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Deadwood High School - Bear Log Yearbook (Deadwood, SD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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N FLIGHT PLAN fx? 0d'f'f'c as fi JY. Q nf -23 Af V1 C05 C2 ff 'Sr- 4-f""'-1' T 1-"F f 1 LIJ I V ff 1 Aou Q. X ' , -, ,, , ,I o '-':- 65 x f W 1' -v ' ,itgss-:Iii L x K 1 f 0 X -rf I 1 I ff . M. - . I fl , 1 D,- , Q Y T XPECTED EXAM vii' 'E 1 Q, X ,I X Xi ,QQTQ .T 5 -TI, x W 'XX A - X f 1 MISSION COMPLETE D vii? png? 'ax N J, Q k ,JAM 'Wa Vg QXMAY Ili- jj X , 5,jla' F' Diff af Zyl! -XUVL' Scale, df Mihai C5 SEA or Kauai gum QP The Bear Loo Bombs1aht on Target ,Q Deadwood Hlah School Deadwood South Dakota Vs Xfc PQWN Y Y- "cD6YNX'NON3x'6 pe. xiwi wx ov-5 X 29142 C10u9uC1w2SQxwxw- 2960?-xPfN. CMN- X4 5 CX-Wee P'-52656 v'N2CxN GXQ3 068' KES CMN :Ap LOS xx X. 'WM QW, P-YN Ps 1 NA x. 'AOXO LPN P-YR-'K AWK YNXSOE YR-N N?- SWPN 5 2 390 ...... qv, ss X we ' N--IK P 5 wsxs m wx! SYXQUOSXPX S X SS--px XOYQ fx 1....Q-Q4 Fx, A P- ""Y'NYN. xl 0 Q XGXA pfffffwp 1 ibjf gf? WW wiiw WW ff M R T X, G-5,1337 rap, .30 , X! - WA, qgiyri? ow fx " '. ff , fc ' . , f 4,9 f Warm Up Weather condxtxons the thxrd of September 1947 were a little murky for some even rf the sun was shmmg bnghtly lt was the tirst day of school But that condmon drdn t last long for we soon got mto the swxng of thxngs-back mto the famrlrar rou tune of classes football and basketball games pames and all the other thrngs that offer excuses for not gettmg assrgnments done We had rn mmd our destmatron graduate So we crossed our lingers hoped and started m on our homework ull' X 1 I I ,I 4 1 ,,,....--- f'Nf !"" GROUND CREW: C. O. Gorder, Treasurer: Colburn Ruth, Member: G. A. Derosier, Member: Lola Kersten. Secretary: Francis J. Parker, President: William F. Grieb, Vice-President: H. S. Berger, Supt. of Schools: E. D. Vercellmo, Member. With their help we kept our plane air-worthy and running smoothly. ff. S TEWARDESS Lola Kersten I edge 1 YK' Si COip'Lo 9040 T R. 'llc x . t 'E rug ' x M.. N.. ,. 1 I 9 f M. M. MINTON Physical Education Assistant Coach IVIORTON BOSS Science FRANKLIN BRAINARD Social Science, English MARY CRAIG Music ANN DUFFY Commerce EDNA FERGUSON English. Library STEWART FERGUSON Head Coach, Social Science KENNETH GLEASON Band, Orchestra ORA HORSFALL Industrial Arts LUCIE JENSEN Mathematics ELSIE KRUG Physical Education JEAN VAN HEUVELEN I-Iomemaking .............. wi. 'xx GORDON NELSON English, Latin sf SENIOR FLIGHT OFFICERS: Albert Eilers, Vice-President: Gayle Fuller, Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Kelley, President. PASSENGERSI Websters definition of "senior" certainly applies to us Carl Beck Kenneth Blair Seniors George Acri Q I I Q 'Y' ,fs Q- Ah ,f- as-., H -1,5 .,, f , l if if 1' in I .l xl Albert Eilers Gayle Fuller Patty Hall Robert Hatfield Edith Houlette William Ikola 7 M Seniors J Af' iilzpngkfvvu e .fa Q -V .::,V S heldon Jacobs ,K 3 1 L l V I A a We Mye' a W R be K ll K K ., o rt e ey Larry Kilty e eea ayeyee e a E a Peggy LeVeque Dona Maltby Faye Margolin Beverly McGlone Jack Mee