Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL)

 - Class of 1941

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Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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ic., 1 .Lai , nw? .1':'x:' xl ' inf :SEQ AMR .AQ U, .AQ a-. AHA M 7 322' v NC ll'f 144'--' 35, X -521. fs- XX x Eg? V ' Y gf., lv' lf. If ' 6 1 J - ,,,,.L W W 5. 'X . - wt Q Yao:-1 X' s r ,f'!JfQ.1?d f 13: ff ra n,j:x' ,txt 3 8 X 4,15 2 A ' -A ll 4'A' Y 1 ,af ,, 1, Q 4- ' ,, ...x. pg ',, ',, Effff Q- FJ ' rr, 4 AN ef, , up . ,H . .vg- Y X V unix . f2i i15liaf' 3, if ,-.-ff" E sf! Wkfil.. gill: 6' NX Y Ami DLR mm fu 1 Pl QPLL ,awww la I ' 'x 1f0f:5 Q , . 1?- .V'!' -xx' x K I' 1 X, .. '. fn Vp , ,. '1 ' M his If In 1" 1: A u, v ' 'll f"-,"' . ' . ' -V, ,4- ' , ' 3 7? '1 ' "4 It 7? i 'QP -I S -Q f --I - I --1 E I H I -I IQ-III COPYRIGHT ELIZABETH ANDERSON, EDITCIQ AND hDuAR'dll BUDDEWHIAAYAQLR WIIHIAPQIOQH. MD ILW'II44R PubIssImed by THE SENIOR CLASS OI The DECATUR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL of Decatur Alobomo g 2 1 V, I ff til? A ' W If: J 'I ff' I I H: f" I H : I., , , Os. L , A I x ,Aly 'tw' vdg' I Im ' III I M 'x hlvlr I Vxfnf ,T I' I - .X . A . H A' - , X . 6 . I R -Q vu 1 tip ll X I' I T X IN 4 d ,., i 'IIII :5:MMR fdofm QQ JzfI,jJV 'H R I if , 'I' I W W I I " l ' fflyh AZ if ' V I I4 ' 4k I 7 ffci, ,',!'f' H 1 -I ' fM-QgiH5O R L l, VV 0r x0u, -'cu 1- 0 t L galm 1 DL 100, W 10 mm, 1118 L 111- vLa1 100 01 IO en Afenzonex I11 jc 1g mar '10 L0111e may It asap 7I'1E3,1JE JE Q 1appv111L111011L- ay: spent 111 L a--L-, L L13 , an 01 1L1' 1LJE1V1JC1L: at 0111: ma Maiu f 1111 LL-LIN 1 anpg 0 it 1a tucpnl- 0 111: DL 100 t0 0ur 111011 amps la pun 11 10111 L1c1L11kz1 . , P H E ,,V in XQM XX F Q1 3 Jen: 11' U01 1 'HQI1 111 1 1 1 A 11, le,A1fNlQ pcwssilwle, we have pululislwnl this v0l11111c 1111 1 11, 1 1 l',l hll L 1 014 1 1 ' 331: rl Al ll M 1 1,5 11 111 M1 1 'X " V. ,lb 1' - .' , .1 UH M I 4 N T E N T S. l Dcclicalion V Classes II Supcri11'cc11Llcnt and Principal VI ljcaturcs Ill Board of Education V11 Crgfanizalious IV Faculty V111 Atlllclics and Band ffm ll 'WI -if DEDI ATI To MlssLnlhc1n Odom A Talented Teacher who lends 0 helping hand To call we deduciofe fhxs nunefeenfh edmon of GOLDEN MEMORIES Forever rn our heorrs we WH! be indebted To her for The high Ideals she hos msfalled n Us o d The Inspuroflon she hos been To us . Yr A . 1 . 'JA 1 MPSS LILLIAN ODOM ' ' . E ri A. ' ' . ,Ii M PRESENUNG THE SCHQQL AND ' 1, THE PEOPLE 4 ' W, Tk Q C W5 "'1 6 23- 4. s Ei NN "' 1 E, 3 M f5F:r"'Wg,'.y.,, ' .Y mv- 'W' wx SUPERINTENDENT AND PRINCIPAL MR. ALVERSON During the few yeors Mr. Atver- son hos spent with us he hos proved to be on excellent super- intendent ond cn triend to oll. MR JORDAN Throughout the yeors we will keep neor ond deor to us, "Doc", our pot os well os our odviser. MR. JORDAN AND NR. ALXVERSON A442771 ers of ffm BD RD Mr. S. E. Alverson, Superintendent, Mrs. Cori Gibson, Secretory, Mr. A. H. Hott, A. A. Jones, Mr. F. L. Chenoult, Mr. VV. E. Sivley, Mr. Bruce Spencer. F, CULTY MRS. IIN. J, BROWN Decatur, Alabama English, Dramatics Warcl BelmontffExpression A.B., University ot Alabama. MISS ELIZABETH COCHRAN Birmingham, Alabama Home Economics BS., University ol Tennessee. MISS ELIZABETH EICH Fort Davis, Alabama Mathematics A.B., University ot Alabama, MR. JOHN EOWLER Birmingham, Alabarna Diversified Occupations University of Alabama, Birmingham- Southern, Howard College. MR. AUBREY FULLER Hartselle, Alabama Assistant Coach'-History A.B., University of Alabama, MISS MARY LOUISE GARRETT Decatur, Alabama Social Sciences AB., Alabama College. MR. KENNETH HENNESSY Decatur, Alabama Band Instructor B.M.E., James Milliken University. MRS. W, T. JORDAN Decatur, Alabama Library Science Jacksonville State Teachers College, Pea- body College, Columbia University, Univer- sity of Alabama. 27 Y--gym' F A C ll L 'l' Y MlSS EDRIL LOTT Seminary, Missisiippi Coinniercial Art AB, Miisiseibpi State College lor Vlfornen. MR. LEON MQODY Moulton, Alabama Science BS, University ol Alabama. MISS LlLllAlNl ODOM Decatur, Alabama Englisb BS., Peabody College. MR. l-l. L OGLE Decatur, Alabama Ccaclw-History Ali., Biriningliain-Soutltern, University ol Alalnaina, lSlcr'tli-weitern University, Van rlerluilt. MISS MABEI. POE? Decatur, Alabama BS .-M.A., Uiiiveryty ol Alabama. MISS AILEEN POPE Wilsoiwwfille, Alabama Languages A .liirleon College, M.A., Peabacly Cal- lege. MISS MARY ROBEFQTSOM Powclerly, Alabaina Social Sciencef AB., Huntingdon College. MISS FLORENCE SMITH Decatur, Alabama Algebra AB., Birrningl1am'Soutl1ern. 0. Nh 1"ACl ljlHY 5 L! -L I k 0 O 0 1 uw- Hvvwvv ix lvh- I win-uw, 5 NM-.w EMM A1 Mr' l'CW4F'f. 5 My YHM, mf .,,-' fy-:vw M Mr Hvm wf-- -xy, 8. Mr Jizrrfun. P wif Mm! rw VD. :Www 1 Y YY M: Mmmg, 317 Mzw Odom ff Tv P1311 I-1 r'NAvw Pm-' H lwiw, Pmpf-. VJ 'Aw P5fNlm:v"f1rw. V ' SHN! 40' 1 ... V111 ,H Q Y. X . s , li,-F -sn ,, 5635, Y ,,w,.,,v4nvl""' W 1 ng 4 ,I Bw 5 9 A Y R ine, B wn Qrgaret Perry Wllan Q S C FS NNE 111.444 OrFlLEF2S V1cePresudent W nam Brrtnell Secretary Margarft Perry Treasurer El an Marne Mosscngale Sponsor Mass Robertson The vrctory rs almost won' As Sensors we have been very successful We put over the rnagazune sale the Senror Plays the Annual sale and all the other excrtung actuyutues that go hand an hand wlth c enuor year Our span or Mnss Robertson I respon :ble for much ot thus succe HI l 'J 1 . -. 