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VOLUME VI DELA VAN-DARIEN HIGH SCHOOL DELAVAN. WISCONSINFOREWORD The 1962-63 school year was one of many changes for the Delavan-Darien High School District, most of which were more significant than any which have occured since the school opened in the fall of 1957. These changes, such as the Borg Memorial Field, the change of administrators, and the North Central Re-evaluation, along with a complete record of the school year, have been recorded in this book. Although students had to wait until late summer to receive their yearbooks, the ERA staff has included fuller coverage of Prom, spring sports and graduation to make the 1963 ERA the largest and most complete yearbook ever published by the students of Delavan-Darien High School. 1963 ERA STAFF Editor-in-Chief. Barbara Byrnes Assistant Editor. . Terry Wilson Business Manager. Sharon Cameron Senior Editor . . . Pat Laney Assistants . . . Sandy Deschner, Karen Schnick, Karen Truckenbrod Underclass Editors.Sue Lyons, Kathy Petermann, Joyce Hofer, Gail Thusius Activities Editors.Toni Tifft, Rita Stanglcr, Sue Faber, Gail Roscnwing, Donna Miles Sports Editor. . . . David Flahive Assistant .... Lcn Carlson TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION....... 3 SENIORS. 8 UNDERCLASSMEN....... 38 FACULTY 58 ACTIVITIES.......... 68 ATHLETICS 114 STUDENT INDEX.......140ADMINISTRATION MR. CHARLES H. WILEMAN . . resigned from the post of superintendent of schools in February 1963. Mr. Wileman left D-DHS to take a position as a member of the state oifice, with headquarters in Madison, Mr. Wileman will be doing school reorganization work. While Mr. Wileman was superintendent, a new high school district was formed, a new high school was built, a new elementary school was built, and tire George W. Borg Memorial Stadium was donated to D-DHS. MR. RAYMOND ANDERSON . . . replaced Mr. Wileman as superin-tendant of schools in February of the 1962-63 school year. Mr. Anderson was formerly superintendent of schools in Waterloo, Wisconsin. He received his bachelor of science degree in 1948 from the University of Wisconsin. After four summers of post graduate work, he was granted his masters of science degree in 1955. MR. LOND RODMAN . . . has been administrating principal of D-DHS since 1960. Mr. Rodman submitted his resignation to the school board at the end of the 1962-63 school year and will be leaving to take a position in the State Department of Public Instruction. Mr. Rodman received his masters degree from the University of Wisconsin. MR. JOSEPH RONDEAU ... has completed his second year at D-DHS as assistant principal and Spanish teacher. Mr. Rondeau is a graduate of Marquette University with a bachelor of science degree and is now working toward his masters degree. 3SCHOOL BOARD BOARD MEMBERSHIP CHANGES WITH MRS. LAUTERBACH S RESIGNATION It was with great reluctance that the Board of Education accepted the resignation of Mrs. Lauterbach in 1962. She had been president for two years prior to her resignation and a board member since the board was formed in 1955. Mrs. Lauterbach contributed a great deal to the organization and traditions of D-DHS and is a past president of the PTA. With her resignation Mr. Lyons was elected president. Mr. Stewart was elected vice president, and Mr. Llewellyn became the new board member. Mr. Irvine Llewellyn was appointed to the school board when Mrs. Lauterbach resigned. He now holds the position of director. Mr. Llewellyn is a past president of the Chamber of Commerce and was an artillery officer in the U.S. Army. He is employed at the Citizens Bank of Delavan. Mr. Francis Lyons was elected president in 1962 when Mrs. Lauterbach resigned. He has served on the board since 1959 and was elected vice president in 1960. Mr. Lyons is a World War 11 Navy Veteran and is a past commander of the American Legion. He is a local post office employee. Mr. Donald Beardsley has held the position of clerk on the board since 1955, when the board was formed. He is a former Darien School Board member and is a past president of the Walworth County School Boards Association. He is a prominent farmer in the Delavan-Darien area. Mr. Russell Stewart was elected vice president of the board in 1962. He was a Walworth County School Board member and has been a member of the Dclavan-Darien Board since 1960. Mr. Stewart is an area farmer and works very closely with the 4-H as a project leader. Dr. J. A. Carroll has served as treasurer of the board since it was formed. He is an Osteopathic physician and Surgeon and has been practicing in this area since 1937. Dr. Carroll is a Past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, and a member of the City-Planning Commission. 4SERVICE ANYONE? At the beginning of the 1962-63 school year the school board and the superintendent moved their offices to 412 Walworth Avenue. Shown at the left are Mrs. Vaughn; the school accountant, and Mrs. Knight the school secretary, in their new office. The two office girls, hard at work in the picture on the right are Diane Zitko and Dor thy Miller. Both are kept constantly busy with their work in the office. The custodians pictured at the left are Mr. Wiser, Mr. Fehrm, and Mr. Wendorf. These three men can often be seen busily working around the school. Mrs. Siert, Mrs. Hipp, Mrs. Kooistra, Mrs. Wendorf and Mrs. Seibert (not pictured) are the cooks at D-DHS who prepared the noon meals throughout the 1962-63 school year. Four of them were at school daily to prepare delicious hot meals for the students. 5A view of the entrance to the Borg Memorial Field, a few weeks before its completion, is shown above. The football field and track arc directly behind the brick wall in the back of the picture, and the entrance to the bleacher section is to the left. On the afternoon of the dedication ceremony, a student body pep assembly was held in the new stadium. That assembly, which marked the first real use of the stadium, is pictured above. At 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October 26, 1962, tire George W. Borg Memorial Field was dedicated This tremendous $200,000--plus athletic plant, including a stadium, a Grasstex track, a football field, and six tennis courts, was a result of the generosity of the late Ceorgc W. Borg. The highlight of the dedication ceremony was the lighting of the field by Mrs. Borg, following the presentation of the official documents and keys to the school board and Mr. Lond Rodman. The appreciation of the D-DHS student body was shown by Ray Blake, captain of the 1962 football team, and Phil Kilkenny, president of the student council. Music by the high school band concluded the dedication ceremony. Following the dedication, the Comets played an A LOOK AT THE BORG STADIUM Donations from the Student Council, Varsity Club, CAA, and past graduating classes of D-DHS were combined to purchase the fine scoreboard for the stadium which is shown above. exciting football game against the Burlington Demons. The original announcement of plans for the stadium was made by the school board and the Borg Foundation Trustees at a student body assembly in the spring of 1962. The idea was enthusiastically accepted by the students and the adults in the area. Actual construction of the stadium began during the summer by T. S. Willis and Company, general contractors. The athletic plant was nearly completed for the dedication ceremony and football game, October 26. Students of D-DHS and citizens of the Delavan-Darien area will long remember and appreciate the generosity of the late Mr. Borg and the Borg Foundation. 6SCENES OF DEDICATION NIGHT OCTBER 26, 1962 UPPER LEFT: Phil Kilkenny presented Mrs. Borg with a bouquet of roses as Mr. Harold Egenes, Mr. Rodney Richardson, and Ray Blake looked on. UPPER RIGHT: The dedication game, between D-DHS and Burlington, gained another victory for the Comets moving them closer to a tie for the Southern Lakes Championship. LOWER RIGHT: Highlighting the dedication ceremony, Mr. Rodman held the switch as Mrs. Borg turned the field into a mass of light. LOWER LEFT: Mr. T. S. Willis presented Mr. Egenes, a trustee of the Borg Foundation, with the keys to the stadium'as Mrs. Lauterbach, past president of the school board, observed.As members of the Class of 1963, we have spent four memorable years together, making many friends and sharing wonderful experiences with them. We will always remember the exams we studied for, the homecoming floats we made, the dances we sponsored, and the parties we attended. All of these incidents combined made our high school years interesting, exciting, and profitable ones. Upon leaving D-DHS, we would like to say thank you to the administration, our teachers, our underclassmen, our friends, and our families for standing behind us and making us what we are. The Class of 1963 ORSLike all other senior classes, the members of the class of '63 left with tears. Although they realize that a whole new life is in store for them, they will never forget the many memories acquired during their high school years. The first day of school was a very exciting but confusing one. As "big" freshmen, they felt very little in such a large, new, complex building. Not knowing what to expect, they were frightened but anxious and excited as they anticipated the next four years. The first highlight of tire freshman year was first place they received for their homecoming float, "We'll Trump Their Ace." By spending more money on the float than was received in the prize, they acquired a deficit which remained with them until the beginning of their senior year. Next year they won first place on their float "We'll Choo-Chew Them Up." This year everyone had the opportunity to take their chances behind the wheel of the driver's education car, and become the proud owner of a driver's license. Their Junior year the varsity football team won the title of "Souther Lakes Champions." After many months of waiting, they were happy to receive class rings engraved with the class of "1963." When spring arrived work began on tire prom "Blue Hawaii." When the big night arrived, King Mike Lucchcsi and Queen Jill Gant led the Grand March. As seniors, they witnessed the dedication of the $230,000 George W. Borg Memorial Stadium and the Comets sharing the Southern Lakes Championship with Whitewater. Ginny Stewart was elected homecoming queen with Louise Lange, Doris DeLap, and Barbara Woods as members of the court. Bob Buschc and Ray Blake were elected members of the all conference football team. Bob Winkley was voted, the most valuable swimmer of the season. They leave behind not only many memories, but also the many friends, with whom they shared these memories. WILLIAM HOWARD THOMPSON "Bill" Class Vice President 4; Intramurals 4; Forensics 2,3; DH1A 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; NHS 2,3,4; Newspaper 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Badger Boys' State 3. FRANK STEVEN SPOERLE "Steve" Class President 4; NHS 2,3,4; Student Council 1,3; Varsity Club 2,3,4; AFS Club 4; Golf 1,2,3; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; Badge! Boys' State 3. SANDRA LEE DESCHNER "Sandy" Class Secretary 4; GAA 2,3,4; Bowling 2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2,3; FTA 2; Student Council 2; Yearbook 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Homecoming Court 3; Three Act Play 4. ANN SUE GRAMES "Ann" Class Treasurer 4; Catalinas 2,3,4; GAA 1; Musical 2,3,4; Forensics 2; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1,4; French Club 4. 10DAVID LEON BEYERL "Clutch" Football 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Musical 3,4; Three Act Play 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2,3; Varsity Club 4. MICHEAL RAY BELL "Mike" Baseball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Varsity Club 4. WILLIAM DOUGLAS BLAKELY "Bill" Baseball 1.2,3; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4; Three Act Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; DHIA 1; FFA 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Varsity Club 3,4. RAYMOND GEORGE BLAKE "Ray" Football 2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3; Swimming 2; Intramurals 2,3; Dance Band 2; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Varsity Club 2,3,4. DENNIS ARTHUR BATCHELET "Den" Baseball 1; Musical 2,3,4; Madrigal 2; Senior Class Play 4. STEVE. BILL. SANDY. AND ANN LED THE CLASS nDANCING BROUGHT HONORS FOR TRUCK AND MIKE JEAN ANN BRADFORD "Jean Ann" CAA 1,2; Bowling 1; Musical 1; One Act Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; Newspaper 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 1,3; Thespians 3,4. ALBERT DOUCLAS BROWN "Al" Transfer 2; Swimming 2,3; Musical 3; Senior Class Play 4; FFA 2,3,4. TERRY ROSEMAE BRIDCES "Terry" Musical 1; FHA 2,3,4. ROBERT LESLIE BUSCHE "Bob’ Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Musical 2,4; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 1,4; Art Club 2; Varsity Club 2,3,4. MARGARET MARY BOUTELLE "Margaret" Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band I; Musical 3; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; NHS 2,3,4. 12BARBARA LOUISE BYRNES "Barb" Bowling 1; GAA 1,2; One-Act Play 3; Thrce-Act Play 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; FTA 2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 1,2,3,4; Teacher Assistant 3; French Club 4; Thespians 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Badger Girls' State 3; Student AFS Club 3,4. BEVERLY LOU BYRNE "Bcv" CAA 1,2,3,4; Bowling 1,2,3; Musical 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; Newspaper 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 4; Thespians 3,4; Madrigal 3,4; NHS 4; Badger Girls' State Alternate 3. ELIZABETH CANADY "Liz" GAA 2,3; Newspaper 3. MICHAEL HAMLET CANADY "Mohammed" Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Swimming Manager 3,4; Intramural Basketball 1,2; Bowling 2; Varsity Club 3,4. Karen Truckenbrod and Mike Canady were often seen in the commons area dancing during noon hours, after school, and at mixers. Not only did they win dancing contests at the mixers at school, but they also won dancing trophics at Bandstand in Elkhorn. Because of their outstanding dancing ability, the seniors felt they deserved to be elected "Best Dancers."JANET MARIE CARDONI "Carr" GAA 1,2,3; One Act Play 3; Three Act Play 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2,3,4; NHS 2,3,4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 2; Thespians 3,4; Badger Girls' State 3. MARY CATHERINE CARROLL "Mary" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Bowling 1; Musical 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 1,2; FTA 2,3,4; Thespians 3,4. It's quite obvious to see why Doug Weiss and Ginny Stewart were elected "Most Athletic" by the seniors. Doug was highly successful in the many sports in which he participated while at D-DHS. Ginny was a D-DHS cheerleader and rated very highly in gym class activities. PHYLLIS LEE DANTONE "Pho" GAA 1,2; Bowling 1; Musical 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 1,2; Class Secretary 3; FHA 4; Latin III Club 3.KATHRYN L. DAVIS "Kathy" GAA I; Musical 1; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; One Act Play 4; Teacher Assistant 3,4; French Club 4; NHS 2,3,4; Newspaper 2; Thespians 4. KEVIN ROBERT DAVIS "Kevin" Football 1,2; Track 3; Intramurals 2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2,4; Combo 2,4; Drum Major 2,3; Musical 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Class President 2; NHS 2,3,4; Student Council 1,3,4; Madrigal 4; Thespians. DORIS RUTH DcLAP "Doris" GAA 1,2; Musical 3; One Act Play 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2,4; Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4; Class President 4; Class Treasurer 2; Newspaper 4; Student Council 3; Thespians 3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Madrigal 4. SHARON LEE DEMERE "Sharon" GAA 1,2,4; Bowling 1,4. ARTHUR ALLEN DIBBLE "Art" Pep Band 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Spanish Club 3. GINNY AND DOUG ARE "ACTIVE ATHLETES" 15MARY KAY DUESTERBECK "Mary Kay" CAA 2,3; FHA 3. RICHARD EUGENE DUVALL "Dick" Football 1,2; Track 1,2; Intra-murals 1,2,3; Musical 2,3; Student Council 1,2; Varsity Club 2,3. THOMAS JAMES FAGAN "Tom" Football 1,2; Track 1,2; Intramurals 2; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 1,3. SPARKLING PERSONAL HIES WIN FRIENDS FOR CYN AND DAN ANNA MAE EICHMAN "Anna Mae" GAA 1; Musical 3; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 3; Art Club 2. JAMES CERARD FENN "Jim" Swimming 2; Art Club 2. 16Winning smiles and friendly attitudes won the title of "Best Personalities" for Cynthia Kilkenny and Dan Gibson. They always have time to display their friendship to anyone who desires it and are willing to inconvenience themselves to help others. These are some of the reasons their classmates thought them deserving of this title. MARIA TERESA CALGANO "Mo" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; Musical 3; Forensics 2; NHS 2,3,4; Thespians 3; Yearbook 2. WYNNEFRED ANNE F REIT AG "Wynne" GAA 1,2; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 3. DANIEL LAWRENCE GIBSON "Dan" Track 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3; Musical 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4; AFS Club 4. JILL EVELYN GANT "Jill" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; CAA 1,2,3; Bowling 1; Musical 2,3; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2,3; Cheerleader 4; Class Officer 2; NHS 2,3,4; Prom Queen 3; Student Council 4; Madrigal 3; French Club 4. 17CAROLYN VOTED DAR AWARD WINNER VIRGIL VICTOR GORCAS, JR. "Virg" Intramurals 3; Senior Class Play 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. RONALD LEE HALSTED "Ron" Football 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Teacher's Assistant 3. DEBORAH LOUISE GIBSON "Dcbby" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,3; Musical 2; Senior Class Play 4; FNA 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; French Club 4; Art Club 3; Forensics 2. IDA CREIDANUS "Ida" GAA 2,3,4; Forensics 2; FTA 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Teacher's Assistant 2; Yearbook 3. KAREN JOYCE HANN "Karen" 18RONALD WAYNE HANN "Ron" FFA 1,2,3,4; Teacher's Assistant 1. DOUGLAS LEE H1PP "Butch" Football Manager 1,2; Baseball 1; Intramurals 1,3; Senior Class Play 4. JANICE EILEEN HARTMANN "Jan" GAA 2,3,4; Bowling 3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 2; Forensics 1,2,3. SHIRLEY ANN HIEMSTRA "Shirley" GAA 2,3,4; Bowling 3; Choir 2. Honor, courage, scholarship, leadership, service, companionship, and character were the qualities that won for Carolyn McDonough the DAR Award. She was selected by the faculty and the senior class. Carolyn is shown leaving the school to go to the DAR tea, where she received a DAR pin. 19PHILIP CHARLES JOHNSON "Pete" Golf 1,2; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3. JAMES A. JONES "Jim" Bowling 2; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Teacher's Assistant 4; French Club 4. ALLAN G. JONES "Doc" Bowling 1,4; Musical 1,2,3; Forensics 2. CARLETON RICHARD KELSEY "Todd" Football 1; Swimming 3; Intra-murals 3; Musical 1,2; Three Act Play 4; Senior Class Play 4; Class Vice President 3; Prom Court 2; Art Club 2,4; Madrigal 2,3; Teacher's Assistant 4; Varsity Club 2.4. Kevin Davis and Ann Grames were given recognition for their many talents when they were voted "most talented" by their fellow classmates. Both Kevin and Ann were band members and both were active in this year's musical. Kevin and Ann also play their instruments in a combo which they organized outside of school. 