Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL)

 - Class of 1944

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Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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. A Q Q, E I Q 1 JZ: Af-fffzsfz 5cHa oz .I n hw: V' " 3-,. if r-'Ili ZAFA Yffff 56.4.10 OL ' ,5f,v,0,q,,a,f,5 iii,-T ""L. f V-'-- if I4- ,Q-ui if i - ' 5 Ng? :. M1 I 5 is ' - - '1 Ui' V 'V Q55 my r , 6 - A A .- . b X me-wi 12:51:01 1 vi' 4 ln, ff 4-. K .4......,1 ,L ,.. M, f 'Q 'lwfl EJQE 'Q . L a I EH? '4'1!r- , ! -D-A - hiv-2 -V-J 1 , 6'aA.aoa.f Jcnvaag '-F2-'Q-'tw-:4:.. f'. Fl-2' um- JL f' M- W0, ,'-Y-fw -"Gi .W Jcafooz f'f,Q.srAf,4A.p 5:1-roog 5 V IF" I A .A ,,2,,X x . .f- N ..... , IIULIIII W TAKKKK X I PubIlshed by Q3 DECATUR sENloR HIGH scHooL 0 Decatur Alabama COPYRIGHT MARTHA ANN GREGC3 Edufor CHARLIE BURT Business Manager HUDSON S STUDIO Photographers THE PARAGON PRESS Publishers I A f ,pf ww. .44- .qv-,.v '-' x 3 fx ' S I ' 1- -nv" AQ Ui! To unshll an eoch of us o deeper love ond respect for our Almo Mofer we pubhsh Thus yeorbook The Twenty second volume of our ocfnvmes an Decofur Senzor Hugh School Moy IT olwoys be Golden an your Memories U5 fmlwliims Q ITHESCHOOL 45? E S C QQ , HFEATUHES C00 HIACTIVHIES Q NSPQRTS ik if A Qffrq 111 QV Q ,V N Z7 W W X ff I A BOaTd O.f'EjC.il1CQi11Of'l B. FML5, 4 . Q SrfHClnss f - 59D.SK1lCLw Cjg- gf , nn LELSS ' '7 'lg x n 'fi Qwgijl -2 L ' 1i- fr M To our Three closs sponsors, Mr. Moody, Miss Gorreff, ond Mrs. Brown, who, Through Their unTiring efforTs in our beliolf ond Their sporkling inTeresT in our school lives, hove mode This yedr one of The mosT enjoyoble ever spenf, vve, The onnuol sToTT dedi- cofe This Twenty-second volume of "Golden Mem- ories". Wfff 0 f-. X X X x mn! X X X fX 1 1 6 I I fi in-P' QA 6 1' I x t K .L If is X an ALvERsoN CATLETT CHENAULT HARRIS JONES SPENCER MR. S. E. ALVERSON . Mr. Alverson has taken our part when any question concerning us has come before the board. So in our estimation, the Superintendent of Decatur Schools is a very important place and Mr. Alverson has capably filled this position. MR. R. E. CATLETT This, the versatile member of our board, is the office manager of Decatur lron and Steel Shipyards. His understanding of our problems makes their solution much easier. DR. F. L. CHENAULT The Doctor of our board is not only interested in our health but our welfare as well. He is a well established "student" of our school and one of our favorites. MR. JULIAN HARRIS A great asset was added to the board when he was elected, because of his ability as a lawyer. we know that he will come to our rescue in time of need. MR. A. A. JONES Mr. Jones is chairman of our board. He directs the board as well as x our welfare, for what would we do without his coal? We deeply 3,.3,f,, appreciate his loyalty and interest. l R 35 ' MR. .BRUCE SPENCER , r He can figure our problems equally as well as those of the Home X xx Oil Mill. We are grateful for his careful consideration. lf R N ' ,mg ff"--"Q fs ' MR. W. T. JORDON Decatur, Alabama Principal, Science BS., Uni.ersity ol Alabama, ANI., Colunilsia University 'llust imagine Riverside without 'Docl " MRS. WILLARD J. BROWN Decatur, Alabama English, Dramatics Expression, Warcl-Belmont, AB., University ot Alabama Sponsor ot Girls' Hi-Y Club, Sponsor ol Drama- teers, Sponsor at Senior Ill Class "Who could ask for anything more?" MISS ELIZABETH EICH Fort Davis, Alabama Mathematics AB., University ol Alabama Sponsor of Phi Chi Mu Club "Lite is iust a bowl ot cherries-cylindrical, in tact" MR. AUBREY FULLER Hartselle, Alabama Assistant Coach,Al-listory, and Manual Arts A.B., University of Alabama "Ogle's right hand man" MISS MARY LOUISE GARRETT Decatur, Alabama Social Studies A.B., Alabama College Sponsor of Key Club Sponsor of Senior II Class "Laugh and the world laughs with you" MISS KATHLEEN HARRISON Decatur, Alabama Home Economics B.S., in Home Economics, Alabama College, Montevallo Sponsor of F. H. A. Club "Too bad we can't all take Home EC." MRS. W. T. JORDON Decatur, Alabama Library Science BS., University of Alabama Sponsor of Library Victory Club "Anybody want a book?" MR. CARLTON KELLY Decatur, Alabama Coordinator of Diversified Occupation A.B., Birmingham Southern, University ot Alabama Sponsor of D. O. Club "Work is the keynote to success' H Wi ,ww- fs, figs V 'Wm 67 1 MRS. LESUE K, t.fATFllSON 5irn'iingbcirn, Aloizciiiicl Secietoriril Science ly S, Alolyowci Coiii,-ago, Montefollo mir- Ne ieel like vwjng known forever MP. LEON MOODY Moulton, Alobonio Scicfnrc ES, University of Alobonfo Sponsor oi Senior l Clciss st lock vvliot tbe Sopliomoiifs got tliem- selvesl' MlSS l.lLllAN ODOM Decoiur, Alcibctmo Eiiglisli BS., Peobody College Sponsor oi Notioncil l-lonor Society Her goodness ond virtues ore on exomple for us oil" MR, H. L. OGLE Decoiur, Alctbcimo Pliysicol Educotion lnstiuctorf Coocli . , irniingbom-Soutliein, University of Alo- l mo, Nortbvvestern University, Vonderbilt Sponsor oi "D" Club "Wl1ot o cooclif' MlSS MABEI. POER Decotur, Alobomo English BS, University of Alobomo You don't lwove to be loud to be noticed" MISS AILEEN POPE Wilsonville, Alobomo Foreign Longuoge AB. Judson Coliegeg MA., Peabody College Sponsor of Lotin Club, Sponsor of Pon Americon Club To be loved by oll is o wonderful osset" MISS MARY ROBERTSON Povvderly, Alobomo Historyg Social Problems AB., Huntingdon, MA., University of Alobomo .lf time boys site bos tougbt only knew obout the bonds she sells for them now" MISS FLORENCE SMITH Decatur, Alobomo Mothemotics Florence Stote Teocbers College, A. B, Univer- sity of Alobomo, Birmingham-Southern X plus X equols 2Xg Miss Smith plus good student equols knowledge" 11 X g li ' 9'-' Y X I S li X l' N Zi X cf f 9 X f E -xv lil!!! Q 'wi f N f gs, X e. Q IQ i SEMUR III . "xx Q, 1 .F SENIOR III CLASS OFFICERS NED ANDERSON Pressdent LILLIAN I-IOUSER Vsce Pressdent BONNIE PARK Secretary GIL CRANE Treasurer MARTHA ANN GREGG Reporter MRS W J BROWN Sponsor We the Sensors of Decatur Hsgh fsnd that as graduatson draws nearer there ss a certasn dread about leavsng our Alma Mater yet there ss the thrsll that comes wsth graduatson that only the sensors know We have had our troubles and successes dursng our twelve years but we feel much has been accomplsshed Now we fsnd that each day at Sensor Hsgh ss sacred for thss ss our last year the year of drawn out class meetsngs the delsght of our sensor prsvslege class rsngs annual sale and all the other numer ous thsngs We sensors draw a breath of pleasure as we look back over our last year sn hsgh school Our outstandsng record sn the Magazsne Campasgn whsch broke all prevsous ones the electson of the class offscers who have proved themselves worthy of our confsdence and trust and our sponsor Mrs W J Brown Graduatsan means a lot to us because wsth st comes our future Isfe sn whsch we are on our own and the thsnqs we hold dear are placed f behsnd us wsth the brsght memcrses of our hsqh school days We hope that you the students who are to follow wsll have as much ensoyment as we dsd and love our Alma Mater as we have ffx NL. K vs gc 'Has A. K I , 1 M 'S 4 . .Q a , C E - Q . wg rn- , L H I eflfll is ,,,V ,ps . 'L' y 5 1 7 "'-f-vi". . af Across: CRANE, HOUSER, ANDERSON, BROWN, GREGG, PARK Q - . . , . . ' 41 . ...' - . I I ' Cc , , ' ' X SENIOR THREE WlLLOW JEAN ADAMS-"All tlioso rnarricfd loll4sf" National Horror Society '42, '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Victory Corps Council '43, D. O. Club '43, '44, Draniateers '44 MARY LOUISE ALEXANDER "Her quiet rnannor is always refreshing." Band '4l, Virtcnry Corps '43, F, H. A. '43, '44, Library '43, '44 THOMAS EDWARD ANDERSON "Nod" - "Main spoke in our wlwe-el of good lortunef' Boys' Hi'Y '42, Latin Club '42, Key Club '42, '43, '44, Board of Directors '42, VicefPre5ident '43, Cliairman Board of Directors '44, "D" Club '43, '44, President '44, Plii Clii Mu '44, F. O. D. '44, Drarriateors Club, Treasurer '44, Airplane Club '42, '43, Victory Corps '43, Football '42, '43, All State '43, Basketball '43, '44, Magazine Campaign Captain '42, '43, 44, President Soplioniore Class '42, President Senior Class '44, Scltool Fayorito '44, "GOLDEN MEMORlES" '44 FRANCES TERRY BENTON--"Sonietlilng new lias been added." F. H. A. '43, D. O. '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, 'uf is ww' Xl? If OZ . 0 i. ff frggi f L r lr ii li li it iii li' PAUL HUNDLEY BLACKWELL "Ouince"f"'Tlto quiet and basliful typo RRR". F, O. D. '44, Phi Clwi Mu '42, '43, '44, Favorite '44, Key Club '43, '44, Football '43, "D" Club '44, Band '42, Victory Corps '43 HERBERT EDWARD BOLEY--'Neyer in a lwurry and always late". Victory Corps '43, D. O. Club '43, '44 ALDATH MARIE BRAND--"Aldear"-f"Her sniilo is tier winning asset," F. H. A. '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Olee Club '42 . . EVELYN BRAUDAWAYf"Brevity is tlte soult of wit." D. O. Club '43, '44, Victory Corps '43. ADAMS ALEXANDER ANDERSON BENTON BLACKWELL BOLEY BRAND EVELYN BRAUDAVVAY 'N yo' wr- 'Q Q 1 Q1 I --.i U 'rv 1- 1 'VY 'N 4,4 K V' 105 I 'Q w-Q 1 4' BURT CATLETT CAUDILL -19 Cay' I 4,25 5 CHAMBERS CHAPPELL CHENAULT CLARK CLOUD CHARLIE HUNTER BURT-"His dependability could never be topped." Honor Roll '44, Victory Corps '44, Friendliest Boy '44, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44 ' ROBERT EADS CATLETT, .lR.M"Oood looking, smart, and sarcastic." Band '42, '43, Latin Club '42, Boys' Hi-Y '42, Legislative Assembly '42, Key Club '43, '44, Secretary and Treasurer '44, Victory Corps '43, National Honor Society '43, '44, Phi Chi Mu '43, '44, Program Chairman '44, Salesmanship Honors '44, Honor Roll '42, '43, '44 . JAMES HAROLD CAUDILL-"Gone but never forgotten," Football '42, '43, Captain '43, Honorable Mention for All State '43, Basketball '4l, '42, All District Basketball '42, "D" Club '42, '43, Captain Magazine Cam- paign '43, Physical Education Instructor '43, Drarnateers'44, Lambda Pi Sigma '42 , MARY REBECCA CHAMBERS "Becky"-"Little in stature, but not in deed." D. O. '43, '44, Sportsmanship Club '43, Victory Club '43. Y xv?