Del Mar Middle School - Metamorphosis Yearbook (Tiburon, CA)

 - Class of 1974

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Del Mar Middle School - Metamorphosis Yearbook (Tiburon, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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, D - f. f LZ' El.Lz,.7'-'fx' fy lijl-1-V 05 PGM' rs 2 S Dovgfsauh coek es IO Hoi Docs! Hmmbu 5 gasket .Juni "Hs Piuatam. awed. -- -7.6 IS4 om. boa, ,,.. . io g , ,,,. . ss' Q r 3-5 , ...- if : - ...- 'if ' , , ..s 4 "mf, mdk . o x 'es or-o.nge.juie4--.10 ' C '5 itkshateo . .Ao 0 A S200 " x nv, aM candy a no 0 7 5 ' 1 f ushewa Peomu UI? fir!! P Y . .--- 16 +-1... ..1d 57416 1....l'f 5A.Hx'ng... .. ft lt 0 - 9 ai C -A 1- 1 l- .'...-nga -3 " '- i ' Flour' ' 1 - 5151511 I - ,, S.Bus!H f " 9, ,gif :L I .J K L I Meizwzw' 5051 Daf2Wwr5cHaQf IDQWWMCWQQMMV 1473 m Q V " D : S 'U vp Q . 4 6 5: j 5 Q" , Q I ' Q 5 Ny 3 7,4:,?- 'fm' 'fp hx' . 5 C QT' JVlez91m05vHafL3 55? C4f0Q11fZ7wZ 55153545553 -9Wdguerz?ef3u4:k', Cf1bZ?efg5gf7 ww-5796141 17e5lr'zZ2allQzfp -7Vk?555dfgd2'ffz21k', L A 5,549 W, mmgwmed K , W .Mlm ,Bppfkf ff B Mmjwjfgfgwm ig? Bnffizfiiyg W1 'BWWMW 0 sh -17742, 5cfLW1Lf5 C575 QM fl 0 JWMMM 65 fvrefz, Bmvmuizj X W ' 5 Wafhfr we Suki? " s Q f 561' Q -Dbfflzh '3 ? W wmffuwk S 45: lima Jigga' My -2 WMM 5 A fmwzmherz .Z'm!5ciben,5Qw1,f C NK W 1 A r , 1 , Q J K 1 J VM s ver' v 5' L U Jr an , , , 'sqi I vi qkix 9' Y Xx 1. WJ, U6W'm'f '1-511 aww' 5 6' 50 'uve H. A 0- ' 1 ll -7505f'o5erL 1 I' Lfhufjxahz v ' M 4K0 W q' , . X ly Y X All my problems I tell to my shower, All my sins and all my doubts. The tile advises me on my love life, And the showerhead nods profoundly. The bath mat informs me of the rough times ahead. But the soap dish turns up his nose. BobHaber ,f C' Q Qskf 5 ,,..---,---1?. .,..Q-is m 9 'F 'R' f is 6:2 l Q3 E3 535353 E553 6386399535959 -L i' H9 an ps- f mr? J- X G9 A ,fffh-ss, :ft , A ea! .Q aff yo u lflll Q . ' Q l Q, ' 'WQH' ff-rw: -2 All l 'f1i4'4' 5 33 5 is 1 if 5 ' -. h. T-, .. if They called him Colorado tTypical cowhandl. He consisted of muscle and whisky. He rode slumped inthe saddle And always slept on the job. He used to go into town and flirt With the barmaids at the saloon. Not anymore. He's married a compulsive nit-picker Who washes her hands all day long. Now she's got him onto it. Ecstasy? Becky Gale K, . mann mf or , 4 ' ' 1?-1 as H H r X . ' Q , I T D N C? Q9 Q? f f - - C? fr:-1 X X """""'4 ' X Txwff H f -f-.G Fllllmfillafsl I- 'Ef5'.'f. ' Z I The two filing cabinets walked down the street B like rusted pop bottles 5 Metrgpolis in a time when bricks were mice. as Then they turned the corner and disappeared into the flaming mist. . . Kyle Greenwald Giant concrete mountains Their huge shadows bring no light Only urban darkness. Kirsten Smith 2. . an-, JI' 'Qin Q I' f I" 'fg Q5 , 3 'S ,IS -4QsLu'fgl I 'gqpbv' 3 f fi U1 5' 1' 4 ef'-'f"Yf'c9 ri of Q4:'ifi'lf..'2la'1'.'-- ,O V 12agg5's'-'l"i 7:3 ll Q2 VH-'V' 1-an 4 A A A QE! ' V-47bf:57:f?5'ff.7fIL'ff2,. .9 5 .17 if C" . 55222 fl.. ' Nw l . U. f.4 ' -, p,1'e2'522:' , ' ag 6,1 -!h4fif:1':.Jg, The sun seen through a blue glass with drops of water on if Scintillating, in brilliant white like a diamond mine enclosed in murky pitch seen by kerosene. Or pointillistic snow on ski propaganda posters seen through azure-tinted goggles. Iohn Durra Untitled I sat green under the tired trees. The wind blew grayly and a soft rat crept over my knee. A horse ran by, as if it makes any difference. Assuming it was day, the sun shone. My .'