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" ., x , Wa ,- 2 W. 4. ,L Vg 4 --'Q' ,Sp- Q E -E A15-if . ,, ,....-as-..- , f i A ' . 4A. . . ,A , v,. , ,1 .,, , .,11f P '- A X qf W , , , , ,B K My IX, W My F A JLLJMLY V b.. ,.,, ,,. , q 3 yw ,WWW ii My i W',a3fJ My AMA Mimi 5k. ,x X3 VW QW! lxawiwv- MS 'W Q9-uvb W, UWM vvw "XXUwx. BQQQWW, ww Q22 MM N Qmwwdvw ' ff' To 9106. MWA ' g A jgiijifg mmf QC Ebsigpfog ,ff QSCMPE , Pg BP Y U U0 XA . QVHVQB SNQLHL W QXQX QQ 992, sly we x YQ QQ? 4 O6 O 0 Qu KH JC 1,6 cfm 6 LA VE T NZA 1769 Be Znza Syofnezzfurej 1970-1971 if if rr V " F, 3 af a. " .yrrwz 1 I X X K QQ Zzzza t7u121'0r , vww' , 1 - 'V 15 A J, ' 2 Gam I2 CS1. 1 ifvfm A9 5 X 2060 ero . ' 100 Y QCA X Uezzfurcz, Cjamrzzicz .T WM? A fc 1 .u gk of Gozzfezzfs Administration . . . . 4 O Zodiac Theme . . . . . 10 'T Dedication . . . . . 12 Ninth Grade. . . . . 14 Activities . . . . . 36 f Eighth Grade . . . . 44 V Baby Pictures , . . . . 62 Honor Roll .... . . 64 Faculty Index. . . . . 80 Seventh Grade . . . . . 66 L Ninth Grade index . . . . 86 Editor's Page .... . . 88 Autograph . . . . . 89 '1"f if Av.-.A , ,,.u.Q.,,5' :fa,L.1,-Q' I kv QP' KW ,ond 48:59-lf, , wix 5' ii fy W if 9 ff' ' mx contents, page 2 I I 1 Q4 2 12, ff! ' glljwfl Q X1 Nxxff, EL Jia mf1irMvw ,s,N 5 1 Q Q? X W 3? ' W f Q X23 'B " W af EEE Q. 5555 a w ff -3, Q M W uf X my is Affjlm. M 5 MSN? W XQXN N 'J '24, X gmwgbffs f 'f Q mls if A SK f rv' L ' D fm Mf'g. , wf HI K W4 I ix ,X -QQ 'ffm JX 4 1 ww X7 X30 54? I M , J MN A l, fff X A5615 KQLNQXXQX fix' W , FP inf ,FP BX k WM f M Q7 M V ,W J iw QUSJV f ff fx? W N5 , , WM XM xx I Kgs! QDEPfM 2 0 M fig 5, of 1 IUNIOR HIGH QU 1 Ulimsslnnnumnwmp June 18 , 1971 060039 zlrey Fourteen school years have come and gone since De Anza first opened its doors. During this period I have several times been given the privilege of preparing a statement to students for use in our yearbook. I find it increas- ingly difficult therefore to emphasize those values which I consider to be worthy of pupil acquisition without repeating thoughts which I have offered to De Anza pupils in other years. As your friend and principal I always hope that I can say something that will in some way be beneficial to you not only now but long after you have left the De Anza campus. The qualities which are good and which are likely to be of most value to you who possess them tend to remain the same. I will again point to these. If you establish early in life a system of priorities in which you identify and rank those things that are of GENUINE importance to you as an individual, you have made the first step toward life enjoyment and fulfillment. If you are wise, you will not put possession of great material wealth as number one on your list. "Financial success" should have a place in your rank order scheme. However, if you put it above that which is spiritual, that which relates to personal good health, and that which has to do with a broad edu- cation, it is my belief that you have made a MISTAKE for which you will pay dearly all the days of your life. Choose wisely! i - Mr. Guthrie , Principal idniinistr ition page 4 5W' m PM .I UM K X WXXEKI' K, Vfl , IX1 ,Ki wif! KK MMIII rg mmkmlv 'IlIl'.Qm?rv ' IW ,I5ffNIMM V 'WX' X X X 'i" I " I I f k7'f'Z I ll ' I I XggYf XjIfII1III' 1'KWt,,,'KF l M XM I My ' WN A 'X m X A f 'f"XIJ1W'lH .- f , ,ff ffw If II", ,I Q 'WI ,E IW I 'X I X1 MM. f I III 5 X7 I I :IW XJ ' ' X I 4 in 'XXXWwxX, I I'I"IIDl1X'X A N 'xy , Q QM H1 I X X' - If ,MQ r Amwllqx I1 ll AIQS f ff X My M wx AUAII If A X ,Q DQR X QEXX X XX X ,ff X KI I I f , K, of I I7 . lx X I If IX I I 'I I ,,-4 ,A X X X X K, I HIM: X X K K Kr!!! KK! ,Q 1 5 my XX I Q I WI f V X X x In 'IM 1 ' 7 iff' X A 1 X I K XX 11 KK js! K! - xxx I I Q f ,' ,X au- -. X N I QX I Q g X I . I X XX X X gf X I I' ,X f X N X X .. , - X , f K . ' XK Y ' I ' ' 1 X I X g x . I K M K 1 K K K K, K - K XX. K K N' N X If, wg, I 5 I. I I ,ff Q wx, g K I X, Q X, I Q I Ip' ,XI X .K Xjxfx-,X NXKKK MIK . 121, , 7 D-' D SKK XKfXKK,jfXl X ' X, , X , SL -CD5-Q. 'sh 1 X XX XX X ' QQKKK fgkix Q? 'Xi'xKIKXKIK.KIKK K.. K I K-V XI K ,X X .XX XX IXIXX WI I, -Ill 1, Nix , -I Xu ,, x Ixsxw xxx,-I X,K-X,XK WNW, 3, , ,Au W mg XX3.3XNwX,. XX X X, M ,qu I 11, If wwf If- ' X: V' 'MQ X my Il X -K-,X X XM ,lj I Qu, ,K . - 'lx XI I-X -,X X ,off , I Fix XXX If X - , KKK XXIK , M -KW, K , , ,KXI I A81511 3 I Y KK IX Wm 'KM K KK! K . sm Ny X I' If: I , X ADMINISTRATION ,,.an""' Buildings and grounds must be maintained. Supplies must be delivered and distributed. Assemblies fire drills, discipline referrals, and standardized tests must be handled. Planning and supervision help students and teachers get together for learning activities. qQcf1've aofmzlrzzlrfrabfozz mafes 17 czgposszfk Mr. Dugan is Vice-Principal ' ofthe school, and you know what that means, don't you? It means he's Principal 110 cAarye gfozbe. And if you aren 't familiar with the at "Vice-Squad" from T.V. , you'll catch on as soon as you enter his office. It isn't too bad at first, because you can't see anything, but when the flood lights hit you in the face and you see a hand reach out for the brass knuckles, you know you'd better stay out of trouble next time. ' A Our Dean of Girls, Mrs. Zierer, was in charge of the club program, butwhen the tax override elec- tion failed the school board dropped the late busses and the club program folded. For years Mrs. Zierer had successfully waged the dress standard battle. glen !Ae scAoof60arofoff'oppeoflAe offess sfa1zaQr06' Zoo. Now poor Mrs. Zierer is given 100,000 standardized tests to administer, campus riots to quell, and still has all the girls' problems to hear. administration, pa ge 6 amm- ,,, M ww H f- yew Q' ,, f., - i,,3z , ,ji fwgg, 5 Q5 1 Y sf: ffm '. V , Q R V .5 2 2EwS1.:1.qw'ff ,AVA W, . .. 4, , :W :, 0:95112 ig-2, 9 K :uf .- W f,,,.'-w ,WW W - , , U. ,wr ,1 pr: Q x . A A1 ,V gf-in - ,-', ., A. - w f - 1, .1v,y.221f1i:?1i -' ,,.. ff 4 f -,,, W, y 'f' .fi1f?+i u.1m:l2ig9sN,":, M1 fvyfw y V 43' 3 -W? 71 ., J '1',-4:27-7'ff,f25'ffWw+ruf 'M my H- ,wi - K' '1' IW: 21 ,1 " ,w J H , w..,,M 7 IW . Y 45, , 2 f - Q 5 E .2 M F5 ,W .L 8 - N- ,-rf ,,,,,e. .l ,, . .. 3"-3' x' 'QL sh f fu f f-w X, 1 gif: 'fin' 'S fin 'ie k1mrf"' vs, ' 33,353 .5 N -I APE' wa m N JVQNM .iw -N ak af' all ' W it 1 , V his I I , ,. if 'Mtg' N' li R Fl W, A I b 1 'A .FV Ek ". ' up 'W 'ly M '15, ' Q M r ' , A qi ' W AW f ' fi u Q- QQ N. ,Ah ,J u s mafia , x , 4 ti NF' 4 X 1. i ' may W A U: ,, 'Q' , an 1 M 'HX .3 A 1 W ,M , A ff- iii' " H . I .E1'Z1:'iIM'1 2 , A J 1 ' .Q ' 1 .4 :sl WWTM4 XX 8, an ' fr 1 x', 'x 5' g ', Q 1 0 A' K ox' Q ' . 'A " if ' ' lb 5 A 'H ' .Q -4 .431 Q: 1 ' , -' .L ' 1 Q . 2 ,h .qv ., X 1' if if 1 K 3 Q 6,1 Yi x W ' . , Q - 33 , ,,. N 5 .3 C 5 lkg., 'M IN' If ff-1..f.....,,,,T 1 Qw Q . , .....................M vw gi 3 E!" l e If . . A f,..-,..i -' 5 F T is 'K '5- 'bl -L., ' Cr if 1 N vw gan W-, .. .M -1 ..... 3'2- , r N V., Y I U ' cp . 5 . f 4 w L.. a . , ,,,.w 2 'fi vr xx 5 4 K' gaurus fthe bullj April 21-May 21 Stubbom, steadfast, systematic Compatible: Capricorn, .Virgo, Cancer gemlbl' fthe twinsy May 22-June 21 Artist, inventor, restless, versatile, exuberant, expressive ' Compatible: Aquarius, Libra Cancer fthe craby June 22-July 22 Prophet, teacher, tenacious, patient, sensitive , sympathetic , motherly , changeable, easily influenced Compatible: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus geo fthe liony July 23-August 23 King, president, proud, generous, energetic, trusting, domineering p Compatible: Sagittarius, Aries UITYO fthe virginj August 24-September 23 Craftsman, critic, exact, methodical, intelligent, chaste, industrious Compatible: Capricorn, Taurus JB glgfafthe balancej Sept. 24-Oct. 23 - Statesman, manager, alert, just, well balanced, artistic, painstakin, honorable, sympathetic Compatible: Aquarius, Gemini 923093 fthe fishy Feb. 20-March 20 Poet, interpreter, gentle, kind, retiring, sensitive, unlucky, often melancholy Compatible: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo 'Soar 1 ZYUGFIUS fthe water-bearerj Jan. 21-Feb. 19 Truth-seeker, scientist, . . honest, probing, broad-minded, amiable, humane, popular , Compatible: Gemini, Aries - - W W Q' 11 ' it - Zries U XI 2 7 'qfgi f fthe ramp March 21-April 20 I M 'rl A' X Enterprising, enthusiastic, ' ' 7 A 5 15 .X energetic, impulsive g Ab " X Compatible: Leo and Sagittarius- ' f Q- 5 ' ' Q Ancient man t Z looked for explanations W of the things that happened to him. He X! , chose astrology, the mythology of the stars, to f explain nature as pertaining to his private and his T - social life. Q V Throughout the years the practice of astrology has I YJ waxed and waned and grown more sophisticated. Today L f the Zodiac is being studied more for fun than as a guide V to behavior. f For the last three years it has gained great attention r among youth. Therefore the yearbook staff felt 'it -'- appropriate to pick . f7Ae .szyzzs gfzfe E355 I Y Qs ' 2 I for our 1970-1971 yearbook theme. Zodiac signs of De Anza students X are indicated by symbols in the A index of this book. , s Q53 4. , X IJ A If CSCOIPI-0 fthe scorpionj faq X' W A October 24-November 22 l 9 Q Governor, inspector, energetic, l independent, passionate, deter- f mined, with strong likes and desires Compatible: Cancer, Pisces Csaylyfarlhs fthe archery Nov. 23-Dec. 21 Sage, counselor, candid, impulsive, restless, nature-loving, sport-loving, generous, insatiably curious Compatible: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Gapnbonz fthe goarp Dec. 22-Jan. 20 Priest, ambassador, scientist, ambitious, persevering, diplo- matic, reserved ' Compatible: Taurus, Virgo, Libra DEDICATIO ff f Our annual this year is dedicated to one of that vanishing species - a teacher who was here when De Anza opened its doors in 1957. A