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1 -A Kd- NT' :hw-'J-F""' '14-.Eb Y - E "QE ,- he . N, r-" K - 3 f . I I LV W A in ' iff Q A L ggQ ,,1, g ,A - Q www In 'i I ' i g H4 Y A Q P --1 U 'A I in-J-A f. 1" VJ' I AW: .J hd... I - 'JJ Q ff- . A , ' 5 S3 .H Q xH, - Q - 'W -- ' N X A 1 A . V qi Q- X , X L 'KV u!'. A, , M Y , . hd. - V .. ,WJ A . 1, Fi .1 u I 1 . I . I. Vi I-J lf? 'hu "E, V V S ang - fu? fs n fi 1 if KL. 5153- 5 , Q9 KN A. A Rx WJ 'T, Y- l'LJ45 ' I f f . - , W kv- W A " A .- M : ,.,- , .. 1 Z-f':,'5'l, .lf--'QV 1- T145 ,N I tll- ,- IJ:-int I. A-b 5. A 42. .4., ...u,T Q W i Q - V fflfv Q ' mm A CUB TRAX Cuperhho Umbn School 195 6 This is the year Gupertino moved. Old Cupertino Union on Stevens Creek Road served us well and we loved her. But we love our new school, too. The pictures on this page show the day we moved this spring. The pictures on the rest of the pages tell about the rest of our school year. X i 5- w ,...., .. 'T '54 N ,,,- L, D. J. SEDGWICK Dishictsupedntendent T0 THE GRADUATES It is my pleasure and privilege to extend to the members of the graduating class of 1956 my sincere congratulations. The completion of your work in the eighth grade in the Cupertino School marks the end of your school work with us. It is also a beginning. I hope a begin- ning in a new and higher phase of your education It will still be a privilege to see you and hear of your progress, in the future, so come back and visit often. We look to you, our graduates, to carry on the work of free men and women all over the world. D. J. Sedgwick .H Together we have accomplished many things this year. Moving to our new school was an X' exciting experience and I'll always remember Tri the splendid cooperation we received from R every student. You have established a school that will be used for many years. The schoollixx- spirit is the "greatest" and always will be Nui? because you have started it that way. I I extend to you my sincere congratulations rp and good wishes. Sam Lawson SAM LAWSON Pdndpd i V 7, Y V F' Congratulations to the first graduating 'FH'- L class of Cupertino School. I know with the " abilities and cooperative spirit of this class Y of "56" they will continue to be first in achievements, sportsmanship and citizenship. we will follow your progress with pride. Leona Thornton LEONA THORNTON h Vice-Princiool -Q x r. . J.,-j. X f T13 -To 1, 1. Rf RJKT BUSINESS MANAGER Kgvxx ,rf AND ' ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT SAM MILLER 'Sweat BOARD OF TRUSTEES DON HARTMAN, GLENN ATKINSON, RALPH CARLSON ALEXANDER FIELD, PAULINE WOODRUFF. Fi. C Mrs. Armitstead Mr. Bruni Miss. fd, f. English Eflgli Sh English 'LYS ft I Mr. Campbell Mrs. Christensen Mrs. Denman Mr. Dockins Mr. Garth Miss. Gordon Boys P.E. Social Studies Vocal Music Custodian Science Math Mrs Q Vocal Music '-1 n far-' . , if X V ffplsiiss . Cresgy jGirls P.E. 'YV . - 53 X ' 5' ' XX M1-5, H111 Mr. Hoelzel Mr. Hogan Mf?.C anefs "' Mr. :Jones Cafeteria 51'10P Math A-Pt Science N , Q vs Jo ' fy. K 'Vx M X6 f , : I 5'-115, -"' ..'xV 0 "grin , ' 1 ' Mr. LSMAI' Mrs. McClellan Mrs. MacKenzie Mrs. Meehan . e 1 Social Studies Nurse Homemaking 50Cia1 Studies al Studies CX V 5 X I V -'-1 ff , -X A Gln ,ja -I V , 5? X W C J - .' 1 -4-V Q ..,f -:,. My -- . C. .fmt ' ., ' 1. ,,' ' ,II A- MIN P0119 Miss. Silveira. Mrs. Sebert Mrs. Wilson Instrwental secretary cafeteria Social Studie A ff? ,v"' W ' I" 1123, , ,-" 4 PTA EXECUTIVE OARD Standing: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. McCown, Treasurer, Mrs. Sorensen, MrsaMarootte, Mrs Vessey, President, Mr. Lawson, Mrs.Gi1bert, Vice President, Mrs. Milano, Seated, Mrs. Gillmeister, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Frpsch, Mrs. Solomon, Secretary, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Henderson. x. I is 15. , ,,J . I A V. ' 1. . sl n-wM--- - V U.,Jaa T .xv W I J: If K A Q v"' NS'- i Atl' cg ' STH GRADE GRADUATES CLASS HISTURY During the past year our class has enjoyed many social and athletic activities. Each eighth grade class was given the opportunity to entertain the other members at our Cubs' Cave Club. One June 8th, we concluded our meetings at a picnic at Almaden. we had an all day picnic at Santa Cruz on May 26th. On May 31st we attended the annual dinner which was the most social and fonnal event of our eighth grade days. We have successfully played various schools in football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, swimming and other sports. we would like to take this opportunity to thank the P.T.A, for the many events they have sponsored during the year such as the skating party, the Valentine Party and many others. ,.., 2 'Er e Jesse Aebischer J .4 1' 4' ','l V! I Don Ashley P l l 1 .4!" Bob Bell Gayle Browning I 7' edt- 57 , I, ,i" JL Terry Cantrell - 4. Ted Aguiniga UI? Alvin Bailey Edith Maxine Ahumada Alexander f . r !M Q J w D Ala f , J ' L 'P' V ' iv J ,J 4 V 1, I J Keith Jim Anderson Arnold nr- E Gary Kathy Nancy Liz Baker Baldwin Bandley Barker 'fb . vo- ? Q R if P1 Jackie Barbara Barry Jud Bogdanich Borden Brass Britton ff lie ' , ., V' W' J 1 - A ., , . tl . 