Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Dana Middle School - Log Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 4 of 46
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Page 4 text:

.TUNE 17, 1953 THE MAST PAGE 3 NINTH GRADE CLASS PROPHECIES Little did we dream that in the year of 1965 John Jones' fondest hopes of being: a newspa- per reporter would come true. He has discovered many interesting things about his former class- mates of 1953 such as: Marilyn Kaeser is advertising Gary McCurdy's, It's A Mess Creme Shampoo, on Steve Ald- ridge's and Lang Hall's Comedy Hour . This week's guest star is a famous Disc Jockey, Pat Me' dina, Bonnie Broderick and Dick Tartre went over Niagara Falls in a barrel while on their honey- moon. Stan Christman and Allen Crouch are now playing their trumpets on the famous detective show for television, Snagnet . Stanley Lytle is selling' Lytle Liver Pillsl' in front of Kennet Hens0n's Liquor store, Darryl Saleebey, Jimmy Lira, and Firmino Ferreira have taken up knitting in Creele Marshalls knitting class. Eddie Varley and Pat Beard, the famous ballet dance team, are contestants on Jack Lamott's tal- ent show. Joanne Rand and her husband, Doug Stephenson are planning a night out with their six baby tougrhlets to go to Clifford Gould's Dirty Shame Saloon to hear Carol Coykendall, a fam- ous opera star, yodel. Pat Olhin and Lynell Benedict, famous girl wrestlers, will wres- tle in Robert Imlay's arena to- night. Virginia Potter will be the impartial referee. Ronnie Elsworth, while sailing in the national sailing regatta, was accused of hitting a buoy. His case will be brought up in court before Judge Pete Colt Tuesday. Jo Ann Brown will be his defend- ing' lawyer. Joan Canon and Beatrice Rod- rigues will compete for the title of Miss Universe two weeks from today. Beauty contest jude- es will be George Brown, John Roch and Glen Aicinena, A very successful television show is I Love Nan , starring Nan Riekley and Ronnie Moller, directed by Alan Chapman, We can be sure our next pres- ident of the United States will be a woman because Jerri Graham and Mary Belle Gillenwater are the only two candidates. Suzanne Hutler designed the clothes for Susie Small's Famous Show where Marcia Gordon, Ma' jel Billings, Sally .Peirsol and Judy Haake are the models. Priscilla Akin is in an institute for nuts and Penny Illadruga is studying physiology on her. Roger Correia is teaching' ju- jitsu on his tuna boat to Jim Adams, Fred Ferguson and Jer- ry Palmer. Jimmy Galland is now surf- board riding to Hawaii. Gina Mack is playing basket- ball with the Globe Trotters , Edgar Niethold and Carol Cam. eron are now swimming' the Bei ring Straits. Glenda Ness is running her own bean factory. John Youngls famous FBI in- vestigator, is tracking down the Murder incorporated Gang- lcnown in 1953 as the Sabres , Joan Ealy has taken up her father's hobbby of collecting for- eign cars. Her latest creation came from Whit Smitlfs Crazy Car Lot, Phil Rodgers has just won the Pro - Golf Championship at Tommy Maddox's Miss 'l-Im All Miniature Golf Course. John Craft, Jimmy Butcher, and Doug Kellogg are top driv- ers for Dickie Reynold's Darc Devil Show. Barbara Hall has been promot- ed to chief Pencil sharpener at Sally Hatch's Multi'Million Dollar Bottle Cap Factory. Jane