities at Newton Rayzor as well as Denton Senior High. Supper Sophomores Don Fikes, Rusty Guyer, Howard Young, and W. C. Felts satisfy their healthy appetites by eating mounds of hotcakes. During their meal, they hold a humorous discussion over an incident that happened in class. ,lf The lines are long, but students don't mind waiting while par ents hurry to cook more pancakes. Beryle Morlan and Phyllis Guin are unconcerned, but the realization has dawned on Nancy for their Pancake Supper in two years. E ,ull K ,X 1 wlg',.g2s 0 r,- ,tfgr e " it .fa t Rasco and Louise Halfpermy that they are going to be responsible Mft .', fm. v i. fl I-1 1 Eating is serious business for seniors Kenny Speck and Paul Wyss because in a short while they are going to be working for their food. After a long siege of operating the dishwasher, jerry Payne, David Breed- en, and Hob Hartman settle down to enjoy the speciality of the evening- pancakes, of course! 47 Co-operation of Parents and Cooks Responsible It would have been impossible to have had a successful pancake supper without the generous f help of the seniors' parents. Mr. Braley replenishes the supply of pancake batter that was constantly . running low. l Mr. Wfitt, who donated the hog used for the delicious bacon and sausage, iperfects the assembly line method of service, Aided by Mr. and Mrs. Grandey, Mr. Witt managed to flip the pancakes out as fast as they were wanted by the hungry Dentonites. Ted Emmons waits for Mrs. Jacobs to finish pouring shortening in his measur- ing cup so that he can go back and finish mixing another giant batch of pan- cake batter. Huge amounts of supplies were needed at the supper to accommoa date the large and hungry crowds. muddy Cleaning up is always a dreaded but necessary part of an activity. Mr. Hall was one of the parents who volunteered his services after the supper and helped place everything in perfect order once more. V?"-. For Success of Seniors' Pancake Supper XVOW! Those pancake refills really kept the senior workers "on their toes." Sammy Schertz flips another golden beauty on the plate of the customer of David Davis. "High and mighty" seniors resort to roles of Aunt Jemima's little helpers for the sake of the class of '64. So . . . we ind John Rasco, Mike McCain, jo Leffler, and Tony Stone usy on the scene. Refills by the dozens-that's right! Peter Linardos, Gary Moon, and Bruce Jeanne Garrett enjoys a laugh at the expense of Larry Smith Obermeyer patiently wait for more pancakes to meet the demands of the crowd. who is covered with syrup. Poor Larry is glad to work, but he wishes that syrup were-n't so sticky. 1 "Feastin' and fun for everyone!" The customers wish is the command of seniors Betty Frost, Nancy Buntyn, and Sue Braley prove this fact in their service to Mr, and Mrs. Norman Puckett. A Local DHS Science Fair Encourages This year the traditional County Science Fair was dissolved in favor of local fairs to be held at the individual schools. Before students can at- tend the regional fair in Dallas, their projects must be judged and graded at their schools. In order to add an extra sparkle to open house, the DHS science fair was held that night so that par- ents would have an opportunity to view the scien- tific accomplishments of the students. Since he is fond of guns, Conrad Speece decided to utilize one in his science project. He placed certain gases in the gun and attempted to determine the velocities of the bullets after the gun had been fired. gy-,,,yx mx V- PLANT Andy Tomlinson won second place in Boy's Biologi-, cal Science with this experiment on plant tropismsm First joan ways more plant Andy explains to Steve Pryor. Bill Gandee, and Dan Harrison that the stimuli light, heat, water, touch. and gravity determined the rates of growth on his plants. place Girls Biological Science was awarded to Barnett. -Ioan experimented with the variousl ozone affects plants. She discovered that the. ozone she added to the plant's soil. the less the' grew. Betty Sherman attempted a very unusual project-she tried to measur the amount of oxygen given off by a fish. She discovered that th amount of oxygen in the water affects the metabolism rate of th fish. Although the project was difficult and tedious. Betty was re warded with first place in Girls Biological Science. 1 vi 1 -tx--.X-v 1 uns lslfllfil 01' M ,- '1'1zm'1zn.x'rliu1s ox fruit 1uts'1'11x.vrIox lxxrlz or Gonmflsn VIEYHCQS Qlxscetwttf if Q..::amwzewaemwaftm.mft ..MM,..,..... . ..- ,,...4-1, Sfudenf Experimenfafion Bill Mecay built a Wilson's Diffusion Cloud Chamber. This chamber contains compartments for ice and boiling water. When the particles emitted by the ice and water meet, they leave a trail of smoke that's discernible to the human eye. john Roach, first place winner in Boy's Biological, gathered samples of dirt from all over Denton County so that he could isolate the fungi from the soil. He chose this project to prove that fungi needed for medical experiments could be obtained from anywhere. "'W'Q. jim Bettes undertook the task of converting steam into energy. He transformed two coffeecans into steam chambers and connected tubing from the cans to his small engine. SI Speech Department Captures Honors at Sonora During the bus trip, many students practiced for their parts in the tournament, Susan DeMougeot, Glenna Burns, and George Christian divide their time between planning activities for the upcoming days and nervous rehearsals. Getting luggage for thirty-one students in a bus is no easy chore, but Tim Elder, Phil Gerding, Mr. Roy Baker, Bill Rainbolt, and Gregg Harris manage with ease. 52 One of the many awards that were bestowed on Mrs. Hall's students was first place in the one- act play. Members of the cast of "Thieves' Carni- val" that are pictured are Bobby Black, Tim Elder, Virginia Caddell, Phillip Gerding, and Dan Shu-N ford. For their participation in this play, Bobby! Black won best actor, Virginia Caddell won bestl actress, and Tim Elder won best supporting actor.Q l l 1 I 1 1 1 Steve White was only one of the many anxious students who waved farewell to D.H.S. and looked forward to the Sonora tournament. D.H.S. Stages Hs Firsf "Hoofenanny" l jane Newcomer, David Corbin, Ann Rylander, Robbie Buntyn, Mandy Allen, and Bobby Black provided the folk music aspect of the assembly. This group presented ,several of the best-known songs from this field. l l l I r 4 i Donning western hats and shirts, boy choir members opened the show with a "bronco- X busting ' number. The Cottonwood Singers, composed of George Christian, Shirley Price, Susan Conn, Lee Harris, and Bobby Black, put the final touches on the program with "Summertime," Using their vocal as well as instrumental musical talents, David Payne and Marvin Schertz added the western flavor to the program. 53 CJRGANIZA Tl0NS il 19 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Bobby Gierisch. prcsiilentg Thomas Mawhinney, vice-presidentg Gail Clifton, recording secretaiyz Ginger Amos Corresponding secretaryg Larry Smith, treusurerg Mary Self, reporterg Ann Porter. Pi1l'll8mCHtLlI'l11U1 Mr. Frost, sponsor. 55 Student Council Funchons as The Student Council is an organization composed of elected representatives from each of the home rooms. The purpose of this organization is to encourage school spirit and plan activities which will bring the student body closer together. The Howdy Party, Teacher Appreciation Week, Intramural Sports, the Home- coming Dance, and the Valentine Formal are only a few of the activities planned by the Student Council and their sponsor, Mr. Frost. The Student Council succeeds in making student policies and improving our school. The Council also acts as a student government and teaches its members the qualities necessary for becoming leaders in their community and state. Our Sfudenf Government FIRST ROW: Raeanna Clinton, Carol Holt, Nancy Rasco, Louise Halfpenny, Sharon Eden, Ellen Lansky, Linda Kay Griffith, Flip Unger, Linda McEuin, Pat Moore, Beverly Blake, Linda Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Joe Irick, Don Sampson, Mack Scoggins, Reanee Higgins, Mary Ruth Halfpenny, Linda Henderson, Nancy Merritt, Mary Holland, Martha Hagan, Betty Sherman, Jan Burke. THIRD ROW: Danny Allen, Jimmy Walling, Mark Jones, Doug Boyd, Billy Pitts, Sheri Faylor, Judy Davis, Cindy Shaw, Ann Porter, Jackie Strong, Jimmy Ray, Ronnie Hig- gins. FOURTH ROW: Fred Twomey, Mike Arrington, Frank Camp, Terry George, Hob Hartman, Bryon Williami- son, Peter Linardos, Spencer Crouch, Don Fikes, TimWhite, Bill Melton. ALTERNATES: FIRST ROW: Gale Anderson, Debby Hyman, Martha Dalton, Earlene Estes, Deana Weibel, Susan DeMougeot, Jo Leffler, Suzanne Derden, Janis Bailey, Pat Welch. SECOND ROXV: Sharla Taylor, Glenda Griffith, Val Twomey, Joann Crider, Karen Breen, Jeanne Smith, Julie Crenshaw, Ann Burke, Samilou Robison. THIRD ROW: Bobby Linenschmidt, James Baird, Steve Selby, Kent Smith, Dan Shuford, David Nichols, Mark Whitten, Hank Erwin. Students With Top Grades Form Honor Society , .Ai SEATED: Thomas Mexvhinney. Martin Rooney. Vincent Collazo, johnny Hendrick. Bruce Obermeyer, jerry Payne, Bobby Gierisch. STANDING: Flora johnson. Diana Hammond. Carolyn Clark, Martha Griffin. Virginia Amos. Wfaynette Lowrance, Shirley Buskirk, Gail Clifton, OFFICERS: Vicky Nichols, recording secretary, Mary Holland, corresponding secretary, Mrs, Yarbrough, sponsorg Hob Hartman, presidentg Richard Spears, vice-presidentg Rondy jones. treasurer: Eddie Hardin, reporter. Those students who have maintained a ninety average during their first three semesters of high school are considered for membership in the Honor Society. However, before they are chosen as members, they must meet certain stan- dards in citizenship and leadership. Af- ter members are chosen, there is a formal assembly in which students are inducted. The organization offers such advantages as special programs and several extra- curricular functions. Future Teachers Attend State and District Conventions Striving to one day become ac- complished teachers, the Future Teachers of America are steady workers toward their goal. They are interested not only in being the better teachers of tomorrow, but also in being the better students of to- day. The club attends the District V Convention as well as the state convention as a part of the special activities. OFFICERS: Miss McElroy, sponsorg Samilou Robison, president, Susan Nix, secretaryg Son dra Gafford, treasurerg Glenda Enoch, reporterg Gail Clifton, vice-president fnot picturedj FIRST ROW: Diana Hammond, Karen Breen, Carolyn Eades, Susan Hgnggn, julie Avery, Bea Ann Horton, Jo Leffler, Susan Demougeot, Reanee Higgins. SECOND ROW: Mary Beth Core,QSfharon Helly? Sharon Hooper, Danna Salmon, Gary Moon, Ted Emmons, Betty Sherman, Marion Mohat. THIRD ROW: Claudia Williams, Karen McCart, Sheri Faylor, Judy Davis, Sara Hyder, Molly McAfee, Mary jggthr Had-fgermy, Margaret Magee, joan Ramey, FOURTH ROW: Kae Martin, Beverly Blake, Linda Jenkins, Diana PentorrQSdu2n Hershbergerfxj lsq Future Homemokers Promote OFFICERS: Gayle Hurban, parliamentariang Judy Schleinat, secretary, Margaret Taylor, sergeant-at-arms, Lynda Alford, historian, Diana Shaw, treasurer, Malynn Brooks, District V president, Mrs. Frances Baker Bishop, sponsor, Linda Lamascus, president, Jeri Broday, first vice-presidentg Shirlene Bowles, second vice-president, Kay Price, third vice-presidentg Ernestine 1 Trietsch, fourth vice-presidentg Annett Hurban, fifth vice-president, Linda Sembera, sixth vice-president. 4 w i FIRST ROW: Patsy Carter, Marie Odom, Jana Drennan. SECOND ROW: Irene Wil- liams, Paula Young, Gloria Owens, jane Sparkman. STANDING: Diana Shaw, Donna Fiorelli. I 1 Beffer Living The Future Homemakers of America, a national organization, has two chapters at Denton High. The sixty-four members of Mrs. Frances Baker Bishop's chapter have engaged in the project of raising money to buy books for the Denton State School's library. Living by their motto, "Learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families can be better tomorrow," these members are valuable in their own homes as well as in the school. Pat McCann, Karen Lathem, Paulette Carroll Carolyn Greggory, Linda Wells, FIRST ROW: Tedda McBride, Linda Bradshaw, Sara Whitson Candy Johnston Cindy Likes Frances Gray SECOND ROW Lynn Bender l Glenda Stanley, Bea Ann Horton, Louise Haren, Teresa Wall Gale Grissom Ann Clayton janetH1ggons SEATED AT THE TABLE are Paula Peden and Mary Randolph. FIRST ROW: julene Williams, Linda Voorhees, SECOND ROW: Susan Marquis, Martha Austin, Annette Shields. THIRD ROW: Donna Pair, Jan Renfro, Raedeane Clinton, Winda Milam, Dorthy Fowler, Carol Wallace, Margaret Baird. Science Club Sfimulafes Scientific Experiment OFFICERS: Marilyn Johnson, reporter, Vicky Nichols, secretary-treasurer, Linda McEuin, vice-president, joy Williamson, president, Mrs. McCauley, sponsor. The Science Club was organized to stimu- late the interest of the students outside the classroom activities. The students have a chance to participate in scientific experimentation and may enter these experiments in the local and regional science fair in the spring. Moreover, field trips to Dallas and Fort Worth are in- cluded among the year's activities. FIRST ROW: Jane Newcomer, Carol Hulsey, Linda Offenbacker, Carol Thompson, Deana Lewis, Beryle Morlan, Joyce Hilton, Caroly Schertz, Barbara Williams. SECOND ROW: Richard Escue, Elton Turner, joe Meister, jim Lowrey, Terry Hall, Chip McClend0n, Joh Roach, Byron Parrish, Andy Tomlinson: THIRD ROW: Tommy Carrigan, Paul Hieble, Richard Hughes, johnny Fulton, Richard Alagood Roy jack Hunter, Bill Gandee, Dan Harrison, Nick Kiger, Tommy Fra nk. 62 Future Farmers Explore the World of Agriculture The Future Farmers of Amer- ica is an organization composed of boys who are interested in developing a skill for agricul- ture. The primary aim of this organization is to give its mem- bers training in agriculture and to teach them the qualities ne- cessary for leadership, coopera- tion, and citizenship. The Parent, Son, and Facul- ty Banquet is sponsored by the F.F.A. and has long been a customary tradition of this or- ganization. The F.F.A. also par- ticipates in the Science Fair and and the F.F.A. Rodeo. OFFICERS: George Grissom, treasurer: Windell Lillard, chaplain, Duaine Kincade. sentinel, Glenda Evans, F.F.A. Sweetheart: Bob Harris, president: Forrest Barton, vice-president: Mr. Hal Rylander, sponsor: Thomas Wilson, secretaryg Mark Hannah, parliamentariang Steve Nicholson, reporter. FIRST ROW: Tom Stockard, D. I.. Bowles, David Byrom, jimmy Walling, Troy Sweatman, Ronnie Stallings, Richard Laxson. SECOND ROW: Billy Henry, Bill Rainey, Wayne Kays, Joe Mulkey, Bobby Fain, Kenny Fritz, james Calvert. THIRD ROW: David Atkins, Charles Griffin, Jerry jones, Sammy Schertz, Royce Mason, Terry Brown. