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i ' V 006 WMM 6 . Y, 'mv' W L. ' -f-- .j I Q 0 s r 0 o fi-' ' I "1"-?"' ,B Q! 'Q ' JZ4 Q, 5 I o 0 Q ' x , I f M Z 0 QM., WMM? ai Egg Swkxlw .L WA 3 6.16 QW 21 ffy,?,S,WM 9552? Q3 "2 A ZZ! 3 I A .lj fu L 6-.,,1.fQL" 5 P3 RS ogg G J Afjdw 7 Qawzif ? F as HQ . fm? ff? ZM 9"f0 'cf , , gf ei ,af.df , gk ff - dl, 242,443 4:1429 ff jx ' GU "'-1,41-fxfhxffilfa 'fijJjii' 3 V , ' I J ' if is 'S"f5p-01? 'fffwf' Q'ff"?' f ." gf, QE aw bb .4 ,iw ! Q,M,, vB,G Q,7: f-m.:z.f.,...f...1 .df ' i w-- - 1 -'1"" """--rlY'rv-'nf' -H'-'W' H M-' - - , . . -,, , . Q2 QB? CK, '-Q1-six' Z , 1 C' X , 1 .- ' ff IKM' f Rf- wh FQ QS MWAWQQ ??lh2i9QW?QKQ .M,-Mx! fjQERyiQg,D, gxygxf WW 562 f Q JvaK fVffff Q 'W WWA 73 wxsvx ffcw Wgmjjffgeff Wjpljlof y 51 Xijgfn' MMM W K f i Ex w W'ffL"f W 0 if M Wff'Wj wmv W M? , , ff MW WWW W if WMWWW W gUgi , O pWWfv ' 5535 W iig?ffQ'f2f 353 S gfjfjlpgjif 38? JM xiii 1 Q iiigi QW Q ww , 2 M' xii! W M f pjifwjqfffw if 2 2138? Wwgwy W C5 Q 'Y -If "T-Q' G Qu .Q- " . Q du' 1, ' 36,9 m.w3,3 ywvy -My J ' -'A jx, xQ,r-1" I9 7 H'-3' J 'JK affxkvw' NDP DH' ' xy W f Y", .V I 4, AXA, fijI,f'Ly. yr SAK Q. inrvyy-:XUJNM, A 1' 15,1 if, V336 I' .1 E 'Elk Xl' , tb, ia, , f" M5 5P lwg' 1"3 Xyaf ,Hx-I, X L 'wg rj-'ix K: Us i x J , gxvi- ' NQQSG' Citi' I pup! I My 5X,gf N 15f,,iW,Q'f'if af ' Qggfixilgk-Y QCEYI mf' 'Vg QA' J' XM, Ay vi , W N928 my ,J M sffwafw Ap ,W f W W X .E ' . E ,H i lx ! N V N' .U XJ 1 P V. My IU? 5 V ITM any filygufvpy ,, ll! N JV WW XJIVM WE aff JK 'wfmf f fp M ff' WKZWJ559 555 aaaaaaa Wifi A1 Q1 v ffiaffif fi if ,XJ Xl Iv wp v5' ifr' . ww my if XF 'x NB v X K V g' ., 3 y!' , va I 1 , X . ex 1. L 4 x Yvfyfly 'u U kv . . . . C'AW, W ,JJ Jfgiy M . . . ..... QZUWJ paffiy '.S?eir guoineu Manager Organizaliana gyifar . . . . . . paafagraffy gzbfar jacuhy gchfar . . . . . . . ,gzniarf gmlfar . . . . . . Cara! mc6 Juniam, gahfar . . F . . . . .Sieve ' 411 add, .S32p!Lamare5' Cfzhfar . . . ..... ce Z i jreJAmen3 Eahfar . . . .... lgagaln gaigrl le L .jfloiafa ..... . . . gfadn fa .fdaluijer ......... .Ann .gielrarwb 7716, aw' 10451555 afaowffgi o , c 7 fy,q,0LUfC!4,,f .fwfv fflfivadf ,L-'auf' Q ,cffvfifff fgfwkkfgffv ff, ,MV if Cl ,wwf yfwffy 74f'f5f0fQ2 flmfvf CM- Wm amff iw fW54"':'M"L"' ffl Ill:-. Ray Holgft Things I Believe-- That there is no substitute for thought. That there is need for more inductive reasoning and less deductive reasoning. That we must be mindful of the rights of others as well as the needs of others. That friendship is not bought but earned. That a pei-son's success is determined more by the application of the abilities he has than by the native ability he possesses. That initiative should always be recognized and re- warded. That the Golden Rule will always be a good rule to live by. That to be successful, it is necessary to have goals. That mo st people use only a very small part of their native ability. That civilization cannot exist long unless there is a belief in the Deity. That all people are fundamentally honest and decentg it is only their sense of values that sometimes be- become distorted. That everyone should practice introspection. 3 fn Memoriam We, the staff of the Bear Log, wish to set aside this page as a memoriam to a well-known and highly respected member of the Deadwood High School faculty, who died early in January, 1959. Ray H. Holst was a man of fine character with a definite feeling of responsibility for the future of all young people with whom he carne in contact. However, we feel that it is not our place here to laud and extol. We sincerely believe that Mr. Holst's "Faculty Speaks" column, published in the Bruin shortly before his death, brings out the magnitude of his thoughts and his true self- lessness in a better way than we could do with our own words. --s 'V A I , I 554 -'an-iw A " mark TWELVE YEAR STUDENTS: First row, left to right: Patsy Steinlicht, Julia Clark, Helen Pon- tius, Arlene Jacobson. Second row: Roana Merritt, Dave Roesler, Dave Curtis. Third row: Cal Minard, Charles Sederstrom, Adam Hudson. Fourth row: Mr. Krug and Mr. Berger, both of whom have been with these students through their entire course of study. 4 I In 1928, Harry S. Berger came to the Deadwood Public School and assumed the post of superintendent, a position which he has held since that tirne. In the position of superin- tendent, Mr. Berger administers to and directs the school as a whole. He received his B.S. degree from Northeast Missouri State Teachers' College in Kirksville, Missouri and his M.A. degree from the University of Missouri in Colurnbia. He completed his graduate work at the University of Colorado in Boulder. 14 mini trati e Ufficem lb IJ S Robert H. Krug, principal of the Dead- wood High School, came here in 1925. For two years after his arrival, he was the sci- ence and mathematics instructor in the high school and in 1927, he was given the high- school principalship. Since 1927, he has worked steadily at the job of raising the ethical standards of the students as well as improving their scholastic standards. He received his B.A. degree from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois and then went on to obtain his M. A. degree from the University of Wisconsin. as-.4 The Student Council is a true replica in minia- ture of the all-school governing body, the School Board. Presided over this year by president, Judy Cartner, the Council has accomplished several goals which will be of lasting interest to the school as a whole. Perhaps the mo st important action taken by the Council this year was the decision to set up a memorial for the late Mr. Ray Holst who died suddenly in the early part of the month of Janu- ary, l959. Their drive for funds was a true suc- cess in every sense, and their goal of an annu- ally awarded math trophy to the highest ranking math student in the high school is rapidly materi- alizing. Again this year, the Council presented the Cr le of Ethics to the students for their consider- ation and approval. Aiding Judy Cartner this year in the adminis- tration of the Council were Steve Sibell, vice- president, Randy Latimer, Secretary, and Mr. Robert Krug, advisor. Student Council Officers President-- Judy Cartner Vice-President- - Steve Sibell Secretary- - Randy Latimer Advisor-- Robert Krug School Foliciu dre fn terpreteol 69 Student Council V Student Council: Back row, left to right: Helen Pontius, Sharon Cooper, Ronald Dyvig, Randy Latimer, Mary Alice Stangle, Mr. Robert Krug, Advisor. Front row, seated, left to right: JoEllen Stangle, Steve Sibell, Judy Cartner. 