1 Let to rghtg Eng, - no , ' 1 ' ', I 1 r Brttnlll, Mrs R lie T Cn, Ellen lvlgmv Q- Ma: nqalr: President Eugene Brown , - . . ' s -u' I A -' t 1 1 , s , Q Q . . . .,'n:':-:Ik I U. . ' - ' 1 S ' , N , V ' 'I v s , Q - , 's s' 4 QC 'N J V 9 EQ , ,C or 1 Cs-, I I ABBOTT AKERS BETHANY BLAND CALVIN CAMPBELL T H E CHARLES ABBOTT Band '39, '40, '41, Lambda Pi Sigma '39, Most Handsome Sophomore '39, Boys' Hi-Y Club '40, DOROTHY HELEN AKERS Galois Group '39, '40, Soc and Buskin '41, F,H,A, '41, National Honor Society '41, MAROUERITE MARTHA BETHANY Sports Club '39, Glee Cluo '40, Soc and Buskin '41, Thanks- giving Sponsor '41, RUTH BLAND DO. Club '40, '41, VIRGINIA PRINCE CALVIN Band '39, Commercial Club '39, Basketball '39, '40, Sec- retary Sophomore Class '39, President Junior Class '40, Speed, ing Along '40, Christmas Carnival Representative '40, Spilled Ink '40, Stage Strutters '40, Latin Club '40, Secretary and Treasurer District A,H,S,P,A. '40, Salesmanship Honors '40, '41, National Honor Society '40, '41, False Fronts '41, F,H,A, '41, OPAL CAMPBELL Galois Group '40. "WE GATHER FOR CHAPEL" S E N I O R ELIZABETH ANDERSON GOLDEN MEMORIES, Soph. Representative '39, President Sophomore Class '39, Sports Club '39, President Latin Club '40, Basketball '40, Speeding Vice-President District A,H.S,P.A. '39, Girls' Hi-Y Secretary and Treasurer '40, President '41, Good Girl '41, Spilled Ink '40, National Honor Society dent '41, Wha's Who '41, VELOREESE ANDREW Editor '41, Band '39, Along '40, Club '39, Citizenship '40, Presi- Library Club '39, '40, Galois Group '40, Pep Squad '41, Program Chairman Commercial Club '41, Soc and National Honor Society '41, MARIE ARGEND Commercial Club '39, Glee Club '40, Library Sports Club '41, RAYMON BAKER Buskin '41, Club '41, Boys' Hi-Y Club '40, Vice-President '41, Band President '39, Assistant Director '40, '41, Key Club '40, '41, Soc and Buskin '41, Photographer GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, JAMES E, BEARD Science Club '39, Commercial Club '40, '41, BABYE BESS BEATTY Commercial Club '39, Glee Club '40, Spilled Ink '40, Speed- ing Along '40, Basketball '40, Le Cercle Francais dent '41, Soc and Buskin '41, Cheerleader '41, Pep Assistant Business Manager GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, Page Fourteen '40, Presi- Squod '41, 1? Mi, 3 52 3 'Z -if C ANDERSON ANDREW ARGEND BAKER BEARD BEATTY BREY BLOODWORTH BRITNELL BROWN BUCK CALLAHAN CAUDILI. CHAPMAN CHILDS COLLIER CONLEY CRAFTON MARIE BREY VIRGINIA LUCILE CAUDILL Vice-President Galois Group '39, D.O. Club '40, Vice-Presb Sport Club '39, '40, '41, Basketball '39, '40, Captain '41, dent '41, JAMES MORGAN BLOODWORTH Science Club '39, Commercial Club '41, WILLIAM EDWARD BRITNELL Peter Beware '39, Lambda Pi Sigma '39, Boys' Hi-Y Club '39, '40, '41, Key Club '40, Secretary and Treasurer '41, Vice- President Senior Class '41, Most Courteous Boy '41, False Fronts '41, Favorite '41, GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, Who's Who '-41. EUGENE BROWN Lambda Pi Sigma '39, Football '39, Snwnre Club '39, Presi- dent '40, Speeding Along '40, Salesmanshigs Honors '40, Vice- President Junior Class '40 President Senior Class '41, Key Club '41, Boys' HI-Y Club '41, False Fronts '41 Commercial Club '41, GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, Wno's Who 41, WILLIAM C. BUCK Glee Club '40, Boys' Hi-Y Club '41, Sor and Buslrin '41, TRAVIS CALLAHAN Football '39, '40, Co-Captain 41, "D" Club '39, '40, Secre, tary and Treasurer '41. Le Cercle Francais '40, '41, Speeding Along '40, Homecoming Sponsor '41, Soc and Buskin '41, Girls Hi-Y Club '41, Sports Editor GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, False Fronts '41, Pep Squad '41, Favorite '41, Who's Who '41, BILLY CHAPMAN Sports Club '39, '41, Commercial Club '41 HELEN B. CHILDS Band '39, '40, '41, Glee Club '40. MARTHA LEIGH COLLIER Galois Group '40, Soc and Buslain '41, Who's Who '41. CARL FREDERICK CONLEY Bond '39, Commercial Club '39, '41, Glee Club '40, False Fronts '41, Soc and Buslcin '41, Who's Who '41, RUTH CRAFTON Sports Club '39, '40, Soc and Buslnin '41, F.H.A. '41, Who's Who '41, Page Fifteen IB Y li FWF' 3 '? 1 I ' :Q " e-Q ' - ' .2 I...-'Q N sl? I L. CRAWFORD V. CRAWFORIJ HALBROOKS HAMBRIC IMMEL JOHNS T H E LOUISE CRAWFORD Debating Club '41, VIRGINIA CRAWFORD F,H.A. '41. TRUMAN HALBROOICS Band '39, Sports Club '40, Soc and Buslcin '4I, Folse Fronts '41, MYRL HAMBRIC Library Club '40, Golois Group '40, F.H.A. '41. BILLYE IMMEL Sports Club '39, F.H,A. '39, Band '39, '40, D.O. Club '40 '41 EDISON JOHNS Vice-President Lambda Pi Sigma '39, Sports Club '39, Ora- torlcal Contest '39, 40, Spilled Ink '40, Stage Strutters '40, Pregldent Debating Club '40, Boys' HI-Y Club '40, '41, Key Club '4l. "A COZY CORNER IN OUR LIBRARY" S E N I O R YVONNE CRAWFORD Library Club '40, Soc ond Buslcin '41, False Fronts '41, Re- porter Commercial Club '41, Society Editor GOLDEN MEM- ORIES '41, WIwo's Who '41, BETTY FLORENCE DODSON Golois Group '39, F.H,A. '39, D.O. Club '40 Soc and Buslcin '41, False Fronts '41, WIio's Who '41, NELL ELIZABETH FIELD FH-A. '39, '40, '41, Galois Group '39, '4O. BETTY FLY ' Band '39, '40, '41, F,H.A. '41, Soc and Buslcin '41, BILLY GILLESPIE Science Club '39, Sports Club '39, Softball '39. JUYNE GUNN Sports Club '39, FH.A. '39, D.O, Club '41, Page Sixteen I 1' 1 'Q' Y. CRAWFORD DODSON FIELD HANCOCK HANNIGAN HEANEY E. JOHNSON M. JOHNSON JOINER 'S gi A I Af L FLY GILLESPIE GUNN HILL HOVIS HULSE JONES KELLEY LATHAM I I I C L A S S SADIE HANCOCK Librciry Club '39, Soc ond BUSIQIII '4l. JOHIJNIE HANNIGAN Sports Club '39, Speeding Along '40, Spilled Ink '40. GERALDINE ROSE HEANEY New Bedford, Mass. High School: Dramams Club, Band Orchestra, Glee Club, Minstrel Show, 320 College Avenue Decotur: Who's Who '4I. VVIILIAM I, HIIL Science Club '39p Honor Roll '39, '40 '4l, Sports Club '39 National Honor Society '4l, Vine-President '40, Boys' State '40 Speeding Along '40 President Ph. CLI lvl-I '40 Who's VVho '4I HOWARD HOVIS Sports Club '39, Science Club '39, '40, Soc mul Bugrtn '4l False Fronts '4I. DAVID HIJISE Sports Club '39, '40. EDWARD JOHNSON Sports Club '39, Assistant Football Manager '39, Manager '40, Basketball '39, '40, '4l, Softboll '39, '40, '4I, "D" Club '40, 4I, D.O. Club '4I, MARGARET HELEN JOHNSON Sports Club '39, '40, Golois Group '40, '4I, Basketball '40, '4I, Soc and Buskin '4I. CAROLYN JOINER Sports Club '39, '40, Honor Roll '39, '40, '4l, Notioncl Honor Society '40, '4l, Girls Hi-Y Club '40, Program Choir' mon '4l, F.H.A. 40, President '4l, Librury Club '40, Secretory Junior Class '-10, Soc ond Buskin '4I, Solesmonship Honors '4I, Literary Editor GOLDEN MEMORIES '4l, Who's Who '4I. MAURICE JERVIS JONES Key Club '39, '40, President '4I, Chairman of Boord of Directors '4I, Boyz' HIFY Club '40, Treasurer '4I, Who's Who '4l. CORA KELLEY National Honor Society '40, Sports Club '40, Basketball '40, '4lf Commercial Club '4l. RAYMOND CARL LATHAM Sports Club '39,- D.O, Club '40, President '4l, Page Seventeen 3 .49 -5, 1:47 ' z '33, I r l zuu. 