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth jones, Joe Anderson, William Dean, jim Brown, Ruel Yarbrough, Gary Sno dy, joe Miles, Roy Godi, Barry Venable. 63 Dramatic Sfudenfs Formulafe Theatre Appreciation The Dramatics Club began another suc- cessful year with their fall production of "Stardust". The Drama students attempt to gain poise and self-assurance and to formulate an appreciation for the theatre and literature which will enrich their cul- tural lives. Drama offers the actual ex- perience of acting, directing, and produc- ing plays. These students work long hours to provide such entertainment as the "Show Case of Dramatic Talent" and "One Act" for public presentation. OFFICERS: Mrs. Opal Hall, sponsor, Susan Marquis, secretaryg Steve Stephens, reporterg George Christian, vice-president, Ed Frady, treasurerg Bobby Black, president. FIRST ROW Carol Marquis Ruby Pender Margaret Stuckey Glenna Burns Becky Wilson. SECOND ROW: Marion Mohat, Kay Klein Betty Frogjjanet Jarnagin Susan DeMougeot Cindy Bass Sharon Milliken. THIRD ROW: Linda Lavery, Joann The Debate Club Promotes Logical Thinking The Debate Club is composed of students who are interested in increasing their ability through ac- tive competition. The members of the Debate Club endeavor to develop clear, logical thinking through debate effectiveness in contests and laboratory prac- tice. These students represent D.H.S. at many tour- naments and conventions, and rarely do they return without accumulating top awards and prizes. OFFICERS, SEATED: Mrs, Hall, sponsorg David Cowan, first vice-presidentg Dotti Belcher, reporterg Fred Twomey, treasurerg Gaines West, presidentg Spencer Crouch, second vice-president. Not pictured: Barbara DeMougoet, secretary. MEMBERS, SEATED: Gail Anderson, jackie Hammett, Ann Cole, Ann Hall, Ellen Lansky. STANDING: James McAvenia, Billy Berry, Bill Melton, Carol Neall, Gloria Hawkins. NFL Encourages Effective Speaking NFL OFFICERS: Mrs. Venson Hall, sponsor, Bill Melton, president, Ann Cole, secretaryg john Alan Logue. point chairman: Virginia Caddel, treasurer fnot pictureclj. The National Forensic League serves to give encouragement and the incen- tive necessary to become an effective speaker, and hence a more successful and influential citizen. Each year the club sponsors the Denton Sweepstakes Tournament, which draws scores of high school students to Denton. This state-wide event is one of the most outstanding during the year. FIRST ROW: Gloria Hawkins, Kay Kline, Dottie Belcher, Ann Hall, Gail Anderson, Ellen Lansky, Jackie Hammett. SECOND ROW: Spencer Crouch, Fred Twomey, Randy Boyd, john Yarbrough, Bobby Black, james McAvenia. 66 ' Thespians Serve as Nucleus of Drama Productions Make-up, lighting, and scenery-each drama presentation at DHS requires these technical effects. To accomplish these tremendous tasks there is a nucleus of experienced students who form a group known as the National Thespian Society. These students take charge of the pro- duction of "Showcase of Talent", and at each production they serve as advisors to the begin- ners. Their experienced techniques have been responsible for the many top awards and prizes Denton has been awarded. FIRST ROW: Glenna Burnes, president: George Christian, first vice-president: Linda Lavery, second vice-president. SECOND ROW: Susan Marquis, sec- retary: Susan DeMouge0t, reporter: Mrs. Venson Hall, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Carole Neale, Kay Klein, Marion Mohat, CI'iClQCI-5ThQIIT3S, Ann Cole, Bonnie Mathis, Cindy Bass, Ruby Pender. SECOND ROW: Carol Marquis, Jeanne Morris, Sharon MillikeQ,V,Betty Frostfikijo wLeffler, Margaret Stuckey, Susan Harrell, Earlene Estes. THIRD ROW: Tim Elder, James McAvenia, Richard Escue, David- C5i'anj'Edf'Frady, John Yarbrough, Bill Bellar, Phil Gerding, Steve Stephens, john' ny Dawson. 67 DHS Choirs Presenf CO-EDS: Shirley Buskirk, Carol Thompson. Waynette Lowrance, CHORDSMEN: jim Inman, Steve White. George Christian, Mickey Margaret Taylor, Sally Seitz, pianist. Miller, David Corbin, pianist. GIRLS GLEE CLUB: FIRST ROW: Linda Maury, Ellen Swanson, Waynette Lowrance, Beryle Morlan, Gale Reeves, Carolyn Greg- ory, Cynthiarrljlairris, Kay Sims. SECOND ROW: Shirley Price, Mary Hatridge, Kay Yarbroiigh, Mary Wheeler, Penny Faris, Lanette Angel,f5H5gr0n Hehfjf DOOM FOWICI. THIRD ROW: Lanita Angel. Pat Burns, Shirley Buskirk, Beverly Seitz, Linda Ross, Linda , OffenbaCkerTKiHy'Raposa, Sharon Milliken, Sally Seitz, pianist. ,N 68 S Musical Opportunities Vocally talented students find many chances for advancement in the choirs of DHS. Mrs. Ema Ruth Russell, director of the choir classes, at- tempts to teach her students the qualities and attributes of music. In order to belong to one of the special choirs, such as the A'Cappella, the Girls Glee Club, the Co-eds, or the Chordsmen, one must participate in open try-outs. The dream of most choir students is to one day belong to the A'Cappella Choir. Many Glee Club members fulfill their dream by graduating into the A,Cap- pella Choir. A'Cappella, composed of 43 second and third year choir members, promotes school-community relations through programs for service clubs, churches, and other organizations. The Chords- men and the Co-eds, also A'Cappella members, are the eight young men and Women who are selected because of their diligent dedication and outstanding voices to represent their school throughout the year. A'CAPPELLA OFFICERS: Susan Conn, secretary, Beth Rogers, reporter, Margaret Taylor, vice-presidentg Mrs. Russell, sponsor, Clark Lyde, treasurer, Steve White, president. ACAPPELLA CHOIR: FIRST ROW: Jana Drennan, Cindy Hayes,gBetty Frost, Shirley Price, Carol Thompson, Waynette Lowrance, Ruby Pender Suzette Morris, Margaret Taylor, Glenda Hacker, Becky jonesf SECOND ROW: Kathy White, Susie Angel, Shirley Buskirk, Sally Seitz Linda Witt, Martha Austin, Sue Braley, IQ'-jing-r1,gt4LrQ,jlaine Collins, Beverly Harrison, Sharon Price. THIRD ROW: Bruce Obermeyer, Larry Smith, Susan Conn, Beth Rogers, jackie Polston, Steve Selby, Mack Scoggins, Victor Richter, Steve White, David Corbin. FOURTH ROW' Clark Lyde, Mickey Miller, jim Inman, Jimmy Williams. Glen Glasscock, David Cowan, Danny Breeden, Marvin Schertz, john Cun- diff George Christian. 69 Drum Major and Maioreffes Add Extra Sparkle DRUM MAJOR johnny Tompkins fo Band Adding to the attraction of the Denton High Bronco Band and helping to promote school spirit are the drum major and the drum majorettes. Their diligence and hard work make illustrious half-time shows that add sparkle to the game festivities. A great amount of skill and precision is required to complete each half-time performance, and these students never venture on the football field unless they can present a perfect performance. M K 7 ' MAJORETTES: i lgakn l .cCart, Linda Buttrill, Sondra Gafforcl. Reanee Higgins. O fo' OFFICERS: Dan Childs, assistant' drum majorg Terry George, ser- geantg Earlene Estes, assistant li-l bratiang Reanee Higgins, sergeantg l Zena Stribling, librariang Toby' Thomason, property managerg jim , Hill, sergeant. SECOND ROW: Gaines Wfest, lieutenantg Larry Gaylon, sergeantg John Yar- brough, sergeantg johnny Tomp- kins, drum majorg Tommy Carri- gan, sergeantg David Breeden. captain. Orchestra Sponsors String Festival FIRST ROW: Janice Cox, Ellen Lansky, Marilyn Woods, Lynn Whitson, jo Green, Nancy Buntyn. SECOND ROW: Gail Anderson, Kaye Wills Paula Hooten, Margie Belcher, Tommy Vaughn, Tresa Cockrill, Robbie Buntyn. THIRD ROW: Chip McClendon, Miceal Helm, Alec Williams, Wfayne Knuckles, Mr. Frost, jane Newcomer, Bess Stockard, Sharon McXVilliams, Carolyn Cuthbert. FOURTH ROW: Gene Hour, Alton Davis. David Harper, Leon Harris, Alleson List, Sherry Sewalt. 'yr One of the three musical organizations at DHS ,' r is the string orchestra. The students participating in this music program play at the State Fair Music Day each year and compete with other schools in Region X for inter-scholastic league awards. Each spring the Denton High string students sponsor a program for the orchestras of the Denton Public School System. This string festival features music works which the orchestras spend long hours perfecting. OFFICERS: Janice Cox, treasurerg Lynn Whitson, vice- presidentg Nancy Buntyn, presidentg Sharon IVIcWillian1s, secretary. W Bronco Band Marches in Cotton Bowl E is wi if 1? LJ 2? Q5 il 4 1 E 5, 5 FIRST ROW: Paddy Morey, Joybeth Stanely, Suzanne Bonk, Julie Crenshaw, Judy Smith, Betty Hug- i gins, Sondra Gafford, Karen McCart, joan Barnett, Suzan Bossart, Richard Escue, jimmy Hill. SEC- OND ROW: David Breeden, Ann Rylander, Linda Buttrill, Karen Breen, Carol Marquis, Toby Thoma- son, Erlene Estes, Ann Burke, Howard Young, joe Meister, Lyn Kooker, George Kraft, Gaines West, Karla Miller, Jean Morris, Elton Turner, Rosca Atkins, Marion Gibson. THIRD ROW: joe Petticrew, ,Sharonff fflelm, Pat McFerrin, Carolyn Eadesjobertgson, Susan Hennen, jan Hickingbottom, Robert Gaideef David Simi Mary Beth COIC, Gary Harris, Bill Chisenhall, Richard Bishop, jerry Sallee, Ilian Harrison, Randy Kelly, Randy Wilkinson, johnny Tompkins, Scott Robinson, Betty Baker jan ur e, Bes erly Seitz, Ann Anderson, jerry Miller, Reanee Higgins, David Harrison, Larry Womblej john Yarbrough. ' x :re ff f if Parade on National TV Network F FOURTH ROW: Dan Childs, Bob Foster, Larry Galyon, Jimmy Lowery, jim Higdon, David Lewis 7 Steve Pryor, Donna Beebe, Jim Provence, Freddie Henderson, jim Mahoney, Paul Seagraves, David Nich- ols, Vincent Richardson, Roy Pender, Robert Dane, Rfobert.,EllietgBQl Zimmerman,PPaul Little, Landy Mul- key, Steve Knox, Roger Dunham, Claudio Bardas, Tommy Smith, Roiidy Tones, Terry George, Paul Tun- nell, Pat Moore, john Hamlett, David Pryor, Dick Selby. FIFTH ROW: Carroll McMath, Danny Hodg- ens, Dean Shank, Tommy Carrigan, Jeanie Garrett, Dennis Evans, jimmy McLeod, Kate Pierce, Barbara i Williams, Sharon Millikan, Eddie Henderson, Carolyn Shertz.-Not Pictured: Gail Clifton, Zena Stribling, Bill Stausing, Barrett Robinson. is ",WL,,, , X , , r'7f1feeLffs1"Qfr' 4 V 5 f .56 !,f N x Pep Club Soars fo Highest Membership The purposefof the is to promote spirit tthroughtaniorganizhed group. This is accomplished through I ta grouped seating arrangement at all football games and pep rallies during football season. Members' also sell pro- J ,grams games, help with the 'football banqL1et,,4and, sell football booster ribbons, Y - J - l H 1 FIRST ROW: Barbara Harpool, Kay KlineQS3san Hershbergerysjill Parker, Jeanne Smith, Nancy Manire. SECOND ROW: Margaret Magee, Betty Sherman, Sara Whitson, Barbara Bellar, CaYolFIQyrii'fJEnny Sparkman. THIRD ROW: Karen LaRue, Debby Hyman, Susan Harrell,' Raeanna Clinton, Susan Bartlemay, Joyce Hilton. FOURTH ROW: Pat Welch, Carolyn Connell, Jenny Groening, Marion Lathem, Raedean Clinton, Linda Hale, FIFTH RONV: Pam Payne, Jo Nell Ward, Linda McEuin, Joy Williamson, Diana Penton, Kay Edwards. SIXTH ROW: Glenna Atchley, Ellen Lansky, Martha Griffin, Sherry Sewalt, Donna Ruffu. SEVENTH ROW: Janet Pulliam, Gail Anderson, Janice Cox, Kay Wills, Cindy Shaw. EIGHTH ROW: Judy Jeter, Judy Maxwell, Linda Sembera, Kay Sims. 74 on Record OFFICERS: Mary Ruth Halfpenny, treasurerg Sara Hyder, first vice-presi- dentg Ann Porter, second vice-presidentg Glenda Enoch, presidentg Vicky Nichols, secretaryg Mrs. Margaret Schulze, spon- sorg Mrs. Shirley Farrner, sponsorg Carol Holt, reporter. FIRST ROW: Glenda Enoch, Carol Holt Mary Ruth Halfpenny Sara Hyder Ann Porter Vicky Nichols SECOND ROW Leslie Browning Sheri Faylor, Nancy Griffen, Molly McAfee Samilou Robison Val Twomey THIRD ROW Sharron Atkins Nancy Merritt Cathy Lambert Linda Henderson, Susan Nix, Martha Hagan FOURTH ROW Sharon Hooper Gall Ness Flip Unger Cindy Hayes Betty Frost Carol Hulsey FIFTH ROW: Ann Hall, Elaine Collins, Louise I-Ialfpenny Jeri Ellis Lynda Sample Robbie Buntyn SIXTH ROW Marion Mohat Vrrginra Caddell, Chris George, Glenda Evans, Nancy Buntyn Ellen Swanson SEVENTH ROW Marilyn Sorgdrager Joann Harris Patricia Sullivan Ann Haskins, Barbara Rankin, Mary Oesch The Spanish Club Learns South American Traditions The Spanish Club is composed of members of the first, second, or third year Spanish classes. Each year, as a member of the PASF, the club has a different purpose. This year's objective is to study the countries of Cuba and Uruguay in such a way that the mod- ern aspects of these countries will be known to Denton High students. OFFICERS: jill Parker: president, Glenda Enoch, secretaryg Leslie Browning, progran' X, , .Ii chairman, Mary Holland, P.A.S.F. representativeg Mrs, Gardner, sponsor. Not pictured. 