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,. , . W Fee- ' ' iff b v, 'D .F ew V' 1 Jr ' fziffix , ix B , qt y '31 Aw E" 1-. W .. .Q -nv ' 9 ya. su . 5 2- sfeq B. , 2 R0Bi2::,2s.:zsIER Candid Cabinet SHARON McGEE ASB Vice-President Fall MARY STEVENSON ASB Vice-President Spring '-1 v CHRISTAL KYRIACOU ASB Secretary Fall DEBBIE KOFFLER ASB Secretary ..1 ,,? Spring AMY HIATT ASB Treasurer Fall WENDY LARSEN ASB Treasurer Spring Congress SF - 'i 3 I 'i Y- ' 'I ' XL Q K ' 8 A A - . 1 ,1 4 'J 3 . . s ,'. a ' i ,, ,. 'Q IRI. L v. Y WENDV LARSEN Fall President BETH HONIAN Spring President ,nw i ' . , f 4 I X Y 3 S 1 I fs I E I 2 6 i' S 44,3 I ' 4 it I ' 3 f MARY STEVENSON LYNN WILKINSON Fall President Spring President Carla Bertole, ninth graae representative of the Burbank Youth Commission, confers with Robin Rush, eighth grade representative. . -1- xi gg: tb 5' 3 M- ,, , - " -- br Q -.. ' 1 2 ,. f . M' .A -Q .1 .. . , f 3' ' " 1 0 I 1, V - ,, I ,S I I I I' - if ,rizgf . " 1 ' t. f lf?" -'IU , - x az ., fee' "VNV , . 1 it fi lif A DANA MCGEHEE cv ESTABROOK g-gtgifi-Ly 'gf' Fall President Spring President , "TS-igiix E m .W V ' OYS 2381.16 BYC Q , , . , Wi. Urix Q-1. 'gifs -1 , Qi, if? ,, b' W ,Q I Vx I -I I 1 l ix I 'X 9 9 1 I Q: 5 K BI' - f ' 1 2. 'iii '33, " if 955 Q 1' I ' 't "l 5' Y' x s f 4 Q , ' 'f-"3 MONICA ESPINOZA DEBBIE FREY Fall President Spring President Girls' League gf . i22,' Administration PAUL WILLIAMS Principal Faculty Alice Abramowitz Joyce Baechtel Les Besser Dwight Bugh Ted Bunch Steve Campbell Hal Christensen Charleen Cohen Charles Cooper Gene Costa Susan Davidson Karen Dominy Maureen Doyle Marilyn duCharme Irene Forsyth Chester Fuz Susan Goldberg Linda Gump Vivian Hamilton Don Hollar Elinor Jaye Sid Jurman Beatrice Kass Maureen Krumholz Darla Lauble Barbara Libman David Lunsford Royce Malm Jean Mathias Jan Miller Donna Newcomb Jon Olin Frank Pellegrino Marjorie Percival Evelyn Reason Raul Regalado Bea Ruben Emily Sarsfield Terry Scott Michael Stefanko Sue Treglown Becky Tuck Carole Ulmer Pat vanHartesveldt Jim Whelan Dick White TOM BRIERLEY Boys' Vice-Principal ELLEN GRESHAM Co-ordinator MARV BOB LUNSFORD may MARILYN SPRINGER Girls' Vice-Principal ZANNA DUCKETT Seventh Nurse 'W- NOT PICTU RED Pete DeSantis mth Grade Class Histor KERIN gXRMODY he bugels sounded, the flag rose, a silent hush fell over the Jordan auditorium, and our life as seventh graders began. That first day, September 16, 1968, is one none of us will ever forget. As seventh graders in a school of l,077 students, we were labled "scrubs" but soon we became well-acquainted with the daily routine of junior high life. Gym was really a shock, especially the first time we had to shower and dress in seven minutes, whether we wanted to or not. After the Wel- come Back Dance, I.D. pictures, the Welcome Assembly, Battle of the Bands, Back to School Night, and the PTA membership drive, home- work became our usual afternoon activity and we began working hard towards our first quarter progress reports. Those who could spare an afternoon or two found a wide variety of clubs and sports could be both fun and educational. October 21 there was a paper drive which the girls won. November 15 came around and the Burroughs Red and White Assembly was presented. Then it seemed like such a long time before we would be able to take part in the "Indian warfare" of high school. On the 19th there were some cheers and some tears when we received our first quarter progress reports and soon after there wasa Red Cross drive. "WiIdcat WiIlie" was the Thanksgiving Assembly in which the Drama Department performed. Christmas vacation soon took place and everyone was glad for the two week rest period. But all too soon we were back wearing our new belongings and working as hard as ever. January 24 the Jordan Jump took place but most of us were still a little hesitant about attending. Our first elections came and many seventh graders ran for class president. Defeating Shannon Donahue, the other finalist, Robin Sandmeyer was elected to represent us on Cabinet. All at once the first semester ended and found Shannon Donahue, Joyce -leCk9WiCZ,and Karen Wood had received straight A's. Second semester those with a 3.25 grade average or better were able to participate in the Scholarship Society for the first time. Many of us joined and elected Shannon Donahue the seventh grade representative. March brought around many activities. Replacing the old Bermuda Day we had only heard about, Cabinet initiated Slave Day which terminated with a dance. A King and Queen of Smiles was chosen from each grade level to reign over the dance and we chose Terry Luffee and Gerald Baumgarten. The Knights' Track Meet was held and Shannon Donahue was chosen by the Knights to reign as seventh grade sports queen. March 12 the seventh grade girls traveled to Muir for a basketball playday. As the third quarter drew to a close, so did the Lair cover contest and Tom Given's design was selected. A free Cougar was his prize but the real prize was a seventh grader's drawing having been selected. Vasquez Rocks was the destination when science classes left school to study the rock formations and types of soil erosion. Dominic da Motta scored well at the Junior Olympics held at Burroughs. May was a good month and its spring scent was the "Flower Shower" dance, the John Goddard Assembly, students elections, and the Cabinet Car Wash. Elections saw Mike Funk defeating finalist Robin Sandmeyer for the position of first semester eighth grade president. June 5 the Awards Assembly was held and Craig Beaubien and Dana McGehee received the sportsmanship awards from the athletic depart- ment. Shannon Donahue, Mike Funk, Sharon McGee, Linda Melloff, and Robin Sandmeyer were the seventh graders who got a "J" award for earning 100 points or more. The Cougar took up time with the signing of friendship until June 19 came around and yearbooks and report cards in hand, we walked away with no idea what the next year would hold for us. After three months of vacation, we came bobbing back to be known as the "middle class". Now in eighth grade, we found some changes had been made. Mr. Roy Beach, our seventh grade counselor, had left and