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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1937 volume:

CLIFFORD H. SARGENT Editor-in-Chief Designed and engraved by Bush-Krebs Co., Louisville, Ky. Printed by The Benton Review Shop, Fowler, Ind. PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY UWORD O - s ;V4;t y- ' ■-■ -- -J ' SS« sfe ISA - t-: y-r ' -t ' t: .-- ' - pieces m . - ss ■i%«iiJ -;■ .;-:-i;-r fe2 :; r s tSf l SliS?: ■ ' " - ' — :wr .-S!«r DEDICAh o 2 a= -£g;;fe simple ■■■-: ' " ?s? - 5%§ i§ : " -7! " rr ' j " ;r ' C ,-[ f. ' ' ' j V %. h ' - 1 f - ■ y{ ® S B . 7j«t ' r = -r ' -- iN; - ' - - ' ' ' ' " ' ' Al , ' ' ' ' it, i t 1 , " fl MATER fn»ff -Mjr £ reaK : s a ' ' -f ' ' . . 44 CAMPUS SCENE -??Sf ' CARUTHERS HALL i-TTTT " - ' ■♦ " •■ j ' n ; MEMORIAL HALL ' vu MEN ' S DORMITORY NEW GYMNASIUM, UNDER CONSTRUCTION ERNEST L, STOCKTON President JUDGE A. B. NEIL Dean of School of Law A.B., Winchester Normal LL.B., Cumberland University WILL D.YOUNG Dean of College of Arts and Science A.B., Cumberland University M.A., Cumberland University MRS. Y. P. WOOTEN Dean of Women A.B., Peabody College M.A., Cumberland University Page seventeen PROF. SAM GILREATH Professor of Law LL.B., Cumberland University WINSTEAD P. BONE Professor of Biblical Literature A.B., A.M., Trinity College B.D., D.D., Cumberland Univ. Union Theological Seminary University of Berlin University of Chicago JAMES O. BAIRD Professor of Chemistry A.B., M.A., LL.B., Cumberland U. Graduate Work, Peabody College, University of Chicago ROBERT I. WHERRY Professor of Social Science B.. S. Ohio State University M.A., Ohio State University Ph.D., Ohio State University Page eighteen LUTHER A. PFLEUGER Professor of Spanish and German A.B., Mufifenberg Colfege M.A., University of Indiana Ph.D., University of Wisconsin MRS. HERMANCE GRIEBSCH Professor of French A.B., University of Arizona M.A., University of Wisconsin Graduate Work, Affiance Francaise University of Paris m:mr:-m m ' WiH I hv- ' ' ' sI HL " •41 Kl k GRAVES HAYDON THOMPSON Professor of Greelc and Latin A.B., Hampden-Sydney College A.M Ph.D., Harvard University MISS MABEL C. JONES Professor of English A.B., M.A., Cumberland University Graduate Work, Cumberland and Columbia Universities Page nineteen BEN H. HILL A.B., M.S., Texas Christian Univ. Ph.D., University of Illinois NEWELL HART SMITH A.B., Park College M.A., University of Virginia Ph.D., Duke University JUDGE FRANK FANCHER Professor of Law LL.B., Cumberland University MRS. JOHN H. MELZER Professor of English Ph.B., M.A., University of Chicago Page twenty CLIFFORD H. SARGENT Assistant in Mathematics 3.S., Cumberland University EUNICE CUTLER Teacher of Piano B.M., Grinnell College MRS. GREGORY ROUSSEAU Instructor on Dramatic Art Schuster School of Public Speaking Flowers Academy of Speech A. D. McCAMPBELL Instructor of Band Chicago Conservatory Page twenty-one MISS SARAH HARDISON Law Librarian LL.B., Cumberland University B.M., Cumberland University MISS MARTHA HARRIS Librarian MRS. MARY OWEN HOLMES Dietition, Men ' s Dormitory A.B., Cumberland University Page twenty-two MISS AILEEN COOK Secretary to the President MISS MADGE HARDISON Assistant to Business Manager SAMS. BONE Chairman, Special Committee of the Board of Trustees A.B., Cumberland University Page twenty-three MRS. G. W. REED Matron, Hinds House MRS. R.B, WEST Matron, McCloin House PHILLIP JOHNSON Superintendent of Buildings Page twenty-four WK f) («f »tjr a« y a ir; SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ONE BACKWARD LOOK The graduating class of 1937, with hopes high and faces forward, enters into the portals of the future. But as we shoulder arms and begin the long march which has no end we do an about face, and sadly, with wistful eyes, we look behind us. We see four years of smiles and tears, joys and disappointments, war and peace. There are hundreds of opportunities not taken, legions of good deeds undone and kind words unsaid. Fortunately the bad things soon fade away in the sands of the distant past, but the good things stand out like shining landmarks that give life meaning, and make living worthwhile. All of us are thankful for these four years, for the transformation of time, and the memories that linger still. The harsh voice of the quarterback barking signals in the golden dusk of the gathering twilight, the cool fountain by the tennis courts, the picnics at Horn Springs and Hunters Point, the cap and gown parade, the friends who have carved for themselves an enduring niche in our hearts; these things will not die. They will go down with us through the years. Our social, political, and economic history has recorded no great accomplish- ments. Politically we have always been active. We have never been surpassed in the arts of log rolling, electioneering, maneuvering and campaigning. Had we not opposed him. Governor London might have — but what is done is done. Oliver Bradley was our first president, the first of a long line of distinguished men. He never completed his term of office, and Mike Gialanella served in his stead, a bulwark of substantial integrity amidst much pushing and heaving. What we did that year is not clear in our minds, for it was a long time ago, when we wore green ties and suede shoes. In our Sophomore year Conway Jennings twirled the watch chain of presi- dential dignity. Conway held the fort, withstood repeated assaults, and man- aged to serve out his term. If we did anything of note that year it has not been recorded. In our Junior year R. A. Sanders burst into the limelight like a bolt from the blue, and we retaliated by electing him president. Like Louis Philippe he kept an ear to the ground, made himself solid with the people, and managed to con- ciliate all factions. This year, under the leadership of President Clifford Sargent, we have tried to redeem ourselves in the public eye, to contribute our bit to the welfare of the school we love, and the people who have caused us to love it. The contribution of service is an unfinished task, and we leave it with confidence to the class of ' 38. With a lump in our throats and a tightening around our hearts that is none the less sincere because other people have felt that way before, and said so, we face aagin to the future. Caps and gownsl Degrees and graduation presents! Boots and saddles! Fare- well to arms! Page twenty-six f CLIFFORD H. SARGENT President HUGH F. WALKER Vice President NELLE E. CRAIG Secretary ELISHAHIGH Treasurer Page tiventy-seven SENIOR CLASS M O z IJJ u CO Q o u O u O u ELIZABETH COWLES A.B. Nashville, Tenn. Y.W.C.A.; Collegian Staff; Inter- national Relations Club. NELLE ELIZABETH CRAIG A.B. Batesville, Miss. Sec. Senior Class; Pres. Y.W. C.A.; Associate Editor Collegi- an; Pres. Student Christian Un- ion; International Relations Club. FRED CLEVELAND BARBOUR Nashville, Tenn. B.S. D.K.P.; Football ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Basketball ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Cap- tain Basketball ' 37; Sec. Treas. " C " Club. RUTH GOLDEN DAVIS A.B. Sturdis, Ky. President S.D.S.; Y.W.C.A.; In- ternational Relations Club; Car- nival Queen ' 35; Student Coun- cil Sec. ' 37. NICHOLAS DeBENEDETTO B.S. Englewood, N. J. Blue Key; Pres. " C " Club; Pres. Y.M.C.A. ' 36; Secretary Blue Key ' 37; Toreadors ' 34; Baseball ' 36, ' 37; Vice Pres. Y.M.C.A. ' 36; Student Christian Union; Honor Roll ' 36, ' 37. ELIZABETH SUE ETHERLY B.S. Lebanon, Tenn. Commuters Club; Y.W.C.A. Page twenty-eight V PHo, ' % SENIOR CLASS GERALDINE ESKEW A.B. Lebanon, Tenn. Y.W.C.A.; Commuters Club. HANES C. FOSTER Lebanon, Tenn. President ot Ministerial Club; Y.M.C.A.; Glee Club. MICHAEL FRANCIS GIALANELLA A.B. Newark, N. J. Vice. Pres. Blue Key; Football ■33- ' 36; Baseball ■34- ' 37; " C " Club; Pres. Freshman Class; Vice Pres. Sophomore Class; All Conference End ' 35, ' 36. ELISHA HIGH Carthage, Tenn. Blue Key; Football Club; Vice Pres. Treas. Senior Class. B.S. 33- ' 36; " C " Y.M.C.A.; BETTIE CARLEW LARKINS A.B. Charlotte, Tenn. International Relations Club; Treas. Y.W.C.A. GEORGE JOHN LEY B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. L.X.A.; Band; Orchestra; Blue Key; Baseball; " C " Club; Y.M.C.A. Page twenty-nine SENIOR CLASS CO u u 2; u u CO o CO H K U O u ■-] 1-9 O u JOE W. LOOMIS A.B. Sweetwater, Tenn. Football ' 33- ' 36; Blue Key; Inter- national Relations Club; Pres. " C " Club; Y.M.C.A. NANCY LOU McCULLY A.B. Louisville, Miss. Vice Pres. Y.W.C.A. ' 36; Inter- national Relations Club; Glee Club; Student Christian Asso- ciation ' 37; Honor Roll ' 36, ' 37; English Club ' 35, ' 36. VANCE W. ORR A.B. Rookwood, Tenn. Football ' 33- ' 37; Basketball ' 36; Y.M.C.A. Vice Pres. ' 36; " C " Club Vice Pres. ' 36; Blue Key Vice Pres. ' 37; International Re- lations Club Pres. ' 37; Vice Pres. Junior Class. SARA A. PALMER A.B. Lebanon, Tenn. Commuters Club; Y.W.C.A.; Honor Roll ' 34- ' 37. JOHN HOLMES PEYTON B.S. Lebanon, Tenn. Student Assistant of Biology; Cavaliers Club. 937 PWOl ' % R. A. SANDERS B.S. Shelbyville, Tenn. Y.M.C.A.; Vice Pres. Interna- tional Relations Club; Pres. Jun- ior Class; Debate Team ' 34, ' 35; Pres. Student Council ' 36. Page thirty o o f M O O w H 3 O CO o 1—4 w O M CA SENIOR CLASS CLIFFORD H. SARGENT B,S. Antioch, Tenn. President Senior Class; Editor Phoenix; Assistant Matli.; Busi- ness Manager Collegian; Sec- Treas. Blue Key; Associate Edi- tor Phoenix ' 36; Young Demo- crats Club Vice Pres.; Interna- tional Relations Club; Y.M.C.A. RUTH TROXLER A.B. Chattanooga, Tenn. Student Council; Vice Pres. S.D.S.; Y.W.C.A. HUGH F. Vi ALKER A.B. Lebanon, Tenn. Vice Pres. Senior Class; Editor Cumberland Collegian; Pres. Tennessee College Press Asso- ciation; Y.M.C.A.; International Relations Club. LUCILLE WARREN Lebanon, Tenn. Y.Vif.C.A.; S.D.S. Sorority. A.B. Page thiHy-one coIANUARY LAW CLASS u o •— ( o Tom J. Wiltz President Julian C. Clopton Vice President Otto Carl Barbee Secretary- Joseph S. Mise Treasurer Page thirty-two OF LAW u O u O o JANUARY ROBERT BAILEY, Jr. Russellville, Ark. Student Council. OTTO C. BARBEE Beaver, Okla. S.D.K.; Counselor; Blue Key; Sec. Class; Chaplain S.D.K. ROY H. BASS Copperhill, Tenn. Blue Key. RAYMOND L. BEETS Oklahoma City, Okla. L.X.A,; S.D.K.; Vice Pres. L.X.A. NATHAN R, BIEKFAUL Bentonville, Ark. Pres. Philomathean Literary Society ■35; Sec. Forum Club ' 35. BEVERLY BORUM Columbia, Tenn. L.X.A.; High Phi. EDWARD 1. CARNES Biloxi, Miss. Blue Key; S.D.K.; Student Council; Shyster. JULIAN C. CLOPTON, JR. Austin, Tex. Blue Key; Counselors. I. FITZPATRICK Pensacola, Fla. S.D.K. ' C .o ' " " ' . Page thirty-three OF LAW u O u O o JANUARY GEORGE JAY GAVIN Santa Monica, Calif. S.A.E. Historian; International Rela- tions Club. RAYMOND GRAHAM Jasper, Tenn. o GLENN B. HENLEY Kimmins, Tenn. Public Speaking Class JAMES CRAWFORD KNIGHT Miami, Fla. S.A.E.; Blue Key; Member of Student Council. FRITZ KRUEGER, III Mt. Vernon, Ky. Class Orator. KERFORD ARMSTRONG MARCHANT Norfolk, Va. L.X.A.; Football ' 36; Monogram Club. THOMAS BAYARD MAYBERRY Sparta, Tenn. Football; Shyster. VERNON A. MEYER