5. J' X 1 P, David Buck, treasurerg Mrs. Leyendecker, sponsor. X., . i , i X A i x f . FIRST ROW: Marion Gibson, Bess Stockard, Helen House, Kay Bullington, Hank Erwin, Candy Johnston, Cindy Likos, Linda Alford, Joyce Hilton. SECOND ROW: Tricia Sullivan, Ruth Langley, Linda McEuin. Karen McCart, Ann Anderson, Barbara Haggard, Sandra Naylor, Sara Owens, Nancy Hilton. THIRD ROW: Glenna Burns, Sue Richey, Brenda Landers, Pam Wilson, Beverly Nuckels, Shirley Buskirk, Karen Breen. Janice Hickingbottom, jan Schmitz. FOURTH ROXW: Kenny Clardy, Mary Ruth Halfpenny, Sheri Faylor, Nancy Merritt, Sara Hyder, Cindy Shaw, Molly McAfee, joe Meister, Patsy Snow, FIFTH ROXW: Jeff Hamilton, Oscar Ramerez, Harry Hall, jimmy Hill. Dick Selby, David Nichols, jimmy Lowery, Terry Hall, -Iarnes Elliot, Richard Hughes. i l I U French Club Combines Learning Wifh Pleasure The French Club was organized to help the French students learn more about the culture and people of France. This year the club ,gave a bake sale to raise money. They also had a party, a hayride and enjoyed eating dinner at a French restaurant in Dallas. OFFICERS: Val Twomey, president, Mrs. Kelsoe, sponsorg Deanna XX'eible treasurerg Susie Bartlemay, secretary, and not pictured, Peter Linardos. vice president: Dan Hagan. reporter. FIRST ROXW: Danna Salmon, Linda Hanks, Reanna Clinton. Carolyn Clark, Ann Cole, Janis Bailey, Cindy Likos, Margaret Lowdermilk, Violet IIhumbley. SECOND ROW: Donald Yeck, Samilou Robison, Gail Clifton. Sybil Baird, Margaret Stuckey, Steve Wfoods, Byron Parish, Fred Twomey, David Polley. THIRD ROW: Melinda Steadman, Maxine Turner. Bridget Morey, Cathy Lambert, Flip Unger, Bobby Gierisch, Paul Shockey, Howard Young, Joe Petticrew. FOURTH ROW: Martin Rooney, Gary Faw, Dale Swanholm, Lawton Davis, Vicki Nichols. l 77 J.C.L. Members Plan Trip fo the Aiding young people in developing an interest in the civilization, languagp, and art of old Greece and Rome is the purpose of the Junior Classical League. This year the I.C.L. visited the Torch res- taurant in Dallas and attended the j.C.L. Convention in San Antonio during the spring. The junior Classical League is a club organized to impress upon its members the extent of the debt of our own cul- ll ture to that of ancient times. FIRST ROW: Kent Smith, Jerry Dennis, Andy Tomilson, john Roach, Bill Wfallis. Leslie Browning, Ann Rylander, Pat jefferson, Gai Anderson. SECOND ROW: Linda Voorhees, Shirley Teague, Elesa Beale, Marilyn Wood, Paula Brown, Janis Baliey, Nancy Merritt, Rosc: Adkins. Linda Offenbacker. THIRD ROW: Elise Waddell, Linda Owens, Linda Hillman, Carol Neale. Carol Holt, Carolyn Connell, Eller Lansky. Gail Clifton, Amelia Hayes, ii ,fi orch Resfauranf OFFICERS: Mrs. Connell, sponsorg Richard Spears. vice- presidentl Sherry Hobson. secretary: N a n cy Browder. treasurerg C a r o l Hulsey. president: Mrs. Mawhinney. sponsor. FIRST ROW: Jane Newcomer, Elizabeth Edwards, Elaine Collins, Beverly Blake, Linda Jenkins, Deanna Cheathem Dottie Belcher. SECOND ROXW: David Harrell, Thomas Mewhinney, Mickey Ginnings, Susie Bartlemay, Sherry Sevyalt Mary Beth Core, Nick Kiger, Rondy jones. THIRD ROW: Richard Hughes. Paul Hieble, Bill Mecay, jimmy Webster Buzz Clanton, jimmy Mewhinney, Kent Proffer, Randy Boyd, Key Club Directs School - Community Projects The Key Club at Denton High is made up of seventy-one boys dedicated to the service of their school and community. Led by their sponsor, Mr. Burns, they were responsi- ble for such duties as the lining of the park- ing lot, courtesy cars for the Denton Speech Tournament, programs for the state school, and ushering at the football games. After being elected to the Key Club, a member accepts nothing for these jobs except the good feeling resulting from them. OFFICERS: Steve Selby, secretary, Mike Grandey, re- porterg Thomas Mewhinney, presidentg Mack Scoggins, treasurerg Billy Pitt, sergeant-at-arms, Mr. Terry Burns, sponsorg David Buck, vice-president, FIRST ROW: Clark Lyde, Steve White, Terry George, Larry Smith, 'Kenny Speck, Peter Linardos. SECOND ROW: Gary Moon, Paul Wyss Charles Sontair, Joe Irick, Richard Allagood, Bobby Gierisch. THIRD ROXW: jim Bellar, Richard Byers, Hob Hartman, Randy Ryle, johnny Thompkins, jimmy Williams, Don Sampson, Richard Spears, George Christian. DU Y Through Dedicated Service FIRST ROW: Steve Neale. Bob Hammond, jimmy Ray, Dan Hagan, Andy Tomilson, Randy Morris. SECOND ROVV: Clark Nichols, David Allred. Ronnie Higgins, Don Fikes, Jimmy Mexvhinney, Rusty Guyer, Tim Xlifhite. FIRST ROW: Mike King, Douglas Boyd, Tommy Smith, Mark Jones, Spencer Crouch, Mickey Jenson. SECOND ROW: Richard Hughes, David Harrell, Don Bush, Charlie Davis, David Harrison. jay Davis. THIRD ROW: Dan O'Rear. Kenny Clardy, Ronnie Griffin, Frank Camp, Dennis Boots, Mark Kluck. Bob Foster. l l l l l Qn-fhe-Job Training Provided by Disfribufive I Education Distributive Education develop future leaders for marketing and dis tribution through on-the-job training By working as part-time employees students are able to learn and discus professional aspects of salesmanship By preparing Christmas seals for mail ing in the Denton area, the Club aids its own city. It also sponsors a candy sale and an Employer-Employee Ban- quet. OFFICERS: Ann Clayton, parliamentariang Hall, reporterg Linda Witt, historian, If Griffith, president, Ronnie Nimmo, sergea at-arms, Roger Dunham, treasurerg Betty Brix man, secretary, Mr. Hall, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Melyenazlitunk, jo Leffler, Jackie Strong, Linda Witt, Pat Hall, Ann Clayton, Janice Riney, Tava Hardin. SECOND ROW Cindy Chastain, Mildred Cockrell, Pat Woodby, Rusty Griffith, Duane Peppin, Ronnie Nimmo, Kay Griffith, Shirley Kelly. THIRD ROW Mr. Hall, Jack Hill, Skippy Allenrjim Stritmatter, Larry Bartlet, Paul Seagraves, Roger Dunham, Newell Manry. Q la M if av 3 r S E 182 V.l.C. Employs Practical Training for Future PFFICERS: Suzette Morrison, assistant reporterg Berta MCGalliard, secretaryg Glenda Griffith. residentg Rose Kerr. reporterg Dorothy Fowler, vice-president: Mr. Berry, sponsor: Wfayne offee, sergeant-at-arms: Arvil Dotson. district treasurer: Mike Preston. treasurer. "Preparing today for leadership tomorrow" is the purpose of the V.I.C. Club. Business techniques are discussed in the classroom and then practiced as students spend a part of their school day working for vari- ous Denton businessmen. Through the experience gained by this work, these students are capable of be- coming the future nurses, dental assistants, secretaries, and mechanics. iIRST ROXV: George Grissom, Beverly Cantrell, Dorothy Fowler. Sharon Hendricks. Victoria Ramirez. Candie Barrow. SECOND RONX .Iike Ennis, Suzette Morrison. Bertha McGalliard. Glenda Griffith. Janett Robinson. Rose Kerr, Patricia Kerr. Carol Schleinat. THIRD lOXV: Mike Preston. Allen Rowe. Arvil Dotson, Tommy Kwast. Vifayne Coffee. Raymond Soloman. l - DHS Music Sfudenfs Parficipafe All Region orchestra members are as follows: Nancy Buntyn, Robbie Buntyn, Ellen Lansky, and Janice Cox. 84 Each year the Texas Music Educators Association sponsors a convention which is s composed of the most talented music stu- dents in the state, This convention is known as the All State Music Clinic and includes sections for choir, band, and orchestra. How- ever, before students can attend the state meeting, they must audition at region. If they pass their regional tryouts, they are then allowed to audition for All State. All Region choir members are as follows: Shirley Buskirk, Elaine Collins, Ruby Pender, Waynette Lowrance, Beryle Morlan, Carol Thompson, Susan Conn, Shirley Price, Mickey Miller, Jimmy Inman. Steve Wfhite, George Christian, David Corbin. All Region band mambers are as follows: David Breeden, Dean Shanks, Marion Gibson, Paul Li X in All Region and All Sfafe Organizations , All State band members are as follows: David Breeden, clarinetg Marion Gibson, oboe. Gpggzs l. All State orchestra members are as follows: Nancy Buntyn, violag Ellen Lansky, violing Janice Cox, violin. 85 The "S" Club Acquires Skills for Service The "S" Club, which was begun this year at Den- i l ton High, is the sister organization of the Key Club. i It is composed of girls who are interested in help- ing others and in aiding the city with welfare projects. L This year the "S" Club has sponsored such projects as helping with the day nursery and the state school. I l OFFICERS: Mary Self, president: Susan Marquis, vice-presi-N dent: Mrs. McKelvey, sponsor: jo Leffler, reporter: Samilou' Robison, recording secretary: Susan Nix, corresponding secre- tary: Lynn Whitson, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Rose Buskirk, Susan DeMougeot, Phyllis Gwin, ChriS George, Gerry Ellis, Kathleen Obermeyer, Val Twomey, Melven fliunkg julia Wood. SECOND ROW: Pat McFerrin, Laura Zerwer, Shirley Buskirk, Reanna Clinton, Sharon Hooper, jenny Sparkmanfjoyc il-Iilton, Linda Hale, Nancy Manire. THIRD ROW: Margaret Magee, Joan Ramey, Beth Rogers, Linda Lavery, Marv Ann Sullivan, Bett Huggins. 1 ' co ' Homemaking lmparfs Vital Knowledge Mrs. Farmer's chapter of the Future Homemakers of America is a group of girls interested in learning the finer arts of homemaking. The organization imparts to its members the knowledge of the modern woman's place in the community. The projects, which fur- ther their homemaking education, are providing food for the needy at Thanksgiving, preparing for Christmas at the City-County Nursery, and dis- tributing Easter eggs for the State School. OFFICERS: Diana Penton parliamentariang Pat Wages, treasurer, Barbara Harpool, sergeant-at-armsg Mrs. Shirley Farmer, sponsor, Barbara Haggard, president, Betty Huggins, vice-president, Cheryl Owens, historian, Raeanna Clinton, reporter, Nancy Sharer, secretary. FIRST ROW: Alice Spraybary, Gloria Berry, Marion Lathem, Mary Beth Core, Carolyn Edes, Becky Splawn, Diana Salmon, Violet Chumbley, Glenda Griffith. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Haggard, Nancy Cogdell, Betty Lou Byrd, Sybil Baird, Sherry Seawalt, Linda Kindred, Carol Neale, inda McEuin, Linda Leyendecker. THIRD ROW: Lynn Herd, Helen House, Kay Bullington, Linda Armstrong, Gale S-now, Patsey Snow, Judy eter, Becky Castleberry. 87 Staff Aids Students in Library Usage At the beginning of each school year, Mrs. Swenson, Librarian, must organize the library so that students may begin to utilize its facilities immediately. To aid her in this tremendous task, she selects girls from the student body, preferably seniors, and trains them as her assistants. These girls are responsible for keeping the shelves of books in order, checking the magazines that arrive each week, and assisting students in finding necessary books. FIRST ROW: Raeanna Clinton, Sharon Hooper, XX'aynette Lowrance. Pat Pryor, Sharon Harp, Mary Holland. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Swenson Margie Belcher, Diana Bedrick, Gayle Snow. 88 i Religious Council Promotes Spiritual Eclucofion A vital organization at DHS is the Re- ligious Council. These dedicated students endeavor to promote spiritual education and attitudes among high school students and to help them realize the full meaning and importance of their lives. Each day one of the members reads a Bible verse over the P.A. and to further their cause, these stu- dents undertake the sponsorship of Religious Emphasis XVeek and the Easter Assembly. OFFICERS: Marilyn Johnson, president, Earlene Estes, first vice-president: Kay Ellen Wfills, second vice-president: Sherry Hobson, secretary, Kay Klein, treasurer, Mrs. Opal Hall, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Elesa Beale, Glenna Atchley, Janice Cox, Gail Anderson. Beryle Morlan, Beverly Seitz, Shirley Teague. SECOND ROW: Ann ylander, Ann Cole, Linda Lavery, Ellen Swanson, Sally Seitz, Mandy Allen. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Edwards, Rosca Adkins, James McAvenia, inda Offenbacker, Don Bush, Nick Kiger, Greg Anderson, Tim Elder, Diana Fraim. Nancy Manire. 89 Horseshoe Receives "Cream of the Crop" SUZANNE DERDEN Spring Semester Editor MARY SELF Fall Semester Editor Each two weeks'Denton High students eagerly await the distri- bution of the Horfeflaoe. Mean- while, staff members hurriedly in- terview students and faculty mem- bers, prepare copy, and draw lay- outs so that the upcoming deadline will be met. In order to improve their paper, the staff attends the Texas High School Press Associa- tion Convention, and at the con- vention this year, the paper was named as one of the winners of the All-Texas Ratings in high school newspapers. Three "cream-of-the crop" awards were also given the staff members. Awards STAFF WRITERS: Sharon Hooper, Diana Fraim. SPORTS EDITOR: Bill Rainbolt. IRST ROW: Pam Payne, Suzanne Derden, Sharon Hooper, Diana Fraim. SECOND ROW: Gary Brockette, Raymond Crouch, Steve Selby, ill Rainbolt, johnny Hendrick, Mike jeffrey. Bronco Staff Concentrates on Deadlines Each year the Bronco staff is confronted with the tremendous task of creating and publishing a different type of yearbook. To accomplish this job, requires hours and hours of hard and concentrated work. Planning the book, selling the advertising, selling the book, and mono- gramming the covers-all this must be completed before May. How- ever, the staff enjoys every minute of their work and feels the en- joyment and appreciation of the students is an ample reward. l i l RAYMOND CROUCH i Head Photographer JOHNNY TOMPKINS, Sports Editor l LARRY SMITH, Assistant Sports Editor js W, l SUSAN NIX, Business Manager JULIA LESTER, Typist NANCY MERRITT, Staff LYNDA SAMPLE, Art Editor JOAN RAMEY, Bookkeeper LINDA LAVERY, staff ' L Wifh Professional Assurance ffl J LAURA ZERWER, Staff S VIRGINIA AMOS, Staff Y Q My M ' NANCY BUNTYN, EdiI0f.In.chief .:l'.".' W . 