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1 s 2 E i i 2 Z i E 1 vi if? 1 uf. '1 41-' . 4 ,, gn, 'K Q 'lv 'P' if' Q Nw iff 0 ,A R . 4,5- 'Q vw ,Q kwa., Ks ,N M, 'ax g Q, 'Z 'uf-If QR! ,u , ,ifxkm Q .K 1 . . 1,64 r u f 7 FZ D Sf. r risiwgs 4+ ' . , K . five R ' ,Irv 4 N'-wks, Ah.wv " L ,fW.,,g Q QMS, t 1. , 1- O, I 'A . 3 ft" X pi Q. ' .. 1 s ' A . - rf ff, my L W, , . ,ww ,ta-1. 1' Agn 1' ,' 5 . Q -w Q' ihd, fi L 'E' xi ' B, AQ, 'N 4, W Q. P' 51 ,g' X 'mb 'm 'x .fy A . -. ,W A gm, .41 er Xp 3 9 x vert.. m . XX gi ,ww -pl 'A ,li ' Y 'jj' 5 'S A ., S :. Y- -Q , F 1 '-u M 1. .: . , Q M A ,ww I 'v .4 . K, 14 ' ,'4 , A. 'bk ll 0 "' vi, 1. sv. ,.,V ' 4 K 'F-. , 'mf ' a if ' .1 Ah,5Q fyf' i U 5 f .1 YQ-X' A i +3 'QV s, an- nhl Wi Bk ..' 4. 4 ikvx z we it gy: K' x 'S Q ' ' Q. .M- ivy. .Q ew I ffl 5.4 I' in ' AA 5 2 5 2 5 5 E E si ? 'Q , 5 S fs .X 95 KK WWWMW VV WE? ++f54f":fW':y"fy+ f ff f5f1pf W'ww1Qjf'HJEi4 W' KR vi X Mw j? ffjffyiff Q QQEFQSQT WW E51 2 MIM ,Wifi ESSEX? Wfwffwfmwf 25555 i5hLf?'fffMW R Q ff ggmgiw MSW ' mf Q , EER Qggww, p Q, ,x W:, TZ? Qfff 2, 5l? 2E1 ga !fg'?VV"7', 2532 C1311 R, 'ifgfifpwf Qifgja silk? .. 4, . I Sk .gg Mjfggf 2 3215 is GG is Q is 5 if ESM? igff R Qfigw 3 gf , 1 V fwfefffff img fa KM Z WW W Q Mfjlfffmfwffg YTL 65 My ' 2'f.,?.,,'Da31i-Za list 4103 NrRovucr1oNAN5g5'?D 'W-Qi Vylayvt J new ' JJ . ' This year's theme and dedication are quite closely related since both inv ve teachers and education. In past years we have dedicated annuals to well loved students who met untimely and unfortunate deaths, and to such worth while ideas and ideals as the search for peace or the extension of man's physical and mental universe. Last year we dedicated the annual to a number of people, not faculty members, who have served the school well. is ar we hope our annual presents a fair picture of the studies and activities hw belie e for well rounded individuals. Our theme, then, is an education e p .se t g he year and the day of the student. It is dedicated by the staff to have made this school year and school day a rich and satisfying ex- O 8 xy o he R A fe ' nce. H In mak' g this dedication to our teachers, we would like to mention three individu- als who have served the school and students well--two are former teachers and one is a former janitor. Miss Olive Smith and Mrs. Kathryn Wardman taught for many years in this school. They lavished the kind of love and the kind of teaching upon the young people of Deadwood which has made for at least three generations of fine citi- zens. The janitor mentioned is John Chovaniec. John Chovaniec loved his work. He often said, 'Work is my life." His years of service helped Deadwood to have an un- usually neat school and all of us know that students do better work in clean surround- ings. The students' year and day are just ahead. Please join us on this trip through them. W f?,f'?Q , ...- ',,j,,... Z? TAFF --.-as :Eff---ff...fZ.,.. -PC ii. I 3z"P'l-I ff, Q . ga--4, ' W ww M15 N 53, 7 ' ' . Vggxwqyx 954 STM 999 01' ffqggaiw amy wsu Jw S ASSISTANT swrozas me num MQ735bfvNfy JIM vm X' X asm: MAHGERS some Moms gl 'N RICHARD ss.-1 RS Q Rm: 1 rmucss WA aware Q r N Q I-'RANIKUN BRAINARD kill ' ESQ NWS wk gf M Xu ' 5 QASKERFQSNQ ii MMM BMW, W J M ... commvrs AMF" ' 'I f , -. ,, , W, if 4' 4,42 ,,,. , 1 mrzeovucnon AND DEDICA IM V' pw W wi nj.. f Md Av,Wlfv1sr1e.4r1oN A Ex' .,,!q,fx, Rf sgj QUJJ X55 up if ' ' , VL?-N I 'VXA fx. ,911 SY '43 ww L J N! CLASSES S ' fy' www NEW ACTIVITIES l A' .f Ll 'lux Q.. 'VK-J! 'L' X ,153 Mfjff' ,,! f L1 X7 M I !X,!,Y,VAf ! ,. 4 I0 27 49 - 'S MR. and MRS. H. S. BERGER and PETS "BOBBY" and "FRECKLES" Lucille Berger, the grade school art teacher, has been with us since 1944. She received her B.S. degree at Black Hills Teachers College, Spear- fish. H. S. Berger, Superintendent of Deadwood High School since 1928, received his B.S. degree at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College and his M.A. degree at the University of Missouri. :-,f?'7, ff ,YQ V! Mff. .s NIR. and MRS. R. H. KRUG Elsie Krug came to Deadwood High School in 1936 as the Girl's Physical Education Instructor. At- tending the University of South Dakota, Mrs. Krug received her B.A. degree. R. H. Krug, principal, came to Deadwood High School in 1925. Mr. Krug received his B.A. degree at North Central Col- lege, Naperville, Illinois, and his M.A. degree at the University of Wisconsip. ' ' .. f ' f W 'folwfe . 4 fidfw j will NIISS LOLA KERSTEN and MR. KERSTEN Lola is the Secretary of Deadwood High School and has given fine service since 1935D',,.., . f W K K 4 xr ' ,gl J , Nx ,I if! S f MR. and MRS. FRANKLIN E. BRAINARD and FAMILY Franklin Brainard came here in 1946 and at the present time is teaching English, social science, and journalism. Mr. Brainard also has the big job as adviser for the publication of our Bruin and very nice annuals. He received his B.A. degree at Jamestown College, North Dakota and his M.A. degree at the University of North Dakota. .W 63W Jaw ff! MR. and MRS. GL NN BURGESS and FAMILY Glenn Burgess started teaching in Deadwood High School in 1952. He is the head coach in basketball and assistant coach in football. Mr. Burgess also teaches physical education. He received his B.S. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. MR. and MRS. LAVERN CLARK Lavern Clark came to Deadwood High School in 1949: He received his B.E. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. Mr. Clark is Deadwood's instru- mental music teacher. ' MR. and MRS. GEORGE CONKLIN and FAMILY George Conklin began teaching at Deadwood High School in 1948. Mr. Conklin teaches science and received his B.A. degree at Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio. MISS MARY CRAIG and MRS. CRAIG The music and dramatics department has been under the splendid supervision of Mary Craig since 1929. Miss Craig received her B.A. degree at Black Hills Teachers College and her M.A. de- gree at the University of Wyoming. WW., W ...Mg 5 MR. and MRS. STEWART FERGUSON and son FRED with cat "BOMBER" Edna Ferguson came to teach here in 1944. Mrs. Ferguson is the English teacher and also has charge of the library. She received her B.A. degree at Arkansas A. 8: M. Stewart Ferguson, our head football coach and assistant basketball coach came to Deadwood High School in 1944. Mr. Ferguson received his B.A. degree at Dakota Wesleyan and his lvI.A. degree at Louisiana State. He also teaches ocial sciences. I ' I. I K D-vxa - ' iff' M Q f , ,WL fl gf. ,. MR. and MRS. ELDON GRAN and daughter ROBERTA Eldor, GFBJ' became the high school comrnercial teacher in 1953. Mr. Gran has been teaching at Deadwood since 1950. He received his B.S. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. " . and MRS. 0 P ' ORSFALL . . .6 I ll has iv vices as manual - .- ' . -A 29. Mr. Horsfall attended - - - 'i ate C lege Plattsville, Wisconsin OQ 1' g - is a f' v 1 er 1 . ' P 'Alf - . , whe he receive is B.E. degree. MR. and MRS. HOWELL and FAMILY Margot S. Howell, Latin teacher, started her teach- ing at Deadwood High School in 1953. She received her B.A. degree at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota. Wm ,ffl Hi 6 lx K I .10 S S MISS LUCIE JENSEN Mathematics teacher, Lucie Jensen, began teach- ing at Deadwood High School in l947. She attended the Universit of Wa ngton and received her B.S. degree. 