year ago, he was included in the Carpinteria High School's Hall of Fame for what he did in the world of sports during his high school years. He also coaches the Ventura High School Sophomore Football Team, which in- cludes in its numbers some former De Anza boys. Most mornings the sun rises over De Anza to find our P.E. teacher running laps not just around the basketball courts, but around the entire football field. MR. MORRIS WILL LO G BE REMEMBERED for what he's done for boys here at De Anza. Not only by his own personal example, but by what he says and by involving every boy in a period of action, Mr. Morris helps every boy to be his best self physically. Each year is a new and challenging one for him. He makes physical education more than just a place to do exercises and play sports. He tries to help every boy individually in his physical health, athletic skill, and sportsmanship. Helping a couple hundred boys each day might seem impossible, but Mr. Morris has what it takes. Though Mr. Morris has already led a life rich with honors, we, the students, hope he has room for one more pleasant one. Therefore, we would like to dedicate the 1971 LA VENTURA DE ANZA, to Mr. Gary Morris. dedication, pa ge 12 gggwmfiew -M,.,,W 4, in if if fi W 76 e QUJQIOQ ffm gzzza M xx W 4111 'fpAd MWW ff jf WM! I " WW WW' 'ff' M' "LA ""' ' 'M """ 'W'W- 65'g?3.?'W jgOUR NINTH GRADERS JD ee' . '14 ' by jf 55 f X bf if f ,J PM K Kg 1 O UWM graders, page 14 nf iv ..,-fw To head their Ninth Grade Organization and provide leadership for the year's activities Qfizzff yrakrs ekcf xA elk' ckss gfzbers From left to right they are: Terry Bailey, Vice Presidentg Becki Alvarado, Presidentg Robin Bundy, Secretaryg and Pamela Reed, Business Manager. 5 f - f V --sw., r 'yv - is ' V ,,'- I , at if 1 , J ' ,gk 5' .2 492 5' rrr, af ui T? xl 3 A ,P 1 2 ,f ., , , J A , ,Q - ' in V? M71 ,M 2 We ,,, Toni Abel Joe Acres Gale Allen Becki Alvarado Heather Andrews Lisa Arnold John Avendano Chester Axley Terry Bailey Laura Baker Bobby Baker Stan Baker Cheri Ballensky Gordon Barker Rex Bartle Mike Bettis Glen Black Debra Blankenbiller Brenda Bohannan Charles Bolton Jody Booth Patty Braun Gary Brenner Penny Briggs ninth graders, page 15 Our loyal metal shop teacher, Mr. Stout, has been teaching hcre for thirteen years, and if he's taught here that long e Aus fo 6e csfouf Besides teaching metal shop he teaches eighth grade math. In the picture to the right Mike Bettis and Terry Bailey are working on the lathes. Other metal shop activities include sand casting, metal bending, and spot welding. Tommy Brizuela Tim Brooks Afton Brown James Brown Kim Brown Dan Bustamante Marla Butcher Anita Byrd Stan Caron Shirley Cassidy David Christenson Susie Clary Tim Clifton Sharron Compton Diana Cortez Saundra Countryman Terri Crabtree Vicky Crowe Ken Davis Donald DeGroot Carol Dent Randy Derington ninth graders, page 16 ,Wewf Q9 On weekends when Mr. Foote, De Anza's woodshop teacher, jumps into his truck he turns into a Super Qeserf Wal' He and his friends, known as the "GHOST RIDERS" are a group of people who like to go to old ghost towns, the unexplored wilderness, and other far away places. Mr. Foote has been here at De Anza from the time it was first opened. He teaches seventh and ninth grade woodshop. As woodshop teacher, Mr. Foote effectively hammers his point home. ninth graders, page 17 X XKKQJ i YY DH rl . K is 'KW ra Ss. 'E Ralph Dillard Sheryl Downey Pamela Dunlap Debra Dutton Vicky Eaton Joanie Elwell Steve Evans Freddy Fairweather Colleen Farrell Tony Figureida PBSSY FIY Linda Fouts Debbie Frazier Margaret Gage Mercy Garibaldi Eddie Garner Tim Garzon Larry Gienapp Edward Gonzales Eric Goomeer Norman Gore Donald Graves Cheryl Greene Pennie Gregory Tee Anna Gregory Joe Gross ninth graders, pg. 18 NS .F Mrs. Elizabeth McKown has been teaching here for two years. This year she taught three ninth grade English classes and three eighth grade English classes. She attended Santa Barbara City College and has also attended U. C. S. B. cS.Ae's ffe type Miss Dorothy Hobson was a new teacher at De Anza this year. She taught typing, shorthand, and one period of home economics. Miss Hobson likes clothing, and especially likes to sew. She was born in Fillmore and has lived in Santa Paula all but a few years of her life, although she would prefer to live in the area where she attended school. Miss Hobson received her B. S. Home Economics degree and Art Credential at California State Polytechnic College in San Luis Obispo. She received her A. A. in Business at Ventura Junior College. is 1 a Q np.-Q. gat .., 'Nan 'Q -fs 'Uv -..... '97 "ill-mv With his challenging assignment of two classes of basic mathematics, Mr. Malcom Mattox feacA es couzzlkss Jfucknfs I-lc also teaches two ninth grade math classes, one algebra, and one pre- algebra class. This year Mr. Mattox was in charge of the student store along with Miss Hobson. typing, pg. 19 4-we Rosa Gutierrez Theresa Haflich Patty Haman Debra Hammer Cheryl Harbison Sheri Harvey Penny Heathcote Tom Hefner Donald Henderson Jill Hensley David Hernandez John Holden Ritchie Howery Danny Hulsey Glenda Hunt Donald Jackson Liz Jenkins Danny Keith John Kelso Jeff Kennedy Steve Kyle Eddie Lagos ninth graders, pg. 20 Miss Marietta O Farrell eighth and ninth grade English teacher, has been teaching English here for nine and a half years This year Miss O Farrell was involved in pkuzzuny IAQ .saum parfzes Mr. Bill Harkins has taught English here for ten years This year he also taught one class of American Citizen ship and one of eighth and ninth JPQQCA G12 06'GIDCZ Last year the 1970 1971 yearbook was dedicated to him vii 'FV-'f if lmiw 1-.wwf Uu- .puns- This year Mr. John Dlllard rnstructed the one class of I. P. S. Clntroductory Phys- ical Sciencej pictured above. After several years of teaching science at De Anza, Mr Dillard's last day of teaching was Novem- ber lO because he had to have an em eryezzcy op erafzon Miss Liz Welch substituted for Mr. Dillard when he went to the hospital. science, pg. 21 'L 'Q .34 W'x- Q if " 'E i H? if 5' 1 i MN? sa -v-ff Mrs. Emily Lofrhus is one of De Anza's most creative teach- ers. Since she started teaching, she has taught at all grade levels. She is also very experienced. Now,there are even sfrzlrzys czffczcfecffo Aer ZIJOFA with the introduction this year of our new strings Qguitarj class fsee page 50 of this yearbookj to her al- ready busy schedule, which includes mixed chorus, girls' chorus, teach- ing reading, and helping sponsor the social committee. Qsee page 411. Pictured below is the ninth grade mixed chorus and Mrs. Lofthus. The chorus consists of about 46 students who sing and perform at different times of the year. Around Christmas time the chorus reczg 0693 173 fhlifly. Not only do they perform here at De Anza, they also perform for different schools and civic groups. Wayne Ortman Robert Page Larry Palmer Merrie Pedro Barbara Perez Jerry Perks Dale Peterson Eddie Powell Billy Prescott Montzie Pullen Sheri Putzier Dino Quintanilla Carol Ramirez Rita Ramirez Debbie Ray Ronnie Reagen Allen Reed Pam Reed Debbie Replogle Mike Ribble Allan Richardson Woody Rippetoe Larry Robbins Vincent Rodarte Darrell Rodgers Mike Ross Kathy Rousseau John Sallee Estella Sanchez Donnie Sarver Mark Schedell Charlotte Seeley Randy Sharp ninth graders, pg. Wi New 1 vs Snr- Mws- L- ..-..- . Vi. N-ivQnnannr it sf fan y Nfl' A , iiiiii 'N s is .D qi sl Pictured above are the members of the 'f..IIIP 'ho' . eighth and ninth grade mixed chorus who practice extensively and are known as IA e mzlrzz' CA orus . Mr. Chuck Bran- ham has been here at De Anza for half a year. He took over Mr. John Dil1ard's classes when Mr. Dillard died in the middle of the year. Mr. Branham taught eighth 8: ninth grade science and also one period of eighth grade math. Mr. Branham went to Phoenix College and Cal Lutheran. 57 cokye wresflrlrzy cfczmp. he took over sponsorship of De Anza's wrestling club. After four years of high school wrestling, he wrestled in junior college and at Cal Lutheran, where he was district champion for two years. Mr. Branham also supervised the lunch area during first lunch. ninth grade, pg. 25 This year Miss Meiers and Miss Clark combined to teach a two period experimental class called M. G.M. for some of our more capable ninth graders. They covered many different subjects to stress ecology and current social and political issues. Ou1'p00f0jfye121'use.s' 175 617 ,I or wafer poffzfjozz when on November 4th, they took an oceanography field trip to Balboa Harbor in Orange County. A class from Anacapa also went along. The trip was to learn about water pollution and oceanography. The M.G.M. class had many exciting moments on the trip and a few not so exciting, like when everybody woke up at 4:00 in the morning to get to school on time to catch the bus. Here are a few of the better moments of the trip and the hard work the class had to go through. 5 5 Q L-J 1 , ,.