Denby High School - Navigator Yearbook (Detroit, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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5 .. Novl Detroit Mlchugon 1958 ce in the World Like Eclwm Denby Hugh School 2 O O . ' O I I . . ' Around Denby In Four Years and now we are on the last lap of our tr1p Its been an terestmg Journey We ve traveled from the unexplored reglons of darkest geom etry to the Wlnd blown plalns of the football f1eld and down the w1nd1ng pathways of dr1ver trammg WE VE GAPED 1n awe at the strange maglc that gave us a tele v1s1on set lnstead of a teacher and a sputnlk to w1sh on lnstead of a star We ve wltnessed exotlc nat1ve dances performed especlally for us at a strange trlbal r1te known as Assembly TOGETHER WE VE pushed our way through the Denby verslon of the rush hour crowded 1nto f1ve m1nutes and we ve all gone through a strange ceremony known as Comprehens1ves Yes It has been an lnterestmg Journey We wonder what s gomg to happen next on tl11S tr1p 0 . 111- : ' - . , . . . , . . . , ' ' a n . , . . . . , a ' n . . . . . , . , . . Road Map STOPPING PLACES ROUTE SENIORS ACADEMIC FINE ARTS COMMERCIAL HEALTH SERVICE 0 .. .... II ...39 .. ...59 .. I ...73 ,, ...a1 . .... I5 Our Trlp Was Great In S8 LIKE MOST travelers who take planned tours Denbyltes were a l1ttle breathless because there was so much to see and do Stud1es were tackled w1th new ser1ousness but the day was st1ll balanced w1th other mterestmg act1v1t1es THE DAY before students enrolled 1n September teachers became re l, 1 acqualnted w1th MISS Dorothy Jones ,nw who had been an exchange teacher 1n an Hawau Here she presents the prm c1pal Mr Irvm Wolf w1th a le1 TERM PAPERS are the A PRIZE WINNING scr1pt gets a work blggesf Job 1n the 12A out from the DBG students semester as Judy Radzom and 600 other sen1ors w1ll w1ll1ngly testlfy FOR SPECIAL occaslons Denby s students tumble out of bed before sunr1se to l1ne up cheerfully for t1ckets The Chl'1StII18S d BRAWN? BRAIN? Beauty? Gym Concert IS one of those re classes help everyone get m shape letter events even Lf team play 1sn t poss1ble , ' 0 , A Y - . 5 X W ft . . . . . . ,E H XV 5 . , I v X if " , 1 M V . 44 , - 1 ' ' 4 Q' ' I ' If e ,V , .. . - L A M . . . . . , fi 1 - - ' 4 K 4 ,Lv 4, 3 7 s ' it , gym o bee? 5 , Q ,B t -1 I A , is s r U , . . , . . '- I l nl TRACK MEN help to lighten the spring semester. Here Ralph Green instructs two men . SPORTS ARE for everyone Here Trudy Spltsbarth demonstrates the winnmg form of the f1e1d hockey team IN 58 as 1.11 most other years there were usually books to take home assign ments to complete . . . wx ' , , . , ,ta 9 , ... ,, ' . - ,Muff f , L, ,K M , M24 ' ff 1 f , ffl? f THEY TAKE THE WHEEL 4: is-L WHILE HE was motoring through the West with his family Principal Irvm Wolf and lus daughter Pat relaxed at Capas trano AT HOME with her dog Mitzi, Miss Grace Weston relieves her mind of her many duties as assistant principal, which include arranging the school calen er AS THE TIMID freshie cautiously enters Denby his next four years are placed in six capable hands These hands super vise his ent ry arrange the special events for his benefit organize the master schedule of his classes offer guidance if he is wayward and eventually arrange for his graduation Guiding this overall activity of the school 1S Mr Irvin Wolf principal Miss Grace Weston assistant principal and Mr Arthur Diekoff assistant principal WHEN ASSISTANT principal, Arthur Diekoff is not busy at school with his duties which include fitting the many classes into the available rooms , he enjoys working with younger boys at Camp Leelanau where he is a counselor during the summer months . ONE OF the stars of the Semor vs Faculty basket ball game was Mr Ted Meyer AC STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1 Carol Du Ross, Jeanne Rau, Laudra Jubenvllle Ed Wahl, Dxane Barlow, K1rk Waymlre, Judy Knopp, Mrs Santa Thompson Row 2 Yvonne De Sanus, Bonme Lou Young, Nancy Kamego, Rack ellne Perry, Jamce Kostun Barbara Lange, Kathy Feeney, Loretta Benachowskl, Judy Radzom, Sharon Boyer, Sue Frxery Row 3 Jean Grover, Roseanne M ncuso, Ann Rogdan, Judy I-lawkms Chuck Schneider Ken Hebson, Cary Wold, Sandy Simpson, Mary Ellen Appleton, Ron Mornson, Gmny Wexdner Row 4' Leanne Mc Elhoe,Jan1ce Cucchl, Mary Browmng, Jo Ann Kravez, Volker Krause Carsten Fedders, Bob Emllng, Barbara Schlmmel Nancy Sandacz, Harvey Schnelder, Wayne Savage SOME OF the Student Counc1l aCt1V1t16S tlus term have been the clothmg dr1ve safe drlvmg week, the 1n can Fleld SGFVICG exchange program Members also help to solve many school problems TRIIVIMING THE C0llI1C11 sponsored Chrxstmas tree IS member Bonme Young T IVITIES AS DENBY V1S1t6d tele v1s1on's Dance Party' Bud DRVIGS spoke Wlth presldent D1ane Barlow 7 : . . , ' , : FL ' , u - . 7 . A , . . 47 formation booth, the Ameri- 4 . - 5 S I K . V 1 "ff , '57 , 1 I - V.: . . . - . . 4 Engrossed w1th the afternoon schedule Mr Russel Swartz conslders the work he must f1n1sh before the end of the day MQW Fuushed w1th the day S work Mr Mr Harold Hammond Charles Shlres IS workmg hard to f1t takes a moment all the subjects a to relax and plan student requests 1nto tomorrow s sched the busy 'lenby Cul' r1cu1u'n 8 f i of A-fi ,Q nf" , I PQ . u u L , Q ' . ' . , 7 -, - . - ule. ' 1 - ' "fi 'ff Q 5 Q f ,wo . li ' 4 H Q . 3 f ' J ' ff 1 , 3 di! l'.' 5' , hut' v , 4 5 A ' Q Mr. Ted Meyer can 'ggi 'lil' 0 counthismanyyears , T ' "- ' ' " at Denby by the ""' ' ' mementoes and pic- ' gg, hguu tures displayed in Hi his office. Wondering what girls do in child care is Mr. Richard O'Rou- rke , counselor and faculty basketball star. ,mfu y. . 2' . X L 5-'L ' . by .7 . One of the many calls received by Mrs . Vivian Di Marco is answered during the i'--I early morning. "They always become sick when a test comes ," muses Mr. Louis Schulman. 9 was , A M Q -.3 lf fri-wifi Q E '-fi. e '-HM A if N A G "1 V- - - , x. Q ,f a il L? A 1 11 V? - . -:-2:-V.-g ,www kx Mr Wllham Greene wonders at one of The counselors en the many excuses he JOY a hghter mom recelves da1ly from ent durmg one of his Students the1r many th1rd hour conferences THE COUNSELORS Jobs took on a new look th1s year as the houses were mtegrated for the f1rst t1me The men had trouble f1gur1ng the credlt hours offered for home econom1cs and ch1ld care classes and the women soon learned the value of 1ndustr1al mechamcs and football It was no time at all before Mr Meyer became accustomed to the var1ety of commod1t1es found in a female Denbyxtes purse and Mrs Dent attended her flrst football game 1n the l1ne of duty Many experlences were new for the counselors durmg 1958 but the way in wluch they guided us along the road to graduation was trad1t1ona1 and we knew It when they w1shed us good luck and handed us our d1p1OI112,S before our last walk from h1gh school 10 Closing the files is Mrs . Ada Dent who lms put in a typical busy day helping Denby students . Seniors January Officers f 5 so r A of ,gag I 'A 3? George Bletsas, President Ken Tabor, Vice President Katle Yeager Secretary Ken Hebson Sergeant at arms Judy RUSC1016111 SOCIHI Cha1rman Bonme Jo W11s0n Treasurer June Officers X55 Tom Bleakley Presldent Robert Emlmg VICE Presldent Earlene Rentz Secretary Larry Schnndt Sergeant at arms Judy Radzom Soc1a1 Chalrman I2 Janice Nelson Treasurer if Q 2 I ' db EQ, .,.,'v eq e a - - E in v ' , as . ., . . . . , O , . , . . Q A W K ' 1 D . D . S Murray Adams Geraldine Adelini Halima Akhtar George Albrecht Larry Alster josephme Amara Larry Andersen Faye Antonlou Harold Antonson Chrxsty Araucz james Ashmore john AuSt1D Gary Bach Elaxne Baetz Bonme Baxtmger Nancy Baratta Ed Barsottl Carole Belha R1chard Benz Barbara Berndt Kenneth Bxrjkovff George Bletsas Yolande Bocquet Loralne Breen Murlel Brlggs joan Burkett Marllyn Bums jacquelyne Butler Sara Butler Adele Calcaterra Nancy Cannlng joanne Carduck Patncza Carr Margaret Canes Sharon Cartled Duane Claes Wxlllam Clark Davxd Clausen Douglas Clxfton Bob Constantxno 1' ' CT. is X11 AJP . , cs' lx Meme X rf I . ui 1' Marion Cooper Nick Cortese Roger Cyrus Curtis Roger Curtis Carol Daily Mary Davis James Dennis Anita DePonio Loretta DeSantis James Dies Joanne DiPuma. Robert Dolinar William Dolling Oliver Draper John Dulkiewicz Beulah Dunn Judith Eckman Joanne Eiferrnan Judy Emrich Donna English Charles Evancho Gilbert Fagerhn Ray Falk Barbara Ann F edon Evelyn Fix Gary Flynn John Fobare Judith Frandsen Jack Fyfe Ron Gabnel Phil Gambino Margaret Gazley Anita Gentile Tim Geottes Richard Gerber Gislaine Gigante Judy Glaeser Bob Gores Robert Gough Shirley Grabosky Judy Greenwald Carol Haber Carole Hall Chrlstlan Haller Dorothea Hansen Shella HBITIS Barbara Hayden Ken Hebson James Herdenrelch Preston Herd Fred Herbst Elsie Herman Pat Hogan Dolores Hord Douglas Howe Dave Hulber Vxrgmla Huntoon Mane Hurford Kathy Ingalls Frneda Jaeger Thomas James Barbara Johnson Wxllram Johnson Jean Johnston Frank Ka ser Denms Karas Ron Kelmer Lo1s Klexber B111 Klewanchuk Glenn Knack Dlck Knobloch Joyce Korte Joann Kovack Garry Kraxch Barbara Kramer Melvyn Krlstoff John Kuehl Catherme Kushnxer Kathleen Langell Robert Langeloh J, f -.., :D 'S' "QW ,GQ BW 9' ,A ur .L Q' 3 1 2 . i I 'F Q Q' hi of-. it -1-J' 5' 1. , 4 , ig -O 'QW' Q6 'Qtr 4.1 ' ' I 3' Conrad Lapinski Gerald Lattanzi Sandra Lee Frank Lesch Robert Lewandowski Frank Lieberman Elaine Liska janet Littell Wllllam Louthan Dlallfl MacKay Kathy MacRae Davxd Malec Ronald Malone Erm1n1e Manc1n1 Suzanne Marsh Judlth Mart1n1 Valerle Martm Rose Ann Maryonovlch Ph111p Maxey V1o1et Maynard Nancy McClure jean Med1Cl joe Mertz Dav1d Meshorer B111 Messerschm1dt joan M1115 Don MISUTHCH Sharon M1tche11 Bob Moody Harry MOTTIS Don Mroz B111 Murphy Judy MCCHITDS james McDonald Marxlyn Nauts Andrew N1CklET Dan N1cho1son Katherine Nothof Rudy Nurmi john Oakley Roger Olm Norman Peck Robert Peppler jerry Petz Gary Pollard Don Poosch Olga Porch1a V1v1an Puddle Ted Prokopo Peggy Ramsay Barbara Rapp Karen Rappold Marllyn Razek Rosemarle Rehdorf joseph Renda Ann Rlchards Donald R lchardson Dave Rlchey Barbara Rltter Dlck Robmson Carol Romeo Mary Roy Dennls Rozlch Iudlth Rusc1o1e111 Theresa Rotzell Bob Saurme Edward Sch1appacasse Karl Schmitz Barbara Schlmmel Nancy Schnexder Karen Schoenbom Er1c Schoettle Peter Schram Russ Schroeder Werner Schroeder Norbert Schultz Elame Selfferhen john Senstock Barbara Shatzer Charles Shuler rg, wi L.