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S E Q 9 X S 1 ' - E 4 5 S 1. 5 r 1 Q I I ' 2 , i 'I li W , .xl ii W ix 5 i 1 V 1 1 , 2 N . 4 ' af 5 3 s 1 E 2 Y , , 1 - , I AxJiW , .,. Q71 V . 'gj , 41413: , ie, QHW3. 3. v A I X J. 46 ' ' - -. f - .,--3, P -'fm-.. ' 'f o W.. -I , A u n - A 0 t ' , ' . . - fl , . ,-: X , 'Hn-ng . -9 3. V 1 - U t 4 I ' . . ma .Q 1. ' " ' f'- 1 " U ' I 4 1 . ,Ia n 1315, - ..-an F ' I .pf -i, . . , .r.,,?, , - 1 ll 3, ' 1 , . 4 - 'ip 9 n 1 , ' of - . , 1 -E I K XQLY' ,-,.. - .1 ' .J 4 '1 . W- , A 45 " , I "'L-.Y AAA H Q U -Sub ' f , -1 ' -' ' .. W ' - 315 , 1. , , ,VI K X' A 15" ' . A K . I u z.. , . my A I , V l,1f,'f ' "' . , -,-'ff -. 1 ' ' a- . wc' 'ff ' , 95,1','f1.' '. ' Aa . w-351 PM ,fg1Lf.'i'-Wg' , ALL-1,Lj.:r-,,V ,.PQ,L:.'3Q N f L if ' 553,23 , ' . - . - 1 , JwF11'W'5'21 .'. -uv . ' ,112 M A,, I My f'f'1'2Q. Q' ' ' IY'.'!'4."' C5 ' ' :'-'kl'ij1. Q .. 1 f HJ I 1 . ...ra 'f "' " , ' -- 'M' . Im. L, 'M-an il -Iii. J ,,-MIL ga . gr-. Curry High School 1950 Jggpgp, Alabama llllll MMA MMIII To our school we pledge our power, For we trust in thee, And we will at every hour, Always loyal be. You have been to us a mother, In the days gone by, And we'll never love another, Ae ole Gurry High. CHORUS Always faithful, always loyal, To our colors true, Here's to thee our dear 01' High School Curry!! Here's to you. H 1 HIRIWIIRII We, the Annual Staff of 1949-50, are presenting to all the friends of Curry High School HGOLDEN REFLECTIONS OF l95O.n We hope with all our hearts that this Year Book will be a cherished possession of merit and value to you throughout the future. To the administration of Curry High School: We wish to express our heart-felt appre- ciation for the splendid co-operation rendered in this undertaking. To the following personalities, Mrs. Celesta J. Burkett, Mrs. Nell Ekstrom, and M s. Jewel Black, we owe a debt of gratitude for their constant guidance and helpful suggestions in making this publication a reality. To all our friends who have so gracious- ly received our efforts in the past we extend our best wishes, and thank you for your part in making this activity a success. Delayne McCauley Editor . 2 WM In dedicating our 1950 Year Book, we wish to honor two faculty members who have become very dear to us. By their friendliness and enthusiasm they have inspired us 'to greater goals. We have found them at all times in- terested in our welfare and willing to help make our school life a pleasure. By this dedication we wish to express our appreciat- ion for their loyal service. We feel that American Youth will always be safe in hands like those of Mr. George Turner and Mrs. Sarah Ann Salmon. Mrs. Sarah Ann Salmon, born in the state of Missouri came to Alabama in July, 1941, and since that time has taught in this state and has proved her great leadership ability. Her schooling and training include three years at the University of Missouri, and one year at Central Missouri State Teachers College at Warrensburg, where she obtained her B. S. Degree in Science and Home Economics She later attended Howard and Birmingham Southern Colleges in Birmingham. Her teaching experience includes three years in Missouri and nine in Alabama, seven of which have been at Curry High School in the Science Department. She enjoys teaching and associating with teen age boys and girls. Her hobbies include Science Scrapbooks, book collections, nature study, and cooking. She occupies her time with routine house keeping at 1106 M rtle Drive, Jasper when not in school. 3 4 Q8 L i -N 2, if me f We 1 I llr. George Turner, born in Indiana, but an Alabamian by adoption, has served in the school systems of Alabama with zest and fervor for more than thirty years. He was trained for his profession at Hamilton State Secondary Agricultural School, Florence State Normal School, Birming- ham Southern College, and the University of Alabama. He received his B. S. Degree from the University in 1935. In addition to his teachers class B professional certificate he also holds the Alabama Principal-Superintendent's certificate. His teaching experience includes principalships in elementary schools of lalker County for ten years. His class- room activities include the teaching of mathematics at Curry H131 School during the past seven years. llr. Turner enjoys teaching and working with boys and girls who will become Alabama's future citizens. He also enjoys living in the country and when not teaching spends his time on his large farm in the Drummond Community. 