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Cuyahoga Falls High School - Cuyahogan Yearbook (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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-P Iiidk gg 7 3 Y ,... Ak' IHI IBI H LW!! Ill Ming l az E' F--Q ' 0 F' 5 l' H, Q , 1 f 524 if I f .l1..........,..... ,Qs FO 1 n n n unu. I 1 Q a " 9 on ua , an 4 nn I.. n ' I.l' II I. '- ,, .,. as an lf. no Q nu ' 1 an u n u an an U no no ' +V- I I . . , nn. 1 I, .--on ,, ,n's ,, an u 22: ,.,.,. .. UIJHUMII Faculty - Administration Page 5 Graduates Page I9 Undergraduates Page 65 Clubs Page 81 Speech Page 103 -9 Polls uSx 11 xgH Fun Page 139 QSP Classes Page 131 Mrs. We, the class of 1957, as Seniors about to leave Falls High wish to express our deep gratitude to Mrs. Genevieve B- Wilhelm. 7 Looking 'back upon our four years with you. we value your loyalty to us, your great patience, your enthusiasm for our progress, and your guidance in a number of school activities. As head of the art department you have inspired and encour- aged many of our classmates to increase their artistic abilities and create some lovely work. To some this has been the beginning of a career in the field of art. You evidently never wearied of assisting us in problems of party decoration, poster making and scenery designing. 'For your active work as sponsor of the very essential Booster Club we are particularly grateful. Much of the success of this club is due to your skill in enlisting our energetic support. Every project is undertaken with zest and ingenuity. We are not likely to forget the stunning effects you helped us to achieve at the Homecoming dances. Therefore, because we feel that you have contributed so much to our enjoyment of high school, we dedicate this, our yearbook, to you, Mrs. Wilhelm. 4 Genevieve B. Wilhelm Board of Education Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Sopllrin, Mr. Cooper. Seated: Nlr. Reid. Mr. Nicol. Mrs. Skeels. The Cuyahoga Falls Board of Education deserves a great deal of credit for its dedicated efforts to solve the problems of our entire school system, The five members. who make up the Board. are elected for a term of two years. They meet twice a month to discuss and solve the difficulties of Finances. Personnel, Building and Grounds. and Health and Safety. These issues form the basic committees which investigate and report to the Board any problem which may arise. The Board then acts as a committee of the whole in rendering its discussions to these particular problems. Q We, the members of the graduating classes of 1957. are indeed grateful to these unselfish citizens who work so earnestly to improve our school system. Mr. Alex Walker was the motivating power behind the Board for almost four years. Under his able leadership the Board not only functioned well but progressed steadily. We, who are about to graduate. wish to express our appreciation for the fine work that he has done. 6 lVlr. John Steinhauer Assistant Superintendent Steinhauer re- cieved his BS. from Miami University and his lVl.A. from Ohio State. Mr. Steinhauer is the one in charge of all properties of the schools from books to paper clips. He has charge of all non-teach- ing employees and is the man in charge of such things as heal and light. You might rememher seeing him' in one ol your class- rooms with a light meter or checking the temperature. He also is responsible for all buildings and additions to he huilt: with this is included the advertising for hids and the specifications lor the building. lVl1 Ward Qecrist Dr. Ruth Clayton Dr. Ruth ll. Clayton. Co-ordinator of Pupil Personnel. is supervisor of all special serxices in the Cuyahoga lfalls School Sys- teni. including an overall testing program. school psychologists. nurses and health programs, spcech therapists. attendance. visiting teacher. guidance in lvoth thc jun- ior high and the high school. all special edu- cation including slow. gifted. and physical- ly handicapped and a research program. 1 qltlll C lltlllldltil' of Curriculum. rcciexcd his HS. from Kent State lvniver- sity and his lVl. li. from l'ittsl+urgh l'ni- xcrsity. As co-ordinator ol curriculum. he is the man responsilmlc lor the courses of study in the schools. This means not only new texthooks hut what parts should hc skipped and what additional parts taken. lle must also see that there is vertical and horizon- tal uniforniity. 'l'hat is. sce that thc work hecome progressixcly harder and all pupils in the same grade at different schools learn the same things. Our Superintendent . . . Mr. Bode is the highest official of the entire Cuyahoga Falls School system, being in charge of all administrative personnel and teachers. He not only has the responsibility for all administration, for interviewing and hiring teachers, but for the education of all children of school age in Cuyahoga Falls. Even if a child is privately tutored, or goes to a private school, or goes to a school for the handicapped. he has the responsibility of seeing that these children are receiving a good education. With all his other duties Mr. Bode has been instrumental in bringing about many innovations. Among these are a new grading system. junior high schools, and enriched classes. Mr. Bode is something of a jack-of-all trades, an excellent farmer, a good car- penter, and a fair plumber. 8 Fred Bode Superintendent F- H. Bode received his HA. from Hei- delburg College and his lVl.A. from Columbia University. Our Principal . . . Mr., Cordon M. DeWitt, our principal. received his BS. Degree from Kent State University and his lVI.A. Degree at Ohio State University. The teachers at Cuyahoga Falls High School in November. 1954. presented him with a life mem- bership to the National Education Association and earlier. in 1049. the boys at Falls High presented him with a life membership to the Hi-Y. This year he will complete his twenty-third year as principal at our school. Mr. Dewitt enjoys traveling and amateur photography and has a collection of some 1500 colored slides taken while on his trips. Outside of school he is a mem- ber of the Kiwanis club and an active member of the First Methodist Church. where be teaches Sunday School. Through our four years here at Falls High Mr. Devlfitt has been very highly respected for the help and guidance he has given us. both with our studies and social affairs. In future years when our thoughts drift back to the alma mater. Mr. DeWitt will always be first among our memories. Gordon DeWitt Deans . . . Dean of Gids Mrs. Elizabeth Ellis has served as Dean of Girls and Assistant Principal of Cuyahoga Falls High School since 1940. Her duties include var- ious phases of guidance for girls and the care of the girls' attendance records. She is chairman of the Freshman Advisory Committee and advisor for the Cuyahoga Falls Student Council. ln addition she teaches two classes of psychology. Her quiet efficiency and calm demeanor will long be re- membered by those of us who have felt her in fluence in our lives. Dean of Boys Mr. Howard U. Saurer received his B.S. Degree from the College of Wooster and did graduate work at Akron University. He serves as a sponsor for the tenth grade, as advisor for the Hi-Y, and as Faculty advisor for the Cuya- hogan business staff. Outside of his busy school schedule, he enjoys gardening and playing golf, and is a member of the Falls Rotary Club. The students of Falls High will remember him not only as a teacher and dean, but also as a friendly advisor to all who seek his counsel. Elizabeth Ellis, B.S., M.A Howard Sau rer, BS. In Memoriam Sallie M. Sears We hear her 1f01'1'e so vlenrly. Hur Il'l.SllUlVL we can feel. Har guirlnnce, lmlfl so rlenrly Our own gijls Joes l'c'1'eal. ls fha! her step Il,'8,I'E' lzvuring Uur cnvrgy irzcreasesf Hur f1'0.9l1m'ss, so afnzlearillg, Our hiflrlen thought releases. They fry I0 say she's gone a That we CllII.l hear that voice But insp1'ratio11's here to st ll Miss Sears is still our ch0ir'e.' 'I1 a ? zmy y: MR. GORDON ACKERMAN, B.S. Bowling Green State Univer- sity. lllefhaniral Drawing, Assist- ant Football Coach, Fresh- man Basketball Coach. Sports. MR. JOSEPH C. BRODE, B.S. Kent State University. Instrumental Musir, Dance Band: Junior High Bands. Bowling. Fishing. Golf. MRS. MARJORIE P. CANNON, B.S. in Ed. Kent State University. Plzysiral Erluration, Girls, In- tramural Sports. Ceramics. MRS. MARY H. CARTER, B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University. Kent State University. English anll Librarian, RW. Club, Senior Class. Reading, Gardening and Tra- vel. MRS. DOROTHY G. CROPP B.S. in Ed. Kent State University. 10th Grade English, Gocley. Music. Reading, Dancing. MR. JACK DREWS B.A., M.A. in Ed. Akron University. Algebra, Key Club, 9th Grarle Sports, Baseball and Bowling. MISS HELEN E. ERF B.S. in Ed, Kent State University. Geometry, Trigonometry, Sen- ior Y-Teen, Senior Class, 10th Grade Y-Teen. Sewing. MISS LOUISE FLICKINGER, B.A., M.A. University of Akron, Colum- bia University. University of Wisccunsin. Northwestern Uni- versity. E n g l i s h, Journalism, Tiger Tales, Senior Class. MISS EVELYN F. HABERKOST. B.S. in Ed. Kent State University. Shorthand l, Typewriting I, Office Practife. African Viotets. Hurnmels. MRS.. EVALEE HART B.S. in Ed. Bowling Green State Univer- sity. Senior English, Senior Spon- sor. Reading, Swimming. MR. CHARLES S. HAUGHT, B.S. in Ed. West Virginia University. Woodwork, Freshman Class. Photography Sports. MR. CALVIN W. HEINTZ, A.B., A.M. Heidelberg College, Univer- sity of Akron, Kent State University. Speech, National Forensic League, Radio Program Pro- duction. MR. CLARENCE R. HENDRICKS, B.A., M.E. Ohio Wesleyan, Kent State University. Social Sciences. Fishing. MR. CLARENCE A. HINKLE, B.S. in Ed., M.S. Kent State University, Ohio State University. Biology, Coaching. Mechanics and Carpentry. MISS MARGARET E. HOLST, A.B., M. of Ed. Marietta College, University of Pittsburgh, Kent State Uni- versity, Ohio University. Bookkeeping, Typing, and English, Junior Sponsor. Travel. MR. CHARLES S. HOWARD. B.A. University of Toronto, Kent State University. Latin, Greek, lfnglislz. Na- tional Honor Society. Drawing Salary. MR. IIENTLEY HURIJ. lib. in Ecl.. M.A. Case Institute of Technology. Stanford University, Kent State University. Cllf'lIllSfl'-Y and Scivrive, Spon- sor Sophomore Class. Reading. Science. Stamps, Bridge. MRS. VIRCIE IRWIN, A.B., M.A. Ohio University. Ohio State University. English. Travel. MR. OTTO JACOBY. B.S. Youngstown University, West- ern Reserve University. Instrumental M u s i c, Falls High Orrhestra, Bolicb and Sill Orchestras. MR. A. DONALD JAMES, B.S. Kent State University. 11th Grade Health, Assistant Sponsor of Booster Club, Sponsor of Radio Club. Woodwrrrking, Golf. MR. LAWRENCE R. LILES, B.A., M.A. Kent State University, Uni- versity of New Mexico, North- western University. Spanish, Junior Class, Foren- cies. Music and Reading. MISS .IOSEPHINE M. LONG, B.M., M.A. Syracuse University, Cincin- nati University, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Akron University. High School Vocal Music, and Vocal Supervision in Grades and ,lunior High, Senior Class Sponsor. Concerts, Stage Plays and Traveling. MR. C. D. MC CLANAHAN, A.B., B.S., M.A. Ohio University. Bookkeeping, Business Law, Junior Class Sponsor. Travel. Fishing. Photography. MR. RAYMOND B. MC CUSKEY B.S. Kent State University. Ilth Grade Alegehra, Ilth Grade Sponsor. MR. DAVID H. MAKINSON, B.S. in Ed. and Bus. Ad. Kent State University. Sociology, Salesmanship, Sen- ior Class. Travel. i 'ie MR. JOHN F. MOORE. B.S., MS. University of Virginia, Uni- versity of Michigan, Akron University, Kent State Uni- versity. Clzemistry, 11th Grade. Photography, Nature, Garden- ing. MR. WADE MOYER, B.S. Akron University. Metal Shop, Rifle, Pistol. Archery, Hunting, Fishing. MR. PAUL A. NAU, -B.S. in Ed. University of Florida, Kent State University. English, German, German Club, Yearbook, Freshman Class. Bowling, Reading. MRS. MARY NEWSTETTER, B.S., M.A. Bliss College, Pittsburgh Uni- versity. Shorthand, Typewriting. Needlework, Traveling. MISS MARY O. PATTON, B.A.. M. in Ed.. B.S. in L.S. Hiram, Columbia University, University of Pittsburgh. Librarian, B.W. Club, Senior Advisor, Scholarships, College Contacts. Photography, Crosses. iw? K, 'Ga MR. ARTHUR PEEBLES, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Kent State University, Ohio State University, Duke Uni- versity, Westem Reserve Uni- versity, Purdue University, Lewis Sz Clark University. Geography, Economics, .lun- ior Class, H.A., Preston Club. Travel. MRS. HARRIET B. PIGOTT. B.A.,M.A. Akron University, Columbia University. Latin, English, Latin Club, 9th Grade. Cross-word Puzzles. MISS LUCILE W. PRICE B.S. in Ed., M. in Ed. Kent State University. Geometry. MRS. MARIAN RAUSCH, A.B. Hiram. French, Frencb Club, .lunior Class. Reading, Travel, Handwork. MR. R. 0. REYNOLDS, B.S., M.A. Kent State University, West- ern Reserve University. lnstrumenttzl Music, High- school Band, Cheerleaders, Junior Class. Real Estate. MRS. MARY ELLEN RIPLEY, B.A. Heidelberg College. American History, World His- tory, Four - Square, S e n i o r Sponsor. Reading, Music. MR. GILBERT ROBERTS, B.S. in Ed. Kent State University, Uni- versity of London. American History, Govern- ment, Senior Cllass Sponsor. Photography, Historical Re- search. MRS. LOIS G. ROOK. B.S. in Ed. Kent State University. Home Economics, 9th Grade Sponsor. Reading, Sewing, Dancing. MRS. MARGARET SCHAFFERT, A.B. New Jersey College for Worn- en. English, Student Council, 9th Grade. Reading, Dancing, Interior Decorating. MR. EUGENE L. SHANK. B.S. in Ed., M.A. Kent State University. American History, Ohio His- tory. Visual Education Pro- jection Staff. Gardening. MR. ROBERT SHAW, B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University, Otter- lmein College. Physical Education, Driver Education, Football, Track Coach. MR. CARL D. SPESSARD, B.S. in Ed. Akron University. Driver Education, Coaching. Swim Team, Baseball. MR. BURTON K. STRAIGHT, B.S. in Ed. Kent State University. Mathematics, C o m m e r c i al Arithmetic. All Sports. MRS. ALBERTA THOMPSON, B.S. in Ed. M.A. Miami University, Kent State University. Clothing, Home Living, Eng- lish, 10th Grade. Dogs, Needlework, Reading. MR. JOHN WATSON, B.S., M.A. Kent State University. World History, Physical Ed- ucation, Basketball, Tennis Coach, Intramural, Junior Op- timists. Reading, Athletics, T.V. MR. LAWRENCE D. WATSON, B.S., M.S. Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois, Akron University. Biology. A.B Ohio University. Physics. Visiting Teacher MR PAUL L. CARY, B.S. in Ed. Miami University, Driver Education, Assistant Football Coach. Biology, 10th Grade MR. L. A. WHEATLEY Washington Jefferson College MRS. ORA ZIMMERMAN B.S. Kent State University Antiques, Flowers ,41'liviLics .llanflyvr -- Mrs. Mellingler Sl'4'N'llIfV' Nlrs. We-ir 'W-R ins... in-U Sl'I'l't'l!lT,VfNIf5- 5lll"lk Swlmul f'Yrrr,w- Nlrf. ,lm-ksmm f,4!l!t'lt'fl.!1 Staff Mrs. Wells and Student Abfistalltb. f..llSlUIIl'1IH.X' Nlrf. Xngle. Xlr. ,If-nkin . , . . Ml. lmlvx. NIV. l'lt'llllllgL. Administrative Assistants .vi W 1 Eileen Reagle Helen Reitz Kathryn Anflersun Miriam Aston Hazel Beckett, Emma Leiner, Ida Mae Blankenship A Yrefldem Secf Ctary Class lficers KNOPP. HERBERT ullerlfl To make friends of all whom I meet and make a success of my chosen career. German Club I, 2. 3: Student Council 2: National Honor Society 3. 4: Yearbook Staff 4.ll3usiness Man- agerlglhsketlmall l, 2. 3. 4: llaseball 3. 4: Junior Prom Court 3: Senior Prom Court 4: llasketball Homecoming Court 4: Executive Committee 3: Senior Class Presi- dent 4: Sports. reading, fooling around with my friends. having a good time: Crant. DRAKE. SUSAN ii ' 73 Suzie ' To get my MRS. degree with summa cum laude after it. Student Council 2: HW. Club I. 2. 3, 4. Vice-President 2, 3. President 4: Y-Teens I3 Booster 2: ,lunior Exe- cutive Committee: Class Vice-President 4: National Honor Society 3, 41 Corley Club 3, 4. Vice-President 4: H.A. Preston 4: .Iunior Prom Court: Yearbook Staff 4: Meeting people. writing letters, and the R.A.C.'s. LICHT. NANCY ANNE To be a commercial artist and own a big ranch. Booster 3, Class Secretary: Senior Prom Queen: Bowling Team 3 lYATeensl: Tiger Ilen Committee: Art. horses: Crawford. HELMING. WILLIAM "Biff To he wise. wealthy, and famous in whatever I do. Football l. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2: Wrestling 3, 4: Track I. 2. 3. 4: Class Executive Committee: Student Council 3, 4: .Iunior Prom King: 3: Senior Prom Crown- er: Class Treasurer: Being with a gang and sports: Broad. Vice. Pfesid el? Trea S uI'e1. 20 ARCHER, JOHN cajackn To own my own business and Wimbledon hy "61." Key Club 2, 3, 4: Tennis Team 1. 2. 3, 4: District Champ 4. Driving. collecting stamps, play- ing tennis. answering what. Crawford. BECK, LINDA To be successful and happy in whatever I do. Senior Girls' Clee Club 2. 3 Talking. church activities, art and all sports. Crouse, Akron BRAFFORD. BRINTON "Brit" Pharmacist Hi-Y Secretary 3. 43 Foothall I: Junior Foreign Affairs I 3 Booster Cluh 3. 4g DeMolay 1. 2, 3. 4. Travel and Sports. Sil- ver Lake. BROWN, SANDRA asandyu Comptometer's Work Junior Girls' Clee Club I, 2g Popular music. Lincoln School BUTLER. ALLAN HAI., To become a successful gentleman farmer. Boys' Clee Clulx Ig A Cappella Choir 3, 4g French Club 3. 4: Rifle Club 4. The "Y". basket- ball. running around with boys. Broad. Q January 1957 AURAND. DAVID To be a mechanic and have a successful and happy home. Mechanics tautoJ. Crawford. BORDENKIRCHER. RICHARD MOORE Natural Science. College, Babe. Track 1, 25 Football I, 2, 3: Swimming 1, 2, 3. 4. Babe. friends, autoheasts. Crawford. BRAUMBAUCH.. CAROLYN ur as Lal To become an elementary teacher then someday raise a family. Codey 3: Y-Teen Bowling 2, 3. 4-g Tiger Tales Salesman 4. Swimming and howling. rodding around with thc girls, dating R. I". Grant. BRUNDISH. MARGARET To lie a beauty operator and get my M.R.S. degree. Roller skating. painting. reading and hoys. Albion Grammar. Al- hion. New York. CAREY. CLADYS To get a good job. and trav- el the US.. then find a good man and live a happy life. Collecting Perry Como records. babysitting. and eating steak and raising cats. Broad. 'l .ti , T V it ww' CAREY, GLENN To be the best grease monkey or the best farmer. Pistol Team 2, 3g Rifle Team 2, 39 Hunting and fishing and working on carsg Broad. COOLIDGE, CAROL Professional Singer A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4-5 Swim- ming and Horseback riding, Crawford. DERYCK RICHARD CHARLES To be a successful Forester Football 3 4 Wrestling 4 Hi Y 2 3 4 Hunting Fis ln Mechanics and Sports Dora ville Georgla DOUGLAS ANN Getting an MRS and be coming a fish National Forenslc L e a g u e Broad EBERLY RICHARD Dick Mechanical Engineer Cars Lincoln January 1957 it mr COLE, J ANICE iijanli Make my parents proud of me, Glee Club 15 B. W. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Tiger Tales Salesman 19 Tiger Den Board 33 Y-Teen Bowling, Movies, bowling, having fun with the girls, and dating H. F., Broad. DAVIS, BOBBIE Ctpufln To be a bachelor till I am 20. Junior Optimist 1, 24 Projection 2, 3, 4-g Football 3g Glee Club 3, 4g Football and bowling. Judy Pughg Sill. DOMINICKS ROBERT Bo To do all I can while I can Pistol Club 3 Guns of all kinds Broad DRAKE BILL Duck Attending Cincinnati U to study Chemical Engmeermg Maps and golf Broad FARMER EVELYN To marry .lim make him happy and have a wonderful family and a nice home Bowling movies sports talklng and eating Lincoln 4 iw 1, ,.., LE 5 M. in l WV' ,, li . " b 'g' Q S i ' . . IL" . . . ' 2 My . , . : . h a- ' wil . ' ' I . A fi ' l -w yin li , 1 1 W 7 'N u n I3 - u - ss ' . . - . -X ' . . . .A . . if 5 vi.: U 1 - rw, A ,lo YP., 1, ,tx tl, iw. , vi' , ' , ' cc - n , ,ui , , wig - . , ml ' wi' - ' ' ' Mt, 5 , , , v ti, . . . i - ,, li' ilu 'I' ,NJ ll 3+- tfw, 22 W FERRELL. RICHARD "Dick" Electronical engineer. German Club 15 Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 43 Year- book Staff 43 Sports' Editor 4g Jr. Optimist Club 3g Sr. Prom Court 45 Basketball and sports in general. Grant. FISHER. DALE Pilot or electrician. Cadet Band 1, 23 P.A.S. and working on my car. Broad. GOODMAN, MARK S. Study Law. Football 1, 2: Basketball 1g Student Council 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 1. 23 A Cappella Choir 3. 4g Yearbook Staff 45 Honor Society 4. Polo, squash. cricket. Dallas, Texas. HARPER. RONALD To be a machinest. Taking pictures. Lincoln. HENDERSON, MICHAEL "Mike" Go to college and be a good coach lnlittle inskinl. Boys Chorus 15 Football 2, 3. 4. Asst. Coach 43 Track 2. 43 Sports and rodcling around with a bunch of underclassmen. Broad. January 1957 F EUCHT, JOHN csjohnnyv Architect. Fishing and hunting. Crawford. FRANCHI, AMERICUS usonnyn To make the grade. Football 1. 23 Andie, jazz. clothes, J.A.T.P. over the hill Grant. HALLECK. JEAN "Bushie" To succeed in whatever I do. Bowling Club 1g Glee Club 1: Y-Teen 1, 2g Tiger Den Board 1. Singing and staying away from drags. Glover. HEDRICK. JAMES To become a success as earlv as possible. Football 1, 2, 4. Model air- planes. Lincoln. HOHENADEL. PAUL To be successful in what- ever I do. Cars. Broad. HOOVER, EUGENE 66GeneH Accountant 4C.P.A.l Building and Grounds 2, 3: National Honor Society 4, Yearbook Staff 45 Classes Edi- torg Class Executive Committee: Cars, swimming, D e M o l a y. sportsg Grant. LEES. GERALDINE ucerryu To be happy and successfulg get my MRS. degree. Booster 4g Being with the gangg listening to pop musicg dancing: eating pizzag and enjoying lifeg Broad. LEONARD, LINDA To become an interior dec- orator and talk to a certain 6ft. blond about my MRS. degree. Y-Teen lg Class Executive Com- mittee 3g Student Council 3, 43 Secretary 4g A Capella Choir 3, 4: All Girl Choir 33 Girls' Glee Club I. 2g Junior Prom Queeng Making my own clothes, Crawford. LLEWELLYN II, CHARLES "Chuck" Marry Y. B. and he a very successful salesman. Football Manager lg Camera Club Ig Glee Club l, 2g Booster Club 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3. 4g Vonnie and big automobiles: Lincoln. LONG, NICHOLAS ..Nik,, To serve Cod and my fellow man to the best of my abili- ty. Latin Club 23 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Librarian 3, 4, Orchestra l, 3, 4, Swing Band 2. 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Booster lhonoraryl 1, 2, 3, 4-g Music, "Hi-Fi," Walt Disneyg Grant. January 1957 KRAUS, CAROLYN "C 1Lrly" To be successful in every good thing I attempt to do. German Club lg Y-Teen Bowl- ing 2, 3g Gocley Club 3, 45 Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4-g Bowling, reading: Sill. LEFFLER, MARY ANN ...LCUW To become an accountant and take care of Elvis Pres- ley's millions. Girls' ,lunior Choir 2, Girls' Senior Choir 33 Booster Club 2, 4, Swimmingg driving "55" Mercury Convertibles: Friday nights out at Garners with the C.W.P.'sg writing letters, lis- tening to Sal talk about her Ma- rine careerg Jenning Junior High. LEVERING. MICHAEL To he successful in the field of electronics. Glee Club lg Football l, 2: Swimming 2. 3. 4: A Cappella Choir 3. 