Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL)

 - Class of 1950

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Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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.-sdff. ' pi IS? 5? sb i 'WJ xf in Thus year Henry wall lead you through our 28th Volume ot GOLDEN MEMORIES We hope an years to Come th s book wall b ang back the wonderful memories of our h gh school days that each of us will hold dear and golden Business Manager Ruby Houser Photographer Ben Rapport Publlsher Paragon Press DECATUR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Decotur Alobcnmo l,i5 N . J' n , ' . Q 6 ll of! not Editor .................,. Mary Caudlll ' ' - 1 . if w,..i 5 W. I -. . V, , ' 1 e X We the Senior Class of l95O. and the final graduating class of Riverside, do proudly and humbly dedicate this 28th Volume of Golden Memories to the institution that has been our shrine of knowledge forthe past three years. As we leave its immortal halls, we carry with us a heart filled with the memo- ries of the many happy hours spent within its walls. f l-taper brooks erste D cu wtlon Dccatrr a A B Athens College Sponsor D O lub tllss Do othy Com s Soc al Stu s Decw ur Alabama AB Deere Ath rs Co ege Duke 'nrversty Svonsor Stuclcnt Councll M ss Ellzabeth Elch Mathemat s Fort Dax s a A B Degre Unner Itx of Alabama Alabama Polytechnlc lnstrtute Sponsor Phu Chr Mu lexxett E Flller Screh e Decatur Alabama La Crosse State T ach rs College La Cros e W consln Unnerslty ot Alabama Sponsor Scrence Club Sensor Two Class Mlss Mary Lours Garrett Engl sh Dramatrcs Decatur Ala A B Alabama College Sponsor G rls l-lr Y Club Mrs Lrlbourne l-lall Ccmmcrce Gunn Alabama Florence St ate Teachers Co ege Sponsor Buslnes Educatvon Club School Paper Wlllram l-l Isbell Brology Dec tur Alabama B S Unton Unnerstty Sponsor Scrub Club Mrs W T Jordon Llbrarlan Decatur Alabama B S Lrbrary Scrence Columbla Unnersrty Unnersrty of Alabama Sponsor Lrbrary,Club FTA Club M mm! EQ? 1 Ale at-N -me s J K c Hem Fron mcs Dfc t Al ama B Al abama l3ol,t chn f nt u Sponsor H me Econom c Club Mrs Vt! H Long Languabcs Hstory Decatur a A B Con erse College Miss l.1lllan Qdom English Decatur Alabama BS Peabody Sponsor Natlonal Honor Society M HLOgl Phys1calEo Coach Decatur Ala AB Blrmlngham Southern UUIXEVSIU ot Alabama Northwestern Vanderbult Sponsor D Club Mrss Mabel Poer Englush Decatur Alabama B S Unwerslty of Alabama M A Unnersuty ot Alabama Sponsor Sensor One Class Readung Club Mrss Mary Robertson History Powderly Alabama AB Huntlngdon M A Unlverslty ot Alabama Sponsor Sensor Three Class Mr Carl Schvvuchovv Muslc Decatur Alabama B S Northern State Western State Sponsor Glee Club Miss Florence Smlth Busrness Anthmetrc Decatur, Ala Florence State Teachers College A B, Burmlngham Southern Howard College Unnversuty of Alabama Sponsor, Crtszenshrp Club genial: '7fmee Q ,Q T0 GRADUATION XWN N els 0 f' IV Nha? Ll sam ew oggwm Left to Rrghtj Roy Freeman Miss Robertson, Eleanor Gregg, Ruby Houser, Edgar Kirby, President .....,.....................................,.......... Edgar Kirby Vice-Rresrdent ................................................ Roy Freeman Secretary .,................................................... Ruby Houser Treasurer .................................................... Eleanor Gregg Sponsor ............................ , .................... Mnss Mary Robertson X PX ef w--0 WKIMY 1 'Q' 1 i Id Barbara Aldridge Thc wrong way a v ays seems the most fun Home Ec Club 48 41 Advertising Chair man Library Club 48 Elizabeth Arantz Some think the world is made for tun and fro ic So do I Hi Y Club 48 49 Q0 Human Relation Club 48 French Club 40 Music Club 50 Olec Club 59 Salesman hip Awa d 50 Sponsor 50 Rita Baker Smile your way through worries Laugh your way through lite Home Ec Club 48 Band 48 Library Club 49 FTA Club 49 Glee Club 50 usi ness Ed Club 50 Team Sponsor 50 Lloyd Barnett A good natured person is never out of place Transferred FFA 48 49 Student Coun cil 8 Basketball 48 49 50 Foot all 48 49 Jennie Blackwell Wrinkles would merely indicate where smiles have been Library Club 48 49 DO Club 49 50 Scnbe 49 50 Manager Junior Class Play LaVerne Bogle What s the use of worrying smile' Home Ec Club 49 Science Club 50 Junior Class Play Mary Ann Catlett I do the things I like to do-thats why I k National Honor Socrety 49 50 Secretary D HIY 49 50 Glee Club 49 0 GOLDEN MEMORIES STAFF 50 Honor Award 49 Manager Junior Class Play Homeroom Secretary 48 PTA Play 49 Human Relations 48 Le Cercle Francaus O Music Club 50, Mary Evelyn Caudill The sweet face and gentle manners have won her many friends. Band '48' LaSavoir Faire 48 Vice-President '48 Homeroom President '48, 49, 50' Hi-Y '48, '49, '50, Library Club 48, Secretary '48, Business Ed. Club '49, '50, School Paper '49, '50, Student Council '49, Vice- President '49, State Executive Committee '49, Girls' State, American Legion Award, Cheerleader '49, '50, Honor Award '48, '49, National I-lonor Society '49, '50, Vice-Presi- dent '50, Junior Class Play, Glee Club '5Og GOLDEN MEMORIES '48, '49, '50, Editor '50, Class Favorite '48, Best-All-Round '49, School Favorite '5O. lvlane Chastaln Brox n eyed and tall and loved by all nd 9 Ct nshlo Club 18 Home C l Lrbrary l Dugrness Edueatron DO Velma Lee Compton The be t thrngs rn llfe are hardest to n M L Cox A y om n onlx a woman but a good clgar rs a smoke French Club 48 3 Candler Cnm Jr W tr lst to tate when we haxe our own charms? Football 3 VW O D Club lo 49 res: Class Vrce Presrdent 49 Basket b A Q0 Class Faxorrte DO Ann Deatherage Ready for anythlng work or play Phl Srgrna Alpha 50 Marne Dumas lt rs the frrendly heart that has plenty or fnends Sportsmansnrp Club 49 Ronald Eddens George Wash ngton as dead Caesar S dead all great m n are dyrng and dont feel so well myself' wr 4 1 50 Down Beats 48 e Club lf JO lreasurer PhrChr Mu Most Attractrye 50 Glee Club '50 Carolyn Ellner They say sllence ls golden Who wants to be nch9 Annual S aff 40 Favonte 48 JunrorClass Play 49, Natronal Honor 49 50 Bd U 'nfl' l 118 V Y' QQ E l-9, L '-In J ' W. H tg h fl dd' -. a ss . ' l 'W .,t. M L - ' ' '-lf, 5' , . 7 of ,P '- dent SC, l-lonor Award 49, Key Club 48. '49 'SC' - 1 ' - all 1 , x ,C - 'F . C 1 I i A , r e , I l3ftl.'j,l:7.-Arg H' g'Ky ., A , ' , g 49g T Y' UQ V Q V -i P , , 1 if 'QT '7' -F-sk 3 l t ff: A f T A Bllly Evans A pentlrman vs always oulet rt man law Cluo 4 lub Pres oent D0 Roy 8 Ereeman Jr Destlned 'or th l-lall ot Eame luo 8 50 Vee Presrd nt oo ball 4 lf 50 Cap tn 59 All a Basketball 48 C at n 47 30 All County 41 Student Counell 8 3 Treasurer 41 P Class Pre e n 19 Vtee Presldent Q0 Key Club l 50 Treasurer 49 GOLDEN MEMORIES 48 49 Manager Junlor Class Play 49 Honor Award 48 41 Glee Club 41 50 Class Eayonte 48 49 Best All Round 41 Sehool Eayorlte 50 Edna Euller The eauttous never err Home Ee Club 48 Buslness Eoueatlon Club 49 30 Vlee Presldent DO Ht Y 50 Elsue Crow Gasnes lt IS nlee to be natural when you naturally nlee Serylee Commrttee 48 l-lonor Award 48 Cltrzenshlp Club 48 Buslness Edueatuon Club 49 Joke Ed tor of Paper 49 Cheer leader 49 Junror Class Play 49 Colleen George Thy modesty IS a eandle to thy ment Band 48 49 30 DownbeatClub 49 Mu sle Club 50 Speakers Bureau 50 Program Chalrman of l-lomeroom 49 Eleanor Gregg Let others tell of storms and showers l ll only mark your sunny hours HI Y 48 49 50 Treasurer 49 Vlee Pres :dent 50 See Junlor Class 49 l-lonor Award Treasurer Sentor Class 50 Class Eayorlte 49 50 Best All Round 48 Vnrglnla Gulley Somettmes I srt and thunk sometlmes lust srt Home Ee Club 48 Llbrary Club 48 Norma Haddock 'Gee l feel old today ' Band '48, FTA 49, DO Club 50 ,Lv fr-if 41- ,ff JT' l :!.. 