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KEEN KEENER The Keen Keener Of 1961 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS DE MOTTE HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME XXVI DE MOTTE, INDIANA Our School The community of De Motte has caused its school plant to expand and grow with its expanding and growing needs. Some of De Motte ' s senior citizens can remember the steps in its growth from rather humble beginnings and point with pride to the building and its many fine facilities we now en- joy. The first high school work began in September 1914 in a new two story brick building and the first class was graduated in 1918. An addition to the building was made in 1919. Enrollment in- creased, particularly in the lower grades, so that in 1933 it was necessary to erect a two room building north of the main building to house the first and second grades. In 1935, it was possible to add a new west wing to the original building. This included a gymnasium-auditorium, three class rooms, library room, home economics room, assembly hall, lavatories and shower rooms, and a new heating plant. Also the old building was reconditioned. This was done at a cost of about $65, 000, part of which was made available under the Federal Gov- ernment ' s Public Works Administration. The class of 1937 was the first to be graduated from this new building. The community continued to grow and school enrollment increased sharply immediately after World War II, so that in 1956-57 it was again necessary to increase the size of the building. A new south wing was added to house the first six grades. Also included were an excellent gymnasium- auditorium with shower and rest rooms, and new administration room and teachers room. The west wing was completely changed, the upper floor being divided into four large classrooms and hall lockers were added. The lockers were made possible by the P.T. A. The old gymnasium was made into a cafeteria with facilities to serve both elementary and high school. We are very grateful to all those who have made it possible for us to secure an education. NUMBER OF GRADUATES YEAR GRADUATES YEAR GRADUATES 1936 17 1949 22 1937 20 1950 23 1939 20 1951 16 1940 21 1952 24 1941 17 1953 17 1942 25 1954 23 1943 12 1955 24 1944 14 1956 30 1945 30 1957 22 1946 21 1958 25 1947 24 1959 24 1948 19 1960 43 We Become Alumni Mary Lou Boer, Joyce TerBorg, Linda Moolenaar, Joyce Kooy, Judy Post Scholastic grades were the only consideration in choosing honor students. This group earned the following percent of " A ' s " over the four years of high school. Mary Lou Boer - 64%, Joyce TerBorg - 84%, Linda Moolenaar - 66%, Joyce Kooy - 61%, Judy Post - 79%. Administration Administration James Paul Fritch Principal B. S. Indiana State M. S. Indiana University Frances Vander Molen, Secretary Our Hi Norman Abbring Mathematics Physics B. S. Tri- State College B. A. Hope College Mary S. Congram Arithmetic, 7th 8th Grades Western College Thomas Eugene Bottorff Soc. St. , Health, Physical Ed. B. S. Degree Indiana University Dee Fritch Typing Physical Ed. B. S. Indiana University M. S. Indiana State Chester P. Braselton U. S. History, Dr. Training B. S. Oakland City College gh School Faculty Wendell L. Mann Music B. S. Central Normal M. A. Indiana State Leroy Jolly English A. B. , B. S. Oakland City College Ronald McKee Commerce B. S. Indiana University Donna E. Mann Library, Guidance, Shorthand B. S. Central Normal M. A. Indiana State James Alan Newsome Industrial Arts B. S. Indiana State Austin Lawson Chemistry, Biology, and General Science B.S. Agriculture Degree Purdue University Joyce Ann Shipman Art A.B. Indiana University Francis R. Powell English B.S. Indiana State Mary Lou Traster Home Economics B.S. Ball State M.S. Purdue Donald Ray Social Studies, Health B.S. Indiana University Elementary Teachers Martha Mosier Grade I Indiana State Teachers College Gladys Ewart Grade I Indiana State Teachers College B.S. in Education Ruth M. Lawson Grade 2 Ball State Primary Certificate Mary Evaline nine Grades 3 and 4 Indiana State Teachers College B.S. Degree Tresa Boezeman Grade 3 Indiana State Teachers College Beulah Hission 4th grade Indiana State Teachers College B. S. Degree Paul Stangle grades 5 6 Indiana University A. B. M. A. Mary Kessinger 5th grade Indiana State Teachers College B. S. Degree Pauline Bol 6th grade Ball State Mrs. Brasselton Substitute for Mrs. Bol Teachers E--Orsburn ' s Ad. H — Grevenstuk Fertilizer Ad. D — Bauman ' s Ad. I — Carl Fritts Ad. K — DeMotte Pharmacy G — Hillside Lanes Ad. L--DeKock Super Market A — Wiers Ad. B--Wrights Furniture Ad. F — Konovsky ' s Ad. M--Van Vuren Ford TO FIND THE NAMES NOTICE THE ADS Compliments of Jasper County We all have to go Couldn’t you find the pillows? TEEN ANGEL? Jy| f hi t c rS - Seniors - Senior Baby Snapshots Twelve Year People ROW I: Judi Gardner, Joan Tackas, Joyce Kooy. ROW II: Steve Bauman, Joan Sekema, Linda Moolenaar, Donna DeVries, Sharon Nannenga, Lornell Hamstra, Mary Starkey, Paul Bovenkerk. ROW III: Linda Orsburn, Jim Bunning, Ralph Kenning, Rudy Zylstra, David Hart Bill Een- shuistra, Sheila St. John. Senior Class Officers Judy Post . . . Mary Lou Boer Joyce TerBorg Lorn a Odle . . President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Mary G. Boer Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Sun- shine Society 1,2; Library Staff 1; Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 4. David Lee Bauman (Dave) Annual Staff 4; Football 1; Class Play 3,4; Newspaper Staff 1,4; Chorus 1. Thomas R. Boring (Tom) Annual Staff 4; Football 1,3; Basketball 1; Senior Play 4. Mary Lou Boer (Lu-Lu) Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 1, 3, 4; Class Secretary 3; Vice President 4; Drum Majorette 4. Paul David Bovenkerk (Bovie) Annual Staff 4; Class Play 4; Chorus 1; Newspaper Staff 3, 4. James A. Bunning (Jim) Annual Staff 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Football 1,4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Class Play 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Chorus 1. Larry S. Drinski (Larry) Annual Staff 4; Track 2; Cross Country 3; Basketball 3. Donna J. DeVries (Donna) Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 1; News- paper Staff 2,4; Band 1,2; Chorus 3, 4; Class Play 3; Sunshine Society 2; Girls ' Basketball Tourney 1, 2, 3,4. Richard Eenigenburg Annual Staff 4; Cross Country 1, 2; Junior Play 3. Kenneth Lee DeVries (Kenny) Annual Staff 4; Basketball 3,4; Cross Country 1, 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Junior Band 1. Anna Mae Hamstra (Anner) Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 1, 3; Student Council 3; Class Vice President 2. William L. Eenshuistra (Bill) Annual Staff 4; Cross Country 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. Lornell Alice Hamstra Annual Staff 4; Ad. Mgr. ; Band 1, 2; Pep Club 1; Play Staff 3,4; Chorus 3, 4; Sunshine Society 1; Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. Judith Ann Gardner (Judi) Annual Staff 4; Ed. ; Library Staff 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,4; Cheerleader, Captain 4; Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3,4; Class Play 3. David Neil Hart (Brinkley) Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1,2,3, 4; Track 1; Class Play 3, 4; Chorus 1; Pep Club 1. Joyce Karen Justice (Joyce) Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1, 2; Sun- shine Society 1, 4; Pep Club 1, 4; Cheerleader 4; Newspaper Staff 4. Carol Ann Klimp (Carol) Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 4; Student Council 3; Sunshine 2, 3,4; President 4; Chorus 1; Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1. Marjorie Ann Kaluf (Margie) Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1, 2; Pep Club 1,2; Sunshine Society 1,2; Corr. Sec. 2; Class President 3; Class Secretary 2; Library Staff 1 . ' ■V Margaret Ann Klimp (Margaret) Annual Staff 4; Sunshine