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u n t m GEN Ai iCN coiinry r " ir;iir iirp pv 3 1833 01731 4664 GENEALORY 977.20] D37EC 1966 .IBSlllH ' .! ' !; ivi jfjC-i J ' feii-f ' iji ' K r M ' Vr - " J f • ' Ti- ' - ' tryTi tcagnbaMBagB» M JaB gM ECHO 1966 DE SOTO HIGH SCHOOL DE SOTO. INDIANA TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE ADMINISTRATION 6 SENIORS II JUNIORS 11 SOPHOMORES 24 FRESHMEN 16 EIGHTH GRADE IS SEVENTH GRADE 30 ACTIVITIES 32 SPORTS 40 ELEMENTARY 50 ADVERTISEMENTS 62 - " rr 1965-66 SENIORS " ? =. V Ju. IN MEMORY OF the Charles Retz family killed in an accident August 1965 God hath not promised skies always blue, flower strewn pathways all our lives through; God hath not promised sun without rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain. But God hath promised strength for the day, rest for the labor, light for the way; Grace for the trials, help from above, unfailing sympathy, undying love. Mrs. Merlyn Jean Retz, a graduate of Muncie Central High School, was the first girl to be awarded the school ' s Science and Mathematics Achievement Award. She attended Ball State Teachers College from which she was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. Mrs. Retz first came to DeSoto in 1963- 64 where she taught Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and seventh grade Arithmetic. She later earned her Mas- ter ' s degree at Ball State, Mr. Retz was also a graduate of Ball State Teachers College and earned his Master ' s degree at Washing- ton University in St. Louis, Missouri. .After teaching one year at Muncie Central, Mr. Retz taught mathematics at Muncie Southside for three years. Michael Wayne Retz, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Retz, was a first grade student at the DeSoto Elementary School during the 1964-65 school year. Michael, with his quiet manner, but bright and smiling face, will also be missed here at DeSoto. Mr. and Mrs. Retz will be missed not only by their loved ones, but by the students they taught, by the teach- ing profession to which they were devoted and by the countless friends they made along the way. We, the Seniors of 1966, wish to express our deepest condolences to the loved ones of the Charles W. Retz family. Yea, though 1 walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff They comfort me. Psalms 23:4 YEARBOOK STAFF Pat Pierce, Assistant Editor; Becky Baxla, Editor; Harry Fowler and Jim Broyles, photographers; Maiy Moore, Advisor; Mary Ellen Needier, Sales Manager; and Jay Phillips. Advertisement. MERRITT REED SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS HOWARD LIGGETT Mr. Liggett, principal since 1961, has worked hard to keep DeSoto School abreast of the times and equal to the demands of an education-conscious society and an exploding population. FACULTY Elvin Hinkle Industrial Arts Mary Moore Business Education Elizabeth Jordan Latin and English John Craig Coach and Mathematics James Nauman Social Studies Agnes Black Physical Education Business Education II • r • I r Barbara Lee Science David Gray Physical Education Business Education Judy Angel English Jack Barton Music Sarita Harrell Home Economics Marvin Fager ADVISORY BOARD Harvey Jerles Dick Moore TRUSTEE DON REYNARD BUS DRIVERS ELAWARE FRONT ROW: Farrell Taylor, Ross Cowgill. SECOND ROW: Roscoe Ucht, Bob Richey, Roy Lasater. -X- HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY Lois Lee COOKS Norma Jean Reynard, Sharon Tomlin and Mary McKinley (High School) Jr IN I I KE«) JANITOR (Elementary) Joe Reynard Edna Michaels TWELVE-YEAR SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS Jim Broyles, business manager; Becky Baxla, secretary; Hank Bantz, president; Margie Allred, treasurer; Harry Fowler, vice-president. n r ir .l .n i l J ft Robert Lee Dobbels Lee Lee Baseball 1,2,3.4 Basketball 1.2,3,4 Track 3 Cross Country 4 All- County Team 4 Athletic Club 4 Class Play 4 Janice Fuqua Jan " Hi-ya-Watha " 4-H 1,2,3,4 4-H Junior Leader 3,4 Choir 1,2.3,4 Choir officer 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Band 3 Class Play 3,4 Carol Rutledge Red " Tough Stuff " Class Officer • 1 Choir 1,2,3,4 Choir Officer 3.4 Class Play 3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Newspaper Staff 3 History Club 4 Honne Ec Club 4 Danny Dobbels Dan " Rumble, Rumble, I ' m a Tank " Baseball 1,2 Pep Club 1.2,3 History Club 4 Class Play 4 12 1 Jim Broyles Bim " You Bet Your Booties! " Class Officer 4 Pep Club 4 King 4 Class Play 3.4 Echo Staff 4 Nancy Huffman Nance " Oh Heavens! " Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Librarian 4 Librarians Club 4 Latin Club 1 History Club 4 History Club Officer 4 Home Ec Club 4 Choir 2,3 Class Play 3,4 Sandy Devaney Sam Class Officer 2,3 Choir 2. 3,4 Choir Officer 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Pep Club Officer 4 Newspaper Staff 3 History Club 4 Home Ec Club 4 Class Queen 3,4 Latin Club 1 4-H 1,2,3 Class Play 3.4 Stanley Wyrick Rach " Beep. Beep, Bang, Bang " Latin Club 1,2,3,4 Latin Club Officer 3 Student Council 1,4 Student Council Officer .... 4 School King 1 Honor Society 2,3,4 Honor Society Officer 4 Crosscountry 1,2,3.4 Boys State 3 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 3 Citizenship Award 1 L ►- 13 Howard Miller Killer " Big Deal " Newspaper Staff 3 Science Club 4 Class Play 4 Stachia Weston Stach " You ' re not just whistling Dixie. " Pep Club 1,2,3,4 4-H 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Pep Club Rep 1 Home Ec Club 4 Home Ec Club Officer 4 Choir 1,2,3.4 Choir Officer 1,2,3,4 History Club 4 Girls ' Basketball Medal .... 