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'I 4 AD ?Q Y ' Mkgnnm i IM L. 'H Z J E W' 32 1 4' fi-?"" ,. My ,, QQ V' 5 - cl: vol X X' .xxkxm ii -.ixgrfrai F- . 'qjjkf Jw' f1A fx r fr ' 1 I , . I .wf .h 'J' 'J HM i ifafffwfififi n . e jf? if 1 g oduct1on and' bedzcatzonaqgi A,,Mfjfiff fm M- In e ch of us there is a little of the spirit of the builder. As grade school y gster modeled fanciful shapes in clay. As high school students we have been called upon to stagings for plays, to build settings for junior-senior prorns, and to build floats. Perhaps in the moments when we permit ourselves to think seriously we try to build our lives so that we can be useful and care for ourselves in the restless, changing world of to- day and so, we hope, that we can fit the unknown world of tomorrow. In building better lives for individuals we are building better life for the community, na- tion, and world. All this building of "self" takes planning on the part of our board, admin- istrators, and our teachers. Two of the larger and more obvious'of these plans for this year are the building of a grade school annex and the construction fto begin soonj of an armory- uditoriurn. All in all one can see there is a lot of building in our lives, consequently our theme for this year is a construction theme. We hope to review how we built in scholarship and in the many "extras" such as sports, debate, declam, drama, music, and publications which make a rich experience of school. Back of all this design, this building, there must be two important forces, drive and mon- ey: thus it is that we dedicate our annual to our parents, whose taxes make our education possible and whose encouragement and direction are a mainstay of the drive necessary for to go through school M M sn 5 , ii? 5,1fgz,Mfig,fM,w'f M ' My jf? l i Tice Keel- log Sta an :Jar Ai? 1.s...4m4 my 5.4. aff QM Deadwood! Svutlc kata if Q riff' ,EES t my gi p pfglr X' i Table of Con ten tA fn troduggn and bedication vfm, Q namfii-Qffv ww. yf wg M ff f W My fff1fQ5fjWN LJ if FAQ- Wax?-ffff 9 W Of C 0g Jtimd Att --J- 3-8 9-24 25-49 50-S6 fk e - 'C 5 bf T 0 jf 14259 TL pf? fbefvper efthw, 'VMS fairy me i 0 Z M C+ 14 miniA tratol-A and ?aculty U9 if-4 7 YU g J M M C D Seal-ly Kluepl-int if 5 Q .- ,JP rumah' as LLM-7' 'wwf '4"""V1-G me ffQa3Z"'LQ'W7 5 JW-arf" Qu...-J' H.S. Berger, Superintendent of Deadwood Pub- lic Schools since 1928, received his B.S. de- gree at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College and his M.A. degree at the University of Missouri. This year has been an unusually busy one for Mr. Berger. In addition to his regular duties, he has been supervising a Ina- jor building program--the construction of a grade school annex and an armory-auditoriurn. 'rx R.H. Krug, principal, came to Deadwood High K -X-NX School in 1925. Mr. Krug received his B.A. Tis Qi 'qw X IL, A 41 S degree at North Central College, Naperville, Illinois, and his M.A. degree at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin. Mr. Krug handles school problems with logic and a kindly sense of hu- mor. In his leisure hours, he is an excellent fly fisherman. Miss Lola Kersten has been Secretary of Dead- wood Public Schools since 1935, serving with an efficiency which all appreciate. In summer- time, Miss Kersten is an ardent golfer. O George Con n egan teaching science at Deadwood Miss Mary Craig, music and dramatics teacher since High Sch 943. Mr- Conklin received his BAA, 1929, has a B.A. degree from Black Hills Teachers degree f ount Union College, Alliance, ohio. College and a M-A- from the University Of Wyoming- M Con is active in Church Work. Each year Miss Craig wins anew, public approval for her excellent plays and more important, the affection 4 of students as expressed in "Roses for Miss Craig." K Lavern Clark came to Deadwood High School in 1949 after receiving his B.E. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. Mr. Clark is Deadwood's instruxnental music teacher and blows a "sweet" clarinet himself. X 5174 Zz ii C iii' cs I -ff?" an L., f is ,M Tag? v 14193, 0 ia Bags' Franklin Brainard, English, social science, and jour- nalism teacher, came here in 1946. He received his B.A. degree at .Taxnestown College, Jamestown, North ' Dakota, and his M.A. degree at the University of North Dakota. Mr. Brainard is adviser for the Bruin and Bear Log and an ardent photographer. of-'sf' 4 s . .X Y 'J in fm, W X Glenn Burgess, head coach in basketball, assistant coach in football, and physical education instructor came to D.H.S. in l95Z. Mr. Burgess received his B.A. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. Like Mr. Krug, with whom he frequently fishes, Mr. Burgess whips a "mean" Royal Coachman. PFFC U if ' 11, X Miss Beverly Ann Edson, who began teaching speech and English in Deadwood this year, received her B.F.A. degree from the University of South Dakota. She likes Q' ' f i Mrlfyfr ff? .f S N4 ,,'+-93" I 1' 1' 3 A fx 43054: V G 6 K' '9 'Iv We JW 51:7 I 77 Mrs. Louise M. Farrens, who joined the high school faculty this year, has a B.S. in education from the University of Nebraska. Mrs. Farrens teaches Latin to cook and enjoys bowling and tennis. and English and says that home and children consti- tute her hobby. 770m ki fkfk. '1,p.a1 Mrs. Edna Ferguson, English teacher and school li- brarian, came to D.H.S. in l944. She received her B.A. degree at Arkansas A.kM. Like her husband, Q1 ,Q Stewart Ferguson, she is an avid reader. O f .ani-is aff 0 Q 099 .LC fa 02" ff no 'e 0 s me by Stewart Fergusm, head football coach and assistant bas- ketball coach, carne to Deadwood High School in l944. Mr. Ferguson received his B.A. degree at mkota Wesleyan and his M.A. degree fran Louisiana State. After a close squeak with eternity and the removal of one lung this year, Coach Ferguson is back with us in perfect health. ff lm Eldon Gran becarre the high school conmercial teacher in 1953. Mr. Gran, formerly grade school principal, will undoubtedly be most remembered by students for his thoroughness and his pungent humor. He received his B.S. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. Q "' ..f-1L"+t ,,.,-f f' ,ff X 'N Z ein -' X X x K 5 DA J. Ora Horsfall has given us his services as manual art teacher since 1929. lvlr. Horsfall received his B.E. de- gree from Plattsville State College, Plattsville, Wiscon- sin. Mr. Horsfall and his wife run the Tomahawk Golf Club in the summer months. Proof of Mr. Horsfa.1l's a- bility is the Horsfal1's lovely home which he built. 1. me 4 1X Q. tmgaez if gh' l.0lg!.1I!lIlgl?Q,-' QV e'fVx ,Y '1 thematics teacher, began teach- Miss Lucie Jensen, ma ing at Deadwood High School in 1947. She attended the University of Washington where she received her B.S. degree. Miss Jensen is the owner of a lovely hand loo ' usual fabrics. Mrs. Elsie Krug came to Deadwood High School in 1936 as the Girl's Physical Education Instructor. Attending the University of South Dakota, Mrs. Krug received her B,S. degree. Add fly tying and fly fishing to he -5 . ij 5 3 , 'if .. ff Wi K if' QIRQSM-j,.J iV'1' abilities, and one sees the all around sports woman. N r list of athletic m, and we are looking forward to seeing some un- Merlyn W. Veren, assistant basketball coach, received Miss Van Heuvelen, home economics teacher at Dead- wood High School since 1946, attended Dakota Wesley- his B.E. from the University of South Dakota. Mr. an where she received her B.S. degree. Neatness might Veren, who came here this year, is an under "BO" golfer and an all around sportsman. well he this cheerful teacher's middle name. -1. N I Xl I xC I IN L N X Q. gg dll' Qxxwb 5 Q beadwood Eval-d Yurtluer-A Kuildiny Program The combined efforts of the Deadwood School Board and Superintendent H.S. Berger, backed by a cooperative community, resulted in a much needed building program. This two-fold program includes a grade school annex, on which work has