20MARY BR1G1D KEVIN "Brigid" Transfer 2; GAA 4; Bowling 3,4; Musical 3; Forensics 2; FHA 4. VIRGINIA RUTH KEYZER "Gin" Forensics 2; GAA 2,3; Bowling 3; NHS 2,3,4; Newspaper 3; Quill and Scroll 3,4. EDITH IRENE KLUMPH "Edith" GAA 2,3,4; Musical 3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2,3; NHS 4. "MOST TALENTED” ARE KEVIN AND ANN CYNTHIA ANNA KILKENNY "Cyn" Catalinas 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Bowling 1; Senior Class Play 4; Cheerleader 2,3; FNA 4; FT A 2; Student Council 1,2; Art Club 3; Homecoming Court 1. DAVID BRUCE KNIEP "Dave" Baseball 1; Track 2. 21KENNETH MICHAEL KRAMER "Ken" Intramurals 2,3; Bowling 2. RICHARD DAVID KUHNKE "Rich" Football 1,2,3,4; Bowling 3; FFA 3. JANET F. KOEPN1CK "Janet" Forensics 2; Senior Class Flay 4; FNA 1,3,4; NHS 3,4; Student Council 3. CYN AND DOC WERE KNOWN FOR THEIR HUMOR KARI JUHARI KORPELA "Kari" AFS Student 4; Student Council 4; Musical 4; Debate 4; Swimming 4; Madrigal 4. JOANNE HELEN KOHN "Jo" GAA 1,2; Musical 1,2,3; Forensics 2; Newspaper 3; Student Council 4. 22PATRICIA JO-AL LANEY ••Pat" Catalinas 1; GAA 1,2,3; Spanish 3; Forensics 2,3; FNA 2; Bowling 2; Yearbook 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Teacher's Assistant 1. LOUISE ESTHER LANGE "Wcezie" Catalinas 2,3,4; GAA 1; Musical 1,2; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 1; Homecoming Court 4; Musical 4. Laughs arc many when Doc and Cyn arc around. Their numerous jokes and pranks won them the title of "Most Humorous." Cynthia and Allan were most frequently found clowning around in the commons area as shown in this picture. JAMES ALLEN LANCNES "Jim" Football 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Varsity Club 3,4. ALADINO MICHAEL LUCCHESI "Luke" Football 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 4; Track Manager 1,2; Prom King 3; Intramurals 2,3. 23CHRISTINE ANN LUNDBF.RG "Chris" GAA 2; Musical 4. CAROLYN ANNE McDONOUCH "Carolyn" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Musical 3,4; Badger Girls' State 3; Bowling 1; Forensics 2,3,4; Class Secretary 1; NHS 2,3,4; Student Council 2; Thespians 3,4; Madrigal 3,4; French Club 4. Janet Cardoni and Larry Olsen, who had lead roles in the Senior Class Play, "Blithe Spirit," were elected by their classmates as "best speakers." Janet and Larry have been successful participants in forensics for the last three years. JENNIFER ANNE McSORLEY "Jennie" GAA 1,2; Bowling 1; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 3,4; Student Council 2; Thespians 4; Musical 4. PATRICK LEO McGLADE "Dion" Football 1,2; Track 1; Intramurals 2; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 4; Bowling 2. 24LAWRENCE H. MALSCH "Larry" Football 1; Intramurals 1,2,3; Bowling 2,3,4. JOAN MARCARET MORRISON "Joan" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Bowling 2,3; Pep Band 1,2; Forensics 2; Senior Class Play 4; FNA 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4. MICHAEL LEONARD METZINCER "Metz" Football 1,2; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Bowling 3; Musical 3; Art Club 3,4. STARS IN SENIOR CLASS PLAY WIN BEST SPEAKER AWARD SUSAN LEE MILNE "Sue" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Bowling 3; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2,3; FNA 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 2; Thespians 4; Spanish Club 3,4. JUDITH KAREN MORRISON "Judy" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Bowling 2,3; Pep Band 1,2; Forensics 2; FNA 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. 25SUCCESS PREDICTED FOR LARRY AND CAROLYN JEAN ANN MORRISSY "Jennie" GAA 1,2,4; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 3. DENNIS MICHAEL MULLER "Den” Football 1,2,4; Track 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Band Officer 1; Pep Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Musical 2,3; Senior Class Play 4; Class Vice President 2; Varsity Club 3,4. DAVID JOHN NEHER "Dave" Baseball 1,2; Bowling 1; Swimming 2,3; Musical 3; Senior Class Play 4; Thespians 3,4. LAWRENCE ARTHUR OLSEN "Larry" Golf 2,3; Swimming; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2,4; Musical 1; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Student Council 2; Thespians 4; Badger Boys' State 3. BARBARA JEAN OLSON "Bobbi" GAA 1,2,3; Bowling 1; Musical 2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 1. 26JEAN JACQUELINE POLLAK "Jean" GAA I; Bowling 1,2. CASSANDRA LEE OSBORNE "Sandi" Transfer 2; GAA 2; Bowling 4; Homecoming Court 2; Art Club 2. LINDA SUE PYKA "Lin" GAA 1.2; Bowling 1; Senior Class Play 4. SHIRLEY ANN POHL "Shirley" Musical 1; FHA 3. Voted "Most Likely to Succeed" were Badger Staters, Carolyn McDonough and Larry Olsen. Both have engaged in numerous activities. Carolyn, DAR winner was active in GAA, Catalinas, and choir. Among the activities in which Larry has participated were band, thespians, and student council.MARY LOU NAMED "HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW” JOHN MICHAEL ROHERTY "Rock" Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Class President 3; Homecoming Court 3,4; Prom Court 3. RUTH DIANE RISSEEUW "Ruth" Transfer 3. BENNIE E. ROWE "Bennie" Football 1; Intramurals 2. CARY ARTHUR RANDALL "Cary" Track 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 2; Jr. DHIA 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. JANE ANN RUBECK "Jane" CAA 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Musical 2,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; FNA 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 3; Dance Band 1. 28THERESA MARY RUFFAJLO "Terry" GAA 2,3; FHA 4; Musical 3. RAY EDWIN SAWYER "Huck" Musical 4. After taking a home making test in home economics class, Mary Lou Smith was notified that she won the Betty Crocker award which entitled her to go on to the state contest. Mary Lou received cooking experience in school as well as at home. She often displayed her baking ability by bringing a cake for senior girls on their birthdays. THOMAS JAMES SCOTT "Scotty" Intramurals 3; DH1A 1; FFA 1,2,3. KAREN LOUISE SCHNICK "Karen" Catalinas 1,2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Bowling 3,4; Forensics 2; FTA 3; Newspaper 4; Student Council 1; Annual 3,4; Prom Court 3; Senior Class Play 4. 29PROM KING AND QUEEN VOTED "CUTEST COUPLE" JOHN EDWARD SUKER "John" Football 1,2; Baseball 1; Swimming 1; Tennis 3; Intramurals 1,3; Bowling 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Varsity Club 4. MARY LOU SMITH "Mary Lou" CAA 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2. JANE ANN SIKES "Jane" CAA 1,2; Bowling 1; Musical 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 1,2; FT A 2,3; Thespians 3,4. ROBERT WAYNE SMITH "Smitty" Football 1,2; Basketball 2; Track 1,2; Intramurals 1,3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Newspaper 4; Student Council 2; NHS 4. MARY E. SNODIE "Mary" GAA 4; Bowling 4. 30LOIS EILEEN STERKEN "Lois" MARILYN B. THOMPSON "Marilyn" GAA 2,3,4; Forensics 2,3; FNA 3,4; NHS 2,3,4. VIRGINIA RUTH STEWART "Cinny" CAA 1,2; Bowling 1; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; Cheerleader 2,4; Newspaper 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Prom Court 1; Homecoming Queen 4. "Cutest Couple," Jill Gant and Mike Lucchesi went together during their high school years. Jill and Mike were prom queen and king at last year's Junior Prom, "Blue Hawaii." They participated in this year's prom by crowning this year's king and queen. Jill and Mike were a familiar couple in the halls of D-DHS. 31LEADERSHIP. CITIZEN. SHIP. SCHOLARSHIP. THREE SHIPS OF BAD-GER STATE RAYMOND HOWARD TUCKER "Ray" Intramurals 3,4; DHIA 1; FFA 1,2,3,4. FRANK MANFRED Van HORN "Frank" Football 2; Baseball 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Bowling 4. ERVIN FREDERICK WATERSTREET "Erv" Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Teacher's Assistant 4. DOUCLAS JAMES WEISS "Doug" Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3; Golf 1,2; Forensics 2; NHS 2,3,4; Student Council 3; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4. KAREN SUE TRUCKENBROD "Truck" GAA 1,2,4; Bowling 2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Forensics 2; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Teacher's Assistant 4. 32BEVERLY ANN VERHOEF "Bev" Senior Class Play 4; Art Club 2. CLASS COLORS RED AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE During their Junior year, Steve Spocrlc, Barb Byrnes, Carolyn McDonough, Bill Thompson, Janet Cardoni and Larry Olsen were chosen as delegates to Badger Boys' and Girls' State. They met at Ripon College and the University o£ Wisconsin during the summer. Here, they were presenting an assembly to the student body telling of their experiences during the summer.BONITA LUCILLE WILKINS "Bonnie" FHA 1; Bowling 3,4; CAA 4. CARY LYNN WHEELER "Beaver" Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3. PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS "Pat" ALLEN LEE WILLIAM S " Butch" Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Biiseball 1,2,3; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 2. BERNARD L. WILLIAMS "Bcmie" Football 1; Intramurals 1,2,3; Musical 1,3; Senior Class Play 4. SENIOR CLASS PRE-SENTS "BLITHE SPIRIT” 34Shown ate Larry Olsen, Dave Ncher, and Kathy Davis in a dramatic scene from this year's Senior Class Play "Blithe Spirit." The play, presented November 9 and 10, was the Story of a man haunted by his two ex-wives. BARBARA BETH WOODS "Woody" CAA 1,2,3,4; Bowling 2,4j Musical 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Class Officer 1; FHA 4; NHS 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Prom Court 2; Homecoming Court 4; Cheerleader 1; Three-Act Play 4. ROBERT CHARLES W1NKLEY "Wink" Track 1,2; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 2; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Art Club 4, Three-Act Play 4. CARY ALLEN WRIGHT "Cary'" Coif 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Bowling 1,2,4; Varsity Club 4. DIANN ELIZABETH WIPP1CH "Diann" CAA 2; Musical 1,4; Senior Class Play 4; Forensics 2; FHA 2,3,4. 35WE HAVE REACHED THE FOOTHILLS THE MOUNTAINS LIE IN VIEW At 8:00 P.M. on June 7, 1963 the Class of 1963 was graduated from Delavan-Darien High School. Commencement exercises were held in the D-DHS gymnasium. After the processional of Juniors and seniors, Fred Bull, junior class president, introduced the program. The Reverend John Francis of the Delavan Methodist Church gave the Invocation which was followed by a speech on mediocrity by Larry Olsen, class speaker. Mr. Raymond Anderson then introduced Mr. LeRoy Lubcrg, Dean of Students at the University of Wisconsin, whose address was entitled "Talents Unlimited." Following Mr. Luberg's address a number of awards and scholarships were presented. The winner, award, and person presenting the award arc listed below. Douglas Weiss C. W. Borg Scholarship Barbara Byrnes Marilyn Thompson Knights of Columbus Scholarship Louise Solvem Nursing Scholarship Rodney Richardson Merlin Romenesko Vcmicc Mcams Kathryn Mary Jane Beswick Barbara Davis Memorial Scholarship Shunk Ida P.T.A. Scholarship Oliver Crcidamis Fleming Janet W.A.T.A.-P.T.A. Oliver Koepnick Scholarship Fleming Steven Sta-Rite Scholarship James Spocrle Schippcr David Robert Doherty Leader- Wallace Beyerl ship Award Zimmerman The recipients of scholarships awarded earlier in the year were announced by Mr. Lond Rodman, who also presented Carolyn McDonough, valedictorian, and Margaret Boutclle, salutatorian, with scholarships to the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Rodman then recommended the Class of 1963 for diplomas, which were presented by Mr. Francis Lyons, President of the Board of Education. Following the presentation of diplomas and honor cords, Reverend Francis gave the Benediction.Steve Spocrle received the outstanding senior boy award from American Legion member Mr. Lawrence Crary. Tire outstanding senior girl award was given to Barbara Byrnes by Mrs. Joseph Rcinkobor of the American Legion Auxiliary. Below is Mr. LeRoy Luberg. Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin, as he addressed the Class of '63 and guests Larry Olsen, class speaker, addressed his classmates on at commencement ceremonies. the subject of "Mediocrity."We are the underclassmen, representing the greater part of the student body of D-DHS and striving as a group to better our school. We arc the members of the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes, each a little different and each known for particular characteristics. Although we are happy being what we are, we look forward to the day when we will be seniors. But most of all, we are individuals, striving to better ourselves in our own eyes and in the eyes of those around us, to become good citizens, and to someday become worthwhile adults.JUNIORS ACCOMPLISH MUCH Vice-President Pete Nczki, President Fred Bull, Secretary Terry Wilson, and Treasurer Phil Sheahan. The juniors started the year by electing an all-boy slate of class officers. Their class advisers during the third year at D-DHS were Mr. Christianson, Mr. Larson, Miss Sommers, Mr. Spcvacek, and Mr. Walsh. "The Sweet Taste of Success" was their second place float in the homecoming parade. Chris Louis and her escort Jim Greene represented the Juniors on the homecoming court. Some of the other important accomplishments of the Juniors were lead parts in the musical, council officers, star players in all sports, club president, and forensic and debate tournament winners. As always, the highlight of the junior year is the Junior prom. Ted Kozlowski was elected prom king with Mary Jean Kenney as his queen. "Moon River" was chosen as the theme. FRONT ROW: Sheila Bcyritz, Terry Brown, Karen Baldwin, Dianne Ames, Jeanne Boviall, Judy Beicr, Frances Bartclt. SECOND ROW: Chris Brahm, Pat Benson, Margaret Bellman, Ken Bliss, Jim Bere, Ronald Bender, Lillian Albcrth. BACK ROW: Mary Brown, Albert Bartovics, Tom Boutellc, Ben Bigelow, Eddie Boutelle, and Margaret Allen. 40FRONT ROW: Sharon Cameron, Kathy Craig, Bob Christman, Ruth Egnoski, Cami Clutter, Trudy Coogan, Veronica Eickstcad. SECOND ROW: Terry DcWolfe, Fred Bull, Joan DuBois, Gary Dillcnbeck, Bert DeLong, Cathc Clark. BACK ROW: Phil Coogan, John Byrnes, Gary DuCharme. Start of Junior year Sept. 4 Class rings ordered Oct. 31 i Sept. 20 Election of class officers FRONT ROW: Penny Herron, Dennis Eschcnfeldt, Geraldine Goff, Sheila Fleming, Rande Gates, Don Francis, Roy Heminover. SECOND ROW: Ellen Frcitag, Karen Henning, Sherry Garecht, Paula Heller, Doris Glazik, LaVonne Hammerstad. BACK ROW: Chuck Hansen, Ron Crair, Pat Hayes, Bob Hankins, Dick Fleming, Jim Greene. 41FRONT ROW: Betty Hctzel, Chuck Kasputis, David Kashuta, Mary Kenney, Kathy Jansa, Carolyn Kohn, Susie Krabbc. SECOND ROW: Ted Kozlowski, David Johnson, Jennie Jones, Linda Hofer, Judy Hintz, Don Jonuska. BACK ROW: Bill Kasputis, Bob Jones, Dick Kavanaugh, and Phil Kilkenny. Jan. 8 Girls win Interclass ft ball Tournament Received class rings Jan, 10 Feb. Girls win Interclass Volleyball Tournament FRONT ROW: Pam Loudenbcck, Sally Lock, Mary Lindloff, Fern Langenbcrgcr, Karen Lindloff, Richard Locy, Chris Louis. SECOND ROW: Dennis Kruizenga, Francis Los, Marie McDonough, Tom Madison, Paul Matson, Greg Madison, Dan Me Lemon. BACK ROW: Pete Nezki, Mike Michalek, Jack Mathison, Bob Mustin, and Alan Nelson. 42FRONT ROW: Suzanne McCullough, Debbie McQuality, Paula Nelson, Barb Mudgett, Marianne Ncumcicr, Carolyn Mestan, Cindy Newman. SECOND ROW: Steve Nelson, Doris Millard, Evelyn McIntyre, Jim Meyers, Mary’ McKinney', Sandy Millard. BACK ROW: Bill Mcsserschmidt, Bob O'Brien, John Schmidt, Larry Meyer, and Jerry Matzkc. Boys win Interclass Birls win Ir;t®rcla?o 3asketball meet f.wlm r.eet Feb. 29 March i Apr 3 9. April 5 6 Juniors win lead parts in Carousel FRONT ROW: Jennie Schmid, Thercssa Owens, Joan Ostrum, Monica O'Brien, Judy Rubcndall, Pat Sargent, Willie Osborne. SECOND ROW: John O'Brien, Cindy Pegg, Linda Schirer, Duane Saam, Donna Polasik, Judy’ Peters. BACK ROW: Don Scott, Ellen Seising, Mike Parr, Dale Scharinc, Lewis Peters, and Pat Roherty. 43FRONT ROW: Ron Schut, Maurice Stcrken, Jerry Stafford, Barbara Sullivan, Sue Sheehan, Joyce Snuddcn, Judy Swets. SECOND ROW: Jack Scholle, Bob Strong, Phil Shcahan, Bill Stickncy, Dick Tschantz, Bob Schultz. BACK ROW: Doug Spitz, Dennis Stonewall, Mike Skelton. April 26 27 Junior girls in swim show Juniors sponsor Prom May 3 ________I______ June 7 School's out--Seniors at last FRONT ROW: Neal Wilear, Judy Yant, Linda Zahm, Betty Wagner, Kathy Wincapaw, Elsa Varoni, Margaret Wiedexner. SECOND ROW: Carl Zoeliner, Cary Wuhrman, George Wincapaw, Jim Nostrant, Terry Wilson, Jim Tsum. BACK ROW: Peter Johnson, Ron Wilson, Larry Wright. Absent when pictures were taken: Shirley Clowes, Mike D'Amore, Lee Demerc, Tom Glendenning, Karen Jorgensen, Bill Kasputis, Dennis Knotts, Donna Locy, Gwen Winter, and Sue Woodard. 44SOPHOMORES-FULL OF PEP FRONT ROW: Margaret Beier, Paulette Adkins, Judy Bigelow, Betty Ann Bcrcsh, Mary Lou Allen, David Beach, Lynn Anderson. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Berkholtz, Mary Austin, Willis Blakely, Dick Batchelct, Mike Boisvert, Jean Babcock, Kathy Baerbock. BACK ROW': Kitty Boresma, Brian Bates, Steve Bcnkovic, John Benson, Tom Benson. FRONT ROW: Marie Cribben, Barbara Burcham, Brian Buzzell, Sue Delaney, Kathy Davis, Linda Buhler, Mike Coogan. SECOND ROW: Donna Comelison, Stu Browne, Bob Boutclle, Dick Busche, Ralph Clowes, Walter Cicslak. BACK ROW: Jim Carlson, Oliver Davidson, Lcn Carlson, Dick Deschner, Bob Decker, Darryl Christianson. 45FRONT ROW: Toni Ginncr, Shirley Goodger, Margaret Goodman, Mary Einsiedel, Wanda Douglas, Sandy Fleming, Dorothy Endl, Kathy DuCharme. SECOND ROW: Sue Faber, Brian Fleming, Tom Dorsey, Ted Cisske, Jerry Cehrand, Jerry- Grossman, Fred Gamer. BACK ROW: Mike Grams, Jim France, Mike Duestcrbeck, Dave Flahivc, Dermis DeVoy, John Erickson, John Crcidanus. r.07y FRONT ROW: Betty Hardt, Joyce Hofer, Cathy Holman, Lillian Hipp, Kim Isherwood, Margaret Kachinski, Karen Jacobs. SECOND ROW: John Hembrook, Don Hiemstra, Michael Heller, John Hopkins, Tom Holdon, Linda Hcnschel. BACK ROW: John Hetzel, Larry Hintz, Frank Hennerly. 46FRONT ROW: Vcmon lot, Don Lonze, Barb McSorley, Karen Matousek, Dennis Knotts, Melvin Los, Yvonne McKinney. SECOND ROW: Jill McCartie, Carolyn Kooistra, Pat Leech, Sue Kohl, Dolores Logterman, Esther Kurzawa, John McLemon. R CK ROW: Janet Logterman, Dorothy Keyzer, Lynn McDonough, Bob Knecht, Tom Mabry, Ken Koemer. -Ml, FRONT ROW: Becky Newton, Erin O'Conner, Kathy O'Brien, Diane Mawhinney, Peggy Mudgett, Nancy Moyle, Ernie Peterson. SECOND ROW: Judy Nordstrom, Mike Morgan, Charles Mitchell, Sandy Munger, Donna Miles, Terry Mestan. BACK ROW: Karen Nash, Wally Millard, A1 Nicoli, Nancy Nelson, Linda Nystrom. 47FRONT ROW: Mary Schircr, Patti Rucker, Marlene O’Daniel, Gail Rosenwing, Susan O'Keefe, Jeanette Schuctt, Paula Salas. SECOND ROW: John Reycnga, Kathy Robinson, Bob Remus, Charles Richter, Charlie Peterson, Susan Randall, Donna Rubendall. BACK ROW: Chuck Riegcrt, Larry O'Donnell, Rich Taylor, Bob Salem, Mary Robbins, Susan Scuscr. FRONT ROW: Phylis Sterkcn, Lonnie Tcubert, Rita Stangler, Sherry Olson, Judy Schultz, Judy Rccb, Marilyn Wilkinson. SECOND ROW: Jim York, Judy Werbcl, Patsy Scholl, Rosanne Ruffalo, Robin York, Bob Seeber. BACK ROW: Carol Schleiger, Sharon Schuster, John Schurman, Bill Speri, Dennis Smith. 