-16 '34 if-s sp., as as g...A h 3' l Sharon Wortley Alice Yeager Arlene Zink nu-Q' 'mwa :,4o"K Concetta Sllvestrl Iudxth Slmklns john Slngley Tom Smith D1:-me Soboc1ensk1 Davxd Soutar james Spence Charles Sprlnger Don Stagner Andrea Stephenson W1ll1am Stewart Wllma Stler Don Stoker Karen Stuef Kenneth Tabor Ken Theunlssen Carol Thomas Dave Thomas jun Thurman Juhe Todaro Cormne Toepel George Toger Eleanor Tundo Phxhp Ulges Eleanor Walter Amta Wehrmann Iud1th Wendler Russell Wendland Rose Mary Wemer Bonme Jo W1 lson Noreen W mkler Susan Wxttbrodt Rxchard Woodburn Arlene Woodruff Mlchael Woods NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Tim Bauman StanlEY Matemd Donald Dodson Sylvia Sosnowsln Peter Garafalo john Stanco Bert Kemp Bruce Toepfer Denby High School June 1958 Sandra Adair James Addxs Jack Agosta Rosano Agosta Thomas Aud Kay Albertson Henry Anderson Louis Anderson Mlchael Anderson james Andrasko, Jr Herbert Annas Barbara Anthony Robert Anthony James Arbury Donald Arc1les1 Patrlcla Armstrong Andrew Asaro Arnold Awe Donald Ayre Wllllam Bakeman Emerson Ballmer j Erma Banca Thomas Bannasch Cathryn Barclay Drane Barlow Donna Barr Robert Barto Shella Bates Prxscllla Barblerl Vlfgll Baugher Cynthia Bauldry Mart Baumgartner Gerald Bayer janet Beck Wllma Beegle Robert Beekmann jacquelyn Bell Janlce Bell Alfred Belles joseph Bellx iw- sa.: 14" fb 'PQ 3-Q 3 0-We 'if R f' 4, V 17 N--V if nh Bti? 7 1 midi : if from 'bx 17 Q-r SMX' 5 91' :arc gn is if in "Q-n ,xl Nu QQ f 1:7 -if LA 'N N A , , 6 f 'E' 2 ' ll D at 7. . , 'An Ar Q R. II 4 st .' rs . tk- ' ' v- ,Q 0' A ir " "' f ' - a so A Q A ' A- l' - X.. - V 1 g ', wx X 33 l in ' A or 1:-ff . . K 0 I ' ' N.. , Y l snf' gg ' I , B , I ' wh -6.1 C Jill 3 ' Qvh X, '51 Q- "' , . f P .. , 'Y 'C' 5' , .,... ,, I ,A 1 W X' g ' ' ' 1 J ' A f? 'B , , I'. V ai' g 'px 'ivy k 6 4 g g E K ' A 5, 8' - - I ' ...- r ",. in .h ' . ' Y f -4- :D V ' ' ' ' af. x . . . . Y l ' lg " A 'Q' xl - A ' sh , X ix , ., I VV . my .6 .i , at ' A A K . s 'ii , A ,I ' 1 ,Q 'g.r"5 'W' , A.,t- r is J . sl 1 I n RN VK cl V ' 15, ' . ' , 4 :lf . t Durell Bender Gary Bemhardt Thomas Bleakley Kenneth Boland Robert Boho Gerald Bollmann ROSHIIE Bommanto John Bonanm janet Bowlmg Jay Bowman Betty Boyd Davld Brady Douglas Brlll Mary Brocato Thomas Brown Mary Browmng Mary Buchanan Ruth Buchanan Norma Budmck Wllllam Bullard Carl Burger Ralph Burgess L1nda Burmelster Nancy Butrum Bobble Byrne Mattla Cacclapalle Rlchard Calandro john Campbell Roselyn Campo Joyce Calavenna Glorla Call joan Campo Marta Caradonna Rlchard Carlson Pau'1c1a Carpenter Joann Carr Larry Carr Don Carrow Iudlth Carruthers Raymond Burdiak 1 ,lr- Denms Caruso Lmda Carter Nxck Cxcchettx Salvatore C ensoplano Leonardo C ercone Roy C esaro Raymond C hatelm W ayne Clulders jacquehne Chmrelewslu Marlene Chrxstre Barbara Chrostowskr Barbara Clto Kay C loutxer Mary Cofell Nancy Coffman Pamela Colloraffx Glorla Connelly Sandra Conard jonathan Look Barbara Cooper judxth Copeland Darlene Courtney Constance Cummmgs Carol Crarg Brenda Crandall Patrxcla Daczkowskr Suzanne Dalley james Danhof Evelyn Davey Laralne Day Carmella DeAnge1o Rlchard DeBano Mane DeBusschere Gerald DeHenau Manolley DeLoy Mary DeM1ch1e1 James DeM1tche1l Fredench DeWeese W1111am DeW1d Marjorxe Dey if el' 'V E sv- iQN" '3- My 'T ...J ,cvs 1 3' N 4v 'Q N 'C' v' ,av 01 'Q- i F11 3 fg- Q! D- ,ff 'ZF ' lil :P :Y l ' -' 1 l A ' 145' G - 1- " ' l I . I ' X ,',.f zur I, ll an Ay rl A X x Fl -21 ' 1 mf . ff' y R l f ha' :Z ,S pa , ,S ,fa K U T 'g 5 6- ' 0' l' 5 'il ' , ' . 4' X l of 2' a - f 4 I ' . ' :sr ' as f 'L F . ' k- . v x .X T H ' 4? 9 ,Y e If we . ,A Au... I 1 lil . ' ' Ak . . 3' ,W D ' 3 Q i L Av 5 ' --:Q , ., ".' ,,. Y . B N an V, . Q ,A v, y - fa J r I5 In V A I A 1 , . 'A C V 1 SX ' X ia ' Z- ' wa' - , l a we ' X l ' , . , , Y .. c V fr , ,, W' gig, , V ,, joseph D1c1cco Elizabetta DICUIZIO john DIYHBIZIO Vita D1Pao1a Sarah Dixon Theodore Dorre Richard Dragomer Doreen Drobka Robert Drummond Judith Dumbleton Carol DuRoss Wayne Dyer Marion Dziuban W1111am Ede Harvey Edwards Aldls Ejups Richard Elliott Charlotte Ellison Jack Elwamer Robert Emlzng Sally Engel David Englehardt Gerald Evens Suzanne Fairchild Sharon Farrish Carsten Fedders Ronald Felske Janet Ferguson Sue Fett Sandra Florkey Joseph Fiore Robert Fischer Roger Fischer Wayne Fisk Shirley Fix Anna Fletcher Dennis F oran Stephen Force Diane Forgey Marjorie Fournier fav' 'asm' vw., nv'-'D' WW' A59 50" saw I g li ' ,M 1 , M f e,..,., f ":'7LQg ' .... nt e, e 4. A 'BTG L, A, gf 4-. 3 -4 '19 I' 1' aa, 2:7 'Q - 61' f 5.4 ,, 'f' ' 'l .f.x1V L 1 ' -LI ek:--lift 'f-' if A IN-J:'1L f ff-ni-1161 t-!T::f:: if Patrxcla Fowles Robert Fracassl Rebecca Framke Patrlcla Francxs JoAnne Frank Ph1111p FTHHREHSCEID Glorxa Franz james Gal11na,J Lawrence Garr Donna Gellasch Ronald Gentry Rita George joseph G1g1lOftl Peter Gxllespxe Dolores G1zz1 Edward Glod Carolyn Glover Judxth Goemaere Flora Golden Mary Goodme Lorna Goodwm Bonme Gordon Catherlne GOFSR1 Barbara Grassa Barbara Groves Donna Grlgnon Anthony Guglxelmettl Norman Hahn Paul Hahn Ja mes Ha 1sl1p Gall Halllley W1l11am Hancock W1l11am Hanes Gerry Harms R Lee Hassell Carl Hasten Mxchael Hatrack james Heldenr 1ch Lleanor r1-i1z Vue! if -gp 18 Qu-v 4 fx, '31 ,.. Ni 311' 1' 1 in Q :JN si Evelvn Herchak , '- T' I Q NN.-:J 1-37 23 ir-f -5 ,z PW -P9 '96 if fav if -19 1:- it AL, 1 js I Cv' it 45' if War Joann Hermetz jerry Hess Mary Heubel Frank H1CkS 1111 H11debrand Onetta H111 Ann Hllton Ralph Hztchcock Carole Hoffman Roger Holland Norman Holzhauer Gerald Hoover Patr1c1a Howell Ma lvma Huard Sh1r1ey Hubbard Larry Hudas Barbara Hudock Sh1rley Hufman Rodney Hunter Beverly HutCh1DgS Robert Hutchmson Sam Iaqulnto Deane Ingledue Cormne J3,I'1'1k0WSk1 Robert janxsse Nancy jankowskx joan Jansen joanne 1851011 Rose Mane IHVOFSKI Grace Jobb1tt jack johnson Kenneth johnson M1chae1 Iolmson Robert johnson Dlane joras Barbara Jordan Kathleen jordan Laudra Iubenvllle Constance Kacel Gerald Ka dhtz Charles Katzer Raymond Kaye Theresa Kearns Patricia Keller S haron Kelly Dale Kenel Allan Kennedy Marshall Kern George Krckhofel Carol K1stner Gordon Kloha Helene Kloss Don Knoef S he lla Kmght Jud1th Knopp John Knox Gary Koehler Vugmla Kolton Darlene Komar Marzlyn Koschxk Dlane Kramer jean Kramer Rxchard Krause Volker Krauss Dlanna Kross Douglas Kuffert Barbara Kuhle Carol Kuhn Ma r1e Lab1e Helen LaChar1te C arol Lada Susan Lamb 4. ,vp -is: x, Lf -.4 Qap ,I 1 f I 42 . :QCP r ' K 5 ,- q---nv V" as M 1""P Dorothy Lambrecht " Patrlcra Landgraf Judy LaRocque rank Lattanzv ngela Laudazlo 'Thomas Layher anlyn Lazarls fiqcy Leath J- V -JF l 1 UZ. T' San x Kel A we-WM 23' ff ' l ' . A " ,. Q fb I Q 'QXQ -4 l . ' , V I? I 'l in U' Q Qc . 5 .13 V In V, . ,,,I: :vv I N x K W' is 1-vw f fffi 6 . . . 4-f Q in fax -f . . ' t X ,M y, Y,,f ,I Q Q ' L Q ..i 7 n K, N .gf . I ,sf ' 'Q-,P V ge D K 2' fx' 6 K: 5 A av fig' 'ff X .,-- br ...J ki ll as ff - 17251 ',.. , " ' .: . gg f :zv A 'El 0 'V A x 4,54 I' i , M, .J.- , B iu . , s as 1 I C F 4 'J' , . I lil!! 'L ,KM ' 'Q if "' L. x 35 , qi? X 19 C 'vs-:iQ 'Q i 'QL' 26 William Lehman John Leininger Patricia Leland Carol Lepage Mario Lepore Vivian Leuzinger Robert Lewis Nelson Leze Gloria Liddell Alfonso Lieghio William Lingo Gerald Llntemuth William Lxnto Joyce Litsky Richard Lorenz Jud1t.h Louvet Roy Lowekc Nancy Lllbllk William Luxmore Audrey Lutz Priscllla Lutz Judlth Lynch Marilyn Lynch David Mack Barbara Maier Judith Maloy PHUFICIH Malta Theodore Manning James Manzo Glorla Marcetti Hilde gard Mark et S haron Morron e Carolme Marshall Barbara Martin Roy Martlndale Donna Martin Linda Ma schhoff Janet Matyn Judith Mayer Sue McCage Mary MCC all Judy McCandless Lo1s McCarthy Llnda McDonald Dennls McFeaters Margaret McKtnz1 Elame Meller Carolyn Melvedt Mary jo Mercurxo Angela. Messma Margaret X411 hntr Mary M11 1alL Paul M1110 Barbara Mxller Neal Mlller Fr ed Mltschkc Glorla Mommc W11l1am Monfxls JoAnn Mongellx Ralph Mongoller Cmce 'Vionrot George Monty Robm Morkal Margaret Moore Mlchelangelo Morreale Martha. Morrrs Carol Moru Iudxth Moss Rlchard Motychka Rxchard Vox tv Beverly Morley Louann Mroz Joyce Mudd Patncla Mulroy Alexander Mutch Mary Mynatt Wlulam Neely Arlene Nelsen jamce Nelson Judith Nelson Q... L :- Y"'V 'ltr' T' 1' 'S' 27 Gi "wr 5-'S' 149' gi C P it I9 fi 'sl C' .,..- l:.:,w ,f ' 1 af -,ra an '40 Sv' if-31 g 'X Q-1 'iv IQ' 3" A, "QW df run--4 K. -f' fy A1 C7 I 9 Q PM ld In X1 '30 3 E' QQ' -VX ?7 28 1 EQ A ' 1 . -.V V V , VV, V219 , , ,, , , .VA P P V ' A-J Vg 9 g V ,.... .N V we 10 K - - H 6 . 1? 5, A AQ ' Wig V A ' W A -11, wi 'ir' fl P . ,ff 1 9 P eg yrs 1 V A VV V , VVVVVV, -A 'J we Q 5' 7' te A '5 2 ' if ' cf' lj X :. E A 1' V, V W W' ly V 5' I3 V iilz gt ' fl ' 4' 93. ""' , ,V ' "'-T-Y' V VY1 Daniel Parker , . .,V E i, , We V V 1 4 I, V V V , 4 , l . ' L A ' lm' ' ' It -'f of 5 p P l 4-Q - X ' ' CAV V 'V 4V I - f . V ' . I A 'fr , r ,XV V , . Mary Nersessian Mitchell Newmann Gregory Nickel Penny Nicholl Harold Nixon Llnda Noble Margaret Notaro LOUISE Novak V1tO Nucclo Elmer Nurml john Nyboer Gra ce Nystrom Kenneth Oakes Carol Ochala Sandra. O'Connel1 john O elschlager Brenda Ogorek E11 Olmger Gerald Olsen Susan Olson Loretta Ordakowskl Jud1th Or1 Sam Orlando Robert Osborne W1ll1am Oscpchook Fredemck Ostermann L eonard P addock Judy Pascoe Davxd Patten james Pauley Beverly Pence Lynda. Pendley Roger Peplaskx Cynthaa PereJda W1ll1am Peters Carolme Petrucka Anne Pfelfer Emest Pfelffer Larry Pfell Deanna Phelps Gary Ph1ll1ps Carol Plllow joan Pomavllle Freda Potts Rxchard Powell Carol Prater Carol Prokuda George Provo George Pumphrey Terrence Purd1e Louls Quercla grossa Gerald Rabb Davlda Raber Iudlth Ra dzom Nolan Ragsdale Amta Raguso Jette Rasmussen Paul Rasmussen Nancy Raymond Rxchard Rea Judith Rector Nancy Rehn Henry Relchert judlth Relchmann T nth Remhart Earlene Rtnti Louis Ret Robert Reynolds Beverly Reyst P ro 1 Plfkenbaclfcr D T1 lo 111 Sandra Rltz Budget Rlzzo Rxchard Rod eh Dale Robmson Ela me Rocco Karen Roche Paul Roehl Carolyn Roelke 1' he il 17 lv-0' vu rx Av' if 8-1 w4'X Y' S N! 3 'E-X 5-1 94? -qw N Qu 'x in 'if y- f if y ,, lib + N y ,, 2 W.: '. . H Q I 3 S, . Q9 I ' 'f E 5 fi 1- ' Q- 'Z .gl - A ' - 'xv 1 . l R l A 1 ' I 1: v Q, K ' ' R '-L I A ,iv Q, , 5 f G' G ' ' M ' - I R 1 .2 h Q .I I if ,Q lf- sm . IL' -a ' K' v 'wr 4 A X . i Q ' G Q ,y Q1 Q jg 2- A N gg' im . I f ' , , 'E .et N ' X Q R ,I ,, " . ,gi ta Q - in li Se: X at tllt . ' X y ,Q . '54, it is . , Q 1 Q X1 . U Q, Ra " L fl EW a6'Z'., 'PSV 00' ,Wm 'VUE' 'QV A I If? ua WG? "' OB' .,.. ez-,v 1 'I Az Rlchard Rohde Ervm Rogers Thomas Rokop Joanne Rose Rhoda Rose Kathleen O Rose crance Marlene Rossl Karen Rosteck Geraldlne Rott Charles Rouls al Ruedzsueh Nlancy Ruger Patrlcxa Rumons Barbara Rupert Roger Russell Nancy Sandacz jacquelme Santmo Illdlth Saponaro Iamce Savage Amta Schxckle John Schlager Gerald O Schmerlmg Ralph Schmldt Rosemarxe Schmidt Sandra Schmldt Thoma s Schmldt Paul Schneemann Claudla Sclmelder Sandra Schnexder Rlchard Schober josephme Scholfxeld Karen Scholz Norman Schroeder Katherme Schulte Lmda Schulte Carole Schulz Charles Schulz Patrlcla Schultz Lowell Schumacher Roy Schutzler 01" br Qui' Qi 35 fflk -bf -1 15- '31 MJ Qi ,ay 2 AI '-In Ak .