-Q In the top picture above Billy Smith and Penny Heathcote look on while Merrie Pedro and Donna Neal prepare their Van Dorn bottle to obtain water samples. In the center picture, Mark Schedell and Susie Clary seem to be taking fzlme oufkr a .mac In the photo at the right, microscopes are used to examine plankton samples. On the next page, the skipper gives information to stud- 26 ents who just pulled in a fish net. +P? ,M at ' W 99' ,,-N V Q Mal Bi11 Smith Mary Snodgrass Yvonne Solis Gilbert Soto Jeff Springer Cindy Spurlock Rosalie Stafford Joe Stephens Jim Stone Scott Stone Beth Swift Pam Taylor Susan Thacker David Tilmont Roberta Timmons Stephanie Todesca Don Tomlinson Susan Topping Jacky Tracy Jeff Tracy ninth graders, pg Wx This page is dedicated to the belief that the pub- lic- at-large is, for the most part, ignorant of the goings-on in room B-2 Qwhich for you dummies who don't know, is our journalism class-who so considerately produced this yearbook to which you better be giving your undivided attentionlj You remember all those funny stories you heard about journalism? Well, for- get 'eml feven though they're probably true . . . J We'll tell you about B-2 . . . First of all, the head, Mr. Evans fknown by certain factions as the ofe' sfaue 0Q'1.UQl", Cuazzs xA e gerrjdfe Mr. E, Super Evans . . . and more of the likej. To the left, you can see good ole' Mr. E in one of his rare tranquil moods Qhe's actually stand- ing still and almost looks . . . normally Unfor- tunately, pictures of Mr. E in his natural state are impossible, as he just fogs up the film . . . Now Qyou fortunate readerslj you're gonna learn about the creatures that make people like Mr. E necessary-students! Pictured here, you can see some of B-2's best hard at work Q '?'?J. The person behind Mr. E who looks as if he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar is the dear departed Gary Brenner- Qdon't EVER cross Mr. EJ. . . Gary moved to Ojai. P. S. Don't let those walls fool you . . . there's plenty of padding there! QQ, bmw journalism , pg. 29 t7Ae 12122116 yrczofe orycz121'zaf1'o12 this year was sponsored by Mrs. McKown, Mr. Bentz, and Mr. Dean. Under the ninth grade officers Qpage 155 the group held such activities as the ninth grade sports night and the annual beach party at the end of the school year when all the 9th graders attended it. They spent the entire day at the beach. Here are the representatives. Standing are: from left to right: Steve Lister, Rex Bartle, Allen Reed, and Mike Lopez. Sitting from left to right are: Cheri Ballensky, Debbie Martin, Liz Jenkins, Mary Snodgrass, Pennie Gregory, Jody Booth, and Heather Andrews. These representatives and class officers made this year a very successful year. L Paul Trujillo Sheryl Ulreich Kathy Ur ango in f f 1 Emily V aldivia Y if N1 s H i . NS rx fs P 9 S Henry Valencia Venida Valles Dixie Vaughn Ben Vibbart Jannet Vibbart Amanda Wellman Bill Werner Debbie Wilson Bob Windham Ron Workman Jeff Yanez Teri York Ken Byers Cheryl Cook Diane Dalton Larry Elshere Colleen Farrell ninth graders, pg. fww 'flu sex9""A If 3 A- m :f'5P?5' gil We' jf' W lff4f f X ' 4 Q W ,f X i95fx.14f 'f fi 5 , mn X f A ff f, Xi'-:J 1' I Vxff sf 5 EE XTX? if, , Z f X X I fm ywg J Y K XJg.'fK 1 Z ,Fm X Q Z I K C Q is fx ll,lf,f',,'W -l:4A ' 'ff QW Q59 gb Q ff X 'ZX Qgiwxgj SQ hx 2 Ab Q9 6 6,91 QDO' X Xp N. Q' COZQJO , f 6 fl' Qgyvxl' 1 A0 Z5 V39 ,YS l M' F U00 5 MM W V FAVQRITES X H 1 ' if She zzzlrzff yraofers H2176 X69 mosf. . WW Most Loud: Most Liked: Most Shy: Most Likely to Be Sandy Williams Dino Quintanilla I annet Vibbart Mugged: Ken Byers i Most Funny: Most Good Looking: Most Cute: Charla Anderson Mike Bettis 106 Acres ,W Most L1ke1y to Succeed Davld Tllrnont Not pictured are: Most T alented: Mike Ribble Most Crazy: Becki Alvarado From left to right are the cafeteria workers who serve us our wonderful and ofelrczous Ao! m ea s Helen Rowland qsubstitutej, Frances Iohnsonfsalad maker and dishwashery, Lucille Theiberg fmanagerj, Vivian Liersay fcooky, Verna Peterson fsnack bar workerj, Margaret Kensonfcashierb, Dorothy Sarsfield fcashierj, Ruth Garrisonffaculty room workerj, and Shirley Wilhelm fcashiery. Not pictured is Katheryn Smith fbakerj. In the picture below and to the left Audrey Dunleavy collects lunch money from the students. Ts" Q . I 5 is Q sr 2 QW' N! will' . NN" - gg N ' F ire 4 M ef -rv wi M-'f' ',,,,..-- I Vx . 4, .ass ndiiraf' ? V S W, I A V 'T f 3 'li 4 4 1 ' 4, if wa Q r va N ,M 9 f Very much in evidence around De Anza's lunch area this year have been fwo newfaces 112 X69 Ze Znzafaculfy. They are Art Vasquez and Billy J. Smith. ln the picture 'above Billy J. Smith frightj is talking to students. Mr. Smith came to De Anza at the beginning of the year to supervise students, before school and during both lunch periods. Art Vasquez is our student resource officer and public relations man for the V. P. D. To give students more responsibility for their own campus, Ae 11r21'f1'cz1'e0f1'Ae sfuofenf 112o1z1'for1lr2y sysfem. if any vandalism occurs, the monitors report it to Mr. Vasquez who then straightens out the students responsible. lunch time, p. 35 D, 11-ll: f I 41 I I W X V IIII1' II I mx 'UI lf X WMV W I W1 I' IM MH r fx- I WW, ul ,f!4IfMf'f? W, If 'I "II ' U , I HI :I- Ggif A 4 ,I f f I I Jw ff 71 I f!Vff If W ,I I 4 I, f 40 I1-I ffl! ACTIVITIES fi I ll X I In f I I , I MW: rq,'l IV I I v I KW ff! f I K ml, X IW X W If X ! I WI IMMW XV II If I I I If IM 6 WIIIMI,MII W wr- lWf,y,My,,! WW X WW!7i?4f WW f I mxf1I' 11. 8.51 5 ,. el w 4 1 NE? . ' --zzseaf .. T15 ,lm Q' K W xeig,-T 1 ,, H: - X4 MWWNNV. . L-QAM ., .. Www- :du " "Q'.0,n g',t"l 9l,.9,x 5: lan 'Nino ,r V Hu al,v,,yf-+ ,:::l Gyn f' 5,1003 1.2: my lllll ggi? ,.... I... lllln QUUUU Sth: 1 1 1 Q Q 9- "' ' "'4,w'ON', 0 fargo 0 ,,,"",,2.9"k 31.433, x I il For the first time since De Anza opened, the representative and alternate elected from each social studies class both at- tended Student Council meetings so that more people would be ITZUOAJQOI 122 2169 aCf1'012. The picture at the right shows this year's Student Council members. Standing from left to right they are Becki Alvarado, Ronnie Reagen, Liza Porras, Sandra Whitmire, Theresa Compton, Laura Padilla, Dodie Smith, Anne McBee, Sandra Barnes, David Tilmont, Steve Evans, Douglas Wiggins, Yvonne McCurtis, and Richard Muzzy. Sitting are Tracy Edwards, David Morse, Thalia Long, Joe Gross, Debbie Lara, Susie Mattel, Maria Valles, David Williams, David Berniger, Gabriel McCurtis, and Larry Romero. 5 ,O W W K 1, r I g I ,,.V, nf me It K ,H 41 a .a N L 'Q 3 6 W flaw' wil ff' ' W Q at Q Q ,V f 1 W K A f i. ,Q 9 jeg K M, r +I' A x M' I' L+ fl., "QQ ip, I WM? '- ., , H r raib vmf.,"f . '55 Salli e' uc. ,'- i 4 flllv tg! f The Commissioners were introduced to you this year through individual write-ups in the school's LANCE. This yea.r's Com- missioners, along with the Student Council, had to make diffi- cult decisions on V.Y.B. A. , Girls' basketball teams, revising the student handbook, playdays, dances, chocolate sales, assem- blies, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Toys for Tots, parties . . . g0Qasfo1' sfuknf acfiozz orzyzlrzafe Here The officers that headed the A. S. B. are from left to right: Beth Swift, Vice Presidentg Margaret Gage, Commissioner of Girls' Activities: Annette Mclfadzen, Commissioner of Serviceg Sandy Williams, Treasurerg Dino Quintanilla, Presidentg Donna Neal, Secretaryg Bob Caron, Commissioner of Boys' Activities. Q12 ance fzlme com es aroufz H. This rs the 14th year the Social Committee has been made up of four subcommittees. The general chairman of the Social Committee 1S Mrs. Ensign. The student chairman is Beth Swift, A. S. B. Vice President. The Refreshments and Coke Sales Committee was sponsored by Mrs. Danzy. This committee sells cokes and other refreshments during the dances. It was made up of seventh, eighth, and ninth graders. KU 'Q-'-' iq,- The Publicity Committee was sponsored this year by Mrs. Lapolla. This committee advertised the all-school dances by making posters and an- nouncements. The students in this committee are Gale Dillard, Goldc Glaser, Vincent Carbonell, Mike Demele, and Kim Dowler. Those not pic- QI s,...-s1"s- fy A tured on the committee are Mike Miller, and Helen Davis. 11141 N 14 D The Program Committee was sponsored this year by Mrs. Lofthus. This committee plans the activities for the dances. Stand- ing are: Cindy Rodriquez, Sheryl Ulreich, and Sheryl Downey. Kneeling are: Lor- 5, ff-Qg...,-,fx raine Sotello, Terry Barker, and Kathy Isaacs. Montzie Pullen is also on this com- mittee, but is not pictured. This year the Decoration and Clean up Committee was sponsored by Mrsf Burton. Each year this com- mittee decorates and cleans up the cafeteria for the dances. The students in this committee are in the picture below. cated are: Lori Glazer, Debbie Sharp, Susan Everton, Elizabeth Prado, Nancy Harvey, Beth Swift, Denise Medina, Jackie racy, Roberta Timmons, and Pam Taylor. Standing are: Rene Waites, Ken Davis, Matt Capritto, Debbie Kusch, Denise usbands, Dale Peterson, Janet Smith, Janet Donaldson, Penny Briggs, Leanna Tousignant, Carol Taylor, and Tee Anna l'6gOl'y . social committee, pg. 41 A Sponsored as usual by Mrs. Wilcox, the Friendship Committee consists of seventh, eighth, and ninth graders who welcome newcomers and give them a yooofzkzzpresnon qfsfuofezzls af Ze Znza Their job is to show the new students around the school and eat lunch with them. They should also introduce them to other students and hope- fully get them to like De Anza. Pictured below from left to right are Mark Acevedo, Betty Long, Liza Porras, Stephen Frank, Shorty Carbonell and Sheryl Downey. ln the mid- dle row from left to right are Mrs. Wilcox, Carol Taylor, Debbie Blank- enbiller, Debbie Kusch, Yvonne McCurtis, Susan Ulreich, Danny Bell, Lee Henry, Jerry Perks and Steve Williams. Kneeling are Maria Lagos, Tom Hefner, Cheryl Cook, Jenny Coert and Sherry Hawley. This year the lancers under the sponsorship of the coaches. Mr. Darling and Mr. Morris, planned the activities that were held for the boys. One of the more exciting activities this year was a pI'0 0offey6aff 0539112 put on by Rudy Sawari, head coach of Santa Barbara's volleyball team. He showed some films and then put on a demonstration by single-handedly de- . feating six of De Anza's best ninth grade volleyball players. Lancer members were picked in their P. E classes and met in room G-3 to plan vari- ous activities. They are from left to right: Mr. Darling, Chester Axley, Rick Clary, Eddie Lagos and Mr. Morris. Kneel- ing are: David Williams, Dale Yasukawa, Frank Garibaldi, Oliver