Denby High School - Navigator Yearbook (Detroit, MI)

 - Class of 1950

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Denby High School - Navigator Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 10 of 100
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Page 10 text:

m Hugh A. Rowan-basketballg Hall Guardg "He laughed and shad- ows departed." Gloria Marie Ruzantis-GAAQ "I see your face before me." Kathleen Jane Sadowski - GAA3 "Nice work if you can get it." Joseph Robert Santoro - Entered Denby from Building Trades in the 10th gradeg Interested in ra- dio developmentsg "He shall go far." Dolores E. Marie Schultz-Retailing Fashion Showg Service Clubg Modern Dance Clubg GAA. Shirlie Louise Schumacher-Cheer- leaderg President of Denby Roller Skating Clubg Sales Clubg Ser- vice Clubg GAA. Patricia Anne Seibert-DBGg Chess Clubg Student Councilg Alumni Association representativeg 12A executive boardg Commencement speakerg Intramural basketballg Log Staffg Navigator Staffg GAA. Junior Christian Sessink-"Some- one's thinking of you tonight." John Arthur Shane - Has been in the Denby Glee Club four yearsg swimming teamg "Music hath charm to soothe the savage beast." James Robert Sinnamon-Came to Denby last Januaryg an expert in shorthand and typingg Can't seem to keep his eyes open in Civics. QI hr.J "One eye open is better than none." Stanley William Smith-ROTC offi- cerg Safety Councilg Chairman of 12A Colors and Mottos Commit- teeg Voted Handsomest and Cleverest boy in 12A class Mock Election. Dolores Schultz-My American Problems books to Bob Witmer. Cecilia La Monica-To Ruth Hass- pacher, all the food I burnt in cook- ing class. Donna Guetschoff-To my sister, my sloppy sweaters and the pleated skirts 1 disliked so much to press. Shirley Bruner-All the hopeless typewriters to some "freshie" with long fingernails. Lillian McEwan-My hours, I- VII, to Helen Elais. L .m. L W., Shirley Emilie Stadelmtm -- GAAg plans to attend business college and study commercial machinesg "The mind is a wonderful ma- chine." Kenneth Jack Stahl-"Be silent and be safe." Harold Walter Stemmler - ROTCg Staff Sgt.g baseball squad. Barbara Theresa Stevens-Service Clubg basketball teamg tennis teamg GAAg Girl Reserves. Ronald Tatti-Alumni Representa- tiveg "Young fellows will be young fellows." Veteran. Thomas Lee Teske-Participated in Denby concerts in his four years at Denbyg Service Club. Herman Tosch-Nicknamed 'iMilo"g track teamg Santa Claus for His- tory Classg "To get ahead you must have one." William Donald Treuter-12A Social Committeeg Intramural swim- mingg Sales Clubg Navigator Salesman. Eva Trovarelli-GAAg "The world is a wheel, and it will all come . round right." Marvin Eugene Ullrey - Spanish Club: Worked up from a private to a lieutenant in the ROTC. Augusta Sylvia Urbani-Nicknamed "Gussie"g Ad Clubg Plans to be- come a commercial artist or lab. technician. Got an "A" on Chem. midsemesterg GAA. CLASS NIL Marie Plumb-My front row seat in physics to any nice "up-anol- coming pupil fascinated. by the sub- ject. Augusta Urbani-All the posters on the walls, for the faithful waste- paper baskets in the halls! Dorothy Perry-A big clill pickle to Maggie McCall who loves them. Evelyn List-To a more fortunate girl, my locker, usually located in a corner on the third floor. Frances Mc Kinney-My crooked teeth to anyone willing to accept them. L William P. Verdi-Veterang member of the Band and Dance Bandg "A good fellow, a jolly fellow, a fellow we all like." William George Vermeulen-Intra- mural and varsity swimmingg Chrysler Co-opg Navy veteran. Marceline Vetter-Came to Denby in 10th grade from S,Easterng DBGg Student Councilg Honor guard in June '46g Most Intelli- gent in 12A Mock Electiong GAA. James D. Visnack-"Merri1y, Mer- rily, shall I live now." Veteran. Charles Alvin Weiss-Motion Pic- ture Club tfor 12B's and 12A's onlyj. Irene Ruth Wilcox-GAAQ "I do my work and go my way without so very much to say." Fred Peter Wilhelm-Entered from Muskegon Jr. High: Intends to start U. of D. next September to study engineering. Florence Marie Witkowski-Drama Clubg Navigator Staffg GAAQ "And her face is fair." Lydia Madaline Woellmer - Radio Playersg Log Staffg Home Eco- nomics Clubg Sold potato chips at gamesg GAAQ "A very nice girl is she." Margaret Mary Young-GAAg "A lovely girl is above all rank." Shirley Marie Young - Two Con- certsg Library Staff Presidentg Librarian in charge on Wednes- day nightsg GAA. Gloria Ruzantis-To the beautiful girls, all the struggling to use the spacious rest room mirrors. Elaine Peterson-All my height, which I capture with my three-inch heels, to some freshie who is 4 feet tall. Irene Wilcox-My chair in the lunchroom to an unsuspecting freshie who thinks h.e will get the same chair every clay. Shirlie Schumacher - My cheer- leading position. to someone who has'n.'t chronic tonsillitis!

