Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 8 of 46
Page 8 of 46

Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 7
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Page 8 text:

JUNE 17, 1653 THE MAST PAGE 7 JEHRI WINS BULB AWARD The gold award for outstanding school citizenship and service pre- sented by the Sons of the Ameri- can Revoluation was won by Jerri Graham and will be presented at the Promotional Exercises by Judge Everett Curtis. Jerri has been a student body officer four of her six semester at Dana and last semester was student body president. CONGRATULATIONS Another fine class is leav- ing Dana Junior High School and looking forward eagerly to the in' teresting experiences of senior high school. We, who have been your teachers, counselors and friends, have watched your pro- gress through junior high school with a great deal of interest, We have enjoyed working with you and we have observed your phy- sical, scholastic and social de- velopment from the time you were timid, bashful seventh grad- ers, wide-eyed with curiosity and bubbling with enthusiasm, to this happy day, when you are look- ing forward to new worlds to conquer . We have been pleased to watch your minds, personalities and characters develop and we are sure you will continue to grow in every way during your next three years in senior high school. Congratulations to the Class of 1953 and our best wishes for your continued success and hap- piness! Your principal and friend, CLARENCE R. SWENSON James A. Brown, George Brown, Victor Burdette, Robert K. Jr, Burnett, William Burris, Marvin Lee Butcher, Jim Carey, William H. Carlson, Robert , Catlin, Robert David Chapman, Alan Chadwell, William Chavarria, Robert Thomas Chappell, Stewart Christman, Stan Clarke, David Clavert, Phillip Coleman, David Collier, Thomas E. Collins, Mickey F. Colt, EL Peter Conway, Harold Coombs, Gary F. Cornett, Troy Correia, I Leandro Antonio Correia, Roger Costa, George Joe Craft, John Crawford, Michael T. Crouch, Allen Curtis, Kenneth Curtis, Le Roy David, Paul Day, Richard Denver, Don Dray, Gary Richard Elisworth, Ronald C. Elston, Harry J. Elston, Leonard Ely, Charles E. Engert, Charles Estrada, Robert Ezequial Evans, Mike Falkenthal, Jack Faraone, Jerome Ferguson, Fred Ferriera, Firmino Fetter, Minton Fontana, Robert Franklin, Timothy Davenport Friel, Richard J. Fuller, Ronnie Galvin, Christopher RICHARD HENRY DANA, PROMOTIONAL LIST IUNE, 1953 BOYS Galland, James Garrett, David Gianetto, Jody J. Goodman, Fred Ronald Gould, Clifford Gray, John Bill Gunches, John Hagen, Kenny Hall, Lang Hall, Michael Harvey, Billy Henry, Thomas I. Henry, Walter L. Henson, Kenneth High, Floyd Hively, Walter Hobbs, Darrell Holzenberg, Robert Hughs, Douglas Hunt, Dale Huntington, Ned Hurley, Larry C. Hutchings, Charles Imlay, Robert C. Johnson, Wallace La Mar Kellogg, Douglas Kennedy, Roy Kerr, Darrell Klein, Kenneth Koch, Donald Kotun, Michael Kruse, Robert La Bute, Norman La Dou, Joe La Mott, John Lavendar, William Le Gcrrette, Joseph R. Lipscomb, Fred Leonard, Charles Lilley, Thomas Lira, James P. Lira, Fernando R. Lobb, Don Lockett, Bill Louie, James Louis, George Lytle, Stanley ' McCain, James McCurdy, Gary McCutchan, Bruce McDonald, William McRae, Lorin MacDonald, Harry Maddox, Tom Madruga, Robert Martin, Terrance Martinez, Cecil Medearis, Bob D. Meyer, Bill Miller, Gary Mitchell, Edward J. Mitchell, James E. Moller, Ronald Montgomery, Gary Moore, James Morris, Carl Mowrer, Roger Ney, Peirre Neithold, Edgar Ochoa, Michael O'Conner, Michael O'Connor, Richard Pall, Francis S. Palmer, Jerry Parker, Eugene E. Parra, Abel Parks, Donald Pattengill, Nick Patterson, Selven Pearson, Ronald Perry, Robert L. Peters, Bill Peterson, Wayne Petrie, Bob T. Petty, Ralph E, Jr. Phelps, John A. Pithzz, Robert Pollock, Allen Poulakula, Joel Puente, Tony Poulsen, Ronald Price, Arlen Rascon, Allan Ray, Milton Reynolds, Richard G. Iiickai-ds, John William Riley, Ralph, Jr. Roberts, Jerry Roch, John Rodgers, Philemon Romani, Louis Roshon, Arthur H. Sacco, Frank Michael Sada, Edward C. Sakclarion, Nicholas Robert Saleebey, Darryl Salvas, Richard Santos, Eugene Saravia, Robert Saucedo, Rubin Schenck, William Schowengerdt, Nicholas Schroeder, John T. Schweitzer, Keith Seibert, Duane Sessions, David K. Sibbert, James Silvcira, Manuel G. Simcox, Marvin Slaughter, Robert Smidt, James Richard Smith, Smith, David George Smith, John Smith, Wayne Smith, James Smith Whit Spencer, Jack Spicer, Sheldon N. Stephenson, Doug Strickland, Robert W. Strodtman, William N. Stuart, James Stull, Richard ' Sullivan, Richard Sutton, Arthur Sykes, George Tartre, Richard Tate, John Travis, David Earle Travis. Gary C, Trogden, Walter Truett, John M. llllufh, John F. Vanlandingham, William Le Roy Varley, Edward Jr. Vinson, Joseph Vobeyda Franklin Wagner, Walker, Walker, David John William C. Warren, Brady Weddle, West, Gary Williams, Kenneth Wilson, Donald Meybin Wise, George Wofford, Michael Woodard, John Woodend, Carl Youngs, John