Lexington, Ky. S.D.K.; Blue Key; Class Orator. JOSEPH S. MIZE Forest, Miss. Class Sr. Law Treas.; Greeks. - i ' } PWo % Page thirty-four : HAROLD MOORE Darlington, Fla. Public Speaking Class. HOWARD A. McDonnell Biloxi, Miss. WILLIAM S. McKINLEY Buffalo Valley, Tenn. WILLIAM LEE ROY PRALL Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM ]. SMITH Texarkana, Ark. Counselors; S.D.K.; Stray Greeks, Pres. Blue Key ' 36; Pros, of Sigma Delta Kappa ' 36; Pres. of Junior Class ' 36; Student Council. CECIL L. THOMPSON Lumberton, N. C. S.D.K.; Blue Key; Bailiff in S.D.K.; Member of Counselors; College Band; Class Reporter. ALBERT E. TREMMING Pocatello, Idaho. Blue Key. MOSBY JOHNSTON WILLIAMS Roanoke, Va. Football ' 36, ' 37. THOMAS I. WILTZ, JR. Biloxi, Miss. — . S.A.E.; Pres. Senior Law Class. o f f M O tn OF LAW in m O JANUARY Page thirty-five JUNE LAW CLASS HISTORY Among the hundreds of similar institutions scattered throughout the length and breadth of the American continent, it is no mean accomplishment to be able to boast that the Law School of Cumberland University has a record of accom- plishment, and service to the nation unparalleled by any other law school in the United States. Since the time of its founding over three quarters of a century ago it has given to this country, and to the south in particular, some of its greatest leaders not only in the legal profession, but in the realms of statescraft and in- dustry as well. From the portals of this venerable institution came Howell E. Jackson and Horace H. Lurton, two of the most illustrious members ever to occupy positions upon the Supreme Court of the United States. Joseph Weldon Bailey, whom the brilliant Spooner of Wisconsin once termed " the greatest constitutional lawyer since Daniel Webster, " was a graduate of this school, as is also Cordell Hull, who is rapidly acquiring for himself the reputation of being the greatest Secre- tary of State since James Monroe. On Tuesday, September 11, the class, under the direction of Judge Samuel B. Gilreath, began the study of Abraham Carruthers " History of the Lawsuit, " one of the monumental classics of all legal literature, and written by one of the first Professors of Law at Cumberland University. An election of class officers was held, and after a warm, but friendly, contest the following officials were chosen: George J. Schweizer, Jr., President; Jerry Roe, Vice President; John Lewin, Secretary; John R. Rice, Treasurer; and A. R. Elliott, Reporter. George Merrifield, Jr., Joe Hensley, Jr., and Charles Green were se-- lected as Student Councilmen. In November of 1936 the class had a change of instructors, meeting for the first time with Judge A. B. Neil, a man who in every respect is the full embodiment of Bunyan ' s " magnanimous man, " and one of whom it might be spoken as a great historian wrote of Charles James Fox " to hear him was to admire him, but to know him was to love him. " In March 1937 a new election of class officers was held. Glen Pace being elected President; Tom Moore, Vice President; Robert Abel, Treasurer; Doris Mitchell, Secretary; George Merrifield, Jr., Class Orator; Guy Horton, Historian; Fountain Dawson, Shyster; Clarence E. Olschner, Chaplain; and Ollie Bright, Reporter. To the new Student Council were chosen: H. T. Carter, W. O. Shaffer, and J. T. Caldwell. At a subsequent class election Miss Mabel Loughlin was elected " Miss Law School, " while Noel Riley was selected as the " Bachelor of Ugliness. " On June 2, the law class of 1937 will be history. Whether among its ranks there will be found future jurists. United States Senators, and Cabinet Officials is al- together a matter of speculation. Of one thing, however, we may be sure, that out of the almost one hundred and fifty students who compose its membership, not one but will regard his Alma Mater with sentiments of love and the most profound respect, and to the end of his days will take undying pride in the knowledge that he forms some part, however small, in one of the grandest tradi- tions in American education. Page thirty-six JUNE LAW CLASS u O GLEN PACE President TOM MOORE Vice President DORIS MITCHELL Secretary ROBERT ABELL Treasurer Page thirty-seven JUNE CLASS ROBERT H. ABELL Wharton, Tex. Treasurer of Senior Class; Barristers. SEYMOUR ADELMAN Peoria, 111. JOHN B. ALEXANDER Laredo, Tex. Barristers Club; Y.M.C.A. FRED G. AULD, JR. Columbia, S. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Justice Club. O O f f en Q M O ' C O ' ' " %, Pagre thirty-eight JUNE CLASS U4 O •f 1 " u . ' " hj . )-3 o A. i o l ki WILLIAM BRYAN BATES Wa ldron, Ark. EUGENE BAYLESS Springfield, Mo. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MANUEL HOYT BECK Guthrie, Okla. HUGH KYLE BEELER Knoxville, Tenn. JOHN A. BELCHER Miami, Fla. Sigma Alpha E HEGEL LY BRANCH Duncan , 0 ' ' ' " % ' - Page thirty-nine JUNE CLASS OLLY L. BRIGHT Waco, Tex. Reporter Senior Law Class; Barristers Club. JEFF GRAY BROWN Centerville, Tex. SMITTY L. BROWNING Wichita Falls, Tex. GEORGE W. BROWNLEE Madisonville, Tex. Sigma Delta Kappa. o o f f m O Pi O Page forty JUNE CLASS o u O u O u HASKELL T. CARTER Noxapater, Miss. Student CounciL Page forty-one lUNE CLASS PAUL DeSTEIGUER Austin, Tex. JOHN HOWARD DITTMAR San Antonio, Tex. Blue Key; Barristers. CHARLES T. DOWNS Alamo, Tex. - — ., o mhhhmI o hh|h H t- 1 f H M • 3 «£» , l O M mr ' i " £• o " ' ►T] » f k J k J l 1 Pa£re forty-two JUNE CLASS o o u hJ O o WILL HALE, !R. Johnson City, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACK HARRISON Alvin, Tex. ALTON M. HENDERSON Jasper, Fla. JOE LEE HENSLEY. JR. Wetmore, Tex. Student Council; Blue Key; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon; Sigma Delta Kappa. Page forty-three JUNE CLASS HARRY H. HUGHS, JR. Walhalla, S. C. GENT HUTCHINSON Summit, Miss. BERNARD RAY IRWIN Houston, Tex. DELIA JENKINS Jefferson City, Mo. Iota Tau Tau; Y.W.C.A.; Glee Club. HAIh I I N L NSON Fort Worth, President of S.D.KT lue Key; Bar- risters; Student Council ALFRED TENNYSON JjflNE, JR Nashville, Tenn o o f tn O M o C Page forty-four JUNE CLASS o o u ■-1 ■-] o u MABEL LOUGHLIN BartlesviUe, Okla. Miss Law SchooL PAT LYNCH Winchester, Tenn. Pres., Justice Club. BILL McNeill Rives, Tenn. DEMPSEY HUNTER MARKS Clarksville, Tenn. RANKIN MATHIS Milan, Tenn. C. E. OLSCH Tarboro, N. C Barristers; Class Chap ' 9?7 PWo, % ' 4- Page forty-five JUNE CLASS GLENN A. PACE Dallas, Tex. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President of Senior Law Class. E. D. PARKER Gainsville, Mo. H. MARVIN PARSONS Dryden, Va. NAT PATTON Crockett, Tex. Barristers Club. JAYE JUANITA MAW A PHILLIPS Tampa, Fla. Iota Tau Tau. NOEL H. RILEY Ridgely, Tenn. Stray Greeks; Baske ifTI; Internation- al Relations Qj lr Barristers Club; BacheJat tfiffiness; Law School. o o (-• f M o M o x. N-J? ' PHo, % Page forty-six JUNE CLASS o u O u •-] ■-] O u J. C. ROE Corsicana, Tex. Vice Pres., Junior Class. FOLEY SANTAMARIA Houston, Tex. GEORGE I. SCHWIEZER, JR. Greenville, Miss. W. O. SHAFER Ranger, Tex. Blue Key; Student Council; Barristers Club. R. D. SHAW Pittsburo anding, Tenn VERN R. SPAHt.MAN Ogden, Utah Blue Key; Barristers ' x: Pac e foriij-seven JUNE CLASS ROBERT M. STARKLY Hollywood, Ala. JIMMIE STEPHENS Ensley, Ala. Lambda Chi Alpha. CARL S, STUBBS Pampa, Tex. HOYT SWAFFORD Pikeville, Tenn. lESSEJAmS WAGERTY Clayton, N. M Blue Key. iV P«a % Page foi-ty-eight JUNE CLASS i-A o u o u o o JOHN HAMILTON V AGNER Dallas, Tex. Barristers; Stray Greeks. CECIL GILL WALLACE Lewisburg, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JULIAN WARREN Jacksonville, Fla. Pres. Bible Class; Shyster; Junior Class; Boxing Coach; Barristers Club. RUDOLPH WATSON, JR. St. Petersburg, Flo. Barristers Club. HAROLDJfWlLLIAMS RoanoKe, Va. 957 PHo, % Page forty-nine JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY That we would ever be Juniors seemed an impossibility three years ago; but Juniors we became, and now, as we stand on the threshold of our Senior year, we find ourselves reviewing our record with a great deal of happiness. Ours is a large class, and you will find our students working in every activity on the campus. We remember such names as Donnell, Lemons, McCullouch, Gordon, and Bryan for their scholastic ability, and find these to be consistent members of the honor roll. Brettell, Gordon, and Mongum are " C " men, and will be active on the various varsity squads next year. Frances Nicholson, this year ' s choice for Cumberland ' s Most Beautiful Girl, was taken from our ranks, and we are justly proud. Meeting early in the school year we nominated and elected our school officers. Harry Vickers was chosen as President, and on his withdrawal from school at- the second semester, Allan Gordon was elected to succeed him. Realizing our duties and responsibilities as we accept the torch from the pres- ent Senior Class, we are determined to remember Cumberland ' s traditions and what they mean to every student of the University and to make our last year at C. U. the best. Page fifty JUNIOR CLASS u u I— I U-, o HARRY VICKERS President ALLEN GORDEN Vice President RUTH RAY Secretary 9?7 P«rt ' % ROBERT HAWKINS Treasurer Page fifty-one CO u u u u w Q CO H o u o u o u CLAY AVANT Alexandria, Tennessee JUDITH BAILEY Mulberry, Tennessee JOHN BEASLEY Elkton, Tennessee JACK BRADFORD Mew Middleton, Tennessee HELEN BATES BRYAN Lebanon, Tennessee LILLIAN BURTON Mt. Juliet, Tennessee PAULINE COLEMAN Milan, Tennessee MARY ELLEN DAVIS Sylvia, Tennessee JANE DENNEY Milan, Tennessee FRANKIE DONNELL Lebanon, Tennessee JESSIE FRANKLIN Donelson, Tennessee ALLEN GORDON Lynville, Tennessee MARTHA GRAHAM Corinth, Mississippi JUNIOR CLASS Page fifty-two 5B7 P f o % MRS. CHARLES GREEN Osceola, Missouri BEN W. HARLIN Lebanon, Tennessee ROBERT H. HAWKINS Lebanon, Tennessee HALIE LEMONS Lebanon, Tennessee SPIVA McCULLOUCH Louisville, Mississippi FRANCES NICHOLSON Ashland City, Tennessee AILEEN ODOM Liberty, Tennessee LUDY PATY Lebanon, Tennessee RUTH RAY Fayetteville, Tennessee R. D. SHAW Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee VIRGINIA TAYLOR Goodlettsville, Tennessee HARRY G. VICKERS Lebanon, Tennessee JUNIOR CLASS o o f f Pi O M o ■n H Z O M o w z n n Page fifty-three SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Last year we were the largest class in school with about 75 members. How- ever, this year we are no longer green Freshm en but are dignified Sophomores. While our class isn ' t as large as it was last year, those returning this year were evidently the pick of the crop. For our President this year we elected diminutive Charles Gist who is one of the most outstondmg leaders in all school activities. Other officers are: Mary Craig, Vice President; Emily Baird, Treasurer; and Volene Thompson, Secretary. Our class has been very prominent in all social activities, having given a dance for the Freshman class, which was one of the most outstanding events of the year. Our class is represented on the Student Council by Murrell Weddington, Clair Eoff and Charles Gist. In athletics the class was represented by Ed