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_ — — - ' • _ KEEN KEENER 1941 Vol VI Published By The Senior Class of De Motte High School 4 J Dedication.... To Mr. S. B. Llewellyn we, the grad- uates of the class of 1941, sincerely dedicate this, our Keen Keener, in deep apreciation for thirty-five years of teaching service. Of this, twenty- five years were spent in this school. He has influenced many of the pupils who have gone to this school by his kind advice and excellent teaching. He has been a dependable, coopera- tive teacher and a good citizen of this community. We especially thank Mr. Llewellyn for his friendly and helpful advice to this year’s graduating class. i ne Class or ! 94 1 is the firth ciass to graduate rrom UeiViotte High tscnooi since the new addition, i lie new addition consists or a gymnasium, four class rooms and an assembly. It is built on the west end of the old school house and is fireproof. 1 he yard in front of the. school house has been converted from a barren lot to a grassy lawn. It d oes very much to improve the looks of the school. During the summer of 1 940 a new Athletic Field was started. It consisted of a softball field, a six man football field, a tennis court and a quarter mile track. The softball field and six man football field, which are combined, were finished. The lights which light the field were purchased from Remington. A backstop and a fence which runs along the first and third base line of the softball field were also purchased. The track and the tennis court are about half completed. We, the graduating class of 1941, wish to express our sincere appreciation for having such a fine school from which to graduate. Page 1 SCHOOL FACULTY Seated, from left to right: MISS MARTHA KEEVER — Music, Home Ec., Man- chester College, B.S. in Music Education, Sopho- more sponsor. MRS. MARY KESSINGER - Sixth Grade, I.S.T.C., B.S.T.B. MR. ALFRED EWART Principal, Social Studies, I.S.T.C., B.S. and M S MR CHARLES L. RUCH — Commerce, History, Phys. Ed., Coach, Health., Danville Central Nor- mal College, B.S., Senior Sponsor. jyjlgq TERESA DEHAAN — Fourth Grade, Purdue U., I.S.T.C. M»S-S VIRGINIA SLOCUM - Mathematics, Purdue U., B.S., Freshmen Sponsor. Standing, left to right: MISS CELIA WAKEMAN - English, Latin, Library Science, I.S.T.C., A.B., Junior Sponsor, Athletic Club Sponsor. MRS. BEAULAH HART — Second Grade, I.S.T.C., Valparaiso U. MR. S. B. LLEWELLYN — English, Social Studies, Valparaiso U., Seventh Grade Sponsor. MRS. PANSY HANFORD - Fifth Grade, Central Normal. MR. WILLIAM B. ELY - Agri., Science, N. D. Agri. College, Purdue U., B.S., Eighth Grade Sponsor MISS FRANCES SMITH - First Grade, I.S.T.C. MRS. MARTHA MOSIER - Third Grade, Central Normal SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Dr. Robert Y. Oosten, Secretary C. P. Curtin, President Melvin Struble Trustee Ivan Cheever was absent the day the pictures were taken. Page 2 September Sunday, 1 — |Go to Church Monday, 2 — Labor Day Tuesday, 3 — School really begins Wednesday, 4 — Seniors can’t get started Thursday, 5 — Brain is blank Friday, 6 — First week is over. Whoo- pie! Saturday, 7 — Brain overworked first week Sunday, 8 — Sleep Monday, 9 — Blue Monday Tues., 10 — Do your Xmas shopping early Wed., 11 — Try outs for cheer leaders hurs., 12 — Football boys go to bed early Fri., 13 — First football game. Wheat- field wins Sat., 14 — Football boys banged up Sunday, 15 — Miss Church ' Ton., 16 — Sponsors and officers elected Tuesday, 17 — New Romances Wed., 18 — Civics is getting tiresome Thurs., 19 — Broken Hearts Fri., 20 — Mt. Ayr wins Sat., 21 — Everybody is roller skating Sunday, 22 — Go to Church again Mon., 23 — Jr. Sr. skating party. Bad day for Freshies Tues., 24 — Freshmen initiation tonite Wed., 25 — Things are quiet today Thurs., 26 — Magazine sales are start- ed Fri., 27 — First school paper. Wheat- field wins Sat., 28 — More roller skating Sunday, 29 — Only 7 months to go Monday, 30 — Invitations written for Mother’s Tea. October Tuesday, 1 — First of month Wednesday, 2 — Blank Thursday, 3 — Mother’s Tea by Home Ec. girls Fri., 4 — Annual staff elected. Civics test Sat., 5 — Dreamt of Civics test last night, Oooh! Monday, 7 — Blue Monday Tues., 8 — Army wins Wed., 9 — When does the Army get that party. Miss Slocum? Thurs., 10 — Bill 0. hibernates for winter Fri., 11 — Just another Friday Sat., 12 — Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 Sunday, 13 — Unlucky number Mon., 14 — Bluer than before Tues., 15 — Tuberculin test given at Wheatfield Wed., 16 — A few arms are swelling Thurs., 17 — Blue Friday, too Fri., 18 — Band Mother’s Carnival Sat., 19 — Everybody’s roller skating Mon., 21 — Posture posters begun Tues., 22 — Evei’ybody walking cor- rectly Wed., 23 — Season tickets on sale Thurs.. 24 — Friday. 25 — Teachers’ Institute — No School!! Sat., 26 — Lovely weather Monday, 28 — Blue Monday Tues., 29 — Oh. for some excitement Wed., 30 — Gale Sotbern, Cub report- er, here Thurs.. 31 — Halloween party Page 3 March Sat., 1 — March comes in like a lion Mon., 3 — Juniors get fingers meas- ured Tues., 4 — Seniors start serious play practice Wed., 5 — Army is still waiting for the party Thurs., 6 — Good old Thursday Fri., 7 — Good day to go fishing Sat., 8 — Tell fish stories Mon., 10 — Wind starts blowing. Tues., 11 — Blew a tree over Wed., 12 — Almost blew over the school Thurs., 13 — Wish it would have Fri., 14 — Wind is dying down Sat., 15 — My but I’m windy Mon., 17 — Wonder why everyone wears green Tues., 18 — Ruch’s car breaks down Wed., 19 — Junk man comes for re- mains. Thurs.., 20 — Remains used for Na- tional Defense Fri., 21 — Spring is here Sat., 22 — Brrr! it’s cold out Mon., 24 — A new week Tues., 25 — Just can’t study Wed., 26 — Got Spring fever Thurs., 27 — Let’s play hookey Fri., 28 — Ho Hum school gets me down Sat., 29 — End of March around the corner. April Tues., 1 — April Fool’s day.. Teach- ers get love letters Wed., 2 — B. B. take a rest Thurs., 3 — Juniors show off their rings Fri., 4 — Where are some of the Jun- ior rings Sat., 5 — Saw some lost Jr. rings last night Mon., 7 — Rain Tues., 8 — Much rain Wed., 9 — Everything’s wet. Went