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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1939 volume:

--'J'-,,.. XWM 55 V V U 3 Q7 V if V V V if 3 V V V if V V by Uhr Qaragon Quin R SENICR HIGH 'Af-2? Q! wwf f I YEARBOQI4 CDE DECATUR SENICDR HICIH SCHCDCL DECATUR, ALABAMA PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS COPYPIGHT P bl h .... Senior Cl s of Decatur High School Ed Ch' f, . . ......., Marjorie Wilder B M ager ..,.,,. Billy Duncan Ph g ph .,.., Sullivan's Studio E g Alb E grav g Compa P Tl'1PgP X fl few S Q f f N W fQ19EMOR'EU Rf g-,Z V FGREWCDRD May tiiis tiooie tnrigiiten many a ctay in tuture years as it pays tritvute to you vviwose interest anct cooperation iiave marie it possiiiie .... With apologies to Wait Disney votiose creations are so expressive, anot voitti tide iiope ttiat you voiii not taiee ot- tense at ttie eiiaraeteristies sug- Qesteci tny our artist, vve ctecti- eate tiiis, tiie seventeentti voi- ume ot Gofalen .Memories . . . l l. 55,2 . zip' 29' T0 THE STUDENT BQDY Youth, running joyous to the tight With hearts ancl souls uplittecl To hattle tor the love ot right. It hurts to watch their hastening steps. Une lenovvs so well their path of hope anct glory anct ctespair. But Gocl--hovo much hetter to tight, struggle, love anet hat How much hetter to live than to give up to lite Anct let lite carry us with the ticle Gut---to sea V ---Mary Kate Nungester CCDNTENT School ------- Boarcl ot Eclucation - - - Faculty ------ Senior 111 Class - - Senior I1 Class - - Senior 1 Class - - Activities - - - Atliletics - - Features - S PAGE 7 9 11 13 31 37 41 59 67 Q S C H 0 0 L CUR ALMA MATER Hail to thee, our Alma Mater By the Tennessee, Through the years we'll oft remember Days we've spent with thee. Chorus Always faithful, always loyal To our ensign holclg Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Decatur High, all hail. Here's to thee, our clear old High School! I-Iere's to thee a songg May the happy memories of thee Linger with us long. Soon our faithful hand will sever Soon our ways will part. Friendship ties will live forever Graven on each heart. Um' Beam? of EDUCATI S. E. ALvEnsoN ..... Superintendent In this, his first year, Mr. Alverson has won our esteem and admiration. We find him able and friendly. We appreciate his interest and pledge him our loyalty. DR. F. L. CHENAULT Dr. Frank has always boosted the Decatur public school system. He devotes his time and interest to more than seeing that our grounds are beautiful. A. H. HOFF ........ President Mr. Hoff is a calm, patient guide whose efficient service through most of our school days we want to recognize. A. A. JONES ....... Vice-President Mr. jones is our friend, we lcnow. We appreciate his fine work on the Building and Uplceep Com- mittee. W. E. SWLEY - Mr. Sivley has served capably in former years. His work on the Building and Upkeep Committee this year has measured up to his usual high standard of service. BRUCE SPENCER Mr. Spencer, now an old member, can be counted on to meet the many problems facing a board with conscientious and careful consideration. X N t ,ff Q , xii!! Page Nine Qui' W. T. JORDAN, Cullomburg, Ala. Principal B.S. University of Alabama: M.A. Columbia University "Your high school career is one of the most important periods in your life. Make the most of it, to the end that you may develop a sound body, a trained mind, and a high standard of ethical character." RUSSELL K. BRITTON, Fort Collins, Colo, Diversified Occupations B.S. Sociology and Industrial Education, Colorado State College 1 ES fx '1 MRS. WILLARD J. BROWN, Decatur, Ala. English, Dramatics Expression, Ward-Belmont: A.B. University of Alabama "If you use the best that is in you to meet your problems now, you will be prepared to meet life's prob- lems as they present themselves to you in your life to come." ELIZABETH EICH, Fort Davis, Ala. Mathematics A.B. University of Alabama "Remember to apply your science of exactness in solving your prob- lems of life," AUBREY FULLER, Hartselle, Alabama Assistant Coach, History A.B. University of Alabama "The Hame is not won on the day that it's scheduled-fit's won by long hours of hard and intelligent ef- fort." MARY LOUISE GARRETT, Decatur, Ala. Social Science, History A.B. Alabama College "This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny." KENNETH K. HENNESSY Band Instructor B.M.E. James Millikin University Decatur, Illinois "Music self-nlayed is happiness self made." MRS. W. T. JORDAN Librarian Jacksonville State Teachers College: Peabody : Columbia University 3 University of Alabama "Dreams, books. are each a world: and books. we know are a substan- tial world, both pure and good." THOMAS KIMBROUGH Oxford, Miss. Commercial Art B.A,E. University of Mississippi VIRGINIA LaBOON Greenville, S. C. Home Economics B.S. Winthrop College "They do me wrong who say I come no more when once I knock and fail to find you in, for every day I stand outside your door and bid you wake and rise to fight and win." "Opportunity"-Malone LEON MOODY, Moulton, Ala. Science B.S. University of Alabama "Books must follow sciences, and not sciences, books." Page Ten L LILLIAN ODOM Decatur, Ala. English B.S. Peabody "In your search for happiness, re- member that it comes from within, not from without." H. L. OGLE, Birmingham, Ala. History, Coach A.B. Birmingham-Southern: Uni- versity of Alabama: Northwestern University: Vanderbilt "It matters not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game." AILEEN POPE, Wilsonville, Ala. Languages A.B. Judson College, M.A. Peabody "A small steady flame in a dark spot is worth more to God and to man than a brilliant flare in a full light," J. D. REED, Decatur, Ala. English, Biology B.S. University of Alabama "As a vessel is known by the sound, whether it be cracked or not, so men are proved, by their speech, whether they be wise or foolish." MARY ROBERTSON, Tuscaloosa, Ala. History, Social Science A.B. Huntingdon College "The talent of,success is nothing more than doing what you can well, and doing well whatever you do." FLORENCE SMITH, Danville, Ala. Mathematics, Science A.B. Birmingham-Southern "Do your best and leave the rest." ELSIE WINDSOR, Louisville, Ky. tNo Picturej Commercial Art. B.S. Murry 1Ky.J State College: B.A. Bowling Green fKy.J College of Commerce: M.S. University of Tennessee "Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire- conscience" JOHN M. FOWLER, Birmingham, Ala. fNo Picturej Diversified Occupations University of Alabama: Birming- ham-Southerng Howard College "This is my work, my blessing, not my doom." 'C PgE1 S Nw-In ,A F T S P L Top Row: Miss Garrett. Nlr. Oulu. Mrs. liruwn, Mr. Fuller. 'L Second Huw: Miss Robertson, Mr. Moody. Mr. Rue-cl, Miss Pope. f' Third Row: Mr. Hennessy, Miss Lulimm, Miss Rich. Fourth Row: Miss Odom, Mr. :xml Mrs. Jordan, Miss Smith. Page Twelve SENIQR HI X 1 0 4 4 X, ff, if Z i ? X V 11 , X Page Thirteen Left to Right: Charlotte Reeves, Treasllrerz John lioufle-ss, Vice-President: Jessie Wilson Howland, Sec- retary: Jack Mclvanuhlin, Reporter: Billy Jones, President: Miss Pope, Sponsor. SENIOR HI As graduation approaches, the memhers of the Senior Class lnegin to hold their meet- ings and, in fact, each clay at Riverside as rather sacred. There is something about leav- ing school that fills one with a certain dread, in spite of the thrill that comes with gradu- ation. "Through the years we'll oft remember"--the accompanying delight of the senior privilege, the thrill when the rings hnally arrived, the annual sale, long drawn-out class meetings, constant drainage on poclcethoolcs, extra minutes for recess-'gDays we spent with theef' Page Fourleen CALUN SENIORS MARY BETH ADAMS-complexion, quiet--Com- mercial Club '39. ZULEE ALEXANDER-blond, Theda, reserved. EARL ALVERSON, "Lefty'l- new, left-handed-Basketball ,39g Treasurer, Key Club '39, Boys' Hi-Y '39, Dramatic Club '39, Football y39. CAROLINE BARFIELD, UBarfly!'-Stanley, Jane-Sponsor, Home-coming Game '38, Basketball 339g Girls' Hi-Y '39, Advertising Committee, Q'Mary's Little Lambng Masks and Wigs '39, Handbook Com- mittee '39. ,fttwa i ."'1' 4 l,' KHN BOGGESLX-WMFO, vacapfesiaenfg Lambda Pi Sigma ,36-7383 Second Vice-President Key Club '39g Reporter, Masks and Wigs '39, Vice-Presi- dent, Senor Class ,39. KATHERINE LILE BOS- WELL, QlK3fl'll,TAHHE, citizenship girl-Secretary, Sophomore Class '37g Sophomore Beauty '37g Secre- tary, Junior Class ,38g Girls' Hi-Y ,37-,39, Vice-Presi- dent ,383 Advertising Committee, 'tMaryls Little Lamb", Omega Sigma ,393 Literary Editor, Golden Memorier, '39, Citizenship Honor '39g Salesmanship Honors ,393 Sweetest Girl '39g President, English Club '39. ZANA DEAN BRADLEY-basketball, new-F. H. A. '39, Sports Club '39, Basketball '38, '39, KATH- LEEN BRAZELTON-Nashville, Joe-President, F. H. A. y39, Reporter '38, "Mary's Little Lambng Spon- sor Thanksgiving Game '38g Commercial Club '39g First Prize in Sewing ,38, '39g Pep Squad '37. ALBERT GRADY CAMPBELL, "A, G."