David Starr Jordan Middle School - Cougar Yearbook (Burbank, CA)

 - Class of 1971

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David Starr Jordan Middle School - Cougar Yearbook (Burbank, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 5 of 34
Page 5 of 34

David Starr Jordan Middle School - Cougar Yearbook (Burbank, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 4
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David Starr Jordan Middle School - Cougar Yearbook (Burbank, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 6
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Page 5 text:

Administration PAUL WILLIAMS Principal Faculty Alice Abramowitz Joyce Baechtel Les Besser Dwight Bugh Ted Bunch Steve Campbell Hal Christensen Charleen Cohen Charles Cooper Gene Costa Susan Davidson Karen Dominy Maureen Doyle Marilyn duCharme Irene Forsyth Chester Fuz Susan Goldberg Linda Gump Vivian Hamilton Don Hollar Elinor Jaye Sid Jurman Beatrice Kass Maureen Krumholz Darla Lauble Barbara Libman David Lunsford Royce Malm Jean Mathias Jan Miller Donna Newcomb Jon Olin Frank Pellegrino Marjorie Percival Evelyn Reason Raul Regalado Bea Ruben Emily Sarsfield Terry Scott Michael Stefanko Sue Treglown Becky Tuck Carole Ulmer Pat vanHartesveldt Jim Whelan Dick White TOM BRIERLEY Boys' Vice-Principal ELLEN GRESHAM Co-ordinator MARV BOB LUNSFORD may MARILYN SPRINGER Girls' Vice-Principal ZANNA DUCKETT Seventh Nurse 'W- NOT PICTU RED Pete DeSantis

Page 4 text:

WENDV LARSEN Fall President BETH HONIAN Spring President ,nw i ' . , f 4 I X Y 3 S 1 I fs I E I 2 6 i' S 44,3 I ' 4 it I ' 3 f MARY STEVENSON LYNN WILKINSON Fall President Spring President Carla Bertole, ninth graae representative of the Burbank Youth Commission, confers with Robin Rush, eighth grade representative. . -1- xi gg: tb 5' 3 M- ,, , - " -- br Q -.. ' 1 2 ,. f . M' .A -Q .1 .. . , f 3' ' " 1 0 I 1, V - ,, I ,S I I I I' - if ,rizgf . " 1 ' t. f lf?" -'IU , - x az ., fee' "VNV , . 1 it fi lif A DANA MCGEHEE cv ESTABROOK g-gtgifi-Ly 'gf' Fall President Spring President , "TS-igiix E m .W V ' OYS 2381.16 BYC Q , , . , Wi. Urix Q-1. 'gifs -1 , Qi, if? ,, b' W ,Q I Vx I -I I 1 l ix I 'X 9 9 1 I Q: 5 K BI' - f ' 1 2. 'iii '33, " if 955 Q 1' I ' 't "l 5' Y' x s f 4 Q , ' 'f-"3 MONICA ESPINOZA DEBBIE FREY Fall President Spring President Girls' League gf . i22,'

Page 6 text:

mth Grade Class Histor KERIN gXRMODY he bugels sounded, the flag rose, a silent hush fell over the Jordan auditorium, and our life as seventh graders began. That first day, September 16, 1968, is one none of us will ever forget. As seventh graders in a school of l,077 students, we were labled "scrubs" but soon we became well-acquainted with the daily routine of junior high life. Gym was really a shock, especially the first time we had to shower and dress in seven minutes, whether we wanted to or not. After the Wel- come Back Dance, I.D. pictures, the Welcome Assembly, Battle of the Bands, Back to School Night, and the PTA membership drive, home- work became our usual afternoon activity and we began working hard towards our first quarter progress reports. Those who could spare an afternoon or two found a wide variety of clubs and sports could be both fun and educational. October 21 there was a paper drive which the girls won. November 15 came around and the Burroughs Red and White Assembly was presented. Then it seemed like such a long time before we would be able to take part in the "Indian warfare" of high school. On the 19th there were some cheers and some tears when we received our first quarter progress reports and soon after there wasa Red Cross drive. "WiIdcat WiIlie" was the Thanksgiving Assembly in which the Drama Department performed. Christmas vacation soon took place and everyone was glad for the two week rest period. But all too soon we were back wearing our new belongings and working as hard as ever. January 24 the Jordan Jump took place but most of us were still a little hesitant about attending. Our first elections came and many seventh graders ran for class president. Defeating Shannon Donahue, the other finalist, Robin Sandmeyer was elected to represent us on Cabinet. All at once the first semester ended and found Shannon Donahue, Joyce -leCk9WiCZ,and Karen Wood had received straight A's. Second semester those with a 3.25 grade average or better were able to participate in the Scholarship Society for the first time. Many of us joined and elected Shannon Donahue the seventh grade representative. March brought around many activities. Replacing the old Bermuda Day we had only heard about, Cabinet initiated Slave Day which terminated with a dance. A King and Queen of Smiles was chosen from each grade level to reign over the dance and we chose Terry Luffee and Gerald Baumgarten. The Knights' Track Meet was held and Shannon Donahue was chosen by the Knights to reign as seventh grade sports queen. March 12 the seventh grade girls traveled to Muir for a basketball playday. As the third quarter drew to a close, so did the Lair cover contest and Tom Given's design was selected. A free Cougar was his prize but the real prize was a seventh grader's drawing having been selected. Vasquez Rocks was the destination when science classes left school to study the rock formations and types of soil erosion. Dominic da Motta scored well at the Junior Olympics held at Burroughs. May was a good month and its spring scent was the "Flower Shower" dance, the John Goddard Assembly, students elections, and the Cabinet Car Wash. Elections saw Mike Funk defeating finalist Robin Sandmeyer for the position of first semester eighth grade president. June 5 the Awards Assembly was held and Craig Beaubien and Dana McGehee received the sportsmanship awards from the athletic depart- ment. Shannon Donahue, Mike Funk, Sharon McGee, Linda Melloff, and Robin Sandmeyer were the seventh graders who got a "J" award for earning 100 points or more. The Cougar took up time with the signing of friendship until June 19 came around and yearbooks and report cards in hand, we walked away with no idea what the next year would hold for us. After three months of vacation, we came bobbing back to be known as the "middle class". Now in eighth grade, we found some changes had been made. Mr. Roy Beach, our seventh grade counselor, had left and Mr. Donald Werner had assumed his position as our class counselor. Mr. Tom Brierley, the new Boys' V-P, joined the 15 new teachers, a number higher than that of any other year. Mike Funk, our eighth grade president, represented us on Cabinet and Monica Espinoza was chosen to serve as eighth grade Scholarship representative. Sherman Wong was the eighth grade BYC representative. After taking I.D. pictures in the gym, we went to the Welcome Back Dance and the Battle of the Bands. October also saw the PTA membership drive which turned out to be the biggest in the history of Jordan. Journalism B ran a neck-and-neck race with Orchestra and finally won with 529 per cent, topping their musical competition by merely one percentage point. A well-wanted changed took place when it was announced boys could wear bermudas to school but that was nothing compared to the excite- ment October 23 when a sit-in was held on the lower field protesting a completely unfounded rumor about canceling nutrition. On the same day a battle of the sexes took place and the girls again won the paper drive. A coke machine and candy were added to the cafeteria menu. The Rocky Road, winner of the Battle of the Bands, played for a night Halloween Dance. A great number of noon activities including ping pong and dancing were the works of SAC and a large variety of clubs were available. In November the ninth grade Blue-Gold Football Game ended in a tie for the first time in Jordan history. After progress reports came out, it was found only two students in the school had received straight A's-both eighth graders. They were Shannon Donahue and Kathy McFarland. Another school record was broken when 5130.40 was earned for the Red Cross Drive. Truman Capote's "The Thanks- giving Visitor" was put on by the Drama Department. The halls were unusually busy during nutrition December 3 when it was approved that students no longer- had to stay in the cafeteria area during the 10 minute