Denby High School - Navigator Yearbook (Detroit, MI)

 - Class of 1943

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Denby High School - Navigator Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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wb. 1.?!?f ' fi AN 05,1 J f. XLS ' f ', . gf ff ' ,. N . Qt .5 .V mf, A, ,Q 4 J ' Vg ,. ' any st , ,H M . 5 uf r up , X , f - 2' ,Ar 'fvft' "f'ikX1 -1. ffi , lm' U kim' ',"':4-K ,, r .nw ,fa-ir' 'L ww X,-, A ,'1','f 'X 'L' ar .4 , 4 J . L . . 3 is '1 . E454 ' R' , Q'-f Y 0 3, +R 0 fit, ,- VJ-vga-ff my is K Q54 gy M , ,-An V H W Nga 2 ,',"'.g ' 1 " he ,A K ', 1 i., w if K 5 ggi Q , ' 4f.,.',,. 'f f wg, , ' .'.,, ' - as . y 5 1 gh fl -"f9W'fQv . L 5 " -' V - ' V. Q ' Y' is E ,. 7 , 1, i LW J , 31, .. ,, S A. nh -87 . Q ,R ww? P. 'Wk .H . . 1 5 5 9- :fi 1 , , f A 5 H, W fi, 5 ' " I H11 M if Q i Q 41. 2 K ' g 5 .7 "Qin t l X lx' Q U fy! Vi K A. x bfi , A . 3 1 if i 'L L. " 4 "x I A ' A , 4 wi. . . ' X L ., Q-If rw' X ' f,', 5.3. I., ., . - V 5 . ,.'D-I 'C . --'Q 1 if Q fi 1. , ' "' Q 4. . w ' .i A' 4" x' W 'A ' S .,-'V"' I .K 5 f' f wig T-'F Lf' .- . RWE. ' Q. VH ,Q-. - 'S A 4 - J A 'K K ' ' ,V ' 4" M? W M ', n z. 4, lQ:swf,- 3, 1 1-5 ,,. p9rw,..'f,. v, H. . 1 gf 3- ,, A -1 YY' I 'n ' 1 3 var sf af: ,nqwwxf kA5 f ,jggi .4 . A 'M 'L ' 3' , 'ig " ' w , S + f K . . 3, - M i f ' Y VN m UV 5 'x fx --of In , V A ,Q -'g Et 5. K Q2 ,Q M. 1 am .g . - 11'wgy.,? . 5 . 5? I 'K U ,AQ 5 1 r .Ya . 2 .- :PO - N s U .ma ,, V,,,z 1 9 E ,mv 13 'W ' K X lx K yn ,Y A' a if , , r' qv."w'l' 'A A K ii-X? 'fi' 'SV t' wiv ' Ri" M," ' " fujpf fm. K fx A YQNQQFJQT' f I-4 ,- ,jmfwfp 'A 'L ' 'fi-'ig '55 Q . . , . , :V MJ' ' 'A 3 l L21-,W "iii-M Avg ' . N . m 1, T4 - ffl". ' ' -" 2 -'W Q X: -iff" 4' YQ .5 A5"'7W 'X' 'w , ' ff? v- f ff' 'dafavqfn rf., g ,ff Q, a-af i ' , agfwggs Q, N, ff". Q, , 'ff 'tai X . .g f AM ' 1 f, , - Q' ,MV V 4, .,. gi .,, Q , f-rv - fr ,.. f Kwik, D N .M M fr SWA.. Jw-fx K ,, 5" Q K' 4 is W 4 ' L :YK , wr it :Pi-1 ' A V .- .hf-efkek w 'sg A A! My M f gn W . A 7 a y 3 .. 5 . L, i , rx . 4 R iz . 4, , l f W. L5 . N IX xg ' A , , . A yn K qi 'px if ig 7 ' 5 A 3, ' W ' T av Wif 1' f' N i 5. 1 Q , aw- . X A . . . 1 31 ' fa,-N 'S f N s x f A 12,32 - W , X5 xx Rxfgrtr, Q 8 Ei as ,5- . Q V. .. :Q . ff as y A H X ,,w,..N-'- M Mxi gfQmwwgx mfmqwxf L +pg, .W-1.5, - , N.. . ,, . F ,Z A, nvqN,,,.,',g. f, ',f', W wx B . V as 7 X u-mv?-W v ' Q A ,. 1 4 A . ,Q I .Lgg ,1 ,F "4 ' .gf f ' -gr - 'lk ., 'z ' "ww ' 'Wa K -. y N . , Y- . . 'f M ,, .Q . X MACYQ, . J M ,' 3 is if 5 .,.,....R, M U'f,Q J-V A -WZ , THI This is our world. Our world of text books and chocolate cokes, English Lit. and Friday Night Dances . . . F our years of Spring Concerts, Final exams and football games. This is the world where Latin can be a Waterloo, where a bandleader can be king .... A life when each hour is bright with the gaiety of just "living," . . . The age of eagerness and anticipation -where everything is either "sharp" or "definitely morbid." Money is only incidental. No one gives a hoot who your father is or what he does for a living. The football hero, the track "monster," the intellectual fiend, the camera bug, the rug cutter-they're all here. This is Denby-the Denby we have known. We have added to its history, another chapter of living and now we pass it on to you. DE BY!!! 5 f f I. 1,45 ' nf? I 'ff 991 'H 94 . l, iq 4,' 4' ,l 1 I ,1 in i ,ji if ,4 ag 0 If 1. 44 1 I 1 fgfnfvg ff' Q fad , .ra I .g','f! Wfi-f' ,7f.:','f fc, I 10" ,, 74131 , f 4-' , v 4 'f9pl ly! 1 'Cyf4,, i 'u:? 'wt .f A Q 'df .'h"f 'ff - 1-- . . , f ., D, 3 af if av' .- 'msn 'raw ,ff !V..,yf K- ,111 5,1 V , ,JJ fn., s,f f'l 'Q pf 'p - ' I nf if xx 4' 5' 1 4 v ADMI Dr. Cooper-The man who maintains harmony in a student body oi near- ly forty-five hundred. l TRATUR Mr. Eddy-The man whose understanding helps many a student over the difficulties of the "Mourner's Bench." MRS. BROVJN MISS WESTON W7 ,wg ?.1'iifi"i-4 ' !ji":ji'1-1: snmss ,.Kg.ii5,2v' H f It f f rg. , I "l'r V1 i r Lg A ,.'5. w' - ,fi z,-,,.-- ff' 1- ,1 MR CHRISTY MRS. CHRISTY FAUULTY Miss Aceti Mr. Agren Mr. Anderson Mr. Armstrong Mr. Aronson Mr. Backus Mr, Baird Miss Bashur Mrs. Beattie Miss Becker Mrs. Berryman Miss Bielenberg Miss Brooks Mrs. Brown Mr. Buck Mr. Campbell Miss Cash Mrs, Chandler Mr. Christy Mrs. Christy Mrs. Coats Miss Cobb Miss Comfort Mr. Cooper Mr. Cowley Miss Crawford Miss Decker Miss Defever Mrs. Deming Mrs. Donawick Mr. Drapeau Miss Duffey Mr. Eddy Mr, Eliowitz Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Erickson Goodhew Green Guinness Hardman Miss Hardy Miss Harley Miss Harnack Miss Harrison Mr, Hartmann Mr. Hause Mrs. Hause Mr. Hayes Mr Heaphy Mrs. Heathman Miss Hennes Miss Hill Mrs. Howell Mrs. Hupp Miss Iaegers Mr. laslow Miss Iones Miss Ioseph Mr. Iumer Mr. Katz Miss Kelley Miss Kennedy Miss Kerber Mr. Kleefus Mr. Korolishin Mr. Labadie Miss Larkins Mr. Levine Miss Lightfoot Miss Lind Miss Loomis Mr. McCullough Mr. McDowell Miss Mahoney Miss Martin Mrs. Maxwell Mr. Meyer Mr. Milford Miss Miller Mr. Misner Mr. Mulder Miss Mulder Miss Munro Miss Myll Miss Nelson Mr. Nybeck Miss O'Meara Mrs. Pascoe Miss Petersen Mr. Pilieger Miss Post Mr. Povah Miss Quamby Mr. Reaume Miss Ridenour Miss Rode-heifer Mrs. Rodrigues Mr. Rosecrance Mr. Rosenau Mr. Rosser Mis Ryan Mr. Saeter Miss Scanlon Mrs. Schneidewind Mrs. Shimmin Mr. Shires Miss Sisman Mr. Skinner Mrs. Skinner Miss Spinks Mr. Stark Miss Stein Mr. Steinberger Mrs. Sweeney Mr. Thome Mrs. Thurston Miss Todd Mr. Tubbs Mr. Vaughan Mr. Walsh Mr, Weisenfeld Mr. Weiss Miss Weston Mr. Wheeler Mrs. Whitney Miss Wiegman Miss Wilde Mr. Wolf Miss Wolff Mr. Wuesthoff Miss Zapf Miss Zweidinger MR. WALSH MISS WOLF? MR. WOLF Uilllll ELL0lt 27 DEDICATED TD George Abele Gilbert Aebele Ray M. Ackerman Walley Ackerman Alphonse Adams William L. D. Adams Earl Adams Iohn Ahrens Paul Ahrens George Alandt Iack W. Albright Harold E. Alexy George Alexon George Alipen Edward Allor Richard E. Bennett George S. Berent Henry A. Berger Roy E. Berger Robert Berklite William A. Berli Arthur E. Berlin Ernest l. Berlin Ray F. Berlin Charles Bernard Ray Berra A. Bialk George Bierlein Raymond H. Bierlein Robert S. Bierlein Albert G. Cain Nelson Caldwell Alexander Campbell Dean R. Campbell William T. Campbell Orlando Caputo Gordon Carbary Robert Carle Charles F. Carlini Barney Carney Ray Carney Raymond Carney Iack Carr A. W. Carter, Ir. Emile I. Cartier Robert Cross Robert Culliman Franklin Cunard Ray Curridge Iohn D. Curry Bruce Curtis Ralph Czischke Eugene D'Andrea Samuel D'Angelo loseph D'Alessandro Henry M. Danbert Kenneth Danielson Arthur V. Daschke Denzil K. Davey Arthur L. Davis William Martin Dunn William Dunstan Allan Dutch George T. Duquette William M. Duquette William Dwight Emmett Dwyer William Dwyer Charles W. Eagle Iohn Earle Leon Allor Robert Alsheirner Ernest R. Anderegg Carl Anderson Edward Anderson Frank Anderson George Anderson Harry R. Anderson Mark E. Anderson Max Anderson Parker Anderson Paul H. Anderson Richard Anderson Eugene D. Adres William Andrews Floyd S. Biggs Ioseph Roy Binder Erwin Binge Henry Blaskley Walter Blaskewitz Iames Blessington Charles Blodgett Edgar F. Blohm Iames E. Blohm Iohn Bodwick Alec Bohy Heine Bohenke Ivan Bondy Gerald E. Boone Frank Bosiac Kenneth Iohn Cassidy Bernard V. Casper Charles R. Casper Donald E. Cavanry Marvin G. Centmayer Walter Cetlinski Don Champine George E. Chappell Iohn Peter Charland Robert C. Chauvin Alexander Cherney Iohn Christopher Barton F. Christie Bud A. Christy Lloyd E. Church Bruce Davis George Davis Theodore M. Davis George DeGrove Stefan O. Delcourt William DeLisle Elmer Marshall DeMay Edward C. DeRoy Ioseph DeVito Edward DeWo'f Richard DeWolt Charles R. Densig George A. Desloover Oscar P. D'Haem William Diddam Iohn H. Earles Donald L. Eastin Robert F. Eby Harry Edelmann Leonard T. Egan Luther F. Eichemeyer Maurice C. Elbode Harvey W. Ellias Charles Ensley, Ir. George Ertzbischoti Iohn R. Erwin Bernard I. Angel Paul Anshaw Ted Archambault Robert I. Arnold Donald Arrigo Norman Asherogg Burton Ashly Huey Asselin Nelson Aubrey William Bachman Frank Bacik Daniel Badovinac Kurt Baitinger Oliver Baker Robert Bailing lack A. Bott Robert Bott Robert Boucher Robert L. Boucher Fred Bowman Walter Box Charles E. Boyle Salvatore Brancaleone William E. Braun Ierry Breen Wilbert Bremekamp Iames Ray Bresson Fred M. Britton Iames Brown Ioseph M. Brown, Ir. George Cichon Russell W. Clark. Ir. William Clazie Iames Cleland lack Clement Iohn Clos lerome S. Clos Donald Clovan Alex Coburn Iohn I. Coffey Gordon S. Coffman Glenn F. Collins Tom Collins Walter F. Collins Fred R. Condit Clarence Diemor Frank DiFloe Iames Dingwall Russell I. Dodge. Ir. Raymond Doebler Don Doetore Calvin Dolan Henry William Domke Gilbert Carl Doran Leo Doran Carl L. Dorst. Ir. lohn Dost Harry Iohn Downey. Ir. Ray Downey Henry I. Downing Richard Etheridge Robert B. Evans Edward O. Faubert William C. Fauckey Gordon Fearson Marshall Feeley Charles Ferry Edward B. Fick Don E. Fillmore Leonard Fionda Iames N. Fisk Maurice Balo Roy Bare George P. Barker Albert I. Barry Iames Barton Maurice Barton Edward Basher Albert I. Bayer Ernest Bayer Frank I. Belanger Robert W. Belanger Daniel Bennallack Albert L. Bellolli Harry E. Bellows Lawrence Bennett Russell X. Brossit Iohn I. Bruneel Paul Brunner Robert Brunner Robert Brunner Andrew A. Brusca Fred Buckley Robert Gordon Buckley Frank Budd Iames Bungard Iohn Burkheiser Albert L. Butler Thomas L. Butson Art Buyack Kenneth Byron Etizio Colo Bradford R. Cooley Harry R. Cooley Tom Coolman Paul Iames Coopman Morris I. Conesement Kenneth Corbin George E. Cornet Walter Coughlin Ronald R. Cowell Walter G. Cox Harold Cramer Lorne Crandall Robert Cressy Chester Cross Ruber Dragovich Mathew A. Dresden Sylvester A. Dresden Louis E. Droste Robert C. Drust William Day Ducat Anthony F. Dudas Daniel Dudek H. Duesing Russ A. Duesing Donald DuFuor Willard R. DuLac Robert N. Duncan Bud Dunn William Dunn Walter Fisk Edward B. Fiske Kurt Flechel Gerald A. Fleming Earl Flority Robert Fochaert William Ford Edward P. Forth Robert D. Forth Ray F. Fossrnan Irving Fournier DE B Eugene D. Fradette Herman L. Franks Clarence Franz E. H. Franz Edward A. Franz Harold W. Franz Sigfield Franz Francis V. Fraser. Ir. Iohn Fraza Howard I. Franzho Elizabeth Frech Erwin F. Freeland Donald Freeman Fred A. Freeman Robert Freeman Kenneth R. Gordon Rupnow Gordon Eugene Gorski Leonard Gorski Deiter G. Gotzinger Clarence S. Gould Donald Graham Robert Graham William Graham Leland Graves Edward Gray Iohn H. Gray Dominic Graziani Patrick Graziani Lyle Greenburg Alvin C. Heikes William R. Heikes Sharles Heimes Richard Heinz Iim Hentschel George Herbert Ioseph Herbert Laurence Ioseph Herbert Ray