Rolland Meisch 25 m ,fzf if plug' br' ,gu- 'lnww SQ" Elna Newman Fred North Jane Muscha Seniors Edward Racherto Q x , 3 s v, 3 5- ,, Charles Rottcr rt e fy .Ar t I K T R R - oger one: A , wx .".".'f ii - , 5 U , Q , .:.s:v,' .. ' " ' W -1- ai 5 V Q kr- X '11 aff -C29 fo- 'V 'iv A-,, Zxw- M . " ,J :'.uQ',g,. ,- .V Q uw. Q f" wr ,7l1' v'-J X Q . ,I VW 1 Anita Toppila Arlene Uken Darleen Yeaman lb- me 3 YD-7 K., 'bm Q yhfh W in-.viz A Theresa Ruether Patricia Sherman Lyle Speer. Bill Spindler Nadene Tetrault Genevieve Thompson Semor ACIIVIIIQS GEORGE ACRI D Club 2 3 4 Football 2 3 CARL BECK Boys Glee Club 4 Chnstmas Play 3 4 Club 2 3 4 Foo ball l 2 3 4 Jumor Mxxed Chorus 4 KENNETH BLAIR No Actnvmes ALBERT EILERS Annual Staff 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Boys Glee Club 4 Brum Staff l 2 Chnstmas Play 3 Mxxed Chorus 3 4 Student Council 3 Wexght Teams l 2 Class Vxce Pres1dent4 Football l 2 3 4 GAYLE FULLER Annual Staif 3 Bandl 2 Chnst mas Play 3 4 Dramatxc Club 2 G A A l General Glee Club 2 3 4 .Iunxor Play 3 Mxxed Chorus 4 Speclal Glee Club 3 4 Twxrlmg 1 Class Secretary 4 PATTY HALL Annual Staff Z 3 4 Brum Staff 2 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Chnstmas Play 3 Class Secretary 3 Class Queen 3 G A A l General Glee Club l 2 3 Jumor Play 3 Spec1alGlee Club 'l 2 3 Twxrlmg l 4 ROBERT HATFIELD-No Acnvmes EDITH HOULETTE Annual Staff 2 3 4 Assxstant Ed 3 Ednor 4 Brum Staff l 2 3 Chnstmas Play 2 3 4 Cheerleader 2 3 Class Secretary Z Class Queen l Declamatoryl 2 General Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Mnxed Chorus l 2 3 4 Jumor Play 3 Specnal Clee Club 1 Z 3 4 G A A l 2 All School Attendant 4 WILLIAM IKOLA No Actxvmes SHEIDON JACOBS Annual Stall' 3 4 Band l 2 4 Basketball Mgr Z Brum Staff I Chnstmas Play Track 3 4 WenghtTeamsl 2 3 D Club ROBERT KELLEY Brum Staff 4 Chnstmas Play 4 Dramatnc Club 2 Mxxed Chorus 2 3 4 Class Pres: dent 4 Student Councxl President 4 Declamatory 2 J Boys Glee Club 4 Welght Teams I 2 LARRY KILTY-Chnstmas Play 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Boys Glee Club 4 Football l Junior Play 3 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Wenght Teams l 2 D Club 3 4 PEGGY LeVEQUE Annual Staff 3 Brum Staff 2 3 Assistant Ed 2 Editor 3 Chnstmas Play 3 Declama I 3 4 Band l 2 Dramatnc C ub l G I 2 3 General Glee Clubl 2 3 Mnxed Cl orusl 2 3 Specnal Glee Club l 2 3 DONA MALTBY Entered 3rd year Chnstmas Play 4 General Glee Club 4 Mxxed Chorus 4 bpe nal Glee Club 4 I-AYE MARGOLIN A nual Staff 2 3 4 Assnstar Edxtor 4 Brum Staff 1 2 3 Class Secretary l Cl Queen 2 Dramatic Club l Chnstmas Play 2 3 4 G A A l 2 General Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Mxxed Chorus 4 Spec G ub 3 4 Twnrlm All School Attendant 4 BEVERLY McGLONE--Chnstmas Play 3 4 General Glee Club l 2 3 Mnxed Chonxs 2 3 Special Glee Club JACK MEE Entered Znd year Annual Staff 4 Basket ball 3 4 Chnstmas Play 3 4 Class President 3 Boys Glee Club 4 Boys State 3 Declamatory 3 'Mpced Chorus 3 4 Football 3 4 Weight Team 2 D Club 3 4 Mixed Quartette 4 ROLLAND MEISCH Entered 3rd year Chnstmas Play 4 Boys Glee Club 4 D Club 3 4 Football 