commenced, and an armory-auditorium soon to be started. Added to the south of the present school building, the grade school annex, costing S84,658.86, will house three classrooms, one multi-purpose room, one office, and lavatories. The multi- purpose room is designed so that it can be used as a cafeteria by faculty and students. Deadwood's active P.T.A. has taken the job of furnishing the kitchen. A benefit concert netted 5255.00 as a beginning, and well-patronized candy sales at basketball games have brought in more money each week. The armory-auditorium, costing SZ83,000.00, will be about one block south of the school on the opposite side of Upper Main Street. Of this sum, the community is providing Sl75,000.00, while the goverrunent is supplying S108,000.00. The total figure is to cover cost of site, building, and equipment. The building, to be used as a gymnasium by the school and a meeting center for the National Guard, will seat 2200 for basketball games and will have cooking facilities. Former board member, Mr. Francis I. Parker, has been the legal counsel for the board in matters connected with the building plans. SCHOOL BOARD: Seated, left to right--Mr. Martin Morris, Member, Mrs. Sylvia Baggaley, Presidentg Miss Lola Kersten,Secretary3 Mr. Elmer Pontius, Member. Standing, left to right--Mr. Harry S. Berger, Superintendentg Mr. Harold Mitchell, Member, Mr. George Palmer, Member, Mr. Carlton O. Gorder, Treasurer. 7 W ! If ' A I 0 l 0 0 gg - 'cvtthfll Hiliuatii In guldlny Student pdctnlztq A- i fl f I, STUDENT COUNCIL: left to right--Arne Sjomeling, Belva Burtzlaff, Peri Ann Hughes, Henry Frawley, Mr. Krug, Pauline Neavill, .Timmy Young, .Terry Hardy, Jack Sears. On September 2.4, 1954, the first meeting of the Student Council was held. The student body had elected Hank Frawley president previous to the meeting. At the first meeting, the Vice President, Arne Sjomeling, was elected and Pauline Neavill was voted Secretary-Treasurer. The first two meetings were devoted to the discussion of Bear Day activities. The discussions of the next two meetings were on the subject of electing "B" team cheerleaders. School spirit, or lack of it, was the subject of the next few meetings. The following meetings were devoted to bringing the Alumni Directory up to date. Student Council has as its object guiding student activity and providing for student government. 8 P W 9,247 iw Myfggdifd wnen 14 ply ?fniAluing Touch A kj A y Qg,,.,j,2iM.i?Zt: As they come to the end of their senior year, the 44 members of the class of '55 find that they have become Master Craftsmen. To them is given the responsibility of plying their trades in the future. This year the senior class elected as their President, Bill Besharag Darrell Stone- berger, Secretary-Treasurer: and Jim Veitl, Vice-President. Henry Frawley and Pauline Neavill were delegates to Student Council where Henry became President and Pauline, Secretary. Elaine Fish as All School Queen reigned over Bear Day with her attendants, Janet Chyba and Betty Cooper, while Pauline Neavill adorned the senior ,Z4-,5 class float as senior queen. ? Sherill Person was the winner of the "Homemaker of Tomorrow" award and represented D.I-l.S. in the state contest. - Receiving the annual D.A.R. award this year was Elaine ' Fish. VML4iP" L.- George Clark represented Deadwood High School mv., H ml - : in the All State Band held at Aberdeen. fl, 9 The five A team cheerleaders were ' . '-' 9 N ' sais X Annef F . - -. . ,lvhry Rutter, Ja- M net Fish, and Sf f - B x x l , ' , f' X ' Z "4 B- Marcia -1 ,1 a '- - ' ' , .L...-.--- ! 'l bers o e c of 7 If . i x , 7 155. ' f I I ' S ' ff 134, K 1 I 1 - 5 f ,-, ..... . mv- f ' - - - , Gp , W' l A -- -1: J ' l' 1-1 T' ,f W t X f - -1- - A f I 'X y' at . - -r: Q 1 W sfzkes-if k g, -,.. , 5, fl , A .-...i P1-eAen ting The Maw ter C'raftAmen Dale David Allen ---- "Dale" Boys Glee Club 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Student Council 2,33 Boys' State 33 Class Officer 13 Student Congress 43 S.D.H.S,P.A. 3,43 Bruin Staff 3,43 Bear Log Staff 3,43 Bear Log Ed- itor 43 Class Play 33 Music Festival 2,33 Christmas Play 23 Senior Play 43 A-Band 4g Football 1,23 Quill and Scroll 2,3,43 Student Council Officer 3g Working 33 Turnbling Tea.m 1,22 Azmual Clinic 4g Student Coun- cil Representative 3. Lawrence Edward Anfinson ---- "Eddie" Entered 3rd year. William Carl Auer ---- "Bill" "D" Club 2,41 Foot- ball Manager 23 Working 2.3 Football 4. Karl Rhineholt Bentz ---- "Fritz" or "Karl" Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Football Mana- ger 13 Weight Tearns l,2,3,43 Dramatics Club 13 Band l,2,3,43 Christmas Play l,2,3,43 Class Play 3,42 Band Music Festival l,2,33 Glee Club Music Festival 1,2, 3,43 Mixed Octet 3,43 Boys Quartet 3,43 Special Boys Glee Club 43 Track 1,21 "D" Club. 10 SENIOR CLASS OF- FICERS: Left to right--.Tim Veitl, Vice - president, Darrell Stoneber- ger, Secretary, Bill Beshara, President. Sylvia Dorene Berry ---- "Syl" Glee Club 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3545 Volleyball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,35 G.A.A. Officer 45 Christmas Play 45 Class Play 3,45 S.D.H,S.P.A. 45 Bear Log Staff 45 Editorial Chairman 45 Music Festival 2,3,45 Special Glee Club 45 Bad- minton 35 Aerial Tennis 2,45 Working 45 Annual Clinic 4. William Patrick Beshara ---- "Bill" Boys Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Debate 1,25 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball Manager 3,45 Class Play 35 Music Festival l,2,35 Christmas Play l,2,3,45 Working 15 Class President 45 Boys Octet Il 45 S.D.H.S.P.A, 45 Bruin Staff 3,4. Helen Bess Brandt ---- "Helen B." Glee Club l,2,3,45 Special Glee Club l,2,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 A cap- pella 2,35 Dramatics Club l, G.A.A. l,2,3,45 G.A.A. Officer 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Soft- ball l,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,35 S.D.H.S.P.A. 45 Music Festival l,2,3,45 Bruin Staff 2,3,45 Bruin Exchange Editor 45 Student Congress 45 Class Play 3,45 Christ- mas Play 35 Bear Log Staff 4. Kay Marie Buchmaster ---- "Nlarie" Glee Club 1,25 Special 15 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Volley- ball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,35 Library 2,45 Music Fes- tival l,25 Badminton 1,35 Aerial Tennis 2,45 Senior Play 45 Working 2. Janet Rose Chyba ---- "Ian" Glee Club l,2,3,45 Spe- cial Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 A cappel- la 35 Drannatics Club 15 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 G.A.A. Officer 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Baseball 152, 35 Bruin 2,3,45 Bear Log Staff 2,3,45 Majorette 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 S.D.H.S.P.A. 45 Cheerleader 45 All School Attendant 45 Class Play 3,45 Christmas Play l,2,3,45 Music Festival l,2,3,45 Sextet 35 Octet 45 Tumbling l,2,3,45 Badminton Tournaxnent 1,35 Aerial Tennis 2,4. George Calvin Clark ---- "George" Football l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 lviixed Chorus 1,25 Band l,2,3,45 Christ- mas Play 1,25 Class Play Stage Manager 35 "D" Club 2,3,45 All-State Band 2,3,45 Band Music Festival l,2,35 45 Brass Sextet 1,25 Student Congress 35 Class Play 4. Betty Lou Cooper ---- "Betty" Glee Club l,2,3,45 Special Glee Club 1,45 Nlixed Chorus 25 G.A.A. l,2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Volleyball l,2,35 Baseball 15 Dra- matics Club 15 Christmas Play l,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3, 45 Bruin Staff 2,3,45 A cappella 25 Class Play 35 All School Attendant 45 Music Festival 152,35 Working 45 Tumbling 1,25 Badminton 35 Aerial Tennis 1,25 Melodious Twelve 3. Larry John DiSanto ---- "Larry" Glee Club 152,35 Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Band l,2,45 Class Officer 25 "D" Club l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Working 