break. The John Goddard Assembly, Snowball Frolic, election sign-ups, and the Christmas Assembly took up most of our time before our two week vacation. After returning fully-revived, we found that four eighth graders would be running for an ASB office. They all lost but Monica Espinoza, Nancy Perez, Cindy Rouse, and Celest Slatten were only the second group of eighth graders ever to seek an ASB office during first semester. Carla Bertole lost to Robin Sandmeyer in the finals for eighth grade president. January 12 to 16 a can drive was held to raise money for the student body but the results were disappointing. January 20 we received our semester grades and Shannon Donahue and Karen Wood received straight A's. There were 22 of us who earned the"J" award this semester. ln the second semester, Don Nadon was elected eighth grade Scholarship Society representative. January 15 Jordan won the district crown at the annual All-City Basketball Tournament. The Talent Show returned January 29 after a year's absence and Robin Sandmeyer, Manuel Padilla, and Richard Sands were the eighth graders in it. For the third time, the dress code was made more liberal. The girls could finally wear pants to school, March brought about the PTA Variety Show and then 36 Jordan girls participated in the eighth grade GAA Basketball Playday held at Jordan. Carla Bertole and Sharon McGee played on the winning team. Instead of the Slave Day tried the year before, Cabinet tried a reversed schedule and Li'l Boy and Girl Day. A hot chocolate machine arrived just in time for warm weather. The Knights' Track Meet March 31 and April 1, reigned over by eighth grade sports queen Karen Wood, saw Craig Beaubien, Dominic da Motta, Conrad Lopez, Dana McGehee, and Ron Steele win first place ribbons. At the April 11 All-City Track Meet Craig Beaubien, Mike Funk, Dominic da Motta, Conrad Lopez, Dana McGehee, Don Nadon, Ron Steele, Mike Swann, and Sherman Wong won ribbons, April 17 the Junior Olympics were held at Burroughs and Lisa Baker, Randee Luedecke, Terry Luffee, Karen Wood, Dana McGehee, and Mike Funk captured winning positions. Once again the Girls' League kept their trophy for winning the paper drive and the Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Banquet proved to be sucessful when games were played. The Drama Festival in April by Mike Adler, Lois Giles, Wendy Larsen, Don Mooney, Richard Sands, and Lynn Wilkinson. May 25 the Lair sale was a sell-out and then the Scholarship Society took a field trip to Mt. Lowe in the Angelus Forest. After having written fire prevention essays earlier in the year, Sharon McGee was finally announced winner with Debbie Koffler and Livia Smoquina placing second and third. Bowling Club presented trophies to Bill Gillis, Dave Shephard, and Keith Van Hoose. An ASB Swim and Bar-B-O was held at Burroughs and the clothing class put on a fashion show at Jordan that same night. June brought around elec- tions and 25 of our fellow eighth graders ran for office. The winners were Robin Sandmeyer, ASB president: Sharon McGee, ASB vice- -president: Christal Kyriacou, ASB secretary: Amy Hiatt, ASB treasurer: Monica Espinoza, Girls' League president: and Dana McGehee, Boys' League president. Defeating the other finalist, Randee Luedecke, Cy Estabrook proved to be our new class president. Suddenly the dress code changed for the final time and anyone could wear most anything to school. Conrad Lopez and Al Brick were announced sportsmanship award winners while Joann Boydston, Shannon Donahue, Christal Kyriacou, Linda Melloff, and Robin Sandmeyer won Starr awards for having 250 points or more. "J" awards went to 17 members of our class. For the first time souvenir editions of the Star were sold. June 16 the Cougars were distributed so the last few days were again spent in signing autographs. When the final bell rang at 12:30, 326 eighth graders, report cards in hand, all thought simultaneously, "Ninth grade, here we come!" Finally The Day came. September 14, 1970 we ninth graders started our last year at Jordan. Soon came I.D. pictures and the Welcome Back Dance and for the first time, the girls in our class showed more interest in the alumni boys who would be attending than in the boys already there. After many years, the boys finally obtained the trophy for winning the paper drive. School librarian Mrs. Fay Stewart, the only member of the faculty who had been here since Jordan opened, had retired in June and Mrs. Eleanor Jaye took her place. New courses were added this year including Archeology, a dne quarter mini-class, and elementary algebra class, an arts-crafts class, and Advanced P.E. Study Halls were no longer required so more electives could be taken. A night Halloween dance was held and the new Basket- ball and Library Clubs were formed. In Scholarship Society, Shannon Donahue was elected president. Other officers included Kathy McFarland, vice-president, Peggy McFarland, secretary: and Bill South- worth, ninth grade representative. Wendy Larsen was elected SAC presi- dent with Linda Melloff as vice-president and Beth Homan as secretary. Mary Stevenson obtained the position of JSS president. In school-wide elections, Carla Bertole was elected BYC representative. A GAA play- day for ninth grade girls was held November 4 and with 40 Jordan girls participating, Lois Giles and Karen Wood received trophies. November 10 the Blue football team, led by captain Craig Beaubien, gained a victory over captain Al Brick's Gold team with a score of 6-0. Later the Fabulous Faculty proved their title when they, with a 13-6 score, won the Faculty-Student Football Game. After the Burroughs Red and White Assembly, another record PTA membership drive took place. Mr. Steve CampbelI's Journalism B class won again, with 523 per cent. The Drama Department hosted the 28th annual Drama Festival at Jordan

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