F. Herbon Elmer Hergott Floyd Hergott LaVerne H. Herman George Hersch Iohn G. Hevelhorst Iohn Hiegel. Ir. Lawrence G. Iohnson Raymond George Iohnson Robert W. Iohnson Douglas E. Iones Harry E. Iones. lr. Gordon A. Iudge Bernard lump Wernar W. Kahl Kurt Kahnt Harold C. Kaiser A. Warren Kamin Robert Kamphouse Charles Kanese Raymond F. Kapanke Walter Kapryan Charles Konife Donald B. Koppi n Eugene Kopitzski Chester Kopski Ioseph Korzon Henry T. Kosciuszko Norbert Koss William Koster Walter E. Krager Bernard I. Kramer George Krause Y Y 0 TH THE ARMED FURCE Felix Fremont Eli Friedman Thomas M. Fritz Virginia D. Fritz Erwin Fruehauf Kenneth Fruehaut Larry Fruehauf Tommy Fronterra Harold S. Fuller Edward Furton Chris Gabriel Donald H. Gabriel Edward Gabriel Robert Gaffney Andrew R. Gasprovich Paul E. Greenwood, Ir. Iohn F. Greene lohn E. Greer Robert Greer George E. Greiner Parke Eugene Greiner Harold L. Grenke Neil Griener Paul Griener Robert Grieves Norman Albert Grobel Albert Gruber Carl Gruber Robert Gruffy Lyle Grunberg Lloyd Hill William Hines Robert Hinman Edwin B. Hirschelman Fred Hofman Allen Hoifman Harold Hoffman Edward O. Hofimeyer Raymond Hofner lohn Hogan Stan C. Hohl Raymond Hohlieldt Albert Hoisinton Donald M. Hokden Thomas C. Holstein Anthony Karcher Ioseph I. Karcher Robert Karcher Lawrence Karens Werner Karl Al. T. Karle Carl Karle Earl E. Karle Theodore M. Karpen. Ir Ioseph F. Kaye Thomas N. Kearney Iohn Keenz Edward Keinart lohn Keinz Harry Keith Richard Krause Robert I. Krausman Lawrence Kremer Lawrence D. Kretch George Kreuger Herman William Kreutzer George Krueger Robert Louis Krueger Harold Kruse, Ir. Raymond Kucher Harold G. Kuhfeldt Thomas Gasprovich Russell W. Garman Donald Gates Kenneth Gates Iohn F. Geenen Leonard F. Geenen Arthur Geis Edward Gellert Harold Gellert Iames F. George Ierry Geralds Gerald Geralds Robert Gerspach Frank Gibson Tony Giles Albert Grund Robert Guiles loseph Gurchicks Robert E. Gutenberg Caesar Gysel Richard Haber George Habib Charles B. Haggerty Howard Hall Wilford Hall Walter Hallert Ernest Hamacher Harold Hamilton Albert Hardy Allen Harris Howard Kenneth Holtby Clifford W. Holten Richard L. Honold. Ir. William Hoogstra Neal House LeRoy Houck Ray Hudson Allan Huffman Charles Zedric Huey Henry Hulvey Charles Hunes. Ir. Ray Hunter William P. Hustedt Irving E. Hutchins Kenneth A. Hutchins, Ir. Paul G. Keith Charles Keller Thomas Keller Wallace Russell Kelley William H. Kelley Clifford R. Kellstrom lames B. Kelly Ralph Kelly Robert Kennedy George Kenny Wesley King William Kirchoif lohn Kitchen Charles Klein Pete I. Klein Walter Kenneth Edward Kunnert Iohn W. Kunz George Kurtz Kurt Kurzynski Fred Kutney Iohn Laban Edward LaBuddi Bud LaChapelle Merritt D. Laity Benjamin Lamb William Giles Cecil Gillespie Stanley Gilliard Russell Gipperich Darwin Glendenning Carl E. Gnath Fred Goerlitz lack Gognan lohn G. Gognan Frank P. Golden Max Goodman Clyde Goodrich Duane H. Goodsmith Frank P. Gordon lohn A. Gordon Chris Harris Robert D. Harrison William Hart Robert G. Hartman William Hathaway Adam Haus. Ir. Ronald M. Hauswirth Eddie Havelesky Manley Hayes Raymond E. Hayes Bernard Havwell Richard S. Hazen lames P. Headlee Henry Hedlund Thomas Heike Eugene M. Iackson Robert P. Iackson Kacir Iacob Charles I. Iacques Donald W. Iarvis Francis leanquenst Donald B. Ielley Leonard leske Robert Ieske Earl Iohanasson Albert Walter Iohnson Arthur Iohnson Donald Royal Iohnson Earl C. Iohnson Howard F. Iohnson William Klein Robert Kleinhardt Samuel Kletter lerry Kline Peter Kline Thomas G. Klix Richard Kloock Gordon I. Klockow Charles K. Kloss. Ir. Arthur Kludt lames F. Kment Tohn Paul Knoche lohn A. Knox Alvin H. Koeppe Edward A. Konen Charles Iim Lamb Paul Lamb Edward I. Lambert lames Landing lames Landschneider Iohn Langweld Helsey Langusch Lawrence Lapinski Ray Lassman lames E. Latchney lohn LaVassar fContiuued an Page 722 FDED C0 VICQ N9 is J0?Y:s'Xd"n SON BE 503-CSF ,LfQlQMD1cg CCONXAS 777C1,ry p, . Q1 210-W wlaw VIllllANT V llANT VICTUDIUUS Ho J' DAN Y tsdfswf- QEXQMSU V QA QDEPQ NWN Bereczlcy, Esther Berr, Robert Berra, Geraldine Bezotte, Frances Bilyk, Louis Bock, Ruth Boncar, Frank Bouttlers, Bertha Bozian, Ruth Brown, Dorothy Brown, Roger Bucclero, Henry Bunnell, Iohn Campbell, Betty Carlson, Arletta Carson, Iames Adamson, Marilyn Adler, Kcnneth Albright, Beatrice Alverson, Beatrice Anderson, Eunice Anderson, Margaret Andriano, Frances Armstrong, Wilbur Aubrey, Phyllfs Barbret, Donald Bates. Iohn Bauer, Virginia Baumgarten, Edith Beal, Mary Beauchamp, Margaret Becker, Edith Bedore. Beulah Beneteau, Robert Bennallack, Douglas Bennett, Lawrence n,...,,..MM1 K. 1 v ' ca.Ass or G? JAHO 1945 ith.: sq mn rem qgjwjwft cmd A1104 DeGraw. Barbara De Liso. Margaret DeMaggio, Antonette Demrick, Charles DePrez, Louis Devine, Iohn D'Hoostelaere. Gustai DiClemente, Antoinette DiMusto, Agnes Dingwall, Helen Doherty, Richard Dolan, Marilyn Donahue, Betty Donaldson, Robert Drew, Earl Duncan, Clifton Eatmon, Richard Edwards, Virginia Ericsen, Dorothy Evans, Betty Centmayer, Virginia Clements, Patricia Cochell, Wesley Condlt, Fred Connors. Margaret Courage, Haymoncl Courech, Hose Ilarlo Cremers, Evelyn Cross, George Cross, Nina Cullman, Otto Czaban, Waldernar D'Andrea, Evelyn D'1-lnna, Ioann Dean. Martin Dean. Shirley Heise, Arnold Henning, Loraine Henrichsen, Kenneth Herbster, Lillian Hertel, David Hess, Allen Holmberg, Edwin Holzman. Edna Horrie, Veleta Huebner, Carl Huey. Betty lane Hurner, Loretta Evers, Lillian Eyster, George Fernstrum, Richard Forbes, Earl Foster, William Frohmader, Phyllis Fry. Richard Fuhrman, Robert Gillard, Betty May Gilmore, Gwyn Gott, Bernardene Grateau, Frank Grauss, Marjorie Gressman, Theodore Gunther, Rudolph Gutenberg. Robert Haber, Norman Habib, Stephen Hackett, Ruth Hardy. Frances Harm, Ieanette Harrison, Robert Hawk, Patricia Hegge, Iune Kleiner, Phyllis Kloetzel, Ernest Knezek, Arthur Kopitz, Robert Koss, Norbert Kraft, Iohn Kramp, William Kronberger, Frank Kruger, Natalie Kunkel, Phyllis Labenz, Dorothy LaDuke, Bette Laing. Barbara Lane, Lillian Lang, Ila Lang, Mildred LaPointe, Iarnes Law, David Lawhead, Ioanne Leckner, Louise Lee, Shirley Lent, Loralie Leu, Gertrude Liss, Fabian Ielinek, Ioseph Iettke, Harry Iohnson, Eddie Iones, Marjorie Iorgenson, Gerald Kareus, Lucille Karhuma, Karl Keersmaekers, Yvonne Keir, Iames Keller, Robert Kelly, Margaret Klein, George Lord, William Lumettcr. Ifcrdeleine Mubarak, George MacNicol, Florence Madgeske, Victoria Martin, Ida Nell Mayer, Helen Mayer. Rosemary McCulley, Shirley McMillan, Stewazt McDearmcm, Doris McQuestion, Rose Mae Meneghin, Henrietta Meneghin, Mildred Merkle, Ioyce Mettler, Robert I 1 Meyer, Frieda Meyers, Barbara Milam, Thoramae Mistretta, Mary Moody, Irene Moore, Ruth Moxam, Iean Napoletano, Isabelle Nelson, Iohn O'Brien, lames Ochsner, Erika Oehmke, Marjorie Osborne, William Overman, Doris Pankner, Betty Pape, Howard Parnham, Iohn Patterson, Ian Patterson, lean Pattison, Ervin Pauli, Margaret Peppler, Yvonne Perry, Iohn Perry, Mary Alice Phillips, Virginia Pollack, Florence Potter, Barbara Przyzylski, Henry Puzik, Gabrielle Quinn, Mary Race, Genevieve Rankauskis, V. S. Rapson, Ira Reilly, Patricia Reis, Carrol Rendell, Betty Revyn, Virginia Ringquist, Roland Ritchie, Robert Robinson, Walter Rose, Shirley Ruschmann, Frederick Ryan, Patricia Ryan, Patrick Saccoman, Shirley Sanclemente, Iacqueline Sanclemente, Rose Schalter, I ean Scheibner, Ewald Schield, Harvey Schmierer, Lottie Schmuckel, Henry Schnepl, Anna Schnur, I ane Schultz, Beatrice Schultz, Lois Schuster, Hilda Schutz, Vera Seib, Emma Sellinger, Iohn Senesy. Dorothy Senesy, Helen Senesy, Rosemary Shaw, Dolores Simpson, Eugene Siostrand, Marion Smith, Arline Smith, Doris Q Snow, Betty Socall, Donald Sombroski, Natalie Sommer, Frances Soos, Betty Spada. Anthony Spataiore, Constance Springer, Franklin Steifensen, Gene Stormont, Ruth E. Strong, Gerald Suits. Bemard Svenson, Robert Tatti, Robert Taylor, Donna Taylor, Grace Taylor, Robert Teschke, Marjorie Teske, Rosalyn Thiron, William Thompson, Oren Thornton, Shirley Thurston, Patricia Travis, Madeleine Baldis. Warren Dubois, Robert Haeusler, Gisela Miller, Thomas O'Hare. Roland Peterson, Ieanne Remsing, Elsie Uschwald, Leonard Wenner, Raymond Trompics. Bette Trueman, Douglas VanCoppenolle, Betty VanDerStock, Mary Varsa, Iohn Vetere, Laurence Vetter, George Viggiano, Betty Weimert, Katherine Welch, Iohn Wenz, Elsie Westerinen, Thelma Wielandt, Norbert Wierenga, Iames Wieske, Erwin Wild, Ralph Williamson, Alexander Wilson, Harold Wilson, Viola Wischka, Eleanore Woodard, Rosetta Young, Shirley X- 'ix N, ..1 ,1 ,.., vw, ,,.... ,,,. ,,, ,,,., ,,-44 E ,,,- c. I.-M"' G, O 5 ,K f,, X xh r Xffqfrfi Avgx 'STG' N A, 5 1- e NNN.-5 2- X Q47-K N X A ,re 3 1' M-U5 VN y x R-Cb .ff W 3 -.vm ...w 1 ,WW M-1 -N., g., ..., .N rr g QQ' ""'-+-, '-wh., Ng--s,S-if, .lxw-ss. x'--.M -5,0-,X 'N+s..., -xl' xx, EI O'-Q 1-A.. C-N v.. cr-TL' , --.M N.: ex. PNQQ, xx N x NQ ' XGA xx f fN- vgidivig' ff x Oaxkiv 'f X' ' Sfywx ex X 6' xx., Q X XfQw- xx ,QQ N QQSQX N x NX. f-...-,, FQ., 'Max Nix xy? Aw Qi wx' ml? -375 sw-, " s i ' 1 ' df with 'ICJ' ,f Cutest Boy and Girl Most Likely to Succeed Class Chatterbox Bob Ritchie - Betty Evans Steve Habib Betty Pankner Doris McDearman Versatile Boy and Girl Talented Boy and Girl . Bill Armstrong Pretty Girl Bill Armstrong 1 Bette Trompics Marilyn Adamson Bette Trompics Bashful Boy and Girllsl - lack Parnham, Popular Boy and Girl Helen, Dorothy and Rosemar S ' y enesy Iohn Nelson -- Shirley Saccornan fb jflflxxfff ini ,,,x""'- Class Wit Bernard Suits Athletic Boy and Girl George Eyster lane Schnur CNot photographedl: Handsome Boy, Lee Bilyk: Class Clown, Marty Dean Sophisticated Girl Louise Leckner Best Dancers Shirley Saccoman George Eyster Class Wolf Kenneth Adler nga? f7l""'N .1 Class Flirt Betty Pankner Intelligent Boy and Girl Roger Brown Ruth Stormont Best Dressed Boy and Girl Richard Fetnstrum - Natalie Sombroski :P S' aft 'Ko I Z WXWY M ll Dances, bazaars, and minstrel shows each added to our enjoyment the past year: but they afforded more than mere entertainment for all us young'uns. The money raised went for scholarships and equipment. For all this and many other favors, past, present and future, we thank the Edwin Denby Mothers' Club. P? EEE S' K ' ., mm, gg! fx A 7 S x .LM A 3 r t Scene: Stage in Denby High. Characters: Severai beautitui giris put- ting on "grease paint." boys with anxious irowns watking up and down mumbiing tines. marty disheveiied looking characters whizzing about. Mrs. Shimmin waving di- rections. Everyone covered with grease- paint, powder and excitement. Time: Rehearsai oi the DRAMA CLUB'S tatest piay. BCT: I Mrs. Shimmin: Kay, get Pat to tix your costumei Fred. can't you act a iittie more grouchy? Boyce, get that hamburger out oi here. Ptrt Lazarow: Kathleen. T iove you Mrs. Shimmin: Quiet! Not you Art., Art: Kathieen Lf Stage Crew Member: Mrs. Shimmin-'is this spot right? Mrs. Shimmin: Hmmmm. no not quite! A iittie to the rightfnow to the iett. Winniired: Ken. 1 can't bear it it you go. Mrs. Shimmin: Move that awtui spot. Art: T can't ieave you. Mrs. Shimmin: Witi those peopie irom the "Log" staii get oii stage? Art: It oniy we couid be aione. Margaret: i can't die right. Ym too stiit, Where are those probationary members? Art: 1Xh.Kathieen we are aione. Stage Crew Member: Move that spot, tower the backdrop! ' min: Quietl Mrs. Shim if rew mem- Art: Kathieen Trapdoor opens. Four stage c ' turniturel bers rise. carrying Shimmin: Quiet! Mrs. CURTATN The preceding drama may give you a notion oi the work Drama Ciub h betore this season's iast 3 kt ix 2 vague members went throng " 'ting Through." Rehearsals those iast nights to ptay Smr ' d i'2. o'ciock on re costumes 'titt it an beiore production. There a to be gathered. iines to be ' The Busi- be sewn, props given iust the right intonation. ness Committee must gather ads, pro- grams must be printed. probationary mem- bers get out iormats tor ushering on the ' ' hts must be iust right, it this the 3 BiG night. Lrg in ptace. Through a saits smoothty to G. scenery DRAMP- CLUB ' ord oi iast se Denby keep up the orodnctron rec son's ptay "You Can't Take it With This amazing record proves the motto- NOT!