1 . f w Ayr, 1 I Qff, mftff. few' ffw MR. and MRS. MAC ARTHUR A new teacher in Deadwood High School this year, Mrs. Dorothy Dell MacArthur teaches speech, English, and world history. Mrs. MacArthur re- ceived her B.S. degree at Black Hills Teachers College, Spearfish. MISS VAN HEUVELEN and MR. VAN HEUVELEN Home economics teacher of Deadwood High School since 1946 is Jean Van Heuvelen. Miss Van Heuve- len attended Dakota Wesleyan where she received her B.S. degree. Someone once said that variety is the spice of life. Any annual editor is willing to agree to this but will be quick to add that variety in yearbooks requires a lot of thought. In previous years we have pictured our teachers in school surroundings. This year for the sake of variety we took pic- tures of our faculty members in their homes with their fami- lies. We hope you like them. 3.3 'l UIQ 3 STUDENT COUNCIL: lst row, left to right---Carole Rypkema, Dale Allen, Larry Mitchell, Eddie Morris, Mr. Krug, Arne Sjomeling, Jim Veitl, Ronnie Hennen, .Tim Hennen. SCHOOL BOARD: Standing---E. Pontiusg H. S. Berger, Superintendentg G. Palmer Seated---C. O. Gorder, Treasurer: Sylvia Baggaley, Presidentg Lola Kersten, Sec- retaryg M. Morrisg H. Mitchell. 8 ENIOR : PER ECTION? X w 'Q .N - - . - 1" M' ' 'lc-n V A 'VLNQQX -' 4 U- mf -5' ' , ff' wl,,-' , L . g., ,Z "QF, Ig' a 414' 3 , , 5 ,: . 3 ,Q ,' , n A-Ax' ' - In ,Q L. ,. '-. ' ,. 'ff '11-gr 2-a ,. - 4 .. 5 K f Hts. -.... 'Y ' X 5 6 ! flrull Lix in I ff' ,J , ENIOR SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bottom to top--Frances Ann Wagner. Secretary and Treasurerg Reece Palmer, Presidentg Cal Geary, Vice-President. THE CLASS 0F '54 'The cream of the crop,' But, the cream supreme! Our class history goes back to the year 1950. A large group of 'fgreen' freshmen was ushered into DHS, 56 to be exact. Our newly elected class officers were: Kay Roberts, president: Dick Dunwiddie, vice- presidentp and Carole Rypkema, secretary-treasurer. Student Council Representatives were David Klein and Carole Rypkema. Carole Rypkema was chosen as the frosh queen to reign over her 'Bronc Stew," the theme of the float. Bonnie Roebuck won the English award. -- Time Passes-- When we were sophs, we were really on our way to the top. At that time, we chose Jeannine Cowles to sit atop our 'DHS Birthday Cake." Jeannine Cowles and Reece Palmer represented the sophomore class in Student Council. Officers of the class were: Eddie Morris, president: Reece Palmer, vice president, and Jeannine Cowles, secretary-treasurer. Then came the proposition of making money for our future banquet. As the situation stood, we needed money--badly! The Board of Wisdom up with a clever idea for a dance: a Sadie Hawkins Day knee. Spring came at last, and guess what! lteam went to the state 'A' basketball tournaments. On the team were: Eddie Morris, David Klein, Reece Palmer, John Smiley, and Bill Jones. Kay Roberts was elected drum majorette by the bandg and, at the awards assem- bly in May, Ellen Morris received the sophomore English award, while Bonnie Roebuck and Kay Shama received the Home Economics awards. --Time Passes-- We made it! We were finally juniors! The class chose for their 'Queen of Hearts," Ann Jordan. Student Council representatives were Dick Dunwiddie and Gail Williamson, while our class officers were: David Klein, president, John Smiley, vice-president, and Loyola Moser, secretary-treasurer. The first "five" on the basketball team consisted of junior boys! Our class play, "The Little Dog Laughed' was very successful and the financial standing for the junior- senior banquet was rather good. The juniors chose as their theme of the banquet, "Springtime in Paris." Many awards and achievements were earned this year. Kay Shama was assistant editor of the Bruin while her colleague, Kay Roberts, was assistant editor of the Bear Log. Carole Rypkema. fwith Marie Besharal went to the semi-finals'in the regional debate tourney at Philip. Ellen Morris won the English Award and Bonnie Roebuck was chosen as the 1953 Girls' State representative. Boys' State' delegates were Eddie Morris and Reece Palmer. --Time Passes-- We had only 37 members in the graduating class. But, remember, there isn't quality in numbers. 'Jean- nine My Queen' at football time was the popular melody Bear Day. Jeannine Cowles, all school queen of 1953, and her attendants, Carole Rypkerna and Gail Williamson served such a fabulous reign that the 1953 football squad fof which six were seniorsj went on to win the Black Hills Conference Football Champion- ship. Not only that, but they became the only team in DHS history to remain undefeated during any one season. x Frances Wagner was the senior queen and became a vivid memory in our book of 'Memories of DHS." Our class officers were Reece Palrner, president, Cal Geary, vice-president: and Frances Wagner, sec- retary-treasurer. Student Council representatives were Eddie Morris and Carole Rypkema who were president and secretary-treasurer, respectively, of this group. Fame was equally shared by members of the basketball and debating squads in their 1954 season. The basketball tearn placed second in the Black Hills Conference race. Four seniors: Bill Jones, Reece Pal- mer, Eddie Morris, and David Klein helped make this possible. Incidentally four of the five cheerleaders this year were seniors: Frances Wagner, Kay Roberts, Marcia Pavlich, and Jeannine Cowles. The debate tea.m cornposed of Carole Rypkema and Bonnie Roebuck tnegative side, and Marcia Kay Pav- lich and Gail Williamson faffirmative side, were awarded a trip to the state NFL tournamext in March as a result of their arduous work throughout the season. The Christmas Ball, sponsored by the senior class, carried out the theme: 'Over the River and Through the Woods." Kay Roberts and Betty Wells, co-editors of the Bear Log and Kay Shams, editor of the Bruin,all did ex- cellent work. Bonnie Roebuck was winner of the local and Lawrence county DAR Good Citizenship award. The senior class has participated in all of the music festivals and Christrnas plays. The pep band played at the Section 8 tournaments. The class colors are red and white, the class flower the red and white car- nation, and the class motto is 'Finishedg ready to begin. We've had a wonderful time during our four years at DHS, and we extend our best wishes to you---the future senior classes. MARLENE MAY BERINGER--- "Snookcy" Basketball l,Z,3,43 Volleyball l,Z,3,4, Softball 3,4g Tumbling 3,43 G.A.A. l,Z.3,4g G.A.A. Officer 41 Pep Club 3,43 Bruin Staff 3,43 Class Play 3,4. JEANNLNE COLLEEN COWl..ES-- "Nean" General Glee Club l,Zg Special Glve Club l,Zg Christmas Plays 1,25 Student Council Z, Class Officer Z, Sophomore Queen Z3 All School Queen 4g Cheerleader 41 Pep Club 3,45 Library Z,3,4g Latin Club l,2. ELMER RICHARD DUNWIDDIE- "Dick" Christmas Plays l,Z,-15 Class Plays 3,45 Band l,Z,3,4g Pep Band l.Z,3,4p Basketball Man- ager 3,4, "D" Club 3.4: Student Council 3: President Student Coun- cil 3: Class Officer lg Debate lg Mixed Chorus 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Music Festival 4. TERRILL JEAN DYVIG---'Terry' Jeni-ral Glen Club l,Z,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,4: Special Glee Club l,Z,3: A Cappella 3,45 Girls' Oc- ,ette 3, Duet 41 Trio 43 Quartette lg Sextetie 45 Dulcet Dozen 45 lvfix- fd Quartette 4: Music Festival l,Z, 5,43 Dramatic Club