swimming " ' urs., 10 — Stopped raining Fri., 11 — Lovely weather. Love in bloom Sat., 12 — Getting wa rmer day by day Sunday, 13 — Easter Sunday Mon., 14 — Well, what’ll happen this week Tues., 15 — What would we do with no band boosters? Wed., 16 — Vacation is just around the corner Thurs,, 17 — Senior week begins Fri., 18 — Seniors’ tears start coming Sat... 19 — Band contest at Hebron Sun., 20 — Bacc. Mon., 21 — More Seniors tears start coming T ues., 22 — Commencement Wed., 23 — School out. Whoopie! Thurs., 24 — Seniors tears fall. Vaca- tion begins Page 6 SENIORS In the fall of 1937, twenty-three boys and girls, all very anxious to become wonderful scholars, enrolled in toe DeMotte High School. We were all very “green’ and very anxious to please our teachers. During our first year we chose Mr. Boron as our sponsor. We elected the following class officers: Cor- nelius Sweringa, President; Kenneth Zeck, Vice Presi- dent; Chris Walstra, Secretary; and Jack Evans, Treas- urer. We chose scarlet and silver for our class colors, nd our motto was Success Comes in Cans, Not in Cants.” A few weeks later we were initiated into the High School. Shortly afterward, on October 8, we had our first party. On December 1 1, we entertained the rest of the high school with a short Indiana Day program. We gave the senior c ' ass a party on February 5th, and on April 22r.d, we vis:ted the C ame Preserve near Medary- ville. The next fall ! wenty-one members returned. We also d us a new member, Jean Barry. We were guided t- rcugh this year by our new sponsor, Mrs. Ber- nard. Other officers elected w e: Jack Evans, Presi- de ’ l; Chris Walstra, Vice President; Shirley Stroup, Secrtary; and Kenneth Zeck, Treasurer. We kept our s: me colors and motto. Our first party of the vear was held on October 5th, and the second one on [anuary 3rd, at the home of Mrs. Bernard. Tf e second wrek of October we visited the Field Mi ’seum in Chicago. This year we presented the Thanksgiving Day pro- gram. Soon afterward, about the first week of January, we ordered our letters bearing our c ' ass numbers, “41”. On April 28th, we gave a one act comedy play entitled “Ding Dong Dumbbells ’. In the fall of 1 939, onlv eighteen members return- ed; the others thinking they knew a little more than our teachers did. Robert Recker was chosen President; Kenneth Zeck, Vice President; Margaret Bahler, Secre- tary; and Chris Walstra, Treasurer. We kept the same colors and motto we had had for the two previous years. Mr. Jarrett became our sponsor. Our Junior play, “Three Days of Grace”, was suc- cessfully given on December 12th. Page 7 Towards spring, we received our class rings. You should have seen the proud looks on the faces of the Juniors. In April we financed a trip for the Seniors to Chi- cago, where we visited several points of interest. When we returned to school last fall, we had a- gain lost one of our members, Charlie White. This year we chose the following officers: Chris Walstra, President; Kenneth Zeck, Vice President; Margaret Bahler, Secretary; and Jack Evans, Treasurer. Mr. Ruch was selected as our sponsor. We have kept the same class colors, but have adopted a new motto, “Mind Not the Breakers; but Straight Ahead . We will present our Senior play, “Bolts and Nuts in the near future. We are planning to publish the sixth edition of the Keen Keener. We have now reached the end of our schooling in the DeMotte High School, and as we separate to go out into the world to earn our own living, may we all heart- ily wish one another the most success and happiness for the future years. SENIORS OPINIONS OF TEACHERS Mr. Ewart — l oo interested in civics. Always has an ear lor anyone in trouble. Has many friends I’m sure. Mr. Liewellyn Really knows his tuigiisn. Is a good En- glish teacher and a great friend. Always willing to help you. You “Juniors will miss him next year. Mr. Ely — Likes his Chemistry experiments. Famous saying: Theoretically, yes-- Actually, no. Always ready with advice. Doesn’t know any shrubs but “Red Bud”. Miss Slocum — I fool her when she thinks I’m not pay- ing attention. Usually has a smile. Has patience of ToF. Hides her own gifts and doesn t know it. Miss Keever — Trys to drown the choruses with music but she certainly is nice. “How many minutes before the bell?” Likes to get in the wav of cars when bicycle riding. Mr. Ruch Fine fellow after we win a game (He al- ways is swell). He has a nood line a - the half. Means what he savs He h° a 38 Chevrolet that he boasts about but confidentially it is a wreck. Page 8 s E N I O R S O f 4 I Margaret Bahler (Peggy) Secretary class 3-4, chorus 1 -2-3-4, Band 2-3-4, Athletic Club I -2-3-4, Annual Staff 3-4, Yell Leader 2-3-4, “Three Days of Grace”, Bolts and Nuts”. Jean Barry (Jeanie) Etiquette Club 2, Foreign Corre- spondence Club 3, Athletic Club 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4. “Three Days of Grac’”, School Paper S " aff 4, Annual Staff 4. Grace Terpstra (Grayce) Chorus 2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Library 3. Bill Orsburn (Willie) Basketball 3, Athletic Club 3, Band 2-3, Chorus 3, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 3, Paper Staff 4, “Three Days of Grace”. Anna Boezeman (Shorty) Athletic Club 4, Library 3, Chorus 1 -2-3-4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, “Bolts and Nuts”. Jennie Nannenga — (Jennie) Chorus 2-3-4, Band 1 -2-3- 4, Library 4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, " Three Days of Grace”, “Bolts and Nuts”. Chris Walstra — (Chris) Sec. of Class 1-3, Vice Presi- dent 2, Treas. 3, President 4, Band 2-3, Chorus 2-3-4, Basketball 1 , Library 3, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 3-4, “Three Days of Grace”, “Bolts and Nuts”. Wayne Oliver — (Oliver) Track 2-3-4, Football 4, “Three Days of Grace”, “Bolts and Nuts”, Jokes Ed- itor Annual Staff 4. Gerald Knip — (Knipper) Track 2-3-4, “Bolts and Nuts”, Student Council 2. Virgil Barker (Sadie) Basketball 2-3-4, Track 2-3-4, Football 4, “Bolts and Nuts”. Jack Evans — (Johnnie) Student Council 2-3, Arhlet’c Club 1 -2-3-4, President 2-3-4, President of Class 2, Treasurer 4, Track 1 -2-3-4, Football 4, Softball 1-2-3. Ass t Bus. Mgr. of Annual 3, Editor in chief Annual 4, Ass t Editor in chief School paper 4, Band 1 -2-3-4, Chorus 1 -2-3-4, “Three Days of Grace”, “Bolts and Nutts”. Page 9 Gertrude Mae Mak — (Gertie) Foreign Correspondence Club I , Ettiquette Club 2, Chorus 1 -4, Band 2-4, Keen Keener Staff 4, “Three Days of Grace”, “Bolts and Nuts”, School Paper Staff 4, Library 3-4. Kenneth Zeck " (Zeck) “Bolts and Nuts”, “Three Days of Grace”, Athletic Club I -2-3-4, Vice President Class 1-3-4, Treas. 