Duckworth and Matt Miller. Sitting are: Bobby Caron, Ronnie Reagen, David Tilmont, Steve Evans and Gabriel McCurtis. I 3 .J We , 'Q l 2 r, ' ,N ,. f ,s ,, ' ,- ' ' .', . r ' '- n ' I ,. s V -V , Q "' ' ' i' f I 1 , ttaa W'-Sfffg t N ff 'mm C A 'Q C W a 'a 7" M: iii? , M s s 3 kv if 2 w-vw, ., aw- H s H 4,-y '. all The Girls' Council, fabovej, was sponsored by Miss Clark, Mrs. Rood and Mrs. Rickard. Leading these girls this year was Margaret Gage, Com- missioner of Girls' Activities. To earn money for their Mother- Daughter Banquet and playdays, they sold things such as . . . p1'cffe.r,p0p Corn, and csee 's suckers. Standing from left to right: Jean Seiler, Susan Ulreich, Anita Byrd, Parn Reed, Pennie Gregory, Venida Valles, Deb- bie Lara and Linda Gomez. Kneeling are Penny Heathcote, Susie Clary, Glenda Hunt, Cin- di Cross, Maria Moraza, Dyanne Haynes and Sandra Pope. Sit- ting are Diana Thomas, Denise Husbands, Kathy Isaacs, Nancy Harvey, Vanessa Lorenzana, Mar- garet Gage, Linda Rosebrough, Debbie Brobisky and Carol Tay- lor. f I z EIGHTH GRADERS W N w A U g i , "1'2f.,Ei. V ' :Z X ' f i Burl Cleveland Gayla Cobos Jeany Coert John Cornett Raul Cortez Connie Cowans Randy Crabtree Cindi Cross Bruce Crowe Henry Cruz Pam Cudahy Jimmie Curtis Robyn Davis I ames Dean Margarita Delg adillo Mike Demele Willie Mae Dewberry Linda Dickerson Rhbert Doan Donna Donnelly Kim Dowler Kent Downey Randy Drennen Andy Dryer Yolanda Duarte Stephanie Duran Dennis Dutton Tracy Edwards Kenneth Elmore William Elwell eighth grade, pg. 46 Mr. Robert Kanthack replaced Mr. Barnum as the music instruc- tor at De Anza this year. Mr. Kanthack was born in Burbank, California. He graduated from U. S. C . where he received his BA and MA degrees. gn 'Uenfura szlrzce 1951, he has taught at Mill, Mound, and Avenue schools. This is his first year at De Anza, and he says he likes De Anza just fine. Pictured to the right is De Anza's orchestra. for x L David Erps Larry Estrada David Evans Mark Evans Randy Evans Susan Everton Robert Faubus Patty Ferro Karen Fields Henry Flynn Todd Forbes Denny Ford Sherry Fouls Stephen Frank Carl Frazier Freddie Frazier David Frizell Mike Fry Stephen Gaimari Christy Garcia Geri Garcia Leo Garcia Carla Gary Georgette Gavette Lori Glazer Dolores Gomez Audie Goodin Billy Grabowsky Kitty Gregory Danny Gutierrez eighth graders, pg. 47 ,,..........- .-,,a..?...v,.YW 5 301' , I 'T A Janet Hamblin Nancy Harvey Darren Hayes Dyanne Haynes George Hays Delma Henry Albert Hernandez Debbie Hernandez Scott Hernandez Robbie Hines Ricky Holbert Robert Hoovan Mike Hoppe Becky Horn Leigh Ann Horn Tommy Houser Sandy Hribernick Sharon Hribernick eighth graders, pg. 48 lf ,gt pg-M -at ,gg . FH- Pictured above is De Anza's A band with their leader Mr. Kanthack. Mrs. Lauri Rood has been teaching reading at De Anza for a year and a half. During the middle of last year when Mrs. Rood came to De Anza, she took over for Mr. Bob Konowal, who had only been teach- ing here for half a year. She started teaching kids in order to give every fiofa square ofeaf Another of De Anza's reading teachers this year was Mrs. Joyce Burton, she has eleven years of teaching affacross XAQ Q1I2l'fQJCSfGfQJ' from East Orange, New Jersey, to Ventura, California. She graduated from U. C. Berkeley. She will receive her M. A. from U. C. Santa Barbara in September of '71. i k s, K . . K: K V ' fx . Y Q- Having taught reading here for 13 years, Mrs. Sally Lapolla remained 9 x jfeadrqfge Zilla 's reczogkzy kparfmenf She also taught three periods of English. This is the fifth year Mrs. Lapolla has been in charge of our E. S. E. A. reading program at De Anza. This year Mrs. Lapolla was also a sponsor for the Social Committee. band, page 49 Eighth grade American History classes were again taught by Mr. Ernie Wallace and Mr. Gerald Mikuls. Mr. Mikuls also taught one period of ninth grade American Citizenship. This year both of these American Histmry teachers had Q Mrs. Carol Williams taught first L is period for Mr. Mikuls, and Mr. David i Keith taught for Mr. Wallace and y l :gg also English for Mr. Harkins. si' Below is a picture of Mrs. Lofthus' "strings" class. This was the first year guitar was ever taught in De Anza's history, and as far as we know, gf e jgknsf fzlme 122 our scfoofofkfrzbf. Students in this class furnished their own guitars and learned to read music as well as play by ear. The "string" students also did assemblies throughout the year for the De Anza students and faculty. .r1'u0Q'1zffeacAer.s!9'om G. QS. 93. 2 t L, Q A W e if i www Philip Hunsucker Sharon Hunt Denise Husbands Robin Inskeep Kathy Isaacs David I ohnson Leslie Kaiser Armand Keeter Sharon Kennedy Karen Kline Debbie Kusch Mike Lagos Carolyn Lane Auggie Lara Ruby Lara Ann Lechman Lynette Lee Paul Lewandoski Frank Lightner Bill Lindsey Cindy Lister Patricia Lively Billy Loffswold Kim Logerwell Daniel Long Thalia Long Benny Lopez Diana Sue Lowry Teddy Ludeman Leland Luttrull Carrie Lyons Mary Malcolm Janie Martel Jimmy Martinez Margie Martinez Marsha Mathews eighth grade, pg. 51 Mr. James Moody has been teaching for nineteen years, the last ten of them at De Anza. This year he taught eighth grade math and ninth grade algebra. Old Eagle-Eye is known as the school's best at cafcbzlvzy 0611r2y 1116 af and keeping them after school for it. That's why the kids call him moody. 1 This year Mrs. Hyde taught two periods of seventh grade English as well as her usual eighth grade. She spent Christmas vacation o on anoffer one yffer lrzps. This time she went to the Island of Tahiti in the South Pacific Other travels of hers include South America, Europe and Africa. Pictured below are Mrs. Lofthus and the happy songsters who make up our 61' Aff QFGOQ orus 7 .. ,Ng X 5 . gag!-4 ,K 5-533' f Q 'Q i W I 5:1 f Q 21 gil 1. A' .. se g 1 ' L erer I N F a.. , 3. -E ,..g K 3 J, i VFW' Q-fs' Nb' ,elf li 'Wx MX elghth DeMoss Owens Nancy Padilla Debra Palmer Judy Patton Ester Pay an Charles Paylor Sandie Pedro Dean Pelham Janet Phillippe Judy Phillips Roy Pike Arnold Poehler Liza Porras Elizabeth Prado Greg Preudhomme Jim Prosser David Quicke Delphina Quiroz grade, pg. 53 Susan Radakovich Reed Ralston Frances Ramirez Lorie Ranum Richard Ribble Kenneth Richardson M ark Rivers Terry Roberts Larry Robinson Dean Rodgers James Rohn Larry Ross eighth grade, pg. yay I Y. , - 1?-W V if gy psig W ,AW 4 A tirr 2 172 "",,. H .. aaa f , .- 5 H , -mt. f-'ft - 'E fo?" is This year Mr. Gary Morris taught only one class of seventh grade P. E. and four classes of eighth and ninth grade P. E. This is the second year in a row Mr. Morris coached the Ventura High School Sophomore football team. De Anza kids think he's great Wyou 0612 'Z oefeue 17 . . turn to page 12 and read the dedication. This year Mr. Morris and Mr. Darling sponsored the boys' Lancers. Mr. Jim Darling was also here in the gym weekly whenever it was basketball season to help with V.Y. B. A. Mr. Darling taught one class of eighth grade math, three classes of eighth and ninth grade P. E. and two periods of seventh grade P. E. f if 1 . R, 'H'- Do Tim Ruskovich rothy Rupio Ben Salazar Michaelene S alerno Deborah Savala Steven Schaab Kathy Seeley Frank Serrano Vicky Sheppard Scott Siatos Diane Smith Janet Smith Steve Smith Wilma Smith ighth grade, pg. 55 Margaret Solis Lorraine Sotello William Speer Mary Spiers Billy Stafford Pete Stocks lke Stone Cheryl Stubblefield Msiamb De Anza's girls may be swift, graceful and far-out, but the picture at the right tends to disprove the claim that . . . lAey never kse lAe1k' coof The girls in Mrs. Van Leeuwen and Mrs. Yount's gym classes really get involved in the activities they do. This year both P. E. teachers, Mrs. Io Van Leeuwen and Mrs. Cookie Yount, taught seventh, eighth and ninth grade gym classes and also sponsored the playdays planned by the Girls' Council. Until last summer, Mrs. Yount was known as Miss Button but now she is married to John Yount, a county sheriff. F mx Hi- rs si 5 f Carol Swanson Debbie Swift Carol Taylor Steven Thomas Leanna Tousignant Terri Trice Kendall Turner Rosie Valenzuela Mike Veatch Dennis Vest Debra Voter I eannette Waas r v eighth graders, , my ,MMM Some people live most of their lives behind the lines, out of the spotlight, but without whom the whole world would fall apart, Three of these un-renowned type people can be found right here in De Anza's busy office. For without our secrefazies we would surely fall apart. Mrs. Martha Lever is De Anza's banker and switchboard operator. Mrs. Marge Greene is our at- tendance clerk. Mrs. Wilcox is Mr. Guthrie's secretary. Scherry Walker Anita Warner Tena Welton Donald West LaDon Wheeler Brenda Whitacre Sandra Whitmire Gary Wilcox Debbie Williams Debbie Williams Karen Williams Larry Williams David Williams Ralph Willingham Teddy Wilson Terry Winkler Vohn Winkler Carol Wolfe Corinne Woodbury Kenneth Wy att Dee Ann Yates eighth graders, page 58 Some people hold the book upside downg but how would you diagnose xA e reaocvlrzy pro 6fem confronting Scott Siatos and Aug- gie Lara in the photo below? I 17 1 11 yr:-nw 'UI-I-.aww 041034 H334 flair 0 flaw in-V' X Lak' :'-: inf' 732:55 X'r'-...1,.,..,--K -- MM... ., .,,,,.... .., :W . , R' S1 4 -js., . 'E r ,Q ff l . 