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De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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'I , ,-... . ' '- ' 112-L 1-iz . ' -:'.:. , .11 7. ,. . 4 Qrx '41 ki' ,.. 22' aj'- F? :,. 57? . ' 5? ,Li 5. 2:i E51 ,.. T? FE. v 'T 1" 1. :-T 31. -:. LL. g:,, '42, .515 22:1 .L ' -'51 111' 9 1 - -. 4 Q I .z .gl 1.. , , in 1. . 5 45, 1 ,ly lf! . 3.1 X12 li " , . F5 'ua-. 5 437 fir S, x S W 12 ,A E i'- SEN 1 vii I 4:- sf.: J, Es 3:1 ,ki . Fife e- ' Q'-1 Eff: izze ,,, . ii: H ffl: A. 52 V V V - VV 'iwfifwiia-as-VV., W - ,WV ZA an 'akiigt sqfiitia ?i?xn?Q Zig X 'U if-M Q , is ,N-WV.,.VV VVVV, wVzVV.VV.V , A SM V ,f ff! wx 9 sw 20755 ia A S A if GM: V I V -A V ,,L,' fl" f D M i 1, S54 W 5 V ha A. M Cv Q .fx W 3 A W - K V -JJ 3 V N mm 'f nf f -A M549 LW, 3 Qi f'fV:?17'W 'XXV A H ,5fQv,VVbVQfW, SQ: Eff' K5 Zj-Q iifig VMV, -V ,Vw W P ,ef V .V,, TV? , 'V fg V V V 1 bv VN? 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V " VT ' ' ' V, V W ' "3 K-27 VV y fj'nV"?3W2ML fxQ'V:1Wim" V V - V VV V .V .V V ,.-V V V V V V V V, VV V - V V V I , X, V V .- V- V V V. -,in f VV 1, VV 3 .V V A ky - V V- , V V f VV ' K 5 Vg A :ai gf, - - A K V VV V -V X V- VV Z VV V, 'V VV V in Q W V V K zVV.:x W .V fl '1V:4VVVVii i:1E.kSj?V x ,df A V' Q 'I .Vff V- J A fb' 4 " - 'S VV '--' - - V . V A V VV VV g Q ' ,- ' V V F' V -V T-V ' Il I H Q' VV V - Y 'I ' -V ifl-7QQ9-Qt7l K V K V VK K V VV K VV V V VV 4 it V Q Vg 1452.5 K1 Ls j:QVE1X,HJ lf? Q -.rf '77'v9.!Q- X ,Vx ' El .-VV VV V V V V-V V X' V -5 ' few 'f0'Cl4 UWM ' -my, -V -4 V -fi ! 3 ff-V VU Qdf V byVV A V -AVVQ mv ' ' V V x f- V VV -'-' if? V MVVV V lf! if A k.:Vh al VJ . V VVVV f V V .V w V V fffif V- V A.....' Q V 1' QF?-X133 I? V ' V' ' k V' V V 'VVAV VVVV - V V V - VV,V- V,,VV,,q V -J ' , V .' K V 'V ' ' V V V If V' "-- 1, V ' V A V- - ' 1' A ' VK: Mf V - V . VV V-VV 2 K' Q fa f f A ' 4-. . V V1 ' 4 V VV M Wy! ' - M X r f f V ffwifvg ifgfixi SQ fdck fcfwlfd f!R'M"'fX 2 Qi U Q5 Q13 -Qiffq Kifrlry X61 51' aff X Q ii, 59 NIM AQ? SQUUQ' Ugfig' MJ ,,Qfd7? f-W M Mmm: Vw W xwwwl CQ QQQQI V ZA! MQ 4 fi CTW, TZ A 52 h p w E2 2.52 W W5 gxfx vw A 1 1 xii liiwaiv mm 2 Q - N Q v Q Nq CUNSV 255 QL ELNGC5 3 +3 DGCQQX s Q ' 1+ ffl 1 Qs M WQQS9, fy- ER XVE V-'Q 41' align Af Q5 if Tir. Qi CD QVQDOUQMXSQHHA: iiywwx CFL R www my QYXXN6 lfNq9,'!: N 'ww M f m: er 14 E , .al' i1' 1 K M ,Q ,V 14- 4' rut? A . elif .N ra' .Aww mm-' i' m2A J V , K, h I f'Iu1Ho1"6I-Iigh -Myra-f 'K'f'm.4k , ..i-- i n i . 11 M M...-.ff Y-N - . .,..... -I -K ' ' J- ........ un .A i I- sv-,. nmg,,,,,..f1-'M' av ' : M' A ' W. v V151 q y ' ,w ,W . J, ,, ,1eZ, ff 5 'E 1 ... 'wa wi Ei5Sj?fS E WXQJZXE XD Qgijkgf N QP Di 'QD SWQ My KN r if ggi HW6 fs, wi Qs WY JU Y ' QW ,-.qu fiisg each and every person is important There is a great deal of truth in the statement that "The real meaning in life is within the individual." The author of this statement perhaps had in mind concepts which lhave failed to grasp. However, he certainly must have meant that each De Anza pupil fand every other person in the worldj is worthwhile and important in some way or other. lt is doubtful that any person has or ever will be born who does not or will not have some potential for making this a better world in which to live. As you go through life don 't "downgrade" yourself too much or too often. Believe in the idea that you are worthwhile, that you have a contribution to make and that . possible for you to make it. J-,575 ' o 0 e ,1Hlm.,fL' ,- 4 ww , Q. ,...-0-.. gi And so, as the lights are dimmed and the doors are locked, another year in De-Anza's history comes to a close. Many people remember it as just another ordinary school year. Then there are the rest who really got involved and will remember it as a year separated from all the rest. They will remember their friends, the office staff, the referrals, tardy slips, wild bus rides, playdays but most of all they will remem- ber the teachers. The most remembered teachers are those who got involved in the student activities and represent the "genuine school spirit The LaVentura De Anza yearbook is dedicated to a person who does this and more. She was not only just the sponsor for the first Drill Team in Ventura District, but also the "spearhead who gave us confidence and told us "to be proud of what we are and what we do." ln her two short years at De Anza she has had a tremendous impact on those who knew her both inside andxoutside of class. And so the La Ventura De Anza 1972-'73 yearbook is dedi- cated to us. Q-JDM-C ZF QW .u """ ,wi Rr. A ' 3 j., ' 1 . K 41 i ysy yyyy 2 yyey y y , s yuys 1 itdi, y y Neyerh-as were been suehf ag perfecr phrase to y y desesfihe qu: Vfenfcastie Drill Teamgr r 'fwitheit means ses krsew ei1dieere 322985W11atl'svhep15eningr andjbe ye y 5l'lYQ1V5d ilif diese Our ,Dri11dTeam, only its rseeoridfyyeagi hes r 1 the respetzf of all the r Verisured arid y high schoelsu e They wer-k dherdrendl10eky'gbod fbeeeuseefitg Oh yes, they lxnakefydrnistakes, but those mistakes are yolfily made i f?ffC3 75CQat1serthGy search them jnd yemeer mem. u y yAisd 'the year b6g3QTiy' theefceefri was guided by two erzrhusiasticrycaprains, Susan and Debbie Ziuskeyq After a couple of months we lost Susan. 5 S E She moved to Iowa to live with her mother. In the face of this, Debbie Zinskey stepped into full cap- tainship, supported by her loyal Sgtskat-Arms: y Sherry Brsofwh, Kim Ford, and Carmen Ripperoe. s This was the first year that the Drill Team entered parades, but you cou1du't tell it. They fir just like they had been there every year. Every person here 'ar De Anza is proud of our Drill Team, sponsored by Mrs. Post, because they ARE with it, they care, they are committed and is shows inthe pride they feel for the team. Nu -ffm ,4,,,,, ' mann Www, ,, wg., M Y ,,.- -'JU' Fa, .wat r imglw -s's' vw' z -Ai. 1' V' . f r ,s - A Ka I e if" V? r I e ' S if x-. ww A b. X, so ' Q- Mr "One Hundred Years of Progress" This year, De Anza's float won second place in the Ventura County Fair Parade. The theme of the parade was "One Hundred Years of Progress. " At the front of our float, we had a modern classroom of 1972 with a computer, a television camera, rocket and other modern experiences in education. In the back, there was an old school room of 1872 with its pot bellied stove, old fashioned desks and ink wells, pig-tailed and freckle faced girls and barefoot little boys, complete with its classroom dunce. i Mrs. Post was very proud of all the kids who turned out to work. They came -be- fore school, after school and even on Saturdays to be sure the float was done on time f and to be sure it looked just right. Winning always takes a lot of dedication and pride. This year we have had both in abundance. Our School De Anza is our school, a school we all love. It is one we'll remember and always think of. In seventh grade we did fairly well. Our Classes were fun, our teachers were swell. In eighth grade we smashed an old car to bits. With the families we helped, we made lots of hits. In ninth grade the algebra began to get tough. But thanks to Mr. Mattox it wasn't so rough. There was so much to do, we all kept real busy. The De Anza float threw Mrs. Post in a tizzy. Thanks to De Anza, it helped us to grow In Wisdom and character with compassion to show. The teachers are nice, they're strict but not mean. They're really the best that we've ever seen. Excitement awaits us at Ventura High, With high hopes and wishes we bid you good-bye. Good-bye to our friends we'll leave here this year. Best wishes in High School, ninth graders so dear. ummm div' ,.,.f ..- JL! W xx 1 l1,j,Q W x 1 x K lima L 1, will 1 w P 1 W- im- l my f Y Ill W l I l Y I w 1 1 w w 4 wx Y VH, , wi HM -. lin: V w "Trl"lfr' wil-1' 1 x mu' iw I iVf'Jl'1vm l Nu' ATM Ninth Graders Ricky Abel Mark Adams David Allen Gene Allen Teresa Anderson Catalina Antillon Robert Aviles Anna Ayala Dan Baker Frances Baker Maria Barbosa Terry Barker Connie Barrozo Debbie Beall 15 Ninth Graders Russel Bancroft Karen Beem Patricia Begg Roland Bishop Brian Black Debbie Black Gregory Blunk Alvin Boan Tommy Booth Karen Borron Sharon Boynton Paul Briggs Anthony Brizuela Sherri Brown Naomi Burnett Vincent Buss Vickey Butler Lynn Campos Toni Canada Clay Cantrell Andrea Carr Jorge Chacon Richard Clary Dora Collins Frank Cortez Mary Cortez James Cothran Clayton Coutee Joy Cox Cathi Cross John Crow lrene Cueva Sharol Cundiff Beverly Davis Helen Davis Mary Davis 16 J '-A 3 az? st S3 it Ina I nun xy! K f GSW Ninth Grade Organization Sponsors Toys for Tots The Toys for Tots drive was sponsored by the 9th Grade Organization. Shown above with .the boxes of toys volunteered by the students of De Anza are the Ninth Grade Organization members. fSee also page 75.3 The 9th Grade Organization members are a group of kids who plan and organize 9th grade activities, The members' duties are selling tickets, sharing ideas, assisting in selling popcorn, cokes, etc, for the 9th grade dances, sports nights, and parties, However, at times there are activities that don't work out and they take the responsibility for the failures, It involves a lot of time and effort, So, in return, De Anza is proud of our 9th Grade Organization. The 9th Grade Organization is sponsored by Mrs, Komp, and the assistant sponsors are Mrs, McKown, Mr, Bentz, and Mr. Wallace, I7 7 i v +15 f i F Most Successful Food Drive In November, when we had the food drive, we collected 3206.25 and 936 cans of food, all to provide De Anza's most successful food drive. The people who worked that week collecting three cans of food or 5093 were: Jeanette Young, Cathy Cross, Diana Thomas, Nancy Sage, Renee Hulsey, and Rene Waites. The food drive was run by our student body vice president, Larry Romero, and commissioner of service, Shelly Moore. They were helped by Mr. White, Mrs. Tan, and Mrs. Smith. Mr. Branham took the two pictures on this page and ran the projector for the movie. The student body had an election of what 16mm movie they would like to see for the students who brought three cans of food or 506, the results were overwhelmingly for "P1anet of the Apes." All of the people who had tickets went to see the movie on Friday, November 17th. There were two lines all the way out to the tree. After the movie started, 6th and 7th period, most everybody had a good time. There were three reels altogether. Some of the students only got to watch two of them because of bussing. The movie ended at about 3:30 P.M. In addition to what the students brought, the P.T.A. provided turkeys and the teachers brought fresh fruit and vege- tables. Mr. Guthrie said we would prob- ably be providing more baskets than ever . The picture to the right is Robert Ter- razes paying 50d for a ticket, and the picture below are people waiting in line. ,av jx V, ' gl,5f'1a Steve Davis Tonie Dayton Mark Dean Robert De Los Santos Art Diaz Mearl Dineley Susan Downing Oliver Duckworth John Durbin Claudia Dutton Linda Dye Paul Edens Jeanette Edwards Todd Eichman Billy Ellis Randell Erps Anna Evans Amelia Fly Kim Ford Carl Gage Cinda Garcia Debbie Garcia Johnny Garcia Lori Garcia Mitchell Garcia Frank Garibaldi Robin Gartman Golde Glaser Donald Godbey Anita Gomez Linda Gomez Maria Gonzales Gail Grabowsky Anthony Gravelle Michael Grizzard Manuel Guajardo I9 Does this look like Telecommunications to you? Well it is. Taking pictures of body parts was only one ofthe strange as- signments given to the class. Telecommunications, Something New This year DeAnZa became the second Junior High School in the Ventura district to start a Telecommunication class. In this class, they learned how to use a camerag also, how to develop negatives and print pictures. In the second semester they learned how to use video tape. The Student Council spent over Sl ,050.00 to buy the Video Tape Recorder and the T.V. camera. After they learned this they made commercials, They taped the drama class, assemblies, and any other school activities. Mr. Branham , the teacher ofthe class, says, "It's a dream come true!" He has been trying for years to get a T.V. class here at DeAnza. 