Smith and Casper Freeman in basketball; Joe Carter, Bud O ' Guinn, and Murrell Weddington, in football; Har- mon Byrom and Bud O ' Guinn in baseball, and Ernest Stockton was number one man on the tennis team. Both boys and girls were well represented in Intra- Mural basketball and Harmon Byrom won the ping-pong championship. Some of the honors held by members of our class are: Emily Baird, President of D. P. O. Sorority; Belle Doak, President of the S. D. S. Sorority; Ed Smith, Presi- dent of the S. A. E. Fraternity; Charles Gist, Vice President of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, and Clair Eoff, President of the Y. M. C. A. The class also placed three members on the staff of the school paper, The Cumberland Collegian. Looking back upon what we think has been a very successful year we have high hopes of continuing the good work next year as Juniors. Page fifty-four SOPHOMORE CLASS u u O CHARLES G. GIST MARY E. CRAIG President Vice President ANN VOLENE THOMPSON Secretary EMILY BAIRD Treasurer Page fifty-five 12 SOPHOMORE CLASS o m MM EMILY MORROW BAIRD Lebanon, Tennessee ALENE BAKER New Middleton, Tennessee JOE BURTON Mt. Juliet, Tennessee HARMON A. BYROM Estill Springs, Tennessee EULA BELLE COMER Lebanon, Tennessee MARY ESTELLE CRAIG Batesville, Mississippi BELLE LANGFORD DOAK Lebanon, Tennessee GRADY DODD Woodbury, Tennessee CLARENCE E. DUKE Smithville, Tennessee CI AIR EOFF, JR. Tullahoma, Tennessee NORMAN ESKDALE Union, New Jersey CHARLES GIST, JR. Tullahoma, Tennessee COURTNEY COWPER HAMILTON, JR. Lebanon, Tennessee Page fifty-six JOHN I. HOLLAND Tullahoma, Tennessee LOUISE JENNINGS Lebanon, Tennessee BILL ALLEN MARTIN Gladeville, Tennessee RUBYE LEE PERKINS Lebanon, Tennessee VICTOR T. PETTY Carthage, Tennessee ALBERTA SHELBY Duck River, Tennessee EDWARD SMITH. JR. Lebanon, Tennessee ERNEST STOCKTON, JR. Lebanon, Tennessee CLAIR SUDDARTH Lebanon, Tennessee EDNA STONE Lebanon, Tennessee HUBERT M. TATUM Lebanon, Tennessee VOLENE THOMPSON Lebanon, Tennessee CHARLES MURRELL WEDDINGTON Tullahoma, Tennessee SOPHOMORE CLASS " X937 PHo Page fifty-seven FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY In the year of our Lord 1937 a large group of eager and ambitious students fresh from their conquest of high school entered the portals of Cumberland to begin their agonizing and tedious struggle for a better education. Although somewhat bewildered and lost at the first of the school year, it was not long until they had entered the fray of college life and proven themselves worthy of being called loyal sons of this historic institution. With the distinction of having the largest class in the history of Cumberland, they immediately organized with the election of officers and proceeded into a year of activities which surpassed all of the other classes. After a short period of familiarization they were given their first chance to prove their sterling quality and willingness to cooperate when they were placed at the mercy of the upper classmen. Yet, through the hectic days and throes of Hell Week and the oncom- ing football season, the Frosh continued to prove that they could " take it " in spite of the trying discomforts that were planned for them. Game after game they turned out in a body to lend their support to a fighting football team. With nine of their classmates giving their all for their Alma Mater, the Freshmen added their lusty voices to the rising waves of cheers led by the cheering squad. Among the traveling squad on the trips were Cuttrell, Lovell, Vaughn, H. John- son, J. Johnson, Hayes, Wagster, Denney, and Locke. Although the team was not the best, nevertheless the Freshmen gained much valuable experience which they expect to profit by in the coming years. As the cold wintry blast careened around the corners of the administration building, the Cumberland Bulldogs moved from the gridiron into the shelter of the gymnasium to commence basketball practice. After weeks of ardent prac- tice and numerous games, five of the ten men that lettered were Freshmen. Dur- ing the intramural tournament the Fresh quintet showed that they were not green in basketball by coming out of the fray victorious. In wrestling and baseball the neophytes were also prominent and turned out to be valuable assets to these teams. Turner, another of their rank, gave them further cause to be proud when he won his division of the Golden Gloves. Stone was the only Frosh to make the tennis team and he added further justification to their record. Not all of their honors were in the field of athletics. Fife led the scholastic standings with several other of his classmates following close behind. All in all the Freshman class have proven that they are willing and worthy to share the burdens of Cumberland University in the future years. Page fifty-eight FRESHMAN CLASS VI K U u o JOE DEAN President HUGHMcLAIN MILDRED JOHNSTON MILTON CAMPBELL Vice President Secretary Treasurer Page fifty-nine FRESHMAN CLASS g HUDSON ALEXANDER Milan, Tennessee EDITH AMONETTE Buffalo Valley, Tennessee ALEXANDER ANDERSON Lebanon, Tennessee C. REESE ASKEW Lebanon, Tennessee MILDRED BADGETT Lebanon, Tennessee BERMERDINE BAKER New Middleton, Tennessee BESSIE L. BASS Lebanon, Tennessee DOROTHY BASS Watertown, Tennessee MARJORIE BASSETT Providence, Kentucky RILLA BURTON La Gaurda, Tennessee LORA SMITH BURTON Mt. Juliet, Tennessee EVERETT BURGH Stuttgart, Arkansas WILLIAM ARCH BRATTON Williamsport, Tennessee IRENE CALLIS Lebanon, Tennessee MILTON M. CAMPBELL TuUahoma, Tennessee MYRTLE CARTER Lebanon, Tennessee SAMUEL TALMADGE COAPLEN Old Hickory, Tennessee JAMES H. CROWDIS, JR. Nashville, Tennessee JOE DEAN, JR. Nesbitt, Mississippi JEAN STONE DENNEY Milan, Tennessee FRANK M. Dubois Buffalo Valley, Tennessee W. F. DYER Lebanon, Tennessee DEWEY J. FITE Milton, Tennessee JAMES W. FOSTER Gladeville, Tennessee MARSHALL FOSTER, JR. Gladeville, Tennessee LEON FREEMAN Savannah, Tennessee DALTON O. FRYE Brush Creek, Tennessee ROBERTA GANN Lebanon, Tennessee MARGARET GANNAWAY Nesbitt, Mississippi HARRY S. GEER Sparta, Tennessee MARIE GOSSETT Greenbrier, Tennessee FLORA NEALE GREGORY ■— Hartsville, Tennessee MARY RANKIN GWYNN Martha, Tennessee EDWARD HALE Liberty, Tennessee MARY SUE HALBERT Lebanon, Tennessee SARAH MARTHA HANCOCK Lebanon, Tennessee JOE HANKINS Lebanon, Tennessee MINNIE LOU HARVELL Centerville, Tennessee JAMES RICHARD HAYS Aubertov n, Tennessee WILLIE LEE HEARN Alexandria, Tennessee VIRGINIA HODGES Lebanon, Tennessee L ii il : .0 " " %, Page sixty £Lk i m E- O u O u g FRESHMAN CLASS 1 r- " O- Ifl n ' MARY FRANC HOLLOWAY Lebanon, Tennessee FANNIE B. JENNINGS Lebanon, Tennessee ALSEY M. JOHNSON Brownsville, Tennessee MILDRED JOHNSTON Williamsport, Tennessee JAMES T. KENDALL Hornbeak, Tennessee LEWIS A. KEY Hartsville, Tennessee WILLIAM P. LEACH Milan, Tennessee ROBERT L. MARTIN Lebanon, Tennessee NAT McKINLEY, JR. Carthage, Tennessee EDWARD MERWIN Hahira, Georgia SUE MERWIN Hahira, Georgia MARGARET M. MORSE Lebanon, Tennessee HUGH L. MYERS Baxter, Tennessee ROBERT OWEN Hartsville, Tennessee DOROTHY ADELE ORR Batesvilie, Mississippi EVELYN POPE LaVergne, Tennessee FRANCES RICKETTS Watertown, Tennessee FRANCES RICHARDSON Dickson, Tennessee JAMES LESLIE RIGGINS Hartsville, Tennessee EDNA ELIZABETH REED Lebanon, Tennessee iV PHo. JAMES ROBB Ridgetop, Tennessee FRANK ROY, JR. Watertown, Tennessee MARGARET RUMMAGE Mt. Juliet, Tennessee JOE RUSSELL Centerville, Tennessee KIRK SAVAGE, JR. Carthage, Tennessee DEAN SIMMONS Castalian Springs, Tennessee MARGARET SMITH McMinnville, Tennessee BILL STEELE Franklin, Tennessee ROBERT STONE Dellrose, Tennessee JAMES M. SUMMERS McMinnville, Tennessee WALTER SWAIN Gladeville, Tennessee BEN THOMAS Carthage, Tennessee JIMMIE VAUGHN Murfreesboro, Tenn. GRISSIM H. WALKER Lebanon, Tennessee BILLIE WARREN Lebanon, Tennessee EMMA LOU WILLIAMS Lebanon, Tennessee EDMOND WILSON Gordonsville, Tennessee EDWIN E. WOODS Lewisburg, Tennessee CURTIS WEBSTER WORD Watertown, Tennessee MARY ALICE WRIGHT Martha, Tennessee OTIS WINNARD Smithville, Tennessee % Page sixty-one FORWARD " The Moving Finger writes, and having writ Moves on; Nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a line; Nor all your tears wash out a word of it. " Thus the past has been written. The last chapters in the life-histories of the classes of ' 37 are closed. It has been a vital and thrilling story of dreams, struggles, joys, disappointments, and finally, climacteric victories. But the post lives on in the real present and the potential future. The past is prologue, an heraldic announcement of the living present. It speaks in our thoughts and deeds which are the results of what the past has done. Our yesterdays bear fruitage in our dreams and thoughts of our todays. But life today is not lived in prologues. The present must be filled with deeds. The warp and woof of our todays is not made of the " stuff of dreams " alone but of the tough fabric of dynamic living and achieving. The past is prophecy. The records of the members of these classes indicate that the future will mean a forward march. You have caught the spirit of the refrain: " Forward ever be our watchword. Conquer and prevail. " Your faces are forward and you have faith in a future with brighter horizons of opportunity and greater achievements. We wish to share your optimism. Always you will have our interest, esteem and cooperation. The world needs your intelligence, your vision, your radiance and your energies. We say: " God speed you on your adventure as you continue to go FORWARD. " —DR. ERNEST L. STOCKTON Page sixty-Uvo ■Iff}.;: _ Page sixty-four Craig Sargent Walker Franklin Gist Cowles Sanders Gannaway Byron Craig Steele Bright THE COLLEGIAN STAFF Editor Hugh Walker Associate Editor Robert Sanders Associate Editor Nelle Craig Sports Editor Charles Gist Sports Reporter Harmon Byrom Law Editor O. L Bright Literary Editor Jessie Franklin Reporter Margaret Gannaway Reporter Billy Steele Exchange Editor Mary Craig Secretary Elizabeth Cowles Business Manager Clifford Sargent Page sixty-five h : J£. a a iy: r4ji LaijB5ijM Baddley Bain Baker Barby Bass Boter Brettell Carnes Davidson DeBenedetto Giolanella Gordon Green High Holland Holloway Sargent Johnson Ley Loomis Merrifield Moore Orr Olschner Prall Thompson Trimming Tuthill Shafer Smith Spackman Steel Swagerty Page sixty-six BLUE KEY NATIONAL HONOR FRATERNITY Founded at The University of Florida, 1924 Motto: Serving, I Live Colors: Azure and Gold Fratres in Facultate Dean Will D. Young Professor Sam B. Gilreath Fratres in Universitate Tom Baddley Tennessee Sam Bain Texas C. L. Baker Texas Otto Barby Oklahoma Roy H. Bass Tennessee Dick Boter Michigan Bob Brettell New Jersey Edward Games Mississippi Julian Clopton Texas Billy Daniels Tennessee Hubert Lee Davidson Missouri Nicholas DeBenedetto New Jersey John Dittmar Texas Mike Gialanella New Jersey Allen Gordon Tennessee Raymond Graham Tennessee Charles Greene Missouri Elisha High Tennessee Hilliard Holland Florida John HoUoway Tennessee Dick Houston Texas Harold V. Johnson Texas Jiramie Knight Florida George Ley Pennsylvania Joe Loomis Termessee George Merrifield Ohio Harold Moore Florida Vernon Meyer West Virginia Joe Olschner North Carolina Vance Orr Tennessee Bill Prall Kentucky Clifford H. Sargent Tennessee W. O. Shafer Texas Bill Smith ; Texas Vern Spackman Utah W. T. Steele Alabama Jesse Swagerty New Mexico Cecil Thompson North Carolina Albert Trimming Idaho Terry Tuthill New York Julian Warren Florida Officers First Semester Second Semester William J. Smith President Charles H. Greene Mike Gialanella Vice President Vance W. Orr Clifford H. Sargent Secretary Nicholas DeBenedetto Clifford H. Sargent Treasurer Terry Tuthill Fratre in Honoria Dr. Ernest L. Stockton Page sixty-seven s S r ti 7T " » ' ««. 