5. I, M my X X' 'il W' r"X5 . ETQYK. vs K is -f . , 1- 3- Mrs. Marie Sabin, our library clerk, has been working here ever since the school started. She assists the school lib- rarian as well as the teachers and students. During the summer she works with the textbook orders. Miss Thomas, our school librarian, has been at De Anza one year, temporarily replacing our regular librarian, Mrs. Tan. Miss Thomas will be teaching in Los Angeles next year, and says she Aafes fo yo oacf fo csmoysozffe. She attended Immaculate Heart in Hollywood, University of Southern California, University of California at Los Angeles, and University of California at Santa Barbara. She has received both her B. A. and M. S. degrees. library, page 59 Mis. Hermine Leavens received a B. S. de- gree and a degree in Public Health at U. C. L. A. She came to the district in 1959 and nursed at Ventura High until 1960, from there she went to Balboa where she nurses on Mondays and Fridays. Our school onlv has Mrs. Leavens on gU9J'0fCZ-y.S' 0120! UAUIYSJCZ-y as our faithful nurse. She has been at this school for only this year. She re- ceived hernurses training at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. Mrs. Jo Ann Bowen has taught education- ally handicapped classes for two years. This year she was De Anza's only teacher in this field. She attended the University of Cal- ifomia at Los Angeles where she received her B.A. and M.A. degrees.. Mr. Lloyd Vadnais has been teaching math for thirteen years, seven at De Anza and six at Lincoln Jr. High in Billings, Montana. He taught seventh grade math and ninth grade algebra. Affectionately thought of by students as Ze gaze fs' own 7Jo1ho6?xler Mr. Vadnais is chairman of the math department and earned his B. A. degree at Eastern Montana College and his M. S. degree at U. S.C. in 1970. Sherry Alford Billy Arant Larry Arellanes Frank Barbosa Larry Collins Steve Collins Steve Dalton Janet Donaldson Barton Fredrickson Kathy Harris Sherry Hawley Rhonda Hensley Tim Malloy Ruby Manriquez Sophia Manriquez Yolanda Manriquez Tiny Myers Robin Nordyke Kevin Richter James Winters eighth graders, pg. 60 J' Q . R is w.gggfas..i...,Nsis.L. - .... gms. H.g.1Aef. 'givinPr2fS2if22if21225FS:Esexzfa::lf.f:fzfesf:l.2!steel? .Qi W ..,, 1 . -k-' 1-h-- . Q . .a .,1AA . .,11 ' ' ::, g Q --1,-41 ,,.A af' W .V 4 -A-,M Mr. Thomas Grogan has taught eighth and ninth grade crafts at De Anza for five years. He earned his B.A. degree at Long Beach State College. Mr. Grogan is a nice and kind person. When you need help, .. e wo12'f furzz you own. This is the second year Mr. Grogan and Mr. Foote tried out a new class called R - . hr is woodcrafts, and it has been a huge success. 'X fs- t f I 1 . s W crafts, pg. 61 X -W ,Q , 1. f ,gm-ff , 3 ' 3 M, V' , L i?f 7 N?-u 1. WW W 4? ww fl"" 'WL C3 baby plctures, pg. 4 . A Q5 ff ' Z K -af W" f 2 3 2 .par 'E , JI' A pm Wa-44 A ?"'f .,, f A ' ,453 W 7 ur 20 '-Q.,,,,. R 6 W cs ff , 37 -Kf- ' .fs fv: 'I' I , f-,,'- ,,,'f i - V V ,EQ QQM A V A ., , ,,, W, ,, A. .. , , A L . , Q , ' H . if -iMl ' M 'baby PICIUISS, pg. 63 f' W Allen, Gale Blankenbiller, Debra Bohannon, Brenda Caron, Stanley Clary, Susan Cook, Cheryl Farrell, Colleen Fly, Peggy Gage, Margaret Harvey, Sheri Heathcote, Penny Boatner, Kim Brown, Leonard Caron, Robert Cheverie, Mike Doan, Robert Donaldson, Janet Edwards, Tracy Frizell, David Adams, Mark Baker, Frances Butler, Vickey Clary, Richard Coutee, Clayton Crabtree, Patricia Cross, Cathi Davis, Helen Downing, Susan Ford, Kimberly Gage, Carl Garibaldi, Frank Godbey, Donald 9th GRADE Hefner, Tom Leclunan, Mary Lister, Steve Mandeville, Melody Martel, Susan Neal, Donna Nelson, Alice Perez, Barbara Powell, Eddie Pullen, Montzalee Quintanilla, Dino 8th GRADE Gutierrez, Danny Hunsucker, Phillip Kusch, Debra Lara, Ruby Loffswold, Billy Long, Thalia Lyons, Caroline McCurtis, Gabriel 7th GRADE Hartman, Kathy Heckenlively, Steven Henry, Lee Imhoff, Gloria Koziba, Kitty Kreider, Susan LaValley, Suzanne Miller, Michael Moore, Shelley Moraza, Marla Mullins, Donnell Munger, Daniel Musgraves, Michael Ribble, Mike Spurlock, Cynthia Swift, Beth Tilmont, David Todesca, Stephanie Trujillo, Paul Ulreich, Sheryl Valles, Venida Williamson, Deanna Wilson, Debby Yanez, Jeff McFadzen, Annette Murphy, Ronald Poehler, Arnold Salazar, Ben Schaab, Steven Welton, Tina Williams, Karen Williams, David Poehler, Teresa Putzier, Sheryl Reid, Brett Ruiz, Scott Scott, William Seever, Kimberly Sharp, Debbie Ulreich, Susan Wenzel, Jacob Woodford, William Yanez, Gary Yasukawa, Dale Zambrzuski, Stella Zinskey, Debbie The Honor Roll Trip to Disneyland was finally taken on the 27th of February, after being postponed from February 12 because of the earthquakes. The trip lasted from 8:00 in the morning till 8:00 at night. Mrs. Meyers and Miss Thomas went as chaperones y e G om11Q119s1'012er.r Azfcfeofa rj fe to Disneyland for their annual Commissioners' party, making the total number of kids 94. . 4 YES W1 as X his :Aiwa 1... . M ss Qi l v M wwe itl J ' A if r Ricky Abel Alex Abundis Mark Acevedo Mark Adams David Allen Gene Allen Robert Angeles Jon Appelt Theresa Atchley Anna Ayala Beery Baker Dan Baker Frances Baker Rusty Bancroft Larry Bangs Maria Barbosa Treva Barker Connie Barrozo Karen Beem Patricia Begg David Berniger Roland Bishop Debbie Black Alvin Boan Tommy Booth Karen Borron Sharon Boynton Paul Briggs Anthony Brizuela Joseph Brown Sherri Brown Naomi Burnett Vincent Buss Barbara Butler Lynn Campos Toni Canada Sherry Carroll Ray Castro Jamie Chenot Rick Clary Robin Coert Karen Collins Lyle Connor Yvette Copp Jerry Corcoran Frank Cortez Mary Lou Cortez James Cothran Clayton Coutee Joy Cox seventh graders, pg. 66 ' tiff, ,J tr J Fl fy y 1 M J J Q .si a it " ' 1' ' ff' at , , l f"' ' J f J 3' 'Jr ', X N ffmp y J V J' Q J J W4 W 1 1 v r 2 it 1 V' 'Sm ff I 'WW ,ff , if ,f 3 W N N iffwy yy K jfHX QS e 0 e1zfA gra oQr.s ,Z Qffi xa - ,..,,. x 1' .,,. ,ggf .".1' ' - li . ::, ' 1 1 ...,.-Q np. . A , J -cf, wf Mm, Seventh fade p 67 Pat Crabtree Cathi Cross John Crow Patricia Cudahy Irene Cueva Linda Dalton Beverly Davis Helen Davis Steve Davis Mark Dean Robert De Los Santos Terri Dennison Arthur Diaz Rachel Diaz Gale Dillard Mearl Dineley Donald Donnelly Susan Downing Oliver Duckworth Claudia Dutton Linda Dye Todd Eichman Billy Ellis Randell Erps Arthur Estrada Kenneth Estrada Alfred Estrella Tina Evans Kip Felver Amelia Fly Kim Ford Danny Foss James Fox Rodger Fredrickson Carl Gage Cinda Garcia Debbie Garcia Eva Garcia John Garcia Mitchell Garcia Frank Garibaldi Golde Glaser Don Godbey Pamela Godwin Anita Gomez Linda Gomez Maria Gonzales Tom Gonzales Gail Grabowsky Anthony Gravelle seventh grade, pg. 68 f ,:',,.,f. .V 4 , t KVM, rj y W, , 3 ' V f M if 2? ,, t W 1 ' f 29 f if 3 VY Q' ww 24 - if fig 25 , 'Fi at VY r-if ,, I 'Aw' 1' .-,M If r W , gy "1 . t 5 QW 5 sr if E? Q- ,gf Y .. r ' ff l E 'Sz F A Q5 , n f Ai' y Vkh, 5 e ' ,f E , 4 as M A., l Q, K' , f , W " W ,lf if is x E ' " F 4111 1 if f V . '1 2, , , , ,, 1 af e eff 4 V' . 1 an f 5 f I Hi t 3, ,,,..,,,-, at il 'Ft f 3 2 Q, aa-,gf W 'tl ,, , A , , '15 ,--ff at L lii -11, 1 ii'i A F' fa. ga 'aa f :,,, ffm "i' .-feffzzgt 4, .- A ,,-' "Z ll' 1: ' 5 , it 3 5 A "" 'i f f " 'tttt V is ,yr' , EE , i t Z4 ' Els ' f f M-. 5 ' f 7' "LL' ' ' 'E 'i ,m. , l sa. ,. : -,L ,Sv A 'W' f , 'et 'wi J , 4' , +1 if ,, ,, 65 an -. H -' 54 , Q L r 4 My gawk ff' " ff iw sig ir, 37 E K, ,Ulf 1-urn? 5 y ,aww QR ra ' "REQ: ' " " ' Yrf mm E gm A iii 1 , ' ' f lli rr rrt rrr,'2 Ll' MW 9 ,af W. fa.. ,,r 1 ' ' , W ,,,. . . M , 2 et we w J ,iff 41 V 0 W E W ,,., , gg? , , t 2 A 1--:zz me p 1 ff , rl- .ja, :Wt 'l-1 Wg? t 9 'W an if A MJ: V, ,I i 'sw .. , fi, 131:54 5 ,X if v A? up . as is 'fzf if ,. 1 45 'L 1 if 1 'z 'i , 3 . - WW l,t ""--..r.,,, Mr. Harry Whittaker has been eachi special education here r or 4 years. For the special class e's cz s,0ec1'affeaCAe1' Last year Mr. Whittaker super- ised the photography for the year- ook. Mr. Williams was a new eacher this year. With the help f Mr. Whittaker , he teaches he mentally handicapped. Mr. illiams says he likes De Anza, tis jqlll anofexczhkzy 'wt ln the above photo, Rick Clary is com . NW I , rx I W pleting a drawing while Mr. Jennings is Aef zkz anolfer sfuknf P 7 in his seventh grade graphic arts class. Mr. Leo Jennings has been here for 14 years. This year he taught 3 classes of seventh grade math and 3 classes of seventh grade graphic arts. Mr. Jay Dean has taught math fer thirteen years, ten of them at De Anza. This year he taught sev- enth and eighth grade math. This year we had a Dean of Girls and also a Zeczzz gf M16 This year Mr. Dean was involved in the Ninth Grade Organization. graphic arts, pg. 69 Donnie Griffith David Griffiths Mike Grizzard Robert Gutierrez Anthony Hamlet Kimberly Harbison Robin Harbison Richard Harding Kathy Hartman Lane Hawley Bruce Heathcote Steven Heckenlively Carol Henderson Lee Henry Wayne Henry Robert Hensley Dolly Hernandez Dorothy Hernandez Lupe Hernandez Orville Hibdon April Hill Dorothy Holding Richard Holdsworth Robin Hulsey Gloria lmhoff Larry Izer John Jensen Lou Ann Kaiser Rhonda Kennedy Steven Kennedy Emmy Klassen Linda Kline Kitty Ann Koziba Susan Kreider Diana Lake Laura Landberg Ernest Lara Jeffry Leard Laverne Leggett Timmy Leonardo Joey LeRoy Tammy Levy David Lindsay Pamela Lindsey Kathy Lister Bill Lister Debbie Livingston Diana Loffswold Betty Jo Long Ermelinda Lopez seventh grade, pg. 70 ' x .fl 'if 'rw -Q ,+C is 2' ja f ,K fa 5 V ik 1 iv 'li Q., ',,, pl . .ff ' A ' 6. I 'A we 25 ,ga r , Sv A , v Q lla Z 1 We if U! wr- ! f 4 if L 5 , ll gf, f ' I 8 A 3 4 1 f e ' ,,,--, 5 K yi My Q 3 ,il , gy 5 gm' ' , I W . y y W Q M , V V , Q , W , ig 1 . l . 