2 Linda Fager Fag History Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 Latin Club 1,2 Science Club 4 GAA 4 Choir 1,2,3.4 Pep Club 1,2,3.4 Class Play 3,4 Jay Phillips Ed " Aw, Come On " Librarian 2,3.4 Librarians Club 2,3,4 Latin Club 1 Band 1.2,3 Dance Band 1 2 Class Play 3,4 Echo Staff 4 Teen Palace Rep 3,4 Youth Council Off 3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Honor Roll 3,4 History Club 4 14 1 Steve Himes Wetsle " I Found It " Basketball Manager . . . .2,3,4 Baseb all Manager 2,3,4 Track Manager 2,3,4 Cross Country Manager . . . 2,3,4 Band 1,2 Choir 1,2 Class Play 3,4 Pep Club 1 Athletic Club 4 Latin Club 1 Newspaper Staff 3 Patricia Ann Pierce Mitch " I Could Have Died " Latin Club 1 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2 National Honor Society. . . .3,4 Honor Society Officer 4 Class Officer 3 Newspaper Staff 3 GAA 3,4 GAA Officer 4 Home Ec Club 4 Echo Staff 4 Class Play 3,4 4-H 1,2 History Club 4 Choir 1,4 Science Club 4 Rebecca Ann Baxia Becky " Life is how you take it; and partly what you make it. " GAA 4 Home Ec Club Officer 4 4-H Officer 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 1,2,3 Honor Society Officer . . . .3,4 Class Play 3,4 Echo Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Girl ' s State Alternate 3 Band 1,2 Co-ed Correspondent 4 Bill Maple " So What? " Class King 1 Class Play 3,4 Baseball 3 Basketball 3 Track 3 r t - 15 k n Harry Fowler Grendel " Beats me " Class Officer 4 School King 3 Basketball Manager . . . .1,2,3 Class Play 3,4 Echo Staff 4 Betty Beall Soo ' s Choir 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Pep Club Officer 4 Class Play 3.4 Newspaper Staff 3 4-H 1 ' 2 Band 3 1 ( 16 Margie Allred Moose Choir 1,2.3.4 Choir Officer 3 4-H 1 Pep Club 2.3,4 Class Play 3,4 Class Officer 4 Librarian 4 Librarians Club 4 Librarians Club Officer 4 School Queen 2 Home EC. Club 4 Home EC. Club Officer 4 History Club 4 Jerry Smith Griffen " Hey Girl " Class Play 3,4 Basketball Statistician . • -1,2,3 Track - Baseball Latin Club 1 ' 2 Science Club 4 Class Officer 3 History Club 4 Pep Club 1 ' 2 ' 4 Boy ' s State Alternate 3 lX icJ Daniel Swartz Dan " Hail, Hank " Honor Society 3 Crosscountry Manager. . . .2,4 Baseball Manager 3,4 Basketball Manager . . . .1,2,3 Track Manager 2,3 Latin Club 1.2,3,4 Latin Club Officer 2 Science Club 4 Science Club Officer 4 Student Council 2 Class Play 3 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Mary Ellen Needier " Little things trouble little minds. " Class Play 3,4 Honor Society. . 4 Honor Society Officer 4 Student Council 2 Student Council Officer .... 2 Pep Club 1,2,3 Cheerleader 2 Echo Staff 4 Latin Club 1,2,3,4 History Club 4 Co-ed Correspondent 3 Voice Of Democracy Rep. ... 4 NCTE Representative 3 DAR Representative 4 Class Queen 1 Marsena Brown Cheetah " I Lost It " Latin Club 1 Newspaper Staff 3 GAA 4 GAA Officer 4 Student Council 4 Student Council Officer .... 4 Pep Club 1,2 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 1,2,3,4 Librarians Club 1,2,3,4 Sharon Thurnau Choir 1 GAA 4 Henry Bantz Hank " I ' m a sleeping lion, rouse me if you dare! " Class Officer 4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Track 1 Student Council 3 Voice of Democracy Contest 3 Teen Palace Representative 4 Athletic Club 4 Athletic Club Officer 4 High School Batting Champ 3 Selected to NEDC All-Star Baseball Team 4 We ' re certain everyone is aware that the presidency of the senior class is a difficult and demanding posi- tion. It requires a person who is a capable and responsible leader- -one who will strive in every manner to pro- mote the interests of his class. We, the seniors of nineteen hundred and sixty-six have been fortunate enough to have elected such an individual as our president. Realizing the extent of his efforts, we wish to express our sin- cere thanks and appreciation to Henry Bantz for his service. DEDICATION We, the graduation class of nineteen hundred and sixty-six, wish to dedicate this edition of the DeSoto Yearbook to our parents. We realize that thus far they have been the major factors in molding our personalities, influencing our behavior, and affecting our lives in general. Through their guidance and assistance we have progressed from the first early stages of our education to the completion of high school. Rightfully, we feel indebted for the sacrifices our parents have made and through this dedication attempt to express some portion of our sincere appreciation. Stan Wyrick 18 SENIOR PLAY " OFF THE TRACK " ■Jl. CLASS WILL I. STAN WYRICK, will my expert lab technique to Mrs. Lee. I, STEVE HIMES, will my ability to talk constantly to Belinda Hinkle. 1 will my position as head manager to Den Baxla. I will my locker to Gary Quate, and my books to anyone who wants the junky things. I, SANDY DE VANEY, will my good grades to my sister, Debby. Steve Morman may have my seat on the bus if he wants it. To Mr. Nauraan I will my civics books. I, BETTY BEALL, will my books to Patty Beall and my locker to Dave Grove. Hope they get as much out of them as I didn ' t. I, DAN SWARTZ, will my upper locker to the benign, Joe Dehaven, poor guy. I ' ve been trodding upon him for too long. I will my books and intestinal fortitude in English to the infamous John Louck. 