1 mW itf itf Ardrey Smith Holland Barker Todd Lewin Fredeking Barby Thompson Houston Johnson Brownlee Siravo Neil Dunbar Baker Swafford Gilreath Games Boter Page sixty-eight SIGMA DELTA KAPPA INTERCOLLEGIATE LEGAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of Michigan, 1914 Colors: Garnet and Block Flower: Red Rose PI CHAPTER Established at Cumberland University, February 5, 1924 FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. B. Neil Sam Gillreath Roll John Ardrey South Carolina C. L. Baker Texas Otto C. Barby Oklahoma Robert O. Barker Illinois Robert Barry Oklahoma John Campbell Oklahoma Eddie Carnes Mississippi Hal Carr Tennessee Landrum Cox Missouri McClung Dunbar __West Virginia Robert Fredeking West Virginia Joe Lee Hensley Texas Hilliard Holland Florida Harold V. Johnson Texas Johnny Lewin Oklahoma Lawrence Myer West Virginia Vernon Myer Kentucky James C. Neill Mississippi Rush Nicholson Kentucky William O ' Neal Florida Elmo Page Oklahoma William Prall Kentucky AI Siravo Rhode Island Hoyt Swafford Tennessee Dean Todd Oklahoma Cecil Thompson North Carolina Russell Thompson Oklahoma Robert Watkins ; Tennessee Pledges George Brownlee Texas Bill Fredricks — Missouri Dick Houston Texas Odell Hallums Tennessee Carl Loerke Michigan Officers First Semester Second Semester W. J. Smith Chancellor Harold V. Johnson Lawrence Myer Vice Chancellor Johnny Lewin Edward Carnes Secretary C. L. Baker John Ardrey Treasurer James Boter Otto C. Barby Chaplain Robert O. Barker Cecil Thompson Bailiff Robert Barry Page sixty-nine Beets Erwin Holland Ramsey Tucker Borum Evans Holloway Robb Vaughn Browning Fite Ley Slaugenhop Walker Byrom Gist Lloyd Steele Weddington Eoff Hester Long Stephens Pursley Page seventy LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University, 1909 Colors: Purple, Green, Gold Flower: Violet ALPHA SIGMA ZETA Established at Cumberland University, April 17, 1917 J. O. Baird Fratres in Facultate Fratres in Universitate Ralph T. Donnell Raymond Beets Oklahoma Beverly Borum Tennessee Smitty Browning Texas Harmon Byrom Tennessee Claire Eoff Tennessee Robert Erwin Tennessee Tom Evans Tennessee Dewey Fite Tennessee Charles Gist Tennessee William Hester Tennessee John Holland.,- Tennessee John HoUoway Tennessee George Ley Pennsylvania Charles Lloyd Tennessee John Long Alabama Charles Ramsey Tennessee James Robb Tennessee Charles Smith Maine George Slaugenhop Texas Bill Steele Tennessee James Stephens Alabama R, C. Thomas Tennessee Clifton Tucker —.. Tennessee Jimmie Vaughn Tennessee Grissim Walker Tennessee Murrell Weddington Tennessee Officers First Semester Second Semester Thomas Evans High Alpha John Holloway Raymond Beets High Beta Charles Gist Charles Lloyd High Gamma Grissim Walker Clair Eoff High Tau Clair Eoff John Holloway High Epsilon James Stephens Beverly Borum High Phi Beverly Borum Charles Pursley High Pi Charles Pursley Robert Adams Robert Bass W. P. Bone, Jr. Capt. Coverdale Bob Donnell Comer Donnell Fratres in Urbe Lindsey Donnell Harry Green William Hinson Major Dan Kendall Robert Lester Dean Martin Charles Pursley Lovell Rousseau Guy Thackston Gwynn Vaughan Dr. Dean Wilkerson Page seventy-one Aik£ ' l k iii Hi: Anderson Askew F. Auld T. Auld Baddley Bayless Beasley Belcher Coaplen Daniel Duvall Garner Gavin Ghiotto Moss Young Hale Hamilton Harrison Hensley Johnson Leach Marks Proll Riggins Russell Smith Stockton Stone Wallace Page seventy -two SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at the University of Alabama, March 9, 1856 Colors: Purple and Gold TENNESSEE LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded, 1856 Flower: Violet Dean Will D. Young Fratres in Facultate Fratres in Universitate Coach Eugene Mcllwaine Malcolm Allen Tennessee Alexander Anderson, Jr Tennessee Reece Askew Tennessee Fred Auld South Carolina Tom Auld South Carolina Tom Baddley Tennessee Haynie Bastain Tennessee Gene Bayless Missouri John Beasley Tennessee John Belcher Florida Tillman Cavert Tennessee Sam Coaplen Tennessee Billy Daniels Tennessee Fred Drunagle Texas Bill DuvalL Tennessee Lawrence Fitzpatrick Florida fames Garner Tennessee George Gavin California Bob Ghiotto Florida Will Hale Tennessee Herschel Hamil ._ Texas Courtney Hamilton Tennessee Crockett Harrison West Virginia Joe Hensley Texas Alsey Johnson Tennessee Jimmie Knight Florida Don Knox Pennsylvania Bill Leach Tennessee Dempsey Marks Tennessee Bill Prall Kentucky James Riggins Tennessee Joe Russell Tennessee Ed Smith, Jr Tennessee Ernest Stockton, Jr Tennessee Robert Stone Tennessee Harry Vickers Tennessee Gill Wallace .Tennessee Francis Wilson Arkansas Tom Wiltz Mississippi First Semester icers Second Semester Herschel Hamil Eminent Archon Ed Smith, Jr. Ed Smith, Jr Eminent Deputy Archon Gill Wallace John Beasley. Eminent Treasurer John Beasley Courtney Hamilton Eminent Recorder Ernest Stockton, Jr. Harry Vickers Eminent Herald Bill Duvall James Knight Eminent Chronicler Jimmie Garner Tom Wiltz Eminent Correspondent Alsey Johnson Gill Wallace Eminent Warden John Belcher Tom Wiltz Steward Bob Ghiotto Alexander Anderson, Sr. Harry L. Armstrong Bob Askew James Askew ErWin Doak Rufus Doak Alumni Advisor: Dean Young Fratres in Urbe Curry Dodson Joe Gronnis J. H. Grissim M. T. Hearn John Hume Allison Humphreys Burton Humphreys Joe McClain John Rushing Homer Shannon Jackson Woodall House Mother: Mrs. Kate Moss Page seventy-three Alberta Shelby Simmons Seagraves Rummage Richardson Lemons Cutler Gann Gwynne Graham Franklin Burton Baird Page seventy-four DELTA PHI OMEGA Founded at Cumberland University, November 30, 1926 Flower: White Rose TENNESSEE ALPHA CHAPTER Colors: Orchid and Silver Sponsor in Urbe Eunice Cutler Sorores in Universitate Emily Baird Tennessee Lora Smith Burton Tennessee Jessie Franklin Tennessee Roberta Gann Tennessee Martha Graham Mississippi Mary Gwynne Tennessee Halie Lemons Tennessee Frances Richardson Tennessee Margaret Rummage -..-Tennessee Sue Seagraves Tennessee Dean Simmons Tennessee Alberta Shelby Tennessee Officers First Semester Second Semester Emily Baird President Emily Baird Sue Seagraves Vice President Mary Gw ynne Jane Denney Secretary Frances Richardson Jane Denney Treasurer Roberta Gann sorores m Urbe Mrs. Norman Beard Josephine Bentley Mrs. Comer Donnell Eugenia Freeman Mrs. A. C. Haley Charlene Hughes Mrs. Ned Vaughan Mrs. Sam Bone Mrs. C. Travis Bonner Mrs. J. C. Arnett Mrs. Richard Hawkins Mary Katherine Klyensteuber Mrs. Victor Miller Mrs. Harry Phillips Jennie Mae Rousseau Mary Owens Walters Sorores in Honoria Mrs. Elmo Paige Patronesses Mrs. Deane Wilkinson Mrs. Gwynne Vaughan Page seventy-five Bassett Cooksey Davis Doak Hancock Jackson Merwin Nicholson Troxler Warren Page seventy-six SIGMA DELTA SIGMA Founded at Cumberland University, November 9, 1926 TENNESSEE ALPHA CHAPTER Colors: Silver and Rose Flower: Sweetheart Rose Soror in Facultate Mabel C. Jones Sorores in Universitote Marjorie Bassett ___Kentucky Burnito Cooksey Tennessee Ruth Davis - Kentucky Belle Langford Doak Tennessee Sarah Hancock Tennessee Mary Ransom Jackson -..Tennessee Sue Merwin Georgia Frances Nicholson Tennessee Ruth Troxler Tennessee Lucille Warren Tennessee First Semester Ruth Davis Lucille Warren Mary R. Jackson., Ruth Troxler Ofiicers Second Semester President Belle Langford Doak .Vice President Ruth Troxler , Secretary Sarah Hancock Treasurer Marjorie Bassett Sorores in Urbe Mrs. Robert Adams Mrs. W. P. Bone, Jr. Mrs. Joe Brown Cummings Helen Davis Janet McAdoo Katherine McClain Mrs. Paul Redick Marie Thackston Margaret Tripp Mrs. Will D. Young Sorores in Honoria Hermance Griebsch Izzy Moss Patronesses Mrs. George Golliday Mrs. Allison Humphreys Mrs. Scott McClain Mrs. George McDaniels Mrs. Dan Ingram Page seventy-seven Watson Warren Wagner Tuthill Tolbert Spackman Shafer Roe Patton Olschner Merrifield Johnson Huff Houston Holloway Henderson Harrison Green Dittmar Davidson Crump Bright Boter Barr Alexander Abell THE BARRISTERS CLUB MEMBERS Robert Abell John Dittmar Bob Huff W. O. Shafer John B. Alexander Charles H. Green Harold V. Johnson Vern Spackman Daniel Barr Jack Harrison George Merrifield Holden Tolbert James Boter Alton B. Henderson Clarence Olschner Terry Tuthill Oily Lee Bright John Holloway Nat Patton, Jr. John Wagner Louis Crump Guy Horton Jerry C. Roe , Julian Warren Hubert Lee Davidson Dick Houston Edgar L. Schilo Rudolph B. Watson Charles Edward Wright OFFICERS President Holden Tolbert Vice President Edgar L. Scholo Secretary and Treasurer Vern Spackman Page seventy-eight THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Bill Burt Catherine Close Elizabeth Cowles Mary Craig Nelle Craig Ruth Davis Frankie Donnell Clair Eoff Jessie Franklin ROLL George Gavin Charles Gist Allen Gordon Betlye Larkins Halie Lemons Joe Loomis Spiva McCullouch Nancy Lou McCuUy Vance Orr Ruth Ray Noel H. Riley R. A. Sanders Clifford Sargent Ed Smith Ernest Stockton, Jr. Volene Thompson Hugh Walker, Jr. OFFICERS President Vance Orr Vice President R. A. Sanders Treasurer Halie Lemons Secretary Ruth Ray Page seventy-nine THE YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Marjorie Bassett Lillian Burton Lora Smith Burton Rilla Burton Catherine Close Pauline Coleman Elizabeth Cowles Mary Craig Nelle Craig Mary Ellen Davis Ruth Davis Jane Denney MEMBERS Frankie Donnell Geraldine Eskev r Jessie Franklin Margaret Gannaway Mary Gwynn Marie Gossett Minnie Lou Harvill Delia Jenkins Mildred Johnston Bettye Larkins Nancy Lou McCuUy Sue Merwin Frances Nicholson Dorothy Orr Evelyn Pope Ruth Ray Frances Richardson Margaret Rummage Alberta Shelby Dean Simmons Margaret Smith Virginia Taylor Volene Thompson Ruth Troxler First Semester Nelle Craig Nancy McCuUy.. Ruth Ray Bettye Larkins.... OFFICERS .President . Vice President , Secretary. Treasurer Second Semester ...Ruth Ray ...Frankie Donnell ...Catherine Close Mary Craig Page eighty THE YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Charles Gist Clifford Sargent Harry Geer ■ Claire Eoff Frank DuBois Joe Loomis Ernest Stockton, Jr. Otis Winnard Allen Gordon Spiva McCullouch Gene Denney Vance Orr MEMBERS Bud Riley Milton Campbell Phil Boozman Eugene Simpkins Joe Dean Hudson Alexander R. A. Sanders Robert Stone Hanes Foster Joe Russell John Beasley Hugh Walker Jimmie Robb Emerson Boner Muriel Weddington James Kendall Bill Burt James Turner Ed Smith