43 Swimming: foot- ballg math, sportsg Crawford. LLOYD, KAY To make others happier and always be looking upward. Tiger Den Board 1, 2, 3g Y.F.C. I. 2: dating someone special, skating, records, being out with the gang, getting Judy and Phil to be on timeg Lincoln. MARTZ. F. WILLIAM "Bill" To be a success. Camera Club lg Water skiing, boatingg Grant. MILLS, EDWARD BARKER To do God's will in what- ever I do. Camera Club lg Crawford. NOALL, THOMAS C. "Tom" To have my own nursery. Keeping teachers happyg Grant. OCKER. DONNA Social and Personality de- velopment workg Hoping someday to belong to a large choir. Collecting odd whatnots such as salt and pepper sets or figurines: Sill. PHILLIPS. WARREN To be a success. Camera Club: Prom Committee: German Club 2, 3: National Honor Societyg Grant. RUBY. JOSEPH "Joe" To be an architectual engi- neer and to keep up with Carolyn G. Wrestling 1, 2. 3, 4g good music: Sill. January I957 MOHR, RAY To become a machinist. Rifle and Pistol Club 2. 33 Sail boatsg Grant. NORMAND, JAMES Illini!! To be an accountant for the Federal Government. Junior Optimist 2g German Club 3g To keep my hot Ford runningg Grant. PACKER. BARBARA "Barb" To become a dental assisant and to be a success at what- ever l attempt. Booster Club I, 2g Y-Teen 1, 2: Senior Prom Court 4-g Foot- ball Homecoming Court 4'g T e n n i s, swimming. bowling: Grant. RICKS. ROGER To be an electrical engineer. Camera Club Ig Optimist Club 1, 2g Science Club 1, 23 Sports. amateur radio, photography 3 Grant. SALMON, PATRICIA MPH!!! To go on to college or be a secretary. Y-Teen 2. 33 Booster 31 Godey 3: Sports. dancing. being with the gang: Broad. SCHNABEL, JAMES To go to lumber school or California. Pistol Club 3g Working on Cars, Hunting and boating, Sill. SOVIL, ROBERTA To have a happy and suc- cessful life. Junior Y-Teen, Senior Y-Teeng Booster 3, 45 Court for Junior Prom Queen, Swimming, howl- ing, being with the gang, and flirting, Crawford. TURLEY, THOMAS as Tomas Forestry and conservation. Camera Club 15 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 45 Key Club 3, 43 Tiger Den Executive Board 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming, bowling, Church, Horse Pictures, Grant. WALLACE, DORIS Broad. WUERZER. CAROLYN To work in an office and to get my Mrs. degree. Glee Club 1, 2g All Girl Choir 35 Swimming, dancing and the gang, Broad. January 1957 SHAW, THOMAS Wife, wealth and wisdom. Painting drawing and design: Grant. STANFIELD, GERALD Become an automobile body designer. Football Ig Customizing Auto- mobiles, Lincoln. VITALE, RUSSELL ::RuSsn To have the fastest car in town. Football 2, Track 4-9 Cars and Hotrodsg Grant. WILKINSON, JERRY LEE To pay my car off and get a new one. Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2. 3g Football 1, 2, 3, 4-g Student- Council lg Senior Prom Kingg Cars, Weldingg Sill. York, Geraldine "Gerry" Secretarial Work Sill. January 1957 Womanllvod Award: Sue Drake Upper Ten Perrent. Sitting. Left to Right. Warren Phillips. Sue Drake, Gene Hoover, Nick Long. Stand- ing, Left to Right: Herb Knopp. Mark Goodman, Dick Ferrell. Lvarlcrxlzip Awards: Linda Leonard and Bill Helming Mmrlzood Award: Nick Lon YRBSWYN gd SECRET A Class Flicers HEARTY, JOHN To make a successful career of whatever I attempt. Student Council l, 2, 3. 4. Vice-President, National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Football l, German Club l, 2, Melody Men, Class President 4, Model boats, model railroading, Sill School. SLOOP, JULIE To make my better, best. Student Council 1, 2. 3, 4. Recording Secretary 3, Latin Club 1, Girls' Junior Glee Club 1, Freshman Cheerleader l, Booster l. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l. 2, 3. 4, N.F.I.. l, 2. 3, 4, Honor Society 3. 4, Junior Prom Court French Club 3, 4, Four Square 3, 4, Junior Class Executive Committee 3, 4, Tiger Den Board 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Junior Varsity Cheerleader 3. Var- sity Cheerleader 4, Tiger Tales Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Office Assistant 2, 3, Aqua Debs 4: Senior Class Vice-President 4, Writing letters, sewing, swimming. watching sports, having a good time: Richardson. JEKKALS, VALDEMARS ..VaI,, Get a Ph.lJ. in college and then work as a 'Lbouncerv at Cyrill's. Track l. 2, 3, 4, Torch Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, All sorts of sports: Clover Park High School, Tacoma Washington. WILSON, MARY LOU To be successful, happy and always have friends: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Senior Girls' Glee Club 3, German Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Booster Club l, 2, 3, 4, Four-Square 4: Student Council 4, Office Assistant 3, 4, Class Secretary 4: M.G.'s, E. slumber parties, eating, collecting records, talking on the phone and being an active lllfllllllel' of the Boy Scouts, Richardson. ACHBERCER, LOU-ANN "Make new friends but keep the old," to be a friend and good nurse. Junior Girls' Glee Club, lg All Girl Choir, 2g Senior Girls' Glee Club 3, Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2g Senior Y-Teens, 3, 43 Godey 3, 4, Future Nurses' of America 3, 43 Piano, records, reading. real fung Margaret Park. ALBERTSON. JOHN Commercial Pilot. Rifle Club, Flying, Naval Air Reserve, Northampton. ANDERSON, JAMES ajimn "To build a better mouse trap." Camera Club 1, 2, Secretary 1. Vice-President 2g N.F.L. 1, Tiger Den Board lg Thespian 1. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, President 3: Junior Optimist 2. 3, 4, Parliamentarian 2, Presi- dent 3g Hi-Y 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3. President 3, Youth and Government 3, Buck- eye Boys' State 35 Key Club 4, Booster 4, Cuyahogan Staff 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, A Cap- pella Choir 3, 43 Basketball lg Wrestling 2g DeMolay, photo- graphy. music, tennis, camping. canoeing. swimming lfully clothedtg Grant ANDERSON. WINSTON askipu To sell used Cadillacs on Howard Street. Student Council 1- Grand Hav- en .lunior Optimist 3, 4, Vice- President 4, DeMolay 3, 4: Sports, carsg Grand Haven. Michigan. AUSTIN, KATHRYN To improve through the years and gain from experi- ence. Junior Girls' Glee Club lg All Girl Choir 2, Latin Club 2g Y- Teens 2. 3, 4. Chaplain 2, Boos- ter Club 3g Four Square 3, 4: H. A. Preston Club 3, 4, President 4, A Cappella Choir, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, Cuyahogan Staff 43 Music. reading, football gamesg Broad. June 1957 ADAMS. KAREN Be a Cosmetologist. A Cappella Choir. 3, 4g Singing. playing piano, Sill School. ALLEN. JUDY To have friends, keep the old and add the new. To be a successful nurse. Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, Godey 3, 4g Vice-President 3, F.N.A. 3, 4: Vice-President 4, President 49 Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Clubs. piano, paintings, Mt. Vernon: Grant. ANDERSON, LAWRENCE ..Lmry,, To make good and be happy in life. Football l. 2, 4g,,lunior Optimist 3. 4, Sportsg Randolph High School. Randolph. Ohio. ASHTON. LARRY To be a successful business- man. Basketball lg French Club: Indians. Y.M.C.A.. ice skatingg Broad. AUSTIN. SANDRA crsandyn To get a good college edu- cation. .lunior Girls' Glee Club 1, N.F.L. 2: Thespian 2g Y- Teen l, 2, 3, 4, Booster 1, 2, 3, 43 Aqua Debs 43 Having fun with the 5'Squirts" traveling: Sill School. BACHTELL, BRAD To be a draftsman. Boys' Glee Club 1, 25 Choir 3, 4g Wrestling Team 2g Cars and good looking women. Grant. BENNETT, FORREST To be the general of the WACS. Football 13 Junior Varsity Foot- ball, Sports, Fishing, and Hunt- ing, Girls. Lincoln. BETZ, RAY To build a car that will ex- ceed 200 mph. in the quarter mile. Wrestling 2, 3g Hi-Y 3, 4g Rifle Club 1, 2g DeMolay 3, 4. Work- ing on my car and making new friends lGirls!J. Harron High. BLUNDELL, FRANK To make and keep friends. Boys' Glee Clubg A Cappella Choir, Airplanes and model air- planes. Broad. BOOTH, FREDERICK To be a mechanic or an engineer. Gell Club. Building up hot rods. G rant. BARNES, DONALD To help Mr. Wheatly teach physics to the girls. French Club 3, 4g Boys' Glee Club 1, 2. De Molay, reading, and riots. Grant. BENSON, MARILYN To stop making lists. To be able to make decisions which are right. Junior Y-Teen 1, 2g Senior Y- Teen 3, 4g Freshman Cheerleader lg Four Square 3, 4-g Sergeant of Arms 4-g Latin Club 2, 33 Boost- er-Club 1, 2, 3, 44 Junior Girls' Glee Club 13 All Girl Choir 23 Office Assistant 3g Aqua Debs 4. Pizza and slumber parties, rodding with the M.G.'s, horse- backriding, swimming, laughing a lot with girls. Broad. BIRD, JOHN To combine a sectioned H400 Ford coupe, and an injected Corvette. Junior Foreign Affairs lg Wrest- ling 15 Tiger Den 1, 25 Cars and girls. Grant. BOKANYI, RICHARD To become a good Doctor. Band 1, 2g Dance Band 19 Foot- ball 3g Swim Team 4. Hunting, training hunting dogs, sax. and clarinet. Grant. BOOTH, IRENE Telephone Operator. Helping Nancy keep the Chevy clean. Garfield. -- ---W-rm-1-mf.--3 --- BOSER, JOAN To become a nurse and then an airline stewardess. Junior Y-Teens 1, 2g F.N.A. 3, 45 Booster Club 4g Aqua Debs 45 Junior and Senior Glee Club 1, 34 All Girl Choir 23 Senior Y-Teen 3, 4, Swimming, horse- back riding, volunteer nursing work at Green Cross, parties and running around with the "Gang", Silver Lake. BOYD, THEATTLE To let God have supreme control of my life. He must increase, I must decrease. Y.F.C. 1, 23 Reporter 3, Secre- tary 4, Nurses' Office 3, 4, Music, reading, sports, cooking, and sewing. Grant and Howe in Mt. Lebonon, Pa. BRIGHTON, JERRY To go places. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sill. BRISLINGER, ROSEMARY To do the best of my ability. I".N.A. 4, Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster 3, 4, Aqua Debs 4g Rodding around with the gang in Glenny's red bomb, eating pizza. Crawford. BROWN. PATRICIA Hpann To accomplish my three main goals of life and to make a certain someone happy- .Iunior Girls, Glee Club 1, 2, Senior Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Junior Y-Teen 1, 23 Senior Y- Teen 3, 4: Taking pictures, hav- ing lots of fun. and roddin in the "Merry Olds" lF.E.l Sill. June 1957 W -f,-.---y-f-n-ff- . BOWERS, GLEN To make piles of money. Hi-Y 25 German Club 2, 3g Y.F. C. 2, 3, Talking to people and keeping out of trouble, cars, women. Grant - Richardson. BRADFORD, .IUDITH DALE ujudyv To become the executive sec- retary at Nan's Poodle Shop. Booster 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Y-Teen 1, 23 Senior Y-Teen 3, 45 Aqua Debs 43 Yearbook Staff 4g Foot- ball games, planning hayrides and picnics that we never have, goofing off, and rodding around with the Langs in Marcia's bomb. Swimming, eating, sleeping, and selling shoes. BRISLINGER, JUDITH ujudyu Beverly-To become mani- curist of Nan's Poodle Shop. Aqua Debs 43 Booster 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, Senior Y-Teen. Running around with the gang CLangsJ. Rodding around in Marcia's bomb. Planning hay- rides and picnics that we never have. Swimming, eating, and sleeping. Lincoln. BRITTAIN, DONNA JEAN Professional dancer. Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4, German 23 dancing, driving, sports, R.A. Richardson. BRUNDISH. RUTH To be a private secretary and sit on the boss' lap, pro- viding he's young and hand- some and has a sock ,full of money hidden somewhere. Office assistant 3, Collecting re- cords and eating Leoni's Pizza. Albion, New York. it BURGESS, THOMAS E. "E.B.D." To be man's friend land woman'sl. Glee Club 2g Rifle Club 13 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Cars, cards, and getting in trouble. Rich- ardson and Broad. BUSCH. PATRICIA , "Pam" To always have more friends 1 than enemies. 1 Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4g Booster 2, 3. .1 4g Junior Girls, Glee Club 23 l Senior Girls' Glee Club 3: Tiger Den Board 2g Majorette 3, 43 Majorette Representative 3, 4g Godey Club 3, 4g Treasurer 43 1 Aqua Debs 44 Having fun with the Squirts. Tuffy, music, and slumber partiesg Ernie Pyle. ,. Albuquerque, New Mexico. l l. CALCO. CELIA l To be able to make up my di mind what I want my am- bition to be. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Y- E Teen 4, Booster 4g Bowling, ,Q swimming, music, hot fudge f sundaes, and trying to keep out of troubleg Sill. l Q 'l CARTER, GAIL ll To be a private secretary. l Y-Teen 1, 2. 33 Booster 3g Eat- ! ing pizza and rodding around in Margie's Fordg Crawford. Q, tr it CASH, MARILYN To complete college success- fully and to own a pink Cad. El Dorado. Jr. Y-Teensg Booster 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Y-Teen 4. Bowling, con- vincing my father I should have the car, trying to save money. Sill. 32 June 1957 BURT. DON To fulfill the requirements of my nickname. Football I, 23 Track I, 23 Cars, women, Getswags. Broad. CADWALLADER, DENNIS aaDeek:1 To make as many friends as possible, and to get rid of my nick name "Grunt the Rum." Boys' Glee Club lg German Club 2g Girls, parties. and going out with 'the boysg Richardson. CAREY, BRUCE ALAN To be a success in life, and to pound a mean beat on the skins. Falls High Band I, 2, 3, Squad Leader 3g Swing Band 1, 2, 33 Dance Band I, 2, 33 Swim Team 3, 45 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Treasur- er 4g Boys' Glee Club lg Boys' Octet I, 43 A Cappella Choir 4-g Junior Class Play 3g Senior Class Play 4g Orchestra 3g Swimming. music, water skiingg Broad. CASE. JANE ssjaneyn To be happy. Y-Teen I. 2, 35 Booster 35 Glee Club lg Senior Girls' Glee Club 3g All Girl Choir 23 Swimming, Nick. sports, driving, N.E.A.T.I. E.Sg Crawford. CATT, CARL To be successful after going to college. Also to meet "Fick" and "Font" at Rat. Lake. Key Club 33 Swim Team 3, 43 Tiger Tales Sub. Salesman 2. Swimming. hunting. f i s h i n gg Grant. CHAMBERS, JUDY KARRON To be successful in all I do. Y-Teen l, 2, 3, 4, Booster 1, 2, 3, 4-Square 2, 3, Year Book Staff 4, Godey 4, Aqua-Debs 4, Slumber parties, having fun with the "SQUIRTS," and Going S t e a d y 3 Childersburg High School. CHRISTIAN, SANDRA To be sucessful in everything I attempt. High School Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4, Y-Teen 1, Sewing, swimming, Sill. CLARKE, THOMAS To see Mr. Liles single again. to be an engineer. High-Y 2, Football 1, Glee Club 1, Cars, Hi-Fi, eating, going out with the boys, Broad-Richardson. COCAR, NANCY "Nikki" To marry and raise 4 boys successfully. Junior Class Officer, Publicity Chairman, Junior Prom, Wash- ing my '56 Chev until she shines, HARRY, Lincoln. COOPER. GEORGE csKo0p,a To be an Accountant. Boys' Glee Club l. 2, Key Club 3, 4, Stamps, and keeping the "Gray Bomb" in top condition, Grant. June 1957 CHAPMAN, MARCIA "Marsh" To successfully fulfill my goals. Girls' Junior Glee Club lg Juni- or Y-Teen l, 2, Senior Y-Teen 3, 4, German Club I, 2, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, Future Nurses of America 3. 4, National Honor Society 4, Vice-President 4, Four Square 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Aqua- Debs 4, Office Ass't. 4, Cuya- hogan Staff 4, Talking, sports. parties, having fun, Rainbow, music, Grant. CHURCH, PATRICIA spain To someday be the "Dyer" in Nan's Poodle shop. Junior Y-Teen 2, 3, Godey 3, Aqua-Debs 4, Booster Club 3, Redding around in the yellow bomb and going to parties, LANG'S, Lincoln. COCHRAN, ROBERT ffcocla' To put out Hobby's grass fires. Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3. 4, A Cappela Choir 3, 4-,I Bachelors Club 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, G.E.T.S.W.A.G. 3, 4, Girls, pool, and G.E.T.S.W.A.G., Broad. CONN, RICHARD iCDiCk!! To be a success as a busi- nessman. Hi-Y 3, 4, Junior Optimists 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Junior Foreign Affairs Coun- cil 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, Trombone Quartet 2, 3, Manager Freshman Basketball 1, Stamps, Fords, girls, sports, bowling, Demolay, rodding a- round with the gang, flying all over the place tin a plane of of coursel and living it up, Grant. COX, JAMES Go to college. get rich and. buy a sports car. Fooling around with my car, Northampton School. 4 CRAN DALL, ROBERT ccgobu To be an Engineer, Glee Club 1, Football 1, Golf, Bowling, DeMolay. and sports, Richardson. CROSS, PATRICIA ccpatn To be ever closer to God and to remember that "Fiery trials make Golden Chris- tians."g Youth For Christ 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 1, Treasurer 2, Football Program Staff 3, 4, R.J.W., skating, swimming, babysitting g'Paul", Driving a certain Black Ford, Y.F.C. and all the kids, Crawford. CROUSE, KAY ANN ..Kay,, To get my M.R.S. Degree and to raise six healthy kids, Y-Teens 1, 2, Future Nurses of America 1, 2, Tiger Tales 4, Doug and Teddy, getting into embarrassing situations, St. Martha's. CYRILL DAVID "Paizon" To buy my Dad a large boat and a sports car, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Execu- tive Committee 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Track 2, Football Homecoming Court 4, Basketball Homecoming Court 4, Collecting hot records. ice- cream, sports, Grant. DE HART, JAMES ajimv Be successful in everything I do, Junior Foreign Affairs Council 1, Cafeteria 1, 2, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Latin Club 2, Projection Staff 3, Junior Class Play 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Junior Optimist Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, N.F.L. 3, 4, A Cappela Choir 3, 4, Cuya- hogan Staff 4, Business Manager 4, Church, music, having a good time, Sill. June 1957 4 Ulf? S T 21-5. . ,yio , 155531 Si-Fisk . . fe , rw gi we gi si, Z L 49 " Szgfx' TX: Q Slggfcy.-H , 3+ CRANO, DELORES ujeann To help serve others in any way I can, Booster Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Being with J.J., Swimming, hav- ing .Judy help me with parking the car, going places with the girls, Broad. CROSSMAN, RICHARD CARMEN To apply the knowledge I've acquired, German Club 1, Twilighters Dance Band 2, 3. 4, School Dance Band 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Clarinet Quartet 3, 4, Woodwind Quintet 4, Orchestra 4, Swing Band 3, 4, Music, Toppon Jun- ior High. CURTIS, JOHN To be a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer, At Central High School, Boys' Glee Club 1, Junior A Cap- pela Choir 2, at FallsNJun- ior Optimist 3, 4, Committee Chairman 3, 4, Hi-Y 3. 4, Treas- urer 4, Cars. motors, girls, and the Boys, Annunciation DALTON, JEROME :glen-yu Co to College and get a degree-Have a good job and home, Football 1, Track 2, Hi-Y 4, Music, sports, Naval Reserve, wine, women and song, St. Martha's. DE LONG, ROBERT SCB0b!7 To be an Electrical engineer, also a stock car driver, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3, A Cappela Choir 4, Hopping up motors, being with the boys, also the girls, Crawford. DlCK, DOROTHY "Dottie" To become a high school math teacher3 to pass physics and learn something from Mr. Wheatly that I'll be able to use3 German Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Y-Teen 2, 3, 43 H.A. Preston 3, 4, His- torian 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Squad leader 3, 4, Social Chairman 43 Swing Band Z3 Tiger Tales Staff 4g Orchestra 3, 43 .lunior Class Play 33 Archery, boating, re- cords, band, talking, and band- trips3 Broad. DOYLE, JACK To be an Aeronautical En- gineer3 At Lakeland, Florida, Junior Honor Society lg Chess Club 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Art Club 23 Tennis l, 2g Torch Club 23 At Falls-German Club' 43 Radio Club 43 Projection Staff 33 DeMolay, reading Charles Fort, model planes, radiog Lake- land, Florida. DUNN, WILLIAM To study Aeronautics3 Radio Club 43 Model airplanes, radiog Lincoln. ELLIOTT, PATRICIA To be a Good Seoretary3 At Mt. Hope, W. Va., Teen Age Club l, 23 Future Busi ness Leaders of America 33 Journalism Club 33 Glee Club 33 At Falls-Booster Club 43 Y- Teens 43 H.A. Preston Club 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Playing the piano and dancing3 Mt. Hope. EMERSON. ROBERT To be a success. an engineer, make friends and my Kaiser a hot car3 Wrestling 2, 3, 43 Junior Opti- mist 3. 43 Rifle Club 3, 43 Hi- Y 43 Guns, cars, music, hiking3 Lincoln. June 1957 DIXON, WILLIAM "Bill" To learn how to speed-shift a steam roller3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 33 A Cappela Choir 3, 43 Bovs' Glee Club 23 French Club 3, 4, Presi- dent 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Class Play 33 Music, swimming, girls, DeMolay3 Silver Lake. DUFF, BRENDA To make the best of my al1ility3 Booster 3g Y-Teen 43 Music of any sort, bowling, eating pizza and M.S.A.Q Lincoln. EISENMAN, THEODORE .,7-edu Go on to school Wrestling Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling3 Broad. ELLISON, VALMA To graduate from college and always have lots of friends 3 Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster 2, 3, 43 N.F.L. 2, 3, 43 National Thes- pians 2, 3. 4, Secretary 33 Aqua Debs 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 Sophomore Class Play 23 Senior Class Play 43 Slumber parties, having fun with the "Squirls," driving, eating pizza3 Sill. ETLING, DONNA To become an Air Line Hos- tess-Live in West Virginia3 At South-Band 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 23 Business Education Club 1, 23 Girls' Radio Singers 23 Selling Club 23 Records. cooking, trips to West Virginia, going to football games with ,Ianice3 South. FALOR, BARBARA "Barrel" To find out what G.E.T.S.W. A.G. means and to always make and keep friends- wherever I go5 Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster 1, 2, 3, 45 German Club 1, 25 4- Square 3, 45 Aqua Debs 45 Tiger Tales Staff 45 Office Staff 45 Junior Girls' Glee Club 15 ,All Girl Choir 25 Senior Girls' Glee Club 35 A Cappella Choir 45 Tiger Den Board 45 Pizza, M.G.'s discussions with the Siamese, slumber parties, Elvis, Geneva-On-The-Lake, and roddin' around with Pat and the girls in the official M.G. bomb5 Craw- ford. FABENBAKER, LOWANA "Louie" To fulfill the plans God has for meg to let Him be su- premeg Youth For Christ 1, 2, 3, 45 Y- Teen 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster 1, 3, 45 All Girl Choir 25 Girls' Glee Club 15 Nurses' Office 45 Swim- ming, dogs, drinking cokes at Ellis's, musicg Broad. F ELMLY, DONNA To be an artist5 to show Mr. Wheatly the difference be- tween a deformed rabbit and a rabbit5 To do all the art work in Nan's Poodle Shop5 Junior Glee Club I5 All Girl Choir 25 Y-Teen 2, 3, 45 Booster 2, 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Office Assistant 45 Aqua Debs 45 Swimming, art, D.S. Rainbow, and rodding around in Marcy's bombg Lincoln. FRANCIS, JEAN To be a secretaryg Y-Teen 45 Broad. FRECKA, LINDA To be happy and successful5 Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 45 H.A. Preston 35 Girls' Junior Glee Club 15 Tiger Tales Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Booster 1, 2, 35 Godey 3, 45 Latin Club 2.5 Aqua Debs 45 Sports, eating, slumber parties, driving and having fun with the gang5 Broad. June 1957 FARRIS, MICHEAL 'GMM' To do my best to serve God and my country tand Linda! 