lg Declamatory l,4g G.A.A. 1,Z,3: G.A.A. Officer lg Volleyball l,Z,3: Basketball l,Z, lg Baseball 1,23 'hxmbling lg Bad- ninton Tcurnammt Z5 Aerial Ten- nis lg Twirling l,Z,3,4g Pep Club l,4g Bruin Staff l,Z,3,4g Exchange Editor 4: Class Play 3,45 Christ- nas Play l,Z,3,4. LORETTA ELANE EATHERTON-- 'Lorett' Bruin Staff 3,4g Declam 45 Library 4, Class Play 3,4. I DONALD WILLIAM GABEL ---- 'Don' Football 1,2.3,4: Track 3- GEORGIA HILDA GABEL ----- "Georgia" Basketball l,Z,3,43 Softball 3,43 Volleyball l,Z,3,4g Tumbling l,Z,3,4g Aerial Tennis Chaxnpian 4: G.A.A. 1,Z,3,4i G.A.A. Officer 4g General Glee Club l,Z, 3,43 Special Glee Club l,Z,3: A Cappella 3, Class Plays 3,45 Christmas Plays l,2,4g Bruin Staff 3,43 Pep Club 3,4. BYRON CALHOUN GEARY ---- 'Cal' Ivixed Chorus l,Z,3,4: Boys' Glee Club l,2,3,4: Christmas Plays 1,Z,3,4. VIRGINIA ANN GNIRK---"Ginny' General Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Special Glee Club l,2,35 A Cappella 3,45 Mixed Clnrus l,Z,3,45 tvixed Quar- tette 35 Girls' Octette 3.45 Music Festival l,Z,3,45 Band l,Z,35 Pep Band l,Z,35 Music Clinic 1,35 Christmas Plays l,2,3,45 Class Plays 3,45 G.A.A. l,Z,35 Basket- ball l,2,3: Baseball l,Z5 Volley- ball 1,Z,35 Pep Club 45 Latin Club l,Z. RAYMOND KEITH HOBBS ---- 'Ray' Weight Teanfis 1,2,3,43 Bas- ketball l,25 Track 35 Football Z5 Class Play 4. ALFRED DUANE JOHNSON ---- 'Al' Football l,Z,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 'D' Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys' Glee Club 45 Class Play 4. WILLIAM CARL JONES---'Bill' Class President 15 Christmas Play Z5 Football l,Z,3,45 Basket- ball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Weight Teams 1,25 Track l,2,3, 45 Tumbling l,2,45 Volleyball l,Z, 3,45 Round Robin Tournaments 1,Z,3,41 'D' Club l,2,3,43 State Football Captain 45 All Conference Halfback 45 Voted Best Athlete 35 Honorable Mention for National Football Team 45 Honorable Men- tion for All Conference Basketball Team 3: All State Second Team 3. s ANN LYN IORDAN ----- 'Annie General Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Mixex Chorus l,Z,3,4: Special Glee Clu l,2,35 A Cappella 3,45 Music I-'es tival l,3,45 Drarnatic Club 15 Bad minton Tournament 15 G.A.A. l Baseball l5 Pep Club 3,45 Clas: Play 37 Christrnas Plays 1,45 Clas Queen 35 Bruin Staff l,4. SHIRLEY JEAN KETTLEHUT--- 'Shirley' G.A.A. l,2,3,4: G.A.A Officer 3,45 Basketball l,Z,3,4 Baseball 1,25 Tumbling l,Z,3,45 Softball 3,45 Volleyball l,Z,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Special Glee Club 1,25 General Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,3,45 A Cappella 45 Melodious Twelve 45 Music Fes- tival l,Z,3,45 Band 15 Class Plays 3,41 Christmas Plays l,Z,3,45 Bruin Staff 4. DAVID CHARLES KLEIN ----- "Dave" Bruin 2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,43 SDHSPA 3: Student Council 15 Student Congress 3,45 Class President 35 Tuneful Twelve 45 Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,Z,3,4: lvfusic Festival l,Z,3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Christ- mas Plays l,Z,3,45 'D' Club l,Z, 3,45 Class Basketball 15 Basket- ball 2,3,45 Track 45 Football Man- ager l,25 Volleyball Tournaments l,2,3,45 Round Robin Tourna- ments l,2,35 Bruin Staff 1,Z,3,45 Latin Club l,Z. KENNETH GERHARDT LETER-- 'Kenny' Weight Teams 1,Z.35 Track 1,25 Band Z,3,4: Pep Band 3.4. DOUGLAS LOWELL DUANE MIK- QETHUN ---- 'Doug' Football 1: Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,25 Ihristmas Play 4: Boys' Glee Ilub 45 Mixed Chorus 4. EDWARD FRANCIS MORRIS--- 'Big Ed' Mixed Chorus l,2,4: Boys' Glee Club 1,2,45 ClassPlays 3,45 Christrnas Plays l,2,45 Class President 25 Student Council 45 President Student Council 45 Stu- ient Council Convention 45 Stu- dent Congress 3,45 Boys' State Representative 3: Bruin Staff 4: Bear Log Staff 45 Latin Club 1,25 "D" Club Z,3,4: ,Weight Team 15 Basketball l,Z,3,45 Football 1,2, 3,45 Track 3.4: Softball 2,35 Hon- Jrable Mention All State Football 3,45 All Conference Center in Football 45 All Conference For- ward Basketball 35 Star of the year 1954. IEGINA ELLEN MORRIS ----- 'Ellie" General Glee Club 1,Z, 1,45 Special Glee Club 1,Z,35 Mixed Zhorus 2,3,4g A Cappella 3,45 Dulcet Dozen 45 Octette I 45 Duet I 45 Sextette I 45 Music Festival ,2,3,45 Dramatics 25 Christmas 'lays l,Z,3,45 Class Plays 3,45 lruin Staff 3,45 Quill and Scroll ,4: SDHSPA 3: Student Congress ,45 Pep Club 3,45 1 atin Club 1,2. lARL LUDWIG MCJSER--'Carl' Zntered 3rd Year. LOYOLA GLEE NDSER---'Loy' General Glee Club 1,2,3,4Q Mixed Chorus 1,35 Special Glee Club 1,22 A Cappella 45 Nlusic Festival 1,23 3,45 Dramatics 1,25 Class Plays 3,45 Christmas Plays l,Z,3,45 G.A.A. l,Z,35 Baseball 1,25 Bas- ketball 1,Z,3: Volleyball l,Z,3i Aex-ialTennis 35 Badminton Tour- nament Z: Debate 1: Class 0ffiCel' 35 Pep Club 3,4. FRED ARNOLD MOSER--'Fred' Boys' Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Christmas Play l,2,3,45 Class Play 45 Track Z5 Tumbling 1. REECE SPAULDINC PALMER--- 'Reecy' 'D' Club Z,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track Z,3,45 Volleyball 1,Z,3,45 Round Robin Tournaments l,Z,35 Bfuin Staff 35 Class Plays 3,45 Christ- mas Plays l,2,3,4: Student Coun- cil 25 Student Congress 45 Class Officer 2,45 Latin Club 1,25 Ex- temporaneous Speaking Z5 Boys' State Representative 35 Band l, 2,35 Boys' Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Nix- ed Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Octette 35 Mixed Quartctte 45 Boys' Quar- tette 45 Tuneful Twelve 45 Music Festival l,Z,3,45 Working 2. MARCIA KAY PAVLICH ----- 'Misha' G.A.A. 1,Z,45 Volley- ball l,Z,45 Baseball 1,25 Badmin- ton Toumaments Z5 Aerial Tennis 15 Table Tennis 45 Basketball 1,25 Cheerleader 45 Pep Club 3,45 Mix- ed Chorus l,Z,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Girls' Ocieme 35 Melodious Twelve 45 General Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Spe- cial Glee Club l,Z,35 Music Fes- tival l,Z,3,45 Drarnatics 15 Christ- mas Plays l,Z,3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Declam 3,45 District Declam 45 Student Congress Z,3,45 NFL Z,3,45 Debate l,2,3,45 Discussions Z,3,4: Degree of Merit 15 Degree of Honor 25 Degree of Excellence 35 Degree of Distinction 45 Run- ners-up Divisional Debate Tourna- ment 35 Bruin Staff l,Z,3,45 Bear Log Staff 45 SDHSPA 45 Library 2.3.4, MARY CATHERINE ROBERTS-- 'Kay' G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Basketball ,l,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Bad- minton Tournaments Z,45 Base- ball l,25 Aerial Tennis Tourna- ment 35 Tumbling l,25 Cheer- leader 45 Pep Club 3,45 Twirling l,2,3,45 Head Majorette 2,3,45 Class Officer l5 Class Plays 3,45 Christmas Plays l,2,3,45 General Glee Club l,2,3,45 Special Glee Club 1,2,35 lvixed Chorus l,2,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Girls' Octette l,3,45 Mixed Octette 35 Dulcet Dozen 45 Duet 45 Christmas Choir 45 Music Festival l,Z,3,45 Dram- atic Club 15 SDPBPA l,2,3,45 Bruin Staff l,Z,3,45 Bear Log Staff l,2,3, 45 Bear Log Artist 1,25 Bear Log Assistant Editor 35 Bear Log Co- Editor-in-Chief 45 Latin Club l,2. BONNIE JANE ROEBUCK ----- "Bonnie" General Glee Club l,2, 3,45 Special Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Girls' Quartette 45 Trio 45 Dulcet Dozen 45 Band l,Z,3,45 Pep Band l,2,3,45 Clarinet Quartette 3,45 Dutch Band 45 Dramatic Club l5 