Fitzpartick is playing' bop on the chello in Darryl Kei-rs' Beep On The Bop Dive. Charles Hutchings, President of Sanford University, sometimes sees Kathryn Fisher, head scrub woman, in the halls. Linda Zukerman and Mary Stiv- ers are the top conipetilors for this year's Academy Award, Joe La Dou. and Paul Brooks have challenged Jim Sibbet and Robert Madrugra to a race to Plu- to in the Super Duper Rocket Ship, designed by Joe La Gerret- te. Mary Lou Engle and Dana Nordby are swimming in Frank Saccols Water Ballet Show. Joanne Iuascu dz Rallene Scott are taking ice skating lessons from Mike Crawford. Fred Goodman, Leonard Elston and Mary Ann Gould are trying: to figure out Nancy Smith's theoiy on Clevitivity, Helen Vlachos, Leroy Curtis, Vickie Wylie, and Ned Hunting'- ton are planning an expedition to the top of Ixachuttual, a mountain in Mexico, Entrants in this year's Olym- pics in the men's division are Billy Harvey and Harry Elston in the 100 yard dash. ln the wo- menls division are Judy Nelson and Carol Reupsch in a round of tennis. Robert Walker is head chauf- feur for David Cadillac Catlin's fleet of Henry J's. Barbara Baltzer and Catherine Schultz are graduating from Glor- ia Machado's Nursing school for veterinarians. Sandra Jackson and Billy Walker are spending their hon- eymoon on top of a flag pole, to get away from it ull? Ester Guterriz, Pat Prenda and Betty Gillenwater are playing on the Arkansas Aggies baseball team coached by Alan Pollic, Sylvia Brooks and Carolyn Zarha are selling' Never Burn Sun Tan Lotion. Linda Jessop is now selling dol- lar jewelry at Jack Falkenthalk Dime Store, Judy Novack, Carolyn Jennings and David Wagner are trying to heat the typing speed record of 100,06Z,023lq words per min- ute. The new teaching staff of Dana consists of Old Dana Grads such as Drama, Bob Sakillariong Home- makniz, Don Lobby Shops, Mary lilardig Girls' Gym, Paul Dav- idg Boys' Gym, Diana Davis: Girls' dean, Joan Spain: Boys' ilmzzi. Jerry Barrett.

Page 3 text:

JUNE 17, 1953 , THE MAST PAGE 2 STUF UP THE MAST C I Honor Awards Given To llana Shidents EDITOR IN CHIEF lo Ann Brown FEATURE RDITOR Catharine Bohn!!! NEWS EDITOR larbaxa Hall FEATURI WRITERS Mar1I.onEnglo, Iony Barrett Suzanne Butler, Barbara Baltzor, Pat Medina, Edytho Wilson. REPORTER! Ioan laldry, Sally Hatch, lane Fitzpatrick, Marcia Gordon, Dana Nordby, Joanna Rand, Pots Colt, Toni King, SPORTS Linda Ialsop, Alan Chapman TYPISTS Ioan Canon, Judy Novak, Carolynn Jennings, Linda Cowie, Marque! loesler SPONSORS Journalism James Hand Printing lame: De Vorc Typography Graphic Aria Classes Ellllll-BYE IJANA Representing the graduating class of '53, we would like to say good-bye to Dana. When looking: back upon our niany days at Dana, we notice the helpful attitude of the en- tire administration. The faculty and especially our counselor M1'. A. D, Dax-is have aided us, not only in our scholastic work but also have endeavored to make us inruurc, responsible persons. Our only wish is that in the yr-nrs to come this cn-opcmtive spirit will continue and that fut- ure classes will recognize the im- portance of this advice and will become better students of tomor- row, We have arrived at an ini- portant educational milestone of going- from junior to senior high school. During- the following years we hope to accomplish many