5 Choir 3, 45 Melody Men 45 Freshman Football5 Swim Team 35 Junior Optimist 25 Glee Club 1, 25 Collecting records, Linda5 Lincoln. FELDMAN, PATRICIA "Pat" To be successful in whatever I strive ,to do5 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster 3, 45 Godey 45 Aqua Debs 4, Cabinet 45 German Club 1, 25 Office- assistant 45 Being with the gang, pizza parties, slumber p a r t i e s, playing the piano5 Grant. FEUCHT, CLARA To be successful in whatever I do5 Junior Y-Teen 1, 25 Senior Y- Teen 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Swim- ming, sewing5 Crawford. FRANKE, WILLIAM HENRY To do the best in anything I might attemptg Football Manager 1, 25 Baseball 3, 45 Junior Optimist 35 Car- tooning, baseball, bowling5 Rich- ardson. FRYE, PAUL cclerryn To answer the 364,000 dollar Questiong Hunting, fishing, and sports5 Broad. FULTON, ROBERT To be the brains behind the perfect crime, .lunior Council on Foreign Af- fairs I, Prince of Peace 3, Dra- matics 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Intra-mural Sports 2, 3, Cars, girls, and a redhead, LW., and architecture, Grant. GLASGOW, LOIS To learn how to speed shift, .lunior Y-Teen 1, Junior Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, Girls' Ensemble 2, A Cappella Choir 3. 4, Rodding around with the gang, Waterloo, cars, and a cer- tain blond, lWillieJ, Jennings Junior High. GLUCK, KENNETH To make my million while I can enjoy it, Key Club I, 2, 3, Booster Club 1, German Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band I, 2, 3, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Fishing, hunting, sports, music, Boardman, Ohio. GRANGE, SHIRLEY To always be successful and happy in anything I do, Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2, Senior Y-Teens 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, French Club 3, 4, 4-Square 4, H.A. Preston Club, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Aqua Debs, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4, Office Assistant, 3, 4, Drawing, music, Rainbow, parties, having fun, Crawford. GREGOR, JUDITH ANN saludyv To always be able to smile, Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Librarian 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Booster 1, 2, 3, 4, Godey Club 3, N.E.A.T.I. E.S.. Music, bowling, and FRANK, Lincoln. une 1957 GEMBERLING, JILL KAREN To he successful at whatever I attempt, Glee Club 1, 2, Booster 2, 3, Junior Y-Teen 2, Swimming, going out with the girls, and eating, Silver Lake. GLENN Y, JEAN "Jeanne" To create happiness and serve man and God to the best of my ability, National Honor Society 3, 4, Y-Teen l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, Program Chairman 4, Godey Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Aqua Debs 4, Cabinet 4, Girls' Junior Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, Tumbl- ing Club 2, Y-Teen Inter-Club 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 4, Rodding around the girls, having f.u.n and eating Pizza, Grant. GRAFTON, .IUDITH ujudieu To be successful and always be happy: Tiger Den Board, I, Student Council 1, 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Booster Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen. 1, 2, 4, 4-Square 3, 4, Eating. having fun, M.l.N.'I'.S., Sill. GRAVESMUEHL, HELEN To be a medical technologist, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club I, 2, Aqua-Debs. 4, Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4, 4-Square, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Rodding around with the M.G.'s, swimming, horse- back riding, riding in the official M.G. bomb, parties, boys, Grant. GRIFFIN, DOROTHY To be a private secretary and to get my M.R.S. de- gree, Y-Teens 3, Choir 3, Collecting things from school activities, Buchtel. GRIFFITH, CAROL ::Mu,,'fins: To be a good and successful nurse, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Senior Girls' Chorus 3, Aqua Debs 4, Redding around in Jeanne's big maroon car and eating pizza, Broad. GRINHAM, GORDON "Elvis" See classical music banned, journalism, radio announcing, Boys' Junior Glee Club 1, 2, Swim Team 1, 2. 3, 4, Tiger Tales 4, Rock 'n Roll music, "Havin' a Ball,', Crystal Beach Public School, Ont., Canada. CULDENSCHUH, WALTER Minister, Band 3, 4, Junior Optimist 3, Model Railroading, Kearny High School, Kearny, N. J. GYMOTY, JOYCE Serve my fellow man, go through college and have a career, Junior Council of Foreign Affairs 1, German Club 1, Junior Y- Teens 1, 2, Senior Y-Teens 3, 4, National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, Booster Club 4, Church work, speech, the farm, Dave, Grant. HALLIWILL, RALPH "Punchy,' To be a friend to everybody and to beat Ma and Bill in a game of pool at Todd's pool room, Glee Club 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, co-captain 3, 4, G. E.T.S.W.A.G.S. 3, 4, President, Bachelors ,president 4, Sports, Sill. June 1957 'AVW QPYKSMS?-5iivf,,'!i33i ' Lifiiiiiii-fii1.'4ii-fi-S553 -if - we H t': w::it2a.JZ'I'- we 1-:writ 1 K ' ' ,, - A f --" - ,gf , w .11-,ggi xg: K ei' 2 ,i'?f,' . , ' -s if , av' ' 'gfpifff 1 i ' I ,iwig -' , V 6 ,f'-- CRIFFITH, DONALD Go into Armed Forces, when I get out to get an office j0b: Reading, Jennings Junior High, Akron. GROSS, RICHARD To be president of the Marilyn Monroe Corp., Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Cars, models, display work, Sill. GUSTAFSON, MARY JANET As a nurse to make my pa- tients happy, and to always give Christ prominence in my life, Youth for Christ 3, 4, Future Nurses of America 4, Cooking, oil painting, Grant. HALL, ROBERT I6H0bby,3 Start grass fires, Agriculture, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Getswags, Glee Club 1, 2, Foot- ball Homecoming Court, Sports, parties, cars, girls, pool, Grant, HARCER, HELEN To pass Mr. Wheatley's "elementary Math" course, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Squad Leader 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 3, Clarinet Quar- tet 2, 3, French Club 3. 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Tiger Tales Staff 4, Booster Club 3, Music read- ing, swimming, Crawford. HARRINGTON, MYRON To be a success in whatever I do, Guns, hunting, fishing, cars, Broad. HARTLEY, MOLLIE RAE To always be happy and have as much fun as I am having now, Y-Teens 1. 4, Riding around with Marg, t'Cincinnati," "L, V.", Lincoln. HAWN, NANCY "Nan" To someday own a "POO- DLE SHOP" in France and have a Pink Poodle of rny own, Clee Club 1. 2, ,Iunior Y-Teens 2, Booster Club 4, Aqua Debs 4, Senior Y-Teens 4, Eating pizza in Youngstown with the L.A.N.G.'s and fighting with a certain someone. Rodding around with Marcia and Kay in their rods. Football games, when we win, eating and swimming, Broad. HEISER. ELAINE MARIE Architect, to construct a house having no housework, Cadet Band 1, Band 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Quartet 3, Squad Lead- er 4, Librarian 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4, Service 4. Hiram Confer- ence 3, German Club 2, Booster Club 2, National Honor Society 4, Art, music, sports, and having lots of fun, Richardson. HERSMAN, CAROL Be an elementary teacher, and always have friends, ,Iunior Y-Teens 1, 2, Senior Y- Teens 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Godey Club 3. 4, French Club 3, 4, H.A. Preston 3, 4, Junior Girls' Glee Club-1, Aqua Debs 4, Office Assistant 3, 4, Year- book Staff, Theme Editor, Pub- licity Chairman 4, Eating, diet- ing, reading. Rainbow, parties, music, sports, art, sewing, Grant. June 1957 HARRIS, CONNIE Nurse, Y-Teens 1. 2, 3. 4, Booster 3, 4, Godey 4, Aqua Debs, 4, Cheer- leader-89er, 1, N.F.L. I, 2, 4, Treasurer 2, Thespian l. 2, Sophomore Class Play, dancing. having fun with the "Squirts", Sill. HAWKINS. JAMES To go to pharmacy school and become a pill pusher, Band l. 2, 3, Key Club 3. 4, Thespians 2. 3. 4, making home movies and money, Broad. HECKY, LARRY To be a good architect, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2. 3, Basketball, hunting and fishing, Northampton School. HENEGAR. JEROME Kilim!! To own a sports car, Track, Football, model boats and planes, Ellet High. HIGDON, DORRIS unorys Become an interior decorator and develop a laugh like Mr. Roberfsg Glee Club 1. 2, 3, Booster Club: Y-Teens, Rainbow I. 2. 3. 4: Yearbook Staff 4, Goofing off with "Sal" and "Phil," Lincoln. HIGGINS, NANCY SUE Join the A.F. Work at an unusual interesting job and to serve others as they have served me: Fencing:Broad. HINES. PATRICIA Hplllv Making people happy, being a success: Booster Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 43 Eating. sports, and being with the girls in the Or- ange Bar: Lincoln. HIXSON, PHYLLIS JEAN "Jean" To do whatever God wills me to do: Band 2, 3. 4: Orchestra 3. 4: Music, french horn. reading, hiking. boating, singing, travel- ing: Annes-Bern High School, Amesville. Ohio. HOOSE. JANE 'gfanicv Graduate, college. marry : Majorette l: Newspaper staff 1: Junior Y-Teens l, 2: Senior Y-Teens 4: Student Council 2, 3: Student Council Publicity Chairman 2: Junior Class Social Chairman: Hall Guard l: Clee Club l. 2: People. clothes de- signing, Millard: Rhodes Rest at Parma. HOSTETTLER, MIRIAM Gilfllimii To have friends and lead a good life: Girls' Junior Glee Club 1: All Girl Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 43 German Club l. 2. 3. Vice- President 33 Godey 3: Future Nurses of America 3. 4: Junior Y-Teen 3. 4: Booster 2. 3, 4: Senior Y-Teen 3. 4. Vice-Presi- dent. President: National Honor Society 3. 4: Office Assistant 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Swimming Rainbow, having fun. music: Crawford. June 1957 HILGERT, KARL To do a little better every day: Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball: Reserve Basketball 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 4: Golf, 1. 2. 3. 4: Junior Foreign Affairs 1. President: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2: Student Council 4: A Cap- pella Choir 3. 4: Key Club 3, 4. President 4: Tiger Den Board 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Booster Club lHonoraryJ 2, 3, 43 Sports: Richardson. HINKLE. DOUG Help people: Football ll Wrestling l. 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3. 4: Band l, 2. 3, 4 President 4. Squad Leader 1. 3, 4: Orchestra 2. 3. 4: Dance Band 1. 2. 3: National Honor Society 3. rl: Booster Club 4: Sports. music. "goyls',: Crawford. HOLLAR. BRENDA To learn to pull in the drive way straight, and learn how to back out of the drive without taking the garbage can with nie: Junior Y-Teens l, 2: Senior Y- Teens 3, 4: Junior Glee Club 1, 2: Godey 4: Booster 4: Office 4: Collecting stuffed animals, eating, giggling with Bonnie: Lincoln. HOOVERMAN, LETA To find out what's behind the Green Door: , Little Sisters 13 Science Club 2: Senior Class Play 4: Music, art hot rod racesi: James A. Garfield. Garrettsville. Ohio. HOUMAN. MARY LEE To be a "High and Mighty" airline hostess and marry John Wayne: Y-Teens. l, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: 4-Square 3, 4: Aqua Delis 4: Girls' Glee Club 1: All Girls' Choir 2: Nlajorette 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2: Eating, rodding around in MG. bomb and sports: Grant. v HOUSLEY, SUSAN "Snell To make the most out of my future: .lunior Y-Teens 1. 2: German Club 1: Junior Girls' Glee Club 1: Future Nurses of Ameriva 3: Future Teavhers 3: llooster 3. 4: Godey 3. 4. Sevretary 4: Aqua Uebs 4: Senior 1-Teens 3. 4: Swimming. goofing off, the gang, and pizza parties: Silver Lake. HUDSON. DAVID Take my first ten million and retire at 21: Key Club 2. 3, 4: Honor Soviety 3. 4: German Club 1. 2. 3. 4, President 3: Wrestling 3, 4: All sports. listening to the radio. playing poker with the boys: Grant. HUGHES, DAVID g'Da1ie', Drafting: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 1, 2: A Cap- pella Choir 3. 4: Out door life: Sill. HURR. JACQUELINE 'fluclrieu To be a suvcess in what- ever 1 attempt to do: Glee Club 1. 2: Booster Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Y-Teen 1, 2. 3, 4: Cap- tain of Basketball Team 2: Year- book Staff 4: Office Assistant 4: Sports. sleeping. rodding around with Marilyn: Crawford. INCH. CAROL LEE Nursing: Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Junior Y-Teens 1. 2: Senior Y- Teen 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3. 4: .lunior Varsity Cheerleader 4: Godey 4: Aqua Debs 4: Having fun, laughing with the Squirts, eating, swimming. Ricky: Still. June 1957 HUWALD, LOIS To be able lu turn over three brain cells without creating a dust storm and to bevonie a good nurse: Y-Teens l. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 4: Booster 1. 2. 3: l.atiu Club 2. Sevretary 2: lfrenrli Club 3: National Forensic- League 3. 4. Slate Finals 3: .lunior Class Play 3: N.I-'..-X. 3. l. President 4: Yearbook Stull -l: All Girl Choir 2: Nlaking pizza. slumber parties. hating fun. dating. swimming. tennis: Broad. llUEllNER. JON 'lClII'li',l'., To beat Ala in a game of pool at 'l'odd's l'ool Room: Football 1. 2. 3. -l: llaseball 3, 4: Getswags 3. -1: l'arties.girls. football. Getsways: Grant. HUPP. JOYCE To do my best to do the best: Booster Club 1. -1: Future Nurses of America 4: Yearbook Staff 4: llowling. piano, reading: Lincoln. HYKES. LELAND UPMU Basketball 1: Cafeteria l: Post cards. stamps: Lincoln. JENKINS. CONNIE To teach in a foreign country: M a tl i so n Consolidated High Svhool 1. 2. 3.-Scholarship Team 2. 3: Class Vive-l'resident 2: Class Sevretary 3: Spring Concert 2. 3: Girls' Chorus 2. 3: Junior Class Play 3: Speech Play 3: Tiger Tales Staff 4: Future Teavllers' Club -1: Booster 4: Y-Teens 4: Reading and letter writing: Madison Consolidated High School. J ETER, BETTY To go to college, and event- ally meet some one suited for me. Junior Y-Teens, 1, Senior Y- Teens, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club, 3, A Cappella Choir, 3, 43 Junior Girls' Glee Club, 1, Painting, sewing, movies, driv- ing, sports, reading juicy stories, Perkins Junior High School, Ak- ron, Ohio. JOHNSON, JUDITH scjudyn To be a success in whatever I attempt. Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 2, President 2, 4-Square, 3, 4, Booster 2, 3, 4, National Forensic League 2, Thespian Society 2, 3, 4, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1,iAqua Debs 4, M.G.'s, Office Assistant, Rodding around with the M.G.'s, slumber parties, horseback riding, swimming, and golf, Grant. JONES, BETTY To serve God to the best of my ability.- Youth For Christ 1, 2, 3, 4, writing to a certain sailor, eat- ing, and sleeping, Tallmadge. JONES, NORMAN Physical education teacher. Hi-Y 1, 2, President 3, 4, Junior Optimists 3, Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, All sports, Central High, Kansas City Mo. JORDAN, JOYCE To he a commercial artist, and to always be able to smile. Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Booster 1, 2, 3, 4-Square 3, 4, Art work, horseback riding, and swimming, Crawofrd. June 1957 Q S .. ' JOHNSON, ALAN To be a success in anything I do. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Awards Council, 3, 4, Swing Band 3, 4, Dance Band, 2, 3, 4, Sax Qual? tet, 2, 3, 4, Twilighters 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Football 1, Basketball 1, Woodworking and building, Broad. JOHNSON, LES "Lester', To be a success in everything and to everybody. Latin Club 2, Football 3, Wrest- ling. 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling, Sill. JONES, BONNIE To be happy and successful, and drive sensibly in reverse. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster 1, Laughing, teasing, eating, Bren- da's "nonsense," dogs, and talk- ing, Broad. JONES, ROBERT To be an officer in the Navy. Boys' Glee Club 1, Collecting stamps, Sill. KESSELRING, KAREN To eventually obtain my driver's license. Y-Teens 1, 2, Booster 2, 3, 4, Junior Foreign Affairs 1, 4- Square 3, 4, National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, Eating pizza, being with the M. l. N. T. S., rodding around with Judy, Mr. Moore's Chemistry class, and having fun, Richardson. KETTLEWELL, NEIL To be content. Cross-country 1, 2, Track 1, Reading, Hunting, Music, Art, Fishing, Buchtel, Akron. KIKEN DALL, THOMAS "Kike" To someday be able to un- derstand girls. Junior Optimist Club 1, Secre- tary 1, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Track Team 1, 2, 4, Swim Team 3, 4, Tiger Den Board 4, President 4, Parties, girls, rodding around with the boys, "Bachelor's Club," "G.E.T.S.W.A.G.'S", Broad. KITTLE, SHIRLEY To get through four years of college as easily as possible. Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Booster 1, 2, 3, H. A. Preston 3, French Club 4, Senior Y-Teens 3, Rec- ords, swimming, Richardson. KLOTZ, LINDA To be a successful commer- cial artist. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 3, Art work swimming, sports twatchingl, making friends, Lehman, Canton, Ohio. KOZA, JOE Sports, Richardson. June 1957 KIDD, CAROL Interior decorator. Junior and Senior Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Booster 1, 2, 3, 4, Four Square 3, 4, Girls' Junior Glee Club 1, 2, Girls' Senior Glee Club 3, 4, Drawing, horseback riding, swimming, Lincoln. KINGDOM, JO ANNE To be healthy, humorous, helpful, and happy. Junior Foreign Affairs Council 1, Secretary 1, Latin Club 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, Music, reading, having fun, Grant. KLETT, JAMES Live to be a hundred and one. Readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic, Mason, Akron. KNOX, RICHARD "Dick" To do the best I can in what- ever field lies before me, to have a happy home and fam- ily. Boys' Junior Glee Club 1, Senior Boys' Glee Club 2, Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Optimist Club 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 2, 3, Ser- geant-at-Arms 3, Art work, hand painting, records, ties, Demolay figuring out how to spell "anti- destablishnientarianismn b a c k- in five seconds flat, Broad School. LAHMERS, CAROL To be a good secretary. Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Booster 1, Godey 3, 4, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, Senior Girls' Glee Club 2, Having a good time, Broad School. LARSON, PETER g'Pete,' Enter ministry. Debate 1, N.F.L. 1, German Club 1, .lunior Optimist 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Track 3, 4, Sports and collecting autographs, Zion Lutheran, Akron. LAWRENTZ, MELVIN To be an' automotive design- er. Working on cars, having fun, Crawford. LEITER. WILLIAM C. To become a certified public accountant. Rifle team 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Projection Staff 2, 3, 4, Camp- ing, Broad School. LEWIS, GARY To become a truck driver, make a record, make a few million dollars, and retire. Stamps, animals and Yxzabing, Lincoln. LITMEN, ELIZABETH "Liz,' To have fun and lead a good life. Junior Girls' Clee Club 1, 2, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, B. W. Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Swimming, skating, and most all sports, Sill. June 1957 LAUCK, LOIS To make my parents proud of me. Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Senior Y- Teens 3, 4, Booster 1, 4, Codey 3, 4, Traveling, sports, slumber parties, Crawford. LEE, MA RCIE Gym teacher. Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Senior Y- Teens 3, 4, Sports, driving, mus- ic , Richardson. LENGACHER, HERBERT ssHerb:s To be successful as a pharm- acist and a bachelor. Band 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 4, Junior Optimist 3, 4, Class Play 3, Football, music, Sill, LISKA, ROBERT .,Bob,, To be able to pass Mr. Wheatley's 8th grade arith- metic tests. At Oak Ridge High School- Chemiteers 3, Bowling Club 3, Chess Club 3, French Club 3, at Falls-French Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Sports, sports cars, coin collect- ing, riding around, going out to Garner Brothers with the gang, and dropping differentials out of Chryslers, Silver Lake. LOITZ, JAMES To be in RO'S Dance Band. Twiligliters 4, Band 4, Sextet 2, Orchestra. Dance band 2, Swing Band 3, Dixie Band, Caro, boats, music, girls, Crawford. LONG, ROGER ALLEN To become a college history professor. Junior Optimist 3, 4, Junior Council of Foreign Affairs 1, Collecting old rifles, reading, De Molay, Grant. LYNN, ROBERT Grant. School. MAC CLELLAN, JOANN To have a happy life, be suc- cessful as a piano teacher and learn to be a good Christian. Latin Club 2, Godey Club 3, Y- Teens 1, 2, 4, Booster Club tl-lonoraryl 1, 2, 3, 4, Aqua Debs, Cadet Band 1, Marching and Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 4, Football Homecoming Court 4, Having fun with the girls. music, eating or drinking anything chocolate, and "Ron- nie," Silver Lake. MC COMBS, ELIZABETH "Betsey" To be a Hprivate secretary." Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Junior Y-Teens l. 2, Cabi- net 2, Latin Club 2, Senior Y- Teens 3, 4, Four Square 3. 4, President 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Tiger Tales 4, Cuyahogan Staff 4, Aqua-Delis 4: Rodding around in the official M.G. bomb, horseback riding, swim- ming, golfing, swimming, bowl- ing, Silver Lake. MACY. MARGARET :cMdrgra To get my name on the list of America Ten Top Secre- taries. Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, All Girl Choir 2, Office Assistant 2, 3, 4, Aqua Debs 4, Swimming, riding around with the M.G.'s in Helen's Big Ford, eating and having fun, Richardson. June 1957 tg, LUTZ, SANDRA ELIZABETH To be happy the rest of my life. Y-Teens 1, 2, Booster 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Going on hayrides and picnics that we never have, L.A.N.G.'S., Lincoln. LYONS, WILLIAM RONALD To be a coach of a girls' foot- ball team. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Track 2, Junior Foreign Affairs Council 1, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Booster Club, Football Homecoming King 4, Cars and li'l girls, Sill. MC CLUSKY, CURTIS To be the World's Greatest Amateur Golfer at the age of 25. Key Club 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, Golf team 3, 4, Golf, tennis, driving, coin collecting, Grant. MC VICKER, KENNETH 5fKenD Finish successfully whatever I start. German Club I, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Squad leader 4, Drum major 4, Swing Band 2, 3, 4, Dance- Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Drums, girls, listening to jazz and carousing on Saturday nights, Grant. MARLIN, JAMES Kfhlimi! To make a tax-free 3lO0,000 every year. Hunting, archery, Sill. MARTINE, SUE Medical Secretary, teach obstetrics at Nan's Poodle Shop. Y-Teens 1, 2, 4g Booster 43 A Cappela Choir 4g Girls' Junior Glee Club lg All Girl Choir 2g Girls' Senior Glee Club 3g Seni- or Tiger Den Board 4g Aqua Debs 4g Office Assistant 4g Swimming, rodding around in Marcia's Bomb. L.B.S.D.g Sill. MEHL, RICHARD To write a good book. Reading, classical music, and coin collectingg Silver Lake. MILLER, JAMES To be a rubber chemist and make better rubber bands. Junior Foreign Affairs Council lg Projection Staff 1, 2, 3g Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 4g Radio Club 4g Ra- dio, listening to music, watching T.V.g Lincoln. MILLER, MARY ANN To be a flight nurse in the Air Force. Y-Teens 2g Booster 33 Latin Club 3g F.N.A. 4g Tiger Tales Staff 4g Light photography and drawingg Long Beach, California. MILLER, WILLIAM "Bill" To become a stock car driver. Work on carsg Grant. June 1957 MEDKEFF. MARCIA 4aMarCya1 "When wealth is lost, noth- ing is lostg When health is lost, something is lostg When character is lost, all is lost." German Club 1, 2g Y-Teen 1, 2g Cabinet 2g Junior Girls' Glee Club lg All Girl Choir 2g Boost- er Club l, 2, 3, 43 Godey Club 3. 4g Tiger Tales 4g Cuyahogan Staff 4g A Cappella Choir 3, 4g Operetta 3g Senior Y-Teens 3, 4g Candidate for Summer Formal Queen 4g Aqua Debs 43 Nation- al Honor Society 45 Singing, dancing, laughing, eating pizza, sports, and having lots of fung Andover. Massachusetts. MELOY, KATHRYN ssKathyr: To have a good job. Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 2g Building and Grounds Committee 2g Making Herk happy, having fun in the "Green Bombwg Sill. MILLER, MARILYN To be a happy little art teacher like Mrs. Wilhelm. Booster 3, 4g Senior Y-Teens 3, 4g Four Square 3, 4g F.T.A. 3, 4g Junior Girls' Glee Club lg Aqua Debs 4g Being with the gang and having fung Richard- son. MILLER, MICHAEL 4'Mike" To achieve all my goals in life. Junior Foreign Affairs Council lg Treasurer lg Glee Club l, 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4g Junior Class Play 3g Boys' Octette 1, 49 Cars, guns, good food, and women, also extracurricular ac- tivitiesg Silver Lake. MITCHELL, GARY ALAN Aeronautical Engineer Gun Club 1, Camera Club lg Thespians lg N. F. L. lg Model planes, boats, radiog Gadsden. Alabama. MIZE, CHARLOTTE cccharn To better myself in everyway I can, to become an art teacher. ,lunior Y-Teens, Godey, Junior Glee Club, Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir: Goofing around with "Swartzzie: Lincoln. MOLES, LARRY To get rich and own seven Cadillacs. Football team 1: Cars, motors, women, rodding around, sleep- ing: Crawford. MORGAN, JO ANN To better myself in all ways and to keep smiling. Student Council 1, 23 89'er Cheerleader lg Reserve Cheer- leader 3: Varsity Cheerleader 4, Captain 4: Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Cabinet 2: Senior Y-Teens 3, 4, Cabinet 3: Band 1. 2, 3, Secre- tary. Treasurer 3g Dance Band l: Sax Quartet 1. 2, 3: Booster 3, 4: H. A. Preston 3: Orchestra 2. 3: Aqua Debs, Cabinet 4: Senior Class Play 4: Football H om e c o min g Queen: Music, sports. sewing, having fun: Craw- ford. MORTON. CAROL ANN To graduate from college and decide on a career. Y-Teens 1. 2. 4: Booster Club 2: Godey Club 3, 4: French Club 3: Photography, horseback riding: Broad. MYERS. BETTY To do everything I attempt to the best of my ability. Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 43 Booster 2: Godey Club 3: French Club 3, 4: Glee Club 1: Cuyahogan Staff 4: Reading, music: Broad. June 1957 at AV MODUGNO, PHYLLIS 'iPhi1" To gain ten pounds and to cage the "Brimfield Bad Boy." Y-Teens 1, 2: B. W. 1: Junior Girls' Glee Club 2: Senior Girls' Clee Club 3: Tiger Den Board 1, 2: Booster 2, 4: roller skating, eating, the girls, .lim, looking for the "Orange Flash:" Craw- ford. MOORE, LINDA To be a medical assistant and to make others happy. ,lunior Y-Teen 1: Student Coun- cil 1: Godey Club 2: junior Glee Club 1: Senior Clee Club 1: All Girl Choir 1: Music. Dave: Crawford. MORROW. LINDA To be a beautician. recep- tionist. and successful. Glee Club 1.23 Y-Teens 4: Godey Club 4: Booster Club 4: Driving. having fun with the gang: Lin- coln. MULLINS. SALLY sssaln To marry and be a good wife to a certain soldier. Senior Girls' Glee Club. Junior Girls' Glee Club. Office Assist- ant 2. 3. 4: Writing letters and trying to find Dorts a rich man: Broad. MYERS. PATRICIA "Fam Patti" To learn third grade math, so l can correctly work Mr. Wheatley's physics problems. To be a patient choir direc- tress or English teacher. Marching Band Vocalist 4: Juni- or Girls' Glee Club 1: All Girls' Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Latin Club 2: Booster 2. 3, -l-: Junior Y-Teens 1. 2: Senior Y- Teens 3, 4, Cabinet 4: Honor Society 3. 4: N.I-'.L. 2, 3, 4-. Secretary 2: Thespian 2, 3, 4: Four Square 3. -L Sergeant-ab Arms 3, Vice-President 4. Presi- dent 4: Aqua Delis -1: Cuyahogan Staff 4: Tiger Tales Staff 4: Business Manager 4: Redding around with the M. Gfs. slumber parties, swimming, horseback rid- ing. singing, golfing, bowling, driving the official "Xl.C. bomb." and eating, Silver Lake. 47 NALL, RITA To be a portrait artist and happily married. Y-Teens, Booster Clubg Drawing, having a real ball, datingg Simon Perkins .Junior High, Akron, Ohio. NELSON, DAVID S'S'wede" To get my master's degree in Ch. E. and do my graduate work at Vassar. Football 1g Boys' Glee Club 1g Hi-Y 2g Ohio U. Science Camp 3g DeMolay, girls, food, the L'men" and sneaking Nancy Anderson in ahead of the line at DeMolay fishfriesg Richardson School. OBLISK, MARGARET LOUISE To go to business school and own a ranch type house in Peninsulag Swimming, dancing, roller skat- ingS. Sill Junior High. OSTERGARD, MICHAEL i6Mike!9 To be a lawyer. Junior Foreign Affairs Council 1g Football 1g N. F. L. 2, 3, 4g Junior Optimist 2, 3, President 2, 3g Hi-Y 3. 4g Vice-President 3g President 4g Junior Prom King 3g Executive Committee 33 Honor Society 3, 4g Winner of Editorial Contest 3g Tiger Tales Staff 4g History of World War IIg Lincoln. PALMER, TERRY DUANE To be first trombonist in R.O.'s dance bandg Band QN. Carolina? 1, Band lElletl 1. Band 2. 3, 4g Swing Band 2, 3g Dance Band 2, 33 French Club 2, 3g Sports, push- ing Jim's Model-A "Twilight- ersg' Ellet. une 1957 A ,K Wt g .ga NELSCH, DONALD To make a success of life. Cadet Band lg Band 2, 3, 4g Junior Optimist 2, 3g Radio Club 4g Radiog Richardson School. NIESSON, PAULA REED To do all the good I can to all the people I can. Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4g Booster 1, 3g German Club 2g French Club 43 Godey 3, 4g National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4g Buckeye Girls' State 4g Junior Class Play, Senior Class Plav: Rainbow, laughing, talking, sew- ing, swimmingg Grant. ORTH, CHARLES To be an orthoclontist and learn to play the guitar like Elvis Presley. Hi-Y 3, 43 Rifle Club 3, 4, wrestling 4g Hunting, sailing, fishing, womeng Silver Lake. OWEN, SANDRA To become a teacher and try to accomplish all my Goals. Junior Y-Teen 1, 2g Girls' Glee Club 2g Band 1g Senior Y-Teen 3, 4g F.T.A. 3, 4, Prince of Peace Contestg Driving the car and listening to recordsg Silver Lake. PENCE, LAWRENCE ccldarryn To be an engineer and leave the world a somewhat better place. Junior Foreign Affairs Council 1, Vice-Presidentg German Club 2g Booster Club 4g Lab Assist- ant 3, 4g Twelfth Grade Science Club 4g Reading, music, scienceg Broad. PERDRIAU, MARY To be happy and successful in whatever I may do. Girls' Junior Glee Club 1: .lun- ior Y'Teens 1. 2, Latin Club 1. 2: Senior Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Booster Club 1, 2,'3. 4, Secre- tary 2. Vice-President 4: Senior Y-Teens 3. 4: Cuyahogan 4: Four Square 3. 4. Secretary 3g French Club 3, 4. Vice-President 4g A Cappella Choir 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Aqua Debs 4: Sports. eating, slumber parties. having fun with the M.G.'s. Silver Lake. PHILLIPS, CAROL To become a nurse, marry a doctor, and raise "four little germs." .lunior Girls' Glee Club lg All Girl Choir 2: Junior Y-Teens 1, 2: Senior Y-Teens 3. 45 Latin Club 2: French Club 45 F.N.A. 3. 4: Booster 3: Godey 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 43 Tiger Tales Staff 4, Reading, sports, writing fiction. Grant. PRATT, ROBERT To build a customized car, to be able to get more than Saccona. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4, Football 1: Track 3: Basketball, Women, CARS. Still. RAKICH. JAMES .wmv To be a mechanical engineer and a professional ball- player. Junior Foreign Affairs Council lg Booster 4g Baseball 2, 3. 4: Sports, running around with the boys. and keeping Brooks laugh- ing. Grant. REUNION. BRUCE To be an aeronautical engineer. Optimist Club 3. 4: Basketball 2, 33 Baseball 2: Football 3: Track l: Sports. North Syracuse Stflltml. June 1957 QA 1 t up 3 4' Q. .1 at x Az ' ii 'ti .tsl 3 w r x 5 .iw I t ,. 1 , gp, 'Wit-."s,.,., - ' Wit -- FFS nr , 4 SL! A ot? 5 . t P W t .t ,W X ,bs ii if' K 5:3 sf ser' r r 2 . , Q 'D of PETERSEN. NIELS To become an architect. Golf. tennis. Encanto. Phoenix. Arizona. PHILLI PS. DOREEN ..Dee,, To live a successful life, to make new friends. and strengthen the old. ,lunior Y-Teens l. 2. Vice-l'resi- dent 1. President 2. Y-Teen State Conference 2, Y.A.W.A.C.A. Con- ference 3g Senior Y-Teens 3. 4. German Club 1.2. 33 French Club 3. -1-g Codey 3. -l-. Office Assistant 3. 4, F.N.A. 3. 4: Freshman Girls' Glee Club lg Cuyahogan Staff 4, Editor-in-Chief 4: Aqua Debs 4g Cabinet. Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3. President 4: Honor Society 3. 4. Secretary 4: Buckeye Girls' State Repre- sentative 4: .lunior Prom Court 3g Sports, aquatics. art, parties, Rainbow. Crawford. PUGH. .IOANNE To be the best teacher I can, to do everything in my power to further the work of my church. Junior Y-Teens l. 2: Senior Y- Teens 3. -1-1 .lunior Glee Club 1: All Girls' Choir 2: Senior Clee Club 4: ll.A. Preston 3. -lg Booster 33 National Thespians 3. 4, President sl: Modeling. playing piano. church work. singing duets with "Chubbins". cats. Sill. HATHBUN. ALAN To be a nuclear physicist. Band l. 2. 3. -1: Orchestra 2. 3. 4: Swing Band 2: Science Club -l: Playing the oboe. skin dixing. astronomy. listening to records. Silver Yake. REYNOLIJS. DEBOR.-Kfl Nl24'lIlll.1'l, To become at registered nurse. Junior Y-Teens l. 2: Senior Y- Teens 3. -1. Chaplain 4: Band l. 2. 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer -l: Corley-1: Aqua llebs 4: French 3. 4: Booster 3. 4: Swing: Band 2. 3. -l. Urcliestra 2. 3. 4. Clari- net Quartet 3. sl. Y.A.W.A.lZ..-X. Conference -l: Cuyaliogan -1: Parties. art. hating: fun. sports. music. Grant. RHODES, CHARLES :sLarryv To live fast, die young, and have a good looking corpse. Boxing forangesl. Hichardson. RITCHIE, LINDA To always have loads of friends. Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Booster 1, 2, 3, Four Square 3, 4, German Club 2, Senior Y-Teens 3, 4, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, Tiger Tales Staff 4, Office Assistant 4, Aqua Debs 4, Painting, boating, having ar good time, laughing with all the kids, Rainbow. Lincoln. ROBINSON, KAY To be a nurse, to be able to make g o o d "snicker-doo- miles." Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Booster 2, 3, 4, Four Square 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4,, French Club 3, 4, Aqua Debs 4, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, All Girls' Choir 2, Senior Girls' Glee Club 3, F.N. A. 4, Senior Y-Teens 3, 4, Rod- ding around with Patty in the official M.G. Bomb, slumber parties, swimming, horseback rid- ing, bowling. Silver Lake. ROOT, PAUL ROBERT To become adept at working Mr. Wheatley's third grade math problems and to use them to become a good chemical engineer. German Club 1, Hi-Y 2, 3, ,lun- ior Optimists 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Junior Class Play 3, Football 2, Manager, Hunting, shooting, fishing. collecting money, swim- ming, spending money. Broad. ROSS, RICHARD "Barney" To be a success in building construction. Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Dance Band 3, Foot- ball 3, Playing all kinds of sports. Grant. June 1957 RILLING, MARJORIE ..Marg,, To go to beauty school and be a success in making girls beautiful. To always have friends and save enough money to buy a new car. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Riding around with Mollie, "Cincinnati 'V.V.' " "Blue Bomb." Richardson. ROBERTS, PHYLLIS To be a secretary and live a happy Christian life. German Club 1, junior Y-Teens 1, Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, Bill, playing the piano, eating, sleeping, and having fun. Broad. ROGERS, CLIFFORD ssTexn To he a good mechanic or carpenter. F.F.A. 1, Basketball 1, Track 1, Baseball 1, Working on automo- biles. Santa Anna, Texas. ROSS, DOYLE To be successful in whatever I do. Collecting money, Crawford. ROWE. KENNETH To be an interior decorator. Rifle Club 2, Booster 4, Stamps. cars. Kent State University Training School. .1 RUCKMAN, PAM To always have stars in my crown and feel on top of the world. German Club 1, 2, Debate 1, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Godey Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, All Girls' Choir 3, Jun- ior Class Play 3, Publicity Chair- man, Aqua Debs 3, 4, Prince of Peace 4, Future Teachers 4, To see that those stars are always shining. Richardson. RUTHERFORD, JACK scRuas To become an Engineer and to beat T.S. at pool in Todd's pool hall. French Club 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Homecoming Court, Photography, beating Punch's Plymouth in a drag, G.E. T.S.W.A.G. Silver Lake. SAGADENCKY, MARJORIE "Margie" To live a happy and respect- able life. German Club I, 2, All Girls' Choir 2, Four Square 3, 4, Thespians 3, Booster 3, Office Assistant 2, 3, 4, Aqua Debs 4, Swimming, traveling, doing things with the M.G.'s being with Lee. Grant. SARVER, DAVID ssnaven To go to Dartmouth college and be captain of the skiing team. Latin Club 2, Key Club 3, 4, Sec. retary 4, wrestling 3. 4, Hunting, fishing, and looking for--,. Grant. SCHULTZ, MARY "Schultzie.,' To be happy and successful in my chosen career. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Godey 3, 4, N.F.L. 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 4, Booster 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3, German Club 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, All Girl Choir 3, Aqua Debs 4, Eating pizza with the gang, going to slumber parties: riding around in Glenny and Boser's bombs, jitter- bugging with Specs. Grant. une 1957 RUSH, DAVID To make a success of what- ever I may strive to do. Yearbook Staff 4, Glee Club 1 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Arch ery I, Pistol Team 3, Photo graphy. Broad. SACCOGNA, ROBERT To be able to get all I can- sleep. Hunting, football, wild beer par ties. St. Joseph. SALBERG, PETER To be a machinist. Youth for Christ, Hi-Y, Work- ing for wages outside of school. Shenango Twp. SCHOOLEY. JOHN To be an electronic engineer Radio Club 4, President 4 Amateur radio, St. Joseph. SEARL. MICHAEL ..Mike,, To go to and graduate from G.M. Institute or to become as good a dentist as my Dad. Boys' Junior Glee Club 1, 2, Hi- Y 2, 3, 4, Junior Optimist 3, 4. Golf 2, Rifle team I, Golf, hunting, fishing, all sports, eat- ing, giving diets to history teach- er driving 1?l. pizza, being like the King of Siam in the "King and I." Broad. Freshman Football, Football 2, SEARLE. RONALD To be a success in Whatever I do. Boys' Clee Club 1. 2: Hi-Y 2: Latin Club 2: Junior Foreign Affairs Council 1: De Molay 2, 3. 43 Bowling. Crawford. SECRIST. PETER n'1'ete" To be successful. Radio Club 4g Amateur radio. skin diving. ice skating. cars. food and having fun. Crawford. SHAR PS. S l l E CAROL Nurse Y-Teen 1, 2. 3. 4g Booster 1. 2. 3. 4g F.N.A. 3. 4g Codey 1: Aqua Deb 1g German Club lg A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Singing. Talking. and Swimming. Broad. SHELLEY. KAY To Someday be a partner for Nan and her Pink Poo- dles. and have a poodle of my own. Clee Club 1. 2g Junior Yflleen 23 Senior Y-Teens fl-g llooster Club 41 Aquadetts 4: Eating pizza and drinking cokes in Youngstown with the L.A.N.lL.S. AND having fun. Rodding around with the girls in the yel- low bombs. Lincoln. SMITH. MALCOLM To Learn. Band 1. 2. 3: Orchestra 3. 43 Dance Band 3: Creek 2. 3. 4g P ri n t i n g. music. mathematics. Broad. June 1957 SECCOMBE. GEORGE To teach a 2750 pound ele- phant to play HHOUNDOGN on the bagpipes. Hillbilly music. sports. women, cars, and remembering those fun filled hours in Mr. Wheatley':s General Science Class. Crawford. SHADLEY. JOHN To he a successful mechani- cal engineer. Band 1. 2. 3. Choir 4g Making enough money to keep my car running. Broad. SHAVER, BARBARA To be as helpful to others as my high school teachers and faculty have been to me. Junior Girls' Clee Club 1g All Girls' Choir 2: Senior Cirls' Clee Club 33 Reading. Jennings Junior High School. SHEPPARD. CLYDE "Sn,erd" Architectual Engineer. Basketball lg Cerman Club 1: Executive Committee 3: Tiger Den Board 3. Treasurer: Junior Prom Court 33 Student Council 1. 2. 33 Cars. parties. GETS-, WAGS. Indianapolis, lndiana. SMITH. ROBERT Being a Commercial Artist and being a success. Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Thespians 2. 3, Treasurer 4. Recording Secretary: Junior Optimist 2. Vice-Presi- dent 3. 4: Track 2. 4g A Cap- pella Choir 3. 43 Fishing, paint' ing. guns. dates with slick chicks. Crawford. SMITH, TOM To have a booming business like Todd's pool hall. Student Council 3. 4, Treasurer 35 Key Club 2. 3. 4g Junior Optimist 3: Freshman Basket- ball Ig ,lunior Varsity Basketball 2g Baseball 3. 4.3 Sports, at- tempting to play piano, "Fluffy" and Tuffy". the boysg G.E.T.S. W.A.G.'s. Grant. SOKOT, MILDRED "Millie" To be a good secretary. Y-Teen 1, 2, Watching for a certain Pontiac. Sill. STADLER, ERNA Office Work. Traveling and reading books. Germany. STARBIRD. LINDA JEAN To live a happy and worth while life. and be able to to look back on the past and know I tried my best. Junior Glee Club' lg Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 4g Booster 2. 3, 4g Tiger Tales Staff 43 Cuya- hogan Staff 4: Tennis. swim- ming. eating pizza, popular music. slumber parties and just fooling around. Crawford. STAZ. RICHARD German Club l: Archery Club 2. Crawford. June 1957 1 if 'fs I .Q WJ SNYDER, WAYNE To succeed and understand Mr. Wheatly. German Club I, 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 4g Track 3, 4g Ice Skating, arch- ery. Crawford. SPESSARD, DICK To see Mr. Wheatley's 13.6 cubic foot freezer. to be a good chemical engineer. Key Club 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Swing liand l: Dance Iiantl 24 Junior Foreign Affairs 1: Camera Club Ig Building and Grounds Committee 2. 3: ,lunior Optimist Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4g Swimming Team 43 Boost- er Club 3: Cuyahogan Staff I 2, 33 Sports. music, living it up. Crawford. STANFORD, MARILYN To have many friends. to always be happy and be suc- cessful in whatever I may do. National Honor Society 3, 43 ,lnnior Y-Teens 2: Senior Y- Teens 3, 4: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 23 French Club 3, 4g F.N.O.A. 3. Godey Club 3, 4, Thespian 1. 2. 3. 4. V.I'. 33 National Forensic League 1. 2, 3, Aqua Debs 4: Band l, 2. 3. 4, Pep Band 4, Swing Band 4: Awards Council 4, Orchestra 3, 4. Cuyahogan Staff 4g Junior Clee Club Ig Junior Class Playg Sports, KEGG'S, being with the gang and having a good time. Richardson. STARKEY. ROBERT "Brainy', Engineer. Track I. 2: Key Club 2, 3, -1: German Club I. 21 Cars, C.E. T.S.W.A.C.S. Sill STEW A RT. RALPH To be successful in life. Track Team 1. Broad. STINAFF, RUSSELL To become an electrical engineer. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Projection 1, 2, 3, Radio Club 4, V.P. 43 Organized 12th Grade Science Club 4, Amateur radio, violin. Lincoln. STUART, KENNETH asKenny:x Electrical Engineer. Radio. Elyria. TALLEY, DWIGHT JR. "Butch7' To go into general agricul- ture in college and have a nice home. Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, Rifle Club 1, 23 Wrestling 2, 3, 43 Hunting sports and traveling. Silver Lake. TARLOWSKI. BARBARA To help Frances to be a test pilot for a bloom fac- tory. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Booster 2, 3: Eating, slumber parties and going places with my friends. Richardson. TERWILLINGER, MARGE To be boss in whatever I choose to do. Y-Teen, German Club, Booster G.G.A. In Williamserville N. Y. Williamserville Central High. June 1957 STRING, TIMOTHY l6Tim7! To practice medicine and serve God and man to the best of my ability. Basketball lg Student Council 2g Latin Club 2, 3, 4, V.P. 35 Key Club 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 45 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Varsity Swimming 3, 4, Sports, guns, "Sam G" music, swimming. Grant. SWARTSMAN, LINDALU NLM., To be an actress. Girls' ,lunior Glee Club I, 2g Godey Club 3g Booster 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 43 Junior Class Play, Rodding that big had Buick, having a ball with the gang, going to parties and just plain goofing St. .Ioseph's. TALMADGE. CHRISTING To be a model or hair stylist. Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4, Booster 2, 3. 4-g Junior Glee Club 1, 2, Aqua Debs 43 K.E.G.G.S. Crawford. TAYLOR, TOM To go to college and then get a good job. A Cappella Choir 3, 4g Swim Team 4g Outdoor life. Grant. THAYER, LYNNE To be a dancing teacher, and quit worrying. Glee Club 13 Y-Teens 2, 3, Godey 3, Tiger Tales 4g Dancing talking, food. Grant. THOMAS, BARBARA aBarb,, To meet my goal of happi-. ness and always make others happy. Girls' Glee Club Ig Y-Teens 2, 3, Booster Club 3g Learning to drive, being with Joe, and music. Grant. THOMAS, JAMES Cijinlfi To do constructional work or communicational work. Orchestra 1, 2, Cafeteria I, 2, Bowling. drawing. Broad. THOMSON, BARBARA To be a secretary and to serve my "Savior" in every- thing. Orchestra lg Y.F.C. 3, 4-g Swim- ming, tennis, cooking, sewing. Northampton. TODD, BILL To be the kind of boy my mother knows I'm notl Key Club 2, 3, 4g Junior Opti- mist 3g Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 3, 43 Pool. sports, cars, 12 month vacations. G.E.T.S.W.A.G. Lin- coln. TORRENCE, ROBERT ..B0b,, To be a chemist. Band I, 2. 3g Collecting classical music records 133 I!3l. Woods- town High School, Woodstown, New Jersey. June 1957 THOMAS, GLENDA JAYNE To be a beautician and have an apartment with the girls. Girls' Glee Club Ig Senior Y- Teens 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4g Godey Club 4: Aqua Debs 44 Eating pizza and having slumber parties with the girls. Grant. THOMPSON, FRED To go on to school and learn a way to get rich without working. Band l, 2, 3g R.O.T.C.g Old cars, guns. girls. Shortridge High School, Indianapolis, Indiana. TIFFAN. LARRY To be a success at whatever I undertake. German Club I, 24 Junior Opti- IIIISI Clllll 3g Boys' Glee Club 1, 2g Sports. being a top-notch soda jerk. Grant. TOMPKIN, GARY "Carbon To swim and get rich. Key Club 43 Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Football 4g Indian dancing and girls. Sill. VAIL, CAROLE SUE To be a nurse. Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Y-Teens 1, 2g Senior Y-Teens 3, 44 Junior Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Senior Girls' Glee Club 3, 4g Cuyahogan Staff 4-Q N.E.A.T. I.E.S., oil painting, horseback- riding. sports. Lincoln. VAN NOY, LIANE To be a sucessful executive secretary for a millionaire boss. Junior Y-Teens 1. 2, Program Chairman 23 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2, 3. 43 Four Square 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Aqua Dells 4, Junior Glee Club 1,3 All Girls' Choir 2g Senior Y-Teens 3, 43 Y-Teens Y.A.W.A.C.A. Con- ference 23 F.'1'.A. 33 Honor So- ciety 43 Cuyahogan Staff 4, Un- derclassman Editor3 Swimming. horseback riding, Rainbow, "rod- ding around with the lVl.G.'s', slumber parties, boys. Sill. WALTON, MARCIA To drive Nan's delivery truck 3 to always be happy and have many friends. Girls' Junior Glee Club 1, 21 Senior Glee Club 33 A Cap- pella Choir 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster 1, 3, 43 Godey Club 33 Aqua Debs 43 Swimming, having fun with the girls. Lin- coln. WEAVER, MELVIN To help keep the black bomb running. Model airplanes. Arlene. Craw- ford. WEBER, HARRIE'l'T To successfully complete four years of college. Booster Club 3. 43' Godey Club 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 43 Jun- ior Y-Teens 1, 23 Senior Y-Teens 3, 43 Clee Club 13'Office Staff 43 N.F.L. 43 Cuyahogan Staff 43 Theme Committee3 Sports, en- joying life. - Grant. WEISEL DONALD s:D0nv To be an engineer and get through college. Key Club 2 3 43 Baseball 3, 43 Keeping the Hlllavk llomlf' run- ning, sports. Crawford. ,, :. . ifliiif' 'W - f Z June 1957 'ls' WALKER, JUDY To find a career in which I'll be happy and useful. Junior Girls' Glee Club 13 Senior Girls' Glee Club 3. 