Page 7 text:

IUNE 17, 1953 THE MAST PAGE 6 IDEAL NIN'I'I-I GRADER Linda Jessop Personality Doug Stephenson Sandy Jackson Popularity Bill Harvey Carol Cameron Voice Ed Nietliold Sally Piersol Hair 'Dick Tartc Pat Medina Eyes Billy Meyer Mary Elardi Smile Paul David Barbara Hull Brains .Tack Schroeder Priscilla Akin Humor Steve Aldridge Susie Small Appearance George Brown Mary Lesko Athlete Ronnie Moller Build John Youngs Joan Canon Figure Softball Winners All The faculty played the Opti- mists of Dana in two of the most exciting games of the year. The dashing faculty team defeated the pro's in the first game and -were defeated in the second. The faculty players were as fol- lows: Rambling Romero, catcherg Gone Gardner, pitcher and third base, Deadbeat Davis, left field and first base! Devil DeVore, first base, Daring Dolphin, second base, Jumping Jones, shortstopg Hustling Hutchinson, third base and pitcher, Traveling Trask, left fieldg Exciting Exter, center field, Topper Taylor, right field, :ind last but not least Swinging Swenson, who batted for Davis. The Optimists consisted of Chad- well, catcher: Smidt, pitcherg and third base, Gonzalesg first base, McCurdyg second base, Welch, shortstop, Allin, Third base and pitcher, Beyrerg left field, Gra' log center field, Schroeder, right field. They were slug' and fight hall games with plenty of blows thrown. but both came dut vie' iorious. AFTER DANA Mary Lou Engle On to Point Loma went the Fresh- man class, They slavcd all year in order to pass. The last Dana Loi: which we receive, ls the best ever we do believe. The Dana teachers, and staff, still remain, The seventh and eighth graders, are left to Reig-n . If A I H W E L L NINTH GHAIIERS Goodbye, Ninth graders! It has been fun knowing you. It has been pleasant to see you grow from shy seventh graders into confident ninth graders, Best wishes to each of you and success in your high school plans! Edith Smith, Girls' Dean I do hope you will look back on the past three years at Dana Junior I-Iigrh School as being most pleasant and successful. I have enjoyed working with you and I sincerely wish you the best of everything for a happy future. George Parry, Vice-Principal Today I am very proud of the showing you, our 9th grade graduatinir class, have made dur- ing your three years here at Dana, You have been a grand class and l have enjoyed working with you and having 501119 part in your progress. As you leave Dana to take up your work in high school, I wish to thank you for the three interf esting and enjoyable years I have had as your counselor. Congratulations to you and the best of everything' in the future. A. D. Davis, Counselor The sixth graders came in from schools nearby. While we journeyed on to Point Loma High, We'll feel like punks among' those Pro's. But we'll get acquainted as the time goes. HUNDRED QUEEN This paper couldn't have gone to press without this article, It's a secret to the person it's about and she probably thinks we've forgotten her! The personality is Pat Medina, Queen of the Portuguese Fiesta. As she slowly walked to St. Agnes Church to be crowned May 24, everyone in the crowd was en- tranced by the warm smile that never left her face. She wore a white formal of pleated nylon net. Her long, white cape of brocaded silk, with high collar, was fastened around her neck by a sparkling rhinestoiite choker. One of her sidemaids was 9th grader, Mary Jane Dutra and one of the four Vauda girls was an- other 9th grader, Mary Elardi. The fiesta extended into sev- eral days and nights, but Pat re- mained her charming, wonderful self, We're sure you'll agree that this honor couldn't have gone to a more deserving person! TUPS IN SPURT5 Outstanding P. E. students selected at year's end by the fac- ulty members of the girls' gym department are as follows: Miss Bradshaw: 2nd period Billie Mc- Laughlin 'ithg 3rd period Loretta Stremlau 'Ytbg 4th period, Frances Jones Sth, 5th period Virgina Pat- ton 9thg 6th period Mary Lou linfzle 9th. Miss Sherwood: .lst period Bar- bara Velasquez Sthg 2nd period Claudia Dale 7th, 3rd period Rose Madden 8thg 4th period Gail Bcase 8th: 5th period Barbara Wei'tman 9th. Mrs. Rader: lst period Jane Chapman Sthg 4th period Sharon Kendall Sthg 5th period Anne Linibach 9thg 6th period Esther Guitierrez 9th. Mrs. Stanley: lst period Jer- ry Jensen Bthg 2nd period Jac' qnelyn Bingham 7th, 3rd period Joyce Littleton 7thg 6th period Pat Medina 9th, Congratulations to these fine girls!