2,45 Music Festival l,2,3,45 Christmas Play 1,25 Class Play 3,45 Boys Glee Club l,2,35 Boys Quartet 35 Bear Log 45 Round Robin Tournament 1,2 5 Tumbling 1,25 Volley- ball l,2,35 Weight Team 15 Softball 253,45 Baseball 15 Basketball 1,2. Henry Ja.mes Frawley ---- "Hank" Student Council 1,43 Student Council President 43 Class President 33 Stu- dent Council Convention 4g Student Congress 4g S.D.H.S.P.A. 3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Special Glee Club 43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Boys Octet 43 Mixed Sextet 43 Boys Quartet 43 Tune- ful Twelve 33 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Debate 13 Christmas Play l,2,3,43 Class Play 3,43 Bruin Staff 3,41 "D" Club 2,3,43 Football 1,23 Latin Club 1,23 Bear Log Staff 43 Music Festival l,2,3,4. Phyllis Ronoda Gordon ---- "Phyl" Entered 3rd year3 G.A.A. 33 Volleyball 33 Glee Club 33 Christmas Play 33 Pep Club 33 Working 3,4. James Edgar Hutcherson ---- "Hutch" Weight Teams l,2,33 Bruin Staff 2,41 Football 1,23 Bear Log Staff 43 Senior Play 4. Harold Floyd Iwan ---- "Floyd" Band l,2,3,43 Band Festival l,2,3,43 Massed Band l,2,3,43 Cornet Quartet 3,43 Brass Sextet 23 Debate 1. 12 Mary Jane Drake ---- "Fuzzy" Glee Club 1,23 Special Glee Club 1,23 Dramatics Club 13 A cappella 23 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 G.A.A. Officer 43 Basketball l,2,33 Volley- ball l,2,3,43 Christmas Play 13 Class Play 33 Music Festival 1,23 Working 43 Badrriinton Tournament 1,2, 3,43 Tumbling l,2,3. John Franklin Fillmore ---- "John" Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Track 13 Christmas Play 1,2, 3,43 Class Play 3,41 Music Festival l,2,33 Football 1,2,43 "D" Club 43 Working l,Z,3,4. Doris Elaine Fish ---- "Lanie" Glee Club l,2,33 Spe- cial Glee Club l,2,33 A cappella 23 Sextet 33 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 G.A.A. Officer 3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Vol- leyball l,2,3,43 Baseball 2,3,43 Badminton Tourna- ments 2,42 Aerial Tennis Tournaments 1,31 Declam- atory l,2,3,43 Quill and Scroll 33 Christmas Play 1,Z,31 Howe Scholarship Cup 13 Ivfajorette l,Z,3,4Q Bear Log Staff -3,43 Bruin Staff 2,3,41 Dramatics Club 13 Pep Club 2,3,43 Sophomore Class Queen3 Cheerleader 43 All School Queen 43 D.A.R. 43 N.F.L. 43 S.D.H.S.P.A. 3,43 Class Play 3,43 Music Festival 2,32 Student Con- gress 4. Verlin Lloyd Fox ---- "Verlin" Glee Club 1,43 Mixed Chorus 1,43 Bruin Staff 33 Working l,2,3,43 Christ- mas Play 43 Music Festival l,4. Annette Yvonne Kittelman ---- "Nettie" Glee Club l,2,3,43 Special Glee Club l,3,43 Quartet 43 G.A.A. l,Z,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Volleyball l,2,33 Baseball 1,2,33 Christmas Play 1,2,3,43 Class Play 33 Bruin Staff 2,3,43 Drarnatics Club 1,23 Pep Club 2,3,43 Cheer- leader 43 Badminton 23 Aerial Tennis 1,33 Table Ten- nis 33 Music Festival 1,2,3,4. Frances Ella Kunsman ---- "Fran" Glee Club 1,23 Special Glee Club 13 G.A.A. 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Vol- leyball 1,23 Baseball 13 Aerial Tennis 2,42 Badminton 13 Christmas Play 23 Library 23 Pep Club 33 Debate 33 Bruin Staff 3,43 Latin Club 13 Working 2,33 Senior Play 43 Music Festival l,2. mester of Sophomore year3 Glee Club 23 Library 3 Pep Club 33 Class Play 43 Music Festival 2. Michael Ray Larson ---- "Nlick" Weight Teams l,3,43 Glee Club 3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Christmas Play 43 Working 3,43 Class Play 43 Bruin Staff 3. Mary Lou Lanphear ---- Ulvfary Lou" Entered 2nd Se- basl ii? to ,Q Florence Elizabeth Lauer ---- "Flossie" Glee Club l,Z,3,4Q Special Glee Club 1,43 Mixed Chorus 43 A cap- pella l3 G.A.A. 23 Basketball 23 Volleyball 23 Band 1,2,3,43 Pep Band 2,3,43 German Band 33 Clarinet Quartet 23 Band Festival l,2,3,43 Christmas Play 1,2,3,43 Class Play 3,43 Bruin Staff 2,3,43 Pep Club 2,3,4Q Library 43 Latin Club 13 Music Festival 1,2,3. Patricia Ann Lubisher ---- "Pat" Glee Club 1,23 Spe- :ial Glee Club 1,23 G.A.A. 1,23 Basketball 1,23 V01- leyball 1,2Q Baseball 1,23 Badminton 13 Aerial Tennis 2.3 A cappella Zz Music Festival 1,23 Class Play 4. Kurt Machler ---- "Kurt" Glee Club 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Christmas Play 4. Marcia Anne Moore ---- "Marcia" Glee Club l,2,3,4Q Special Glee Club l,Z,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 A cap- pella 2,33 Ivixed Sextet 43 Mixed Octet 43 G.A.A. l,2,33 Basketball l,2,33 Volleyball l,2,33 Baseball 1,23 Christmas Play 1,Z,33 Class Play 3,41 Dramatics Club 13 Majorette 2,3,43 Pep Club 2,3,43 Cheerleader 43 Freshman Class Queen3 Declamatory lp Bruin Staff 2,3,43 Bear Log Staff 3,43 Badxninton Tournament 1,31 Tumbling l,2,3,43 Music Festival 2,3,4. 0 13 f sxw.p-in' - ' Y vw Mary Carlene Rotter ---- "Carly" G.A.A. 1,2,33 Soft- ball 13 Basketball 1,23 Volleyball 1,23 General Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Special Glee Club l,2,3,43 A cappella 2,32 Mixed Chorus Z,3,43 Dramatic Club 13 Student Council 13 Pep Club Z,3,43 Cheerleader 3,43 Christ- mas Play l,2,3,43 Class Play 3,43 Bruin 2,3,43 Mixed Octet 43 Mixed Sextet 43 Mixed Quartet 43 Girls Quar- tet 33 Bear Log 43 Girls Octet 2,33 Trio 33 Latin Club 1,23 Class Queen 33 Music Festival l,2,3,4. Betty Lou Sargent ---- "Betty" G.A.A. 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Volleyball 1,23 Baseball 1,23 Glee Club 1,23 Spe- cial Glee Club 1,23 Christmas Play 13 Class Play 43 Badminton 13 Aerial Tennis 23 Baseball l,2. Richard Claude Schlax ---- "Dick" Track 13 Glee Club 3,43 lvixed Chorus 3,42 Christmas Play 23 Work- ing 3,4. Richard Charles Sears ---- "Rich" Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Christmas Play 1,2,3,4j Bruin Staff 2,3,4j Class President 33 Debate 13 Student Council 23 S.D.H.S.P.A. 43 Music Festival 1,2,3,4Q Class Play 3,43 All Conference End 33 3rd Team All-State End 33 Bear Log Staff 3,43 "D" Club Z,3,43 Boys Octet 43 Round Robin Tournament 1,23 Pep Band 1. 14 Mary Pauline Neavill ---- "Paula" Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Special Glee Club 13 Mixed Chorus 3,43 A cappella 33 G.A.A. 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Volleyball 1,23 Base- ball 13 Christmas Play l,2,3,43 Class Play, Stage 33 Bruin Staff Z,3,43 Class Secretary, Treasurer 23 Pep Club Z,3,43 Senior Class Queen3 Music Festival l,2,33 Girls Quartet 43 Student Council Secretary 43 Work- ing Z,3,43 Latin Club 1,23 Bear Log 4. Geraldine Lea Page ---- "Gerry" Glee Club 1,23 Spe- cial Glee Club 1,23 A cappella 23 G.A.A. 1,23 Basket- ball 1,23 Volleyball 1,23 Baseball 13 Christmas Play 13 Class Play 3,4. Thomas James Perrett ---- "Tommy" Weight Teams 33 Football 1,2,3,43 Weight Teams 43 "D" Club 4. Sherill Lue Person ---- "Sherry Lue" G.A.A. 1,23 Basketball 13 Volleyball 1,23 Badminton Tournament 13 General Glee Club l,2,3,43 Special Glee Club 1,23 A cappella 2,33 Mixed Chorus Z,3,43 Quartet 43 Me- lodious Twelve 33 Music Festival 1,2,3,43 Christmas Play l,2,3,43 Class Play 3,43 Dramatic Club 13 Bruin Staff 2,3,43 Bruin Assistant Editor 33 Bruin Editor- ln-Chief 43 S.D.H.S.P.A. 3,43 Quill and Scroll 3,43 N.F.L. 43 Declamatory 2,3,43 District Declam 2,32 Bear Log Staff Z,3,43 Pep Club 2,33 Student Congress 43 Girls State Representative 33 Homemaker of To- morrow 4. Donald Arthur Sonne ---- "Don" or "Sonny" Football l,2,3,43 Weight Teams l,2,33 "D" Club 2,3,43Class Play 4. Gerald Sternad ---- "Jerry" Entered 3rd yearg Foot- ball 3,41 "D" Club 3,4. Darrel Carl Stoneberger ---- "Tot" Football lg Bas- ketball l,2,3,43 Glee Club 13 Mixed Chorus 13 "D" Club 43 Class Officer 13 Christmas Play 13 Tumbling 1,2 3 Round Robin Tournament 1,23 Volleyball Tourna- ment l,23 Softball 3,43 Baseball 13 Senior Play 4. Jim Allen Veitl ---- "Jim" Track 1,2,43 Track Mana- ger 33 "D" Club 3,42 Work 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Class Vice-President 43 Weight Teams 13 S.D.H.S.P.A. 3,43 Quill and Scroll 33 Boys State 33 Glee Club 1,2,33 Mixed Chorus l,2,33 Basketball 1,2 3 Football 33 Class Secretary, Treasurer 33 Student Council 3. ,. .LL , was Luke Truman Walker ---- "Luke" Football 1,23 Track 1,23 Working 3,43 Weight Team 13 Class Play 4. Robert Eugene Whitelock ---- "Gene" Basketball 1, 2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Volleyball l,2,3,43 Round Robin Tournament 1,23 Track 33 "D" Club 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Boys Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Tuneful Twelve 33 Boys Octet 43 Music Festival l,2,3,4Q Class Play 3,43 Christmas Play 1,2,3,43 Class President 23 Working 23 Bruin Staff 1,2,3,43 Bear Log Staff 3,41 S.D.H.S.P.A. 4. Monte Gene Widdoss ---- "Monte" Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Boys Quartet 3,41 Tuneful Twelve 33 Mixed Quartet 43 Mixed Sextet 43 Latin Club 1,22 Christmas Play l,2,3,43 Class Play 3,41 Bruin Staff 2,3,43 Bear Log Staff 4g Music 'Festival 1,2,3,43 Class Secretary, Treasurer 1: Football 13 Basketball 1,22 Annual Clinic 4. 