55" K W 'A W , . - xv' ' G Q .x l 'Ak' -- J r' u ' 1 A 1 N59 J ,ywgf C P., ' ,3 f . -'-r-ur -,"!-". .- ,Egfr Sandra James Roberta Robert Burchfield Burgos Burns Burrington PS , .1 Qi? 41 iff M- ,Tx , ,Nw 1 f M - .liI!i11Cl B 11 Liz Marlyne Bobbi Carlson Carmean Clark Clarke W? Ronnie Britton W 1 Mike Butti a4ns:'nJ x, 2' .yt ,vbl grain. 4 Frank Connelly we' we . V., ' --..... J 1 A .I , 44" Carol Conner ,A rr- ,I ': I. I J. I 'YW A' l'I7"U '79-E 1 'I f " 1 Milford Curran 5-sv Kenneth Davis -up...f' '- in no '55Qf.g Judy .Eardley 'fv-A 4 Liz File 4 Sally Dena Mary Jo Danielson Dare Davey David Janice Craig Edwards Ellett Evans George Fatt? 09 yy, .. -rb 'QF , A V wir ,Far 'gl Auiii 'ef Q lg? Larry Billie Stanley Conour Cooper Cgzbey Qt4y qgfM1 nh ,CFI 4? 3 -, V -1 vguh be A A' . .l- . JILQ Meg Doug Bill Dalhgren Dains fa X .. wi Xefs' dfgw .- Jfig' I, , 1- me ' i 4M4. q a,. w , K -' 4 Peggy Gary Shirley Davis Day DeMercurio f lik, dw ' 4qh 4 ai- 9 g K '.sf 6542: 6 A 1 D' 1- I X Darrel Mike Ebell Edmonds tl' rl ,,' In Ylgiggfefin ,Y 'Q in -J V' ,. ' 17" C' mgi. l h u Q.: lj J Carl Wanda Franklin Franklin Garcia Garrison GGTZS frm A, .5 ff Gary Geiger Zorxa Grce R, H 'ff l s Y, . X, U Ron Hendrix B 'uv' xv. 1 A s i 'L fi. , lf KA - I Val Holmes -7' NN I n 1 N li' ' ul gy' L urwy .pls A, Carol Ghiorso der ., Maureen Gross l 35: ' A YIIH' -...v . lf Donna Henson AX 1 nn, Q gd' . W ? I Ann Holzer V V51 ,. ,SL ,- :, 'a Ipudxl Midge Alex Gilbert Gomez 'npr ' .. Q. . ff N ' ,K ' ' 'Q Ju 14 4 V 'P' : X .. V 1 Carol Hackbarth Harriman Candy .I X iv Manuel Gomez in 15 ,ua or 1 B111 Hart an W Eixiiii, agar I Ay Tony Gouveia S j r sa. .5 ":,Jf Roger Hein .gsm fe, lit Q SF? .Y . ' ' ' ' 1- .fr Xqrzr' ' A ev 32' K W . h X N lr Vgiw j'j7V!fQW N :gr H-11 "il -,,' -' ,f r n Bill Joe Pauline Bill Hickey Hile Holdridge Holman I A ,. .n Q f , ... ,air-1 V ,gn '. - 3 'Y V I7 ' " - '. , - b f 5 5 - w I . Q 1 u -x 'xwsgv H 1QT' 'A..V 3.1 f ' ' ini, 1' xf L 'MEI'-f Dennis Sue. Barbara Phil Honda H0U1S Hook Hopkins v ' - U Q A, .Q o no .o if E Q.. l- tr' -iff ,yew fr' VN, b 7 Jlhxil Allan Leah Edward Mike Mary Ken Horlyck Hylton Irby Ivanitsky Jaimez J0hnS0n fi J f-'5 Y qi 5 ef: 1 M x .' , T . 1 il if .4 V . .T :L f V' I ' 3 Carolyn Janice Jeanne Jackie Larry Frank Johnston Kaida Kenworthy Kephart Kerth Keys ii. NEYL 1 V' Q. w,- w V QEFHQQ 'lie 1 gig! qi- Qi -l" L lui, ,Ve nf l V, ' Y 11,1 ' 5 ' , ' Y KA' - J? We 1 vt If .lx V H V V 1.1. x M L , A ' Al , A j, , ,I George Bill Donita Mario Herb Bob Klkugawa Klevesahl Klima Kordich Korneinko Korpa , 1 IW'-:T ' , rxxf . R Ny, J 4, 'X J R D if J -V: iz, w an , I My ,fy 'tie 3 A A 1 Pat Rodney Barry' Roger Jerry Charles Kraus Kuntz Leeder Leeder Lewis Liebert 5, A 1 'Wa Q , " EN .1 L " Joel Pat Mike Luera Lynch Madden ?"': Janice Francis Paul Marks Martin Martinez Pam Magee 41 ilugila Mike Massey Marylynn Denny Mann Mariani .44 62141 ll J-P 9 fs' Dick B111 Matthews Mauras 'Q -11 X , "Taft, , W Michael Janice Meehan Menacho fa '5 A In . ,f rig! f Y .rig-nfl Merrill If V . x. . . 6. 1 6 :A ' +91 , wr ,Lg J 'V ' Joan Ann Bob Meyer McDaniel Nichols 1'2?T Elaine Patty Esther Mary Denise Nathan Ninokata Offenbaker Okamoto Olson O'Neal Pagan I ,, Robert Page Parent Francesca Mike Passantino Peck l. an- 5 o Kenny Ken Phillips Pollard Paris Charlet Pendergraft I Q is Q f kf,.3- N , ,r'-.. D f 4 Joanne Quint Judy Karen Carol Ron Loraine Parker Monsees Myers Mos. " 4 V I -r 1 .1, Vickie Perkov Arthur Regalado oe P6Zd1TtZ Ernest Regalado Phil Pflager ,VI .! , , fu , , t Q J I+- n J ' ,X V Pat Reynolds M 15: S 1- , V J Tom Ridge ,P ' A wgqgru-. . - L. I -. 4 ', Steve Salfen 4 J, tf!f" J 1' if X 1 1 VW K h 5.- 2 1 jNW'9 Doug 4 I 1 9 4liEQE?gF:!!IP, Karen Eiffel i:"S?:: wtf' N GLF' QQA, Charles Samuelson SEE GEF 1 1 wg, I . . !.y ,N y 'V i 'v . .N . S 'Q"Eu 'x 1 , -,,o .Ur , f Frank Gerry Doreen Jack Rodriguez Rosenthal Hovetti Salfen .,V 5 nwwf 'lr e "!5M V il 'N its E: ,f l L, , "5 wi,, Ay. I .Hn vfenf SHS, DOH Marcvs Steve Linda Sanborn Sanchez Sanchez Scatena ph Q ff Wi- -il Judy Larry Handy Diane Virginia Schcenwetter Scott Sheck Sievert Silva Silva A I X 1' ' mx ' n I - 1' Iil 'V' I 1 5- 99 H A ' 1 A ' J , +1 W n 'ff U . S r YE'a'l N 1 ". 5 igiiirx ' Wy' S -of oo S S y A 1 D ,G X W ,iw t Naomi Suzy Judy Semyon Ronnie Donna Simpkins Smith Sohler Solomon Sorensen 5PaUS1er Jin V 1 - din- 1 .fre ,P jwfv' gqral iEf"9 S -P' fs? A i xff ' E 4 he X , if . Sharon Sue Laverne Petrita Pat Arlene Spillane Stuersel Syers Tamez Taylor Thomas I wx-1, I . ,, ' . Q . 0' J t" V A 5 rs . ' 4 FF f ., 5 f W X 1l,3!aLl ijg fi is 1. N . IMF 1 Bob Thomas .. 