Mr. Donald Werner had assumed his position as our class counselor. Mr. Tom Brierley, the new Boys' V-P, joined the 15 new teachers, a number higher than that of any other year. Mike Funk, our eighth grade president, represented us on Cabinet and Monica Espinoza was chosen to serve as eighth grade Scholarship representative. Sherman Wong was the eighth grade BYC representative. After taking I.D. pictures in the gym, we went to the Welcome Back Dance and the Battle of the Bands. October also saw the PTA membership drive which turned out to be the biggest in the history of Jordan. Journalism B ran a neck-and-neck race with Orchestra and finally won with 529 per cent, topping their musical competition by merely one percentage point. A well-wanted changed took place when it was announced boys could wear bermudas to school but that was nothing compared to the excite- ment October 23 when a sit-in was held on the lower field protesting a completely unfounded rumor about canceling nutrition. On the same day a battle of the sexes took place and the girls again won the paper drive. A coke machine and candy were added to the cafeteria menu. The Rocky Road, winner of the Battle of the Bands, played for a night Halloween Dance. A great number of noon activities including ping pong and dancing were the works of SAC and a large variety of clubs were available. In November the ninth grade Blue-Gold Football Game ended in a tie for the first time in Jordan history. After progress reports came out, it was found only two students in the school had received straight A's-both eighth graders. They were Shannon Donahue and Kathy McFarland. Another school record was broken when 5130.40 was earned for the Red Cross Drive. Truman Capote's "The Thanks- giving Visitor" was put on by the Drama Department. The halls were unusually busy during nutrition December 3 when it was approved that students no longer- had to stay in the cafeteria area during the 10 minute break. The John Goddard Assembly, Snowball Frolic, election sign-ups, and the Christmas Assembly took up most of our time before our two week vacation. After returning fully-revived, we found that four eighth graders would be running for an ASB office. They all lost but Monica Espinoza, Nancy Perez, Cindy Rouse, and Celest Slatten were only the second group of eighth graders ever to seek an ASB office during first semester. Carla Bertole lost to Robin Sandmeyer in the finals for eighth grade president. January 12 to 16 a can drive was held to raise money for the student body but the results were disappointing. January 20 we received our semester grades and Shannon Donahue and Karen Wood received straight A's. There were 22 of us who earned the"J" award this semester. ln the second semester, Don Nadon was elected eighth grade Scholarship Society representative. January 15 Jordan won the district crown at the annual All-City Basketball Tournament. The Talent Show returned January 29 after a year's absence and Robin Sandmeyer, Manuel Padilla, and Richard Sands were the eighth graders in it. For the third time, the dress code was made more liberal. The girls could finally wear pants to school, March brought about the PTA Variety Show and then 36 Jordan girls participated in the eighth grade GAA Basketball Playday held at Jordan. Carla Bertole and Sharon McGee played on the winning team. Instead of the Slave Day tried the year before, Cabinet tried a reversed schedule and Li'l Boy and Girl Day. A hot chocolate machine arrived just in time for warm weather. The Knights' Track Meet March 31 and April 1, reigned over by eighth grade sports queen Karen Wood, saw Craig Beaubien, Dominic da Motta, Conrad Lopez, Dana McGehee, and Ron Steele win first place ribbons. At the April 11 All-City Track Meet Craig Beaubien, Mike Funk, Dominic da Motta, Conrad Lopez, Dana McGehee, Don Nadon, Ron Steele, Mike Swann, and Sherman Wong won ribbons, April 17 the Junior Olympics were held at Burroughs and Lisa Baker, Randee Luedecke, Terry Luffee, Karen Wood, Dana McGehee, and Mike Funk captured winning positions. Once again the Girls' League kept their trophy for winning the paper drive and the Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Banquet proved to be sucessful when games were played. The Drama Festival in April by Mike Adler, Lois Giles, Wendy Larsen, Don Mooney, Richard Sands, and Lynn Wilkinson. May 25 the Lair sale was a sell-out and then the Scholarship Society took a field trip to Mt. Lowe in the Angelus Forest. After having written fire prevention essays earlier in the year, Sharon McGee was finally announced winner with Debbie Koffler and Livia Smoquina placing second and third. Bowling Club presented trophies to Bill Gillis, Dave Shephard, and Keith Van Hoose. An ASB Swim and Bar-B-O was held at Burroughs and the clothing class put on a fashion show at Jordan that same night. June brought around elec- tions and 25 of our fellow eighth graders ran for office. The winners were Robin Sandmeyer, ASB president: Sharon McGee, ASB vice- -president: Christal Kyriacou, ASB secretary: Amy Hiatt, ASB treasurer: Monica Espinoza, Girls' League president: and Dana McGehee, Boys' League president. Defeating the other finalist, Randee Luedecke, Cy Estabrook proved to be our new class president. Suddenly the dress code changed for the final time and anyone could wear most anything to school. Conrad Lopez and Al Brick were announced sportsmanship award winners while Joann Boydston, Shannon Donahue, Christal Kyriacou, Linda Melloff, and Robin Sandmeyer won Starr awards for having 250 points or more. "J" awards went to 17 members of our class. For the first time souvenir editions of the Star were sold. June 16 the Cougars were distributed so the last few days were again spent in signing autographs. When the final bell rang at 12:30, 326 eighth graders, report cards in hand, all thought simultaneously, "Ninth grade, here we come!" Finally The Day came. September 14, 1970 we ninth graders started our last year at Jordan. Soon came I.D. pictures and the Welcome Back Dance and for the first time, the girls in our class showed more interest in the alumni boys who would be attending than in the boys already there. After many