things to make Dana proud ci' us. With this in mind we say, with both happiness and regret, good-bye and thank you for ev- erything you have done for us. Mary Belle Gillcnwater A. S. B. President Certificates of merit were pre- sented by Principal Swenson to 11 large number of ninth grade students at the annual honor award assembly on June 16th. Certificates for seventh and eighth grade honor students are to be presented at their annual award assemblies on June 19th, The following students were nominated as outstanding in scholarship andfor citizenship and school service by the Dana Fac- ulty: NINTH GRADE QGold Sealj SIX ClTATIONS: li a t h r y n Fisher, Barbara Hall. 'FIVE CITATIONS: J 0 a n n e Rand, Jack Schroedci Don Wilson, FOUR ClTAfl'IONS: J o a n Baldry, Betty Gillenwater, Anne Liinbach, Sally Piersol, THREE CITATIONS: Erlene Bingrham, Mary Belle Gillenwater, Don Lobl-1, Mary Ann Kovacevich, Allan Rascon, David Travis, Traile Wilson, John Youngs. TWO CITATIONS: Jack Ang- le, Bonnie Broderick, Jerri Gra- ham, Ken Hagen, iPauline Hicks, Linda Jessop, Marcia Jones, Roy Kennedy, Mary Lesko, Jim Mit- chell. Carl Morris, Dorothy San- ford , Patricia Stevens. Shirley Sunsten, John Tate. Sixty-six ninth graders won a cc-rtificate with a single citation. EIGHTH GRADE fcnld Sealj l-'lYl'f C'l'l'.i'l'l0NS: Anne Nor- Vis. FOUR f'l'l'ATlONS: Richard Hull. Keith Hughes, James Urqu- hart. THREE CITATIONS: S a r a Adams, Larry Bcnneit, Judith Davis, Barbara Fowler, David Grohecker, Betty Wyloge, TWO CVYATIONSQ Margaret Castro, Vireinia Curl, Lucianne Clicrry, Albert Frowiss, Gwinn llc-rrin. Dick lsham, Julia Jacob- sen, Frances Jones, Ole Jorgen- son, Bill Kelly, Nancy McFadden, Robert Meyers, Arline Montgom- ery, Victoria South, Eve Zwan- zieeer. Fifty-two additional eighth graders won a certificate with a single citation, SEVENTH GRADE QGold Sealy FOUR CITATIONS: Christie Davis. THREE CITATIONS: Jacque- lyn Bingham, Linda Jean Harsh, Winona Lindrus, Billie McLaugh- lin, Olga Todorica, Marcia Van Buren. TWO GITATIONS: Gloria Bowen, John Bennett, Deanna Berryman, Wayne Brown, John Collom, Carolyn Clamp, David Cherry, Evelyn Elston, Mary Ann Flack, Gary Hamada, Sonia Klein, Jeanette Koch, David King, Betsy Limbach, Paula Nickel, Sandra Martin, Deanne Miller, Charles Nordstrom, Roy Riesgo, Mike Town, Helen Toothaker, Carole Wood, Larry Willette. Fif'fy'five additional seventh graders won certificates with single citations. BARBARA HALL MAKES PERFECT RECORD A careful check of school re- cords revealed that one ninth grader has made a straight A record in all subjects all six se- mesters, at Dana in both scholar- ship and citzienship. As highest scholarship honor student in the Class of 1953 Barbara Hall will rect-ive a year-'s complimentary subscription to the Readers Di- gcst, MUSIC STUDENTS WIN ' SCHDLARSHIPS The Ocean Beach Junior Wo- men's Club presented 21 Schol- arship, .Prog-ress, and Service Awards to students of Dana and Point Loma High, These awards, ranging in value from five to twenty'five dollars, help the stu- dents pay for sheet music and other music supplies. Those from Dana who won twenty-five dollar awards wereg Susan Rogers, Raul Torres, and Susan Bancroft. The five dollar awards were presented to: Bonnie Cowie, Lin- da Cowie, Jane Fitzpatrick, Julie Jacobson, and Michael Prior.

