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S 4 1 .,.f zz-1 21 Sri' 5? 1,1 iff: ff uf xv " w 2, MW .., .Hr .1 .nv 'rw' ,-...A . 'J Cadet of 1977 We Want to pass it on through X ..., H4 WE "For the glory of God is Light, and its Lamp is the Lamp. By its light shall the nations Walk. " Revelation 21 : 23b, 24a J half? L-K L we L s K W ' hx. ' 7 ., A 'iff L r . lalfgwflfmz., . y ,,., , W ,,1tt,. , t,.,tt, W ,,,, , 'G GY 'ii- Foreword "The fear of the Lord is the beginning C Wisdomg a good understanding have all those who practice it. I-Iis praise endurn foreVer!" L Psalms lll:l0 p Seek Ye First Exchange Chapel - Southwest Christian hapel is a time to learn, a time to grow, and a time to share. Many people throughout the year shared with us what Christ meant to them. We had many special speakers and also a revival. We also participated in exchange chapels With Edgerton and Unity. These chapels helped to start out our days right and also realize the purpose of our school. X 3 ,H 5 Special Speakers - Dennis Kaemingk Student Chapel - Larry Hansum th lngdom of God Student Speaker: K. VanVuren Our Revival Speaker: Rev. Dennis Mulder Where Would W School Board The School Board is an organization that D.C.l-I.S. couldn't exist without. The members meet once a month to carry on business. Along with handling the general business and operation of the school, the board accomplished several other tasks during the year. Some of these include hiring 2 new teachers, revising the D.C. I-l.S. Constitution, initiating a Vocational Agricultural Course, and purchasing a P.A. System from memorial money and a table saw for the shop. A big THANKS to the School Board for the great job they dol e Without Them ,,.n,.mf,wm, 2 , i 2 W.wwfx,ww Ladies Auxiliary ,t sm:H1itV1infmMsfmwfw:fszf5x,f,,mf,,fs,,fb mam:'u1amf5ia!ffaU1mv1azzemswewfwsszzexvfaz'fewer,, M ,ef A-:fe ,- 1 A ' my , 1,, , . .,l2,A m..fM l,f it fli lzi 3 lit igii igi f i Q iii, 11 X E2 - ,, S 1, 2 W 1 , wwf il, vs, I 9 ' V 565411521135 9 Q35 , L" "Q" ,fs , ,fl 4 y 4 if , 44 ,. I- ,--, , , ,,.,,,. ,..,, ..E4,.4:,. JN " , if 1 ,-', y --,-,, .:, ' '52 39' 'WTQZ'-ii i-'Ai W3 ff' I 'if lfiflf5'5'1f'i7i'55ffe26i1i'm55' " fr 'ww 'wzv1fzw1z,sf,,seszzrzszi., ,'f,'z:1se1'WM-HW ,,. fs. .V gif.-,W . -ft ,,.,,,. Q mv, .L . ,., LM.. , , , . Wh' wwf. fwlfmif-24:-r.:-i.-m.:w,,H, f F fm , ff"i:'I1f "'?' " "'3s1t'L9iJ71:i,1.1.l71:l'1:'ILWSE' "'ll.. . , . aw: ,fuzwigillzfiwii I ' " Q1wasszzgaigzsizfssiiimr"z':fW?:1z:zg'p"2 H ' 'effraggy ,,. , r,,i arg? 'Mavic' gg gggq K? ms.i.Wi.m.,M962L, .i,g,,:.,::, f Prem. 5 'iV"if""' " wisp-wszfsezf1ez:ez2wfszA M f,.we f. -f Q' ,Q 'ii -f1-'f11 '5'WY'5",i5Efi5E?Ii?Tffg?'f"1 --b'. V 72 3'W'fi2:5f 'wmv' 'Ji' 'K H ,,, . ,M .,,. , ,Af The Ladies Auxilliary is another organ- ization that is vital to the existence of our school. The group is made up of ladies around the area. They spend a lot of time raising money for improvements in D.C.I-l. S. Last autumn they held the annual Dutch Smorgas- board. They organize and serve for banquets including the Hostess Supper and Parent-Sr. Banquet. They also sponsored a Request Program in the spring. The money raised as the result of all these efforts by the auxilliary is given to the school. This year the money has gone toward encyclo- pedias, sinks for the rest rooms, a new stage floor, a new kitchen door, Home Economics materials, flourescent lights for the class rooms, clocks, tile and table tops for the lab, steel lockers for the hallway, a bell system in the new addition and two new calculators. Everyone at Dakota wishes to express their THANKS to these ladies for their ded- ication and hard work! 7 Secretary Keeps Busy Mrs. I-Iolwerda serves DCI-IS as our secretary and librarian. Her duties in- clude typing and corresponding for Mr. I-Iolwerda and the school board. She also takes care of incoming and outgoing mail. Among her other responsibilities she also keeps school records, makes out report cards, and tabulates tardies and absenc- es. Her greatest challenge is managing the activity fund. As head librarian, she cleans our library and maintains order and organization of the books. She also supervised the library assignments throughout the year. Though its often a thankless job, We realize that without her hard Work, our school couldn't operate, so We're thank- ful for the time she spends and the Work she does. ur Custodians There's part of school that the stu- dents never see. That's when the kids are gone and all that is left is the evidence of another school day. This is when Casey and Jenny Kok enter the picture. They have been the custodians of DCI-IS for 9 years. jenny and Casey spend many hours cleaning up after "their" kids. We really appreciate the Work they do in Dakota. All the kids and the faculty say- - "THANKS". 