years, the boys finally obtained the trophy for winning the paper drive. School librarian Mrs. Fay Stewart, the only member of the faculty who had been here since Jordan opened, had retired in June and Mrs. Eleanor Jaye took her place. New courses were added this year including Archeology, a dne quarter mini-class, and elementary algebra class, an arts-crafts class, and Advanced P.E. Study Halls were no longer required so more electives could be taken. A night Halloween dance was held and the new Basket- ball and Library Clubs were formed. In Scholarship Society, Shannon Donahue was elected president. Other officers included Kathy McFarland, vice-president, Peggy McFarland, secretary: and Bill South- worth, ninth grade representative. Wendy Larsen was elected SAC presi- dent with Linda Melloff as vice-president and Beth Homan as secretary. Mary Stevenson obtained the position of JSS president. In school-wide elections, Carla Bertole was elected BYC representative. A GAA play- day for ninth grade girls was held November 4 and with 40 Jordan girls participating, Lois Giles and Karen Wood received trophies. November 10 the Blue football team, led by captain Craig Beaubien, gained a victory over captain Al Brick's Gold team with a score of 6-0. Later the Fabulous Faculty proved their title when they, with a 13-6 score, won the Faculty-Student Football Game. After the Burroughs Red and White Assembly, another record PTA membership drive took place. Mr. Steve CampbelI's Journalism B class won again, with 523 per cent. The Drama Department hosted the 28th annual Drama Festival at Jordan and with over 40 schools taking part in the action, it was a great honor when Wendy Larsen and Richard Sands won a second place trophy in the group-serious division. November 15 S245 was earned when a Teacher-Talent Assembly replaced the worn-out Battle of the Bands. Our first quarter grades were quite a shock to some and we found the ninth grade really was harder but Monica Espinoza and Kathy McFarland were happy. They received straight A's. A trampoline assembly was held and finally the tradition about ninth graders leaving first at assemblies began to mean something to us. Then it was announced Kerin Carmody would serve as 1971 Cougar editor with Valerie Johnson and Jan Rogers her assistant editors. Beth Homan was appointed art editor and Mary Kregel was named editor of the Lair. December 5 Journalism held a car wash to earn money for Cougar improvements. S91 was raised. The Snowball Frolic took place in the gym and the Christmas Assembly featured the narration of Jan Rogers and Lynn Wilkinson. After returning from Christmas vacation, we were surprised when we sank into the 100 building's new carpeting. January 20 brought the Blue-Gold Basketball Game. Captain Dave Tesoro led his Blue team to victory over John Powers's Gold team 43-33. Also the faculty beat the all-stars 39-31 in the Jordan Jamboree held at Burroughs. The Jordan Jump took place in our own gym and later a wrestling competition was held for the Boys' League Assembly. The top wrestlers from our class included Gerald Baumgarten, Bill Chronister, Scott Munsey, and Dana McGehee. With finals and the Scholarship field trip to Occidental College and the arboretum, much of our time was filled but still some of us found time to be in the Student Talent Assembly. Mitch Vogel narrated and Carla Bertole, Coralyn Cornelli, Claudia Duringer, Chris Holland, Sharon McGee, Diane Oswalt, Manuel Padilla, Robin Sandmeyer, and Kristi Wells took part. Elections came and when tallied, showed Robin Sandmeyer had maintained her office as ASB president. Other officers elected for the spring semester included Mary Stevenson, ASB vice-president: Debbie Koffler, ASB sec- retary: Wendy Larsen, ASB treasurer: Debbie Frey, Girls' League presi- dent: and Cy Estabrook, Boys' League president. April Yaphe was chosen ninth grade president over the other finalist, Lois Giles. January 29 marked the end of the first semester and Shannon Donahue, Kathy McFarland, and Jan Rogers got straight A's. As second semester arrived, it was found that Honor Roll was the largest in Jordan's history and 92 ninth graders found a position there for a B average or better. This represented 28 per cent of our class. Scholarship elected Amy Hiatt, president: Monica Espinoza, vice-president, Nancy Mclntosh, secretary: and Scott Munsey, ninth grade representative, to their executive council. Beth Homan gained the title of SAC president with Christal Kyriacou as vice-president and Linda Melloff secretary. Lynn Wilkinson was announced as the new JSS president. A hugh shock jolted us awake February 9. The long-awaited California earthquake struck, wreaking havoc throughout the area. Our school was not damaged, fortunately, but everyone was sure nervous for a long time. After this shakey experience, we returned our interests to school. February 11 in Social Studies classes we voted on the ninth gade field trip to be taken June 2. The Los Angeles County Zoo was over-whelmingly chosen over a Pickwick swim and the Universal Studio Tours. On that same day a serious misunderstanding occurred when nominations for the Who's Who in the Cougar were released. It took a while to work out the problems but voting was finally scheduled for March 10 and 17. February 18 the Patriotic Assembly was presented. Tom Given narrated as members of the Drama Department performed "Spoon River Anthology". A week later at the Awards Asembly, Shannon Donahue and Robin Sandmeyer received Cougar awards for 425 points,or more. Kay Beeley, Carla Bertole, Phil Freno, Joyce Jeckewicz, Cindy Rouse, and Mary Stevenson received Starr awards and 33 other ninth graders got "J" awards. The Experience. That's what it was when a new club was formed. A variation on an art club, students were given a chance to relate to their environment. After much debate, gum chewing finally became a reality on a trial basis for ten weeks. Lois Giles was chosen ninth grade sports queen and was at the Knights' Track Meet March 24 to present awards to winners in the A Division. Boys who placed first from our class included AI Brick, Danny Bronson, Dave Carbaugh, Mike Funk, Jerry Howell, Prmton Lewis, Dana McGehee, Wayne