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19 5 5 SCHOOL OF LAW CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY if % 1[ MITCHELL 1 1 LIBRARY « ban ■ Tit nRiF , . ' ir%?. r l ,f;a 5 ,i ' W ' ■ ' i ' l P i r L Ti E 18 55 i I I tillBEmiiHilfEllSinSCiflOliFlif LEBANON TENNESSEE - --■»- wm .■ . CJ im f ' t. . ■■■ " ■ .-W ip .— ,b. v.; ; [k ' h 1 ' yfl 1 6 bC . .1 . p ' rl |! MEMORIAL HALL i I s ! i n IF HE nun u u i The School of Law was authorized by the trustees as a department of Cumberland University on February 22, I 847. At various subsequent sittings of the board the plan of organization was perfected, and in the month of October, I 847, the first term opened, with one professor and seven students present. Judge Abram Caruthers was the professor. fHe was called from the bench of the Circuit Court to this new work by the Board of Trustees. Robert L. Caruthers, who for many years was President of the Board, provided the first classroom in his own office. The school was at once a success. Judge Nathan Green, Sr., then one of the Supreme Judges of the State, was called to assist Judge Caruthers in the conduct of the school in I 848. He did not resign as a member of the Supreme Court until 1852. Judge Bromfleld L. Ridley became a Professor of Law in 1848, and served until 1852. In 1856, Nathan Green, Jr., was elected a professor, the prosperity of the school requiring the services of three instructors. These three men con- tinued as the faculty until the beginning of the Civil War in 1861. At that time there were one hundred and eighty law students in attendance. Judge Abram Caruthers died during the war. Judge Nathan Green, Sr., survived the war and assisted his son, Nathan Green, Jr., in the revival of the school, but died in 1866. hHe was succeeded that year by the hlon. hienry Cooper, and two years thereafter. Judge Cooper having resigned. Judge Robert L. Caruthers, who was for many years on the Supreme Bench of the State, was elected to fill the vacancy. hHe resigned in 1881 because of advancing years and feeble health, and Dr. Andrew B. Martin succeeded him, serving until his death. May 19, 1920. Judge Nathan Green, Jr., having taught as a Professor in the School of Law for more than sixty-three years, died on February 17, I 9 I 9. He was suc- ceeded by Judge Edward E. Beard, who served until his death, June I 8, I 924. In July, 1920, W. k. Chambers was elected as the successor of Dr. Martin, and in October, 1923, Judge Albert Williams was selected as a Professor of Law. Judge A. B. Neil was elected Professor of Law in September, 1930, and was made Dean in January, I 935. Judge Neil was graduated from the School of Law of Cumberland University in September, 1896. He served for many years as a Criminal Judge and later as Circuit Judge and as a member of the State Supreme Court. He is now Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. Judge Frank T. Fancher was a member of the law faculty from September, 1935, to June, 1937; re-elected, September, I 939. In September, 1941 Judge Fancher became Dean. He graduated from this law school under the teach- ing of Judge Green and Dr. Martin and had much experience in the practice of law in Tennessee and Florida. In 19 I 5-1 9 I 6, again in 1937 and in 1940-41 he served by appointment of three different governors as a Special Judge on the Supreme Bench of Tennessee. For over twelve years he was a member of the Board of Law Examiners of Tennessee. In June 1932, Judge Sam B. Gilreath, a 1925 graduate of the School of Law, became a Professor of Law and has served continuously since. He was named later as Dean of the school. He Is the author of the latest revision of Caruthers History of a Law Suit, a widely used work on Civil Practice. Following the second World War, Judge Gilreath and Allison B. Hum- phreys, Jr., served as professors in the School of Law. Professor Humphreys resigned in June, I 946, to take over responsibilities in the Attorney General ' s Office of the State of Tennessee. Thus far In the history of the School of Law the plan of instruction has been at first one year of legal education, and then, as this plan progressed, there came a time when this emphasis on textbook instruction for the one year was supplemented by an emphasis on casebook study for a second year, and this became a requirement of the University. When the reorganization of the University in 1946 was effected, this two-year plan of law study was replaced by a three-year plan of study and the requirement of two years of pre-legal work as a basis of entrance into the School of Law. Those who were engaged in the two-year plan on July 10, 1946, were carried through to the completion of their work. All who entered thereafter entered under the new regulations set up at that time. The School of Law, as It Is now constituted, requires three years as a mini- CARUTHERS HALL mum of pre-legal study and three years of study in the School of Law as a re- quirement for the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Every phase of the work in the School of law has been set up on a standard basis. In September, 1947, Arthur A. Weeks joined the faculty as Professor of Law and was made Dean in September, 1948. Bernard B, Bailey joined the faculty as a Professor of Law in August, 1948, and was made Acting Dean of the Law School in September, 1954, upon the resignation of Dean Weeks, who returned to the practice of law. William H. Stanford, Jr., became a member of the faculty as Associate Professor of Law in September, I 949, and returned to private practice in 1952, at which time Mr. Otis J. Bouwsma joined the faculty as Associate Professor of Law. In September, 1953, Mr. REAR VIEW MEMORIAL HALL .r ii. ' . ■ P r i! Ill ' ' S M DORMITORY Grissim H. Walker became a member of the faculty as Associate Professor of Law, and in September, I 954, Chancellor W. W, hHerron joined the faculty as Professor of Law. In February, 1949, the School of Law of Cumberland University was ap- proved by the American Bar Association, provisional approval having been granted at that time. Full approval was granted by the American Bar Asso- ciation in September of 1952. In November of 1952 the School was regis- tered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York. In December of I 952 the school was granted membership in the Association of American Law Schools. This gained for the school every recognition possible for an Ameri- can law