-HNG BUT THE. BEST WAYS Y ou." ctub' s AL- f Q Q s ' 4 pg! 4 f s N Q L Fi? 0 Q , Flash! Dash! Duck!-The photographers are at it again. They shoot a picture at every turn. Nothing stumps them. They take it lying down--standing up-peelo ing over railings. Sports-social events --dances-classes - glamour - nothing escapes the eye oi the camera and its shutter pusher. All informal shots used in the Log and Navigator were taken by Camera Club members, many of whom won recognition in camera contests. "Hands up and walk!" . . . An at- tempt at burglary? Oh no. just the Dance Club warming up for a new routine. Not only the very latest dance steps. but also the old circle waltzes and rhythmic fox trots are learned. R. I. Dompke and Boyce Bradley. president and vice-president, are student teachers. Mrs. Hage is carrying on valiantly the project which Mr. Carty so capably sponsored beiore he left Denby. "Educate by films!" is the motto of Denby's Operators' Club. Twenty-:ive members of this or- ganization under the direction of Miss Lightfoot divide the respon- sibility of showing entertaining and educational iilms to our stu- dents. President Bud Lachat and his gang have proved to us that they can chalk up a continuous row of successes. "On with the show"' Th' . is, the policy of D enby's Broad- casting Guild, has long served as a dependable motto. With the aim of helping in Ameri- ca's war effort, this past year has yielded many blue ribbon successes to the credit of Mrs. Schneidewind, sponsor of the club. Under the direction of president Stan Challis, aided by vice-president Norma Wheeler. the Guild has intro- duced not only highly enter- taining dramatizations, but also educational Round Table Discussions. We know that their future record will be twice as impressive as this past record is. The tickets fo l ralevents and social affairs of Denby are handled by the Sales Club. Sponsored b M' y iss Lind of the Commercial Department, the Club has 98 sparkling, ag- gressive members. Each home room is represented and offi- cers are elected each semes- ter. This organization has been I . . eadmg an active life for six years. During the last four. the ticket sales have been under student management. instead of teacher control as during the first two "toddling" years. Even a democracy needs some form of policing and the Service Club is up on es to its toes when it com keeping the halls of Denby in order. Every hour of the day a student can be at his appointed post. found Discussions of the questions of the day vital take place, and in the heat of argument, freshmen often challenge stately seniors. Democracy can not thrive except by bringing these questions into the light and thoroughly thrashing them out. Nor can students learn to defend their ideas except by having them challenged by students with other opinions. The Forum and democ- racy go together. It is democratic in that its mem- bership is open to all stu- dents of Denby and in that all ideas are tolerated and respected by others. ,. in , ii it The G.A.A. is the headquarters or the pivot around which all ot the girls' sport activities revolve. Under the su- pervision ol Miss Kerber and the guid- ance of president Sylvia Zicke. G.A.A. members plan the various sport sched- ules. Through thick and thin they chart the course for enthusiastic ath- letes to follow. For the outstanding success of girl athletics in Denby, the G.A.A. modestly accepts a goodly share ot the just praise which is its due. Every student at Denby is con- sidered a member of the Iunior Red Cross, but those especially interested are organized into the Iunior Red Cross Club. Guided by Miss Rodehetter, the club is eagerly fulfilling its duties in a world at war. It you catch a glimpse ot a blue uniformed gal strutting up Denby's halls with an enormous sign on her back and a pail containing her books, pay no attention. It's just another Girl Reserve. Seems like president Vera Grischak and her fellow conspirators think up tremendous ordecils to inflict upon girls new to the game. ff- rr 32 sw-"" Lf It music is the language ol the spheres, then Denby is a well rounded proposition. This year's musical attainments reached a new high. The peak ol excitement was reached at the spring concert. How the band played! And how our lovely nightingales sang! Better than ever. The students really get some musical training here. Not only that but they handle all attairs. The coins really tinkle. Democracy in action. Whether it's Anchors Aweigh at a football game, or the immortal Stardust at assem- bly, the Denby band is always in there playing. Here also, they have their own organization to handle busi- ness aitairs and the proce- dure is always according to Hoyle. The Denby 'lLog" staff firmly believes that "the pen is mightier than the sword." Therefore. they reason the type- writer is mightier a thousandfold so they keep their key- board in constant use pounding out the news ol school events and student activity. It is the purpose ol every good newspaper to inform students ol the news in the news section and to attempt to interpret the news in the editorial columns. The lifeblood oi the school is found in the printers ink of the Denby "Log." Let the typewriters clack. Let t e o We need more oomph in the Denby Log and we have a deadline to meet. h ld brain hit on all six. A million and one cameras clicking, typewriters groaning un- der the tremendous weight ot umpteen write-ups, Pat Gardiner in glue from head to toe, loe Karr a permanent fixture in the dark room, Ericka Ochsner and Eunice Rein with the traditional dark circles under their editor eyes- all go to make up your Navigator of 1943. Like it or not-that's the breaks! , 33 5 i N .v was ,. ' 6 ,Qili All in V ' 'L I' 11' o slr A . 1 3 'ff wi .kg up-' X Ifnld good friends, one and all, this is it. The finished product. This IS our handiwork from "kiver to kiver." Do you like it? Thanks. X' C? ,fig ,Z , I This crew is trying to launch a new ship at Denby. "The Student Council" is its name. Their destination is a more complete student lite at school. The council says, "We hope that we will sail with cr "hold" lull of coopera- tion, a spirit ot needesness d an your best wishes. Clear the decks for action." The Future Crafts gUI1lZUfl0!'l of boys interested in trade and technical training. Its chief aim is t o encourage boys to better themselves in th . . . e vocatlonal field most interesting to them. men Club is an or- Genial, Dr. Povah has made the de- fense council his own. The members work hard and they work all the time. Denby can stand up with all the rest oi the schools on the sale of stamps and bonds. Before the student council was a reality, it was first cr dream. In Mr. Woll's class the idea origin- ated and it has grown by leaps and bounds. Somewhere in the school. there ought to be a place where students c things by themselves an manage Z' utuq. N52 4 L ' Wh "Know your war to win the war" has been the motto of the Speakers Bureau for its two years' existence. Members of this club, which is spon- sored by Mr. Weiss, feel that the op- portunity to analyze and discuss prob- lems concerning us all and deliver their ideas to classes upon their request. oi which there have been many, is a very valuable and interesting experience. A quiet, unpublicized organization is Denby's model airplane club-but its work in supplying planes for the gov- ernment has progressed steadily. We give Mr. Bachus and his co-workers the credit for an enormous amount of labor. Sorry kids, you've got us all wrong! You'll not find us slaving over steaming pans in a hot kitchen. No, you'll find us every Wednesday, the seventh hour in the apartment of! 212 fplugl doing our part in the war effort. Did I hear some one say. "What are you doing?" Well. some of the things we are doing are making bibs for the Red Cross scrap books for soldiers, and collecting grease and just about everything else tor every kind of drive you can think oi. Yes. you've guessed it. we're the Edwin Denby Home Economics Club. Who tells you about the Student Council? Who makes you conscious of the waste baskets in the halls? Who is behind every activity that takes place in Denby? Why, the Ad Club. of course! This is composed ol several boys and girls who can be seen almost any hour in front of the office. dabbling in messy con- coctions or down on their hands and knees making new posiers. 