1 will my abil- ity to translate Latin to the prosperous Bill Johnson. I, STACHLA WESTON, will my height to Susie Summerfield. I will my locker to Joe Dehaven and my seat in study hall to Fred Crawford. I, SHARON THURNAU, will my locker to anyone who thinks they can get to it on time and my chair in typing class to anyone that likes runners in their hose. I, MARGIE ALRED, will my locker to Pam Ruhl, who is always having trouble getti ng to her locker. I will my ability to be good in class to ' Moose ' (Tom Pierce) and Steve Morman. I will my books to anyone who thinks they can get anything out of them. I, CAROL RUTLEDGE, will my ability to keep quiet in study hall to my sister, Jeanne, and Carmelita. 1 will my locker to anyone who likes to fight to get to their books! I, NANCY HUFFMAN, will my fun in high school to Jeanne Rutledge. I will my pep club seat to Connie Rich- ey. I will to Den Baxla my locker and my seat in English. I, HANK BANTZ, will my seat on the basketball team to anyone- -by the way it ' s the third knot by the second rusty nail from the left on the bench marked reserved for " Bad Basketball Players " . I, PAT PIERCE, will my dancing position on the stage to Pam Ruhl. I wish to leave Elaine and Linda Smith all my top lockers and I want to leave my ability to get along with the teachers to Tom P. I also wish to will everyone in school all the luck in the remaining years. I, MARY NEEDLER, will to Brent and Belinda Hinkle my snow shoes, sled, and huskies, all the fun struggles to school through snow drifts. To my next of kin, Diana Readle, I will my books. To Tom Moore, my carpen- try tools. I, JANICE FUQUA, will my locker to my little brother, John. I will my singing ability to Chris Youngblood and Tom Pierce. I also leave them my ability to wear long bangs. Last of all I leave my books to anyone dumb enough to pay the ridiculous price I ' m asking for them. I, LINDA FAGER, will my books and grades in chemistry to Becky Brinson. I, DAN DOBBLES, will my locker to Jerry Walker and my good luck to Steve Sargent and my seat in English to the one who has the nerve to try it. I, JIM BROYLES, will my locker to anyone who wants a lot of room. I will my driving ability to Mike Johns- ton. I, JERRY SMITH, will to anyone who has the nerve, my first period study class with Miss Harrell. I will to Di- ana Readle my ability to have a messy locker. To Dick Marquell my ability to stay out of trouble in English class. To Janice and Vick, I will my brother. (I don ' t need him to much). I will my James Bond Books to John Louck. I, HOWARD MILLER, being of unsound mind, will my locker to Terri Carnes, my lab apron to anyone, my ability to have fun to Vicki, Janice, Rose, and Debby. Last of all my books to my sister, Pam. I, HARRY FOWLER, will my ability to keep my locker clean and orderly to Diana Readle. I will my next best thing to nothing (my books) to anyone who may obtain something from them. To Larry Smith, I will my ability to keep out of trouble. I, LEE DOBBLES, will my seat on the players bus to Steve Sargent along with my ability to throw paper wads in study hall. I will my locker to anybody who wants it. I will my position on the basketball team to Joe Scott and my position on the baseball team to Wayne Flannery. I, BECKY BAXLA, will to Tom Maple the ability to keep money out of my pockets. I will my high school pleasures to Belinda Hinkle, Margaret Craig, and Diana Youngblood. To my brother, Den, I will the unmost knowledge that school might bring. 20 CLASS PROPHECY Mr. Howard Liggett, Ph. D. Dean of Men Yale University New Haven, Connecticut Dear Mr. Liggett: My goodness! How time does fly. It doesn ' t seem like I graduated ten years ago. I am a Certified Public Accountant at General Motors, Inc. and since I had a two month vacation coming I decided to visit my former classmates. My first stop was only a few blocks from my apartment in New York. There, I visited STAN WYRICK, who is a secret agent for Uncle Sam. He is surrounded by cars, money, and girls. My next journey took me to Maine where I found the former SANDY DEVANEY who is now married to a fine doctor and who has three boys and two girls. Sandy also has a prosperous business as a beautician. Traveling back to Indiana, I visited a school where PAT PIERCE is a school teacher and still single. Directions then took me to DAN DOBBLES where I discovered that he is a foreman in a factory and hap- pily married with a fine family. Arriving in Detroit, I visited NANCY (HUFFMAN) and her husband at their flower shop. Nancy is the mother of two girls. Flying from Detroit to Beverly Hills, I called on STEVE HIMES finding him married and a proud movie producer. From Steve ' s I went to Los Angeles where BILL and BECKY (BAXLA) MAPLE live. Becky designed their new contemporary home and Bill is a Major in the Marines. They have one daughter. My next stop was to see DAN SWARTZ. He is a mechanical engineer with a movie star wife and two boys. I went by train to Washington State where JANICE (FUQUA) is married to a wealthy business man. She has one daughter and is head beautician on the U. S. S. United States. My trip then carried me on to New Mexico where MARY ELLEN NEEDLER is married to a lawyer and the mother of two children. She owns one of New Mexico ' s largest kennels. Guess who lives in Texas? STACHIA WESTON and SHARON THURNAU. They are both married