'ff' ,J '7' I Betty Hallmark I speak the truth not as much as l should but as much as I dare. Human Relations Club '48g French Club 'SO' Music Club '50, Homeroom Officer '49, Annual Staff '50, Glee Club '5Og Salesman- ship Award 'SO I Allen Hamilton lf girls interfere with work, quit work' Downbeat Club '48, '49, Music Club '49, 'SO' Band '48, '49, 'SO' Drum Major '48, '49, 'SO' Honor Award '48 49. Geraldine Hartselle Give me leave to speak my mind Library Club 48 49 DO Club 49 SO Lola Harvel Her heart is full ot dreams Band 48 49 SO Downbeat Music Club 48 Publicity Manager Business Education Club 49 50 Social Chairman SO Edgar Winford Head He values his friends more than riches Horneroom President 48 Sportsmanship Club 48 Phi Sigma Alpha 49 50 Vice President SO Salesmanship Award '50 Speakers Bureau 50 Arthur Hodge I believe young men should be heard as well as seen Sportsmanship Club 48 Glee Club 48 DO Club 49 SO Second Vice President for DO State 50 Junior Class Play 49 Jean Hooper It I can t say what I think why think it? Home Ec Club 48 49 50 Music Club 49 50 Fred Horn In argument he shows great skill for even though he loses hell argue still Key Club 47 49 SO Football 46 47 48 49 Honorary Captain 48 Captain 49 D Club 46 47 48 49 Charles Francis Horton He would shake hands with the President, and tee! the President should be honored' Football '48, '49, '50, D, Club '49, '50, Math Club '50, Student Council '50, National Honor Society '49, '50, Treasurer '50, Honor Award '48, '49, Boys' State '49, American Legion Award '49, Basketball '48, '49, '50, rsey Club '49, '50, Ruby Jewel Houser None but herself could be her parallel, Downbeat Club '48, Band '48, '49, '50, Class Treas '49, School Paper '49, Business Ed Club '49, Secretary '50, Hi-Y Club '49, '50, Secretary '503 National Honor Society '49, '50, President '50, GOLDEN MEMQ- RlES '49, '50, Girls' State '49, Class Secre- tary '50, Speakers' Bureau '50, Class Fa- orite '50 Radio Comm ttee '49 Peggy Hudson Tall oaks trom little acorns grow Home Ec 48 49 50 Vice President 49 President 50 Business Ed Club 49 50 DO Club 49 50 Nancy Hundley Maryin lcard l m not going to kill myself by studying l ne er e Gle Club 0 Juyne Johnson She may be a genius but as yet we have not symptoms Band 48 49 Head Maiorette 48 49 FTA 49 49 President 49 Home Ec Club 4 Hi Y Club 49 50 French Club 49 Sect Treas 49 Music Club 50 Na tional Honor 50 Hono Award 49 High Salesmanship Award 50 Glee Club 49 50 Peggy Johnson Few things are impossible to those who take the time Home EC Club 48 49 50 Music Club 49 50 Library Club 48 Amaryless Jordan Her words are tew but she means them all Home Ec Club 49 Business Education Club 50 Typist on School Paper 50 Trans ferred Honors from Tanner National Beta Club 48 Future Home Makers of America 48 Circulation Manager on Year Book :ul A? JP' 'xr' Morrrs Kung Begone' Dull care and l shall never agree Sbortsmar Club l8 D O Club 48 Edgar Krrby l dare do all that may become a man who dares do more IS none Junror Class Play l Head Cheerleader 50 D Club 50 Secretary ot Sophomore Class Presrdentof Senror Class 50 Annual Staff 50 Key Club 49 50 Boys State 49 rrlenflllest 48 49 50 Allan LeMay To hurry and worry IS not my creed Phu Chr Mu 49 50 Vrce Presrdent 50 Kathleen Lrvely Neyer trouble trouble trll trouble troubles ou Human Relatrons Club 48 Hr Y 48 49 50 French Club 49 Natronal Honor 49 50 Musrc Club 50 Donald Loggrns He takes the strangest llbertles but never takes has leave Fo all 47 48 49 D Club 48 49 Muslc Club 50 Bettye Jo Marlon lt s a pam to thunk Home Ec Club 48 Radno Commsttee 48 Busmess Educatron 49 50 School Paper 49 50 DO Club 50 Walla Dean Martin A smrle for every gurl and two for every o Human Relatrons Club 48 Glee Club 48 .lunuor Class Play 49 DO Club 49 50 President 50 Cheerleader 50 GOLDEN MEMORIES STAFF 50 Most Attractrve 49, '50 James Matthews Good manners and knowledge maketh a good man International Relatrons '48, '49 , K. . - .t . , 1 . L . L, , . .. , , ,GJ 1 -or ., .. .. , , . , I . lr , ,A . I ,, c , , . - , ,, , ' , ,, l - v I , . tb . , , , , , b 0 , . . A , , . , , , by . . . , , . , . 4 Sw ,I ,Ar ' .W 43 'X bf? 41 QP' Marlene McBride Boing gifted with a tongue, l use it, French Club '49g Music Club '50g l-luman Relations Club '48, President '48g National l-lonor '49Q l-li-Y '49 50g RTA Rlay '49g Annual Staff '48, 50g Class Treasurer '48g FTA 503 l-lomeroorn President '48g Friendliest '48, '49, '50g Glee Club '49g Honor Award '48, '49g Radio Committee '49 Thomas R, Moore Natures grandest gifteea gentleman' Sportsmanship Club '48 50' Key Club 49 Jane Murphree And she herself is sweeter than the sweetest things she knows Downbeat Club 48 Glee Club 48 50 l-lomeroom President 50 FTA 50 Music Club 50 Ralph Murphy Why wart tor the bell in the afternoon when there s a good show on Band 48 49 50 Downbeat Club 48 Jr Class Play 49 Basketball 50 Key Club 50 Sportsmanship Club 50 President 50 Bob Neill We grant although he has much wit he is very shy of using it Most Attractive 48 49 Key Club 49 50 D Club 49 50 GOLDEN MEMORlES STAFF 49 Bask tball 48 Class Favorite Barbara Norris She laughs and g ggles fit to kill Citizenship Club 48 Glee Club 49 50 Zaylor Ann Norton Books' Tis a dull and endless strife l ll quit them and take me a husband l-lomeroom Se retary 49 Business Educa tion Club 49 50 President 50 Band 48 Billie Carolyn Owen l-ler tongue like a brook runs on forexer Library Club 8 49 Vice President Home room 49 Basiness Education Club 50 Hi Y 50 GOLDEN MEMORIES STAFF D0 Glee Club 50 l-lonorAvlard 48 4 National Honor 49 50 l-lomeroom Secre tary 50 N1 ry Edna Penn Sh ma look our t but look agaln 'l Hom room Rresrdent 48 N uonl H nar 0 La SBVOIV alre Cu 4 c r 48 lnt rnatrona latron Clrb 44 Musc Club 50 Honor Award 45 lxlagazune Salesmanshrp Award D Robert R ntecost I una alx ays rw haste but nexer rn a hurry Club 49 Dons Rrckens It ste tness be a fault hers rs a great one H N DC Downbeat Club 48 Busrness Educatron Club 49 50 Samm e Rruett They say the good dle young Boy am I takrng care of myself' Human Relatuons Club 48 Phu Chu Mu 49 D Club 59 Homeroom Rresrde-nt 49 Key Club 49 50 Joyce Marne Reddtng Speech rs srlyer srlence as golden Crtrzenshrp Club 48 49 Vrce President 49 FTA 48 49 Parllamentarran 49 Busrn ss Educatlon Club 50 Edrtor of School Paper Joanne Reeves She speaks behaves and acts just as sh ought Hr Y 19 D0 Home Ec Club 48 49 Mu cClub 0 FTA 48 49 50 Secretary 50 GOLDEN MEMORlES STAFF D0 Salesmanshrp Award 48 D0 Honor Award Elrzabeth Rrgel lt all the world were happy luke me what a great world thus would be Homeroom Secretary 48 50 Llbrary Club 49 DO DO Club Q0 Secretary 50 Na ttonal Honor 30 Robert Harold Rrvers 'Work makes a man grow old who want to grow old? ' Musrc Club 47 '48, Human Relatronshrp Club '48, 49 lla r ..J 9 ry C I. ,. .,- ,- , y V1 AY 5 ZH DL. T 2 . , .,g ., , , at a fo r -+4 3 , F A . 4 f ,cl I b Et Se reta T e l Re- ' , 3 ri 1, 4 1 I ,Q-s rnyfxf , 1 7 , 'nn .e c t N l r , A . T-, DO all lv Q , , ,- . I r l' r J, . ,X ' l .. , , ,, , . ,, c 1 v v ' .l V 1, . . . , , , 9 Q T e rv 'f - . l ' . ' 77. . - - v ' Q .Q V , . ,F -1 J . - 1 . . 