1 For a small charge the Ad Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Brooks. will make any kind of a poster for any kind of an activity at any time. Back and forth, back and forth goes the little rubber stamp from the ink pad to the hundreds of passing books in exasperating monotony. Picking it up and laying it down is a member of the library staff. who seems to get no end of enjoyment out of playing the little game. Their other duties are to set books back on their re spective shelves. to collect money for overdue books, and to keep the library running in an efficient manner. N .z m- all m Heads up -"toc1a"'1 in ch 1' , .. .. ... . .. ou oers back. R.O.T.C.? No! it's the Model Club where the gals ot Denby meet each week to tear each other apart. If your girl-iriend's long "droopy Page Boy" suddenly turns into an "alert" haircut or if the conservative color combinations she has been wearing lately change to some which are really "out oi this world." don't be surprised, she probably belongs to the Model Club. Small but potential might describe our Hi-Y Club. Out of an original twenty boys who instigated a revival ol Hi-Y in Denby we have but five left. These. with Mr. Wheeler as sponsor. constitute the club at the present time. The club has on several occasions had the privilege of listening to speakers at the YMCA through the kindness of Mr. Iohn Beatty. Y Secretary, who has given much of his time to their work. "Start me with ten who are stout-singing men and l'll soon give you the Senior Boys' Glee" is the motto of Miss Miller. leader of this group. The Senior Boys' Glee, now a large and successful group, displayed its talents again in the spring concert when they sang harmonious arrangements oi "The Animal Fair." "I L A " ove Parade. and Dance My Comrades." The Senior Girls' Glee presents lus ' cious harmony by the gleeful senior girls. The warblers are di- rected by Miss Martin and ace companied by Miss Hougan. The gay and talented group has presented several spark- lin 1 ' gy successful public and radio appearances. All in all. music in Denby is a well developed art. The latent talent among our boys and gals is discovered and brought to light early. We expeCf to hem' FHUUY of these voices over the air in davs to come. R .OI C which stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps, first made its appearance last fall the general objective of the course was primarily to lay the foundation of intellingent citizen- ship. This was to be done by including in the student habits pre- cision, orderliness. courtesy, correctness of posture and deport- ment, leadership, and the respect for, and loyalty to constituted authority: and to give the student basic military training which will be of benefit to him and ot value to the Military Service if and when he becomes a member. The ROTC in Denby has every right to be proud because there has been a change among the boys who are cadets, which is evidence that the obiective is being achieved. The specification for the cadet to maintain his uniform is the most important to his scholastic rating. The cadet must main- tain at least a C average and commissioned officers a B or else they have to relinguish the uniform. This has proved to be a good democratic form of discipline and also awakens in the student an even greater appreciation of a good scholastic rating. The R.O.T.C. has on numerous occasions furnished volunteers for special duty to the school. T h e s e special duties not only arouse a feel- ing of responsi- bility in the ca- det but a l s o give him prac- tice as a leader. Lest you don't know it, there's cr war on. And will the R.O.T.C. turn out mater- ial for g o o d s o l d i e r s and sailors? L o o lc out, Mr. Hitler. here we come. ERA GRISCHAK WQQ- pwzsxd Qflt SAM QIZZQ Pl'2SldQfDf DOROTHY PROEF KE Szca'zta.1y 4 f 5 'Q EJEXELN Ma XNMLMM REED sm-ag cant' at 0 avmia DGRQLHZEERSON lcerwla-rfb Rmrrtl Ieanne Ruth Benignus Vera Margaret Bennett Richard Ioseph Bernock Carl Beyer Thelma Mae Biggins William Binge Doris Bitterberg Betty Louise Border fs 'vi Gilbert Bott Phyllis Lenore Box Kenneth Irving Boylan Boyce Bradley Patricia Brandau Charles Edmund Brandenburg Iohn Albert Brandt Michael Iames Brennan Bertha Eleanor Brighton Burton Brooks Ioseph Brown Allred Brunas 1 Clue-lt to Centerl Robert Abele Eileen Margaret Allen Lewis Samuel Alward Helen Dorothy Anderko Elvin Ross Awrey Shirley Mae Baalaer Nancy Baker Iohann Audrey Banwell Lena Flavia Barbieri Williarn E. Barlow Frances Mary Madeline Barolo Donald Frederick Barr Iessie Ruth Bartlett Frank Anthony Bashur Bernice Albert Bates Louise Bates Donald Batten Alma Battishill Frank Earl Bauer Elizabeth Mary Bauman Thomas Gene Baxter Harry Thomas Bayer Eugene Leonard Becco Caroline Iune Beck Charlotte Catherine Beckhold Charlotte Belanger Edward Lionel Bell Iune Marie Bender fcenter lo Rlqhtl lack Ioseph Connolly Iames Connolly August Cook Anthony Cordero Norman Corpis Harold Corrick Bill E. Coulter Martha Helena Crouse Robert Leon Crowder Catherine Lucy Culmone Ieanne Susan Culp Gene E. Cunningham Charles Cusumano Edward David Czech Betty Ruth David William I. Davidson A. Donald DeBlois Ralph O. DeCew Bette Norma DelGrego Harley Dell Arthur Demulder Ethel lean Devine Eddie A. DeVirgilio Iohn Edward DeVoe George Walter Dipka Ruth Virginia Dipman Eldon August Dittman Arthur Dobrasko fLett to Cemterl Marian Pauline Brunner Rosemary Burgess Marcella Burns Iean Butler Marian Calvert Gordon Cameron Iames Carreyn Wilma Louise Carrico Richard Carroll Donald W. Carter Geraldine Cartwright Dorothy C. Cassmore Stanley Harry Challis Virginia Grace Chamberlin Alyce Carole Chappas Mildred Marcella Cichon Hubert Remi Iohn Claeys Richard Ioseph Cliiton Calvin Cochell Rosemary Theresa Cole Q0 f is fCenter to Rightl Mary Veronica Fraser Lorraine Ruth Fraza George Saunders Freeman Bernard Morris Freid Marjorie Dolores Friedlund Fred Charles Fuqua, Ir. Gloria Ann Fuzer lean Gabrish Pauline Gan Robert Louis Garbarino Patricia Anne Gardiner Wanda Mae Garman Lorraine Rose Gay Brunhilde Margaretha Russell Charles Gellasch Ir. lack Gibson Robert Ferdinand Gibson Charles Richard Gillock Betty May Girardin Gloria Goodwin Marian Adelia Graham Ruth Helen Grapentine Helen Graubman Vera Patricia Grischak Marian Gross Clare Grubby Dorothy Gudobba Shirley Guier ll.Cll' to Centerl Stanley Dobrasko Ioseph Robert Donaldson Harry D'Orazio Barbara Marie Dreves George Earl Ralph Eaves Marion Lucille Eggert Delores lean Ellers . Mary Elias Marianne Alice Emig Dorothy Elizabeth Engell Walter C. Etheridge Iack Evans Beverly Falor Donald Farmer Ieanne Marie Feighner Donna Shirley Fenton Barabara Louise Ferguson William Floer George Fox fCenter1o Riqlwtl Margaret Dorothy Hillger Lila Elaine Hilliar Lois Genevieve Hirr Helen Hitsch Adelyn Mildred Hoenig Harlan Edward Hotfa Harry Frederick Hoffman Marilyn Kay Hollar Evelyn Ann Hutnagel William Walter Hughes lack Howard Humphrys Alice Katherine Hunter Iohn H. Huntley Donald C. Hurd Richard Iames Hyslop William Hyslop Peggy Ann Isgrig Elizabeth Iacobs Clarence Iakee Patricia Gloria Iarboe fletl' lo Cenlerl Gerald Malcolm Gunn Marie Genevieve Hall Virginia Carmella Hamilton Ierome Frederick Hansen Ioyce Estelle Hanston Gordon Edward Harder Patricia Lenore Harper Wanda Marie Hart Harrietta Adeline Harttield Inez Iune Harvey Irene Bonnie Harvey Wendell Harvey Edna Clara Hasse Iohn George Hassler Marian Hauswirth Leslie Hayes William Healy Eleanor Mary Hegedus Gwendolyn Elaine Helm Ethel Laura Hermann Ioyce Anne Herrick William Thomas Herrick Ruth Viola Hethke William Frederick Heyd. Ir. Alice Iane Hidde Ada Lee Hielscher Katherine Emily Hildebrandt Helga Hillebrand Dale Koss Dolores Ann Koster Betty Margaret Kostrach fcemeffo WW Richard Kredo Charles Mason Klein Rosalore Renate Kretzschrnar Barbara Agnes Knoske Harold Krogulski Hiliary Knoth Shirley May Kruger Eleanor Lue Knuth Ralph Kuhleldt Irene Caroline Kopacka Georgia Kurth Leonard Iohn Kopitzki Iune Vera Labatt Rosemarie A. Kortas Iames Lagergren Iune Koslowski Winnilred Leona Landy lLett to Centerl Charles Ienks Herbert Iohnson Phyllis Iohnson Robert Lauth Iones Mildred Marie Iosephson Virginia Marie Iuras Richard Charles Kading Ioan Dolores Kaiser Helen Kamppinen Laurence Leonard Karcher Ioseph Donald Karr Egon Kas Delores Lillian Kay Frank I. Kearney Robert M. Kearney Virginia Evelyn Kearschke Mary Curran Kelleher Vivian Madelyn Keller Elaine Leona Kellstrom Margaret Mary Kennedy Lois Shirley Kersten Roland Kersten Helen M. Kessler Charlotte May King George Robert King Milton Thomas Kirkenmeir Iarnes Kitson Donald Clark lcervter to Rightl Harris Glenn McEwan Isabelle McLean McKinnon Iack McLean Albert McNay Iohn Philip McPhai1 Francis Arthur McPhillips Iohn Calvin McSloy Rita Megge Geraldine Rita Meininger Louis Meneghin lean Clara Middleton Mildred Mary Mill Iames Miller Thomas Miller Rosemary Henrietta Mills Patricia Ioan Mitchell Edna Mary Moeller Marjorie Monroe Doris Adeline Marie Moore Phyllis Kathleen Morley Shirley Iune Morrow Harry Mroch Robert Deuel Mudloft Priscilla Munro Betty Iean Nagorsen Paul Naz Marilyn Louise Nieghorn Margaret Iune Nixon Qt rl 4 sf 135 ft I ' 5 ll.ef'i to Centerl Lois Marie Lane George Larson Wilbur Lauwers Iames Michael Lawler Donald Clark Layher Elizabeth Marie Leblanc Iune Rosanna Lerminiaux Iean Ellen Lewis lf Lee Lloyd Maureen Alice Lock Lois Ann Lockwood Robert Allred Loepp Mary Gloria Lombardi Robert Dale Lusk Donald Roy MacLean Richard Michael Malinchalk Estheradel Mancil Donald Henry Margrai Natalie Mary Mayday Elaine Margaret McDonnell L at fcenler to Riqlwtl Dorothy Ilene Proeike Erwin George Rapska Lenore E. Rasmussen Leona Anna Rasmussen William Thomas Reed Edward August Regul Winilred Theodora Rehard Gertrude Elizabeth Reichert Max Frederick Reid Donald Louis Reidle Eunice Geraldine Rein Carl Frederick Rentschler Arthur Charles Reppenhagen, William Howard Rice Betty lane Richter Carol Ioyce Riedel William Charles Rieske Floyd I. Rightenburg, Ir. Dolores Mary Ritter Doris May Ritter I 1 .1 '. left to Cenlerl Beverly Marie O'Brien Betty Lou O'Hara Doris Marie O'Hara Shirley lean Olson Betty Iane Rita Opalewski Alvera A. Ososky Edna Florence Ososky Eunice Ioy Otto Anthony Palazzolo Henry Palm Dorothy Ieanne Palmer Priscilla Mae Parker Audrey Irene Parks lack Pascoline Iohn Ellery Pearson Evelyn Lorraine Pendley Adalgina Irene Peressini Marian Madaline Perko Dorothy lean Person Deloris Iean Peters Shirley Marie Petty Geraldine Evelyn Pitters Wilfred Plotkowsld Ioseph Ponton Donald Reinhold Porter Virginia Louise Post Dorothy Poynter Iohn Ralph Preston jf .W 1 ,N . F 4 A if ab! ll ,dc lcenter' to Rfqhtl Theodore Frederick Schnitz, Iulia Mary Schoen Kathryn Schotthoeter Elmer Alfred Schroeder Iune Linda Schwark Virginia Ann Schwerin William E. Scott William Herbert Seeger Gloria Bernice Semyan Frederick Adolph Senger Iune Shain Shirley Elaine Shanks Betty Iean Sherman Everett Wilson Shirley Norma Iessie Shouldice Lorraine Alice Silverthorne Ann McConnell Sine Eleanor Anne Skoruda Chester Skowronek Clarence Leo Skowronek fLett to Centerl lean Betty Ritz Samuel Ioseph Rizzo Dorothy Robbins Iohn Robinson Leatrice Loyce Robinson Iennie Agnes Roche Iack Roehl Erika Herta Ropke Harold Charles Rosenthal Ruth Gloria Ross Norman Rotha Maxine Caroline Rudowski Mary Louise Ryan Elaine Ann Sautter Mary Scally Iohn Eugene Scavone Margaret Scheiwe Adaleen Doris Schigoda Elvira Schlachter Ernest Allred Schmaltz Louis Schmidt Lydia Schmidt Dorothea Amalia Schneider Anna Marie Schneiders Lillian Eve Schrott Carl Schulte Ir. Rosemary