Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL)

 - Class of 1935

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Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 28 of 88
Page 28 of 88

Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 27
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Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 29
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Page 28 text:

Prnult Cartwrlgllt mis tlu D In mt Blum at H 11 Ilu pro LbbOI' of Nlfxtl matics if thu sum LIUIXLFSIIX xx 1s C nrull NHL11 mm Sum Cnuzlhlll was IIN, uulnx tn m mi ilu A11 wma rnprunntatlub m Congrub U21 Russnll uns ilu Plum lxpulnmntor m tu IDLPIFUDLIIY of grnu run I saw m this nmn dnpirrrmur linux Smurs Iii wis the Nut cLllfLII'15I Tu Naflklllil SWIININIIIQ flnnnpwxm of 1247 xx 18 I myd IJIIIMDOFL Bom Stuart Publnb and li Llxu Inu sw Jun gxrllm wd ambxrlom rnallze They were both lnppllx murud -lic Nlorrow vmb 1 polo Llnrnpmn of tm Q Marslmall Sindlm wis 1 Hama NWFLILI Lan Hallurt vms tmulmg im ilu H1 four fompiny snllmg rmgs 'md 1llV1I3 mom to semorb E ward Nlmdows Ind dLNLlOplLI flu M Coffu blmp mto 1 Lham 0 Lof u 5hops and was will hkid wx ill ms unplouu GlVlI1g up tlu ldca of bum: 1 :mmm snr I llX'll'I Burl-xx turned to rlu nut vest tlung bemg a sgrlpt glrl Ceha Bonner Davxb vns rxvalmg lmmlx Post vx1tl1 lur books on etlqunttc After a bfllllallf collugg footlwll mrur Bob Gxlbrnatlm Ind turned 1115 atrnn mom to mechanical LI1g1I1tt.l'1X'lg Pave Hargxtt 'md Loum Sutton nun coprom1Lmr5 of 1 dress shop LaVerne Allen was WI'lUl1g 111 Adwlu to tlu Lovelorn column m a weekly magazme Her burntary Wu Ruth Pml1111u115'11p Thelma Beams and Nancm Lovnll w rg o1sLLtball coaches ane Blackwnll was 1 lwuur for Mirslnll Y1 ld Sk Compiny m Clucwgo Paul Brvant wa5 a lawyer and xx 1s Immun 15 flu mcond Roderlck Bnddow of the South Bnatrxce Xvalkmr and 'Vlxlducl Ru mu cluld Uulllllllg dlI'LCIOI'S x11 a dav nur ser Bruce Hmm, havin Ind wonchriul tmmm' m flu vroccr bummsb all lm 5 B 5 Y llfe, was now one of the wall know I1 QI11111 qrocerx nan of IIIL day Douglas olmson sms a mul k'lI'I'lLt on 1 ruml dnlxury route Mary Emma George xx 15 traulmg for flu Roni Bakmg Powder Compiny as a cookmg school tnaclmcr Mary Llttrcll lxcaubi of lur wmmmf muh xx 1x po 1115 for tooth paw. ads Anne Harvey was an lnurxor dccorator Iottle MCCL1tcl1111 tool-X much prldf IIT IIN. grnuxlmmm of wluch slu wab pro prletor Otha Black was the IUIIIISILI' of 1 Jn rch 'md Ind is om of lus most devout deacons Charlgs Lawrencn Because of lur blond bnuty Dorothy Adcoclx Ind non fum on tho. smgn Sha had as her devoud guardnn Ruth I11gL1c THE GOLDEN MEMORIES f24J 1. L4 L gl. 'IL , . .. .-.. , . . A ' .. 5 . no m .l. . . g .. H l .. .. . .. I . Av l , , . . , V1 , . . . .. .. - . I . - . , . - - 1 - .x . e-. on . . . lc ' Y' 4 . . 1 . .mu 'x. K ml A ., I - x L ' R - , -- . . . d' 4 . 1 . px . . 1. - .. . ,. ' 'mf 1 Y . ' ' " ' X . , , .. . . - g , , ,... Q ., . 1 ' , . C - x x u xl fx x 'L . . 97 . . . - Y K. L L K . . . , , - , . x s 'x x ' v 1 . . . , - .. :, Y - . x f K . ,. 1. ' x 1 , b . . .... K. . , , . . . . K .K . , g -

Page 27 text:

IVlar1e I-Iogans l11e long desm l11e1 11 ll 11111111 1 She was happlly marrled 11d settled 1I1 an adorahle IULIIIQWIOM 011 the stage lfl a New York Ihc 1t1r M11111111 Sherman and XV1ll11n1 Iew1s were a ll0Wl1I1g success 111 1 feth 1 and son act Marle S1n1pson was known exerxwher' for her famous Advantages of Spln sterhood sp eches Some of her ardent 1dn111ers 1nd supporters were Katherme Hoppers Irances Poer a11d Om lVIorr1s P11 Irwln see1ng that lf w 1s usele ss to pmpose 'lily longer to l all1e Mae ew ell, 11ow a tap ancer, had deuded t d d1e1te llIS llle to the studv of pl1armacv ul1a Dent Woodard, a WLIICRIL 1 crker and lVlarjor1e Chunn, a state health nurse were do111 ver con1n1endal1le work t1rou rhout Alabama 1 g Y 51 Dorsey Speer was the pres1den1 of one of tn lugest 11rsl11p lmes 111 the Ulnted States I saw a large dog kennel Invesr1g1t111s1 111rt111r I learned that lVIarjor1e Ph1 n1zy was the owner of tl11s kennel and t 11t she was engaged to a veter111ar1a11 azme I learned tl1at Bobby Anderson was 1 verx 1uceess1ul doctor a11d was also 111 love w1tl1 l11s ofhce nurse Tlns nurse lnppeneu to he 11one otl1er tl1a11 tl1e lovelv hrunette, Ruth FYHUCIS Edward Kullman and Tom Speer were co p1lots for tl1e 70th Century Trans Atlanuc Alr L1ne Cec1l1a Alexander was a 'NLICCCSSILII journahst for the New York T1mes Robert Isentz was rhe d1recto1 o the An11r1c1n Nluseum of Natural Hlstory I-Ie l1ad as h1s very competent asslstants L Nlatthews and Fred Enghsh I saw a large heauuful hosp1tal I nmrd I'llKlI'lQ 1nd laugl1ter and upon look 1ng bv a large tree o11 the hosp1t1l grounds I s1w s xeral nurses rest1ng As I drew nearer I I'LCOgI11Z6d them as 11 111g N11 r1 Sapp IEIHIIIL Isuely I-Ielen Sl1ropsh1re and Sarah Stroud I gathered from the COIIVCYSRTIUH rh1t 'here were several attracuve 1nter11es ID th1s hosp1tal I hnauy caught the n1111es There were Wesley Cook ohn Fehx Wl11te, and ack Kelley Harold Vaughn had take11 tl1e place of B111 Clnlds rad1o s g1ft to the lad1es Kane Waddell was rhe P111 s1eal Edufanon rra1ner at a g1rls camp VIVIHH Hanmgan was the home eco11on11cs 1 1eher 111 Decatur S?I1l0I' I-hgh School Paul Draper a11d Ewell BFISCOC were 11val lnsehall managers Paul was man ager of tl1e St Lotus Cardlnals, and had as one of l11s star p1fLl1t'l'S W1lse1n Burle son Ewell BFISCOC was managmg the Clvcago fuhs 1nd l1e had as l11s r1ght hand man, Emory Vmson ane DAVIS was the 1.312-IIIISI 111 1 very popular orehestra wh1cl1 broadcasted da1lv Olen Drake was one of the most p1pu1ar sports con1ment'1tors of tl1e dav NINETEEN THIRTY FIVE 1231 '1 '- 'A , Y 1-' 1 I J 51,1 1- .A cc", 1 ' . 1 ' it " ' n ' L1 '- er - H1 ' -1 . ' ' V x yu ' I I ' v P' X. A - 7, I ' ' , J xq h K .Qc d 1-' 1 O S '-L 1 "1 1 - i , , J . H Ax WAHM , . 4 kk 1 - ' 1 1 If 1 1 I B' -'f I . I x I l I Il I g v . KY! V-N ' Wendell Terr was an art editor of rhe "XX7o111a11,s Home Com anionv Ma - P f 1 - - K 1 - If -1- I ' . . . , 11- v. 1 - A - I' - - - ' aa 1 ' . . F 1 1 ' K -1 '- 1 . . , , . , I . In e v 4 - , c n A x I l L E I ' . ' '. ' '1. , , ,. , , . . I D - - Q f- - a - x - as , me , ' .' 1 1, ' k f

Page 29 text:

Iutxle Chenault was a well known baby sptcxahst and had as her asslstant 'Vladolyn lVIcKn1ght Margaret Nlchols and fshrlstme Simms wtro. tourlng the Unlted States enttr lllg Glbgllllg Nlarathons Ij0I'lb Berry was tht second Song? Bird of tht South and sang daxly over the N1t1onal Broadcastxnb Company Llmbtrh Ann Humphrey was the head technician 111 Vandtrb1lt Hospital I'rtd Stxpe was dlstrlct manager of the H G H111 Stores m Alabama SINIIII Tumble was president of the Nletropolxtan Lxfc Insurance Company I was grattfied to see that Brll Brook and Chrxstxne Olllif were at last hap u y launched on the sea of matrlmony Idranccs Anne Green was Dean of Xvomtn at Iwontevallo Margaret Ixmg and ane Nevxlle were models ln a shop at Parts France Gladys Lamer and Lxsabeth Martln were teacners at Bnbb School Howard Bowhng was a noted basketball coach at the Unxversxty of Kentucky Ray Ch1lds was almost as well known ln pohtlcs as Huey Long Due to hls splendld abxhty as a surveyor Kenneth Byrd was get mg rxch qulck Harold Smxth had taken over hls father s busmess and was selhng automoblles osephme Melnhardt was rhe teacher of a school of expressxon 1n New York f'1ty Cllfton Kxmbrell was a travelmg salesman for Mary T Goldman Halr Dye Company As these v1s1ons faded from vxew I started to resume my stuclyxng I plcked up my book wlnch had fallen to the floor and read the followlng hnts The earth hath bubbles as the water has and these are of them Slgned MADOI YN IVICKNIGHT NINETEEN THIRTY FIVE 251 4 B 4 . . 4 4 Q - N Q . P! ' ' .YY X 7 , . . 'P ' 7, ' 1 7 - -4' lvl y ty ' it L D . D L A ' I l - I l ' i'. D l I l ' ul I - pl . ' ' ' . rv L l ll ' I . . , .... . J ' ' . . . , . I 4 x 1 , . . . . , . . . , , , . . . ,, ,. 7 ,Y ., , .

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