1 w','l. fl., SAMILOU ROBISON, Staff GLENDA ENOCH, Assistant Editor MARTHA GRIFFIN, Staff MRS. SHERRILL, Sponsor ,W 'W LSU fx . .2 AX1 , W' V rw SPORTS Broncos Post Besf Season In Seven COACHES-james Magill, head coachg Tommy Smith, varsity line coach, Bill Carrico B team coachg Lewis Whitson, varsity end coachg Jack Holt, backfield coachg and Bill Michalka B team line coach. The following eight pages are dedicated to football at Denton Senior High. These pages were prepared in hopes that in future years we can remember the boys who wore the purple and gold so proudly for DHS. To the "B" team: this is in hopes that students in Denton Senior High will soon realize that we have a "B" team and will attend your games, win or lose. To the Broncos: we, the students of DHS, extend our congratulations for giving us our best season in seven years and for making all the activities that go along with high school football more meaningful. After all, how much fun is a victory dance if we have no victory? This year, you, the Broncos of ,63, gave us, the student body of DHS, experiences too many to count and too good to forget. For nine great team efforts and for 11092 spirit we say "Thanks," and we can only hope that as we backed you that we meant half as much to you as you meantto us. Congratulations! Years at DHS in '63 1 TEAM STATISTICS DENTON OPPONENTS 98 ............ w........ F irst Downs ..,..... .......,.,.. 1 O6 1132 ,.,S,,,T .......... Y ards Rushing .....,.,..,,...... 1502 684 .......,............ Yards Passing .........,...,.. .... 2 76 41-103 .s.. Passes attempted, Completed .... 29-69 9 ........,,s..,.......... Intercepted By ....................,... 5 45-34.6 ........s,,s.V.s Punts, Average ...... ....... 3 6-33.8 13 ......,..,s ,ss,..... F umbles Lost ...... ,..,,..s...,s. 1 8 37-41 3 .,.,...,.... Penalties, Yardage ...,.....,.. 43-335V2 SEASON RECORD Denton 20, Haltorn City 12 Denton 0, Sherman 3 Denton 13, Arlington 8 Denton 13, Garland 35 Denton 14, Carrollton 8 Denton 14, Highland Denton 7, Irving 14 Park 26 Denton 8, Denison 13 Denton 14, Mesquite 0 FRONT ROW: Estes, Harrell, Smith, Jones, Hammon, Pitt, King, McCain, Lorino SECOND ROW: Sissney, Camp, Magers, Clardy, Dyer, Chandler, Williams, Scoggins, Barns, Forrester l THIRD ROW: Harrison, Davis, Kluck, Clanton, Rainbolt, Netbilett, Erwin, Banks, Bowden, Blanton, Payne Penalties 8-90 - 7 O 6 GAME AT A GLANCE Danton Hnllom 11 5 207 116 22 43 Z-6 1-8 0 0 6-37 3-27.6 3 4 6-52 4-HM GAME AT A GLANCE Denton Arlingfon 12 7 184 77 38 35 2-7 7-13 1 1 5-30.4 3-30 1 3 2 10 0-13 8 0 0 0-8 ft Broncos Open Season Jackie Bowden 163i and Mack Scoggin C805 combine to stop , Buffalo back after short gain. During thi game, played on Frida the 13th, the hard-hii ting Bronco defens proved to be the jin' for Haltom City, allow ing them only five fire downs while Dento gathered eleven. Th season opener for bot clubs saw Denton pr forth a fine team el fort and register a 20-1 victory. The brilliant Bronco defense led by Mike McCain QQOJ Roland Payne C651 Bill Estes 1435, and Chuck Magers 1721 Cut short the Colt run The 13 8 victory was the second Win in as many starts GAME AT A GLANCE Denton Carrollton First Downs 14 8 Yards Rushing 229 115 Yards Passing 51 2 Passes Z-6 1-8 Passes Int. by O 0 PuntS 4-38.3 6-38.2 Fumbles Lost 2 5 Penalties 6-70 4-40 GAME AT A GLANCE Irving Denton First Downs 12 11 Yards Rushing 173 82 Yards Passing 13 84 Passes 2-8 7-26 Passes Int. by 2 2 Punts 3-30 5-25 Fumbles Lost 4 0 Penalties 4-41 5-50 Wifh Three Vicfories MIKE KING jr, LARRY LORINO Sr. BILLY PITT Sr. Quarterback, Halfback Guard All-District Mark Jones returns a kickoff to the Denton thirty-five yard line as Irving tacklers attempt to Corral the fleet junior half- back. Denton, a thirteen point underdog going into the game, made the Tigers scramble for the victory as the Broncs lost the defensive thriller and ab- sorbed their first loss of the season 14-7. Sammy Forrester M45 turns the corner behind the blocking of Larry Lorino 1221 en route to a twenty- five yard gain as frustrated Carroll- ton defenders look on in vain. Play- ing before the largest crowd ever at Bronco Field, Denton rolled over the lines for their third straight win 13-8. BILL RAINBOLT S Center MIKE MCCAIN Sr. Halfback MARK JONES ff. Halfback Hard Luck, Miscues Fell MIKE NEBLETT J,-. MARK KLUCK lf- NICKY BANKS If. Fullback Guard Center GAME AT A GLANCE Denton Denimn First Downs 6 13 Yards Rushing 168 147 Yards Passing 87 25 Passes -4-9 2-5 Passes Int. by 1 0 Punts 8-31.4 6-29.2 Fumbles Lost 1 5 Penalties 2-30 10-70 GAME AT A GLANCE First Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Passes Passes Int. by Punts Fumbles Lost Penalties Denton Sherman 7 7 137 41 55 51 3-9 3-6 2 0 6-26.2 8-36.3 1 0 3-35 6-60 FRANK CAMP jr. Tackle JACKIE BOWDEN Sr. Guard PAUL CHANDLER jf. End 100 This Yellowjacket a pears to be stopped l Denton's jimmy Willian f10J and Larry Smii GU. He slipped awa however, to a first peric touchdown. The Bron. countered smartly with score and two-point con Version late in the fir half and tofok an 8-7 lea to the dressing room. Af er a hard-fought secon half, Denison stung th Broncs again with twenty one seconds left to play t take home a 15-8 victor and hand Denton its fits district loss. Mack Scoggins f8OJ, an jimmy Williams 110: apply the brakes to Shel man's Gafford early i the third quarter. Gaffori came back to kick a lat field goal and lead th- Bearcats to a 3-0 victori over the Broncos. Broncos in District Race GAME AT A GLANCE Garland Denton First Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing 21 14 281 112 20 118 Passes 2-S 9-14 Passes Int. by 0 0 Punts 1-56 1-35 Fumbles Lost 3 5 Penalties 4-39 7-88 Denton Highland Park First Downs 12 25 Yards Rushing 88 549 Yards Passing 97 52 Passes 6-18 4-7 Passes Int. by 1 2 Punts 6-32.7 2-41 Fumbles Lost 0 1 Penalties 0-0 5-35 Tackle Linebacker HANK ERWIN jr. BILL BLANTON If. DAVID HARRELL Ir. quarterback Mike King scrambles over, under, around, and through Garland defenders the blocking of an unidentified Bronco en route to a first quarter touchdown as Billy Pitt 601 and Paul Chandler 51 look on. Pla in before 11,500 fans at N.T.S.U.'s Fouts Field, the fl Vg battled the district champs-to-be for three quarters before a few mistakes and a bad fourth iced away the game for Garland 55-15. Rick Barns 1125 and Lar- ry Smith Glj gather 'round a Scottie to stop his advance as Bill Blan- ton charges up to help. Determined to stop the Scots, the Broncos en- joyed a hot second half, but after a slow first half in which Highland Park built up a two-touch- down advantage, Denton could not overcome the Scots and lost 26-14. End CHARLIE DAVIS Ir. End KEN CLARDY Ir. Tackle ROLAND PAYNE jr Linebacker lOl Student Body Given Homecoming Victory ' GAME AT A GLANCE Denton Mefquile First Downs 13 8 Yards Rushing 166 165 Yards Passing 148 35 Passes 4-9 2-9 Passes Int. by 2 0 Punts 5-37 4-29 Fumbles Lost 2 0 Penalties 1-7 4-50 DAVID HARRISON jf. KEN SISSNEY fr. SAMMY FORRESTER Sgpb, Guard Tackle Halfback Frank Camp 1741, the biggest Bronco at 205 pounds, handles this Skeeter with little difficulty, aided by the capable assistance of linebackers Roland Payne C651 and Bill Blanton C821 and the psychological advice of Chuck Magers 1721. The Broncs could do no Wrong and earned a 14-0 Homecoming victory-the first in seven years at D.H.S,.-and assured Mesquite of a last place finish in 7-AAAA. THOMAS MEWHINNEY Sr Mgr. RONNIE GRIFFIN jr. Mgr. l02 l Ponies Stress Team Spirit, Sportsmanship i FRONT ROW: Harpool, Byrom, Griffith, Nichols, Dennis, Stone, Hammon, Guin, Young, J. Watson SECOND ROW: Byers, Favors, Kibler, Smith, Boyd, Snider, Clanton, T, Watson, Shertz, Ruffu, Hassenphflu THIRD ROW: Rodgers, Laxon, Lawson, Lanthrip, Gallo, Guyer, Hill, Kiser, Cox, Dyer, Polly, Le-Roux, Mgr. Wihlert l I l l r l l i Steve Stone QIOJ picks his Way through Arlington defenders as Buzz Clanton 1501 looks on L Hard play such as this typified the Ponies' spirit through the season. l los Loyal Fans Enfhused Over '64 Basketball Season 1964 BASKETBALL TEAM: fleft to rightj Terry George, Tim White, Richard Spears,,Kenny Speck,iVictor Lauderdale. SECOND ROW Paul Crep, Bobby Gierisch, Bill Austin, -jim Williams, Byron Williamson, and Dick Sawyer. SEASON'S RESULTS Denton ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , 86 Denton ,,,..,. .,,i,,,, 5 1 Denton ......, ..,,,,,, S 1 Denton ..i..,, ,.,,,,,, 5 8 Denton ,,,,,,., ,,,,,,, 6 9 Denton .....,, ...,.., 4 9 Denton M72 Denton ...,,,, ,,,,, , 71 Denton ,,,,, . ....,,,, 73 Denton ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 7 7 Denton ,,,,,,, .,,...,, 6 4 Denton ,,,,, H51 Denton ,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,, 5 1 Denton ,,,,.i. ,,,,,,, 8 4 Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton I04 ,. .,,, ,,,, , ,80 H . ,. 67 Z4 i: Houston jeff Davis Houston Waltrip Arlington Heights ..i,... ..,,,, Haltom City ,,,,,.,,, Paschal ....,,,,,,,,,,,,.., Poly ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. Haltom City ....,, Haltom City ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, South Oak Cliff ....,,, ,,.,., Richland Hills ,,,, Grand Prairie ......,,.,, ..,,,, Arlington Heights Grand Prairie ,,,,.,.. ,,,,,, Mesquite ,,,,....,,,, Spruce , .....,V.. A Samuell ,,,,,,, Sherman ,, Richardson ,,,,. Denison ,,.,,,,,,,,,, Grand Prairie ,,,,, , Garland ,,,,,,,,,...,, Highland Park ,,,, Mesquite .....,,,, Sherman ,,,,,, Richardson ,,,,. Denison ,,,, , Garland ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Highland Park ,,,,, . ,..,,, , tFDistrict Game COACH VERN LANE Broncos Remain in District Race With Garland Defects I TERRY GEORGE i Sr. Guard l All-Difzrirz ' "Z All-Stale Bronco defenders Bobby Gierisch and Paul Crep heavily guard the progress of a Garland Owl as he dribbles toward the goal. Denton succeeded in preventing the Owls from scoring a victory by winning 67 to 51. K.. SEQ xg ik 3255 8WW., . Q 5 t 27 is Q il Z... 5 IA- ,-: ' e r 1 A f" ,, O' V fr: JIMNIY WlLLIAblS- Sr. Guard All-Diytrirl jimmy Willianus and Dickie Sawyer chafe over the , foul called because of the fall of a Garland Owl. I However, the foul didn't affect the game because the X Broncos captured a 68 to 46 victory. This game re- newed the hope of the Broncos and their fans for l a tie with Highland Park in the district race. l l05 Broncos Face Eagles for First Time in Disfricf Race r '- f l, l a R 5 R R Ns IVL. . sf ls s " -. BOBBY GIERISCH Sr. Forward All-Diflrirl All-Stater Terry George shoots a perfect lay-up even though he's in the midst of four Richardson players. The Broncos traveled to Richardson for a game with the Eagles and returned with a 87-69 victory. ,X si,.t 5 ax ,.t,.,. ,,.,. K 1 V V J N . tt j 4 e-Qagntasi RICHARD SPEARS Sr. Guard Denton's jim Willianis M45 strains to throw a pass while a Richardson player attempts a body block. However, Den- ton won the rough and tumble game 80 to 60 to stay tied with Highland Park in the race for the district crown. IO6 , l 1 l l I l Sherman Offense Hlndered by Powerful Broncos Dickie Sawyer exe- cutes another of his patented jump shots, which enabled him to shoot over taller op- ponents all season. Sawyer scored 26 points and the Bron- cos defeated the Bear- cats 64 to 61 to stay in the district race. Denison Unable fo Overcome Bronco Lead l ig A- ,1-. iz . , r .,,., , K DICKIE SAXWYER Jr. Forward AH-Di.f!r!ct Sophomore center Bill Austin drops in an easy score against Denison at Bronco gym while Terry George gets in position for the rebound that never came. The Broncos defeated the Yellowjackets 80 to 55. W lf , l Y . ,H 1, X' i y is 4 A i 5 , f mb: f ,f . ' :Q ,: , , , I 3,1 1 ,eff ei , 1 .f ,S r A TIM WHITE Soph. Guard Denton's two defensive aces, jim Williaiiis Q40 and Bobby Gierisch G41 corner a Yellowjacket in the second Denison game. Denton beat Denison 89 to 60. Highland Pork Desfroys Broncos' Hope for Disfricf Title e X Q jk if 1 21 5 51 Q I ig x VICTOR LAUDERDALE -lr. Guard Terry George makes good use of his five foot eight inches and outjumps rr Highland Park opponent to grab the ball for the Broncos. Denton lost to Highland Park 70 to 65. and the Scots gained the lead in district 7-4A. A xl 5 K 'll xi Q if Q if 2 4 it , R 2 swf? f . - s , . ,w ' X Q 5' , 1 E U 21 PAUL CREP Jr. Guard Scottie All-Stater Bill Voight pulls in a rebound between Denton'5 Bobby Gierisch Cleftj and jimmy Wfilson f44j. The Broncos lost 82 to 67, and Highland Park claimed the district crown. '09 IIO Broncos Enjoy Decisive Vicfories Over Mesquite B i B well' iw xii f W lim , - ,A 635 Q +53 ygfiuncg l BILL AUSTIN Soph. Center Overcoming the blocking attempts of ri Mesquite player, Sophomore Bill Austin jumps for a shot which captured two more points for the Broncos. Meanwhile, Bobby Gierisch eyes the goal to make sure that Bills shot is good. STEVE SELBY Ir, Manager Paul Crep wrestles the bull away from a "Skeeter." Fast-thinking on the part of the Broncos resulted in a 95-51 victory. if xv if 77 B Team Awarded Second Place in Disfricf Race BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Higgins, Cecil Lauderdale, jimmy Ray. Steve Neale, Bill Fuller. TOP ROW: David Buck, W. C. Felts, Mickey Jennings, Mark Whitten, Earl Vaughn. Before Denton shoots for a free throw, Scottie "B" teamers hold a hurried conference in front of Mickey Gennings. Meanwhile, Ronnie Higgins ambles into position in the side of the court. al""N 1 'vw BILLY BERRY jr. Manager Tracksfers Stress Individual 4 i DENTON TRACKSTERS FIRST ROW: Rondy jones, David Ruffu, Gerry Snody, David Patterson, Kent Proffer. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Ray, Jimmy Lowrey, Steve White, Clark Lyde, George Christian, Sammy Forester. THIRD ROW: Richard Allagood, Byron Williamson, Johnny Tompkins, jerry Rainey, joe Petticrew, Mark Jones. l l I l l l Byron Williamson, senior hurdler, concen- l trates on perfecting his stride before the 1 upcoming Gainesville meet. :Zi x i V' il. if ' ,Q , .JN mi,iw5, ' .-- .4 if W - s ,V Qi' " HV- 'Wg ltll f eiol k M-, gag' -:Q-4 ' ,i..g,.:"f- ' tilt' ,img-5,1g,-sf fri 4. ' -5 K 'M " -:LM-1321-. Chuck Magers heaves the shot-put in an attempt to break his own record as well 1, S- W ' ri as the previous records set by his teammates. f fiw--f t" L W 53 -at f t W . gr . this MM.:,.,.r, ,cn ' af ...tu w....,.. .