43 Junior Foreign Affairs Council 1g Jun- ior Y-Teens 1, 23 Senior Y-Teens 3. 43 Y-Teen lnterclub Council, Treasurer 43 Booster 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2. 3. 4. Vice-l'resi- dent 2, President 3. B.W. Club 3, 4, Secretary 33 Four Square 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Thespians 3, 43 Junior Class Play 33 National Forensic League 2. 3, 4. President 43 French Club 3. 4. Secretary- Treasurer 43 Aqua Debs 43 Stu- dent Librarian 3. 4, Office As- sistant 43 Cuyahogan Staff 43 Sports. Rainbow, parties, having fun, talking. Grant. WATSON, DALENE To be a good housewife and make a certain perso n happy. Cooking, sewing. Northampton. WEBB, RALPH I To own a machine shop. Pistol team. Crawford. WEIL, FRED To attend college and to make friends of everyone. to be a success in my life's work. German Club 13 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Historian 4g Jun- ior Optimist 2. 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Thespians 2. 3. 43 Radio Club 4g Boys' Glee Club 1, 23 Junior Class Play 33 Yearbook Staff 4. Photographerg Amateur radio, bowling, golf. pizza. Grant. WELLS. MARILYN To go to Kent State for four years and end up a happily married school teacher. Booster Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 43 Glee Club 13 All Girls' Choir 23 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Y.F.C. 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary 23 H.A. Preston 43 Aqua Debs 4g Swim- ming, music, skating, doing no- thing. Lincoln. WENDT, ERIKA To become a teacher. Junior Council of Foreign Affairs 13 H.A. Preston 2. 3. 4, Secretary 2. President 33 German Club 1, 2, 3. 43 National Forensic League, 2, 3. 4. Treasurer 43 National Honor Society 3. 43 Girls' ,Iunior Glee Club lg All Girls' Choir 23 A Cappella Choir 3. 4: Senior Y-Teens 3g Music. church work, sports. Zion Lutheran School, Akron. WEST. HUGH BRIAN To attend college and make a million dollars when I take over my father's Chev- rolet dea.ership. Hi-Y 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3. Sec- retary 43 Rifle l. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1. 2: A Cappella Choir 3. 43 Falls Hi-Y llranch Council. Secretary and Treasurer 43 De- molay. boats. old cars. Silver Lake. WHITE. LINDA To make my parents proud of me and to live a happy and successful life. Junior Y-Teens 1. 2g Senior Y- Teens 3, 4: H.A. Preston. Na- tional Thespians. Glee Club 1. 23 Le Cercle Francais. Booster Club. Senior Class Play: Making others happy. music. acting up with the C-R-A-Z-Y girls. eating pizza. a certain R.W.F., boys. being happy and most of all, be- ing good. Silver Lake. WILLENBACHER. JULIE To finally decide what I want to be and become it before 1 get a chance to change my mind. Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Y- Teens l. 2. Centennial Chairman 23 Junior Girls' Glee Club 13 All Girl Choir 23 A Cappella Choir 3. 4: Latin Club 2g Your Square 4: Cabinet 43 Senior Y-Teens 3. -I. Publicity 4: Tiger Tales Staff 43 Aqua Delis 43 Rotlding around with Pat in the official NLG. bomb, slumber parties. swimming. bowl- ing. horseback riding. Silver Lake. WILLIAMS. SUE "I'ft1ml" To be a professional dancer. Y-Teens 1. 2. 3. 4: llooster 2, 3. 43 Godey 43 Girls' Glee Club 1: Aqua Debs 43 Swimming and eating pizza with the girls. "Squirt's" Sill. June 1957 WENIGER. DAVID g'Daz'v" To keep Cochran from put- ting out Hobby's grass fires. German Club I: Cars. parties girls. G.E.T.S.W.A.G. Grant. WHITE. JO 'iforlil' To be useful in whatever career I embark upon. Y-Teens I. 2. 3. fl-1 Choir Direc- tor 23 Ilooster 2. 3. 4: Godey 4: Aqua llebs 4: Girls' Glee Club 13 All Girls' Choir 2: A Cap- pella Choir 3. Ll-3 Sports, pizza "Squirts." boys. music. rotldingf . .. 7 around. having a ball. Sill. WILHELNI. ROBERT To go to college and be a bugologist, make lots of money. Glee Club I. 2: Junior Optimist. Treasurer I: German Club 13 Collecting odd things. having fun. eating pizza pie, and working on cars. Sill. WILLIAMS. JAMES iijilnii To have a career in the Air Force. Lincoln. WILNIUT. GEORGE To become a Slate Highway Patrolman. Basketball l. ZZ. 3. 4: Football l. 2: Golf I: Talking to Nlr. Peebles and getting a kick out of what he says. Sill. WILSON. LINDA LEE To be a nurse and airline stewardess, to find out what E.B.D. means. Booster l, 2, 3. 4, ,lunior Y- Teens 1, 2, Senior Y-Teens 3, 4, Four Square 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Aqua Delis 4, Tiger Tales 4, Glee Club 1, All Girls' Choir 2, Junior Y-Teen Basketball Team 1, Office Assistants 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 4, Rodding around with the lVI.G.'s, slumber parties, rid- ing with Pat in the Official M.G. Bomb, Golfing, swimming. horse- back riding, eating, and Geneva- on-the-Lake. Crawford. WISE, PATRICIA ..Pat,, Get my M.R.S. degree and become his private secretary. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster 3, 4, Girls, Junior Glee Club 2, Girls' Senior Glee Club 3, Godey 3, 4, Having George teach me how to play golf, George, the gang. Nlr. McClanahan's pro- ject. Richardson. WOOD, DAVID acWo0dyn To go to college and find it. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards Council 1, Student Council 1, Hi-Y 1, Twilighters 1, Orchestra 1, 2, Swing Band 1, 2, Dance Bands, Joyce, Jinfs Model A. Portage Path, Akron. WOODY. MARILYN To be a successful private secretary. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, Booster l, 2, 3, 4, Sgt. at Arms 2, National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, Recording Secretary 2, Cuyahogan Staff 4, National Honor Society 4, Dating Dick and having a good time with Jackie and the girls after school hours, Pfeiffer, Akron. ZARLE, TOM To get my diploma from .lean Motz's kindergarten for Les Wheatley. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports, fixing cars, making money, playing football, Broad. June 1957 X50 .S xg - - Q get V, I WILSON, WANDA "Willie" Legal secretary. to be a suc- cess and make the most of my life. .Iunior Y-Teens 1, 2, Senior Y- Teens 3, 4, Godey 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4, Office Assistant 3, 4, Driving, eating, sports, hav- ing fun with the gang, Lincoln. WOHLFORD, BETTY LOU To be a beautician and do the best I know how. Glee Club 1, 2, Listening to re- cords and having fun. Grant. WOOD, DENNY L. To go to college and have my own business. Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, Hunting and football, Buokhan- non High School Buckhannon. W. Virginia. WRIGHT, MARLENE To become a private secre- tary for a handsome boss with a well balanced lap. Junior Y-Teens 1, 2, Secretary 2, German Club 1, Senior Y-Teens 3, 4, Executive Committee 3, 4, Junior Prom Queen 3, Student Council 3, 4. Corresponding Secretary 3, Booster Club 3, 4, Tiger Den Board 3, Secretary 3, Aqua Debs 4, Riding around in the M.G. bomb, slumber and pizza parties, swimming and at- attempting to horseback ride, Grant School. ZEITLER, DAVID "Dave" Make the best of my new car and my new car the best. Rifle Club, Wrestling, Football 1, Boys' Glee Club, Cars, Boats, Girls, Grant. June 1957 ZITTLE. LEONARD uLenny,, Go to college and be an engineer. A Photography. eating, collecting things, Broad School. Heard From- BENNET, PATTI nWyndin To follow the straight and narrow path of Christ. At Garfield-Y.F.C. 2. 3, 4-3 A Cappella Choirg Booster Club 2. 35 Symphonic Choir 2, 33 Or- chestra l, Band 2. 3, Pan American League 1, 25 President Representative 1, 2, 3g Y-Teens 1, 2g Blue-Tri 35 Bowling Club 1, 2, Librarians Club 1, 2, Attending Y.F.C. and the mad times with the gang at my houseg Garfield High. HARRISON, EDWARD nFuZz-yn To be a big time race driver in stock cars. Having fun and dating! Sill School. HOCUE, JACK To become an Elvis Pressley Girlsg Sill School. HOLLER, EDLEN esEdss , Being an officer in the Army and Minister. Nature and Forestry: Sill School. LAWSON. JERRY To be a math teacher or a bookkeeper. Library Staff 4, Working with electricity. Ports- mouth High School. OCKER, JERRY G6-Ierl! Running a bulldozer. A Cappella Choir 3. 43 My girl, tinkering with my car, and fixing roller skates: Sill School. ROACH, LARRY Engineer, mechanic. Highland Junior High. But Unseen ROACH, SUE Beautician Barberton, Ohio. SAMPSON, DONALD To run or operate a lumber business Cars and wood workg Stow High. SMITH, JERRY Conservation, aeronautics. Projection Clubg Guns and hunting: North High. STALDER. LEON Mechanic. Broad School. WILHELM, DAVID "Dave" To be a Jet Ace in the Navy. Working on cars, specialty-putting in transmis sions and then dropping them again. Lincoln. WILLIAMS. CARL Business Administration. St. Joseph's WINCHELL, DAVID To go back to California and go to college. Letternian's Club. Baseball. Football: Hunting fishing, baseball. and footballg Mira Costa High School. California. WALLACE, DORIS MAE To be a professional dancer or a success in music: to be happy and have a successful lifeg to meet new friends. X-Teens l, 233. 4, llooster I. 2. 33 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dancing. singing, records: llroad, Lest We Forget . . . We, the members of the 1957 graduating classes, will always remember Ronnie and Ray as fine classmates. Both boys shared our interest in school activities-Ronnie as a member of the Wrestling Team and Ray as a member of the Junior Optimists. Their sudden deaths were a shock to us, but they will always remain a part of the memories of o h'v ur ich school days. GEUYF no GWR RAY M0 Upper Ten Percent 'S WZ Siffing, Leif m Righlg Ronald Searle, lhnill llullwn. Val .I1-kkuls. lhmulll llurnes. llirfk Spcwsurll. llznial Surver, Slmuling: Nliriam llueleller. 'Nlurvic flllglllllliilll. .lllllilh Walker. ,luunn lxlllfgllll. Killllf Xustin. Xlnrilyn Wnmly Elaine Heiser, Marilyn Wells. llarluuru 'l'l1mnwn. Sflffllg. Lell In Right: llivlmrll Nlelll. Klum Nillllllllll. llalxinl Nelson. llulu llrunrlul. .lim Nliller. Slfznrlinyz llelsey Nl:-lfmnlux. 'Nlurilyn llunsun, lmi- Huwalll. Liane Van Nuy. llr-len ill'L1Nt'hIlllll'lll. ,lf-an UIQ-nny. .luyvc llupp. ,lu Anne Kingclmu, Mary llerclriuu. ,lulie Sluup. liureeu Pluillipe, Recognition Night . . . Randal Miller receives the coveted George A. Pinkerton Manhood award from Mr. Howard Saurer. Dean of Boys. 1956 Recognition Night is a tradition-studded ceremony held each commencement to honor those Cuyahoga Falls High 'School grad- uates who have been outstanding in the various .high school pur- suits. In a sense. of course. all those who have met the require- ments for graduation are honored M hut this is an attempt to single out and honor those students who have attained the highest standards of achievement in recognized areas of school leadership. Unfortunately, we are unable to make mention of all students who received awards. These pictures. however. portray some of the high-lights of the June. 1956 Recognition Night ceremony. Leadership award winners. J im Cm. Carol Sue Carper is shown receiving the gory and Sheila Mulcahy, pose with Rowena ROSS W0m8nh00d U'0PhY ff'-'m the traditional Student Council trophy. theivean Of Gifls- Mrs- Elizabeth Ellis- T011 Right: Nanry Oldham displays her well-deserved Boofter Club trophy, a token of appreciation for her ef- forts as the outstanding Falls High booster. ljefzrer Right: Jerry Davis and Barbara Mitchell. Dan- torth Foundation Award winners. Lower Right: Marsha White. winner of the Welker-Lee xlf'Ill'll'lLll Scholarship. whivh is worth seventy five dollars toward college expenses. Lower Left: Paul Chapman accepts the Bausch-Lomb Svienve Award and congratulations from Mr. Clarence Hinkle, science instructor. fatmmm .a w M .. . H.: Q w,.? I N 4 x rri 2 Q 1 nv SP W' an Q. 2 5, ,r f :S m N:-GMD, difiir W fa if-W 3 ,A ,QE if , . 5 X , X 5 N ,, 5 N2 if 5, 4351. WSEN as-Q jg , nf X -- , ff , 3 i mf-iw 1' ,, 1 2 5 7' , .. E 1 Y N "W 26.9 f 919 eixc ji'- -SIM! -:- 'I ,-IiIQsIII.II I 1 I II-':II2Ii:xgfre Izfiqiew II I . If -,g - III Ii If ..,... if ' I - 1- 13 I ssefsfigf X ' ft' I SSI II II WA., I , II ..,.. , I I II .I I II I I. I .I , , III,,.fa we ., MII-I I I. yi. - I I II I " If 13' I, I I UI- - at -,- I5 .- ,I M lm - - -I-H5-9- I I -I I I sf. I: I 'I .. : ef., I is gf-I 'NI 1- if 2-2 I ' 'Y 'Z I I-II--I . I1 I e '- v era 11- II ' IW' I: I r .. II I Q52 .I I I . I I. I I .I QI .MII I .I II I. I I . .. s..I I' " I EI- wif? I '- . II1'fwiI f ' ' gnw I.. If , Wiswgg IIII MIN me I.I, KK III,:II1f7 ' "' ' IIQ it A its ,I.II.I I I - . -Z? . ,J I WI .I KI I- ' nw- .fg I- ,gig I II .- II.. -' SI 2 3 II ' l I1 2 ' 'ifiiifi ' ' I iisiwgfit ' f- f I Hgh., Agtg 2,1 .Q 2 it " , .Ig- 5 K I ""' I .I " LL,, I Q ' 7 I I I I. 'I U I - 5 I--I::I II,- Ig2,,Igg IIf . jitagf r I I ,I I I .I II II. I II . I- I ,.,. II I I- . - V M, .5 I' ,. - 'Z I I 'W 5 -' ' .,f5., . t i ' II ' Q K I 55535555 as ' 'M-it I5IIe 33 we H, : I. I .. - I . I 't . ,I ga If' . , -- . - , . I 2 I I ' I I t ' o 1 '- .. 'I .I f m' - I I. 1 i 1 I 1 I I I M III ,Qin IIIIII.: 1Iw'fg'I.'j.I:j If 1 5. II,:- .- , I If if VI I I ,II L :.I2:.I1-. QI.-:a.1I.:.'I,f.sII-Q, k H .I I- I I II I I II - IIIIfI::IIf VII: 'IIQIIII I :If'fiI1Q-SW'-H 1? ff MI visas - II III .2 I - I I II ' -rv -IIIII--,y'I,tg.,IyII I iI,,.I 4 MQII .,., I I Img 'W ifi 'f2'2III. --ff:-1 LL-Sf" "ff" 1- e-M l I1iiIIQ2'E n"',.." -I I fig, 31113 1 I fi I, 5, I .I i p Q I. -' 'I .- I '- . I- I I -- It 5 jI. ' gg :: ,IQ I- f gxgew H 'Ifa I I .-I I : IQWI Ii:-I I ,-1 -1,1 WEEE: Sf? fer. I-55 ,JI '- 1.555 j,',f,-: ' ' I I ,III I I 1 I I k5'1N'- 'gag NP. ,I -I-"2-Ji--EI I L s. ':' I- ' 'E ' , ' f"I in 4 'Z W e has -29 'I -525+ 351 S 'f-'.I-:J 'I Y Y I I I: 1 ,I ' X ' -"' ' ' I - ' ' " I' . " -- M '5 55' 2.22: V i ' . I II . I , I I N , " . I - I- .IMQI I:. J. II " I I II Y I- iw, I xggg QI 2 IIIIQ- , I . .I ' 2 WP ZIIEJQ IS ' -: 'm f' -'H .1' .I , 'K K W a g -' I ..I,II ,eI,y,1. If? ' -S411 , WZ if ' , ,,,I2' i - ."' 'Ifi'sI5Ia2L I' - -:SLI I I ' I II ,W as? I.I ,, I II . I 3 '2f -Q055'5?LA :I,:. - I' is I:.z'Qf2.ii5iiff9i5? IEESSQSYFVEI--" I I I . IfI'fiLil'2L2ff3if5, 2IiI'a'i'i' , wZ5'52 I3fi3tI ieiiffii IIIII' 1. - ' 2 --I ' - .- -x ma: PQI- r ' ' I K f. - I -' - . I I 'I I f ' " XII. fu : ! - II nw- ' I Ifmsz 'I - -I,- I '39 I. - . -Y .II:- we-. Im I . ' m e ' - . I--I - -I J - I ' ' .I II - ' I II 'e f f II Il 'Hrs - ' ' IiI'I:L f " g'fEI.' TI 1: 53.55 5, gif". ' ' ' . ' if' 'E551' g if -I I T. af' 'iilefh i5:?i5i,, if IIQSIF' Z sl 2:1 I 2--S' I .I , if at ?'I' 1 ': 'IK' ' h"'k I 1, . I-f-55 2 I .'3.IQ j1' 'Was ".'- . 1g:.,,jggIjj:g ' ' , if ff' , Ii -giI2Ig1fi , 'I 'il I' I, ' fiI ' I I' 'IQ K' ' T I: '-- ffifzzlii Wei! "ni" IiILf'iI fE?I 'fiiiifi f57I?I'1" L ' 'i' 155 1 Si'-' 'I I 2 ' I I. I gIIjg,'t,' ' V IW W ,I f'-221, . '3-ix':I' I. I I IIII -I - I J, 1 " 'L --" A t I I ,QI ,km ax. ,Ik .W ,gm ax, III, I,,I .D .. IW, af' K , - fr ' ' at la I --Ibm Sfsizzii are -as - If III: 1-53-2, fi 1 I, 25223. II -II I -' .. - 2 I " , II , ' ""' - L- ' , -L., 1 ' I I ' ' I -I I I ei' . 'Wk' :If I - . I -IIIIIf I. I 4. II I II I -Igagnzf ' - I I If X, I: ' '-"Iam: I I - I I I I I I I- x f f II - . , Row One: Sharon Alexander, Joyce Arthurs. Jane Ashbrook. Nancy Bacon, Judy Bailey, Diane Baltz. Row Two: Sue Bearden, Nancy Bell, Sandra Binns, Brenda Bird. Yvonne Bishop, Lucy Bonfacio. Row Three: Elva Boyd, Sally Bridgwater, Diane Brown, Mary Bryers, Dianne Butler. Charlotte Campbell. Row Four: Barhara Campion, Linda Cantrell. Patricia Carroll, .lane Cerny, Sally Chatterfield, Connie Crane. Jean Davies, Carol Dike, Carol Dillehunt. Ann Donaldson. Row Five: Susan Evans, Suzanne Faris, Yvonne Farmer. Carole Ferder. Wilma Foland, Jackie Foster, Susan Calehouse, Rosemary Catian, Jan Margaret Gleeson. Row Six: Bonnie Clenny, ldamae Gilmore, Coshorn, Nancy Gray, Lynne Green. Edna Hamilton, Lynn Hauprich, Mar- tha Henderson. Judy Hewitt, Anna Hobday, Carole Jean Hol- comb. Row Seven: Nancy Hood, Debbie Hopper. Ruth Hopper, Cheryl Housley, Elaine Howell, Nancy Huber, Carolyn Huff, Patricia Hutchinson. Ann Hylton, Beverly Jordan. Row Eight: Judy Jordan, Nona Jorn, Kathy Kaser, Cay Keys, Blanche Kline, Sandra Kline, Nancy Koch, Judy Koza, Judie Krupp, Nancy Kyle. 66 K R if 'if1?fEi - i ' 1 . 'nevff L it 1- Z bbaaul A '- vi' , -'T il Avhkh I U i K A is J QA . M. RX . 8' ,QU W HE f X .. s ME ni R 3 t.. - ,L . F A-L Z ALLLL ' .L L LLm-' P, , ,f L R , ' " ref 1-L '- - L A ,L LL jc is-xi A 4 ', ' r "" S Ns , , 5 "1 L- V .ws ' '--"1 ' '. F? - L , ' ,... f- I if K M ' - A .- 'ii ' L ----- it J L' ,-'Q L! J in L . L K gk I ,ft W. '.:, f rr- LLL I i .LL x 3 - QA-.11A A - LL 5' 5 L - . Fd a - L 1, r ,.g - L Q - - L . f ? - ' ' 1 LiLL li :..' L 'f L A 2 -" W - J a L - ' ' ' J. '- L. - f a L ,gg j ' 1 ,,'1Lk ii H - " .. L , mia - V 5' 5- k.r V lll, new Lf ' fi L x x . L 'KT y .. . . if eq ,355 JL , fi Z f L ' . ,,.. r R- :ff 1 , J - ' L h L A W V ily, f J H-fliiflziiti 4 A ' - -- A i z L. kr ,i :.: , .. ,. .L , . . , K K I L .AA- ---" - -R L L - '--1 A -i - Y ,Qi - -A K ' L X J KKL' 3. ' K t . L 1 L er ' ' ft if L Q as R - , - as ka he A f A L if. 5 A N I gt L 1 . A R W 'AX"' J R ii V A 1 k i P gf. L A ..., R - L KLRLR K X L l - - at A We L. L L if at rg, L is L vi , V kg - ,gzzx -L K Z ki ' Q ' All L-5 X' 413 L L L ,Lyi LL L vb an L ' lx 'W AL Row Une: Patricia Lees. Patsy Leighton. Janet Leonard, Anna- lee Lindlmlad. Linda Lingner, Amy Lips:-umlm. Row Two: Judith Lyle, Sandra Lynvll. Sue lVICCllll0llgLll. Carolyn McNicliols. Laura Marshall. Mary Melvin. Row Tlzrr'r': Diane Miller. Jacqueline Miller. Karen Nliller. Karen Miner, Nadine ltflorgan. Ethel Motliersliaugh. Row Four: M3fi'lllH Mullens, Alfrieda Musche, .lean Ann Nalencz, Diane Nock, Virginia Nye, Wonda Nye. Marie Annette Petrune, Judy Pfau. Virginia Potter. Wanda Radford. Row Fire: Marjorie Rafos. Sandra Ranefeldt. Marcia Rauch, Judy Recliner, Karen Reichert. Gillian Reid. Sandra 67 Reid. Elizabeth Reynolds, Margie Reynulds. Relbevva Rim-h ardson. Row Six: Anne Ridgley, Janet Rinehart. liar- liara Ruop. Judy Ruff. Pat St'llHllllll'il. Alargaret Svliuen- stein. Charlotte Selmer. Sue Se-nter. lrene Sll6Ilt'l'. Sharon Shoaf. Hou' Swv-nz Ronnie Shultz. Yvonne Sivkman. Nanvy Sinclair. Sandra Skidmore. Nanvy Smith. Wendy Stanifortll, Millie Stein. Sally Steinlxauer. Karen Taylor. lletty Thomas, Row Eight: Jacqueline Towles. Pat Tuvker. Leona Viering. Louise Viering, Carul Vinciguerra. Judith Warner. Barbara Wat- kins, Pauline Weaver, Sandra Weisheit. Nancy Wendt. .fi 1,Ff L, P 'VNV it 2115 7 ' . :lffff ., ., "'- ' i t ' " 1 .t .wwe s2..x,,.a,V --, fa ,, .. .5 H, , s. ,VvH,....f .fs- zr t . ' Y .:.' A .:-:':: AW Vmiiii' ' F' - - X X 4+ 5' 1, -- S ti , f a W '- -. fi ,V 1 ' W, - 1 K . 1 H Q W . - -an V I f ' ff ig, Q" . '- ' '53i??a5:i V-T4 ,.,.:MV - ' . K 1 V' it S V. w MQ . . ., R 1 z V ' ' Efiiiw:.:+,-f.',..:":.1 . .Stain- "7 'i P' "'- . . 1 f - f. -- .. -f' . ,. . Q - 1. -2- . . 'gf - Q -ff, V - ,VJ e tfjifggu , . - Ve.- . a. -. U K. V . uzzftft W W W f W .. W ref I .- E' 5 J Q '55-5 ' n A ,Q ., 55 .. 'S Q .. f- . l l 'Q E .s at E is - Q f - ' . ii K ii D -U . 11 -. . . ' W W M 'V " A ' . V Q K " r 1 . . 1 ' f . T . '- - z -I - -r - 3 . I, iff ,L 2 ' Wa' ' A ails' " fTt?xQ:i a . W W to t ' in ..,... 2 W . -kkk A 4 AQ . , Vg 1. V . it E . K . K Y .-,,, ,V N . f- ' - ' . v .' ' -Y f. , A,'.. L ' t .s f. .. . fs 'il . . , 'L' 1 . " G . ffiff .. N fi 9 ' if: Ye '."" if ' H .. L " -' , 1 V - Q V V , J! I lsul . . V I .- V . 4 . ..,.:n..,, V I ., . .4 f I . . V . V -Q . 1 , - V - V , , , L f 33: V 1 'V EQ, kr" WLM iV ...f . A : V 1 ,V kk ,Vx , If - K J' "V , ' I ., - A 532 f -t 5 -' , ...,. . M, . 'Q ' . ' Nix em :J it SQ, 1 - - ' V Mt-11555 5111- Z .. .V K ' K ' at . .. if ' 'D - . 7 ' . Q fi' 5 i 5 M . V " . M . D i ff' f .. ' -- . ,, . f ef ., 1 ' .isgff-3 . ,i,ii,fxx, Vx .+-Ffa.. . V , ,v , . VV ,t . V A Vt . KQV. .1 V iff i ' W . - " ., Y K -1 1 f l , V " ' -QV , - 1 - I -, .egg 1.1 ' V .: ' A . W is E e s E 4 n 'V f -' ' -V , 3 V ' i A D Rau' One: Mary Ellen Wenger. Rarlmara Ann Westman. Evelyn Wetxc-l. Lonie White. Roliin White, Row Two: Carole Wilcox. Judith Wiley. Ruth Willett, Nydia Williams. Joyce Williamson. Row Three: Nelda Wilson, Christina Wolcott, Stephanie Yustin, Ab Allen. Tom liahr. Row Four: llarry Anderson. .lan Raldwin. Harry Berk. Charles Beckman, Dennis Bennett. Woody Benson, Charles Diggs. Ron Rlavkerlmy, Robert Donnell. Tom llonstelle. Row Fire: Allen Rott. Donald Box. Dennis llragg. Tommy Bruno. Tom Burk, James Butcher, Alan Butler. Roliert Caldwell. Roll- 68 and Cameron. Allen Carey. Row Six: .lim Carey. Kurt Cessna. Tom Chalioudy, .lerry Chamlmliss. llill Cleland. Philip Clepper. Cordon Cochrane. Roh Coggflvill. Roger Cooke, Duncan Creed. Row Seifert: Olixer DeLong. ,lim Dennis. Robert Deryrk. Rolmert Dewey. William lilisliro, Craig Duer. David Dunstan. Harold Dutt. ,Iavk Edmund. Howard Edwards. Row Eight: Keith Erlz. Carl Farinacei, Richard Fieldson, Hal Folk. .lames Fox. Roliert Franchi, Ronnie Freudeman, .lack Fuvlis. .loseph Calamlios. Dave Calehouse. 4. 5, , Q ni K ,jr .K ,fi , Lyzgryvztz ..,,. ,N is : ,,, , - ::,.g 1 J - - ., A ' " 'T .. 1. ' V ' 3 7,5 '31, -- i ff JY, ' if-fix. If 4 kt., w ' f i f 1 r 4 . . '1 swf w e .. - . -:il-f - I 5455 ess . . , , P J ' : - ,. ' '- I 9 51 .1,j f tudent Counci IL wig 5 o 1 LLLL- 2 L,.. ,.e , 1 " mm ix alias .- -"12f.m5if, 292: " ' L : -:-MIfi'iE452fi'7: i' V' or M , ,fasss se s fs: s in ,-, ,,L-- it , V , -, .5 is s-. Q N' - 7 ,,:., sf 55? 'Q . 4 fi x XY as N Q. J . ., . , 'Q 1 XML N 15 ek Q K r N3 s x Q A if fs ss I - Juniors V if I V -Us ---'- V- A . I f.g1.1.'g'.. as fs: i fig Us fg, Q K Ai ' 5 Y ' 'Q ,V fl -- - H , .' ,gi ,. . is . , . . . . sr. sa. .. as, , ,. s- s- 'Fwy . , , - ., f sr, . ., .. .ts kiss., Q - A o- ,,,.we5f ::g ur, ff -f - - f QV, . - : Q q 'lk 3 - , 5.f-,W . ,at - We - , ' ,, . q .. - x , - - - - s. zg.gii: . .V Q, N igsffff -3 ,- . - 2 V ,ws-A se:-sf.. sz: , 2 fs, .. V' J 1' 'R ' .v . .. K .. ' 2. , :i fqw ' T : I' K Q ISSN' :- fi 'ii : N ' frs. Sv- .1 1- X A W. ,.,,,,, .Q ,, . .t . f. .fs . , Ky? . ,. , ..,. .. was ax 'ns , as .3 J - , Y lf x. ss s I 2 V ' , i . J . ,1b.'1,' '1'? KWAA Row One: Charles George, Robert Good. Dave Gordon, David Gorog, Mickey Gregory. Row Two: Gordon Haas, Billy Hail, John Halleck, Steve Harman, Rick Hartman. Row Three: Stan Haude, Dave Hauff, Jon Held, Ted Hendricks, Robert Hilbish. Row Four: Donald Hinkle, John Hobday, Terry Holsinger, Doug Houck, Jerry Hughes, Al Jacobs, Douglas Jacobson, Bob Jaeck, Jerry Johnson, Jim Johnson. Row Five: Al Johnston, Harry Kal- lmaugh, Thomas Kaser, Larry Keener, John Kellog, Bill Kempton. Steve Kesselring, Charles King, Dennis King, Jon Knight. Row 69 iff:-fs fr- A. -f . . Lg, .- - - ' SN 2 Sr X 41.5 gr, gg - . ,. ,.. .. .ss .13 mm Qi was W ll X X r X, C siggeejggp f 32,5 :-,, . .,,.. . 3 f f ,id , ss if-W x N 23 Sax we E E' , i X' 'M ,Q QW' - T" ...JTK.A gigs Q os all t as x ! 5 Q . , f :fi w X JN Y i x .yd 1 JI ..,,t,s s ,, 'N X WF X ii ft X , E 3 3 .... , ,i::t:. Q ,-:...,. stzsssbsfli iliiiiiii' ':" ,,.. it r V . .. .. gl J. 1 in . 