Page 5 text:

IUNE 17, 1953 THE MAST PAGE 4 PERSUNALITIES Brains? .He's loaded with them! That is what the majority of the ninth graders say about Jack Schroeder this month's per' sonality. Jack was born on June 24, 1938 in Denver, Colorado, where he lived for 135 years before moving to .Pampa, Texas where he lived until coming to San Diego in April of last year, De- spite his travel he thinks San Diego is tops. Hamburgers rate top on his food list and he likes music, especially when its played by Stan Kenton. He is an active members of the school's Y Op- timist club. Upon graduating from high school, he would like to attend either Michigan University or Massachusett Institute of Tech- nology where he would major in chemistry or science in his oc- cupational preference as a Chem- ical Engineer. What makes an outstanding personality? Is. it friendliness, cheerfulness, a good sense of humor, or an attractive appear- ance? These things together make a good personality, and Barbara Hall has all of the latter qualities. Barbara was born in Peek- skill, New York on June 10, 1938. She has traveled across the coun- try three times with her family, and after the war lived on Guam. She returned to New York in 1949 and then came to California in 1949. Barbaras' scholastic ability has proved outstanding. She has re' ceived straight .-Vs on every semester report card, Among- her favorite commed- inns are Dean Martin and Jerry l.ewis. She enjoys all sports, es- pecially basketball and swimming. At the present she has no plans for the future except to attend Stanford University, ENGAGED Congratulations to Mrs. Dor- othy Riley on her engagement to Mr, James B. Thelen. The couple plan to he married on June 25. Mrs. Riley will gain a 10 year old daughter. She also has two other children. They plan to take two trips this summer. One a short honeymoon up the coast and then they plan to take a trip with their CURTAIN GOING UP A Date for Bobby Sox, a comedy in one act, was the source of much amusement when it was given for the assemblies of June 4 and 5. The play was the final one of several given this year, for assemblies, by the ninth grade drama class under the direction of Mr. Hand. Before all presentations of Bobby Sox Jackie Dolphin an- nounced the play and cast of characters. Separate casts gave the performances for the three assemblies, The title role Bobby Sox, was played by Carolyn Zar' uba, Sally Edholm, and Mary Stivers. Bob Sakellarion played Harold for all productions, with Betty Dawson, Virginia Hewitt, and Linda Zuckerman portraying the part: of Marie. Mrs, Hanna was acted by Mary Ann Jaure- gui, Jerri Ryan, and Charlene Jef- fers, with Bob Strickland and Douglas Barber acting the part of Mr. Hanna. Mr. Trask's stage crew were responsible for the set of this thoroughly enjoyable play. CROSSWIN DS By Edythe Willou Maroon slacks with a gold strip down, the side, saddle oxfords, a mrroon jacket and a tall hat of the same color: this is the uni- form many of the Dana girls will be wearing next fall, These are the girls who passed the tryouts for the Point Loma Drill Team. The team has an active part in the school's activities. The main event is the football carnival, which brings to mind the boys who tried out for the team. They have not been informed of the results vet. If there are not too many players that are better than some of the boys from Dana, they will make Varsity. But if there are nf, vacancies, the next step down is the Sophomore team or Junior Varsity. The prospects for the team have been practicing faithfully on Monday, Wednes- day and Thursdays, since tryouts, Both the football and the Drill teams will practice late this sum- mer in order to have a good per- formance for the Football Car- nival. children. Mrs. Riley will continue teach- ing here next fall. Hli'5 UUR MAN Although his name is well known not many people know much about our personality, Mr. Swenson, , He was born in St. Paul and started, school in Minnesota. He finished high school in Illinois. Aftef graduating from Knox Col- lege in Galesburg, Illinois, he joined the U, S. Army in World War I. After the war he taught in Iowa then came to San Diego in 1920 where he was a teacher at San Diego High School. ln 1921 he married his college sweetheart, When Point Loma High School was opened in 1925, he went there as vice-principal. In 1927 he went to San Diego High School as vice-principal, then to Wood- row Wilson as principal, and back to 'Point Loma as principal, He came to Dana as principal in 1941 when it was built and he has watched it grow from about 400 to almost 1600 pupils. Mr. Swenson likes all kinds of foods, particularly fattening ones. He used to be thin and had wavy blond hair. He had four children and five grandchildren, His hobbies are fishing and gardening. ELECTIUN NEWS Congratulations, all you guys and gals that won Student Body offices. The officv-:rs are: President, Michael lverthmang Comm. Pub' lications, Richard Hallg Comm. Finance, Lynne Phillips Comm. Activities, Barbara Val- Comm. Boy's Activities, Kelly: Comm. Cultural Af- Shelly Ann Morris, and Safeties, Lalo Gonzales. those of you who ran but get elected, you've really Girl's asquezg Billy fairs. Comm. For didn't :accomplished something by show- ing good sportsmanship during the campangn. It has helped yon make new friends and become well-known throughout the whole Student Body. For those of you who made the grade, we know that you will car. ry out the duties of your elected office to the best of your ability, A great interest was shown this year by so many students 'turning out to vote. Our thanks to the election com' mittee who worked hard to make the election a success.

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