'F I yr- 'V . , . ,F , .. , ,. . , . . . ,- .F , A . . VT . , , 3 1 1.1 -49' tif .auf ay P 'Z Eldora Roberts They say that redheads always get what they want Home EC Club 48 Carrol Rozear Grades not gurls have been my mark Phr Chr lvlu 50 Presrdent 50 Class Pres: dent 48 Service Councul 48 GOLDEN MElVlORlFS STAFF 48 Radro Commrtte 48 49 Honor Award 48 Key Club 49 50 lvlagazrne Award 50 8 G Ryan A gurl may not always be rrght but newer say she s wrong Ma Club 48 49 Football 8 49 50 D Club 50 Salesmanshrp Award 50 JO Ann Ryan It we always lace the sunshrne shadows wrll tall behlnd Home Fc Club 48 49 lvlusrc Club 50 rbrary Club 50 Llbrary Staff 50 Larkrn Sanderson Who knows x hat eval lurks rn the mrnds ot srlent men? 5CrubCub 4 50 Football 49 50 F red Schlosser The man that blushes rs not qulte a brute Gle Club 48 49 50 Band 48 49 50 Dov nbeat Club 48 Rh: Chl Mu 49 D0 Radro Committee 49 Honor Award 48 49 State Chambron lvlale Quartet 49 FTA 49 50 FTA Treasurer 50 Annette Scoggrn The mnldest manner the gentlest heart Home Fc Club 48 49 l-l Y 50 Muslc Club 30 Glee Club 48 Bull Scroggrns Just haxe your fun and let the world tlrclcer on Downbeat Club 48 Rhl Sxgma Alpha 49 lvlusrc Club J Key Club 49 DO Home room Vrce Presrdent 48 Band 48 49 50 Junror Class Play Manager 49 Irene Shafer 'Exerytime theres a tire drill, she prays tor ci IIVQY- I-lome Ec Club '48, Business Education Club SD, Glee Club 'Dfw Homeroom Vice- President CEO: Program Chairman 'SO Don Shelton Hell hate his fun or die trying, 1 'N Band HS, 'Slug Downbeat Club '48g Phi Sigma Alphag Glee Club 'SDg Music Club 'SDQ Annual Start '48, 59. W'ayne Sims ulokeseeaare there any I dont know? Downbeat Club 483 Radio Committee '48, '-I9 Phi Sigma Alpha '49, 'SOg Secretary 'SOg GOLDEN MEMORIES 'SO Alice Smith Work is work and must be done' riexertheless I have my fun Human Relations Club I8 Le Cercle Frain cas 49 Music Club SP National Honor 4 SO Class Play 49 GOLDEN MEMO RIES SP Hi YCIub 48 49 50 President Diane Spurlock Originality is my claim to tame Glee Club 48 French Club 49 Phi Sigma Alpha SO Speakers Bureau 50 Honor Award 48 Human Relations 48 High Salesman Magazine Campaign 49 Nar rator in Pageant 49 Shirley Tanner Calmly and peacefully she trends life s way Home Ec Club 48 William Terry He is an upright downright honest boy International Relation Club 48 49 Grace Terry Home Ec Club 48 Music Club 49 2, if f-ff' -ld' J ix, 3 it K M 3' 31 f'f:Xqi'-',iI'?af4 ', ws . Ft I ,fn 4' -:ha .nfl as ls 4' if -nl' 41 Q as I I- ' 1' ' il , 1 L G I , . I , l I fl l JL A , I . O , 4 I. K I - X ' ' Y S Ke:- .UL - . ., '. Y. v . , K ,A Arg. , I iff' Q' .ff ' x f , .ff . V4 X . Q . . ., 1 1 . , I , W L X L M ,E V A 8 an ,A 'ang I 1 We ,, I .. I . A , li y ' I n I - 4 , Li f f? I ' Sober but not seriousg quiet but not idle. K I y '- ..-f 'S , - , , . V -, Tv, Y , ,A j j if-1-',?Q'5 T , jzlql , f ,, '55 A-Q' f x fl ING' Q Q, if Llndsey Terry l envy no man that knows more than myself but plty them that know less Sportsmanshrp Club 48 Cntlzehshup Club 49 Radto Commuttee 49 FTA 49 50 Vlce Presldent ot Morgan County 50 L brary Club 50 Phu Chl Mu 50 Wesley Thompson Men of few words are best men Football 48 49 50 Captaln 47 D Club 48 49 50 Presldent 49 Key Club 50 Mabel Turner The largest thlng about her us her wrt Cltl enshlp Club 48 Busrness Educatton Club 49 Treasu er 49 Home Fc Club 49 Secretary 49 Bobbye Anne Waldrop Many a smlle and never a worry Home Ec Club 48 49 Buslness Educatlon Club 50 Fay Wald rop It Ignorance were a blrss I d be a bltster Cltlzenshlp Club 48 l-lome Ec Club 49 Junror Class Play 49 Buslness Educatlon Club 50 Jeannle Warren My oplnlons are never wrong l-lu Y 49 50 Band 48 49 50 Glee Club 49 50 Phu Chl Mu Club 49 50 Radio Co'nmltte 48 49 Downbeat Club 48 Secretary Treasurer Phu Chu Mu 50 Jeanne Whlte Flrst rn war but not tn peace Band 48 49 50 G-lee Club 50 Lnbrary Club 48 French Club 49 Music Club 50 FTA Club 48 49 Homeroom Program Commlttee 49 Speakers Bureau 50 John Wllks An authoraty on females Student Councrl Presrdent 50 Football 48 D Club 49 50 Key Club 48 49 50 Presldent 50 l-lonor Award 49 50 Best All Round Boy 50 Stanley Wrse My lo e lS always constant only rts obrects change Muslc Club 18 Phu Srgma Alpha 49 Pres dent Jl l-lomeroom Prcsrdent 50 S Nice Councrl 48 Band 43 49 0 Honor Award 45 Salesmanshrp Award Key Club 4 D0 Manager Junror Class ra Shrrley Wlllrams Grant that l may always desrre more t an l can accomplrsh Joanne Woodruff Frendshrp ts c nstant an all thrngs except n affarrs of love lnlomeroom Secretary 48 Home Ec C ub 15 Busrness Educaton Club 49 School Daver 4 Glee Club 49 DO Club D9 Treasurer 50 Bully Woods Take good care of me Good men are scarce D Club lS 49 50 Glee Club 49 50 lunror Class Play 49 Band 50 l-lomeroom Presto nt 48 49 50 Basketball 49 50 Honor Award 48 rt U-0 in avi 5-u x X I-D -'sr Z Jhabfuf M mones are made of gold unlrke brass they do nor tarnlsh wr ln the passing of the years Twelve years of leamrng hate almost passed and the tame of graduatron rs drawrng near therefore memorres are a l that rs left for us Now as me stand on the threshold of a new lrfe we gaze back oxer the precedrng ears vvrth a sad and heavy heart Probably many of us refuse to admrt that we have enloyed particular phases of our school lr e but deep rn our hearts we know rt rs true In l f-lf we entered Rrversrde a young and vrgorous group, We had a successful year under the wrse leadershrp of Mrss Dorothy Cornelius as our sponsc' Entenng the eleventh grade we chose Miss Martha Frances Krlgore for sponsor Shelled us successfully through the trrals of the magazrne campargn, pre- paratrons for the JunrorfSenror banquet and the Jumor Class play rn le-l9 that long awarted moment arnved We enter.d the doors of our dear old Alma Mater labeled the dlgnrfred senrors We selected Mass Mary Robertson for our leader rn the frnal and important year So far we have had a successful magazne camoargn. tartous nrtratrons, and numerous elections We are stlll lookrng forward to the frnal actlvrtres of the year, Soon we wall arn-ve at our long awarted and fought-for goal graduation, As we walk across the stage wrth tremblrng knees to get our drplomas we shall feel as though we have tnurnphantly accom- :Jlrshed the goal we set out for twelve years ago. And yet we shall also feel a pang of sadness at the thought of leavrng our many friends and school life It was a hot and humid day rn Washington D C on July 4 960 I was prepar ng to leave on a night p'ane enroute to 8 number of hosprtals tn make an institutional survey for the Uni cd States I Ser Ccmmrssion Although the Independence Day celebration was in progress tnere had been rr trrre rn my s hedule to see or listen to any of rt When I had completed packing I realized I strll had fr e he rs b fore departare so I decided to spend a part of rt watching tne parade down Pennsylvania Avenue I made my way down to the street and out to the curb rust as tne Na y Band was approa hrng with the familiar notes of Anchors Av ergh As the band marched by rn perfect unison and arrow Ike lines a familiar fa e drew me sharply to attent on There on the front line marched Ray Morrrs Sometime later I hailed a taxi for the trip to the airport and who should be sit' ng n rt but Arthur Hodge now a traveling insurance executive After I had purchased my ticket at the station and was on my way to 'ne coffee sh p I was greeted by the