to well- to-do ranchers and Stachia is a registered nurse. Visiting CAROL RUTLEDGE in Florida, I found her to be married and the mother of four rowdy children. Going to Daytona Beach I visited the largest novelty shop in the country owned by JIM BROYLES. He is having lots of fun being a bachelor but intends to marry before he is sixty. I visited MARGIE (ALRED) next and discovered that she had become a successful artist. She owns one home in Florida and one in Alaska. She, too, is married and has two children. Before going home, I visited MARSENA (BROWN) and her husband in England. They are both drummers in a well-known band. I am glad that I could share my trip with you and am sorry I was unable to visit LINDA FAGER, LEE DOBBLES, HENRY BANTZ. HOWARD MILLER, JAY PHILLIPS. HARRY FOWLER, and BETTY BEALL. I tried but they just couldn ' t be contacted. Sincerely yours. tt 21 JUNIORS Pat Beall, Vice-President; Diana Readle, Secretary; Dick Marquell, President; and Mary Daniel, Trea- surer. Becky Brinson Patty Beall Joe Dehaven Sara Clark Fred Crawford Larry Jefferis Gary Duncan ,f Kathy Daniel Bill Johnson Mary Daniel Dale Flannery yS 22 Mike Johnston John Louck Jay Potter Connie Richey Jill f Bob Strong jV - =-- ' ■• " Dick Marquell Glenn Michaels Steve Sargent J Diana Readle k David Swartz Robin Orman Bill y Minor Joe Scott John Reynard - Marilyn Thurnau MAY YOUR HAPPIEST YESTERDAYS. BE YOUR SADDEST TOMORROWS. SENIORS OF " 66 " 23 SOPHOMORES President, Rick DeVoe; Vice-President, Tom Himes; Secretary, Don Swartz, not present; Treasurer, Jim Moore Reporter, Bud Lowe Harold Brown Dennis Baxla Jir Rick DeVoe Debbie DeVaney ■fJ2 " - (1 R Ken Fager Howard Dobbs Janice Grove .. L „ ■• ' Tom Himes Max Hitchens Bud Lowe y Pam Miller Jim Moore ' T»i »v- yfe 24 Tom Pierce Steve Morman Steve Quate Vickie Pittenger Don Larry Smith Swartz J Rick Walker :, y Rose Taylor " it ■y " Chris Youngblood Jerry Walker m k H ■ . A. Roger White 25 FRESHMEN Kathy Coulter, treasurer; Rexanna Eckhardt. secretary; Monty Blackburn, vice-president; Brent Hinkle, president Monty Blackburn Rexanna Eckhardt Bud Beall m " ' ,y r I Margaret Craig s3 3S « i Phil Butler _ Sally Etchison Gary Bubnack wibn ; ' aS Charles Daniel Kathy Coulter Betty Cougill Linda Duncan Wayne Flannery v-yj 26 Emmett Glover w . Brent Hinkle 1. ' Mary Himes Kathy Licht .ykW ;!5r» , Don Neal I :v. Carmelita Robinson Richard Strong Eric Poti Jeanne m . Rutledge " Mike Murphy .f? ' Fred Long r Patty Schindel Fred Prow 27 8th GRADE ! • • • • • • • • 5 6 • • • • • 1 • I • • • • • SI • • • • • i C • 9 c • • • • • • • • • • • Diane Youngblood, Treasurer; Susie Summerfield, Reporter; Belinda Hinkle. Vice-President; Tess John- son, Secretary; Cindy Walker, President Karen Bickford Kenny Grove Jennifer Bible Judy Cowgill . i , Dennis f- Marvin Blankenship » m Belinda Hinkle David Flannery Blankenship ' ' {y ' } Terri Games Dean Breed love Kris t a Ford . .. ..iim Joan Hoover 28 Shirley Kissick Marty Neal Rhonda Smith Teresa Johnson Thomas Moore ik Pamela Ruhl Laura Whitehair Kaye Lee Susan Lyon Mike V Morrison " ' J Rolanda Rees Linda Scott Susie Summerfield Dick Whitehair Estel Billy Marquell r . Moles - " V £A Madeline Reynard %i J?8i 5: jflft Si Si Cindy Walker ti r.. Kenny Murphy Kenny Smith Diana Youngblood 29 7th GRADE I Larry Fager, Vice-President; Tony Arthur, President; Lawrence Robinson, Treasurer; and Kerry Eckhardt, Secretary Cheryl FuUhart Tony Arthur Diana Burke Kerry Eckhardt Dale Dehaven Gene Jefferis Diana Butler Pat Edwards wg ■-. ' ■A. J». ..A2 J.. Pamela DeVoe Lois Duncan ri Jane Jefferis Larry Eager 30 -- s. Peggy Long Jerry Readle Darryl Swartz Terry Lee Sherrie Orman Linda Smith v Kathy Moles Tom Maple Steven Walker %, r Jan Poti Lawrence Robinson ilpv 1 -r if-- J: V Tim Smith Vts Elaine Thompson Janet Monroe Teresa Neal if I- Marian Wehmeier Jerry Wright Doug Smith ' - Pam Thompson Gary Quate V Celia Stockton Nancy Whitehair 31 r GIRLS STATE BOYS STATE Jerry Smith 32 HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY CLUB JUNIOR HIGH HISTORY CLUB Jm 33 r HONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Patty Beall, treasurer; Diana Readle, Becky Brinson, Becky Baxla, secretary. BACK ROW: Stan Wyrick, president; Mary Ellen Needier, Vice-president; Pat Pierce, Mr. Hinkle, advisor. FIRST ROW: Vickie Pittenger, Madeline Reynard, Betty Cowgill, Nancy Whitehair. SECOND ROW: Roger White, Kathy Daniel, Mike Murphy, Mar- sena Brown, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. Angel, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Dick Whitehair, Dale Flannery, vice-president; and Stan Wyrick, president. STUDENT COUNCIL 34 =T A T C I L U B f5 o. N Oiin s ROW ONE: Mrs. Jordan, sponsor; Mary Ellen Needier, Debbie DeVaney, Rose Taylor, Margaret Craig, Pat Schindel, Carmelita Robinson, and Rexanna Eckhardt. ROW TWO: Dennis Baxla, Jim Moore, Tom Himes, Roger White, Gary Bubnack, David Swartz, Emmett Glover. ROW THREE: Danny Swartz, Stan Wyrick. Fred Prow, Mike Murphy, Brent Hinkle, Bill Johnson. LIBRARIANS 35 f - - w ' .l ' ' =t ' ;33 " -i— iXiSL ' S ' S .. BAND CHORUS OFFICERS Janice Fuqua, president; Mr. Barton, sponsor; Carol Rutledge, secre- tary; Stachia Weston, treasurer; and Sandy DeVaney, vice president. CHORUS FRONT ROW: Mr. Barton, director; Sandy DeVaney, Becky Brinson, Carol Rutledge, Margie Allred, Janice Fuqua, Stachia Weston. BACK ROW: Rick DeVoe, Bud Lowe, Harold Brown, Rick Walker and Chris Youngblood. 