2, Track 1 -2-3-4, Basketball 1-2- 3-4, Football 4. Softball 1-2-3, Band 1 -2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3, Bus. Mgr Annual. Cornelius Swieringa — (Casey) President 1 , School Notes 3, Foreign Correspondence Club 2-3, Basket- ball 2-3, Track 1-2-3,, Athletic Club 1-2, Sports Edi- tor School paper 4, Ass’t Bus. Mgr. Annual, Band 1 -2-3-4, Chorus 1 -2-3-4. Shirley Stroup — (Stroup) Chorus 1 -2-3-4, Athletic Club 1 -2-3-4, Etiquette 2-3, Secretary Class 2, Band 1 -2-3-4, “Three Days of Grace”, “Bolts and Nuts”, Activities Editor Annual. Genevieve Kooy (Geny) Foreign Correspondence Club 1 , Etiquette Club 2, Glee Club 3-4, Library 3-4. Annual Staff, “Three Days of Grace”, “Bolts and Nuts”. Robert Recker — (Bob.) Band 1-2-3, Chorus 1 -2-3-4, President of Class 3. Athletic Club 2-3, Basketball 4. Softball 2-3, Annual Staff, “Three Days of Grace”. “Bolts and Nuts”. , SHIRLEY STROUP JENNIE JEAN BARRY ROBERT RECKER VIRGIL BARKER GRACE TERPSTRA CHRIS WALSTRA CORNELIUS SWIERINGA GENEVIEVE KOOY HARRY ORSBURN GERTRUDE MAK JACK EVANS ANNA BOEZEMAN CLASS PROPHECY Well, here we are in the year 1951, just ten years since 1 left “Ole DeMotte”. Many things have happened during the past decade — such things as Casey Sweiringa and Shirley Stroup ex- i hanging “I do s”, and Chris Walstra being sent to South America as a civil engineer. Yesterday I met Gertrude Mak at the premier of Peggy Bahlers latest picture. Gertrude is the star girl reporter of Chica- go’s largest newspaper now. Her husband, Gerald Knip, is teaching dramatics in San Francisco. After the premiere there was a banquet at the Stevens r -otel and imagine my surprise when the hotel doorman turned cut to be Kenny Zeck. From basketball star to doorman. As we entered I saw many familiar faces, one of them being Genevieve Kooy’s, who happens to be the hat-check girl. Was she giving those men the eye! The entertainment was lovely for Bill Orsburn’s orchestra was playing and the great torch singer Grayce Terpstra thrilled the men with her songs. Rumors have said that Grayce and Bill are engaged. I hope they have twins as Shirley and Casey did. We had a wonderful time at the banquet and this morning I went to church and heard Rev. Robert Reeker preach. When I reached home and picked up the morning paper, there on the front page was a picture of that famous dancing team, Jennie Nannenga and Wayne Oliver. They are touring the country with Charlie Ruch and his wife, Beulah, as managers. This afternoon I went to a musical comedy and the cashier was none other than Anna Boezeman. She still knows how to flirt with the boys, too. While we were waiting for the show to begin I heard two men talking behind me. I couldn’t help but hear them ; they turned out to be Jack Evans and Virgil Barker. From their conversation, I learned that Virgil is preparing for a place in the United States Senate and Jack is a Hollywood director who is going to the top fast. During these last two days I’ve seen all of my former class- mates and they seem to be doing fine. I’ll have to say goodbye now and get some sleep for tomrrow I must rehearse my flying trapeze act. — JEAN BARRY Page 1 1 THE. CLASS WILL We, the class of 1941, being of sound mind and body, do make and publish this, our last Will and Testament. To Mr. Ewart — A senior class that cannot get him off the subject of civics as easily as we have. To Mr. Llewellyn — A big, hearty “THANK YOU” for his years of teaching us. To Miss Slocum — A general math, class that will make perfect grades in every test. To Miss Wakeman — Our deep appreciation for her friendly smile and friendly ways. To Miss Kpever — More orderly band practices. To Mr. Ely — A chemistry class that will come to class with their lessons prepared. And to our sponsor ' , Mr. Rwch — A new car, as his Chevy looks rather ancient. 1. Peg Bahler wills all the gum she has plastered on seats in the school building to Jean Hoffman and Anne Kleinblossom. Next year you won’t have to bring any more gum to school, Richard. 2. Virgil Barker wills his politeness to Georgia Durant and Goldie DeKoker. Here’s hoping they use it. 3. Jean Barry gives the piano in the gym to Herbert Hook. Don’t break it while you are trying to learn, Herb. 4. Anna Boezeman gives all her boy friends but one to Edith Tysen and Eileen Bailey; take your pick girls. 5. Jack Evans gladly gives his so-called car to Johnnie Van Kley. We decided in book-keeping class that it was more of a liability than an asset. 6. Gerald Knip wills his appetite for “Oysters” to Martha Pruls and Marcella Schwanke. Take the “bitter with the better”. You may find a pearl. Page 1 2 7. Genevieve Kooy bequeaths her straight ‘A’ report card to Jeanette Vander Ploeg and Esther Ruisard. Share and share alike. 8. Gertrude Mak wills to Gertrude Dykstra and Frances Walstra the great unknown. In other words — Yehute. Better find out who he is for ydurself. 9. Jennie Nannenga wills all she knows to Inez DeFries and Lucille Hudnall: Sorry, girls, but you’re not getting much. 10. Wayne Oliver leaves his smart remarks and wise cracks to his brother, Maurice Oliver. May class discussions be very interest- ing next year. 11. William Orsburn gives his study periods to Kenneth DeFries. Here’s hoping he won’t make use of them as Bill has — sleeping. 12. Robert Recker leaves to Marvin Bernard all the good arguments that he’s put up in favor of Willkie. Let’s hope your candidate does win the next election, Marvin. 1 3. Shirley Stroup gives her intimate friendship with Lucille to Fred Zeck. Who knows, mayb e it may be more than an inti- mate friendship ' some day? 1 4. Cornelius Swieringa wills his freckles to Charlotte Barker, Mary Lou Cheever, and Elizabeth Woudema. I think there will be enough to go around. 