-.,, 1 erformances in '64 D.H.S. FIELD MEN FIRST ROW: Mike King, Bill Estes, Chuck Magers, Mike Arrington. SECOND ROW: Rick Tonn, Duaine Kincade. Paul Chandler. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Lancaster, Kenneth Sissney, Ken Clardy, Dickie Sawyer. Lettermen George Christian and Steve White sprint over the low hurdles in preparation for the Ft. Worth Invitational Meet. The track team works out at 4. , -ke Holding one of the most outstanding in- Fouts Field where they are able to use the facilities there in order to improve their speed. dividual records of the team, Dickie Sawyer improves his high jump by repeated prac- tice. Sawyer broke his own school record with a iump of six feet. Baseball Fortunes Depenc 5 A -, 5 52 l ,E r 5 u V1 BOTTOM ROW: Tim White, jim Littrell, Jerry Wilderson, Terry George, Keith johnson, jimmy Ray, Ronnie Stark, Ronnie Higgins. TOP ROW: Bruce Obermeyer, john Lewelling, Dick Boots, Gary Moon, Jim Wfilliams, Mack Scoggins, W. C. Felts, Walt Beaird, Ear Vaughn. Coach Cotton Nix spends a few min utes explaining the upcoming gam to jim Littrell, Gary Moon, Jerry Wil kerson, Walter Beaird, and Dick Boots Although baseball season was barel' under way when the final deadlini was shipped to the publishers, the pros pects for '64 year appeared to be shap ing up for a promising place in dis trict, especially with four straight win: to their credit. II4 an Youth for Success in '64 Tim White barely manages to escape the squeeze play put on him by two Carrollton basemen. However, Tim and the rest of the Broncos played a hard game and won a victory of 11 to 1. Gary Moon concentrates on the action on the diamond to determine Carrollton's weaknesses while Ronnie Higgins checks with a teammate further down the bench on the play he just witnessed. thn Lewelling attempts to tag a Carrollton Lion before he reaches homeplate. The Broncos hosted the Lions at Denton stadium after playing xrrollton there for the first game of the season. I Bronco Linksfers Rely on Sophomores jimmy Webster and Jimmy Mewhinney sharpen up their putting while waiting to tee off on a practice round at the Texas NVoman's University's golf course. FIRST ROW: jimmy Webster, Charlie Davis, Don Hill, Jimmy Mewhinney. SECOND ROW: Coach Lewis Whitson, Bill Blanton, Richard Shelton, Dale Swalholm, Dick Selby. Ionsisfency and Experience Iunior linkster Bill Blanton swings through another picture-pen fect drive. Letterman Blanton's power makes him a constant threat when playing an opponent. l pnior Don Hill laughs at a near-miss putt at the North Texas gulf course. Hill's cool heacl makes him a promising golfer for I-I . .S. l Senior two year letterman Richard Shelton strokes a putt into the cup in a match at Texas Woman's University's golf course. Shelton's experience poses him as D.H.S.'s most consistent player. PERSONALITIES gi fi 3 'S JO --1 4---8 8 C-J II9 Mike Grandey SENIOR FAVORITE Reanee Higgins SENIOR FAVORITE Sara Hyder JUNIOR FAVORITE . JP David Buck JUNIOR FAVORITE S Bob Hammond SOPHCMORE FAVORITE Carol Holt SOPHOMORE FAVORITE Cathy Lambert MOST BEAUTlFUL l26 S f' Mack Scoggins MOST HANDSOME Terry George FRIENDLIEST BOY I28 ,S t Francine Jameson FRIENDLIEST GIRL Bobby Gierisch VERSATILE BOY wdv DG 5' v 7 jewel VER ATILE GIRL ggwf if df Jimmy Williams MR. DHS Gale Reeves MISS DHS Chuck Magers ATHLETIC FAVORITE XIARY RU FH HALFPENNY Nominee SARA HYDER Nominee l FLIP UNGER Nominee Gale Reeves KEY CLUB SWEETHEART Brenda Clampiff DE SWEETHEART I36 8 Jeneffe Robinson if ICT SWEETHEART 5 Francine Jameson VALENTINE SWEETHEA RT I38 n Glenda Evans JP FFA SWEETHEART 8 Gale Reeves FOOTBALL QUEEN Nancy Rasco BASKETBALL QUEEN 1963-64 Broncc heerleaders Bronco cheerleaders are as follows: Kathleen Ober- meyer, sophomore-g Judy Davis, junio-3, Becky Clearman, seniofg G' Hforg Francine Jameson, juniorg Nancy Rasco, sophomore. 1445 Scholastic Abilify Recognized Througl Each spring those who are interested in attaining a scholarship to the college of their choice are given the opportunity. to take the National Merit Scholarship Test. The students placing in the upper percentile are then allowed to take the final test, which will determine Whether or not a scholarship will be awarded. This year Bill Estes Was named such a finalist and will therefore take the final test. Five other Denton High boys gained honorable mention for their outstanding scores. These boys were Johnny Hendrick, Rondy jones, Thomas Mewhinney, Martin Rooney, and Dale Swanholm. Although these boys will not receive scholarships through this test, they will be given letters of commendation upon graduation. Bill Estes afional Merif Scholarship Program Jbhnrly Randy Hendfitk Jqnes Thomas Marfin Dale Mewhinney Rooney Swanholm '5ai:',15V,-fi" 5-fp, Wtig isf , fizifff . 1 . wa .,.,k . ai, mr . ATHLETIC FAVORITE Hob Hartman Richard Spears Favorit- SENIOR FAVORITE Barbara Bartlett Paula Young Sammy Forester Mike King Becky Clearman Nominees Larry Smith Clark Nichols FRIENDLIEST A i l Ginger Amos Linda Henderson MOST VERSATILE Gail Clifton Bill Estes Thomas Mewhinney ' Mark jones ' Paul Chandler Flip Unger Kay Bullington SOPHOMORE FAVORITE Glenda Evans Kathleen Obermeyer jimmy Ray Favorih l JUNIOR FAVORITE l l l 1 Nlominees MOST BEAUTIFUL Sharon Eden MOST HANDSOME Al McNatt Bill Blanton l l x MR. DHS MISS DHS Rick Barns Bruce Obermeyer Mary Self F s 'I -2? ,, I' 'T . Mi W g kg, . I WN. wi Sw its-...M ADMINISTRATION School Board and Superintendent Q Q i i School Board l l School Board members left to right are: Marvin Rameyg Mrs. Thelma Wyss, secretaryg W. E. Williamsg Raymond Wheeler, presidentg i W. C. Orr, jr.g Tom Harpool, Jr.g Royce Whitten, vice-president. 1 I l 1 . - l The '63-'64 year proved to be a busy and productive one for the School Board. Faced with the problem of further expansion, members labored countless hours planning and perfecting a new building program. In addition to the building i project, they concentrated tremendous energy on increasing and improving the I courses of study offered in the Denton Public Schools. Their valuable support in obtaining the DHS, foreign exchange student assured the community of the R School Board's desire to have East and West meet in Denton. i 1 l52 Interlock Expansion and Educafional Programs CHESTER O. STRICKLAND Superintendent l Denton Public Schools You have experienced an eventful year. More than one event has been a first for this generation. Your response has been one of considerate judgment and understanding. With a student body and faculty respond- ing in this noble manner, history can only point out your courage and vision. America must have this type of students and teachers. We are grateful to you in the Denton Schools. E251 ea jymws Principals Strive fo: During this school year of '63-'64 we have each experienced a tragedy which shall long be remembered by each of us. We, as Americans, seem to be drawn closer together as a re- sult of such circumstances. ' May we, as good American citizens, strive for high ideals that shall endure through all times. My hope and 'prayer for each of you is that you use your God-given talents and the facilities of this school to their fullest advantage. Principal MRS. CHRISMAN Secretary to the Principal 1 l V l l r l l V i ncreased Academic Standards l l i r i E ORAN SPEARS V Assistant Principal t As head of the Athletic Department as well as Assistant Principal, Mr. Spears discovers that there are never quite enough hours in the day to Complete his busy schedule. Quite often he remains after school to execute his unfinished l business. At all athletic events he is present, cheering and urging the Broncos r on to victor . His ma netic ersonalit and en a in smile have made him a fY 8 P Y 8 8 8 favorite at DHS. Each year Mrs. Zerwer devotes her time and energies to checking and re-checking registration cards. Being in charge of school funds, she reliably handles the school finances and bookkeeping for the various organizations. MRS. GEN ZERWER The efficiency of the business office depends entirely on the secretaries. They are the spokes which balance the wheel of finance. They are fstandingj: Mrs. Maclntyre, Mrs, Karen Argo, Miss Carolyn Dobbinsg Qseatedj: Miss Alta Francis, Miss Angela Tro-th. l56 Business Staff Solves Financial Problems Business Manager Crillon Payne's business acumen untangles the web of financial prob- lems which confront the business staff each school year. Teachers Lend a Helping Hand fo Students '. ELTON BERRY S., M.E., Texas A8aM University dustrial Cooperative Training, ocational Industrial Club RS. FRANCES BAKER BISHOP S., M.S., North Texas State University omemaking, F.H.A. IRS. WILLIE BURLAGE A., M.A., North Texas State University 1glish, Future Teachers TERRY L BURNS JR B.A., M.Ed., St. Mary's University, North Texas State University History, Key Club WILLIAM R. CARRICO B.S., North Texas State University Mechanical Drawing, Coach MRS. JERRIE CONNELL, JR. B.A., University of Texas Latin, Junior Classical League iss Parsons, like all other teachers, is always willing to stay after school discuss homework with students. Here, Richard Hughes explains his oblem. University University of Texas Texas Woman's University Counselor MRS. LESLIE VAN FOUTS A.B., M.A., Baylor University, Texas Woman's University Trigonometry, Plane Geometry, id Geometry LAURIN FROST B.M., M.M., Bethany College University of Michigan Orchestra, Student Council Sol MRS. MAXIE B. DIBBLE MRS. SHIRLEY FARMER JOHN FAVORS B.S., M.Ed., North Texas State B.S., M.A., North Texas State B.S., M.A., North Texas State University University Homemaking, F.H.A., Pep Club Government, History Denton High Attend T.S.T.A LEWIS FLYR BS., Oklahoma State. University Physics, Algebra, Business Math, Science Club MRS. MATILDE GARDNER B. Music, james Millikin University Spanish, Spanish Honor Society, P.A.S..F. CHARLES GREENHAW ROBERT j. HALL B.A., North Texas State B.A. and M.A., Texas A8cI University Distriibutive Education, DEC! English, Horseshoe Club 'etochers Convention JACK D. HOLT MRS. JUDY HUDSON B.S., University of Oklahoma B.A., North Texas State Bookkee in and Business Jr. Universi P s , U ty Class ' Business MRS. OPAL HALL B.S., M.S., Texas Woman's University North Texas State University Speech, English, Debate, Thes- pians, National Forensic League, Religious Council, Dram-atics Club MRS. JUANITA F. HELM B.A., M.A., Texas Woman's University English MRS. TOMMIE HUTCHISON B.A., M.A., East Texas State College North Texas State University Algebra and Plane Geometry MRS. NANCY KAMMAN A.B., M.S., Indiana University American History, Eng- 'lish R. R. HYMAN B.S., M.S., North Texas State University Visiting Teacher VERN LANE B.S., M.S., North Texas State University Driver Training, Health Education, Physical Education, Coach MRS. EVELYN MRS. MARGARET LEYENDECKER MCCAULEY B.A., Our Lady of Lake College B,S,, North Texas State Spanish, Co-sponsor Spanish University Club Biology, Science CllJ3 MRS. PATRICIA KELSOE B.A., North Texas State University French, English, French Club Teachers Strive fc of Teaching Sfudem MISS EULAH MCELROY B.A., M.A., North Texas State University George Peabody College for Teachers English, Future Teachers Club MRS. CECILE BELL CARROLL MCMATH MCKELVEY B.S., M.S., Texas Tech B.S,, M.A., North Texas State North Texas State University University Texas Woman's University Band Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing, "S" Club 'Vlodernize Their Methods pnd Improve ' pporfunifies v n MRS. MARGARET WILLIAM MICHALKA, JR. MEWHINNEY B.A., M.A., University of Texas i A.B., Florida State University Sam Houston State Teachers Latin, American History, Junior College Classical League Math, Coach JAMES MAGILL B.S., MS., North Texas State University Physical Education JESSE MASON B.A., Texas Christian University Biology, Science Club MRS. BERT MOORE B.S., M.S., Texas Woman's University North Texas State University TYPir1g Teachers Willingly Acfivifie: MRS. PAM SNIDER B.S., Texas Woiman's University Chemistry, Biology, Science Club MRS. EVA JOY SAMPLEY B.A., M.A., North Texas State University English MRS. MARGARET SCHULZE B.A., M.A., East Texas State College Girls Physical Education, Pep Club, Cheerleaders MRS. MARY LajEAN SHERRII B.S., Texas Woman's University Art, Bronco 1 MRS. CATHERINE SHUFORD l B.A., M.A., University of Arlcansa North Texas State University English TOMMY E. SMITH , B.S., M.Ed., North Texas State University Biology, Health Education i U., l Sponsor Various and Organizations ' Mr. Berry, sponsor of V.I.C., holds a brief consultation with Mr. Spears. V.I.C., only a year old, has many stu- dents employed in its program. However, Without the time Aid patience of Mr. Berry, organizing and installing the club at DHS would have been much rougher. F. D. NIX B.B.A., M.Ed., North Texas State University American History, Government, Coach MRS. JANE PARKS B.A., Baylor University English MISS SABRA PARSONS B.A., M.A., North Texas State University English l IRS. LUCILLE RAY .S., Texas Woman's University living tits. EMA RUTH RUSSELL iM., B.S., M.A., Texas Wom-an's LUniversity oral Music, A Cappella, Coeds, 'hordsmen IAL G. RYLANDER .S., Texas A8cM I l.S,. North Texas State University iocational Agriculture, F.F.A. 