-of It '?? Hr We Q-fl 'Y 'rf like 'HP -vs l L Robert Schwartz Patncxa Schwartzenberg James Scothom James Seamon Edward Segowslu Marsha Sekorske Vxctor Selemca Kenneth Sheets Corrlne Shelton Ann Sherry Cha Sremonezt james Slgman Larry Slmmons Judith Smkel Ruth Sjolander Loretta Sloan james Smxth Patsy Sm1th Wayne Smxth Wrlllam Smlth Thomas Snool-cs Mane SOROWICZ Rlchard Sondej Glenn Sonntag George Spanos Kelth Spencer James Speshock Wzlllam Spxlskl Gertrude Splizbarth Phyllls Sredzmskx Sharon Stallman john Stasxewlcz james Steadman Barbara Steele V1rg1n1a Steldel Rose Stexnacker Helen Stempowslu Gall Stephens Manlyn Sterhan Ellen Stewart 31 5' aiu . n y .Q . , X' y V, . f ' ,111 ,Eg .i . ' S , ,., . A t J X H 12 ' - " . S ll. l N - -5 Q' ilu- 4 U , 1 ,N ' 3 7 . -' " y -sr - . . . , f " ' il A '.",f' -'K 4 f f Q - ?2,ki V '?' ' ' o 5. 4 N. T, H7 l f Q : Q lb' .. Agiiksylil 4 A I . . . V C: .- A 'C . Q - 4, , Q f I 4? 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WMF ,si 555 ag ggif' 3 KZ Q 2 sl we X mx V NAM if-. km? 2'-JK RQQQW """WE s mi- C "' in f It "' 'lx 611 ' 1 -A rt' -' L Academic , THE ENGLISH department, headed by Mr. Thomas Cauley, is the largest popu lated department in Denby and also the most diversified It includes the four grades of literature and composition great books radio speech remedial and accelerated reading the languages German Spanish and Latin and Journal 1sm Don't Hang IN THE INSPIRATIONAL atmosphere of the English office Mr Louis Calfln and Mr Paul Lux compare plulosophies gathered from material used in their extremely popular great books classes -W AS ALWAYS in lus friendly cheerful mood Mr Robert Donaldson is seen here looking up a bit of informa tion from the card catalogue MRS ETHEL Tincher English and radio speech teacher pictured here with Gary Schmidt has honored the school by winning the Audio Devices Contest' with her 60 page essay on how Denby could use all of the equipment offered as a prize and the many uses of tape recorders in the school Included in the prize of S2 200 worth of equipment was an ampl1f1er profes sional type tape recorder a Revere portable three recorders for our language laboratory and 180 reels of recording tape l xy' I F . l , . . yi , . , . -1 c K .- . ,Ei , , ANOTHER FAVORITE En glish teacher Mrs Emily Hause looks up from cor recting themes ,.....-' os Q,-, BESIDES ENGLISH ac fc celerated and remedial lp reading is taught by Mrs Q Alma Fleming MRS MARGARET Mitchell Miss Anne Marie Laird and Mrs. Ethel Tincher preside over their joint television- English classes for 11B American Literature. This class takes place everyday at 9:30. IN THE RATHER cramped quarters of the language office, Mrs. Dorothy Drean, German teacher, and Mr. William Derragon , Spanish teacher, work happily with the new recording equip- ment of the language depart ment. 41 i What We Learn Wlll Take Us Far l"""" THE THIEEEIEEMHIEZR ggggsgrliiehgfgss MR EDGAR LOGAN livens up his English Rod it Gzialfiolgees are discussing plans classes by g1v1ng a dramatic flare to his all I' f a future Sem I, class favorite writing selections or H12 CLASSES ESPECIALLY tailored to meet the needs of Denby students enrich the trad1t1onal English curricuhun The newest of these classes IS seminar This class IS held fourth hour in the hbrary conference room It IS an accelerated class 1n Wh1Ch talented students pursue 1nd1v1dual interests The great books class has been growing in popularity s1nce 1tS begin n1ng several years ago The students read the greatest literature by the greatest authors LOUISE FIORELL uses the Reader's Guide for her semmar project and stops to tell two underclassmen what she is doing GREAT BOOKS CLUB Row 1: Laudra Jubenville, Janice Hutchings, Shelia Knight, Judy Padzom, Judith Moss, Judi Rector, Pat Wurm, Margaret Notaro Row 2: Mr. Thomas Cauley, Karen Wardlaw, Nancy Vineyard, Chuck Schneider Carol Du Ross, Linda Schulte, Julie Argy, Patricia McKenna, Cynthia Neu, Judi Smith, Mr. Robert Donaldson Row 3: Mr. Edgar Logan, Barbara Cooper, Judy Knopp, Tom Kotsis, Linda McDonald, Annette Tillman, Ann Hawthorne, Sheila Bates, Jan Sanderson, Judy Hawkins, Ruth Wahl, Jan Nelson Row 4: Mary Cofell, Carolyn Sykes, Carol Valleau, Ron Webb, Fred Ostermann, Leonard Cercone, Jim Marche' , Mary Browning, Cynthia Perejda 42 06 7 Y iv' LIBRARY STAFF Row 1 Maxme Samsbury, Dorothy Hamelrath, Alexandrla CU.l't1SS, Joanne D1Puma, Josephme Amara, Judy LaRocque, Carol Walls Row 2 Gxslame Glgante, Vlrgmla Kolton Carol Flick Carol Lada, Dorothy DeMercy Donna Fauna, Lmda McDonald, Brenda Van Belle Row 3 Phyllls Petrucka., Donna Moehlxng, Barbara McLaugh11n, Patncla Wrlllams, Kathleen Hlelacher Dxane Dxeball, Janet Brown, Judy MacRobert, Slurley Hoefler, Shuley Szep Row 4 Judy Hacquebart, Joyce Cenzer Grace Ullmann, Pat Schleman, Judy Maloy, Wayne Dyer B11 Purcell, Jackie Scholfxeld, Betty Boyd, Jan Shelley Sally Kocher, Joyce Loncharte Anyone W1Sh.1Hg to go to college IS recommended for the accelerated read1ng class In th1s class students are taught to cover the pr1nted page at a more rapld pace Publlc speakmg, rad1o speech, and store speech are courses to help Denby1tes express the1r ldeas 1n publ1c wlth greater ease Drama IS the only class wluch offers speclal stage techmques and anclent playwrlght 1n the same breath The remedlal reading class helps students that are havlng trouble to read more fluently BECKY WOOD Janet Med1c1, Rlchard Shaffer and Robert Vaughn are tak1ng these red bound d1ctionar1es to thelr 10th grade Engllsh class The books were g1ven to the Engllsh department by the HERE WE SEE Jerry N1x and Jlm Ash more read1ng from the Engllsh Off1C8 f1le of the New York Tlmes THE SEMINAR class meets xn the Lxbrary Conference room Here the students sxt around a large table and dxscuss penetratmng questxons Q 6 ! ' ff' D . 1:1 'R' '5:1 --1' 'T Q I . ' I c I Y Q l f J : . . . . . . Y . , , . 2 n , ' , ' 1 I 9 J 'A H Drama Club. mhz, ,fl W i 5 5 5 V '- E f E I s B. 4 ' ' f ' A I , 1 Q 'X .J 1 , .R ' 5 V j xg fame, ,.., K , Q . U . A . Black and White... And Read All Over WHAT MAKES "our world' go 'round'? Read the LOG and you'll know! Denbyites and their activities , new clubs and classes. . .a pro- gress report on the experimental seminar and educational television programs , faculty additions and changes. . .interviews with famous personalities such as Jerry Lewis Mayor Louis C. Miriani, movie stars Miiko Taka, and Richard Widmark. . . a preview of the play and concerts the likes and dislikes of the stu- . 1 . . . , NEWS EDITOR Kathy Kens- if,-,,.,, dents interviewed H1 the Who s tler, Feature Editor Jean Kramer, Editor-In-Chief Mary Tamarre and Sports Editor Bill Linto plan the final issue of the LOG. UNDER THE DIRECTION of Len Cercone, the members of the staff gave the LOG office a fresh coat of blue paint. Who... news about scholarships and the latest victory of the athletic teams. . . all recorded permanently in black and white. LO G Row 1: Sandra O'Conne1l, Allan Kennedy, Mary Tamarre, Kathy Kenstler, jean Kramer, Greg Nickel, Sheila Harris, Leonard Cercone, Cynthia Perejda Row 2: Miss Ruth Winter, Kim Meyers, Gerrie Adelini, Patricia Landgraf, Peggy Moore, jo Ann Pamis, Louise Fiorell, Holly Patterson, Karen Webb, Alice Stuart Row 3: Sue Huntoon, Carol Anthony, Diana Pitonyak, Sally Dennis, Gerrie DeMitcheLl, Janice Sanderson, Bill Krause, Lin Noble, Karen Krieger, Claudia Love Row 4: Phyllis Calderone, Shirley Edwards, Loretta Benachowski, Cynthia Neu, Janice Koppinger, Ellen Thom, jack Webster, Joseph Hurst, Ann Hawthorne, Penny Knous, Lorie Impens, Linda Pangborn Y 1 1 NAVIGATOR Row 1: Sally Dennis, Sandie O'Conne1l, Gerrie Adelini, Patricia Landgraf, Allan Kennedy, Greg Nickel, Peggy Moore, Leonard Cercone, Cynthia Perejda Row 2: Kathy Kenstler, Kim Meyers, Mary Tamarre, Jo Ann Parnis, Louise Fiorell, Holly Patterson, Karen Webb, Alice Stuart Row 3: Claudia Love, Jean Kramer, Carol Anthony, Gerrie DeMitchell, Janice Sanderson, Bill Krause, Lin Noble, Karen Krieger Row 4: Linda Pangbom, Phyllis Calderone, Shirley Edwards, joseph Hurst, jack Webster, Carsten Fedders, Carol Valleau, Penny Knous, julie Argy, Christine Andrzejewski PAT LANDGRAF and Allan Kennedy, co-editors of the NAVIGATOR, 1 k HAVE You noticed the bright new final drafts of 3,1 Vgiiook, difference in the 1958 NAVIGATOR? ' This includes the extra large and additional pages , more informal shots of the faculty and students in classes and during the extra- curricular activities , and the vivid red cover. To cover the cost of the additional pages, members of the LOG and NAVIGATOR staff sold Denby stationery as well as yearbook tickets. The students were also responsible for the redecoration of the LOG office during Christmas vacation. 2' STATIONERY anyone? asks Sandra O'Connell to any 'L passerby. Jim Peace does his part in making a bigger and better Navigator. 5 gg 45 The Volce DBG Row 1 Judy Mather, Carsten Fedders, Nancy Sandacz, Rhoda Rose, Judl Rector, Ray Chatelm, Mary Browmng, Jack Sluka, Brlan Briggs Row 2 Sue Jed1ensk1, Gary Wold, Sharon Tuschak Judy Woods, Darlene Kornar, Barbara Lange, Pat Wurm, Davlda Raber, Jackze LeMay Row 3 Judle Louned, Sue Falrcluld, Kathy Dornbrook, Jamce Walsh, Judy H2.Wk1nS Dlck Powell Norman Buzzelh, Cynthra Perejda, Judlth Moss Row 4 Judy Bodendorfer, Ken Watson, Jack Adaxr, Kathleen Barclay, Pr1sc11la Lutz, Edward Oleksak Glenn Frank, Elame Rocco, Walt Ballew, John Auld, Suzanne Jacques, Pat Llnklater NANCY SANDACZ and Judy Hawklns are two of the cheerful volces that present the record notlces each day 0 7 a : 1 : : J M 1 . Heard Round The School Q J 4 JU DIE RECTOR Sue Jedlensk1 Ken Wat son and Br1an Brlggs recordmg one of the many tapes done by the DBG JOHN BROWN'S BODY' and "Lute Around Denby were the two reasons for the w1n nmg of the Le1gh G Cooper trophy for school servxce by the Denby Broadcast mg Gu1ld The purpose of "L1fe Around Denby' was to help demonstrate what Amerlcan hlgh schools are l1ke to fore1gn students The tape was presented to Hllda P1eters ex change student on her return to Holland junxor DBG Row 1 Larry Mack, Ronalee Bassett Jxm De Catsye Danny Larosa Douglas Allen FFZDCIC Castxglxone Steve Lopxccolo Row 2 Barbara Judd Hal Martm Wxllxam Sloane Richard Kaye Patncza Housten Mxke Rouls Bruce Wyhe Sue Mxernxckle 47 It Might Have DRAMA CLUB ,,..