2 Seated, left to right: William Grieb, Albro Ayres, "Bud" Coburn, Elmer Pon tius, Carleton Gorder, Raymond Roth, Harry Berger, Harold Mitchell. egiiflati e Uvice o b IJ S The School Board, the governing body of Deadwood Public School as well as of Deadwood High School, had a full year of projects this year. The presi- dent, Elmer Pontius, led the Board into such actions as the revision of the teachers' salary schedule. The installation of a meeting room for the Board of Education on the first floor was one of the major projects which affected the Board most closely. They also instigated the re-decoration of the rooms on the second floor of the grade school building. The construction of a new bridge on the school grounds and replacement of the roofs on the building because of hail damage were two of the construction programs undertaken by the Board. Secretary "Bud" Coburn aided Mr. Pontius in administering to the Board and making possible a thoroughly successful year for both the school and the city. 7 Mrs. Dorothea Williams Psychology, Sociology, Civics, World History, U. S. History, Personal and 'Social Adjustment Sophomore Sponsor, B. S. Degree in History and Social Science from B. H. T. C. ibm lb Isl S ?aculty SIX r Mrs. Velma Butterfie English 9, Libra ia , Bruin Adviser B.S. De ree in ucation from B.H. T.C. if Mr. Cecil Stoner Physical Education, Coaching B. S. Degree in Physical Education from B. H. T. C X Mr. John P. Williams I Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Gen l Science, Sci- ence Club, Senior Sponsor B.S. Degree in Science from B.H. T. C. 1. . fff. . i . , f iv. S. Ling Miss Ann Siebrands Q5 English, Debate, Yearbook Adviser Junior Sponsor B. S. Degree in English and Speech from B. H. T. C. .40 .1 W- '45 , f . Miss Mary Craig ' '51 TJ! Sen! Vocal Music, Dramatics, Glee Clubs M. A. in Speech from University of Wyomingx. ...J C7 J vglqr , X Miss Yvonne Hobbs Secretary to the Principal O Mrs. Marrilyn Russell Secretary to the Superintendent Mrs. Nelson Latin, Latin Club B.A. Degree in Latin from niversity of South 'VS fe Ve,-to ad Mrs. Hilda McCleave Commercial Courses, Senior Sponsor B. A. Degree in English from College of Emporia, Ernpor ia, Kansas. My . 1 Mrs. Robert Krug Physical Education, G. A. A. , Cheerleaders B. A. Degree in Physical Education from Univer sity of South Dakota. .,L Mr. David Strain Biolog, Gen'l. Science, Driver Education, Coach- ing, B.S. Degree in Applied Arts and Science from South Dakota State College. if 1' 4 'fins gtg Mrs. Oretta Jastroff English, World History, and Journalism B.A. Degree in English from Augustana College. ,f' 59 K f '-J' ' Miss Jean Van Heuvelen Home Economics B.S. Degree in Home Economics from Dakota Wesleyan. Mr. Roger Tigert Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Sophomore Sponsor, B. S. Degree in Education from Univer- sity of South Dakota be ' mf .X Cn, s We L Q , A Mrs. Winifred Westwood French, English ll and 12 B. A. Degree in Music from Ohio Wesleyan 1 i Mr. LaVerne Clark Instrumental Music Pep Band, A and B Bands B.S. Degree in Music Education from B.H. T. C. Mr. J. Ora Horsfall Mechanical Drawing, Home Mechanics .. Thy, S Manual Training Freshman Sponsor B.E. Degree in Agriculture and Industrial Arts from Plattville State, Wisconsin. 'f Senior Class Officers President ..... . . .Charles Sederstrom Vice President ..... David Miller Secretary. . . . . . Leatha Heinrich Class Flower ....... White Rose Motto .... . . . Success Crowns Patient Effort Colors.. . ....... Mint Green and Silver Seniol-A About to turn a new page in their book of life, the class of '59 looks back over its partially completed volume and finds it filled to the brim with nurnerous incidents of fun and accomplish- ment. Starting with 69 members and dwindling down to 39, this class has been the smallest through its four years, but the effect it had on the school was anything but minor. The scholars and ath- letes of this class have given Deadwood High School many honors. Leading the class through its four years of high school have been class presidents, Cal Min- ard, Patsy Steinlicht, David Roesler, and Charles Sederstrom. Classhomecoming queens were Arlene Jacobson-1955, Margie Lindstrom-1956, Julia Clark- 1957, and Leatha Heinrich-1958 senior queen. Patty Whalen, All-School Queen and her attend- ants, Judy Cartner and Barbara Rachetto, reigned over 1958 Bear Day activities. As juniors, the class very successfully presented "Maudie and the Opposite Sex" as their class play. The seniors chose "Tower Room Mystery" for their final production. Another project of this class as juniors, was the prom and banquet which was very cleverly planned and won high commendation for its originality. The theme of the event was " Hernando's Hideaway." Boys' State representative honors went to David Roesler and Stanley Hughes. Helen Pontius was chosen as the delegate to Girls' State and was also honored with the DAR Good Citizenship Award. Roana Merritt received the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award. Four members of the class of '59 served as cheerleaders. They were Julia Clark, Patty Whalen, Margie Lindstrom, and Judy Cartner. The seniors finish this chapter of their life and show signs of completing their life's story with just as happy an ending. x f f risk f BX ts -D dx aa 13 I fx 156' Y .1 George Auer--Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 4 43 2,3, . Shirley Beckman--Girls Glee Club 2, Christ- mas Play 1. 'V-21 Lee Ann Ackley--G.A.A. l, Glee Club 1, Z, 3, Pep Club 2. Donnie Ahl--Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 4, Student Council 1, D Club 2, 3, 4. Judy Cartner--G.A.A. 1, 2, Glee Club 1, Z, 3, B Cheerleader 1, A Cheerleader 4, Class Officer Z, Class Play 3, Bruin Staff Z, 3, Student Council President 4, All School Queen Attendant. Jim Chapman--Entered 4th year. -, Julia Clark--Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, A Cheerleader 3,4, B Cheer- leader 1, Z, Class Queen 3, G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Christmas Play 1, 2, 4, Pep Club 2, 3. Margaret Collins--G. A.A. 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Christmas Play 1, Pep Club 2. Paul Cordova--Mixed Chorus 4, Boys Glee Club 4, Basketball l, 2. David Curtis--Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Boys Glee Club 3, 4, Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Football l, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Bruin Staff 4, Bear Log Staff 4, Dramatics 4, Class Play 3, 4, christmas Play 3, 4. 'UWM' wif' i 1 J' so Marla Eden--Entered 4th year. Ysidro lPee Weej Fierro--Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Class Play 4. Jean Fletcher--G.A.A. 1, Glee Club 1, Z, 31 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4, Christmas Play 3, Pep Club 2, 3. Leatha Heinrich--G.A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Z, 3, Bruin Staff 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Christrnas Play 2, Class Queen 4, Class Officer 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 'Q Mike Klein--Basketball 1, Z, 3, Football 1, Z, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Student Manager 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3. Margaret Lindstrom--Girls Glee Club 1, Z, 3, Band 1, Debate 1, A Cheerleader 3,4, B Cheerleader l, Z, Class Queen Z, Student Council 3, Bruin Staff 1, Z, 3, 4, Bear Log Staff l,Z, G.A.A. 1, Dramatics 1, Christ- mas Play 3, Pep Club l, 2, 3. Darlene Maynard--Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Christmas Play 2. Roana Merritt--Girls Glee Club l, 2, 3, Bru- in Staff 4, G.A.A. 1, Class Play 3, Christ- mas Play 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3. 