15. Gayce Terpstra gives her title of “Miss’’ to Tillie DeKoker. Some senior boy will gladly give her the title of “Mrs.” some day. 16. Chris Walstra gives his good looking girls in other towns to Malcolm Boezeman and Arthur Schoonveld. Get them, boys (while the gettin’s good). Oh. I forgot about Lois and Delia. 17. Kenneth Zeck wills bis ability to catch on to a .ioke ten minutes later to Richard Osting ; Q r is Richard called “afterbeat”, now? Signed and sealed in this year of 1941. Page 13 SENIOR CLASS POFM BY GENEVIEVE KOOY Stop, look, and listen; here they come — The Senior class of forty-one. As you meet them, you’re sure to say, “Now there ' s a class that is okay”. Mr. Ruch, our sponsor this year, Has aided us our bark to steer. And, as into the world we start, Unhappily we from him part. Peggy Bahler is first in line. As a cheer leader, she is fine. Secretai’y of class and club, She really is not one to snub. Virgil Barker, the cheerful lad, — When do you see him looking sad? — Always smiles from morn till night. We must agree that he’s all right. Next is a girl who likes to tease. Jean Barry by name, if you please, , Plays the piano very well, And of Roosevelt likes to tell. Anna Boezeman is short and fair. With bright blue eyes and golden hair. She often has a new hair-do, And is a lovely singer, too. Athletic star on DeMotte’s side Is Jack Evans, dark-haired, brown eyed. Though he’s gay as any of you, We’re sure he misses one named Sue. Gerald Knip seems rather shy Until you know him by and by Who is his girl friend? Don’t ask me. There’re quite a few, as you can see. Page 14 I was assigned this poem to write, And fear my hair is turning white. For by now you prob ' ly know it, That I surely am no poet. You hear a giggle from our class? It must be this sunny-haired lass. Gertrude Mak, — you’ll find is her name, And to be a nurse is her aim. Chubby, jolly, and musical, Jennie Nannenga is them all. If you are looking for a friend, She is on e we can recommend. Big and husky Wayne Oliver Seems to have a fun-loving lure. In both Junior and Senior plays He had many comical says. Bill Orsburn is somewhat chunky, But that’s no sign he isn’t spunky. Of a Freshman girl he is fond. Can it bp that she is a blond? Robert Recker used to be small, But now he has become quite tall. An argumentive lad is he, But in his eye a twinkle see. Now here is Shirley Stroup and she A Latin teacher plans to be. Although lessons cause some to frov They cannot seem to get he r down. Next a very talented boy, — Reporting seems to be his joy. Casey Swieringa is his name; Who knows? Some day he may win fame. Page 15 Grayce Terpstra, tallest of the girls, Has big gray eyes and dark brown curls. A pleasant classmate she has been, And one we hope to meet again. Chris Walstra, our tall president. For some great place is surely meant. Sometimes he is quite serious, And then again mischevious. Kenneth Zeck, another athlete, Ds one whom it is hard to beat. Friendliness is one of his traits, So he’s well-liked by his schoolmates. And now we must bid you “goodbye,” Although it almost makes us cry. For here at school where we were sent, A host of happy days we’ve spent. Page 16 UNDERCLASS, HEN JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY We started our high school career as freshmen with thirty- two members. Our class officers were as fo.luws: president, Fred Zeck; vice president, Eileen Bailey; secretary, Lucille Hudnall; treasurer, John Van Kley. Mr. Ewart was chosen as our sponsor. We were duly initiated by the seniors. We had a class party in November and another in the spring. After a four-month vacation, we became sophomores. This time we had thirty-three members. Our officers were : president, Ar- thur Schoonveld; vice president, Wairen Cornell; secretary, Betty Cornell; treasurer, Sue Cox. This year Mrs. Bernard wsa our spon- sor. In the early fall we had a skating party at Hebron. We are now juniors with twenty-seven members. Our officers are : president, Malcolm Boezeman ; vice president, Fred Zeck; secretary, Lucille Hudnall; trasurer, Herbert Hook. Miss Wakeman is our class sponsor this year. So far this year we have had two skating parties at Lowell. On December 3, lb40, we presented a three-act comedy, “Wild Oats Boy”. With the proceeds from this play we plan to give the seniors a trip in the spring. Our class colors are blue and silver. Our motto is “Sailing On the Sea of Victory — May We Succeed”. SOPHOMORE CLASS Twenty-two members enrolled in the Sophomore class this year. The purpose of the first class meeting was to choose our spon- sor and elect class officers. We chose Miss Keever to be our sponsor and our officers are as follows: President, William Hoffman; Vice President, Dale Schwanke; Secretary, Alice Sytsma; Treasurer, Kuth Moolenaar. Our class colors are “Old Ros e and Silver” and our motto is “We bui.d the ladder by which we rise.” In October we invited the junior class to join us in a skating party. Regardless of falls, everyone had a good time. FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY We entered high school with thirty-four pupils, the largest freshman class in DeMotte history. Five of our number are from Lincoln Township. We elected Alice Hamstra as our president; ' " igmund Boezeman, vice president; Mary Jane White, secretary; and James Bahler, treasurer. Miss Slocum was selected as our spon- sor. — On September 24 we mad e our formal debut at the initia- tion given to us by the seniors. We enjoyed a skating party on Oct- ober 11 — many spi ' ls and thrills, of eoursp. We are looking for- ward to more parties in the spring. We have chosen blue and gold as our class colors. As our motto we selected: “Climb, though the rocks be rugged.” JUNIOR CLASS Front Row — Left to Right: Jean Hoffman, Maurice Oliver, Arthur Schoonveld, Fred Zeck, Richard Osting, and Getrude Dyk- stra. Second Row — Martha Pruis, Frances Walstra, Malcolm Boeze- man, Marvin Bernard, Georgia Durant, Tillie DeKoker, and Miss Wakeman. Third Row — Esther Ruisard, Anne Kleinblossom, Herb Hook, Edith Tysen, Inez DeFries, and Goldie