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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1983 volume:

iiiit VouDeOa ' ' :! i en. «w) v - ' : s« ' AO H " B ' 0 . 2 Ciu Stfe A Patriot Welcome From 1982-83 — an unforgettable year! In the ever changing world outside the hallowed halls of DJHS, the space shuttle rocketed to and from the unknown reaches of space while a dentist ' s life was prolonged by an artificial heart. Inside DJHS, students changed and grew to meet that world — studying and learning academically, socially and physically while developing awareness and concern both for themselves and others. For some 82-83 meant the end of their educational journey through the halls of DJHS while for others the trip will continue. But for all, 82-83 meant a year of growth, experience and lasting memories. PATRIOT 1982-83 Volume 8 Dekalb Junior High School Waterloo, Indiana The Administration Mr. Richard Barkman, Principal Mr Timothy Brown, Assistant Principal STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS ---UU v cyyp President: S. David, Vice President: T. Stuckey, Secretary: D. Diehl, Treasurer: C. Miller SENATE D. Blomeke, T. Stuckey, K. Whittington, G. Cobbs, S. Weilbaker, M. 8th GRADE REPS M. Reesman, L. Strock, M. Bickel, C. Royse, A. Kroemer. M. Cochran, J. Wilson, R. Endsley, M. Healey 9th GRADE REPS L. Fulton, T. Schlosser, C. Heath, L. Muszillo, L. Brown, P Waanders, C. Barhydt, S. Crawford, S, Sexton P Hays, D. Smith, P. Phillips, T Goe. L Whittington, T. Baysinger, A. Brown, C. Eberly, A. Kelley, D. Diehl, C. Miller, S. Tuttle MATH Tony Thompson concentrates on a problem. BUSINESS HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Ramey, Home Economics Michelle eind Mike are instructed in the fine art of sewing by Mrs. Ramey. Would you mind if I check your answer Mike? INDUSTRIAL ARTS ART ENGLISH Mrs. Brown SOCIAL STUDIES How many have you found Shannon? Mr. Morris Mr. Wagner Ms. Glasgow V LANGUAGES SPECIAL ED. n " i i : .... Bl- B - f I 1 M is ib . Mr. Love, French Mrs. Trammel, Spanish .-i -■ ' 1 Mrs. ShumakcT , German 1 J t ' s Mrs. Brandt, Special Ed. Mrs. Johnson, Special Ed. Mrs. Bond, Special Ed. Mike Maynard wired for sound. Mrs. Johnson helps Tina Slone with a problem in English. SCIENCE Mr. Bradford ' s class experiments with oxygen. Mrs Gordon Mrs. Bryan Mr. Bradford Mrs. Souers Mr. Daub m .m 10 MUSIC HEALTH SCIENCE Ninth grade rehearses for the Christmas program. . g t SKJ-i S- -- • " , - - ' ] I ■ % Mr. Dove, Health Mr. Minnick, Health i Mrs. Wolfe, Music Mr. Campbell, Music Ms. Wilhelm, Health ,-- 4 Audi waits for direction from Mr. Norris. MEDIA CENTER GUIDANCE , ■ . -- c --f )-. -:.■ • Mary Lou deep In concentration during 9th grad testing. 