27 22 2 24 25 5 29 30 I 16 17 18 15 I 24 20 536 2,1212jf'5A'4 5 6 7 5 Vg M7 59 9 A18 11,12 x3 iii :LS H 16 W 18 ne: 19 If 13 Q4 x5 1cs 255,18 17 is w 2o Q1f? 20 -21522213 iff? 25 26 2 fi 4512331 ' m 121311 12 zzz 14 15 1, 20 .21 as 22 22 26 2? 28 29 ifimm, 54, Q 7 :as if E iii! ML MISS WALVGRT English Home Economics Music Appreciation Choir Drama MR. I-IOLWERDA Psychology Church History Industrial Arts Principal MR. GROEN Bible I 81 II P. E . First Aid Reformed Doctrine MR. BUYS Senior Science Biology General Math General Science MR. VELDHOUSE Math IV Algebra I Physics Auto Mechanics Geometry MR . BONNEMA Acc ounting Typing Record Keeping Personal F inanc e Government Bus ines s Law MR. JUFFER German II U. S. History Speech English Drama Q 535 tudent Council Is Active BACK ROW: QLEFT TO RIGHTD L. Meyerink, K. VanVuren, E. Bok, J. Oliver, L. Maas, V. Munneke, K. VanderWey, D. Meyerink, M. Hoekstra. FRONT ROW: Mr Holwerda, T. Phiefer, B. Vreugdenhil, M. Veurink, I. DeLange, L. Hansum. The Student Council consists of 2 chosen representatives from each class, plus a member from each various school organizations. Meet- ings are held each Tuesday at noon to discuss how to make school better and more interesting. To make school more active, they sponsor various fun days throughout the year. This year We had CrazyDay, Black and White and Gold Day, Hat Day, and Hobo Day. They also held a Fresh- man lnitiation Party, Parent Night, and a special Revivals. For something new in D. C. H.S. they invited a magician and acrobat to perform. The Student Council Was also responsible for the exchange chapels. To ftmd all these activities, they sold candy to students at noon and breaks and also at home basketball games. We Would like to give a special thanks to Mark CABOVEJ A Student Council mem- Veurink, our president, for leading the Student ber, hard at Work! Cotmcil and also to all other members. They all did a great job!! 14 Deolam BACK ROW: J. Olivier QOrat01'YJ, Mr. Juffer CAdVisorJ, V. Dyk qPoetrYD, C. Vander Wey CHumorousD. FRONT Row: L. Hasse1erfHumorousD, K. VanVuren CDramaticsJ, L. Meyerink fPoe1:ryJ, G. VanderTuin CDramaticsD National Honor ociety BACK ROW: B. Vreugdenhil, L. Hasseler, M. Van Dusseldorp, D. Kuipers, M. Veurink, D. DeVe1der, K. Walkling. FRONT ROW: J. Olivier, T. Pheifer, R. VanZee, J. DeLange, B. Kuipers. nnual taff BACK ROW: QLEFT TO RIGHTD L. Kuipers, M. Hoekstra, J. DeLange, V. Walkling, M. Veurink, 1. Oliver, Mr. Bonnema CADVISORD MIDDLE ROW: S. Lefers, J. VanZee, L. Meyerink, K. VanVuren, M. DeLange, M. Feenstra, G. Lieuwen. FRONT ROW: J. DeLange, jo VanZee QEDITORJ L. Hasseler CEDITORJ T. Pheifer, B. Munneke. What you are looking at now is the finished product of the Annual staff's hard Work this year. One of their main jobs was going out and selling ads in order to help finance the annual. Though it may not look it, putting together a yearbook is a lot of Work. We hope our Work Wasn't in vain, and that you'll en- joy this annual. yytdy M, EDITORS: Joann Van Zee and Lynda Hasseler. Photography Club BACK ROW M Hoekstra, L. Hansum, R VanZee R Pheifer L Dykshorn, P. Kuipers, D. Keegal D Keegal FRONT ROW S. Lefers, J. DeLange, M. DeLange R Sybesma E Bok, D. Meyerink, Mr. juffer CAdv1sorJ The Photo Club, under the direction of Mr. fluf- fer, held monthly meet- ings in which they learned about the camera, how to take pictures and develop them. The club held a bake sale and two hot lunches to help finance their activities. They had monthly photography contests in which an over- all Winner was chosen. The members also took pictures for the Annual, the main photographers being P. Kuipers, E. Bok, and L. Dykshorn. 4. C155 Qlabet f A in jg M sg g y ttyg , , BACK ROW: C. jongejeugd, M. Feenstra, G. Vander Tuin, K. Feenstra, J. Dyk, Mr. Bonnema QAdvisorJ MIDDLE ROW: V. Sterk, K. VandenBos, N. Sybesma, B. Munneke, J. VanZee, K. Pekelder, K. Walkling. FRONT ROW: B. Kuipers, G. Lieuwen, I. Olivier fAsst. Editorj M. Van Dusseldorp Cl-Editorl K. VanVuren, K. OverWeg. The Cadet Staff did a fine job keeping the students of D. C. H. S. informed this year. They Worked under the direction of their editor. The Cadet comes out once a month. It is distributed to all stu- dents of Dakota, and also sent to various schools around the area. The staff, along with their editor, Worked very hard, and We Want to thank them for the good job they did. Editors: M. Van Dusseldorp and J. Olivier QAS st. I Published by The