DeKoker. Fourth Row — Charlotte Barker, Lucille Hudnall, Eileen Bailey, Mary Lou Cheever, Elizabeth Woudema, and Marcella Schwanke. SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row — L to R: Helen Bailey, Florence Hoffman, Dale Schwanke, Kenneth Sekema, Walter Mak, Alic e Sytsrria, and Cor- delia Rooy. Second Row — Beverly Hotham, Hazel Punter, Marg Konovsky, Rose Schlarp, Myrtle Calhoun, and Miss Keever. Last Row — Anna Klip, Dorothy Zabradac, Bernice Vander P ' .oeg, Bill Hoffman, Delpha Heimlich, Ruth Moolenaar, Jane Shuey, and Elean- or Hershman. FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row — L to R: Paul Hoffman, Lois Lagaveen, Alber Belstra, Stephan Terpstra, Bertha Vander Molen, Herman Belstra Richard Peterson, and Anna VanderMolen. Second Row — Gerrit Va: Keppel, Mary Lou Ewart, Sammie Kingma, Albert Clark, Alici Hamstra, John Mak, and Miss Slocum. Third Row — Mary Jan White, Ralph Boezeman, Delia Kleinblossom, Kenneth Hershmar Caroline Cooper, William Boersma, Beulah Hershman, and Rober Anderson. Fourth Row — Boyd Schwanke, Jimmie Bahler, Die ' Evans, Verna Nannenga, June Schatte, Elberta Greathouse, Claud Mosier, and Johnnie Zabradac. Page 18 FOURTH GRADE Front Row — L to R: A. Boersma, W. Calhoon, W. Huhn, L. Smith, E. DeYoung, D. Cheever, C. Dvorak, R. Carter, E. Klip, M. A. Zylstra, P. Hendricks, P. Rater, B. Hudnall. Second Row — L. Bulou, D. Barker, D. Fieldhouse, G. Konovsky, K. Seegers, R. Moolenaar, B. Sekema, O. Bailey, K. Buiou, V. Schwanke. Third Row — E. M. Hoffman, C. Bahler, D. DeVries, R. Stearns, A. Sytsma, K. DeYoung, K. Terpstra, G. Belstra, E. Belstra, G. Nannenga, L. Terborg, E. Luttrell. Teacher, Miss DeHaan. Those absent were: R. Luttrell and M. E. Myers. THIRD GRADE First row — L to R: Dorothy Schoonveld, Eugene Koster, Josephine Vanderploeg, Stanley Cheever, Jimmie Stearns, Heskil Wright, Annette Klip, James Kingma, Paul DeVries, Frank Mak, Esther Nannenga. Second row — John Fase, Marcella Nuss, Bob Kelly, Alicia Kaluf, Martin Hoffman, Robert Nannenga, Barbara Gorbet, Kenneth Heimlich. Third row — Eddy Hudnall, Edward Bryant, Mildred Gross, Jane VanKepnel, Sam Zabradac, Harry Kaper, Raymond Williams, James Story, Dale Hoffman, Mae Bailey. Dean Greathouse. Walter Terpstra. SECOND GRADE Front Row — L to R: E. Zylstra, P. Raska, R. Wright, T. Kadiera, Mrs. Hart, G. Coberly, B. Smith, A. B. Belstra, E. Cal- houn, and R. Hanenberg. Back Row — D. Hunter, J. Fritts, E. White, B. Van Keppel, L. Doud, R. DeKock, C. Schaau, G. Hamstra, J. Klip, P. Ferris, E. R. Sigler, and P. Wicker. Those absent were: R. A. Cheever, J. DeFries, V. DeYoung, F. Boissy, L. Evers, E. Swart, J. Wright, and F. Williams. FIRST GRADE First Row — L to R: C. Jones, J. DeYoung, T. Wright, A. Storey, R. Hunter, J. R. Hammerton, H. Walstra, L. Bailey, C. Lutteral, H. Doud, N. Wright. Second Row — S. Klemp, H. Belstra, G. Perkins, P. Kaluf, M. Terpstra, R. DeYoung, M. Hielema, W. Terpstra, L. Hershman, J. Shuey. Third Row — L. Carter, D. Woude- ma, R. VanMeerten, J, Kaper, H. Kingma. C. J. Hart. D. Hershman, J. Kingma, W. Britton, P. Hansen, G. Nannenga, R. Terborg, Miss P. Smith. Page 19 EIGHTH GRADE First Row — L to R: Roy Anderson, Evelyn Osting, Doris Seegers, Tresa DeYoung, Florence Belstra, Andrew Hametra, La- verne DeKock, Henrietta Kingma, Genevieve Wright, Shirley Hart, Thelma DeFries, Arthur Van Kley. Second Row — L to R‘- J° hn In t Veld, Lulu Hershman, William Recker, Joe Ruisard, Howard Hoff- man, Dorothy Story, Norman Abbring, John Walstra, Hazel Myers, Alice Moolenaar, Frank Roorda, Mr. Ely. Third Row — L to R: Jack Shuey, Barbara Rowen, Mildred Black, Richard Hendricks, Arnold Swart, James Fieldhouse, George Grevenstuk, Bernice Terpstra. Marilyn Sekema, D rcthy Calhoun, William Ely. SEVENTH GRADE . First Row — L to R: Wilbur White, Katherine Britton, Melvin Foster, Zola Bailey, Roger Swart, Elliot Huhn, Calvin Swart, Mabel Sekema, Dennis Swart, Alice Rowen, Bethel Schwanke, Wayne Bar ker. Second row — L to R: Mr. Llewellyn, Joe Hudnall, Dorothy Musch, Frieda Cheever, Laverne Evers, Edward Goetz, Ralph Evers, Lloyd Cooper, Ella Vander Molen, Charpaaine Hockney, June Swart, George Nannenga. SIXTH GRADE First Row — L to RJ Don Chappell, Wilma Walstra, Marietta Raska, Claude Greathouse, Georg e Roorda, Mary Catherine Swisher, Doris Mak, Glenn Bahler, Arthur Belstra, Doris Kaluf, Ethel Mae Wooton, Paul Orsborn. Second row — L to R: Kathryn Ander- son, Ella Fa e Barker, James Swisher, Richard Kelly, John Black, Henry DeKock, Leland Schwanke, Curtis Heimlich, Kenneth Schatte, Jean VanKley. Third row — L to R: Mrs. Kessinger, Herbert Ruisard. Margaret Anne Curtin, Hilda Boersma, Margaret Schoonveld, Kenneth DeVries. Eugene Woudema, Gwen Balstra, Edward Schaatte, Junior Tysen, Mary Ellen Curtin. Lois Hoffman, Tresa Nicolai, Dan Nan- nenga. Absent, Albert Raska. FIFTH GRADE First row — L to R: D. Moolenaar, A. Lagaveen, H. Cooper, L. Hudnall, P. Kingma, H. Zabradac, R. Cheever, G. Kingma, J. Han- enburg, B. Punter, F. Hershman. Second row — L to R: C. Childs, J. Dvorak, E. Fritts, J. DeBruin, H. Hudnall, M. Hamstra, M. John- son, E. Klemp, H. Nuss. Third row — L to R: A. Nannenga. J. Rowen, R. Jones, M. Boer, J. Roorda, N. Chappell, B. Calhoun, J. Kaluf, J. Fruis, Vera Evers. Page 20 ' ACTaV_TLES fl GIRLS GLEE CLUB The Gills Glee Club, consisting of thirty-nine members, meets on Friday of each week. The first semester the girls sang “Hallelujah Chorus”, “Viking Song”, “Come to the Fair”, “Morris Dance”, “Song of the Danube”, Christmas songs, and selections from the “Collection of Choral Music” by Flammer. This semester we are working on the following songs: “Ah, ' Jweet Mystery of Life”, “Shortnin’ Bread”, “Come to the Fair” ' “Gypsy Love Song”, “Blind Ploughman”, and “Trees”. The Jasper County Music Festival was held December 12 : t DeMotte. Our Glee Club leader is Miss Keever. BAND The DeMotte High School Band consists of 34 members. They will enter the district contest to be held at Hebron Apnl 19 The numbers they will play are Crusaders (required)! Irapelo (selected), and a warm up number. The band has played at several basket-ball games and has seemed to enlighten the