12 WJ SECRETARIES AIDES The Dekalb Junior High School secretaries and aides have continued to do a superb job in assisting the administration, teachers, and students. A big thanks goes to all of you from the rest of us. Mrs. Martin, Special Education Mrs. Buchs, Special Education Mrs. Eldridge, Secretary 13 CAFETERIA Ron Snavley, Skip Baughman. Loretta Hicks, Estill Conn. Nikki Nail, Mike Treesh, Tonya Baughman, H Mike Kruger CUSTODIAL STAFF Mr. Pfeffcrkorn. Supervisor Mr. Means Mr, Riggs Mrs. Pfefferkorn and Mrs. LaRowe Mrs. Johnson 15 9th GRADE CLASS OF 83 ' ' XCKa«Sr ' CLASS OF 83 Aalders, Paula Albright, Penny Aldrich, Keith Aldrich, Taya Allison, Marybeth Amstutz, Deb Applegate, Darrel Bailey, James Bailey, Tim Ballentine, David Ballentine, Mike Bard, Mark Barhydt, Todd Barrand, Brenda Barrientes, Juan Barth, Tammy Baughman, Skip Bauman, Steve Batchelder, Dave Baysinger, Tracey Belcher, Kathy Bell, Rachel Bender, Rich Bishop, Todd Blomeke, Denise Bonecutter, Doug Botset, Noel Brace, Nate Brand, Naomi Brandenburg, Dean Brown, Amy Brown, Laurie Brown, Tammy Brunner, Jana Bryant, James Burniston, Carol Cain, John Carpenter, Mike Carper, Angela Carroll, Jay Carroll, Laura Casper, Danny CLASS OF 83 Charlesworth, Heather Christlieb, Linda Clear, Christina Cole, Jana Collins, Dawn Collins, Marlene Combs. Scott Conley, Brian Conn, Estill Conrad, Linda Coon, Dave Crager, Leslie Culler, Jim Dangler, Dusti Dapp, Dennis David, Suzanne Davis, Cherie Davis, Jeff Delbecq, Brenda DePew, Jim DePew, Laura DeWitt, Sheryl Diehl, Debra Dietrich, Scott Dillinger, Bench Eberly, Cara Eberly, Tim Eckert, Hattie Egly, Amy Elliot, Joe Emerick, Dave Epperson, Alita Ernest. Jim Farrell, Jeannine Fike, Amy Foote, Lorraine Forrest, James Forrest, Jamie Foster. Harold Foster, Terry Fraley, Lee Franks, Darlene CLASS OF 83 Franks, Terri Freed, Greg Freed, Tammy Frost, Pete Furrow, Everett Gage, Kelly Gehl, Missy Gengnagel, Sarah Gibson, Chris Gibson, Sheila Gillespie, Tammy Gipple, Ron Goe, Todd Goings, Julie Goings, Robert Gordon, Chris Graves, Patricia Griggs, Jenny Grimm, Jason Haiflich, Holly Hall, Heather Hamman, Scott Harper, Kathie Hartman, David Hartman, Marylou Hartranft, Kelley Hays, Phil Hire, Tom Hoffelder, Mike Hoham, Gates Holt, Colleen Horrom, Bryan Howard, Tracy Howard, Virgie Hughes, Susan Hustcd, Toni Irish, Rob Jarrett, Mark Johnson, Dave Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mike Jones, Brad CLASS OF 83 Kapp, Nancy Kasinger, Kenny Kelley, Ann Kennedy, Cindy Kessler, Lloyd Keyes, Beau Kline, Jenny Koch, Bob Kosteck, Jeff Kugler, Barb Kruger, Mike Larnard, Jeff Laverghetta, Tom Lawson, Mitzi Linder, Chrissy Link, Mark Lint, Jeff Lockwood, Todd Lothamer, John Love, Ray Maggert, Kip Makovicka, Lisa Manon, Molly Marks, Matt Martin, Chris Martin, Nick Mason, Amie Mason, Johnny Mawe, Laura Maynard, Mike McDowd, Kevin McKown, Darren Mettert, Chris Middleton, Mike Miller, Carole Miller, Craiq Miller, Lori Miller, Melvin Mitchell, Darrell Moore, Carmen Mosley, Chuck Murley, Leigh Ann CLASS OF 83 Muzzillo, Tonya Myers, Keenan Myers, Anne Myers, Todd Naeve, Chris Osbun, Denise Parrish, Jodie Pence, Jim Pepple, Holly Pepple, Keith Phillips, Pat Pinney, Robin Place, Kathy Pranger, Shelly Purdy, Terry Rader, Audi Rahe, Kathy Ray, Scott Record, Erin Refner, Toby Renu ald, Deb Richardson, Teresa Rieke, Todd Rinehold, Tim Roberts, Mindy Robinett, Jerry Rodgers, Angel Rottger, Mark Rottger, Richard Rowan, Jodi Sanders, Tim Schilling, Brad Schlosser, Kim Schoonover, Travis Schoudel, Mike