4 L Mr. Cecil Burkett Principal-Auburn B. S. M. S. f'Hn any l .I 'N +2 - Y 'fy . Af- 1 MIX :ASX , K NWN 1 Mrs. Loyce Guthrie Home Economics-Alabama IACUHY -5 'xx L t .af l .ex Mrs. Nell Powell Typing - Massey' s i Mrs. Celesta J. Burkett English-Alabama A. B, A,-,Q .Wu 'V Mrs. Sarah Ann Salmon Science-Mo. S. T. C, B. S. B. S. Miss Mary Israel Jr. High Soc. Studies-Alabama A. B. its Mrs. Willie Mae Ryan Jr. English-Howard 1 .Suv 1. N 1 Mr. George Turner Math- Klabama A. B. PP' ,. U 1 :'l'i1"" A Jfhe Y 5' - fr. F 'fi .f u fm S -' eff " . rf! ' . f f :lik rx A Mrs. Mildred Myers Jr. High Math Jacksonville-A. B. Mr. Maurice L. Northcutt Coach-Auburn '-Sxfxg: Qs -A 3 7 ' ' '24 'f' , . FQ" Y"j:i, 'f! ' uf Mr. M. E, Ekstrom Agriculture - Auburn Mrs. Nell Ekstrom Jr. 1-Auburn B. S. iw . 1 'swf 1 is ff' C l is Q1 WK V J: .img ' it e ot WX' UWM sir Dewayne WcCauley EditOT Editor-infcnief . . . . Assistant Editor . . . Advertising Committee . Club Editor . . . Class Historian .... Class Prophet ..... Last Will and Testament Typists . . . . . . . . Circulation Manager . Sports Editor . . . . Advisors . . . . . . DeWayne McCauley . . . . Ina Gibson . . DeWayne McCauley Sarah Lee Herman King Ina Gibson Betty Ryan Bobby Wilson . . . June Rowe , , , Bobby Wilson , , Carolyn Cooper . . . James Aaron . . . . . June Rowe Emaline Forrester . . . . . James Aaron . . . . . . Herman King Ms.CdeMaJ.BmkMt Mrs. Nell Ekstrom Sl IIIRS Il' S James ef' 'E' , , 5, 3-j , K ,IEA -V C' 'X P R E 1 G ' :- Y in Qbm ar 'QC 1 1 tx.. 1 D E N T Aaron V I C E - P R E S I D E CLASS FLOWER: Gladiola CLASS COLORS: Red and White MOTTO: b2 CBe Squarel 4pnw Wayne McCauley p"'N tx 'sv--""' SECRETA Sl Illll IIHIEHISC N T R Y - T R E A S U R Sarah Lee CLASS REPORT Ina Gibson Q. James Aaron Senior President Football 1 Year F. F. A. 3 Vice President 'A8 Annual Staff 1 ii. Carolyn Cooper Secretary Beta Club '48 Glee Club A Beta Club 3 Secretary F. H. A. '48 W -g+ A si Alta Berry Glee Club 2 Basketball l F, H. A. 3 ilfl Q ,. 3 Qx Q :IIB ,W xxx Q A, Arley Bridges F. F. A. 3 Harold Dai19Y Daurice Nell Daniel F. F. A. 3 Beta Club 2 F- H. A. 2 10 5 it x 1 122 I . I invdf' T... Murvel Drummond Louise Elmore Football 2 Christmas Princess 'LS Basketball 2 Glee Club 2 F. F. A. A F. H. A. 0 '1 J. C. Farley Football l Fo Fl Ac 3 Football Manager '48 JT? ,,,.,,, Emaline Forrester J. L. Gay F. H. A. 3 Football 2 Annual Staff Basketball 2 F. F. A. 3 Sylvia Gay Cheerleader l Science Club 1 Beta Club 1 Glee Club 3 Basketball 1 F. H. A. 3 w. r' N5 W, Q. . -sc ' - A U X J' Braxton Harbison Ina Gibson Clyde Johnsey Fgotbgll 1 Beta Club 3 Science Club 2 F, F, A, 3 Cheerleader 2 Science Club Treasurer fu v- F. r. A. 3 F. F. A. Treasurer Treasurer '48 Bus Driver 2 Beta President '48 Class President '48 Class Reporter Ass't Ed. of Annual County Beta Treasurer Basketball l Sarah Lee Herman King Bobbie Jean Ramey Secretary of Class Football 2 F. H. A. 3 Beta Club 2 Basketball 2 Glee Club 2 All District Beta President Capt. Football Annual Staff All Co. Guard '48 Sports Editor F. F. A. 3 12 5 - i i 5 95, f iuyu-4 ,-.A Ernest Lindley Football 1 F. F. A. 2 up 7 dlxg A .. . WM F' . V .XFN 4 M ff ...AW A Q Vaudie Robinson Science Club 3 F. H. A. l 129' Quan' . l Q DeWayne McCauley Beta Club 3 Vice President Editor of Annual President of Class '47 v 1 F15 ' V Q, n ,V J-fx, 'Tj -- dxf ,X-.V ' .., ' 'fa-qs xi 1 ' ' I 2.?Wl N!h'x I 535: , 1 1 , 1 : I 4 Charles Miller F. F. A. 4 41 ' 1 June Rowe Beta Club 2 Annual Staff I3 Q. N Lacy Redmill F. F. A. 3 nggmwg .xq .J .T 1'- Betty Ruth Ryan Homecoming Sponsor lst Maid Homecoming 'L8 Miss Curry High '49 Beta Club l Annual Staff Parlimentarian l F. H. A. 3 X ' A N f 'b. 5 v .. Alfred Gene Webb F. F. A. 3 Football Manager l Willodean Wilson Charles Wilson F. H. A. 3 Football l F. F. A. l Ovelene White F. H. A. 3 Bobly Wilson Secretary of Claes 'L8 Class Historian Annual Staff F. F. A. A q' 1 ,, .Q 'X , 4' N. 1 X - v..f 1 Ovelene White Frank Woodley F, H, A, 3 F. F. A. 2 Football 1 all X N . A JU IUHS .4 PRESIDENT N4 1 Mm lr John Horrurd Lee 0 I: I I C E R S Q1 '--..,- L """"p' SECRETARY 0,5 " i Carlos Jefferson fn 'X 4- TREASURER f. Ed Moles e s. . l CLASS COLORS: Lilac and White FLOWER: Rose MUITO: With the ropes of' the past we'll ring the bells of the future. I8 AH- - .. ,....ln....l.,A.......-..,,.,.-.- -.s E ,v- 4- X I , -. -'infj Y-" ' Q - L asv I ' x, sr A v -J r-:QV Q .4- J 7 'ax ' 4- '-5 F' JZ k-?'3?fx Q ,,, ny' , R4 A rf X If xf 1 l ,fr - , N , Q , 2 uf U Q'-px -,gay fx Y o p I J, ,A i ,g- - If E ', . . 