Cumberland University - Phoenix Yearbook (Lebanon, TN)

 - Class of 1955

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Cumberland University - Phoenix Yearbook (Lebanon, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 12 of 72
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Page 12 text:

Hensley, William L.. Disfrict Attorney General, Texas Herron, W. W., Chancellor, Tenn. Hewitt, G. W., Member of Congress, Ala. Hicks, Xen, Chief Judge. U.S. Court of Appeals, Ohio Hill. D. B., Judge, Texas Hill, Joseph M., Chief Justice, Ark. Hill, W. S., Member of Congress, Miss. Hobbs, J. C, Judge, Tenn. Holifield. M. B., Assistant Attorney General, Ky. Holladay, John D., Judge, Tenn. Holloday, O. K., Judge, Tenn. Holloway, William J., Governor of Olcla. I ' oolcer. Samuel, Supreme Judge. Okla. noon, Daniel, Judge, Ark. ' ' Houcl:, Lysander, Circuit Court Judge, Kans. House, John F.. Member of Congress, Tenn. Houston, Robert E., General, Confed- erate Army, Miss. Howard. Peabody, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. Huddleston, George, Member of Con- gress. Ala. Hull, Cordell, Judge, U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State, Tenn. Humphreys, Allison B., Jr., Judge, As- sistant State Attorney General, Tenn. Hurt, James. Court of Appeals, Texas Hutton, H. N., Judge, Ark. Jackson, Howell E., Judge, Supreme Court, U.S. Johnson. Carl Wright, District At- torney, Texas Johnson, Frank L., Judge, Tenn. Johnson, L. A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Johnson, Luther, Member of Congress, Texas, Judge, Washington, D.C. Johnson, N. B., Judge, Okla. Johnson, Tilman D., U.S. Judge, Utah Jones, Hugh C, Judge, Okla. Jones, Floyd, Judge, Texas Keck, Grover C, Judge, Ark. Keefe, Rudyard T., District Attorney. Wisconsin Kelley, Alan S., Judge, Tenn. Ketch um, M. C, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. Kimbrough. B. T., Chancellor. Miss. Kinsworthy, E. B., Attorney General, Ark. Kirby,. H. F., Judge, Texas Kirby, W. F., U.S. Senator, Ark. Deceased Kirkpatrick, Morgan C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Kitchens, Wade, Member of Congress, Ark. Kuykendall, John M., Judge, Miss. Kyle, J. C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Kyser, W. D., U.S. District Attorney, Tenn. Lamb, J. B., Attorney General, Fla. La ' Tib, Thomas L., Judge, Miss. Landrith, ' Ira, General Secretary. Y.P.S.C.E., Boston, Mass. Langford. E. F., Judge, Tenn. Laughlin, Harry W., U.S. District Judge. Tenn. Lee, Joshua Bryan, U.S. Senator. Mem- ber Civil Aeronautics Board, Okla. Lee, R. E., Judge, Chancellor, Tenn. Lightfoot, H. W., Judge. Texas. Lindsay, J. M., Judge, Texas I Little, Lucius P., Circuit Judge, Ky. Littleton. Benjamin H., Judge. U.S. Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. Livingston, H. J., Chancellor, Tenn. Lockmiller, David Alexander. Presi- dent, University of Chattanooga Looney, Benjamin F., Attorney Gen- eral, Texas Loser. J. Carlton, District Attorney General, Tenn. Loucks, Jack R., Judge. Montana Lumpkin, Sam, Lieutenant Governor, Miss. Lurton. Horace H., Judge, United Slates Supreme Court Lyons, T. C, Chancellor, Miss. McAmis, Luke, Judge, Court of Ap- peals, Tenn. McBroom, J. W., U.S. District Jndge, Va. McCanless, D. A., Judge, Ky. McClellan, Thomas A., Chief Justice, Ala. McClellan. Thomas C, Supreme Judge, Ala. McCorry, Henry, Judge, Tenn. McCreary, James B., Governor of Ken- tucky, U.S. Senator McCurtain. Houston, Judge, Indian Territory McDonald, J. C, General, Confed- erate Army, Indian Territory McGowan, M. M., Judge, Miss. McKinney, John A., Judge, Tenn. ♦McLaughlin, F. Hiram, District Attor- ney, Judge, Mo. McLemore, W. S., Judge, Tenn. McMIllan, Robinson, Judge, Okla. McReynolds, S. D., Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Mabry, M. H., Supreme Judge, Fla. Marable. Sam A., Chancellor, Tenn. Martin, William L., Attorney General, Ala. Mathis, James, Supreme Judge, Okla. Meeks, M. H.. Judge, Tenn. Merritt. A. G., Chancellor, Tenn. Milburn, R, M., Professor of Law. In- diana University Miller, Bert H., AttorneyGeneral, Su- preme Judge. U.S. Senator, Idaho MIIIer, C. C, Judge, Tenn. •Mitchell, E. G., Judge. Ark. Mitchell, J. Ridley, Judge, Member of Congress, Tenn. Morgan, Richard, Judge, Texas Morris, E. A., Circuit Judge, Tenn. Moulder, M. M., Circuit Judge and Member of Congress, Mo. Muldrow, Henry L., Member of Con- gress, Miss. Murray, David P., District Attorney, Tenn. Murray, T. J.. District Attorney, Mem- ber of Congress, Tenn. Neil, A. B., Chief Justice, Suprema Court, Tenn. Neil, M. M., Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Tenn. Nichols, Horace Elmo, Judge, Ga. Noble, Roy P., Chancellor, Miss. Norrell, A. G., Judge. Utah Nunn, D. A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Olson, G. C, District Judge, Texas Palmer, Horace E., Court of Civil Ap- peals, Tenn. Parham, Thomas G., Judge. Ark. Parker, Reeder, District Attorney Gen- eral, Tenn. Partlow, Ira J.. Judge, W.Va. Patman, Wright, Member of Congress. Texas Patterson, Joe T.. Assistant Attorney General, Miss. Pearson, Herron, Member of Congress, Tenn. Peebles, J. Mac, General Counsel, Nationel Life and Accident Insur- ance Company, Tenn. Pemberton, W. Y., Judge, Supreme Court, Mont. Perkins, James, Judge, Fla. Phelps, James I., Supreme Judge, Okla. Phillips, C. W., Judge and Commis- sioner of Highways and Public Works, Tenn. Phillips, J. W., Judge, Mo. Phillips, W. Harry, Assistant Attorney General, Tenn. PIerson, Sterling, Chancellor, Tenn. Poindexter, William, Judge, Texas

Page 11 text:

Browning, Gordon, Member of Con- gress, Governor, Tenn. Buckley, John L., Judge, Miss. Bullock, Ernest L., Judge, Tenn. Burgess, John W., Dean of the School of Law, Columbia University. N.Y. ' Burks, Paul, Judge, Calif. Burleson, Omar, Member of Congress Texas Bushby. Arthur G., Judge, Miss. Butler. M. C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Butler, Robert Reyburn, Member of Congress. Ore. Byrd, A. M. Member of Congress, Miss. Byrd, J. R. Judge, Miss. Caldwell, R. P. Member of Congress, Tenn. Caldwell. W. C. Judge, Supreme Court, Tenn. Caldwell, W. P., Member of Congress, Tenn. Calhoun, Galloway. Assistant Attorney General, Texas Campbell, Raymond C Judge, Tenn. ' Campbell, Alex W., General. Confed- erate