Official sta tion hostess Jennie Blackwell I then hurriedly gulped a cup of coffee as rny plane was om ng rn to land As I stood at the gate waiting o go out I spotted Shirley Will ams amotg tl e rn onnrng passengers She told me she was rust home from the Japanese mission field by way of Los Angeles Once settled rn the plane I glan ed a r s the a sle at two rr' n v ho I fre ob sy bus ness men On closer rnspe tion I recognized them as Charles Horton and Carrol Ro ear who were trayel ng a rdrtors fo S andard Orr Company While talking over old times I suddenly became conscious of the fa t that th airline h s ess was se tiring my safety belt l looked up to see none other than Rita Baker I learned from her that the pilot and co pilot were Sammre Pruett and Billy Vwfoods respectively Many more surprises were rn store for me rn New York and Brooklyn Entering my hotel I found Ralph Murphy as man ager Later while shopping on Fifth Avenue I entered an exclusive dress shop owned and operated by Elizabeth Rrgel and Geraldine Hartselle Modeling the ratest styles were Carolyn Ellner Kathleen Lively Jane Murphree Barbara Aldridge and Joanne Vfoodruff On the subway I bumped into Lewis Bethany and he t ld me he and Billy Terry were working for the Pennsylvania Railroad rn ts New York office In Brooklyn I witnessed a game between the Dodgers and the Grants with Lind sav Terry as short stop and B G Ryan receiving the slants of a slim rrgnt hander named D nald Loggins all of the Brooklyn Club After arrrvrng n Baltimore a few days later I was having din ter rn the I1 el dining room Glancrng across the room I saw three ens gns of the U S Coast Guard They were Wrnford I-lead Tom Moore and B lly Evans The next morning while waiting rn the superintendent s office of the Passmore Memorial Hospital I picked up the morning paper On the amusement page was a full length likeness of Ronald Eddens and I-Irs Rby nm Masters appearing at the Starlight Club Featured vocalists were Willa Dean Martin and Jeanne White Gulley and Eldora Reber s I was fascinated by the murals that adorned the walls I learned later that these were painted by Don Shelton Upon leaxrng the tea room I met Juyne Johnson and Joanne Reeves on their way ba k to Duke University where they were rn the teaching profession As I entered the hospital grounds later I saw several nurses having a few moments of relaxation on the lawn They were Doris Pickens Marie Chastain Edna Fuller Joann Ryan and Jean Hooper They told me of the accomplishments of James Mat thews and In s assistants Mary Penn Eleanor Gregg and Mary Ann Catlett rn cancer research We all planned to spend that evening together After having dinner we made our way through the crowds to the Munrcroal Auditorium where the Philharmonic Orchestra was appearing under the direction of Allen Hamilton Featured soloists were Jeanne Warren on the c'arrnet and Lola Harvel on the French horn Appearing as guest vocalist was Fred Schlosser The next day when I arrived at the hospital rn Miami I was greeted by Mary Caudrll the receptionist I began telling her of my experiences since I had begun my tour She related to m more surprising news about our graduating class Edgar Kirby was on the staff there wrtn Marlene McBride as hrs assistant Ruby I-Iouser was dorng excellent work as a laboratory technician Stanley Wise was in charge of the hospital apothecary Diane Spurlock was superintendent of nurses and Bobbye Waldrop was nosprtal dietitian Relaxing that evening in the lobby of the Hotel Sherry Frontenac I recognized Elizabeth Arantz arrrvrng with a party of people A banquet I learned from her was being given in honor of her latest book The Golden Tear Being rn the literary field she told me of a series of psychological books by two of the natron s leading psychologists Bill Scroggrns and John Wrlks and also of Bobby Nerll who was the edrtor of one of the leading newspapers in New York City LaVerne Bogle was fashion edrtor of the Ladres Home Journal along with Elsie Games as food edrtor and Irene Shafer as cartoon edrtor MV next STOP WGS New OVICHVIS I afflved BT 'TW IWOIGI and decided to rest a while before beginning my inspection of hosprtals I picked up a newspaper on the way up to my room On the front page was a wrrte up about the important meet ing of the members of the Southeastern Football Conference Among the m mbers listed were Roy Freeman coach from Au burn Fred Horn coach from Alabama and Wesley Thompson of Vanderbrlt There was also a long article on a murder trral being held rn New Orleans Lloyd Bennett was the prosecutrng attorney The wrrte up on the trral was done by Mabel Turner I also noticed that he socrety edrtor was Annette Scoggrn In he socrety column was an article telling of the return of Norma Haddock and Nancy Hundley from Paris where they had been scouting fashions for Mademoiselle Magazine On my return TVID I Sfopped over rn Decatur for a short vrsrt I ran across manv of my ord classmates strll rn the old home town Velma Compton Peggy Johnson Colleen George and Zayl r Norton were busy housewives Morrrs King and Allan LeMay were in the wholesale business Robert Pentecost owned a promrsrng cafe Betty Jo Marion and Barbara Norrrs were the town s leading mrllrners Decaturs largest beauty salon was operated by Shirley Tanner Grace Terry and Fay Waldrop Alrce Smith was the town s most promising lawyer with Brllre Carolyn Owen 35 her Typist and assistant Exhausred from travel and excitement I was rn bed early The radio beside mx bed was playing soft musrc as l lay there thinking A vcrce suddenly interrupted the musrc to say The time rs now twelve oclock midnight and time to bring to a close the broadcasting activities of station D R E A M S nineteen fifty on your dia' This is your announcer Wayne Srms saying goodnight lSrgnedI Betty Hallmark I r , , ,, , I - , r r , , 'f- .1 Cnr vice o . , ' ' , ' o r C i , , -. u e I ., i ' ' vf c ' . ' y I r y If r , . . . l I , X . ' ' t ' r ' r 1 ' c . . I ' c c Q s . i .3 . uf vrocfl ' ' ec I ' Z f r t ,r t ' ' C. e I o 1 ' . ' I I, . , . , , E .K W A W . . , I . ! I, I gt . I . , . ' , , , I . 5' I I The following morning in Durham, N, C, while having breakfast in a lovely little tea room, jointly operated by Virginia 6 . . . I -A g I D Q I Q I . , . I I 9 A v V . ' , I ' 'Q ' f' , . 5 . - . A , - - . . I - . . , o . i r I H ..,. . I ., I I I al -C NT'-gf, Left to Rvght Bob Bell Anne Coleman Bllly Joe Aycock Bullv Lovin J Fu er Presldenf Vrce Presnde-nt Secr tary T easur r aoonsor l 41-61:- 'QP l fi if ,38- T9 +- Y 77 'F tg , ' lf' , 5 ,-faq ' 'Qi 59 QE, Ala, iq xwfisti 'Q-1 I Z in -Dwi' ro O4 :O 47' I7 -...JA r 'f f Slwlrley Ange Bully Atkins Brlly Aycock La k-.' erne Barnett Kendall Bass Bob Bell James Biles Vlrglnla Bnowell Joe Black Betty Blackwell Marlon Bloodworth Fred Bowen Linda Breeding Bully Brooks Frances Brooks Jack Buchanan Raymond Clardy Edward Clark Dorothy Clark George Clem Anne Coleman Joanne Collier Dorothy Cook Bob Conner 'T' 5 U 'wrt V T' Se D DOU5, CU Tornnn Ffgl Lnsa Em Marbaret Frnrm Lee Fc Bobby Frahn bevy Free Bob Freeman Fred Garnett Lakun Garnett Tue!! Garnett Clyde George Glenn Gloner fwliiii 4' 'S '-if R ,a-W' as mph I' may SK 1 1 W-Nd' 'F 5 f 3 -R' as ta C El artor Harn lton Bobby Harrlson Eddue l-rar ey Betty Carl Hendon Ray Hess Harnet Hugdon Carolyn Hollornan Mary Faye Hunter Betty Jacobs Delano Johnson B llee Krmbrough Alma Landers Shrrley Landers Don Lentz Bully Lovln June Lowe Bu ly Martrn Rex Mason Kenneth McCulloch Noel lvlclnnls Charles McLemore Harold lv1cLemore Jackye Mulls Marjorle Mills Betty Jane Norwood Charlotte Orr Peggy Pack Jack Parker Max Patterson Ell alaeth P re Tommy Ph I ,, Frank Portwood B lly Putnam Beverly Rodgers Bully Ryan Mary Kay Schmudt Jack Scott Sarah Sewell Buddy Sums Datha Shannon Wllllam Sherrod Donald Sums Linda Smlth Pat Srnuth Helen Spawn Gary Sullrxan Elrzabeth Thrasher ni'- G' N- fix Q I P 7 ' 4 ,C 159 'Nu r VJ, . 