Schrader, Karen Scranage, Joan Seiss, Jon Sexton, Rhonda Shaffer, Jeff Shambaugh, Dave Shanyfelt, Brian CLASS OF 83 ¥i r. 7 1 .t a 1 V W J i. - Ikf fi Mk 1; si; in V Shearer, Jeff Sheperd, Sandra Shipe, Diane Shutnan, Michelle Sliger, Kris Smith, Dave Smith, Dena Smith, Mark Smith, Matt Smith, Steve Snow, Curtis Snyder, Brian Souder, Carla Souder, Kim Souder, Wendy Souers, Jeff Sparkman, Leneta Stcckley, John Steele, Don Stomm, Missy Stoy, Lee Stuckey, Tracy Stutzman, Terry Stutzman, Tobie Summer, Sammye Thiel, Holly Thomas, Deb Thompson, Amy Tipton, Tammy Todd, Amy Treesh, Bruce Treesh, Kenny Tuttle, Shelly VanWye, Dave VanZile, Stacey Vauris, Liz Vian, Scott Ware, Susan Warner, Laurie Warner, Steve Warstler, Judy Warstler, Ron CLASS OF 83 Watson, Roy Webb, Todd Week, Debbie Weimer, Heather Wessel, Fred Whan. Brent Whittington, Leslie Wildermuth, Stacey Wiley, Stacey Wiggins, Janet Williford, Todd Wilson, Lorna Winslow, Brian Winslow, Teckla Woods, Sam Ziebell, Brad Zunnbrum, Laura Baker, Mark TtHF Bland, April Castle, Pam Cook, Melinda NOT PICTURED Karnes, Lynette Schiffli, Matt Smith, Daue Summers, Carla Banks, Dave Above: Mr. Turner ' s General Business Class keeping busy. Right: Tim Sanders Checks his answers in Industrial Arts 8th GRADE CLASS OF 84 24 CLASS OF 84 Albright, Loretta Aldrich, Scott Alford, Gene Aschleman. Sheldon Babbitt. Jennifer Bach, Sandra Baker, Kim Ballentine, Fred Barnett, Chris Barrand, Shelly Baxter, Bo Bean, Rick Bell, Pat Bennett, Ann Benson, Eric Berryhill, Craig Bickel, Missy Bishop, Aimee Blevins, Amy Blickenstaff, Brad Boger, Kellie Boger, Von Boger, Wiliam Bolen, Ginger Booth, Troy Boyd, Brett Boyd, Shelly Brandon, Kelly Brown, Kelly Brown, Scott Bry, Wayne Buckles, Kim Bunch, Chris Buss, Dawn Cain, Gail Campbell, Dave Chrisman, Steve Clabaugh, Candy Clark, Glenn Clifford, Cheryl Cobb, Crystal Cobbs, Georganna fitf CLASS OF 84 Cobbs, Mary Cochran, Mike Colbart. Brett Coleman, Marni Collins, Shelly Conley, Jim Cornish, Missy Crager, Willie Cserep, Diana Culler, Diane Davis, Janell Debes, Shawn Decker, Mary Deetz, Tammy Dennison, Amy DeWitt, Shelly Dickson, John Diemer. Susan Dietsch, Jennifer Dietsch, Shane Dunn, Dawn Dunn, Renee Elkin, Dan Emerick, Kelly J. Emerick, Kelly S. Endsley, Rick Fairchild. Adrian Farmer, Jon Fee, Corey Fender, Tom Fogle, Craig Foster. Rick Fouts, Jennifer Freeman, Terry Fritz. Lisa Gaetz, Robert Galligher, Jenny Garman, Richard Garrison, Chris Geeting. Rod Gibson, Jeff Gibson, Becky CLASS OF 84 Glassie, Richard Gingrich, Cherie Goodwin, Danny Graber, Jennifer Gramling, Bryan Grandlienard, Bridgette Granzella, Tamara Griggs, Bill Grimm, Cindy Grogg, Dawn Guinn, Stacy Hagewood, Roger Hall. Sheila Halsted, Mary Hamman, Chris Hanes, Chris Harding, Eileen Harper, Sherry Harrold, Gail Hartranft, Kayleen Healey, Mark Heffley, Matt Hefty, Jason Heisler, Jeff Hess, Troy Hicks, Stacy Horstman, Jeff Houser, Tammy Hovarter, Lynnette Howard, Tim Ice, Jay Jackemeyer, Randy Jarnagin, Gary Jennings, Keith Jernigan, Lisa Jinnings, Lori Johnson, Bill Johnson, Donald Johnson, Jim Johnson, Louise Johnson, William Johnstone, Florence H I I W ( i f