'J . W., 1' . Jeri Lynn Wade Janice Watson Mike Westfall , 'I -'49 . Dawn Allen Becky Martha TWSNPSOH Tipton 'rrickel Twining l l . l 3, 'V+ , W 'E' sq qs. , eo, L. -.ri ' Em.1 A: f WA ffiffi' ,W ' i Patty h Bob :Jerry Marsha Wallace Wallace Ward- Ward -77 'Q '?'Q,viiEa'l " " 1 B111 Sharon Kathy Nancy weik Weldy V Welch Wells 4 x ..Avit "' -W 'Q W W f fi 1 qs.: W A ,, a- ffl if f l ' 4 L H ,Vita-' ,V --K .- v . 'I Q." ' Pm '.j wn'fw iii . 6 ,' ,-:-ff 4 , ' ' 'Fx ,f'T,-- 4' 1- ' M , .Z A ff Mllxigidffsii .M Bonnie Glenn Feter Don Whitaker Wright Yanello Yeater fu- -Y' gs: fu- ,V f fe, X ' vw' ya f W fi i ot1,f l Q Lynn Diane Patti Sharon York A Ziegler Smets Struthers ' James Vernor , x,,... ,K J P 5 35" , . 414- I Ah.h MH!M ' 'H . George Wasilewski .., . , nn.'Nf eww 'F W' Aw .,, Paul Wells Lucy Yonemura 1 LATE JN 's TO CLASS 9 f A Q51 A Q WQQ " n A J ' W N 'za ni v X, I W v , i " 1 A ' A f 1 F' T + A Q If 41:1 Reba Don Mark Elaine Denise Peggy Arngld Berry Heinkel Karras 0'Ne5-1 II 0'Ne11 V I V- Q ., I ." i V HY! ' 'X , 1 1 -5 I 1 j A J 'wif X W W . ell.:-,: Mg-f .., l A A . y ,, - l ui 4 M .af AJ .5 J A A . nf :"' 5! A"'3 A' . ' fn r ,. Charles Francine Martha Ad 1 h Terry Donna Margaret Delorice 01,212 Patton Pressenda Radke Shirley Rachels Passantino Robison o - on e 5 LATER j 3 F A - , 3 Barbara Brown U 4. ., g A Ellen Dayton . A ' 'V , Auf, ,A Dennis Deisenroth A f ' 4 I Robert Hernandez - :ai mfr Tom Kiblel' Darlene Robinson Doug Frank John Rose Watson watson ig WILLS ANU BEUUEATHS I, Ted Aguiniga, will my ability to talk in class to Bill Elliott. I, Donald Ashley, will my popularity with the girls, that is cute girls to Rick Landry. I, Edith Ahumada, will my ability to walk in the rain with a bathing suit on to Josephine Alvarez. I, Keith Anderson, will my talking ability to Marian Plants. I, Maxine Alexander, will my girl friend Marsha Jones to Eugene Kincannon. I, Reba Arnold, will my seat in Science to Bob Pitts. I hope he stays in it more than I did. I, Nancy Bandley, will my stuck up nose to John Ivancovich. I, Alvin Bailey, will my ability to fall over the basket ball to Sherwood Covert. I, Gary Baker, will my dirty white bucks provided I can keep the shoe strings to Dewayne Hill. I, Kathleen Baldwin, will all my tiresome home work to Al Colby. I, Liz Barker, will my sharp d.a. thats always goofed up to Richard Flores. I, Bob Bell, will my talking ability and all my books to little seventh grader Pat Main. I, Jackie Bogdanich, will my ability to flirt with all the boys to Leslie Wilson. I, Barry Brass, will my ability to be called Master Sgt. E. Bilko - ilOh39933l and get away with it to Sue Smith. I, Ronnie Britton, will all of my teachers to Andy Fultz. I, Barbara Brown, will my ability to goof in talent shows to Susan Flores. I, Gayle Browning, will my admiration for little Richard's NLong, Tall Sallyn to Elaine Miranda. I, Sandra Burchfield, will my sad seat in Science to Roberta Graves. I, James Burgos, will my ability to dance and flirt with the 7th and 8th grade girls to Leonard Montijo. I, Bob Burrington, will my Sth grade teachers to Marilyn Hauck. I, Mike Buttiy will my ability to sound off in class to.James Kehl. I, Terry Cantrell, will my nylon stockings to Terry Patterson. I, Bill Carlson, will my grades to Al Calbreath. I, Judy Eardley, will my sister Susan to James Dreyer, poor guy. I, Betsy Cannean, will my passing grade in the Civics test to Donna Dowsky. I, Bobbi Lynne Clarke, will my sister Janice Cwho I'll be glad to get rid ofj to Diane DeBello. I, Frank Connelly, will my small estate known in this republic as Texas to Chris Euthler. I, Carol Ann Conner, will my ability to hit a ball straight to first base to Janet Holliday. I, Billie Cooper, will my freckles and all my wild and fun slumber parties to Margo Gavazza. I, Stanley Cozbey, will my ability to make Miss Gordon flip, steam, and boil to Karen Nead. I, Terri Cravens, will the .504 I had to pay to get this and my grades to Ron Watts. I, Gerry Creech, will my knowledge of girls to Eddy Whitford. I, Ann McDaniel, will my stupidity to Sandy Cunningham. I, Dena Dare, will my ability to talk when I'm supposed to be quiet to Priscilla Brooks. I, Mary Jo Davey, will my ability to run to catch the bus every morning and still not make the track team to Carole Blackwell. I, Peggy Davis, will my gum chewing in Mr. Jone's room without being caught to Jim Jones. I, Roberta Burns, will my bronchial congestion to Bill Babcock or anyone else who wants a two week vacation. I, Gary Day, will all my lovely freckles and ability to make out, if any to Margaret Stichter. I, Dennis Deisenroth, will Wimp, Knucklehead Nichols, Doolin and the boys to Carolyn Brecunier. I, Craig Evans, will my ability to talk in English and get caught to June Whitt. I, Darrel Ebel, will all my homework to a good friend in the 7th grade Richard Favorito. I, Janice Ellett, will my glasses and my chair in orchestra to Marvin Anderson. I, Elizabeth File, will