'S 5s is 1. -- 951 ' in. 1 4, , '1-.- ft-W' W , ff' . ! H s 5 sg, fa., .., L Mr, Branham had, this year, 3 periods of Science, 2 periods of Ecology, and 1 period of Telecommunication class. Mr. Branham started the T.V. class, he also taught the class, along with the help of Miss Raun, Miss Stout, and Mrs. Komp, He also had help from his assistant, Mrs, Jones, 1 i Robert Gutierrez Ruth Haas Anthony Hamlet Kimberly Harbison Robin Harbison Richard Harding Kathy Hartman Lane Hawley Bruce Heathcote Lee Henry Robert Hensley Dolly Hernandez Dorothy Hernandez Vicki Herring Orville Hibdon April Hill Dorothy Holding Richard Holdsworth Renee Hulsey Robin Hulsey Alice Huntington Gloria Imhoff Larry lzer Kip Jasper ci' GI-Tavbliiseg Ninth Graders With the Most. . . '1 fX Most Taleflfedl Renee Hulsey, Randy Erps MOSf Cfalyi AprilHi11. Chuck Lunsford Most Foxy: Mafia Barbosa, James wma Best Dancers: Gameff Pelham- Richard Ramirez Ninth Graders With the Most Loud: Patsy Morales, David Macias POPUIHIT Maria Moraza, Ernie Lara Success: Christy Wooley, Larry Romero inth Graders With the Most . . . Fliffg Naomi Burnett, Johnny Garcia Blain: Lee Henry, Dale Yasukawa Ninth Graders John Jensen Ken Kennedy Rhonda Kennedy Steven Kennedy Debbie Kirk Emmy Klassen Linda Kline Kitty Koziba Susan Kreider Claire Lapierre Ernie Lara Jeff Leard James Lee Laverne Leggett Tim Leonardo Joey LeRoy f" tif" 11 Tammy Levy Kathy Lister Betty Little fs. Debbie Livingston Diana Loffswold U' WC' James Logsdon Vanessa Lorenzana Ricky Love 25 Mrs, Marvine Wilcox is our principal's secretary and she's been here working hard with us since 1957, Mrs, Marge Greene is our attendance clerk and takes care of e absence list. Mrs, Marie Sabin is our library clerk and has been on De Anza's staff since 1957. She attended Clint Junior College, Mrs, Martha Lever is our school's banker, She is the secretary of both our assistant principals, She has been here since 1961. Nm th Graders Chuck Lunsford Peggy Lyons David Macias John MacLean Debbie Mahoney Mark Malone Debra Manning Doreen Manning Gina Marquez Steve Martin Robert McCanless Oracia McCurtis Vincent McMurray Larry Meade Marcos Medina Austin Miller Irene Miller Lori Miller Colleen Miller Micheal Miller Larry Montoya Glenn Moore MW ur""""p 'IQ' N , 1 :is Q 5 5 'ssc it ai 4 X N xx Mrs. Tan has been our school librarian since its opening in 1957, She 5,4 X attended the University of Hawaii, Mrs Lorna Darden is our new school nurse for 1972-73. She worked four days a week, She came here on Mondays and some Wednesdays, went to Cabrillo on Tuesdays and to Mill School on Wednesdays, Miss O'Fatrell has been an English teacher at De Anza for eleven years, She teaches Sth and 9th grade students, The 8th graders are taught only General English where the 9th graders have a choice of three different interesting classes, Informa- tion Writing is one of those classes in which library and research work is done, Plea sure Writing is a class which writes poems, compositions, and stories, And last of all is the Youth and Literature class which is dealing with teenagers and their inter- ests. Mrs, Siville it Q Miss Schaetzel "Prepare For Your Il Future "Days are never the same , always chal- lenging, and never boring," says one of De Anza's homemaking teachers, Mrs, Siville. The homemaking classes this year are directed by Mrs, Siville and Miss Schaetzel, Mrs, Siville teaches 8th and 9th grade stu- dents foods as well as clothing, Miss Schaetzel teaches 7th grade students foods and clothing too, Foods class teaches all students to prepare for the future, to learn safety rules and to be able to cook for themselves and others. Clothing is for students of any age to learn that sewing can be a fun experience for those who will give it a try, Sewing also teaches them the safety of sewing. During the year the 9th grade foods class participated in a field trip to Southern California Edison in Ventura on January ll, The class spent most of their time learn- ing about electric household appliances, Mrs, Siville 'N was sick that day so a substitute, Mrs, Ingham, helped out on the trip, s"t Y' Take homemaking and prepare . . . 28 Miss O 'Farrell H X xx., s 4-v"""'r x f 'lm ki' if 95 Qs 'ix an . Shelley Moore Richard Moraga Patsy Morales Maria Moraza Steve Morris David Morse Sally Mosby Maureen Mulkey Donnell Mullins Daniel Munger Lary Murphy Mike Murphy Mike Musgraves Shelley Navarro Becky Newman David Newman 'QD ' r S. ix - ga1....K,r-- f l. ,, .,, .. Kathy Newman Brian O'Hagan Nancy Oliver Mike Olmos Kelly Oxford Laura Padilla David Page Rodney Pearson Garnett Pelham Darrell Peterson Larry Phelps Lynn Pierce Fernando Poehler Patricia Poehler Teresa Poehler Aurora Pulido Steven Pullen Sheryl Putzier Katherine Quinn Randy Quisenberry Richard Ramirez Rita Rangel Pamela Reed Stewart Reid ,:-' 27' 'Vw qw'-ew 'WN GN is-'Nr ...N Mr. Kanthack Leads DeAnza's Band and Orchestra taht.. in-SPX xwi Mr, Kanthack teaches DeAnza's band and orchestra, The Advanced Orchestra fabout forty peoplej played at the Christ- mas program December 13, the Spring Festival April 27, and performed at elementary schools, The Advanced Band has about forty students also and is similar to the orchestra, Band has more horn and wind instru- ments and no violins, They perform at our school assemblies and play a lot of patriotic music, The Advanced Band and Orchestra also put on a night program and the beginning groups performed for a couple of assemblies, N- ' -Q 'Q' v vi :-f' , Lfx, K K, 'fl 1 ' S- .. 'X X HXHUN X 4 X xg X Wm DeAnza's Catch-up Teacher A teacher who has been teaching here at De Anza for sixteen years, I av.. Mrs, Lapolla provides a crash program for students who have problems in reading and math, She teaches small classes, She will help a student to read faster and with more understand- ing, Mrs, Lapolla teaches math also. She teaches students who are behind in the ordinary classroom and need help in catching up. Mrs, Lapolla enjoys traveling too, She has been to Hawaii, France and many other places, She travels with her husband , Dr. Anthony Lapolla, 31 Mr. Malcom Mattox DeAnza's Only Pre-Algebra Teacher Mr, Matrox has been teaching at De Anza for eleven years, Again this year he opened his room for Bible Study in the morning before school, Mr, Matrox teaches both eighth and ninth grade math, He's the only teacher that teaches Pre-Algebra ffour classesj, He also has one eighth grade general math class, and one ninth grade Algebra, Don Ribble Ronnie Rigsby Carm Rippetoe Ulises Rodas Danny Rogers Larry Romero Tina Romero Robert Ruiz Nancy Sage Ricky Saldana Raul Saucedo Mark Schaab Rob Schwerd tfeger Bonnie Scott Scotty Scott Dave Seibel Ed Seidenkranz lean Seiler Debra Sharp Rene Shipley David Siebler Ruth Silvas Charles Smith Doddie Smith Leslie Smith Dorothy Snodgrass Dolores Solorzano Rose Spittler Mary Spurlock Deborah Stafford Debbie Sterzenbach David Stevens 32 '95, hiUN'L...:s-a+ -,Q P' S iiiiiihh -s .,f' k's-' . ..,. f s rss ss "" 1' 3 I Lab Science and Algebra a Ninth Grade Pontoon The Ninth Grade Lab SciencefAlgebra Pontoon was new this year. Mr. Vadnais taught Algebra, Mrs. Komp taught Lab Science and Miss Nancy Stout was the teacher's aide, The pontoon was made up of three groups of students On different days, different groups would be assigned to either Lab Science or Algebra, Two of the groups would go to Algebra, the other one would go to La-b Science, The Pontoon was a two-period class, This gave the students the opportunity to spend all of their time in one subject or to divide their time. Besides teaching Algebra in the Pontoon system, Mr, Vadnais also taught three seventh grade math classes. Mr, Vadnais has been teaching here at De Anza for eight years, Mrs, Komp was head advisor to the Ninth Grade Orga- nization this year, and also one of the teachers involved in the tele-communications class. She also taught Lab Sci- ence in the Pontoon, she taught ninth and eighth grade sci- ence, Miss Stout was the teacher's aide in the Pontoon, she helps with 9th and Sth grade science. She was the noon- time supervisor in the cafeteria, Mr. Foote's Woodshop Increases In Popularity Pictured below is a fiberglass boat being lifted from the mold, This was the second year that De Anza students made fiberglass boats in woodshop, There is only one required project in ninth grade woodshop and that is a lathe turning. Other than that the boys can make whatever they want as long as it fits through the double doors. There were enough ninth grade boys interested to make up three classes of woodshop rather than the regular two. ! r Miss Clark Heads Social Studies Department This year Miss Clark was supervisor for the Girls Council and also chairman of the Social Studies Department, 'She taught Current Problems, U,S, Government, Minority Prob- lems, Political and Economic Systems, Issues Today, and Government and the Individual, '34 '50-I 'thaw gm. , Q L 1' -in ft- if U. x A 'N J 5 L J , S Q, ti YL , an . Wen-s..,,..