36 4-H CLUBS 37 SHOP PHYSICAL EDUCATION LIBRARY 38 GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HOME EC. CLUB 39 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Diana Butler Susie Summerfield Peggy Long Madeline Reynard 7th GRADE 8th GRADE 4U " B " TEAM CHEERLEADERS Rexanna Erkhardi Debbie DeVaney Mary Himes 1 1 rjM B " TEAM FIRST ROW: Phil Butler, Monty Blackburn, John Craig, coach; Fred Prow, Rick DeVoe. SECOND ROW: Steve Quate, Tom Himes, Mike Murphy. Bud Beall, Bud Lowe, Fred Long, Dennis Baxla. manager. 41 c c R II s N s T R Y ROW ONE: Steve Himes, Joe Scott. Tom Himes, Monty Blackburn, Bud Lowe, Chris Young- blood, Steve Sargent. ROW TWO: Dennis Baxla, Bud Beall. Wayne Flannery, Stan Wyrick, Dale Flannery. ROW THREE: David Grove, Dick Marquell and David Gray, coach. T R A C K ROW ONE: Dennis Baxla, Fred Crawford. Joe Scott, Tom Himes, David Grove, Steve Sargent. ROW TWO: Steve Himes, Robin Orman, Bill Johnson, Lee Dobbels. David Gray, coach. ROW THREE: Dave Flannery. Dick Marquell, Bill Minor, John Reynard. 42 u_ — (J5 — Z CL LU c ty 43 Dave Grove Junior Forward Chris Youngblood Sophomore Guard John Craig Coach Bill Minor Junior Guard Joe Scott Junior Guard Dale Flannery Junior Center 44 Hank Bentz Senior Forward Lee Dobbels Senior Guard Steve Himes Manager Wayne Flannery Freshman Guard Joe DeHaven Junior Forward Dick Marquell Junior Forward 45 ty%Q- — C — I— LUQ D-LUD_ U CO 46 VARSITYCHEERLEADERS Patty Beall ) - -■- . o.-- ' J Sara Clark ' ■■ t R;; J ae . Becky Baxla Janice Grove 47 . " - ' T?+.. ELEMENTARY TEACHERS MR. LEON FOX Sixth Grade MR. MARION TOWNSEND Fifth Grade MRS. MARGARET HILL Fourth Grade MRS. DORIS MILLER Third Grade MRS. REBECCA KARCHER Second Grade MRS. JO ANN RAY First Grade MRS. PATRICIA HELINE First Grade 50 SIXTH GRADE ' ) Charles Baker Robert Blackburn Jack Baker 5 .v. ■•3B . ' Charles Cowgill y Karen Daniel rih f Stuart Cowgil i- - Af " Mark Frame Larry Brown Renda Davis Marsha Grove , J Kay Burke . , Danny Butler dtmrn Valerie Epperson John Fuqua J- ! ? ' k i Keith Hitchens ® Kathy Keesling f Freddie Eager Mike Kiger Monte Licht - Sue Martin . _ i_ Judy Moles A - 51 Linda Monroe ff . Sherril Richey Sandy Saunders Terry Reynard J Robert Shell er Doug Romine ii Stephen Shreve .-4:- Terry Staggs Greg Selvey i M Mark Shockley Paul Taylor i •; Steve Tirey Elaine Smith - 4 Rick Swift } Dan Whitehair Monte Youngblood Bob Williamson 52 FIFTH GRADE Don Bickford Randy Bubnack Lynn Black , Tim Broyles ■ i Doice Chandler Gary Craig Becky Licht Larry Shreve It lk Beth DeVoe Phil Clark Stanley Duncan Zaneda Flannery Lynn Hunter Becky Irvin David Moore l; ! . , -A " , Susie Pittenger Terry Poti Debbie Morman ■ T,1 Mike Shockley Laura Smith ) Tim Smith 53 f • ' " Randy Swift ( flr Chuckie Webb i Hi, % Karen Thonnpson Bill Wehmeier Paul Whit chair :is nmiL FOURTH GRADE ifi»cs3ss«? »f .-asJK a ' s Charlotte Baker i i Chris Bartlett 4 SaUy Bulger Sarah Coulter . 1 Beth Cowgill Ribnnie Burke n. Chuckie Davis O Rick Fisher Yvonne Hoover Danny Irvin Jf Doug Bible » | Marty | Clairday ' " w A 4 Hm.JkSmAj Mike Curtis Mike Grove L Lance Jones 54 Mary King ri 1 1 - T Dee Lowe Dale Propes Pamela Kissick Robin Richey Jerry Scott Joe Shroyer Nancy Sims i :vj Carol Stockton Ronna Spill-man Rodger Stron - Paul Kissick .jM David Monroe i V Glen Russell -- f) Tim Shaffer i Jl Lloyd Staggs %. Tony Smith J. Cindy Pitser Stacey Sheller Robert Stanley Mark Summerfield d 55 Pam Swift Marty Zearbaugh ».. - •»i ■ r ! Chris Wehmeier ■ c% y Jeff Wright e mkmnii THIRD GRADE Matt Arthur , Cindy Brinson Tommy Bulger i ' Lisa Crouch Joey Butler Terrie Clariday Sue Clevenger i ' - - ' Tom DeVoe Tim DeVoe A iilLA Tracy Eckhardt rl % Steve Epperson Brian Frame Tim Jefferis Charles Jordan II ijf Sheryl Lykins 4.x: ■:-j;. ..- - 56 ,- - S ' Phillip Martin ' 1 i Ikfi ' iv , ■ t Steven Russell . B Debra Moles ' {. Linda Murphy Lisa Morrison Debbie Walker A Kathy Smith ffi. Joni Pierce Cindy Pippin John Salisbury Frances Shafer Charles Whitehair Ronda Thompson SECOND GRADE PhiUip Tirey Joe WUliamson D. Kyle Bantz , Tammy Bergdoll ■- Eddie Cowgill Sloukjl Cindy Crabb Patty Clark Crawford 57 r Wi- ' William Cross Mark Curtis d Brenda Duncan Mark Orman John Potter M iiSt ri f%. W Sandra Price V Shelia Richey f T Ted Shockley ,::- ' ). Jimmy Salisbury Vickie Curtis Timmy Fowler Kem Johnson Rita Price vt Dan Romine | ' Denise Prouty Joe Readle v» ' O Bradley Russell - Gail Selvey Ronda Shafer Jon Shroyer i ■ ' if- i Kenny Smith 58 la— _ Tammy Smith Teresa Smith t % Callie Stockton ( ' ' ' Jim Teal Phillip Walker Jo NeU Youngblood Kerry Webb Jean Thompson Jennifer Timmoas 1 L J Nancy Williamson Vernon Walker FIRST GRADE (mrs. ray) Neal Arthur M Mary Bastaich " ' ' ' Debbie Berridae Judi Bible David Bubnack Julie Bulger 59 X t r l ' ♦n ; Jerry Clevenger Beth Craig " ) Virginia Dobbs Eddie Hiatt JMl Robin Lykins Cheryl Nierman ' ; ff " " ' " Mark Rutledge .Li Robin Smith llbtll Ronnie Swift Ginger New 0 Thad Scaggs I, ' -r 7 i y- - Bobby Thornburg Bret Prouty Polly Crouch Johnny New Kevin Licht Shelly Richey Spencer Shafer Kevin Stanley Nancy Swank Cindy Tirey i- Mike Walker Jay Wright Susan Zearbaugh 60 FIRST GRADE (mrs. heline) Vickie Baker Jackie Cross Rick Daniel .l - S r ' j Eddy Dickison v " ' Donald Dingus Randy Kissick Donna Lilly Sharon Fullhart .. y . Terry Owens ll P t l- k i.J George Monroe i, Hutch Rankin Greg