'S 46 Ar . 3 -r-ras -4' X X. 3 I 3 4+ H., LIVINGSTON LOWERY MINOR NELSON REHBERG REEVES T H E FRED H, LIVINGSTON Phi Chi Mu '41, Soc and Buskin '41, SHIRLEY LOWERY FRANK MINOR Sports Club '40, President Commercial Club '4l. JAMES A. NELSON II Honor Roll '39, Lambda Pi Sigma '39, Treasurer Sophomore Class '39, Debating Club '40, Speeding Along '40, Salesman- ship Honors '40, '41, Boys' State '40, Res Publica Iuvenum, Consul '41, Phi Chi Mu '41, Key Club '41, Boys' Hi,Y Club '41, Who's Who '41, National Honor Society '41, WILLIAM REHBERG Phi Chi Mu '41, SARAH WYLODINE REEVES Hobby Club '39, F.H.A. '41, Sports Club '40, '41, Girls' Hi-Y Club '41, Assistant Typist GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, Who's Who '41, 411 'LUNCH TIME IN THE CAFETERIAH gli' I S E N l 0 R ELLEN MARIE MASSENGALE Secretary Library Club '40, Speeding Along '40, National Honor Society '40, '41, Soi: and Buslcin '41 Class '41, False Fronts '41, Favorite '41, DORIS MCALISTER Sports Club '39, '40, I'.H,A. '39, Treasurer kin '4l. WANDA MCCLENDON Sports Club '40, Basketball '40, Le Cercle GLENNA F.H.A. '40, Glee Club '40 SALLYLU Sports Club '39, Band '39, '41, National Honor Society , Treasurer Senior '40, Soc and Bus- Francais '40, '41, DEE MCLAIN D,O. Club '4I. ' MIENHARDT '40, '41, Le C '40, ercle Francais '40, CHARLES C. MILLER Glee Club '40, Soc and Buskin '41, Boys' Hi-Y Club '41, False Fronts '41 . Page Eighteen In 41 di -0 l i 99' Mn.. Q t my I' 'i , nv MASSENGALE MCALISTER MCCLENDON MCLAIN MIENHARDT MILLER PATTERSON PEARCE PEARRE PERRY PRYOR RAY RILEY RISTER ROGERS ROMEOKAS ROZEAP SANDUSKY CHARLCIE PATTERSON MELVA RILEY Sports Club '39, Library Club '39, Le Cercle Francais '40, Sports Club '41, Commercial Club '41, Basketball '4I. '4l, Soc and Buslcin '4I. HARRY PEARCE DORIS RISTER Boys' State '40, Speeding Along '40, Le Cercle Francais Golois Group '39, '40. '40, '4I, Boys' Hi-Y Club '4I, Key Club '4l, Pep Squad '4I, Cheerleader '4I, Vice-President Phi Clii Mu '4I, Favorite '4I, Who's Who '4I. MELVIN TRUE ROGERS Assistant Grandmaster Lambda P1 Sigma '39, Speeding Along VVILL H. PEARRE ,130 Ke Club ,4O ,M I Y , - National Honor Society '40, '4I, Phi Clii Mu '4I, False Fronts '4I, Sac and Buslnw 4I. GUS ROMBOKAS MARGARET LOUISE PERRY Speeding Along '40, Soc and B-.askin '4I, Key Club '4l. Sports Club '39, Glee Club '40, Son and Buskin '4I Secre- tory Senior Class '4I, False Fronts '4l, FREDERICK CHANDLER ROZEAR, JR. DOROTHY PRYOR Oratorical Contest '39, Band '39, Captain '40, '41, Glee National Honor Society '40, '4l, Honor Rall '39 '40, '4l. Club '4Oj Phi Chi MU :gli WhO'5 who '4ll ALMA RAY Sports Club '39, Library Club '39, Glee Club '40, Soc and KATHERINE NAOM' SANDUSKY Buskin '4I, False Fronts '4I. Basketball '40, Sports Club '40, '4I. Page Nineteen HN " "TY In fp' gl s4ns.1llMCs 'nl' -2 v 3 r tl za Gt ,gp -J' A Y L :D -n SCALES SELF SELLERS srocicron rmous TILLERY VINSON VVARREN WEAVER T H E CHARLES SCALES Science Club '39, Boys' Hi-Y Club '40, Secretary '41, Boys' State '40, Speeding Along '40, Football '40, '41, All-Star Foot- ball Team '41, National Honor Society '41, Vice-President '40, Key Club '41, President '40, "D" Club '41, Phi Chi Mu '41- Who's Who '41. EDGAR A. SELF Lambda Pi Sigma '39, Grandmaster '40, Boys' State '40- Speeding Along '40, Sports Club '40, Spilled Inlc '40, False Fronts '41, Pep Squad '41, Vice-President Soc and Buskin '41 Business Manager GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, G. W. GRANKLIN SELLERS Science Club '39, Sports Club '40, Commercial Club '39, 40, Assistant Football Manager '4O. EUGENE STOCKTON Bona '40, Key Club '41, BERNICE TEAGUE Sports Club '39, President D.O, Club '40, Treasurer '41, Who's Who '41. MARY FORD TILLERY Hobby Club '39, Girls' Hi-Y Club '39, '40, Reporter '41, Glee Club '40, Salesmanship Honors '40, Secretary National Honor Society '41, Typist GOLDEN MEMORIES, Commercial Club '41, Honor Roll '40, 41, Who's Who '41. 'MAIN STUDY HALL' S E N I O R RUBY CHRISTINE VINSON Sports Club '39, D.O, Club '40, Secretary '41, DAVID SPEAKE WARREN Boys' Hi-Y Club '38, '39, '4I,, Treasurer '40, Key Club '38, '39, '40, D.O. Club '41, Speeding Along '40, Wl'io's Who '41. JULIA WEAVER Commercial Club '39, Band '39, '40, '41, F,H.A. '39, Secre- tary '40, Senior I Representative GOLDEN MEMORIES '39, Assistant Editor '41, Glee Club '40, Treasurer Junior Class '40, Speeding Along '40, Girls' Hi-Y Club '40, Vice-President '41, Le Cercle Francais '40, Program Chairman '41, Salesman- ship Honors '40, '41, False Fronts '41, Soc and Busliin '41 Spilled Ink '40, Wha's Who '41. 1 KYLE BURNS SHEATS Lambda Pi Sigma '39, Plii Chi Mu '41, Who's Who '4l. LILA SHEATS National Honor Society '40, President '41, Le Cercle Fran, cais, Secretary '40, Vice-President '41, Who's Who '41. MARY ELLEN SMITH Commercial Club '39, '-il, Sports Club '39, Glee Club '40, Page Twenty 1 I YD 1 3 'T ,Jan Q JQ -H 1 E 1,45 -'I f K. SHEATS L. SHEATS SMITH SPARKMAN SPEER STANFORD TIMBERLAKE C, THORNHILL S. THORNHILL TRIMBLE TUCKER VERNER VVHITT WILLIAMS WILSON WORLEY WRIGHT YARBROUGH MARGARET SPARKMAN DAN VERNER Gir's' Hn-Y Club '41, Soc ond Buskm '41, Sports Club '39, D.O. Club '40, "D" Club '41, Cheerleader '41, Folse Fronts '41, Artist GOLDEN MEMORIES '41, ESTELLE SPEER Bond '39, '40, '41, Glee Club '40, GENEVA GERALDINE WHITT Sports Club '39, '40, Librory Club '40, Speeding Along '40, JAMES srfmroszo D-9' Club '41 Spilled Ink '40, BILLY WILLIAMS INGCDLD TIMBEQLAKE Sports Club '40, "D" Club '40, '41, Football '40, '41, Science Club '39, Bond '39, '40, '41, Boys' H1-Y Club '40, '41, Wlto'5 VV1to '41, EDITH '-NILSON Sports Club '39, Spilled Ink '4O. CECIL VIRGINIA THORNHILL Sports Club '39, '41, Le Cercle Fronccus 41. MARJORIE SEAMANS WORLEY SARAH THORNHHL Hobby Club '39, D.O. Club '40, '41. Sports Club '39, '41, lf' Cercle FVCIIWCCIIQ 41 l,1bror-,- Club '41, F.H.A, '41, HELEN LOUISE WRIGHT Sports Club '39, Spilled Ink '40. MAHLON TRIMBLE Sports Club '40, D.O. Club '41, Soc and Buskm '41, MARGARET ANN YARBROUGH V Sports Club '39, '40, National Honor Society '40, Vice- HAPP-S TUCKER Pfesadem '41, Debating Club '41, cms Hi-Y Club '41, Who's Soc ond Buskin '40, False Fronts '41, Who's Who '41. Who '41, Page Twenly-one .