Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6 of 46
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Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 5
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Page 6 text:

JUNE 17, 1953 , THE MAST PAGE 5 IDEAL TEACHER Ninth grade students have chosen various qualities which they think are represented in an ideal teacher. Here are their nomuiations : Woman Man Miss White Personality Mr. Perry Mrs. Ferry Sense of Humor Mr. Vogler Miss Engel Understanding A, D. Davis Mrs. Blair Fairness Mr. Dolphin Mrs. Holland Disposition Mr. Young Miss Lane Patience Mr. Lei- Mrs. Bourke Appearance Mr, lflxfm- Miss Davis Ability to Teach M r. Storm Mrs. Stanley Vitality Mr. Trask Miss Riegel Voice Alr. Stansifer Miss Smiley Smile Mr. Lewis Mrs. Van Buren lndividuality Mr. Hand Mrs. Hage Friendliness Mr. Gardiner Miss Georgia Discipline Mr. Tooze WILL DUPEY PASS? The clock ticks ominously. A figure paces the floor anxiously waiting. The ash trays are filled with used bubble gum and wrap- pers are strewn on the floor. The clock approaches zero hour! The sound of chattering' teeth fills the room, Then with a deafening crack Dopey Dan Dana's knees start shaking! Yes, for the 11th time Dopey has reached 9th grade gradua- tion and just as for the past 10 times, he's 'ta little concerned , But now the 9th graders enter the assembly all the girls wear- ing fresh spring dresses, all the boys wearing white shirts and dark pants. EEYOW! Did we say ALL the boys. Dopey, wearing a well padded chartreuse and orange coat with pants to match and a bright red tie, strolls into the auditorium. Fm just trying' to be modern, says Dan, The salesman told me I'd look radio- active in it. The students are seated and the promotional exercises begin. While the speeches are being' spoken, Dan sits back nonchalant- ly chewing his finger nails but as the trophies are given out Dan starts fretting nervous. He be- eins twitching-from seat to seat. The tension really starts mount- ing when the Honor Awards are given out. Peagreens On Parade The future seventh grade was entertained here Friday. There were about 750 sixth graders re- presenting 1O schools. The program began in the audi- torium where the beginning, in' termediate, and advanced bands entertained the guests. Then the audience was addressed by Mr. Swenson and other members of the faculty. Later they went out to the field to play games Where they were surprised hy the ninth graders that volunteered to help. To finish the days acti- vities, the sixth graders were tak- en on a tour of the school and given ice cream in the cafeteria. After Dan has been strapped down, the diplomas of graduation are given out in alphabetical or- der, First the A's. Dan has set- tled down to foaming at the mouth. The B'sg Dopey is making fun- ny noises and getting a little fid- yzety. The C'sg Dan is egetting violent, They have to hold him down. Finally Mr. Swenson starts reading the D's. Will he cull Dan's name? LVill Dan finally graduate? lt's now or never! Everybody is on the edge of their seats! The assembly became chillingly quiet. The suspense is unbearable VVe wish we could tell you what happened but we've no more room so be sure to road next year's Mast to find out if Dopey Dan Dana passed. LAST WILL AND TESTAMEN T Susie Hutler: I leave with much regret thai Ivanhoe YU Eve Zwanziger. Mary Stivers: Mr. Hand's 'love' for me to Mary Ann Bates. Pete Colt: My opinioh of the Republican Party to Miss Davis. Jane Fitzpatrick: lst chair cello to Judy Bown. Bill Carey: I will Math 300' -100 back to Mr. Taylor, Jeanette Homan: Mr. D's .lul- ius Ceaser to Clara Addy. Gary Miller: Miss Georgia's World Geography class' to Lloyd Craven .Iohn Young's: My build to Philip Stern. Gina Mack: I will my clumsi- ness to Sharon Brewer. Linda Cowie: My 'clean' lock- er 110251 to my sister Bonnie. Bill Lockett: Miss Davis, my Latin book, and the ancient Ro- mans to Dick Flobergi' Jerry Barrett: My 18 tsub' ject to changej case cards to some eighth grader. Pat Medina: My ability in Spanish to Pat Bailey. Erlythe Wilson: My broken piece ot' rosin to Michael Pryor. Ann Ogden: My seat in Mrs. Riley's Homemaking class to Jer- ry Jensen. Alan Chapman: My debates in Journalism to my sister Jane. Betty Gillenwater: My love- ly seat in Mr. Storm's class to Astrid Nielson. Carolyn Zaruba: My picture of Tony Curtis to Sue Summers. Toni Snyder: I leave Dana at last! Carolyn Jennings: 'tMy type- writer eraser to Mrs, Blair. Mary Belle Gillenwater: Mr position as President to anyone lucky enough to be elected, Caroline Weddle: My math hook to some unfortunate eighth grader. Judy Novak: I leave my seat in Journalism to anyone crazy enough to want it. Pauline Hicks: The contents of my locker to my sister Dar- lone. Priscilla Akin: My gum to Miss Bradshaw. The Color Guards: The bug- lers to next yG!1l S Color Guards.

