Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA)

 - Class of 1975

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Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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X4 w n M1 ' 5 w. I N, mf xv n Y 4 Vvvwl 1 P 4 A Q1 ,Av I 1 5 :-I, A , , 15,1 ff. El 1 1, , I , A., ., 4 Q Ls , N .J -1' . .. -' -LA gilt? 4 N ,, ,JJ A ., :Bri-w?LFqf'.f I-. lv . . 541 H: 14- f if ,,r,1Af' . fp --Ulf-f 1 ' ,, I-4 Q. W, ."' 1 .. 'z , ,Miz .?71',Q.ft.,.'f --':.' 5-ff .1.' . ,. ., l+vfu.'1Y- 1,xf'-i- -V if .,- ,I V ' ' 7: -v., A ' Ji, ., I 9, . xr P flu. 4. , . v. '. ,A 1,144-at , , . 1, ,, , - v fa." . A , -3, , A , I' " -11' 1 :T. v g . A' - UM b f , --'1, ., f Vi, I 1-, -: v I v . ,,.,' . 1 ' 1 ,I .fi J 5.5-" I 1,1 1 U . " ,g ,.1- - k, ..k.,. ' - Jv,.-U1-X 4 4.., , -.Wm Jw ' "' V.-x 1x X 'vw1i,gf1Jg -1-1 A -ww M-bg' v ,., Jr -ff' I .,T:.k', i A-Q L 'HDF'-:J ef .- 'rx 1 H.: -s 1. , .,,g.q:f,.- - . 1 . V ,a...Qlm,-:.i:- V . 1..L..,. I ,,A.. 7' r, ' ., , 'IAQ - L ' 'J , ,. ,, - ,- - .N -7' N pf A. ,V 1. .1 -pg' w . - . , ,Rf ,V . ., . . 5" 1.1 W-V' +,,..' f .fm fwx " ' , A- 1 , f - ', ,,.' jig ' J " ,,' 2, 4 'Un' T, n'f"' A: Laced!! Pftda ,,. . F- .,r ,,. , V V ki ,y 1 ' Muff' ' .L+ - -1- , ',,w.",.' ', .., '- 5 , V ,,, l X.-,. ,,,-4,',1y.-V., , H . M9,,.g . .-.. , 'ww 5- " '- ., '!.fQ1'f"',"-W ff , A.J1M ffff,,4, 1? -, :V 'rw " 5 .A -.Lv 1 I -': f+.. 'f "A 'J' ' X-J,-A P51-z-,, -, f-iv? 51+ 'ff - 5- - f'T-ma' V-.wl'w.,., ,pa . V., J- 1:- 3"-TY yn , - ,.,.4.kL1' ..,........,-.., -A.-,..:,.,. Y v V, Y ,, Y ,V-1 5,1-iv 1 V ax 1 . Y' V, ' x 4? 'F 1 J ' .1 Y 4 K Q A I ia L-f E Y.. v f- , . 1 , p L , nf, 1,-. I., . Af. ,, t V -, !,l,.'-fx 11 , :ful . . , . T M t I . ,,i1w"' "t.hv 'L W., v I ,ff M pl, it, f 4 A +vN-ii' A4 A i - ,C kim 4 -'- 'fr' 144' 1 - -'-.v 54' -fr . V f ,, M, n 4 L. f' E ,P Jw-iff .-',,,1'. ,,-i', , "LL 1- ,Y J.-, , .Q K" 9, uw, -WJ 1 -wx 1 f- W 95, 1' I .P-1, 'A '- TE? if .1 gl-:fig 1 1 V, . mwmwnmWWHWWJ FCZQQ Nap VL J W f Q Ck QZXF M9191 1 V555 M QQTSPWKW Efabwgfk eu? , it " N s www W 646254 641573511X NE K , 2 Ns 13 13 si . Q, Q W . ,.. Ni ' 3 if S xi A E kia' H1 X 5M3 jg i x , el 253 VN VO 61- HON V 91 HO HOHONV 9161- VNVG VG L VN HOHONV 9l5 HOHONV 9161 VNVG HOHONV 9161- VNVO DA NA 1975 ANCHOR DANA 1975 ANCHOR DANA 1975 ANCHOR DANA 1975 ANCHOR DANA 1975 ANCHOR ADMINISTRATION Everyone must row with the oars he has. English Proverb Mr. Don Wells Principal Above: Mr. Wells is showing Tim Allen how he can magically hold his tie up with no hands. Below: Dave Fe1dmenth's 10 speed impresses Mr. Wells, who is a bike enthusiast. Right: Having an important discussion with their principal are Danielle Doyle and Tory Gates. ' "" -, In -an I 1 1 The road to wisdom? - Well, it's plain and simple to express: Err and err and err again but less and less and less. - Piet Hein "Wisdom is the abililty to experience yourself corn- pletely in the midst of chaos." The inner striving to com- prehend the beauty and won- der of the world, and to enrich this beauty and wonder with the glow and passion of your own personality - this is the thing to which men have given the magic name of education. Albert Wiggam Faculig Education is a painful, continual by kindness, by watching, by praise, but above all, by l Slave Adams Carolyn Aubum John Bilbrey Mrs. Nunez wonders what x:od3eS is supposed to mean. English, French Social Studies Boys' P.E. be done and by Ruskin C , an I Alan Brian I Jane Calhoun Genie Cieadlo Joanne Clopper C1'055'A89 Teachmsl Teacher-Librarian English Spanish English Mrs. Schmitz is smoothing our the wrinkles in blackboard. , , r .K -A .. it is xl Q Y C f I r l . . 1- -v Mary Ann Coyle Ken Cromeenes Wayne Dequer Dan Diel Howard Drake Rod Florea Girls' P.E. , Drill Team Math. Algebra U.S. History. Leathercrafrs Boys' P.E. p History. Photogaphy Officer on Campus 4 Mr. Ramsay. expressively. HD.. XV 3 J .1 ,. I l '- Q -tg " I I. ky' . N. '-J ' K .gf X1 -43 -st, F -LU X 1 , A 3- . N Lvl., '. 44, - N .gre M. was A ,. X A ., ax s, , by 'v-. :--N-- ' 1 E- Above Left: "No one is going to write on my clean blackboard , " is the thought of Below Left: "The world is round you see," explains Mr. Wit as he demonstrates Below: Sue Peck hopes for an "A" while Mr. Weiss contemplates a "C or a - v Beth Foye Science -' ' Math, Algebra An Algebra, Math. Science Larry Keltell Jack Laidlaw Paul H. Long 177 Diane Lucas Dorothy Lynn Mixed Chorus Boys Glee Homemakmg Glrls Glee '8- ld' .J-aal Phil Maxwell Rosa Miramontes Timothy Jon Mitchell Virginia Mooney Special Services Girls' P.E. Math English Gary Mount Joe Nocero Math, Drafting History Eric Nordin Ondina Nunez What does Mr. Mount think is so funny about Charles "1 wonder if IA is wtittet-t with 3 one over 3 fguy English, Cross-Age Teach-- Typing Lubeshkoff's drawings? Mrs. Lynn ponders, inz i 1---7 -Eg . -s - ' 9 ,f 'N 1. U . V Marjorie Rodkey Band I and II, Orchestra, Crafts Q-1 Mike Oglesby Robert A. Ramsay Geography. Civics U. S. History 1 !4A .Jun 4"'.43. 1.4 -Q lean Schmitz Don M301 English' Industrial Arts Cross-Age Teaching . Drama Roy Smith "Very interesting," says Miss Rodkey to Teri Dietsch. But both she and V Hampton wonder what it is. .vt . -lif- Denton Thompson John Tipton Barry Walraven U' Janet Weathers William Weiss Chuck Witkofsky Life science History English, Drama Engl' Math. Algebra, Geometry English. Journalism, Radiol' Electronics I Wywfsfyykf ., W of W5 VW - Office V aleria I-01'1'3iTlC Shirley Frances Riggs Black Doherty Tippy nr-"-'ij ..-ey" , N! "Is this my best side?" asks Mrs. "But I can't read," Mrs. Doherty "I'm flattered, but really, I can'r Black, explains. accent." Mrs. Riggs whispers firmly. I une Mary Berry Fraher Hochner Killeen Q I r 3 Sally Katharine Katherine Livesay Murphy Trigonis Above Left: Harry Stange1and's paper amuses Mrs. Hochner. Left: Mrs. Fraher cocks Ile: head in bewilderment at Jack Fifer's method of writing. CUSTODIANS Ii F ,, , Q, Glen Stuart Neiman Barlow Phi -, t' V i ' 'V Mrs. Dachsteiner and Mindy Margett cheerfully nade. iifibiiil l ' . ,gy t What is Mrs. Lucas hiding in the comer? CAFETERIA . .,gEl.m:1L f i Bob Bob USE Mantha Judy SlIOI1g W in Blankenbaker Dachsteiner Ericson Patricia Maxine Pearl . ' Hill Irish Kerpon , I v - w 9 J J -'L 'R -11 bl Q-V. 