school. FRONT VIEW MEMORIAL HALL IH DEDICUlii Cumberland University and those who have passed through its doors have played a significant role in the destiny of the Nation as well as the South. Names of its graduates have appeared on the rolls of Congress, the Supreme Court and other divisions of our national and state governments. This honor roll of distinguished graduates serves as a reminder of Cumber- land ' s heritage and as a precedent to us and the many students yet to come. It is a distinct privilege to dedicate the I 955 edition of the PHOENIX to the great men on the Honor Roll for the School of Law. iun D Many of the thousands of graduates of the Cumberland University School of Law have become distinguished in their chosen profession or in some re- lated field, as Indicated in the partial list given below. The list Is by no means complete. Any alumnus or friend who can furnish additional names Is urged to do so. The list does not contain the names of judges of local or county courts, unless such alumni ere distinguished In some other respect. Abernathy, A. J., Chancellor, Tenn. Abernethy, Thomas G., Member of Congress, Miss. Acklen, J. H., Member of Congress. La. Adams Hal W. Judge, Florida Adklns, A. Z., Judge, Florida Allen, A. C, Judge, Texas Allen, Ben, Attorney General, Circuit Judge, Tenn. Allen, Bruce, Assistant Attorney Gen- eral, Texas Allen, George E., former Director of R.F.C., Washington, D.C. Allen, " Private " John, Member of Con- gress, Miss. Allen, M. O., Commissioner of Insur- ance and Banking, Tenn. Allred, James B., Attorney General, Governor, U.S. District Judge, Texas Anderson, George, Judge, Miss. Anderson, Hugh C, Chief Justice, Presiding Judge, Tenn. Anderson, R. S., Judge, Texas Anderson, Walter H., Attorney and Author, Idaho Andrews, W. H., Judge, Texas •Deceased Aralcawa. S., Professor, Imperial Uni- versity, Japan Armstrong, O. K., Member of Con- gress. Mo. Arnett, George T., Judge, Okla. Atchinson, Bryan H., Judge, Texas Adkinson, Richard M., Attorney Gen- eral, Member of Congress, Tenn, Au5t, John R., Chancellor, Tenn. Avery, J. B., Railroad and Public Uiili- ties Commission, Judge Court of Appeals, Tenn. Bailey, Joseph W., U, S. Senator, Texas Barlow, E. C, District Attorney Gen- eral, Miss. Barry, William F. Solicitor General, Tenn. Bate, William B.. U. S. Senator, Tenn. Battle, B. B., Supreme Judge, Ark. Beard, William D., Chief Justice Su- preme Court, Tenn. Beaumont, Campbell, U.S. District Judge, Calif. Bell, B. D., Supreme Judge, Tenn. Bennett, Rysden Tyler, Judge Supreme Court and Member of Congress, N.C, iifi uii Benton, M. E., Member of Congress, Mo. Best, Emory FIsk, Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of ihe In- terior, Washington. D.C. BIgham, Knox G., District Attorney General, Tenn, Black, Eugene, Member of Congress. Texas, Judge U.S. Tax Court Blackard, Charles G., Judge, Part II, Davidson County, Tenn. Blackburn, George P., Judge and At- torney General. Texas Blackshear, W. R. Judge, Texas Blair, J. T. Chief Justice Supreme Court, Mo. Blair, James T., Jr., Lieutenant Gov- ernor of Mo. Blair, Sam, Judge, Mo. Bonner. J. W., Judge, Tenn. ' Boulden, Virgil, Justice of Supreme Court of Ala. Bourland, Virgil, Judge, Ark. " Bowman, John B., Attorney General, Tenn. Boyd, Ernest H., Attorney General, Chancellor, Tenn. Brady, Robert S., Judge, Tenn. Branning, Pierre H., Judge, Fla. " Brantley, Theodore. Chief Justice, Mont. Breathett, James, Judge, Ky. Brett, Rutherford, Supreme Judge, Okla. Broadbent, A. B., Judge, Tenn. •Brown, Foster B., Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Brown, H. B. Judge, Tenn. Brown, Joseph, Member of Congress, Tenn. Browning, Gordon, Member of Con- gress, Governor, Tenn. Buckley, John L., Judge, Miss. Bullock, Ernest L., Judge, Tenn. Burgess, John W., Dean of the School of Law, Columbia University. N.Y. ' Burks, Paul, Judge, Calif. Burleson, Omar, Member of Congress Texas Bushby. Arthur G., Judge, Miss. Butler. M. C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Butler, Robert Reyburn, Member of Congress. Ore. Byrd, A. M. Member of Congress, Miss. Byrd, J. R. Judge, Miss. Caldwell, R. P. Member of Congress, Tenn. Caldwell. W. C. Judge, Supreme Court, Tenn. Caldwell, W. P., Member of Congress, Tenn. Calhoun, Galloway. Assistant Attorney General, Texas Campbell, Raymond C Judge, Tenn. ' Campbell, Alex W., General. Confed- erate Army. Tenn. Carrigan, A. H., Judge, Texas Caruthers,. John, Judge, Okla. Catts, Sydney Y., Governor, Fla. Chelf Frank L., Member of Congress, Ky. Cherry, Lyie B., Judge, Tenn. Clark, C. D., U.S. District Judge, Tenn. Clark. J. W., Supreme Judge, Olcla. Clark, Sydney R., Judge, Court of Civil Appeals, Tenn. Clements. Judson, U.S. Commerce Commission Clemmons, W. F., Member of Con- gress, Aric. Clint, Charles P., Judge, Texas Clouse, Wynn F., Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Coe, J. D., General, Confederate Army. Tenn. Coleman. T. L., Judge, Tenn. Coleman, Warren, Judge, Miss. Collins, Leroy, Governor, Fla. Compton, James C, District Attorney, Justice of State Supreme Court, N. M. Connor. Charles W., Judge, Okla. Conway. J. D., Judge, Ark. Cooper, Jere, Member of Congress, Tenn. Cooper, John S., Chancellor, Tenn. Cox, John C, Counsel, Federal Secur- ity Agency. Mo. Cox, N. N., Member of Congress, Tenn. Deceased Cox, W. R., Mernber of Congress, N.C. Cox, Wayne A., Chancellor, Tenn. Cockrell, Sterling, Judge Supreme Court, Ark. Crowe, Charles C, Governor, N.M. Cummlngs, James, Secretary of State, Tenn. Darr. Leslie, U.S. District Judge, Tenn. Davidson, L. W., Judge, Criminal Court of Appeals, Texas Davis, Will I.. Circuit Judge, Tenn. DeGraffenreid, R. C, Member of Congress, Texas Dews. Richard P., Circuit Judge. Tenn. Dickson, W. A., Judge. Arlc. Douglas, Byrd, Judge, Tenn. Dowell, W. M., Judge, Tenn. Drane, J. A.. Judge, Texas Drane. J. M., Attorney-General. Tenn. DuBose, J. J. Judge. Tenn. Duncan, Parker W., Judge, Tenn. Dunn, J. T., Judge, Miss. Earl, Lucen, Judge, Kans. Earthman, Harold H.. Member of Con- gress, Tenn. East, Edward hi.. Chancellor, Tenn. Edgerton. Graham, Solicitor of U.S. Navy Department Egqieston, E. W.. Attorney General, Commissioner of Highways, Tenn. Elledge, Fred, Jr., United States Dis- trict Attorney, Tenn. Enloe, B. A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Evins, Joe L., Member of Congress, Tenn. Fancher, Frank T., Acting Supreme Judge, Tenn. Farbough, W. W., Acting