my ability to play the clarinet to Jon Sanders. I, Wanda Franklin, will my ability to get bad grades in Mr. Jones Science class to Paul Rojas. I, George Garcia, will my sports ability to Lee Garcia I, Gary Geiger, will my ability to flirt with the girls of Cupertino School to Steve Kelly. I, Carole Ghiorso, will my ability to irritate Mr. Jones in math class to Paul Wilder. I, Midge Gilbert, will my silly laugh to Terry Clark. I, Maureen Gross, will my ability to eat in class and get away with it to John Samuelson. I, Pauline Holdridge, will my long hair, my Japan jacket and my yellow shoes to Frank Gomez. I, Candy Harriman, will my eyelash curler to Karen Buerer. I, Bill Hart, will my ability to keep a cold all year to Janice Clark. I, Roger Hein, will all of my energy and my brains to Jerry Cleveland. I, Mark Heinkel, will my jar which has a colony of termites in it to Richard Wakefield provided he doesn't let them loose in my house. I, Ronnie Hendrix, will my big brown eyes to Rachael Henning. I, Donna Henson, will my ability to help pick up the mail box after Chris runs it over with his fathers car to Chris O'Hare. I, Bill Hickey, will my strange power to do all homework at school and still have loads of time on my hands to Linda Henson. I, Bill Holman, will my ability to have the giggles to Larry Staggs. I, Val Holmes, will my ever-lasting crush on Denny Mariani to Judy Monson. I, Dennis Honda, will my ability to always lose to everyone in ping-pong to Dirk Gillmeister. I, Susy Honig, will my ability to miss the bus to James Ritchie. F I, Barbara Hook, will my ability to blush at the wrong time to Sandra Harlick. I, Phil Hopkins, will my tooth brush and lost penny to Delia Gliver. I, Alan Horlyck, will my math teacher, Miss Gordon to Gary Shephard. I, Ann Holzer, will my ability to get in trouble with the teachers along with Carol Johnston to Carolyn Bradshaw. I, Leah Hylton, will my straight teeth to Gary welter. I, Mike Ivanitsky, will my ability to get along with all the teachers to Sharon Patton. I, Carolyn Johnston, will my ability to get along with Ann Holzer to Sara Dockins. I, Kenny Johnson, will my straight in trouble WA'sn in P.E. to Shirley Hufford. I, Janice Kaida, will all my old school books to Guy Gray. I, Elaine Karras, will my sister Kathy, to Manuel Rodriguez with great pleasure. I, Larry Kerth, will my wig to Eugene Main. I, Jeanne Kenworthy, will my glasses to Ray Brooks. Elaine Parker. I, Jack Kephart, will my ability to attract pretty girls to I, Frankie Keys, will my curly hair to Woodie Peterson. I, George Kikugawa, will my ability to be a stinky model to Francis Foreman. I, Bill Klevesahl, will my ability to get along with Mr. Hoelzel to Mike Hidde. I, Donita Klima, will my Sth grade teachers to Jon Soderstrom. I, Mario Kordich, will my sportsmanship to Marilyn Domer. I, Pat Kraus, will my ability to catch poison-oak to Kyle Bivins. I, Rodney Kuntz, will my ability to run the turkey trot to Mike Woolsey. I, Joel Luera, will my ability to sing and play the guitar to Kenny Culp. I, Pat Lynch, will my ability to blush to Paula Quinterno. I, Mike Madden, will my ability to get in trouble to Ronnie Lewis. I, Pam Magee, will my ability to play the cello to Vivian Woods. I, Marylynn Mann, will my long legs and my old girl scout uniform that hits me above the knees to JoAnn Cotter. I, Dennis Mariani, will my short hair cut to John Pettus. I, Janice Marks, will my ability to go steady with more than one boy at the same time to Leroy Foster. I, Fran Martin, will my ability to go on a diet for 2 weeks and not lose any weight to Duane Denman. I, Mike Massey, will my brains to Mauricio Flores. I, Mike Meehan, will my ability to argue back to the bus monitor to Dave Torres. I, Janice Menacho, will my ability to chew gum in music, study, P.E. and sewing and not get caught to Loretta Passantino. I, Shirley DeMercurio, will my ability to win the bop contest with Sidney to Art Tremblay. I, John Merrill, will my ability to copy my homework papers from my best friend to Martha Menard. I, Paul Martinez, will my beautiful tennis shoes to Fred Jones. I, Joan Meyer, will my ability to blush to Steve Chathams. I, Bob Nichols, will my height and weight to Gary Kincade, because he is so short and thin. I, Elaine Ninokata, will my ability to be dancing the right step at the wrong time to Harold Hutchmacher. I, Mary Ann Olson, will my talent of doing nothing to Carol Rasco. I, Peg O'Neil, will my ability to flirt with the boy I like only to have a different one ask me to go steady the next day to Pam Boss. I, Denise 0'Neal, will 8-U noisy cafeteria table on the left side of the stage and all dirty trays to Bill Card. I, Adolph Ortiz, will my great enthusiasm to Phil Barker. I, Nancy Queen, will my curly bangs, my pony tail and my baby blue suit to Linda Helder. I, Joanne Quint, will my crazy jacket as I went ape last night to Bob