Milazzo, and Sherman Wong. In the All-City Track Meet three days later Jordan placed last but Danny Bronson, Dave Carbaugh, Wayne Milazzo, and Sherman Wong did bring us honor by winning first place ribbons. April 2 saw the third quarter report rds and Kathy McFarland did it again by getting straight A's. Then Bob Ferdon, Mike Funk, Warren Galloway, Jill Kohut, Diane Lawler, Preston Lewis, Sheila Menzies, Tom Moriarty, Dale Tobey, and April Yaphe captured ribbons at the Junior Olympics. Kerin Carmody was elected ninth grade representative of Scholarship Socity after Scott Munsey moved. April 24 and 25 the PTA Variety Show "Everything Is Beautifulzz was held and Robin Sandmeyer, Manuel Padilla, and Mitch Vogel took part. Frances Holzer was named assistant editor of the Lair and "Hamlet" was performed at the Shakespeare Festival. The cast included Coralyn Cormelli, Cy Estabrook, Larry Murphy, Kristi Wells, and Pat Ramsey, who also served at director. Just after Open House the girls re-captured the paper drive trophy and then suddenly lollipops and stuffed animals at school seemed quite normal when the yearly activity day was held following a Jack and Jill theme. April Yaphe was a winner in the bubble-blowing contest and Bob Allen proved victorious in the tricycle race. Wendy Larsen, Joe Libby, and Nancy Perez displayed their dramatic talents May 7 in "David and Lisa". Other ninth grade cast members included Mike Adler, Ann Bernstein, Jack Codron, Coralyn Cornelli, Tom Given, Sharon McGee, Don Mooney, Larry Murphy, Jan Rogers, Richard Sands, Linda Stark, and Wendy Larsen, who also served at assistant director. The Mother-Daughter, Father-Son Nights took place and then May 17 Scholarship took its field trip to the Carbillo Beach Tidepools to see how ocean life was being affected by pollution. This tied in with their semester proiect on ecology which included plans for an ecology week at Jordan. Following a newly-inagurated iunior high sports night, the ninth grade trip to the zoo, the Blue-Gold Softball Game, and the Faculty-Nine Game, the ninth grade party was held with a patriotic theme. At the Awards Assembly earlier that week many members of our class again won school awards. Nith grade sportsmanship awards were presented to John Powers and Lenny McCarty. The David Starr Jordan Scholarship award went to Shannon Donahue and Curtis Ihle for the highest grade average in our class. Nominations had been made earlier in English classes for the coveted American Legion award. For the boys it went to Cy Estabrook over nominees AI Brick, Mike Funk, Brower Foster, Curtis Ihle, Dana McGehee, Don Nadon, and Bill Southworth. Topping nominees Karen Carmody, Shannon Donahue, Debbie Frey, Debbie Koffler, Kathy McFarland, Mary Stevenson, and Karen Wood, Robin Sandmyer was the winner for the girls. June 14 we received our Cougars, a day earlier than the seventh and eighth graders. lt came as quite a shock to everyone that one of our most outstanding class members, Robin Sandmeyer, had been over-looked in the Who's Who, quite an over-sight on our part. Then came June 16 and leaving at 3:00 with mixed emotions, we walked hom to prepare for the next day when we returned for the final time With 346 of us graduating, two promotional exercises were necessary. Speakers chosen from English classes included Lisa Baker, Julie Ban, Tom Given, Donna Hansen, Pam Harwood, Amy Hiatt, Jane Kirby, Sharon McGee, Debi Reed, Sandy Roseman, Bill Southworht, and Karen Wood. Cy Estabrook and April Yaphe read the roll call and then it was all over. When we have a spare moment, many of us will come back to visit. But it won't ever be the same because never again will we actually be a part of Jordan Junior High. These three years have been long in some ways and short in others. The membories and experiences of school can never be matched and looking back in the years that lie ahead, we'lI all realize that we owe to the people of this school and how we profited under their guidance. 4' X ' gi' F Hg., gt- t ' . 'ff We ',.-.. i M t., f -L. .. "' 's is ' egg. . H? . , , , ,:, fW?x. .gf.f? -if fiiiii 5 1 ta? , .L , t Mu, ,v f MQW. 'vE':iE?fg?f1Q fir . 'tj Qyrff S' ,Q ..-E,,.A. , X 3 2 ilff A, 7 Q 9 ' tif! g noem SANDMEYER cv Esmenook 5 r . ' , American Le9i9"' Award Winner American Legion Award Winner ' ' ' ,M 4 I is 2 ' f 'X , 7 - J v war . g . ,J sANNoN ooNAHuE CURT'S 'H'-E . . , J Q David Starr Jordan Sgholarghip Awgrd winner David Starr Jordan Scholarship Award Winner f 'SM .fr W. ABROOK APRIL YAPHE Fall President Spring Pf9Sid9l1f ls..-f Nl 'Y a i s . K' ' X Q ,, 4. K , .'1"'!i I I f A M Q 4, 1 ' A .I a L A A ll . Y ' 'F 'Y' T Q Ll' c ss 'ff' im, . 2 - L- 53 " ' , . t , iv- M Y Yr' .' f f , ' xy , M. K ye r V 'fi I B fir se M 'lu r ' ' B 4 rl " L ' L . i .X s ,V .. . K 2 J ' 7 1- Y" , A r' N VEC W . 152 Y".-48 l ,gi x 4- 4 :. G? ' ', x K9- , ' , g, f:-W T' if 5 T' - f i . ' .ai asf , is in sf' . L fx - ' kb L 4' A Q Q C: ' . 6 .Q 1 f in s , is A , A ' fi fi S -...Q is f A - . Q. -- , 4'-' L -r L '35 i r . ' , ' . VL- X 35 . Q f -' fr. - fr i " Y 2. P' fa, i - L ' A amflrsbliger I SEV, .ii 'ft .-1 4. Y Wt' l i. 2 , if - V- , , " Q . ' ' N. .5 Q, tr s X 'N . T , s , . ' , , v , ' , s 40. xi "' ' X as 4 ' fr 'Q' 'K .U .2 f' gif' ' 1' LX 533- . W ,4.-L fs. Pat Adkins ' Mike Adler Ralph Agoslini Debbie Aguilar Regina Alberto Kevin Albertson Bob Allen Doug Anderson Amy Anneman " Todd Anske Bill Armslrong Vince Arroyo Dennis Atkinson Lisa Baker Julie Bank ' Barbara Barrios " Ger Baum arlen Craig Beaubgien Kristy Beck Kay Beeley " Terre Beindorff Miguel Benitez Ross Benson Mike Becquefle Ann Bernstein Carla Bertole Kalhy Birch lrma Blandino Mack Bolden Bill Bomar Vince Borgese Tony Bolli 1- Shelly Boughner Keith Bourne " Joann Boydshyi ' Loren Bradshaw Chris Brady " Kelly Brailenloack Lanie Breding AI Brick Jeff Bridgers Paul Briganfi Danny Bronson Sandra Bryant Tom Bukin Flora Campos Lori Cannon Kerin Carmody " Traci Carsten Evan Chapman Palsy Chavez Bill Chronister Alon Clark Coralyn Cornelli Bruce Coughenour Dominic da Molfa Mark Daniels Doug Darling Norma Dergan Wendy Derringlon Leo Diaz Laurie Dilley Ray Dimick Greg Domenciali sr M A ,. , CQ ' 'Se r Q ' , I yi ,xxx V' T I it Wk , , V.: 11 ' , 1 , F 4 A jc: . Q, 3' s:Q"i' i J' ' t if - 43 4 Q, wffthz 5 Q K X ,vs ' A R N ' 63 , b ll Q b A Q, 7 5 7, if 1 ' is gc 5 'iq'-A TF . v FQ s 1 J' J G N 'G 9-'.. 