Cuyahoga Falls High School - Cuyahogan Yearbook (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

 - Class of 1946

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Cuyahoga Falls High School - Cuyahogan Yearbook (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Mg. fd-.11-1'.: 1 - , .11 .,f11.., - , . 1 1 . iff 1 .132 .1 'X J -1: Af 2- , 13.1 . - ' . 11 f'1.if 7' iw.. 14?-'Ci 4 J. if V I sw' A 1 Q L . 1 V .1- 2 V 43.5.1 . '-: V119 , '. ...l .V ENE.. N .1 .-.iv SV-'11 fV.,f?f:5:?"1- 3' 'V ...E rggimf 'L ' Q15 .eff " . 4i'g?E"-I ' , '. 'FQ fn :Q . 151. g,11g,nzV,, 5557 V' .ie 'ZLL .1-V' N- 101-Q 1.-V-gv. -V+ - .ffi1.5'-QM :I " ' .'f.!-if V-' f.2iE1Vj3g. ,. 1 2-' :J-,Vi ' " .. :E -. :J-.. 'ff' gi'-JJ' ,. VI- E . 3... V I 'Ii ,"".lV' 3 . Vg " 1' . 1514211 ,IE V 'v:VF:131:Li ity... . V 11-mgff--. ' 1371...-TQI1 , 'f'1.5?f uv P.-1! . , 1 . , , 1. ,.-,.'1- ,. 9 .-. ., . V J. . 4 4 , as . .. V. aww' . fmgz - ' Ky' 'L A 0 I .-' -if 5 1. 1 11. Y 1,1 - N., . ,.-r? - 11-. ,. .., -W2 '1 '. 1f -15- 1 571' . 111. .Vx ' 1-1.1.- Hi. I 1 31 ' 1. J 1. -1' . .11 Q. 1 A la H. , -' 'Q .xn- f :FLM-. ' ' 3..- .Q ,,. Vw:-1 1 ' -av ..',Q-. 1. . Hia' . 1 ff. ' 1 95 iii: 14' .. , ' Wg: , " 11123 . fl" . V iff ' " lj! .ulgf 14-K . -,"f ,' 1 ' 1- X. -3 2. 1-Q.. 1, .35 . .A .Vx ,. 1. . -v . . .1 .- V. . 1 V..1 . -:un , 1.1-U" A. 4,-' .' "xv ii 4,,V ' . m... Q . J' inf- . ,- 1 w. ,f,.4.4 J L if Eg "df ga: . ' .J 1 1' L firg. 'f ' P ' " in .1 ,V ' Z'7V 4 "-i 7, Ill "EEL 4' A J Cuyczlzogczn puhk ishcul hy Senior Classes of Cuyahoga Fans High School o ll 194511940 'Jaffa . Xfrid' 45 . ' L W 4 . ,L , A , R -' , ' y '. if' -e 'rs A 1.1 +3 r, 5, 1 'ak , K! K Q 5 1 1' . 1 fp 3 K "' ' 1- 1 . A ea Y -. 14 N JY 9. .V If '- A"Li" ,W ,iz X ' ,f I-1'i,yH1g - if, W . lfji :ff :qi d1l!Y4s?,.g 5 wfgfeffk ,, , 'J' ' A fi uv V Q i 4: 45 -1 '. 3 ' V' ...,fhim "2 Z ga 1 I' .L - -'I if I -1 , U x 'EFX w ,- i , x gel? 5 gig QM' , in 4, H Q bhpffggmmub-A,g'g?,F+' - '-. f P- W l , Q1 Q' 'V 4 595 Q5 l L ,W fr il Vin.. W V . 1 'fx W1 'U 2? iii!! gg' :R P ' l ltr I in ' I 11 3, f . If vf -I ' X 51 M 42.1 V 4' Q?-Mfg? f ,M , 1 - 12 . I I if' ,pagan i , 'Il' . if x' 4: L, ..,,+ x , I ,gf , 3 ,, , , , 5 ' ' r '1 x -V5 4 J ,U .1 nj-L ' - N ' - , A . , A., wk K , 1 2 .n.-:J f ',."'- 1 . .. ,, -11"'LQQ. 5kf fi' f' If 0 as Vx 5 Q .QM r P L .V 3, .V -it . Y va, H f W ? Q FOREWCRD It is not for us, the classes of January and June 1946, to judge our own high school record and say whether or not we and Cuyahoga Falls High School profited mutual- ly from our four years of close association. Therefore, we have prepared this book in hope that from it you, the silent persuer, may garner some slight knowledge. of what Falls High did for us, and what we did for her. We would like to think that during our sojourn we accomp- lished much and made few errors. It is for you to decide. With this in mind, we herewith extend our invitation for you to browse through the following pages, and sit in judgement. CONTENTS Administration lnstructi Organizat Athletics Features Merchant Directory 'V Q' 'L-DIET? -- 9 :lun if '11 . War' N' ' Na I 'nk I M rm, - Rf f ... - 'Mqmvxx EX? N " Nr.xr W'X x i Q X XX XX X DEDICATION xxgllnbmu A' Wx4,4,3fTY Y SM i .K 1 6 .. r of- it lv, rv . Q K I' Q S WE labored through our M high school years, we were ever conscious of the conflict raging over the earth. This was brought clos- er to us as, one by one, certain of our classmates turned in their books and took up the instruments of war. Be- cause they missed so much of our high school fun: because we missed them? because their sacrifices were so much greater than ours, we dedicate this, the first issue of the Cuyahogan, to them, wherever they may be. 1 ff? ,ff ws f Ny Mr. C. C. Vurlis Xfr. C. lt. Xilmusc-n BOARD OF EDUCATION flmil to Tl 1113 1 mw1'g'cfi. Stvin, XY:lclm',lUl11hm1, Yictm' Mm . .,. l': ": ' un X F flltll,f. .X. Ilumm Retired from Board J anuary, 1946 S MV. UU Rivllrlrfl QS. I'1l.ll,XI!l'.l ll I I.I,lS yvlmlm Ih.m nt fnrlx HIUIIICNW' IHVNVII, Q. liIl.llIiR'I' RUIIICRTS NIR. Q., M. lJIuXXll"IA Supcrintcmlvnt I'rim'ip:1l, lligll Sflmul ADMINISTRATION 9 MK. CARI. SIWCSSJXRIB 13. li. llczm ul' H95 I"OO'l'l3.-XI. l'O.'Xl'II Miss JENNIE McCLINTOCK Office of Superintendent MRS. ELEANOR GURNSEY OHicc of Principal First Semester MISS IDA BI..-XNKENSHIP Office of B oard of Education ASSISTANTS I0 MRS. ORA ZIMMERMAN Visiting Teacher SHARP Office of Principal MRS. M.-XRY CARTER Office of l,l'IlN'IlJZli Second Semester MISS JEAN TUCKER Office of Board of Education M RS. M A R GA R E'l MRs. MARJORIF CANNON B. S. Physical MRS. MAY DELONG A. B. History MR. GEORGE ERF B. S.: B. A in education Chemistry Miss HELEN ERE B. S. l.atin tieoinetry Algebra liirl Reserve MRS. ZELLA GRAHAM Ohio University Rio Grande f'ollf'S2'l' Aritlnuetir English MR. CLARENCE HENDRICKS ,-X. B. l.ilmr:1riz1n Business Nlllllllilel' .'Xvtivity lsllllfl MR. CLARENCE HINKLIC B.S. SL'it'llCt' Miss LOUISE F LICKINGER B. Ag M. A. English Girl Reserve School Paper Miss EVELYN HABERKOS1' B. S. Office l'rac'ticc Bookkeeping' lfconouiivs MR. BERNARD HEUSER 15. S.: A. H.: M. A. Librarian llnsincss xIZl.llllgt'l' Activity lfnnrl and YL-ar-Book MR. PAUL HUFE ll. M. A. llnsincss Aritlnnetic MRS. MARY Rum: H. S.g M. If lfnglislm Slmrthzuul Typilug f 1lll1lll1'l'l'ISl Mns. Bmw Mums:-1 X. ll, Herman linglimlv 1-lH'l'l'll'l'lllCl MR. A Lmznw' MlI.l.l'Ill R. XVooml w ork Miss Rum: M1Nm.l-: I llllllu A, ILS R. S. KL. S I.iIn'ary Iinglish Miss JOSEPHINE Lowa l1.M.g M. A, Music Supcrvisnl llmlcy Clulm Mu. RM Mum, Mmziilrskx' li. S. .Xlgclrrzl .Xritlmn-tic Miss MIRIAM MILLLLR li. A. History I'iK'0llUIlliCs .Xmlvisor ",Ium-" Svniur Class MRS. I,n,l.lAN MITl2lIFII,I. ll. li.: R. A. .Xlgclzra Mlss MAURINPI MOTSPINBOCKER IJ. S. History Civics SOCiOiOU'X' D. MRS. MARY Nrswsrx-:TTER H. S.. M. A. Typing Shorthand Miss MARY PATTON A. B.: B. S. QL.SJ Librarian Miss VIRGIE PEECHER H. S.: M. A. English Head of English Dept. MR. WADE MOYER Il. S. Metal VVork MR. DoNAl.n C. PALM Il. S. Mechanical l Science MR. ARTHUR PEEBLES Il. S.: M. A. Geography History MRs. HARRIET P1coTT A. H.: N. .-X. Latin Latin Club J rawin Mu. lIAnm.n l'0I.l,l-:rx I' S X1t'Cil2lllit'ili I M155 l.U1:lLr: I'nu:r: ll. S. ,Xlgrin Ll MR. lim' lim'Nu1.u5 I.. B.. M. .X. I mtrumcnlzxl Mun. Blf:R'ruA Rocxwrzm. ll, S., M, .X. Jruwing Mubic Suuinl Sl'it'llK'l' lilliflsmrc Mn. HPINRY' PRESTON R. A.: M. A. Latin Ohio llistory Mas. MARIUN RAUSQJH A. B. English MRS. MARGUPLRITE RINGLER A. B. English Latin Miss SALLIE SEARS A. I3.g M. A. English Ycarbook Miss FERN SWIGAR1' AX. ll. l'lO1llCllVl!1g' Clothing llonor Socicty Miss MARGARET WALLACE ll. A. Spanish linglish Mn. I.. D. WATSON B. S.: M. A. Biology MR. LESTER WIIEATLEX' A. B. lfiraduatc Wiork In Physicsl Physics Mus. A 1.m:R'rA Tnom 1's0N B. S. lfoomls Homcliving Mn. ,Io I I N WATSON ll. S. l'hysival l':lllIl'2l Coach of lizxskcthall and loolball Mu. EARL WELKER IJ. S. liigollolnutry lllanc and Solid Geometry Hi-Y Mus. KATHI-LRINH Www A. B.: M. A. Speech DI'HIIl3tlCS English Four Square June Class Officers II nl! In 11543113 .Xlltlmny SiIl'l'l'IIi1l, Nl-llbjl Xllllf ll'1XYl'lQlIl. Umm- l,lH'1llH,fvl'IH' I 'lll SENIORS 1946 January Class Officers ilmfl to rigl1U 'l'hon1:u llisingcr. Cn I whlcr, Lurolyn Mau' Nlullvn, lxn-th lluu., 17 JANUARY CLASS 1946 18 MALCOLM ANDERSON Minister Student Council 4, v. pres. 45 Band 1,25 Orchestra 1,25 Hi-Y 2,3,4, chaplain 35 Senior play, stage manager, 4. Brother Mal jACK BARNBY journalist Boys' tjlee Club 3: Boosters 35 Science Club 4. George the Torso CLAIR BEE to be in the Navy for- ever "Mechanic Illustrated GEORGE BOCGS To get through col- lege Wrestliiig 25 Orchestra 1,2. Onc of our few lettermen JOHN CAMPBELL Professor of camp- usology JOSEPH CAMPBELL Electrical en- gineer Yearbook staff 45 Science Club 45 Boosters 3,45 Football 3,4, tienial Ioe CHARLES CERMAK Electrical cn- gineer Teacher's pet CLOYCE CUNNINGHAM To play baseball Boys' Glee Club 3,45 Operetta 45 Bantam football 3. The Bantam Boy RUSSELL DUFFY Policeman Band 1,Z,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4. The Flash THOMAS GISINGER Coach Class president 45 Student Council 45 A Cap- pella Choir 45 Senior play, stage manag- er 45 Operetta. principle 45 Reserve basketball 15 Varsity basketball 2.3.42 Baseball 35 Football 1,2,3.4. Popular- ity plus THOMAS GRAHAM Slow but sure KEITH HAAG Engineer Yearbook staff 45 Boys' Glee Club 35 Hi-Y 2,3,-1, v. pres. and pres. 45 Boosters 4: Senior play, principle 4. The shy, retiring type, hal WAYNE HIGLEY Boy genius HENRY HOOVERMAN Mechanical engineer Joy of the solid geometry class NVILLIAM HULL lland director Band l,Z,3,-13 Orch- estra 1,2,3,4,g Science Club 4. Professional printer. FRED HUSTON Electrical engineer Yearbook staff 43 Senior play, principle 43 Hi-Y 2,3,4g Boosters 3: Basket- ball 2,3. B. T. O. GEORGE JEFFRIES Veteran graduate RAYMOND MORGAN Navy Nautical minded XVILLIAM NICOL Yearbook staff 4: A Capella Choir 3,-lg Boys' Glee Club LZ: Senior plays, principle 43 Hi-Y .Z,3,4g Football 3, Mr. Hinkle's pride and joy ROBERT PATTON To make a million dollars Varsity football 2,3,4g Star of the class THOMAS SALTSMAN Accountant Hi-Y 2.3,-4: Latin Club 3, 45 Science Club 4. Educated in a hurry ROBERT SAUTER Mechanical engineer Band l,Z.3,-lp Orchestra 2,35 Science Club 4, A natural on the sax JACKSON STALEY Organist Yearbook staff 4: Honor Society 3,4: A Capella Choir 3, 43 Operetta 4: Hi-Y 2, 3,4: Boosters 2,3. He gets around DALE VVEITZEL Coach Boosters l,2,3,-1: Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 3: Football l,2,3,-4. Stoop 19 RICHARD WERNERSBACH Engin- eering Freshman basketball l3 Foot- ball manager 1. Mr. Erf's pride and joy SANFORD VVILLIAMS Navy Ex- empt from exams JOHN VVITTIBSLAGER Another small but mighty CAROLYN ALMES Bug Collector Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Operetta 43 Senior play 43 Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Quiet blonde type. JUANITA BERTKA Nurse Honor Society 43 Honor student 43 Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Operetta 43 Senior play 43 Latin Club 2,3,43 Godey 3,4. Sweet- ness and light. MARY ELLEN REYER Radio and television Honor Society 3,41 Honor student 43 Senior play 43 Operetta 4 Four-Square 3,43 Girl Reserves 2.3.4. "For she's a jolly good fellow." DORIS CADY Department Store Buyer A Cappella Choir 3,43 Godey 3,4, Treas. 43 Operetta 4. Yahta-ta, yah-ta, but nice RUTHE CAMPBELL Model Senior play 43 Boosters 1,2,3,4. "Lovely to look at" PATRICIA CHAMBERS Interior Dec- arator Blonde bombshell ESTHER CURRADO Editor Year- book staff 43 A Cappella Choir 3,43 Oper- etta, principal 43 Godey 3,43 Booster Club 2,33 Girl Reserves 2,3. "Sleepy Time Gal" GWENDOLYN FOLEY Singer A Cap- pella Choir 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Operetta, chorus 4. Sings a lot DOROTHY FOX Air-line Stewardess Head in the clouds gal ,IOAN FUHRMAN Social XVorker Honor Society 43 Honor Student3 Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Senior play, principal 43 Four-Square 3,43 Secretary 4g Girl Re- serves 2,3,4. So sweet, so neat JOAN GUILLOD Educator Honor Society 3,43 Honor Student 43 Senior play 43 Girl Reserves 2,3,43 Four-Square 3,4. Everbody likes THELMA HUDSPATH Secretary Red- hot redhead PATRICIA ILGER Concert pianist A Capella Choir 3,43 Operetta, chorus 4. Bottle of giggle-water MARGARET KING Secretary Girls' Glee Club 43 Senior play, principal 43 Operetta, chorus 43 Four-Square 43 Girl Reserves 2,33 Commercial Club 3: Cheerleader 233,43 Captain 4. Half-pint spitfire ELIZABETH KUHN Nurse Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Operetta, chorus 4. Cute trick 20 NANCY UVVIZN Nurse Girls' Glee Club 3,41 Uperetta 4: Gofley 3.4, treas. 4. Girl Reserves 3. Freckles l.UlS FICRUCCA Science work Goilcy Club 3,45 I.atin Club 3,4: Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Uperetta. cborus 4. Nice type brain Ct Jl.l.l'il'iN l'I I'llliR Artist Senior plays 4, Goiley 3,41 Girl Reserves 3.4. Sniall but mighty l,Ul..'X Sl.liSSliR Interior alecorator Girls' Glec Club 3,4. :Xrtistic jli,'XN STUNIiS'l'RI'Ili'l' Teacher Go- eley 3,-4, sec. 4: Girl Reserves Z,3,4, cbap- lain 3: I.atin Club 3.4, trcas. 4: Honor Society 4: Senior plays, principle 43 Girls' Glee Club 3,4. No one nicer li.'Xlili.'XliA 'l'.'XYl.OR lftlucator Or- chestra 1,.Z,3: Senior plays, principle 4: Four Square 3,43 Girl Reserves l.3,4. 'I'ootb paste smile ,ll Nlz Lllll. leacber Girls' Glec Club 3: Four Square 3.4. v. pres. 4: Girl Re- serves .l,3,4. Barbed wire wit NlfXRGARli'l' XVICHIEICR Singer Year- book stall' 4: llonor Society 4: llonor stuclent 4: A Cappella Choir 3.4: Uperetta 43 Girl Reserves 2,3,4: Four Square 3.4. lirainy type soprano XVliI'l"l':XKlCR Nurse Can't lnakc up her mind IJUI,URl'iS XVll.l.Ol7GllllY N u rs e Goocl complexion acl Ii,-Xlili,'XR:X XVOOD None Four Square 4: Girl Reserves 2.3,-4: Senior play. prin- ciple 4. Hubba! Hubba! IJORUTIIY VVRIGHT Nurse Honor Society 4: Senior plays 4: Orchestra lg Four Square 3.4: Girl Reserves 3,-4. Right fricnflly 2l C.-XRUI, I,IliB1.liR Concert Pianist Class Vice president 4: Honor Society 4: Student Council 4: A Cappella Cboir 3.4: tlperetta, chorus 4: Gorley 3.4. Sbe's the tops ,IAAXNICIQ Maclililllli Opera Singer Go- cley 3,4: A Cappella Choir 3,4: Uperettn. principle. Singer with cliarin C.'X'l'l'lliRlNlC McGUIRli Air llosless Connnercialitc staff 3: Comnlercial Club 3: Latin Club 3: Girl Reserves 2. So nice to know CARULYN MeMl1.l.liN llonse XYil'e Class secretary 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Sena ior play, principal 4: Girl Reserves l.3.4: Vice president 4. Popular and frienmlly l1li'l"l'Y NERADIL Interior Decorator Connnercial Club 3: Girl Reserves 2: Latin Club 2. Sopliisticatetl type ICUNICIC OCKICR Singer Girls' Glee Club 3. Hiclclen talent Class of January 1946 CLASS MOTTO-Out of the Harbor, into deep Channels CLASS COLOR-Green and White CLASS FLOWER-White Carnation The last semester of our Senior Year was a busy one. Aside from our work in the class room a great many other events required our attention. On Saturday evening, December 15, 1945, our Class banquet was served at the Mayflower Hotel in Akron. Our Baccalaureate Services were held Sunday evening, January 13, 1946, at the First Methodist Church in the Falls. The Reverend Ira A. Pasternoster delivered the sermon. Our Class history, our Will and prophecy of our future were presented in a Class Day program on January 15. Dr. Gordon K. Chalmers, President of Kenyon College, gave the class address at our Commencement Program January 17. The honor students of our class were: Juanita Bertka, Joan Fuhrman, Joan Guillod, Wyane Higley, Lois Perucca, and Margaret Webber. So "Out of the Harbor into deep Channels." 