- fix, 'aw' QQQ FZC mtv Q 1,540 I Q- xt f CB. The First Day ofAutumn The wind was blowing softly As it lightly passed me by, The smokelike misty clouds Floating, rolling through the sky, The smell of eucalyptus Lingering in solemn trees, While falling leaves were riding On the light and gentle breeze. Keith Bartel lf. If otherwise, the moon glared sulkily over the trees. QQ 21 1--,g . 'll-'I I thought about the revolution and slept. 4 A - .L T mf T- X 9 " ' ' 'il vldi 49 , , lohn Durra 5' han Q ,Zi M Wa, . 5 ' 'N yf'3f.fX U4 :Q ' -.391 I 'Tia-. 5 L2-ttf, flu An old ship : 491 - talk Boards peeling, rails rusted. Around it new ships, ., 5 rails shimmering, hulls of plastic coated elegance. tum The old wreck lost in this shimmering forest. G -XJ The crane and wrecking ball Here to do away with this ugly misfit. h V One smash of the iron ball, the hull is opened. Q E " GI Q In the midst of splintered wood and dust g. . A rat smashed by a fallen beam. g - 'I I I Below him a nest with several babies. f T n, Q ,' SMASH and that is gone too. M' -- " . . , 'mm . , Is there not more importance in some things than beauty itself. Mike Farrell Squid l have a squid. His name is Sid, He is very Nice and pudgy. ' Hejikes to play With my puppy. MV,DUDl1Y HKGS To play with Sid. He says he is A good squid. , Then we got a ' click, click' Fish named Hank. He lives in ' The. same tank. Hank and Sid Are all mine. For alfish and a squid They dance divine. But one night Hankand Sid got into a fight. Sid the squid could really squeeze' and forced poor Hank Down on his knees. Now Hank and Sid Are best of friends. That's how this little poem Ends. Jason Greenwald , 'il . :ll - lilllWfl,. T . T. kos f P if CD ff ,T I VX X 'l ffl Click, click, ' Click, click. Dice said in the old tramp's hands. ' "He knowshe can't make itg, Can't even fake it."' Click, brick, lciidk,.c1ick. lf , "No way, itis snake eyes! You blew it man! 2 , You, with the bottle of beer inyourvhand, - f -J ' .J Go roll-inthelgutterand die." V ' , T T A John Durra gawk Alhl lt 5 C3 9 The Furnace lthink the furnace is the one Yes- its him down there E5 Roaring at the bottom of the stairs The old hot head s gone '-A4 But he ll shut up in awhile At least I hope so The pompous old ass sits down there And brags of his Oxford days About how he saw the queen get crowned The fiery old fool s reciting Shakespeare again Yes it s hum l m sure of it And he never goes out except At Christmas time When he dresses up As old Saint Nick He s a nuisance and he knows it And he turns my hair grey But his breath is the thing , J W A Qu' I I ,ANI 3, 1 1 l 1. 'ltr if " ill ll' N- ll .A . Mr J. HL ltfgflfvil l If U Q 'E t iff? A , Wil l l ml I I ri ' lm' ll 'fl' it -'si s'ml'illlilll' That keepsme warm at night lt fills the rooms with dusty heat That s stale and bad And smells like fish l . For although I relmihdlhim He forgets to gargle. 1 Q,, Bob Haber dl J Andgothirhselftnoomuchtodrink. A I 'W N Zh are MM? ww ZZ ,M like af QQOQQ .a .1"frem5k m ?fwaa .W freeze, M17 .Tie 1ff?fi.wQf1e15 wil , Wzifiadfhs' Wzfiiie Msnwwmmm D, , mkmmffv icwfw cLZmv.jpHvf0, Zmmmm' 1.-S QQ' , . epmxmmmn Q, W bfxgwmqkgbgi ' , in 5 1955 :.- 9 TA mt 8: ' Vu SE 3 SED 5 QW 2 E gy 66 oc' ,353 fy, 5 K CPM 'Zhu 00114 in Ebemg gba :Qi an at 57 A ' f 'P . A o' ,qos ma was E QQ- J Ne 'Bd Roos Q , Ya izsooq, Q Q! b 5 0 5' q2"Qf"Mf3i Rafkwf RM we and QM . Qg55:56UA n-03595535 E n?Fmo"f1'5P'f"3'E'S'3o'1r3+"7"f41'L?"'n3r""E'-o5' Rm? R650 W' www? 551 -f 4- 5 - -1 E I 3 A ,.v1i10 If . ' . " ' E Sv ww ww 'Q-09 1 , Q 5 wgxlu. lh aw--5 gmwgua W o N in f..gE-1 l 5 E-M23 - wax t-rammed ANR ,mm yeguiaoom mm 'pvn' Sm f-f cgfvvzevfaM'ZwLVaQ15 W5 ffwaweaf 0 1 5011, SWR MW Crcfnmnofzlzciet il. , A D f Mrhws, if LP 'fgfwfwas Ztipwf, Q Q 5 5fe4201iff f , wmzzfm,mc5f,g,,,,g,m 7,1 CWQ wg :mmm jgf I gms . f Q ' 12:5 at H 4 ' ,j3f3gg I ME zjnj, 42106562213 . 