48FRONT ROW: Fritz Walters, Karen Veley, Jennie Thompson, Eric Thornton, Ken VanDeBogcrt, Reta Zimmerman, Liny Vcgter. SECOND ROW: Bill Woods, Gail Thusius, Sandy Wright, John Williams, Jeanene Thomas, Cheryl Young. BACK ROW: Judy Weidcmer, Karen VanDyken, Warren Woods, Diane VandcrVeen. FRONT ROW: Lester Waterstreet, Gary Venema, Gayle Williams, Mary Pat Yohn, Trudy Vance, Virginia Willard, Toni Tifft. SECOND ROW: Alan Woodard, Bill Yazbec, Pat Welch, Dave Walsch, Harold Todd, Jim Wilkins. BACK ROW: Greg Williams, Jesse Williams, Burton Wheeler, Jerry Vance, Bill Thomas. 49The class officers from left to right are: Sue Delaney, secretary; John Benson, vice president; Stu Browne, presi dent; and Sandy Fleming, treasurer. The most exciting moment for the sophomore class was the winning of the cheering contest, in which the class showed its outstanding school spirit. The sophomores weren't as lucky in the homecoming float contest, however, as they received last place on their float for the second consecutive year. Eric Thornton and Mary Lou Allen represented the sophomores in the homecoming celebration. The sophomore class sponsored the Christmas Dance this year. The theme for the dance was "MOONLIGHT SLEIGH RIDE." A good time was had by all who attended the dance. Mr. Haskins, Miss DeSombrc, Mr. Breidenbach, Mr. Rcmpc, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Prahl were the class advisers, who helped the class with any problems that arose. Pictured below is the 1963, blue, four door, Chevy II sedan, donated to the school by Waling-Cutting Motors. The car is used primarily by the sophomores in the driver education classes. In this picture, is the familiar scene of Mr. Schultz showing two of his students how to correctly apply the rules of the road. 50FRESHMEN - OUR FIRST YEAR HERE Shown above are the freshman class officers: Craig Lauterbach, vice president; Cathy Tollkuhn, treasurer, Diane Scully, president; Linda Case, secretary. The election of class officers was the second week of school. The freshman class officers were President, Diane Scully; Vice President, Craig Lauterbach; Secretary’, Linda Case; and Treasurer, Cathy Tollkuhn. Homecoming, too, was an exciting event for the freshman class. The class representative on the homecoming court was Laurie Byrnes. She was escorted by Craig Lauterbach. The freshman class was rewarded for its efforts when it won first place in the Homecoming float competition. The theme of the float was "ARMED FOR VICTORY." The float chairman was Larry Kilkenny. The Valentine Dance, sponsored by the freshmen, was the ninth of February. "KINCS AND QUEENS OF HEARTS" was chosen as the theme of the dance and all who attended had a good time. The class advisers: Mr. Bell, Mr. Hess, Mr. Hoevcler, Mr. Holman, Mrs. Kelsey, and Mr. Methcany were very helpful in all the projects of the class. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Boviall, Nonna Jean Boss, Debbie Britt, Jean Bellman, Sandy Brewer, Sherry Baker, Susan August. SECOND ROW: Dennis Ames, Mary Blair, Sharron Allen, Barb Adney, Elsie Baren, Tom Bell. BACK ROW: Warren Berkholtz, Kathy Beyerl, Bob Anderson, Randell Bassler. 51FRONT ROW: Bob Brophil, Dave Cohard, Linda Cooper, Linda Case, Lance Cullen, Gregg Buzzell, Ed Chapin. SECOND ROW: Lee Ann Britton, Cindy Brooks, Cladys Coleman, Laurie Byrnes, Lynn Cole, Barbara Cairns. BACK ROW: Van Brown, Wade Clark, Brad Brown. FRONT ROW: Jack Delaney, Dennis Deusterbeck, William Davy, Mike DuCharme, Patty DeVoy, Sandy Du-Charme, Richard Doering. SECOND ROW: Jesse Comfort, Russell Dangerfield, Eliane Deschner, Lois Drost, Mat Cummings, Mike Cummings. BACK ROW: Tom Dunham, Owen Davidson, Joanne DeLong, Steve Dunbar. Dan De Wolfe. 52FRONT ROW: Fritz Fleming, Shirley Cassen, Harvey Conzalcz, Scott Ellington, Dick Geis, Sue Garecht, Sally Garecht. BACK ROW: Elizabeth Erickson, Barbara Frictag, Rick Fatyle, Jerry Freeman, Mike Cuilday, Bob Fairc lough. FRONT ROW: Billie Heron, Nadine Ciller, Sally Heilegenthal, Pat Hohl, Darlene Crcggurich, Barbara Jacobs, Maureen Johnson. SECOND ROW: Dan Johnson, Eric Johnson, Bill Hann, Carl Hallberg, Loren Johnson, Paul Hauns. BACK ROW: Mary Hummel, Mary Lou Heller, Penny Jordan, Linda Hirsch, Bennie Hammcrstad, Len Gregg urich. 53FRONT ROW: Don Gregg, Roger Kurzawa, Mary Kashuta, Ed Kachinski, Buck Jung, Diane Kirchoff, Terri Larson SECOND ROW: Larry Kilkenny, Jeanne Klug, Frank Keegan, Lois Kelly, Bonita Kocpnick, Cary Karstetter. BACK ROW: Helen Koellcr, John Jones, Murphy Hayes, Rick La Buoy, Stanley Lange, Bob Koehl. FRONT ROW: Ron Los, Sue Lyons, Jane LeRettc, Joanne McDonough, Jackie McCartie, Jean Lenz, Beth Mc-Sorley. SECOND ROW: Ron Kittleson, Bob Lijewski, Craig Lauterbach, Steve Lange, Frank Ludowise, Stanley Logtcrman. BACK ROW: Carol Louden, Nanette Lutjeans, Dean Logterman, Burton Montsma, Lewis Undloff. 54FRONT ROW: Loretta Michols, Dick Miles, Pam Nostrant, Jeff Neubauer, Virginia Neumeicr, Donna Olestan, Sigma Metcalf. SECOND ROW: Parky Merrill, Ron Obcrla, Dave Miller, Dave Norton, Mary Morgan, Mary Ann Nickels. BACK ROW: Jim Michalck, Marlene O'Donnell. FRONT ROW: Scott Palmer, Beverly Quast, Kathy Petcrmann, Jackie Pierick, Cynthia Pinnow, Barb Packard. Vickie Ransom. SECOND ROW: Diane Quade, Bob Perry, Harvey Richards, Jack Ray, Wayne Pratis, Jim Smith. BACK ROW: Randi Pierson, Sharon Oertel, Ray Quade, Mary- Lou Peck. 55FRONT ROW: Bob Rodriguez, Bruce Roberts, Larry Sanford, Sheila Riegert, Maxine Root, Amanda Rozcll, Sheila Robb. SECOND ROW: Tom Robbins, Andrea Schramski, Darryl Schuster, Peter Schauer, Sandy Schirer, Erika Schievc. BACK ROW: Tony Rodriguez, Dave Schleiger, Carol Schneider. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Velcy, Dolores Schutt, Dean Wallace, Barbara Waldo, Irma Sufka, Martha Waligora, Rose-mary I home. SECOND ROW: Barbara Shecan, Cathy Tollkuhn, Diane Scully, Andy Terpstra, Maureen Skopec, Roberta Seebcr, Beth Vegtcr. BACK ROW: Ceorgc Venema, John Vidas, Jan Scott, Kathy Underwood, Sandy Skelton, Bruce Stickney. 56FRONT ROW: Mike Waling, Larry Wcrbel, Ron Zoellner, Larry Waterstreet, Frank Woolcy, Peggy Walker, Shirley Wintlend. SECOND ROW: Peggy Wright, Bill Woodard, Pat Watts, Mark Van Hoosen, Linda Wincapaw, Susan Wilson, Jeanette Yungerman. BACK ROW: Joan Westergaard, Curtis Woods, Jerry Westcrgaard, Jody Woltcrs, Nancy Zoldan, Helen Wiedcmcr. BETH THE BOOKWORM: Beth McSorley, shown above, is contemplating the required reading books of the four years of English classes at D-DHS. Out of 52 books offered, 40 are required to be read in order to graduate. This was the first year that such a program was in effect. 57 "Being a good teacher involves much more than just following the book. A good teacher is one who also guides, understands, disciplines, laughs, commands respect and sets an example. He is an important person for his responsibilities to youth are many and varied. Our faculty has met these standards. It has accepted its responsibilities and made D-DHS one of the best schools in the state. It has prepared us well for the future through both curricular and extracurricular activities. We are proud to say that they were our teachers, and we hope that someday they will be proud to say that we were their students. LTYMr. David Bell is a psychology and music teacher. As director of the choruses and choir, he is most interested in music as his favorite pastime. Mr. Bell graduated from Milton College with a bachelor of music education degree. He has been a resident of Delavan for six years. Mrs. Helen Cutting is a graduate of North Central College where she also taught for four years. This was her second year of teaching physical education and health at D-DHS. She was the checrlcading adviser this year. When not teaching, she enjoys knitting, bridge, swimming and skiing. Mrs. Cutting is married and has three children. Mr. Theodore Clifton will complete his sixth year as geometry teacher at D-DHS this year. His personal hobbies are hunting and fishing. Mr. Clifton graduated from Minot State Teachers College in Minot, North Dakota. He has 19 years previous teaching experi- Mr. Lawrence Cox graduated from Whitewater State Teachers College with a bachelor of science degree. Sports and fishing are his favorite pastimes. Mr. Cox has had 33 years of teaching experience and has completed his sixth year at D-DHS. FACULTY Mr. Wallace Haskins graduated from Whitewater State Teachers College. After teaching three years at Mayvillc High School, he moved to Delavan where he has completed his third year of teaching senior English. Hunting and dramatics arc his favorite pastimes. He is married and has two children. 60FACULTY Mr. Donald Breidenbach is a graduate of Milton College in Milton Junction, and this year taught world history and civics at D-DHS. Mr. Breidenbach resides in Dclavan with his family. He has had nine years teaching experience and has completed his sixth year at D-DHS. Industrial arts and engineering drawing are tire courses taught by Mr. James Christianson. He and his family of nine children live in Delavan. Music and reading are enjoyed by him. Mr. Christianson completed his sixth year at D-DHS. Stout State College is the school which Mr. Christianson graduated from. Miss Nancy Harwood is a graduate of the University of Colorado. Before coming to D-DHS, she taught in Colorado. Reading is the pastime most enjoyed by Miss Harwood. She taught freshman and junior English this year. Miss Sandralce DeSombre, a graduate of the Wisconsin State Teacher's College at Whitewater, completes her first year of teaching at D-DHS. Miss DeSombre teaches typing and secretarial training. Her favorite pastimes are bowling, reading, and listening to music. Mrs. Ruth Berkompas, a graduate of the Western Michigan University, has been teaching here for six years. Swimming, camping, and traveling are the activities which Mrs. Berkompas most enjoys. Muskegon, Michigan, Delavan Elementary School, and Dclavan High School are schools where she has taught before D-DHS. 61Miss Mae Janies is a graduate of the Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire. This was her second year of teaching biology with a year in between when she was studying under a National Science Foundation grant. Miss James enjoys camping, horseback riding, and studying nature. Mr. Theodore J. Hoevclcr, who graduated from the University of Iowa, has taught American problems here for two years. His favorite pastimes include spectator sports, reading, Sightseeing, and badminton. He is a resident of Elkhom and has one child. FACULTY Mr. Newell C. Huckaby is a graduate of Northwestern State College in Oklahoma. Before coming to D-DHS, he taught in Darien for eleven years. United States history, Journalism, and yearbook are the subjects taught by Mr. Huckaby. Mr. Carl Larson graduated from North Central College. He taught biology and health this year as well as coached the basketball team. Mr. Larson previously taught at Rib Lake and Muscoda, Wisconsin. His favorite pastime is sports. Mr. Terry Hess has been teaching at D-DHS for two years. He is a graduate of Dana College in Nebraska. This year he taught psychology and English. Both sports and hunting are enjoyed by Mr. Hess. 62FACULTY Mrs. Kelsey is a graduate of Oshkosh State Teachers College. This was her first year as a full-time teacher at D-DHS. She taught algebra and physical science. Mrs. Kelsey also taught at Baraboo Junior and Senior High School. She is married, has six children and enjoys reading. Mr. Clcn Holman has taught vocational agriculture at D-DHS for six years. He graduated from the Wisconsin State College and Institute of Technology, Platteville. Before coming to D-DHS, Mr. Holman taught in the high school at Seneca, Wisconsin. Miss Patricia Lange is the new librarian at D-DHS. Skiing, golfing, knitting, and watching football are the favorite pastimes of Miss Lange. She is a graduate of Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh. Mr. James Huber is a graduate of Wisconsin State College in River Falls. Presently, he is teaching junior English. Mr. Huber is married, has two children, and has taught at D-DHS for five years. Mr. Dale Johnson has finished his second year of teaching at D-DHS. He is the instructor of all four years of Latin. Mr. Johnson is a 1961 graduate of Lakeland College, near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He resides in Fontana. 63Mr. Peter Rempe is a graduate of Carroll College. He was kept quite busy this year as a United States history and geography teacher, and coach of the varsity swim team. This was Mr. Rcmpe's second year of teaching at D-DHS. Mr. Richard Pierson teaches algebra I, algebra II, trigonometry, and analytic geometry. He graduated from the Wisconsin State College at Whitewater and received his master of science degree from Purdue. Mr. Pierson is married and has five children. Mr. Thomas Scharfenberg is a graduate of Luther College. He taught physical education, first aid, health, and world history this year. He completed his fifth year at D-DHS. Mr. Scharfenberg is married and the father of two children. Mrs. Vemicc Mcams is the school nurse for the Delavan Public Schools. She graduated from Illinois Masonic Hospital School of Nursing. Mrs. Meams was also a nurse at the Illinois Masonic Hospital and Lakeland Hospital. FACULTY Mr. John Peters received his diploma from Lawrence College at Appleton, Wisconsin. Civics is the subject taught by Mr. Peters. He is a resident of Delavan and has completed his second year of teaching at D-DHS. 64FACULTY Mr. John Metheany graduated from Alma College in Michigan and then taught at Howe Military School, and Northwestern Military and Naval Academy. This was his first year of teaching at D-DHS where he taught all four years of French. He is married and has two children. Mr. Leonard B. Prahl, a graduate of Wisconsin State College and Colorado State College, has been teaching in Delavan for six years. Previously he taught at Darien High School for five years. Mr. Prahl is a sports and athletic fan. Mr. Oliver Mourn graduated from Northwestern University. He teaches physics and chemistry, and enjoys photographic work. This year he was the adviser of the newly formed photography club. Mr. Herbert Meisncr completed his fifth year at D-DHS this year. Metals, industrial arts and mechanical drawing are the classes he taught this year. After graduating from Stout State College, Mr. Meisner taught in Milwaukee and in Eau Claire. When not teaching, Mr. Meisner likes to bowl, fish and water ski. Mrs. Marlene Scheuroll, a home economics teacher this year, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Her interests include sewing, interior decorating, and bridge. Mrs. Scheurell previously taught at Sheboygan and has completed her second year of teaching at D-DHS. 65Mr. Robert E. Scott graduated from the Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh. He has been teaching for four years at D-DHS. Speech and civics arc the courses he instructed this year. He is married and has three children. His outside interests include athletics, music, and bowling. HE THAT GOVERNS WELL LEADS THE BLIND BUT HE THAT TEACHES GIVES THEM EVES. Mr. Wallace Zimmerman taught boys' physical education, first aid, and also coached our football and track teams this year. Mr. Zim-mermann received his bachelor of science degree from LaCrossc State College and his master of science degree from the University of Wisconsin. Miss Jeanne Sommers graduated from Wisconsin State Teachers College at Whitewater. Sophomore English and shorthand are the subjects taught by Miss Sommers. When not concerned with school work, she enjoys swimming and playing bridge. The guidance director for five years at D-DHS was Miss Barbara Shunk. Music, golf, and tennis arc her favorite pastimes. Miss Shunk received her bachelor of arts degree from Milton College and her master of arts degree from the University of Colorado. Mr. Willard O. Strassburgcr is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Columbia Teacher's College. He teaches art 1, art II, and German classes. Mr. Strassburgcr has previously taught in New York. He enjoys photography and classical music. 66Mr. Robert J. Spevacck is the band director and also teaches music theory. Before coming to Dclavan, Mr. Spevacck gave private instructions in Madison. His four years at teaching here was interrupted last year when he spent ten months at Fort Lewis, Washington, with the 32nd division. Mrs. Doris Sutton, a graduate of Stout State College, taught home economics this year. Sewing and reading arc her favorite pastimes. Previously she taught at West Grant High School near Patch Grove, Wisconsin. This was Mrs. Sutton's second year at D-DHS. Mr. Bartholomew J. Walsh, graduate of Wisconsin State Teachers College at Whitewater, teaches world history and developmental reading. His favorite pastimes are sports, music, and reading. He is married and has one child. Mr. Leonard Wilde is a guidance counselor this year. He is married and has two children. Favorite hobbies of Mr. Wilde are hockey, football, hunting, swimming and skiing. He is a graduate of Stout State Teachers College. Mr. Donald Teesch is a graduate of Lakeland College in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He taught chemistry I, algebra I, and general math. He is married and has two children. Football and swimming arc Mr. Teesch's favorite pastimes. He has completed his third year at D-DHS. The driver education instructor, Mr. Webb Schultz, is a graduate of Ripon College. His interest in sports is quite apparent for he has coached basketball, football, golf, and this year coaches baseball. Mr. Schultz has been teaching 41 years and completed his sixth year at D-DHS. 67Here at D-DHS students are faced not with the problem, "What should I do?" but, "Which should I do?" We have been provided with many varied activities to satisfy the interests of every student. These activities are educational, interesting, and, most of all, enjoyable. By working together for a common goal—whether it be decorating the gym for prom, practicing for the musical, or attempting to better our school through the student council--we make new friends, enrich old friendships, learn to appreciate our faculty and lcam to respect the opinions of others. It is through these activities that each one of us has become a working part of D-DHS. ITIES62-63 HOMECOMING ABOVE: King Mike Roheity .and Queen Ginny Stewart are surrounded by members of the queen's court. These girls, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris DeLap, Louis Lange, and Barbara Woods were nominated along with Ginny by the senior class. They became members of the court of honor when Ginny's election as queen by the student body was announced during half-time ceremonies at the homecoming game. The weather followed its usual pattern for the event by dampening the game and ceremonies at half-time. The senior class was quite proud to have these people represent it during the weekend of festivities at the parade Friday afternoon, at the game against Elkhorn that night, and at the dance Saturday night. The theme of the dance was INDIAN SUMMER. AT LEFT: Ray Blake, team captain, gives Ginny a kiss as lie crowns her 1962 Homecoming Queen. 