22 If "F"mv rn 4-1 CI C6 'U Atten and ng een, K1 12A Qu JUNE CLASS 1946 24 PHILIP ALEXANDER Chemical en- gineer Band 1.2,3,4g Orchestra 1.13.41 Seienee Club 4, v. pres. ancl pres. 4. Quiz kid BENJAMIN ALLBERY Lawyer "Ti- ger Tales" staff 4. He tells all "cle-tales HAROLD BAUMGARDNER l'rol'es- sional baseball Freshman basketball l. An amphibious character XYILLIAIXI IELOCKSOKI llfill-lilllilll Short and shy ROBERT CASE Aviation Yearbook staff 4: Football 1l13llElg'0l' 2.3: lloosters 3.4. Tall. clark, and hanmlsonie DALE COCHRAN Electrical engineer Hi-Y 2.3.4, treas. 3, v. pres. :incl pres. 4. Let George do it ROBERT CONST.-XNTIN E Eleetrieal engineer Football manager 1. .AX wolf in wolf's clothing RICHARD CREQUE Plastic engineer North High 1.2: Latin Clnb 3. lfreneh- n1an's "Creque" JAMES CURTIS .-'Xeronautieal engineer Band l.2.3,4: A Cappella Choir 3.43 Up- eretta 4. Silly symphony JXNDREXV DAKOSKI Athletic eoaeh lloosters 3.4: Baseball 3.4: Bantam fool- ball 2.3.4. Arc-n't we glad yon're yon? ,TACK DALTON fXeeountant North High l,2: Boosters 4. The june t'lass's Duffy DALE DEATON Law St. Charles. Mil. 1.2: "Tiger Tales" staff 4. The green sweater boy VVILLIAM DUGAN Musical arranger .X Cappella Choir 3,45 Boys' Quartet 45 Operetta 4: Latin Club 3,-1, v. pres. and pres. 4. Boogie - Woogie specialist. DONALD FARABEE Chemist NVrestliug team 2. Mr. lErf's successor EDDIE FREED Chemical engineer Orchestra 1,23 Science Club 4, pres. 4. A budding genius ROBERT GEE Forestry Senior plays, principle 4: Hi-Y 2,3,4, see. 3, v. pres. 4. Perpetual motion GARVIN GLOSS Electronic engineer A Cappella Choir 3.43 Boys' Quartet 43 Operetta 45 Yearbook staff -lg Science Club 4, sec. 4, v. pres. 4. Basso profundo VAUGHAN HANLON Metalurgist llataskala, Ohio 1,23 Band 3. Hubba! Hubba! FENDALL JOHNSON l'harmacist Boosters 3,43 Foot- ball 3,4g Freshman basketball 1. He made a funny JAMES KIES Agriculturist Science Club 4. Midget blonde RALPH KIRK Medicine Student council 3: Band l,Z,3: Orchestra lg Hi-Y 3,43 Boosters 3,41 XVrestling lg Basketball 3,43 Baseball 3,4: Short and energetic DALE KOPLIN Food distributor Texas l,.Z. The num with the three-cornered grin. GENE LANDRUM Fliarinacist Class treasurer 4: Boost- ers 2: Baseball 1.2.3,-4. Guardian of our wealth. PETER LAROCCA Interior decorator The Raven 25 VVILLIAM LENVELLYN Mortician North High 1.22 East High 3. No professional visits, please ROBERT LUTZ U. S. Marine Band Yearbook staff 43 Band l,Z,3,43 Drum Major 43 A Cappella Choir 3,43 Op- eretta 4: Boys' quartet 4: Hi-Y 2,3,4, v. pres. 43 "Tiger Tales" staff 4. The "Major" problem RICHARD MCGILL Chemical engineer Yearbook staff 43 Boosters 3,43 Baseball 3,43 Football manager l,Z. Love that man! JAMES MARIETTA Chef Ah! Your father's mnstaehef 26 DONALD MIKLIC Architect Nice as they COIHC GASPER MINARDI Business exeeu- tive Yearbook staff 43 Boosters 3,-l. Student Council 3,-l, pres. 43 Football 3.43 Basketball 3.4. Everybody's friend VVILLIAM MUSYT Dentist fi0ll-3,41 XVrestling 1.2. Little Willie RICHARD NOALL Contractor lVrestl- ing 2. String-pole MeBean RODNEY POVVELL Professional base- ball Boosters 3,4: Basketball 3,43 Base- ball 2,3,43 Bantam football 132. Baby- face Spike VVILLIAM PRANGE Agriculturist Mystery man ,IOHN ROBINSON Mining engineer Reserved but rugged RICHARD RUNYON Pharmaceutic- al chemist Hi-Y 2,3,43 Latin Club 3,-l, v. pres. and pres. 43 Science Club -1. Chemist who likes night work GERALD SEIFERT Doctor Senior plays 43 Latin Club 3,43 Boosters 3. Spontaneous combustion STERLING SHAND Eleetrieal engin- ier Boys' Glee Club 3. "The mean widdle 'id" FRANK SHOAI7 Army The stuff dreams are made of ANTHONY SILECCHIA Advertising Class president 43 Boosters 3,43 Wrest- ling 23 Football 2,3,4. Muscle man JACK ,. T IAL R Florist lli-YZ,3,-L "For- L-vcr .'xIIllN'l'H l'lC'l'lCR VVHAI. Clicuiicul cugiucc-r Uh! For the lovv of Veto! lil JUKZLAS. hzirlu-lil Iligl uvr MARY ANDERSON liusiucss iuzuiagcr .N twiuklc- in her 1-yo VIVIAN lilili l'sy1'hol0gist Couum-raw iul Club 3. Swv.-ct :uul shy K:X'l'lll.lClfN lil'fl.l. Sctrctary D0- lroit, Mich. l,2: fl0lllllll'l'ClZll Club 42 Hush-y 4. That Tvory'look l'lflifiY lil.OCJM llllL'l'i0l' rlcrorlllor Fill lim-.uns l 7 llc t l 't' I- .H-.-r.'. AMES SKIDMORIC llusim cxccu tivo Gu-utluuau vliiu. MARIO SMIR.-Xl,lJO lllustrzitor lloys Club 4. Official paint sliugcr ROIBICRT li. SM l'l'll llllusiciuu llzuul l 7 34' Orclicstra 2.4: Latin Club 3 Svicucc Club -l. Music Mnstcr shecp's clothing JACK STONES Actor l'iu'up boy J OH N ST R ATTON Arcliacologist jackson, Mich. l: Bath, Ohio 2: Scivucu Club 4. A little on thc quict siclc NVll.l.lAM SVVFliNlfY Oraftsiuau lf silcucu wcrc golrl, hc would bc rich 1-ycs XVINSIAJNV l':ll1IillCl'l'illH 1 l,2. Rouucl-about umu- ,..g mos crs ,2. XY:u ui for tho trzuu to num in AI.lClC BODLICY SlllI.l'Cl' XV1,-st High l,.2,3g Opcrctta 41 Girls' filcc Club 4 "'I'ig1-r Tales" staff 4. l'roof that swim- ming is gooxl l.ITlCl.l.A BORMUTH Iutcrior decor- ator Orclicstra l Z 3 4' fiorlcv -l Yu till' Ynt tl' hlt'llll for the figure I-1. I-Il-I 1 1 27 lilcc Club 3.4: llouor Society 3.4. trcas. 4, pres. 4: Yearbook staff 4: Sciuiicc GEORCIIC STIEIN l'ilot l.:1tiu Club 3,-1. .X wolf iu IIARIIARA liOUGHTliN Buyer Girl Reserves 43 Boosters 43 Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Operetta 43 Commerc- ial Club 3,4. Beware! Dangerous curves ahead! KIQMP BROVVN Portrait artist Artistically inclined YVONNE BRUNNER Model East High 1,22 Godey 3, 4, sec. 43 Operetta 43 Girls' Glee Club 3,-1. A barrel of fun PATRICIA BUCKSON Teacher Yearbook staff 43 Four Square 43 Honor Society 3,4. Sugar and spice and everything' nice 28 BETTY CARROLL Teacher Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Operetta 43 Latin Club 2,33 Girl Reserves 3,4Q Honor Society 3,4. Most people have only one gradua- tion ring MARJI CARTVVRIGHT journalist Vice president of class 43 Honor Society 3,-1, see 33 Orchestra l,Z,33 Latin Club 23 Girl Reserves 2,3,4, sec. 33 Four Square 43 "Tiger Tales" staff 4. Her personality matches her smile R.-XMONA CASH Music teacher Year- book staff 43 Band l,.Z,3,43 Orchestra 33 A Cappella Choir 43 Operetta 43 Boost- ers l,2,3,4, pres. 43 Student Council 3,43 Honor Society 43 Godey 43 Girls' trio 4. The rah! rah! rah! girl JACQUELINE CASPIER Dietician Boswell, Penn. 1,.2,3C Four Square 4. A newcomer who made a hit SHIRLEY CHRISTY Artist Godey 3,4, treas. 4. A passion for sailors FVELYN CLARK Nurse Four Square 3,-4, Latin Club Z3 Girl Reserves l,3,4, treas. 43 Honor Society 4, v. pres. 4. VVon't the interns be thrilled? MARY CONNELL Secretary Stay off the bosses knee! D.-XVVN CUNNINGHAM Doctor Fon Square 3,43 Yearbook staff 4. Opera- tions made pleasant JULIA CZUHA Roller skater Hera-'s to a perfect landing' RUTH DOLAN Telephone operator. Some number! DIANE DURANT Nurse Four Square 3,-1, pres. 43 Honor Society 43 Secre- tary of class 43 Latin Club 2. Oh! johnny, oh! MARTHA ECKERT Author Still water runs deep Sl'Z.'XNNli GICISHR Nurse Gotley 4 i' s' Kilee Club lloosters 3. 4, V. pres. 4: Q lrl 33 Operetta 3. More energy than the atomic' bomb lJONNl'1'l'T.-Y Gll.lSON Aviator Girls' the air with Glee Klub 4. She flies throu h the greatest of ease ftl.fXRG.'XRli'l' GOOD Secretary Com- mercial Club 2.3: lloosters 2: Commer- eialite staff 3: Girls' Glee Club 3.43 Op- eretta 4. You must have been a beautiful lvabyl lil'i'l"l'Y GOOlJYl'i:XR Seeretary llo wang! Rll'l'll IIQXNICY Teacher XXX-ll qualitietl for teaehing, with that minrl DONNA ll.'XNl.lfY Secretary Girl Glee Club 3,41 Operetta 4 1 ul 3. No man-power shortage here 1 i' ' Reserves ll.'XZl'1l. IIARNION Singer Yearbook stall' 4: llonor Soeiety 4: Commereial Club 3.4: Student Couneil 3.4. Popular ' 1 ity plus. C.'XlUll, ll1XR'l' lVl'lIL'I' Yearllooli sill 43 lloosters 2.3.41 llonor Society 3.4. chap lain 43 Commereial Club 3.4: Connnereia hte stat? 3: "Tiger Tales" stalif 4. llarcl work is no obstaele K.-XTllRYN IIICNRY l liquestrienne extraorrlinarv 'iemleral agent l2li'I"l'Y I.Ol7 llliRSlIllliRGliR Nurs . . , . . Girls Glee C lub 3.4: O1 tt D S 4. ftiek to it-iveness . . .. , ., were a 4: Gocler ,ll Nl. llOl. l L Nurse lhe niefheal pro- fessions gain ll'.-XNl'I'.'X llOI.VlCY St ."eretary lloos ters 4: Connnereial Club 3.4: Gotley 4. Tops in every way lil.l-liN l"ARRlil.l. Stewartless Keep your head in the clouds MARY FIERRICLL History teacher "Ti- ger Tales" stall 4. Historian deluxe .-XLMA l"l-.'XNlG:XN Governmental see' retary Commercial Club 3,43 Gorley 3.4: Connuercialite staff 3. XVhen lrish eyes are smiling' DOROTHY FR.-XZIICR Musician lio- cley 3, 4, pres. 4: A Capella Choir 3,42 Operetta 45 Yearbook stall' 4: Commercial Club 3, 4, pres. 43 Girls' trio 4. .Xlways reacly to laugh J.-XNICE G.'XI.l.OVV.'XY Occupational therapist Girls' Glee Club 3: A Cappella Choir 4: Four Square 3.4: Operetta 4. Mighty mouse GIER.-XLDINIE GARDNICR Nurse. Com- mereial Club 3.4, pres. 4: Commereialite stall' 3: Gotley 3.4: Yearbook staff 4: l.atin Club 2.3: Honor Society 3.4: "Tiger Tales" stat? 4. Thinks of other peoples' feelings VIRGINIA HORN Mathematics Yearbook stall 4g Hon- or Society 43 Four Square 3,4. The talking eyes BERNICE HORNING Aeronautcs Commercal Club 3, 4, v. pres. 43 Commercialite staff 3, Don't ever change JOAN HOUSLEY Dietieian Godey 43 Girl Reserves 3,43 Latin Club 3,4. Small and demure ELIZABETH HULL Commercial artist Yearbook stall 43 Girls' Glee Club 33 A Capella Choir 4: Operetta 43 Godey 3,43 Commercial Club 3,-1, reporter 41 Commereialite stat? 33 Boosters 43 Girl Reserves l,2,3.4. A joy to behold 30 ALICE HUMM Stenographer Curly top with the crinkly eyes JEANNE KERR Stewardess The mod- el's model type MARION KIEFER Private secretary Central High 1,23 Honor Society 3,43 Commercial Club 3,-l, sec. 4. Her coming added brains to the class BEVERLY KING Play director Year- book staff 43 A Capella Choir 3,43 Oper- etta 43 Godey 3,4, sec. 4, pres. 43 Commer- cial Club 3, 4, v. pres. 43 Honor Society 4: Girls' trio 4. Quick witted in any debate FLORENCE KOCH Housewife Com- mercial Club 3,43 Boosters 43 "Tiger Tales" staff 4. That "Come Hither" look MARILYN LaCASELLA Private secre- tary North High 1, 23 Band 33 Orchestra 3. Nice to know RAMONA LACONI Stewardess Boost- ers l,2,3. Her beauty is more than skin deep MARY LEMICK Telephone operator Giggling Gertie VIOLET LIND Clerical Work Girls' Glee Club 2,33 Godey 4. Gentlemen pre- fer blondes DOROTHY LOVVE Secretary A Cap- pella Choir 3,43 Operetta 4. Good things come in small packages PHYLLIS MCMILLEN Stewardess How will the pilots keep their minds on their work? JEAN MATHIS Dietician That's for IUC lI,'XCQUl'2l.lNl'i MOORE Nurse Pleas- iug tu .lil-20 vision l'.'X'l'RICl.-X MORGAN Nurse Villlt' l'atriei:m type ,IICAN MUNRO Cl1ilrI's nurse llurl- iugtou, Vt. l,.Z,33 Girls' Glee Club -li Uperettzt 4.'s get better aequaiutefl R l 7'l' II N ICVV M AN Secretary Com- mercial Club 3,41 Girls' Glee Club 3,42 t'uuunereialite staff 3: Operettzt 4: Girl Reserves Z. You are our sunshine li,'Xlll3AR."X UIBICRIJORFICR Duetur Ilunur Society 3,43 Girls' Glee Club 3, 43 Uperetta 43 Girl Reserves LJ,-t, pres. 43 Latin Club 2,3,4: Boosters 2.3.4. .X- l personality DONNA URIN Nurse Commereiztl Club 2.14, treas 4: Cmmuereialite stuff .33 Girls' Glee Club 3: Operettza 4: Gmley 3,43 llonsters l..2,3.