- 'JE X W Z Q - ELIZABETH ANN CHAPPELL-"She has a way of getting what she wants." Girls' Hi-Y '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Latin Club '42, Pan American Club '43, '44, President '43, Vice-President '44, Salesmanship Honors '43, Victory Corps '43, "Superstitious Susan" '43, Property Manager . . SIDNEY BLAIR CHENAULT-"He's the kind of boy you often read about, but seldom see." Band '4l, '42, "D" Club '44, Phi Chi Mu '44, F. O. D. '44, Favorite '44, Key Club '43, '44, Board of Directors. '44, "GOLDEN MEMORlES" '42, '43, '44, Dramateers, President '44, Latin Club '42, '43, Football '43, Victory Corps '43, Boys' Hi-Y '42, Basketball '42, '43, "Superstitious Susan" '43, Salesmanship Honors '43 . ETHELYN LANELL CLARK "Nell"-"Liked by all that know her." Library Club '42, '43, '44, Dramateers Club '44, Commercial Victory Corps '43, Salesmanship Honors '43 , . . NAOMI NELL CLOUD-"Her modesty is her outstanding feature." National Honor Society '44, Library Victory Club '44, Salesmanship Honors '44, Honor Roll '43, '44. SENIOR THREE -V ' i SENIOR THREE BETTE JANE COBB-'f'Never a dull mornentf' Pan American Club '43, Victory Corps '43, Dramateers '44 FRANCES DOLORES COBB- f-4' "Oh, for a man!" Library Victory Club '43, '44, Drarnateors '44, Glee Club '42, Band '42, 43, '44, Head Drurn Maiorette '43, Victory Corps '43 . x- , ,f' ghy' F f b, A WW . . , HULON COCKRELL Tupin --- OII he goes into the wld JUG , . y yon er.' asketball '42, 43, ' ' Club '43, 44' Victory Corps ' , 017114 l+"" 00 " " " Q l ii fl MQ d ' B ' , fo' ' , 43 jf! ' 0 Drarnateers '44 . WILLIE ROYCE COLLIER-A "A sweeter disposition xN "4 .1 would be hard to find." Glee Club '42, Basketball '42, '43, '44, Victory 2 Corps '43, Physical Education Instructor '43, Band '42, '43, Salesnionship Honors '44, Draniateers '44, VicefPresident '44, Thanksgiving Sponsor '43, Most Athletic Girl '44. TILLMAN GILBERT CRANE "Gil"-"All great men are small." Band '42, '43, Sergeant '42, All State Band '42, Manager Football Team '43, "D" Club '44, Phi Chi Mu '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '43, F. O. D. '43, '44, Key Club '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Governor State of California '42, Vice-President Junior Class '43, Victory Corps '43, Latin Club '42, Treasurer Senior Class '44, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44, Drarnateers '44, Class Favorite '44, Special Committee for Florida Key Club Convention '43, Salesman- ship Honors '44, Boys' Hi-Y '42, Cutest, VVho's Who '44 MILDRED CRAVVFORD-"She lives for Friday nights." Dramateers Club '44 , , . MARGARET ANN CRUTCHER-"OpeIilca's loss is our goin." . . . THOMAS O. DAVIDSON-"You don't have to be loud to be liked." Key Club '43, '44, Phi Chi Mu '43, '44, Victory Corps '43. cogg coats cocicizm camera CRANE CRAWFORD cizutcnciz DAVIDSON 5 C ,aka 'UQ 'Q 'O' ii E 'Y "'1' ...A I . - r. -A . .J-' A 1., .245 f-15. on it Q lf 6 91' ix ,., I5 ,A A' 1'. - i ' 4 ' t T ll N - '. - WEHHFQ: x H . ,lr .. A vfilbf H' -. ' -' fl . . -d eft .A ' , band 2 4 ,, -if 'ers , . X T ' .-Q N3 N19 I I. DOSS ELLIS FARRER FERGUSON FISCHER FREE GAINES GILLIAM DOROTHY JEAN DOSS-"Who soicl Todd dicln't liove good toste?" Home Economics Club '42, Victory Cor s '43 ROBERT EARL ELLIS, JR. "Bobby"-"My curls would get me ony girl." "Superstitious P Susan" '43, "D" Club '44, Key Club '44, D. O. Club '43, '44, President '43, Heod Clweerlecider '43 . , FRANCES MARIE FARRER-"A golden silence." D. O. Club '43, '44, Victory Book Club '43, '44, Solesmonslwip Honors '44 BILLY MAC FERGUSON 'Cotrot"-"We never know wlwcit to expect next." Victory Corps '43, Dromoteers '44. OTTO FISCHER, JR. "Scut"-"VVl1y rusli tlwrouglw litef' Victory Corps '43, Bcisketbcill '44 . SYBIL FREEf"Her smile rivcils sunshine." Librory w ,iix J 5 0 f Club '42, '43, Solesmcinslwip Honors '43, "Superstitious Suson" '43, Victory X fl? Corps '43, Honor Roll '43 EDITH MARIE GAINES-"See wltot Ci smile con dol" "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '42, Solesmonsliip Honors '42, '43, '44, Librory Club '43, '44, Secretory '43, '44, Typist on Scliool Roper '43, Drcirnciteers Club '44, Victory Corps '43, Honor Roll '43, '44, Ncitionol Honor Society '43, '44, Secretory '44 . . VIRGINIA GILLIAM-"Her dreom is to live in Mooresvillel" Victory Corps '43, Riverside Rornbler, Horneroom Circulotion Monoger, Dromoteers Club '44, Solesmonsltip Honors '44, SENIOR THREE SENIOR THREE MARTHA ANN GREGG "Maggie"fHer personality and intelligence f fn 1 Z made and kept many triendsf' Pan American Club '43, '44, Secretary '44, Program Chairman '43, Latin Club '42, National Honor Society '43, '44, President '43, Program Chairman '44, Vice-President Sophomore Class . K f '42, Reporter Senior Class '44, Cheerleader '43, Class Favorite '44, Vic- tory Corps '43, Hi-Y Club '42, '43, '44, Secretary-Treasurer '43, American Legion Award '43, Best All-Around Girl '44, Honor Roll '42, '43' 44, ff L ES ri ,T Wg f s k "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44 BEULAH JO HAMILTON-"Has anybody seen Bailey?" Girls' Hi-Y '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Band '42, Horneroom X J ' X Vice-President '44, Chairman Program Committee '44 ALYCE CALEDONIA HILL "Donia"-"Her qualities outnumber her inches." D. O. Q Club '43, '44, Treasurer '44, Honor Roll '44, Home Economics Club '42, '43, Victory Corps '43 BUTLER PRESTON HINE-"Our Genius", F. O. D. Club '44, VicefPresident '44, Key Club '43, '44, Phi Chi Mu '42, '43, '44, Latin Club '42, Boys' Hi'Y '42, Victory Corps '43, ,013 JEFFERSON KELBER HOBBS--"He who talks little, thinks much." D. O. Club '43, '44, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44, Victo'ry Corps '43 , , LOUISE HOCKINGe"Her recommendations would till a book." Victory Corps '43, Library Club '43, National Honor Society '43, '44, President '44 Girls' Hi-Y '43, '44, President '44, Pan American Club '43, Salesmanship Honor '44, Honor Roll '43, '44 , , BEVERLY HODGES-"It I could only make up my mind." Homeroom President '42, Girls' Hi-Y '42, '43, '44, Scribe '44, Dramateers Club, Secretary '44, Victory Corps '43, National Defense Council '43, Homeroom Vice-President '44, "GOLDEN MEMORiES" '44, Captain Magazine Campaign '43, War Bond and Stamp Captain '44, Hi-Y Favorite '44, Most Attractive Girl, VVho's Who '44 . . . RICHMOND HOBSON HOGANe"His true aim always wins." D. O. Club '44, lg -Q 6- oi2Eoo HAMILTON HILL HLNE Hoses Hociciisio HODGES HOGAN T ' 'I 1' ...Pm . H., , s , ...,,, Ebert . ' ' 'QI T 3 T.. y ff GI .. ' ' ,wg f 4- 'Q x ... 1 Q Q, , ,A ff' ,44- r . I r i ws, Q. I iff, Y 10" Tv. i - N X S , N f tx H. I na . is HOLESAPPLE JOHNSON 'Qf ,. 11" 'Q' Q Q A HOUSER HOVIS INK JONES JONES JOU Club '44, Library Victory Club '44, Dramateers Club '44, Honor Roll '44, Constitutional Committee "Superstitious Susan" '43, Salesmanship Honors '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Homeroom Reporter Who's Who, Wittiest '44 . . . LILLIAN HOUSER-"Her lovable nature enchants us all." Class Favo '42, '43, Treasurer Senior I Class '42, Governor of Kentucky '42- Magazine Campaign Captain '42 Secretary Senior II Class '43, "Homecoming" Sponsor '43, Representative to Girls' State '43, Physi Education Instructor '43, Victory Corps '43, Vice-Pre sident Senior III Class '44, Leading War Bond Sal man '43, Cheerleader '44, School Favorite '44, Home room President '44- "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44- G Citizenship Girl '44 . . . MARGUERITE HOVIS Common sense is not a common thing Pan Amer: Club '42, '43, Vice-President '42, National Honor Society '43, '44, Treasurer '43, Honor Roll '42, '43, ' Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Library Victory Club '43, '44, Vi ce-President '44, Dramateers Club '44, Favorite 't Victory Corps '43, Homeroom Lieutenant Governor '42, "Superstitious Susan" '43, Salesmanship Hon '44 . . . CATHERINE INGLIS "Cat"-"She has a combination of work and wisdom." Honor Roll ' '43, '44, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44, Salesmanship Honors '42, '44, Sportsmanship Club '43, Natio Honor Society '43, '44, Library Victory Club '44, Victory Cirps '43, MARTHA ELIZABETH HOLESAPPLE "Betty"-"Not so many inches, but every one full of fun." H T , , o -lr - - In 'C i I 4, 3' ' X' 1, S' gala fa? 53 37 1 FRANCES JOHNSON "Fran"-"Always iolly and ready to laug F. H. A. '44, President '44, Dramateers '44, Victory Corps '43 . . EARL JONES-"lf girls interfere with work-quit work." F. O. D. '1 ' c Key Club 43, '44, Favorite '44, "D" Club '44, Football '43, Homero President '44, Who's Who, Wittiest '44 . . . PRINCE JONES, JR "He lives to build, not to boast." Band '42, '43, Trombone Quartet '1 '43, Victory Corps '43, D. O. Club '43, 44, Sportsmanship Club A . . . JAMES WILLIAM JOURNEY "Polcey"-"Work will never lf "Pol4ey"." Pre Flight '42, Victory Corps '43. fl SENIOR THREE 91 +I 11' 5++: 7 +I 1 SENIOR THREE 712 1 ti 72, alifaxi 3,4 BETTY JANE LANDERS "Janie"-"Whc1tever she does, she does well." 3?vQ ' Honor Roll '42, '43, '44, National Honor