'QL' it ' v F. ' :U , .7 ti I I , f 4 K, .14 , ,,,, .,, " 4 :L .1 talk about the high cost of lemo- Huguette Gilda Irene Lucas Miccolis Navaretti Not Pictured: ,Theresa Baugh Mr . Neiman takes special care with Why is Mr. Wilt diving at that desk? Dana's cafeteria floors. T' y, 1 - A . . 'hx , Xxx A 1 ., 1 'P' I . ' T -. " . W -. 'V s x M. . U. s .3 W -- f -IQ 75-Q' -AL 1-gs LIFE ou CAMPUSA . 7 h 7 Q ff . 4 fs f, A fu 1 XQf?ff55'?9?fjQL?57 fgifnkif? v,f'TfJiff'f:PQ Sammi' ,V ,PAQ ' Wx.,g .c,.s?r:,g,LyLI fa, A f . A f V ' 'W fffiififf' I4 Ztfiyfy I? syn? fy fl V' I.. K,,,,, F., M - LQ- dkfff -:ff K Q K f ,,,f ' Xf' lj, v 9 NNN affix K, xf. - . J Kldwxzrx N ACS LTU-.. r IN, 17 wr, 4 X 13 f' W ' r ' f VN! xxx A L 1" J S: J x X X U . kb-fix HJ ., ,, il: -L +.. k vi V-fx. 4 X' -ffl! 4'-fx x C 23 -' .- x N X, 1 LNU ft , A. fl 1 L of -XL K fx J' 4 ul 3 X' .N W 3 .KJ "2 fxi I. . , STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER - Row 1: Linda Sale. Row 2: Christy Woolvenon, Shari Peters. Jamie Ellis. Row 3: Olender, Sheli Cox, Jeff Glaser, Ieff Henderson. Dave Murschler. Mindy Margeu, Linnea Ecksuom. Dot ,,,.f-' e if 0 nlf'.'h x, " .QR- I 3' President: Jeff Henderson SECOND SEMESTER - Row 1: Laury Barton, Dean Shipman, Artie Cazares, Christy Woolvenon. Row 2: Suzi Hutchison. Debby Jensen, Becky Armstrong, Karen Lima, Sue Moomjean, Annette Miller, Jeff Henderson. STUDENT COUNCIL 1 w r w l x I H J' ff we K - - . ,. ., , -.,,,f--n,.t.w.A ,I 4, , V . , f- , . A - U - ,M --Us 4, - "'!'1"l . t,' '-.v I. ' 'rv xwyfli .fr-:..g,,,., -.H N Sufism' '1 1 J ....... --. -r - E-.H "Q 1-' r -'5..1 1-'. . FIRST SEMESTER - Row 1: Shari Peters, Linda Sale, Mindy Margett, Dorothy Olender ton, Dave Mutschler, Jamie Ellis. Row 2: Denise Weaver, Julie Sandbom, Debbie Bowen, Sheri Pearson, Gaylene King, Sherry Adams, Gabe Lopez, Ron Beach. Row 3 cio. Scott Dandridge, Becky Armstrong, Corey Birdwell. Linda Haire, Dave Mitchell 'Ill ,S .:. ., . . Jeff Henderson, Jeff Glaser, Linnea Eckstrom, Sheli Cox, Christy Woolver- Douglass, Pam Neal, Debbie Budge, Shawni Jioras, Carol Bradford, Beth Karri Phifer, Maureen Caringella, Phyllis Mele, Ken Roht, Alfredo Apari- Rob Hund, Joel Merritt, Sandy Spickler, Curt Beesley. SECOND SEMESTER - Row 1: Christy Woolverton, Becky Armstrong, Sue Moomyean, Suzi Hutchison, Annette Miller, Jeff Henderson. Artie Cazares, Karen Lima, Debby Jensen, Laury Barton. Dean Shipman. Row 2: Mike Edwards, Brett Perkins, Mary Kenz. Debbie Tustin, Beth Bowen, Maya Rodrigues, Karen Bryant. Row 3: Lori Patapoff, Mark Claire. Terrie Robertson, Jim Moore, Rob Hund, Corey Birdwell. Maureen Caringella, Patti Molden, Pam Weir, Adrea Gibbs, Dana Fred- lund, Carl Krachcr. Row 4: Nick Petralia, Jim Ursua, Gabe Lopez, Gordon Howe, Jay Slender. Dave Mitchell, D. J. Gearheart, Pam Lowell, Kent Adams, Barry Horton, Tari Wilkins. Steve Eiland. NINTH GRADE POLL Biggest Flin Debbie Anderson, Mike Williams it JN I . .XX .2 .I X 'X x . ' F W 1 A 1' 1. K f 4 Most Likely to Succeed Adrea Gibbs. Jeff Henderson fr .mt wryfg 'f 317- , ngff V 5 if 2: fl, gf fflf A. ,.e -1fff::ff,.- -- f 5 .pm rffQ:if:Q2,t1fb'rVj ' .'r,f,' 4 '1fgf'fif?.!5 551' D w .A -' 53 ni? 1 ,:: t. yy hnY,,!,:,,i 55255-:FT 'fag i f 1 A, 1,1 :fy .31 .i .. , ' r- I v N 1 '- ' .uw ,' ' I 'gi gfI"j 8,131 gfrg M, ::'::,,ggt3 5 15 ,1 if 5 I 'y A M. 4 ., I -V v,, 4 :Q ij' -ff' 'f! 'Q f7 57 : iff: Lge--' -, X , if ' e 'rf :rj LQ, , , , ,gs-" - . b EX-1, .- Q1 , WIT ', Llp- '71, Best Dressed Best Alhlete julie Crow Amaryll Schroeder Linda Hake Jim Ursua Dave Mitchell D mv 1 fs Most Talkalive Mos: Innocent Pam Nicholson Sheri Peters Dave Feldmem Steve Slender 9' Frier1dliSSl Funniest Laugh Becky Armsuong Lori Papapoff Gabe Lopez Rocco Sarich Happiest Best Sense of Humor Tari Wilkins Sue Moomjean Jeff Glaser D. 1. Gearhearl I . ', ' . V :is ,, Y V ,, e -. If ,H FRESHMEN The best way to keep good acts in memory is to refresh them with new. Apothegms Kent Sherry David Danniellie Tim Debbie Stan Adams Adams Agajanjan Agee Allen Anderson Anderson Carrieri nzvllecky K Robin K Bill Debbie X Ann Ron Archibald Armstrong Anin Atkinson Bach Barnes Beach Karen Curt Janet Chris Barbara Jan Joel Beebe Beesley Bell Bellasis Benedict Bercik B61'Cik .ff-. ,hy X. wt, gli , fft-x "1 1 lr. fr 2 r ' x J x "How sweet it is," replies Doug Mazza. "That's all folks, " says Dan Deetman. chris ma Mark Dave Sherrie Cass La V01-me Bergeson Bergquist Bevan Hier "mv ' ' 1 A - ..- . --fC fx. ..n.sv"97:' Jim Tamara Celeste Brent "What are you looking at? " asks Chris Degner Bird Bloom Bostick Boyd V ,, , , w.. Debbie Debbie Erika Darlene Gene T im Jerry Brinkman Brockman Budavari Budge Bumgardner Bundy Bums -.axl LIP! Connie Mark Kathy Jarni V Paul Barbara Burnside Byerley Callaghan Canterella Carlin Carlton CSZBICS " l1l'i -M rdf JI .X , V - ' k A T Chris Debbie G31-'Y S. 47 Christian Clark Clark S' " "' I Cleary Clignett Comings Above Right: Studytime! Right: "I always wanted to be a Greek philosopher, " says Shawn Robinson. . s "Oh, he got me! " screams Karen Beebe. B111 Condit Corrigan Mike Virginia Mike Cook Cooney Coppi Sheli Sheri Julie Cox Crawshaw Crow Ron Cummings xii? , lb ik ,iq . l A Leslie Davenport Bryn J an Pat Daum Davis DeCaro Mora Dan Chris Dee Deetman Degner Brenda Teri Dave Dick Dietsch Doeppel x . Scott Lisa Mark Dondanville Douglass Doyle ,,., ,.ma,sfv'. . - S " .assay .12 ' ' . 1 Andy Nancy Robbie Dreyfus Drylie Dudek Kathy Barbi Jim Duff Duplessis Dwyer Far Left: "Come on and fly me!" sings Jeff Smith. Left: "You see it was like this . . . , " says Robin Artin. P ' a 1 a, ' , L7 Y Lynne Greg Linnea Steve Jamie Dyer Eaton Eckstrom Eiland Ellis 'C' " , , , ' Ai Mark Lynette I Cathy Dave Cheryl see you!" says Ron Cummings Engemarrn Esler Fasana Feldmeth Fennessy to Debbie Anderson. .Q 4 H L at . Darrell Martha Mike Earnest Gail Mike F Marci Y Ferguson Foley Foley Fontenot Foremny Foster Francone Marie Kim Dana Trisha Candy Dave John 7 1 Frassrand Frazell Fredlund Gallagher Garcia Garry 6251011 6 Steve D . I . 