Page 5 text:

IUNE 17, 1953 THE MAST PAGE 4 PERSUNALITIES Brains? .He's loaded with them! That is what the majority of the ninth graders say about Jack Schroeder this month's per' sonality. Jack was born on June 24, 1938 in Denver, Colorado, where he lived for 135 years before moving to .Pampa, Texas where he lived until coming to San Diego in April of last year, De- spite his travel he thinks San Diego is tops. Hamburgers rate top on his food list and he likes music, especially when its played by Stan Kenton. He is an active members of the school's Y Op- timist club. Upon graduating from high school, he would like to attend either Michigan University or Massachusett Institute of Tech- nology where he would major in chemistry or science in his oc- cupational preference as a Chem- ical Engineer. What makes an outstanding personality? Is. it friendliness, cheerfulness, a good sense of humor, or an attractive appear- ance? These things together make a good personality, and Barbara Hall has all of the latter qualities. Barbara was born in Peek- skill, New York on June 10, 1938. She has traveled across the coun- try three times with her family, and after the war lived on Guam. She returned to New York in 1949 and then came to California in 1949. Barbaras' scholastic ability has proved outstanding. She has re' ceived straight .-Vs on every semester report card, Among- her favorite commed- inns are Dean Martin and Jerry l.ewis. She enjoys all sports, es- pecially basketball and swimming. At the present she has no plans for the future except to attend Stanford University, ENGAGED Congratulations to Mrs. Dor- othy Riley on her engagement to Mr, James B. Thelen. The couple plan to he married on June 25. Mrs. Riley will gain a 10 year old daughter. She also has two other children. They plan to take two trips this summer. One a short honeymoon up the coast and then they plan to take a trip with their CURTAIN GOING UP A Date for Bobby Sox, a comedy in one act, was the source of much amusement when it was given for the assemblies of June 4 and 5. The play was the final one of several given this year, for assemblies, by the ninth grade drama class under the direction of Mr. Hand. Before all presentations of Bobby Sox Jackie Dolphin an- nounced the play and cast of characters. Separate casts gave the performances for the three assemblies, The title role Bobby Sox, was played by Carolyn Zar' uba, Sally Edholm, and Mary Stivers. Bob Sakellarion played Harold for all productions, with Betty Dawson, Virginia Hewitt, and Linda Zuckerman portraying the part: of Marie. Mrs, Hanna was acted by Mary Ann Jaure- gui, Jerri Ryan, and Charlene Jef- fers, with Bob Strickland and Douglas Barber acting the part of Mr. Hanna. Mr. Trask's stage crew were responsible for the set of this thoroughly enjoyable play. CROSSWIN DS By Edythe Willou Maroon slacks with a gold strip down, the side, saddle oxfords, a mrroon jacket and a tall hat of the same color: this is the uni- form many of the Dana girls will be wearing next fall, These are the girls who passed the tryouts for the Point Loma Drill Team. The team has an active part in the school's activities. The main event is the football carnival, which brings to mind the boys who tried out for the team. They have not been informed of the results vet. If there are not too many players that are better than some of the boys from Dana, they will make Varsity. But if there are nf, vacancies, the next step down is the Sophomore team or Junior Varsity. The prospects for the team have been practicing faithfully on Monday, Wednes- day and Thursdays, since tryouts, Both the football and the Drill teams will practice late this sum- mer in order to have a good per- formance for the Football Car- nival. children. Mrs. Riley will continue teach- ing here next fall. Hli'5 UUR MAN Although his name is well known not many people know much about our personality, Mr. Swenson, , He was born in St. Paul and started, school in Minnesota. He finished high school in Illinois. Aftef graduating from Knox Col- lege in Galesburg, Illinois, he joined the U, S. Army in World War I. After the war he taught in Iowa then came to San Diego in 1920 where he was a teacher at San Diego High School. ln 1921 he married his college sweetheart, When Point Loma High School was opened in 1925, he went there as vice-principal. In 1927 he went to San Diego High School as vice-principal, then to Wood- row Wilson as principal, and back to 'Point Loma as principal, He came to Dana as principal in 1941 when it was built and he has watched it grow from about 400 to almost 1600 pupils. Mr. Swenson likes all kinds of foods, particularly fattening ones. He used to be thin and had wavy blond hair. He had four children and five grandchildren, His hobbies are fishing and gardening. ELECTIUN NEWS Congratulations, all you guys and gals that won Student Body offices. The officv-:rs are: President, Michael lverthmang Comm. Pub' lications, Richard Hallg Comm. Finance, Lynne Phillips Comm. Activities, Barbara Val- Comm. Boy's Activities, Kelly: Comm. Cultural Af- Shelly Ann Morris, and Safeties, Lalo Gonzales. those of you who ran but get elected, you've really Girl's asquezg Billy fairs. Comm. For didn't :accomplished something by show- ing good sportsmanship during the campangn. It has helped yon make new friends and become well-known throughout the whole Student Body. For those of you who made the grade, we know that you will car. ry out the duties of your elected office to the best of your ability, A great interest was shown this year by so many students 'turning out to vote. Our thanks to the election com' mittee who worked hard to make the election a success.