'v' " 3 iff- f 1: if K' ,W I g . A G'u ff , I - 5 I lirrrki it 5 .V 'xv-' V ? K VV . ' , 4. ' ' t I , ,V v . . ' . T ig the past two years the hornemaking room has been known as Xie Ga112p6eHcSoup gacfofy Linda Campbell taught seventh grade Homemaking this year with three classes of ig. Mrs. Campbell attended Pepperdine College in Los Angeles and also San Fernando ay State. This is her second year at De Anza and she enjoys it very much. Ars. Esther Siville is De Anza's new horncrnaking teacher this year. She has been teaching for eight years, two in rda, and five in Indiana. Her homemaking club memders aflen0Q'0fcyQe1' scfooffo ZDOFA on prryecfs. :eceived her B. S. in Virginia and her masters at Ball State College, Indiana. seventh grade, page 'il Katy Lopez Vanessa Lorenzana Ricky Love Alan Lowry James Lynch Peggy Lyons Kim Machamer David Macias John MacLean Robert Malloch Debra Manning Doreen Manning Yvonne Marquez Lee Martin Steve Martin Michael Mathews Robert McCanless Yvonne McCurtis Vincent McMurray Larry Meade Marcos Medina Steve Medina Lori Miller Colleen Miller Micheal Miller Larry Montoya Shelley Moore Richard Moraga Betsy Morales Patsy Morales Maria Moraza Brad Mortens Kathleen Mosby Kathy Moyer Maureen Mulkey Donnell Mullins Dan Munger Larry Murphy Michael Musgraves Joe Muzzy Shelley Navarro Becky Newman Barbara Nichols Brian O'Hagan Michael Olmos Richard Olmsted Kelly Oxford Laura Padilla David Page Doyle Parker seventh graders, pg. '72 bi wa' 'Y' in-. fab 'C' X.,- fd! ..... 1 ,fi 'rs l . T ' iii jd The picture above is one of Mrs. Danzy's seventh grade world geography classes. The students look like they're thinking fr -vs " 60j, 1203 znouje fzkne ayazlrzf " Mrs. Nancy Rickard has been This year MIS. Virginia Dan, p lg 'rQ'lll p p here for two years. She was Zy taught Seventh grade World il A' FII2 Q10 may Qlfclllcy ZQJQIZS'-Y g6OSraPhY. She was also in- fr rem Qxii? volved 1n the social committee as sponsor ofthe This year Mrs. Rickard was one ofthe Girls' Council sponsors. She attended San Fernando Valley along with Mr. Dillard, Mrs. Lapolla, Mrs. Lofthus, State amd U,C. L. A. and Mrs. Burton. Mrs. Danzy has taught world geog- raphy since De Anza opened in 1957. gevgnth grade, pg. 73 reyffesfm enfs anofcofe Jak: co112m17fee "'LLL ' 1 I fm:-is rv ,, 3 f fn if ' 1 The picture above shows one of Mr. Charles Fortmeyer's seventh grade art classes. -wr This year Mr. Fortmeyer taught seventh, eighth, and ninth grade art. Art for eighth and ninth graders was an elective this year. Mr. Fortmeyer was one of the sponsors for the 11r2fAyra0Q 6eacA pany This was the third year Mrs. June Winsor taught seventh and eighth grade reading and English since she has been teaching at De Anza. This year for the first time at De Anza Mrs. Winsor taught two periods of special classes where Spanish-speaking students learned Czzyfzlvf as cz .secozzoffazzyuaye Mrs. Winsor was absent from school at the beginning of the year, but returned after the first quarter ended. In 1966 1967, the yearbook was dedicated to her. 4 f ,V fn-za rl' yi 1 5. x ff A lv ' at ' 1 W ' W -k' Q ' K kia 4! x s--.5 'sw 4 Q. X 45 AZ K j Q he , w.. as ' . V .fa , E r A W Of' ' J X at f f if "' V' .-- za , ,f ' " -. iif :Q t A X vw ,Q , 47 V?'fW' ltf Z at 2 exf t 1 :fx l , .. gt U, 1 .5 rg., st. - gt Q 1- 1,4 ,,, , L ' Y Charlene Patterson Pamela Patterson Garnett Pelham Darrell Peterson Larry Phelps Lynne Pierce Fernando Poehler Patricia Poehler Teresa Poehler Sandra Pope Leasa Puccetti Rickey Pugh Steven Pullen Sheryl Putzier Kathy Quinn Randy Quisenberry Richard Ramirez Chris Rangel Rita Rangel Brett Reid Don Ribble Ronnie Rigsby Carmen Rippetoe Tina Robinson Ulises Rodas Cindy Rodriguez Larry Romero Bill Rohn Lynda Rosebrough Robert Ruiz Nancy Sage Ricky Saldana Mark Schaab Cherylyn Schedell Rob Schwerdtfeger Scotty Scott Kim Seever David Seibel Edward Seidenkranz Jean Seiler Randy Shankle David Shankles Debra Sharp lim Sharp Lisa Sheppard Rene Shipley David Siebler Audra Skerritt Edward Skurk Charles Smith - '9 3 A A1 - :txt 'V y tk mi seventh grade, pg '75 Doddie Smith Leslie Smith Robbie Smith Dorothy Snodgrass Dolores Solorzano Rosemarie Spittler Deborah Spivey John Sprague Mary Spurlock Debbie Stafford David Stevens Jim Stufflebeam Cecil Sutton Marsha Tarwater Diana Thomas Mark Thompson Tony Tiglio Cathy Townsend Jo Ann Trujillo Susan Ulreich Maria Valles Eloise Vargas Johnny Veloz Paul Velos Byrl Vest Michael Voter Teresa Wadlington Rene Waites Mary Anna Walston Pam Ward Debra Wasson Larkey Watkins Patricia Watkins Patrice Watkins Steven Wendel Jake Wenzel Pam White Billy Whitmire Douglas Wiggins Ricky Wilkerson David Williams Debbie Williams Pat Williams Becky Williams Steven Williams William Woodford Christi Wooley Gary Yanez Dale Yasukawa Jeanette Young seventh graders, pg. '76 SH? so-. L ..,-,Ar- -- Q.: p., YS K s'ss R oo.'- - oo oy oos ai , K ... lsr.. -: -1 . - . f , . N.. ,Q:.:,, s qi N 1 : Q . 1, QQ t.,- 'S is "f2 up ssli iw' 4 fs gi . M in :H si fs, 4 'L Ii .,,. : r .- Mfr ,r ' .est s Q - 5 wi my wi-1 ,E 1 EE? E 3 :fr W1 ' 22 O use .-be 5 QM A A- X A ' x .1 f -1 V ' 'rt wh gk 2. ' A it - r H o yyoo so I, gs, 2 ' as 5 :- - V1 SN N .. - -- K kL,. - L gl, Q ss. Q "V a R X sl s .,:. 1 r,... f 2 . gzasx' ,Q , Q 'i'.' ', . if? gas . rs - L .V - K. . is-gs 5,-fs, ,J 5 I sf F . , Ei- X gzkfenzhy fo JY . . . Nope! These students are listening to Spanish being taught in De Anza's language lab, Mr. William Mervyn's room B-4. Mr. Mervyn taught four periods of Spanish and one each of English and study hall qincluding one semester of readingl. Having a B. A. from Ohio State and an M. A. from New Mexico, he has been here at De Anza for 9 yrs. 'xx 15 s-4' xi Mrs. Dowler, a teacher of eighth grade American History and ninth grade American Citizenship, is fafzkzq XA e ,vface of mf. ymfm when he left at the end J of the first semester. fr Mrs. Dowler received her B. A. degree at the Uni- versity of California in Santa Barbara. n.,,4. Mr. Robert Bentz, having taught at De Anza for ten years, really knows wbaf seuezzff yra ers can UQ fo f9C1C'A9I'S- Mr. Bentz plans to complete his MA degree at Long Beach State College this summer. Mr. Bentz counseled this year for two periods and taught four periods of Science. This year Mr. Bentz counseled students with last initials R-Z. 77 Catalina Antillon Joseph Brown Dora Collins Tim DeBolt Billy Floyd Robin Gartman David Harms Robert Hensley Renee Hulsey Jeffrey Komar James Lee Chuck Lunsford Debbie Mahoney Colleen Miller Irene Miller Glen Moore Richard Olmsted Elaine Ramirez Larry Romero Tina Romero Stella Zambrzuski Debra Zinskey f L..- sl , 'x X QF X 2 yi 5 l " f .sl M N... ' 'FW , ig 'ar , ' 1 'fl M0 ' ,mg rp. wff A Only at a school like De Anza could an infamous uampzke 6ecom e Eng. Such was the case when Count, Garzonala Tim, De Anza's own Dracula at the Halloween Dance fcenter photoj became King of Snoopy's Love-In, De Anza's Valentine's Dance. Reigning as his queen was Christi Wooley fboth pictured abovej. The king and queen were chosen by a highly democratic and pro- fitable contest. The students voted with money, a penny a votefas you can seein the top center picturej. The proceeds went to thc American Cancer Society. D2 Honor ofxjiar. ro! Fai.: - 1 m"'9"s-Q-cw r f GCUA-y VIZJQX Bentz 77 Bowen 60 Branham 25 Burton 41,49 Campbell 71 Clark 26 Danzy 40,73 Darling 43,55 Dean 69 Dillard 21 Dobson 6 Dowler 77 Dugan 6 Ensign 28,40 Evans 29 Foote 17 Fortmeyer 74 Greene 58 Grogan 61 Guthrie 4 Harkins 20 Hobson 18 Hyde 52 Jennings 69 Kantack 46,47,49 Lapolla 40,49 Leavens 60 Lever 58 Lofthus 23,41 Mattox 19 McKown 18 Meiers 26 Mervyn 76 Meyers 72 Mikuls 50 Moody 52 Morris 12,43,55 O'Farrell 20 Rickard 72 Rood 49 Siville 70 Smith 35 Stout 16 Thomas 59 Vadnais 60 Van Leeuwen 56 Vasquez 34 Wallace 50 Whittaker 68 Wilcox 58,6,42 Williams 68 Winsor 75 Yount 56 Zierer 6 Except for our head custodian, Bill Dobson, the custodians and bus drivers are not pictured in our beloved year- book. The custodians are: Mabel Aten, Gid Howdershell, T. Brown, and H. Mc- Cleary. The bus drivers are Lee Miller and Bob Roush. ff. 1 ,"'b 'uft' JI: 4 -.4 -1 ll: Q fiiflli' 81 NINTH GR DE I ABEL, TONI 14 Sag. ACRES, JOE 14,40 Aq. ALLEN GALE 14 48 P6. ALVAIQADO, BECkI 15 62,38 P6. ANDERSON, CHARLA 51 Gm. ANDREWS HEATHER 15,47 Gm. ARNOLD 'LISA 15 S6. AVENDANO, JOHN 15 Vg. AXLEY C. CHESTER 15,23,48,42 BAILEY, TERRY 14,15 Aq. BAKER, LAURA 14 P6. BAKER STAN 15 Cr. BALLEIJSKY, CHERI 15 AI-. BANCROET, BARBARA8-Aq. BARKER, GORDON 15 Cr. BARTLE, REX 15 Vg. BETTIS, MIKE 15 86. BLACK GLEN 14,48 Tr. BLANKENBILLER DEBRA 14, 40, 23, BOHANNAN BRENDA 14,23 Cap. BOLTON, Cf-IARLES 15,21 Ar. BOOTH JODY 15,50 Gm. BRENNIQR GARY 15,63,26 Vg. BRIEM, LiZA 31 Ar. BRIGGS PENNY 15 41 Aq. BRILHART, GORDONPB Sag. BRIZUELA, TOMMY 16 Cap. BROOKS, TIM 16,23 Sag. BROWN, AFTON 16 S6. BROWN, DARLENEPF Tr. BROWN, JAMES 16 Cr. BROWN KIM 16 23 S6. BUMGAEKDNER TOM 31 Aq. BUNDY, ROBIN 31,15,19 Ar. BUNDY RUBY 31 Ar. BURDICK, MICHAEL? S6. BUSTAMANTE, DAN 16 Ar. BUTCHER MARLA 16 Leo BUTLER j'UANITA'l' L66 BYRD ANITA 16 Aq. CARON, STAN 16,26 P6. CHRISTENSON, DAVID 16 Vg. CLARY, SUSIE 17 19,26 Cr. CLIFTON TIM 17' Vg. COMPTON SHARRON 17, 23 L66 COOK CI-QRYL 30 49, 26,42 L66 CORTf-ZZ, DIANA 16 1 Ar. CORTEZ, GLORIA8 Eb. COUNTRYMAN SAUNDRA 16,23 CRABTREE TEERI 16,21 Aq. CROWE, ViCKY 16 Gm. DALTON DIANE 30 Vg. DAVIS REN 16 41 L66 3EG6wR6?l'R3fIfA7L? 11 T" 9 2 V . DERIIEGTON, RANDY' 17 CE. DILLARD, RALPH 18 Cap. DODD SANDRA Luk Cr. DOWNEY, SI-IERYL 18,41,42 Cr. DUARTE, ERANK8 L66 DUNLAP PAMELA 18 Cr. DUTTON DEBRA 18 Sag. EATON, EIICKY 18 sag. EISHERE, LARRY 30 Tr. F:1LVYXIP3IlgL, JOANIE 19 P6. STEVE 18 39 42 S6. FAIRWEATHER Fli.EDbY 18 L66 FARRELL, COLf.El:'N 30,46 Cap. 82 , Cap. 42 Sc. Vg. FIGUREIDA, TONY 18, 26,19 Sag. FLY, PEGGY 18,19 P6. POUTS, LINDA 19 Ar. ERAZIER, DEBBIE 18,47 S6. GAGE MARGARET 18,38, 23,27 Sag. GARIJQALDI, MERCY 18 Ar. GARNER, EDDIE 18 L66 GARZON, TIM 18 40 23,24 Sag. GIENAPP LARRYf9 Vg. GONZALES, EDWARD 18 Cr. GOOMEER, ERIC 18 Cap. GORDON, BEVERLY 62 Cr. GORE NORMAN 18 L66 GRAVES, DONALD 18 P6. GREENE, CHERYL 18 Cr. GREGORY, PENNIE 19,23 Pc. GREGORY. TEE ANNA 19,41,62, 23 Vg. GROSS JOE 19,39 Cap. GUTIERREZ ROSA 20,39 Lb. HAFLICH, THERESA 20, 23, 24,46 L66 HAMAN PATTY 20,19 Cr. HAMME24, DEBRA 20,23 Vg. HARBISON, CHERYL 20 Vg. HARVEY, SHIERI 2O,40, 62, 26 Gm. HEATHCOTE PENNY 20, 26, 27 Vg. HEI-'NER, TOM 20 23 27,42 HENDERSON, DON'ALI5 20 Vg. HENSLEY JILL 20 Gm. HERNANDEZ, DAVID 20,49 Aq. HERRERA, JOHNY P6. HOLDEN JOHN 