- .fx 3 fl 'Qs 'ff'- T is 3 Q M K 531 X. , Y .X li ,mx lil A- 'L xx is B1 ' kg' au, Q Jim Stufflebeam Cecil Sutton Judy Sutton Caralynda Terry Diana Thomas Mark Thompson Cathy Townsend Kellie Trice Jo Ann Trujillo Susan Ulreich Eloise Vargas Johnny Veloz Byrl Vest Mike Voter Rene Waites Gary Wallis Pam Ward Patrice Watkins Steve Wendel Jake Wenzel Flo Wescott James White Pam White Doug Wiggins David Williams Pat Williams Becky Williams Kim Wingo Bill Woodford Chris Wooley Gary Yanez Dale Yasukawa Melissa Yost Jeanette Young Stella Zambrzuski Debi Zinskey Jennifer Brown Jan Carlson Sherry Carroll Raymond Castro Pat Crabtree Teresa Hale Steve Heckenlively Lupe Hernandez Georgia Hurt ci' jkztivfties Working Hard to Make Things Right The commissioners are a group of students elected to take the responsibility of running the Student Council. Unlike the Girls' Council, Ninth grade Organization, or Lancers, the Student Council plans ac- tivities for the whole school. The De Anza students depend on them to know what they want and don't want and try to do something about it. Everyone respects them because their jobs are not easy. The head of the commissioners is the president, Kathy Hartman. She runs the Student Council meet- ings and makes sure that the other commissioners are on their toes. Next is the vice president, Larry Romero. His job is to take the president's place when she is absent. He also helps her with her other duties, Debbie Zinskey is the secretary. She has the important job of taking down the minutes and making sure that every person in the Student Council has a copy of the minutes of the last meeting. Our treasurer is Jeanette Young. She is supposed to make a treasurer's report at every meeting. This report consists of the amount of money made in recent activities, money spent and the balance of their ac count. Next is Shelley Moore. She is the Commissioner of service. Her job is to take care of the preparations for school activities . The Commissioner of Girls activi- ties is Kim Ford and the Commission- er of Boys is Robert Ruiz . Both of their jobs are along the same line, Kim is in charge of girls activities and Robert is in charge of boys. They also have one special job. Commis- sioner of girls is the chairman of the Girls Council. The Commissioner of boys is the head of the Lancers. Susan Downing was first elected Commissioner of girls activities but then she moved, the students had to elect another. They elected Kim Ford. Girls Council Responsible For Mother-Daughter Banquet wil fx 38 Q' s-Q The Girls Council consists of 7th, Sth, and 9th grade girls elected by their gym classes to represent them, It is sponsored by Mrs, Rickard and Miss Clark, When they have playdays and other P,E, activities for girls, Mrs, Van Leeuwen takes over the sponsorship, The meetings are run by the Commissioner of Girls Activities, Kim Ford, The Girls Council raises money through candy sales and other things, They use this money for activities that need it, At the end of the year, the Girls Council has a mother-daughter banquet where the Commissioner of Girls announces the girls of the year, Second Semester Student Council Members David Allen Peggy Lyons Nancy Sage Mike Bivins David Macias Jeanne Salerno Debbie Biats Debra Manning Ken Scott Jim Coggins Mike Mayo Mark Scott Pat Coleman Cathy Cross I im Gartman Manuel Guajardo Bruce Heathcote Lee Henry Kim Hyatt Kathy Newman David Morse Garnett Pelham Yvonne Rice Ulises Rodas Richard Romero Tina Romero Troy Slankard David Snodgrass Martin Van Gundy Brad White Pat Williams Alan Yasukawa Dale Yasukawa Lancers Present Wrestling Assembly This year the Lancers sponsored an all-boy volleyball assembly and they sponsored the track meet for all grades. They sponsored a wrestling exhibition featuring the wrestling team from Ventura High School and also had boys baseball all-stars, Lancers are sponsored by Mr, Stout, Mr, Darling, and Mr, Morris, Elected to represent their first period classes, Student Council members come together to make decisions for the student body, They plan activities such as the Seventh Grade Sports Day, the Eighth Grade Sports Day, a fantastically successful canned food drive which supplied welcome Thanksgiving dinners to many needy families, a toys-for-tots drive in which DeAnza pupils brought old but usable toys to provide Christmas gifts for those less fortunate, Student Council funds financed most of the cost of the Honor Roll Trip to Disneyland. Heading the Student Council are the Commissionersg A.S,B. President, Kathy Hartmang and their advisor Mr. White, Top Chocolate Salesman Kenny Baker Earns Himself a TV This year De Anza students again sold Ghiradelli Chocolate to help raise money for the Student Council activities, This year we sold around S54,529, 90 of chocolate, But we didn't reach our goal of 5B6,000. Our highest salesman was Kenny Baker who won the black and white television. There were 58 students who won deluxe yearbooks and there were 40 students who won regular yearbooks, The sale was held Oct. 19 thru Nov. 1. The bars were 50d apiece. If you sold 36 bars, you earned a regular yearbook, 48 bars you earned a deluxe year- book. The chocolate sale is an activity in which the whole school may participate. ,.,, ,pppyiz "fffiH,. 2,1 f:ff':??J2Ff'f" , ,ff .trrrttt N yy ..rr y nk ,VV:k, f, .w me -' ss' .,,,:gk 5 i 't E Mr. johnson Sponsors Student Store The Student Store is a place where the kids of De Anza can buy some of the things they might need for their classes, lt is sponsored by Mr, Johnson but is run by the students, Mr, Johnson picks them from his Money Management classes, They work both lunch periods and some- times before school, Some of the things you might buy from the Student Store would be a pencil, shop glasses, folders, or maybe af a letter stencil, The Hhs' school banker, Mrs, Lever, works closely with the Stu- dents Store workers, Friendship Committee Helps Students New to DeAnza The Friendship Committee is a group of students organized to help the new students become acquainted with De Anza and to make their first day on campus more enjoyable, The committee usually consists of four girls and four boys from each grade. This year so many students wanted to be on it that extra girls were added to the committee in the 8th and 9th grades. Mrs, Wilcox has been the sponsor of the committee since the school opened in 1958, The following students are members of the Friendship Committee for 1972-73: 7th Graders Wayne Johnson Theresa Gabaldon Ronnie Godwin Linda Gomez W Lisa Castillo Brian Long Donna Lechman Gerald Hibdon Kim Wingo Joyce Churchill J ulian Medina Robin Ochs 9th Graders Roland Bishop ww Tracie Pike 8th Graders Bonnie Townsend Patricia Begg Darrell Peterson Marilyn Swift Paula Campbell Ted Davis Helen Davis Larry lzer if sss .' ' . ' . ,gg Donnie Bullard Terry Colangelo Tim Downey Golde Glaser David Siebler ' H , J r Harkins, Drama Club Present "Phantom " "Phantom Strikes Again" This year Mr, I-larkins sponsored a play, The play was performed by the Drama Club, The play was based on William D, Fisher's "The Phan- tom Strikes Again, " The play was put on for the seventh graders on January 17th, Then on the 18th school was cancelled because of the unex- pected death of Former President Lyndon B, John- son, So the play was postponed until January 19th for the eighth graders, Then on January 22 the play was performed for the ninth graders, At the last performance Mr, Harkins received a golden plaque from the "Phantom" actors, Mr, Harkins decided to have two casts of actors, in case one was absent the other one could take his or her part, The list below shows who portrayed each character: Bruiser Barnes - Larry Montoya and William Woodford Perriot Preston - Brian O'l-lagan Gwen Talbot - Flo Wescott, Kathy Hartman Mrs. Beeman - Barbara Gage, Jean Seiler Maybell Beeman - Debbie Black, Penny Brown Louise Thomas - Helen Davis, Vicki Herring Mrs. Kite - Juli Aldrich, Janet Carr Lawyer Graham - Gary Yanez, Cecil Sutton Wentworth - Bruce Heathcote, Jeff Ward Phantom - Carl Gage 42 ff' WS H .:,, V, ,R h ww, . w ' iffy ? , . 'R - il m .- I- -- Eg Q ,M Q A A " . jfdgf A Q V V .gm if' 33gBi?E5 H gy it J.. 5 ,EE Q. " " ., A 5 if ' '- i is 1 W. HAWK Ti K' 4 Dance Club Learns to Swing It For the second year Mrs, Pat Post sponsored the Dance Club, who performed the "Rag Doll Dance," for the Christmas Program, Other major performances included the Music and Dance Program and the Festival in May, They danced to the music of "Fiddler on the Roof," as well, lr r '1" . , rr,, 'MNWW D, I Black Student Club This is the first year that De Anza ever had a Black Student Club, The Black Student Club is under the sponsorship of Mrs, Ruth Cummins, They have a birthday party every month for the members that were born in that month, They also spon- sored a St, Patrick's Day dance, 'Trv M. E. C.H.A. De Anza has a new club called the Mecha Club which means: Movimentos Estudiantil De Aztlan. In English it is Chicano Educational Movement of Aztlan, Aztlan means the whole world of Amer- ica or it also means that there are Chicanos all over the world. In the club they welcomed everybody, not only Chicanos, They have had a Mecha Dance, and also went to the Ventura College for a meeting. Mrs. Christy Vasquez sponsored the Club, J. Maria Moraza is President, Manuel Guajardo is Vice-President, Gina Marquez is Secretary, Ernie Lara is Treasurer, Eloise Vargas, Linda Gomez, Terri Lara, Irene Cueva are also members of the Mecha Club Staff, Backpacking Club This year eighth grader Shari Davis started a backpacking club for any student at De Anza who wanted to participate in overnight camping. The club went to different places like Beaver Campground, Upper Reyes, and Shandick, Sometimes they got rides to the campground, other times they hiked, When they hiked they hiked five to ten miles. When they didn't hike they took canned food but when they did hike they took freeze dried food. The Backpacking Club was real- ly started at Cabrillo before Shari Davis came to De Anza, Social Committee The Social Committee is sponsored by Mrs, Smith. It is split into many differ- ent subcommittees, Each subcommittee has a specially designated job to do for activities, There is the Decoration and Cleanup Committee, Publicity Committee, Re- freshment Committee, and Program Com mittee, Larry Romero, Vice President of the A.S.B. , is the all-around chairman for the Social Committee, One of the things they sponsored this year was the Halloween dance, Pictured here are a few members of the Decoration Committee decorating for the Halloween Dance, Mrs, Smith is the typing teacher here at De Anza, She also teaches notehand one period and money management one period, She teaches typing four periods a day, r 15x X -1 :-111 Z w 5 5 'I J ,S K 1. 