3' Ikvwwfggrmul nw. :Da Wa? fangzvge. nf The Motorcyclist- ! , . Rumbling by, leaving a trail of suffocating dust, T' 6 swinging around the first bend of the muddy course ' X N fi!! , . ls the, once a mass of gleaming chrome, if Nowmudbespattered. - I f 5 , 25 , , N ON The rider, balancing-perfectly, uses one leg tobreak the-curve, Straightening out for the last stretch, and then, The jujmp! Noise is deafening, powerful, Tension fills the air, and l hold my breath, Anticipating . . . He's flying, gleaming in slow motion, Sunray crowned, Briefly lingering, ' Andljust as suddently, finds himself back on Hard earth, W Spinning, balancing, back in harmony with Gravity . . . Gathering speed, his machine roaring, The crowd crying out, l-le lifts his front tireuoff the ground, Wheelies across the line, Triumphant, exhausted, The winnerl Maribeth Baron The Harbor Prince is a glow-in-the-dark man, Dragging himself through the bottles and cans Doing the backstroke in the enormous bay, He goes back and forth every day. ,. 'Ei 'a --.., The poet writes thelday away. He writes and writes and never plays. His pen will scratch andlthen re-rhyme l'd say at least a hundred times. And if, at end, it isn't right To finish it, he's up all night. Critically his masterpiece ls then perfected' piece by piece To send it into printed book Where literate minds will surely look. And when at lasthis poem's done lHe'Il go and write another one. ' Garth Fiieman Ln - Old Lady lf her mouth could tell What memories swell ln her youthful mind, ' g What stories we'd find! . But her smiling face T 1 - T ls revealingno trace I Becky Gale A I Of adventures lurking behind. ' ik' , Marsha Pope QP 4. g K OED., , I T .QM My Father ' r fx, F 'th il th re f, 4211- if my iikfl ay 2 - l x. x I A . K ' I Qi- 3.5 ,gl 'tomb entornbed-under ' ' ' H- f the grass Th-ereis atree A I - Qi , l Ikf' 1 A 1' ' th dh' the In ltllilewwcgods out hack. " i Vujgfgniss Im m 2 Ilseouf there Often Aw TMS ,QP 4. 11 t of himself but he To sit and think. ' hifi? , f A Oke-u , , Well ' 'fir 5 wnd said , 1 " fl 5' if M5 J f'- " 1 H gdon't think, exactly. y i Hwhait do you want? icry. g ,Lg , I W 2 5 :Th I go to school a stranger -- ' ' Iohn Durm Moving from place to place -- I by No time to make a good friend, , f Wifi .-fy ' i' I, -'ef ff' V- fi? Always by myself, ' fir, if 1 ,JP 7 g A Always the new girl. V u Ii, sz A ' I come home l 'ii ff ' ' ' To furnished rooms and crowded spaces -- Always to someone else's house. I 'm not so lonely outithere y l l A With the redwood tree out back I W Where the-light comes in at angles I , 1 And the soft wind swirls slowly down. A l i an i A I sit and lean against the trunk. AC. B . , l -When Isitiout there .A A Ai t It feels like I can staya long- time Q This time. There is a tree Masks iknowq of I I g t 1 :In the 11200415 015 buck. is, V Hard, cold shells J go there oftenl ffl X hiding 'And Cry- 4 l 'l A real feelings, Cate Derryberry Portrazt OfA Snake Slztherzng softly a zephyr caresszng his back He zdled in a tree hh: .ki 'Ilia wax 1 Y f , shimmering colors of burning turquoise and jadereflected in the sun, Iohn Durra true character. They are shadows, disguises, distortions of real faces. The Truth? -Not at all! Ann Schwarherg fmlff sifvermvanf jwrogwfmi hwdmq Meg, wiki , If cifwrk ik . 