Supreme Judge, Tenn. Faw, W. W., Presiding Judge of Ap- peals, Tenn. Felts, Sam, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. Fentress, Francis, Jr., Judge, Tenn. Fernandez, A. M., Member of Con- gress, N.M. Ferris, John C, Judge, Tenn. Fite, John A.. Judge, Tenn. Flippin, J. R., Judge, Tenn. Flippin, Thomas S., Judge, Tenn. Ford, Thomas W., Judge, Texas Fort, Dancey, Circuit Judge, Tenn. Fowler, Cody, President of the Ameri- can Bar Association Fowler, Hammond, Chairman Railroad and Public Utilities Commission, Tenn. Fraley, Andrew, Chairman State Ind. Commission, Okla. Frazee, W, D,, Chancellor, Tenn. Fukunoka, Hiel, Professor of Law, Japan Gaines, Reuben R., Chief Justice. Texas Gauz, L, C. Member of Congress, Ark, Geraid, G. B.. Judge, Texas Gibble, J. S., Chancellor, Tenn. Gilreath. Sam B., Author of Revision of Caruthers History of a Lawsuit and former Acting Dean. School of Law, Cumberland University Gill, H. H., Court of Civil Appeals. Texas Gill, W. H.. Judge. Texas Givens, M, C, Judge, Ky. Golladay, E. I.. Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Goodnight, 1. H., Member of Con- gress, Judge, Ky. Gore, T. P., United States Senator. Okla. Green, Grafton, Chief Justice, Tenn. Green, Grant, Judge, Ark. Green, Nathan, Jr., Professor of Lav , Cumberland University, 63 years. Chancellor 33 years Green, Robert B., Judge, Texas Green, Wharton J., Member of Con- gress, N.C. Greever, P. Frank, Judge, Texas Gregory, William Voris, Member of Congress, Ky. Gresham, James M., District Judge. Okla. Grider, J B., Judge, Ky. Guerin, Clarence W., Judge, Calif. Hale. Winfield B., Judge. Court of Appeals, Tenn. Hall, F. P., Judge, Supreme Court, Tenn. Halsell. J. E., Judge, Ky. Hemmerly, Harry A., Judge, Okla. Hammon. E. S., United States District Judge Harmon, Dana, Judge, Tenn, Harreil, L. L., District Attorney, Tenn. Harris, Oren, Member of Congress Ark. Harsh. Thomas, Judge, Tenn. Hart, Chester K., Judge, Tenn. Hart, William H., Judge, Tenn. Harwood, Thomas Everett, Judge, Tenn. Hatch, Carl A., U.S. Senator, Federal District Judge, N.M. Hatton, Robert, General, Confed- erate Army Head, H. O., Judge, Texas Hellman, Stewart, District Attorney. Texas Henderson, De Witt, Chancellor, Tenn. Hensley, William L.. Disfrict Attorney General, Texas Herron, W. W., Chancellor, Tenn. Hewitt, G. W., Member of Congress, Ala. Hicks, Xen, Chief Judge. U.S. Court of Appeals, Ohio Hill. D. B., Judge, Texas Hill, Joseph M., Chief Justice, Ark. Hill, W. S., Member of Congress, Miss. Hobbs, J. C, Judge, Tenn. Holifield. M. B., Assistant Attorney General, Ky. Holladay, John D., Judge, Tenn. Holloday, O. K., Judge, Tenn. Holloway, William J., Governor of Olcla. I ' oolcer. Samuel, Supreme Judge. Okla. noon, Daniel, Judge, Ark. ' ' Houcl:, Lysander, Circuit Court Judge, Kans. House, John F.. Member of Congress, Tenn. Houston, Robert E., General, Confed- erate Army, Miss. Howard. Peabody, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. Huddleston, George, Member of Con- gress. Ala. Hull, Cordell, Judge, U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State, Tenn. Humphreys, Allison B., Jr., Judge, As- sistant State Attorney General, Tenn. Hurt, James. Court of Appeals, Texas Hutton, H. N., Judge, Ark. Jackson, Howell E., Judge, Supreme Court, U.S. Johnson. Carl Wright, District At- torney, Texas Johnson, Frank L., Judge, Tenn. Johnson, L. A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Johnson, Luther, Member of Congress, Texas, Judge, Washington, D.C. Johnson, N. B., Judge, Okla. Johnson, Tilman D., U.S. Judge, Utah Jones, Hugh C, Judge, Okla. Jones, Floyd, Judge, Texas Keck, Grover C, Judge, Ark. Keefe, Rudyard T., District Attorney. Wisconsin Kelley, Alan S., Judge, Tenn. Ketch um, M. C, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. Kimbrough. B. T., Chancellor. Miss. Kinsworthy, E. B., Attorney General, Ark. Kirby,. H. F., Judge, Texas Kirby, W. F., U.S. Senator, Ark. Deceased Kirkpatrick, Morgan C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Kitchens, Wade, Member of Congress, Ark. Kuykendall, John M., Judge, Miss. Kyle, J. C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Kyser, W. D., U.S. District Attorney, Tenn. Lamb, J. B., Attorney General, Fla. La ' Tib, Thomas L., Judge, Miss. Landrith, ' Ira, General Secretary. Y.P.S.C.E., Boston, Mass. Langford. E. F., Judge, Tenn. Laughlin, Harry W., U.S. District Judge. Tenn. Lee, Joshua Bryan, U.S. Senator. Mem- ber Civil Aeronautics Board, Okla. Lee, R. E., Judge, Chancellor, Tenn. Lightfoot, H. W., Judge. Texas. Lindsay, J. M., Judge, Texas I Little, Lucius P., Circuit Judge, Ky. Littleton. Benjamin H., Judge. U.S. Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. Livingston, H. J., Chancellor, Tenn. Lockmiller, David Alexander. Presi- dent, University of Chattanooga Looney, Benjamin F., Attorney Gen- eral, Texas Loser. J. Carlton, District Attorney General, Tenn. Loucks, Jack R., Judge. Montana Lumpkin, Sam, Lieutenant Governor, Miss. Lurton. Horace H., Judge, United Slates Supreme Court Lyons, T. C, Chancellor, Miss. McAmis, Luke, Judge, Court of Ap- peals, Tenn. McBroom, J. W., U.S. District Jndge, Va. McCanless, D. A., Judge, Ky. McClellan, Thomas A., Chief Justice, Ala. McClellan. Thomas C, Supreme Judge, Ala. McCorry, Henry, Judge, Tenn. McCreary, James B., Governor of Ken- tucky, U.S. Senator McCurtain. Houston, Judge, Indian Territory McDonald, J. C, General, Confed- erate Army, Indian Territory McGowan, M. M., Judge, Miss. McKinney, John A., Judge, Tenn. ♦McLaughlin, F. Hiram, District Attor- ney, Judge, Mo. McLemore, W. S., Judge, Tenn. McMIllan, Robinson, Judge, Okla. McReynolds, S. D., Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Mabry, M. H., Supreme Judge, Fla. Marable. Sam A., Chancellor, Tenn. Martin, William L., Attorney General, Ala. Mathis, James, Supreme Judge, Okla. Meeks, M. H.. Judge, Tenn. Merritt. A. G., Chancellor, Tenn. Milburn, R, M., Professor of Law. In- diana University Miller, Bert H., AttorneyGeneral, Su- preme Judge. U.S. Senator, Idaho MIIIer, C. C, Judge, Tenn. •Mitchell, E. G., Judge. Ark. Mitchell, J. Ridley, Judge, Member of Congress, Tenn. Morgan, Richard, Judge, Texas Morris, E. A., Circuit Judge, Tenn. Moulder, M. M., Circuit Judge and Member of Congress, Mo. Muldrow, Henry L., Member of Con- gress, Miss. Murray, David P., District Attorney, Tenn. Murray, T. J.. District Attorney, Mem- ber of Congress, Tenn. Neil, A. B., Chief