-1: v. pres. 31 t'lu-erlezuler 2.3.4. Our very Irish cheer- leader IDURUTIIY l'OR'l'l2R Housewife Kent Roosevelt l: li0!IllIll'l'l'l1ll Club 3. Cute fmrl flmnestir .'Xll.l'il':N l'll'lillUI"l" Stl'lI0fL'l'Zllllll'tA Honey Gl'iR'l'RlllJl'i RAl"l'l, Steuugraplier .Xbsolutely no resemblance to Gravel Ger- tie ll.'XRll.'XR.X RAUSCII Rzulio :lrtress Ilunor Sm-iety 4: Ifour Square 4: Girls' Glee Club 3,-1. This is no rlrug storm' llitlllfil' SHIRLICY RAXX'I,INSON Offiee work- er Orchestra l. The size of za minute l,ll,.fX RICH Cmiunereial Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 3,41 Opera-ttzi 4. Clmrm tl1at's nut Southern ELIZABICTH MEDXVIG Office worker Girls' Glee Clul 33 "Tiger Tales" staff 4. Friendly to tbe nth degree INIARILYN MILLICR Airline COIIlllllllllC2lliOllS Commereit Club 3.4, sec. 43 Couuuereiulite stuff 3: Gomley 4. One ret bend with an eveu temper JUAN MOIILIQY CUlIllllCl'Ci1li artist Girl Reserves 2. Ou the beam Bli'l"l'Y M UNCl low 31 QIICF Secretary For she's 11 jolly good fe MAE ,IEANNE RICE Ballet dancer Four Square 3,43 Girl Reserves LS. Twinkle toes DONNA JEAN RITCHIE Model Girls' Clue Club 4. NVhistle bait LUIS RITCHIE Flight nurse Commercial Club 3. Expert at making friends. BEVERLY RUBBINS Nurse A Cappella Choir 3,43 Oper- etta 43 Girl Reserves Z,3,43 Godey 43 Latin Club 2,3,4. Glad to have you with us 32 ,IEAN SAMPSON Stenographer Girls' Cilee Club 3,43 Operetta 3,43 Commercial Club 3,43 Godey 4. Good, good, good. tl1al's you, that's you PHYLLIS SAYER Nurse A Cappella Choir 3,43 Operetta 4: Godey 3.4. Nice expresses it completely EDITH SCHIDE Laboratory techni- cian Lancaster, Pa 1,23 Four Square 43 Latin Club 334. The perfect lady MARY jO SELLERS Dietician Ciodey 4g Girls' Glee Club 3,4. Time on my hands MILDRED SMITH Secretary Gentle as a breeze MARCELLA SPIECHER Ileautieian Connnereial Club 3. Orchids to you BARBARA TIEDMAN Singer Buch- tel High lg Operetta 4: Gudey 4, v. pres. 43 Commercial Club 3,-l. Quality plus HARRIET VVAGONER Concert pian- ist Yearbook staff 43 Honor Society 3.4, chaplain 43 Latin Club 2,33 Orches- tra 1.2, Four Square 3,43 Boosters 4. Kitten on the keys NANCY 'XWESTON Stenographer .X- mong the nicest CHARLOTTE VVILLEY Social worker Hand 43 Girls' Glee Club 42 Commerc- ial Club 3,4. Friendliness personified BEVERLY VVILSON Ministerial see- retary Commercial Club 33 Connnere- ialite staff 3. A jewel of a secretary MARY KAY YOCKIEY History lk'1ll'lll'l' Four Square 3,43 Latin Club 2.3: iiirl Reserves 2.3. Historically speaking Class History Sept. 9, 194-2 is a day we will never forget. As awesome little freshies we wandered aimlessly through foreign halls searching in vain for a quick and sure way to appear as if we belonged. In our second semester, Feb. 26, 1943, at this great institute of learning, the Booster Club sponsored a "Get Acquainted Dance" for us. As this was our first step forward socially, I believe the whole class turned out. This party was the only great event in our freshman year. The following September, we returned, no longer winsome freshies but instead smart Sopho- mores. Now we knew quite a bit and were anxious to prove it. November brought the Annual Homecoming Dance and found several Sophs brave enough to venture out. There were other dances that first semester of our second year but the only other one we recall clearly was our Sopho- more party held Dec. 6, 1943. In our second semester as Sophomores we managed to have an out- ing at Virginia Kendall Park. My, we're getting up in the world. The next thing we remember, as we sit and think of past years, is an outing held in the fall of '44- when all the jaunty juniors got together to have fun and they did. November brought another Homecoming Dance and now the Junior class was well represented. April 16 the Junior class had a Box Social primarily to raise funds for our prom. We made 35106.00 and everyone had fun. May 19 came soon and with it the Junior Prom. Truly a great night in one's life. The class is beginning to show off its charming members. Hazel Harmon and Gene Landrum were crowned King and Queen. There was another outing. This class seems to favor them. September again and we return to school. Seniors and at last sure of ourselves. We are now supreme, ours is the last word. To start off our best and final year we have, you guessed it, an outing! Needless to say it was a howling success. The Homecoming Dance rolls around again and this time our contribution is Marji Cartwright as Queen. The King is Dale Weitzel from the Jan. '46 class. We rather glided into our last semester in school. There were dances such as the Sweetheart Dance to occupy our thoughts but graduation time drew closer. Pictures were being traded: thoughts of Banquet, Commencement, Baccalaureate and Prom filled our heads. 33 NL TWELVE Hs llrft Row llcfl lu rightb lim-ily l,ml k'm'ux11r3'. XX'iIfl:l Alvzm Html. l:1lI'll2ll'1l llniluy. ,Imam 4':u'rlxxm-Il. Ilflf H Mrvlmloll. l?m'nt11y Ilzlklwkl. ,Imac Ilumm, vuml Rmv: .Xuuzx Klili1lK'l.,ll'll11l'l1t'KHYHVX. RUNk'Ill2ll'y juluufmu. Xlznljimwis- IM-clm. Film-11 Km-ill-I Xlux Xxm N1um'c, Ummm Kirlwcll. llliIAll Row: Mzlrilyxl Ixus, .XHII Xlmllr, I'iiIK'K'lI lfrifluy. jllllt' Nillllrifli. llctll I.IlIllIlI!l'IlI', Nwrlxlsl Nllltal lull, l.vnm'zl l.:1u4lcr1mlk, l'l1ylI1s Flmlw, Imvwt Row flcit tu 141511113 .Xgmw ,XlflL'lll, ltulzum' .XI'lHlllQ'l1, lim-tty RZlK'kllS. .Xhcc lX:u'kux, Mmgzxuw-1 l ull' lwzm I:UXX'HlIlIl. Durlccu gXllflCI'rUIl. 'umul Huw: Ruby-rt Slmrp, Ijilllllj' 5lllL'2ll'l1l2ll1, .Iulm Schlclnlucr. Dmvzxlfl Smith. llcrlnwt Rn-:ulil1 mul Slmyvs. Ilrirrl Run: lllmrlw Son, vlulm XXI-lrlm, If1Iw1ml XX'znlkm-r, llvnnif XXX-ll. Kvnm-th limw. 34 TWELVE Hs In-I Hun llvlt luv rglvlv lilifallu-ll: Smith. lmlzn XX't'2lXl'l', VllH'lIllllIl1' Smith, lluluru Xvff. ,Imam ll-Jlllllllit mlwml limp Nlznry l'll1-rl Xlwllmmx, Num llwgrw. lCnmsm'1ll1lru- 5IlIIllI. 5llll'll'j' l:uylul', .XlllUlll1'lll' l'ct1'm'nll1 lx1'l1.l Nwxlmll Ilmfl luwxx Nlllll Untmwx. Xlzuy ltllvn Flllllllllllll, llvlvn L1lm'll, ,Xlvzltlul llk'2ll'5llll. -lllllj' llllflxlllilll, -lzaml XX.nllw1. , . . Y , . . . . . . lllxl lx-vu llvll 111 rnglull lm- lznlmvr, XVVIIHII Nlusfzr, lilll l1lI'll11'I', liulr liurgln, l-vm'gv l'1nkv1'Im1. Dull P IM-xxlmxl. lull l.lll'1', ll'l'l'X Nllwgulm. ruwl Hemi lhm l'11llrVI4n1, llxlzmm' l'l:llI, ,lIll'li lllLII'1llIl,ll2ll'l'j Nlmm-. llnilfl Kun: l-llJlI'l1'N lil-11114-1,11-Nw lfrimlmam. Curl lmflwigm-11. llurulvl Nucl, xllllllllf llzartlry. lltlfllllll . x1'lU'l'IllIlll, Nurrrmll l,:m4l, lmlm lirsml. .35 Those on Opposite Page lfirst Row tleft to rightj Helen Laraway, lllene Moore, Patrica Merrell, jeanne LaRue, lfileen Kane. Cecillia McCorinish, Lois Hill, Doris Litz. Second Row: Rosanne Loop, Collen Milligan, Leona Morrison, Deloris Miller, Mary Hurley, Betty Mad! ison, Mary Lee Maclfollun, jean Ellen Hinton. 'I'hird Row: Marion MaIlison,Katheryn Knapp, Margaret Michael, Lois Hueser, Betty Lou Jordon. Irene Magee, Elaine Mitcham, Victoria Leniick. lfourth Row: Gleo Kerns, Patrica Mctiowan, Nancy Hendershot, ,loan Harriman, Jeanne Long, Mary l.ou llaidnick, Dorothy llardnick, Ardyth Moore, joan Morgan. V First Row: Cleft to right? jack Bernhart, Vlilliani Chabondy, Richard Dowds, Roger Duke, Robert Al- bright, Robert Andreas, Harry Davis. . Second Row: Richard liarabee, Robert Blankenship, Robert Bricknew, Richard Brown, Eugene Dominic, Richard Aust, Craig DeLong, Frederick Felton, David Burks. 'I'hird Row: Paul DeLong, Charles Carey, Richard Bye, Dale Boggs, Donald lickert, Carl Fucrst. NVill- iznn l'undit't', Nnris Albers, Richard Forshey, Robert Bertka. lfirst Row: tleft to rightl Martin Mcgenhart, jack Kerns, Robert Moose, Daniel Mitrovich, lillis Mills. lidward Massic, Gerald Hart, Donald Mitrovich. Second Row: Lynn Kuryla, Merril Lovelace, Lawrence O' Grady, Adley Nathan, Roland Gamble, Robert Kocker, Allen Matthews, Thomas Parrot, VVilliain Nostrand, Russel Hilbish Jr. , 'l'hird Row: David Robinson, l'aul Reed, joel Grafton, Eugene McCoy, Lloyd McIntyre, Kenneth Rankin, Jack Hookway, Russel McMannis, Robert l'rocter, jacob Pfeifter, Robert Ryan. 37 Those on Opposite Page J I 1. First Row: tleft to rightl Norma Phillips, Ruth VVarner, Margaret Taylor, Helen Shulf, Roslyn Sokol, Delores Zinmn-rnian, Marion Sandusky, Rosemary Stilwell. Second Row: Zelda Potter, Mary Ronca, Norma Zersig, Johanna Smith, M-ary Jean Obefdorfer, Marsha Webb, Betty Wissinger. 'I'hird Row: Patricia lVohlford, Lucille Peters, Janet Page, Donna Norris, Phyliss XVojhoski, Ruth Paul, Jeanne IR-gigs, Belinda Redd. Fonrth Row: Yvonne Edwards, Joanne Roberts, Marjorie Hardin. Bette VVilliams. Patricia Snyder, Bar- bara Sclmeidcr. Doris Marcella Spaerndle. First Row: Cleft to rightj Laura Beck, Conlon Anderson, Jeannine Bowen, Betty Bee, Ellen Blakley. Betty Beck, Shirley Baker. Second Row: Joe NVinney, Merle Swartout. James Yockey, Marvin St Clair, Carl Zellers, Warren lVilson. Third Row: Mark Trettel, Gilbert Tompkin, Norman Weston, Charles Smith, Roy Stohlquist, Thomas Sherrard. Roland VVinslow, James Sloan. Fourth Row: James VVoods, Robert VVoolam, Dale Scott, Duane Scott, Frederick Schwellerman, Harold Sclnrelner, Robert Woodruff. First Row: tleft to rightl Bertha Buehl, Dorothy Cobb, Delores Chrisman, Ruth Chambers, Ruth Feld- man, Joan Gray, Josephine David. Second Row: Sallyann Gray, Suzanne Ellsworth, Barbara Goff, Pauline Davidson, eanette Goshom, Nancy llavis, lithel Fullen, Jane Claypool. 'l'hird Row: Alberta Flennning, Nancy lfverhart, Pearl Foder, Beulah Dickerhoff, Shirley Costiek. Shir- ley Frazer, Joanne Chandler, Carol Cox. Fourth Row: Martha tioudy, Mary Dotsou, Barbara Bell, Ruth Butler, Donna Coakley, Dolores Dc- tlrella, tiraccanna Brown, Sherrie Foland. 39 Those on Opposite Page lfirsl Ram lleft in riglitl Robert llillarfl, ,laines l.iles, -Inhn Renniiigw, ,lanies l'rior. Rieharml fun- ninghzun, Kieharfl Klnillml, -lzunes liales, lfrank llarlzer. Serunrl Row: Rieharxl Nichols, Rnlmert lfeueht, XYilliani Ramsey, Russell lXleKi1l'iek, .lareml Cleniens hlznnes Malnrni, :Xrthur .-Xmlrews, Dun Rubenstein, Newton Baker. 'I'hirfl Row: 'l'hmnas Murray, XYilliani Iieain, llnnalfl llryant, Xvllllillll R0llSll, lirnest llulnies. Gene l'ulley, ,lanles lfnshurg, Neal llunt. lfniirlli Row: X'Villiain linrgen, Robert Myers, Rnhert Childs, XN'ilfnrml l'ennell, Rohert l'lY2lllS. lfirsl Row flefl ln riglill l'hyllis Slrnnp, Marilyn Patterson, Garnet Moyer, XYilnia Meloy, Dolores Nlassie, Rose l.aenni, Dorothy Reagle. -lean llague. Seennal Rmv: Rita l.0lllllZ1I'lll. Unrntliy Mathis, lsahelle Tiglie, Shelia Russell, Yiven Ynuntz, Nlary lain llawley, llarhara 'l'honias, bln Anne Kuethe. -lnlia Sniearnian. 'l'hir1l Row: l'hyllis llighley, Marguerite XYirks, Marilyn Miller, Violet NllllCll2ll'f, lflnriue Kline. Nlari- anna lilenny, -Inwly XYillia1ns. xvlllllil 'l'hmnas, l'hyllis Kulla. lfnnrlh Row: Viola Selieller, NX'ilina Sniith, l'aula l'irkin, ,loyee Parks, lletty Naugle, Xlary .Xnn Ritznian, liaynelle Mills, lleilyieka Lucas, Nancy Sniith. ' lfirst Row: lleft tn right! Mary .Xnn Dawson, Naomi Broiler, limlith Cardwell, Marion Xshtnn. ,In ,Xnne llrnnner, .leanette llreese, lfranees lfrerleriek, l.nla .Xclams, Norma Davis. Seennrl Row: Shirley Craclmloek, juan liherly, Carolyn Cnehran, Mary Dailey. Susan Duffy. Kathryn lilark, .Nrrlis linrrows, lfleanur Slnith, llarriet .Xeklc-y. 'l'hirml Row: 'l'hmnas l'Voml, Arthur Young, james Taylor, Richard Seeresl, Robert XYarnian. llalfnril Shiehls, lvllllkllll Shearer, Russel Sayers, Frank Sinith. 41 Those on Opposite Page First Row th-ft to right? Raymond Artlmrs, llill Falh, VVilliam Doctor, Arthur Beck, jack Barnes, Donald Finefrock, Hale Diller. Second Row: Donalcl lillis jr., Charles Caruthers, Bruce Burroughs, jack llurgan, Lellantl Bentz, lin' gene liyler, Carl llulloek, Don Dial. 'l'hirrl Row: Thomas llorclenkircher, limlclie Beam,james Costigan, Owen Carr, Charles Cooley, john liwart, james Florshey. Fourth Row: Richard Crum, lloh Rerclyek, Paul Aust jr., George Attalla, XVarren Anderson, Harold K lark. First Row: tleft to rightl Marianne Uylclert, lirlwina Staltz, Norma XVeight, Barbara Zents, Mary Lou Simmons, Virginia Snyder, Dorothy Shoaf, Norma Teuney. Second Row: Nancy NVisman, Eileen Warman. Patricia Warmuth, Lois Renz, Shirley Scott, Yvonne Yoimg, Patricia VViley, Betty Ann Reed. 'l'hirrl Row: lilinor VValls, Genevieve Schonacr, Myra Raful, Margaret VanNess, Rose Stoffer, Laura XVoofl, Maureen VVilli, XVinifrerl VVileman, Patricia Topkins. Fourth Row: Nina Mae Phillips, jean Travis, Ruth Schmid, Carol Stevenson, Dorothy Starrmann, Florence Ruthenln-rg, joan Wesley, Shirley Wilkinson. First Row: lleft to right! Norma Hag'g.ferty, joan Duvall, Constance Guarnieri, Marjorie Flannigan, Virginia Coughlin, jeanette Howard. Secoml Row: liloise Cathey, Audry Bowen, Carolyn Howe, Janice Cates, Ruth Dick, Lux-lla Harmon, ,lmlith jordan, Carol George. 'l'hircl Row: Emily Hopkins, Mary Canavan, Margaret Flanigan, Opal Canhelcl, Marilyn Croft, Susan Ilrown, Margaret Halliwill. Fourth Row: Lois Gatts, Margaret Bovill, Patricia Connor, ,loan Higley, Rita Hauhert, Louise lilliman, ,lt-anne Hill. 43 Those on Opposite Page lfirst Row tleft to right! Dean Haney, Donald Leonard, Richard Kics, Gerald Keyes, llonier Gillespie lfnrtis lvey, Lyman Klcwc, Virgil Mast, janies fXlcQuillen. Second Row: lidward llninn, john llibbard, Fred Gillrani, Ronald Iireenwood, David Lyons, lfred Blin- ardi, David Mittelstaedt, Bob jacops. 'lihird Row: john Krug, Bob Martin, Ralph Mchlillen, Truman Hakes, Ronald Livergood, jack Lange llollis tirnbb, George Loop. lfonrth Row: Dale lXlcClanahan, john llenry. jinl Huston, Richard jefferys, Hob Moore. lfir-t Row tlelt to riglitl Ncdra llrady, Nlarion llrowning. Paula .Xh-xander. llarbara .Xllport, l'at lloyle. Lois Appleman, lletty .-Xnderson, Yvonne Bingham. Second Row: Betty Adams. Dale Tener, Morris Timberlake, Richard Oberdorfer, Francis XYilcott l'aul Richings, james 'lilIlllllUllS. Gordon Seal. Nancy Albers. 'l'hird Row: Donald Rexroad, Henry l'ryor, Ralph 'ljllOlllllS0ll, Dick Pizer, john xvlllllllllx Robert 'l'ryon Richard Smith. james Snyder. l'ltllll'lll Row: Reid xVlll'L'll'I', .Xlfred Zrelak. Robert Sliackleford, Robert Rayman, llill xvllllL'llll, Xkiesley Silver, jack Ulhoefl, joseph lVare, jack Smith. lfirst Row: tleft to rightl Rebecca l'oston. .Xnn Klarrell. Doris McGraw. Laura Lee Ledriela. Nlary lfranecs Mathis, Rnth Lees, joan Lewis, l'hyllis Peebles. . Second Row: Lois l'eterson, joan Nlitterback. ,Xndrey Mathias. l'at Paqnin. jean Kline, lilinor Xinien stead. janet lfocliereyer, Margaret lfaymen. janet Karlheim. Third Row: Rose Lowell. lletty Shields. Margaret Knapp, jackie Owen. Georgia King. Marilyn Nlc llown. Marilyn Martini, joan Keeney. Mary Lou l'ipcs. lfonrth Row: Patty Moreland. Ethel Knpperinan. Nina Phillips. Margaret Kirkland. Mary jane Knapp Dorothy King, janet Glnton. Natalie Kenny. Marjorie Mellhatten. 45 Those on Opposite Page lfirht Row ill-ft to rightl Roger Own-n, David Millen, Amy Lon Baker, Mildred Bennet, Anita An- qnilarc, Katherine Altfathcr, XVilliam Smith, Harry Thomas St-cond Row: David VVorkman, David Sinclair, Don Rupert, Xvllllkilll Ronntrcc, Marty Parrot. Charles Ruskin, Richard Lantzunhisvr. 'I'hird Row: jolm Machanlur, l'aul Peterson, Robert Stallings, Richard Shoults, Allen Trnby, Darl Spenc- vr. lfourth Row: xvlllllllll Lloyd. Robert Vvlllllllllh. james lNolf, jerry VVolfc, john Triinblc, jack Nel- at-n. lfirst Row th-lt to riglitl Robt-rt Cooper. Donald lfair, vvllllillll liL'lllllAtL1', tio.-rald l"licking.5cr, Percy Grun- lr-II, Kvnnctli llollow. xvlllllllll jones. Svrond Row: Loc Allen, jaincs Claaon, llonicr liaffncy, jackson lioltz, Verne Donnct, Gerald Hurd. ,Xdain lloraski. 