5' Af few My-4' ' vs 6 H ' A , 1 .ff J, ft, L s .' QP' ' . ,C , 4 4 I 1 5 J " V ' . . . e , 5' , l gxiixi-'T' lfn ' ' X J lf:-zafxc'-2 f?!cf ' ' as ' . 3 at ,. , X S. -Q . l ,. X 4 ' 'J Q i x 3 f 1 at t K7 . ' H x' ' J f av ss. , B .' , -4" 5, 1 ' 5 1 1. . if J 5 ' ' 5 . Tn, 1 '- , ,L N, 1' ', ' , 4 . 1 . .. ar ff 7' . I , 2 , .3 Q flsgl ses, ,Q 1 9 . Y 4 ' 5:36. jfsir f- , X . -1 I w 5 , xH C f 2 Q it I f .4 s. M I Q i. Shannon Donahue Tim Dougherty Carol Dubay ' Jerry Dufva Claudia Duringer Joann Dyrness " Robert Earley Monica Espinoza Cy Estabrook ' Linda Evans " Craig Fearnow Bernard Federman Robert Ferdon Steve Finch Jerry Fink Mike Fiorina Mike Fischer Brower Foster " Philip Freno " Debbie Frey " Dana Friedman Kenneth Friend Randy Fullerton Mike Funk 1 Anne Gallardo Eduardo Gaona Patricia Garcia Debbie Garland Karen Garza " Lois Giles Bill Gillis Tom Given Gordon Gooding Kyle Gosling Bette Grainger " Lela Grunden George Guisasola Mario Guzman Mitch Haddad Dean Hall Donna Hansen Curtis Harrison Fam Harwood "' Paul Helm J'NeIl Henig Silvia Hernandez Ricky Herrera Amy Hiatt " Eddie Hoffman Chris Holland Dan Holman Craig Holt Frances Holzer " Beth Homan " Kim Hopkins Q' Linda Horwitz Mary Haven Jerry Howell Sherry Hubbard Randy Hudson Barney Hughes Gloria lbarra Curtis Ihle " Bill lrwin John Irwin Greg lzay " John Jacobs Bill Jacobson Jeff Jackson Karlisa Jago "' Joey James Margareth Janssen Robert Jarbo Joyce Jeckewicz Kent Jeffress Dawna Johnson Pat Johnson Valerie Johnson Bill Jones Jeff Jones ar 1 7 C D Q , l J L --5 ,E WR r J' xx X W H 1 fir ' ". " A it -5 . ' . i li: . Az. ggam' 4 rr 1 J K L Q 9 Q i rl! Riffs! , x u 4 x A , Q . X L-v 5 F' it J Q I J r , -' swift, X ,pa N is X L re , fi 1 1 ' E 3, .. i , , . -i L Q' ,fig . ,' 'XX 5 Vs , , na ' A K1 l :rs ' L. 1 C. , H 1 ni- X I ml 2 4 " . L 5 lx ' ,J Q ,-A 2 V . " ze 5 3952 ii' ' ai ' ' X f yr: 3.9 r j 4. ,Q 'Ll . X L 'Tift 2 " 5 Ax 2- it 5' 1 are K fi f ix 1 L' f 'r ri .,lf7'5f f . rr 1 are gg ' , ll'i i fy xl , 'Wg sd , J -'S Z , f 9 f , L, 4 - 6 N f ' nz, rf: a Aleta Kasper Keith Kellogg Paul Kelly "' Russ Keith " Laura Kelly Norman Kephart Sameer Khoury ' Cindy Kimmel Sharlene Kipp Jane Kirby Debbie Koffler " Jill Kohut " Lonnie Kohut Mary Kregel " Greg Kukta Christal Kyriacou ' Les Langston Wendy Larsen " Diane Lawler ' Donna Lawler " Jody Lawson Marty Lesak Larry Lettenmaier Preston Lewis Joe Libby " Gale Lindenmayer George Lindstrorn Robert Lippert Bill Livingston Connie Logan Conrad Lopez Randee Luedecke ' Terry Luffee Maxine Luian Corrine Lunclby Mike Lyons Monica Magallanes Janet Maisel "' Nancy Marquez Victor Marquez Richard Marshall Jim Martin Alma Martinez Dennis Matsuoka Chuck Maxon Jennifer May Scott Mayfield Antoinette Mazzei Lennie McCarty Gary McCollum Charles McConahay Pat McEnery Kathy McFarland " Peggy McFarland " Sharon McGee " Dana McGehee Nancy Mclntosh " Dennis McLean Linda Melloff " Carolyn Merchant Wayne Milazzo ' Nlartin Mills Donna Milosavlevich Allan Moline Don Montgomery Don Mooney Tom Moriarty Scott Munsey " Larry Murphy Mike Murray Joe Muscarella Vince Muscarella Donald Nadon ' Steve Nadon ' Chris Navarro Donn Nay ' Kathy Nolan John O'Brien Rob O'Connell Pat O'Mea .wx "wx S " , Q . in 4 ' s A, Q I. s,,, 4 W ' S ' xiii T' 5 , X es ,Q P . 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Denny Osborn Monte Osborn Kathy Osborne ' Kim Osborne ' Diane Oswalf Manuel Padilla Paula Page William Page Brenda Paris Richard Paulson Linda Peever " Joe Pemberton Nancy Perez " Yolanda Perez Michele Perkins Paul Pefzoldt John Powers Michael Prather Ron Price Eduardo Puiggros Greg Pyeatt Pat Ramsey ' Robin Rebuck Cathy Reece Debi Reed Anthony Riddle Laurie Robinson Debbie Rodriguez Kim Rodriguez Jan Rogers " Lisa Rogers Veronica Rose A Sandy Rosemann Sam Ross Pam Roulston " Cindy Rouse T' Peggy ROY Jan Ruff Toni Russo Roberto Sagory Rose marie Sagory 'R Robin Sandmeyer Richard Sands Gregg Scott Jeffery Segall Jim Shaw Bill Sheeler Kathy Sheets Dave Shephard Carl Sigler Debbie Singer David Slceen Preston Slater Bob Small Gordon Smith ' Livia Smaquina 1 ff Debbie S nder Diane Soli " Pam Somertield Bill Southworth " Linda Stark Roberta Stay ' Gay Stert Mary Stevenson " Linda Sundback Wes Sutton Reece Talley Dave Tesoro Memory Tewksbury Richard Thompson Dale Tobey Leo Tobia ' Linda Treviso John Turner Tim Turner " Tim Rowe Turner Tom Turner Keith Van Hoose Rocky Vannoy Joy Vairo -u I ,O L x .. 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'iff indicates Honor Roll A z ,M fifiis. f Monica Nlagallanes Best All-Around Person ality P Sannon Donahue W Mikg Funk Most Terry Luffee prettiest Nlemorv Tewksbury Beth Human Best Paul Petzold Bob Allen Torn Given Mutch Haddad Best Athlete LOIS G09 Craig Beaubre Kathy McFarland Curtis lhle wig Z prettiest Hair Maxine Lujan Chris Navarro ressed Karen Wood Greg Domenicall and Debbie HBV John Powers Class Flirt Nieest Diane Soil Al Brick Connie Logan Sam Ros Amy Hiatt Russ Keith A r N143 'YW lllf, ...A- zfexr, ll ,L JV- .B Ae, 1' --.vi 5' Jeff Abbali S Chris Abralrrrls 8 Jeanne Adkins 8 JoAnn Alberlo Pam Alexander 7 8. Hans Anderson 8 Janet Anderson 7 Kathi Anderson 7 Lori Anderson B Michael Anderson Jeffrey Aeene 7 Maeheel Beeeeele Boris Baclra B Evelyn seeleeee B Julie Berley af Bill Barker 7 John Barker 8 JefFBarne1r 8 Laurie Barnes 8 Phila Bcrnharl S Kim Beckler 7 Rick Beckwith 7 Kirn Beedle 7 Kelly Bell 7 oele Bellrrren B Dena Berger 7 slrarley Berrrrleae a Richard Berry 5 Rene, Beele B Rerr Baelrep B Melodee Banica B Mike Bereerrerr B sieve Bereere 7 Breee Berrl B Mer, Botti 7' Diane Brewster 7 Anne Brzee B Sieve Braegere B oeeleae Brewrr B Jerry Brewrr s Michele Buffl-mam 8 . kelly Bellrrrr B David Bunnell B Dennis Bunnell 8 Paul Burdill 7 7 . .. nie-K l 1 1 , f I r lA lx.xQ,Nf1f ll as ' ,4 il M 1 'X eall5.,eq-e, .. L W ff F. rl I "K I ' 5:2 El M 1 A 'N' 1' r . Xie X4 .. 