Page 9 text:

Rita Irene Ludwicki-GAAg "When did you leave Heaven ?" John James Lynch-Navy Veterang "Who do you love, I hope?" Joyce Anne MacDonald-GAAQ was record room president. Shirley Arm Mack-GAAg baseball teamg held office in English class. Ruth A. MacRae-Broadcasting Guildg Glee Clubg Intramural swimming teamg Chess Clubg representative of House of Todd Councilg GAA. Alice Genevieve Malisse-Spring and Christmas Concertsg Dance Clubg Modern Dance student: Repre- sentative of House of Todd Councilg Alumni representative: Class Day Committeeg GAA. Dorothy Ann Markoff-Two letters in field hockeyg Student Councilg Dance Club secretaryg Class Flirtg GAAQ "Am I Dreaming ?" Shirley Virginia Marneef-"So many Memories." Margaret Laverne Marshall - Log Staffg GAAQ "A mother's pride a father's joy." Helen Anna Martellock - Spanish Clubg Pan-American Leagueg Safety Clubg Denby Safety Councilg GAA. Lillian May McEwan-Voice studentg Participated in every concert since she entered Denbyg GAAQ "A pretty girl is like a melody." Arvin Dale McGregor-Science Club President: Bandg Orchestrag Dance Bandg Spanish Clubg Pan- American Leagueg Chess Club. Frances Elizabeth McKinney-GAAg "Follow thy Choice." Evelyn Agnes McVety-Orchestrag Jr. Girls' Ensembleg "In Maiden Confidence she stood." John Angelo Merlo, Jr. - "Honor Lies in Honest Toil." Donald Sylvian Meshorer-"Faults of course, but a True Friend." William Arnold Mettler - varsity baseballg D-Clubg "No legacy is so nice as Honesty? Joyce Louise Milam-Glee Clubg Re- tail co-op clubg "These lines and dots are locks and keys." Arlien Mary Miller-Girls Ensembleg Senior Gleeg President of Co-op Retail Clubg treasurer of Alumni Retail Co-op Club. Betty Doris Miller--Interested in Artg won award in Walker Brothers poster contestg Repre- sentative to Junior Red Cross. Edward Oliver Miller-D-Club vice- presidentg football teamg track teamg veteran. Jan Moeller-D-Clubg 12A Social Committeeg football teamg track teamg vice-president of Cqtf2g Social Committeeg Sales Club. Beverly Lorraine Mogk - hockey teamg intramural b a s k e t b al 1 teamg 12A Memorial Committeeg GAAg Senior Glee. Irene Dolores Mokeski - Chrysler Co-opg GAAg "Youth comes but once in a lifetime." Joyce Elaine Mourer-GAAg "Ob- serve the Opportunity? Dolores Mai-guerita Muggleton - GAAg "It matters not how long you live but how well." Richard Thomas Murphy--12A Vice- Presidentg sw i m min g teamg president of St-Lide11t,,Dance Committeeg chairman of C :,tt2 ommittee. Barbara Tracy Nehls-Art editor of June '47 Navigatorg GAAQ Swim- ming teamg photographer tFlick- erettel Beverly Mae Neitzel-GAAg "Is she not passing fair?" Joanne Marie Newman - hockey teamg Manager of the Ticket Of- ficeg Honor Guardg GAA. Doris Leona Nichols - Intramural basketballg "Her popularity in- dicates her good qualities." George Louis Panos-'iCheer up, the worst is yet to come." Rosemary Eileen Parlett-GAAQ Art Staff of Navigatorg "It's a world of startling possibilities." James William Payne-All city man on track teamg cross country teamg D-Clubg t'The elevator is not running, take the stairs." Stanley Russell Peltier-"It is better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow." James' Richardson PerdewfSgt. in ROTC. "We salute you!" Dorothy Grace Perry-GAAg 'To be gentle is the test of a lady." Elaine Madel Peterson-GAAg "Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace." Delores Ann Phelps-GAAQ Sales Clubg "The sunbeam of a Win- ter's Day." Shirlee Blackburn Pierce-Former secretary of 2025 Model's Clubg Fashion Showg Christmas Con- certg GAA. Richard G. Platts-Veterang "I could do better if I would, but it's awfully lonesome being good." Marie Barbara Plumb--GAAg Li- brary Staffg Vice-President of newly founded Library Club. Intends to make library work her profession. "Give a girl a book she can read." Irmgard Anna Prenzel-GAAg "Not that I love study less, but fun more." James Leonard Pruitt-President of Pan-American Leagueg "Good- bye, Good luck, Be merry!" William Kenneth Rae - basketball teamg baseball squadg "Thou art the man." Robert Gene Rast-Chrysler Co-opg Sales Clubg Hall Dutyg Stage Crew. Milton L. Riggs - track teamg D- Clubg "The world is a comedy to those who think." Henry William Riske - swimming squad. "Keep your sunny side up!! Wilma Roberts-hockey teamg House Councilg chairman of 12A Photo- graphy Committeeg Senior Gleeg Sales Clubg GAAg basketball team. Rose Helen Robinson-hockey teamg Ad Clubg Spanish Clubg GAA. Robert M. Roehl-basketball teamg D-Clubg football team. Lawrence Henry Rose - D-Clubg football teamg baseball team. Gilbert Arthur Rosenthal-"In your own quiet way." Robert Richard Roude-"Let's Sail to Dreamland." Donald Charles Runyon-12A Cap and Gown Committeeg Spanish Clubg Social Committee fCii'2j.