'l Teachers Nof Only Give Their Help But Learn From Their Students as Well MRS. MARY ELAINE SULLIVAI B.A., M.A., Mount Mary College North Texas State University English MRS. HELEN SWENSON B.S., L.S., Texas Woman's University Librarian, Library Staff MRS. VIRGINIA M. VAUGHN A.B., Transylvania Algebra B.S., M.S., North Texas State University Health Education J. D. WILDER B.S., North Texas State University Plane Geometry, Algebra MISS JOANNA WELLS, Mrs. Vaughn calls on students to answer questions. She realizes 5 the importance of class participation. MRS. EUPHA WOOD B.S., Oklahoma State University Plane Geometry MRS. EMMA JOE YARBROUGH B.S., M.Ed., North Texas State University 1 Economics, Sociology, American History, National Honor Society ehind-the-Scene Workers Keep D.H.S. in Top Shape Much of the credit for a smooth- running school should be given the cooks and custodians. Arriving each morning Left to right: Richard Lowe, Carl Miller, Otis Mercer, LeRoy Millican. Left to right: Mrs. Lucy Moore, Mrs. Clara Trail, Mrs. Dora May Jacobs, 'Mrs. Magnolia Miller, Mrs. May Brewer, Mrs. Jewel Bryant. HEAD COOK Mrs. Dora May Jacobs 2. asa before students and faculty and staying hours after the halls have been deserted, these dedicated workers plan and prepare meals and keep the buildings, grounds, and equipment in good condition. HEAD CUSTODIAN Charlie Gray Senior Class officers are as follows: Terry George, presidentg Larry Smith, vice-presidentg Martha Hagan, secretaryg Bruce Obermeyer. treasurer. CLASSES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFI CERS are: Bob Hammond, presidentg Tim White, vice presidentg Nancy Browder, secretaryg Anita Pockrus, re- porter. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS are: Mike King, presidenitg Francine jameson, vice-presi- dentg Linda McEuin, secretaryg Julia Crenshaw, treasurerg Bet- ty Sherman, reporter. I67 Seniors Study Diligenfly fo: Richard Alagood Gary Allred Delma Alley Virginia Amos Betty Anderson Betty Baker Susan Bartlemay I68 Leonard Angel Linda Arrington julie Avery Brad Balley Study hall provides time to begin the daily stack of senior homework. book to be very amusing, but Sue Braley and Ginger Amos are not literature requires strict and undivided attention. Bea Ann Horton finds her quite so fortunate. English the Reward of Graduation Barbara Bartlett Walter Beaird Vernon Beaty Diane Bedrick Margie Belcher Tim Belew Bill Bellar 1 jim Bellar Gloria Berry D. L. Bowles Jamie Bradburn , Sue Braley l David Breeden Karen Breen Betty Brinkman Nancy Buntyn Glenna Burns Pat Burns Seniors Shirley Buskirk Richard Byers 0 Don Calvert Donald Carlson Bill Carpenter Cindy Chastain Dan Childs is his ' x R was 2 Bill Chisenhall George Christian Brenda Clampitt Carolyn Clark , l Ann Clayton BCCky Clearman Raeanna Clinton Mildred Cockrell Vincent Collazo Treasure 'lomecoming T 'Of GNN' "M,-ess David Cowan Susan Conn Susan De Mougeot John Cundiff J Suzanne Derden 5'-,QF Bill Conway Mary Beth Core Carolyn Cuthbert janet Davis Roger Dunham Tim Elder Ted Emmons Mike Ennis Suzanne Derden, George Christian, and Joe Irick are among the many students responsible for the Homecoming decorations. Purple and gold, the traditional colors, were displayed in various designs in the DHS hall during this special week. l7I Mike Erwin Richard Escue Bill Estes Earlene Estes Dennis Evans Donna Fiorelli Dorothy Fowler Assemblies, Pep Rallies All Add f Ed Hady' if Fulton Funderburk Melvena Funk Sondra Gafford Larry Galyon Jeanie Garrett E Terry George Marion Gibson Bobby Gierisch Mike Grandey Wayne Gray Martha Griffin Glenda, Griffith Football Games, Dances - U Senior's Life L Linda Griffith Gale Grissom l George Grissom Glynda Hacker V Martha Hagan Barbara Haggard Pat Hall Terry Hall Seniors' Interests Adopt Eddie Hardin Tava Hardin Louise Haren Sharon Harp Greg Harris Ben Haskins john B. Hawley I74 Lee Harris Kathy Harrison Hobson Hartman l l 1 Carol Hulsey will be the firs to agree that "touch footbal is not for me!" Although shi broke her nose in a Weekenc touch football game, she is not hindered from her studied and makes frequent use of the library. arious Forms . foflh , wif U7 A 75 Sharon Helm johnny Hendrik Reta Henry jim Higdon Reanee Higgins E. C. Hilliard Ronnie Hilliard Mary Holland Rodney i Hollaway L l l Sharon Hooper joe Hopson Bea Ann Horton Carol Hulse-y Annett Hurban Carol Hutchinson Joe Irick Janet jarnagin Mike jeffrey l75 Brantley Jennings Judy Jeter Wi fh Carolyn Johnson Flora Johnson Phil Johnson Rondy Jones Joyce Judkins Shirley Kelly Blair Kepke J Bob Kepke J Rose Kerr Karen Latham Linda Lavery Jo Leffler i V i l I I l I 1 V P Sparkle School Spirit Peter Linardo Paul Little Sandra Letson Linda Leyendecker S Bobby Lineuschmidt Clarise Little Jimmie Littrell Larry Lorino Waynette Lowrance Sherry Lusk Clark Lycle Gary Lynch Mida MHCKCHHH Pat McCann Berta McGalliard Adrian McLain Chuck Magers jim Mahoney Linda Manry N' fg fn'f' Carol Marquis Becky Ellis Massey Judy Rainey Miller Sharon Milliken Mike Minor Gary Moon Library assistants, such as Zena Stribbling, discover that work is involved in order to keep the library functioning properly. 8 Judy Maxwell Tom Mewhin11eLa x x QoelMiles. t 'Vf K K . o 0 0 9 v o ll 'J l:!.1.'l' Seniors Discover Working of Extra Jobs Enjoyable Jeanne Morris Spzette Morrison Sandra Naylor Gail Ness Vicki Nichols Ronald Ninimo Susan Nix Mirtha Novoa Elaine Nuckels Bruce Obermeyer Mary Oegch Cheryl Owen jerry Payne Paula Peden Roy Pender I79 DCDHlC POCkfL1S Jackie Polston Wayne Priset David Pryor pat pfyor Bill Rainbolt Bill Rainey Kitty Raposa john Rasco Gale Reeves Victor Richter Mike Preston Shirley Price y l Seniors Searcl The DHS library provides students with inform. tion and enjoyment. Paul Wyss and Steve Stepheg take advantage of their spare moments from stu school. 1 Janice Riney I' I to use the facilities of this important room of th K For Wisdom x I Sammy Schertz Carol Schleinate Mack Scoggins Paul Seagraves Randy Ryle Danna Salmon Lynda Sample Richard Rogers Martin Rooney Don Sampson Charles Santerre janett Robinson Samilou Robison Beth Rogers Spare Sally Seitz Mary Self Sherry Sewalt ls: Dean Shank Richard Shelton Gerry Sitz Larry Smith Shelia Smith Gary Snody Gayle Snow Maria Sosa Ricky Southard Dan Sparkman Noontime gives some students a short study period. David Breeden is one of the DHS students now using the band hall to finish his studyingg however, he finds it can be a very distracting place. l82 l lime Seniors Rarify l I I r l V V Stephen Sparks Richard Spears Becky Splawn Alice Sprabeary Kirk Stapler Ronnie Stark Steve Stephens A . ,t Tony Stone Doyce Stout Zena Stribling Jacqueline Strong Dale Swanholm Ellen Swanson Margaret Taylor Sandra Terrell '83 ' .cf 'Wi Seniors Will Never eeeeeeeeeeee ' ' V e e F0f9ef T eff LGS' Y DHS i GUI' of ' fil Cricket Thomas Toby Thomason John Tompkins Russell Trett Patricia Tutt Valerie Twomey Rex Vaughan Rhelda Vaughan Horace Venable Theresa Wall Phyllis Wardlaw Deanna Weibel Gaines West Steve White Lynn Whitson l84 immy Williams Byron Williamson Becky Wilson David Wilson Thomas Wilson Linda Witt julia Wood Mike Woodby Sammy Schertz endeavors to complete his shop proj- ect by the required length of time. The shop boys are responsible for many projects such as: the making of beds, lamps, chests, Chairs, tables, gun-racks, and Water-skis. Pat Woodby Paul Wyss Nancy Wylie John Yarbrough Paula Young I85 Rosca Adkins Shelia Alexander Lynda Alford Dalton Allen Amanda Allen Skippy Allen Dr. Bach, portrayed by Bobby Black, instructs his drama students in the open- ing performance of "Stardust." Class ol Ann Andersen Greg Anderson joe Anderson l Kirk Anderson l Billy Arnett W l l l l Mike Arrington Glenna Atchley Sharron Atkins , Martha Austin I Janis Bailey I 1 I l Sybil Baird Connie Baker Nicky Banks W Ioan Barnett , Danny Bays I 965 l l P l l r l r l ! Billy Berry Elesa Beale joe Beall Verlene Beaty Bill Blanton Jim Bettes. Richard Bishop Bob Black Lyn Brewton Suzanne Bonk Dennis Boots Shirlene Bowles Paula Brown Donna Briggs Gary Brockette Jeri Broday Leslie Browning Gretchen Bryant David Buck Barbara Bellar Beverly Blake Doug Boyd Malynn Brooks Kay Bullington I87 Juniors Enjoy AA . 4? Robbie Buntyn Kenneth Burgarny Don Bush Virginia Cadclel Beckl' C35tlebeffY Frank Camp Tommy -Carrigan Paulette Carroll Nelda Carter Aim C016 Paul Chandler Violet Chumbley Martha Clampitt Kenny Clardy Julie Cfemhflw Elaine Collins David Corbin Janice Cox Philip Coyle B'?1fb2lf21 D21ViS Paul Crep Laura Cresson Spencer Crouch Robert Dane I88 Flub Activities Latin Club members Richard Hughes, Bill Mecay, Paul Hieble, md Edmond Pratt enjoy their after-dinner conversation while on :he annual trip to The Torch. Charlie Davis Judy Davis Lawton Davis Margaret Davis Pam Dickson Darrell Doss Arvil Dotson Jana Drennan Stephen Dyer Elizabeth Edwards Kay' Edwards Glenda Enoch Donny Erwin Hank Erwin Penny Faris Sheri Faylor L. T. Felts Robert Ferguson Warren Ferrill Jean Fipps Scott Ford !89 Juniors Help Build and nz Bob F0StCf Don Foster f Diana Fraim Thomas Frank v Lil Ffedeflfk Carolyn Furche Eddie Gaston Phil Gercling Gary Gheen Nancy Giffen Mickey Ginnings Lynda Graham Dwayne Gray Jack Gray Tim Gray Wanda Gressett Ronnie Griffin Rusty Griffith Phil Guinn Phyllis Haas Linda Hale Mary Ruth Halfpenny Ann Hall I90 Climbing up the Wrong side of a ladder isn't always the best idea, but Nancy Merritt claims that she'll try anything to help Flip Unger and Donna Ruffu work out their problems of stringing streamers from one side of the hall to the other. 1 4 1 w l I Winning School 'eam l i Susan Harrell Bill Hall Harry Hall jeff Hamilton john Hamlett Linda Hanks Mark Hannah Barbara Harpool David Harrell Bob Harris Leon Harris Joann Harris Sally Harris Beverly Harrison David Harrison Mary Hatridge Cindy Hayes Amelia Hays Eddie Henderson Freddie Henderson i Lynda Henderson Sharon Hendricks sSusan Hennen -- I9I l-Qusih Hershberger Paul Hieble Jeanette Higgins Don Hill Jack Hill Jimmy Hill Joyce Hilton Sherry Hobson Janice Hodge Debbie Holcomb Virginia Houghton Jerry Housden Helen House Betty Huggins Richard Hughes Mike Hunter Mike Hunter Sara Hyder Linda Ishee Francine Jameson Pat Jefferson Mickey Jenson l92 Demanding Schedules Challenge Juniors Bill Hall finds that the best way to write a book report is to use the library references. Bill, like many other juniors, often util- izes the library before the 8:40 bell. Jeanie johnson Marilyn Johnson Mike johnson Patsy johnson Ruth Johnson Cmdy Johnston Mark Jones jane Kahlick Patricia Kelly Nick Kiger Duaine Kincacle Lincla Kindred Earlene King Mike King Bobby Kiser Kay Klein Mark Kluck Steve Knox Tommy Kwast Johnny Laird Cathy Lambert Linda Lamascus Kenneth Lancaster I9 Tom LZIHCY Charles Lantrip Marion Lathern ViCtOr Lauderdale jo Ann Lawson Robert Lawson Juniors Go All Our for Exfrc Dick Selby, jill Parker, and Mrs. Gardner were three of th Spanish Club representatives who worked diligently on "Fei dinardj' the main attraction in the Spanish Club's entry in th Homecoming Parade. Richard Laxon Robert Leith julia Lester john Lewelling David Lewis Deana Lewis Janet Lewis Cindy Likos Windell Lillard jim Lindsey Karen Lockridge Ronnie Long Margaret Lowdermilk jim Lowry Karyl Lynch W Karen McCart Sheila Maclore Susan Marquis Bill Mecay Arvin Moeller I95 Marion Mohat Linda Sue Moser Jane Newcomer Linda Offenbacker Roland Payne I96 Juniors Order Senior l l l l w l Don Moore Patrick Morey ROl'll'li6 Morrow Rodney Nelson Landy Mulkey Brenda Murdock Mike Neblett Wayfrw Nuckels Linda Newland David Nifholg , Steve Nicholson jill Parker Judy Oliver Dan O'Rear NHUCY Ollfffim Barbara Rainey Ronnie Pryor Janet Pulliam Randy RHYMOHS l 1 l Rings and Dream of Nexf Year Penny Faris thoughtfully listens to jim Provence explain the advantages of wearing his senior ring. Pati Passons David Payne Pam Payne Ruby Pender Dianna Penton Craig Phillips Golda Pockrus Ann Porter Sharon Price Jack Proffer jim Provence Mary Randolph Marie Rankin Doug Reeves Vincent Richardson john Riddle Dennis Riney Linda Ross Donna Ruffu Ann Rylander Jerry Sallee s I97 Difkie SHWYM Beverly Seitz Dick Selby Steve Selby Kerra Scripture Higher Mafh, Chemlsfry Prepare Linda Sembera Nancy Sharer Cindy Shaw Betty Sherman David Sims Kay Sims Kenneth Sissney Larry Sitton Brenda Slate Gary Smith Jeanne Smith Linda Smith luniors for Senior Year and College Test days in Miss Parson's room are always denoted by scattered desks and hard-thinking students. f i Marilyn Sordrager Tommy Smith Kathy Snider jenny Sparkman Conrad Speece Peggy Starr Bill Stausing Richard Stinnett Bess Stoickard Steve Stone Jamie Temple Shirley Teague Beverly Taylor Troy Sweatman Margaret Stuckey Dennis Story Linda Terry Brenda Thompson Carol Thompson Elton Turner Rickie Tonn Ernestine Trietsch Flip Unger Pat Wages Bill Walker Bill Wallace Carol Wallace Barbara Watkins Bill Weatherby Dennis Weaver Peggy Webb Pat Welch Linda Wells Arlene Whatley Junior Year ls Training Ground 7: 'Q Nexf Year 's Leaders Claudia Williams joy Williamson Kaye Wills Marilyn Wood Mike Woodson Carolyn Wooten Phyllis Worrell Barbara Yarbrough Kay Yarbrough Donald Yeck William Young Laura Zerwer Bob Harris, Dick Selby, Bill Wallace, and Mark Hannah find that Algebra 3 is much easier as a group project. ' Maw Whitlock sarah Whitson Kathy White Charles Wilkinson Paul Abbott Mike Adamson Linda Alexander Danny Allen Susie Angel Janet Arrasmith David Allred Gail Anderson Lanette Angel Lanita Angel Sophomores Fafigue al Dance Bill Austin james Baird Chris Bai-ta Cynthia Bass Dale Beale Donald Beebe Dotty Belcher johnny Bell Lynn Bender 202 jimmy Bason Donna Beebe l l Show Signs of Homecoming w w r Randy Boyd Cathy Bradshaw Betty Bird Janis Bodkins Douglas Bolton Richard Boots 1 Linda Bradshaw Danny Breeden Judy Bfogkg Nancy Browder Many sophomores discovered that they could ' not keep the fast pace set by the band at the Homecoming Dance. Bill Craddock, Debby Hyman, Ellen Lansky, and Bill Melton sit one dance out in hopes of regaining their energy. l jim Brown Annette Burke Kathy Brown Lynda Brown Danny Burchard Janette Burke Rozetta Buskirk Linda Buttrill Chris Byers David Byrom James Calvert 203 Kenneth Cardwell Sue Carroll Deanna Cheatham BUZ Clanton CO1'lfliC Clark Sophomores Display Tremendous Splrn jerry Dennis Sharon Eden james Elliott Gerry Ellis, Ronny Erwin Eddie Clark Raedean Clinton Glenda Coffey Nancy Cogdell Cindy Coleman Rafael Collazo Carolyn Connell Mark Copp johnny Coppage David Cox Bill Craddock jo Ann Crider Raymond Crouch Elizabeth Culver Jerry Dfalrymple Martha Dalton Alton Davis Martha Diaws john Dawson Barbara De Mougeot Craig Evans Glenda Evans uf Pep Rallies l Judy Farmer Leslie Farmer Fleet Faulkner Jackie Favors W. C. Felts Don Fikes Patsy Fiorelli Paul Foster Donna Fowler Jeanne French Cheerleader Nancy Rasco raises her arms in the Sophomore Battle Cry. The Battle Cry is the favorite yell at DHS because it gives each of the classes an opportunity to display their individual school spirit. 