1.4! .Eb-.. U ,, if S., Q l 1 . If an P , Q of 1 ,, .ar E' ff ,. ' r, ag- K 3 Plas:- X l 11 5 D ap' .-L.: N3 14' '7' any 'Q S-an amp -l-l'lVa4 E C N Fc fo fe a L K C Wearlw 3 151. ,0' N ncfl ferr Terrcl Wfenzel A A flnn Ce Vxfbllman A Vwfrlrna VJIISOH 0441044 Here rr the Jun ors of IQDU' Our Junlor Class began lts Rnersrne Career by selecrrng, an able sponsor lvl: s El beth Ecb Durrng our larsl yearw complet 'l a successful sale of Cnrsrmas Card just as me ba e done n tnls our junior year Our runlor sponsor Mr Jevxett Fuller bas gulced the class ln a most successful rnaga une drrxe durrnv vrhrclw we sold oxer S2 COW an subscrrprlons Tn Junror Class looks forward To our sensor ve wnn all :ra pnrrleges and obportunmes . . ' J as . xln r 4- 1 .V --, , . e J. ,X I, J' , E1-.rr Tlller Q- V , ,f km! -rm' T l i l?.'.erfa Watson I 4,1 f I ' sl 4' .X if I if 14 ' , . I f' al, 1 f J erly ' e. - D' f f- 1 , pa- NA 'O a. fr A 3. air, - ff r fe- 4.3, A Y ' WA , ll'l I, X ,sy Barbara White A 1 5 , V l s I X ' 5 , 2 - ,J gf . l ' N, A lfW i3fQ2f'f.7 I 1. L.. Z: Y -f I'- lil i ., , ' 5 4 l aa Yi . l f' aw M ee - N ld i , 'S .f Samoa Gaze 5'V5A X ol. S9 nl in no an Ill Ill President ........................................,............. Ronnie Lee Vice-President ...................,........................... Lorene Pickens Secretary .................................................... Edna Jackson Treasurer .................................................... Tommy Hinds Sponsor ........................................................, Miss Poer ps ll' ,na ,4i' ar g.,,, Ya Q Wx, ef., 1 1- -M 1 ai '-fr 'A , 2 . A Q n lent' An ler a H el Fea S E rl Benlleld Ann b Tbany rol Bobby Bo er Clwarle Bowles Walter Bolrn C rc x br d n rx n Bre Sallye bryan Ann lfucbanan Charles Burrox Carolyn Byar Manor Cain Bobby Campbell Myrtrce Canentc George Casslmus Mildred Clarov Eloree Comorcw Shlrley Compton Billy COUCl'm Bully D Cox Jerry Cralg Bully Culxer Dot Dally Helen Dawson Dean Drake Oneal Eubanks Jo Fuller Sh:rley Garner Mack Graham Jay Gnttin -fr It . ah ook, Hobby G. hlflh oolcs Molly l-lend lcgks Curhs l-l rbe t 'ol'nn1e Hanlon Tornmx l-l d Doyle Hood Bullle D l-loope Edna Jackson Agnes Jenk n Sa ah L mon Elorse Latham Wulla G Lawrenc Walter Lec roy Ronnfe Lee Patty Loosler Eyelyn Mao e Paul Marlon Betty Martin Ernest Matthews My ron Melton Betty J McGar lane Michael Wanda Mllls Allan Moody Bobble Moon Cecrl Monk Odean Mo r w Lou Ann Murohre Don Murphy Beverly Nebflg 4-v 'Qt 4' L., 1 GJ JU I fi 4 ,JJ N 53 i Z .., 26 I-6 'Y an 1 S., N., NN as M. T 49 Bully N Chols Ray Nrxon Raymond Nvxon Leota O Bruen Jo Ann Parker Letha Nan Parker Eleanor Patterson Frank Payne Zack Perry Nancy Phrllrps Lorene Pickens Charles Polk Yancy Qulnn Elarne Reed Bobby Roberts Ruth Roser Davrd Rowe Mary K Sanderson Phrllvp Serbert Margaret Smuth Wendell Standndge Patsy Stephenson Royce Stewart Dorothy Stewart Bettyl Taylor Edna Temple Bully Terry Charles Terry Mary N Thompson Bobby Thornberry Jackre Thronbrough Hilda Thrasher Orey Troup Faye Tucker , 2. 2 2 A l 2 , , W A L f 1 , ,sv 3 I 0 , pg 9 A - ' I X W fl I X- ' X 5 1 1.,- 10 N A. 1 4 J S STK T D , 4' ' I I H -A 5 ' 1. il 3 .ff , 4 of X ' 31 5 . D ll s. T so fr.' xl T lr I .- if S: X r S S r, b SY, , ,P T-T? ,jj , , f y m ', 'fi I it , Ann Sively 4 as 5' K ,f fl 'f 'T IAS. 'JE' as N 4' nffig , X ,Q H 1 L P his . ,, fax' ...A A' - Lai L9 6' cg T ,V+ ,f K is I . 2 fl 4 Xl 13 Q ' , . 7 5 'ao To ' P3 ' s I . ft f J Q , P v If A Q .- N ' f P Agnes Walorop Betty Jo Wear 4' Bully Wrse Theo Word Shrrley XVrlPht l R A Sarah Jane Wyatt Jfwlfcvuf We the Sophomore Class ot Decatur Qcnror Hugh School are proud of our past rt cord our class ottrcers and our ncwer tallrng sponsor lvlrss Mabel Poer We hate tned to support all programs dnves and school actrvutres to the best of ot r abrllty Let us thank all the members of our school tor electrng and rnrtratrng us unto the tanous clubs and organs atrons and grvrng us the best ooportunrtres possible Wlth great enthusrasm we are loolong forward to berng the frrst lunror class In the new hugh school ' ni , 8 as -- . g 4, f . - Nl X If K' , 1 an W ' Q era J ' au Frances l.. Young '43 ', Nczfwufwx Sllacfenl' Gonna! -1' N.',k.... Left to Right FIRST ROW Anne Suvley Harriet Hugdon Mass Cornelnus SECOND ROW Charles or Ton Roy Freeman Bully Lovnn John WIIRS Presndent V1 e Rresldent Secretary 'I reasurer Sponsor Miss Do John Wllks Bully Lovun Harriet Hngdon Roy Freeman rothy Cornehus 'X 'STN 0 1 Gaimez' Left to Rnght FIRST ROW Leota OBnen Betty Carl Hendon Bully Woods SECOND ROW Mass Cornelros Charlotte Orr Stanley Wlse Lorene Plckens Zack Perry Tl-HRD ROW Jane Murphree Mary Caudull Bully Joe Aycock Faye Tucker Tommy l-llncls STANDING JohnW1lks X DOM Qolcfen lflemofuf Sled Q Left to Right STANDING Elaine Reed Sr I Artist Edgar Kurbw Class Representatrye Ronnre Lee Sr ISnapshot Edntor Jack Buchanan Sr Il Sports Edutor Mary Caudlll EDITOR In CHIEF Sandra Davus Sr II Artist Don Shelton Sr III Artnst BIIIy Loyan Sr II Representatuve SEATED Carolyn Holloman Sr Il Clrculatron Mgr Lorene Psckens Sr I l.Iterary Edrtor Betty Carl Hendon Sr II Snap shot Edrtor Bsllle Carolyn Owen Typist Mary Ann Catlett Asst Busuness Manager Betty Hallmark Sr III Llterary Edutor Wvlla Dean Martun Sr III Snapshot Edrtor Marlene McBnde Sr III Crrculatuon Mgr Alrce Smuth AsstEdItor Zack Perry Sr ICIrculanon Edntor Wayne Sums Sports EdItor Ruby Houser Busuness Manager Joanne Reeves Typlst Muss Robertson Sponsor INot In pncturel Charlotte Orr Sr II Llterary Edltor ,bonf I I . . M I 1 I, W, l 1 . -,., I ll , M I QI v I h- in ,- x ' I ' ' ' X X wx , lx 'sv I . ' I s, :V If I 1 ' 1 I 45' -..--xx 2, n .X Xl ,i . ,, ' S. , '5 Q II I I . - I - I I I I I I - I I ' ' I ' , . I I I I - , I - I - l ' 'V I ' 1 Y ' - I I I I I I I I A ' I I I . . l -I I I I I I I I I I I I I - - , . . f I flfalianal Jfanaa Sac ' :ml z'3 'uc.xm: 7. 'ww -N, ' Lett to Flight. FIFQST ROW' Charles l-lortoh, Blllie Carolyr1Ox-.Cm Mary Aon Catlett, Alice Smith, Ruby l-loosid lylarj. Qaocfsll. Mgr, Perm. Carolyn Ellrter. Katlwleclm Lwely, SECOND ROWj Charlotte Orr, Linda Fire-eczmg. Sgrwufrg Dal. s, Dgrxwl Datls, Eluzahoth Rig-ffl, Mfss Odom ,loyne Johnson, Ellzalincth Thrasher, Elmhor Ham-ltomx Harrlot lrllgfloh lNot m plcturel Morgorot AIWH Emehs Prossclent ... Vvc:eAPresvdomt Secretary .... Treasurer ... Sponsor, . . ...Ruby l-louser ....Mary Caudill Mary Arm Catlett . .Charles Horton Miss Lulllah Odom Ona' ,lla-W 1 2311 Lett to Rrght FIRST ROW Alrce Smnth SECOND ROW Mary Penn Eleanor Gregg THIRD ROW Harrret Hrgdon Ruby Houser FOURTH ROW Carolyn Bro' MISS Garrett Frances Brooks FIFTH ROW Ltncla Smith Dons Rrclfens SIXTH ROW Betty Carl Hendon Joanne Reexes SEVENTH ROW Shurley Ange Marlene Mc3RrIcIe EIGHTH ROW Je nne Warren Betty Halbroolcs NINTH ROW Ellz abeth Arantz STANDING Lrnda Breedrng Charlotte Orr Brllee Krmbrough Mary Ann Catlett Anne Coleman Kathleen Euyely Brllre Carolyn Owen Mary Caudull Annette Scoggrn Margaret Ann Emens Juyne Johnson Vace Presrdent Eleanor Gregg Secretary Treasurer Ruby Houser Program Charrman Mary Penn Scrlhe Harriet Hlgdon Presrdent Altce Srnrth Sponsor ly Iss Mary Lourse Garrett Y N986 Pla Sagma vqlplma Left +o Rrgnt SITTING Drane Sourlock LaVerne BogIe STANDING Edgar Krrby Rex Mason Jack Buchanan Stanley Vxrse Wayne Srrns Mr FII er Wrnfred I-Iead Bobby Crow Raymond Clardy G smv' Presrdent Vrce-Presrdent ................. Secretary Treasurer Stanley Wise .Winfred Head .........................WayneSims Jack Buchanan Sponsor ............................ Mr, Filler ' I .hdaafuf Glad Left to Rrglwt SEATED Carolyn l-lollomon Walter LeCroy Tornrny Pnullrp Walla Glenn Lawrence Mrldred Clardy Joann Ryan Jewel Anderson STANDING Kendall Bass Mrs Jordan June Lowe Molly l-lendrux Anne Srvley Eloise Compton Myrtnce Carpenter Doro hy Key Beverly Rodgers Mar celle Dayrs Nancy Phrllrps Dean Drake Llndsay Tcrry PVGSIUGHT Tommy Plmlllps Vice-President Secretary ....................... Walter LeCrOy Treasurer ...,............. Willa Glenn Lawrence Sponsor .......................... Mrs. Jordan Left to Rlght FIRST ROW Bobble Mooney Jane Murplwree Katle Weatherly Carolyn Holloman Elea nor Hamrlton Betty Carl Hendon Joanne Reeves Harrlet Hlgdon SECOND ROW Juanita Goforth Dean Drake Wulrna Wllson Marran Bloodworth Marlene M Bride Betty Jo Wear Molly Hendrix Patsy Stephen on THIRD ROXN Ronnle Lee Edna Jackson Carolyn Bnbb Elalne Reed Letha Nan Parker June Lowe Kendall Bass Lvndsay Terry FOURTH ROW Fred Sclwlosser Walter LeCroy Tommy Hlnds Ter rsll Vxfen el Tommy Rlwllllps Mrs Jordan T- hi f ' un- A nm ' .K 11- J :A , 25? a-game gconamici Glad --143.8 'iz Left to Rrght FIRST ROW Peggy Johnson Brllue Dons Hooper Peggy Hudson Oneal Eubanrcs Myrllce Carpenter Mary Nell Thompson Frances Young Lorene Prckens Marga ef Smrth SECOND ROW Bearrrce Randolph Exelyn Maples Sarah Jane Wyatt Elorse Compton Shrrley Compton Ann Bethany B tty Jo Wear Palsy Stephenson Barbara Turner THIRD ROW Jean Hoop er Mrss Krlgore Edna Faye Askenburg Reyena Watson Betty Ross Barley Odean Morrow Lou Ann Murphree Nancy Phll lrps Betty Martin Presrdent Peggy Hudson E - K G C Ng.. l 5 ' r . J, 1 N an 'XX xi V -:fi 3 fi' l l . ' I y . . . 4 U g f , . - , , , , r ' . 1 Vice-Presrdent ................... Evelyn Maples El-5 EK i ' - .S 1 - 4-.T . ,k 'L .M L sl x-L. -1 ' u. g ug f , y lax . Q Secretary Scrrbe Sponsor .AA- Betty Jo Wear Shrrley Compton Mass Krlgore 0' Bwnm Zcfucallian Glad Lett to Rrght FIRST ROW Faye Waldrop Peggy Hudson Joyce Reddrng Ruta Baker Mabel Turner Dons Prckens Nancy Hundley Rat Srnrth Lola Hanel SECOND ROW Ruby Houser MarueChasta1n Mary Faye Hunter Edna Fuller Zaylor Norton Betty Jo Marlon Eluzabeth Thrasher Blllle Carolyn Owen THIRD ROW Barbara Aldrudge Helen Spam Irene Shafer Betty Free Bobbye Waldrop Amary less Jordan Mary Caudlll Mrs Hall Y Y Presudent Zaylor Norton Vrce Presrdent Edna Fuller Secretary Ruby Houser Treasurer Mabel Turner Sponsor Mrs Hall 'Tl I Blu..- fb. 0. Glad Left to Rnght FIRST ROW Geraldlne Hartselle Joanne Woodruff Peggy Hudson Jennue Blackwell Norma Jean Haddock Walla Dean Martln Elizabeth R gel Betty Jo Marlon SECOND ROW Jlmmy Dams Arthur Hodge James Thrasher Bully Evans Charlle Sherman Robert Pentecost Lewls Dement THIRD ROW Don Askenburg Moms Kung Franklin Portwood Glenn Glover Mr Brooks Presudent Vlce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Bully Evans Wllla Dean Martin Ellzabeth Rlgel Joanne Woodruff Mr Brooks 1 s s If xsg IJ f Seniofz 0ne Reacfinq Glad 'ffl Presldenf Joanne Parker - Sponsor Miss Poer -DT f l REX Left to Rlgnt FIRST Row Jane Mlcbael Dean Drake Bobble Mae Mooney Anne Suyley Carolyn Blbb Mlldred Clarcly SECOND ROW Beverly Nebng Sally Bryan Elalne Reed Molly l-lendnx Bobby Rob erts THIRD ROW Mlss Poer Walter l.eCroy Wayne l-lagood Leola O Bnen Letha Nan Parker Not ln Plcfure Joanne Parker -I Vlce Presudent Anne Slvley Secretary Bobble Mooney S A , Q l l I I . ' , ' - lg I I. I ' ....................... vi - ' ............l........ A . I E ...................... V , N-1 Q- :S um ll Lett to Rrght FIRST ROW Lewis Bethany Charles l-lorton Joe l I ek Brlly Woods Wesley Thomp son John Wulks Martin Taylor SECOND ROW Tu ll Carnett Bobby Frabn Lalon Garnett Brlly Lovun lvlaryrn Golden Bob Freeman Bob Bell Willard Freeman Edgar Klrby Joe Teague THIRD ROW George Clem Ray l-le s Harold lVleLemore Bob Conner Couch Shorty Ogle Eddre Haney Bobby Neill Fred Horn Clyde Pace B G Ryan 'S- 27 -anne' Presndent Candler Crum Vree Pres dent Bob Freeman Secretary Treasurer Joe Teague Sponsor Mr Qglg ' 1 - at f A X ' 3 'H . -A Sa f , f - , , ., f . 1 Cl 1 'A . , , V , 1 . 1 1 n - 1' 1 P t K. e-Q 1 I alia- 1 , Ljs ' 1 t F.: ' Y. ,s ' ' hwfjfal L ' 9 ' ' . ,LU ,T nil 1 '.' .- K . W . 'Z4- ........1.4........-.... L ' T T ..-............ . . . . - f- , , , , ,. . ...........,,., .. ' .',,v ......,...............,...... . Sami Glad 'Hint eft to Right FIRST ROW Coach lsbell Don Murphy Fred Garnett Zack Perry Charles Bowles Cur rs Herbert SECOND ROW Brllyloe Aycioclc Bobb l-larnson Mack Graham Bully Don Cox Tommy Robbins Wayne Rudgevvay THIRD ROW Larkrn Sanderson Glenn Sears Frank Hargltt Presrdent Vuce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Bully Aycock Larkrn Sanderson Fred Garnett James Craln Mr Isbell F'ft,, saq 'Six if 1:1 'ill lea, em Wai 1 x 1881 ' 'Q Ill S qsl Left to Right FlRST ROW Donnle Murphy lack Buchanan Bully Don Cox Zack Perry Joe Black Bob by Bell Bully Joe Aycock Edgar Klrby 'Bob Connor Max Patterson SECOND ROW Fred Horn Ralph Murphy Ronald Eddens Bob Freeman George Clem Eddve l-laryey Marvln Taylor John Walks THIRD ROW Tom Moore Wesley Thompson Lakin Garnett Roy Freeman Maryun Golden Bully Lovin FOURTH ROW Sam Pruett Lewis Bethany Bobby Neill CandlerCnm Wullard Freeman Stanley Wise President John Wulks Vice Presndent gobb Nell' 1 if S Y 0.x eC ela'Y Edgar Klrby S Treasurer Ronald Eddens r 1 S. I 5 l If s S s . A A . xk ' N 1 xl P x x 1 lt .. S Fx 'sf D fra. , a.. x.N T ,:.-'-i - V - '-L ,, Q., N -1- '-- -1.2 '. ' ' x .M :an C , . X T' -- v ' l I I v 1 - . , , - - . l . , le l V 4 - l l . , l - , , , , . l - ' I an ......-. .. ' ,A f I - ' . - ..................... . N A LQ' .-.......... ..... ...... g fl, Spoaiimwndfwfz glad 'vui- X. gi +1 IW! Qld H Left to Rught FIRST ROW Jvmmy Berry Charles Terry My on Melton Erank Mulluns Bully Terry Da yld Rowe Tommy Edgll Marvin Breedrng Earnest Matthews SECOND ROW Dlck Staah Torn Moore loser h Parham Ph I p Serbert Dowlln Rott Clark Rountre Cecrl Monk Clyde George Royce Stewart Tl-IIRD ROW Mr Riley Ralph Murphy Tommy I-lalbrooks Wendell Standndge Alyla Landers James Blles Charles McLemore Orey Thoup Earl Beneflr Id C Q5 D Presldent Vlce Pres Secr tary Treasurer Sponsor I d Ralph Murphy Alyla Landers Rhllup Serbert Dowlrn Rolf Mr Riley I -dl y r :N lnxas-eq . , . -nm 'Nj 5, -zu n I 'N I -- .Q.. - O A , V , . if gn - -4 in , :rf - 'Q ,nan , v mm , I ' -' , - . I ,y . .., vp . C ' I - . I, it ' aa I . T . - fi . ' . w- V . 'X I . x ,' y , J N1 .. ' I ' ' . - f , . y ,K . ff , T fy . v I 1 .N - N. 5 QQ ' . I k 1 u. X A 4 A X 1 , ,, ,' A 4 V s . ' - 9 x 1. ,. . 1 x t xif 2 , N A X - . . -X I, 4. I' - ' .75 ' , R: , - I 5 J F. -. I '- V N' . y , ' , 3 ' ' I 7 If . I 1 -5 I 1' 5, g ' .-, 5 f- 5 1, .. I ,, K 1-ISQR +I- s I . fs. . A5 -5-. T1 ' ' 'X' ff I - ' ' . , - . at I , . .