1 im Adrea Gates Gearheart Gerhardt Gibbs il George Ieff Sherry Tom "Gee you're cute!" says lim Gerhardt to Mr. Smith. Gilbert Glaser Glass Glover Sandy Suzi Marcella Tim Cliff Goins Goldenberg Gonzales Good Goodfriend Peek-a-boo! " says Gary Clark. Dave Toren Vida Derek Tammy Gotta Grammer Green Griffiths Grohs Randy Linda Debbie Brad Gregg W Barbara V V Bob iz Guthrie Haire Hall Hansen Hansen Harriman Hauerwaas Jeff Dave I an April Jeannie Dave Chris Henderson Henriks Henry Hernandez Herrington Heuck Hill Tim Anne John Mark H ill Hillis Holzhauer H orstman E ,, ij we ,ff ,C r- . 1-'Q-KV' J Barry Mark Gordon Terry "I do believe this is late," says Debbie Clark while Horton Hovsepian Howe Hulett pondering over a book. EQ Right: Oops!! Far Right: "J always wanted to grow up and be a secre- tary," says Mike Mor- ns. ,Ji - ' e ,FN ,F ...Ji Lisa Ken Karen Toni Jeff Tracy Connie Hull Jackson James I ianni Johnson Johnson Kam 2 X .l?5 f . .. Brigitte Gaylene Maggie Cindy JoAnn Cathy Carl Kiss Brad Patti Tim Pat Kratovil LaMou:eaux Lander Larkin Knueven Kozak Kracher Pam Pat Sllsie Lasken Lawrence 'SX' Em Al Chris Laurie Tim Bill ' " Lazicki Lebas ' Cheryl Rick Renee Lehman ' "H" ' Drew Jeff Kris Karen Susan Mark SCO!! Lemon Lewis Lillicrop Lima Limmer Lingo I-0118 i la! , i 5. ln L, ,XFZ L f.--....--'JA CTIIIS Gabe Paul Pam C- Ted Debbie Robby Loomis ' ' Lovell Lowell Luheshkoff Lucas Lucas w Rex Vincent Kevin Bucky Richard Doug Mary Machado Maniace Mann Margett Marge!! Mazza McCue Q, 0 S. n N , 'll .- . WP v . 5 v . 'J ' w .w -,H 1 if Far Left: "Say - - M ' Cheese!" says Chris P f A d' I ' Cleary to Paul U7 M , ' 'I Lovell. Left: Every- , 1 ' A 1 . body looks at lhe ri-Q'-.lk . li, V .N , f.f-. birdie. - -su.. Q . X " Jeff Beth Tim Wendy Phyllis Troy Mario Mc!-Iniire McGinnis M cGinnis McKerracher Mele Mendenhall Mendez Ruth Annene Dana Dave Paui Sue Stephen Mill Miller Miller Mitchell Molden Moomjean Moore CW 1 L Inf K' is 4. ,Ev E' Q. , X -' 'A Mike Teresa Tom Lin Pam Bill Robin Morris Munger Nader Neal Nicholson Nielson Nixon Margaret Till i Dot Jim Pat Cathy Patty' 0'Cf:ll1Qgh3D i Cedekffk- Olender Ondarie Padilla Palazzolo Parker Laurie Lazicki, an inspiration to all of us who know her. Chris Hill. Debbie Hall and Gail Foremny at their favorite pastime: Boy-watching A.- 1 1 n-.. Phil Lori Julie Sheri Sue Dave Merrie Pasco Pearson Pearson Peck Pedrotti Peters Shari Sue Nick Marilyn Lenore Mitchell Melinda Peters Peterson Peualia Peuotta Phillips Plessuer Pope dj f xi ' rw' ' ' sw . S i , . if J' " 'K A 1, ,. X N - ff. X Q ' 1 7 I f if x I 'y i. ' 1' ' -:- , , -f X f . ' ' 'A " s.. '. Pam Mike Dave Liz Marie George Roger Pugsley Querrey Raff ' Rawie i r Kathy Shawn Brigid Lynn Tim Gertrude JoAnn Robbins Robinson Roche Rocks I Rockwell Roman Romo Ron Nancy Roy Chris Andrea Rocco Carole Salemo Salvador Sarich Schabow i, Ellen Greg A maryll John Rob Sue John Schreiber Schreiner Schroeder Schulz Scott Scott Selmer Scott Rick Aaron Steven Kathee Margie Rebecca Senick Serven Sexton Share Shaw Sheets Shinall 1 A so Dave bergeson won't show anyone what he has. Steve Share, Nick Petralia and Ion Tyrell enjoy lunch Sheila Mike lay Steve Joe Jeff Kathy Sinka Slater S lender Slender Small Smith Smith , N Lauri Steve Mike , N Bill Jill Smith Snyder Spain Sparling Speck Spicer Spindler' Russ Ed Caryn Bruce Jim Richard Don Sprague Stangeland Steinhouse Stephens Stephenson Stewart Stinnett Candy Sally Anya David Gus btto I A . 5 Stolteben Suite Svanoe Swanson Sztraicher Tanacsos Tebo Mark Pauline Penni Belinda Tibi Tout Trout Trujillo r- :J "'.' 1 1 7 ,.g - V , V K' we 5 r A A , , ' I ', v' l 49 , 4, I, ' , . I ' , ., , W at ,ty y D . J . Gearheart always finds Curtis Beesley heads the study group. something interesting to do. Jon Jim Bob Tyrell Ursua Valko N E-7" ffl Marcella Gonzales, Mitch Plessner and Greg Schreiner are deeply engrossed in their class work. Jay Jeana Laurie Luanna Tohn Greta Debbie Vanderford Vanderveer Vangorden Van Holren Van Riper Van Tongeren Vaughn Jay Jim Debbre wabnig Wagner Wagner Wais Wallick Waterhouse Weikel fr - N' ' if ' Wm: ' 1211! W. ., -"" 'Tl Pane Mark Doug Mike Christy Becky Weir Wilferth Wilkins Williams Williams Woolverton WYBU in. -.r X 4 Q . Cheryl Joyce Nelson A Q Da-ve M Yates Youmans Young Ziemba Camera shy: Ruth Freeman Left: Ken Jackson stands to greet the photographer, but Karen Lima thinks it's not worth the effort. Center: Lori Smith dreams of the day she no longer will need those crutches. Below: Mariners are justly proud of a brilliant achievement. 'i gy 9+h GRADE c.1.Q.F. f' C -' 1' -, :ft r- -A " 1 . ...ah - Q.. . ' J Row 1: lon Tyrell, Gordon Howe. Jeff Mcl-Zntire, Wendee Spindler, Pattie LaMoureaux, Darlene Budge. Debbie Anderson, Sue Moomjean, Jamie Ellis, Anya Svanoe. Dana Fredlund. Suzi Goldenberg, Becky Armstrong, Julie Crow. Jeff Glaser. Jeff Henderson, Bill Legg. Row 2: Bob Hauerwaas, Mark Horstman, Brigitte Kempt. Barbara Carlton. Annette Miller, Karen Lima, Patty Parker, Merrie Peters. Vida Green, Jan Davis, Marci Francone, Teri Dietsch, Sheri Crawshaw, Dana Miller, Pam Nicholson. Margaret O'Callaghan. Dave I-lueck, Pat Larkin. Row 3: Mike Coppi, Dave Henriks. Gary Clark. Tim Bundy, Dave Raff. Mark Hovse- pian, Adrea Gibbs, Marie Rawie, Sue Scott. Phyllis Mele, Julie Corrigan. Liz Ramsey, Carrie Archibald, Kim Frazell, Pam Weir, Lindie Wais. Karen James, Erika Budavari, Lisa Hull. Connie Burnside. Row 4: Shawn Robinson, John Selmer, Mark Wilferth, Mike Slater, Mark Commings, Don Stinnett, Susan Limmer, Andrea Salvador. Mark Doyel, Bill Speck, Richard Stewart. Sheli Cox, Debbie Bach, Teresa Munger, Karen Beebe, Dorothy Olender, Beth McGinnis. Russ Spra- gue, Sue Peterson, Cheryl Fennessy, Pauline Tout. Sheri Pearson. gg Goto SEAL GRADUATES Row 1: Karen Lima, Debbie Anderson. Brigitte Kempt, Pattie LaMoureaux, Wendee Spindler, Sue Moomjean. Julie Crow, Erika Budavari, Lisa Hull, Dave Heuck, Jeff Glaser, Jeff Henderson, Pat Larkin. Row 2: Patty Parker, Dave Henriks, Bill Legg. Mark l-lorstman, Lindie Wais, Kim Frazell, Becky Armstrong. Jamie Ellis, Cheryl Fennessy, Jan Davis. Marci Francone. Row 3: Mike Coppi, Mike Slater, Vida Green. Adrea Gibbs, Dana Fredlund, Merrie Peters, Marie Rawie, Sue Scott, Sheli Cox, Andrea Salvador, Karen James, Pam Weir. Row 4: Darlene Budge, Shawn Robinson, Russ Sprague. Mark Doyel, Bill