21,23 49 L66 HOWERY, RITCHIE 21 Gm. HULSEY DANNY 21 L66 JACKSON, DONALD 20 Cr. JENKINS LIZ 20 Lb. KEITH, DANNY 20,47 Leo KELSO JOHN 20 P6. K1?.N'N'E,DY JEFF 21 L66 KYLE, STEVE 21 Vg. LAGOS, EDDIE 21,42 Sag. LAGOS, MARIA 22 19,42 Tr. LARA, DEBBIE 22,263 39 Cap. LATHAM, TONY 22 Sb. LECHMAN, MARY 22,62 Aq. LEWANDOSKI. CHERYL 22,49 Leo LIGHTNER DEBBIE 23 Aq. LISTER. STEVE 23 13,62, 49,26 L66 LITTLE, BUZZ 23 Vg. LOPEZ MIKE 22 Aq. IDREIEZANA, MARK 22 Gm. LOWRY, JOHN 22 L66 LUNSFORD, EDDIE 22 Lb. LYNCH LARRY 22 Gm. MANDE,VILLE MELODY 23,19 Ar MARTEL, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MASSEY, SUEIE 23,19,39 Lb. CHERYL 22,23 Lb. DEBBIE 22, 23 Cr. STEVEN4' Cr. MIKE 22 Lb. MATHIS GERALD 22,50 Gm. MAYS IEEE 22 Tr. MCBEEP, ANNE 23,39 Lb. M6BEE, JANICE 23 Lb. MCCANLESS RI-IONDA 23 Leo MCCLOSKEY' PAT 22 Cr. M6GRAW, LEONARD 22, 50 L66 M6LAIN, DIANE 22 sg. MEDEIROS, FRANK 22 Aq. DEX MERKEL PAM 22 Gm. MERRlLf, LIZ 22 P6. MILLER, RAY 22, 50 S6. MONTGOMERY GENE 48 Aq. MORALES, CAROL 22,26 P6. MYERS JACK 22 L66 NEAL, DONNA 31,38, 23, 26 TI NELSON, ALICE 31 Aq. O'DONNELL, AARON 31,63 Aq ORTMAN, WAYNE 24,48, 26 T PADILLA, EDDIE 31 P6. PAGE, ROBERT 24 Gm. PALMER, LARRY 24,50 Vg. PEDRO, MERRIE 24,62, 26 Cap PEREZ, BARBARA 24,19, 21 S6. PERKS, JERRY 24,42 Cr. PETERSON DALE 24 41 P6. POWELL, EDDIE 24 f6O POWELL JEFPERSON8 Vg. PRESCOTT, BILL 24 PULIEN MONTZALEE 24,63 C1 PUTZIER, SI-IERI 24 Vg. QUINTANILLA DINO 24,38 Sa RAMIREZ, CAEOL 24 Cap. RAMIREZ RITA 24 L66 RAY L. DEBBIE 25 Gm. RE.A6EN, RONNIE 25, 39,42 REED, ALLEN 25 Tr. REED, PAM 24,15, 23 Cap. REPIIOGLE DEBBIE 24 19 23 P. RIBBLE M'IKJ-I 24 48 27 26 Gm RICHARDSON ALLAN 24 Sag. RIPPETOE, WCSODY 24 Ar. ROBBINS, LARRY 25 P6. ROBINSON, STEPHENY Ar. RODARTE, VINCENT 25 Lb. RODGERS, DARRELL 25 Aq. ROPE, JESSE8 Sag. ROSS, MIKE 24 S6. ROUSSEAU, KATHY 24 Cr. SALLEE JOHN 24 Ar. SANCI-EEZ, ESTELLA 24 Cap. SARVER, DONNIE 24 Gm. SCHEDELL MARK 25, 26, 67 G1 SCOTT, BRADLEY4 SEELEY. CT-LARLOTTE 25 SEILER, JAMES 31 Aq. SHARP, RANDY 25 Tr. SIGSWORTH, JAMESB L66 SMITH, BILL 28,49, 26 S6. SNODGRASS, ALICIA:-8 Ar. SNODGRASS, MARY 28 Sag. SOIIS, YVONNE 28 Cap. SOTO GILBERT 28 Cr. SPRIN?GER JEFF 28,48 Lb. SPURIOCK, CINDY 28 Gm. STAPPORD, ROSALIE 28 P6. STEPHENS JOE 28 Sag. STONE, JIM 28,27 Lb. STONE, SCOTT 29,49 L66 SWIFT, BETH 29,41,38 Cr. TAYLOR PAM 29,41 L66 THACKER, SUSAN 28 Gm. TILMONT DAVID 28, 39, 26 Af TIMMONS,, ROBERTA 28,41 V, TODESCA STEPHANIE 28 S6. TOMLINSON, DON 28,63 Aq. TOPPING, SUSAN 29,23 Lb. Ar 3553, F' Q were E, 5zH-:rm 95330555 cm-13, gb' 'F-O" grfr' in Sjmwkrlg u-nu Em ibm nweb EZEHWQAE 592g bwQ55HH O p-4 Q, lv EE w rm 0.m o H5-AE 9191333 97: GAgH 5 ml? M gg'-xo us "' O 0,2337 me muh N Nm no I-4 VNHT Q0 7 s-e'f7'b B UP E-2512, P funn NWN, BNHS Sv' 2222444 Paw-:asa 52,2 :asm 5,E2UE:1:1E " Wuaawo fb .-4 EEEE2Ex agogqow F4 ggvnwgggw-2 gg.g4.w 'www 0553 n-W ff? aww Ll "U Lo00 for 45 'U QQO Q 'C 442222 Q E2 0205555 H N2 EN 055 QM H' E?zz w Hw' Z GY: . ofhwg V w H wmobf 3 P 9rrJ VN 'D ,Hg H - 43 I" l" ?v5 9 H H113 V118 'QQ 5moA oA H mAE Arab-4 OECN Omogw 353' O"U-I :P Nmlvc HH' IV E ???H 2028 ooeo., Ce-rg CD3-IU, 502 P1 NIV A NSW B If C+' 1 W ae 1 ,ul 1 I ,I Z! Ili?" ak Z no " WW' ylyrwgl ,,,,... ,fuuflfullfMIAM4M !! JV P T' 471' M w 4 wQRX1'?' f 'I T UVM! , W .rNv Q W Q Y X s v 1 it 'QI U H K1 N N Ag , V' ' ' fl 1 H' w I "' fp 1, XlWfVZ!!Mj,5f fn ' ' QWWW NN ,J KW! ! m i K rf! 6 , 'W N r, MM XMWA "' ' " 'W :WW W WMM' 5 WW - XXX M Q I 1' mf 1 MK! M 'Ulu , k u L 1' K I , , , . In 'fL w 1 ul,'V4 f 'N X' j N , f f M925 ff qi 1, f Q S? 6 W Wlj fg f Q, X 4 i X ' Q I 'Mk ffmfff ,gl W ly, 'yn f fy ,uf ,f M f MM 'jg f ,' f ,'1f4Q I 1 MLM! 1.1b1 iff A F KJ! CSX M' n K rgggg WJ Q -X 5 7X f f 'l - C, cfdw, X3 ,c OlnfiwmQQf X 2 f ,fr K w Eighth Grade Index ACRES, LUCY 45, 63,47 Lb. AGUINA, LEONARD 45 L55 AKIN, MARY 45,53,58 ALFERES, P. GWEN 45 Vg. ALFORD SHERRY 50 Ca . ANDREWS, MARGARET 41:5 Cr. ARANT, BILLY 50 Sag. ARELLANES, LARRY 50 Gm. ARELLANES, RANDY 45 Om. AVENDANO, RUDY 45 Vg. AXLEY, JENNY 45, 63, 23,47 Vg. BADILLA BOB 45 Aq. BAKER, :FIM 45 S5. BALDING, TYRA 45,53,12,311 Tr. BALL, JOYCE 45 Vg. BANEY, RICK 45, 23, 25 Cap. BARBOSA, FRANK 50 C.-rp. BARNES, SANDRA 45,39, 53 Gm. BELL, DANIEL 45,42 Lb. BERNAL, ESTI-IER 45 Cr. BLACK, DAVID 45 Cap. BLINN, LARRY 45 Ar. BOATNER, KIM 45 40 47 Gm. BOGART LINDA 45 4,7 S5. BOYNTON, E. ARTHIUR 45 Tr. BRIEM, TENA ANN 45,49 Cr. BROBISKY DEBBIE 45, 50,49 Sag. BROOKS, FEGGY 45 Vg. BROWN, LEONARD 45 Ar. BROWN TAMMY 45 Sa . BURDETTE, BRYAN 45 Sag. BURNS MIKE 45 Ar. BUTLER, TERESA 45,49 Tr. CAPRITTO MATTHEW 45,41,46 Lb. CA RBONEIL, SHORTY 45, 40, 62, 42 CARON, BOBBY 45,38 42 S5. Aq. CARR CLEETTE 45,45,58 Leo CARSON, CLIFFORD 45 Cap. CARTER, DEBI 45 P5. CARTER, TOM 45 Cr. CASTILLO, BENJAMIN 45 Aq. CEASE, GARY 45 S5. CHAVEZ LARRY 45 Gm. CI-IEVERLE, MICHAEL 45,48 Sag. CHILTON, CINDY 45,62 Vg. CLARK, DONNA 45,53 Cr. CLEVELAND, BURL 46 S5. COBOS, GAYLA RAE 46 Gm. COERT, JEANY 46,42 P5. COLLINS, LARRY 50 Cr. COLLINS, STEVEN 58 Vg. COMPTON, TI-IERESA 39 Aq. CORNETT JOHN 46 Sag. CORTEZ i1AUL 46,23 S5. COWANS, CONNTE 46 Tr. COX MICHAEL8 Tr. CRABTREE, RANDY 46 P5. CROSS, CLNDI 46,62 Vg. CROWE BRUCE 46 Gm. CRUZ, f-IENRY 46 Ar. CUDAHY, PAM JEAN 46 S5. CURTIS, JIMMIE 46,23 Vg. DALTON, STEVE 50 DEAN, JAMES 46 Tr. DELGADILLO, MARGARITA 46 Cr. DEMELE, MIKE 46,49 DEWBERRY, WILLIE MAE 46 Aq. DICKERSON LINDA 46 Gm. DOAN, ROBERT 46 Cr. DONALDSON JANET 60,41,62,47 Cap DONNELLY, DONNA 46 Sag. DOWLER, KIM 46 40 47 Leo DOWNEY, KENT 45,50 Tr. DRENNEN, RANDY 46 Gm. 84 DRYER, ANDY 46,48 S5. DUARTE, YOLANDA 46 Vg. DIIRAN. STEPHANIE 46,53 S5. DUTTON, DENNIS 46 Sag. EDWARDS TRACY 46 62,47 Cap. ELMORE, KENNETH 46, Tr. ELWELL, WILLIAM 46 Sag. ERPS, DAVID 47 Tr. ESTRADA, LARRY 47 Tr. EVANS, DAVID 47 Sag. EVANS, MARK 47 Vg. EVANS, RANDY 47,13 Gm. EVERTON SUSAN 47,41 Lb. FAUBUS, ROBERT 47 Ar. 1--ERRO, PA'1"1'Y 47,49 Sag. FIELDS, KAREN 47 55. FLYNN HENRY 47 Gm. FORBES TODD 47 L55 FORD, DENNY 47 Leo FOUTS, SHERRY 47,52, 46 Vg. FRANK STEPHEN 47,42 L55 FRAZIEk, CARL 47 FRAZIER, FREDDIE 47 Cap. FREDRICKSON DEAN 50 Gm. FRENCH, LARRY Sag. FRIZELL DAVID 47 Tr. FRY. MIKE 47 Aq. . GAIMARI, STEPHEN 47 Aq. GARCIA, CHRISTY 47 Ar. GARCIA, GERG 47 Gm. GARCIA, LEO 47 P5. GARY, CARIA 47 Ar. GAVETTE GEORGETTE 47 GLAZER, LORI 47, 41,50, 49 GOMEZ, DOLORES 47 S5. GOODIN, AUDIE 47 Leo GRABOWSKY, BILLY 47 S5. GREGORY, KITTY 47 Tr. GUTIERREZ, DANNY 47 Ar. I-IAMBLIN JANET 48 Aq. HARRIS 'KATHY 50 49 Cr. HARVEY, NANCY 48 41 46 HAWLEY SHERRY 6f,4f Ar. HAYES, DARREN 48 Ar. HAYNES DYANNE 48 Lb. HAYS, GEORGE 48 Vg. HENRY, DELMA 48 S5. HENSIEY RHONDA 61 Vg. I-IERNAN15EZ, ALBERT 48 Cr. HERNANDEZ, DEBBIE 48 Tr. HERNANDEZ, SCOTT 48 Leo HINES, ROBBLE 48 Gm. HOLBERT, RICKY 48 Vg. HOOVAN, ROBERT 48 Cap. HOPPE, MIKE 48 L55 HORN, BECKY 48 Cr. HORN, LEIGH ANN 48 P5. HOUSER. TOMMY 48 L55 HRIBERNICK, SANDY 48 Aq. HRIBERNICK, SHARON 48 Aq HUNSUCKER, PHILIP 50 Tr. HUNT, SHARON 51 Gm. HUSBANDS, DENISE 51,41,50 L55 INSKEEP, ROBIN 51 Gm. ISAACS. KATHY 51,1,23,24,43 JOHNSON DAVID S1 Cap. Cap. KAISER, LESLIE 51,49 Ar. KEETER, ARMAND 50 Aq. KENNEDY, SHARON 51,46 Cr. KLEIDER, RONALD4 Gm. KLINE, KAREN 51 62 KUSCH, DEBBIE 5f,41,47,42 Sag. LAGOS, MIKE 51 Lb. LANE, CAROLYN 51 Gm. Sag. Sag. Cap. LARA, AUGGLE 51,13, 58 Gm. LARA, RUBY 50,52,47 S5. LECHMAN, ANN 51,62 Ar. LEE, LYNETTE 51,53 Cr. LEWANDOSKI PAUL 51,48 Sag. LIGHTNER FRANK 51,23 Cr. LINDSEY, BILL 51 Cap. LISTER, CINDY 51,52,45 Vg. LIVELY, PATRICIA 51 Vg. LOFFSWOLD, BILLY 51 Ar. LOGERWELL KIM 51,62,47 S5. LONG, DANiEL 51 Lb. LONG, DAVID 51 Cr. LONG, THALIA 51,53,39,47 Lb. LOPEZ, BENNY 51 Tr. LOWRY, DIANA SUE 51,49 Ar. LUDEMAN, TEDDY 51 Aq. LUTTRULL, LELAND 51 Gm. LYONS, CARRIE 51,40,47 sag. MALCOLM, MARY Vg. MALLOY, TIM 50 Cr. MANRIOUEZ, RUBY 50 Lb. MANRIOUEZ, SOPHIA 63 P5. MANRIOUEZ. YOLANDA 50 Gm. MARTEL, JANIE 51,40, 53 Sag. MARTINZZ, JIMMY 51 Vg. MARTINEZ, MARGIE 51 55. MATHEWS, MARSHA 51 Aq. MATTSON, RICKY 52 Aq. MAYS, LINDA 52, 58 Vg. M5CONNELL, TERRY 52,48 Cap. MCCURTIS, GABRIEL 52, 39,48,42 P5 MCDOVVELL, JANE 52,49 Gm. MCFADZEN, ANNETTE 52,40,38,47 C M5MURRAY, TAMSIN 52 Sag. MEADE, BILLY 52,50 P5. MEDINA, DENISE 52,41,47 Tr. MEDINA IRENE ORTEGA 52 Ar. MENDOz"fA, ARLEEN 63 Vg. METZNER, MARK 52 Sag. MILES CHRISTY 52 Cap. MILLER, MATT 52,42 Gm. MONTGOMERY, JOHN 52, 50 L55 MOONEY DEBBIE 52 Pc. MORALES, RACHEL 52 Ar. MORALES, RALPH 52 Vg. MORALES, YOLANDA 52 Sag. MOYER, ROBIN 52 Lb. MUNOz, RICHARD S2 Cr. MURPHY, RON 52, 50,48 Cap. MUTH JOHN M. 52 Ar. MUZZY, RICHARD 52,34 Vg. MYERS TINY 50 P5. NELSON, BOB 52 Gm. NERREN JANICE 52 P5. NOLEN ,BECKY 52 Cap. NORDYQKE ROBIN 50 L55 NOYCE, KSELLY 52 Pc. O'CONNOR, MIKE S2 Leo O'DONNELL. SHARON S2 Cr. OLIVAS, GREGG 52 Cap. OWENS, DEMOSS 53 Cap. PADILLA, NANCY 53 Vg. PALMER, DEBRA 53 S5. PATTON, JUDY 53 Tr. PAYAN ESTER 53,47 Lb. PAYLOR, CHARLES S3 Cr. PEDRO, SANDIE 53 Tr. PELHAM, DEAN 53 P5. PHILLIPPE, JANET 53,48 Aq. PHILLIPS, JUDY 53 Tr. PIKE, ROY 53 Aq. POEHLER, ARNOLD 53 Gm. PORRAS, LIZA 53,39,42 S5. DO, ELIZABETH 53,41,52,53 Leo EUDHOMME, GREG 53 Tr. OSSER, JIM 53 PC. ICKE, DAVID 53 Vg. IROz DELPHINA 53 Aq DAKOVIGH, SUSAN 54,217 Cap. LSTON, REED 54 Sag. M1REZiF CES 54 Pc. NUM, O S4 Tr. LE RICHARD 54, 23,25 Leo IEHEIAEEEDSOE, KENNETH 54 Vg. R VIN 50 VERS MARK 54 Sag. TOBERTQS, TERRY 54 Lb. JOBINSON, LARRY 54 PC. JODGERS, DEAN 54 Tr. OHN, JAMES 54,23 Tr. OSS, LARRY 54 PC. ,RANT 55 LUPIO, DOROTHY 55 cap. IUSKOVIGH, TIM 55 cr. ALAZAR, BEN 55,49 Aq. ALERNO, MICHAE.LE.NE 55 Ar. AVALA, DEBORAH 55 cap. CHAAB STEVEN 55 Aq. 