Society 1,2, 3,4; Vice President 4; Chorus 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; News- paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1,2; Class Treasurer 3; Annual Staff, Art Editor £; Class Play 3. Ralph H. Kenning (Ralph) Annual Staff 4, Ass’t. Ed. ; Class Play 3, 4; Class Treasurer 1; Stu- dent Council 3. Linda Sue Moolenaar (Linda) Annual Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 3, 4; Class Play Staff 3, 4. Joyce Eileen Kooy (Joyce) Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1,3,4. Patricia Ann Mucha (Pat) Annual Staff 4; Library Staff 1,2, 3,4; Newspaper Staff 1,2, 3,4; Newspaper Editor 4; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; Ass ' t. Director Junior Play; Ass ' t. Di- rector Senior Play. Jack J. Marotta Class Play 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 4; Cross Country 2,4; Track 1, 4. Matt Dean Musch (Mattell) Annual Staff 4; Basketball 1; Cross Country 1; Class Play 3, 4; Chorus 1. Sharon Nannenga Annual Staff 4; Senior Play 4; Sun- shine 1; Chorus 3,4; Band 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 3,4. Judith K. Post (Judy) Annual Staff 4; Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Class Play 3; Newspaper Staff 3, 4; Editor 3; Class President 4; Library Staff 3, 4; Student Council 4. Lorna E. Odle (Lorna) Annual Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President 2; Class Treasurer 4; Sunshine Secretary 3; Junior Play, Business Manager 3; Senior Play 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Library Staff 1,2; Newspaper Staff 1, 3, 4. William H. Postma (Bill) Annual Staff 4; Student Council 4; Class Play 3. Linda Kay Orsburn (Osbe) Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3,4; Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 4; Sun- shine Society 2; Chorus 3, 4; Student Council 2; Pep Club 1, 4; Library 1. Carol Smith Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Sun- shine Society 1,2; Chorus 3; Library 2; Newspaper 1,2, 3. Roger W. Recker Annual Staff 4; Senior Play 4; Stu- dent Council 4. Mary Beth Starkey Annual Staff 4; Sunshine Society 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Newspaper Staff 2, 3; Chorus 1. Joan Louise Sekema (Jo Ann) Annual Staff 4; Sunshine Society 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Library Staff 1.2, 4. Sheila Diane St. John Sunshine Society 1, 2; Class Treasurer 2; Junior Play 3; Chorus 3; Annual Staff 4; News- paper Staff 1,4; Production Staff Senior Play; Library Staff 1,2,4; Pep Club 1, 2; Student Council 1. Joan A. Takacs (Joan) Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1, 2; Sun- shine Society 1, 2, 4; Class Play Staff 4. Mary E. Vander Molen (Mary) Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 1; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 3,4; Vice President 4; Cheerleader 4; Play Staff 3,4. Joyce Arlene Terborg (Joyce) Annual Staff 4; Student Council 4; Class Secretary 4; Class Vice Pres- ident 3; Class Play 3; Pep Club 1, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. Ronald Dean Walstra (Ronnie) Annual Staff 4; Cross Country 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,2; Student Council 2; Class Vice President 1; Chorus 1. Karen E. Vander Molen (Karen) Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 3, 4; Sec. 4; Cheerleader 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Chorus 1. Marilyn G. Wiers (Marilyn) Annual Staff 4; Class President 1; Pep Club 1; Sunshine Society 2; Chorus 3, 4; Class Play 4; Class Play, Ticket Manager 3; News- paper Staff 3; Chorus, President 4. Rudolph N. Zylstra (Rudy) Annual Staff 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. Class Poems by Sheila St. John Judy Post We ' re really not much for writing verse. But this is the job we ' re assigned to do; So we ' re ready and willing to do our best To make this class poem of interest to you. I guess we ' ll start with our sponsors, Who really helped us along. We’re glad they ' re sticking with us ' Til we sing our commencement song. Mr. Abbring was our sponsor. A helper grand was he. The good advice he gave to us; Was accepted gratefully. Our other sponsor is really great Mrs. Trastor is her name. She ' s a friend to everyone of us Our sponsor we’re glad she became. And now we start with the Seniors, The first is a lot of fun. With short blonde hair and eyes of blue, Dave Bauman is the one. Mary Lou Boer is next in line, To get her name in this verse. Mary Lou ' s the class Vice -President. We could have done much worse. Here ' s another, Mary Boer This ' one ' s Mary Grace. Whatever life may send her way, She ' ll always be ready to face. This tab says Tom Boring. Such a friend was never found; Always willing to help his neighbor, I wonder where he ' ll be bound. And now we meet a Bovenkerk, Paul is his first name. You ask him what he wants from life? Of course its happiness and fame. Jim Bunning is the next you see. We all agree he ' s very neat. He has a quiet and friendly way We are sure he ' ll be a success some day. We come now to Donna DeVries, She ' s really quite a girl. If anything new comes along, She ' s ready to give it a whirl. Next you see is Kenny DeVries He always is quite hep. Whenever Kenny winks his eye. The girls really flip. Now we meet a Drinski, He’s really not so bad He ' s always full of energy, Yep, Larry ' s quite a lad. Then comes Richard Eenigenburg A boy with qu ite a long name I ' m sure he will be hunting for Good fortune and fame. And now we meet Bill Eenhiustra, 2ine he ' s called for short. He ' s in basketball and track He ' s certainly a good sport. And now we proudly present to you Jasper County ' s Beauty Queen. Her name is Judie Gardner, She’s really pretty keen. Anna Mae Hamstra is next on the roll Her scholastic achievements reach a high goal. Her loves been music since the day she was born, She plays the piano and also a horn. Lornell Hamstra ' s a friend of all; She has brown hair and is rather tall. She would be called a " Hot Rod Queen " But couldn’t spare the gasoline. And now we meet Dave Hart, He ' s really quite a lad. He likes to play football; And he ' s never, ever sad. Next we call on Joyce Justice, A varsity cheerleader, too; She a short slim girl with light brown hair And sparkling eyes of blue. Margie Kaluf ' s a popular girl, And no one would question why. Always bubbling over with life, Dyke is sure a lucky guy. He’s known as the flirt of the Senior Class, Who gets acquainted with every lass. By this introduction no more need be said, For Ralph Kenning we imagine will soon be wed. Carol Klimp is a slim sweet girl, Really a nice friendly lass. A friend to all, not just a few She’s an asset to our class. Margaret is the next in line, Twin sister of Carol K. Her hair is that of golden blonde; Or that of a newborn day. There is a girl within our class, Who’s willing to do her part. She plays the clarinet in our band Joyce Kooy is really smart. Next is Jack Marotta, An interesting sort of lad. Loves to argue with teachers; He ' s really not so bad. Next comes a girl with very fine features. She ' s liked by her classmates as well as her teachers. At school she rates among the best. Linda Moolenaar, you probably have guessed. About Pat Mucha we shall report. She has brown hair and is quite short. To be a school teacher, is her desire, And this position I’m sure she ' ll acquire. Next we come to Matt D. Musch As Poison Eddie he was great. Never planning life ahead, He leaves it all to fate. Sharon Nannenga is next For us to write about. She ' s so full of fun that she ' s One we couldn ' t do without. Lorna Odle is the next one About whom I have to write. She is always full of fun. Yes, Lorna s quite all right. Linda Orsburn we’ll call on next She ' s quite a lot of fun Looking for someone who laughs a lot? Osbe is the one. And now I guess its time To write a few lines about me. Being the Class President This year has kept me quite busy. Bill