'R Hgh th . 5 Graders Crafts Classes Fill Office and Library in First All-School Crafts Display! Mrs, Post and Mr, Grogan have really been busy this year, They put all of their projects into an all-school display at the end of the first semes- ter. Bulletin boards in the office and in the li- brary, displayed their outstanding work, Mrs, Post's classes have been making batiks out of crayons and wax, They have also been do- ing rug hooking and basket weaving, Also they have been making primitive clay masks, Mr, Grogan's classes have been making their own tools this year, making ceramics and working with yellow laige leather, xt X -.193 X-2 s ll Eighth Graders i ,s t - F4 - ' Daniel Aguilar L, David Aguilar B s 'C ' -fs Jun Aldrich ff' L X V Beatriz Antillon 'F D "" ' Robert Arbizu ' 5 ' Pamela Arellanes ' , my Bryan Baker WN" Tammy Baker Debi Ballantine Stephen Baney Kathy Barraza Jodi Battle ., Mary lo Baty Donna Benoit Beverly Besand XM. 'kg Deborah Biats V W' r' 'ks ,,k ,cas T QW,i,'gi5,-lg 'fL"AL" ""' H I ,, ,,,1 1:2 5 .J ,, 1 journalism Classes Produce Yearbook, Weekly Newspaper Mr . Evans has taught many different classes, but this year he taught mostly one main subject, journalism . Although he also teaches 'ith grade world geography, his four journalism classes take up most of his day . Three of his journalism classes devote their time to putting out a weekly paper, the LANCE. The other journalism class is for yearbook work. This class created this yearbook. It was a hard and long task but here it is . This special class is not just a bunch of kids who signed up for it because it seemed to be easier than any other English class. These kids started way back in April of '72 . They met in the mornings and studied about how to produce a really good yearbook. At the end of April, Mr. Evans arranged for the people who were really interested to take a field trip to Taylor Publishing Company in Covina . There, they really found out what yearbook production is all about. But they all say that they couldn't have done it without Mr. Evans. -,f .-1 .vM,,5W, ., 1, :f f if -5 kd W A wwf 1,531 J 2 if get by 'Q I 1 f 1 5 Y ix H.. L Mike Bivins Cathy Boe Diana Bogart Pam Bohannon Randy Bowers Cathy Branham Correen Brosman Pennie Brown Robert Bugg Larry Burdette Charlene Butler Barbara Campbell Paula Campbell Doreen Campos Lori Caron Mitch Caron Janet Carr Kathy Carroll Terry Castor Lisa Catlett Diane Cervantez Mike Cervantez Daniel Cheverie Larry Cobos Jim Coggins Terri Colangelo Pat Coleman Darlene Conner Richard Contreras UH a,f Q, Thanks to Them We Eat In far right corner is a photo of Vivian Live- say starting the day's lunch. She gets here at 6:45 A .M. Pictured above are, from left to right: Ruth Garrison, Frances Johnson, Jeannine Jackman, Verna Peterson, Vivian Livesay, and Levell Wilson. R J At top is a photo of Ruth Garrison posing happily. Not pictured are the cashiers Doris E Benoit, Rebecca Curtis, Zelma Husebye, Dorothy IdZi,- Grace Peterchick and Cynthia Simmons . As early as 6:45 a ,m. Lucille Treiberg, our cafeteria manager, and some of her workers get here to start the day's lunch. Mrs, Treiberg, pictured at right, has been here three years. in... ff 4 mi Yr Q l mfg I.: of -xl .1 :U -fi in g::l', ya af Y C' all if vs..- W ,,,..,,..-av' fs an 'QW JFS su, AL. tr , 4-Q. , ' f- X K M, .Wa W :W ? 5 Debbie Coons Esmeralda Cortez Stella Cortez Norma Cortez Diana Cox Patricia Cox Sherry Crow Cindy Ciudahy Victor Ciueva Brenda Curtis Rene Dalton Cathy Davis Mike Davis Shari Davis Ted Davis Paul Delgado Tommy Dewberry Leonard Diaz Doreen Dinnell Pam Dodd John Donaldson Wayne Donathan Brenda Douglas Tim Downey Carol Dunlap John 1-ilom Sheryl Evans Suzie Ferro Lorrie Fischer Joe Flores Susan Fouts Danny Fraser 53 Sing Along With Emily Mrs, Lofthus teaches Eighth and Ninth Grade Chorus and a Seventh Grade General Music, She also has two guitar classes for eighth and ninth graders, Before school Mrs, Lofthus has a mini chorus with 30 kids who come in every morning and sing popular songs, so that they can perform with the mixed chorus. The mixed chorus and the mini chorus go to sing at different places like the Kiwanis Club and the Soroptomist Club, and in the spring they go to six elementary schools so the sixth graders can see how the chorus is, and if they would like to sign up for the chorus when they get to De Anza, Each year De Anza's chorus participates with three more junior high schools in the Spring Festival at the Ventura College gym, Mrs, Lofthus has been here for four years, and enjoys it very much, by 5 r l of is I ei , ,,.: Q' ' 'W g , G V 5 f ? Christina Frazier Danta Frazier Ricky French Robert French Ana Frias Pete Frias Teresa Gabaldon Barbara Gage Mike Gallop Butch Gamble Linda Garcia Norma Garcia I ack Garner Jeff Getman N,-A xp? Y 4!' ff. . Tyan ., ff , 3 :ff ,lp Q ws-- Goodbye Mrs. Bowen Mrs Bowen left De Anza to teach at Washington Ele- mentary School on January 29, 1973, The students she taught at De Anza were special stu- dents. The class was designed to help students who were 'X , educationally handicapped, When Mrs. Bowen left De Anza these students were transferred to Cabrillo or resumed regular classes. 45-. ff www, an-Q QW ,W , 'wg 1 ii X.. chisels, Q... 4.- Mr, Stout has been teaching metal at De Anza ever since it opened, Metal Shop is required for eighth grade boys for one semester, For the ninth graders, it is an elective course, The eighth graders begin working in the textbook and then they start working with metal, The first project is a vise cap, There are many other projects like candle holders, planters, tack hammers, and sand casting. The ninth graders have many proj- ects too, like welding, hammers, aluminum handled screw drivers, tool trays, and L, Yi J 'L' 'J sr WJ Q! J r '5- 5 J.. r Lt' Mark Gezzer Ron Godwin Sally Gomez Jeannie Gomez Marie Goodin John Gordon Ava Greene Mary Gregory Maurene Gregory Russ Guthrie Cindy Hailich Tammy Hamblin Alesia Hamlet Steve Harbison Steve Harvey Teri Haskett Anita Hatfield Becky Hawkins Judy Haynes Chuck Heckenlively Shirley Hefner Bobby Helton Bobby Hernandez Cynthia Hernandez 57 Our P.E. Department De Anza has four Physical Education teachers: Miss Raun, Mrs, Van Leeuwen, Mr. Morris and Mr, Darling, Miss Raun teaches World Geography. Mr. Darling teaches math also, Mr, Morris and Mr, Darling, with the help of Mr, Stout, sponsor the Lancers, About two years ago Mrs. Van Leeuwen was hospitalized with a back injury but is still a gym teacher and has been here since De Anza first opened Mr, Morris has taught here for sixteen years also, Gerald Hi bdon Cyndi Hicks Kelle Hicks . nf - Q Loyd Jiligginbotharn s o Randy Holbert Tammy Holding Angela Holladay 'Y J Troy Hopkins Craig Hoppe , Robin Horst . f Mary Huerta ' Janet Hume J in Paul Johnson 1, Cliff Jones 'Ft' 'J Kathy Keeter ,t1- :ff J Terry Kennedy ,L . Anna Kesselring Doug Kirksey x.i John Kizer J ,- 'rf Jaime Lagos J David La Meres J ..- Terri Lara , Vincent Latella ,, J Donna Lechman J F 'Af Renee Led ford '53 Jim Lee Dorris Leggett P " Q. ,ag 1 ' Bill Leonardo l Q Rayanna Lightner J ,M Aprii time l fam V Janet Long iff Mark Lorenzana slssss Darlyn Lowe 4 8 f J 'lss Cathy Lower Mary Manriquez y J'y, f LM v J Helen Manriquez , J Q V Ellen Marnholtz ,'Ji 5 y -J. .. f Bennie Marshall JM 1 f J' Gary Martin M ,V Laura Martin "ii'i J L 1 58 ' . iesfwi, 5 n X ,f-V-,W - mm: -- . we. .. A, ,M K 5 --1 , if' "Ffa- L 1 e ak ,. 3? hx P 4? - J? 1' We I X 4 if ll 0 S ,S B ., 'PK- X .. is is SL L A W X -w 1:-1- A :-: ' ' W .Q 2 Q3 1-VA. K x 5 ANS! iii , 'Lv fm .., ,Q jf- Q. - ii. 65, Xe y qu 3 Qs N X 0 s ' E .5 Mr. Wallace and Mrs. Rickard, Our U.S. History Teachers Mr, Ernest Wallace and Mrs, Nancy Rickard are both eighth grade history teachers, Mr, Wallace has been teaching at De Anza for ten years, Mr, Wallace not only teaches eighth grade history, but also teaches ninth grade U,S, Government, Mrs, Rickard teaches seventh grade En- glish, too, Mrs, Rickard has been teaching at De Anza for three and one-half years, Our Custodians and Bus Drivers Pictured below are De Anza's custodians, Head custodian is Don Mart and evening foreman is Curtis Barber, Other custodians, not pictured , include: Steve Swanson, Mabel Aten, and Thurman Brown. 'lr' ,-,. ,M 1 avg is ' :ma jr i VENTLI N., ,, Bob Rusch and Lee Miller are regular bus drivers for De Anza, After taking the kids to De Anza they work around the school doing gardening, When school is over the bus drivers take kids back home from the school, 60 S-...V X if 'ff' J ., ,i , 2 J Q K -n gin. slit 1 f 3 xr X at, Q- in., 1 1-' g""":, 'Ov- -rk' 5, if qw' ,pmt K 5 x X 'X Kathy Martinez Mark Martinez Paula Martinez Roy Mathews Shanda Mathis Ricky Maynes Blair McBee Terry McCanless Karen McClain Kathy McClain Bryant McMurray Tom Mead Tom Merrill Don Miller Patty Mooney Manuel Morales Mike Morrison Walter Nagy Alex Navarro Tim Neathery Ricky Nelson Larry Nordyke Robin Ochs Kathy Odell Kelley O'Hagan Julie Olivera Kelley Overcast Ricky Page Dorothy Pascoe Dorothy Pelham Maria Perez Laura Peterson YJ , J 5 1 'l" 4 l-' si A , , ,, ! V, R' +-A 1 X2 , il :fax It :Z f J, K i s yyy '92 Eleanor Prado Jackie Prosser Tim Quinn Janice Quisenberry Diana Ramirez Ramiro Brizuela Brenda Ramsey Kathy Rangel DeAnza Welcomes Mrs. Carol Ruzicka Mrs, Ruzicka took Mrs, Hyde's place teaching eighth grade English for the last semester of this year, Mrs. Hyde had a heart attack during the first quarter of the year, Then a few different substitutes took her place for a while, then Mrs, High came for the rest of the Semester, Mrs, Hyde hopes to be back next year and we hope to have her back, Mrs. Winsor Teaches Remedial Reading This year Mrs, Winsor has been teaching only Remedial Reading, She has been teaching at De Anza for thirteen years, She taught Spanish and chorus in the thirteen years but enjoys teaching Remedial Reading, Mrs, Winsor graduated from the University of Redlands with a Bachelor of Music degree, then re- ceived her Masters in Education from the San Femando Valley State College, Susanne Reyes Mickey Rippetoe Lynda Rivers Betty Roberts Aurelia Rosemann Sheena Rowell Steve Sallee Mark Sammons 2-cb gf k"'5-.J Sherre Savala Jeff Schaab Pat Schwerdtfeger Eddie Scott Mark Scott Roberta Sellers Donna Sexton Linda Sharp Vanessa Sherman David Shevling Coralee Skelton Troy Slankard Karen Smith Sheila Smith Tammy Smith Vicki Snodgrass Georgia Solorzano Danny Speer Tom Stephens Ricki Stone Walter Stowe Craig Strickland Larry Stull Charles Swim John Taylor Mary Taylor Susan Tennis Robert Terrazas Karen Terry "-we L Denise Tilmont " Sheryl Todd Kevin Toney Q11 Vffk 62 5-, 'Bw WPI, Qgl-r--5 5 Wt.: 1- SL ?'1" Us f W mp Q M-gy! " f , rf V 3 DeAnza'5 Counseling Staff Mr. Bentz, one of De Anza's counselors, has worked here at De Anza for eleven years. He was a full-time science teacher until 1965. Then he be- came a counselor. He still teaches two seventh grade science classes. He is a counselor for students with their last names starting from "N to Z." He went to Humboldt State College in Northern California. Mrs. Silver came to De Anza this year as a counseling replacement for ZV., p Mrs. Ensign. She has been at De Anza since November 1, 1972. She attended ,C glam school at San Fernando Valley State College and received her B.A. in educa- s I shew tion and obtained her M.A. in Counseling and Guidance for Pupil Personnel. W 1 -5 She also taught kindergarten at St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and at Sheri- ssi' dan Way Elementary School. M .i , Q? Mrs. Ensi n ho es to recover from her e e sur er and be back at De Anza A next year. g p Y g Y 'why 1LVAZ'b Y. 