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 JANE MUSCHA Entered Znd year ELNA NEWMAN-Chrrstmas Play 3 4 General Glee C ub 2 3 4 FRED NORTH Basketball l 3 4 Chnstmas Play 3 4 Boys Glee Club 4 Class Ofhcer 2 3 Band l D Club 2 3 4 Footballl 2 3 4 Mxxed Chor Junror Play 3 Student Councnl 3 Wenght Team VERA PORTER Entered 2nd year EDWARD RACHETTO-No Actxvmes CHARLES ROTTER Basketball Mgr 2 D Club 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 4 Chnstmas Play 2 4 Football Mgr 2 Mlxed Chorus 4 Wenght Team l 2 3 4 ROGER ROTTER Basketball 3 4 Class Presndent l Chnstmas Play 3 4 Boys Glee Club 4 D Club 3 4 .Iumor Play 3 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Wexght Team l 2 THERESA RUETHER Brum Staff 2 3 4 Edxtor 4 Chnstmas Play 3 4 G A A l 2 3 4 General Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorusl 2 3 4 Spec1alGlee ubl 2 3 ROBERT SCHUNNEMAN Annual Staff 3 Boys Glee Club 4 Chnstmas Play 4 Debate 4 Mnxed Chorus 4 PATRICIA SHERMAN G A A l 2 3 4 Gene al Glee Club l LYLE SPEER Entered 2nd year BILL SPINDLER Bandl 2 3 4 Basketball Mgr l Club I 2 3 4 Football Mgr l Basketbal Wenght Team l 2 3 NADENE TETRAULT-Chnstmas Play 3 G A A l General Glee Club l 2 3 Junior Play 3 Mnxed Chorus 2 3 Special Glee Club 2 3 GENEVIEVE THOMPSON Brum Staff l Z ndl2 alStaff4GAA ANITA TOPPILA Annual Staff 4 Brum Staff l 2 eral Glee Club l Z 3 Junnor Play 3 Chnstmas Play 3 4 Mlxed Chorus Specxal Glee Club I 2 3 4 Twnrlmg l ARLENE UKEN Annual Staff 3 Brum Staff I 2 3 Band l 2 3 4 Debate 4 Dramatnc Club 1 General Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Declamatoryl 7 3 4 Chnstmas Y 3 4 Jumor Pay Mnxed Chorus 2 3 Twlrlnng l DARLEEN YEAMAN Brum 4 Girls State 3 Student Council 4 -" " . . 1 . .4. -I - : - UD.. L I y " I z - Play: ,I 1 . : ' 1 " " , : 1 . , . ' ' T ' 1 ' ' 1 ' 1, . , 1 ' , , . Q " ' us 3, 41 ' : ' 2 ' 2. - , . : ' .3. 1 . 1 ' : ' 45 Cl , , , 4. Football Mgr. 2: Boys Glee Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: , 1 ' . . ,4:" " z,3.4. - , - ' 2 ' 3. 2 ' 1 ' l . , 1 A- - ...,,, 1 r , : " ,' 1" " ,I . HDI' . . : I I I '. : lb4I tory . 2. .' Q' , 'z ' .1 Q .A. Aj 1 I , v f 1 ' 1 ' : , , . - . r ' 3' 4: - V , Ba , ,3,4:Annu : . . .l,2. 3. ' 3,4:Gen -I , . .4:.G A.A. l.2,,3:' V ' 1 ' , : ' 4: ' -' n , . I :I I , ' ' 3 ' ' I ' 3 ' . . , 3 I 1 ass 1,-2.43: ial lee Cl ly, V. Y: ' ' g 1: ' " " Z' Z I In l 1 : . ' ' Pla, A . : ' l 3: ' , , 43 2,31G.A.'Ai1f ' ' ' , - I 5 Joyce Acri Dean Dybing Vincent Green JoAnn Joslin it 23135 f , 'fr Jimmie Berger Douglas Edwards Betty Jo Hadden Robert Jurisch R ar Hb , Q at f, WM JUNIOR FLIGHT OFFICERS:- Alfred Newman, Vice President: Doris Sorensen Secretar -Treasurer: Dean v Y Dybing, President. luniors BALLAST: In case of trouble-we bail out! Dorothy Doscher Celestine Engler Kenneth Hendrickson Howard Mason f 42 ,N aw W .Wk 'Wi Maurice Etem Gene Hennen Jimmie Merritt " BWP' 5 my Q I l, ai. ' I , 6 Jw an 6- , m y ' I I I I ge my an 5 i'i if hum A A , . .,-- fm H Qur- ' " , I , , 1? HY f , , fe vg:,,,,v,, 0.322 M U85 'Q as fu.