Postma ' s a happy go lucky boy His ' 59 Chevie is his pride and joy. His sense of humor can ' t be beat, He ' s 6 inches tall, with an added 5 feet. Here comes quite a necker The names Roger Recker. He ' s always there to share the load Makes no difference how hard the road. Joan Sekema we introduce next She ' d rather be called JoAnn Whatever she tries to do in life, We’re mighty sure she can. And now we meet a tall slim girl Always full of fun. She has rather quiet ways Carol Smith-she’s the one. Judy told me to write my own; This 1 will try to do all alone. My ambition is shared by many another. To be a wife and understanding mother. Once there was a girl named Mary They said that she was quite contrary. But they must have been confused For Starkey is the name she used. Her ways are rather quiet ways, She has a smile for all; Joan Takcas grades are always tops, She ' s really on the ball. Joyce Terborg is a friendly lass, Smiling to all she meets. As those who know her best, we say She really is a treat. Now here ' s Karen Vander Molen A class queen of ' 59 She’s a tall brunette with pretty blue eyes We all agree she ' s mighty fine. Here ' s Karen ' s twin sister Mary, As cheerleader she ' s on the beam. Leading the frenzied crowd in a yell She really boosts our team. Ronnie Walstra a likable chap He ' s tall and slim with eyes of blue. He ' s a member of the basketball team, I’m sure he’s known to all of you. Marilyn Wiers has dark brown hair. And her complexion is quite fair. To be a housewife is her desire, This position I’m sure she ' ll acquire. Rudy is a boy everyone adores, In every sport he really scores. It looks easy to see him run the mile, But best of all is his cute little smile. Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This is Paul Harvey bringing you the latest news. My, but we have a lot of news today! Total consumption of cigarettes is at the highest level in history and the trend upward is expected to continue. " This must stop, " says Mr. Thomas Boring, head of the Anti-Cigarette Committee. The famous inventor, Matt Musch, has just been awarded the Nobel " Peace " Prize for his latest invention. His invention? A very quiet car that will not squeal or dig out. A bulletin has just reached me that Professor William Postma has been captured by those English professors, Linda Moolenaar and Joyce Kooy, who had vowed to chase him to the ends of the earth. Professor Postma, you remember, is the University of California Anti-English instructor who wrote the book on the proper use of the word " Ain’t. " Rudy Zylstra, representing the United States in the World Olympic Games, almost broke the world record for pole-vaulting yesterday. His fantastic leap was not recorded because his parachute failed to open. Zylstra could not be found for comment. Explorers William Eenshuistra and Richard Eenigenburg have just announced from Africa that the natives in that cannibal country are hostile to them. This is due to the wonder serum they passed out to get rid of the Tsetse flies. This serum, as stated by Dr. James A. Bunning in his famous book " How to Cure Anything and Everything, " is in reality causing an epidemic of primordialism. Folks, are you ever at a loss as to what a word means? Don ' t evqr be embarrassed by this lack of knowledge again. Just run to your nearest drug store and get your copy of " Drinski ' s Dictionary for Doltish Demagogues " by Larry Drinski. Oh yes, my dictionary tells me that " Primordialism " means " return to the old habits. " Back to the news: The Soviet Radio Tass has announced that the American Specialists, Surgeons Sheila St. John and Mary Lou Boer, are attempting for the tenth time to remove the bullet lodged in Mr. Khruscshev ' s back. And back in the United States, Miss Donna DeVries and Joyce TerBorg, presidential and vice- presidential candidates for the Republican party, are campaigning hard today in Iowa. Says Miss De- Vries: " What this country needs is a woman President! ! " Sharon Nannenga, superintendent of the Happy Dale Asylum, has reported a sharp increase in patients. Chief Specialist of the Asylum, Dr. Paul Bovenkerk, cannot explain why. Miss Mary Starkey, owner of the famous " Starkey String " of Restaurants, reports that burglars broke into her warehouse and stole 3, 000 tons of tea bags. Therefore, she will not be able to make tea for her customers until these tea bags are recovered. Mary Boer, editor of the New York Times, reported in the July 27, 2013, issue that the David (Hart) Brinkly and David (Bauman) Huntly Report has been disqualified as a contestant for the Newscast- ing Award because it stated the truth in its last report. The Klimp Company (Carol and Margaret) has contributed $50, 000, 000, 000 for advance research on ways to make more money. The Triple J Ranch, owned and run by Joyce Justice, Joan Takacs, and Judie Gardner, has just reported an $11, 000, 000 increase in income last year. This is due primarily to the outstanding set of bookkeeping records kept by two of the world’s top accountants, Anna Mae Hamstra and Margie Kaluf. Kenneth DeVries, head of the Internal Revenue Department of the Federal Government, is still trying to compute their tax payment. Singers Ralph Kenning and Roger Recker arrived in New York City yesterday for a television show. When asked if they really came from a town called DeMotte, they replied -quote: " Must we answer that question? " Folks, did you know that the airways are the safest places to travel? The latest survey shows that the Much-Mush-Mucha Airlines records only seventeen accidents per thousand miles last year. This was revealed by President Pat Mucha at a news conference last night. This commercial was sponsored by the Wiers Insurance Agency. See Marilyn Wiers for insurance before you fly. FBI Head, Ronald Walstra, reports that his chief assistants, Mary and Karen VanderMolen, have criminals so confused that they made a record of 14, 695 arrests last year. Captured criminals complain that when the two come at them, they don ' t know where to turn. Joan Sekema and Lornell Hamstra have revealed their intentions to spend their vacations on the moon. Says Joan: " This world is in such a mess. 1 just want to get away from it all. " Judy Post reported to the police that someone broke into her Chinese laundry last night and made off with about fifty pairs of long underwear. Miss Post says that she doesn’t care about them, but she hoped the police can recover her book " How to Develop a Chinese Accent. " which was also stolen. Do you remember the big fight between Lorna Odle and Linda Orsburn who were both determined to marry King Saud of Mesopotamia? Well, King Saud has finally chosen his Queen! Who is she? Carol Smith! ! ! Miss Smith said that this came as a complete surprise to her. As a matter of fact, she didn ' t even know there was a King Saud until this morning! Five-Star General Jack Marotta has announced his plans to overthrow the Slobovian government. When asked how he planned to do this. General Marotta replied, " First I have to find Slobovia ! ! " For Drinski s Dictionary for Doltish Demagogues " and for Wiers Insurance Agency, Paul Harvey good day ! ! ! Last Will and Testament We the members of the Senior Class of De Motte High School in the year of nineteen hun- dred and sixty-one, who are about to leave these cherished halls for the trials and tribula- tions of a cruel world, being of sound mind, body and spirit not being under the influence of any person, drug, or liquor of any kind (we hope!), also being of generous heart, do hereby in this our last will and testament dispose of our most prized and cherished posses- sions to subsequent and probably ungrateful heirs. I, Dave Bauman, will my ability to go with older girls to Dave Grevenstuk and Jody De- Young. We, Mary Boer and Lornell Hamstra, will our good times to Tom Marotta and Bob Hana- way. Have fun boys, we sure did! We, Tom Boring, Larry Drinski, and