'Q Iv, I 'S 1 Q Q 5 C, . 'K ru t .N If 2... .ss d .4 "N 'X vb ' ,---'fm annmllbw Ja f 79 Pictured above is Mr. White and his 7th period class of Remedial Reading. Mr. White teaches Remedial Reading, Developmental Reading, and English. This year he sponsored the Student Council. 64 f- ' R ',," Hf 1, we-Q B71 1- -1 ss. is- W is E in if s R K 'Wx bv' ,XXX 5-'uve dig as Quiks- I-iw 1 Eighth Graders Frank Torres Ricky Torres Rita Torres Roger Tousignant Bonnie Townsend Cameron Ulery Valerie Valencia Isabel Vargas Robert Vasquez Theresa Vaughn Lawanda Vest Danny Vibbart Kevin Waites Allen Werner Brent Werner Mashel Westbrook Lora Wilkerson Carol Williams Darlene Williams Roger Williams Shelley Witt Sandra Wyatt Alan Yasukawa Adrian Yates Diana Andrews Ellen Baker Pam Bledsoe Stan Bower Steve Curtis Debbie Darrow Rick Lamb Pete Lara Charles Martin Owen Robinson K" 'Ith GRADE James Ballantine Denise Brockus Jodi Cantrell Danny Cobos Agnes Coggins Steven Dobbins David Downing Peter Duran Sandra Gary Jill Glazer Valerie Hilton Russell Idland Ana Lagos Denise Liimatta Elizabeth McCur1is David Musgraves Renee Partain Richard Quicke Penny Rozean Brian Shellnut Joni Smith Susane Stephan Susan Velez Darlene Willingham Brenda Ellis Kimie Hyatt J ack Klassen Tonna Pledger Tony Whatley 8th GRADE Julie Ann Aldrich Diana Bogart Randy Bowers Robert Bugg Barbara Campbell Paula Campbell Lori Caron Daniel Cheverie Darlene Conner Mike Davis Leonard Diaz Ricky French Teresa Gabaldon Barbara Gage Steve Harvey Anita Hatfield Kelley Hicks Cathy Lower Eleanor Prado Steve Sallee Karen Smith Sheila Smith Mary Taylor Bonnie Townsend Sandra Wyatt Alan Yasukawa Chuck Heckenlively Walter Stowe Laura Peterson 9th GRADE Teresa Anderson Frances Baker Patricia Begg Debra Black Roland Bishop Sherri Brown Jan Carlson Helen Davis Billy Ellis Randell Erps Carl Gage Frank Garibaldi Golde Glaser Donald Godbey Richard Clary Robert Gutierrez James Cothran Ruth Haas Cathi C1-055 Kathy Hartman Beverly Davis Bruce Heathcote This year, as in the past, DeAnza Honor Roll students went to Disneylan They left DeAnza at 8:00 and arrived at Disneyland at 10:15, Mr, Branhan and Mr, Dugan passed out the tickets and sent everyone on their way, fFrankly they couldn't hold them back,Q Everyone had a really nice time but dreaded the time when they would have to leave. At 4:00 every- one met at the entrance to start the Lee Henry Alice Huntington John Jensen Emmy Klassen Maureen Mulkey Daniel Munger Mike Musgraves David Newman Kathy Newman Garnett Pelham Darrell Peterson Lynn Pierce Sheryl Putzier Carm Rippetoe Larry Romero Nancy Sage Scotty Scott Robert Ruiz vo and one half hour ride home. Vhen they started out that morning, ll they had were tickets and personal ossesslons At the end ofthe day there ere sacks and candy goodies filling p the bus seats instead of bodies, The bus reached DeAn2a at 6410, The adults that went were Mr, and Irs Dugan, Mr, and Mrs. Branham, Ir and Mrs Evans, Mrs, Post and Ed Seidenkranz Jean Seiler Debra Sharp Doddie Smith Deborah Stafford Debbie Sterzenback Cecil Sutton Susan U lreich Becky Williams William Woodford Gary Yanez Dale Yasukawa Stella Zambrzuski Naomi Burnett Y SEVENTH GRADERS M How to Print a Christmas Card Pictured above is Mr. Jennings showing his seventh grade Graphic Arts Class a Christmas card printed from a linoleurn block. Graphic Arts is a seventh grade class where boys learn the basic skills of drafting. There are fourteen required projects in the seventh grade, Mr. Leo Jennings has been teaching here at De Anza ever since the school opened in 1957 . tn-an A JNX Randy Abel A tsl, Frances Antillon I Seven th. Graders Richard Arbizu , t, 'K Kimberly Arellanes Dean Atwood Marla Austin Micheal Avery Jeanie Bagley Jody Baker Kenneth Baker gii, in Jim Ballantine A ' Steven Bancroft -H A Bobby Barnes 4 2 Q tl Ben Barraza i N Q 'R K X X X N Nancy Barretto 69 Demetrio Barrios Fred Beall Terry Beall Jeff Beckel Christina Beckman Julie Begg Gregory Bennett Caren Benoit Julie Betker Carolyn Biggers Matt Blanco Leanne Blanks Kathy Bohannon Vicki Bomar Janice Bopp Kenny Borron Bill Bowkett Louisa Bringas Anthony Brizuela Victor Brizuela Denise Brockus Jeff Brown Jennifer Brown Mike Brown Ronnie Brown Tyler Brown Donnie Bullard Steven Burdette Denise Burniston Phyllis Burns Nona Byers Kenny Byrd Debra Campbell Noreen Campos Jodi Cantrell Cindy Caron Steven Carr Morris Carroll Bennie Carter Susie Casiano Lisa Castillo Henry Castro Sally Castro Conrad Chavez Billy Churchill 70 Bridging the A bridge was placed this year be- tween the old system and the new . It's called pontoon. Pupils, teachers, and aides operate on an entirely different time schedule for a part of the day. Three of our best teachers, Mr . rranham, Mrs. McKown, and Mrs. Sandall, who really knew what they were doing and believe in classroom control, were working in this area . A few surveyed students felt they got much more from the pontoon than what is usually offered in the regular classroom . More individual attention was made possible by the teachers working togeth- er, For example Mrs. Sandall can show a world geography film to the entire 90 students at one time rather than three showings to small groups - leaving the other two teachers and aides free to work with the remaining students indivi- dually. The science teacher, Mr. Branham, doesn't have to set up the lab three Gap This year one of De Anza's English teachers times as before. But one setting is suffi- cient with the other teachers and aides on hand to help students that need it. Mrs. McKnown, head of De Anza's English department, had help grading the English assignments from the teach- er's aides. Mrs. Chris Vasquez was the pontoon aide at the beginning ofthe year, and later in the year this job went to Mrs. Barbara Jones, a fully creden- tialed teacher. The pontoon also includes combined field trips, better student-teacher rela- tionship and more opportunity to do re- search under adult guidance. Pupils began to see how learning in another area such as world geography was relat- ed to science, science related to Eng- lish, and English related to world geog- raphy. Yes, indeed the bridge has been built, the pontoons of wartime had their place but were only temporary. We hope that the new system of pontoon teaching is here to stay. Mrs. McKown 'WI-up ...ij-3, Miss Lorraine Culver became Mrs. Frank San dall. They were married on November ll and honeymooned over Christmas Vacation They went to their mountain cabin at Shav er Lake. krgr I f ,.,. A J V4 ii ' 4 ' . ,t ' ' Mrs. Sandall Mr , Branharn Seven th Graders Ioyce Churchill Dusty Clark Danny Cobos Aggie Coggins Allen Conder Vickie Cook Tina Coutee Ernest Cox Greg Cox Micheal Cox Mildred Cox Glenda Daniel Lovena Davenport Carol Davis Chuck Davis Lisa Deardorf Marie Delgado Karen Demele Sharon Demele Loretta De Ross Betty Dewberry Margaret Diaz Mark Diener Sandy Dixon Pattie Doan Steven Dobbins Sandra Donaldson David Downing Stacy Drager Ray Duarte Pete Duran Cynthia Dye Kim Edwards Brenda Ellis Kathy Esparza Larry Estrada Roxanne Evans Kathy Farrell Karl Fields Kathi Freeman Donna French Buddy Gamble Anita Garcia Dale Garcia Danny Garcia De Anza lost a world geography teacher last year but gained a new one who is fulfilling the job beauti- Fully. His name is Mr. Tedder and 1e is replacing Mrs, Danzy, whose illness forced her retirement last year, She had been at De Anza since it first opened. Before coming to De Anza Mr, Tedder taught at Buena High School. Elere at De Anza his entire day con- sists of teaching seventh grade world geography, It is a class where the students learn about different coun- :ries around the world and their cul- zures, They also learn about the iistory of the countries. It is re- iuired that every seventh grader :ake this year course, Other sections of world geography ire taught by Mrs, Sandall, Mr, Evans, and Miss Raun. S- 1 ,,, f ,:,,v 'f . 3 - . , -.' E 1, off, - 'lfriaffip ish sssrs K K Y Q4 , dimer Seven th Graders Eddie Garcia Michele Garcia Michael Garland Jimmy Gartman Kitty Garvin Sandra Gary Mike Gezzer Tim Girardin Jill Glazer Geraldine Golding Ralph Gomez Angela Gonzales Sharon Gordon Ronald Grabowsky Richard Greene Martin Guthrie Amelio Gutierrez Tommy Guiierrez Brian Hale Michael Harlow fm' Seventh Graders Jesse Harris Robert Hedge Brandon Hermanson Beatrice Hernandez Dora Hernandez Ernest Hernandez Stella Hernandez Reva Hibdon Terisa Hiebert Valerie Hilton Laura Hodges Jan Holbert Barbara Holdsworth Eddie Hoovan Angel Huerta Kimie Hyatt Russell Idland David Ikeda Wesley Imhoff Wayne Johnson Teresa Johnson Jeff Jones Brenda King Ella King Jack Klassen Joyce Kline Ana Lagos John Lapierre Jayson Leard Jerry Lee Marty Levy Denise Liimatta Ruby Lindley Yvonne Little Michael Lively Richard Logsdon Brian Long Douglas Lydick Edwina Mack Stephen Maddox Gregory Malone Douglas Manning Larry Manriquez Linda Manriques L. f Michael Mayo 74 Seventh Graders Pi' f . . Elizabeth McCurt1s - Patsy McMurray Penny Meade f Julian Medina 'Q x SX, RQ Cathy Meier 1 Hope Mendez Mary Mendez Patrick Miller Marie Molina Debbie Mooney YW! ,P Gabriel Morales 4, A dddd V , . Arlene Morales ST- 5 Sylvia Morales I " s v ' Herbert Moten l' X 1' gh l " David Mullen i M iglii H 3 Patricia Munoz g Y i, by flf' Q a -Ll David Musgraves 1 : ty V V fig E EJ. loni Myers 4 ' L A ., 1 WM p 'V M Michael Nordyke ia . 5 my lv MaryAnne Noyce . X Q P 3 ' P Diana Odell , , 1 Scott Ohler 5' . K ' i , -s. P L, . . 