Students of Dakota Chrisiian High School BACK ROW: L. Dykstra, J. Overweg, K. VandenBos, B. Veurink, M. Feenstra, J. VanZee. FRONT ROW: P. DeVries, B. Vreugdenhii, CAsst, Editorb L. Meyerink. QEditorJ Miss Walvort CAdvisorJ L. Meyerink editor, B. Vreugden hil assistant editor. The Dakota Star is the other news- paper put out by D. C. I-I. S. students. The Star is printed about 5 times a year This paper is sent to the four churches which support our school, and given to the members there. Our thanks to the Star Staff and editor for their hard Work Drama lub ROW ONE: QIEFT TO RIGHTJ D. Meyerink, E. Bok, P. Kuipers, J. Olivier, M. I-lubers, K. I-lubers, S. Sybesma, V. Dyk, V. Sterk, ROW TWO: Mr. juffer fAdvisorj L. Dykstra, J. Mulder, P. Muckey, L. Maas, B. Veurink, J. Overweg, P. Lieuwen, P. Feenstra, Miss Walvort fAdvisorj ROW THREE: L. Dykshorn, M Van Zee, K. Vander Wey, J. Dyk, K. Kuipers, N. Sybesma, M. Baan I-Iofman, K. Feenstra, D. DeVelder, K. Overweg, ROW FOUR: R. Van Zee, L. Hansum, B. Vreugdenhil, G. Lieuwen, S. Lefers, K. Van Zee, B Munneke, M. Feenstra, J. DeLange, M. DeLange, L. Hasseler, ROW FIVE: M. Veurink, J. Sybesma, D Kuipers, T. Pheifer, 1. DeLange, G. Vander Tuin, M. Van Dusseldorp, K. Van Vuren, C. Iongejeugd, L Meyerink, J. Van Zee. The Drama Club is one of the largest clubs in D.C.H. S. Between acting or Working on crews, many students are involved. Even though many of them never appear on stage, all the members have their own job and Without each one the plays couldn't be a success. The director, Miss Walvort, also Worked very hard throughout the year. Congratulations to Miss Walvort and the Drama Club for a successful year. Our Director - Miss Walvort ne-Act Pla 1 f fs -1 O E f ,few wifi. S 5? " ' 2g1.Q,ji?iiP2iIfQ M ' 4 55552 gi 255 f W, .,,,,, H, , ,, ,., t, W, .f Q Q PFW if film s" f ft gg ,1 1, 24 1,11 t Was an 9vSglGi5i"?55i,3 .4 1523. 1 f ff, X 4 ME? I V - 1 ,A f A lliqgiiiifieigl , f 3? Egg? 5 Q 15525 " 'W G35 1 .4 if 1 a a gi u?v,,E:l3,5fp,3', , ga g J 'WB 'Jt5,fg?2'i??2gi r f 25 2 1 1 gif? fr f ai ug . 3 2 Q 252 -fr 2 2 "aw 2 ff: Gr 142, 'dvgifiwa in ' 'Q I E 3 :!,"l,,a,,Qn:g,gf5 i ll' ,Q f if A 5 ' f ,ff 5,2 ?.?,fsf i-.3 'eg ? f 3,2562 Q5 Q ami, ,,'1:,,.v . fs 5 ga at Hi 5' 5?b',15 ff .iaith Q 2 ea 'f' . sa 2 asia its ii A f 1 rfiirvi ,553 ,ma gy ya f 5jgQ:EEa:52 , dffz ig 2 pig' 4., w F4 1? M 2 a M ,F , if 51, H Q, rl, , aw The Contest play: REVOLT OF MOTHER THE LEADER OF THE PEOPLE ,,,,i..,li,5m,-51-1 ,gl ,"W, ' 'l'7 if if .. ,, , ii 2 ! s.. ,LV H 6 i.1::sf,f V.-,. H 1 mx ' 2 Ha, gi ff .cv-sz , Wiiixv' na,- li Z Wa fi wszgsmzi' Sf- in 5- f pf 5 W ng 9 fr Q W , , , i 'T 5 1, P ' ,, ., wtf. V. 4 'ii' filfmw z1 .:f1ff?f:il,i j :2f'-if Q if 2? il' 'THH , ' f gf gygg Wagga, 2,3,g1,1 ia iz, ff,y1z,f1ex'szfe m. V? ' ' as ,sf:f31eP'BavWf N H F at 1 T I 5 i 1feffffiei:m-ffW flffyfffrfil . 1' -,F ,,a gg ,, ,,,. EEWQQQW, K 3 ., . Mai., ,,,f 11. , 5 A f y' it T 15, A513 5 A A .7 2 mzzgyiz f Q wit "" ,, f f W""' 25119 . B ,aw The Children's Play ii.. ,, if , THE PRINCESS WHO WOULD NOT MARRY The first project for the Drama Club during the year is the one-act plays, which were given on Ocrober 23. The three plays given were THE LEADER OF THE PEOPLE, a dramatic play, THE PRINCESS WHO WOULD NOT MARRY, a comedy selection, and REVOLT OF MOTHER, a semi-dramatic play. The play that was sent to the contest was REVOLT OF MOTHER. Members of the cast were L. Hasseler, T. Pheifer, M. Van Dus- seldorp, J. Oliver, J. Dc-:Lange and L. Han- sum. The play didn't receive a place, al- though Lynda Hasseler received one of the medals for best leading actress. 21 "PAPA WAS A PREACHEPC' Edwin Porter . Pearl Porter . Hugh Porter . Cecil Porter . Raybon Porter Janette Porter Edd Porter . . Alyene Porter Helen Ludlow. Lucy Smith. . jenny Smith . Jeffrey Cole . Miss Jonas . . Bride . . . Groom. . .jerry Olivier o 1 o s n o o a o Mary Van Dusseldorp Philip Kuipers jim DeLange Larry Hansum Barb Munneke Duane Meyerink Marlys I-Iubers Karla Van Vuren Debbie DeVelder Laura Meyerink Randy Van Zee Lynda Hasseler Vikie Sterk Loren Dykshorn Papa VV Curtain Call Preacherv H55 W . , s ll ll The Buzzard Lope 'Q ,.. 