-ul-6 r uf QQ fu arrow sv rpsse 0 7 Ch xrles Scowes M 5 fly c wc: M U rv fc ur- ov f e C rr J 1 M1 es! D 56-C 7 r Prrxlrimn r-feflrwy P 7 cuff-r fx on mf or 077491 Mos? Mu mm 7 EJQPUP Brown Mo' Dffpnndolnl lx I m rn rwn :D r 1 HO mfs Mo: In' rf gran Page fm-nt, Iwo '1'-4' W" 6412 w sr '-. - . . - 'RICA 4 I W K. P X t 1 n ' . I' -, ,K 6 fi' 4 .T A . X Q , x ' L , ' 743 x.-A ll-' . , ini' Q in . I W Y' . 5 f .gf ' if., . xr. . 4' . k .5 - ' .V .f""- -' Fi 41 W, .f -M- . Q V Q U .43 . , A . V A Q, K " 'f -1 , fl' 0' ' 5' . 'K-1 . g.. 5 1. A 1 I. D'1"d 5. XN - HBO D . Ci B 7. ,. L ' OT L1lf-l- T S. 5-VJ. 3. L C V, ,1 JH -M . A h' tu G' 1. 4. RI th 7 Crtf ,r B res ,I CW I. 5. G, " . ' . .. -BA C ' 2 - fr f mv. 6. C ' C .A 3 I. . I., , 2 ..,, , E, 8. V' UE! Br? 6-HTF 'V CH ,51. 9. L In S .' .V ? .evz , Y GMI. if 95 J "S, ran? fd v Q3-ms v. '. Elxzczboih Anderson Mos' Locgwrofv-.'s. Q. Veioreesf- Andrew- Mmv LUGHFKP. 3, Hurry Pmmrcp MOST Lvkeoblc. 4, Jwllu VVeGverf MH'-9 Ervvgefic. 5, Murlhrx Coiluvr Mos' Serwous-Mmcimx. 6. Tmvns Qnxmxfufsvw Shyfwf. 7 HMV. Twfl-.rr VVJLIHY. 8 Mrxurrcv Jour' MQQ' Nondmlrmf- Q, B5-Hg Dodkovw Mm? lndUS9r40US. Page '1'n'fr1ly-Ihrrf' .., Nw 1 fu f- Y c w nr wford Mow S055 rs I I Q rw npr F mr rr Tulfer Mos? Ver QW Q51 ffkfmf ft fxnsm 8 Jrxmsfs NOWSOU mid wmdfr f mv 9 Sonny Txmbwrlrxke Most fer? F Page fnfenly four W, JG. .9 HW' VHQ? Tn' Ilww HV. 7 '-.fyf nv K f '. -f . H .- X Mvfmfefr. 3. CJUQM low i JQHI Lv 4, M y Fo 1 ' ',f-- . - vmffz. 5. Chfzrlfff Mwllf-V Br f-'- 71--'L 6. Mfwgflrr-Y Ann Yurbrough - k Q 'Krf:?- . 7. VX - ,f v QL-f-v v,,f 'Y MJ S. . l VO. . , , C5 f N' Rfdlf-ur N 167 f'Xr:'1 1v?l1Irn'.vf,. , , ,ff ir i. ,.:'rl -nv. Lc-H lo Rghl Mrs Brow Gregg a ernan James Ho esc pple cc quel ne Johnson Frc nces Hodges Caro yr Mu phrc-0 'A Us f is E' OFFICERS President Gregg Coleman Vice Presldenf Jacauelrne Johnson Secretary Frances Hodges Treasurer Carolyn Murphree Scrlbe James Holesapple Sponsor Mrs Brown abnlny and talents through our quccessful under Yaklngs such as The Junuor Class play Junlor Senior Banquet and the magazine sales We dad all hs and more too under The able guidance of Mrs W J Brown We are lookung forward to next year when we will be drgnrfxed Seniors' Then well really shane' H C ll , l Al 1 V , JS: - NN .Gs '-' ,Ulf 9 f y S ix Recognition at last-the chance fo show our r , ' '- ' 'i i 1 K h '04 vi 4 l l r . hllgy . . . . . , . ?m? .3 ,P ff? . . fi -' 9 1 'if ' I A T H E S E N I O R First Row JOEL ALEXANDER BILLY BARKER ELJLENE BENTLEY ELIZABETH BEST ANN BLACKWELL MARION BROWN BILLY CAMPBELL ELAINE CAMPBELL GREGG COLEMAN Second Row LEE GRUBBS LOU ELLEN HAMILTON EDNA HARVEY HENRY HAYNES KATHERINE HENDERSON J. B. HEVVITT FRANCES HODOES MARTHA HOLLAND MARY HOLLAND SMITH Page Twenty-six Third Row AVERY LITTRELL FLORENCE LOVELAC E MORGAN MARKHAM MARIANNA MASON GERALDINE MASTERSON BOBBY MCDOUGALD TOMMY MCRAE LISTINA MOORE CAROLYN MURPHREE A I 4 4 'ZW ' I I C L A S S First Row SARA LEE COLEMAN BETTY DAVIS MARTHA DINSMORE PEGGY DOVVDY CECIL DYER JUNIOR ELKINS JIMMIE FITE SARA VVITT FREEMAN PAT GODWIN Second Row JAMES CLIFFORD HOLESAPPLE DAVID HOPPERS MARY MAGDELIN HULME IRENE JOHNS JACQUELINE JOHNSON VV. L. LEE PAUL LENTZ HAROLD LICHTENSTEIN IRENE BERNICE LITTLE Page Twenty-:even Third Row EVELYN NANCE HELEN NEWSOM JUANITA NUNN DARROW PEEBLES SETH PITT CLYTA GRAY PITTS SCHUYLER PRYOR EDWARD PURSER PEGGY JOYCE RAINEY .4..L S E N I O R First Row PEGGY RATLIFE SARAH RIDDLE DOROTHY RILEY REED ROGERS MARJORIE SCOTT HAROLD SELF LORENE SELLERS CLYDE SMITH ROBERT E. SMITH Second Row RUTH SPENCE PAUL STROUD TOM SWATZELI. MARY STUART TERRELL LUVERNE TERRY JAMES THOMAS MURIEL THOMAS BETTY JANE THOMPSON MARGARET TIMBERLAKE Page Twenly-eight ' I I Third Row NORMA TODD WALTER TODD KATHRYN TROTMAN ONIE DEE TUCKER MURIEL WALL JIMMIE LOUISE WATSON HAROLD WHITMIRE MITCHELL WILLIAMS EUGENE WRIGHT to Rug Fletcher Fddens Mrss Odom Robert Jones Martha Scales James Monk fN Xfxjr OFFICERS President Jarne Monk Vice Presldent lvtar ha Scale Secretary Robert .Ion s Treasurer Fletcher Edclens Sponsor Mnss Odom Dazed bewildered and neglected thats us' A censor Hugh School However we soon shed our tnmrduty and set obgectnves to be attauned a the years go cn We trlecl our begrnners luck and at proved good Uncer the leadershup of lovable Mlss Lllluan Odom we plan many Interesting events for our future gears at Qennor Hugh Qchcol Left 'xhtr , N ' 3 l - l A I , 3 Q , l - I . l least that was how we felt when we first reached fi v . . H I 9 f . .. . . . s I . . SENIOR I CARL ARANTZ BRAD BIBB BAILEY JANE BETHANY SHIRLEY BRAGG JAMES BROOKS JACQUELINE BURLESON SALLY BURNUM MARTHA PAUL CAIN CHARLES CLEM HULON COCKRELL HARRIET COLLIER NELL DICKERT ANNIE REEVES DILLARD HAROLD DIXON HORACE DRYDEN FLETCHER EDDENS BETSY JANE ELAM MARY KATE GILLESPIE ANNE GRAY LENEESE HALBROOKS JOHNNY HOWELL BETTY HULSE BILLY HULSEY IDA HALL HILL ANNE HUNTER ALETA JACOBS MARGUERITE JERNIGAN L W JOHNSON AL JONES HOMER LOUIS JONES ROBERT JONES DOROTHY KELLEY Page Tbzrty ff, HELEN KITCHENS VOM KYLE MARJORIE LANG SARAH LEEMAN VIRGINIA LENVIS ANN MCENTIRE ANNELLE MCRAE JAMES MONK BARBARA MOORE NELL FRANK MOORE R E MOORE ESTHER MORRIS BOBBIE LOU NELSON ARTHUR PARKER REX RANKIN MARJORIE REEVES MILTON ROMBOKAS AJERY ROAN MARTHA SCALES JOHN D SHERRILL MARIE SIMMONS RAYMOND SMITH SUVERA SMITH JAMES SPARKMAN BEN TEAL ELSIE TEDFORD KATHERINE THOMPSON BUDDY TOWNSEND BOBBY TRIMBLE JAMES WATTERSON LONNIE WEAVER I-EGGY WILDS Page Thirty-one CIHICICI L 7V rrrrxrrorls AND eovrror lo1Q13S JUNIORS Wrrrrerr Burley Morne Blo k Srdney Blockwell lvlorgorot Boley Chorle Brewer Foul brown el Br Hubert Burleson Horrett Collrer E rr er Cort pton karen Compton 5 F Qrorg Austrn Crowe Dorothy Curl Bully Ddvldson Roy Doss Robert Droper Helen Dunnovont Vrrglnro Freld Voun Froncrs Ed Gorrett Chorles Grllronr Mryl Hornbrrc Cecrl HolbrookQ Edno Horrnon Edno Horvey John Howlond Mrldred Hunter W C Hunter 'Foul Lentz Everrtt Mothewi Dorothy Morron Dorrs McAlrster Ed Mrenhordt Loro Manor Noncy Moore Horoce Newell Ivlory Alrno Reorre Robert Petty Genefo Rrtt Lplorro Portwood Ll re, Belle Rower Bobye Be 5 Robert on Jock