-active, !'Lucy,'- Softball ,38, ,39g Commercial Club ,39g Football '39, TOMMY CARSON, "Floy Doy"-Line St., Trig- Ouchl-Key Club ,37-'39, Treasurer ,389 Boys' Hi-Y '37, Vice-President ,38g Football '37-'39g Masks and Xvigs '39, EVELYN ELIZABETH CHILDS-jolly, sponsor-Basketball '35f39, Captain '38, All County ,399 Sponsor Home-coming Game '38g Dramatic Club ,393 Q'Mary's Little Lamb". MILDRED CHITWOOD -friendly, happy-Masks and Wigs '39. Page Fifteen rf? 'Z' R 4 ..- f SENIORS ELDRIDGE H. COCKRELL, "Burr"-forward, end, skillful-Football '39, Basketball '38, '39. RICH- ARD COFFEE, "Dickie"-sound effects, whistle, book- keeping-wowl-Commercial Club '39, Lambda Pi Sig- ma '39. LUCILE COLE, "Cile"--independent, Judy -Pep Squad '38, Commercial Club '39, Library Club '38, '39. MARY CORLEY-Sue Reeves, inseparable --Beta Club '37, '38, Secretary, Science Club '39. ELIZABETH DAVIDSON, "Libby"-ace announ- cer, happy-Soph's Club '37, Athletic Club '38, Vice- President '39, F. H. A. '39, Treasurer, Masks and Wigs '39. LILLIAN KATHLEEN DENDY, "Kit"- brown hair, cheerful-Soph's Club '37, Library Club '38, Sports Club '39, WOODROW DRAKE, "Pete" ahve yards, gait-Basketball '36-'39, Football '36-'38, "ID" Club '36-'39. BILLY DUNCAN-Ford, efficient, debonair- Business Manager, Golden Memories, '39, Key Club '37-'39, Omega Sigma '39, Football '38, Treasurer, Junior Class '38, "Mary's Little Lamb" '38, Boys' Hi-Y '37, President '38, '39, American Legion Medal '38. NIARY EMENS-sponsor, likeable-F. H. A. '38, Scribe '39, Commercial Club '39, Third Prize for Sew- ing '38, Second Prize '39, Sponsor of Home-coming Game '38. SIDNEY EVANS, "Sid"-dramatics, crooner, slim -Vice-President, Masks and Wigs '39, "D" Club '39, Football '38, Basketball '39, Softball '38, '39. EDITH FRANCES FARISH--red hair, intelligence-Masks and Wigs '39, Girls' Hi-Y '39, Honor Roll '37, '38, Salesmanship Honors '38. HARVEY FARISH- drawl, eyes-Science Club '39. Page Sixteen SENIORS JACK FITEATuscumbia, jitterburg, Bud-Boys' Hi-Y 38, '39g Key Club 38, 393 Commercial Club '39. ADA RUTH FRENCH, "Snookie"-captain, Flossy--Library Club '37-'39g Masks and Wigs '39g Basketball '37, '38g Captain '39g All County Basket- ball Center 393 Athletics Club '39, BILLIE FULLER -Willodene, Q'Goldie Locksu-Qui? Qui? '37g Masks and Wigs 339. SUE REEVES GANN-Mary, blond, Homerw- Aquila '39g President, Home Economics Club '37g Vice- President, Science Club '39. MARGARET ELOISE GILBERT-red hair, likeable-Commercial Club '39. OMAR C. GLASS-assiduous, cordial-Honor Roll an Qui? Qui? 'sn Hobby Club '39, CYNTHIA RUTH GLENN, "Pai,-pleasant, mild, helpful- Vice-President, F. H. A. 383 Pep Squad '37g Library Club y38g President, Hobby Club '39, JUANICE GRIFFIN-lively, fun, sincere-Secretary, Qui? Qui? '37g F. H. A. Club '39g Sports Club '39. CARL GREEN, uSl1ug"-popular, fun-loving- Crouchers '39g Assistant Electrician, '!Mary,s Little Lamb"g President, Masks and Wigs '39g Most Popular Boy '39. MABEL BLACKWELL GREEN, "Mickey"-Edie May, ucurlyw, trustworthy-Library Club ,399 Sales- manship Honors '39. JOHN DARWIN GRIMES- lanky, grins, clrawl-Qui? Qui? 7375 Key Club ,39g Science Club '39. LAMPKIN GUY-sleepy, automo- biles, Von-Key Club l37-'39g Commercial Club ,39g Lambda Pi Sigma 37. Page Seventeen SENIORS FRED EUBERN HALBROOKS, JR., "LuCy"- model T., cooperative--Softball '39, MARIE HARDY -dramatics, super salesman-Qui? Qui? '37, Salesman- sbip Honors '38, Commercial Club '39, Masks and Wigs '39. JANE HARRIS-eyes, Jimmy-Girls' I-Ii-Y '37-'39, Basketball '37-'39, Property Manager, "Mary's Little Lamb", Salesmanship Honors '38, Masks and Wigs '39. A. B. HARVEY, JR., "Abie"-cracks, grin, yells- I-Iead Cheerleader '38, Sports Editor, Golden Memories '39, Salesmanship Honors '39, Pep Squad '37, "D" Club '39, Sopl1's Club '37, Lambda Pi Sigma, '37. FLORENCE I-IENDERSO'N, 'lFl0SSy"-Packard, Snookie-Qui? Qui? '37, Masks and Wigs '39, Bas- ketball '38, '39, Library Club '37-'39, Athletics Club '39. JACKSON HODGES--tackle, dexterous -- Boys' I-Ii-Y '38, '39, Football '37, '39, "D" Club '37-'39, Key Club '39. WILLIAM JOSEPH I-IOPPERS, "Billy"-blond, pleasing, tall-Masks and Wigs '39, JESSIE WILSON HOXVLAND, "Pot"-l'Payne," Kit 'N Elly, Secretary-Girls' I-Ii-Y '39, Golden Memories '39, Secretary, Senior Class '39, "Mary's Little Lamb", Soph's Club '37, junior Class Beauty '38, Pep Squad '37, Friendliest Girl '39, Treasurer, Commercial Club '39, Senior Beauty '39. KT my ' SECT, friendly-Masks and Wigs '39, TED HUIE-grades, I i li' it X EDNA LOUISE HUDDLESTON, "Haba"-Pon sports-Key Club '37-'39, Board of Directors '39, Beta Club '38, Vice-President, Omega Sigma '39, Commer- cial Club '39, Boys' I-Ii-Y '38, Honor Roll '37-'39, Lambda Pi Sigma '37, President, Qui? Qui? '36, Soft- ball '38, '39. JAMES IRWIN, "Jimmie"-orations, persuasive-Debating Club '39, Oratorical Contest '39. MACK JACOBS-athletics, tall-Football '37, '39, Basketball '37-'39, UD" Club '37-'39, Boys' I-Ii-Y '39, Softball '3S. Page Eighteen SENIORS CARLENE JEFFREY, "Punk"-boots, Birming- ham-In Birmingham: Girls' Hi-Y '37, Beta Club '37, '38, Dramatics Club '37, '38, Girl Reserve '37, '38. F. H. A. '39. ELBERT LEE JOLLY-Carolyn, gray matter-Boys' Hi-Y '38, '39, Omega Sigma '39, Soft- ball '38, Beta Club '37, '38, Key Club '39. ANNE HAYRON JOHNSON-poise-Girls' Hi-Y '37, Sec- retarl'-Treasurer, '38, President, '39, Beta Club '37, Vice-President, '38, Treasurer, Omega Sigma '39, Re- orter, Sophomore Class '37, "Mary's Little Lamb", ice-President, Junior Class '38, Assistant Editor, Golden Nlemories, '39, Salesmanship Award '38, Sec- retary, English Club '39, Honor Roll '37-'39. JAMES ARTHUR JONES, "Billy"-Ahhh????- President, Senior Class '39, Key Club '38, '39, Presi- dent, '38, Board of Directors '38, '39, Chairman '39g Soph's Club '37, Senior III Representative, Golden Memories '39, Boys' Hi-Y '37, Treasurer '38, Vice- President, '39, Commercial Club '39, Advertising Com- mittee, "Mary's Little Lamb". MARY PENICK JONES, "Penick"-clothes, camera-Basketball '37, '38, Girls' Hi-Y '38, Reporter '39, Literary Club '39, Society Editor, Golden Memories '39g Salesmanship Honors '38, '39. CURTIS KAYLOR-independent, specs-Dramatics Club '39. HUGH KAYLOR-unassuming, typing- Masks and Wigs '39. WALTER KEMMITZER, "Gump"-sports, height-Football '36-'39, Masks and Wigs '39, Basnetball '37-'39, "D" Clob '38, '39, "Mary's Little Lamb". DORIS LEE-capable, short- Masks and Wigs '39. MILLARD LENZ, "Professor"- cowliclc, energetic, worthy-Here's to a grand fellow, a square shooter, and a hard worker-a combination hard to beat. FRANK B. LILES, "Qualc"-lanky, fun -Science Club '39. MILDRED LIVELY-Millie, sweet-Secretary, Galois Group '39. Page Nineteen Xe SENIORS MARJORIE LOVELACE, "Marg',-neat, persever- ing-Library Club '37-,39g Home Room Club '36, SAMUEL FELTON LYLE, 'ljackv-laughs, active- Football '38, ,393 Masks and Wigs '39. FREDER- ICK BROWN MARKHAM, 'QFreddie"-dramatics, happy-go-lucky-Masks and Wigs '39. PAUL L. MASTERSON, Q'Bush,'fsports, voice-Masks and Wigs ,39g Softball '38, ,39. ANNELLE MCCULLOCH-musical, typist-Qui? Qui? ,37g Library Club '38, ,395 Assistant Typist, Golden Ilflemories y39 JACK McLAUGHLIN-news- paper, industrious-Boys, Hi-Y ,38, Secretary ,39, District President '39, Vice-President, Key Club '39, President, Junior Class '38, Omega Sigma ,399 Basket- ball 538, Reporter Senior Class '39g Lebanon Qlndianal High School ,36, 337. ELBERT MCMEANS-slender, credulous-Football '37, ,38. THEDA MILLER--Basketball, Zulee- Masks and Wigs 339, Basketball '38, '39. BERT R. MURPHREE-books, lower locker-English Club '39, Beta Club 538, Omega igsma '39, . K , . x. L if f 4 ef ' y, Us .E f 5 ax . Q xt Nr y " xv , Z 1 l -' xv? if ff' V w . ' '- S x a Y 'ui .ft 1" 5 ,V ' ,' I Q x ' ' ,N .0 sa.. CHARLES MURPHY, "Murpl1',-piano, smiles, puns-Assistant Cheerleader '38, "Correspondence Courtshipn '37g Faculty Play, t'Golc1 in Them That I-Iillsv ,385 "Mary's Little Lambvg Masks and Wigs, '39. LETI-IA NEWELL--thoughtful, helpful-Hob- by Club ,39g Pep Squad 738. ELIZABETH NEW- LIN, 'Qsnookiev-car, jolly-Masks and Wigs '39. Page Twenty 0 SENIORS WANDA NEWSOM-Charlotte ,n Mary Beth, tall-Commercial Club '39, Library Club '38, ,39. MARY