Society '43, '44, D. O. Club '44, '96 A Victory Corps '42, '43, Salesrnanship Honors '44 . . MOZELLE MAE f if LATHAM-"She never gives up a iob until it is finished." Honor Roll '42, Victory Corps '43 . MAROREAT ILEENE LEE-"Me and Dot." Horne Economics Club '42, Victory Corps '43, "Honiecoining" Sponsor '43, Sales- , Tj manship Honors '44 . , . BETTY KATHRYN LILE-"Trinity's contribution C-ffv to Riverside." Drarnateers '44, Salesnianship Honors '44, Homeroom 4- Prograni Committee '44. JOHN LYLE "Swift"-"He is a darling, he is a dream, he is the wolf of our team." Sophomore Class Favorite '42, Constitutional Convention '42, Legislator of California '42, "GOLDEN MEMORlES" '43, '44, Key Club '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Football '42, '43, '44, "D" Club '43, '44, Secretary and Treasurer '44, Victory Corps '43, Junior Class Favorite '43, Junior Class President '43, Dramateers '44, "Super- stitious Susan" '43, F. O. D. Club '43, '44, Basketball '44 VVlLLlAM BAILEY LYLE "Billy"-"l came, l saw, l arn conquering." Football '42, '43, '44, "D" Club '43, '44, Defense Council '42, Key Club '42, '43, '44, President '44, Senior lll Favorite '44, Senior lll Carnival King '44, F. O. D. Club '43, '44, Dramateers Club '44, Key Club Representative to National Convention '43, "Superstitious Susan", Man- ager '43, Victory Corps '43 . . . JOHN ROBERT MARKHAM "Lirnwhichi"-"VVhot's Walt Disney got that I haven't?" Latin Club '42, Model Airplane Club '43, Band '42, '43, '44, Stamp Captain '44, "GOLDEN MEMORlES" '44, Drarnateers Club '44, Victory Corps '43, F. O. D. Club '44, Boys' Hi-Y '42 . . . RICHARD THORNE MARLAR-"Tall, dork and , '?" Pan American Club '42, Secretary '42, Honor Roll '42, '43, Defense Council '42, Phi Chi Mu '43, '44, Victory Corps '43. LANDERS LATHAM LEE ULE LYLE LYLE MARKHAM MARLAR -6 .4 - -GF f-.A 1 Q13 ..--v X T' :gi -I 'ya' I .as ,Q 4 W1 il """b MEADOWS PARK , ma. gi it . I 'Fi tif 31 -'T fm: Arg' ' ,X C., . f n lj :iii x MOORE NEILL NELSON PATTERSON PETTEY PETTY MAURICE MEADOWS-"His heart belongs to Betty." Football '42, '43, "D" Club '44, Victory Corps '43, Model Airplane Club '42 ' . ' WILLIAM HENRY MOORE "Bill"-"Time will never catch him naps ping." Basketball '42, Victory Corps '43, Dramateers '44, "GOLDEN MEMORlES" '44, D. O. Club '43, '44, Homeroom Program Committee '44 , , . JOY CHRISTINE NEILL-"Always a cheery smile." Class Favorite '42, Victory Corps '43, Library Victory Club '44, Hi-Y '44, Student Government '42 . . JERRY P. NELSON-"Good-natured and good-tempered." Homeraom Secretary '42, Student Council '43, Home Ec. Club '42, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Library Victory Club '43, '44, Constitutional Committee '42, Vic- tory Corps '43. i. i 9 l i ,HINGE li i BONNIE ELISE PARK-"The most lovable girl in school." Homeroom Circulation Manager of "Riversige Rambler" '43, Latin Club '42, Victory Corps Council '43, Victory Corps '43, Magazine Campaign Captain '43, Salesmanship Honors '43, '44, Honor Roll '42, '43, National Honor Society '43, '44, "Superstitious Susan" '43, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '43, '44, Home- coming Team Sponsor '43, Class Favorite 43, '44 . JOHN PATTERSON -"Me and my football team." Key Club '44, "D" Club '44, Latin Club '43, Manager of Football Team '44, F. O. D. Club '44, Phi Chi Mu '44, Victory Corps '43, Victory Corps Council '43 . . . LONNIE JONES PETTEY-"His untiring effort is an inspiration to everyone." Victory Corps '43 ROBERT HENRY PETTY, JR.-"While others argue, he listens." Band '42, '43, '44, Phi Chi Mu '44, Model Airplane Club '42, '43, SENIOR THREE SENIOR THREE 3 'Pro X We Q CAROLYN PEURIFOY-"She is me kind ot girl tim, keeps the plot f , I J boiling." Latin Club '42, Victory Corps '43, National Honor Society '39 " , U , '43, '44, Scribe '43, Victory Book Club '43, '44, President '44, Band I ff '42, '43, '44, Glee Club '42, '43, Hi-Y '44, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '43, '44, Honor Roll '42, '43, '44, Printer ot "Riverside Rambler" '43 .IANIS PHILLIPS-"There is nothing her enthusiasm doesn't cover." Pan American Club '42, Victory Corps '43 ROBERT JORDAN POWELL ' "Bob"f-f"Graduate or bust!" Victory Corps '43, Dramateers '44, Scribe, ' l ,X D. O. Club '43, '44, Band '42 FRANCES POWERS-"An efficient fr and independent girl." D. O. Club '43, Hornernakers Club '42, Victory 'EL Corps '42. HELEN RUTH PRUITT-"Words ccrn't describe her ability." Governor ot Ohio '42, Victory Corps '43, Latin Club '42, Library Victory Club '43, '44, Dramateers Club '44, National Honor Society '43, '44, Vice'PresiCIent and Reporter '43, Hi-Y Club '44, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44, Honor Roll '43, '44, Sales- manship Honors '44 ' . BABYE RUTH RATLIFF "BJbye"-"Always in the mood-tor love." Drarnateers Club '44, Victory Corps '43, Salesmanship Honors '44 THOMAS RATLIFF-"His character speaks for itself." Victory Corps DONNA CORINNE RAY--"Laugh and the world laughs with you." National Honor Society '42, '43, '44, Program Committee '43, Library Victory Club '43, '44, Honor Roll '42, '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Salesnianship Honors '44, Drarnateers Club '44, Horneroom Secretary '44. PEURIFOY PHILLIPS POWELL POWERS PRUITT RATLIFF RATLI-FF RAY ,.-fu. WP' " I, 19" M -.ff Q Mm .Q ,Q 'Q- 'Ds 3' jf? W 5. Y mx I xx' yi IRIN " 31 3 GR 'll x 1 I X ABA ROBINSON ROGERS SELLERS SEWELL SHERMAN SHROPSHIRE SITTASON SPIEGEL Af d n need us a frnend Indeed Llbrary Vnctory Club 43 Vuctory LELA BELLE ROBINSON rlen I Corps 43 Band 42 DOUGLAS LEE ROGERS Thornnk Bnng Sunatra In the maknng Drama teers 44 Vactory Corps 43 D O Club 43 Salesmanshup Honors 44 Commercual Club 42 Defense Councal 42 JAMES L SELLERS Doodle Tnme may come tame may go so what? Drama teers Club 44 D O Club 42 43 44 Vactory Corps 43 J QUIMBY SEWELL Why arent the all contented as I7 Vnctory Corps 43 Latln Club 42 Salesmanshup Honors Y SELMA SHERMAN "Always In a hurry, always late, but she smules and D t r '44 so we want " Vuctory Corps '43, F H A Club '43, '44, rama ee s ALICE SHROPSHIRE "Quiet and congen1al" Lrbrary Vnctory H A '44 Vuctor Book Club '43 FRED SITTASON Club '44, F , y "What's Sinatra got that I haven't'P" Model airplane Club '42, '43, Key NE SPIEGEL Club '44, F O D '44, Victory Corps '43 MARY IMOGE SX "She has the quletest manner" Victory Corps '43, D O Club '43, '44 5 iz I SENIOR THREE Q J '? N is f X N fn I I A rf I , I ' v,,. y, - eq , it N , .X - . ,- 4, wr- in A I - X I , X -W y , I . I CJ, I I 151 . ,W -9 I f - r- f 1' ' I .. ,,- wi fi' I Ilia: I fs 'IL 1 If '1 -3-' ,f ' 4' ' tg .L rg 1-flu. ,I . 'Im k -:Jw ws' SIT ,- f vf: ' -'-5" 'figs' , 1-I flu .:e fl- sa, ff fr , , , .dwg -1 IIAz... .5-..E?ig:'i.-.-. 44- V 4 ,, - - f, ,. . , . .. .- 17 ,lQL,1:Rl' ,J?Z55 -ifith If x- -- -'J " '. f- ' 'Qi 9 13' sgsfff-75515--1-5 I.. '-14 7'. -. -2 ' A- ,-Q3 - 4 H '- L ' fy, ' -. '--bw Ein' .1-:rt f f.-4.11.5-.g:.-'-131 : . I - .- 1 :'1l..:1I2I'u Il 'E'-ZEf3L3:1'1-:IQ-1 'AG' T " 5- - :Wg - ' - ' .bk ' -2- rf' tatlififl-ala' 1?1ik12:1fs1:f:2s: 2':etgfgLf -3 af 1--1. '- 'lb 1'I-Wifi' -1'zlflii-:2E1521Z5:T:Q1'- I ' -9' ' "-,' .V . I IIQ-gy Q3:3:313?q.3:1s:ygigfil-.Qi g,,J:n5:,,gp 4:1 x . , jx . I .. :1'1i'f "f:1:iAfl":?:-'-:-,-:-:2:1:.rf.- - ' -. ' 0 ' ' ' 4. 'lilly '-:QQ-.-:g.:::Q1Q:?g'g:.::g1::, -- --ff ' -C' M , 4, Qmgzzzfz. 413'-Q-jjglji'-1-3.1.1. 5:-"S AL- " ' ". ' , '.- 1. Q . Q . , vc x P , - . ,p L ' 4 . L' ,. N EDI - 1, , , -' I A ' TTS' wld ' X I . , V -.v ' " I ,mjffw X , Il -3 L X 'gall-fg' " 'I ' wg ff M, , I , -X . S 6' 1 J ' . '?9'f?N., 57 -' , 4 rf- lx- 'N-'E , ' if 1 I- I. .rt .-2 I ,, . . , . . ,, . . , A . 1 I ' I I ' I II ' Il ll ' ' ' ' II , . , . I . ' I . I ' I . ' I . , , - - f , , ' I ll Il Il ' l T ll . . . . , . I . I I I I ' I Il I , . . , , . . . . 1 11 - 1 I - 1 A - . , , . SENIOR THREE f' 'L Z MARY FRANCES STOCKTON-"A pleasant smile is a winning way." Band '42, Dramateers '44, Library Victory Club '44, Victory Corps '43 . . GENE L. STROUD-"Any magazines today?" Commercial Club '43, Band '42, '43, D. O. Club '44, Community Service Club '43 , TOM FRANK TAYLOR-"A person is never known until he is proved." Victory Corps '43 JACK THOMASONf"l-le uses bis bead instead ot bis tongue." Band '42, Football '43, "D" Club '44, Dramateers '44, F. O. D. '44, VlVlAN KNOX TIMBERLAKE-"l'm lost without Jerry." Latin Club '42, Home Ec. Club '42, Hi-Y Club '42, '43, '44, Program Chairman '44, National Honor Society '43, '44, Treasurer '43, "GOLDEN MEM- ORlES" '44, Library Victory Club '43, '44, Honor Roll '42, '43, '44, Homeroom Representative '42, Victory Corps '43, Homeroom Magazine Captain '44 , THOMAS EMORY TODD "Tommy"-"Our football hero." Band '42, "D" Club '43, '44, Favorite '44, Football '42, '43, Victory Corps '43 . , . WANDA MARIE TROTMAN "Peggy"-"Always on the sunny side ot life." Victory Corps '43, Commercial Club '43, '44 , . EDWARD L, UPTAIN "Ed"-I live the lite l love." Band '42, '43, F. O. D. Club '44, President '44, Dramateers '44, Key Club '42, '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Glee Club '42, '43, Governor ot Louisiana '42. 