'kk' 1 L e lfvl '15 ,V 1.34 ky, sl l Q B - L We e Q 4 u ' 'T' 'A el e , 1 A K. ,x lb I w M, 'Q .. . ee f ,S fi ..1. e . ' ,E . . B 'li' .f 1 ee eifemf -we 'ff B Jef' ' - :Er a reeey Alrere B Breer Alrrerr 7 New Allen B rex Alleep B cerlry Arreereerr B Joe Arrereweln 7 rereee Arreel 7- ceeer Arrgeeelee S Bel, Arlreekle B' Melee Arreye 7 Bill Berer el neue Belrer 7 Mereesrlr Beker 7B Sophia Bank 7 weyrre Bannaiz 7 Teresa Barron 7 Edith Bass 7 Susan Bass 8 Shirley Belelreler a Deee Belrrrrgerrerr a Robbie Beltran B Ann Bender 8 Jann Benedict 7 Gloria Benitez 7 Kirk Benke 7 Lere Blake 7 kelly Beeeze 7 Melee Beleer B Derrrer. Bellerr 7 sexe Bene 7 Berl Belling 7 kim Breareeeeeu 7 Dana Brandi B' Der sreeareff B Kelli, Breeeeele 7 sreeerr Brewe B Deere areeeleer B' Jan Brubaker 7' cell Breele 7 meme Bryerrl 7 celleen Berreeere Gayle Beeere a creie Busseau B Geraldine Burien 8 Mere Bryre 7 Erie caliaar e Vicki canrield 7 Armando Cappa 7 Jim carliana a Tany Curbono a Jack Casey 7 Angelo Cassotta 7 Matilde Castro 8' Philip Cavinee 7 Rick Chaddock 7 David Cirilla 7 Toni Cirincione 7 Cathy clere sf Rick clark s Chris Clarke 7 Brenda Cale 8 Cindy Cale s Jane cenraarala s Mario carnpae 7 Robert Conlee 7 wendy Carrivecu ls Walter Carnford 7 Tom Cox 8 e A L i . 4 ,y . Mary cenglienanr 7 Q 0 .es Debbie Cuddy 7 Mike Davidson 7 slneran Davies e ldlie Davis af sandy Davis s Lied Delray 7' Jeff Denny 7 Kevin Denny af Lynn Depew 7 Angela Dergnn 7 Wilma Deraan 7 Bob Dilley a venny Dlelirew sf Lisa Daering e renee Darnenieall ali' gr., r -i-is f S411 7. Maria Dominguez 77 Roxanne Dann 7 Liiea Dnaani 7f lilenard Dniener 7 lfanl Easley a Anlenia Edina di Bill Farrell 7 Bab Farrell 8 Mike Farrell S Sue Farrell E H ix 1 , MT, Margarita Fernandez 7 , leray raren 7 Laurie Farier 7 Lauri Fowler 7' Mike Francis 7 Pnilip Franae 7 Pat Galbraith B Warren Galloway aarbara Garay s Louis Garcia 8 8 8 ir 5? ' i I Q 1 v Debaralfi Garcia 7 Vicki Gibbs s Cindy Gibran 7 Thomas Giese 7 M-ark olrenard s renee Gadleey ar Dan ordlrern a Albert Grnnados 7 Luis Grnnadcs a Judy oray 7 rind Green s f e Ki Q Xie in ,K I X332 0 e ., lex e g ax. . . ii' 1 li' " iii-xi' e 1 r y. 5 xl 3 ' .. fri. , 4. we. ,.: v YR at 1 F r E 'F Wi e ,x iii 5 as 7 re if. 'le r I K 7 7 i l . ' ' Yr: 75'-:I Y r, , Ain 4 Q 'HJ " Ja le? if If nf, new 'f e ,- 5 G- -r ix i :z4zzE!x rote ii e if? r i Y r , 1 ell C zdfslieesei 1:52 I . S e xx it r ,l i . ff Q Z' S ey : M K.,-,I .fe af ? ,rirfef ia. l -frry 'Q . YQ 7 - U Q r . 4, .Wx . 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Hickman 7 Alan Hliesam B Scot? Hlnkle B Dan Houy s ScoHHowell s srerk Howell 7' Daniel Hey 7 Fernando Heerle s Slave Henrley 7 Sue Helenlneen s Sharon Hurrcrl 8 Jeanne Irwln 7 Steven Issaris 8 Deeey Jenseen af Jeenne leneeen 7 Reee :ere 7 Stan Jeeleewlee a Vickie Jenkins a lnernee Kapfain 7 Pamela keryee a ver lceerne s rnereee lceeley sf Edrnend kelly e Frenle keenlenlen 7 Lzee kllllen el rleye klnere 7 lerl lclne s William King 7 Robin Kleerrlan 8' Sazerre Kleernarl 7 Brian Knowles S Den lcnlenr B Perer Kehur 8 John kereyeley s Roger lcdlee af Russ lcnerle 7 nernelrlee Kyrleeee velnek Leeleey 7 vlneenl Leerle a Rendell Leyye af Mark Leyden a Jason Lee s oeenne Leger a George Lerlenrnaler Choi Lew 8' Fay Lew 7' Merle Linrz 8 Debra Linvllle B Tirn Lorello B Barbara Law 7' James Low 8 Dolores Luarcu 7 Debbie Lucas 5 Virginia mera a Casey Meddren 7- Merdee Meglll el Jose Menderlnl s Mike Merlner e 7 84. 7 Lee Marklrlam 8' Suzanne Marks 8 Steve Marriott 7 Camille Marrane 8 Darett Martin B Fat Mathis B Paulo Mellrbn 8 Paul Matsuoka 8 Anita tyiey 7 er A e ' ! 4 ' 5 Michelle Matzkin 7 Anite Mecey s see Mecree a Michael McDonald Beverly MeDeWell wendy lyieeltriney s Bonnie Merkin 7' Mark Messina 7 Steve Meseine 7 Gary Milmb 7 clrristy Miller 7 Mark Miteliell 7 Debbie Mbeteznnre sreee Mene 7 lcirn Meerly sf Richard were 7 Dennis Mullins 7 Sheri Nlilnyen s Brigid Mer ny sf Jene Merpliy 7 Brian Metrey 72 Donna Neves 8 David Newman 7" leey Nielson af Marla Nissen 7 Dole Nix 7 John Orson 8' Sharon Otis 7 Dan Ortoski 8 Coral Osborn 8' Dale Owens B Dave Parker 7 Vickie Parker 8 Bob Pastora 7' 7 7 7 at 'V fx. X , t ix X 7 1 ew- ee . ' ' 'fs lt .. r . 4m .ve "se, 'Ffa S 44 1, ' -. tw in s ttf e I ' 'F N , .. g 'II V x' it-fx. i Ste hen Patreneie 7 V - P Carri Patterson 7 Jairo venerenrle 7 Mike Pentlene 7 Steve Peppmuller ta Anniele Perez 7' cerles Perez a Glen vlrillips s Cindy Phillips 7 Lynn vnilnewer lcetlry vieeiele 7 sebby Fino 7 David Postler 8 James Powers B Mike Powers 7 Lori Price 8 Jawn Prieta 7 Mark Reaiilslei 7 Anite Rogan s Colleen Rnner a Marsha Ramirez a David lvernes 7 Lerrey Reed e islieley Reb 7' Heidi Rielnerasen 7 reny lzielreresen 7 Lyle izieele 8 WWW 'X aisxz .. 'J 't ali I ff K x 'lee I xiii! if 'x i .e xv: a it 3 . - 3 ix gl, S : L Q "' ' tm, .N Q - f V e jgi Y, X . 1 A kt 6 .lay -. 214: X 174 . Q! t -ex K 1 ef yi X e V 5. ?' . 9 Q P' 1 4X 3 3 it :yi .'Sv N.. v e ev X 1 A i Q. 1 4 l 5' Y-r 'a -i 'te Z4 IX ' V , J J f N9 x .QL 'fr l J 9 . . 3, ,ite ,tt R ,... igsrfkei ei, i aff., Q . 'A I ' I 2 ii i - I 'r.. lit Yum!" 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See ex izbbin Martin sf Jenny Martinez a Rielienl Mason at ray Mnssaru 7 Jetiiwetnis a Mike Mazzel 7 lceyin Mecertny s werren iyiecen, s ScottM::Caskill 7 vetnek Mecenenby 7 Guy Meoinnis s Stacey Mclntash 7 Scott MeTaggart 8 Gene Meacham 7 Lorna Mendell 7 Colleen Miller 7 Derek Miller 8 Dave Mills 8 Dennis Milner 7' Tim Milner Bi' Valerie Ivkzore 8 Vickie Moore 8 Kirk Morales 7 Adriana Maratinos 8 Kevin Morris 8 Jeffweel s Debbie Neese 8 Greg Neese af chris Nelson s Alfbnsb Neybrez 7' Rob Nunziato 7 Richard O'DonneII 7 Chris Ordurro 7 Nelson Orihuela 7 Vivian Ortiz 7 lzeeernerie oxfere s Vince Padilla sf Alen Peee 7 Beatrice Palm sf Yvette tfbppelenle 7 Julie Patterson S Rita Patterson B' Joey Peele 8 Daniel Payne 7 Lori reyne 7 Mieene Perez 7 Renee Perkins B Susan Peters 7 Brien lfetersen 7 Penny vetree a Gail tfipel af Tummy Pee 7 Karen ventine s cbrlbs Pbsee 7 Gtisteyb Fosso s Deb Frisccro a Aeriene vtiiggres 7 area ryeen a Norma Qeintener B Gery Reenels 7 Nancy lzenipele 7 Morrilyn Reneblbi. 