1 Harold Hicks--Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Play 3, Track 3. Stanley Hughes--Football 1, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track Z, 3, Class Officer 3, Boys State 3, Student Council 2, Bruin Staff 4, Class Play 4, D Club 3, 4. Arlene Jacobson--Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4, Band 1, Z, 3, Class Of- ficer l, Class Queen 1, G.A.A. l,2, Class Play 3, Christmas Play 2, Pep Club 1, Z. Marlin Janas--Football 1, Z, 3, 4, Basketball l, Z, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3,4, D Club Z, 3,4. Kg, If N, Q n ik! .. . il' I-I ,as-4 1 4-sg David Miller--Class Officer 4. Calvin Minard--Football 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, Z, 3, Class Officer l. Hans Neubert--Basketball 1, Z, Band l, 2, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Class Play 3, Student Council 1. Hannah Parker--G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Declam 2, 3, 4, Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4, Christrnas Play 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Debate 2, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Oratory 3. 4-'Sf ,nw W H' M , -:wi ... , Q i K-'iz yi' 1 K 3 4' 'N Dennis Pierce--Basketball Z, 3, Football 4. Helen Pontius--Mixed Chorus 3, Girls Glee Club 1, Z, 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Girls State 3, Stu- dent Council 4, Bruin Staff 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Declarn 2, 3, Class Play 3,4, Christmas Play l, Z, D.A.R. 4. Barbara Rachetto--G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Z, 4, Christmas Play 2, Class Play 3, 4, Bruin Staff 4, All School Queen At- tendant 4. Barbara Rich--Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Christrnas Play 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Oratory 3, Bruin Staff 4, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4. David Roesler--Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, Manager 2, Track 2, Glee Club 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Christ- mas Play 2, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Bruin Staff 3, 4, Bear Log Staff 1, 3, 4, Editor 4, Stu- dent Council Z, Class Officer 2, 3, Boys State 3, All State Band 4, Pep Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Science Club 4. Bernard Schopen--Entered 4th year, Bas- ketball 4. Harrietta Spangler--Girls Glee Club 1, G. A.A. 1,2, Band 1,2, Pep Band 1. Evalin Stadel--G.A.A. 2, 3, Dramatics Z, Bruin Staff 2, 3, 4, Christmas Play 2. Charles Sederstrorn--Dramatics 1, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Class Officer 4. Verna Sordahl--G. A.A. l, 2. Patsy Steinlicht--G. A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Christmas Play Z, Class Play 3,4, Bruin Staff 4, Class Officer 2, Pep Club 2, All State Band 3, 4. Patty Whalen--Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, A Cheerleader 4, B Cheerleader l, 2, All School Queen 4, Bruin Staff 1, Z, 3, 4, Bear Log Staff 3, G.A.A. l, 2, Class Play 3,4, Christmas Play Z, Pep Club l, 2, 3. Not Pictured- -Adam Hudson Junior Class Officers: Pr es ident- - John Fuhrmann I If Secretary- Treasurer- - Randy Latimer Vice-President-- John Fierro uniom Highlighting the Juniors' school year was the annual Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, planned and sponsored by the Junior Class. The Oriental theme, "Teahouse of the August Moon, " added much to the prom and banquet in the way of chop suey, Japanese Lanterns, and cherry trees in blossom. The class of 51 students was led this year by John Fuhrmann, elected president at the be- ginning of the 1958-1959 school year. Also, at this time, John Fierro was elected Vice-Presi- dent and Randy Latimer, Secretary-Treasurer. Representing the Junior Class as their chosen queen for Bear Day activities was Susan Gil- bert. The Junior float, "Sailing to Victory," took first place honors in the judging of the Bear Day parade floats. The Junior Class representatives to the Student Council for this year were Steve Sibell and Randy Latimer. Under the direction of Miss Mary Craig, the Junior Class presented the play, "Foot-loose, " by Charles Burdette. Proclainied an immense success by all, the play was one of the most en- joyable events for the Junior Class as a whole. The year was a busy and a thoroughly enjoyable one for the class. Making next year as en- joyable is the aim of the students. f Y ,, .fig N t 19 " A Fx . 5, , 3 L X rt by "UW I A.-...,, in Charles Auer Chanler Biggs Donna Baggal ey Pamela C1 auser 'fi -an-aff, ......-Af, Robert Doney Johnny Fierro ,g,,f1g-..f-A.. ii Roger Duke John Fuhrmann Z0 Ad 7.6. John Baird Carol Bender Patricia Crane Patricia Dahlberg gf.. , N? A1 e i J A 'Y Harriet Eatherton Susan Gilbert Joseph Engler Betty Gnirk if in ..-, z. L "Ui ri. Herbert Haltiner Judy Litz hui' 'N r 1 Wwff Y lg Alb? Donald Hansen Fred Maynard ' f UP- P fl' . Frank Hansen Ray Meverden ,lm 01" 9 Randy Latimer David Minard 'K' ff f"""l David Mitchell Lyman Mohr Richard Neavill Charleen Olson Judy Perrett Richard Peyton Mary Roebuck Bruce Sandidge iw-5 'bi galilw' Elizabeth Schlax Philip Shama V " ' TOI1l.ili?Sh31lfl'1k3.. Carolyn Shockey U Steve Sibell Julaine Smith 1 P .' Mbarirlyn Spangler Mike Stangle W9 1 2 i Patricia Thomson Joel Williams on Patricia Thores en Williarn Wilson lei Terry Tucker Lee Ann May Joyce Wescott XJ 148451 L, 1 Y' -.s'L?XS?-SJW - S ph more Clas Officer V' -P 'dent-T. Martin S t. -T eas. -C. McCarro11 P dent-J. Lanphear 5gl0A0l'VL0l"8.'5 Q V 9' Q rag T- h 4 , Q ff' . h . - . 5 '13,-v xz ,gf I, , xi rf j ' 'if df Q X r hd h , L'1'f 5 E ?A:,' ":A:-. - ki, .Rf-.SD-F x .1 if Q Cheryl Arends, Margie Beckman, Sharon Beshara., H 5?ig2US 7 cg ,SQL Kick Q r-CS' ' 'A" 31? X5 f , 23 ,915 Nt! '2- J N. , X' Q, Zu r, gc 5 yr ,,q1 Q 4 1 Q., vs 4 he tt -45 Vx' 1 lr' f' 'I K U ' . .- if W 'at 4-.Qi W 1 Q "" Q x A fox I V W , is H.. in i n Hu t """' M-..g,t,f - -.5 A --xy K s f. nj, , , A y KM 1 , " "' i . tif I K s 42' ff' 1 . , 1 Ei xgggr mfg- ,Z A ft!- Top row, left to right: Kenneth Greslin, Eva Haney, Rose Holso, lwan, Susie Kaelberer. Barbara Hutcherson, Don Bottom row, left to right: Larry Karns, Kenneth Katon, Regena Kennedy, Steve Kent, Kay Kuns- man, nald, s n. Q any K A Q g A I, x r . s K si 4 .4 K -52??'5ET.f f two p -9143fifz::L1r L:-: E f 1 fgzalfifrsfwt C 5 5 - . Q '.fi,jg,-.Q Q f 1 il 53591-if . ' at 4!"'F' Q F . ' is W. if K K ' 'V f ff ze' f 'Q' , , I ? "" if 1 Q, , , s e Q I , y ' A QW Wall ',,L va I X :J.:5':x '-'Qi . , if -. it F 3 g g d it L L 1 "H K . E L' ' f .QP Humwnmyv 1 gi yiflf- :ir In 'nv' N Y Q' , . 5 'Q " tti f. , frtffiv - -- - ' 1 X, ef --tti . -. . - A ,.gHg,33i ,. , A t r , 1.34 ,ff , J 'fi 4 s.., A gsm , E i fling 5, 7 f 'sa Q A 5 1, wx Top row, left to right: Glenn Briggs, Kathy Cartner, Dorothy Carlson, Margaret Crary, Clin- ton Cattles, Roberta Chicoine. Bottom row, left to right: Lloyd Cleveland, Jackie Collins, James Conlon, Alice Crotty, Edna Mae Dunn, Ronald Dyvig. 24 P' . U ' 2 f C Y t ,,, -R PW 1. dat ,,"ef-g -G: M w. -UI A K, - e rf.. ' 6 10' .., ' . .ff if -. 5 lzlibf, '21-2,1 ' E . x I . wg r 'Q n rv M fue, 7 'I' " ui ' C' 7m .-W, Q ' A gi 1 my , , , B Lt , Y A ff xx 4 0 x 2-' . q .e f A Qvgfd JK or 2 ik 4 I 2,1541 3 J A Top row, left to right: James Lanphear, Lance Lee,i Scott Major, JoAnn Marshall, Thomas Martin, Robert Maynard. Bottom row, left to right: Carol McCarroll, Linda Morris, Ernest Moser, Georgia Neavill, Judy Nelson, Charlotte Nikont. x-,T , 'l,...Z", "liz f -fir' 7,1 172' if ,457 - A I A V, ' ,4 . if .