Schultz Patricia Schumars Elva Dale Smiley WW lo Betty Ann Smith Donald George Smith Frederick William Smith Ioan Ann Smith Lorraine Margaret Smith William Forest Smotherman Irene Wanda Smyt Norma Iune Snyder Pauline Frances Spagnola Clayton David Spangenburg, Lois Mae Stafford Ioseph Frank Starosta Phyllis Stavar Shirley Elaine Stead Margaret Marie Steele Kathryn Winiired Steffes Marianne Stetzinger Mae Niven Stewart George Frederick Steyer Iacquelyn Issie Stica Mary Stimpson Eleanor Marie Stoiko Shirley Ann St. Peter I lCenter to Riqhtf Margaret lean Summerer Elizabeth I. Susalla William Emil Sutherland lean Margaret Szyperski Eesther Tauber Lois Evelyn Taylor Charles Lewis Ternes Doris Lucille Thompson I oyce Elaine Tiemann Lorraine Ruth Tiemann Gwendolyn Mirneveive Titmus Robert William Tomaszewski Richard W. Trendle Lenora Marie Treppa Elizabeth Ann Tritio Iohn Arthur Turmala, Ir. Russell Forest Tutt, Ir. Mary Iean Ullrich Robert Unruh Madeline F. VanGheluwe Ednamae VanDyke Madeline F. VanGheluwe Iohn Ioseph VanKerschaver Margaret L. Victor fcenter to Riqhtl Lucille Mary Ann Worth Eugene Ralph Yagley Floramaria Yardley lVIichael Mathew Younger Sylvia Zicke Stanley Iohn Zielecki Caroline Mary Zikmund lLett to Centerl Lawrence Vincent William Raymond Wahl Nadine Margaret Waldmann Hugo Anderson Wallred Eleanor Gertrude Walter Margaret Elaine Walters George Franklin Wantland Margaret Iune Webster Russell Iulius Weiland Ir. Iohn Steven Werner Ruth Rosemarie Westphal Catherine Rose Westwick Norma Ellen Wheeler Claire Arliene Whelpley Leola Mary Wielpuetz Grayce Anne Wigington Helen Wiktor Gaetan Marie Williams lean V. Wilson lessie Wilson Anne Sophie Windemuth Betty Iane Witherell Thomas Iohn Woodhead William George Woodruli val! IW Q- iw 1 ,, A syxxgvlgs A fc Wx A MOST INTELLIGENT: Hugo Wcxlired Evelyn Hulnagel MOST POPULAR: lack McLecm Eunice Rein MOST TALE NTED: Art McPhillips Lee Lundy MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sam Rizzo Put Gardiner BEST DRESSED: Bill Coulter Pat Harper PHETTIEST GIRL1 Marion Perko HANDSOMEST BOY: Ralph De Que MOST SOPHISTICATED: Frank Kearney Adeline Hoenig MOST BASI-IFUL Iohn McSloy Mary Kelleher CLASS Cl-IATTERBOX' Lee Lcmdy CLASS WIT1 , Bill Reed. MOST VERSATILE: Sam Rizzo Vera Grischak MOST ATHLETIC: lack McLean Beity Sherman CUTEST: Elmer Schroeder Shirley Morrow CLEVEREST: Harlan Holla Eunice Rein BEST DANCERS: Boyce Bradly Lorraine Fraza CLASS GIGOLO1 Bill Reed CLASS FLIRT: Barbara Ferguson yfhe fylecmef With the passing of the years. who knows what name signed here will be worth its weight in platinum. Will a name signed here in youthful enthusiasm turn out to be that of a U. S. Senator? Or perhaps a governor? Or who knows-maybe even the presi- dent of these United States? Perhaps the wheel of fortune will spin the wrong way and one oi these names will be only a number breaking his heart back oi barred windows. If only one could look into the future and see what is written there. Do the next best thing. Take out your book twenty years from now' and see what you will see. presents the Executive Board Lenore Guest . . . President Beatrice L. Harrison . . . Sponsor Mrs. Gene Nattress . . First Vice-President Paul Stein . . . Second Vice-President Dorothy Pollack . . Secretary Betty Belscher . . Corresponding Secretary Warren Davey . . Treasurer Ann Meier . . Financial Secretary Committees Financial . . Warren Davey War Service . Lenore Guest Membership . . Ann Meier Young Married C5219 Nauress Publicity . . Betty Belscher Women Enid Seb!-eek' Ir- Social . . Dorothy Pollack Men .... Hank Graat Pay Tribute To Their Gold Star Members t GEORGE ABELE t EARL 1oHANsoN f IAMES MCKEOWN t ALPHONSE ADAMS i THOMAS KLIX t ELM!-:R ULRECH f LEONARD FIONDA f Noassrrr LEPPEK It is with much pride the Edwin Denby Alumni Association looks back on the year about to be completed. President William Rasschaert. a far- sighted. energetic go-getter visioned your asso- ciation as the center oi activities that branched beyond the purely social into many doings that would interest all the membership. The Prom established with the baby days of your organiza- tion had by Ianuary 1942 become a tradition to which each graduating class looked with much anticipation. Grand as this tradition was it did not reach all the members. so in April 1942 the President called his Executive Board together and presented his idea, namely: wider participation of all members through a more diversified program. the development of the committee system of coopera- tive thinking and planning and a closer affiliation with your Alma Mater. Edwin Denby High. This met with immediate and enthusiastic support and together the President. Executive Board and Committees set to work. A constitution was written and presented at the tirst function of this new plan. The Class by Class Reunion Breakfast was held in the English room of the Book Cadillac. Though all approved the report of the constitution committee and the association is operating under it. the rati- fication shall await the return of its many members Class by Class Reunion Breakfast Iune Prom of 1942 Belle lsle Picnic Eastwood Gardens Splash Party Christmas Boxes for the Denby Boys in the Service Sadie Hawkins Day Dance lanuary Prom 1943 Young Mothers' and Childrens' Day Tea Class by Class Reunion Breakfast Class Day Reception to the Graduates of Iune 1943 Iune Prom 1943 June Victory Prom 1F UTUNTATN TBATLTLTROOMI NIASONTCC TEMPLE SATURDAY, JUNE 26 Presentin Jules Klein and His Crchestra and Program TICKET . . 52.00 now serving in the armed forces. The program committee planned and presented this program for the year of 1942-1943: Hardly had the summer activities cleared away before plans were under way to make Christmas more enjoyable for our boys in the armed forces. "A Christmas box tor EVERY DENBY BOY in the SERVlCE" was the motto and by December tenth the association had mailed six hundred fifty-one boxes. They went all over the world and nine- thirty Christmas Eve SOMEWHERE IN NORTH AFRICA one of these many boxes found its owner. The New Year brought its quota oi development too. and today we have in our association an active group of the Young Married members. They plan activities that will interest this group and are devolping a Community Contact Committee that will be able. not too far in the future. to contact all members who would like to meet and know us. Their motto is. "Something for everyone so let's have everyone out for something." Only through close affiliation with the school has such a program been made possible so to Dr. Cooper and his most cooperative staff the Edwin Denby Alumni Association expresses its sincere appreciation. Making, packing, and shipping Christmas boxes for Denby Boys in the armed forces. Mailing Prom invitations. Alumni reception of graduates Planning the Young Mothers and Childrens Tea. Alumni Sponsor-Beatrice L. Harrison. Regional Planning Committee. Alumni Recruits. -.M it?" . x tsssr A f' """"x X X "do or t record and having so e goes with a One hardiy knows where to begin in heraiding the einpioits ot a team with such a grea many unusuai ieats behind its beit as did Denby's eieven ot the i9A'1. season. Nevertheiess her short recap ot their briiiiant escapades. The year began with our contident group ot boys going with super iniiated egos into a strictiy non-reguiation game against Western, a west side team. The iinai score read: Western '1.fDenby 0. and said egos were promptiy detiated. but due to a goodiy portion ot the ditiicuities being ironed out. once again up sprouted the contidence ot the biue and goid: the resuit: Eastern 6fDenby 0 in another pre-season game. Needing oniy two upsets to bring them back to earth. the boys pitched in and iet the good oid knowiedge pounded into their domes by Coach "Sunny iirrf' Stout go to work. Eastern bore the brunt ot this sudden change ot atti- tude and iost the season's oiiiciai opener without scoring a point. Denby's '20 points were scored on a piunge 'trom the A-yard iine by Donneiiy: Shuite's Z5-yard gaiiop around ieit end: and another end run. this time with Parkin- son going ior '33 yards. Tom Donneiiy's breath-taking touchdown in the dying minutes oi the Southeastern game put another encounter on ice and kept the Tars reguiar season record ctean. from the way things were going it iooked as though the con- test wouid end in a scoreiess tie because oi the iack ot time iett untii a Southeastern backtieider went back to iiip a short pass over the center oi the iine. The buiiet-iike toss was snagged in mid-air by Ed Sohaciii. Denby's rookie guard and he downed the bait tor the Biue and Goid on the iungaieer's 'LB-yard iine. The totiowing game on the Denby scheduie which was against Northeastern not oniy saw Denby iose a cruciai meeting but the Tars were aiso scored upon tor the tirst time. Our boys were the iirst to score but that did not come untii the third period when Donneiiy piunged over trom the '1.. iimmy iNierenga's kick irom piacement was unsuccesstui and the period ended with the Tars in the iead 5-0. lk touchdown in the iinai period I iottovved by the point aiter by hay Dutch ot the Northeasterns meant victory tor the , g Faicons. 5 The undeieated Yiamtrarnck Cosmos were , ff-it Q ,Wh next on the Denby iist and to beat them ' -' was the oniy way to remain in the iight ij if ' ior the East Side Championship. The gi 'f't' ' " ' ,, Denbyites went into the grim battie tense V 3 gf and nervous thinking ot the oid proverb gX,' 4 'NM die." N, if . . wif-" - 5? .. .. .ffl f ,r . 