Speck, Richard Stewart. Dana Miller, Sheri Crawshaw, Beth McGinnis, Linda Haire. Annette Miller, Margaret O'Callaghan. ,eval EIGHTH GRADE With a heart for any fate: Still achieving, still pursuing, Leam to labor and to wait. Iay Adams Brett Anderson Longfellow QL Dean Shipman snacks on a pencil dunng class Faye Anderson Keavin Anderson John Annas Alfredo Aparicio Kelly Araiza Brenda Bailey Leslie Bailey Lori Bamett Dale Barrett Laury Barton Drew Baske Tami Bates Holly Beesley Dane Benka Steve Benvenuto Laura Bernabei Bonnie Bessey Todd Bewley Corey Birdwell Lonne Blogin Cindy Boland Greg Braunwalder Lisa Brey Brett Brofman Sharon Brolin Akos Budavari Karen Buesch Lisa Bundy Deano Cari Maureen Caringella Marc Carlson John Carlton Karen Carter Sue Catalina Paul Cecere Ron Chaney Tammy Chila Dean Christensen Sandie Church Mark Claire Mike Clark Pete Coleman Colleen Concannon Joe Connolly Cheryl Conrad Bruce Cook Dave Corrigan Mark Cossari Shelley Costanza Sandy Cotto Carl Cristiano Cathy Crook Chris Crowley Malinda Cushman Bruce Custer Jeff Daedler Debi Daleo Scorr Dandridge Lisa Daniel Chris Davis Dori Dick Rob Doeppel Mark Doherty Richard Donahue Robin Doyle Dory Duff Debra Duffy Pam Duncan Nick Dupas Tom Dyer Vance Dyer Donna Earle Sabrina Eaton Steve Edwards ' o N 4 ..- , A 4- . W - 1 " -Q-- .' - ,f. ,. if , 4 Charlie Caldwell types as Margie Sheets looks l V- E-:.n"S,.- l rs- ..g'-,.. gf" Oh, what a night!" yawns Keith Merkley. ,T f'i',xl. A' lxhkfi ,-fill j1A1'L".- 7131 .1 Franchelle Egge Walter Ellis Chris Engel Greg Engemann Leticia Escobedo Scott Fandry Craig Fennessy lack Fifer Darren Filardo Kathi Finneny Lori Finney Dave Fontaine Mark Foote Scott Forden Kevin Forsyth Thor Fort Kim Francis John Fraser Tom Fry Sheryl Fulton Jim Gallina Wendy Gilmore Dale Giunta Karen Glaser Brian Glen Marie Glover Corky Gray Steve Gray Lori Grayson Robert Greene Kim Greenshields Jim Griffiths Phyllis Guthrie Pat Hacker Karla Hakkila Glenn Halperin Robin Hanson Linda Harding Lori Harding Craig Harris Sabra Hawthome Raymond Heller Greg Hendrickson George Hicks Janet Hier Mark Hildebrandt Chris Hill Michele Hill Ioneue Horn Jim House Scot Hovarter Clay Howard Mark Humphreys Rob Hund Suzi Hutchison Karen .Tasco Debby Jensen Kelly Jensen Ginger Iingst Cindy Johnson Merrilee Johnson Gina Juarez Martin Kelii Cyndi Kelley Ron Kemp Ray Kenz Kathy Kirk Mark Kirkendall Pam Kling Chris Knox Doreen Koch Kim Koonce Wendie Krall Tom Kreinbring Kelley Kuhn Laura Landsperger Greg Langdale Dave Larson Jim Lasance Linda Lauri Sherri Law Linda Laycock Laura Ledeboer Scott Lehman Sandy Lelsner Corinne Lesperance Lee Ann Leviniki Kathy Linderman Hi rhere, Cutie ! " says Mark Doherty Rob Lindquist Zvia Lubow Alecia Lucas Rick Macrory Rose Manning Mindy Margett Dean Markus Robin Martin Kit Matheny Maureen Mauch Bridget McAfee Tom McDonough Mary McKeon Bill McPherson Pam Mendenhall Keith Merkley Kendall Merkley Bill Meyer Debbie Mill Debbie Miller Greg Miller Monika Miller Jim Mohr Manuel Montemayor Mark Morel Tom Moritz Keith Morris Steve Morrison Pam Mullen Mike Mundy Dave Muniz Peggy Murphy Diane Mutsaers Dave Mutschler Dirk Murset David Myers Darryl Nakatani Wayne Newman Bill Nicely Nancy Norcross Stacey Nottingham Craig Nuss Rick Nutt Steve Oatman Right Cheeseburger!" smiles Rob Schilling Far Right: Did Mr. Wit kick all of his students out of class? Joyce O'Connor Helen Olson Kevin Olson Kathleen Osuander Lynne Pappas Russell Parker Wendy Paulson Scott Pearson Cindy Perry Mike Peterson Vince Petralia Malanie Petri Karri Phifer Bill Pickering Kelly Raftery Yvonne Rasmussen Janice Reed Tim Reilly Paul Renfrew Brad Rennison Lori Rice Sue Rice Troy Roberts Terrie Robertson Laura Robinson Ken Roht Lori Roht Alex Romo Shelly Rooker Helen Rosen John Roy Kevin Rudd Mary Leslie Rudd John Ryan Linda Sale Davie Samarzich Helen Sarkisian Ted Saulino Robert Schilling Jan Schultz Patti Segar Linda Seibert Lori Selling Dean Shipman Mark Shuster Terry Sinka Susan Slater Diane Smith Guy Smith Jill Smith Joanne Smith Mike Sorenson Scott Sorenson Sandy Spickler Harry Stangeland Debra Stanton Diana Stanton Shelly Stevens Brian Stewart Desie Stinnett John Stinstrom Pam Stiver Ken Stothers Mike Stringer Jamie Sullo Ron Sweet Kristi Taliaferro Vicky Tarazi Denise Taylor Missy Thompson Debbie Thornton John Tolle Tracy Vail Carla VanTongeren Dan Wabnig Tricia Wagner Wendie Walker Jim Wallstrom Jean Wang Denise Weaver Rob Wells Bruce Wilkinson Rick Williams Ron Wyatt Camera Shy: Ron Ossenberg and Charlie Caldwell Far Left: "Oh, no! What did we do now?" ask Wendy Krall and Lori Roht. Left: "He was only THAT tall!" says Janet Hier. Bih GRADE C..l.9.F. V Row 1: Nick Dupas. Darryl Naratani, Linda Laun, Helen Rosen, Kendall Merkley, Manuel Montemayor, Bob Greene, Steve Benvenuto, Dave Mutschler, Brian Stewart. Row 2: Charles Caldwell, Keith Merkley. Zvia Lubow, Debby Jensen, Sandy Leisner. Lonne Blogin, Laury Barron, Dean Shipman, Linda Harding. Monika Miller, Kelly Rafrery, Laura Bernabei, Lori Harding. Row 3: Debbie Thomton, Susan Slater. Cathy Crook, Melanie Perri, Wendy Gilmore, Debbie Miller, Wendy Paulson, Peggy Murphy, Donna Earle, Diana Stanton, Cheryl Conrad, Shelly Rooker, Scott Pearson. Row 4: Maureen Mauch, Scott Lehmann. Joyce O'Connor, Kelley Kuhn, Faye Anderson, Bridget McAfee. Kelly Jensen, Kathi Finnerty, Maureen Caringella, Jeff Diddler. Rob Doeppel. Jim Mohr, Tammy Chila, Janet Hier. 7+h GRADE C.J.S.F. Row 1: Karen Bryant. Maya Rodrigues. Margery Stewart, lim Soash. Shelley Halperin, Liane D'Arezzo, Diane Fraser. Mark Kellogg, Lori Johnson, Kevin Bias, Dean Trigonis, Garrett Daum. Row 2: Manami Hoshi, M8IILiH Greathouse, Tim O'Connor. Susan Wagner. leff Sorenson, Jeff Miller, Dan Wells, David Lillicrop, Mark Schieldge, Bertram Kaufmann, Susan Moriana, Kim Norrish. Row 3: Cheryl Colley, Jeff Maddock. Fernando Aluzzi, Robert Ryan, Mike Wells, Mark Perko- vich, Deanne Gates, Wendy Frear, Adrienne Biehl, Karen Serven, Ruth Alexander, Wendy Williams. Debbie Roper. Row 4: Pascale Marchant, Jeanne Fasana. Teresa Manlove, Zorkira Tudor. Jennifer Harris, Melissa Richardson, Erika Tyler, Eileen Tobin, Mary Kay Schulte. Marc Oliver. Debbie Beaver, Lisa Miller. Cathy Lindsay. Not pictured: Debbie Budge. Roben Agajanian Ruth Alexander Fernando Aluzzi Gary Anderson Marty Andrews Terri Archer Eddie Archuleta Gina Arobio Chris Barkus Vicki Barnes Richard Barton Dave Beale Debbie Beaver Steff Bertone - Kevin Bias Keith Bicksler Adrienne Biehl Duke Blue Paul Bostick BeLh Bowen Tim Bowers Carol Bradford Robbie Brion Craig Broderick Christa Brunner Karen Bryant Debbie Budge Susan Bush Far Left: Glenn Kinney rsn t havmg too much success convincing Mr LaForest. Left: Debbie Clemmer has fun in an class up if Wg- .