'I'hird Row: Robcrt johnstonu. l'anl llnrldlcston. Ricliard llissvll, Clyrlc Dickcrhoff, Theodore llonslcy, john Hanks, Dale lfoland, jot- Denning. lfom-1h Row: lim-orgv tiatcs, Robert james, Robert Harrison, jannss Hlllt'g2lS, Robert jones, jack Cart- wright. lfirst Row th-lt to riglitl l'at Durant, llvtty VVatt-rs, llcvcrly Ilonslcy, I'attic Hinchcc, Uctty Crago, lfranris Scott, Dixie l'nllcy, Lcnorc Stanlicld. Ss-cond Row: jane Shook, l't-ggy Turn:-r. joan Davis, Mary Freeman, joannc Lewis, Caroline Tannuy. Nanry lfickcl, Marjorie Rntlicnburg, VVanita Owcn.Third Row: Donna Schaad. Cloann McGill, Patty C 'l'hird Row: Donna Schaad. Cloann Mctiill, Patty Carrigan, Dolores Canfield, Myrtle Middour, Lorna firm-iilcsc, joan May, Mona Snrdanl. lfonrth Row: Ilt-lun Ilvnslcr, Mary janv Nanisick. Barbara Gilbert, joyce Marshall, Donna Stewart, lVanda Stom-strt-ct, Leona Masters. 47 NINE A's 48 lfirst Row tlelt to rightl Henna Irene Keinp, l'hyllis Leve, Millie Fisherman, Marian Kieffer, -lanet tieister, Mildred l,orentv. ,lean Farris, lllarianne Messer, Mar- jorie tieyer. Second Row: llelty llanln-I. Mary l.iehi, Shirley Ifullen, ,loan Kerns, Mary Lou Maekin, l'at Koch, Dona Morris. .leanne Laurian, Barbara Farrar. Third Row: -loyee Myers. ,Indy Falor, l'at Frazier, Phyllis Klewe. Dot Huff, Phyllis Hoover, Susan Heath, .lean Goodyear, ,laekie Marietta, Barbara Fleshnian. Fourth Row: Mary -lohnson. Edith Henry, Mary Lou lluinph- rey. Mary Kucler, Neva lllillinger. lillen Koenig, Betty Lou Hanley, Shirley Koffrath, .loan Lovelace. Ilarbara Morgan, Rose lmtfaseio First Row: Cleft to rightl Dennis Neff. ,laines Stratton, Ted Neweonib, David Moore, Cliester 'l'riplett, Ronald Short, XYarren O'Hlisk. Second Row: james Morgan. Robert Streeker, Kenneth No- land, Robert Potter. Robert Mellinger, Richard Shiek. Ralph Dickinson, Francis Moran. Third Row: David Noykon. Robert Porter. Xvilliani l'arthe. Robert Sherboncly, lYalt l'aul. -Iohn Trathen, Ralph Reeder. Raymond Rozar. Fourth Row: Rayinond Viper Larry Sunuuers. George l'feit't'er, Donald Sheaffer, Gerald Sehoen- stein. john Myers, Richard l'at- terson, .-Xrthur Tiffen. First Row: fleft to rigbtl Naney Cummings, Nancy Cordwin, Marilyn Raldwin, lletty Cross. Ann Drake. Barbara Tlotzuin, janet Critehfield. Helen Casto Second Row: Saundra liwald, Graeia Connor. Io.-Nnne Carlson. Betty Shaddoek, Doris Clark, Jean Roriniuth, Mary Corey. Carol Carpenter. Shirley Uenficld Third Row: Harold XYisard, Sandra Brown, .-'Xnn llooth, Mary Evans, Patricia llailey. llarbara Carter, Connie Dc-l.uea. Bonita Ashurst. Fourth Row: Russel XVolf. lanies XVattleworth, Tln-odore Vandevier. Stephan Vvolford. Larry Vllyaut, Robert NYalker. Donald VVilson, Anna Raird. NINE A's 4'7 I'-irst Row: Lleft to rightl Hazel Smith, Nanry Srhiniilt, Vat Ranseli, Shirley Turner, Carol XYert, lletty Sterenaon, llarharai Smith. Second Rowl janet XYiley, .Xliee Snyder, Snrali Olsen, Ruth jones. Mary XX'iekiser. :Xliee Shade. Carolyn Sorg, .loyee SlUllfil'l'. 'l'hir4l Rout Dorothy Soren- son. Marilyn Pitkin, ilerzihlimr I'lzitt, Marilyn Rave, kioletlzi Xillllft, Ann lY:1lter, Nnney XYliorli'y. lfmlith Nicol. ,lezinnette NYhilei lfonrlh Row: Hzn'lx:n':i Nieholw. N1l!ll'j'Slt'I'lllL1, .lIllIK'lllk'Hl'sU1l, Ruth Romans, Sue l'rior, Mur- isinne lX'ills. Betty l,on Young. Dorothy SlTl'l1CL'l'. l':1t Rowley, First Row: ileft to rightl X'K'ill- iuni Deritzi. Ronald lfinnerty. Rohm-rt .-Xntlnir, john llnettner. Ifflwarcl llonulilson, Hill Cohh. XY:1yne Bowen. .Xngelo .Xntznp noh. Seeonwl Row: lihznrleb llonil. Roheri llnfey, Ricliziril Chai- honily, Rohn-rt lfonst, xvillllllll hiehlinann. Rohert lfleela, l':inl Cooney. Ray Uoniinie. 'I'hiriI Row: Dale llznnnganmlm-r. Rohert Dill, Kenny lfilingg Ro- herl Iforhes, lfzirl l7reilriela. iii-orge llneholz, 'l'ho1n:u llziker. Nonzihl Caspzir. I"oin'th Row: Hill lironn, Ralph llonmster llonglas Ifergnwon, llrnee ham-nlmker, Elini lfergnwon, llonzihl Daw:-on, ,lark llnllnriiv. llziviml Ilowera, lloh L'h:ihoinly. lfiisi Row tleft to rightl Rohert iil'2iYt'blNill, llonzalfl l.aniport. lerrv Kikenflnll. l'illXK'Hl'fl Kline. Robert -Iohiix, .lanies Korh, lY:iyne Heralienherger. Seroncl Row: ilznnes Mieek, Ro- hert l.1ll1l'l', Thonizis Gregor .lohn King, flizwles l,:1nthron ,lznnes llolrlen. Thirml Row: Rohert llzillinell Holi Macy, Donald Georgeoif Nornmn Gainlmle. julian ,lohnwon Robert Greenwood. Fourth Row: -lack Hester, Ray- nionil llendersliot, Fred Lang Ray Given. Donald l.zinil. .-'xlher Kri-hs, David Kepnziri. I NINE B's .r,., 50 First Row tleft to rigbtl l':111l Xleliitriek, Neil Huliek, Stanley Sayer, Riel1arcl Meflinty, l:l'llL'C Roberts, Uonalcl lzlllIlll1'll, .Xl'llllll' l'e1'ki11s, Rieharcl Carey, lltlllillll Hughes. Seeoml Row xl2iI'Q'1il'l'l SIM'lll'l'. Harry ZlllllllL'l'lll2l.ll, .Klan Robin- son l'l1illip llUl'll1'lllill'liCl', Dave iio11lrli11g', Daniel Stewart, lYill- lillll Davis, l'l1yllis R0lM'l'5UIl. 'l'l1irrl Row Shirley lloltz, Yirginia lJ2lll2llL'l'ty, Doris llrill- l1art, lJorotl1y Morgan, xl1llll'k'k'll lionsteel, xxllll xvlllillllllg, Sally l'yers, l'l1yllis llemlrielca, Nancy De Graff, Harriet l"ox, l'xOlll'tll Row lJorotI1y ,l11l111so11, Marjorie Meclwig, lJorle11eXY1ll- l2llll5, Marilyn S111itl1, ll'CllL' l.2l1lKl- k'l'Illllli, lflorenee Ll0lll'lIN'j', Mer- eerles lie Remer, Haney Ryan, .Xrwilrla ROllL'll5llllL', ll2lI'll1ll'2l XVi11clle. lfirst Row Qleft to rigbtl .Xlberl Attalla. Carl lioye1',,l:1111es S111ill1. ,lark jones, Kyle XYUl'l'2ll, Roger Marlatte, 'lwllOlll2lS -lo11ef, l,2lllll'l XYeaver, liuge11e Klll7t1llI'llk'. Seeoml Row: 'l'l1os. ll1'11feI1, Robert Ra11el1, llillll xY2lll1ll't'. XX7111. l"roeliel1. Rielmrrl llentley, l,ZlWl'CllCC xxlZlll4Cl', Cl2ll'K'1lK'L' Case, ,lack Reynolds, Riel1ar1l Ciirlley. 'l'l1ircl Row: 'l'obe1't l:l0l'liSlYlll, XYalter Hassle, ,lane Sllflfll. Margaret XX'vE'1,'ZOllL'I', .Ioyee l'i11e1-, ,loan Kall1aug'l1, Rose111z11'y l!11111- 2'?ll'flllQI', :Xnita l'e11rocl, Nacline lli l1 ljdflldl 1 l lllll l1L11 l' 's er, 1' ' 'z .1 1 -z ', ,er- 11arcl l.o111lz1. lfourtb Row: l.CllUl'l' Sovil, 1 I latrieia lmenway, Maxine lllllllS- 111a11, Norma -lean llabb, Nllfillll Sayers, S11sz111I'311ss, Nl:11'iIy11 I-2lllg'llll!l. Helen Yan New, tleralrline Fair, Ruth XYZllllS. First Row lleft to right! .XlllI- sley l'ye, l'l1illip Smith, blames blL'Q,'CHll2lI'1ll, Robert lliek, Robert Runkle, Jack Cooper, George XYHlfOl1, Robert l'owell, Seeoml Row: George Kirk, -lerry Lowe, Richard lloggf, Malcolm Barrett. Paul Beyler. -l0l1l1 Griffith, George Cilltllil. Robert xlHSllCl1, blames .'Xlll'21lNl, Ronald Render. 'l'l1ircl Row: litlXYZ1l'fl l711lle1'to11, Laura f-ll'2ll1Zll1l. 1-X1111 l"isl1er, Marily11 XYill, l.L'Illll2l R1g'g's, l.11eille Carson, lliilllllll' lleyler, .fX11clrey Rainey, tieralcline l'riee june Shook, ,lames Ki1'i11ste:11l. liarl McAfee. l'l0lll'Tl1 Row: SlIL'l'lll2lll lllilliezm, Lois KI'HIllLtl'. lallfllll' llartlett. -lilllllllil Smith, ,loy Clmlclwell, Carol Hi11el1l1ffc, Dorotl1y Rex- rozul. Carol Moles, Clara M111- XVZIVIICT, l.OI'L't'll Cribble, lllt'llllIl Xvflllllfli X X 5 w S, g W LU I-'ALL .P .'I x 'xt .1' 4 1 f X J M wlfd X . N w. ,231 . X! Hx. ,gf , ffgfn '- -.. K - 1 , n - v Amd , N 51 X N X pi , 1 5 ,,4t. 1 . f I . 1' ' - - , A 5 u ' r ' I E. . :,,. - 5:3 A ,, -1 , ll s N ,fl ' f,l.V 1 0 Q , ' ' V , ' it Lf ' 1 iid'-:f ' A :KE ,E ' 7.'.: g . 4 fllrwizf. wr- 5.1.4 '1 4 , 4 f :i'.a.'.' .' '-.' 2' 1 L I . 1 V r , 1 f Cr 4 s I - , n 1 1 5 , , , ,,' iggllii -' 4 ' 'L Sl vx, - v qx '11, :r - 1, Q.-1. . 1 1 ., , N .Y , - . 1 3 , , 1 ,yy H ui' I 7. Ai, :.,Qizig1i5, 3 , .fe u J ' , ix ' .M-!l'4 '23 , P ' 'c-I4 ' li . f Q - 1 QU' E. 1 3 . f 1 ,L 2. . ,ill -'L Y. f I, 5 4, 7' ' 'l ' F MTW U V K uf 1 . Q si ,Y .QV N". T9 HH' . :'- . r 4, gl, f.: an . 'D' ,1 cv , V T? f I In if 4 S x , . 4 A -14 ,. Y-1 . . . S . OUR MUSIC DEPARTMENT The music department of Falls High School offers more activities to the student body than similar departments in most high schools many times larger. For those interested in instruments there is the cadet band, which builds a foundation for the Senior Band. The Senior Band has a mem- bership of over fifty. Membership in the Senior Band and A Cappella Choir is competitive. This year the students are endeavoring to build up the Orchestra and are succeeding. Besides these large groups there are small ensembles. For those who love to sing there are many different groups. Fresh- men and Sophomores may enroll in the Mixed Chorus. There are many sections to take care of the large number. There is an "All Girl Choiri' of fifty-five members, which Sophomore girls may join by "try out." Juniors and Seniors have their choice of several vocal groups: Girls' Clee Club, Boys' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir and Boys' Quartette. All music students receive credit for their work in the department. For students who prefer a music elective, Falls High offers two ac- ademic music subjects, Harmony, and Music Appreciation. The latter includes a history of musicis development through the centuries. These courses are half-credit subjects. No city in Ohio offers such a complete and varied music program to its students. The department is under the direction of Miss Josephine Long and Mr. R. O. Reynolds. 53 Front Row Cleft to rightl Roland liamhle, Rohert licucht, Robert Bertha, -lznncs llales. ,lohn Run- ninger. Second Row: Paul Ricd, Charles Smith, Mario Smiralclo, Ernest Holmes, Robert Ilorgun. Ilmmhl Ury- an BOYS' GLEE CLUB The first semester of this year the club was a small group. hut the seeuncl semester it hem-anw much larger. The membership is usually about twenty boys from the junior and Senior Classes. The boys have been an enthusiastic, peppy group and did some real singing which also in- L eluded plenty of fun with the harmony. Their work in the Operetta 'Campus Dazi' was oulstanrl' in g. 54 Ii-xiii limi 114-Il lu Viglill Nlziiuzllwl Ixiiig. l'1lll'In'lll Uirlilliviwl. Nlziiy xlt'IlII UIxci'1lui'!ci', Xgmx Mlm li in 51-iinwtim-1. l'.lif:ilmi-Iii Ixliliii, Vlllllllllll Iil'l'i,ixil, I,Ul'Uiilj' llzlkuski. --xml limi: .Ivzm Sxiiiiimwm. llifiiim llilriiic. Alum- Vlxnyimul. Xquviiii lhmllii-i'. livrilizl lim-XI, lfiimlxii Xlnmw, .Ii-:ilu Xllmimi-, llvlllx Vziiriill, XillI'g1llAk'1 Howl, Ii1lI'iHlIA1l l:llllQIliUll.KIU1lU Tsilliiizulgv, Xliu- Ilmllvy. lliiiii limi Xintminvlii- l'v1l'ii'--Ili. Iwi- i,k'I'lli't'Il, 4ln':liiiim'lIm- Hiillvy, Nlziry Ifllvil I5m'yvl', Ruth Nm-xxiiim I :Ilx Ili-iXlilwi'L:i'i, Yximin- iil'lIllIIi'l', l,iI:i liivv, Nrniivx' Uwi-ii, ii2lI'iHil'il Ulu-i'ilui'fvi'. lfilcvii lfiixlmiq Xrilylli Xliiiiiix GIRLS' GLICIC CLUB 'I'lii5 mimic' vluli Vullsisls ul' ,lllllilbf :uni 51-nior girlsxslmlilwlulml'l1iuiiim-Milli Ili1lIl01ll'l'UIlllHlllI lm-nl. Iil1'1lX4'l'ilpll'NlZ1' UI lIll'51ll't'l'IlIll If :lrmiml forty. i-l'1'lllll'lllIN llIUI'l'. lllls 5t'lll0Sil'l' llwy lima' ri-.ll lx ilnm- swim- lililllllilll ringing. lmalrlilullimiig :nanny nf our In-sl-lmi-ii songs. JXIUIIQI xsllll llim- lugs glu . M , .. nlulr Ilwx In-Ili:-nl pre-sm-nl lin- lum-iul upm-rvlln LJIIIIIHIS Dum' . T15 Front Row fleft to rightj Joanne Keeney, Marion llrowning, Virginia Vtwiiglilill. xlrIllll'L't'll XYill, lfran- ces Frederick, Paula .-Xlexander, Mary ,lane Xciswoxigcr, Phyllis Stroup. Second Row: Norma ,lean Zcisig, Jeannette Goshorn, Laura Loc Lcrlrirli, Rlajorit- Xlvllhattt-n, ,land Lackenour, Rose Lowell, Susan Brown, Lois Rcnz, Rose Stoffer, Virginia All-hl, Norma Davis, Shirley Scott, Elizabeth Halliwill, Rose Laconi. Third Row: Yvonne Rlllgllifllll, Betty Adams, Nancy Albt-rs, lrcnc Klcfit-t-. Shirley Craflmlock, Marilyn McGowan, Yvonne Eclwartls, Carolyn Cochran, Phyllis XYojhoski, .luflilh XYilliams, l'atrit'ia xxiilfllllllll. ,loan Iiberly, Marilyn Martins, Rita Lombardi. Fourth ROW! Conlon Anderson, .loan Long, l'atrit'ia McGowan, Sheila Rllwr-Cll, Nancy Smith, -loan Greek, .'h!'fllS Hurrouglls. Xlary Lou Hawley, Hwlyika l.nt'as, XYilma Smith, llvtty Nlllljlllj xxiillllll rlillOII'l2lS. Martha lloncly. Phyllis Higlcy. -loycc Parks, Marianna Gcenny. "ALL-GIRL" CHOIR The "All-Girls' Choir includes only sophomore girls and is a new Ul'f.fZllliZilllUlI this year. They use three-part harmony and sing A Capella During the first semester they made one public appearanc-0. but prcsenlf-fl several c'onf'erls the second semester. The membership is limited to fifty girls. 56 Iuml IQ-mx rlvlt I1vl'iQlllI Xliw lwwpluim- lmug. Ill-lvn Nllllful-, IM1'otI1y lmxxm-, lfsllwl' 11lll'I'JlllU, ,lm-wr lI!1'4lIII'lIl llminl Xlmlnfuxnlvly liulxnml Manmlrlv, Xx!H'El1Il Iiugzm, Xxlllllllll Xwul. Iimwvtlmy l'r:wu-V. Ruth lullvm. lguwl ig 1 A I.:u'lm1':m Il1'1lk'IlllllN, Ill-lun 1.11-mlm-ll. ufml Hmm' Immun Kmnx In-'mml I'vf--'N kwrul lululvu' l'l1f:1In-111 llull Ilnlwrt lxuclwr. Igumw QllI'llN, , Im.-S.f.11 ICHM-1'l l,r11f, Wlqmiu- xlllflzlitilj1LXX1'II1llYlj'lIl1 lfnvlvy, lfwliwl I'1llHl'll, lluyllif Szlyvr. Alllllifl' Mnlluxxaax. Ilnul IQ:-xx I':11'1l:1:1 Ilgm-up Ihwix Vzuly. llvu-rly King. Sllil'Ik'j' llulirlc, -lzmvlwmn Slznlq. 'IAluul1:nN Y l I fnINlII"t'I lic-In-It XX-mflrllll. Iyvlllllx XXIII. Mzlrxlul 1lufN, lXIllllUIlIl KIINII, xl1ll'QJlI't'l XX clvlu-1', lxutll land, lwu-1 lx Knvlmlrixlx A Cappella Choir IIN- t'llUil as lllm' must S4'l'iUllS group of all thu' uwzll Classvs, Ill1'l'lillQ, 1'ill'Il clay mul sllnlyingg nmsllx sauw-:I musiv, zmlllmugh :ml t'lllil'l'ly. It is lwpl lrusy pr1's1'l1lil1g Ill'UQ1l'ilIllS for vlxix' affairs .mrl lhllllll s1IXl1lh. 'Hu' lmwnlu-rsllip VIIRIIIEIVS Inman Nl'2lI' lu Xl'Zll'. lilll zlluaxs ixlvlllflvs all lvalsl fnrlx IQLPIS. illlll IIN ll' Qlllpllllgl IS IIIIIIVVUIIIIHIIINWI. Boys Quartet 414-il In NIEIW1, M:m1'x'm 1-luv. llulu-rl l.ll1f. XX1ll1:u1l1 Nnwrl, XX IHIJHII lin:-:ul S7 lfirst Row: tleft to rightl Dorothy Daharki. .lean Sampson, Joan Talmatlge. Ruth Kleroman, Donna Ritchie, llarhara lioughton, Antoinette l'etroulli, Barbara Oherrlorfer. Second Row: l'atrit'ia XYilfortl. ,leanette tliclley, Agnes A-Nitleiia, llertha lluehl, Nlarearet fiootl, I.elia Rice, Yvonne llrunner, lletty Lou Hersehlmerger. Third Row: Sitting: Miss Josephine Long, Robert Lutz, -laniee Mellrirle. Dorothy lirazier, Nlario Smeralclo, Hlilliam Nirol. Fourth Row: -lames Curtis, Beverly King, Naomi Hrallier, Jane Claypoole, Mary Oherclorfer. Dale Seott, Xxlllllillll Dugan, listher Curraclo, Garvin Glass, .