15 iii BEHRS GPHDuf7r5 .8 WA, u 1 1 1 ,' f v4 SMX 'W 6' , if 9 I , an 71 5 ffm fy f 1. Look at all the prettiesUfZ. He works ihard. 3. They don't. 4. Rastus, the man with the "Pep- sodent Smile." 5. A break in her leisure time. 6. Triple Threat Team! 7. Get that man off your mind! 8. And you get that woman off your mind! 9. Man, can I go!!! 10. Kinda. 16 . ,,. F., . C163 ourneqmen Heb: Per ect Cvngguiithgs if is 73 igalmf Iii lm-la re Q The journeymen had e busy year in '55, At our first class meeting we ted Arne Sjomeling as our President, Suzanne Litz, Vice-President, and Bob a Sjomeling, Secretary-Treasurer. 5 Pretty Belva Burtzlaff was chosen to reign as junior class quee 10 4-gg, . any e and ride on our float with a theme called "Lick 'Em." , To represent us on the Student Council, we chose Arne N l if ' Sjomeling and Belva Burtzlaff. Walt Williamson and f 1 QQ Arne Sjomeling were elected to attend Boys' Q ' I ' 8 ' ff:-I qs. State. 'Wai-11, 1, thi t Some of the things that high-lighted ' Q our Year were a verY Successful ' g play, Trouble Shooter, choos- I ing our class rings and . X X lannin the Junior- QV' r N p ' 8 'Sw X Senior Prom and M V X I X X Ax , X N banquet. Xgf ,Q J X X M i ' 'V x 'exif Z X ,X X 6- f f Xi II X .li- HHO " .T , re Ah, - f " X E X f ' . W I-' Q fl' ,fe ....... , ff t- - ,Q ly e A '7 Mix The Qomelingif 14nd Sue Plan 901' The Prom Pictured at the right are the Junior Class Officersg left to right--Bob Sjomeling, Secretaryg Suzanne Litz, Vice-Presidentg Arne Sjomeling, President. Belva Burtzlaff Geraldine Clauser Charles Crotty Richard Davis Arthur DuPratt Paula Engebretson ', Margaret Ferris V Joanna F1-ancescato Tom Gorder Diane Heine Charles Hendrickson Jimmie Hennen Joan Hoy Peggy Huhta Donnie James Carol Johnson .Tolyn Kimble Donald Lantz Marvin Lester Suzanne Litz Melvyn Meverden JoAnne Pringle Marilyn Rotter Shirley Ruth Jerold Sargent David Schopen Sylvia Scissons Joyce Shostrom Arne Sjomeling Robert Sjomeling Merno Stalder Willis Steinlicht Katherine White Walter Williamson Gail Willuweit ..,..fQQ Q5 S fl :H Q sssp f f Tl r Q AXA 1. Stop ticklinglf Z. Mr. Drake cleaning the main office. 3. Don't they work hard? ? ? 4. Check that pose11 5. Never saw a horse with suede shoesll 6. One-shot Williamson. 7. Such a "dear." 8. Awww, you say the sweetest things!! 9. Hail, hail, the gang's all herell 10. Macbeth lived here. 11. Breakin' in on "Junior Skip Day." 12. Marilyn, why did you have to change so much? ? 7 13. "Hep Cats" of D.H.S. 14. This is Sherill fCalamity Jane, Person. 15. "Peppy, Peppy, you are our mas- cot true." 16. "They were doin' the mambo? '? ?" 17. Bewildered, bored or shocked? We'll leave it up to you. 8. Looks like Helen's been ridin' horses too long. 19. Yell loud, Sophs, you need the vote to get the prize. 20. Duh, what's up, docs? ? '? Z1. Where's your "Pepsodent smile," Helen? ZZ. Aw, come on kids. smile for the camera. 20 if WD W Soplw Hey Carry The load 7 M My ' -1 e 1, ,-1 ff -- few 1 YJ' ' 4 l A JA! f ., RJ X Ji- x f A! I. n Vx!! RJ D! . ' 3' 4 ' . Y 'iii QA' if if UVM If ' uno' 1 if S1 A V? aw ' W' n if ., X , ,m-., 11 - ., e 41 ., , Mu ft lc ' xv f g, 5 A X , ij J Ll! -I' pl! Aff' lf' MX" 5 1, " - ' iff' sf '--' ig Q J e W . y X A f' ,1 I V v 'Li , C QT7- ky., ,-ff f V! L, Wow' g! M' A VX v K' ln- ' L, 1' .xi K .N- I WV , fm 1 I K - v .' R4 . 'X,, My . xgkjyf ffl? ff: -mm. 4. luV,r"""'1 Tar ? ... 'J fx ' 2 is 'Sf uf' .ea , Al . X3 4 inf' . vii rg I as The apprentices started out with all the teachers wondering what was wrong with the 50 members. However, the sophomores held enough of their wits about them to elect Robert Mack as Presidentg Don Gross, Vice-Presidentg and Patricia Williamson, Secretary-Treas- urer. To represent them on Student Council they elected .Tim Young and Jerry Hardy. The Sophomore Class chose .lean Maki as theiu' class queen to ride on their "Flower Basket" float. Sophomore Class Officers: left to right--President, Ro- bert Mack: Secretary, Pa- tricia Williamsong Vice- President, Donnie Gro s. Zia fe . fnefffyfqfr J ZZ?- fi fy Jill Anfinson Keith Bergstrom Ronald Bernard James Buckmaster Jeanne Cleveland Carolyn Collins James Collins F-rances Cordova 3 f L .. Q' J QW iw K f v ii", , A 5? an w as fx ' XV .li B' - J' J. li I 1 1 fi ifaz , Z if wx., bd sa s if 5 5f',5is'.ft -., . I, .' WY? Q i J l' x '? Joanne Deatherage Charles Edrnunlson Mary Eilers Sharon Farrens Larry Fahrni Donnie Gross Marlene Hansen Jerry Hardy Shirley Hendrickson Ronnie Hennen Q45- W H. r 3:ES.z'. sf -Wiiifr ' f iw P Q 2 B 4 fl ,Q J, ii X 3, 1 i F53 . ' - Raymond Jones Gerald Karns MariaKlein Marlyne Kuykendall Robert Mack Jean Maki Larry Mitchell Nancy Newell Hazel Pahkamaa Kathryn Pahkamaa Shirley Pahkamaa Jerold Perrett 1 Gale Fox Sandra Gravelle Yvonne Hobbs Carolyn Jacobson Le ona Marshall Jerry ntius -ec. R ivy K I i Yi ii l . ,fl 1, fix Q I t f 1: -4 -xfriv x -. p 21 A -L .. 'fi , . aa', f " W' ,,ya Not P1ctured: Dale Goodroad, Judy ' , ,,-'a 'J A z . ' Hudson, Glenn Nigg. Lois Pringle LaRee Redinger Marvin Reznicek Robert Saunders James Scott Judy Ann Semmons Margaret Slack Roberta VanDerVo1-st Roland VanDerVorst Patricia Williamson Jimmy Young Z2 A T3-:?"'1il. ' we .iiwfive L fi , Vw h 1 H I '3' S., ?f.wgc' 512 . ,J ' 1 -ff L-WW f WA 15 f 0 1 ff f f if .j wits X ,wa ex 1 9 ' w x-. al W4 J N I ff. K , 'EAL' W. ,fi 32? XCR PW ff 7j,ffyf ' 4 al l .1 rite l 4fji'fzffrP f' Zi! Q 0 fri -"- f 'fb inf 4706 Affj ' ' B 1 fy iw ' fx'---X8 :Q L' FRESI-uvLENlAg, OFFICERS As the school year 1954-1955 began, it saw 51 confused common laborers madly dashing around the halls trying to find such things as classrooms and people who could open their lockers for them. When the teachers calrned them down enough, the freshmen elected Peri Ann Hughes and Jack Sears with Marjorie Bell and Jean Pigney as alternates to represent them on the student council. Before they were used to their new surroundings, the laborers again as- serrbled and this tirne elected Peri Ann Hughes, Marvixi Lee, and Jack Sears as class officers. On Bear Day, Her Highness Judy Shana rode aboard the frosh float which carried the theme, "Beat Bell." The freshmen's idea and workmanship on the float were good enough to place it second in the parade. Seated, left to right--Sec- retary, Peri Ann Hughes: President, Jack Searsg Vice-President, Marvin Lee. 5 ff ff i it , il V 4 Marjory Bell Beverly Bobst Barbara Brown Larry Burtzlaff Karen Carter Herbert Clark Virginia Clauser Diane Clements Z3 xg s J C aene la -4 J , 1 in Q 'K Y HF s if W" J U4 , id fi if :3,a,gQ,Q- l eg.: Say., Q . , -153 ,L A effigif. I - V H? A '51 x 1 -'af .Q I X f' I 9 is u h bih, .lzi , i 'Zi' V A J av i f Judy Cleveland Gary Collins B. Junior Duane Dale Hansen Delores Heinrich Glenrose Hill ,L fy.. 