Decatur High School - Decanois Yearbook (Decatur, IL)

 - Class of 1924

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Decatur High School - Decanois Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 198 of 216
Page 198 of 216

Decatur High School - Decanois Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 197
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Page 198 text:

'BN X jr- -l1'9NYP: - - -V., eau !-woes i On Punishing Our Pup The axle of our family is our puppy. The entire family program rotates around the wants and desires of one small egotistical piece of puppy- hood. No, we are not all lunatics as some of our neighbors would designate us-we are simply dog-lovers. The cause of all this daily excitement is a small fox-terrier by the name of Sparkplug. He is about a foot and a half long, black with white stomach and feet and he has a most knowing way of cocking his head on one side, raising one ear and the opposite foot and emitting a staccatto bark of defiance at any stranger. For months, the youngest member of our household had begged her father vainly for a dog, but there seemed to be little chance of her getting her desire. Mother objected because of the extra care and I objected merely on general principles. On Christmas eve, when Daddy came in, we made the usual concentrated rush toward him for the papers. As we reached for them, he parted his coat lapels and a little dog-face peered out. A mad scramble ensued and Sparkplug was duly installed as a member of our house- hold, supposedly the present of the entire family, which point was to be much disputed in the days to come. The favorite occupation of this diminutive piece of humanity is the mastication of the wraps on the hall settee, especially fur. As a result many long agonizing moments are spent in compound punishment which hurts the entire family, I think, worse than the victim. He is claimed vigorously by every member of the family at a time like this, except the one whose fur has receivd the injury. As I sat at the dinner-table a few nights ago, I was surprised to see my grey fur choker vanish around the corner of the davenport in the living- room. Not willing to believe that the miraculous time of Arabian Nights and Sinbad had come back, I felt almost positive that it had been propelled by some lmman force. Knowing that all the members of the family but one were safely seated at the table, it seemed logical that this member was the guilty person. I stole softly in and saw the fur piece and Sparky lying side by side under the davenport. I pounced on him and began to admin- ister a well-deserved beating. At the first well-feigned howl, in rushed my sister and violently took up his side. Father and Mother followed in swift succession and I was rapidly ejected from the fray. To hear the continued howls of Sparky an onlooker would be led to believe that he was standing on the brink of the famous river Styx and was being annihilated by the six heads of the canine guardian there. The rest of the evening I was treated as an outcast. My family had formed a unani- mous society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals against me simply be- cause I had punished the dog. Since "a house divided against itself cannot stand," I fear greatly for the safety of our domicilic edifice after every misdemeanor of the dog. MARTHA HOLT, '24, Page 74

Page 197 text:

r tfsaisi wa aaa of the gentler sex. The one under observation is, beyond doubt, a person very particular in dress and manner: and truly she is, on closer observation. Next come a pair surrounded by many others of like appearance, that I immediately conclude belong to a man from the college in our town, as they are the most stylish pair of sport shoes ever to grace a pair of airdales. My guess was correct in this case also, with an .Xlpine hat as proof. Ton limos, '24, Il The shoe is the key to character. It has been said that the face, par- ticularly the eye and nose, denotes specific traits more easily than any other part of the human body but I aiu convinced that the shoe tells more secrets. Did you ever sit in a street car--one of those old-fashioned ones with the seats running lengthwise of the car-and allow your eye to look only at the feet of the persons all down the line? Doubtless you would see shoes that were large, small, old, new, glazed, neat or ragged. The shoes that speak the loudest are those that say they are hurting the toes on the inside. Shoes hold a charm for me that I caimot explain. There are persons who never have unpolished shoes and this indicates that the person is mod- erate in everything he does, is even-tempered and individualistic. XVhile the persons wearing polished shoes part of the time and unpolished, shabby shoes other times, are likely to be carefree, Hiffhtv, imaffinative and moody. b . Z3 Doieor H Y I' n.sox, Z-l. Pictures I sat down after supper to write a theme according to detinite steps of procedure as I had been instructed. But unfortunately someone laid the newest magazine down beside me and of course, I had to stop, 'Ajust to look at the pictures." You all know how a magazine cover entices one. The tirst article was on the subject of personality and how to improve it. .Xs important an article as that I couldn't afford to miss, so I read it, trying to justify myself by saying that it was an important side of my education which had curiously been neglected at school. After that I idly thumbed the pages until I was suddenly stopped by a picture of a man leaning at a dangerous angle over a high cliff with obviously no means of support. Imagine my surprise when I learned that he was leaning against an one hundred mile an hour gale of wind. That made it necessary to read the article which dealt with arctic explorers. Then there was an article about the customs house at New York. That might prove very valuable in economics. The last picture I "looked at" was the smiling face of a young lady with gleaming teeth. Underneath, "Use Colgates daily." just then the clock struck ominously. At the eleventh stroke I rose wearily and prepared for bed, thinking sadly of what was in store for me the next day. FRED XY. IQAISER. Page 7

Page 199 text:

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