- -. a '4 -.-1 if !rl'j'.',lU I F It 2' 12. -'I Cl W iii- BLK fri, XL , gf. ww f W'-?'e1 'C .,,- 1 x -, -C r K.. .ld - 'MEM-9' Karyn Callaghan John Carpenter Arte Cazares Mike Chiuetta Karen Christensen Jim Clark Debbie Clemmer Cheryl Colley Kimberly Connors Daphne Cooney Gary Crews Cathy Crowley Tracey Cumberland Scott Cuthbert Liane D'Arezzo John Daughenbaugh Garrett Daum Debbie Douglass Danielle Doyle Lori Eaton Mike Edwards -'w .l ,xg .1 Wayne Edwards Craig Eiland Ron Ellman Neal Ethridge Steve Eyles Jeanne Fasana Mark Fitzner Tim Florea Marc Francone Diane Fraser Kathie Frazell Wendy Frear Leesa French Mary Gallagher Brian Gaston Deanne Gates Tory Gates Greg Gibbs Lori Goff Irais Gonzalez Clarice Gotta Gary Grammer MarrLin Greathouse Alan Greehsrone Ann Grode Rich Groslean Lisa Hadley Shelley Halperin Vicki Hampton Steve Hansen Gwen Hardwick Jana Harker J ennlfer Harris Karen Hartwig Tami Hatch Bruce Heck Marcella Hendersen Stacy Henderson Chris Hermann Susan Heuck Monica Hill Susan Hill 7 I X' 'A lf :fel .F ..-4:1 V e 3. . ,JA '. ,W ' " :iw Y' ' z jf 'ny - "5 - 5 ? 15: fr-sn--f-5 s -'L ll ' A.4.u.!--v - L ,.-- K Marc Hoar Steve Hodges Hilary Holzhauer Adam Horstman Randy Horton Manami M. Hoshi Phil Huletr Ann Hull Jim Hull Mandy Infantino Gina Jason Cari Jefferson Cheryl Jensen Kevin Jepsen Jim Jianni Shawni Jioras Eric Johnson Janis Johnson Lori Jo Johnson Ann Johnston Laurie Juvinall Unsung: Nl' P . ls., A. Far Left: Zorkita Tudor doesn't believe Susan Mutsaers knows how to thread a bobbin. Left: Mr. Thompson's science class. Ary Karoossos Bertram Kaufmann Mike Keamey Mardee Keller Janet Kelley Mark Kellogg Mary Kenz Linda Khanchalian Darla King Glenn Kinney Greg Kitchens Roben Kline Debbie Knueven Robby Kozak Debbie Krinke Lorie Laliountain Mike Lander Eric Lansford Norma Larson Cara Lehman -Keith Levitt David Lillicrop Cathy Lindsay Ron Lingo Linda Loomis Victor Lopez Eddie Lovell Charles Lubeshkoff Jeff Maddock Margaret Marie Maniace Teresa Manlove Kane Mann Andy Manning Pascale Marchant Paul Marino Maureen Marshall Kelly McCarty Cathy McDonald Ricky McKenzie Steve McKerracher Linda McLean T" X x 'b J QI N 1 H-Q X , V. -., L -'ffl 7 f ,, Y v- -N .V 'af Y 1 1 -..,.,v 1 , J r kg . 5 . N -.. -iii'-s .ui- .mm ,e, ,N- . X P -f R . nu. I ' A F ' ' s u Fr-Lfsgilg I - 5 " M W Q' L s: K lc If .av -'01 -av" 1 -is-' -Q, , A group of Dana's boys have a deep discussion. Ioel Merritt Jeff Miller Lisa Miller Michael R. Miller Robyn Miller Joseph Monte-:mayor Brian Moore Wendy Moore Bryan Morel Susan Moriana David Mumz Susan Mutsaers Pam Neal Tom Nelson Bonnie Noble Kim Norrish Tim O'Connor Marc Oliver Renee Oughron Dean Panchano Ana Pappas Monique Parker Jeff Parry Eric Pearson Ross Penney Brett Perkins Mark Perkovich Sally Pierson Tom Posen Sheela Premi Sherri Prock Michelle Rasnik Melissa Richardson Lisa Rocks Maya Rodrigues Michele Ronga Debbie Roper Tom Roy Robert Ryan Julie Sandbom Mike Saunders y eff' Wendy Williams, Ruth Alexander, Liane D'Arezzo and Cheryl Jensen enjoy lunch and a few laughs. Randy Smith Jim Soash Jeff Sorenson Ken Sprague 4 Mark Schieldge Robin Schifferdake Paula Schollenberger Paul Schreiner Mary Kay Schulte Don Schulz Gayla Schwanz Cindy Sega: Karen Serven Dave Shurtleff Steve Silver Thomas Lee Sinclair Lennea Skoko Mark Small Greg Smith John Smith . 'lf X 1 fa , Renate Staebler Kori Steinberg Tim Steinberger 4' V All 5 K il' Joy Stephens . 1 - I X j VV Q N nx ' by , A- P G L Y ' ., x cf if, x Margery Stewart Kelly Stone A Chris Strobel Bill Suess Margie Sullivan Elisabeth Tanacsos Trisha Taylor Elizabeth Terlip L .l Debbie Roper shows Karen Serven how it is done - 1: Jeff Weikel Paul Weir Joe Weisenfelder Dan Wells Mike Wells Jamie Werk Kenny White Brian Williams Dave Williams Wendy Williams Scott Wilson Sheryl Wilson Terry M. Wonen Laurie Youmans Greg Ziemba Teresa Zolferino Denise Thornton Mike Tippy Eileen Tobin Dean Trigonis I oe Tsui Zorkita Tudor Debbie Tustin Erika Tyler Cari Van Gorden Josephine Vasari John Vaughn Susan Wagner Scott Waldschrnidt Gregg Walker Annette Webb Joyce Weber QOL pictured T1m Boward Kam P1'0Ck Tamara Stalker "Hmm . This one tasted like chocolate says B0b OSS4-Hb'-Ig Tina Smith Robin Tustin Daphne Cooney. PHOTOGRAPHERS Front Row: Jim Gallina. Dave Doeppel. Back Row from Left: Rick Lehman, Roy Rymas, W Dave Samarzich. JOURNALISM g Row 1: Kathy Duff, Adrea Gibbs, Laura Ledeboer, Mora Dee. Terrie Robertson, Linda Laun, Christy Woolverton. Row 2: Sherry Adams, Tracy Vail, Cindy Johnson, Tracy Johnson, Shari Peters, Robin Hanson, Kristi Taliaferro, Jeff Daedler. Row 3: LaVonne Bier, Debbie Miller, Jamie Ellis, Margaret O'Callaghan, Pamela Nicholson, Jay Wallick, Bill Legg, Jim Dwyer. Row 4: Trisha Gallagher. Sherrie Bergquist, Linda Cazares, Maggie Kiss, Julie Pearson, Jim Waterhouse, Mark l-lorstman, Mike Querrey, John Selmer. Bruce Wilkinson. AUDIO VISUAL ' tw' . pi Row 1: Helen Olson, Ke11ey Kuhn, Karen Beebe, Susan Limmer. Debbie Vaughn. Row 2: Tim Allen, John Selmer, Mike LIBRARIANS Spain. Q1 1- ,W " .4 Row 1: Greta VanTongeren. Penni Trout, Mary Kenz. Susan Limmer, Karen Beebe, Brenda Dick. Row 2: Mike Slater, Jeff McEmire, Bill Legg, Debbie Vaughn. Sherry Glass, Marie Frassrand, Kathy Duff. Row 3: Mark Doyel, John Selmer, Bill Atkinson, Debbie Clark. Mike Spain. Not pictured: Shawn Robinson, Zvia Lubow, Helen Rosen, John Stinstrom, Pam Kling. DRAMA , i-F .1 ,V V A -4- 4 ,, V. urn., ., - .,-,Y-4, ,-f-v7y:'.- If'-,nz .,,'.,, ,W Lryrl- ,,3v."lA. Row 1: Anya Svanoe, Brigitte Kempt, Tracy Johnson, Wendee Spindler, Candy Stolteben, Christy Woolvenon. Row 2: Mary Rocha, Mr. Walraven, Carrie Archibald, Patty LaMoureaux, Kathy Robbins, Terri Tebo. Sherry Glass, Debbie Brockman. Row 3: Jim Dwyer, Luanna VanHo1ten, Sheli Cox, Barbara Canton. Debbie Bach, Rob- ert Scott. Mario Mendez, Kit Matheny. ,. 