Sherrnon rn cr 5 nrp Lulo Reurle Splegol O Ire Qtreet lvlory lou Burt Que Tnonrr, on Roeo lvloe Troop Kothryn Trotrnor Dovrd Wrley SOPHOMORES lvlortho Jong Adcock Jock Alexoneler Erleen Berry Dorothy Bowlrn Lourse Brrtton Tur ene Contrell J W Choncll Mortrn Chenoult John Look Jone W Couch Er: Deon Noncy Edwords lrrs Fergu on Wlllront Flrppen Bully F eernon Buddy Gorrett Ernevrne Grllespre Joe Gr: zord Loverne Holbrooke Henry Hoynes John Hoynee Page Ifvrrly tno proof H one, noe Do l'ltlc nr: lfrrrqrrrnt lJUC1b V no Hurnphry Rrchord Hunoley y lohn Hlvrn lxorter Juor to lxrlqore lvlontez lively Lynn Lunrqden Fred Munn Fcu Nlllllbll Elorne lvtrtchell Ivlory Jone Mrtchell Jervrs Moorr Mortho Nosh Bobble ou Nelson .lonres Newlrn Cotherlne Ollver Vlornc Gwen D u Phrlllp Fronces Power Ho7el Reeve Bully Robertson lvlory Qolely Herrnon Qchnur Rrchord Qtewort Pou St ohn Arden Strrcklrn Betty Jone ThonrpQor Lelden Thonrr Qon Roy Thornton Wesley Turner lvlelonre Wotson Johnnre Westrrtorelortd Mory Nell Wrnton 4 C l 1 I L ,N A y , , L. rl 5 I fi' l " ' ' Cer X A l'lrll A ls Q' or ' rr 1 Q A ' ' An 'Q ,r 'A "on A' 'H 'Ile H 1 N ell f . S S' 'S A ' " J- R 1 ' Blll - gon Ho? uton Virg r sl gon ' f ' H Orville Burleson Gllbert Stewort lrnogene Lee - ', l ' V ,H 1 r l , u ' ' r r . , - o A, . 7 r K V D, g,,, D A - 4 1 l rf , V X . . V 1 2 ' le A . . A A ' ' .o l '. ' S . X N .S A . ,er , 5 , 1 ' u . 'S ' u ' l . J y , S . . ' J ' r 5- , .Z , 5 Q ,., Cm!-fy-IJ' f iN THiS SfifQTlQf'NJ VVE PRffSffNT TO " ' YCDU QU? FXAVUPITES fi ,f Y fx -Q fi ! ,' f A! . gdgg , so -""' 'Y T78 'iff-f ,o-""""' ga ,JS 1 mm fun! 0 AVQRITES R X 4v""""J1,q gulf ,rf Q' af Yfwwg H 'Vi fly HCI C' C dll fi ,.--un-1 Q 5? 1 Ei ELLEN MARIE MASSENGALE RAYMON BAKER MARGUERITE BETHANY SCHUYLER PRYOR Page Tfunty szx I . H 4 1 fi V ws 1 4 E 4 A .ff y V, ,i V, fig: ANN BLACKWELL HARRY PEARCE CLYTA GRAY PITTS SETH PITT RITE ii! C 1 2 A W . - z 1 Y I a MQ . 5, , f .gegim-+A W" . L L 5 E 1 A M -1? . V Q - I .. 1 , 1, A Y . - 1 t 7 1 5-if Q . 7 " - , , ' 1' ,,,.'Ka-Af an W 4 L N .- V in ' L ' .TA-fair L ' Th? .- 'fc wir I-sea' FQQTRALL Sf.7OI'lSOl'S onzcLom1m7 LUCILE CAUDILL ELLEN! MARIE MASSENGALE 133.2 J! Q 38 .viii ., , YLY 'I SQYX lllg FRANCES HODGES wp- MARGUERITE BETHANY P327 fy . Q . . G I I -wx ' . ' , 1 " N. ' ' I g f' - X ., :gpg wg! v Q3 ' . , 3E'71'. K' '-I" '- ,f . E4-,': I' 33132-,ff 1, X ,Y , 'ig-j i I'-gi' A Q .AEN ...-un -p:.- a e 'hir -eigfvl J 5 ,-.,"a k at 'iff-w M - n A J.-I ,, if 'af' if Q 54 lg! F' ,p I. W' 7 4 yvf ' ' NTXPC - w ,,- -Nu. v f f 1 1 ., f f , ..,,, .5,. C V' 4 V 'z rw-1' ' 1, M Em' u-, V" uf, !,, , ' ,zSrv.,r 1 hr r3.f4A R HB' -' 'fvflffv' ff' .WA , ,. s,Lur. 5-wuv-- - ..gfa- na -1 s.- Qi ,N A In-4 X - T. Hold Vow Mm" 2, fvwmg Kr' 3, CMH 4 Frizz' 5P'+fJiihG'w 5. Mari, Soewyc 6 E'f'1r'cfsf1 7. F- Sim C-1159, E, Sd 'Nrniches HS PQUVG. Mui! P .55-if FO. GU vig My VW!! N- LO'Vf'3'W f5"iQ5 IQ' Sfmb we yk,',g'vn' F3 iv!-f.f,Dfg-w T-1 fwwvvz ON: 75, 'f'.'f:1JH'J I f ,, Vcce' 7 f f J X 1 CN Q fgmfm 5, was -'T' xx NN I SL.. -iw'-5 -.fqfff-ff-""""" WW lm l in rv., :fx A ' ,1 4 KZ. mf Pmaaueims GF om? 5 SCHOCM clue: 1 52:1 11 ru The ALTIX ITU? ,gf Mfg- W f"Q,r' 4.1 Munn Q 22255211 ,Q 5 ,. l' ' V4-4.5 'L' L35 06 V ,oa- GSX ANNUAL STAFF OI I If fl VVL1r I 111111cf1 q 1111111 bf 1111! L11 y hr jg, 1 SoL1e1y Ednor omord .aorr Edrfrr L-J 1 Typm my Fon c 15111111 Vlylr 1L,1 A Edrror 11 V 1 Snupslwof Minor Rr1y1r1o11 Boke 1o1 RL111we111r1 Eugene Brown lb Q LIC IIICI 1 5 11111 5 111411 rumor 5e.111o1 Advl or 111go5e Dulnlr ok Wfll QU 1116 Tudgnt bo F1151 R w Gregg Colernon Jorne-5 Monk Mory Fold Trllery Elmrmbeth A11cierQo11 Eugene Brown EIIL11 M Mo enqul econri Row l Crlr Coodrl M rg et pk 'RAISE Robertson Ecfcgur Self Royrnon Pukar Yvonne Crow 1 4111 111 o I1 r Bobyf B Emmy VVylod1ne Prem 1 Jmmre 1111 rngr VV1H1L1111 Brnnel Jr 11 e Monk J 1 M 111 M my Po ,nrt P11 i f Page Fortv frm e Carolyn Jouner Carolyn Murphree Johnnue Hull El len Marue Massengale Margaret Ann Yarbrough Mar garet lunuberlalce Eluzabeth Anderson Charles Scales Mary M Hulrne Dorothy Pryor Maruanna Mason Lula Sheats Vurgunua Prunce Calyun Mauy Ford Tullery Wull H Veloreese Andrew Dorothy Aker 4: NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Presudent Lula Sheats Vuce Presudent Margauet Ann Yarbrough Secretary Mary Ford Tullery Span or and Treasurer Mus Lulluan Odom Motto Noblesse Obluge Colors Whute and Gold Emblem Keystone and Flamung Torch Purpose To create an enthusuasm for scholarshup to stumulate a desure to render servuce to promote worthy leadershup and to encourage the development of character un pupuls of Decatur Qenuor Hugh School Page Forty rux ' L ' 1, F l , - , A A , ' x . . 4 Q 3 , , - L , A - 5 u f 1 1 1 u 244 5 1 , 4 1 N Pearre . . , Not in picture: Nancy Moore, James Nelson, l C if-4 A .. itll 1: J N I s 's ' " KEY CLUB Prcbrdfrrt lrdrrrorrd Garrett Vrcc Presrflcrrt Schuyler Pryor Secretcrry crnd lrcosurer JV lrclrrr Brrtnell Boord of Drrector Tcrnrrry lAcRcrc Borrow Eeeblei Rcx Ronlcrn crnd Eugene Brown n o Ccolcrcrtc crccr rng crnc rrrcrrrrtdrnrng tlrcrt Qourrd publrc oprnron onc rr 1 rdecrlr rrr whrch rrrcrkc r rlrc rncrccrsc ol rrglrtcou ne lubtrcc pcrtrror nr rrnd good wrll btcrndrng Reed Rogers Torrrnry Mcl2oe Mr Gdrrctt Judge Lynne Mourrce Jonc5 Schuyler Pryor Bobby Mc DoJqcrld Dcrrrcw Peeble Eugene Wrrght Ed Gorrett Boker Brll Brrtnell Secrted Errst loble Buddy Town end Buddy Gorrett l-lorcrce Dryden Fletcher EddenQ Brlly Ccrrnpbell Melvrn Rogr rs Qcrrl Arontz Edrecn John Second Toble Eugene Brown John D Sherrrll Jcrrne o Crcrr e cg e cx R rnlcrn Ponr Kyle E crr W br ll No rn Jrc u Crcrrg Hcrrry Pecrrce Ronrbolccr W' of Page Forty sea cn . 