7 csery weep a James Rbtnbnn 7 Randy Rebeele 7 Josie iziyere s orelie lziyere a Javier Rbeerte 7 Stephanie liebeli 7' Warren Rebek sf cinrly Roberts s Jennie Robinson 7' Tino Robinson 7' Jann lzaaerlren 7 Susan Robertson S Debbie liaane, a Lorraine Roseff 7 Brad Ross 8' Brel Rath 7 Cheryl lzannay af Debbie Sager 3 Dara Scgori 7 Jaeli Sanders 7' 1errie sanaerean a Roger saarrnan s lirn snannan e saean snenalr 7 Shawn sneapara 7- Jerri sneriaan a Craig snennaaa 7 carl., sirnane 7 Charles slallen 7 lcirnaerly sieel 7 La-me srnall 7 varly Small 7- Dang slay 7 Src-5 slein e Sabine sreinnrenre 7. 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ST Riva Robyn B John lzaerrirer 7 Elwood Rodriguez 7 Marie Reelrignee 7 elaine Rogers s Sherrie Rouse 7- Junetlbyul 7 Pnyllir Raaaleaea 7 Doris Rnage 7 Rabin linen s linaa seliaew 7 area selniaa 7- Mark sennll s Robert Scully a Joseph segreer 7 Rayrnana slnnrrz s Evangeline Sical s Karen sieiliana B Laine siila 8 Greg siniaee 7 vanl srnell 8 Danaia Smith 7 caral snyaer 7- Sue sa-ea a Ricky Slurlc 7 Tau srewarl 7 nanalr' sririing a Jerrsrane a Raney slane 7 Sherry sraneeianer 7 JonSwivzer 7- carlaralley 7- oeleiraralaeen zz rainrayrien s Mikereel 7 Lisa Thompson 7- Rick Trevisc 7 Garry rraiilla e Mark Trujillo s Gregory rnrnleaw a sarn Valdez 7 Eugenia valenline 7- Ria vannaalenwellere 7- Irene vanaervalle 7 Elieaaeln van Hainen 7- Astrid Vielmunn S Eerlnervzllarreal 7 Marlr vlaaylra 7 Merle valpei 7 Greg vaarnir 7- Daviriwallaerl 7 Laurelle walker 7 Sue walleer 7 Wayne walker ls Linea Wclkowick a' Darlene weleli 7 Deniee welle iz Davig Weymss 7 sae weiee s John wnileeel 7 valerie wilean 7- Evo wineaie s Davie Wisorsky s Gabe Wilrmcn a laanrlri Wolf 7 seall vax 7 nellie vanngblaaa 7 lzaleerl Younger 7 Rain zagare iz Laurie zierner a OJC-Ninth Grade 5 N- .A ' , . 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Groups gggisf i Scholarship Society-Ninth Grade c 1 A - 4 A 4 CS D SChOl31'Sl1iP Offiqerg ie . 2' " fist ' .,.i', .3 ' r Q .1 Z1 in A 'A is A we , .211 e ' A? fa ei 5' r' 1 Ugg? wr .., .. 1' Q W.,-mf 5,-A .. at . rr u iw in is L35 ff: ' viii. -A' A- 1. SHANNON DONAHUE AllllY HIPiTT Fall President spring Presrdem Scholarship officers for Fall and Spring also included Kathy NIcFarIand ' and Monica Espinoza, vice-president: Peggy McFarland and Nancy Mclntosh, secretary: Bill Southworth and Scott Munsey, ninth grade representative: Nancy Frankian and Tim Milner, eighth grade represen- tative: and Tina Robinson, Spring seventh grade representative. 1 , A-v. 3 -V in... K Q L ' T. Scholarship Society- Seventh and Eighth Grades Performin Musical Groups 4 ............. . z -Q .WH W fx, ,.3 M3 , , ,K ..,N,l ,, , 1 4 my VW 2 XF 1 4' E5 QV W1 , 2 K v k ' guinnnuegi ' i If! jg 1 as -5 V wit ,qw 'vu-A0-43' W. fy ' , -,vga 2' as Q? Q K s s Q V . ax Q 9 E i 54 gi i, X P W .-5 Y 135. nf' cg- 1 4 hy? 3 tl 4 VA vit ua ,I 'N .av I E , ' E O Q I. , ' , f Ninth grade boys, with the as- sistance of Mr. Frank Pellegrino, may serve as mon- itors for Jordan's audio-visual equipment. " Massa.. gt Swv Y' !, ,s 1-pf on f y v f.jx' M 'ft 'I Q 52 E V' fa 7 fe Z if eg w. 1' x ,il A px Jordan's backstage crew are behind the scenes at every per- formance. se. ' . ' f is i 'J Student helpers as well as full-time 22- ,iff . ' students and faculty in the attendance, ., M25 4 and principal's offices. W.. K K Y t . P Z Student workers assist Mrs. Eleanor Jaye b inthelihraryeach periodoftheday. 4 V K 4 V A Y N A , . A ' gl I ', auvzgj 'A Y. a..,i.r su., 1 fx , :,,,,,ggn- u I- 'A ' A .1 fs? . Vkgflg, Q r ft' v ' W' f ,S " v O ' W i' . V ' f 2 L D . i gtztyi, ef ' We-.,, v 0 V . T J' 1 '1' Q 7 L H. , t. 1 ,,, A P .Q Q , ef O The combined staffs of the cafeteria and canteen serve students and teachers daily. Skitggil ,ea ' L 'fe i S 1 Q Xgltkxmbggft 5 1: . that "fa c E ' ,Y- :4 VA' qi , V ft S 'qi-A ., W ': 'X :Mfg ,fx it lg ' 5? k x . , v Helping Jordan students on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Mrs. Suzanna Serving Jordan in countless ways are the custodians Duckett is the school nurse M 1 ' xi' g A 3 1 it Z' t t x x 'li fg53'!!5i '- t Q -rg.: H 'nv -Vai .. 4 Kg K , - L - . . ft 2 and the matron. .3 MARY KREGEL Lair Editor MITCH VOGEL Cougar Photographer gi 4. .s BETH HOMAN VALERIE JOHNSON Cougar Art Editor JAN ROGERS KERIN CARMODY and her art staff Cougar Co-Editors Cougar Editor vi Publications 10m W-'Q .Fa 9 ' in- ' 1 . -Ni '-'T -. wth Gwen Am V Hiatt Students in the Journalism Department cooperate in the pub- Iication of three items: The Lair, the Star, and the Cougar. The Lair is the literary magazine which is published once a year and contains many student poems, essays, and short stories. The Star is the newspaper published every three weeks. lt is planned and written by Journalism students and printed by the boys in Advanced Print shop. The Cougar staff devotes many hours to compiling a yearbook of memories designed to capture and preserve the feeling and events of the school year. A special feature of this year's edition is a wide group of photographs taken by staff photographer Mitch f' Vogel. . 3? .. H 3. .' 4 We 6,- . ft. f An PP' 'r .- x tf Fr f Q , 4 s Q ahcesly f- V ., ofeer 4. . 'NX ' W G ,. w. xf fi 2. 4 Q U-gs.: 4 X is x 1 mf' flea, ops. 06,500 -W I ,t sh .f ,mf ' .1 1 t ,' 31+ . fi 1. 3. 2 f,.g.f,fX,if It ,Q .,04,,. sl "N as ,, 2- ' P E of-ff, ' a ig? 0 , ii- nf vga, iv vt ' kt., 1 - .. . 1 Drama Department Don Mooney and Jack Codron rehearse a scene from "Hamlet" for the annual Shakespeare Festival which traditionally takes place in April. ,we A , .ut'!'f.g. .c.. xiii? 'Silt' Kisser? ,f glffb 1 aiu: ff it-.fm ai 5: 1 gsm. jx 'fafifii 'Q ,, Q f tv. t t r, Y' Psi t 2 After taking part in the annual Drama Festival in November, Wendy Larsen and Richard Sands dis- play their trophy for second place in the group-serious division for their portrayal of "Aria de Capo". Jordan hosted the event this year. Cast members listen as one character tells the audience of his life and death in February's Pat- riotic Assemhly. This year's presentation was "Spoon River Anthology". The Drama Department presented "David and Lisa", a psychological drama, for their spring presentation in May. The play explores the minds of two mentally-ill teenagers. Q xx 3. For the Drama Department's selection in the December Christmas Assembly, Jan Rogers reads "The Littlest Angel". Larsen i Library Club '.c .L I K I I I l , 1 , l Te1111iS.,Club K Q f A ,,. Sports ffm gif? Q. Yi l S orts in Actlo' n A P 1 :QEWPS m,,, -ff sg, 7 ZT'?i'f2I:, , ' gi' r iieasxffg A 5 ,MQ 5 - ' !i,i,. K I i x. ,I :LL an' iff , A Q, v 'J ' '--W ' ' '--Q4 Q. ' , lf' I M ,mf gf: K' ' , ,, Q: fi t 3 X - ,, 1 V ., , Q , , , fx --' wage,-., ., e gage Mk YS 4 ' Q ,f ' V225 ' L4 , , Q K -3 Q, . A I -,Jil ?f - fi Q Captains Craig Beaubien and Al Brick wish each 1 ' Ld W-3 jif 19 M .fff T' ,ff .gy V ' 'fl other luck before the Blue-Gold Football Game. 