-4, .4 if wif' -J :J ,I+ I .za Aff, Q , ffffjg, 14 .f,,ff, . f I . ' V ' 4 K V, I 4, B 2 5 :Q X W' it B- I ,L U X ' xx , hrs gLi'VQ....,,K . Q, ' N' I V xvll I X AN I .. Y .mg a.,,Qe , N M lr l in it ", W, B -"', ' iff! f ? 'K , Fr 'Lee , V , . ix raw Q X Q1 Q ig 'QQ 'E-X Z , 'TIM' A Q if cps.-' A ,.-, ,J vvr K K ' Xlx fy ,H V- ' Xu 5 it V , A. .M of VL. ww .ti ye X 6 , K, Top row, left to right: h s lummer, Gerald Pokorney, Janice Robley, Barbara Roesler, Bernie Roth, Janet Ry m Bottom row, left to ' 'yiierle ockey, JoE1len Stangle, Alyce Veitl, Jonie Wagner, Nancy Wells, Kenneth We . pf WMM 25 ,Xi 1 Q D 4 V 1' X 1 ff' I 7 ,YL M If 1 A V, .- Qilgwfl 7, , nf, f 'S'Qfc,f2'Zig,4Zff , .jf 4 A! '-Af' fail' Z' NN -E. f -... ek. f 2 2 .229 ..i. 3' 553,313 ---""' I: 5-4152 '--1 E -2' -1: jre5Ame1fL l X 1 Freshmen Class Officers Vice-President: Secret Presid my - ary: a0'1g -'QQ WM. W4 if xg i 1 x ent: James Ahl, Betty Anderson, Dario Arsaga, Larry Jeffries Sharon Hansen Robert Ruth ew .,.. . ,gs V, is ' 5 . 2 fr' I wp' ..qv' im. ,I -. l K5 W ' Z . ' ' k 1:2 - ,v jp f X. ,L ' "iffy .. X 1' s M 'kv , Q Q sift i Q 45 , + , 1, W . i 3 -tl y O 1 ,A ' ,,, Carol Asher, Danny Bagley as o Q 'r 'is i a' -fi t -Q :?wA V7 X ., k A y . . ' f ' Z' , ' f f "f " J., . f- fl 4-2 ' , ix V 4- 7,6 - . W 7 Q f ' V nge: iq, i t h' ' i ,gg Q iv' "-i' C, " 42? , , -1 Q- , C l tefrsn L 1 C or-1 .- - we-vs -all . Darrel Beshara, Evelyn Redinger, David Clark, Sharon Cooper, Rose Cordova, Sara Curtis, Susan Curtis, Nancy Ellis, Mary Engebretson, Darrel Erfman, Virginia Fierro, Jim Fletcher, Julie Gre slin, Ralph Gre slin. 26 JJ' J , ' W' E ll 1 X ,, V ,A - e " , , J Q' at-fa, 2 "" - fini' S '- . l . 6, ., , 7 J -' , ' - .,,. 1 , - J J 1, f' 26" l Y , H ,f x 2, S N J M . f ' w , - 4 5 is i r-liz,-rfb, ' e A R Q y y f T.. Q if .-,. y Q 2' n ca ss J 1 .1-2' If 45, Q 5, 6 , ' ' W ' ,.. ' fi A .,,,s fw,, L,,A L' 234, , ff XXV .., R491 'ie .Q K 22121511 Roy Haltiner, Sharon Hansen, Billie Hendrickson, June Hennen, John Hight, Dorothy Hudson, Ralph Island, John Iverson, Larry Jeffries, Sharon Johnson Dennis Katon, Gary Keehn, Frieda Klein, Louise Lindstrom. wh - Q l 4 1 ff-Q ai Q. '62 f if r R J :A 1 e 49 , ... in 0 1 f M N '. ' i , ff 9-1 , R J - , Larry Lungren, Janaes Maki, Donna Meeker, Ronnie Meeker, Danny New, Margaret Newell, Dixie Omrnen, Josephine Parker, Danny Perrett, Edward Pierce, Jill Proctor, Mike Ragatz. William Molitor, Carol Nelson W an J s Ak Q L, sg- bf fr we . vkk. S., ga 'ZS' its if 9 Y' 2 ' tw' 'W J "' QW" - d' ', ' A 5, 5 Q . ' ' 'W . a , A 2 T. l -'rx M N:--,J .... B-iv' 'rv ' W Jn , K 5 L, , A- , V' l ,A ,E 3. , r Y - Q .vi . ,., .,,- . , , ,,, , . 'K fb' :gf-'S' X A --, y ir ' R in . r f-.L J' l Q 'M' ' . - ff , ' 'ff 'Q7,4,f,,. i is gist slls r X f was Dick Rhodes, Clifford Roebuck, Robert Ruth, LeRoy Sandidge, Patty Sargent, Jerry Smith, Robert Sniith, Dorene S k M ' ' West, Jim Witt. pec , ary Alice Stangle, Donald Swesey, Judy Veitl, Karl Webb, Rose 27 v"+,,. Mriefy of .Jdcfiuifiw ngage .gzfaofenb Above: L. to R. Patricia Miles, Randy Lati- mer, Joan McKenzie, Regina Kennedy. Below: L. to R. Randy Latimer, Eliza- beth Schlax, David Mitchell, Susan Gil- bert, Mike Stangle, Bill Wilson. r '. v Judy Nelson Julie l Greslin Leatha Heinrich Susan Below: L. to R. Judy Gilbert Cartner, Patty Whalen, Barbara Rachetto. P it P si vi W Q ' ls, , .xx 35 ' R. J lf I Q A ' L- xy l in L 11 " if ' A 3s+'we0v" K 'i" 1 J . X J i x 1 n I 4, I wi A Below: L. to R. Coach Strain, Pee Wee Fierro Marlin Janas. Below L toR Steve Sibell David Roesler, Mr Clark Patsy Steinlicht. ! 'ff A ni f 2 I s 1 Mx "' -v -Wy 4 is 'Q V . . fl If f I Xl 529245. ,x . a" gm ' f if -O Q l 3 , Coaches Stoner F,B, Q,B, End T, G, and Strain D. Mitchell J. Fierro M. mein J. Fuhrmann B, Merritt Back Row, Left to Right: Coach Strain, Donald Hansen, David Curtis, Robert Maynard, Marlin Janas, Frank Hansen, Chanler Biggs, Jackie Collins, Coach Stoner. Middle Row, L. to R.: James Ahl, Harold Hicks, Lance Lee, Robert Merritt, Ronald Kunsman, John Fuhrmann, Mike Klein, Roger Duke, Charles Auer. Front Row, L. to R.: Lloyd Cleveland, Michael Stangle, David Mitchell, William Wilson, Rob- ert Doney, Ysidro Fierro, John Fierro. Manager F.B. Q.B. End T. G. J. Ahl C. Minard L. Cleveland J. Collins C. Biggs C. Auer MLM C, 30 C. G. T. End H.B. H.B H Hicks R. Kunsman D. Hansen M. Janas Y. Ferrio L. Lee Zzzam .Alana .ZMQA .sizazion The highlight of the football season was the Bears only victory over Lemmon. Their final record was 5 losses and 2 ties. Deadwood opened the season by playing a score- less tie with Upton. The following week the Bears traveled to Sturgis where they were defeated by the Scoopers 21-6. The Bears turned in a victory over the Lemmon Cowboys in their next game. The final score was 19-0. The Bears lost to Custer in their next game by the score of 14 to 0. Then the Bears traveled to Spearfish for Spar- tan Day. The teams battled to a 6-6 tie. The Bears put on a goal line stand and stopped the Spartans just short of the goal line in the final seconds. Homecoming Day, October 10, the Bears played the Broncs from Belle Fourche. It was a tight game, but Deadwood was defeated 13-12. I T R . 1 .' . f NV r I R . I . V. The next week, the Bears met their arch rivals, 1 my 4 f fl' 71 ATN the Lead Golddiggers on the mountain top field in QQ' ' AIX P L A I U Lead. Lead shut out the Bears by the score of gl' ' , p . f q 25-0. X I. Lk' QLD If ,jf In the final game of the season, Deadwood was 'Q ' MIIVILH ,J Mft' LV I defeated by the Hot Springs. The final score: Hot ,-4. I ' . A N, lv' springs, 133 Deadwood, 7. Ng ,. fb! 5 pf ' 1 L Q2 VU: jf1!"" J . fi! P 2 f 6,1 :rl Kllfzivxhxy . jxvff' , fl- . C. G. T. End V L Hf,B. H.B. D Curtis R. Doney R. Duke R. Maynard M. Sltangle W. Wilson 31 "B" squad, L. to R., top: Coach Strain, B. Sandidge, F. Maynard, D. Rhodes, R. Haltiner, K. Webb, G. Keehn, Coach Stoner, Bot- tom: J. Fletcher, E. Moser, J. Conllon, G. Haywood, S. Sibell, D. Erfman, B. Roth, and R. Ruth. All conference, L. to R.: M. Klein, Y. Ferrio, Seniors, top L. to R.: Coach Stoner, D. Curtis and H. Hicks. D. Ahl, M. Janas, M. Klein, Bottom: Y. Fer rio, H. Hicks. ll I A ,,,f V . ' g'Z- , 1 , .K til l IQ mn Q xl H - I e 1 I Sift' f f owed or a air ecwon In his first year at Deadwood High School, Mr. David Strain coached the Deadwood Bear basketball team to a seven win, seven loss Black Hills Con- ference record and a tie for fourth place in the Con- ference standings. Paced by such stalwarts as Mar- lin Janas, "Pee Wee" and Johnny Fierro, Gary Mar- shall, Stan Hughes, Donnie,Hansen, and Dick Neav- ill, the Bears completed the season with a twelve win, eleven loss record. The team, composed of seven seniors and five juniors, also presented Coach Strain with the consolation championship of the Belle Fourche Invitational Tourney and the championship of the Sturgis Invitational Tourney. an M' :La Above: Mike Klein, Manager Above, left to right: Marlin Janas, Stan Hughes, Gary Marshall, Bernard Schopen, Herb Halt- iner, Donnie Hansen, Harold Hicks, Cal Minard, David Mitchell, "Pee Wee" Fierro, Johnny Fierro, Dick Neavill. 