Justice, Suprema Court, Tenn. Neil, M. M., Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Tenn. Nichols, Horace Elmo, Judge, Ga. Noble, Roy P., Chancellor, Miss. Norrell, A. G., Judge. Utah Nunn, D. A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Olson, G. C, District Judge, Texas Palmer, Horace E., Court of Civil Ap- peals, Tenn. Parham, Thomas G., Judge. Ark. Parker, Reeder, District Attorney Gen- eral, Tenn. Partlow, Ira J.. Judge, W.Va. Patman, Wright, Member of Congress. Texas Patterson, Joe T.. Assistant Attorney General, Miss. Pearson, Herron, Member of Congress, Tenn. Peebles, J. Mac, General Counsel, Nationel Life and Accident Insur- ance Company, Tenn. Pemberton, W. Y., Judge, Supreme Court, Mont. Perkins, James, Judge, Fla. Phelps, James I., Supreme Judge, Okla. Phillips, C. W., Judge and Commis- sioner of Highways and Public Works, Tenn. Phillips, J. W., Judge, Mo. Phillips, W. Harry, Assistant Attorney General, Tenn. PIerson, Sterling, Chancellor, Tenn. Poindexter, William, Judge, Texas Polley, James Y., Judge, Texas Pope, Walter L., Judge, Ark. Porter, James D., Governor of Tenn. Potter, Frank B., U.S. Attorney, Texas Powell, R. H., Judge, Ark. Price, Andrew, Member of Congress, La, Priddy, A. 8., Judge, Ark. Prim. Payne T., Judge, Ore. Pulllas, Athens Clay, President, David Lipscomb College Puryear. William P., Judge, Tenn. Quinn, C. F. P., Judge. Tenn. Randall, A. C, Member of Congress, Texas Randall, O. C, Judge, Ky. Ratliff, Dennis P., Judge, Texas Reeves, Willis, Judge. Ky. Rice, Benjamin H.. Judge, Texas Rice, Greek Lent, Judge, State Attor- ney General, Miss. Richardson, G. E., Judge, Texas Richard50n, John E.. Judge, Tenn. Riddick, I. E., Supreme Judge, Ark. Riddle, H. Y., Member of Congress, Tenn. Ridley, Granville, Judge, Tenn. Roane. William A., Judge Roberts, tHenry H.. Judge, Miss. Robertson, Perry S., Judge, Texas Rodgers, ttenry hi.. Judge, Miss. Roebuck, Sidney T., Highway Commis- sioner. Miss. Rogers, Jesse L., Attorney General, Circuit Judge, Tenn. Rogers, J. L., Member of Congress, Texas Rogers, S. A.. Judge, Tenn. Rogers, W. B., U.S. Attorney. Mont, Rogers, Woodville J., District Attor- ney, Texas Ro5s, J. W.. U.S. District Judge, Tenn. Riiffin, James E., Member of Congress and Assistant Attorney General, Mo. Russell, Horace, General Counsel, Home Owners Loan Corporation, Chicago, III. Salmon, W .C, Member of Congress, Tenn. Schoolfield. Raulston, Judge, Tenn. Scott, Lon A., Member of Congress, Tenn. Searcy, Oliver, Judge, Okla. Seay, George E., Chancellor, Tenn. Seay, Robert B., Judge, Texas Sells. Samuel R., Member of Congress, Tenn. Senter, James D., Judge, Court of Appeals, Tenn. ' Deceased ' Shannon, R. T,, Law Author, Tenn. Sharp, A. G., Circuit Judge, Ala. Sharp, Henry A., Supreme Judge, Ala. Sharp, Robert H., Judge, Tenn. Shaw, O. A., Judge, Okla. Shelbourne. Roy M., Judge, U.S. Dis- trict Court. Ky. Shelby, David Davis, U.S. Circuit Judge Shields. Don B., State Attorney Gen- eral, Utah Shriver, Thomas A., Chancellor, Tenn. Simpson, R. C, Supreme Court Judge, Ala. Simp5on. R. W., District Judge, Texas Simpson, Walter, Judge, Texas Sims, Thetus W., Member of Congress, Tenn. Sisson, T. U., Member of Congress, Miss. Slagle, R. C, Jr., Judge, Texas Slatton, C. S., Judge, Court of Civil Appeals, Texas Smartt, Robert W., Judge. Tenn. Smith„C. B., Judge, Ala. Smith, Edgar P., Judge, Tenn. Smith, Griffin, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Ark. Smith, J. J., Judge, Okla. Smith, M. M., Chancellor, Tenn. Smith, Robert J., Judge, Court of Ap- peals, Mo. Smith, Wallace J.. Judge. Tenn. Smithwick, J. H., Member of Con- gress, Fla. Snodgrass, H. C, Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Somers, John, Chancellor, Tenn. Somerville, H. M,, Supreme Judge, Ala. Sorrels, W. B., Judge, Ark. Speake, H. C, Judge. Ala. Speakman, Fred A., Judge, Okla. Starnes, T. D., Judge, Okla. Stephens, A. M., Member of Congress, Texas Stephens, John H., Member of Con- gress, Texas Stevens, Guy. Judge, Idaho Swank, F. B., Member of Congress, Okla. Swayne, James W., Judge, Texas Swiggart, W. H., Judge, Tenn. Swiggart, W. H., Jr., Supreme Judge, Chief Counsel, Nashville, Chatta- nooga, and St. Louis Railway, Tenn. Swindall, Charles, Supreme Judge. Okla. Taliaferro, W. G., Judge, Texas Talley, M. B., Judge, Texas Tarvey, B. J., Chancellor, Tenn. Taylor, Andrev T., Chairman, Railroad and Public Utilities Commission and Judge, Tenn. Taylor, J. M., Judge, Chancery Court of Appeals, Tenn. Taylor, J. Will, Member of Congress. Tenn. Taylor, Zack, Member of Congress, Tenn. Taurlello, Anthony F., Member of Con- gress, N.Y. Templeton, John, District Attorney General, Tenn. Terrell, Glenn, Supreme Judge, Fla. Thompson, Lillard. Attorney General and Counsel for Tennessee Central Railroad, Tenn. Tilman. J. T., Minister to Ecuador Trammell, Park, U.S. Senator, Fla. Trammel, Worth, Judge. Fla. Turner, W. B., Judge, Tenn. Turner. W. F., Member of Congress, Tenn. Valiant, L. B.. Chief Justice, Mo. Venable, W. W., Member of Con- gress, Miss. Vines, D. A., Judge, Tenn. Walker, Seth M., General Counsel. N.C. St.L. Railway, Tenn. Walker, W. May, Judge, Fla. Ward, W. E., founder Ward-Belmont College, Tenn. Warner, Richard. Member of Con- gress, Tenn. Warren, Fuller, Governor, Fla. Warren, Joseph E., Judge, Ky. Watkins, George. Attorney General, Tenn. Watkins. John Thomas. Member of Congress, La. Wear, Sam M.. U.S. District Attorney, Mo. West, Duval, U.S. Judge, Texas Wheeler, C. K.. Member of Congress, Ky. White, Weldon B., Judge, Tenn. Whitesides, William W.. Judge. Ala. ' Whitfield, T. E.. General, Confeder- ate Army Williams, Albert, Judge, Counsel for Railroad Commission. Special Judge, Supreme Court, Tenn. Williams, Robert B.. Judge, Tenn. Williamson, William H., Judge. Tenn. Wilson, S. F., Court of Chancery Ap- peals, Tenn. Witt, R. Beecher, District Attorney General. Tenn. Woodley, K. K., Judge, Court of Crim- inal Appeals, Texas Woods, Levi S., Judge, Tenn. Yarnell, Oscar, Judge, Tenn. 1 i n i n ! n n n s CHAIRMAN EDWARD POTTER, JR. One of fhe most rewarding experiences I have enjoyed in my lifetime has been my association with Cumberland University, an institution which has produced some of t he outstanding leaders of our nation. I am no educator, and I accepted this respon- sibility with reluctance as I felt that there are oth- ers more deserving and better equipped to fill a THE CHAIRMAN SPEAKS place on this board. As a business