1 Q is :-: :,, i . ,..,2 . ":" 'i 5 A K K i I SI1 x ,, A Z L Six: Gerald Knittel, Jim Kochmit, John Konic, T Carl Lamancusa, William Lamont, Robert Lapulla, Jerry Leroy Le Fever, John Lemke. Row Semfn: Tom Letzler. Lewis, Dave Llewellyn, George Loveless, Jim Lukos Lusk, John McBeath, Allan McCaulley, Javk Mc'Clan avich, McCormick. Row Eight: Dennis McGill,'Tom McNally, Mace, Michael Manning, Ronald Manson, Tom Messina, Bob Meyer, Larry Middour. George Miller. Meloy, ahan, om Krause. Lauin, David Roger Larry Ralph Sam And On With IIA Row One, Left to Right: Michael Miller, Noel Mills, Lee Minier, Clayton Morris, Brent Nickol, Robert Noland, Ned Oliver, John Patterson, William Proctor, William Ralston, Row Two: Robert Randall, Ray Norman, David Rettinger, Larry Riffle, Tom Robb: Tom Romito, Bruce Rounds, Terry Ryan, Bill Sanderson, Bob Saunders. Row Three: Michael Schadl, Doug Scherer, George Schneckburger, Jerry Selby, Paul Shearer, Kenneth Slama, Ken- neth Smith, Bill Stafford, .lames Stalder. Carl Stevens. Row Four: Bob Stewart, Dean Taylor, Ronald Taylor, Ronald Thayer, David Travers, Dave Usher, George Waliga, Dean Walters, Tom Wat- son, David Weisel. Row Five: Jerry Welty, ,lon Williams, Jack Wilson, I im Wormald, Stan Yukevich. 45 f - :N':.i. 5 X ,tg - f":'f5:'f " "" ,.,, ,,, ., "'I M S '-,,- - And On With IIA- Row One, Left to Right: Elizabeth Baechel, Judith Coleman, Dorothy Moore, Betty Pendland, Donald Beal, Ellery Bergstrom. Row Two: Dave Cook, Ron Heck, Dick Malson, Joe Markulis, John Pulley, Mike Richard, Paul Roese, Richard Shaw, Arthur Thomas, Gerald Wise. Rnw One, Left to Right: Nancy Arnold, Bonnie Aiken, Berky Ashworth. Opal Anderson. Row Two: Elizabeth llarvon. Donna Allen. Pat Biss- ler, Mona Bartley. Row Tlzrfwz Gayle Atkinson, Carol Beal, Carol Adamson. Ann Benefield. Di- ane Anderson. Row 01112 Lllft to Right! Charlene- Rlikle. Patricia Burnette. Joyce Bowen. Mar- garet Brouse. Row Two: Marsha llussard, Carol Bow- man. Jurly Bond. Ellen Buchanan. Row Three: Linda Burton. Diane Braghieri, Pa- tricia llryant. ,lean Brown. Nancy Brooks. Row One, Left Io Right: Silwyl Butler. Karen Cotton, Dale Calnpluill. Maureen Carmedy, Clenrla Chrisholm. Rou' Two: Judy Cairn., Mary Cooper, Sara Clites. Patrivia Cotter. Loretta Calise. Row Three: Bonny Cralmbe. Gloria Clair, Sharon Caesar, Joanne Cirullo. . 5 Row 0110, Left to Right: Ruth Crawford. Sandy Earley. Patri- cia Dreyer. Lois Dennen, Cathy Dillehunt. Row Two: Peggy De- Hart. Janet Donson. Marlene Cramer. Gwen Edwards, Delma Daugherty. Row Three: Barbara Elliott. Sandra Davis. Darlene Crabtree, Linda Dodd, Laura Faris, Audrey Duffy. Row 01112 Left to Right: Wil- helmena Haynes, Ethel Holt. Lynn Hessebart. Jane Hartle. Row Two: Edna Hickin, Alice Haught. Sonja Hicks. Virginia Hawk. Clendora Hedrick. Row Three: Kay Haudenchild, Linda Gunther. Mary Jo Hayden. Dar- lene Haney. Row 01111, Left to Right: Elea- nor Fin1'h..Jane Goodyear, Vir- ginia Gaylord, Judith Folk, Shir- ley Fisher. Row Two: Marcia Gilmore, Dolores Francis, Nancy Green, Patricia Favalon. Row Thrfv: Alice Frandsen. Judy Fulsmn. Janet Calloway, .lac- queline Foster, Kathryn Feucht. Row One, Left to Right: Cheryl Karres. Raedeen Kepler, Patri- cia Jordan, Patricia Klingen- smith. Norma Hyde. Row Two: JoAnn Hunnell, Norma Hunt, Judy Jackson, Mary Jones. S811- dra Hurd. Row Three: Judith Hall, ,ludith Klett, Carol Kandi- ko. Frances Johnson, .ludith Hunter Row One. Left to Right: Bar- bara Landis. Judy Lord, Dolly LaSalle. llolly LoCascio, Deanna Korenke. Row Two: .lean Lawrence. Janet Lyon. Sara Kraus. Diane Lapolla. Row Thrvv: Gail Large. Karen Kult- ler. Peggy Knisely. Sally Kroe- ger. Peggy Lane. Row One, Leif! to Right: Faye Morehouse. Nora Lynne Pearve. Karen Peterson. llarlmara Os- born. lletly Momly. Row Two: Marilyn Nlillvr. Judith Nesbitt. Joan Morris. Nlary lk-th Miller. Joyce Mosier. Hou' Three: Mari- lyn Nam-arroxs. Carol Miller. Becky Noland, Ellen Moore. Row One. Left to Right: Janet Mc'Lean. .loyve Martin. Arlene M1-Williams. Caylene McAllister, Marilynn McWilliams. Row Two: Elizabeth Maguire. Kathy MCA Donald. liarlwara Marshall, Betty Marton, Madeline Mclntire. Row Three: Joyve Mason. Janice MC- Clothlin. Jean Miller, Judy Mr'- Daniel. Nancy McDaniel. Row Unv. Left to Right: Judy Rabor, Jean Portwood. Lou Pyers. Charolette Price. Row Two: Mm-rua Popovivh, Judy Pugh. llarlmara Pulley. Carol Rainey. Jan l'fau. Row Thrvv: Nancy Rakivh. lla Reininger. Joy Puraty. lionnie Popovivh. Bonnie Phelps. Row One. Left to Right: Mary Ellen Rock. Diane Sauerhrey. Lynn Sechrist, Anne Scofido, Pat Svmler. Row Two: Lois Roberson. .lavkie Hoavh. Carlyn Robinson. Mary Sack, Lois Sechler. Row Tlzrcvz Paula Ries. Diane Hit-h, ,lurly Roop, Mary Rettinger. Martha Rettinger. Row Une, Left to Right: Donna Tate. Faye Thurshy, Lynn Tad- lock. Monny 'Sutphen. Row Two: ,loan Johnson. Barbara WHQIIHF. Cay Tedrick, Darlene Vukoder. .lanet Thompson. Row Thrre: Elizabeth Thomas, Carol Thoman. Kathleen Trettel, Sus- an Tinker. Row Omg Lefl In Right: Linda Ann Smith. Sue Stinaff. Jurlv Strasser. Anna Simms. Row Two: Barbara Simmons. Alice Smith, Linda Lee Smith, Julie Short, Joyce Shultz. Row Threw: Jean- ette Stasiak, Frances Snepko Diane Fhrimplin. Karen Stahl. Myrtle Stull. Row One, Left to Right: Monty Williams, Nancy Woy, Anne Wagstaff. Barbara Warman. Kathleen Weiser. Row Two: Carol Williams. Carolyn Zinn, ,lean Weisel, Patricia Weitzel, Sue Zarle. Row Three: Rirharfl Baldan, Lois Young, Deborah Warrell. ,Ioan Wilson, Alice Weidinan, .lames Soos. Row Une. Left lo Right: Luke Bergslroni. Robert Aubele. Da- vid Berks. Don Basone, James Ashworth. Ron' Tivo: Cale Babb, James Ayotte. Rivhard Bird, Ronnie Ankney. Row Three: Wayne Betz. William Barnes. Don Bartlow. Vinvent Beath. Row fillf. Lvl! lo Riglzl: ,lame-Q Collies. xx-illlillll lilmrvul. llaxid Claudepicrre. llonnld Cole. Rolf Two: lfddie Clark. Charley Carr. Larry Cool. Ron' Threw: Vvillizun Cooper. George Chris- tian, llavid Cohlm. Rau' Une. Lvjr to Right: James Bode. ,lay llirmingham. Ted Blihs, 'Nlike Brouse. Rlf'll2'll'Il Bond. Ron' Tivo: Edward Boss. Boli Bruno. Toni Cady. Steve Bonilacio. Row Thrve: Harold Camplwll. Doug Bossen. Terry Bookman. .lake Boggs. Bill Buelow. Row Unix Lvl! to Riglifz Wayne Lnnninglunn. I'anl Davis. Don Elkins. Rivhard llally. Row Two: Tlioinaf Davia. Holme-rt llncoty. Robert flrmnie. Kenneth Esvhli- man. Hou' Tlirvv: Neal Delnay. Jerry Dennison. Jerry Darnerow. Gary UeBuvitz. Row One, Left to Right: Art Fritch, Roland Gates, Jack Forshey, Dick Finch. Row Two: Dick Franchi, John Frecka, Ronny France, Dick Fisher, Jim Field. Row Three: Willis Fickey, Dave Evans, Dave Fishhack, Danny Feldman. Row One, Left to Right: James Humm, Roger Hower, Ray Hodge, James Jeffery. Row Two: Bruce Jackson, John Hyde, Jeffrey Hoogerhyde, Richard Jenkins. Row Three: Peter Hughs, Robert Johnson, David Jones, Victor Ing, Stephen Jones. Row One, Left tn Right: James Gilkey, Ken Griffith, Donald Heflin. Jim Harrigan. Row Two: Richard Gilbert, Steven Glaze, Robert Henry, William German, Richard Geul. Row Three: Bob Gilkey, William Hendershot. Gene Hemrick, David Harrah. Row Une, Left to Right: David Knopp, Donald Krizo, Monty Kiracofe, William Knights, Dick Klingenhagen. Row Two: Gerald Laudermild, John Kostelnik, Richard Knight, George Kelly, John Lee. Row Three: Ray Lance, Orin Keplinger, John Leasor, William Keller, Paul Kemper. Nun' Unw: Roller! Xlillll1lNlIlC. llivlx Xlille-r. xl2lsl'llllIClt'I'. Xlllw Nlurlin. llurry Nlnllillvll lvfnu' Tzmz ,lulm Nlmrre. llnlwert Alllllll. l,11m-I1-:uw NlillPl'. William Mulllxailllye-x'. l:l4'llLlV!l Nluluun lluniefl xlilflllllk Rau' Tlvrw: .lg-ff Xlmm-. lla-unix Xlvlnlevr. l'l1ilip Xlillor. William Nlyn-IAS. I' rc-ul xlilfl'll. Nou' Unr: llzuill Halstrm. Karl N1-ulxlrlx. .llfllll llinh-V. Xlivlmel. Nuxlvill, llc-rulfl Xt'WlllllII. Kon' Tun: SlQ'Illlt'll Nil-knl. Don Urlll. Hnlwrl lilllvrwll. Owen Rum-. ,lznm-- Ulu'nlm'lf-l'. Cary Puym-. Hun' 7'l1rw': llaviml l'rinn. llllilllllt' lie-nlrl. .lwlm l'iIlx, Cary Uw11luy. llivli llallmey. Hun' Huw: llltllllllx 54'llQ'l't'I' llmmlzl liww. Xxllllillll 5llilll'I' .laum-N Fllvllm-5. Nun' Tim: llnlm- Ll- N'IIl:'. l My Slum. ,lnlm Slum- IlliIlxl'I'. lrlf-nn Suxllpxml. Nun Tl1rw': lluxul Flmllvr. llIt'lliH'1l N mlm Nlirlun-l ll1'llIlHlI'l. .R-ln -A . Nun' Unw: l'l1ilip 'llll2lll'll. Kc-rlln 1 ' 5 H-rn. .Iil4'lxsHIl lurln-ll. .l I1 lx I xilllgllll. Nlllllllll Flvlmlunx, Nm: Tim: lfllri5 Sprf-ilu-r. l,t'llIllh 'llure-ny. lfurl lllllll-l'll. lluuulgl- Him-li. llllmlnus Yinve-nl. Rau lllrwv: xll!'ll.l1'l Sl:-xin. William Slralllon. Rulwlll Sn! ,. ,. hu-luaml lunge-nlwrg, ll. xxllllillll lln-ln-Ill. fa QQ iz 1 ' ,f SH' This is a typical sopho- more class scene on exam day. You see, stu- dents Can he serious if they want to he and if the situation calls for it. Row One: David Shalyino, John Zeller. Douglas Wood, David Schmidt. Thomas Repoik. Row Two: Charles Wilkinson, Michael Williams, Fred Von Thaer, Carl Wells, Cary Walteiilmaugli, Steve Worley. Row Thrfw: Douglas White, George White, Edward Wallace, Daniel Vitale, Mike Whitlock, Larry Wagner. Freshman Boys 5 Q--:mf -vfw, 7 ,A ., sf- , , .. ,... 12gS,2rfftf 1. it. - its it -we 'f'g.1jgQ t q' ff,g,g'7'ffXf. , u i. 2 . . 2355 f " j'- . . , . Q - 5 if it X 3 , - x i . l ', .gs:5s5,. um - W :V V- t H: . . ,eta were 1 ' . 1 i 5 Fwfffgifff .. H. - ,. A ,gf G - - 'liiys ,T lf-.1 f"zi4s,f2ftg -fists .' f L c,.., t4ge27s'.zgg .. '- ,. ,.. in ! - Eye s' Q , 55351 .rz,.5,,A-,Mt . ' :"i"i -fi 35943. 1 at-33, fun? E x .ff at ,W A H , ...,. . . :ma-i:.,, in . . 3 Q 5 x E K A 2, N' Y er t P3 X v FP f, ' i gt,, i,il.f,gw ? W W wgi i 7? A46 in sw X Hex 5 q L we 1:-w - V-512-is fri. Q. ii . . nfs, . . 9 - .-mea ,zur 1? i .. ,Lf H , ":':1El. ' G55 iff? ii?-, L ix Q w in ,li X -'12 ,gfssf X. S 1 P Us f Q gf 1 at 1 if sig, , 5, Y if-2 ggi? Qi 4 , t it 23 5 3 it N wr il 1 iz in mg X 4 mi EQ 5 1 1 9 t s it we Hi YE, X .1 2:15, e, -, .. ,N .. 1: 2- . 1: 'H'- i f .:. YW 2fi'ff,5 ', 5' 1 Ss? wi . 3 3+ i, :m ,.:,,z.,,,, K. ,,,. , ,, + ,.: -, W, ,ate ,Q ,, -g Ngmt .. , Q 2, . of t if K , J s 2 , 9 ,Q i- N 2, , 'Q 54 Ji E513 2.5: , 1 ,vin ,M 3, my .,-.k,k,ki5.,. p 536 Egg r Q X, , :aww ti L . ,rw tl R W .M X it -it ' l I 9 3 Row One: Bill Perdriau, Bob Petrone, Bob Pinter, James Ralston, Roger Rhoads, Jack Rock hold, Tom Roderick, Bruce Rogers, Fred Schaffert, Larry Shaffer. Row Two: Richard Shep herd Ronald Shultz, Frank Stark, John Stark, Bill Stebbins, Lester Strong, Amel Taylor, Ernest Thoma, David White, Anthony Whobrey. Row Three: Ted Willenhacher, Nathan Wolf, Douglas Wood. ,xt , - f ig-. N W ,. ,... . 1 r 1' fi i 7 wil' tg' . , , i -mei -'iff sm. '.i,fd5U l " me ' ' W fttagit 44.1, 7 ' 1 . ,M - . - ' K rw N ' mi. X 'Wg Y' iw., J J K ' I in Yxfix we K 8. , X S XE X " Q N -X S, is-f -Q. as y y .ga X it 5. gf - ssisrlf , :Rav vef n ' -,.k ' 'Y ' -A ' 0 , .5 ig, 53- A i . 1,2 - ,+... J ", Q. aa, K I , c K eacte i 1 r ' T' J ' W I - A "" e Q . e J f 3 -L-g ' - V ' J - , J - t H 'K ' 'ai ' i f fi . 2 ' Q 'T' if J . ff! - ' J " f +.,. e R. ff , p .. 1 l +.. J i 1 , i. ,Q H: ARA K4 - --V ,i I .V A Q. kwa .7 ,. .. I , L A EE g A tl 1 t .g.. V V. 1. t - ' iia me c it ...Y i N c ' 12 Q . , . , .,.. . i. it t A J w a. . A' J . 2. A .Q - 5 K g A fn' I W ., -' ,y -.-- - f gg.-.1 if a '-1 -5 hx. i f iw tiila J a . La i fi ., K ' e K ff: t + .4 .117 J Q f. U - A K .- i L 'si ' Q c 1 , K J , . ' g..:i' 151 9 ' I 1 Q f ' M W - w f .'-L 3 5 ,, t X f t t, i ' ff at t wif, ' K f i 1 -:Ms 'Q Ah .. 41, ,..,, .. 9 -QT l i l y 2 .y Alma Ei' . I 5- e 'S ' frzwv ' I'- e z-'M -" ":' 2,:e: ' i 2 Row 0tLc1 Kathy Anderson. Mary Aust, Barbara Barlett, Judie Bordenkircher. Janc Burns. Row Two: Linda Bussard, Mary Case. Melissa Cate. Nlargie Cohle. Charlett Cool. Row Three: Carole Croslxy. Ann Daugherty. Jeanette Davis. Shirley Deiss. Sandy Delada. Row Four: Sandra Diven, Janet Dotson, Kath- leen Duggar. Barbara Dunlevy. Patricia Dunlevy. Jo Ann Edwards. Ursula Elsass. Carol Englehart. Julie Feiler. Patty Ferrell. Row Five: Patricia Fiordi. Patty Fox, Karen Gaskins, Jo Ann Graham. Caryl Hardy. Nancy Hodges. Jo Ann Jeffers, Carolyn Johnson, Judie Jones. Linda Jones. Row Six: Janet Keller. Elizabeth l.epp. Karen Lockhart. Varen Lowrey, Jeri Mace. Janie McEilhaney, Janet McGuckiu. Sally Mettee, Jo Ann Miles, Brenda Moon. Row Seven: Nan Mosteller, Carol North. Karen Pfeiffer. Sharon Pieczynski, Pat Politz, Susan Purdy. Bonnie Raher. Jan Richards. Alice Rinker. Mollie Rohertshaw. Row Eight: Marian Salmon. Nancy Simon. Sandra Snyder. Merry Stanovic. Elkn Taylor, Alice Trowbridge. Sally Vough, Gail Walker. Judy Weir, Shirley Wyant. i K X... ..h, l.. EV .. . E k,. . I gy AkV.V Ai ki, . . P T F ,,h. F . - g .. -- 'Z X '-gh . .V A Yhkg. -1 , 4 H. H V .75 ,V , Q V .1 kkkk I V,k. . eh, 1 2 Vials- W'id:7 ' ii i' T Q 1 15 Q gyew f Sflfijfj, 5 f ' ,V Q Q ' -Si " ., 4 ' .Q f fm -4 . f:.:j-2.1: ".' uf --h,' lp -',' F -1 :l.: .aff 1 r.:: .ee:. z ef? C T F . i A , ,V.A . . 7 ' 'KV 1' -i 12 . : 't .. ZSWN F F .- 35 .5 F 52 'f . 1. Y ' . e r I 3 is ,V,V . .fl J. S U 1 5 L F F H 72, Q f fgglfrfgligi . . 1 , . k . K , 2-f.,.gg: X .f .A -Q .af i ' - ,. , . -. K K mt Av . K k blb, Lirkk,k LK Q K V' SH a .. Tj ' . F .i S- Q . , ero F T I . le: e w: '-I . . . ,, W ,. g",' . . I- W ,.., ,. 9, 7 7 - N ,V . L A - y le - i . . M . . . - b. F , '-, . is N T +. ,+ i y .." i 3 T ' 1: ..., - L.L, , I . zzl . K. sa V .. , , , . L . ' W fi fr T 5 , 7 . iel Q . . F F Q LIV7 ' ii kkii ville 4 44 -2... or . at -. .4 W f Row One: ,ludy Zimmerman, Erik Akins, Karl Albertson, Bob Archer. Bob Atkinson. Row Two: Ronald Beale, Larry Beck. Carl Becker, Steve Bonifacio, Michael Briefs. Row Three: Mark Brown. Richard Bullock, Thomas Bush. ,lim Cantrell. Dave Chapman. Row Four: Mike Clary. Edward Cross, Curt Cunningham. Tom Dennis, Wayne Deryck, Anthony Ditirro. ,lim Dixon. .leff Drummond, Fred Edick, Ray Edwards. Row Five: Kenneth Erb. .lohn Felice. Dave Ferguson. Donald Ferrell. Eddie Finch, Robert Fleming. Richard Fox, Fred Ger- . y i - . . SQ . Q 4 . 5 W- ' if Wi.. Hi .1 K ,L ,lf Lg., x 9 ,FQ "E-y' .... . i.:Fl , le if F... 5 .'.. Q ' 'fit' ., "'- . T zi, H , FFF : f T A if- 'Y eeai E . . K, ,M ... 1- ff, . , , . 1 . - ' - , ., - ,f wif. , - Y ' 0-: W 0 . :ii-.., . . . , S.. -e 'iii':' ,. f .'. ."- i - V P-3. Tw I F F -.11 fe .. ' ..,V' Q, H . -.- I A E -2-of xv Imax i f f .x .1 WT' 5 137: is M : t af-.A . fi is , ---me-Arg hart. Bob Creathouse, Larry Hafer. Row Six: Richard Hart Paul Heme, Pete Hitler, Bob Hope. Vernon Houck, .lohn Hun- ter, .lerry Jeter, Greg Kannel, John Keefe, Tom Kneiley. Row Seven: Tim Kenel, Carl Iiemke. Vernon Letzler, Tim Llewellyn, ,lim Lowe. Bruce Mclntosh, Jack Marsteller, .lim Maryanski, Tom Matthews, Tom Mattis. Row Eight: Steve Miller, Wayne Morris, Ralph Moyer. Larry Myers, Thomas Norby, Bill.O1dharn. Fred Oliver, David Palovick, Gary Pavelzik, Terry Pendleton. if ,af 5' tudent Council ln .4 Row One: Mary Beth Miller, Loni White, Wanda Nye, Linda Leonard, Julie Sloop, Dorthy Moore, Mary Lou Wilson. Row Two: Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Shaffert, Martha Henderson, Bill Oldham, Fred Leffler, Jahn Lewis, Rich- ard Night, Nancy Brooks, Marlene Wright. Row Three: OFFICERS: Don Cole, Mike Ostergard, Bill Disbro, Standing. Martha Henderson, Linda Leonard. Bob Archer, Bill Disbro, Chuck Beckman, Michy Gregory, Ray Lance, Grenn Sampson, .lake Boggs. Row Four: Don Cole, Karl Hilgert, Bill Helming, Dick Ferrell, Tom Smith, Mike Ostergard, John Hearty. John Hearty, STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council, one of the most in- fluencial and active school organizations, works to promote a Better understanding and co-operation between the faculty and the student body. The number of repre- sentatives is proportional to the size of each class and members are chosen by their classmates- Election to the ranks is one of the highest honors and responsibilities that can come to a student. Its many worthwhile activities this year included the Christmas canned good drive, assisting at open house programs, selling mums at the Homecoming Dance, school clean-up, sending representatives to state and National conventions, sponsoring the leadership award and originating the Akron Student Council. Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Shaffert are the ad- visors of Student Council. Spring Officers: President, Mike Oster- gardg Vice-President, Tom Smith: Corre- sponding Secretary, Wanda Nyeg Treas- urer, Bill Disbrog Recording Secretary, Martha Henderson? Parliamentarian, Don Cole. National Honor ooiety Row Une: Mary Perdriau, Sue Calehouse. Robin White, Carol Vinciguerra. Sue Drake. Jean Clenny, Miriam Hos- tettler. Marcia Chapman. Lois Howald. Row Two: Pat Myers. Edna Hamilton, Martha Henderson. Doreen Phil- lips. Marilyn Stanford. ,ludy Walker, ,Iulie Sloop. Elaine Heiser. Erika Wendt, Kathy Austin. Marcia Medkeff. Row Three: Eugene Hoover. Betsy Mcflombs. Helen Nlemlierslrip in the National Honor Society is only obtained by those stu- dents whose character, service to the school. leadership and scholastic ability have been maintained at a high level during their high school years. Each member must have a U0 or above aver- age and keep that average fairly con- sistent as long as he is associated with the National Ilonor Society. The Na- tional constitution limits membership to ISQI of the l2-A class. IOW of the I2 - B class. 525 of the II -A class and 35? of the Il-B class. lVIr. C. S. Howard acts as sponsor of the National Honor Society. SPRING OFFICERS Prcsiflent . . . , ,W .- . ,, .W Don Barnes VIP?-Pfl'Sl'!lf'Ill . ,- . ,Marcia Chapman Secretary , W, , .Jean Glenny Treasurrfr Un -W ,,Dave Hudson Chaplain -. , Kathryn Austin OFFICERS: Perdriau. Cravesmuehl. Nancy Cray. Sally Steinhauer. Christine Wol- cott. Lou Ann Achberger. Liane Van Noy. Marilyn Xvoody. Row Four: Dick Spessard. Val Jekkals. Mike Ustergarrl. David Hudson. Don Barnes. David Sarver. Larry Pence. Mr. Howard. Row Five: Doug Hinkle. Mark Goodman. Herb Knopp, Dick Ferrell, Tim String. John Hearty, Leroy Le-Fever, Karl Hilgert. Larry Tiffan. John Hearty, Doreen Phillips. Tim String. ,Indy Walker. Mary 83 Some of the Wfigersii 6 most enthusiastic boosters Q belong to Booster Club which is the largest anfl 'gpcppim-stil group in our school. lts purpose is to promote better school spirit. The Honiecoming Dance, given at the climax ol the football sea- son anfl the Basketball Dance. which We hold each spring. are the clulfs two main projects. Row Une: Barbara Roop. Annalee linfllrlall. Robin Wlllite, Carol Vinciguerra, Nancy Kyle, Patsy l,eigxhten. Diane llaltz. Sue liearilen. ,lean llavis. Annette Petron. Row Tim: ,lufly Krupp. Sharon Alexamler, Sandy Reicl, lflixalrelh Reynolds. Carol Ferfler. Karen Miller. Barbara Watkins, Sanfly Weisheit. Nlary Ellen tttsst ,Q .1 .nm Wenger. Row Threw: Karen Miner. Lynn l'lauprir'h. Nyxlia Williams. Diane Brown, Nancy llell. Nancy Wentlt. Nlartlia Henderson, Jutly Wiley, Pauline Weaver. Row Four: Mr. ,lame-s. Lynn Wetzel, Sally Fteinhauer. Pal Tucker. Nancy Coe. Wendi' Staniforth, Diane Miller, Mrs. Wilhelm. 11 This year the Booster Club pur- chased a new football Si'Ul'6l1UHl'il. Their other varied activites inclucle organ- izing cheering sections and selling svllool pen- nants.- lVlrs. Genevieve H. Vllillielm is serving as arl- visor for Booster Club. Row 0110: Linda lfantrell, Karen Reiehert. Nunvy Hood, Jackie Miller, Yvonne llisliop, Virginia Nye. ,lunly Ruff. Sharon Shoaf. Rau' Two: Sue lluleliouse. Nelda Wilson, Lynn Green. lclamae GOSllllTIl, Jufly liuiley. lfrlnri Hamilton. Nancy Sinclair, llonnie Schultz, Pat Lees. Row Threw: Ronnie Rose, Judy Warner, is is ' 'B iF A Carole Wilcox, .lully Kevllner. .lllllj Lyle. Karon Taylor. Wzimla Nye, Diane Nock. Mike Svlinill. Ron' Four: Mr, ,lilll1f'S, Ken Rowe, Larry Miclrlour, illiurk Llewellyn. ,lim ,Mi1lersoii. .lim akieh, Cary Lewis, Dean Walters. Doug llinkle. Nlrs. Wilhelm. Booster Club Row One: Mary Perdriau. Lynn Cuy. Judy Hrislinger. Connie Harris. Carol Griffiths. Sandy Austin. .lean Clenny. ,loan Boser, Connie Jenkins. Wlantla W'ilson, Linda Star- bird. Pat Elliott. Bonnie Jones. Row Two: Marilyn Ben- son, Christing Talmadge. Marilyn Stanford. Debliie Reyna olds. Donna Felnily. Sandra Lutz. Carol Inrh. Pat llusvh, Sue Williams. Julie Sloop. Judy Walker. Mary Schultz. Nancy Light. Rosemary lirislinger. Ron' Threw: Judy Row 01111: Elizabeth Maguire. llarlmara Marshal. Sonja Hicks. Gwen Edwards. Cathy Anderson. Karen Lockwood, .lane Buras. Peggy DeHart. lietty Martin. Sue Zarl. Janice Mvllloughin. Row Two: Sandy llavis. .ludy Roop. Bonnie Cralmlve. Carole lleale. .lean l'orlwootl. Kay Haudentllilll. lrene Nluller. Nora Pearve. Karen Stahl. Sharon Caesar, Carol Enalehart. Row Thrfr: Nlartha Hettinger. Mary al Bradford. Mary Lee Houman. Helen Gravesmuehl, Carol Hersman, .lo Ann Morgan. Doreen Phillips, Marcia Med- keff, Marilyn Miller. Mary Lou Wilson. Marilyn Wfoody, .lavkie Hurr. Linda Morrow. Lois Lauck. Pat Hines, Brenda Duff. Row Four: Mr. james. Marcia Walton. Kay Shel- ley. Jo White. Judy Johnson. Kay Robinson. Pat Myers. Linda Wilstmli. lletsy Mcffonilvs. .lulie Willenliaclier. Liane Van Noy, Carol Vail. Marlene Wright. Mrs. Wilhelm. Rettinger. .lean Slaaiali. Sara Kraus. Sue Slinalf. Franves Johnson. Sue rlqllltlllklllx Ginny llawk. Nanvy Anderson. Nancy Hakich. Lon Pyers. Run' Four: Mr. .lame-. Lyn Burton. .laylene ML','Xllister, llat Klingensuiitlt. Delrliy Worrell. lfllen Taylor. Lynn llessellmart. Diane Lal'olla. Sandra Snyder. Sally Kroegar. Mrs. Wilhelm. Latin Club ll Raw Une: Diane Raltz. Rubin White. Virginia Nye. Carol Vin- l ciguerra. Shirley Grange, Marvia Chapman. Jurly Walker. Patsy Leightnn, Row Two: Marnie Reynolds. Connie Crane, Sue Cale- house. Wanda Nye. lliAnne Butler. .lumly Lyle, Sally Steinhauer, Row One: Elizabeth MCQuire. lrene Muller, Christina Wolcott, Nancy Gray. Pat Lees. Nancy Hood. Karen Miller. Mary Jane Bryers. Row Two: Noel Mills. Sharon Shoal, Cheryl Karres. Mary .lo Hayden, Carol Kundigo, Sara Kraus. Laura Farris, Jane Ash- Nanry Bell. Karen Taylor. Row Thrwv: Mr-. lligutt, Laura Marshall. Liane VanNuy, Carl Fariuacvi. Tum Kleluy. Tim String. Dick Conn, Bob Jaeck. l1r00k. Lynne Green. Row Tlzrvv: Mrs. Pigutt. Caylc-ne Mm'Allis- ter, Leroy l,eFever. Pat Jordan. Nurnie Pierre. l.ynn Hesselliart. Dale Campbell. Lou Pyers. l E French-German Clubs FRENCH CLUB Row One: Mary Perdriau, Carol Hersman, Marilyn Stan- ford, Shirley Kittle, Judy Krupp, Janet Lyon, Judy Weir Julie Sloop, Shirley Grange, Carol Williams. Row Two: Mrs. Rausch. Dehliie Reynolds, Doreen Phillips. Carol Phillips, Kay Roliinson, Judy McDaniels. Joan Wilson. Mollie Rohertshaw, Ellen Taylor, Mrytle Stull, Betty Myers, Judy Walker. Row Three: Don Barnes, Fred Leffler. Scott Lingo. Row Four: Bill Dixon, Jaek Rutherford, Bob Liska. GERMAN CLUB The purpose of German Club is to further the German language among those who are truly in- terested in it. Their activities this past year included roller skating. ice skating, and swimming parties, and sponsoring a banquet. OFFICERS: President, Stan Haude: Vive-President, Jack Doyle: Secretary, Edna Hamilton: Treasurer, Save Cale- house. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, "Le Cercle Francais." was formed to give interested French students a better understanding of the language, customs. and people of France. In addition to their monthly husiness or social meeting. this group sponsored an after game dance and presented a play at Christmas. All their activities are guided hy their advisor Mrs. Rausch. OFFICERS: President, Bill Dixon: Vicevllresident, Mary Perdriau, Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Walker. Row Une: Mr. Nau, Dave Evans, Dorothy Dick, Nancy Wenrlt. Judy Zimmerman, Edna Hamilton, Barbara Wat- kins, Deanne Korenke. Jean Davies. Judy Pfau, Nona Jorn. Row Two: Jim Fox, Dave Halehouse, Charles Bonstelle, John Moore. ,lim Collier, Mike Searl, Pete Hughes, Karen Cotton, Martha Henderson, Erika Wendt. F. N. A.