Propes f , Gary Moles Donna Morgan -U - Jeff EUi ■ ' ? Jeff . Morrison m Bobby Russell 61 Charles Rader Studio 508 West Jackson Street Across From Burkie ' s Drive Inn Your Senior Portrait Photography Bridals, Weddings, Portraits All Types of Photography Phone 282-5629 Congratulations to the Seniors of D. H. S 62 Jfi MUTUAL HOME AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Free Customer Parking at Charles and Jefferson Streets Muncie Phone 289-1201 Indiana MUNCIE NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Paul Abel Motors - Buick Champlin Dodge Conner Chevrolet Dixon-Duhigg - Oldsmobile Cadillac Dutch Hurst Motor World Null ' s Rambler Nottingham Chrysler Morgan Motors - Volkswagen Cusick-Friend - Ford Colonial Lincoln - Mercury, Inc. City Sales and Service, Inc. - Pontiac CONGRATULATION CLASS OF ' 66 ' STEEL ERECTION BULLDOZING BILLY FOWLER % SONS Excavating, Earthmoving, Bulldozing, Crane Work, Steel Erection State Road 67 Phone 282-3016 Al bany CRANE WORK I ndi ana EARTHMOVING 64 Ern i e Ba 1 dwi n Harr Shelby Comp 1 I merits of $ P|) WEST SIDE SPORTING GOODS ' All Major Sporting Goods Lines ' Dial 288-1122 321 South Ti 1 lotson Muncie Indiana Plenty of Free Parking Always Welcome to Our Courtesy Room .V ' S« ' STY OF ' N ' YOUR SAVINGS .V? INSURID V . $10,000 Spec ia 1 i sts i n " D-R " Home Loans And Insured Savings MUNCIE FEDERAL § SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Charles and High Streets . PHONE 288-0271 Muncie ' s Oldest Financial Institution 65 MOBILE HOMES CENTER For Comfort, Carefree Living, Convenience New Used Fu 1 1 S i ze , Mobi I e Homes Pa rts , Equ i pment 7 Days a Week Dial 282-1225 HUGH ' S MOBILE HOME SALES Across From Gray ' s Motel 3613 NortJ-i Broadway Muncie , I ndi ana 66 -T S REYNARD S SHELLER ' » Septic Tank Cleaning 7 Years Experience Licensed By I SBH Hubert " Hub " Reynard Phone 789- 082 Al bany Harold " Muscles " She! ler Phone 789- 321 I nd I ana 67 DR. J.H. SCHINDEL SON Registered Polled Herefords Breeding Stock R. R. 1 , Al bany , Indiana k-H Calves Phone 789-6253 STEWART BROTHERS, INC. Ca rpet i ng Fi ne Furn i ture Dunk irk, I ndi ana 68 Comp 1 i men t s of RUST FUNERAL HOME 2k Hou r Ambu 1 ance Se rv i ce Al bany Phone 789-6122 nd i ana ALBANY SALES AND SERVICE INC FORD Vince Pittenger, Owner A 1 bany Phone 789-4496 I nd i ana 69 HARRISON GREENHOUSE Phone 289 Funeral Designs Potted Plants Cut Flowers Corsages Dunk irk, I nd i ana L i ke Students-- We Too Are Establishing Friendships Which Are Cherished More As The Years Go By 70 • ' s? Comp 1 I ment s of WOLFES ICE CREAM THE JEWEL SHOPPE Watches, Silver, Diamonds 117 West Charles Street Munc i e 1 nd i ana SATTERFIELD CLOTHIIIG MART 3901 East Jackson Quality Merchandise at D i scoun t P r i ces Monday-Thursday 9:00-8:00 Friday Saturday 9:00-9:00 Sunday 10:00-6:00 Selma Indiana SELVEY ' S BRIDAL SHOP Wedding Gowns and Formal s 1523 North Walnut Munc i e I nd i ana RETZ SPORTING GOODS F ree Pa rk i ng 07 S. Walnut Munc i e I nd i ana GUS ' WATCH SHOP Watch- - Jewe 1 ry Repa i r Se rv i ce 925 West Jackson St. 289- 1512 Munc i e I nd i ana INDUSTRIAL TRUST 4 LOCATIONS 117 Eosl Adams Shvel Northwest Moza 1 ' : MIJ 71 Riggins Dairy " THE DAIRY WITH THEIR COWS ' ROSS CORNER %az Everything from Artichokes to Zucchini Hardwares, Groceries, Clothes, You name it we ' ve got it or will try to get it Muncie House of BARGAINS Munc i e I ndi ana 72 YT J uik to 3)awn 13 W Electric Co. ALBANY. INDIANA Residential - Commercial - Industrie Why Pay Rent Forever? Own You r Own 1 Only $4.00 Per Month Including New 30 Foot Pole Lease or Buy For Full Information Call or Write D W ELECTRIC COMPANY Phone 284-6092 or 288-3087 A 1 bany I nd iana WATSONS SPORTING GOODS Athletic Equipment Fishing Tack 1 e " Your Specialist In Sports " sfr Phone 3861 Dunk i rk I nd i ana LUDWICK ' S FEED S GRAIN % Ba FEEDS LUMBER SUPPLIES INC A 1 bany , I ndiana 789- 706 789- 255 THE KELLER AGENCY Personal Service on Al I nsu ranee Fa rm Home Auto IMSURANCE » THAT I , REALLY f INSURES 1 9 W. State Street Albany Indiana Compl iments of FAGER POWER CLEANING SERVICE Phone 28 -5 26 DeSoto Road, Muncie, Indiana MYERS LUMBER CO. Phone 289-3171 ndiana " - -« - Convenient Offices To Better Serve You ERCHANTS ATIONAL BANK COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICES Ma i n Of f i ce 22 So. Mulberry St. Madison Street Branch, 2101 So. Madison Street Madison Street Branch at 14th Street Village Branch, 417 North Martin Charles Street Branch, 115 East Charles Auto Bank, 317 E. Jackson Street Eaton Branch, Eaton, Indiana East Jackson Street Branch, 3623 East Jackson Street Northwest Branch, 1610 West McGalliard Road Delmers Sunoco 825 S. Walnut Street Munc i e , I nd i ana Phone 282-8410 Good Luck To The DeSoto Sen i ors of 1966 MUNCIE NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION PAUL ABEL MOTORS - BUICK CHAMPLIN DODGE CONNER CHEVROLET DIXON-DUHIGG OLDS DUTCH HURST MOTOR WORLD- Fine Foreign Cars NULL ' S RAMBLER NOTTINGHAM CHRYSLER MORGAN MOTORS - VOLKSWAGEN CUSCIK-FRIEND - FORD COLONIAL LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC CITY SALES SERVICE , INC. - PONTIAC CANDLE LITE BOWLING LANES 3325 North Broadway Muncie Indiana 2807 EAST JACKSON ST MUNCIE, INDIANA PHONE 282-4884 G EORGES " Servicing Since 1931 " COLOR T.V. Phone 288-4589 203 South Walnut St. Muncie Indiana MUNCIE OIL AND COAL CO. Heating Service and Equipment Fuel Phone 