-Xliee Bodley. Thomas lfisinger, Margaret XYehher, Carolyn ,Xlmt-s, Donald Smith, Phyllis Sayer, ,lean Stouestreet, Daniel Mitrovieh, ,lames Ilales, -Iolm lteimingzer. Ifitth Row: l'aul Reed, Rohert XVoodruff, Ernest Holmes. Betty Hull, Lois Perueea, tiweinlolyn Ifaley. Ruth llaul, .launita llertka. lilizaheth Kulen, Ronald lfehney, Donald Iiyrant, Robert liargen. Sixth Row: IleverlyRolmlmins,Marylllllenlleyer,Rohert Bertka, Betty Carroll, Helen Slmtif. ,leanne l't-ggs, Carol Coventry, Shirley Costiek, Barbara 'l'iedman, Helen tirenfell, Dorothy Lowe. Nlargarel King, lithel Ifullen, ,lean Munro, Nancy Owens, Dorothy XVri,Q'ht, Romona Cash, -loan Gray, tfarol thx, Roland Gamble. llavlc Row: Charles Smith, Dennis XVilt, -laniee Gallaway, ,lack Staley, wlessie Friedman, Rohert lfeueht. OPERETTA On December 3rd and Lltth. l04t5. the Boys, Clee Cluh, Girls, Cleo Cluh and A Cappella Choir pres- ented the operetla "Campus Dazew. It was an amusing college story with many heautiful solos and choruses, and two dancing numbers, The east worked long and faithfully and gave four excellent performances. The production was directed by Josephine M. Long. music supervisor. The east of characters follows: Wiilliam Dugan. Rohert Lutz. Mario Smiralflo. Dale Seott. Janice Marfiride. Esther Currado. Dorothy Frazier, Alice Bodley. Garvin Gloss. Willianii Nic-ol. Don- ald Smith. and 'llhomas Gisinger. 58 Ninn xillfllllillilli. Mary Xlcsscr, llzlrhzntl VIQIIOIIIIIS, Lllvllzl Izllfllllllil. .ln-an ll2lg'llK', lh'ln'L'r:l I'mtun. ,Inch liln'5.1:1n, XIV. Rm-ymwlml 1l'UIHlllt'l0I'T, Paul Xnst, l'iI'2ll!.'iS Scott, Rivllzlrrl l"ul'slwy, Rulwrl lllalrlkvlmslmip l"V'4' 5iIllIffl'l'. ,l1l4'h Hllnu-ft, Huh Smith, Phillip .XIL-xzxmlrr. fnrtis Ivy, linlwrt 'l'ryun. High School Orchestra TIN- Iligh Svlmul f,l'4'Il1'Sll'il was nrgzlnizvd in Svplvlnlwlx IU45. mill: prulwr lmzllullvv as il firs ulnjvrliw-. 'Hu' string iIlSU'llIllt'lIlS plzlyvrs xwlw- givvn sp:-vial ZlllQ'IllillIl and rvhvarsul linw. lIm'n-4-I lnming. lDI'l'l'iSi1lll. and gum! inlunalion xsvrv slrvssvd as vavh svlvvtiun of llw lvpviuin' uns pn- purwl. 'I'ln-Un-lwstmpf-rfm-nn-d he-lmfmlzu'lsn1usim'fm' lhv Svniur Play and lhv Upvrvllu. 'lxln' Kia NIIIIIS vlnln lllYIll'll lhu-ln to play all lhfilr f.hl'lsIlm1sparly. H10 F1lIlIlIl1'IH'PllI1'lll lll'4N'l'SSIUll2ll mnn'l1l4l4-cl IIN' firsl S1'llll'!4l1'l' In-l'ful'lllz1ll1'1's. During lha- sr-vmnl svllwsla-l'. 1'lllphilSiS mls lllzllwl nn pl'n'puring: sf-lwliulls fur lhv Spring lfvsli ull. 50 3 . in ' 3 - , .gy t Cuyahoga Falls High School Band The band has a new director this year. His name is Mr. Reynolds and he is certainly doing a wonderful job. Marching band has 48 pieces plus color guards, drum manjor and majoreltes. On November 11, 1945 the band went to Kent and was honored with first place in the district compet- ition. The contest was judged on playing. repertoire, and marching aliility. The Senior Booster Cluh also presented the hand with a gold plaque. 60 kan.-M ' Svntul llcft to right? ,Ioannu Guilloml, lfrcml lluston, Barbara VV0ocl, ,loan Stout-street. Margaret King Roln-rt live, Keith Hoag, NViIliam Nicol, Colleen l'il'cr, Juanita llcrtka. Stanfling Front Row: Barbara Taylor, Dorothy VVright, Gerald Siefert, Mary lfllcn lieycr, Ruth Canlplmcll. .l1llllL'l' Nlzwltrnle, ,Ioan lfuhrnian. Carolyn Aims. Lois Pcrneca. SlZllHllIl1.1'Sl'l'UIlfl Row: Tllomas liisingcr, Carolyn MacMillen, Malcolm Amlcrson. june Uhl, CLASS PLAY Un Now-inlwr l9th and 20th. IU45. the 12-A Speech students under the direction of Mrs. Wyre presents-cl "'I'hf- Fighting Lillies." a three-act comedy by Caroline Franeke. 'l'ln- east of rharai-ters was as follows: Almatia. Dorothy Wright: Alita. Barbara Taylor: Filmer. llolwrl Gee: llam lflln-rs. 'IR-fl Huston: Mr. Little. William Nieol: Goody. Barham W'ood: Mrs. l,illle. ,Ie-an Stone-strc-et: Antoinette. Margaret Kingg Cuckoo. Janice Mellrideg Screwball. Ruthie Camplwll: llc-nri1'tl1'.,loan Fuhrnian: Norman Peel. Keith Haagg Dicl-cy Harpeddle. Gerald Seifert: Mrs. llarpcd- elle. Mary lfllen lieyerg Miss Pologa. Carolyn MclVIillen. Student dire:-tor and prompt:-r were Juanita Bertka and ,Ioan Cuillod. respectively. Stage Managers me-rv Malcom Anedrson and Tom Cisinger. assisted by Margaret Webber. June Uhl and Lois Perueea. Keith llaag was teehnieal direetor assisted hy Carolyn Almes. Colleen Pipher and ,loan Cuillod. Gerald Seifert was lmusiness manager aided by Margaret Webber and Gwendolyn Foley. 61 Speech Department The Twelve-A Speech classes of the second semester presented in the High School Auditorium on April 29 and 30 a group of four one-act plays. Such an arrangement, it was felt, gave greater variety and an opportunity for a large number of pupils to participate in dramatic productions. The four plays given and those who took part are as follows: SUNDAY CGSTS FIVE PESOS JOSEPHINE NrccLE Fidel-Benjamin Alberry Berta-Barbara Rousch Salome-Carol Hart Tonia-Donna Orin Celestina-Harriett Wagoiicx' GRAY BREAD JEAN LEE LATHAM Riga-Charolett Willey Yolande-Mae Jeanne Rice Matka-Sue Geiser Solda-Beverly King HEAVEN WILL PROTECT THE WORKING GIRL GLENN HUGHES Caroline-Marji Cartwright ' Jean-Janice Galloway The Working Girl-Joan Houslcy Mrs. Johnson-Phyllis Sayer RINGING IN THE GROOM Grandmother-Mona Cash Bertha-Barbara Oberdorfcr George-Philip Alexander Ruth-Virginia Horn Wilber-Jack Stones Mildred-Luella Bormuth Ella-Dawn Cunningham Harriet-Patricia Buckson 62 Ifirst Ron' llvtt to right Rzunonzi Kash, jinuuy lluston, 'lzuu-t l'zig'v. ii1tSlYt'l' Miuzirfli, Xl:u'i:uuic Xloorc lizirl l"1u'i'st, lliirrict .Xvklcy Ss-vonfl Row: Ilirk fitllltllllgllitlll. Suv lfllswortli, Dorothy Huff, 'l2lllt'l Liritclifivlcl, Xlzirizuiuc XYills Ilan-l llzirinon, hco1'pgm- l'Iltlit't'lUll, l'liylI1s l'cc-blcs, Nl1iI'l0ll i'il'UXVlllll1l', Mrs. lzllis. 'l'Iiir4l Row: Num-5' llk'Il4lt'l'bll4Yl, loin Kiisiiigvr. llmrlvs Coolvy, .ln-rry llurcl, lmt- .Xllcn. ,linnuy l"ci'g'm-soil STUDENT COUNCIL 'l'ln- purposi- of stucla-nt Council is to rroatv lwttcr unclerstanfling and voopvrution In-lm-1-n llw stu elm-nt lvorly anal thu- faculty. to improve- school activities. :incl to incrvasv scliool spirit. Stuflf-nt tfounvil was inaugurated Novvinber. l944. Hcforv this. in '43 mul '44-. tlic' Svnior class lll'4 gun rlrzilting thi- vonstitution wliivh Stllflf'Ill Council now has. l"or il slurlr-nl to lw 1-lm-if-rl to Sturlvnt Council is one of the sc-l1ool's grnatvst honors. Stud:-nts am 4-lu-1-lc-fl ln tln-ir rlasslnatvs on a rvprvsvntative basis of one I'f'Ill'PSPlliZli.iV0 to fifty stuclvnts. lluringtlu- past svnu-stvr Student Council has had several assvmlmlies and has talwn varv of all . 1 . . w . ilrivvs all tln- sr-llool: Sllf'll us. lic-cl Lross anrl various War Bond Drivers. t.0llHC'll has also talwn lull 4-lizirgu' of llw monitor syslvin. A inf-inorial to the lioys who liavv svrvvd tlic-ir country from our si-liool luis luv-n 1-ri-1-nod lmy Sturlvnt Council. 63 lfiixt Row tlt-ft to rightil Nlztritm Kicfw. Sally XY2llL'l'S, Rmscll llilliisli. Rit'l1z11'fl lJ1111'rls. Slllilllllil lilla- wurtli, l3:11'lm11rz1 Ratifcli, Carol Hart. SL'l'Olltl Row: Ifcrn Sx1'ig:11't tS1m11s111'l. Mary .X1111 RIL11111-. .lanct XYz1llc1-11 ,lL'1lll SlU1li'Sll'k'l'l, Yirginizt Hurn. l':1t1'ici:1 IZ11ckso11, tit-1'z1lcli11c lil1I'tlllL'l', lQYl'lj'll Clark. 'l'l1ir1l Row: ll2ll'lJitI'1l ,xllll Ulu-rfl1w1'f1'1', lit-tty -lilllk' Cz11'1Aull, Lt-01111 Nl111'1'ifu11. Ibvlurif Xlillcr, lltmvtliy NY1'ig'l1t, ,loan l"11l11'111:111. ,l11:111i1:1 llt-rtka, Nlary lfllt-11 Ilcyt-1', .Xlctliu l'c:11'so11. lfourtli Row: Marin SllllI'illtlU. ll:11'1'it-1 XYllQt,lI1k'l'. lViL'VL'l'lY King, R:11111111z1 l':15I1, L4:11'11l ,lt-1111 l.i1-l1l1'1'. NlIll'Q'Z1l'Cl lYt'lJlJL'l'. hlztvkfmi Staley, hluzm liltilltlfl, Xlztrji .Xllll QjHl'tVVl'lQflll, limi liclswt, lyltll l'4tlllL'l'lUII. HONOR SOCIETY Tlw Clllillltbgizl Falls c'l1aptc'1' of the lxillltllllll Hmim' Sm-ivty of Sc-cuiitlary S1-lumls was graittvtl its rliartvr ill l93T. Being aslwcl to he a 111e111lJe1' is 1-o11sitivretl a flistiiit-tiw lltblltlll MP111lw1'sl1ip is li111it- ml liy tllv natiunal 1'u11Stit11ti1111 tu 13 pt'rt'911t, of tht' l2-A class. lil llPl'l'0lll uf tl11' 12 -lfs. 3 pv1'f'v11t ul thr- ll-A's alifl 3 pPl'I'l'lll uf the ll-WS. Nvxs IIICIIIIJHTS a1'f'r'l141sP11 lly the-fat-11111. 1s lm 1'u11Siflv1' tllv 1'l1ill'1lI'- t1'1'. St'rvir'0 to the st-lmnl. and lczlclrwsltip ill Class uncl svlluul uf 1'11r'l1 p1'usp1't'lix'1- Sllltlt'lll. Unly Sllltl1'IllS with a sclmlarsllip average of 90 percent arv cmmsiflerecl. Tlw offivers for the first ssmiestei' xwrv w'3f'l1H Higloy tex-ufficim. Alfftha l10z11'sm1 tavting prefsi- flentt, Carol ,lean Lieblffr. Mario Sllllfalflli. and Harris-t Wag411101': unfl for tht' ser-tmfl St'lllt'Slt'l' worm Marin Siniraldu. Evelyii Clark. Mary Allll Muortx Dun lflckert. and Cai-nl Hart. 64 1 I n'sI Ron' tlvlit to riglttt lim-itll llaztg. XYilli:nn liallm, Ncwton llzikcr, Mt-rlc Swartont, Carl fcllvrs, Rich- nfl Vnnninyglisnn. ltonztltl l.t-onznwl. Alolmn llcnitiiigrr, 'lllt0ttt1lS XYoofl. llolw .Xlltlt't'ilS, ticorgc l'inkcr- ton, Xxilllllllll t'nnvlit't', ll:n'oltl Nloort-. llzllt- K'orln'an, lfcln':n'fl Nlassir, Ralph Kirk, linsscll Klcliitrick. llttnvl 5tItt'Jtl'ttl1ttt, llonalfl llrynnt. Alztnws Ilalus, llnirtl lion: l"r:t11lt.l:n1n-,lQit'l1:n'tlllnnyon,l,ynnlinryl21. liiigvm- liyli-r, l'anl Rccml. lfrccl lluston. llnsst-ll lltllnslt, vlztnnts lznylor. liolznnl tiznnlmlc, lonrtlt lion' lQit'lt:n'4l Xirltol-. 'l'l1om:ts Sztltzinznx. Rolwrt Xlycrs, llztlc Scott, llolwrt XYooclrntf, l7nani- ott, Ilonztlfl lft'ls:n't, XX'illi:nn Nicol, Riclmrtl lim-wltirst. .lolm lltgtlltl. Norris .Xllmcrs. lt is tln' purposc- ol this organization to 1-rf-atv. maintain anfl vxtvml throughout tlw svhool anfl tonnnnnity high stanflarrls ol Cliristian 1-luu'ac't01'. 'l'lu- lli-Y. a luranvli of tln- Y. Nl. C. A.. in our st-lwol has lwvn 1-oniparativvly avtivv. The- organi- zation has sponsorwl aft:-r gxann' flanvvs flnring lmoth footlmll uncl lmskvtlvall svasons. Oftvn tho Hi-Y ls 4-nllt-al upon lo lu-lp out in st-lmool. as passing out sr-lic-ciulv cards. lt has also V0llllllt'Pl'Pd to work .tt 1-olle-1-ting papvr in ltw papvr flriws anrl to lmoost thx' Youth Cvntvris fumls for improvvment. 'I'lu- lli-Y of this sf-ltool is know n for tht- inclum-tion svrvicv isliic-h orc-urs oncv a smnvstcfr when nan mr-mln-rs or plvrlgvs ara- imlnvtvrl. 'lllw plmlgvs arc- instruvtc-cl ln' thi' offim-rs of the Clubs. of ultif-It tln-5 arc- ltxo. ftlpha :mtl lh-lla. lwforv tht-ir influvtion anal arv rvqnirvfl to commit to memory the l irst :mtl 'l'm-nlx-tltircl Psalms. tlw l,orcl's l'rayvr anfl tlw Tvn C4rmmanclmvnts. During thf' incluction It ru-mont tlu- pls-tlgvs art' rt-minflvcl ol tln-ir xoiss anrl tha- four planks of tho Hi-Y platform Ziff' present- ul Io tlwm. 'l'lu- four planks ara-: tilt-an Sportsmanship. Clvan Sf'l1tllilI'SlllIl. Clvan Spvf-1-li. and Clean l n ing. 'l'l14-sv nrt- Ilu' SlilIlflilt'tlS 1-avli lli-Y mvmlwr attvmpts to maintain. 65 Girl Reserves lfnxl Ron' lleft to right! janet Page, joan Gray, Helen Shnff, Joanne Moose, linlh Lees, Yirginia Snyfler, llarlxara Houghton. Dolores Zinnnernian lDodel, Helen Kirenfell ll'atsyb. Seunnl Row: l.ueille Peters. ,leanne LaRue, Joanne Roberts, .-Xgnes .-Xmlella, lleverly Rnlmlains, lletty Varioll, Yirginia Melil, lfthel lfnller lSallyl, Phyllis Vllojoski, Marilyn Lees. 'I'lnrml Now: Nlary llnrley, Patricia Xlrliowan ll'all, Luella llorninlli, .loan lireelq, Donna Norris, Nornm Phillips. Ruth l'anl, Carolyn Cochran, Marilyn Patterson, Mary Lee MacCalhnn, Helen lah-ll. lfonrlli Row: Betty llaekns, .Xlive llaclcns, Xlarji Cartwright, l'eg'g'y Michael, Betty llnll. Mary iXnn Ritxnian, llorotliy lflaiclniek. .Nrrles llnrronglis, Dolores Neff, Nancy Henclersholl, llarlmara Svlmneirler nm lfliekinger. ' ,. , . . . , .. . . . . l'n'st lxow llett to rightl Miss lzrf, Betty Xlissinger, Rosemary Stillwell, Carolyn Mefllillen. llarlxara Hlserclorfer. Sue lflllsworth. Evelyn Clark. l'atrieia Merrell CPatD,iMarian Sandusky, Dolores Chrisnlan, Sevoml Row: Marion .Xshton. -lnne Uhl, Colleen Pipher, Jean Travis, joan Mitterbaeh, Nancy Davin, Mar- gie Harflin. liarhara Hoff. Mary ,lean Oherflorfer. Phyllis Peebles, Roslyn Sokol. blaeqneline Owen llaekiel 'l'lnr1l Row: .Inelith XX-llllillllb, Carolyn Al1nes,,lean Stonestreet. Dorothy Vllright. Mary lillen llyer ,loan lfnlirinan. ,lane Claypool. Leona Morrison. Arrlyth Moore. Marion Browning. Marilyn Klelimran. lfonrtli Run' llelty Naugle. l'hyllis Higley. Marilyn Miller. Barbara Vlioorl, llarlrara Taylor, Nlargarel XXX-lmlver, ,loan finillml, Carol Stevenson. Carol Cox, Shirley llalcer, Jeanne Long, Nancy .-Xllmers, l.:1nra XYomls. Nancy Smith. 66 Girl Reserves "I will try to face life squarely and to find and give the best." This is the purpose of the Girl Reserve Club, a junior division of the Young Women's Christian Association. Any girl, regardless of race, color or creed, who believes in this purpose may be a Girl Reserve. Among the activities are sponsoring assemblies, participating in school activities, helping with the All-City Girl Reserve formal, collecting for the March of Dimes, and selling Saving Bonds and Stamps. The membership of the club is ninety. All members are 10B through 12A. N OFFICERS First Semester 194-5-1946 President, Barbara Oberdorfer Vice-President, Carolyn McMillen Secretary, Sue Ellsworth Treasurer, Evelyn Clark Second Semester President, Barbara Oberdorfer Vice-President, Alice Backus Secretary, Sue Ellsworth Treasurer, Joan Greek Z' 67 lfirst Row Cleft to riglitl Rlarji Cartwright, Betty Mcclwig, Qicraldinc Garrlncr, Carol Hart Du Deaton. Second Row: .Xlicc Horllcy. lflorcncc Koch. Robert Lutz, Miss Fliclciiigci' tlnstrnctorl. Xlziry lulnll Ren Allbcry. TIGER TALES In January. 