Joe Burton Fred Barbour Nick DeBenedetto Billy Rice James Crowdis OFFICERS President Clair Eoff, Jr. Vice President Joe Dean Secretary and Treasurer Otis Winnard Page eighty-one Donnell Hester Davis Holland Bailey- Horton Brown Coleman Caldwell Manners Huff Allen Spears Loyd PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASS ROLL Juanita Allen Mary Ellen Davis Guy Horton John Ardrey Frankie Donnell Bob Huff John Bailey Charles Green Hubert Lawson Sam Bain Will Hale Charles Lloyd Robert O. Barker Thomas Hanners Harold Moore Jeff Brown Glenn B. Henley Elmo D. Parker J. T. Caldwell Lloyd Hester H. M. Parsons Pauline Coleman H. Galliver Holland Alene Spears Instructor Mrs. Mae Gregory Rousseau Secretary Frankie Donnell ToQstmaster for Annual Banquet Thomas Hanners Page eighty-two Fred Barbour John Beasley Robert Brettell Ethel Cutrell Nick DeBenedetto Gene Denney Mike Gialanella Allen Gordon Gilbert Hamil Joe Hayes THE " C " CLUB ROLL OF HONOR Elisha High James Huskey Jimmy Johnson Kirby Jordon George Ley Leon Locke Joe Loomis Ernest Lovell Robert Mangum Kerford Merchant Thomas Mayberry Bud O ' Guinn Vance Orr Bud Riley Jimmie Robb Ed Smith Ernest Stockton, Jr. Jimmie Vaughan Dan Vickers Dave Wagster Page ciffhtij-three Scene from " The Bishop Misbehaves, " Presented by the Cumberland Players, Under the direction of Mrs. R. J. Wherry Cost: Mrs. John R. Thomas, Alsey M. Johnson, Hoyt Beck, Mrs. Charles Green, Dewey Fife, Clifford Sargent, Louise Rhea, James Lafayette Bomar, Dr. R. J. Wherry, Al Siravo. THE CUMBERLAND PLAYERS James Bomar Hoyt Beck Mrs. Charles Green Bernita Cooksey Dewey File Miss Mabel Jones Jessie Franklin Mrs. Hermance Griebsch MEMBERS Alsey Johnson Dr. Luther Pfleuger Clifford H. Sargent Mr. John H. Melzer Mrs. John H. Melzer Louise Rhea Mrs. John R. Thomas Mrs. R. J. Wherry Dr. E. L. Stockton Dr. R. J. Wherry Margaret Smith Dr. Graves H. Thompson Dean Will D. Young Mrs. Will D. Young Al Siravo OFFICERS President- - . ..Dr. Graves H. Thompson Vice President Mrs. John H. Melzer Second Vice President.- : .Mrs. R. J. Wherry Third Vice President Dr. R. J. Wherry Secretary Miss Mabel Jones Treasurer - - Mrs. John R. Thomas Page eighty-four ' .VK» » i«»«jr Ui FOOT Seated (Lett to Right) — Mayberry. Denney, Hamu. Loveii, O Gumn, Vaugnn, Hign, Vickers, Gordon. Ligon. Second Row — Beasley (Manager), Cuttrell, Stockton, Eskdale, J. Johnson, C. Freeeman, Wag- ster, Loomis, H. Johnson, Mangum, Orr, Brettell. Third Row — Turner (Asst. Manager), Jordon, Marsh, Williams, Tucker, Hayes, Locke, Barbour, Boner, Huskey, De Luca, Coach Mcllwain, Asst. Coach Vaughn. Fourth Row — Warren, Pafford, McClanahan, Robb, Thompson, L. Freeman. Cumberland Cumberland 1 3 Cumberland 12 Cumberland 32 Cumberland Cumberland Cumberland 6 Cumberland Cumberland 6 Cumberland 27 Total 96 Arkansas Tech 41 Bethel College Union University 18 Newberry King College .22 Carson-Newman 22 Marshall 41 Tampa University Appalachian 10 Cullowhee Teachers 6 160 Page eighty-six BALL A glance at Cumberland ' s 1935 grid record of three wins, six losses, and one tie reveals it to be the Red Bull- dogs ' " leanest " year since the beginning of the modern football era in 1933. Several things in addition to the num- ber of wins and losses, how- ever, need be taken into con- sideration before the season can be classified as " unsuc- cessful. " Graduation had claimed the major portion of a great team which, after four years in the making, had risen to its heights to capture the Smoky Mountain Conference Cham- pionship in 1935. Coach Gene Mcllwain and his assistant, Ned Vaughan, were faced with the herculean task of constructing a win- ning machine from the remnant of the great team of ' 35, along with EUGENE McILWAIN Head Coach NED VAUGHN Assistant Coach numerous Freshmen and other un- tried performers. Staring the Bull- dogs in the face was one of the most trying schedules a Cumberland team has attempted in recent years. JOHN BEASLEY Manager As a result of his labors Coach Mcllwain presented Cumberland fans a light but scrapping team which fought till the very last in every game. The season was not far progressed, however, until Bulldog followers came to the realization that from high school football into the ranks of varsity college performers is quite a jump for an athlete to make in one year. Undaunted by their lack of experience, the young Bulldogs rode from one place to another during the early and middle parts of the season, taking their de- feats with a smile. During these games the Mcllwain boys were acquiring their needed experience and learn- ing new tricks of the trade. By the end of the campaign the Bulldog eleven was functioning smoothly as a unit and had developed into one of the most dangerous out- fits in the conference. Page eighty-seven Many of the same boys will be back next fall to start another season and to make for themselves a better record. Armed with new knowledge of the game plus the same Bulldog tenacity of last season the boys will be much harder to stop in ' 37. The foundation for a winning team has been laid and Cumberland followers are predicting pleasant results for the near future. The following comment taken from " Sideline Slants " of the CUMBERLAND COLLEGIAN gives a brief game-by- game summary of the 1936 season. Cumberland 12, Union U. 18 A valiant fourth period which brought two touchdowns for Cumber- land, fell short to allow John Pechonick and Company to triumph. Coach Holl- ingsworth ' s Union team was one of the smoothest working outfits to show on Kirk Field in several seasons. Cumberland 32, Newberry For the first time of the season Cum- berland ' s offense clicked to enable the Bulldogs to roll over a comparatively weak Newberry eleven. Jimmy Vaughn h. X - -t ' t, IV- i ' . ««t.,- fj »t. » - ? " • ' wr ' ' li ' - .■ ■i Cumberland 0, Arkansas Tech 41 The Bulldogs simply tackled stern op- position too early in the season. On Cumberland ' s first visit to the Razor- back country, an unprepared Bulldog eleven received its worst beating in sev- eral years from one of Arkansas ' best teams. Cumberland 13, Bethel Led by Jimmy Vaughn, the Bulldogs played good football during the first half to down the pestiferous Corporals from McKenzie, Tennessee — but not by so decisive a margin as had been pre- dicted. Cumberland ' s passing combina- tion of O ' Guinn to Brettell enjoyed one of its best games. and Hoyal Johnson, Freshman backs, were outstanding in the Cumberland backfield. Coach Mcllwain ' s reserves played much of the game. Cumberland 0, King 22 Fullback Louis Chesna was the dif- ference between the two teams as Cum- berland suffered its first conference de- feat in two seasons. Cumberland ' s of- fense worked little better than did its defense and the King goal was never threatened. Injuries to Cumberland stars added no little bit to the success of the King attack. Page eighty-eight Cumberland 0, Carson-Newman 22 History repeated itself as the Bulldogs lost their second consecutive contest by the same score. Frosty Holt ' s Eagles, who have since won the conference championship, capitalized on Cumber- land ' s mistakes to win. Freshman Jean Denney in the line and Loomis and Bret- tell in the secondary were best for Cum- berland. Cumberland G, Marshall 41 The maroon-clad boys pulled the un- expected in West Virginia by crossing the goal line of the " Big Green " of Mar- shall, one of the grid powers of the on numerous occasions but lacked the final punch to score. The entire Cum- berland team played an outstanding game. Cumberland 6, Appalachian 10 If a team can be glorious in defeat, certainly that can be said concerning Cumberland ' s play against Appalach- ian. The Bulldogs outclassed the na- tion ' s scoring leaders 5 to 3 in first downs and gained 148 yards as com- pared to the visitors ' 25 — yet lost the game. Cumberland grabbed a 6 to lead in the first quarter, but allowed two costly punts to be blocked later in the contest. It. " • t4 m Buckeye Conference. Four thousand people saw the Bulldogs overpowered and outclassed by a superior team. Cumberland 0, Tampa U. As usual, the Cumberland warriors bobbed up in the land of sunshine and flowers with one of their best exhibi- tions of the season. Playing better ball throughout the game, the Bulldogs drove to within the shadow of the goal I . I m Cumberland 27, Cullowhee 6 A small homecoming crowd saw nine Cumberland Seniors and their play- mates run up an easy win on a snow- covered field. Senior Buck Loomis, play- ing his final game for C.U., and Fresh- man Dave Wagster, in the Bulldog start- ing lineup for the first time, were the leading ground gainers. Cumberland reserves saw much service. Page eighty-nine HERSCHELHAMIL Captain JOE LOOMIS Alternate Captain Captain Herschel Hamil, Guard Styled the " Texas Typhoon " by sports " writers, the Bulldog captain ' s fighting play and sterling leadership proved an inspiration to other members of the squad throughout the season. Hamil ' s outstanding game against Union won for him a place on the Nashville Ban- ner ' s Grid Honor Roll and will long be remembered by Cumberland fans. Alternate Captain Joe Loomis, Halfback " Buck ' s " Thanksgiving Day game against Cullowhee climaxed four years of dependable football. Used mainly as a blocking back on offense, Loomis was a decided asset to the Cum.berland backfield quartet. His steady play and cheerful disposition will be missed a plenty next season. Mike Gialanella, End Undoubtedly one of the most colorful athletes ever to don a Cumberland uni- form, " Big Mike " will be long remem- bered by followers of Cumberland sports. For the third season Gialanella ' s play merited his selection on the mythi- cal All -Smoky Mountain Conference team. • Tom Mayberry, Tackle A transfer from Vanderbilt, where he played Freshman football, Mayberry was a bulwark in the Bulldog line for two seasons. Naturally an aggressive player, Tom was probably the most vicious tackier on the squad. His re- placement will be no easy task. Dave Wagster, Halfback " Freshman Dave, " who hails from Shelbyville, is the railbirds ' choice for Cumberland ' s No. 1 back next season. Wagster starred against Appalach- ian last November and is a lover of action in large doses. MIKE GIALANELLA TOM MAYBERRY DAVE WAGSTER Page ninety Elisha High, Guard Although weighing but 160 pounds, High was a most troublesome barrier for all opponents coming tov ards the center of the line. The boy from Car- thage was a fast man on offense and an excellent hand at diagnosing enemy plays. ELISHA HIGH Moseby Williams, Halfback Williams was one of the most accu- rate passers on the squad. His enthu- siasm undimmed by the fact that he was a law student and would be here but one season, " Mose " was an import- ant contributor to the success of the eleven. Vance Orr, End and Tackle Although having performed at tackle for three years, a scarcity of wingman made it necessary for Vance to see con- siderable service as an end this season. Orr leaves Cumberland with the well wishes of countless friends and will be remembered both as a player