- Qu, , 3 5 Leonard Fahrni Donna Hoseman Norma Ondriezek Ji!! 1 21 I ry no ' u N J , it E km, Iumors Bonnie Pendo Gretchen Rober Doris Sorensen lrene Stephens ISOII Robert Pounea Jean Rosser Melvm Sorensen Dale Stoneberget 5- Qc QS- Stanley Reed Roberta Rotter Dxxxe Stalcup Bonme Stnckland PO ,g4"" Carole Rnpley June Sargent I uella Stalcup Gaylm Thompson Betty Roberts John Schunneman Bonme Starr Joyce Ventl 'avi 10 fl nag, vU5 a'-vu'-v' 'iv 'W ,fav MF? ,Q 'Wiiw ...., Q, "li 7-.Q Bl' Q. J""':ar sun., Q Not Prclured Edward Becker, Merlyn Butler Eugene Farnsworth, Alice Franzel, Douglas Hudson, John Hunter Genevieve Jacobson, Rrchard Jacobson. Alfred Newman Norman Oestrelch. Opal Schuster, and Richard Weng FLIGHT CREW: Patty Trucano, Helen Miller, Darleen Yeaman, Eugene Famsworth, Dick Weig. Patty Hillery, Mr. Krug, and Robert Kelley. Not pictured: Verda Kennedy. The Student Council was very active this year, and the notice on the bulletin board reading "Student Council meeting in library third period" was a familiar one. Cargo Excess Baggage FRESHMEN FLIGHT OFFICERS: Ronald Mertz. President: Mary Ann Redl, Secretary-Treasurer: Bill President. EXCESS BAGGAGE . . . Fragile, handle with 2 .I , Vice- Reed. CZYC. SOPHOMORES FLIGHT OFFICERS: John Trucano, Presi- dent: Gene Spindler, Secretary-Treasurer: Alvin Oestreich Vice-President. CARGO . , . "Whew. what a ride!" I3 lf SOPHOMORE CLASS: First row-Daryl Heil. Kenneth Xkfeepie. Jerry Young, Donald Koehler, Duane Lubisher Bill Anderson, John Tveidt. Second row--Mr. Minton, Helen Miller, Jeanette Shostrom, Jeanenne Hurst, Mary Doscher, Arlene Kettlehut. Betty Dilley, Verda Kennedy. Third row-Harry Wait, George Lubker, Patty Lavier l,lovd Kemp, Robert Sloss. Sophomores Freshmen FRESHMAN CLASS: First row-Neil Kelley, Verelyn Rice. Raymond Hansen. Kenneth Nelson. Alfred Lee Melvin Farnsworth, Doran Jacobs. Robert Yeaman, Verne Hennen. Second row-Mr. Boss, Edwina Schopen, Marilyn Berger. Anita Grieb. Marlene Mack, Verna Franze-l, Marilyn Thacker, Claudette Zaiser. Third row- Dnris Jacobson. Howard Dinnell. Frances Beringer, Carol Gorder. CNot picturedj: Robert Hanson. my Combat Duty A F Football and basketball play a large part in the school year of the DHS student, and our FLIGHT LOG would not be complete without mentioning the year's sports events. Football fans got a thrill this year watching the BEARS march through mud, rain, and snow to give the spectators a taste of real passing. catching, and all around good playing ability. "Spectacular" is an adjective often used to describe the unpre- dictable BEARS. This year's basketball season saw the addition of several more games on the schedule. In their regular conference schedule the BEARS broke even, winning seven and losing seven of the games, Again the BEARS proved unpredictable. and added their share to the scrambled Black Hills conference. Q VHH4' 17 "D" CLUB First row-Daryl Heil, Rolland Meisch, John Schunneman, Cecil Stoner, Norman Oestreich, Bill Spindler, Sheldon Jacobs, Alfred Newman, John Tveidt. Sec- ond row-Coach Ferguson, Howard Mason, Dennis Dyvig, Charles Rottet, Carl Beck, Fred North, Robert Jurisch. Gene Famsworth, Jim Merritt, Coach Minton. Third row-Maurice Etem, Edward Becker, Roger