'An Row 1: Mr. Walraven, Mary Rocha, Rebecca Shinall, Kristy Taliaferro, Candy Garcia, Danniellie Agee, Kelly Wabnig, Susie Lawrence. Row 2: Steve Share, Janet Hier, Brett Brofman, Jill SmiLh, Denise Weaver. Row 3: Tom Nader, Marie Frassrand, Kelly Kuhn. Row 4: Nick Petralia, John Annas, Tammy Bates, Lisa Brey, Tim Allen. Row 5: Chris Cleary, A1 Aparicio, Dave Muniz. , I 1- A, Row 1: Mary Rocha. Mr. Walraven. Sally Suite, Kim Francis, Terry Sinka, Cindy Johnson, Joyce O'Connor, Mark Foote, Jerry Bums. Row 2: Linnea Eckstrom, Mora Dee, Lori Smith, Bill Nielson, Karen Buesch. Row 3: Chris Cleary. lim Dwyer. Nick Petralia. 11"-.-.,. V , I 4. A ,L ff.S5?:,.....3' ' -A-1' -f '. i ' : ' 1 X. 'Q X. '5 --,' 'N - x" 'Nw Row 1: Mr. Walraven, Christy Woolverton, Brigitte Kempt, Wendee Spindler, Tracy Johnson, Barbara Carlton, Kelly Jensen. Kathi Finnerty. Row 2: Sheli Cox, Anya Svanoe, Terri Tebo, Dorothy Olender, Kathy Robbins, Candy Stolteben, Pam Duncan. Row 3: Mario Mendez, Luanna Vanl-Iolten, Dana Fredlund, Suzi Goldenberg, Debbie Bach. James Waterhouse. TECHNICAL CREW 'H' DRAMA Tim Allen. Chris Cleary. Kevin Olson, Kit Matheny, Nick Petralia, Jim Dwyer, Gabe Lopez, Iim Uxsua. SPECIAL CHORUS , Q' ,.- 1 Row 1: lan Davis, Phyllis Mele, Wendee Spindler, Leslie Devenport. Row 2: Jim House, Steve Benvenmo, Dave Mutscnler, Bill Legg, Vince Perralia, Tim Reilly. Row 3: Candy Garcia, Debbie Anderson, Annette Miller, Barbara Carlton, Adrea Gibbs, Jill Spicer, Lisa Douglass, Jan Henry, Connie Kant, Karen Lima. Row 4: Jamie Ellis, Dave Raff Bill Nielson. Bob Valko. Pat Padilla. Jeff Henderson, Barry Horton, Dave Muniz, Tari Wilkins, Linda Haire. arc. I H - - 1 H -wrt V. mixture ' . J "Q,-A 4 S leg LEW- 5211-1 4 ' -, , C! sb 1' A ' 2' 4 fl. r 1 :I fi" -H ,Y 'f ' jx. Y Nj., -jlg .pjrwu mi' lllriy' r "' ' ' , - ' F 'Mft Y' my .'Q 1, ,' i ,, --j . 5. ...D ot I r. . w Q , ' ,. ' ' S39 - - ' f 1 ., , me , N 1 ' CLUBS K, Row 1: Mike Chivetta, Jim Soash, Steve Eyles, Robbie Brion, Phil Hulett, Tom Sinclair, Tim Steinber- gel, Dean Trigonis. Row 2: Marc Francone, Bill Suess, Chris Hermann, Mark Fitzner, Dean Markus, Scott Waldschmidt, Scott Pearson, Duke Blue. Row 3: Steve Hodges, Tom Roy, Don Schulz, Mike Tippy, Russell Parker, Brett Perkins, Steve McKerracher, John Daughenbaugh, Joe Tsui. Row 4: Jim Jianni, Kit Matheny, Bob Kline, Tom Posen, Marc Oliver, Mike Lander, Eric Johnson, Tim Allen. Glenn Kinney, Ken White. Row 1: Renate Staebler, Kelly McCarty, Mary Gallagher, Margie Sullivan, Cheryl Jensen, Elisabeth Tanacsos, Maya Rodrigues, Wendy Williams, Susan Mori- ana. Debbie Budge. Lisa Rocks, Adrienne Biehl, Daphne Cooney, Paula Schollenberger, Kim Francis, Diane Smith. Row 2: Mrs. Lucas. Wendy Moore, Joanne Smith, Linda McLean, Tracey Cumberland, Lorie LaFountain, Gina Arobio, Joy Stephens, Victoria Gates, Mardee Keller, Mary Kenz, Trisha Taylor, Cathy McDonald, Mandy Infantino, Sheila Premi, Vicky Tarazi, Lori Goff. Row 3: Pam Mendenhall, Debbie Duffy, Kelly Raftery, Robin Schifferdaker, Anne Hillis, Tami Hatch, Christa Brunner, Pascale Marchant, Jeanne Fasana, Clarice Gotta, Terry Worten, Deanne Gates, Laurie Youmans. Shawni Jioras, Vicki Barnes, Manami Hoshi, Debbie Krinke, Cindy Perry, Jill Smith, Laura Landsperger, Laura Bernabei. Row 4: Tari Wilkins, Jean Wang, Donna Earle, Melanie Petri, Debbie Tustin, Karen Christensen, Ann Grode, Steff Bertone, Susan Bush, Debbie Knueven, Darla King. Mary Kay Schulte, Debbie Beaver, Marty Andrews, Eileen Tobin. Zorkita Tudor, Wendy Krall, Lori Rohr, Janice Reed, Tammy Chila, Franchelle Egge, Denise Taylor. Jeff Hender- SI, Lesperance , Bill Mey cAfee . Renee M an . Bridget Rom de I'll C11 n,G CBO nd yeA Fa 4: W McCue . Ro TY Ma Ellis Barb Harriman. Karen Lima, Jamie Debbie Anderson . endee Spindler, b Greene, Jim Griffiths, W en, Bo IIS dHa I8 weus, rom Fry, B my. aiu Legg. Rob Re im Karen Iasco, T Lori Barnett Davis , Il Ia ele, isM Peters , Phyll Row 1: Merrie er, John hif a. KarriP nk Si HY Bailey . Te lie by Jensen, Les eb D Ile! Garcia , Melissa Wag dY Row 2: Can Cheryl Fennessy. ad l, Suzi Hutchison, Melinda Pope, Cheryl Conr Lisa Danie Drylie . Row ancy ren Buesch, N Ka Parker , YY ekerk, Pat ed icholson , 1111 O mN Douglass , Pa Lisa sey . Ram alia , Liz Petr Vince Mutschler BVS ott Forden, Brian Stewart, D Sc Schulz , Lewis, Debra Stanton, Peggy Murphy, Ondatje , Jeff , Jay Wallick, Dave Muniz, Jim ki ins V nnLe Barbara Carlton, Sharon Brolin, Lee A , Adrea Gibbs Maggie Kiss Lucas Mrs. 65 T . 01156 , inh Caryn Ste 1 Weike Debbie Mindy Margett a Foley, arth 4:M yson, Belinda Trujillo. Row I3 ore, Kathi Callaghan. Lori G m il Wendy G esa Munger CI Stanton , T H3 Dia Tammy Bloom , Marci venport . Leslie De BDI eK nni C0 Tebo , rri Te I Trou nni slie Rudd. Sheli Cox, Pe ryLe Ma m Lander Byerley, Bill Nielson, Pat Padilla, To Q Gallagher. Mark Francone . -D ACTIDN MUSIC f I .fn I 1 I ,,!' . , A Qt 3' ni c Y'-,Y f 6 - .9 is V' " 4 v-14 4 K BAND I Row 1: Robin Miller, Lennea Skoko, Carol Bradford, Melissa Richardson, Monique Parker, Don Stinnett. Row 2: Ricky McKenzie, Dale Guima, Kevin Rudd, Dean Shipman, Greg Kitchens, Mike Wells. Row 3: Dan Wells, Paul Weir, Joe Wieisenfelder, John Vaughn, Craig Eiland, Greg Smith, Femando Aluzzi. Row 4: Joe Connolly, John Stinstrom, Bruce Cook, Charles Lubeshkoff, Toren Grammer, Scott Fan- dry. Debbie Clemmer. ORCHESTRA ,rn ,ui Row 1: MarrLin Grealhouse, Josephine Vasari, Greg Engemann, Brad Rennison, Karen Beebe, Kim Norrish. Row 2: Karen Bryant, Helen Sarkisian, Ruth Alexander, Maureen Caringella, John Selmer, Pat Hacker, Susan Limmer, Lisa Miller, Laurie Juvinall, Beth Bowen, Ron Chaney. Row 3: Kendall Merkley, Dave Ziemba, Teri Dietsch, Sheri Crawshaw, Sheila Sinka, Pam Weir, Barbara Benedict, Craig Harris, Karen James, Keith Morris. Row 4: Mario Mendez, Mike Slater, Shawn Robinson, Tom Kreinbring, Jan Bercik, Don Stinnett, Chris Hill, Ray Heller. ' . .Qlfr by 5 , 'QB to f .V 5 l, 1 ,fl I r. 1 "" ' Ly- -in is k Nr 1 'jfv ',,. Y-, I-.NA D BAN A M N I f ll N M nt, , Wx C ,W K 1 I ' X " Drum Major: Karen James. Assistant: Sheila Sinka -1--' . 