and as a gentleman. MOSEBY WILLIAMS VANCE ORR Kirk Marsh, Tackle " The hardest man on the squad to move " is the manner in which many players described this 220 pound stal- wart from, old Virginia. Marsh was a consistent threat to all enemy ball- toters. Fred Barbour, Center Winding up a four year athletic ca- reer, " Chink " gave good season ' s ac- count of himself at the pivot position. Barbour backed up the line on defense, and on offense combined headwork with the power of his 200 pound frame to open numerous holes for his back- field mates. Bob Brettell, Quarterback Brettell was probably the hardest running back on the team. A conscien- tious trainer and an untir- ing worker, this veteran of three seasons ' experience will return next fall to aid Cumberland in another drive toward conference supremacy. KIRK MARSH FRED BARBOUR BOB BRETTELL Page ninety-one Casper Freeman, Guard Members of the high scoring Appalachian eleven called " Fattenin ' Hog " Ihe " hardest charg- ing lineman they had faced all season. " A hard worker, knowing not the meaning of an easy tackle, Freeman ' s presence in the Bulldog line next fall should spell nothing but trouble for opponents. CASPER FREEMAN JIMMY JOHNSON ELDRIDGE O ' GUINN Jimmy Johnson, Guard According to Coach Ned Vaughan, Jimmy Vvfill pair with Freeman next sea- son to give Cumberland the " best pair of guards in the Smoky Mountain Con- ference. " A veritable powerhouse in the line, Johnson makes use of both strength and speed to be an excellent leader of interference. Eldridge O ' Guiim, Fullback Accuracy at passing and his usual ability to pick up a few extra yards when heeded establish " Bud " as a dan- gerous threat. A pleasing thought is that this hefty West Tennessean will be around for two more seasons to care for his regular backfield duties. Joe Hayes, End Stepping into a regular end berth as a Freshman, Hayes played well throughout the season. Gaining needed experience in the early games, Joe ' s performance against Tampa and other late foes was far above the average. Hayes should " go to town " next fall. Allan Gordon, Tackle " Hoss " seldom failed to be Johnny-on- the-spot when a tackle was to be made on his side of the line, and his ability at covering punts was unsurpassed. A dependable player and a true sport, Gordon gave his best performance of the season against Carson-Newman. Jean Denney, Center Denney ' s smashing play in the final games has caused Coach Mcllwain ' s worries over the center position for next season to cease. A fearless type of player and possessing an abundant supply of pep and enthusiasm, this Fresh- man may develop into one of Cumberland ' s greatest centers. JOE HAYES JEAN DENNEY ALLAN GORDON Page ninety-two Hoyal Johnson, Fullback The idol of local high school fans, Johnson crash- ed through during his first college season to rate a starting berth on the Maroon varsity. A triple threater of no mean abil- ity, Hoyal was a consistent ground-gainer and a reli- able punter. Ernest Lovell, End Although handicapped by lack of weight, this freshman more than held his own against adversaries of greater weight and of more experience. Speed and stamina made up for Lovell ' s small stature and he proved himself a worthy asset to the team. Jimmy Vaughn, Quarterback Coming to Cumberland after estab- lishing for himself an enviable record at Morgan Prep, Vaughn more than lived up to advance notices of his grid prow- ess by directing the team in an admir- able fashion. An even brighter future is seen for this 145 pound " Mighty Mite " who runs, kicks, and passes with equal skill. Dan Vickers, Center A dependable reserve who was ' M DAN VICKERS HUYAL JOHNSON ERNEST LOVELL JIMMIE VAUGHN usually able to come through in a tight place. The young Georgian ' s ready wit and his powerful pair of shoulders will be missed. Ethel Cuttrell, Guard Although " Noisey " played steady ball as a reserve guard last season, present plans are to shift him to the backfield next year. This 190 pounder from Hartsville should be able to rack up more than a few yards for the Bull- dogs. Bobby Mangum, Halfback Having determination to the nth de- gree, " Red " knows no type of play but to fight his hardest at all times. With a stout body and three " " years of valuable experi- ence, Mangum is well equipped to end up his college career in a blaze of glory next season. " Red " Huskey and Kirby Jordon, Halfbacks Our apologies to " Red " and Kirby who were not on hand when the pictures were taken. Both boys are fast stepping backs and are being counted upon heavily for valuable serv- ice in the future. ETHEL CUTTRELL BOBBY MANGUM Page ninety-three BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row (Left to Right) — Vaughn, Smith, Barbour, Locke, Hayes, Riley. Second Row — Stone, Den- ney, Robb, Foster, J. Beasley (Manager). Third Row — Swain, Bratton, C. Beasley, Wagster. RECORD FOR SEASON Cumberland 25 Cumberland 32 Cumberland 40 Cumberland 25 Cumberland 28 Cumberland 31 Cumberland 31 Cumberland 37 Cumberland 17 Cumberland 36 Cumberland 19 Cumberland ;. 44 Cumberland -... 44 Cumberland 34 Du Pont - 20 David Lipscomb 30 Austin Peay Normal ....38 T. P. I 42 Retrac 44 Du Pont 33 T. P. I .....42 Austin Peay Normal 43 Bethel College 33 U. T. Jr. College 43 Freed-Hardeman - 54 Bethel College 15 Freed-Hardeman 46 David Lipscomb 33 Total.. .443 516 Page ninety-four COACH EUGENE McILWAIN CAPTAIN FRED BARBOUR BASKETBALL REVIEW Although winning but nine out of fourteen games, Cumberland ' s cage clan of ' 37 furnished followers of the Bulldog institution the best brand of basketball seen here in several seasons. Most of the games lost were closely con- tested affairs and were featured by the fast moving action that adds so much to cage fans ' delight. As in football Coach Mcllwain had few veterans returning from the previ- ous season and was forced to entrust a major portion of first string duties to first year men. The team ' s record shows the Bulldogs playing interesting ball to win their first three games in good style. Following, however, came a victory ! Robb Vaughn Hayes Riley Smith Locke Foster BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Manager Beasley Page ninety-five famine which saw a losing streak grow from three to four to five games, and so on until eight consecutive setbacks had been experienced. The Bulldogs then suddenly snapped back to life and, showing a return to early season form, cap- tured two verdicts out of the final trio of contests. The only loss of the final three games was to Freed-tiardeman, generally considered the outstanding small college quintet in Tennessee. The Bulldogs ' collective score for the season reveals that the Cumberland tossers amassed a total of 443 points, or an average of 31.6 points per game. Opponents ' scores total 513 for a game average of 36.6 points. Individual scoring honors for the season went to " Bud " Riley, flashy little forward who garnered a total of 98 points for an average of seven points per contest. Following Riley in the scoring parade were Ed Smith and " Chink " Barbour, who collected respective totals of 89 and 69 points. Other Bulldogs figured in the scoring in the follovdng order: Locke 54, Jordon 41, Vaughn 35, Hayes 30, Robb 14, Foster 5, Freeman 5, Bratton 2, and Mathis 2. Cumberland cage enthusiasts are erasing all grief stimulated by this season ' s losses by looking ahead to a banner season in ' 38. With eight lettermen slated to return and with bright prospects for a new gymnasium in which to play, interest is at a high pitch. A return to conference competition in the cage sport is not an impossibility. RESULTS THUS FAR Cumberland , 6 Cumberland 8 Cumberland 7 Cumberland — 13 Cumberland 7 Cumberland 4 Cumberland 2 Cumberland 7 Cumberland 5 Cumberland 4 Illinois Normal 4 Illinois Normal .— 7 Austin Peay Normal .3 Austin Peay Normal 4 Du Pont 8 Maryville 7 Maryville 6 West Kentucky Teachers 6 Vanderbilt II T. P. I - 9 Page ninety -six SUMMARY As the " Phoenix " went to press, Coach Mcllwain ' s diamondeers had per- formed in ten tilts and were playing .500 ball. Approximately a twenty-five game schedule was to be completed with additional contests having been carded with Lambeth, T. P. I., Vanderbilt, Austin Peay Normal, Murfreesboro Normal, West Kentucky, Bethel, and Du Pont. The Bulldogs ' optimism over prospects for an outstanding season was dealt a severe jolt early in the season when Kirby Jordon, stellar center-fielder, broke his leg in the second game against Austin Peay. A fast fielder and a most de- pendable man at bat, Jordon has been greatly missed since his unfortunate retirement from action. Although hitting a mid-season " snag " in the form of two successive setbacks the Cumberland batsmen have shown their capability of playing good baseball and are being favored to capture a majority of their remaining games. First Row — Byrom, Swaim, McClanahan, Ley, O ' Guinn, Husky, Vaughn, Cutrell. Second Row — Manager Beasley, Barbour, Williams, Locke, Gialanella, Jordan, Hayes, Wagsder, Riggins, Coach Mcllwain. Page ninety-seven WRESTLING TEAM First Row (Left to Right)- -Harrison, Bastian, Simpkins, Johnson. Second Row — Kendall, Avant, Boner, Gordon. TENNIS TEAM (Left to Right) — Stone , Grayson, Stockton, Estis, McCoy. Page ninety-eight NED VAUGHN, Director, Intra-Mura! Athletics BASKETBALL The Freshman Boys, presenting a smooth- working team of former high school stars, were winners in the annual intra-mural cage tour- nament held in the University Gym. Clearly the class of the tournament, the Frosh swept aside the Junior Lawyers, the Lambda Chi ' s, and the S A E ' s, in their march towards the title. The Commuter Girls were victorious 19 to 16 over the Dormitory Lassies in the annual co-ed classic of the season. FRESHMAN BOYS, Intra-Mural Basketball Champions (Left to Right) — Bratton, Wagster, Stone, Denney, Beasley, Swain. Paffe ninetij-nine I- . H ' .::._ " PETE " BYROM AND " DOT " ORR, Intra-Mural Ping-Pong Champions PING-PONG Presented on Cumberland ' s intra-mu- ral program for the first time in several years, ping-pong proved one of the school ' s most popular means of recrea- tion. A regulation size table, placed in the Memorial Room through the efforts of Ned Vaughan, was the center of much attention as numerous players participated in the games before and after meals and during other moments of spare time. Tournaments for both boys and girls climaxed the year ' s play. " Pete " Byrom, a Sophomore and a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, was the winner in the boys ' division, while " Dot " Orr, popular McClain House freshman, copped top honors among the ladies. BOXING Outstanding pupil produced by Julian Warren and his class of " Battling Barristers " was Jim " Tomcat " Turner, plucky young freshman welterweight who enjoyed unusual success during his initial season in fistic competition. Although never having donned the gloves before coming to Cumberland, Turner fought his way to the championship of the 147 pound Novice Division in the Tennessean Papers Golden Gloves Tournament, winning four of his five contests by knockouts. Later in the year, Turner fought with the regular Tennessean team in the Southeastern A.A.U. meet at Memphis and won one encounter there be- fore being eliminated by a more experienced fighter. Cumberland fans will follow Turner ' s progress with much interest as he plans to again enter Golden Gloves competition next year. " TOMCAT " TURNER Page one hundred ■ , RUTH DAVIS Miss Cumberland FRANCES NICHOLSON Prettiest Girl ■ ' MABEL LOUGHLIN Miss Law School .v-i :;ji- MICHAEL GIALANELLA Bachelor of Ugliness NOEL RILEY Bachelor of Ugliness, Law School NELLE CRAIG Most Representative Girl CHARLES GIST Most Representative Boy Left to Right — Gwynn, Warren, Craig, Seagraves, Dr. Stockton, Jackson, Retiring Queen, Sargent Nicholson, Denny, Rummage, M. Craig. CORONATION OF THE QUEEN EMILY BAIRD, QUEEN Delta Phi Omega Page one hundred eight Page one hundred nine ROLL OF STUDENT BODY 1936 1937 LITERARY STUDENTS FRESHMEN JOE DEAN, Pres. NAME LOCAL ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS ALEXANDER, HUDSON JAMES Dormitory :. Milan, Tenn. AMONETTE, EDITH Mrs. Thackston -- ., Buffalo Valley, Tenn. ANDERSON, ALEXANDER, JR. Greenlawn Drive Lebanon, Tenn. ASKEW, REECE West Side Hotel - Lebanon, Tenn. ATKINSON, CHLOE LEE North Greenwood Street Lebanon, Tenn. BADGETT, MILDRED Park Avenue -.