'K 1 1' 5 ,,,..y,, A, i t i Q rg- . ag' gif 4 ' K 3 i l , ' T 1 A LV J 2 'ae .., unne l Q in 2 3 35 A Q Richard Eatherton Sophia Fuhrmann Jean Goodroad Vincent Gravelle Peri Anne Hughes Donald Johnson Gloria Johnson Ro f , y pf he . " Q-X' if ' is mi 1 mell Kaelberer J Q X, ,A if lf is X Q if v 'P' Marvin Lee James LeMar Darlene Lester Carl Lindstrom Connie Lou McCarro1l Barbara McDade James Meverden Shirley Nelson Dennis Pierce Jean Pigney Dorothy Reznicek Lyle Rilling Shirley Roebuck Muriel Roth fi J l.""' . 'ggi 5 F H, 9 J 15" 6 ' i ' J fa. ,L - "l' ' . Q , ' , eie. It w g N ,.: as I , mzl,iiy W 7 , N- W Y' W - - C ' . -D C 'Z . . J, 4 2 1? 6-is . ,e 4 . K Z z Mary Joan Scissons Jack Sears Judy Shama Ramona Sheppard Rozelle Stalder Eugenie Suess David Vaughn Stanley Wells John Wescott 24 Karen Shockey Sondra Snapp Blaine Sordahl .. x gfy . Q A 33 w N5 'x Q 'M' a , N : -5 L., :J A X- ,lb V X Lf ' 'I LV ' ' f 1 4' 'M X. VV It "3 f NAV 'L Q X 0f,ang4ffvnA neg, Kuild active ya J 5 W W J I My J jv 3 2 JE A' N MQ , RN' A "y.27o77" X55 TA nj' -J A fy Mpfff OMM437. My ilglfui, If,9Vx 3 M152 '15 7 W 5' 61 k. f . Q 7 7"'O' . L W r Y , 21-rf' V4 1 "75f'!'?'D?207fp7,,,f'f19 i Fling-pf! figffzhfln f?J9-ffj' 22 Q,,x?'S jwif iii? 5,5 'K S MQ? si Qfffiwff f4,4,c,4'-4'4f ""Z: ' !L7,,4,f.fJgLzL4.4 .Y iziglfffff ' ,dwdffdfe Allyn? 9 Kem- fog Staff 5411144 Manual vis ' i l ll 3 iii E 1 1 , ANNUAL OFFICERS: Seated --Sylvia Berry, Editorial Chairrran: lvir. Brainard, Ad- viser. Standing: left to right--lvionte Widdoss, Art Editorg .Timmy Veitl, Assistant Editor, Dale Allen, Editorg Suzanne Litz, Assistant Editorg Gene Whitelock, Co-Business Nlan- agerg Henry Frawley, Co- Business Managerg .To Anne Pringle, Assistant Editor: Richard Sears, Assistant Ed- itor. . . t. y s is BEAR LOG STAFF: lst row, left to right--Dale Allen, Jim Veitl, Gene Whitelock, Woody William- son, Larry DiSanto, Monte Widdoss. Znd row--Mr. Brainard, Jean Maki, Sylvia Berry, Sherill Person, Janet Chyba, Helen Brandt, Suzanne Litz. 3rd row--Jeanne Cleveland, Connie McCarroll, Richard Sears, Henry Frawley, Io Anne Pringle, Belva Burtzlaff. Special thanks go to lviarcia Moore, Pauline Neavill, and Nlary Rotter, who though not staff mem- bers at the time the picture was taken, "came through" with a lot of help--the last minute kind that means so much. 26 The Staff With The lllimeograpln C'ompoAeA l .1 . i lst row, left to right--Jeanne Cleveland, Marilyn Rotter, Geraldine Clauser, Mary Eilers, Leona Marshall, Margaret Slack, Jolyn Kimble, Annette Kittelman, Joanne Deatherage, LaRee Redinger, Pauline Neavill. Znd row--Patricia Williamson, Sandra Gravelle, Carolyn Jacobson, Marlyne Kuykendall, Jerry Hardy, Betty Cooper, Mary Rotter, Janet Chyba, Sherill Person, Mr. Brainard. 3rd row--Peggy Huhta, Jean Maki, Elaine Fish, Joanna Francescato, Frances Kunsman, Shirley Hendrickson, Carol Johnson, Paula Engebretson, Yvonne Hobbs, Suzanne Litz. 4th row--Helen Brandt, Diane Heine, Jill Anfinson, Joyce Shostrom, Nancy Newell, Jo Anne Pringle, Lois Pringle, Judy Ann Semmons, Florence Lauer. 5th row--Bill Beshara, Tom Gorder, Darrell Stoneberger, James Hutcherson, Henry Frawley, Monte Widdoss, Richard Sears, Dale Allen, Walter William- son, Gene Whitelock. Not Pictured--Marcia Moore ln D.H.S, anyone with the desire to write and to work can join the Bruin. 1 BRUIN OFFICERS: seated --Mr. Brainard, Adviser, Mr. Gran, Technical Ad- viser. Standing, left to right--Janet Chyba, Art Editorg Helen Brandt, Ex- change Editorg Peggy Huhta, Assistant Editorg Bill Beshara, Sports Ed- itorg Sherill Person: Ed- itor-in-chief. Fa , 172 5m"""" sw V! ,ul av. X -. A kv ,U W W'-.x g ,. E Q? ,. K.. ,, Ai ...thc . ,. ,irfmffi , A T: nn -. 'l i 5' QAM Pl-oaJideA Cami tructiale Recreation .. - 1 f ' A E f 1 ' . 1 1 A ' . ml l' i 9 4.5 lst row, left to right--Frances Cordova, Karen Carter, Beverly Bobst, Jean Goodroad, Jeannie Cleveland, Judy Sharna, Sylvia Berry, Annette Kittelman, Rozelle Stalder, LaRee Redinger, Judy Cleveland. Znd row--Sandra Gravelle, Glenrose Hill, Sondra Snapp, Gloria Johnson, Mary Eilers, Leona Mar- shall, Nlargaret Slack, Sophia Fuhrmann, Delores Heinrich, Jolyn Kimble, Romell Kaelberer, Mrs. Krug. 3rd row--Pat Williamson, Darlene Lester, Elaine Fish, Jean Maki, Barbara McDade, Marlyne Kuykendall, Yvonne Hobbs, Joanna Francescato, Shirley Nelson, Carolyn Collins, Mary Jane Drake, Janet Chyba. 4th row--Roberta VanDerVorst, Marlene Hansen, Jean Pigney, Helen Brandt, Jill Anfinson, Shir- ley Roebuck, Sharon Farrens, Diane Heine, Shirley Hendrickson, Karen Shockey, Maria Klein. 5th row--Muriel Roth, Judy Semmons, Belva Burtzlaff, Jo Anne Pringle, Nancy Newell, Lois Pringle, Kay Buckmaster, Judy Hudson, Ramona Sheppard. The Girls' Athletic Association, having elected Elaine Fish, President, and Janet Chyba, Secre- tary, held four tournaments this year. They were: the badminton tournament, which Maria Klein won, the table tennis tournament, which is not yet completed: and the volleyball and basketball tournaments, both of which were won by the sophomore class. The girls in G.A.A. are given points for their hours of athletic activity and are awarded letters according to the number of points earned. Four points are given for each hour of organized ac- tivity while three points are given for each hour of unorganized activity. 29 I Some Elow 14nd Some Hel Q, .. S - 4 PEP CLUB: lst row, Cheerleaders, seated, left to right--Mary Rotter, Janet Chyba, Marcia Moore, Elaine Fish, Annette Kittelman. Znd row--Judy Cleveland, LaRee Redinger, Joanne Death- erage, Beverly Bobst, Jean Goodroad, Judy Shama, Jeanne Cleveland, Marilyn Rotter, Sandra Gravelle, Rozelle Stalder, Gail Willuweit, Karen Carter, Pauline Neavill, Frances Cordova, Mrs. Krug. 3rd row--Sophia Fuhrmann, Gloria Thingelstad, Mary Eilers, Leona Marshall, Patricia Williamson, Peri Ann Hughes, Shirley Nelson, Darlene Lester, Gloria Johnson, Jolyn Kimble, Glenrose Hill, Sondra Snapp, Connie Lou McCarroll. 4th row--Margaret Slack, Carolyn Collins, Carolyn Jacobson, Virginia Clauser, Peggy Huhta, Carol Johnson, Suzanne Litz, Yvonne Hobbs, Maria Klein, Marlyne Kuykendall, Jean Maki, Eugenie Suess. 5th row--Karen Shockey, Florence Lauer, Diane Heine, Sharon Farrens, Jill Anfinson, Nancy Newell, Jo Anne Pringle, Belva Burtz- laff, Judy Ann Sernmons, Shirley Roebuck, Shirley Hendrickson, Marlene Hansen. Composed of "A" band members, the Pep Band is caught in the role of spirit building at the Lead--Deadwood game of January 18, 1955. 'beadwood High We love Thy Name . . . " 'app Y h Peppy, the Panda Bear, is the school rrnscot. ln pep assemblies before athletic events, he is a- warded for that event, to the class which wins the competitive yell- ing contest. "A" CHEERLEADERS: left to right--Mary Rotter, Janet Chy- ba, Marcia Moore, Elaine Fish, Annette Kittelman. "D" CLUB: lst row, left to right--Don James, Larry DiSanto, Bill Beshara, Bob Sjomeling, Gene Whitelock, Walter Willaimson, Henry Frawley, Richard Sears, Merno Stalder, .Tim Veitl, Coach Ferguson. Znd row--Coach Burgess, Don Gross, Charles Crotty, Bill Auer, .Terry Sternad, Tom Perrett, Don Sonne, George Clark, Darrell Stoneberger, John Fillmore, Larry Mitchell, Robert Mack. 31 Btn F 1 QV Q l 5 L fbi! 3 1.9 'Xb HYZf'.1 .A Va ov ' in Q mm AWS ,, Em mf S My ww .4 w N "-Qwfz, 55 W al is me gi ' . . w wig? " U 1 ,. mf 3 i, dim us ,M wh 'A 9 J Q I!L FSF W1 043 555, ""' fixggxwgi 'yi if QP M an , me , gi ' , f cfm f . 'Wm ,Six if Q v J S N 2 pdybl ,nd Y 5117, -' Sleepy- qed C'lwriAtel-A V, O iff? lU""m I I 'HZ' iCL.J! 8 M 06942 ZRAFAQ gxf,f,J.x y A ,r ,A me ,gmc K W -ifigjsgfj K ' V ff, fi JZ! Tlyfjjji' i of M142 'fm' fjijg!1! ' 1 2 -Z- su: club 310' Q 2 M .g rn 'N db. E8 V i ll , XXX " MIXED GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Jeanne Cleveland, Romell Kaelberer, Pat Williamson, Jerry Hardy, Jolyn Kimble, Mary Rotter, Janet Chyba, Herby Clark, Sherill Person, Marilyn Rotter, Pauline Neavill. Znd row--Marjory Bell, Marlyne Kuy- kendall, Peggy Huhta, Helen Brandt, Jean Pigney, Florence Lauer, Suzanne Litz, Carol Johnson, Yvonne Hobbs, Peri Ann Hughes, Di- recotr-Miss Craig. 