'fi W-1:35 g3""itti"?t? 133-1' 3 2 TheBIueteamwon6-o, ff' ty . 1. gf-:Q , " l ' S, . .Wg ' 'K V ' .iff f..i": . -i ,.u.4. , 2, Wg..-92. I , fa: . ' ,wi-219:55 f f? 2 N ' '-I ' ' 1' -, A iii. EEE -.sz '50 ' 'i :xii ' , Y""fL 37 l ' ., H , . -, , g t ' X21 QTL: .,4. H ' if' jj ,Q . v i"'913?i:?i'e r s v em, I '+Gffffe1fagz-'fFf.,fe n :' 5 X' f"i-'Xxf w-'b '5i:'f2:' ' 'FQ ' as 'iEgfu'eN?Qrf1 35W E?2is?i1Z'Zr?f v f . lv ,, M Z "Q 2 'a2iwf1fff1'-- 'L fe "X , ' ' Q :ai 'z' f 4' LJ ' Tiff" fffx.-'X E VV all Q a n t - f "'f'lxJ6 '51 94.1 ,if ,Wy gzgfzrlmfslvli' Vuiwum W .,-fm. yew lun' wif? '?4isi'if?'- ' E: " gi wif' ggi- 'xr-.rzzzti lf 1 I 'NA "r 'Q K .ek mf . ' ' , - 4 ,xc-nv v L S K K forftflftw' v i' Sk of ,, + pfslssi .. ,Ugg 1111 'f ,g1""'f3'., 143 " 3 QA,-QNE zz Mgt,-giggfan fs. K 3qgg,Q:,.Q -1 get "WN " 'IRQ . i:.i ' my l Captain Dave Tesoro of the Blue team receives congratu- M ' K 1: lations from John Powers, captain of the Gold team. Blues Q , topped the Gold 43-33 in the annual Blue-Gold Basketball Game. Wrestling champions pause on their way to the showers fol- lowing the Boys' League Assembly. They are Gerald Baumgarten, heavyweight: Bill Chronister, light-heavy: Scott lVlunsey, middle: Dana McGahee, light: Greg Neese, bantam: and R8YShurtz,fly. 5 Q2 iss 'fu rf' v ...lx ,if ,fflwilvk "3"z'EV .,,w4:a ,I U, . . , RW ,HQ 1-W wif' gf: N' ,xi sew aw" ' 'new' ,-Ms M 1 a., W.. A 1 5aig,..,22fE,,. ,K , . .,,,. , 1' for 3,5 .mt , :ge ,it ?,', Kin 'Qtwtveif "vQv4nik,vr y M ,4 iw :fx zw Y U 4 '5 f., , , 1: 1' ??1'2j71?g"' 1 - 23 x W . S"'Q -3, 1 -z sk P- " A R I .. ,. -4 - ,QQ .24 .. , . 25 -fs M. ,:i.,,,3iQ.,Qa ,LZ .SEM 'M Q 5, .4 X U. ,. 'K cr f fan . , , 1 -f, ff'-m y 3 -:,,' an 1 aw f ' ,ff ia vs '1 'W' ,ml f .lf "A 'fn 'ffl' ' 'fc :ia -3 3' ' 3 I , ig .. ff' fi: - 2 H fy , t : ii, , V 'I W X . ' vw' -' ef -' ' -. 9 xl, X A W g xl ' 'lggu rf he xg f, ' gg 2 gig : .- me - ,. ,. ff, l , f ww 'ss' ' f B V ' ' :J ,, , e , f 9 'Z Q :- -f 5' , 2: ' f'4 ,fa li: .1 K x A, w,T.w.M... ...Tag Y-',w?ml.,v,,v, ,msg ' if :ij fy . 1 ' Quite RA, . fwggqfziivtgsffi I 5 me S ,f' ' f, mf ni' ', m f.L'-iw .5"',,.':. ' X 4 ,, mf lui 1 .yy .A :Q 1. ,M if I ' 1,1 . .v,, L ' ...rn ff, -- - l - B f'fsjff, ',1"4.-a nv vw' s ' ' 'l -' -Sa T999 Baffon Lois Giles Caryn Dawm ,':Q1?'3Q5'!?' ' 5 ,dffff .Y 5-ii,4'Ef:2fA. 4 , -' ' u g Sports queens from each grade level were selected to reign over the annual Knights' Track Meet in March ffm- y- ' ff 'Q Q w 'NMVI Singing carols, Mixed Chorus participates in the annual Christmas Assembly. The program was narrated by Jan Rogers for the day performance and by Lynn Wilkinson for the night performance. aix 1-A --g -., ,iff '4 y Kretttw Q 51,4 54. H 'rw S it :ne-1 cxtifx Nurse Suzanna Duckett pushes an ailing Coach Terry Scott across the stage in an act for the Teacher Talent Show Held from 2 30 to 3:30, the show replaced the Battle of the Bands this year and the S245 earned went to clubs Journalism, and the ASB Htghltghts The Fabulous Faculty receives a kick otf from the ninth grade team in he Student Faculty Football Game The Faculty met the Blue team and defeated them 13-6 D Q f va UQ, I 1071 x XX XZ I X World champion Judy Johnson turns in the air as Mr. Harold Coats spots her during the Trampoline Assembly. Together they are national synchronized champions and Miss Johnson is also a national champion in the individual category. During the assembly they stressed the safety and technical side ,, 5 r ,fx of the sport. Students dance in the gym during the Quake-Shake. Used as a test to see if dances' should be cancelled due to poor attendance, the dance was so-named because of the major earthquake that had shaken Southern California a short while before. l 1 ll f if 5:2 4. x Washing one of many mrs, Journalism students and volunteers work to earn funds to improve the Cougar. The cars 1 were vacuumed, washed, and dried for the price of S1. Enough money was earn- ed for an additional color on the cover and color inside the yearbook. I I Y J 4X 1 L Ei X , ,. ,332 W 4:-1 F, Y Etgfriy Mitch Vogel performs a feat of magic ih the PTA Variety Show. Greg Neese and Kirk Benke wrestle for the champ- ionship in the bantam-weight division at the Boys' league Assembly. Cy Estabrook referees. During the program, held in the gym, other boys vied for championships in fly, light, middle, light-heavy, and heavyweight. Referees were all ninth graders. ' r 1 ' .la Try I Kc-e "wx N :T MZIZ. t Il W N44 rf' A limi si .9 Hit "JVM, 'E K .f:fff'.ef'?'ffs:?.+?ef2i?sf :E , i 'U ,yr - t 4, 'wr .P .,r 1-an-1' 1857+ April Yaphe blows a bubble to celebrate the trial period of gum chewing. The faculty voted January 12 to lift the ban temporarily A Congress committee then worked with in terested students and teachers to lay ground rules. After the trial period, a committee com prised of students, teachers and custodians met to evaluate the results A rock group The Young Breed performs for students In the Talent Assembly The Young Breed includes Vince and Manuel Padilla Bob Lento Pete Carrlsoza and Chris Holland Ll' 4 v . in' il ' Vt 1,,, Y. ,W jb gas -is awe: ' Jas - , -D, X fs . sl A i'w1f34Yv'f- ' 1'-w. sg xg-3 , "wi 4 - ,. . f s ' ' mggigtsfss ' ' 5 kfF"'k if :fvaT1Y1, "" ' ' 5, .' . ' A .. xrww Q 1 . 1.. ' - . ' ' K X W -A naw, V . W.,,xusz4M, f ,sm-, . - N 1 Peaceful are the waters At that glowing moment of dusk When dimming rays send tranquil unity throughout the sky Gone are all the tensions of life As the sun's guiding light seeks to calm the uncalmed day. That one second of blazing orange Wisps everything else out of your mind ' And makes the future easier to bear And peace The utmost goal. K -Kerin Carmody, 1971

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