Williams. I, Nathan Pagan, will my ability to flirt with the girls to Dave Rodriguez. I, Robert Page, will Cleon Cox my ability to get Mrs. Armitstead off the subject. I, Judy Parent, will my curly hair and ability to talk back to Mr. Jones to Joyce Gamble. ll,-Carol Parker, will my straight bangs, mygpggygtail, wand myvlalagc-sk:i.rt to Judyglgson. I, Karen Pari'sI,"wi:ll'infy'l6s't'pencil lefd to Luana N' Mahan. I, FranEiHE'Passantino, will my sister, Francesca to Mike Hagan who already has her. I, Terry Patton, will my worn out brains to Judy Castro. I, Mike Peck, will my wavy hair and crazy bop to Don Porter. I, Charlot Pendergraft, will my bermuda socks to Vicki Chathams. I, Vicki Perkov, will my height to Ken Mitsunaga. I, Joe Pezdirtz, will my teachers, my bad luck on the tramp and my amazing power to get kicked out of class to Donna Torres. I, Phil Pflager, will my ability to get kicked out of class and sent to the office when Mr. Lawson is in his worst mood to Art Garcia. I, Ibnna Pressenda, will my seat in Mr. Garth's room to Gail Fretwell. I, Chuck Rachels, will my ability to get kicked out of Mrs. Meehan's class to Bonnie Emerson. I, Margaret Radke, will my dirty fish wate1'that I loaned to Mr. Jones to James Crowel. I, Art Regalado, will my long hair, hairy legs and my ability to wrestle to Art Lopez. I, Pat Reynolds, will my ability as a full blooded American girl to ride in hot speedy cars to Laura Gillette. I, Tom Ridge, will my white bucks and buck bag to Barbara Foster. I, Karen Riffel, will my ability to play the piano to Judy Drury. I, Martha Sue Robison, will my ability to be in Mr. Jones's room to Linda Rodgers. I, Frankie Rodriguez, will my proxide hair to Joe Gonzales. I, Doug Rose,gwill my ability togget thrown outaof class to Richard-Marcotte. I, Jerryikosenthil, will my'extra pair of false teeth to I?a?rEnhMi'ne. I , Doreen Rovetti. will all my overdue library books to Roberta Garcia. I, Jack Salfen, will Harold Henderson all my muscles and County Championship. I, Steve Salfen, will my ability to clean my swede shoes in class and not get caught to Sid Saldivia. I, Marcos Sanchez, will my crazy laugh to Ron Amaral so you can get in trouble in every class that you gc to. I, Steve Sanchez, will my non-stop talking ability to Jeff York. I, linda Scatena, will Lucy Yonemura's brain to Marion Sotelo. I, Doug Schoenwetter, will my great running ability to Bob Scarola. I, Jufy Scott, will my inferiority complex of Bernie Holmes to Sue Chesters. I, Randy Sievert, will my ability of getting hollered at in Mr. Garth's class to Noel Guzman. I, Diane Silva, will my ability to set my hair every night to Michele Frazier. I, Virginia Silva, will my nickname of Ncreampuffn, given to me by Kyle Bivens to Dale Willson. I, Naomi Simpkins, will my talented ability to get nC's and D'sn to Richard Weems. I, Larry Sheck, will my handsome and well groomed appearance to Rick Carpenter. I, Deloris Shirley, will my ability to be tardy to school every day to Charlotte Quinterno. I, Patty Smets, will my ability to eat candy in class and not get caught to Carmelita Cruz. I, Susy Smith, will my nphonyn last name, if she could spell it to Anna Bateman. I, Judy Sohler, will my ability to never get along with Miss Cresgy, dainty girls, and kids who don't like sports to Leslie Rose. I, Semyon Solomon, will my ability to get good grades and shove the shot-put to Jim Mohrmann. I, Ron Sorensen, will my pink and green polka-dot bow tie to Nancy Jensen. I, Ibnna Spangler, will my ability to win honorable mention in the San Francisco Science Fair to Larry Newland. I, Sharon Spillane, will my scarf and comb to Dewayne Cole. I, Sharon Struthers, will my ability to always ask questions in sewing to Joan Irby. I, Susan Stuersel, will my ability to cut our president Denny Mariani down about his expensive girlfriends to Helen Martin. I, Laverne Syers, will Ken Virnig my talent of being late for school. I, Petrita Tamez, will my tooth brush to James Kikugawa. I, Pat Taylor, will my grades to Gene Smith. I, Arlene Thomas, will my ability to read in class when I'm not supposed to to Maureen Englehart. I, Charles Liebert, will my good Kughl grades to Robert Gold. I, Bob Thomas, will my shapely legs to Virginia Morales. I, Dawn Thompson, will my math and science teacher Mr. Jones to Diane Leonard. I, Allen Tipton, will my WMickey Mousen membership card to Jim Zedak, I, Becky Trickel, will my absent-mindedness and ability to get in trouble to Barry Casey, I, Martha Twining, will my science grades to Barbara West. I, James Vernor, will my lousy head of hair to Jim Davis. I, Jeri Lynn Wade, will my ability to pass notes in class without the teacher seeing to Karen Kleven. I, Patti Wallace, will my braces and dental appointments to Rusty Malbrey. I, Bob Wallace, will my brains Cif you can find themb to Yvonne Mulnix. I, Marsha Ward, will my getting out of P.E. because