Rotter, Jack Mee, Larry Kilty, Dick Weig, Albert Eilers. Dale Stoneberger, George Acri. Long famous for its initiations, the "D" Club this year let its new members off with only a short word of warning. "Remember, you're in "D" Club now!" G. A. A. activities this year included volleyball and basketball with out-of town teams and mterclass tournaments in both games. GAA: First row-Marlene Peyton, Patricia Sherman Patty Hillery Mary Ann Redl Patty Trucano, Anita Toppila, Kay Smiley, Donna Hoseman Genevieve Thompson Carol Walker. Second row-Alice Franzel, Betty Roberts Verda Kennedy Betty Diley Marlene Mack. Marilyn Berger, Anita Grieb, Helen Miller Dixie Stalcup Bonnie Pendo Mrs. Krug. Third row-Carol Gorder, Mary Doscher Peggy LeVeque Beverly Titus Arlene Uken, Theresa Ruether, Jean Rosser, Patty Lavier Irene Stephens Jeanette Shostrom G., A. A. 18 F. North Back DDDD R. Rotter J. Mez . Back DDD Back DD A. Eilen G. Acn Tackle DDD End DDD C. Beck Guard x..znu:r UU R. Wcig S. Jacobs Tackle DD End M. M. MINTON STEWART FERGUSON Assxstant Coach Head Coach Senior Gridsters I9 A, Eilgrg J. M R. Rotter Forward DD Guard DD Gikgilolggio Forward DD N. Oestreich M' Erfm Forward D Forward D I no nf, .A- L. Kihy Center DD Forward DD Forward D -., no X ' , 7' Nm 9 1 , D. Stoneberger D. Dyvig Center Guard D W. Spindle: Forward Q Q J. Merntt Forward DD J. Hunxer Guard R. 85-lb. TEAM: First row-Bernard, Jones, Bannigan, Yeaman, Houlette, Palmer, Toppila, Hardin. Second row-Caulkins, H. Newman, R. Newman, Craig, Smiley, Kline, Hobbs. Coach Furois. HEAVYWEIGHT TEAM: First row-Hinchen, Burtzlaff. Lee Berry, Oestreich, Baggaley, Heil, Sorensen, Lee. Second row- Jurisch, Redl, Trucano, Weig, Edwards, Rotter, Fahrni, Jacobs Coach Minton. Cheer Leaders Mary Ann Redl Merlyn Butler Patty Hall, Donna Hoseman Off Hours 24 That exght oclock dash to glee club or band and remember how long xt took you to really wake up? Rehearsal for the jumor play often brought on hxlanous laughter sometxmes for no apparent reason You mean IM an angel m the Chnstmas play? The vxgorous attempt at bemg dramatic for Mxss Crang And through xt all we entertamed others and ourselves vi ...dl BOYS GLEE CLUB: First row--Daryl Heil, Kenneth Weepie, Charles Leslie, Merlyn Butler. Dean Dybing. Sheldon Jacobs, Gene Spindler, James Berger, Jerry Young, Doran Jacobs. Second row-Miss Craig, Larry Heil. Kent Ripley, Rolland Meisch, Bill Redl, Dennis Dyvig, Jim Merritt. Robert Kersten, Robert Schunneman. Third row-Harry Wait, Kenneth Hendrickson, Robert Kelley, John Trucano, Richard Jacobson, Fred North, Charles Rotter, Carl Beck, Warner Berry, John Schunneman. Fourth row-Maurice Etem. Dale Stoneberger, Roger Rotter. Dick Weig, Albert Lee, George Lubker, Jack Mee, Albert Eilers, John Hunter, Thomas Taylor. Doris Sorensen Donna Hoseman Mary Ann Redl Edwina Schopen Kay Smiley Patty Hillery Marlene Peyton Miss Craig Bonnie Pendo ACAPELLA CHOIR GIRLS QUARTET: Patty La- vier, Ethel Houlette. Dorothy Anita Grieb Carol Gorder Betty Roberts Jeanenne Hurst Marilyn Berger Theresa Ruether Gretchen Robertson Patty Lavier Helen Miller DUET Patty Lavier, Ethel Doscher. Mary Doscher. MIXED QUARTET: Jack Mee Houlette Patty Lavier, Ethel Houlette Larry Kilty. 