205 l Dan Hagan Howard Haggard Marilyn Haggard Mason Haggard 206 Biology Required jim Fromholz Billy Fuller Waldron Funderburk Phyllis Gaines Locker Gallo Bill Gandee Jimmy Gardner Sara Gaston Chris George Ronny Glasscock . Kathy Glenn Christine Graham Frances Gray Gerald Green Janice Gregory Guy Griffith Jenny Groening Rusty Guyer Phyllis Gwin Mrs. McCauley helps Doug Bolton, Kathleen Obermeyer, Glenda Evans, and Mary Lou Graves prepare a slide of ati onion epidermis for examination under , the microscope. i l l l l i of All Sophomores Biology opens a new world to sophomores. Clark Nichols ex- periments with a Bunsen burn- er to determine if the heat is intense enough to begin his experiment. Biology is one of the subjects students must take to complete their list of credits for graduation. Louise Halfpenny Willard Hall Mike Hamm jackie Hammett Bob Hammond David Harper Ralph Harpool Cynthia Harris Gary Harris jimmy Harris Dan Harrison Micael Helm Janice Hickingbottom Ronald Higgins Pat Higgs Linda Hillman Nancy Hilton Carol Holt Pat Hood Paula Hooten Mildred Hoskins 207 Tommy james Sophomorl Provf Jeff Hunt Michael Hurst Roy Hunter Clark Hyder Debby HYIUHH Liflda. J6f1kil'lS Terry Jenkins Keith -I0-hflgon Mafy Johnson P2L1lCtf3 JO'hUSOI1 Carolyn Connell, Carol Holt, and Gail Anderson contemplate the thought that Roman slavery was never like this. However, all the Latin students participating in the J.C.L. slave sale realized that this sale sur- passed those of previous years. This year many students dressed for the occasion in Roman costumes, creating an aura of authenticity previously lacking. Jerry jones johnny jones Cindy Kahlich Kathryn Kaszynski Cindy Keith Nancy Kelley Randy Kelly Jimmy Kibler Nancy Kidd Tommy King David Kittrell i Lynn Kooiker George Kraft Brenda Landers chievemenf Tests . Ruth Langley Ellen Lansky Gary Lantrip Karan La Rue Cecil Lauderdale Bill Lawson Difficult Students discover the break between classes is a good time to catch up on all the latest information. Ernie Nall and ' Chris George spend the remaining time of their lunch hour H discussing the test being given next period. Linda Lawson Rebecca Lewis Darlene Lillard Judy Locke John Logue Kerry Lusk Carolyn McCormick Cheryl McCormack James McKnight Doris Madewell Margaret Magee David Manasco jimmye Marion 2 Sophomores Find Work Endles Bonnie Mathis William Melton DO1'iS MCICGI' jimmy Mewhinney JCUY Miller Nancy Mills Ronny Mills Cindy Minshew Patricia Moore RObC1'f MOOIC Bridget Morey Beryle Morlan Butch Morris Mike Morris Randy Morris Kathy Morse Joe Mulkey Billy Murdock Ernie Nall Carole Neale Steve Neale Clark Nichols Ronald Noble 2I0 and Time Limited Lynn Noles Beverly Nuckels Kathleen Obermeyer DOIIHH O'Dell Joyce OISOH Linda OWCIIS Sara Owens Donna Pair Byron Parrish David Peterson Joe Petticrew DHUHY Phillips Joyce Pickle Martha Pickrell Kate Pierce Anita Pockrus David Polley Kent Proffer SfCPhCfl Pryor Joan RH-IUCY Barbara Rankin Peggy Rosch and Dean Shank expert their typing skills in a practice exercise. Nancy Rasco Jimmy Ray Bill Remley Jan Renefro Shirley Rich Sue Richey john Roach Leah Roberts Linda Robertson Carolyn Robinson Peggy Rosch jan Schmitz Pat Sharber Diana Shaw Dan Shuford Sherry Simpkins 2I2 Scott Robinson Fred Ryan Sophomores Indulge Rick Schaffer Carolyn Schertz Marvin Schertz Judy Schleinat Judy smifh Mary Slimp Gladys Smith Kent Smith Johnnie Smith Linda Smith Patsy Snow Judy Sons Jane Sparkman in Various Activities Pam Speck Carolyn Spurlock Ronny Stallings Glenda Stanley joybeth Stanley Melinda Steadman Benny Sprayberry Pat Srokosz Norma Stiff Paulette Stone Mary Anne Sullivan Patricia Sullivan Herma jo Tadlock 2l3 Le Arm Taliaferro Tefigga Tallam Sharla Taylor Gary Thomas Shirley Thomas Andy Tomlinson Sophomores From Two Junior Jeri Trice Paul Tunnell Maxine Turner jimmy Walling ' Mary Wheeler Fred Twomey Earl Vaughn Linda Voorhees Elise Waddell Charles Wahlert jo Nell Ward Larry Wardlaw Paul Ware James Webster Larry Welch Tim White jane Whiitson Mark Whitten Max Wiesen Rika Wiley 2l4 e l Francine Wiikinsnn Randy Wilkinson Jerry Wilkerson Alec Williams Barbara Williams Highs Learn fo Work Together Betty Wilson Pam Wilson Carl Wobser Larry Womble Donna Wood Steve Woods Reuel Yarbrough Linda Yates Howard Young james Zackery Julene Williams john Dawson, like many other DHS students, takes study hall in order to have extra time for his home- work. However, he was willing to pause from his English assignment and pose for the photographer. 2I5 than three decades, Denton hlessedifwiyth the services of an outstanding main.7MrgCi'C.1 jones was known, not only as ap pillar of understanding and knowledge, but alsotas an man of strong faith in his God, his country, and hislsiyyassocriatesiiiiWhile he taught students to build objects of taught them to build hopes, ambitions, 'Forssome Mr. jones was a patient teacher, an overpowering influence, and for others he held 'appmagneticyifather image. Shy sopho- mores encountered pandffound that his massive frame covered a giant heart. Eager seniors confided in him their future s goals, knowing he would tolerate their youthful Cilfifgy- .V i ,jones's life was full of happiness, and vvst was making those who were less fortunate iis as possible. A conversation with powers of love and understanding. iiti lgainedkliecause a wise, considerate man hadgiven of hiriig self. He was never too busy, and his heart always had room for one more. Mr. jones accomplished.manypthingsjduring his career. Dur- ing this time, he on techniques in wood- working and sllopf techniques in his class- room activities rsy. shop area in such a way that students leparnediinuchlsiinltheirhour they spent with him each day. Mr. Jonesis actual being isamissed, but his knowl- edge, kindness, understanding, and techniques. are still very much partiof Denton High. pp r l up C.C. Jones Within the Dallas Metropolitan area stands Denton-our city and the center of activity in community life. The Denton Cen- ter is a symbol of progress through enter- prise. Denton High students are greatly in- debted to the merchants of Denton for their financial support in the publication of our annual. Therefore, it is important that we, the students, do our part in supporting these merchants. COMMUNITY LIFE 1 courthouse 2city hall - ol I I I I 'ig J oxfxg nfvo NK T-:II E I I Q I I ge 6 I 9 3 post office , 4 city hall 3 new 5am rican e ion I 6 fediral g 'QC If 1 a X IF 4 '7 county N 4 8 community I x g 9 library fu , 10 pool I I 11 women's club F X I I I Fi ' I A V , L J. I 1 C -iii M- It LY ---K-'Y VJ : 3 Q ' I G M MN X ' K F CM -' C7 f' A w -9724933 5 ' l ffm X IA ID Q I wi g gagyah QQ ' X 0 rf H 6 ' A 4 -gl. ' L .90 91 1 X .I W ,IZ J I X eil 'I I' O I I I " . Z: 1 'f- -'-C - x fb 3 I ca. 1.,,-1,,, ,Ie 1 9' S395 If-'J fd f-'---a- .gg ,ffl -A 9 0 9 0' f gli a I IT If-i 5 25 31 '11 0 , a M y NX ' -P ' ' T' A in XX-1 Q 2 ' , 4 I nw M W :. ,ax ,I A QF H171 A S, :asf .. I ,rv . In - m f ! an af? I ... A , f can wmmy iq 'DQ'-1 Q W Qc ,, , 'Y I l mth' I Qi f .wr '-P1149 .. 51-. W-GLLWKV 'J ggsgsi g - aria g ..::. igS' -ns I I. ' I " I ' ' " Ia - fm-F 1 ' I Q32 1' I I W I IQQWDI c 2? I NEI! Ii I.. 'IB 74 I I' 4 . urn: an IE, MJ Q W I clinic 'MII Iss' MMU i v 5555552222::gre---..I..... Mil' -f V , C, Enix'---Q 1 " " 6'ag'2-Qi-f:4'5' I F 'ii' w nik-fT X-., C E 5 A f or I I N f Pecafv - f Jw I F I I X I ' M K J Y-C,-Aff-.VQWJ xcn,,,1WK,iiV, f W !U f-J -i-1 f-'+ ' "" ff"-- '-Wa'-a 1--a -Www -1-,,,,,, 1 'N 2 E 3 gg DENTON CIVIC CENTER ' I SITE PLAN K S h A iF o'neiI ford cmd ossocs, qrchifecfs N f - O so no no '00 eco 1 I K I I it ZI9 MARVIN LOVELESS VARSITY STUDIO "Your Class Photographer" I306 W. Hickory 382 4062 A NEW CONCEPT IN BANKING CONVENIENCE WITH . . . A OLD-FASHIONED HOSPITALITY AND COURTESY PROGRESSIVE SOUND ' FRIENDLY I I STATE BANK OF DENTON STATE MEMBER BANK or of nENToN FDIC LEON Mc NATT MOTORS 505 N. Elm 382-6737 382-27 I 3 Follow Ihe BRONCOS Throughoul +I1e Year in I'I1e Pages of 'I'I1e DENTON RECORD - CHRONICLE "A Growing Newspaper for a Growing Area" ir Family Weekly Magazine Secfion Every Sunday i' Local, S+a+e, Na+ionaI Spor+s Coverage i' Associa'I-ed Press News Coverage TO SUBSCRIBE DIAL 382-255I. ASK FOR CIRCULATION DENTON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION VOERTMAN'S Books-Music-Gifts "Your Center for Gifts of Distinction-From the Four Corners of the World." l,"'I13.Y I VARSITY SHOP C3 ..IT1E'f2E I WIS S ELLA APRI WALLINGS BARBER SHOP '4 ? Z, 524 N. L I -'MJ Parkinigcus I MDTOR HOTEL CSUYD RESTAURANT MOTEL5 N, omp ete Hotel Servuce Commercio! Rutes M ap M 4 1 54 - Fumlly Rates 48 DELUXE ROOMS S. SUITES RADIO AND SEWING SHOP INDIVIDUALLY CONTROLLED . CU - 209 N Lo st 387 I9I5 llll MR CONDITIONING Vg E' ATA: x D iff: 24 HR. PHONES I TM SWIMMING POOL . ,I qi. CHILDRENS WADING POOL L ' LLL TELEVISION 8. RADIOS MlTCHELL'S CLEANERS 'E PETS ACCEPTED BACHLOR LAUNDRY Dm I 2 ' KA HWY, 24 2 Convenient Locations 382-4I8I '21 5Io N. Elm 403 unavermy ZAIEIT S U WSODNI N VILLA SJ ' ' ' 'DOWN-3 CAPRI5L9 flN7!.'?sr Dependable Hardware 4503 DALLAS Since . I335 KFT. WORTH Q9 EVERS HARDWARE COMPANY INTERSTATE 35 AT FT. WORTH HWY. 377 EXIT 223 WH ITSON CHILI TAMALES BEEF STEW VIENNA SAUSAGE PINTO BEANS RANCHO BEANS FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY Campfire Brand DENTON. TEXAS T.-ii Mako Thirst a Pleasure ogevemges m I 5 5 I G n I srvmczs MISSION BEVERAGE CO. DenI'on, Texas SAVE MORE WHEN YOU SHOP AT SEARS "PSa'Hsfac+ion Guaranfeed or Your Money Back" 203 W. Hickory DENTON, TEXAS Phone 382-2534 TOBIN DRUG STORE l2o W. Oak 382-2575 SELBY GREENHOUSES AND NURSERY I40O S. Locus'I' S+. Denfon DIAL 382-5232 R. C. STORRIE Owner and Operafor TRAVELSTEAD AUTO SUPPLY CO. TELEPHONE 382-5474 2l5 E. Hickory 332-5475 Denfon, Texas 225 Tlph JOE ALFORD, FLORIST I7I0 N. Elm S'I'reeI' DENTON, TEXAS 382-5384 wk ' 6 ,N , Wwjmffmfjxf A HIf SHAMROCK SHOE STORE JACK SCHMITZ 8, SQN II6 WeSI Oak SI"eeI' 0-M11 705 N. Locusi' SI'ree'I' DENTON, TEXAS H AM 3-WM SIMS MOTOR COMPANY 4l7 5.,u+h Locud JONES-BLAIR PAINTS One OFFICE 382-4I76 SHOP 382-4I74 WALLPAPER - PICTURE FRAMING ART SUPPLIES DENTONI TEXAS BOYD PAINT CENTER Chrysler - PIymou'I'I'1 DENTON CENTER ,Imperi eI - Ve Iie r1'IM 382-3868 BEN FRANKLIN VARIETY STORE WesI' Side of Square DENTON, TEXAS KWWS Meer Your Friends ai' LANE'S SHARBER'S JEWELRY '08 CONGRESS "For Giffs Thai' Las+" I42I Oakland Across From T.W.U he T AS BARNETI"S SHOP Iron Work Fi. Worih Dr. 382-6223 R. J. BARNETT AII Ihe Girls Agree! IT'S THE GREATEST! 1 FASHION HEADQUARTERS FOR THE BEST DRESSED TEENS IN DENTON BEAIRD 81 BROWN B O D Y 7I8 N. Elm 382-3696 CONTROLLED PAINTING IN OUR FACTORY STYLE 24 HOUR WRECKER Specializing in: ZZRQMIQSQAYILQ UGHTS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED COLOR MATCHING FRAME woRK RELTil4iT4IUAriSaS'g? womc QA GOGDPYYEAR GOODYEAR Tmfs SERVICE STORE PHONE 382-4I36 II5 S. EIm - Denion, Texas Tires CLIFF DuRARD Appliances Ba'H'eries Mg" 228 1 BURCH'S 1 9 JU-CY PIG 9 SELBY'S FLOWER SHOP RESTAURANT "Home of Hue Gold Foo+baH Mum" 3 4.0 N' Locum 6 boo N. LOCUST PH. 382-4191 3 DENTON, TEXAS 4 DUKE 81 AYRES, INC. 5c 'ro SI.0O S+ore McCRAY'S "DenIon's Finesl Jewelers" Wes'l' Side Square D + 'MTW' Hlckgg 8824 DENTON, TEXAS PAUL'S WESTERN SHOP THE WHITE HOUSE CAFE Weslern Wear for 505 S. Locus+ 'I'I1e Enfire Family DENTONI TEXAS T' sazmzn FOREMOST 4, O ge, MOBILE HOME 00 xg. PO B 430 MANUFACTURING ll O ' ' 0' CORPORATION 4' 'fx Denfon' Texas For MOST-lT's Foremosf 382-9663 JIM HARDIN'S PAINT STORE Painf - Wallpapers PH. 382-6224 CHESTER MCRRIS CHEVROLET COMPANY 4 I 9 Universi'ry Dr. DENTON, TEXAS 382 545I MOORE BUSINESS FORMS, INC. "The Right Business Form for Every Form of Business" DENTON, TEXAS Meei' Your Friends aI' BROOKS DRUG STORE Nexi' 'Io Ihe Campus TI1ea+er BOWLING VARSITY LANES HOLIDAY LANES II8 S. Locusi' Hwy. 24 Easi' NUMT JAGQE PRINTING COMPANY School Prinling LeH'erheads - Envelopes Cards - Programs, Elo. Phone 382-87I0 3I0 S. Elm- Denlon DENTON. TEXAS Hack PIERCE'S RICHEY BUSINESS MACHINES PHONE 382-8624 so.slDE souARE Aurg3llllzEialJeB?ALER U cl rwoocl-OliveH'i 'Business Machines-Office Supplies Y N. Locusi' PHONE aaz-seas YOUNG MODERNS I06 CONGRESS Complefe Wardrobes for lnfanfs Through Teens f wi? fmvwfw o J' .1 .ff f i "We're Behind +he Broncos All +he Way" 30 DEERE IUUIPMINY I ' HIGGINS IMPLEMENT COMPANY 730 Forf Wor'H'1 Dr. DENTON, TEXAS Phone 382-5780 NORTH SIDE SQUARE PHONE 382-9686 S'I'ock Up When flue Savings Are Greafesfl It Pays to Shop at Penney'sI PHONE 382-9362 T. W. KING, JR. 2I3 Firsi' S+a'I'e Bank Building DENTON, TEXAS Representing SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. DALLAS, TEXAS WESTERN AUTO JOHN L. HOLMES-owner Nor'II1wes'I Cor. of Square DENTON, TEXAS W. A. WEEMS S. Locusf "We Buy and Sell Any'I'l1ing of Value" CLIFFORD MULKEY General Con+rac+or 805 McKinney 387- I 8 I4 JACK C. McFARLING, Ageni' SI'aI'e Farm Insurance Companies 2O7V2 w. Hickory - 382-3226 DENTON, TEXAS DENTON CABS, INC. Sa'Fe+y Firs+ - Courfesy Second SERVICE CONTINUOUSLY DENTON, TEXAS PH. 382-2544 J. O. PANNELL, Mgr. TH E HICKORY HOUSE UniversiI'y Drive 382-9 I 77 THE NA1'loN's INNKEEPERQ FOR YOUR COMFORT, CONVENIENCE AND ENJOYMENT, OFFERS YOU . . . YEAR-ROUND AIR - APPETIZING FOOD SERVED CONDITIONING - VALET AND LAUNDRY SWIMMING POOL SERVICE FREE ADVANCE - WALL-TO-WALL CARPETING R ATION Iexcept locations where sand ESERV S TELEPHONE IN EVERY ROOM condition makes impracticalh -24-Hr, Service - ALL-TILE BATHS MEETING FACILITIES FOR - TELEVISION ALL OCCASIONS - FREE KENNELS 81 KEN-L- BABY SITTERS RATION iexcept where state HOUSE PHYSICIANS or local laws prohibitj CHILDREN UNDER 12 - "COFFEE HOST" SERVICE ADMITTED FREE QWhen Cin many Inns? using same facilities with - CAMERA CLUB fFilm parentsj developing servicel BABY BEDS - FREE ICE Vw1cHo4fIywmCoaaflDCoaA17Q ' .p-.