man, however, I know the value to my field of endeavor of well- trained minds and the development of character. I came in as a pinch-hitter because Cumberland University has hung on tenaciously to the educa- tional creed which has fostered the spirit of free enterprize. It has a character in itself well worth preserving. It follows that good schools produce people equipped with a good supply of factual informa- tion, ability to live and work with people of all types, potential capacity to apply these two fac- tors, sound reasoning ability, and a solid sense of values. All of these prerequisites Cumberland ful- fills, plus training in character building. It instills into the minds of its students an appreciation for the requirement of moral law as well as for statute laws, and implants in them the fact that one goes to school for the purpose of fitting himself for liv- ing up to the responsibilities of life. Cumberland University has been time-tried and tested, and can be judged by the products it has turned out. Cumberland alumni may well be proud of their Alma Mater, and the entire community should give this great institution its staunch sup- port. EDWARD POTTER, JR. I i E n n 1 W. J. BAIRD Lebanon WILLIAM D. BAIRD Lebanon S. S. BONE Lebanon WINSTEAD P. BONE, JR Lebanon ROY O. CRIPS Lebanon O. F. DARWIN Lebanon DAYTON A. DOBBS Nashville C. O. DODSON Lebanon HOMER E. SHANNON . HOWARD EDSERTON Lebanon S. B. GILREATH Lebanon JOHN J. HOOKER Nashville- HOYAL JOHNSON Lebanon NEAL McCLAIN Lebanon A. B. NEIL Nash EDWARD POTTER, JR Nash ATHENS CLAY PULLIAS Nashv Lebanon le 10 PROFESSORS Professors are respected souls . . . Albeit underpaid . . . And not infrequently they are . . . Quite dignifie-d and staid . . . Their learning is attested to ... By two or three degrees . . . From highly rated colleges . . . Or uni- versities . . . They lecture by the hour and . . . They care- fully explain . . . The theories and facts there are . . , To fill the student ' s brain . . . And in return they only ask . . . Obedience and truth ... As part of their cam- paign to build . . . The character of youth . . . Profe-s- sors are the persons who . . . Are plain and undisguised . . . But whose superb abilities . . . Are seldom recognized. JAMES J. METCALFE iDimsmAiifli ilWU I ' liniiEiT CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW JUDGE SAM B. GILREATH L.L.B.. Cumberland University Distinguished alumnus, reviser of the authoritative " hHistory of a Lawsuit, " delegate to the Constitutional Convention, pro- found scholar possessed of a brilliant legal mind, inspirational teacher and friend. 12 HI I if; II Hi CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW DEAN BERNARD B. BAILEY A.B., Ouachita College A.M., The University ot Chicago J.D., The University of Chicago Legally erudite, strict disciplinarian, efficient executive with an excellent background of governmental experience, friend and counsellor, splendid teacher and administrative leader 13 f n i I! ! OTIS J. BOUWSMA Professor of Law A.B., Calvin College; M.A., Kalamazoo College; J.D., School of Law, Emory University; LL.M ., Duke University. SARAH HARDISON Law Librarian LLB., Cumberland University. SCHOOL OF LAW 14 CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY WILLW. HERRON Professor of Law LLB., Cumberland University. GRISSIM H. WALKER Associate Professor of Law A.B., Cumberland Unlversify; LL.B., Harvard. 15 1 1 i I 1 I S I n ! I i N JAY C. BECKLEY Bursar- Bookkeeper IMOGENE BRADLEY Registrar and Secretary MRS. H. H. BRADSHAW Superintendent of Dormitory MRS. S. L HAYWOOD Manager Bookstore AUBREY WATKINS Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 16 LAW STUDENTS No lawyer knows his law so well ... Or finds it all so clear ... As does the eager student who ... Is in his freshman year ... But as semesters slip away . . . And subjects grow intense ... He is not quite so confident ... Of his intelligence . . . For there are many theories ... To mystify his brain . . . Including bailment and the right ... Of eminent domain . . . Including common carriers . . . Insurance, sales and torts ... As well as what is ethical ... In all the different courts . . . And if at last he perseveres ... He surely . . It takes a lot of studying ... To earn CI will agree an LL.B. JAMES J. METCALFE V i JAY CHARLES BECKLEY CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA B.S., Iowa State College: Phi Alpha Delta. MARGARET LOUISE BECKLEY CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA A.B., Upper Iowa University. SCHOOL OF LAW 18 CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY DON CARLOS BIRDWELL GALLATIN, TENNESSEE Cumberland University; Delta Theta Phi TYRUS HUDSON COBB LYNCHBURG, TENNESSEE .S., Middle Tennessee State College; Delta Theta Phi. 19 H i I Dfi S BIBB EARL CONWAY ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Snead Junior College. BENSON ISADORE HATTEM LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Mexico City College: American Institute for For- eign Trade: Phi Alpha Delta. SCHOOL OF LAW 20 — CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY LEROY ROLAND KENNEDAY NEW ALBANY, MISSISSIPPI University of Texas; Delta Tau Delta; Delta Theta Phi. CHARLES NEAL PARKER AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Cumberland University; Delta Theta Phi 21 n i I on JAMES JACKSON SHANNON, JR. RICHMOND. KENTUCKY University of Kentucky; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Del- ta Theta Phi. JAMES CARLIN SWACK, JR. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Cumberland University; Delta Theta Phi SCHOOL OF LAW 22 CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY JAMES RALPH TOLLETT CROSSVILLE, TENNESSEE Cumberland University; Delta Theta Phi HAROLD STANTON WADDELL CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI University of Alabama; University of Mississippi Phi Alpha Delta. 