r? f) f « A 7y CLASS OF 84 ■-. A " - 2 ' kM Kelly, Kelley Kennedy, Diana Kern, Kelli Kessler, Maria King, Taml Kirkpatrick, Kim Kressley, Tom Kroemer, Aaron Kugler, Linda Ladd, Jeff Lahr, Kathleen Levy, Kris Lilly, Bill Lockwood, Lisa Lothamer, Paul Lower, Scott Madden, Jennifer Maddox, Tammy Malcolm, Mary Markus, Bonnie Martin, Jeff Maynard, Dennis McAninch, Danny McClellan, Mike McKee, Duane Melton, Tammy Menzie, Melissa Mertz, Carolyn Meschberger, Darin Messer. Michelle Mettler, Tom Metzger, Angela Metzler, Dawn Michael, Rick Michael, Thomas Miller, Chad Montgomery, Ruth Moors, Melissa Moreland, Randy Morlin, Karl Mosley, Terri Murdock, Tim CLASS OF 84 Murley, Chris Myers, Joann Norris, Jeanie Oliver, Kelley Pankop, Lisa Parr, Bryan Parr, Ricky Pattee, Amy Payne, Susan Peffley, Michelle Pfefferkorn, Kathleen Phillips, Kristen Pickard, Roxanne Pollack, Chris Potts, Dale Powell, Scott Powell, William Prater, Drew Presley, Tina Prosser, Kurt Pugh. Teresa Ransom, Brent Raub, Brian Reesman, Mary Reinoehl, Tamara Renfrew, Dawn Renwald, Jackie Richards, Gary Rieke, Taya Ritchie, LeeAnn Roberts, Shelley Royse, Chris Rude, Jeff Sarbacker, Heather Schaefer, Kirk Schiffli, Jadeena Schiffli, Joseph Schlosser, Beth Shirk, Bob Shull, Shannon Sibery, Rod Sink, Edson CLASS OF 84 n V!M. Slone. Tina Smith. Dorla Smith, Doug Smith, Leslie Smith, Michelle Smith. Pat Smith, Thompson Smith, Tracy Snyder, Jennifer Souder, Thad Speer, Michelle Sprague, Teresa Sprankle, Nancy Sproat, Scott Stackhouse, Lynn Stackhouse, Melinda Stafford, Anne Stahl, James Stahl. Kelly Stayer, Tina Stone, Laurel Stone, Mark Straw, Chris Strock, Lisa Sutton. Tricia Synesall, Lyn Thompson, Tony Till, Jim Tracy, Terri Traxler, Toni Treesh, Mike Trcnary, Stephanie Tucker, Bill VanDyke, Tony Voirol, George Wagner, Tonia Walker. Rex Wallace, Doug Wallace, Randy Wallace, Shawn Walter, Lisa Warstler, Dennis CLASS OF 84 Waters, Jon Watson, Donna Watson, Jennifer Weaver, Dawn Weimer, Oscar Weimer, Tammy Wellman, Cathy West, Lynne White, Bruce Whittington, Kristen Wickline, Dave Wilcox, Richard Wilcoxson, Cory Wilhelm, Timothy William s, Timothy WUliford, Lisa Wilson, James Witmer, Pamela Wolf, Tamara Wolfe, Dale Womack, Mike Wood, Walter Woodworth, Nicole Yates, Kimberlee Zimmerman, Jill MA I NOT PICTURED Forbes, Chris Sweet, Candy Walker, Leona •■ ' r- ' a It ' s a long wait when you ' re the last person up to oat - Media Center facilities aid Jeff Horstman in his work. 31 7th GRADE CLASS OF 8 CLASS OF 85 n, Kafhy •ight, Mike n, Jimmy I, Kenneth u, Chris n, Aimee n, Stuart .rson, Stepheny Armstrong, Matthew iAschleman, Brian (man. Doug Flor I. Jason ' , Kelly , Melinda , Raquel ,, Sandra in, Paul idt, Cheryl id, Becky , Dawn elder, Chris man, Patty man, Tonya jT. Thelma iTina , Tamara , Dennis s, April -.. Chuck , Marsha lan. Curtis David ,s, Lisa IS. Michelle nd, Brett irown, Brian in, Lynn ' Jeff Tian, Terresa more. Bruce CLASS OF 8 f ' K hrS ' «A0O- :.