KATE NUNGESTER, 'lMary Katie,'-so- phisticatiori, Hi-Y-Girls, Hi-Y '38, Program Char- man '39, State President '39, President, Omega Sigma '39, Beta Club 337, Treasurer ,389 Assistant Business Manager, Golden Memories '39, Honor Roll ,37-39, Salesmanship Honors '38, Team Captain '38, Business Manager, 'QMary's Little Lambvg Masks and Wigs '39. MILDRED OZIER-studious, blond-Omega Sigma '39g Honor Roll '38, English Club '39. FRED PAP- ENBURG, uPap"-candid camera, enthusiastic- Lambda Pi Sigma '35-'38, Commercial Club '39, As- sistant Snapshot Editor, Golden Memories 39. HILDA PETTEY-bicycle, modest, calm-Masks and Wigs 739. WESSIE PILCHER-Athens, lively-Basketball ,37, ,383 Commercial Club '39, Assistant Cheerleader '38. DOROTHY POWELL-bloncl, short-Hobby Club '39. CHARLOTTE REEVES-Treasurer, typist- Library Club '38g Commercial Club ,393 Treasurer Senior Class '39. MARY VIRGINIA ROBERSON-efficient, Home Economics-Qui? Qui? '37, Vice-President, F. H. A. 339. T. B. ROGERS, JR., "Tebe',-bass horn, clrawl, walk-Football ,37, ,38g Key Club '39, Lambda Pi Sigma '35-'37, Oratorical Contest '39, Band '39. RAY- MOND ROSS, "Rainbowv-Nell C., specs-Com- mercial Club '39. WILLIAM SAMUEL-capable, short-Lambda Pi Sigma '36-,383 Hobby Club 339. Page Twenty-one 41 .P aff . or L ,-:a 'fi SENIORS WARNER EASTWOOD SARTOR, usortiev- bow tie, gestures, speecl-Key Club ,39. FRED SCAR- BOROUGH-Captain, touchdown-Football '36, '37, Captain ,38g "DH Club ,36-'38, President '37, Masks and Wigs '37, Crouchers Club '36, Qui? Qui? '37. EDITH MAY SCHIMMEL, 'lEdie',-Ais, happy- Honor Roll '37, '38, Omega Sigma '39, Historian, Golden lllemories '39, Basketball '37, Science Club ,39. PAUL SHAFER, "Rody-speeches, red hair, center --Football ,37, ,385 "D" Club 338, Dramatics Club ,38. HELEN SHERMAN-brunet, reserved-Qui,? Qui? A37, Hobby Club ,39. VUARREIYI DUANE SHERROXV-Huntsville, Bruce, brogue-Science Club '39, Salesmanship Honors ,38g Lambda Pi Sigma ,37, '38, LULA BEALL SHROPSHIRE-industrious, quiet --Hobby Club '39, F. H. A. 338, l39. EDWARD SMITH, "Edu-athletics, "l'xomers"-Football '36, '37, "D" Club '36-,385 Basketball ,36, y37g Commercial Club 339. MARGARET ELOISE SPARKMAN - Evelyn, commercial courses-Commercial Club '39. EVELYN LUCILLE SNEED-Home Economics, tall-Library Club 338, 739, F. H. A. 39. RUSSELL EDWARD SPEAKE, "Rosie',-socks, smiles, questions-Hobby Club '39. W. L. SPEARMAN, l'Squatty,'-ted sweater, friendly, black hair-Football ,36, '37, UD" Club ,37, ,38. Page Twenty-two SENIORS EVELYN LOUISE STANDRIDGE-Edith, grades -Library Club 39, Honor Roll 36, 37, Home Room Club 36. LEONARD STARK, l'Lynn',-new, quiet, altitude-Basketball 39. WILLODENE STEVENS, "Deanie,'-petite, Billie-Masks and Wigs 39. FAN- NIE IVIAE STREET, "FannieH-independent, friendly -Pep Squad 36, Honor Roll 37, 38, Commercial Club 39. DOROTHY ROSE SWATZELL, "Dorn-intellb gent, IOOW-Home Economics Club 38, Treasurer ,395 Honor Roll '37-'39, Library Club 39. MILDRED EVELYN SWATZELL, 'lMillie',-Ais, dependable- F. H. A. 38, 39, Honor Roll 37-39, Literary Club 39, Library Club 39. JACK TANKERSLEY-snapshots, socks-Reporter, Junior Class 38, Key Club 37-39, President 38, Chairman, Board of Directors 38, Stage Manager, "Mary's Little Lambn, Snapshot Editor, Golden Mem- ories 39, Boys, HiY- 38, Treasurer 39. NANCY ARNOLD THOMPSON, "Hanlc"-best dressed, Bob '-Secretary, Dramatics Club 39. ELOUISE THOMPSON, "Elly"-Personality plus, Jess-Sponsor, Home-coming Game 38, Girls' Hi-Y 39, Library Club 38, Secretary, Library Club 39, Pep Squad 38, Typist, Golden Memories 39. KATH' RYN TIMBERLAKE, "Kit,'-never a worry, B. G. A. -Secretary, Sopliis Club 37, Salesmanship Honors '38, Art Editor, Golden Memories 39. Vice-President, Commercial Club 39, Basketball 37. LURLEEN THRASHER, l'Leen"-reserved, quiet- Qui? Qui? '37, Commercial Club 39. FRANCES PEARL VAUGHAN-cheerful, Chevrolet-Masks and Wigs 39. Page Twenty-three rw'-A 151 J MPM SENIORS NELLIE JANE WARRICK, "Weezil"-carefree, personality-Masks and Wigs '39, Basketball '37, '38, 39, F. H. A. '39. B. F. WEAR, JR., "Beedie"-friendly, bicycle-Commercial Club '39. DONALD WHIT- MIRE, "Whit"-pep, talking-Football '38, '39, Co- Captain '40, "D" Club '38, '39, Lambda Pi Sigma '37, '38, Circulation lVIanager, Golden Memories, '39, "Mary's Little Lamb", Masks and Wigs '39, Key Club '39, Basketball '38, Softball '39, Boys' Hi-Y Club '39. MARJORIE WILDER, "Margy''-Editor-in-Chief, beauty'-Honor Roll, '37-'39, Girls' Hi-Y '38, Vice- Presiclent, '39, Advertising Committee, "Mary's Little Lamb", Editor, Golden Memories, '39, Salesmanship Honors '38, Masks and Wigs '39, Omega Sigma '39, THOIVIAS M. WILEY, JR., "Seneca"-gas models, Chevrolet-Key Club '37, '38, Vice-President, '39, Foot- ball '38, '39, President, Science Club '39. DORIS HELEN WOHL-study, specs-"Mary's Little Lamb", Girls' Hi-Y '39, Honor Roll '37, 38, '39, Salesmanship Honors '38, '39, Beta Club '37, '38, Reporter, Omega Sigma '39, Program Chairman, Lit- erary Club ,'39. MAHLON H. YARBROUGH, "Von"-likeable, industrious-President, Science Club '39, Sergeant-at-Arms, Lambda Pi Sigma '37, '38, Soft- ball '38, '39, Football '39, Publicity Chairman, Avon Players '39, Key Club '39. EDITH YOUNG-song, blond-Vice-President, Home Room Club '37, Honor Roll '37, '38, '39, Vice-President, Library Club '38, 1 President '39. NO PICTURES WILLIAM RODNEY BARRON, "Rod"-Ford, jo- vialf!Boys' Hi-Y '38. JAMES ROBERT BELUE- new, amicable, tall. HENRY FORD BRAZELTON, "Model T"-athletics, quarterback-Basketball '37, '38, '39, Football '38, Softball '39, Captain '38, "D" Club '38, '39. THEO DE GRAFFENRIED, "Ted"-cap able, frank-Presiclent, Commercial Club '39. PAUL DEMENT-clrawl, thoughtful, curly, agreeable. PETE HENDERSON-punts, Cullman, sailboat- Football '37, '38, "D" Club '38, Boys' Hi-Y '39. DAVE TINGLE-happy, blond, sweater-Football '39, Key Club '39, Ensley 1Bi1-minghamj High School, "E" Club '37, '38. MARVIN WORLEY-fleet, quiet, steaclfast-Football '38, '39, Co-Captain '40, "D" Club '38, '39. DOROTHY MAYE JACOBS joins us for graduation. Page Twenty-four UR Tune: "That Tumble-Down Shack In Aflzlonev fSure Old Ireland Is Calling To Mel VERSE: There is spring in the air and the world seems so tai Yet my heart is as sad as can be, For no more I'll abide here in Old Riverside On the banks of the Old Tennessee. CHoRUs: Ch! I'm leaving behind this old spot so divine, For I,ve finished my high school career. I am saying, "Adieu,', to old friends tried and true And my teachers and chums I hold dear. Now there come to my memory things dear to me, I can scarce keep a tear from my eye. All those things dear to me I am leaving, you see And you DEAR DECATUR HI. CHARLES H. MURPHY. Page Twenty-five gina f fs- : , DUR THE CALL OF MOTHER NATURE Working in her quiet, mysterious way, Mother nature comes each day To change in color, pattern, and every way, The designs she gave us yesterday. Leaves of green she has made A slightly darker ot lighter shade. Poppies may have a slightly brighter hue Which is not visible to me or you. As I wander through the fields in fall, I often wish that she would call: "Come hither, my son, come here to me, And I will tell it all to thee. "How I make the changes each day, How I Came in a mysterious way To make poppies have a brighter hue, Whence comes the wind, the use of dew.' But although I have listened every fall, I have never, never heard her call, "Come hither, my son, come here to me, And I will tell it all to thee.', Often on a cool autumn morn Many sounds are on the clear air borne. I listen closely and-harkl No, it's the call of a meadow lark. As I continue my search each clay, I always hope I'll hear her say, "Come hither, my son, come here to me, And I will tell it all to thee." -Millard Lenz. DAWN Have you ever seen the dawn As it creeps across the sky, I-Iow the colors flash and mingle As the darkness scatters wide? just so an act of kindness, In this world of strife and sin, Seems to cheer the broken-hearted And to lighten the cares of men. -Mildred Swatzell. L y VD LEAVES IN AUTUMN Summer ends, The time for reaping has come. Cold winds sweep around every corner Chilling each leaf on every tree. They tremble, quiver, then collapse. Their beautiful color seems to disappear, Instead, dull, darkened ones creep out And gently take their abode On the fast-dying leaves That were once the pride of the tree. The dry air makes them crisp, They crumble. Falling from the tree, a gust of wind Hurling by, lifts them into the air To be carried to the far beyond. Thus the tree is left standing bare To endure the hardships of winter. -Dorothy Rose