Page 11 text:

Betty Anshaw-M y friendship with all my teachers to some "happy-go- lucky freshie." Clara Del Grego-My school text books to Denby's second hand book store. Dorothy Erdelan-My hours, II through the V, with a. study period, to some college prep student. Carol Koch-To my sister Joan all of my good times and hope that she will have many more. Ritai Ludwicki-My entire good wishes and cheer to the Edwin Den- by High School for as long as it will exist. Joyce Milam-All my cooking re- cipes to Shirley Wilson so maybe some clay she'll be a wonderful cook for her man. Lorraine Lingo-My A in English. f8j to Jerry Karr. Barbara Nehls--My freckles to anyone who has that "Camay com- plexionf' Delores Phelps-My natural curly red hair to any poor unsuspecting freshie who's least likely to want it. Patricia Cant-To any brave ju- nior my priceless chemistry class, which I disliked so much. . Jenny Carnago-My locker mir- ror to all those girls who have mo- nopolized it during the term. Eleanor Dopp-My natural curly hair to those poor girls in a swim- ming class. Margaret Eliades-My locker to some unfortunate "freshie" who is in the mood for struggling with the lock. 4 Evelyn Eggert-The good times I have had at Denby to a "freshie" Shirlee Blackburn Pierce-All my stubs of the Denby dances and sports activities to any future Den- byite who will take them. Eva Travelli-All of the trash cans at each comer of the hall for the coming 12A class to monopolize. Shirley Mack-My broken gar- ters to Ann Tesome. Delcia Fulkerson-My English seat in room 324 to 'Barbara Acker. Melba Henning-To Doris Dees all the paper I didn't borrow from Ray. Beverly Neitzel-My gum to Fred Froehlich. He gets it all anyway. Zonia Barclay-My bangs to De- lores Endstrasser. Rosemary Parlett-My paint brush and drawing pens to Mary Parlett. Rhea Gottschling-My position as soprano in the Senior Glee Club to a freshie boy. Janise Jones-The ink wells in Denby High, I leave to someone with a Reynolds pen like I have. Shirley Young-The Seven Mile school bus that refuses to pick me up every morning to Lillian Schieb- ner. Kathleen Saclowski-A lump of coal to Denby High' School. This will be one more lump for warmth for those I leave behind me. Arlien Miller-My final success to any struggling senior who may need it in the future. Caroline Kersten-My graduation ring to my sister and hope that she will find occasion to use it. Katherine Langert-My Big Ben alarm clock to Beverly Peterson. Eleanor Ehinger-The remains of the tassel on my cap to all of those scrambling freshies who get a thrill out of collecting them. A Harold Blaskey-The candy wrap- pers on the Auditorium floor to those who get hungry the ninth hour. Frederick Branschweiger-To Fred Froehlich, a big super bottle of hen- na rinse to bring out his brightness. Dayton Gray-All of the drinking fountains to anyone lucky enough to find