-J . Optimist The membership of Future Nurses of America is drawn from students in grades 10. 11. and 12. lts pur- pose is to arouse interest in nursing and its allied fields. The club members assist in the nurseis room with physicals and visual and hearing tests. Many of the girls volunteer their services at the Health Center and help administer polio shots. 'llheir other actixities include sponsoring a party at the Children's Home and singing Christmas carols at the Old Folks Home. Mrs. Jackson. the school nurse. is the advisor of Future Nurses of America. First Row: Bill Franke. ltill Loeher. Mike Searl, Dave Calehouse. Dick Knox, liill Dtsliro. Bolt Saunders. Second Row: Xlr. Watson. Roger Ricks. Dick Conn, Duncan Creed, Paul Root. l'ete Larsen. liuml Emerson. Third Row: Fred Weil. Winston Anderson. Stan Haude. Fourth Row: John Curtis. ,lim Anderson. .lim DeHart. First Rmc: Mary ,lane ltryers. llarhara Wlatkins, Nancy Howl. Millie Sleili- .ludy llailey. Karen Reichert. Santlv Reid- Sanllb' liilllls. .loan lloser. .lean tllenny. Norma llvcle. Karen Miller. Second Row: Ann liidgley. Opal Aniler- son. Delma Daugherty. Nelda Wilson. .lean Nalencz. .ludy Pfau. Mary Ann Miller. Marcia tfhapman. lion ,-tim A4-li herger. Judy Allen. Thin! Row: .lane .-tshhrook, juily Kola, Nona Jorn. Lois Howald. Mary Schultz. .ludy Nlcllan- iels, .loyue MEF-UU. Joan Wilson. Karen Peterson. Fourth Row: Jean Miller, Darlene tlralitree. Kay Roliinson. Nancy Cray. Rosemary lirislinger. Fifth Row: Nancy Bacon, Carol Phillips, Sandra Hanefeltlt. Karen Stahl. Paula Ries, Julia Short. The ,luhior Optimist Cluli. with the help and in- struction of lVlr. William Watson and the Senior Opti- mist Cluh. is one of the many hots' cluhs at Falls High. its purpose is to create an understanding lietwccn the lioys in thc cluli and to promote leadership and friendship. The cluh has many projects some ol which are providing ushers lor the lootliall games and thc haskethall games. sponsoring one of the after game dances. and making a scraphook which shows the pro- gress of the cluh during the year. The Senior Optimists Cluh. which is nationally known. is very active and helpful in providing recreation for the club mcmhers. It has proxided tickets for the members of the cluh for sporting and other events. Key Club KEY CLUB The aim and desire of Key Club is to develop initiative and leadership, to provide experience in living and work- ing together, to serve the school and community, and to accept and promote the constitutional objectives of Kiwanis International. Boys in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades with scholastic ability, good character, and leadership ability, Row Une: Tom Buck, Karl Hilgert. Dave Sarver. Row Two: Bruce Carey. are eligible for membership- lVlr. Drews serves as the club advisor. Row One: John Lewis, Bill Stafford, Cary Tompkin. ,lim Hawkins, John MrBe1h. Bob Ducoty, Bill Sanderson, Tom Buck, Bruce Carey, Doug Jacolrson, David Sarver. Bob Jaeck. Row Two: Al Johnson, David Hudson, Jack Archer, Don Weisel. Cordon Haas, Bill Shafer, Bob Starkey, Neal Delnay, Ron Manson. Dick Spessard, George Cooper. Row Three: Tom Turley, ,lack McClanahan, Duncan Creed, Curt lVlcCluskey, Jim Shelley, Ken Gluck, Larry Hecky, Mr. Drews. Row Four: Donald Cole, Tom Smith, Ted Hendricks, Jim Anderson. Row Five: Tim String, Karl Hilgert. Hi-Y Club HI-Y The Hi-Y club is a service organi- zation which which seeks to aid the school hy selling football programs, passing out schedule cards, sponsoring the Christmas assembly and in co-opera- tion with Y-Teens presenting an Easter program- The purpose of the Hi-Y club is to create. maintain. and extend through- out the community and school high standards of Christian character. The four planks of its platform are clean speech. clean living. clean scholarship, and clean sportsmanship. Hi-Y draws its memhers from sopho- more. junior. and senior hoys. Candi- dates for membership must memorize the first and the twenty-third Psalms. the Lord's Prayer. and the Ten Com- mandments. Mr. Howard Saurer serves as the club advisor. Row Une: Chaplain, lloug Scherer: President, Nlikv Ustergiarmlz Tl'l'ilrllltl lo in Curtis. Row Two: Vice President. liill llislvrol Secretary. llugh YN: I Ron Three: Parliamentarian. Fred Weil. Row f,ll1'Z Keith Tarllelt. liill l.oeher, Mike Searl. Mike Riclianls, lfhurles Urth. Charles llonstelle, Dave Galehouse. Mike flregory. liill Sanderson. llave Evans. Jeff liooger- hyrle. linnl lfnierson, Carl l"arina1'1'i. Steve Harman. Rau' Tim: George Wuliga. llolr lleryck. Dick Conn. llill llixon. Stan Haulle. Jerry Dalton. lloh Stewart. Itoln Sillllllltl ,lack Edmund, Wayne Snyder. Row Tlm'r': llwigglll Tall l ll tl Weil. .liln lleliarl. Nlr, Faurer. Ron' Four: Hugh Wet llolm Liska. Tom Turley. ,lim Anderson. lloug Scherer. 9 John Curtis. Itill llislrro. Nou' l"i1'f': Mike Ustergurfl. Four quare Club Row One, Left to Right: Sally Steinhaurer, Julie Sloop, Robin White, Annalee Lindblad, Nancy Kyle. Row Two: Mary Lee Henman, Mary Lou Wilsofli Nancy Wendt, Elizabeth Reynolds, Kathy Austin. Row Three: Marlene Wright, Christina Wolcott, Nancy Gray, Sally Bridgewater, lMrs. Ripleyl. Faith. Loyalty. Service and Sincerity are the motto of the Four Square Clulm. lts purpose is Hto lie of Service to our school and community liy im- proving ourselves in intellect. character. and physical fitness." Through their work with Family Service. The Four Square Clulm has earned national recog- nition. The cluli also gives bake sales. sponsors a Nlother-Daugh- ter llanquet, and promotes school projects. Mrs. Mary Ellen Ripley is serving as the Four Square ad- visor. 92 Row One, Left to Right: Sue McCullough, Marcia Chapman, Judy Walker, Shirley Grange, Diane Baltz. Row Two: Marjorie Reynolds, Carol Vinceguerra, Nancy Hood, Pat Lees, Karen Kesselring, Judy Grafton, Marilyn Miller. Row Three: Linda Ritchie, Laura Marchall, Judy Krupp, Nona Jorn, Judy Koza, Nancy Koch, lMrs. Ripleyl. Row One, Left to Right: Annette Petrone, Sue Calehouse, Helen Gravesmuehl, Marilyn Benson, Margie Sagadencky, Loni White, Edna Hamilton. Row Two: Sandra Weisheit, Mary Perdriau, Sandy Reid, Diane Nock, Ruth Hopper, Pat Fucker, Wanda Nye, Liane VanNoy. Row Three: Judy Johnson. Linda Wilson, Betsy McComhs, Pat Myers, Kay Robinson, Julie Willenbacker, Martha Henderson. lMrs. Ripley? . Godey Club GODEY CLUB-Row Une: Glenda Thomas, ,lean Clenny, Sharon Alexander, Judy Pfau. Sandra liinns, Sue Drake. Row Two: Carol Morton, Carol Ferder. Carolyn Huff. Barbara W3lkiHS. .l0yCC Willialllslill. Mrs. Cropp. Row Three: Betty Myers. Anile Ridgley. Carol Lahniers. Mary Schultz, Linda Frecka, Lois Howald. Row One: Bonnie Shultz, Sharon Scoaf, ,Indy Ruff. Mary Ellen Wenger, Karen Millcr. .lean Davies. Row Two: Lou-ann Achlnerger. ,lndy Allen. Mary Ann Miller. ltlaniae Cosliorn. ,lane Aslilirook, Sue Housley, Mrs. Cropp. Row Throw: Nancy Bacon. Suzanne Faris, Carol l'l1illips. Carole Wilcox, ,ludy Warner, Judy Rechner, Pat Feldman. Godcy. a service club under the sponsorship of Mrs. Cropp. is dedicated to thc purpose of promoting friendliness. good citizen- ship. and high morals in the young women of today. Pro- jects this year include sev- eral parties at the county home. a foreign pastry liake sale. and the choosing of a Gods-y Cluli Queen. Presi- dent l956 - Jean C le n n y, 1957-Paula Niessen. Row One: Carol Hersman. Pat Busch, Judy Chambers. Wanda Wilson. Lois Lauck. Sue Senter Row Two: Marilyn Stanford, Debbie Reynolds, Sue Williams, Linda Morrow, Carolyn Kraus Mrs. Cropp. Row Tlirec: Marcia Medkeff, Paula Niessen, Doreen Phillips. Nydia Williams 93 Karen Miner, Pauline Weaver. l I- v SENIOR Y TEENS Senior Y Teens, an organization connected with the Y.W.C.A., is made up of junior and senior girls. "To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of per- sonal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christiansa' is the desire and purpose of this group. Y Teens in co-operation with Hy-Y sponsor the Easter Assembly Program each year. Row Ono: Bonnie Shultz, Millie Stein, Barbara Roop, Karen Taylor, Sandra Reid, Karen Reichert, Judy Ruff Mary Ellen Wenger, Ginger Nye, Carol Vinceguerra, An- nette Petrone. Row Two: Mary Perdriau, Sandra Weis- heit, Barbara Watking, Jackie Miller, Pauline Weaver, Louise Viering, Barbara Westman, Loni White, Nelda Wil- son. Row Three: Judy Warner, Jean Nalencz, Wanda Nye, Joyce Williamson, Jackie Lowles, Sandra Skidmore, Elizabeth Reynold, Nancy Sinclair, Nancy Wendt, Judy Wiley, Miss Erf. Row Four: Ann Ridgley, Marge Rafos, Wendy Staniforth, Diane Nook, Laura Marshall, Pat Tucker, Evelyn Wetzel, Marjorie Reynolds, Ann Hobday, Elaine Howell. Row Om dlad, Nal gan, Kar Galehousi Sue Elle Hamilton 94 Their various other projects this year included. sponsor- ing a style show, making scraphooks for the children's home, sending a representative to state conference and holding a carnival. Miss Helen Erf is the advisor of the Senior Y Teens. SPRING OFFICERS President -ehsn Y... .H . ,,,,, . ,WW ,,,,,Miriam Hostettler Vice-President -- ..,, Martha Henderson Secretary -.... ,..,, lN Iary Perdriau Treasurer ,-, ,,,,-sShirley Grange Chaplain ,.- ,,,,.,,,,, Judy Bailey ow One: Shirley Grange. Marcia Chapman, Miriam Hos- ettler, Carol Griffith, Jean Glenny. Connie Harris, Judy hamhers, Kathryn Austin. JoAnn MarClellan, Connie enkins. Row Two: Pat Elliott, Lois Howald, Linda lotz, Jane Hoose, Judy Gregor. Carol Hersman. Carol Inch, Judy Allen, Pat Busch. Valma Ellison. Pat Brown, lizabeth Litman. Row Tlirvez Carol Morton, Donna Felmly, Betty Myers. Pat Feldman. Sue Housley Marilyn Benson, Dorothy Dick, Mary Lee Houman, man, Lou Ann Achberger. Lowana Fazenbaker. Miss Erf. Row Four: Joyce Jordan, Helen Gravesmnehl. Marilyn Miller, Linda Frecka, Ann Lahmers, Jackie llurr, Judy Johnson. Marcia Medkeff, Betsy NICCOIIIDS, Pat Myers. Jo Ann Morgan, Kathy Austin, Elaine Heiser. Row One: Pat Wise, Glenda Thomas, Linda Starbird, oan Boser. Sue Sharps, Mary Schultz, Marilyn Wells, ulie Sloop. Judy Walker, Paula Niessen, Judy Brislinger, andra Shoaf. Row Two: Brenda Hollar, Bonnie Jones, ue Williams, Mary Lou Wilson, Carol Phillips. Linda lhite, Marilyn Stanford, Doreen Phillips. Gail Carter. ebbie Reynolds, Linda Wilson. Row Three: Margie Lee, 4- 4,9 Clara Feueht. Mollie Rae Hartley. Marilyn Woody. Chris Talmadge, Lianne Van Noy. Judy Rechner. Wanda Wilson. Linda Morrow, Lois Lauck. Jo White. Julie VVillenliat'kei'. Miss Erf. Row Four: Jean Francis. Sandra Owen, Joanne Pugh, Linda Ritchie. Sally Steinhaurer. Rosemary llris- linger, Pat Hines, Carole Vail. Judy Bradford, Marge Rilling, Kay Robinson, Marlene Wright. ..- A 95 Svatvrl: ,loyve Hupp. Stanrlizzg: Mary Ann Office Assistants Row Une: Margie Suguclelivky, Samlru Austin. Helen Cravesmuehl. Hun' Tim: Wilma lfulaml. l.in1la Ritchie, .lackie Hnrr. Mary Lnu Wlilfum. Put l"elilmzin. Rum Tlzrrfez Janet Callaway, Erika We-nnll. Pat llusrli. Sue Williams. Wanda Wilson. Uonna Felmly. Sue Nlarline. Wanda Nye. Miller. Seated: Margie Reynolds. Doreen Phillips. Standing: Ruth Willel. Barbara Roup. Xlarilyn Woolly. Judy Walker, Mary Schultz. Carol Phillips, Linda Moore. Seated: Jean Glenny, Linda Wilson. Ruth Hopper. Standing: Marcia Chapman. Margaret Mary, Karen Kes- selring, Joyce Cymoty. Tiger Tales tall Mike Ustergard, Linda Riivhie. Mary Srhultz, Julie Sloop. Linda Wlilson. Lincla Starlmirrl. fllary Lou Wilson. Lynn Thayer. Julie Willenlnwher. Gordon Crinham. Dorothy Dick, Helen Harger. Kay Crouse Linda Frecka. Carol Phillips. Dave Hudson. Val jekkals, Marcia Medkeff, Connie jenkins. Mary Ann Miller. llzil Myers. lletfy JO Ann Kingdom, McCnmbs. Barb Falor. 97 ' ,.., 125: Row One. Left to Right: Sue McCullough, Annalee Lind- hlad, Holmin White, Sandra Reid. Carol Vinceguerra. Nan- t'y Kyle. Susan Senter. Sandra ljinns, Loni Wlhite, Nelda Wilson, Marjorie Gleeson. Sw-onrl Row: Mildred Stein, lllixabeth Heynoldt-, Ann llonaldwon, Karen Reichert, Lin- da Cantrell. llurlmara Watkins, Carol Ferder, Judy Pfau, Lynn Hauprirh, llarli We-annan. Bonnie Glenny. Row Tlzrvwz Nancy llood, Ilarlnara Hoop, Carolyn Huff, Suzanne Row One, Lvf! to Right: Joan Boser. Miriam Hostettler, Jean Glenny, Carol Griffith, Margaret Matty, Margie Saga- dencky, Glenda lllonlah. Joann Nlaclllellan, Judy Brislinger, Connie Harris. Judy Chambers. Sandra Austin, Pat Busch. Row Two: Doreen Phillips. Marilyn Stanford, Sue Mar- tine, Donna Fellnly, Mary Lee Houman. Marfia Chapman, Mary Svhultz. Judy Iirislinger. Sue Housley. Paula Nies- sen. Marilyn Wells, Sue Sharps. Vallna Ellison. Sue Williairls. Row Tlzrrfv: Carol Herslnan, Judy Wvalker, Faris. Nancy Bell. Nydia Williams, Diane lirown. Nona Jorn, Martha Henderfon. Judy llailey. Nancy Sinclair, Anna llolvday. Pauline Weaver. Sandra Hanefeldt. Row Four: Sally Steinhaurer. Sally Bridgewater, Laura Mar- shall, Nancy llacon, Nancy Koch, Sandy Skidmore, Nanvy Cray, Evelyn Wetzel. Pat Tucker, Ruth Hopper, Blanch Kline, Diane Nook. Julie Sloop, Shirley Grange. llatrif-ia Feldman, Linda Frecka, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Hawn. Liane Van Noy, Julie Willenbacher, Marilyn Henson, Helen Cravesmuehl, Carol lnch. Jo White. Row Four: Mary Perdriau, Linda Ritchie, JoAnn Morgan, Marria Metlkeff. Christine Tal- madge, Debbie Reynolds. Kay Shelley, Marcia Walton, Judy Bradford, Patricia Myers. Marlene Wright. Kay Rob- inson, Linda Wilson, Betsy Nlcllonilvs, Judy Johnson. 98 4 Q - L gg A Row Une: Mary lieth Miller. .Indy Neshilt. lmni Price. ,lan Plan. lllendn tilll'lSllIbllll. llurlv Elliott. llarlwara Vliarniari, Sara Clites. llnllie l,aSale. Shirley lfislier. Row Two: lletly Nlurtnn. llluria Clair. Sally Krueger, Ellen llnchanan. Norma Hyde, llinne lnpnllu. Nanny flndersmi, Karen Peterson. ,lndy Nlvllaniel. .luyve Nlzisuii, Virginia Hawk. Row 7'l1r1'v: l'unlu Hier. Hay 'l'eilri4'k. Nlarilyn Nancar- ow Une: Mona Hartley. Peggy DeHart, Lynn Tadlock. Carole Kandiko. Linda Smith. ,lanet 'l'h0mpson, Sonja Hicks. .lrryve Nlosier, Fran Johnson. Row Two: Sharon Caesar. llc-tty Mundy. Maureen Carmedy. Nora Lynn Pierre. llarnl Heal, Irene Muller. Lou Pyers, Lois Rober- son. .loyve Martine. Peggy Knisley. Row Three: ,Indy row. ,lanive Mc'Clo1hlin. Sue Zarle. ,lndy llnnler. .lean l'nrtwuml. Ellen Moore. P111 Jordan. Mary ,lune llnnper. Miss Erf. Rnu' Four: lliane ilndersmi. Patty llreyer. Linda Smith. llevky .'xSllWUl'lll. Nancy llukivli. Kathy llille- hunt, Janet Nlrl,eun. l.ynn Hesselluirt. Sue linker. Ann Wagstaff. linnd. l,anra Faris. Lynne S94'llI'lSl. Darlene Crzilltree. Sandy Davis. Cami Rainey. Anne Seufidn. Luis llennen. Bonnie Cralmlme. .lndy Hump. Nliss Erf. Row Four: Marsha Bnssard. Patsy Favalon. Alive Frnndsen. ,lean Miller, ,lndy Pugh. Janet Calloway. Diane Braghieri, Sue Stinaff. .lndy Folsom. Pat Klingensinith. im 99 Projection talf Row Ono: Bill Leiter. Larry Middour, Pete Sechrist. Jim Gilkey. Charlefr King, John lVlcBeath, Bobby Davis. Row Two: Mr. Shank. Glen Carey, Bob Cilkey, Dave Traverse. Radio Club The Falls High Radio Club was formed in the Fall of 1956 by a group of boys, many of whom were uhams-7, Our purpose is to stimulate interest in radio and to help students secure amateur licenses. We have held regu- lar classes in Morse code and a demon- stration of a mobile unit was given to increase our membership. An as- sembly on transistors was given on our behalf by a representative of Bell Telephone Co. Plans have been made to secure a station license for our school and progress has been made in building our equipment. We give our sincere thanks to Mr. James, our spon- sor, for without his co-operation and help our club would not have been pos- sible. The projection staff is one of the many clubs and organizations in the school. However. it is very different from the others in two ways. One is that there are no officers and the other is that no meetings are held, Each member of the projection staff is scheduled to be in the Visual Education Room, 305, one period each day. If there are no movies to be shown. the period is used for study. Each pro- jectionist is trained to run and take care of the projector in room 305, the one in the projection booth in the audi- torium, the lights in the auditorium, and various strip film and slide projectors. Another job is to set up and regulate the sound equipment in the auditorium for assembly programs. The staff is under the direction and guidance of Mr. Shank. la Row Une: Bill Dunn, Tom Bonstelle, Jim Miller, Dave Traverse. Row Twa: John McBeath, Larry Middour. Richard Schooley, Pete Sechrist. Row Three: Jack Doyle, Gary Mitchell, Bob Bonnell, Russel Stinaff. Row Four: Mr. James, John Schooley, Don Nelsch, Roger Ricks, Fred Weil. 100 H. A. PRESTON Membership in H. A. Preston is avail- able to those students who are in 10A or above and have an 85 average. Its purpose is to become familiar with the opportunities of teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential to a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster the development of student leadership. Some of H. A. Preston's worthwhile activities are tutoring weaker students, ushering at N.E-O.T.A. and College Night and observing for one half day an elementary classroom. This latter project is made available only to senior members of H. A. Preston. Mr. Peebles is the advisor of H. A. Preston. H. A. Preston Row One: Sandy Weisheit. Sue Calehouse. Robin White. Connie Jenkins. Susie Drake, Carol Vinceguerra. Row Two: Barbara Watkins. Sharon Alex- ander. Nancy Wendt. Marilyn Miller, Judy Lyle. Shirley Crange. Marilyn Wells. Row Three: Nona Jorn, Karen Taylor. Nancy Bell. Liane VanNoy, Carol Hersman. Kathy Austin. Row Four: Dorothy Dick. Sandra Owen. Joanne Pugh, Erika Wendt, Pat Elliot. Mr. Peebles. B-W Club B - W CLUB Members of BW learn and practice the fundamentals of library work. The purpose of this club is to be of service to the school by acting as student li- brarians. This yearis projects included selling football pencils and black and gold bracelets. sponsoring a banquet for the study hall teachers. presenting the grad- uating seniors with pens and printing and selling Basketball programs. A twenty-five dollar scholarship is awarded by BW to a student who is truly interested in becoming a librarian or teacher. Their activities are guided by Miss Mary Patton Mrs. Mary Carter. Row One: Jacqueline Miller, Pat Carroll, Mona Bartley, Connie Crane, Susie Drake. Row Two: Judy Rechner. Nancy Sinclair, Carter. Joyce Martin. Elizabeth Lepp. Row Three: Sally Bridgwater. Brenda Bird, Miss Patton, Dale Campbell, Judy Walker. 101 First Row: Mary Lee Houman, Marilyn Stanford. Wanda Wilson Judy -Chambers. .lulie Sloop, Kathryn Austin. Judith Brad ford. Second Row: Herb Knopp, Mark Goodwin. ,lim DeHart Marilyn Woody, Pat Myers. Lin da Frecka. EDITORIAL STAFF Cuyahogan taff Firs! Row: Dorris Higdon. Mar- cia Medkeff, Debbie Reynolds. Doreen Phillips, Betsy NlcCombs. Jackie Hurr. Mary Perdriau. Srwonrl Row: Miriam Hostett- ler, Shirley Grange. Marcia Chapman. Judy Walker. lletty Myers. Liane VanN0y. Lois Howald, Kind Starluird. Joyce Hupp. Susan Drake. Third Row: Eugene Hoover. Nicholas Long. Bill Dixon, Richard Ferrell, Jim Anderson. Fred Wyle. 102 I National Thespian Society .ii - an fi . Fixx! Row: .lutly Walker. Nlarilyn Stanford, Mary Shultz. Connie Harris. Sandra Austin. Darlene Crahtree. Third Paul Root. Rtlllin White. Mrk. Hurt. Joanne Pugh. .ludy Row: James Hawkins. Rohert Fulton. Rohert Deryvk. johnson. l'atri4'ia Myers. Svronrl Row: Elizabeth Rey- Ronald Rose, Jim Bode, Jim .-Xmlerson. Fred Wieil. Thmnas nolds .l utly Cosa, Karen Reivlwrt. Sharon Alexanrler. Karen llonstelle, Mr. Heintz. Taylor. ,lane tlootlyear. Nuiivy Antlerson. Karen Peterson. Bob Smith. Rlfrorrling Svrretary: Joanne Pugh. Prmirlffrzt: Mrs. Hart. Rohin Wlhite. Corresponrling Secretary. Offircrs Not Pll'lllI'f'l1Z Patil Root. Viz-1'-l'rrsi1lf-fit: Dong Scherer, Treasurer. National Forensic League First Row: Michael Ostergard, Patricia Myers, Joyce Mrs. Hart. Third Row: Roliert Deryck, Karen Taylor, Cymoty, Marilyn Stanford, Mary Shultz, Paula Niessen. Robin While, .lane Goodyear, Barbara Landis, Darlene .ludy Walker, Lois Howald. Karen Kesselring, Joanne Crabtree, Sara Steinhauer. Elizabeth Reynolds, Nancy Pugh. James DeHart. Svrond Row: Mr. Heintz, Lynn Wendt. Fourth Row: Ronnie Rose. Jim Rode, Robert Guy, Karen Minor. Erika Wendt, Christina Wolcott, Karen Bonnell, Thomas Bonstelle, Carl Farinacvi, David Travers. Reichert, Pamela Rucknian, Connie Harris, Sandra Austin, Judy Walker, Presidentg Paula Niessen, Vice-Presirlenlg Christina Wolcott. Historian, Karen Minor, Corresponding Secretary, Joyce Williamson, Recording Secretary. K L K L p l b 1 K Miss Long .Ln A ,.. ug: . g, , .. .5 Y ..A--.,-H ,lr 5. ,- M, V NWN th. .- "9 I- ---.-,.-A.,-, .. : -,, U I.. ,-,..,.:-. A ,, .-. .. .,. hw. il.. ,,4,. , ., ,..,..,,. N. .- ,,,,,. --I-h J.. ' First Rauf: Yvonnu Farina-r. Ruth Willet, Mary Ellen Wenger, Fnellen Mvflullnugll, Mary Perdriau. Marcia Medlielf, Judy Gregor. lrene Slletler. Nadine Morgan. S1'1'0'rrl Hum: Bonnie Shultz, Sandra Reid. Ann Donald- son, Elizalwth Reynolds, Sally Slt'lIlllHllE'l'. Diane Miller. Nanvy Cray. Sally Briclgrewzitclr. lic-tsy Mvfionrlms. Marilyn Yvells, Linda Leonard. Karen 'liuylmx Karen Adams, Carol Coolidge. Third Row: Sue Sharps, Lynn Guy. Sue Martine. llnnna Felmly. Judy Allen, Charlotte Mize, Martha Henderson. Nancy Kucll. Kay Robinson. Nancy Bacon, Erika Xvendt. Kathryn Austin. lietty Feter. Miss Lung. iKQ,..,H? Q7 ,.,.,,x. .. I Fourth Noir: Suzanne Fllltltli. ,lulie xYlll9Ill7ilf'llCF. Lilllril Nlllfilllllll. llulv filif'llI'2ll1. Toni 'liziylwm lil'lIi'f' Carvy. Alt nlllen. 'Nllun xllfillllllvy. Craig llnvr. Jerry Ovker. Daw Rush. luis tilusgww. 'llurviu Wlllllltll. Put Nlyers. .ln Whitv. lfiflll Nutr: ,lim Fox. Jerri Vli-P. ,lulin Crum. Tum Kikenllull. llc-an Watters. Hugh Vfesl. .lulin Shumlley. Milw- Farris. Cliurlvs King. Hulwrt l3c'l,ung. William Lamont. Run Lylillr. Nlike lexering. llill llixun. llrml Barhtell. Sixth li'uu': ,lnlln Hearty. .liln llc-Hart. cilllIl'k Llewellyn. Jan-k xlllililllilllilll. .lim XIlIlt'l'XlIll. Karl Hilgvrt. Huw Hughes. Tim String. Tom llurgn--s. 'funn Lvtzler. Frank Ueunflell. Nlike Yliller. Nlurk llnmllilznl. Terry Holsinger. .lack liamunil. llolw Deryvk. Q ,. 1 t f MR. REYNOI DS J First lfirrlv: Uunean Creerf, Deborah Reynolds. Alan Rathlmun. Margaret Brunfe. Carol Ferlfer. .Ioann Maffclele lan, ,lim Field. .Sl'l'lIIl!l lfin'f1': Car- men CTUSSIIIEIII. Faye TIIUTSIIY. Elaine Heiser. Tom NlI'ClPlTlllS., Stephen Glaze, ,lean Hixun. Dnrotlly Dirk. Karen Pfeiffer. David Wood, Alun Johnson, ,lavk Rovkholtl, Kenneth ESIIHIIICII. Lynne Serhrist. Steven Miller. Tfzirrf ffirrlv: Ruhr-rt llonnell. Helen Harger. ,Tenn Daxies. John Moore. Harul Camphell. David While. Peter Hughes. Scott lingo. .luily Weir. Thomas Mat- thews. Rnhert Maefflellzin. Anthony llitirrn, liruve ,lz1r'ksor1. ,lurk FIIFTIS. Jznnes Loitz. Kenneth Uluvk, Donald Ns-lwh. Walter Cnlflensm-huh, Anne Riflgley. Ruhert Johnsim. James Collier. Mivliael Srhatll. Terry Ptihner. Uouizlas Hinkle. Fnurlli lfirrllfz Mr. Reynolds, Kenneth NI4'Vieker. lirent Nic-kfil. Terry Ryan. john Lewis. Dnnalcl Rox. Ruhert Jaevk. Teil Hendrir'k-. Karen Hiller. Ralph Moyer. MR JACOISY . . ,. fke- ' J 5 , ..,... - ' l l l :. .EF ,Q 6 ,w-,5,,' i ' ' ' V if W film ft 'iff c ' J' Raw Une: Mary Aust, Nlary lieth Nliller. Pat llurnette. Kathy Anderson. Sully Mettee, Lynn Tadlovls. Diane Rich. Carol Adam- son, Yvonne Bishop. Alive Haught. Alive 'l'rowliridge. Carol North. Merry Stanoxiv. Wlarion Salmon, Rott' Two: Shirley Fisher. Sandra Kline. Annztlee lindlilad. Nanvy Kyle. lflizaheth Lepp. Kathy Nlcllonuld. llarol llowmun. llarlvara llartlett. Mona Hartley. Darlene Haney, Shirley Wyunt. Karin Lockhart. Nydia Wyillianis. Joyce Jlrtliurs. Row Tlirrwz Nlarvia Gilmore. Opal Anderson. 