33 "B" Squad, left to right: Jackie Collins, Mike Stangle, Lanny Lee, Jim Conlon, Ernie Moser, Buster Cleveland, Bernie Roth, Tom Plummer, Danny Perrett, Jim Lanphear, Roy Haltiner, Bob Maynard. 'SC' Basketball Seniors: Stan Hughes, "Pee Wee" Fierro, Marlin Janas, Coach Strain, Gary Marshall, Cal Minard, Bernard Schopen, Dick Nea- vill. Not pictured, Harold Hicks. Marlin Janas, who has been one of Deadwood's leading scorers and rebounders, started on the varsity when he was a freshrnang Gary Marshall and Cal Minard started on the "A" Squad when they were sophomores, "Pee Wee" Fierro, Dick Neavill, and Stan Hughes played their first varsity year as juniorsg this was Harold Hicks's and Bernard Schopen's first year on the varsity. 34 X. 'N A.. Back Row: M. Klein 1 4 Q. Hicks, M. Janas, D. Hanson, H. Haltiner, S. Hughes, D. Ahl, G. Marshall. Front Row: M. Stangle, D. Neavill, P. Fierro, J. Fierro, C. Minard, Coach Strain. Ear: Wm CVLam,9ionJA17J j'0,9A,If af agyfurgzli .Qnzf1'faf1'w1a! jnurrwy Deadwood -Sturgis Game No.44-J. Cooper, No.43-D. Hanson, No.3l-M. Janas, No.42-Sturgis, No.24-R. Jarvis, No.55- J. Lushbaugh. Below: M. Janas, D. Neavill, G. Marshall, Y Fierro, R. VanderVorste. A , fx 35 K , N Custer -Deadwood Game No.33-R. Va.nderVorste, No. 10-D. Neavill, No. 30-M. Janas, No.23-R. Saville, No. 30-B. Judson, No. Z0-P. Fierro. 'Wbwk H. Hicks, B. Schopen, M. Janas, G. Marshall, S Hughes, C. Minard, D. Neavill, P. Fierro. D. Mitchell, C. Minard, M. Janas J if P. Fierro, M. Klein, M. Janas, C. Minard, D. Mitchell, J. Fierro. 36 oPP NEN Y k . W H Up .Bi .xp 6153, arfi h JW I I Sturgis 6 e F Le EJ i e .JF J 910. X 0- Jldgjbing S- A by A "A TEA KE C U ' EA FOO LL 551-it-BULE op im,J?7p3 ' E Y P ENT E THEY ids ,X 3 7 id - X 26 0 A . P-,dx C2 Q3' 9' e . MQ 31 53935 Q- Px 4 dp 3:34 fy it 1 L Nx 4i?,9 . 7 Be o ch n. xp Sturgis 0 S u i 49Px 5PlrpQN 2 LOST 3 ybjii ,C e Q96 1 ss CB" EA TBALL SCHEDULE Q , is To 1- ent ' OJSBPONENT WE THEY Provo 43 50 pe fish 48 47 ' Lead 41 38 I S 62 52 Rapid City 34 45 ob, pid city Z1 so ear 29 43 Spearfish 46 40 . rgisf G 1 51 49 Sturgis 49 . 0 4 ' B le rche J 26 45 Belle Fourche 5 48 lj! C t 4 X f 4 f 6 s er 42 59 us er rj t ings 44 51 Hot Springs 5 ! , 0.1 L 35 37 g Lead 53 4 6 4, Rapi ity 69 35 41 Rapid City 48 1 Spearfish 59 43 Spearfish f W 5 turgi 46 53 Sturgis 9 6 My Hot Springs 63 60 Hot Springs 63 43 Custer 44 65 Custer 53 63 Belle Fourche 63 54 Belle Fourche 69 49 WON 5 LOST 10 District Tournament Buffalo 67 28 37 Nisland 63 64 Y: +- Left to Right: Steve Sibell, David Mitchell, David Curtis, and Steve Kent. The Quartet, the Triple Trio, and ' the Special Girls' Glee Club are mu- Jd J x K A . sical organizations chosen each year VL a 6-L 8 by Miss Craig, the vocal instructor, to sing for the P. T.A. and the Spring Concert. Seated: Randy Latimer, Standing, left to right: Bar- bara Rich, Carol Bender, Betty Gnirk, Rose Holso, Margaret Crary, Janice Rob- ley, Charlotte Nikont, and Cheryl Arends. 'A . - lx- - - .4 , , l Front Row: S. Kaelberer, J. Stangle, L. May, P. Thoreson, R. Holso, M. Collins, A. Jacob- son, B. Gnirk, J. Fletcher, C. Nikont. Second Row: Miss Craig, S. Gilbert, M. Crary, J. Rypkema, D. Hudson, P. Dahlberg, K. Cartner, C. McCarroll, B. Rich. Third Row: C. Arends, E. Schlax, D. Maynard, P. Thomson, J. Litz, B. Roesler, N. Wells, T. Shama, J. Robley. Fourth Row: J. Clark, A. Veitl, C. Shockey, R. Latimer, J. Bousa, M. Roebuck, M. Newell, C. Bender, J. McKenzie, P. Whalen. 38 First Row: N. Ellis, S. Hansen, E. Dunn, B. Gnirk, C. McCarroll, S. Gilbert, K. Cartner, A. Jacobson, L. May, J. Stangle. Second Row: J. Robley, D. Maynard, P. Thornson, D. Hudson, S. Curtis, F. Schlax, M. Newell, J. Clark, B. Rich, C. Arends, M. Crary. Third Row: Miss Craig, L. Hobbs, K. Katon, D. Mitchell, P. Sharma, B. Wilson, J. Engler, B. Roth, K. Welke, R. Ruth. Fourth Row: M. Shockey, R. Dyvig, C. Cattles, C. Sederstrom, H. Neubert, C. Biggs, J. Williarnson, S. Major, C. Auer. lllicagdb meriue pgadure rom inging e-ee9ew:w ne- First Row: T. Shama, N. Wells, S. Hansen, F. Klein, J. Marshall, P. Dahlberg, J. Rypkema, M. Engebretson, C. Nikont, J. Fletcher, S. Kaelberer, B. Roesler. Second Row: R. Island, G. Keehn, S. Curtis, P. Whalen, C. Bender, R. Latimer, J. McKenzie, A. Veitl, J. Litz, C. Roebuck, D. Katon. Third Row: S. Kent, L. Lee, J. Lanphear, R. Greslin, M. Stangle, S. Sibell, B. Sandidge, T. Plummer, R. Meeker. Fourth Row: K. Greslin, D. Curtis, T. Martin, M. Moses, F. Hansen, J. Fuhrmann, D. Roesler, R. Duke. 39 it . mm,.M A A A A L A A H First Row: Miss Craig, L. Hobbs, B. Roth, C. Roebuck, R. Greslin, C. Auer, M. Shockey, K. Welke, R. Island, D. Katon, R. Ruth. Second Row: J. Engler, R. Meeker, B. Sandidge, C. Sederstrom, K. Greslin, S. Major, P. Shama, G. Keehn, K. Katon. Third Row: R. Dyvig, D. Mitchell, D. Roesler, B. Wilson, R. Duke, S. Kent, S. Sibell, J. Lanphear, T. Plummer. Fourth Row: C. Cattles, J. Williamson, D. Curtis, C. Biggs, T. Martin, B.'Moses, H. Neu- bert, F. Hansen, J. Fuhrmann, M. Stangle, L. Lee. Under the supervision of Miss Craig, the Mixed "A" and "B" Choruses composed of 79 members have sung for Rotary Club, Music Festival and Baccalaur- eate and Commencement exercises. The lO4 members mlorouemenf 0 Mzfcw of Boys and Girls Glee presented the annual spring Concert. 5 NWI, 0 0l"lflf:585 4 L 4 m L HQ A ' First Row: C. Nikont, B. Gnirk, J. Clark, C. Arends, D. Hudson, P. Whalen, J. Fletcher, J. Stangle, S. Kaelberer, Miss Craig. Second Row: I... Hobbs, B. Roth, P. Thomson, C. Bender, R. Latimer, N. Wells, B. Roesler, C. Roebuck, R. Island, R. Ruth. Third Row: S. Gilbert, L. May, J. Rypkema, D. Maynard, A. Veitl, J. McKenzie, B. Rich, J. Robley, C. McCarroll, K. Cartner, A. Jacobson. Fourth Row: R. Meeker, R. Dyvig, D. Mitchell, D. Roesler, B. Wilson, R. Duke, S. Kent, S. Sibell, J. Lanphear, G. Keehn. Fifth Row: C. Cattles, J. Wil- liamson, D. Curtis, C. Biggs, T. Martin, M. Moses, F. Hansen, J. Fuhrmann, M. Stangle, L. Lee. 40 gan! ,MAMA .iZ3i6ge1fLfQ fo .Affain QV ecfiolfz, Four members of Deadwood High School have been given chairs in the ninth annual All-State Band Con- cert to be held in Mitchell on April 3rd and 4th, This year Patsy Steinlicht, David Roesler, Tom Martin, and Steve Kent have the honor of playing in this fine band. This is Patsy's second year to play in the band, and she will play sixth chair out of 18, in the cor- net section. David will play eleventh chair cornet. Steve is third out of six tenor saxophones. Tom will play third out of ten baritones. They are chosen on competitive auditions over the entire state. Eight hundred tried out, only 150 were selected. "A" Band is an organization of 56 members. They are chosen on their ability to play con- cert music, experience and prior service in "B" Band. They play for concerts, football games out-of-town appearances, music festival, and anything else that they might be asked for. This year they put on, for the entire student body, a different type of concert. They called it the "Pop" Concert. It consisted of a variety of music, such as mambos, calypsos, sambas and rhumbas and marches. They hope to make this an annual affair. . V Back Row: P. Thompson, J. Proctor, C. Baker, J. Stangle, C. Arends, R. Gorder, D. New, J. Fletcher, F. Houlette, B. Rich, D. Curtis, R. Duke, R. Regan, T. Martin, S. Sibell, R. Chyba, D. Roesler, P. Steinlicht. Middle Row: D. Baggaley, J. Clark, L. Heinrich, R. Dyvig, B. Wilson, P. Williamson, G. Auer, R. Auer, S. Kent, J. Engler, R. Island, C. Marshall, C. Roebuck, J. Smith, H. Hicks. Front Row: H. Pontius, L. Pontius, R. Wilson, M. Stangle, M. Clark, S. Curtis, S. Curtis, in back of them, J. Hennen, L. Pontius, R. Turner, W. Holst, J. Ahl, M. Shockey, L. A. May. 41 mp gan! cgialologed mic or agilwof jvmcfiolfw Pep Band is a special branch of the "A" Band. The members are chosen by the instructor, Mr. Clark. They are chosen on their ability to play popular music and their seniority in the band. It consists of twenty three members. They play for nuinerous events throughout the year, such as basketball games, pep assemblies, and any other event they may be asked for. Saxophone Clarinet Trombone Trunipet George Auer Leatha Heinrich Lee Ann May Patsy Steinlicht Ray Auer Patty Thomson Merle Shockey Dave Roesler Billy Wilson Jim Ahl Ronnie Chyba .Toe Engler William Holst Steve Sibell Steve Kent Baritone Jerry Smith Donna Baggaley Tom Martin Clifford Roebuck Ronnie Dyvig Drunus Accordian Piano String Bass Bass Forrest Houlette Barbara Rich Toni Shama Helen Pontius Dave Curtis Robert Gorder .7virLrJ caan! gum! JoE1len Stangle Charlotte Nikont Mary Alice Stangle 42 Left to right: M. Newell, D. Speck, D. Rhodes, N. Ellis, S. Curtis, M. Stangle, treasurer, J. Parker, J. Marshall, secretary, D. Carlson, B. Ruth, presidentg S. Johnson, J. Veitl, S. Curtis, J. Proctor, J. Fletcher, Mrs. Nelson, advisor, not pictured, Gary Keehn, vice-presi- dent. Ofafin cggvajelftlb Organize ima uf iZ5i5cLyo1fL mm For the first time in the history of Deadwood High School, an enthusiastic group of Latin students have been organized by their teacher, Mrs. Harry Nelson, into an active Latin Club. The Vox Discipulurn Club QVoice of the pupilsj composed of sixteen members, has had a busy first year. They hold two meetings a month, one in the evening and the other during a regular class period. In the early part of February, the Deadwood students journeyed to Sturgis as guests of the Societas Romana Club QRoman Societyj, the Sturgis High School Latin Club. The meeting was held in true Latin style, complete with togas, tunics, and a play presented by the Sturgis students. The Vox Discipulum Club is an active member of the Junior Classical League sponsored by the Arnerican Classical League of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, whose aim is: The mem- bers are to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. They believe an ac- quaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help them understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its governments, laws, literatures, languages and arts. Quill and Scroll M. Lindstrom H. Pontius D. Roesler 43 min ,Sita ff Standing: R. Merritt, J. Cartner, B. Rich, H. Parker, P. Stein- licht, D. Roesler, B. Gnirk, S. Hughes, Mr. Pfieffer, Adviser. Seated: E. Stadel, L. Heinrich, H. Pontius, M. Linstrorn. agzfacfenf Q orfem giaffzer ewd ZW gate Edwin The Bruin, the Deadwood High School paper is published tri-weekly by the students of Dead- wood High School. This year Mr. Pfieffer was the adviser the first semester and Mrs. Butter- field guided the students in their publication work the last semester. Helen Pontius was the very capable editor-in-chief, with Betty Gnirk serving as assistant editor. Writing headlines, copyreading, arranging stories and the many other necessary activities that must be completed to edit the Bruin are done by the entire staff. BRUIN REPORTERS: Standing: J. Greslin, B. Roth, T. Martin, J. Litz, P. Dahlberg, S. Kent, S. Curtis, D. Curtis, L. Schlax, S. Gilbert, C. McCarroll, Mr. Pfieffer, Adviser. Seated, Back Row: B. Roesler, L. May, J. Rypkerna, E. Dunn, P. Whalen, S. Curtis, T. Tucker, M. Newell, J. Bousa. Front Row: K. Cartner, N. Wells, M. Crary, A. Veitl, J. McKenzie. 44 77 Bear Log Staff: first row, top to bottom T. Martin, R. Latimer, P. Steinlicht second row, D. Curtis, A. Veitl, S Kent. third row, S. Sibell, R. Island C. McCarroll, N. Wells, D. Roesler fourth rowg K. Cartner, Miss Siebrands C. Biggs. 660' xS? QCflfLI"8:5 3400! MCL? Making important decisions relative to raising the necessary money to meet Bear Log expendi- tures, problems of photography, layout, art work, and distributions are all a part of the func- tion of the Bear Log staff members. Also involved is the problem of meeting deadlines in the different steps of producing the yearbook. Officers: Art Editor ......... S. Kent Editor-in-chief ...... D. Roesler Editorial Editor ...... R. Latimer Business Manager .... C. Biggs Senior Debators: Barbara Rich, Roger Duke, Frank Hansen, John Fuhr mann, Hannah Parker. euedloing jfnency .yn ,Sinead The very controversial debate topic this year is "Resolved that the United States should adopt the Russian system of education. " The members of the 1958-59 debate squad attended all of the Black Hills Conference De- bate Tournaments held at the various Hills' schools this season. For the first time in a nurnber of years the local squad were hosts and hostesses at a B. H. conference debate meet in Deadwood, which was attended by 10 schools and 179 speech students. In February, Marki Newell, Nancy Ellis, Barbara Rich, Randy Latimer, Hannah Par- ker and Frank Hansen represented the school at a state N. F. L. tournament held in Aberdeen. In April, John Fuhrmann, Roger Duke, Hannah Parker and Frank Hansen traveled to the state speech tournarnent in Huron, after qualifying in the district meet at Newell on March 18. Squad members participating in other high school speech activities are as follows: Bar- bara Rich, Hannah Parker, Sue Curtis, Alyce Veitl, Robert Ruth, Original Oratory, Frank Hansen and Roger Duke, Extemporaneous Speaking. Front row: Robert Ruth, Marki Newell, Nancy Ellis, Alyce Veitl, Susan Curtis. Back row: Dorothy Carlson, Barbara Rich, Judy Bousa, Roger Duke, Frank Hansen, John Fuhrmann, Hannah Parker, Gary Keehn, Miss Siebrands. 46 Freshnien Debators: Markie Newell, Nancy Ellis, Gary Sophomore Debators: Sue Curtis, Dorothy Keehn, and Robert Ruth. Carlson, Judy Bousa, and Alyce Veitl. .glance lid nolf .xdgxfayj Qzfcfen National Forensic League members find that talking can be profitable, in the form of NFL points granted for Debate, extemporaneous speaking, and declamation. Degrees that may be earned are merit, honor, excellence, and distinction. The picture below shows members who have earned degrees of merit. In addition, Randy Latimer, Hannah Parker, and Terry Tucker have earned degrees of honor. N. F. L.: Third row, left to right: Judy Bousa, Dorothy Carlson, Robert Ruth, Miss Siebrands. Second row: Markie Newell, Nancy Ellis, Toni Shama, Susan Gilbert, Frank Hansen, Sue Curtis. First row: Barbara Rich, Hannah Parker, Tom Martin, Randy Latinier, Alyce Veitl, Terry Tucker. 47 DECLAM STUDENTS: Standing, Mr. Pfeiffer, coaehg Hannah Parker, Randy Latimer, Steve Kent, Barbara Rich, Sitting, Margaret Crary, Patty Thoresen, Alyce Veitl, Dorothy Carlson. Ogglzfd, made !9a1'nLg ling MLA ana! lrama jc mqoaed aSifowL'eJ in DRAMATICS CLUB: Standing, Hannah Parker, Sharon Johnson, Barbara Rich, Randy Latimer, Margaret Crary, Steve Kent, Robert Ruth, Kneeling, Alyce Veitl, Dave Curtis, Susan Curtis, Sitting, Marki Newell, Nancy Ellis. 