1 i - . J N gifts 5 . ff! ss ww 1 C I flffi 4 The first quarter in a 0-0 tie. The second period saw a one-man drive by Hamtramck's Ed Reppke finish in a T.D. He then crashed over the goal scoring the extra point also. - Between halves of the game the Denbyites lost their iitters and just realized that they would be forced to fight like the very devil. The result was terrific. They crossed the goal line twice: once Ed Dobreff's recovery of a fumble and again because of Bud Shulte's superb running and passing. An extra point in this period and a touchdown by Ed Parkinson accompanied by a successful placement kick finished the scoring for the day and the game wound up with the Tars again the victor, this time by a score of 20-7. This last victory left Denby. Hamramck and Highland Park in a 3-way tie for first place in the East Side. This brings us up to Denby's next opponent, none other than Highland, undefeated up to this time but with ties against their oherwise perfect record. An interesting sidelight of the game was Bob Harrison. Denby's ace tackle, pitting against a worthy foe, Iohn Mirackian. The meeting was indeed a sad affair for the Parkers as they had no net gain from the line of scrimmage and were held scoreless while the Tars walked all over them in making their 21 encounters. Parkin- son and Schulte accounted for 6 points each in the third quarter and in the last stanza, a 38-yard drive netted another. Wierenga. at last getting on the beam, made all three conversions. The trouncing of H.P. left Denby in a tie with the kabassa eaters and this made necessary a playoff at U. of D. stadium to determine the team to meet the West Side Champ. The less said about this better. It was a bitter cold day, Denby's attack just didn't work, Denby's defense iust didn't work. The final score was 39-B with the Tars, glorious in defeat, on the tail end. Ed Parkinson was the one bright light for he gained a total of 81 yards in only 9 attempts. This team of the past season was headed by the play of its rookies. Five of them were on the starting team, Ed Dobreff, Chuck Riddle, Hal Shields, George,Eyster, and often Tom Donnelly. They were sorely needed due to the loss of such stars as Ken Corbin, Ed Rutherford. Al Ciesliga, Ioe Karcher, Hal Wohlert, Dick Powers, and many more. , f 1' an MMM , 'm l i leg Ill Denby's swimming congregation of the '42-'43 season was stocked with both individual stars and great team men. But, before jumping to conclusions. one must realize that each of these stars was concerned not only with his own glory but the good of the team. These two factors were the big qualifications of a winner in any sport. Fred Condit. captain of the team. was the best backstroker in the city and a high ranking performer in the individual medley swim. He rolled up a total of points as high as nearly any other high school swimmer. He had the unusual distinction of having gone throughout the regular schedule without a loss in any event in which he was entered. The divers of Denby were ol the finest caliber. George Eyster, although he kept out of practice and the first meets of the year. won the city diving championship. His teqmate Gene Becca won the city dual meet title. Denby's three ace free stylers, Iohnny Nelson, Bob Kinsora. and Bill Armstrong, all took places in the annual playoffs at the close of the regular season. Nelson was undefeated in East Side competition in the 200 yard race and little Bill had a clean slate in three events. Kenny Adler and Lee Bilyk, both placed A in the post season playoffs in their race. the breast stroke swim. Lee was also unbeaten until the playoffs. Kenny was one of the most popular boys on the team and his words of encouragement and witty comments were always welcome. Considering the fact that this season marked only the third year of Denby's having a pool, they have done right well. A tie for first place last year combined with this season's success make a record to be proud of. Eastern High offered the closest thing to competition on the East Side and only Western could be placed on a par with Tars. Denby and Western had all their stars left from the previous campaign and that was the prime factor ln their satisfactory results. Modern design makes the big dii- lerence-at least it made a big con- trast between exciting and super ultra exciting swimming m e e t s where the Denby Tars were con- cerned. New style events such as weight carrying. life saving, disrob- ing, puck recovering. and an under- water relay furnished this unique new entertainment. Mr. Reaume's lads were divided in two groups, llth and 12th graders and 9th and lUth graders. The junior squad had more success than their older teammates partly due to Art Turcott who was the highest scorer in his league. Steve Aller, Bill Igle, Bob Golden, Frank Shubert. Bill Zalewski, Gene Becco and Dick Rocheleau also helped oodles. One can readily see how these Commando swimming tactics will aid these boys in being alert and physically lit. v " lf .Jw 4 A 9 J if 7 'T riiri f- .. M QL., V . ig if f is 5 N.. E N ' A 2 gf 5 3 it 5 Us X 5 5 , "r Ts 6 , 0 fi ' 1 O I I , a,......,-ws . J, k HMM, www U , is Q,f, f - ' ' i Y N x Considering that this sea- son's Tar basketeers were op- erating under a new system of play and under a new coach as their guide, they fared quite profitably, and, as a matter of fact, even when one doesn't take these facts into consideration. they still came out all right. The new coach was Iimmy Stout, baseball coach, football mentor, and ex-reserve basket- ball leader, and the new style of league play was as follows: Denby was put into a five team league with Southeast- ern, Northeastern, Miller, and Eastern and our lads played a game with each of their op- ponents. There were no op- ponents at the close of the regular playoffs. Each school had not just one varsity team, but three, the first composed of ninth and tenth graders, the second made up by juniors, and the seniors filled out the roster of the last squad. Of course as was predicted. most of the eyes were upon the twelfth graders Two of the Denby teams finished up very very high in the final league standings, but the unfortunate frosh and sophs didnt do so well. The Tar seniors tied with Miller for the championship of their division the Gob 1uniors took the title all by their lonesome. and the youngest team tin- ished in the fourth slot. Denbys twelfth graders were headed by Fred Iackson, a lad who never before had shown great promise Had the league been run under the old system he would have easily been a star 31 f an ...WX . , XX . 1. is 2 1? 'gt if x Y EN- V X . Vi . ,..,,,,, E E lei? K iii' Ed Dobrefi was big chief of the iuniors and Tom Donnelly was the brightest light of the other Tar squad. The former team went through the entire season undefeated. They had to end it in a thrilling climax in order to keep it that way as until the final game Miller also had that distinction. Along with those by Dobreff, the majority of the points were scored by Bobby Tome, Al Wei- land. Ed Sohacki, and Ioey Heyer. Ken Vicery, Bill Elliot, Abe Klein, and Tom Stevens were the high point getters for the ninth and tenth grade squad. . K 5 ' -' . is Groan, ugh, ow, sigh, - hey, how did that sigh get in there? Oh - so you gals go for that beautiful build iive. What's all this talk about? Why physical fitness of course. The groans, ughs, and ows come from the strenuous exercises done in this war-time course. Sit-ups, dips and duck walking are just a few of those practiced. Beside the routine work of basket- ball etc., there is a dandy obstacle course which has "made or breaked" many a lad. Brother, when you stash your frame and the gals iust simply swoon, don't thank yourself, thank those physical fits that you've been having. And when the army calls you, don't look forward with dread to ten mile hikes with full pack on your back. That'll be just duck soup for you after you've been through one of these courses. Q 4 The "D" Club is the super- duper of the many clubs in Denby. With Harry Bayer as president the "D" men lead all school activities. An excellent example of this was found when the "Shamrock Shindig" was presented. The "D" Club turned out to be one of the outstanding features of this gala event. As a parting tribute to their coach. "Sunny" Iirn Stout, who is now a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, the "D" Club presented him with a traveling bag. A great club, with a great group of fellows, in fact the back- bone of the school is the "D" Club. e.n.-A "D" Club member wrote this. Anyone who thinks that the "D" men have to take a back seat when it comes to ballet. costumes and all has only to take a good look at this pic- ture to learn his error. st ig? t. rs w ,, H .- The Denby "D" Club has gone to war- yes, the Denby "D" Club has gone to war. Those big and muscular men are now conditioning their bodies for some- thing other than winning an important game. True, they still are having their bang-up seasons in sports, but this muscle-building furnished by athletics will really show up in that future Army training. Editor's note: Don't let those costumes fool you. Precision is the keynote of the classes. The exact orderliness and lorm of these groups put to shame many ot the regular army par- ades. While there is no real grunt and groan stuff, there is plenty ol that muscle building str-e-t-c-hing. The girls love this. Grace and symmetry are the keynotes of this form of dancing and it's a joy to see them in action. No more oi this "walking with a book on your head" to give the ladies that striking posture and to give them that dream shapeliness. Who said anything about the weaker sex? Girls' physical fit- ness classes do everything the boys do and then some. Even the famous obstacle races that are supposed to make the boys ready lor the toughest army in history would not taze our Denby girls any more. Maybe we groan a bit alter a tough, grueling ses- sion in the gym but we can take it. And as the future mothers ot this land, we are getting all set to make this country a race of real super men. wwf? Winnie E . 5 X ,.,. WA fl. It f' :1 Ll . . t ,k,. ' x Q l 'iw gl My .QF gs-3 if I 'I ' ilsffeif , -Hs. , is , ' . k f . ,.es.ka.. ,. , . ,, 'inf With the physical fitness program. interest in Denby sports has leaped sky-high. Although inter-school competition is not so intense. intramural activities are increasing. Girls, who on a Varsity team would not have an opportunity to hit the limelight. shine in intramural sports. Among the tirst on our list of tem sports is tield hockey. In the tall of any year the clash ot sticks and the darting figures of enthusiastic players is a familiar sight. Last autumn. Miss Harley coached an entirely new team who plunged into the season's schedule with heart and soul. Although they tailed to overcome many of their opponents this season. hockey athletes gained not only skill. but satis- faction. Players who learn the secret ot cooperation on a team such as this make better citizens of the world ot tomorrow. The first sign of spring welcomes the bang of tennis racquets and the thud of balls on the courts. Last year the tennis team under the eagle eye of Miss Harley waged an earnest war upon their high school opponents. Strengthened by "Old Faithtuls" Betty Sherman. B. I. Ireland. and Sylvia Zicl-re. Miss Quamby will coach a team wise to the tricks ot the game. V Q .ff 'N- rse- f- '-M . , i , , H., The lusty splashes and eager cries ol our Denby mermaids proclaim the arrival of an- other swimming season. This year the comely swimmers were given no opportunity to wage war upon other schools. Instead a full intra- mural program was launched and competition for the swim plaque proved to be very strong. After weeks of preparation the plaque which had graced the walls of House 202 for the past season was repossessd by 102. The Swim- a-Mile Club. sponsored by Miss Kerber, also offered