23 n i I i fi s SORKIS JOSEPH WEBBE ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI A.B., Quincy C ollege; St. Louis University; Alpha Delta Gamma; Phi Alpha Delta. MARVIN ARTHUR WILSON FLORENCE, ALABAMA Florence State Teachers College; Delta Theta Phi CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY 24 ' IT ' S NOT ALL WORK ' ' SCHOOL OF LAW 25 J n I i n WILLIAM SHERMAN BRANDOM LIBERTY, MISSOURI A.B., Willlain Jewell Colle-ge: Kappa Alpha Order; Phi Alpha Delta. JAMES ROBERT COPELAND DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Cumberland University; Phi Alpha Delta. LOUIS FRED FOSTER, JR. CAMDENTON, MISSOURI B. S., University of Missouri; Phi Delta Phi, CHARLIE FRANK HICKERSON, JR. WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE Tennessee Tech; University of Tennessee: Delta Theta Phi. SCHOOL OF LAW 26 CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY JOE JACOBSON LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA A. B., University of California, Los Angeles; Phi Alpha Delta. PHILLIP LOUIS KIELY EVANSVILLE, INDIANA Evansville College; Indiana University; Delta The-ta Phi. CLETUS KNIGHT DENTON, TEXAS North Texas State College. SYDNEY JAY MASON SIOUX CITY, IOWA Morningside College; Phi Alpha Delta. 27 i JIMMIE LEON MclNTYRE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE B. S., Memphis State College: Delta Sigma Pi. RICHARD HENRY PEEK DYCUSBERG, KENTUCKY Murray State Colle-ge. HEE WON SUHR SEOUL, KOREA Chosun Christian College; Phi Alpha Delta. FRED DYER THOMPSON COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE B.S., Tennessee Tech. SCHOOL OF LAW 28 Ill iinin Reasoning is knowledge and knowledge is power. The library of over twenty thou- sand volumes provides the student with the tools of the legal profession. All of the published opinions of the courts of last resort of all the states of the United States, together with the opin- ions of all the Federal courts, are found in the library. The use of the books, the tools of the legal profession, is indispensable to a law- yer ' s progress. ! ' i f fiESiiEi CHARLES EDWARD CARTER GREENBRIER, TENNESSEE Middle Tennessee State College; DeHa Theta Phi, CLARENCE ULAS COCHRAN TIPTONVILLE, TENNESSEE B. S., University of Tennessee: Phi Sigma Kappa. HUBERT LEE DAVIDSON THAYER, MISSOURI St. Louis University; University of Arkansas; Blue Key Na- tional Fraternity; Delta The-ta Phi. CHARLES RICHARD DICKINSON MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE B.S., Memphis State College. SCHOOL OF LAW 30 CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY JOHN VICTOR DUCK BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA University of Alabama; Phi Alpha Delta. MICHAEL DAVID EARNEY BRECKENRIDGE, TEXAS A.B., North Texas State College; M.A., Michigan State College; Pi Kappa Delta; Blue Key; Phi Alpha Delta. FLOYD DAYTON HARRIS LORAIN, OHIO A.B., Miami University; Delta Theta Phi, SHELBY LANE HAYWOOD CORNERSVILLE, TENNESSEE David Lipscomb College; Phi Alpha Delta. 31 i n i II Ei WILLIAM CHARLES KNOTT BUMPUS MILLS, TENNESSEE Austin Peay State College; Delta Theta Phi. SAMUEL L. LEWIS MIDDLESBORO, KENTUCKY Middle Tennessee State: Phi Alpha Delta. DWAYNE DEPEW MADDOX HUNTINGDON, TENNESSEE Mennphis State College ' ; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. ROBERT THOMAS McGOWAN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE David Lipsconnb College; National Forensic Association; Phi Alpha Delta. SCHOOL OF LAW 32 CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY MANFRED MARK MENDEL PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA B. S., Temple; M.A., Temple; Ph.D., Temple; Phi Alpha Delta. JAMES JOSEPH MYNATT ALCOA, TENNESSEE University of Tennessee-; Lincoln Memorial University; Mar- tin College; Delta Theta Phi. ERNEST BARTON PELLEGRIN GALLATIN, TENNESSEE Middle Tennessee State College; Delta Theta Phi EDWARD GALE ROBINSON NASHViLLE, TENNESSEE George ' Peabody College; Delta Theta Phi. nnoEi SIDNEY GARY SURRATT, JR. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Union University; University of Tennessee; Alpha Tau Omega. JUNIOR RUSSELL WEBB CHARLESTOWN. INDIANA A.B., Indiana University; Lincoln Memorial University; Phi Alpha Delta. DENNIS CLIFTON WRIGHT MADISON, TENNESSEE David Lipscomb College: Phi Alpha Delta. SCHOOL OF LAW 34 C i i S S I F F n M s SENIORS CHARLES N. PARKER Preside-nt MARVIN A. WILSON Vice-President JAMES R. TOLLETT Secretary-Treasurer PARKER JUNIORS V ILLIAM S. BRANDOM President JAMES L. BRITTON Vice-President FRED D. THOMPSON Secretary-Treasurer BRANDOM FRESHMEN HUBERT L DAVIDSON President DENNIS C. WRIGHT Vice-President SHELBY L. HAYWOOD Secretary-Treasurer DAVIDSON 35 luuu ni nsicinioi PRESIDENT TY COBB The Student Bar Association is comprised of officers elected by the student body and repre- sentatives elected by the different classes. Its pur- pose is to foster and promote student and school activities v hich tend to increase school spirit and work benefits for the student body and University. OFFICERS TYRUS H. COE President CHARLIE F. HICKERSON, JR Vice-President RICHARD H. PEEK Treasurer JAMES R. COPELAND Secretary DON C. BIRDWELL Senior Representative LEROY R. KENNEDAY Senior Representative MARGARET L. BECKLEY Junior Representative SAMUEL L. LEWIS Freshman Representative CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY 36 First Row: CHARLIE F.HICKERSON DON C. BIRDWELL Second Row: RICHARD H. PEEK LEROY R. KENNEDAY Third Row: JAMES R. COPELAND MARGARET L. BECKLEY Fourth Row: SAMUEL L LEWIS -SCHOOL OF LAW 37 ! I r ins p i i E i I I WILLIAM S. BRANDOM Editor JOE JACOBSON Business-Manager The PHOENIX staff of 1955 has endeavored to produce a yearbook worthy of this, a great year at Cumberland University and representa- tive of its superior student body. We wish to thank you for your confidence in entrusting to us the responsibility for editing the 1955 PHOENIX. Though this has been a diffi- cult task, it has nevertheless been a pleasure. The cooperation of the faculty and of the stu- dent body has contributed immeasurably to the successful publication of this book. It is our fondest hope that you will be pleased with this book and that as you peruse it again and again through the years, it will call to mem- ory the pleasures and activities of this year at Cumberland University. CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY 38 II i (1 I In Moot Court the student has an op- portunity to bring a legal action into court and try it before a judge and jury prior to his entering into actual practice. It is during these moot court sessions that the senior law students learn procedure and gain experience in preparing and try- i II ! ing cases. The cases are conducted ac- cording to actual court room practice and procedure, and afford invaluable experi- ence in trial work. Freshmen and sopho- more law students participate in trials as jurors. I E fi A I 1 1 1 E S ALMA MATER On old Lebanon ' s western border, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years