1 3 r , ig Z, Daniel Ollvera J , y A Y F: 4 Roger Olmos ,,.r,.ev K., L I T M 14 Q Vincent Ortega S-:',f:f"'Tf leesy fy X , g y M L , . Renee Partain 'J i k M T y L' ' P' Terri Partain W LL ' T ' I ' A fr 54 "lf Cynthia Patton ft. 'sy, -53, N T L y, ,L . , it 1 xg 6:1 I p 4 A T Gloria Payan H V y K 4fk,, fxiv V j5 ,,hV ,L 'Y Tracy Pearce ff l I ,f H' , 4 5' K I " 'V I I X l il T W I Q F Z? ,, it Q N 2 Diana Perez 5 Q i, lr' 5 ' V, gf' Kerrie Peterson Y I - I G A ' ' Lorraine Phelps ' ' 5 M34 . v M9 5 Kenneth Pierce vi' J.. --'N . ' . X' Faculty Defeat Students in Toys For Tots Volleyball Game The Ninth Grade Organization sponsored a Toys For Tots volleyball game for the ninth graders only, The reason why the ninth graders were the only ones to go to the game was that there was a contest to see which grade could bring the most toys. The ninth graders won. The Service Committee, a part of the Ninth Grade Organization, headed this activity and planned the date for the game, Larry Montoya was chairman, The game was held on December 12, at 2:30, and lasted for a half an hour and the teachers won. tSee also page 17.7 The teachers who played were: Mr, Branham, Mr, White, Mrs, Post, Mrs. Rickard, Mr, Dugan, The students who played included: Carl Gage, Danny Baker, Dale Yasukawa, Maria Moraza, Lee Henry, 75 Mr. Mervyn Teaches Spanish Mr, Mervyn teaches the seventh, eighth, and ninth graders Introduction to Spanish, Spanish I, Spanish II, and English, Introduction to Spanish is mostly taught to seventh graders in their first year of this class to learn as many basic things as possi- 'ble about that language. All the other classes mentioned are more advanced, if , Q ei , : 9 J P R , 1-nk.-o-4 I --ii r ' -'Fas ie, R' fs "-i ,tw ". s' am . ' 5 s f Tracie Pike r 5- if I r 7 Babette Pisonero A , ,N if 2 Vpyiy g A K ,,, Ricky Pitre I '-e , Q, k A 'RL I s exft! Tonna Pledger ' I K! 'H Q ,tse f H of .R Rick P R. it if' I ' C f X A Y oe 5 1 , rls'5 A 4 W I .. 2 in ', I X 1 . S lr Cynthia Poehler - y or I s' Richard Quicke - 34 p ic. ' s p p Shelly Ras-HZ J . in Rosanna Ramirez ' ,T pp ppp' 'fi' W g he Yiiip S Steven Ramirez ,X A Q B I ' G ffslf fr! '1f".' ilifr ' Dolores Rangel -"- fdiiz y ii'? 2 we It Debbie Raphael A - V L' 5 dtygj g.. I Z - Piarre Reed I -ff' ppip t 31 ' Q Connie Revard p - I 5 l Cynthia Reyes h E 4 A X ' 131 , We Yvonne Rice Vickie Ricketts Chris Riddle Bill Riggins Jesse Rippetoe Eddie Roberts Joe Rodarte Kerbela Rodas Russell Roderick Ronnie Rodriguez 76 .gt .. s .. ' ."u I J 5 x 5' . sr!-I E i P- I '55 'R Math Is Taught With Modern Techniques Pictured on the next page, Mr, Dean is using the overhead project to teach his students a shorter way reduce fractions. Mr, Dean helps the students in many ways as much as he can, Mr, Dean is teaching General Math. He teaches six classes, threu seventh grade and three eighth grade, The overhead projector is just one of the modern techniques used in De Anza math classes. In many classes students do individual les- sons, each advancing at his own rate, X Q --W Vickie Rodriguez Richard Romero Tracy Rookwood David Ross Penny Rozean Jeanne Salerno Danette Sanchez Maique Saucedo Mike Saucedo Kenneth Scott Ron Seibel Terry Shaffer Brian Shellnut Roy Shuffield Sheryl Siebler Kimberly Simmons Norvin Skelton Keith Slankard Joni Smith Mike Smith Pam Smith Timmy Smith David Snodgrass Elizabeth Solorzano Eddy Speer Geraldine Spradlin Susane Stephan Sandra Stephans Clifford Stephenson Wayde Stevens Vickie Stocks Eric Stowe Ruth Streaker Richard Stuart Arnold Sutton Marilyn Swift Paul Szabados Kevin Tardiff Geraldine Taylor Eddie Teran Donna Thompson Terry Todd Anita Torres Elizabeth Van Gundy Martin Van Gundy 78 y ,ffyI5,, I ix if xt, ,--4551, R Q Mrs. Canady Becomes Mrs. Fouquette Mrs, Lauri Fouquette fformer Mrs, Canadyj teaches six classes of reading, She has been here for three and a half years. She was married at Christmas time. They have six children, five are her new husband 's, and one is her own. Mr. Stott, Speech Problems Mr, Dale Stott is De Anza's special speech and hearing teacher, He works with kids who have a lisping, stuttering, or language problem, This is Mr, Stott's first year here at De Anza and for such a short time he has accomplished a lot, He: comes here every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Mr. Fortmeyer Mr, Fortmeyer taught two periods of seventh grade art, Two periods of eighth and ninth grade art, He also taught two periods of English, Seven th Graders ,V y ,S L a an 'ii 7' if Chris Van-Haaften Mr. Moody 'Q Q' " 9 I , ,ix f , Susan Velez I L ' 'Nl Q v " Gary Voter y g A 3- Q., -I A :-- A 1 W e Mr, James Moody has X 'X ' ' I rx A I " ' X C?1gsyatVa?1'2?1n I taught for twentY'one years, Hvqwvxtgpgx ' 2. i Jackie ward twelve of them right here at s Q M gg .,r, islam: t DeAnza, He teaches two y 1" i so ff L I 5 jeffrey Ward periods of eighth grade Amer- up Q g ,, 7 ,V A Ay! p ,E Toniy Whatley ican History and four classes -.' A ,355 jg- I 4- A, il L gin of seventh grade math. t y up I 7 I Nicholas Wilkinson K fx N X 7 I tgp X Ray Williams Assists With Seven th Grade . Pon toon my gt. Eva Williams Darlene Willingham Tommy Wimpee Vicki Winkler Danny Wolverton Sherrie Yates Mrs. Barbara jones X by ,Y Mrs, Barbara Jones is a teacher's aide tere at De Anza, She began working December 12, 1972, waiting for an open- ing for a full-time teaching position, She Jas an aide for Mr, Branham in the sev- ,nth grade pontoon, Tim Yost James Bivens Larry Hurd Brett Willard Kathey Wilson T? ,, it .I 'lf TB. BURHEM or-ievno 805 TURA AVE. oat-1 vE1w 40 CHEMEON STANDAR D 649- 9926 g Q wa, IL r My is-...od N, VENTURA COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE TRAILER SERVICE AND STORAGE LOT. Convenient location just off Callens Road. Call us at our new service center, 644-3453 or 647-5767 BlLL'S TRAILER H1 AND SUPPLIES 3680 MARKET STREET, VENTURA Open every day for storage , New Hitches Installed - Wiring Propane Gas - Sewage Disposal Trailer and Boat Supplies - Brake Service Old Hitches Reworked - Estimates TCHE5 79 "lF2J, Faculty Index page subiecis grades colleges degrees years here Benfz 65 Counseling, Science 7 Humboldf, Valley, Long Beach MA, BA I2 Bowen 55 Special Ed. 7, 8, 9 UCLA BA 4 Branham 2I, 67, 7I, 75, 88 Science 7, 8, 9 Cal LuI'heran BA Zlfz Canady 38, 78 Reading 7, 8, 9 Wesfminisier MA, BA 3If2 Clark 34, 38 Social Sludies 9 Oregon BA I0 Darden 27 Nurse San Bernardino AHN I Darling 39, 59 Boys P.E., Ma+h 7, 8, 9 San Jose, Humboldi' BS, MA I0 Dean 77 Malh 7, 8 Arizona, Oklahoma BA I I Dugan 7, 67 Ass+. Principal Ohio, UCLA BA, MA 7 Ensign 64 Counseling N. E. Mo., SFVSC BA, MA I5 Evans 50, 67, 88 Journalism, World Geog. 7, 8, 9 San Jose, Colorado BA, MA I6 Foofe 34 Woodshop 7, 9 UCSB, USC BA, MA I6 Forlmeyer 78 Ari, English 7, 8, 9 Illinois BS, MA I6 Grogan 49 Crafls 8, 9 Long Beach BA 7 Gulhrie 6 Principal W. Texas BS, MA I6 Harkins 42 English, Drama 8, 9 New York, UCSB, SFVSC BA, MA I2 Hyde 62 English 8 Occidenlal BA, MA I6 Jennings 69 Graphic ArI's 7, 8, 9 UCSB, USC BA, MA I6 Johnson 4I Science 8, 9 Fresno, Chico BA 2 Kan+hack 3I Orcheslra, Band 7, 8, 9 USC BA 3 Komp I5, 38 Lab Science 8, 9 UCLA, UCB, UCSB BA, MA 7 Lapolla 3I Reading, Mafh 7, 8, 9 Kenf, Miami, Wesfern, USC BA, MEd I5 Loflhus 54, 55 Chorus, Guilar 7, 8, 9 Arizona, San Jose BA, MA 4 Maflox 32 Malh 8, 9 Indiana, Franklin, UCLA BA, MA II McKown 7l English 7, 8, 9 UCSB BA 4 Mervyn 76 Spanish, English 7, 8, 9 Ohio, New Mexico BA, MA I I R I T 14 ,S f ' 'Y W 0 M E W E 14 R ' 519 VENTURH HVE 9 ANI OAK VIE W R. E. B A R B E R 7anq 22, wud Every pizza a masler pizza I OPEN 4 P.M. - I2 Midnighl' - Fri and Sal fill I A.M. ,. IAT FIGUEROA - ENTRANCE TO FAIRGROUNDSI nobo dy oufdea ls barber ford 642-6701 485-6761 3440 eastmain vc ntura l863 Thompson Venlura, 643-8425 REED 81 LANG CON STRU CT ION I880 N. Venlura Avenue 648-3I43 TCP 8: I-IOPPE Wdw nobawoldf-baaldonedf sfow . . . b - ' jus oldf Imldoaedfpuces 5 ,W -- - - 'jj E' l in q V I Q I 14 Il I! 3" ln -N 4 xl. s 4,3 QM I ' mm: w as CLAlgCwB12.TTEN x LGI? 7 iid 643-5445 S-Z p l '-j'j',fi"m""WL I703 N. Venlura Ave. 6439934 - vemura' Calif' 93ooI 643-5439 360 Norlh Venlura Ave Moody Morris O'FarrelI Posf Ra un Rickard Sandall Schaefzel Silver Siville Smifh S+ou+ Ta n Tedder Vadnais Van Leeuwen Wallace While Winsor Zierer Ruzicha Jones SIoH' Vasquez Sfouf IMissl Coolrs Cus+odians Bus Drivers Page 78 39, 59 28 9, 49 58, 67 38, 60 7I 28 65 28 I8, 47 39, 57 27, 88 72, 88 33 58 60 39, 64, 75 63 7, 88 62 79 78 44 33 52 60 60 Faculty Index Icontinuedj Subiecfs Malh, American Hisfory Boys P.E. English Arl, Craffs P.E., World Geog. English, Am. Hisfory English, World Geog. Foods, Clolhing Counseling Foods, Clolhing Typing, Nolehand Melalshop, Mafh Librarian World Geography Malh Girls P.E. Hisfory, Governmenf Reading, English Reading Assisfanf Principal English English Speech Correcfion Science Grades 7, B 7, 8, 9 8, 9 7, B, 9 7, 8, 9 7, B 7 7 8,9 8,9 8,9 7 7,9 7,8,9 8,9 7 7,8,9 8 Colleges Degrees Years UCSB, UC BA I2 UCSB, USC BA, MA I6 UCSB BA I I UCSB BA 2 Fresno, Chico, UCSB BA IV2 UCLA BA 3lf2 UCB, UCSB BA 2 Long Beach BA 2 Pacific, Valley BA, MA I Ball SIa+e BA, MA 3 Cal Poly BS 3 UCSB, USC BA, MA I6 Hawaii, USC BA, MA I6 San Fernando BA I USC MS 8 UCLA BS I6 Wisconsin, USC, Valley BS I0 San Fernando BA 2 San Fernando BM, ME I3 UCLA, USC BA, MS I6 Indiana, Oregon, Purdue V2 Hayward BA V2 Long Beach I Moorpark 2 Colorado BS fancliy painf Co. oak vIew california 505 N. Venfura Ave. +erry and randy 4I00 Telegraph Road. I924 Eas'I Main. CALIFORNIA Phone: 648-526I drum ,ming pm, ,,,,,,, mmmuww personal exchange BISHOPS AUTO PARTS agen. phg:lvZ4g-T525 rmrswfs vouuaef 241 1 E' MAIN ST 760 ven'Iurd aye- sau unless nncnvz 1 ruu. DAY: T .J ABEL. RICKY I4 ADAMS, MARK I4, 88 ALLEN, DAVID I, I5, 3I, 38, 54 ALLEN, GENE I5 ALVAREZ, JULIO ANDERSON, TERESA I5, I7, 38, 66 ANTILLON, CATALINA I, IO, I5 AVILES, ROBERT I5 AYALA, ANNA I4, 88 BAKER, DANIEL I4 BAKER, FRANCES I5, 3I, 47, BROWN, SHERRI I6, IO, 8, 9, 44, 59, 66 BURNETT, NAOMI 4, IO, I6, 67 BUSS, VINCENT I6 BUTLER, VICKEY I6, 3I, 47 CAMPOS, LYNN I7 CANADA, TONI I6 CANTRELL, CLAY I6 CARLSON, JAN 34, 55, 66 CARR, ANDREA I6 CARROLL, SHERRY 34 CASTRO, RAYMOND 34 CHACON, JORGE I6 I Iinth Grade Index DUCKWORTH, OLIVER I9 DURBIN, JOHN I9 DUTTON, CLAUDIA I9, 54 DYE, LINDA I9, 54 EDENS, PAUL I9 EDWARDS, JEANETTE I8, 6, 54 EICHMAN, TODD I9 ELLIS, BILLY I9, 66 ERPS, RANDELL I9, 66, 88 EVANS, ANNA I9 FLY, AMELIA I9 FORD, KIM 4, I0, I8, 38,88 GAGE, CARL I9, I7, 42, 66 HARBISON, KIMBERLY 2I, 54 HARBISON, ROBIN 2I HARDING, RICHARD 2I HARTMAN, KATHY 2I, I, I7, I8, 3I, 42, 66 HAWLEY, LANE 2I HEATHCOTE, BRUCE 20, I, I7, 3I, 38, 42, 66, 67 HECKENLIVELY, STEVEN 35 HENRY, LEE 74, 20, 