of my sprained foot to Charles Fowler. I, Jerry Ward, will my ability to do exercise in P.E. to Ken Smith. I, George Wasilewski, will my ability to be late to class in the morning to David Christensen. I, John Watson, will my good looks and my ignorance to Jane Mitchell. I, Janice Watson, will my lipstick tube to Diane Koepff. I, Bill Weik, will my Uwham-on sling shot to Jeff Taylor. I, Kathy Welch, will my ability to be kidding about my purse which looks like a suit case to Sherrin Patterson. I, Sharon Weldy, will my ability to hand in all my history homework papers and still get C's and D's in tests to Fred Riedel. I, Nancy Wells, will my ability to chew gum in class and get caught to Leslie Niitani. I, Mike Westfall, will my ability to get in trouble by sticking my foot into my mouth to Dale Frosch. I, Bonnie Whitaker, will my ability to argue with Miss Gordon to Alice DeLano. I, Peter Yanello, will my ability to get along with Miss Gordon to Nate Harrell. I, Don Yeater, will my ability to make out behind Zorka Grce's shed to Jack Thomas. I, Lucy Yonemura, will my ability to sew and get along with Mrs. MacKenzie to Loni Mitchum. I, Lynne York, will my ability to be neat and orderly so.I can always find my junk to Jerry Schafer. I, Diane Ziegler, will my old sweat blanket to Rainer McCown. I, Zorka Grce, will my three foot big mouth to Judo Gilbert. I, Peggy Davis, will my proxide hair that looks terrible and is always straight to Carolyn Cole. I, Janice Watson, will my bobby pins to Jeannine Holst. I, Leah Hylton, will my ability to share salt in Mr. Garth's class to Sheri Salter. I, Bill Klevesahl, will my talent for getting kicked out of class to Pphaen Dexter. I, Bill Mauras, will my ability to break my leg to Darlene Jacobs. I, Ann McDaniel, will the hardware in my mouth to Sandy Cunningham. I, Peggy O'Neil, will you my ever faithful toothbrush to John Ueberroth. I, Francesca Passantino, will my ability to talk in Miss Gordon's room to Marilyn Sesna. I, Darlene Robinson, will my crazy nickname NDO-Don to Jack Call. I, Doreen Rovetti, will my ability to chew gum in Mr. Garth's room to Sharon Enright. I, Naomi Simpkins, will my talented ability to get bad report cards to Jerry Stewart. I, Becky Trickel, will my teachers and all my homework from them to Coleen Ashcraft. ffili' SEVENTH GRADE Q 7-I ' -v- Wi. I T. Row: L. Rose, G. Duncan, R. Barnhart, A. Lopez, R. Malbrey, J. Whitaker, R. Flores 2nd Row: D. Frosch, D. Conley, L. Niitani, J. Call, Mr. Bruni, R. Gegen, B. Elliott, L. Montijo, T. Gormley, M. Hidde, N. Harrell, R. Brooks. 3rd Row: R. Long, D. Hamilton, H. Martin, C. Cruz, C. Rasco, L. Devens, J. Alvarez, A. Yasuda, J. Cotter, S. Cunningham, J. Whitt. B. Row: J. Vitale, J. Oljerholm, B. Bielenberg, M. Anderson, D. Blanco. O M S CHRISTENSEN M . HOGAN T 7-2 T Row: E. Henn, M. Woolsey, D. Porter, R. Marootte, L. Burchfield, J. Zedak, D Torres, T. Nelson, R. Landry, L. Bergman, J. Taylor, K. Culp, R. Lewis, Mrs. Christensen. M. Row: S. Hufford, L. Passantino, M. Hauck, A. Bateman, L. Gillette I Domer, R. Henning, E. Parker, L. Broughton, J. Castro, D. DeBello, C. Blackwell, Y Mulnix. B. Row: E. Whitford, J. Mohrman, W. Mine, G. Smith, K. Mitsunaga, J Crowel. 7-3 Row: R. Carpenter, S. Chathams, R. Favorito, D. Wakefield, P. Wilder, C. G'He1'e Rodriguez, G. Garrison, B. Valerius, P. Benzo, R. McCown, Mrs. Meehan. M. Row: Morales, P. Main, C. Bradshaw, M. Frazier, M. Menard, J. Mitchell, C. Ashcraft, Monson, P. Curtright, D. Leonard, H. Rose, B. Emerson, S. Smith, J. Larson, Dockins. B. Row: D. Hylton, J. Cleveland, L. Garcia, B. Gold, G. Gray, 7-4 XV- - ' . .. J, - - , . ' . .- -- ,i -' . T ow: H. Huthmacher, E. Wolf, C. Eutchler, F. Gomez, D. White, L. Staggs, J. Schafer, J. Pettus, R. Amaral, L. Newland, A. Calbreath, G. Shepard, A. Tremblay, G Main, Mr. Hogan. M. Row: J. Holliday, M. Plants, J. Clarke, L. Heider, C. Cole, J. Gamble, B. Inman, F. Foreman, S. Flores, J. Drury, K. Nead, P. Quinterno, A DeLano, A. Morales. B. Row: T. Patterson, G. Kincade, S. Saldivia, B. Van Iderstine, D. Wilson, D. Gillmeister, 7-5 MR. LA MAR T. Row: A. Fultz, G. Stewart, F. Riedel, N. Peterson, B. Casey, A, Colby, D. Cole, G. welter, J. Sorci, J. Ritchie, D. Hill, J. Sanders, A. Garcia, H. Henderson, Mr. LaMar. M. HOW: B. Foster, P. Boss, C. Brecunier, L. Wilson, J. Holst, G. Fretwell, C. Quinterno, V, Chathams, D. Torres, L. Mahan, K. Buerer, I. Mirilez, V. Irwin, M. Bnglehart, D, Oliver. B. Row: F. Jones, J. Kikugawa, J. Soderstrom, J. Tonzales, B. Babcock, K. Virnig. 7-6 T. Row: N. Garza, B. Pitts, R. Rojas, P. Root, D. Christensen, R. Watts, P. Barker, J. Jones, G. Taylor, L. Foster, K. Smith, J. Thomas, Mr. Garth, C. Cox. M. Row: S. Harlick, B. Garcia, B. Graves, N. Jensen, L. Mitcham, L. Rogers, R. Vierra, M. Stichter, D, Carmean, M. Gavazza, J. Gilbert, S. Chesters, B. West. B. Row: B. Green, J. Ivancovich, J. York, J. Samuelson, B. Scarola, J. Dreyer. 