-a Row 1: Jinny Murphy, Ed Oleksak, Susan Olson, Barbara Cooper, Lee Akhtar, Ray Chatelin, Elaine Rocco, Becky Framke, Judi Rector, Sue Fairchild, Susan Head. Row 2: Sandie O'Connell, Judy Cox, Angela Fairchild, Lorie lrnpens, Elaine Brummett, Penny Knous, Judith Moss, Janet Thiel, Marilyn Koschik, Dianne Stearla Row 3: Judy Mather, Diane Davis, Charles Rouls, Roger Curtis, Jack Adair, Carolyn Sykes, Dick Powell, Pat O'Connor, Mr. Barry Quinn. Not Shown: Edward Olekesak ROMANTIC? Well just look at the picture. Dick Powell and Judy Moss get warmed up for their kissing scene in the play. TRAGEDY? In this picture Dick Powell is being carried in by Ray Chatelin, half- drowned. AND IT probably was Such exciting tlungs happen in this wonderful land of grease paint stage settings experiences while putting on the play Magnificent Ob sess1on the Denby Drama Club can certamly testify to this But then they say a picture 1S worth a thousand words EXCITEMENT? There was plenty in the play when Ray Chatelin and Dick Powell got together for a friendly little MYSTERY? Chuck Rouls re veals the secrets of Dr Hud son s Journal to Judy Moss ACTION-PACKED? A faint- ing Judy Rector is being car- argument. ried in by Dick Powell. Been in Dru matown... and ilnagination. After -their wk ASSEMBLING ASSEMBLIES THE AUDITORIUM Com- mittee, in trying to please everyone with both enter- taining and educational as- semblies, has presented such programs as play pre- views, orchestral arrange- ments , dance groups and pep rallies . Also included were band assemblies , a student talent show and an interview with a foreign exchange stu dent Row 1 Donna Moehllg Marla Brink Sharon Hennxck Kathy Bank Janice Schulte Row 2. Christine Andnejewski Dave Richey M Quinn Sponsor Mario Lepore Annette Tillman 51 Q I y I 7 , - ' . ' ' , , r. J i I ' Capture that Moment 96 E' WITH ALL the good mov1es around th1s year lt became lncreasmgly 1mportant to be able to analyze them and dlscover the1r weaknesses and strengths The F1lm Club met to help students ac cornphsh th1s and apprec1ate mov1es ITIOFS They watched artlstlc fllms and evaluated them afterward, thus gauung knowledge of f1lm cr1t1c1sm Fllm Club Row 1 Davlda Raber, Pat Butler, Jlldl Rector, Juhe Argy, Nancy Sandacz, Rhoda Rose, Mar1e Sokowxcz, Pat Wurm Row 2 Ianlce Heyer, Judy Radzom, Chrlstme Datko, Charlotte Astalos, Mary Cofell, Ruth Sjolander, jean Kramer, Joanne JBSIOII, Pat Taylor Laudra Iubenvllle, Gayla Holmes Row 3 Becky Framke, john Mc Quald, Carol Valleau, Cynthxa Perej Eleanor Hemz, Borls Ostermann, Greg Nickel, Robert Drummond Carsten F edders, Carolyn Sykes, Jlldlth Moss, Darryl Getzan, Mary Brownmg 52 Camera Club: Row 1: Nancy McWherter, Gladys Zielke, Lennart Lofstrom, Richard Tyack, Carole Panetta, Bill La Londe Row 2: Kay Falandys, John Miller, Richard Black, John Kuehl, Kenneth Weise, Larry Szabo, Lois Herschelman ! d , No lnmlts to Ideas PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Row 1 Kathl Kxrkham Judy Mather P3tL111.kl3.C6I' Jeanette Sokowlcl Judy Bodendorfer Joyce Rusclo lelh Janet Speshock Row 2 Zyllha Orkoff Judy Baldwm Mary Hxller Louls ROSS1 Karen Stuendel Glorla Aman Ellen Wllloughby Kathy Llska Nancy Nazar PHILOSOPHY CLUB Fred Osterrnann, Warren Hanselman, B111 Krause, Mr. Paul Lux, Larry Van Alstme, J1m Morche 53 THE PRINCIPAL AIM of the Psychology Club IS to help students to understand themselves and others and, by dolng th1s keep sound mmds and emotlonal matur 1 Students brmg the1r problems and quest1ons to the meetlngs where they are d1scussed and poss1ble so lutlons are d1scovered The club seeks to ac compl1sh lts purpose through dlSCl1SS1OI1, speak ers f1eld tr1ps and movles The hope of the club IS that 1n the future psychology w1ll become a requlred course THE PHILOSOPHY CLUB meets once a week to d1scuss controverslal subjects Among the favorlte top1cs are rellglon, segre gatlon and the purpose of l1fe. The aim of the club IS to g1Ve students a chance to express the1r ideas on current lssues so that both s1des of a quest1on may be heard. 0 0 0 2. - ' ' 5 . ss 5' V 5 . , ,. w , , Z . d , , Q " 3 ., , , . z ..., ' ,G 5 Q ,, , we J, V' , . , I 1' I 3 u P J 1 5 'Q f Q ' V ' X f I C ff, , . -' - 5 r v 9 r x ' 1 5 J 1 1 1 J a p 9 9 ty. . . . . . . . . . , . . . . I . Number MR. MICHAEL GREGG demonstrates the steps to Dorothy Lambrechts, Robert Johnson, Paula May, Steve Verbanac. MISS FLORENCE SCAN LON comes around to help her students in math. Pictured here are Richard Yerant and Frank Sher- man. MISS SCAN LON helps Janice Schulte and Donna Strickland. MRS. LAURA NEEF explains to pupil, ' Q-,.,,.,...4I Jun Iler and a class a problem in algebra 54 QR ' Instead of Slumbers The Math Department watches its figure and keeps up to date with the needs of our students Recognizing that mathematics plays an important part in the llves of many of our Denbyites Dr P1r1e and his staff have altered classes to fit the needs of their pup11s Many practlcal courses are given such as income tax and refresh er math The department's aim is to de velop the student s interest in math and to prepare him for future life MR GREGG watches Jim Rea and Mary Ann Nersessian put problems in refresh er math on the board THE MATH office is a meeting place where the department's teachers discuss the day s problems sometimes over a cup of coffee To many students this of fice is a second home especlally around examination time Pictured here are Mr Michael Gregg Miss Clara Bowlby Mrs Mary Cowall C JANUARY HONOR Guard Pat Smith ex plains an involved problem She has plan ned a career 1n mathematics 996' MATH TEACHER Jack Pr1ce discusses his work with the head of the math depart ment Dr Duncan Pirie WHEN THE Sc1ence Depart ment had 1tS first meeting last September the teachers did not realize that this would be such an outstand mg year for science How ""'-T? MR JOHN SMITKA biology teacher carefully adjusts a microscope in order to examine a species of plant 1 e MR PAUL HOVESPIAN chemistry teacher weigh ing material on a very delicate balance ever many of them return ed from summer studies at colleges and umversities with an up to date know lege in their fields which prepared them in-' advance for the age of Sputnik DR ALFRED POVAH biology teacher with a green thumb caring for the plants in the conservatory. 56 I A Q y MR. HARRISON HOLDREDGE , physics teacher, enjoys experimenting with high frequency electricity. TOM LAYLER 12A honor guard fmds sclence a very mterestmg subject Here he IS expenmentlng m hls chemlstry class So far no exploslonsl Science on the Move MISS HELEN MAHONEY head of the sc1ence depart ment and chemlstry teacher carefully watches the future of thls d1st1ngu1shed f1e1d SCIENCE STUDENTS th1s year had the pr1v11ege of v1ew1ng the model of a real sputmk shortly after the first Russlan satelhte was launched Mr Ford Krause father of Chuck came to Denby to explaln a few pomts on satelhtes as he develops them for the U S government 57 Isnt If A Small World? SCIENCE CLUB SCIENCE HAS come 1nto its own in tlus new world of space satellites and atomic power and the Science Club has not been left behind Denby1tes wlth a crav 1ng for scientific enlightenment have carried on in Wlth an eye to the heavens and an ear to the ground, they continue the1r struggle for knowledge fThat is if they can stay in that position long enough to learn anythinglj Row 1 Karen Nauta, Elaine Brummett, Marilyn Kirsch Row 2 Al fred Batcher, Bob Cramer, Sally Kocher Connie Ternes Larry Alder, john Smltka fSponsorj Row 3 Brian Brlggs, Norman Buzzelll QPres j, Jim Scott, Donald Temple Row 4 Thomas Layher, Douglas Kuffert, Marvm Meyer, Terry Marmo, Roger Yank 58 RADIO CLUB Ronald Petsch, David Allar, Larry Alder, Roy Loweke, Donald Temple Ja mes Colville, Dick Mellm, Paul Van W1e fPres.j, this yea.r's Radxo , Club members, meet to dlscuss the latest word 1n the electronic world wlth their sponsor, G M Rees 7 I Q . their Search for the future through this organization. Fine Arts The music teachers have many activities throughout the term. MR. MACK Pitt acts surprised as the NAVIGATOR whotog- rapher snaps this picture. Mr. Mack Pitt and his band play at foot- ball games , while Miss Marjory Aber and her string ensemble play at many teas and other gatherings around Denby. Mr. Pitt also has a dixieland band composed of a few members of the band. All music teachers help with the annual Christmas and Spring concerts. MISS MARJORY Ab- er, watches the music carefully as the stu- dents in her eighth hour string ensemble play. if IN THE MUSIC of- fice during one of her free hours Miss Isabel Miller looks up from her desk. No Flats In This Group MISS HULDA Martin, head of the fine arts depart- ment, plans the music depart- ments activities for the year in her office. SIC NU TES fiaf MR. CHARLES Demrick looks up from his work while helping counselor, Mr. Lewis Schulman in his office. Unlverscl Language RAY CHATELIN often takes t1me out from play rehears als to relax and play the plano . ,Wu ' ' 1155.11.14 THE STRING ensemble lS polsed here as they accompany the Dance Club 111 a waltz ANN RICHARDS IS runmng over her part for the chestra 1n one of our prac t1ce rooms HERE WE see one of Denby's combo's perform- ing before an assembly. SENIOR GIRLS GLEE Row 1 Edxth Mazzara, Joan Baste, Judy Martrnl, Janet Apfel, Patncla Machenak, Sandra Wendler, Pat Carpenter Cor1nne Toepel, Thero lyn McWhorter, Judy Kxtchak, Patrlcla Petrafka Carol Turnbull, Judy Schenkenberger Row 2 Paullne Gxacalone, Pat Or1em, Norma Bud nlck, Margxe Honderlck, Ahce Stuart, Edxth Weber Dlane Patton, Sandy Llpke, Sharon Donahue, Penny Carpenter, Janet Pama, Betty Canr, Llnda Coesfeld Barbara Weaver, Carole Bellxa, Judy Mayer, Shrrley Hufman Row 3 CHYOI Tarrmgton Judy McCandless, Sherry Yates, Nancy Cannmg, Judy Greenwald, Barbara Hayden, Robm Morkal Geraldrne Kovach, Sylvxa D'Anna, Shlrley Hllbert, Judy Cox, Barbara Ja WOYSRI, W1lma Beegle, Shxrley Edwards Row 4 Eleanor Johnstone, Nellie BODRCQUISIZ, Dorothy Huff, Bonnxe Lou Lawrence, Tom Samoran skx, Nancy Malnhardt, Pat Leland, Glorra Momxnee VIVIKD Prrddle, Lone Impens, Carole Hoffman, Ruth Wahl, Jamce Hutchxngs, Patncra Szubskr, Mary Cofell, Pat Taylor, Sandra Wllson, Judy Emrxch Row 5 Irma Brewrngton, Penny Nlcholl, Glor1a Franz Rose Mane Ha1sl1p, Barbara Marmg, Me11nda Rehn Judxth Hubbell Sue Hames, Carolyn Sykes Valene Martm, Maxme Szalk Carol Letrlch, Nancy Baratta, Helene Kloss, Nancy Shattuck, Merrxe Gall Foerster, Carole D1llenborger Row 6 D1ana Kross,Jan1ce Nelson, Beverly Reyst, Sarah Drxon, Janet Hrttenberger, Sandy Urban, Sue Faxrchrld, Janet Thxel, Carolyn Janusch, Lynn Laros, Judy Van Lander, Annette Tlllman, Nancy Dra chenberg, Jo Ann Smxth, Dlane Eckstrance, Shlrley Kremkow, Dxana Vezmar, Nancy Smrth 'C SENIOR BOYS GLEE Row 1 John Swarthout, Al Belles, Tom Modd, James Manzo, Joe Hurst, Larry Zorbel Lany Andersen B111 P1llar, Bob Caxsley Row 2 Den ms Turner, B111 M8SS6fSChm1dt, John Mack J1m McDonald, Phll Maxey R1chard Benz, Peter Schram Sam Orlando Row 3 B111 Klewanchuk Larry Stys, Al Arbury Fred Sawaya, James Swanson George Robb B111 Purcell, Lanny Whrte Bob Lew1s Row 4 B111 Ede, Karl Zrggy, Matt V1I2.l9 Harry Morrxs Jack Austm George Krckhoful, George Albrecht Ken Tabor 63 J J J 1 W- e M N. : , - 1 : ' 1 1 : 1 , - 1 ' 1 1 1 J 1 1 fl If ' 'B 1 1 - ' WE .Fra A A 5 2 .ns X s 4 :I 1 . 1, -D rf. 1 5 5 ' , - 5 5 , ' 4 X ny 1 ' .sal :G Y 14' --- 3: . ' r .sry - , .- H 1- 'Q' V ,A v P 1 . 'll p1 ., . 1 : ' 1 1 : ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 y Growing with o Melody UNDERCLASSMEN LISTEN attentively at one of the many assemblies given during the year by the music department. S X17 JUNIOR BOYS GLEE Row 1 Roger Holland, Jack Messxna, Russ MQFIDBSI, Henry Herrmann jr Steve Lmdsey, George Ha1s11p, Emmett Kettner, B111 I-lertee, Tom Zens Row 2 Ron Negnsh jerry Weckesser, john Lemmger Ronald Khsh, Rod Bunxa, Bruce Kendorslu, Dave Lemanslu, Ronald Swam, Gerald Goebel Davld Alexander Bob Garman Row 3 B111 Kxyk, Ed Rlchter Harold Mar shall, Ty Fahner, Gary Bergamo, Robert Prumkl, Albert Reaume, jxm Klnkade, Doug Guard, Tom Barrett, Gary Gaucher, Robert Mueckenheim, Anthony 1. Mannino. 