-1 'W I ae 7 f . ' ! J fl - t . , V . I A 'al My or - l D I C ..............,.... e ......................., ' , 1. 4 R 43' luudfic 01446 -1 f Yi ,gig J- V4.3 Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Shirley Ange, Mary Ann Catlett, Eleanor Gregg, Carolyn Ellner, Billy Woods Mary Kay Schmidt, Clyde Pace, Jeanne White, Marjorie Mills, Peggy Ann Pack, Betty Carl Hendon. SEC- OND ROW: Betty June McGar, Sarah Ruth Aday, Kathleen Lively, Billie Kimbrough, Barbara White, Jackye Mills, Dorothy Clark, Frances Brooks, Edwina Tiller, Imogene Nesmith, Virginia Birdwell, THIRD ROW: Beverly Rogers, Betty Blackwell, Nancy Weir, Dot Daily, Shirley Wright, Agnes Waldrop, Hilda Thrasher, Jo Fuller, Anne Buchanan, Edna Jackson, Harriet Higdon, FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Cook, Clara Horn, Elizabeth Arantz, Betty Hallmark, Juyne Johnson, Jane Murphree, Marcelle Davis, Sarah Redding Sewell, Marian Bloodworth, Betty Jane Norwood, Elizabeth Pirie, FIFTH ROW: Lavern Barnett. Joanne Collier, Marjorie Cain, Terril Wenzel, Douglas de Grattenreid, Max Patterson, James Emens, Billy Brooks, Kenneth McCulloch, Allen Hamilton, Gary Sullivan, SIXTH ROW: Marlene McBride, Mary Penn, Anne Coleman, Linda Breeding, Marvin Golden, Sammie Pruett, Jo Ann Ryan, June Lowe, Hardy Davis, Don Shelton, Billy Putnam. SEVENTH ROW1 Grace Terry, Datha Shannon, Betty Jacobs, Colleen George, Annette Scoggins, Joanne Reeves, Shirley Landers, Katie Weatherly, Wilma Wilson, Jean Hooper, Peggy Johnson, EIGHTH ROW: Donald Loggins, Sarah Lamon, Johnnie Hawkins, Jewel An- derson, Betty Faye Halbrooks, Willa Glen Lawrence, Alice Smith, NINTH ROW: Mrs, Filler, te .F President ...... .... B illee Kimbrough Vice-President .... ..... E Ieanor Gregg Secretary ...... ..... A lice Smith Treasurer .. Max Patterson Sponsor . . Mrs, Filler QQ ,F Glee Glad P9 Lett to Rrght FIRST ROW Vu gunna Brrdvvell lmogent Nesmath Juyne Johnson Mary Ann Catlett Mary Caudlll Jackye Malls Betty Jane Norwood Harrret Hlgdon Jeann What Sarah Ruth Aday Fay Waldrop Mary Nell Thompson lrene Shater Blllre Carolyn Owen Shlrley Anbe Blllee Krmbrough Eleanor Grebg Carolyn Ellner Barbara Norrrs Peggy Ann Pack SECOND ROW Helen Spam Laverne Barnett Ann Buchanan Dorothy Clark Betty Free Jane Murphree Pat Smlth Barbara Whrte Sarah Jane Wyatt Betty Hallmark Betty Jo Wear Dean Drake Hrlda Thrasher O leah Cox Ruta Baker Marcelle Dayrs Elrzabeth Arantz Letha Nan Parker Eleanor H m lton Maryorre Mrlls Betty Ross Bally Charles McLemore THIRD ROW Mr Schwuchow Drrector Fred Schlosser Allen Hamrlton Kenneth MC Collough Clyde Pace Max Patterson Dowlrn Potf Bully Woods Ray Morrts Bob Conner Roy Freeman Bully Loyrn James Emens Bally Martrn Troy Marton Sammue Prurtt Maryrn Golden Harold McLemore Theo Word fxfi J4941' aflfclub h n K -9 Bam! Lett to Rrght FIRST ROW Jeanne Warren Allen Hamllton Frances Brooks George Godwn Helen Wlnston Ted Dukes Ann Tuck Jeanne Whlte Mary Kay Schmldt Carolyn McMlllan Charlotte Orr Eleanor Chenault Sally Bryan SECOND ROW Ralph Murphy Anne Coleman Edna Jackson Patsy Storey Mary Battle King Shirley Landers George Lochnnger Shrrley Shatter Floyd Sherrod Katherine Lee Bull Scrogglns Bobby Tuck Margaret Emens Lfnda Breedlng Bullee Krmbrough THIRD ROW Sandra Clements Margone Cam Joan Hoppenjans Dora Kent Lunda Rate Bobby Klrk Mildred Clardy Joan Pennell Bland McBrlde Dotty Moats Larry Wrlllams Bob Glenn Herbert Oulnn Cecll Trmberlake Horace Krtchens FOURTH ROW Bully Martrn Ronald Eddens Betty Moody Yvonne Barrett Carolyn Owen Ann Wheat Tommy Edgll Bobble Mooney Sarah Lceman Elalne Murphy Sandra Shaw Betty Martrn Ruby Houser Johnny Stelnson Joe Allen Pnce Colleen George Kenneth McCollouch Ray Morns Bully Wnse Bully Joe Doss Rufus Underwood Alan Moody Herby Sherrow Stanley Wrse FIFTH ROW Floyd Krmbrough James Emens Edward Clark Fred Schlosser STANDING Bully Woods Mr Schwuchow Drrector Hardy Davis Don Shelton Bully Joe Putnam Jack Perkins jk I I .YI3v, i U ,ls 0 -n 1 7 I SQQVIJ l ,.. ,, ,. fi, --ful ' Ai' DOY' 91 sis. l l Q . X lea if FQ Eg' at 'vw An.-.I ' ,Wi-Q .. rv Q Coaches Aubrey Fuller. Shorty Ogle, Bill lsbell g I I s 5 I I Q 5 ' 1 f I I , s CO -Captalrms Fred l-lorrw and Roy Freeman ,J Q ,Sbffi xr in-N K 1 l -FAA ,Tl x -F fm ., ..,u- nk- 'A 'givx .' 9' ' -'.:f- we de wi .ef 4,Q'g1' T I 'fF - .' f Ma' mu Kin T F' , , xggllfm 3: gZ'aSS'as5l - JSR 'ln Billy Lovin f 4 Bill developed into a great end this year and he will be back next year to keep it up. Junior, 2 years letter. Wesley Thompson- -He was one ot the biggest and best tackles in Red Raiders His- tory. All-Stateg Capt, '49g All TV C. Senior 3 years letter. Clyde Pace ee- All TMC. Tough in defense, and a good downtield blocker. 2 years letter. i F . fin 'u Bob Freeman-Second String All-Stateg and only a Jr, .Bob was a good passer and punter. An excellent broken-field runner, Hell be tough next year. Junior, 2 years letter. Nm CandlerCrime f'Mr, Brains. He was seldom wrong on his decisions. An exceptionally fine passer, a good runner, and a great sport. 2 years letter, .kai Uv John Wilks W- l-le rnay have been srnall, but no one shox ed hirn around Seniors 2 years letter. - J ' 1 A true wood m Iwo got past v YC11 1 H ,VI be 'fwmgg cur' H15 rum near IQTTQVF i..g..,J:nJQ k 5- fi' X, HQ . . X TL Wm Fred Hem Tim? :scum cf DQC,fmr's great sur of tackius, Sviomcl strung All' Shaw' IH! ix' hard fo f I1 hw place next xear Ccafapt. 3 jfdf' lsttcrmw R03 Frucmxw Cofapt NI- Sfafc R05 bag kwin a ggrcaf wd on both zgyfuwc ami ci HHTFC The gust 2 SCJSCWQ Nlf TVLX 5 31,37 fpiffifmarw loc 'I-Cdgklz' - Playa! dc- fcmwe Ccrwtfr, .vid a greg? 1 fcfwwxc Cwmr he XMES COOL? EVGHFTQCV aw? aVwa3S than to MI up a lwic I year Icttcrmam . J- - of 'r , -. -:Il Ef'Z? ff ' ,iv vw 1- Y 4.1 H 't' kg ..,3.r Ho? 1 Marx. :rr GCICfCF1--- He was THC CVlihCT'-fl' of Nw team Run- f Ugg fVC'YT the idlback pos:- vcfw hc haf! fo het the mrddlc C' T56 wc, buf once m thc cpcm he was a beautiful broken-fxeld runner. 2 years Iettermarw, .-I ..x 'wa - ragga. me-I, 1 Eddle l-laryey Eddle proxed to be a tery good man when Thompson needed a rest l-le l be back next year l year letterman Y s Pt l'lw2 ASCVNIH .Qu l1 pl yu me c L c WS ewectnd to gmc wood ect lp h ret 5ll'lll!. gllart n xt y Xc tcrman Lalon Garnett Second Strlne taclce played out outstandung ball thls year but as loolong forward to a tlrst Str ng positron next tear year letterman Charles Horton Roy could .ee whcn Charlle took hs place at end Sensor 2 year letterrnan Damrnle Pruett Sarnrnue nroxed hls ablllty ID the Cull rnan gime Saw plenty of actlon from then on Sensor l year letterrnan Jil' fl 51 -164-xl til' Q. Q ,ear ' gi 'M ..-lag.: ,, .au 7 an 'lg 'Z' Q' HY, mc i'nlPf C2 1. , S. 5 S 1 .ms -A-8.13 the - y 1 Ll, 5 ard - t at So W wcollcnt det? aw ball tht: X017 He li, f f , ,' H fi L xv V . Ll' ' ' tor t e tl ,. ' . l t N ' A U' , . 1 ', ,L I f' berth el ear l jar let- f -wil'-f QR . A x E ' , ff p .. ,V A ,Q V K D A I i v ,I i - -.-,G -kr I - 'U lv 1 A 'P Y f '- . . l A , f N , ye , l ' at 1 t' vl V I 5 V ' 'ur .tf l- Q4 ,, X lf. l. 1 , , a ' l 1 , -r , 1 .14 .' .e .rv 6 JU. 311' :I ri nk., -- ,' F -I 'V l ' K,L::'1, 1 . I A l xxx 7 r ' iii 1 nl- -. ' -Q lbv' SFR, , nl, ',,Q ' gay' -- huh- gt 'f - ' 1 1 by ill I .yu , ,5 -gn' , . 11 11, ,-,T-.H , gs, 1 L ,. , .A wh- K- 'Al Y g a . ga q .,i::i5l 5 . ' 1 - .s f - .--. - ' Yx- v 1-1 1- Y -A ' ,,4,-L'! ' ? 'l ' if 'f'7q'11'- U. '11 1 , . X , A t, A .1. - w--.- . ' ' v fr-.