any water in them. Harold Bidigare-The P. A. sys- tem to anyone who can be depended on to interrupt our classes every period. Herbert Kilgus-The trash cans for some one to use to hold himself up while talking in the halls. Bert Beich - To an incoming freshie, the only A I received on a paper in Denby. Milton Riggs-To all of the fresh- ies whose admiring eyes follow me, I leave the thought that they, too, will be graduating some day. Gilbert Rosenthal-All the dusty erasers ta some freshie who loves the taste of chalk dust in his face. Bill Rae-The buttons on my D sweater to my brother "Row', who will be a future star in basketball. Dick Platts-My good nature to any student who has to work those trickey lock combinations. Charles H. Heath, Jr.-The chalk that I have bravely stolen from Den- by within the last four years to the teachers. Charles Weiss - All the broken bottles in the lunchroom which are left for the next 12A class. John Lynch-To Fred Froehlich, my term report and the C-1 I got on it. William Vermuelen-To Louis Ca- rabelli, my trick dancing feet. Mart Kenney-All the gum under my desk to all the lucky people who sit there next term. James Perdew-My toy soldiers and cannons, to Lieutenant-Colonel Don Chadwick for his future mili- tary success. Robert Brown-The cold water of Denbyis pool to present and enter- ing students. Joseph Hicks-My space in Den- by to a coming student, Dick Ros- law. ' Robert Harp-My English f8j book to someone who is poor in grammar. Robert Belcher-My bright red socks to display in the show-case in front of the office. Henry Riske-All my text books to my cousin, Wanda Schmidt, who is brave enough to enter Denby and remain here, four solid years. Joe Santora-M y homework which I piled up for four years to all the freshies. Robert Rast-My drafting skill to Richard Vogel. George Panos-The cold showers to those who can stand them. Hugh Rowan-This old Greek phrase "Woe is me" to all luckless seniors. Robert Eber-My English knowl- edge that I have missed, to some lucky future English student, Wally Billenstein-My unsharp- ened pencils to all the freshies com- ing to Denby. Stanley Peltier-The Denby rooms to some Eskimo who can take it better than I. Jerry Campbell - The seats I warmed for four years to Denby High School. Milo Tosch-To Don Keller my history book I leave, and the notes I kept in my sleeve. Nick George-My morning Free Press that I read daily in class - to the faithful janitor who will burn it. Edward Buczkowski - My old scholastics and LOGS to the Denby Paper Drive. William Verdi-A beat up um- brella and two half worn shoe laces to Red-Top Bill Clifton. Fred Wilhelm-To all freshies, a fdime watch to keep pace with school clocks. Robert Gibson-My electric train to the science department. John Alfano-The good hours I never got, to some poor freshie.

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