Page 7 text:

IUNE 17, 1953 THE MAST PAGE 6 IDEAL NIN'I'I-I GRADER Linda Jessop Personality Doug Stephenson Sandy Jackson Popularity Bill Harvey Carol Cameron Voice Ed Nietliold Sally Piersol Hair 'Dick Tartc Pat Medina Eyes Billy Meyer Mary Elardi Smile Paul David Barbara Hull Brains .Tack Schroeder Priscilla Akin Humor Steve Aldridge Susie Small Appearance George Brown Mary Lesko Athlete Ronnie Moller Build John Youngs Joan Canon Figure Softball Winners All The faculty played the Opti- mists of Dana in two of the most exciting games of the year. The dashing faculty team defeated the pro's in the first game and -were defeated in the second. The faculty players were as fol- lows: Rambling Romero, catcherg Gone Gardner, pitcher and third base, Deadbeat Davis, left field and first base! Devil DeVore, first base, Daring Dolphin, second base, Jumping Jones, shortstopg Hustling Hutchinson, third base and pitcher, Traveling Trask, left fieldg Exciting Exter, center field, Topper Taylor, right field, :ind last but not least Swinging Swenson, who batted for Davis. The Optimists consisted of Chad- well, catcher: Smidt, pitcherg and third base, Gonzalesg first base, McCurdyg second base, Welch, shortstop, Allin, Third base and pitcher, Beyrerg left field, Gra' log center field, Schroeder, right field. They were slug' and fight hall games with plenty of blows thrown. but both came dut vie' iorious. AFTER DANA Mary Lou Engle On to Point Loma went the Fresh- man class, They slavcd all year in order to pass. The last Dana Loi: which we receive, ls the best ever we do believe. The Dana teachers, and staff, still remain, The seventh and eighth graders, are left to Reig-n . If A I H W E L L NINTH GHAIIERS Goodbye, Ninth graders! It has been fun knowing you. It has been pleasant to see you grow from shy seventh graders into confident ninth graders, Best wishes to each of you and success in your high school plans! Edith Smith, Girls' Dean I do hope you will look back on the past three years at Dana Junior I-Iigrh School as being most pleasant and successful. I have enjoyed working with you and I sincerely wish you the best of everything for a happy future. George Parry, Vice-Principal Today I am very proud of the showing you, our 9th grade graduatinir class, have made dur- ing your three years here at Dana, You have been a grand class and l have enjoyed working with you and having 501119 part in your progress. As you leave Dana to take up your work in high school, I wish to thank you for the three interf esting and enjoyable years I have had as your counselor. Congratulations to you and the best of everything' in the future. A. D. Davis, Counselor The sixth graders came in from schools nearby. While we journeyed on to Point Loma High, We'll feel like punks among' those Pro's. But we'll get acquainted as the time goes. HUNDRED QUEEN This paper couldn't have gone to press without this article, It's a secret to the person it's about and she probably thinks we've forgotten her! The personality is Pat Medina, Queen of the Portuguese Fiesta. As she slowly walked to St. Agnes Church to be crowned May 24, everyone in the crowd was en- tranced by the warm smile that never left her face. She wore a white formal of pleated nylon net. Her long, white cape of brocaded silk, with high collar, was fastened around her neck by a sparkling rhinestoiite choker. One of her sidemaids was 9th grader, Mary Jane Dutra and one of the four Vauda girls was an- other 9th grader, Mary Elardi. The fiesta extended into sev- eral days and nights, but Pat re- mained her charming, wonderful self, We're sure you'll agree that this honor couldn't have gone to a more deserving person! TUPS IN SPURT5 Outstanding P. E. students selected at year's end by the fac- ulty members of the girls' gym department are as follows: Miss Bradshaw: 2nd period Billie Mc- Laughlin 'ithg 3rd period Loretta Stremlau 'Ytbg 4th period, Frances Jones Sth, 5th period Virgina Pat- ton 9thg 6th period Mary Lou linfzle 9th. Miss Sherwood: .lst period Bar- bara Velasquez Sthg 2nd period Claudia Dale 7th, 3rd period Rose Madden 8thg 4th period Gail Bcase 8th: 5th period Barbara Wei'tman 9th. Mrs. Rader: lst period Jane Chapman Sthg 4th period Sharon Kendall Sthg 5th period Anne Linibach 9thg 6th period Esther Guitierrez 9th. Mrs. Stanley: lst period Jer- ry Jensen Bthg 2nd period Jac' qnelyn Bingham 7th, 3rd period Joyce Littleton 7thg 6th period Pat Medina 9th, Congratulations to these fine girls!

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