Swatzell. MY MOTHERS HANDS They're growing old, yes, day by clay, But they still work the same sweet way, Doing things for me and all the rest, Because she knows that it is best. Her hands have held me since I was born, They made the first clothes I've ever worn. They have petted and spanked me through years But I've always loved them even through tears. They show years of work and toil for me, Years that can never, never again be, Years of hard work and roads of strife, So that I, her child, might have life. Each finger is thinner than in days past. My! but her time is passing so fast, Yet each line on that sweet rough hand, Will be smooth as silk in that Better Land. And yet when I meet her far up above, She'll greet me with a hand like a silkened glove But I know that through it all Iill see That they were once rough and red, because of me -Kathleen Brazelton. Page Twenty-six 3 CUR RY Students of history can easily remember the ninth day of September in the year nine- teen hundred twenty-eight, for that day marked the beginning of a voyage that is second only in importance to the sailing in fourteen hundred ninety-two. Up the gang plank clambered one hundred fifty undergraduates of the present Senior Class, all eagerly anticipating their first voyage on the S. S. Education. We were, as one could see at a glance, "new in the businessv and needed some one to guide us away from the harbor. Our understanding grammar school teachers came to our assistance and gave us a gentle, but persistent push. As we have sailed further on our voyage, we have realized that we are truly obligated to those who, with such tolerance and patience, taught us the principles that formed a firm foundation for our later years. After six short years of peaceful sailing in calm waters, we thrust out into the more adventurous regions of Junior High School. Here we encountered two entirely new terms "rat" and "cooperation." When we sailed into this institution, the former term served well to subdue those who were proud of their recent promotion. Cooperation, we found, was an act of paying two cents each Friday for the support of a weekly newspaper, "The Junior News." Then one day our beloved Professor Givens presented us with diplomas-our certificate of entrance to Decatur Senior High School. The most startling and amazing feature of this new "home" was the way chapel exercises were conducted. "Doc', always employed such "big words" in making announce- ments that we were ever in a state of confusion. Quite often some Senior would run down the aisle to make a breath-taking announcement about a colossal Hollywood produc- tion to be given in chapel the following day. Miss Brandau was elected sponsor of our Sophomore class and ably guided us through our first year. The Junior Class chose Mr. Kimbrough to lead our junior activities. Included among them were a highly successful magazine campaign, the sale of coupon books, and our pro- duction of 'QMary's Little Lamb." With Miss Pope as captain of our final year at Riverside, we have successfully spon- sored a profitable sale of magazines, two Shakespearean plays, and the all-important Senior Class Play. Miss Odom piloted us into port. The Seven Seas of Opportunity are open to those who would sail further on the S. S. Education. May it be determined by the class of thirty-nine that, as we continue our voyage, we shall pursue with undaunted courage those things that lead to a victorious life. EDITH MAY SCHIMMEL Class Historian. SAILING There is no thrill so great as sailing 'Tis lots of fun-includin' bailing . . . It gives you a feeling both joyous and keen When you "pull 'er in close" and she starts to lean, The feel of the spray as it beats on your brow From the waves that are cut by the sleeken'd black prow- Seems to wash away cares, futile and vain- And gives us new strength to fight life again! PETE HENDERSON. Page Twenty-seven CALE TDAR September- 5 School opened 15 Sponsor selected 23 Officers elected October- l-15 Curtis and Crowell Magazine campaign 4 Rings, cards, and invitations selected 26 Home-coming game November- l6 Girls' Hi-Y initiation 24-25 Thanksgiving holidays December- 6-16 Popularity contest 10 "Dv Club initiation 17-2 Christmas holidays 21 Girls, Hi-Y banquet January- 5 Football banquet 14 Annuals taken to engraver 17-20 Mid-term examinations February- ZS Shakespearean plays, "Taming of the Shrew and 'll-lamletv March-- 8 Annual sent to press 17 Junior Class play 23-24 A. E. A. holidays April- 14 Annual Staff banquet- Annuals arrive! 18 Maslcs and Wigs social 28 Senior Class play May- 5 Junior-Senior banquet 6 Educational tour 12 Girls, l-li-Y mother-daughter banquet 16-19 Senior examinations 25 Girls' 1-li-Y tea for Seniors 26 Class Night 26 P. T. A. reception 28 Baccalaureate Sermon 29 Final party 29 Graduation Smyya Left Section: Top Row: Timid Suphs. il? Second Row: Vain aspirations-The patient gentleman of Sullivan's Studio. 'Sk Third Row: Sir Eldridge. Fourth Row: Brunettes and things to do-- lt's always Farish weather. SJ Fifth Row: Variety is the spice of life. if Right Section: Top Row: Topp Tingles-42nd Street ain't got nothing on us --Hot buttered popcorn, 5r:-Cute puppy-"Taxi?" 'ff Second Row: Blond and red car and smile and -gosh!-Always ready to plunge into things-- Sisters-The Timberlake. ik Third Row: All alone -Well! Well! 1rVell!-Waiting fpatientlyflj 'fi Fourth Row: He does, doesn't he?-All dressed up-Mascot. x W, K 'K 4 , rf 51365 of is .1-sf ff"'k" V V Kgkgfgw , .1 . 'l JM Q Q I .fy 41. 'Q Q. -Q. v 'rn ll Nll :X MM? ww AI 41 lg.. ,fb it limba .5 S35 5 55 Top Row: Mv and my SlHlflUXVfJllSl. you :xml I lin-auty and the beastf In my reveriefCala lK'1'?1Si0TlffJlll' lyzxrm-foot clude. Second Row: Down by thv riverside-Why trifle with tn-chrxicalities 7fWhe-ro is that hull-'I Third Row: Riu-1'si4lc-'s Apullus Answer to a maiclerfs prayer f-Smiles that muko Us hamwyflivst, vvur. Fourth Row: Swvvt somo- UIl0f"I'lVlll' we u llI'CZlHl?f"NlJI1-Slfbll flight. 11.1. 1 .Ae-""' '1 mwmmw ,, W- s - -W - ' ' SENIQR II Qs gi .., 9 Page Tlnrty-one Standing: Mary McClure, Treasurer. 'f Sitting, left to right: Frank Richards, Vice-President: Miss Eich, Sponsor: Dolores King, Sec-rotary: Leonard Michelson, President. SENIOR H Loolc about and what do you see? Why, the junior Class, busy as usual. The Juniors are active in every fielcl open to them, whether it be an individual project or merely in the form of cooperating with other classes or clubs. The candid cameraman could find many interesting subjects for photography among them for they are always busily working on committees, in clubs, selling magazines, putting on a play, or participating actively in sports. The climax of all their activities is the Junior-Senior Banquet. The Juniors and Seniors alike eagerly await this occasion. Page Thirty-two JUNIORS EDNA ADCOCK X We can't interpret her casual glance. 4 CHARLES BAKER 1 A one-man hand. RUBY BEST 1 Her personality justifies her name. MARY VIRGINIA BINGHAM A pretty girl is like a melody. LA VERN BLIZZARD A miss that one could wish for. HELEN MAE BREWER Sweet and lovely queen of heart wow Would that more of us ssesse some qualltles MARGARET BUCHANAN ' Always glad to respond when called on. DENSON BURN UM 'lUse your head instead of your tonguef' MILTON CAMPBELL just another Marx brother. GLORIA CARLISLE The lcind of material great things are m FRANK CHENAULT ':Act just as old as you feelf' HOLLIS COBB "Laugh your way through life." DOROTHY COMPTON "He who talks little -thinks much." MARY ANN COOLIDGE Her life is a successful bowl of cherries BEN COOLIDGE He will never die from overworli. LYNN COX Who said anything about Benny Goodma OLIVER COX An all-round, good-natured boy. . ROSE CROW Her qualities outnumber her inches. I-IOMER LANE DRAPER All handsome boys belong in Hollywood. ARNOLD DOSS Puts things over, not off. ' Jeffvei Lf-UIJIYE9' Jfff' JARTEARQTAIN J , acle of. n? Page Thirty-three Q 82 E 20 Z, an X if new 1,111- -oz-0 WWW er ,x JUNIOR BERTI-IA SUE EDWARDS She sings our blues away. SARA ELLNER My dear, we simply couldn't do without you. MADGE BUTLER EUSTACE A new-comer we have learned to love. FRANCES FIELD Time will never catch her napping. CAPITOLA GAINES Are there more at home like her? SAM GAMBLE A combination of wisdom and wit. EDWARD GRUBBS Good-natured and good-tempered. HELEN HANSELL Liked by all who know her. JACK HAYNES A true pal. HAZEL HESS Dependable in every respect. EUGENIA I-IODGES . A necessary item in our school life. A BILL HUNTER I lg 4 Our future sports writer. ,f V9 Q 0 --fa ?Q L,Ts F L- '7w EDISON JOHNS 'ilawug A person is never known until he is proved. FRANCES JOHNSON A good definition of 'lnice " CAROLINE JONES We never know what to expect next. MARY FRANCES JONES Itis good to know someone we can depend on. MARTHA FRANCES KILGORE She will always be "Sugar" to us. ANN KIMBROUGH Her personality sparkles-it's contagious. DOLORES KING We like to hear her talk. MARY FRANCES LANGLEY Not one to stop when the whistle blows. FAYE LEWIS W- Silence is golden, but nobody likes a millionire. Page Thirty-four JUNIORS PAM LITTRELL The kind of a girl you read about but don't often SCE. MARIE LOONEY We can see why they call her "Stardust MARY ESTER MARION We like that name, that girl, too. VIRGINIA MASSENGALE sv Her recommendations would Fill a hook. LEONARD MICHELSON Us r 9' U'l Accomplishes much with little apparent effort.x ' ' ELIZABETH MOONEY A song writer's inspiration. GEORGE MOYE You don't have to he loud to he lilced. DOROTHY MURPHY We'd just love to pull her curls. MARY MCCLURE Mother Nature's gift to the Juniors f MAXINE MCCUTCHEON . 