4 K -IX S 251106 50 fmarqwf A zffY, 'D 'Ah JVMWWMJ are m?'m.f 2 , ,,,l m Z 1 ,J .2760 .fzmif W I' QYWWW ffmmwwj' 'YQ 1jZhf"'W65'27fW"W , Omzgos arwiffrwis lm frmgfi? mmf 2305 Zwdfs' I 1 ' 221 C -Q games .fan Q QQ Mam,M5wmwag3V,gm ' wwf WM www mffvffie new H e.. 7'06g07:y. Suelvawe , The Ju mp It was his turn. As he took one last look at -the end of the runway, he couldntt help noticing the imaginary marker near the end of the sandpit, L' 4 - 4 the marker that had to be passed. He took one lastdeep breath and readied r. 4, himself. . ,f I Taking off withla burst of energy down' the runway, hisfeet were barely R f"" , p fi even touchinglthe groundg instead, it- seemed thatthey were float'ing'in 1, I, , , ly lfront of him. When he came to thetakeoff point, his whole body flew into Q A the air. It felt asif someone had scooped him up and was carrying him Q i past the marker. Aftera few seconds, he saw loose soil under his feet' and gave one last kick I ' e 62?-i.' forward tojgive himself moredistance. Landing, he looked back. I I VS ' s Themarker waslbehind himg he had broken the rocord. ', W K "'f'f"'- i NorelleiNorth - if FO Q Variat-ionen 0 L7 , i i. Q -E D ' Nobody writes a poem about cigars. ,N ,' Long and thin, Qt. with foreign names, cg, hiding in aromatic boxes of cedar. Waiting to be opened and burned, gs I o w l y by inhibited old men in dark, hot tweed coats. g ,ft . 71 'fs' Garciajvegas I V 8 surrounded by -thin red cracked lips on a hot mid-summer day. fi!" .m i ' in, D k A g .ff Cigars, , - I protruding from the mouths of -sweaty old men, I If - - fl? ' slowly being shortened until nothing is left at all. -N .l 'Cl It 'Ii John Durra l l np -"i ff flu- l p - f it egofks 0,9 How do violets sound, Street? , 1 all With golden poppies in, their midst? i A l . , L 45 A toast tospring-time fever, V A X ' And the pregnancy of earth. f X , V I ' . '1 ' , V' l ' 1' 1 55,--M , , l , Oh, what scrumptious repasts i f-1 wil Q " I' -Of honeyesuckled days . im, 'T WWW .C i s b j 0 A . w And the tzngling Qfmyglegs and arms YL. E' l 5- Cocooned in gold-spun warmness -- Jig Maroon, Maroon, Maroon 'theirains On some deserted sands. 1 And, aw, come on, leti's season the greens Andi bless with the butterscotch of tongues! Bob Haber ., .f' I lj ,o I I 4 l ft .1 1 f lv y .2-1:2 1 J If fl A I t t- l ' fl k pranvgn. g I, JVJI' ,A IH 4 X A :,,y,. ' lr t Nl 'N N P X PP 'f ., .3 U5- ' When I lived in the East the summer brought fishing and hermit crabbing, humidity and fireflies, Scott's brokenmufflersportscar and sappy willow trees. I used to go to Karen's house and play cards. Sometimes we would go to the boywiththetramp.oline's house across the swamp. I never knew .his name, but just followed Karen. We would ride our bikes or roller skate to Cuffs, 'the candy store with the owner that hated kids. We could catch .bees jx with our bare hands in the clover. We played Croquet but Karen always won. tix-- I think 'the game was rigged. I'd' climb to the top of Pat's ropeswing which i swung out over the fifteen foot hedge that attempted to keep us from the up I Crabby CVIIUS house 'next door. I played at the eight English boys' -house , . which always smelled like disinfectant so I didn't ever stay very. long. T One Summer a forty, foot boat crashed on the beach and all the kids salvaged it. Candy got us to carry the mast to her ho-use for her raven to perch on. Thlen' some boys took the toilet 7 and, finally, the firemen came one brightnight. They lit some fireworks and burned down the boat. The flames played tag way up in the sky and the Good Humor Man's bell came tinkling around the cornerand my dad wo'uldn"t letme have anice cream. I had to go to bed because I wasn't a "big girl. "I cried all night and I 'll never forget it. I ' 15 Harriet King Margaret Mary Tracy I .s .', , f 4' Q- ' than at plain Margaret. She and her mother were the type of people who, I when you walked into their