- Lebanon, Tenn. BAKER, BERNERDENE P. Baker ' s, R. F. D New Middleton, Tenn. BASS, BESSIE Park Avenue. _ Lebanon, Tenn. BASS, DOROTHY Commuter - Watertown, Tenn. BASSETT, MARJORIE Hinds House Providence, Ky. BASTAIN, HAYNIE Dormitory Hartsville, Tenn. BONER, EMERSON Dormitory .....Nashville, Tenn. BRATTON, WILLIAM ARCH Dormitory ......Williamsport, Tenn. BUGBEE, ELIZABETH Mrs. Bryan, South Greenwood TuUahoma, Tenn. BURCH, EVERETT Dormitory ..Stuttgart, Ark. BURT, RUBE Dormitory TuUahoma, Tenn, BURTON, LORA SMITH Commuter Mt. Juliet, Tenn. BURTON, RILLA Miss Baird, University Avenue Mt. Juliet, Tenn. CALLIS, IRENE R, F. D. 5..... , Lebanon, Tenn. CAMPBELL, MILTON Dormitory TuUahoma, Tenn. CARTER, MYRTLE South Greenwood Lebanon, Tenn. CLANTON, ROBERT B. Dormitory Grenada, Miss. COAPLEN, SAMUEL Dormitory. Old Hickory, Tenr. COMER, EULA BELLE Route 6 Lebanon, Tenn. CROWDIS, JAMES J. JR. Commuter, 1506 Franklin .. ..Nashville, Tenn. CUTRELL, ETHEL BRADLEY Dormitory ..Lebanon, Tenn. DEAN, JOE Dormitory Nesbitt, Miss. DE LUCA, FRANK Dormitory l.... Newark, N. J. DENNEY, JEAN STONE Men ' s Dormitory Milan, Tenn. DUBOIS, FRANK M. Men ' s Dormitory Baxter, Tenn. DYER, WILLIAM FUSON 914 West Main Lebanon, Tenn. ERWIN, ROBERT Dormitory White House, Tenn. FITE, DEWEY Highland Court Milton, Tenn. FOSTER, JAMES W. Commuter Gladeville, Tenn. FOSTER, MARSHALL Commuter Gladeville, Tenn. FREEMAN, LEON Dormitory .....Savannah, Tenn. FRYE, DALTON O. Commuter Brush Creek, Tenn. GANN, ROBERTA North Greenwood... Lebanon, Tenn, GANNAWAY, MARGARET McClain House Nesbitt, Tenn. GEER, HARRY STATTEN Dormitory.... Sparta, Tenn. GOSSETT, F. MARIE Hinds House.. Greenbrier, Tenn. GREGORY, FLORA NEALE 305 S. Greenwood Hartsville, Tenn. GWYNN, MARY RANKIN 154 Hatton .Martha, Tenn. HALBERT, MARY SUE West Main Street Lebanon, Tenn., Rte. 2 HALE, EDWARD Commuter .....Liberty, Tenn. HANCOCK, SARAH ....Lebanon, Tenn. HANKINS, JOE K. East High . ' Lebanon, Tenn. HARVILL, MINNIE LOU Hinds House Centerville, Tenn. HARPER, BILLY Commuter Gordonsville, Tenn. HARRISON, CROCKETT Bradshaw, W. Va. HAYES, JOE W. Dormitory _ Pulaski, Tenn. ' Page one hundred ten NAME LOCAL ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS HAYS, JAMES R, Hunters Point Road Milton, Tenn. HEARN, WILLIE LEE Watertown, Tenn Alexandria, Tenn. HOLLOWAY, MARY FRANC Rte. 6 : _ Lebanon, Tenn. HUME, JOHN R. V. 161 Tarver..__ — 19271 Lancashire, Detroit, Mich. HODGES, VIRGINIA Nashville Pike Lebanon, Tenn. JENNINGS, FANNIE B. North Greenwood .Lebanon, Tenn. JENNINGS, HARRY 654 Page Avenue , Lebanon, Tenn. JOHNSON, ALSEY M. Dormitory Brownsville, Tenn. JOHNSON, HOYAL F. South College Street .Lebanon, Tenn. lOHNSON, JAMES RAY Dormitory Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. JOHNSTON, MILDRED McClain House Williamsport, Tenn. KENDALL, JAMES Dormitory Hornbeak, Tenn. KEY, LEWIS A. Hunters Point Pike Hartsville, Tenn. LEA, JAMES C. R. F. D. 4... Lebanon, Tenn. LEACH, WILLIAM Dormitory Milan, Tenn. LOCKE, LEON Dormitory... Columbia, Tenn. LIGON, HERSCHEL Dormitory Hermitage, Tenn. LOVELL, ERNEST Dormitory Columbia, Tenn., Rte. 5 LOWRY, J. T. Dormitory Lynnville, Tenn. McCLANAHAN, JAMES Dormitory Hartsville, Tenn. McEACHERN, HAROLD V. Commuter Watertown, Tenn. McKINNEY, NAT. JR. Carthage, Tenn Carthage, Tenn. McLEAN, HUGH Dormitory -. Milan, Tenn. MANNING, J. D. .Lebanon, Tenn. MARTIN, ROBERT L Lebanon, Tenn. MERWIN, EDWARD Dormitory .Hahira, Ga. MERWIN, SUE Hinds House... : Hahira, Ga. MORSE, MARGARET M. 123 West High Lebanon, Tenn. MYERS, HUGH L ......Baxter, Tenn. NOKES, JAMES Rte. 4 Lebanon, Tenn. OLDHAM, DORTCH...... Hartsville, Tenn. ORR, DOROTHY ADELE McClain House Batesville, Miss. OWEN, JAMES Commuter .Hartsville, Tenn. OWEN, ROBERT A. Commuter Hartsville, Tenn. PAFFORD, HENRY Dormitory ...Camden, Tenn. PATTON , MARGARET South College Lebanon, Tenn. POPE, EVELYN Hinds House ..Lavergne, Tenn. REED, EDNA East High Street Lebanon, Tenn. RICE, BILLY Dormitory Oakland, Miss. RICHARDSON, FRANCES McClain House. Dickson, Tenn. RICKETTS, FRANCES Commuter Watertown, Tenn. RIGGINS, JAMES L. Dormitory Hartsville, Tenn. ROBB, JAMES ALLEN Dormitory Ridgetop, Tenn. ROY, FRANK Commuter Watertown, Tenn. RUMMAGE, MARGARET West Main ...Mt. Juliet, Tenn. RUSSELL, JOSEPH E. Dormitory Centerville, Tenn. SAVAGE, KIRK Carthage, Tenn. SIMMONS, DEAN Hinds House CastaUan Springs, Tenn. SIMPKINS, EUGENE Dormitory. ...Ashland City, Tenn. SMITH, MARGARET Hinds House McMinnville, Tenn. STEELE, BILL Dormitory Franklin, Tenn. STONE, ROBERT S. Dormitory Delrose Tenn STRYKER, WILLIAM Dormitory 74 Preston, Belleville N J SUDDARTH, CLAIRE 668 North Cumberland Lebanon, Tenn. SUMMERS, JAMES M. Dormitory ..McMinnville, Tenn. SWAIN, WALTER Dormitory.. .......Gladeville! Tenn. THOMAS, BEN Commuter.... Carthage, Tenn THOMAS, MARGARET North Hatton Lebanon Tenn THOMPSON, RICHARD Dormitory Milan Tenn THOMPSON, MATT NEIL West Main „ Lebanon, Tenn TUCKER, CLIFTON C Lebanon, Tenn. TURNER, JAMES A. Tullahoma, Tenn Tullahoma Tenn VAUGHAN, JIMMIE Dormitory ....Murfreesboro, Tenn. WAGSTER, DAVID— Hatton Avenue. Lebanon, Tenn. WALKER, GRISSIM Hatton Avenue Lebanon, Tenn Page one hundred eleven NAME LOCAL ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS WARREN, BILLIE South Tarver. _..- Lebanon, Tenn. WARREN, C. H. JR. Dormitory - Greenville, Ky. WEBB, RICHARD K. Dormitory... - Milan, Tenn. WILLIAMS, EMMA LOU -- Lebanon, Tenn. WILSON, JOHN ED 256 Elm Avenue.. Gordonsville, Tenn. WINNARD, OTIS Dormitory Smithville, Tenn. WOODS, EDWIN North Hatton Lewisburg, Tenn. WORD, CURTIS Commuter Watertown, Tenn. WRIGHT, MARY ALICE Commuter...... _.._. ..Martha, Tenn. YOUNG, CHARLES Lebanon, Tenn. SOPHOMORES CHARLES GIST, Pres. BAILEY, JUDITH McClain House Mulberry, Tenn. BAKER, ALENE Lebanon, Tenn..... New Middleton, Tenn. BAIRD, EMILY Lebanon, Tenn Lebanon, Tenn. BURTON, JOE ._ Mt. Juliet, Tenn. BYRON, HARMON Dormitory Estill Springs, Tenn. CRAIG, MARY McClain House Batesville, Miss. DAVIS, MARY Hinds House... ..Kosciusko, Miss. DODD, GLENN Commuter.. .„ _.. Liberty, Tenn. DODD, GRADY Liberty, Tenn Woodbury, Tenn. DUKE, CLARENCE 420 South College.. _.. ....Silver Point, Tenn. EOFF, CLAIRE Dormitory Tullahoma, Tenn. ESKDALE, NORMAN Dormitory 1680 Van Ness Terrace, Union, N. J. FLY, HAZEL Hazel wood. Lebanon, Tenn. FREEMAN, CASPER Dormitory Martin, Tenn. GIST, CHARLES Dormitory. .Tullahoma, Tenn. HAMILTON, COURTNEY, JR. 258 Gay Street....... Lebanon, Tenn. HOLLAND, JOHN Dormitory ._ Tullahoma, Tenn. HUSKEY, JAMES Dormitory Gaffery, S. C. JENNINGS, LOUISE Lebanon, Tenn. JORDAN, KIRBY Dormitory _ Coward, S.C. LOYD, CHARLES 504 North Cumberland. Lebanon, Tenn. MARTIN, BILL— Commuter Gladeville, Tenn. O ' GUINN, ELDRIDGE Dormitory Camden, Tenn. PERKINS, RUBYE LEE Rte. 6 _..... Lebanon, Tenn. PETTY, VICTOR L. Commuter Carthage, Tenn. SHELBY, ALBERTA McClain House Duck River, Tenn. SMITH, EDWARD West Main Lebanon, Tenn. STOCKTON, ERNEST, JR. West Main _..... Lebanon, Tenn. STONE, EDNA Murfreesboro Pike ._ . . _ _ _ __ Lebanon Tenn. TATUM, HUBERT Lebanon, Tenn. THOMPSON, VOLENE West Main..... .....Lebanon, Tenn. VICKERS, HARRY Lebanon, Tenn. WEDDINGTON, MURREL Dormitory Tullahoma, Tenn. JUNIORS DAN VICKERS, Pres. AVANT, CLAY Commuter Alexandria, Tenn. BEASLEY, JOHN Dormitory Elkton, Tenn. BRADFORD, JACK Commuter New Middleton, Tenn. BRETTELL, ROBERT Dormitory ...._211 2nd St., Newark, N. J. BRYAN, HELEN BATES Rte. 6 ; ....Lebanon, Tenn. BURTON, LILLIAN University Avenue.. Mt. Juliet, Tenn. CLOSE, CATHERINE Hinds House. _ 19 Tiona Avenue, Bellville, N. J. COLEMAN, PAULINE Hinds House . ' ..... Milan, Tenn. COOKSEY, BURNITA West Main Street..... Lebanon, Tenn. DAVIS, MARY ELLEN Hinds House _ Sylvia, Tenn. DENNEY, JANE West Main Milan, Tenn. DONNELL, FRANKIE Murfreesboro Pike Lebanon, Tenn. FOSTER, HANES Hatton Avenue _. Lebanon, Tenn. Page one hundred twelve NAME LOCAL. ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS FRANKLIN, JESSIE West Main Mt. Juliet, Tenn. GASTON, EMMETT Tarver Avenue Gastonburg, Ala. GORDON, ALLEN Dormitory___ : Lynnville, Tenn. GRAHAM, MARTHA Hinds House : Corinth, Miss. HARLIN, BEN Lebanon, Tenn. HAWKINS, ROBERT Rte. 6 ' . Lebanon, Tenn. JACKSON, MARY R. South Greenwood Rockwood, Tenn. LEMONS, HALIE R. F. D _Lebanon,Tenn. McCULLOUCH, SPIVA Dormitory Louisville, Miss. MANGUM, ROBERT Dormitory Savannah, Tenn. NICHOLSON, FRANCES Hinds House Ashland City, Tenn. ODOM, AILEEN Commuter Liberty, Tenn. PATY, LUDY Rte. 5 _ Lebanon, Tenn. PRICE, GEORGE E. East Main Lebanon, Tenn. TAYLOR, VIRGINIA Hinds House GoodlettsviUe, Tenn. VICKERS, DAN Dormitory Douglas, Ga. WOOLARD, JOSEPHINE _ Lebanon, Tenn. RAY, RUTH Hinds House __Fayetteville, Tenn. SENIORS CLIFFORD SARGENT, Pres. BARBOUR, FRED Dormitory 1 106 Carruthers, Nashville BASS, ELVIRA Rte. 6._ ___..Lebanon, Tenn. BASS, SOLOMON Rte. 6 Lebanon, Tenn. COWLES, ELIZABETH McClain House Nashville, Tenn. CRAIG, NELLE McClain House Batesville, Miss. DAVIS, RUTH Hinds House.- _...__. Sturgis, Ky. DEBENEDITTO, NICHOLAS Dormitory Englewood, N. J. FATHERLY, ELIZABETH Rte. 5 - __Lebanon, Tenn. ESKEW, GERALDINE 409 East Spring Lebanon, Tenn, GIALANELLA, MIKE Dormitory 291 Clifton Avenue, Newark, N. J. HAMIL, GILBERT H. Dormitory Childress, Texas HIGH, ELISHA Dormitory _Carthage, Tenn. LARKINS, BETTIE McClain House Charlotte, Tenn. LEY, GEORGE Dormitory 5866 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. LOOMIS, JOE Dormitory _ __Sweetwater, Tenn. McCULLY, NANCY Hinds House Louisville, Miss. MATHER, HOWARD LESTER 459 West Spring .