4' The football hero's heroine. . BILLY MCFERRIN K I ' She is never in a blue mood. 'fy' BETTY MCGEHEE I ' How many talents she posseses! ' . . ' KATHLEEN NICGLATHERY I came, I saw, I am conquering. MUNSEY MCGLATHERY A good example of the golden rule. DONALD NEBRIG Firm in body and in mind. JAMES NORWOOD A valuable asset to any school. DOROTHY ANN PARK Dignity is her charming quality. CONSTANCE PEERSON She hlushes her way into our hearts. FRANCES PETTY Her possibilities soar out of sight. HELEN PITTS Good things come in small packages. JACK PITTS Most handsome junior boy. Page Thirty-five JUNIORS BETTY FOSTER POINTER The life of everybody,s party. EVERETT POWELL Ready for everything, work or play. LEON REEVES Not too serious-not too gay. FRANK RICHARDS Just see what a smile can do. NELLIE CLARK ROAN She has a way of getting what she Wants. JIMMY ROBINSON Good in basketball and in everything he under- takes to do. NOLAN SANDERS Why rush through life? OLLIE MAE SI-IAIIER Opportunity never need knock twice. BERNARD SIDEMAN Tall, dark and .... 2' HARRIET JANE SITTASON She makes us want to be good. ANNIE LAURIE SIVLEY Words can't describe her ability and resourceful- ness. ELAINE SOUTH Het hair is black as night. JESSIE MAE STEENSON An efficient and independent young girl. BOBBY STROTHER He is where the girls are. EDITH SYBERT If we were rich, we would send her orchids. E. L. THOMPSON, JR. Just call him "Speed,' for short. NANCY KATE THORNTON The world will know her name some day. FARRELL TUCKER Me and my football team. , E I f 3 A I . . f s s , Q 1 V I " C PXP? I J iff 1 1, I I 1 rf r' A' 3' ' rv' .5 ni' ' Page Thirty-six i i f fl T5 't ff .V I' ' 4 Aft. A 35:1 . P. . ,W HILDA VAUGHN by Q One we all like, n'est-ce pas? Pl' 4 I 'fl . 1 JOYCE WOHL AL li, !3 . Her smile rivals sunshine. , ' ff' 9 SENICRI ,Q A X li Ben A fm me Q? 59 Left to Right: W. T. Jordan, Jr., Vice-President, Virginia Prince Calvin, Secretary: Miss Garrett, Spon- sorg Elizabeth Anderson, President: James Nelson, Treasurer. SENIOR I The Sophomores came to Riverside in September, 1938, somewhat bewildered fthough not for longj by all that they surveyed. Soon they became acclimated to the ways of the Juniors and the Seniors. They have proven, in every phase of their work, that they are not only capable, but willing to cooperate with the rest of the student body. If there was in the minds of the Sophomores at the beginning of the year the ambition to make their class known as one of the outstanding Sophomore classes, then truly they have achieved their ambition, for Riverside is proud of them. Page Thirty-eight 9 SOPHOMORES CHARLES ABBOTT--Charles and his clarinet are thought of as one. BETTY ADCOCK-Always in a merry mood. DAVID ALLEN-Happy and free from care. FRANCES RUTH ALLGOOD-Modesty is her charm. ELIZABETH ANDERSON-Blame not this writer's first attempt. JAMES BEARD-He's not sweet sixteen, but he still blushes. BABYE BESS BEATTY-She's the object of every- body's affections. MARGUERITE BETHANY-Free-hearted and kind. WILLIAM BRITNELL-"Friendship" is his motto. EUGENE BROWN-Always on the sunny side of life. MARY FRANCES BUTLER-Steadfast and demure. VIRGINIA PRINCE CALVIN-She has friends ga- lore. OPAL CAMPBELL-Quiet and sober. LUCILE CAUDILL-Always ready to play the game ROBERT PERRY CHANDLER-Works first and then rests. BILLY CHAPMAN-He wonyt grow old working. MARTHA COLLIER--Common sense is not a com- mon thing. CARL FREDERICK CONLEY-Lets the world slide. DOUGLAS COOK-Ready for anything, work or play. RUTH CRAFTON-The dearest and the best. IONE DARNELL-She has left our school, but we think of her still. ROBERT DRAPER-Robert is always care-free and full of fun. BETTY FLY-What would our band be without Bet- tyys flute? RACHEL FORD-Her ready speech flows fair and free. ARY GLASSCOCK-Truly an all-round girl. 'IUYNE GUNN--In beauty surpassed by few. TRUMAN HALBROOKS-His character speaks for itself. SADIE HANCOCK-Might is right. HOLLIS HENDERSON-Hollis in his Packard is a familiar sight. BILLYE IMMEL-The one that is full of fun. IRENE JOHNS-As good a friend as you'll ever know. CAROLYN JOINER-A noble friend, indeed. MAURICE JONES-A genius ever. W. T. JORDAN, JR.-School wouldnit be what it is without -lt. EULA LAMON-She never speaks until she is asked. Page Thirty nine MW GRAM. -55 Wy My f . W li ll? lww., Ll, YU 4,419 mu., 10... 9.44.32 QA-do ifu. law Cl1Q4.u4v-y- .+L s MIQ SOPHOMORES CARL LATHAM-Good-natured and good-tempered. RUTH LAUBENTHAL-Our candidate for Q'Miss Americaf, FRED LIVINGSTON-A gentleman from sole to crown. MORGAN MARKHAM-He never wastes time study- mg. ELLEN MARIE MASSENGALE-A most profound thinker. DORIS MCALISTER-That famous McAliscer smile is always there, WEBSTER MCLEOD-'Small in statue, hut great in knowledge and speech. SALLYE LOU MEINI-IARDT-Sheis a real South- ern songhird. FRANK MINOR-Tall, dark, and really handsome. JAMES NELSON-His true aim always wins. CHARLCIE PATTERSON-A wee hit of sweetness. MARGARET PERRY-Sheis sugar and spice and everything nice. ALMA RAY-A girl who is always fun, yet willing to do her part. WILLIAM REED-I-Ie's never in a hurry, yet he al- ways gets there. WYLODINE REEVES-She'll he ready when oppor- tunity lcnoclcs. MELVIN TRUE ROGERS-Quiet, but full of fun. CHANDLER ROZEAR-A good scout, always pre- pared. JIM SEXTON-A real friend, sincere and true. KYLE SI-IEATS-Uses his head instead of his tongue. LILA SI-IEATS4Never an idle moment. CLYDE SMITH-A true lover of sports. MARY ELLEN SMITH-I-Ier smile, her speech has a winning way. MARGARET SPARKMAN-Maggie is always ready to help a friend. MARY FORD TILLERY-I-Iere's credit where credit is due. INGOLD TIMBERLAKE-Why worry? Only fools do that. CECIL THORNHILL-Where Sarah goes, she goes. SARAH THORNI-IILL-She lives to build, not boast. WALTER TODD-usonnyn is that football hero. MAI-ILON TRIMBLE-Always jolly and ready to laugh. JULIA WEAVER-A girl in whom fun and wisdom mix. GERALDINE WHITT-Not a care beyond tomorrow. EDITH WILSON--Her virtues are many. IVIARJORIE WORLEY-A friend, strong and true. HELEN WRIGHT-Her work is the keynote to her success. MARGARET ANN YARBROUGH-Knowledge, it- self, is power. Page Forty ., QI S?- II Z' 0 159 I f lf ? f I 50 xl 1 If If f -Q-JE-2 1 ACTIVITIES ANNUAL STAFF Can you picture to yourself the appealing entreaties for snapshots at the last moment, the breathless suspense until a lost sheet is retrieved, the gleeful ejaculations when finally -sweet relief-the Golden Mernories is off to press. For us, the staff, these visions are glowing testimonies of hectic, happy hours. Yet, Golden Memories is not ours alone to cherish-it was created for you, it belongs to you, without you it could not be-in fact, it is youl MEMBERS Advisor s Miss Poms Editor-in-Clvie r MAR oizis WILDER J Business Manager . BILLY DUNCAN M 0 XS, 4 g. 