house, made you wash your hands, wipe your feet, and would, if you touched the walls, beat you. She was the kind of person who, 'when we made mud pies, would run in the .house and get her mother's rubber gloves. Margaret Mary Tracy was always getting sick. Because of that she had bags under her eyes. But the one thing that could If ffl lf 3' U11-r 1 Qt , 1 2.5 fall She was thekind of person that looked like a Margaret Mary Tracy rather Q F K6 L :::::!.:'J::2 , ? ' 4 drive anyone up the walls was her mother's thing about paper. If you went is Q' into the bathroom and didn't rip the toilet paper along the dotted line you ll I wereseverely beaten. Her mother would give you the "Tear the Paper on the tl Dotted Line" speech. My favorite' line out of that speech was, "If God wanted l g g us to tear it in the middle I-Ie wouldnt have madedotted lines." 9 4-cv F For eleven years I floundered through all the complaining about my dirty feet and my dirty hands, but I 'm glad torsay that not one bit of it rubbed off on me. The Pocket Bannin Buechert I am alittle pocket. I carry things, you see. But someone stuck his finger in and poked a holein me. I carryrdimes and nickles, keys and candies too, ' Odds n' ends like rings and things, to mention just a. few. ga la Nowthat the-hole has happened, there's nothingmore to do. I really am quite sad, 'cause thepants I fm in are new. X ' U I Iune Treanor T .1 Al.:-K. -1, 15x51 ,f ! , ,V 4, . jgfigu 911' wb iff Yi 9.fb',,' fp' 4 - A -gy--. if u. it lv l ,r C. Briggin P. Brock M. Buck B. Buechert W. Burke T. Byram D. Cartwright M. Chapman D. Clark C. Coles L. Cox K. Easom C. Ellick D. Erlach Fl. Erlach C. Erwin S. Esplln D. Falk M. Farrell G. Fenner T. Aguero P. Ames M. Anker J. Bacheller J. Baker M. Baron K. Bartel P. Batlat M. Beardsley L. Benvenuti B. Bernhelm G. Bernstein S. Beyrle D. Bixby A. Blake J. Bloom A. Borgman J. Bergmann S. Breeden K. Bremer M. Field W. Finch T. Foster L. Futoran Fi. Gale A. Gann M. Garrick Fi. Gensler J. Geraldi J. Gordon B. Gregg B. Haber L. Halpern B. Hansen M. Haycox G. Hernandez E. Hickey J. Hinshaw M. Holmes V. Hosklng Hoy H. Husled C. Ingram P. Jackson Jennings . Jesberg Johnson . Joslyn Kehoe Keyes King Knapp .Krill Likas . Louis Lyddon Lynch Maas Mace Magner E' P. Manning W. Marden M. Mason M. May M.A. Mcelroy McGowan McLeod Menzel Miller Moulin C. Murphy G. Mydland M. Myers C. Nelson C. Noble N. North C. Perot D. Peterson Fl. Pickett D. Pollak . Pope B. Posert B. Powell N, Pugh . Rauscher . Rice G. Rieman Rising Floss Saltonstall Scarlh . Schoenbrun Schwarberg Sig Ier L. Simkalo A. Sims . Sloss B. Smith . Smith . Smiih M. Smllh lE. Spivey T. Sutter L. Sulton L. Thom K. Tokerud W. Tyler L. Von Lackum D. Walker T. Walker C. Walsh L. Ware K. Welsh K. Weslberg D. Whitney B. Wlegandt J. Williams S. Wynn S. Yaffee D. Zimmerman .lk sd' Ll v. S 61761136 Qrvwfg - - ,,.. :H W ff! L sm gm I 4 he 9 fp L rf" v 9 3 u.. rdb V .IV Sv' ,sl Soccer' 740 rzdzf 1, 1 ""lAbf Bvlefbau, Football' sofnbau 4 ma' 5, adldil Thai-If 64 we 5""' wugnw Wllrsylawlf' Ivy adidas R I we, Q an Wmibia franc! 2 F1619 9' 44. iid? Swv 12101655 ffwwf 1 nlffurfzefzfilf MULE Chfrw ,ru x 0:-fo, Qllflvffwnvjrlfafif fi '!'1v +3-av .Q ' Z2 ft' HW, . -It ,, 'L -u 1. 1 I 4 +C' AFC' ow' Tai" I ".