Carol Smith, will our ambitious ways to Jerry Koster, Gene DeYoung, and Lewis Mann. We, Mary Lou Boer, Joan Takacs, and Judy Post, will our ability to stay out of trouble to Dave Watson, Wayne Van Veren, and Tom Schaefer. I, Paul Bovenkerk, will my little black book to Dale Bovenkerk. Lets keep it in the family. We, Donna DeVries and Sharon Nannenga, will our height to Chuck Abbring. This should help you in basketball if you stay on the good side of the coach. I, Richard Eenigenburg, will my acting ability to Eileen Hamstra. With this you should win the Academy Award. We, Mary Vander Molen, Karen Vander Molen, and Joyce Justice will our cheerleading ability to Mary Fritts and Sharyl Sipkema. We, Roger Recker and Jim Bunning, will our good natured ways to Andy Nannenga. I, Margie Kaluf, will my ability to hold on to my man to Joy Berghorst. So far so good, just keep up the good work Joy. I, Dave Hart, will my car????? to Gene Hanaway. Its better than walking. I, Carol Klimp, will my sweet disposition to Sally Van Meerten. I, Margaret Klimp, will my blonde hair to Howard Holms. How ' s that for a change Howard? I, Joyce Kooy, will my quiet ways to Catherine Swart. Shhhhh! We, Jack Marotta, Lorna Odle, and Pat Mucha, will our ability to get along with the teachers to Jim Klimp. What will you do with all the browny points???? We, Linda Moolenaar and Joyce Terborg, will our ability to study to Lynda Walstra and Jerry DeYoung. I, Linda Orsburn, will my curly hair and short skirts to Mirriam Hittle. I, Joann Sekema, will my sweet temper to John Walstra. Now take it easy John! I, Mary Starkey, will my sense of humor to Mona Hunter. You’ll have to learn a new giggle though Mona. I, Anna Mae Hamstra, will my glasses to Bill Dyke. Two pairs are better than one. I, Sheila St. John, will my ability to go steady to Donna Bormann. We, Bill Eenshuistra and Rudy Zylstra, will our athletic ability to Lewis Holwin. We, Marilyn Wiers and Judie Gardner, will our shapely figures to Lenore Borns and Mar- ilyn Kamminga. I, Ronnie Walstra, will my cleats to Bob Herring. I hope you get to wear them longer than I did. I, Ralph Kenning, will my ability to sing and play the guitar to Sharon Kamminga. Sing it pretty Scrub! I, Bill Postma, will my ability to drive carefully to Dave Peterson. Beter be careful! We, Kenny DeFries and Matt Musch, will our little black books of Lansing girls to Bill Vander Molen and Kenny Ooms. Happy Hunting Boys! Mr. Abbring: Another class like ours to guide as well as he did us. Mrs. Traster: Quiet class meetings. Mr. Fritch: Foam rubber sneakers to make sneaking down the halls more comfortable. Mrs. Fritch: A Student Council that appreciates all her efforts. Mr. Bottorff: Basketball and Football boys who pass government tests. Mr. Ray: A World Flistory class with no seniors to give you a hard time. Mr. Powell: A newspaper that comes out on time. Mr. Jolly: A senior English class that understands participals and gerunds. Mrs. Congram: A fourth period study hall that does mental gymnastics instead of physical. Mr. Mann: A chorus that sings. Mrs. Mann: All the pencil souvenirs we got from our achievement tests. Mr. Lawson: An experiment that doesn ' t blow up. Mr. Brasselton: A box of tranquilizers to calm his nerves when Drivers Training students back into trucks. Mr. McKee: A bookkeeping class that knows a debit from a credit. Mr. Newsome: A saw that has unbreakable teeth. Miss Shipman: Educated tires that won ' t go flat on the way to school. Frances Vander Molen: A remembering machine so when she is interrupted, she can pick up where she left off. Senior Baby Daze Underclassmen ROW I: Mrs. Fritch, Joy Berghorst, Lewis Holwin, Tom Marotta, Mary Fritts, Mona Hunter, Mr. Bottorff. ROW II: Donna Bormann, Sally Van Meerten, David Watson, Gene DeYoung, Eileen Hamstra, Jerry Koster, Gene Hanaway. ROW III: Catherine Swart, Jim Klimp, Dave Peterson, Lynda Walstra, Mirriam Hittle, Sharyl Sipkema, Kenny Ooms, Marilyn Kamminga. ROW IV: Lenore Borns, Wayne Van Vuren, Jerry De Yound, Bill Dyke, Chuck Abbring, Tom Schafer, Dale Bovenkerk, Sharon Kamminga. ROW V: Howard Holmes, Jody De Young, Bob Herring, Bill Vander Molen, Lewis Mann, John Walstra, David Grevenstuk, Bob Hanaway. JUNIOR OFFICERS President Howard Holmes Treasurer Jody DeYoung Secretary Sharyl Sipkema Vice President Tom Marotta ROW I: Mr. Jolly, Jackie Baxter, Patsy Grievac, Betty Bovenkerk, Diane Walstra, Audrey Swanson, Pat Selby, Vicki Willin, Mr. McKee. ROW II: Phyllis Bykerk, Becky Hart, Teresa Groet, Stephen Post, David Fagenbaum, Beverly Evers, Tommy Postma. ROW III: Richard Hoagland, Don Bunning, Pam Tysen, Henry Starkey, Bill Edwards, Betty Kaper, Evelyn Wolford. ROW IV: Jane Zylstra, Har- old Knynsberg, Elaine Walstra, Ray Eck, Beverly Hamstra, Annette Heerema, Glenn Goetz, David Odle. ROW V: Jim Holmes, Jim Coberly, Glenn Walstra, Henry Bosma, Andy Walstra, Joe Oezer, Charles Nannenga, Dennis Eenshuistra, Dave Turner. ROW I: Mr. Newsome, Donna Mason, James Schoon, Norma Hamstra, Michael Peterson, Larry Bol, Harvey Kamminga, Charles Nannenga, Jona Mucha, Vivian Prater, Mr. Brasselton. ROW II: Mary- lan d Justice, Donald Kamminga, Joe DeKock, Walter Morris, Audrey Evers, Elaine Grevenstuk, Judy Eylander, Dorothy Sterk, Calvin DeYoung, William DeYoung. ROW III: Marvin Boezeman, Valerie Lloyd, Sharon Peters, Francis Samuels, Ellen Nannenga, Cheryl Sampson, Beverly Myers, Kathy Misch, Sharon Budz, Jackie DeVisser, Mary Lou Sipkema. ROW IV: Sandra Sipkema, Karen DeVries, Daryl Kingma, Joseph VanShepen, Bill Orsburn, Kathy Boezeman, Tom Whitmore, Clarence DeHann, Nick Tillger, Albert Hamstra, Betty Hoffman, Connie Post. ROW V: Birt Hittle, David Schooneveld, Ross Jabaay, James Tanis, Elaine Terpstra, Donald Kachlic, David TerBorg, John Sytsma, Mike Hart, Stephen Mann, James Wiers, Richard Boring, Annette Bosma. t.) re Ellen Nannenga . . Elaine Grevenstuck Karen DeVries . . Norma Hamstra . Treasurer Vice President President Secretary ROW I: Mr. Lawson. Wayne Bovenkerk, Priscilla Marsh, Sherry Stellingwerf, Margaret Aalberts, Nancy Bunning, Mirriam Moolenaar. Barbara Konovsky, Florence Willin, Gary DeVries. Stephen Bauman, Mr. Ray. ROW II: Kenyon Morris, Wanda Leach, Lora Marconett, Robert Zwart, Phillip Moolenaar, Ron Bozell, David Peterson, Donna Lounsberry, Nancy Kooy. ROW III: Larry Evers. Louella Anderson, Ra- chel Wicker, Ramona Schlarp, Helen Barker, Barbara Stevenson, Carol Walstra, Karen Postma, Rose- mary Marotta. Margo Hanners, Kathy Schlarp. ROW IV: Gloria Peterson, Betty Swart. Rosemary Se- kema, Charlene Groet, Terry Hana way, Larry Musch, Stephen Holm-Hansen, Clarence Meeks, Craig Zeck, Joe Davis, Sandra Hunter, Gail Raguse. ROW V: John Heilema, Lois Bosma, Robert Punter, Cheryl Zeck, Howard Swart, Ellen Belstra, Davis Haas, Robert Toppen, Allen Knip, John Deal, Eliza- beth Woudema, Keith Hoaglund. Eighth Grade Gary DeFries . . Rosemary Sekema Gail Raguse . . . Louella Anderson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ROW I: Mrs. Mann, Bob Anderson, Linda Mosher, Carol Nagel, Linda Cummins, Vimetta Barker, Shelly Watson, Byron Goth, Marvin Peterson, Mr. Mann. ROW II: Leslie Woudema, Bob Schoonveld, Wesley Hittle, Joe Muraida, Larry Boezeman, Steve Ruisard, Greg Holm-Hansen, Bill Stepp. ROW III: Sue Bar- ker, Michele DeFries, Carrie Sterk, Roger Knip, Ed Anderson, Pam Justice, Judith Wittwer, Linda Stepp, Jim Hanaway. ROW IV: Dave Abbring, Ronnie Mosier, Carol Myers, Lynn Boezeman, Marvin Hamstra, Don Nannenga, Priscilla Holmes, Patsy Mason, Dennis Morris. ROW V: Don Abbring, Sandra Goeta, Louis Lloyd, Carl Bunning, Fred Edwards, Vicki Todd, Cindy Evers, John Eakin, Leona Leitzow. Seventh Grade Treasurer. . . Secretary . . . President . . . Vice President Roger Knip Ronnie Mosier Dave Abbring Marvin Peterson Compliments of LOT IE, she ' s much too old! ! CAN ' T YOU FIND A BETTER PLACE TO SLEEP 0 HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE 0 f ! She said ' YES ' Scrub days, Joyce ' OSSS " Elementary FIRST GRADE ROW I: Mrs. Mosier, Alan Marconett, Danny Meeks, Debra McIntyre, Darlena Mullinax, Hazel Shidler, David Musch, Denny Meeks, George Riggle. ROW II: James Swisher, Fred Nagel, Debra Minniear, Dan- ny Mize, Joey Roorda, Roger Smith, Luann Peterson. ROW III: Evelyen Manning, Jack Williams, Bobby Newell, Gregory Pruis, Joey Swart, Debra Rector, Michele Wells, Raymond Mosher, Richard Samuels. ROW IV: Mitchell Terpstra, Larry Nagel, Lorri Murray, Steven Van Houten, Julia Peterson, Cindy Nan- nenga, Billy Mak, Steven Wright, Audrey Ruisard. ABSENT: John Ventrello. FIRST GRADE ROW I: Mrs. Ewart, Charlotte Magers, Michael Anderson, Pamela Bozell, Laura DeYoung, Robert Laps- ley III, Marilyn Fritts, Bradley Holm-Hansen, Rita Hanaway. ROW II: Kathy Grevenstuk, Danny Chris- topher, Jenifer Koster, Ruth Curtis, Molly Belstra, George Grevenstuk, Timmy Hazlett. ROW III: Mark Barker, Bobbie Wicker, Laurel Eakin, Rex Davis, Mark Boon, Linda Hoffman, Michael Fase, Barbara Blankenbaker. ROW IV: Pamela Cox, Ronald Hanners, David Lagaveen, Laurel DeYoung, Alfred Cecil, Cheryl Bailey, Donald Goetz, Deborah Rowley. ABSENT: Denese Baker, Mitchell Bailey. SECOND GRADE ROW I: Mrs. Lawson, Richard Prater, Larry Marshall, Michael Sullivan, Thomas Evans Jr. , Michael Fritts, Bruce Przybylski, James Mason, Brenda Prater, Donna Magers. ROW II: Jeri Lawson, Donna Bovenkerk, Richard Ruisard, Diane Wolford, Ronnie Justice, Charles Cecil, David Kenning, Lucky Marconett. ROW III: Douglas Davis, Cindy Mak, Mary Koselke, Brian DeFries, Donna Hoffman, Marvin Mullinax, Cynthia Mak, Doris Stockman, Cheri Boezeman. ROW IV: Donald DeFries, Gloria DeVries, Kathy Newell, Shanon Hanley, Billy Hamstra, Danny Zandstra, Pamala Borman, Debbie Cheever, Donna Fritts. ROW V: Janet DeVries, Mitchell Belstra, Karen Toppen, James Crane, Fran- ces Mucha, Ronnie Swart, Marvin Sekema, David Wicker, Steven McIntyre. ABSENT: James Curtiss, Dean Barker, John Boon. THIRD GRADE ROW I: Mrs. Boezeman, Steven Stayrook, Mark Wilke, Kay Konovsky, Linda Hanaway, David Mag- ers, Ann Takacs, Ellen Manning. ROW II: Jenny Roorda, Jewyl Marsh, Tommy Morris, Claudia Ko- salke, Robin Marshall, Allen Nagel, Jimmie Williams, Janis Mason, Janet Mason. ROW III: Donna Stevenson, Sharon Moolenaar, David Moolenaar, Douglas Teske, Terry Lloyd, Janice Mize, Debbie Sterk, Paul Mullinax. ROW IV: Ricky Rose, Debbie Woudema, Walter Stockman, Billy Newell, Patti Terpstra, Richard Swart, Dickie Leach, Bonnie Schoonveld, Jerry Nannenga. ABSENT: Mary Anna Mullinax. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES ROW I: Mrs. Hine, Nancy Conrad, Debra Cox, Jacqueline Goetz, Barbara Erwin, Mary Christopher, Kenneth DeKock. ROW II: Henry DeKock, Michael Blankenbaker, Don Davis, Patrick Bailey, Douglas DeYoung, Robert Bormann, Jerry Baggerly. ROW III: Christy Belstra, Timothy Abbring, Judy Girard, Stephen Fritts, Kathy Baxter, Marvine Barker. ROW IV: Ronald Bormann, Sue Bozell, Thomas Bosma, Eric Boon, Alan Conrad, Max Belstra, Valerie Bailey. ABSENT: Donna Barker. FOURTH GRADE ROW I: Mrs. Hission, Ellen Wilke, Lois Nagel, Nancy Gilbert, Linda Leach, Thomas Sullivan, David Takacs, Patricia Starkey, Phyllis Woudema, Jennifer Wittwer. ROW II: Roy Hough, Larry Lonsberry, Rodney Stayrook, Nancy Stellingwerf, Christine DeVries, Michael Holmes, Michele Gross, Dianne Rag- use. ROW III: James Nagel, James Wicker, Sherri Wilkerson, Janice Mosier, Charlene Moolenaar, Carol Tesky, Judith Williams, Julie Marconett, Judy Marconett. ROW IV: Donald Rowley, Michael Kenning, Deborah De Young, Beverly Moolenaar, James Hart, Cheryl Zandstra, Keith Hamstra, Michael Orsbum, Margaret Kampenga. FIFTH GRADE ROW I: Mrs. Kessinger, Dale Meeks, Robert Sullivan, Enno Rose III, Janice Koster, Mary Ann Konov- sky, Randy Kooy, Eddie Justice, Chillie Prater. ROW II: Richard Thornton, Jr. , Dorene Tillger, Susan Musch, Nancy Misch, Candice Lawson, Connie Sterk, John Takacs, Jr. , James Stayrook. ROW III: Michael Van Dam, Dennis Hoffman, Martha Koselke, Brenda Wilkerson, Jane Wittwer, Jerry Woudema, Elaine Knip, Linda Smith, Timothy Hittle, Clifford Wolford. ROW IV: Susan Peterson, Janet Oezer, Terri Todd, Jack Stockman, Carol Terpstra, Jessica Tysen, Harold Wicker, Roddy Ruisard, Pamela Zeck, David Wilkerson. ABSENT: Deborah Wood, Harold Ventrella. GRADES FIVE AND SIX ROW I: Phyllis DeVries, Bob DeYoung, Dian Herring, Greg Erwin, Nancy DeFries, Stellann Goth, Mr. Stangle. ROW II: Tom Hazlett, Mike Crane, Alice Edwards, James Grevenstuk, Janis DeFries, Tony Cooper, Phillip Crane. ROW III: Christine Fritts, WilliSm Baxter, Linda Hendrichs, Paul De Young, Ruth Bunning, James Baggarly, Bonnie De Young, Larry Blankenbaker. ROW IV: David Davis, Debby Bormann, Roger Davis, Karen Evers, Joe Compton, Tim Belstra, James DeVries, Janet Eakin. GRADE SIX ROW I: Mrs. Bol, Shirley Stevenson, Ronnie Prater, Ralph Prater, Cheryl Mason, Don Minniear, Nick Stayrook, ROW II: Sharon Rose, Carolyn Meeks, Edna Williams, Barbara Schlarp, Christine Nagel, Claudia Mosier, Bette Walstra. ROW III: Jo Ann Swart, Kathryn Sipkema, Bob Stevenson, Rickey Marshall, Ralph Myers, Dorothy Tesky. ROW IV: Mary Ann Ramsey, Connie Whitmore, Stephen Zeck, Gary Woudema, Phillip Punter, Allen Kampenga, Joyce Holmes. ROW V: Earl Zylstra, Randy Wilkerson, Albert Oezer, Stanley Zeck, Eddie Wolford, John Williams, Marvin Moolenaar, Herman Woudema. ABSENT: Hope Wicker, Cathy Ventrello. f Mimmrn A k ' ) rf A . ¥» Activities SEATED: Joy Berghorst, Dave Grevenstuk, Mrs. Fritch, Howard Holmes, Sharyl Sipkema. ROW I: Shelly Watson, Ronald Mosier, Robert Punter, David Abbring, Gary DeFries, Carol Nagel. ROW II: Dave Fagenbaum, Norma Hamstra, Teresa Groet, Betty Kaper, Karen De- Vries, Gail Raguse, Marvin Boezeman. ROW III: Nick Tillger, Cheryl Zeck, Judy Post, Roger Recker, Bill Postma, Joyce TerBorg, Harold Knynsburg. Annual Btalfh SEATED: Mrs. Traster, Lornell Hamstra, Judi Gardner, Ralph Kenning, Lorna Odle, Mr. Abbring ROW I: Linda Orsburn, Joan Takacs, Joyce Justice, Mary Boer, Carol Smith, Sharon Nannenga, Marilyn Wiers, Margaret Klimp, Mary Starkey, Donna DeVries, Steve Bauman. ROW II: Marge Kaluf, Linda Moolenaar, Larry Drinski, Jack Marotta, Paul Bovenkerk, Carol Klimp, Judy Post, Mary VanderMolen, Karen Vander Molen. ROW III: Joyce Kooy, Anna Mae Hamstra, Joan Sek- ema, Sheila St. John, Mary Lou Boer, Joyce TerBorg, Pat Mucha, Bill Postma. ROW IV: Jim Bunning, Bill Eenshuistra, Dean Musch, Dave Hart, Richard Eeningenberg, Roger Recker, Ronnie Walstra, Rudy Zylstra, Tom Boring, Kenny DeVries. Library Aides Shelia St. John, Pat Mucha, Judy Post, Mrs. Mann, Joan Sekema, Catherine Swart, Teresa Groet. THE LIBRARY SERVES EVERYONE IN THE SCHOOL The library facilities have been improved during the recent years, and the book collection is growing. Last spring the librarians counted ap- proximately 2, 119 books in the library proper. This does not include the new science books that were purchased under the government appropriation nor does it include the individual room libraries in the grade school. Last year the trustee appropriated money to be spent on books at the rate of $2. 