'COTT,,SHARON 53 Aq. SEELEY. KATHY 55 SERRANO, ERANKIE 55 Leo SI-IEPPARD, VICKY 55 Vg. SIATOS, SCOTT 55,62,58 cr. SMITH, DIANE 55 Vg. SMITH, JANET 55,41 Vg. SMITH, STEVE 55 Tr. SMITH, WILMA 55 Tr. SOLIS, MARGARET 55 Tr, SOTELLO, LORRAINE 55, 57,41,53, 24 Aq. SPEER, WILLIAM 55,57 Ar. SPIERS, MARY 55, 57 SC. STAFFORD, BILLIE 55, 57 Gap. STOCKS, PETE 56,57 Gm. STONE, GLEN 56,57 Vg. STUBBLEFLELD, Cl-IERYL 56,53 Rc. SWANSON, CAROL 55 SC. SWIFT, DEBBIE 56,41 Vg. TAYLOR, GAROL 56,41 53,42 Lb. THOMAS STEVEN 55 Tr. TOUSIGNIANT, LEANNA 56,41,47 cap. TRICF. TERRI 55 SC. TURNER, KENDALL 55 Tr. VALENZUELA, ROSIE 56,63 Vg. VAUGHN, GLENDAE VEATCH, MIKE 55 LE. VEDOZ, PAULE Lb. VEST, DENNIS 55 Ar. VOTER, DEBRA 55 Tr. WAAS IEANNETTE 55 53 Gm. WALKf2R, SGHERRY 58, 53 SC. WARNER, ANITA 58,4o,53 Lb. WELTON, TINA 58,47 Gm. WEST DONALD 58,23 Sc. WI-1EEf..ER, LA DON 58 47 PC. WHITAGRE, BRENDA 158 Vg. WI-HTMIRE, SANDRA 59,39 Lb. WILGOX GARY 58 Sag. WILLIAMS, DEBBIE 58 Tr. WILLIAMS, DEBBIE LYNN 58 SC. WILLIAMS, KAREN 58 sag. WILLIAMS, LARRY 58 Tr. WILLIAMS, DAVID 58, 50,42 Leo WILLINGHAM, RALPH 59 Lb. WILSON TED 58 Ar. WINKLEh, TERRY 58 PC. WINKLER, VOHN 58 Ar. WINTERS, JAMES 61 WOLEE, CAROL 58,47 Sc. WOODBURY, CORLNNE 58 Vg. XNYATT, KENNETH 38 Tr. YATILS, DEE ANNE SC. if : no photo available , Q .Q GLB ,106 C 10' 2 ' f .2 l',, f 4355- rrv-S I 2 A JE J , V 5 ft .Z -W Q o . .QT ,v,AW 3,721 L, 45,6419 SE-fi? 0 W,- ' Q . 'zz 4' SQ fg 710 N. Ventura Ave. Oak View 1 I Ir v 85 Seventh Grade Index ABI-ll. RICKY 66 Tr. ABUIJDIS ALEX 66 S6. ACEVED6, MARK 66,42 Cr. ADAMS, MARK 66,64 Cap. ALLEN, DAVID 66 49 L66 ALLEN GENE 66 Lb. ANGEI:ES ROBERT 66,40 Sag. ANTILLON CATALINA 78 Vg. APPELT Yl6N 66 Lb. ATCHLIE , THERI-ISA 66 Lb. AYALA, ANNA 66,62 Aq. BAKER, BEERY 66 Cr. BAKER, DAN 66 S6. BAKER, FRANCES 66, 67, 71,63,64 Vg. BANCROFT RUSTY 66 P6. BANGS LARRY 66,69 L66 BARBOSA, MARIA 66 Aq. BARKER, TREVA 66 sag. BARROZO, CONINIE 66 Cap. BEEM, KAREN 66 L66 BEGG PATRICIA 66 63 L66 BERNiGER, DAVID 6'6, 39 Cr. BISHOP, ROLAND 66 Vg. BLACK, BRIAN+ Gm. BLACK, DEBBIE 66,62 Gm. BOAN ALVIN 66 Cap. BOOT!-I TOMMY 66 Vg. BORRON KAREN 66 Cr. BOYNTON SHARON 66 Vg. BRIGGS P,AUL 66 L66 BRIZUEf.A ANTHONY 66 Gr.. BROWN, I,OSEPH 78 P6. BROWN SHERR1 66 Cap. BURNETT NAOMI 66 L66 BUSS, VINCENT 66 Pc. BUTLER, BARBARA 66 L66 BUTLER VICKEY 64 S6. CAMPOg, LYNN 66 Tr. CAMPOS, ROSALINDY Tr. CANADA TONI 66 P6. CARROLL, SI-IERRY 66 Tr. CASTRO, RAY 66 Vg. CHENOT, JAMIE 66 Cap. CLARY, RICK 66, 67, 69,42 Lb. COERT, ROBIN 66 Ar. COLLINS, DORA 18 Vg. COLLINS, KAREN 66 L66 CONNOR LYLE 66 Cr. COPP YX,fETTE 66,47 P6. COR6ORAN, JERRY 66 Cap. CORTEZ, FRANK 66 Gm. CORTEZ, MARY LOU 66 Tr. COTHRAN JAMES 66 Ar. COUTEE CLAYTON 66,64 Aq. Cox JO'Y 66 P6. CRABTREE, PAT 68 64 L66 CROSS, CATHI 68 40,64 Lb. CROW JOHN 68 I56. CUDAIZIY PATRICIA 68,46 Vg CUEVA IRI-ZNE 68 S6. DALTON LINDA 68 Lb. DAVIS, BEVERLY 68 P6. DAVIS, HELEN 68,64 Cr. DAVIS, STEVE 68 Tr. DEAN MARK 68,47 P6. DEBOfT TIM 78 L66 DE LOS QANTOS, ROBERT 86 68L b. DENNISON TERRI 68 Cr. DIAZ, ARTHUR 68 Tr. DIAZ RACHEL 68 Cap. DILLARD, GALE 68 40 Aq. DINELEY MEARL 6,8 S6. DONNELLY, DONALD 68 sag. DOWNING SUSAN 68,47,64 Aq. DUCKWOKTH OLIVER 68,42 L66 DUTTON CLAUDIA 68 Aq. DYE LINDA 68 S6 . EICI-iMAN TODD 62 S6. ELLIS, BILLY 68 Lb. ERPS, RANDELL 68 Sa . ESTRADA, ARTHUR 68g Ar. ESTRADA, KENNETH 68 Aq. ESTRELLA ALFRED 68 Aq. EVANS, TfNA 68 L66 ag. r5f6Yr?6R'r'ffi'r6t?6LEO FLY, A'ME.LIA 68 Sgg. FORD, KIM 68,46, S6. FOSS, DANNY 68 Gm. FOX JAMES 68 Gm. FREISRICKSON, RODGER 68 Lb. GAGE, CARL 68,64 Aq. GARCIA, CINDA 68 Aq. GARCIA, DEBBIE 68 ViI'gO GARCIA, EVA 68 Cr. GARCIA, JOHN 68 Aq. GARCIA MITCHELL 68 Cr GARIBAfDI, FRANK 68,42,04 Sag. GARTMAN, ROBIN 78 47 Gm. GLASER GOLDE 68 46 Ca . GODBEY' DON 68, is 63,611 sag. GODWIN', PAMELA 6g Aq. GOMEZ, ANITA 68 L66 GOMEZ LINDA 68 L66 GONZALES, MARIA 68 Ar. GONZALES, TOM 68 C6 . GRABOWSKY, GAIL 68 gag. GRAVELIE, ANTHONY 68 Tr. GRIFFITH DONNIE 70 Ar. GRIFPITHS, DAVID 70 Lb. GRIZZARD MIKE 70 V . GUTIERRE2, ROBERTO 570 S6. HAMLET, ANTHONY 70 Cr. HARBISON, KIMBERLY 70 S6. HARBISON, ROBIN 70 Gm. HARDING RICHARD 70 Tr. HARMS DAVID 78 Cr. HARTMfAN, KATHY 70,64 Vg. HATTRUP MICHAELT Cap. HAWLEY, 'LANE 70 Gm. HEATHCOTE BRUCE 70 Tr. HECKENLIVELY, STEVEN 70, 74, 64 HENDERSON, CAROL 70 P6. HENRY, LEE 70,42 64 P6. HENRY WAYNE 70 Lb. HENSLEIY ROBERT 78 Sag. HERNANISEZ, DOLLY 70 Ar. HIRNANDEZ, DOROTHY 70 Ar. HIERNANDEZ LUPE 70 Vg. HIBDON OR'VILLE 70 L66 HILL APRIL 70 Tr. HOLDING DOROTHY 70 Cap. HOLDSW6RTH, RICHARD 70 Vg. HULSEY, RENEE 78 S6. PC. HULSEY, ROBIN 70 S6. IMHOFF, GLORIA 70,64 Tr. IZER LARRY 70 S6. icEXISf1N, JOHN 70 Lb. ISER, LOU ANN 70 S6. KENNEDY, KENNETH? P6. KENNEDY, RHONDA 70 P6. KENNEDY, STEVEN 70 Tr. KLASSEN EMMY 70 L66 KLINE, KQIREN4 Ar. KLINE, LINDA 70,62 Aq. KOMAR, JEFFREY 78 Lb 70 KOZIBA KITTY ANN ,.73,64 Vg KREIDER SUSAN 70 Lb. LAKE DfANA 70 Vg. LANDBERG LAURA 70 Lb. LARA, ERNEST 70 Cr. LA VADLEY SUZANNE 64 LEARD, JEFFRY 70 Gm. LEE, LAMES 78 LEGG TT, LAVERNE 70,46 Ar. LEONARDO TIMMY 70,40 sag. LEROY, JOI!IY 70 Lb. LEVY TAMMY 70 Sa . LINDQAY, DAVID 70 gm. LINDSEY PAMELA 70 Gm. LISTER, 'KATHY 70 Tr. LISTER BILL 70 Lb. LIVINGDTON, DEBBIE 70 S6. LOFFSWOLD DIANA 70 Vg. LONG BET'1"YJO 70, 73,42 Sag. LOPEZ', ERMELINDA 70 Tr. LOPEZ KATY 72 Tr. LOREINEZANA VANESSA 72 Cr. LOVE, RICKY 72 Ar. LOWRY, ALAN 72 LUNSFORD, CHUCK 70 Tr. LYNCH, FJAMES 72 Vg. LYONS EGGY 72,46 S6. MACHAMER, KIM 72 73 Vg. MACIAS, DAVID 72 Lb. M66LEAN, JOHN 72 Cr. MAHONEY, DEBBIE 70 Gm. MALLOCH, ROBERT 72 Lb. MANNING, DEBRA 72 Aq. MANNING, DOREEN 72 P6. MARQUEZ, YVONNE 72 L66 MARTIN, LEE 72 L66 MARTIN, STEVE 72 Ar. MATHEWS, MICHAEL 72,58 Gm M6CANLEsS, ROBERT 72 Aq. M6CURTIS YVONNE 72,42 Ar. MCMURRAY VINCENT 72 Cap. MEADE LAIQRY 72 Gm. MEDINA, MARCOS 72 Sag. MEDINA, STEVE 72 Ar. MILLER, LORI 72 Gm. MILLER, COLLEEN 70, 67, 71 Tr. MILLET, IRI-:NE 78 Sag. MILLER, MICHAEL 72,64 S6. MONTOYA LARRY 72 Aq. MOORE, GLEN 78 Sag. MOORE, SHELLEY 72, 64 Tr. MORAGA, RICHARD 72 Vg. MORALES, BETSY 72 Cap. MORALES, PATSY 72 Pb. MORAZA, MARIA 72,64 Vg. IORSE, DAVID 74,39 Aq. IORTENS BRAD 72 S6. IOSBY, IZATHLEIEN 72 Tr. IOYER, KATHY 72 Aq. QULKEY, MAUREEN 72 Lb. ULLINS, DONNELL 72 64 Cap. IUNGER, DANIEL 72, 6,4 Gm. IURPHY, LARRY 72 Cap. IURPHY MICHAELX Lb. TUSGRAVES, MICHAEL 72,64 P6. IUzzY, JOE 72 Tr. IAVARRO, SHELLEY 72 Ar. IEWMAN, BECKY 72 Cr. 'ICHOLS BARBARA 72 L66 JHAGAN, BRIAN 72 Vg. 'LMOS MICHAEL 72 Aq. ILMSTED, RICHARD 78 Tr. IKEORD, KELLY 72 L66 ADILLA, LAURA 72,39 S6. AGE, DAVID 72 Cr. ARKER DOYLE 72 Ar. ATTEREON, CHARLENE 75 Tr. ATTERSON, PAMELA 75 L66 M, GARNETT 75 Aq. TERSON DARRELL 75 Vg. PS, LARRY 75 P6. IERCE, LYNNE 75 Vg. OEHLER, EERNANDO 75 Ar. OEHLER, PATRICIA 75 L66 OEHLER TERESA 75,64 L66 OPE SANDRA 75 Vg. COETTI LEASA 75 Cr. LLEN STEVEN 75 56. TZIER SHERYL 75,64 S6. DUINN RAT!-TY 75 L66 IUISENBERRY, RANDY 75 Ar. I MIREZ, ELAINE 78 C6 . MIREZ, RICHARD 75 Tr. GEL, CHRIS 75 L66' NGEL RITA 75 Gm. ID BRETT 75,64 56. .DON 75 S6. 'K : no photo available RIGSBY RONNIE 75 Vg. RIPPETOE. CARMEN 75 Aq. ROBINSON TINA 75 Ar: RODAS, ULISES 75,46 P6. RODRIGUEZ, CINDY 75,41 Aq. ROI-IN BILL 75 C6 . ROMERO, LARRY ?8,40, 39 ROMERO, TINA 78 Cr. ROSEBROUGH LYNDA 75 Sag. RUIZ ROBERT 75 Lb. SAGE, NANCY 75 L66 SAIDANA, RICKY 75 P6. SCHAAB, MARK 75 Cr. SCHEDELL, CHERYLYN 75, 17, 71 SCHWERDTFEGER, ROB 75 Cap. SCOTT, BONNIEX Gm. SCOTT, SCOTTY 75,64 SEEVER, KIM 75 64 Ar. SEIBEL DAVID 7,5 Cr. SEIDBNTKRANZ, EDWARD 75 Lb. SEILER, JEAN 75,43 Gm. SHANKLE RANDY 75 Aq. SHANKLEE DAVID 75 C6 . SHARP, DEBRA 75,41,64 Err. SHARP, JIM 74 Tr. SHEPPARD LISA 75 Gm. SHIPLEY, RENE 75 Cr. SIEBLER, DAVID 75 L66 SKERRITT, AUDRA 75,71 Vg. SKURK, EDWARD 75 Gm. SMITH, CHARLES 75 Lb. SMITH, DODDIE 76 39 P6. SMITH, LESLIE 76 46 L66 SMITH, ROBBIE 76 L66 SNODGRASS, DOROTHY 76 S6. SOLORZANO DOLORES 76 Sag. SORDEN BY'RL+ C6 . SPITTLER, ROSEMARIE 76 Aq. SPIVEY, DEBORAH 76 Cap. SPRAGUE JOHN 76 P6. SPURLOCR, MARY 76 73 S6. STAFFORD, DEBBIE 76, Aq. Q.. THREE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 1424 11. Main St. 1643-55735 505 N. Ventura Ave. f648-14105 4100 Telegraph Rd. f642-10525 STEVENS DAVID 76 Cr. STUFFLEEEAM, JIM 76 P6. SUTTON, CECIL 76 Gm. SUTTON JUDY6 Cr. TARWATER, MARSHA 76 Gm. THOMAS DIANA 76 Tr. THOMPSON, MARK 76 sag. TOWNSEND CATHY 76 Gm. TRUJILLO, JO ANN 76 Tr. ULREICH, SUSAN 76 42,64 VALLES MARIA 76 39, 25 P6. VARGAE, ELOISE 76 Sag. VEDOZ, JOHNNY 76 sag. VELOS, PAUL 76 VEST BYRL 76 VOTER, MICHAEL 76 Cr. WADLENGTON TERESA 76,74 Lb WAITES, RENE 76,41,62 Ar. WALSTON, MARY ANNA 76 Cap. WARD, PAM 76,67, 73,47 Gm. WASSON DEBRA 76,46 L66 WATKINE, LARKEY 76 Lb. WATKINS, PATRICIA 76 S6. WATKINS, PATRICE 76 Lb. WENDEL, STEVEN 76,64 Tr. WENZEL, JAKE 76 Cap. WHITE, PAM 76 P6. WHITMIRE BILLY 76 V . WIGGINS, DOUGLAS 76,59 sag. WILKERSON RICKY 76 Aq. WILLIAMS, DAVID 76 Tr. WILLIAMS, DEBBIE 76 Cap. WILLIAMS, PAT 76 Lb. WILLIAMS, BECKY 76 P6. WILLIAMS, STEVEN 76,42 WOODFORD WILLIAM 76,64 WOOLEY, CHRISTI 76 Sag. YANEZ, GARY 76 48 Lb. YASUKAWA, DALE 76,42,64 Tr. YOUNG JEANETTE 76 Ar. ZAMBREUSKI STELLA 78,64 Cap ZINSKEY, DEERA 78,64 Vg. uh 1 X . I .V .ul . V W n P2515 ,Ab J' at " . 32. t m t W I As editor-in-chief of this year's yearbook, I would like to thank all of the people who have helped in producing it, in- cluding the student sales staff sponsored by Mr. Stout and Mr. Wallace. Editor-in chief: Layout Editor: Identification Editor: Assistants: Faculty Editor: Eighth Grade Editor: Seventh Grade Editor: Assistants: Baby Pictures: Dedication: Production Manager: Drafting: Ad Art: ' Beth Swift Steve Kyle Debbie Lara Georgette Gavette Stephanie Todesca Carla Gary Billy Smith Matt Capritto Debbie Swift Cindi Cross Aaron O'Donnell Dino Quintanilla Mark Schedell Steve Kyle Mike Ribble 5 fits? X a U' 'eff 1- 1 1 ' Y s if! 'tgirl A K 1 3' W 11-1 ymwmmk WWWW L59 WGN-mwggvffmfa 'ywvmad.QkQ,q?QvQvmN 35 AKQNN 2? 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Suggestions in the De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) collection:

De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 9

1971, pg 9

De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 102

1971, pg 102

De Anza Middle School - La Ventura de Anza Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 31

1971, pg 31

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