Class Plays 3,45 Christmas Plays l,2,3,45 NFL 3,45 Debate Z,3,45 Extemporaneous Speaking 2,3545 Discussicms 2,3,45 Degree of Mer- it l5 Degree of Honor Z5 Degree of Excellence 35 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 G.A.A. Officer 45 Basketball l,2, 3,45 Baseball l,2,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Softball 35 Badminton Tournannait 45 Tible Tennis Tour- nament 45 Aerial Tennis Tourna- ment 35 Tumbling 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 Bruin Staff 2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 SDHSPA 3: Girls' State Representative 35 English Award 15 I-lomemaking Award 2. CAROLE KAY RYPKEMA ----- "Rick' General Glee Club l,2,3,45 Special Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Cho- rus l,2,35 A Cappella 45 Octette 35 Melodious Twelve 45 Music Festival l,Z,3,45 Dramatics 15 Christmas Plays l,2,3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Class Officer 15 Class Queen l5 All School Attendant 45 Student Council 2,45 Student Coun- cil Officer 45 Student Council Con- vention 45 Student Congress 2,3,45 NFL 2,3,45 NFL Officer 3: Debate l,2,3,45 Declarn 3,45 Extemporan- eous Speaking 3: Degree of Merit 15 Degree of Honor 25 Degree of Excellence 35 Degree of Distinc- tion 45 G.A.A. 1,25 Turnbling 1,25 Volleyball 2,35 Pep Club 45 Bruin Staff l,Z,3,45 Honordsle Mention Essay Contest 4. RONALD GEORGE SARGENT-- 'Ronny' Weight Team 45 Football 1,25 Basketball 3,45 Working 3,4. JACK ALFRED SEMMONS ---- 'Jack' Band I5 lvfixed Chorus 35 Boys' Glee Club 3: Track 25 Work- ing 3,4. KAY ALYCE SHAMA ---- 'Kay' G.A.A. l,2,35 G.A.A. Officer 25 Basketball l,2,35 Baseball 1,25 Volleyball l,2,35 General Glee Club l,2,3,45 Special Glee Club 1,2535 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Mixed Quartette 35 Duet IV 45 Sextette I 45 Music Festival l,Z,3,45 Christmas Plays l,Z,3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Drama- tic Club 15 Bruin Staff l,2,3,45 Bruin Assistant Editor 35 Bruin Editor-in-Chief 45 SDHSPA 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Pep Club 3,4. JOHN WALLACE SMILEY ---- "John" "D" Club 2,3,4: Football l,Z,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 3: Baseball 1,25 Volleyball 1,25 Student-Congress 3,45 Class Of- ficer 35 Latin Club l,Z5 Mixed Chorus l,2,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Octette 45 Music Fes- tival l,2,45 Christlnas Plays l,Z,4: Class Plays 3,4. GEORGE DUANE TAPKEN---- "George' Boys' Glee Club 15 Nix- ed Glee Club 15 Christmas Play 15 Class Play 45 Weight Teams 254. IHARLENE FRANCES VARES-- 'Char" G.A.A. l,2,33 Basketball l,Z3 Baseball 1,23 Pep Club 3,43 1eneralGlee Club l,23 Special Zlee Club 1,23 Declam Z3 Class Play 3,43 Library 3,43 Working 3. FRANCES ANN WAGNER ----- 'Fran' G.A.A. l,2,3,43 G.A.A. Officer 43 Pep Club 3,43 Basket- :all 1,Z,3,43 Volleyball l,Z,3,43 Badminton Tournament 2,43 Aeriel I'ennis 1,33 Baseball l,2,43 Tum- zling 1,23 Table Tennis 43 Sex- :ette ll 43 General Glee Club l, !,3,4: Special Glee Club l,Z,33 A Cappella 43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Music Festival l,Z,3,43 Dramatic Club l,Z3 Debate 1,23 SDHSPA 43 Slass Play 3,43 Class Queen 43 Class Officer 43 Cheerleader 43 Christmas Play l,2,3,43 Bear Log Staff 4: Bruin Staff l,Z,3,43 Editor- .al Chairman 4. HAZEL ELIZABETH WELLS-- 'Betty' G.A.A. L3 Badrninbon Tour- nament l: Basketball 13 Volley- ball l3 General Glee Club l,2,33 Special Glee Club 1,21 tvixed Cho- rus l3 Mxsic Festival 1,23 Christ- mas Play 1,23 Class Play 33 SDHSPA l,2,3,43 Dramatic Club I3 Student Congress 233,43 Bear Log Staff l,Z,3,43 Bear Log Artist 1,23 Bear Log Assistant Editor 33 Bear Log Co-Editor 43 Debate 1,23 De- clam 33 Original Oratory 33 N.F.L. 3,43 Discussion l,Z. GAIL HELEN WILLIAMSON--- 'Gaily' G.A.A. l,2,3,4: G.A.A. Of- ficer 3,43 Basketball l,Z,3,43 Base- ball l,Z,3,43 Volleyball 1,2,3,43 Aerial Tennis Tournament 2,43 Badminton Tournament 2,43 Table Tennis Tournament,43 Pep Club 3,43 Debate l,Z,3,4: Declam l3 N.F.L. l,Z,3,43 N.F.L. Officer 33 Degree of Merit I: Degree of Hon- or Z3 Degree of Excellence 33 De- gree of Distinction 43 Runner up in divisional debate tournament 33 Drarmtlc Club l,Z,3: Chrlstznas Play l,2,3,43 Class Play 3,45 Stu- dent Council 33 Student Council Officer 33 Student Congress Z: Discussion Groups l,Z,3,42 SDHSPA 43 Masic Festival l,Z,3,4i W General mee cms 1,z,3,43 Mina i Glee Club l,Z,33 Dulcet Dozen 43 Octette Il 45 Duet Ill 4: Sextette I43 Christmas Choir 43 Latin to lub 1,23 Bruin Staff l,Z,3,43 Bear X ill o S ff 43 All School Attendant 4. I ot Picture-ri: W ,ig V 'Rf 3 EDVVARD .T OR WEST---"Buddic"' OM, dk: I i N M X3 I 0 n 1 f if ,AW M - of 3 f I I ' ,N I. if l J! , Q! ' , if I af' ,fa Cf e 1 KA , ,Is , ,A 1, any lvl 'ol 3 pq Lf I Z3 X I I I I I I I I I. I I I 1. I I I I I I I I I I. I I I I 1. I. I. T. I I I I I. I SENIOR Will MARLENE BERINGER, will my guard position in the senior basketball team to Elaine Fish. JEANNINE COWLES, will my black cheerleading pants to anyone who is willing to rip them out again while doing the cart wheel!!! Also my lf5 share in 'Peppy' to the future D.I-I.S. Cheerleaders!!! DICK DUNWIDDIE, will all my blond, curly hair to Sherill and Coach's chart job-e to who can boo- boo--the best. TERRY DYVIG, will my ability to go through stop signs and my ability to stay out of trouble to Sue Litz. LORETTA EATHERTON, will my ability to keep out of trouble with my teachers to my brother Joel. I-le's i.n bad need of it already. DONALD GABEL, will my broad field of knowledge to the junior class. GEORGIA GABEL, hereby will my ability to get to glee club on time to anyone who doe sn't quite make it before the door is locked. CAL GEARY, will my ability in physics to Jim Hutcherson and my bass voice to Dale Allen. VIRGINIA GNIRK, will my ability to sing alto and second in glee club to Jo Anne who wonders what she is going to do without me next year. ' RAYMOND HOBBS, will my basketball ability to Jerry Sargent. AL JOHNSON, will my Friday nights in Spearfish and trips to Hot Springs and favorite path from Lit- erature ll to study hall to Larry DiSanto. BILLY JONES, will my ability to get along with coach Burgess to Woody and I will my literature to Bill Beshara. ANN JORDAN, will Nugget to anyone who can make friends with him. SHIRLEY KETTELHUT, will my ability to foul out in basketball games to Belva Burtzlaff. DAVID KLEIN, will my parking place to Gene, better known as "Peanut," my basketball uniform to anyone who wants it, my quiet disposition on basketball trips to Hank and Rich, and my long eye- lashes to Mary. KENNETH LESTER, will will my will to will good luck to the willing underclassmen. DOUGLAS MIKLETHUN, will my ability to get on the deliquent list to anyone who will take it. EDWARDO FRANCISCO MORRISSEO, will my small pair of basketball shoes and my ability to shovel sidewalks to the great big Jerry Hardy, an up and coming boy. fEat well, sonfl ELLEN MORRIS, hereby will my superior shouting mt basketball games to one Paula Neavill. fMay you never get hoarse again, I also will my wonderful yoyo ability to Dale Allen. Good luck! CARL MOSER, will my ability in football to Donald Gray. I'm kinda little and didn't use it very much. FRED ARNOLD MOSER, am willing to will my drawing ability to anyone who will take it and put it to very good use. LOYOLA MXER, will my 'unusual' ability