5 The Drama C1ub's last production for the year was the spring play which was given April 21 and 22. PAPA WAS A PREACI-IER is based in the book written by Alyene Porter. The play tells the story of a minister's family and some of the problems they encounter. There were 15 members in the cast, with Mary Van Dusselclorp and Jerry Olivier holding the leading roles as Mother and Papa. Although it often goes unnoticed, much time and work is spent by all the crews in building the set and preparing for the play. A big TI-LANKS to all the casts, crews, and directors, Miss nDOnft let me interru tin Walvort and Karla Van Vuren QAsst.J for all their p hard work spent on the spring play. uMake A. - .l .... A 1ST ROW: CLEFT TO RIGHTJ P. DeVries, M. Veurink, rs, M. BaanHofman, M. sl. Mulder, S. Lefers, V. Dyk, S. Sybesma, P. Feenstra, K. Pekelder, K. Hube Hubers, L. Hasseler. ZND ROW: P. Lieuwen, M. VanZee, M. Dyk, L. Maas, G. VanderTuin, L. Meyerink, J. VanZee, G. Lieuwen, J. Vandenbos, B. Vreugdenhil K. VanVuren, S. Dyk, V. Munneke. 3RD ROW: L. Visscher, L. Dykstra, D. Veurink, C. Zomer, M. VanDusse1dorp, T. Pheifer, C. jongejeugd, P. Kuipers, B. Kuipers, P. Muckey, M. Veurink, K. DeLange, A. VanVuren. 4TH ROW: J. Olivier, R. Sybesma, D. Keegel, N. Niewenhuis, M. DeLange, B. Holleman, R. r . . Phelfe , J. Sybesma, R. VanZee, L. Hansum, E. Bok, B Krupers, T Kok, D. 1 A gm w-Ek-.5 -W ...W .N .f ffmyas.. k fvffs'-1.5-5.5.3. 1 mf 59555523 !'1iw""k"r' M - EN 5?iEggiw g5Qi.N..x. --gigs QR - gh , ...., ...w1... n wx: 95 1' QQ P P , , . E . .. . ....,..r.... uf g . M... his 2351522 gg' 3 - -35521 sa.f..2zeea.zsw. v ' .EaQswfversfwiaefffeffriffsffffzf-E.. .2 . . B .. .. Qffww-fwffsmfsafffszfssfffsz'-aims gl K.. .. gf. . arg wk.- -Y,..2!?mz,...,,. --f--f - T3s..as:.fu.am..fMz..se-.13k.sf,,-... Q 'P ' X ' ' ' B15 W----A S5324seize2Sawasffre:f2f!ff!ff2'fwEas?? X Y as .. . . ..,, ..,, ...,,,.., fi? 3? ,. .. ,, 5 1 gi lg .T ,,....,,. . ,.,,. ..., . ,, ..,,,.. ,,..., . . 5 X 5 1 T E 3 if: . sf? 7 S 5 f 5 , ' ,.,. 1 K 'Wi vi 4'--- K ' ., ggi.. , ..,,... .kg M, kmE5?5fr L ",-L"" WW'--a:::::: K 32' ..,, . 1 EE . L ..... ..... . . . PIANISTS: CBACKD J. Vanzee, G. ZZPWP Vande-rTuin, K. Overweg, QFRONTJ Our "dear" Director-Miss Barb P. Lieuwen, L. Hasseler, M. Van- Walvort. Dusseldorp. 3 0 99 oyful Noise SOLOISTS GIRL'S GLEE G1RL's vocAL MIXED VOCAL During the 76-77 year there were 52 stu- dents in our choir. The choir kept itself very busy with concerts, contests, and the Fine Arts Festival. The officers Were L. Meyer- ink, and R. Van Zee, with K. VanVuren as our student council representative. The choir's first performance was on October 31 at the Reformation Day Rally. Next came the Christmas Concert in which the choir sang a cantata entitled, "His Love Reaching. . . " The next Weeks were spent preparing for the District Music Contest held in Lake Andes on Feb. 2. The results were: G. VanderTuin l, M. Veurink I, L. Hasseler I Cvocal Sz Pianob, T. Pheifer I, L. Meyerink II-I-, J. Olivier ll, BOY'S ENSEMBLE J. Sybesma ll, T. Kok II, R. Van Zee Ill-I-, Girl's Vocal I, Swing Choir I, Boy's Vocal I-, Mixed Vocal H+, Cirl's Glee ll. The choir's final performance for the year Was on May 10. Congratulations to the choir and Miss Walvort for a year of hard Work 25 and success. Swing Choir LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Hasseler, CPianistJ L. Meyerink, T. Kok, T. Pheifer, B. Kuipers B. Vreugdenhil, J. Oliver, G. Lieuwen, M. Veurink, J. VandenBoS, K- VELHVUIGH, J- Sybesma, 1. VanZee, L. I-Iansum, G. VanderTuin, R. VanZee, M. Va11Dusseldo1p. All-State Chorus The representatives chosen for All-State Chorus this year were J. Sybesma,.L. Hasseler, L. Meyer- ink, R. VanZee. It was held in Huron, with high school students from all over South Dakota being represented. They were there for two days, spending most of their time at practice sessions preparing for the evening concert. Thank you y All-Staters for representing us! l Fine Arts Festival 2 x . Future Careers X FUTURE TEACHERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: QBACK ROWJ K. Van Vuren, M. Feenstra, I. Van Zee, CMIDDLE ROWJ C. jongejeugd, S. Lefers, G. Vander Tuin, Mrs. Helwerda, QAdvis0rj G. Lieuwen, B. Murmeke, J. Van Zee CFRONT ROWD B. Vreugdenhil, 1. DeLange, T. Pheifer, M. DeLange. FUTURE NURSES: S. Lefers, M. Advisor-Mrs. juffer DeLange, and M. Van Dusseldorp. ! 111-11- -l--1 Qi Q ross-Country This year the Cross -Country teams did quite Well. They had a very success- ful season record with the Junior Varsity undefeated in 5 meets. The Varsity fin- ished Znd to the Marion team in the region and then with a great comeback beat them in the state meet. Our boy's finished 7th in the State meet. Good Job Boy's! Also for the first time this year Da- kota had girl's running in Cross-Country. We sent 4 girl's to the RegionaI's and to State Where they finished 6th. They all did a fine job and We're very proud of our Girl's and Boy's Cross-Cotmtry Teams! ,xii M 3,4 . Q EK , - i ayiiy ,tyty f iilifiilliefliffi ,9251 f ef z, M R I o . 