+?3Tr - A .,, L 1 .V ,Q 9 Lettuce Leaves Green mountain range in my bowl, Moist, yetcrackling, Vibrations from my Vknife cause rivers ti roug When my fork breaks yflw' peaks I eel Soffyl In myimouth, dampness sweet or bitter, Every humid summer I relish my Himalayan Salad. Stuart.Cavalieri X ry . T if vfaklk Axaxlu- X' 7 f. 1 Q llv ' ',"s v u Q I i ' ,N ff- AWILQQ, ' . f'1Cd:'-li. 147- H-6: ' 'J ,P.'Q 11" s Cx? 4'Ar-'y' f s 1229 . The Sea Turtle 11 kg your gu'lli'e5. f..p-.I'1'-'-7-""" The summer breeze blows softly Across the grassy hillside, Gold grass rippling like ocean waves, Not wet like water But more like amaiden's silky hair, 'Glistening in the sun, Bending in the breeze. The autumn 'breeze blows harshly Combing the golden hillside, .Whispering a warning of winter With ,ferocious stormy nights Which spread silent snowy blankets Over the trembling silken hair. Katie Westiberg The -mother sea turtle felt the small eggs she was ,carrying slide ia little within her. It was time to head for a nesting place. She swam toward the shore, following the drifting motion ofthe plankton and shrimp. As she neared 'the beach, the rolling waves caught her and threw her forward. Finally, she felt the soft, pebbvly sand beneath her flippers. Slowly the gpregnajnt turtle drew her heavily laden body up the beach. Behind her were Tleft tirelike tracks to show where she had passed. Underneath at withered palm tree she stopped. This would be the spot for as nest. The tree would give shade but as the sun crept across the sky, the shadow would move to give her eggs the sun's warmth. Flippers made ya rowing motion, throwing sand up in the air. With a flurry of her hind feet, the excess sand was .pushed away. Aftermany slow, tedious hours of hard toil, a large hole lay open 'to the world. The turtle lay over the hole with her hind feet spread wide. Soon the softshelled spheres dropped in liquidy clumps of twos and threes. They were as big as ping pong balls but were dented in some places. When no more eggs gave way, she covered the hole and slowly 'limped away. She was tired and sore but instinctively knew that if she didn't get to the water soon she would be too dry to ,ever have a, chance of living. With the same humping gait she made her way back to the breakers. She didn't once look back. She had ,already forgotteni about the newly forming sea turtles as she plunged slowly into the moonlit breakers. ' Marsha'Pope N a fm ' fm., ax ,- KJ9 1 fN N A fx . , xg ro 6 . N or , if' T H-6. n ,-. lf. 3 3 f 'X A -F5 5 . e ' .Q 1 l za? - A il W L X sr 1 ..-A f .. 'A Q - .5 .gi 'amy 5 Q Lvxl ,I , ...-, yu . cl ' X Lk. .EA fl , N -A ,-f fi , f,,,1Z.. .."I'1' '.-.- ,iv X ' a'rJf'.-- ss. . I .v f SW' A592- -AD 5 mH..HeM.Q ,l Y J... ,f ,f .f'f?f- ,- a 1' I ,,f'?' l I Silence . . . Stalking the red worm, who trails across, fuzzy and ticlcly . . . fx S A ,flash of tiny paws And -Worm trapped. . . Kitten. il l 1 1 ll as Q f . X , M-A3 .X g X M Chris Coles Money ,1 K! I al S 'Z t xlls .. , H6- Pollywog S Slippery, swimming, Tail propelling, Legs leaping, There -is a pale green lady Who is sly and -ueryishifty. She lives by manynames -- Some areten, 'and-five, and fifty. She curses many women Andishe steals the hearts of men. She is the queen of misers 5 ., il. lilmpiffgf Who will murder for a ten. Slglwhmgf Beware of her -- she's deadly- Green' Brown And Sher mystic touch. is lethal!- Frog' Formoeney is the magic- curse Oflall created evil. t Gail Futoran f S P S S A ' S V KeithBartel i Q ' Uflfxxfelxslal l 5E BC'w.o.. V X - Y' ' , S r t YS' S . , . -Q ' ,. . ,c ,., ,. , AV , I As I walk through the tzoo, at dawn: S I see the ostrich with its bustle, 5 . I 'see the swanwith its. boneless neck, Thelittlebirds with their fluffy spring bonnetsg , The flamingo, like a tall sexy girl, swings her hips by Monkeys are like spiders on their webs, Afnd giraffes blend infwith the stone wall p The zebra is like an optical illusion. I 'rn the only-one who knows ,I 'mihere 1 It's like 'being ina jungle alone. Becky Gale I MQ 5f.f12m?fw,MM C5 it i zf Q' 50 6 ftd'i2Qr0fzfEfz.1frQs55f1zzcaA 9 X iw? MQ Wm? 5 .f 5 diff 01ferMcffLwef ,E-VE, Zvwf 13 'fiffwgffffzfem Wi? JE - Zpfcfhledi, 4 ami ivmwffrow is HMB ww ' ' Cl-'VZ31fb7?g' 4 12130 fc' A ' y . 