65 Chopsticks to Chopin Cynthia Perejda, Noreen Mack, Ann Richards, Eleanor Heinz, Audrey Lutz, Joyce Zielke, Leonard Cercone, William Hancock, Janet Apfel, first violin, Charles Bernadick, Robert Cramer, Davida Raber, Pat Materski, janet Apfel, Janette Trout, Dorothy Damiani, Susan Markus, Ed Dulin, second violing joan Sierant, oboe, James Scott, bassoong Charles Ploof, Bill Stewart, second clarinet, joe Venola, percussiong Santo Urso, Mary Lou Wilcox, french horn, Allen Lux, jim Ruffner, john Macalla, trumpet. STRING ENSEMBLE Joann Miottel. piano, Eleanor Heinz, Cynthia Perejda, first violin, Norman Buzzelli, string bass, Nancy Die- ball, cello, Ellen Lindeman, viola, Robert Cramer, Joyce Zielke, second violin. 66 Vita Amato, Marlene D'Amico, Ellen Lindeman, Mary Tamarre, Roselyn Campo, Nancy Parry, Pat Landgraf, viola, Joann Miottel, Don Stagner, Nancy Dieball, Sandy Reynolds, Valerie Martin, Anthony Vitale, cello, Norman Buzzelli, Gordan Ruttan, Robert Seruga, Kaye Clark, Jim Ashmore, Georgia Andelidis, Ioan Morse, Larry Logli, double bass, Ruth Sjolander, Mary Sierant, flutes, Wayne Childers, Tom Harrington fabsentj, first clarinet, jack DiGiuseppe, percussion, Miss Margery Aber, conductor. VERSATILITY GAVE the Orchestra a varied pace for the past season as it accompanied fellow students on a full timetable of Spring and Winter concerts , school plays , assemblies , and graduation. 1 ' " vi M , , 1 fi A, , V.: W ' Q gg 19-ii SETTING THE MOOD for the Christmas concert, the String Ensemble, complete with boots , Scarves and "' snow, Serenade the concert-goers before they go the auditorium. The Rhythm of Denby on Parade AS THE WORLD turned round and round, Hollywood came to Denby and the band in the person of the ever-famed comedian, Jerry Lewis who started off the school year with a fun-filled assembly. The Tars' musicians traveled 'round the city while marching in football games and parades. Only a combination of mud, sleet and wind stopped the band in the last game of the season. From marching on the muddy fields to the tune of victory, Mack Pitt led his musicians to the brilliantly decorated stage with the sparkling tunes of the Christmas Concert. BAND Flutes: Ruth Sjolander, Vivian Leuzinger, Mary Sierant, Becky Framke, Carol Webb, Paula May, Carol Cryderman, Trudy jozeakg Oboes: Katie Yeager, Sandie O'Connel1, Clarinets: Bill Stewart, Charles Ploof, Pat Weston, Brenda Van Bell, Emerson Baulmer, Joyce Redd, Shirley Hubbard, Sally Dennis, Charles Hepner, Lou Anderson, Dan Graumiller, David Diegal, Dave Iaquinta, Bass Clarinet: Mike Baczewski, Saxaphones: Paul Coesfeld, Tom Kotsis, Richard Brower, Clarence Boehm: Trumpets: Ron Transik, Phil Frankenstein, Frank Kaeser, Gary McCarty, jess Shick, Roger Bodo, Jim Ruffner, Dick Ruck, Edward Budde, George Gomick, French Homs Santo U1-so, Mereynn Bowyer, Janet jenkins, Trombones: John McQuade, Fred Rutherford, Carl Woodruff, Baritones: john Singley, Wemer Schroeder, Terry Marino, Tubas: Tom Bleakley, jerry Huff, David Bloase, Bob Rogers, Percussion: Charles Defaur, Gary Haines, Tony Mangiapane, Dan Carden, joe Venola, jim Manzo, Bill Verb, Tom McMi1lian, Marshall Kern, Jeanette Ross, Gail Marquis, Dorothy Stenzel, Director: Mack Pitt 69 THEY'RE ARTISTIFIC PAT ARMSTRONG and Rosely Campo remove enameled copper from the kiln. WITH EVERYTHING from pencil to cop- per, students develop their skills in the art field of their choice. The advanced class which is largely com- posed of seniors participates in school activities and has submitted work to the Scholastic Magazine. CHIPPING away is Carolyn Crowe . MR. KENNETH Haines MARILYN REYNOLD asks directs sculpturist Bob Frank Rizzo's opinion of Emling. her painting. i X' r BEGINNING ART students work on pen- ci1 sketching and apply the techniques to abstract and realistic forms in life. The costume designing class permits students to model and create their ideas on paper. MODEL PAT Niederstadt POSes for Jo Ann Deisen- STUDENTS of Dominic I'0th, Barbara Craig, and Sondy admire their ChI'iSti11G Kowalski. posters 1 E Q I X AD CLUB Row 1 Barbara Maler, Lozs Kleiber, Shirley Rocheleau, JoAnn Pollom, Bob Emlmg, Barbara Grassa, Chuck Schneider, Grace jobbltt Row 2 Dlane Dannels, Karen Scholz, Dolores Gun, Robert Bell Roselyn Campo, Llnda Carter, Duncan Carswell, Pat Armstron Iudxth Manzelrnan Row 3 Trena Telchman, Sandra McGregor, Ann Bogdan, Steve Dav1s,j1m Akhtar, Kathl Jordan, Klrk,J anne Baste, Blame Pollom, Bobb1e Byrne Denby wou1dn't be the same without the many hundreds of 'who to vote for' , 'what to buy' , and 'there w1ll be a dance next week' banners hangmg across the halls The artist1c members of the Ad Club publ1c1ze athle tic events, dramatic productions , concerts , and all major 3,Ct1Vl.tl6S wlth the traditional, but always or1gmal, colorful posters decoratmg our corr1dors Under the d1rection of Mr Kenneth Haines , the Ad Club has won many awards CO EDITORS ACADEMIC STAFF FINEARTS STAFF 1958 Yearbook Staff Patncla Landgraf Allan Kennedy Cynthra Perejda, Penny Knous, Mary Tamarre, Margaret Sper anza, Louxse Fzorell, Ernest Pfreffer, Ellen Thom, Carol An thony, Gary Wold, Holly Patter son, Kim Meyers Elxzabeth Choate, Sandra O'Con nell, Shuley Edwards, joe Hurst Sally Denms, Gerrze Ade11n1 John Damore, Paul Wlllzams VOCATIONAL STAFF jean Kramer, Phylhs Calderone Loretta Benachowskl, Pau-1c1a Huey SPORTS STAFF Leonard Cercone, Janxce Kop pmger, Lewzs F ulgom, Carol Valeau, JoAnn Parnxs, Lee Muehlmann Jack Webster Claudra Love, Chrlstme Andlze JEWSRI, Lmda Pangborn, Kathy Karen Webb ADMINISTRATION STAFF Carsten F edders, Barbara Ranta 4'Each staff member d6S1Q16d the layout, took plc tures, wrote copy and pasted up at least one page m h1s sectxon MEMBERS AT LARGE who helped especlally at dead lmes and wlth sales Jack DIGIUSCPPI, Krause, Pat McKenna, Peggy Moore, Cynth1a Neu, Greg Nlckel, Tundls, Richard Rea B111 Foster SPONSOR Miss Ruth Wmter : . . . . , ' Sn .Q u . l I l ot 2 ' ' Kenstler, Leonart Lefstrom, . s c n , . I . I : ' , ' ' ' Bill . Guy : J a n - J , Vocational x J Giving Them the Business Co ops g1ve themselves a head start on the busmess world when they comblne professwnal Jobs withtheir COMMERCIAL CO OPS Row 1 Carol Kuhn, Terry Kearns, Lynn Frandsen Manlyn Sue Nauts, Anne Wolne, Amta Schlckle, Sandy R111 School 3Ct1V1t19S on al Row 2 MISS Mary Charat1s, E1leen W1111amS, Barbara Rapp, Conme t6I'Il3.te two W6ekS they 218 Kacel, Joan Pomav1lle Grace Monroe Mary Brocato, Marllyn Lazarxs lugh school students and Amta RaS1150 salarled workers The duel hfe of a co op 1S also sp1ced wlth partles and other social act1v1t1es RETA 1 F Q J 67 J Vmeyand, Chnsnane Vanpoelvoorde, Ellen Stewart, Dxck Schober Row 2 Mlss Lllhan Llcata Pat Turner, DIHDC Washburn, Ioan Ter 1ECk1, Ellzabeth DICILTZIO, Carolyn Bohlmger, Carol Ochala, C-Iona Jean Call, Margaret Notaro Row 3 Arlene Nelsen, Kathleen Golden, Shella Bates, Tom Schm1dt Tom Koechle Carolyn Cublac, Margaret Tomhnson, Dave Mack Nadlne Reynolds 74 ' - . . - - 7 . - z . V . . . I 3 ' I . . . . . C Row . Ueanna . .ru s -...., .n.l......,.l.... U... ,...,-...,....,., U.-,...,, - ' 7 5 J j I MISS MARION Johnson pauses during one of her commercial classes. --I OFFICE PRACTICE girls hold positions in every office and help many teachers ., Experience for ac- tual office positions TYPING IS the most popular elective at Denby. Here we see typewriter number six during one of the busy periods. MR. RUSSEL Swartz tries to fit a vocational or com- mercial class into the pro- gram of one of his students. is gained as they l make their way among the type- M writers in school. THE COMMERCLAL depart- ment includes shorthand, typing, business machines, and all classes pertaining to commercial subjects . Q 'km '- 5 ' 11-1 ' , is -' 1 A E g X, Ad lux ... -0 Y mf ,4f.L:"1 7 DEPARTMENT HEADS Miss mann and 21SSiSf2-Qt Princi- Hulda Martin, Mr. Carl Pal Mr- Afthul' Dlekoff Hause, with Mr. Willard smile as they try to solve Backus , Mr. Robert MC- the age-old problem of fit- Cullough, Mr. Henry Hart- ting classes into an eleven period day. Tickets to Everywhere SELLING TICKETS for everythmg from dances to football and basketball games 1S the box offxce staff s b1g Job every season CORDIA LITY 1S the motto of th1s long estabhshed servlce as Kathy Kenstler performs her Job .A I A LJUIDING HIS STAFF m the vanous sellmg campalgns held throughout the school Mr Moe sm1les proudly at the Box Offlce wmdow COMPOSING the Halllley and Sandra majorlty of the staff Fowles who hold are Judy Lynch key pos1t1ons 111 the Carol Deemer, Judy selling of t1CketS for Kretzschmer , Mar various occasions . n , Gall tha Grathe .ff The Beginning and the End ALUIvlNI REPRESENTATIVES Row 1 Ken Hebson, George Bletsas, Roger CHRIS, Dxck Knobloch Row 2 Judy Rusclolelll Marllyn Burns, Judy Sxmkms, Chnsty Araucz THE FRESHMEN Council members are dolng the1r best to break down the confus1on confrontmg the1r d1SC11SS solutlons to the many problems freshies face when adJust1ng to h1gh school life epresenta sellmg of he plan 111.115 un. Luc yi. ULD. OD thell' agenda The goal of these senlors IS to improve the relatxonship between the school and commumty They also provide scholar ships for worthy graduates I' RESnMAN CO UNC ll Row 1 Rxchard Rehn Patncxa. Lzley, Carter HIX Denms Elchlnger, Lynda Roberts, Peggy Wortley, Nancy Patna Scott, Chuck Schnelder, Judy Knopp, Bob Emlmg, Mxke Rouls, Donna Strlckland, Gayl Leon, Camzlle Mernll Row 3 Llnda Leath, Sue Farm, Shella. Holly, Sharron Frasler, W1ll1am Sloane, Jack Yaxley, Harvey Thompson, John Klnch, Gxnny Grace, Carolyn Dxeball Chfford Cralg, Ingnd Bauer Rlchard Munro, Joanne Gxacchma. , : . ., . . . . t , : . , . . . l . , . . . fellow classmates 0 They Row 2: Jackie Hulber, Carol Nardoni, Jo Anne Bialkowski, Danny . . , . . . , . , I A 4 1155 ' We go sewing along. IRIS SHE LTON models gown in fall fashion show as stu- dent looks on. 78 See, lt 1sn't hard at 3 From Hot Dogs Cutting up is legal in a sewing class. I ...Q 'C' it yw Row 1: Michelle Ritz, Miss C. Johnson, Judy LaRocque, Ellen Schmidt. Row 2: Judy Pace, Ruth Simon, Linda Nelson, Diane Metz, Carol Parker. Row 3: Dianna Wilson, Janice Schulte, Diane Davis, Janice Dalsh, Judy Knight, Sherry Yates. To Crepe Suzette ,,L5 THE CALL of hot dogs and potato chips which you may have heard during foot- ball season, is the work of the Home Economics Club Lmder new Supervision of Miss Claire Johnson. Bliss Johnson, the pretty home economics and child care teacher, leads the girls in their attempt to learn more about being young homemakers . Smile and Miss Johnson did l'....l' I va A11 111 3 day' S work