00 per enrolled pupil in the whole school. Last year and this year the funds spent are being concentrated in building up the non-fiction section of the library. Magazines are provided for reference and the students ' enjoyment. ROW I: Mrs. Congram, Mary Fritts, Sally Van Meerten, Carol Klimp, Pam Tysen, Miss Shipman. ROW II: Gloria Peterson, Barbara Konovsky, Charlene Groet, Rosemary Sekema, Joan Takacs, Judy Post, Mary Starkey, Mirriam Hittle, Lenore Borns, Joyce Justice, Lorna Odle, Pat Mucha, Judi Gard- ner. ROW III: Cheryl Zeck, Lois Bosma, Jona Mucha, Jackie DeVisser, Kathy Boezeman, Elaine Walstra, Annette Heerema, Phyllis Bykerk, Diane Walstra, Beverly Hamstra, Jane Zylstra. ROW IV: Ramona Schlarp, Sandra Hunter, Beverly Myers, Elaine Terpstra, Francis Samuels, Cheryl Sampson, Sandra Sipkema, Mary Lou Sipkema, Karen DeVries, Pat Selby, Betty Kaper. ROW V: Ellen Nan- nenga, Annette Bosma, Sherry Stellingwerf, Wanda Leach, Donna Lounsberry, Lora Marconett, Nan- cy Bunning, Margaret Aalberts, Carol Walstra, Betty Hoffman, Judy Eylander, Audrey Evers, Elaine Grevenstuk. ROW VI: Kathy Misch, Sharon Budz, Kathy Schlarp, Louella Anderson, Gail Raguse, Nancy Kooy, Priscilla Marsh, Helen Barker, Sharyl Sipkema, Donna Mason, Vivian Prater, Dorothy Sterk, Valerie Lloyd. ROW VII: Rosemary Marotta, Karen Postma, Mirriam Moolenaar, Barbara Stevenson, Margo Hanners, Rachel Wicker, Joy Berghorst, Catherine Swart, Elizabeth Woudema, Sharon Peters, Betty Swart, Florence Willin. Sunshine Society CREED With love in my heart, forgetting self, and with charity for all, I will make the object of my life helpfulness and kindness to others. I shall try to fit myself to give in- telligent service in making my community a safer and more beautiful place in which to live. Thus will my own life become rich and complete. Emblem The Rising Sun Song " My Sunshine Girl " Flower Yellow Rose Color Yellow and White Motto " Others " Newspaper Staff SEATED: Dave Grevenstuk, Pat Mucha, Margaret Klimp, Jody DeYoung, Judi Gardner, Judy Post. ROW I: Carol Klimp, Rosemary Sekema, Barbara Konovsky, Linda Orsburn, Joan Sekema, Sheila St. John, Donna DeVries, Sharon Nannenga. ROW II: Mary VanderMolen, Charlene Groet, Lomell Hamstra. ROW III: Nancy Bunning, Mona Hunter, Marilyn Kamminga, Sharyl Sipkema, Howard Holmes, Paul Bovenkerk. Pep Club FRONT: Joyce Justice, Mary VanderMolen, Karen VanderMolen, Judi Gardner. ROW I: Mary Starkey, Judy Post, Linda Moolenaar, Carol Klimp, Beverly Myers, Elaine Terpstra, Betty Kaper, Pat Selby, Sharon Nannenga, Linda Orsburn, Pat Mucha, Lorna Odle. ROW II: Francis Samuels, Catherine Swart, Eileen Flamstra, Sharon Kamminga, Sally Van Meerten, Marilyn Kamminga, Lenore Borns, Margaret Klimp, Joyce Kooy, Joyce TerBorg, Anna Mae Hamstra, Mary Lou Boer, Demottechise. ROW III: Mr. Ray, Priscilla Holmes, Ellen Nannenga, Annette Bosma, Jona Mucha, Jackie DeVisser, Norma Hamstra, Elaine Walstra, Annette Heerema, Pam Tysen, Phyllis Bykerk, Diane Walstra, Beverly Hamstra, Mr. Bottorff. ROW IV: Pam Justice, Kathy Boezeman, Sandra Hunter, Gloria Peterson, Rosemary Sekema, Cheryl Zeck, Lois Bosma, Cheryl Sampson, Sandra Sipkema, Mary Lou Sipkema, Karen DeVries, Elaine Grevenstuk. ROW V: Patsy Mason, Sherry Stellingwerf, Louella Anderson, Gail Raguse, Barbara Konov- sky, Charlene Groet, Margaret Aalberts, Carol Walstra, Betty Hoffman, Judy Eylander, Audrey Evers, Jane Zylstra. ROW VI: Carol Nagel, Sue Barker, Wanda Leach, Donna Lounsberry, Nancy Bunning, Lora Marconett, Priscilla Marsh, Ellen Belstra, Donna Mason, Vivian Prater, Dorothy Sterk, Valerie Lloyd. ROW VII: Carrie Sterk, Judith Wittwer, Nancy Kooy, Carol Myers, Linda Stepp, Linda Mosher, Shelly Watson, Michele DeFries, Linda Cummins, Sandra Goetz, Cindy Evers, Helen Barker. ROW VIII: Vicki Todd, Mirriam Hittle, Virnetta Barker. Concert Band ROW I: Joyce TerBorg, Mary Starkey, Billy Dyke, Karen VanderMolen, Mary VanderMolen, Lorna Odle, Francis Samuels, Treasa Groet, Barbara Konovsky, Ellen Nannenga, Karen De- Vries, Elaine Grevenstuk. ROW II: Linda Moolenaar, Joyce Kooy, Audrey Evers, Pam Ty- sen, Katherine Boezeman, Anna Mae Hamstra, Mary Lou Sipkema, Charlene Groet, Wanda Leach, Priscilla Marsh, Ellen Nannenga, Elaine Terpstra. ROW III: Bob Punter, Craig Zeck, Lois Bosma, Harvey Kammenga, Joe DeKock, Beverly Myers, Kathy Misch, Phillip Moole- naar, Nancy Bunning, Mr. Mann. ROW IV: Maryland Justice, Steve Holm Hanson, Betty Kaper, Annette Bosma, Beverly Hamstra, David Hart, Lewis Mann, Stephen Mann, Marvin Boezeman, Mike Peterson, Larry Bol. ROW V: Gail Raguse, Rosemary Sekema, Mary Lou Boer, Cheryl Zeck, Louella Anderson. The members of this versatile band participate in both marching and the concert field. The marching band practices in the summer preparing for the football season, at which time they present half-time shows. Also this band has participated in the Purdue High School Band Day and received recognition for this activity. In the concert band we have many soloists and ensembles which participated in the N. I. S. B. O. V. A. contest in DeMotte this year. The band also appeared in the State Band Contest in the Spring. Marching Band Majorettes Rosemary Sekema, Gail Raguse, Mary Lou Boer, Cheryl Zeck, Louella Anderson Junior Band SEATED: Terry Todd, Priscilla Holmes, Gregory Erwin, Doreen Tilger. ROW I: Larry Boeze- man, Betty Walstra, Linda Hendrichs, Claudia Mosier, Kathy Sipkema, Mary Konovsky, Janice Koster, Wesley Hittle, Janet Eakin, Larry Blankenbaker. ROW II: Duke Thornton, Linda Cum- mins, Greg Holm Hansen, Sandra Goetz, Earl Zylstra, Jessica Tysen, Pam Zeck, Phyllis DeFries ROW III: Nancy Misch, Diane Herring, Janice DeFries, Bonnie DeYoung, Vicki Todd, Stanley Zeck, Lynn Boezeman, Tim Belstra, Steve Zeck, Shelly Watson. This band is very active during the summer. New members are solicited and rehearsal and lessons are given. The students who participate in the Junior Band are in grades five to seven. When a student has reached the eighth grade he is ready for the Senior Band. Majorettes ROW I: Nancy Conrad, Mary Christopher, Jewyl Marsh, Barbara Erwin, Shirley Stevenson, Shanon Hanley, Janet Mason, Janis Mason, Pamela Bormann. ROW II: Donna Stevenson, Judy Marconett, Julie Marconett, Dorene Tillger, Donna Barker, Janice Koster, Debby Wood, Mary Ann Konovsky, Diane Raguse. ROW III: Dian Herring, Claudia Mosier, Elaine Knip, Pamela Zeck, Terri Todd, Kathy Sipkema, Linda Smith, Shar- on Rose, Candy Lawson, Janice Mosier. Girls’ Chorus ROW I: Sharon Peters, Diane Walstra, Sandra Sipkema, Donna Bormann, Linda Orsburn, Joy Berghorst. ROW II: Judi Gardner, Mirriam Hittle, Sharyl Sipkema, Sharon Nannenga, Eileen Hamstra, Pat Selby, ROW III: Annette Heerema, Beverly Hamstra, Lornell Hamstra, Donna DeVries, Elaine Walstra, Mari- lyn Wiers. Mr. Mann. Junior Class Play Mrs. McThing CAST Mrs. Larue Carrie Sybil Nelson Eva Lewis Grace Lewis Howay Larue Virgil Chef Joe Stinker Poison Eddie Dean Musch Mrs. Schelenbach Judi Gardner Mimi Barbara Konovsky First Policeman Dave Hart Second Policeman Jack Marotta Ugly Witch Karen VanderMolen Beautiful Witch Margaret Klimp Maude Lewis Linda Orsburn Assistant Director Pat Mucha Stage Manager Lornell Hamstra Business Manager Lorna Odle Senior Class Play Arsenic and Old Lace " More tea Doctor Harper " I really have to ring in " " Remember the pins under your nails " She ' s come to take Teddy” CAST Marilyn Wiers Elaine Harper James Bunning Mortimer Brewster Lorna Odle Abby Brewster Linda Orsburn Martha Brewster Sharon Nannenga Mrs. Witherspoon Jack Marotta Dr. Harper Tom Boring Lt. Rooney David Bauman Officer Klein Kenny DeVries Officer O ' Hara Matt Musch Dr. Einstein David Hart Officer Brophy Roger Recker Teddy Brewster Paul Bovenkerk Mr. Gibbs Ralph Kenning Jonathan Brewster Junior-Senior Banquet May 13, 1960 A Highlight Of Our Junior Year Cooks Bus Drivers Back Row: Bernard Tysen, Jack Kenning, Henry Bushman, " Tiny’ Postma. Front Row: Peter Nan- enga, Jack Van Vuren, Ben Hoff- man, Elbert Cheever, Melvin Toppen. Janitors Mr. Kenning Mrs. Elizabeth Boer and Mrs. Grace Klemp Sports " B " TEAM Pat Selby, Betty Kaper, Elaine Terpstra, Beverly Myers JUNIOR HIGH Barbara Konovsky, Rosemary Sekema, Charlene Groet, Cheryl Zeck Cross Country ROW I: William DeYoung, Walter Morris, David Peterson, Chuck Abbring, James Coberly, Clarence DeHaan, Marvin Boezeman, Calvin DeYoung. ROW II: Bill Eenshuistra, Lewis Mann, Henry Bosma, Kenny DeVries, Mr. Bottorff, Joel Oezer, Ronnie Walstra, John Sytsma, Bill Dyke. Track ROW I: Larry Bol, Don Bunning, Marvin Boezeman. ROW II: Walter Morris, Howard Holmes, Robert Hanaway, James Bunning, Mike Hart, Bill Orsburn, Dave Peterson. ROW III: Bob Herring, Bill Eenshuistra, Dave Grevenstuk, Joel Oezer, Lewis Mann, John Sytsma, Bill Dyke, Mr. Bottorff. FOOTBALL ROW I: Stephen Bauman, Larry Bol, Donald Bunning, Walter Morris, Dave Schoonveld, Nick Tillger, Joe VanSchepen, Tom Marotta, Kenyon Morris. ROW II: Harvey Kamminga, Dave Watson, James Bunning, Richard Boring, Mike Hart, Jody DeYoung, John Walstra, Ray Eck, Bill Orsbum, Craig Z.eck. ROW III: Coach Mr. Bottorff, Stephen Mann, Bob Hanaway, Bob Herring, Dave Hart, Dave TerBorg, Denny Eeshuistra, Dave Grevenstuk, Howard Holmes, Coach Mr. McKee. DEMOTTE 12 KENTLAND 65 DEMOTTE 6 MT. AYR 31 DEMQTTE 0 (Fresh. , Soph. ) WHEATFIELD 0 DEMOTTE 7 FAIR OAKS 45 DEMOTTE 0 (Fresh. , Soph. ) MONON 6 DEMOTTE 19 WHEATFIELD 25 DEMOTTE 12 MONON 31 DEMOTTE 13 KENTLAND 46 DEMOTTE 0 (Fresh. , Soph. ) FAIR OAKS 25 DEMOTTE 13 (Fresh. , Soph. ) MOROCCO 28 DEMOTTE 2 MT. AYR 12 DEMOTTE 6 FAIR OAKS 44 TOTALS 100 412 AVERAGE SCORE FOR DEMOTTE . 