3rd row--Verlin Fox, Bill Beshara, Ronnie Hennen, Gene Whitelock, Sharon Farrens, Lois Pringle, Jo Anne Pringle, Joyce Shostrom, Kurt Machler, Larry Mitchell. 4th row--Dick Schlax, Jim Hennen, Donnie Gross, Tom Gorder, Don- nie Johnson, Carl Lindstrom, John Fillmore, Arne Sjomeling, Woody Williamson. 5th row--Karl Bentz, Mickey Larson, Monte Widdoss, Henry Frawley, James LeMar, Richard Sears, Dale Allen, Willis Steinlicht. Not pictured--Marcia Moore. 33 eneral glee Clubber-A 'inalzen melodqe I J GIRLS GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Jean Goodroad, Joanne Deatherage, Pauline Neavill, Annette Kittelman, Sophia Fuhrznann, Sylvia Berry, Katherine White, Judy Shama, Rozelle Stal- der, Jeanne Cleveland, Beverly Bobst, Gail Willuweit, Judy Cleveland. Znd row--Shirley Ruth, Glenrose Hill, Gloria Johnson, Margaret Slack, Leona Marshall, Sherill Person, Patricia Wil- liamson, Romell Kaelberer, Mary Eilers, Connie McCarroll, Sondra Snapp, Marilyn Rotter, Miss Craig. 3rd row--Mary Rotter, Marjory Bell, Eugenie Suess, Paula Engebretson, Peggy Huhta, Maria Klein, Janet Chyba, Marlyne Kuykendall, Jean Maki, Carolyn Collins, Virginia Clauser, Betty Cooper, Jolyn Kimble. 4th row--Barbara McDade, Roberta VanDerVorst, Karen Shockey, Helen Bra.ndt, Suzarme Litz, Diane Heine, Florence Lauer, Jean Pigney, Shirley Hendrickson, Mar- lene Hansen, Carol Johnson, Yvonne Hobbs. 5th row--Shirley Roebuck, Muriel Roth, Judy Sem- mons, Belva Burtzlaff, Jo Anne Pringle, Nancy Newell, Lois Pringle, Joyce Shostrom, Sharon Farrens, Jill Anfinson. Not pictured--Marcia Moore. 'l'A1l Juniors Refer to Senior Lit. Book. OCTET ll: Seated at the piano--Flor- ence Lauer, Marjory Bell. Standing, left to right--Sophia Fuhrmann, Jean Pigney, Muriel Roth, Peri Ann Hughes, Connie Lou McCarroll, Romell Kael- berer. MIXED OCTET: Seated at the piano-- Nlary Rotter. Standing, left to right-- Henry Frawley, Monte Widdoss, Karl Bentz, Marcia Moore, Kurt Machler, Marilyn Rotter. Not pictured--Joyce Shostrom. 34 w 6 5 . td, GIRLS QUARTET: Standing, left to right--Mary Eilers, Annette Kittelman, Pauline Neavill, Sherill Person. OCTET 1: Seated at piano, left to right--Janet Chyba, Florence Lauer. Standing, left to right--Marlyne Kuykendall, Shirley Ruth, Karen Shockey, J'o Anne Pringle, Sondra Snapp. BOYS QUARTET: Left to right-- Kurt Machler, Monte Widdoss, Henry Frawley, Karl Bentz. BOYS OCTET ll: Seated at piano, Jimmy Hennen. Left to right--Arne Sjomeling, Donnie Johnson, Karl Bentz, Kurt lviachler, Bill Beshara, Richard Sears. In background-- Henry Frawley. 35 BOYS GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Herb Clark, Donald Johnson, Gene Whitelock, Ronnie Henne, Bill Beshara, Willis Steinlicht, Larry Mitchell, Kurt Machler, Jerry Hardy. Znd row--Woody Williamson, Arne Sjomeling, John Fillmore, Carl Lindstrom, Don Gross, Jim Hennen, Verlin Fox, Miss Craig. 3rd row--Tom Gorder, Dick Schlax, Karl Bentz, Mickey Larson, Henry Frawley, Monte Widdoss, Jim LeMar, Richard Sears, Dale Allen. SPECIAL GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Marilyn Rotter, Annette Kittelman, Shirley Ruth, Sherill Person, Helen Brandt, Patricia Williamson, Mary Eilers, Jolyn Kimble, Katherine White, Jeanne Cleveland. Znd row--Janet Chyba, Mary Rotter, Marlyne Kuykendall, Yvonne Hobbs, Marlene Hansen, Suzanne Litz, Carol Johnson, Paula Engebretson, Peggy Huhta, Betty Cooper, Miss Craig. 3rd row--Florence Lauer, Judy Semmons, Belva Burtzlaff, Jo Anne Pringle, Nancy Newell, Lois Pringle, Joyce Shostrom, Jill Anfinson, Diane Heine. Not pictured--Marcia Moore 36 ' S l0'!?'frVe R , ""' ,Q yg:' ,- i Vlimilxlngaf , ' I 6 ' 5' af 4' All r A fl' F I fry SP6 UD 4 r If , 41 IJ " I U N6 4377 BOYS OCTET 1: lst row, left to right--Karl Bentz, Herby Clark .Terry Hardy, Ronnie Hennen. Znd row--Walter Williamson, Kurt Machler, Gene Whitelock. 5 5 x" ffit X L . X 4 'f 4 4 if MIXED SEXTET: Left to right: Marilyn Rotter, Monte Widdoss Marcia Moore Not pictured: Kurt Iviachler. .V Mary Rotter, Henry Frawley, X Fi i MIXED QUARTET: Left to right-- lviarilyn Rotter, Kurt Machler, Mary Rotter, Monte Widdoss. .MQ n' -5 A ' C I I J iQ N , , ywfv Y as Q' DECLAM: Seated, left to right--Carolyn Jacobson, Sherill Person, LaRee Red- inger, Sandra Gravelle. Standing--Marlyne Kuyken- dall, Judy Semmons, .Till Anfinson, Miss Edson, Nan- cy Newell, Elaine Fish. INEXPERIENCED DEBAT- ORS: Left to right--Marjory Bell, Gloria Johnson, Con- nie McCarroll, Jean Pigney, Donnie Johnson, Herby Clark. EXPERIENCED DEBATORS: Left to right--Miss Edson Marlyne Kuykendall, Jeamie Cleveland. 38 4g QUILL AND SCROLL: Standing, left to right--Elaine Fish, Dale Allen, Sherill Person, Jimmy Veitl, Mr. Brainard. Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for high school jour- nalists, organized April 10, 1926, be- gan its life under Mr. George Gal- lup's direction and continues at its Northwestern University headquarters under Mr. Edward Nell. The stiff requirernents for member- ship make Quill and Scroll pins high- ly prized. The journalists must be of junior, senior, or post graduate class- ification, in the upper third of their class scholastically, must have done superior journalistic work, be re- commended by their adviser, and be approved by the Executive Secretary of the Society. DRAMATIC CLUB: Seated, left to right--Connie Iv1cCarro1l, Judy Cleve- land, Lois Pringle. Standing, left to right--Jeannie Pigney, .Tolyn Kimble, Marjorie Bell, Carolyn Jacobson, Eu- genie Suess. Members of this club meet on Wednesdays for training in dramatic technique and make-up. N.F.L.: lst row--Pat Williamson. Znd row--Jeanne Cleveland, Sherill Person. 3rd row--Joanna Frances- cato, LaRee Redinger, Miss Edson, Elaine Fish, Marlyne Kuykendall, 4th row--Floyd lwan. The purpose of the Nationa.1 Forensic League is to develop interest and participation in public speaking. This includes all phases of speech work such as declamation, debate, extemp, oratory, and discussion. Students may work for four degrees beginning with the Degree of Merit and ending with a Degree of Distinction. This system represents recognition of achievement for those interested in speech field, and trains for leader- '51 ship. .. 1" m T 3 N Wg 3 E5 1.255 Aww Y K X J iii ll A J A w NEZQPJ- 2 Q J . .x ' NN EE gm x,Nf'p Eff R 12 YEAR STUDENTS: lst row, left to right--Gene Whitelock, Marcia Moore, Geraldine Page, Annette Kittelman, Sherill Person, Janet Chyba, Jim Veitl. 2nd row--Bill Auer, Larry DiSanto, John Fillmore, Luke Walker, George Clark, Karl Bentz, Dale Allen. or , ' e 'fr-, V' I if f 1 W 1. ,L V 41 . 1 y L' , w N , M . I ' ll! X, ' ., 4, X 'Q 1 f 1 , ' C , L Q V 1.4, 'A' X 'l i I, ,, I V, 1 ,Il .1 ,. L,-' 'f 'fl,, " 'I' lk 1 I N' ML x, -1 i Q I - 40 ' Lf ' ,L V . '- S fb - v by V R' un- V .W -0 1 f .E L ,A Qgrijikeagjkf A A y uigwn ?oot6alL Kulzetbalb 5 V - :R Wi Q M257 We revzeuw 71-acl: it J All up . V ki .pf NA: If M ' 1954-'55 HA" TEAM ix , xx X P' K My 2 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE ix 'Q v 'sly nl E .L , . ix: Af . P .' jg Opponent We 1,1-'J HJ' N Pierre so ' Gillette 50 1954-"A" TEAM FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Hot Springs 42 Rapid City 46 Opponent We They Sturgis Invitational Tourney Gillette 6 0 Sturgis 34 I-lot Springs 25 7 Custer 46 Bene Fourche 6 19 Vale 43 SpearHsh 13 18 LuskInvUaHonalTourney Custer 21 0 Pine Ridge 74 Sturgis 0 34 BeHe Fourche 36 Lead 24 13 Sturgis 34 Custer 50 DM B j ' Spearfish 51 M A Lead 56 ' J G! Sturgis 52 E I ' SS. Hot Springs 73 ml Lead 58 SpearHsh 52 My Belle Fourche 54 f Rapid City so , Belle Fourche 53 AZ Custer 58 Sturgis 44 SECTION 8 TOURNAMENT ' Lead 28 Zydw Spearfish 65 ! 