2 3 i -,,,L xl. t -Y x, , Mgt lim j n"' X AISH-Q' QF 3 3? , -ar 1-N, 5 3' I- 5 fo 5,2 Bill Aaron Doris Burrow Charlene Bennett Harold Brown Dan Aaron Joyoe Brown Billy Berry Hazel Cooper Billy Busby Lillian Davis ,"' if ' gil 1301 JL 5 ee: 3 J xl - . 'dd , . , EwQQhFJ'l5 S ? Q11 +L' . J. C. Dailey Frances Huffatutler Melvin Gay Doris Keaton Dadie Gilland lillodean Kelly Carlos Jefferson ' Iva Jean Key Q John Howard Lee fo! Sara Pearl King -51 4 ff fl 92,3 Q . ,N 3, .H yy . Sgt, ' 'S 'J fx 'xv-0' A PM .L M nfl M ,, x C gg- ,P .Y ii ' ah in X, ll ! ' f:'w'f , W X X at 7 y fl. 2 L ,l- A"1 ' . be-gf y ya. - - JL Q Wi 99 " "rag fl ,. 2 - - F L Mary Elizabeth Lloyd Durward Moles Charles McCauley Lila Sanford Reba Jane Noles Ed Moles Clarence Lee Ruby Lee Short M llie Powell Roy Daniel X, kj. M' L - f' fl fi , 1 .M ' ', f f , xg - 5 Damarias Skinner Willie Whittemore Augustine Taylor Ralph McCauley Ruth Wilcutt J W N 1 1 L? W M 35. Q '2 fsqvr' wa N X 1 l 111' 1? 49- E Q.- if j . . Q 1 ' ei 'H , , 415 Robert Woodley Betty Williams Charles Phillip Berta Meeks Harold Lee Nancy Lay S f yf M + 4 X iQ6'?'aIQA E M12 ma 42 V1 ,i. 5 gE zgQQi2a3i3g3a2z3a 5 4i A i QQ ' 4-41 :w if i" 4' A Q Q, ' f . N....., . ,bfi 3 I , k'N M jfiw 5 4- TRS' .7 v N President Charles Abbott ClASS UIIICIRS .cz Z1 l :' x ' , F f 1 Q MW, X, Vice President f L.. Charles Shubert Sec' ty-Trees . Perry Drummond Reporter Carolyn Gibson Sl IUR 0 I iii-1 -- 1i-n--- 'A . X! O if R -V to'- ClASS L AWN 1 M-1 , 0 J , NJ yr , x lm ,Avi LAST Y M PAWYMQJT Kxwdmm MADE , iQW. , 9 L-J aft Sri' - 114 ' u . ...Y 4 President Faye Ford gi rv 'Ps ' , f as fX. 1 n a Vice President Jody McCoy ClASS UFIICIRS 'on Q- Q- , T iniUPH' n.:,,,.EQH.4 . ,.v 3 . '- waez2a:.e?i Sec'tyhTreas. Wanda Williams fFT'V' 'I UR IHRII mss JIINIIHI IWII CIASS JIINIIIR UNE MASS Vaudio 00 Emalina -s E it W .-f ' V H f w H-,L aa xi, Clyde 3 I' uf' 1- Charles -T-9 ' .1 Ernest A Q 1 Nl Juanita 'it al' fl A Illlllliil lillodaan vi' A M we ,. Bobbie Batty ILA Juno ai ' - f P A Q5 J Carolyn 'T" - Ina hw v . ' . X A Louisa Charles ' 's W- -1 K'-we 'E L 5..- ..-Q ms Em E-2 M ? . !XfS' sf--nr.-ws:-s -f Wi l ,. M XJ 'v v 1, H 7 ff? Q--,J.g 1 4 , .LL-N A ,Q-, I -,wavy--v 4 ,1 Ks., M E Q. ,f-jj, f qi .Q f . ,Q - 9. ,--.,. I 'f ,129 ww: . . .'--4 -Y rf - - I .-...QQ Q T Q, , ,, ,V LE: , , . L . 1 x.u.j:' 3 I-. .- , . .,g9'9' .7:"" '4 A 6. -A ' 1 Q.. x .'fv W'--'ffl' 'lf Vi' -' ,' M,-1. Qu- ff, '- k "K . - , Liv. Eff? -' , -'Qi'-"Ff:iP'?7f"w "' f' ww, ,. - , KM- ..'52J'-K- '--'-'.3iT'.:" 1-Z", f.'-f-'Tw f M-'5r.Qr 7'r.':r..7'1L L' ' 3'-5-T 13,3 ' :fkfii -" -", -.,".g,:,Tg - -g-1131.-Aj, xr V L 1-if ., X X. ul..., , , .nA .,-a , .mf1ciL,, ,H .iv K-,I ,3.,vbJ:,?:15 t. .NY-Q.: N- ' -. .4-gyiix .-,fy 3 .Q-1'-.--. v W- - 'Q 2f,ff.::,ff' g --1 fzHie5f?9:P ri ,,w5f? -1'-fl-2w??1'i'-er..-J.. ' "SQL 4-' W- w-15 --A' .-'WL -'N " ' . 0. , -1- -1-1.-x.. . 34- . ' -,en "'- Fhkx v-Q.-.7iA. -Al l 1-'ow fglr f-."' -0' ,NN .,.,...-V 41 XL. A X ,.Y- ' ,W ,,. .-..,-x,,.,.,. Li., If 4 ,,, . 1 Q ,rf ACTI ITIE ' f-L 9-5 f ffm - ff, 1. , ,,,, f " "fn, -' 'I 4, 'ag-, ' Q. ,+-15'f,,.:.1Q.,-.- - . -11:61-3,:L,e..w--'V -- arn-. 4-nr"-557 ' ' -. -:VN 11,3 196, if .f rg.: -f, , 4 A Sv. ,-,.. . . ' T - - "" Q fill-' -I .4 Agva .- A.: ,- 1 ,-,-vw , ff , fn f. v an ."zj'' XE? N " 'x':Q.-7-'J?':Nff'+. J, gr. -1 'Q-'av :- . '-.511 .1 ' .5 .'-w'.-f- . 1" , , ' ,,:--ZLQC. . 4.-, V- , 'A-:ass vw X-""Ay--A TQ,-.- 4,1 fazf,A, ",, 15: I , Y .,, - 03. .- 147-,' -,aa of 1 . -, gf... sf 'Q "1 -.g ff Xb, ' .- 4,1 4 "4 "ggi" 9-e -q Front Row--Left to Right: Herman King, Sara Lee, Doris Keeton, Carolyn Cooper, Doris Burrow, Horace Estes, Sara Pearl King. Second Row: Betty Ryan, Augustine Taylor, Willodean Wilson, Daurice Nell Daniel, June Bennett, Millie Powell, Lawassa Johnsey. Third Row: Sylvia Gay, Ina Gibson, Lila Sanford, Sara Ponder, Mrs. Salmon CFacu1ty Sponserl. ' Fourth Row: June Rowe, Durward Moles, DeWayne McCauley, Charles Abbott, John Howard Lee. --eq . 'N' .Y 27 i A 1 Li Blll ClUB SCIENCE ClUB 5 lia,Vo1i:zgza?glQ - Q Most Studious James Aaron Carolyn Cooper I IEW ifivgfwl-W Y Biggest Flirts Alta Berry J. C. Farley E i ,........ Best Atkletes Sylvia Gay Herman King WIIITS WHII ' IQJE T- - Most Popular Best All-Around Betty Ryan Sara Lee Herman King Bobby Wilson A Class Grumblers Laziest Louise Elmore Daurice Nell Daniele Braxton Harbison Murvel Drummond nun-q Most Attractive Best Personality Juanita Lee Ina Gibson Frank Woodley J. L. Gay 30 9 it V G Eg .