in shorthand and typing to the remaining B.B.G.'S and the ability to read penmanship like mine to Mr. Brainard. REECE PALNIER, will by ability to get along with the referees in basketball to Gene Whitelock, also, I will my false teeth to Larry Farhni and my ability to sing and foul up a yoyo to Larry DiSanto. MARCIA KAY PAVLICH, will my cheerleading outfit to anyone who is short enough and my share flf5j of 'Peppy' to the next years cheerleaders. I also will my debating ability C?Q to the future debaters in D.H.S. and my ability to read? poetry in literature IZ. KAY ROBERTS, hand over with gr eat pity the editorship of next year's annual to Jim Vietl and Dale Allen. fReally, you'll have fun., Also my cheerleading position to Suzanne Litz. My part of "Peppy" goes to next years cheerleaders. My uniform goes to sixth grader Susie Gilbert, whom I hope will someday be either 'A' or 'B' cheerleader. BONNIE ROEBUCK , being of sound mind and having no material wealth, do will my height to the fresh- men boys to be equally distributed among them, and my unequaled clarinet ability to Flea. CAROLE RYPKEMA, will my book 'Drive an Antique and Like It' to Sue Litzg some clothes that 'match' to Janet Chybag and 'Trigger' to Hank Frawley. fl-Ie needs something to get that Ford goingfl RONNIE SARGENT, will my driving ability to Ronnie Bernard. il JACK SEMMONS, will my ability to waste time to Mickey R. Larson and to Dale Allen, I will my secret of starting a cold Chevy on a long steep hill. KAY SHAMA, will my Bruin editorship to Sherill Person and my dimples to anyone who likes to smile. JOHN SMILEY, will my quiet Q? 'Pj voice and curly hair to Rich Sears. GEORGE TAPKEN, will my great bass voice in glee 'club to Patty Williamson and my great hook shot to Henry Frawley. CHARLENE VARES, will my profound interest in chronological archaeology to those people who are able to comprehend the decisively intricate pattern of this systematized knowledge. FRANCES WAGNER, will my 'A' cheerleading position to Marcia Moore. I will my old uniform to a freshman or sophomore who will make a cute 'B' cheerleader. Also I will my share of 'Peppy' to next yearscheerleaders. Last, but not least, Iwill all the fun and wonderful times I had this year to all the Seniors of "55." BETTY WELLS, will my ability in art to next year's annual staff. BUDDIE WEST, will my driving ability to E. J'. Haney and my quietness to William Welke. GAIL WILLIAMSON, will my 'excellent' debating ability to my sister, Pat, and my ability, to play guard, in basketball, to my 'little' brother, Woody. 777 Saniafv. CMf0jf"f'L'5 SSR SX Uf"""L"'fW'WpA3 A Sm QM E VX My Noviil R R2 YQ AWXWMYQ gk Zfjjflfijg ?4,,.,.,,,,f XMZME up UPA-iiihwqwywkwfywyglg dwwfawfuf Q: ff wi ,Qi?gff Qwafmyyi Q Q QEXD Q15 Q .ESM S Rm E 3545? N1 ,Z nfgwwgmg Qwmwg Www ww 71097 VW: JUNIORSE AT THE THRESHOZD OF GRANDEUR X JUNIOR cmss Hfsroky The junior class of 54 brought the first meet- ing of the year to order and adjourned after elec- ting Rich Sears, resident, Henry Frawley, vice- president, and I m Veitl, secretary-treasurer. Later on the home-rooms met and elected Dale Allen and Jim Veitl to represent the juniors in the Student Council. The theme of the float in the Bear Day parade was "Pearlof the Junior Class." The pearl was Mary Rotter. The float placed second. A dance and the play, "Cheaper by the Dozen" were the two very successful presentations of the class. Dale Allen and .Tim Veitl were elected to rep- resent Deadwood at Boys' State. At the time this was written no announcement had been made con- cerning the girl elected to Girls' State. .TUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right--.Tim Veitl, Henry Frawley, Richard Sears. Q , Dale Allen A-if , , Bill Auer Q Karl Bentz Sylvia Berry -N' Bill Beshara Helen Brandt X wifi X ini Kay Buckmaster Q Janet Chyba X K Vx wi I eg.. X . it " 77 George Clark Betty Cooper Larry DiSanto Mary Jane Drake 19 "HF A1i,.,w'fv 6 if J WG Z0 John Fillmore Elaine Fish Verlin Fox Henry Frawley Phyllis Gordon Vernon Gutschc Jim Hutcherson Flovrl Izian Annette Kittlcmzln Frances Kunsman Mary Lou Lanphear Michael Larson Florence Lauer Patricia Lubisher Marcia Moore Pauline Neavill Geraldine Page Thomas Perrett Sherill Person Mary Rotter Betty Sargent Dick Schlax Richard Sears Don Sonne Jerry Sternad Darrell Stoneberger Jim Veitl Luke Walker William Welke Gene Whitelock Monte Wid ss . 5' X W J J -8 3 18 I X 27577 S L, ,few fav 9' f 000 J' ,J . M wx - Nr, A i jvgjfggg ' 1,9 l SOP!-IOMORES , X CIASS HISTORY The Brash Sophisticates had an interesting year. We elected lovely Joanne Deatherage for our queen. Wenda Harmon won first in the Americanism Essay Con- test. For class officers we chose Woody Williamson, presidentg Melvin Meverden, vice-presidentg and Diane Heine, secretary- treasurer. J'irn Hennen and Arne Sjomeling were elected to rep- resent us on the Student Council. Of Course, working on our Bear Day float was fun: we called it 'Clean Sweep." .,-N. e T? I X M M l ' f SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right---Melvin Meverden, Diane Heine, Woody Williamson. E , ,wax ,pf SOPHOMORES: lst row, left to right--Peggy Huhta, Jolyn Kimble, Katherine White, Gail Willuweit, Joan Hoy, Virginia Cooper, Sylvia Scissons, Donna Albin. Znd row--Elnner Farnsworth, Leon Stalder, Richard Davis, Suzanne Litz, Belva Burtzlaff, JoAnne Pringle, Mzirilyn Jones, Jerald Sargent, Mr. Burgess, Class Sponsor. 3rd row--David Aijala, Arthur JuPratt, Bob Sjomeling, Charles Hendrickson, Melvin Meverden, Marvin Lester, Jimniy Hennen, Ronald Bernard. Not Pictured--David Schopen. OPHOMORES' SOPHOMORES: lst row, left to right--Joanne Deatherage, Geraldine Clauser, Janice McKain, Joanna Francescato, Carolyn Johnson, Paula Engebretson, Shirley Ruth, Marilyn Rotter. Znd row--Mrs. Mac- Arthur, Class Sponsorg Donald Lantz, Nlarvin Reznicek, Wenda Harmon, Joyce Shostrom, Margaret Fer- ris, Diane Heine, Arne Sjomeling. 3rd row--Donnie James, Duane Schuster, Tom Gorcler, Merno Staldf-r, Charles Crotty, Don Gray, Woody Williamson, Willis Steinlicht. Not Pictured--E. J. Haney. WNesu...,.,,s.,.. s Nw- ggf I HQZJLZSL if C C CIASS HISTORY The freshmen began their first year at Deadwood High School with 56 enrolled. For their contribution to Bear Day they picked vivacious Leona Marshall as queen. Ronnie Hennen and Larry Mitchell were chosen as Student Council representatives and also presided respectively as presi- dent and vice-president of their class with Leona as secretary- treasurer. : Qc! 5 I r r. fa , Q? . Lf? Q-Z . jx.Qk 42 Q , sexi Lk .X 1 4 . x lx ll X FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right--Ronnie Hennen, Leona Marshall, Larry Iviitchell. " A A Q A fi " FRESHMEN: lst row, left to right--Jerry Harmon, Joseph Eckart, Jeannie Cleveland, Leona Marshall, Mary Eilers, Jean Maki, Sandra Gravelle, Frances Cordova, Jerry Hardy, James Buckmaster. Znd row-- Marlyne Kuykendall, Yvonne Hobbs, Shirley Hendrickson, Lois Pringle, Nancy Newell, Judy Semxnons, Roberta Va.nDerVorst, Kathryn Pahkamaa, Margaret Slack, Mr. Clark, Class Sponsor. 3rd row--Robert Mack, Joel Eatherton, Charles Edrnondson, Donnie Gross, James Collins, Jerry Pontius, Larry Mitchell, Larry Fahrni, Robert Stead. , FRESHMEN FRESHMEN: lst row, left to right--Jerald Perrett, Jimmie Scott, Mary Sue Beshara, Roberta Oliver, Shirley Pahkamaa, Carolyn Jacobson,-LaRee Redinger, John Burkhart, Paul Redinger. Znd row--Mr. Horsfall, Class Sponsor, Patricia Williamson, Carolyn Collins, Marlene Hansen, Yvonne Lee, Hazel Pahkamaa, Judy Schuster, Maria Klein, Marion Moses, Myrna Killum. 