1 K3 X il . Air 1 T r A : in A t' l ' ' ' g ' ' ' J l'gl ' E, A rrossble . A ' 'I 1 ' 2 5 ss, ' ' A ts , I N I " S, 4 , , Eugene Stockton, Ave Littrell, Arthur Pdr'ker', Rcryrrron ,. ,' -,gf C , , . . A: I . r K 0 ' , , ' 2' , E ' ' , o 5, ' 'A I A . , , 1 A , . I , S ll V' Nele rr, l 'lui S los, Rr c ' , ,, dg l ' A K . X: . t ' r' T re- fl C. Q ' , A , Gui 6 's President ViCeAPresident Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Aim: To sp Qeated at Delc Schuyler Pryor Standing Ray mon Baker Reed Rogers Fred Mann Sonny Timberlake W C Bucl David 5 Vilairen Mr Moody First Pow Jirnniy Fite Edu on Johns Maurice Jone James Nelson Harry Pearce econd Row P ni Kyle Bll Britnell Chaile Scale T iid Pow Lcrl Aiantz John D Sherrill Eugene Brown Fourth Row Charle Miller Bobly Mcllougald BOYS HI Y Sohuyler Pryor Raymon Baker Charles Scales Maurice Jones Mr. Leon Moody read Christian brotherhood and friendship throughout the entire school. Page Forty-eight GIRLS Hl Y Presurlent Vice Presndenf Secretary and Treasurer Program Chairman Reporler Span or nllzalvelh Anflerson Julia Weaver Mary Stuarl Terrell IFF yn Joiner Mxry F d T e y r l J Brown U PO l' O Clfllllf HOU TO ClOOl Clllfl CCHHUUIT Y hrgher standards of Chr: fran lnylng a crm Clean p och Clean an cwea llyrwr Left to Pugh? Mary Ford Tullery Juanna Nunn Jar garet Timberlake Carolyn Joiner Margaret Sparlanan Ann Muller Mchntue Martha Qcales Carolyn Murphree Wylodlrwe l?eeyeQ Elrzaheth Anderson Mrs Brown Luclle Caudrll Margaret Ann Yarbrough Clyfa Gray PITTQ Frances l-loolae Jacqueline Johnson Sarah Colemar X Nancy Moore Mary Stuart Terrell Julia Vlfeayer Page fmly nme I ,K ' Cc ol ' N, 1 , c or .ill VN C M E, flfl . ' P rr sp: T. , 1, nrrnnlaln ancl Qxfonrl ll gl ut The 5, l 5 it Pl ll 1 S ee , spans, cle 5 l l rship, anrl clean 'r 3, 95s lxsxx . gin, kj D 1 I x fr-l u 3 ' llf l X ,X - rtllm l,:l , ' , ' , , ' , , yi , . A - .V U I K or , T T l xg ' , . N, ' , . , ' 4 Standuna Johnnue Hull Furst Pow Harry Pearce Q Gilbert Stewart Charles Scales Jame Nelson Chandler Ro7ear Will H Pearre L W Johnson Second Row Kyle Sheat Bahye Be s Beatty Ray Doss James Holes 3 Fred Llvnngston Wllluarwt Rehherq Mass Each No ID qi pucture Eugene Wrrght My ff -? ,,,,.. ,,,, PHI CHI MU President Johnnle Hull Vlce President l-larry Pearce Secretary and Treasurer Kyle Sheats Sponsor Mass Each Purpose To explore nath other than that whrch as ID school work and to create a de fre on the part of the students to continue theur study of math Page Frfiy 5"1f .I E . ' 4 K J I S I 49 yur P P l apple, Fletcher Eddens . . . Third Row: Melvin Rogers, IC WC: Prefrc f uric :ffl porwwr Q E D CLUB Pwpbr ' v u w we vwrm C Jvmdmu pf 1V9lf In w w Q J Qnoffr Y rr u fm wflrd Sifwuvt Mfnrgcnf? H fWI19fkV PCODCJ ROW Mag Smufw .QL HT? rw mul Mfmmw M :ry N WIVNTPIW Mrmvlnvxe Ru ve 1 Third ROW CPWKIVNPK f lf vw Dovofhy KCHP comp IVMTCM FYLHTH I-2 W Imogene LCC Mary J CNN Msk 5 HUM Row Armellv MCRQC 1- 1 f rrx 'z Irene Johns Rwcl'1C1rf4 Qwworf M Jry Jcmf Mwfdwll Mm, Nei Wu OU Mu 9m-vw bar mud To Qfrvmlofo X H 17 EF' O mom NM Cv ro IACMIVTIC NOT on ,FV-J Page Fxfrx our ,A Pre :dent Vuce Pre vdent ecretory Treo urer Sponsor crnfanq Lorolyn Joiner First Row Ruth Crrxl ton Alrno Roy Yvonne Crowlorrl Bobye Bess Beotty Morgoret Johnson Sodle Honcock Ellen M Mossengole Second Row Corl F Conley Dorothy Akers Betty Dodson Morqoret Sporlcrnon Veloreese Anrlrew Horn Tucker Thvrcl Pow Julio Wecmfor Tommy McRoe Eclqor Belt Qhvrley Lofvery Gus Rornbolcos Fourth Poly Boynton Boker Mohlon Tnnhle Chorlcue Potter on Mrmrqrernte Bethony Filth Row Wrll l-l Peorre F ed Llvunq ton l-loword Hoyt Srxth Row Mrs Brown w ut VV C Buck lucrle Couclrll Mor o Collier Lhclrle Mrller Almo Roy Cjeroldlne Whitt SOC AND BUSKIN Corolyn Jotner Edgar Self Morgoret Perry Yvonne Crovvford Mr VV J Brown Ann To oetter or e spe ch y rx ocnotsnrg wuth other wto hope to do the some Iagc Fxftv tn 1 Sf x: A ' I , , I . : .' - ' f'l 1 A 1 - y ' . . . 2 . , , , ,GX Xxx J I x I I ' A IM J I '3 ' in g X. . .xy I X X. 1 , , , , , 'K' ' f ' ' N s , 's , . . ' 1 , ta . . . Not ir pf .Jrez . . , . ' , ' , th . - S, S s. , . " 1 l o W 's ,e ht ,ss ' ' I ' , s l . I - '1 DEBATING CLUB President Harold Lichtenstein Vice-President Rex Rankin Secretary and Treasurer Marianna Mason Sponsor Miss Mary Louise Garrett Purpose: To train in public speaking and logical thinking. First Row Marianna Mason Louise Crawford Mar garet Ann Yarbrough Second Row Brad Bailey Arthur Parker Avery Roan Robert Jones Third Row Billy Hulsey Harold Lichtenstein Buddy Townsend Rex Rankin Miss Garrett Not in picture James Holes apple John Howell L W Johnson it " "' i I7 iii, -4544... T26-ti 113. flftw tv 'fr A '-55" 53 ar' t T Dorothy Akers Geralflrne l'lSC1lGf ara ee' xr e R r Irew Lrt e Vrrgrna Pre Dorothy Rrey RJth H pence Myrl Hanrbrrc Barbara M orc, econd Table Ruth Crofton Mc anne Wat r N Freld Kathryn Trotrnan Marrorre Qcot ara' Rclale Haze' Brutor Sarah Thornhrll XA!ylodrne Reeve 42 tr e Glle Standrna Dorothy Bovvrrn Mary Holland Cnrrth Norma Todd Velda Humphrey Carolyr rner Vrrarnra Levvr Lorem, Qellew Katherrne Hencer on J anrta Krlgore Mm Cochran Na rn prcnrr Annre Maraaret Hudsat E lnore La Nel or Ma y Al le V vx FUTURE HOME MAKERS OF AMERICA Pre :dent Vrce Presrder Qecretary Treaburer Qergeant at Arnrr Sponsor Caraly 1 Jo r yvylcdrne Reeve Ruth Crafter Kathryn Trotrnfur Mary Holland Snrrtln Mrss Cochraw Purpose To Crea e a Crea er rnteret rn heme e cnomrCQ and to strrnulate a pro fe srorral and Qocral sprrrt amcnq It members Page Fzfiy four Frrs able- ' :Q A ' 1 t S E Lwnc 1, Lilr B owes, re 'tl , A ' I ' la C A3 . , , S1 ' H l ' - ser 'ell , ' ' V t S ,w , 2 , , , , I, 5 l , E r ' r, ' '., ' 5 gf . f . . . 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Frank lwnor Siondrng Me-Iva Rrley Clenna Dee Mclarn James Beard Eugene Brown Onre Dee Tucker Margaret Perry Bully Chapman FrrQT Row Lee orulvbw bobby Mcllouqald Veloreewr Andrew ge-Cond Row Laverne Terry Juanrfa Nunn Bohbre Lou Nr! on Tlrr d Row Heien Newion Ger cridrne Ma rerQon Yvonne Crawford Fourth Row Mary kate Grlie pre Mary Eilen Srnrfh Jarne Bloodworfh rn rrc Peoqy Powdy 'ohn HowVand Cora KeV Prefiderwr Vice-Pre , rdenf Secretary rreafure, Scribe S ,nsor Arm: X COMMERCIAL CLUB i 'ann ever? e word Pu er C M -, CVS, CINE Thorn r. Frank Miner Brfy Chapman May Kare orrreepre rary Elren Srnrrh YvCnne Crawford 'ee E rr ctr on , . - iw. , ir ,115 rrob er. 3 HVULQL1 Cfntacr Ni , grne , Vefrri Pa f frjzg.-, LIBRARY CLUB Q r r rx P r iC176,l1LC bpom Or Cm Ofyn Mmphree AUVLVCJ Mrxcmdef Hur Lff1CLfLH HU mf Aww Bhnckwei' Ponce Hodge MQ VJ T 'OV rw c ' mm fury may pow G f eotpd rcmfe www fx f C Now Ecwordb Fm Decm Murprwp Lcmq be-TT, r-Luke Stand 1 PQQ5 Dovvdy worfzlw Rnd H me L? 