Army. Tenn. Carrigan, A. H., Judge, Texas Caruthers,. John, Judge, Okla. Catts, Sydney Y., Governor, Fla. Chelf Frank L., Member of Congress, Ky. Cherry, Lyie B., Judge, Tenn. Clark, C. D., U.S. District Judge, Tenn. Clark. J. W., Supreme Judge, Olcla. Clark, Sydney R., Judge, Court of Civil Appeals, Tenn. Clements. Judson, U.S. Commerce Commission Clemmons, W. F., Member of Con- gress, Aric. Clint, Charles P., Judge, Texas Clouse, Wynn F., Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Coe, J. D., General, Confederate Army. Tenn. Coleman. T. L., Judge, Tenn. Coleman, Warren, Judge, Miss. Collins, Leroy, Governor, Fla. Compton, James C, District Attorney, Justice of State Supreme Court, N. M. Connor. Charles W., Judge, Okla. Conway. J. D., Judge, Ark. Cooper, Jere, Member of Congress, Tenn. Cooper, John S., Chancellor, Tenn. Cox, John C, Counsel, Federal Secur- ity Agency. Mo. Cox, N. N., Member of Congress, Tenn. Deceased Cox, W. R., Mernber of Congress, N.C. Cox, Wayne A., Chancellor, Tenn. Cockrell, Sterling, Judge Supreme Court, Ark. Crowe, Charles C, Governor, N.M. Cummlngs, James, Secretary of State, Tenn. Darr. Leslie, U.S. District Judge, Tenn. Davidson, L. W., Judge, Criminal Court of Appeals, Texas Davis, Will I.. Circuit Judge, Tenn. DeGraffenreid, R. C, Member of Congress, Texas Dews. Richard P., Circuit Judge. Tenn. Dickson, W. A., Judge. Arlc. Douglas, Byrd, Judge, Tenn. Dowell, W. M., Judge, Tenn. Drane, J. A.. Judge, Texas Drane. J. M., Attorney-General. Tenn. DuBose, J. J. Judge. Tenn. Duncan, Parker W., Judge, Tenn. Dunn, J. T., Judge, Miss. Earl, Lucen, Judge, Kans. Earthman, Harold H.. Member of Con- gress, Tenn. East, Edward hi.. Chancellor, Tenn. Edgerton. Graham, Solicitor of U.S. Navy Department Egqieston, E. W.. Attorney General, Commissioner of Highways, Tenn. Elledge, Fred, Jr., United States Dis- trict Attorney, Tenn. Enloe, B. A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Evins, Joe L., Member of Congress, Tenn. Fancher, Frank T., Acting Supreme Judge, Tenn. Farbough, W. W., Acting Supreme Judge, Tenn. Faw, W. W., Presiding Judge of Ap- peals, Tenn. Felts, Sam, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. Fentress, Francis, Jr., Judge, Tenn. Fernandez, A. M., Member of Con- gress, N.M. Ferris, John C, Judge, Tenn. Fite, John A.. Judge, Tenn. Flippin, J. R., Judge, Tenn. Flippin, Thomas S., Judge, Tenn. Ford, Thomas W., Judge, Texas Fort, Dancey, Circuit Judge, Tenn. Fowler, Cody, President of the Ameri- can Bar Association Fowler, Hammond, Chairman Railroad and Public Utilities Commission, Tenn. Fraley, Andrew, Chairman State Ind. Commission, Okla. Frazee, W, D,, Chancellor, Tenn. Fukunoka, Hiel, Professor of Law, Japan Gaines, Reuben R., Chief Justice. Texas Gauz, L, C. Member of Congress, Ark, Geraid, G. B.. Judge, Texas Gibble, J. S., Chancellor, Tenn. Gilreath. Sam B., Author of Revision of Caruthers History of a Lawsuit and former Acting Dean. School of Law, Cumberland University Gill, H. H., Court of Civil Appeals. Texas Gill, W. H.. Judge. Texas Givens, M, C, Judge, Ky. Golladay, E. I.. Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Goodnight, 1. H., Member of Con- gress, Judge, Ky. Gore, T. P., United States Senator. Okla. Green, Grafton, Chief Justice, Tenn. Green, Grant, Judge, Ark. Green, Nathan, Jr., Professor of Lav , Cumberland University, 63 years. Chancellor 33 years Green, Robert B., Judge, Texas Green, Wharton J., Member of Con- gress, N.C. Greever, P. Frank, Judge, Texas Gregory, William Voris, Member of Congress, Ky. Gresham, James M., District Judge. Okla. Grider, J B., Judge, Ky. Guerin, Clarence W., Judge, Calif. Hale. Winfield B., Judge. Court of Appeals, Tenn. Hall, F. P., Judge, Supreme Court, Tenn. Halsell. J. E., Judge, Ky. Hemmerly, Harry A., Judge, Okla. Hammon. E. S., United States District Judge Harmon, Dana, Judge, Tenn, Harreil, L. L., District Attorney, Tenn. Harris, Oren, Member of Congress Ark. Harsh. Thomas, Judge, Tenn. Hart, Chester K., Judge, Tenn. Hart, William H., Judge, Tenn. Harwood, Thomas Everett, Judge, Tenn. Hatch, Carl A., U.S. Senator, Federal District Judge, N.M. Hatton, Robert, General, Confed- erate Army Head, H. O., Judge, Texas Hellman, Stewart, District Attorney. Texas Henderson, De Witt, Chancellor, Tenn.

Page 13 text:

Polley, James Y., Judge, Texas Pope, Walter L., Judge, Ark. Porter, James D., Governor of Tenn. Potter, Frank B., U.S. Attorney, Texas Powell, R. H., Judge, Ark. Price, Andrew, Member of Congress, La, Priddy, A. 8., Judge, Ark. Prim. Payne T., Judge, Ore. Pulllas, Athens Clay, President, David Lipscomb College Puryear. William P., Judge, Tenn. Quinn, C. F. P., Judge. Tenn. Randall, A. C, Member of Congress, Texas Randall, O. C, Judge, Ky. Ratliff, Dennis P., Judge, Texas Reeves, Willis, Judge. Ky. Rice, Benjamin H.. Judge, Texas Rice, Greek Lent, Judge, State Attor- ney General, Miss. Richardson, G. E., Judge, Texas Richard50n, John E.. Judge, Tenn. Riddick, I. E., Supreme Judge, Ark. Riddle, H. Y., Member of Congress, Tenn. Ridley, Granville, Judge, Tenn. Roane. William A., Judge Roberts, tHenry H.. Judge, Miss. Robertson, Perry S., Judge, Texas Rodgers, ttenry hi.. Judge, Miss. Roebuck, Sidney T., Highway Commis- sioner. Miss. Rogers, Jesse L., Attorney General, Circuit Judge, Tenn. Rogers, J. L., Member of Congress, Texas Rogers, S. A.. Judge, Tenn. Rogers, W. B., U.S. Attorney. Mont, Rogers, Woodville J., District Attor- ney, Texas Ro5s, J. W.. U.S. District Judge, Tenn. Riiffin, James E., Member of Congress and Assistant Attorney General, Mo. Russell, Horace, General Counsel, Home Owners Loan Corporation, Chicago, III. Salmon, W .C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Schoolfield. Raulston, Judge, Tenn. Scott, Lon A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Searcy, Oliver, Judge, Okla. Seay, George E., Chancellor, Tenn. Seay, Robert B., Judge, Texas Sells. Samuel R., Member of Congress, Tenn. Senter, James D., Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. ' Deceased ' Shannon, R. T,, Law Author, Tenn. Sharp, A. G., Circuit Judge, Ala. Sharp, Henry A., Supreme Judge, Ala. Sharp, Robert H., Judge, Tenn. Shaw, O. A., Judge, Okla. Shelbourne. Roy M., Judge, U.S. Dis- trict Court. Ky. Shelby, David Davis, U.S. Circuit Judge