'f 3 1 JS? QW' At Desk: Marjorie Wilder. First Row, left to right: Charlotte Reeves, Treasurer: Annelle McCulloch, Assistant Typist: Mary Peniek Jones, Society Editorg Mary Kate Nungzester, Assistant Business Manager: Elouise Thomson, Typist: Kathryn Timberlake, Art Editor: Jessie Wilson Howland, S. III Secretary. S3 Second Row: Elizabeth Anderson. S. I Representative: Katherine Boswell, Literary Editor: Anne John- son, Assistant Editor: Donald Whitmire, Circulation Manager: Leonard Michelson, S. II Representative: -Jack Tankersley, Snapshot Editor. Third Row: Billy Dunean: Billy Jones, S. Ill Representative: John lioyzfrtss. S. Ill Viee-Vrcrirlent: A. li. Harvey, Sports Editor: Miss Pope. Page Forty-three OMEGA SIGMA Dear Omega Sigma, As one approaches the end of his senior year, he recalls many experiences. Standing out vividly among them is the night that I became a member of Omega Sigma. Although I lcnew that one must maintain a B average to remain among the honored few, in the ignorance of my freshman year I labored under the mistaken im- pression that Omega Sigma social evenings were spent pondering Einsteinls theory! As I leave Riverside, I begin to realize the pleasure and happiness I derived from being with you. Sincerely, AN OMEGA SXGMA MEMBER OFFICERS Prerident , . MARY KATE NUNGESTER Vice President , , . TED I-IUIE Secretary . ELBERT LEE JOLLY Treasurer . ANNE JOHNSON Reporter DORIS WOHL ss' ' 1 l l MXN Seated at Desk: Mary Kate Numzr-ister. ' Standing: Munsvy McGlathery. First Row, left to right: Conftanuc- Pom-rson, Katherine Roswell, Dorothy Annu Park, Gloria Carlisle, Billie McFerrin. Doris Wohl. Second Row, left to right: Joyce Wohl, Martha Frances Kilgore, Marjorie Wilder, Anne Johnson, Billy Duncan, Sara Ellener, Betty McGuhve. Third Row, left to right: Edith May Schirnmel, Homer Lane Draper, Mildred Ozier, Kathleen Mefllathery, Ted Huie, Bert Murphree. 15 Last Row, left to right: Leonard Michelson, Mr, Britton, Elbert Lee Jolly, Elaine South, Nancy Kate Thornton. Page Forty-foyr COMMERCIAL CLUB One of our largest clubs is the commercial club. It is composed of boys and girls who are fitting themselves for the business world. They stress efficiency, accuracy, speed and up-to-date methods. The members of this club will likely fill many positions as secretaries, boolclceepers, and stenographers. Our best wishes for the future go with them! OFFICERS President . . .Tx-H50 DE GRAFFENREID Vice President . i Jessie W. HOWLAND Secretary-Treasurer . LYNN Cox Sponsor Miss WINDSOR BOOK' K E E PL l N. 'Ei gfiiiie 624' l E- he Wayne Byars, Fred Papenburg, Sidney Blackwell, Bohhy Strother, Jack Fite, Paul Brown, Munsey Mc- Glathery, Rodney Barron, Lampkin Guy, Charles Baker, Junior Thompson, Billy Jones, Ben Coolidge, Kathleen Brazelton, Carl Fredrick Conley, Ted Huie. Fannie Mae Street, B. F. Wear, Marie Arizend, Ed Matthews, Eloise Gilbert, Theo de Graffcnried. " Front Row: Dorothy Ann Parks, Raymond Ross, Nellie ,a toan, Ed Smith, Leonard Michelson, Baybe Bess Beatty, Rachel Ford, Mary Ellen Smith. -Telsie Mae Steenson, Marie Hardy, Lurleen Thrasher, Mary Emens, Wessie Pilcher, Joyce Wohl, Virginia Prince Calvin, Harriet, Jane Sittason, Charlotte Reeves. Jessie Wilson Howland, Eloise Sparkman, Mr. Kimbrough, Kathryn Timberlake, Lynn Cox. fs, Seated at Typewriter: Mary Beth Adams, Elaine South, Ruth Lauben- thal, Richard Coffee, George Moye, Julia Weaver, A. G. Campbell, Dan Verner, Jack Haynes. Page Forty-five THE BOYS' HI-Y Like a big brother, the Boys' I-li-Y helped his little sister, the Girls' Hi-Y, take her first steps. This isn't all the boys have done! They have sponsored programs that have sent the most sophisticated Riversidians off into riotous laughter and, at the same time, filled the treasury with funds. They are apparently as congenial as a group of brothers could be and so, to the Boys' I-Ii-Y, we wish you the best of luck, which you certainly do deserve. OFFICERS President . . A BILLY DUNCAN Vice President . . . BILLY JONES Secretary , . JACK MCLAUGHLIN Treasurer . . ,JACK TANKERSLEY Reporter . . SIDNEY BLACKWELL Sponsor . , MR. KIMBROUGH .72- CQ At Desk: Billy Duncan. ii? First Row, left to right: Mr. Kimbrough, Jack McLaughlin, Jack Pitts, David Warren, Billy Jones. Q Second Row: Carl Green, Donald WVl'1itmire, Bobby Strother, Elbert Lee Jolly. sf? Third Row: Paul Brown, Frank Chenault, Pete Henderson, E. L. Thompson, Jr. if Back Row: Jack Tankersley, Sidney Blackwell, Earl Alverson. Page Forty-six THE GIRLS' HI-Y 'QSister members of the Hi-Y, what is our purpose?',-and so begins another meeting of the Girls' Hi-Y. Each member is as attentive to this impressive ritual as she was the first time its music fell on her ear. The icliocies of the comic initiation, enjoyed by all, and the solemn majesty of formal initiation have left their never-to-be-forgotten impressions in the girl who has taken the Hi-Y pledge. OFFICERS President . . Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter . , . Program Chairman Sponsors . . , , Miss LILLIAN Onoivl .Q +14 i. sei' A v heart and mincl of each . ANNE JOHNSON . MARJORIE WILDER , CONSTANCE PEERSON . MARY PENICK JONES MARY KATE NUNGESTER AND Mus. W. BROWN Standing: Anne Johnson. ii? First Row, left to right: Mary Kate Nungestcr, Marjorie Wilder, Martha Frances Kilgore, Ann Kimbrough, Constance Pcerson. Katherine lioswr-11. Second Row: Jessie Wilson Howland. Eloise Thomson, Elizabeth Anderson. Doris VVohl, liz-tty Foster Pointer. 'y Third Row: Faye Lewis, Jane Harris, Edith Farish, Mary Pcnick Jones, Caroline Iiarfii-ld. Fourth Row: Mary Ford Tillery, Mary Virginia Bingham, Helen Mae Brewer, Betty Mr-Gr-hee, Sara Elizabeth Ellner. -SL' Fifth Row: Joyce Wohl, Miss Odom. Page Forly-sewn KEY CLUB Rumors of a flag pole . . . delicious odors rising from the cafeteria every Thursday noon . . . boys in their best suits-all these remind us of our Civic Club. "Cooperation" has been the key note of brotherly relationship even to the point of uborrowingv another's Coca Cola at lunchl Although it is comparatively new, the Key Club has proved itself of great value to Riverside. We canlt begin to tell you how proud we are of the Key Club and just how keenly its influence is felt throughout our Alma Mater. OFFICERS-fFirst Semester, President , . . FRANK CHENAULT Vice President . . . TOM WILEY Secretary-Treasurer . , . , EARL ALVERSON OFFICERS-fsecond Semester, President . . . . BOBBY STROTHER First Vice President . . JACK MCLAUGHLIN Second Vice President . JOHN BOGGESS Secretary-Treasurer . . EARL ALVERSON HJ, First table, left to right: Maurice Jones, Billy Duncan, Jar-lc Tunkvgrsley, John Bosxgess, Elbert Lee Jolly, Earl Alverson, John D. Grimes, Warner Sartor, Jack Pitts, Frank Richards. jg Second Table: Frank Uhonault. Miss Garrett. guest. VVebstcr McLeod, Jr. Thompson, W. T. Jordan, Jr., Bobby Strother, T. B. Rogers, Ted Huie. fig Third Table: Lampkin Guy, Jai-ksun Hodges, Jack McLaughlin. T77 Standing: David Speake Warren, Sidney Blackwell, Paul Brown, Billy Jones, and Tom Wiley, Page Forty-eight FUTURE HOME MAKERS GF AMERICA Dear Diary, How glad I am to belong to to the F. I-l. Al I have learned so many useful things that I never knew before I became a member. Our programs are most instructive and help to keep us a step ahead of all the other girls in school. In our club we learn things that we will never forget and that will be of real value in later life. Not only are we benefited by our membership in F. H. A., but we enjoy every single meeting. President . Vice President Secrelary . Treasurer Reporter Sponsor OFFICERS stuns rf ze we " Signed, F. I-I. A. KATHLEEN BRAZELTON MARY VIRGINIA ROBERSON MADGE BUTLER EUSTACE DOROTHY SWATZELL . MARY EMENS MISS LABOON I First Table: Doris McAllister, Mary McClure, Elizabeth Davidson, Ruby Best, Martha Frances Kilgore, Billye lmmel, Julia Weaver, Juyne Gunn, Mary Glasseock. 57 Second Table: Kathleen Brazelton, Miss La- Boon, Mary Virginia Roberson, Mary Emens, Ozell Isbell, Frances Allgood, Vivian Smith, Dorothy Swat- zell, Madge Eustace, Mildred Swatzell, Zana Dean Bradley. f' Third Table: Cynthia Glenn, Lula Beall Shropshire, Alma. Ray, Wylodinr2 Reeves, .Iuanice Griffin, Capitola Gaines, Nell lfielrls, Marie Murner, Martha Watson, Betty Dodson, Reba Hood. Standing: Gladys Kennedy. Beatrice Hargitt. Page Forty-nine LIBRARY CLUB History books, fiction books, reference books-bound together by mutual interest this group have worked toward the goal of deeper appreciation for the finer literary works. Then, of course, there are other students in school interested in the library and its books. The members aid them in their selection of books, as well as acting as guides in the library. In every respect, they seem to believe as Sir John Herschel did: "Give a man this taste ffor good bool-:sl and the means of gratifying it, and you can hardly fail of making a happy man." OFFICERS President . , , . EDITH YOUNG Vice President . , ELIZABETH DAVIDSON Secretary . . , ELOUISE THOMSON Treasurer . . SARA ELLNER Scribe . . VIVIENNE SMITH Sponsor . . Mus. W. T. JORDAN .9- -W I l ' M421 Sitting at Typewriter: Mrs. W. T. Jordan. its Standing at File: Frances Palmer. 