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Wy , - W , w ' J H 'Q L ' L ' ' L - OL - ,1 Q Q X V - LD A XL . lf V LI . 1 1-I L 'xx , I , . 'fs in 'o LANGUAGE CLUBS r I W'-' I ,fn French n PM C Cram Co l fr To www Qmcy M Q Lcahn pc c UTM: LL J Lcmq 11 ow I w I L l l S Ill QT L ll M Worm FO M0 ar M :ry QI LCOllCl Row N L xr wo :U C1 w O M wlgf J GQQ flwcmrllef Rozmu Twcl R N Pegcy W1 d lmmcy Mcora 1 luvmc frly fill!! ll fl nt Spanish l-resuflelr e Pm de Papo: lu roqmw wc Ll .ul plwru Clyfu bovvc y Ml lkltl 1 zu x lm G dvvm ou .w Cv www wwe elmu N PQJ f crm All mmflf Dor l Hom f lvlury Smurf lurell Udllllll Nunn Pl guy Dgvvcly urolyu 'Vlurrblwru lvlcxrgcmt Turvwlmrlculq uqu el y M Hulme Ccnrolyn e mv Nwwy M rl Pm Ja A rw Q 1 Uv Q c rr :lf xml r NL l'l,'l, 'lf V, 1' .1 : :":' ' 1' 1' ' v' 1' L X: 1 ' f' LV: nl' iff, If ,ell 'f ' ', -3' !,. y 1 W' ' :ffl -2-" o 'x . I -1. f, I f -. 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V1 Al l ,-, JA B l y, FAQ We Bwl N O , xul 1, 2: Nm in lkrlfrlllll' Olly Bfmllrl, X 'Ci Dry P-rw lkllwr fvlorrl- Mm lm N41-l, WC - '-Sw :ur .l ' l foiwlrlry cmd 'll'f'l1n"'l :K V f ' H 'X C A 'I F' x Cl mrmuv '2 ' 1' ' S N 1' X 1 MC 'N lj Tlrv'l:e3r'lc1l4e-, Billy liurlxcv, lvlcw . ' Mur- '12 , G Plfln, Helm Dull' : 'ami lem Swczfzbll, '1 C l Oo 2, wjgy N l , P05 H, All Ov ry, Y. wil Tlwrmwa lllflxlly STLJOVT l'C"e?ll Gut. llml Mc ., :mm . , 5m mqz Um ww 9m-lnlw Nm lll 5 mrs" Urmqu C nlflrvlfm J B HCWITT Aftlmr Puvlw. fx" flirt! -mm P' av Jn tn co Dam Verrter UH trortcr Brtly VVnltuom5 Olhe Street Bud Lec C e Smnth crtd R vv bcr my Todd Q th Putt Schu er m Jcck Qt em cm V Jmer Chorlc Brewer crrlee Url :Cm rc c wr Lotlcrhcm Hcxr Qelt Bobby McDouQc1tc tvcrgpm Mcrrkhom Bully Compbelt W ur Ktmbrett Mr Qge m ptcture QVVI e Burle on la,-lp' D CLUB President Schuyter Pryor Vrce Presrdent Bud Lee Secretory cmd Treasurer Trovt Coltohom Scrlbe Bully Compbet' Sporvlor Mr Ogle Purpo e To promote gcod pcrt momehnp omcmg the boys thot toke pcrt m vor: ous othletrc ot Decatur Hugh School cmd to help thcm trove cr better Under tcmdmg ot eoch other Page 51113 ,ax ATH LETI C S '55 5 OOH3 LL SQJSOW ouR COACHES H L Ogle has ncw been coach of the tcotball tearn tor several years He has shcvvn unusual ablluty ancl ranks as one ot tle best hugh school coaches nn the state Aubrey Fuller Asslstcnnt Coach has shcww real abnlnty an helpung Mr Ogle de Co cl Ogle st nt Conch Fuller OUR CAPTAINS Travis Callahan Co Captaln IS one of the most valuable players on the team and wll return next year to the 'oy ot the coaches students and fans Harold Self Co Captaln ns one of the best blockers nn the state and lust as able as a field general We hate to lose hum Travs Colluha Harold Self Page Srxty lbree il F qt O 4 X f s X -1 . . , . . I I - , velop his team, O C1 1 Assi a 1 l i . i r n, H ert uvd Orvle Burl6 on Tk IAOO OUR MANAGERS vnllc son AALHWOQGV ond Hu Qcr Burlesor Asslstont lvlonoger were very etncueht tn Ioolctng otter every need of the tecmnt ev vv rc th OVIQIIOTOVK o t ntuct tolked of chorcool buckets vv :cw 1 e sn J c o triple thtco n cep tctnon tn the cold vveo 1 OUR RECORD The 1940 football teont vvos onc of the best ever developed uncler Cooches Ogle ond Fuller Its outstoncltnq recorcl vvcxs cts tollovv Doro Jones Volley Huntsville Elkntont Cullmcxn Athens Florence Huntsville Hortselle Page 51113-four Decotur Decatur Decotur Decotur Deccmtur A Decotur Decutur Decotur Decotur BALL L T AD... CUR SQUAD The Dreccilur Red Raiders Lorne Through this seoson with flying Colors, ranking os one of the best tecnns in the Tennessee Volley. Our only defeat wos by Huntsville over whorn we we-re victorious eorlier' in the seoson. Vifr- rirr lrtsrrrq only two lettrfrnren this yecir ond mire looking torwurd to o perfect r'f5LOrd rrrfxl yew' First Row: Morgan lylcirkhorn, Schuyler Pryor, Bud Lee, Chorles Brewer, Billy Wil- lionrs, Trovis Collulmn, Red Kinrbrell, Billy Freernon . . . Second Row: Porn Kyle, Jervis Moore, Billy Qornpbell, Bobby lVlCDouQold, W. Q Hunter, Chorles Gillionr, Horold vvttrrrrtrr-e, Jonres Newlin, Seth Pitt, John D. Sherrill . . . Storrdingg Cooch Ogle, Hu- bert Burleson, Orville Burleson, Sonny Todd, Pex Ronkin, Jock Shernron, Howard MC- Connell, Oliirr Street, Curl Arontz, Horold Self, Poy Doss, Clyde Smith, Dorrow Peebles, Royrnond Srnrtlr, Buddy Townsend, Chorles Scoles, J W. Chondler, Voun Froncis, Avery V5 Howkins, Bobby Trinrble, Cooch Fuller. 1 L E , a H A 5 - - l A HF L. i Y- v up 3 1 rrzt f-vv w L r rcncr Knrbrcll c n mr ,mr r or Shcrnran xx rnrt OUR TEAM gave a good account of hrnrselt thrs year but he should be a sensatron rn 41 Vaun Francrs Co Captarn elect One of Decatur s rnost valuable players vvho can really carry that ball and rs also a very trne detensrve man Wr ur Krrnbrell Rea vvcs a bulwark rn the Rarder s lrne He rs recognrzed a one of the best athletes that ha ever represented Decatur Morgan Markham One of the be t end that ha played for Decatur rn years H vvrll return next year and should be a real star Schuyler Pryor Co Cdptarn elect He should be a very valuablc player next year He always grves hrs best and that rs plenty Jock Sherman One of the smallest tullbaclas rn Alabama and one of the best Clyde Srrrrth A dependable back thrs year but he should be one ot the best rn the Tennessee Valley rn 41 Walter Todd Sorrny rs one of the best passers ever produced rn Decatur H should be All State next year Brlly Wrllrarrrs At the guard posrtron Brlly r the an wer to a Coach prayer H cor block and ta lcle and has great sprrrt Page Srxty frx T X3 f t 5 U 5 X .x - F . R- 1 Brewer, Callulrar, F r s, r Q . . Sec cl Row' Mc lclrr , Py , Sell, r . , . Thrra Rc ': S h locid, Vfrllfctrrws Charles Brevver- Wlrerr playing football Charles is as rugged as they come. He 'lb ' ' " "' 1, ' ' ' 'f ' ,. ' ' s -- s s s ' . e gn , ,, . V M r ' e . , , 4 g. , . .S 5 M- ,S J ' 9 1 V 1' 1 1 V LJJ1 I Qtr et Billy Campbell Billy did some really qood playing on the teom but should more vulucilqle next yeur Bi ly Freeman Vvotcn Billy shine on Decatur s teom next eor tcirles Gilliam Witt ti pets rminotion to ploy tootw C ories ou tt lu Je the tn t teom next eor W C Hunter Gout ho the obility to become o stor ot