spirit of the games very much. In addition to the High School Band there is also a grade band of 16 members. Four of these will enter the High School Band soon and play with them in the contests. The other members will enter next fall. Two of the new marches that the band is playing are “Na- tional Emblem” and “March Militaire”. The “Band Boosters Club” has helped the band a great deal b , y buyms instruments and uniforms for it. They raised money for these things by sponsoring a ‘Blanket Club” and a carnival which was Md last fall. BOYS GLEE CLUB There are fifteen boys in chorus this year, the smallest we have had for a long time. We have been working on some new songs under the capable direction of Miss Keever. We have only two parts this year, namely bass and tenor, instead of our usual three parts, bass, first tenor, and second tenor. We haven’t made any public ap- pearances yet, but we hope to in the near future. We hope that next year we will have more boys come out to chorus. There were many boys who should have come out this year, but due to other more important studies were unable to. Page 21 GIRL ' S GLEE CLUB Front Row — L to R: F. Hoffman, L. Lagnveen, G. Dykstra, G. Terpstra, J. Hoffman, G. Durant, M. Bahler. Second row — J. Nan- nenga, T. DeKoker, J. Barry, M. Pruis, A. Sytsma, F. Walstra, D. Heimlich, Miss Koever. Third Row — A. Hamst.rn, M. L. Ewart, G. Mak, E. Tysen, G. Kooy, D. Klienblossom, B. Vander Ploeg, M. Cal- houn. Fourth Row — R. Moolenaar, J. Shuey, A. Klienblossom, C. Kooy, A. Klip, J. Schotte, D. Zabradac, I. DeFries. Fifth Row — R. Schlarp, A. Greathouse, L. Hudnall, C. Cooper, E. Ruisard, M. L. Cheever, H, Punter, S, Stroup, A. Boezman. BAND Front Row — L to R: J. Bahler. M. L. Ewart, S. Hart, J. Nannenga, E. Ruisard, J. Hudnall, B. Ely. D. Osting. L. Lagaveen. Second Row — L Hudnall, M. Black. E. Osting. M. Hendricks. C. Sweringa, K. Zeek, M. Bernard, C. Swart, M. Sekema, J. Evans. J. Fieldhouse. Third Row — G. Wright, D. Seegers. D. Hiemlich. M. Bahler. H. Belstra. B. Hotham. F. Zeck, L. DeKock. A. Schoonvelt. Miss Keever. BOY S GLEE CLUB Front Row — L to R: A. Belstra. C. Sweringa, C. Walstn. S. Terpstra. F. Zeek. Second Roar- — J. Zahradae. R. Bose-zetman. Miss Keever, G. Van Keppel. C- Messer. R. Rocker. M. Bernard. A. Seh onvelt, J. Barry. D. Peterson, S. E. Ktngnsz, A. Cl i:k. Page • • 3 ) ANNUAL STAFF This year the annual staff is made entirely of seniors. In the past years it has been made of representatives of all the classes of high school. This is the sixth volume to be published by DeMotte High School, the first being published in 1935. There ar e fifteen departments in the staff. Editor-in-chief and Assistant Editor-in-Chief are held by Jack Evans and Robert Recker, respectively. The Business Manager is Kenneth Zeck and his two assistants are Casey Swieringa and Bill Orsburn. Wayne Oliver is the Jokes Editor and Gerald Knip is his assistant. The Snapshot Editor i s Anna Boezeman with Peg Bahler as assistant. Class Will by Gertrude Mak, Class Prophecy and Class Poem by Jean Barry and Genevieve Kooy. The Class Calendar is by Shirley Stroup and the Class History is by Jennie Nannenga and Grayce Terpstra, MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus is composed of 40 members. These people were selected by Miss Keever at the beginning of the school year after much voice testing. It is a group of both boys and girls voices from the freshman class u n through the Senior year. The Chorus sang at the Music Festival and is scheduled to sing again in the spring. Among the selections that the group has sung are the Halle- lujah Chorus, Come t 0 the Fair, Morris Dance, I Dream of Jeannie, and many ethers. The Choius is under the direction of Miss M.vl! a Keever. SCHOOL PAPER STAFF The Keen Keener (school paper) has been published by the high school for the first time. It was a mimeographed paper instead of a printed paper as in previous years. There were twelv e issues during the school year. The paper was edited and published by the students of DeMotte High School, and financed by the merchants’ advertising. Page 23 ANNUAL STAFF Front Row — L to R: Wayne Oliver, Chris Walstra, Anna Boezeman, Jack Evans, Kenneth Zeck, Grayce Terpstra, Shirley Stroup, Second Row — Gertrude Mak, Peggy Bahler, Virgil Barker, Cornelius Swieringa, Robert Recker, Gerald Knip, Jenny Nannenga, Mr. Ruch, Jean Barry, Genevieve Kooy. MIXED CHORUS Front Row — L to R : F. Zeck, A. Belstra, L. Lageveen, C. Walstra, J. Hoffman, S. Terpstra, A. Schoonveld, Second Row — M. L. Ewart, R. Peterson, G. Durrant, C. Swieringa, J. Barry, M. Ber- nard, |G. Dykstra, Miss Keever. Third Row — G. Mak, A. Kleinblos- som, J. Nannenga, A. Sytsma, D. Heimlich, M. Bahler, D. Kleinblos- som, C. Kooy. Fourth Row — R. Boezeman, D. Zabrdac, A. Clark, S. Kingma, R. Recker, R. Moolenaar, G. VanKepple, Fifth Row — M. L. Cheever, J. Zabrdac, L. Hudnall, E. Ruisard, I. DeFries, H. Pun- ter, C. Mosier, S. Stroup, A. Bozeman. SCHOOL PAPER STAFF Sitting — L to R: D. Kleinblassom, E. Ruisard, F. Zeck, J. Evans, Standing — Front Row: L. Hudnall, M. Schwanke, C. Barker, E. Woudema, G. Durant, H. Hook, J. Barry, G. Dykstra, E. Bailey, G. Mak, K. DeFries. Second Row— F. Walstra, T. DeKoker, G. De- Koker, M. Pruis, I. DeFries, F. Tysen, C. Walstra, J. Nannenga, C. Swieringa, Mr. Ruch, A. Schoonveld. Third Row — Miss Wakeman, M. L. Cheever, J. Vander Ploeg, A. Boezeman. Page 24 SiPCCTS BASKETBALL Our first team this season was composed of several exper- ienced men remaining from last season, while the second team was made up mostly of freshmen. The first team was very successful this year in winning the Kankakee Valley Tournament held at Fair Oaks by defeating San Pierre in the finals. The promises of a ffood squad next year are very favorable. 1st- -H V 2nd— H V November 1 . . 25 30 10 28 November 8 . . 41 26 17 15 November 12 . 25 28 12 17 November 15 . 20 31 14 33 November 20 . , 41 31 18 19 November 29 . . 26 24 15 21 December 6 . . . . . . K.V.T, Mt. Ayr 48 41 December 7 ... . . . K.V.T., Lacrosse 33 29 December 7 . . . . K.V.T. , San Pierre 46 25 December 10 . 25 34 December 13 . . 53 39 16 22 December 20 . . 