1946. a journalism class was re-established after a lapse of four years. The obgect of the class is to study the principles of news-writing and to publish the school paper. Tiger Tales. Only 12A students are eligible for the classg they are chosen on the basis of their previous accomplishment Ill English and their general business ability. "Tiger Tales" Staff Editor, Geraldine Gardner Managing Editor. Marji Cartwright News Editor. Carol Hart Class Editor, Alice Bodley Column Editor. Florence Koch Sports Editor, Dale Deaton Club Editor. Mary Ferrell Staff Photographer. Robert Lutz Business Manager. Benjamin Allhcry Circulation Manager. Betty Medwig Faculty Advisor. Louise Flickingcr Iirfl limi' Ili-ft tu right! Ilirk Riinyuii, I1iII Ilugzui, Sully XY:ilvi's, IJm'Iut-ii .XiiiIu1'sim. Mrs. Viggutt, S4-viniil Huw: -limit IIu11fvIy, Nliiry vlvzm tIIwi'iIoi'fcr, .Ik'lllIllL'I1t' I:USIlL'l'lI, .limit t':u'tIwt'II. liilith Scliiitv, iuliitxl Ili-l'tIx1l, ,Ivml Sluili'stI't't't, Ihiril Rim: -It'lAI'j' Si-ill-Vt, Hairy IiIIvn XYIIIIIIIIIN, .ICIIIHIC Vcggf. Ita-Im Ncshitt, I1t'x'crIy Ruhlmins, Luis I 4-riii'i':x. Iuiirth Rim: I'ilIXY1lI'4I Klziwir. II1tI'IIZll'2l 0ImcrcIorfci', Iictty t':li'i'uII, Slicrrit' I"oI:1mI, IM-Iniws Neff, ,I1iiIy Ixiivlmiziil. Iiith Ilmv: Ili-iirgv Sit-in, Iiulmt-rt Smith, IIIIHIIIIIIN Sziltsnmn. Latin Club 'l'lm Latin Iiluh has In-1-n 4-slzilvlislivcl at I":1IIs High Im' nppruxinmts-ly txwnty yvars. Mr. Preston us thi- first spnnsur ln l'llt'Ulll'ilQlt' thi- risv of thi- rluh. Since- thvn Mrs. Pigutt has vmltintwd to rvgu- I.lt1- our stumlurcls In that of thi- Nattimiul Junior Classix-al IA'ilgIll1'. 'I'ha- purlmsi- its 1-miluim-1I in our VUIISIIIIIIIUII is as Inllmss: "'I'I1u ulxjwt of this society shaII bt' tu mnulvli- us us pupiIs lu imrk as ai group in Imihling up thi- stunfturil of our scI1cmI and community by Ixt't'llIllg1 uliu- llll inti-ra-st in thi' m'Iz1ssi1'S." .'M'tivitia-s Imam- Iwi-n t'UIlI.illt'tI. fm' thi- mst fvw wars. to uiitilvfs. Imsiiwss. and social meetings. . T' x 69 First Row: llleft to right! Garvin Gloss tsecretary- Treasurer I Eddie Freed tPresidentJ , Phillip Alex- ander fVice President! Second Row: Richard Run- yon, Willialii Dugan. Mario Smiraldo, Joseph Campbell. Robert Sauter. Third Row: Robert Smith. Jack Barnby, Thomas Saltz- man. SCIENCE CLUB The Cuyahoga Falls Science Club was organized in November, 1945, for the express purpose of furthering our interest and knowledge of science. The club meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month in the homes of the members. lt is authorized by Mr. DeWitt, principal, and sponsored by Mr. C. A. Hinkel, teacher. The of- ficers are Edward Freed. president, Philip Alexander, vice president, and Garvin Gloss, secretary-treas- urer. A list of the charter members is as follows: Edward Freed, Philip Alexander, Garvin Gloss, Wil- liam Hull. Richard Runyon. Mario Smiraldo. Robert Sauter, Williaiii Dugan, Thomas Saltzman. James Kies. Jack Barnby. Joseph Campbell. Robert Smith, Donald Fullerton, and John Stratton. The program committee consists of four members: Philip Alexander, William Hull, Richard Run- yon, and Mario Smiraldo. Miss Miller helped us in writing our constitution. 70 Inxl Iinnt Imllnm nl 1n1'llll'l', Ilvll In Vlghtb vlznnvm- I-1nIInw:ly. NI:n'y I',IIcn XXIIIIIIIIIS, I7m'Iw11 .Xnclu In, ,Iunv l III. .lnnn I'llIxl'llI2llI. ,loan l1lI'4IXX't'II, I',rI1tl1 Sclnflu, 'IUZIIIIIK' Iluxx'n1:In. I'.lI0k'Il Ixnmtvl. Nm-rmnl Nun: NI:1l'p4zn'vl King, Ilclvn Ilrcnfvll, Snzzmnc IilIswm'lI1, Mm' ,lcznmc Rico, I:l1l'IHll4Il Ranma Iinnn- Ilnrznul, I'I1yII1f -Imnnw, Ilnrnllny XXr1gI1l, Maury I'.IIcn Iicyur, Ilnwn I-lIIl11IllgIlIIl1I, Klux. XYIVI-. I'Im'fl Huw: II2ll'IlZll'2l 'I':nyImn', Xlznry Kay Ym'Iwy, Yirginiu Ilurn, I':1t1'ic'i:1 Illlclcwml, Ifvm-Iyml k'I:n'L, XIII gznwl Iirrtlx, III-In-n Illvll. R1-Im Xifhil, NI:n'iIyn l.uw,S:1IIyXX':1u-rf, I'Illl'Il1ll'1IXYUUlI. Innrlll Run: Nlzlrx' .Xnn Nlnmx-, NI:n'g:u'm-1 Un-IrIrv1', Itlllll Innllml, II1ll'I'lk'I XX:xgmn-r, lgn-I nm-Inn' lm nl , . . I I nn Inmlx IQl1tIxllllIl II111IntI1 I nn, XI:n'ji I'llI'IXYl'Ij4IlI, -lnnvl XY:1Ikc1', Nmwy IIk'lllIl'l'SIlUIt, .-XII-tIl:l I'n:n'5 ,. j " : . 'f": - ,Q In':n', .XII 'rs' I5:lm'Iills. Four Square Club 'I'In: IDlIl'lNrS1'illlfI aim nf lI1is m'IuIn is tn IN' of svlwivc' lu our sf-hnnl annI VUIIIIIIIIIIIIN In IIIIIPIWIXIIV' nrsf-lx:-s in inlc-III-4-1. vIml'zu'ls'l' and pI1ysi1'zlI fiinvss. 'I'Iu- symlml nf lllis vIuIr is u SI1llill'0Z vzu'I1 sich' l'Plll'0SQ'llIIllg il lIII'In1'l'Q'llI xirluv. 'I'In'sv x irlnvs am Il'I1'llIISIlIll. s1-rxi1'1-. InyuIly. zmfI sim'vrily. 'I'In- Illl'I'IIllQ.lS am- In-III nn lIn' !4I'1'UlHI and fourth Tll4'smIays UI-t'il1'Il IIIOIIIII. lin-rx yvan' mwluin prnjr-vis am- l'1'qllIl't'lI uf the- 1'IuIv. Sunni- uf th.-sv am' : il Ilunm-. an ass:-xnI Ix Inr ninlIn-graulv girls. 'I'Im11ksgix'i11g1 nr Clmrislnxas lmske-ls. vlvmuing up lIn- Iuxsn anal mann nlln-r Inn -1'lN 7l lfirst Row tleft to rightl Susie Geiser, Dorothy Dakoski, Fthel lfnller, Dorothy Frazier flirt-sith-nth Nancy Owen t'l'reasurerJ, Phyllis Sayer, Rosenlary Johnson, Gerry tiarflner, lfileen Stonestreet, Second Row: Miss ,losephine Rl. Long tSponsorb. Donna Orin, -launita llertkzr. Doris tluly, lit-verl5 King tSeCretaryj, Betty Hull tYiee-Presitlentl. Lois l,Cl'llCCZ1,'lCZll1ItQ Veggs, Il:n'h:tr:t lieflexnztn, tiollen Pipher. Third Row: Esther Curramlo, Ardyth Moore, janiee MaeBricle, Yvonne Ilrtnnn-r. Marilyn Nlillvr, Kiztrol Liebler, Ruth Butler, Ahna Flaiiigan, Shirley Christy. Godey Club The purpose of the Cocley Club is to unite a group of girls who wish to study and prac-tive il pro gram to develop qualities necessary for true and beautiful womanhood. This eluh eneourages for :nent bership only those girls who wish to uphold the standards of the group. and its nlentliers work in har mony with other school activities. Active membership is held to fifty. ualities deemed necessarv for melnbershi are : Sincere interest in seholarshi 1. sell-reliant-e. dt- J P I pendability, sympathetic lcindliness, personal attractiveness, social dignity. honesty. high moral stand ards, true temperance. and genuine interest in spiritual growth. Application for lnernhership comes from classes 10A-HA-llli and 'l2R. 72 Ifirfl Run' th-ft tn right! tit-rathlim' linrmlm-r, lin-x'cl'ly King, Donna Orin. Nlurilyn Xlillur, -lnzmiln llnlvvy, St-annul Row: llzwlmztru 'I'ic:lcn1:1n. llurulliy l"1':1zic1', I4:u'lm:n':1 limigglitnn, Ililivzthcth Smith, l'l1:n'ln1tt- XYiIlt'y, XYil1I:1 llnrml. Ilnrll Huw: hluzunw thmiflh-i', Xlurmn lxn-tt-r, .Xhnzl hlitlllgilll, tzlizzlhcth Hnll, 4-n'umlul5'1n1 Iwwlvy, , , . , , . . , . . . , I , I'llllt'tIl txmv: t-luv In-rns, ltlizzthvtlm Xlzulmm, In-rnicc IIOYIIIIIQI, lxztlhlct-n I-4-Il, Hzlxcl tI:n'nmn, iutvllltll ltulvm-v. COMMERCIAL CLUB fiUIllIll1'I'Ctlll Chili was fUl'IllPIi a Illlllllltil' of years ago tu pruvicic Sumo suit of sm-int avtix itics fm' thuso stumtvnts lilkiltg c'mnn1vrr'iul subjects. At first, boys wmv tukvn into thv vhlhg hut. sinw tht-5 tu-rv so uullnlmlwrvct. it he-cuniv an all-girl urgamizatinn. tn t'MfI4-115. thu C0llllIl4'l't'iLll Cluh umhrrtouk vctiting tht' MCU!!!ltlt'lAl't3Itlt'n. il papor for Falls High sluch-nts. Thr- jUllI'Il2llt!-XIII class. however. is doing this at prvsvnt and thc' vluh has Iwi-mm' slrivtly ll stwiul unc. 73 BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club is the student organization wliieh supports and promotes school spirit. The club has been in existence since l93T. Two of Booster Clubis lllalll projects are the Annual Homecoming Dance in honor of the football team and a Spring Dance to honor the basketball team. Other activities include pep assemblies. sale of school color emblems, and any other activities which will interest the students in their school. All students are eligible to join the club. The school teams. including basketball. football and baseball. are honorary members of the club. The yarsity cheerleaders are also honorary members. On the whole. the club's main concern is boosting the school at all times. Fen clubs have done so much for their school. lfirst Row Cleft to rightJ Miss Cox tSnonsorD, Joa11ne Moose, Susie Geiser, Mona Cash, Patricia Mc- fiowan, Bob Procter. Second Row: Pat Grenlell, Joanne Duval, Phyllis Peebles, Mary Francis Mathis, Ruth Lees, Janice McBride, Joanne Roberts, Sue Iillsyvortli, Janet Page, Helen Shnff, Lois .iXpnleman, Clara Beaty, Joan Mitterback, Jacqueline Marietta. Third Row: Betty gXnderson, Barbara Zents, Margaret Van Ness, Rose Laconi, Dorothy Reagle, lleverly llonsly. Anita .-Xnonillare, Roslyn Sokol, Carol Hart, Vat VVarmnth, Lois Renv. lfonrth Row: Norma Phillips, llarbara Goff, Marjorie Hardin, Barbara Houghton, Mildred llennet, Joan Cray, Jane Claypoolc, Nancy Davis, Marcia XYebb, Sallyann Gray, Juanita Holvey. Donna Orin. lfifth Row: Margaret King, Lucille Peters, Betty Adams, Margaret Knepp, Jackie Owen, Carol Stev- enson, Ruth Sclnnid, Joyce Myers, Ruth Paul, Lois Peterson, Audrey Bowen, Jean 'l'ravis, Carolyn 'l'anney, Joan Greek, Mary Hurly, Donna Norris, Mario Smiraldo, Sixth Row: Carolyn McMillen, XVilma Smith, Jeanne Hill, Dorothy King, Georgia King, Kathryn Al- lather, Joanne Harriman, Betty Madison, Delores DeGrclla, Marcella Snoerndle, Barbara Olierdorfer, lletty llull, Nancy Albers, Irene Mctiee, Barbara Snyder, Harriet XVagoner. Seventh Row: Dorothy Dakoski, Casper Minardi, Tony Sileccliia, Rodney Powell, Carl Fncrst, Tom Gisinger, Kenny Rankin, Dale VVeitzel, Fendell Johnson, Dnanne Scott, Dale Scott, Norris Albers, Ilene Landrum, Ralph Kirk, Don Smith, Mary Lee Maclllllllll, Lola VVcaver, Anne Klippcl. 74 Parent Teacher's Association Cuyahoga Falls High School The Parent Teacher's Association of the high school is a thriving organization. The member- ship for this year is 625 parents and teachers. The officers for the year are as follows: President ............... Mrs. Catherine Cameron First Vice President ......., Mrs. E. W. Hookway Second Vice President ........ Mr. Gordon DeWitt Secretary .................. Mrs. Everett Martin Treasurer .................... Mrs. Howard Nicol Council Members: Mrs. J. W. Hendershott Mrs. D. K. Durant Mrs. Pascre Grenfell Mrs. G. M. Wood The various committee of the association have been very active and have done excellent work. The outstanding project of the association is the "Youth Center". Teachers, parents and slu- dents have cooperated splendidly in support of this excellent project. The Youth Center Committee is composed of two groups. Adult Committee Mrs. Catherine Cameron .............. President Mrs. John Anderson ................... Chairman Mr. Leonard Price, Ways and Means Mrs. J. H. McGill, House Mrs. Glen Wood, Secretary Mrs. Kellogg, Treasurer Student Committee Joanne Bowman, Gordon Ackerman, Co-Chairman Tom Gisinger, Publicity Russell Duffy, Ways and Means Sue Duffy, Snack Bar Jim Taylor, Rules Esther Currado, Entertainment Francis Wilcott, Membership The Ways and Means Committee has had thre e rumage sales and three paper sales during the year. The proceeds from these were tumed over to the Youth Center project. The Program Committee has provided some very fine programs at the monthly meetings, which are held in the high school auditorium the second Monday of each month. 75 lfirst Row tleft to rightl Robert Lutz, Esther Currado, Keith Haag, Carol Hart, Richard McGill, XN'il liain Nicol, Mario Sniiraldo. Casper Minardi, Ramona Cash, Joe Campbell Second Row: Dorothy Frazier, jean Stonestreet, Mr. Heuser, Jack Staley, Hazel Harmon, Harriet NVag oner, Miss Sears, Beverly King, Pat Buckson, Robert Case, Betty Hull, Garvin ner, Virginia Horn, Margaret XYebber, Dawn Cunningham ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-chief 12A - Bill Nicol 12B - Dick McGill Business Manager IZA - Joe Campbell 12B - Ramona Cash Co-Managers 1213 - Virginia Horn 12B - Robert Case Art Editor 12A - Keith Haag 12B - Mario Smiraldo Co-Editors 12B - Garvin Gloss 12B - Betty Hull Sports Editor 12A - Ted Huston 12B - Gasper Minardi Co-Editor 12B - Gerry Gardner Editor for Organizations 12B - Robert Lutz Co-Editors 12.-X - jean Stonestreet 12B - Dorothy Frazier Literary Editors ll,-X - Esther Currado 12B - Carol Hart Co-Editors 12A - jack Staley 12B - Harriet VVag0ner 12B - Hazel Harmon IZB - Pat Buekson 12B - Beverly King Faculty Editors IZA - Margaret Webber 12B - Dawn Cunningham Faculty Advisors Miss Sears Mr. Heuser 76 Gloss, Geraldine Gard ?lTHlI2TlCS Sportsmanship Code Courleous in manner Unbeaten if possible Yell for your team Accept Officials' decisions Hiss or boo never Orclerly conduct Gracious to guests Anger achieves nothing Fair Play Applaud deserving opponents Loyal always Lose well Students united 78 unc Claypoolc Intra-Mural Basketball Tournament Physical Education directors Mr. Hinkle and Mr. Watson conducted an intra-mural basketball tour- nament which was won by Frank Shoaf's team. The team consisted of Frank Shoaf fCaptainl, Bob W'oolam, Gordon Seal, Jim Malorne, Frank Smith, Grant Duncan and Bob Woodruff. They went through the tournament by victories of 26-16 fdefeating Schumacherl, 32-27 fdefeating Albersl, 28- 24 defeating Rusking for the championship. Cooley's team won the consolation title by trouncing R. Duke's team 24-15. All-Tournament Team lst Frank Shoaf Chuck Cooley Bob Woodruff Frank Barber jerry Wolfe 2nd Norris Albers Herky Moles Earl Holcomb Bill Ruskin Don Mitrovich l l i FOOTBALL Ifirst Row: llclt to rightl Xvillliilll Luce, Dale Scott, Carl Fuerst, Kenneth Rankin, Robert Patton, Dale XYL-itzel, Gordon .'Xckerman, Thomas Gisinger, Robert Proctor, Anthony Silecchia. Second Row: Coach Carl Spcssard, Harold Davis, Norris Albers. Robert Berdyck, Donald Eckert, lfcndcll hlohnson, Duane Scott, Robert Martin, VVilliam Nostrand, Richard Guillod. Coach Clarence Hinklc. Third Row: M. Hale Dillar, blames Taylor, VVilliam Cnndiif, Eugene McCoy, Fred Sehulerman. Richard Siecrcst, XN'illiam Coleman, joseph Campbell, liugene Eyler, Coach john NVatson. Fourth Row: Thomas XYood, ingr., Ronald Livergood, mgr, Charles Cooley, James Huston, Dennis XYill, Malcolm ,-Xnd-frson, Lynn Knryla, Ralph Thompson, Frank James, mgr., Richard Oberdorfer, mgr. 80 2 Cuyahoga Here Here Here There Here Here There Here Falls Foot-Ball Season Akron South Akron East Shaker Heights Akron Central Kent Roosevelt St. Vincents Akron North Ravenna Youngstown N. Preview Game Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 