««% Camp, Do Camp, S«an Cannon. John Carnahan, Scott Cartwright, Karen Caudill, Donald Challle, Christine Chorpenning, Kerry Christensen, Ted Christian, Tracy Christlieb, Kristine Christner, Jeffrey Clair, David Clear, Catrina Cobbs, Linda Cole, Kathy Cole, Micalee Collins, Diana Collins, Doug Collins, Michelle Cool, Todd Cooper, John Crager, Chris Crawford, Steve Culbertson, Scott Czaja, J.J. Damron, Chris David, Jason Davidson, Dian Davis, Angela Dendinger, Julie Dennlson, Lori Detrick, Nicole DeWitt, Amy Dibble, Chris Dietrich, Kam Dietrich, Kim Dllley. Susie Dillinger, Cyrus Drew, Angela Duckett, David Dunn, Scott CLASS OF 85 , Joey irrington, Lynette Feller, Mark Figgins, David Foar. Tom Forrest, Michael ter. Rocky , ter, Rusty I ks, Chris ks, Hugh ■rbwnfelter. Marne Fry, Wayne Fuhrer, Bruce 3n, Lexi igher, Jason nt, Tonya ting, Kevin 1, lammy Qlbert, Collette " " rich, Regina le, Julie e, Michele ir. Mike Gurtner, Mark Harmon, Janet ness, Lulu - ' shfeger, Tony r, Danny ST. Kelly Hartman, Angela Hartman, Jeft Havener, Cynthia Haynes, Joel % Chantclle J, Micah Henderson, Robbie Hess, Rick Hicks, Loretta Hicks, Serena ;, Andy ;le, David CLASS OF 85 Holben. Ronald Holiday. Robbie Houlton, Steve Howe. Tim Hughes, Bart Hummer. James Hunter. Paul Huth, Robbie Irish, Jim Jacobs. Mike James, Scott Jennings. Nicholas Johnson. Matthew Johnson. Paul Johnstone. Erik Joseph. Machelle Keesler. Ronald Kelham. Jacinta Kessler. Candy Kester, Richard Kisselbach. Missy Kisselbach, Monic Kleeman, Stephanie Kobiela, Angle Landers. Candace Lantz, Greg Laverghetta. Renee Leffel. Renee Lepley. Perry Lilly. Daniel Link. Rebecca Llttlejohn, Jama Lock, Ann Lockwood, Gregg Lockwood, Melissa Lockwood. Tina MacDonald, John Magginnis. Jeffery Markiton. Julie Mason. Chris Mason. Max Maxwell. Robert CLASS OF 85 McDanicl, Bet . McDaniel, Susan McDonald, Glen McDowell, Travis McKean, Timothy McKown, Dirk McLain. Dawn Menier. Tina Mergy. Tonya Mettert, Donny Meyer, Timothy Michael, Jennifer Miller, Andrew .Miller, Christopher r, James r, Michelle Mitchell, Mark Mock, Christine Moree, Mindy Morgan, Allison Morrison, Julia Morton, Holly :illo, Lori ■s. Matthew Ts, Shannon I Nikki Ine, Todd ,, Todd Son, Tim is, Anna disc, Susan ;e. Daniel jrson, Clark -ins, Andrew tins. James irson, Stephanie ferkorn, Bradley :do, Manuel ;erton, Kimberly ,e, Kenny esley, Angela rofitt, Sindey Puckctt. Robin Purdy, Jama Quickery, Christina Rakestraw, Robert Reas. Denise Rees«, Jeffrey Reynolds, Jennifer Richey, Tina Rieke, Jenny Ritchie. Laura Roark, Debra Romine. Vonda Rottger, Heather Roush, Nikk! Rowan, Bobbie Rowe, Karen Rupert, Laura Rynearson, Tamyra Schlosser, Trad Schmidt, Mike Schoudel, Mark Schowe, Todd Schuller, Karmen Schultis, John Scranage, Anne Sexton, Sherry Shearer, Laura Shirk, Kim Shuman, Greg Shutt, Jonathon Slone, Linda Smaltz, Ben Smith, Sherry Smith, Toni Smith, Tracy Snavley, Ronnie Sorg, Kevin Southern, Sylvia Spade, David itSprague, Kim Sprague. Paul Steinman. Brad St€vens. Phil Storms, Stephen Stouder. Sabrina Stout, Jody Swogger, Daniel Thomas, Mary Thomson, Kandi Timberlin, Lance Todd. Duane Treesh, Tiffany Tucker. Jeri Ulm. Steven Vanderpool. Diane Waanders, Peter Walker. Lynnette Wallace, Dawn Warner, Kristine Waters, Anna Weathers, James Weilbaker. Shannon Wells, Ricky Wessel. Babette