Shields. Don B., State Attorney Gen- eral, Utah Shriver, Thomas A., Chancellor, Tenn. Simpson, R. C, Supreme Court Judge, Ala. Simp5on. R. W., District Judge, Texas Simpson, Walter, Judge, Texas Sims, Thetus W., Member of Congress, Tenn. Sisson, T. U., Member of Congress, Miss. Slagle, R. C, Jr., Judge, Texas Slatton, C. S., Judge, Court of Civil Appeals, Texas Smartt, Robert W., Judge. Tenn. Smith„C. B., Judge, Ala. Smith, Edgar P., Judge, Tenn. Smith, Griffin, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Ark. Smith, J. J., Judge, Okla. Smith, M. M., Chancellor, Tenn. Smith, Robert J., Judge, Court of Ap- peals, Mo. Smith, Wallace J.. Judge. Tenn. Smithwick, J. H., Member of Con- gress, Fla. Snodgrass, H. C, Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Somers, John, Chancellor, Tenn. Somerville, H. M,, Supreme Judge, Ala. Sorrels, W. B., Judge, Ark. Speake, H. C, Judge. Ala. Speakman, Fred A., Judge, Okla. Starnes, T. D., Judge, Okla. Stephens, A. M., Member of Congress, Texas Stephens, John H., Member of Con- gress, Texas Stevens, Guy. Judge, Idaho Swank, F. B., Member of Congress, Okla. Swayne, James W., Judge, Texas Swiggart, W. H., Judge, Tenn. Swiggart, W. H., Jr., Supreme Judge, Chief Counsel, Nashville, Chatta- nooga, and St. Louis Railway, Tenn. Swindall, Charles, Supreme Judge. Okla. Taliaferro, W. G., Judge, Texas Talley, M. B., Judge, Texas Tarvey, B. J., Chancellor, Tenn. Taylor, Andrev T., Chairman, Railroad and Public Utilities Commission and Judge, Tenn. Taylor, J. M., Judge, Chancery Court of Appeals, Tenn. Taylor, J. Will, Member of Congress. Tenn. Taylor, Zack, Member of Congress, Tenn. Taurlello, Anthony F., Member of Con- gress, N.Y. Templeton, John, District Attorney General, Tenn. Terrell, Glenn, Supreme Judge, Fla. Thompson, Lillard. Attorney General and Counsel for Tennessee Central Railroad, Tenn. Tilman. J. T., Minister to Ecuador Trammell, Park, U.S. Senator, Fla. Trammel, Worth, Judge. Fla. Turner, W. B., Judge, Tenn. Turner. W. F., Member of Congress, Tenn. Valiant, L. B.. Chief Justice, Mo. Venable, W. W., Member of Con- gress, Miss. Vines, D. A., Judge, Tenn. Walker, Seth M., General Counsel. N.C. St.L. Railway, Tenn. Walker, W. May, Judge, Fla. Ward, W. E., founder Ward-Belmont College, Tenn. Warner, Richard. Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Warren, Fuller, Governor, Fla. Warren, Joseph E., Judge, Ky. Watkins, George. Attorney General, Tenn. Watkins. John Thomas. Member of Congress, La. Wear, Sam M.. U.S. District Attorney, Mo. West, Duval, U.S. Judge, Texas Wheeler, C. K.. Member of Congress, Ky. White, Weldon B., Judge, Tenn. Whitesides, William W.. Judge. Ala. ' Whitfield, T. E.. General, Confeder- ate Army Williams, Albert, Judge, Counsel for Railroad Commission. Special Judge, Supreme Court, Tenn. Williams, Robert B.. Judge, Tenn. Williamson, William H., Judge. Tenn. Wilson, S. F., Court of Chancery Ap- peals, Tenn. Witt, R. Beecher, District Attorney General. Tenn. Woodley, K. K., Judge, Court of Crim- inal Appeals, Texas Woods, Levi S., Judge, Tenn. Yarnell, Oscar, Judge, Tenn.

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