1 UWT? . or H 'R I 'A ' I I BOY'S VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY: BACK ROW-Mr. Groen CCOACHJ, I... Hansum, T Kok, D. Kuipers, FRONT ROW-K. De- Lange, J. VandenBos, K. Kuipers, K. Kuipers. GIRL'S CROSS-COUNTRY: CCLOCKWISE FROM LEFTD J. Deliange, J. VanZee, B. Veurink, J. Overvveg. BOY'S JR. VARSITY: BACK ROW-T. Beltman, W. Zylstra. MIDDLE ROW- K. Kuipers, R. Nydam, B. Kok, D. Keegel. FRONT ROW-K. Kuipers, S. Knoll, Mr. Groen CCOACHJ, V. Mun- neke, D. Veurink. Girls, IV Te am OTTOM ROW: QLEFT O RIGHTJ R. Walkling, . Overvveg, Mr. Veld- T ouse fcoachb, P. Lieuwen, B. Veurink. ND ROW: K. Walkling. I . Overweg, M. Hu- ers, P. Muckey. 3RD OW: V. Dyk, J. Dyk, T . Vandenbos. TOP "OW: A. Zylstra, O. anderWey STUDENT MANAGERS: CLEFT TO RIGI-ITD S. Lefers, G. Lieuwen, D. DeVe1der, B. Vreugdenhil ..,:...., if m gf ,,,,.,, Q99 F .255 , 16. ,wwfifzf 4 Lf G J S"SS"S" :m?..,,,,fm.a,fw.- m.24v,s,'f ,mmf ,I--:.:f:x:fm,1n.!1f ' .Hn Y ,I A35,g1ggg3,y::g::::m..A,,,,,,,,,.,elvzggwgfzmflamw ,Raw an M if , .Q . ,..,. ',, ,. 3' ,rv 4 5 u f f 55 S' E ff f f f 2e'-ww.::f..,t1.z:e.z:1lz:11 xg' ,, n nv 5' if f f" .:,,. ,,.,, 6 ,..,,.,. ...,, .., Enya" ,,3!..d,.maw5,m...-...nf .f:,2:,.+-::fm:w.fi:. fm- , ,,,..,W :..: A .SSP Mn YAA .W A,fw:g5gszfvs.2, Q 4 a Girls 2nd in District GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL QLEFT TO RIGI-ITD ROW FOUR: I. VanZee, N. Niewenhuis, M. DeLange, C. Ionge- jeugd, Mr. Buys QCOACHD ROW THREE: M. Feenstra, B. Kuipers, B. Veur- ink, K. Kuipers, ROW TWO: L. Hasse- ler, B. Munneke, T. Pheifer. ROW ONE: K. Walkling. Mr. Duane Buys coached his girl's to 12 Wins and 4 losses this year. The team placed 2nd in Dis- trict 27 losing to the Stickney Raiders in the champions hip game. All the members of the team lettered in the season. The girls worked hard and did a good job. We will be looking forward to another exciting and successful season next year! :pi ,, 3 . If Awxyigw K V . if A Ag 15 V n ' 5 1 V fa .,,'-'L-L ' 'ff' ,W " , V 1- A W' 7 1 5 , N 41+ ' H my , " M f "'-W , A eldhouse ok B. Veur , 1 Dyk, V. W ftpa pld 1675054 'gadeia W5 4 im ,mm-rw-fn fs 2:55 f??zigf55'?55?IE55SW f5Er2EU3Hbi5 Shaw 3257521 -iff? W?-fsi iff? fq xg- 3 ,.., ,HL.,f..-,.l..-vw .HM VLWQQWYM- Qffffm-iw-1'f-24sUfw':ff,2---fy f--, .M WW-ff- S 2 SX f'1fvfm?4wm--f My-if:,z5,w1Kv-eww- :Mgzv:w,1 rgjff-ffaffmw fsigmgmjrw- :Y-L,eifQf5gg1-,i isi. Q S Lt,f1ffjg:'21gf2, 2 - ff Yu? Sf., Q,Wa?-,gggfzl.-me 2megfzgs?wf'sf5g.--img Y wt- 1 M - X 4 M fx X 2 X 2 'W' f H 3 U 3 1 Q , A fi ,ww-,Sava i,,g,-gggfi-msgggf'gggiiqam-'12, mea -is U-1. K ygsswsw--em gy -22 - 'f -far 'Hrfkx f' V -l"':5+gf2'9Qi25fi51W? "B W21'm??s2'-we--fwiasssmfff''PWWJ" Wi 5-Hifi- 3551 Ffsftsszas? Yugi QW 2534 25 fm St-PazZfv'fffg,g 54+ 2- i'fS-19 - .-.fab-'P?f2:i1sf1'f14ffs-iffiw ww- 2 5f?'f'?242's?:5?fgsfggs1g if-fm W f -g.-vm W" Seems- 451, fm 2' '2' 3 1 5 f 1 's E 3 H A ff X 28 3 5 5 .gi - 1 .. 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V. boy's basketball team had a very successful season ending with a 14-3 record. They learned teamwork gained friendships, and also had lots of ftm. The boys also participated in the Freeman Academy Invitational Tourna- ment in which they took 2nd place. GOOD JOB GUYS!!! STUDENT MANAGERS: CLEFT TO RIGHTD O. Zomer, M. Veurink, J. Olivier, L. Dykshorn Power v 4 ' ,. 135 ,A ,M ,. ,4,af,Z.fM,,W:mafi,P4mJaH,l. -- fQf,L9Wg,n awry-fffq,iAyz4,4f4M,X.fH,fma .wmlffar .Em X5 Q: W 'HV A K 5 z ' 1 !-,. ' ' ,--b'- , Qigggyggfgsfvfif"fsv4:Ef53iflf5?' fins, ' V WW II if' n Wai, K' - LMA , 1 2 " i Il Z J , ,F ' Qi 1, .2 i i W fb 1 ,'., m L, fl ,zwe w fak Q J, dy 'L, , ,. M .? L"' ,, M ., im . 5 'Q L V Q S , W"' -b'-W 5 A Q , N , all '," , ,'h, I Q 53 ' LK " f--f ge, - .,,. ,, ,.,,, ,K ..,, MM, ,,.W , ,A ,,., . ,..,, Wm, ,-W, ,,W.,, ,mgY,,fA fa , ,,,L ".L Y , "-L W"k ggi. , 2 n 1? f H 4, E P g y ' K' ifiiieiff 2 , ,L11ffWq' Ei 5 z f ,Q , , adetS!! 3? L 9 f gg f ge , rg 'iii L A 1 f biz, 4 Jw f 1 Y J, is rf A, 1+ :A K f f ff' m ggd Af " p ' ii' E 513 f' 'AM a ' e 4 f ,f m,,, 2 , L gg I IEQU 1jg y5' E fi .,, . V 1 '- ,. 1 ' ' K A kk" at .W H,.,,,., f I :wr fr -z .1 .1 ,z Hi 95Hw' H ' " C5133 it fm i f m ,, 3 V- ,LVQV lsffii 5 gi if Z ' Z f 12 'f 24 , 1 '4 cf f H . Vf f 1 1 - V, if 7311? M 'ff-', ff ifgifdi Wwf wgw' Y " ar!f1 gzF2'fffm iw 1 . to S W5 'f ' Eglfvhz i r , f '4'?f1 f:fsygzgfi:,.,.,1 , U ! 