3rd row--Jimmie Young, Roland VanDerVorst, Gale Fox, Keith Bergstrom, John Wescott, Arthur Nelson, Ronnie Hennen, Jerald Karns. Q gfygxmiixxif WMTFWW ?,ff!g?26ANlZA TIONS Tl-I E FRUIN 7 k ated ieit to righ - Kay' Shanna, Editor -in-Cnieig 'Y errq Dqvig, E isxant Editor . Standing ist row--Frances Ann YN agner , e Soiqn Yiifnbie , Annette Kittiegnan, Ger aidine Ciao-5 , Neaviii, Eiaine fi5b,P6ggJ Huhta. 'Lncl row-- Cooper , 1.A3rcia Moore , Mary Rotter , bei, Skxirieq Yletteihut, bor etta ie Pofpikefna, ,Ann Sor Roberts, Car YBWXC aichange Mar cia er e 0131 55 hera , a ine ettij ia a aro r ay nrq E' if Da N 519-'ff . 5 X1?ers , A Deat Q son, ? ul Cbyba, B Georg G Heine, C haue , K. rs He 'ado-as, ' BRUX Editor, Sheri Katy Paviich, Soanne yiariixjn Rotter , Gait Wiiiiaqn 'Yofn Gorder , Virginia Cooper , Sanet Mr . Brainard, Aciviserg ?auia Engebretson, Eatherton, Gene ipmiteiock. 'bra row--Scan Hog , 'Diane dan, Suzanne Lit!-, Mar garet Ferris , Iogce Sho-strofn, fior ence own Ioxmson, 303993 france-scato. -ith row--Daie fiiien, 'Richard Sea , Eiien Morris, Bonnie Roebuck, towing Yringie , Niariene Beringer , Monte 'N i ' , 'N cody 'Niiiiafn-aon. vid Yi-Mein BRU IN Jirn OF Vgi FIC S 131 ER on, Mr. gferry 5:1-,eft to a inard, Kai. Sherlgfhhn Y Sham Per a, ' 4 My U, ,I 5 3 -W- ANNU . AL L Fears, Betty vfainard, Rijlit to Drances Wagn ellg, Kay Rob ard ale Allen Jierv Eddie 06115, I m Vein rris, if Q Q ry MD may 'Z' J -A 'X .mlm-fe :S 1 r,-,mf ,sv , , ,Q J 'Y v-V QU , . lx 9 'V' -.FM . 1 k X ' n ,J , X Q I 1 .. 245: kr or ,xv 34 M VY., ANNUAL. STAFF: Seated--Betty Wells, Co-Editor: Nlr. Brain- h 4 ard, Adviserg Kay Roberts, C-o-Editor. Standing leit to right-- Frances Wagner, Editorial Chairrnang Dale Allen, Assistant I Co-Editorg Loyola Moser, typistg Reece Palmer, business 54 staiig Eddie Morris, Business Managerg Rich Sears, Business A- 7 6- Managerg Jim Veitl, Assistant Co-Editorg Marcia Kay P avlich, typistg Gene Whitelock, business staiig Gail Williamson, typist. Not pictured: Suzanne L-itz, Marcia Moore. L - 3446 6. A. A. STARS' Starting at the left and going around the star---Diane Heine, Janice McKain, Marcia Kay Pavlich,-Janet Chyba, Frances Wagner, Mary Eilers, Georgia Gabel, Kay Roberts, Marlyne Kuykendall, Judy Semmons, Mary Rotter, Marie Klein, Elaine Fish, Joanna Francescato, Marion Moses, Joyce Shostrom, Roberta Oliver, Roberta VanDerVorst, Myrna Kellum, Jean Maki, Helen Brandt, JoAnne Pringle, Lois Pringle, Bonnie Roebuck, Carolyn Johnson, Marlene Beringer, Nancy Newell, Peggy Huhta, Carolyn Collins, Yvonne Lee, Wenda Har- mon, Shirley Hendrickson, Belva Burtzlaff, Phyllis Gordon, Judy Schuster, Mary Jane Drake, Sue Litz, Janice Mathieu, Jolyn Kimble, Shirley Kettelhut, Gail Williamson, Annette Kittle- man, Betty Cooper, Marlys Windedahl, Sylvia Scissons, Sylvia Berry, Yvonne Hobbs, Sandra Gravelle, Kay Buckmaster, Carolyn Jacobson, Jean Cleveland, Margaret Slagy LaRee Red- inger, Marcia Moore, Donna Albin, Leona lvhrshall, Frances Cordova, Pat,nW"ll,1iamson, Mrs. Krug, center. ' U - fi,-'R Xrff ' 'VJ gf x J . if J QN V , Y X X, f A TQ? X W up' X 'Q 'X A ly' K X. X W A xy W I f., ,g ,J 1 il X ,J X J xx 'X V, f f 3 f I! J X J J ,J 'L - 4, 4, XX, i lk NM 4' if if A .ff ' ji' I is Rl' 1 J' ,' Rx H xxx .MJ qv, ' Y x r , f. -, YJ ,Ek X xx gy, X ,T ldjf X lx ' X' X: J' 'rj ,V ,l , W , Q' XF? 5! Xx C CJ ff! 1 ' ' y 5' . fi 'fiv V . J ' L -X, so f .H A 3 'D' CLUB: lst row, left to right---Dick Dunwiddie, Larry DiSanto, Bill Beshara, Woody Williamson, Tom Gorder, Jim Veitl. Znd row---Donnie James, Al Johnson, Richard Sears, Hank Frawley, Eddie Morris, Don Gabel, Jerry Sternard, Willie Steinlicht. 3rd row--Coach Stewart Ferguson, Gene White- lock, Bill Jones, David Klein, George Clark, Reece Palmer, John Smiley, Coach Glenn Burgess. PEP CLUB: lst row, left to right---Marcia Pavlich, Frances Wagner, Kay Roberts, Mary Rotter. 2nd row---Joanne Deatherage, Katherine White, Frances Cordova, LaRee Redinger, Pauline Neavill, Mary Sue Beshara, Gail Willuweit, Carolyn Jacobson, Leona Marshall, Annette Kittleman, Donna Albin. 3rd row---Mary Eilers, Sandra Gravelle, Janice McKain, Gail Williamson, Kay Shama, Shirley Kettelhut, Jolyn Kimble, Janet Chyba, Marilyn Rotter, Sherill Person, Loyola Moser, Sylvia Scissons, Jeanne Cleveland, Georgia Gable. 4th row--Diane Heine, Carolyn Johnson, Helen Brandt, Joan Hoy, Joanna Francescato, Frances Kunsman, Judy Schuster, Maria Klein, Marion Moses, Yvonne Hobbs, Elaine Fish, Marlene Kuykendall, Paula Engebretson, Peggy Huhta, Marcia Moore, Virginia Gnirkf 5th row--Betty Cooper, Myrna Kellum, Virginia Cooper, Florence Lauer, Marlene Hansen, Phyllis Gordon, Judy Ann Semrnons, Wenda Harmon, Mary Lou Lanphear, Yvonne Lee, Margaret Ferris, Marlene Beringer, Joyce Shostrom, Patricia Williamson, Margaret Slack, Mrs.Elsie Krug. 6th row--Terry Dyvig, Carole Ryp- kema, Sue Litz, Ann Jordan, JoAnne Pringle, Bonnie Roebuck, Ellen Morris, Marilyn Jones, Belva Burtzlaff. A 4 6 ,wwf 'P 4 ' 1 in E i .X pw . ' F 5 . W5 ' 3 Q 'E' 1 5 W H ... ,,Qff gi2if 5Nilfifvig-4L ' Q 2 , 3 S99 S wx W . 'Q ' S Q 9 I ff 1? Q - A ' Q 'fx x A X1 1 3 g 'g xf fs 1 is ' F W Yi. B ug sc 5' .- pf . is Qs: Q uf It I 3 bb 'N 1 N 'f 2' , , 2- 3. 1 1: ,.. f- Q '- N X , N . . M V f fu. g 5, Q 3 fix? A fa K ' ' 'f'- X ' , 25' 5' ' 'N N 'S if! f Q ' Q 'KF 'Q ' M, , l ' ' ig . , ' K Q, l sy, I- A -2' 13' gk .1 X' ' .ry ' flu Q- , 4. L 1 f X" ' ', 47 "' X5i,""'f -1- .s -In 'W' '11 " rf ,Q 1, 'Qf -2' 4 Ma ps L -5 Um 345 pf., -. , ,,, ' :- ' AQ 535 if xii ,' -f A, Q if , i I gf :lun 'R w ,ww Il 3 K ' Q' wb 'Ts-'F".a5' A 'fo -f if " F'V .W i . .53 5 X ' gigs., QA ' 'x'L??"Q6 f Ai?-ug xx! LAI' P U '.-is 'ja f K., tx Nh, X ' K., " 4 :X .f f , .f-Xmmimw .Y x . h ' ' 4 dv QP Q - lg' i 6 Q l 1 l I .' nd, 'hp x X 99, ' . sf K f 5-is I . X w . I' 'B I' 5 in H. 'K KY' 5 ac K '4 MIXED GLEE 6'lUB lst row, left to right--Marcia Pavlich, Jeanne Cleveland, Marilyn Rotter, Shirley Ruth, Jolyn Kimble, Shirley Kettelhut, Gail Williamson, Janet Chyba, Sherill Person, Pauline Neavill. Znd row--Miss Mary Craig, Pat Williamson, Kay Shama, Marcia Moore, Marlyne Kuykendall, Helen Brandt, Peggy Huhta, Frances Wagner, Mary Rotter, Virginia Gnirk. 3rd row--Larry Mitchell, Ronald Bernard, Gene Whitelock, Yvonne Hobbs, Kay Roberts, Bill Beshara, Fred Moser, Jim Hennen, Arne Sjomeling, Ronnie I-Iennen. 4th row--Donnie Gross, John Smiley, Dick Dunwiddie, Tom Gorder, Dale Allen, Larry DiSanto, Jim Veitl, John Fill- more, Woody Williamson. Sth row--Arm Jordan, Carole Rypkema, Lois Pringle, Ellen Morris, Bonnie Roebuck, JoAnne Pringle, Yvonne Lee, Suzanne Litz, Car- olyn Johnson, Terry Dyvig. 6th row--David Klein, Al Johnson, Karl Bentz, Rich- ard Sears, Cal Geary, Hank Frawley, Monte Widdoss, Mickey Larson, Reece Palmer. 34 6 NEPA! GZEE 6'lUB lst row, left to right--Marcia Pavlich, Frances Cordova, Jeanne Cleveland, Gail Willuweit, Annette Kittleman, Katherine White, Loy- ola Moser, Donna Albin, Joanne Deatherage, Mary Sue Beshara, LaRee Redinger, Pauline Neavill. Znd row--Miss Mary Craig, Mar- ilyn Rotter, Sylvia Scissons, Shirley Ruth, Leona Marshall, Janice McKain, Gail Williamson, Geraldine Clauser, Janet Chyba, Sherill Person, Marlys Windedahl. 