Whan. Robbie White, Andy Wickline, Robert Wiedenhoeft. Jody Wildermuth, Deborah Williams, Michael Wilson, Jeff Winslow, Christine Wisner. Patrick Wolff, Tina Woodcox, Ann Woods. Stan Worman, Duane Wurm. Roberta Yoquelet, James Young, Brian Zellers. Toby Zimmerman. Julie NOT PICTURE. Belliger, Jeff Bender, Ed Gurtner, Mark Levitz, Kim Linn, Jeremy Middleton. Sarah Nofzinger, Scan Schuller, Karmen Student Assistants Help Staff: Kids Like Free Time Reading Assistants Media Center Assistants Social Studies Assistants Guidance Assistants -fh jRSi Industrial Arts Assistants M M Girls Gym Assistants Boys Gym Assistants 40 Audio Visual Assistants Art Assistants I rf % J - Office Assistants Science Assistants Math Assistants Home Economics Assistants English Assistants 41 TELEVISION PRODUCTION CHANNEL 2 Rick and Chris give technical support. Front row; Toni Husted, Missy Gehl, Linda Christlieb, Missy Bickel; Second row: Rick Michael, Tom Hire, Chris Whittington, Amy Brown, Jill Zimmerman, Tracey Baysinger, Skip Baughman, Brad Blickenstaff Front row: Heather Sarbacker, Denise Blomeke, Sarah Gengnagel. Leslie Crager. Amy Mason; Second row: Roy Watson. Keith Aldrich, Rhonda Sexton. Laura Mawe, Tracy Stuckey, Dan Elkin, John Steckley. l Missy leads out with the news. 42 Myici Kazoo Band Hat Day i(. PATRIOT FEVER " . . ' " ¥ -. iif rs M Locker Clean Out Assembly time K : fc, " 1 1 ■■ 1 V 1 X J Physical Education Pinata Festivities " Being Me " 43 DEKALB MUSIC DEPARTMENT I MB. Allison and G. Cobbs, Drum majors Practice makes perfect as flag corps drills for perfection. 45 DEKALB PATRIOT BAND Ninth Grade Band M yLumJimmm. m Seventh Grade Band f Eighth Grade Band 46 Eighth Grade Choir Ninth Grade Choir DEKALB PATRIOT CHOIR Swing Choir Seventh Grade Choir Seventh Grade Choir 47 PATRIOT SPORTS 48 DEKALB PATRIOTS CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: M. Johnson, J. Magginnis, D. Meschberger, B. Aschleman, B. Pfefferkorn, Second Row: Coach G. Jury, P. Waanders, R. Sibery, C. Wellman, M. Reesman, L. Lockwood, M. McClellan, K. Kelly RECORD Dekalb 13th at West Noble Inv. Dekalb 12th at Manchester Inv. Dekalb 3rd at Huntertown Inv. Dekalb 3rd at Tri County Meet Dekalb 26 Huntertown 29 Dekalb 17 Perry Hill 43 Dekalb 27 Eastside 26 Dekalb 31 Prairie Hts. 24 Dekalb 19 Woodside 41 Dekalb 26 Kendallville 29 Dekalb 34 Avilla 21 Coach Jury encourages runners and hands out liniment before a cold weather meet. 49 DEKALB PATRIOTS 9th GRADE FOOTBALL 11 Mill L I MMita i -SJ»s b...... gl.:-.M., 41 Front Row: B. Schilling, G. Hoham. B. Jones. S. Woods. F. Wessel. T. Bishop. D. Smith. S. Vian, J. Lothamer; Top Row; Mr. Parker, K. Myers. M Johnson. T. Refner. B. Koch, T. Myers, K. Sliger, J. Seiss, T. Schoonouer, Coach D. Schlemmer; Second Row: R. Love. B. Whan. D. Steele, M. Jarrett. N. Brace. G. Freed. T. Williford; Missing: S. Dietrich, K. McDowd. 