48 A On November 8, 1958, the Junior Class presented their production of the three -act comedy, "Foot-loose, " by Charles Quimby Burdette. The play revolves around the problems of a suburban banker, his wife, and their four all -American children. John Fuhrmann and Carol Benderas the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Early, have always b en overly protective to- ward their children. Resenting it igvardly, the Early off- spring talk their parents into leaving on a world cruise for the good of all concerned. With the parents gone, things begin to happen. The oldest daughter, Hope, played by Randy Latimer, is forced to take over the supervision of the household when Delphie, the trusted maid, portrayed by Elizabeth Schlax, comes down with pneu- monia and is taken to the hospital. Bill Wilson, in the role of the oldest son, Dick, marries without his parents' consent and brings his new wife, Ruth Hendrickson, home with him. Mary, the coquettish high-school senior, played by Betty Gnirk, falls madly in love with a designing college sophomore. And, too, the general confusion is increased whenthe football-playing son, Bob, portrayed by David Mitchell, is involved in an automobile accident and resulting cash settlement. When the parents return from abroad, all the troubles are resolved as the oldest daughter is reconciled with her lawyer fiancee, the younger daughter returns to her high-school steady, the oldest son and his wife receive parental bless- ing, and the riotous son solves his legal difficulties. The other members of the cast included Michael Stangle as Buzz Daly, Bob's chum, Steve Sibell as Randy, Mary's high-school sweetheart, Patricia Dahlberg as Miriam, Mary's friend, Frank Hansen as Jack Milford, the suave college lov- er, Chan Biggs in the role of Stanford Wells, Hope's lawyer friend, and Susan Gilbert as Mrs. Forester, a fancy-dressed, cranky old widow. The play was heralded by all as a "re- sounding success." 49 Junior Play Cast, standing, left to right: Frank Hansen, John Fuhrmann, Randy Latimer, Michael Stangle, Elizabeth Schlax, Patty Dahl- berg, Chan Biggs, Dave Mitchell. Seated, left to right: Steve Sibell, Betty Gnirk, Ruth Hendrickson, Susan Gilbert, Carol Bender, Bill Wilson. uniom re5e1fLf: 6 goof-Lode H lfLlfLlfL6l, !Qf0c!1fLclfi01fL Back Row: Betty Gnirk, Elizabeth Schlax, Carol Bender, John Fuhr- mann. Front Row: Steve Sibell, Chan Biggs. "By the time you get all this macaroni eaten, it'll be verdant spring, and we'll all have beriberi. " l eniom re5e1fLf: 66 Z8 ZWQV OOWL Wyfifglfy 77 Kneeling: Barbara Rachetto, Julia Clark. Seated: Helen Colmter Clockwise: Sta.n Hughes, Patty Wha- Pontius, Mike Klein, Hannah Parker. Standing: "Pee len, Patsy Steinlicht, David Roesler, David Wee" Fierro, Barbara Rich. Curtis. f Ckridfmad lgfay: Stage Crew for Christmas Play Standing: Susan Gilbert, John Fuhrmann, Bill Wilson, Steve Sibell, Dave Mitchell, Tom Mar- tin, Mary Engebretson, Barbara Hutcherson. Seated: Pat Crane, Billy Hendrickson, Carol Bender. HMO jar fo gftiafe jjfaemv Left to right: J. Clark, president, H. Pontius, H. Parker, P. Steinlicht, J. Wescott, D. Nel- son, D. Baggaley, vice-president. 5?O0I"t.'5 QI' Z5 glflfLl08f8 Alf' lftlflf dn! .JQIQVLOVI5 ...Q Bottom row, left to right: V. Fierro, M. Stangle, P. Steinlicht, L. Heinrich, H. Pontius, J. Clark, H. Parker, D. Nelson, B. Gnirk, P. Dahlberg, D. Baggaley, P. Clauser, J. Wescott, C. Shockey, M. Roebuck, J. Bousa, J. McKenzie, A. Crotty, J. Robley, C. Arends, K. Kuns- man, R. Holso, D. Carlson, J. Nelson, R. Kennedy, L. Lindstrom, S. Curtis, Mrs. Krug. Inside row, bottom to top:S. Hansen, E. Redinger, F. Klein, J. Parker, C. Asher, C. Nelson. Outside row, bottom to top: J. Veitl, J. Hennen, J. Greslin, R. Cordova., D. Speck, S. Johnson. 51 Randy Latime r Boys' State: Dave Roesler and Stan Hughes have been selected to represent Deadwood at Boys' State held in Aberdeen on the Northern State Teach- ers' College campus. They were chosen by the faculty on their leadership both in the community and in school work. The students selected for this honor must rank in the top third of their class. He len Pontius cglucfenlfd wen loecia! Qcognifion N. F. L. : Randy Latimer won second place at the state National Forensic League tournament held in Aberdeen February 26 and 27, in the Dramatic Interpretation division. She gave her original cut- ting from Tennessee William's play, The Glass Menagerie. Randy also won third place in the poetry reading division with her reading of James Weldon John- son's, "Go Down Death". ll llll .llll Stanley Hughes David Roe D.A.R. Citizenship Award: Helen Pontius was the recipient of this coveted award this year. This is an annual award given to a high school senior. The individuals are nominated by the Senior Class and selected by the high school faculty. Helen has also been chosen to represent Deadwood at Girls' State. She was chosen for this honor by the American Le- gion Auxiliary. The narnes of the top three students in the class are chosen by the high school faculty, and these narnes are submitted to the Auxiliary who select the individual they feel best qualified. Helen received a trip to Mitchell, South Dakota to attend the convention. 52 x sler Ysidro Fier ro This year the proud receiver of the annual Betty Crocker Homemaker Award is Roana Merritt, a high school senior. Nearly 350, OOO senior girls in 12,200 high schools took the examination, a test of homemaking knowledge and attitudes. A Betty Crocker homemaker of tomorrow was narned in each school. Roana will receive a Homemaker of tomorrow pin, a badge of honor, symbolizing that the "home is where the heart is." cr'1:: CDS? :1 912,12 SWS CD P-S5 Du. 915 mfii 36' 3:1 'ca 5:-'S o 30 mi 3-- N: 55-' HKD 9-E? FP gm 35. Ov- Hr-' "1 oF? in io 53 P-'I TFT I Hill if WCLPCJ6 GLVLJ .J47!0l'L0l":5 The TeddyRoberts ' Football Award is presented annually to the player voted most valuable member of the squad by a twenty-two man squad. The voting squad is chosen by the coaching staff. They elect the boy who is the most valuable player on the basis of his ability both athletically and scholasti- cally. This year the coveted award went to Ysidro QPee Weej Fierro. Mr. Roberts accompanied Pee Wee on his expense paid trip to the Notre -Dame- Iowa ganie at Iowa City in November. Miss Van Heuvelen ROBJIH Merritt The McCalls' Teen Fashion Board is a new award which was given this year to Jean Fletch- er. Jean is now a member of the 1958-1959 Fashion Board. Members nominated by the home economics teacher, receive a pin and a certificate of honor in recognition of out- standing achievements in sewing and clothing class work. Jean Fletcher 67146 3imu!afe5 W3 M .Ql'Lt9l"Q5t in cience R ...qv-9 Left to Right: R. Dyvig, T. Plummer, H. Neubert, D. Curtis, H. Pontius, H. Parker, C. Bender. The Science Club is a group of high school students who are interested in the fields of sci- ence and in developing more knowledge in that field. To develop this knowledge, the Science Club has undertaken different projects. One of these projects was the construction and use of a cloud charnber. The meetings of the club were held twice monthly and included special talks by outside peo- ple and some movies. Some of the nfieetings were spent on the special projects taken up by the club as a whole. One of the special meetings of the club was a trip to Spearfish to witness the College Science Club in action. Several ideas for the running and maintaining of a science club were obtained. Several individual projects were attempted by members. Hans Neubert made a rocket which was taken to the Science Fair. Other members attended the fair, which was held on the campus of the School of Mines in Rapid City in April. Back row, bottom to top: G. Keehn, T. Plummer, D. New, D. Luger, T. Martin, H. Neubert, D. Curtis. Third row: R. Meeker, C. Roebuck, B. Cleveland, M. Roebuck, D. Meeker, P. Sargent, D. Beshara. Second row: R. Dyvig, J. Fierro, R. Duke, J. Fuhrmann, L. Jeffries, P. Clauser. Front row: S. Kent, D. Roesler, H. Pontius, C. Bender, H. Parker. Standing, Mr. Williams, Science Instructor. 