70ABOVE: the freshmen won first place in the class float competition this year and received the $15.00 prize for their effort. The float's theme, "ARMED FOR VICTORY," featured a large aqua colored, napkin constructed octopus. LEFT: these three girls, underclass representatives to the homecoming court of honor, shared the spotlight with Queen Cinny Stewart and other members of the court. They are Chris Louis, junior; Mary Lou Allen, sophomore; and Laurie Byrnes, freshman. The girls were seated on die back of a convertible awaiting the start of the parade when this picture was taken. BELOW: the Girls' Athletic Association float, displaying a large box of washing compound and declaring, "WE'LL DASH RIGHT THROUGH THEM," predicted the victory that came to the Comets that night at the athletic field when they defeated the Elkhom Elks 6-0 on a muddy field. The GAA float won first prize in the organizational contest. 71STUDENT COUNCIL IN SESSION FRONT ROW: Joanne Kohn, Bev Byrne, Barb Woods, Bill Blakely, Ray Blake. SECOND ROW: Diane Mawhinney, Sue Seuscr, Chris Louis, Sue Sheehan, Ginny Willard. THIRD ROW: Lillian Hipp, Lynn McDonough, Mary Ein-sicdel, Barb McSorley, Betty Ann Beresh. FOURTH ROW: John Hembrook, Mike Duesterbcck, Dennis Knotts, Kari Korpela, Barb Byrnes. FIFTH ROW: Terri Larsen, Sandy DuCharme, Cindy Brooks, Sue Lyons, Bob Fair-clough. SIXTH ROW: Maureen Skopec, Bonnie Veley, Rick Faytle, Dale Scharine, Bob Buschc. SEVENTH ROW: Mike Crams, Ron Wilson, Dan McLemon, Dick Fleming, Jim Nostrant. EIGHTH ROW: Ron Obcrla, Dick Miles, Paul Vidas, Elsa Varoni, Jill Cant. NINTH ROW: Fern Langenberger, John Byrnes, Kevin Davis, Alan Nelson, Jim Michalck. BACK ROW: Judy Rceb, Randi Pierson, Carolyn Kohn, and D:n Carlson. 72STUDENT COUNCIL The officers of the Student Council are as follows: Pat Hayes, treasurer; Phil Kilkenny, president; Jennie Schmid, secretary; Mr. Scott, adviser; and Virginia Stewart, vice president. Under the able leadership of Mr. Scott, the Student Council undertook many worthwhile projects this year. A large sum of money was donated by the Student Council for an elaborate scoreboard to be used in the new Borg Memorial Stadium. The Student Council carried through last year's plan of having an ACTIVITY TICKET. The following home games, school activities and D-DHS publications are paid for by the purchase of this ticket: football, basketball, swimming, band concerts, choir concerts, school musical, senior class play, one act play, Com-teer, Comet Trails, all school play, synchronized swim show, and the student directory. About 16% of the student body bought the activity ticket. The ticket sold for $6.00 As in the past, the Student Council sold ice cream during the lunch hours. This year it also sold "COMET" pennants, both to raise money and to boost the student body's support of the D-DHS athletic teams. In an effort to further interest in academic achievement, the council set aside $200.00 to be used by those organizations which sent students to academic summer school sessions. On March 12, an open Student Council meeting was held before the entire student body in the large auditorium. A very important amendment to the constitution was finally accepted by both tire Council and the student body this year. The amendment concerned the reduction of members in the Council. Next year one delegate will be elected from each required social studies class and two delegates will be elected from each the junior and senior classes at large. It was decided that, though this would result in fewer council members, it would mean more active members. On the whole, it was a very successful year for the D-DHS Student Council, as it helped to better the school in many ways. 73Muller, Ed Boutelle. BASS TROMBONE: Mike Morgan. BARITONE: Don Francis, John Scheurman, Tom Dunham. TUBA: Phil Sheahan, Jim Jones, Parker Merrill, Larry Werbel. PERCUSSION: Gary Wuhrman, Pat McGlade, John Benson, George Venema, Tom Benson.ONE - AND -TWO - AND .. . The D-DHS Dance Band, FRONT ROW: Margaret Goodman, Phil Johnson, Larry Olsen, Bonnie Veley, Judie Wer-bel, Tom Holden, Larry Sanford. SECOND ROW: Dale Scharine, Kevin Davis, A1 Bartovics, Susan Randall, Ron Oberlc, Jim York, Karen Veley, Dennis Muller. BACK ROW: Sue Scuser, Ann Crames, Phil Shcahan, Pat McClade. The 1962-63 Officers of the Delavan-Darien Band arc Bonnie Veley, freshman representative; Carolyn Kooistra, sophomore representative; Phil Shcahan, junior representative; Phil Johnson, senior representative; Larry Olsen, vice president; Kevin Davis, president; Ann Crames, secretary-treasurer. The D-DHS Band sponsored three concerts this year. The first was in December and was called "Christmas." The second was in February and had an appropriate title, ’February Festival of Music." The third and final concert was in April and was co-sponsored with the Spanish Club. The theme for this concert was "La Fiesta Mexicana." The band also helped the choir with "Carousel." The pep band performed well at the pep assemblies as did the dance band at the mixers. Sue Seuser sang alsong with the dance band. 76GIRLS' CHORUS ■0P- FRONT ROW: Cynthia Pinnow, Sigma Metcalf, Sandy Brewer, Sherry Baker, Patty DeVoy, Debby Britt, Jackie McCartie. SECOND ROW: Gladys Coleman, Pam Ncstrant, Sandy DuCharme, Bonnie Velcy, Jane LeRettc, Barbara Packard, Cindy Brooks, Lois Kelly, Nadine Ciller. THIRD ROW: Sharron Allen, Mary Blair, Mary Morgan, Susan Wilson, Sally Garecht, Lee Ann Britton, Maty Ann Nickels, Lynda Cooper, Susan Garccht. BACK ROW: Diane Scully, Bonita Koepnick, Marlene O'Donnell, Kathy Beycrl, Carol Schneider, Joanne DeLong, Sandy Schircr, Penny Jordan, Victoria Ransom. Since 1957, Mr. Bell has been the director of all the choral groups. During these past six years he has formed the a cappella and madrigal groups. M k Cirls' Chorus Officers: Barbara Packard, librarian; Bonita Koepnick, vice president; Bonnie Veley, president; Mary Morgan, secretary. 77MIXED FRONT ROW: Debbie McQuality, Cindy Newman, Lynn Anderson, Kathy Robinson, Erin O'Conner, Becky Newton, LaVonne Hammerstad, Mary Lou Allen, Judy Schultz, Francis Bartclt. SECOND ROW: Kathy DuCharme, Karen Jacobs, Peggy Mudgett, Sherry Olson, Bob Brophil, Barbara Sullivan, Suzanne McCollough, Joan Ostrum, Linda Zahm, Jeanne Boviall, Sheila Fleming. THIRD ROW: Rosanne Ruffalo, Jeanene Thomas, Anna Mac Eichman, Cheryl Yoiurg, Diann Wippich, Jean Pollack, Sheila Bcyritz, Kathy Davis, Linda Buhler, Judy Reeb, Judy Bcier, Linda Schirer. BACK ROW: Judy Peters, Karen Hann, Kathy Wincapaw, Fern Langenbcrger, Bobbi Olson, Judy Nordstrom, Dick Miles, Karen Baldwin, Carl Hallberg, Patsy Scholl, Sandy Wright. The a cappella choir, organized by Mr. Bell in 1959, has been considered the elite of the vocal music groups in D-DHS. This group performed at the Borg Memorial Dedication Ceremony together with those members of the girls' chorus and mixed chorus. They also impressed a concert audience at the "Songs of Christmas" program in December. A Cappella Officers: Bob Hankins, president; Sandy Deschncr, secretary; Jennie Schmid, librarian; Paul Matson, vice president. FRONT ROW: Jennie Schmid, Thercssa Owens, Carolyn Kohn, Donna Polasik, Louise Lange, Sandy Docschner, Jane Sikes, Barb Woods, Margaret Boutelle. SECOND ROW: Ruth Rissceuw, Karen Truckenbrod, Mary Kenny, Carolyn McDonough, Doris Glazik, Pat Benson, Susan Scuser, Mary Carroll, Debby Gibson. THIRD ROW: Jill Cant, Theresa Ruffalo, Paul Matson, Kevin Davis, Doris DcLap, Bert DeLong, Stuart Brown, Jerry Stafford, Joanne Kohn. BACK ROW: Mike Metzinger, Rich Taylor, Mike D'Amore, Kari Korpela, Bob Buschc, Bob Hankins, Pete Nczki, Bob Mustin, Ron Grair. A C A P P E L L A 78CHORUS FRONT ROW: Rick Faytlc, Dennis Batchelet, Brian Buzrcll, Jean Babcock, Rande Gates, Bcmie Williams, Dick Busche, Mary Pat Yohn. SECOND ROW: Sue Delaney, Patty Leech, Elizabeth Hardt, Ginny Willard, Kathy Davis, Nancy Nelson, Sue Sheehan, Sally Lock, Linda Nystrom, Dick Gcis, Ray Sawyer. THIRD ROW: Carol Schlcigcr, Chris Brahm, Janet Logtcrman, Gayle Williams, Linda Henschel, Linda Hofer, Judy Hintz, Mary Brown, Gary Dillenbeck, Dorothy Williams, Ellen Freitag, Margaret Wiedcmer. BACK ROW: Dick Batchelet, Steve Dunbar, Mike Crams, Darryl Christianson, Tom Boutellc, Dave Bcyorl, Jody Woltcrs, Bob Fairclough, Lynn McDonough, Marilyn Thompson, Ellen Seising. The Madrigal group, selected in November by Mr. Bell, is composed of sixteen of the members of the mixed chorus and a cappella. It was formed to give a select group of students the opportunity to perform small ensemble works. Rehearsing on their own time, they performed in the 1962 annual Christmas program, and at the district solo and ensemble contest in Whitewater. Mixed Chorus Officers: Bobbi Olson, vice president; Judy Peters, secretary; Bcmie Williams, president; Mary Brown, librarian. M A D R I G A L FRONT ROW: Bobbi Olson, accompianist; Carolyn McDonough, Karen Truckenbrod, Jennie Schmid. SECOND ROW: Brian Buzzcll, Janet Logtcrman, Sue Souser, Bcv Byrne, Rich Taylor. BACK ROW: Paul Matson, Jerry Stafford, Bob Hankins, Kevin Davis, Kari Korpela, Mike D'Amore. NOT PICTURED: Pat Benson, Donna Polasik. 79CHEERLEADERS LETT TO RIGHT: D. Dclap, D. Glazik, M. Kenny, J. Gant, B. Olson, and V. Stewart. This picture was posed on a cold day by the new stadium wall. This year's varsity cheerleaders were elected at the end of the 1961-62 school year. Those elected were Barbara Olson, Doris Delap, Jill Gant, Doris Glazik, Mary Kenny, and substitutes Carolyn Kohn and Donna Polasik. The junior varsity cheerleaders were chosqn by a committee of the new teachers during the second week of school. Those chosen are as follows: Captain Lillian Hipp, Laurie Byrnes, Karen Veley, Bonnie Veley, Robin York, Terri Larsen, aid substitutes Barb Sheean and Mary Robbins. Both squads did a fine job of boosting the school spirit within the student body. They made up a number of cute skits which were put on dur-I I ; I IO RIGHT: B. Veley, R. York, K. Veley, L. Byrnes, L. Hipp, ing pep Sessions which Were held in the auditorium before 80 each home game.PEP CLUB To help inspire school spirit at D-DHS, the Pep Club was formed this year. The making of posters, to remind students to attend the games, was the main activity of the club. At tire games the members wore black and white clothing and sat in a special section of the bleachers which was roped off for them. The club sold booster buttons to the students In order to encourage school spirit and raise money for the club. SEATED" Susan Randall, secretary; Lynn McDonough, vice president; and Cynthia Kilkenny, president. PHOTO CLUB This is the first year that D-DHS has had a photo club. It was organized to give tire students interested in photography an opportunity to enlarge and develop their talents. These students were taught the princi -pie parts of a camera and how to use it. Under the supervision of Mr. O. Mourn the photo club took many pictures of D-DHS sports and activities. Though this club is newly organized it contributed a number of pictures for tire COMETEER and ERA. The officers of the club are Jennie Schmid, president; Larry Wcrbel, vice president; Mike D'Amore, treasurer; Jack Mathison, secretary. These officials presided over the meetings of the photo club for the year of 1962-63 school year. SEATED: Jennie Schmid, Larry Werbel. STANDING: Mr. Mourn, Jack Mathison, Mike D'Amore. 81LOUISE JACOBSON CHAPTER, NHS FRONT ROW: Jennie Schmid, Jill Gant, Maiy Kenney, Doris Clazik, Elsa Varoni, Carolyn McDonough, Marianne Neumeier. SECOND ROW: Janet Koepnick, Margaret Bellman, Margaret Wiedemer, Sally Lock, Janet Cardoni, Kathy Bacrbock, Steve Spoerle. THIRD ROW: Bob Smith, Dale Scharine, Marilyn Thompson, Phil Kilkenny, Kathy Davis, Carolyn Kooistra, Mary Robbins. BACK ROW: Albert Bartovics, Bob Hankins, Dick Fleming, Doug Weiss, Larry Olsen, Kevin Davis. FRONT ROW: Maria Calgano, Barbara Woods, Margaret Coodman, Nancy Moyle, Judy Werbcl, Marie Cribben, Donna Comelison, Susan O'Keefe, Margaret Boutelle. SECOND ROW: Miss Shunk, Paul Matson, Carolyn Kohn, Ida Creidanus, Judy Swets, Ruth Ann Bcrkholtz, Mary Austin, Mary Einsiedel. THIRD ROW: Don Francis, Charlie Peterson, Edith Klumph, Linda Schirer, Bev Byrne, Ginny Willard, Karen Veley, Susan Randall. BACK ROW: Mike Grams, John Benson, Len Carlson, Cary Wulirman, Bill Thompson, Alan Nelson, Sue Seuser. 82 Tfc Doris Glazik being served by Kathy Davis. National Honor Society is an organization designed for outstanding students in grades ten, eleven, and twelve. Its purpose is to encourage character development, to create interest for scholarship, to promote leadership, and to bring out a desire to render service in the entire student body. To qualify for the National Honor Society, a student must maintain a minimum grade point of 2.4 (on a 3. basis) for two consecutive semesters prior to nomination. The members engaged in several activities this year, including a Christmas tea, and a visit to the Milton College Choral Union. The National Honor Society also furnishes a free ushering service for plays, and choir and band concerts. Doris Glazik serving Mr. Huckaby. In background are alumni: Karen Mourn, Sandra Morgan, Mary Ami Knight, and Paul Francis. FRONT: Doris Glazik, secretary; Paul Matson, treasurer. BACK: Bill Thompson, vice president; Larry Olsen, president. 83THE COMETEER FRONT ROW: Fritz Walters, Jean Ann Bradford, Ginny Stewart, Theressa Owens, Betty Wagner, Judy Peters. SECOND ROW: Kathy Clark, Karen Truckenbrod, Bev Byrne, Linda Schirer, Janet Cardoni, Karen Schnick. THIRD ROW: Linda Hofer, Bill Thompson, Fred Bull, Phil Kilkenny, Jack Scholle, Bob Smith, Dan Me Lem on. BACK ROW: Peter Johnson, Dick Fleming, Pat Hayes, Doris DeLap, John Byrnes, Mr. Huckaby. Those students studying journalism are members of the Comcteer staff and publish nine issues of the paper during the school year. In addition to learning journalism techniques, the staff publishes the Student Directory and the Comet Trails, a literary magazine containing writings done by students in their English classes. Beverly Byrne was editor-in-chief of the 1962-1963 Cometeer. Other positions on the staff were Dan McLernon, sports editor; John Byrnes, feature editor; Pat Hayes, art and photo editor. Linda Schirer was business manager but became managing editor when Ginny Stewart left that position to become editor-in-chief of the Comet Trails. Bill Thompson became copy editor and Jean Ann Bradford was business manager on the Comet Trails staff. Linda Hofer and Phil Kilkenny were copy editors for the Cometeer. Doris DeLap, Cometeer business manager and Theressa Owens, exchange editor were other changes on die staff during the year. Last year's Cometeer was awarded an international first place award with an "A" for special service by the Quill and Scroll Society in its critical service program lor high school papers. Pete Johnson, copy reader; Beverly Byrne, editor-in-chief; and Linda Schirer, managing editor discusss problems of the paper. 84ERA STAFF FRONT ROW: Kathy Pctcrmann, Sue Lyons, Sandy Deschner, Karen Schnick, Rita Stangler. SECOND ROW: Joyce Hofer, Barb Byrnes, Toni Tifft, Karen Truckenbrod, Pat Laney, Gail Rosenwing. BACK ROW: Dave Fla-hivc, Lcn Carbon, Terry Wibon, Sharon Cameron, Donna Miles, Mr. Huckaby. Not in picture are Gail Thusius and Sue Faber. In past years, the pupils received their ERAs at the end of the school year, but this year the ERA was delivered in August so that the entire year could be included in the book. A party was held at the school, open to all students who purchased yearbooks. This gave them a chance to have their yearbooks signed by classmates and teachers. Pat Laney, senior editor; Sharon Cameron, business manager; Barb Byrnes, editor-in-chief; Terry Wibon, assistant editor. 85JOURNALISTIC HONORS FRONT ROW: Cinny Stewart, Karen Truckenbrod, Linda Schicr, Jean Ann Bradford. SECOND ROW: Sandy Deschner, Barb Byrnes, Bcv Byme, Pat Laney, Janet Cardoni. THIRD ROW: Bill Thompson, Dick Fleming, Phil Kilkenny, Bob Smith. BACK ROW: Peter Johnson, Pat Hayes, John Byrnes. Not pictured, Virginia Keyzer. Seven seniors and six juniors were elected to membership in Quill and Scroll, the international honor society for high school journalists. Members elected last year and still in school are Jean Ann Bradford, Bev Byrne, Virginia Keyzer, and Ginny Stewart. The new members are John Byrnes, Dick Fleming, Pat Hayes, Peter Johnson, Philip Kilkenny, Linda Schirer, William Thompson, Karen Truckenbrod, Janet Cardoni, and Bob Smith--Cometeer staff; Barb Byrnes, Sandy Deschner, and Pat Laney--Era Staff. The officers of Quill and Scroll this year are Pat Hayes, president; Ginny Stewart, vice president; Sandy Deschner, secretary; and William Thompson, treasurer. U ana 4 Jtoirrnatioiul onorarp Soriri? Irl igh Stool Journalists 86KARI VISITS U S. Kari Korpela came to D-DHS shortly before the 1962-63 school year from Kausala, Finland, where he lived with his parents, and older sister, who own a small furniture factor)'. In Dclavan, Kari lived with the Jerome Matson family. Kari attended a private boarding school near his home. He studied Swedish, Cerman, physics, chemistry, and biology. Kari speaks four languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, and German. After he returned to Finland in June, Kari planned to study medicine, possibly in Switzerland. While at D-DHS, Kari was on the B honor roll. He also participated in extracurricular activities; student council, of which he was an honorary member, swim team, madrigal, the musical, and debate club. Kari helped win a number of debates, and received excellent and superior ratings at various contests. Before saying good-by to the U.S., Kari toured the country with other AFS students from many countries. Pictured below arc Paul Matson and Jennie Schmid who were selected by the local AFS chapter to send applications to the National Committee in New York for consideration in the AFS Americans Abroad Program. Although Jennie and Paul, both Juniors, were top students and participated in many extracurricular activities, they were not selected for the program, because of tire shortage of suitable homes abroad. AFS PROMOTES PEACE Two of the major money making projects of the local Adult AFS Chapter and D-DHS Student AFS CLUB last year were the International Night and the AFS Carnival. International Night was sponsored by the adult committee and held on October 27, 1962, at the high school. The evening featured a filmstrip of Finland and the U.S., an international show in the gymnasium, and deserts representative of many countries of the world. The AFS Carnival, also held at the high school, was sponsored by the student club. A large number of organizations set up booths, put on skits, and sold refreshments at the carnival. The admission fees and twenty-five per cent of the profits from all the booths, was donated to the AFS treasury. Both of these money raising projects were quite successful and enjoyed by all who attended them.DAIRY HERD IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Bill Hann, Stan Logterman, Willis Blakely, Harold Todd. SECOND ROW: John Erickson, Bill Tompson, Andy Tcrpstra, Mr. Holman. BACK ROW: Bill Thomas, John Creidanus, Gary Randall, and Dean Logterman. Mr. Holman and the 48 members of the Future Farmers of America have been very busy this year. The FFA was well represented at the Milwaukee State Fair, the Walworth County Fair, the Jr. Livestock Show, and the Spring Market Hog Show, winning many of the championships. At the National Convention, the Delavan-Darien FFA was one of the two schools in Wisconsin which received a gold award for their activities in school. Judging teams coached by Mr. Holman did very well in the events they entered. This year's officers were Cary Randall, president; Dick Locy, vice-president; Albeit Brown, secretary; Bill Thompson, reporter; Bob Jones, treasurer; and Ray Tucker, sentinel. FFA OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Bob Jones, Cary Randall, and Albert Brown. SECOND ROW: Ray Tucker, Richard Locy and Bill Thompson. 