go by. Forward ever be her watchword. Conquer and prevail, hiail to thee, our Alma Mater, Cumberland, all hail. Cherished by thy sons and daughters. Sweeter memories throng. Around our hearts, our Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Left to Right: Dwayne D. Maddox, Mrs. Junior R. Webb, Mrs. Samuel L. Lewis. Mrs. Michael D. Earney, Mrs. John V. Duck, Sidney G. Surratt, Mrs. Jay C. Beckley, Michael D. Earney. Seated: Mrs. Kramer, Director. CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY 40 S II I D 1 1 S M M The University Bible Class is one of the oldest and most active organizations on the campus and goes far towards filling the re- ligious needs of the students of this historic law school. This class, well attended by the students and their families, has been ably taught for twenty-three years by Judge Sam B. Gil- reath. The curriculum offered in this class consists of a chronological history of the Bi- ble. JUDGE SAM B. GILREATH Annual Sunday School Picnic at Cedars of Lebanon Park SCHOOL OF LAW 41 fi " S full IN AMERICAN This organization recognizes those students each year who excel on the cannpuses of colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. Nomination to this honor is made by the Faculty. Selection is made on the basis of scholar- ship, extra-curricular activities and general contribution to the college. The number of qualifying students to which each schoci is entitled is governed by enrollment. The biography of each in- dividual is printed in a bound volume entitled " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " This honor holds the highest esteem of any obtainable on the campus. JAY CHARLES BECKLEY Freshman Class President; Mayor of Vetropo- lis; Justice, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity; Student Vice Justice Fifth District, Phi Alpha Delta. CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY 42 COLLEGES AND UNiVERSI I ' I E 5 WILLIAM SHERMAN BRANDOM President Junior Class; Editor-in-Chief 1955 PHOENIX; Clerk, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fra- ternity. JOE JACOBSON Student Bar Association Representative Fresh- man Class; Treasurer, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity; Business Manager 1955 PHOENIX. SCHOOL OF LAW 43 nil 1 1 n A p n OFFICERS TYRUS H. COBB Dean CHARLES N. PARKER Vice-Dean JAMES C. SWACK Tribune MARVIN A. WILSON Master of Ritual LEROY R. KENNEDY Master of Rolls PHILLIP L. KIELY Clerk of Exchequer DON C. BIRDWELL Bailiff It is one of the purposes of the Grafton Green Senate to lead its members and its fellow students " to high scholar- ship and legal learning, and to surround them vvith an envi- ronmentsuch that the tradition of the law and of the pro- fession may descend upon them; to develop ability to work with others and Increase capacity for work; to become de- pendable, honest, adaptable, to think straight and develop self-control; to become interested in good government, the honest administration of justice and oppose every ac- tivity which would undermine the principles of our Repub- lic. " DEAN TYRUS H.COBB 44 LAW FRATERNITY Don C. Birdwell Charles E. Carter Tyrus H. Cobb Hubert L. Davidson Floyd D. Harris Charlie F. Hickerson, Jr. MEMBERS Leroy R. Kenneday Phillip L. Kiely William C. Knott James J. Mynatt Charles N. Parker Ernest B. Pellagrin Edward G. Robinson James J. Shannon, Jr. James C. Swack James R. Tollett Marvin A. Wilson BIRDWELL CARTER DAVIDSON HARRIS HICKERSON KENNEDAY KIELY KNOTT MYNATT PARKER PELLEGRIN ROBINSON SHANNON SWACK TOLLETT WILSON F H I U P i 1 D n I I OFFICERS JAY C. BECKLEY Justice BENSOM I. HATTEM Vice-Justice WILLIAM S. BRANDOM Clerk JOE JACOBSON Treasurer SYDNEY J. MASON Marshal The purpose of the Fraternity shall be to form a strong bond annong the members of the different classes at the various law schools; to form a strong link between the schools and their former students; to establish a wide- spread exchange for the interchange of business, informa- tion, and matters of common interest to the members of the Fraternity; to promote social and intellectual inter- course among its members; to aid the development of fra- ternal and brotherly sentiments; to cultivate a closer bond of friendship and the attainment of a higher and broader culture than that afforded by the regular college course; and to foster, under the influence of intimate friendships, those principles that tend to form a higher type of man- hood. JUSTICE JAY CHARLES BECKLEY 46 LAW FRATERNITY Jay C. BecUey William S. Brandom James R. Copeland John V. Duck Michael D. Earney Benson I. hiattem MEMBERS Shelby L. hHaywood Joe Jacobson Samuel L, Lewis Dwayne D. Maddox Sydney J. Mason Robert T. McGowan Manfred M. Mendel Ralph E. Pogue Hee Won Suhr Harold S. Waddell Junior R. Webb Sorkis J. Webbe Dennis C. Wright BRANDOM JACOBSON POGUE COPELAND LEWIS SUHR DUCK MASON 47 D i i E S I I B The Dames Club is composed of wives of the faculty and students of the School of Law. The purpose of the club is to promote a friendl) relationship among the students, faculty and their families. The Club meets monthly with two members acting as hostesses. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. William Knott, Mrs. Samuel Lewis, Mrs. William Brandom, Mrs. Jay Beckley, Mrs, Junior Webb. Mrs. Michael Earney, Mrs. Gale Robinson, Mrs. John Duck. Standing. Left to Right: Mrs. Dwayne Maddox, Mrs. Sorkis Webbe, Mrs. Otis Bouwsma, Mrs. Robert McGowan, Mrs. Shelby Haywood, Mrs. Sydney Mason, Mrs. Dennis Wright, Mrs. Grissim Walker, Mrs. H. H. Bradshaw, Mrs. Joe Jacobson, Mrs. Will Herron. Mrs. Sam Gilreath. 