Page 9 text:

RICHARD HENRY DANA, PROMOTIONAL LIST IUNE, 1953 Adams, Gloria Aiello, Roseann Akin, Priscilla Ammons, Norma Anderson, Marlene Areia, J oyceline Jane Ashton, Darlene L. Baggett, Shirley Delores Baldry, Joan Baltzer, Barbara Bancroft, Susan Gayhardt Barnicle, Carole Beard, Patricia Becker, June Benedict, Lynell Bentz, Shirley Billings, Majel Bingham, Earlene Bobby, Sallie Bollinger, Michele Bossard, Sandra Branch, Jan Broderick, Bonnie Brooks, Sylvia Brower, Carlene Brown, Jo Ann Brown, Joy Brown, Lorna Buday, Melba Buggs, Effie Lee Buhr, Marcia Burns, Donna Carol Cameron, Carol Canon, Joan Christopherson, Mary Lou Clifton, Gwen Coit, Gloria Collins, Deanne Conn, Carol Connor, Shelba Jean Cook, Nancy Cooper, Jackie Cooper, Jeanine Cornett, Cora Mae Cory, Carolyn Courtney, Louise Cowie, Linda Coykendall, Carol Crosby, Anne Curtis, Sharon Dalton, Laura Daniel, Vera Lee Danielson, Carol Ann Davis, Nancy Jo Davis, Diane Dawson, Betty DeVick, Mary Dixon, Barbara Dolphin. Jacqueline Dutra, Maryjean lialy, Joan Eddy, Cheryl Lynn Aab, Maxis Adams, James Agee, William Jarrell Aiello, Fred Aicinena, Glen Aldridge, Steve Anderson, Arlin Edholm, Sally Edmundson, Marcia L. Elardi, Mary Ellis, Helen Engle, Mary Lou Fabrizio, Sharleen Fashana, Anita Finley, Marcine Fisher, Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Jane Fletcher, Susan Freeman, Carolee Fuller, Naomi Garcia, Helen Trinidad Gentile, Ruth Getz, Gail Deanna Gilbert, Teena Ann Gillenwater, Betty Gillenwater, Mary Belle Gordon, Marcia Goularte, Gloria Gould, Donna Jean Gould, Mary Ann Graham, Jerri Green, Carol Ann Gribbons, Carole Griffith, Cynthia Guerrant, Alice Gutierrez, Esther Haag, Ursulla Haake, Judith Haglund, Ruth Hall, Barbara Hancock, Stefni Harrington, Shelby Harmon, Lois Hatch, Sally Hatcher, Margot Hatcher, Patricia Heitinan, Loma Hensley, Shirley llerbst, Marjorie Hernandez, Mary Antonia Hewitt, Mary Virginia Hicks, Pauline Ruth High, Johnnie Marie Hinkley, Patricia Hornan, Jeannette Hood, Doretha Howard, Ella Mae Hughes, Bonnie Hutler, Suzanne Ruth Ingalls, Victoria lvascu, Joanne lzatt, Heather Jackson, Sandra Jackson, Teresa Marie Jauregui, Mary Ann Jeffers. Charlene Jennings, Carolynn Jepson, Annalee Cathrien Jessop, Linda Anderson, Carlisle D. Angle, Jack E. Jr. Antler, Nathaniel Bailey, De Wayne Balelo, William Barber, Douglas Barnes, Brent GIRLS Joesler, Margaret