5215 ' Jl'l00fJL51fg.SZZL?"' + fum mf 5,,,,,7,,, ?35ig,, k ' wMesewfy.Ly4sizffQj aj: fdyvwif m'?wo. an Wfdwffwff ff? am! d1'ery6Q?71Z01'1'0W 212214, ay ,mg pf Myne. Ife Cgenzgkkffvzowff 49y1,gg21fBrg Ai Wage! 2:62 551115 .sikzfivfomsa Czizdy - Death + Hunger icontrapuntall- A caterpillar A bird Traveling lever so softly, Flitting lightly over the grass Down a A In search of Spring of emerald4downy milkweed Something toeat. Fieaching , "Not a worm- in sight. . ." Touching the ground? "But wait" Crawlinglalong-. "A caterpiIlar." Through the grass "Hop over and bend down." Snapped up and killed 'fFeast." A caterpillar Crawling ever so-softly Down a . Spring of emerald-downy milkweed Reaching Touch-ing: the ground Crawling along Through the grass g Snappecl up and killed A bird Flitting lightlyyoverthe grass ln search of Something to eat. "Not aworm in sight. . . But wait. A caterpillar. - Hop over andbend down. Feast." John Durra Jr .The sun sinks down' n T Yb9hl,l"ld'tf19 far-offl hills. A The still pond water reflects the sky. Through the quiet rustling of the tall, slender weeds ,comes a faint ' flutter of wings - a' lonely cry. gA small lost duckis seeking' shelter tforfthe night. Out ofqthe smalll night sounds comes an ear splitting ' "Bangf' p n an echoing Splash. The srhall duck has no need for shelter anymore.. . Lynn Futoran I x 'mil vi' ' t we y HOW .ENG LAN D. LOOKS Greeng, the hills roll towards Hedgerowicaressingthe clouds. Cornish seas smash TintageI's cliffs and- T Pound into Merlirfs-Cave. Green everywhere: grass,Awater, trees, air,'earth'. Green Shropshire, green Shrewsbury, green Kendal. Dripping sheep, dripping roofs and dripping windows, . A .fishbowl landscape.. ' Sky the color of ox-tail soup. England The anclentness the antiquity. Stuart Cavalieri '44 - 1 ' V I ' ' f 0 , ' iz 5 Where were you today, Sun, when we needed you? You never came out. P Q It rained so much today That we were swimming in our backyards. l guess somedays You're too shy rf T X X. 3? . . -Q, 5, to come out F . A, L . Ig pr yo: .wake up a .- .A-'gf' oo ae A T 'Qikiggtfygig ' and want to stay in bed all day. y a Thanksito you my neighborhood W isaswimming pool. r fh 1 11, Q 5 ' I see it floating ' down ' 'the ravine. My aunt, so sweet is she, tNever late for crumpets and teal Takes her dentures out at eight And' sets them by her dinner plate. Caroline Hogan xW". 3' xi -C lv' Y .... ,l X "' N n?s.....l.' in 22- lsr' 11,31 't-: f. .. '12..:::..,251' l- "' 1' . L--i'lir"":'!' 1- -"v -- Jill' if ,4f:5g-3.51 -. - Q11-fir s 'fi-'f' my . . 5'- N l The Old Gentleman There he sits In his black iron coat Stump legs and no throat ,VA l ll ar e r 'QQ me Stephy Stitt , 1Q-- l.. g GG T y ,, x , 4 -- There once was a lady from White, g Who acquired a bit of a fright, While jumping oneday, She collapsed the souffle It was a disastrous sight Becky Gale i There he sits A ' fig i ln the kitchen with me ' wer 9 , ff V . V Z '-rv ! . V ' ' ' . .. . 1 . 5 JV' 4 Wanting forthewaterto bollfortea. 1, tgtgshaht- -. , a . T Z' -f unn 'ftr?e?2 PP? Melissa Garrick tjfj V IK Lag? wx ,gm - 54 , .,. i W," ffl, Q If 1' I ' f If 1, 1 UI , X." 1 f r f i, J 10 f A , 7 ' 1 X I O00 O O00 o 6 Oo o..O2Jo o o oO zz 0 I NI L Q52 ... J Skis l think that I shall never see A poem as lovely as my ski. A Blizzard Wizzard may be fine, But a Blizzard Racer is divine. C? Its hot waxed surface makes it go Through slush or ice or powder snow. My super ski and super form Make sure I win in sun or storm. Poems are made by brains like thee, But only fools will ski like me. Steve Rogers 4 J .N . .QS Fulk, :Qi".'rf' 55343 3 . -: ,I , -V . '54, va' Dracula Dracula is a known blood sucker. Female victims make him pucker. Flying through the air with the greatest of ease Dracula appears like a mob of mad bees. When on your neck you wear a cross, ...., f' You will become DracuIa's boss. M.B. I ' -W4 Lynn Futoran 0 t I . - . 