__Langhorne, Pa. ORR, VANCE Dormitory Rockwood Tenn. PALMER, SARAH ADAMS Rte. 4 Lebanon, Tenn. PEYTON, JOHN R, F. D Lebanon, Tenn. SANDERS, R. A. Dormitory Shelbyville, Tenn SARGENT, CLIFFORD Dormitory Antioch, Tenn. THOMAS, R. C. Hazelwood Stanford, Texas TROXLER, RUTH West Main.. Lebanon Tenn WALKER, HUGH Lebanon Lebanon, Tenn. WARREN , LUCILLE Tarver Avenue Lebanon, Tenn. SPECIAL STUDENTS BARKER, MARY M. 280 University Avenue Morris, 111. BEARD, LINEAL West Main Streeet...... Lebanon, Tenn. BEASLEY, MRS. A. B. University Avenue ..Lebanon, Tenn. BONE, LEILA OWEN Hatton Avenue Lebanon, Tenn BUCHANAN, ROBERT N. West Main.. Lebanon Tenn DOAK, BELLE LANGFORD West Main Lebanon Tenn FATHERLY, NELLA Lebanon, Tenn. GREEN, BETTY Hatton Avenue . Osceola Mo MILLER, MARGARET East Market Street Lebanon, Tenn. SEAGRAVES, SUE South Greenwood Lebanon, Tenn TERRY, THELMA South College Lebanon, Tenn. Page one hundred thirteen NAME LOCAL ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS LAW STUDENTS JUNIOR CLASS GEORGE ]. SCHWEIZER, Pres. ABELL, ROBERT H. Dormitory Wharton, Tenn. ADELMAN, SEYMOUR D. 271 W. Main 2703 N. Sundon Rr., Peoria. lU. ALEXANDER, JOHN B, Dormitory 720 Matamoor, Laredo, Texas AULD, FRED G. Dormitory _ 1619 Green, Columbia, S. C. AULD, HAMLIN T. Dormitory ..__ 1619 Green, Columbia, S. C. BAILEY, JOHN T. Amanda Ann Apt Fort Worth, Texas BAKER, C. L. Dormitory ....Amarillo, Texas BAKER, MARION Dormitory Harlan, Ky. BARKER, ROBERT O. 280 University Avenue Morris, III. BAIN, SAM 155 Hatton ........Centerville, Texas BARR, DANIEL ....1332 Englev ood, Dallas, Texas BARRY, ROBERT Lewis Court 816 E. 20. Oklahoma City, Okla. BATES. WILLIAM Dormitory _______ _ Waldron, Ark. BAYLESS, GENE 271 West Main 4756 Grand, Springfield, Mo. BECK. M. HOYT 252 University Avenue _ Guthrie, Okla. BEELER, HUGH K. West Main Street.______ 1923 McCalla, Knoxville, Tenn. BELCHER, JOHN A. S. A. E. House _ Greenwood, Ala. BELILES, HOMER West Gay Street Laurel Avenue, Bowling Green, Ky. BOTER, JAMES DICK 268 South Greenwood Holland, Mich. BRADBERRY, HOMER W. Dormitory Gleason, Tenn. BRACKSTONE, F. DAVID Dormitory ..Corinth, Miss. BRANCH, HEGEL L Duncan, Okla. BRIGHT, OLLY LEE 1828 Franklin Avenue, Waco, Texas BROWN, A. MAX Gay Street ....199 E. 10th, Briston, Okla. BROWN, JEFF GRAY ______Centerville, Texas BROWNING, LESTER S. Dormitory 1821 10th, Wichita Falls, Texas BROWNLEE, GEORGE W. Mrs, T. B. Bone Madisonville, Texas BUCHANAN, WILLIAM Dormitory Laurel, Miss. BUSHONG, JOE ED 127 North Greenwood ..Tomkinsville, Ky. BURT, WILLIAM E. Dormitory 2704 Avenue G, Fort Worth, Texas CALDWELL, JAMES T. Dormitory ____ Louisville, Ky. CARR, HAL B. Dormitory Blountville, Tenn. CARTER, HASKELL South Greenwood..__. Noxapater, Miss. CARVER, WOODROW W..___ ___ HendersonviUe, Tenn. CHAMBLEE, NEWTON S. Dormitory .■ Empire, Ala. CHEEK, ONSLEY JOEL Commuter _ Deer Park Circle, Nashville CODY, F. G. 243 University Avenue... 5071 2 Dauphin, Mobile, Ala. CONNER, R. E. Dormitory ______Bay St. Louis, Miss. CRUMP, LOUIS Dormitory ___._ Santa Anna, Texas DANIEL, WILLIAM, JR. Mrs. John Edgerton___ ___ClarksviIle, Tenn. DAUGHERTY, BEECHER K. 232 Hatton Avenue Blossom, Texas DAVIDSON, HUBERT L. 280 University Avenue .Thayer, Mo. DAWSON, FOUNTAIN D. Dormitory Kingston, Tenn. DITTMAR, JOHN HOWARD Mrs. Bass San Antonio, Texas DOWNS, CHARLES T. West Main Street __ ___Alamo, Texas DUNBAR, McCLUNG Amanda Ann Apts 236 S. Ave., Huntington, W. Va. DUTRO, JOHN R, 127 North Greeenwood____ Brownsville, Texas DUVALL, WILLIAM A. Mrs. Green, W. Main Street..... .Paris, Tenn. ELDRIDGE, HENRY O ' NEAL Lewis Court 3700 N. W. 32nd, Oklahoma City, Okla. ELLIOTT, A. R. Bone Apt., Gay St ._ Tyler, Texas FORD, BEATY W. Nashville, Tenn.__ Fort Worth, Texas FREDEKING, ROBERT R. Amanda Ann Apts Huntington, W. Va. GHIOTTO, ROBERT Dormitory : Brooksville, Fla. GRAYSON, STAGEY J. Dormitory 961 Winsor, Bristol, Tenn. GREEN, CHARLES H. 185 Hatton Avenue ...Osceola. Mo. HALE, WILL A. Dormitory ..207 E. Watauga, Johnson City, Tenn. HANSEN, CHARLES E _ 316 E. Jackson HALLUMS, ODELL PERRY___ Madison, Tenn. HARRISON, JACK Mrs. Carson, West Main Alvin, Texas HEAD, WILLIAM PITT 65 W. 33rd St., Jacksonville, Fla Page one hundred fourteen NAME LOCAL ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS HENDERSON ALTON - .Jasper, Fla. HENSLEY, JOE LEE Tarver Avenue._ Wetmore, Texas HILL, ACE LEE Sparta Pike - - Lebanon, Tenn. HOGE, WILLIAM J. Dormitory - Jasper, Tenn. HOLLOW AY, JOHN Lambda Chi House „- Murfreesboro, Tenn. HORTON, GUY K. Mrs. J. Gould Smith . ' . Altus, Okla. HOUSTON, DICK 230 University Avenue..... ..Austin, Texas HUFF, BOB 421 East Highland. Lamesa, Texas HUGHES, HARRY R. Dormitory Valhalla, S. C. HUTCHINSON, GENT Dormitory ..Summit, Miss. IRWIN, BERNARD R. Dormitory 2545 McGregor Way, Houston, Texas JENKINS, DELIA McCIain House ......1015 W. High, Jefferson City, Mo. JOHNSON, HAROLD V Westover Farm, Fort Worth, Texas KNOT, DONALD 161 Tarver Avenue ......Philadelphia, Pa. KEENER , EVERETT Dormitory Harrisville, Okla. LAWSON, HERBERT Ligon Apt Beaver, Okla. LEGATE CLARK H, South Greenv ood 2141 N. Kate, Oklahoma City, Okla. LEGETTE, FRANCIS Ligon Apt.... Centenary, N. C. LEVINE, A. T Golf Club Lane, Nashville, Tenn. LEWIN, JOHNNY 131 N. Greenwood. 901 Pervine Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. LOUGHLIN, MABLE L. Hatton ...Bartlettsville, Okla. LYNCH, PAT— Dormitory.. ..Winchester, Tenn. McCOY, FRANK T., JR. Mrs. Hamilton, Gay Street Pavifhuska, Okla. McNeill, WILLIAM a. 271 West Main............ .....Rives, Tenn. MARKS, DEMPSEY Mrs. Green, West Main Hickory Point, Tenn, MATHIS, R. E. Dormitory ......Milan, Tenn. MERRIFIELD, GEORGE E. 445 West Spring. .3705 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio MITCHELL, DORIS 131 N. Greenwood 3567 Tutweler, Memphis, Tenn. MOORE, TOM 130 S. Greenwood. ...Pulaski, Tenn. NEESE, CHARLES G. Dormitory... Paris, Tenn. NEIL, JANE 642 West Main 3814 Richland, Nashville, Tenn. OLSCHNER, CLARENCE E. Dormitory ..Teeboro, N. C. O ' NEILL, WM. C. 268 S. Greenwood .......1411 W. Union, GainsviUe, Fla. PARKER, ELMO D. Coruthers Avenue GainsviUe, Mo. PARSONS, H. MARVIN 158 Gay Dryden, Va. PATTON, NAT, JR Crockett, Texas PHILLIPS, JAY McClain House 905 E. Iva, Tampa, Fla. PROCTOR, HUBERT E. 127 N. Greenwood... ...Wynne, Ark. RAMSEY, CHARLES Lambda Chi House.. Manchester, Tenn. RENEAU, JAMES H. 108 Hatton Avenue Celina, Tenn. RICE, JOHN R. Dormitory...... Pittsville, Mo. RILEY, NOEL H Ridgely, Tenn. ROE, JERRY C. 243 University Avenue 602 N. Beatin, Corsicana, Texas SANTAMARIA, FOLEY Dormitory 1719 W. Heimer, Houston, Texas SCHILO, EDGAR L 135 Club Drive, San Antonio, Texas SCHWEIZER, GEORGE J. Dormitory 814 Arnold Avenue, Greenville, Miss. SHAFER, W. O. Dormitory Ranger, Texas SHAW, RAYMOND D. Seagrave ' s. Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. SHELTON, DARRELL Dormitory Zephyr, Texas SHROPSHIRE, SPENCER South Greenwood Nashville, Tenn. SIZARO, ALFRED Dormitory .77 Sandy Lane, Warwick, R. I. SMITH, JEFFERSON G. Dormitory 4009 Ave. G, Austin, Texas SMITH, OLEN WILBORN, JR. Mrs. Hamilton, Gay Street 6211 Belmont Ave., Dallas, Texas SPACKMAN, VERN Dormitory... R. F. D. No. 8, Ogden, Utah STARKEY, ROBERT 127 N. Greenwood ...Hollywood, Ala. STEPHENS, JAMES A. Lambda Chi House 2800 Ave. E., Birmingham, Ala. STUBBS, CARL G. Dormitory Box 1257, Pampa, Texas SWAFFORD, HOYT V. Dormitory Clayton, N. Mex. SWAGERTY, JESSE Dormitory i.Clayton, N. Mex. THOMPSON, ALVARETTA 345 West Main Chicago, 111. THOMPSON, RUSSELL D. Lewis Court 1010 E. 14th., Oklahoma City, Okla. TODD, DEAN 258 West Gay 1315 N. W. 21, Oklahoma City, Okla. TOLBERT, HOLDEN GEORGE Dormitory Watonga, Okla. TUTHILL, TERRY R. Spring Street Mattituck, L. I., New York UNDERWOOD, S. B. Dormitory Greenville N. C. Page one hundred fifteen NAME LOCAL ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS VALENTINE, Q. Z. Dormitory -..-.R. F. D. No. 2, Waco, Texas VANDER JAGT, LEONARD ..2442 Foster Ave., N. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. WAGNER, JOHN H. 640 West Main..... ...Forest Inn, Dallas, Texas WALLACE, CECIL GILL Mrs. Burge Lewisburg, Tenn, WARDEN, SUMMERS 215 Ave. Navarre... Coral Gables, Fla. WARREN, JULIAN Dormitory 3368 Valencia Road, Jacksonville, Fla. WATSON, RUDOLPH B. Mrs. Bass, Spring St 2002 N. Shore Drive, St. Petersburg, Fla. WILLIAMS, BILL JEFF Dormitory.... Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. WILLIAMS, HAROLD P. Dormitory Stiff ' s Pharmacy, Roanoke, Va. WILSON, FRANCIS WADE 271 West Main..... Camden, Ark. WRIGHT, CHARLES EDWARD South Tarver Springfield, Mo. SENIOR LAW CLASS WILLIAM L. PRALL, Pres. ARDREY, JOHN WHITE College Inn..... _ Fort Mill, S. C. BARBY, OTTO CARL East High Street : Knowles, Okla. BAILEY, ROBERT, JR. Amanda Ann Apts.... Russell, Ark. BASS, ROY H. University Avenue Copperhill, Tenn. BEETS, RAYMOND L. Amanda Ann Apts 1446 W. 3Ist St., Oklahoma City, Okla. BICKFORD, NATHAN R, 471 W. Main... Bentonville, Ark. BORUM, THOMAS BEVERLY Lambda Chi House Columbia, Tenn. CARNES, EDWARD IRWIN S. A. E. House.. -....R. F. D. No. I, Biloxi, Miss. CLOPTON, JULIAN C. Mrs. John Edgerton ' s..... 725 E. 22nd. St., Austin, Texas DRUNAGEL, FRED, JR. S. A. E. House ..Port Arthur, Texas FITZPATRICK, WARREN L. 104 S. Greenwood... 14 N. E., Pensacola, Fla. GAVIN, GEORGE JAY S. Greenwood Lebanon, Tenn. GRAHAM, RAYMOND Dormitory Jasper, Tenn. HENLEY, GLENN B. 504 N. Cumberland Kimmons, Tenn. KNIGHT, JAMES C. Mrs. Surge ' s El Comodoro Hotel, Miami, Fla. KRUEGER, FRITZ III 104 S. Greenwood Mt. Vernon, Ky. McDonnell, HOWARD a. Mtss Anne McCIain ' s West Beach, Biloxi, Miss. McKINLEY, WILLIAM Commuter .....Buffalo Valley, Tenn. MARCHANT, KERFORD A. Dormitory.... ...Norfolk, Va. MAYBERRY, THOMAS BAYARD Dormitory Sparta, Tenn. MOORE, HAROLD 440 W. Main Street Darlington, Fla. MIZE, JOE S. Dr. Tilley ' s..... Forest, Miss. MEYER, VERNON A. 216 S. Greenwood PRALL, WILLIAM L. West Side Hotel Louisville, Ky. RUSSELL, FRED Cedar Street Speedwell, Tenn. SMITH, WILLIAM J. 243 University Ave ...... " . .Texarkana, Ark. THOMPSON, CECIL Ligon ' s Lumberton, N. C. TRIMMING, ALBERT E. Dr. Tilley ' s Pocatello, Idaho WILLIAMS, MOSBY J. Dormitory..... .513 Avon Road, Roanoke, Va. WILTZ, THOMAS J., JR. 315 West Main..... ..West Beach, Biloxi, Miss. SECOND YEAR LAW CLASS ALLEN, GRAYSON C. High Street .Lebanon, Tenn. BADDLEY, TOM E. Mrs. John Edgerton ' s Clarksville, Tenn. BOMAR, JAMES L. Castle Heights Tullahoma, Tenn. CAVERT, TILLMAN, JR. Commuter 3720 Harding Rd., Nashville, Tenn. DYER, RICHARD M. Commuter ; . ' . 1900 State, Nashville, Tenn. EVANS, THOMAS MARTIN Lambda Chi House Lynnville, Tenn. GARNER, JAMES O. 130 S. Greenwood Pulaski, Tenn. GLYCKHERR, OLAND 417 W. Main ...Enid, Okla. HEIST, ROBERT B. Commuter.. The Homestead, Nashville, Tenn. HOLLAND, HILLIARD MALLIVER W. Spring .St. Petersburg, Fla. MYER, LAWRENCE G. 266 S. Greenwood... . " Philippe, W. Va. MYERS, WILLIAM THOMAS Tarver Ave ....859 Vine St., Chattanooga, Tenn. NICHOLS, MAURICE W. Main St ,-. lockson, Tenn. RUSSELL, R. CLARENCE Cedar Street Speedwell, Tenn. SANDERS, HENRY A. 272 West Main.... Kingsport, Tenn. VICKERS, PITTMAN Dormitory Douglas, Ga. WILLIS, JOHN W. 258 West Gay Street Greenville, Ky. Page one hundred sixteen

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