4' WX 5 STOCKTON STROUD TAYLOR THOMASON TIMBERLAKE TODD TROTMAN UPTAIN i . I' rv . . :Q 5"o -f 'S A- ,tx ll 4, 'Y ' " ' ' ,vi S .Qi If ' - 9 pr, .dk 4? .A-9 6 .ax fivg :T " ' as ' I T Q J J 1 T 5 'T 1,57 WIA F -: A ' ,. i YQ ... -zmwfwan-M.. I I f A no 'I' , ,Q , r. . f 4:3 ,I cg i J' 4: "4 "- ...Lg WALLACE WATSON WEST WILEY WYATT YANEY YARBROUGH JERRY WALLACE-"If everyone was like Jerry-what a wonderful world this would be." Cheerleader '42, Homecoming Sponsor '43, "Superstitious Susan" Advertising Manager '43, Physical Education ln- structor '43, Victory Corps '43, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44, Salesmanship Honors '44, Who's Who, Cutest '44, Thanksgiving Sponsor '44 . ORA VANCE VIATSON-"A real friend, sincere and true." . . FRANCES MILTON WEST-"We can't all be big." I-Ii-Y '42, '43, '44, National Honor Society '44, Band '42, '43, Latin Club '42, Victory Corps '43, Student Council '42, Dramateers '44, Reporter '44, Home- room President '44, Homeroom Vice-President '42, Honor Roll '42, '44, FRANK A. WILEY-"Who said it took just I2 years?" Phi Chi Mu '43, '44, Key Club '44, Latin Club '42, Victory Corps '43, Pan American Club '42, ROY O'REAR WYATT, JR.f"Friend to all, toe to none." Latin Club '42, Victory Corps '43, President '43, National Honor Society '43, '44, Phi Chi Mu '44, Typist tor School Paper '43, "GOLDEN MEMORIES" '44 A . . RICHARD LOUIS YANEY-"We'll never see him worrying." Band '42, Latin Club '42, '43, '44, Pan American Club '43, Phi Chi Mu '44, Victory M Ffa? Corps '43 PAUL MINTON YARBROUGH "Granny"-"Grant Street Ib, Romeo". Head Cheerleader '42, Co-cheerleadei '43, "D" Club '43, '44, I 'IW I ,If xii? 14 2 4 "Superstitious Susan" '43, Victory Corps '43, Dramateers '44, ., I SENIOR THREE X 4' B, u R Q, s Senior Class Calendar -k i SEPTEMBER 6 School started 9 Sponsor and Officers elected 2O Rings arrive 21 Magazine Campaign began OCTOBER 5 Losing homerooms give winning room picnic i9 Invitations selected 28 Harvest Festival NOVEMBER 2 Annual Staff elected i9 F. H. A. initiation 29 Sale of Annuals started DECEMBER 3 "D" Club initiation i4 Football banquet l5 Girls' Hi-Y initiation io Election of Who's Who i8 Christmas Holidays 28 Girls' Hi-Y Banquet JANUARY I8 Mid-term Examinations 24-29 Home Stretch on Annuals 29 Annual to Press FEBRUARY 7 F. H. A. Banquet 29 Leap Year Party MARCH l-25 Football Spring Training 30-3i A. E. A. Holidays APRIL Annual Staff Banquet 28 Senior Class Plays MAY i Kid Day i2 Junior-Senior Entertainment i3 Hi-Y Mother-Daughter Luncheon Junior-Senior Entertainment i7 Senior Exams i9 Girls' Hi-Y Final Banquet 26 Class Night 28 Baccalaureate Sermon 6 4' 'R Final Party Pt' J E Graduation I may 29 1? QE , , X N gi A Qi 2, ul Senuor Ill Class Hustory Outsudo the home of Porky Pug now was f lu a softly By mornung the whole ground would be covered by thee cold whute flakes from above But unsude the house a brught warm fure was burnung uy n uc u o en uueuace T e fure u cast hadow on the wall and Porky after a bug meal wuthun the ratuon book lumtt of cour e at en uoyung fully the peaceful ettung As naturally as the snow was fallung Porky fell unto a dup dreamy sleep Suddenly ut was T932 agaun and he was seeing a group of bewuldered chuldren goung through theur urs day at school Lutte gurls un pugtauls boys un hort pant all eager to become bug boys and gurls now that they had tarted to school The years passed sux to be exact Frrday mcrnung found many of thus group suttung un the audutoruum of the Senuor Hugh School receuvung theur duplomcs from grammar school The next year uunuor hugh was theur host Here fuve new members uouned the class Many new fruend from Trunuty Qomervulle Hunt vulle Burmungham Stevenson and Mooresvulle Alabama became one of them Columbua Tennessee offered uts contrubutuon too After three years another graduatucn was un order Now came enuor hugh the peak after nune hard years Senuor hugh was altogether dufferent from thesr prevuous schoolung They were more socually munded and more unterested un makung a name for them x See back llylrcf for r-ancs SGW S . Mmuno Yu BEL-AEVE ATF! f u luuul u U U ' 1 ' s I a 'ing V 1 C T V I J . lazl i tl? h ge p f"?rl ,. h ' lght s 5 s , Y, A . . . - -. .1 S S 4 . . C . 4- V f f f. T V U . I ..., I . C qw H . H ' C . . 1 U , I S . f . , I Q . . M - . sift w- Kit- 'N 'Ni . fl u T . l . ' N S selves -and o good one too, Their Junior year, under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Louise Garrett, ended with a successful magazine campaign ond play "Supe-rstitious Susan", directed by Mrs. W. J. Brown. Their senior year, Mrs. Brown was elected sponsor, Ned Anderson, president, Lillian Houser, vicerpresi- dent, Bonnie Park, secretory, Gil Crane, treasurer, and Martha Ann Gregg, reporter. An eventful year followed in which they reached the highest maga- zine campoign, produced a group of onefoct plciys, and published an entirely different year book. His dreams brought him up to the present year, l944. May 29 rolled around. Mony sober faces appeared-for this was their final high school gradu- ation. As the lost strains of the Alma Mater died away-there were lumps in each throat, for they lcnew that this might be the lost time the entire class would be together. Because in o few months many of these boys would become sailors, soldiers, and marines, fighting for the country that had offered them every opportunity. ln the distance, guns were thundering, plones roaring on to victory. Suddenly there wos an explosion. BANG! Porky awoke to find it wasn't a gun but only the last spark of fire popping in the fireplace. l-le smiled. "Gosh, what a fine dream about fine people!" The closs of 1944 had done their share and more . . . they're still doing their share, too. For these some boys and girls who stood up for the things they believed in at school-are fighting for these things now. They have that good old American spirit in their heart-ond WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE? See bock flyleof for no es 6 V. v. 1,7 .us ., n -! ' ,.. yu 3 342 mel 9 fa ii ij' in ,agua .ll ,..-- " ' ' fl 4 1 285 ,JE Qs, ' 4-, f- "" u ,gi X, 1- 9 S , I fd N'--" ,ff U1 l 1 1 Z , I1 ' lt ss L 1 Coders' Four of o kind. 3 Jus? Pols 4 Were an the Army now' 5 Amt we cute? 6 Sornefhwg rr-w hos been added. 7 Look or that skurt oy' 8 You sure ore swear 9 Theres cm rln ng about Q q rl IO Our Gridiron Leodprs ll Gee whnz what fares' I2 Who! 5 new on doCkeT7 s Nwfch h rdu 14, Believ or rf 4.I'.4L- I K '14 i N1 nl L ' Q X l ML Q .il "nik Q" 7 , ,799 "i' L-'H' v ,--'-- ...ju '. , ,. , bf' ' 3 - 15555-S .,J"3 ,Q '- 5 Y r.,'4f'-' -V 4- 1' . 9. 5 -cv. f I fm'-Y - ' - , -fl, , .. f I v af M Q -x 7 I I A -r W ,f , ,,- C ',., I ,l W- Q N 1: J 1 , A., no -2-- ann'- ,,.'- A- ' -an s! , L.-.. -. nl... i.,f -.1 F..-.T - i --111 tw. SL. , .5,-s,Snu- :mi ' h V l .-K """""A l 1 I - Q , l ,414 , 'fxw' 41, '51 QW 1 'f 1 , ., N Q I 'A 'X' eu 0. ' 61 'iii -Qs" ,,. 4 1 4 ' ' ' ' ' ' . -r . ,, . '1 If i ' Al F 1 . I ,a fa- ' ...e ,X xv rr . s Q.. ' f 1' . 'Jr x If . Q ' J A 1 f :- an . ,,. - 5- ? P , x W I . 0 - wk ' ' , ' ' 1 P N. r Q .. a A ' X. . X ' ' ' S L. . X, X : -N 'bf 4' n r - - ' Q I '- -' , I f T 'pq 2:4 l Y . 4. 21 5 qs . I , ,A .Zig Y. Yell, GVGHVW, Yell- Y. Flirk, 3 F-rm foundnfwcn, 4. Colwlw Sim, VVPQV, Pokoy, 5. Vvhflf rvovlwer nclurc provlrlf-5. 6. .luv Plmysicul Isl. 7, Curolyn, Km Pvqqy 3 Monk:-y. 9, Shar! and slmrwr. lO. l'v0 got those Nuvy Blum, ll, XNlm?'s funny? IQ, Pngfmllg I3. Mlm wmv ills- broom. . 14, The bgyg ond "Smllw,f." lb. Ye-U, ST, B-frvwurcl. J 1 -e? l l f v ...S 55?zq 'fjvlA i .ff 2 . , ,, I . m QQ H, M- A fy, V I'-5" .f-fr r' Pwr' milf Al Unk 1 ,. W 1 N7 a j 'f f Q Nz pai, +5 , in-ass-I it 1 ik 5- , ' is ,pf pl v , in '-.V K .-. --. -.. ..- .-- ..- I: --.4 ,s ,---:.,- gtg l . , E s'SN' I9 An l ::l K, awww .A . Z., -?4 v f 4, x in G l' 5' l. I wont my bottle. . 2, Rub your eyes. . . 3. Th'ee's o crowd. . . 4. Aren't we crazy? . . 5. Hove you heord? , 6. Fightl Fight! Fiqht! 7, Children will be children! 8. Sharks. 9. Boshful. . IO, Loaded, ' l3 O m ment leose .... l4, OH to work '?. . l5, Hold itl , . . ll. Our Almc Mater. . , , 12. Attention. , , . ne o ,p I' N1 in v ng' K . ., 111' A 'Jian g 71. . w hijfgar ,rn E IDR II LQ Xff QQ? fig CYD N K9 ff 5 B M xo xx B Q 'X I 1 '19 ' 1 1' U -L ""! X X X 4? 5 ' J-1-F' dh ,Q A LQBW Ac oss OSBORNE HAWTHORNE GARRETT LITTRELL HAMILTON SENIOR II CLASS OFFICERS JOHN HAMILTON President JUDSON HAWTHORNE Vuce Presndent JAMES CARL OSBORNE Secretary HOWARD LITTRELL Treasurer LADYE CHERI CHANDLER Reporter MISS MARY LOUISE GARRETT Sponsor We the members of the Jumor class In remembrance of our many problems worrues good tnmes Impossible sltuatlons and everything coming under tte tutle of hectic or Insane that happens only to the lolly Junnor salute the Jumors of comnng years We feel that our success this year was due to the untlrlng efforts of our sponsor Mass Garrett and our' other offncers John Hamllton Judson Hawthorne James Carl Osborne and Howard Luttrell and we realuze that thear cooperatuon has taken us another step forward on the 7 s gs rcad to a successful high school career and a happy llfe X , ,- f l i1 Q NX 11- I ' 64 ,s Lv' .a4' W Q f Y 11- .5 3 SENIOR TWO ROBERT ALLISON ALLEN EDNA IRENE BEARD Eddne MARTHA FAYE BERRY EVELYN ANN BLACKWELL Ebbne THERON BREEDING QP? LILLIAN BRITTON LEE ROY CHAMPION Leaky HAZEL RUTH BROOKS LADYE CHERI CHANDLER MARGARET ANN BROOKS SARA GLYNN CLEMENTS WILLIAM DAVID BYARS BETTY CUMMINGS ANNIE SUE CAIN Susue OUIDA LAMINDA DAWSON SENIOR TWO HISTORY Porky J Pug Edlfor of the Porkvnlle Sausage Cake srghed gently and adgusted has glas es for The frlth rnme ID The last Three munures I seemed almost unbelrevable yet the Porkvrlle Sou age Cake dvd not I Porky decided that I? must be facts but no Junuor Class could possibly be as outstanding as The one whose Isles had gone before hum Porky Pug had been musrnformed These fngures were no mistake the class of 45 was The most unusual on record a mere glance at The W, 5 I I 1 4- Q. ,lg 1 I "1 I '39- I . ze 41723 ng ,-I, tab Q 1 3- Q- A ,N 1.