7- 7 MR. JANETSKY T. Row: L. Lohman, M. Flores, K. Bivins, B. Ravizza, D. Rodrigues, B. Card, M. Hagen, B. Williams. M. Row: J.Ueberroth, R. Weems, C. Russo, B. Wilhelm, S. Covert, D. Denman, J. Davis, J. Kehl, P. Dexter, A. Lopez. B. Row: R. Garcia, D. Jacobs, S. Enright, K. Kleven, L. Henson, S. Salter, P. Sanborn, D. Koepff, D. Dowsky, J. Irby, C. Kohl, M. Sotelo, M. Martinez, S. Krumm, V. Woods, M. Sesna. 6-1 Mr. Landers via San Antonio School 6-2 Mr. Brose via San Antonio School 6-3 Mr. Kopp via Lincoln School I1-v - H. '- u . . SIXTH GRADE Cub Trax welcomes the newest members of the Student Body. These classes joined us this spring upon our arrival at the new school. Q .-... -- -., v - -.A 1 ' ' 5' I 1-.. ..' . . ' " - -- Y ' -' u , M W, , 1 -, 1 u . ' - . 1 H' W ' . .1 .- n L ' V, ,M -... .. ....l....,--i . - -- --- H , W U 4 M, , W A N w w --i I 1 J Nin Bee oth CUNSTITUTIUN SCHOLARSHIP T. Row: C. Conner, C. Johnston, M. Robison, C. Pendergraft, M. Radke, B. Cooper, L. Yonemura, J. Sohler, V. Silva, P. Smets, P. Offenbaker. 2nd Row: M. Davey, B. Clark, L. File, K. Riffel, E. Ninokata, J. Ellett, J. Parent, B. Trickel, D. Pressenda, C. Ghiorso, C. Harriman, M. Mann, M. Olson. 3rd Row: T. Cantrell, D. Edwards, S. Solomon, D. Honda, J. Merrill, M. Westfall, P. Hopkins, P. Taylor, R. Hendrix, B. Burrington, G. Drake, M. Meehan, F. Connelly, D. Ashley, G. Baker, B. Hickey. B. Row: R. Kuntz, C. Evans, D. Sanborn, K. Pollard. ,.. .,,,, Y 'IQJ 5-5 -lm .- 'Jr . ur' v". 'mf Hi ' ' I . TUP SPEHERS Pictured are School Spelling Champs, Elaine okata an Dennis Honda. In the County Spelling , in competition with studmfs from twenty-one t er school districts, Elaine won fifth place. ,., Q N W GRGANIZATIGNS S9 Q Qin Q, J 'ir -Y., . - ,.,,.-.. . A . , Hx M-an-if lf A W X 11 ' ' a , w, , xr W, ur 3 1nnl1m.g, f eN 'A ' Mg..- - -VQS, Q' wr . 4 l , " ' - --- J --L - - - . . ., M . 1 - ,' .' ' H ,- ,,,i:,jQ , 4- -,,.",.- ' Z 'R .Yp- Av. I .,.,-'L ..- . , Y 1-' H. -A . W ,. np: '.. ' -1 F -1g. ' . - -.:,.-,,A.- . - .h 1 ,, ji .- V - -b -- -- r' " .' -' ,, ,gn . VY 1 . . --V .... ,.,....4.,....g AUDIO' V UAL R+! x X 522 1 .", 'w s IO 2'-4 ,fl 5 TEEN Ass Mage? 1, PRQBLEMS df? f f- , ,X ff JL. X65 X S TY PATROL. Q Q Q mcyxg Xu K SUE NC DEBATE ' .. 447 X .K x g www lm' VH 1 F wk X x l Q.,-1 H .....l...-- , Ill . WW' UD 2- SA 'Sb Aww DRAMA . . . . -- .. ' , ' ' ,AT -. 1' -, .- -14.4 . - -- "- - - - ,I 5 V E N AVIATION ,Z , ,, . A, K. -. ue. .SQ l .,.,.-,--g1.:,.,A ' . . . - , . . , , .-jk. . . - , -. 5.1:-,., JOURNAUSN YEARBUUK STAFF Editors for the 1956 Cub Trax are Roger Hein, Pat Kraus, Charlet Pendergraft and Lucy Yonemura. Advisor is Mr. Janetsky. Typist is Miss Silvera. F- 1 GLEE During the Spring Open House the Glee Mrs. Mac Kenzie and Bonnie make some final adjustments. Club looked as fine as they sounded in their new choir robes. we wish to thank the P.T.A. and Cubs Cave for purchasing these outfits for our school. W' nl".- ,V 5. . V- . - "3 nv, -. , ,, , ,-.'.' :H L x'k"., .f 7" ""--' H N .- ,. .. Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Denman help the group get ready for opening night. URGHESTRA BAND SPORTS Cheer leaders Henrietta Rose, Marylynn Mann, Judy Scott, Candy Harriman and June Whitt lead the student body in an after game rally. I Yi, 41. ,1 , , '- M ' r'-1,2 HJ Al' I' .- . .Nl-an , ,-,.f:"'yf ,ngi-I Y X I 1' r ' . ,TV . W 1 I 'I-v , fish ?.:m,l?:rYQ . A FUUTBALL B FUUTBALL U FUUTBALL A BASKETBALL B BASKETBALL B BASKETBALL 4 . F . 543 - .f Q'-' MQ 6-1WhIN' A SUFTBALL B SUFTBALL C SUFTBAll VULLEYBALL WRESTLING SWINIIVIERS . 1 1 1,gu1IgAiE'F!bL 1. N: -I Ji - V ' Aw ' u-xg., wc- IJ J .. A, - NL. if ut' w Lu , ,TH 3 .w we 'WTJQ -LI -.11 .11 .rp M ,X BASEBAH EUNAAAAI AMI IRAMPUUNE TEAMS BASKETBALL STH GRADE BMMHBMA YTHGRAUE VIJLLEYBALL SUFTBALL SPEEUBALL 93th Q NV Q I 1-ir 'Y' '5g. nfl ! ' U' sy' 5 llq , Q- K K 'X lv' J 3 2 4 C- am? O 1 Q, gf 5' , SUV' P E Q65 "' 453 65 5 3015 ua S? Z :- mv 1 gf E 'L' ca 5 Zu, E2 ff EE -J 2 LLL.: Z vw 5 x.J Qfg H- Z '74 6.1-I 2 9 ,3 ,,o J :zo-' 5913 if if 40 via Jul - 4 00550-uw m uJ5" Z 'QT 9 zv 4 Us Lu 4. ! LU E V I Lg fs J A cn QQS CUB'S CAVE CUUNCIL .4 FIRST S MESTER ef-f Ti? 'rf - '- I' - L-LL' -""' D' ' fir A ' ' fill f , Standing: Mr. Lawson, R. Watts K. Virnig, Kyle NCubn Bivens, J. Bogdanich, K. Culp, B. Valerius, J. Ward. Seated: P. Davis, C. Harriman, M. Mann, J. Scott, J. Gamble, M. Davey. V5.w,,,1,1, V .u-. -.. -nr-,. 1 --,.-.- A- - vs - .:.