288-5595 I6I9 South Liberty Muncie Indiana wr TOM CHERRY MUFFLERS Complete Exhaust Systems Shock Absorbers - Seat Belts Phone 289-221 1 321 W. 8th Street Muncle Indiana KELSO SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1 12 McCul loch Blvd. Phone 282-5304 Muncie Indiana NUSBAUM MOTOR SERVICE " Friendly to Old Cranks " Complete Automotive Machine Shop Service Phone 288-3647 430 East Centennial Muncie Indiana Compl iments of SPOONAMORE RUBBER STAMP COMPANY Munc i e I ndi ana Fred J. Stev art STEWART TRUCKING COMPANY Sand - Gravel Crushed Limestone Phone 284-1386 Rear 3522 N. Broadv ay Muncie Indiana MUNCI E FLORAL CO. and Say It With Ours Muncie, Indiana 282-5225 Compl iments of THE INDIANA POPCORN CO. Freshly Popped Popcorn for Your Parties Phone 288-9762 3105 East Jackson Street Muncie Indiana Twi r 1 i ng is Fun the NBTA Way BETTY BARTLE Phone 288-9451 Selma Indiana General Q C Truck Sales, Inc. SALES AND SERVICE Telephone 288-5578 4100 North Broadway Muncle, Indiana 47305 PEPSI ' COLA YouVe in the Pepsi generation ! Open 24 Hours Al bany Comp 1 i men t s of ILA Truck Stop Junction 28 and 67 North Phone 282-8315 1 ndiana Al bany H.C. Kirkwood MARATHON DISTRIBUTOR Phones 789- 062 and 824-737 i nd i ana Cleon E. Fullhart BULLDOZING - BACK HOE - HI -LIFT SAND - GRAVEL - STONE - AG. LIME FILL OR TOP DIRT Phone 789-4270 Rural Route 1 Al bany, 1 nd i ana Wilson Restaurant and Motel, Inc. Open 6a.m. til ??? 7 days each week Phone 288-1841 2525 Broadway State Road 67 North Munc i e I ndi ana ifflwa Bill kt AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Charles and Mulberry Streets .Ph. 289-1201 HOURS: Monday-Thursday, 9 to 4:30 • Friday, 9 to 7:30 • Closed Saturday Muncie ' s Largest Home Financing Institution Current Dividend k7o Compounded Semi -Annua 1 1 y Comp 1 iment s of ALBANY LOCKER m ws ::» •„ Albany MINAR AND MILLER ndiana GENTI S-HUBER CLEANERS Member National Association Office £- Drive- In Plant 511 Granville Avenue Munc i e nd i ana 1 MUNC IE MUSIC CENTER 207 West Jackson Phone 284- 4481 Munc i e Ind " ana TV Rentals and Service ZIMM COMM , mC. " Tine Best in Electronic En- gineering, Equipment and I nstal 1 at i on " Phone 317-289-2826 104 N. Ohio Ave. Muncie Indiana Comp 1 i ment s of IRVIN SELVEY 1 STRAND THEATRE " Always the Best i n Mov i es " Munc i e , 1 nd i ana H. L. STAUFFER Standa rd Oi 1 Agent Phone 789-4591 A 1 bany , I nd i ana LAHR FOOD AND SERVICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 217 East Jackson Phone 284-3184 PEAT MOSS D i ck Moore S- Sons One and one half miles West of Albany on 67 Phone 789-4079 We Del i ver Indiana Michigan Electric Company and its 2,100 employees congratulate you upon your graduation and offer their sincere best wishes for every success in the coming years. 0) Indiana Michigan ELECTRIC COMPANY St. John Agency nsurance and Real Estate Phone 789- 86 INSURANCE THAT I , REALLY ' INSURES Al bany 1 nd i ana EAST MAIN PARKING LOT Francis Hlmes, Leaser 225 East Main St. Munc i e I ndiana Congratulations to the ' 65- ' 66 Graduates CENTRAL INDIANA GAS Munc i e I ndi ana 1T BILL AND MARY SUE ' S PANTHER PLACE ' Biggest Little Business 1 n Town Go Panthe rs Gol 1 . r ' i! ■W WMB»SSES «Sri V Albany State Bank and Trust Company Banking Designed for Community Service Member FDIC 401 - 417 West State Street A 1 bany ndi ana Hollowell S Sons Lumber Co. Pittsburgh Paint Phone 789-4838 €tnc Board or a Trainload Al bany I ndi ana RALPH SIMMONS HARDWARE., INC Al bany ndiana Phone 789-4284 Pa i nts Wa 1 1 papers Gifts THOMAS AUTO BODY ' Best Courteous Service ' d:s r Phone 789-4621 Al bany ndiana Compl iments of Jeffersons Point Service Dial 282-8723 Junction of State Roads 3 £• 67 Mobil Munc i e I ndi ana 11 " See Us For Tool and Equipment Rental " COURT SUPPLY CO. John T. Keever, Prop. Phone 282-2812 1901 E. Jackson St. Muncie Indiana LASATER ' S " Where Quality Counts " In Color TV-Fine Furniture- Appl iances Phone 288-4406 1612 Wheeling Avenue Munc i e I nd i ana Comp 1 i rnents of MARGE ' S BEAUTY SHOP DeSoto Road Phone 284-801 1 DeSoto nd i ana INTERSTATE MACHINE TOOL AND ENGINEERING Fine Work Done Phone 789-441 1 248 North Broadway Al bany 1 nd iana WM. J. RAHE SONS, INC. Fine Meats Wholesale - Custom Butchers Phone 288-5048 East Jackson S- Wilson Road Munc i e I nd i ana CLEVENGER INSULATION Aluminum Siding - Insulation Awnings - Aluminum Doors and Windows - Ornamental Iron Free Estimates No Ob 1 i gat i on Kenneth Clevenger Phone 789-4309 Albany Indiana MERANDA KENNELS Breeders of Toy Manchesters; Pupp i es , Boa rd i ng Dogs , I Cats, and B I rds V 6 miles Northeast of StKKBSM i Muncie Sffl W DeSoto Road V 282-3073 p: Thin THE gs Go Better Wi th COCA-COLA BOTTLING 1 c m COMPANY Munc e , 1 nd iana SI Muncie Novelty Co. 311 North Jefferson Street Munc i e , I nd i ana SCHOOL CARNIVAL SUPPLIES TOYS PARTY GIFTS DeSoto Elevator Grinding and Mixing Gra i n Coa 1 Pert i 1 i zer Feeds Seeds Fence Gates Posts We Pick Up and Deliver Use Wayne Feeds Phone 282-5 32 1 ' " ■ - DeSoto I nd i ana HOLE HUFFMAN PHARMACY North Gate Shopping Center W i 1 1 i am Huffman S- Cha r 1 es Ho 1 e The Rexa 1 1 Drug Store Munc i e I ndi ana BACH ' S DRUG STORE E. P. Bach, Jr. , R. Ph. Prescription Carefully Compounded Phone 789- 037 Albany Indiana SMITHS FOOD MARKET Butcher Served Meats Dial 282-6704 ,3628 North Broadway Munc i e I nd i ana C OUNTRY FARM SYSTEM 15c Hamburgers A SNACK OR A SACK Chicken