-rw :ri Most Dependable wittiest Quietest Emaline Forrester Louise Elmore Ovalene White C1YdB J0h1'1S0Y Charles Miller Charles Phillips wggp ' 4A PQ ls- Silliest NSBLSSL Most Sincere Willodean Wilson June Rowe Clyde 5011115957 Dewayne McCauley Ernest Lindley B0'D'DY RHU195' 0 - Most Likely to Succeed Best Mannered Most I?ignified James Aaron Arley Bridges Juanita L69 Ina Gibson Vaudie Robinson Lacy Redmill 3l , Q vi Q Mfg fJ A X X ' H Cf Cf ww Q N J X X QQ jx Xa XTAQ A -115525IEIEIEIEEIEIEIQEEEIE lx ! I 5 my -I - -.-.-,.-.-.-.-.-.' --- C J M 1. l I k If vnrsfwnmls ronnmu or 119499 Front Row -- Left to Right: Durward Moles, Kenneth Woodley, Harold Brown, John Huffstutler, Herman King, Carlos Jefferson, Robert Woodley, Earl Tidwell, Braxton Harbinson, Frank Woodley. Second Row: Sam Myers, Jr., Clarence Lee, J. L. Gay, James Aaron, John Howard Lee, Roosevelt Cunningham, Bankhead Kelly, Melvin Gay, Charles Wilson, Murvel Drummond, Edward Moles, Coach Maurice North- cutt. Third Row: Don Sanders, Edsel Drummond, Jack Estes, J. C, Farley, Billy Ray Whittemore, Ernest Lindley, Elmer Sparks, Homer Estes, J. C. Dailey, Ralph McCauley. K M , 6 y C 5 G92 'l LS' J 122' K nl Z . 5. , K XY? Maurice Northcutt , I J, Coach 551 f 'ga 'Ti ff V 'J ' J' 4' All' 0 3 .' .- ' ,a ,,,, N. - , X , Sa-lf, A C 33 S C H E D U L E A N D S C O R E S 1 Sept. 9 Sept, 16 Curry 591717 0 Oct , 6 Curry Oct. 13 Curry Oct. 21 Curry Oct. 27 Curry NOV, L Curry Nov. ll Curry Nov. 18 Curry P L A Y E R S A N D P O S I T I O N S Murvel Drummond... ....E J. L. Gay ......... ....E Charles Wilson .... ....E James Aaron ....... .... E John Huffstutler .... ....T Kenneth Woodley, .... .... T Harold Brown. ..... .... T Banky Kelly. ....... .. ....T Jack Bobo .............. .... T Captain, Herman King.... Robert Wood1ey......... Braxton Harbinson.... Earl Tidwell................ Elmer S arks p ................... Co-Captain, Carlos Jefferson.... Homer Estes ................. J. C. Dailey. ........ Don Sanders ............ Billy Ray Whittemore .... Ralph McCauley....... Jack Estes ........ Frank Woodley. .... J. C. Farley.... Clarence Lee .... Harold Lee .... Ed Moles ...... John H, Lee ..... Ernest Lindley .... V 1 S 4,fW5!E P .9 1 dd V . fi ' . 'QL' ,. .-P vi, O.. "Q 0 0 i : I .V W VI N ....B IOIUIB .....B .....B .....B .....B .....B Oakman 33 Walker 6 Warrior 7 Cordova 26 Parrish 12 Dora 19 Meek 6 Double Springs O Pell City 13 Carvon Hill 13 GLN 'lf E! . f . f Fa 9' .::::s:EE?' Herman King CAPTAIN C H E R L E A D E R S D . .-9-5 Back Row-Left to Right: Gaynell White, Edward Redmill, Sylvia Gay Front Row: Wanda Williams Charlene Bennett, Millie Powell, Shirley Jefferson, Ina Gibson Seated: Kate Steele ' 5122 MN V H E A D 'wi-A C H E E R L E A Millie Powell as D E R HOME COMING 1949 Betty Ruth Ryan Sponsor Martha Ann Ponder Joyce Brown First Maid Second Maid as B A S K E T B A L L S Q U A D bi..- gr f-f fm-if: "' . - "' ' N: . fl- 1 nuf4J'M'. 2 1 S A S Front Row--Left to right: Herman King, John Howard Lee, Edward Moles, Murvel Drummond, Sam Myers, Jr., Clarence Lee. Second Row--Left to right: J. L. GGY, Robert Woodley: Kenneth Woodley, Coach Maurice Northcutt, Don Sanders. B A Pr S K E T B A L L S C H E D U L E A N D S C O R E S O F 1950 Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan Jan Jan Jan. Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb ' Q Feb N Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Addison lL Corner 36 Cordova 23 Oakman ll Meek 21 Haleyville 34 Cold Springs A3 Meek 20 Carbon Hill 16 Addison 27 Dora 20 Parrish 29 Oakman Lynn Lynn L .AL Dora ' gy' Corner Xian, Cordova fx Cold springs QD 6, Double Springs X cold Springs 'fa Carbon Hill Double Springs Open Parrish 37 ir 'K 'K if an ff ,. ,, at SWWK WSWS 4 4 4 4 4 4 x me 1, l' ll' G O O D C I T I Z E N S H I P G I R L 1949 - 50 Miss Ina Gibson was named UGood Citizenship Girln for 1949-SO. This is one of the greatest honors which can come to a Senior Girl. This honor comes to Ina as a result of distinguished service to her school and community. She has maintained a high scholastic average during the past years here and has served in the following capacities. She was Beta Club President in 1948-A93 Assistant Editor of Year Book 1949'5OS Cheerleader for two years, and F. H. A. Secretary in 1947-48. Ina is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Gibson, Route A, Jasper, Alabama and plans to attend business school when she graduates in May. 39 X 'M-... -S S.-wxsms 4-..N-NMNW ' -5 . NR'-+.,,.. all N? ,,f 1, ! U -fra-JIM. --. -- ? Q 5.-,......-:.-------J --" " " Y .