-f.':-- 1 I r - t K, Q , L W . 4 Q B A A n -. .- ..,.. 1 ' 32- fl HY r - ws Q . -. ll . 9 V, ,e . . . ' - , 'V Q , ' , ,..,-Q-.' .' - . N . T Q X , X - g ' -':K- .-if-':':trif-' 'Ol I 'O 5.-Q' 5 0 -. r ,f 'T r ,, 2, fijfyt. .. L- 1 :Q -.H vt-H ft- - .l v y -f 1 N: 1 ' Lk fi 1' 3 ' X 'J ' ...fl r' l gf Rwv FVSGVUBVW-An excellent Way ne Rndgeway aa - Only a Bob Freemans aHus great de- ball handler, he was wonder- Sophomore but hrgh scorer on tenslye work and good often- tul underlboth baskets. He the team He plays a won- sive pace played a big part an was VIDTGVG for hrs set shots. dertul ClQlGV1Slt.S game Decaturls very successful Calllam 50- season Cl'1al'l9S Horton Charlie lvlarvln Taylor lVl3 V 'l Bully Lovln Playing on the scored many DOWNS UQCBUSQ hot spot Bull handled the ball of hrs fast breaks and controlled the boards Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur beautifully Trlnlty Speake Austrrwrlle Cotaco Hartselle Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur could play any posltuon and play rt well For thus reason he played some In almost all games Reccvuf 1950 Decatur Decatur Athens Danvulle Hartselle Cotaco Austunvelle Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur Candler Crum Although not on the turst five he saw much actuon Excellent de fensrve guard Trlnlty Cullman Umon Hull Speake Prlcevulle Danvrlle Unron Hull ....28 A' ......26 ....44 ......27 ....46 ......l7 ...ze ,.....28 A .....24 ....42 1 ...Hat Decatur .... 40 Priceville .... 23 Decatur .... 26 Cullman .... 28 .... 35 ...35 ....28 ...22 ....43 ,...34 ...aa ......33 ....37 ......26 ....63 ......47 ....4-4 ' ' ....4l ....48 ....22 ....45 I' ...23 ...57 ' .....34 .....l3 ---.39 ' ' --'43 Decatur Deshler 0 -rf ll F7 J E4l 37l ,ff -v-ev 'L..n Lett to Rrght, VRONT ROW' Coach Ielyefllt Capt Rox' lfrwermrr lieln lrccrharw Camcllcr Crlm, Joe Black, Martrn Taylor. l-.Va,rfwG Rrtfgeway, li ll Lum BACK l-,OW1 Jack Scctt Harold lvlCLcrhcre, Clark Roun- tree, Tuell Garnett, Charles l-lortorw. Ralph Murphy, Dcrtrtre Cox V . :'f ' 'fl ' .q , N 29. s. SPONSORS Left to Right: Ruta Baker, Zack Perry, Elizabeth Ararmtz, Tuell Garnett, Sara Redding Sewell, Bob Neill 5414? lucLs,t,,g.g-xx-lil' gh., YT 'ig 169' 'fa ,XY 'Vs' auf , 'N Gkemleadeu Left to Rught Betty Norwood Bully Brooks Betty l-lendow Edgar Kirby lvlary Caudull Noel Mclnnrs Wuddy Martrn and l-larruet l-llgdon State Champs' That was the Red Raid rs of T040 SO The brrllrant brarnwork of Coach Ogle hours of hard gruellrng practrce and a never say due spxnt combnned to send the Ralders through thlrd straught undefeated season A tle to the powerful Annrston team on the season s f rst game was the only mar on therr perfect record Thus record of nlne wuns no defeats and one tue tells the story of a very successful season agalnst some of the gnd ron powerhouses of the state The Red Raiders were also Champs of the new Tennessee Valley Conference Co Captain Roy Freeman and tackle Wesley Thompson made the All State fnrst strung vth le Co Captamn Fred l-lorn and backfueld ace Bob Freeman conquered berths on thc second eleven A new man was added to the coachung staff this year l-le IS Coach Bull lsbell backfleld and basket ball coach l-le came through wrth one of the best Rarder Quuntets In years They funnshcd the season wrth a record of l6 uctones and 4 setbacks They f hushed 3rd rn the T V C tournament and 2nd In the County tournament ' T, 1 mwvllqk 13 . 0.1! .. . K ..,p aw. Q4 fm. v, - 'f ' --r M 'N -- V . v- , . lfx R , , Q ' ' 2 if si K 4 ' 'I' X nil r S. 2 3. , f Q, S I -f 1, X . V I , -' - r -1 ' K , TWT ,M , iii, g ,yr K 'ifkfth -. ix A .5 r .L ,M ' -' 5 - .A FN H HM , 41 , - 5 5 ', ' . N ffl. ' , 1 F, r we-r 4 4 A we -1 A -Q - . Fl., .W tl W-p3g1: 'i ' 'L ' J.-2.A:,.U ,A ':,gr.1 i X -A - 4 -- 1- 2. fi M 'il .gt A .vv .. '.'v-'- - ' ,A--'.. . . f' -- . .. fm ,. - ,-,, .. Q - .- .. ' 56-hw .. --r A H A xp- 90' Aqwmillf V - .' -0' X. . n 1, M- ' at 25342 - .' A '., 1-'lr wg-J-as ' ' a , 'X' ff- I-,u ta- : 31 f . '- ,Q . 'Q' pg, ,A , , ,Q - 4 'w:1gf,,u v ., A f: , -F 'f ,: - 1.1 l V 4 ', s- , ,4::X'v -V .. ,-,,.q'i,',Jf'f,Q,- f, - . ' ' , - , , ,. U., - , -wr V y ' A ' .- '- ff ' ' an ' r ' -, - . -f - I F . . - . , , , T t .t ., . . . . . S 1 , - . , - . r T ' F . , . . . r . I - . i ' . , . ' -1 . f l ' . B 4. mv- I,.'. x V 'i S fy 'fx' fm' Af, f x.,4 - ig, are-rg, ' '2 'K ' Y YN. s,.- 7 lv, f ,,,, auf, x , -v 9 Q xi I, Zfwzfwzeff ww, smzcnm, M IFEATFU RES I 5-visgggf dj . Xxx PRESENTS f ff ffl X I ' -- DON HY' Nil I 10 wwf'- . -1. 'I r ,. l..s,, v -N. :Lfx X. Iv 'iam' lu School 46004416 MARY QAUDI LL 2?-A .5 sg , Wie f .gn J .. ,f- ,, g-,X W -. 41.1.--fg,, ,Fluff -ff 1 f , gg ,,,. z. .AM '-15 4 . ,,. 3 12 S f - I 5, 1, 1gw.1.,K1fpQ: . 1, Jie EI ab fo Arantz ohm W Iks Bvllee Kimbrough Bob Bel! Bon' All Roan! s EU' Mary Nell Thompson Plmllp Sleberf Q ff., ,X u Sgfk 2 Margaret Ann Emens Bob Conner MMI fqihaaiwe W Ha Dean Mart n Ronalc Ecdens SRI Edna Jackson Tommy Hands .f- is Marlene McBride Edgar Knrby 3' SR ll 5 Harriet Hlgdon Sally Bryan JBCIQ BUCh3l'13f1 Ronnie Lee -5 . 'T 4 S15 V -' f' . I SR, Ili M' e ' I bfi. K . ' f AR! 1' , f 5 4 I , J .. ' 1 K ' I I . ' if L v A -'W . w .+L QL, 7 6-. I . i v 2 iw. 1' 315. - V - R. I SR. III AIICQ Smith Wesley Thompson Bob Freeman Frances Brooks it VNNWQ F 'f .eV'Wf+Yfi9' Af 51 hun I. inf ra 'S 'ISK 11 -4- - - - :asv ' as -.Q as-r p nn -uu- ' sul una us- --1. --I-v 5. - - VM? , - P Q 5 VJ-, -.Y kfdt ' '-ef 5 , ' - f x- - of . ' 9' , l N f , +- x ' S Y. as 5 A 5,34-'vf f . 7, , ' . H f . . 1 -x ks ,- Q A .- L Q I I - E.. 5. 1' 5. -a Y' ' ' -1. .Q ..- xf A In -, ui' V 512.52 s ' 'I 4 ' ef f' , .QV I , Q -mf Q, ' .-. . ,, V M n, V A W gf .J f -1 M .., ..,. -.,. , 4 AW' iv - ,..,, -5: 2-nv . fa' ' V , . , 4 K T - u. li li fig! 'U' ,fix ,fi M -wx.-sf t-428. .wks- r 5 . 1159 N' 'wg g nu? W fpfmmu .f df 1,3 sEl. 7 'n9,?I'gl. - ,N L4.4r f-A-X ' '-.Emi M- -1 . ,, Q. .Lf . . , -.1.f',:,,w , .VJ 1 .F v , xk ' :wir ' 'N 4 . 1- 1 E ,.,2.N.., 'g' Ak Y Q' 'U X s A V- ' J., ,Q F ,I 1 ,M Q .Q ' ' J- , A ,7 4 9- f' :','g- . 2-f 1 'Qi ' fa ' F ' 1 ' - 2 ff- gx , ,f ' I . ff 'J . 1- x ,A . ' b .A 7- ' ,Nw A' x V-',.f . -. gy' A ,nh 1 - 1 I -.1 R . , , 'X 1' '... B ' 5 4 bi ,.-- ' N E ,. . N , . Q . f u 5 A, dx! , . 3 NI ' , . ui . A . , . . af px: Q,-H t Wg , .' b , V . X- - . . 'A .. Q. X . ' ff -1 - ..' - , jr, u f- -' qw -W 'iff' , fs. ,.,,,4,- fu J' . '-br - Af,-z .V -r ..4-' ' - ,, 4 if, ,ag- 44? CQ - -s'1l .:,, ,, y 'Z Q .34 . . -f. ,Q .QA QA? 4 fj' -, ,jj , ' K .ML Q ,i'fL'.' ji, r Q2',4L -'J Z A , rj 5 ', 1, ' x 1' ' ' ' ,-1 ' R W1 --'x' gf pi ., A V? 1. '!jg..' -M. ', -3 LP bi., -4, ,. D-Y . 'I' 4 K .L . --J 5 N .- - V ' ,H -. gb . fag .M I 'jim b, ' rqfama Maia H1 l to thee our Alma Mwfcr Wy Th T orwevee Through the xcars xe ll off rcmember C S, cr T xxllh lelcr s to frlee our flea old l-llgh School' lwc c 9 To fhec a Sorf M my thc ha, oy mcmor es of Thee Lmger wlfh us long Soon our falthful band wlll sever rosh p tres wal lrxe forex Qrawrf on each heart CHORUS Always falfhful always loyal To our emslgrl bold Hall to thee our Alma Mater Decatur l-llgh all haul ol-5 Ou 1 S N' 7 f f m E9 S xvl 3-1 1 QL r s ,Q SFX X x i 'rl S, if r '76 A041 llaylrmfx S lvl. Thec hr? a ep I I Soon our vvaya wlll part V frler lk ' fl f er, 'J x I I , W N ' . l 4 1 4 SX W ' j XY ff l H X' lll l l ll .Y ly l I f ' i 1 -r-'N

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