8th GRADE FOOTBALL Front Row S Debes. J. Ladd, D Prater, B Johnson, E Sink, J. Horstman, M. Healey, T Krcssley, C. Garrison. D. Goodwin, T Williams, R Moreland; Top Row: Coach J Disque, R Foster, B Griggs, B. Raub, R Endsley, M Cochran, J Wilson, S Sproat, J. Stahl, W Bry, J Waters, Coach J. Pickett 50 DEKALB PATRIOTS 7th GRADE FOOTBALL Front Row: R. Foster, T. Harnishfeger, D. Camp, M. Myers, M. Gower, G. Lantz, T. Howe, S. James, L. Timberlin, C. Dillinger, P. Baldwin; Top Row: R. Whan, T. Schowe, J. Wiedenhoeft, B. Hughes, C. Crager, M. Schmidt, J. Shuman, C. Alley, B. Brown, S. Camp, J. MacDonald, Coach R. Minnick Second Row: Mgr. B. Fuhrer, R. Snavley, K. Geeting, T. Meyer, S. Storms, J. Reese, J. Hummer, T McKean, B. Browand, S. Allison, H. Franks, D. Pattee, T. Cool, C. Bowman SEASON RECORDS 9th GRADE Dekalb 12 Homestead 8 Dekalb 26 Concordia 18 Dekalb 22 East Noble 20 Dekalb 18 Garrett 6 Dekalb 14 Angola 38 Dekalb 14 Columbia City 18 8th GRADE 7th GRADE Dekalb 22 Kendallville 8 Dekalb Kendallville 14 Dekalb 8 Garrett 6 Dekalb Garrett 6 Dekalb 32 Angola 14 Dekalb 6 Angola 22 Dekalb 42 Avilla 14 Dekalb 6 Avilla 8 Dekalb 34 Prairie Hts. 22 51 Kevin McDowd picks up considerable yardage on an end sweep. BLOCK TACKLE .jm HH»lM!«safliriMBdHHl w3 ' °fl ' f 1 f v ■ . ,— i Ba e. Jfw-e A . ,18 ,8 - 1 H ■■■ P iflmi ' JWiiJH Coaches Schlemmer and Parker coordinate offensive and defensive drills before facing the Cadets from Concordia. It ' s all In the twist of the wrist. 52 DEKALB PATRIOTS 8th GRADE VOLLEYBALL Front Row: T. Rieke, A. Metzger, A. Dennison, M. Coleman, C. Cobb; Second Row: Mgr. K. Pffefferkorn, T. Wolf, D. Cserep, M. Speer, K. Stahl, D. Weaver, M. Stackhouse, Mgr. T. Stayer Missing: S. Payne, C. Grimm, K. Brandon, Coach D. Shumaker 7th GRADE VOLLEYBALL Front Row: T. Schlosser, L. Dennison, J. Reynolds, L. Richey, T. Chri stian; Second Row: S. McCurdy, M. Joseph, B. Wessel, T. Menier, C. Barhydt, K. Thomson; Missing: L. Fulton, K. Schuller, K. Dietrich 53 VOLLEY AND SPIKE Concentration plays a key role during the PatriotAvilla game. 7th GRADE RECORD Dekalb 15 14 15 Aville 6 16 10 Dekalb 7 3 Huntertown 15 15 Dekalb 7 15 15 Kendallvllle 15 4 9 Dekalb 5 15 15 Prairie Hts. 15 6 6 Dekalb 15 15 Rome City 4 11 Dekalb 15 3 8 Garrett 9 15 15 Dekalb 9 15 15 Angola 15 8th GRADE RECORD 4 10 Dekalb 15 15 Avilla 8 5 Dekalb 8 Huntertown 15 15 Dekalb 15 1 Kendallville 7 15 15 Dekalb 10 15 6 Prairie Hts. 15 11 15 Dekalb 3 16 3 Rome City 15 14 11 Dekalb 8 9 15 Garrett 15 15 Dekalb 17 Angola 19 15 8th GRADE TOURNAMENT Dekalb 11 15 9 Garrett 15 3 15 Dekalb 15 15 Angola H 2 Dekalb 8 15 15 Angola 15 7 8 54 Dekalb Patriots 9th Grade Basketball O C f f fi fSi Front row: B. Jones, S. Vian. N. Brace, T. Webb, J. Lint, K. Maggert, J. Forrest; Second row: Coach J. Pickett, R. Warstler, S. Warner, K. Sliger, J. Seiss, T. Refner, T. Myers, M. Jarrett, Mgr. B. Koch, Mgr. F. Wessel 8th Grade Basketball n„e, ( " ( ore Front row: Mgr. D. Goodwin, J. Rude, J. Ladd, C. Barnett, R. Jackemeyer, C. Pollack, R. Wallace, J. Horstman, Mgr. J. Till Second row: Mr. P. Utterback, R. Moreland, B. Baxter, M. Cochran, J. Gibson, J. Wilson, P. Smith, R. Endsley, B. Griggs, Mgr. J. Williams 55 Dekalb Patriots 7th Grade Basketball ' f 0. e o CO . Front row: Coach B. Heimach, R. Foster, S. Dim, J. Reese, G, Lantz, D. Worman, T. Noll, D. Collins, P Stevens: Second row: Mgr