'Nlyrtle Stull. Nelda Wilson. Sandy liynch. Pauline Girls' GI Row One: Willie lluynes. Gail Atkinson. Sonia Hicks. Sue Tompliins. Dolli l,aSulle, Marilyn Miller. Audrey Duffy. Peggy DeHart. Linda Smith. Carol Vinviguerra. Joyce Shultz. Eleanor Finch. Darlene llrzilvtree. lliane llrughieri. Roux Two: Kathy Vllelser. Sue Tinker. Joyce Martin. llarliara Elliot. Kay Hauden- child. Pat Jordan. .loyve Nlason. Jean Wilson. Judy Mvljaniel. Sandy Davis. llarlwara Wagner. Ida Mae lloshorn. llonnie Cralmhe, Weaver. Ann Hylton. liLlI'lli1I'ii Uslmorn. Judy ZllIlIllCl'IIlElll, Nancy Simon. Jane lllvlflhaney. Karen Uaskiiis. Carol Engrelhart. Karen Pfeiffer. Julie Feiler. Sandra Snyder. Linda Cantrell. Row Four: Janet Calloway. Nanvy Haliivll. Glenda Chishohn, Susan Evans, Lynne Green. Evelyn Wetzel. Ruth Crawford. Kathryn Feuvht. Lynne llesslelmart. Kay Trettel. Alive Rinker. Jane Hoose. Joanne Pugh, Louanna Faxenhaker. Judy Walker, Linda Jones. Miss Long. ee Club Knisely, Betty Moody, Judy Bond. Madeline Mclntire, Julie Short, Judy Klett. Jeanette Davis. Joanne Miles. Dolores Franvis. Christine Wolvott. Nanvy Wendt. Anna Scofido. Row Four: Judy Folsom, Jean Portwood. Kathy llillehunt. Fran Johnson. Sue Stinall. llelwliy Vlforrell. Pat Favalon. Naney Green. Karen Cotton. l..ois W'ooduian. Joy Puraty. Judy Pugh, Jean Miller. Carolyn Johnson. Miss Long. Judy Hoop. Hou' Tlzrfwfz llat llryaltt. Cloriu Clair. Peggy E Q' J ,, E 'S M ss Q2 'E Q5 s ew? 5 A R G if K? i ' 0 6 5 6 "' r 319.2 t. , f t.., f.,- i f . i ts. f V, A I - , . J' ' . 3 . Q .. r . ' '- - 'lg M75 if in if Q I 4' ll - 3 ' If F l 4 Y in lg. J' is 1114 l,IIl Ill Il 1 111111 lll ler. Pill l7errcll. 111411 llllkllll l11111 ll11ll11 N111 1 I 11 1 Y 11 flll 1111 11 1 110 Nl1116'l11111se. 4Ia1'11lf1 Ile-11l1-, XI11114411 4 1111111I1 N111 1 11111 111 N NH. Us-1111e11. litlwl 1 1 I1 1114 111 1 114 11 1 11 IV lt'lIIFli. .llllly l.111'1l. ,lllll 411111 IX N Ill ' ' 1111 P 1111 H4111 ive lla1'l1411'41 Xvilfllltll N11141 Xllllll 4111 l1 11 1111 ' Il 1 1111 1 11l Walker. 51111, ffuryl llllltll xllll lllvl 1 111111 Xlllld l 11111 111 1r14 N.,1111ly linen. Miss Long. Gurls Glee Club Boys Glee Club 1114 fill! I9 N 1 llvlf lSe4 I llll l'1e1k1 R41l1ert lem- 1, 1 f-111 1 1111 1414 l1r1 e 'll1'- 1 41 1 1 11111 11 1111 I l111l4-S Reed f mrles 1 11111111 1114 I4 41 111 1 IW IV l '1tts. NC 111111 1111 1 1 14111e 1 111 lilly Jeter Cr 11111 19ll C 1 ku 114 1r11 1141 4l xlllt'l Tav 111 L11'1'y y 111s P l Il 1 e T1 1111 'V11 Vw 1 la1v R11 mf ales 'lvrry el14lelI1111 R11 haul D1ll1 XVlllIdl1l B11f'l11w wllll3H1 P6l'lll'lilll. Cary 111!! 1 1 111 1 1 111 1 14111 Four: Wzxynf ll N ll 111 111 Scherer. .lerry ll 1 1f- X Stebbins. l.Lll'IN NI4 K 11 1 1 J 111 Krizn. ,lunws K 1 I lll 114 r N 1111111 xVt'SlllliiIl 411 411 11111 1 111 111, Bussen, ll41l1crt 119 11 1 11 her. l ,lack B111441111. N11 1 -51:-.1 k A111111 Fl? 1 if ll' " 111 4,14 1 V 44 4 Picture One: Mike Miller, Tom Letzler, Mike Farris, Bruce Carey, Dean Walters, John Crom John Hearty, Doug Scherer. Melody Men Melodettes Picture Two: Nadine Morgan, Irene Shetler. Yvonne Farmer. Nancy Cray. Sandra Reid, Martha Henderson, Sue Faris, Ruth Willet. 114 I Swing Band First Row: Joann Ma4'Clellan. .lean Davies. Elaine Heiser, Car- BOX. RTUC6 .lHCliS0Il. .luvk Ifllvlis. Anthony llitirro. Karen Miller men Crossnian. Harolml CHlIllDllE'll, ,lohn Moore. Sf'I'0llfi Raw: Third Row: Robert Johnson. .launes lfollier. Wlalter liulmlen- ,ludy Weir, 'I'hoinas Xlallthews, Dorothy Dick. ,lean Hixon, Donalnl svhuh, Kenneth M4'Vicker, Terry Ryan. Brent Nivkol. Orchestra First Cirrle: Russell Stinaff, ,lim Miller, David Wzrod, Jim Col- lier, Sandra Christian, Celia Calco. Sefcorml Circle: Jane Mc Elehaney. Willie Haynes, Joann Maclllellan, Carol Ferder, Dun can, Tom Mcllonihs, Stephen Glaze, Jean Hixon, Dorothy Dick, Alan Johnson, Carmen Crossman. Third Cirrle: Jack Fuchs, James Loitz, Kenneth Gluck. Douglas Hinkle, Michael Schadl, Malcom Smith. Fourth Row: james Field, Mary Ellen Wenger, Mary Jane Bryers, Kenneth McVi0ker, Brent Nickol, Mr. Jacoby, Karen Miller. El Rancho Rivhua Music 116 "RANCHO RIVIERA" The highlight of the 1956 A Cappella Choir's spring activities was the presentation of the oper- etta "Rancho Riveraf' The entire ninety mem- ber choir participated in this two act musical pro- duction under the direction of Miss Josephine Long. Witli flashing costumes. skillfully designed scenery and spirited music the audience enjoyed a visit to a Mexican ranch. This performance was of the same caliber that we have come to expect of Miss Long's excellently trained choral groups. 118 M A J O IE Lynne T Carole E Carolyn Mary Lee Lynne Sechrist, Carole Ferrler, Carolyn Huff. Mary Lee Houman, Pat Busch. Dunrran Creed. John Moore, Dick Spessard, Ken Gluck, Ted Hendricks. G E B R A M N A D N L , w 1 Front: Ron Lyns, Dave Cyrill. First Row: Herb Len- DCU- Tflifd ROW! Micky CTCSLOTY, Chick 060196, .lerrv gacher. Bob Hall, Ralph Halliwell, Larry Anderson, Jerry Johnson, Dave Usher, Chuck Beckman. Stan Yukeveck. Frye, Bill Helvnling. ,lack Rutherford, ,lon Huhner. Second Jerry Dennison. Fourth Row: Ken Griffith, Bob Saunders, Row: Rick Hartman, john Lemke, Bob Stewart, Sam .l0l1I1 Kellog. Ron Taylor. Messina. Bill llisbro, Ray Lance, Al Carey. Dennis Ben- Black Tigers Football M In Coach Shaw's second year at Falls he built a fine team around All-Dis- trict halfback Ron Lyons and quarterback Dave Cyrill. Playing a very tough schedule, the Tigers proved they had what it takes by defeating such highly-rated teams as Steubenville and Barberton. The future looks bright for the Tigers as the starting team was composed of six Juniors and Sophomores. Left to Right: Coach Shaw, Coach Ackerman, Coach Carey. Enter Tigers ad's ight J Kneeling: Dave Wilhelm, Tom McNalley. Left to Right: Coach Watson. Bob Randall, Harry Kalbaugh, Dave Cyrill, Val Jeckals, Denny Mclnteer, Barry Anderson, Bob Pratt. Karl Hilgert, Bill Knights, George Miller, Jerry Johnson, Jack Edmund, Coach Leffler. Black Tigers Basketball The 1956-57 edition of the Black Tigers basketball varsity has been one of the best in the history of Falls High. They proceeded undefeated through their first fourteen games and not until the season finale against highly rated Steubenville did the Black Tigers obtain their first loss- At press time the state tournaments had not yet started but Falls was picked to go a long way. The big scorers for the varsity were senior Dave Cyril and sophomore Bill Knights. Cyrill breaking the school record for scoring in one season. Bob Pratt was the big boy at center and steadily im- proved as the season progressed. Harry Kalbaugh and George Miller were the play-making specialists, and Karl Hil- gert finally shook his injury jinx to become a steady scorer and good ball handler. Denny Mclnteer and Val Jekkals along with Miller were the cap- able, frontline substitutes. Following is the record of the Black Tigers which includes victories over the powerful teams Canton McKinley, Kent Roosevelt, Akron South and Massillon. Falls 59 Kent Roosevelt 57 Falls 59 Findley 42 Falls 65 Kenmore 61 Falls 70 Akron South 68 Falls 74 Alliance 62 Falls 64 Akron St. lVlary's 48 Falls 70 Canton McKinley 47 Falls 58 Akron St. Vincentls 46 Falls 33 Norton 32 Falls 63 Akron East 59 Falls 60 Massillon 59 Falls 55 Barberton 54 Falls 57 Akron Ellet 29 Falls 59 Akron St. Vincent's 42 Falls 61 Steubenville 90 Falls 58 Hower 38 W W Front: Coach Watson, Ray Lance, Ted Hendricks, Jeff Moore, Fred Leffler, Coach Leffler Back: ,lack Edmonds, Jerry Johnson, Denny Mclnteer, Barry Anderson, Bob Randall. JV-Freshman Basketball Front Row: Greg Kannel, Ralph Moyer, Larry Watson, Bill Oldham, Tom Dennis. Second Row: Pete Hitler, Tom Knieley, Bob Archer, Dave Ferguson, Mike Clary. -I Future Tigers nm omnam Tom Knieley Knveling: julie Sloop, Sandy Reid. Nancy Kyle. Standing: Loni While Carol Inch, JoAnn Morgan. Z-gm gJ'rn.g .... :lbw 5"o251f'DUQUns::51"o0'-fm 25,-.,u15UQ"1 room QQ-,"" 013-C hawaii 55. s: E-T5 Of-f H- '11 5 5 Q m 'Umm an 3!.gb,,.-.mill-fklg-z-m,..': H5 ::D"'Q,J"'i"':f'D,,,,c'nU1 mera rv' o ou, .fm .,.,,"U"1H'g5pg D.. :-02:1-0'QQDh'FH-":1fL .... rug, our Q..g,.m"E3c'n5l'5"UQ 3'-sc'-50123502 E-.kgs-l D2 'Q797 fD"1-150 mg Om.-1. N :Chg- QO 2- W' -1.-W' mn: .21-1-CD8 v-1'-1fU"': 53-imma-1.:-1 cDgUloQ,,mQ-I mmmgt-ECU mcg! H- gdmwg,-Esam Era' Cb. cp M ua' .+-:15-E253-gifjgc. mm 1222 'H- !The wrestlers. led hy Coach Hinkle, again had a good season this year. They gave good battle to some of the better teams and individuals in the state. Stand- outs for the Tigers were lettermen Ralph Halliwell. Ted Fiisenman and Al jacohs. and new grapplers Bob Auhele. Bill Barnes, and Dwight Talley. Coach Hinkle has high praise. especially. for Halli- well and Eisenman who should do well in the state-wide tournaments. W R E S T L I N G Ralvh Halliwell man Al .lam il and Ted Eisen - ' 71 is and B,1, Auhele Row One: Dick Ross, Paul Davis, Ralph Halliwell, Teil ElSCIllllHI'l.. li lm Xulule Nl Jacobs Steve Kesselring. Row Two: Bill Barnes. llill Shafer. Daw llmlson Nlnlxe he rl Xl liutl Carl Farianacci, Wayne Betz. Row Tlirr-v: Doug llinkle. M llarey lhue Hu hes Dwi 1 Talley, Doug Scherer, Bob Emerson. A 4 - Front: Steve Horton. Mgr. First Row: ,lim Oherrlurfer. Holm Caldwell. Tum Zarle. Roh Cnrhran. .luhn Kellfvg. Dennis Bennett. Twin Hunger. Scvvlzrl Roux: Hill Helming, Pete Larsun. Val Jeckals. lgu jeckals. Al Spruwl. Dave Terlrnw. Toni Rlllllllib. Tlzirrl Razr: Stan Yukevevh. Craig Scott. ,lack Rutherford. Jim Boeke. Paul Shearer. Dean Walters. Fourtlz Row: Cnavh Shaw, Wayne Betz. Phil Kirk. Jerry Frye. .lim Carey, ,lim Fox. Coavli 0'Hrien. Track-Baseball Teams Kneeling: .lim Rakich, George Miller. John Barker. Ralph Halliwell. Harry Kalliaugh. Stanrlingz Coach Spessarrl, Tim Wilcox. Tom Smith. Herb Knupp. .lack Durbin. Doug. Hinkle. Bill Knights, Dave Thomas, Larry Baker, Don Weisel, Coach Hinkle. isa, XOJPPU-I XI aXSexA4aX5 alJe,l-46,8 Craig Scott ZO--IOZP WB G 0 J X20 VK 129 ekkals TENNIS . - k . L filer. -lap ll k Dave Peterson. fred e , hn Ha ec ' - . Watson. JO 'uhfl Lodcll Lpfz fo Rh-I Archer. Jerry Ball' 1? sack Arffher In I years our tennis team has become one of the strongest in the area. Tennis is a sport in which vic- tory depends upon the individual play- ers rather than the team as a whole. This fact has heen well shown hy the sterling play of ,lack Archer. He has led the Black Tiger tennis team for the last three years hy heing undefeated in league action. Coach Watson has the highest of praise for Jack and the rest of the team which compiled a fine re- cord last spring. the past few Students in the art classes find many outlets for their talents in making decora- tions for various schooliactivities. Under the guidance of Mrs. Wilhelm. the instructor, art students express their creative abilities. Painting and poster mak- ing occupy much of their time. Members of the Booster Club trimmed the gym early in the morning for the even- ing's Football Homecoming dance. The decorations were made by the art classes. Library Wayne lleryvk. Larry lievk, Mona Bart- ley. George Kelly. Miss Patton. Cene Hoover, Lois Lauck. Slliil'llIl l'iec'zynhki. Marion Salmon. Pat Pulitz, ffarulyn Vinn. Nan Mosleller Gayle Atkinson. vfkw- 'Ns 5,1 Shorthand characters which look like hieroglyphics to most of us are meaning- ful to the students of Miss Haberkost and Mrs. Newstetteris classes. Shorthand plays a vital part in secretarial Work. Unraveling the mysteries of debit and credit the bookkeeping classes prepare for the business world. They learn this skill under the guidance of Miss Holst and Mrs. McClanahan. Accuracy and speed are achieved in the typewriting classes. Directing this useful training which is a must for busi- ness and an asset in school work are Miss Holst, Mrs. Newstetter, and Miss Haber- kost. cience Classes Left to Riglzr: Marjorie Rafos. Kay Robinson. Lois Howald, ,ludy Walker, Martha Henderson. Left to Right: Sally Steinhauer, Mild- red Stein, Bill Stafford, Tom Robb. Sandra Reid. Karen Reichert. Left to Right: Ellen Buchanan, Mar- garet Knisely, Betty Marton, Joyce Mosier. ll With sparks flying and lathes humming, the future metal workers of America are learning their trade. Four semesters of metal work are available under the direc- tion of Mr. Moyer. Despite this machine age there is still a demand for skilled Woodworkers and C.F.H.S. is doing its part in turning out competent ones. One of the many acti- vities of these classes is to make and repair articles for the school under the supervi- sion of Mr. Haught. Future draftsmen and engineers are of- fered a four semester course in mechanical drawing, taught by Mr. Ackerman. Home Economics Nl Becky Rivliziiwlsnii. Yirgxiniu lntter. Glenda Tlinliiaa. Ura Nook, Niltiillk' Nixon. ax 4 Marilyn Wells. Alive Rinker. Janet Untwun. L. Connie .lC'lIiiillb. Nunn Lowe-. .Xin Llpsvunilv. Lllltiil Nlusun. l-, lic:-.G 443' L I The scene shifts to a classroom situation. These students are busily engaged in writing or trying to write the correct answers to the examination. The locale is the girls' gym. The girls pictured here are trying to retrieve a ball which has bounced out of the scope of the camera lens. During the fall and spring of the year. the gym classes are held outdoors. This gives the students an opportunity to participate in such activities as touch football and tennis. The girls also have opportunities to enjoy the pleasant falls and lovely springs of Ohio. Every attempt is made to have the students outdoors as much as possible in their gym activities. ,lim Anderson Doreen Phillips Girls' And Boys' tate Representatives Free time meant Calvhing up on keepsake photos. Paula Niessen john Hearty 4 a A in wa cl mlallv Yllllll wlen it wasnt raining. Intrnders beware! This tree- eedt meant fm Hayes re-idents only. All paths led to the supply rooms and offires. Class Day Senior Hoy! Drill Teami prevision is their polivyl School Daze" chorus Mrs. Ripley reCeives a gift in ulnpreviuliori from the rlass "School Daze" classroom . . l4l ass Day closes as the vast sings their vlass song. 04 Football Abmecomin Royalty QIWEEN: JoAnn Morgan KING: Ron Looms fo .W f Court Firsl Knut. lmll In Right: ,Iu.M1n xltlfgilll. lluv'lla1'ai l'uf'km'. SI'!'Ul1!I Razr: Hob Hull. IJaxet.yr1Il. Run harm, Juvk Hllllwrfnrtl. .lmlnn Nlzlvlvllalrl. Lynn lilly. t 'N :Vial Nlr'rlkr'ff. Jlllii' Slwmp. lmml lnvh. Sur' xvilliillllfi I 1 ull. Yzil ,le-kkuls Qaskef bglj wx W fs Royahy Julie Slnop Davv llyrill '1 Court rl Hilgvrt. limo ilyrill. Roll Royalty . . . Senior A's Senior B's M...-nl ? King - Jerry Wilkinson Queen - Nancy Light Court - lL to Rl Herb Knopp King-Harold Shaver Susan Drake Queer! - Sheila Mulcahy Barbara Packer Court- IL toRl Paul Chapman Dick Ferrell Barbara Mitchell Dale Dillehunt Ellis Wooldridge I4 Junior A's Jllfll0l' BS King - Mike Ostergard Queen - Marlene Wright Court- fLl Clyde Sheppard Julie Sloop Court- fRl Tom Smith Doreen Phillips ll' King - Conrad Gehrart Queen - Dorothy Moore Court- fRl John Pulley Barbara Wolff 8 The "Cavemen" do a few cheers 10 help tell the tale of the "History of the Tiger". A few members of the student body dun the apparel of the 1920's to fur- ther the Story nf the evolution nf the tiger. The Black Tigers including Blackey, Pedro, and Slim were being whipped into shape by the Falls High tigrese. There they are singing a song. Rallies I The bandits, hoping to be victorious in the game, chase each other off the stage and down the aisle. P 6 P owweb x-vlkxxeb YN a Yeo 'oe 'oackgiooob ke Ysoief' Keiodxoxxe 'OQXX X5 no Xx YmXXYxQ0kev. Xxx X exam Ytabo 'MKG Xxx-5 'Vee Xxxg Y Y -A55 e kv-and ok K. 619 4 .606 Ko C699 6'l:X0'5 QKQMYX A09-NX "'5ooQ0 A255 ckxeedea dose 0 55, va 0 Cranes fa x xo A a 3406. 'Vac new c90eetXeaAete Xea Qxixk and aueqxbaoce ak Q06 Q, eeegoe xo be fa, Yuba mm oi ekeg. Sowe 'A WAX season, wok 1WgX016'LK.6': 'Cxoe Ps 'sew sesfxot Xvofie, Axximg, Koox mes We 3605 oi Coe cXme,esXe-abate 'wb exe Coe nw miyosexxee me Admg 5 hum wiixeoce. Ko N ghosts nf pas orth looks over the t foes of the Black Tigers as he won- der s what his fate will be. Rallies mwwwww w mg Three anonymous witvlles mix up their se- CFC! team. lrrew for u winning I4 5 ' N ,I 5,2 if , Ek X . if Aw fx 4 R.: af' ng A fe' S fbf '- 7 f gtgzxg P' M' x ' wk cf-m . . S V M, A lik -- 5 Q' X 4 19 5 K an 5' ,, L' xr 5991-1 'V wel' ,1 +1 .M .E 0, 11'A f -N, .S -S Q1 wk A Lkyfb I K ff? fs. fs V w 3 .. .1.. , .- Q: bgs. L. ww I b Q xmzqff "5- 2. ff xx ,fr-'Q .1 . qui OUR AD ERTISER ABBOTT DRUG STORE 324-1 Oakwood Drive ACE MACHINE 2725 Second Street ACKERMAN'S AND BRIZE'S TIRE SERVICE 1727 Front Street ACME MOLD AND DIE 2471 Front Street AKRON MUSIC CENTER 2161 Front Street ALBERT CONN, INC- 1839 Front Street ALL FLOORS, INC. 1818 Portage Trail ALMA MAY COIFFURE DESIGNER 2105 Front Street ANTOINETTE HAIR STYLING SALON 14-6 Portage Trail ASHWORTH - MC DADE MACHINE CO. 174-5 Front Street BEAR'S FURNITURE CO. 2006 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio BENSONIS SUNOCO SERVICE 2301 Front Street CHARLES BOYD SCHOOL OF DANCE 2207 Second Street BRAGG'S CITIES SERVICE 2916 Oakwood Drive THE BRIDES' SHOP 1627 State Road C 81 G RADIO AND TELEVISION Established in Falls Since 1027 CARLTON'S CLOTHES 2177 Front Street CAVALIER - DODGE Better Deals-- Better Service CHARLES J. CUTTING Nationwide Insurance Co. CHESTERFIELD LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 1714 State Road CHEZELLE FOR BEAUTY 1922 Portage Trail COOK MANUFACTURING 2732 Second Street COOK'S SOHIO STATION For Dependable Service COX FLOWERS 1652 State Road RALPH CROSBY'S 2164 Front Street GEORGE MILLER DAVIS S4 DAVIS Sporting Goods Specialists DIETZ'S FLORISTS INC. State Road Shopping Center EDWARDS SHOE STORE 2127 Front Street FALLS BICYCLE SHOP 2243 Front Street FALLS HARDWARE 2413 State Road FALLS PET SHOP 2241 Front Street FALLS TOOL RENTAL 1006 Portage Trail FALLS REPORTER W. E. Bauman, Publisher S4 Ed. FALLS MUSIC CENTER Cuyahoga Falls First and Oldest IVI usie Co. FALLS SAVINGS 8 LOAN ASSOC. I'Safety for Saving Since IZIRSI' FARM ROY MEATS. INC. For quality and price always. FASHIONAIRE BEAIITY SALON 1664 Stale Road FRANK FURNITURE CO. 2115 Front Street A FRIEND Cuyahoga Falls GENE AND GLEN CLEANERS 3257 Oakwood Drive GERBS PHARMACY 1663 State Road 156 LEFTAI956 SENIOR TRIP TO WASHINGTON D.C. BELOW - AFTER A V I C- TORIOUS GAME! GILLESPIE - PILCHER. REALTORS 928 Portage Trail SW - 4 - 9911 COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. GRANT CO. 'State Road Shopping Center JACK CRAY SALES Sr SERVICE 'Sleep City" JACK HALL. BARBER A Real Barber THE HERSMAN MOLD 84 MACHINE COMPANY 585 LaFollette Street. Akron 11, Ohio HI- LO SUPER MARKET 24-05 State Road HOLIDAY HOUSE TRAVEL BUREAU. INC. 1701 State Road ISALY DAIRY CO. State Road Shopping Center ISALY'S -- H. I. THOMPSON 1674- State Road C. M. JONES BUICK. INC. Your Ruick Dealer at three locations if JUNE'S BEAUTY SHOP ABOVE JR. Y-TEEN OFFICERS 1220 E. Railey Road KIPPY'S Restaurant i Y Open Day and Nite S. S. KRESGE COMPANY 2357 State Road Shopping Center LAUNIJROMAT HALF - HOITR LAIWNDRY 1764 State Road LEHMANS PURE OIL SERVICE 2709 Front Street LEVINSON'S 2231 Front Street LEYDEN CLEANERS 1053 Portage Trail LYLE CHEVROLET COMPANY Serving you for 27 years. MADELYN IVIILETTI BEAUTY SALON 24.75 Slate Road. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 1V1AE'S REAIITY SHOP 416 Filmore Avenue MA RGLERIT1-YS BEAUTY SALON 2669 Front Street. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio ABOVE -LOOK AT THE GREEK! MOORE'S GARAGE 2335 Front Street L. S. MOSER-SCHOOL JEWELER FOR 20 YEARS 2222 Front Street NIAGARA OF CIFYAHOGA FALLS Cyclo massage for hetter health OAKVVOOD M- GRAHAM IIARDWARE 3261 Oakwood Drive OVERHEAD DOOR CO.. INC. 1783 Front Street PHOTO MART State Road Shopping Center RIGHT - BOOSTER OFFICERS THREE GUYS THE RICHMAN BROTHERS CO. State Roacl Shopping Center ROGERS JEWELERS 2103 Front Street ROTUNIJA BAKE SHOPPE 2147 Front Street SERVICE MOLD S MACHINE CO. 2415 Front Street THE SHERWIN-are WILLIAMS CO. State Road Shopping Center THE SPORT SHOP 2091 Front Street THE FALLS NEWS Dedicated to Better Suburban Livin SUMMIT SNO - SPUDS "There are no spuds like Sno-Spudsu TAYLOR'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 1700 W. Portage Trail TEN PEN BOWLING LANES 1773 State Road THOMPSON PONTIAC, INC. For The 1957 Car With Go. TOM7S GULF SERVICE 1042 Portage Trail UNDERWOOD BROS.. INC. 122 W. Portage Trail U. S. GASKET Sz SHIM CO- 274-3 Second Street VALLEY FARM Produce, Fish. and Poultry WEBBS JEWELRY Specializing in Diamond Settings WEST CHEVROLET. INC. Mogadore. Ohio F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY Shop Woolwortlrs First AND A GIRL! OUR PRIDE 158 AND JOY! ' OUR P TRONS A DOCTOR Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio LOWELL H. BODY, l,1.lJ.S. Medical Arts Building DR. CAPRIOLA 116 Stow Street PAUL I. CAREY. D.D.S. 2172 Front Street DR. B. M. KELLER 2211 Second Street GEORGE H. MANSFIELI1. lVI.D- Medical Arts Building WILLIAM MARYANSKI WILLIAM J. MOORE. D.D.S. Medical Arts Building WILLIAM ONEST. lVI.D. Medical Arts Building MARSHALL I. PIERSON, MD. Medical Arts Building DR. S. L. SHERMAN 2218 Front Street JUNE 1956 RECOGNITION NIGHT A FRIEND FOREVER DR. SOLOMAN Medical Arts Building R, H. STAI-IL, lVI.IJ. Medical Arts Building ROBERT E. YEAKLEY. M.lJ. Medical Arts Building A DOCTOR Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio -I T E P I ,-- AT 001' o extend To our Subscribers: We, the X957 Cuyaho-gan Staii, wish t deepest thanks and appreciation to ah those who have as- sisted us in rnaking our yearbook a success. Gratitude is due to Mr. Nau, one oi our two advisors. who has given generai direction, rnanagernent, and co-ordina- tion to our activities. To Mr. Saurer, our business advisor, ther vote oi thanks for his experienced handiing k. her invaiu- we owe ano oi the iinanciai end oi the boo Thanks are due, aiso, to Mrs. Wiiheirn ior bie assistance with the art work in our 'aCuyahogan". We Newstetter and her typing ciasses, who he a -frateiui to Mrs. ik oi our copy. e indebted to t are U d the bu ast we ar by their have prepare Last, but by no rneans ie , iacuity, students, and business estabiishrnents who, iinanciai support, have made this voiurne possibie. Sincereiy yours, THE STAFF Aplf4,i" I Lf' - ,.-..:uI,...--2. .,- -L fi Q v ig gg INTER- COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers A Cover Mauuhut urers b Book Binders FACTESIIAUHSOMEHIVFICE f . ,- ,..-' ff ,+- ,,., ,V - ,A ,. . TY Eg BTSXQJ ix HH M uf :H fX i :Q ' ' af? Qi ,Ai ,ff ..-,--:-ff ,.-- .,-A-. 1 "'-w-...w.n..-,., --5. RPL -hs www. WML, Nlhlj vu. , V1 Ill 1 5 I-N-J. v - -wvq-.If H W . P Fl!! N I I !, ""'7 1 -...., ..-.....-V --v-r fi' 'I' 4 Nt' U Ja Q L I 'R' 1 f 4 Q ,gm 1-A ,4a SP! ' QF if ' s Q V 'K J. 1. , vf --.MPEIEH

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