38, 67, 88 HENSLEY, ROBERT 20 HERNANDEZ, DOLLY 2I, 54 HERNANDEZ, DOROTHY 2I HERNANDEZ, LUPE 35 4,6 CLARY, RICHARD I6, I7, 66 GARCIA, CINDA I9, 54 HERRING, VICKI 2I, 42 BANCRQFTI RUSSEL I6 COLLINS, DORA I7 GARCIA, DEBBIE I9, aa HIBDON, ORYILLE 2I, 39 BARBOSAI MARIA I .5 22 CORTEZ, FRANK I6, 44, 55 GARCIA, JOHNNY I9 HILL, APRIL 2I, 59 44' 54 ' ' ' CORTEZ, MARY I6 GARCIA, LORI I9, 46, 47 HOLDING, DOROTHY zo, 54 BARKER, TERRY 8, I0, I5, 88 BARROZO, CONNIE 4, IO, I5, 55 BEALL, DEBBIE I5, 88 BECKER, MARK BEEM, KAREN I6 BEGG, PATRICIA I6, 66 BEVERFORD, JACK BISHOP, ROLAND I6, 47, 59, 66 BLACK, BRIAN I6 BLACK, DEBRA I7, 42, 66, 88 BLEVINS, NITA BLUNK, GREGORY I6 BOAN, ALVIN I6 BOOTH, TOMMY I6 BORRON, KAREN I6 BOYNTON, SHARON I6, 3I BRIGGS, PAUL I7, 55 BRIZUELA, ANTHONY I6 COTHRAN, JAMES I6, 66 COUTEE, CLAYTON I6, 34 COX, JOY SUE I6 CRABTREE, PAT 35 CROSS, CATHI I7, 38, 66 CROW, JOHN I6, I8 CUEVA, IRENE I6, 45 CUNDIFF, SHAROL I6 CUNDIFF, SHARON 35 DAVIS, BEVERLY I6, 66 DAVIS, HELEN I6, 66 DAVIS, MARY I7 DAVIS, STEVEN I8 DAYTON, TONIE I9, 54, 55 DEAN, MARK I9, 30 DE LOS SANTOS, ROBERT I9 DIAZ, ART I9 DINELEY, MEARL I9, 34 DONNELLY, DONALD DOWNING, SUSAN I8, 4, 8, GARCIA MITCHELL I8, 3I, GARIBALDI, FRANK I9, I, 66, 44, 55 39 GARTMAN, ROBIN I9 GLASER, GOLDE I9, 28, 66, 88 GODBEY, DONALD I9, 55, 60 GOMEZ, ANITA I9, 44 GOMEZ, LINDA I8, 44, 47, 88 GONZALES, MARIA I9, I7 GONZALES, THOMAS GRABOWSKY, GAIL I9 GRAVELLE, ANTHONY I9 GRIZZARD, MICHAEL I9 GUAJARDO, MANUEL I9, 38 44, 54 GUTIERREZ. ROBERT 20, 66 HAAS, RUTH 20, 66 HALE, TERESA 35 HOLDSWORTH, RICHARD 20, 46 HULSEY, RENEE 20, 22, 3, 88 HULSEY, ROBIN 2I HUNTINGTON, ALICE 2I, 67 HURT, GEORGIA 35, 55 IMHOFF, GLORIA 2I IZER, LARRY 2I JASPER, KIP 2I JENSEN, JOHN 24, 3I, 67 JOHNSON, DAVID KENNEDY, KEN 24 KENNEDY, RHONDA 24 KENNEDY, STEVEN 25 KIRK, DEBBIE 25, 88 KLASSEN, EMMY 25, 67 KLINE, LINDA 25 KOZIBA, KITTY 25, 42, 46, 47 KREIDER, SUSAN 24, 67 LAMB, JOSEPH BRQWN' JENNIFER 35 IO, 88 HAMLET, ANTHONY 20, 45 LAPIERRE, CLAIRE 24, 38 24 Hour Service BRUCE'S TRANSPORT THE TOP HAT SERVICE INCORPORATED BURGER PALACE 2I76 N. Venfura Avenue 299 Eas+ Main Shed VGHIW- Camofnif' venma, CGIITOFNIB 643-9696 643-6900 FRED LEIGH PRI TI G O fsgf , ' ii .. p fgfe 1- 4 - , I Ventura SS , 4 1? .. 5 'Zi ff Z Since 1920 ' ' -A A G ff C 50 Norfh Oak 1 ' If Veniura 643-39I0 MICHEAL 26, 3I, 59 Best Wishes to DeAnza 's Ninth Graders and Their inth Grade Organization from former DeAnza student Ioe Romero LARA, ERNIE24, 44, 88 LEARD, JEFFRY 25 LEE, JAMES 25 LEGGETT, LAVERNE 25, 54 LEONARDO, TIM 25 LEROY, JOSEPH 25 LEVY, TAMMY 24, 88 LISTER, KATHY 24 LITTLE, BETTY 24, 59 LIVINGSTON, DEBBIE 25, 30 LOFFSWOLD, DIANA 25, 47 LOGSDON, JAMES 25, I7, 57 67 LORENZANA, VANESSA 25, 44, 67 LOVE, RICKY 25, 67 LUNSFORD, CHUCK 26 LYONS, MARGARET 26, 9, 38 MACIAS, DAVID 26, 38, 39, 44, 47 MACLEAN, JOHN 26 MAHONEY, DEBBIE 26 MALLOCH. ROBERT MALONE, MARK 26 MANNING, DEBRA 26, 38 MANNING, DOREEN 26 MAROUEZ, GINA 26, 44, 46 MARTIN, STEVE 26 MCCANLESS, ROBERT 26, I MCCURTIS, YVONNE 26, 45, 54 MCMURRAY, VINCENT 26, 45 MEADE, LARRY 27, I MEDINA, MARCOS 27 MILLER MILLER MILLER 88 MILLER . COLLEEN 26, 59. 88 MILLER, , AUSTIN 26, 55 IRENE 26 LORI 26, 30, 59, 67, MONTOYA, LARRY 27, 42, 3I, 88 MOORE, GLENN 27 MOORE, SHELLEY 28. I8, 67 inth Grade Index Icontinuedj MORAGA, RICHARD 28, 4, 34 MORALES, PATRICIA 28, 29 MORAZA, MARIA 29, I5, I7, 44, 47, 67 MORRIS, STEVEN 29 MORSE, DAVID 29, 38, 67, 88 MOSBY, SALLY 29 MOYER, KATHY MULKEY, MAUREEN 29, 67 MULLINS, DONNELL 28 MUNGER, DANIEL 28, 59, 67 MURPHY, LARY 28 MURPHY, MICHAEL 29 MUSGRAVES, MICHAEL I, 29, 67 NAVARRO, SHELLEY 29, 59 NEWMAN, BECKY 29, 88 NEWMAN, DAVID 29, 49, 67 NEWMAN, KATHY 30, 38, 67 OHAGAN, BRIAN 8, 30, 42, 46 OLIVER, NANCY 30 OLMOS, MIKE 30 OXFORD, KELLY 30 PADILLA, LAURA 30, 44 PAGE, DAVID 30 PEARSON, RODNEY 30, 55 PELHAM, GARNETT 4, I0, 30, 38 PETERSON, DARRELL I, 30, 67 PHELPS, LARRY 30, 55 PIERCE, LYNN 30, 67 POEHLER, FERNANDO 30 POEHLER, PATRICIA 3I, 55 POEHLER, TERESA 30, 3I, 55 PULIDO, AURORA 3I PULLEN, STEVEN 30, 3I PUTZIER, SHERYL 30, 67, 88 OUINN, KATHERINE 30 QUISENBERRY, RANDY 30 RAMIREZ, RICHARD 30, 3I, 44, 55 RANGEL, RITA 3l, 45 REED, PAMELA 3I REID, STEWART 3I RIBBLE, DON 32 RIGSBY, RONNIE 32, 55 RIPPETOE, CARMEN 30, 32, 38 RODAS, ULISES 32, 38 ROGERS, DANNY 32. 38 ROMERO, LARRY 33, 39, 47, 54, 67, 88 ROMERO, TINA 33, 38, 54, 55 RUIZ, ROBERT 4, 33, 57, 67 SAGE, NANCY 4, I0, 32, 38, 44, 47, 54, 67 SALDANA, RICKY 32 SAUCEDO, RAUL 32 SCHAAB, MARK 30, 32 SCHWERDTFEGER, ROBT 32 SCOTT, BONNIE 33, 55 SCOTT, SCOTTY 33, 34, 67 SEIBEL, DAVE 33 SEIDENKRANZ, ED 32, 39, 54, 67 SEILER, JEAN 32, 42, 67 SHARP, DEBRA 32, 42, 67 SHIPLEY, RENE 4, I I, 32, 44, 47, 54 SIEBLER, DAVID 32, 88 SILVAS, RUTH 33 SMITH, CHARLES I, 33, 39 SMITH, DODDIE 33, 67 SMITH, LESLIE 32 SMITH, ROBERT 30 SNODGRASS, DOROTHY 32 SOLORZANO, DOLORES 32, 54 SPITTLER, ROSE 32, 55 SPURLOCK, MARY 32 STAFFORD, DEBORAH 33, 42, 67 STERZENBACH, DEBBIE 4, I0, 33, 67 STEVENS, DAVID 33 STUFFLEBEAM, JIM 34 SUTTON, CECIL 3I, 34, 42, 67 SUTTON, JUDY 35, 54, 55 TERRY, CARALYNDA 35 THOMAS, DIANA 35 THOMPSON, MARK 35, 55 TOWNSEND, CATHY 35 TRICE, KELLIE 34 TRUJILLO, JO ANN 34 ULREICH, SUSAN 4, 35, 54, 67 VARGAS, ELOISE 35, 44, 47, 60, 88 VELOZ, JOHN 35, 44 VEST, BYRL 35, 54 VOTER, MIKE 35 WAITES, RENE 34, 47, 54 WALLIS, GARY 34 WARD, PAM 4, I0, 35, 54, 88 WATKINS, PATRICE 35 WENDEL, STEVE 35, 88 WENZEL, JAKE I, 35 WESCOTT, FLO I0, 35, 54, 55 WHITE, JAMES 34 WHITE, PAM 6, 34 WIGGINS, DOUG 4, 34 WILLIAMS, DAVID 35 WILLIAMS, PAT 30, 35, 38, 54, 55, 59 WILLIAMS, BECKY 35, 66, 88 WINGO, KIM 35 WOODFORD, BILL II, 35, 42, 43, 59, 67 WOOLEY, CHRIS I5, 28, 35, 54, 55, 88 YANEZ, GARY I7, 3I, 34, 42, 54, 66, 67 YASUKAWA, DALE 34, 38, 39, 59, 66, 67 YOST, MELISSA 35 YOUNG, JEANETTE 35, 88 ZAMBRZUSKI, STELLA 35,42 ZINSKEY, DEBI 35, 88 'RAW 1-ouu ,wir:vHoLrfiT "' ffm -1 as I ' AGUILAR, DANIEL 48 AGUILAR, DAVID 48 ALDRICH, JULI 42, 49, 59, 66 ANDREWS, DIANA 65, 88 ANTILLON, BEATRIZ 49, 55 ARBIZU, ROBERT 49, 46 ARELLANES, PAMELA 49, I8, 54 BAKER, ELLEN 65 BAKER, BRYAN 49, 6I BAKER, TAMMY 49 BALLANTINE, DEBIE 48, 46, 47 BANEY, STEVE 48, 54 BARRAZA, KATHY 49 BARTLE, JODI 49, 47 BATY, MARY 49, 44 BENOIT, DONNA 49 BESAND, BEVERLY 49 BIATS, DEBI 49, 38 BIVINS, MIKE 38, 50, 55 BLEDSOE, PAM 64, 54 BOE, CATHY 5I, 45, 88 BOGART, DIANA 5I, 3I, 66 BOHANNON, PAM 5I BOWER, STAN 64 BOWERS, RANDY 5I, 3I, 66 BRANDENBURG, CHARLES 5I BRANHAM, CATHYREN 5I BRIZUELA, RAMIRO 6I BROSMAN, CORREEN SI, 47 BROWN, PENNIE 50, 35, 42, 43, 44, 54 BUGG, ROBERT 5I, 30 BURDETTE, LARRY 5I, 30 BUTLER, CHARLENE 5I Eighth Grade Index CAMPBELL, BARBARA 5I, 66 CAMPBELL, PAULA 5I, 30, 66, 88 CAMPOS, DOREEN 5I CARON, LORI 47, 5I, 66 CARON, MITCH 5I, 57 CARR, JANET 5I, 30, 42, 46 CARROLL, KATHY SI CASTOR, TERRY 5I CATLETT, LISA 5I CERVANTEZ, DIANE 5I CERVANTES, MIKE 5I CHEVERIE, DANIEL 5I, 3I, 66 COBOS, LARRY 5I COGGINS, JIM 5I COLANGELO, TERRI 5I, 59 COLEMAN, PAT 5, I I, 38, 47, 5I CONNER, DARLENE 5I, 66 CONTRERAS, RICHARD 5I, 88 COONS, DEBBIE 52, 49 CORTEZ, ESMERALDA 52, 44 CORTEZ, STELLA 53, I8 CORTEZ, NORMA 53 COX, DIANA 53 COX, LEROY COX, PATTY 53 CROW, SHERRY 53 CUDAHY, CINDY 53 CUEVA, VICTOR 52, 45 CURTIS, BRENDA 52 CURTIS, STEVE 65 DALTON, RENE 53 DARROW, DEBBIE 65 DAVIS, CATHY 53 DAVIS, MIKE 53,66 DAVIS, SHARI 53, 46 DAVIS, TED 53 DELGADO, PAUL 53 DEWBERRY, TOMMY 52 DIAZ, LEONARD 52, 66 DINNELL, DOREEN 53 DODD, PAM 53 DONALDSON, JOHN 53, 3I DONATHAN, WAYNE 53, 75 DOUGLAS, BRENDA 53 DOWNEY, TIM 53 DUNLAP, CAROL 52 ELOM, JOHN 52, 3I EVANS, SHERYL 53, 88 FERRO, SUZIE 53 FISCHER, LORRIE 53 FLORES, JOE 53, 3I FOUTS, SUSAN 53, 46, 55 FRASER, DANNY 53 FRAZIER, CHRISTINA 54, 4, 30 FRAZIER, DANTA 54 FRENCH, RICKY 54, 66 FRENCH, ROBERT 54 FRIAS, ANA 54, 30 FRIAS, PETE 55, 46 GABALDON, TERESA 55, 30, 47, 66 GAGE, BARBARA 54, 42, 43, 59, 66 GAIMARI, STEPHANIE GALLOP, MIKE 54 GAMBLE, BUTCH 54 GARCIA, LINDA 54, I0 GARCIA, NORMA 54 GARNER, JACK 55 GETMAN, JEFF 55 GEZZER, MARK 55 GODWIN, RON 55, 45, 75 GOMEz, SALLY 57 GOMEZ, JEANNIE 57,47 GOODIN, MARIE 57, Io, 59 GORDON, JOI-IN 57, 75 Goss, DONALD GREENE, AVA 57. 45 GREGORY, MARY 57 GREGORY, RHONDA 55, 46 GUTHRIE, RUSSELL 55 HAFLICH. CINDY 57, 3 I, 54 I-IAMBLIN, TAMMY 57 HAMLET, ALEsIA 57, 45 I-IARIzIsON, STEPHEN 57 HARVEY, STEVEN 57, 55 I-IASKETT, TERI 57 I-IATEIELD, ANITA 55, 55 I-IAwKINs, REBECCA 55, 54, 6I HAYNES, JUDY 57, 6I, 45 HECKENLIVELY, CHARLES 57 66 HEFNER, SHIRLEY 57 HELTON, ROBERT 57 HERNANDEZ, BOBBY 57 HERNANDEZ, CYNTHIA 57 HIBDON, GERALD 58, I8 HICKS, CYNDI 58 HICKS, KELLEY 58, 55, 66, 46 HIGGINBOTHAM, LOYD 58 JESTA MOME ' If School kids had Iheir way, Ieachers would be paid so well fhey could all relire immedia- fely Good luck +o all +he DeAnza sfudenl-body. Avenue Pharmacy Bob Crow AVE UE 5-C' 4-ev I PHXIRMAC Y Veniura, California 84 Phone: 643- I 264 648-4I 87 hamilton diamond co. 363604, Qg at archer reed I. - wire lm service 328 E. Main S+. Z I 642.7061 Venlura, Calif. 'le T? A fhinking ' n , 643-3274 f I II fellow will I i I ,,.. H V. A I -Q-, I call 'lhe A . . -" ,ae ' "' YELLOW ' 6, - F'iZJ1Ifl'+y I ly 8? a I 6 - I 543222' 1 '. 'Road Eighth Grade Index Icontinuedj HOLBERT, RANDY 58, 57 HOLDING, TAMMY 58 HOLLADAY, ANGELA 59 HOPKINS. TROY 59, 3l HOPPE, CRAIG 58, I, 7 HORST, ROBIN 58, 54 HUERTA, MARIA 58 HUME, JANET LYNN 58, 88 JOHNSON, PAUL 58 JONES, CLIFF 58, 30, 55 KEETER, KATHERINE 59 KENNEDY, TERRY 59 KESSELRING, ANNA 58 KIRKSEY. DOUGLAS 58. 30 KIZER, JOHN 58 LAGOS, JAIME 58 LAKE, WINDY 54 LAMB, RICHARD 65 LA MERES, DAVID 58 LARA, PETE 65 LARA, THERESA 58, 4, 44 LATELLA, VINCENT 59 LECHMAN, DONNA 59, 30 LEDFORD, RENEE 58 LEE, JAMES 58, 3l, 34 LEGGETT, DORRIS 58 LEONARDO, WILLIAM 58 LIGHTNER, RAYANNA 58, 3I, 59, 46 LITTLE, APRIL 58 LONG, JANET 59 LORENZANA, MARK 59 LOWE, DARLYN 58 LOWER, CATHERINE 58, 66 MACHAN, RALPH MANRIQUEZ, MARY 58, bl, 47, 55 MANRIOUEZ, HELEN 58 MARNHOLTZ, ELLEN 58 MARSHALL, BENNIE 58, 45 MARTIN, CHARLES 65 MARTIN, GARY 59 MARTIN, LAURA 59 MARTINEZ, KATHY 60 MARTINEZ, MARK 60 MARTINEZ, PAULA bl MATHEWS, ALLEN bl MATHIS, SHANDA bl, 46 MAYNES, RICKY bl MCBEE, BLAIR bl MCCANLESS, TERRY bl MCCAULLEY, JULIE MCCAULLEY, ROBERT MCCLAIN, KAREN 60 MCCLAIN, KATHY 60 MCMURRAY, BRYANT bl, 56 MEAD, TOM bl MERRILL, THOMAS bl MILLER, DON bl, 57 MOONEY, PATTY bl, 54, 4 MORALES, MANUEL bl, 75, 44 MORRISON, MIKE 60, bl NAGY, WALTER 60 NAVARRO, ALEX 6I NEATHERY, TIMOTHY 6I NELSON, RICHARD bl NORDYKE, LAWRENCE bl, 57 OCHS, ROBIN bl ODELL, KATHLEEN bl, 46, 60, 88 OHAGAN, KELLEY 60, 4, 8, 44 OLIVERA, JULIE 60. I0 OVERCAST, KELLEY 6l PAGE, RICKY DEAN bl PASCOE, DOROTHY bl PELHAM, DORTHY bl, 47, I0 PEREZ, MARIA bl, 30 PETERSON, LAURA 6I, 66 PRADO, ELEANOR 60, bl, 66, 46 PROSSER, JACALYN 60, 46 QUINN, TIMOTHY bl, 75, 3I QUISENBERRY, JANICE bl, I, I0 RAMIREZ, DIANA bl RAMIRO, BRISUELA bl RAMSEY, BRENDA bl, 54, 46 RANGEL, KATHLEEN bl REYES, SUSANNE 62, 46 RIPPETOE, MICHEULA 62 RIVERS, LINDA 62, bl ROBERTS, BETTY 62, 59, 88 ROBINSON, OWEN 65 ROSEMANN, AURELIA 62 ROWELL, SHEENA 62, I SALLEE, STEVEN 63, 66 SAMMONS, MARK 63, 55 SAVALA, SHERRE I, 62,46 SCHAAB, JEFFREY 62 SCHWERDTFEGER, PAT 62 SCOTT, EDDIE 62 SCOTT, MARK 62, 38 SELLERS, ROBERTA 62, 55 SEXTON, DONNA 63 SHARP, LINDA 63, 30 SHERMAN, VANESSA 62 SHEVLING. DAVID 62 SKELTON, CORALEE 62, 6I SLANKARD, TROY 62, 38 SMITH, KAREN 62, 46, 66 SMITH, SHEILA 62, 46, 66 SMITH, TAMMY 63, 54, 59, I I SNODGRASS, VICKI 63, I8 SOLORZANO, GEORGIA 62 SPEER, DANNY 62, 45 STEPHENS, TOM 62 STONE, RICKI 62 STOWE, WALTER 62, bl, 66 STRICKLAND, CRAIG 62 STULL, LARRY 63, 30, bl SWIM, CHARLES 63 TAYLOR, JOHN 62, 3l TAYLOR, MARY 62, 66 TENNIS, SUSAN 62, 3I TORRES, FRANK 65, bl TORRES, RICKY 65. 