-N ' -- . I .7 14 Y X rv I I X Q ,, 'Y 3 's:77x 1 7 if WILLIAM EDGEMON GERALD FEILD LELDON MORRIS FLACK DAVID RAY FREDERICK WILLIAM RAY FREEZE ,-fb vs an- ac I 2514 ai' B 1, wmifiv ,2 li-, af' il..-, ,.. ' v "x i' 41' x 'GST "N-Q 1 1 I ' I ' 1 X. f is f I fi JOHNNIE FRENCH "Jeff" BESSIE GILLESPIE BILLY FRETWELL THELMA IONE GILLESPIE MARIE EXINE GARNETT MARTHA JOYCE GOFORTH "Jinks" BETTY JEAN GASAWAY MARY JANE ORUBBS "Buddy" DAVID ALLEN GIBSON SYBIL IRENE GUNN headlines proved that. For instance, how about that little number published on September 7, I932? Porky glanced through the pages until his paw found the desired page and blinked as he read the blaring headline, "CLASS OF '45 MOST BRILLIANT IN HISTORY, QUIZ KIDS OFFICIALS ARE ON THEIR WAY!" Yes, this was unusual! But the individuals in the class were responsible. The class had come from all over Decatur to the various grammar schools P R if ll - 'M , -lg - - ' " f i ,J X 1' R A i Y f' fi , . K .ll I if 6 5 L 2 TL :ng A , ,fx 'li .-r f , ff W X, fr A N ' will 'mx 9 '59 " 'Sa' K C V SENIOR TWO ROBERT A. HALFACRE 'fsobbyn HuoH EDWARD HALBROOKS JOHN S. HAMILTON TOMMY CHARLES HARTSELL JUDSON HAWTHORNE "Ee-erie" LILLIAN GERALDINE HILL JIMMIE HAYNES "Jim" JAMES GATLING HILL JEAN HAZELRIG BILLY HINE "Piggy" and even at the tender age of six it's members were the most outstanding in the history of the state. Some, the proud possessors ot "inside infor- mation", had already learned their "a-b-c's" las tar as "c"i and others could spell their names with a mere scratch of their crayons. Truly this was unusual. The Superintendent of Education had predicted big things for this class and the class of '45 got them. When the classes graduated in 1938, they were immediately sent to CARLEAN HOOPER CHARLES LENOARD HUDSON BETTY JEAN JOHNSON CLARENCE JONES GERALDINE AGNES JONES gli Tk? i ., X A y 5 CUE 'i hr .- .1 x A. pf' . 1' Y 4 in , A 'JN 7 L x'7,i ' ' ' . 'E ? -' 'ie ,x --O 'T A ' ., .g I I 3.. 1 A,-, I . A . -'45 as af- f "- "5" 2 C7 '39 xi' K iv, if I . - ff v V, 20 I SENIOR TWO MARY LEE JONES "Mimi" SARAH REBECCA LICHTENSTEIN DOROTHY MCLEMORE "Red" JAMES SAMUEL KAY "Jimmy" HOWARD LITTRELL TALMADGE W. MEADOWS, JR. VIRGINIA KELLEY HENRY LONG "Lucy" FREDERICK S. MITTWEDE BEAN LEE IMOGENE MANER KATHERINE BOWLES MOORE EARLE JOYCE LEE RUTH MCCULLOCH BOB NEWSOM Decotur Junior High SchooI for odvonced studies ond they ogoin mode ff-f'I2ilZf, K record history. The Birmingham News found o close rivol in the Junior News ond "Toby Helps Out" wos- occloimed os o runner-up for the Academy Aword. Once ogoin the closses groduoted ond once ogoin 4 the members received their di Iomos. By this time, the di Iomos were , J P P gl s 4 stocking up ot o ropid pace ond when the closs left for Riverside, eoch 4, 0 1 ' V A in 'Q - on GQ in M TRW t. If If Gs -I ... ., F 5 Q, :Tvx -1 'S U- ' ,, 1 W N g A V Nl 2, sh. ' L I I , L 4 II X .mx I IGI 3 Viz - 1 1 SENIOR TWO BILLY JOE NOLES EDNA EARL PAYNE THEO PUTNAM Put JAMES CARL OSBORNE CAROL DEAN PECK BEN RISTER Rooster MARY ANN OSBORNE ELIZABETH PERRY SARA FRANCES RIVERS RAY OSBORNE FRANCES PORTWOOD MARTHA WITT ROGERS 'Witt IMOGENE PARKER BEULAH PRYOR WILLIAM BAILEY ROWDEN member owned two, The most importont one, the sheep skin, wos just ohecd, By this time Porky wos completely bottled. His excitement wcs ot ci feverish pitch os he continued to turn the dusty poges. "SOPHS GIVE JUNIORS A CLOSE SHAVEV' popped up ond poor Porky's eyes rolled os he reod the occount of how the Soph Closs, under S29 .f I: Q 1' UI" '.o A - ,', I I' I 'C' 'Lx .. ,,,. .V I-If 1 5, , X X 2,15 1 ' if f I .. 'xg 13' LAI fx ,:,,. -, ' ' Q mqgaz A ,gy .x',:z,, . ,-I.. . fg?.fQ:x I if mg ' A - i'f.'.,x-Lx-. wean. 3' '45 1 I wx A Y. 7' Bi' ' 3 'af , Ji' x I if I , I N I I x I 52' 'I x -Q :Q 'g ,Q -l LOUIS SAFLEY MILLARD SCOGGIN, JR. WYNELLE IRENE SELF BERNICE SHEW BETTY SIMMONS C3 f I 'fifiii R J N A I , SENIOR TWO MARY JEAN SITTASON WILLIAM A. STONE "Bill" WILMA GENE SMITH JEAN TEDFORD "Teddy" MAROUERITE SOUTH ELMON GRADY TERRY "Elmo" MARGARET STICKNEY RUTH TURNER 'Nancy" SARAH KATHRYN STOCKTON OSCAR VAUOHN The sponsorship of Miss Mabel Poer, had kept The Junior Class siroicing their rabbit feet prayerfuliy, as The final hour for 'the close of the magazine campaign drew near, Af Iast Porky drew The Iasf clipping from the file, "MISS OARRETT ELECTED CLASS SPONSOR," and found that The officers for the year included John Hamiifon, President Judson Hawthorne, Vice-President, y , f 4 u A Q I 5 V A i g ,- an r 1, go 2-. sz S 3 at Q , . I 1' Y, Q I' -'W' X 5 , 'N I 1 X I ix S YQ, k N I . -vt 9 ov AQ :ST TK "' 1' 'Q A .Wt 4:3 K. 'F an V , ,Pi I I V I ...xx I, RQ , ...Q T' -any SENIOR TWO NORMA JEAN VINES MILDRED LOUISE WEAVER CHARLES VVOODS ETTA EARLEAN WALDRIP ROSEMARY WILBER EMMA SUE WRIGHT NELL WALLACE ANNILE MAXINE WEEKS "Moc" BETTY WARE WYATT NAOMI ELIZABETH WALKER SHIRLEY WILLIAMS CHARLES BEVERLY YARBROUGH JOHN EDWARD WATSON BARBARA P. WINTON "Bobbie" JACK YARBROUGH Jomes CorI Osborne, Secretory, Hcword Littrell, Treosurer ond Lodye Cheri CI1ondIer, Reporter. fx Porky continued to store for o long time ond then buzzed for his secretory. "Put this on the "Hot-off-thefGriddIe" fiIe," be commanded. "I think thot class of '45 is going to be the biggest news yet!" Q1 wg, Qu-1' IGF. Ill Ill ,vt Ji' Ind il - il iii ll! 1 Z A r 1 ,J ., , 1 . A4 1 -N 1, l xg. V f .516 ad' 5' Jw' ' f-224' , ,S Q I " 5 fl"-S.. ,vruixn ,Q ash. T.. af' - ' . K 'i ' f . , I F- . , - I 5, F . ., X" . KP 3 ""'Ei' ' V, V4 7 Ai .QP--viun 44 f"T':':aE'q-',- r I 1, 'Q 'ff' ,D xi.. 'ul' .,fr- lvl! N . f. ,J .n V -,Ip -x kvlvqfnjt ' A F f 35.2"-' A-+91 ,M . U, pf. I Mfg" vu ,4 r' 6 ff' 5 1 I .411 rf--1 . ., jfj.,.5,..ffl, . Q gl. .A ' " A' K'1-i4':- -H1395 -1 .1 X f . ,v , 'Hmm af W ,, . ff? , . Lv. 'v'2,"i1.1 Hr' , .1 .zgggryx-gig... 4 1 7 I. Brothers. . . 2. BoogievWoogie. . . 3. "ScrewboH. . . 4. "fLoHop." . . 6. Ouido. , . . 6. Ccrleon. . . 7. ".lerk." 8. Future models .... 9. Don'1 do ir, Morie ..,. IO. Whose sweater? , , . II. Is it Don or Judson? . . 12. A wolf in ocfion. . 13. Sriowbound. mi kr I km cl' Ill, ,, M , 1 ,,1 jg.. M. I qw ,. 4 422 I ' " L-9:4 Q4 4 ' .:1,'.- . gag I-lx 1 V,-. , ff Q." n- 'alfjx A .W 5.9, ...qi 1 Qgf .- 2- , .. , . .. vi .. Q X . . 4-M' ' 31.55 NE.,-'Q -g '-3 ,.--x .,,l 'iff 'Q -' ' 'X X .QYL 5- jyf: .Q Ae-'5'f'5" V x 4,5 , 'YP rv- ru-PFW' I . I . W. Y ,. WMA f2.L e I. "Red," . , 2. Susie ond "Handle," 3, Round 1hem up, "Worden", , , 4, "Slick," , 5. "Prunefoce." . . . 6. Now she's offer Freddie. . . 7. No? bod. , . 8. Look ouf, Rowden .... 9, Bcxrefooi Ruth .... 1O,. Who!'s so funny? , , Il. Good nicture of Lee, , , 12, Slocks ..,. I3. Don't forget to write ..., 14. Three women from Mors. I 2 ai' .J-fi 1 gn QI!! j 1 ggbeaz l Ill i Qu .-,,. fi irq Y i as lb Ld' IWW 511i D13 ul llll Ill! I. Joe Louis? . . , 2. Welcome back ..,. 3. On Saturday Night, Saturday Night ..,. 4. No-if can'1 be. . . . 5. "Burrhead." 6. Le1's go home. . 7, Mary June, . 8. Linle one. . 9, "Handsome" . . , IO. We three . . ll. Shorpshoofers, , , , l2. "Barrelhouse Lilly." . . , 13. Have you heard from Bill? WX X wg? 4555 1 J mg!! SENIUR 1 , 'Kit f -Q H Q ' ' if wr 5 X , ff My R f ff 'F ,fy ff X X 1 O, I I , 2 X ,iff If ,f" X ff I . 'X ,fff if X X! I J 1' X? it ,V , ki' ll .4 334' 2 , .i i 'SL I I I I w ga 1 I 'Nw , 'wg it 'R ' -I - 5 51 1, il ': '54 ...---q 1 QQ SITTASON MOODY CHANDLER LINK COLEMAIN SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BOB SITTASON A J COLEMAN DAVID CHANDLER IEAN LINK MR LEON MOODY We the Sensor One Class have left a worthy record After a some what late start we elected as our class sponsor Mr Leon Moody Under has able gurdance our accomplishments have been many We have Iearned the lesson of school spurut and cooperation We took part whole heartedly nn the scrap metal and paper drlves We were well repre sented In all school actlvltxes Under the leadership of capable officers we have become well organized and established In our new school We are Iookung forward wnth great Interest to our future years and hope to be as successful then as we have been this year Presndent Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor I Q K 'Z A AX! B R SENIOR ONE BETTY AKERS NORMAN DOUGLAS ANGE MARTHA AROEIND MILDRED BELL THELMA BISHOP ROY MCKINLEY BLACK JOHNNIE RUTH BLACK BARBARA BLACKWELL BOBBIE CHARLES HENRY BOBO WALLACE JACKSON BRADLEY SHIRLEY ANN BRASWELL ALBERT PRESTON BREWER CHASTAIN BRAUDAWAY MARY SUE BROWN NOLENE BROWN ELEANOR BUCHANAN MARY ELIZABETH BURKS JERREL DEAN BURLESON JOHN DAVID CHANDLER ALLEN DIXIOS CHUNN ELMER 5 ESWQS x,f in '3 . , if v- 'Q I 5'5- I W qQY I I .1 4 "- . . 1 T 'J I X J , HI 1 U N I , V x , ' Q O . . K .7 ,1 3 1 T' Y'- Q . - B 1 Y., if Q' ,rl 6+ if 1 .L 1- I 1. A Y 'DTT ' 6 L - 1 , ., 1 .., C X 5-. I --I I' .' I L " - 4. ,, - I 6 as is ' V , Q, ,Cx 1, A I L A 'Q L X A 251 f , :T 2 A - S-ft -' ,K 1 - '--, X I ' -5 . ,La S ' I .I ,IZ 91,7 'B N-, X 1----"T J, Q SJ Y K Q t .as J' I,V 41' If -41 ,.., 'Q X I , Lx I Km I OYLI , I K 4 Q 4 1' i X? 57' '45 .JI I 'VY' I I I' SENIOR ONE GEORGE COGGINS' ABRAHAM JORDAN COLEMAN "A. MARJORIE COMPTON THEO MAHLON COMPTON CARL CONLEY SIDNEY JOHNSON CRAWFORD MARJORIE SUE DAVIDSON TURNER DAVIS JOY DELMORE GEORGE WILLIAM DIETZ ROY WALKER DODSON ALICE DOSS LOURA ALYENE DRAPER KATIE SUE EMENS ARTHUR DAVID FARRER OLLIE RUTH FENN PATSY FRAHN CHRISTINE FREDERICK MARTHA GINGRICH X J , 11 Q' Q' X if QX 'f 4 E43 AAN A VQ4 TT Mxk.