This 18 the way we wash our dishes so Tea, Cookies and Crumpets early Monday 1110111 4 lv!!! I 'll - ' . ,fa 5- Ll . lc,. cw I 11 4 y K T L lbs L L 7 fxx' ,V .ij I -eq k K .I ,,a I an t ing. - 15 Y L. , 25-1 , ' C ri .7 if , . II Y 4 ny ' , P x ,J-. .M his h V' ja I w 79 Roads Ahead SR. MODELS CLUB Row 1: Darlene Deslyper, Carol Lewandowski, Charlie Ellison, Sharon Tuschak, Judith Woods, Carlotta DuRoss, Ja.nice Nelson, Maxine Szalk, Jean Mynaft Row 2: Carol Lepore, Nancy Baratta, Penny Knous, Carole Nelssen, Lorie Impens, Cathy Barclay, Nancy Jankowski, Ann Sherry, Donna Martin, Karen Malew. Marilyn Prather UNDER THE STAGE is a pretty busy place on the third Friday of every month, because that is when the Senior Models train for their future as poised, well- groomed women. The girls learn how to walk gracefully, correct posture , cor- rect use of make-up and hair styling. The girls are required to wear high-heeled shoes at every meeting. JR, Moons CLUB Row 1: Caryl Skibbe, Linda Most, Mari Demchak, Ardra Lock, Virginia Conzelman, Darlene Komar Mary Hiller, Joan Zimmer, Mary Bomrnarito Row 2: Marty Brubaker, Penny Wilson, Mary Ann Gentelia, Beverly Kaye, Nancy Ann Jager, Sharon Stickle, Gerry Irwin, Ingrid Magnuson, Marilyn Reynolds Row 3: Francie Castiglione, Mary Lynn Zeising, Diane Kasinec, Andrea Gignac, Debbie Crandall, Susan Schumann, Doreen Olin, Judy Lieckfelt, Janice Ortrnann Row 4: Dianne Bach, Miriam Miller, Arlene Yerke, Sharon Mallette, Nancy Hupfer, Barbara Wilhelm Linda. Gregg "WALK STRAIGHT . . . head up . . .shoulders back . . . " are familiar sayings at the meetings of the Junior Models. The girls hope that these lessons in charm and fashion will prepare them for style shows FUTURE NURSES Row 1: Marlene Burrill, Patricia McKenna, Barbara Urquhart, Carolyn Ross, Judy Greemann, Mary Mat- son, Judie Lounet Row 2: Connie Scholfield, Karen Peirie, Joanita Maynard, Carol Goetz, Karen Thompson, Bemadette Javorski Row 3: Madeline Motteter, Pat Kuess, Carolyn Michal, Kay Kessel, Susan Verkouille, Judy Grubb VISITING HOSPITALS and institutions and making various things to bring to the sick, occupy the attention of Future Nurses. In their spare time, the girls see 30 movies about nursing, visit x-ray rooms and make tray favors to cheer patients. WS? Athletics s "X cflv lfleg S Q 9 - A VY ? V g g J 1 if ' 49 Qc MR MARTIN As tourxan l , a , I , o-.ff ' I 3 A . ' ' - ' as V .5 ' .a ' X, A A a, f 1 f , D 4 xx "' S n I5 V ' N ' ' -1- 'J' V1 sw1m coach teaches Judo BASEBALL COACH Mr durmg one of hls gym classes r' 1 ,E .ll Im 'YW' 'Hr- BASKETBALL COACH Jack Rice goes over his class cards in the gym of fice John Ramm demonstrates one of the f1ner pomts of the game to the team HEAD OF the athletxc de partment Mr W1111am Reaume checks over test papers from a flrst a1d course MR EDWIN Rutherford football coach takes atten dance durmg one of hls appralsal courses MR RALPH Green track coach talks to members of the track team after a race at Palmer Park eq,-3+ xy-u Ah -, ,lf ' .. I 5 in rn 5 'ffl 'A S I In T55 f' ' f if f- ,f' M ,J 44, v.,.,.- 1 an , K j Q '-'F !, av uf., 1 . . !'r, M ' 4 s 'C A Q, 4' f 'li " " I 1 D I, 3.1 I w, , ,f .. 'Y 1. Q elf jf Rf- 4 Su SEQ! ' ' s 1 5' . . ' , wwf -f f l Q V , I K, 4 x -. - C . Q' . Nr f' A 6 ' Q, . 35 'f 'f 0. " tv ' ' ' I t i'n , Q . 'Yi X 1 nv . , - Q- -'M - ,, x f-le Vfj-fry! 1 ,, ' M A ,QV 'C - , - . -f , . .W- A4... , , . ,bw , ji ' , ' .x ,1 4 A ' w.,'?ff"'- iE"'A"3v'f1 2 ,Q I x Q' 1' V 4,5 ' , 4 J- fy, by 'V F , . A r N 2,4 Q . ,. ..4L .f VICTORY AFTER victory Tars step- ped closer to a Metropolitan League title. They threw up a stubborn defense and ran wild offensively to stop all rivals . However the title of East Side champion was not to be officially theirs as they for- feited their first four victories because MITCH NEWMAN halts a potential two ineligible players partici ated. f f df X if afatf Nxfh Q83-, 'Bl 'X w . 3 5 aa . x X - . I . X I . -xx , Q X Oi ' . -' X 1 X x X " E X x SX Q. p U of D breakaway. In Slx Unclefecatecl Games --38 Denbv Eoslemno FOOTBALL Row 1: George Bletsas, Frank Lieberman, Rudy Nurmi, Ron Trancik, Tom Smith, Ed Budde, jim McDonald, Mitch Newman, Larry Hudas, Phil Gambino, Mel Kristoff. Row 2: Paul Danforth, Bill Smith, Dave Doty, Dick Carlson, Bill Boyko, Jim Haislip, Fred Schultz, Bob Bolio, Walt Maj ewski, Dave Bandlow, Roland Kotwica, Skip Schultz. Row 3 Tony Trior, Jim McNeil, Dick Herfert, Tom Parker, Dick Roach, John Auld, Gary Harris, Russ Marinesi, Dan Graumiller, Ray Doyscher, Mike Sunderling, Eddie Curtis, Glen Strong, Assistant coach jack Rice, Coach Ed Rutherford. P: U-, u ' 'fa J' GUI , 'O' QB, N Wx "We Ate Our ' 7, Wheahes P1-:P AND ENTHUSIASM and, above au, 'Q ' yelling are the stock-in-trade of the cheerleaders. Besides keeping the 12 warm, the bouncy cheers aroused school spirit in the Denby spectators. The Hail Tarsl YOU did it again! Make that climax was. that fateful Friday afternoon kick! when Pershing met an undaunted Denby on the football field. CHEERLEADERS Kathy Ingalls, Judy Radzom, Linda Wittich, Helene Chetkovich, Eve Mom, Sandy Reynolds, Howard Travis, Peggy Gazley Judy Rusciolelli, Pat Machenak, Sue Friery, Barbara Mating We're All Champs! A V t GIRLS, armed with hockey sticks and ball, downed all competition in field hockey. DANCING IS the most graceful sport of all. The modern dance class adorns the S it - rs X was ! 1 , Y nn.. 1 nlrgggr' " Q X A - r ' x QV, .fn BASEBALL RETAIN ED its high record at Denby. Here the boys plan strategy for their next game. 4 ,- D were saluted on Bud Davies T.V. show in January. stage in a calypso number, DENBYITES PROVED to everyone that THE CROSS Country team, here rmmmg they were champions in the greatest to the finish line , won their third consec- Sense gf ghet V:10fd'tbAHe5' learmngdthat utive Metropolitan League Championship. Ou? un e ea e OO a eam was e- prived of the chance to play for the if-i 'A Metropolitan title we cheered them on to a final victory from our arch-rivals . 4 ff., . ,Q 4 i . l .Q.,v::Q"5Q31 LV, .J ' GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY fRESERVEj Row 1: Pat Linklatter, Barbara Shelton, Pat Armstrong, Kim Meyers, Cynthia Neu, Bonnie Young. Standing: Shirley Grassa, Diana Die- ball, Edith Mazzara, Joyce Zielke, Betty McMann, Carole Berndt, Pat Markel, Linda. Pendley, Gail Thygson, Judy Mather. THE GIRLS' FIELD hockey squad de- feated all but one of their opponents this season for the first time since 1955. The team tied Hamtramck, 2-2. In- ,. strumental in this year's winnings, the reserves , along with 4 remaining varsity players , hope for another bang-up year this coming term. ' . , GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY QVARSITYQ Row 1: Pat Preem, Dawn Tweedle, Barb Berndt, Barb Maier, Pat McKenna, Karen Wardlaw. Standing: jill Hildebrand, Nancy Kamego, Karen Rosteck, Trudi Spitzbarth, Eleanor Heinz, Anne Hoffa., Karen Schoenborn, Eleanor Walters. BULLY FOR BARBS -apo' i QL, 1? --,xg ' at i L' A x g? Tiny mb .Aww-f ' -- '- , t, N a get ,br CO-CAPTAINS BARB Maier and Barb Berndt pose a bully after the contest with Dominican. 89 v-. TOM BLEAKLEY shows his championship form as he approaches the finish line against U of D. CROSS COUNTRY Row 1: A1 Arbury, jim Scothorn, Don DeCroix, Dale Robinson, Bob Todt, Bill Hill. Ro Dick Mountz, Tom Bleakley, Leonard Cercone, Frank Carrissimi, Coach Ralph Green. 5 904 h La t Mile to Go THE TENSION of a prospective city championship grips the boys on the way to the city meet. w 2: Rohbi Robinson, George Upton, V ' M gn 5 ,. ,V in H: . ,.s."i5- 4-.X ' "1 "Q Q af .J i ,rv . 1- - 1, ...I U J if A A , 'Xin I N QQ V 1 ,gg N a ,- .Q, .ax ', V ,W M., 1 A31-1WvL,..T,,j 'A , 1-'S' , I' .. if ff x' ,M f' A . pr "-4 F , a 9 4.3.4 3'-A Xxf s D .1 K , 7 I l . W - A- I V, 5 ' . ff - V f ' f ,V'Y .711 Dfpfv 5 1510151 W, DenbyvilIe's Finless Fishes Q ala Row 1: R. Richards, A. Nurmi, F. Voelker,1. Hess, P. Maxey, D. Thomas, R. Loweke, K. Striebel, H. Morris, R. Schnaufer, F. Mitschke Row 2: R. Lewis, D. Grabda, S. Head, K. Jesmore, B. Zeising, L. Munro, G. Frank, B. Smith, R. Marx, D. Wood, K. Marshall, E. Ostin, j. Midg1ey,J. Kelmer, I. Paddack, j. Trocchio, H. Schnieder, B. Briggs, B. Shaw, B. I.aDuke Row 3: Mr. M. Astourian, P. Fox, L. Schwaru J. Lupo, j. Malec, K. Seipke, J. Romine, D. Hutson, E. Noble, T. Major, L. Mastropietro, B. Klein, J. Gould, B. Greenwald, T. Zens, A. Romine Row 4: B. Savery, B. Welsh, R. Dewid, D. Naturkas, W. Yager, J. Artrnan, D. Wendler, D. Allar, H. Wilbur, L. Splane, W. KoLu'y, R. Lazarus, K. Cutter, R. Creary, I. Auripas, D. Sliter, R. Reio, B. Swinyar, T. Szynlo, D. Ruthenburg "SWIM, SWAM, swum' was the cheer of Denby's swimming teams at the con- clusion of each meet in which the boys and girls participated. Although the Tarettes had a mediocre season, the mermen captured the East Side dual meet championship and trounced Redford for the city title. RESERVE SWIM Row 1: Sally Nelson, Carol Cryderman, Marie Blomfeild, Jeanette Ross. Row 2: Marion Buchanan, Ruth Meyer, Artie Krause, Mary Hiller. GIRLS SWIM Top Row: Karol Valleau, Mary Browning, Janice Bell, Nancy Sandacz, Donna Flugge. Row 3: Margaret Nothdurft, Linda Pangborn, Eve Mom, Linda Schulte, Connie Scholfeild, Mary Ann Delmotte, Ginny Weidner, Joyce Sherbert. Row 2: Nancy Perry, Marion Roff, Carolyn Sykes, Lucille Shields, Nancy Raymond, Jo Ann Smith, Connie Ternis, Mrs. Kathryn Daggy. Front Row: Sue Head, Pat Weston, Mary Hilton, Charlene Rezin, Joanne Kurth, Janice Koppinger. GAA Row 1 Ruth Wahl, Trudl Splizbarth, Mxrlam Roff, Lmda Schulte, Barbara Bemdt, Pat Morrow, Gmny Weldner, Shella Knlght Row 2 Karen Wardlaw, Pat:r1c1a McKenna Cynthra Ned1, Nancy Baratta, Lrnda Wltt1Ch, Judy RuSC1OlC111, Charlotte Ellrson, Sue Frlery, Wendre Schafer, Barb Shelton, Bonnle Lou Young, Barbara Maler Row 3 Judy Mather, Ga1l Thygeson, Lmda Pangborn, Judy Radzom, Kathy Ingalls, Pat Lxnklater, J1l1 Hlldebrand, Eve Mom, Barbara Marlng, Joyce Zlelke, Nancy Kamego Row 4 Sharon I-hlllker, Kzm Meyers, Nancy Parry, Shlrley Grassa, Carolyn Sykes, Karen Rosteck, Eleanor Walter, Eleanor Helnz, Anne Hoffa, Jan Nelson, Carole Bemdt, Nancy Zxetz OUR SCHOOL colors are slnmng br1ghtly on Fr1days when the D Club and G A A of the D C1ub's act1v1t1es for the year U e G n O ' ' ' was the sen1or vs faculty basketball game 1n whlch the faculty made good thexr prophesy to mop up the floor w1th the young upstarts D Club Row 1 B111 Monflls, Tom Bleakley J1m Arbury, Jerry Trocch1o, Roger Curtis, Larry Hudas, Ron Tranclk, Chuck Schnexder, J1m Paddock, Al Nurmr Row 2 Mr W1ll1am Reaume Dale Wood, Roger Peplaskl., Russell Schroeder, Mltchell Newman, Bob Beekmann, Ken Hebson, Jack Agosta, Rudy Nurmr, George Upton, Bob Emlmg Row 3 Rodney Hunter, J1m McDonald, Roy Cesaro, Melvyn Krlstoff, Robble Robmson, Gene Thompson, Ph1l Maxey, Phll Ga mbmo, Tom Smxth Row 4 Dick Mountz, Leonard Cercone Jerry DeHenau, Harry Morrls J1m Ha1sl1p, Rlchard Carlson, Werner Schroeder, Ken Boland, Fred Ostermann, George Bletsas don their letter sweaters. The highllght d G I d THE COUNCIL'S 4 sportsmanship flag qbelowj was kept fly- ing throughout the year Matters were rather grim at the Denby Pershing game Qrightj after the news came that four games had to be forfeited due to eligibility rules. 