25 3 Gr' Y B :T ' . 'if f U M J?"'k:v?lx E7 I-risk 9 S ' u. - -. fx- ' V . x , F41- 5- ' '55 's ,rx , 1 , fl.: -In vb. g - - . V , ' in ,- 1 ' 5 -f 1 ' L ,,"x f 5 -1 ' 534 F' -A M -lv f ai' gag :rf ,fs 5' Q? 'Y gg? -if! ""S '1" "'f 7 SX W1 Q!! Y Xj2'4 mf. if 1, 1 1 A Y.. f 3'i" .7 mf 'mf' R .15 . xy? -lj Q ,gy ,wfqb ' A , i I iq M243 Q 'af' 5--W: wx i A 1: is ' - Q . '. R Wg ,ff A f ., , X t 1 .85 HT 'H' 'T '1A1, 3 mb "'r". .4425 if' T93 95 3 In Act1on Iunior Play ,I John Hunter, Merlyn Bullet Donna Hoseman Betty Roberts Roberta Rotter Maurnce lztem Dale Stoneberger Mnss Crang Gretchen Robertson Dean Dybing Eugene Farnsworth, Bonnie Starr JoAnn Joslin Jimmie Berqer Joyce Veitl Betty Jo Hadden I mwmme, R013 Christmas Play Cast DRAMATIC CLUB: First row-Bonnie Starr, Betty Collins. Jo Ann Joslin, Anita Grieb, Mary Ann Redl, Patty Hillery. Second row-Miss Craig, Marilyn Berger, Merlyn Butler, Charles Leslie, Carol Gorder. Marlene Peyton. We Edited The Log Thinking on the annual? . . . We dreamed of the ldes of March. Caesar sure knew his deadlines. ANNUAL STAFF: First row-Marlene Peyton, Betty Jo Hadden, Kay Smiley. Dona Maltby, Mary Ann Redl. Patty Trucano. Donna Hoseman. Faye Margolin, Patty Hillery, Genevieve Thompson, Doran Jacobs. Second row -Mr. Brainard, Anita Toppila, Betty Roberts. Marilyn Berger. Carol Gorder, Gene Spindler. Charles Leslie. Helen Miller, Verda Kennedy, Norma Ondriezek, Anita Grieb, Gavle Fuller. Third row-Edith Houlette, Carole Ripley. Roberta Rotter, Gretchen Robertson. John Trucano, Albert Eilers. Harry Wait, Patty Lavier, Joyce Veitl, Jeanette Shqstrom. Sheldon Jacobs. u I , 6 :D-.4 o ,,, gl s J- Q' BRUIN STAFF: First row-Doran Jacobs. Genevieve Thompson, Betty Jo Hadden, Kay Smiley, Mary Ann Redl. Patty Trucano, Donna Hoseman, Dona Maltby, Patty Hillery, Marlene Peyton. Second row-Betty Collins. Norma Ondriezek, Elna Newman, Betty Roberts, Verda Kennedy, Marilyn Berger, Anita Grieb, Darleen Yeaman, Gene Spindler, Anita Toppila, Mr. Brainard. Third row-Helen Miller, Jeanette Shostrom, Carole Ripley, Joyce Veitl. Theresa Ruether, Howard Mason, Gretchen Robertson, Patty Lavier. Jimmy Berger. Carol Gorder. The Bruin office is always the scene of activity and con- fusion. and there's always a crowd around the bulletin board the day the assignments go up. We Kept The Log N-awk rv V? 3 fx DECLAM: First row-Patty Trucano, Marilyn Berger. Verda Kennedy. Jeanette Shostrom, Carol Gorder, Betty Roberts, Patty Hillery. Second row-Arlene Uken, Patty Lavier. Gretchen Robertson, Jimmy Berger, Peggy LeVeque, Roberta Rotter, Mrs. Ferguson 41 DEBATE: First row-Arlene Uken, Gretchen Robertson, Roberta Rotter, Betty Roberts. Second row-Robert Schunneman, Harry Wait, Jimmy Berger, Mr. Nelson. One time when words speak louder than actions. ,Q,.,,,,, 'W 'sv 4 11, f M ,zi- 'Phn- ,, .w Y Wd mf! MW! GAYLE FULLER All School Queen wo6301 EDI TH N H Scboox OULfTT 5' Q PM E All School A Itegdant The Royalty Processional Salute to the Queen ,, 4 JE SM! ,,:x . X - 1' .