54 AP Harold Hicks, Patty Whalen, Ke ith B ruski orolfmfion cJ414?A6gfLf4 Below: Barbara Rachetto, Judy Cartner 1 X A r 1 Robert Ruth, Julie Greslin. U Above: John Fuhrrnann, Sue Gilbert 55 Above: Jame s Lanphear , Judith Nelson Below: Chuck Sederstrom, Leatha Heinrich X. . . . ,fr a, ig.. :sf , . Q", l 4' YJ 1 E ii?-' me ' 'Vid ' H 4 f fl.: 5 Q T9 W 1 K 1 U f ,M N Y na I. ,,.g fax A - 'Pysf 'ai ri-111 M - if ' . r 1 -- - af :saw ,gf - 3 rx i i-. Q ai' D HV .-' f-., -. ,.f ,lk Freshmen: "Stars of Victory" Julia Greslin, Jimmy Jacobson H., 4 --Z fa ii 1: ,.. l , ,V . is N, at 'f 'rift .mf it Nt' f sn., I A H I 6 , . 'i L, , gt 5. ...N ff 1 J' h -' 5' Y' . -' 5 I ' I R ,G I rN?'Wii'f s f ng. - 4 A. Sir Above -All school: "Sweetheart of D.H. S." J. Cartner, P. Whalen, K. Bruski, B. Rachetto my , it ,4J,.,. ,f-e N A if. Sophomore: "Pearl of Victory" Judy Nelson, Douglas Stratton After the coronation ceremonies the stu- dents assembled outside for the parade. The parade was led by the Deadwood High School Band under the direction of Mr. La- Verne Clark. The class floats followed dir- ectly behind. The All-School Queen's float was included in a number of other school activity floats including representatives from Publications, G.A.A. and Dramatics Club. ln the judging the Junior Class took first place, the Senior Class took second, and the Sophomore and G.A.A. floats tied for third. Kea bay on Parade Below-Junior: "Sailing to Victory" Senior-"Gunning to Victory" Susan Gilbert, Jimmy Wheeler Gary Stalder, Leatha Heinrich Siam rr E c 'M r-. ' - if. K. Coronation: left to right: J. Jacobson, J. Greslin, R. Ruth, J. Wheeler, S. Gilbert, J. Fuhr- mann,K. Bruski, J. Cartner, P. Whalen, B. Rachetto, H. Hicks, J. Lamphear, J. Nelson, D. Stratton, C. Sederstrom, L. Heinrick, G. Stalder. Coronation leliglaligla M Kem- bay 14cti itie The Bear Day activities began at 2:00 in the afternoon on October 10th, as the entire school was excused to attend the coronation ceremony at the armory. It opened with the traditional processional march to the stage. Each class queen was escorted by her respective class presi- dent. The all school queen was accompanied by Harold Hicks, the co-captain for the evening's game with Belle Fourche. Entertainment for the ceremony consisted of a solo presented by Cheryl Arends and a trum- pet trio performed by Patsy Steinlicht, David Roesler, and Steve Sibell. Helen Pontius acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for the prograrn. The parade traveled down Main Street and then wound its way back through town, by way of the courthouse and ended up at the school. In the evening, the Belle Fourche Broncs traveled to Deadwood to compete with the Bears on Ferguson Field. The all-school queen and her attendants were driven around the field during the half-time ceremonies, while the band and the majorettes contributed to the festivities. The annual burning of the "D" took place during the half-time period as well. The Bears lost to the Broncs by a score of 13 to 12 for a heart-breaking, but nonetheless rewarding finale to Bear Day, 1958. 57 irl J. g 4 r at . N. f fqz, 'wififfafjiggmglw n El ric S 1 Ora' D is M . Al e ' oo i 81 h Me s 8 e, ood Gr ite and Marble Works ," 1'S 1- ac ' ea oo- otor Sales ' . n Pia ho Orly y De od Radiator Shop A ' Q e fl Iobr t Motel and Service MIAC? e , re , 1 . E e's Sales and Service attery " 1 n lks i an EMM Ellis Insurance Agency Elmer's Repair F at M Bootery 64443 Fino1a's Clcghin store ' 1113 a I ZF irst Nati al Bank of t e Black Hills Blac 211 s m anY lls o an 1 ' k Hil s ntile Conlpany 'Q B 4' if ovelty 2 4 - ' Hill Radi 8: V Dealer Biack H tu ,l,,U1Af Bodega il Butler Jewe n nir p Canary, Ral WPR Dainci rty Canyon Oil Co MJ Chamber of Com K ,W Clark Real Estate pany V Coast to Coast Store P7 A. A. Coburn InsuraJ Culligan Soft Water Service The Cupboard Daniel's Floral Shop if 5 .sa 58 gnu 04- ' Fis and unter Com ny ' '047'U 1 Fountain ectric Serv1c MJ Franklin Grill Franklin Newstand, Mrs. Peter Rich Franklin Hotel Gambles Store Gaughen's Dairy and Shamrock G 8: K Printers Goldberg's Grocery Grabb it 'n Growl Guy H. Hemminger Insurance Hendrie 8: Bolthoff Company Homestake The Hub Clothing Store ,W W? W fy igzf-,fizrff if as WQQEW W ipud . Elf? D 0 W F. Parker, attn. cl 4 earson's Grocery J. C. Penny Company Pioneer Transfer and Storage Co Dr. T. H. Proctor Robley's Grill Safeway Stores, Inc. Schultz Refrigerated Lockers Schwarzwald Furniture Company Seaton Publishing Company Mapleway Alleys StTOH1'S Black Hills Cafe Martin s S ervice H. Shostrom Insurance J Shama's , y Dr N E Marofgf-r,,?, Dr. J. C. smney Ste ns aiQShe f a tonebe umb Bldg, S 'e rocery Terrace Motel ". v Tha r Co E. J. Thomson, Pub 1 ccountant Trading Post F. L. Thorpe and company 3 Thrift Shoppe x i 'dm Thunder Cove K Ai" Twin city Fruit " ' Twin City Motors flax A 7 A Wells Funeral Home A , 'K ."- x 'N . - ,A , ' ,A sm ill Q ... rpm jf CA x fqk he , Y' A1 L Partzng J. Fletcher, B. Rachetto, P. Whalen, J. Cartner, G. Auer. J. Cartner, H. Hicks, P. Whalen, B. Rachetto. I AHU' 'i 'Xt HNITIFS L-XI.IlNllAR 4 I YF-XR lf4.ml951l Wag .5 r l Q f'Df5 X, if x ,,,.v'-5' , 2' I l f I l David Roesler, Editor School Mascot 3? 1355 F. Hansen, B. Rich, H. Parker. 5 X T ,,....-...,. M. Roebuck, C. Nelson. 60 Mr. Krug, High School Principal I Show! A E , iw fy ww W lf N AMW, N , jf if W QWQXEWJ fi? 5 wgsiiwlf MW I Www MQWA N53 WM 51522 E 33535 Wfwzfiif, Q? Q w 5 Wm yaw bvfojprgfgpm Gigi Him M M! A sei? ,QW A ' . A. ,L , .4Q .,A ,A. ,.. , , , .., . , A -A - V l . '22 JQZZZJ ,az f ff M Wizf ha ,575 li fi! ' ' !Q,4,Z4J-f j, WW W ffm -'.,,.p-. g,j v'v,' Q , . a ' . ,dvcafzikof Mfg 5544 Ja 0 J ww 427924 M . JMJMAQUZ if f ' AQWQJ 55,52 53 gff2 7wMMm?f' QUWQQQQYWWMWM Q Umm Q9M5Y5-JCSLWI ix22imQwmNbWw 0YW5NMMwwvQ-MMM Wu 'W-wNx3XaM.LNsK.MwmWuyoy N?Mm,,SNwNQ W'M"9'Nv-XWMMQMMM 0""QQ5'Nvgs-f- may - 9-X .3.3..Q.,,..,, wwxqwxlvso .EQ-Falk , YNQ-w xhxwvsdb, iw mcggqg' 9X'W'S0kUvLb9WULQ.m1Qjmwi,,Nlfv:m94"" -AJJJ WW PN? 3 ' H . , , . .,.,. f, , . 4: ' H X.. . .::,1:'... ' -:fe:,r'?::-'H:J111r,:- pf ----- ' . ,np:g- , iff-nf-ff'li g-2-fJrf'3iE mil-+3-.QQf1?'.L , ' 93:21 1 mfsssiv'-..i . 4-. 4. xsag-miL A . .J

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