88F F A MEMBERS FRONT ROW: Gary Karstetter, Fred Canser, Frank Woolcy, Dennis Duesterbeck, Loren Johnson, Phylis Stcrken. SECOND ROW: Bill Hann, Harold Todd, John Creidanus, Jerry Matzke, Dennis Kruizenga, Diana VanderVeen. BACK ROW: Burton Monsma, Dean Logtcrman, Ron Hann, Virgil Gorgas, David Schlieger, and Burton Wheeler. FRONT ROW: Dick Locy, Ralph Clowes, Dennis Smith, Willis Blakely, Stan Logterman, Ernie Peterson. SECOND ROW: Tony Rodriguez, John Erickson, Bill Thompson, Bill Thomas, Ray Tucker, Andy Terpstra, Mr. Holman. BACK ROW: Larry Hintz, Don Hiemstra, Gary Randall, Albert Brown, Jerry Vance, Lewis Peters, and Ray Qu3dc. Not Pictured, James France, Terry Brown, Mike Heller, Mike Skelton, Maurice Sterken, and Bob Jones.FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA FRONT ROW: Dianne Wippich, Bonnie Schieiger, Terry Bridges, Cathy Holman, Barbara Mudgett, Judy Peters. SECOND ROW: Margaret Beier, Lynn Anderson, Rita Slangier, Judy Schultz, Becky Newton, Kathy Robinson, Barb Woods, Phyllis Dantone, Jeanette Schuett, Mrs. Sutton. THIRD ROW: Joyce Snudden, Ruth Egnoski, Paula Nelson, Lonnie Teubert, Shirley Clowes, Sandy Wright, Mary Lindloff, Barbara Mudgett, Karen Lindloff, Joyce Hofcr. BACK ROW: Mary Hummel, Linda Wineapaw, Marie McDonough, Mary Pat Yohn, Gayle Williams, Jean Babcock, Dolores Logtcrman, Sharon Schuster. FRONT ROW: Janet Koepnick, Margaret Wiedemer, Joan DuBois, Jane Rubeck. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Meams, Barbara Mudgett, Francis Bartelt, Donna Comelison, Lois Drost, Barbara Packard, Jane LeRette, Judy Morrison, Sue Lyons. THIRD ROW: Marianne Ncumeier, Marie Cribben, Susan Randall, Kathy Baerbock, Chris Brahm, Barbara Adney, Lee Ann Britton, Barbara Burcham, Elsie Baran. BACK ROW: Cynthia Kilkenny, Debby Gibson, Elizabeth Hardt, Joanne DeLong, Ellen Seising, Marilyn Thompson, Elizabeth Erickson, Carol Louden, Dorothy Keyzcr. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 90The Ait Club was formed during 1960-61, under the supervision of Mr. Willard Strassburgcr. Each year, in the library, a display of art work from all art classes and the Art Club is shown. Students also submit work to the Milwaukee Journal Calendar Competition for exhibition in the Journal Building in Milwaukee. The Art Club pin was designed by tire Art Club and is given to members as a symbol of achievement, part of which includes regular attendance at club meetings where they work in cooperation with other school functions, making scenery for plays, school decorations, and other needed art work. The Art Club membership is open to students at D-DHS. Officers for the 1962-63 arc: President Bob ART CLUB FRONT ROW: Robert Winkley, Margaret Beier. SECOND ROW: Sandra Wright, Nancy Zolden, Helen Wiedemer, Lynn Anderson, Paula Salas. BACK ROW: Todd Kelsey, Mike Metzinger, Van Brown, Richard Taylor, Mr. Strassburger. To explore tire Interest and abilities in the fields of teaching, to learn about lire profession, how and where teachers receive their training, and to study the lives and influence of great teachers are some of tire purposes of the Marie T. Schoenemann Chapter of the Future Teachers of America. The club added some new amendments which enable members to be awarded pins. In the years before, a member paid his dues and received his pin. This year, members will receive their pin if they have a required number of points. Cindy Pegg was president, Mary Carroll, vice president, Catlre Clark, secretary, Sue Woodard, treasurer, and Mr. Rondeau the club adviser. Winkley and Secretary Judy Beier. PLANNING TO TEACH FRONT ROW: Rosanne Ruffalo, Robin York, Sandy DuCharme, Jackie McCartic, Jeanene Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mary Robbins, Linda Henschel, Sue DcLaney, Sue Woodard, Cindy Pegg, Cathy Clark, Kathy Underwood. THIRD ROW: Brian Buzzell, Mary Schirer, Cathy Tolkuhn, Ida Creidanus, Mary Austin, Margaret Bellman. BACK ROW: Mary Carroll, John Benson, John HeUel, Ellen Freitag, Linda Schirer, Carolyn Kooistra. $1SPANISH CLUB FRONT ROW: David Beach, Bob Rodriguez, Cindy Brooks, Pat Hohl, Jeanne King, Shirley Cassen, Maureen Johnson, Paula Salas. SECOND ROW: Don Francis, Bill Woodard, Trudy Vance, Carol Mestan, Dolores Logterman, Sheila Fleming, Sue Kohl, Carolyn Kooistra. THIRD ROW: Larry Werbel, Donna Rubcndall, Barb McSorlcy, Margaret Bellman, Elizabeth Erickson, Brian Buzzell, Esther Kurzawa, Mr. Rondeau, Adviser. BACK ROW: Don Lonze, Jeanenc Thomas, Viiginia Willard, Barb Sullivan, Pam Loudenbeck, Ben Bigelow, Doi$ Weiss, Elsa Varoni. The Spanish Club included all interested students who had studied the Spanish language. The main goal of the members was to raise money to send students to Mexico City, Mexico, for eight weeks during the summer. Mr. Rondeau was the adviser for the Spanish Club. From left to right arc Margaret Bellman, president; Barb Sullivan, treasurer; Mr. Rondeau, adviser; Barb McSorley, secretary; Dave Beach, vice president. 92FRENCH CLUB FRONT ROW: Bob Secber, Uurie Byrnes, Sherry Olson, Ann Crames, Nancy Moyle, Debby Gibson, Dennis Smith, Kathy O’Brien, Carolyn Boviall, Jean Lena, Sheila Riegcit, Judy Werbel. SECOND ROW: Linda Henschel, Loretta Michols, Jeanette Yungerman, Frank Ludowise, Craig Lauterbach, Tom Robbins, Jill Gant, Carolyn McDonough, Judy Recb, Patsy Scholl, Susan August, Sue Lyons, Gladys Coleman, Toni Tifft. THIRD ROW: Janet Logtcrman, Margaret Coodman, Linda Hirsch, Mike Grams, Mary Lou Peck, Barb Byrnes, Dick Batchelet, Sharon Cameron, Sue Woodard, Judy Beier, Barb Sheean, Janet Cardoni. BACK ROW: Mary Robbins, Joan DuBois, Chris Brahm, Mike Duesterbeck, Jim Jones, Stu Browne, Bert DeLong, Carolyn Kohn, Mary Jean Kenney, Judy Hintz, Doris Glazik, Kathy Beycrl, Kathy Davis. The French Club consisted of all interested French students. The main goal of the French Club this year was to raise money to send interested students to Quebec, Canada, during the summer. The French Club was conducted under the leadership of Mr. Metheany. From left to right arc Nancy Moyle, treasurer; Judy Werbel, secretary; Barb Byrnes, vice president; Mike Grams, president; Mr. Metheany, adviser. 93LATIN CLUB FRONT ROW: Jerry Cehrand, Bob Remus, John Hetzel, Tom Benson, Bob Christman, Dave Flahive, Len Carlson. SECOND ROW: Karen Veley, Exin O'Conner, Robin York, Kathy DuCharme, Betty Ann Bcresh, Sandy Fleming, Lillian Hipp, Diane Mawhinney, Susan O'Keefe, Mary Morgan, Joanne McDonough. THIRD ROW: Donna Comelison, Bonnie Veley, Rosanne Ruffalo, Susan Randall, Marie Cribben, Jill McCartie, Mary Einsiedel, Kathy Baerbock, Mary Schirer, Susan Wilson, Gail Thusius. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Wilkinson, Jim Tsuru, Tom Holden, Sue Delaney, Linda Nystrom, Judy Nordstrom, Betty Hardt, Mary Austin, Ruth Ann Bcrkholtz, Maureen Skopec, Sue Faber. BACK ROW: Sandy DuCharme, Terry Mestan, Dennis Stonewall, Bob Decker, John Benson, Bill Speri, Brian Bates, Randall Bassler, Roger Kurzawa, Karen Nash, Carol Schleiger, Lynn McDonough. The Latin Club was composed of all interested Latin students. The members worked to increase their knowledge of Roman ways and customs through various activities. The highlight of the year was a hayride. Fun was had by all who attended. Mr. Johnson was the adviser of the Latin Club and helped with any problems that arose. From left to right are Mr. Johnson, adviser; Robin York, secretary; Karen Veley, president; Diane Mawhinney, treasurer; Tom Holden, vice president. 94VARSITY CLUB FRONT ROW: Mike Bell, Terry Mestan, Brian Buzzell, Steve Spocrle, Paul Matson, Ron Grair, Tom Madison, Al Williams, Dan McLcmon, Dan Cibson. SECOND ROW: Rich Kuhnke, Bob Remus, Bob Winkley, Cary DuCharme, Alan Nelson, Phil Johnson, Ted Kozlowski, Fred Bull, Jack Schollc. THIRD ROW: Dennis Muller, Tom Benson, Dave Flahive, Doug Spitz, Jim Greene, Ron Wilson, Jim Nostrant, Phil Kilkenny, Pete Nezki, John Sliker. BACK ROW: Mike Canady, Bob Hankins, Mike Michalek, Bob Busche, Ray Blake, Doug Weiss, Dave Bcyerl, Bill Blakely, John Byrnes, Dick Fleming. The Varsity Club was composed of boys who had previously won letters in the various sports. This year the Varsity Club again awarded tire J. Arthur Moran Award to a deserving Senior boy who showed outstanding achievement in tire field of athletics. Bob Busche received the honor this year. Mr. Scharfenberg was adviser for the Varsity Club this year. From left to right are Bill Blakely, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Scharfenberg, Adviser; Dan Gibson, President; John Byrnes, Vice President. 95INTRAMURALS FIRST ROW: Larry Kilkenny, Mike DuCharme, Mike Waling, David Pahl, Jerry Grossman, Russell Dangerfield, Jeff Ncubauer. SECOND ROW: Randall Bassler, Bob Perry, Bill Woods, Bill Woodard, Kim Isherwood, Warren Woods, John Williams. THIRD ROW: Tom Dorsey, Tom Bell, Charlie Peterson, Terry Mestan, Bob Knecht, Chuck Riegert, Bill Meyers, Jerry Gehrand. BACK ROW: Bob Salem, Owen Davidson, Brain Bates, Jerry Vance, Bob Remus, Dick Deschner, Allen Woodard, Don Gregg. FIRST ROW: Bob Smith, Ron Binder, Dale Scharine, Steve Nelson, Lewis Peters, Bob Christman, Jim Bere, Pat Roherty, Neal Wilcar. SECOND ROW: Mr. Clifton, Tom Madison, Bill Thompson, Doug Spitz, Ray Tucker, Phil Shcahan, Teny Wilson, Frank VanHom, Dennis Kruizenga, Ervin Waterstreet. THIRD ROW: Gregg Madison, Jim Tsuru, Dan McLemon, Jim Nostrant, Larry Meyer, Bob O'Brien, Ceorge Wincapaw, Bob Schultz, Mike Skelton. BACK ROW: John Schmidt, Dick Tschantz, Ed Boutellc, Dennis Stonewall, Bill Blakely, Cary DuCharme, Gary Randall, Gary Wright, Mike Parr, Ron Halsted. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE LEAGUE JUNIOR-SENIOR LEAGUE TEAM WON LOST Gehrand Deschner .... . 7 . . . . . . . 5 Kilkenny . . . . DuCharme . . . TEAM WON LOST Sheahan . . . Boutelle . . . Tucker . . . Halsted . . . Randall . . . Spitz 9fiDOWN THE VALLEY Pictured at left is the winning team of the girls' freshman-sophomore bowling league. SEATED: Barb McSorlcy, Marilyn Wilkinson, Miss Harwood, adviser, Robin York. STANDING: Kathy Baerbock, Mary Schirer. Shown below are the top scorers of the girls' junior-senior league of bowling. They are Mary Snodic, Sandra Osborne, Barb Woods. Pictured above is the winning team of the boys' bowling league. SEATED: Gregg Makison, Dennis Eschenfeldt, Bob Perry, Dave Beech. Steve Nelson, Mr. Miesner, adviser. GAA EVENTS The GAA was busy again this year. The members of the organization participated in many activities ranging from a Father-Daughter Banquet, to a camping trip to inter-class athletic events. Mrs. Ber-kompas, under whose supervision the girls did much for fun and recreation, was GAA adviser again this year. Pictured at left is a scene from the Father-Daughter Banquet. The participants in the event were from left to right: Mr. McDonough and daughter Carolyn, Mr. Millard and daughter Doris.TOPS IN GAA Shown above is the winning team of the CAA softball league. FRONT ROW: Shirley Clowes, Margaret Coodman, I ern Langcnberger, Darlene Cregurich, Mary Schircr, Doris Millard. BACK ROW: Mrs. Bcrkompas, Elizabeth Canady, Edith Klumph, Ellen Seising, Kathy Beyerl, Janice Hartman. Not pictured, Marianne Neumirer, Cindy Newman, Elsa Varoni, Margaret Kachinski, Shelia Riegert, Shirley Casscn. Pictured below is the winning team of the GAA basketball league. FRONT ROW: Toni Tifft, Nancy Moyle, Sharon Cameron. BACK ROW: Sandy Wright, Pat Benson, Joan DuBois, Sharon Schuster, Fern Langenbergcr. Not Pictured, Mary Jean Kenny, Barb McSorley, Kathy Baerbock, Kathy O'Brian. Pictured below is the winning team of the CAA volleyball league. FRONT ROW: Joan DuBois, Margaret Coodman, Janet Logtcrman. BACK ROW: Monica O'Brian, Loretta Michols, Karen Nash, Kathy Beyerl, Nancy Moyle. Not pictured, Bev Byrne, Sue Milne, Jeanne Thomas, Helen Koehler. Shown landing on the moon are Sharon Schuster, Joan Du -Bois, Jill Gant, and Sharon Cameron in a scene from "As- Engaged in a golf tournament above are Maria Galgano, Judy Morrisson, Louise Lange, and Carolyn McDonough. Ann Grames, Jill Gant and Louise Lange arc pictured at right as hoodlums from "Beat Generation." Cindy Pcgg is shown above in her religious solo, which was the only solo in the entire show. Above are Lillian Hipp, Margaret Goodman, and Judie Wcrbel in a scene from "Highland Fling." tronauts." 101JUNIOR PROM 1963 KING TED KOZLOWSKI AND QUEEN MARY KENNEY REIGN AT "MOON RIVER" 'Left: Representing the seniors on the court this year were Ann Grames and Steve Spoerlc. Below: Jack Scholle and Doris Clazik were chosen as the junior representatives. Ted Kozlowski and Mary Jean Kenney were crowned King and Queen of the 1963 Junior Prom by last year's royalty, Jill Gant and Mike Lucchesi, as the rest of the court watched. Crown bearers for the coronation were Marcia Scott and Timmy Sturtevant. After being crowned Ted and Mary' led the Grand March. A large audience of parents and friends watched from the gym balcony as the prom-goers marched around the gym and through the halls. The Grand March came to an end as the orchestra played tire theme song, "Moon River." For the remainder of the evening the couples danced to dreamy music, had their pictures taken, and sat at their tables eating punch and cookies. When asked what they thought about the prom, many people said that it was like a dream come true. The pretty flowers, fancy dresses, and the boys dressed up made it seem like a fairy talc--a very happy fairy tale.As couples entered the gym they became surrounded by tire romantic atmosphere of a Southern plantation, which was created by the excitement of prom, and by the decorations made by tire junior class. A sparkling river with a big yellow moon shining down were on one of the gym walls. This accented the theme, "Moon River," while the ribbon ceiling with its glowing lanterns added to the romantic atmosphere. The music was played by the Top Hatters, who performed from the riverboat (shown at right). As couples danced to the dreamy music they might have heard the bubbling fountain, which was located in front of the plantation house. It was on the porch of the house that the king and queen were crowned. Above: John Hembrook and Robin York were chosen to represent the sophomore class. Right: The freshman members of the court were Murphy Hayes and Randi Pierson. 105SENIOR PRODUCTION SITTING: Kathy Davis and Jill Gant. STANDING: Dave Neher, Jean Ann Bradford, Janet Cardoni, Larry Olsen, Sue Milne. BLITHE SPIRIT TOP RIGHT: Larry Olsen's first wife came back to make his life miserable. With a cast of only seven seniors, Mr. Haskins directed "Blithe Spirit" to a successful performance. Altogether, 900 people saw this three-act play. Larry Olsen and Janet Cardoni played the lead parts as Charles and Ruth Condominc. Larry's first wife, Elvira, was played by Sue Milne, and Kathy Davis played the part of Madame Arcati, a medium. Jill Gant, Mrs. Bradford, and Dave Neher, Dr. Bradford, were friends of the Condomines. The maid was played by Jean Ann Bradford. The day after the play the group traveled to White-water to the District Drama Contest, where they were given a "B" rating. ABOVE: The maid, Jean Ann Bradford, brought in the coffee as Larry' Olsen and his wife, Janet Cardoni, were talking. LEFT: Deep in concentration, Jill Gant, Larry Olsen, Janet Cardoni, and Dave Neher wait for Madame Arcati, Kathy Davis, to go into a trance. 106CAROUSEL Jennie Schmid and Pete Nezki, both juniors, were selected to portray Julie Jordan and Billie Bigelow in the music department's presentation of "Carousel." Supporting roles were taken by Sue Seuscr as Carrie Pipperidgc, Bob Hankins as Enoch Snow, Karen Truckenbrod as Nettie Fowler, and Kevin Davis as Jigger Craiggin. Here, Pete Nezki and Kevin Davis are shown shortly before the death scene. This year, "Carousel," shown on April 5 and 6, was a big success with a full house both nights. Mr. David Bell directed the cast of 131 through a very successful production. Here, in the death scene, are Gary Dillenbeck, Bob Buschc, and Jennie Schmid mourning over Pete Nezki. "Carousel" centered around a fishing village on the New England coast where Billie was a barker for the local carousel and Julie worked at Bascombe's Mill. Julie and Billie fell in love and through some misfortune Billie killed himself. Upon reaching Heaven, Billie found that his daughter, Louise, was very unhappy. When he was granted a day on earth, Billie came back to make amends with Louise. Here, Jennie Schmid and Sue Seuser talk over their problems. 107 ALL-SCHOOL PLAY THE MOUSE THAT ROARED LEFT: Janet Cardoni as Cloriana and John Byrnes as Tully B a scorn are talking of marriage in the National Forest of Grand Fenwick, of which Cloriana is queen. BELOW: Jerry Stafford as Count Mount-joy, Sand! DuCharme as Norma, Janet Cardoni as Queen Cloriana, Kathy DuCharme as Helen, student director, Kathy Davis, and Dennis Muller as David Benter are seen here talking in the Throne Room of the castle. This year's play, "The Mouse That Roared," had a cast of 33 members. The play was chosen by Mr. Haskins, director. The story was a satire on the foreign policy of the United States. The "mouse" that roared was Grand Fenwick, a small European country which attacked the United States.STUDENT ACTING FRONT ROW: Jane Sikes, Maria Galgano, Jean Ann Bradford, Judie Werbcl. SECOND ROW: Dave Neher, Barb Byrnes, Mary Carroll, Carolyn McDonough, Kathy Davis, Janet Cardoni. BACK ROW: Bob O'Brien, John Byrnes, Larry Olsen, Dave Beyerl, Joan DuBois, Doris DeLap. To become a Thespian, the understudies, those who signed up for tire dramatic organization, must show willingness to participate and learn dramatic productions. These understudies gain the title of a Thespian by earning ten points which are given after participating in productions. Here, the technique of make-up is being demonstrated by Mr. Haskins, Thespian director, and Jennie McSorley with Kevin Davis as their victim. THESPIAN UNDERSTUDIES, FRONT ROW: Jennie Mc-Sorlcy, Carolyn Kohn, Cindy Pcgg, Margaret Goodman, Jim York. SECOND ROW: Phil Kilkenny, Brian Buz-zell, Kathy Beyerl, Susan Seuser, Ginny Willard, Sharon Cameron. BACK ROW: Van Brown, Dennis Stonewall, Bill Blakely, Dennis Muller, Jerry Stafford, Mike Parr. 10913 EXCEL AT STATE Pictured above arc the students who participated in the forensic program on the local level. FRONT ROW: Bob Hankins, Margaret Goodman, Kathy Davis, Judy Rceb, Karen Veley, Nancy Moyle, Don Francis, Paul Matson, Phil Kilkenny. SF.COND ROW: Jerry Stafford, Charlie Peterson, Maureen Skopec, Laurie Byrnes, Virginia Willard, Kathy Baerbock, Sandy DuCharme, Sue Wilson, Jean Bellman. BACK ROW: Larry Olsen, Roberta DeLong, Ruth Ann Berkholu, Mary Robbins, Jennie McSorcly, Janet Cardoni, Pat Benson, Doris Glazik, Carolyn Kohn. Pictured above are the students who participated in die league competition. FRONT ROW: Charlie Peterson, Kathy Davis, Virginia Willard, Bob Hankins, Phil Kilkenny, Paul Matson, Laurie Byrnes. BACK ROW: Jerry Stafford, Janet Cardoni, Pat Benson, Judy Reeb, Doris Glazik, Larry Olsen, Kathy Baerbock, Mr. Scott. 