8.33 AVERAGE SCORE FOR OPPONENTS 34.3 JIM BUNNING RONNIE WALSTRA “A” Basketball Team Chuck Abbring, Bob Hanaway, James Bunning, Bob Herring, Lewis Mann, Kenny DeVries, Ronnie Walstra, Bill Eenshuistra, John Sytsma, Dave Grevenstuk, Bill Dyke. MANAGERS: Harvey Kamminga, Craig Zeck. COACH: Mr. Bottorff. “B” Basketball Team ROW I: Calvin De Young, Walter Morris, Joe Van Schepen, Nick Tillger, Marvin Boezeman, Larry Bol, Don Bunning. ROW II: Kenyon Morris, Manager, Bill Orsburn, Mike Hart, Henry Bosma, Joel Oezer, Dave TerBorg, Stephen Mann, David Schoonveld, Coach McKee. 8th Grade Basketball SITTING: Kenyon Morris. ROW I: Gary DeVries, Manager; Stephen Bauman, David Peterson, David Abbring, Craig Zeck, Robert Zwart, Phillip Moolenaar, John Eakin, Manager. ROW II; John Heilema, Stephen Horn -Hanson, Howard Swart, Mr. Ray, John Deal, Robert Punter, Larry Musch. DeMotte ■ 32 Tefft DeMotte 31 San Pierre DeMotte 42 Christian School DeMotte 26 Fair Oaks DeMotte 29 Wheatfield Totals: DeMotte . . . 344 Record: 7 -Wins 3 -Losses Average: DeMotte. . . 34.4 33 DeMotte 31 Remington 43 9 DeMotte 31 Wheatfield 29 23 DeMotte 36 Brook 28 27 DeMotte 44 Rensselaer 34 23 DeMotte 42 Hebron 24 Opponents . . . 273 Opponents . . . 27. 3 7th Grade Basketball ROW I: Gary DeVries, Manager; Larry Boezeman, Greg Holm-Hansen, Roger Knip, Eddie Anderson, John Eakin, Manager. ROW II; Dennis Morris, Marvin Peterson, Bob Schoonveld, Bill Stepp, Jim Hanaway, Bob Anderson, Steve Russiard. ROW III: Joe Murida, Lynn Boezeman, Marve Hamstra, Keith Hoagland, Mr. Ray, Carl Bunning, Fred Edwards, Louis Lloyd, Ronnie Mosier. DeMotte 23 Tefft 22 DeMotte 15 Remington 17 DeMotte 24 San Pierre 8 DeMotte 28 Wheatfield 24 DeMotte 24 Christian School 13 DeMotte -- Brook -- DeMotte 23 Fair Oaks 14 DeMotte 17 Rensselaer 32 DeMotte 4 Wheatfield 16 DeMotte 20 Hebron 32 Totals: DeMotte .... 178 Opponents . . .178 Record: 5 -Wins 4 -Losses Average: DeMotte . . . .19. 1 Opponents . . .19. 1 DEMOTTE 44 DEMOTTE 55 DEMOTTE 53 DEMOTTE 49 DEMOTTE 60 DEMOTTE 62 DEMOTTE 51 DEMOTTE 77 DEMOTTE 36 DEMOTTE 63 DEMOTTE 53 DEMOTTE 45 DEMOTTE 55 DEMOTTE 48 DEMOTTE 52 DEMOTTE 62 DEMOTTE 46 DEMOTTE 54 DEMOTTE 60 TOTALS 1025 TOTAL POINTS SCORED BY DEMOTTE SCORES 1960 1961 KOUTS 46 SAN PIERRE 40 DYER 50 LOWELL 60 FAIR OAKS 52 TEFFT 42 RIVER FOREST 36 GOODLAND 62 WHEATFIELD 43 MOROCCO 70 TEFFT 54 ME DA RYVILLE 52 HIGHLAND 53 HEBRON 59 BROOK 73 MORGON TWP. 51 BOONE GROVE 54 REMINGTON 69 MT. AYR 38 1013 AVERAGE . . .53. 9 TOTAL POINTS SCORED BY OPPONENTS AVERAGE 53.3 Advertising These views of Main Street are typical of the business district in DeMotte. Without the support of these merchants and others from surrounding towns in this ad section, it would not have bee possible to publish this yearbook. We appreciate their patronage. Charlie ' s Repair Shop Tractor Repair Welding Hebron, Indiana Phone 6-2742 Compliments of State Bank of Rensselaer, Indiana Established 1904 Compliments of Farmers Merchants National Bank of Rensselaer Rensselaer, Indiana Compliments of DeMotte Pharmacy Phone YU 7-2971 DeMotte, Indiana K — Mrs. Ewart Class Sweaters Compliments Rensselaer Republican Award Jackets of Formal Rental Williams Jewelry Jasper County ' s Only Murray ' s Daily Newspaper Rensselaer, Indiana Job Printing Rensselaer it % Mr VanKeppel Construction Co. Ready Mix Concrete General Contractors Building Supplies TOO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE ITCH FOR WHAT THEY WANT, WITHOUT SCRATCHING FOR ITJ DeMotte Phone YU 7-2800 Ind. Jerry ' s Barber Shop Compliments of Treava ' s Shop DeMotte, Indiana DeMotte Jewelers Ladies and Childrens DRESSES Always in Style DeMotte , Indiana Compliments of Van Vuren Motor Sales FORD Cars-Trucks Genuine Ford Parts Phone YU 7-2500 DeMotte, Indiana M — Mrs. Hission Auctioneer Compliments Marshal Bilyeu of -Sales of All Kinds- Schmelter Auto Sales No Sale Too Large TV or Too Small Phone 3028-J TU BEST in CARS Rensselaer, Indiana Johnson’s Seed Store Complete Line of Gardening and Field Seeds Expert Seed Cleaning If it’s seeds - It’s Johnson ' s. ' Hebron, Indiana Lighthouse Tap and Dining Room Seafoods, Steaks, Chicken, and Pizza Our Specialty Hours 8-1 Phone WY 6-2040 Hebron, Indiana Smith Studio Camera Shop Attica, Indiana Everything in CAMERAS Pictures Jim Clarke s Sport Shop 103 S. Court Street Phone Evinrude Motors Tomahawk, Glastron, and Grumman Crown Point, Indiana 306 Compliments of the Nelson-Spencer Hammond Organ Studio Compliments of DeMotte Hardware YU 7-2171 Cheevers Garage Auto Truck Repairing Genuine Parts Regal Spencer Phone YU 7-2480 DeMotte, Indiana 24 Hour Wrecking Service Phone YU 7-2231 DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of Belstra Milling Company MFR- Sales- Service Continued Service Since 1940 Phone YU 7-2400 Lageveen ' s Dry Goods-Shoes Sears Roebuck Company Compliments of Housewares S.W.P. Paint Maytag Appliances Phone YU 7-2241 PAINTj: Headquarters for Stereo - Hi-Fi BOYD SCHWANKE Portable Radios ' if and Transistors Falvey’s Store for Men Boys Where Your Friends Buy Their Clothes Rensselaer Valpo Crown Point “Particular People Prefer Peerless’’ PEERLESS CLEANERS LAUNDERERS Rensselaer Indiana Compliments of CHARLES A. HALLECK Frank ' s Sinclair Service Sype Pontiac " Deal Right With Sype " Goodyear Tires and Tubes Batteries 140 W. Commercial Lowell, Indiana Phone 9250 Free Pickup and Delivery Service Phone YU 7-2924 DeMotte, Indiana good vear TIRES i) Now Selling the All New 4-Cycle TEMPEST Pontiac’s New Companion Car u PC WT1 AC Success to You Congratulations and Best Wishes To the 1961 Graduating Class Melchert s Farm Hatchery DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2200 GEORGE WEAST Lafayette, Indiana Instrument Sales and Repair West Side Hardware Express Auto Parts Lowell 2791-2781 201 E. Commercial Compliments of Fry ' s 5 10 Stores Lowell, Indiana Crown Point, Indiana Lucas-Hansell Prescription Pharmacy 114 S. Van Rensselaer Rensselaer, Indiana Prescription Specialists Phone 190 Emergency Phone 869 Weinberg Bros. Salvage Store Junction 14-53 Rensselaer Phone 911Q tve now Brusnahan Implement Company Farm Implements Coal-Fertilizer Rensselaer, Indiana PAUL BRUSNAHAN CLETUS KOHLEY The Great Name in Propane Hicksgas Rensselaer, Inc. Domestic and Commercial Gas Heating Motor Fuel Conversion Equipment Appliances Rensselaer, Indiana Phone 486 THE GREAT NAME HICK5GA5 ' ' U E IN PROPANE Dolezal’s Shopping Center, Inc., General Merchandise Building Supplies General Contracting k STOCK VC YO Mt , Phone V8-4411 San Pierre, Indiana Bierma Hardware Philgas Household Appliances Paints Wheatfield, Indiana Phone 50 Curtis Son Slaughtering Complete Home Freezer Processing Meat for Home Freezers For Sale Phone 3595 Kouts, Indiana Good Luck! Best Wishes! Harry A. Stockman Richard B. Blood The Cleaner Man DeMotte, Indiana G. E. Christenson Sales Service I. H. C. Farm Implements Parts Phone Lake Village 2-3181 Compliments of Kiley Insurance Agency Daniel Kiley Cullom, 111 . R. P. Carton Your All Dodge Dealer For the Last 26 Years Phone 15 Rensselaer, Indiana Courtesy of FARM BUREAU CO-OP