1954-'55 "B" TEAM 1954-"B" TEAM FOOTBALL SCHEDULE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponent We They Opponent We Lead 12 7 Lead 29 Sturgis 19 0 Rapid City 29 Spearfish 13 6 Spearfish 40 BeHe Fourche 18 20 Lead 50 Spearfish 26 6 Sturgis 37 Lead 12 12 Lead 57 pi 1 - Spearfish 75 1, 1 l Belle Fourche 58 Rapid City 52 , ' St. Patricks 52 LJ Belle Fourche 42 'f Sturgis 55 p I ip ' 9350 MZ' M MMM,-za, VL WAAJJZMMMWA They 52 46 2 8 52 49 48 39 64 49 36 49 37 62 39 36 82 51 55 70 60 61 58 53 53 They 41 38 32 55 38 30 28 42 39 48 33 39 15.3.5 Hu Ketter Than Nverage grid Seann "A" FOOTBALL SQUAD: lst row, left to right--Willis Steinlicht, Robert Mack, .Terry Perrett, Don James, Woody Williamson, Gene Whitelock, Bill Beshara, Larry DiSanto, Don Gross, Fred Fer- guson, Herb Clark. 2nd row--Coach Burgess, Jack Sears, Charles Edmonson, Bill Auer, John Fillmore, Tom Perrett, Bob Sjomeling, .Terry Pontius, Larry Mitchell, Jim Young, Coach Fer- guson. 3rd row--Dale Hansen, Jerry Sternad, Donald Sonne, George Clark, Richard Sears, Charles Crotty, Merno Stalder, Tom Gorder. The football season this year was climaxed when the Deadwood Bears defeated the Lead Gold- diggers to the tune of 24-13, thus clinching fourth place in the Black Hills Conference. The season opened with the Bears meeting the Gillette Camels. The Bears defeated Gillette, 6-0. Following the Gillette game, there was a three-week layoff before the Bears played their next ball game. Coaches Burgess and Ferguson believe that this layoff hurt the team considerably. The next game was with Hot Springs. Deadwood downed the Bison, 20-6. Homecoming Day, October 2, the Deadwood Bears played Belle Fourche's Broncs. It was a tight game all the way through. The Bears were plagued with furnbles after long drives. The Bears lost this game to Belle, 19-6. The Bears next traveled to Spearfish for Spartan Day. Deadwood, being injury riddled, started slowly. The first half ended 12-0 in favor of Spearfish. In the second half, the Bears came back to overtake Spearfish, only to lose the garne in the final seconds of play. The final score: Spearfish, 183 Deadwood, 13. The next week, the garne with Sturgis turned out to be the biggest surprise of the season to many. It was the first and last time the rugged Sturgis team has been held scoreless at the end of the first half. The Bears were without the services of many of the regulars. In the second half, with the Scoopers' superior power, Deadwood was worn down. Deadwood's next game, in which they defeated the Custer Wildcats 25-6, and brought the Bears back into the win column, seemed to be the turning point in the elimination of "fumbleites," and the improvement of teamwork and timing. In the final game of the season, Deadwood defeated the Lead Golddiggers on the mountain top field in Lead. The Bears operated like a machine. All the players contributed toward winning this game. Deadwood pounded out a total of 352 yards rushing and 17 first dovnms. Deadwood defeated Lead, their traditional rivals, 24-13, to end the 1954 season. 42 Ten ?oot6all l7layerA mduate SENIOR FOOTBALL BOYS: lst row, left to right--Tom Perrett, Don Sonne, .Terry Sternad, George Clark, Richard Sears. Znd row--Bi11Auer, John Fillmore, Gene Whitelock, Larry DiSanto, Bill Beshara, Coach Ferguson. 43 Keafm Win Six 14nd lame fight fn Con el-ence Play i gg 4452 "A" BASKETBALL SQUAD: lst row, left to right--Larry Mitchell, Walter Williamson, Tom Gor- der, Bob Sjomeling, Keith Bergstrom, Gene Whitelock, Don James. 2nd row--Coach Burgess, Richard Sears, Ray Jones, Henry Frawley, Charles Crotty, Darrell Stoneberger, Herby Clark. The Deadwood Bears ended their 1954-55 basketball season in Sth place with a 6 win-8 loss on was 10 wins-14 losses, with 7 of these games being lost by a margin no greater than 6 points. The Bears lost their first game of the Section 8 Tournament by a score of 53-28 to the Lead Golddiggers, the team which went on to win the Sectional Tournament. Deadwood closed its season by winning the consolation trophy with a 65-53 victory over the Spearfish Spartans. The Bears will be minus four of the starters next year. They are seniors Hank Frawley, Rich Sears, Tot Stoneberger and Gene Whitelock. conference record. Their overall record for the seas 44 X K :xg a f : fx 3 x X X K Q- WFQ , , , 5, A 1 A , J i 'SN if .. -- "H .A ,-4 w' f ,x f -. Q , X f N, .. k A V I ,1 A 4 , L . ., , I Q , :V my , . V 4 V B .. . ,E , X .1 1 W , V - is fy' , .4 at E. , W 5 ' . L. rs N if-1 5 X X Q ,Q vhs , A ,iii K, 5 L K V A 'W K V K ,Q X W V ' ix wk V - x S-. g A ' L v i f . f 'A K EN? f ' ' " Z W ? f J- ' i a f '12 - . f ' ' ' -Q if if 'U X ' Q4 X ie 'aim sy 1 ' ' ' - Q , ' C A -rkaw, , 1 X H- h , :,. 1 H K -if 'A K 'KK ,F f ,r . 5:2 ,'f K rf' v K nh 1 K ' 5 X f ia 1 -X ik if isa' lk ,I ' 15 , A ' ' 3' w 1 ' W , ,. Lt lv I Vx r KA J, :Q -4 Mm , sg Q ,X xp 5, M A -W ff P , , ff """"" W -Q N gif , .Q , . "M , -1 , , Q, V3"i.T,fLf,ggff I lar- Y' 6 . .xx . X N W x aria! I :W : ix " . W ,. K I. K ' 3 ' ',,Vh , , A ,Ai S' M ' i f ,Q A H, f di x Q 1 'QF 1,55 Z SR 53532, 1 w Q ,S y 5 WN Q :ix 'z . sv ' :eff 9-V 'Fi' . .fvfxf -:waz w 59. Qwnff, iv- V"-. gm, f i Q' J T .,:" A xx L+ ' A , Q, 5 5 " K 3 5 , if f x 1 'Q if fm ' m f 2 .1 A' if g?f-ww-vii A gi 1 ,- Q .. 5U 35.9 x'xQ-wg X0 153511 V XE J 7 8 ff ' fv' R- x0 A X Ek ,ff E 11' w g ,Mg ' , .P , P: V gi Q 2 K S A . -,,x N 1 ax N ' 5. . Q V ' L 1 Z H an Q Q '-X X, X ,ws Q k ,gi I , , qqkr, , . QM. , hm tgrll 2 ,Q .X i bd... , ax - i' i ,ff S? .'d9 S H X 81 7, Su I Q :Su f 1. L? 3 -99' 1 . 4 :A ai x cg f 4:22 gu i I ' n . x V as to X f 21 H' ...a .J QQ, X-2 an K. I ,f 01245 I' .a-MM ?!Z C- U D il , ,.y6'JN f , 1 .., sb f-! e . Y ,, x L ,, f 4 vi I Q V ,.- 7 , Ni .' . 1 i ,,,7 V f , , 44' If Spa:-t.A Cvntinaed .Q mxuggsw.,.,,, awww New-lil' 14 gsm 1. Larry DiSanto. Z. Tom Perrett. 3. "Peanut" 4. George Clark. 5. Arms? '? '? ? ? ? ? 6. Basket- ball or ballet? ? ?? 'P ? 'P 7. "Fearless" Freddie. 8. Wl1at's the skinny here? ? ? '? ? fSee number 12 for answer, 9. "Black Crow" 10. Bachelors. 11. Affection. 12. The answer to number 8. 13. Rich is getting bam, 14. Look out, Tot!!! 15. "Big Hank" 48 Sparta Concladed 1. Gene Whitelock. Z. "Rich" Sears. 3. Eyes upl!! 4. Our first TV--in balcony. 5. Rich Sears Track. 6. Chuck Crotty, throwingthe sho . 7X4 Chin pp, chest out, stomach-,inUf,8. Go, mmm go U f 'J f ,' ,gf V, 1f,LvCfZ Vi. ,fLg,vf1 5 iff We -ffpcw J 4, de-v., all gig-fv" f U. 7! f,f 2941, I cf .fel 44' r f-'5a"""f'j ' f' in Deadwood High Track Schedule- 1955 April 5 Chadron Track and Field Meet "B" Class at Chadron Chadron April 16 West River Track and Relay Meet Rapid City April ZZ Pierre Relays Pierre April Z3 Black Hills Relays Spearfish April 30 Northern Hills Track Meet Spearfish May 4 Conference Track Meet Hot Springs May 9 Jr. High Meet Lead May 13 Regional Track Meet Rapid City May Z0-Z1 State Track and Field Meet Mitchell 49 K. X.- . A V.: v6'X ' K lglffgqyfglzgwfmf' A ' ,,.qi ' C av-e-rv Q, ,Q milfs-5? 'l Z J 'N Qs . sh 4. K "' 'Vi 4 PW. I J 'fin 1 V. SQ 4 5,,3 it lf N 1. Junior Class Float: Belva Burtzlaff, Queen, Linda Collins, crown bearer. 2. All School Float: Elaine Fish, Queeng Attendants: Janet Chyba, Betty Cooper. Patricia Miles, crown bearer. 3. Sophomore Class Float: Jean Maki, Queeng Kathy Whitelock, crown bearer. 4. Freshman Class Float: Ju, Queeng Linda Keehn, cro bearer. 5. Senior Class Flo Pauline Neavill, Queeng Kar Hardy, crown bearer. 6. G.A Float. 7. Publications Float. f W .F , x ,Af if V, "l,lf' A X ' X ,LJ ' , nf' ' 1 A: ., ,. ,, , xv V, , N Betty Cooper , Attendant 5 my K ff- A sf -s sq ra - , . f ' 1 ,J A ,F pa- A if X ' y f la' AK gt- 'Q - I , J is M 1 ,f 4- e 1. I 316-.I lla." t , df If 5 ,F J l Q 1 jul 6,11 J , ' f- , ,. Wu Univ 5' eddie' .7 FV 'f , X, ,M 5, ,,,, 95, Y, ,.,If',j, lf: , ,Q ggsgsgfevziifix , - Elaine Fish, All School Queen 1. Rich Sears, Co-captain for the Bear Day game, crowns All School Queen, Elaine Fish. Z. Bill Beshara, Senior Class Pres- ident, crowns Senior Queen, Paul- ine Neavill. 