0 Boots W f Dull and dingy Worn and dusty, Rawhide laces Eyelets rusty, Cracked and crinkled Dark tan leather, Running round ln rainy weather, Worn out toes And rundown heels. . . From now on l travel by wheels. Keith Bartel Linus-Van Peltf f A Has a blanket of felt. W He sucks it all day f And won't give it away. 3 Margee Knick -1 - X if ' yi' L.-nv ' fs'-1:2 ggi' " at 'G ' fun-Lk ! -- wx ,Fl ! - A .v -a Lifting a careful paw so slowly that hardly any movement can be detected, the smooth spotted fur rolls from shoulder to shoulder with each slinking step. The stoney topaz eyes are never lifted from the leopard's quarry. Each movement is thought out and calculated within that sleek mottled head. Its long tail hangs at a slope with only the end twitching in the excitement of the chase. Long dagger-like claws are drawn back behind the short paw fur. Only when its prey is in its grasp will the rapier teeth close and the claws extend to finish the kill. Marsha Pope .Q ,,,, .. I is U11 I if , ' ' 0 I l' I I RockRock ',"g.':l'l"O , 'ill X The teenage talk , ,Q V I' ' . V Q ' ' Rock, rock around the clock Y , , -, , Kids sharing V Q I 41' 4' Music blaring lf ' ' i f ff'r ' 1 ' ' People dancing HG., Some are prancing . Girls wait While boys debate Who it is they want to date. Tad Thompson A Drama lfhvh-ng f O Q 1445, 4.1.9 . 9995" ' 1. p g I fs 4' V muff ff ter, Qxxt..-Iin,,,f,aL3 4 .1-xx, .-np" M, , 1413-1 Swim Yu' " 1-:ff xw 0 xu ,, .'Le.L.qs X, -.- , .-- bs 'gg .x j -q N-:EX s:- e , 5---s"'N 1e--1.-g , N-:,::xS Lp- is H- Pcs :azi- --,--'j,,' 'xx-Nz-, X Qjfazfjj. - tnmx xqx-,.f - -241 Cv xx--'Y' J- ," N -w, vox ".:f4, I 1 x nx"x'X.' 'ff-Z 1' Y 0' 1""'-35: ' -pdl ,L- K-I' g.v,a--ivtqk J 1, ' -':" N ' TWV."-. ws JH 1,-fxllfjh l,5.t':,f.'y.I, ,nu -f J, bl ll I I '-,J 'hui V. 1 1 'P-' 'nv' It was December 15, a Friday. It was cold outside. I could see fog covering the town like a blanket, shielding it from the sprinkling drizzle. I was waiting impatiently to go. It was the night of the dance that might change my life forever. We got into the car. The seat was cold against my bare legs. We were on our way. When I arrived, I was sweating with excitement. In I walked, looking as chic as possible. The first dance had already begun. People were grouped in all corners. There were at least 300. Already I could smell the building perspiration. There was tension in the air when, suddenly, I saw them huddled together in the center of everyone. I could feel my face redden. I felt as if I was slowly being crushed between walls of bodies. I was hot and had to get out. Pushing through the screams and lights, Imade my way to the door and ran out. The air felt cool against my face and the drizzle was refreshing. I couldn't believe it. Here I was only 13 and already instantly jealous. Mia I-Iaycox Jr fs.,:o mf' Y, f Q 4-3 .sw , ' .. Lg .-,, , . 1 " rw . ..-. -rl A 'I T:'i JRE r fam V Jw . 'A 1 f ' 51 -, Hd 1 it . 1 r,"5 . :Iv 3:2 . ci x A-. 1 wc- 4 . 3, My rp? ' a A 45 x , .0'. 2.-' 4 .f .-,- - 1-3 .y - -V' x: . i vm' 49 .a.,S.vk2 X Q iff zfxgiq' ff 1 N ' WSF!! 'H - 1 l x I ' 1 r Eh, 1 X-'ragpgg Q M-.--:asses il f f" 1 gf?-325152 lb-1 uf

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