SERVICE Kersy Elevator Test Plant DeMotte 7-2317 Central Garage Body Shop General Repairing Phone 26 Wheatf ield Indiana Just a Little Thank You From Clark Motor Sales Lincoln- Mercury-Comet Phone 602 Rensselaer. Hunter Feed Service Master Mix Feeds Rensselaer, Indiana Phone 76 IM . win no De Young Son Plumbing- Heating Sheet Metal Telephone 59 Rensselaer 1 ' Indiana Compliments of Sno-Ball Drive-In Rensselaer, Indiana Compliments of Chuck Cain Insurance Agency Auto- Life- Fire Rensselaer, Indiana Telephone 403 J Production Credit Association Budgeted Farm Operation Loans 3-5 Years Capital Investment Loans Phone 439 Rensselaer Snell Chevrolet Sales 212 E. Commercial Ave Lowell, Indiana Phone 4721 Bill ' s Country Market Fine Meat, Fish and Poultry Phone 9217 Lowell, Indiana Hardings, Inc. Caterpillar 109 W. Commercial Ave. Ph. 4271 Lowell, Ind. Kaper’s Building Materials Remodel ing Free Estimates New and Used Lumber DeMotte, Indiana Phone: YU 7-2781 - A M Henry De Kock Livestock Hauling Fertilizer Phone YU 7-3400 DeMotte, Indiana ' Anything - Anywhere - Anytime " Compliments of De Kock Super Market Quality Meat and Groceries Phone: YU 7-2141 DeMotte, Indiana L--Mr. Abbring Compliments of Peters Bargain Store Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION POST 440 DE KOCK SUPPLY CO. W. G. HAMMERTON " Your International Harvester Dealer " Farmall Tractors-Motor Trucks Sales and Service Other National Allied Equipment Phone YU 7-2900 DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of Compliments Compliments of Fern ' s Hair Styles of DR. JOHN MILES WRIGHT DeMotte, Indiana YU 7-2764 DALE S. ELLIS Optometrist It JMOJYJDUAJL J DeMotte, Indiana ' 7 Congratulations To the Graduates of Today — The Leaders of Tomorrow. ' Northern Indiana Public Service Company Nettie ' s Beauty Shop DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2397 James Recker DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of Complete Beauty Line of Work Phone YU 7-2742 Margaret s Beauty Shop DeMotte, Ind. Compliments of De Kock L P Gas Co., Inc. Compliments of Philgas Bottle Bulk Service Al’s Gas Appliances Upholstery Shop Phone 7-2623 DeMotte, Indiana A DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-4121 Carl L. Fritts Growers of Indiana Certified Seeds Super Seed Cleaning and Treating Services " As ye sow, so shall ye reap " 1 Mile South of DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2622 I--Mrs. Traster Otto De Young Sons John Deere Implements Enterprize Paints Enarco Motor Oils Phone YU 7-2221 DeMotte, Indiana QUALITY FARM - EQUIPMENT Compliments of Citizen’s Bank Mutual Savings and Loan Association 403 West Commercial Avenue Lowell, Indiana Hebron, Indiana Phone WY " 6-2100 Compliments of Robert Y. Lee, M.D. DeMotte, Indiana Best Wishes to The Class of 1961 Grevenstuk Fertilizer Service L. F. Kenning Sons Small Engine Service Homelite Toro Phone 7-34460 DeMotte, Ind. Compliments of Compliments of Universal Radio and Appliances Ed Lil Wilke DeMotte, Indiana Phone: YU 7-2261 i mur i vn Compliments of Alfred Ewart General Insurance and Real Estate DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2151 Todd Funeral Home De Motte State Bank Ambulance Service Phone YU 7-2600 DeMotte, Indiana and Mrs. Bruce J. Todd Wier’s Chevrolet Sales Phone YU 7-2951 DeMotte, Indiana CHEVROLET A — Mrs. Kessinger Postma’s Super Market Choice Meats and Quality Groceries At Low Prices YU 7-2161 DeMotte, Indiana Garden City Foods Allis-Chalmers and (Formerly Bolt ' s Massey-Ferguson Morrows Turkey Farm Super Market) Over 10,000 Everyday COMPLIMENTS OF L w LOW PRICES 129 W. Washington St. Lowell, Indiana WM. W. LOGAN Lowell, Indiana Compliments of Hillside Lanes G--Mrs. Boezeraan Compliments of Compliments of Schroeder’s Drive-In Fry s Marathon Hebron, Indiana Jack’s Tavern Kersey, Indiana Belstra Belstra Compliments of Congratulations Grain Fertilizer Art Swanson Class of ' 61 General Trucking Tailor Made Suits and Harold Holmes R.R. 2 Appliance DeMotte, Indiana Sales and Service Plumbing Phone YU 7-3488 Phone YU 7-2498 DeMotte, Indiana Best Wishes to Your Class Orsburn’s Texaco Service DeMotte, Indiana E — Mrs. Brasselton Marvin Kessinger Plumbing Heating DeMotte, Indiana Free Heating Oil in case of Sickness, Accident or Death Rich Kiersmo Marathon Distributor Phone 7-2390 Gene s Wall And Floor Covering Plastic Wall Tile Linoleum- Vinyl Tile Counter Tops Free Estimates EUGENE WOUDEMA DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2055 Kenny Doris Zeck Your Standard Oil Agent Phone YU 7-2300 DeMotte, Indiana Silo’s Drive-In North Edge of City on Hwy. 53 Featuring Complete Dinners Steak-Chicken- Fish Sandwiches -Dr inks Ice Cream Air Conditioned Compliments of Mary ' s Restaurant DeMotte, Indiana Wrights Furniture Floor Covering. . .Carpet. . .Appliances Compliments of Compliments of S. S. Kresge Co. 3542 Village Court Village Shopping Center Gary, Indiana Compliments of Harry’s Body Shop Steve DeHaan and Sons Dealer in Livestock- Hay- Grain DeMotte, Indiana DeMotte YU 7-3131 Old Mill Restaurant, Inc. 37 W. 73rd Ave . (330 and Harrison) Merrillville , Crown Point, Indiana Compliments of Spitler’s Riverside Station Compliments of Pete Walstra Your Fertilizer Dealer Phone Merrillville 9-2903 Complete Dinners Banquet Facilities A ' Tatfa John H. Boezman General Insurance Phone YU 7-2445 DeMotte, Indiana How does Your insurance measure up? g Compliments of Bauman’s Services DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2192 GJhmutA atyouA, AMutLoz D — Mrs. Fritch Congratulations Jean’s Beauty Shop Painting, Decorating To the Class of 61 For Beauty Today and Spraying and Every Day. ' Albert Gross Koster ' s Dairy Service Phone : YU 7-2643 Phone YU 7-3355 DeMotte, Indiana DeMotte, Indiana DAIRY I jjJOODs fk pflinrina 1 §]cy r T J En ' ujum Compliments of Eylander ' s Turkey Farm DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-3698 Compliments of De Motte Hotel DeMotte, Indiana Phone : YU 7-2291 Don ' s Southside Service Gas For Less Hebron, Indiana Dial WY 6-2744 Congratulations " Class of 61 " Hebron Dairy DeMotte Division .□riru Sj= PRBBUCTS l «%e otQftjdiXHl Ruths Ladies Apparel and Specialties 116 No. Main Hebron, Indiana Phone WY 6-4161 Compliments of Hebron Lumber Co. usrmsmm Compliments of Marie s Beauty Shoppe Phone WY 6-2552 Hebron, Indiana Hebron Hotel Phone WY 6-2400 Hebron, Indiana Gant ' s Supermarket Groceries-Fresh Meats Dry Goods-Notions Gifts Open Sundays, Evenings and Holidays Phone WY 6-2743 SAVE! Hebron Hardware Plumbing and Heating House Wiring Phone WY 6-2211 Alyea Service Station DeSoto Plymouth Motorola TV Standard Oil Hebron, Indiana WY 6-2700 The Country Kitchen Hebron, Indiana Hoosier Food at Its Best. ' Home Cooked Meals Home Made Pies Tender Steaks Fried Chicken Berdine Service Station Gas-Oil-Tires Accessories Hebron, Indiana Compliments of Kankakee Valley Post DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2592 YOUR WlWSPAPtaJ ° ' FREEDOM Compliments of Myer s Drive Inn DeMotte, Indiana De Motte Floral Shop John Lois Eakin Corsages and Floral Designs Phone YU 7-2511 DeMotte, Indiana Chuck ' s Service Station Martin Gas Oil DeMotte, Indiana Kelly’s Standard Station Lubricat ion- Tires Accessories DeMotte, Indiana YU 7-9121 Barker ' s Shell Super Service Motorola Television and Radio B. F. Goodrich Products -Accessories Phone YU 7-2111 DeMotte, Indiana Gerald Kooy C.L.U. District Agent Brotherhood Mutual Life Insurance Co. Phone YU 7-2466 DeMotte, Indiana R.R. 2 Compliments of Henris Barber Shop DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2712 ! Compliments of Robert Kiersma DeMotte, Indiana Phone YU 7-2377 G G Shelling Charles Groet Phone YU 7-2037 Gerrit Grevenstuk Phone YU 7-2030 Compliments of Mike ' s Realty Electrician DeMotte, Indiana If nfm

Suggestions in the Demotte High School - Keen Keener Yearbook (Demotte, IN) collection:

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