3. Belva Burtzlaff, Junior Queen, receives her crown from Arne Sjomeling, Class President. 4. Jean Maki, Sophomore Queen, is crowned by Robert Mack, Class Presi- dent. 5. Jack Sears, Freshman Class President, crowns Fresh- man Queen, .Tudy Shama. Janet Chyba, Attendant IN 5 unior-A reAent T1-vuble Shooter 3 E v 009 Seated, left to right--Diane Heine, Torn Gorder. Standing, left to right--Jolyn Kimble, Paula Engebretson, Woody Williamson, Arne Sjomeling. Not pictured in this scene are Joyce Shostrom, Gail Willuweit, Donald Lantz. A case of mistaken identity led the Wilson and Ferris families on an unforgettable adventure. The setting of this three act farce was the living room of the Ferris home in a small mid-. western town. At the beginning of Act I, a man, fArne Sjomelingj, who apparently did not know his way around, was answering the telephone. As he left, Beverly Ferris, fPaula Engebretsonl, a young, pretty, and witty girl entered. Soon Dan Ferris, fTom Gorderj, a prominent lawyer and city attorney, arrived and demanded his supper. In an argument with his wife, Nellie fDiane Heinej, he informed her that he had met his old girl friend, Essie fJolyn Kimblej. Nellie in turn, told him of the man called Wilson who was renting the upstairs. Bev, meanwhile, heard an announcer on the radio, fWi1lis Steinlichtj, give a description of an escaped lunatic which fit Wilson. The first act closed with the Ferrises tying Wilson in a sheet. ln the second act, the Ferrises discovered Wilson was not the lunatic, but Essie's husband and Junior's father. Junior, fWoody Williarnsonj, was Bev's boyfriend. ln revenge for being tied in the sheet, Wilson dumped a fish bowl on Mr. Ferris. The third act was centered around an argument started by Bev and Junior about their fathers. Nellie intervened and fixed things. As the third act closed, the real lunatic showed up and two lady interns, fJoyce Shostromg Gail Willuweitj, carried him away as the other two ladies fainted. fl! y Stage crew, seated left to right--Shirley Ruth, Katherine White, Carolyn Johnson, Geraldine Clau ser, Jo Anne Pringle. Standing, left to right--Peggy Huhta, Merno Stalder, Belva Burtzlaff, Willis Steinlicht. 52 swim' Q .H egg xx X zu, . ,, Q X N X ix A A 5 . faq Q A Q .. Y ,Q ,QQ Q H., . K3 , K ' Xxx X. , . .Y x it X R xx 'Rf 1 6 N W 'is X X YI ks X X , X X X :H4,.',, , - Q nz Q' KJ'-agmmw .4 ,un ! 'Wm '37, N 'Q K , Q V N sa S 'W' 44 X . mx z WMF Q ' M QMS.. 344' xx .3 -0 . . -2'-Q is '55 X ixxxx W, 'H- - .L v if is , ,, M Mvmfzvlx Q ,W . ,X -fn, Wm ' S A. M5 , h if-.,1 .1 sw: sy Fl 4, W mg sb ,Q I 1, Q H M, i .152 fditor-in-chief ......... bale' lllen Poqnoarri Putting out an a.n.nual, like most hurnan affairs, leaves many ideas on the scrap heap or undone. There are "thank-yous" which might have been said, such as a thank you to Dick Schlax for his generous contributions of photographs. There is, in the wake of copy, headlines, pictures, and deadlines, a backwash of humor known only to staff members. My staff asked me to record some of this if possible. A H-4: In any trade there are terms which sound like the veriest gibberish to those on the outside. Publications with its "bleeds," "b1urbs," "mast heads," and "families" is no different. In ad- dition to such terms known throughout the trade, there are local terms arising from local con- ditions. Here are some of them: Panel--a given area in which the given pictures never fit. Dictionary--a big book used for pressing pictures. Gish--rubber cement, used for sticking pictures on to cardboard. What a mess. :raw An idea left undone for lack of research tirne, involved school history. Editor Dale A1len's father told us that when he attended Deadwood High, the colors were black and gold instead of the orange and black of today. Principal R.H. Krug commented that the name, "Bears," now used to describe D.H.S. students and athletes, came into being when Coach Ploughman, in a chance remark in 1925 to a reporter, said his "Bears" would come through a now forgotten event. Perhaps in another year we can ferret out some school history which would be of interest. We might include a pic- ture of Deadwood High's first school band of 1915. This picture was recently brought to our attention by our present bandman, mlatdnt fdit0rA Mr. Lavern Clark. :ran We hope you have enjoyed this annual. In a year of extensive school construction, in its beginning stages, we have tried also to show something of the building program involving lives. It is the sincere wish of all who love teaching to build reasonable, balanced, sane livesg to promote decency in huxrnn relations: to provide young people the tools with which to meet their problems in the hope that by so doing they can and will have happy lives. , --Franklin Brainard Kaaineu lllanagera feftorial Chairman . . Szqanne ld! olnne Pringle jim Ueitl 464:14 Seara ene Wlcitelock llenrq Yrauley . Sylvia Kerry sfeff ,eww . . ' f f firm. mem. janet Clulla ldaliaor . . . . . . Qranklin Krainard The Deadwood High School Bear Log is published an- nually by students of the public high school of Dead- wood, South Dakota. Membership is maintained in the National Scholastic Press Association and in the South Dakota High School Press Association. 55 ,Wo BMW, S1234 . 'ZS' , jimxiifub Tlcue KaAineAAe.A S'ponAol-ed Tice 1488041 Tlcid Tfear ff W gp h Al's Pharmacy Allen Lewis, Roofing 8: Sheet Metal Works Auer Service George V. Ayres, Inc. Ben Franklin Store Dr. J.J'. Berry Black Hills Arnusement Company Black Hills Laundry Black Hills Mercantile Co. Black Hills Novelty Co. Black Hills Power 8: Light Black Hills Wrecker Service Black Hills Studios, Inc. Bodega Cafe Butler Jewelry and Souvenir Shop Kate Callahan, Your Jeweler Deadwood Chamber of Commerce Carters Servicenter Clark's Real Estate Company A.A. Coburn, Insurance Collins Music Service J'.P. Croff at Company The Cupboard Dakota Creamery, Lily Ice Cream Dakota Typewriter Exchange Daniels Floral Shop Deadwood Motor Sales Dick's Sinclair Service DuPratt Motel 8: Service Eddie's Sales k Service Ellis Insurance Agency F. 81 M. Bootery Finola's Clothing Store First National Bank of the Black Hills Fish In Hunter Company Dr. T.H. Fitzgibbon Fountain Electric Service Franklin Hotel Franklin Grill Gaughen's Dairy I1 Shamrock Goldberg Grocery Grab It 'N Growl Guy H. I-Iemrninger, Insurance Hendrick Bolthoff Co. Homestake Mining Co. Dr. F.S. Howe The Hub Clothing Store Jeffrie's Cleaners Katon's Korral K.W. Motor Co. DSI 980 K.C. Kersten's Drive In Cleaners Carl H. Kubler, Insurance Lampert Lumber Company Lariat Motel LeMar Motor Co. Leo's Shoe Shop Mapleway Bowling Lanes Martin's Sinclair Service Dr. J'.E. Mattox Dr. N.E. Mattox Midwest-Beach Company The Mint Cafe Morris Jewelry Newell's Drug Store The New York Store Northwest Wood reserving Co. u Motowo. Pa ker 8: ark Lawyers P 's Be ty Sh J'. . Penn N k Kelley's Dairy X e 's umb Co. D . octo ey's ' ler 8: Island Feeds I ,iii - Sa way Store Schultz's Refrigerated Lockers warzwald Furniture Co. i n - - Publishing Company Insurance .C. Smiley S earns 8: Shedd rl Stoneberger, Lumber 8: Building Q yside Grocery cker Conoco Service . Thorpe 8: Co. T 'n City Motors gner Cafe . W.P. Wasner lks Funeral Home stern Stationers doss' Furniture 81 Appliance Co. 's Grocery-Open Sundays Y k Pontiac Co. Guy F. Zarbough, M.D. lik 5 Sli S X . We wish to thank these sponsors for so generously supporting the annual. way 0 WW W JVVV MM f' , 0 Xgyfjw F Q N 4744? Q 3 Kg H, L53 ,idx-L B,.w5 'Q X E S RX ww-Jww-LM k g 'w I QM f wi' 2 i' 1'..v-'irgpg ' , A A 1 1 Q ii? f 2 E K MHA- El . M 'Q 'V , 5 "' , .3 4 5 ? .,- li F 3 P I Q in-. 1-V il qi? Q V 'ii V' f..Q,!-5-B-B", I--' "fiMf y tv I'-'Q A 'wa X "" 3: 'f Qz,,"fs'-, f " -' ' ,QQQ High," ....,. , ,g . . V . Q 'Av ul 1 ...Q----' - W ,Q A, 5 - f"" W ' sri f i M 'W .ii-H" 'df ' 19' 4' 'S' 'ala vol A 5 x

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