- SENIOR ONE I , , , . ' A .a G.. '! fr ' - 'S 1 ,- ' 3' I I T1 - I -f JOHN ASA GLASDCOCK 1 I, J. B. ORAVES A I WENDELLYN ORAY f ,J I If 3 a 6' ' "' - .. - Q t 2 SYLVIA GREEN DORIS OLJNN f W " ' BARBARA HALE ll it I : D Iii: I, I HENRY REID HANSON I .X -- HELEN HARTSELLE ' 1 X "" JOSEPH DANIEL HARVEY f'JOE" Y J, N ARI . , ' A X ., I A 1 . ELLEN-HASTINGS A , HELEN HASTINGS 1.4: ,- 5 "Q lg MARTHA GILBERT HENRY , " ' v A Q . 'Y - 1 I . ,K .5 ...S ar I GLADYS HODGE MARTHA JEAN HOLLOMAN h A BETTY HOOD ff" .S s f 7 4 -4' -J' JUANITA HOOPER BILLY HUNTER ORAN HUNTER HLOODY" '. 4 3 A " 'T K l Y If I A THOMAS EDWARD HURST SNUFEY " is I I " .. X 1 I X rv' fi F X! ..- I' O fu R ...X VV., 'iv f A xv 'I YC I T I . X I I T x I 4 vs A- -cs' 94- ,,.a qi 7 2- I I X4 SENIOR ONE JAMES LEONARD JOHNS NVILLIAM HOWARD JOHNSON BILL JONES BETTY JEAN KILOORE MARGARET KIMBROLJOH FRANCES KIRKPATRICK BERTHA BELL LAMON MILDRED LEE JEAN LINK ELOISE LONG CARLTON MANN BILLY MANOR l I f I r CLAUDE HENRY MCBRIDE NETTIE ELIZABETH MILLS EMOGENE MOONEY Tr I COLLEEN MOORE MARGARET ANN NORWOOD I BETTY JUNE PARKER TL Af 2 5 '37 I xx J X A A A Z 0 E3 7 5 RUTH PEER A , EI I c,,,,!XL T' ,Lg C? 1 SENIOR ONE LLIZABETH PEITLY CHARLES EDWARD PORTER JAMES WIISTLR RATIIFF JIMMY IMOOENE REDDINO MARY JOE REEVES EI OISE RIETHMAIER FRANK ROBERTS LAZELLE ROPER ETHEL MARIE RYAN C RUBY SANDLIN BILLY SANDY ,A 4- ,Q MARY JOHN SCOTT v ELIZABETH SHAFFER ANDREW LEONARD SHELTON ANDY ROBBIE JUANITA SIMMONS .N M T' "" 'L ROBERT DARE SITTASON BOB DORIS RUTH SIVLEY VVILLIAM OSCAR SMITH xy' .Jn NEAL MCCALLA SPEAKE 1 XX ,ea T 'x 1 'U 47 .rv IEP f s,. 3 :- A Q V VKY! X ' H if 1 f' " s K T I eS'jiR . ' li X ' , 1 -V I I I . 2 'T . 9 '7 I A X . , , 4, T 2 .1 -3 E. 6 HI D 'ri I H , A . 1 ' I 1 I lf: r, If I I 4 'I' 1 '55 I 3-4 x ff If . . I I' L fs . fs ,gn I ,R ,Ss 1' I U 'gig 1 63' Xfj . ' 3 vi XC I lf? ii, ,NW wi , I I 1' Jn I D I If ' "H f L Q JJ' lj J ' Iii . rffafw Q sv , - iv -I pn o-'T ,, fu. -. Z Ali If! , 1 S I II1 SENIOR ONE JAMES STANDRIDC L HLNRY PIERCE STILL DICK DOLORES STREET ELZWORTH STREETMAN EDNA EARL TEAGUE NOEI TEAOUE HURLE1 TERRY RAPHAEL PRESTON THOMPSON BERTHA MAE TIMBERLAKE FREEMAN TURNER JOHNNY RAY TUTEN FRED ANDREW VOEHRINCER JIMMY WATSON DAN XNEATHERLY LEWIS WEST NANCY ELIZABETH WILSON VIOLA WOOTEN BILLY GENE WRIGHT MARY EVELYN YARBROUGH Maw. -K 1 -Z IL 1oj-- - Wkll-jim? , 5 Q :W f x A x, XX I Q g K E ,.m 1 D - .oi I Who sand onythlng obouf West Town? 2 Beverly rates 3 Whois so :nie-resting? 4 Thor Stall man' 5 Johns as IU och n 6 Long wrned Wright in go Wes? of1er Stull 7 Who Told Q loke'P 8 Kc-ep at under your Srevson 9 Red ond Slack See Breeding for Grocery Normes 1 Bo FETUE 9-ff Xi dow QM A fx UCI S123 Q ,A Q X 4, ug A J I f ! yi X K 4 -3 U fp SENICR THREE FAVORITES BONNIE PARK GIL CRANE SENIOR THREE FAVORITES BILLY LYLE MARTHA ANN GREGG 'Q- L.,-4 .A f at SENIOR TWO FAVORITES ELMON TERRY EARLE JOYCE LEE SENIOR TWO FAVORITES BOBBY HALFACRE ELIZABETH PERRY 90 N SENIOR ONE FAVORITES WENDELLYN GRAY BILLY WRIGHT SENIOR ONE FAVORITES BOB SITTASON MARY ELIZABETH BURKS SCHOOL FAVORITE NED ANDERSON SCHOOL FAVORITE LILLIAN HGUSER Us 3 r 4 i l ini Qmamdlei JEAN LINK-Library Victory Club PAUL BLACKWELL-Phi Chi Mu my, If 1:1 k LOUISE HOCKING-Notionol Honor Society SIDNEY CHENAULT-F. O. D. Club EARL JONES-Key Club BEVERLY HODGES-Hi-Y Club Qmccwziw SYLVIA GREEN-Latin Club MARGUERITE HOVIS-The Dromcfeers JOHNNIE FRENCH-F. H. A. Club WILLOW JEAN ADAMS-D. O. CLUB THOMAS TODD-"D" Club ELIZABETH ANN CHAPPELL- Pon American Club THANKSGIVING GAME JERRY WALLACE WILLIE ROYCE COLLIER .SQCWMLVLJ HOMECOMING GAME MARGREAT LEE BONNIE PARK E f 44: JAH . WLM Wm CUTEST GIL CRANE JERRY WALLACE 9 :""f A " g BEST BEST ALL-AROUND ALL-AROUND MARTHA ANN GREGG BILLY LYLE ,I4 f fu, ' X , X J ' 0 ,'I ' t WITTIEST i""""' ' BETTY HOLESAPPLE EARL JONES 'G S ls MOST WILLIE ROYCE COLLIE FRIENDLIEST CHARLIE BURT LOUISE HOCKING WMM MOST ATTRACTIVE BOBBY ELLIS BEVERLY HODGES ATHLETIC THOMAS TODD Gm 91' 'G' A HARVEST KING AND QUEEN BILLY LYLE MARY ELIZABETH BURKS CTIVITIE ff? X F NX rw XJ N I f X A ' 1, Q j N S . K vi- CT K XX X X E ff X 4 Q xx , X IFB b 113101 b RQ -lu, FIRST ROW, Left ta Right: Billy Lylef Thea Putnam, Gerald Feild, Ned Anderson, Thomas Taddf Earl'Janes, .lahn Lyle Sidney Chenaultg Gil Crane. . . SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Oran Hunter, Jack Thomason, A. J. Coleman, Elman Terry Paul Yarbrough, James Osborne, Pat Patterson. . THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Talmodge Meadows, Maurice Meadows Paul Blackwell, Bev Yarbrough, John Hamilton, James Hill, Coach Ogle. THE "D" CLUB OFFICERS NED ANDERSON . . . President THOMAS TODD . . Vice-President JOHN LYLE . . Secretary and Treasurer MR, H, L. OGLE Sponsor This club is one of the highest honors that an athletic boy can attain in Decatur Senior High School. To become a member of this club he must quality for his letter in either football or basketball. This letter, i which he proudly displays on his sweater, shows his high ideals ot Q sportsmanship and fair play. ln winning his "D", a boy shows the time he has spent in skull practice and the long hours he has toiled on the iff!! o,,,,, football field and on the basketball court. ' PWS U 'NIMH I l FIRST ROXN, Left to Rtabt' Rebecca Chambers Alyce Caledonia Hill- Carol Peck, Elizabeth Walker, Katherine Moore: 'Vrllnqm Edqvmon, SECOND ROVV, Left to Rnglwv: Billte Fretwellg Frances Marte Fxzrrf-r Imogene Spreqel, Frances Portwaod Br-'ty J41rwQLanfiers Bottle-, Powell, THlRD ROVV, Lett to Rtght: Oscar Vaughn, Mr. Kelly, James Kay, Bean Lee, Jett Hersh Clcxrvwvi Sellers, FOURTH ROVV, Left to Rtgbtg Riclvncnd Hogang Jack Yarbrouglwq Gene Stroud, Bobby Ellis: Prnnff rw M Btll Moore, OFFICERS BOBBY ELLIS MARVIN SIMSK CAROL PECK DONIA HILL BOBBY POWELL MR. CARLTON KELLY X-L EQ President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Scribe Sponsor Purpose: To create a better understanding between the employer and trainee and to develop the social lite of the part-time student learner. fx lt stresses our three point training of the mind, the bands, and the heart. ff Cat XX X I - , ' 1... Y X '1 x fs , Vk I wife! Z .'-' few N - 1' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Betty Lile, Mririe Gomes, Mory Frances Stockton, Helen Ruth Pruitty Morgue'-rite Hows, Betty Hole-supple, Betty lone Cobb, Bobye Ruth Rotlill. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Bill Mobre, Jock Thomason, Jomes Sr Ilers, Ed Uptcln, Dobglfis Rogers, Billy Moc Ferguson, John Lyle, Bobby Povyellq Foul Yarbrough. THIRD ROW, Let' to Right. Corinne Rriyg Sr-lun: Sherivrin, Frrmre: Johnsong Nell Clcirln, Dolores Cobb, Bobby Morlchorn, Oil Crone, Virginia Gillirimy Billy Lyle. FOURTH ROVV, LDll to Right: Mrs. Brown, Sidney Chenoult, Willie Royre Collier, Ned Anderson: Beverly i Hodges, Frrinres Milton NMI. OFFICERS SIDNEY CI-IENAULT President WILLIE ROYCE COLLIER Vice-President BEVERLY HODOES Secretory NED ANDERSON Treasurer FRANCES MILTON WEST Scribe MRS, W. J. BROWN Sponsor MOTTO: To see others from the ongle of being looked ot. N QTTX fy x ' If FLOWER: Roses COLORS: Crimson ond While X In The Dromoteers, Consisting wholly of seniors selected from the Iwo Dromcitics closses, wos formed to get o broader understanding of the stoge. The meetings ore held twice o month in the home of Sidney Chenoult. Eofh meeting is o social olloir with o different committee os hosts eoch time, ,fXGsN-?- ,, , ,X ,J X 'v , all tw is fl l ' lil fl ll Z, , li i H K FIRST ROW, Left to Riqhtf Edna Earle Rayne, Johnnie French, Nell Wcllncf-, Frances Johnson: Evelyn Ann Blackwell, J q nia Ann Kelly, Sybil Gunn: Jean Hazelrig, Rosemary Wilhevr, SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Miss Harrison: Marlorie ton, Barbara Blackwell, Alice Shropshire, Imogene Redding, Selma Sherman, Emma Sue VVright, ,lerreldean Burleson FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS FRANCES JOHNSON I President EVELYN ANN BLACKWELL Vice-President SYBIL GUNN Secretary VIRGINIA KELLEY Treasurer NELL WALLACE Reporter MISS KATHLEEN HARRISON SpOrtSOF 8 MOTTO: To eat it up, wear it out, make It do and do without. FLOWER: Red Roses COLORS: Blue and White A The F, H. A, Club was re-organized in October 1943, with five Qld f members and fifteen new members. This chapter has as its great purpose .. ,, A . to stimulate interest in the home and family and set a higher standard " V .. fl of living in all homes and communities. F :lf .1 ' js I C 'I i 'LI KJ ,Z 5 1:-,L 1?I-6.5! FIRST ROW, Lott to Right: Paul Blackwell, Eorl Jones, Billy Lyle, Ned Anderson, Sidney Chennult, SECOND ROVV, Left to Riqhi. A. J. Cclernorif Jock Thomason, Pot Patterson: Bobby Ellis: Fd Uptoin, Frank Wileyg Neol Speoke, Jimmy Hill. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Bobby Morlchomg Butler Hine, Gil Crrtnf-, Billy I'I.neg Don Speolse- Fred Sittoson. THE F. O. D. CLUB OFFICERS ED UPTAIN . . . President BUTLER HINE Secretory ond Treosurer The F. O, D., o club of good fellowship, was organized in 1943. In the short time thot this club hos been in existence, it hos grown into one of the moior orgonizotions for boys of the school. 'Fl zur li. ! , xX XXKX 7 NX l av 4 . .... Ti Os QC OC Q' SITTING, Left to Right, Louise Hacking, Jean Link, Martha Ann Gregg, Betty Holsapple. . FIRST ROW, Left to Rightl Elizabeth Ann Chappel, Frances Milton West. SECOND ROW, Left to Right, Evelyn Ann Blackwell, Beverly Hodges, Sylvia Green, Margaret Ann Brooks. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Katie Sue Emens, Shirley Braswell, Marguerite Hovis, Nancy Wilson, Cheri Chandler. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Helen Ruth Pruitt, Jean Hazelrig, Joy Neil, Jerry Nelson, Betty Jean Gasaway, Mimi Jones, Vivian Timberlake, Mary Jean Sittason, Sybil Gunn, Wendellyn Gray, Beulah JO Hamilton, Carolyn Peurifoy, Mrs. Brown. I GIRLS HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS LOUISE HOCKING . President ELIZABETH ANN CHAPEL Vice-President EARL JOYCE LEE Secretary and Treasurer BEVERLY I-IODGES . , . Reporter VIVIAN TIMBERLAKE , . Program Chairman MRS. W. J. BROWN , , . . . . Sponsor PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, a higher standard of Christian living. i ' PLATFORM, Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, clean living. 'N .4 Q COLORS, Yellow and White FLOWER: Yellow Rose MOTTO: To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield. I 5' f Q' 'EH 'Z il M J Since the date of it's organization in l93l, the Girls' Hi-Y Club has Z been one of the most outstanding organizations in our school. It's high ideals, Christian purpose, and character building platform have done nurea-aazf much to make such an essential part of our school life. It is continually exerting it's influence over the student body by its numerous activities, 1 foremcst among them, conducting the daily devotional exercises in chapel. bf ,an- IQ' ill an DS Q1 1-N, OH: L3 3 til. I4 k X FIRST ROW, Lett to Right: Butler Hine: Sidney Chenaultg Gil Crane, Billy Lyle, Bobby Catlett, Nod Anderson. pr SECOND ROW, Lett to Right- John Hamilton, Ray Fredrick, Bob Sittafan, Jan1esJohns, THIRD ROXN, to Right Bobby Ellis, Fel Uptciin, Furl loin-s, Jiinnty Hill. FOURTH ROW. Lil' tc Right- Judson Hiiwtlwine, Pfiul Blricltwfflly Frank Vwlilc-if Frccl Sittrison, FIITH ROW, If-It to Right: A. J. Cole-man, Miss Garrett Jack Thwniii-an Pri! Pfittf-rson Thomas Dr:-so-fn OFFICERS BILLY LYLE President JOHN LYLE First Vice-President GIL CRANE Second Vicebpresident BOB CATLETT Secretary and Treasurer NED ANDERSON Chairman Board ol Directors MISS MARY LOUISE GARRET Sponsor The Key Club of Decatur Senior High School is an organization sponsored by the Vocational Guidance Committee of the Kiwanis Club. The obiects of the Key Club are to cooperate in maintaining that , W sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase IW' f ot righteousness and good will. , I f if I 7ff',,fff Jw xW fwfff YI' --Al SEATED, FIRST ROW, Lett to Rifjbt: Sylvia Green, Betty Aclcersg Mary Franc'-5 Stoclctong Helen Ruth Prulttg Nell Cloudy Rosemary Wilbur, Carolyn Peurifoy. STANDING, SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Joy Delrnoreg Marguerite Hovis, Marie Gaines: Mary Elizabeth Burlv, Nell Clarkp Dolores Cobb, Shirley Brriswell, .lay Neill, Jean Link, .lerry Nelson, Wendcllyn Grayg Betty June Parker, Elizabeth Pettey, Beulah Pryor, Patsy Frahn, Evrflyn Ann Blaclcwellg Emma Sue Wright, Corinne Ray, Vivian Timberlake, Betty Holesapple, Beulah Ja Hamilton, Evelyn Ann Yarbrough, Ruby Sartdling Mrs. Jordan, Alice Shrop shirep Wynelle Self Catherine- Inglis. LIBRARY VICTORY CLUB OFFICERS CAROLYN PEURIFOY President MAROUERITE I-IOVIS . Vice-President MARIE OAINES . Secretary JEAN LINK . Treasurer MRS. W, T, JORDAN Sponsor COLOR: Red and White FLOWER: Red Rose MOTTO1 To promote interest in good reading and to assist in every way possible in building up our library. 4 l Sirgce rits cyrganizyatiocgi l937, the Library Club has had a total -1 mem ers ip o two un re . ,lf 5 The chief objectives of the club for the past seven years have been: dm .I a F "To stimulate and encourage the reading of good books among our H X ' ' members, to render efficient library service to the faculty and student v N' body, to encourage the building of home libraries through the Victory S Wfyllluuuw J., Bcolc Club and to promote and practice good conduct in our library :Tff-15 ,,,l" " at all times. This year, by vote of its members, the name was changed to the Library Victory Club. Our chief war activities, thus far, have been collecting scrap and paper and buying war stamps. 2. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Marguerite Hovis, Marie Gaines, Geraldine Hill, Corinne Roy, Betty Simmons, Caro yn Peurifoy, Catherine lnglis, Martha Ann Gregg. . . SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Miss Odom, Roy Wyatt, Betty Jane Lunclers, Jucl'an Hawthorne, Beulah Pryor, Bonnie Park, Vivian Timberlake, David Allen Glbsonf Bobby Cotlett. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Sarah Lichtenstein: Louise Hocking, Bessie Gillespie, Helen Ruth Pruitt, Earle Joyce Lee Martha Witt Rogers, Margaret Ann Brooks, Nell Cloudg Robert Allen. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS LOUISE HOCKING . , . President HELEN RUTH PRUITT , Vice-President MARIE GAINES . . . Secretary MARGUERlTE HOVIS , . Treasurer MISS LILLIAN ODOM .,....,., . Sponsor "Four things a man must learn to do V If he would make his record true: To think without confusion clearly, N To love his fellow-men sincerely, To act from honest motives purely And trust in God and heaven securely. D O x all AR U joe EMBLEM: The keystone and the flaming torch COLORS: white and Gold. NZ I TY-L MOTTO: "Light is the symbol of truth." Fl Organized in 1938. Membership based on scholarship, leadership, character, service. PAN-AMERICAN CLUB OFFICERS SHIRLEY BRASWELL , Pregidem ELIZABETH ANN CHAPPELL , Viqg-Pregiderqf Q Seqjrgfgry DAVID ALLEN GIBSON Tfeggwef BEULAH PRYOR . . , . Reporter MARGARET ANN BROOKS Choirmon ot Progrom Committee MISS AILEEIXI POPE , , r Spgnggr The purpose of our Pon Amvericon Club is to promote better friendship ond interest between our students ond those of the Lotin American countries, We ore o port of the Notionol Student Pon-American Leogue. The theme of study in our monthly meetings this yeor is the heroes of these countries. at 10- ri'-,-i-A, A FIRST ROVV Lett to Right: Sriroh Lichtenstein, Mrirthri 'Nut Rogers Morgciret Ann Brooks, Ruth Borlow, Mortho Ann Gregg. SECOND ROW, Lett to Right, Miss Pope, Betty lNore VVyr1tt, Shirley Vwhlliums, Elizabeth Ann Choppell, Mriry Jean Sittrison, Annie Sue Coin, THIRD ROW, Left to Right' Betty leon Johnson, Beuloh Pryor, Shirley Ann Broswell: Betty Jecin Gosowciy. FOURTH ROW Lett to Right: Clarence Jones Fred Voehringer, Dcivid Allf-it Gibson, Imogene Mooney FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Alyerie Draper, Sylvia Green, Jeon Link, Wendellyn Groy, Bessie Gillispie. . . SECOND ROW, Left to Right, Eurle Joyce Lee, Thelma Gilispiez Mary Jo Reeves, Mcxrgoret Ann Norwood, Geraldine Hill, Miss Pope THIRD ROW, Left to Right, Jimmy Rritliff, John Hamilton Di-wid Allen Gibson, Albert Brewer, Jackie Cotlett, Henry Honson Corlton Munn, FOURTH ROW, Left to Right, Richom Yoney, Judson Hriwthorne, Bill Stone, Dick Still, CIGUCIC MCBYICIG, A. J, Colernon, Henry Long. Cv THE LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Juosotsi HAWTHORNE Consul Xvv ALBERT BREWER , . , Consul .Dx-Ex? 'J JOHN HAMILTON . , Proetor 1 J 'A t oERAu3iNE Hiu , , ouoesror f WENDELLYN GRAY Aediles Miss AILEEN POPE sponsor Our oirn is to know the Romans os living people os we study their 4' dress, food, religion, ond customs. I I I i I I I, 1-- FIRST ROVV, Left to Right, Robert Allen, Frank Wiley, Pot Patterson, Paul Blackwell, Butler Hine, Gil Crane, Bobby Catlett .... SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Bobby Petty, Richard Yoney, Ray Fredrick, James Osborne: Ned Andefwn Sidney Chenault, Thomas Davidson .... THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Miss Eich, Roy Wyatt, Richard Marlar, Judson Haw thorne. PHI CHI MU OFFICERS PAUL BLACKWELL , . . . GIL CRANE . . BUTLER HINES . BOBBY CATLETT , MISS ELIZABETH EICH . FIRST PICTURE, Left to Right, Vivian Timberlake, Roy Wyatt, Bobby Markham. Second Row, Ben Rister, Virginia Kelley, Betty Jean Johnson. Third Row: Jimmy Watson, Bertha Mae Timberlake, Marie Ryan. . . SECOND PICTURE, Left to Right, Bobby Hallacre, Jeff Hobbs, Bill Moore, Raphael Thompson. . . . THIRD PICTURE, Left to Right: Sidney Chenault, Earl Jones, Carolyn Peurifoy, Mrs. W. J. Brown, Lodye Cheri Chandler, Jerry Wallace, Beverly Hodges, Martha Ann Gregg. . , President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Program Chairman , Sponsor ,. ,HMI A 'L ' f .,,.. N fill? .. D3 EM 5 It----'H -I A ..-.. .i .w ,, U I +7 X 'N 0 in 7 f. A- -. WX FIRST PICTURE, Lett to Right: Ned Anderson, Charlie Burt, Mrs. Brown, Lillian Hauser, Gil Crane, Sidney Chenault, Martha Ann Gregg ..., SECOND PICTURE, Lett to Right: Bonnie h I I Porky .Io n Ly eg Lilian Houserg Helen Ruth Pruitt. Second Row: Gil Cranep Charlie Burt, Ned Anderson, Catherine Inglis, . . . THIRD PICTURE, First Row-Left to Right: John Hamilton, Billy Rowden, Howard Littrell. Second Row: Bill Wright, Bob Sittason: We, the members ot the '44 Annual Staff, in bringing you this twenty-second edition of GOLDEN MEMORIES, have tried with earnest effort to bring you an accaunt of the life at Decatur Senior High School. In this year's review, we take you through- ANNUAL STAFF MARTHA ANN erases ....... . Editor-in-Chief SIDNEY CHENAULT CHARLIE BURT . . LILLIAN HOUSER . JERRY WALLACE . BEVERLY HODGES . EARL JONES . . HELEN RUTH PRUITT CATHERINE INGLIS BOB MARKHAM . ROY WYATT , . VIVIAN TIMBERLAKE GIL CRANE . . . BILLMOORE. . . '. ' JEFF HOBBS . . . CAROLYN PEURIFOY MR. W. J. BROWN . . Assistant Editor . . . Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager . Senior III Literary Editor . . Society Editor Senior III Sports Editor . . . . Typist . . Assistant Typist . . Art Editor . . Senior III Artist . Senior Ill Artist Senior III Bookkeeper Senior III Photographer Senior III Photographer . . . . Historian . Sponsor FIRST PICTURE, Lett to Right: Vivian Timberlake, Roy Wyatt, Bobby Markham. Second Raw: Ben Rister, Virginia Kelley, Betty Jean Johnson. Third Row: Jimmy Watson, Bertha Moe Timberlake, Marie Ryan. . SECOND PICTURE, Left to Right: Bobby Halfacre, Jett Hobbs, Bill Moore, Raphael Thompson. . THIRD PICTURE, Left to Right: Sidney Chenault, Earl Jones, Carolyn Peurifoy, Mrs, W. J. Brown, Ladye Cheri Chandler, Jerry Wallace, Beverly Hodges, Martha Ann Gregg. out the school, into the different clubs, out to the football field, and into the social life of the school. In presenting this book, despite 'the shortages created by the war, we feel, with -just pride, that this is one of the best annuals ever published in this school. ANNUAL STAFF NED ANDERSON , . . BONNIE PARK . JOHN LYLE . . . . JOHN HAMILTON , . LADYE CHERI CHANDLER BETTY JEAN JOHNSON . BEN RISTER . . . VIRGINIA KELLEY . . BILLY ROWDEN , . BOBBY HALFACRE . HOWARD LITTRELL . BOB SITTASON . . . MARIE RYAN . . . BERTHA MAE TIMBERLAKE JIMMIE WATSON . . RAPHAEL THOMPSON . BILLY WRIGHT . . . . . Senior III President . . . . Senior III Secretary Senior Ill Circulation Manager . . . Senior II President . Senior ll Literary Editor . . . .Senior Il Artist . . Senior II Artist . . . Senior II Artist . . Senior Il Sports Editor . . Senior II Photographer Senior ll Circulation Manager . . . Senior I President . . . Senior I Artist . . . Senior I Artist . . . . Senior I Artist . . Senior I Photographer Senior I Circulation Manager 2 RW X Q' f X f X IT ox: fa , Q , 1 5 . Z Fy. Z Q S X 7 - 2 Q f 7 Z - 2 of 77 QQ 9 sew-son Q M XS? awp FJ -:mn if-5 X 53 W' F XxX Q . f K 4 4 Que! al 'A Fffl 2 J YT X, A 0, X GX v , - - Q J Q sq Yr w X, L rf up X Q , ,NQA 0 f U X X' I-I? ki, Nb. ff ' I 1 Q f of! ' X ' ' COACHES COACH "SHORTY" OOLE has again proven him- i self capable ot making something from nothing. Ogle has been hallowed by other coaches and we at D. H. S. think he's the state's best. This year he had no experienced men and brought the team through a 7 win season and that's good anywhere! COACH AUBREY FULLER, assistant and line coach, built another fine wall for Decatur backs to run behind. Mr. Fuller is one of the state's finest scouts and tor his excellent scouting, Decatur owes him much. He works his men hard, as all good coaches do, and gets plenty of results. QTY 'i -X MANAGERS A RM' X X f " " Oil and Pat managed the Raiders this year and l'rr sure any of the gang will tell you that they did a bril- liant jab. The managers, as Lll I well as the team, were green no V4 slqmx but they learned last. They CNN - 'V' f " " ' it 1 ..,.., ,A J both worked hard and spur- DNV " Gia, red the team throughout the ' year. 41 CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders this year were: Head cheer- 1' leader, Bobby Ellis, and assistants, Lillian Hauser, Martha Ann Gregg, and Paul Yarbrough. These yelling fools really did a fine iob not leading The yells this year. We're sure their yelling was respon- sible for the fight and fun spirit OUF TGGFT1 had this year. i3,Q'I:.1. " PLAYERS Vve They NED ANDERSON C1561-Left End The Raider 'fAIl State" nian, PAUL BLACKWELL Cl36l-Left End ll That No. 36 in 'fAll State" stall, 9 Q3 43 'ATHENS Red Raiders open i943 season with a convincing vvin over the Golden Eagles of Athens. GERALD FElLD H421-Right End He can take a pass train anywhere, JAMES OSBORNE Cl5Ol-Right End Reaches to heaven and gets that ball. IO l 43 A--STEVENSON , , Second and third strings shine in lop- sided victory over small Stevenson. A. J. COLEMAN C1533-Left Tackle A sophomore who played like a senior. JOHN HAMILTON C1595-Left Tackle A wonderful tackle and next year's Captain. lO 8 43A RISON iHUNTSVILLEi Raiders roll on to third easy victory in a row. 52 6 49 O 58 O TALMADGE MEADOWS C2121-Right Tackle Two ton tackle with a power drive. ELMON TERRY H621-Right Tackle A county boy who rnade darn good. lO 15 43-PHILLIPS IBIRMINGHAM , After three easy games, the Decatur- ites hit a snag and lost a hard fought game 6 to O. SIDNEY CHENAULT C1505-Right Guard A four-eyed man with a sting. JAMES HILL H325-Left Guard He played his spot like it should be. lO,'22,, 43'-ATHENS . ..... . . Pat Thornton acted as Raider Cap- tain. THEO PUTNAM H615-Right Guard O 6 65 O A center's delight. eff ffl. Q Q! ,f X ,ex P deli S 5X,gg,j 21 xux 't'f PLAYERS We They JACK THOMASON C1501-Left Guard Tough, rough, and above all ready. DAVID CHANDLER H461-Center Did a swell iob at pivot spot. TO 291 43-fFLORENCE 19 7 Hill played guard in Thornton's spot. EARL JONES C1405-Center Light but not lacking. ORAN HUNTER H481-Quarterback Did a swell job at quarter. ll ,5 43fMOULTON . . 26 6 Captain Caudill made a good last fling. JOHN LYLE H481-Quarterback Decatur's top man at quarter. BILLY LYLE C1421-Bock Raiders' best blocking back. l l U2 U13-HUNTSVILLE , , .,,... 25 6 Todd and Halbrooks led the team to victory. MAURICE MEADOWS 0353-Right Halfback Guts made him good. JAMES JOHNS t137l-Fullbock He's first string stuff. ll f'25,f'43-RAMSAY iBlRMlNGHAMi T9 2 Anderson and Feild brought us through. THOMAS TODD H505-Fullbcck State's hardest hitting back. JAMES CAUDILL H561-Left Holfbock He's o star in any language. TOTAL 313 33 HUGH HALBROOKS 0321-Left Halfbock Small but plenty powerful. Qgi fx ff ff" wc 21 I I 3 J -e?Q,.-f J .J ln. FIRST ROW Left to Rught Maurlce Meadows Hugh Halbrooks John Lyle Thomas Todd James Johns Blly Lyle Jlmmue Hull Oran Hun er SECOND ROW Left to Rnght Louus West Neal Speake Sudney Chenault Earl Jones Jack Thomason John Hamnlton Theo Putnam Paul Blackwell Bob Suttason THlRD ROW Left to Rtght John Patterson James Carl O borne Talmadge Meadows Gerald Felld Ned Anderson A J Coleman Davxd Crane FOURTH ROW Left to Rlght Coach Ogle Albert Brewer Fred Muttwede Dan Weatherly Bull Stone RED RAIDERS The Decatur Red Randers of 1943 North Alabama Champnons completed a very successful season wmmng etght games and losung one After wlnnlng three easy games the Red Rauders hut a stump rn the Phulllps game and came out on the short end of a 6 to O score Followmg thus the Rauders stormed through fuve more teams to roll up the grand total of 313 pomts whale yneldung only 33 ln the Rnson game because both coaches were out of town Captam Jummy Caudull took up coachmg for the mght and dtrected the Randers f to a one suded vactory Hard luck hut the Decatur camp after the second Athens game as Pat Thornton star guard of the Ralders was rnducted unto the Navy Uncle Sam agaun struck the Red Randers a hard blow after the Moulton game for Captam Jnmmy Caudrll spark plug of the Decatur team was called unto the Army Aur Corps G The Decatur boys playung for Caudull hut thenr peak un the Huntsville game and crushed the Crumsons 25 to 6 as Halbrooks Caudull s replace ment and Todd ran wild The 1943 season came to a thrnllnng close on Thanksguvung Day as Ramsay Tech of Burmungham was bowled oved T9 to 2 by our wmmng combmatuon the Champuons of North Alabama . If 5 l 9 4 ' 'g T . 4 . . , 1 ,A : Chandler, Dick Still, Thomas Hurst, Elmon Terry: Gil , f f 1 I 1 s ll ll ' ' ' , , - 5 f . . p . . . C I I A- . . l 4. ' . . l . . . . . . , - I . . I , . 1 4. I 6 ' 7 . TC' l , Ar gi f JS ' 4. N I0 f an X Q 6 ua A0 TERRY Forward COLEMAN Guard When we say basketball we always thunk fnrst He came he saw he shot' of mo HALBRooKs Guard Guard A I I b f d T 1 The way Susue handles the ball ns the dream me ll O ymmle Of every COf1Ch oseoRNE Center FEILD Guard Long tall and what a man' A d l t HILL gsjrwjrjyel on any Som YARBROUGH Forward Wuth a sprrnt lukeJln1my how can we lo e'9 JOHNS Forward JOHNSON Center A short boy who knows how to rack em Frrst year man but good BASKETBALL The Decatur Hu ba ketball team had a successful eason for As all teams ut has :ts vrctornes and defeats But all an all the season was good Coach Ogle had some good maternal to work with thts year and he certamly put rt to good use As to the loss of men Uncle Sam was good to us The school and basketball fans are proud of thus years record and the team certamly deserves all the prause rt has gotten Wtthout Bev what would we have done? Nkne x3 rl F1 A T 2 l ' A' .- ,4 ' Q r - .U 1 -- H X V S- :vu xg .C ' l 5 E ff, X l l I ll , , , A N rv X , L lr A A ' A l o L -5 'JH U. 'frm I I A l- I Q T ' . , "'44"- 45' ' E J .94 df Q59 Q 7 ml. 3 Hman QOXYXS 34.9, ?iSg DTI HJ ..!"' Q -H f' A .Z f Z f ffl? f an 1 I Z I ,-,..... 'I 4 h 4 F 1-f - sf.,- KEY TO HISTORY SNAPSHOTS Page twenty ought 1 Franc s Terry Benton 2 Ruchard Marlar 3 Vrvran Trntberlalce 4 Bobby Markham 5 Gul Crane 6 Ned Ander on 7 Mozelle Latham and Betty Landers 8 Bev Yarbrough ana Hulon Cackrel' 9 Jeff Hobb 10 Donna Hll 11 Bob New ont 12 Brlly ac Ferguson 13 Marne Games 14 Sudney Chenablt lo Wrllte Royce Colluer 16 Bobby Markham 17 Charlre Burt 18 Martha Ann Gregg 19 Lela Bell Robrnsan QO Jo Hamllton 21 Ed Uptaln Q2 .lack Pagb tvxentynnnc 1 Thnrd Grade Joe Wheeler Q Jo Harnnlton 3 Beye ly Hodge 4 Bobby Ellrs 5 James Journey O Mary Frances Ftorkton 7 1h rd Trade Btbb School 8 Earl Jones 9 Betty Lrle 1D Srdney fghrhault 11 Daul Robert 12 Nell Clark I . . t V . I 5 In , . S . ' 1 . S . ' M Thomason 23. Billy Lyle L 24. Catherine Ingl1s 25. Betty Cobb. WN' I xugl Q V .S FFOIVD Adnan Salvo on 5165 NSCHUOL .5oMrAv1zz:fi ' "Tix X'.'3?S"'N-X f gif" UfLlgLag,l,,gLq-S ' W., ,,,....,... I 1014... qt, '54, .-v,'.., I fi 'si .f ,1 f-AIR vffw .5'cwvoo4 DADJCQYQAL J-UNl0R.Al0!Y-SCHOOL ll -ff L 5 X PBIL' ll -Wx -ff-ll':.1 " ' ' "' , - '

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