3rd row--Betty Cooper, Jolyn Kimble, Margaret Slack, Virginia Cooper, Patricia Williamson, Janice Mathieu, Shirley Kettelhut, Kay Shama, Nlary Eilers. 4th row--Myr- na Kellum, Georgia Gabel, Marcia Moore, Mary Rotter, Marlyne Kuykendall, Elaine Fish, Frances Wagner, Paula Engebretson, Virginia Gnirk, Jean Maki. 5th row--Yvonne Hobbs, Joanna Fran- cescato, Roberta VanDerVorst, Shirley Hendrickson, Carolyn John- son, Helen Brandt, Joan Hoy, Marlene Hanson, Peggy Huhta, Maria Klein. 6th row--Kay Roberts, Judy Schuster, Diane Heine, Margaret Ferris, Suzanne Litz, Carole Rypkema, Ann Jordan, Terry Dyvig, Florence Lauer, Phyllis Gordon. 7th row-- Belva Burtzlaff, Marilyn Jones, Joyce Shostrom, Ellen Morris, Bonnie Roebuck, JoAnne Pringle, Judy Ann Semmons. W Cv BOYS GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Larry Mitchell, Ronald Bernard, Gene Whitelock, Jim Hen- nen, Fred Moser, Donnie Gross, Bill Beshara, Arne Sjomeling, Ronnie Hennen. Znd row--Miss Craig, John Smiley, Dick Dunwiddie, Tom Gorder, Dale Allen, Larry DiSanto, John Fillmore, Jim Veitl, Woody Williamson. 3rd row--Reece Palmer, Al Johnson, Richard Sears, Cal Geary, Henry Frawley, Monte Widdoss, Michael Larson, Karl Bentz, David Klein. BOYS AND A CAPPEUA A CAPPELLA: lst row, left to right--Marcia Kay Pavlich, Katherine White, Betty Cooper, Gail Wil- liamson, Sherill Person, Kay Shama, Shirley Kettelhut, Janet Chyba, Marilyn Rotter, Loyola Moser Shirley Ruth, Pauline Neavill. Znd row--Miss Craig, Leona Marshall, Virginia Gnirk, Frances Wag- ner, Marlyne Kuykendall, Florence Lauer, Helen Brandt, Marcia Moore, Mary Rotter, Janice McKain 3rd row--Diane Heine, Ann Jordan, Carolyn Johnson, Ellen Morris, Bonnie Roebuck, JoAnne Pringle, Joyce Shostrom, Sue Litz, Carole Rypkema, Terry Dyvig, Kay Roberts. MIXED OCTET: Left to right-- Shirley Ruth, Monte Widdoss, Karl Bentz, Peggy Huhta, John Srfiley, Marilyn Rotter, Tom Gorder, Pat- ricia Williamson. BOYS OUARTET: Left to right-- Mwnte Wicldoss, Reece Palmer Larry DiSanto, Karl Bentvz, David Klein, Firiclie Morris, Jerry Hardy, Arne Sjomeling. OCTET land ll: lst I'0W,1'9ff to right--Gail Williarnson, Miss Craig, Marilyn Rotter, Mary Eilers. Znd row--Mary Rotter, Virginia Gnirk, Marlyne Kuykenflall, JoAnne Pring- le, Bonnie Roebuck, Ellen Morris, Paula Engebretson, Kay Shama, Suzanne Litz, Terry Dyvig, Kay Roberts, Janice MCKain, Joyce Shostrom. TRIOS: Left to right--Marilyn Rotter, Bonnie Roebuck, Janice McKain, Mary Rotter, Terry Dyvig. SPECIAL GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Jeanne Cleveland, LaRee Redinger, Joanne Deatherage, Donna Albin, Jolyn Kimble, Marlys Windedahl, Janice Mathiew, Geraldine Clauser, Sylvia Scissons, Annette Kettleman, Gail Willuweit, Mary Sue Beshara, Frances Cordova. Znd row--Miss Craig, Mar- garet Slack, Virginia Cooper, Myrna Kellum, Peggy Huhta, Patricia Williamson, Yvonne Hobbs, Elaine Fish, Paula Engebretson, Georgia Gabel, Mary Eilers, Jean Maki. 3rd row--Roberta VanDerVorst, Marlene Hansen, Judy Schuster, Judy Semmons, Marilyn Jones, Belva Burtzlaff, Margaret Ferris, Yvonne Lee, Suzanne Litz, Carolyn Johnson, Shirley Hendrickson, Joan Hoy, Maria Klein. J DECLAM: lst row, left to right--Nlargaret Ferris, Terry Dyvig, LaRee Redinger, Joan Hoy, Carolyn Jacobson, Carole Rypkema, Joyce Shostrom. Znd row--Ivlnrcia Kay Pavlich, Lor- etta Eatherton, Mrs. Ferguson, Elaine Fish, Sherill Person. DRANIATJC CLUB: lst row, left to right--I..aRee Redinger, Katherine Vlfhite, Jolyn Kimble, Leona Marshall, Carolyn Jac- obson, Jeanne Cleveland. Znd row--Miss Craig, Margaret Slack, Patricia Williamson, Marlyne Kuykendall, Mary Eilers. 3rd row--Yvonne Hobbs, Wenda Harman, Nancy Newell, Judy Semmons, Lois Pringle. 4'6- if 3 t-'cr s 9 --......,...., 49" 2 -5: ...ww ,,.i ,. .,',, N. F. L.: lst 1'ow,lL-ftto right--Bc-tty Wells, Marcia Peivlich, Gail Willimnson, Carole Rypkcmzi. .Znd row--Bonnie Roebuck, Mrs. Fer- guson, Joyrv Sliostrom. Back row--Floyd Iwan, Ton1GorrlCr. IZ YICAR STUDENTS: lst row, left to right--David Klvin, Bonnie Roebuck, Loyola Nlosc-r, Frmicvs VVaqn0r, Shirley Kvttclhut, Carolv Rypkerna, Recca- Palnurr, Zncl row- Frcd lvloscr, Kurmctli Lester, Bill Jones, Bucldie West. Kwai X 5 iw , My V w .W E ff' wif? BZACK HIUS 6'0Nl-'ERENCE CHAMPIONS - 5,,, l '5,:-4-,w,1.n,.N- lk FOOTBALL: lst row, left to right--Willis Steinlicht C h , oac Burgess, Coach Ferguson. Znd row--Don Gabel, Richard Sears, Don Sonne, Jerry Fternad, Bill Beshara, Larry DiSanto, John Smiley, Eddie Morris, Reece Palmer, Bill Jones, Gene Whitelock, Al Johnson. 3rd row--Gale Fox, Woody Williamson, Merlvyn Mevcrden, Donnie Gross, Merno Stalder, Tom Gorder, Larry Mitchell, Jerry Pontius, Tom Perrett, Charles Edmo d . 4 -- n son throw Jerald Perrett .Terry Harmon He b' l , , r ie C ark, James Buckmas- ter, Arne Sjomeling. 42 wus-asffuuunu '. A, s 'Ti l SENIOR FOOTBALL BOYS AND TROPHY: Left to right--John Smiley, Reece Palmer, Eddie Mor- ris, Al Johnson, Billy Jones, Coach Stewart Fer- guson. Not pictured: Don Gabel. FOOTBAU REVIEW The Bears turned in their most successful football season this year. They were undefeated and won the conference championship for the first time in the school's history. During the season the Bears won five and tied one. The Bears scored a total of 195 points and only had 59 points scored against them. Six seniors are leaving this year's team and they can certainly feel proud of their record. These seniors are: Reece Palrner, Bill Jones, Eddie Morris, John Smiley, Don Gabel and Al John- son. Bill Jones, one of the Bears, had a great honor bestowed on him. He was made captain of the All-State T6 m. I jjj? , 1953 Foofbau schedlne g OPPONENT WE THEY N W , - Gillette 24 7 pd' I ,fri Springs 13 7 My JJ? Belle Fourche 33 7 WV, Q pearfish 12 0 I ji! Sturgis 26 Z6 W M uster 42 6 Lead 45 6 43 55f T5All REVIEW W a s were r5 succe 1 i their basketball season this year for e n all time ord f the school. The Bears also won the Sturgis ' ional To ent l the Scoopers have won for the past 8 years. I taying near he t uring the season the Bears ended second place ' n the conf c 't e defeats, two losses to Rapid City and one loss -jj to Belle Fou che. ears won a total of 18 out of Z2 games in the season. W . Their conferenc record was ll wins and 3 losses. The Bears were also rated as third in the State Other than the conference games the Deadwood Bears traveled to Miles City and Forsythe, Montana and to Pierre, South Dakota. The top honor for this year's teana came when they defeated-Belle Fourche at the sectional tournament held in Lead. This win enabled the Bears to travel to Huron to represent the Northern Hills at the State Tournament. Results were not available at present time. Next year the Bears will be minus four seniors in their starting lineup. They are Reece Palmer, David Klein, Eddie Morris and Bill Jones. 4404, I A O I - "ff 5' Wmflr A. ?V"7 "awe JJ! ,fad AO 7 I Q16 M F . .A 5"P'LL AW' . ,fad LQ ffl' sua. 1953-1954 Basphl A ' 'ff-ffl ,T ". OPPONENT . , E THEY 4 5 ' , Hettinger 7 7 ' 43 Gillette ' 38 Lead l , 29 Sturgis Invitationalh ur me . Belle Fourc ' 0 M6143 Spearfish ff ' 3 Sturgi 5 Forsythe S 9 40 Miles City ' 4 51 Hot Springs W fd, if pl Spearfish 5 Belle Fourchqf 0,214 y46 EDDIE MORRIS, Center Sturgis 54 50 BILLY JONES, Guard Custer 69 59 Rapid City 50 68 Lead 65 49 Hot Springs 64 59 Spearfish L 67 45 59 52 72 66 53 61 58 61 66 53 Sturgis Pierre Belle Fourche R 'd C't 05.10" 62518, 'Y GG' 1 Jbkw 1 M Q3 MA ' f,,.4,yn, .ICG-b 44 , DAVID KLEIN, Forward QW REECE PALMER, Forward fi Q 4 3 5 dub 5 Ms ! 