110Students who participated in the forensic program on the state level arc pictured above. FRONT ROW: Virginia Willard, Janet Cardoni, Jennie Schmid, Mary Kenney, Sue Anderson, Doris Glazik. BACK ROW: Phil Kilkenny, Charlie Peterson, Pat Benson, Larry Olsen, Bob Hankins, Jerry Stafford. Not pictured is Kathy Davis. HARD WORK PAYS OFF Mr. Scott forensic adviser, began working with students participating in the 1963 forensic program early in January. There were a number df students in each of the nine areas which were original oration, non-original oration, declamation. play reading, reading of prose, reading of poetry, public address, four-minute speech, and extemporaneous speaking. Forty students participated in the local contest. Two winners were selected from each category except play reading, in which there was only one. Judges for the local contest were Mr. Scott, Mr. Huber. Mr. Haskins. Miss Harwood, and Mr. Hess. The local winners along with Mr. Scott represented D-DHS at the Southern Lakes League Forensic Contest which was held in East Troy this year. Each year at this contest, a trophy is given to the school which accumulates the highest number of points. Three points are given for each A. two for each B. and one for each C. D-DHS won the trophy this year as well as last year. There were a total of 14 A's and 3 B's from D-DHS for a total of 48 points. The district forensic contest was held in Whitewater this year. Those students who received A's at East Troy were advanced to this contest. Out of 14 students. D-DHS received 12 A's, the highest number of any school in the Whitewater District. Larry Olsen. Virginia Willard, Pat Benson, Charlie Peterson, Bob Hankins. Sue Anderson, Jenny Schmid, Janet Cardoni, Kathy Davis. Doris Glazik, Jerry Stafford. Phil Kilkenny, and Mary Jean Kenney represented D-DHS at the state contest in Madison. Of these students. 9 received A's and 3 received B's. inFRONT ROW: Phil Kilkenny, Doris Glazik, Pat Benson, Gary Wuhr-man. BACK ROW: John Byrnes, Bob Hankins. Each year three girls and three boys are picked from the Junior Class to attend Badger Girls’ and Boys’ State. They are picked on the basis of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character. Girls’ State is held in Madison on the University of Wisconsin campus while the boys go to Ripin College Campus. During their week spent at the Badger State, students from all over Wisconsin learn about government by actually setting up mythical city, county, and state governments. PICTURED ABOVE: Larry Olsen this year received the John Philip Sausa Award from Mr. Spevacek. This award is given each year to the most valuable senior in band. UPPER RIGHT: Bonnie Veley received the Rookie of the Year Award from Kevin Davis, president of the band. This award is given each year to the most promising freshman in the band. LOWER RIGHT: Jennie Schmid and Larry Olsen received the Dramatic Presentation and Persuasion Awards. These awards were given for tho first time this year. They were given to the best speakers in the above forensic categories. 112DEBATE CLUB SEATED: Miss DeSombrc, Jean Bellman, Linda Schircr, Nancy Moyle. STANDING: Paul Matson, Bob Hankins, Kari Korpela. The Delavan-Darien Debate Club, whose adviser is Miss DeSombre, is new to our school this year. A debate team consists of four members, two of which make up the afirmative team, which supports the proposition, while the other two members, called the negative team, support the status quo. The question this year was Resolved: That the United States should adopt a policy of reciprocal free trade with non-Communist nations. The club attended debate clinics at Whitewater and Madison. Some of the debates were held at Whitewater, Beloit, Janesville, and Monona Grove. The following members received ratings on their debates: Superior--Kari Korpela, Bob Hankins, and Linda Schirer; Excellent--Bob Hankins, Kari Korpela, Paul Matson, and Linda Schirer. At the sectional tournament at Fort Atkinson, D-DHS won only one round of debates, so were eliminated from the state tournament. 13 Sports are a big part of school life at D-DHS. The athletes and coaches, the cheerleaders, the faculty and the student body are all part of a good team. We have good athletes and coaches, good cheerleaders, and an enthusiastic faculty and student body. All of these have contributed to our success. Although D-DHS is a young school, our trophy case is by no means an empty one. Our athletic teams have shown tremendous effort and desire in bringing our school to victory. The boys, whether in uniform or not, have done their best to give D-DHS a good name. Our school is proud of its athletes and what they stand for, and they, in turn, are proud to compete for D-DHS. ETICSFRONT ROW: Larry Meyers, Don Francis, Al Williams, Bob O’Brien, Ernie Peterson, Mike Grams, Tom Schlicher, Greg Madison, Tom Madison SECOND ROW: Gary DuCharme, Mike Skelton, Jim Greene, Jack Scholle, Dan McLernon, Mike Bell, Dennis Smith, Carl Zoellncr, Darryl Christianson, Mgr. Fritz Walters. THIRD ROW: Phil Kilkenny, John Byrnes. Bob Busche, Bob Jones, Ray Blake, D3vc Bcyerl, Ron Wilson, Pat Hayes, Pete Johnson, WINNING RECORD D-DHS 7 . 14 D-DHS 0 . 0 D-DHS 6 . .... Elkhorn 0 D-DHS 13 . 0 D-DHS 13 . 7 D-DHS 24 . .... Mukwonago 0 D-DHS 18 . 0 D-DHS 33 . 6 Dan McLernon plunges through the Badger line for short yardage. Delavan-Darien won this hard fought battle 13 to 7.Mgr. Jerry Matzke, Mgr. Mike Parr. BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Tom Scharfenberg, Dick Deschner, Kevin Davis, George Wineapaw, Richard Kuhnkc, Ted Kozlowski, Doug Spitz, Jim Nostrant, Pete Nezki, Mike Canady, Gar ’ Dillenbeck, and Coach Zimmerman. THIRD CHAMPIONSHIP IN SIX YEARS Delavan-Darien came from behind with six straight wins to earn a share with Whitewater in the Southern Lakes Conference Championship. The Comets were underated from the beginning of the year, but showed great improvement and drive after they lost their opening game to Whitewater 14 to 7, and tied the second 0-0 at Big Foot. The season was climaxed by a 33 to 6 win over the Wilmot Panthers, while the previously unbeaten Whitewater Whippets suffered their only defeat of the season at the hands of the Burlington Demons. The news that Whitewater had lost came to the Comets and Comet fans during the final game, thus assuring D-DHS of a tie for the championship. At this note, bedlam broke loose. Football helmets were thrown into the air. and tears of job were shed, while others couldn't quite believe that the Comets had tied for the championship. The Comets, coached by Wally Zimmerman, have compiled a fine record of 40 wins. 6 losses, and 4 ties, over the past seven years. Ray Blake, tackle, and Bob Busche, end, were selected for the All Conference team. Halfback Jack Scholle was selected for second team honors while Bob Jones, Jim Greene, and Phil Kilkenny received honorable mention. After this year's great success, the Comets have their eye on the undisputed title next year. Chances look bright, if they work like they did this year. 117Pass To Michalek Provides Edge In Defensive Baffle N?ne, Mclernon int For TD's; I Half Scoreless spotting Doug Gttrbcr's High dtWB a 7-0 first lend. Cboch Wally Zim-nri'K I - DBS Comets two quirk touchdowns In ond period to b ' their unlng hosin on ■ ’ 1 n - ■ee wire Pt appear r„;;,"",iL°ne jrrr ci icLcrnon rij Althoq seven yunniennan rr. gaining J5wnrric . Bum •take awl Koklou riding defensively ■ -fl V H'-m I - kc- With-Mjl'in -' J r« v,c.:sl% .in-....... Con . 27-13. I:i'l tt-,15 oum pWPTd i Irnoon. Burlington tcjnv: cv I t«rd from running Whitewater in the C ' wUl face each other in thr -a-| three «uco With lim Upper Left .Tod Kozlowski Upper Center . . . Captain Ray Blake Upper Right . . . Dan Me Lemon Lower Left . Rich Kuhnke -mnln f nploi' Harvey on to the' ; With cxptnjj [fourth I 115. hut and tjd ’tried • Altfl Lower Right Phil Kilkenny the four tit period aftei made a dazzling 36 y return to the Rig Fa I thoughmets Rout Wilmot, barn bhare Ut b-L LfOWft ll©,s Running lights Sixth ory Of Year second straight sen van-Dftrien high school r.p the Southern Ijtkey onfcrence. though xhi | spot this year wl cr. •x about when Co '.immermann'a Con iefdated Wilmot dntsday night In W. Borg Memorial hilc Burlington ut ter, 14-13. in « thri! n the Demon flclrl vboHc' three P4',,,n touchdown run pnv as the Comet had II in handing Wilmot trnlglu conference ason. After building ad midway through t quarter. Zimnierina •oral wee of hi rrxrrx remainder of the gnmd omets went GS yards ft lawn the first time t rjmlott Although a 1 yard lOUrhdown nut ene ki nullified by i |K nalty. the Comet n (tinight ground at-ih Schollc. Greene nnd xiChamtc spearheading [ok. drove to the one yard eleven ploy , where went over for the score, v try for the extra point inning ploy was stopped hollo Score Three ti six minute span dur-later part of the first and early part of the Schollc electrified the rowd with three Jonj; |wn runs irst came with less than c loft in the flr i period, 1 Williams intercepted a .Uy Oop" pass on I he D Srix l . on a reverse on a suntntned drive of 62 yard , highlighted by Greene run of 20, 11 and V_ . Greene went the cd tlic the fi- scuttlebutt Tho local football season ter-mieated last Wednesday even InQ In a Comets gained Soutliern Lakes ohamplonehlp. thanks to Burlington's 14-13 upset of Whitewater. Needless to say, the O-DHS student body and fans In win. The D-DHS center was ham- Wednesday night was a mentor -pered by a bad hand, in which, able program Bob Spot,ocek and nine suture had been placed i the ! I HS band put on the best only a short time before the sea- show we've ever seen In prep •on started. I rank . It wo The halfi!"« .—«.-r—— i- Nrdute to the Hit TW %}% • . Wmj ■■■■ .1 ---------- - Crucial Burlington Contest Backdrop For Dedication Of Borg Field Frida Ea Southern Lakes Football I W L T! general really whooped Whitewater ............... 5 0 1 It up when the Burlington victory o-DHS ................. 4 1 1 was announced late In the fourth 3 1 2 quarter. Badger High ............ 3 2 2 Congratulations commendo- Burlington .................. 4 2 0 tlon nnd bouquet galore are E)khorn ................... 2 5 0 due Coache . Wally Zmuticrmunn Ea4t xroy ................ 2 4 0 ar.d Tom Scharfenberg It fill the MiikwonaQo ............ 2 4 0 1962 DDKS football aggregation, wilmot ................ 0 6 0 Hot n team that tost its first Friday's Results game nod tied It second the d-DHS 24. Mukwonnqo 0 Comet rvnlly come up oil the Whitewater 20. Elkhorn 6 Boor to eventually enter the Eatt Troy 7, Burlington 6 championship circle the hnrd Big Foot 20. Badger 20 way. Even if Whitewater had,, -vitmot 38. Richmond. III. 7 beaten Bui'llpi 4’' ' ,H -.opi puled till" _ Oame Friday Kfeat WFr£ «J» ■» at D-DHS Dorg rwever the “'■"mons were do by Bad t week Fri irllnu Or id) t at 7:00 p.m.) WHh MirpriMln Wally Zlmmcrmij rncls scored Mukwonugo I yard In a remark-1 , mam of rx-m f l-1 nm • llliams p’aerk'cked tlie lm to give the Comets u •t quarter lead. In the second quarter, act took over on their wing a Wilmot punt. Du-ripped up the middle for ml ; Greene picked u: 11 first down on vjj. tinnoen. Smith, O’Brien. Grams Touchdowns D-OH8; Schollc 3 (rUn e yards, 34 yard pass from Cf nnd 67 yard punt return) Greene 2, I plunges of 1 yards) Extra Points D-DHS. williams 2 menu) 0 p.m Greene, Mdv Scholle Scot Surprising V! Greene cornice! lictialfk for ft sc r, nr I DuChartr ith ri four ynrder me then hit Schol. •t pans good for 34 ; other touchdown. ' y for the extra point d . than two minutes Intet. lidded n Wilmot punt on -MS -M. and made an un-ible G6 yard touchdown ■ n the west sWello : . A’ ntnxMrt snowed u« ler on. asion . Schollc could not! w i pod Although tin- extra |8url1 , 'gain failed, the Comet | Elkho potent 26-U lead, which. Badger hoJftimc. ol soored midway thrvugnI h'a :d quarter on a fine Ea,t in by Tom Noonan to cut I M rgtn to 26JJ. • Wl,n1 .'omets tallied their final vn in the fourth period In Ihe route od by the p load of 1 burtC were sponsor «lcnt council. Led by the running ami passing of Jim Greene the Comet ran up a ?4-0 hnlftime lead nnd merely coasted the final two Uite in the first period. D-DHS I look possession following a punt dote unofficial -ecord by D-DHS In the the team gote ! n ground. Zinv at midfield. In iix play , highlighted by a 29 yard reverse run by Schollc. the Comets had n first down on the 14. After losing two yard . Greene pu scd to MeLemon for n touchdown Again tho running try for the extra point failed ns D-DHS pasted « 12-0 lend. Thr third DD11S touchdown |Hn Upper Left Upper Right Center Left Jack Scholle Doug Spit delayed somdUfiat 'toe Held dedication program Ing fna« are urged to l e in siadlum l»y 7-.00 pm for f Dedloation! hnpreasiw es-remnny The ) DUS twnd will also take part V. Borg Me |,bc ‘Miration on', w'u P 4 DHS wU be al halftime 'R. with over nr the Burlington .1 V - 7:00 M«Lrmon and Grectw oj . tt tour times and got a ties! k x | . I.u just tawide Itx 11 After Scholl , was nailed tor a four-yard kel ‘Greene hit Busvhe with a pc-feet i»ass for a tourhdeavn: tl first in the new stadium MoLe» nor was stopped Of» n rumtlr • extra point nttempt. tun th-h Comet took a 6-0 lend The Comets e»- ntrt lled th»d that! during the second qunrttk. ndme 11 r 1 play vra tn Burlington t lak Bfrltury most of th«- time. ho» lever the hnlf ended w1tb «)1 anm ’I further scoring o t ?°, In tlie third jK-riod. DpHS 11, il'i terceplw! two pasae w ithin , tliree minute »«n. KllkcnSn, ode U e first interccjaUrn hcfl and the Burlington 40. but t-ns| couldn't capitalize an y 1 were forced to punt On Bqu.| tngtnn' first play after gettiar | : ' deflected pass on the Dernot,pi ie pulled a les muftd" 25. Greene plowed for a fb In live second quarter and dONvn on ,he 15; Schollc gain nine yard In two carries, a Greene came back with u ft, _ yarder for another first down the one. In two plays. C" want over for the score. 4 extra point was 1 . d . Final Touchdown innt touchdown ear0|ai drive after Burl awt did ont see any action the final two period Statistic DD Muk. 59 JCsnady.L ntlnued on Page 18)’ F'nxi Suchy » undofel m n M ‘, m gridder will provL-. iom Madison jrion Friday night® BC W Center Right . . .Jim Greene Lower Left Lower Right Bob Buschc Mike Canady K)HS Comet engage La lx fn a big Horn ■lie. The Dclavan Lilt be the L the colorful lex Kickoff Ir. | ) p m. nnd Lowd is oxT«'ot ins » punt on iThe key play in k» had a fourth I on on the 32, « e first down oeon. i « Two fin« n Ta«' vr Elkhorn 0 f?P hr. 11 Faced will Cua xir situntiou on Cen was Mopped I 8a‘ murk and '«n deep in 41F" . clxmon gap picked up n En 1. and dim ) T e to Iced the c Cu Cet Bu FRONT ROW: Jim Wilkins, Tony Rodriguez, John Erickson, Terry Mestan, Ernie Peterson, Bill Meyer, Warren Woods, John Jones. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Scott Palmer, Tom Benson, Bill Yazbec, Bruce Stickney, Rich Taylor, Pat Welch, Ken Kocmer, Mike Morgan, John Benson, Mike Duesterbeck. BACK ROW: Coach Larson, Dave Fla-hive, John Hcmbrook, Greg Williams, Tom Mabry, Bob Knecht, Larry Hint ., Tom Schlicher, and Statistician John Hetzel. JV IMPROVES RECORD TO 4-2-1 The 1962 JV Team, under the Direction of Head Coach Larson and Assistant Coach Teesch, this year came up with a much improved record of 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. The season was highlighted by a 7-0 upset of the Mukwonago Indians, who were undefeated until that game, and by the running and scoring of left halfback Dave Flahive, who compiled 62 points for the season's total. Others who entered the scoring column were John Erickson with 18 points, Tom Schlicher with 14 points and John Benson and John McLer-non, who each scored 7 points. D-DHS 6 ... . . Big Foot 6 D-DHS 6 . . . . . Elkhorn 21 D-DHS 32 ... . . N.W.M.N.A. 0 D-DHS 12 ... . . Badger 27 D-DHS 20 ... . . East Troy 19 D-DHS 7 ... . . Mukwonago 0 D-DHS 26 ... . . Burlington 19 120FIRST YEAR FOR FRESHMAN FOOTBALL This was the first year in the history of Delavan -Darien High School that a freshman football team was organized. The freshman team was coached by Mr. Walsh and turned in a record of 2 wins and 2 losses for the season. The boys showed much improvement and much drive as the season progressed. With the experience and help the boys have had on the freshman squad, they should find the junior varsity much easier to play on next year. D-DHS 7......Big Foot D-DHS 13......Burlington D-DHS 13......Mukwonago D-DHS 0......Elkhorn 6 6 27 20 FRONT ROW: Russell Dangerfield, Darryl Schuster, Jerry Freeman, Larry Kilkenny, Harvey Gonzalez, Jesse Comfort, Bruce Roberts, Larry Werbel, Bill Woodard. SECOND ROW: Bob Rodriguez, Tom Bell, Tom Dunham, Don Gregg, Paul Vidas, David Norton, Lewis Lindloff, Steve Dunbar, Bob Fairclough, Mike DuCharme. BACK ROW: Coach Walsh, Brad Brown, Jerry Westergaard, Warren Berkholtz, Dean Logterman, Curtis Woods, Randall Bassler, Jim Michalek, Murphy Hayes. 1211962-63 COMET CAGERS FRONT ROW: Jack Schollc, Bill Mcsserschmidt, Gary Wuhrman, Dave Flahive, Ted Kozlowski, Phil Kilkenny, A1 Williams. BACK ROW: Mgr. Carl Zoellner, Mike Michalek, Pat Hayes, Ron Wilson, John Hetzcl, Bob Busche, Doug Weiss. Dave Beycrl, John Byrnes, Bob Mustin, Coach Carl Larson. FIRST DIVISION FINISH This year’s varsity basketball team came up with a much improved conference record of 7 wins and 9 losses. Although the team lost to Burlington in the Regional Tournament, it provided the Comet fans with many exciting moments. The Comets finished in fifth place, winding up the year tied with Badger at the bottom of the first division. There was balanced scoring and good all-round team effort. Toward the end of the season the team traveled to Wil-mot and met the Panthers on their home floor. When the buzzer sounded to end the game, the Comets had a 76 to 58 win over their opponents. What was more important was that Doug Weiss had scored 33 points for the night, breaking the all time high of 30 set by Mike Hayes back in 1960 against the same team. Another great moment this year for the team came when unbeaten Mukwonago traveled to Delavan thinking that it was going to clean house. As it wound up, Mukwonago was beaten 51 to 41 and the Comets had ended the Indians’ string of seven straight wins. The squad was made up of 4 seniors, 10 juniors, and 2 sophomores. With a young squad like this the Comet cagers are looking for an even better season next year. 122Two of the highlights of the 1962-63 basketball season were the outstanding scoring of senior Doug Weiss and the upset of the league leading Mukwonago Indians. In the picture below, Doug is up for another two points against Badger. He later went on to break Mike Hayes' old scoring record of 30 points by scoring 33 against Wilmot. Another great moment came when Coach Larson received a victory ride off the floor after the Comets defeated the previously undefeated Mukwonago Indians by the score of 51-41. SEASON S RECORD D-DHS 41 . Edgerton 47 D-DHS 40 . Elkhorn 54 D-DHS 37 . East Troy 42 D-DHS 46 . Big Foot 35 D-DHS 46 . Burlington 72 D-DHS 68 . Whitewater 64 D-DHS 57 . Wilmot 47 D-DHS 51 . Mukwonago 41 D-DHS 53 . Elkhorn " 65 D-DHS 53 . East Troy 63 D-DHS 49 . Bigfoot 55 D-DHS 43 . Burlington 53 D-DHS 59 . Badger 53 D-DHS 57 . Whitewater 54 D-DHS 76 . Wilmot 58 D-DHS 52 . Mukwonago 62 D-DHS 48 . Salem Central 32D-DHS 51 MUKW0NAG0 41 This was our third victory in a row. Mukwanago had a 6-0 record until they met the fired up Comet team. The team stunned the home town crowd as well as the visiting Mukwanago fans. The Comets took a quick lead of 12 to 4 at the end of the first quarter and were never touched again. They led 29 to 13 at the half and 45 to 23 at the end of die third period. The zone defense, zone press, and control were all major factors in the Comets upset over die Mukwanago Indians. John Byrnes dumping in another bucket to add to the Comet total in their upset of the league leading Mukwonago Indians. While Ron Wilson, Jack Schoilc, and John Byrnes wait for a possible rebound, Doug Weiss tips in another two points. YOU MUST SHOOT Adding to his total of 15 points, Jack Schoilc drives around a Mukwonago defender to score.Sophomore guard Dave Flahive is wide open for a jump shot in the Comets battle with Whitewater High School. The Comets won the game by a score of 57 - 54. Trying to get position for a possible rebound are Ted Kozlowski, John Bymes, and Doug Weiss. TO WIN THE GAME Junior forward John Bymes is up in the air for a ten footer in the game against Whitewater. In this shot it is Ted Kozlowski, Ron Wilson, Dave Flahive and Jack Scholle moving in for the rebound. 