-,?.,f,f 1.1 q W . I MWHJHA 1 ' LI 3 a F -Ea ',.4 r-'+fI:5f ww"A"' C H R I S T M A S P R I N C E Barbara Bedsole 40 'lu Jimmy Smith..... A Hilarious Farce in Three Minnie Peterson..... Hosanna Bugg.... Dexter Dorner....... M s. Florabelle Wendy Hill.......... Cissie Trent.... Fizby. . .. Miss Oma Ormsby..... .... Tucker Trent.... Miss Tompkins... M s. James Smith.... .... N I O R P L A Y 1950 UThe HTHE BARGAIN BRIDEU Acts BY JAY TOBIAS The Players A Radio Contest Fiend .... The Apartment House Maid.. The Negro Cook, Afraid of Jimmy's Roommate and Pal.. The Landladyf-A Gay Widow. Jimmy's Heart Interest... Dex's Heart Interest ..... Dex's Aunt Oma From Omaha. Cissie's Widower Father... From Silky Suds, Inc .... The New Tenant .......... C.L A S S H O N O R S ...J. C. Farley ..........Juanita Lee Spooks ..... Sylvia Gay .. .... James Aaron .. ..... June Rowe ....Louise Elmore ....Betty Ryan .. ....... Ina Gibson .....DeWayne McCauley .....Bobbie Ramey .....Carolyn Cooper up-9 Iifiev-nr . 1 K VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN ALL COUNTY SELECTION FOOTBALL Dewayne McCauley Juanita B. Lee Herman King 41 C L A S S H I S T O R Y of 1950 This class of 1950 has no unusual history. Most of us started to school about twelve years ago, and by constant prodding on the part of patient teachers have finally emerged on the threshold of graduation. Our accomplishments have been average and we lay claim to nothing unusual scholastically, but we leave this brief record as a formality, hoping be more accomplished. that those'students who come after us, may The graduating Seniors who started in the first grade twelve years ago are Betty Ryan, Emaline Forrester, Charles Miller, Carolyn Cooper, Louise Elmore, Alta Berry, June Rowe, and Bobby Wilson. Through the first six years of school we had several teachers. Our grammar school teachers included M s. Farris, Mrs. Hudson, Miss Brakefield, Mrs. Ryan, When we graduated Durham was our teacher. school diplomas at the M s. Sherer, and Mrs. Durham. from elementary school in 1944, Mrs. Zora We felt proud indeed to receive grammar end of the school year. we could hardly wait to enter high school in the fall of 1945. When we entered our first year in high school, Mrs. Burkett was our home room teacher. Ina Gibson and James Aaron were added to the class at this point. Then came our Jr. II year with M s. Mildred Myers as Class Sponsor. We had two new comers to our class, J. C. Farley and Charles Wilson. we plugged away with the usual number of ups and downs through this year, and our freshmen year found us with Mr. Hawkins and M s. Martin as our sponsors. We caused them many head- aches but they survived the year. We felt proud to have graduated from Junior High School. As we became sophomores several new faces were added to our class, these included: DeWayne McCauley, Herman King, Bobbie Ramey, Buford Williams, Braxton Harbinson, Lacy Redmill, and J. L. Gay. Mr. Turner was our sponsor and we This was a large class could get tough in the We entered our Jr of our students failed the class room routine for the freedom of the had the Science Basement for our home room. and we realized at this point, that things class room. year with Mrs. Salmon as our Sponsor. Many to complete the school year. The grind of became monotonous to some and they thirsted Nopen roadn. Matrimony called many of the girls and several of the boys decided to see the world through services afforded by Uncle Sam. In August, 1949, we became Seniors. This year we had Mrs. Burkett as our Sponsor. We have thoroughly enjoyed our Senior year. We had Sara Lee, Juanita Lee, and Ovalene White added to our class. We have been a fair class, engaging in various activities. we know not what the future holds, but we hope our years in school have prepared us to become worth while citizens of tomorrow. Bobby Wilson CLASS HISTORIAN 42 C L A S S P R O P H E C Y O F 1950 I recently stepped from a Pan American Clipper in Birmingham, Alabama and was greeted by a lusty voice of a cab driver. Taxi! Taxi! Lady! he exclaimed, I thought the voice had a familiar ring and looking closely, I recognized DeWayne McCauley. I dashed over to say hello and since I was going up town decided that this was the cab for me, We talked over old times, and naturally the conversation drifted back to our days at Curry High. I learned that Herman King was an all American football player. Bobby Ramey was manager of the lunch room at Curry High School. J. C. Farley was still waiting for Ruby Short to give him an answer. Betty Ryan finally got hitched and was living in Hueytown, Alabama. That J. L. Gay