5 gf Fig? . , in ,aa Van-fra-llllb, El Q n., 1 ' X ' My ff ng, i . Jas! ' ., sz Z, an W Got pirit? A-TEAM CHEERLEADERS: CCLCJCKWISE FROM LE FTD Marcy DeLange, Joann Van Zee, Carmen jongejeugd, jan DeLange. A LTE RNATES: CTOP TO BOT- TOMB Lynda Hasseler, Barb Munneke, Pam Lieuwen Let,s Hear It!! V352 BOY'S JR. VARSITY CHEERLEAD- ERS CCLOCKWISE TO RIGI-ITD Jody Overweg, Mar1yS'I-Iubers, Brenda Kuipers, Pam Feenstra. :.." :l 141 .W - A 329: f - X, ' fff'g:'j.h X GIRL'S BASKETBALL CHEERLEAD- ERS CTOP TO BOTTOMJ Karen Feenstra, Kay Pekelder, Laurie Dykstra, Vickie Sterk, LaDaWn Sterk Cmascotj High chool Days Where Memories Are Made "Kiss me, you fool!" Baby face, you got the cutest little baby face! The king of the greasies. Bonnema's boredom strikes again! Who says this school isn't like the army? . . z , Hs'f12f'gw ,feffezw 12' Nw L 9:2225 . 9 A ' 5. l?,.,,m,sWg,, av wi 2356 541 5 Q , . 9 .,,., K -V I A case of the Monday morning "Dub, would you go out with me?" grumpies. Luverne and Shirley U5 "Hey man, you dig?" "Man, do I feel spaced out!" What's the matter, Randy and Wayne, too much pre-e-essure? irlas Track Team Captures BACK ROW: K. Vanden Bos, J. Dyk, M. Van Dusseldorp, N. Niewenhuis, K. Kuipers, J. VanZee, P. DeVries. SECOND ROW: I... Meyerink, 1ManagerD V. Dyk, M. De Lange, T. Pheifer, S. Lefers, B. Kuipers, P. Feenstra, J. Mulder, B. Vreug- denhil, QManagerb. FRONT ROW:j. Overweg, L. Mass, P. Lieuwen, C. jongejeugd, A. Zylstra, M. Huhers, B. Veurink, R. Walkling. The girl's track team had a very successful season this year. They succeeded in placing either first or second at almost all of the meets they Went to. They also won the Regional meet and took home the Conference trophy for the third year in a row. The girls won several trophies and set many new records. GREAT JOB GIRLS! ! ! COACH: Mr. Duane Buys Class B Track Crowns ' - , f ' .. ,Lm,, "- at H , ,.,,,,,,.,,ff.a.m .,.,,.w, 5 , ' ' 1 '. a sm., 5 P W ,.,:,w+'f?-. - -. ,Q :fff1,1.,-ww A ,f,W,,,,,.. ,,, p .., , ,,. an, Q . ,,.. , .,,.W, W,.., 4 t " HL,V,t:M!5,E5,,5k151,35575535'5,Hjg,5g3:f:y5jffiiglcjfqjgie .,?',qg,uQ':'2Y-,..:SSE11 'j lS':f'3l ' '5Fj.E. ""Y '-ff , . -fr,1,w,e:a , 4W,k r . ,.., JL' -I V N Wg -' 'W W-af 55 ' , W" :'f."fff-I . ., vi , - ' :mas For the first time in D .C .I-LS. history the girl's track team won the State Track Meet. The girls rolled up a score of 32 points in the rain at Huron to win the Class B champion ship track trophy. g The Cadettes Won two of the events. J. Overweg took the mile run setting a new state record, and the two-mile relay team ofj. DeLange, J. Van Zee, B. Veurink and J. Overweg won the race in school record time. The 880 relay quartet of B. Veurink, P. Feenstra, B. Kuipers and M. DeLange placed second, and the same group placed fourth in the medly. The mile relay combination of P. Feenstra, K. Kuipers, J. Van Zee and B. Kuipers were third. The 440' relay team of T. Pheifer, P. Feenstra, B. Kuipers and M. DeLange were third in school re cord time. The final points were from a fourth place finish by M, DeLange in the 100 yard dash. Other members of the team that attended the meet, but weren't able to place were 1. Van Zee in high jump, M. I-Iubers in hurdles, J. Overweg in the 880 yard run. We at D.C.H.S . are all very proud of you girls and want to congratulate you on the great job you did! We also know without God's help, none of it would have been possible. So as was inscribed on the championship trophy, "TO God Be The Glory!" 43 Boy,s Track Team BOY'S TRACK-QFRONT ROWJ D. Meyerink CStudent Managerb K. Kuipers, K. Delaange J. Dyk, M. Veurink, 1. Vanden Bos, T. Kok, QMIDDLE ROWJK. Kuipers, R. Nydam, L. Hansum, T. Beltman, I. DeLange, D. Schelhaus, Mr. Veldhouse QCoachJ QBACK ROWJ B. Kok, D. Kuipers, R. Van Zee, D. Van Zee, R. Pheifer, B. Holleman, D. Keegal. The boy's track team also had a successful season this year. They took home many first place trophies including the Conference and Regional for the first time ever. They also set new records in almost every event. GREAT JOB GUYS! ! ! 44 lace 3rd -, ' , , , af-N,gg,,V.,,,,,,,,, gr. amw!,..,.., a.,,.....q,,,,,,,h,,.l,?,g5Q ff - . Mw "t',, . .2,.zs??f4iw.:ew1evv1-wtarffcv 9 .ensw1..a1sfr 'f W V r .1 1 Z was SE . A . 4, , , 5 Q gm.. A f- " 1 , M , ,,,, , a ' e it t ,y A, mpwbw ' .,,..,.. v ' , f .aa '1 ,, 'I' "f-' 'f M" If 'i,ff1,.2z.a1f -W 'indgggggssfaigggegi,gii,.U.3ig3Mm,.MW,W,ky Pf' F mvilzfliiiw V511V11525522112255ai!lssfgitggggggwvfff .L .ff or Mi , I f.5.,3zf.35j..3.j l 2. k ,.w,..,,. A - '. 57:7" 9I4'i ,.!,f"W2'a"' Kimmel mm' . W -1' My A' 'Yugi rryy f, V .- . K f-2 W W. . .. in ff,-f .. .Q ' af nay- M' I . ,V u QQ ,, 1 ,1432 f . ZW' 5 ,gf ' . ,,, I mi"Y' 9 1 ' , ' ,N ig lgiqf 'V , to ' ' "H " - Q ,,,. , M , an A4 , , .. , ..,,, . WV. ' "" - E fiit zfiflf- ' f v"z':,' 'n ' f-" . ,g.,.,:'Z 52+-, zu b"1:'H51g A Z i ,.,f.,,,1,g1,g5f.g.,..g...,,.. Vg, . .,,, 2255atIf422'twef1f'ffv1"t"5G?lf1:zQ.:f: ' at tate y 9? K' if 5 V 5 is W l xi M M e 1 .1 4154 4 1 a..aM.g1:ff,W'4iW 'Tit' - - vez? F B f 1 V V " I . l I Yf,' V ,.,, I VVIV , - T' ig W,,L 33 . 