36 23 17 18 Jaunary 4 . . . . 37 39 16 22 January 11 . . . , 28 24 T anuary 11 . . . 33 43 January 18 ... 40 29 24 14 January 24 . . . . 44 30 13 27 January 31 . . . 67 39 19 21 February 4 ... . 43 33 12 23 February 13 . . 29 37 February 14 . . 43 23 14 13 February 19 . . 36 33 16 24 February 21 . . 38 37 Feb. 27-28-Mar. 1 Sectional at Morr 0 co Second Place TROPHIES On the following page you see four trophies which represent the accomplishments of our athletes in two different fields of com- petition. The first trophy on the left represents the work of the Second team last year. This trophy was won by defeating Tefft in the finals held at DeMotte. The next trophy represents the first team accomplishments m the K. V. T. held at Fair Oaks. The boys defeated San Pierre in the finals by an overwhelming majority. The third trophy represents last year’s track team. This trophy represents the work of Charles Moolenaar and other track notable® of former years. Now we come to the last one on the far right, which was won by our second team in 1939 at Wheatfield. YELL LEADERS The High School yell leaders, Peggy Bahler, Jean Hoffman, and Genevieve Wright, were elected in October by the student body. These girls, through their enthusiastic efforts have done well in leading the cheering section at the basketball games. Page 25 BASKETBALL Front Row — L to R: Malcolm Boezeman, Fred Zeck, Jack Evans, Kenneth Zeck, and Marvin Bernard. Middle Row — L toR:: Bill Recker, Herb Hook, Arthur Schoonveld, Robert Recker, Virgil Barker, Charlie Ruch. Third Row — L to R: Jim Bahler, Dick Evans, Bill Hoffman, Herman Belstra, Maurice Oliver, Robert Anderson, and Paul Hoffman. TROPHIES Left to Right: “B’’ Team Invitational Tourney at DeMotte 1940. First K. V. T. trophy won by DeMotte. Won at Fair Oaks 1940. Track Trophy won at four-way meet at Fair Oaks 1940. “B” Team Invitational Tourney at Wheatfield 1939. YELL LEADERS Left to Right: Peg Bahler, Jean Hoffman, and Biddy Wright. Page 26 FOOTBALL ’40 Six-man football was introduced into DeMotte High School in 1940. Due to the inexperience of our players, DeMotte failed to capture any wins, although the boys did gain much experience. We-They September 13 . . Wheatfield Here 25 September 20 . . Here 13 35 September 27 . . . Wheatfield Here 24 36 October 5 Here 14 19 TRACK ’40 The track team was composed of several experienced stars of former years. Outstanding of these was Charles Moolenaar, who broke several records in this territory i n high jumping. The team was successful in winning all of its meets and in showing good representation in the sectional track meet held at Hammond. April 7 April 12 April 14 We : They Fair Oaks 48 43 Wheatfield 63 49 Four-Way at Fair Oaks 43 41 DEMOTTE PAPOOSE SCHEDULE H V Fair Oaks 12 39 Kniman 28 Rose Lawn 20 Wheatfield 18 15 Knintan 18 Thayer 9 Thayer 20 Fair Oaks 17 9 Thayer 8 TOURNEY— Milroy 12 Parr 14 22 Page 27 FOOTBALL . Front Row — L to R: J. Evans, W. Oliver, F. Zeck, B. Lund. K. Zeck, M. Bernard. Second Row — L to R: B. Hoffman, D. Evans, H. Hook, A. Schoonveld, C. Ruch, Coach, R. Osting, V. Barker, J. Bahler, R. Recker. TRACK Front Row — L to R: V. Barker, J. Evans, M. Bernard, H. Hook, B. Hoffmlan. Second Row — L to R: W. Oliver, F. Zeck, C. Sweiringa, K. Zeck, A. Schoonveld, G. Knip. PAPOOSE BASKET-BALL Front Row — L to R: C. Bahler, J. Rowen, M. Koster, D. Hendricks, B. Ely, W. White. Second Row — L to R: H. Hoffman, J. Hudnall, J. Walstra, C. Ruch, Coach, G. Bahler, R. Anderson, W. Barker. Page 28 r MISCELLANEOUS ■ Catching Pyj m. UpeYV AVv 5upev-Ke-wiavv NU rs HoW S+ ' )l FVl Forc-ver f ' ooi k all 5-t a it ' s JNIJIANS Ye hot i Woy Krng x -ix p 4a vd? man. I H|||[T K | “ TVi« y Pa.v + Mi N ' T t Bbic Vif yv " V ' U Swihfr T That 5WiU f«i ' . Vfh«r«‘5 ke kov Wfrat do i»0S4t ' OW , hert Kt i TK V U 0 T 5 £ . (M 7 r ) ■ $ 7 True L e SfTACwM OtVKd IT 5 T FTI 1 . - tK.w,(5t H.u lf ,-,i He-Nik OK DoVt . 1 P«.T _ - It is better to leave footprints in the sands of time than fingerprints at police headquarters. INSURANCE Of All Kinds Miss Wakeman: “If an Indian’s wife is called a squaw, what are In- dian babies called?’’ ALEC JENSON DeMotte Jean Hoffman: “I know, Miss Wakeman; squawkers.” BANK AT Bank of DeMotte For SERVICE AND SATISFACTION Kenny: “When I kissed her I smelled tobacco on her lips.” Marvin: “You object to kissing a woman who smokes?” Kenny: “No, but she doesn’t Compliments of DEMOTTE HOTEL AND TAVERN Wanted: Bookkeeper and assistant to club manager. smoke.’ Compliments of DeKock Supply Co. McCORMICK DEERING DEALERS Fertilizer and Coal Hudson Cars ■ John: “But, Frances, on what grounds does your father object to me?” Frances: “On any grounds within a mile of the house.” W- C BABCOCK GRAIN COMPANY Rensselaer, Indiana W C GRAY Jeweler Rensselaer, Indiana Successor to R. W. Clark Eileen: “Did anyone ever tell you how wonderful you are?” Herman : “I don’t believe they ever did.” Eileen: “Then where did you get the idea?” Compliments of HADLEY CHICKS Live, Grow, Pay DR- MORRISON Mr. Llewellyn : “Who can tell me Hatching Barred Rocks, a thing of importance that didn’t White Rocks, White Leghorns Dental Plates Phone 158 exist a hundred years ago?” Bill Orsburn: “Me.” HADLEY HATCHERY Rensselaer, Indiana Phone 353 Rensselaer, Indiana Mr. Ruch: “What’s an alibi?” “Miss Slocum: “Dick, where were Jack: “That’s proving that I was BABCOCK GRAIN CO you born?” at home, where I wasn’t, in order to Kersey Branch Dick: “In Indiana.” show that I wasn’t at Lowell, where Miss Slocum: “What part?” I was.” VERNON STROUP, Manager Dick: “Why, all of me!” HOPKINS HOPKINS «• Attorneys at Law Gerald: “I would lay the world at JASPER CO. FARM BUREAU Rensselaer, Indiana Office hours in DeMotte Every your feet but for one thing.” Everything for the Farm Inez: “And that is?” Gerald: “Some other people are JAKE NANNENGA Wednesday evening in using it.” JOE RUISARD Mary ' s Restaurant FARM BUREAU INSURANCE LIFE AND AUTOMOBILE Kenneth W. Wiseman - Phone 79 Rensselaer, Indiana For Rent — Flat with eight rooms and two baths o n trolley tracks. EXPERT Shoe Repairing If We Can’t Do It — — You Can’t Get It Done WORDEN’S MEN ' S SHOP Plumbing and Heating Electric Wiring For Quality at Price ROBERT WALSTRA Phone 47F DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of J C PENNY CO Rensselaer, Indiana Operator: “Number, please?’’ Compliments of A L TOBIN Fred: “Gimme my chewing gum.’ " ELECTRIC SHOP Rensselaer, Indiana “What became of the man who stole the calendar?” “He got twelve months.” Dry Goods - Shoes - Work Clothes Novelties - Notions School Supplies Compliments of C KAENMERT Wholesale Confectionary Crown Point, Indiana Compliments of OSTING’S DEPT STORE Herb: “Are you s neezing, honey?” DeMotte, Indiana Marge: “No! What do you think MEL STRUBLE my nose is, a beehive?” Compliments of HOLLIDAY’S GROCERY Kersey, Indiana Alice: “I want a man that doesn’t drink, smoke, swear or philander.” Chris: “What for?” Compliments of DR R Y OOSTEN Vetenarian Surgeon DeMotte, Indiana It Pays to Participate in All Athletics FERTILIZER COAL GRAIN A1 Konovsky Estate BUILDING MATERIALS EVERYTHING from the foundation to the roof. NEW STOCK of Rot- proof barn sash. Windows and frames, Metal Ventilating Frames for Chicken Coop ' s and Barns. BEFORE Building, See Us. You will SAVE MONEY! ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN We Deliver DeMotte, Indiana Phone 5 DEMOTTE MERCANTILE Mr. Ewart: “My wife explored my pockets last night.” CHUCK’S SERVICE STATION Dry Goods Shoes Hardware Red Brand Fence DeMotte, Indiana Mr. Ely: “How did she come out?” Mr. Ewart: “As an explorer should. She acquired enough mater- ial for a lecture.” “MORE FOR LESS” Johnson Gas - Oil - Kerosene Pop - Candy - Cigarettes U. S. Tires Swart ' s I G A STORE “MOST EVERYTHING” - Babe: “Maybe some other girl will Phone 45 Compliments of make you forget me.” Compliments of RUTH’S BAKERY Kenny: “I can never forget you!” Babe: “You did it very nicely my last birthday.” MRS- HENDRICKS JUSTICE OF PEACE Auto Licenses Insurance Contracts Compliments of Kankakee Valley Post — QUALITY PRINTING — Phone 29 “So you -knew Henry Ford a long time ago?” “Sure. I knew him when an empty coal wagon on a stone pavement was the noisiest thing in the city.” BELSTRA MUSCH CUSTOM CORN SHELLING General Hauling Mary Lou: “Papa, what do you call a man who runs an automobile?” Mr. Ewart: “It depends upon how near he comes to hitting me.” Compliments of SWART BROS Compliments of W- H BAHLER Compliments of BUSH TRANSFER Phone 31-B, DeMotte General Hauling and Corn Shelling CONTRACTORS Masonry Work BOZELL Your Nearest Nation Wide Grocer CONRADS FINE BREAD Compliments of Fair Oaks, Indiana 0 “KELLY” PLAN NOW FOR A BIG EGG CROP NEXT FALL AND WINTER Melchert’s Hatchery A BREEDING FARM DeMotte, Indiana Phone 38-C One-half mile north, One and one-half miles west OUR BIG QUALITY BRED CHICKS WILL MAKE YOU MORE MONEY: MATED WITH ROP COCKERALS — 250 eggs and better, and tested for B.W.D. which mean s every single breeder has been culled for production and pullorum blood tested. EXPERIENCE HAS PROVEN THAT THE BEST CHICKS COST LESS AND PAY MORE Casey: “My ancestory came over on the Mayflower.’’ Peggy: “It’s lucky they did; the immigration laws are a little stricter Compliments of MATT’S STANDARD SERVICE Compliments of CURTIN BROS. RESTAURANT Miss Keever: “Are you musically inclined?” Fred: “Oh my, yes! At the age of two I started to play on the linol- eum.” Compliments of H C DEKOCK SONS YOUR SHIELD OF QUALITY STORE Groceries and Meats Hardware Cold Storage Lockers Philgas Stoves RICH KIERSMA JOHNSON DISTRIBUTOR Phone 37J DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of HOOSIER STATE CREAMERY Manufacturers of HOOSIER MADE Butter and Ice Cream Rensselaer, Indiana Compliments of DEMOTTE FEED STORE CONKEY’S Y.O. FEEDS Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of BARGAIN STORE Everything for Everybody Rensselaer, Indiana Compliments of CHAMBERLIN ICE CREAM COMPANY Rensselaer, Indiana HARRY’S SHELL SUPER SERVICE DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of RENSSELAER LUMBER COMPANY Route 53 at Monon Railroad Rensselaer, Indiana Dick: “Yes, I learned to play en- tirely by ear.” Anna: “Haven’t you ever had the ear-ache?” HENRICKS AUTO SALES USED CARS and PARTS Phone 39-D DeMotte, Indiana Mr. Ely: “What kinds of farming are there?” John: “Extensive, intensive, and pretensive.” Comjpliments of O A SNYDER Ambulance Service Phone 23 Rensselaer, Indiana Compliments of COLONIAL COFFEE CO Compliments of MURRAY’S DEPARTMENT STORE Rensselaer, Indiana BAUMAN’S FEED MILL KEENER’S OWN FEEDS Approved Purina Feeding Advising and Custom Mixing Service Phone 19 DeMotte Compliments of PEERLESS CLEANERS Curtin’s Local Agency 24 hour Wrecking Service Phone 23 CHEEVER’S GARAGE General Repairing Auto Supplies DeMotte, Indiana Corrflpliments of ART BURK Compliments of The Todds _ DE MOTTE DAIRY We Aim To Please SAM KINGMA Pure Raw Milk “Man is the only animal that can be skinned more than once.’’ R GREVUNSTUCK General Hauling OTTO DEYOUNG SONS John Deere Implements Hardware Cement Building Materials Burning the midnight oil doesn’t help much if it is cylinder oil. LOUIS RAMP CHEVROLET SALES DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of MARY’S RESTAURANT The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. Compliments of DE MOTTE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE Compliments of RENSSELAER REPUBLICAN Mr. Ewart: “What animal makes the nearest approach to man?” Casey: “The flea.” Compliments of J- NANNENGA Farm Bureau Service Man Phone 36-S Compliments of DAVIS GROCERY and HOT LUNCHES Rensselaer, Indiana — Jimmy: “If I kiss you will you call your mother?’’ O’RILEY BAKING Shirley: “You can rule a man through his stomach.” Joan: “Not unless you want to kiss the whole family.” Rensselaer, Indiana Anna: “Then it is best to stuff the ballot box.” For Good Insurance See M J. BARKER Phone 47-A DeMotte, Indiana Casey: “A man is foolish to bet on elections.’’ Bill: “How much did you lose?” BAKER’S SERVICE STATION Compliments of IROQUOIS ROLLER MILL Feeds of All Kinds Rensselaer, Indiana Mr. Ely: “When water turns to ic e what changes take place?” Chris: “The pride.” Groceries and Gas Phone 824-D 10 miles South of DeMotte on 53 Autographs of Seniors Autographs

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