had acquired a wife and inherited a fortune in doing so. Sylvia Gay was a telephone opera- tor in Jasper, Alabama. June Rowe was teaching Science at Walker College. Bobby Wilson was a famed radio announcer. Murvel Drummond and Alfred Webb were studying law at the University of Alabama. Emaline Forrester had joined the Piney Woods Trio, which had reached the top in entertainment. I was getting a little hungry so I went into a drug store to get a soda. When the waitress came I recognized her to be Vaudie Robinson. We were both glad to see each other and after I had told her of my days adventures she gave me some more dope on the 1950 Seniprs. She said that Ovalene White had become the Head Nurse at the Peoples Hospital in Jasper, Alabama. Arley Brid- ges was the leading farmer in Piney Woods. Frank Woodley and Charles Wilson were in partnership and were operating the South's Largest Dairy. Ina Gibson was happily married to J. C. Kelly and was a leading lady at Curry. Sarah Lee was the most highly celebrated woman in New York. Clyde Johnsey was driv- ing a Greyhound Bus from Jasper to Birmingham. Braxton Harbinson was head of the City Commission in Jasper, Alabama, which had grown to be a city of fifty thousand. The day was almost gone so I decided to see a movie, I stepped up to get my ticket and found the ticket agent to be Juanita Lee. Since I was alone I invited her to attend the show with me and she was very glad to do so. As we sat in the show I told her of the seniors I had come in contact with that day, and she told me that Daurice Daniel was secretary for the Governor of Alabama, in Montgomery. Alta Berry was studying at the University of Alabama hoping to succeed Mr. Turner as Math teacher at Curry High. At this time the news reel came on and who would appear on the screen, but Lacy Redmill, a Navy Officer, returning from over seas duty. Then came James Aaron announcing his candidacy for the President of the United States, on a live and let live platform, Next came my big surprise, Harold Dailey and Earnest Lindley dig- ging gold in Alaska. It seems that they had struck it rich. The main show had started and I was surprised when Louise Elmore appeared doing the Blondie's Boogie. This climaxed the performance. When the show was over, and I was on my way home to San Francisco, I was truly grateful for the friendships which had endured for twenty years. I plan to visit Alabama again and hope to contact my class mates again. Carolyn Cooper Class Prophet 43 LAST WILL AND TESTAM NT Class of 19 50 We, the Senior Class of Nineteen hundred and fifty being of sound mind and failing memories, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. First: we will our places in study hall and our Wgood common horse s ensen which we have developed at Curry, to the Sr. I Class. Second: To the Sr. II Class we will ou seats in chapel, our quiet and dignified ways, and our home room, to be used throughout 1950-51. I, Sara Lee, leave to Lila Sanford my good natured ways. We, Junaita Lee and Lacy Redmill, leave to Lillian Davis and Charles McCauley our dignity at all times. I! I! In Dailey. I. Aaron. I! Taylor. I. I! I9 Willode We Charlen I! Daurice Nell Daniel, will my good conduct to Nancy Lay. Carolyn Cooper, will my good grades to Berta Meeks. Herman King, will my All County Football Rating to J. C, Charles Wilson, will my ability to stay in trouble to Dan June Rowe, will my neatness to Doris Keaton and Augustine Ina Gibson, will my position as cheerleader to Millie Powell. Charles Miller, leave my sense of humor to Melvin Gay. Emaline Forrester, will my quietness to Iva Jean Key and an Kelly. , Sylvia Gay and Murvel Drummonds, bequeath our athletic skill to e Bennett and Edd Earnest Lindley, Moles. will my ability to make excuses to Harold B own and Bill Aaron. In King. Betty Ryan, will my cute smiles to Joyce Brown and Sara Pearl I, B axton Harbison, leave my struggle with Democracy to Clarence Lee and J. T. Bruce. We, Bobby Wilson and J. C. Farley, bequeath our David and Jonathan friendship to Dadie Gilland and Billy Berry, I, Harold Dailey, leave my excess height to Damaris Skinner and Harold Lee. L We, Ovalene White and Vaudie Robinson, leave our shyness to Hazel Cooper and Doris Burrow. " ', ' I, Frank Woodley, leave my good looks and popularity with the girls to John Howard Lee. L I, DeWayne McCauley, leave my Wgift of gabn to Willie Whittemore and Virgil Sinyard. I, Alta Berry, will my cheerful attitude toward the boys to Frances Huffstutler and Irene Tidwell. ' - I, Louise