5 ' .- W2 lf A Sill y ' Elia, ' V' 5 "i" Y , 1- ' 9' ' AVA: .lfllfi -,A, I W' " 'I' . fran Vii.zgg'irlLs4i.s, y 6. 'gf k . ' i l' ' L,,, A.,,. , ,E yre , 5 -pf, it 5. fu: Www f 5 ' Q f" 5 ' 'tf at , in W a uf. 4j,,Z,5 .rf YF5 .Iii :gage esbfxwejffifgigfgfj:23iiff..sZLz.La , I A 2 f Q .,.., -1 If -f" 1 ,-,W 4 . 5, lima.. Q" raaawtz g , an . 5 The boy 's track team took third place in the State Track Meet, missing the runner -up trophy by only one point. The boys placed in six events with one gold medal, that in low hurdles by J. DeLange, who also added a third in the high hurdles. L. I-Iansum copped second in the two-mile run in school record time. The two-mile relay team of J. Vanden Bos, I. Dyk, M. Veurink and R. Van Zee also turned in a new school record while placing fourth in that event. The medley relay combo of I. Dyk, R,' Van Zee, M. Veurink and I. DeLange were second. R. Van Zee took fifth in the 400 yard dash to account for the final D.C.H.S. point. Other members of the team at the meet unable to place were J. Vanden Bos in the 880 yard run, K. DeLange and L. I-Iansum in the mile run, R. Van Zee in the triple jump and B. Kok in the high jump. Congratulations Guys! ! ! 45 Girl's Intramurals N Girl's intramurals was very exciting this year with Sharon's Red Barons Win- ning by just 25 points after jan's jokers were leading all year long. The names of the other teams competing were 1oann's jolly Joes, Murph's Serfs, Karla's Kooks and Marcy's Motormouths. The teams competed in several sports including softball, basketball, speedball, floor hockey, volley ball, tug of War, row- boat races, scale squeezer, and arm Wrestling. Boy,s Intramurals fm ,7W,, .-z. f'9'M 'T ' A 7 .Hifi .f"M,f5J' N ' 'X-A A , A ' A , 1..aag5i4sgg1i, BM.. Smgeifff f :TWV gm My ,m,,,,,,,,H,,mi,:,,,,4ffW,p rpw, at 1 'II' i ' ' .ff " Q f V AnE"a, I 3 In boy's intramurals this year Wa1k1ing's Weaklings led all year and set a record of 410 points, the most ever scored in a year. Other teams participating were Veurink's Vampires, Ding1e's Ding-a-lings, Kruipers Kruisers, Larry's Leopards, and Terry's Torchers. The boy's teams competed in the same sports as the gir1's teams. What Would We Do Without. . Freshman innocence? The bionic Woman? Friends to goof around With? Someone, Clike Murphy to pick on? The great bodies UD of the D.C.I-I. S. men? gii W IM KJ Maxine Feenstra Scott Feenstra Mike Hoekstra Terry Kok Bob Kuipers Dennis Kuipers Lowell Kuipers Sharon Lefers 50 jan De Lange Marcy De Lange Vernon Dyk uni rs Orville Bultsma jim Buitenbos 5 s "V rf re Q5 a ,I g 4, ,, ' Z Mi if ? me ' W' f 4 lf visa . iw!! AB' ,mr AW' ws. .jk f I 4 L LMS "" mr, ,,,,., ,, 1 'i?!?Wi?fs2:s?112!?f'S2Ji11-,ESMM, ,. "'ffSS1f2!Eh fd' ' 'Y ff: Lf 43 ' I ,- q ' K -ef, g - ' Wig f'.' l5 fl1T ' WGN Iiurifxvwx V 'ff 'su 942 251 5515 gym! M., 5 ,,A , ,, 17, 1 W, ,f ,f1,,.'.ff ,M AN .1 ,gif 6 m l zu wha? W , I . ' 3 ,, , : 5 5 H 25 if ff '- " y va ,C gs ti f mg. ' az' V . 1 1 5 4 V A at my ' 7,1 iq aw AE! 1 ' my f . f1'lg6'fi' .,f 5 4 124? a f f af 7 'fr fi! .1 Calvin Zomer LEFT TO RIGHT: Advisor-Mr. Jufferg Sec-Treas. -Scott Veurink: Vice-Presi- dent -jan DeLange3 President-Barb Vreug- denhil. 1-1 Gail Lieuwen Dean Meyerink Barb Munneke Jerry Olivier Twyla Pheifer Jerry VandenBos jan Van Zee Brent Veurink Myron Veurink Scott Veurink Barb Vreugdenhil Vern Walkling t 51 Loren Dykshorn Karen Feenstra Pam Feenstra Bob I-Iolleman 52 'XII' Il: 'Sf' 1,3 ' C17 I KP Edward Bok Keith De Lange Debbie De Velder julie Dyk Scott Dyk Virjean Dyk CP EGXUOFQS Marcia Baan I-Iofman Trent Beltman lam Rod Pheifer Delton Schelhaus Brad Schipper Vicki Sterk 53 I .1 rg , H nr '2 :gag X ff' , Kg , K ytntnoo 5 xvna W QP' FfV!'fi4 ,r Nancy Sybes ma Randy Sybesma l Sheri Kathy Vanden Carla Vander Anthony Van Vur Mary Van ee Maurice Veu rink Karla Walklin Steve .1 52 a fzfexwstf 5 " af, 5 I z g - , ,, ',t. -- wwf V 'P 4v32M?35 I " - " . 'iffwuvifi ,5ti:Jt::ri,t,:.,, . ,i , ,Z 3 ., , ,, .K . , v 4 F' 3 ff f if X , ,, , S 4,1 :Wm LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Buys- Advisorg Bob Ho11eman-Presi- dentg Steve VanderPo1-Vice Presidentg Kim OverWeg-Secre- tary: Norma Niewenhuis - Treasurer. Warren Zylstra .1 14477 ml 'I 'F gp w . -H'--'Ein kan gif. N .' Q' , Lfmjji' Q54 5-5,3 ,. .- 25:4 ,, L5 f iijkiiiii , Q 'QM W 1 .ff f' ' I A mi- " 'K ,-33 Ai g Wm35:,,,Wwm7w,,WM , Ni , 'z.-15,12 ,-I 'fi-if W 'A 'f M' - e :ff-V. i ' ' f, 6' L ' ' '- ., V WP T' v W if .V 4 5 ga , ' V ,,,.,.,,f':, :JV ,gf . 