entertainment a-plenty. Caroline West. Vera Crishak. and Caroline Markowski have the honor of being the first Swim-a-Milers. As we go to press this club has enrolled 32 mem- bers. Come down to the pool some day. The girls are all lined up on the edge. It's on your mark. get set and go! Splash! The girls all hit the water at once and see them shoot through. Look up at this picture. Now you know what a mermaid looks like. Perhaps some of our girls as Waacs and Waves may have to swim for it from a tor- pedoed boat. We hope not, but if they do, they'll remember well where they learned and be grateful. Anyway, it's always nice to know how to swim well, it's really very healthy and oh you sister, is it funl tk up .mv N, ,nun gl A The arrival of a winter season also heralds the arrival of a basketball season. This year Lady Luck teamed up with House 202, victors in the annual Intramural Tournament. Even expert coaching on the part of Miss Rodeheffer failed to aid the Varsity team out of a perpetual slump. Aces like Melba Kern. Mildred Winkler, and Mildred Mills just didn't seem to click and as a result Denby's side of the score sheet looks pretty blank. Golf. under the auspices of lVliss Kerber. provided plenty of excitement and activity for all. Chasing that little pellet. smacking it when you get to where it lies, chasing it again. smacking it again. That's all there is to golf. But there's form to consider and timing. Keep your head down. Follow through. And as for finding that lost ball. That's real fun. They tell us that because of the rubber shortage. no more golf balls can be manu- factured and hence that golf is on its way out as an organized sport. So perhaps this is the last year for the duration that we will have golf teams and match play. That is sad. There was no other sport that had anything similar to the world famous nineteenth hole so familiar in song and story to all golfers. Fore! And so long. A, I i I W 133,-. ' .. -:L gf :si ,M-.Q M '- f if ji' .Z 4' is "5-S 's 0' t A 'HP R if-gig M ' IQ' '-F ' ""?i 4,712 iq . - I, ' 6, Y , . ttrr V- . f :W-5' Q X --ffl, fflsflff ' ' -' 'iw ji , , - iflfkz' air: 'Quill 'Q 5 7 ' s 'gaEQ?.iE'rvg?ii N 3'L-12353 f3?3i?iZ4t's"fe f.'..515. K s s ' l t Q f. H s wg sf' W, ,,.-1 fa S! X i t ,,L. Qfe gri 7 ,556 f' Zf7,5 This year, as never before, Denby students have pre- sented a wide range of school activities. The boys started off with a bang when they produced S810 profits on an all-out scrap drive. Q 3 Q , A vt tg! it The annual Shamrock Shindig with a tremendous build up rocked the founda- tions of Denby through and through. Fea- tured in this delightful frolic was, of course the Dance Club, who, as a result of many hours of practice, demonstrated cr truly remarkable technique. And to add pep and punch to any rally we have our cheerleaders. As a whole one can only say about this past semester, "just nearly perfect!" The Iunior Red Cross drew in more money than they make on the stock market. In all city drives, Denby never lags behind. Money, too, was coined at that refreshment booth in the Sham- rock Shindig. Those teachers who were in charge of the booth had their work cut out for them and their ears pinned back tor fair. The rush was so big they had to move back, back, back until they were crowded clear into the office. They listen intently in class rooms these days. With student chairmen in charge. you can't get away with any- thing. What's more, the students learn a lot more because they claim they're more interested when they're running things themselves. Fix your radio? You don't have to go to the repairman when you hear the squeals and growls. lust go up to 211 and ask for some oi the boys. There's nothing in the line of radio they can't handle. Except maybe the speech- making. In the old days, they used to thip thider through a thtraw. Now it's a coke. but the feeling is the same. Even the audience, intent on the classy Shin- dig program does a little thipping. It's a different proposition at the ini- tiations. Maybe you saw those girls roaming the halls with the signs on their backs reading "Service With a Smile." We even saw a beautiful doll getting down on her knees in the hall and tying a boy's shoelaces. And we saw him deliberately untying them just a minute before, the old meanie. Are you ready for that good defense job? There are many opportunities in Denby to prepare for those special abilities which the want ads are screaming for daily. They pay the extra large salaries for these jobs and besides that, it is very helpful to the War Effort. Our shop classes are doing a bang up job. Bernard Lavens David I. Law Arthur Lawrence Harold Lechick George Leliff Iames Lendhardt Tom T. Lenehan Edwin A. Lennox lack Lentenback Robert Leist Marshall I. LePine Ioseph L. Leonard R. B. Leonard Norbert Leppek Sidney Lewis Robert A. LeRoy Iohn Liberda Dominic Licavoli Kenneth Bruce Lilley Iames Lipton Glenn List Burton Locke Iames H. Loebel Carl Lofstrom William F. Lord Gerald L. Lozon Herbert R. Loweke Walter Lukasavage Lloyd Ludwig Iames V. Kynch Iay D. MacDonald. Ir. Iohn Mack Robert Mack D. T. Mackie Burns MacPhail Robert Macy Louis Iames Mahaffey Edward Maikowski Louis Maieske Donald Markhoff Iohn P. Maloney Edward Maly Iohn N. Marl Iohn Marley Lloyd Marston Earl Martin Iohn T. Martin Robert Martin William Martin Donato Martinelli Mario Martinelli Fred Massey Robert Massey William Mattick Harold Maxwell Ted Mayer Lorenzo Mazzo Eugene Paul McDonald Iames I. McDougall Howard McCann George C. McCloskey Richard W. McCormick Art McCraken William McCullough Thomas R. McEwen Iohn McKay Iames McKinley Stewart H. McMillan Ierome McNally Kirkland McNeil Hugh D. McPhail Iohn T. McWatters Richard McWatters Robert McQueen Owen Meade Robert Meehan George W. Mehal Frederick F. Merrill C. N. Merritt Charles Merritt Thomas Merritt Iames I. Micielle Frank Middel Arthur R. Miela Stanley Milewski Harold C. Miller Ioseph Miller, Ir. Wesley Ralph Miller Allen Milligan Casmir I. Miloszewski Charles Mioduszewski Arthur Missnant Leon A. Mitchell Richard A. Mittelstadt Ioseph A. Moling Clinton Monfold Carl H. Montes David C. Moon Murry Moore Robert W. Moore Dennis P. Morney Clause Morris Robert Motherwell Henry I. Mortz Robert L. Mortz Ioseph Moyer Omer A. Moyes Anthony Mucci Donald Murray Harrison Murray Owen D. Murray Richard Murray William I. Murray Clyde Muse Robert Musette Owen Mussey Ernest Muylaert Hilbert Nagle Iohn Sidney Nash Iohn Naz Arthur R. Meila Kirkland Neil Robert Carl Neitzke Robert Nelson Wilbur Nelson Iohn Iames Nestor Robert Nichols Robert Nixon Paul I. Noack Leonard Nowinski Stanley Nunn Louis P. Nuzzo Iohn M. O'Brien Philip O'Brien Arthur Oehmke Bernard O'Grady Iames Patrick O'Grady Robert O'Hara Robert Ohmer Frank A. Okrie Ioseph Oliver Ioseph Oliviere Carroll Ward Omans Robert Omar Carl F. Opalewski Alfred Orlow Orville C. Orlow Arthur Deon Ormsby Paul Ortleib William A. Osborne Iames O'Toole Alvin Ott George Overman Edgar Rowe Paige Robert Rowe Paige Samuel Palazzolo Earl Palmer Kenneth Palmer Mack Palmer Henry Papedope C. I. Parise Earl C. Parker DEDICATION fContinuedJ Iohn W. Patterson Ian Patterson Ervin M. Pattison Edwin Payne Ierry Peacock Donald Peale Kenneth L. Peirsal E. I. Peloquin Richard H. Perry Kenneth A. Person Paul E. Peters Don Peterson William Petit, Ir. Robert Pfefferle Robert Pfeiffer Ioseph Piascik Norbert G. Pickarack Karl H. Pietsch Fred A. Pineau Donald Pipper Walter F. Plagens Wilis I. Polcolo Robert Pollack Arthur I. Pollock Elmer T. Pollock William R. Ponthon. Ir. Russell Popke Gordon H. Poratt Edgar Porett Harry I. Pouliot Walter I. Poulioy Paul Richard Poulos. Ir. Tom C. Pouttu Edward T. Powers Donald Pozolo Willis I. Pozolo Edward Price Dan Primer Gerald L. Prowse Harry I. Przybylski Henry E. Przybylski Norbert Pryzbylski Russell P. Putt Wilbert Pycheghen Norman Racette Vincent I. Rademacher Donald C. Radke Robert Radzwion William I. Ramberger Edward Ramble Don Rankin Glenn Rankin Vito Rankauskis Harry Randall Walter S. Rapski Robert H. Rapson Melvin Rasch Ray Rasemussen William Rasschaert Robert G. Rath Lawrence Reame B. I. Rease Burrell Reaser. Ir. Iohn W. Reaser Wendell L. Reaser Donald Reale George E. Reed Stewart Reed Edward Harry Rehsr, Ir. Iames W. Reitz Heinz Reichardt Franklin Renders Glenn Reschke Gordon Reschke Iohn Reutenbach Sherwood Rewalt Harry E. Rhynard Wayne E. Rhynard Charles Richard Harold Richard Iohn H. Richard Leo Robinson Henry T. Roche William H. Roediger Ray H. Rock Nick Rohm Iohn C. Rollins Iohn I. Rollins, Ir. Charles W. Rominski H. I. Ronan Richard Roney Edwin I. Rooks William Roscup Arnold A. Rose Carl Ross Richard Ross Robert A. Rousseau Robert P. Rousseau S. E. Royall Thomas Ryan Earl Rumps Gordon C. Rupnow Carl H. Rush Robert E. Rush Edwin Rutherford David G. Rutledge Leo M. Rutten Stephen I. Ruzic Edward Sadlowski Raymond Salxhow William T. Sanders H. O. Saunders Prosper T. Sauget Lucas Savage Douglas Schaffer Walter Schaffer Warren Schaffer Stephan Schafnitz Harold Schanane Frederick E. Schaufele Keith Schiable David Schioinck Emil Schmidt George Schmitt Paul G. Schmitt Leroy I. Schmoke Vernon L. Sckmoke Douglas W. Schnabel Francis Schneiders Nicholas Schneiders Arthur Schoenberger Harold Schoening Arthur Schonberger William Schonberger William C. Shovan Iack Schram Don Schroeder Iohn I. Schoon Leslie E. Schrope F. G. Schuknacht George Sdhupp Ronnie Schulte Arthur R. Schultz Alfred W. Schultz George Schultz Iames A. Schultz Iames Schultz O. W. Schultz Richard Anthony Schultz Robert Schultz Thomas Schultz George Schultz Arthur Schulz Iames Schulz Donald Schwartz Frank Schwartz Vincent Schweir David Schwinck Iohn Scott R. Bruce Scott R. Howell Seay, lr. B. W. Seese William M. Sheahan Eugene A. Shelton Stan W. Shepherd Clayton C. Sherman Victor Sherman Fred I. Shipway Alfred I. Shopinski Leslie E. Schrope William A. Sides Donald Marvin Siebert Donald Sikodski Eugene Simpson Ralph Simpson Harold Edward Sims Harold Sinclair Albert Singer Leslie Allen Singer Frank Sinning Ioseph Slivik Sheldon A. Smiley. Ir. Edward Smith Edward R. Smith Elwood Smith Robert E. Smith William Smith Walter Edward Smith Clifford Snyder Iames Snyder Kenneth Snyder Roy Snyder Chester Martin Sokol Alex Sommerville R. E. Sommer Stanley Soulimiotis William L. Spezia Theodore Spranger Kenneth G. Springer George M. Springhart Rembert St. Germaine Arthur Stadler George T. Stadler Robert Staeb Melvin G. Stahlbusch Willard Stanfield Chester Arthur Standish Willard A. Standler Robert Stark Robert Stark Richard Starkey Arnold H. Stenzel D. R. Stewart Richard Stickley Glenn Stock Charles A. Stone Robert Stone lames Stricky Andrew Strisar lacob Strobl Nick Strobl Iames Stuckey Vic Stulpin Ioseph Sweeney Vincent H. Sweir Herman W. Taggart