19 Oct. 25 Nov. 3 Nov. 9 Coach Spessard's 194-5 Tigers had a season of ups and downs. The team, though incapacitated for various reasons, was high spirited. The squad did not have a successful season as far as the win-lost column was concerned but had a big year for fight and student backing. A few high lights of the season were: the 18-12 upset victory over St. Vincentis, the Kent Roosevelt battle on a ridiron that 'ust oozed g J with mud, and the conclusion of the season, a 25-0 victory over Youngs- town North. All the boys on the ball club were stars in their own right, and deserve a great deal of credit for their fight, courage, spirit, and hard work. 81 f ...L Kneeling tlcft to rightl Donalrl Smith, 'lll10Ill2lS XVoocl Standing' llcft to rightl Ralph Kirk, fiaspcr Minarfli, Run Hilhish. lloh llarrison, ,Xl Mattlwws, Kenneth Rankin, Dale XYcitzQl, Coach X'Vatson, 'll01l1 fiiwingcr, Carl lfiicrsl. Rodney l'owcll, Rohcrt llroctor, ,lavk Ingrarn, ,lohn Scluleinillvr, rw Reserve J it l lit-rnhart BASKETBALL Varsity Harold Thonias, Gerald Hart. john Bernhart. Fred Felton. Arthur .Xnclrt-ws, jark Cart' wright, Gt-orgu Loop, Kenneth Rankin, Mr. john XVatson, Mr. Clart-rice Kinklc, A-Xllt-n Matthews, Rohcrt Harrison, Gerald Wolfe, -loc! Grafton. Donalrl Lt-onarcl, Robert Ohcr- rlorfer. l't-rcy Grenfell, 83 VARSITY BASKETBALL Cuyahoga Falls 47 Norton 31 here 28 St. Vincent 54 there 36 Cleveland Hts. 45 here 45 Ravenna 33 here 49 Kent Roosevelt 44 here 54 Akron East 46 there 33 Akron North 54 there 34 Akron South 54 there 57 Akron West 26 here 59 Alumni 48 here 42 St. Vincent 47 here 30 Akron Central 41 here 40 Ravenna 48 there 46 Massillon 58 there 47 Kent Roosevelt 55 there 60 Akron Garfield 59 here 49 Springfield 38 here Tournament - Second Roundg Cuyahoga Falls 4-6 Ravenna 48 Coach Watson's 1945-46 basketball team had a season record of eight wins and ten losses, includ- ing the Alumni game and tournament play. The high - scoring squad had an average of 4-4-.5 points per game. Jack Ingram and Rodney Powell were top scorers with 211 and 182 points respectively. Everyone must agree that the most thrilling game of the season was the 60 - 59 victory over Gar- field. Three minutes left to playg Falls behind by five points and three quick baskets told the tale. Reserve Basketball Cuyahoga Falls Reserves 31 Norton 18 here 28 St. Vincent 31 there 28 Cleve. Hts. 32 here 44 Ravenna 15 here 35 Kent R'sv't 23 here 35 Akron E. 32 there 29 Akron N. 23 there 33 Akron S. 44 there 29 Akron W. 31 here 38 St. Vin. 25 here 31 Ravenna 32 there ' 40 Mass. 37 there 34 Kent R'sv't 22 there 33 Akron Gar. 31 here 42 Springfield 24 here Coach Watson's 1945-46 Reserve team won 10 games and dropped 5. The Tigers scored 510 points for the season to the oppositions 420. The squad had an average of 34- points a game which is considered very good in basketball circles. Harrison was high point man for the year with 14-3 points followed by Matthews and Bernhart with 77 and 72 points respectively. This excellent Reserve material makes for a potent varsity squad in the near future. 83 lfiiwt Rmx' tlcfl tu right! -lulm lim-tim-1'. ,lohii i'iXYllI'l. Riclixifl Wilhnhii Ilmiilwl l mil lwvk lu-V11 w, xxliiiilllll Ixuux ' h. Rivliural Cuiiiiiiiglimii. SQ'k'Ul'lli Row: lluuglsiw l"vi'g1iNm1, -luiiicw lfcrgiisuii, Ilmiuhl liillutmm Rumi illlik' Boggs. XIV. Spcsfzlrml luyziliugz kiiyzxlmg' liuyailmg Viiyulmg Liiiyzilmg' lfulla. .. Ifzillx. .. Falla. .. lfallf. .. Ifullx. .. SVVIMMING TEAM ...JV .Xkrmi 1iz11't1cI4l.... .Xkrmi lluwn-12 .. ...V+ ll .Xkrmi Iluvhtcl .... ...-ll St. X 11111-mit. . . . wv ...nn .Xkrmi Smith. .. ifiiynliog lizsllf. .. ...ll .Xkrmi Raft. .. ifiiyxilwg Falls. .. ...37 .Xlqrlm XXTN1. .. Cuauwh Spf-ssai'4l's aqimlif' vluh hit a .750 awragv hy winning 1 5 f rpping tiru. Thc' Squad plzirwl fourth in lhv Crvalvi' Akrmi Swimniing Ll'kl5lllP. Akrnn lhlvlitvi taking thc- vhamp- iunship. .iuhn lillf'Hl1f'l'. Vifilliam Roush. mul limi Flllle-l'lrni norm- high lm-ii with -1-J-. 233. and 23 points ivslwe-I ix vly . S4 SPRING SPORTS Baseball Cuyahoga Falls High School started its 1946 baseball season with the return of nine lettermen, the remaining members to be chosen from the fifty-six other candidates. Not only was this the initial year at high school baseball for Coach Clinton Emerich, but also for Chet Shoaf, a recently returned war veteran. Lettermen are: "Spike" Powell, Bill Chaboudyg Outfields - John Schlemmer, Bill Luce, Andy Dakoskig First Baseman-Gene Landrumg Catcher-Dick McGillg and Shortstop-Jack Ingram. All home games were played at Harrington Field. The schedule follows: April 10 Ravenna at Cuyahoga Falls April 15 .... Central at Cuyahoga Falls April 18 .... Cuyahoga Falls at Hower April 24 .... Kenmore at Cuyahoga Falls April 26 .... Buchtel at Cuyahoga Falls April 29 ..., .... C uyahoga Falls at Garfield April 30 .. Kent at Cuyahoga Falls May 2 . .. .... Cuyahoga Falls at South May 6 ....... .... C uyahoga Falls at East May 8-9-10 .... Greater Akron Playoffs May 13 .... .. . Cuyahoga Falls at Central May 16 .... Hower at Cuyahoga Falls May 17-18 ............ District Playoffs May 20 .... Cuyahoga Falls at Kemnore May 23 .... .... C uyahoga Falls at Buchtel May 24 .... Cuyahoga Falls at Ravenna May 27 .... .... G arlield at Cuyahoga Falls May 29 .... .... C uyahoga Falls at Kent May 31 .... .... S outh at Cuyahoga Falls June 3 .... East at Cuyahoga Falls June 7 ........... Season Closes 1 At the time our Yearbook goes to press the results of the contests are not known l 85 Golf The seasonss golf schedule follows: April 30 .... ..... R oosevelt at Cuyahoga Falls May 2 Cuyahoga Falls at Ravenna May 7 Cuyahoga Falls at St. Vincent May 9 .... Cuyahoga Falls at Roosevelt May 14 .... ,.... R avenna at Cuyahoga Falls May 16 .... .... S t. Vincent at Cuyahoga Falls Al Mathews and Bill Musyt returned this year to the Western Reserve Golf League. Frank Ander- son will coach the team. Tennis 194-6 marks the debut of a tennis team at Falls High. The Greater Akron Tennis League, form- erly composed of West, Buchtel, and Central, has now included Cuyahoga Falls High and Western Re- serve Academy. Seventeen possibilities have turned out to date, they are: Ralph Kirk, Don Richards, Edward Mas- sic, Daniel Mitrovich, Don Mitrovich, Bob Proctor, Dick Guillod, George Loop, Virgil Mast, Dick Pizer, Dick Shoultz, Ronald Casper, Jack De Buvitz, Bob Gravesmill, David Rieziel, Stephen Wolford, and ,lack Reynolds. R6 -'N kim yi" 7? I f ,Q X ffm ,N 4 6 f HQ XTX S.I A6 X hh' X 4 QM WW WW iff! 3 . ff 556 'X if E 1 if Muna 87 M:-ef. fQ55x9 f 2 ' 2 Z eu Q Sx Q i?'H9wwwz-X samamwf At Our Work 89 At Our Work 90 IN MEMORIAM Eugene S. Abel David G. Anderson Robert Appleman Emerson J. Bable John F. Bacha Andrew C. Barstow Ray Beacham Harold F. Bell Samuel Brearley James R. Brodie Robert Burkhamer Willard Burt Steven Capriola Moir H. Cardwell, Jr. Marvin Christopherson Frank C. Clark, Jr. Rondel L. Cox Robert Coyle Archer F. Cram Daniel H. Croy Earl E. Dobins John Paul Ekers Paul Endlich Edward Gartner Andrew J. Haidnick, Jr. William C. Hartley Raymond L. Heuser Henry Herbert Richard C. Hoiles Harold I-Iumm James C. Jacobs Thomas Kane Thomas K. Knepp Thomas P. Larocca Jack F. Leaver James E. Lindeman William C. Lindhe Dean C. Lunger John E. Lynch John W. McCarty James E. McKinley Harry A. McKitrick Norman A. Meyer Duane Morris Leo Niskey Richard J. O'Connor Lee S. Parker Robert Pitkin Austin Ramey Richard G. Robb Rowena O. Ross John F. Schnee Wilford R. Scarem Clleon R. Shall Harold E. Sharp -Ralph Shields Frederick D. Skeels Jack Slusser Robert L. Sprenkle Joseph J. Stevens Charles W. Taylor Robert R. Taylor Warren B. Vandevier Harold Weaver Jerome West Richard C. Widmeyer ALMA MATER QWL Rid-mfs ,,,,,Y,3,,,,,S e,,tc4,3.,Ld 646 i?xgJJ ,, J JQPEIJ 2 1 . Qgb, 555 dE 'Z' Ji-Q -. UEW'T5JT'M'l01'W QQ -J J 6 MQ: sig-Um-mum JlTl"R! 4l'I'EH47-ER. if-1 .L A. Jul'-9J 9 37? ii b 5205545 s qwllw .Sl ri! f Www' x 9T76I HOHVIAI SN' .LHDIH , . ........., .- M r-f-N 1 2 Mg SO WELL REMEMBERED Hroml Strvvt fllillll High Sclmol l.inmIn CVIIXYI-Ul'll Old Nast 95 AS OUR BOOK GOES TO PRESS Coming Events in the Music Department Every May the nation observes "Music Weekn. In keeping with this annual event, the Falls Schools from the first grade to the twelfth, present each May, a series of con- certs, whose music is centered around a theme. This year the Music Festival theme is "United Nations Revue", which will include songs, dances and instrumental selec- tions of the United Nations group. The high school concerts will be presented on May 7 and 10. The following music organizations appear on May 7: The ninth grade chorus, tenth grade chorus, Girls' trio, Boys' Quartette, All-Girl Choir, and two instrumental ensembles. On May 10 the following groups will appear: Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club, Orchestra, instrumental Ensemble, and A Cappella Choir. During the third and fourth weeks of May the elementary schools present their festival programs. The primary programs will be given in the grade school buildings, and the upper grade concerts in the high school auditorium. Each building has a sep- arate night. Everyday is a musical day in Falls High, but particularly in May, the music department dedicates itself to Hsweet harmonyw. 96 Booster Club Spring Dance April 5 is the date chosen by the Falls High Booster Club to present their annual Spring time dance. The dance this year is a sock hop held in honor of the basketball team. The team has chosen candidates for king and queen to reign at the dance. They are: Phyllis Wojhoski, Diane Durant, Lu- cille Peters, Mary Lee MacCullum, Spike Powell, John Schlemmer, Jack Ingram and Carl Fuerst. The king and queen are to be elected later. The king and queen are to be presented with gold basketballs. To add something new, Allan Freed from WAKR is being brought in to direct a "Request Re- view". Along with Allan will come Little Dale to help with the requests. At intermission time a program is to be put on in the auditorium. The basketball boys will put on a style show. The Junior Prom The Junior Prom will be held at Twin Lakes Coimtry Club May 31. Denny Thompson's Orchestra will furnish music. Carl Fuerst is general chairman. Other members of his committee are: Jack Hook- way, Nancy Hendershott, Sue Ellsworth, Dick Nichols, Garnet Moyer, Dick Cunningham, Harriet Ack- lcy. Mrs. Rousch is faculty adviser. The Senior .Prom The Senior Prom is scheduled for Friday, May 17th at Breathnach Country Club, eight-thirty to eleven-thirty oiclock in the evening. Denny Thompson's Orchestra will play. This social event will be presided over by two sets of queens and kings and their respective at- tendants. Dale Deaton as king and Margaret Good as queen attended by Patricia Buckson, Betty Goodyear, Marilyn Miller, Andrew Dakoski, Dale Koplin, and William Musyt, represent the June graduating class. Jack Ingram as king and Mary Ellen Shrimplin as queen attended by Joanne Bowman, Anna Klippel, Sally Waters, John Schlemmer, Joe Palmer,and Bill Luce, represent the Twelve-B class. The faculty committee in charge is Miss Miller, Mr. Welker, and Mr. Emmerick. Student com- mittee chairmen are: programs, Betty Carroll, publicity, J o h n Schlemmer, intermission, Barbara Rousch. Commencement Schedule Baccalaureate Services as usual will be held at the Methodist Church in the Falls. Reverend Louis Greene of the Congregational Church will preach the sermon. Music will be furnished by the A Cap- pella Choir of the music department of the high school. This service will be held Sunday, June 9, at seven-thirty o'cIock in the evening. If weather permits Commencement will be held in the Stadium, otherwise in the High School Auditorium. The program will be given Tuesday, June 11 at eight o'clock in the evening. Dr. Homer R. Cotterman of Capitol University will deliver the Class Address. Music will be in charge of the music department. 97 OUR APPRECIATION To all who have assisted us in the preparation of this book we wish to express our deep appreciation. For photography we espe- cially wish to thank the M. O,Neil Company of Akron, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Chart, Jack Staley, and Robert Lutz. To Mr. Leonard Price we are grateful for his assistance and helpful suggestions in setting up our book. To Mr. Van Almen of the Cleveland Engraving Company goes our appreciation for his suggestions on picture arrangements. The Falls Hi Booster Club, their sponsor Miss Cox, and Mr. Alan Freed have aided us most generously by their financial assistance. To all pupils and teachers who cooperated so splendidly, we extend our thanks. Last, but not least, to Mr. DeWitt, who made possible arrangements for working out details of the project, we wish to ex- press our appreciation. We too wish to thank merchants and pro- fessional folks of our community for their generous contributions. Yearbook Staff and Advisers 98 Merchants Directory ::1 :innings-:nn :u-::-:uxn-uf 100 ,,..-.5-.ui..1..1u1. THE Mc6OWAN FUNERAL HCME Cl jf1llIl0'lLlVo!gl0Il1EH OVERLOOKING THE CHURCH PARK AT STOW AND THIRD WA I3l3 WA I3I3 FALLS PFHQRMACY for School Supplies Drugs and Prescrzptions Pboto Supplies W. G. Wertz, Prop. WA 2546 Compliments of F. W. WOQLWORTH Co. coMPuMENTsoF fu Q7y1gg,' ff! 1 , ff, ,,, If ,, FALLS sf-xvl N G WW' "WW at 2I2l FRONT STREET LOAN CO. Candy Homemade Ice Cream Lunches A 4, ,.,,-,,,-,,,.,,- ...-..-.... ... ... -..-............-......... .. .. ...........................-.....-..-.........- 4. 101 1uu-un1nu-'.-n.-uniun- nv 1I-1uiui.....u-u-..i..i..1..1..--..1nu...1.1. ID E A L COMPLIMENTS OF CLE AN E R S ' Lillian Rockefelleofs 2164 Front treet Fancy Pastries WA 2222 "ws ABOUT TIME" TI-IE JEWEL Box Diamonds Watches Jewelry J. F. MITCHELL 2026 FRONT ST. WA 8927 In the . . . FALLS - dial WA 2121 FOR PROMPT TAXI SERVICE RIDE: IN SAFETY falls Gab fo. 107 W PORTAGE TRAIL 1..7,,,,7,, ,qu .. Y.. .I ,Y vin ,n ,, 102 +:7:: ruin:ini:u1n:iuu1uu1uui::iu:in:7u:--nn1n:7nn1nr: -11r uuiuin 1nn:nn-nn-uu--nn-nn- i--u--n- 1n-n-- gl. i i SEE LEO'S SWAP SHOP Warne 190392 Gvmv-my A i i I A Home Town Company Managed by i : 'O' i FALLS GRADUATES 2 i : 1 I A Radios and Radio Repair 3 Q Bicycles and Bicycle Repair Q i Compliments of Q i Or if it is new or used furniture vouwanf i LEITER HARDWARE A i SEE - - - CO i i Z i Lev i E ,i I i .l......