ire center position vvos hurt during most ot 40 but vvotch him go next yeor. Bobby IVlcDougolcl Bobby vvfi.. ca worthy player ond we predict thot he will even better in the future. O rirvis Moore J nior is 5vv't little mon ond did some effective plu in cnt e d. Jomes Nevvlin' 'lnis i, Jimmy s first yeor tor tootboll but he should prove voluoble in the future. Seth Pittefvlost populor boy on the tootboll teom, He will be boclc next yeor ond should be one ot the mciin Coos in the tootlnoll mochine. Ctorles Scoles Charles lu.. bun vvith us three yeors ond proved to be ci very voluoble ployer. We hate losing him but wish him much success. u mond Smith 'Lizo' was u very useful eubstitue tor the teom but vvotch rim next yecir. Ollie Street-One of the tostest rren on the squad, We ore expecting lots of him in time to come. P1ge Smtw-,svsrx CHLLRHHN SHETKMRN T15 if MRRKHRM RRNCH TODD C MH ER Hugs Y' 4 W PRYUR SELF KIMBRELL WILLIRMS P ge S"ty-e'gl1t H" vw VITY BREWER ERMDBELL '55 Q39 FREEMRN DOUGALD DLRLES M0085 NEWELL R SMITH GILLIRM Pagv Xml' -71'? STREET t n y Todd R y e e 0 so 5 Hulo Coc re Seco d Ro Ha old Sell Mo ga Mo lch ur K e c yo Cha es E BOYS' everal years We played some ot the mo t out tanclunq teams nn the tate and made a very credltable showlng MORGAN MARKHAM Center Morgan was an excellent center and was respon slble tor many at the team s polnts WLBUR KIMBRELL Captaln Guard Red howed much abtllty as a guard and was one ct the mann coas of the team recetvlnq honorable mentlon as All County Guard EDWARD JOHNSON Cuard Ed was a very tast man and proved to be very val uable to the team CLYDE SMITH Guard Clyde was very aaaresslve and made an outstanding record as a guard HAROLD SELF Guard Harold wa a fery relsable player and always dvd his best WALTER TODD Forward This wa Sonnys first year but he challced up many pelnts for the team VAUN FRANCIS Forward Vaun has completed hrs second successful year wuth us and we are lccktng forward to the third whvch we hope wall be even more successful RAYMOND SM'TH Forward Rayrrond was fast and really knew how to handle the ball SCHUYLER PRYOR Cuard Wuth has determlnatlon to play ball Schuyler proved to be a very valuable player JIMMY NEWLIN Guard Jlmmy was a hard playlng guard and wall be better next year Page .Seventy Ftrs Row: So n , G moncl Snwuth,Jc1rnes N w ll, Ed J hn n, Voun Frcxncu, n lx ll . . , n wg r , r n r am, Wtlb lmbrell, Clyd Smith, Shuyler Prt r, rl Br wer. Coach H, L. Ogle had one ot the best teams that has represented the school for s . , , 3 s ' X ' s E x - V - in I fl S v , W . l .4 ' C I ' - 7 3 . . . . I GIRLS' Uiidvi II1fa Ifcivlf i'Iiiti rut KKYWIYII fkiibrfy IiiIIri, TIN Tfcfiiii Itrzd Il yvyiy I-IJQCCQSIIII seusfgit Tltif Iii-mfg tIii Iii't ywii tor iiroft of IIif' grfciyrig tI1rfy 'Iir:.JId'Iop inte fl WIIIIIIIICI ff IVIIIIIVIIIUII I" xt yfftl. VKCDIQA KELLLY Ffrword Owe ot the oiitvtrmdmg pIr1yere on the trom. JIMMY LOU WATSQN femtei'-Fc:rwoicI Jiimiiy was Iost cmd slwovvrvd much obility os center cmd forward LUCILE CAUDIII friptcim Cliriid Iitis i' IiiriIf ttiiift 'i1CU:SSfUI your rm the Termu cmd sho Ivis fvi'ow1rI to I 1f'- ri riofd fill i'oiiiifI iiiriyi' DCROTHY CUIQI Guard DCT" wus ri iiiriiiietcty Q13 rgiiciid cmd IicxfI tIie mTeieSt Of the Termi CII Itecttt MFLVA RIIFY Ioifyfird Mfi':r1 it'f1i,orI xiii r,x"f1IIr3itt grime Ui Iorword cmd I1eIped IQ VVIII IIILIIIVX UIIIIIVK DORGIHY MAIZIOI-J Ioiwriici fXItovwrI miirit iiiipi'owf-mmit cis cm plciym cmd sIioUId be very valuable next yeor. WILMA LEWIS Cer1terfXNi!i1'o was very ugggressive cmd showed mudi cibility ot Center. IVIUPIEL IHCMAS -Center--MUrieI pfdyect Itord ot oll times cmd Should be very good next yectr, BALL Second Row Elsie Tedtord Me-Iro R1 ei, Dorothy Cori Jmme L Watson Com KeIley Moriorie Mor phree Dorothy M non Lucile Ccudiii Pt 6 Sunni First Row: JOI-'wrfe VVestmore'oncI, N'L,r.e' Thomas, L,il'e Befe Powers, Wifmo Lewis, HGIEVI Kitchens . . I A , J I , V I. I . I I , G ' , 1 ' . rg .v " '- im' UVO6 YNJCQ11' DIHU111 fcmpfum Drum 'NAUIOV Q1 11 Second L10111011c1111 Sergecmt Mfxwr Cergecmfs Lcrporfm L1brc1r1c111 AQ ISTC1111 L1brf111c111 1 EN Fw 1 11 L I THE BAND F1 7 1111 0111i D1 fl C1 9 y1u M1e1111c11dT Sfmgy U1e11C1u1 C1 1 K 11rd r 1 , 4 1 7 f' ICIW1 C f I H151 01111: 111 N C11 1 T15 UV 1 Y V 1w V111 M11r1 e ' 11 H1 OI1 1 f 1 11 1 1 rook VV11V C o1111f flf 1 1111 Ciume 1511 B1 111 11 C O1 fic own ex e- H1 worm O11 1 QPCP Vrf 1 11 1r 1 9 VVf1er11 I, f F1971 1 -7 JS"- eiw 'Q' ' ,, 'Q J Lu-W5 ld -3' il -V' gs ound Off up et reps Hugh 4 Hof Sox on eonufs For Noscov O oll Lntte 1 B Bally Svops or e Corners 9 T rr .1 'W Decree Angle ll Oomplwl School Svxmos er 3 Le der ol 'Ne Bun KEY TO FLYLEAF SNAPSHOTS Left Page: T. Beauty and The President. Q. Our Favorite Meeting Place. 3, Wugf gins Smiles. 4. Pat, VVhere's Peggy? 5. Dimples. 6. "Foozy", 7. Pause For The Camera, 8 March Wands 9 Boys Look' TO Glamour and Buddy ll lnseparable TQ Football Hero T3 Hen Party T4 Sugn Here Please T5 Alone But Not Forgotten To Soups On' Rlght Page l Must ve Been Good 2 Muscle Men 3 Gabblng 4 Clyde n Ed 5 Last But Not Least 6 Hog eye 7 Peaches 8 Shuclcs No Fure' 9 Leaning On The Solid Rock TO Aunt Love Grand? ll P ls T2 Blacks l3 Interestrng'P T4 Curls and Sparks T5 Always Room For One More To Our Photographer fs fr mr! X L7 4 Tllif tr ll flf X-N l '4'l'lNNx l L ll l L l T Q N ,I I lllll l I X lg, Swann four ' . , ' ' . . a . . . . ' .. , XX XG h . 'N I TT W ,xii , .J UN h X XL F- A A r ue. A L- sm fl L 1 """ -- '- '---w, l ,1I,lll,ll,lllf, lr ' r ' - 1 - 1, l ll .. lf, lizllhll al ' I xx I rf X il A 5 L4 H ,Q 5 N E 1, , rf fl cf h f I .L .. ,, ,XXX xy t fy f I . l ,I ,, at tr My ,. 'T 'lstf' Q' fljntil' 5 I I ' . 'L , L fl 'ln u. - P 7' I lllllgx "Xl, T: -L 1 N :!!.':'. llyi X .K -vi, Rx , 1 , My 4 Q ' yl:li'kh h xx- rt I I y lt nfl Il, 9 A L -. x .Nl ,Vf lull 'H Tl rf T rf I K JL ll I I ll jnlllnyfry wfyvf - lukluxh x-V X - 1 1 5, 1 N 'ff' 6' flung., M , 54 ,gf V+! J.Y"1 , nv.. V Um- ..-A. -' .tx ,..:'-1-"AM 'E 7 n 11. ' url if 3 . , J.-9 ' .,.. 5'f"Q! f .-f1y2.:Q. f L 1 . .1 5 PM 2'-"' is sq-:Af '- ' I 1 I mu wh - ... .-..... ,.......... ..,gg:,.-.-,........

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