Iohn I. Tainsh Dean Tait Carl Tardi Paul Tardi George Taubitz Dan Tearsdale George M. Tellefsen Thomas Tellefsen Norman L. Tenhopen George William Tesner Warren H. Theidt Edward Thompson Henry O. Thompson R. T. Thompson Iames Tipton William Tobin Gerald Tomlinson Roy Truax Douglas Trueman Harold Turney William H. Uhl Donald Ullrich Robert Ulrich Donald Ulrush Beverly M. Underwood David Unrush Edmund Ursing Wallace Uteg Iames Utley Victor Van Cauwenberg Albert M. Van Damme Andrew Vanderkerchove Benjamin Van Dyke George I. Van Goethals Maurice I. Van Peteghen Henry Vann Anthony Vascassenio Iohn Velt Iames Ventamiglia Camiel Veraeghe Donald Alger Vincent Donald Voelker Harold Volgstadt Dwight Volgstadt Floyd Voss Herbert K. Voss Harold I. Voss Robert Waenke Iohn E. Wagerly Lew E. Wagerly Ralph Wagner Robert Walter Dale Wankle Robert Ward William Watson Roy I. Webster, Ir. Carl B. Weisman Donald Weir Arthur Wells Harold S. Wenner Everett Wentzloff Walter Wheeler Harold White l. L. White Frank I. Weise Gilbert Wilcox Ralph Wild Kenneth Wilds Harry Wilkins Edward Wilkinson Harry Wilkinson Iohn Willhelm Floyd Williams Reald Williams William Williams William Wills lack Wion Clarence I. Wise Frank E. Wise Leonard Wise Ray Wise William Wise Carl Wiseman Burt Witherell. Ir. Richard Woestenberg Robert Wojcinski Eugene T. Wold Chester G. Wold Floyd G. Wolfe Donald Womack Audrey Woodall Iames H. Woodall Walter Woodward Marcellus Wooten Iames Henry Wright Arthur Wumrnel Frank Wummel Harry Yarock Lester Mertens Iohn Parnham Earl Riley Don Sehnke Thomas Tomlinson HCUYY Y01-UIQ' Iohn E. Meteer Edgar Parrett Al Ritcher Lloyd Seldon Robert F. Trapp I-Ofefllo Zdfima William I. Meteer Leonard Paselk Kenneth I- Rider Carl Senilll Nilv Tfemomi Wllllam F' zeck Theodore Meyer Arthur Patrikus Hal Rigney Richard Shalla Edward Trilck 3099! ze-OP I Roy C. Meyer Euaene C. Patterson B. N. Robinson Edward Shanta Iohn H. Trombley Al't10lCl Zlfnmersheld Frank Michaux David P. Patterson lack Robinson Frederick Sharr Leonard Trongo Ellis K- Zlnk Edward Anthony Saul Ferman Donald Sass William .WYlie Oliver Appleman Henry Harrison F A U L Iohn Th0mPS0l'1 Harold Ilflks Melwyn Smith Clarence Wachner Harold Lmdsay lack Drew Iames Stout Five Reasons For Joining The others' lub Has your daughter or so11 a place to go for recreation? Would you like to know what your child is doing in Denhy and keep in contact with his school life? Do you think that improvements in Denby would aid your childis educa- tion? Do you know your son's teachers and mothers of your daughter's friends? Would you also like to participate in entertainment that is enjoyable and profitable and in direct aid of the war effort? Winner of the January Scholarship The Mothers' Club pro- vides dances and commu- nity get-togethers w h e r e fun can be had by all. This is all provided for when one is a member of our club. The Mothers' Club has al- ready produced money for movie curtains, the cash register, uniforms for the school band, scholarships. As a member of the Moth- ers' Club this will be your privilege. This is the program of the Mothers' Cub. Marjorie Oehmke We Dedieate hese Wishes to the Graduates 66 W'hen things go wrong-as they oflimes willg fVhen the flight you're making is all uphillg W'hen fumls are lou' mul llehts are high And you try to smile hut are forced to sighg Unhen cares sup your energy, every whit- Rvsl if you must. hul 1101151 you quitln 66 Ile KQSQQ 12901 KELLY ROAD "THE MEETING PLACE OF THE DENBYITESU COMPLIMENTS OF . . JOHN F. KAYL . . . FLORIST SQUARE DEAL Plngrcc 5103 13236 Gratiot COMFLIMENTS OF . . NYE FURNITURE COMPANY 401 Grand River CH. 4400 10796 Grand River HO. 7890 13545 Gratiot Plngree 3477 r , .-........,..-., Compliments of A5 tv. V I tw I 35 Iuurmi SN iii, gf I-6 V' viii' 6,32 N I O Wm Imax MARIO PRODUCTS H.. . .. ,, HP O Be Like the Rest Demand the Best a t For the Best in Vision MONTGOMERY WARD 81 CO. OPTICAL Departments DR. FRED RIDDELL DR. GORDON HENDERSON Optometrists "Buy Your Sweaters Direct from the Manufacturer" ERNEST KIRCHLER 81 SON Knitting Mills Manufacturers of Fancy Knit Goods, Sweaters ,152 Yarns Dealers in All Kinds of Hand Knitting Yarns 13236 Jefferson nr. Coplin LEnox 7849 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . PIKFRS CONFECTIONERY 14689 Gratiot ARlington 9769 COMPLIMENTS OF . . ROSEBUD BARBECUE Steaks - Chops - Toasted Sandwiches 14390 Gratiot ARlington 0630 COMFLIMENTS OF . . . R E M E R PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Gratiot at Six Mile Road Plngrce -1890 Plngree 4891 ARlington 9887 ALLEN'S STANDARD SERVICE IGNITION AND LUBRICATION 14299 Houston at Chalmers DenI:Jy's D Club Desires Da ncIy Denbyites And helps to make them so GOOD POSITIONS IN THE WAR PROGRAM There is a critical shortage of stenographers, typists, accountants, and office machine operators for desirable position in Federal Government departments, war in- dustries, and business. Young men with this training are needed by our armed forces. You can help "work for Victory" in these positions, and increase your chances for worth-while employment in the post-war era. You can prepare at The Business Institute for one of these opportunities. Call in person. or phone Rfindolph 6534 Schools at 5040 Joy Road, near Grand River, at 3240 Gratiot, corner of Mack-Also in Pontiac THE BUSINESS INSTITUTE Downtown School, Michigan Building 220 Bagley Avenue, Detroit "Michigan's Largest Business School" Established 1920 Phone PLaza 4421 MICHIGAN MACARONI MFG., CO. V. and D. Cavataio, Props. 3265 BELLEVUE DENBYITES I ! I ALADDIN CLEANERS 8: DYERS 12809 Gratiot Plngree 3500 COMPLIMENTS OF . . M A Y F L O W E R S "FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS" 14440 Gratiot Avenue PRospect 2840 ITIO S' for GRADUATES AND STUDENTS YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN Opportunities are available at once in all fields of OFFICE and SALES workg also openings for young men TECHNICALLY or MECHANICALLY inclined. No Experience Required DEFENSE Openings Offered to Boys and Girls who wish to Learn Excellent Starting Salaries with Rapid Advancement. Also Part Time and Summer Positions Available. APPLY AT ONCE-3 A.M. to 7 P.M. CINCLUDING SATURDAYSQ Detroit Select Service Bureau EMPLOYMENT COUNSELORS 1216 LAFAYETTE BUILDING Our 23rd Year Member, Detroit Board of Commerce ACCOUNTANTS NEEDED IN WAR AND IN PEACE Music in war-time builds for, M A very real shortage of qualified high school ORALE graduates to fill accounting positions exists today. There is an urgent need for women accountants. ll I WALSH offers a time-saving, intensive NITY Accountancy Course in evening school classes beginning SEPTEMBER 13 1943 STABILITY 3 Serve your country and insure your future by pre- paring in evening school classes at WALSH for im- INITIATIVE portant and high-salaried accounting positions in war and in peace, WALSH INSTITUTE HLet songs of victory pierce the sky, May freeflom's banner wave on high. A professional, Coeducational school of Accountancy and Business Administration 120 Madison Ave., Detroit CA. 5136 Write or call immediately for details about this practical course 1 'XQ GMS, XL Ou XLS LlNePxR WORK 'QMS XCWXA O '6We girls in the gffelephone Army, are doing one of Americaas most important jobs today . . . handling vital war calls that MUST go through? The Telephone Company extends to you a cordial in- vitation to investigate the opportunities offered for full-time employment after graduation. No previous experience required. You'll find working conditions pleasant and associates . con enial . . . stable To learn more about thls g interesting war work, con- e in p l 0 y m e n t w it h suH' your counselor, or vlslf m any 0 P P 0 rl u ni- fhe Employment Office, i365 Cass Aye. ties for advancement. MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY SUMMERTERM OPENING JUNE 28 Wfar Emergency Courses Streamlined, Training in Shorthand, Type, Ma- chine Shorthand, Calculating Machine and Ac- counting. Enabling students to attain maximum skill in a few subjects in a few months time. Pre-Induction Training in Army Clerical Work Recognizing that nearly all young men this year will be in line for military service, we have adapted our courses so that they will be of great- est possible value in the armed forces. Phone CA. 1205 for Information DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY United Artists Bldg. Entire 10th Floor ,f . ' Vx' W .4 1 if Zeffeax e g ,oorfs Q fougonnffn . The Sports Center at Rayls .5 1 offers the sportsman every- -43 z thing in the realm of Sports. . Famous teams and tl a lletes for nearly seventy years. , . ,Q have appreciated the -xx' , I added value of having , 3 1 x I an S' I , I x.,-'R , , we N QV' V '-, ,Af . 7 the right equipment that f ' V 1 , comes from Rayl's. 1" - ' I It's the only kind 'I 0 2 .V" that Rayl's sell. I , f at 1 1553 .ZIA I . V .N M gg " Q, : v , 9 RA.430O GRISWOLD col: STATE Congratulations Senior Navigator Staff Co-Editors ..,, . , ,Erika Ochsner, Eunice Rein Circulation Manager . , . ..., Dorothy Proetke Sales Manager ..,. , ..,. Maxine Rudowski Advertising Manager .... i,........ .... F r ances Barollo Organizations Editors , . . .Adaleen Schigoda, Bob Unuch Feature Editor ,.,A... ....,,..........., L eona Landy Copy Editor .,...... .......,........... G eraldine Miesel Girls' Sports Editors .... Loretta Hurner, Georgianna Benesh Boys' Sports Editor . . ,,......,,,,..,........... Phil Leon Photography Editor .... ,.........,. ..,.......,. I o e Karr Picture Credits-Bill Seeger, Don Carter, Don MacGregor, Don Batten, lane Dover, Harold Rosenthal, Ted Schnitz, Carlton Goodwin, Richard McPhee, lim Miller, Vito Rankauskis, Grace Liebing. Art .,..,........,....,,... 'Erika Ochsner, Patricia Gardner Cartoonist ............,.. .... H arlan Holla Photography-Art Adviser . . . ...., Margaret Stein Sponsor ..........,......,..,,........... Louis Weisenfeld Engravers .... ,,.. B rophy-Salisbury: Service Engraving Printing . . , ....,,.,........ Fireside Printing Co. 'l am -L9-lfl-.JI .5 ' ,14f,2!i-fi. , ILM L e q H . .Q -rryk, , - QQ. 5- ' H .. , -'v 1' 1 . , . Q . Y N :tm- . :x .K . ' . -' STN-.4 x , x x ,,-4 A ' ' . f 1 S Q ,x R 'r 4 xx -3,16 w -'a Q.-fag, " .1554-W? 35-f, -Q-3, X ., , Bi 4 3951: ii.,-if?"-' L fi' 'T W -f 1 -,, 4 . ,-,gzgjf f 'IE A., ,: N-.-.r'.ggeq.. - ' . V 0 K ,L ,g f ' .gig ,. 2-:rim ?f2 ' ., -- ,,,,,'-,. L, jk : ' V, 'L " ' A 4 ,E ,,, 1,9 ,.f:.4Q- ' ' if-:i-Q. ...f .ff-,Es-,J'7 f pix.-iii N -,- 1 , - wa?-gh 1 115.375, gg,-1.4. 1-Q asf -, '. ' , ' .. :,..-4- t- A if-1? -f. 1,'f"' " :f Q ' "- 7'44-11':- -' ffd+,1-"' JY, . L .2114 K' janv?-?L-, -finii-Ji -2.1 bg A A , 1- '-1' ua ..-wat 152- -N-wx 'L sijbd.

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