125FRONT ROW: Mgr. Bill Yazbcc, Dennis Smith, Brad Brown, John Erickson, Tom Benson, John Benson. SECOND ROW: Coach Tom Scharfenbcrg, John McLcrnon, John Hembrook, Tom Schlicher, Len Carlson. BACK ROW: Jesse Williams, Wally Millard, Tom Mabry, John Hetzel. THE FUTURE LOOKS GOOD! The D-DHS JV team 50, Badger, 36. After this game, the record of the junior varsity was 13-1 with four games to play. Before the season began, the goal of the players and Coach Tom Scharfenberg was to better last year's junior varsity record of 13-5. After the Badger game it looked like a cinch, but it took a 35-34 win over Mukwonago, which was decided by three rounds of free throws, to do it. The Comets had rallied to deadlock the score at 29-29 in regulation time. Earlier in the game John Hembrook sank a technical foul free throw which proved to be the deciding factor. In the other three last games, the Comet JV was upset 42-36 by Wilmot, and 40-39 by Salem Central. They also lost to Whitewater 48-44 who beat them before, for the Comet's only earlier season loss. Forward John Hetzel led the team until he was moved up to the varsity for the last few games. John scored 264 points on 107 field goals and 50 free throws, shot a very fine .486 percentage from the field, and pulled down 173 rebounds, all of which were high for the team. Others scoring over 50 points were John Erickson with 142, John Hembrook 124, John Benson 89, Jesse Williams 67, and Tom Schlicher 65. In other important catagories, John Erickson was high in assists with 47 and John Hembrook in free throw percentage with .702. JV INDIVIDUAL RECORD Total Field Goals Attempted .... 934 Total Field Goals Made........... 324 Field Goal Percentage................347 Total Free Throws Attempted .... 361 Total Free Throws Made......... i76 Free Throw Percentage................490 Total Points Scored by JV's...... 824 Total Points Scored by Opponents . . 686 Average Points Scored by JV’s ... . 46 Average Points Scored by Opponents . 38 1265LLU1NU KUW: FRONT ROW: Fritz Flemming, Larry Watershed. Harvey Richards, Rick LaBoUV, BniCe Bob Kochi, Craig Lauterbach, Jim Michalek, John Jones, Curtis Woods. BACK Stickney, Dean Logtcrman, Coach Bart Walsh. AN EXCITING SEASON FRESHMAN RECORD This was the second year for a freshman basketball team, the difference being, the freshmen had their own coach, Mr. Walsh this year. The season had it’s share of romps and close games going both ways. The team beat the Big Foot freshmen both games by a total of 30 points, and also beat the Salem Central freshmen team twice, but this time by a total of 2 points. They split with the Burlington freshmen, winning the first by four points, 28-24, and losing the second by a single point, 29-28. It was a very exciting season for Delavan-Darien fans as well as being hard on one’s nerves. In the latter part of the season Jim Michalek and Larry Water street were moved up to the junior varsity. D-DHS 30 . . D-DHS 48 . . D-DHS 28 . . D-DHS 28 . . D-DHS 44 . . D-DHS 36 D-DHS 41 . . D-DHS 44 . . Whitewater 36 Big Foot 28 Burlington 24 Burlington 29 Salem Central 43 Whitewater 40 Salem Central 40 Big Foot 34 127FRONT ROW: Darryl Christenson, Dan Gibson, Dave Norton, (Team Mascot), Brian Buzzcll, Terry Mestan, Eric Thornton. SECOND ROW: Coach Peter Rempc, Frank Hennerley, Dale Scharine, Ron Grair, Dennis Muller, A1 Bartovics, Pete Johnson, Dick Deschncr. BACK ROW: Kari Korpela, Phil Johnson, Steve Sporelc, Gary DuCharme, Capt. Bob Winkley, Paul Matson, Mgr. Mike Canady. BEST SWIM TEAM IN D-DHS HISTORY This season’s varsity swimming squad, with an overall record of 11 wins and 2 losses, is by far the most successful team in Delavan-Darien’s history. Much credit should be given to Mr. Rempe and his varsity swimmers for their remarkable feats this year. Many records were broken this year at the D-DHS pool. Ron Grair set a new record for die individual medley in 2:33.4. breaking the old mark set back in 1959 by Frank Panaczek. Also the relay team of Ken Koerner, Phil Johnson, Paul Mat-son and Dennis Muller cracked a school record in the 200 yard free style relay with a time of 1:46.1. Other records broken were by Ron Grair in the 100 yard breast stroke with a fine time of 1:09.3, while Pete Johnson was busy bettering the old mark of 5:16.8 in the 400 yard free style by turning in a time of 5:11.1. The highlight of the season came when the D-DHS tankmen traveled to Kenosha for their last meeting of the season. The Comets had previously beaten Kenosha in a very close meet and Kenosha was looking for revenge. The meet was so thrilling that it came right down to the last event. The Comets were trailing by four points and needed this event, the free style relay, to win. As it came out, the Comets won the event and the meet by the score of 49 to 46. The Comets only two losses were suffered at the hands of the Wayland Academy Swimmers. February 23, Coach Pete Rempe took Ron Grair, Gary DuCharme, Phil Johnson and manager Mike Canady to the State Swim Meet at Menomonee Falls. When the meet was completed, these D-DHS swimmers had seven points which was good for 13th place. Our 200 yard medley relay team of Winkley, Grair, DuCharme and Phil Johnson finished 5th, while setting a local school record of 1:54.3 in the preliminaries. Ron Grair finished 4th in the 100 yard breast stroke, but he was the only junior competing, so watch for him next year. In a special meeting, the team members voted Bob Winkley honorary team captain, and most valuable swimmer for the second year in a row.Bob Winkley, captain, center above, got off to a good start at the sound of the gun. Bob was elected most valuable swimmer of the team in 1963. FRONT ROW: Dennis Muller, Kari Korpela. BACK ROW: Steve Sporcle, Dan Gibson, Phil Johnson, Bob Winkley, and Mike Canady, Mgr. These seven swimmers completed their final year of competition at Del avan-Darien High School. SWIMMERS POST 11-2 RECORDFRONT ROW: Tom Dunham, Fritz Walters, Jim York, Scott Palmer, Rick Faytle, Greg Buzzell. SECOND ROW: Coach Don Teesch, Larry Kilkenny, Paul Vidas, Larry Wcrbel, Bill Speri, Dan DeWolfe, Stan Lange, Randall Bassler. BACK ROW: Bob Brophil, Don Lonzc, Bob Fairclough, Brian Fleming, Dick Batchelet, Ron Kittlcson, Van Brown. JV SWIMMERS POST 3-2 MARK The 1962-1963 Junior Varsity Swimming Team D-DHS enjoyed a better than average season with an overall dual meet record of 3 wins and 2 losses. Paul Vidas and Bill Speri led all JV swimmers in scoring with 22 1 2 points. Following them close behind was Terry Mcstan with 21 1 2 points and Brian Buzzell and D-DHS Van Brown, both with 17 points. In addition to their dual meet record, the freshmen of the JV team traveled to Janesville for a freshman invitational meet. They finished fourth behind Marshall of Jansville, Freeport of Illinois, and Frank- D-DHS lin of Janesville, in that order. The following members of this year's team received numerals for their competition: Paul Vidas, Bill Speri, Frank Hennerlcy, Randall Bassler, Van Brown, Don Lonze, and Dennis Knotts. Brian Buzzell, Fritz Walters, D-DHS and Dick Dcschner were recognized as previous numeral winners by Coach Donald Teesch. 28 54 40 47 Marshall...............50 Kenosha.............35 Fort Atkinson..........29 Franklin................39 130KNEELING: Brian Buzzcll, Don Lonze, John Slikcr. SECOND ROW: A1 Nelson, Paul Matson, Terry Mestan, John Watts, Bill Woodard. BACK ROW: Bob O'Brien, Dick Fleming, Stu Browne, John Hctzel, Bob Hankins, and Coach Breidcnbach. COMET NETMEN POST 8-2 RECORD The D-DHS tennis team, under the direction of Coach Don Breidcnbach, did a fine Job, coming up with an over-all record of 8-2. The Comet netmen, until May 5, won all of their first eight meets. Then they fell to the Burlington squad 3-2. The results of the Burlington meet threw the conference race into a tie between Elkhorn and Delavan-Daricn. The next meet would decide who was to be the Southern Lakes Tennis Champions for 1%3. The meet was held on the new tennis courts, a part of the new George Borg Memorial Field. As it turned out the Comets suffered the loss by a 3-2 decision. The results are as follows, singles competition, Dan Collins won over A1 Nelson (D-DHS), in a rough match which lasted approximately four hours. The scores were 7-5, 21-23, 6-3; Bob Hankins (D-DHS) beat Bob Cape, 6-2, 1-6, 6-4; and Dick Flemming (D-DHS), lost to Curt Quass, 5-7, 6-1, 3-6. In the doubles competition, the team of Brian Buzzcll and Terry Mestan (D-DHS) beat Bill Dowse and John Byrnes, 6-1, 6-1; and John Warthman and Ken Bums beat Bob O'Brien and John Hetzcl (D-DHS), 6-2,8-6. Even though the Comets lost the championship this year, they'll have another crack at it next year because they will have their entire starting team back. At left is A1 Nelson, who was elected captain for the 1963 season. 131FIRST GIRLS’ TEAMS FRONT ROW: Judy Peters, Carolyn Mestan, Toni Tifft, Mary Einsiedel, Kathy DuCharme, Sandy Fleming. BACK ROW: Mary Schirer, Karen Nash, Joan DuBois, Maureen Skopoc, Laurie Byrnes, Virginia Stewart, and Mrs. Cutting, adviser. LEFT TO RICHT: Carolyn Kohn, Sheila Fleming, Ellen Freitag, Barb McSorley. D-DHS's first girls’ tennis team was organized in the spring of the 1962-63 school year. Fourteen out of the thirty-five girls who tried out made the team. These girls were chosen according to their ability to play tennis. their knowledge of the rules, their attendance at practices, and their determination to win. Seven girls attended each meet with three playing singles and two sets of doubles. Mrs. Cutting was their adviser. D-DHS's first girls' golf team was organized in the spring of the 1962-63 school year. The team consisted of four members who played in a meet every Monday night. The scores of the four were combined to determine die winner of each meet. With Miss James as its adviser, the team attended four meets. 132FRONT ROW: Mat Cummings, Bob Remus, Ron Kittleson, Mike Cummings, Steve Spoerle. SECOND ROW: Dale Scharine, Pat Welch, Gary Wuhrman, Tom Benson, Ceorge Venema. BACK ROW: Cktug Weiss, Gary Wright, John Schmidt, A1 Nicoli, Dick Kavanaugh, Rick LaBouy, and Coach John Peters. VARSITY GOLF Seven returning letter men, seniors Doug Weiss, who was ineligible last year because he won the Wisconsin State Public Links Golf Tournament, Gary Wright and Steve Spoerle, junior Neal Weiler and sophomores Tom Benson, Pat Welch, Bob Remus, with freshman Rick LaBouy held the hopes and were the backbone of this years golf team. They completed the season in great style, by winning their first ten matches and a tie with Burlington for the conference crown. In the Janesville Invitational, Del avan-Darien entered Doug Weiss 82, Gary Wright 81, Tom Benson 83, and Bob Remus 88, for a 334 total which was good for tenth place out of a field of 29 teams competing in the tournament. At right is a shot of captain Doug Weiss. 133VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Bob Mustin, Greg Madison, Dan McLernon, Mike Michalek, John Hembrook, Bill Yazbec, Tom Madison. BACK ROW: Bill Messerschmidt, Coach Webb Schultz, Jim Greene, Jim Nostrant, Gary DuCharme, Jesse Williams, Bob Schultz, Len Carlson, and Jim Michalek. On May 28, the Comet’s varsity baseball squad couldn't seem to do anything right as they lost 4-0 to Badger in the final game. The loss gave Badger the championship by only one game. This was Webb Schultz's last year of coaching at Delavan-Darien High School. Mr. Tom Scharfenberg will take over the position next year. In their first game, the Comets dumped Mukwonago by a score of 9-3 with Dan McLernon picking up the win. Dan racked up his second win of the season as a Comet rally edged East Troy 7-6 after being behind 5-0. Jim Nostrant easily won the next game as Delavan-Darien rolled over White-water and three pitchers 22-4. Next, they suffered their first defeat at the hands of VVilmot 7-3, but then came back to beat previously unbeaten Big Foot 4-2 behind the fine pitching of Dan McLernon. Next they beat Elkhorn 3-0 coming up with three runs in the bottom of the sixth. Dan McLernon again got the win with a 2-hitter making his record 4-1. The Comets then dropped their second decision to Wilmot in the first game of the tournament. They next whipped Burlington and then met Badger in the final game. Shortstop Mike Michalek was voted captain by the players and also won the batting trophy with a .444 batting average. Jim Nostrant lines a single to right field in a game against the East Troy Trojans. The Comets late rally won the game 7-6.JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Eddie Chapin, Stan Logterman, Bob Rodriguez, John Rcyenga, Warren Woods, Harvey Gonzalez, John McLcrnon, Tom Schlicher, Craig Lauterbach. SECOND ROW: Bob Decker, Dave Norton, Bob Koehl, Steve Dunbar, Lcs Watcrstrcet, Wally Millard, Tom Mabry, Alan Woodard, Curtis Woods. BACK ROW: Larry Water-street, Bruce Roberts, Steve Lange, Larry Vcgtcr, Dick Batchelet, John Benson, Ralph Clowes, Wayne Pratis, David Pahl, Dick Miles, Coach Tom Scharfenberg. A .667 percentage and fine freshman performances highlighted this year's JV baseball season. They downed Mukwonago 7-5 in the opener and were next edged by Big Foot, 2-1. After routing Badger 14-2, a fine relief performance by Craig Lauterbach including 8 strikeouts in a row, gave the JV's a 6-6 tic against Burlington. The game was called because of darkness. They then played Burlington again. This time Brad Brown pitched a 2-hit shutout giving the Comets a 4-0 win. The JV's edged Badger 2-1 in the final game for a 4-1-1 record. 135TRACK 1963FRONT ROW: Dave Beyerl, Ernie Peterson, Pete Nezki, Ron Grair, Tod Kozlowski, Fred Bull, Terry Wilson, Gary Randall, Phil Kilkenny, Phil Sheahan, Pat Hayes. SECOND ROW: Dick Deschner, Mike Skelton, John Erickson, Larry Meyer, Ray Blake, Doug Spitz, Mike Canady, Darryl Christianson, Mike Grams, Dave Flahive, Tony Rodriguez, Don Francis. THIRD ROW: Larry Werbel, Brian Fleming, Bob Fairclough, Ron Oberla, Bruce Stickney, Eric Thornton, Jim Wilkins, A1 Bartovics, Bill Woods, Paul Hauns, Russell Dangcrfield. FOURTH ROW: Mike Guilday, Mike DuCharmc, Darryl Schuster, Warren Bexkholtz, Rick Faytle, John Jones, Dan DeWolfo, Larry Kilkenny, Jerry Wcstergaard. BACK ROW: Coach Wally Zimmerman, Carl Zoellncr, Wade Clark, Fritz Walters, Jim York, Tom Robbins, and assistant Coach Carl Larson. FIFTH IN SECTIONAL SIX TO STATE With a young squad and the loss of quite a few lettermcn last year, Coach Wally Zimmerman might well have expected a "rebuilding" year in the 1963 track season. The Comet thine lads suffered only two losses this season. The first was at the hands of the Burlington Demons and the other was at the hands of the Mukwonago Indians in a triangular meet. The team finished third this year in the conference track meet held in the George Borg Memorial Stadium Whitewater nosed the Comets out of second place by one-half point, while Mukwonago took home the championship. This was the first year that the sectional track meet was held in Delavan. The Comets finished fifth in sectional and sent six to the state meet. In the state track meet, held at Monona Grove, the Comets had two places. The 880 relay team of Fred Bull, Ron Crair, Phil Kilkenny, and Mike Canady took a fourth, while the Medley relay team of Canady, Kilkenny, Grair, and Gary Randall finished fifth. Two team records fell this season on the new track. Fred Bull ran the 100 in 10.1 sec. to beat the old mark of 10.4 set by Bill Wagner in 1962. The discus record also fell. Bob Busche threw the discus 128 ft. 2 in., beating the old mark of 127 ft. 2 in. set by Rich Huber in 1962. 138ATHLETES WIN HONORS JOHN BYRNES . . . received a trophy for having the highest percentage of free throws for the 1962-63 basketball season. This was the first year that D-DHS has given such an award. BOB BUSCHE . . . was awarded the J. Arthur Moran Award for being an outstanding senior athlete and excelling in at least one sport each season. DOUG WEISS . . . with 221 rebounds broke the rebounding record formally held by Mike Hayes. BOB BUSCHE and RAY BLAKE . . . seniors, were chosen as members to the Southern Lakes All Conference Football Team. BOB WINK LEY . . . senior, was voted the most valuable swimmer of the year, and captain of the swim team. FRED BULL . . . junior, broke the team record for the 100 yard dash with a winning time of 10.1. 139 STUDENT INDEX Abernathy, Charles (Chuck)(10) Adkins, Paulette (10) 45 Adney. Barbara (9) 51.90 Alberth. Lillian (II) 40 Allen. Margaret (11) 40 Allen. Mary Lou (10) 45. 71.78 Allen, Sharron (9) 51,77 Ames, Dennis (9) 51,74 Ames. Dianne (11) 40,74 Anderson, Lynn (10) 44. 78.90.91 Anderson. Robert(Bob) (9) 51 Anderson. Susan (Sue) (II) 111 August. Susan (9) 51,93 Austin. Edward (9) Austin, Mary (10) 44,74. 82.81.94 Babcock. Jean (10) 45.79. 90 Bacrbock. Kathleen (Kathy) (10) 45,, 110 Baker, Sherry (9) 51.77 Baldwin. Karen (11) 40.78 Baran. Elsie (9) 51.90 Bartelt, Francis (11) 40. 78.90 Bartovics. Albert (11) 40. Basslcr, Randall (9) Si. Batchelet, Dennis (12) 11. 79 Batchelet, Richard (Dick) (10) 79 Bates. Brian (10) 45.74.94. 96 Beach. David (10) 45.92. 97 Be ter. Judy (II) 40,45.78. 93 Beicr. Margaret (10) 90, 91 Bell. Michael (Mike) (12) 11,95,116,118 Bell. Thomas (Tom) (9) 51. 96,121 Bellman. Jean (9) 51.110. 113 Bellman, Margaret (11) 40. 82.81.92 Bender. Ronald (11) 40, 96 Benkovic. Steve (10) 45 Benson, John (10) 45,50, Benson, Patricia (Pat)(U) 40.78.98,110.III.112 Benson. Thomas (Tom) 45. Bere. James (Jim) (11) 40. 96 Beresh. Betty Ann (10) 4 , 72.94 Berkholtz. Ruth Ann (10) Berkholtz. Warren (9) 51, 138 Beyer 1. David (Dave) (12) Beyerl. Kathleen (Kathy) (9) 51.77,93.98 Beyritz, Sheila (II) 40.78 Bigelow, Benjamin (Ben) (11) 40.74.92 Bigelow, Judith (Judy) (10) 44 Blair, Mary (9) 51 Blake. Raymond (Ray) (12) 7,11, Blakely. William (BUI) (12) 11.72.95,96 Blakely, Willis (10) 45.88. 89 Bliss. Kenneth (Ken) (11) 40 Boersma. Kitty (10) 45 Boisvert. Michael (Mike) (10) 45 Boss, Norma Jean (9) 51 Boutcllc, Edward (Eddie) (11) 40,74 Boutcllc, Margaret (12)’ 12,74,78,82 Boutcllc. Robert (Bob) (10) 45 Boutelle, Thomas (Tom) (11) 40.79 Boviall, Carolyn (9) 51,74. Boviall, Jeanne (II) 40.78 Bradford, Jean Ann (12) 12, 84,86.106 Brahm, Christine (Chris) (11) Brewer, Sandra (Sundy)(9) 51.77 Bridges. Terry (12) 12.90 Britt. Deborah (Debby) (9) 51.77 Britton, Lee Ann (9) 52,77, 90 Brooks. Clnda (Cindy) (9) Brophil. Robert (Bob) (9) 52.78.130 Brown. Albert (Al) (12) 12. 