56 TORRES, RITA 64 TOUSIGNANT, ROGER 64, 30 TOWNSEND, BONNIE 65, 4, 66 ULERY. CAMERON 65 VALENCIA, VALERIE 65, 44 VARGAS, ISABEL 65, 56, bl VASQUEZ, ROBERT 65, 44 VAUGHN, THERESA 65 VEST, LAWANDA 64 VIBBART, DANNY 64 WAITES, KEVIN 65, 3l WERNER, ALLEN 65 WERNER, BRENT 65 WESTBROOK, MASHEL 65 WILKERSON. LORA 65 WILLIAMS, CAROL 65, 59 WILLIAMS, DARLENE 64 WILLIAMS, ROGER 64 WITT, SHELLEY 65 WYATT, SANDRA 65, I, 60, 66, 88 YASUKAWA, ALAN 65, 38, 66 YATES, ADRIAN 65 TERRAZAS, ROBERT 62, I8, 47 TERRY, KAREN 62 TILMONT, DENISE 62. 46, 55, 6l TODD, SHERYL 63, I TONEY, KEVIN 63 . +. Alliecl CCZISIFUC non Since? 2496 E. Main Engineering Co. venlum 2300 N. Venlura Ave. Phone 648-3 I4I SIEBLER'S FLOOR Purple Wagon Square ' COVERINGS 376 Venlura Oak View 643-ZI53 , - as 649 249 I ABEL, RANDY 69 AMESOUITA, DAVID 44 ANTILLON, FRANCES 69, I0 ARBIZU, RICHARD 69 ARELLANES, KIMBERLY 69, I8, 73 ATWOOD, DEAN 69 AUSTIN, MARLA 69, I8 AVERY, MICHEAL 69 BAGLEY, JEANIE 69 BAKER, JODY 69 BAKER, KENNETH 69 BALLANTINE, JIM 69, 7I, 66 BANCROFT, STEVEN 69 BARNES, BOBBY 69 BARRAZA, BEN 69 BARRETTO, NANCY 69 BARRIOS, DEMETRIO 70 BEALL, FRED 70 BEALL, TERRY 70 BECKEL, JEFFREY 70 BECKMAN, CHRISTINA 70 BEGG, JULIE 70 BENNETT, GREGORY 70 BENOIT, CAREN 70 BETKER, JULIA 70 BIGGERS, CAROLYN 70 BIVENS, JAMES 79 BLANCO, MATTHEW 70 BLANKS. LEANNE 70 BOHANNON, KATHY 70 BOMAR, VICKI 70 BOPP, JANICE 70 BORRON, KENNY 70 BOWKETT, BILL 70 BRINGAS, LOUISA 70 BRIZUELA, ANTHONY 70 BRIZUELA, VICTOR 70 BROCKUS, DENISE 70, 66 BROWN, JEFFREY 70 BROWN, JENNIFER 70 BROWN, MIKE 70 BROWN, RONNIE 70 BROWN, TYLER 70, 2, 26 BULLARD, DONNIE 70, 45 BURDETTE, STEVEN 70 BURNISTON, DENISE 70, 7I BURNS, PHYLLIS 70 BYERS, NONA 70 BYRD, KENNY 70 Seventh Grade Index CAMPBELL, DEBRA 1o, 7I CAMPOS, NOREEN 70 CANTRELL, JODI 1o, 66 CARON, CINDY 70 CARR, STEVEN 70 CARROLL, MORRIS 70 CARTER, BENNIE 70 CASIANO, JESUSA ISUSIEI 70 CASTILLO, LISA 1o, Io, 55,44 CASTRO, HENRY 70 CASTRO, SALLY 70 CHAvEz, CONRADO 1o, 7I CHURCHILL, JOHN w. IBILLYI 70 CHURCHILL, JOYCE 72 CLARK, DUSTY 72 COBOS, DANNY 72, 66 COGGINS, AUGGIE 72, 66 CONDER, ALLEN 72 COOK, vICKIE 72 COUTEE, TINA 72, 45 Cox, ERNEST 72 Cox, GREGORY 72 Cox, MICHEAL 72 Cox, MILDRED 72 DANIEL, GLENDA 72 DAVENPORT, LOYENA 72 DAVIS, CAROLANN 72 DAVIS, CHARLES 72, 46 DEARDORE, LISA 72 DELGADO, MARIE 72 DEMELE, KAREN 72 DEMELE, SHARON 72 DEROSS, LORETTA 72 DEWBERRY, BETTY 72, 45 DIAZ, MARGARET 72, 45 DIENER, MARK 72, 7I DIxoN, SANDRA 72 DOAN, PATTIE 72 DOBBINS, STEVEN 72, 66 DONALDSON, SANDRA 72 DowNING, DAVID 72, 66 DRAGER, STACY 72 DLIARTE, REYNALDO, JR. 72 DURAN, PETER 72, 66 DYE, CYNTHIA 72 EDWARDS, KIMBERLEY 72 ELLIS, BRENDA 72, 66 ESPARZA, KATHRYN 12, 7I ESTRADA, LARRY 72 EVANS, ROXANNE 72 FARRELL, KATHLEEN 72 FIELDS, KARL 72 FREEMAN, KATHI 72 FRENCH GARCIA GARCIA GARCIA GARCIA GARCIA , DONNA 72 GAMBLE, , ANITA 72 DALE 72 DANIEL 72 EDWARD 73 MICHELE 73 BUDDY 72 GARLAND, MICHAEL 73 GARTMAN, JAMES 73 GARVIN, KITTY 73 GARY, SANDRA 73, 7I GEzzER, MICHAEL 73 GIRARDIN, TIMOTHY 73 GLAZER, JILL 73, 66 GOLDING, GERALDINE 73, 7I, 74 GOMEZ, RALPH 73 GONZALES, ANGELA 73 GORDON, SHARON 73 GRABOWSKY, RONALD 73 GREENE, RICHARD 73 GUTHRIE, MARTIN 73 GUTIERREZ, AMELIO 73 GUTIERREZ, OSCAR GuTIERREz, TOMMY 73 HALE, BRIAN 73 HARLow, MICHAEL 73 HARRIS, JESSE 74 HERMANSON, BRADON 74 HEDGE, ROBERT 74 HERNANDEZ, DORA 74 HERNANDEZ, BEATRICE 74 HERNANDEZ, ERNESTO 74 HERNANDEZ, STELLA 74 HIBDON, REVA 74 HIEBERT, TERISA 74 HILTON, VALERIE 14, 66 HODGES, LAURA 14, I0 HOLBERT, JEANNETTE 74 HOLDSWORTH, BARBARA 74 HOOVAN, EDDIE 74 HUERTA, ANGEL 74 HuRD, LARRY 14, 79 HYATT, KIMIE 14, 4, 3B, 66 IDLAND, RUSSELL 14, 66 IKEDA, ARNOLD 74 IMHOFF, WESLEY 74 JOHNSON, WAYNE 74 JOHNSON, TERESA 74 JONES, JEFFREY 74 KING, BRENDA LEE 74 KING, ELLA MAE 74 KLASSEN, JACK 74, 66 KLINE, JOYCE 74 LAGOS, ANA 74, 66 LAPIERRE, JOHN 74 LEARD, JAYSON 74 LEE, JERALD 74, 7I LEVY, MARTIN 74 LIIMATTA, DENISE 74, 66 LINDLEY, RUBY 74, 55 LITTLE, YVONNE 74 LIVELY, MICHAEL 74 LOGSDON, RICHARD 74 LONG, BRIAN 74, 70 LYDICK, DOUGLAS 74 MACK, EDWINA 74 MADDOX, STEPHEN 74 MALONE, GREGORY 74 MANNING, DOUGLAS 74, 7I MANRIOUEZ, LARRY 74 MANRIOUEZ, LINDA 74 MARTIN, ALLEN MARTIN, WILLIAM MAYO, MICHAEL 74, 38 MCCURTIS, ELIZABETH 75, 66, 45 MCMURRAY, PATSY 75, 45 MEADE, PENNY 75 MEDINA, JULIAN 75 MEIER, CATHY 75 MENDEZ, HOPE 75 MENDEZ, MARY ELLEN 75 MILLER, PATRICK 75 MOLINA, MARIE 75 MOONEY, DEBBIE 75, 7l MORALES, GABRIEL 75 MORALES, ARLENE 75, I8 MORALES, SYLVIA 75 MOTEN, HERBERT 75, 7I, 45 MULLEN, DAVID 75 MUNOZ, PATRICIA 75 MUSGRAVES, DAVID 75, 66 MYERS, JONI SUE 75 NORDYKE, MICHAEL 75 NOYCE. MARYANNE 75 THE RED BARN CARD CLUB Small Iimifed games open 7 days a week I285 No. Venfura Ave. Venf. Calif. 643-9306 BRAND'S BUENA PHARMACY Com plefe pharmacy needs: 2555 Main Venfura Phone: 643-5570 Venfura, California I I MATT 'S KEY B. B IKE Wil, SHOP I 111 A 2424 E. Main Sf. 'HMM' Venfura, Calif. 1, R 643-3009 f A C 4, D , X 1. I ,, so LQ UPERETTE 995 Norfh Venfura Avenue Venfura, California 9300I Phone: 643-5I07 ODELL, DIANA 75 REYES, CYNTHIA 76 SKELTON, NORVIN 78 I 0 0Kf'5ffff7??P 7765 We give blue chip sfampsl 7, WEEKDAY HOURS FROM ' Zgttd 626 a A.M. +5 9 P.M. SUNDAYS FROM I , 4647556 s A.M. To a P.M. " Il go! 779, Zmeq 9 x A ' 9' 5 1 "5 44641355-. W 1 4' TRIPLE "A" FISHING TOOL CO. A ,QE 7, I, fe I7 D AHL MARKET 91 " TX I , 649-2747 M 445 N. VENTURA F 2038 N. Venfuraikvenue OAK VIEW Veniura, CaIi'fornia Phone 643-2649 Seventh Grade Index Icontinuedj OHLER, SCOTT 75 OLIVERA, DANIEL 75 OLMOS, ROGER 75 ORTEGA, VINCENT 75, 7I PARTAIN, RENEE 75 PARTAIN, TERRY 75, as, 55 PATTON, CYNTHIA 75 PAYAN, GLORIA 75 PEARCE, TRACY 75 PEREZ, DIANA 75 PETERSON, KERRIE 75, 7I PHEI.Ps, LORRAINE 75 PIERCE, KENNETH 75 PIKE, TRACIE 76 PINHERIO, RICCKY PISONERO, BABETTE 76 PITRE, RICKY 76 PLEDGER, TONNA 75, 7I, 55 POE, RICKY 76 POEHLER, CYNTHI 76 RICHARD, ANTHONY 75, 55 RAGATZ, SHELLY 76 RAMIREZ, ROSANNA 76 RAMIREZ, STEVEN 76 RANGEL, DOLORES 75, 45, 47 RAPHAEL, DEBBIE 76 REED, PIARRE 76 REVARD, CONNIE 76 RICE, YVONNE 76, 38, 45 RICKETTS, VICKIE 76, 55 RIDDLE, CHRIS 76 RIGGINS, BILL 76, 39 RIPPETOE, JESSE 76 ROBERTS, EDDIE 76 RODARTE, JOE 76 RODAS, KERBEL 76 RODERICK, RUSSELL 76 RODRIGUEZ, RONNIE 76 RODRIGUEZ, VICKIE 78 ROMERO, RICHARD 78, 38, 46 ROOKWOOD, TRACY 78 ROSS, DAVID 78 ROZEAN, PENNY 78, 66 SALERNO, JEANNE 78, 38 SANCHEZ, DANETTE 78 SAUCEDO, MAIOUE SAUCEDO, MIGUEL 78 SCOTT, KENNETH 78, 38 SEIBEL, RONALD 78 SHAFFER, TERRY 78, 7I SHELLNUT, BRIAN 78, 66 SHEVLING, DAVID 56 SHUFFIELD, ROY 78, 7I SIEBLER, SHERYL 78 SIMMONS, KIMBERLY 78 SLANKARD, KEITH 78 SMITH, JONI 78, 66 SMITH, MIKE 78 SMITH, PAM 78 SMITH, TIMMY 78 SNODGRASS, DAVID 78, 38 SOLORZANO, ELIZABETH 78 SPEER, EDDY 78, 44 SPRADLIN, GERALDINE 78 STEPHAN, SUSANE 78, 66 STEPHENS, SANDRA 78 STEPHENSON, CLIFFORD 78 STEVENS, WAYDE 78 STOCKS, VICKIE 78 STOWE, ERIC 78 STREAKER, RUTH 78 STUART, RICHARD 78 SUTTON, ARNOLD 78 SWIFT, MARILYN 78 SZABADOS, PAUL 78, 7I TARDIFF, KEVIN 78 TAYLOR, GERALDINE 78, I0 TERAN, EDDIE 78 THOMPSON, DONNA 78 TODD, TERRY 78 TORRES, ANITA 78 VAN GUNDY, ELIZABETH 78 VAN GUNDY, MARTIN 78 VAN HAAFTEN, CHRISTOPH 79 VELEZ, SUSAN 79, 55, 66 VOTER, GARY 79 WAGONER, ANGELA 79, 72 WALLEN, CYNTHIA 79 WARD, JACKIE 79 WARD, JEFFREY 79 WHATLEY, TONY 79, 7I, 66 WHITE, BRADLEY 38, 79 WHITE, PAMELA JEAN 79 WILKINSON, NICHOLAS 79 WILLARD, BRETT 79 WILLIAMS, RAY 79 WILLIAMS, EVA 78, 55 WILLINGHAM, DARLENE 66 78 WILSON, KATHEY 79 WIMPEE, TOMMY 78, I8 WINKLER, VICKI 78 WOLVERTON, DANIEL 78 YATES, SHERRIE 73, 78 YOST, TIM 78 La Ventura De Anza Editor-In-Chief EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Co-Editor-In- Chief IDENTIFICATION EDITOR: Assistants CO PY EDITOR: Assistant 1 HEAD PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography Staff 9th GRADE EDITORS: 8th GRADE EDITOR: Assistant 7th GRADE EDITOR: Assistant . ACTIVITY EDITOR: FACULTY EDITOR: DEDICATION: BUSINESS MANAGER: I feel grateful to have been able to attend De Anza during my ju- nior high school years, I feel that the teaching staff is high, which has enabled me to learn a great deal in a lot of fields, I also feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge by being the Editor-In- Chief of the 1972-73 edition of the La Ventura De Anza, I have also experienced the responsibility of managing something very important to so many people. We had a hard time at first, but we made it through thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped, and I want to give special thanks to the parents of the students who did stay after school, as many as five times a week, and as late as 6:00, who came and picked up their kids. We couldn't have done it without Mr, Evans, to this everyone agrees. Many people don't know that Mr, Branham supervised photography and darkroom work or that many hours of proofreading were done by Mrs. Tan, Mrs. Zierer, and Mr. Tedder. Pam Ward Debbie Kirk Golde Glaser Janet Hume Paula Campbell , . Kim Ford Debbie Beall David Morse Carm Rippetoe Eloise Vargas Debbie Zinskey Christi Wooley Eloise Vargas Ernie Lara Linda Gomez Sheryl Putzier Mark Adams Carm Rippetoe David Siebler Debbie Zinskey Jeanette Young AD MANAGERS: AD STAFF: PRODUCTION STAFF: Larry Romero Terry Barker Sheryl Evans Sheryl Putzier Linda Gomez Debbie Kirk Debbie Beall Renee Hulsey Susan Downing Anna Ayala Debbie Garcia Pam Ward Diane Andrews Carm Rippetoe Randy Erps Tammy Levy Richard Contreras Kathy Odell Sandra Wyatt Steve Wendel Becky Williams Becky Newman Colleen Miller Lori Miller Lee Henry Betty Roberts Cathy Boe Debbie Black Larry Montoya uruennrus Nffgffwiwfw M??5iLf'2m,N'f:Mv3W 7 5 UOAXHGU QM 4 if W Q: , CSS k Gigi ? W mv - SSKSQW NLM N wx my if C3 wx X 2262 E' fwfu. 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