'Mill Fight, Fight THE IMSSC , an organization dedicated to promoting better sportsmanship in ath- letic competition, proved its effectiveness throughout a hectic "57" football season. I 5 54 at Rl fx I. M. S. S. C. Row 1: Carol DuRoss, Penny Nicholl, Harry Morris, Janice Nelson, Phil Maxey, Glenn Frank, Keith Harrington, Nancy Baratta, Jack Austin, Donna Daisley Row 2: Joan Campo, Carol Walls, Sandy Grubbs, Barbara Lange, Phyllis Calderone, Johnnie DeBernard, Kathy Bank, Judy Cox, Cathy Griffin, Ginny Weidner Row 3: Ann Bogdan, Gladis Knopp, JoAnn Mongelli, Minerva Kross, Gaile Christen, Joann Kovack, Nancy Sandacz, Barbara Craig, Trudy Jozwick, Melinda Rehn, Janice Hutchings, Sheila Knight, Judy Radzom, Maureen Pack, Lorna Goodwin Row 4: Lori lmpens, Carol Valleau, Julie Argy, Leanne McElhoe, Pat O'Connor, Betty Shanahan, Kaye Anne Eib, Mary Ellen Appleton, Barbara Maring, Peggy Gazley, Miriam Roff, Judy Emrich, Mary Browning Row 5: Louis Fulgoni, Bob Savery, Jack Midgley, Jim Mc- Donald, Leonard Cercone, Bob Emling, Jim Morche, Roger Curtis, Ken Jesmore, Karl S. Striebel, Al Belles. gfrtuwgt 65, ,. 1,1 Barb Maier jill Hildeband, Marilyn Kirsch, Marlene D'Am1co, Barb Berndt, Eleanor Heinz, Helene Kloss Janet jenkins, Diana Vezmar, Pat McKenna, Gay Helden Pat Huey DENBY S 57 58 varsity basketball team was composed mostly of seniors Eight players will not return for the next cage season and four others will graduate in January, 1959 The hoopsters faced its rougher opponents in the beginning of the season leaving softer leeway for the sprmg semester THIS YEAR the girls' basketball teams experienced something different, two 'fplay days!" The Tarettes teamed up with players from Southeastern and Os- born and chose non-partisan-school teams . January graduate, co-captain Barb Brendt's efforts were appreciated as a loyal teammate states, U We played for Barb to win." Also loyal to team spirit were the girls' parents , cheering them onward from the sidelines in almost every game. Row 1: Dawn Tweedle, Helene Kloss, Barb Berndt, Eleanor Heinz, Pat McKenna5 Row 2: Pat Landgraf, Gay I-leiden, janet jenkins, Diana Vezmar, Marlene D'Amico, Barb Maierg Row 3: Nancy Kamego, Pat Morrow, Carole Bemdt, Donna Daisley, Chris An- dnewski, Barb Sheltong Row 4: Diane Mardison, Shirley Grassa, Judy Belk,ji1l Hilderband, Marilyn Kirsch, Carol Cowles LT. COL. Carl Belt and Brig. Gen. Bork chat with Miss Mahoney by the mis- sile display in front of the main office. THE DENBY ROTC assisted with the school plays, was a big help at the school's first Mardi Gras , and had the thrill of guarding the Army missile. WHEN THE CADETS DENBY'S ROTC students are taught Army tactics and marksmanship. Their imiforms are always neat, and if they aren't well, let's not talk about that! THE DENBY unit placed high in the city marksmanship and showed up well at the annual field day. ls SEVENTH HOURR O T C stands at strict attention on HERE SENIOR Inst. M.f Sgt. Schrock, and Asst. Inst. Sgt. Hewitt, pose with Lt. Col. Carl Belt P.M.S. SLT. on the Denby rifle range. COME MARCHING IN the Denby rifle range. Be- hind them are the rifle racks. CAPT. DAN Sullivan, Lt. Don Temple, Lt. James Steadman, Lt. James Pauley and Cadet Lt. Jerry Roberts stand ready on the Denby Rifle Range. SGT. JAMES Stedman re- ceives trophy for best com- pany passing in review at the ROTC field day from Mr. Irvin Wolf. Looking on are Lt. Col. Carl Belt, Capt. Dan Sullivan, and Lt. Jerry Roberts. If 26 N-siifl Wood and Iron IN 1957, the goli team came in first in the east side league, but, according to Coach Bill Reaume, the '58 squad will have to do a lot of improving to equal or surpass the '57 team's performance. Ron Bruehan and Larry Koss were two of the players who led the team on to victory last year and are expected to do the same in the 1958 season. rut 95mm Q "You can bet it won't be a curve this il' , 1 time ," muses Gus Viglioni, at bat for the A Tars . GOLF TEAM Row 1: Coach William Reaume, Ron Breuhan, Ken Hebson, Bill Foist, Ron Morrison, Herb Tieschmann Row 2: Phil Leucht, Larry Koss Herbert Schroeder, Gene Thompson, Mike Sunderling TENNIS, Boys Row 1: Bob Hutchinson, Ron O'Connell, Richard Anderson, Roger Peplaski, Roland Hunter, Bill Reed. Row 2: Marty Astourian, Kurt Kusch, Tom Smith, Fred Ostermann, jim Morche, Ray Moss. A NEW COACH was found on the courts this year. Marty Astourian took on the responsibility of the tennis matches in addition to his swimming competitions. THE MALE RACKET squad survived this year with third place in the city. COACH MARTY ASTOURIAN remarked that the team did exceptionally well this year. 'Although the competition was about the same level as last year, the teams were more evenly matched." WHILE THE BOYS were bat- ting balls at Farwell the girls were at Balduck meet- ing their opponents . THE LADY RACKETEERS WON three out of their five matches which were against Northeastern , Southeastern and Highland Park. 'IO Over the Net TENNIS, Girls Row 1: Rosemary De Grandis, Barbara llerndt. Row 2: Carol Bellia, Melinda Rehn, Barbara Mier, Sue Goodman. Row 3: Margie Ruthen- berg, jan Byrne, Eleanor Heinz. Row 4: Donna Rennie, Ruth Wahl, Pat Morris. ,f ', 'Q Qn y ' n is , H, ' v 1 CAMPING OVER night at one of the many recreation airin- COOKING THEIR meals over an outdoor fire gives members a variety of exper sites around the state is y appreciated by Dad as well I as by his son. ience . CANOEING IS one of the numerous activities enjoyed by the Sportmen's Guild. Here two members of the Guild enjoy a day's outing on the water. r ond Through th Wood SPORTSMEN'S GUILD Row 1: George Williams, Robert Grenkowitz, Gregory Sudia, Daniel Sullivan, Frank Sherman, Doug Bltheman, Les Becher, Charles Berna- dich Row 2: Mr. Walter Gibbs, Randy Osstyn, Wayne Savage, Larry Szabo, Bill Gagne, Tom Doran, Peter Sylvester, james Steadman, Dennis Zwimers, Dave Guip Row 3: Terry Majur, Gary Page, Bob La Duke, Robert Strah, james Knoop, Ron Blumenthal, Dave Goodrich, Lee Muehlrnann, joe Yaklic, Herbert Schmidt BY PARTICIPATING in outdoor activities the Sportmen's Guild endeavors to make men out of boys. Through activities such as field, canoe and camping trips the members strive to better their leadership and sense of responsibility in the outdoors. 104 Travelling On Wax THE DANCE CLUB gave added sparkle to assembhes thls year w1th 1l1S 1nsp1r1ng dance numbers and enter tamed many thousands of people when partners samba ed on Bud Dav1es Dance Party Among the many Dance Club rout1nes were, waltz tango, rumba, samba, and mamba Q- Jr Dance Club Row 1 Joann Mxottel Marla Bunk, Jo Ann Schwartaenberg, Nancy HZYTIS, Sally Jansen Joyce Rusclolelh Ruth Meyer, Sally Dennls Karen Ma lew Row 2 Barbara Lange, Gary Wold, Thomas Layher Steve Davls, Larry Koss, Peter Schram, Mrs Hazel Hage Kathy Weck esser, Klrk Waymrre Gregory Sudla, Robert Drummond, B1ll Graser, Roger CUITIS, P3tI'1C1a Macherzak Sr Dance Club Row 1 Rob1n Morkal, T1m DeCla1re Mrs Hazel Hage, Chnsty Araucz, Gerald L1ntemuth Carol Valleau, Mary Ann Mllhalten Char lene Rez1n M1r1am Roff, Joanne Kurth Margarete Frlckel, B111 L1nto Row 2 B111 Harms, Terry Marmo John DIMHIZIO, Bob Savery, Ralph R1cha.rds, Sabm Head Row 3 Fred Ostermann, Mane Sokowlcz, Jackle Butler Carol Du Ross, Clernentme Marcanglo K1rk Waymlre Marllyn Rlchards, Shawn George, Dons Ungerer Ann H11tOH Judy Rusc1o1ell1 Ray Creary, Nancy Raymond, Melvyn Spresney I ""' -w O K ' 1 f 2 1 1 1 1 I I ' ' Q 1 2 ,3 f 3 2 1 f J 3 , - E' - S A N ' l wtf? . if 1 . B Q e, ly , lf My , A '11 1 : ' , . ' A . ' I li I n ' : ' ' ' Y I J u u I I V I , ' I 9 1 . I . ., i v . 1 ' I ' , I . . . . . I . n , q n ' 7 7 i fx" fm Service Serving As They Go ,, g, 'if,, 'fi:"'34 "hr VISUAL AIDS Row 1: Bob Ianisee, Fred Mitschke, Mart Baumgartner, john Miller, Paul Lustig, Don Purdie, Al Schwaller, Richard Dragorner, Mike Oleski Row 2: Mary Aceti, Joyce Klein, Bonnie Mc Canin, Larry Rife, Dennis Marshall, Al Nagy, Oliver Draper, Richard l-Ioughten, Darrell Phillips, Santina Randazzo, Joyce Ross, Martin Maguire Row 3: Gail Harrison, Harriet D'Amico, Donna Dasson, Arlene Ebling, Gary Elle, Jaclcie Santino, Mark Carrabbio, Katherine Nothof, Marko Yerkovich, Steve Roope, Linda Rogers, Carole Dillenborger, Mr. Floyd Labuhn Row 4: Willie Osepchool, Jim Mouton, john Schager, Mike Sunderlik, Richard Zablocki, Chuck Jackson, Jim Yasema, Matt Vitale, Stan Materna, Hugo Hermann, Fred Sawaya, Frank jansen, Michael Baczewski, Earl Rosenthal, Paul Richards, Larry Miller VISUAL AIDS THE MAIN purpose of the Visual Aids department is to give service to the school by showing movies and slides. The Jr. Technician is the person who is in charge of giving instruction on the use of the equipment. Visual Aids is a 2 1X2 hour course, and may be obtained by enrolling in stagecraft Qvisualj. 106 X Y TEENS TO GROW 1n body, mind and sp1r1t, is the goal of the Y Teens The fostering of fellowship and respect for all people regardless of their creed IS the purpose of tlus well known club The Y Teens are affiliated w1th the YWCA Two of the Y Teens projects for this term were a campout and a dance held for the n1nth grade UNSE LFISH SERVICE for all, is the goal of Denby's Key Club. The Key Club is sponsored by the Denby Kiwanis. The vocational guidance programs are an example of their outstand- ing service . Row 1 Bev Thurman Karen Brower janet Kaufman, Marcia Lmdow, Carol Valleau Artie Krause, Mary Valleau, Vlrginxa Grady, Karolyn Groth Row 2 Linda Pangborn, Karen Van Dam, Janice Nowak, Judy Baldwin, Hilda Gardella Jeanette Ross Bettle Cooper, Kathleen Culver, AIICC Stuart Row 3 Jean Miller, Sue Farm Donna Cross, Diane jobe, Diane Parham, Karen johnson, Sandy Archambault Marjorie Smith, Ginny Weidner, Carol Schulte, Donna Strickland Row 4 Penny Wilson, julie Argy, Barbara Ranta, Ellen Willoughby, Patricia Landgraf Donna Fluegge, Miriam Roff, Betty Richards, Marilyn Martm, Nancy Shattuck, Marty KEY CLUB Row 1: Robbie Robinson, Ken Hebson Row 2: Tom Bleakley, Dave Goebl, Aaron Romine, Phil Maxey Row 3: Al Trombley, Mike Woods, John Oldenburg, Tom Barrett, Mart Baumgartner Row 4: jim Gallina, Dick Mountz, Jim Morche Row 5: Bob Grenkowitz, Leon Stodulski Dedicated All the Way HUMAN RELA T IONS Row 1 Pamela Colloraffx Mane Sokowxcz, Judy Knopp, Ioanrue JRSIOXI, Mary Cofell, Gayla Holmes, Ieanme Kramer, jaruce Savage Row 2 Mr Harold jmks Judy Radzom, jo Ann Mongelll, Carol Valleau, Nancy Sandacz, Carsten Fedders, Robert Drummond, Jlldlth Mass, Mary Browning, Ruth Sjolander, Juhe Argy, Laudra jubenv1l.1e The Human Relatlons Club seeks to 1mprove re1at1onsh1ps between ourselves and others Thls a1m IS reached through the sponsorslup of the Clty w1de Jun1or Round Table The Vo1ce of Ch.r1st1an Youth achleves lts goal of learnlng through God's word ln many ways 1nc1ud1ng the part1c1pat1on 1n Clty Wlde ra111es w1th other re11g1ous teenagers Row 1 C-all Wacker Ronalee Bassett, Pat Fowles, Mr Paul Uhhg, Paul MHIO, JBIIICC Hutchangs, Audrey Lutz, Sandy Fowles Row 2 Karen Stewart, Barbara Rltter, Sandle O'Connell Carole Cunnmgham, Kathxe Suthff, Nancy Smxth, Patr1c1a Landgraf, Pat Schultz, Dorothy M11chner, Slurley Lanyon, Peggy Gazley Row 3 John Romlne, jun Bachelor, janlce Burcham, Dlane Davls, Jerry ROBCITS, Robert DH-1I11lI10I1d, 13014 0 Adalr, Howard TFHVIS, Marma Poravas, Melmda Rehn, Cary Wold , , . . I 1 A , ' . . . . . . T I : , . 