48 liES an UUi FALL OFFICERS MRS. WILLIAM BRANDOM President MRS. JAY BECKLEY Vice-President MRS. JUNIOR WEBB Secretary-Treasurer MRS. MICHAEL EARNEY Reporter MRS. JOHN DUCK Program Chairman I SPRING OFFICERS MRS. JOE JACOBSON President MRS. GALE ROBINSON Vice-President MRS. JOHN DUCK Secretary-Treasurer MRS. SHELBY HAYWOOD Reporter 49 i n i i i I ED fi i n ! As the 1955 PHOENIX goes to press, there are many who, in their own way, merit a few words of appreciation for their contributions of time and effort to the publication of this yearbook. Among those to whom I wish to show my sincere appreciation are: Mr. Joe Jacobson, Business Manager for the 1955 PHOENIX, for a superior job with tremendous success in the procurement of advertise- ment to meet the increased cost of this yearbook. Acting Dean Bernard B. Bailey and Professor Otis J. Bouwsma, the fac- ulty advisors, for welcomed guidance, helpful counseling and sympathetic interest. Mr. W. A. Benson, Jr., of Benson Printing Company, for his superla- tive cooperation and patience. Those of Seat ' s Studio for prompt and excellent attention to the photo- graphic needs. Mr. Phillip Kiely, whose abilities as a photographer made possible the su- perb aerial view of Cumberland University. To all of these and many more, I am deeply grateful. EDITOR jreetu iinad FROM FRIENDS OF CUMBERLAND FRANK TAYLOR CLEANERS WELTY ' S 5c TO $1.00 STORE WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE GLADYS OLD ' S SLENDERIZING AND GIFT SHOP S. J. HATHCOCK AND SON LUMBER COMPANY RAY ' S JEWELRY COMPANY ' COX FURNITURE COMPANY LEBANON AUTO PARTS COMPANY ASKEW AND GRISSIM— MEN ' S CLOTHING DAVENPORT ' S BARBER SHOP DICK ' S SERVICENTER O. P. FERGUSON AND JOE C. REEDER, JR. KIRKPATRICK ' S SHOE STORE KUHN ' S 5, 10 25c STORE ROBERT ORR AND COMPANY ( ompiimen td COMMERCE UNION BANK Member F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System SHANNON ' S DRUG STORE QUALITY AND SERVICE " Prescriptions a Specialty " COMPLIMENTS OF MARTHA WHITE PRODUCTS COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON COUNTY MOTOR CO. LEBANON, TENNESSEE SMITH ' S FURNITURE COMPANY 107 and 115 North Cumberland Street LEBANON, TENNESSEE ' Feather Your Nest With a Little Down ' THE W. H. ANDERSON COMPANY CINCINNATI PUBLISHERS OF Gilreath ' s Edition of Caruther ' s " History of a Lawsuit " Phillip ' s Edition of Pritchard on Wills and Estates A GOOD STORE IN A GOOD TOWN McADOO ' S Ladies ' and Gent ' s Furnishings Phone 253 LEBANON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF TASTY - SHOP " Everybody Knows Where We Are " COMPLIMENTS OF CAPITOL AND PRINCESS THEATRES COMPLIMENTS OF JASPER-QUICK MOTOR CO. LEBANON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF A. A. ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Fire, Casualty and Auto COMPLIMENTS OF LEBANON WOOLEN MILLS Makers of Fine Woolen Blankets Mill: Lebanon, Tennessee Sales Office: 40 Worth St., New York, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF DONNELL MOTOR COMPANY Chrysler - Plymouth KIDDIES SMART SHOP, INC. Smart Clothes for Smart Kiddies 129 Public Square LEBANON, TENNESSEE Phone 732 ( omptlmen td 4 A FRIEND " Cumberland Is Worthy of Our Support " COMPLIMENTS OF DRIVERS BAKERY ' None But the Best ' GREEN ' S For Quality Gifts 104 West Main LEBANON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF LEBANON BANK LEBANON WATERTOWN COMPLIMENTS OF THE LEBANON DEMOCRAT Printers and Publishers COMPLIMENTS OF BAIRD-COOKSEY-ROSE HARDWARE LEBANON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF BELLAR FURNITURE COMPANY " Lebanon ' s Own " COMPLIMENTS OF AUTO PARTS AND SERVICE CO. Phone 504-505 South College and Gay SECURITY AND SERVICE WHEN YOU INSURE WITH DICK LAWLOR Your Insurance Man 209 N. Cumberland Street LEBANON, TENNESSEE Phone 191 " Service Beyond the Written Contract " COMPLIMENTS 1 OF DIXIE TILE AND FLOOR COVERING CO. 222 West Main Lebanon LEA TAILORING COMPANY YOUR SANITONE CLEANERS Where You Expect the Best COMPLIMENTS OF MOSER ' S SUPER MARKET " Near the Campus " L t eetin 6 WEST SIDE HOTEL IDEAL CAFE " Just What the Word Means " 103 East Main Lebanon COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION LEBANON, TENNESSEE FARM DAIRY MILK AND ICE CREAM Stop at our Dairy Bar for a Delicious MILK SHAKE LEBANON, TENNESSEE McCLAIN-SMITH Quality Men ' s Clothing LEBANON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF McGEE AND JENNINGS Jewelers DIAMONDS - WATCHES SILVERWARE " Careful Repair Service " Phone 861 Westside Square Lebanon, Tenn. MODERN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS LEBANON, TENNESSEE HUGHES SERVICE SUPPLY COMPANY LEBANON, TENNESSEE PLUMBING - ELECTRICAL and REFRIGERATION COMPLIMENTS OF LEBANON DRUG STORE COMPLIMENTS OF JOE GRAVES SERVICE STATION " Service First " PERFECTION ICE CREAM COMPANY MILK - ICE CREAM For Health " Hurry Back " MODERN BARBER SHOP 109 Main Street LEBANON, TENNESSEE J.-H. M. GARAGE Quality Repair Work at Fair Prices 1015 West Main Lebanon, Tenn. JOE ' S SHELL SERVICE STATION JOE REEDER, Prop rieter Phone 9107 Main and M aple Lebanon SEAY INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 459 DAN SEAY, JR., LL.B., 1953 BRADSHAW DRUG COMPANY " Dependable Drugs " LEBANON, TENNESSEE WINFREE ' S FOR REAL SOUTHERN COOKING Student Headquarters BANDY TAILORING " We Dye for You " The Best in Cleaning and Alterations SEAT ' S STUDIO LEBANON, TENNESSEE MARY LEE ' S " Lebanon ' s Newest Style Shoppe " 109 South College LEBANON, TENNESSEE ESKEWS GROCERIES FRESH MEATS " The Trade Mark of Q uality " Ph 3nes 104- 105 West Main St. COMPLIMENTS OF DRAPER AND DARWIN STORES We are proud to have been selected publishers for TENNESSEE CODE ANNOTATED THE FIRST OFFICIAL ANNOTATED CODE 12 volumes plus an Index — convenient volumes to carry. Will be kept to date on an official basis. $ 1 25.00 in the State of Tennessee Tennessee Representative ARCHIE NEAL Maxwell House NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE THE BOBBS-MERRILL COMPANY, INC. Publishers of legal and tax publications since 1 838 730 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis 7, Indiana 1 MICHIE ' S DIGEST OF TENNESSEE REPORTS This seventeen-volume set is the best local digest for Tennessee and If you compare it page for page and point for point with any possible substitute, this will be your own conclusion! Write today for full descriptive circular, al- lowances, cash discount and installment plan. LEADING TEXTS Gores Tennessee Forms • Tennessee Evidence Higgins Crownover, Tennessee Procedure in Law Cases. THE MICHIE COMPANY LAW PUBLISHERS, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. 1 A MEMORABLE YEAR • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Cumberland University for completion of another oustanding year. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the highlights of memorable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1955 Staff elected us to help design, print and bind " The 1955 Phoenix. " We have earnestly en- deavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BEXSOIV PRIXTIXC COMPANY (complete (ls ooh tli lanuj acturina NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE u toai upnd arciph

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