'W gan-.. -, L - FULL BAND - Row 1: Teri Dietsch, Carol Bradford, Lisa Bundy, Mario Mendez, Sheri Crawshaw, Barbara Benedict, Pam Weir. Row 2: Karen James, Craig Harris, Linda Sale, Dave Ziemba, Richard Stewart. Kim Koonce. Chris Crowley, Robyn Miller, Sheila Sinka. Row 3: Doug Mazza, Keith Morris, lohn Vaughn, Ian Bercik, Tom Kreinbring, D. 1. Gearheart. Raymond Heller, Mike Wells. Dave Pedrotri, Ron Chaney. Row 4: Keith Merkley, Brent Boyd, Shawn Robinson, Scott Fandry, Dond Stinnett, Joel Bercik, Chris Hill, Dan Wells, Mike Slater, Kendall Merkley. COLOR GUARD - Row 1: Sheri Crawshaw, Bar- bara Benedict, Keith Morris, D. J. Gearheart, Jan Bercik. Teri Dietsch. Pam Weir. Row 2: Karen James, Brent Boyd, Dave Pedrotri, Ron Chaney, Sheila Sinka. WOODWINDS - Row 1: Teri Dietsch, Carol Brad- ford, Lisa Bundy, Mario Mendez. Sheri Craw- shaw, Barbara Benedict, Pam Weir. Row 2: Karen James, Craig Harris, Linda Sale, Dave Ziemba, Richard Stewart, Kim Koonce, Chris Crowley. Robyn Miller, Sheila Sinka. BRASS - Row 1: John Stinsuom, Keith Merkley, Mike Slater, Chris Hill, Don Stinnett, Dan Wells, Shawn Robinson, Kendall Merkley. Row 2: Mike Wells, Keith Morris, D. J. Gearheart, Tom Kreinbring, Jeff Johnson, Jan Bercik, Ray Heller, John Vaughn, Joel Bercik. DRUMS AND BELLS: Ron Chaney, Debbie Clem- mer. Brent Boyd, Dave Pedroui, Greg Miller, Paul Carlin, Doug Mazza, Jim Gerhardt. N11 I 1 A P V 151 i 4 k ' I ' V M n QQ Eu , 3. E ,IH lp 'it I II. r if f. 'o fn R 5? 2 l 4 1 5, P P n T, v L . . ,fs . 5 E. P K E rf i .1 gf 31 ni. QP5 i , 1 Q . A l tl ?.V, , 1, 1' . l .1 w 3: Gibbs . Row Adrea USVCH. Kn mjean, Sue Scott, Joann 00 M Sue 2: Row Jill Oedekerk . Kathi Callaghan arci Francone, M Celeste Bostick, orrigan eC Kant, Juli ie Conn 1 Row 'S-QQ 5258 cu ev an :E :E O ns .E 21,7130 .Hghxm '55'E3:: 25535 .mv 2:79135 A15-,oft P- E 0 . 33Q5 Ds F: 5 5.22: 'Dv--'E DB 'H m SEQ Siem .,,-,QE D-63? .22 -9' ww. E5-uc: 22753 U4 u ' m LD 5:36 0 a-wo :ogg Qu. ru-c: - ""51's:3 5035 DUNN J: fum -. LJ E7 Ch n ..w'r.": 2524 if 4045 .0355 13 5 O C5 -NH . sais cL.U.,..,,,, .gig .zz 30.5022 24-Q Q . m fun:E'U -cook' ,,, om o"S',3'E-1 ogx. o :. 'E-'En :mes W?-Q: 'UH o ":. Q55 2 :Umm N - 3 UD 125,253 na lC.Lr:: 5 62 M N fkig 3552 using O KD mrfwo SM :::u,,,.n ::.::-an Sift-5' .. . -4 ' . mn: 205,45 ' fu SOQDQ eu5'1:1.E2 55.9.-D 520-15 .359 5..--w .-.fr'5,E 13 b O Q 3 .4 -Acco 171-ES' .,,: 3353 EY-9.2 Hia ,ZEQE -6-z:S2' :I C 5 3253 ::"'Pf" O w .H 45 co Simi M E4 :P . ' SNES 2 C : SL D G D0 H m Q m m 2.132 ri Tebo . TC ith H1 , Sue Peterson, Kathy S CI YH r, Sue Lim fe Darlene Budge. Kerri Phi Y SS Ram Liz bara Carlton. Julie Pearson, Bar ff X-iw! ,.-, , A. fl'- .ns15"' 1 1 T Ugg, 1 ,.- rug, I x if F Q- I ' iii V, .I-.4 , Lv 'fjvfwl al y,':'.' , A3 . '-il 'X -z 'n vl- .- . "I f fi ,vi -V 1. . 'Y-4 .""-x - ix: 1'-r ., 5,1 na' .,- 1 E! X ,I ,1 Y ZR., 1 . ".1. 1,1 5:51 'I r B, ' ,W . VICTORY FLAG vi :- EW 1 .2 .ruff .Uy,,,. J 'V - Y - - ' I'- Q 4 I , . - I . 4 5"""' 'su ' ' -- ,........ 4 -,Qi - - , W-,,..w. .gl-, r . 1' lj! , , - 4. ' - , Q' " .. '- .- -5.-1, - , 5 ,4 n , K' , ,.- H .k i . -. 1-. , V. .,, , , , . ' ' I is - ' M- . 1' -.4 1- .. .-.' v N ' . . . ' ' - ' . Q'I".'-2.1. ' -' N il ' .:' "" ' -i - fri:-' - .' 'K' " -,'..-r4,'.f.1.vf- -.7 - "' - '- , . ..., fn -.Hr ,,.,- , -f f , . 4 ..,. '-Qrl'--fn f -- ' .-'fix' -L, ww-' . ' 'IQ' 3 L '-Y:-L-,,Q,'J.--V -.',' 17:3 ,,y' -. - Q- "'1' ' "f1'-- ."'-1 'cfm' :rn -. N.- :J:4.,r'.. U,,1,' 'F' , H, ,,., .v.A,,- . p 2. F , r I.-...lb-,..,i -. f----.-Q 1--' . 'F' . W 1 , - 51,1 - -Q ,-,- '.- , , ":'.5. .7-,,,,'g.,.q eg ',4,,.. - ff :.f'+f.L, ..: 1.3 H5 .3'.,,,-,g,'.g-ev. 'Z 2- n-'zu'-"f' Q.-.- 7 .. '- .lff - - in '- R- ,."v9- ..Z"",J N, -pwueii-.-:fm 'v-zz'-"wwe, ..'- ' v "1 :f"' - fr.: -' P ....-.F fi ix "'w- ,-s'5,1f. -23'-,Sy-'-' -up r:. ffw?" A ' -ff, wb? Y , ' ' , '-Ha., 1'-eff' f"'1. 45:41. 4' -f '- "H" . - ...,... VAL, r 3 V. , - -f . .-' -,fqgfffff htfffhflf- L -Q. f--f:,,e- 1-uv -fa' ..- . . -aqfvyv. - -1 -' 1: - .-fggfq--1.255-,' '. 'f '..., -' 3...-3, 1 L .--1 -w .qfgn-Y gyflfz. , -.nd-I- - ,.-wg-4.4 LA. auf., 9: .-.-'rf gyy, ug., 4 1 -, y.-1, . ',-,1,-.q,1.f u,-9,71-41 Q. ,....... V-'jf-13: "H 1 -g,'5Q?P'1f :ug 1-.. .L-is-.ani ,I .p V Q ., .,. Y ...v ., L I -,.--,,, - .. ,V -uv, .Ig ..-flhku.-.,.!.'4-ai' .-".u2hlruh 2 -- f ..-Ag Thur.. .f2"", -s '52 '0n.'.' .JL I 1 1 Wu... :AA- , r . X lg DANA f . Q73- PEP 'ft ' Ir ' I f PEP COMMISSIONERS - Second Semester fLeftJ: Laury Barton, Dean Shipman. First Semester fRightJ: Jamie Ellis, Shari Peters. A BASKETBALL A TEAM - Center: Jeff Henderson, Pat Larkin, Coach Tipton. Stan Anderson, Richard Margett, Mike Querrey, Richard Stewart. Steve Snyder, Dave Garry, Don Stinnett, Scott Long, Curr Beesley, Pat Padilla, Steven Moore. Not.Pictured: Joel Bercik, George Gilbert, Ron Cummings. eulllfgxig 1 I.. B TEAM - Row 1: Brent Boyd. Mark Horst- man, Cass Bevan. Mike Williams, Otto i Tanascos. Row 2: Ron Ruby, Rob Dudek. Steve Slender, Cliff Goodfriend, Dave Heuck, Roger Riley, Bill Legg. Row 3: Coach Diel, Dave Raff, Jay Slender. Nick Petralia, Mark Hovsepian, Dave Berge- son, Scott Dondanville, Rocco Sarich, Billy Condit. Dave Henricks. 58 FOOTBALL ' Row 1: Tim Good, Greg Eaton, Jeff Lewis, Jeff Henderson, Gabe Lopez, Mike Williams, Dave Agajanian, Paul Carlin, Bryn Daum, Dave Mitchell. Row 2: Darryl Ferguson. Tom Glover, Bucky Margett, Richard Margett, Ted Lubeshkoff, Kenny Jackson, Bill Speck, Gordon Howe, Russ Sprague, Steve Snyder, Don Stinnett, Jim Ursua, Tim Lander. Row 3: Ron Cummings, D. J. Gearheart, Steve Moore, Bob Hauerwaas, Scott Long, Pat Padilla, Mike Querrey, Steve Gates, Joel Bercik, Doug Williams, Jack Wagner, Toren Grammer, Coach Diel, Coach Florea. Row 1: Tim McGinnis, Troy Mendenall, Dan Deetman, Dave Feldmeth, Otto Tanacsos, Jay Wallick, Mark Byerley, Aaron Sexton, Phil Pasco. Gus Sztraicher, Bill Legg. Row 2: Steve Eiland, David Heuck, Lin Neal, Barry Horton, Jay Slender, Kent Adams, Mark Horstman, Jeff Glaser, C is Salerno, Jeff Smith, Chris Degner, Terry Hulett. Row 3: Chris Bellasis, Nick Petralia. Chris Chlistian, Mike Foley, Brent Boyd, Dave Garry, Rocco Sarich Nelson Young, Scott Dondanville, Tim Rockwell, Jim Ondatje, Bruce