Johnson, Annie Laurie Johnson, Claudette Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Margaret Jones, Janis Jones, Marcia Jurash, Nancy Kaeser, Marilyn King, Toni Kirkhuff, Barbara Kitchen, Joanne Korstad, Karen Kovacevich, Mary Ann Krogfus, Sharon Landrum, Elizabeth Lankow, Martha Ruth Lee, Dianne Leonard, Doris Lesko, Mary Leslie, Laura Elaine Limbach, Anne Lincoln, Helen Louise Lira, Adela Loebs, Susie Lucero, Jean McBride, Sue McDonald, Marylyn Elizabeth McElhose, Sarah Machado, Gloria M. Mack, Virginia Madruga, Penny Marks, Diane Marshall, Creela Martinez, Emily Medina, Patricia Meeder, Shirley Mellison, Patti Melstrom, Sharon Menzies, Mary Dianne Mergell, Patricia Messer, Virginia Meza, Stella Moyer, Sally Ann Naylor, Jean Marie Naylor, Marjorie Nelson, Judith Ness, Glenda Newell, Marion Alice Nordby, Dana Gay Novak, Judy Ogden, Ann Louise Ogio. Eloise Ohlin, Pat Oswald, Sharon Parish, Martha Parsons, Loretta Patton, Carol Patton, Virginia Payton, Mary Peirosol, Sally Phillips, Jean Marie Piper, Beverly BOYS Barrett, Jerry Batterton, Lowell Berry, Donald Berry, Ronald Bernatz. David Biddle, Robert Birdine, Jimmy Bays' Promotional List Continued on Page 7. Potter, Virginia Prenda, Patricia Rand, Joanne Randall, Nancy Rasmusan, Carolyn Reupsch, Carol Reynolds, Carleen Reynolds, Mary Rhine, Elizabeth Ann Rickly, Nan Robertson, Barbara Robertson, June Robinson, Janis Rodriques, Beatrice Rowan, Mary Ellen Ryan,. Geraldine Sampino, Maria Sanders, Nancy Sanford, Dorothy Schultz, Catherine Scott, Rollene Shaver, Diane Shaw, Marlene Sherwood, Georgia Sicard, Judy Skelton, Joan Small, Suzanne Smith, Nancy Smullin, Alva Snyder, Toni Catherine Sonimers, Nadine Spain, Joan Steffel, Roslyn Stevens, Pat Steward, Jean Stivers, Mary Strainge, Carol Strand, Patricia Sunsten, Shirley Teixeira, Lillian Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Rosemary Tovey, Brenda Treio, Vera Tubbs, Phyllis Virissimo, Juliette Vlachos, Helen Kay Wall, Diana Waterson, Audrey Webster, Mary Wells, Mary Weddle, Caroline Wertman, Barbara Ann Williams, Christine Williams, Ophelia Wilson, Edythe Wilson, Traile Wisham, Carol L. Wylie, Mary R. Yost, Shirley Young, Edith Zampana, Nancy Zaruba, Carolyn Zuckerman, Linda Blaydes, William Boeh, James Bourne, Dick Brassell, William E. Briggs, William Dayton Brokaw, Gene Brooks, Paul

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