88.89 Brown. Bradley (Brad) (9) 52.121.126 Brown. Mary (II) 40.79 Brown. Terry (II) Brown. Vank'trk (Van) (9) 52,91 Browne, Stuart (10) 45.50. 78 93,]3i Buhier. Linda (10) 45.78 Bull, Fred (11) 40.41,84, 95, 137, 138 Burcham. Barbara (Barb) (10) 45,90 Busche. Richard (Dick) (10) 45,79 Busche. Robert(Bob)(12) 12,,116,119, 122,137 Bu .zcll. Brian (10) 45,79. 91,92.95,108.128,131 Bu .zcll, Gregory (Greg) 52.130 Byrne. Beverly (Bev)(12) 13,72.79,82.84.86 Byrnes. Barbara (Barb) (12) Byrnes. John (It) 41.72. 84, 116,122.124. 125 Byrnes. Laurie (9) 52.71. Cairns. Barbara (9) 52 Cameron. Sharon (II) 41. 85,93.98.99 Canady. Elizabeth (12) 13. 74.98 Canady. Michael (Mike) (12) 13,95,116,119. 128. 129.136.138 Cardont. Janet (12) 14,24. Ill Carlson. James (J tn) (10) 45 Cur Ison, Leonard (l.en) (10) 45,72.82,85.94. 126, 1 •» Carroll, Mary (12) 14.78. 91 Case, Linda (9) 51,52.74 Chapin, Edward (Ed) (9) 52.135 Christianson, Darryl (10) Christman. Robert (Bob) (11) 41.94.96 Cicslak. Walter (10) 45 Clark. Catherine (Cathc) (II) Clark. Harold (Wade) (9) 52.74.138 Claus. Janet(9) Clowes. Ralph (10) 89. 135 Clowes, Shirley (11) 90, 98.99 Clutter. Camille (Cami) (11) 41 Cohard. David (9) 52 Cole. Lynn (9) 52 Coleman. Gladys (9) 52, 77.93 Comfort, Jesse (9)52. 121 Coogan, Gertrude (Trude) (11) 41 Coogan. Michael (Mike) (10) 45 Coogan. Philip (Phil) (11) 41 Cooper. Lynda (9) 52.77 Cornelison, Donna (10) 45, Craig. Kathy (11) 41,74 Crlbben. Mane (10) 45.74. 82.90.94 CUllcn, Phillip (Lance) (9) 52 Cummings. Matthew' (Mat) (9) 52 Cummings. Michael (Mike) (9) 52 D'Amore. Michael (Mike) (11) 78.79.81 Dangcrftcld, Russell (9) Dantone, Phyllis (12) 14,90 Daniels, Sharon (12) 14 Davidson. Oliver (10) 45 Davidson. Owen (9) 52.96 Davis, Kathleen (Kathy) (10) 45,78,83 Davis. Kathrvn (Kathy) (12) 15,58, 110 Davis, Kevin (12) 15.20. 72, 116 Davy, William (9) 52 Decker. Robert(Bob)(10) 45.94.135 Dccgan, William (9) Delaney, John (9) Delaney. Susan (Sue) (10) DeUp, Doris (12) 15,70, 78.80,84 DeLong, Joanne (9) 52.77, 90 DeLong, Roberta (Bert) (11) Demere, Lee (11) Demere. Sharon (12) IS Deschner. Elaine (9) 52 Dcschner, Richard (Dick) (10) 45, 140Deschner, Sandra(Sandy) (12) DeVoy. Dennis (10) 46 DeVoy, Patricia (Patty) (9) 52.77 DeWolfe, Daniel (Dan) ‘ ) 52.130.138 DeWolfe. Terrence (Terry) (ID 41 Dibble, Arthur (Art) (12) 15.74 Dillenbeck. Gary (II) 41. 79.107.116 Doering. Richard (9) 52 Dorsey, Thomas (Tom) (10) 46.96 Douglas. Wanda (10) 46 Drost, Lois (9) 52,90 DuBots. Joan (11) 41.74. DuCharme. Gary (II) 41. 95, DuCharme. Kathleen Kathy)(10) 132 DuCharme. Michael 'Mike) (9) DuCharme, Sandra (Sandy) (9) S2. 110 Duetuerbeck. Dennis (9) 52 Duesterbeck, Mary Kay (12) 16 Duesterbeck, Michael (Mike) (10) 46.72.93. 120 Dunbar, Steven (Steve) (9) 52,79.121,135 Dunham. Thomas (Tom) (9) DuVall, Richard (Dick) (12) 16 Egnoski. Ruth (II) 41.90 Eichnutn. Anna Mae (12) 16.78 Eicksteadt, Veronica (II) 41 Elngicdcl, Mary (10) 46. Ellington. Scott (9) 53,74 Bpdl. Dorothy (10) 46 Erickson. Elizabeth (9) 53, 74,92 Erickson. John (10) 46.88. Eschenfeldl, Dennis (11) 41.97.120 Faber, Susuu (Sue)(10) 46.94 Fagan, Thomas (Tom) (12) 16 Fairclough. Robert (Bob) (9) 53.72,79.121.130. 138 Faytle, Frederick (Rick) (9) Felger. Gcorgean (10) Fenn. James (Jim) (12) 16 Flahive. David (Dave) (10) 125, 138 Fleming, Brian (10) 46. 130.138 Fleming, Frederick (Fritz) (9) S3. 127 Fleming. Richard (Dick) (11) 41.72.82,84.86,95. 131 Fleming, Sandra (Sandy) (10) 50.74. 132 Fleming, Sheila (II) 41. France. James (Jim) (10) 46 Francis, Don (11)41.74, Freeman. Gerald (Jerry) (9) 53.121 Freltug, Barbara (Barb) (9) 53 Freitag, Ellen (N) 41.79. 91.99,132 Freitag. Wynnefred (Wynne) (12) 17.74 Galgano, Maria (12) 17.82. 100 Ganger, Frederick (Fred) (10) 46 Gand. Jill (12) 17,31,72. Garecht. Sally (9) 53,77 Garecht, Sherry (II) 41 Garecht. Susan (9) 77 Gassen, Shirley (9) 53.92 Gates, Runde (11) 41 Gehrand. Gerald (Jerry) (10) 46.91.96 Geis. Richard (Dick) (9) 53.79 Gibson. Daniel (Dan) (12) Gibson. Deborah (Dabby) (12) 18.78.90,93 Ciller, Nadine (9) 53.77 Ginner. Toni (10) 46 Gissko, Edward (Ted) (10) 46.74 Clazlk. Doris (II) 41.78. 112 Glendcnning, Thomas (Tom) (I I) Goff. Geraldine (11) 41 Gonzalez, Harvey (9) S3. 121.135 Goodger, Shirley (10) 46 Goodman, Margaret (10), 101,11(1 Gorgas. Virgil (12) 18 Grnlr, Ronald (Ron) (II) 41.78.95,128.136. 138 Grams. Michael (Mike) (10) 116. 138 Granted, Ann (12) 10.20,,101.105 Greene. James (Jim) (11),134 Gregg. Donald (Don) (9) 54.96.98. 121 Greggurich. Darlene (9) 53 Greggurieh, Leonard (9) 53 Greidanus. Ida (12) 18.82. 88.91 Greidanus, John (10) 4t .88 Grossman, Jerry (10) 46, 96 Hallbcrg, Carl (9) 53,78 Halsted. Ronald (Ron) (12) 18.96 Hammcrsiud. Bennie (9) 53 Hammerstad, LaVonne(ll) 41,78 Hankins. Robert (Bolt) (11), MO. m. 112.113,131 Hann. Karen (12) 18.78 Hann. Ronald (Ron) (12) 19 Hann. William (Bill) (9) 33.88 Hansen, Charles (Chuck) (ID 41 liardt, Elizabeth (10) 46. 79.90.94 Hartmann. Janice (12) 19. 98 llauns. Paul (9) S3. 138 Hayes, Martin (Murphy) (9) 54. 105. 121 Hayes, Patrick (Pat) (11) Hayes, James (Jim) (12) Hclllgcnthal, Robert (89b) (10) Hclligenthal, Sally (9) 53 Heller, Mary Lou (9) 53 Heller, Michael (10) 46 Heller, Paula (11) 41 Hembrook, John (10) 46.,134 Heminover. Roy (11) 41 Hennerley. Frank (10) 46. 128 Henning. Karen (II) 41 Henschel. Linda (10) 46, 79.91.93 Herron, Billie Goylc (9) 53 Herron, Penny (II) 41 Mctzcl, Betty (11) 42 Hcizcl. John (10) 46,91.94. 120.122,126,131 Hicinstru, Donald (Don) (10) 46.89 Hiemstru. Shirley (12) 19 Hints, Judy (11) 42,79.93 Hintz, Larry (10) 46.89. 120 Hipp. Douglas (Doug) (12) 19 Hipp. Lillian (10) 46.72. Htrsch. Linda (9) 53.93 Hofcr. Joyce (10) 46.90 Hofer, Linda (II) 42.79, 84.85 Hohl. Patricia (Pat) (9) 53. 92 Holden, Thomas (Tom) (10) Holman, Catherine (Cathy) (10) Hopkins. John (10) 46 Hummel. Mary (9) 53.90 Lshcrwood, Kim (10) 46.‘ 6 Jacobs. Barbara (9) 53 Jacobs. Karen (10) 46,78 Jansa. Kathleen (Kathy) (11) 42 Johnson, Daniel (Dan) (9) Johnson. David (11) 42,53. 74 Johnson, Eric (9) 53 Johnson, Loren (9) 53.74 Johnson, Maureen (9) 53.92 Johnson, Peter (11) 44.84, 86,116.128 Johnson. Philip (Phil) (12) 129 Jones, lames (Jim) (12) 20. 74.93 Jones. Jeanette (Jcannie) (ID 42 Jones, John (9) 54.74. 120. 127.138 Jones, Robert (Bob)(11) 42,88.116 Jonusku. Donald (Don) (II) 42 Jordan. Penny(9) 53,77 Jorgenson. Karen (III Jung. Buck (9) 54 KachInski. Edward (Ed) (9) 54 Kachlnski, Margaret (10) 46 Karstetter. Gary (9) 54 Kashuta. David (II) 42 141kashuta. Mary (9) 54 Kasputis. Charles (Chuck) (ID 42 Kasputis. William (Bill) (II) 42 Kavanaugh, Richard (Dick) (11) 42 Keegan, Francis (9) 54 Kelly. 1.0)8 (9) 54, 77 Kelsey, Carleton (Todd) (12) 20,91 Kenny. Mary (II) 42.78. 80.82,93.102 Kevin. Brlgld (12) 21 Keyzer. Dorothy (10) 47.90 Keyzer, Virginia (12) 21 Kilkenny. Cynthia (12) 17, Kirchoff. Diana (9) 54 Kittleson, Ronald (Ron) (9) 54.180 Klug, Jeanne (9) 54.92 Klumph. Edith (12) 21,74, 82.98 Knecht. Robert (10) 47.90. 9$ Knlcp. David (12) 21 Knotts. Dennis (10) 47,72 Koehl. Robert (Bob) (9) 54, 127.135 Koehler, Helen (9) 54 Koepnlck. Bonita (9) 54,77 Koepnick. Janet (12) 22,74, 82,90 Koerner. Kenneth (Ken) (10) 47.120 Kohl, Suzanne (Sue) (10) 47.92 Kohn. Carolyn (II) 42,72, Kohn. JoAnne (12) 22.72.78 Kootstra, Carolyn (10) 47. Korpela. Karl (12) 22,72. Kozlowski. Theodore (Ted) (It) 42,95.102.116, 118. 122.125.138 Krabbe. Susan (Susie) (II) 42 Kramer. Kenneth (Ken) (12) 22 Kruizenga. Dennis (II) 42, 96 Kuhnkc. Richard (Rich) (12) Kurzawn, Esther (10) 47,92 Kurzawu. Roger (9) 54,94 LaBuoy, Richard (Rick)(9) 54.127 Laney. Patricia (Pat) (12) 22.85,86 Lange. Louise (12) 22,70. 78.100.101 Lange, Stanley (9) 54.130 Lange. Steven (9) 54.135 Langenberger. Fern (11) 42.72,78.98.99 Langncs, James (Jim) (12) 22 Larsen. Theresa (Terri) (9) .72.80 Lauterbach, Craig (9) 51, Leech, Patricia (Patty) (10) 47,79 Lenz, Jean (9) 54.93 LeRette, Jane (9) 54,77.90 Ltjewski. Robert (9) 54 Lmdloff, Karen (11) 42.90. 99 Llndloff. Lewis (9) 54.121 Llndloff, Mary (II) 42,90 Lock. Sally (II) 42.79.82 I.ocy, Donna (11) 99 Locy. Richard (II) 42.88. 89 Logtcrmun. Dean (9) 54,88. 121,127 Logtcrman. Delores (10) 46.90.92 Logtcrman. Janet (10) 46. 79.93.98 Logtcrman, Stanley (9) Long. Fthlyn (9) Lonze. Donald (Don) (10) Los. Francis (11) 42 Los. Melvin (10) 47 1.08. Ronald (9) 54 Los. Vernon (10) 47 Louden, Carol (9) 54.90 l.oudenbeck, Pamela (Pam) (11) 42,92 Louis. Christina (Chris) (ID 42,71.72 Lucchesl, Michael (Mike) (12) 23.31 Ludowise. Frank (9) 54.93 Lundberg, Christine (Chris) (12) 24 Lutjeans. Nanette (9) 54 Lyons. Susan(Sue)(9)54. 72,85.90.93 McCartle. Jackie (9) 77,91 McCartic, Jill (10) 47.54. 74.94 McCulloguh. Suzanne (II) 43.78 McDonough. Carolyn (12) 100.101 McDonough, JoAnne (9) 54, 74.94 McDonough. Marie (11) 42, 90 McDonough, Patricia (Lynn) (10) McGladc. Patrick (Pat) (12) 24.74.76 McIntyre, Evelyn (Evie) (ID 43 McKinney, Mary (II) 43 McKinney, Yvonne (10) 47 Mcl.crnon. Daniel (Dan) (11) 42, 116. Me Lemon. John (10) 47, 13S McSorley. Barbara (Barb) (10) 47.72.97, 132 McSorley. Beth (9) 54. 57. 92 McSorley. Jennifer (Jennie) (12) 24,110 McQuality, Debbie (I I) 43. 78 Mubry. Thomas (Tom) (10) Madison. Gregory (Greg) (11) Madison, Thomas (Tom) (11) Malsch, Lawrence (Larry) (12) 25 Mathison. John (Jack) (11) 42.74,81 Matousek, Karen (10) 47, 74 Matson. Paul (11) 42.78, 110. 113.128.131 Matzke, Gerald (Jerry) (11) 43.116 Mountz, Rcinhold (11) Muwhinney. Diana (10) 47, 72,94 Merrill, J. Parker (Parky) (9) 55. 74 Messerschmtdt. William (Bill) (II) 43.122. 134 Mestun. Carolyn (Carol) (II) Mcstan, Terry (10) 47.94. Metcalf. Sigma (9) 55.77 Metzinger, Mike (12) 25. 91.98 Meyer. Larry (11) 43.96. 116.138 Meyer. William (Bill) (10) 96.120 Meyers. James (J‘nD (1 D 43.134 Michalek, James. (J«ni) (9) 55, 128.134 Michalek, Michael (Mike) (II) 122. 134 Mlchols. Loretta (9) 55.93, 100 Miles. Donna (10) 47.85 Miles. Richard (Dick) (9) 55.72,78.135 Millard. Doris (11) 43.97. 98.99 Millurd, Sandra (Sandy) (11) 43 Millard, Wallace (Wally) (10) 47.126.135 Miller. David (Dave) (9) 55 Milne, Susan (Sue) (12) 25, 100,106 Mitchell, Albert (Charles) (10) 47 Montsma. Burton (9) 54 Morgan. Mary (9) 55.77,94 Morgan. Michael (Mike) (10)47.74.120 Morrison. Joan (12) 25,74, 100 Morrison. Judy (12) 25.74, 90.100.101 Morrissy. Jean (12) 26 Moyle. Nancy (10) 47.74. 82.93.98. HO. 113 Mudgett. Barbara (11) 43.90 Mudgett, Margaret (Peggy) (10) 47.78 Muller, Dennis (12) 26.74. 76,95.108.128, 129 Munger. Sandra (10) 47 Murphy. Michael (10) Mustln. Robert (Bob) (II) 42.78.122. 134 Nash. Karen (10) 47.79.94. 132 Ncher, David (Dave)(12) 26.58. 106 Nelson. Alan (11) 42.72. 82.95.131 Nelson, Nancy (10) 47.79 Nelson, Paulu (11) 43.90 Nelson, Steven (Steve) (11) 43.96.97 Ncubauer. Jeffrey (Jeff) (9) 55,96 Ncumeler, Marianne (II) 43.82.90 Neumcier, Virginia (9) 55 Newman. Cynthia (Cindy) (11) 43.78 Newton. Anna (Bcckv) (10) 47.78.90 Nezki, Peter (Pete) (I I) 40, 142Nickels, Mary Ann (9) 55, 77 Nlcoh, Albert (10) 47 Nlcmuth. Robert (Bob) (12) Nordstrom, Judith (Judy) (10)47.78.94 Norton, David (9) 55.121. 128,135 Nostrant, James (Jim) (11) 1U . 134 Nostrant. Pamela (Pam) (9) 55.77 Nystrom. l.lnda (10) 47,79, 94 Oberlu. Ronald (Ron) (9) 55,72,74,76.138 O’Brien. John (11) 43 O'Brien. Kathleen (Kathy) (10) 47.93 O'Brien. Monica (II) 43.98 O'Brien. Robert (Bob) (11) 43.96.116,131 O'Conner. Erin (10) 47.78. 94 O'Daniel. Marlene (10) 48 O'Donnell. Marlene (9) 55. 77 Oertel. Sharon (9) 55 O'Keefe. Susan (10) 48.82. 94.100 Oleston, Donna (9) 55, 74 Olsen. Larry (12) 24.26. 27,58, 110.112 Olson, Barbara (Bobbi) (12) 26.78,79.80 Olson. Sherry(10)48.78 Osborne. Cassandra (Sand!) (12) 27,97 Osborne. William (Willie) (U) 43 Ostrum. Joan (11) 43,78 Owens, Theressa (II) 43. 78.84 Packard, Barbara (9) 55, 77.90 Pahl. David (9) 135 Palmer. Scott (9) 55.120, 130 Parr. Michael (Mike) (11) Peck. Mary Lou (9) 55.93 Perry. Robert (Bob) (9) 55, 96.97 Pegg. Cynthia (Cindy) (II) 43.74.91,99.100,101 Pctermann, Katherine Kathy) (9) 55.85 Peters. Judith (Judy) (11) Peters, Lewis (11) 43.89. 96 Peterson. Charles (Charlie) (10) Peterson. Ernest (Ernie) (10) 47,89,116.120.138 Pierlck, Jacqueline (9) 55. 74 Pierson. Kathryn (Rundi) (9) 55.72.105 Pinnow, Cynthia (9) 55.77 Plewe. Cherie (10) Pohl, Shirley (12) 27 Polasik. Donna (II) 43,78 Pollack. Jean (12) 27.78 Pratis. Wayne (9) 55. 135 Pyka, Linda (12) 27 Quadc, Raymond (Ray) (9) 55.89 Quadc. Diane (9) 55 Quast. Beverly (9) 55 Quirin, Russell (9) 55 Randull. Susan (10) 48.74. Randall. Gary (12) 28.84. 88.96.138 Ransom, Victoria (9) 55.77 Ray, John (Jock) (9) 55 Reeb. Judith (Judy) (10) 48. 72.78.108. 110 Remus. Robert (Bob) (10) Reyenga. John (10) 48.135 Richards, Harvey (9) 55, 127 Richter. Charles (10) 48 Riegert, Charles (Chuck) (10) 48.96 Riegert. Sheila (9) 56,93 Risseeuw, Ruth (12) 28. 78 Robb. Sheila (9) 56.93 Robbins, Mary (10) 48.82, Robbins, Thomas (Tom) (9) Roterts Bruce (9) 56. 121. 135 Robinson. Kathleen (Kathy) (10) 48.78.90 Rodriguez. Anthony (Tony) (9) 56. 108, 120, 138 Rodriguez. Robert (Bob) (9) 56.92.121,135 Roherty. Michael (Mike) (12) 28.70 Roherty. Patrick (Pat) (II) 43.96 Root. Maxine (9) 56 Rosenwing. Gail (10) 48.85. 100 Rowe, Bennie (12) 28 Rozell. Amanda (9) 36 Rozell. Clayton (9) Rubeck. Jane (12) 28.74.90 Rubcndall, Donna (10) 48.92 Rubendall, Judith Oudy) (II) 43 Rucker. Patricia (Patti) (10) 48 Ruffalo, Rosanne (10) 48, 78.91.94 Ruffalo, Theresa (12) 29, 78 Saam, Duane (11) 43 Salas. Paula (10) 48.91.92 Salem. Robert (Bob) (10) 48.96 Sanford. Lawrence (Larry) (9) 56.74,76 Sargent. Patricia (Pat) (11) 43 Sawyer. Raymond (Ray) (12) 29.79 Scharme. Dale (11) 43.72. Schauer. Peter (9) 56 Scheurman. John (10) 48.74 Schicve. Erika (9) 36 Schirer. Linda (I I) 43,78., 113 Schirer. Mary (10) 48.74. 91.94,97.98.132 Schirer, Sandra (Sandy) (9) 77.91 Schleiger. Bonnie (11) 90 Schleiger. Carol (10) 48. 79.94 Schlieher. Thomas (Tom) (10) 116.120.126,135 Schlieger. David (9) 56 Schmid. Jennie (11) 43.73. 78,,107,111 Schmidt. John (11) 43 Schneider. Carol (9) 56.77 Schnick. Karen (12) 29,84. 85.100 Scholl. Patricia (Patsy) (10) 48.78.93 Scholle. John (Jack) (11) 44. 84.95,104,116.119, 122, 124,125 Schramskt, Andrea (9) 56. 77 Schuctt. Jeanette (10) 90 Schultz, Judith (Judy) (10) 78,90 Schultz, Robert (Bob) (11) 44.96,134 Schuster. Darryl (9) 56.121 138 Schuster, Sharon (10) 48. 90,100,101 Schut. Ronald (Ron) (11) 44 Schutt, Delores (9) 56 Scott, Donald (Don) (11) 43 Scott, Jan (9) 56 Scott. Tom (12) 29 Scully. Diane (9) 51.56.57 Secber, Robert(10)48.93 Seeber. Roberta (9) 56 Seising. Ellen (11) 43.79. 90.98.99 Seuser. Susan (Sue)(10) 48. 107 Shealiun. Philip (Phil) (11) Sheean. Barbara (Barb) (9) 56.93 Sheehan, Suzanne (Sue)(11) 44,72,79 Shilts. Carol (10) Shllts. Leonard (10) Sikes. Jane (12) 30.78 Skelton. Mike (11) 44, 56. 116.138 Skelton. Sandra (Sandy) (9) Skopec, Maureen (9) 56.72. 94.110.132 Slikcr. John (12) 30.95,131 Smith. Dennis (10) 48.89. 93.116.126 Smith. Mary (12) 29.30 Smith. Robert (Bob) (12) Snodie. Mary (12) 30,97 Snudden, Joyce (11) 44,90 Sontag. Richard (12) Sontag, Larry (9) Sontag. Linda (9) Spcn. William (10) 48,94. 130 Spitz. Douglas (Doug) (11) Spocrle. Steven (Steve) (12) 10.82,, 129 Stafford'. Jerry (11) 44, 78. 79.108.110,111 Stangler, Rita (10) 48.85, 90 Staudt. Susan (9) Sterken, Lois (12) 31 Sterken. Murucle(ll) 14. 44 Sterken. Phylls(l0)48 Stewart. Virginia (Ginny) (12) 86.132 Stlckney, Bruce (9) 56. 120. 127.138 Stickncy, William (BUI) (11) 44 Stimpfl. Charles (Chuck) (12) 31 Stonewall. Dennis (II) 44, 94.96 143Strong. Robert (Bob) (11) 44 Sufka. Irma (9) 56 Sullivan. Barbara (11) 44. 78.92 Swets. Judith (Judy) (11) 44, 82 Tovlor. Richard (Rich) (10) 78.79,81.120 Terpstra. Andrew (Andy) (9) 56.88.89 Teubert, Lonnie (10) 48.90 Theobald. Austin (Mickey) (10) Thomas, Jeanene (10) 49. 78.81.92 Thomas. William (Bill) (10) 49,88.89 Thompson. Jennie (10) 49 Thompson. Marilyn (12) 31,79,82,90 Thompson. William (Bill) (12),86.89,96 Thorne. Rosemary (9) 56 Thornton, Erie (10) 49.128. 138 Thusius. Call (10) 49.94 Ti(ft. Toni (10) 49.85.93, 98.132 Todd. Harold (10) 49.88 Tollkuhn. Catherine (Cathy) (9) Truckenbrod. Karen (12) Tschantz. Richard (Dick) (11) 44 Tsuru. James (Jim) (11) 44. 94.96 Tucker. Raymond (Ray) (12) Underwood. Kathleen (Kathy) (9) 56.91 Vance. Gerald (Jerry) (10) 49.96 Vance. Gertrude (Trudy) (10) 49.92 VanDeBogert. Kenneth (Ken) (10) 49 VandcrVeen. Diana (10) 49 VanDyken, Karen (10) 49 Van Hoosen. Mark (9) 57 Van!lorn, Frank (12) 32.96 Varonl, Elsa (11) 44.72.82. 92 Vegter, Larry (10) 49.135 Vegier, Theo Beth (9) 56 Veley. Bonnie (9) 56.72.74, Veley. Karen (10) 49. 74.80. 82.94.110 Venema. Gary (10) 49 Venema. George (9) 56.74 Verhoef, Beverly (12) 33 Vuias. Jonathan Paul (Puul) (9) 56.72. 121,130 Wagner. Betty (II) 44.84 Waldo. Barbara (9) 56,74 Waligora. Martha (9) 56 Waling. Michael (Mike) (9) 57.96 Walker. Peggy (9) 57 Wallis. Dean (9) 56 Walsch. David (10) 49 Walters. John (Fritz) (10) Waterstreet. Ervin (12) 32, 96 Waterstreet. Larry (9) 57. 127.135 Waterstreet. Lester (10) 49.135 Watts. Patrick (Pat) (9) 57. 127.131 Weiss. Douglas (Doug) (12) 124. 125 Welch. Patrick (Pat) (10) 49.120 Werbel. Judith (Judtc (10) 48, Werbel. Larry (9) 57.74.,135. 138 Wcstcrgaard. Jerome (Jerry) (9) 57.121.138 Wcstcrgaard. Jean (9) 57 Wheeler. Burton (10) 49 Wheeler. Gary (12) 34 White. Leon (10) Wtedemer, Helen (9) 57,81 Wiedemcr. Judith (Judy) (10) 49 Wiedemer. Margaret (11) Wilear. Neal (11) 44,96 Wilkins. Bonita (Bonnie) (12) 49 Wilkins. James (J»m) (10) 120.138 Wilkinson. Marilyn (10) 48. 74.94.97 Willard. Virginia (Ginny) (10) Ill Williams, Allan (Al) (12) 34.95,116. 122 Williams. Bernard (Bernie) (12) 34.79 Williams. Dorothy (12) 79 Williams. Gayle (10) 49.79. 90.120 Williams, Gregory (Greg) (10) 49 Williams, Jesse (10) 49. 126.131 Williams. John (10) 49.96 Williams. Patricia (Pat) (12) 34 Wilson, Ronald (Ron) (11) 44.72,95.122,124. 125 Wilson, Susan (9) 57.77. 94.110 Wilson. Terrell (Terry). (11) 40.85.96. 138 W'mcapaw. George (11) 44. 96.116 Wincapaw, Kathryn (Kathy) (11) 44.78 Wincapaw, Linda (9) 57.90. 100 Winkley, Robert (Bob) (12) 129 Went lend. Shirley (9) 57 Wippich, Diane (12) 78.90 Woltcrs. Joseph (Jody) (9) 57.79 Woodard. Alan (10) 49.96. 135 Woodard. Susan (Sue) (11) 91.93 Woodard. William (Bill) (9) 57.92,96.121,131 Woods, Barbara (Barb) (12) 33.70.72, Woods. Curtis (9) 57.121. 127.135 Woods. Warren (10) 49.96. 135 Woods. William (Bill) (10) 96.120.138 Wooley, Frank (9) 57 Wright. Gary (12) 33,96 Wright. Larry (11) 44 Wright. Peggy (9) 57 Wright. Sandra (Sandy) (10) Wuhrman, Gary (11) 44.74. 82.112.122 Yant. Judith (Judy) (11) 44 Yazbec. William (Bill) (10) 49. 120.126,134 Yohn. Mary Pat (10) 49.79. 90 York. David (9) York. James (Jim) (10) 48. 74.76.130 York. Robin (10) 48.74.80. 91.94.97. 105 Young. Cheryl (10) 49.78 Yungerman. Jeanette (9) 57.74.93 Zahm, Linda (11) 44.78 Zimmerman. Reta (10) 49 Zoellncr, Carl (11) 44.116, 122.138 Zoellner, Ronald (Ron) (9) 57 Zoldan. Nancy (9) 57.91 The Austin Studio. Dclavan and the recently formed Photo Club of the high school have contributed many pictures in tills book. Their services have been free to the ERA staff. 144Ail

Suggestions in the Delavan Darien High School - Era Yearbook (Delavan, WI) collection:

Delavan Darien High School - Era Yearbook (Delavan, WI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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