Stephens, Dave Bergeson, Steve Slender, Coach Oglesby. Dana North Park 2 Dana Goddard Dana First Avenue 11 Dana First Avenue Dand Chaffey 6 Dana Sandburg Dana Rivera 0 Dana First Avenue Dana Foothills 13 Dana Foothills Dana Sandburg 18 Dana Sandburg Dana Burke 14 Dana Goddard Dana Goddard 10 Dana Meller 28 FOOTBALL l 5 I-. mL : W. ' .. -I 13 "".. v V yy-V :,.,L, E , , . . BASEBALL Row 1: David Agajanian, Jeff Henderson, Mark Horstman. Cliff Goodfriend, Jim Gerhardt, Jay Slender, Scott Dondanville, Par Larkin. Row 2: Bob Hauerwaas, Gordon Howe, Dave Garry. Curtis Beesley, Pat Padilla, Scotf Long. Dave Bergeson. Ron Cummings, Jim Ursua, Coach Diel. TENNIS Row 1: Rick Serven. Tim Bundy, Annette Miller, Debbie Vaughn, Ion Tyrell, Gary Clark. Row 2: Shawn Robinson, Bryn Daum, Stan Ander- son, Richard Stewart, Jeff Henderson, Pat Larkin. X, 'Q TRACK Row 1: Mark Doyel, Carl Kracher, Scott Senick, Tim Good, Darrell Ferguson, Joel Bercik, Mark Byerley. Row 2: lay Wallick, Lin Neal, Steve Slender, Barry Horton, Bryn Daum. Chris Bella- sis. Tim-LeBas. Row 3: Drew Letton, Nelson Young, Roger Riley, Dave Raff , Rick Lehmann. INTRAMURAL FOGTBALL 8th GRADE VARSITY 'ALL-STARS - Row 1: John Ryan, Kevin Forsyth, Ted Soulino, Troy Roberts, Tom Moritz. Row 2: Greg Longdale, Rick Macrory, Greg Braunwalder, Ray Kenz, Jim Mohr. Mark Doherty. Ron Kemp, Scott Hovat- ter, Mike Clark. 7th AND Sth GRADE JUNIOR VARSITY ALL- STARS - Row 1: Scott Waldschmidt, Mike Tippy, Adam Horstman, Dave Mutschler. Greg Smith, Ioe Tsui. Row 2: Robert Schilling, Dean Markus, Scott Wilson, Tim Reilly, Steve Morrison. John Smith, Russ Parker. GIRLS' SPORTS 1. 9th GRADE VOLLEYBALL - Row 1: Liz Ramsey, lill Oedekerk, Amaryll Schroeder. Marcella Gonzales. Kim Frazell, Lindie Wais, Andrea Salva- dor. Row 2: Pam Lasken, Wendy McKerracher, Pat Lasken, Terri Tebo. Robin Artln. 2. 8th GRADE A BASKETBALL: Linda Seiben, Rose Manning, Kelly Jensen, Bridget McAfee, Debby Jensen fCap- talnl. Kathleen Ostrander. Alecia Lucas. Dorie Duff CManagerJ, Kathi Finneny. 3 . 9th GRADE A BASKETBALL - Row 1: Lindie Wais, Luanna VanHolten, Amaryll Schroeder CCaptainJ, Ellen Schreiber, Penni Trout. Row 2: Beth McGinnis QManagerJ . Kim Frazell, Patti Molden, Gertrude Roman, Dottie Olender. 4. 8th GRADE B BASKETBALL: Lisa Daniel, Karen Jasco. Shelly Rocker, Mary McKeon, Colleen Concannon, Leticia Escobedo, Debbie Mill. 5. 8th GRADE SOCCER - Row 1: Lori Rohr, Debra Stanton. Kathi Finnerty. Debby Jensen fCaptainJ, Dory Duff KCC-Captainj. Alecia Lucas, Lori Bar- nett. Row 2: Karen Jasco, Franchelle Egge. Denise Taylor, Tammy Chlla, Linda Seiben, Sharon Brolin, Kath- leen Ostrander. Kim Francis. Not pic- tured: Karen Buesch. 6. 9th GRADE B BASKETBALL - Row 1: Marcy Gonzales. Robin Artin, Liz Ramsey, Pam Nicholson, Illl Oede- kerk. Row 2: Ruth Mill, Terri Tebo. Greta Van Tongeren. Andrea Salva- dor. 7. 'hh GRADE SOCCER - Row 1: Trisha Taylor, Gina Aroblo, Cathy McDonald. Debbie Budge. Pam Neal, Daphne Cooney. Kelly Stone. Row 2: Kim Norrlsh, Lisa Rocks, Susan Mori- ana, Wendy Williams, Linda Loomis, Ana Pappas, Elisabeth Tanacsos. 8. Bth GRADE VOLLEYBALL - Row 1: Linda Seibert., Debby Jensen. Kathi Finnerty, Debra Stanton. Row 2: Kel- ley Kuhn, Karen Iasco, Shelly Rocker fCaptainy. Diana Stanton, Sharon Bro- lin. Not pictured: Karen Buesch. I ...b , ii... .-.,,.' . -- ---- -,- zany- .-nt., u J. A A.i'.. 8th GRADE TRACK - Row 1: Alecia Lucas, Debbie Jensen, Lori Bamett, Karen Jasco, Shelly Rooker, Dianne Lauria. Row 2: Lisa Daniel, Kim Francis, Franchelle Egge, Brett Brofman. Linda Seibert, Debra Stanton, Maureen Mauch, Rose Manning, Dianne Stanton, Corinne Lesperance. 2. 7th GRADE A BASKETBALL: Deanne Gates. Kim Norrish, Susan Mori- ana. Kelly Stone, Laurie Youmans, Daphne Cooney. 3. 9th GRADE TRACK: Ellen Schreiber, Lindie Wais, Kim Frazell, Mar- cella Gonzales. Liz Ramsey, Sandy Goins. Row 2: Lori Patapoff, Karen Lima. Amaryl Schroeder, Patty Molden, Dorothy Olender, Luana Van- Holten, Patty Parker, Vida Green, Jill Oedekirk. 4. 'Tth GRADE VOLLEYBALL - Row 1: Clarice Gotta, Cheryl Jensen, Liane D'Arezzo, Ruth Alexander. Row 2: Kim Norrish, Debbie Roper. Susan Moriana. Maya Rodrigues. 5. 'lth GRADE TRACK - Row 1: Margie Sullivan. Debbie Krlnke.-Laurie Youmans. Shelly Halperin. Rene Brenner, Lisa Rocks, Michelle Rasnik, Daplme Cooney, Liz Tanacsos, Sherri Prock, Pam Neal, Debbie Budge. Adrienne Biehl, Karri Prock, Mary Gallagher. Row 2: Trisha Taylor, Mary Kenz, Jenifer Harris, Clarice Gotta, Liane D'Arezzo, Cheryl len- sen, Gwen Hardwick. Annie Johnston. Shawni Jioras, Karyn Callaghan, Kim Connors, Kim Norrish, Janet Kelley, Corinne Steinberg. Row 3: MarrLin Greathouse, Lisa Miller, Linea Skoko. Eileen Tobin, Margery Stewart, Susan Bush, Erika Tyler, Sally Pierson. Wendy Moore, MaryKay Shulte, Darla King, Gina Aroblo, Cathy McDonald, Karen Serven, Lori LaFountain, lnri Eaton, Cathy Crowley. 6. 'ith GRADE B BASKETBALL: Wendy Moore, Pam Neal, Wendy Wil- liams, Karyn Callaghan, Debbie Budge. Adrienne Biehl, Lisa Rocks, Tri- sha Taylor, Elisabeth Tanacsos. 7. 9th GRADE SOCCER - Row 1: Robin Artin, Ellen Schreiber, Lindie Wais, Kim Frazell, Amaryll Schroeder, Jill Oedekerk. Row 2: Ruth Mill, Dorothy Olender CCaptainJ, Linnea Eckstrom, Beth McGinnis, Patti Mol- den fCo-Captainy, Gertrude Roman. Marcy Gonzales. Luanna Van Hol- ten. rrgiifgilss-," L 'TL' , , Mff yfj - ' 'H' ' " "l 'f"'.. . Lv.4,,, U ., -Bay 4,,..v... X Q -'N 'JI-iwggf -1. X6-'B-.. 44, "'.v--1 r fn, I 'S-V 'A ... A '. Mi I, QP"-vw Q-5: JB,-" 1 ., I . W i u, , ' -' -, if I' iff' V , 1 X 4 ' - " ' ., , - , , TT . -f -,' , - ' 1 .5":"w :-i I' Q A t . ,, ' 3 . V -.h . V ,W -'I' .5 .3 pi. U,-5.51: 1 735:-Qasiiifggtff A I ji' ' 5 . 'A'-7,5 ... ', A , 'xr-, ,r JZ ."- 1 14 wg -:na A -if .Aff-. K . l. 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Suggestions in the Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) collection:

Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 57

1975, pg 57

Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 38

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Dana Junior High School - Anchor Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 33

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