Elmore, will my flirty ways to Betty Williams. I, Alfred Gene Webb, leave my musical talent to Ralph McCauley and lands Ruth Wilcutt. I, J. C. Farley, will my physimae to Robert Woodley. I, Bobby Ramey, leave my ability in English to Reba Jane Noles and Ruby Short. I, J. L. Gay, leave my old WLocker No. 5' to Durward Holes. I, Clyde Johnsey, will my busdriving to Carlos Jefferson. I, James Aaron, leave to James Hunter and Billy Busby my over- sized flat feet. Signed: James Aaron Class Lawyer 44 G R A M M A R S C H O O L F A C U L T Y 41' fir- W' qs A I Mrs. Gwin Bobo j ig gg First Grade M s. Mary F, Myers Miss Billie R. Gordon First Grade Second Grade Miss Roberta Smith M s. Jessie Gibson Fourth Grade Third Grade Miss Jimmie N. Hudson Third Grade Mrs. Delia Noles Second Grade sw... - Mrs. Ila M. Bobo Fourth Grade 27' Miss W, Higgins Mrs. Hazel Snow MTS- ZOTB Dllrham Fifth Grade Fifth Grade 45 Sixth Grade 1 NN X l svffsff ff fitgsiieg YS .Ig jg - A 'ff eykipvg WWWB Best Wishes from the MAGIC S TATI ON kgfulfzzp, Jqfzafpafrzu 5 ' BROTHERS Q94 co LA WW Sporting Goods - Records Radios - Appliances PHONE 760 liif BY 7A5Tl"7'i5f I8I7 FOURTH AVE. JASPER, ALA. CRANFORD ' S HARDWVARF COMPLIMENTS V, BUILDING SUPPLIES 4 ,5 GREYHOUND CAFE pi,I3Q4i3Vi'. SEED. I-'ARM IM:-Lr:a11-:x'r:-. w s "B 1 F Qucxlit A d S ' " IIOMH IIARDXYAHE. IXEATING AND es or Y n ervlce ' -1 PLUMBING SUPPLIES Greyhound Bus Station phone 508 'rx-I 1 I HOKE 300 JASPER. ALABAMA JASPER. ALABAMA Merchant's Electric G Supply Company COMPLIMENTS Contractors, Repairs, Fixtures, Wiring Material! BRAKEFlELD'S DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRoDuc'rs RT. 2 JASPER ALA-- Sales IABY CHICKS FEED 81 SEED Piano 191 Wcd19thSfvnl Jaipur, Alu. C ompliments GORDON'S ICE CREAM COMPLIMLNTS mmm INN No. 5 Highway Phone 1185-M .weicvg A, C, S, CHEVROLET COMPANY GOWQV og Phones 238 - 736 Chevrolet and Oldsmobile John Deere Farm Equipment LUMBER GUMPANY MAnurAc'ruRzns AND UEALERS IN llll Ill Sllll lil! HIE llllil 4 OEISS SHUMAKER AUTO PARTS RADIO MAINTENANCE COMPANY ALBERT SHUMAKER. Mlhlgll' Jasper Phone 21.1, AUTHORIZED DEALER Alabama HASTINGS STEEL VENT RINGS ,-t- V , ...uu- A-C PRODUCTS f", 'i GLASS INSTALLED NEW and USED PARTS WRECKER SERVICE LINDSEY -A-ND BROWN Feed, Flour, Groceries, N. h Gas and Oil Day JASPER. ALABAMA 'g t Phone Phone . 44 338 No, 5, Highway Phone 1051,-R QOUISE f fwwgp Hgppg wmm COUNTY BANK 'O 61-2126 Cut Flowers, Plants, Floral Designs, Jasper' Alabama x 621 Antique Glass 6- Pottery Al, Years of Continuous Service to , .. or 'ir people of Walker County. if Enom: vas ,figfw I, GH o E e -L' , 'T 85,000.00 Member Federal Deposit i Jasper, Alabama Insurance Corporation. 85,000.00 MCCOY BROTHERS GINNERS dz MERCHANTS BUYERS OF CO'I'I'ON AND C0'l'I'OX SEED HIGH GRADE FER'I'lLlZl'IH Curry JASPER, ALABAMA Boldo '..- .W. L. LUMBER CO., P161 T-h Q .-..- -. ,. ' " --- -- LUMBERANDBUILDING MA'I'ERIAIS...m- -1-' 1,-. -.. .11-.c-n.-.-.---1.1 -1-vie-.,,-1 i -ii ,-li' .-1-.--,-ga-.. ,.. Q -. ,- :--Yi - + JASPER,ALABAMA. 841 842 HHWON WE1N5'I'ElN'5 Compliments of S irleq Sqnn Sho H SHORT FUNERAL COMPANY, INC ngzyfs rwdgouf cgxfzavagancs 211 13 -14 - 15 - 16 BLANTON BUILDING P. 0. BOX 167 PARKER'S QUALITY CLEANERS JASPER ALABAMA Phone 508 Jasper Alabama W. H. SHORT Pals lm- R R LQQNEY' 1-.,A,l,,,, COMPLIMENTS Jo Be Fu-119r's .Q Complete Food Market pause i '-Six Price - Quality - Service , , - 45: I Ph 5- ffvq Ha19yV111Q one 58 'Alabamg ,, ompliments if - X I Ymmafrou ELECTRIC comm A Kelvinatur APP!-mcse Jasper Phone 84 Alabama romeo onus: Aun-nomv or me cocacoux cowmv nv JASPER cocA-coLA aornme COMPANY I son HUMPHRIES On Highway is Fresh Meats, Gas, Feed, O11 Phone 554 C OMPL IMENTS SANFORD SERVICE STATION Complete one-stop Service Phone 550 MULLINS HIDE AND PRODUCE Feeds, Hides, Eggs, Metals, Hatchery and Baby Chicks Scrap Iron, Seeds, Farm Supplies Phone 47 P. 0. Box 620 FIRST NATIONAL BANK LEHMAN FURNITURE COMPANY Telgphgne V Parrish "We can give you sound protection and PHILCO APP1i8I100S 2331 real cooperation in all financial A11t0mBtiC WBSTISTS Jaiger D338 matters. Your business with us, large Compliments of or small, is appreciated. C811 432 9 1900 - Third Avenue or schley 0 Re" vrrms BROTHERS MOTORS FIE1-D'S HARDWARE CHRYSLER Call 299 PLYMOUTH 505 West 19th Street Night 1091+-M Seed, Plants, Garden Tools Complete stock of used cars Athletic Goods PhO1'19 110 Birmingham Avenue Jasper! Alabama General Hardware Jasper, Alabama J. R. KILGORE 8: SONS Palmer - McCutcheon Dealers in Furniture Co. Horses and Mules Complete