S. Camp, M. Schmidt, T. Nodine, T. McKean, C. Miller, J. Wiedenhoeft, D. Mettert, Mgr. P. Wisner Front row: J. Yoquelet, B. Pfefferkorn, M. Hefty. S. Dunn, J. Hummer, B. Aschleman. K. Geeting, J. Haynes; Second row: Coach Minnick, S. Allison, B. Fuhrer, C. Crager, J. Christner, B. Young, Mgr T Schowe 56 DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS 7th Grade Record 8th Grade Record 47 32 28 28 44 28 34 43 35 27 40 23 46 30 Garrett Angola Huntertown Eastside Prairie Heights Woodlan Avilla Leo Woodside Kendallville Perry Hill Beth. Lutheran Garrett Kendallville 27 36 44 19 7 23 25 41 53 24 23 27 24 31 DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS DJHS 38 48 54 45 41 48 43 49 49 33 27 37 46 42 33 41 48 46 Avilla Rome City Garrett Angola Huntertown Prairie Heights Eastside Avilla Woodlan Leo Woodside Garrett Kendallville Perry Hill Beth. Lutheran Garrett Kendallville Angola 22 37 24 55 37 43 35 14 44 27 53 46 22 46 32 38 44 18 9th Grade Record DJHS 48 Churubusco 17 DJHS 54 Carroll 43 DJHS 63 New Haven 58 DJHS 62 Eastside 44 DJHS 65 Columbia City 22 DJHS 45 Concordia 36 DJHS 57 Garrett 29 DJHS 58 Bishop Luers 37 DJHS 50 Leo 31 DJHS 58 Angola 26 DJHS 41 Homestead 33 DJHS 43 Northrop 49 DJHS 56 East Noble 49 DJHS 27 Columbia City 43 DJHS 56 Prairie Heights 45 DJHS 33 Bishop Dwenger 50 57 Dekalb Patriots 9th Grade Girls Basketball Front row: Mgr, D. Franks, L. DePew. T. Stuckey, J. Kline, S. Pranger, A. Thompson. A. Rogers, Mgr. M. Louttartman Second row: T. Alsrich, D. Dangler. W. Souder, L. Carroll. G. Farrell, L. Conrad. Coach J. Disque 8th Grade Girls Basketball 58 Front row: C. Cobb, A. Stafford. M. Reesman, T. Rieke. C Haynes. A Dennison. A Metzer, T Wolfe. Mgr D. Grogg, Se " ' old " row: AssfsTants D Dangler. J Farrell. Mgr. S Roberts. A. Bishop. G. Cain. B. Grandlienard. D. Watson, D. Weaver, Mgr. J. Schiffli. Assistant R. Roark. Caoch D. Morris Not pictured: T Sutton, K Brandon. S. Payne Dekalb Patriots 7th Grade Girls Basketball Front row: Assistant L. Carroll, L. Dennison, D. Wallace, T. Schlosser, M. Joseph, J. Dendinger, A. Blegins, M. Lockwood, Assistant Coach T. Muzzillo; Second row: Assistant Coach L. Conrad, K. Chorpenning, R. Laverghetta, J. Rieke, K. Schuller, S. Weilbaker, A. Morgan. D. Reas, T. Menier, Coach J. Disque. Coach Disque keeps the girls running. " It ' s up and in " . Amy concentrates on the line. 59 more hardwood action WRESTLING TRYOUTS Coach Hamilton referees a match between Doug Aschliman and Jason Galligher. 60 Eighth grade cheerleaders Becky Gibson. Georganna Cobbs and Missy Bickel. Girls Spark Teams To Victory: Patriots Chant Rousing Cheers Ninth grade cheerleaders Denise Blomeke, Susan Hughes and Ann Kelley. :i » 7 t Seventh grade cheerleaders Allison Morgan, Linda Cobbs and Rocky Baker. 61 The " Hat Day " crowd. " Can I help you? " PATRIOT PERSPECTIVES A Top Speller. Mrs. Record ' s third period art class checking their perspectives. Just mechanical drafting " It goes this way. " " Sometimes it causes me to scratch a lot. 62 CLUBS John enjoys archery. 64 1 Top z. K Op l l 6 Iv ck d Py(Z. ou cs rO ' Q

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