1? Standing at Catalog: Marjorie Lovelace. sk Standing at Paper Rack: Elouise Thomson. ff' Seated, left to right: Margaret Buchanan, Edith Sheffield, Alma Doris Norton, Sara Ellncr, Ollie Mae Shafer, Mickey Green, Maxine McCutcheon, Edith Young, Bertha Sue Edwards. sf? Standing, left to right: Dolores King, Mary Ann Coolidge, Juanita Frank, Louise Standridge, Annelle McCulloch, Dorothy Swatzell, Evelyn Sneed, Betty Adeock, Edith Sybert, Ruby Best, Vivienne Smith, Lucile Colo, Charlcie Patterson. Page Fifty MASKS AND WIGS Blackened faces, foreign dialect from our own students, scraping of furniture behind stage-all familiar sounds to the ears of students waiting to see another play staged by our dramatics club. From the rank and file of this club are selected the characters for the coveted roles in our Senior Class play. After weeks of unseen preparation the Masks and Wigs step forth each year proudly to present a production well worth all the praise that could fill a page several times the size of this one. OFFICERS President . . CARL GREEN Vice President . . SIDNEY EVANS Secretary NANCY THOMPSON Treasurer . ELIZABETH DAVIDSON Reporter . , jo:-iN BOGGESS Sponsor . Mas. W. BROWN Fil are Haj' "'i il Gite, 1 N 3 5 w 3 On stage, left to right: Sidney Evans. Paul Masterson, Evelyn Childs, Theda Miller. if First Row, left to right: Homer Meadows, Carl Green. Nancy Thompson, Charles Murphy, Nellie Jane Warrick, Donald Whitmite, A. B. Harvey, Walter Kemmitzer, John Boggfess. fi Second Row, left to right: Elizabeth New- lin, Willodene Stevens, Doris Lee, Frances Vaughn, Florence Henderson, Elizabeth Davidson, Jack Lyle. ir Third Row, left to right: Mary Kate Nunprester, Marjorie Wilder. Billy Hoppers, Hugh Kaylor, Curtis Kaylor, Freddie Markham, Mrs. Brown. Fourth Row, left to right: Billy Fuller, Edith Farish, Caroline Barfield, Jane Harris, Earl Alverson. Page Fifty-one HOBBY CLUB The title, "Hobby Club," immediately arouses one's interest. "But,,' you say, "how can they discuss all the hobbies? Here I rudely interrupt to cell you just what this club is and the things for which it stands. Each member is given an opportunity to talk on his hobby. If a member hasn't a hobby? Then interesting speakers from clubs outside the school are asked to address and aicl them in their search by instructive talks on individual hobbies. OFFICERS President . . CYNTHIA GLENN Secretary-Treasurer . BETTY F. POINTER Program Chairman . DAVID ALLEN Sponsor , . MR. FOWLER K' :f'-' A lv fl I ' I ' l Seated, left to right: Cynthia Glenn, Kathleen Dendy, Wyllodene Reeves, Betty Foster Pointer, Rose Marie Looney, Mary Ford Tillery, Lula Beall Shropshire, Ann Kimbrough, Faye Lewis, David Hulse, Robert Chandler, Melvin True Rogers. sk Standing, left to right: David Allen, William Samuel, Russell Edward Speake, Helen De Lois Sherman, Mary Elizabeth McClure, Frank Richards, Marjorie Worley, Bertha Spiegel, Frances Fields, Gladys Kennedy, Billye McFerr-in, Letha Newell, Dorothy Powell, Leon Reeves, Betty McGehee, Jane Topp, Mahlon Trimble, William Reed, Douglas Cook, Omar Glass, Oliver Cox, with airplane, guest. Page Fifty-Iwo I QUESTERS' CLUB The Questers Club, taking for its motto, "To seek, to find," aims to develop in the minds of its members a lceener interest in, and better understanding of, the mysterious realms of science. The programs are planned to encourage active participation of members in experiments and demonstrations. Have fun? I should say they do! Who among them hasn't an explorative mind and doesn't thrill to the unfolding of a new formula right before his eyes? ' May it be said of the Questers, "They are seeking-and they shall findll' OFFICERS President . . . . . TOM WILEY Vice President . , SUE Rssviss GANN Secretary-Treasurer . MARY CORLEY Sponsor . . , . MR. MOODY W .sf 4e5? , 1 Left to right: James Beard. Harvey Farish, Billie Gillespie, James Norwood, Johnnie Hill, Chandler Rozear, Tom Wiley, Jr,, Charles Scales, Martha Frances Kilgore, Constance Peerson, Mary Corley, Sue Reeves Gann, Warren Sherrow, Hollis Cobb, Mary Virginia Bingham, Mr. Moody, W. T. Jordan, Frank Chenault, Howard Hovis. Page Fifty-three THE GALOIS GROUP Two and two make four and that's not all-a worthy aim plus a good membership equals a good club. As you know by now, this is none other than the Math Club. Not only do they delve into the mysteries of mathematics-its background as well as its solution --they are active! They could appropriately be nick-named the "go-gettersf' as their ability was exemplified in the amateur hour so successfully presented in our auditorium. If, in future years, you chance to hear an explanation of the fourth dimension, you'll smile wisely and say, "The Math Club is at work again!" OFFICERS President . . FRANCES JOHNSON Vice President , MARIE BREY Treasurer . . . Miss SMITH Secretary . . MILDRED LIVELY Sponsor , . MISS SMITH lbilz Q'3l'A1" J QR. 'WZ' J' 4:-' Seated at the Desk: Frances Johnson. if Standing: Marie Brey. First Row, left to right: Dorothy Compton, Helen Helfrich, Pauline Williford. if Second Row, left to right: Hazel Hess, Irene Johns, Mary Esther Marion. ii Third Row: left to right: Betty Dodson, Martha W'atson. - Last Row, left to right: Miss Smith, Alice Kimball. Page Fifty-four LAMBDA PI SIGMA FRATERNITY 'QI will prove to you Without a shadow of a doubtf,-immediately there comes to our minds the debating club that has made a name for itself, Lambda Pi Sigma. Their inter- club debates have attracted wide spread attention throughout the school system. Such a desire of young people to debate earnestly a question denotes progress and the Fraternity stimulates this interest by discussing with other clubs timely, important topics. In a lighter vein, the club has sponsored many and varied social activities for the entertainment of its members. OFFICERS Grand Master . . . WILLIAM REED Assistant Grand Master . MELVIN ROGERS Scribe . . . . . EDISON JOHNS Treasurer I ROBERT CHANDLER Secretary , JAMES NELSON Sergeant-at-Arms . HOLLIS COBB A ' Ie , ,!, - I ' Qin I i l heated at desk, left to right: David Allen. James Nelson, William Recd. ' Standing, left to riszht: Hollis Cobb. Edison Johns, H Seated, left to right, first row: James Bloudworth. Harry Pearce, Billy Campbell, Edgrar Sn-lf, Tommy Bingham, Horace Newell, Darrow Peebles, Robert Pettey. ' Second Row: Paul Lentz, James Holesapple, Melvin True Rovers. Mr. Kelly. James lie-luv, Elmer Loyd, Charles Abbott, Fred Mann, Billy Barker. Page Fiftyafive SPORT CLUB Fishing, hunting, basketball, softball-any or all recall to our mind the Sports Club. The members participate and express interest in all types of sports. This Club emphasizes not only physical strength but strength of ideals and purposes, fair play, and good sports- manship. Our athletic boys and girls are better fitted to participate in all school activities when sports are part of the school program. OFFICERS President , . DONALD NEBRIG Vice President . . EDWARD GRUBBS Secretary-Treasurer 4 EDNA ELIZABETH ADCOCK Sponsor Miss GARRETT P! 41 -455 First row of left group, left to right: Robert Draper, Donald Nebrig, Ed Meinhardt, Edna Elizabeth Adcock, La Vern Blizzard, Caroline Joiner, Elizabeth Anderson, Frances Pettey, Lucille Caudill, Helen Mae Brewer, Geraldine Whitt, Ruth Crafton, Sarah Mae Tingle. -iff Second row, left to right: James Meadows, Edwin Little, Webster McLeod, Edward Grubbs, Margaret Yarbrough, Sallye Lou Meinhardt, Ozell Isbell, Mary Glasscock, Bernice Teague, Alma Ray. if Third row, left to right: Samuel Gamble, Charles Rice, Homer Lane Draper, Everett Powell, Jack Pitts, Denson Burnum, Hilda Vaughn, Christine Vinfov- sk Fmt 'cw of riaht group, left to right: Zana Dean Bradley. Pam Littrell, Cecil Thornhill. Sara Thornhill, Edythe Wilson, Marie Murner, Marguerite Bethany, Margaret Perry, Helen Hansell, Gloria Carlisle. at Second row, left to right: Laura Mae Griffin, Willodine Jones, Johnnie Hannigan, Helen Wright, Cora Kelley, Dorothy Johnson, Pauline Williford, Juanice Griffin, Capitola Gaines. Page Fifty-fix "D" CLUB A boy who wears a "D" is a very fortunate person-Not only does he possess the letter, but he has been rewarded, not for fatiguing labor, but for his interest and devotion to a field in which he has proven himself vitally interested-athletics. This coveted letter is not easily obtained, but through constant and faithful practice he may win one in either the field of football or basketball. Riverside is proud of the wearers of the "Dv, May they each remember that the sense of sportsmanship they have gained is applicable to every phase of life. OFFICERS President . FRED SCARBROUGH Secretary . HOMER MEADows Sponsor . . H. L. OGLE P G ,giv- Front row, left to right: A. B. Harvey, Harold Self, Eldridge Cockrell, Carl Green, Sidney Evans, Farrell Tucker, Henry Ford Brazelton. Pete Drake, Paul Shafer, Earl Alverson. 