- W . -,sal - , a.', BEAT SlURClS ' ""' 55Ns0R CLMS r' V' as M ' Y' Dona Maltby Senior Queen Jeanenne Hurst, Sophomore Queen 6' '27 Majorettes fljelf lf-Ui ,. Coronation of Gayle All- School l7loat P: D -I I J' K Bonnie Pcndo, Junior Queen . A., tg . 4. wN..,Q--fu 'LN v t . .f r s 'fu -. . ,ull tl tx.,-H"-rs.: 4 , A ,L . Q . 'mink A, 1 xx :,,. L- . Q.. rp 1' -, N D ,,,- A, 1 X H-it 'lnlynhlnul 's A us . ,,at,,y'uO- -1-sq s lll , 1 JUN1UHr H ' l , ev v "I lgjari Edwina Schopen. Freshman Queen Bend W' as 'EH i' te, -I 'lrl-l-: 1' hl uf- - 9 it f I A-Q 1' . l 4vgl . A 9 h Ln f Study Hall a 5 J , Where everyone works and no one plays UQ Chemlstry Lab Brewmg a cure for the new look? Psychology Come here and let us look at you Mechonlccxl Drctwmq Srmle pretty boys' Classrooms and never a dull moment Those three mmutes between classes must be a welcome rest for the teachers I a ' U 11 I l , . , . Senaor Wall SENIOR WILLS orge Acra Walls has abalaty to get anto maschaef to Jammy Merratt arl Beck Walls has stylash haar do to Johnny Trucano Kenneth Blaar Walls has books to Kenneth Nelson Albert Ealers Walls has tany feet to Betty Jo so Maurace won t have any advantage over her Gayle Fuller Walls her abalaty to protect herself to whomever as goang steady Patty Hall Walls her twarlang to Joyce Veatl Robert Hatfield Walls a package of Dentyne gum to Mass Duffy Edath Houlette Walls her edatorshap and a box of aspann to Gene Spandler Ball Ikola Walls has Englash workbook to Buddy Butler Sheldon Jacobs Walls has claranet to Dennae Dyvag Carl Johnson Walls has water gun to Mr Krug Bob Kelley Walls has 1915 joke book to Mr Braanard Larry Kalty Walls has basketball suat OO to Pete Becker Peggy LeVeque Walls all the luck she may have had and a lot more t a ouple of su ell freshman boys Russell Stanley and Jerry Flynn Dona Maltby Walls her anterest an the Junaor Class to Verda Kennedy laye Margolan Walls her dark haar and heaght to Gretchen Robertson Jack Mee Walls has desare to hat garls to Peanuts Newman Rolly Measch Walls has abalaty to go steady to Dale Stoneberger lane Muscha Walls her Shakespeare book to Mr Nelson Elna Newman Walls her long dark haar to Carole Rapley Fred North Walls has brown derby to Verda Kennedy Vera Porter Walls her quaet manners to Doran Jacobs Lddae Rachetto Walls has seat an Englash to anyone who ll take at Chuck Rotter Walls some of has whate man s blood to Ball Fash Rod Rotter Walls has nose to Maurace Etem to go wath has hands and eet Theresa Ruether Walls her basketball prowess to Maralyn Berger Robert Schunneman Walls has antellect to has lattle brother Pat Sherman Walls her hubba hubba man to Dons Jacobson Lyle Speer Walls has delavery truck to anyone who wants at Ball Spandler Walls has basketball abalaty and good grades to Ball Redl Nadene Tetrault Walls her typang speed to Joyce Acra Genevaeve Thompson Walls her perfect band attendance to Evelyn Adams Anata Toppala Walls her lovely 2nd soprano voace to Carol Gorder Arlene Uken Walls her anterest an the Navy to Dona-a Hoseman Darleen Yeaman Walls her persecutaon complex to Mr Nelson The Senaor class walls thear andasposataon to any reasonable facsamale of labor to