2 1 Well Do It' JUN IOR RED CROSS Rovs 1 Cynthla Neu, Patr1c1a McKenna, Karen Wardlaw, Mary Anne Schubert, Veromca Smlth, Marlene MHICCRI, Barbara Lee Shelton Row 2 M1ss Elvera Nelson, Sharon Nesua, Nancy Parrell Margaret Wallm, Dlane Brown, Barbara W11he1m Lxnda Gregg, Sharron Judson Row 3 Kathy Baltl, Nancy Dxeball, Carol Stebner Llnda Hathaway, Thalla Jatras, Beth Kapeller The Future Teachers Club and the Jumor Red Cross are Just two of the many clubs around Denby who be11eve 1n helplng ourselves and others Durmg th1s year the Jumor Red Cross performed Wlfh 3 Club C0f1St1tuf10I1 111 9ff9Cf HHS Year, the many helpful deeds 1nc1ud1ng the presentatlon of Future Teachers are 301118 ahead lu ffalumg food baskets to needy fam111es for the1r careers FUTURE TEACHERS Row 1 Janxce Bell Carol Du Ross, Joanne Baste Mane SOROWICZ, Karolyn Gx-oth, Barbara Rusc1o1e1l1 Joyce Nelson Row 2 V1rg1n1a Drummond, Barbara Lee Shelton, Nancy Baratta, Dlana Vezmar at Morrow, Joe Phxeffer Rlchard Grlsdale, Judy Mxelke Row 3 Lorie Impens, J1m Danhof, Wayne Mary Mayesky, Ph11 Maxey, Ed Wahl I0 , 0 : . , . . . , . : . . 1 : ' , , I . v : 1 1 . ' , P . , . . . : - - Dyer, . . 9 DANCE COMMITTEE iii Row 1 PSUICIR Macherzak Katie Yeager Joanne Jaslon Nancy Sandacz Lorna Goodwln Judy Woods Judy Ruscloleui Row 2 Judy Pace Torn Kotsls Gayle Montlcello Cathy Barclay Mary Brownmg D1ane Barlow Connle Scholfleld Ron Morrzson Row 3 Chuck Schnelder Larry VanAlst1n Jxm Morche Les Br1l1 John Smgley T1m DeClau'e Allan Kennedy Ph1.1l1p Frankenstem JOANNE JASION all ready for her date whoops all except for the bobby socks and saddles Got The World On A Strung JUDY WOODS and Joanne Jaslon hmt that the W1tCh6S' WHITE AND GOLD balloons surroundmg the cap and dlploma center were the sure bet for every gxrl to the Cap and GOWH DHHCG, have a date January 24 1 PLANNERS OF the Snowball, 1 December 20 1957, were Row 1 D1ane Barlow, J1m Grunshaw, Joanne Jaslon, Kat1e Yeager Judy RllSC1O 1e111 Laur1 Townsend, and Ruth McLaugh11n Row 2 J1m Morche, Les Br1ll, Ed Wahl Chuck Schnelder T1m DeCla1re, George Bletsas John Smgley Mel Krxstoff THE DANCE Commlttee, ln cooperat1on wlth the Mothers' Club, sponsored a dance every month. Dut1es mcluded thmking up eye catchlng names , plannmg mus1c and refreshments and, of course, decoratmg the gym, for whlch they some t1mes had to Walt unt1l 6 00 p.m. because of a basketball game. - .. f t L " ' Q D m7 1 L v Q lil Q- 1 s I! E ' I ' ., ll ,' is 'C V Y as . ' ' J V , l 1' -, 'P . : . . , V . , . , I Y f . u 4 11 1-. : l i 0 J "- Y I I ' 5 x a a s ' " , , Y ' I , J , X 0 'IV 7 1 Y l I . . ' M . 9 D 9 I Q , 958. T , I . , . - s a I u I u . ' . . ' 1 9 . Q ,J 'I ' ' ll x A J Have Pass- Wull Travel EVEN THOUGH he encounters un.fam1l1ar puzzlmg pract1ces U1 h1s f1rst travels a freshman soon grows to become an acqua1nted sen1or, wise 1n the ways of Denby1tes When he frnally becomes pos1t1vely certam, he 1S presented w1th a txcket, h1S d1ploma, and 1S klndly ushered out to make h1S way agaln ln the strange world beyond B111 Krause, 11 A, not qurte ready to leave school, 1S hold1ng the door for Barb Ranta 11 A, all bundled up A TEACHER walks br1skly through the harsh February HALLGUIDES PERFORMED thelr usual err, as Detrelt had e record dut1es under a l1ttle less crowded con eeld Even though She Seems d1t1ons as Denby's enrollment decreased In a hurry, She IS Shu re shghtly They helped bew11dered fresh hletaht as She remembered 18S , shooed stray dogs , and asked every all those papers that Srmply one, "Where'S YOUI' P35579 must be corrected HALLGUIDES Row 1 Bob Rogers, Hugo Wagner, Larry Seneslu J1m Seuften, Alfred Ales1, Don Duborg, R1chard We1d1nger, John Schlager Row 2 Janrce Pettlne, Sue Head, Loretta Benachowskr, Jeanne Burgess Patrrcxa McKenna Janet I-lerke, Geraldme Lab1k, Barbara RuSC101ell1 PaU'lC18. Huey, CORDIS Del1se, Donna Hagan Gerry Irw1n, Gerry BISSSI Row 3 Lynn Walter Sally Jansen, Gary Lewxs, Angela Farr chlld Marlene Ann Kay, Grnny Weldner, Kathy Topp, Sharon Tuschak, Judy Woods, Max-1 Demchak, Lorrarne Voss, Judy M1elke, Nancy Harms, Susan Hay, Mane Poma Row 4 Carole Pattyn D1ane Johns ton, Margaret Bardamone, Carol Stowe, Bonnxe W1tt, Kathleen Culver, Galle Boyd, Joanne Vollmer Anne Collxas, Peggy Geschke Mary Re1mer, Mary Fox Penny W11son, Shelly Shelton, Paula Rothfuss Dla nne Lapplander Jeannette Slaght, Lor1e Impens Row 5 A11c1a Weldemann, Gwenn Vose, Janxce Kostun, Kathle Sutl1ff Donna Darsley Elame Pollom, Sue Roy, Margaret Edmunds, Norman Buzzell1 Ruthann Stokes, Judy Wezal1s, LOIS Astalos, Jeanne Ferrazza, Karen Johnson, Lynn Thompson, L1nda Burr Carol Ronzro, Elame Fach, Deanna Drotar, Evelyn Davey D1ane Fargo Row 6 Kathy Bartz, Carolyn Thexs, Barbara Cools, Larry Zabel Ross B1ondo, R1chard Contanx, Tom Modd Dave Nlxon, Bob Ca1sley, Janet l-lossack, Bonnre Schwach Marlene Runson, Frances Gngg, Don Albertson, Donald Gersler, J1m W1ll1ams, Carol CZYZXIICWSKI Clara Ott, Bonnrejean Wllllams Row 7 Pat Nlely, Sharon Kelly, Elfnede Chr1stoph, Gary Bach, Clarence Woods, J1m Akhtar Rrchard Oehmke Al Schwaller Mrck Krause, D1ane W11k1DSOn, Dons Tomhnson, Ga1l Van Bell 0 , . Q f a I, , f , U 1 9 . . an 1 0 Q O 1 1 I . 1. 1 1 fx' : , A .. . zu. . . , I a 1 P ., . : ., ' - ., . . . . . . . . : ,. - ' a 5 1 1 r 1 , V , . : , I , 7 a , ,' . : x x , . . . A . ., .. .. . Z . . n s 1 . I lf 2 Y 1 Q Q , sizl, 3 .L 5 3 K at rr S 'a Q 'Z 11 A 5 fl Q , , , , . 1 5 'M - 2 lg Q 2 Q ' .uw 1 Q 1 f I 4 J 1 a W' ,N nv -- uf-f 4,. I V, A , - ' 1-. if ' , f.,-2 4 T 4. wx Q V, 1 7 'F' llfif' 'f .A '- 'ff f 1 QQ if' 4 A qw ' AX ' N , ,xi I mv. -Le , V N. , - mga' . ff ie,-'Q il' 4534 AY T0 BETTER LIVING Learnmg provldes a key to the spmtual and matenal nches of the d mdustry have combmed to 1d Through learnmg sclence an d new measure of lelsure Wor brmg new convemence new benefits an a mto our hves In thxs evolutlon electncl y In the years to come you w1l1 hve Stlu better electncally for greater er hlgher standards of learnmg thmgs are m store But lt w1I1 take ev to w1n them u III helpmg to make the dreams of today the real1t1es of tomorrow Good luck to yo DETROIT EDISON ' ' ' 't has played a leading part. Across from the Denby campus More than a restaurant More than a snack bar More than a rneetmg place More than a Coke Spot K s 1S a Denby Tradltxon' For 18 years K's has served students and teachers w1th prxde and affectxon' 4 A 6000 PLACE T0 WORK Q my -X' 1.1 N x 21-,,, 'fm x ZQEP fix D J X."-X INTERESTING JOBS ron lllhll summ, FRXDITAII s NATIONAL BANK OP Ds mnorr WOODWARD AT CADILLAC SQUARE PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT NINTH FLOOR 5 T ,. Krsn, l l - f -:s,.f' , -x - . ' S' P -, . G If r, f"' X, -i ,Y - cc n Y, X X ' .-1- .--' , 5 X , I T, X' V- Hug xl D n . img ,r:?q:giw lv 'N ' W, "1Z,f,-aufgH.,j'H T' . at I . 'A X 'ftvfw-Lf'igiL f55?1'ff ,.,.xM... X xg 3 in , - - - . 'Xa New--:: X 5- X A 1. NB Xxx, Y ,.,..: Z- ' N N X-X 4 T T T n Q ' ' ir' AT O WALSH STUDENTS SPECIALIZE in the study of Accountancy and Finan- cial Administration to move forward in business. Study at Walsh where Michigan certified public accountants, auditors, financial executives and suc- cessful business proprietors have stud- WALSH Nstlturs CCOUNTANCY A Non-Profit Coeducational School of Accountancy and Financial Administration 120 MADISON AVENUE, DETROIT 26, MICH. - Telephone W0 I-5136 ied for the past thirty-six years. Day, evening, or Saturday classes will begin September 8, 1958. Registration for Fall classes begins August 'l, 1958. Free placement assistance to students, and graduates. The Cap That Means So Much BUY YOUR FLOWERS FROM THE FLORISTS IN YOURDEN BY COMMUNITY Kales 81Son Florists 18055 Kelly AV King's Flowers 'Fit For A Queen' La 7-0726 , X g f 14522 Jefferson Va 2-0901 A Owner, Henry Kohl Linn Flowers lg ii 1 11370 Kelly .r La 6-7626 "ee -"3 5 ge i if 1 Charvat, The Florist Budd Lipinski 'S jg, ' IHC- 14647 Gratiot , ,. 18590 Mack Dr 1-8400 ii 3 g T11 1-7800 . gg: 8 Q-01011-V143 JIDIURJU I Morang Drive Green- houses 8: Flower Shop 12200 Gratiot, Cor- ner Jane Across From Peters Funer- al Home Ve 9-7100 115 12005 Morang La 1-4290 Let Powell Studios H A Powell Studios 1502 Randolph WO l-2643 capture your smile today for o memory tomorrow Elaine Rocco Dale Rabiason d 1' FROM TRYOUTS Ll, F F 3 m, fy + -rf' 'I " News "'u,,,y a. yr 1,,,, Judy Moss - IM' Becky 1 Q DRAMA CLUB seniors worked hard and played hard H8 Su ols Dickpoweu Ca1'01Y"5YkeS 1?'5' Judi Rector Ray Chatelin Barbara Cooper TO THE FINISHED PRODUCTICN while traveling their four years around Denby x"l?'.Jr S d O Ch RR tT V M Phv ly Koshl k W irginia ur xwf ,VJ , M Mari n 'c O I O O 410 ' lx 7 V an ie 'Connell ls jane h '1 -H9 wwf -'if N I what next Its a pretty rmportant declslon young lady chooslng the rx ht job You ll want to vsork 1n pleasant surround mgs ln llght and axry offices wlth modern equlpment And now that you re out of school you ll expect to meet new frlends where you work young people you ll llke and mth whom you can enjoy your lelsure tlme fAncl how about a vacatlon wlth pay? Then there s the matter of a paycheck lt ll be nlce to count on a steady income a salary thats good from the start and keeps gettlng better YV1tl'l regular mcreases There s a Job llke thls waltlng for you at the telephone company' You mlght want to be a telephone operator or a teller a cashler or a clerk those are just some of the many xnterestlng jobs Mlchlgan Bell has for brlght young hlgh school raduates llke yourself And there s a chance to advance ln all of them You dont need CXPCTICHCC to get a telephone job and you ll ewrn a good sal try even whlle you re learnln What nvxl? Why not vlslt Mlchlgan Bell,s Employment Office? We'll be looklng for you' MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY "A Friendly Place to Workn Lu .4., , . ., l QQ Q ' 1 ' ' .. ' 4- kiss " an-' -1 ' " , 5. if ' V .-,, " eff A , url. g if 7: f Q "P tt e f? - .1 ' Jffgi- . . 5- . ',,. f" ,fl I E ,1g:::v7 J "lf . 41-t v: .,, , ." ll: , . . . i . , 7 , 7 x Q ' ' ' - U ' x 4. '- ' ' ' -l , -. , . .-.1 ' 5 Q . U . . i b' , . . . . . A l A . . . . . .U . g . l , , . . , . 6 , ' ' ' ' g. 120 uw RDS Bkornl-ks I C

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