-1- C ww-" AMERICAN CLEAN ERS 8r LAU N DRY 22l W. Oak St. Ph. 382-59I3 KING RADIO AND ELECTRIC CO. West Side ot Square Denton, Texas Dealer 'For Frigidaire Appliances and Magnavox Stereo, T.V., and Radio HARRIS REFRIGERATION Across Street From Post Office Denton, Texas H. H. HARRIS, Owner GOEN FUNERAL HOME 320 W. Oak Denton, Texas "A Home Away From Home" EAGLE MOTEL 600 S. Locust Denton, Texas 382-254l P.O. Box 366 KIL KILLIAN WALT PARKER DENTON SPORTS AND TOY CENTER PH. 382-3090 9 Visi+ Our B e Red Carpefeol CAMPUS SHOP.. "STUDENT SHOP' for Jrhe Girls PEPEEEPEPPPPPPPZEZEPEZZ IIPPZZPZPPPIlZ::'PEPZPP:::PEPE":' 'PEPZPPPZPPPEPEPEPEPPEEPZEPP P PP EEP P EEEEEPEPZEPPPPPPE P EPPPZ EPPEP ZEEZPPPP E E I :EE PP EPPPPPEPPPPPZE ZEZEEPPEPEPPZPEPEPPPPZPZPPPPZPPEPEI E PP for Jrhe Boys "CredH' Convenience af Cash Prices" LATEST STUDENT FASHIONS Easi' Side of Square 382-8936 THE STEAK HOUSE 5I4 S. Locus'l' 382-9l I6 CAMP'S CLEANERS Corner Easi' Oak and Bell DENTON, TEXAS YARBROU-GH'S PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY LONNIE J. YARBROUGH W. Oak a+ Piner Phone 382-5033 DENTON, TEXAS SETH MASSEY SINCLAIR STATION S. EIm and Sfroud H. G. SELBY SINCLAIR STATION IIl5 E. Highway 24 JAMES MORGAN SINCLAIR STATION Highway 35E and KnigI-1+ JAMES HARN SINCLAIR STATION 60I N. Elm HOWARD CARTER SINCLAIR STATION Bell and McKinney WESLEY KENNEMER SINCLAIR STATION S. Locusf and Prairie HUNDEY UNIVERSITY SINCLAIR STATION II20 W. Hickory A. B. LEATHERWOOD SINCLAIR STATION 4I4 N. Locus+ JAMES DOTSON SINCLAIR STATION 3II E. Hickory HIGHWAY 24 SINCLAIR STATION 32I Univ. Dr BEN lvfv ollyco. niversify T s T A T E Bank DENTON, TEXAS NEW, CONVENIENT C p t COMPLETE Banking Service fx" suixxx ,f'ZGQafQ35'T1 E Federal Deposit Insurance or Li ga' 3 NEW LOCATION Universify Dr. a+ Hinkle TELEPHONE 382-670I LINWOOD ROBERSON BILL UTFERI - FORD 4I9 Sou'rl1 Elm S'l'ree'l' 382-5404 Flowers - Gills 50I Wesi- Hickory Slreei' 4l2 Soulh Locusl' S+ree+ Dallas - TAylor 3-4744 DENTON. TEXAS X' . ' DENTON, TEXAS WEBB'S ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN I0O2 F+. Wor+l1 Dr. ROOT BEER MALTS AND SHAKES HAMBURGERS-CHEESE DOGS HOT DOGS WOLFE-NEU DRUGS Easf Sicle NTSU Campus ARCHIE WOLF - BILL NEU L gf ,KR uf ,Xi Denlon l-liglw Sluclenls Will Finol Jrlfme Lalesl in Traclilional Clolhinq for l-liglm School and College Men al Denlon's Newesl Young lvlan's Clollwinq Slore. fufsquire 3HiIan's Shun AT ESQUIRE CENTER AVENUE E 1 L I Q OM and Y 1 w E I I SAM ROBISON FLORIST l209 Oakland DENTON, TEXAS 382-547l l:.T.D. MEMBER eciq .10 if Q "-Tb op +-' ' o 'X I -I ' S ul.rlu "We Specialize ln Corsages" RAMEY 81 WHITE INSURANCE Marvin G. Ramey Edward A. While Terrell W. King lll Firsl' S'lal'e Bank Bldg. IIE? EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEN T4 I23 Ave. A ' . PH. 382-57I5 If Jim stone Texas iw Across 'From N.T.S.U. BAILY MULLINS Real Es+aI'e Broker FIRST STATE BANK 387-2323 - Box 576 DENTON. TEXAS WIMPY'S HARDWARE 81 GIFTS N. Side Square PI1. 382-I723 LOOK YOUR BEST - IT PAYS BROUGHTON'S BARBER SHOP 3I0 N. Locusf LATEST HAIRCUTS YOUR MOTOROLA DEALER RINEY'S T.V. 81 APPLIANCES Service on AII Makes ancI Models 900 Soufh Locus PH. 387-20I8 I Denfon, Texas y 0 q I T J- 7Ze0fz1 ma! fFsERNIX 3 Convenient Locdtions in Denton DownI'own on Ausfin S+. N. Locus'I aI' Hiway 24 Fori' WorI'I1 Hiway WE GIVE S8fH GREEN STAMPS JIKDDIIHIINI NVIIICODIIRIIIRIIISQGDDIN TEXACO DISTRIBUTOR II6 MAPLE PHONE 382-6333 DENTON, TEXAS TOM'S OLD FASHIONED MEAT MARKETS U.S. Choice Meats Cut to Order At LOW LOW Prices A SEED INC S d F +I cl G cl S pply C 1' 'FN 'Hx T as I-lARPiL 382-2568 LEE SAMPLE'S A l80I Wes+ Universify 1 Pos+ Office Box 764 I 04543 Telephone 387-2915 T T DENTON, TEXAS 4 DisTincTive S+yIing In Home Furnishing T I ET! 8 f "L'21e,. 1b" ':..L p . , ,.4f :,-f ,A'5, V S B CENTER'DENTON TEXAS 233 W. Hickory T ZIIE T. Ph. 382-5336 ' ALTON JONES WELDON WATSON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '64 RAPOSA ENTERPRISES, INC. REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT 382-43I7 ANTONE P. RAPOSA P. O. BOX 696 382-8292 DENTON, TEXAS ii X MCTOR HOTEL if Zuz: 1 1 1 A4 A HAL?VAY House za. FOREST PARK - ii? "'Z::: Halfway Befween NTSU AND TVVU "'WaIch Our Marque Serving A Delicious Buffet Twice Daily I I:30 - 2:00 5:30 - 9:00 382-9626 I I I I Universi+y RESTAURANT 60 Rooms Year-Around Air Conditioning m a Hgh . V, A -1 " .1 me Ain? ,RQR iq .A,' f 21? 2 Dining Rooms fl . X T ,, T Coffee Shop Meeting Rooms OVERLOOKING NTSU ON HWY. 35E SCHMITZ F I-OV D grzuzezwl e?f04?Z0- 120 CENTER O DENTON, TEXAS O 382-2214 ' VOGUE CLEANERS 72I N. Locusi' 382-5l I3 HAGHAN BELCHER FRED CLARKE CAMPUS TH EATER, One of 'l'he 28 Largesi' Finesi' and Mosf Modern Thea+ers In Texas J. P. HARRISON. Mgr. 246 C. R. ANTHONY II5 W. Hickory DENTON. TEXAS DICK HARRIS GROCERY 81 MARKET Your Purina Dealer I22 EAST HICKORY DENTON, TEXAS MALT 8: BURG SHOP I706 N. Elm Denfon, Texas 382-8I24 DENTON CENTER HARDWARE 522 Universi'I'y Dr. 387-3033 MOORE BUILDING PRODUCTS 420 Bell Avenue Phone 382-225I -- A - E Denfon, Texas 525 S. Elm 382-23 I 2 Good Place to Do AII Your Banking Q A :ge MEMBER F.D.l.C, MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM I OF DENTON-1 SIGN OF SERVICE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DENTON Denfon, Texas MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER F.D.I.C. Su Inn,-4 . INSURED 'FE cuavv' If S' sAr:1v 43 LQ or vourz f Q InvI:sYmI:n'r 9 tr E , , Q 'Q S Q N- A usu SK ' "" 1 '1'ii2Iii:Iii:Iiiiififififififiiiifiif """ STU WFP as-.X 5- I . ., 0.-.., L 5, 4 9 , , ... .... 5, ,6 ..,....I.. H 2 1 'if quake N . DHNTQ' -rr-,,-,,. . ,mir-.f - iiigif - 5' is if -I 2- -' 35533 --:1:1L222SfQ2225s2:5s5fQfifEsgs:: 3 I' II III I lf ' lg c"""' 1' ' Q A.., 3 if :gm f'is:112!55?5EE?5535 E its 1-- SAVING I ISA I I I GOOD HABIT A ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR SAVINGS I ARE PROTECTED BY THE FEDERAL I SAVINGS 81 LOAN INSURANCE CORP. I AND EARN AT THE RATE OF - I ANTICIPATED 2 9 DIVIDEND COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANNUALLY :1:r:2:r:1:IE252E251E:5:2:E1E:E:5:5:5.:E552I555ErEfErE:5:5:5 -gig? ' 25:515:I:r:5:g:5:5:55555155252225'Er5'Er::::5E2ErS:f:2-I ' fgzgf' "B S56 1,11:,5,:.g1g:gfg1:1::- 5:5155 ::.: I.f:::::s:s:s:s:2:s:s:z:s: 5: fm 3 I ' 'NM -' flZ?E '1 'E:::-.-A.. 'Ez-2.-I' '1- .: ,.,. '-A- -- SINCE I933 DENTON FEDERAL HAS ALWAYS PAID A GENEROUS DIVIDEND ON SAVINGS. ALSO WE HAVE PROVIDED THE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE THAT HAS ENABLED HUNDREDS OF DENTON FAMILIES TO BUILD OR REMODEL THEIR HOME. WE'RE PROUD OF THE PART WE HAVE PLAYED IN THE GROWTH OF OUR TOWN AND COMMUNITY. J DDJ WNW DJCODN 5,1 DEW 3313 DDJ EJPSIJAXTU SAVINGS 8' LOAN ASSOCIATION X ELM AT MCKINNEY For Your Besi' Selecfion of Records A MUSIC BAR I LASTING INVESTMENT Record SIWOP Denion Cenier Open Til 8 P.M. AcIver+ising in 'rhe KATE'S CASUAL WEAR IOI Hickory and Ave. A Across From N.T.S.U. 387-300I I I I A a. M PHoTo sHoP I I224 W. Hickory PH. 387-34I4 DenI'on's Newes'I and MosI' CompIeI'e Camera SI'ore and Poriraii' SI'ucIio. FREE ROLL OF FILM FOR EACH I27 - 620 - AND l20 BLACK AND WHITE FILM PROCESSED b DENTON, TEXAS COMPANY I i mcKsoN Moron co., 200 S. Locusi Telephone 382-548l BONNEVILLE v VENTURA ' STAR CHIEF 0 CATALINA' ' av' U. S. Tires 249 50 W- N- BARRETT Phones 382-4I87 Manager 382-4I 88 PENTON BOATS AND MOTORS Mercury Ouiboards Sales and Service Lone S+ar Boa+s Texas Maid Boa+s Power Cai' Boafs l35 E. Hickory 382-663i MODERN CLEANERS Serving Those Who Really Care I2l Ave. A PHONE 387-I842 A gsm , - ,Iwi ,P A Q, , LY., -gg I repredentzng llze :Seal of safe! 5i'f0 Vw M4415 05 ' 'fem E , DUGGAN ABSTRACT COMPANY AIas+rac+s - Ti+Ie Insurance 229 W. HICKORY 382-4I48 fl I42I Malone S+ree+ f I I PHONE 382-40I4 .-' A vi :V 4 QQIEW' ' T QUIQ Q M 4. Kai dsc' 9 , -lZl:.I fn !::I'::.... E3 "'1':l:::I QC X Q, nl me J 1. I W, 1 I . 'jj Den'l'on, Texas .JACK BAKER FLQWERS th Q FRED L. DENDY Ei. S INSURANCE ,, i 200 McCIurkan Building TELEPHONE: 382-442I DENTON, TEXAS IU I IQ 'II' ,N V I Aiz I Tne T7 II If I III III II If II II A I I A I II I I I I I II I I1 II III I NRNN 1 '1M!'II "'T.LT"lIL1!L3il ',', .I Jw. ' , 1. I, I, MORRISON MILLING COMPANY Makers of Peacemakers Flour Phone DENTON. 382-4I I I TEXAS 25I CRAVENS DRY GOODS I08 E. Hickory 382-50I6 DENTON LUMBER DENTON TYPEWRITER 81 HARDWARE EXCHANGE LEE O. MOELLER Office Supplies - Ren'l'aIs - Repairs PAINTS - FORMICA - WINDOWS SouI'I1 Side Square DOORS AND TRIM - BUILDING SPECIALTIES DENTONI TEXAS Demon. Texas OLYMPIA-SMITI-I-coRoNA TYPEWRITERS P- O- BOX 537 PHONE 382-9646 Forl' Worih Highway PH. 382-6225 TIPTON'S ROYAL CLEAN ERS Approved Sanirone Service II4 Congress PH. 382-2835 l5Lff'???'f y JOE SHERRILL CERAMIC TILE I2l6 Forf Wor+I1 Highway P. o. Box 993 DENTQN, TEXAS 252 CUINQ-, cg xmmpk UUJLUW cuQpxQ,QDvfuAJunaJLCYlwS,'T'1ifWWfWJ3'QJb Gnu woo LUlt0G3b? 'iWmg fgcawfcwffffwf vffwffwwuu Jmm mam MWWWMW Mmm Ymb3'wCQfnQQJL5'L"Q I , Uncut ww QUQQmQkuQhmQhQb4 0RTl'L5f,,U:m2z,'1:M 3' E X A S173 hill? AV I N G Svijgw Ufwmwi UM-QMAQ bww, 5,vnNG54 E Qgmafi -P' "0 msunso 3,yxHUu, f sm Qu DIAL 382-9676 ff 'fjzlllllf DENTON, TEXAS 'SW 253 A 8: M Photo Shop Yo,,, American Cleaners ..oe. Anthony's ,,,,,,,,,, ,A,, ,,,,,,,,, Bailey Mullins Contractor SS Barnett's Shop S ,,,,,,,, Beall's Beard 31 Brown Body Shop ,,Y,,, Ben Franklin Variety Store .,,.t,,, Bill Utter Ford Co. SS ,,,,.. Borden's Co. ,ttt S Boston Brooks Store SS S Drug Store SS SS SS S Broughton's Barber Shop t,,, S Campus Theater S Camp's Cleaners S SS .,t,,.. Chester Morris Chevrolet S Collegiate Shoppe . SS Craven's Dry Goods D. B. Boyd Paint Supply SS S S Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Cabs, Inc. ,,,t S Center Hardware S County Bar Association County National Bank Federal Savings 8: Loan Lumber Co. SS SS SSS Record Chronicle Sports 8: Toy Center S S Typewriter Exchange S Dick Harris Grocery S S Dickson Motor Co. SS Duggan Abstract .r,r,..... SS Duke 8: Ayres Variety Store S 254 Advertisers' Index 249 235 246 242 227 236 228 226 SS SS 239 250 240 231 242 246 236 230 227 252 SS SSSS 226 234 247 SS 222 240 S SS 248 252 222 236 252 247 249 S 251 SS S 229 Eagle Motel .SSSSSS Elite Electric SS SS Esquire Men's Shop S Evers Hardware ..S.St,SS,S First National Bank SSSSS S First State Bank SSSSS S Flair Fashions SSSSSS SSSSSSA Foremost Mobile Homes .SSSS Fred L. Dendy Ins.. SSSS SS Goen Funeral Home .SSSSS Good-year Service Store SSSSSSSSSSS Halfway House 8: Forest Park Harclin's Paint Store .SSSAA Harpool Seed, Inc. Harris Refrigeration ...rSS Hickory House SSSSSSSSSSSS Higgins Implement Co. Holiday Inn .....S.S......S. Holiday-Varsity Lanes S,SSSSS J. B.'s Dairy Bar SSSSSSS Jack Baker Florist SS jack Schmitz 8: Son S SSSSS S Jagoe Abstract SS SSSS SSSS S S jim Stone Men's Shop SSSSSSS joe Alford Florist S S SSSS Joe Sherrill Ceramic Tile SSSSSAS John Morrison Texaco Dis. SSSSSS SSSS S ju-cy Pig Restaurant SS Katels Casual Wear SSSSSSSSS S King's Radio 84 Electric Co. Lane's S SSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS S Lee Samples Homestead House 235 243 239 223 247 221 244 229 251 235 228 245 229 243 235 234 233 235 231 232 251 226 232 242 226 252 242 229 249 235 227 244 Leon McNatt Motor Co. . Linwood Roberson Florist McCray's jewelry Store .wrvr,, Malt S: Burg Shop ,.,.,,rr,,,,.,,,,,,, Marvin Loveless Varsity Studios I. . Mission Beverage Co. .. .. ssess Mitchellls Cleaners ....,,s Modern Cleaners . . Moore Bldg. Products .. Moore Business Forms . . Morrison Milling Co. .. .. Mulkey Contractor . , Music Bar sds.Y,VV,YVVV,,.sssssssussA North Texas Savings Sc Loan Nu-Art Printing .. , Paul's Western Shop Payne's Shoe Dept. Penny's . . . Penton's Boat 84 Motors . . . Pierce's. ....ii, ,. .. .. H Piggly Wiggly Food Store . Ramada Inn 8: Restaurant Rainey Sc White Insurance . . ., Raposa Enterprises , Richey Office Supply . .. . , Riney's T.V. 8: Appliances Russellys Dept. Store ...... .... . Salmon 8: Lockhard Barbers , Sam Robison Florist . .. . Sears . . . ...... .. . Schmitz-Floyd-Hamlett Funeral Home Selby's Flower Shop . .... . Index Con'f 222 239 229 247 220 224 223 250 247 231 251 234 249 253 232 229 251 234 250 232 242 246 241 244 232 242 228 244 241 225 246 229 Selby's Greenhouse I Shamrock Shoe Store ........ ...... Sharber's jewelry Store ...,, Sims Motor Co. ...,. . Sinclair .... . .............. . Singer Sewing Center ....... State Farm Insurance ........ ...... Steak House ............... Stuckey's ...................................... ...... Taliaferro Radio Sc Sewing Shop ...... ....... Terrill Wheeler Printing Co. ...... ...... . Tipton's Cleaners .................. ....... Tobin Drug Store ....... Tomls Meat Market ,..... Travelstead ....,,. T. W. King ............... University State Bank .,t... . Varsity Shop ................. Villa Capri Motor Hotel Voertman s ..................... ...... Vogue Cleaners .............. Wallingls Barber Shop W. A. Weerns ,..... .. .. Webb's Drive Inn ..... Western Auto ,......, White House Cafe ............... Whitson Food Products Wills Auto Supply .i....., Wimpyls Hardware ......, Wolfe-Neu Drug ....,. Yarbrough's Pharmacy .. Young Moderns . .. Co 225 226 227 226 237 232 234 236 227 223 249 252 225 243 225 234 238 223 223 223 246 223 234 239 234 229 224 247 242 239 236 232 255 The Close of Anofher Day, Another Year . . . l I J 1 i l 4 1 1 1 3 Y i TAYL95 'LU?Ll5?I,"N9 ,CPWANY W 'N""W"' 'W'---fn -V Y. rv' -.-ff,x,,,,,,q.,w,a. r3"n4-fv,KvJ"'CC1 . 3 aww i 'i"""' - IZQZ . f QMWWW A02 afiwff GLW' 1 ' If "' ' "f"Z2?.ff1?f':a132'i'i. ' f m 11 .L...-.!i1..Li21.4- 4 7' I - ' W fv-

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