the Junaors sophomores and freshmen KO? Class Flower YELLOW ROSE Class Colors ROYAL BLUL AND VN l-'I FE Class Motto KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND POWER IS SUCCESS Not Pactured-Carl Johnson Vera Porter Robert Schunneman I I 2 ' o Q ' Beverly McGlone: Wills her conceit to Bertie Rotter. I . . , . . f I - . , . j I ' A MISSION Accompllshed Vacauon plans are becoming more and more the toplc of conversatxon and gradu anon IS very near at hand For the seniors thls wxll be the fmal promotion or the others they will probably be thinking thmgs like Just one more year now Jeepers lm not a freshman any more All nn all our FLIGHT LOG for this year was indeed a successful one Cf W YQ YXXQ47 48 945' I 9 .ll 19 Adams Bros Co Al s Pharmacy Auers Servxce Statxon Automoblle Bankers of South Dakota Geo V Ayres 25 Co Inc Babyland Shoppe Beckers Walgreen Agency Ben Franklln Store Dr John J Berry Jr Dr John J Berry Sr Beshara s Super Market Black Hxlls Cafe Black Hnlls Mercantnle Co Black Halls Novelty Co Black Hllls Power 'id' Light Co Black Hnlls Studxos Inc Bodega Cafe Buehlers Funeral Home Butlers Jewelry Carl Stoneberger General Contractor Clark s Flrestone Store Clark Real Estate A G Cole J P Croff 8 Co The Cupboasd A A Coburn Insurance Dakota Typewriter Exchange Danxels Floral Co Deadwood Chamber of Commerce Deadwood Pxoneer Times Dyvlg s Muslc Store Ecldle s Tlre 'id Glass llrst Natlonal Bank lountaln Electric Servnce Franklm Grill Franklnn Hotel Gamble Store Frank Gmrk Goldberg Grocery SPONSORS Grab It N Growl Hendrle id Bolthoff Co Dr F S Howe The Hub Jeffries Cleaners KDSJ Kersten s Cleaners B' Tailors Carl H Kubler Insurance Dorothy Kubler K W Motor Co l andxs Shoe Shop l eo s Shoe Shop Allen Lewns Sheet Metal Works I ynn s Flower Shop Maplewav Bowling Alley Dr W L Matlock Mlnard s Puckup Montgomery Ward 8 Co George Moses Newell s Drug Store The New York Store Odou Motor Co Francxs J Parker Red Owl Store Dr T H Proctor Ruth Bros Machlne Works Sasse Market Seth R Ellxs Insurance A H Shostrom Insurance Schultz Refngerated lockers Smclaxr Seruce Station Dr J C Smiley Sunnyside Grocery Schwarzwald Furmture Co F L Thorpe Jewelry Co Trdewater Ponnac Sales Twm Cnty Motor Sales Dr V B Van Heuvelen Western Statloners nap We wlsh to express our thanks and appreclatlon to the above mdxvxduals and firms who were kmd enough to sponsor our Annual BEAR LOG STAFF cmtpmc Anrs or sourn DAKQTA oFFsE'r Pl.A'rEMAKEns sloux FALLS - . . . , . , . . . . . . , . , . . . V. . PRODUCED sv: mpwzsT.aEAcH co TPRINTERS. LIT:-4ocnAPHERs sc QoL survlclzns uoux FALLS f UnfFn.vons5l0 I Takg.-qi-F I I C. ands fl o n 8 N FLIGHT PLAN ..- X f . V NR QX I ff iifgl' X4 Mr u'N?z?rcc1fo fxm ssNN4qF5.f"f J" C A7 ff MISSION 4 4 COMPLETED Far' Mi? 1 - X f xxx MAY N , Q III! K 'D f44' Jbgc' SAQJMM SEA OF FAILURE 1, 1, I. X X A ,, ax X f'sx 4 f M I ks' N, l ' 1 If 'X 4 X X X 4 I X X I '. l I Ei, jf . 1 ff ', 'S 252' 325, 35? ' Egfr if 'f? QSSX , SS" i , ' R153 ' IM' ,sis 1. K x I Q 7 ox w 'il - ' - X P W QQWJ X 'll M 'Ax In X 444. X fn bat, w ' gl qy -1 'ole yea A A

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