-x- ' 4-.,, . SECOND SEMESTER 1,.f'fekK , - . f"- ' n2" 'J ee' Standing: B. Scarola, J. Kephart, D. Honda, J. Ward, Terry WGrizz1yN Patterson, D. Mariani, W. Peterson, G. Smith. Seated: J. Mitchell, J. Whitt, S. Smith, J. Meyer, B. Trickel, D. Dowsky, Mr. Lawson. THE OFFICERS PRESIDENT 1ST SEMESTER Personable Jerry Ward lead Cupertino Union successfully as president of the first semester, 'His vast activities include drama Cin which he played Jay in Boomarangl and he plays the saxophone in the dance band and orchestra. Ahead of Jerry are four years of college prep in high school, then college days at San Jose State where he will major in aeronautical engineering. Jerry made the varsity hardball team and considers his most enjoyable sport swimming. His favorite subject in school is history. VICE PRESIDENT 1ST SEMESTER Friendly brown haired, blue eyed Marylynn Mann was electediby her fellow students as vice-president of the lst semester. Marylynn was active in G.A.A. as an Eagle Representative. Also her other activity is drama in which she directed the play NBoomarangW Marylynn is head cheerleader of Cupertino. She plans to take college prep in high school and after graduating plans to attend the Stanford University School of Medicine. Marylynn's athletic ability is equal to that of her scholastic ability. Cupertino School will always remember Marylynn for her warm friendliness she extended to every one of her fellow students. WThe boys most Denny Mariani. His graduating he plans airplane models and PRESIDENT 2ND SEM STER likely to succeedn was the title that the student body endowed upon future plans consists of taking college prep in high school and after to attend San Jose State and major in engineering. His hobbies are hot rods. Denny enjoys swimming, baseball and track. His best subjects in school are history and reading. DenHyfs activity is boys activity. VICE PRESIDENT 2ND SEMESTER Amiable Denny Honda held the office of vice president during the second semester. His future ambitions are to take college prep in high school, and then to major in aeronautical engineering at Stanford. His high scholastic ability was voted the most brillant boy in school by the student body. He best subject and football and softball his best sports. He enjoys making airplane models, and above all, reading comic books. He is won him fame when he considers math his collecting stamps, an active member of the journalism club and was also in boys activity. fat My X VSV gb an get tm X kj? QQAH :U 56.5 f .ff A W V TROM AMONG, I I 'tue fi I , Gwxbumeg l ' X Ya ff we-wr f -f-P'-"1 -- ,Act-50 e E NN W ik ww Z :pit NX 1 QCP mf? ff f g KCAIS Pnos-f LXxKQxy C1 , . ' Suc.cfe.e Maru .Jo Q 'us Q omew , T-M LJ YIT5 TERRY 'Z' cmmi AU- S+Q QS XX,-' IJ ' MP1 Camus: v 055585 -- if N17 Af SI N he sits t ade vi GT nth T8 Th 0 .,.P . 3 12: 4 , 1 'fry I, B , ,.A, i. ma '- all 1 F V f ,, ,,- "4 1, 'Me ' wx' ' xv 6 X , A X gl .mf nv:-n--K--,, "V ., K 'E Q J Y F JJ-4 .9 I .ci xg x . wx N,-V -A-M551 ,. I. , VL ,p.Z" " f-Y-wry., - 7-114.1555 , -.K , .w .Ju -1 4 l Inn. gn...- 'S' li. 'P Yr xx l .' , v. 4. H' 1 X 1 r ' Y . PN' ' we ,, 'Q -f , , -1 ' , ' ' HATS LEM, VEEEQQTGQER , Wm-WW THE END nw ' ' TI II ,I IM fffffrfff ,X X204 'B Q ff KU I ig- --- , ' f 7 'M QRJAQJW Swqiy W QV ,Q . If If If If f-mf-I I, NVQ? I RK '52f4Qiigyf' ,, '?5KiH ' Hij- f" if f',ZFj',1gsKyj -if N xi? 'Ja ,fit i. www K., I f KK .JK I I w' I I AI"rX ,, I+. ., . If ' "rf 14 ,. '21 J 7 K. , 5 ' 5 I,- 8 .r '- X L I KA I V' . L KKK,'K-K' K.'i,- I- KL-.KK,- K I ' kg'-113. " -5 X: I " ' 1 7: ,fs - ,Qf'I'A':7' L A. , 1 'II , A., I I .-f:-v- V' My 1 Klf ' Q ,KK K - -' . -, X K, N5 I 315' I I g .ca I Iv I ?'4 ' SEI ' " I " nazi' ,K . u- .1 -K K KK, KAI I K KK, ,IX ' K K,K .K ,KKK.jiVf K K .-, , KK',1 KKK- 'K If-H 'KK',,, . . K , ,KQCK , , K I I' ' ' ' ' '-'vs' 'II ilk" - I- ' ' . T4 . - , - K fy K , ,, I , ,gn I X K t' 'KA ' ' . ' ', ' 'II Q A 4. KKKK,KK' KJ' 'im , K 2' I .,, f Ex-ff ff, .I I . If 'gf U . ,f I ff' ' K Ig-I -. I If - -E, .- ,' I fir- ff I' iff? K.wK. I ' . hz.. -- I x, . N- 1 ' .n ,'- K'K,,KKlKvI K KKK -K K KK K KK . I -5 K ,di -I , , K nf' I . r L, '11 I '35 K I . Q, J f - 1 -, . r - E., I- ,K I -L--1 I. . I I ' If If -.J rp 4 I - M , - ' ' ,za - ' ' 'I-. K K K K-K 1 ,.- KK " LL If ,. . 4 W' e'5FTf' K . . , KvKy.f'2Kf,KKK,L K3 KKK K- - K v KK Q3 MK' K KKK, K QT' ,751 if 'KK Alfa ' KI -, . IK KK KKK:-1 K-'KH K I I II ff' ' W gffjaf, I g K-K K K KK KK XK .A 4,.-,gYV,KKKLKKLKLL,KgKK1L,.- ,KK px 7 'Xi I I I I KJ if .I I II I fu X 1 I KK K I ' ' I' N ,-KNKK4 - FKKK:'.QK'KKuidr'f 1 I - l K K' If I K f Q I I I f I I I- A A ' ,' 'P fa' ' I f I Y.: -it '. U Q , -. y K - 3 ff ff: vi' ,NN ig, HJ ki fl K. in ' I I rf f 1 X., Q KA, 'I I , 4 'P 2" if ,F -2 , .K' K . , ,593 QF riff! KK' IK f QK . .K j gm I may Q' I, K , I V ' X"-.. 'I X' I f LI in 'H .. 'Q' r,-xi! f H R' -. gi. . I I A' 'lf' KK, NK K KK , KK , Kr :Ci K xx jf, I 5.53 . -, QW -gf'- .K , K , ,., K AK In . ' .- 4 I' v . Q "fur ' L K-KK ,.K - . K- ,X xi- I.' 5 Q , I R-' K 4, ,I K . ' "ig - K: . I 4 , . -K x - I ' '52 'Q I , ' fIIf.-,V ' Q ' f- f W f K K K K F, I ax K N ' ' i-I .K ' '7 J Q in ' I Fw, I:K gr f Figx Q 'fa' r ' ' g . I ,Qi ? E , . I I --77 A3 3- I L' ' R f' fy ,P - , K KK KK - WK . I 5, - IA 'I fa Q . 2 ' I

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