'TW if 1 d wr :rj 1 A , U ui, , Z " . , Q v, 7, , '25 ' -.'f - ,, ,TX M m ' 83,4 II E f llrw g, H A "" ', " 1 " .' 'lf-',l,,,f' 'viz ,u w , ., , 1i'iW"5fYff'ff ,Q Lf: , ,, H gy, , 4, WG. 1 , :,Q. 321, ' 'KTA Vs Janice Bronclsema Peggy De Vries Marsha Dyk Laurie Dykstra Terry I-lansum Doug Kaemingk Dewayne Keegel Steve Knoll Brent Kok Kent Kuipers Kurt Kuipers Leanne Maas Brian Meyerink Doug Meyerink Pam Muckey Jolinda Mulder 56 X JH-as en f"f'X KZ gf 'X x S, , , 1 X3 u 5 3 gg Z ii ., ,. .sr , 5253113 . .:ffl af,eQ' 1 Z i n -511 1512 " .-.- 1 ,.,- lfzrfswresw-f.:,wf will ,,.. ,zzxzfw Qsnagvlw S323 ... " .. 4' 1'SZfi.1f21.f'3fi2z11f' ' 2521455224:1-aszsfnis , , . 'KKW I S T 53 , gf H K 2 F H, Sw ,, ,X R, S X! ,ik A N in in X W. ! -5 ik -f ,Q X X 2 H Q a, Qs M 2 df. HT fa , M f X 49 S 5 5 1 - 1 s is gg 5 P51 fx its . E s 5 HH l H li M EQ 13' 5 :gh 1 W ' Ms h 5 C Q? ii P' A Xt. ' has 5, "' f ,Fmffii it R "' mu Ing!!! J ' L -1 r ' fl. EM .H .. WU? JC- K, T 132. 'gffi ' sw. I , . , ,,.. , ,. .. . E - A W, ni, I I EF" ' H- N MS' 51'-H" W mi SF: St? .: Wai'-2!E'x25'l ffkilsiiili-ff-f , ...,.. ,.., at H . Q as IX R x 1 . 'E ' i J 1124? " ' a F . .Wu W .aw,,,,N ,F X wsqgza, . -a X! , . .-me. .sr Q 33 3: -,Ai sign S 4 . ssseizfwz-1. -' 1 .... my X , V at E ff , - fn, f ' .1:e,f::. "l'FEa?'F?9E33 Wk S ix Ixgt' ', wa F dig gg W "LS H52 ggi, my 5 MQ 'Quin u r r 1 1225? K. ' ti k i? S fm' 549+ -ist ,'- f, ,- ,, ..11-Mis -1 "W-2 if. 'l ' p w i A gliifffh iw mf I t t so 3555521 Ss 5-.W 11- f , ,W . W 11.Z I -f'--f Q .W15, 5 75:1 villiiiil - .. ' .,- it . .. all , Wg H Q' sl 1 'El s 'dm' ' if 54+ 1 " Q il gem Wap!! it . , law S fill? ? EI!" of -lil, ff" Si E"' M' '15 ,275 E Ardis Zylstra LEFT TO RIGHT: Rod Nydam - P res identg Beth Veurink-Sec- Treas. g Steve Knoll- Vice Presidentg Mr. Bonnema-Advisor Victor Munn Rod Nydam eke ff ., gg .as E I I -2: ,ls 'WISE we N ' 5"b?ix 3-J? 3? tug, i 4 1 m i x T F535 W? L 3 '35 .. if 3 '2" B. ,gl - 'f +I E gifts Q 'ig kwa, 12 , gig gvvymlw ff M' ' is 5.5 ww- Kiwi S, 5'1.lQm S ',,?"'M ' 3,525 5, Sf, z ' ia is E B 5 L ,iv ,,,, 1 2, K if: 5 Q i W - eva! six:-ggi 1 :.- K .qgij ' f E il rf ig ,, 1' A in ,H!V.,1-.Wig tx , :,..,,,g1' 1 11' tgp :iss ..,:.1'i-elif'-1 ff Mifg- ff f .lat , - fi Todd Olivier Jody Overweg Danny Veurink Beth Veurmk David Veurink Lewis Visscher Renae Walkling 57 To God Be the Glory Awards Day n CMG E E E Jr.- r. Banquet flvli S kt,",zL l ' do Waitress and Waiters - K. Overweg, B. Schipper, N. Niewenhuis, K. DeLange, P. Lieuwen, R. Pheifer, K. Walkling, D. Meyerink. junior - Senior Banquet Opening Prayer and Scripture .... Mr. I-lolwerda Master of Ceremonies. Brent Veurink junior Toast of Welcome ...... Barb Vreugdenhil Dinner Senior Class Prophecy ...... Vernon Walkling Senior Class Will. . . Mark Veurink Senior Toast of Thanks Mary Van Dusseldorp Closing Prayer .... Mr. Juffer Head Waitress and Waiter: Pam Feenstra and Anthony Van Vuren C6 99 Dream on Master of Ceremonies - Brent Veurink The Jubilata Singers Parent- r. Banquet PARENT-SENIOR BANQUET OF 1977 Master of Ceremonies. . Mr. Albert Kuipers Welcome .... Mrs. A. jongsma Devotions . . . Mr. Terry Veldhouse Group Singing . Miss Berb Walvort Toast to Parents jim De Lange Special Number. Faculty Toast to Seniors Mr. EdWinVeurink Class Prophecy. Faculty Special Number. Parents Closing and Prayer .... Mr. Holwerda Faculty Special Number The Senior Girls The Senior Guys Graduation 4 'Wlll ls Near! 2 3 SE ,, f K, ,fi K my Ik. 1, l I RWE, QMM-'f' fm W 3,9 i Z i j MM Z ,. LL,LL VVVV V j V Vi V , , ,V VV K K V K C-IM MW' emu A 'L ' ,M yuan.: V-mln . K , 4"'l"'+ 9""9L"4fo5'j.,, M M' I alwg -0... ay. CLASS OFFICERS: QSTANDINGJ Randy Van Zee QSec. -Treasurerj, Ken Lieuwen QVice-Presidentb, CSEATEDD Mary Van Dusseldorp CPresident D Mr. Veldhouse CAdvisorb. E Graduates of 1977 s 4 f Z CLASS TEXT I Corinthians 3:11 foundation can no laidg Which is jesus Christ. lf any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a rewardl" CLASS MOTTO Our foundation is laid, We are ready to build for God. CLASS FLOWERS Red Rose and Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS Maroon and Pink and 14. "For other man lay than that is Building for Cod D.C.l-1.S. GRADUATION May 27, 1977 Invocation . . . Rev. William Brouvvers Senior Address . Mary Van Dusseldorp Special Number. Senior Class Address .... Rev. Paul Bakker Presentation of Class of '77 and recognition of Honor Students Mr. I-lolwerda Presentation of Diplomas . . . Mr. Harold Meyerink Special Number. Choir Closing Prayer . Mr. Veldhouse COrganist . . . Mrs. Ron Van Zeeb i Vi . i . ?f fn Mm, Www Q Q F

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