1.7 Second Row: Coach Ogle, Mack Jacobs, Homer Meadows, Donald YVhitmire, Jackson Hodges, W. L. Spearman, Edward Smith, Fred Scarborough, Walter Kemmitzer. Pete Henderson. Page Fifty-seven U allusi- wax HHH half' "" pd' ,,s.Q NM 1 !EEiFMa A W X xl ff xg 5Ef?m ATHLETICS First row, left to right: Edward Johnson. Tommy Todd, Eldridge Cor-krell. Mat- Jac-obs, Donald Whit- mire, Paul Shafer, Carl Green. Marvin VVorli-y, Jai-kson Hodges, Homer Meadows. Seeond row. left to right: Earl Alverson. Billy Williams, Vauirhn l"ranc-es, Fri-d Scarborough. Pvti- Henderson, Pete Drake, Harold Self, Henry Ford lirazelton, Clyde Smith. Walter Todd. Sidney Evans. Third row. left to right: Coach Fuller, Farrell Tucker. Charles Ni-elvy, Paul Masterson. T. li. liugrors, Elbert MQMQ-ans, Bill Hunter. Billy Campbell, Marion Rainey. Lwmarrl Stark. Jimmy Robinson, Walter Kcmmitzer. Nown Sanders. Mahlon Yarlmruugh, Billy Duncan. VV. C. Hunter. Clyde Teagrus-. Donald Nvxvlin. Arnold Lane. Nero Brown. Charles Gilliam. Dave Tingle, Coach Ogle. "Last down and one to go"-Coaches "Shorty'7 Ogle and Aubrey Fuller trained these hrawny boys into a team that started off the season with a NBANGW. Their hard driving was checked when they hit a stone wall-the freshmen of Birmingham-Southern. Led hy Captains i'Dead Eyei' Meadows and "Demon7, Scarborough, these lads showed plenty of spunk, even in the face of defeat. Those loud-mouthed cheer leaders. A. li. Harvey, Wessie Pilchr-r, and Charles Murphy, kept up the spirit of the team with their capable direction of enthusiastic yells. Tucker and Johnson, nurse maids to the boys, were al- ways ready with the medi- cal kit and water bucket. Qur RED ENDS HOMER MEADOWS, Co-Captain Showed his ability as captain by urging the other boys on to victory. He will be missed next year, for his dauntless spirit is essential to any game. ELDRIDGE COCKRELL A fast-charging end, always alert and ready to "stop that man." SIDNEY EVANS "Sid', showed coach he could not only warm the bench, but also play a scrappy game of football TACKLES MACK JACOBS Mack, a strong and stalwart Raider, opened many holes for his husky backs. JACKSON HODGES "Pee Weei' Hodges held his side of the line in an iron grip and won many honors. WALTER KEMMITZER !'Little Gumpu is a sturdy tackle who never gave an inch without a struggle. ELBERT MCMEANS "Little Mac", though he did not play regularly, was a great asset to the squad. GUARDS DONALD WHITMIRE, Co-Captain-Elect l "Lard', was the key man of the team, playing guard, l tackle, and fullbaclcg a coachis dream. l l l MARVIN WORLEY, Co-Captain-Elect 1 Marvin, a fleet guard, who blocked hard, was a ' wedge in the line. l T. B. ROGERS, JR. l 'tDutchH was a swift little man, always ready to do l his best. BILLY WILLIAMS Bill was of much value this year, but will probably be much better next year. RAIDER CARL GREEN, Co-Captain-Elect "Shug,s', ability to center the pigslcin won him much glory. PAUL SHAFER "Rod's,' specialty was hard tackling and backing up the line like a Bengal tiger. BACKS HENRY FORD BRAZELTON Henry was one of the best blocking backs we had and proved his judgment as a field general. EARL ALVERSON "Lefty" was a shifty, hard-driving back who came to us from Tennessee and who proved to be of great value to us. FRED SCARBOROUGH, Co-Captain I-le was one of the hardest lighting backs that led the Red Raiders in battle. CLYDE SMITH Clyde was a worthy player and will be better in the future, we predict. PETE DRAKE 'llsive-Yard Drake" earned his name by lugging the leather in twirling manner. PETE HENDERSON Pete,s Ueducatedv toe kicked us out of many tight spots. He was also a good runner. HAROLD SELF Harold, who has already come into the limelight, is a hard-blocking back and will be of great value K0 US next Year. WALTER TODD "Sonny,' has hands that seem to draw the ball to him. I-las he ever missed a pass? We wonder. Left to right: Vaughn Francis, Jimmie Roberson, Leonard Stark, Walter Kc-mmitzer, Clyde Teague, Harold Self, Earl Alverson Nshoot that goallv-these baslceteers, coached by "Shorty,' Ogle, have come through with flying colors. They got off to a slow start, but with the addition of Brazelton and Coclcrell to che quintet, dribbled on to a fine record. Captain Coclcrell showed his ability to lead the boys in every game. Vaughn Francis-"Venn is a shifty, little forward that will shine next year, even brighter than this year. Jimmie Robertson-Jimmie came to us from Trinity and shot his way into a berth on the team. Leonard Stark-"Len,' is one of our swiftest guards, and really covers the court. Walter Kemmitzer-Q'Little Gump", our center, has been with us for three years, he has alwa s la ed a clean ame. Y P Y g Clyde Teague-"Teague" is a new-comer but will prove a very valuable man in the future. Harold Self-We wonder where Self learned to dribble. He not only fooled us, but also, the other teams. Earl Alverson-"Lefty" is our spot man, and a good falcer. He was high scorer for five consecutive games. Henry Ford Brazelton-Henry is a guard that not only covers the floor, but also fakes, shoots, and dribbles. Eldridge Coclcrell, our captain. You wouldn't think he is a guard, the way he breaks and shoots. Mack Jacobs-Mack has won quite a reputation by his wind-up before he malces that goal. Page Sixty-four GIRL "Pass that ball!"-Coach Aubrey Fuller trained these lasses and produced the most suc- cessful team we have ever had. They lost only one game during the entire seasong this was to Austinville, in the Hnals of the County Tournament. Evelyn Childs and Ada Ruth French had no trouble in winning a place on the All-County team. Theda Miller-We have seen Theda as forward and guard in the past two yearsg we regret she has to leave us. Evelyn Childs-All records were broken when Evelyn scored 48 points in one game of the tournament. She was chosen All-County forward. Elizabeth Mooney-"Trixie', is a good little center who came to us from Moulton Heights. Watch her next year. Ada Ruth French-"Snoolcie', is our Captain and she led our team through an unde- feated season. She won All-County honors. Pam Littrell--Pam is one of the best guards we have seen in several years. We believe she will win many honors next year. Zana Dean Bradley-We wonder why Zana Dean doesn't frame that pass combination to Childs which won so many games? On court, left to right: Theda Miller, Evelyn Childs, Elizabeth Mooney, Ada Ruth French, Pam Lit- trell, Zana Dean Bradley. , In group, front row, left to right: Lucile Cauclill, Zulee Alexander, Gloria Carlisle, Helen Hansell, Jane Harris, Nellie Jane Warrick. if Back row: Ozell Isbell, Florence Hen- derson, Virflinia Calvin, Frances Pettey, Rose Crow, Caroline Barfield Page Sixty-five FTBALL "Iris a hit!"-and the team started what proved to be a successful year. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Reed, the lads of this sturdy and dependable hall club scrapped hard and played to win. Ed Johnson, "Sonny', Todd, and "Venn Yarhorough could always malce a hit and save the game. Each player was always alert for the signal from Manager Brazel- ton. The season was completed with thirteen victories and only four losses. Front row, left to rixzhtz Edward Johnson, Mahlon Yarlrrouyh, Ted Huic, Donald Whitmire, Marvin Wor- ley, Paul Masterson, Tommy Todd that boyl. lizxek row, left to right: Henry Ford llrazelton fman- HQUPII, Walter Todd, A. G. Campbell, Shelby Cole, Harold Self, Eubern Hzilbrooks, Sidney Evans, Mr. Kewl lSpm1sur'p Page Sixty-six C Y ? Qxxg FEATURES 1' Meaalows NICRI Ho FAVCDRITES wwf? jack Pihf Mary McC!ure S E N I C R F A V C R Clzarfes AZJZJOH S E N I C R I I T E S MCDST PQPULAR BOY CQVZGTQQW ,f S 1 S .. Tnp Row: Mary Viruinizl Roberson, In-st hvartud: J uc-l-Q Tan kurslvy :1 ml Billy D11m'z1n, lu-st flrvfs- Od boys: Nl 21 1' y Kula- Numlefuw. muft rlcluml- ably-2 Arla Ruth Iflwlxn-h. besl sywrt, girl. Su'- nnri How: Kzlthorim- Bus- wcll. fxvutwl: If u 1' l Gran. In-t sgmrt, buy: Ma1'jo1'iv I,41x'ul:1m-. .inl- lin sl: Iilizzxlwn Lh Dux iwl- fon. m U s t 1-r,nLuni:xI: Jcssic VVilscm Hnwlzlnrl. frienrllif-fl. Third ruw: Elberl LL-v Jully, must intvllixlvnt hwy: Doris VVuhl, must intvlliggvnt gzlrl: Jac-11 Mr-Lalluhlin, best all-rollml hwy! Evv- lyn Childs, hc-sl all-1'oun4i girl. Ifnurth Row: Nanny 'I'h0n11ms41n, lu-sl dressed flirl: Cumlim- Barficlcl, lu-st wmnwrszx- tionalist: Bert Murphrvv, most studious. 4 7222 END I ' mm? "W 3 Q 1-Wg! f f D KIT TIMBERLAKE

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