-...-..-..-..- -.............-...-........-..-...-...-..-..-............-...-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- -..-..-...-............g. iiionh SUMMIT comm-Y DEMOCRATEQA .. H 1 4V0uvvlmuf41-curmvAunu-n1uuo-1ysmvu4.wamu4naun '- ' " ' L, 5 .Sw ,T .gafj fA"w,fii., S ,gg K, ....,....,...... qw J, 'Sw if ' THE TI ' up Sm-Ing my-if ol .VIIHhHUKW wlH of xi - ,fail sq U The Falls Newwpo 'N A .- ' ii cirruuiiiii-21-If-iii' L , 3 A llllii """'f'flflplg3gg1'ff""""""i -SIN, Xxxekiw i xfffo V I I 7 X-,xi I i,.. Yi "' Blefdfgd Qwde A . r+fff"f,f,'l0A f9fi'iEf."QfQiTiE'?"fE"i'fM? A 24, A ,WW A 'fc is iff ' Af A O.. O A "I" I .., ,.,: ,N Q' -A ,R , Nga' 4' 4 Ll ,igpla 4' tt R 515232 , Q M Qlqgnaai, Hgogkfl M, -..M W ws " Swmicwm i':i FDR RETTEIR i 9 Cofpfgfxy-Efaswifggfl'-3 "Y Z3 ' in img -YEMAMMS-'Huw 'X '9 S'-cs. gag ,,.....- :.'.:':'f:,..fgggg-,,+,-g., , fx -. 'g C A LL lv '- !'fL4r-31211 -53?:,A-51322 Q: 9 3343? in ' S" 1' A an as QESUMMIT PUBLISHING CO. .,UyA'l'Z,Zl'9FAEES qs. Akai SSE-twssfvstsfs. 'f-Q. ' 103 'lv ----------------------- ..-..-.I------i T IVIoGregor Sportswear Nunn - Bush Shoes Torn Sawyer Boys' Wear Kaynee Boys' Wear Swank Jewelry Alligator Rainwear In Cuyahoga Falls it's Ralph Gwuqa' Store for IVlen anol Boys Hart-Sohaffner-Marx Suits Botany Ties Rugby Sportswear Jantzen Swim Suits Knox Hats Mallory Hats 1 - 1 1 1-nn-un-nn1un1nu1un1 -- 1 1 1nn1nn1uu1nn1am--nu1nn1nn1uu1uu-ul ---auiasfn -u--n7- ---uniaxial -- -auf---n 11un1n7:li::.-.:iqei:g1nn ::4::-..-:in--: ,gig nn: -1 C -S Auto Body Shop COLLISION REPAIR We Specialize in Frame Straightening, Vlheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing Hotpoint Kitchen and Laundry Equipment Maytag Washers llillllllill HPPLIHHBE 8 llllllPllitlll CU. 447-449 W Exchange St. Akron 3, Ohio 2401 Fourth Street At Oakwood BL 4466 BL 8417 The City Loan Sc Savings Company 2017 Front St. A A. P. Kohler, Mgr. COMPLIMENTS vf Wise Beauty Salon 2412 Fourth Street Gongratulations Falls High Graduates from STATE ROAD HARDWARE and SUPPLY CO. 1658 State Road at Chestnut Blvd. -- -7 --in -- ----?--7--7W1pg-nninniun-ns:sa1uu1nn1nl1u1qp-ln1n1n.1n1.g1 nn-new 11:17 -V ..7u-at-an-1:1--at, .. ..7..,.Y .. ... ui 1,,,1,,i,,.,.....1..1.1 1 1 1 1 Falls Precision Macllnii ca Gnaimndlimg Cot, 2026 E. Bailey Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio WA 6206 Flys G g D.Porter l-larry T. o e , r. eor e 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1u'1.l1..1ll1.l1ll1q.1nu1un1gn1ql1 Gapikal 'finance Corporation 2080 Front Street "Above Krogersu Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio WA H26 Compliments of Oakwood' CDrug WA 0819 2404 Fourth St. Cuyahoga Falls 0 af M. 0'Neil Co. af Gwfdfweya gall! feelin' fqppalzef Jlame quludduhqa 4, 1.1 1 1,.1,.1.p1ll1..1..1Q1pp1n1n1lp1.g1gp1.p1pp1qp1.q1pn-..1.'1gg1.g1.' 7- -- '-- Y----'Y'--7'-u ""- n Y'-u 'W-nl-nz-un-1:1-nu+:u :: :sin :fn ,.uf::i:n1a,Y,. ,.. ,. -7,3 ., ini...-'ll Cuyahoga Falls Reporter "The Home Newspaper" W. E. Bauman, Publisher For More Than 74 Years Cuyahoga Falls' Leading Newspaper CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES 141 Portage Trail WA 4315 GARDNER SHOE CO. It Page to shop at the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Fans Department Store for price ancl quality f .Z ladies' and childrens' wear l 4 MI 1 t t I COMPLlNlENTSand BEST WISHES T TO ALL GRADUATES THE RIVERSIDE W. L. TUCKER LEVI NSON'S l LA UNDRY COAL SUPPLY DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Cleaning Q Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio l WA I234 -1----- -kgui 14 modem WA 7214 am ga. zz.. .arm 1889 Front St. , fcmfec. l " l, ffluuuul' mlvnuc Q 'Davis .Bakery 1 lx. Lee Llcoclyear, Inc. Established IQI6 l WA 2147 2231 Front sf. Taste - Rite ll Pastries l l n,1u:7nl1u:7al1n:i::i::1u: nc: --Ya:-av..-... qg.-3-qlnuzns-xsxix-su:-nl:.L: lain- ..,., .Yarn JACK HALL n n The Leading Barber I1..11p1..i,,ilu.-uu..uuininI-.arian.-.un-n-qaaian1n.iaa1na1.ap-nina--ani Buy Your Milk and Ice Cream at 'gill f9r11iI'l: 'Empply go. Lawson' s 2347 Front St. l85l4 Front St. C h g Falls, Ohio Balwc Tr r F. Sm l'1 P 51 Q l, Q, I1, C Z See LIS First Authorized Representatives Slurp liar International l-larvester Co. T S , P ' for a iz astmes Galion lron Wlcs. 6- Mfg. Co. Grfts anal Flowers I-IERTZLER 64 MAIR BOTTOMLEY Wallpaper and Paints 2156 Front St. Silber flake glilnrishs Jewelry and Records WA 3622 2103 FRONT ST. CIIMPLIMENTS The F. W. Crth Co. of Mdlmu I2 2035 Front St. "Service Printing" Color Work Catalogues GENERAL PRINTING 1.1. .- :i :ini :i 1 1:7 :i qinilz-::-ng: -H15 gg W 108 'I 11 ll 11 1 il i i ii 11 l ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 12 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 l l 11 .1 ii 1 i 1' --I 1::in1:: nf :: ini xi .ri 1: Y, :Q , l.-ag 7 -4.-.:7,.1g....-....1I..-...1I.....1..1....-u1........-..-...- -I-11.1 .. .in Congratulations to the Graduates ol I946 We appreciated your patronage during the school years and we hope it will continue in the future Kalpfufi AKRON - CUYAI-IOGA FALLS - TALLMADGE Qi MW Congratulations from THE KLEIN CO. 2115 Front St. Cuyahoga Falls Men's and Boys' Wear of . 1 4 Choose Furniture from Long s Sm 'W 'lioclay llurniture lilze liomes is buili lor gracious living. Smooth, easy-io-live willl lines anal smarl, racliant colors aclel tu the splenalor ol liome. Whatexfer selection you malce you can clepencl on the l1eart-warm- ing quality ol: LONCTS furniture. THE BURG AN-HIBBARD MILLER CU. ' U ' H - l24 - l2b Portage Trail H ' . v fi?- -. -, ,. r WA zona , rl H' T? 2 - - . I OPM WW? """'f"9fXCfPl ' , ml ' 2' "THE HARDWARE, PAINT WeJnelJay unlil Oolclaclz 'Ill' j lg 'if' A ' 'ji ., Clouezfafl Jay WeJnuJay l.. i +A AND GARDEN STORE ,iz , , , . ,,,,, ' . ' SPORTING GOODS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES STATE ROAD AT CHESTNUT BOULEVARD r 4 4 :I+ :fx 71:73. -ui::i:,, ::,: -:Y :::::4:: 7:multi--Ilillius-un-an-up-1:1nu--ll1n1n:-llluliuliuu-u1uu:un:ul ui SCIENCE C gb MGM? - 5 T' -:Ap Iii: .1 rs ff .-'gi at li Ili., Q 5, ll., E-,I si. Q g gi- 2 Ji we Scientific knowledge and research play a vital role in the lives of all of us. It is, therefore, important that young men and women be encouraged to develop their abilities in these fields because the boys and girls graduating from high school now, are the leaders in science of tomorrow. Few people realize that the Machine Age is a thing of the past. The last few years have opened up the limitless fields of the Atomic Age. The world, therefore, has increasing need of reasoning and creative scientists. We must make this world a better place in which to live. Science is a prime agency in rebuilding civilization and outmoding war just as it has been a powerful means in fighting to save our way of life and bring victory. Science plays a vastly more important role in our lives than many are inclined to believe. We enter a darkened room, flip a switch, and the room is lighted, thanks to science. Science has brought the four corners of the earth within two days dist- ance from where we are sitting. Science has made it possible for us to live to a ripe old age of seventy instead of having a life expectancy of thirty-five. Suppose, for a moment, that science might never have made these conveniences possible. Where would we be? Probably living in a cave and battling with nature for survival. Let us consider the opportunities and fields of occupation based on science or a phase of it. We could name dozens of them, the highlights of which might be radar, radio, plastics, mechanics, nuclear sciences, astronomy, biology, biochemestry, in short, nearly every phase of industry, manufacture, or use of goods, depends greatly on science. What does the future hold for science? That is a question which we cannot answer. It depends entirely on you, the future generation of scientists. The past has carried us to this rung on the ladder of civilization. The future depends on you! Can you meet the challenge? 110 .l,,.:--:,.-,....::f.: :f - Q: -3.-Z 1 --- --- -:W - ...-......-..-.......- - .- ... - ...- .r Congratulations Graduates of 1946 gr Thorp Greemhoueee 1301 Sackett Avenue WA 6042 WA 6042 D ll A R NIZE fd"WW"6 7' ,uwmmw P T 0 6 5 OUR ADVERTISERS Zfpnf Qfzmf, State Road 1 cAlzron's and Cuyahoga Falls' most popular eating place. N THE The School Jeweler WA 0860 Next to the Falls Theater MODERN BEAUTY SHOP 2ll3 Front Street WA 5376 Ca khorino Cameron, Prop. COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF FALLS RESTAURANT +r::f.: -xi-xi:--u . Y 1-xl: '::Y,... -:: :l1n4:n7:aETi:ul-:u1 1 xnui:-.-gg Tlliu1Il::l1ll-11--Il 11111-1 u1nu1nn-nn1ul1nn--.n1uu1nu- s-m: 44 n1:: 4 w1n1n-urn :gilt-1 I l l I I ll l 1 l i 1 1 ............-..........-..............-......-1- Compliments ol l FRANK R. SCl-IONER, INC. l Real Estate and Insurance 2020 FRONT STREET H If-14, puma ae pzmeaff 1 C Mei Compliments of 'l SORD'S ELECTRIC SHOP C pliff-ents of il Waytag - Bendix - Thor 1 Premier - Duplex Sweepers FRED vVENK,S ll We Repair All Types STEAK STATION l Of Electrical Appliances State R 2052 Front Street Congratulations . p . 7 The Akron Palnt 8a Varnlsh Co. 1 QUALITY PRODUCTS SINCE 1878 2060 Front Street l Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio I WA 1811 i I -..--.-.-..-..-..-H 1 get HQ. ... A. e.. :T,....-.., e..T,.e... .t ..e.. ...i 112 1 i 7:1 :rT:: :zinc ini ---xizxfzz 7:1 YYY, inf:-1 :Ya-1:7 fx' Compliments of The Vaughn Machinery Co ENGINEERS AND MANUFACTURERS 1,,141i,q.:-1:1111 n1n 1:71 :sizzix nc fxYn1x W xfarfn--ut -71:71:11: aural 1011! 113 E E E E E 1n.- STUTZMANS GRCCERY Corner Oakwood and Third Streets We Feature Birds Eye Frosted Foods - Fresh Vegetables - Choice Meats WA 7689 We Deliver Electrical Construction and Engineering Consultation and Planning by a Licensed Contractor Lighting, Wiring and Remodeling Old and New For exclusive Falls service call PA UL McCUNE ..... ST 6409 Compliments of ISA LY'S Compliments of HANDY BAKING COMPANY 1114 Portage Trail 1. 1 1 1- -- -nn:n:nn1u1lu1uu11nini:sin-ruin--:uiuniuuiuuinIin:1n1n1ll1ul1nn1nu-ul--unLnn1 CII 114 .l...,:i,:f:: -::W:.:,,i,..::f:,...-.,::: :-3 .. - - - ... - - - - ... .. ...-..--....................., 'R' i V , I When Pjamfzmg a printing neeci, like an advertising folder, house organ, or office form, IE you neecl time council of a person H who has time uiznovo iiown. I CALL: HEMLOCK 4141 OR HEMLOCK 8231 I AND ASK Pole LEN PRICE jj i '6uu'M:lll'mmmuunm ramen, Macs, jg 161-5 W. EXCHANGE ST.. AKRON 3. OHIO qw fuse K io .zz Seniors of Falls High Students and Don iz 0 fo Fofgef The 1946 Graduates 'Kenny Goobwtn. inc. the Quality Meats 3 STORES IN THE ACME STORES Reumons T0 Come 2l28FrontSt. .056S.u...M.ins.. il N Store at S. Main St. and Wilbcth is ii 3, -nu-uuluzosru-nun:-in1Il1ls1ln1na1ll1vI1ul:nl1ul1lu:ul1ul1u:lI1n1ln1ul 1 1 5 class-Q1 I I I I T I I ll I I I I I T fl I n I I I H l I .- lg..-g.-.g1n-...q.-u1u1gn1nl:u-1ul-li1u1:l1ll1q gg.-u1,g.1...1g1..-...,gg.-3.-u.,::7..1: - gg .gin-.ur ::7l: ff -: :: --xl -.q.....1,.l......q.. OUTH is not a time of life - it is a state of mind. It is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions. It is a freshness of the deep springs of life. OUTH means a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite of adventure over love of ease...this often exists in a man of 50 more than in a boy of 20. CPBODY grows old by merely living a num ber of years. People grow old by desert- ing their ideals. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubts as young as your self- confidence, as old as your fears as young as your hope, as old as your despair. N the central place of your heart there is a wireless station. So long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, grandeur, courage and power from the earth, from men, from the infinite, so long are you young. The Falls Booster Club congratulates every member of the 1946 graduating classes. May you retain your interest in the high school and its activiti . . may you broaden your scope of civic activt may you stay young forever. THE FALLS BOOSTER CLUB q-gi l1q1n1q1q-.g...g.-g-2g1qA-g- -g 3-517513 ,g 1 16 BURRELL Wvlzere the Gang Meetsn 1659 STATE ROAD Y IN APPRECIATION The staff of the "Cuyahogan" wish to thank the following for their contributions which have helped to make this yearbook a suc C685 I Class of January, 1946 Class of J une, 1946 Athletic Department Dramatics Department Music Department High School Band Commercial Club Four Square Club Girl Reserves Codey Club Hi-Y Club Honor Society Latin Club Student Council We are especially grateful to the High School Booster Club for sponsoring an assembly for the benefit of the yearbook and to the students who so enthusiastically supported it. -un.-- .. W 7 ----V-in .---1 IC .fn-nil: 3+ Q 4 ff 'll AUTOGRAPHS ff! - ffcfiad K 7 75 ?,i1ii5Zfzf 925532-M' ?hgTa-.41 J 1M.fCMf4,,, 70 . 49V ,QM wal Wm ' - ,flim mm mmxffffwwf if ??f5 My QQZ30 Jhiwaflmyt .1 F -. f'il'i?' .,,z 1 . 5.1 .,,.L ."CT -1 ,IHA- ..1 . 11- 1 ' -1. . 9, A J.- ' ' "-1. - 1, -. 11. n ,JY 1- 1.94 ff ,v 1 11. 1 K,"x ". L.1,,"1 His' 1 .1 ' .311 "J HJ 1 A--1 .vw ii' .:L. .M 11.1 111: 1.1, . ' 1, R .1,. .ix 1 1 ,Q -Q 1 Q71 ' 5' 1 V.-411:'X,' 1' 1-Cfi'i1 1' 11 :iii-fx' .111 1. 'f fy- f -. :1-,Q 1 , 1, 1 1. 1,.. ,V X 1. - .I A IA.-.1 145. - ' L11 nik.. if 1 , . is-' 11455. 5 ,1 11. 1 ' Q 4,5 . ' -L' .37 351'-f5 ,, 1.51935-1 Y 111:41 --1- -1 111'- .. v.-.,w,f: ,7:1,., ., .1.1,l. 1 5. 4. - ,--,!,-,- '. 11, t .J 1.7 " - f 1. 1. . , , .S 1 'lr .11 ...X 1,1 -1. . .1 JH... 1-.151-.,,-.g '. . . - 1. 'ff 1- v,- - ..1v ,A 1 1 fa 411 4 L11 .11 -.1, , 1,7 1 . .L , it 1,1511 1-.9 - - 1 31- . gn ' 1 ,f 1-' 1 . 1 ..1.-. , 1 .Q 1 Y!! if . Q ' fa' ' jA I.- - 111 1 .N11 . 6 . 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