line of Electrical Appliances Cattle and Hogs Phone A2 Jasper, Alabama, 1811 Fourth Avenue Jasper, Ala. r c n t COMPLIMENTS ompofen S KLEINS DAIRY PRODUCTS R- E- Cunningham 8: Sons Phone 500 Staple da Fancy Groceries Cullman Alabama Phone 1420 Fresh Meats - Frozen Foods Compliments of "The Sou!h's Greater! Labor Newspaper" Phone S0 JASPER, ALA. W. C. Gardner Wholesale Grocery Co. WYNN - KNOX CANDY COMPANY Candy Specialists WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS PEOPLES DRUG COMPANY GEORGE S. HILLER, Proprietor 'inc' 1910 The REXALL store Birmingham Alabama IASPER, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of DIXIE DRY CLEANERS ENGEL'S . . Jasper Alabama IUSPOI. Phone bu, Alrxlnuxml Compliments NEWARK ,S of i Your Teen-Age BEST JEWELRY COMP ANY Store in Jasper BROWN - SERVICE INSURANCE COMPANY Organized 1900 J. B. Tate, Agent Gaines Parts Co. v'I - PARTS Phone 401 a 94: Service ds Quill!! Flflf Jasper Alabama Jasper, Al-lbllnl HUTTO FURNITURE O we 'L and Brown Lumber 8: Supply Co. REFRIGERATION COMPANY Complete Home Furnishing TELEPHONE 794 1814 Fourth Avenue Jasper Alabama JASPER' ALABAMA Compliments of Compliments E. R. Mattingly, Inc. A . OWEN WHOLESALE , g '-1"C""'-F"""Me'2"" FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMPANY Phone :so Juw, Aman, Phone 132 Jasper, Alabama COMPUMENTS I Phone 651 Jasper, Alabama Seven-Up Bottling Co. V GARREI'T'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Bowers of 'mm' orange Crush' 51 C? 23rd Street QB'ham H'wayl Delaware Avenue ' old Colony and Grapico If 0- JASPER ALA I. A. Garrett Manager and Owner 78 DRIVE INN THEATER Compliments I ' KEENAM'S GULF STATION .4 H DULJ Opposite People's Hospital Phone 1425-J1 Jasper Alabama Compliments of SHAPIROS fsnuouw M. L. MATHEWS STANDARD OIL COMPANY Trade with Phil and save -T9-SP91' Phone A92 Alabama Courtesy of J. M. PHILLIPS GIN COMPANY Phone 560 Jasper, Mabama "THE UPPER CLEANERS" are Cleaner Uppers Pick up and Deli-very Service 454 West 19th Street Phone 285 Compliments of O N L L P, 'Jr' I x x J X I X4 u A 3 'V I v X 1 J ASPER, North Alabama Lumber Company 'zgfgyf xzl ' 'L f ALABAMA Phones 217 and 218 GENERAL LOAN AND FINANCE COMPANY ' t Compllmen S Over Hares Drug Store RADIO SHOE SHOP J- F- Frederick G. A. Pribbenow Managers Jasper, Alabama Phone 803 Jasper, Alabama JASPER FLOOR COMPANY Jhilqruh' WALKER HARDWARE COMPANY Ae? . Westinghouse Phone 1514 "5!!l1-RADIO Refrigerators Jasper Alabama Zenith Radios Laundromat KAY'S Compliments WThe Fashion Centern BERNARD'S ON THE SQUARE - Jasper Jasper , Alabama J. S. Spears Grocery Feeds - Seeds - Gas - Oil Near Thach School Phono 493J5 Manchester, Alabama Compliments of L. T. HUDGINS Compliments HINTON RESTURANT DELANEWS INC Gas and Electric Appliances Phone 9134 Phone 524 180 Fourth Avenue Jasper, Alabama Compliments NUNNALLY AND soN GROCERY o CONEY ISLAND General Merchandise Across from 78 Drive Inn Theater Curry . Phone 733 51 COMPLIMENTS Compliments COPELAND'S THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE OUTFITS POR ENTIRE FAMILY Reaching 3400 Readers IGSPGY. Alabama Publishing Thursday and Sunday IDEAL CAFE JASPER JEWELRY COMPANY warn: :VERY IIT! Il Jun alan-rr The Home of Kegpsake Diamonds REGULAR MEALS - SHORT ORDERS - STEAKS LEO STANDEFFER. PROPRIET OR Watch and Jewelry Repairing JASPER. ALABAMA The Gift Center rouunm nnmxs cunl srnvlcl: JBSPSI' Alabama MISSALA STAGES, Inc. "Serving Walker County Wtth Frequent Bus Service" IASIQERV ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS gvn 6 ' ' 0-.. EQ,"-1'-f....,,,3f7 WALKER COUNTY LOAN CO. JASPER' ALABAMA 'OUTFITTERS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" Iasper, Alabama SHERER OIL CO. McGUlRE MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. 312 Commerce Street HIGHLAND AVE. 8: 24TH STREET our DIITRIIIJTURI sl ll E sm-:LL PETRULEUM Pnooucrs LL A-'--'Ur -256 u. s. nuvAu. Tunes Compliments :JEEP soU'rE MILK f 0 It's "Utterly Delicious" A. B. LEBG AND SON'S FUNERAL HOME A 1 J A1 b 1 t A Y , am' 8 'ma ll'l'ltL AILLIINS Bonded HILLER TRUCK LINES Insured zorn-4. sr. AND ann. AVi:HONE sea JASPER. A . Fast Freight Service Commerce Avenue and 20th Street Jasper, Alabama Birmingham J asper Fayette 3-0733 704 Q 222-W COMPLIMENTS Charlie Matthews ia... A. E. -Warn r ....AT-, .. A . , ...., ,.. W .. , .......,-L.......... ..-ma M, Y. L, L A MYERSJ17 Iv7YEARBOOKS THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY O MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS

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