Dinner 69C 3525 Broadvyay Munc i e I nd i ana Comp 1 i ment s of WOOLARD EQUIPMENT STORE John Deere Sales £- Service Phone 289-1833 Munc i e I ndi ana REYNARD WELL DRI LLING Domestic -- Commercial 35 Years Experience Guaranteed Work Water - Gas - Oi 1 Albany River Road 288-8022 HUDDLESTON ' S FRUIT MARKET Ma rket the finest in fresh f ru i t s an d vegetables 601 East Wysor Street unc i e , 1 ndiana BALES BOWEN Gulf Se rv i ce Whee 1 A 1 i gnment Wheel Balance Gulf Solar Heating Oils Phone 789-8482 Al bany I nd i ana CRAIG TRUCKING common Carrier -- Irregular Routes Albany, Indiana 789- 51 Compl iments of M American National • .. ' " ' TRUST DANK COMPANY uncie and Yorktown, Indiana THE PARKER BANKING COMPANY Convenient Auto Banking Window Parker 1 nd i ana T KNOTTS SAND AND GRAVEL " We load and deliver " Phone 1Q2-7G12 Hours 7 :30 to 5:00 Closed Sat. at noon R. R. 1 , Shi del er Rd . Eaton , I nd . HAUPT ' S FLOOR COVERING " For walls and floors of lasting beauty " Phone 789-4539 212 W. State Street bany Indiana Compi irnents of FARM BUREAU CO-OP Phone 789-4040 A 1 bany I ndi ana Chevrolet - Corvair JIM DEWAR CHEVROLET CHEVROLET Phone 789-4748 105 W. State Street A 1 bany I nd iana TULOMA GAS PRODUCTS Highv ay 67 V est A 1 bany I nd i ana ALBANY CHRON I CLE " Best of Luck to Everyone " Job Printing Wedding Invitations and Napk i ns Phone 789-456I A 1 bany I nd i ana ALBANY LUMBER COMPANY Quality Building Material Phone 789-4833 Albany Indiana F 3un ded 1899 WEARLY MONUMENTS Monuments -Ma rkers-Mausol eums Ph( one 284-9796 3600 Ki gore Avenue Munc i e Ind iana 1 89 Compl iments of SAM W. FAGALA AGENCY, INC. nsu ranee Phones 284-3 89 and 284-7192 Real Estate 1300 East Main Street Muncie, Indiana HUSTON ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE TIRES DeSoto Munc i e Al bany TUBES ACCESSORIES PARSON MORTUARY Traditionally Fine Service Dial 282-5941 801 West Adams Street ALBANY CLEANERS 1 28 West State Street Call 789-4814 P i ck-Up and Del i very Tuesday 5- Friday in DeSoto I ndiana I nd i ana I ndi ana 90 w CONSUMER LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. The Bargain Spot of Muncie 2404 N. Broadway Phone: 288-8878 FRENCH STEAM AND DYE D r i ve In Phone 288-5541 1 1 South Mad i son Munc i e I nd i ana Cornp 1 irnen t s of OBIE ' S PURE OIL Tires, Batteries and Accessori es Tra i 1 ers For Rent Local and One lay Phone 282-8289 500 N. Madison Munc i e I ndi ana GUY R. TAYLOR CO. , INC. Phone 284-1486 2015 South Madison Street Munc i e , I nd i ana OWL DRUG STORE Prescription Centers No. 1 200 South Mulberry No. 2 1424 South Walnut No. 3 425 North High WISE FOOD MARKET 1 1 1600 N orth Wa 1 nut 1827 East ]2th Munc i e , 1 nd iana BURNS SWEEPER SHOP Hoover- Eureka-Electrolux Parts-Repai r i pg-Al 1 Makes Year Around Toys Phone 282-1361 Muncie Indiana GILLS STANDARD SERVICE Corner of Walnut and McGal 1 iard Rd . Phone 782-8220 Gas Oil Ti res Road Service and Snow Plow 91 ST . CLAIR ' S RESTAURANT 220 West State Street Al bany , Indiana Home Cooked Foods Short Orders Home Made P es Vi re i n i a St . Clair, Owner Phone 789-8487 , Area Code 317 U. R. Always Welcome General Contracting My Spec i a 1 ty : A 1 umi num Siding LLOYD WRIGHT 282-6031 DeSoto, Indiana Comp 1 i ment s of MALCOLM MILLHOLIN AGENCY Rea 1 tors Farm - City - Suburban 502 West Jackson Muncle Indiana DAVI S BARBER Open 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. 1117 South Madison Street Munc i e I nd i ana Comp 1 Imen ts of DR. GEORGE B. WENNING Veter i na r i an Phone k-k] 1 1 Pa rker nd i ana MAND AND MOB I L SERVICE Corner of Delaware and State Street " Qua 1 I ty S- Economy " Phone 789-6076 Albany I ndi ana MAD I SON STREET CAFE Open 2k Hours 6th at Madi son Compl i ment s of ST. JOHN ' S DAI RY DREAM State Road 67 Albany Indiana 92 „ . »i I 111 tf-g» DESOTO BOOSTERS ALBANY GARDEN CENTER FRIAR ' S BARBER SHOP MURPHY ' S SUPER MARKET REED ' S BARBER SHOP HUDSON ' S BARBER WASHER SERVICE EARL MANOR, Barber DON NULL, Rambler ROBERT HALL CLOTHES VANNATTER PAINT COMPANY WALT ' S MARATHON PARKER GRAIN COMPANY JACOBS INSURANCE AGENCY WILLIAMS VARIETY HARDWARE SMITHSON ' S PURE OIL FARMLAND DRY CLEANERS HUTSONS INSURANCE AGENCY RAMSEY TRACTOR SALES, INC. HUGH ' S BROADWAY SHELL DR. JOSEPH J. MOORE DOTT ' S CANDIES HOOSIER CLEANERS RUBY ' S HAT BOX BOSTON STORE WILSON ' S SHOE STORE TURNER ' S CITGO JARRETT ' S RUG WEAVING JOHN ' S CAR WASH KIRKS SPORTING GOODS TOWN ACRES BEAUTY SHOP 106 Granville Road 511 W. McGalliard 921 Wlieeling Avenue Call 789-4028 300 N. Madison Street 1616 N. Walnut Street Broadway Centennial Call 2191 Call 2851 Call 4741 Call 4621 23105 S. Madison St. 1710 N. Broadway 360 N. Dalton 720 W. First 119 S. Main 225 S. Main Call 284-3001 117 E. Main Street 4240 N. Broadway Albany, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Albany. Indiana Albany, Indiana Albany, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Parker, Indiana Parker, Indiana Farmland, Indiana Farmland, Indiana Farmland, Indiana Parker, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Albany, Indiana Albany, Indiana Albany, Indiana Albany, Indiana Dunkirk , Indiana Dunkirk , Indiana Albany, Indiana DeSoto, Indiana Albany, Indiana Muncie Indiana Muncie Indiana Kv CONCRETE CORP. Phone 288-0288 Rural Route 3 DeSoto Road Munc i e nd i ana 1 - T f- m ip n i ai f r i nrtmMrmf im m t9tM - %i m r pe5L ' " '

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