4, ,ug ' YQ 31 L Nw N R- 5 Y., A ..g L.. ,,,.,am.,, , fl! Q,s ,du W we-'. .ms M R' S ,. - . .3 . .....,, V R 5, 2 Ries' Q' 'K Q "JgM,.q X ' -,- :W , . ,Lf .' Jz, 1. M, i P . N2 f-Q, . 8 s 1 5 P' . ' '7i4 M .., .,, ,, my Wfiiffh 'Q W 'Y 'E W. , X s uv 'W 'vw -HQ' Q J 5 , WAN, .V :U "lv" WA,-'ff A:-Z4 n . 3 x gxfw if 5 . , b z y ' 'N E H Q 1 :lf 5 N, ew 1 ,X . ..v ,ik X is V , .- 7, ,l ' x G - ' i . .. af, . .Hawks W' F A S f fy ' VM-f L 2 if . fl F, 'ii 5 1 as K ,f as N 3 Eve ff A if W Ji m , Mi, Lx m J .Sqn . Ig v '35 1 i'1?g F it , J., x, Q'1lFl1I' 4 X 39 m x W 4 fi ik, ?E a 'Kun Xa W-gn-nl! 'W mx Wl!llt 'MW 255 X ae ei E' ' 15 5 fi'? 3 F' X M5 BEAR DAY Although we couldn"t possibly know it when we were celebrating our 1953-54 homecoming, we were to go through the football season undefeated for the first time in fifty years. Of course we knew we had a lovely queen and charming attendants ------- vi' to lr Carole Rypkema Attendant Jeannine Cowles Gail Williamson All School Queen Attendant Tl-IE CORUNA TION L,-W -W 'v fi 1 1 """:: 9' if-A -1 'A'Qs.,. 'Nw , ew Lam , 1 E ull: 6' x, 4, I BEHRS Plouce-a THROLIGH SCOOPERS 'X 2 rt" F, 4- l ', .-'Lf H , u ' r 6 't In-Ano-og-... ' ' - w uf v ' L I as fsfgg I A J 5 'S 1. ALL SCHOOL FLOAT: Jeannine Cowles, Queen, Attendants, Gail Williamson, Carol Rypkema. Z. JUN- IOR CLASS FLOAT: Mary Rotter, Queen, Nancy Lee Waters, crovnm bearer. 3. FRESHMAN CLASS FLOAT: Leona Marshall, Queen, Sharon Bissell, crown bearer. 4. SENIOR CLASS FLOAT: Frances Wagner, Queeng Diane Berry, crown bearer. 5. PUBLICATIONS FLOAT 6. SOPHOMORE CLASS FLOAT: Joanne Deatherage, Queen, Lillian Newell, crown bearer. nj.. .4 kd' 1 11 tl 2:55 ,,-, , , ,tx , , , ,M B, M G, h A 4 -'m----hd be lam ..xx.,x.. W, Left to right--Sylvia Berry, Gene Whitelock, Sherill Person, Mary Jane Drake, Bill Beshara, Larry Di- Santo, Henry Frawley, Dale Allen, Richard Sears, Karl Bentz, Janet Chyba, Mary Rotter, Monte Wid- doss, John Fillmore, Betty Cooper, Marcia Moore. 'Q 3 it i 8 jywmahmuib L53 .dup We lg ff .,fe.cWQ1wf. My w..lfkoi:Ji,AJ X .oi Ml' 'M 0. ' . 'X' ' 1 Left o right-- eri l P on, Janet Chyba, Mary Jane ake, Mary Rotterqgene Whitelock, Bill Bes- hara, Dale Allen, Richard Sears, Henry Frawley, Karl Bentz, Betty Cooper, Sylvia Berry, Monte Wid- doss, n or , John Fillnnore. Front- Larry DiSanto. N My r-U1 OMS' ROOMS: All IN A DAY'5' WORK 5 ,M L A i S E x 5 Rfk E 1 HTH, , 3 244, M wa- x f if iff- s S , x , fx los Evxmsig N,,. I. HOMEMAKING Z. BIOLOGY 3. BOOKKEEPING 4. TRAMPOLINE CLASS: P12350 Mr. I-Yhotrmgrnpher return the Trampoline 5. STUDY HALL 6. SOLID GEOMETRY 52 :,, Q , I ll Q 3' I lk X - a 3x"" I fill Wfl Q ik -L Q uf 4' 43 Q 2. SQ C? f 3, K Q l' I3 Q ,B ky W9 rifq tw H--A.. 1. Queen Jeannine Z. D.H.S. cheering section. 3. Ellen and Eddie 4. After a game. 4. "Slumber"? party! 6. Girls quartet. 7. 'Gutter ball Rick." 8. Mary and Marilyn fnew style.j 9. New form. 10. Shakespear Sears. 11. 'Sleepy Time Gal" 12. Elope- ment? ? ? ? ? B!! 13. A new girl!!! 14. " .... you are our mascot true." 15. Going Steady. 16. Pat W. 17. The kill. 18. Yoyo twins. 19. Chili supper. AO. Clarinet Quartet. epfwaus. . . X We hope this book has given a fair picture of the studies, activities, and fun in this year of 1953-54. It has been a good year. Fun and activities build pleasant memories for later years. Study makes for a rich full life. Since this is true, we thought we would close our book with two silhouette pictures, one to represent the girl students of DHS and one to represent the boy students of DHS. Our title for this picture is: THE DESK, THE LAMP, THE LIGHT OF TOMORROW. . , ' Z 1 J ' I W ' n fflfvynrwvzi 4,636 ' 38 ' l ' ' X R SP NSORS Q M'f4'Q!""7'l"'4 . AVS Phal' a K. W. Motor co. Qoapf., 1 I Allen Lewis, Roofing 8: eet etal Works KDSJ 980 K, C, -"l'E1ff4,fff Auer Service kb George V. Ayres, Inc. M1 en Franklin Store lack Hills Laundry lack Hills Mercantile Co. Kelley's Dairy Kersten's Drive In Cleaners Carl H. Kubler, Insurance Lampert Luxnber Company LeMar Motor Co. Elack Hills Amusement Company J ' 1 lack Hills Novelty Co iaok Hills Power a. Light W L4 M Black Hills Studios, Inc. Bodega Cafe I-"J 'LZ Kate Callahan, Your Jeweler Carters Servicenter ,VJ ' ' Clark's Real Estate Company A. A. Coburn, Insurance 1 L'eo's Shoe Shop Mapleway Bowling Lanes Martin's Sinclair Service Merritt's Grocery Dr. N. E. Mattox Midwest-Beach Company The Mint Cafe Morris Jewelry Newell's Drug Store The New York Store I I. P Croff 8: Company w Northwest Wood Preserving Co. Q u gs Butler Jewelry and Souvenir Shop x N- Ki Dakota Typewriter Exchange Daniels Floral Shop eadwood Motor Sales Dick's Sinclair Service DuPratt Motel 81 Service Eddie's Sales h Service Ellis Insurance Agency F. 8: M. Bootery Finola's Clothing Store First National Bank of the Fish 8: Hunter Company is N Dr. T. H. FitzGibbon Fountain Electric Service Franklin Hotel 'NJ Franklin Grill Gaughen's Dairy 8: Shamrock dberg Grocery b lt 'N Growl H old's Rollarena KG H. Hemminger, Insurance He drie 81 Bolthoff Co. ' ? -y estake Mining Co. X JXH e Service Texaco . F. S. Howe ix Hub Clothing Store N X , In ependent Binderyi , frie's Cleaners . K ton's Korral 5? is E is AX. AX e wis t nk these s I i The Cupboard Od0U. Motor Co. Dakota Creamery, Lilly Ice Creanfi arker at Pm. ker, Lawyers . eg's Beauty Shop he Pick Up r r's Lumber Co. N Dr T. H. Proctor h D H. H. Uken ey's Grill o ler 81 Island Fe ut Brothers ne Works Safeway Store W Schultz s Refri , ated Lockers W A . U .V ck ls . - Ll Schwa w l rniture Co. l Th - to I1 blishing Company X A1 - S "1 om, Insurance -i t 5 ro 1 onoco Service N-gf' 1-. Plurnbing I r ' . Smily A ea s 8: Shedd arl toneberger, Lurnber k Building Sunnyside Grocery F P o . . W lls l Home West n Stationers - 5 W s' urniture 8: Applicance Co. ha ' ro er - S 01 I . f . ponsors for so generously supporting the annual. xgx -5 ix 56 55.53. iff 5 wf-W 1. Outside of Huron Arena. 2. Inside of Huron Arena. 3. A1 Neuharth, of SoDak Sports, interviews YY ll Coach Burgess for KSOO. 4. Leon Carr, of the Associated Press, interviews Coach Burgess be- fore final game. 5. Mr. Krug looks over the statistics. 6. Coach Burgess and Ken Stodder, of KDSI, read telegrarns from the Northern Hills area. 7. Triumphant Bears! 8. Another picture after the final garne. 9. Les Davis, of WNAX, interviews Coach Burgess and senior players, af- ter the championship garne. 10. 'Lil' Ed Morris received trophy and medals for Bears from R. V. Hunkins. Chairman of State Athletic Ron rd, insert qfzfiyi ff ajffm fi A M WW fffywf ff gi gfQ,fgf,iwfji iy5ffg if W ff' YJWW - A ,3wP'N7fM VJ- W , qw fe 0fwMA .. A ff MW? jim A MA. I JJ, X M x 53, is M x fit Q? W X arf X is Mfgggg 323391, X wfafyfy Si. Hfxixl if-ffi??fff 1 3 v 1 5 E ! s s Y' 5 if 9 Q2 Q S ff 5 P S! 3 S SS E as 5 S if 3 3 S Q rs x- 22 ' """""fw-vr'fW1'W"F5sKf2'P '.,,:amm1mX.Y-uma'-if w mf. . " - 4 Nw - "sw2x'2'w'ww'1'fww a- 'ww sw. . sir' .M aw 3' 1 1. C -A Q S , E ii J -S Ii N I Q 55 N Z' 'N 'E N x J ,a . T: S ,1 fn .5 2 5. 'n 1 5 U lx .- 5 25 Ze V k- I he e' i A 'F V, ,4 f ff' P .I ia .1 A Q . 3: 1 -I V.

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